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To tht Editor of The Tribune .
I understand that there are a number of Whig:?
?who will not vote at this coming Election. The
?tease they make is, that there are a -number of
persons who hold appointments under the Com
Tao? Council that serve as Watchmen, and have
regular posts. Surely this is wrong, when there
are so many Whigs out of employ. Cannot this
be remedied before the Election ? A Whio.
OSF* We know nothing about the matter here
spoken of; but we can imagine no reason why a
man who works for the City should not also be a
Watchman a* well as one who works for Robert
Smith or Goodhue & Co. The proper question--:
to be asked are?Do they perform their duties
ably and faithfully ? and?Do they ask and re?
ceive only the fair market price of their services .
If yea, then why may not a lamplighter, for in?
stance, be a Watchman, just as properly as a car?
penter or stevedore ?
The mischisf in the premises i* bote?Services
io the public are generally paid for more libe
rally than similar services performed for indi?
viduals- So long as this is the fact, there will be
continual struggling to get into office in preference
to discharging duties equally reputable in private
stations. We do what is in our power to remedy
this, but to little purpose ; for most men appear
to prefer to multiply offices or make them lucra?
tive, and then squabble for the places. So long
as this is the popular tendency, what can be done?
As to there being any Whigs who will refuse to
vote this fall because some petty offices are not
filled to please them, we believe nothing of the
6ort. All 9uch mercenary creatures turned Tyler
men long ago. If * A Whig ' knows any such, we
will thank him for their names. But it is n't
Murderous Attempt.?On Saturday morning
Midshipman Rhind of New-York, and Midship?
man Knapp of this city, met on Badger's Island,
near Bristol, Pa., and at the distance of eight
paces exchanged six shots, the first five proving
them to be unskilful marksmen. At the last fire
Knapp was shot in the right cheek, and he either
?swallowed the ball or spit it out. It is thought
that the wound will not prove mortal. We un?
derstand that some difficulty occurring on the
West India station gave rise to thi-t brutal appeal
to a false code of honor. It is one of the results
consequent upon the connivance of judicial autho?
rities in facilitating the escape of dignified of?
An Outrage.? The Cra-wford-ville (111.) Re?
view aays : " An attempted assassination was
made on the evening of the 7 th of October on Dr.
Joseph T. Allen. He wan returning-from Court,
and when within one hundred yards of his house,
was way-laid and shot at. He was thrown from
his horse, and so seriously hurt as to be unable to
move. He lay on the ground all night, and got
home delirious and exhausted the morning after
the attack. The shot pierced his clothes, but did
not enter his body. Suspision rests upon six per?
sons, who rent land from him, by the name of
McElroy. They are now in jail. The Doctor, it
was thought, would recover from his fall, though
he was seriously hurt"
Mob Law Rebuked.?The citi_ens of Raleigh,
N. C-, have no disposition to submit quietly to the
exercise of mob-law. A meeting ha9 been held
in reference to the case of the colored man who
was beaten by a mob, (which was alluded to on
Saturday,) and after addresses from three or four
of the principal citizens, strong resolutions were
adopted, denouncing the persons who took part in
this violation of the law, and requesting the corpo?
rate authorities to offer a reward for their detec
<??-???"an-- apprehension. Wc aro glad to see the
citizens of Raleigh taking such a manly ground.
Accident.?Napoleon Sage, of West Bloom
field, was accidentally shot on Sunday last whilp
hunting in the woods, in company with two other
persons. The ball entered at the point of the
shoulder blade behind and lodged beneath the
skin in the neck, passing through the body ob?
liquely. Mr. Sage was alive on Tuesday morning,
but there is little hope of his recovery.
[Rochester Post.
The Sugar Crop.?Some of the sugar planters
in the Parish of St. Mary, have commenced grind?
ing their cane, and the sugar made is of a very
fino quality. One of our planters, we understand,
will oommence to-morrow. The cane, generally,
we believe, is sufficiently ripe to roll, and planter?
who are prepared, would do well to take advantage
of the very propitious weather which is now pre?
vailing. [Lu. Chron. Oct. 8.
Svicide.?Yesterday a man named Daniel Mar
lin was found dead in a stable in Dutton street,
above Otter, in the district of Kensington, where
he had committed suicide during the night by
banging him self to some of the timbers.
______ [Philad. Sent.
Newly Discovered Island.?The Journal du
Havre announces that the ship Pearl, on her way
from Sidney to Manilla, discovered an Island, in
latitude 21 59, longitude 163 36, which is not laid
down in any chart or map. It has a rich appear?
ance, is clothed with wood, and near the shore ha?
ar< abundance of cocoa-nut trees. The captain
christened it Burrows' Island. [Boston Adv.
Sin*? Canal.?The peepio of Monroe (Mich.)
are determined to have the ship canal completed.
They have just voted to raise $10,000. This will
accomplish enough to enable steamboats to go up
to the termination of the railroad, and be of great
commercial importance to that ancient town.
Law Professorship.?The Western Univer?
sity of Pennsylvania have elex-ted Walter H. Low
rie, Esq., an able member of the Pittsburgh bar,
to the Professorshi*-? of Law, which has been re?
cently established in that Institution.
Sickness in the West.?-The Alton (111.) Tel?
egraph represents the health of the surrounding
country, within the last few weeks,. as extremely
bad. A congestive fever of an aggravated kind
has prevailed, attended with unusual fatality. The
American Bottom has been fearfully visited, and
the number of deaths unusually large.
A Conviction.?The Red River Republican
states that Thomas, a slave belonging to the estate
of John Linton, has been convicted of stabbing the
owr*eer in three places. He is to be hung on the
4th of next month.
Fire.?The large Carpenter's Shop in Ninth
street, between 1st and 2nd Avenues, occupied by
Mr. Nichols. w__ entirely destroyed by fire, last
**??& ?rS* 4Utt?*-*y of lumber. tool*. ?5c*..,
valued at $700 or $S00, wore also burnt. It is
thought tho building was set or fire. [American.^
Fm_ at Cl.de. Watne Co.?On Saturdav
last the Steam Mills, with a l*_-tro xvarehouse ad'
joining, were completely destroyed. The origin
of the fire is unknown. Mr. *A. Salisbary^of
Phelps. is the principal sufferer. The actual loss
is i?ppts-sed to be aboui $3.500, and no insarance.
03^ it gives us pain to state that the beautiful
cotmtry seat of Mount Erin, in the neighborhood
of this city, was consumed by fire on Wednesday
morning. The fire caught on the roof, though
slated, and it is believed to have communicated
irom the chimney. Most of Mrs. Fulton's furni?
ture was saved. [Richmond Enq., of Friday.
Kl?* The rogues who robbed the otace of the U.
S. Quarter-Master at New Orl?ans have been ar?
rested. They are four in numb?er--?s?ave*.
KJ* A great robbery was committed a ceaple of
weeks since at Little Rock, Arkansas. The office
of Mr. Fitzgerald, a Justice of the Peace, was
robbed of $14,000 in bank notes, which had been
placed with him to bring suits upon. S-mu,.l ?.
Trowhridee, formerly of Maine, W?harn M.^Vil
?on, Robeu Colo-well, Amour Hunt, and Wilham
Caldweli and his wife, have been arrested as the
robbers. $1,400 of the money was found with
Cnldwell'- wife. _
Robbed.?Roheit McCey, of Washington vil le,
Pennsylvania, while at PotLsville on his road to
Philadelphia to purchase some winter goods was
robbed on Tuesday the 18th inst. The trunk which
was stolen contained several hundred dollars.
KP .he number of burials in this city for the
last week, up to yesterday noon, was twenty-eight,
averaging four a day. Yesterday, however, at 12
o'clock, there had been only two, and those from
the hospital. We heard of no new cases of sick?
ness, but the weather still continues to be rather
unfavorable to health. [Mobile Herald.
-> -
Kj'Ji.hH Black, a native of Ohio, and an ap?
prentice on board the United State? ship Ohio, was
so much injured in attempting to lower a boat to
proceed to the fire in the steamer, that one of his
le?-s was amputated. The ether is yet sparr-d,
though severely wounded. [U. S. Gaz.
K_P On Monday la?, some malicious person
placed a cast iron rail on the track of the Reading
Railroad, near Port Clinton, by which the train
was thrown off, killing two men in the collision.?
The Company have offered a reward of $200 for
the detection of the villain.
'??Iif American Lnborrr for October.
The October number of this work is now published and
ready for delivery to subscribers.
Thc Present State of the Question of Prottction
ro Labor.
The Silk Culture.?Report of Mr. Bliss to the Legisla?
ture of Ohio, wherein the whole subject is folly discussed
and the following questions asked aDd answered : Is our
Country adapted to the produce ot Silk.' Can it be don*"
profitably ? Is there a sufficiei?t market ? Is it neces?.ryt
give a Bounty on its production ?
