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I..I?RAE1? OAKI.EY.ol Richmond.
II.-JOWKPfl JA.Pt ?BIS, of Lister.
III..A_i_X. ?. UlBr-O.-V, o? Schenectady.
? Vi-JU ftA _? ?OIM1 Nfi BIA.T1, Kuium Co.
1 ( A?A HAHGA????. Kran.UinCo.fi wot ear?.
VCnEtTER Bl'CK "i L-wi. County.
VI.. TIIO t? ,1M A - J O H Sf-Oir, of fe-ubi-n.
vi i.. *tv 11,1.1 a .ta k. -Tito**/*-.. *rnBC*Co*
VIII..l_AltVJEV FI;TiVA:TI, Wyttotog County.
Election Tuesday, Nov. 8?(one day only.)
FT Third Congressional District.?The De
inocratjc Whig Electors of the Firs!, Second, Third, Pouttb
and Fifth Wards o? this City are requested lo meet nt th
Sbakspere Hotel, corner of William aud Duane-si?. (Fourth
Ward.) on Thursday Evemog, the 27th instant. at7?}o*clec_l
to receive the Report of the Convention appointed to select
a suitable person to represent this Distnct in the nerxt Co.i
gres.-, and for the transaction ol other business.?New-York
October 34,1942. By ord<*r or the Convention
George Row-land, } _?_,?,_:_
?p -i *-?.__?._ ( secretaries. -- ?,
i. I?. -ARMAS, ) o.o ot
FT In Qenernl Comitlittee of Democratic
Whig Vonns ?Tien, New-Ynrkj Oct. 14,18-12 :
Resolved, That the Democratic Whig Youn_ Men of the
City of New-York be requested to meet the Whig? of Kin^?
and Richmond Counties in a Senatorial Mass Convention, t?.
be held at National Hall, (late Loir Cabin) Brooklyn, on
Thursday _ventn_-, Oelob-r 27, at 7 o'clock.
8. D. Jackso-v. } ?i.rrruu ivs
CMARLrs K. Tatiok.}-"^'-""*- o.? 2t
V The Office of The Tribune is removed to the
now and spacious buildings, No. J?O NASSAU
STREET, in front of the P-trlc. and nearly oppocitr
?he City Hall.
K_f* The Whig Nominating Convention lant even?
ing completed their labors and adjourned sine die.
We place the County Ticket at the head of oui
columns this morning. It commends itself to the
frienda of good order, and only requires tho tinite.l
action of the Whigs of our City to elect it whole
and entire bv a hand->omc majority.
Tbe Erie Railroad, ___.
The Albany Argus, in a flaggy sort ?>f dialogue.
intended to .how that the State Works of New?
Yoik will never pay tlioir cost, giv?s U3 the fol?
lowing :
Vein?1 suppo?e you count upon Ihe Erie Railroad '
Whig.?No, not for revenue. You know well enough
we use that fur ? leciiorieerin??; purposes.
Such, friends of the Erie Railroad ! is ihe waj
your great work is treated by the Leco-Foco Stat?
?nrgan. While the Massachusetts Western Rail?
road in paying over $000,000 per annum, the Al
ban y Argus coolly asserts that the Erie Railroad
would produce no Revenue at all, tyid is ot.ly used"
" for electioneering purposes." If that Road
does not pay $1,000,000 the first year it shall b?
opened throughout, and 7?.?*/ $1,(100,000 within fiv?
years, then all analogous experience is false ant-:
But says ' Dem ' in this same article :
44 There Is one other question 1 wish to a?k. Is not th?
toll paid on the Eiie Canal a tax , and much more onerou
upon the poor and workinir classes than a direct tax upoi
property t 1 have heard much said about tolls, as il Ine*
fell into the Suite Treasury like manna to the I?raelites, hu?
it ulway s appeared to nie that they were produced lij
labor, and paid by a class least able to bear them, and thai
the true policy for us hard-handed tatn who labor, wouh
b*? to have the State K?*t out of debt, and have the tolls oi
flour, pork, beef, and salt reduced."
Let us test the. soundness of this ' tax ' proposi?
tion. Jonathan Holdfast lives in Allcgany County,
and every odd year comes down to seo his fttther ir
Old Connecticut. Before there were any Rail?
roads it took him five days to reach New-York b\
stage, at a cost of $"20. But the Erie Railroad is
built; and now he runs down in twenty-four hoist
direct, or two days' sunshine if he chooses to tak?
it easy?no racking of bones i:or dislocating oi
shoulders?no prying out the singe from quagmirer
?no mud. no dust, no disappointments ; and the
cost is $B to $10 at most. " Why, Holdfast,'
says ...-Comptroller Flagg, meeting him in New
York, " don't you see that the infernal Whig pol?
icy has?c-rc? you eight dollars for your passage? '
44 Why, no," says Jonathan, feeling the balance o
his usual $20 in bis pocket, "it don't exact.'
strike mc in that light."?Just so of the consumer
of " flour, pork, beef and salt.'' The true way tt
secure a teduction of the cost of transpoitaiion i
by enlarging the Canal so that a two-horse boa>
can curry 70 tons where she now cames 25. Thei
a boat can pay more, toll per ton than now, yet
carry at half the present price
Er' The Morning Post labors zealously to inak.
out a charge of partisanship against Mr. Colin''-?
Address. To this end it says :
?4 It is a ?hnrge up?>n the Democratic party, in the mcuii
o? every Whig demagogue, ami upon the pen of ever.
Whig ?crit'tvler.lhai it seeks to foment hostility between thi
rich und the poor. It is, as every man of sen-- ktiows, u
terly false and unioun.le.i. and yel did Mr. Colby a-snin?
tbe accusation as true and as ;?? m i ally udmilleU."
The error of the Post's statement is here : Mr
Colby spoke against demagogue attempts to arra\
the Poor against the Rich, Labor against Capital,
and showed their folly and wickedne-js ; but ht
did not char g t them upon any party. The Tos
puts the cap on the head of its own party, ano
then cries out?* The Whig libeler ! what ?loes hi
attack us for ? '?Sir., if you are not guilty, you
?re untouched. Ho spoke only of the guilty with?
out naming them.
