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J-or : lie Tf'.?uw.
BV IxSGOVT* tt S>rOPC-ftA I.
rjni. r,r?></ cf Huenn ws bt?to-j-ed u;-o-i TytAo Brake, bv
Fr^Lrxck K?>X ?/ /*??-"*? for tu purpose of atntting
[?TZhlt UtrJon.nl ObttrVOtWU. On the dtcdh oj
Frederic* h-s Pentiont wert 'lopped ai.<! he not driven fort,
the/stand by the Mmuter, Walchendorp.
O Tyxavnv: thOO wct from eldest time
The cur** !'>'?? lair WnrW ! From oat the blood
Of y.mxi 's :'r-t murdered, oul and red with crim",
Tboa <lid?t arise; and like a Titan stood
Armed vr :.'. the crashing thunder-! Down thestream
?jf rolling J ears?bc*rne on a gory :!o d
Thon cfiiu'yi, and 'm d the bleeding World did gleam
Tiie lightoi rg ot thy blade' But not alone
Thoalovest Dead* and Contlic, and the scream
Cf agonize I Nature, ami the groan
Of the chained Captive, out upon the soul
Thou lay't an iron Jaad, to grasp tbe throne
Of Heaven-bora Reason! Bin "?<>n<;<; r";i
The spurning wave* upon the Dan sh Kmg
la mockery of Mao, from thy control
Leaps up the inborn spirit, as with wing
Of tbe irrrongWgte! Thon b>i fought and bled,
And on th- Barth groaned straggling: Vet shall ring
The clarion of tbj coi tj jeror, and thy bed
In dun amid tbv satellites be mad*
Thetriumj'h ?i tbe World! and o'er thy bead
Shall Freed?>m wate his beaverede?reiided M.?d-!
High on hi* t ,wer tbe old man stood, and gazed
Upon tlie nlazu j: world- of love ar d light;
And 'mid tbernahns ol untracked ether raised,
His soul, e'en as a hark, in calm delight,
Born? by a fresh wind o'er the pathless sea,
Roamed through the upper air! The silent night
Iu thai lone isle came as a witchery
On that old man. who, though no human tongue
Breamed in bis ear, beid raptured converse free
VI Ith the eternal glorious, airy throng
Of spirits winged from the abyss of Time;
The futme millions, who in rapture long
Should bail that name, writ in thestarry clime.
Upon the blazing orie? of JI?-uven ! He gszed,
And immortality on wings sublime
Flew !i!;~ a serapb from the >ky, and blazed
E'en as a crown upon him ! Oh his throne,
On high llranibarg*?o'erJdogs upraised,
He saw and rule'l; yet, like a R?vl, alone!
He turned ami ?aii d apoo Iiis chosen isle,
Peopled tor him with images of love,
For others hut a desert! With a smite
Glowing through tears, his failing vision it-o'.e
To catch familiar objects, but in vain!
He to rued :?the dancing billows gently move
His old limbs from the ?bore; but in the main,
Beneath him and around him, came the sky
Lit with it> thousand sta's, am!, as to gain
Once more ids vision, danced beneath his eye
Upon the curling waves! Here do-t thou war
Oa noble and the jo*!, 0 Tyranny !
And, with a trend directed soul, dost rnar
What Heaven approve,; Thou,struggling in the breast
Of a worm's viormt didst madly throw afar
Thy thunderbolts, and vainly seek to wrest
Fame from the brow of Lov- < Kut, as a snake,
Whose fangs, within the trembling victim presstd,
Cling to the wound, until they feebly break,
He leapt his tiny length! And side by side
The old man and his humbled Tyrant wake
Tbe cheers and scorn of men! Tbe one alh? d
l.'nlo their souls, sleepeth in Honoi's grave;
The oilier, curst by -corninj' millions, died,
To thee. O Tyrannv. a fawning slave!
- IL? Ob*ervaio< y
1 The Minist' r Walchendorp
Norwich, y. 1.
Patent Manure.?Mr. John Gonliart, of Bla
?lensburg, Mil . has invented a modi: of manufac?
turing manure, without the aid of cattle, which
promises to bo of much advantage to farmers.?
The different materials from which manure may be
made are, uli plants having blades or stalks, straw
from every black grain, roots, sea grass, turf, and
every thing belonging to the vegetable kingdom,
green ?r dry, asnls<; a great many otlier thing* ly?
ing about farms which are often allowed to gu to
wastr. Twenty-five days are required to produce
any quantity. [Baltimore Sun.
LARGE YtELD.?Our fellow-citizen, Mr. Robert
Oliver, has raised from two acres of ground, one
hundred and forty-seven and a half bushels of oats
of good quality, or almost seventy-five bushels t<,
the acre. This shows what eon be done by proper
cultivation, and should serve as an incentive to our
farmers generally. [ Watertown Jeffersonian.
Wabash *.no Erie Canal.?We learn that the
?water was finally let in down as far ns the foot of
Flat Rock, mi one day of last week. Thin will
lessen the distance of the portage to about 40 rods
?tho canal boats being enabled to ascend the
river from Providence up to the termination
of the canal transportation from the west, and
tho portage now heing only across from the river
to the canal. [Toledo Register.
Railroad Accident.?On Saturday last, as a
train of burthen cars was passing between Har?
per's Kerry and Hancock, the locomotive rame in
contact with a wagon, which threw the engine off
the track ; the tender and foremost ear were bro?
ken to pieces; the wagon a good deal broken, a
horse killed, and the driver severely hurt. The
engineer sprang from the engine and escaped with?
out injury.
rj3P M. John M. fiend rick, of Springfield, has
brought to ?Iiis, city over the Western Railroad,
during the past week, twenty-eight tons of water?
melons, raised by himself in that town, a quantity
more thin) sufficient to supply the whole of Boston
market. He cultivated for this purpose a few
acres of land before deemed nearly worthless, th -
soil being sandy and unfit scarcely for raising unv
thing upon. [Boston Mail.
The Joncsborough (Tenn.) Whig gives a
long account of an assault committed upon its
editor, (Rev. W. G. Brownlow,) on a Sabbath
day, at a camp-meeting, by Col. Favette McMul
len, of the Virginia Senate, and two of his broth?
ers, with cluhs.
KT* The Milledgeville (Cia.) Recordor says".
" Goods have, we are informed, been received in
this place within the past week from N. York, by
way of Savannah ami the Central Railroad, in 12
days. A considerable improvement this over the
time heretofoie ordinarily required."
(comri.i: t: in ONE VOLUME,)
clttsively to the advocacy and illustration of Pro
tkction to HoMC Industry.
The Amc-kican Labores is designed to present,In a com?
pact, cheap, readable form, and in a familiar and practical
manner, the most direct and convincing facts and argu?
ments in support and enforcement of ibe policy of Protect?
ing the Industry Of our own People as a measure not mere?
ly ol political wisdom but of indispensable necessity. To
this end it wi? embody tbe very' ablest Speeches, Urports,
Statistics and ?ther Documents sustaining tbe Cause of Pro?
tection, with briefer extracts from those of ievs cogency or
greller length, and a variety of Editorials, exhibiting the
state and progress of the Cause.
Among the contents of the six numbers already published
will be found tbe Proceedings and K*.roKTs or ins Home
Industry Convention, held in New-York, April b, 6, 7,
8, 1SK', including Reports On Agriculture, by Hon. Har
mar Denny of Pa.; on Iron by D. O. Kellogg of Troy; on
Manukactukesor Iron, by Phdip Ripiey of Conn.; on
Wool and Wo..lkns, by Hon. Henky Shaw of Masai; on
Coal, by J. C Fisher pi Va. and on Cottons, Fisheries,
Pint, Buttons, CombS; Brushes, and all other branches of
Domestic lmtukiry, w tbe Statistics of each and ibe rea?
son* for Protecting them a;aiust depressing loreigu rival?
ry. Also Reports on tbe Currency oy G. Bacon ; on Pro?
tection Oe-erally. by C. C. Haven; on the Preamble to a
Tanrl. by Jo?cph Bliiru, and on tbe Pnucipleot Protection,
by HLGreeley : tt?e v. bole forming a full chain ofargumeut
and taci m taioc of Protection, oovering about K>0 pages,?
The nmnbersot The Laborer atrvady published have also
eooUlned tb<- Spe.-ches of Hon. William Slade ot Vb
.embodying the aCginnents of Preetdetrts Washington,
Jsr-ri Ks.-v. Haoikln, Monkoe, J. Q. A?AMSand Andrew
Jackson in lavoroi Protection. Also me Speech of Hon.
Jabez w LCNTtMGTON. t CL in geBetal advocacv of Pro
leciKtii. Also, t'jeOfficud tett'tmooiajs of Goveruors' Gkokce
Clinton. 1). D. I ostrxiNs, De Witt Clinton I C.
Tates K T. Ttaoor; Wiuliam L. M?rcy in favor of Pro?
tection. Also, a Hi.-ioky ?t PROTicTtviN and Non-Pro
tectiov, writt?ler The Laborer by an ex-Secretary of
the Navy, skc. &c Al?\ the bpeecbw m Hon. a. 11. H.
Stuart,ol Vn-^mia and Hon. c. Hudson, *! Massachu?
setts, on the subject ?' American Protection aud tbe Taritl'
The Avvirican Labouer is publish. <t m, itn- tst ofeverv
month on a mammoth sheet ot Oonble-Cvdunin pages
and aBorded to *ub?crd>ers at the low price of Scventy-Tii*
Cents for the volume, three copies tor $C. nine copies tor
$5, or twenty copies tor $10. It will be oomph ie,: lllaua.
gle volume. The back ?uraber? promptly supplied. Orders.
