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From BUckwood for Oct.
_V iCHl-LtR.
Fcll many a -shining wit rrm?? sees
With tongue on ni' thing? m ell-converging
The what can -charro, tit?? what ran pleas??,
In ev?-**ry nice ?ietail rehear-ing.
Their ruptures s-otranspon the colle?e.
It .?"ernii one bincymoon of knowledge.
Yet out they go in silenc-e where
They whilom hold their learn?*! prate ;
Ah ? he who would achieve the fair,
Or sow ihc etnhryo o? the great.
Must hoard?to wait the ripening hour ?
In tir** lea**-t tnArPL the loftiest power.
With wa?r,n boughs and pranksome hues.
Aloft in air aspires the stem;
The ?glittering leaves inhale the dews.
But fruit? ai*? not conc*"?a.'d in them,
In the small kernet germa* we see -
The forest', future pride? IHK 1 REE ?
Parker*? -,-clf-rea-f _?por*t?nl Slave t'aie.
Correspondence of The Tribune.
Boston, October 25, 1842.
The friend* of Rev. Th_odor_ Parker in th?
citv, having comp.et.ed the arrangements for *
?Oourse of L?ctiire- l'y him, awaited with inten??*
?niei-e?tth? time of his appearance to fulfil theii
??xpe-tation?. A strong desire was felt that tlie
Course should Le delivered on Sun-lay evenirt?;?.
as in that ca-*e multitudes could he present who
on any oth??r evening, would be engrossed with th*
cares of business, or occupied in attending otbei
pop-lar Lectures. It w_?> found impossible, how
ever, to obtain either a Church or a suitable Hal
For those evenings. The Unitaria*?, who have st
long boasted of their liberality, as compared with
o'her ?cet*, were not disposed to accomodate eithei
Mr. Parker or his friends by allowing them the
me of any of their numerous houses of worship
The best that could be done was to procure th?
Tiemont Chapel for Monday evenings ; and Mr.
Parker accordingly delivered his first Discourse in
that place la-?t night. The Hall will seat, perhaps
?ix hundred persons; but, before the hour appointed
it was fill*"??! to overflowing; many stood in ihe nislei
and around the door, and multitudes wentaway wh?
.roii'd not obtain an entrance.
After singing, und a most impres^-iv*- Prayei, Mr
Parker delivered one of the most thrilling)y eioquen
Discourses to which I have ever li?tened. My ex
pectatiens were highly jai-^d beforehand, but the*)
were more than fulfilled by ihe performance. Hi
text was?" The law of the Lord is peifect,'' and
h'S subject. Expediency and Morality. It wi_*
his purpose, he said, at the urgent solicitation ol
this friends, to deliver, on six consecutive Monday
evenings, a series of Plain Serm?>ns on die Times.
They will be practical, rather thou polemical ; and
if those which art? to follow shall prove equal to the
one delivered last evening, they will excite nn in?
terest Blmost unparalleled in our City, and do much
to increase the reputation of their author as n pro?
found scholar and ?loquent speaker. It would he a?*
impossible fot me to report hin glowing periods as it
would be to describe thunder and lightning to one
who had never witnessed those sublime manifesta?
tions of Almighty power. This is no exaggeration;
but sober truth. The. way he handled the current
maxims of Trade, Politics and the I'ulpit, was well
?alctilat^d t?i abash the devotee, of Expediency, and
to afford the highest gratification to every friend ?>t
sound Morality and unadulterated Truth. This
Lectote wns a string of magnificent diamonds,
wrought with exquisite taste and surprising skill.
It held the audience in most absorbing and breath
less attention lor noro tlvan an hour and ii half.
An important Slave Casey as tin* papers have
already informell you, is pending her**. It ha.?
created intense excitement in the City, particu?
larly among the colored peoph**, who have takci
measures to secure the services of .Imiin Quincv
?Adams as counsel. A Committee of iht'ir number
visited him yesterday at Quincy for this purpose,
and will report at a Public Meeting this evening.
Faneuil Hall has been applied lor to hold a meet?
ing on tho subject next Sunday evening". The fol?
lowing note was read in the several Churches last
?- The praycis and sympathies of the minister and peoplt
of tbis congiegation are earnestly implored in hehall of the
poor, unlbrtunate man who is this day Hummed within the
walls of the cily prison, under Ihc very shadow of temples
dedicated to th. wrtrsliip of ihattfod who is no respecter o?
fiersOns, tor no crime but dial ol wearing a skin not colored
ike our own, ami on ?its/iicton lhat he Is a sluvt in a land
where all mtrv are created equal." ?
Yonis, &c. Revilo.
Fares on Railways?Lo*pun ami Dover
Railway.?The low fare experiment now on trial
on the London and Dover Railway is on*? of such
magnitude aud interest and so pregnant with
mighty effects on the future policy of every rail?
way existing and to come, that we make no apol
ogy lo our reader?; for taking this prominent notice
of the first week's result. The question is u?o
momenj,ous in its* consequences to risk an inaccu?
racy by publishing any statement as correct other
than we ?:ould pin our faith upon. In order there?
fore that ibero might not be the shadow of a doubt
we have obtained from the Company's cilice the
return we now give :
High Fares, week ending Aug. '50, 11,42.?No. of
Passengers :-,9*-Ii; Receipts. ?003 18s. l()d
Loir F?rrs, week ending Sept. b', 184-.?No ol
Passengei? 5,791 ; Receipts ?1,157 13s. 3d.
Gain in Passengers !I8 per cent., in Receipts 28
per cent. Golden opinions will be gained to the
managers of this line for the bolti and honorable
policy they have had the courage, foresight and
ptudence to pursue, and golden results to the
proprietors will be the effect "f -he mensure.?
adopted. -[London"Times, Sept. 10.
London ani?J Dover Railway.?Low Fares,
second week, ending S?pt. 13th.?No. of Passen?
gers 6.480A ; Receipts ? 1,3.5 6s. 8.1. Indicating
a gain of 121 per cent, on passengers, und of 49
per cent, on the receipts. The experiment con?
tinues to work admirably. [Timrs, Sept. 17.
New amd Usxfixl Invention.?Am.ong the in?
teresting improvement?] now exhibiting at the Fan
of the American Institute, is a Telegraph for" con?
veying information from the chamber- of hotels to
the oflie?? or bar. Its construction and operation
are extremely simple. Its action is always certain
and accurate. By means of ihis invention the oc?
cupant of any room in a hotel in which this sys?
tem is used, can convey information of his want?
to the person in the office in as short a time as he
could ring a common bell, and can keep the bai
keeper constantly informed wh?r he is in or out.
The inventor is Samuel Frew, Ksq , of Allegheny
Co-, Pennsylvania. . [American.
elail Price* of Provision?, Fuel?. F_uii,
Arc. in Mew-York.. ?.Prepared for TheTribune.
&&*&*?>&****' 1? P?rk. fre*Jt, per lb. 7
Apples, dri??;?, perqunn.
Butter.fre_h, per lb...? ir
Butter, firkin, peril?.... \?
Beet, fresh, per lb. ji
Beet-Steaks per lb. .it
Beet, ??tied, pcrl'it. 7
Beet, smoked r. dried, lb. l?
Corn ?Meal.per 7 lbs.... p.".
Cheese, pt?i* lb. <y
Clems, per 100. ,-m
E Rsv ? 0 tor. i_j
Klour, Wbeat,per7lbs?. is
Sslmo?, teeth. -
Saliuon, pickled, per lb
Pork, ?tilled, per I'*. I?
Pif*.*-, moslinK,. 15
P>JT?'Feet, per lb. 3
Pe-rhe*, dried, per ot.. 121
POULTRYA?\_? _.&
t-bicketi?, p?r pmXt.... 50
Jowls, perpmr. tsj
lurkey?,?.8ch.1 (.<.
Duck, lame, each. 25
Duck, wild, each. 37
l?ee??-, each. ?_*
fri?*?, per lb. 6
Veal, per lb.??; 7
i _T^^P',r I_?>. 16
u *? ?????.TABLE**?
Salmon, stnoke?!, lb... IS) Potatoes, per bttsb
Cod.tresh. per lb. 4 | Poiaun?s. new. W b?h"
Cod. salt, per lb. S Poiatoe?, sweet bush'
-Shad, salt, per lb.- 7 Turntp?, Ru?*,,',
->.*? Ba?. J'.l
Striped Bass, per Ib.. 6
Halibui.perlb. ?
Ftoandei-, per lb. 3
Lobsters, Ca pe Co? t, ft?, t?
Kels. 7
Mackerel, fresh
New Turnip?, ?2J prpe-c^T
Oranl>erries, per qt... _
Benns.-white dr'il/nsh.l 2.S
Carrol?, per too. ($3
New Carrots "-?ipi-rbapcli
Btvts per hush. 37
?>!i,ins, per i>eck...-.. l_
Mackerel,. 7 j - Crtbh-ges, per hea.l... _
Honev, per lb_'. 15 Parsnips, per hush? 50
Ham?, per Ib....., It) I "Pickles, per 100.?. 50
Hiekorv Nuts, per busb. 75? I WOOD?
Lard, per lb. 9 j Oak. load,(jcord).... 1 ?Vi
Lambfperlb. 7 Hiekorv. p<?r loaii. ...2 25
Mutton, per ?l.. o 1 Jersey Pine, per load. 1 25
Oy?.?ers,per It?. 63 \ VirfjiaiaPine.perloadl 5<i
ferk, whole hoi??, per lb. 5|
U is stated in the Courrier ai* Etat? L-nt?. that
M de Bocourl dec?in'e- reti-rning to Washington.