Instructions to Silk. Growers, by J. B. Tillinghast.
Letters on the subject or Silk Culture, from J. A
Farquar, of Cincinnati, from J. W. Gill, Moant Pleas??1
VV. Bebb, Esq., Hamilton, ?. Wood, of Ashtabula County?
J. For, Superintendent ot Silk Manufacture, Jefferson Co.,
B. Wellt, Esq., Steubenville, F. Hanilin. Lorain Couniy
and J. Mejer, of Perry.
T en Years of Free Tradk. ***
Speech of Mr. Evane or Maine on the Tariff.
Appendis, from another Speech of Mr. Evans on the same
Wool and its Manufacture.
Brief Editorials, Extracts, ??c
The American Laborer is devoted exclusively lo the ad?
vocacy an- illustration of the Protection of Home Industry
it is designed to present In a compact, cheap, readable
form, and in ? ?.miliar mid praclic-1 manner, the most di?
rect and convincing facts and arguments in support of the
policy of Protecting the Industry of our oum People. To
this end ?l embodies ihe ablest Speeches, Report*?, Statistics
and other documents on the subject.
FT The whole work is to comprise a i.rge octavo volume
of near 400 pages, and is published in parts every montb.?
Seven numbers are already out and ready for delivery.?
Price for the whole twelve numbers only 75 cent?, being ihe
cheapest publication uf the kind ever published in the
united States. GREELEY k McELRATH,
oil Tribune Buildings, 160Nassau sL
Price Tzvcnty-Fivc Cents Each.?HARPER ?o BRO?
THER? -will publish on Tuesday morning, the 25ih inst,
So. YIII. of the Library of Select Novels, comprising?
R?ENZI, the La?n of the Tribunes- By Sir E. L. Bui wer.
Wiih a plaie. Price twenty-five cent
Aiso. ?atel3* published, new Editions of?
No. L PELHAM- or, The Adventures of a Gentleman.
By Bclwer. With a portrait of the aa?ior. Prier twenty
livp cents.
No. II. THE DISOWNED. By Bulwer. Wiih a plate.
Price twenty-five cents.
No. IIL D-VEREUX. By Bulwer. Wiih a plate.?
Price twentv.five cents.
No. IV. PAUL CLIFFORD. By Bulwer. With a plate
Price twentv-five rents.
No. V. EUGENE ARAM. By Bnlwer. With a plate.
Price twenty-five cents.
wer. Wiih a plate. Price twenty five cent
No. VIII. THE CZARINA, an Historic Romance of the
Court of Russia. An entirely new work. By Mrs. Holland.
Price twenty-live cents. _ o25 _i**
BORN _ LITTLE, Importers nnd General Deal
ers in English, German and American Hardware, Cutlery,
?c. 4.C, 33 Fulton street, opposit. the United Stales Hotel,
(formerly Holt's Hotel,) Nen- York, (where the business has
neen carried on for eighty years past,) offer to country
merchants and others a very extensive assortment at the
lowest market prices, for Cash or on approved Credit
Purchasers are hereby invited to call and examine the
?lock, which is composed in part of Table and Pocket Co?,
lery? Razors ? Scissors?Tea and Table Spoons?Tea
Trays?Sauce and Frying Pans?Corn and Coffee Mills
Shovel and Tongs?Andirons?Coal Hods?Hollow Ware?
Shovels and Spades?Hoes?Forks?Rakes?Scy dies? Axes
?English Wa?on Boxes?Sleigh, House and Hand Belli
?Curry Combs?Slates?Skates? Cut and Wrouciit Nails
Cut Tacks?Brads and Sparable**?Butts and Screws
Locks and Laiclies?Hlne.?s? An vil?*?Vices?Sledge Ham?
mers? Files?Au_ers? Chisels? Gouges?Planes?( Spear's
Mill, PiU. Cross Cut, Hand, Pannel, Iron and Brass Back
Saws)?American Iron Cooper Rivets?Beck Irons?Scotch
Water o? Ayre Stone for Marble Polishers?Black Le3d Pots
? Genuine Harlem Oil? (Ship Builders' Hardware)?Albert.
ton's, Horton's and GifforoVs celebrated Cast Sleet Cooper?',
Carpenters' and Ship Carpenters' Edge Tools in general.
Also, Agents for Miner's celebrated Well and Cistern
Pumps, manufactured by H. Warren, warrante?* superior
to any other kind In use. CHAULES OSBORN.
GIRANDOLES?An assortment of
bronzed, gilt and silvered Girandoles, Astral and Hall
Lamps, japanned Tea Tr**vs in sets or separately, plated,
olated Candlesticks, Cake Baskets, Casiors, silt er Tt? and
TableSpoons, ivory handle table cullery, Britannia Tea
?els, Coffee Urns, kc. *cc- tor sale at reduced prices, at 114
Chatha nstreet, noar Pearl. ALBERT BKA(,II. attf
jVTOTICE.?Just opened a fine assort
J_ 1 ment of Plated Brass and Japanned Bitls
A fine assoriment of Plated and Brass Stirrups
Do do do do li?mes
D;> do do do Knobs
Do do do do Lamp:
Do do English Bridles and Martingalei
Do do Whalebone Rosettes
Do do Ivory Ring
Do do Silk and Worsted Lace
Do do Sprincrs, Axles, Hubs and Top '
And Patent Leather
Do do Whips, Tacks, Web, Ate by
sH if_JNO. S. SUMMERS, 272 Pearl si
k_7 warranted light. Also. Smokey Chimneys warranted
io be made to draw. No cure no pay.
FT Cisterns repaired and warranted tight.
FT Orders will be promptly attended to on application
io THOMAS SHERIDAN, Slater, 211 William-st.
al7 lm
-_RD~OIL.--5,U00 gallons fall strained
I for sale in quamilies to suit purchasers ?u lite Lard
Oil Manufactory, 167 Prince-street.
This Oil is welt adapted to machinery, and burn.- as well
as Sperm, being free Irom smoke and shied, and sells far a
much levs price than Sperm or Olive Oils.
?261m* H. A. PARSLOW.
G. MOFFETT, 121 Prince-street, near Wooster,
??.eld particularly call the attemi.n of Hardware Dealer*
jnd Manufacturers to bin ?uperior article of Gen_an Silvtr,
?viiich be ofi'.r. for sale wholesale and retad, of all thick?
aesses, ami w_kt_ris it equal to any. either Foreign or Du
iMtk.for rx inr nod ?-?thves? t? tl
S. REDF1ELD, Rookseller and Sta
? turner, Clinton Hail, corner of Nassau and Beekman.
streets, has consianrjy for sale an assortment of Theological,
Classical ami Miscellaneoas, and Schoolbook- antt Station?
ery at the lowest cash prices._je_7tf
SHOVELS and Hollow Ware.?100
dozen N *. W. S. Eddy's cast sieel Shovels : 100 do
do. iron Shov-_s. Also agotxl assorimens of Hollow Ware
on hand, and for sale bv
oil_ F. F. EDDY. 24 Oid Sjip.
Crot?n Water.
TO ENGINEERS, Manufacturers and
others.? Welded rermtght Iron Tubes, lor Steam, Wa
ipt, Gas,*_c. frorn-i to S inches diameter and in lengths
?rom 4 inches to 12 feet, capable of sustaining an inlernai
prt*^?_r-ot from 1,000 to 10,000 lbs per square nch??oge
iher with .??.?in'rsof ??very descriptkm, such as _* bows, T's,
K__S^_____**-t-' Co?**-!;* fee, to ****hic? the Tubes are
?oii-if-M by Screws, and by means of which tbev n*ay be put
"Vk_^ , , ^al**^<i?cih*y by Mj ordinary workman.
_?-!-_2^-_SS_i an[1 durability oi these tubes as com
pared v. ith Copper or other material and their economy
reger ihem superior to-atl ciben for ___ of the purW,
-bevr mentioned. For sale by ** ?***" J***" ?****
jy2S tf WALWQRTH _ NASON. 35 Ana-rt.
compl?te "-r-rtrocnt of Reed k Barton's Bri*_n_i-?
o--". ' MIT. HE LL _. WITHERELL, 94 Jaha-sL
LOCKS! LOCKS ? I?\VTfaon _T>_??^
~_-^'?-,-,^ai^.Lalch? an* pionoa-ced by soqa
S_S_-__%^ ar^ V*V darabk? "5 epente wiih ^?Z
ex?? vwOioui _e posutjiiity of ?rver reuix>? oat oionTtr ?