But is if the charge utterly false and unfout d
ed?" Is the Post's appropriation to its owt
party of Mr. Colby's censure unwurranted ? Lei
any man read the Address and Resolutions is?
mied from Tammany by a " Democratic Mechan
ic*' and Workingmen's Meeting," only one Huh
week ago, and see how undoubtingly it assumes an
irreconcilable hostility between the interests ol
Wealth and Labor, asserting lhat Capital i?.
friendly to tho Protective policy, and ur^-im;
that as a prominent reason why Labor should /.?
hostile to it ! So outrageous w*?> this Slamtnisn.
that evert the Morning Post was constrained to
t?nter a gentle but decided protest. Yet this wa?
no new doctrine?it had been pr? ached time an?;
a_aiu from that *aiu? Taumuuv Hall, and form
(alas tor erring humanity') a most potent argu
rtietu with a large pr*>potti<>n of its disciples. Wt
ci*?*- the Post, then, a*, an unwilling and th.'refor,
unimpeachable witito??? in support of ?Mr. Colby'
positions, even according to its own application oi
Connecticut.?The Legislature of this St
convened in Extra Ses ?ion at New-Haran ou Ti
day pursuant to a caii of the Governor, who cc
-mun-atcd a Message, stating that the object of
call was the Districting of the State for Mcmb
of Congress.
We thought we had a tolerable conception of
intense unwerthine-s of tbe demagogue who
one little year enjoy* the station ot Guverno.
Connecticut, but we were sadly mistaken. Bel
the lowest depth of paltry partizanship he is u
to dig several fathoms. Connecticut, ever sii
the Republican party first carried the State. 1
chosen her Representative- to Congres? by Sin
Districts. The New Apportionment Act of Ci
gress simply make?, that most Republican and eqi
mode, which two-third-, of the Sutes have volt
tarily chosen, the uniform mode throughout t
Union, s*? as lo carry the constitutional req'ji
ment of equal Representation into practical e?e
Hereupon this Mr. C. F. Cleveland pettifogs t
whole subject after the manner of the Plebeian a
Hartford Times, from which he appears to ha
borrowed his language as well as ideas, endeav
ing to confound thi? general regulation, securi
uniformly and equality, and guaranteeing to Co
necticut an ?.O'-ial weigh: ?\ith Nev.--Hanip.hite
Congress (which ?he might at any time bkhet
have lu.?t by a division of bur Delegation) with
attempt by Congress lo make sepa rate and sped
laws interfering wiih the Election sin tbe sevei
States, which was dreaded when the Coostituti
W?3 adopted. He says thai the States have alwa
done as they pleased with this matter, and add?
" I regret that now, for the fir?! lime within lhat peri
of more than half u century, the honor ami integrity of t
several Stale Legislature;, fchould be so far distrusted by t
present Congress, as to lead to an attempt it? deprive thi
of this power."
The honor and integrity of State Legislatur
are not half ?o much distrusted by a requisite
that ali members of Congress shall be chosen 1
single Districts as by tiiat other section of tl
same Act which pi escribes just how many Repr
aentatives each Stale shall be entitled to elec
Why not leave it to the honor and integrity
each Slate to elect such a number as it sbou]
ihink proper7 But ir. is idle to waste rcfutatii
on so contemptible a demagogue.
After recommending that the Legislature she
comply with the requisition of Congress, but pn
I test against it and demand its unconditional re pea
he proceeds to avow himself a Protective Tari
man, with the usual ' incidental ' and 'judicious
dodges, and to " regret that a disposition shout
exist in any ifitartcr to create the impression thi
any considerable portion of her [Connecticut's
people a re hostile to a REASONABLE _n___DICIO_
Tariff" I '- ! Alas for the Plebeians and Post
which so rejoiced over the Free Trade victory i
Connecticut last April ! Alas fur the Loco-Foco
of New-Haven, who (they say) sr-> whipped th
Whig Protectionists in a discussion on this que
lion last winter ! All dished at one fillip by thei
Governor! Alas, unstable world!
The Message of such a dignitary is filly wouni
up by n rigmarole on the subject of Gen; Jackson'
$1U0U fine at New-Orleans, which the Whigs ii
Curiare-;.? would have refunded to 'him last win te
? -
il Guv. Cleveland's party had not voted them down
The State is to be divided for the choice o
Members of C?ngtess as follows:
District ?. Hartford and T?lland Counties.
" II. New-Haven and Middlesex "
44 III. New-London and Wind 1.8m 44
44 IV. Litchfield and Fairfield *'
The Legislature will adjourn on Friday.
BCF The Loco-Focos of this City go their dead
on Free Trade and No Protection, and think it i
deplorable thing that our Cotton ship* do not com?
back full of European Manufactures. Now w.
take the opposite view from this ; and when we
hear of packets coming in from Liverpool and
Havre with little freight, wo rejoice that oui
country is giving employment to her own People
instead of others, and that we are paying off" some
?hare of the heavy Foreign Debt which weighs
upon us like a mill-stone. It i? idle to suppose
that all ships sent cut with Cotton and Flour can
have full cargoes back ; one return cargo uses up
r.he exported proceeds of ten, and a good pan
must return empty.
But in Washington County the late Loco-Foco
Convention passed resolutions in favor of a Pro?
tective Taritf; and in Albany the ' Great Meet?
ing ' at which Guv. Marcy presided passed the fol?
lowing resolution :
Resolved, That we are in favor of raisins? Revenuemain !y
ny (Julies on imports, and so adjusting the same as tn-irfen
tally io protect Amei?can Industry. But in ascertaining
lie amount in be raised, r?-t-,ard would tie had to tbe strict
e?l economy in ihe public expenditures, and a husbandry
?l'allour re?urces?and in affording Protect-on,the Ameri?
can Farmer and the American Mechanic should be equa ly
remembered with the American Manufacturer.
Did ever an honest party work so hard to be un
both sides of a question ?
Q33 Mr. J. A. Corey, Editor uf the Saratoga
Sentinel, makes the following announcement in
his last *.
Awful Calamity!-?Believing that every thing pertain
in?, to tbe welfare and happiness uf ih?* Editor of this paper
i? somewhat interesting and important io his readers?that
ii? usetulne?? as ihe conductor oi a public journal may be
afiVcted by hi? daily associations, and acknowledging" ti-.e
influence which woman is said to exert over our political a.?
well as religions and social relations, he respectfully an
Donnces thai.alter bestowingupon the subject ni? mosteare
ul und deliberate reflection, he has wisely concluded ta
Torn a co-partnership for life, and i<> marry an amiable, in?
