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XT kirnrjr & Co., No*. 4 and ' Astor Hotw, N w
Yirrk. j|, wul introduce i n Wedrn s lay, Ihe 21st in*L,
?'aewls^l eegantarticle oi eeollemen'a B.?<.k K. Ha ,
stJ3,u'2j each, in explanation of *>! ich v c Mil ni t tl e : d
jo*ing rem t?-:
?nte|he origin of our establishment, we have had in
? ^- an4i nare strictly adhered to ihrer d'utiuct purposes
frOBriuartuiaciurfs. vr-: 1:1 P"ce, Improvement
1 Jquaiitv and taste, and ; e p rfe< ting a STANDARD OF
f jpntoftae European, all o: v.licli have tsccessfully
effected, rrsnlt-ng in a mo t irhporiar.t >wi-.g to the < rn
aronlty at large, and aneq jaily satisfactory remuneration
IB ourselves, consequent upon the extensive p troauge
which we Bave r-. iveil.
f< Our imwov-d FIVE DOLUR HATS, so sitp.-rior in
? ?*j?aierid, elegance of style and perfect finish, that imme
? diaieiy upoij their intrsductioa, they hecame not only ore
Wnent at li me, hat celebrated : . London and Paris,
jjftttfd the highest encomiums of the Press the e.soon ?
>dedih..'^IO Hats previously worn here by the first
lj,feu<of"u cii *? i ? This nrticle, t ow fully establish! d as
iJibjhfsf ?tand-rd, is ?r> extensively known and univer?
sity ipr?*'?,-?j by the fashionable and genteel wearers an :
erocotnthat we will not s.ow allude furti.-r to its
i*<tf*rU#,e"r,"<' n announce that we have improved it* beau
Iry acd vaiue th- prestm season beyond any that we have
Ijervtolere pri daced.
I* AtnVe urgent solicitations of many ofourcusto cers, v.!:')
j* yert* ainiios t'? ? a oomise in the first cost, am! ye;
g> avail themselves ol the peculiar style-and finish tliarac
, leristic ol our fabrics, we have for some time pas'! made din
jent cforts to ac? omplisb their wL-hes, and consequ?ally
ksvejostperfected th new article of Hats a- announced
tbow. They will bo composed of super! ,r materi ;l<, the
irorttmanship will be of the first ord'-r. and nlthp: ?h !Ljiy
equal to nms for-..' rly r< talie I a; ?? i a id .*?. they will be
sold at ?>,C2A ca-h, a price not only commen>.ura(? to the
present pecan ary depression, and : ;. ??- tbi u thei intrin
sic worth, tot infinitely cheaper, when the n spective qaali
ties arc compared, thin any which have ever before been
offered to the public
J Purchasers aro assured, in advance, that these Hats will
I sot incur the objr tlqo, \ h : " dear at the price," currently
i trgsej against m >-t lowjn-wtd go k1s. LEARY <t (;'). '
j Avtor House, Sept. 15th, 1342. slytii,
Spencer^ lEatter.
I Tu the Gentlemen of Neat York:
f An advertisement, daied ISth insL, under the name of a
bouse ol standing intlie hat trade, being evidently to us,
(lbou','h covertlj) aimed at the < baracter an ! prosperity of
I osrestablishment, (as being the only one engaged In the
sale !I the finest quality of Nutria hat-, at a less price than
115) demands from as a thorough review of its main posi
1 lions, and a refutation of its unfair insinuations. The lan*
{/ gu??e of said a v, nisement is? Since the origm ?: our es!
tablifbment we have had in view, and have siiicily adhered
to,three distinct purposes in our itiaiiuiacture, viz: Econo
Biy in price, improvement of quality and taste, and the ;.
fecting a Standard of Fashions for the United State?, "m it-,
pendent of the Europt an.
FtR?r?Ecoj o.ay in price." A short reference to the
history of that coi.cern will rufliciently shew thr claim to be
entirely unfounded. Tue first eel of said llou-e, was to
rai?e the price of ihe muskrat napped hat from $4 lo $-5,25,
itbttving been sold at the first namtd price by the estab
lidimeot from winch the Hou?e now considered emanated.
Tili? fact is well known to ourselves and others who were
eriRa^'edat the tiiueaK operatives on Ihe identical article.
The m xi movement was subsequerr. 10 the substitution of
tiieuutna far, m place of the muskr.u, and upon a slight
idvance in ihr cmL?I the to.-nier articie, (< ijuai po-;,ibly 10
25 cents per hato wae.i said concer.i immediately raised the
price ol tlieii-a. ncie 7j cents per bat*, or to *5. At which
bigb price, yielding large profit, the article baa been main
Mined by them.
Sbco.ND?" l.n, : vemi nt of quality and taste." We graii*
the truth of thisp ui??n,but in so doing claim for ouis< Ives
tad a few other makers, equal teal and slicu ?s.
Thiro?"Sttudard of Kashi n. for the United Stat-.s, i;.
trpende.ii of Europen ." Upon this we remark li.at, u -
e?er i.ay luve oeen the design of the establishment, its
practice has not tended to such a result. We remind gen
?emen of the fact that the iashion of the Spring cl '41 wts
the modd of u hat worn by a distinguished fashionable
S fortfi^uer, and was by this same hoes.: named the D'O^ay
aiyle. Again, the U'i.ion of the present season, adopted by
?iesam i establishment, our own, and others, is but a flight
J ooditicailoa of the.prevsiling Paris style. And i: is weil
\ known th it our ciiy fashions of late years, as in om earlit r
~ hist'iry, havi been i'i u.oA cases but slight variations from
I European styles.
The next paragraph in the article requires a slight notice.
We cannot pass it, without remarking that the $5 Hat
sjioken of is not, nevt r was, and cannot be made equal in
value to the former, $3 to $101 beaver Hat, as Las been too
often s a: el by interested persons. It, however, d ew rvt s
tlie popularity which it possesses We call V cat i '.ion of
" faibionable and genteel w< arers, and true economst:," lo
the fact, that this $5 art icle is produced by us, of the fme.it
posnhlc juuttty, awl in t'te most elegant st]/letat ? ! 25,
We now notice the closing paragraph01 tbearticie. After
anno'jriting a new article of lip.t, at a low price, the follow?
ing language is oittd in relation to it; il It is infinitely
cheaper when tin respective qualities are compared, than
any which have ever been offered to tee public;" This we
mast unqualifiedly affirm to be impossible. We have lor
the past two Tears been engaged in selling Unts of the.fint
quality and styles, at lower prices than any other house.
Tli;? we have thus farddne, and :re nw positively ajfirm,
tkatiic arc, li'i our peculiar.1!/ economical systcu: if business,
nu&.'cd tu fe;"tv Gtntlcmch's Hat: at less prices than with the
1 extravagant system ofiujiness pursued by, ifte ktntse in qucs
tum, it losbitiLV can i?o.
In conclcsbn we aunoaii.ee t Rt:,we,sl?aUias soon as ar
raorements cm b? effected, ofTerto the public, ihe liind of
Ml In qnesti"n, of ns fine ijuslity, and in rs element style,
yji i;-yd'' led reduction from the i rlc at which it
bisbeen an ounced. SPENCER',
Sept. iSih. 245 Broadway.
3?T Orlacda "Fi<s]j, F isltibnabli ! i ttl ?>. is7 ;: i oa -
I": tvay, Wi-u d i . inn the geuttemen of New f ork Iii t his
e. Fall ami '>'?':?..? -tyle nfHi is ;s now ready 'sir their in?jiec
I tion and criti iil jritlgsment. Claiming the distinction of
jj having been-ho :irst to project and abide by a strictly
l Amrcican style o( Hats, lasteid of servtiely copying tfie
IjJPashirns of Ktiiv w hi ?!) ire often a - sttiteU/MO/OUtr'^^l
P mate and man sers; lie r?>ir.'. to pi rci iye :hat .'oth'einxbaWI
|; seen fit to follow bis lend, add that now the nVilow:ngol
j Eoropeari Fashions hi Hats isahnost entl? ly atiandonetl !>y
I tbeJeading mimufacturers.
g H.? offer* a Winter .?ty'e of ivehtiernen's Nutria Hats al
| S3 5-.i, w -ir.-ants them < qtnl in ni.::? rial, finish, fa bi??.n I
1 :???.?? l.ty to :?: ;, Hat sold OS low as $4 in the city.
3 Ba:: ??? ;.bc5 it distinctly uoderstob 1 that his best I! Us are
|*noi .?-i.d ..i utjs. price. t?ot nt >! 50, The e he rec<>mnitnds
I as eij.?.-?; to . .:; hat - >U1 in N. sv-Vcrrk at iJ5 or under, ai.it
i* chatu n-i s tor ibem a comnarlsen w:ii< any other,
i Oeuleiiien visiting our city are respectfully invited to
* call a d eamn'me Uis iie w rtock tn W inter, hats and judge of
UitL ,.:.;.:y. Re is ? oaS at th.:t, v. :? ;i. ; th i.'..o.^?rq?B
the flat is desired, the inquirer will'here bt[satisfied.
Try h m. (sS?? ) O. FISH', 357 Broadway.
CTCits^tSvtueu'a V^M ttuto?WARNOCK'S
FWpattern Hats are eow.oflered for sale, cwtip siug'lhe
Moleskin, Nutria am! Cassimere lieavcr
Theatlentton o ,_-< uttemen is particularly invited ta the
I tabxr bePs beautifully fabricated Silk Hats, better known
Is '* Warnock's Voh skin Hats." This article, since its in
bxxlaciiou, has rapidly acquired and successfully maintains
ks pu; uiarity, pioduced by the ?ubscriber in a manner al
togteiher superior lo nn\ of the kindthat has been or is now
bet?re tbe public, am! is worthy of notice as possessing all
Inequalities of a superior hat, as lightness, beauty of finish,
peraMiieacy of color, and capacity for sc. vice.