^Tt. SAMUEL NOYES, 1U _^lu>_-ree-^
Important Discovery la
WA____?rr__? to Btraj? at ose half the expesse
Of either OilorGas.
THE Difficulty which has heretofore ex
i-ted in TrimmiiM? of Camphine Lamps is now en?
tirely obviated, by ?>??**?)*?? of a Movable Cap and other i?
portant Improvements, which, apon inspection, will sausiy
the public ihat they can now obtain a Lamp s uperior to any
now in use?wiii barn *?vrt_-.out Smoke or Smell?prodate
an ecjnal at* 1 ?at-ady lieht in all directions, and re___lat?-*d by
a single screw movemenL Also, an Improved Tailor"*
Lamp. Campbene, Cbemkal Oil, and Spirits, manntac
tared npon an Improved S ..?.em, wbel?**sale and retail, ?le*
livered to any part of tbe t*iiy. trcra the Old Established
ol lm* " 8 Catherine street.
FANCY GOODS very low for cash?A complete ?As?
sortment of?
Comb', Sti-el Pens Kemrains. k Son Needles
Brush**?. Cutlery, Pocket Books,
Perfumery, H?x>ksi_ Eyes Snuff Box?*-.-,
Raior Strips, Pin?, Jewelry, _.?-. Sic.
Together with a larye assortment of all article? in the
above line of business. CHARLES H. DARLING,
ol2 lm* 7-1 Maiden lane and 5 Lil-eny-r-tn-et.
?OOTS AND SHOES?A jetterai as
. , sortment of MEN'S.BOYS'and YOUTHS'BOOTS
SHOES an?! BROGANS.'viz: Men's boys' and youths'
thick boots, calf and kip, sewed and pegge?i; do men's and
boys' thick and kip broeans ; women's, misses and chil
drens' bootees, buskins, ""lippen, ?_c. Al?o, fur cloth and
sealet CAPS-, fine silk and coney hats. All sold low f?.r
cashor city arerp-ances, by the case or dozen. Country
merchants would do well to call and exajnine at
GALE k Co.'s, 26? Pearl street,
o3 2m* _ander L7. S. Hotel, N- V
36 by *?0 inches, 100 reams ; 24 by 34 do., 100 reams;
20 by 30 do., 50 reams. Fine Hanging Paper, 10,0.0 lbs.,
20 inches wide, a snperior article. Gr?-en Hanging Paper,
6,0RO lbs., 20, SI, 33,34 and 35 inches wide. 200 gros? Bon?
net Boards, blue and white. 40,i*00 lbs. Trank Boards.
in,fi0fi Binder's Boards. All kinds Paper manufactured at
tke shortest notice, and for sale by
au22tf GAUNT k DERRICKSON. ISO Swnth-si.
Spalding's ??un-vfine Lockpnrt Mills F'nur, made from
selected Genesee Wheat, expressly for family nse, bolted
and packed on a new principle, equal ta any Flour made
in the United States, fresh ground and in good order, lor
sale by [o221w*J A. F. KEMP k CO.,'.* Broad-?..
THE LARGEST, Cheapest and Best
assortment of CORSETS is to be ?bund at No. 443}
Pearl-stre?, N. Y. Country and Citv Merchants supplied
on libeml terms. ALEXANDER SAMSON,
Importer ami wholesale dealer in Corsets,
ol8 lm* 443} Pearl-street. N. Y.
TO THE LOVERS of superior Black
Tea!?Howqna'a Mixture)?This extremely delinnu?
and unparalleled Tea, so highly celebiated in China and
Enrope, just imported, is now lor sale nt the Canton Tea
Company's General Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham-street,
New-York, in Chinese packages price 50 cu and {1 each.
my*21 tf_
Job Prialers, 160 Nassau street, in ihe Tribune Build?
ings. o4 lm
/TAA C?SE.S Men's, Boys and
? ?)_./ \J Youths' thick Boots, for sale cbeap for
cash by A. CLAFLIN,
08 8w* S.t? Pearl-street, up stairs.
EW in Ascension Church for sale.?
Pew No. IS on the ground floor, in the body of the
Charca. Apply at No. 78 South-street"_ iel4
V.y Axles, Spring's, Hut.-, Paient Le-Uhi-r, Band-Eoxes,
kc,kc, for sale very cbeap at 272 Pearl-st. oH lm
SYDNEY COAL $6 50 per ?hald,?No w
discharging from bark Orando foot Beach-st., Sydney
Coal of first quality, being coarse and handsome anil ?uita
hie for parlor use. For sale in lot? to suit purchasers, by
024 WARD k BROWNE, 411 Wasbington-sL.cr. Laight
WOODSCREWS.?25,000 gross New
England Screw Co.'s Bras? and Iron Wood Screws,
assorted from ? in. to 3 inches No. 20, for salp by the manu
facttirers's agents.
o24 MITCHELL &. WITHERELL, 34 John -t.
ACOUSTIC OIL ?For tbe cure of Deafness, p .ins,
and the discharge of matter from the Ear' ; al .->, all tho?p
disagreeable nuises like the bnzzing of insects, falling of
water, whizzing of steam, kc kc which are symptoms of
approaching deafness, and also generally attendant with
the disease. Many persons who have been deaf for ten, fif?
teen and twenty years, and were obiitred to ase ear-trump?
ets, have, after using one or two bottles, thrown aside their
trumpets,beinemade perfectly well. Physicians and sur?
geons highly recommend its use. For sale by Dr. JAYNE,
No. 29 South Third street, Philadelphia.
Sold at wholesale and retail by the asrent?, A. B.&D.
Sands k Co., Druggists and Chemists. 79 Fulton-st. enrnerot
Gold*st, and No. 100 Fnlton-st. Also sold by David S_?s_s
.-. Co., 77 East Broadway, corner Market?ureet : Abraham
B. Sands k Co., Granite Buildings, 273 Brwauway., car ?ter
of Chambers-si. New-York. Price $1._o24 lm
TILL* S TRUSSES*.??Notic* to RuP
_* tured Persons.?Persons afflicted with raptares may
rely upon tbe best in__r_mental aid *Jie world ?fiords, on
application at the office, No. 4 Vesey-stre. t, or to either of
the agents in the principal towns hi the United State?. Be
c .relui to examine the back pad of Hull's trusses, to see if
they are endorsed by Dr. Hull in writing. None arc genu?
ine, or lo be relied upon as gocul, without his signature.
Many persons have undertaken to vend imitations c.f
Hull''" celebrated trusses, and thousands are imposed upon in
consequence. These imitations cannot be relied upon ; they
?remade by unskilful mechanics, and are ?o better than
th. ordinary trusses.
Rooms have been fitted up at No. 1 Vesey-streel, exc-lu
??vely for iariie-;, having a separate entrance from the busi?
ness department, wher?? a female is in constant attendance
to wait upon female patients. s21 tl
AT a Court of Chancery held for the State
of New-York at the City of New-York, on the 14te
,i iv ot April, A. D. 1842-Present William T. McCoun, Vich
Chancellor of the First Circuit?Mary Bodtiy vs. Mahlon
Ketchel, Mary Ketchel, Andrew Kelchel, William Kelche!,
Isaac Ketrhel, Samuel Ketchel, James Daily, William Ir?
vine and Sarah Jane Irvine his wife, James Ketchel, Mar?
garet Ketchel, Andrew E. Ketrhel and Betsey his wife,
John Russell and Sarah his wife?In Partition.
It appearing, to the satisfaction of this Court, that an
amended bill ol complaint has been tiled in ibis cause for a
partition ol th?a following described premises, to wit: All
that certain dwelling-house and lot, piece or parcel of
ground, situate, Iring and being in the Fifth Ward of the
City of N_w-\ork, and is known and distinguished by the
number two hundred and nineleen (219) Church-street,
bounded westerly in front by Church street aforesaid,.?-outh
erlv by <n*oiind now or late belonging to Jacob A. Cole,
northerly by ground now or late belonging to Isaac T.
