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Horrid Fratricide.?The New Haven Palla
<yTrflj of the 8tb noiicee a horrible affair which oc
ctartd in Canaan the week before. A man named
Rockwell at about midnight went out to relieve a
fcired man who was attending his burning lime?
kiln. The next morning Mr. R. was found dead,
buried beneath bricka of the chimney which had
fallen down. Blood was found near there, how?
ever, and tracks led from the scene of murder to
(he dwelling of the murdered man's brother?
upon whom moreover blood was found. The
tracks fitted his boots and a quarrel was known to
have existed between them. The brother has been
arrested. _^
Strange.?The Pittsburg Advocate of the 16th
Wys that a letter has been received from a Mr.
Picking, who keeps a public house near Laurel
Hill, in Somerset Co., stating that on the night of
the 2d a man came there with a wagon and two
bor*es.k that he refused to have them fed or un?
harnessed and went to bed. He left long before
day leaving the horses behind him. In the wagon
trere found in a bag, bloody clothes, a cleaver, a
butcher-knife and some coffee.
?JT A fire at Utica on Thursday destroyed the
store-house of W. P. Swiff, the cabinet shop of J.
E. Space, the ware-house'of J. E. Space, and the
cabinet shop of C. L. Bauder. They were mostly
the property of the Trust Insurance Company of
this City. _
jJS* A xborttimeeirice Col. R. M. JonNso.t of Ken?
tucky, the Fx-Vi?-e President, and Col. W. R.
Johnson of Virginin, the Nnpoleon of the Turf,
attended by special invitation Walsh's Olympic
Circus in Philadelphia. The house was tiirnnged.
The editor of the Raleigh N C. Register publishes
the following interesting Johnsonian Correspond?
ence between the two gentlemen:
"Col. Riehard M. wishes Col. William R. to
state whether the remarks marie by him on tho
Camden Course "that Dick's chance for the ra?.P
was blue" had reference to his (Col. R. M.'gj
running fur the Presidential chair?"
"Col. William R. informs Col. Richard M. that
bewpver blue he may think his chance for the
race in 134.4, the remark made by him on the
Camden Course, had solely reference to his horse
"Blur Dich;' running for the $2,000 purse."
[Spirit of the Times.
KJ* On tlirt 5th instant, an affray took place, in
the French Giant, nbout fourteen miles from Ports?
mouth, Ohio, between Clinton Nurse and - Abner
Patton, in which the former was killed on the spot
by a blow of a dirk-knife. Tho jury returned a
verdict of " manslaughter." Patton was arrested,
tried, and held to bail in the sum of $800 for his
appearance at court. He procured hail, and is at
Accident.?The horse-ferry boat Bee, which
plied between Black Rock and the Canada shore,
sunk on the 15th. One hundred sheep were lost.
Bnnkrupts-IVorember 19.
jMonlecai Buzoy, (late firm M. Buiby it Co.) N. Y.
Pierre A. Eiege, late merchant, N. Y., Feb. 16.
John Kiivrll, N. Y . late of Cooperstown.
William T. Teller, Rhi?eheek, Dec- 22.
Smeori Lodevick, (lato firm Van Duser At Lodewick,)
Saturday, November 19.
Lawyer's Diary?This day, Nov. 21.?Cir?
cuit Coukt.?No.s. 73. 177, 178, 193, 211, 217. 219, 34, 121,
122,221. 222, 223, 224, 226, 227, 228, 2L'9,23 J, 232, 233,234,235,
Common Pleas.?Part 1,?Nos. 27.1.3,5, 7,11, IS, 15,17,
19.-Part 2.?Nos. 68, 2, 6, 8, 10, 12, h, 18,20,22.
U. S. District Court.?In Bankruptcy?Be?
fore Judge Bett?.
Decisions.?Honey Corte.?A Jury decided that the pe?
titioner Imd admitted on his schedule a false and fictitious
debt of $100,000, on bond and mortgage, as due to his ta
tber,(since deceased.) Motion made for a new trial. Tes
Vunwy af Mrs. Corse (step-mother of petitioner; taken be
foresCcmra^sioner, was admitted in evidence with a view
to Jbowing whether fraud existed in the transaction. The
Court decided that the question as to Mrs. Corse's dower
couldn?t enter into the investigation, as Israel Corse had a
right to manage his estate as he did.and she had received
md equivalent for her interest. The question to be deter?
mined is whether die transaction was in the nature of a
debt or a trusL New trial grnnied.
Henry Hull.?Compulsory-?The affidavit was sworn to
before a County Clerk in the interior. The Court decided
inch to be incorrect, as it must be signed before a Judge of
the State Court?. Proceedings staid.
