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galea at the ??eck Ex rinn*-go, Oct. 35.
o.(MS Y.7s 1849.lOOi! S5BkofCom.full 83
!T--N.Y.6v 1882.9t> 40 Uttca it 8cheH.100.
Snooindiwa Bonds.... 21. .?"O Mohawk.32,
CoifkHttd.?al1? do. 32*
No ?I? _
Oomracrcial and -Honey if?nt?em.
Tuesday, P. M.
The sales at the Board to-day were only 22- shares of all
?^criptions. Rates generally were heavy. Mohawk, Syra
case k Utica, and Bank Commerce, declined *?; Delaware
?-proved ?. For Harlem, 15$ ofTered, 16 asked ; L Island,
A? ottered, 49J asktd.
Xbesale of Slate Slocks were small, but at full rates
State Sevens and Sixes improved J per cent. Far City
Sevens K 2 was offered.
Moderate business doing in Foreign bills. We quote
Sterling 5$ a 53 -, Francs, 5 45.
Mobile continues ig good demand, at J __ a 13; Virginia
Ij a l_. Central Is getting worse*at home and thequola!
lion here is unsettled.
gome of our Bank officers who are rather timid, are gel?
ling an unnecessary alarm at the amonnt of specie drawn
fer shipment South. They can certainly well spare all
that will be needed for this purpose. Up to Saturday we
believe about ? 1,200,000 has been sent; and the New-Or.
learn packet of l?-niorrow takes about SStXi.tOu additional.
A considerable amount has gone to Boston for C-ina.
The Bank of Montreal ha? declared a half yearly dividend
of four per cent., payable on die 1st of December.
The excess of receipts for toll on the Weiland Canal, for
September, 184., was ?13,119 GO over the corresponduig
mouth of 1341. .. .
At Philadelphia die Banks cannot dispose of their sur-.
plus funds ; and first rate P*P*r ,*,a" hu r<fad'1-v ?W??ted
in the sireet at 6io8per cent. '1 his, wnh the contracted
currency of Philadelphia, is an evidence of great inactivity
in that city. Specie was plenty and confidence intheBaniis
Money at Boston was sufficiently abundant. The otTer
\twrs at tbe Banks had increased and iong paper thrown out.
Iteould, however, be done in the streel at about legal in
f/rest. Business had suddenly fallen off.
Tbc Receivers of the Ph?nix Bank, Charle-town, have
been directed to estimate the bill? of the Bank, and die evi?
dences of deposit, alike. These cannot be received now at
par in paymem of debts due the Bank, but will be received
is security for debts, and eventually be received at the same
value in payment. The object is to pay all liabilities wholly,
or if in part, equally.
Letters from Havana state that bills on the Government ot
the United Stales were selling at 3 per cent, discount for -0
day hills while individual 60 day bills were at 2 per cent
At Louisville, fair supply of New-York Exchange at 1_,
At SL Louis City, money had fallen tt? 40 per cenL dis?
count, at which there was a demand, for investment iu
Bonds of ihe C ity.
The immense sacrifice? of property which are almost daily
liking place in Middle Tennesj.ee, are truly heari-sickening
W those who have a just commisseration for the suffering of
a Loco-Focoed people. We will mention, by way of ex?
ample, ?i?t on Saturday last, eleven lame, likely mules,
two new wagons, costing $150 apiece, and a negro man,
middle aged and likely, wert sold in Franklin at SherifPs
sab,and in the aggregate brought but $500. -The poor
rained victim of such a murderous operation is a hard
working, sober, respectable mechanic.
ItBjjpear.? by the State Register thnt the State of Illti.ois
-iade-icd to the Sute Bank upward of $290,000.
"flar_Ct-? Carefully reported for TU Tribune.
FT The storm of to-day has prevented operations in our
staples, and we have very little to report.
ASHSS?The sales to-day and yesterday have beim
?eut 100 bbls. Pols, al $5 50. To-day abou 140 bbls. Pearls
hive been taken, ot $5 87$. The demand is very limited
from shippers, and the market is heavy. No bills out to?
day, and no receipts.
COTTON?Yesterday about .500 bales were sold, at
prices not firm. To-day there is very little doing. The
ttock is estimated at 10,000 bales. The arrivals are now
nearly all ot new crop. We quote Upland 6 a 8J cents;
hhr, 8 a 8' ; New-Oneans, C a 1(_ ; fair, 8j a 9; Mobile, 6 a
lty; fair, 8} a 9.
FLOUR?We hear of no sales to-day of any importance.
Tbe market remuins nominally, as quoted yesterdny. The
nock afloat is not very large. We quote the market firm,
but in-live, at $4 25 for Genesee, Ohio and Michigan, and
we believe lUerc is some to be had less. Round Ohio we
quote $4 18fl a $4 25. A small sale of Troy was made at
1*18*.. Ia Southern we only hear of 300 bbls. Alexandria,
on private terms. We quote Georgetown $4 62' ; BranOy
?*;?,? 17- a S-l 87j; Richmond City, $5 75; Kichmond
CflBUtry, $15J; Alexandria ami Petersburg, _4 50; Falls
Jt?i?,it 50; New-York, -$4 37J?all nominal. Rye flour
_$-.U\,._*\rather dull. Corn Meal, $2 8H a $? 87i, with
ules few hundred bbls. Jer?**y ; Brandy wine, hhds., $13 25,
cas_,?J575,4mos.; bbli., $3. Buckwheat Flour, $2 50 a
$?6$. At Albany Ihe rale? were $4 12? a $4 133 The rt
ceipli-ad been very large, especially lor shipment to Bos?
ton. Oue house forwarded during the week to Bostonover
11,000 Mils.
GRAIN?We notice sales saboul 2,000 bushels Illinois
Wheat, for milling, at 83 a 87 cents, part inferior. In Corn
?eonly hear of 1,7110 bushels Northern, at 57 cents, mea
?re, and 1,000 do Jersey, at 54 cents, weight. Two or
three cargoes Sou?iem are in market?last sale, 49 cents,
measure. A lot of inferior Barley, 2.300 bushels, sold from
store at 46 cents, lor Philadelphia. The parcel of Rye
fjooted yesterday at GO*? cents, was sold at Cl cents. It Is
offered, to arrive, at 62 cents. Oats are without change,
24a27 cenis. Shorts, 53 a6 cents; ship stufls, 8J a 9 cenis,
laddulL Tbe receipts of Wheat at Buffalo for the week
ending 20th, were 125,000 bushels. At A lbany about 70,000
bashels Barley has been received ?luring the week, and
prices were depressed. The qu ta'.ions were, two rowed,
45 a48 cents ; four rowed, 50 a 55 cents.
FRUIT?At Boston the following auction sale ot fresh
Malaga Fruit was had. It was ihe cargo of the Silenus, the
fint anual of the season. Raisins?Malaga, blue mark, 500
casks advertised, 20 sold, $5 50; 200 half do. advertised, 2n
sold,at590; 150 qr? do.,20sold, 1 45each; black mark, 315
casks, 115sold,$5; lOObalfdo., 2 50; C6 qr. do. 1 2*5 each;
boiKb, 3,030 boxes advertised, 1,000 sold, $2 a 205; 1,340
half do., 850 sold, $1 a 1 05; 1,0.0 qr. do. 51 a 51?} cents each.
Grapes-.-iO keg, advertised, 10 sold, 4 15; ?"H? half do., 2 50 :
50qr.do. 127 a 1 50 each. Almonds?Soft shelled, 16S frails,
10 sold, 11 cents per lb., ss. The above part of the Silenus's
cargo, Geo. Loring's brand, quality fair, but truit smaL??
ternas, 4 mos.
PROVISIONS?T? ere is no activity in Beef or Pork. A
small sale of new Prime Beef was made al $3 50. New
Mess is worth $7 a $7 25. Ohio Pork, $5 371 a $5 50 and
$850. A sale of 700 kegs Lard was reported ai7J ; Butler
?nd Cheese continue heavy. The market has been cleared
of the lower qualities of Butter?there is little or none to be
bad below 7 cents. Cheese, 5J a G"?. About 10,006 lbs.
were taken today for export.
TALLOW?We nolict a sale of about 35,000 lbs., to ar
ri?e from Bostou, at 8' cents.
FT Professor Bitclahol.-'- Compound 8y
rap of 1-pilar?a.?This invaluable medicine is pre
"<-;ed lo the American public ns the lest remedy yet dis?
covered for Consumption, Liver Complaint, Chronic,
Coojffti, Colds, Hoarseness, and nil Pulmonary Affections.?