Tallman and Charles Morris and easterly by lot No. 1G3?
containing in breaddi in trout ami rear twenty-four feet,
and in length on each si. e seventy-five feet, lie tbe same
inore or less; together with all andsingular the rights, pri?
vileges, hereditaments and appurtenances, rem;iin?ler and
remainders, rent., issues anil profits thereof; And it also ap?
pearing, to the ?satisfaction of this Court, that the residence
oi John Russell is unknown, that Andrew E. Ketchel. when
last heard from, was believed to reside somewhere inSouih
America, thai Betsey Ketchel resides in the State of Penn?
sylvania, William In'?ne and Sarah Jane his wife and An?
drew Kelchel reside in the State last aforesaid, that Wil?
liam Ketchel and Isaac Ketch1, reside in the State of New
Jersey?os motion of C. Na<_'le, Solicitor .'or the Complain
.ant, it is ordere?! that Ihe sai.l John Russell, Andrew E.Ketch
.?, Betsey Ketche!, William Irvine and Sarah .Jane I ?-vine, An?
drew Ketchel, William Kelchel and Isaac Ketchel, and
each ol them, cause their appearance to be entered and no?
tice thereof to be srrved on ihe Complainant's Solicitor
within four months irom the date ol this order, and. in case
o? their appearance, that they cause their answer or an?
swer-: to the complainant's bill to be filed and a copy thrreof
lo bt served on tne complainant's Solicitorwiiliia iorty days
afmr service of a copy of said bill, and that in default thereoi
.aid bill of complaint be taken as confessed by them and
each of them. And It is further ordered, that within twenty
days from the date of this order Ihe said complainants cause
this order to We published in tbe State paper and in the
New-York Tribune, a paper printed-in this State, for three
months, once each week, successively, or that the said
complainants cause a copy of this order to be served per?
sonally on the said John Russell, Andrew E. Ketchel, Bet?
sey Ketchel, William Irvine, Sarah Jane Irvine, Andrew
Ketchel, William Ketchel and Isaac Ketchel, and on each
of ihem, at least twenty days before the time herein before
prescribed for their appearance. (A copy.)
C. Nagle, Solicitor._aulO lawSm
N CHANCERY?Before the Vice Chan
__ cellor.?Abraham Merrill and wife vs. Francis Stack
pool. , et als.
In pursuance of a decretal order of this Conn, made in
the above entitled cause, will be sold at Public Anction, un?
der the direction nl ihe subscriber, one of the Masters of
?his Court, by E. H. Lodlow, Auctioneer, at the Merchants'
Eichange, in the city of New York, on the 2d day of De?
cember next, at 12 o'clock noon of that ?ay,
AH that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate lyine
and being in the Filth ?late Sixth) Ward of the city of New
York, being part of the lands formerly belonging to An?
thony Lispenard, Esquire, and by faim conveyed to Alben
Coeper and Sehe Briackerho?. bounded northerly in front
by Walker street, westerly on one side bt analiey four feet
in width. separaiiBg it fram lots now or late in po??-i?3sinn of
Samuel Hatchings, William Price and oibere: southerly in
the re.r by a iot now or late to possession of Lawrence
Moore, and easterly on the other side by lot number one
hnndrtd and sixteen on LL-penard's map. centainin-?* in
breadth in front and rear each twentv five feet, and in l-*n?r_h
on each side eighty-five feet, together with the nse and
privilege in wramon with the other proprietors ?f tbe he
lore mentioned alley, together with all ?nd singular t'i?
tenement-*, hereditaments and appurtenances uat? the said
above mentioned and d?rs*_rit?ed premises in anywise apper
tainine or belongin?:.
Also, the anexpired term of the leasehold premises
mentioned in tbe bill of complaint in this eau?-*?, and there?
in described a? foliotvs, viz : All that certain lot of land
situate lying and being in ihe Fifth Ward of ih? citv of
New York, being part of ibe estate ?atelv belontrin-** to "tec
Corperation of Trinity Cburcb io the city ef New York,
called the Church Farm, and tbe same lot which in a map
or chart of the said estate made by Charles Loss, one of the
City Surveyor**, is known and dist?nguishad bv the number
nine hundred and seven <9C7) and is boanded'as follows, to
wit : eastwardly in front by Hudson-suret, northwardly by
a lot distingoL*-hed on thesaid map or chart by the number
nine hundred and six. (906) westward iv bv lot number nine
hundred and fifteen (915,) and sauthwardiy by lot number
nine hundred and eight (?)3), co_tainin? in breadth ?a front
and rear twenty-fire feet, and in langth oa the soath side
ninety-six icet nine inch??, and on the north side ninety
seyt.1 fee i. be ihe same more or les?, together with the ab
?!_-_______.to thebni!dia?-s and unprovemects tberrcr.a*id
we r.giu tp remove the ?me. wiibm te= davs after the ex
p.re__onof?aidterm. Ne-cr-York.Octoberl?tb. 1S42.
SsmZs _-LIAM W* CAMPBELL, Master in Chancery. ,
HkxvTL c__m?b_i__., -jolicitor. osniaw-w
TOVES.?HOWE'S Patent Store,
for heating Parlors, Halls, kx-, and there probably is
noi a Stove tor sale in this city that contains ("in so Knall a
compass) all the ad-?_itac*es this Stove does, f<rjr nestnests of
aiipeanuire.economyinfuel, and ^remitting a soaaiidplea?
sant heat, it is not suri-osed by any, and eqn-?ed by very
few, if any ; and while I am about it I should like t- call
ihe attention of th. paUlic to those Stoves for sale in this
market thai are only got up in look at, and not for service
and util-tv; there is considerable cru. king about hollow
bas?fs or hearths to warm or dry tbe feet upon. I woal?i
mer-ly ask the question, would a hearth or base made of
sheet iron stand much puttiiig teet upon il for that pui-p-rise.'
I think not, then-fore I would cant?on the public to buy
such Stoves anlv as have been well tested and tried. Thi?
Stove bas a rast iron hearth and two doors in front, one for
?palling in coal and the other to show tbe fire, thereby giv?
ing a verv cheerful appearanc?, and at the same time brings
anopen tire convenient for warming- *r drying the feet. It
may be seen a: the Fair next week ; and is ior sale at ihe
Manulaciory, No. 239 Water-strett, and also at 23 and 12
Bowery, and at Powell k Vinin_*'<>. Brr>oklYn.
o7 lm _ SAMUKL R. SPKLMAN. 2S9 Water-si.
The underMgiied are the only agents for vending and
selling th?? above article in the City of New-York. Oi their
utility and superior excellence cerlitioates trout persons ot
the first respectability may be seen at the More. We gaar
aniee agaiast any explosion? il" put up according to our
direction- Wt have al?- ao improved Airtight Slove.
cA 3m S. R. FRAZIER, 250 Wat-r ?reel.
KEEP WARM.?The subscriber ofiers
for sale at No. 231 Water-street, wholesale and retail.
Orr*s Patent an?! improved Air-Tight S oves, constructed
f&r burning e'tUier wood or coal. Over Five Thousand M
these Stoves were sold in the city oi Boston last season, and
found to be the most economical in the consumption ot fuel
of any stove heretofore introduced. They are recommend?
ed particularly by physicians, for heating rooms for ihe
sirk ; and persons afflicted with consumption have lound
great reliel by the u?e of the above Stove, die air pro4uced
being of more even temperature than can po?sibly be pro?
duced b ? iny other stove now offered to the public. Please
call -no examine for yourselves, beior.? purchasing else?
where. D. D. WENDELL, No. 231 Wnter-sl
?6tf 2?t door from Beekman.
S "POO R~?~ celebrated PATENT COAL
STOVES, designed for Stores Offices, Hall.? and Par
lnr--._-Tli.-fe Stoves are acknowledged by all who have
used them, to supersede any other kind ever offered to the
public. They can now be had at greal.y reiluced prices?
or.e-third less than former?y?owing to the depressed state
of the limes. Tlios?-? wishing to purchase Stov*> fiTr the
above purposes are requested to call and examine for tliein
selves at 65 Chatham-street, it being the only place where
Ihev can be obtained in this city. N. B. Spoor's Stoves
New-York. October 8,1842._oil lm
1 true and genuine anide, without the ' imprjvement'
o? rioted bottom oven plate, which is calculated to collect
soot and prevents ihe draft. The Stove that has be.n in
use and so highly approved by all who have used them
may be had at the following places, si prices to su il ihe
times: William Willis k Co., 179 Greenwich-street*. Wil?
liam H. Sweet, 304 Canal-street; R. E. Peterson, 144 Bow?
ery : J. S Madison, 3?l2_ Gran.l?street, and C. Cadle, Jr.,
43 Harrison-street._______
?r TO $5 .50.?Peach Orchard Coal.?
?J The subscriber oilers for ?-sir the first quality Peach
diard Coal, broken, egg and large nut sire?, at th.-above
reduced prices, deliverer! free of cartage, direct from the
hoais. Tbe Co_i will be well broken and screened at the
time of shipment. ALFRED ASHFIF.LD,
415 Grand-street, corner of Ridge,
and South ?reet, corner of Montgomery.
Orders left as above, or at 198 William-street, or through
the Post-Office, promptly attended to._auSfiif
?$_/_ O ?--I?COAL, COAL?From the
*JP'r-J_ ??/zJ. vessel, best quality P?*ach Orchard Red
fib Coal tresh from the mines, at the folia-, ing low prices?