Amoryif Leeds.?Decree of discbarge grunted.
Edward H. Ludlo-.v.?Tn be referred to a Commissioner
to report an amount of jewellery, iic. in possession of peti
tioner und family, and what portion of it they are entitled
to retain.
E. P. mid W. K Huer.?he. provisional assignee having
disposed of the stock of hardware, ic. and made return, the
subject is referred to a Commissioner to report ac to whal
would be appropriate compensation.
Superior Court.?Jeremiah Pote vs. S?rth
Rirer Ins. Co.?Action to recover for losson the burning of
s building in Spring-street, (reported a day or two since.)
Tbe Company aver dial the loss was overrated, and, coase
n?ntly that the policy is void. On Saturday the Jury came
into Court declaring that they could not agree, and werr
JoAn A. A'ewhonld vs. David Ofden and others.?Joint
action, us partners, against Ogdeu. VYaddington At Cu.ol
New-York, and Waddingten, Holt .V Co. of Liverpool, the
one drawers, and tbe others acceptors, of bills of exchange
for $2,6C0. The copartnership is denied. The Court
cbsrgcd that if the Jury did not consider, from tbe evidence,
tbata copartnership had existed between tbe two houses,
they must find for delendnms. Verdict for pUintirT of
$2.644 17.
Henry Dwifht,Jr. vs. Edward Flannaean.?To recover
to recover the amount of two memo, check?, ot' $175 and
175,payable to bearer. The defence is that the checks were
Duly given as receipts tor advances on a note ol $400 left as
collateral. It appears the note anil checks had been given
to Mr. JESSUp, by him to Mr. Morgan, who transferred them
to phintitr. The note was sued recently in the Circuit
Court and judgement obtained on it. The delendant avers
that be received hut $20u in all. The Court *han:ed that
be was liable (having given out the negoriable paper) un?
its the Jury consider lint tbe plainlifl was aware of the
transactions with Mr. Jessup. Verdict for delendant.
Court ok Sessions.?Before the Recorder and
Judge bynrh.
Case or Cot.. Webb.?-Tbe Grand Jury having indicted
Col. James Watson Webb, for leaving the city with intent
*> give or receive a challenge from Thomas F.Marshall,
"Od with having received a challenge to h>bt with said
Marshall?he appeared in Court, wn* arraigned,and alter
B'ew preliminary remarks, in which he referred to his
former plea, and exonerated the District Attorney and the
Grind Jury from censure, he pleaded guilty to the indict
-uent.and ou wmion of the District Attorney was committed
to the City Prison until some day next week, when he will
receive the sentence of the Court.
PoLtcE Oekice.?Strung Money.?A man
??med Thomas Jackson was arrested tor stealing SSO in
b?ok bills from the pocket of William Miller, of No. 5 Van
dewater-street, the properly of Mr. Stearns. He was com?
mitted to answer.
Stealing a pair or Boots?William If. Peterson was
arrested ai.d committed for stealing a pair of boot< from the
?ore Jeremiah Stllwell, 161 Walker-st.on tbe 31st ulL
Stsaiinc krom a Fire?Thomas Duffy and James
O'Brien v.ere arrested by Watchman Wright for stealing
large copper pipes from the tire at the corner of Delancy
?nd Canal ?.ts. on Friday night, for which they were com?
Stealikc. Clothinc?Wilbams Jones was arrested and
committed for stt/aling a pair of pantaloons and Guernsey
frock from William Murphcy, No. 115 Cherry-si.
Coroner's Office.?An inquest to-day at the
Ahm House in the Park, on an' unknown man about 45
years ot ajre, louiut in the water at toot of Pt ck-slii> He
was clad m a nark mixed irock coat,coar,e pentagons
brogaos and woolen>t tckms. Verdict,tonnd drown,""
Sonuat, Nov. 20.
Police Office.?-Stealing Clothinc._a
colered lad, giving h.s name ;is Joseph Smith, was com?
mitted to prison on Saturday a tteruoon for stealing two
overcoats, a dre<s coat and a pair, of boots, from the premises
?f Charles Pickers, No. SI Counland-st ,on iheSd mst. He
had been a waiter in 0;^ hou-e: when arrested one of ihe
coats wn* found on bis back, and he acknowledged the
IbHt It is a granil larceny, the orop**riv being valued
at ?41.