?was invented by Dr Bucb_<>lt_, of Germany, Professor of
Medicine and Chemistr-, in the University of Erfurlh, Pru??
na, who received a reward of one thousand pounds from
Ibe Kiog ot Prussia, a? an expression of bis confidence in it?
peril?, *?, "th ihe exclusive right to prepare and sell it in his
?Lpgdom. The public can have the lullrsl confidence in
this bring the original preparation, a* the proprietor ob
?lined ihe recipe from a nephew ot the inventor, (a German
ph3*sici_n of ihe same iianie.) who has given his artidsvit
dial it is the same anide. This medicine is purely ?errta?
ble and entirely free from ni.rphitie or opium, which forms
tbe basis of nearly all the cough remedies iv?w in us<-, and
eontain? no Ingredient thai can possibly injure the most
'lehcaie constitution. It operates directly upon the lungs
?ud liver, when first taken sometime.? produces sickness al
the siomach and increases the disposition to cough, but this
w attended with less Dain and easy expectoratiou. It re?
moves ihe ulcerated and unhealthy parts of the lung*, en?
tirely eradicates the disease, and restores the system to
The fact i? admitted bv mod phvsicians that persons
?ay live and enjoy health with but a portion of Ibe
lungs remaining, which proves conclusively that dis?
used lunRs c&a be cured?it is the design of this reme
^L?,;!,,ri:C?r,Vtm 5*^1---?.nd If taken according io the
b?Ts eff^t*. ?a early sUi-?*-*s oi u,e (1Uease'sucl" wiU
entitled 11> the confidence of ihe comm?-,;.,. c~. .i i _
of its favorable notice in Knr, ?, ? __ K__ *? faC
the ?ventor. We do not wish to ?xXlm -.?, :**an*****-i> "
this aniel, to intluc?. people to "?-38S ?_ S to
leiure*t opon its own superior roeriu _l_rJ ?_ ? l'ie}?
public not to class it um?SS-?^^'0b_f*_e
Say. Prepared only in America byR' \f S'A? **
York. Horace Everett, S67 Greenwich sue" K?n?
olD SawWSjS ?weei.issoie agent.
,J*^A-5?ce_?to|r7er b"?"1,c"~T,'**<:??iefNinuest>
t_u Tricopberous or medicated compound, are,
1. Its bracing, strrngthening^nd cbirifyqifT p'roperii?_ -
2. Its gently stimulating the action of the skin; '
S. Its prrvtlucing aud encouraging a rmction'in tW ?,ni_
or root, and particularly in the pulp, which receives ihe
vessel*, and nerves, giving life ami vigor to the hair;
**? Its equalizing the circulation of lb? fluids;
5. Ils freeing the -km from the effects of perspiration
scarf and dandi?I? and disposieg- the hair lo eoi!;
t?. Aihl its fr?.-queal use will preserve ibe hair in be-uu
?nd heaith to |he lasest period of life.
Those wlto wi<h to become who?t-saU? or retail agent
will apply to ihe proprietors, or by letter, rat ihe hair-cut
m<z rooms 1-46 Broad way, corner of Liberiy-st., up stairs
"?****_??<_ to keep in any climate. n? Im
(ffW.C, Rayner, r eactier of tbe Piano Forte
*?*rgen. andlMnging, No. 22 First Avenue. olS lm*
HT Third Congressional Dietrict.-The D?
mtocratic Whig Electors of tbe First, Secend, Third, Poort
and Fifth Wank ?f this City are retpjefted to meet at th
Shakspere Hotel, eorn.r of William and Dnane-sis. (Fourt
Ward,) on Thursday Evening, the27ih instanL at7.}o'de.l
to receive the Repon of the Convention appointed u> seiet
a suitable person to represent this District in tbe next Cor
gress, and for the transaction of other business.?New-Yori
October 24,1842. By order of tbe Convention.
George Rowland, i ?r-,e.arip
T. L. Carman, ? Secretaries. o:5 3l
?T-TS?xlh Congrejmional DiatricU?The Dem?
cratic Whig* of the Eleventh, Twelfth, Fifteenth, Sixteen!
and Seventeenth Ward?, comprising this Di?_iict, and a
others who are in favor of; Protecting our Laboring Mei
Mechanics,Manufacturer*, Merchants and Agriculturists b
a TARIFF ; of a Sound National Currency, an equal Di
tribution of the Proceeds ol the Sales of tbe Public Lan?:
among the States, and of HENRY CLAY for our next Prt
sident,' are requested to atiend a public meeting to be hel
at Constitution Hall, No. C50 Broadway, on FRIDAY EVE
NLNG next, the ?th of October, at 7j o'clock, P. M, t
hear tbe Report of the Nominating Committee for theSixti
Congressional District. By order of tbe Convention.
George W. ..tlrces, Secretary. o26 3t*
"Tr Eigli?h Wa_r_L?The Democratic Whig Execn
live Committee will meet nt ih?* Howard House Till.?
EVENING at 7 o'clock, on business of importance.
By order. JOS. N. BARNES, Chairman.
A. H. S.O.TENKURCIt, _ e_________ -
H. D. Moore. 'j.Secretarle,.. o2fi
CO" Sixteenth Ward.?Tbe Democrati.* Whigs o
the Sixteenth Ward are rerjuested to assemble at Hazel
ton's, corner ol Sixth Avenue and Seventeenth street, o:
Friday Evening, the 28th inst, at 7 o'clock, for the pur^o-??
sf forming in Pr??ce?_i-';on tn meet our Whig hretlire? oi tin
Sixth Congressior-al District, at Coust .utional Hall, Broad
way, tfi respond to the nomination of Members of Congre*.
from this District.
J. P. CUMMINC, . c ?,__,?.:?.
Z. Hawkins, j Seeretanett. _ o26 St
HT The importance which all ages have to tin
Head of Hair is a clear index of the value set upon person
al figure, and when by some capricious freak cf Natur?
tbe human form is deprived of ils fair proportion, Art is re
sorted to, in order, by artificial means, to supply the defi?
ciency. Hence have arisen thost* wonderful discoverie<
which bid Nature defiance. Barry. Ventilating and Gos?
or real beads of hair, which only can be bad at 146 Brow'.
way, corner of Liberty street, up stairs. o2_> lm
17 The Mill will commence grinding next week.
The Judges ot the Marine Court ami also those of the
Common Ple-is will set aside all other business lor that por
po.?.-. Where a citizen swears the applicantstraigbt tbroagi;
the fee.? are ...2 50. Where tbey fatter about swearing to ;i
fixe year? re->id?-nce the price is higher, but no impediment:
thrown in tbe way. A liberal discount on wholesale orden
from Tammany Hall or from tbe Whig Head Quarters.
_ o26!w-*
J /' The Broad tray .Vaxhin^ton Temper?
ance i-tociety will meet this (Wednesday) evening, al
their room, Concert Hull, No. 40t* Broadway', at 7 o'cloc.:.
The Addresses and Singing will be of the first order.
N. B. Tlie Lady Br??adway Society will meet at Coucerl
Hall on Tuesday evening, I?. o| November.
o2Glr LEBBEUS CHAPMAN, Secretan*.
O* Grand Temperance Concert.?The Hand
and Hand Temperance Society will give a Grand Concert
This Evening, at7| o'clock,al their'Hall, corner of Dey
and Wasbinglon-sireeu. Messrs. Missing, Murphy, Covert
May, Labars, and oilier celebrated Singers, will be present
Mrs. McDoua! will preside at the Piano. o26 li*
Jasiab Richards. Auctioneer.
O" Extensive Sale of Val Nable London
aad American Books?.?BANGS, RICHARDS i:
PLATT, 19G Broadway, will se 1 THIS EVENING, at (H
o'clock, an extensive collection of popular English and
American Books, perfectly new, by the single copy oi in
quantities, including many of the mon expensive and best
Wot Its issued from the American Press.
HT Further particulars, see advertisement under auction
O" Catalogues are now ready, and the Books arranged
fjr examination. o.*?)
O* French Language?Menescn's Oral and Prac
tical System. The subscriber, fully instructed by the l.te
John Manesca in the use of his system, is forming a second
Evening Class, which will commence ?in lb?- 1st November.
Genilemen wishing to join will pluase call and enter their
A Lady's Class has inst commenced, which a few mort
eau join. A second Lady, cliss will commence?-?n ih? i?i
o24eod.lt_^ 7G Franklin.
O* Licb?g**) Agricultural Cheiniatry?a most
important and valuable work for Farmers, Gardeners, ami
others. f-r the threat labor and research exhibited in if?
pages?will be published on WEDNESDAY MORNING,
October 2311?, m a douille octavo nnmli. r nl Hi?- *M. u-.W.,____!
at th?'low price ol 26 cents per cop)*, neatly stitched in
AirenLs are r? quested to send in their orders. For $1 by
mail, free of po-lagc, five copies will be forwarded.
Address J. WINCHESTER, Publisher.
o25 2i _ 3-1 Ann-streat, New-York.
O* Boarding.?A gentlemen and bis wife, and a few
single gentl.'men, can be accommodated with board and
pleasant rooms at No. 12 City Hall Place. Reference*
exchanged. o 18 2w*
? Ml ? -
HT The ?ircctorM of me NEW-. ORE LYCEUM
respectfully infyrn* the pul?li<* that the Fourni Annual
Conrse of Lectures before thai ?nstituitoil ?.till be delivered
intbe BROADWAY TABKRNACLE.on WednesdayEzm
ing of each week. cnmr.iencing November 2.
Discourses will he delivered by ihe following gentlemen,
_T?r. _.di_ci_??j/--Hy SAML. II. COX, D. D.