Thai tlie Moleskin Silk Hat j>os.M^es the very elements
studiously aimed at In the prodociioh of a perfisct article,
it needs or.!y to be stated that the foanditioa or body is
"BtAofitciured fiom the finest description of stock, and the
plush or covering of the finest quality silk, than which, it
wUJreadily be admitted, there is notidng of ihe nature of
fabric more durable. To gentlemen who have not given the
above tiats a trial, it is remarked that they have been for
' years the most popular, and are now almostexclusively the
fashionable Hat of Pari)? this, to say the least, is a Strong
rtconrnendalion. To such gentlemen as have pre erence
ibr French manufacture, it is remarked that front ibe sub<
tcrihei's observations daring a recent *isit to the French
meirop lis, be is enab'ed 10 say, that though in one or two
particulars the Fi er.ch excel, yet in the main, th-article
?ld bv him is superior. The pattern for the full and winter
U ai o?ce a mo-lel of s; matelrv and beauty.
The peculiar condition oi the monemry affairs of the pres?
ent time, demanding ot the mass of thv community the
adoption ?r retrenchment and economy, the subscriber
deenn ilexpe^ient for ihe time being, to deviate somewhat
from the system hltherte strictly aiiher,"d to in the conduc?
tion of hisbtis uess. (that of selling none eiber than tbe first
quality.) now offers to L'eo.lemen di?p^?e?l to economise, a
superior hat ni the rnbiderate price or Four Dollars. Tbi
?rucle possesses in a large niensure the constitoeni parts of
Ute most costly, prepared with all Ibeir neatness and exter
?al CuLsb, and are*?ld at a ?m 11 advance ujson the c?>t
Tbvy are M Hstts for the Tistes."
?20 T ThSiS2wi* WAKN'OCK, 170 Broadway.
r. Mpcncer's Eexm*.: -*,n "2oU'?Uin 58nit.
This popular article is commended to tbe public ns pecn
bvly'desirable, at tbe preswin ticae. for its economy. For
ehrgaace and durability, it competes successfully with tia
most costly Hau woru. Price $3 25. SPENCKR,
?16 tf Fashio-ial>ie_Hntter. No. 245 Broadwav.
>">" Hat* of she Fall myle are now ready.
ITbe model tor the season is a slight moaihcutioii ot tht
Pruva ling Paris m^>de J
SPKNCER'S S.dc> Kootn.
ISepu.-mber 1st <2 U
M )KE\ JttAJ.?\?T,
I Nule* at Kite Sie? it Eichau;,-, Sept. 1'J.
145 Pe i. Httd.8.7 i .ri do. ?.1 171
i Bl-o Com.scrip. ?2 I 2i Mohan k It. tr,
; 1.? Harlem.s3l I7jj 25 .Jo ? y.
' *? ?j.cask 17;!l-o LongisUv.vt.^WW 5tl
! d0.?*l l.j !0 Caaton Co.2,
lot) tlo.id i;.
j 25ft Loner Uaiifli II Co.:.. 51 |K?0 do. W | - |
j 200 do.bfi?d 51 j. -.3 d.i.b3i51
Corawerdal and Ert?ts?^ - ..-.
Mu-:;hv P. M.
Tht* business of ibe Board was aj-ain soialL The feelm:
. was n?t r*o>l. The news from abroad d< cs ooi ?; pear .
! have had much erTe.-t Delaware c^;:i u-i heavy, aird !? ?
; c i per cent 'Mohawk tell off l per Cent Hoirl< an wai
? without ranch change; At tne Second Board, I7i a 17j wa
ofli red. for New K?y< n an 1 liart.'r.r-! -i' offered.
The book< bctnr closed, there is little d is position to bey
I oar State St?ek?. The only trarsiriV.;. hj Stitt- Securities
j to-d iy was 85.(W0 Ohio Sixes, I860, at 73 Fo.- Ncw-1'ori
7.. 18 m, 101 ask-d?6?. 1*54. 833 asked?1862. e'i$ asked--5J?,
I860, W offered,83}; O-Vm 6>, 185?,7S offered, 80 ??k.d?
1356, 72} offered ;Jvetrfocky 77 offered; Indiana 2fJ ofTer? d;
Alabama 53 offered. C" asked: City 7s, 135f, 101= asked?5-.
18'C.cr- effered, ?2 asked?1870; co offered; Ccporstiou
Bonds 'jj offered. The transactions were?
$5,000 Ohio Sixes, l?cO.~Z
s.:co.so vjazd.
$1,000 Illittois.185
Nothing doing ia Foreign Exchanges. Sterling 7j a t;
Francs 5.
There:i?i tuod crate busmess doing in Inland Bills. Mo?
bile Li t^ui.j heavier, and cannot be quoted better than 23 a
50 discottnt* oilnr brauche: 27 a 23. South 'Carolit-a is
dull and getting worse. We ipote:
Boston.; a 0 disciSoiitbi L. i Trust Co IJ5 a 671
Philadelphia.t a par: Apalacbtcola.Ha *
Baltimore.par i ?Mobile.29j a 30
Virginia.liajj .lisc. . Montgomery.27 a 23
Nor;!; Carolina.tin ?iTuscaloosa.27 a 29
Charleston..JJ a lij New-Orleans.tja I
Savannah.t g a llfNasbrille.5} a i>
Augusta.If ja J;. Loaisville......2 2\
Columbus.S<? a ? jStLonis.2* a 3
Macoii .,50 a r-iCincinnati....3 a Si
Un n,-Flbrida.6G a ?(Indiana.3} .-. oj
Our remarks in relation to the It-.ci.ester Banks, made
some days sisse, has drawn out die Rochester Post with the
following statement:
Statement of Rachctles B?nlet?Comparison between
1 ii and 1812.
(t-'urii fi r the Rochestei Evening l\.-t.)
September 13, 1841. September 13, j?-12.
Bank of Monroe?Capital $3001000:
1) tenant Bills.$812.8031 Discount Bills.$400,4-11
Circulation.....247,400'| Circulation. 113,064
Rochester <:ity B anr?Ca pita I $400,00?.
Difcount K Us.$828,405 I Discount Bills.?569,02
Circulation.2LiL(.3"-l | Circulation.216,207
Ra.nk oi-- Rochester?Caphal8--50.000.
Discount Bim..*?!?..< *7'i i ?i-eo-.in: 15:11?.$4111.35*1
Circulation.2<?.4;j| Circulation. 80.0J-J
( OMMERCiAL Bank? Capital $334,000.
Discount Bills.j;174,707 Discount Bills.S143 <
Circulation.116,414 j Circulation. 113,100
The Post denies that lite Banks are too much extended;
i:.il "-v?-? tie fih 'v.- statement as evidence. The matt!
would have been much clearer il the cash assets of Ue
Banks had been included in the statement. The quenion
dept mis coi s..!i-r hly Uj<on the amount of ca?li a set? an I
the ;.oo!in-ss 61 the kills receivable. We snpposed, ol
course, that the Rochester Banks ha 1 reduced their ein ;
latian within a year, a? no doubt have all the Country
Banks', an ! wi merely meant :o say, what we believed,
tbat an undue prop -r.ion of the money appearing in Wall
street was It icl ?st- r .1 obey. We have not the least desire
to hyttrc the Standing ol till se Bunk*, but we believe ii (?>
be pur duty, when wediscover a Bank extending itself to
ah unsafe degree, 10 oon the laci. The statement above,
so Tai as we can .-ce, d> s not; rove w hetber we were cor?
rect or nob
la relation to tlie F. ra.rr' and Mechanics' Bank, which
c inceru, believe, := owned in Wall-stn ef, ists Ppstseems
to bold a worse opinio i t an we e?.p e-?e i. It says it " is
scarcely reccgiiize I in Rqcuesierai doing much of the I ??
gitimate bu-nefs >f intikin.', public ronffdence in.itnot
h iving fully re< overeo s:nc< its rt? nijv. ion, an- its bills n?l
being baiii.a!;!" at any of oar Rochester moneyed institu?
This statement brunch: out the officers of the Farmers'
and Mechanics' Bank, v.ho state that we are iu error in re?
ference to the securitii <o that Bunk with the Comptroller.
I'nis is a mere quibble, It cause the additional securities
which have hern lodged ($25,000 State Sevens) c?v? r a new
(Satte, anil that i.-.?ue i iiiy, .-o that the old circulation stands
precisely as we stated it The Farmers' ana Mechanics
i'.uik >ays:
" Thai aduiliona! it curil is. i ' ? 7 ?.cent stocks of
this State, to the amoui t -.1 $25,'?.0, . .: - ..ig; d w itii
the:Comptroller,as a basis lor the increased issue of their
bill/:; and this these s;o Its are how at a premium.
". That the bills ol tue Farmer?' aid Mtchanics' Bank
haw bee:.-, and are -1 ibis time, receivable in deposite at
ihree ol the luur ottier Banks in Rochestei; und that the
refusal of the other one tc n celve them ii in the fuce of a
b.ilai ce ol exchange 01 from $l,0irU to $2,030 jh r day which
that Bunk aclun lv pays in iv York drafts to the Farmers'
and Mecbauica' Bank."