Coroner's Office.?Another Man found
Drowsed ?Las; ?veninif the Coroner ulso held an iuquest
in tbe Alms Houre, In the Park, oa the body of armthe
man found Boating in :he East River, at the loot of Dover
street, by one ot tin- Pilots He was dressed in tbe garb ot*
a sailor, and bncl been in the w.iter some day?. Hi, body
was not recognised. Verdict, fbtnd drowned.
Stock .uxcfaaage, rVor. 10.
20 Del .'-Hud
10 do.87
25 Bk of America.764
30 Bkof Com.scrip 90
75 Mohawk R..33$
15 Aab. Roch R.95
21 Stoniajrtoa R.164
180 Long Island RR.47$
50 Hartem.14*
100 do.3rns 11
50 do.334 100 do.cash 14J
75 do.33i $6,000 lUinouj 6?, 1170.... 17J
25 Bost. ic Prov R.85i}$3,?J00 N. Y. Ciry e*s, 'CO. 92
second board.
50 Mohawk.b60 3T>
I'omiuercial and -3 oner mattera.
Saturday P. M.
The sale 3 nt the Board to-day were lo moderate extent
and generally at some decline on previous rates. Delaware
declined 1; Bank of Commerce j; Long Island J; Harlem i;
Mohawk ii. The sale ef Stale stocks were not large hut at
previous prices.
The following gunlb men have been elected Directors of
the New-York and Erie Railroad Company. Tbey were
elected, we understand, by about 7000 to 2000 votes
Samuf i Barret, Chaalauque Co ; Benjamin Chamberlain.
CHttaraugu? Co.: J??<w>e ;Anee|, Alleehany Co; Reuben
Robie. Str?hen Co : William Maxwell, Cbemune- Ca ; Jona?
than Piati. Tiopa Co.; Thos. O. Wnterman, Broome Co.;
John B. Booth, Orange Co.; Thomas E. Blanch, Roekland
Co.: George Grsswold. Saul Alley, Charles A. Davis, Sbep
erd Knapp, Ft^nuun Campbell, Henry L. Pierson, James
Bowen, New-York.
The American says: We coneratulaie the Stockholder1;
of the Company and the friends of the road that the last
named gentleman, who ha* been for nearly two years the
President of the Company, has been re-elected a Director.
An effort was made to have him left jut of the Direction ;
but bis friends vindicated his ability, efficiency, and devo?
tion 10 the interests of the Company, and he received 1*955
votes out of thv whole number ?iven,'which was 9771.
The Stockholders have confided the affairs of the Com?
pany to competent hands. Every county through which
ihe road passes has a representative in the Board, and
majority of the Board reside out of the city of New-York.
A just regard for those more immediately affected for good
?r evil l>y Uie proceeding of Ike Company or its office;
lias been manifested, whil? ihe interests of ihe Stockbold.
will b( guarded with the same vigilance and justice,"with
the same assiduity and regard to economy, which have hern
i'ianiresied by the various Boards that have hitherto had
charge of the road.
Receipts of the Western Railroad lor the week endini
November 12, were as follows: Passengers $4046 : Freight,
Mail, .V".. $9431?loud $13,477.
During the year ending oh ihe first of October, the out?
standing debt due the Virginia Valley Bank has been re?
duced $262,200 : and in the same period i'.s circulation his
been reduced $192,374. The specie in its vaults is, within:
small fraction, the same as in October, 1841.
A Philadelphia paper of Friday says: An arrangeme.i
has been definitively concluded lo-day between ihe Messrs.
Morrison ol London nr.d the President of the New-Orleans
G.is Banking Company, which is said to be favorable to the
future prospects of tbe Company, while it secures to the
Loudoii house u prompt payment of the amount agreed
We were Informed, says the Saint Louis Republican ol
Thursday, that a writ from the United Stales District Court
lor Ihe district of Illinois, for $235,000, at the suit of Mr. John
C. Stickney of New-York, for the use ol the Bank of Mis*
?.ouri and Eastern creditors, was served on Friday last, upon
ih" officers of the bank.
BcFFALO.Thursday, Nov. 17. Flour continues in good
demand at $3 31 a 3 38, and scarcely any in market. Wheat,
none in market j a considerable demand to-day, at 65 a 6P
cents. Of the immense amount of wheat received during
Ihe past week, not a single boat load now remains unsold ,
that which has not been sold, having been consigned through
and shipped. Pork, mess, but little in market, and in de?
mand ;d $7 .50 a 8 00.
JTIarketh?Carefully reported for The Tribun,;
Saturday, Nov. 20.