Ju-trious and charm'?_ girl. This interesting event, an
overrulln. Providern-?- permitting, will lake pUce on Tues?
day, the fiiA? day of November next, between 7 and ? in the
morning. The week following will be devoted to an excur
?ion o? pleasure, (tint being according m the latest fashion,i
the lull extent ol the "honeymoon," when he will return
"i.ain to his post and re.-uni? his labor?, under the firm re?
Olot'tOD of beii g a better, as he hopes to be a niuc-itjU'/'T'ii-r
The Boston Tost, noticing Gen. Scott's last let?
ter, winds up by ?*h-racterizing tbe writer as 44 a
.Jupiter in vanity and a jackass in politics." What
would kc say uf this genius ?
KT There will be a Grand Rally of the Whigs
of Kings County at the National Hall. Brooklyn,
this evening, at 7 A o'clock, io respond'tu the nom?
ination?, for Senator, Congress and Members of
Ass-M'i-Y. We are sure the Hall will be tilled to
overflowing. The Whigs of Kings have not hada
chance fura Representative in Congress before for
many years; antl now they havo not only a good
District but a worthy and popular candidate, whom
any Wiiig must be proud and happy to support.
They arc also eager to lend a helping hand to
Farmer Oakley of Staten Island, the Whig can?
didate fer Senater, who will turn a good barrow
uu tho Inland. So rally all hands to-night at Na?
tional Hall !
" Puise.- \4t*u?nY, A Nove!, by John Poole.
Author of 'Paul Try,' ?.?.'* has just been pub?
lished in a extra Brother Jonathan, by Wilson ?fc
Co. 162 N?.?sHc-?n. We read a good part of it in
the New Monthly, where ii originally appeared in
numbers, am' found it entertaining." The hero is
at one- a knave and a ??.kint.int. who does himself
out of stvnal fortune* by trying io bv?_rreach oth?
er*. It ii a good thing, and costs but a ?hillin_.
-3" Mr. A turns has been ?requested t.? undertake
I the case uf tho colored man, Latli.nore, deiaioed
in Boston as a fugitive slave.
.Daniel **?? ?ickiti-.on'i Opinion of Nrvr
York _L.occ-Focoi??rn.
Ir. 1837, when the genuine Loco-Focos were
sorm-what at loggerhead's with the old Sachems in
Tammany, the Ev .ning Post proposed a separa?
tion between the two factions. On th?3 proposi?
tion, Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson, the present
Recency candidat?,, for Lieutenant Governor, made
the feUowiog humorous commentary. We hate to
publish it, for fear it may induce some Whigs to
vote for this comical fellow, who likes real Loco
Focoism just about _.-i welt as any of us. How?
ever, here goes for the Lieut. Governor expectant
depicting those -.?.ho are abaut to vofe for him:
" The Evening Fest recommenfis a ?eparation of
the ' Equal Rights' from the Republican party?
that euch may pursue its own course and 'agree
to differ.'1 h is a timely and judicious sugges?
tion, an event we have long desired to see ; an
ev-.nt had it happened three years since, ire shouia
not have seen the proud Democracy of our Com?
mercial Emporium humbled under the dominion of
modem Whiggery. But there ha> been an Achan
in the catip, and we need not expect to prosper
there, untt! he is cast out. We repeat, we rejoice
ir tbe pro?pect, and when it is fairly accomplish?
ed, in t?e language of the Post, we will not only
proclaim a ' good riddance,' but in the .incerity
of our hearts we will carry out the ligare by add?
ing 'to had rul'b?h.' Since the arrival of that
modern-of Babylon, Fanny Wright, upon our
shores, our party, more especially in the City of
N. Y. has been infested with Patent Democrat*.
impotent in numbers, but noisy and consequential
in pretensions. Their Democracy is Agranianism,
and their liberty lawlessness. With all their holy
horror of monopolies, they have uniformly waimly
supported the most ultra Bank Whigs in the na?
tion, whenever there was a prospect of deteat
lag the Democratic Candidates by so doing. By
attempting to temporize and Conciliate, wo have
given them a consequence to which their positive
insignificance npver entitled them, and the sooner
they turn to their own empty resources the better.
We bave regarde-1 them from the beginning as an
incubus upon the party, and politically redernption
Je.s. Nothing is tolerable with thcrn
unless it comes up to their standard, which isa vis?
ionary and senseless vagary, made up of the odds
and ends of faction, the chief ingredient of which
is conceit and stupidity?a phantom of a distem?
pered brain, without form and void, and upon
which no two of them can agree. Let them wheel
ofT. The order of the procession will probably be
as follows:
I. (Reverend Clergy) JOE SMITH,
4. HT ALEX. M __*>U,
?. HT LE Vi D. SL A MM.
We will ieave it to the Tost to fill up the list of
the procession and 'arrange the mourners who,
we pi edict, will be 'few and far between..''
A-? the decree of separation has ?zone forth from
th'-? Post, ire hope it trill he ?ike the laus of (he
Medc.i and Persians?let it alter not?and ire
would add our wish that their return might he
prohibited l>?? a ?sulfas impassable ax that which
separated the rich man and Lazarus."
The foregoing is a true copy of an aiticle which
originally appeared in the '* Broomc County Cou?
rier,1' the Loco-Foco organ of that village, and
was written by 1). S. Dickinson.
KF* Some time since, letters in the Union, over
ihe signature of H .ion, (Noah reversed,) called
forth considerable commenr, from the extraordi?
nary nature of some of ?heir statements concern?
ing the Veto nf the Bank Bill. Noah snys they
were written by a ' Nr-w-Ynrk friend.' Th?* Editor
of the Detroit Daily Advertiser, who lia? recently
been in Washington, declares the fact to be within
his own knowledge, that those letters of Haon
were written by John Tyler, Junior, Private
Secretary to his father, the President.
to3"* To which County," says the Albany Argus,
??? shall be awarded the proud title of ' The Berk-?
of New-York ? " Who speaks ? Is there any
County where not half the voters can read 7 and
where they electioneer under the banner of ** No
Free Schools'!" Don't ail clutch 'the proud
title at. once !