One Lecture?lion. HUFUS CH0ATE,(U. S. Senator from
One Lecture? Hon. LEV1 WOODBURY, (U. S. Senator
from Naw-Hampsbire,) *-n the " L'nceriainiics ?f History,
their evils and their cures "
Four Lectures -G EO. BANCROFT, Esq., on"' American
One Lecture?Rev. Dr. DE WITT, on the " History oi
New York."
One Lecture-Prof. ALONZO POTTER, (of Union Col?
lege) on "Self-Culture Exemplified."
One Lecture?Rev. WILLIAM HAGUE, (ol Boston) or,
" Preparation to see the World."
One Lecture-GEO. W. BETH?NE, D. D., on
One Lecture?CHAS. FAMES. E>q , on the ?? Emiy Elo?
quence of the Christian Church."
One Lecture? Rev. J. H. PERRY, (formerly Colonel in the
the Texian Army,) on tin- " History ol il e Revolution in
Texas, closilli will! Ihe battle of San Jacinto." illustrated
with a Diagram.
One Lecture? HENRY GILES, ?s?_., on " Peculiarities o
the Irish Character."
One /?.ciurr-HORACE GREELEY, E*q.,on
? iher distinguished gentlemen are expected to Lecture
should opportunity occur. There will also be, tlurin? ihe
season, one or iwo Debutes, conducted by members ol the
Tickets admitting a Lady ond Gentleman.S3 l?fl
??Do. to members, admitting a Lady ami Gentleinan.fSOO
Ladies' Tickets.$1 i'0
To be obtained nt the Lyceum, 411 Broadway, of J..L.
Sulisbury, Treasurer, Broadway, corner ol White-sireei,
nnd at Saxton ?c Miles'*. 205 Broadway.
Per oribr, ISAAC T. SMITH. President.
L. G. Forman, Record in?; Secretary. o26 7_?
HT Mr. Covert'?. Temperance Concert.?Mr.
Covert's notic?'in your p?]H?r this (Toesday) morning i<
ca'cu'ated to leave a wrong 'nipre_s-on upon the minds oi
those who may read it. 1 therefore propose to ask him
(Mr. Covert) through your paper the following ques ions:
Had be ever obtained permission to bold a concert in said
Church.' Had any other individual obt-inr? consent tor
him? If so, of whom.'' Had be ever notified any individ
ual nttach?*d to such Church thai he intended to give a con?
cert in that bouse.' Ha<! any mcividual done >o for b m ? Il
so, name him. What right had he t?> expect the house
would lie opened for him, or that he should bave a notice
that it would roi be.' I was pre*ent myself on Monday
evening, 17th inst., and beard the President give notice that
the Columbian Society would not bold their regular meet?
ing on the _lth instant, bot cave no notice ai that time that
Mr. Co vet t Would hold a concert there on tint ?veiling.
Does Mr. Covert expect l at any it.dividual who can sing
a sont, has a light t?> give notice in The Organ that be will
give a temperance concert iu the Chu-ch corn.-r of Chrys
lie and Delancy streets, and that the Trustees of said
Church are bound to examine the papers tor such n.tice,
and light up the bou?e for their nccommo'Jaiioii ? I assure
the public that ibe onl.? n -tice K?.e?. to the Trustees, or
any indivitluul member of them, wns a repon from the col?
ored ??erson having charge of the house, that a young lady
laid 1er on Thursday last there was to be a concert in the
Church on Monday evening, for tbe benefit of a man in
Brooklyn. If ihe President or any individual member of
the Columbian Temperance Society gave Mr. Coven per?
mission to hold bis concert in the Church, will tbey pirase
state what right they had ui do so without ?a forming the
Trustees of the lact? and if they did take that liberty, what
right they had to expect the bous?* lighted without giving
notice in du?* tune to bav? it prepared '. A Tristee.
N. B Mr. Covert's statement that notice was 4_ive_ in the
hearing of tbe T ustees that such a ?-??ncert would lake
place,is entirely without foundation; and ?hen the Trust?
ees diu accidentally hear of it, a lei ter w* immediately put
in the office directed to P. ii. Manchester, No. 211 Third
avenue. S. W.
Tb??? concerts given of ?ate umler ihe name of Temper?
ance Concerts are but little belter than mere buffoonery*
and exctie the same applause tbat would ari>e from the
same Jim Crow performance in the most common place ol
amusement in the city, and many of them no more to do
with temperance than what you may hear in /bv rircu* or
porter bouse. mm?? o36 Ui^ltos
HT Good Offlee? to I?et at fair rent? in the build
ingNo. 79 Nassau-st, just now enlarged and improved.?
Tbey are well located, pieasant and commodious. oJStf
HT Mr. CoYcr.*? Temperance C-oncerx
(??Inch ?-oubl cot be given on Monday evening, t**e Chord:
being wliboat notice rlosed against him)?will lake nlac.
on Friday evening, 23l_. at tlie Saloon ol Washington Hotel
Broadway. o26 St*
HT Remember the KeusoTa! ol* the ?Real
* un? phi ne Oil, Spirits an-! l?npn?v.?i Burner, to La
r??yeue Hull. 597 Broadway, opposite Niblo's, at prices re
, daced nearly 50 per cent. G. W. McCRKDY.Jr.
olalrn (2)
?^ &? Tailor? nnT flair Drc*_*e*re.-Im
proved Camphene Spirit Lamps, made expressly to woik
y*_- , J?' c**,t"Pt'--??e of supenor qualitv. by
05 ?**-? Q. MICflELL, 3 Catharine st.
FT Fall Style o? Gentlemen _ HatM.-B.RD
corner of Pine and Nassau-streets, has now ready for in?
spection and sale ihe Fall Standard Pattern for Gende?
r-en's Hals. 06 FSM&W
FT Spencer announces to gentlemen that his arrange
ments are now completed for supplying according to pre?
vious ini_?don, _ nst Fira Hat at a price ($S __)
which shall render it emphalically the cheapest as well ss
lowest priced Gendemen's Fur Hat ever on saie in this
?ty. It is prepared "in the same style -which characterizes
our tine?t anicle, and like that article is offered at a pnce at
which it ?anjiot be continued without an unusually rapid
sale. The undersigned with al! confidence affirms it to be
for ihe gentleman and economist ihe most desirable Fur
H ai y et offered. (o_0u) SPENCER, 245 B road w ay.
FT Orlando F it* It, Fashionable Hatter, 137 Broad
! way, would inform the gentlemen of New-York that his
Fall and Winter style of Hats is now ready fer their inspec?
tion and critical judgement. Claiming the distinction of
having been the ?rat to project and abide by a strictly
America:?' style of Hats, instead of servilely copying the
Fashion? of Europe, which are often unsui'.ed to our cli?
mate and manners, he rejoices to perceive that others have
seen fit to follow his lead, and lhat now the following of
European Fashions in Hals is almost entirely abandoned by
the leading manufacturers.
He offen? a Winter style of Gentlemen's Nutria Hat? at
$3 50, and warrant?; them equal in material, finish, fashion
and durability to any Hat sold a? low as $4 in the city.
But he wish?? it distinctly understood that his best Hats are
not sold at ibis price, bul at $4 50. These he recommends
as equal to any hat sold in New-York al $5 or under, and
eludientes for diem a comparison with any other.
QeaUemen voting our city are respectfully invited 10
rail and examine his new ?lock 01" Winter hats and judge of
their quality. He is confi-Vnt lhat, whether ih- cheapest ot
Ihe best Hat Is desired, the inquirer will here be satisfieiL
Try him. (s20tj )_O. FISH. 1S7 Broadway.
FT t'miiiut. Fimhionnblc -Intfrr, '?SO
Grand-Street, would inform the gentlemen of" New-York
lhat his fall and winter style of H:ils are nw ready lor
Uieir inspection.
In strict accordance with the true principies of economy,
the subser?er has introduce.! fur the economist a beauti?
ful, fine finished, Fur Hat at ihe low price of $4, which he
unhesitatingly affirms isequ.il to those soldln more expensive
parts of the city at $4 50 and $5. Persons who hat*, been
in the habit of pay Jag the latter prices (or uieir Hats can
now furnish Ih?rmselves wi.h an ar.icle equal in every re?
spect for the sum of four dollars. To diosc who wish a'low
priced Hat he offers a fine, finished, substantial article of
Fur Hats at $3, equal to those sold for $3 50, or even the
famous $3 62 J- Hat. Also, a complete assortment of Silk
Hats, at extremely low prices.
0I8 lm CON ANT, 280 Grand-street.