ASHES?There is not much doing today. Haiders of
Pots are endeavoring to put lliem up to $5 37*. but we beard
of no (.ales nt that rate. A few bbls. were sold at $5 34, bui
the market is loo unsettled to make a quotation. In Pearls
we hear of about 50 bbls. at $5 87J. Tho bills out were 175
bbls, the receipts in the neighborhood of 100 bbls. The mar.
ketis heavy; especially for second and third soi ls. A^hes
received from the opening of ihe Canals to the luih of No?
vember, inclusive, 42,109 bbls. Stork on band November
l9lli-lstsort Pol Ashes, 1,632 bbls; 2d do do 340 do; 3d do
do 329 do; Condemned do 145 do?Total 2,994 bbls. Isisnrt
Pear! Ashes,980 bbls; 2d do do 285do; 3d do do 65 do'
condemned do 22 do; total 1,352 brls. Ashes shipped from
the 12th to 19th Nov. inclusive?Pots, 418 brls.; Pearls, 6 do:
total, 424.
COTTON?We can perceive no marked effect from the
news by the Acadia. Prices are about the same and ra?i*r
in favor of the buyer. The sales to day do not exceed 500
bales at previous rales part only for export. We quote Up?
land lair ai 7- a -?; N. Orleans arid Alabama fair, ?J a sj.
There is a disposition to realize among holders, and veiy
little has been going lorward Irom firsthand* within a week
or two.
FLOUR?The quantity arriving is very light and tbe'
tow, we understand, was, on account of the gale unab.e to
make a landing tiiort of Corldcrs' Hook. In consequence
of the light quantity offering most receivers are endeavoring
to obtain $4,374 for Genesee, and small sales have been
made at turn rate. Buyers, however, generally refuse to
pay over $1,311, preferring to wait until next week. Tbe
demand is not very large. We quote ("enesee $4,32? a
-j.4; Ohio and Michigan $4,25 11 $4 3lt; Troy $4,314,
without sales. A sale of 500 brls. Ohio, raim-r better than
Common, wits made at $4,37L W? hear of nothing doinjj
id New-Orleans; the last sale was at $4,25. lu Southern
there is Uu liule doing. About 4??' brls Georgetown sold
at $4,">0. Brandy wine is selling in small lots at $1,624 a
$4,75. Richmond City $5,~*5. Richmond Country, Alexan?
dria atid Pdlsburg $4,31] a $,37j, all nominal. N. Y. Mills
last sale $4,25 u $i"7'. None new in market at these rales.
Sales " Falls Mills'' at a decline are $4,50. Rye Flour is in
firm demand a.id the receipts are taken on landing at $3,00
a$3,12&. Jersey is scarce und commands $3,25. We notice
sales 01 100 hhdsBuckwheat meal on private terms; brls.
are $2,';74 a $3,00, hhds. $13,25 a $13,75, cash and 4 months,
Jersey is dull a $2,62". a $2,75.
GRAIN?-There is not uow a very good selecionjof Wheat
in the market, aud we hear of no sules. A good nrticle i.s
worth 83c. a 90c. but not very brisk. Corn is accumulating
in the market and the demand is limited. Noilhern is dull
at 43c. a 45c. for new and 52c. weight and 55c measure for
old, with sales of some 3-*imi bush. Sales 1200 old Jersey
Yellow at 54c. weight, and 1000 do. at 55c. measure; 50? do
white at53 a 59c,and 2000 new Pennsylvania at 47c The
market is we believe baru of Barley excepting one lot ol
w hich there is only a sample here. The supplies an* sup
posed to be nearly all in. Rye continues in active demand
at high rates, and we notice sales of .VHX) bushels part to ar?
rive at 7i>c. delivered. Oats are noi very abundant and
the supply of Canal is beginning to fall Off as some of Ihr
boats have made their last trips. We quote 27 a 29c. South?
ern 2lc^ The market is entirely bare of Shorts and Ship
?"tuffs except in store. We quote nominal Gr. a 7c. and 10c.
alle. A shipment of60C0 bushels Canal Oats made "to
Havre, sold at 16.75 per hectolitre of 23 bashed*.
TALLOW?We notice sales of20.000 lb*. Northern at 8c.
Some inferior parcels are offered at 7'c. There is a fair de
mand for good at Sc..
WHISKEY?The price is still unsealed, but a sale ol 50
bbls State Prison was made at 22c.
HOPS?We notice sales of 170 bales prime Eastern and
Western, growth ol 1812, yesterday, for export, at II a 114
cents; and previously, about 50 bales for consumption, at
the same rates.
Exports from Jan 1 to Nov. 16.3139 bales.