QCT ABNER WOOD WORTH of Vates is the
Whig Cardinale for Congress in tbe XXVIth Dis?
trict, composed of Tompkin?, Yates and Chemung
Counties. A vigorous, united effort is needed to
elect him, but we indulge strong hopes that just
such a one will be made. How can the Railroad
Counties sustain Bouck and the Albany Regency ?
CF JOHN FREY, of Palatine, Montgomery
Co. ii the Whig candidate for Congress in the
XVTIth District, composed of Herkimer and Mont?
gomery Counties. Although rather the under hill,
the Whigs ofthat District will make as good a con?
test and show as good a comparative result as
those wf any portion of tbe State.
D_f The Whigs of Wayne County have nomi?
nated Charles Bradioh (brother of the Lieut.
Governor) and Dr. Heron Mann for Assembly.
This is an excellent and popular Ticket; and we
are assured that the Whigs of Wayne are at work
to elect it. They are never beaten when they try.
D_P Eliska Wright is the Whig candidate for
Assembly in Orleans County. No doabt of h:s
C_f The Whigs of Chemung County run THO?
MAS BURTON for Assembly. It seems impossi?
ble that a r_ttih"ad County should go Loco-Foco,
ye: we enn hardly indulge a hope for Chemung.
0___T .Iks'-e M. Foster is the Whig candidate
for Assembly in Sullivan County. If the N _iigs
of thai County will just put the questions of Pro?
tection and Internal Improvement fairly before the
People, he must be elected by . handsome ma?
(CLF We had cheering advices yesterday from
Cayuga, T'j.Mrciss, Schenectaiiy and Frank?
lin Counties. Oar friends in each are making
bettle manfully. These are times which sift from
us the Spoil-hunters, and show who purely love
their Count?y ard her cause.
Loco-Foco Nomination?.
Saratoga.?Azariah E. Stim?on and Lyndes
Emerson for Assembly; Horace Goodrich for Clerk.
Queen*.?Samuel Youngs for Assembly; Abra?
ham D. Snedekcr for Clerk.
Livingston.?Hector Hitchcock and Curtis
ilawley for the Assembly.
XXXth l>i*lrict.?\X\]\\B.m S. Hul?b??U of Steu
ben is th?' canriidate for Congress.
From the Albany Argn?oi To-tsdsy.
Coon, dominations.
Fifth Congiess District?(ihe "?lb, _t__ aud llth \V_nl?ol
New-York City)?.Mose? G. Leonard.
0_P We beg pardon of the ArgU3, but the * coons'
of the Fifth District assure us that they have made
n ) such nomination, and we consider it a reflection
on their character to insinuate that th**y have no
better tember that*! that for Gingres..
KJ3 Mr. Henry Hine, of New Haven, while
hunting rtrc.ntlv, accidenraiiy discharged hi. gun,
the contents oi whirh entered his side and possed
I through his left lung. It i?. possible he may UK-*
vive?though with the loss of his lung.
I_ o co-Foco D?f?t] cation ?.
Scene in the Common Council.?A very inter?
esting exhibition of the disposition of the Loco
Focos to cover defalcations and protect defaulters
toak place in the Board of Assistant Aldermen on
Monday evening. About two month? ago, Assist?
ant Aiderm?n Scoles brought in a Resolution re?
quiring the Counsel of the C ?rporation, under
the direction of the Finance Committee, to prose?
cute defaulters and their ?.ur-ties. The Resolu?
tion passed unanimously. At that lime it was
1 not generally known that ihe Mayor had taken
.?**~>/i'0 ftom the First Marshal, in violation of a
City Ordinance. The Mayor vetoed the Rtrsolo
tion, (as he said.) because Mr. Ward, the First
Marshal, might be prosecuted under it for the
$5,000 which he handed over to the Mayor, in?
stead of paying it inro the City Treasury, as the
Ordinance directs. On Monday evening Mr.
ScoLE. moved that the Resolution pass, notwith?
standing the objections of tbe Mayor. Every Loco'
Foco voted against it. Ail the Whigs present
voted in favor of it: but, owing to t?he absence of
one Whig Member of the Board, the Resolution
could not pas.? by a majority of all the Member?
elected to the Board. We hope Mr. ScoLEs will
renew his Resolution. Here we find the LocO
Foco Members of the Board opposing a Resolution
for the prosecution of the plunderers of the Fublir
Treasury?-?truing to the utmost to screen defal?
cations?and. upon the suggestion of the Mayor
that his own conduct might be the subject of in
vestigation. changing about and voting againsr a
resolution to which they had previously given a
unanimous support, j Will their honest constitu?
ent*-, who are taxed to make up these abstraction?
fioni the City TnAapry, approve their course/
We think not. ?*??;
{ET Some dav^Snhc?- the Herald announced that
the Mormo^**^^:1?" cf Gen. Bennett was out, and
commented freely upon its obscenity, ?fcc. The
be-jt answer to all this stufF is the simple statement
which we have in a letter from the publisher, that
the book has not yet been published, anil?at the
time the Herald's article was ?.?-ritten?not a print?
ed page of it bail been out of the othec. Ihe
charge of licentiousness, ?fee., preferred against the
book, is said to be utterly unfounded. This abuse
may be explained by the fact that Bennett of the
Herald applied to Bennett of Nauvoo for the job
of printing his book. The offer was rejected; and
since that time fien. B. and his forthcoming bonk
have been steadily abused. As every body know?,
it. would be strange if tbe Herald had taken any
other course.
DCF We notice that all over the Country a class
of newspapers which have notoriously the very
smallest circulation are stuffed with advertisements
of Land Sales; for Navy and Army Stores, ?&c. ?fed
These advertisements in such quarters do next to
ju-t no good at all, yet the People must pay round
prices f??r them, and what aggravates tlie abuse,
the Whig party will be charged with the expendi?
ture made by and upon its bitterest enemies. Is
not this outrageous ?
?X__P The authorship of the urticle on American
Newspaper Literature in the last Foreign Quar?
terly is a subject of general speculation in literary
circles. Those attacked in itaie inclined to claim
the honor of being reviewed by Mr Dickens ; but.
the best judges incline to the belief that this gen?
tleman had very little if any thing to do with it.
The Courier thinks he wrote it, and relies with
great confidence on the alledged fact that " Dr.