Etrsr and Broken.$5 50
Steve, Urge.5 oo
dnuble screened and delivered any part oi the city, weighed
by a city weigher. Yr-'d comer Christopher uta Green?
wich street.. JAS. FERGUSON
N B?loon ton- Pea and Oust cheap._
OAL! COAL!?Cheap as ever at the
old stand, corner of Hudson and Amor-streets, where
we shall be happy to see ail who want a good article of
winter fuel. We are constantly receiving and discharging
boats of weil-selecteil coals which we deliver on the shortesi
notice in good order. (jy-0 3na) J. TERBELL.
_Jsigr.ed is now discharging* a very fine cargo of Liver?
pool Coal that burns free, bright and clean, ai the low price
of $9, delivered free ofcartace at any pan of the city. A
few cbaidrons y-t unsold. Those wanting the article had
better send in their orders withflnt delay, at the Yard No.
78 Thompson street, near Spring, or at ihe office No. 113
Nassau street.
P. S.?It will he deliv?Ted atsBrooklyn at the same price
the ferra_e added. JOSEPH P. SIMPSON. ol- If
4_ ?_ . W I?UUAL' CUAL ! ??The real
+P tJ ? \J 3 ' Peach Orchard Red Ash, now selling from
tue yard 501 Washington-street, two door? above Spring,
brolien from clean lump, dourly screened, and delivere?!
free of cartage, and wei?bed by a City Weigher, at ihe fol?
lowing price;: : a, _
Large A ur.?a no
Stove. 5 25
Broken or Egg. 6 (W
Livirpool Screened. S 00
N. B.?All orden to be left at the Yard. No age;.*-?no
commission. The buyer receives the benefit.
Coal from boats, 25 cents less per ton.
ol3tf_P. B. GUERNSEY.
COA__7C??ITC?AL.-?Best Peach Or?
chard Red Ash Coal?Lump, Broken and Nul sizes.?
The undersigned is ftuthoriscd to lake orders lor this cele?
brated Coal, at the very lowest prices, either by the ..?aryn
ir ton, delivered trots tfie barges free of cartage in any pai i
of thi- city or Brooklyn.
Al-o i irr.y Ash Schuylk.il, Lehigli and Lackawana Coal.
P. S. American Bituminous Coal, for th. crate, equal to
best Liverpool. B? t Virginia Coal, for blacksmith's use, al
the very lowest price. JOSEPH P. SIMPSON,
Office No. 113 Nansan-treet.
N. B. Orders for one Ion win receive the same mtenuon
as those for a larger quanity. myl.t
the best auality, deliver?-d in tlie best order, ?o?i
boats, at (oar dollars seventy-five cents per ton, delivered
tree ol carta_e. A large lf?ton ihe w.ly will be here in a
day or two. K. i. B. 9EIDMORE,
'''9 Gi*_Washington, corner nf Franklin.
The contenus of Wilder*. Patent Salamander Safe have
never heei. injured (much less destroyed) by fire. They
can only be had at the Iron Sale Store of
SILAS C. HERKING, l.!9 Water-lreeL
N. B. Safes of other makers, such as have been taken in
uari payment for Wilder*-, for sale ai less tlian one half o I
nrst cost, as above. ???j
THE Co-p?.rfr_ers?wp of J. dTOTwit'h
erby was dissolved the 1st of August la>t_ bv mutu.il
coa?*ent. The name of ihe firm will only be used* in liqui
dating the affairs of the concern by either partv. New
"iork, October 21st, 1842. JOEL WITHKRBV,
at No. 72 Lispenard-st., cor. of Broadway.?CHAS.
T. GESL.-IN, Music Pubfi-her, is constantly rec"eivin_ new
and fashionable Music, for the Piano. Guitar, and Flute,
which is selling at Ihe very low price of 3 cents a page, re?
tail. Also, on hand, a small lot o? Musical lastromenis,
which will lie sold very low. The Dublic aie invited to call
and examine for themselves. Wholesale -ealers supplied
i heaper than at any other establishment in the U. Stales
N. B.?Piano Forte? tuned at 75 cents.
THE SUBSCRIBER informs his friends
and the publie that he is now opening a fresh supply
ot English and Domestic Har. ware. Merchants and house
keepers will find it for their interest to call and examine
prices and quality. Among the assortment may be found
a superior article ot English Coal Hods, from 12 to 17 inch.
Tea Trays and Waiters, from 6 to SO in.
Composition Tea Kettles and Sauce Pans ;
Britannia Tea and Coffee Pols?American and English ;
Pl.-.ted and German Siver Spoons;
Brilannia,bra_ and Japan Lamps, Candlc.uicks.Spittoons,
Cedar ware, Tubs and Pails.
Cut Nads, itc kc ?SIMEON P. SMITH,
ofi lni_97 .Maiden-lane, near Pearl-s_
lit?ers of the American Agriculturist would respect?
fully solicit tbe attention of Farmers and others engaged in
Agrira-ltai ? pursuits, to the aboTem.'uiioued work.
The following are a few of the many iavorable notices
which Ibis work has received;
" The Agriculturist appears io be edited with that kind
oi ability and practical knowledge, that must place it amo.T"
ihe foremost rank with similar periodicals ?n our country "'
?-, ... , ? w*>yn*-County ftecor-, Indiana,
f rom ?be known ability of ihe editors, we have no doubt
thi? will prove a most i_eiul paper, and worthy ihe patron?
age ot tue agriculturist, w? b<t_ ihe aopearauce of this
journa? as another evidence of the interest which is mani?
fested ?n ihe srubjectof Agrie.liurr."
... ,, fCentrai Farmer, Rome, New-York.
- From a careful perusal of the contents ot ihe American
.-gncuitunsi, we faesiiaie not to ay. ii bids fair to become
a rorM val?ame acquisition to any farmer who does not air
i^^T^^^^^K further knowledge in his
^tS__-_. ??__ - ?^..^?Tersoni-in, Mansfield. Ohio.
Tt.enl>ovew??rk.s published monthly (?_ch number to
contain 32 p*z? royal o?srro) at theVw rateo!?? per
annum. SAXTON _MILES. Publishers ?
_ t. riff h__ .?_. ., . . 205 Broadwav.
r^^^^g^^a^ popular w?3rfcs
TR??EDJJATES Tea Emporium,
\J I21.1ntc 123 Chatham street, New-v"?__ *\rh??i^?
S _S?_S^?_S__ ?2 SwiS?! torob_crtr
sue nirw ana ln?jrrant Tea? of every variety and stvle ?
Their ^?J^**nt specially ?acludes ^_S_3dSs_od
powr-'lulgr^-ui'Green and Black. B-*?^____?_b__
tbe stamp oi nr=teC- and elegance. -__ t_.*^?_r_._reto
are so ?soroag?ly second from fefi ^j _r thai SlroS
?_???_?_____-?-. ?airaPa"'^ in ?-y climaVr! ffi
mtem o; dtoce____? *___?_}? -/.,.i,-_^ ji_._ . *?-_i
qualTn*. and ^^S^^SS-^^
upon to return any artici-which ^-?se_e___^r_l
est sansfact-n, when ihe mener will h?clv^^'? \
promp?y refunded. C_r_try S____.1__uS-.__1
_er.t. bead, of ^tm^^il^S^^^?SLml
?cd advantage to supply _-___?lm___,_S^__M'. ? dca"
Coffee roasted every dnv '**?e*"es lroa ?_s estabhshmeat.
FrS-S?S?_ff SS^ **? S^ ???cd vvith
PARR'S LIFE PILLS.?The immense
increaieof tbe sale of these Pills for the short time
they have beren intradaced into this country, is truly asido
Ishis?-'. and a conrirxing proof of the coriquering power ef
this fine herbal medicine in remedying disease. At this sea
Ma of tbe vear, whea tbe system is relaaed by tbe heal of
?ruminer, a'conrse oi this invaluable medicine will clear off
tha sour and bad hnmors which heal invar ably generates,
Tbe liver, which generally gets sluggish, will be pat into
nealthv action, and tbosbii able m ?eri?rm ihe functions al?
lotted to it, the 1-ody altogether will be reinvigoraied, and
prepared to und.rgo whatever change the wn..er may
bring on. in bUtou?? ?-?^nplaints. h??**avy coldsan<l inflamma?
tions, they afford a sj.t___ady rel.ef, and to the t?male conM.
tations they are principally applicable, a? many who have
tried them can certify. In fact, every oae who has u?e<i
Parr's Life Pills seems to tve instilled with new life, tor then
fine, tonic properties invariablv restore the stomach to a
hralthv longing for food, sound sleep, anil a!l the concom?,
tants attendant ?m good health. The exomt to which they
are u>*d in Europe, among all classes of society, is beycnd
conception, for more Uian S0,tV>0 boxes are there sold week?
ly, sliowintr that all who use them appreciate their worth.