?m>dw?iug cavh will be pronoe'v oi>eves;l bv
Ntm-York, jMpUt,im
the Locomotive ?od Bf?pn C v rt P;~-? for Card
pr rnV - also torevery descriptionof JobTriottrrg. Phe
-mh! p/^ Pr--. ib? soperior Rust rrw; also, toe crle
u?Z| Prt-^bv Emery, Lob* o.the onfv "nc now in rt.-.s
r mrtrv-which presses, f r speed, beauty and ex< cat enol
?!? ,rv Lnoi be surpassed in the city. The locatwn of this
7Sen<he e*tabU*bo??nt is at llS Jolic rtreeuSd^ ftotu
rv'srl where: orders for Priming-are* x-rutej latbeshortest
?oi;^ ?od in a si-. I- rcmd t" rot ihtn? yet pr*dnced, by
nol-cr' ' FOLG ER t SUTTON, Printers,
v. R. Look wll r.-r No. t'5 John st.neur pearl. ?d!> lm_
BKiTAJN'NlA WARB.?Tea s< ts, Tea
an? Coflee Gms, Castors; SjWOT?, Dish covers, Com
munion Tankards, Cops, Plates. Baptimal Bowls. Mnsic
t ??<-.. Coffin Plat* -, Ac. manufactured by Leonard; Reed
Barton Taonton Mass froniithelrrenaed -rolled metal,
for <*l? by their agents, MITCHELL A W ITKEn ELL,
?19 ' 91 John st.
A. complete assortment *f these cctebratefl rimvejs
U?T'i cm-tanilv for .a!*-.:,t ;!,<? manufacturers prices by
fcjg Ml T CHELL & WITHEKKLL. i't John st.
C HOVEL HANDLES?10?U Pen, l> ai d
O lo;'/-hovei haodlts formale at mannfa raw* r*ic*sj
b^heira?-cnts, MITCHELL & W1THBRKLL.
\i;t " 94 Johtvsr.
7^111 n a, < i la s s7X*nrmiff n EN
\ / WARE IO'v> Bowery,between Grand and Hester
?reeU>-f ?"lisb BritanniaTea'Sets, Plat i Castors, Ste?
rbe above goods include i?? am^ splendid patierns rom
the be t manuicturers in Emgland, just imported by the
5i;i.-fT i.. r-. a-.-! :?r tal<-at very i'-.w prices.
sla in, _>i. .v .t. mv,i:i:itt. ion ft
1}}ii\TA <;LASS, &c?Ne\n ?hapes
and Pattern's ? Justopened a toll assonhv-nl of v are
r.f die splemlIi) Messina rafern^-Vearl, White Granite, 4c
equal in ahish to any ever offered in this I i?v. g?3
I'LL I ? * ??? *1 K.
.37 eedlwis* 17 Calbnrine ft. near Cbatlra.-'' Square.
/??IT TACKS, aborted frotisii !-:' ?<>:M
ots. far.sale by MITCHELL V Wi'1 BERELL,
tia 94 Jobn-st.
j ^ n2 Bromlway, corner of John street, up stairs
J. SHANKS, M. D., Oculist, and Profe>*or ol Opilralroic
Anat'inv and Ser/ery, a--es of the Eye and Kar. and
Imperfections of Vision. Office boors from 9 to 5,. daily.
B. Recentcases of ii flammatio,?of the eyes cored by
a single appliesil on bl n:; appropriate charac er, and iho?e
of konzer standing in pn>pooinn. .
The poor who apply for gratuitous advice most attend
only between ft and I" A. M._si lmeod* ^
JL TUE WORLD!!-CONANT, 280 Grand street has
now on band,of ilie latos] spring fashion, an excellent as
s'lrtuwtit of Silk Hats at "Jj 25, Sii .50 and $3?a reduction of
50:CBsitson each hat fr??m forme- prices. Also asuperior
article ol Fur H it, foi ?4, equal to any sold in the citv for
$f 5f! in I $5. The public are respectfully invited :o cad. A
^<k.d assortment ofBov's lints and Cap. on hand.
au2i 2meodTTh4tS CON ANT, 280 < ?rand-?L near Allan.
.iL SAPAHJLLA, prepared by Or. Otto Rotton, has
proved itself a very ^valoakle specific in cases of Scrofula,
Salt Rheum and cotaneoos diseases generally,'particu trly
those arising from impurity ol the blood. The Syrup pre?
pared from the Extract is also far superior to any other
Syrup of Sarsapai ilia ev? r before prepared. Both may be
ob ai^ed of Wm. 11. Milnor, 192 Broadway, corner Joho?t.;
T. ft. De Foresti 42 Greenwich, corner ol MorristSb ; W.
>L Thunnan, corner Cmial and Varick-sts.; J. i; J. Cod
dington, corner Springand Ucdson-ftts.; A. McLeod,S09
Hudson st; D. A. Rosenmiller,Sil Bleecker, cor. Christo?
pher; J. W. Bassett, 644 Broadway, and ol
P. BOWNE 4i. CO. Wholesale Druggists, 83 John-st.
jy9 3m2taw Airent.. for Os^'cod's India Ctiol.i.'or'ue
Water Commissionkh'.-? nrvicr., )
old Alms-House, Juiy 8, I3i2 5
NOTICE is hereby ?;iven, that the Cro
ton Aoue.luct Committee of the Corporation have
requested lite Water Coiiimissioners, for Ibe present, to
real ike Crolon Water, ana arrange for making ibe neces?
sary connexions to supply the citizens ot New Vork with
TJie following are the rates at which the water is at pres.
eul furnisfied:
Annual Charges.
Dwellings of two stories.$1" 00
" more than two stories. 12 00
" on the rear of lots. 5 00
?' with workshops or store. 12to20
Privilege of washing pavements.2 00
" hath, (where there are fixtures,). 5 00
Warehouse. 15 00
Boarding house. 1" i"20
Stable, private per stall. 5 ill
livery " . 2 00
Payment tw'he made in advance tor the supply trom Au?
gust 1 to May 1, next?subseqm otly semi-annually.
Large boarding houses, stables, breweries,tanneries, pub?
lic baths, packing or sali ne; bouses, and all other consu?
mers, shipping, ?c. will be charged la proportion to the
ouantity of water used, on agreement with tne commission?
Office hours from 9 o'clock A. M. until 4 P. M. in the old
Alois-House. Entrance by centre door.
jylltf Water Commissioners.
Crolon W ater.
TO ENGINEERS, Manufacturers and
others.?Welded wrought Iron Tubes, !or Steam. Wa?
ter, Oas,iic. from 4 to 3 inches diameter and in lengths
from 4 inrlies lo 12 feet, capable of sustaining an internal
pressure ot from |,000;to IO.ikhi iv,s per square nch?toge?
ther with fittings of every description, sucn as E bows, T'S,
Reducing Sockets, (Jocks, JtC, to which the Tubes are
joined by Screws, and by means of which they r. ny be jmt
together with ibe ^reatrst facility by any ordinary workman.
The greai strength and durability of these tubes ^s com?
pared with Copper or other material and their economy
render them superior to all others lor any of the purposes
above mentioned. For sale by
jy23 tf WALWORTH St NASON. 3fi Ann-st.
CR?TON~\V\\f fcH^?The undersifenetl
make use of the tinned and lead pipe for the above
purpose, which they insert by the patent screw without
opening the ground Tbey having reduced .. eir prices,
would solicit all persensintending to take the water to ejve
them a cull. CHAMBERS Jc WILLIAMS, Plumbers,
corner of Spruce and William sis.
N. B.? Bath Tubs, Shower Baths, Water Closets, Ac.
fitted up in the ni ist improved manner: and all carpenter's
work appertaining to the business supplied to the trade.
sH lw?
ROTONJVVATER.?Miller & Coatee,
Plumbers, IIB.Grand street; 2 doors east <>i Broad?
way; furnish Tinned, Lead, Composition and Iron Pipes?
Pumps,;Hydrants, Fountains, Bath.Tabs, Ac. and every
article connected with the use ol Crolon Water in Dwel?
lings, .Warehouses, and Manufactories. Orders for the in?
troduction of water promptly executed. si3 lm*
This newly invented Stove is upon the Air-Tight Princi?
ple and .lands unrivalled lor its beauty, safety and lenipera
turcofheat produced. It is simple incotisuuciiou, andmay
be used with or without an oven, which is admirably adapt;
ed to a!! the purpose-of baking. Forihe sick room tli s
stove is superior to all oth< r wood stoves, and is recommend?
ed to the public with great confidence by me proprietor in
this city. A few testimonials are.given halo w by those who
have used them during the last w inter. The public are
invited lo call and pxamtne this stove at my store, where
they are manufactured aod to sale.
.1 AM KS B. P. DEAN, 210 Water sU
From J. 11. Linsley, DD. President arietta College, Ohio.
Marietta Coluece,Ohio, January 27, ir.42.
Mr. Zepheoiah Boswortli- Sir? I have in use one ol your
improved air-uaht Stoves. There are, 1 believe, several
varieties of this kind ol stove in use in the country. It i
not necessary thai I should campare yours w ith others. I
will only say ihatl prefer yours n> any other which I have
seen In operation, and iiideed loaoy close stove wbieb I
haveeoer s< en. The following are among its excellencies :
I. Il throws out a great amoant of heat. 2 It consumes
R very small quanlitv of fuel in proportion to the space
warmed. 3. The control of the door and the damper over
the draught is so entire, that you tnav graduate ibe leinper
titureof toe roomi as you please If the stove be properly
managed, the a:r is never scorched, and no water isrequir
ed mi the stove. 4. It is aumirauly adapted totbesirk room
where a steady tire a.id even temperature is required. 5.
The process ofcdhsaniing the fuel used, is so slow ibat your
rtxun is kept moderate! v warni by a good sir.ed stick of solid
; dry wood, from ? to 10 hours. Hei.ce its superio ny a? a
! sick i(K.?m stove, or for ollices win re you have frequent oc
I casion io Lave your fire unrenewtd, for a considerable
time. 6. The safety ot ii e stove i. perfect. 1 ought, p-t
baps to aild. thai ibe large sizes, though more cosily at tir?t.
ar?' ibe most economical, and exhibit the n?-< ui ar t-xc lien,
leuci? s ol the stove to the b- ?t advantage liecause with them
your room is warmed w hile the draught is kept at die low.
esi jKuat. Vonns,fee " J. H. LINSLEY.