,' That ihe baUucc ofexc^aflgi? paid by one other of the
Baaks of Rochester to the Farmers' e nd Mechanics' Bank
amounted, .!u. a* the pait we. k, to lCU
" That the ?ggo ga e bul inces paid hy the four Rai:' s to
the Farmeis' atid M chvn cs' Bank, during ih< week endiug
yesterday was i$31,321) luirty-one tlious.itid nlhu hundred
and twenty-one doilii .??paid in specie or ih drafts 0.1 N. w
Wi 1 mnot cethaialilhat cn taie.sany thing con rovening
ftarsjuteaienltbanhestcur ; e-ofthe Farm.&.A!echcs'mh
deposited with th- Comptibller are insuflicient 11 cover the
i -. The new ssu ? upon State Scyei s, we stateii a day
or two since, was no tioub sa ?. Weiiiy-agatn tliat our- re?
marks wereour honestcouviction ,-and saggesied by what
wec0eceived.to.be our dut"? io our r aders, VVchavt gir.
en in- state aent lnr.. >li?; by the Buk, .?:??! people can
:ow judge (br ihe.i.s Ives. Tue concluding paragraph in
the I o - s :
?? We may sny, in ronclusioi), that, so far from ocr mtilef
and wheat: u>cr- h?vn.g exiratirdihary a.- ui'modntion,
there has not been a > er i-r n hmg permd rvhen s.i lit.'.e
bank eonveni uces were employed or rcquirefi uy iiiat
class ol bustuess men "
The accuracy of the statement ih tl:e Atrier'Cau of the
l aiviount of the d^-bt of Alabama li ving been qoi tioaed^
ibat p.?per~s.taU'S positively tint iVis cortectbeywkI .= .
s y of doubt
V e age;.: of the a.s gn.- ? ? ef the U. S. Bank ha- cttj^B
scnted to receive t- rie Scii, . ? ;-iuei.i of ad debts doc the
oili :c irt Sew;Br ghtoU;
'2' Ci. 1..! J-x ; of C is C--a;r.y, (?"?. his passed a resii.
lut^cni adyisiug.tii cus- the means of the Stdc Uo n u su33 :e
to u-ake Mi ? O ii-al Baak a ?j>e.-ie paying institution, that
a S...O- tax be la:-?:' r ita purpose.
At Aa^usta, Ua Exchange continues at ! per cent pr ?
miutn.foT s.i^ht che.!;? on New-Vork. There h..? been
rather, more demand' fram Use country for Central :>.;?:!.
hil's pay :-xv-. and V e rates have ItuproveJ a little, and
in now 27 a.SO per cent, distount.
At Louisville, the Bauks were discounting all the g*od
pape offei log. Exchange oa the East in fair supply al l}
At St. Louis, Exchange on'the East was abundsst, bot
the want bl ? cor ency was seveTcly felt
Nt w-Vork Cattle Market?Sept 19.
[R< j orte 1 i.r The Tribune.]
At market 930 tresh Cattle, -5 Cows and Calx es, and
2,7i.n Sheep ai-.l Lambs.
PU1CES?BEEF CATTLE?The sales daring ihe week
were light To-day the market v\ as cleared, except 150, at
$4 to 5 53, with occasional sales at$6 for extra. 300 ol the
Cattle from Pennsylvania, the balance from the North aad
COWS AND CALVES ?All at market taken but ? at
$20 to $33.
SHEEP AND LAMBS.?All at market sohl at $i 50 a
$2,2 50 a $3 to $1, winch is a decline el 30 cents on the ex
uerae range. Lambs $1 25 to I 73 a 2 75.
HAY an I STRAW.?No change in price. New Hay 62J
cei-ts; old S7j. Straw $3 for 100 stundies.
Starke I*? Carefully reported for The Tribune.
ASHES.?The market opened to-day with more brisk
i:r-,., es[>ecid!ly lor Pots, and holders who had been iirm at
$b -j:i were enabled 10 sell ai that rate. We notice sales of
100 bbls. at 5 371 a 5 4?, and 150 bbls. at 5 5e. The bibs out
were about 250 bbls. and the arrivals about the same, mostly
Pols. There ure no good Pots to oe had at less taan 5 50.
Pearls are iu better demand, bul we hear of no improve?
ment i : price. Sales 25 to Su bhl>. at 5 62$.
COTTON.?The advices from the other i!de have had
no apparent eiiVci upon ibis market, unless to uiake ii still
more dull. The sales lo-day have b?en very light No
change iu rates.
FLOUR.?The market cannot be considered very" active
to-day, although ihe sales have been to fair extent Mon
dny i> not usua ll? an active day. Holders are willing to
accept prices to-day which they refused on Saturday; Gen
e?ee w e quote at 4 G2J, and we hear of but one sale at a less
ra e a. d mat was400 bbls. at 4 5Gi, undej circumstances
winch make it no cr lerion of ihe market Omo flat hoop
? sells at 4 56$ a 4 t2j, and we beard of a sal- oi 4\io bbls a
superior bra&d, at 4 59. Michigan is mostly in goed ordt*r
and brings 4 o"2h A sale of t:C0 bbls was made at 4 50$._
?*|eS 500 bbis, round Obia, for the West ludie?, ai 4 iCl.aod
300 to 400 bbls. Troy, moody it 4 56$. Tue quasiity adoat
1? not iar^e. In uouuiern there is nothiug of lOiporiaice
doing. Sales SIR" bbis. New-Yor* Mius, from Southern
?v beat, ai 4 t9 a 4 73,60 days, witu some ex ra to bakers al
5 25. Old Georgetown 5 2?; new 4 76; Braucywme $3,
00.sales. North River Rye Flour plenty at $3 a 3 12}.?
Coru Meal?J?rsey 2 S7i a $3 ; ?raadywme$3 a 3 06$, will
sales at ibe higher rate.
GRAIN.?S< veral parcels of Wheat were in market to
day, but we heur? ot no transactiouc One lot of good Obk
via Canal was offered ai 91c There is a uema^d lot
Southern Corn, but none iu nnrket Norihern ;s not very
plenty, but sufficient for the demand. Small sates Northern
! it 51 a G<. Sales J,0Oa bashed White NorriieTn at 6-e,
r..-n..;r*.. A *-.3aii lot of Jersey Ye'low, 400 bushels, solo
j at C*'c, and 300 do. Whit* brought 62|c Tr?- supplies o!
Rye are larger, and we notice sales of 3.0fO bnsbe!? ?t 5Sc
; de?rered, for d-tiiling, and I,o.*0 da in the ?P.p. st 33 a
> j **ic- O it* are rather brisk. -r>J tbe qcar.tity is not larre ?
, Canal.30 c3i: new 30; River LS a Sfr- new 25a 23. The
; new Canal Oatsccmiwg rn ars ;:. Miy very ?Ood, aad worth
! nearly asmoch as old.
WrJISIvi*.-?The rnirrket if rafter da>i W* ne.t-re ?ii?s
i of ISO :>:.:?? good VTesiern at 25$c, u?^TS do. 5? 2!c.
? - VISIONS.?': l.^-;r b not mach doing trw,iay, biUihe
market far Pork la 5nu a'. 5 .5 * 5 -'i, aw! 7 ~i.-: ?3_
L1 d h : eld too firmly. :>r shippers f> bay. We n-,:i.~?-*a!-s
I of WC kegs Oh.o n 7}. for consumption. For Rets** Provi
' I sims there is a good deruaud, aral many ?fthc best parcel*
' baye been taken. Cb-n? u rather dolL A convderable
1 parcel of Per,n?> ivjnia Butter, i-: t arrels, was received tr>
1 ; <Jav.
W HALEBON P.?A ; tret! in the market, webeiievethe
> ordyorie, i< hri! at 34c
NA VAT, ST?R ES.?Receivers are asking higher rate,
say 21s a}22s for N in 1 C lanty Turpentine; and ?3* a 2"s for
' .; Wiiminrton.bur. we bear of no safes. Most of trie arrivals
' : are being st re :.
T?: E COffSPJ R k TO 3 !
i AN ORIGINAL NOVEL, of the Times ofAaao.N Hr.tK.
TH IS M 0 R N I N G 3 Sept 20,
in a douiil'- f'i:-.::v N'? w Worid. ;u: i i fur by the news
; boys, ail r-ho at the ot7.ee 3?"i Arm-street It is written by a
! Ln iy. and is net Inf? nor to the rroftuctions ot the rr.o; ? mi?
nt nt h?vi ii-:- or" the day.
1j Price J2f. cent's Copiee done op in wrappers for the mail?
? may be bad a: the cotmter. ZJT A new work ir? pw. which
win be anncranc Jiifufure..advertisements. OFFICE No.
'3n*i PulHiwhed?No 7 of the tiife :ind
Spei che-, of 22.rury i'iny.?The next No. will coin
I mence the Memoir or !;.::. ry clat, whii !i w : maS ?
j pagis, and,together with ;h<- Sp ed espnhlishe ! cem
; plete the first volume of tb? .- ork. Agert- I at $?
; per (0. Per sale at tbe Triojm- office, ar.d by ?iepnb
] 1 i^her, J -MSS R. SWAIN,63 Barcfay-sru rI9 2t
j ET The C&c?pe?tCn?:t Tailoryei ! ill ~ K
j VVflOSTED, Merchant T?ilorJ No. I Ckamam Square,
I earner of Catherine-street, o??itiwu?s to make Ciotliing w.
I order in the neatesi style, 10 per cent cheaper than the
? cheapest Cash Tniinr in t!ie city. AVgocd fitwarrantedi
and hereafter no (.!!-ap^oiuuiit.T.a. =2 ist:"
ET THE BLASTED PLOW ER, or Fatju. Errscrs or
Pakentsl Coercion?a ihrilling recital of extr?.o.-<!inary
incid' nts connected with the .history and fortonesof a young
lady, o rurring mainly in tins city, i> puhl.shed ina pamph?
let aud for sale at No. 2'< B^ekni iii-ireet. Price 12; cents
singly. s2n 4i*
r THE METALLIC TABLET, m its n?e is simple
having the same effect on a razor a- a hor.e, withuut using
oil or water, mid in a quarter Of the time. Alter five years
trial, I can recommend it with periect confidence.
M. MILLIKIN, Cutler to the R yal Navy,S01 Strand.
Ketaii prices, and s.1,5
Sold by O. .""AL'-NDLItS. invcrt'.'rand mannf?c;urer, 1C3
Broadway. ,20
- ? ?m?