They are sold exclusively by ihe following ngent?", ??*? "?
RnshiOH k Aspinwall,; dnnfffistt and ch?*tnists, 36 WUIiam
street, tin Broadway an?f 10 Astor Hoste.
Abraham Sands'-, Co.,?irug_?ist.andchefliUtsgTanite build?
ings, 273 Broadway, corner of Cbanibt.r street
P. Dickie, 413 Broad*?v_y, corner of Lispenard street
John B. Dixid, druggist, Broadway, airaerot Bleecker-st.
A. W. Bari-au, Bowery Meilicine _;ore, 260 Bowery
John C. Han, druggist,348 Grand, corn?.- Noriolk-?ireeL
Symes' Medicine Store, 63 Bowery, corner of Walker*st
A. B. Tripler, corner Fulton and >Vater*--*ree_.
Horace Everett, ?lruggi.t, 367 Greenwidi-sireel, next to the
corner of Franklin.
J. ic J. Coddington, apothecaries, 227 Huilson-street, comer
of Spring-street.
E. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary, 253 Bleecker .treet,
corner ol Jones-street.
J. Wentiover, druggist and apothecary, 141 Eighth Avenue,
Bro??klvii--W"m. Armstrong, seed, drug and patent mAliciiie
warehouse, 13-H Fultan-stre??L
And wholesale at the proprietor's ortic??.
r?5 lm Clarendon Hou_e. cor. Dnane.... and Broadway*
E?FN?SS"CUR?D.?Messrs. Ed?
Having seen advertised in vour paper and
, SCARPA'S OIL. for DEAFNESS, I fell (b,*
n_>rs :
?some others. _
ing a sufferer myself) au unusual anxety lo know more
about the medicine; consequently 1 have made a great
many inquiries and find Its reputation is nil thai one could
wish; vast numbers have used it with success, and 1 hear
that tbe call for it is astonishin?.ly great I am using it,
and fmd a daily improvement in my hearing. Yours,4_c.
For sale by Dr. JAYNE, No. 20 SOUTH THIRD-ST..
Sold nt wholesale and retail by the Agents A. B.__ D.
Sands, Druggists, No. 7!* Fulton-st. romer of G?*l?l-st., and
100 Fultnnst?also, saM bv David Sands k Co. No. 77 East
Broadway, cornerof Market-t ; Abrah:mi B. Sands & Co.
No. "2l".i Broadway, (Granite Buildings) comer of Chamber
street_ ________!_.
Acousiic Oil lor the cure of Deafaess, Pains, and ihe
discharge of matter irom the Ears; also, all those ?lisagree
ablt- noi.es, like the buzzing of insect*, falling of waters,
whizzing oi steam, kc, which are symptoms of approach
iii?- Deafness, and also generally attendant with the dis?
HT Read the following most extraordinary Cure : li any
have had doubts, they may now dismiss them, and the most
incredulous may consider Deafness as enrabie. Numerous
cases of cures, nnd many of ihem very remarkable, by ihe
use of "SCARPA'S OIL," have been published, but this
caps the climax. Young or old, you may yet recover your
bearing. ,
A lad? in Smithfield, Pennsylvania, and now about eighty
y?-ars of age, had been gradually getting deaf for more than
forty years, ?o that il was next to imp jssibl? lo make her
h??ar convenatinn in the loudesl tone of voice. Last winter
she was induce?! to try " Scarpa's Oil for Deafness." It is
only iiecHSsary to add, that she has used two bottte, and
that her hearing is perfectly restored?she is cured. Any
information in relation to the case may be obtain??! at the
store of DR. JAYNE.
2ti Souih Third-street. Philadelphia,
at which place also tbe metlicine is lor sale.
Sold at wholesale ami retail by ihe Agents A. B.i*. D.
SANDS, Dni?rgi?ts, No?. 70 and 101) Fulton corner of ?r-'o'd
st. and WO Fultoii-st also sold by Abraham B. Sands i. Co.
No. 273 Broadway, (Granite Building,) earner of Cham
bers-st; David Sands k Co. No. 77 East Broadway, corner
of Market-?.. Price $1._o!3 !m
dial, No. 476 Broadway, N. Y.?Tbi?* Cordial having
obtained a just celebrity on account of the many curys it
has periorriied, in cases to which it is adapted, the public
?- respecttully informed that it relieves Dyspepsia and other
disorders of ihe stomacii. It is peculiarly ailapted to re?
move those complaints, not by coostanJy pl.ysicwg, but by
strengthening the system. No greater mistake can be made
than to suppose that Dyspepsia, orany other ?li?-??nse arising
from debiiiiy, can be cured by a lreqn?*nt forced action on
Ute briwels, by purgative medicines. Y. hen this complaint
exists, the sy. tern is already too weak, and every atldilional
dose tends to make it more so. The Cordial, on the con?
trary, acting as a tonic, strengthens ihe digestive organs,
and assists thsm to perform their functions as nature de?
signed. Hence it is found to be efficacious also in those
diseases peculiar to fp<Tales, which mise more frequently
from weakness than from any other cause. The Cordial
likewise is a certain cure for the Nervous Headache, and
affords relief in almost all affections of, the nervous system.
It ?san excellent preventive of costiveijcsi and low spirit?.
Th? aged and infirm of both.rexes.and persons of sedentary
habiti, prone to costi ven?is, have experienced great benefit
from it. It speedily promote,*! strength io all caso?, of tren
eral aeoiiity, restores a good and healthy appetite, gives
tone and vigor to the whole system,and is hisfhly beneficial
as a tonic in convaleaence from levers and other aaote dis?
orders. In proof of its virtues in tbe aliove .<*omplabit?. the
public ?3 relerre?! to the rrc^mmenrialii.ns ol eminent phy.i
rian . as well -?* " i*se of respectable gentlemen who have
J.rived benefit from li.euse of it, some of which are pub?
lished in the circular accompany i ng each boule.
The Restorative Cordial is prepare?! aud pold by the pro?
prietor at 4*76 Broadway, N. Y., and by respeclahln drug
gists throutrhout the country. Price $i per bottle, and *9
per doten Orders accompanied by the cash punctually
executed, and forwarded according to directions.
Sold also by tbe Messrs. Rush.on k A-.pinwall u_. William
street, lift Broadway and 10 Aslor House. n_*j lm
MURlSCJii1? Hygeian "M?diciaee.?
. NOTICE.?Whereas, A. A. S-t.mar.os, of 94 Broad
way? New-York, is making an improper u?e ?ifMeasrs.
Mcri'on k Co.'s appointment for the sale of their Medi?
cines. This is, ther?*f?ire, to inform the public that Mr.
.S?manos is noi authorized U> sell * M ORISON'S PILLS'
in New-York,aud that Messrs. Morrisons?' only Agents m
New-York am Messrs. FIRTH k HALL, of No. I Frank?
lin square, tnim whom alone the Aledicims ?-an be had gen?
uine. (Sigiie.1) MOR1SON 4i CO.
Dated British College*of Health, Ni w Road, London,
lune Ifitl?. I_?4__. ?vi if
G F, ?-?.?There needs no argument keyond a simple,
fair, candid trial, to prove to a de.i. .nitration that Peters's
Loieogea nre among tin* very b?*st medicate?! preparations
ever innde. Whie their taste, which is agreeable, gi vex tlier/.
advantage overevery otlier medicine now in use. the gr?at
variety of their ingredients renders them efficacious to an
?v .lent elsewhere unknown. His Cough Lozenges, for in
f-tancr. cure Colds, Asthma, Catarrh, Bronchitis, and all
cnmplalnQ of a Pulmonary origin. Then his Worm Lozen?
ges reliev?.? chilrlren of the terrible distress, ihe convulsive
pains, ihe broken sleep _n.l headache, which always attend
the prt-onc?* nf worms. Thus all his Lozenges in fact, are
Rubble to some particular disease, which ihey combletelv
fmov-, Warehouse, 125 Pulton st. ol7 Im
,R. ftUSH?S I^GAgY-^-That cele^
brnted phy.sicl?n, Dr. Beiijamli_Jtu.s!i, could not have
led a more valuable legacy to mankird thau his invaluable
HEALTH PILL. Ii is indeed a blessing lo the alllicted,
giving relief in all the urnial cases of sudden illness or lin?
gering disease with which humanity Ls <lLstr??ssed or the
functions of life are destroyed. It U now cenceded by the
most eminent of the medical faculty, that the stomach is the
seal or fountain of all ?lisea.se ; that it us, ns it w t.re? Hie cen?
tre frj?m which proceeil all the evils produced by foreign or
irritating causes, and which tbencr ?.jiread t.i t-very part of
the animal system.