We feared, on his departure, that tbHrtfflfit. te so:
for bra health suffered coounuoHj in -h** ??n?e of
Wellington, and hr was on thar account .?hnged
to a?k |r-\-pof absence, winch it now ?.'?-'?'m-. 11 to
be nermanpr-t. He has iVft bet?n_. in the dirV.
marf? circle, no more cottrt?t?t??, ?njSre-endirig. or
intelligent member, the Courrier des Etats l ais
adds t?1'?'- M- Pogeot will succeed J/. de Bacourt
as Min?st-?r. This will he agreeable to all his old
friend?", and they arc numerous on this ride ;. and
connected a? he is by marriage with o'ir Country,
and from long residence, knowing US well, and
speaking our languru'e perfectly, he cannot but be
disposed to maintain and to strengthen the bonds
ot amity and good feeling between France and tbe
United States. [ America".
Q__J" ?HE Stockton Gun. accor?int, lo the Phi?
ladelphia pap<-r>-. will pro'.?: ? most formidable in?
strument of naval warfare. Experiments were,
ma?"?** with it last week, which prove that it com?
bine* "the power of Fulton's lorpedo and the
certainty of execution of the Kentucky rifle." We
have often heard it said, remarks the Philadelphia
Evening Journal, that Cf.pt. Stockton would make
the vessel lie i" now building at the Navy Yard in?
vincible, ftnrl are now fully satisfied lie will do BO.
The West ches ter.?This line ?hip, of ?ever,
hundred tons, which wars ?Handedon Long Island,
but got off arni bright ".ip to the city, ha?? been
plated on the dry dock at the fool of T?-nth street.
ft i-. fo'ind that her entire keel is gone; not a vest?
ige of it remains. This is the first instance we
have noticed in which a -?hip has bt*en saved under
such circumstances. [Jour, of Com.
Destructive Fire.?The Haverhil! Gazett.
F.xtra chronicles a tire in that town last Monday.
An <>ld stage stable, occupied by J. _____ Duncan, in
which were a lot of carriages, some hay and straw ;
a leather-d 1 (..ising nhop, occupied by Lyrnan Wor
then, and the vestry of Mr. Lawrence's church,
were all consumed.
F IRK.?The dwelling house owned by David
VVetberb*, arid ?occupied by Robert Baker, in Sou..}
Dedham. was destroyed by fire on ?Saturday nighl
last. The fire originated from placing hot ashes
in a wooden vessel.
Melancholy Occurrence;.?On Saturday lasi
a? Mr. .lame? Orson; teamster, in the _r_.p!t>\ 0!
the Reeky Glen Company, was returning hum?
from gunning, having his gun loaded, which hi
wished to discharge.elevated it above his head loi
that purpose, when upon going off it bur-t, 8i)d ?
piece of the barrel was driven through bis skull
which was badly fractured. But little hope i;
entertrifietl of hi", recovery. J FishkillStandard.
More Incendiarism?Some infamen.?? villain
-.ays the Galena Gazette, ?et fire to a large? mian
?it. of wood piled at the lower edge o|" tho city
the property of ihe Messrs. Hani.??, and about fif?
teen hundred cords were consumed! Bv the
praiseworthy and indefatigable exertions ??f out
firemen and oilier citizens, ab?iut one thousand
cord?, intended by ih?> incendiary for destruction
were saved.
Death by Lightning?On Thursday week,
while Mi. Winchester Hou.o wns working ?m ihe
?teeple of ihe new church at-Springfield, Illinois,
be was stunned by lightning and fell to tin? ground
some 72 feel, mid died in a (Vw minutes.
Fatal Accident.?We learn from the-TJing
Ii.uti Patriot, 1 hat. a lad sixteen years of age,
namcp Roben,Gia?..j*( o? that town, who was en?
gaged ?11 gunning, on Friday afternoon, of last
week, at World's End, so called, by some careless
tccident which caused bis gun to go ?n. received
the whole charge in his side, breaking two of his
ribs, and wounding him so dreadfully that he died
on the, same night. [Bos. Mer. .lour.
. ?
KIT' It appears by a table in the Southern Church?
man, that, the number of Clergy of the Episcopal
Church in the United States has somewhat more
than doubled in the last ten year-.. The numbei
<>f Bishop? has increased from 1_2 to *J1 in the
saine litm*. The present number of the Clergy i
Q-__T The citiitfiis of Springfield^ Mn., were gome
what elated the oilier day, because of the disci v
?ry of 11 silver mine in the western part of Dade
County, extending some ten or fifteen miles in
length. It tinned out. however, to be a coppei
?nine, which is said to be: extensive.
(-.F* Manufacturers are increasing every day in tip
South. The last Hunlsvtlle (Alabama) Herald
-ays :
" We uiider.ilatiil that arrangements have been
made by which several bagging and rope factories
Vd!-; in a ?hort lime, be put in operation, in .lack
ion County.; in this State. Four factories have been.
for some time past, in operation in this County.
IG3 Two manuscript volumes of the Madisoniar
l?aper.- were recently sold in this City among the
tffectsof Mr. S. D. Langue?, and bought by Cap
tain Anderson, of ihe Army, for $20, with a view
!0 their being returned to the.library o? Congress
l hete must have been an oversight on the part o
those who disposed of Mr. Lungtree'? properly.
BSr" Thomas H. Barlow, Esq., of Lexington
Ky., advertises that he has discoreted a new pro
ces* of freeing hemp from glutinous matter (rotting
liemp) in a few hour?.
The American Laborer for October.
The October number of this work ?s now published am
ready lor delivery to suliscriber?
Tut Present Statk of the Question of Protectioi
ro Labor.
Tur SlLK Culture.?Report of Mr. Bliss tu tin* L**j_>..i
tur?? ot Ohio, \\lid_fin the whole subject i?> folly ?Its-us*?.
.cd Ihe following; questions aske?l and answered-: Is ou
Country adapted lo the produce ol Silk .** Can it be don
profitably i Is tnere a >ufhei?-i.t mark? t.' Is it necessary 1
give a Bounty on its production.'
Instructions to Silk Growers, by J? B. Ti.Ungh_u_
Letters on the ?object of Silk Culture, from J. .-'
F.uquar.ol Cincinnati, liom J. W. Gill, Mount Pleasaii
\V. Brbb, Esq., Hamilton, K. Wood, ol Ashtabui,. Count)
J. Fot, Sup-rmtemli'iil ol Silk Manulaciure, Jp?'er?*on Co
?.Welts, ??rfj., Steubenviii?-, F. Haoili?, LorainCounty
and J. Meyer, ot Perry.
TrN Years .or FrecTr-ade.
Appendix, from another Speech ol Mr. Kvans on the s_n_
Wool and ns Manufacture.
Bnef Editorial?. ___ir_.LsSi.i_,
The American Laborer is devoted exclusively u. the .1.
vocacy and illustration of the Protection ef Honte foduslr
It is designed to present in a compact, cheap, rradnti
l'or_i. and in a familiar ard practical manner, the niostc
reel ami convincing facts ?and argument? in support t?i ?
policy of Protecting the Industry of our ??-.?? People. 1
this end it embodies, ihe aWest Speeche. Report., Stausti
and other documents on the subject.
HT The whole work is lo comprise a large octavo voluir
of near 400 pa-jes, and is published in parts every month.
Seven numbers are ah eaily out and reaily for delivery.
Prie? for the whole twelve number?only l? ceuL. bein?tl
cbeap?*-st publication of the kind ever published in tl
Lulled Stairs. .'REKLKY A. McELRATH,
?** Tribune Buildings, 160 Nassau si.
T OCRS! LOCKS ? .'?Wilson's Patet
?-*rl-Itcv,*'r.f**0*;?-*"-?nil Laiches are pionounced by.goc
._.,.!*., 1 & \i _*-? auicle for -*??*?-?? liistedings evrr offert
I ..L _..,!,:.Khey MW> ,,ur?*J,'? ?'"a?Ignite with ere
ease ?Aitbout the possibility of ever eetiioe oat ofor?l?-r.
Fort?n?"rC :nV% .v..?. "rS? x'"*??? for fiSv.
So. m ^AMUfcL NOYES, 111 Fulton-sireet.
Rehnery. No. 2S I_#onard<street, bv *??""Ticaii faugl
-2-^____L______ TYJLEt; fc MAPES.
?_ld ^wSSiF^ -*21 P-'-oc^re.L near Woost?
?fi?^K1 the ??^twof Hanlw?re D*all
!_hirl. . r ort^-T,?. ? li,-s*-?*,f>?-**'Or artic.. ol tJeni.an Sure
n^^?iJ?al^^y"X\oicsait and retad, of all Hue
D i ? e o **
Important D i i c o ** ??? r y j r. ,
WAtJusmo X? Una* ?t o*-*- ha_f ~ay. zxtznsz
of either Oil "r Ga-.
FIE Difficulty which has heretofore c\
isted iu Trimming />l Caniphine 1?nips.t? BOW f*"*
tirtly obviated, by mcnn.< of a Movable Gt)) un?i other im
portant lutwrovenuen? ?vbtcb, opon i-?peclion, w.11 wt-tfy
th?- ;>??:'!;?? i'".tt l?t y t..*in n<>>?. obtain a Lamp? up?-norti' any
botfc in u*i'? ???II linrn witUoui Smok? ?>r Sm?-ll?produce
an equal ami stead?! h_ht in all (h1ecli03s.ar.it reflated by
a ?:n_Ie ?crew muventeul. AL?), an Imprentd T*iior -
?jamp. C.tnipb?ne, Oh?? m Lea I Oil. an?! .Spirits nianalac
iur?.-'l upon an Improved System? wholesale an?, mall, de>"
livered to any pan .i" the ri.iv. ircm the. Old Established
Suivi ??i G-?R5E ?iTCHELL,
Ol Irr.* 5 Catherine street-_
. FANCY GOODS vety low for cash?A complete ----
sort?tent ?f?