WliiSeua torial Conrcntion?FIRST
DISTRICT.?Ax a meeting >?; s < nnvention held nt the
Broadway House on the 12th ? ay olOctober 1841, tbe fol
lowing resolution was passed:
Resolved, That the next Senatorial Convention for this
dlstl n:t, be bvlil on the se;-fnicl Tuesday of October, 1 --!J,
a; noon, at the firoadway Iiou-e in the city of Wew.yoVk,
and tha' the President and S cretary cau-e due notice
thereof to be giv PHILIP IIPresident
D.A. Bokec,Secretary. sis to2
?17.?The m-n.l' -r- of Mercantile Lodge are hereby notified
that the meetings of the Lodge will be held in Vutnre at
tlieir uew Room, Noi 71 Divisii n^strcet The members are
particnlnrly requested in atti nd ihls (Tuesday) evemugi at
haif-past7o'clock,preciseIv. it-, order of the Lodge.
Joi B.'-Palmep, Secretary; a20 It4
1 Gonmod's ?Ri.:t;r StT^pniitte, ?.- Sp
lily white, imparts a pure life-like alabaster whiteness t?
the complexion, i- an entirely new anicle and free from
the deleterious prmc pies genen Uy v ntering into combina?
tions for the above object Pat updo elegant boxes at 25
cents er.ch. To he had at the original office, o7 M aiker st,
one door from .Broadway. sSJmis
! rn'ry bi'for?' yois Buy.?Remember every pur
chasrr ol Dr. Pelis Gouraud's celebrated Powders lor up?
rooting hair ?'Ilhorn the slightest injury to ihe skin, c:m -e,
ti em tested le fore buy Ing? proof positive ties, mid no m:s
take. To be had nowhere else ii NewYork hut ato7
w alker streetj one dour from Broadway. $1 per bottle.
Agents?N ?? Haven,E.Myers;Providence,C. Dyer,3r.;
PsughlteepsiCi J. Gray; Lowell, Me* rs. Carleton & Co.;
Boston, Jordan, Milk-st; Gpshcn, Elliott au231mis
Particular 'Sntii-v. - . persons I ivin:
icniituieoi ary u't^rrption to ett/p?se dfj'or who are btf ak"
? up 10 \'..I! tii. i .< i ady sale tar any portion
or rdi < i lltci] goocsj by sending their address,or caUini;
B? :.: tibi: r.'-i r. ti.-^i::.-. to rmy amount pcrclsaeed.
F. COLTON i CO.. l97X:hatram-st.
At Private S?le?2 first rdt< P:i<r.<) Porres, that will he-old
very low. ie29 if
L. Jtub Printing ORico f<?r Sale.?An ofli e
eligibly locate in tbe oity ol ttrooktyn.conuiinioga choice
selection of Printing Material?, inclodihg a mcdiahi Wa h
ing'tou Press, all in lir.-t rate order; having t een in use but a
fewmontlis. There bra profitable;run of custom, which
may oe uiaterislly increased by energy und httenti?n. To
ayoung man ol industry and a small capital this is a first
? ii.iportunity. Apply- at :io. 59 Fulton-street, Brooklyn;
f.r lui.n r ji.iri.c:t! its. sL? t'f
?!?:?! EXatss"! Siatsi I--FALL FASHION'.?
">"? c subscritM r tovites the atteutiOt: 6t tlie lieau Mmtrtr lb
bis beautiful, graceful,and tasteful tow bell-crowned Hat,
being iheonly . - '? fs-l.'-v.:.'''.- article of the kind extant,
tbaugh.be.caiHiot expect hat imitators will spring np, and
claim -ne bei tu? tu-, cwnoriginal cbnceptioi s.
To say thru thetie Hats surpass any. thing of the k nd in
puiatot sty Ic, finish, and gracelol itp earance; is to claim
n i nuwe than U >? ai 11 uti by ni ? xperiencetil twentyyears
m the busin r-'d he i?.id ?? ??? n feoen wliostudj grace
and l;ishion.7c'Cnil afkli ranii <? fbim-: Jvcs.
A large ussjianieht of Traveling Trunks; Carpet Brigs;
HatQasTTs, and, io-i Ct;.every th necessary forageulie
i.i ?'- t '?? iiiaj i titiit, ? ? ; ?uli; at
i.. BLOOM KIP . 17-1 Broadway,
aaSJ tfis rjoposile Howard!? Hotel.
? i' il B "iiMhioiu 5Cuts, t'.tiw vently?Watson's
Slil; Mais, only N - ^ ?. a < ... ??. i-; d.-.i to the public, not
nnlv* for ecoitf?tCiy but as posise?s ? nil n.e elegaiice of con
lour of the most etntly ; comb ?l-. i' utility - im beauty ; this
I last" years ?j'ncient iu<t;cati<m ol ? iWtc judgement,
Whr.i'i tale : t. ..j ;,? WATSON'S 'Td Cbvhirs- *.
aud ISO Btiwi ry. s9 i-tf
ITT Tbe Great Temperance Pair at Teetotsl
ei'i HaIlv7l Divtsion street tintwiibsui'iding ibe unpieat.
a'::nes-* of the weatlier, ' ?? been nightly thronged with
crowded ma! bappy t e-t-. The Lb ly Washingtouiansnow
give notice to the publi ? that the Fair ,viH be Cbmiauetl
day and evening fr m 3 P M. until Wednesday-e\"enlng
n? xt. On dondny evening.a splendid Fruit Cak'e wi.l be
?(Hpnsed oi i:1. &b iresci utatning two valuable gold rings ?
The patrons and all thoieln favor of Temperance cannot
do better to assisl the cause than by participating in the fes?
tivities on-thisoccasion. Strangers and others are invited
to call Tickets i.i cents, to be had at tbe door. sl7 3t
TT- Remember'the Keosoral of thc^&ral
fjampliineOil, S| sand Improved B?rner, to
Cayette Hall,597 Broads uv, i-'te\il>: >'?-. ..; nr ? - i?.
duced nearly 50 per ? nt G; W. McCREDY, J r.
slSlra '_(2)
tj7 Board f^r a Gentleman anil Lady in a
Privat- Family can be obtained within two blocks ol ?'
tage mute, by calling at No. 13j Kirsl Avenue. sl9 Iw*
Ti* <2oo?t K-Sostrd and iiie.Lsaiit R/tom> can be obtained
atNaSSCIifTst <2\ e!7tf
r RT <-e NEW-YORK, SEPTEMBER 20.1?42.
re IDS the MOOK irULt SES.
.. se b 56 Sets 6 4'Rises G 5 i Morn 0 3, Eve. 9 20
Latest Dates.
^o>ri>o.-..Sept. S n/.v?r..Sept 1
LlvaapooL.Sept. 3isr.w-os.LCJ.ss.SepLll
Ships Carol nti. Smith Liv>rpool, Woodbull L Mintani;
I SoUoo. Oaik)way. Charleston, Geo Sauon: Hellesponi,
i fcd.s. Havana, Sitoflbrd, Tileston i. Co.
] Barks Mallory, Brown; La_rusrra. Nesmith,Leeds it Co;
! Masi>n Barney, Scott Montevideo and Buenos Avres, W W
\ De Forest k. Co; Belgian bark Maria i. Louisa, Steen,
I Antwerp
Brius Cl iri^-ia, Watts. Norfolk, Ne<m;th, Leeds it Co
i Madison. Simpler. Savannah, Starges k. Cleamiau Emily;
I SneTWOOd. Cbarlestoa, Donltara At Dimon; Samson, Sa1*-,
?s-er, P >rt L*on, via K*y West, K D Hurlnut 4i Co; Susqoe
? baanab Parton, Por? Leon.W w Pratt: Camilla, Mandail
, St Thomas, W W Pratt; Mars Hill, Gray, St Johns, N F,
iireii it Vose.
Schrs Industry, Home, New-Bedford; Phebe D Smith,
Baltimore, A B'Cooiey it Co
Bri^Ktuibcrl , Armanie, S os fm Newbern, N C, with
COUoti and naval stores, to Mitchell it Ca
Bri" W Garr-son, Tomlin, Pbdaoe pbia. coal.
Scilr Co.emJy, Borley. fin Cold Kam, N C, and 15 ds rm
Ocracock, w iih naval stores lo H Waruig.
Sibr Pamplico, Pou-th, Ocntcock, na??l stores,
j Scbr Harnci Ctiandler, James. Virginia.
i Sehr aaliy M Pnu, Crupper, Caincotogue, with stave/.
Sci r ? CavHl, Klahart .-sur?^k, wood.
Seur E c Ro^t rs Haxellt n, Virginia.
I Sc??r Sanr.es Harding, v* ingaie. Virsiniiu
Scbx Andre* Brown. DavI?, Virginia.
Scti. Texas Eme sen.Labec, pla>ter.
trAlLtD?Packet ship Coicmbos, for LiverpcoL
,' tal discoveries which bid Naisre defiance. Barry's Venti
| la:;:..; and Gossamer
j or r?-V. fwarf-afli-?.-. bi ;. only can be bad at 14$ Broad'
j war,co;nt-r ol Li;^'ly-strert ?;*trv. >I7 La
- m ?
T~~ T?r "*o!r?r >y.:t ra.?The Phanoa ? - '.
ir : ? nfdrur Solar S ? Nicbo . L L P.." it
S.E.Prof, of Pr-e ?.: Isuonomyhi the CTniversitv ? >:'
Gl -r?': AflKf^r ?. vArcbiii ; n?i Heavens*'' Knooi
j the ia i Eillaborch e.hii-n. h'a-tra "1 with Plains. This
? ! !v -uW -Led \?y D Vi COS ii. NE? "t \ \.