? ~%nm
FT Fur -Mats at **.*5 50.?The subscriber having
had a number of application, for a FLU HAT, combining
the qualities of beauty and ?iui-ali.liiy. at a reduced price,
has made arrangements with his manufacturers by which he
will be enabled, oa Wednesday next, Oct. 12lh, lo offer to
his numerous customers, and ihe public generally, an arti?
cle which, for finerinss of material and beauty of finish, he
feels confident will be equal, if not superior.iiii ny thins of
ihe same description lhat has, as yet, been ofltred. The
subscriber will not in.?ult an intelligent public by saying, in
the language of an advertiser who claims to regulate (!) the
fashions, lhat the article now offered is the same as that
formerly sold for six and ?ven ?even dollars; still, he 1ms
no hesitation in asserting that it is icorth at least twelve and
a helf per cent more than ihe price asked. He is also pre?
pared lo sell a CASSIA!ERE HAT of superior quality at
the same price, for which, together with an ?-?sorimeiii o I
Satin Beaver, Moleskin, and extra fine Fur Hats, ho solicits
a ?liare of public patronage.
old lm S. WlNTE_RTON, 166 Canal-.???., N. Y.
I_* Fall Fa-hion Sla.r_ now ready?Watson'
Silk Hats, only ?2.50, are recommended lo die public not
only for economy but as possessing all the elegance of con?
tour of the most co.tly ; combining utility with beauty ; ihis
article cannot rail u> commend itself tu the connoisseur as
well as economist Also, Moleskin Hals, atfJ-.OO; Beavers
at $4.50; Cassimere and Nutria Hals, at ???'?.50 each: these
are bis standard prices, anil h>* need only remark that by
cmfining hhnsell to one quality and price for each descrip?
tion ol hals, he is enabled to furnish a superior article at
prices far below those at which Hats of the same descrip?
tion are now vending by other manufacturers.
A steady and permanent increase ol patronage for the
last 7 years is a sufficient indication of public judgement,
and constitutes die best test ot their ments.
Wholesale and retail, at WATSON'S, 154 CValham-st-,
and 160 Bowery. istf
?Bit -
FT Economy and I" a?", ton .?Superior Imita?
tion Moleskin Hats, cloth unite.- brims, at the extreme low
price e.f ?2 50. Also a very good article at $2, war
ranted fur hodie?*. Fine Cassimere Hats reduced to
$3 50. II in any instance the above Hals do nol give satis?
faction to the wearer he can be fully satisfied by giving in
formation to J. W. KELLOGG, No. .32 Ca nal-st.,
08 lm* ^^^ c:>rner of Thompson.
FT ffwonratid'rt. Pendre Snbt?le, for completely
and permanently -radicating superllunus human hair from
female?' upper lip.?, in? Inir concealing a broad and eleva
led forehead, die?tul.borii benrd of man, or any kind of su?
perfluous hair. Be sure 10 get the genuine at ihe original
office, 07 Walkei -street, ont? door from Brnadwny.
$1 pur botile?Dlrec'inns French and English."
Agents?Guilrie, 4 Maiden-lane, Albany ; Myers, New
Haven; Brown,**- Cbeanux street, Philadelphia ; Jordan,
2 Milk-street, Boston; Gray, Pouchkeepsie ; Elliott, fin
then; Wrlls *. Humphrey?. Hariford, _c. ol3 lm
ID" S-eaitti? ?fun-i __a cumf<??. -?-<- etrm
liHin House,63 Barclay-st. New-York, proifers advantagi's
in Strangers slopping a' lew days or weeks in the city, such
as are rarely offered. It is eligibly located, on a clean and
diry street,"very near the business pan of ihe city, and i*-.
ihe immediate vicinity ol the principal steamboat landings,
lis apartments are convenient and neat, while its table ?>
supplied will, ihe best Vegetables and Frnils that can be
procured, excluding entirely Animal Food and Stimulants
of all kinds. Charges mod?r?t?;?($1 to $1 25 per day for
lran<ien*.)??oil ev??ry effort mail?? tn render Bwarders com
forcible. Shower Baths free. Remember G3 Barclay-st.
D* Gonraud's -.Ian?? D'Espagne, forimprov
ing the complexion is recommended to ihe Ladies wi.htr.?
utmost degree of confidence as the m?i?t exqui?ite produc
1 ion in tbe universe for beautilying the skin, without the
possibility of doing iht? slightest injury. The common arti?
cles of this description give a cadaverous and unnnlural
whiteness to the skin, while on the contrary, the Blanc _'?
E-pagne, which is not a nead while, but a natural, lively,
fair flesh color, communicates tin? most brilliant an?. Batumi
fairness lhat can possibly be conceived, and possesses this
pre-eminent excellence, lhat it is not be discovered !>v ihe
most scrutinizing observer, hut looks like the native Bloom
of Health, liken trom tbe n?-ck of Youth and Beauty. Put
up in handsome boxes at 25 cents each, and 10 be had only
al 07 Waiker-stri-et, 1 dnnr from Broadway. The rapid
sale this article lins obtained since its introduction is the
be?t test of its merit. Lidies are yon aware that the aniel.?
called "flake while" is prepared from Corrosive Sublimate,
a deadly poison? o22 lm
- m?? -
FT Gonraiid'n Eaufde Beaut?, for thoroughly
exterminating tan, pimples, freckles, sallowness.and all cu?
taneous eruptions. This heautiful cosmetic is too well
known to need another word. The genuine is to he had at
the original office, 67 Walker-street, one door from Broad?
way. $1 per bolile. 0l2 I tais
Pa-Mengcr** Arrived
In the ship Trny.irom London?J. G. Lines, W. Nichol?
son. T. Tcoih.and 62 in thesteerage.
In the ship Florida, irom Antwerp?Mr. Tompkins, Mr.
Blanchard, Mon??, de la Place, and S.' in ibe steerage.
In ihe ship Queen Vitoria, from New Orleans?Mr. J.
_????-????__*;??.?-? Hailed
In die ship Catherine, for Charleston? W Heyward and
lady, H. Hey ward and lady, it- Lownde?, lady, iwo rliild
ren'aiid nurse. Mr. Reynoli.s and lady, Mr. Camp and lady,
Mr. Bnbrock. lady, lour children and servant, Urs. GU>ver,
Mrs. Ewan. Mrs. I'erkins, two children and servant, Mrs.
Dogal, two Misses Du Prie, two Misses Smyth, ?Miss Day,
Messt".?. Hohn, ."?niitli, Anderson, and 16 in the steerage.
Iiiil:. packet ship Iowa, for Havre?Charlas Nichols, L'.
S. Consul at Amsttrdain, lady and daughter; Charles Keut
gen, 01 Germany; Joseph G. Meige. Mr. Penre, J. Seroose,
France; Peter Huhne. Miss Holme, Mrs. T. C. Graff, W.
Craig Wharion, Philadelphia; Mrs. A. Keteira, Li-on Hen
nequni. E. llemerli-g, ?Mrs. (Jaron. Mis. C. L ni. Brown,
James L. Schienelin, Jas. it. Buck, New-York; Dr. Charles
Carier. W. IL Haqall. Virginia; Mrs. i- Beninger, Balii
more; ?r. R. V. Hutu, Kentucky; J.Kirkman,Jr., Alabama;
D. Acosta, New Grenada.
TH. S..1 1 THC MIO!? I FC-JL St*?.
tibe? C4t?SeU 5 16?Ri?e? il 8 | Morn 5 J? Mor. 0 57
Latest Dates.
LONDON.Oct. 4.H?V_E.Oct. 2
Ship European, McLeP.an, New Orleans, Badger- Peck.
Ship Eliza Ann, Marshal!, ot Salem, from Palang, 24lh
June. Isle o? France, -0th July, with coffee, lo Youngs k
Jen kit, of Salem.
Ship Troy, Hills from London, Portsmouth,3d October,
and the L'iard the 4th, with 73n sovereigns to J. Mary _.
Ship Sarah ??. Arscilia, of Bristol. R. I., Fletcher, from
Lindon, wi h mdse. lo Boyd _ Hinckea. Oct. 7th, Wm.
M. N~lson, seaman ot Portland, was washed overboard and
Ship Calboun. Myers, 7 days from Charl slon, w'lh cot
ion to G. Sutton.
Brig Roarer, Corning, 21 days ?"rom Para, with md?e. to
E. Coming O Sen.
Brig Timoleon, Shinn, 24 days from Nantes, with mdse.
lo B. R.chard".
Br. brig Corsair, Dorm?n. 51 days frnm Newport, Wales,
wilh coal to master.
Brie Morning Star, Merry, Georgetown, wilh lumber to
' Badger!. Peck.
Sehr Palestine, Stevenson, Richmond, with ccal to A. B.
j Cooley *_ Co.
Sehr. Marv Bright, Bright, Havre de Grare, wiib iron to
j A. B. Cooley ?_ Ct?,
Br. sehr Lady Mary, Axtell, 13 day3 from St. Johns N. F.
! in ballast, to Dur.scouit, _ Beckwiih.
Srhr Samuel A. Appleton, Nickerson, from Bostok, widi
i mdse.
Sehr Dove, William?, from Chesapeake, with cram to N.
B. Fr.x.
Sehr Qa.-.r.tie.i, from Chesapeake, wi?i graia to N B. Fox.
BeloA?1 Snip, 1 Bark and 2 Brigs.