McKenzie, the Liverpool correspondent of ihe
Union, says he is recognized as the author in
England." We have seen nothing of the kind in
any of his lettres. The only passage in which Boz
is alluded to in connection with the article is this :
"Apropos ol Boz. There is an article in the
Foreign Quarterly (now edited by Chapman ?c
Hall, his publishers) on the Newspaper Literature
of America." Slight ground this fot* the Courier's
statement. The American thinks the article was
written in this city, or at least on this side of the
water. The weight of opinion among the best in?
formed in the literary circles here seeing to be
against his bein/r the author.
EC__P The New Orleans Tropic, a new and excel?
lent Whig paper in the Crescent City, places the
name of John Davis for Vice President with that
of Henry Clay for President, at the head of its
0_P The Evening Bulletin is the title of A
very neat and spirited two cent daily, just started
at Boston, by W. R. Towle. Its first number
promises great, excellence ; and we heartily wish
it correspondent success.
(O3 The Courier, a new Whig paper, hails
from Pulaski, Oswego Co. Writ. H. S. Winons,
DGP Mr. Nicholas Biddle, late President of
the U. S. Bank, gave his vote for the Loco-Foco
ticket in Philadelphia, as he had a perfect right
to do. Most expleded financiers are great Loco
0-___f"* We have already mentioned the recent rob?
bery of Mr. E. R?ssel, near the junction of the
Tonawanda Creek and the Erie Canal, ?>f about
$4,000. The landlord of the hotel at which he
stopped has been arrested, and all the money but
>10 found in his possession.
B_7*The Tenth Anniversary of the Philomathean
Society of the University of New? York will be cel
ebtated this evening, 0?*ti?ber 27, in the University
Chi? pel.
(JSP The bou?*c of Professsor H. A. Gird, at
Jackson, La., was destroyed by tire on the morr.
in?. of the 7th inst. His furniture was fur the
most part saved by the exertions of tbe citizens.
D^F Mr. Paul R. George, it seems, just appoint?
ed Naval Store Keeper at Brooklyn, before he was
fairly warm in his sent, has been removed and
Mr. Craven re-appointed ?r? his stead.
(J?J3 Mobile is very sickly at present.? new cases
o? malignant fever occurring daily. The Herald
atlvises strangers to keep away for the present.
?J__T William S.Allen, a Tyler editor in St.
Louis, ha* been appointed Register of the Land
Office therf*, vice Col. N. P. Taylor, resigned.
The North America ?In the hasty notice _f
the fire on Friday night, we greatly underrated the
damage, being unable to obtain any accurate infor
ni .tiun. A survey was held on Saturday, which has
not y?t been reported. The vessel with ber furni?
ture, &c. cost about $70,000 ; but there was insur?
ance only to the amount of *?1..,000. which was
done at the Mutual Safety Office, New-York. The
cost of repairing the vessel will be not far from
$3;U00. The fiirniiur?* will prokablv <-ost from
??l,50!J to ..,000 more. fB?_.stoii Adv.
jy UiNUTsae Ma?.?a ".fry b-autiiui Miniature Coun?
ty Map of the Unite. 5i?t__ has just b-t-ncomplneii by Mr.
J. H. Goldihwa.t. The e.ecotion oi the Map it??.f ?a ei
ceed'in;_*ly well done, while the engravings, consisting of
opwar.ls of fifty di-r.nct sn!?j?.ct.?. ?bid. form the border lo
it, are in tlie best My le of tbe art it may b?, seen at Uie
?.litre of C. *_ Franci?! k Co. _.*_; Broadway.
From Belize.?We have received by tbe r.
Beliz", the Belize Royal Gazett? to the 1st inste
His Excellency Governor Macdonald, his li
and tome members of the Government? had
cently returned from a pleasure tour to Baci
where they had been hospitably received by
authorities. According to recent accounts fr
Su Juan Nicaragua, the blockade of that port ?
continued. The blockading ship Electni had hi
relieved bv the Fair Rosamond. The Charyb
hsd sailed"from Port Royal for the same desti
_on< [B-**?tcn Daily Adv
? i
From Metamor-.s.?By the Caroline, Capt
C-j?iri?, 26 days from Metnmoi_s. we learn the
detacbment of 5000 Mexican troops had left th
f?>r Texas?part of the force with which Santa .
intends to overrun the nation of the Single St
We shall hear before lung the result of this Me
can invasion. [American
KT The Hun. He.sry Ct.AY has been in Fra
fort several days to execute a professional enga
ment in the Court of Appeals He looks bet
than we have seen him for several -.ears.
The Hon. Peter B. Porter, Secretary of V.
ui'der the Administration of J. Q. Adam?, acco
panied Mr. Clay to Frankfort. [Frankfort Co
Railroad AcciDt.s r?Fiki-ma*." Killed.?
As the train o? pa?sen?**er cars from BaJtitm
were on their way to Hancock yesterday abou'
o'clock, the locomotive ane ten.3er were thrown
the track by coming in coutact with n stone tl
had been placed on one of the rails by some ms
cious person, near ihe ' North Mountain C'u
kilitn**; instantly the fireman, named Haines, a
slightly scalding the engine man, Mr. Sawt?
None ?f the passenger?, we are happy to leai
were in th? slishtest degree injured.
[Baltimore Patriot.
Th*_ Gallows Anticipated.?Joseph Sper
convicted of the murder uf his wife in Sandus
county, and sentencfd to be hung un the 2d of F?
vember next, has committed suicido* in the jail.
He procured a penknife, and with it opened am
tcrv in his nrm. When his cell was looked im
Sperry was demi. [Cleveland Herald.
O-f3, We take great pleasure in announcing th
? Dr. John Augustus Smith, the President of t
College of Physicians and Surgeons, and one
the Vic? Presidents of the Lyceum of Natm
History in the city of New-York, is preparirg
cours?? of Lectures on Geology, to be delivered
the early part of the next winter fer the benelil
the latter institution. Several large paintings, i
tended to illustrate the subject, have been for son
time in pt ogress by eminent artists, under the d
rection of the lecturer, and at an expense of s?ve
al hundreds of dollars. Some of tbem are airear
completed, and can be se??n in the* Museum uf tl
Lyceum Building, No. "din and 565 Broadway.