Combs, Steel Pens Hemming _. Son Needle?
Brushes. Cu?ery, Pocket B?ols,
Perf-mery, Hooks'". Eye* Shun"Boxes
Ra-or Su*?cs: ::'?*. Jewelrv. _c. 4i.c.
_*ot?t_er with a large assortmeni of all ariirles it? the
above line of business. CHARLES II. DARLING,
ol- Im' "1 Maiden lane ami.1? Liberty-street
BOOTS AND SHOES?A general as
sortment of MK.VS.BOYr/ an.'. YO? f IIS BOOTS
SHOES end B-ROGANS, vii: ?Me?)*? bnVV and youths'
thick I***.!-., ca'.: ami t.jr> ?e*?v__ aiid pegged' do men's anil
boy;.' thjch Ami Wp or??ans ; women's, mi?es and chil
drebs' DOPlCCS, buskin?, ?Uppers, ?-c. Also, fur cloth an?!
sealetCAPS; fin?1 ?ilk ami coney hat?. All sold low lor
cnslmr city ac.:?'p;Hin*.e?. by the case or dozen. Country
merchants would *!'> '?'?ell to call aod examine al
GALE _. Co."s,_t?n Pearl ?irrrt?, .
o. 2m* under L'. S. Hot?!. H- ?'?
lazed i.aHdWare paper.*
.-ft* by -in Inches, It'O r?nm?; 24 by SI da, 100 reams;
__ by 30 do., V'ream- Eine Hanging Paper, 10,i-Ct> lbs..
2ii inches wide, a superior article. Green Hanging P-rrr*.
e.fiPt'i Ibv, 20, 51,33, 34 and 'S5 inch? w ide. -<>0 gros Bon?
net Boards, blu.- and white. -UW IfeC Trunk Board?.
104)00 Binder's Boar?Is. Al! hto-5 Papier manufactured at
ike shone? notlte, ?htl ror ?lie by
a__2 If QAU-T _ DERRICKSON. 150 S?iuth*-?.
Spalding's superfine Lockport .Mills Flour, made Tit.-..
it?ecte. Genesee Wheat, e-tpretoly for family use, bolted
ami packed cm a new principle, equal to any Flonr made
in lb. ? United **iialcs, Iresh .round and in good order, lor
sale by I?'.- IwJ A. F. KEMP _ CO.,.'.S Broad ?I.
THE L?\RGESTTCheapest and Best
assortment of CORSETS is \r be found at No. 443*
Pearl-street, N. Y. r-o?r.iry Arid Cltv Merchants ?-.nplied
on liberal terms. ALEXANDER SAMSON,
Imptirter and wholes-le dealer in ?or.-et?, . ,
olfi 1m* 4 -? Pedrl-street. N. Y.
DE?FN?5- CURfcD^-C?liPA'S
AC?USTIC OIL?For the cure of Deafness, pain?,
and ihe discharge of matter from the Ears; als?i, all those
disagreeable in-i?cs like the bozzing of insects, falling of
water, whizzing of steam, kc _c. which are symptoms o!
approaching deafness,and also generally attendant with
the disease Many persons who nave been dear fot tr".fi.
teen and twenty years, and toer*** oh!?_!-.t ?o ?se e?r-trnmp
els, have, after o\pi: one ;*r two 'nolik-, thrown aside their
trumpet?, tiring n'.nde perfectly well. Physician? and ?ui
.kbiEbly recommend it-* use. For ?ale by Dr. JAYNE,
No. ?!!? South Third str"?!. Philadelphia.
Sold at wholesale and retail by the agents, A. B. -. D.
Sands i. Co , Dru__ist?and Che.nisL?,79 Fqltoo-St. cornern!
Gold-st. and No. loo FnlioR?t. Also sold ay DaV?o Ssi?bs
Sc Go., 77 Ea?t Broadway. cCiiit Marketstree?j AteR.tHA">i
H. Sampi-??- Cr*?. Granite B-ildin?s, 213 Brs-auwav.rori-.ci
of Cbambere-sL New-York. Price $2 o*?i lib
H~?JLL'T*5"TRIJSSE0T?Ncilicc t?"Rup
lured Per*rtH?i?Persons afflicted with rupiuies may
rely upnb Ute l"'st inslrumcnl-1 aid the world aflords. on
application ai ihe oifiee. No. 4 Vesey-sire?'!. orto eltherof
ihc ai'.-rit? in ihr principal town? in Ihe United State?. Be
careful t<> examine the bark pad-of Hull's tru?s**s. to sec if
they ?ir?- endor?ed by Dr. Hull in wriiiiiir. N-ne ai- pe_u
ine.or to be relied upon as jr/vd, wilholll !iii* signature.
Many p?r?t't'? lia ve ui!deHn-en lo vend Imitations ol
Hull's t-elebrabd tlus^'S.Ahd thousand? are imposed upon in
.?<.iisc(]U?*nce. These iriiitatious cannol lie relied tifxni; they
are made by unskilful mechanics, and are no .better than
ihe ordinary tiusses.
Rooms have been fitted up at No. 4.Yesey-strect, exclu?
sively for ladies, having a separate entrance ftflm Ihc husi
ness d'-parimenl, wlier? a leni.tll- Is in coi?latlt anendancc
to wait upon female p?U?n*? sj| il
Bv Special Appointmenu
TOSEP11 G1LLOTT. Pen Manufacturer
?_l TO THE QUEEN.?CAUTION??the bi?h charac
tcrof these Tens has lUdilctiil the atlentpt, ?n th?. partui
lev-eral disrcnU?lble makers, lo practice a Iratul not only upon
Mr. <?ill--t!, bin a!?o ufKin the pnijl'ir. An inferior article.
bi nritig- the misspell :d name, thus. Gillol, omitting Ihe final
I, is now in the Hiark-t. It ran readily be it.te.ted by it?
anfinisbed appearance, ami thtr viry common style in which
il is pui Up.
Observe, the genuine Pens rr** are all marked in full?
"Joseph t-illott's Palthl," or"Jo?eph Gillott, Warraulctl;"
and Hint ratrh gross ht^arsa far. s?mil-ofh_signature.
The alxive may be had, wholesale, of HENRY J ESSOP
iyl5 I y 91 John-streei, corner of Gold.
scriber WO.Jd invite Ihc nttentiof? of the public lo hi.s stock
of? GREENOIJGH'S PATENT LAMPS'.? which from thoir
beauty and sup? rior ?itialiti?-s, are riestin?tl lo supersede all
oilier? now in use. The oil which is burncil in them is a
'-.iienijtal pr?'paralit.ii, very* clean hi j.ts properties, and give*
-V(try bri??ant and economical light. The Boning Fluid
isa portable light, free from all smoke* -?mell er grease, an.?
ivill iifitbrr soil nor rinin. Corniilon Lamps can lie alltred
"lia tritlii'U i-*sp*i-nse lo burn Ute fluiif. Th? subscriber is
kindly permitted lo refer lo some of *?ur most r??spcctabl?
fan?lies, who ate now using the article
J. C. HOOKKK, 45fi Broadway,
F. B.?There ii no danger of explosion in ciUier one ??
ese articles o2l If
R?SS BOOTS?Latest French ityle.
The subscriber respectfully invite? the cfuzens ol
New-York, ami strangers visiting the city.fneall at 114 Fu!
loii-strecti and examine a lar_<- ?*--?nrtii>riit pi Dn.-r. Bitol? ]
?made m the latest*Spring f_shlon? ah.l?! ihn finest French
Call Skin.
Genllemen can have Beets made to order m the best man
ncr at si? dallais per pair, warrante?! e(,ual lo any made al
?even dullar? and a half, a.id a? ihe undersigned takesdiaw
mi*, ot Ihe feet and keeps lasts Ibl each customer, be can in?
sure an easy yetHaiidsorite fit.
Goitstantly on band, Fashionble Boots,kc, at the follow
in? reduced pri?es:
?seal-Skin Bt?>is.from ."**: 50 lo $2 7.'?
Cnlt ?' " . "-' 100tr> e, nn
Half Boots'.i.n 00
Gaiters.i.2 25
Shoes.Irom I ">0 to 2 00
Pumps and Slippers, lie kc.proportlonably Low.
T??rms, Cash on Delivery. ?lOIlN L. W.VTKINS.
r.:>10 lit Fu.ton ?t. betwern N??*au and Dutch.
G-iRINNELL, RI1NT?RN -fcCO? No. 78
I Somh-strcf t, orter for ?ale?
200 cases English Sheathing Copper, lro?i 14 to 22 ti
200 tons E-gfisb Iron, ?ssoited.
21 Try Pols, 140, I6v, IPO and .*00 gallons.
200 boxes Tin Plan-s, assorted.
UK?" bbh. Gallego Flour, fresh.
400 boxes H ivana Su^ar, brown.
BOO bids. Braz.il do,
500 diesis l'oucnu Tea.
I500 t-a^s Rio t'ofi'ee, prim?? green, new crop,
lili) piece? Russia Sail Cloth, 21 aud 3" inch, bleached and
700 pieces Russia Ravens Duck.
js t.iih-s Russia Sheetings, brown.