From Rrv Th mas Wiekes.
Having n<eil ibe Air-Tight Stove ol Mr Bos worth during
the past winter, 1 can cordially co*cur in tlie ab-ave recom?
mendation of it by Dr. Llesley.
P.tstnr of the Congregational Church of
^(;-* _Marietta. Ohio.
CALS.?Warranted Poisons for Flies Masquetoes,
C ckreaches. Bedbugs, Rats. Ants and all sp-cies of Vermin
infestine booses. Aivn. Fly Paper, Travelers' Comfort, Sea
Prot? Ct KM!. &C.
LE riCH KS?Imported largest ^wedLMi Leeches.
CHEMICALS?Such as Lunar Caustic Copaiva. Cap
sales. Acr's. lx>ew?H>d Bxtraet, and Dvers's Materials, Spir?
it* of Hartsborne and Nitre, Ether, Chloride of Loda. lcliue,
Ac: Dasuerreoiype Chemicals and De lists'Materials, Pal?
ladium Crmeni. Ssc. Korsale bv
nu29 Im LF.U IS FKl'CflTWANGER. 1 Wall >t.
|_| ULL'S TRUSSES.?Notice m RtTrT
.L-Il tureti Persons.?Persons afflicted with ruptures may
rely upon the liest instramenul. aid the world aJords, oo
applicalioo at the orBce, No. 4 Vesey^street, or to either o'
Ibe aceuts in tlie prii cipa! towns in the United States. Be
caretul to exaodne the ha k pad of Hull's trusses, to see it
they are endorsed by Dr. Hull in writing: None are ?enu
iue.or to be relied ut?m as tcotvi. without bis signature.
Many persons have undertaken to vend imitations ol
5Ia:.'s celebrated irusses.and thoasands are imposed upon in
eposeque^ee. These imitations cannot be relied upon: \b*y
? are made by unskilful mechanics, nud are so better than
' the oulmaey truss s.
Royoxs have been fitted c]> at No. 4 Ve^ey-street, exclu
| sively fM ladies, ha vine a s-paraie entrance from the busi.
ties, department, where a femaleUtn constant attendance
; to ^sait up in female patients. aa201m
LTSCO VIT?S DR (> PS?Warranted
water, forms an elegant wish for Hie ?rum? and teeth. For
sale by. A. B. TRIPLER, Druggist,
cornc-ro: Fulton ami Water-streets.
Also by GEORGE CHILTON. Chemist
aa26 Im* No. 80J Conai-str-eet.
NITED STATES Tea Emporium,
121, late 129 Chatham street, New-York, *h ???>
.....i retail ?The CaatonTea Company enntinoe lootrer .'or
?a!-- new and fraeiar.t Teas*i every variety a:..: c
Tbew assortment -p*ctat v inclnde* the roost del .?????a
;.->?*? r:ui -ad. -..: Or, f., ??,. '. ii.a. k. Ev.-ry pack-:.-.- :-..r
tii- stamp of neatness and elegance, an-i the I eas tlieretn
are so thoroughly ?-cur- from light andatr that titcu-qaat
i-.v vulrrm-f will r.paired in ar-y climat-. i i-rT
n of prosecaliBg hmanessj* perhaps iscarcely to be ex
r d Itfounded cp??? tlie ut?..o-t r- gnrd m f. - r.-'hts
of the castomer, rspeciallv with respect weight and
quality.and unrivalled cii-api^v All pwebasers are called
:?*).?).'. to retarn any ar.ici.-s which faj! to give them Ii - teil?
est sal -factr.n. when the money will becheertally anil
promptly refunded Country merchants, public erfabbsb
ment, beads ol families, asd tnip-ma u r-. srill nndd ?" wt*
ded advantageto *i;pp:y themselves fromthrs estabiisi .. ent.
Coffee rf>a-:ed e-..-rv <'.-???:.
Orders from all parts of the Toiled stales executed w,tn
promptiiode arKljdespaich. . .
ST* Tue only warehouse in America for tr.s sale o? Hou
qsa's celebrated Blaek Tea._ang2oim
QI'CVEil~W?KEWm. Tiiorasou, .No.
lJi Wj-Panwreet. continue* to rrwBofai tare S Iyer
Ware 0( the i>es: demerit mm and <-: thfc latest pat - ?
Presentation Vases, Piinuer . Waru rs, I ?- i ai : 1 ee ser?
vices. Cake and Fruit B and Chi] iren's ilug?. r culy
chased and appropriately designed. -
Ai-i. !)? ? . r sit Knives,and Forks, ilverhla ? f
Prize Medals ol various patterns, suited for prizeioi Flo
rienitnrai. Horticoitnral and Agrictiltor LSocifn
tinier- bv h tteipunctually attended to.
The whole of these articles are manufactured on the pre
misei ofsterisdg -iiv? r. an - no car- or ?xpense s-.-; .;.-e:::e
the beauty o: the workmanship.
N.B. Drawings and estimates of articles forpresenta: <?-.,
will be furnished in answer to an application. jy?5 Sin
\\l ATE it !'<?U Ell TO LET?-Fr?fn
If V o-.-e io futy horse power, to let, at West Farms
Saw Mill. 11 mn<rstrofNthe city. It is accessible by wa?
ter, and has plenty ofwater ii be dry est sea-on. Inquire
at the Mill or of JOHN COPCUfT, 51? Washington
tre.'t. ' *'
A SPECIFIC mach needed?-Thefollow
_t\_ in<_' is true?AgenUemso fromCl ariesion came I this
<:;'.. a few davs sincesutTering terribly by tormentingCorns.
A wbolefiale dealer at 113 .Maiden Lane advisi tl r to try
Sir Astley Cooper's Com Salve, mentioning that he bad
been cured. The gentleman used it, nad found it a soei dy
cure. He immediately erdend ten dozen boxes booth,
and pa:d the cast! lor them, Dr. Sherwood, 3.'5 \'.: oad
way, says this salve is a spi <-itic for com.-. Dr. Flemii - ? ol
Newark; declare- it a certain cure for ens. Fanny
El Is er l'<un<i it aipeedv cure, as may be learned by exi?
ling on .Mr. Brsok-s 138 Fulton street. New York. Profes
Rnr" Elwowl, contrihator to the Saturday Evening Post,
Philadelphia, certifies that he Used this salve J year- Mt.ce,
and bad nbt'heen in<the least troubled since. Uandreds of
'? must re*fx--:iit>ie !a<lies and gentlemen da-.-- testlAtd to
its virtue. A few ot the many certificates given are h-re
Havingsuffered severely from my corns. 1 ban them ex,
ir.icted 1 few Werks since by ? cel.hnd-.i Ci rn D fetor,
sud never were they more painful lhan for tbreeweeks
following thai operation, when I was induced to try Coop
er's Com Salve, which Im, removed all pain a- well as al
uMjearancc of Con,?. I would recomh end its use.
11 \\ ;.t. C. LK WON, No. 2 Wall s
We, the uadersigned, baviag been sorely;afflicted with
Corns, were induced to inakr Us! of Sir Astley Cooper's
Corn Salve,.wbicb has efiected a perfect cure in a very
short time:
II. H. SHERWOOD, M. D ,325 Broadway.
ALFRED SMITH, 96 Broad way.
R. HAWKINS. ! 15 Broadway.
Mrs. W. s. WHITING; 435j Broadway.
Mrs. A. FISK, 304 Bowery.
Mrs. HANNAH 'I LTCK,215 >'? eeker-st.
idrs. HAYES, l.or. Fulto< -si. Brooklyn.
G. C. MERRILL 182 Greenwich-st.
ANDREW EN OX, 204 Canal-st N. C.
Niath A\e:me, corner 2lst-:-t. New York.
J. P. CALLEND Eft, Bookseller, 127 Nassau.
PETER P. GOOD, 113 Fulton-st N. Y.
J. S. PL'.'PT. 36 Park Row.
2*50 Pearl si. under II. S. Hotel, nr ? Dover-st. N. V.
H. JOHNSON, ?. S. Hotel, N. Y.
Tltis Salve i< sold and warranted Sands's ~ C -..?">
Broadway; Milhau's Drug Store, 1"3 Broadway; at No.
7Greenwich Laie: Mr-. Harper's, Bowery; .Mrs Hayes,
139 Fulton street. Brooklyn, and tin- ptincipal Drug Su i -
tbrougboul ihe country.
Principal Depot in New Y?r!;, Clinton Hall, 135Nassau
Boston, No. 2 Water -treet, where this S live may be had
wbolesale and retail. st5 tf
If. iLl.h.Wi Iriil.sitni of lioarhouiul
Liverwort and Pleurisy Root?For Consumption and
Liver Complaint. Colds, Coughs, Spilling of Blood, Ca
urrb, Asthma, DiftTculty t,i Breathing, Pai:i i- the ?ide,
Palpitation of the Heart. Oppression and Sore?esh oi the
Chest, Pleurisy, Hectic F< yer, Night Sweats, Dniiculi and
Profuse Expectoration, and nil Affections of the Chest,
Langs and L:ver.
It has long been a desideratum among medical men, lo
discover some remedy that would arrest the ravages ol that
formidable disease, Consumption.
The Hoarbound, Liverwort and Plenrsy Knot, have for
centuries been celebrated in the cure of diseases ol the
L?ne- and Live r.
Consumption and Bah Cough?This is to certify thai
one bottle of Dr. Allen's Balsam of Hoarhound, Liverwort
and Pleurisy Root bus cured mem" a severe cough, after
having ined many ?ther i< medies without the le.ist benefit.
JAMES BACKMAN, No. i35 James st.