CapL Malletl of ship Qaeen Victoria, boarded the wreck
j ot the sehr Fancy, CapL Cogswell, Oct. lb, lat. _S, 15, long
j 82,23, and took from her the captain and crew, six in cum
' j ber. The F. was from Pensacola for Newport, R. ?-. bac
lost her masts iu the galeot ihe night previoos?the F. wbe.
abandone?.! had 3 feet water in her hold.
x-'I?-Sh I y Important to the Affl? eted.-Corr
, sumption. Rheumatism aad Dyspepsia cured without the
tr-onble and expense of emigrating South during the winter
i to a >"? est India climate.
I . P ? ?_________! Tno^s--?y, ?343 Broome?sn*eet, two dtsors from
, the Bowery, has discovered, by a long course of successfnl
i tre-*U3ent, that the? formidable complaints can be cured at
the No.-Ui daring the winter, without the trouble of emi?
grating Soutb. By calling at the office, those abided as
? above can receire the most __t_nactory explanations a?d
abundance of reference as to ibe safety and success of ?he
; plan adopte?.. Bleeding at tbe Langs stopped instaote*
and toe cough t-eiisoTed m a short time bv tbirplan. Call
? at the effice and see the patienta now coder treatm?.nt? a??
: interne-*.; will be- most satisfactorv to tbe enquirer, and will
| cost nothiKg. One vixii will be made gratis- bv rhe Doctor
, within the bound? of tbe City, to any patient that mav wish
: an explanation of the s_f.ty and success of his treatment. i>"
j the patient is r?_t able to call at the office. Hi?Lly compli
, mentap- letter- to ihe Doctor may be seen a: the otSce
j from ihe kin__s of France and Prussia : also, a massive __a?d
medal trw-xi Louis Philippe. o22 tw*
! HT Highly Important to the Afflicted.-A
I short report o! recent cures performed at 343 Broo___e-<-tr.et.
bv Doctor John Thomson. New York. Oct. 24th, 1342.?
Tnismay cert;ty that I have txen troubled for nine yeah?
witnthe iiv.r complaint, dvspeps'ia. and general debilitv
through rr.y who?e nervous system, with many w_a_.lv
complaints peculiar lo females during which time I have
been a great su?erer, both in bodv ami mind. I have era
plwyed lour different physicians without anv lasting beneftL
I cabed upon Doctor Thomson last week'and have since
followed his ?lirections rigidlv, and mv improvement ha?
been so sudden and rapUl that I now feel better than I have
before ic two years. 1 believe from the evidence I bave
seen at tne Doctor's office of the success of Ins practic
.?nct* he rame to this citv, two months and a half, no one
woultl regret the time and trouble after baviug paid him a
visit. MANY B. BROWN, 223 Twentieth street.
. "-fH-T -?S****-**??' CoIc* Spr.ng*?, S3VS in his statement
dated Oct. 22. that he hid been aiEicted for tbe past three
months with the rheumatism, weakness of the stomach and
general debility to that de;ree that he bad done but two
wfeks work lathe time. He employed three physician.?
without any benefit That he cahed upon Dr. Thorn??
and m four days placed him in better health than he had
enjoyed bet?re in three month?. See his certificate at the
ottice. James Cage ot C?ld Spring?, testifies bv D?niel
Molyneaux that he had been ia miserable health for the last
three years?that he bad been attended by several physicians
ami toun.l no relief?that be called upon Doctor Thornton
on the 9th of October and staid until the 15th, sii days
when be reiurneti home. On the 21?t he .?ent -*ord to Dr!
T. that he hail that day dus. 14 bushels of potatoes, and'
should ?o to work in the Furnace on Monday tbe 24th. S??e
hi? certificate by Da?iel Molyneux, dated Oct. _2d.
The lady of the Rev. Wm 'Nanscawen, of New Utrecht
Kings county, L. I., late of the Staie ol Georgia, bad been
afflicted with cou?*b, dyspepsia, and general debility for
eight years, an?i had employed ten of the best physicia-.s
in the vicinity where she resided without advantage; re?
moved to New Y?-rk in May last, employed Doctor Thom?
son in August, and she was restored to better health ia two
weeks th m she had enjoyed bet?r? in eight vean?. Rel'er
enc", Mrs. Lucky, 347 Broome street, wtitre she then te
Mde?J. or at present t. themselves, at New Utrecht. See
certificate dated Oct. lOtli.
A daughter of J. Paul Jones, H3 Heniy-street, aged 16
year., had been seriously articled with piles, debility ami
genera! d?rangement of the digestive origans. She was so
bad that she wouiii have fainting fits and much weakness
of body. Doctor Thomson's remedies have restored her to
belter health iban she has ever tnjoyed in her life before.
See certificate dated Sept. 21st.
Owen Egberts, 220 Centre-street, was severelv attacked
wifb the bleeding pilrs, would ofteH lose a pint o?" Wood or
more at once, and Dr. Thomson restored him to good
henlth in on? week. See certificate dated Oct. 2Ud.
Elizabeth Paul of We?tche*.ter. has been troubled Torsev
er-?l years with bleeding at the nose, dvspep?ia, nervous de?
bility and swelling of the limbs. She found no relief irom
the remedies she had taken. She called upon Dr. Thomson
on the 13th and stopped near two weeks anti tound herself
restored to better health than she had enjoyed before in two
years. . See certificate ?laud Oct. ?3d.
Tbe foll'iiving are a few persons among many that have
been under Dr. Th'mson's care: ttev. J. D. Williamson.377
Broome street, N. Y ; two Messrs. H?*xhursts, No. 23 Nor?
folk-street; Mr. McCnord, F.s?-ex street ; Mrs. M ussy, State
of Maine; Mrs. Brundage, Huron, Ohio; N. H. Cu'lworth,
Baltimore, Md.; Mr. Barrett, Suten Island; Mr. Gilespie.
Grand-street. A mass of other testimony may be seen at
the office. Also, letters from the Kings of France and Prus?
sia to Doctor John Thomson, accompanied by a massive
gold medal from Louis Phillippe. Call at the office ami
see these things as it will cost nothing. Council and advice
gratis. o25 1 w
HT P&rt?cnlnr Notice.?Those persons ha?*in;
farniture of any description to dispose of, or who are break?
ing up house-keeping, will find.? ready sale far any portioc.
or all of their goods, by sending their address, or calhop
odit- the subscriber. Goods lo any amount purchase?!.
je20 tf V. COLTON n. CO.. 137 CUatlram?...
On tne 25i? October, by B. F. Barrett, Minister of the
New Jerusalem Church, Mr. George Graham to Miss Mary
Doak Prentice, daughter of Mr. John Prentice, all of Provi?
dence, R. I.
On Monday. 24.h inst. at St. Johns Chapel, by the Right
Rev. Bishop Ond Tdonk, Samuel S. Tiffany, and Isabella
E., daughter of thr Rev. Wm. Cooper Mead, D. D.
At Rolland, Vu, on tbe I8ib Oct. by the Rev. William
Mitchell, the Rev. A G. Pease, of Pittsford, to Miss Anne
Pase, daughter of Win. Page, Esq , Cashier of ihe Bank of
Oa tlie 24th of October, John M. Uavvkes, aged 25 years.
HiiJrierj?!?-?otl ihe irienils of ibe fiin.i!?.? are respectfully
invited lo attend bis lunerai from the late residence, No. .8
Hami!ton-s!. to-day al 3 o'clock P. M. *
On Tuesday morning, Oct. 25. Mrs. Mary Cook, in tue
53th year of l.er age.
The friends end acquaintances ol ibe f.imily are requested
to attend the funeral lo-morrow (Thursday) afternoon, at 3
o'clock; from No. 46 Elizabeth-street.
O* ?bio papers please copy.
On Tuesday, Oct- 25, Sarab, wife of Richard Thompson,
in the 45th year of her age.
Tbe friends of tbe family are invited to altead the fune?
ral from the residence of her husband on Thursday, at 3
o'clock, from 33 Orchard-st.
On the 2tih October, Emma, daughter of Warren and
Catherine E. Brody, aged 4 months.
Tbe friends and acquaintances of the family are respect
fully invited ?o attend Her funeral this afternoon at 2 0'clo-k,
Irom l__lb._ beiw?eii 3d and -lib avenues.
On Tne-d.y morning, Oct. 25ih, of bilious fever, in the
5th year ol her a_e, Jo-ephine Granade, daughter ol John
and Margaret A. Willard.
Funeral thi* afiernooon at 4 o'clock, from tbe house of
her grandfather, Daniel Stanbuiy, XI Amos-street. The
friends of the family are invited to attend.
On Mo?. l?y,Oct. 24, James Edward Cornell, M. D., aged
40 years.
On Monday, Oct. 24. Mis. Hannah Ford, In the iCOlh
year of her age.
Her friends and relativ.? are respectfully invited to attend
her funeral, at half past l? o'chek this morning, from the
residence of Mr. John Braisled, No. 23 Lewis-st.
On Monday, Oct. 24, Sarah B., wiieol Robert Shankland.
0.1 Monday, Oct. 24, of consumption, Herman Retan,
age?) 42 years.
On Monday, Oct. 24, Mary, wife of Bernard Fox, in the
?iiih year of her age.
Ob Sunday, Oct. 23,Gaspard Richard,anativeof Geneva,
Switzerland, aged 77 years.