100 do. do. Diapers, superior.
_". do. do. Crash, assorted.
56 prime Ivory Teeth, and ?oo Scr?vellas.
>> cates Ciiiiie?-? Wniiilion.
?>'" do E. I. Rhubarb?10 cases ?Manilla Indigo.
50(1. mai? Cassia.
50 ?bests Lac Dve.
?xt jar? l'Innese Soy.
Inn ?a??-? German Soap?}ti pipe? Olive Oll.
b- bales Florette paper, ?-iiiillcd t?. debeniure.
H crates .?uperinr Earilnrnware? Tea Set?.
??mi iKixe? Sperm Candi?'?, as'orted.
4(K> Ions Steamboat Coals,
?am ?ons Chalk.
ALSO?An assortment ot Canton Silks.
White PMnj-ee?.. 30 inch.
Whit* Pongee Handkerchiefs, figured.
Crimson tio d?> do.
While do do plain.
Crimson do do ?lo.
Black Sating?Satin Damask. a?\??rted clors.
Embroidered and Damask ("rape Shawls, various
patterns. s2"-3
BORN i: LITTLE. Importers und ???-neral Deal
ers m Enirhsh. German and American Hardware, Cutlery.
kc. kc .?Jo Fulton street, oppi^it? the United States Hotel,
(formerly Holt's Hotel.) New York, (where the business has
been carrietl on for eighty years pasL) offer to country
merchants aud others a very extensive assortment at the
lew t-?l market pnces, 1er Cash or on approved Cretlil.
Purcha-er? are hereby invited to call and examine th??
?lock, which is composed in part of Table and Pocket Cu?.
lery ?Ra_or> ? Scissors? Tea ami Table Spoons?Tea
Trays?Sauce and Frying Pans?Corn and Coffee Mills?
ShoveJ and Tottgs?.-indirons?Coal Hod??Hollow Ware?
Shovels and Spades?Hoes?Fork-?1?ke??Scv Ibei?Axe?
? English Wagon Boxes?SNigh. House and 'Hand Bell?
?Cnn-y-Con.??Slates? Skai-???Cnt and WroogbvNails?
Cut Tacks?Brad? and ?"?parable?*? Bull? wad Screws?
Locks and Latches?Hinge-?Anvil?Vic*-s?Sledge Ham?
mers?Files?Augers? Chisels? Goug**?? Pianes--"( Spear's
Mill. Put. Cros? Cut, Hand. Pannel. Iron and Brass Back
Saws)?American Iron Cooper Rivet??BeclcIrons?Scol>
W_terof?\yreStoue for ?Marble Polish?!??Black Lead Pots
? ??enuine Harlem Oil? I[Ship Builders' Hardware)?Albert
son's. Horion i un?l GifforcTs celebratetl Casi Steel Coopetv".
Carpenters'and Shin ?;arper:ters* Edge Tools in geneiaL
AL??>, ,\genl> lor Miner'/ celebrated Well ami "cistern
Pump.?, niauu.'aclnreti by H. Warren. warrante4 superkir
lo any other kind in Use. CHARLES OSBORN,
Croion Water.
TO EXjGINEERS, Manufacturers-and
others.? Welded wrought Iron Tubes, lor -Steam, Wa?
ter. Gas, ?te. from i to 3 inche? diameter and in Icagtbs
from 4 inches to 12 feel, capable of sustaining an internal
pressure of from 1,000 to 10,01*0 Il>s per square :nch_toge?
ther wiih -fitting** or every description, such as _ bows, "Ps,
Reducing Sockets, Cocks, kc, to which the Tubes are
ioinetl by Screws, anti by means of winch ibey n ny be put
togetlier with the greatest facility by anv ordinary workman.
The great strength and darabiliiy ofthes? tnoe?. as com?
pared with Copper or other material acd their economy
rentier them superior to all other? for any of ibepurp?>><-?
abeve mentioned. For sale bv
J.v2- It_WALWQRTH - NA3QN. 30 Ann-'n.
HOVELS and Hollovv Ware.?100
doren N ft W. S. Eddy's cast sieel Shovels ; 100 do
do. ?ron Shovels. Also a go.>d assortmens of Hollow Ware
on ?and, and for sede by i
011 F? F. EDDY, 24 Old Slip. '
3 TO VF. S.?HOWE t? Patent .Stove.
ftT beann?.; Parlor-. Halb, if.. *??->?! Ih-re rr-;,-???l*- (S
not a Sto??e lor *.-K'.."! ihiScilv U.-at contons Im ??> .?ail a
i-innpit.-. i ail the ailvaiita?;*"* ?-hi*- Stove does tor ?eaine-s ol
appenrarv-?-.economy i?nu??l, an?i foremitiini;a sottaudpitra*
s..nt ???-.!. :t i> not-.urpa_s.se?! bv any. and equalle.1 t.v v?-rv
few. ifanv; ?n ?1 while I am abont it ? sbonjd like to call
the attention of the public to th-??-* Stt?v(?s lor sal. in this
market thai are only jot np to look at. and n?n lor ?or?, ice
and ulilitvi ll??*re is considerable CTV*k?ss% -bout, hollow
?a?-'?or__-_rtb_f.tai?-!n*'?4r dr/ the ie--l-.pen. 1 *oui?l
mer*!y ?l tse qd?a*_o-_ wonld .? hearth or base n.a.ie ol
ti.n^t iron ?larxi much puttm_r f??ei up?>n it u?r that p.trp<r*e i
1 ihiuk *v?t, therefore 1 would caution _h_ put?! c t? boy
such Stoves only a? have been well trsted ai??l tried. Thi*
Stove ha- a cast iron hearth and two doors in front,??ne ior
Manufactory, No. _?>9 W aler-4revt. and also at 23 ami 125
Bowery, an?l at Powell _. Vlnine's. Brooklyn.
?7 1m SAMUEL R- SPK L.MAN. ?S9 Watei-*t.
The undt-rsiiTiied are the only tszeul* ?i-r -en .*f-ii__ an-"!
sel'mc the abnvr articV in the City of New-York. ' 'I 'heir
utility r.iid -ijprnor exceQetice certiacates frr>in ??jr-OiM <>l
the tirr.t re>p_ciabihty may be seen ?it the store. We cuar
ar.tee apainsi any explosions if put up .txordtng loQUr
directions. We have also an improved Airuj_rtit Stove.
ot 3m S. IL FRAZIEB. 250 Water -ireeU
REEP WARM.?The subr?ribe. o?Vri
fof?als ?i No. 1.1 Watet . re? .whc?eai. am) rein 1.
UrfeS Ps?e'lit ?in?l improved Air-Tigbl S oves, constructed
for burning eiliiei wood or coal. Over Five Thousand ol
these Stoves werf sold in ihe city ol B,>-!?:>;. ia_l seas in, ami
lound to be the ir.r _t ? .otiomn-af m the eoi-.-ufiiptt?m o| luel
of any siove heretofore inlrodoced. They are r?ramtnend
e?l particularly by physicians, for liratMi? moms l??r tl?>
?ick ; and oerMjnsafflict?! >?.'!?i '?'?n?-'.v;ipi;?,i! ?*T?v_ lobnrl
rre-!t rt?i?l ?>V th? d?. ot liif at?.?.?? Si"\r. the air produced
beiip ol riiore even temp?rature than can possibly i?f pro?
duce?! h*? .?ny oilier stov'enow offered t?> the public. Please
call ami examine :<>r yourselves, before purchasing else
where. ?. D. WENDELL. No. 31 Wni?rr-s_
,.?_) _M ?Irin1* Irvr. Beeknifn.
STOVES, -?-Signed for Situ??-., Ufli?*t-, Hall* ami Par
lors.?These Stoves are acknowledged by all who have
use?t them, to superse>le any other kind ever offered to ? '*
public. They can now be bad at grenus reduced prices "
or.e-third l?*s. thnn tonner, v?ow liig lo the ?t?-pr'j?-.ed-ta.e
of till- limes. Those wishing to purchase Stoves lor ihe
above purp-iscs are requested to call ami examine for them?
selves it 6c Chaiharn-.-'.reet, it tjbinp the nnl_y place \vheie
they *:an be obta'.-'ed ih this city. N. B. Spoor's Stove
rep?, i re!. BENJAMIN AiUtSTRU.N?.'.
New-York. October 3,1842._ "11 lm
T^lWVLWCHE, ? CO MI .A N1 ON - T he
true and trenuine article, without the ' impr ivemenl'
ol rlute?; lioitom oven plate, which is calculated to coll? ct
soot and prevents the ilrafu The Stove that has been in
use and so highly approved bv ?!l wHo have Used tbetn
mny ?o had St the ?-Cowitie places, al prices to suit th?
limes: WHIf?m WiUl-i tt tan.-, 17'.' Greenwidi _.r?-el; Wil?
liam H. Sweet. 20] c.iii.i|..!r?-.-t; lt. E. Peieruon, 111 Bow?
ery; J.S Madison, 38?J nraml-sO? el. <o>?l C. Cadl?-,Jr.,
ISMan*isdn-streer. ?>.'' i>
dbr TO $5 50-??'each Orchard Ctf?l.*-^
4P? ) The -lib?uni.fr uf?eis loi -?i*, the first .iialuy Peach
Orchard Cb?l, btoke?, eg^ ?hid large nut sixes, at ihr,?!?.???'
rtduced puces, deiiveredTree ol callage, direi.-i from th?'
l.ctat-s. the Coai ?ill he ?veil tifokeu and s-fcriieoed -?t the
timeoUliipnl'-nL ALPkP.D ASIlt-lKLD,
?.'j (tr'i!d-sir^?-?. corHer ot llidge',
an.i Son?itstreel, corner ol Montgooiery.