Rev. Dr. John Scott states llial he has made u?e o' Dr.
Allen'? Balsam of Hoarbound; Liverwortana Pleurisy Root
himself, th>l many of his Church have also used it, some of
them apparently iri the 'asi stages of consumpt'on, with tlie
most asionishing eflecL He feels in duty bound to make
this public statement,and bop s thai all clergymen in vis
iling ihose laboring under consumption, will advise ihera 16"
try Dr. Alieu's Balsam. REV. DR. J'lIlN SCOTT,
Attend to Your Couch?Although Dr. Allen's Balsam
is a Sovereign cure for consumption still u is very danger?
ous to let your roi ghs run on without Dr. Allen's Balsam
rtl Hoarhound, Liverwort and Pleurisy Root. It is no uu
common thing for i? rsons to break a blood vi ssel in the act
of coughing, and die in 15 minute?that we have seen. If
you have a cough,, dear "reader, go ibis day and i?t this
Balsam?a few doses of il will cure y u; lo-morrowmny be
loo late. Sold by WM. A. TYLER, wholesale Ageat. 88
Barclay street, and F. M. Guion,cornei B?weryand Grand
streets. s!2 1m
[FE ! LIFE ! LIFE !?" All that a
A man hath will he give for h's life."?so we find it re?
corded in ihe most ancient and best <>i hook', but when we
s? e thousands ?Iving nil around us, with Consumption,
Croup. Counh. Astl ma, Bronchitis, Spilling Blood, and
other Pulmonary Affections, we are led lo doub* the ci >. r< cl
ness oi ihe above assertion, especially sn c- it is so well
known diol a certain remedy may he obtained which al?
ways arrests those disra^
lilt. JAYNE'S EXPECTOBANT never fails in give re?
lief and always cures alter every other means have failed.
This can lie, and Ins been prove n in thousands of instances,
where ii has effected radical cares aftei tbe palicnthad beeH
given up by his friend- and physicians. This valuai le Ex
neciorant is prepared only by DR. JAY N E, No. 20 SOUTH
'J ItlJtO Mim, i'li.i lueipllia.
Sold ;o wholesale und retail by the Agents, A. B. i D
Sands, Druggists, No.70 Fulton s. con.er <>i <;..let >t., and
100 Fait, nsu?also,sold b Da. id Sandsii Co. No. 77 East
Broadway, c rner of Market st; Abraham B. Sands & Co.
Ne. 27J Broadway,(Granite buildings) corneroI Chamber
street._ _s!5 Iru
np.\ KI YV : Or Kates uf Dn;i'j> pji\ahie
I. im Goo Is, War. s and Merchandize imi ? t-d into the
United Stave, of America, on and alter the 30ih tlay of Au
ru-t, W2, in conformity w iih the Ai i provided Amjust 30,
l s i j By E D. Ogden, Entry Clerk, Custom House, Port
wl New York. Price 75 cents. For sale ? by
sl7 2n5 Bro.idway.
*J cures Asthma?two or thrae large <losesrwill enre tbe
croup or hives ol children in iro.u 15 minutes to one Ik.ui's
time. It immediately subdu s the violence ol whooping j
cough, and effects a speedy care. Hundreds who have been
?riven up i>y tseir physicians as incurable, w ith consumption,
spitting ol blood and other pulmonary affections, have been
restored in perfect health by it. Ii never rails togive rei.ef
Sold at wholesale and retail by the agents a B. .V D.
Sands, druggists, vo 79 Fulton corner of Gold streetf and
100 Fulton street; au... sold by Abraham B. Sands hi Co
No 273 Broadway (Wrawite Building) corner of Chambers
street; Daviu Sands i; Co. No. 77 Fast Broadway, comer i
Market street. slo Im
IT IS A iVl \TTER of do small considera?
tion lofind a medicine (at this season of the year) w Inch,
ii admuiisiered in season, will prove an effectual remedy
the summer complaint of child ten. and ol 'iarrbcea, dyse
iery. choir-ra morl.Gs, ic. oi adults. The BLACKBERRY
PANACEA is a medicine oi t?is descriptiwo, baviugibren
tried in a number of cases w in, complete success.. The
blackberry has long been held in high estimation as a valua?
ble auxiliary in the treatment of the above complaints and
this, combined with oilier well known vegetable agents in
the form of the above Panacea, constit Utes al I that's requisite
lor a speedy and permanent cur.. Fore sale A. B. TRIP
LKK, Drug^iki. corner Fulton and Water street; also at G.
CH I LTON, SO} Canal street. au23 1m*
ORISON'S Hygeian Medicines.?
NOTICE?Whereas*.v. a. Samanos,of 94 Broad
wayj New-York; is making an improper use of Messrs.
Mcnson k Co.'s appointment for Uic sale of their Medi?
cines. This is, theiefore, to inform the jiublic that Mr.
Snmanss is not authorized tio sell' MORIS* ?N'S PILLS'
in~New-York.a?d tiiat Messrs .Morrisons' on'v Agents in
New-York -r?. Messt s. FIRTH llALL. ol No. I Frank?
lin square, from w hom alone the Medicines can be had gen
Bine. (Signed) MOR1SON t CO.
Dated British College ot Health. N\ w Road, London,
June 16th. 1S42 iv9 If
IMPORTANT NEWS froiiTProviclencc.
?JaTNE's Expectorant Trilmpiiant.'?A Card.?I
itive the public the following f.-.cts, that all interested may
be benefited by it>- operation.
I am sixiv-four years of age: have been for tour years
seriously nffi cted with ihe asthma,have tri-.? several physi?
cian-, and taken many "cet tain' cures of great expense and
without any essential advantage For two year> 1 whs not
able to pass tbe whole of a nigh I in my bed. On consulting
Dr. Wadsworth, of thiscity, about m y cum-, be advised me
to take Dr. Jjyne's Expectorant; This medicine opera?
ted as or told me it would do. I have taken r^rr bottles of
it, and consider myself in a manner cured by it. I can now
lay comfortably all night; am free from iheUghlness bf tl e
(ungK'and -.?e.ikness of the stomach, which so nreadfally
?listressed and reduced me. In short, life had becdmefairiy
bnrderha>me tome?now I enjoy it. though lam rot *n
tirelv free from other infirmit"1- a ???? 'a t ujxin ohl airr.
Providence October 26, I&41.
Prepared and sold by Dr. D Jay:ie, No. :0 South Third
Sold at wholesale and retail bv tbe agents, A. B. i D.
Sands, DruL^'tsts, 7.? Fulton street, corner of Gold street,
an? 100 Fulton stns?t, also sold bv David Sands it Co 77
East Broadway, co-ner of Market street; Abraham B.
Sauds it Co. "J73 Broadway (Grarite Building) corner of
Chambers-street. s!5 im
TL!? valuable. me;-c;r..-1, dailv effecting mnie ofjb
n.o?t astonishing ami wonderful cores thai bayeever l-een
hnnnu. All who kav- used ? for A ?Ii Ota. * ol_1 ?. Spit?
ting nf Blood, Ho-p:ns Coogh; Cfrono nr Hives, Coatsvnp'
Una. Chronic Pleurisy. H ess Pain a- I Sonroe?s
the 8rea?t. bitf.-uhya: Breatfaing,and ? . rn r d ease
'.! the L?iVGS andBRBASl eaaai d ? ? attest to us u-e
? r,.... BRONCHITIS, a ui~-a?e which is annually
swepi.ix thousand* upon thousands to a premature graven
rjodei tie n istaken name o; CONSUMPTION, is always
cur? d by iL
The u-ual symptoms of this dis ase Br b t are
Ccut:h. Sorene?.? o;'ti.t. Lun_'> ' i \, at, Hoarsece*5, Da
Ben ;. ?f Breathing. \.?. ta, if-, Ik -.? - r; a -) :' of
phlegm or. matter, and sometmies blood. His an a.ti
t ? f the wind taiirs or .'er ?r~<- ? wbicl ru S'.roj^h
ery pi ft of tit* Inns? i .?..? Es, ??? : ? ?:. jietv sop
prrs?.es the Consh.P.t a. Inffammari-ss, FevV r and imculry
of Brrathins. arid products a tree and easy expectoration,
and a ra.-e -oon eflect* d
ft a Evaysccres ASTHMA Two or :! - -
will tarethe CROUrjor WVES of children, in from G teen
micmes toan boar's time. It immerfiatelv saudues the ric
lerxi ol HOOP1VG COUGH, and effects? asptt !> core?
Hundreds wh hare beta grce^ no-hjr their : - aas as
a.- arable wish CoNaOiFTto^ hare .-?;?:? tared . ertect
health by iu . ? . .
Prepare *.nd sohl bv Dr. D. JATNE, No. 29 s---j:!: Third
??tre-t. PbiSaaelpirta." Price $ I per bottle, or 3 per. hail
dozen. '
ft !?! .; v hoe: and 1-fcv ' ? A. - D
RandsDrnggists,No.79 Ft, ton eon ?<???. Go ?[??.. sn
160 Po I i st?also. ?? d (e David i. Co. N .. East
No. 275 Broadway, Kirn:.;..- Bad lings) con er at Ch
street_sis 1m
TTS7AR! WAR! WAR i?The Wig
\ f Makers have declared I si Itiesairai - norm . ?
Lor, !)<?. JAYNE. on account of bis H VIR TONH . ? - :h
b knocking all their^hnsirjess iato ". Rocked bar.' Ladles
and Gentlemen; <?! 1 and yoting, are fl ,. . _ . ho D a ir's
standard Heads, long d?vr?ied oi even t! first re Iments
of hair, afi-r u-ing h:? Hair Tonic, sown appear u-:h new
ami fJowins locks, which . . hjmseh :?: ghl I ive en?
vied. Beardless bos s are -; en with !-;rre add baiby whls.
i,er-. and laeies s iitle again throogb their own raven ring
lets, m?rc beaotilol and bewitching than evrr. 15a d bend,,
are rio;rin2 their wigs and throw ing them to the ' mob - an I
while the wig-makers stand aghast as they behold the
mol i "I* ti:1":! bUS:J.