033 The Utica train of cars on its way to Schei
ectady yesterday morning, was thrown off the trac
when near Funda. Some fiend in human shar.
had turn up a portion of the track. Fortunate.
however, tlie train was proceeding but slowly an
no injury was sustained, except by une of the fir?
men, who lost thr-'e of his toes by the wheels i
the Locomotive passing over them. [Albany Ail'
C_F* Whilst the wife of John Noon, laborer, i
?V-aumee, was out fur a pail of water, her daughti
aged live years, had her clothes so badly burnt tin
she expired soon after her muther's return.
[ R?ehester Post.
BanUrnptM-October 2G
Lemuel Crocker, late linn of Crocker-..Morris, X. Y.
Nov. 25.
Deborah Parks, Stanford, Dutch."--?? County, N. Y., ?pii
?1er.?Nov. '6.
James L. Davis, merchant, N. Y ?Nov.'.5.
Charles G. Sebin, rlerk, N. Y.?-Dtc I.
Pauls. Forbes, late firm of Forbes, Valentine it Co.. R
Janeiro.?Feb. 25.
Lawyers' Diary?This Day. October 27tb.
SUPERIOR Co.&T.?NOS. 24, 2-5, 12, 115, 51. 87, 117, .*?, 11
81, 178.37.
Common Pleas ?Part 1?Vos. 107, 113. 121. Part 2, at
O'clock?No?. 00, ?', 80, 70. 72, 74, 78, h**, t?, 42. 142.
Circuit Court ?Nos. 140, 6, 28, 06, 105, 40. 116,145 an
145*. 166, 1,7,8. 12, 103, 136. 82, 16*. 4?, 100, %, 107,77,13
20, 24,79,120, 127, 73, 76,1__, 106, S8,13, 14.
Wednesoav, October 26.
Vice Chancellor's Court.?Before Vic
Chancellor ?McCoun.
Decisions.?Valentine Molt vs. James Walkley?D
Molt held a mortgage on properly belonging to defendar
Mr. Nathaniel Smith was also a judgement creditor i
Walkley's, aud bought the equity of redemption of the pn
perty at a Sheriff's sale. The mortgage was foreclose
and a sale of the property took place at the Merchants' ?
change, when Dr. Mott wasdrclared to be purchaser, pf
ing but$l,S50 for what's said to be worth $6,000, audwhic
brings a yearly rent of $1,000. Mr. Smith now comes ii
petitioning lhat ihe ?ale may he re-opened, grouuding h
claim on the following cirrurmtance?: He -(tended lb
sale at the Exchange, accompanied by a friend. (Mr. Mi
dad Platt,) the latter being provided with funds to meet an
requirements Me hid $3,005 for the properly, when Mr. _
A. Bancker (a CO defendant) came lo him and asked will
he was biddings- high for; ?aid he would ruin tbe old mai
(meaning Mr. Walkley,) and called him aside; when Mi
Smith told Bancker thai nil he wanted was to secure hi
debt-, and it was concluded between them thai he (_m"nil
should bid no higher; that -is debt would be settled with!
fifteen days, when Walkley should have the advantage c
his hid. Tbe terms of sale had been 10 per cent, ?iown, ht
Mr. Bancker told Smith that no money would be require!
and the latter allowed ?Mr. Platt to go away. Ths propert
was then struck off to Mr. Smith for the -53,005. when th'
Masterin Chancery (John A. Sidell, JKsq.) demanded tin
10 per cenL Mr. Smith stated the manner in which he wa
situated, and ottered to give a check l'?r die amount; bu
the Master would nol receive any thing bol the caub, am
instantly ordere?! the property lo be put up anew, refusin*
Mr. Smith permission again to bid. A son of Dr. Moll wa?
in attendance, and the property was struck off to Dr. Mot!
for $1.300, as already slated.
Th?* Vice Chancellor, in giving his opinion, alluded ic
the vasi disparity in ihe valu, of the property and the pi ice
for which it was siltl. The sale of property, he said, at *i
chancery sale i? no bar lu iis validity; and a mortgagee ha?
an equal li^ht with othe s to buy and obtain tille,provided
there are no circumstances attending the sale which permit
a petition for re-optning beiiif?; entertained by ihe C'.urt.
The Vice Chancellor, then alluded? cases in point, particu?
larly in 20th Wendell. He said lhat where property passed
lo third hand-, the policy oi the Court would be not to dis
lurb a sale unie? fraud were shown. In Ihe prtsent case,
however, where the property was purchased by the mort?
gagee, and the parties interested could show lhat a larg?r
price might have been obtained, justice to all parties author
ized thai the sale should be reopened.
Ordered, thai the ?ale lo Mr. _mit- for $3,005 should be
consuir.niaied, thus enabling Dr. Mott and the other credit?
ors io obtain whal was ?Jae to tkewi. [The property is at
ihe corner of Houston-street and Avenue A, and include
several good buildings.]
Police Office.?Steali?n*o Cloth.?Two well
known thieve-?, named Patrick Itegun and John Donoboe,
were arrested this morning by officer B. K. Parker, with a
lar^e piece of dark brown merino cloth in ihdr possess ion,
evidently stolen, for which an owner is want?*! aithe Pnlice
Stolen Bank Bill.?A frail female named Lucy Tiius
was ibis day arrested by officer Drinker, with a $100 bill of
the Bank of New-York in her pos-xis-on, evitlenUy stolen
a.-; her Statements concerning tier po?session of it were very
com used and contradictory, she ai lirsl denying thai .?he
had it. She was committed for examination, and an owner
of the bill is warned.
Axletree Stolen.?A noted thief was arrested by offi?
cer Alexander Parker of the Upper Police, having in his
possession a very strong iron axletree, ?-upposfd to have
been made lor an omnibo?, and evidently stolon. He was
commit:**!), ami an owner is wanted at the Upper Police
Steal's- a Cloak..?A colored jtaiter name?! Perry
Harrison, in the employ of William Catleion, No. 1 Bow'
ing Green, was arrested for having on ihe 23?i inst. stolen a
cloth cloak, worth $?5. from his employer, which he
pledged. The cloak was recovered, and h?* was committed
lo answer.
Coroner's Office.?Hemorra?;'-: of the
Lese*.?The Coroner held an ?n-iuest to-day at No. 52
Water-street, on the bod y'of Jchn Kendall, a colored nun,
native of Virginia,aged 60 years. Verdict, died by Hemorr?
hage from the luniks. ____________^_
__" The rap'ul and u-cex-inr change of novHties tmr-le al
ihe American .Musenm k-ep liiat ?s.ablishmeut thronged
w tlh r_?ten day .in.1 m?*)iL _
FT The New-York Museum rises rapidly in public favor.