Orders left as -Im?.??, or .?i 1HH William-street, or throu?ii
ihe Post-orb?*?', promp?y attended to. au>otf
?COAL, COAL?From the
?/?J vosH. Ii?*st quality Pea"-li Or'.*l?f'l R?t_
A*.!? t;<?-?t Irtthirnit Ihb r?lnl -, -il the I-llnwliig lisw thrice?
B|.E and Bioken..5 t?
Stove, large.tHw
Nut.I *>0
double screened and delivered any part 01 the city, weighed
by a city weicher. Y*-rd corner Christophrr aH?l Green?
wich streets. JAS. FERGUSON
N B?inoo tons Pea and Dust che?p. ti29 If
|5.( )(.)-.!,;
LIVERPOOX COAL.? .'lie under
signe?l is now <lisnliar?_;in__' a very tine cargo of Liver*
piml Coal that burns free, bright and ckan, al the low prit e
ol .>:>. delivered free of cart a <_.*?? at any nan of Ihe city. A
few ? li'ihlro'is v**t unsold. Those ?anfing Ihb article bad
LifitiT sr-n'i m (heir ortlert ?vjllltftlt ilHn.\ ?It the fard N??.
?8 Thompson slreet, near Spring, or ai ii??- office ."^'>. 11*
N.iN-au street
P. S.?It will be delivered RtsBrook'lyii at the same price
the ferrage added. JOSEPH P. SIMPSON. ol2tl
?UU.AI? ! CO.A L ? '?The rp
ich Orchard Rtnl Ash, how selling from
ti'ie yard 5?5l Wasbinglon-sti-eet, two iioor? above Spring,
brolien from clear* lomn, doubly screcri?d, and deliver?'?!
free of cartage, and weighed by a City Weigher, at the lol
lowing [?ric?*s :
Lar>;>' Nut.$"?(?<>
Stove.. .? 2fi
Brok?;nor B_fg.?. i! 00
l_i*-f!rpiK)l Screened::::. ? :. CW
N.B.?All orders to be left at the Yard. No agents?no
commission. The buyer receives tin? benefit.
Coal from Ixjat.s, _*> cents l?-ss per ton.
ol? If I'. B. GI/KltNSgY.
COAL, COAL, COAL.?HcstVeitch Or
chard Red Ash Coal?Lump, Br?i?en and Not sites.?
The undersigned is authorised to inln? orders ttir Ihis c?-|e.
brat???l Coal, at the very lowest prices, eilhrr by tin* carg?
or ton, delivered IroiM the barge, free ol cartage intiny pan
of lias r'Uy or Brooklyn.
Also rimy Ash S_clit*>*tMiO, L<-li??-*h and I.a?*'?--?*v..n_ Coal:
P. S. American Bituminous Coal, for th? grate, equal to
best Liverpool. B?-si Virginia Coal, li?r blacksinftii's us??, al
the very lowest price. JOSEPH P. SIMPSON,
Office No. 118 r?as-sau-streel.
N. B. Orders for one Ion will receive the same atiention
as those for a larger rjuanily. my l?il
TO Ai.'ltici'LTU rtlSTH.?The pur7
lisliei- of Ike American Agriculturist would respect*
lully solicit the atteuti'in of Farmers ami otbtu.engaged in
Agnoolturalpursti*rts.'ui the ?Hofem*->?t1niied v.ork.
Thl- loltowing are a fe\v of the many l.ivorablc dtjlfcci
which this work has received:
*? The Agriculturist appears lo !><? etlited with that kind
??i ability and practical kr.owledg??, that must place it among
the f?reraost rank wuh similar periodicals in our country."
[Wayne County Record, Indiana.
" Prom Ihe known a>';!iiv of th? eiliiors. we have no doubt
this will proven mostnselui jiaper, and Wortby the [iairrjn
a_,-e ol the agriculturist. W? h?il ihe appearance ol ibis
journal as antither evidence of the int?r?t?! which is mani?
fested in the subject of Agriculture."
(Central Farmer, Rome, New-York.
" From a careful perusal of the content* of the American
Agriculturist, we hesitate nol t<> -ay. it Luis fair to B-ecome
a mn-i valuable ii(.r|uisitioii to any fanner who does not al?
ready know um: much lo arnuire further knowledge in l?i_
avncatlon." fJChc Jefiosonian, nlan-rield, Ohio.
Tie above work 1? puhh-hed monthly (each number l?
contain 32 pages royal nctav??) at the low rate ol".?il per
?innum. SAXTON 4_ ?MILES. Publishers,
'205 Broadway.
S fe M. have constantly on ham) Q|| ^ popular works
bela?Hg to Acricuhun: in ?il il. branche*. o!7
TTO?TED STATES Tea emporium.
\J 121, late 129 Chatham street, New-York, wholesale
and retail.?The Canton Tea Company continue to offer lor
s.ile new and fragrant Teas of ? very variety and Style.?
Their n-ssoriuieut specially include* the most tleliciou* and
powerful grades ol Green nnd Black. E very package bears
tbe stamp ol neatnessand elegance, and the Teas therein
are .?_> thoroughly M?i_ur?il from light and air that their ijual
ity and power will ?-.main uiiimpHirvd in pnv climate. Their
-y-t"!ii cj prove uim?. business is i?t?rii?;?s scarcely to be ex
celled. It is founded upon ihe utn.ost regard to tbe ru-lit-*?
of the customer, especially with respect i. weigh and
quality, and unrivalled cheapness. All purchaser, are called
up??n tt? return any articles which fail to ?;ive them Ihe full
est satisfaction, when ihe money will be cheerfully and
promptly refunded. Country merchiir.t.s public esublisb
roent, heads ol families, and ibip.ma.-ten. will find it a ?l? ci
.led advantageto supply themseives. from this establishmcnc
("offi'e roasled every day.
Orilrrs from all parta ol the L'niteri States executed with
promptitude and ?Itspatcli.
TT The orHy warehouse in America for ?ie sale of Hot
qua"?celehrateii Bla??k Tea. ?.og in,
NOTICE is herchy given that proposals
will be received at the Inspect:_r.oti.ee m the'Slate
Prison, .Mount Pleasant, on the second Wednesday in No?
vember m-xt, al 11 o'clock in the forenoon for a contract to
commence with 30 convicts on the first ofDecenihfr en-u
ing, to be increased within one year lo Ion for the term nt
five years, at makintr such kin?!.? of chains. **-r(?u??lit nails.
be?lscrews, shovels and iori_r:, <-d?lery, cutltrry and other
articles ot hardware, "of which the chief supply lor the
consumption of the couniry is imported from without the
United State**." Convenient shop room and luei will be
furnished. Whoever takes the conn act must find tools ami
tixtares and be subject lo the rules and resalatiriKS of ihe
Prison. The payments mu-the mat le monthly ?s-ith acn-d-l
ol three months, satisfactory.strcoriry will be rehuir*"!.
Lei the proposals specify the price per ?lav for each man.
A lient Sute Prison, Mount Pleasant.
Seotember 8th. 1842. ?10 2ni
Agent's 0_nc_, Statk Prisow, ;
Auburn, Oct 10. 1M'? )
JOTICE is hereby civen. that sealed
1 Proposals will l>e receive?J?_ithe office of tbe subscrili
v. untilT'j__day'Uic_Oth day of December next at 10 o'clock,
A. M.lor Ihe service oTTen^Coavicts. with the privilege of
increasin.: the same, a> the A_?ent may be able to furnish,io
any number not exc?-edin_c Three Hundr?**i_.for the term of
"Five year?? from the tirst day of January next, to be em?
ployed in the manufacture of Files and such articles.nf Cut?
lery "f which the United Stales is principally supplied by
foreign importation.
Sufficient shop-room, suitably ?armed and lighted, win
be turmshed by the State.
.Voie. Persons making proposals are required to name the
amount, per ?lav, ofiere?! lor the services of _ra*:h Convict?
and to furnish the name of the person or persons offered a-,
>ur?rty in the Contract, with their written assent thereto;
ami tbe respective person? making proposals are require?1
?o be pr??enl at lb. time of opening such proposais t Dec.
20th) either in person or by a dulv auitt.rired a?*er-.
ol3tD2t- HENRY POLHEMUS, Agent
HATS.' CHEAP HATS ?-Three del
!ar Hats.?Just finished, ibr most splendid artici?
ever oiT-red to the public. Elegant short nap Moleskin
HaLs, at the iow pr:?. of $3. Als.? an aniel?* at ?2 .0. .qua !
in durability snd lu-tre to Uiose commonly U?ld at?*!.
BROWN. Pr?cikal Hatter. I? Cana!-str?"n.one door ab-ve
Salhvan-st. ?2S lia* "
itKretweof ibe ?ale ot U>e?e Pills lor the shoit Unie
ib?*v have been intr?*duced into this country, i? traly a?t'*'>
i?h*Bi.' .nut a ?"iivi.'.cii'.g proof ?n ihe cpr-ijoerin?*. power o!
th? nne herbal medicine in remedying Hisca.-?-. ?t tWs ?_
?mm oi ihe vear. wh? it the system is relaxed by ihe heat of
summer,aconrxo( ?ins invaluable medicine will clear off
th?* ?our ami bad bunvrs which heal invar ably gen?rale?.