\Vi?i wii! <?- ; . cnn.e-|-.enre o* tii;s war we know rot,
a? the wtgsiejareoctraEeoDsat.il the Doctor rei fi m,
and declares thaLfsche thiDgs;can b? done as ?veJl as ?:
er*>' and thit Bald Heads may as weil ? ear thrn- oo . hair
as the hair ofoUter rjeople. [.Weekly M.:-.-:r.
It may he bad of Dr. JAYNS. No. 2fl Sooth TSiir: street,
Pliil id Iphta.
?oW :it wholesale and retnil by the agents; A. B. It ?>.
SANDS; Drhggists.No. ~l< Fulton str?< t. cbrner of Gold
street, and No. loo Fulton-street Alsosoldhy David Sa:ids
ti Co.. No. 77 Bast Bnu Iwny, comer of Market street ;
Abraham B. S?nds k Co., No. 273 Br?adway, ^G anite
BunUInjr, corner of Chambers street. PHce $1'. " <-! i Im
O 0?LAN E yE J5ALSA M, for Weak
and I> Ranted Eyes.?This Balsam is a prescription nl
one of the most celebrated '.ej'.i.:.. ha. h*e:i,-. long time iii
c-e. ana is confidently recommended to the public as the
bestand rabstsuca:esfn! salve ever u-ed for inflammatory
diseases of the eye. In cases wbcie theeyelidsarer very
much inflamed, or the ball ol the ?yt thickly rovi red with
hlo'xl, it operates almost like magic.and remo res all npp-. r
.-ince of disease after twn <:r three applications.
In Dimness of Sight caused by fixed attention to minute
objects, or by long exposore to a strons light, and hi the
weakness or parpal lossofsight from sickness or bid
is a *ure restorer, and sbooid be used by all who find iheir
eyesight failing without any apparent disease;
"Th'? Bal.tun has re-tore,- ..eir. in m:::.y w'ner?
almost TOTAL BLINDNESS, caused by excess vt ?.???fi un
mation, had existed tor years. Inflammation at d son ness
caused by blows,contusions, wounds on the eye. or by ex
traneons bodies of an irritating nature introduced under the
eyelid-, i- v ry .-ion removed l>v thv applic t on of the Bal?
aam. <?ne triil will convince the most incre>iu!ous of its
The following evidence of its superior excellency is from
the Pastor of the Episcopal Church at Harlem :
Harlem, July, 1941.
,M,.vtr'. D. Sands t.Co.?Gents: Fem motives of im
mahity 1 am prompted to informyou that a few applications
? i your' Roman Eye Balsam' have made a p?r.< ct cure in
the case of my aged mother, wh has sofTeren under a most
paintni ti flimmatipnof tiie eyes for twelve or fifteen year..
Physicians I a ve given op the case as hope...-/,;, account of
the* patient's n^e. hot by the blessine nl Heaven, your rem
(<lv has verified the adage. ' SVhiie there is Ire there is
hope.' Yours most gratefully, R. Hovt.
.vir-. Davis, No. 77 Essex-street, has been cured ol inflam
aialion el ihe eyelids aim weak eyes, ol years' duration, by
u.his. only onejar o1 the Eve Balsam.
.M,s- Fitzgerald, No. 2 .Market street, had for two orthrce
vear- been so tauch afflicted with wc*k ami inflamed eyes,
that at lime, she could scarcely see r> read. Her eyes hav<
been completely restored by ibis Bal<am, after all other
means had failed. Hundreds have by i'.< healing virtues
been restored to sight, wheie almost Uital h indness, caused
by excessive inflammation, hail existed a.r years. Put up
in -taal! jar- with full directions mr ase. PriceS71 cents.
Prepared1 and sold, wholesale and retail,by DAVID bANDS
k. CO., 77 East Broadway,corner.Market-street. New-Yo k.
Sohl Biso bv A. B. i: D. Sand?,7.-and 100 Ku I ton street,
and by A. B. Sands It Co., 27J Broadway, corner Cham?
bers- .iree?. S3 III]
^^/OR.urf IN CHILDREN.??F^n
\ i diseases to which children are exposed, none are
so fatal to them as Worms. CnfoitUpalely, children are
seldom free from them, and as they imitate the sympu.of
almost every other complaint, Uiej often produce al cmlng
eriects w;ili-a: being suspected. Worms are not only a
cause of disease themselves; hut by their irritation aggra?
vate all other disf ase*. wandering from om part ofthe on ly
to anaher, winding themselves up iuio large balls and ob?
structing the bowels, and frequently the ?ireat,causing t on
ruisions, and too often death The di sired remedy wiilbe
v. id very soon destroy the Worms, and invigorate the pow?
ers of disesdon so as'to prevent a r<-turn ol them.
Prepared onlv a: No. 20 South Third-street; also, for
sale at 132North-Second-streci, Phdadelph a.
Sold at wholesale and retail by the agents, A. B. .V D
SANDS.Druggists, No.: 79 Folton corner ol Gold-street)
and 100 h ulton-st eet; also sold by Abraham B. Sand- It C->.
27-5 Broadway (lirauiie Buildings.) corner of Chamber
street, and by David Sands it Ce., 77 East Broadway comer
of Market-street. s!3 lm
BRONCHITIS, a Disease of the Throat
and Longs, which is annually sweeping thousands
upon thousands to a premature j,rave, under nie in staken
? nme of Umsumptirm, is always cured by JAYNE S EX
PBC rORANT. 'lhesvn.pai >?. o 11ii- niseaseare Cnugh.i.
Soreness < f the Lungs vt Hectic Fever, Spitting up of
Phlegm or matter, and sometimes Rloo.1 It is an inflamma?
tion in the tine skin whh h ln.es Ihe inside ol ihe Whole of
the wind tubes, or air ves-els, which inn through every
part oi ihe Ltoiss. This Expectorant immediate ly sup
presses the Cough, Pain Infi immation, Kev, r ai d Ditflculty
oi Breathing, and produces a free.and easj expectoration,
anil a cure i> ^..<>n eflected Prepa ed only by Dr. D.
JA\ Mv No. 2n South Third stn et, Philadelphia.
Sold at wholesale and retail by the Agents. A. B. &. D.
Saniis, Druggists, No. 7'.' Fulton si, cn nerol Gold st, and
.\n jno Euiton st: also sold by Daniel Sand; it Co. No. 77
East Broadway corner ol Market st; and hv -Y: raham B.
Sao?'s it Co No. 27d Broadway (Granite Building) corner
af Cl.a.i.h is st Price SI. sl-l.lm
^UM.MER COMPLAINT, Jiiarrhcca,
^ij Dys? ntery; Cbolic, ami all derangement of ihe stomi cli
and bowels cured by JAYNE'S CA ItMlNATlN E u.i L
SAM.?This is one oi lh< most i/fficieni, pleasant, and saie
compositions ever offered to ihe public tor the cure of the
various derangements of the si.ich and bowels, and the
onlv articli wortlry of die least confide uce forcuring Choi
era Infantum, or Summer Complaint; and in all the above
diseases it really acts like a charm.
All persons are requested to iry it. for 'here is '? No Mis
lake" about its being one ol the most valuable fan:ii v n.edi
eines ever yet discovered. Hundred?, nay, thousands of
certificates^ave been received ran Physicians, Clergy
men, anu families of the first respectability, bearing the
strong* st testimony in its tavor loo mum erous to publish
Prepared.only by DR.d. jayne, Na 20 South Third
-in et. Pi iladelphih.
old at wholesale and retail by the Agents, A. B. k. D.
SANDS, Druggists' 79 Fulton-street, corner of Gold, and
100 Fulton-streeL Abo sold by Abraham I?. Sands v Co.,
273 Broadway, (Granite Boi'dinss) corner of Chambers
street; David Sands .v Co., 77 East Broadway, corner of
Market-street Price 59 cents. slSlm
neeh-i-t i:; thoosi^ids i.nv? mel a premature death
tor the want of a huh* attention tw a common cold.
M.ivt Yoo a Cotr.n.-?Dr. JAYNE'S EXPECTO?
rant; a sale niedii al prescription, conlainii g i a pi ^>n
ousdrags, und used in an extensive practice for several
\ ear., will most p sitively afford relief, and save yoa from
that awful disease PULMONARY CONSUMPTION,
which annually sweeps mm the (.'rave hundreds ol the
yOUH?, t! e fair, Ihr lov, |y sind the ?ay.
Have You a Couch f?Be persuaded to pnrchase a bot?
tieof tliis Expectorant?TO DAY! To morrow mav be
t oo Inte.
Have Yol a Coven.'?Jayne's Expectorant is th <?t,lv
reaieoy vou should tnke to cure ?:.
For this Plain Reason. That in no one ef the I an ind
cases where h has been nsed has it failed to. reli ve. It ??
be had of ihe proprietor, 20 SOUTH TrtlRD Street, Phil?
adelphia Sohl ai wholesale and retail by the Igeots, S
B Js D. Sands. Drn&rttista, No..79 Fultmi street, corner ol
Hof si ; and No ICO Fulion >l Als i. sold bv Abraham B.
Sind.". Co 27J Broadway (Granite Buildii )c*irnerCham?
ber atr-et. ami by David Sand? k. Co. No. 77 r.^i-t Broad
way, c-ne-r nf Market -t. -it ],|,
J. ^1 a respectable merchant nf East port .M.-.. Aug. ISd:.
I84L?Ur. Jayne Please to .en< m - a larce supply ofyonr
valuable mnliLiii.-?, parJcnlarty o il e Ex;- et' ra:.:. -I
have a great demand for them in tlie Br <-... \
gentlemao from Windsor, (Province ol New Brunswick,)
wa. passins-thrnogfa here on bis way to Boston,] i setcured
of Bronchitis, when I re o amended to him your Expei ti -
rani. It did the needful for htm, and be returned home per?
fectly cured. JOHN BECKFORD.