The proper method ol cure, therefore, is to atlae.k the cit?
adel in which the disease intrenches its?*lf; and no com?
bination of medical agami bas j et been discovered so effi?
cacious ?or this purpose as the preparation of the late Dr.
Rush, and which, from the universal success attending their
administration, ?lurine a practice/of nearly half a century,
were slyle.l his " Infallible Health Pill." Their great vir?
tue is, that they arrest disease in its first approach. They
are preventives as well as remedies; and we will venture to
say that if like? by persons when they are first affected with
symptoms of illness, many a case, that is either serious or
fatal, might be "avoided.
Let the afflicted withon._he.itat.on _v..il themstlves nf this
invalnable legacy, and they will have reason to bless the
name ot Dr. Rush as one of the greatest benefactors of
.Sold, wholesale and retail, by H. G. DAGGERS, 30 Ann
nreet New-York?, and (retail) by Kelly, 267 Broadway,
New-York; J. Axlord, 163 Bowery, N. Y. ; H. Green, 69?
Full'... st, Brooklyn ; Redding k Co., 8 State-st, Boston ;
D. Smith, 96 Market-st., Newark, N.J. ; G. B. Zeiber, 87
D-vck-st, .orner of Tuir?!, Philailelphia; W. Taylor, 12
North-?.. Baltimore ; and agents in the principal cities in
the Lnue.i States.
Price Twenty- Five Cents a box ; each bin inclosed in an
elegantly engraved wrapper, with toil directions for use.
s28 loi
Coughs nnd Colds.
REMEMBER No. 54 North Sixth street,
one door below Arch-slreet Philadelphia, Uie most
certain and be-t FAMILY MEDICINE, for Cooghs,Colds,
.pitting Blood, Throat and Lung Difease?, a rising sensa
turn hkv choking, lickjiug, or unpleasant obstruction?. For
CtifcKRi will be found ihe great remedy. Persons who
have abused them?elvss by ihe nse of ardent spirits, will
??nd both their strength and resolution much improvd by
lea *ing off the spirits and taking a ?irnft occ-wonal'y of tbe
above restorative. AU preparations ?rom this valuable tree,
except the above, mav be ?*oi**?ider**d ?-purino. or eonn
lerfeit Ther?-?l article may liad of th?? following Agents,
or at No. 51 North Sixth"stree*. Philadelphia.
?? ?* LIST OF A66N?S. "1 .
Dr. >?. n. Miinor, Droe?iist. 1?2 Broadwav, Nwlorlt.
Mrs. M. Hayes, 133 Fulton-street, ?rookly'n.
Benjamin O.ds, Newark, N- J. ? '.
Johi. MiLson. Patterson._ _oSn lm'
iatnre Orthogonal, and Pcrsp*":tive Drawings; Work?
ing Dra-n-inirs, Spccific-ttions, and Bstim.ite. for Churches.
Public and Priv ,te Buil-?ng-. -???be m?dc to order by
R. A. SHELDEN, ArchitecL
o9 lm* Mo. " Mercer, czr. Ho-.vard st N. Y.
CROT?N WATER.?Mijler & Coates.
Plunibrrs, 1?S Grand street 5 doors ??ast of Broad?
way, furnish Tinned, Lead, Coniprwition and Iron Pipeu?
Pnmps*. Hydrant.. Fouauin., Bntii Tubs, kc and every
article connecte?! with the use of Crot?n Water in Dwel?
ling?, Warelionses, and ___U_tra_?aori>tS. Orders for the in
rodnction of water promptly e-re-^itej._ 0I2 lor
JL\> A first rate -.nicic cf Roll.
_lw_ys be foan-i at JAMES G. Mi
near Wo-wter. at the l'rwesinrsr'?*^
rsp'trrior article of CooptK's Brass.
X. BANT. TROY, and btemediate __?*
* steamboat Pier toot, of Sarcjay tu ^^*
The Uw.pressure steamboat TROY, Cant. * ?<_-*?
This (Tuesday) Morniiur. at 7 o'clock! ^ ?Qrt**i*.
The tar**?- low-pressure steamboat ALBANY CaM j n
Jenkins, To-morrow (Monday) Morning-, ai 7c'c'cdi
Tor passage, apply at the office, foot of B??*t.ay.._____.
on board. ? **-re*t. ? r
Notice?AU Goods, Freight, Baggage, Ban* R_?t__3w_.
or any other kind of Property, taken, ?hipp?*.. f? rir '
hoard this boat,mast be at tbe risk of t_eow__?a .??.,1*
Goods, Freight, or Baggage, he "* *--???
The steamer
dell, wili leave as
BAN Y antl intenne?llaK pixec*-*?,,,/
lootol Cnarti?n?it-st. ***?
is above at 5 P. M. on W#dnesday "a__4i?"
The COLUMBIA. C?p_ T. P. Newberry wiiM???
above at .*? P. M. on Tuesday ami Friday. **
For *-ass__e or freight.apply to P. C. Schul? au]*.??,
on the whan,or on board. ' ^*
N. B. All kinds of property takes only al tl..' rU?f ?.
owners thereof. _ _ ?**
_S??,. boats Mr Albany, daily, at 1., -, ,. >
M7,"S?hday excepted. from th?' pier between Coun'i&d_,._
Libero street!. *?***
Tbe'steamer SOUTH AM ERICA, CaptBrwW,. \n*.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday Afternixms anJoviaf*
The steamer ROCHESTER, Caai. A. P. s?. Johr (?L
the above pier Tne?lay, Thurs?lay an*! Saturday* ?S?
noons, at 6 o'clock. *M*r*
Tbe Rochester an?l South Ans-eriM are new an. t.twt____.
liai boats, well Sited up and furnished with -.stenSaa
and for speed and acc-immodations are r*oi surpa^a^t
anv boats on the river. ^
For passage or trvighl apply to P. C. Schein at the ofe*
on the whan, or on boir-d.
__1_ VKSANT, COX.SACKl_.aUu^^.
landing.?Steamboat SUPERIOR. C*pL _o?u
?eave tlie pier, 'not of C?*dar-strr?'t, This Attention'
(Satunlay) at 5o'clock. For passage or fi.i_.bl. apart?u.
toerd,or_lo J. B. NICHOLSON, IV* Wt^.?^. '$
RY, HA.T4NGS AND YONKKRS ?-Bn.aJ.i-.. -?Join!
at 124 o'clock, P. M. Landing at th?. fooU? H.-mini.-?.
sire??t, each way.
N0TICE.-AU g<io?is,lr?i>;ht.basi?i<viha,,kbl|!,, _p?.,e
or fUit other kind 01 properly, taken, ?-hipp?^% or ,,?. ,..'
boarHtha Boat, must be at the ?ok ?it the owners of such
good?, freight, baggage, Sic?. c^
On and after the 20th October ia.un? th.?
?.eamboats (Capt. A. H. Schullz.Jwill ?-taJ
the fool of DuantMtrect, New-York, daily (Saalayi ex?
cepted) as follows :
For passeneer* at 2 P., hi.
Fin* freight at 4 P. M.
Returning ihe train will lea re Goshea as follows :
For pa?-?engers al 7 A. M.
For freight at? P. M.
Usual time between Goshen and New-York fevekoan
H. C. SEYMOUR, Sup't ??nd Eae'r
Pieruiont, Oct. 15,1S42. oi?_
COTTAGE for sale or exchange.
wilh 8 lots o? ground.?Price 2.7?0, being less tfcao
cost o I the house. The greatest part can remain on mort?
gage al 6 per cent.
J. D. HOYT, 9 Chambers-street
?-21 tf A. HOYT. 5th Cuttage, Grand-;_, Williar.uborjfk.
FARM FOR SALE-Situated .
_railes north of the Village of Newburp, bouwledbr
the Hud. on River on the east and the Old Post-m-i. 10 ?J.
Ir.ny on ihe. west. On ihe farm there is a ?cod, comma...
eus houseand barn, likewire n large di*_k on die rher,
formerly used asa brick yard. The farm contains abo? lf.
acresot hind?the view is cornrn.nd.ing, and the pr-wpe?.
tieauinul, far furtlier pantcnlar*. inquire of Oro.-t_.t_i.r,
No. l_5 Greene street, or W H. Van Da_.m,?o. 67 Van
Dam ?.reel, New V?*?rh riiy. o.lf
1 v"'? Farm at Shrewsbury, Monmoutiicoanly, Ntv-Jtr
eey.consist'mp, of about thirty acr?. of tond. Ti;y i::iptwi?
nipnts are a good iw?s story ?/.?-eiliiig _?.___. and /?itfiieo,.
barn, wagon hou-*?>, and olh?-r necef_ary onibui/?ings. thiA
farm i?. Mluated on ihe main road leading from Shrewsbury
to Red Bulk, and about hull" anille (mm iho -?i'.uni?o..t
landing at Red Bank Tin. h__ if well fencm, nocked
with 11 variety of frnit tree??, and in ?to-tordir; mvl therr*.