Al Mobile, Oct. 15,ol yellowfr.er, Mr. JeromeB. Wood,
ol New-York.
At New Orleans, Oct. 13, of yellow Over, George liu
horn of East Bridgewater, Mass., in the 231 ye.r of tiisage.
TTCTILSON G. HUNT & CO. have now
T T on hand a large a--.rtn.ent of the above Goods,
consisting of the mo.?t desirable styles, tor sale in quantities
to suit purchaser, at 461 Pearl .treet, corner of Chatham
street. ol lm* 1st ad *
WANTED?A young man about 15
years old lo attend a store. One that would consid?
er his board a compensation for his servi es for the present.
A good recommendation required. Inquire at 125 Maiden*
Lane, cp stairs, between 10 and 1 o'clock. 1"
SINGING BY'?^T?^Tli?7_i_b8criber
will commence the only additional class which his time
will allow, fjr this season, on Hsnday Evening, Oct. 31-4.
ai 7} o'clock. Room No. 145_ Fulton-street. Term, 12 Les
sons. Tuition very low. Those wishing to learn are in?
vited lo come In. The first evening/V?.
Translator o? Kubier. Vocal Element?, and
0..6 StW.F-kM* several other German Musical Works.
ment, No. 93 Church-st., (B?-tween Reade and
Chambers-sis.)?Gentlemen furnishing their own good? ran
have them made up in the most fashionable French ?Ule,
? heaper than ever o_JVr?*d before in this city.
Ov?-rcoa_s made and trimmed $1 M
Frock coats >? ?** '**? 7 50
Dre.?_ coats '? " ?* 6 50
Vests and pants, $1 75 to 2 00
N. B. Repairing done m the neatest manner.
o2x5 2w"_SAMUEL WYANT.
DIVIDEND.?The Board ?of Directors
of the National Fire Insurance Company in tbe City
of New-York have this day declared a dividend of Four
per ce?u on ihe Capital Stock, payable to the stockholders
on and -ifter the lir?t day of November next, at tbe office of
the Company, No. 43 Wall-street. New-York, Oct. 25lh,
15-42. J. W. SAVAGE, Secretary.
N. B. Transfer Books closed nil 1st Nov. o26 2weodis
The Anti-Angular System of Writine.
R BRISTOW, of London, respect
fully in orms the Ladies and Gentlemen ot New
York and Brooklyn that his cl .ss?s, Day and Evening, have
comtnenred for the season, and tbat he has reduced ?*.?lvrms
one balf?to Six Dollars.
GtT.tlemt-n of all a_r<_*. are positively tan_rhi in twelve le?*>
soi.i a bald, free expeditious an?! finished Busin???? like style
of Writing, no matter ho?* bad, illegible, stiff or cramped
the writing may be. Set. specimens at tbe door, 235 Broad?
A neat and handsome, delicate and fasbionaWe rnnning
HT VISITORS in New-York can take a course in three
Dav. .?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 lo 1 A M , or from4 to 3
P. "M.
Ev*eo-.rig Clashes from 7 to 9.
Taught on a superior method, by ciouble and single entry
scientifically md pracrii-al.y.
n> C ? f\? 9 ?n *n-?) ?^ 1
Ant**** system of 'die art of Writing Short-hand, for taking
down Lectures,Sermons, Trials at Law,_x. tc tanghljxr
/_i*r."_/ by Mr. Briiajw, in one course of lesions! at 285
Srradway. See a specimen.
N. B. A work ?f the aatbor is presented to every papil
for their permanent guide. ol3 MWfcF lm
Broad wav, opt-??te St. P-dI*? Cb_re_.
Day vtsiters ad_itted the same evening tree.
Dr. Vi.L_?TfNE.the del?eatnr of American pt?c?_l__it??,
whims and oddities, will give his short lecture on the BEN?
CHINESE FIREWORKS.-These beautiful work, _f
art were exhibited by the late Mr. MaelrteL
Signer *?it-di's Grand Mechanic*! Figures. Admittance
to the whole, museum, garden ard entertainments,25 cents.
Children half price. c_4
A TTRACTlONSl-^tran?er -till!?
LERY ?Broadway, opposite the City Halt?Mr. H. BE.N
NETT, Manager, rrspectfultv anaoances that be ha? en?
gaged trie: celebrated Mr. NELLIS, the Wc-ader of the
World, tvjrp without arms?Nature, in one of ber wayward
freaks, having deprived him of no??? useful append3g?*s.?
He can, however, accomphsh many feats th.t those po?*e*?
ed of bands are unable to execute. He will write, play
upon a variety ot musical instrument?, cut out prof.les, fire
on* a pistol, wind up a watch, hit a quarter of a dollar with
an arrow, and perform many ether wonderful exploits.
Mr. DEL.?.UE will give imitations of Henry Clav, _?.i
introduce the peculiarities of New-York Auciiocf ers. Mr.
COLLINS, the Comic Singer; Mrs. PHILLIPS, the much
admired Songstress: ?Mr. WRIGHT, the Falsetto Vocalist;
and Master YOUNG, the wonderful Wire Volante Dancer.
Glass-Blowing by Mr. Owens.
Admission to the whole, including Mawurn, Curiosities,
Picture Gallery and Performances. ON'K SH1LUNG.
There will be a Day Performtnce on Wednesday and Sat?
urday at S o'clock. The entertainments in the evening will
begin at 7j o-tick. o24
way. near Siuyvesant Institute ?Will opem this mor ??
ing widi a variety ot" FANCY GOODS, from die Auc?
tions, which will be sold low, vit:
An assortment of rich cap, neck and bonnet Ribbons, vel?
vet and lustring.
200 Silk and Velvet Points, from 2s to 6s.
20 dcz. Bajou's best quality Kid GUvt-s, .?honed, S_ to 4s.
100 pair black and white Satin Shoes, at Gs.
75 boxes German Cologne, 4s per box.
-.*> do?, best French To.letie Soap. 4s 6?1to 6s, per box.
Plain .-vn?l open worked Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs.
Figured Silk Mitts and Wris?et**.
75 French worked Cblmintlett, only fis each.
Worked Collars, Capes. Cuff?, Gaps ami Bands
Edgeing? and. Inserting?.
1 bread Laces ami Edgings, black Silk trimming L-ces.
Fringes for Dresses and Cardinals, black Gimps.
Fine French \\ reaths and Flowers.
Plaid Silks for lining?, i.e. kc
For sale by II. C. MOORE, as above,
o26_3us*_ and at 254 Bleecker-sL_
RE5LO?__L.?-TJans?2iL. & Bell, -taders
in Books and Stationery ? Law Blanks and Biank
Bouks, have removed to their tormer stand,No, 153 Nassau*
street, next door to the Tribune Otiice, where they will
keep a constant supply of every article in the Stationery
line, al the lowest market prices? o*? Iwis*
'O?rL^Al^^?H^T?ST-S FOP?,
for s?le m the lowest market prices at the old estab?
lished stnnd, 86 l*te<fde-Streets.
Dentists' Gold Foil, per oz.$26.00
" " les.* than oae oi. 28.(0
Gold Leaf proportionally low, of best quality, full size
3*j inches, deep color. (o26 2wis*) J. L- WAUGH.
it Barton's refined rolled Metal Tea sets, Coffee Urns,
Cnstors. Lamps, Spoons, Mugs, Music sud Coffin Plates, i.e.
for sale by the manutrtcturer's sole Agents,
o_6 MITCHELL h. WITHERELL, 94 John ?t j
XES?25 dozen Walden's broad and
narrow Axe?, for sale low by
SURGICAL PUMPS of a superior qu?l
ity, for sale by
o24 ' MITCHELL ?. WITHKRELL, 94 John st.
/^UJT NAILS, Tacks, ?pikes and -para
\y hies, for sale by MITCHELL _ WITHERELL,
o26 94 John street.
CO _TO^GINS;7li^d:and Power Cot
tor. Gin?, irom 14 t* 60 Saws each, with patent de?
tached milled gr.ites, manufactured liv Bates Hvde_Co,for
sale by MITCHELL- WITH ERELL, 94 johnsi. o26
patent Roller Gin for ?Iniog Soa Island Coiton.'far
sale by MITCHELL -. WlTHEKELL. 94 John-st. o26
Cla<sicnl and general Educaiion, 422 Hou?t-n-streei,
wilhin a few doors of Broadway?Rev. R. T. H?DDART,
The attention of the public is respectfully invited to the
advantages which this Institution oflers to those about tose
lect a school for their son?. The plan so long adopted, of
h_rinc an -ftert??i ?le-wion for study only, in re__larly pur
sued, thereby relieving parents Irom the tronbltrsomV task
of superintending the education of their children, whilst it
a-ion? in the day pupil alt the nsslnnnce of PrivateTuldon.
In order also to promote, to the utmost, the health of the
scholars, a system of physical Educaiion has been intro
duced which is calculated lobe ofessewinl benefit, and ha?
already received lb?* unqualified approbation of a number
of inrluenlt.-il Citizens; the various exercises of this depart?
ment are open to all. without extra charge. In ihr Com?
mercial study, strict attention is paid to rhe preparation of
youth for the counting-house ami store. The Classical and
Mathematical Courses hitve uniformly afforded .satisfaction
to those whose sons have been educit'ed at the institution.