199 Bnadway.
Also JfST PiKt:?:!".?V near rjiiion of ARCHiTECTvan
{ or the Heavens. ,y Prof N'i. rr-L
HiTcucacJi'i Gs ?'- >.-.v ? Ta - ; tf53 revised a d ??:>
? rar^.i:.w ;!i .-.? .1.... s!7 3;
G01 r:?u ?*>. i .'.1:1 tie ZJertui*-, ? r Tree
{ ter of Btaaty. for removi tat?, pimples, freckle?,btotch/sii
; ^urtwn'-?, redne?s. an.! .-.Ii cata::eoas diseases: tlica-ng de
? Beate w.'nte bauds ;.? ck and ar:.is, ami real bans a healthy;
' iuv tnile btoom. To !? ? bad r.: rbe orirrma! office S7 Walker
; s: ????:. o-;r-.!.v,.-:VK-oi.iw^y: *? per bdnh?; Beware r
cl ? -p. t'.i-i?y. an i .-.-'etepioc- compoonrisx Ladies with n-d
j tipped noses will find IbtSlGCou operate like a charm in dis
f ?tp .i.r.c it. >7 lnii*
: Lly 5>:rn . Pateul of the V. P.-T. e ruh
j lie. ?" igaiu-LporrhataBg tee Tricopherna* *r
' "?.r ;,? v' ..n; enj 1 :" rt.e- 11:1 1:1:1 .'1 i.-. at one ihnlar cer
I battle/, as ir can be bad for fifty on:*. Oi?s?rvc that ? ?
j original and geuuln" T. :ropheroas has ike proprietor's
s..,e. A. C. Barr?, printed * 1 t ie outsl le wrapper. Be
i sore to p tri Ii ts ? *i ine Hair Gritting Rooms, 113 Broadway,
corner di"Lioertjvsireet, up stairs; or of ihr appointed
, ag! ati Any other article *f tue sr-.-ne miruc i, an imposi
; 1: ::. . -I tm
Gonrnad*.? *.' ;?:?.:>'?? !.-.q?i-r limi^e*?
C ::.;?.-.(-.; ni tertaKy fruMi ti-jw^/s aru! simples. -a i? a
del rate csrnati :i tint to : o tip ? . oe. immovable by
?i.- '-Kg a liaudkercldsf or linen c.j?b. 58 e, nrs a
in e?to ba bad oaij ?t 57 Wa.'.er-fvet, 1 tloor froin
j "Jr ad way. s3 lmts
la rhw <-'-:\\ St p? 18, a: the S" 1 h P ipt'st C.ur. b. by the
1 It v Elsdia'Toc?. 5! . R.<c5 r?l A. Spencer irt 3t;?s'An>?
I A . o. II: 1 : E^J., ?11 n Cmsnecticub *
! Li :h ? ei ?-, Sept. l.\ Abraham Peiicli to Ellea ( :. tiabre
I ;:'A i::' this city.
I:: *!>!?- city, Sept. IS^WSVcIock in tb? Ri^minr;. after
j apainfnlillnesTj lermina ?? i by Inflammation of the :>:iin,
? Riiza, eldest daughter a{.Dc. John Barrier aad Sarah Bar
j i:-r. a^eil 7 years.
, Inlthiscity. Sept 17, R. Ward Beck, aged 3 yenrs. 9
: months and 18 days, \oa::g?i.i son of Peter S. and Eliza
At While riains S-pt. 58, at t*-?? re.:denc?r>f Wdlinm Fow
I lee, Esq., ITarrieti: eldest daughter of Comelioa 1.. Partly,
! of tIiis city.
At -en. Xag. 2^. ?'?';'! ism H. Whitlock, Jr.. in the 26th y-ar
of his a^e. hrsi ??th"cer of the picket ..'dp Bilab, from N'e-.v
Orleans, eldest son of William II. Whitlrjck; of this city;
In this city , Sept 13, Thomas .*sm.t , in the 77th year ef
hi- a^re.
In this city, S-^nl. Vj, at Id. father'a r sid* nee, 120 Broad?
way, Francis A. Gcerin, aired 23 years
At Mohile,Sept6l Cant George U. Ilnlsey, s-^ISC years,
a native of this city.
At Woodbridge; N. J., Sepu.13, Mrs Elizabetk, w ife of
Mr. George V. Brcwster, in the41st yearorhcriiee.
SUTTON As .'tl'.N'Di.E invite th- r..: . of th--ir
friends, and all p<-r?ons who wish ^nrnls at very low prices,
to call and examine their large stock direct irom aucii- n,
which tbey are now oftering at very great Inducements for
cash. 177 SPRING; corner Sullivan street
N. ? ? No deception practiced at ihi? store.
A Lad of respectable connections and good habits wanted.
-I !_
TT^ALL AND WfNTER Gt?OI).s atthe
MENT, ii'Z Fuii". treet, near Broadway.
The sabscribers arepreparetl with a larire and extensive
a*-or;".',.t ol FALL AND WIISTER GOODS to exe?
cute order- for garments nt the shortest notice, and at a small
advance from cost. Our purchases are ma le exclusively for
cash, and we commence our fall husines, fully determined
id sustain our unusually lo.v prices, and furnish our custom,
er- with a first rate article at asm-;! profit for rrndy mom y.
Strangers and others visitmg the city who lire in want of
an outfit, will f.nd it t* iheirinlerest to call and examine our
?. Ods and style ofwork before leaving their orders.
Fuil -uns furnished in 54 hours.
Said punctdality observed in tilling orders.
s!2 ist:' J. C. BOuTH ? CO.
j^ALL GOODS.?Tbe undersigued is
pared With his usual extensive assortment of sea?
sonable Goods u execute orders uir Garments in a style
which \. :!l comport wttli any bouse in the Trade, at prices
wMchraastofler mdcceniehls to those payiugTeady mo?
.'v- a.ion is solicited to the style of Pantaloons furnished
at ihio cstablhhmeni, as |jjru. alar care is directed to this .le
purlin. 1.1, witk the vier/ of givi >g entire saiisfdCtion.
Those w iu bavs experience ! any difficulty In getting
suited, are ossared thatasapcrior fit can always be r.-ii./.e.!.
Freii.:ii und English Cassimeres in a {jreai variety of hew
patterns just received: The assortmentol Vestings which
gave so much salUfactioa through the Spring and Summer
- sie-, ?ill he kept op.
French 0ml English-Cloths of super and medium qnali
ties for Dren and Frock Ceats; Pilot and Beaver Cloths far
Sura u'..-, always on .iand.
Fancy dress stielt-., inciodtng Silk and Satin Scarfs,
Cravat?, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Hosieryj Suspenders,
Shirts, C?llais, Stci, Lt u-u :i moderate prices.
Late Lyndc ii .T< cnings; 229 Broadway, American Hotel.
VT;7..i\T.'.?>, at Tetniterance nfiice, 77
v Si N'? in stn - i. empl rs for one - mi ricaii?? ct
man, ! Scotch, 2 English aad:l IrUh. Also, lor a tir : rote
."iiilf-. 4;ai fi'.er.. 3 wai ers, Morters, barmen, laborer?;.ic.
Enfpi^'erstorr men free *2n It*
% ? ? . \. i a situation us bouseke :per
V ?? In a baciielOr'S'or widower'-i CsiablLshment, oii in
some otlier u-eits! 6'apacityi. Wages less of an"object tlian
a pi rmnnent home for hvr-e'f sad a lit tie t?-y. >h'- is a ie
..'r: ihleuis h;l.- .:??? -d Aniericsn woman and gives the bc.-t
JUrsi t;. M tSlL: ~
\ :^7.i.- i'Ki?. hs p. girl who can give v.
V V references, a situation in a pro tie familj ? i
genersl: house wo rk, or. ci-okfcg and wa-hn g. Ei ui r at
i Beek man sL_- s2n 2t*
"?.7 \N I"'.:> ?A Parin ;r in a jri.-.jteel and
^ \? pfofitTtb's.oiilfe busiccs's S.itO '.will purchase an
init ? t wot lb 4 DOnerunnutrt Appo at 85 L.! <? > et.
TT^ANTED?Situationa by nvo r? ?pec
V v uble Girl*who areeompeiHt for ;i.--ir ba-'ui-s-.
nne.as: rook.and laaudressr.oml.tue other ".s chaniisere>ni<j
and waiter; The ver> btaCofcKy refersnis; can be L'LvrU.
Eaqatre at 135 Mott-at_v20 ir
v .w''A?? T ??L'rqtestjnt good sci v. ..tj
7 v can always be had at 533d o.vlway. Fami?
lies pfeasecalJ. ' 'IVELLIOTT, Pioprtetor. s2ff.lt*
^STAiS-T-ED ? A sittiition, by a ?ood
V V ciiamber-maii,wasiier mid ironer?or would do
the bonse-work of a sinaii family. Apply at No. 5 First
Avenue, in lhe rear; brs. of City lieferen, es given. fcSOlt*
^XNTED--at the Temperance ?T
f.c?", 77 Nassau-street?Employers for Chamber.
in ads Cooks, American Girls as Nurses and Seaitislresses;
a'nnmbw ol ;;ood ?.Jiilx v.e^i re"conimended for general
It'U-e work. The servants sent from ibis orfice may be de
pended on, as the greatest care i.. taken 10 select them. Tbe
proprietor will noi !.,- accountable .or the character of any
girl, unless she brings a printed form fn m the nfEce.
v. .M. HENDERSON; Proprietor.
Refi rence?Ej Prttident M irtiu V.i;j Boren.
Honorable .'lenjjmiB F. Butler.
s20 3f Bev. E M. Jo! nson, Rector ^t John's Cb.
A""HAM)S(?ME PARLOR on the first
Ilo-ir, a iie.lroom on the second with two reoms on
the 3d.floors these rooms will be let separate or loireihi.r
to sinple gen?emeo, with or without breakfast mi.l tea at a
moderate price. Neigbborbood pleasant, boose new; near
Broadway in U .ward st. Apply between 9 and 3 o'ciocn,
41! Broadway; -Hit story. s2?5t
OARD?Pleasant Apartments furnish?
ed or unfumishs-d, tor sinsle or n arried gentlemen,
wiib board, can be had hy applvin^ it f4 Dt-y.-L s2t) lw*
B< Vk RD VV^aWED?By a j oung man
in a private family, or where tbere are a few board?
ers, for the 'vir.t-.-r. where he may have the !-rmf.<rts ol a
home. Term, moderate. Address J. U. M. office of trie
Tribun?._s2? lw
CHILDREN CRY for Shermaa'a Lo
lenges, and well tkey may, for tiiey are very piea-anl
ana efficacious, curin? coughs and colds in a few Lours,
consumption in a f--w weeks.
and mach suffering, when Sherman's Wurm Loxenjres wllJ
I infallibly ccstioy them Many have been snatched fr> in
j an early grave by mem. A son of Mr. Henrv King of
\ Palers'in. bad sutTere?! tor HionUis and no one knew what
ail^U i im. 'Puree dos-s of the Lozenges eoterely cured
him. Hon. B. r5. B-ardsley says tiity saved ihelifeofhis
I only child.