Th?- perloriTiance*; presented afford infinite delight io it
ruaiero"** visiirrs Mr- Nellis, '? the wonder of the world."
rippf-nr? ; tor. Collins, the Comic Singer; Mr?. Phillips, the
much admir?*i! !?oiig?tre?; Mr. Deinrue, the mimic; Mr.
Wright, ihe falsetto vocalist, ami Master Young, the wire
?.o?anle dancer. The adrnU.ion to the whole Win?; only
one shilling.
Thing*? in Philndephta.
Ph?-adeu-hu, Oct. S !__*,
If tbe j-r<*at facility in obtaining: water fron, yocr' J^ .;
Works is likely to lead to the excessive aba?, of U?. ***
which is ihe cause here of so much anooyaujce ui ??l?!1
tlie sidewalks, you slwuld by all mean? ?qusi npot??f^
Cnlation of the matter by ord nance, in the oat?*/?, *___?
be done trio be fore the evil reach? tlie high* *__?*?*?*
attained here. Every brick is estimated to hold i * ?^
lion, one quart ot water ; and ai every brick.? hT***
walks in Philadelphia i.? kept steadily and tlx>n__ ?***
united the year round by ibe daily ablutions and _v^. *?"
?-?nt rlowini: of hydrants, some ?concept.... may be f ***
of the quantity of wat?, r we are doomed to *-__. J***"'
upon when out ol doom. ?*?**'*?
As you value the safety ol your thin-sole. >?reet.?v?a
or woula avoid tbe most fruitful soon., of rte_ri_-_i_J^
an?l agues, take a sulTere*--. atfvic-.aml have thi_m*L?___
to in time. Other wL?e it may, if suffcrc.! to btcoo* .
and parcel of yuur domestic economy, become ?D ?.-t*^
as grievous to he borne a?: it will prove to be bty^f**
reach of remonstrance, prayer or pvtitiou ^^ ***?
The nii:ni_g cf B >_.*oii is now said ?0 be a catterrf
certaiaty. .:>ak?i*g it quite evid.nt that there is ??n^_*
ot humtmg about all race coursrs and ?ho? thc^r?.?
pliia and camdeu c??ui-_e ?.specially. *?*?____;
The preparations for the recepii.u of the Ex-Vic? t>
eul, Col. Juliuson, are en ? ?.ale that will ei_ur?- !??
vei?*rau qui e a .:i.?play on Monday next. w,t*.
So:ii** rxcitewent lias been occa_on?*d herebv th? _,
albo oi au iuv__.iigat.mi ot one oi tbe moat inla__iM____
face?! forgeries thai ?-ver u.*.gr;_c?*d th?? pif__ jt J? '*'"
tempt, on the part of ibe Kv.tung Jounial, to *__?,?__?*' ***
of tbe afict.-.tor* i f a r?-.pecia?.ecit?xr?, iv .b'sT.ewr-^
ing the carrent of in?lignit.? ?n. whict, bad bren ?*!__
again-?, tl.-e Editor of Un Journal, in .o?*_?*?iee..?__(vffr*
p?5-are oi" crrtain tr-ilon?-i? practic?*? cl his dariotr i!? Si
war, upon the Canada frontier. **
A most cruel and wanton assault b%_ tcsulted in __? ~__
victionof its being the resullot ? knavish farm btakkk
ihe cowardly perpetrator should lu* puni (ml.
The sale? of -?lock today are $500 City Gas S'__ ?ski
IO-t, $1,000; Pbila.lHnfcia County 6'. 1871 a ?_r?. .'.?_*
mlngion R. R., 9. ??*-.? ?*_>.
from the Hsg.--rst.-w.. i'ledge that Mr. Mo Fuck
grocer of that place. smas ?aylaid by three viiiU?,
on Monday morning last at 3 o'clock, and robb?
of *?_;?5. Tue robbers inflicted a blow upon ti*
back ol his head, and a wound with a dirk or ..m?
sharp instrument upon his left breast ,* afterwhich
he was gagged, tied hand* and feet,?nd robbed et
the above sum. [liaU> American.
-? -
Sears'? Wonders or thk World, In Nature ._. , i
Mind: Illustr?t?.'.! t P;?. 5i8. 8v?>) K._W?_a?\?V
sau??L J.S.Kedlield, Clinton Hall. * *"
There i? much eRt.rtati._ng and instructivemat?
ter in this volume, but it will disappoint manv
wht? purchase it with the expectation of finding s
systematic and wcll-digoste?! account of the mo?t
mnrvclom appearances in Nature and Art. ?t
commences very properly with Cataracts, Vola
noes, Kartbi[uakes, Caverns, ?...c., which are Ji..
patched in a hundred pages; thence proceed.-?
Atmospherical Phenomena ; then devotes new.
two humlrcd page? to Animals; and from thu
takes hold of I'lants, to which follow Structure!,
K?li tices, Cities, __c. We should have devoted a
much lurgcr propottion of the work to the cUitof
objects first named ; und would have greatly me.
ferred one hundred first-rate engravings to ii.
several hundred which are here given. Toavert
large class of readers, however, wc presume ll.
compiler's taste will be more satisfactory than oui?.
Charles H. Delava.v, of New-York, at Syd?
ney in Nova Scotia, in the place of John J. D'Wolf
James M'Hknry, of i'hiladelphia. at London?
Wm. L. J. KiDEni.is, of Philadelphia, for ti?
Kingdom of Wertem berg.
A. M. Green, of Virginia, at Galveston.
October 21, liti
Horatio Seymour, of M'uhllcbury, Y'erniunt, Cotniuiiwoc?
?r of Deeil s.
Peler Thatcher, of ?Machias, Maine, Cou.niLaioner of
HT Broiiclioide or le soitr?*, is a ??sease resembllor: scrn
tula, ami is located in the glands surrounding tbe neck. It?
commencement ??slow and ?.?.?idious, owing*loiti.iliratioti
between the trachea or wind pipe and ?kin, but as it pro
f*re*-si-.?? ?.hooting pain, are tell through tbe body of the in*
mor, the vein?, become ?*iilar_.ed, respiration diU-Cult, ?ml
denth speedily lollow?.. As this distraie is of a scroiulooj na?
tur?-, it is'often entailed to >ufre?dintr generatiotn brace
tb?. imperious nece>sity of eraiiicatin?; u from iheiyii?iu/?y
the timely administration of ibe right medicine. ?rtM'i I
Sar.-a-.anUa will dispel this and all other similar aff?*t?w?,
by depriving the secretions of tbe poison or virui tint *?**>?