Tbc liver, which generally sets ?lug*?'i?h, will be put iii.->
healthy ?eiion. atxl lhu?l?i? able to tnjtform th?- lunctrons al-*1
loit.-d to it, the hfhlv altn-, '.her will Ik tcinvi-rormicd, and
pr-p.irr-d tp .rider-- w'<-.i?<cr c'-.**n_?"? the winter may
:i InbUiot- ????rHp'iiin? heavy* c?r*ldsat*d inilamm-?
t..'n?. ih?y .uTord a ?? efriv rel el". ?nd to die lemale .obstl*
tutions th'ev are prircipiily applicant-, as many wloha*?;
ine<l then-Van certify. In iacl. every oue who ha? us-d
rarr's Life PilL? seems to be insflled -vidi new life, Tor that
fine, tome proper tie?, iuvariaMv restore the stomach to a
i-t-alibv bnong for food, sound steep, and all tiie concomi?
tants aitemla??i on _ood btsltii. The Wtent to which ?*fy
or. u?.'?' In Europe, ?mbbg all ?*?-??* -f-nciHy; i? WOfW
pimceptioo, for more than .?jfl ?wi tmne? are ihtre ?oUI week?
ly, shown._? lhat all who u?e them appteciate their worth.
They are sold exclusively by the following agents viz : ?
RushioM i. Aspinwall,. druggist*, and clieumt?, S6 William
?tiret, lie Broadway and 10 Astor House.
Abraham Sands-. Co.". druggists ande hertiists. granite build?
ing?, 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber-street.
P.,D:c!?'*e, ?!;"* Broad-vgy c*rrnerof Li*?pen_rd -jt&H
.Io',_, B. ?odil, druggist. Broadway, corner ol B?e?cRP.'-?t.
A. TV. Bade?n, Bow?*ry 3[ed_ine S:??re, _"0 Bowirry.
John C. Hart, tiru.gist.3-f? Grand, cin?-r **?orfplVstreet.
Synii-s* .Medicine Store, t>i Bowerv, < orner of Wall, er ?st.
A. B. Tripler, t?nier Fulton and Water-street*.
Horace Everett, druggist, 367 Greenwich-street, ncxtlothe
corner of, Franklin
J. .*t j. Co?ldi,nt:ton, apotherfirlK 2Ti Hrldsofi-slreet, corner
of hprihg^lreeL
E. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary, .65 Bleccker-street,
corner oi Jones-street.
3. Vtetidover, druggist and apo'.hecary, Ml Eighth Avenu",
Brortklvn?Wni. .\rni?trong.sc/-d, drug.ind patentm?**dicinf
v.arebou?e, 1844 Fnlto_*?rt-t
And wholesale at th? ?-fropt?ottofte. ;__'.?
T. ht'BKRfS h CO.,
t-j Im Clarendon l.ou?e, cr. Diane-si. and Broadway
DEA l*\NES?*-~C IR El).?Messrs. ?di
wrs . Having ,?een advertised in vonr paper and
: .?..i'-..* others, SC.iRPA'S OIL. t^r DEAFNESS. 1 felt the
?*'-. ? -tlferer m^ielfl "?" untlsuaj itntlely to know mote
about ihe m?diane; consequently 1 have made a grerfi
many inquiries and find li? reputation i? all th.t one could
w isb'; v,i?i numbers have us?"d it with success, ami I hear
that the call for il is astonishingly great I am _*>ing It,
aud find a daily irhprotement In my hearing. Yours.&-c.
H. G. DlN?LEt.
For sal?? bv Dr. JAY!\_. No. 20 SOUTH THfRD-ST..
S?-.ht ai wholesale and retail by the Agents A. B.4.D.
Sand.?, Druggists, No. 79 Fulton-si. <orner of Gold-?!., and
IphFiilton-su?also, ?dd bv David S?.n?ls ?? Co. No. 77 East
Broadway, corner r?f*?lar&et'?i.-. .Abraham B. Sands*; Co.
No. 273 Broadway, ((?ramie Buildings) coiner of Chamber
street._sSO lm
Acoustic Oil lor the cure of Deafness, Pains, and the
discharge of matter from the Ear?.: abo, all those disagree?
able noi-.es. like the hu??, ing of io?ects, l'ai ing of waters,
tVhii.lng of _l-_m,J.t*7j whith are symptoms of approach
ing Deafness; and also generally ?tlfnd-lhl vVith life dis
( as?!
FT Read ihr fallowing most extraordinary Cure : If any
?i?\? bad doubts tbey may now dismiss lbem. .?udthe-iiiosi
incredulous may coifsirter Deafness as curable. Numerous
. .......i cure-.-tiid mdnv <>? ib?-n! very remarkable, by ihe
u?e of ?-S'A?PA'S OIL',*" bate befen pu!.'lished, but this
caps the climax. Tou?g or old, you may yet recover your
I ?? faring.
A |.-?1t in SmilliRehl. Pemi.ylvania. and nowaltout eighty
years of age. had been gradually getting deaf for more than
ioHy years, so that h was next to impossible to make l?er
b?-ar conversai ion in ihe ?ou<h'"t tune ot voie? La?t winier
?he was induced to try "Scarp?.'* Oil for Dealness,"- It is
only necessary to add, that she ?.a? u*eu two bottles, and
that her beiring is perfectly restorfd?she is cured. Any
information in relation to ibe case inav be t btained al the
stof-Col DR. J.1YNE.
20 "?oulbTh'rd ?tr'-el, Phil.vlelphia.
at wiiicii pla.e al.vt the iii?uicine is for sale.
Sold at wholesale and reiail by Ihe Agents A. ?i.k D.
SANDS, l)i uggisls, Nos. 7!) and 100 Kullon corner ol ??old
?i. and 100 Kullon-sL also sold by Abraham B. Sands ?St Co.
Nu. 273 Broadway, (Granite Building,) earner of Cham?
bers si. ; David Sands it Co. No. 77 East Broadway, corner
of Market-si. Price <tl- _ _oI3 Im
\0 dial, !**o.-176 Broatlway. N. Y.?'i'his CfcTtli- havinp
oltlaiiie.l a ju?t celebrity on account of the many cures li
ha? perlormed, in cases to which il is adapted, the public
is rcspccUully informed thai it relieves Dyspepsia and other
d'lsortlers of ihe stomach. It is peculiarly adapted to re
inove lliose complaints, noi by constinily p' ysicing.tmt by
strengtheniilg IHe system. No greater mistake can be nia?le
tiiaiiTo suppose that Dyspepria^drmiyotiier disease arising
from d.bility. can he cured by a fretjueni (b*retid action on
tiie bowels, by purgative irietliciiics. When this cbiifplfiint
exists' ih('sy?te!!i is already too weak, and every additional
? lose lend.? to make it more so. The Cordial, on the con?
trary, anting its a tonic, sireHgfhens the digestive organs,
an?! assists tii.m to perf ?r"? their fonctions as nature de?
signed. Hence it is found lo ne efflcociosfl also in those
diseases peculiar to let ales, which arise more IrCTjaently
from weakness ihan from anv other cause. The Cordial
llkewisfc 1.? a t?riaih cifre Ihr ?d? Nbrvods Headache, and
af?ords relief in nlmoit a!! *_ecub*-. df die Hertooa system.
II is an excellent preventive ol cost venei* fhifl low spirits,
'Xbt? ag?-.! and ?nnrm of ltOtli,sexeS?ai1d persons ofsedeniary
habits, prone to coativen?ss, have experienced great benefit
from il. IUipeedily promotes strength in nil cases of gen
eral debility,restores a ginul ami healthy appetite, irlves
tone and vijror to the whole system,and is highly beneficial
a? a ionic In cp'nvalesence from levers and other nvuie dis
nr??jr& In pnftit ni ils virtues in ihc above complaint**, the
public is reterreu to till? reCenirMenthllinns of eminent phy??
cians, as well as those of respet'lable Kcfltleirfen who have
derived benefit from IIte use of it, some of vVhfeh are pub
li?h?'d in ihe circular accompanying each bolt le.
The Restorative Cordial S pr?paient an?l .?old by the pro?,
prietor at 476 Broadway, N. Y., and by respectable drug?
gists throughout ihe country; Price **1 per tHittle, and *t?>
per dozen Orders accompanied by the cash punctually
executed, and forwarded according to direction?*.
Sohl also by tin Messrs. Riisiiton ,_ Aspinwall 83 William
ulreet. Iln Broadwav ami 10 Astnr House. o? Im
?R?SON'a Hy-ician ?nerlicincs.?
...X. Not{tJE.--#l!crerts, A. A. Samarfos, of 94 Broad
way,.New-York, is making an iiutfnip'f-r use of Messrs.
Meri.son k Cn.'s appointment lor llir sale of their. Medi?
cines. This is, therefore, lo inform Ihe public thai Mr.
Sa?nanos is not authorized msell ' MORISON'S PILLS'
in New-York,and Dial Messrs. Morrisons' only Agents in
New-York ar.. Messrs. FIRTH k HALL, of No. 1 Frank?
lin square, trmn whom alone the ?Medicines can be had gen?
uin.?. (Signed) MORISON ?- CO.
Dated Briti?b College ol Health, Ntw Road, L'*ndnn,
June Ifilh. M2. ivntf
3E']'ER?S;s" I\j ?_L1-?r?%?)' Lo'ZK?
GES.?There-needs no argument beyond a simple,
lair, candid uial, to prove to a demonstration thai Peters'?