?idence every wtty dikirnble. The farm ?ill be _?d on
reason.il>le terms or exchan?f.d for productive __r___rt+ ia
ttiir:. ftv- For particulars, inquire of JAMES SCHUHE
31AN, F.sq on die pretitites, or ol J. PARMLV, No. riBond
sU New-York. ?28 lm
FOR SALE?The 2 !.ot.r?oq.ipgvp?
Rivincton ??in-rf, anil i.unihrre.1 ;19 .ind 1100 Jiitl
?itr??ei?each Int'.."? !r?'t in widit. I.y Infiin length.
AL?^, 4 lot. on the Northerly mIc of .1st nr.??>i,d?ii?3ca
feet, Ea.Ntfily trooi ibeBlhavenue.
Apply to O. CLARK, Bw. l^fi Waier .tr?. 1. or to tut
?*uh .'rib'T (by mail) at Kar Rockaway, Ltinft Isffinit
o2i> lm" J. L. NOItT0.*.,Jr.
Situated in Pouthporunhoui three miles l?nra ihe *? li?
tige ?>! Elmira, Cnuniy of Cbemnng. iying oa SecUje
Crer.1, containing 2fi.'i acres of lan?l, a rnn..drr_hli* part of
which is uiitler excellent improvement. There ?re
two Houses and iwo Orchard?* <m the Farm, and Barm,
Sheils, &c, and it could he very ea*?ily ?liviiled into two
parti. Il ?'consid?red to be one of the he>l F.irnw in lie
nei_hborlior?d, an?l will lie ?old on reasonable termx.
Inquire of A. LAMB, No. 3!. Fourtli-Hreet, or of
old lm* A. KONKLK, villayonf Elraira.
m* AK?RRI FOr's?LE- A Bargain
JSjGSl" tlie town of Summit, Scohariecounty, fcltymu?
from Albany, ?ronlaining one hundred and forty-or.e acro
<nie liumlred of ?Ahich is un?l?-r a hi?h Mate of coliivaiin.
the balance heavy timber; tin* farm is well watered, as?! no
bvlt?r 1-iMil ?11 tbe. county lor ijrnin and frraziag, Mltaate-d
equal distance betweeu four " villages with scliooli mi
churche.. One hall the money may remain on interest?
For particulars, enquire ol W. H. SWKF.T, VilCm-tl,
or o( ft SWEKT, comer of Hudson and Domini?* *??*.
New York. r.131*'
N?TIGE.?At an Orphao's (.oui be!d
at I^incoster, for tlie County of Lnncaster, in the *?*
of Pennsylvania, on Tue?day, the .th ?lay of OfiiJheT, lW?
beiore the Judges thereof?
Tlie Court, on application in behalf ot sr.tneof the heirs,
trrant a rule ?in all persons interested in the Real ?Si?31' 0!
Abr-.ham Gibbl.. late of Warwick town.hip, in l_ant3?t*r
Comity in the Stale of Pennsylvania (Faimer,) de?*?-****'?-1?
to come inlo Court at an Orphans' Court to be heldai^*-*
c-ster for the said County of Lan?a .ter on Moo>toV*i?< ???*
day of November next, to accept or refuse tlie R??d gw
of the said deceased, at a valuation and _ppraiscm?ntloeW?
made and confirmed by the said Court. Aud the Zn&>
upon the same application, also granted a Bute opon ?**
oilier heir?, and others inter??e?i,'to appear at the iW*
time and place, to f?how came why the E'latr so ??PP"1-"?'
should not he sold?if all tlie hei>-?_. neglect or refuse to Itue
the ?ame at the valuatisn. BytheCourt , ,,.??,,
A H. HOOD, Clerk of the Orphan-, i^oart
October 12, IS42. _*?*- U***
NOTICE is hereby giv**n that proposals
will he received at the Inspect-ir's office m Wf/jg
Pri'on, Mount Pleasant, on the '-rcond _ggf?gSttS
vember next, nt 11 o'clock in ihi* forenoon. ??>? a f/,a,J*" ?
commence wi?iSO convicts on the first -'?.-7".'' ,,Z ]s
ing, to be increased within one year to_lc? W? ^"T
five years, al making such kinds of cham?. >^'a?;"i fj??
lie?! -crews, shovels and tongs, ?-adujen*, cutlery ^^Z
articles of hardware, "of w-bicli the chief raPPRJXSe
con?nmpiion of the. country is imported from w.^- g
Uniied ?latr. " Convenient *hop room and foei??? ?
larnish??d. Whoever lakes the conu act man find w* ??
fixtcres and be subject to the mies and re?u!3t:?i??J^
Prison. The payment.** mu-tbe made monthly w.tn aciw*1
of diree months- Satisfac'ory sticuriiy will Ce rraoifW? ?
Let the proposals specify ihe price ner day f?,r e::cb #&?
Agent State Prison, Mount Pk??*
S<Dterr.her3th. 1S_2._jW?.
Agent's O?fice, State Prim-M
Aubnro, Oct 10, IM2- fU
"TOTICE is hereby given, that sealed
. Prcponls will lie rr?f.p?ve?4!..ithf*o??ce.''f i'7*110?'*???'
?t 8ritiITa?**d?v Uie2n:h day ofDec?-Tnl^rn?-itatlO'''??*-S
* nit t_.!.?.'_:_n*..*_.#._:... _..-.w ..... ?runlet-?'#
Five years fnim the ?ir_t ??av ni January neit. to &<*
ployed in the manufacture of iFiliTsand snch artici? *-. J?*
l??ry of which the united Stales is principally iutfrh? J
foT-rign importation. _ ? ??
Sufficient ?hop-room, suitably **?armed ard light?*? "
be furnished by the Sute. ??
Nate. Persoas making proposal? are requir??d w rJ**^
sL per day, ofierwi lor the services of czcu ??Erg ?
and to furnish th? name of the -person or perso? c*Jj*5?j7,
surety in the Coatrac*. with their written aspect ?-"IL^
a=?i the respective person* making proposals *rrf,A?r)te.
10 be present at tbe time of op?**ning such propre***
20*_h) either in person or by a duly author!-vd ^er>\ ^
'AYDEN'S Premium Pena.?A ?>#*
_ .^ Medal was awarded J. Haydca for bis "?gl%.
nor Peas"' by the Am??rican Jns*itute at its last Yflt^
Government have given thera ihe Prefcrcnic, ar.n ??"? f/
arcoantanis and many of the public irt-tit-Jtioas J*",1 ?-y.
oihrn* Pens. They have jusdy ohtaincc. the ^^f.^-..
tion, and are not surpassed ifecnalH by any in ?^r^-jie
Th? trade are sappne-d at the Manufacturers ?^**2t
agents J. k P. HAYOISN.S P^'^u*
Agent, also for __?___an*. School aed &?*^'wj?ui
S?=d3. m
TO LET?The frame Mansion House
X\J Ul. I-iUC iiuuivj intiusum ?li.'U,;
_,. in Eighth str??et, frontingMcDou_r.il street.\>.than
gardens, Sic. attached. Apply to M. K. THOMPSON.N?.
So F.ighlh street._?o. 1?
_The cottage buik Hoa*-e antl Stable on nonh ?_t
comer of Fittb avenue and 125th street, with ?fi__llo_t,or.
??mente?! wilh trees : also a pump near tlie ?ioor; atojii
minutes walk from the Railroad. For further partlctht.
inouire of J. ?t I. W. LE VERIDGK. l-?-** CI,, rry^t N, y.
M OFFICES TO LET, in the ?con..
third, and fourth stories of ll-.e new huildinsr., Nr_
i.-v. ami ICO Nassnu-slreet, (Tribune Buildings.) tronlingliu?
Park and nearly ?.pposite 'the City lliij. Enquire ?
T. McELRATH. ??n the premises _ sog If
M"~TU LET?The new stores aud build?
ings in Spruce-street, near Nassau. They will be
completely finished ?luring the next week, ana 10 ?rood
lenants immetliale possession will lie given and no rrnt
charged until aRer 1st Nf.vember. The buildtn_rr are well
adapte?! to any hind of mechanical business. Anplv to T
PRICE, 184 East Broadway, or toT. McKLRATil', at ih?;
office of the Triiiune._ <? if

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