For the Modern Languages particularly French, which is
taught to all, the best Professors are engaged.
A Preparatory School, in order to qualify boys for the
higher classes, has been in successful operation ?luring die
past year?the terms for which, as algo for hoarders under
twelve years of age, have been reduced. Circulars, cos
Mining full particular'?', can be obtained at any time .?n ap?
plication as above._o26 it*
?A great variety of new and splendid patters adapte..
to infants, children and hoys of all ages. Also, ladiei
Riding Caps ol very beautiful patterns, and gentlemen??
-porting and Dress Caps. The subscriber flatters himseil
he ha? ihe largest and liest assortment of Caps in die ciiv,
and B furth-r recommendation is the extreme mod?rai
prices at which thev are vended. Wholesale and retailat
WATSON'S, 154 Chatham-street, and
s8 istf 160 Bowery.
Gentlemen's Wardrobe.
Cash Purchases.? The subscriber invites the atten?
tion of his numerous pairons to his present extensive assoit
ment of Fall Goods, comprising the finest grades of
West of England and French Cloths, Cassimere?, Bea?
vers, Sic, Vesting- of the choicest styles and quality and
of infinite pattern and variety?all ot which he is prepared
lo umke up in the most elegant and fa?lionahle manner,
and at unusually low prices roa Cash.
The above Goods having beeu selected from the latwi
importations, and at the lowest cash prices, he pledges him?
self to furnish garments in a m inner observant of Hie same
superiority of workmanship, kc. that so long has character
hi? establishment, while he engages by his immense
reduction from lorraer charge?*, to at ?nee convince ihe cus?
tomer of ihe economy of rush purchases.
JAMES DAILY, Woolen Draper and Tailor,
o 10 I mis 2.17 Broadway, cor. of Park Place.
The subscriber respectfully informs his customers
and ihe public that be is now haking Larje Bread of a su?
perior quality, to suit the times, made of the besl brands of
flour ihe market can afford. The.weight will he, on and
alter Monday ihe 24th. as follows: tin? shilling weighing,
when baked, 72 ounces, or 4^ It?; the sixpenny U6 ounces
or 2* lbs: Rye and Graham Bread in proportion, am! of r/>
mixture, hut purely ihe best tl >ur ; also, a large a?v*rtnient
of Cakes superior in quality to any baked tu the city.
N. B. Parties supplied. C-ik?s baked, ice.? and orna
mealed lor families, at the shortest noiice. Dri- d Ku?k an.!
Cakes put up in i> e best manner for shipping.
JOHN SNECKNER, 210 Bowery,
o25 1\. ' oppn?ite Rivinifti?-St.
ATCIIES lower than ever.?In con?
sequence of the reduction of duties by the late
tariff the subscritver is selling his ?lock of Gold and Silver
Levers, Anchor Escnpemeni-, Lepine, and odier Watches
of new and splendid* patterns, and Jewelry at retail ??ta
considerable ret lue lion !rnm rormer prices, being much
lower, than they can be bought lor at nny other place in
the city. G .Id Watches as low as $**0 to ?_*? each.?
Wairhes and lewelry ?liehanded or bought- All wau-ho
warranted to keep good time or the money reiurned.
Waicbeii and Clocks repaired in the be?t manner, and war?
ranted, al much l.ss than the usual price?
G. C. ALLEN. I m porter of Watches and Jewelery,
ol7is U Wholesale and retail, 30 Wall-?t., up stair?.
AMBER SYRUP of superior quality for family u?*-,
tor sale in hhds , tierc?-s and barrels, at the American Sugar
Refinery, No. 28 Leocard-street, by
024 2w- _ TYLEE ?k MAPES.
SHORT STORIES and Short Profits.
PARKER it CO. are selhng gentlemen an elegant
They are the Hats lor economical gentlemen. Farther
comment i- unnece??ary.
Sales Boom corner of Centre-street and City HaU Piace,
opposite the Post Office._!__!____
To Let, a Store and Basement very advjn'ageo.s
-aied -ind weil adapted to Ihe aliove bu*ir.e*?i Pos?e?.
l?on-IU immediately:? App?y W T. McKLRATH. 160
N.< ts* u streei.__?__
FOR SALE or Exchange for a
??_ Farro?AgoodDwel?rg-H^useand Garden ground,
,.,.~ur 20 Lot?, in the Twelli? Ward of the City ot New
York, ?n the vicinity ot the Railrnad, ihe Crown Reservoir
an.l a Ferry across the Eurt River. Inquire at 77 Grand
street. west nf Broadway. oCS lm
MT OPHY-.IC1AN? .?'l'he H ou se and
Lot of a Physician residing in New-Jersey, aboui
12 miles from New York, ??offered for sale, in consequeace
of the impaired heattlt of the present occupant. Thetenn.'
will be as reasonable, -*>? the i?m?s are hard. For particu?
lar" apply to Dr. J. HOPPER, corner of Grand and Mul?
berry -??re? t?, New-York. The nvighborfat?<1 Is re*pee*??
b ?e -tnii inte-ligenl. and practice e_l*m?ive. o29 3l*
?FOR SALE?A Farm in New Ro
-ifco che lie, Westebester County, midway between White
Plains and New Rochelle, formerly owned by David Boo
neit, containing HO acre??, all arable I ?d, excepting about
len acres in wood. The farm has been laid ont in conven?
ient loti, and isin a high stat?* r-fcr_l.ivat.on. Terrasof sale
will be made easy for the pnreba-wr. A poly to
025 lm J. ADR1ANCE, 56 John st. N. Y.
BV DAVOOIr?^A"-*???<r.
?sien? 1?. ?!-c?.d*!*?**t-r
^Lfcetai casa ^trance. ___?, g ^S-naa fcr .u*_o_
> aluable English and Antericao Books, m.,,. _.,? .*.
__?__2_3 t0 W Sd ?n We?n.<_ar E-?,?^ *|? '"
D_?52?__S!_*l_. Wi,lfc< foa**- *>?*?'-'- >?<___>,.-__
K2Afe?_?** ?*-*-? l-Int-es; Maa-^S?
Queen: Spectator. L___? S _ ?_t~^-*-w ?& E
^_^fe?^**S_&-! *__??*--.* Whi;.*. r.,.
?i OI. ?* C?_<'??.S
ot a tormer purchaser, Among which are 5 A!i___-a WnTm?
bv Miss Leslie; S Dnoglison's Practiced .N-- s dX?^*.
Midwifery** S Dew*, on Children; S R??byVM_dw ?*?*-.? 5
Chapman's Essay?; 5 Irving's Works, 2 roe? Svc. 3 i v *__
Works, I vol 3*-c. 10 Kn-fc?*r._tocker*- New-York.2 _..)?. ???
Albambra. 10 Conquest cf Grenada; 5 Oliver Tw'i? a
Wheaton's Ri?ht of Search; 5 Cooper's Nav.il U'wor_rl?30
Cooper's Pathfinder. 2 vols; 10 Pilot.3 voi?. 15 Mtrc-M*. 2
vols, M Last o: the Mohicans, 2 vol<; 5 Pra?ri??. 2 vnjv *.
Greyslear; .*> Reward Pinckr???v: 16 L.??!'?*\ Cc_???tv . 1 ,?1
e.liti?;.-,; 8 House Book: 10 J?i?epb Ru<hhrook; 15 Flying
Dutchman; s Howitt's Visits lo Remarkable Plac?s; S H.v?.
itt'4 Rural Lit?. 9 Student's Lite: Works of L. E. L.
Al ?i o'clock, in the Auction Room.
Valuable Private LtsRABY?Embracing a larjt?? col?
lection ot popular **orks on Theology and Classic*, motiv
ree?*t English ediikxis. AI?io, _ choice v?rie*vof Standard
Works, embellished Books and M.sce'.an ? .
Ful! parten ?arson Thu.-s.av.
VV EDNESDAY. Nov. 18, and following vljv.
?..?Eat S.le ok Oam .__o Book..?About 50,tv. volumes
01 Books.slightly ??ainaged bv water at tiie tiarni?$* ot
M????rs Harpers* establishment.
Particulars hereufter.
Asetof Steivoi;. pe Plates to Fleet wood'.. Lac 0. Christ,
60S p."i_re?, OCtavT?; mih . o _. ravi jiffs.
BY S. DllAFEJRy Jr^?tora 54u \Vil
li-un-street. ?-orner of P?ne_t7?!.i.
THURSDAY. Oct. .7.
At 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room.
French Goods? By catalogue? For approved endorred
notes at 6 ???nib's credit?100 cases Fren-*h Goods, com?
prising a great variety and extensive ._*_.rtnieni of staple
and tancy aniclesof recent ?..iportatioi-s.
Catalogues and sainnl-son toe morning of sale.
SATI'IIDAY. H.-?< s?
At 10 o'clock, nt the Auction Room.