?luces ?-nlarncfriVnt of tbe glands. Kings evil, ?v.tire ??? ?
lin.:, chronic rheumatism, sciatira or lumbago, nicer? isri
cutaneous eruptions, are removed by its use. For funbtr
particulars t-f cures, ice. the reader ii referred lo tie differ*
ent papers.
Prepared and sold at wliol??sale and retail, and lor t-i-v .-?
t-itioii.ny A. B. SANDS _. CO. DroggisU ami Cbeniisu
Granite Buildings, 273 Broadway, corner ol Cbarabers-si,
New-York. Sol?! also by A. B. k D. Sands, -.awl Iff) Ful?
ton st.; D. Sand? k Co. 77 Ea?t Broadway, ?.met Maiket
str?!?j.t. Price $1 per home; ?ii IxilUf?? f??r tS.
HT The following letter will show the ease with which
Dr. Covert's Balm of Life removes Coughs, Colds, Mlim-i,
iiiitl all Long complaints:
Dr. Covbrt? Newark, May IB, 1^
Dear Sir: My wife was recently alHicted with a wert.
cough, the symptoms of which were very alarming. Sin
used your Balm of Lifo about one week, when ber cougi
was enthely gone. You can make such a use ol Ulis (?ci u
you think will have a tendency lo make your mtdxint
known lo the ?.ulfering victim?? of pulmonary complaints.
N. SOUTHAUD, 244 Washington??.. Newark, NJ..
Dr. Covert's office for the sale of Covert's Balm ol Life.
Flemini?. Medicated Worm, Durriiea. Dinner andCi
thartic Candies; Humphries' Pile Oinluien . Phelp?'* j*
mato Pill, und Dr. Co<>p?T'.i _:?-!fbraled Corn Salve, U115
Nassau-..reet, under Clinton Hall, N. Y.
O* ?i?ne? ofTort?i*?e-*iheII W?*mmI --Tbe ?b*
senber has ou haHd an assortment ol superb Canes, nwoitM
wilh gold, and resembling Tortoise Shell, it t> M"?
this is the only lot of the wood ever brouebt to tins mirt't
o27 lw* 2 Astor Htiose, n?air Vesey-tt???
ETA IVe-r lVorel by^hc Author of *'P--?
Pry."?Is publi.hed This Morning, October 27th, m?
extra number of the Brother Jonathan, donble i-???
A new novel byJoHi. Poole, Esq., the celebrated Aoiw-r
of " Paul Pry," ?__. itc. Price 12' cent? a copy.
CD* Speaking of this new work,' Colburn's Ne?? ?fcjW
Magazine ?ays: ?? Mr. Poole is a humorist of acktwi?'!???
power, ami the work before us is one of them?*^'?!-^?''"'
productions ever presented to the public in this now *o**->7
popular department of Li.er.ture. (2) 027 H"
HT The IVeir World of Saturday, October23, ?'U
poss?'?s a special interest in containing,
NING, delivered at Lenox, Ma?.., on lb? 1? 0? Ai*,mt
last. ??
II. JOURNAL OF A POLISH LAD-Y^conlinue?-*, brro??
mou interesting history of tbe manners, enstofl?,at,
of the Polen eighty years ago. We r?-comnieml mal
lady to read it who wishes a kn--.vWgf of Meanimi
the high-born dames ami ?lainsrls of patriotic Polanc.
III. HANDYANDY-The entire October part ot this ca?
rious Irish romance of fon and frolic.
IV. RIPLE Y HALL, an admirable story from Blackwoc-ri
Magazin?? for October. Pn,
V. THE PAINTER, an original sket?h; On<-l!**i* i?
rtrv; Nkw-York Fountains ; Clark's Gai.le?v?J
Paintings, 2SJ Broadway; Musical Matters ioI-c ?
York; E-litoriafc?; Vnrfeties: Patchwork,itc.ac
Tkkms.?Thr_r?e doll.irs a year; single copies6|?*???"?
Str-in"ers are invited t?"*call and subscribo, and aUo exam?
ine our list of " Books for the People," embncinff ?'
the new and valuable Standard Works, Ilom?*uices,Tra?"1*?
ice , at price* ranging from 12} to 25 cents!
o27 2t (2) OFFICE 30 ANNST. nearN??B*
XT _V*vcmb?r Periodicnliv^-THE hJiV?*
BOOK, edited l?y Mr*. Hate, Mrs. Sigourney at??**?"'*
Miss S?-?lgwirk, Hlsa L^slit?, ami ?iiher prominent writer?.
r??gular contributor*-.
Embellishments of the Noi-ember if umber : .
Returning from Market?a <<pl?.id.d Engraving, hy*-1*
Fancy Sketch?-a '-.autiful Engraving by Dick.
Fasbions?Thre?* fignren, ?.o'oret?. ?
Mn.'ic?Composed by C. E. Horn; wordsi;yGeorg**1'
Morris. .,?/:jl
/.INE-Regnlar contrihators, J. Fenirooi. ?Coop??'? !J5
C. Bryant, Henry W. I?nglellow, Richard H. Dand.im
oilier eminent aulhorx. The November oaruber coai*"
twelvt extra pages.
EmhtUiihment: :
Tbr Reprimand?a splendid Engraving.
The Pel Rabbit?a beautiful Mezzotint.
The Latest Paris Fashion? for Ladies and Genilemen
AI_??c?-" Write to in?-. Love." -jj
Both of ibe aliov?- Magazines are publi?he<i roonOiOi
-_...-?___.TT_. .i_i...?i...-,. ?fpsii r**^
HT Window--Slwi.t'?. Auction.-"*Jffij
Octotier 28, by L. M. HolTman i Co, cor. of ? ail V??Z3
streets. 4,fs)l t?oxes American Windo?A*Gla?*s. ' Hartf^^,
and * Glouc**ster' brand?, corapri*?n.'a fall :usoi?L?,ji
sizes, ??. be sold to e.?>*o a concern. Sale ui ?^*,ri%)
llio'dock. <&* W

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