' are relieved in irom 5 :o lOmmutesby Sherman's Camyhor
! Loieuties so ?am -us for 1oi?uum o! spirits, despondency and
i all nervous affections. Mayor Clark says "this is a great
i country, and Sherman's Loztrges are the greatest invtntion
! of modern tunes."
' for Sherman's Pa-r M-tn's Plaster, a real cureall for pains
. or weakness in the back, breast, or any part of the body.?
? It can't be beat we know ii?ne:tner can Sherman's Urris
Ttwth Paste be beat, hardminff ihe gnms and sweetening
tbe breath. Ha warebne-e b>at 106Na-jBH dreet, one dcor
I above Ann. A2en:s77 East Broudway, Bowery, 227
J H:.o?oa,86 Wilham st-eet, 130 and 273 Broadway, and 139
Fulton street Brooklyn, Be sure to get Sherman'* -7 2w
C~~OAL! COAL!?Cheap as ever at the
aid stand, couer of Hudson and Amos-sureti, where
we shall be happy to tee all wbo want a ?ood article of
winter inet We ore constantly receiving tod discb?r?ri:'g
boats ?f wet selected coals which wedcliveron die shortest
notice in good order. fjy?>3m) J. T ERB ELL.
I _LJL DEN, Broadway, opposite St Paars Cbarcb
Bestattraction to News?o;fc!?fbaog" of Novelties!?
? Perform ;-? i^toe ? v.--.? a :v ? First uute m this civ o:
1 Srgmn V . . .:,MK,-'i-,M .-f. THEATRE.?Mr. Wire
; cc-:;'.?,r .nif skrthentitled JOU SEAR*"!!-'EM 0? r.
!?Mis-HOOD, the l.c?,raptxsii?-:i VV-r>l-Lt PETITE
c;:i..vTt; riii : :- various Dacc-s.?MODEL o(
Adm trat ee to the whole?ni.;s?ani, gar lea su : t'drrtatn
j meet?27 ??>? :-; Ch.ldrru half price.
J I: V- Y<> ?K m ?S SUM opens ihij daj.
? et the n i nageraent ?-f Mr. DENNETT, wue
! ry--pettl announces that he Las taken the shore estab
j h-hmrnt, arj.t llial he Intel ds to a-opt e : r ueriy i.ew plan :
I that.t?; ta-rednce the pike aad rwrrease ih;-" at'.i^ci.oos.
' ILf'.-fi ets conti teul fti- system mu-i -acr- etl. and cheer
I taiiy su'<rn:'> .t: i the (lect?ion id n disxerahtg public To
?sw-wwiy rmpressioo that may be M.t.'-.aiucd Iba: it is
hoot genteel t? attend a staling exIvibUioa, tha Manager
; beg- to bsenre tba: tt. ? priceoi ad oil sion is no criterion
. <5t"it->re?p/*crabi!ity; the way in wbi -U it L- conducted, ami
trie t'-r;-. ii. ir.ee- presented is the proper Kawlard to judge
? by. lo t ? : ipapal cil.es on tt? contioe&t of Europe the
? rates of adtTtiaston to theatres* and other peaces of atnuse
, ... is cent et ?per than in Enetai tl. Ail clas
j ?e.? o; ?ccte.y a.->>?mtdr?the highest and the i- wK-the
j moderate c rtrreplacrng-it in the power el the htter?vet
; r-ocne ??:????? <> to dbpoie the res;-??.:ai??iiry"of ;rj?-pe.
I t'?-mauc-. Ittl _ garden*oi Partslhere..is no price
? ( r??l f.,?.---?:? ey art fi i q rente ! by * v* ry body'?yetor
; der anil decaram ore vaita and the Manager ma'mbiie.s that
it a place o! puhitc amusement is c.r:,.:uc ed ?t:t? propriety;
ami . '. tcters ex< Inch ?'. tbr.t :an: I es ? the
i ?fttrespectabiliyi may aceatl with as great a degree of
saf'etyas if the pr ce fadrnisi>ori wer ?? tei times tl e an oant.
The Maina ? it trusts l rat the , iwfng Lames will be a
; sumcii nt guarantee of bis fntetilrbns ;?
! HyRxtscro.v, the wonderful Magician and..Vciitriio
Miss i' <s?i.tr. the cbarmrng-acd beautiful Vocalistfront
ibe >.?? er?.?.?!? Museum.
Mr. K.<ftvss, the mu ;h admired Singec
'? r. B'l :." cclcbt tted.Daccer.
Miss E>tittK.thear*ccc!plished Danseuse, soil
Mr. iiLLt's Pant Ctni Fttrures.
I \ -1 ?.- .,?? );;, >'.ng; >J7 Iw*
V ATK )SAL rv- USlimi* coruer Bowe~
J_^J ryami Division st?Most splendid a:trsctton this week,
Sep. 19 T ie A-t n si in?; Mjrstei ous Laer, tv,u. > r ui
E ?? cK I; SigiKjrKbaaldoi.tlte great Nei rmia ?< r. lutt
l i f ('. ? Arm! Betsej :'w VVon lerfnl Poitntte-T' 1-r,
the ci i.' ati ri rl . Ap ..;:". th ? temsie Boa Constrictor,the
Mermaid; the Garden of Keen, Gibbs-and Wantley. ami
uamerous ether groupes of bcautitul figures. Admission
25 cents.
N. I*. The public can judge of me.source aral correct
nes?o;'n!; iiie v..gue paragraphs which have lately ap?
peared in the papers respecting this establbhment Live
and let live is mv motto.
-in s. s. VAN BEUREN, Mai n ? rofN. Museum.
BROWNES Billiard and Bowling Salon;'. No. 64
'r'.*< Broadway, near Market-street,extending throuRh and
fro .; i goo 7! Division street, having undergone thorough
p pai-. alterations, and improvements, wih be re-ODenedon
Wednesday evening the 21st inst It is the mostextensive
place ?.t the kind in the City, being about 150feet in length,
.ci.<: containing ?tree new ami splendid Bowling Alleys and
four Billiard Ta?les onthe same Door; which will accom
moifate ad without much detention, which is usual in many
: I Gentlemen cannot find a more healthful exercise,
li ;? ?!...?!.? this establishment Is intended, as no (ramhliag of
any km I w.n bepermitted; and all vulgar society excluded.
Tue Proprietor,solicit* bis former patrons, with a request
t! at they ? ;li invite their friends. sl9Sus*
i FULLER respectfully informs his Pupils nnd the
Public generally, ?iat his Gymnasiums, 205 <!:enie-s:reet
and - 1 Ann-street, are now open for the season. A Ju' im
Class is about being formed at both the establbbMients at
boors to suit the convenience! I & Itolars. For term-, which
have been considerably reduced, apply at either ot the
The Feucins department irill be under the superinten?
dence ol Mr Chas. Delanv, Professor, and Teacher by ap?
pointment in the United States Navy.
Sparring taught as usual. sS 2w
^oi 'i iiwotVi ii\s i'ATKvr t;?r?
A Latnp It truer has been invented by means of which erdi
nary hard Lard?free from salt?may be burned with ibe
same fai-ti ity as the best oil! igniting easily anil burning
freely in all temperatures?emitting:! clear bright Same,
w itiautt smi ke or unpleasant smt II. and in comparison v*iih
oilceting bat.about one thiril, while itnflbrdsa better
light This Lump has been extensively adopted in Boston,
and is superseding all dtbers, wherever it has been intro?
duced li is well worth the attention of manufactories and
alt other persons requiring light The truth wf this state
iii-ii! can be easily tt -tei: by cnllii ^ at the principal Agen?
cy, E FILLEY'S Crockery Store, No"; I2"> Mauten Laue,
w iure tie-v are fr sale in ever; varietv, wholesale or re
UiL ?19 istf
constantly on hand a full assortment of Silk Plush,
which he oilers f r sale at very low prices.
s!5 i>im 72 Pme-streel, m'ar Pearl
ograpby, smhellisbed e.dh several hundred ii?e l;n
ravings. In one voInme,'8vo 500 p. p. Publislied and
ai No. 122 Nassau stteet, New York City. Price$250.
T-. ' Agents wanttd in tn:sn anil country.
17 1 ; s' ROBEltT SEARS, Publisher.
20,0 0 _rf' ss E.i^i.- Cianp.o.y ,vood screw-, iijual to
the be-: imported. f'>r ?n!e at manufacturers price- by
?20 41 I) v\ K S PO.'tT .'s O.UlNCY,81 Jbbn-st
Eight of these I.Superior safes, manufaciureil under
the same patent as Wilder/s, by Brown, B.!,chardson:k Cft
<?!' Boston, v. ;!1 be sohl low to en ,c ? consignment bv
s2f) tf_D A VF, .TrtHt T Is. Q1HNCV.81 Jobn-st.
ii ? ?n.hfirtl lirok? n VA >AL?This
da ? jan -ii",' from Canal h int Independence, at Jack
son pier, hai I< tely screened ;.t time of shipment For
sale at lowest market price, by WARD i BROWNE,
-2n -III Washington*st corner Laigbt.
QT(iL7EN?n ?'Wi D?iTLAftS RE
k_y WARD.? A Mack Valrse'cohtainiag summer clothing
and a paiiecn of cassimere, it--, itc. wa, taken troin ine
t 'aniei North America, nn Saturday night, !0tb tn-L The
ihii ."hi ,y retain the cash laken and receive 5 dollars more
by reiurn'mg the projwny, and no legal or retaliatory step.,
>? ill be IBk< n, pr ?>ided np iliiir'ze- n d pioniises l>-tier
couduct; ? tjcrw - ? tl e vai *- arid cootenfs, w Ith the above
r; ward, wi I be tiven to the person who dete :ts and brings
the criminal to crtimctlo's.