Cloths and Cassimer.es?Fron, the shelves?_n a credit
of six months, for approved endorsed i*hi**?200 ps super
West of England Clolhs and Cassimeres just importe?!, com?
prising wool-dyed blacks, browns, invsulble green, olive,
citron green, claret,dahlia, i.e.
ALw, 100 pi?t??es Cassime?es of various patterns and de->
TUESDAY. Nov. 1.
At lrt o'clock, at tbe Auction Rivom.
Cloths ano Cassimsbf.s?Fr?wi the ?belv?*?on n credit
of ?ix months, for improved endorsed ootct?2thi piee??? su*
p?rior West of England Cloths and Cassimeres, just im?
Also. 120 pieces West of England, London mid French
R. M. B .ker, Auctloue.r.
BY R. AL BAKER.?Store 149 Fulton
street. THIS DAY,
For cash, in lots to suit purchasers, a quantity at Dry
ami Fancy Goods, Hardware, Gnus, Pocket Cutlery, Ger
man Silverware, ice. Sale positive.
Broad, c ?ruer of Wall-MreeL
A. K. will give his attention to tlie sale of Real Estate.
Stocks, Furniture and Out-Door Sales generally.
FRIDAY, Oct. 2H.
At I. o'clock, nt the Merchants' Exchange.
Merrick vs. Hillnn?Chancery Sale? Under the direction
of R. C. Wheeler, Esq., Master in Chanceo**?Th? unex
pired term of a certain leasehold estate situated on th.-south?
erly sitie of Division-street, known an a map of tlie ?state
?if Hen-hick RuUrer?, deceased, date?! November 15th. 1813,
and filed in the office of the Register in ann for the City ?id
County of Mew-York, as lot No. 79 on sah? map.
See advertisement in the Commercial Advertiser, signed
R. C. Wheeler, Master in ( harcery
Chancery Salo? Evans vs. Fl-?ming?Th?* major portion
of the triangular plot of ground situated between the Thini
avenue end the OUI Post Road, and between Fort>-secon't
and Forty-Fourth streets.
See advertisement in the Tribune, sign ;d R C. Wheeler,
Master in Chnncerv.
Tbe three story dwelling bouse No. 7*2 Du.-.ne-st.
Also, a large 3 story house in St. Mark's place, with ?i
Stock?90 ?bares Pensacola Land Company Stosk.
A beautiful Farm of al out 60 acres, with goo?! building?
near Poutrhkeepsie.
On of the mo?t d?sirable Pew&in the mi?l?lle oiitle of St.
Bartholomew's Church. LafyetUi-place. _
BY F. COLTON & CO.?StoT.T"l97
Chatham square?Public A?linlnistmti*r"H ?ale.
ON THURSDAY, Oct 27ih.at 10. o'clock,
A largr an?! fjjmernt ?ivr?rtm?;nt or InrnHuif or ??vei1. i??r?
scription, such ns mahogany chairs, sofa?, tables, lockinjj
gl.is.er, curpets, vnses, mantel clock, rugs, picture?; toge*
ther with trank? oi clothing, it<*. kc_o25^3tis*
MENT, 142 Fuiton-street, n?.nr Broadway.
TLe subscriber? are prepared with a large and extensive
assortment ol F ALL AND WINTER GOODS to exe?
cute order? for garments at Ihe shortest notice, an?l at a smalt
advance from cost. Our purchrises are made exclusively for
cash, and wu commence our fall business fully determined
to sustain our uniVially low prices, and furnish our ciutoni
ers with n first rate-article at a small profil for ready money
Strangers und oihers visiting the City who ar? in want,
a? outfit, will find it t?* thear interest to ?*iillan?i examineot?.
gorxlsand style of work before leaving their orden.
Kuli suits inrn; ?led in 24 hours.
Strict punctuality observed in filling orders.
aI2 istf_J. C. BOOTH et C ?
FALL GOODS?Tho und7r_i^dl?
prepared with his usual extensive assortment .r_ m i
?onable Ooods to execute onlers for Garments in a style
which wilt comport with any house in the Trade, nt prices
which mast offer ii?iucemeot_ to those paying ready mo?
Attention is solicited to the style of Pantaloons furnished
at this establishment, as particular care is directed to this de?
partment, wit? the view of giving entire satisfaction.
Those who hav? experience?! ?my dilliculiy in g? uing
suited, are assured that a superior lit can always be realized.
French and English Cassimeres in a great variety of new
patterns jusi received. The assortment o( Writings which
gave so much satisfaction through the Spring ami Summer
seasons, will be kept up.
French and English Clolhs of super and median quali
ties for Dre?.. anil Frock Co.au, Pilot and B?.nv?.r Cloth-? for
.?-iirinut? . always on hand.
Fancy ?ir?*.!? articles, including Silk an?! Satin Scarf-.,
Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Hosiery, Smpenders,
Shirts, Collars, i.e., at usual moderate prices.
Late Lynde k Jennings, 22*1 Broadway, American HoleL
SURTOUTS, CLOAKS, ?&C, ill a va?
riety of styles, ready made al the Establishment, for
gnrments of the first quality. No. 2_? 3roiwlway, American
Hotel. WM. T. JENNINGS -. tl ,j
NRW STORE.?-e.O.?THQiar- &J
NEVERS resu'.ctfnily inv.'u* tbeir friends a-?d ibe
public eenerally to c-ili at Wl Broadway aad ?*_nm!iie
the as?ort.ne!ii of L.MPS, CANDEL-iBKAS, GlKAN
GOODS of every description, which they l.hvc juMopeu..-,,
and otfir for sale at prices that cannot fail to sal s'y pur.
Enjoying unusual advantages for the selection and manu?
facture ot their Lamps, Candelabra, Girandoles. 4..., C.
k N. are enable?! U> oifer them in ?* great variety, t pa.;.-, r?
and finish, RolUble f?r Churches, Hotels, Stores, Dwellings.
and Steon ?;r Sailing Packets. Therse last are :i . ew ami
most desirable article, well worthy ol tlie attention ol
owner*, and sb'pmasters.
Attention is particularly invile?! to the Solar Lamp, so
justly celebrated for it* superior biiiiiaixy ar.d economy.
This Lamp, as tested by accurate experiment afford*
twice the light ol an Afiral, while it burns during an
equal number of hours at HALr the eypehse.
COUTHOCY At NEVER.?*! will keep cm,?tanlly onhan?!
a complete assorfmentof the articles above enumerate?, and
hope by their emleavors 10 ?insult the tastes aid wishes??f
the oublie, lo m?rita favorable ?baie ol the patrona???-* now'
solicited for their establishiiirnt. ol2 lmls
YflNG AND 1'hlNJlNG?f^I.rOot
r ton and Woolen Goods, by the New-York ard New
Jers?*y Dye and Print Works. Office III Williim-9'.rect,
rorn.rot John.
..ilks, Satins, Merinos, Orl?rans Cloths,
itiiiboiis, Shawls, Ca-sirneres, Vestings,
'5?ove_>, Velvets, Mousteline de Laines,
Uic.e%, Hosiery, Bombaziu??s, Eleor.es,
Gro de Naps, Hdkf*., Drap de Et?, Clially ?,
Levantines. Snvhaw?, Dyed, Prii? ed and r??stored.
Fancy Dyeing Dep?rt_r??nt.?Ladies ?i k and woolen,
?_ured and plain Drenses, Cloaks, Mantillas. Shawls, Rib?
bons, Hose, Gloves, II.us, Al?o, gentlemen's Coals. Over?
coats, dyed nn?l pressed. Table and Piano Cov?*rs, Cur?
tain?, Rag?. Carp?**.?*, e.lear.ed ami dressed. o24 lm*
M~?LLlNf_RY GOOPS very low for
Casii?STEYENS k GRUMAN, 95 Beaver street, J
doar from Pearl sl New-York, have just rece.ved a large
a.-orta.er.i of Fail and Winter Millin??ty" ?"?'- ?*??*-? i??^^!
almost every descripiior?, most of which have beeribovcui
at auction at the present unheard of low pnesf-. -**?1,j,,''?J
and Merchants wlio bay for cash, v.i?'l ?P'l '''.' bil,,,'l^y
times a large as*ortment of lb? most fasbu-caWe ?g%*>
Goods in ?.edty at V*iema?aa^ai^boiAeu^aooimaM
can be bought eifere. ^?SJgS^SfBR
l^ho^wpo have bought of us we^i know ^a ;j m
bnt to Imy to We convinced. O^J[?* g? wljJCtl arr>nge
_)?____?.?? attend ^V^Sa?^S^? <* I1*a'*>' ?>'?"*"?.
ment tbey are enabled to ???' '? aI a ?pa!i advancelrom
bargalM aU of whidi ?*522m_?I of Tarlatan Hat Vet.
cost. Tbeybaveaiaweawortme^^
veLs and Velvei. Hat &&%?%?? L'iway, find a fuU as?
-orrmt-ntol piaiu a?? a2S 2m.J
^^i^?V?OTBOOK &^_U?f
kV nivPO-siTORY, ai E. H. Wilcnx?*; office ofgem^il

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