Lozenges are among the very best medicated preparation?
ever made. Wide their taste, which Uagreeable.giveithen?.
advantage prerevery oiber medicine now- in use. the great
vanely of ?itt-Ir Ingredient- renders them ethcacious in an
..tent elsewhere -unknown. His Cotfgh L? /enge?, for in
staiice,-cure Colds, Asthma, CatB.rh; Bi-ncliiUs, and .-.II
COiliplainti ol a Pulmonary origin. Then his Worm Lozen
ge.? relieve children of the terrible distress,'the convulsiv?
pnuis, the brok?n sleep .tnd headache, which always attend
lb?' preset??? of worms. Thus all his Lozenges in Iact, are
suitable to some particular disease, which they romnleiely
rr.'1'ov-?; Warehouse. i'?7 Fulton-OL ol7 Im
Dl?TR__3_fS LEG?L~yT^Th_t cele
braied physician, Dr. Benjamin Rush, could not have
leu a more valuable iegacv to mankind than his invaluable
HEALTH PILL. It is indeed a blessing lo the attlicte?!,
giting relief in all the u?_al cast- of ??nlden ?llnesis or lin?
gering disease v.uh which humanity is d'siress?d or the
functions of life are destroyed. It I now conceded by the
mo?t eminent ol the medical laculty, that the stomach isthc
seat or fountain ol all disease ; lhat il is, as il were, the cen?
tre fr-m which proceed all the evils produced by foreign or
irritating causes, and which thence ?pread lo evety part of
ihe animal system.
The proper ni'-ihod ol cure, therefore, ?s to attack thecil
atlel in which ihe disease intrenches iUelf; and no com?
binando of medical agents has jel been discovered .vi cfh
cacious for this purpose as ihe preparation of tbe late Dr.
Rrsh. and which, from the universal ?rucee? attending their
administration, during a pr?ctice of nearly hall a century,
were styled his " Infallible Health Pill." Their great vir?
tue is, that ihey arrest disease in its first approach. They
are preventives u well a* remedies; and we will venture in
say thai it laken by persons when they are first affected with
symptoms ol illness, many a case, that is ei?ier serious or
fatal, might he avoided."
Lei the afflicted without hesitation avail themsrlves ?fthis
invaluable legacy, and they will have reason lo bless die
name oi Dr. Rush as one ol the greatest benefactor?, ?i
Sold, whole-ale and retail, by H. G. DAGGERS, 30 Ann
street. New-York; and (retail) by Kellv, 267 Broadway
?New-York: J. Axford, 16*? Bowery, N. Y. ; H. Grt/en 60?
Fulum-su, Brooklyn ; Redding _ (Jo., g Sute-st, Boston ";
D. Smith, ?6 Marke!-?!.. Newark, N. J. ; G B. Zeiber 87
Dock-sL, .oroer of Tutrd, Philadelphia; W. Taylor'l2
North-st., Baltimore ; and agents m the principal cities in
the United States.
Price Twenty Five Cents a box ; each box-inclosed in an
elegantly engraved wrapper, with full directions for use.
.--28 lm
R_,_._, . Coughs and Colds.
EMEMBER No. .54 North Sixth street.
,-n?re,"??or. r1?,?,?.A,':ch'stret't? P?'?l*uJeIpbia, ibe most
<_? J ?\ be.'t^AMILV ?KDICINE. Tor Coughs, Colds,
Sjr^Uiug Blood. Throat and Lung Diseases, ?t rising seusa
?on Ilk?.- choking, t.ckli..?. or unplessa.it obstrucllons. Kor
r'u po?p.;Dr."1?*AY:fE,s COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD
?.I.-I.KY will be ??und ihe prttat remedy. Persons who
have abused them?elv_ by the use of ardent spiiiu?. will
find both their strength and resolution much improved by
lea-mg ofTthe spirits and uking a lirait occasionally of ibe
above restorative. All pr?parations from tbi.? valcible tree,
except the above, may be considered spurious or comv
terfet- The real article may had of the followin-* AgenU,
or at No, 54 North Sixth'street, Philadelphia.
Dr. W. |f. Mlrnor, Druggist, 132 Broadway, New York.
Mr?. M. Hayes, 13J Fultoo-streeL Brooklyn.
Benjamin o ds, ?\'ewatk, N.. J.
Job* M ?on. Patterson. ?at t??*
-?-TL iatnre Orthogonal, and Perspective Drawings; Work?
ing Drawintrs. Specifications, and Estimates for Churches,
Public and Private Building*?, will be made to order by
R. A. SHELDEN, Architect,
?j- lm* Mo. 2 Mercer. :or. Ho wan I sL N. Y.
CROT?N WATER^Mi?rer-_^oa7_B!
Plomber?, 116 Grand r?Ueet, 2 doors east or Brorttl
w-ty.turni-h Tinned. Lead, Compcsuion and Iron Pidcv
Pump?. Hy.Irants Fonnuins, Bail, Tabs, kc. and evert
arucle cpmiected wuh the a?e of Crot?n Water in Dweb
tings, Warehou-****., and Manufactories. Orden for the in.
rtKluciton of water pmr^?^e^recuted. ? ol. im?
Ahrst rate article of Rolled an.t Plaie.l Bra?, can
n^eywr??.??aa?.l J,AMES G* MOJTJ8TT, 121 Prince st-,
near Woester at the lowest market trie-. Likewise a very
inpenor article of C?pert Bra?. ?tu
kam.^ss&ama. BANT.TROY, an?! Wt^JdbaZi^'t
'?oc*. !?-"m in. "-?leambi-at Pier foot of B*_r??l?iT~?~* L***--' !
_ The Mw.pre-.5re lienmboat TROY, C*ttn a a
'rhis (ThoT_--tay> Monnnff. ?t 7 cfciec* "**.?*__,
T^v new !cm-.pri-swnrc ?tteamhoat ALBANY c,
Jenkins, T.? morrow (Friday) Momtnjr. uATVtiSk **
r?>r pa?*ai;e, apply ,,?, the oSce, (Ootol B??r...!i.
on hoard. *,I**?***l"r?*?n_t,
Notir ?*?AU a?x?<K Freight, Bagcage. R ?.- . Bills. _^_
or any other kind of Property, taken, ?"hipj?_d ',* ***?
board this boat. rnn<t he al Ihe ri*k of ihe -ownU. ?__-*** ?*?
tiocHt*. Frerght. .?r Bagga?e. kc "* ** ??i?
S g^jfrFE?PLK'S L?N?FO?ur
_______B_S___E>-L. B AN . aedimern_rdL.tr plat*?. ._^*'**"
loot of Co?rtlrtmtt-*-*., ?????__'
The steamer NORTH AMERICA. Ca;. M ? i_.
'loll, will leave as above *i 5 P. M. on tTedntwtJ?'__2?*
turday. y ?**?** S*
The COLUMBIA. Capt. T. P Newberrv ?_JI!.
above at3 P. M. on T?e?lay and Pn?Uv. ?*??*?*?* 11
F?-?r passage or n-eight.>!pply to P. C.Sehnte att___.___
on the whart.oron Nv_r?i. ' -f?
N. B. All kind? of property ukr? only at the risk <?
owners thereof. *-*??_.
g? ^EV?N?NGTlMoT^rr !
-f-MBaraSrt. boats tor Albany daily, al 9 &<T*;
in.. Servi??7^jcepted, iirrtn the pfer betweec Co_n?__j "
Liberty -drceX*. "*??"??-?*.__<
The ?teamer SOUTH AMERICA, Capt Brainard _?__.
Mondav, Wednesday and Friday Afternoons atinvL??'*"1
Th? str-lmer ROCHESTER, Cape A. P.^. JeiL^L.
tht* above pier Tuesday. Th__r?*-d.?v ami SattinW _?*
noons, at r*> o'clock. ; ***??
The Rocheste r aud Sooth America are new ____| ?a,-,
l)*?l boat??, well Piled tip ami furnished w.tbstutn^
an.J fr?r .fiefd Had at.-???rm?*?-?_tio*.s are not taroamsi^l
ai.v bo-n.?- <?n the river. *^w *7
I**??r passage or Ire.ght -*pp ly to F. C. Schalt, it it* a*.
on the wharf, or on board. ^*
FOR kuUSON, Sf6?
^i-S?-^^!}^ VESANT. C"XS\CKIK. ,,?>,.,_;
?liaUTl^mgs.-iUeRmboat SUPERIOR, c*pi uS
will leave (be pier, l?xn m Ceilar-street, This _iUrnryl'
(Saturday) al 5 o'clock. For passac?- or frelcto' ,P?u '
h?erd.or to .1. B. NICHOLSON.^ W_?&g*J
Lgl^ 'MORNING 1.0_V_U?K.
S^m?_Cf?___L.rKEKSKII.I.. VK?tri ,\rK ???.
RY. HASTINtiS 1ND YORKER* -Br^Sft?,8 ?fff
Mr on BoartU-The new and .?plead.?! Meamer mil*
Mrs. C..pt P. W. Stone, wijj Ure New Tnrt ???
loot of Chambcrs-sireet, eym -norning. .Fndays^W
at It o'clock ; ami return?n_r leave Peek,_;i? ._...,_..
Notice -All good, ireigh . tag?.*,., _?,* htu. ?,>,,?
oranv other kind of property, taken, shipped ?? m?
boar?, this Boat, must he at the risk ?it the owners of ??2
firootU, freight, baggage, kc._ ^yj?
Z-itJL ?? W- Y O Rl_^ANir?R?? rX?T I
?^^*_yv* On and after the -Mih (?clolier ioium ih#
-?"?^- steamboais iCapt A. II. Schulli.)w_n ?M,.
the foot 0!" Duane*slicel. Ncw-York. daily (.ooiiiy? t\,
ccptetll as follows :
For passenger, at 2 P. ,M.