The Expectorant has brought one mar, to life hereafter
h:s phvsicians had gi-en him up. an-1 fx ha ! taken nothing
for three days. His complaint was called consumption, 1
happened to reli in. and saw bim in u v. ry disire.1 sitoa
ii?n 1 recommended Ids v?de to irj the Exj>eci rant,
ihiukins iliat it ruigbtgive htm some ease, and would
expire with less agooy, hut he recovi red ? u'h: a ay. The
Doctors blew me up. Yoors, kc, in b ?.
John bekcford.
Prepared only by Dr. D. .U\m . 20 Sooth Third -.reet.
sold at wholesale and retail by the agents A. B. i. D.
Sa-tl?. druggist-. No. 79 Fnlton cornet ol Gold stand lei)
Pnhdnattalso, by Abraham B Sands it Co No. 273 Broad?
way (Granite Building) corner Chan iers
Sands -V: Co ,, East Broadw iy, corner .Marktl-streeL
kl5 I n
F1CS. No. .t6 Join: str-ei,?Notice > hereby giver,
totiie reiai.ve-and nextofkini ? Ge r?eWTltia,lateritBri?
lol, EnghuMl, deceased, and w in is ahl-d^eri to b-.ve died
intestate, that 1 shall applv ti the Surrogate of ;be Counts
oi New-York for IctU rs a/adminis^raiion-upon the estate ol [
liie said intestate on the luth'lav of UCtohef next, at it) f
o'clock in the forenoom?Dated x<- -..y. r| Sept 8, l^<2
?9 2aw4w E. KETCHU.M, PaW A rtratm
PiRR'S LIFE PILLS.?Itis irapowi
hie to calculate tbe nnurr benefits te ihe hanian
!-=???? which mast re-al; :rom the discovery of OU Purr's re
c>p->. Tr,e fi ie .'?tosI meoiose which is compounded
from its direction has. m thousand- r>i ra.es. b?*en ir:eii ar?d
proved to l>e the amst etSc.ert remedy r>i tbe day. Nor is
u eonrir.fd m vc* useful rres? in t!:e diseases of the poor; :br
it is -ought by, and found in the medicine ehrst? o! tbe
more wealthy claw-, of Great Britain aid various parts ol
lb- continent of En ope.
As a family medicine .'. > unequalled, and is all powenul
in rernoribg bihous -ind other cmnpt.ir.ts r-rising from (be
dera igemeol o; the ahmentary duets, and in rmrfiying tbe
bloo I It '? terrain in the core of ihe more delicate com
plaints iceicrnt to females, gTitetuI to tb<ta*te, aroma?? to
.:;:e:;. ?: ?:;?: :i.e s.ir.ie time s:? i;~i:tle in its operatioo,
!>;.;" ac is, that no female ought to I>e without m
-r^at a :. ? ::. :?..; thrra by its vet.eraide discoverer, 0:d
It lias been but a shcrt time before tie public, vet the
proprietors have received numerous applicatioi ? P?r '??<?
Pi! s from various parts of tbe United States, aud ljave bad
graritjing testimonials of their good effects in removing
diseases' prellest al this season of the yrar.
To ah, therefore, who are afflicted and in bad health, we
would say. so o. aoy of tJnsiundetTaenthwtsd aged*, w!?e;e
Knshi . k ' ri-:s .-. ?; .mists, 26 William
strer-t 113 Er adwav and in Astor Ii.:jsr.
. :<-?< Si
\. B. Trh?ltrtcoraer Pclinn an-! Wjileostrerts.
PJ - . Everetl ! igbt, GoT Greenwich-street, nexttotle
J. ?L J. Coddingtoo, apotbecaries, 227 Hudson-street, corner
K. L. C ? ? m st -i.td apothecary, 2SJ Bieecker-s'.re: t
corner ' ? J :.es-s-.rect.
J, Weodpvi -, Intgg si and apothecary; Ml Eighth ..venue,
Brooklyn?VV rri. Aratstrong;seed, drug and patent mediane
v. tn b .: -. i *-t Fulton-street.
And wh ilesale at tbe pnjrarietor*s office.
' T. ROBERTS k Cu..
so Ir.i Clarendon House, cor. Dumiesst. and B i " y
1 (>\S! V!PTli )N.C >UG. IMT'l LNG
>F BLOOD, IC?To C<?STS1" M7'YW'ES.?Four
firths of yon nre really sufTeriog from neglected Colds, or
an i Obstruction him! c msequent Inflammation <<f the de icaie
lining:of those tubes through which the air we breath is
distributed in every part of the lure_?<. This ? ?': a act
aces pain ami iTenets, boarssenese, cougb, diiii-eiiy of
Brea?.-ing, hectic f-v.r, and a spittthg ofbtoodi:mMter m.'
phleem, which finally ex! aasts tbe strercrth of the portent
ind ends in death JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT" n ver
:.i i. to remove this obs^ractson, an i prodzees the ruart
picaaing a . n ippy results. It ts certain in its effect and
ca::n:.t fail to relieve. Prepared and -old bv Dr. D. J ?J : e.
S . bnlb Third streeL:rbUade!plr..?. Svld at waolesale
and reiiil by the A ;rnts, A. B i. i>. >an :?. DrogS st-. No.
7a Falton .street, corner of Gold st. and No. lUO Fulton st.
a]-.? -' I t by David Sunds i. <"?>. No. 77 Ka i Broadway,
Cbmer Sdarsgl St.?Abraham B.Sandsi Cn. No. -T !<r a ?
way i Granite BuddingVcorner of Chambers st. si I Ifri
r|VHE"c7y"of:"~>l?r?er!' 4 31urder!'7i7all
I times will aronse the most stupid. Yet murders are
daily perpetrated which excite very little attention. I<:; it
Co -n nption daily murdering thousands of human beings-:'
Do. s noi Asthma render life a l urtben. an-l then destroy is
victim' Does uot Bronchitis paralyze ihe nsefulne^ss ol
many of our ni'ist eminent divines and other public speak?
ers, to-ay nothing of the thousand* - f all ages and sexes
wko ai? swept into eternity by it? Mdlions of human be?
ings s nk down and dfe by a'ltscks of the above and similar
af?ections-of the lunes and throat. Fortunately!foreman
bind, J W'N E'S I X PE.CTORANT has never beenknpwn
lo fail im giving relief, ami has, in thousands of instances,
effecti d permam n cu'rvs af.f-r all other means ha I failed.
! " Prepared and sold only by Dr. I). Jayne; 20 Sooth
Third-st . Philadelphia Sold in New-York at wholesale
md retail agents, A. B. ir. D. SANDS, Druggists,
No 7^' Fuitnn cornet of Gbld-sL and ion Fulton-street; also
sold by Ahraham B. Saids St dt. i.73 Broadway. (Gr?nitie
Buildings,) corner e( Chambers-street, and by David Sands
,m c?>. 77 Ka-t Broadway, corner of Market-st. -l^lm
The Henry Cl?y and General Scott, eat h twenty
:? et ,n length: twib i-'^'i >ai er<?not exceeded by an;. Itoats
ol their class in Utis city; fitted in superior style and n first
rate order. Can l>e seen at BLsliop ii Simonsou's ship yard,
lot t ol SixthstreeL Apple to
je3() tf C. ."VI. S'LMONSON, CA Columbia-street
State Prison, Mount Pleasant, September 8, I H2.
SEALED PROPOSALS wiirbereceived
by the In-pectors n? the first Wednesday of October
next, at 11 o'clock A. M. at this office, for furnbhing the
Convicts at the Prison with Rations for one year from ihe
1st day of November next, the Ratious to be dclivered ln
ip: unities to -uit lln; co:iiractr,r, (nut always at bis r sk) to
consist of the following articles lor one hundred rations, viz:
100 lbs.of"lnspected PnmeBeef(slaughtered and packed ibis
fail ?r winter) for oa? ball the year, and 7? 11?. <d Inspected
Prime Pork for tbe remaindnroi the year, Si Iiis, ol L spee ed
U\e Flour: 75 lbs Of good Indian Men..1 gallons Molasses,
2 ijuarts of Itye or Peas in llie grain, 2 quarts of Vmeg ir, 2
ounces ofgroutMl Pepper, I <juart dI fine salt, and ior i0
months ofibe year 3J bushels of Potatoes for every lo* na?
tions, the other two months, from tbe l5thofJuly tothe l5tbof
Sepicmber;, Peas, Brans or Rue may be substituted alter
i ately or otherwise, as the agent may think i.? for the health
oi ihe prisoners. .^11 the art cirs to be of good men hanta
hie quality, and the agent will reserve the right to reject
any of them that are not so in his opinion.
Ti e names rf two satisfactory securities must be given in
writing with proposals ?ith their acquiescence. The num?
ber of Convicts wiEaverage ai^nut 350.
sio t?i State Prison. Moun Pleasant.
NOTICE is hereby given that proposals
will he received at the Inspector's office in the Slate
Prison; Mount Pleasant, on the second Wednesday in No?
vember next, at II o'clock inibe fbrennon for a contract tu
c immence will) 30 convicts oh the first of December earn?
ing, io he increased wiihin one year to l?d far the term of
fiveyears, al makimr sncb kin-Is of chains, wrought nails,
bed screws, shovels and tonjjs, -adilery. cutlery' and other
articles of hardware, "of winch the chiel supply tor the
consumption of the country is imported from without the
United Stales" Convenient shop room and fuel will ba
furnished. Whoever-takestihe cwnuaci must find tool? and
fixtures and he subject t* the rules and regulations of the
Prison. The payments did the made monthly with acredii
of three months Satisfactory security win be required ?
Let the proposals specify the price per day for each man.