A. stolen,..^Tcia!notes of F-fe-Iy :< Polieier, payable
nt . &rmcrs' und Vl?iiufac u ? ? ,* Bank, Pougbkeepsie, and
>. .. G. P. CWlba n of Coxtackfe, payable to me and pays
mei t -.; >p;i
TJsc tlilef iiia l ave five dollars for his adroitness, who
wilireturn I es ?' botesantl ? 11. o.i, with ,<ii:heot,.er
pa] - a iroud order, aoit^tr&w he got it
r20 It" WM .*. ROYCE;-25IJ Isr ? ? [way N. Y.
iUNl)?Ou the night of the l?tli ult.
an Imiia Robber Cloak, t he ownenmay have t:,
ami- by calliog at N i I'weifth s20 If
% : AI ? i! R \t:E to come oil'on Wed
uejKlay the-21s*ioit, between die Crntlus e.f Peeks
killisindithtt Josephine nfrtftwhurghifBr 1*0 dollars - ? .
to-be rowtuLfrofiVtbe Thatched cottage Garden; .fe sey
C ?.< -i mil" s and repeat A purse will DegtVea By tbe pro
pr.etor u> the winning boat The boats will start at '1
i V. ck Pi M
.N.Li. 'J Orr?i's wiJI he rowe! by fbe well-known
Tejrycks._;_* eff 2f
?UGAIL F?ll PitC?ERVlN?.-?^A
?15 large ass >rtment of white and brawn Sbgnrs, of snpe
riorqs dity,suitable for preserving, ir .tor--de hy J. ?.
k D. FpwliER; Wholesale and Retail GrocerSj'250 Green
wirb sirei-t, corner of Murray. *.lro, n general assortmeni
ol fin ? I'e .-. Groceries, fee. N. B.?Families and dealers
ire requested to ^ive inem a call previous to purchasing
ei-?-?vneri . sM Iwis"
??R?lJirs i>k ?i;a?te, or
* ji"True \'?aterof Boauty.forexte minatingTan, Redness,
?allowless, Pimples, Freckles, Morphew, Burnsj HJotchus,
ami all cutaneitu? erupti'ins? <.? realising delicate while
i.eek<, band.-, and arms, an-^ eliciting a Lealthy juvenile
bloom, stands unrivalled. Its soothicg and healing proper*
i es in all rougbness and ba sbhe?s ol the ikiu---espectally
in a laying tbe Irritability after shaving; is beyond compare,
.Am-'iig the awarms of .trashy preparations and vile com
nonmhi force,! into notice by parasitical p:<{>-gun puffs,
Goaraud's S^.n Loton has ucobtru-ively crept it-> way
dowjybol -urrty and sieadiiT into public favor throughout
the Leite 1 States. Thi- artici- is not recommen led for its
?? cheapness ' (its price being $! per boitle. tt.ncgb at this
cost iti's infinitely cheaper than 'In: vile stuJTspread daily
before the publ c, even it the cost vve.-e one ibiUlng or one
Cent) Such cheap remeil.esor Mineral Astringents being
not only inadequate to the objects contemplated; but by
their, repellaataction positively injurious to health. Gou
raud's Water or B eauty recommends its* If oy usombink-d
efficacy, tiarmle-^-iess oi action, and refreshti g fragnince??
A French Udy writing to the proprietor, siy.?
" M?ns. Gouracd?'TU but an act of justice that I s> ould
spontaneously -^ive you my unqualified testimonial of tbe
united edicacy, inmicence and frasrrance of your prepa?
ration lor purifying and cleansing tbe skin. By its use
every pimple and freckle have vanished fi om my lace.?
zou shnold .W*n .-/mi, as it issosovereiirn and cha ming a
remerty for vat tei in^ all blemishes fiom oar lace*, ca I it
les dclxces des danxes En uk mot, je suis endumte de le
cosmeiique ft je en vous rtmercie de tvut man rocur "
EMILIE DESMOULINS, fensvm Frunqais,
G.eeuwicn street
"I have your Eau Je Benute in use?it is an admirable
artcle, aad 1 shall recommend it."
S. F. PHILLIPS, Philadelphia.
"I have had several calls for your wash, I >e freckles, ate.
A lidv living here boogbt a b<?Ule of vou. an t sa:d it bad
ibedesiiedencCL'' ALEJC. GUTHRIE,
No. -tStanw't Hall, Albany.
'? I cheerfully bear testimony to ibe efficacy ami perfect
innocence of your Kau de Beaute; it is decidedly a vaiua
ble cnsmeuc I cannot consent that you i-?-itib my
TLe above i? from a lady in Le Roy Place.
Dear Sir?Having had a very favorablee.ppoitar.ity yes?
terday tvening for expatiatintr on the merits of yocr Eau
de Beaute, aud shoeing tlieetTecis it produced on my hands,
a yoong ledy rt quested ti:at 1 woald procure ber a boule
o! it Please send one per bearer.
JOSEPH M-?Broadway."
So strong Is the proprietor's cocvicti n of tbe entire effi?
cacy of the above invaluable preparation in realitiag all
that it m ofessrs to arcomplisb.tbatany dis-ati>fi?i purchaser
can lective bis or heranmey back, if requested.
To be. bad o?.ly at Dr. G.'s Exclusive Office, G7 Walker
-?-??K.noe door frcm Broadway, ai ft pcr bottle, and of the
f >!lo wing AgestS:
Albany, Uotbfte, 4 Maiden Lane: Gosben, EllioU; PhU
adelpbia. Mrs. Brown. 7?3 Chesnut ?t; Baltnore, Seth
Hance, Prart st; Washioenon, Selby Parker, Alexandria.
C. C. Berry; Hartford, Well* k Humphrey; Boston, Jor?
dan, 2 Milk st; Norwich, W. Faaikaer; LoweB, Carietoo ;
Salem.Ives; New Haven,EL Myers; Providence, Dyer,jr,
aud others throughout the U. States. si* 4t?law
-.--.?-r~- - -.-R - - ?
i ttl BANGS, uic!fARiy&I'tATT,
NVa i Store ?to" Rr??<rarV.
I - "?' '"?"?>" ?> > ? Ii CKi>:;':'i;.ri:lS 1>C lacOU
: V S. D ERt Jr.?-Sioro *4 Wii
heOi-?tTeeL f -rver ?: PUie-cref!
FRIDAY, Septetnh r 23.1.
'"? -?- ?;'??"' -v ' ?;?>?. m o-nvqaet^eoftl.e arrival of
; . rwaaiodw of lie cargo from ibe wrtcs, when the sale
? : ; posiliyell lake place;
DaMa&co floors or tuRK Locisa.?At ICo'-dcck a; the
f <:o(c :17t Froi t >t, Rtf cash, nOtfer tlx- inspection o: tt>e
! W^n!rr.. ??; '> i'. ::. ?ct Ute he ur til uI wImiu t r.ny c-vfl?
j Cera, the entire cargo el the l?aik Louisa. (t-.hu Mnrniiics
I consist.?s; of S?25 ca?r> i.iive oil: S do almond o3; IsiS case*
I brandy; 535 I ? roc at ?ine; 0 ! i r pipe* red ?ine; SI h?h
i x.: egan .5 cj*e* v-... i or; IS8 cases Itqoers; 7*0 ???.?? ar.ni
; setter 27 cases a ' - ? " 10 ,!" P* fbrnerr; '33 ii? pr-yrrvrd
j froits; 30 do cl acipairiM-; 50 do venntceilh 6n du w.n <? b?er;
tfhee-e: rJ do looking glasses; 6 Jo eioskal.bxa;
1 13 :o ;rnss mi *. t aril.env. are; 3 caies china wa??: P* do pa
: ??. ; d - painted paper; 4 do ambrellas; 4 d.s I ass; 55 cases
J empty boules; 27j'rt almonds; !<? do lexiralSfS i5o <->-eifceot
ten ?.???: on I ros*;. do toj ?; 2 .! ? capsules t ? b quinine: 2
; do absynthe;23 hols s--.it meat: 1 do smres; 3D steel; S ca**-i
i -a . unum; co unc ho\ :??; 2"Jii il.t pickles; ? bosk* t? cloves *o?
I kegs pahit; 12 bales pepper; to - <t*e? corks; 5 >i > do sotuac;
I 7 n . rcl a ? do do blankets and c?'verlh s I do mas
; ale o rai ; l b x i ysocal; 1 dt>icmges;Sdoalabaster
I ornaine Is; IS coses table;2 do marble statues; sof*) seuape
j marble: t pkg books; tcasevsdk >i:.-iis4 irunk- -hoe* 4 bbis
I Socr of madder; I6> t:x> lemons, A.c. ir.
Tl ES DAY, S. pL 20.
At 10 o'ctecs at ti ?? auction room.
Cloths and C tsst?KKKs?Fro ? the delves-ion a credit
sixni ? ? ??? p roi t erxforsed neti s?200 pieces ?upe?
rii r Wi >tf'..:,!?: <: Cloths and Cassnn.-res, jud impctted.
Also 80 pieces Westot Bogland Cassimetes.
THURSDAY, Sept 22.
At ? j >'c ck. at :h?- auction room.
French G< m - Catatatrac?Kor appnn ed endorsed
io tesat ii months c ediL?100 e;f>es French Goo (s. com
I prsing agre ? amli xteesiveas-.inun-t i ?t'seasoca?
I !>!.> aitkles; received per recent arrivals.
I Caod > u.-s .-.in:-l .ipies on morning of sale.