For freight at i P. M.
Returiibig'lh- trdiri -"ill I? are Oashen ?; follo?s :
K??r pntMCDgers .?i 7 A. M.
For freight at 2 P. M.
U-ual lim? between C'Oshen and Neu-York fire Ion.*,
H. C. SEYMOUR, Supt and Eef*:
Piermont. Oct. l?. IC42.^_ _??5^
MTO LET?-Tbe InimaMan.ionH^iiT.
in Eighth strret, fr?mtin_: iMcDougal str?.t,iritb!tt
cardens. .??c. attached. Apply '*? M. E. THOMPSON.}?e,
jt) Eifihlh street. _o?l?
M TO pl?mbEr? or tl?ME?Z
To Let; a Store and Bnvmenl very adTjntuewii,.
ly located ?nd well adaplCil to ?he above business, j?^.
?non given immedtaiejy. Apply to T. .M?-Ei,iMT!i, :??
N'a.vsau stre??l. _ ____________ ?**'t'
?Mh'OR ?SALE or KxchaagenoT.
, ^"'P Farm?A good Dwelling* House and OinJengnmr?!,
about 20 Lots, hj the Twelfth Ward of the City 01 N.?.
York, in the vicinity ot Ihe Railroad, (he L'rolnn' R??<_f??
and a Ferry across ihe East River. Inquire ?t 77 0r___.
street, west of Broadway. n? Im
M TO m? ?I?UNS.?The ?otueni
Lot of n Physician rrsidln'** in New.Jersey, ahoit
12 miles from I.?>w-Y?>rk, isofTcre?! Ibr sale, in conseques?
of the impitifed hi'allh r?) the present uccupani. The ten?
will be as reasonable?as (he times arc hard. For panki
lars apply lo Dr. J. IIOPPKR. corner ot Oram? and Mef
l?erry-slretts. New-York. The n?l>_;hboiho_?l is rrinf?,'
b le and intelligent, and practice e.Meusive. *.'___> Jt*
The cottage built House and Stahle on north woi
...rii?-r _f Pi\lh rtvefrtl^ ?nd 12/.h stre.t,wiih 6fulllo?.??
namenled with trt""* 1 al?.v-v? pump new* the door; nbootl
minutes walk from the ffitllwad. For further p-ntlcol'H
innuire of J. k J. W. LEVKRlfKiE. 1?W Cherry-rit, ti, T.
M OFFICES TO LET, m the ?i.c?n~d.
third, noil i'onrth stories ol the new .aildiiici, Nos
l.SH ami 160 l.a??srtn-s?reet. (Tribune Building!?,) (ronlln(. th'
Park and ne.riy opposite tbe City HalL Enquire of
T. McKLRATH, on the premises _ag? tf
M?O LET?The new alores and build
lugs In Siwucc-street, near Nassau. They ?ill bf
completely liuisbed ?luring the next week, ana lo )joo_
tenants immediate possession will f?? jfiven ami no real
charged until after 1st November. The building*!a/v ?ell
adapted to any kind of mechanical business Anpi.toT.
PRICK. Ifli East Broadway, or to T. Mc?LRATHi?lkt
olTice of th??. Tribune. _._ oSU
MCOTT?C? for cale or exchaun,
with ? lotsd! groahil.?Price 2,750,being less \i\tt
costol tbe lions.. The great???! pail can ren.??? on mort?
gage at 6 per cent.
J. 5. IIOYT. 3 C?a!nber*.-Ui*-t.
s21 tf A. HOYT, 5th Collage, Grand _L, ^Villi>inislinrg_.
M FARM FOR S?LE-?ituated ?3
rules north ol the Village ?if Newhurg, iKioudfdbl
the Hudson River on the east and the Old Pon*msd lr> ..I?
banv on the west. On the farm tlim* is a cood, cooimodi*
ous hou.e and bafft, likewise a large ?leek en rhe rirer.
formerly ttsrd a ; a brick- yard. The (arm eonlmm ibooi 10?1
acres ol land?the view is romffninling.aHdlhf pn?.p?_cl
beautiful. For lurther partieiilars inquire of 0?o. Mitlier,
No. ?2? G renne iireei? Or W. H. Van Dalseni, Nn- OT Vid
Dam siren. Ne? York city. o5"*
Farm at Shrewsbury, Monmoulhcounly, New-Jer?
sey, consisting o? nhout thirty acres ol land. Tue tmpro-*e?
rvents are a good two sit.ry d?"elling bouse and kitchen, i
Ivarn, wagon Imuse, and olher necessary ouibniMings. Sit?
farm is sltuWied on Ihe main road leading Ircrn _.bre?*?4!?rT
to Re?l Bank,and ahotll half a mile (rrmi tin s.teatr.l?Jt
landing at Red Bank. The land le well fenced, ?luct?-l
with a vanetv of fruit trees, nnd in g<vjd order; ?nd there*
sitlence every wny ?le?irable. Th? fanll will be wir) o?
reasonable terms or exchanged f??r prwluctive P.r"Pfr,*l?"
ihisriir. Kor particulars, inquire ?if JAMES S-JlijR'v
MAN, Esq. or? the premises, or ol J. PARMLY,No.^Bosd
-si. New-York._m_***? lm_. '
m. FOR SALE?A" Farm in New Ro
SE cbell?j Wcstcbesler County, midway between fm
Plains and New Rochelle, formerly owned by D-'-kJ B"*>
netr, containing 150 acres, all arable land, eicepliof ??**?*??
ten acres in wo?*<l. Tbe farm has been laid out if? '.irr**
ient lois, and Is hi * high slate oi cultivation. Termsof sw
will be made easy lor the purchaser. Apply to _?
o25 lni_ _J. ADRlANCB.5eJ?3^?^Ji.'
ttS| FOR SALE?The 2 Lots fronting on
__A Rivington street, an?! numbered 39 and41 ????'?
aireet?each lot 26 feet in wi<!th by 100 in lengtb.
Also, \ lois on the Northerly ?ide of tint .treel;?!*!-"*1*''
feet, Easterly from the 8ih avenue. .
Apply to G. CLARK, Ksq. 13. Water street, 0-| W w
subscriber (by mail) ai Far Rochawny, Long lilsn-J- ,
o20 lm?_ J. L. N-QBTOMr^
aTi Bitnat-d in Southport.alwut three miles from|M*
l-?ge <>( L'lmira, County of Chemung, lying ?*"? **_2w
Creek, containing 2<S3 acrexol lan?i, a considerable pm '
which is under excellent improvement. Tw-t*?
I woHoTuet and two Orchards on the Farm, ?ind ??"*?
Sheds, fee, and it could lie verv easily divided "?l|**ht
parts. H is considered to be one of Ihe best ?*rm* ? "?c
neiphborhood, and will be sohl on reasonable lerru?*.
Inquire of A. LAMB, No. 336 Fonrib-Wreet. or 01
oio Im? A. KONKLK, nttatc^fjM*}?-._.
containing about 4?) acres, ^^^S^aaaM
iron? Paiersoq, on Uie turnpike leading from t?*S?
Hamburgh-Uic other sitoaied aboui four mile-, fit
?ji,, r-.,r*. .;..;.,,. ??-....i ->:. _._._-___. 'm ,]i_..??. ?Lit?? ol
! ? subscriber orUT?? his Mansion House and O/0"**!,
Eifa5Gt5 Port. New Jersey. I?r *-ale, or to IK tot <**
more ye-.r?. The property COnsi-U of a g?*^t.?aed ???^
built bo'iiiie, fiuished in the neatest manner wtli d*|^
mamte-. kc. and a ge?_Kl dry cellar, with kitchen w> w-*\
house attache?! to the house; an eicell?mt well of walkt i
Urge filtering cisiern with pomps in each; a geied 5***"_3y
ouM?ous?_s, all nearly new, ami in c?mplele repair^?** j
ground ?.onsisis of ali-ooi one acre enclose?! wilb ?fJPjJB
fences, and laid out in fruit yar?l, garden, ka. w^J^rZ.
witb the choreen fruit from Prince'? and other nuiwi*?")
collent bearing grape vine?, flowering and other ?*bnif^,
plants. An additional quantity of lawl can ?-*ha,1.\J^
sired. The premises are beauulully situated on ? .*"*?*?
?tope, with Uie delightful prospect <?( Suten UW*5|
?sci-ji nd adjacent country. The rommuoi?**-*.?*?1 *K
.?'!?.?'? _ ,:k is very ea?y an?l frequent?the steamboat'1-"
Eli ?Sr???? pm% and New York Ferry Company rum""*;
time?*-i_y toan-t from ihe city; and the paseag* ??Lj
made by the New Jersey Railroad four or gvetinx*^
day. Possession gi?. en i i mHiateiy. For lurtber par?*1
lars, enquire at No. ?33 Pearl ?treet.or on the preaw?^
B28eo?llf THOMAS R. WW?O
ISABELLA GRAPES, of good qus*??
from "CROT?N POINT VINEYARD?."?'-'^;
Tereiv?? dolly at the A.enev, No. 2 Barclay^treCt. **?*?*?
Houm-, ami ??ohl by A. O. CRA?TO, in aaaoutieiW *?
purcba-rs. All the line Grape? from these V ltei^^i,
first receiredot the Agency, where the city ira?? ^X^?S
They come u> the city in hasket? with wooden eew^jgg
attached, and "Crot?n Painl" mark?*l "^..HifJrjfcM'
?HU be rec?ivcd in thia form only. oil i o i o?**

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