Agent State Prison, Mount Pleasant.
September Sth, 1842 slo 2m
! pThe Albany Journal, Hudson Republican, Troy
Whig, Oneida Wbig, Rochester Democrat, Buffalo Com?
mercial, and Brooklyn Star (each Weekly) wiii please pul>
iisi, the above two mon?is,and send bills as above.
T?TE"~?f""NEW-YORK, ss.?In
k_/ Chancery, before the V ce Chancellor ol the First cir
cuiu Helen I raig nj. John Crnig, Rii hard B. Craig, Char?
lotte A l raig, Helen E. Craig, SamuelB Craig, and Cut ba*
ne o. Craig.
f.i pursuance and hy virtue ?: an order of this Honorable
Court, made in the above entitled cause, bearing date the
>'iX\a day of September 13U. and ol the statute in such
case made and provided, notice is hereby giv- n to all per
s havin? anyg??fieral Hen?rih?!unibninc?r,"hyjndgem?nt,
d cree orbtberwise, on the undivid a suareor inierest ol
\ at in? parties to the premises; bereinafier referred t?,
produce lo me, the undersigned, one of the Masters of
tins. Court,on or before the 25th nay of October next, at my
office, No. '2 Joi n-s reel, in the Ciiy <<l NeW-Yoik, proof
ol heir respective liens and incumbrances, together with
?j:tisfactory evidence of :he amount du- thereon and to
specify ths' naiure ol such incumbrances, and the date,
thereof lospeclively. The premises referred Vt are as fol?
lows, in \vit:
14 All those four certain lots, pieces or parcels of ground,
itcate in ike Eleventh Ward ol the City oi New-York, on
th-westerly side ol Norfolk-street, and known and distin
sbedon a cei ain m;:;i<.,i the estate of James De Lancey,
K-q., made by fcivari Banker, as Lots Nos. 1564, (fifteen
hundred and sixty-four,) 15G5 (fi'teer, bundreo and sixty
five,) 1566 (fifteen hundred and sixiy-six,) and i-ti/ (filteen
hundred and sixty-seven,):b innded northerly by lot N'?. 15 ?3,
mtherly by lot No. l?Cs ea*tetiy I y Norfolk -street, ami
'esterly by lots Nos, 15 7. 1558, 1559 and 1560
.x so, jIi that certain brick dw? Ilm? bouse and lot of
ground, in the Third \\ aro of said City ol New-York, known
number 39 Courdandi-slreet, and bounded northerly by
Courtland.-street, southerly by a lot of ground formerly of
.'ohn Pevees ano now or i.iie ol Robert Gosman, easterly
by a lot of ground now or iaie of William aud Henry Van
LhiN< :i and westerly by a lot of ground now or late be?
longing to .lame Farbe.
'Also, all that certain lot of land, situate in the lowo.of
Johnstown. County ol Montgomery ai-d Stale i f Ne w-York,
known and distinguished by ihe number (84) eighty:four,
in Chase's patent, containing one hundred acres.
New-York, Seplemh-ti 8th, '84Z
WILLIAM W CA VlPBELL, Masler in Chancery.
Albany Evening Jou nal. s9 lta?Rw
N CHAN CE RY??efore the Vice Cbaa?
cellor.?Trust Fire Insurance Co. vs. Ebenezer L. wd
Uams, Vc.
In pursuancf of a decretal order of this Court, made in the
above entitled c use, wij be sold at public auction, under
ihe direction of the subscriber, one oi inr M*sters of ibi.
Court, by W. IL Jones, auctioneer, at the Mercbanfs' Ei?
chaus?-, ia the cay of New. York; on the 8;b day of Octob' r
next, al 12 o'clock, noon, oftbat day?
AU those certain tot*, pieces or parcels ol land.situate, ly?
ing .suii bring in the Twelfth Ward oftheci y pfNew York,
and distinguished upon a certain map wf a pie. e or parci I
of land, purchased by'one Ely ??ooro of Noah Scovell by
an indenture bearing ?t?te the first day . f November, 1227,
made by Isaac T. Lndlum, Lit- Surveyor, and en tile in the
office of ReL'ister in and for the City and County 61 New
\ ore, ent filed the canal tract, which said lots are numbered
Ofl U e sa d map sixt -s? v-m, (C7,) sixiy-eT-;h!, itiS.i s jty.
nine. ,?0, one hundred and nine. (.'t'J ) one hundred and
ten, (110,) one hand ed aiid eleven, (il I,) a,id one hundred
and twelve. (1 -.) which are collectively numbered on -.aid
map as parcel fifteen*, (15.) and arc bounded by lots On said
ru ip known as number seventy, (70,) and one hundred and
ei i.i. i II 8 ;) sootlierly by land now or late of the beirs ol
i I m.ter; east war diy by lots known on said map nssi ty-six,
o>).) ami on- hundred ami tliirteen, (113.) am! northerly by
t'ne centre lineof one hundred and seventeenth street ALs*>.
lour other lot.-, oisiinguished qh ihe aforesaid ma;> as lots
numbers cinety-four; i'M.) uiaety-five, ife5.) t.inny-six. ('X.)
? r.il niiifctj-sevea. (i>7.> wikh take? logetber, are known
ar<l d?sirnat.-dor, sa d map us parcel number iwenty-lhree,
l^j.> bounded -fatherly in front by one hundred and -ix
ueenth street; nbrtberly by tbe centre Doe between HGih,
an<i 117th strtets; easterly by a Im? drawn p-" ailei to tWe
IS ? i h Aveuue, on the ?a'steily side thereof; at the (bstance
i f two hanured ;eet tue efroni; ano ^esieriy by a line
drawn parallel to ihe Ntnt> Avenue aforesaid, on ihe east?
erly -:dc thereof, at the distance of one hundred feet tht re
trom. Alto, four Other lr.t?. on map a:?Tesair), kno-vn a?
numbersM-ver.ty iiiree,(7J ) seventy-four, (74.) opebandretl
and rive,( 0",,| and one hundred and six, (106 ; and lo n?ing
partot parcel number seventeen, (17,) bounded westeiiy by
lots nurnlver v-si-m vv>, (75 ) and owe hundred and liiar.
(10-J;) vjutherly by land now or late of ihe beira?f H unier;
east, riy by lo * number one hundred and seven, (K/T t and
seventy-two. (72,) and nonhexly by the middle ot one bun
dred and seventeenth street
r?ew York. r?epterDber 16, 1842
Master in Chancery. /
Clfavkland !t Titus, Solicitors. =17 2awl*
Vt^^fcrosjHr?."-- BANY art ! tolernjtfdlat* pi sees?run ll e
Itioto, l.ourU.i:u:t?t.
?j" ?- COLI ktBlA. CapfcT. P. Newberry, w .il as
above ?A 5 P. M. on Tuesday and Tr..izr.
I he steamer NORTH aMLKm a. cape M. H. Trnes
ded. wt? le.:ve as above at :5 P. .M. < n Wed?e*lay and
For iwv?4-f or frright.apply to P. C. Schnitt attbe office
on thew barf.i ran t'">-r>:.
N. B. \i! kit:?Ls of property taker; only at the till o." the
earners thereof. _ _
^ir^Vj,-^;1-^ BANY. THOY. aid uterine,
Tv i e "?{earubr-'ai Pitr lo*H of Bwciay st.
The le.w-rvessare steamboat TROY, Ctpt. A. Gor*?crra,
T As sday) slornme^at 7 o'clock.
Ta^ aewfcvw-pressure steamboat ALBANY. Capt.J. 0.
1 Jevkics, on Wedpessday Morninc at7't/clock
I l ,-r - . ... apply at the otfictf, tout ot B?jc;?y-sue.;. or
I Nett??AH Goods. Fr"icct, Baggage, .'t*:.s. 15 51*, Specie,
1 or any other kind o?" Propersv. taken, s?.ipvr..j, or pii m
J board rhis bcatmiMthe ai the risk of the owner* of such
: ... . r ?? tri -..-r K^ :----.~r. _ _
% jg?^ -i; *; i' i' t?i't ??* n LINE for Ai
J .? . P :.: kte] i. K i b j ?. > atsk it
. . . ' f?U?
! tu>-15??sUamhoai Vt* ASIUNGTt N .?. aptalxrJ. >f.
Brown, a i ie the. Pier at the foot . for
A' h ;.y Tj-- -ay, f! ? ;?; <: Sj:a:e.:?y, at 5
.i ?
Leave Albany, font of Lvdics-stri> :. f.-r N". ? York.every
Monda;, N?? dm m av an 1 Fj laj . o't U ? l.,P. M.
1 M ' as r.^-,?,
I Freight taken on the most reasonable ti rc -.
To Le?A Steamboat Berth at V? p-stre< t ? er.North
- gr? K\ ENLNC LINE ?l Steam
' B&L?BHitg i x Ua ? '.- o<-k P.
j w. son raj extej ??.;. from ph . oetw ? n Com . and and
j The ? ? SOt I H A M r.B-CA, C - Eremard, Jeax?i
! Mi . Wednesa and Friday Arten oons ai G o'clock.
! The sli amw H'm HKS I'EK, Cr.pt. A. t\r?t. Jol leav.?
j ti?eabcv? pier Taesday^ Thorsday and Saturday Aiiet
I noons, at,; {Sclock;
! The Hi eheste i and South America are new and substan*
; i boats', web* fitted upand tutir^i rd with <ntc-ri>nms,
ami for speed and acccnimodatious' are not surpassed by
i ai y boats ori the r?.
, .-'.>.- p issageor :n isrht apply to P. C. Schnitt at th' crtice
j o:-. iht- wbarl, cr on board.