? SHA?\L&?Peremptci> n.NE TEdt'SAXD
i SHAWLS without r.??? rye, comprising a large and tall as
, sot ii entoi 7-: tbtackcnd scarlet Menno; 10-4 real
I Paris breche Casbmeie and KM heavy new style merino
I K : n ; all of superior fabric; from l?e cdebrated manu<
I factory oi f .< dama .V Co.?an entire invoice,
j Abo', an .nvoiie of Saxony wool shawls, entirely new
j ?i*.es .sn.1 patt i nSs
Also o ca-e-'.'.n^ black ??ik vehe: .
Aiso,Scasva re h high cost ttlk sbav* I .
Also, 25 eav-s German cotton hosiery.
Also, 1 case rich embrvldi ri--.
Also,a lanrr inyoieeof Kug Lh thrr;,4 hires.
Also, iS.eantons German do
A!s?. l c?se new ftj le embroidered caps st:d collars.
Also, 7 cases cotton fringe*, new patterns.
Abo, 2 e-i-es black >i:k v? Iveis.
FECKcn Cassimkhks?Also, 5 bales UO pi.'crs superior
quality black French ccsshheres, coasisting of the following
descriptions, ?i7.: Armnntines, winter satin, llivi-rienues,
<vh> noir tin, Tricot, satin retordu, l.lveriennc lacbnne, kc
itc. i.e.
S ITURDAY, Sm pt 24.
At 10o'clock, at ihcacction room.
Cloths and CAsstMEaes?Feom the shelves, on a credit
of six months, for approved endorsed noti?SH) pieces su*
perior w.st of England Cloths and Cassimercs just im
Also, ICO ptece* London, West of Bnglaml and Frmnch
FRIDAY, Octobei 7th,
STOCKS ?At 12 beleck, at iheMcichsnts' Exchange.
Sold fur the bent61 nl whom it may conc? rn:?
ISO Shares, I > '?? >? i b, in the capital stov n the 17th
WardFire Insurance Company. The ?bans of the above
company h*ivr been reduced from $50 to $37, pershare
and the name id the company chunged lo Lhc National
Fii e Insurance Company.
5 Bonds, of $1000 each, ofthei State of Illinois, dated 1st
May, 1841, hearing interest nl ti r,%r cent, nn.ium, payable
hattyearly! redeemable at the pleasure ef die State after
the year 13*5
3 Bonds, ol $101 0 ' hi h, or ]?:Z' sterling cf the Southern
Life lnsui.it c?: and Tru-t Company of Florida, ciurnnteed
by ibe Government of Florida, itnu with a pernuinent and
accumulating soiki.;^ fund fhr ii- redemption; dated tstof
August, 1331). bearing interest .it 5 per cent, per annum,
payable bids yearly as per certificate.
10 shares of the New Brgbton Association Mock.
rt. y\. Bsker, \;;.-t!om-fc-r.
1Y R. M. BAKER.?-Store 119 l-'ultoo
J street. THIS DAY,
For cash, in lots to >u:i purchasers, a quantity ?f Dry
and Fmicy Goods, Hardware, Guns, Pi cket Cutlery, Oer?
man Silverware, itc. Sale positive
BY ALBA K1MBALL?Office No. 42
William-street, i ??.?!? Wa L
A. K. wllfgive his attention to U?e sole <?; Real Estate,
Stocks, Furhiture and Out?Dooi Sa es generally.
SATURDAY, <?ct 3.
At 12 i *> i " - t the .M< i chains' Exchange.
Chancery Sali -Under the direction ol vym.AV. Camp?
bell, K.ij , master la chaucery?;One undivided fourth purl
of 19 lotsof gmuud in toe tllh ward, bouuded by U.h and
J.h streets and avenue D and Lewis stre, u
See advertisement, signed Wm. W. Campbell, master in
Chancery Sale?Under the direction of .lohn A. Sldell,
Esq master in chancery?4 dwelling booses and lots of
ground situated on the northeasterly corner of Houston ?t.
and Avenue A.
See.advertisement in the New York American, signed
John A Sidelh m?stet in chancery.
The three story dwelllug house No 72 iinane-st.
Also, a large S story bouse m St. Mark's place, with a
Stocks-I a shares Pensacola Land Company st .uk.
1 A (?eint mi! Earn, ofuboitlfki acres, with good buildings,
' near Pf?usfhkeep*ie.
j%M IlLiNKHa GOODS very low for
Lfl. Casb-r-STEA ENS Jt GHUMAN, 35 ; eet, 1
Ooor iroui Pearl sL New^YOrk", have just r?*cen. ?: .. large
assortment ol Fall and Winter Millinery and Silk Gdddaof
alaiosi evi ry descripl on, roost of which have been i>oughi
at auction at the present unheard of low prices. .Mdlinnrs
and JVIerchants who ibr cosh; will fim oil bond at all
limes a large osfortmeBtni the most fnsliionhble Millinery
i ioods in die citj n; p ices ahnnsi witboui exc rptiod less than
can be Imoglit'elsewhere. This, is.not pot bi lh |?ghdy, ai
those who have '???.!.'? I us we'd know: and others have
but to buj Uj Ue ronvii ?>? ? One of tlie' flrni make% it his
husine-s attend the auction sales dailj by t nidi arrange
ment tbey nre enabled in avail themselves of ninny great
l argalhi all of which they w II .'-;| al a -ma I advance from
'i ti- y ij.o.e a :.t: ???.;-?<'! tnieni of'Pin I ?tau 'hit Vel?
vets add \ elvet Hat - blwiw; > which ihe; vould jiariicu
lurly Invite alien torn, chain * ti a I Way i Sod a foil as
'orimentot'plain Tal ii und Satin Rib!.from No Im
! j . t tOW pj ICl ti. 1120 Willis
TT?jsZi u i i \mJ\ i Ci ctcaps
\^/?A great vai . ; I imter* adapted
to iuiauis, children I bovs of a I ages Abo. ladies
li::in. Cap-oi very beauiifu patterns, aid gentlemen'?
Spotliotf andDrtss' '1 o ? sobsci ? " Sailers u.in?ei
he ;? is the I irgest in I o* -: assortme ?I of < in* in the city
and a farther rrcOioniriula? n t., tli? es.l eme moderate
prices at which the areviemleil Wliole nUt andretntlat
WATSON'S'; I?4 Chai i .street, and
... .00 Bowery.
lk A 7A'i'Cf f KU AN L> ./ rTwT: Li'Y re
- of
. V.
- . ii
V> 'FlO.'V -Dr. ' . KE*S I <- NO SYRUP of
WILD CHERRY invi.hie remedy for ah du?-a*es
Indieativ** ol Pulm aar . AffectiortA, tach a.4 recent chronic
coagti*, ImarseneM, wheopirig-eough, wheeling and ?lifB
c :liy ui hreothln.'i croup and spitung of blootL.lcc. Thia
>\ ra-> liffmediatel> b. gr s to neal the ulrer tietl lung's, -lop
pfng prnfose night swei Imitigating du* ??? ?? ; '?nugn,
a id s.'. the ?.nne time ii during a i.. a thy an i n uurai expee?
lo.'a'.io.i; also relieving ibe shortness ol br. att? and pain in
iti'- cb?--\ wbidi harass tint ?uflVreron the slightest exercise,
and rhiailv the hectic riu-h in the ; Hid and emaciausil
cheek will *oon van: H, at d ihe loiterer ??. II percaive him
Mdfsnatcbi d iW.tci a pre .^luri. xr-.t- ? a. a iot?xrtui mtb*aa?
joyraeotofeomfortohl fiealth. Km saieoaij ast) . W. H.
MilrtoT'i Drut' Store, IP2 Broadway; cor Jid.? ?L sl2 lmia*
TO LET?Apartments suitable for
,a small familj In Wooster streetuear Prince sL Ap.
nt lfl Howard st._?20 St
FOR WALK?A fine El?nT?i fM
acres, >k us' ?-, I, irng out hou-^-s and fences in good
J. rt is on the Cbrmngo Hiverand < ana . Apply to
?20 t? SMITH L NICHOLSON. 85 Litwrty^L
KOR SALI-:?A fine Farm of <J0
.acres at Oyster Bay, or will exchange for productive
ui. v proderty. Applr :o
-2f: 2!" Sit ITH t NXIOLSON. r.T, \. herty sL
TO LET, [?an of a dcw three ftory
_ briek house con.isiirig of parlor, two bedroom*,
iTatne.i an<l cellar, pleasantly lltuaterl on :he west sideot
the cr.y near three hoe* of nage?; will be let low to a jfood
t*?rvant. Appiy at 146 Pearl itreet._?20 Iw*
?ATO LET?and possesaion given im
?jL m?HllatHy?The three-tory modern finished Dwell
.\o.23 Pearl-?treeL anjoiningihe retid*weol Mr. Goed
i:oe. on the corner of Whitehall-street. [?.. .. .?? of
1,19 Iw_T. 8. POREML S, 30 Waternc _
, -Sitaated on ihe Heighu, No. 81 Iii? ka street. It
- a kOMvenient two story dwelling, ai'd w II be let low nil
J?t of .V4av. p.,ves^,,,(. immediaiely. Inqiare on tfa eprem
Ues. prof' .1. WINCH ESTER. 3? Ann w. se \A?
a150 and 100 Acre Farm with small
improvements ou each Price $3 if.e acre. Apply to
gl g- SMITH k NICHOLSON 85 UbeiiyVt.
4UUU acres Illinois Lands andTiKHH)
_.acres Michigan Lands from $1 lo $5 the acre. For
ru-.LMt Iw. apply to
?20 2t? SMITH fc NICHOLSON, 85 Libeity-af.
LAND?2(KK) acres aFfrolTlna
_acre, near the Delaware River, Peai?ylv?oia. For
bmp*, -lia^iauis. <Vc . avpiv to
>20 2:?_SMITH k N'CHr?L?OV.aSL-hrrty-A
UK if LUSHING, with toe redoeed price*. rw?y b* ofMaicaxl
gratis of 'f. N. CAMPBELL, No 2> Fiae-aireeu next door
t?> t:.- Cj.ii: m House, or ai 70 Navao s r. Order* left at
either raace or sent per mail will meet prompt attention.
s2C 2l*

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