Pasz-cr.gvrs hy this L;:>~ of boats wQi at al! time* arr.se m
? Al >.-.. in t :-:-.'e : .:.?? for tiie moruiog traiu of cars tor the
I East and West. _
FBIttlY, HASTINGS and YONKE1 S ? Breakfast and
Dinr.rr on Ixiard. Tn?* new and sptendtd snmrr CO
LI MBUS, Copt F. Vf. Stone, will leave New-Yotk, :r? m
the root61 Charaliers-sreet, every Mornmir, (.Fridays ex
ceptedp at7 o'clock;.and returning leace Pcek>kill,same
day, at I2J o'clock, Pi M:. i x :i pt Sunday >. w hi a she w ill
leavePeekakill at 2o'clock, P. M : Inn? u ^ at the foot of
Hammond-street,each way.
NoTitK ?All goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, specie,
or any other, kind oi property, taken, shipped, or put; on
board this boat, must beat the rink of the owner* of such
goods, fn igbt, baggage, 4:c,
VII t ersons are Iprbicl nesting any on>- on account of the
at Boat er owners. s2
a, p^* -fi?LIZAR?TH-iN>RT AND
bummer AiTmsemeytt?Fare 1** Cents.
The steamboats W/TER-W1T, R,CINDERELLA and
WILLI VMSBURGHi plydaily fromElixabetli-PoritoNew
York, touching at New-Brighton and Port-Riclim?>nd, on
ana mtertlie llth day of August, 1342?each trip, as follows:
Leave ElUabeth-Portj | Le ive N. fork, pier l.N. tt.
Al Kami 11 o'clock,A.M At M.M .-.i"' loi A. M., and
At l,4andtHo'c!ock. P. M I At2.4 anu^e/clock, P.M.
Cn Sun<l:y,
Leave Elizabeth-Port at 8. luaud 12 o'clock, A. M and it
1. 4\ and ti o'clock, F M.
Leave New-York at i, 10 and 11$ o'clock: A. M. atd at .\ 3$
and P. M.
N. B.?Passengers for Westfield, Scotch Plnin-. Plainfield,
Bound-Brook, Jsomerville, Eastoni & Schooh ? Mountain,
by the Eliiabeih-town and Somerville Railroad Car., will
leave New-York in theSJ /( lock beat m the morning, and
in the 2 and 4 o'clock boats in the afternoon.
Passengers from tbe84 o'clock host wdl leave Somerville
in .t.ijr. tor Easton ana for Schooleys Mountain on the ar?
rival of the i nrs at Somerville.
The Horse Car will leave the front of the Union Hott-1,
quarter of an hour previous the departure of each boat.
All baggage at the risk ol it* owner. an9
and Sliding'door Trin mings.?Tbe subscribers are
receiving their supplies of American Leeds, I.e. from live
diflereot manufactories, and they feel confident that they
ran show to their customers as great a vai ety of Locks,
Latcl ps. A.c. as any other house in the city. Also Store-door
L >ck.. Bolts, Shutter and B'ind Hinges, Fastening*, &c.and
BUILDER'S HARDWARE, in every variety. Persons
wishing to supply themselves, can have their orders tilled
to suit any thickness of doors. Also Knobs of live different
variei es. Orders by mail, enclosing the cn??. will he
treated in as satis artery a manner as tin ir confidence mer?
its. Any nerson wisbing to examine can do so whether be
purchasi s *?r not. VAN BLARi O.M it CHAMPLIN,
Successors io E. J. k II. Roosevelt, 2*? Pmrl ?t.
sl5 lw* near Beekman.
r HIS (JLD TRICKS.?Tiie ladies
ar.itii n -.1 that at No. 2J0 Grand-street, corner of
Allen (Ferguson's) n place that has long been notorious
among the female par: ol the public, where tbey have been
invariably treated in such a manner as very frequently has
caused the husband or brother to return und demand the
same style of shoes, and at the same price-. In ing li.llycon
viuced that no store in Grand-street could furnish a more
elegant Gaiter Boot forJ2 shillings, or <Iaiier Buskins (or
Z shilling:?ii. Bh< :t, any article lor the fi ot of a Lady, Miss
or Child, of which they have an infinite variety at such
unheard of low prices.
Thtrt is no doubt but they mean to sellout and quit the
business. au.'Jl Ira*
"ftJONEV SAVED.?We continue "to
_LtJL sell Peach Orchard Nut Coal of the best quality, de
nv! ied Iron; the boats free Of cartage, at >l Z:> tier ton ; and
store at -s l 75 per ton. R. ? B. SKIDMuRE,
sl5 lw* Washington, cornerofFranklin-st
'i'l > LE I'?~ or ?'! Wurivsiliops, w ith ;i
J/\'"ffl superior light?renl low. Inquire of J Locke, in
rear nl No. 31 Ann street. sill Im
MTU LET?A Room, Bedroom, Pan?
try and i Inset, suitable for a small family. Pos
session given immediately. R? nt %K nil I>t *l?v next.
It.onireol .? L eke. in rearol Jl Ann street slO Im
MTO LET. in Park PI rice, and posses
JuJH. sion-given immediately, the flarge R omNo 2. (16
? > at No. 1 Brut ton's Building, two di ors in-m Bioad
wav For further particulars, apply on the pn miscs.
*I6 2w*
^e^, T<) i.E'i*-Store and Back Room
-A'^jdL "' ' .'f'd rece.-.tly OCCUpied, lot a pt,blie.i! on
impositors* office ol a'smail paper cn led the American
chaiuc. ? Kent H-'-i) until the 1st of May next Inqoireof
Ki Im J. L?I KE, in rear ofSl Ann-st
TO LET?Part of u commodious
snd spacious house, comprising every convenience
lor a small gemeel family; The present occupants, three
persons, will make a permanent arrangement with a family
? witbou' children only. Apply al 5 Nero r -t. ?13 I in
_ The cottage built Hoose and Stahle on north west
coi ner ol Filth avenue am) 125th street, with 6 full lot* or?
namented with trees : also a pump near the door; ai-oui 2
minutes walk from the Railroad. For forther particulars
m- ... ot .1. it J. W. LKVERIDGE, 11.; Cheiry-L N, Y.
je22 tf
*:7?b FOR ^ALE?A 2 story fire proof
W '^fiL hrick Hou-e a.i?l L?t. The house was recently
erected, lias finished rooms in the garret, ami a ce|Ur. It
is situated in tbe lower part "t Church sties-t. New Bruns?
wick, New-Jersey, in an elijfible place lor business, unit
contains a hanilsomely-finished itore, which is at present
I geil as a i!ry good store, and has been since the In u-e was
The premises will he -oh! on reasonable terms. For fur?
ther informaia n, apply io
C. L. H IRDENBERGH, Esq.,30 Wall-st. N. Y. or to
HENRY H, SCHENCK, 12 Church t .
.fi if New-Brunswick, N. J.
ml on S7\LE OR EXCJJAN' E.?A
Kara, at -direw?Lury, Monmooth county N'e? Jer
... . i insisting of abooi thirty acre* ol land. The improve?
ments are a good two Story dueling Louse nwi kitchen, a
barn; wagon house, and other necessary outbuildings. Said
farm is Pilo i eil ;be main road lending from ^hr? w.hury
lo tted Bank, ami atxiwi I.ah a mile bom ike ?teambMl
lauding at Bed Bank The land s well fenced, sUxkid
v? iib a variety ot fruit trees, and in good order; and t1 e re?i
dence every way desirable. The lorm will be . Id on rea>
?o. abte rertns.or exchanged for prodortive property in this
C y. For particulars, inq ..re oi JAMES 8< Hf/ItK.MAN,
Esq., on the premises, or of J. PARMXY, No. 3 Bond-tC
\- ? York. ?13 2w
i ARM FOR. S ALE .?A valuable
^j-jj. Farm of lorry acres verj choice ho d. situated I?
. hi north ol New Y'^k, (bribe low price of eigbtren hun?
dred dollars, 80fi dollars down, the reman der on mortgage
at 5 r>:,r cei t. >>r will !?? exchanged for goo?l propertv. Ap ?
pIv iaVChMinlter m.N Y sf? 2w?
i;ooi> rAK.M FOR S MJ-..? (Joe
_ ..i t; e best small Farms in trie State, with o< w ind
?rn haildings and fences, and omv ai ?'Ut one and half
m I? - from tl e centre of me City of Rod ester, N< w York.
I'lie Farm cor. ta inn ri.ty acresol choire Land. <i i/* House,
S ab'e, ii<:.. abocl 3/C bearing Fru'tTrees,ot variou- kinds,
go- ;i wood and water, and altogether, it b a . e.irahte pro?
perty, arid oilers an opportunity for a gosel and sale invesv
meat; being near the City ai d in the vicinity ol gcod so
(tetv, and good fcbools.
For arther particulars, please inquire en Ih* nrem:-< -.or
Idre.. C. \V. 1., (po*t paid,) K> ehester Post''rfice New
Y'.rk. aa2t? 2Uwtf
AN D COUNTRY SKAT rn the town of New
itocbelle. atoot four mile* nottb of thevi'l.sge. Tfiereare
alx ut 12? ac:e? oi rir-t r;.;e inii'f, in a high slate of ru.'iiva
lirto, w !h a double two -tory h'-ose, m ?>ertert rwpain about
1H Picric r,f grafred froh ireets in full beard g coodittoo, of
the roost approved kinds; and 20 acresOt.woodJand; h< re
uiaioder .? aboni equally ?J,v?ded between plocgbed, past?
ure, ana meadow land.
The farm i. well fecced, nw^lv witl:?tor* wtiPs, and well
waiererl w-i'i: springs, and a rnnmog stn-ani thmugh d?e
whole leaslh of it. There aretwo good barn?, a clo>r mill,
lo a booses, graueiy, and other boildhigl convenient and
>i'jltab(e for -url> a '.Arm.
Applvn WAGER HULL, Jr., on the premiaesc to J. B
brkws1 Kit, I2U Broadv-T.. New York; wui THOMAS
R. burling, Milton. ?btet county Terms will be made
aasy. au2ti Ifflltn ?

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