Same lime last year. 354 "
WOOL?There has been a little m.*re inquiry for some
descriptions of South American, and some salesjhave been
made, bnt on private terms. There were taken at tbe auc?
tion sale on the I5di instant, 22 bales black Smyrna, in Iht
f-rease, nt SJ a 9 cents; 9do gray coar.e, 8c. j and 5 do white
do 9c - C mos.
COPPER?We uotice sales of 14.000 lbs. Old Sheathing
fur export at 15? cents cash; and 14,000 lbs. Missouri Pitr
tor home use at 16-6 mos. New Sbeatbing may now be
quoted 22a 2?J cents. G mos., which is a triile lower.
FISH?Tbe market is inactive/the trade beiog considered
nearly nver for the season Dry Cod arc dull at $1.9-1; 3000
quintals remain afloat unsold. 500bbls. Mackerel have been
sold at $3 25 a $8,374 for No. 1, $3,25 a $?1,374 tor No. 2. and
$4 a $ 1,12} for No, 3, the former price lor 200 bbls. South
Other sorts no variation or sides.
OILS?A lot of 500 bbls Whale, just received, has been
taken for home use on terms not transpired; and 4uJ bbls.
Crude Sperm at 63c time and interest. Linseed is still dull,
being taten only In lots as wasted tor immediate use at 36c
a 83c. for American, and 38c. a 90c. cash, for English. A
few rasks Olive have been sold at 80 cents, and Gallipoii a
S7Jc.; 100 hsks. Marseilles, at $3,25,4 mos.; and 100 cases
Florence', on terms not made public. We reduce our quo?
tations of Winter Sperm to 70ca75c, and Fall to 65c. a 70c
No arrivals of Fish Oil*.
Sasos's Sarsaparilla.?Loss of appetite, Indigestion.
Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Gastritis or Inflammation of the Sto?
mach, all priced Irom the same cause, being an unhealthy
secretion of gastric iuire and bile. The salivary glands no
longer <end forth a'beallhy now, and the liver issues acrid
bile" Then follows acidity of the stomach, eructation 01
wind, distress aller eating, oppr??s?ion at the precordia,
headai be and nausea, n emuloui sensations, and a vaneiv ot
other peculiar feelings known only to tbe sufferer. l-or
these and kindred diseases n uew remedy has dawned upon
tie world, havine for i.sobjtct the rehel of sufferinghu?
manity. Sands's Sarsapariila, au ?olirely vegetable com?
position, is in iu operations peculiar, entering into tbe cir?
culation, thus comtog in contact with the germ or cause ol
disease and dbpJacing unhealthy secretions by extending
is Influence 10 every part of ihe bodv aud causing a general
reac ion, when health succeeds debilitv aud disease. For
cert.Scales of cures, see advertisements iu this and other
daily papers.
Prepared and sold at wholesale aud retail, and for export
atioa. by A. B. Sands it Co. No. 273 Broadway, (Granite
Buildings.) comer of Cbambers-streel, New-York. Also sold
Iv A\ B.- Drup?-i?is, No. 79 aud 100 Fulton-si.;
David .sands k Co. No. 77 East Broadway. Price $1 per
Dottle, six bonle? for $5.
IT Read the following Remarkable Cure peribrmed by
Bristol's Sarsapajulxa :
Ntw-Yoix, Oct. 29, 1342.
Ja r' ~1 ^Tjsftt-Snr: The motive that prompts me to
address these lines to yon, ans? from a conticuon para?
mount to that of mere praise of your valuable Sarsaparlila,
for if that was my desire I should fail in the attempt, for I
feel as though it would require a more powerful pen than
mine to do justice to the high claims of ?0 valuable a medi?
cine as Bristol's Sarsapariila.
It is the obligation I owe as one of the vast lamily of mac
t? those, like myself, whose misfortune it has been to
be afflicted as I have been for several years past, that indu?
ces me, without solicitation, to make known to ibe world
what has been an effectual remedy when and where iLe
bo dp of a cure was almost extinct.
I had been informed that you were to visit this city this
fall, when I expected to have the pleasure of stating to you
what your Sar.*aparilla has done lor me, but in this I was
disappointed, you having left the city before I knew it; I
have therefore taken this method to iniorm you, and through
you, all who may desire to know what my afflictions were
and also what ha? proved an antidote to the same.
I was attacked with Scrofula in a very alaming form
about five years since, which spread rapidly tbronghoctmv
head, face and throat, internal and external; th?re were
several holes in the roof of my month and about the palate,
which was nearly destroyed?my speech and hearing so
much affected as to leave but little hop* that those
senses would ever return to rae again as they now are. One
of my ears was partly destroyed, my nose and the greater
part of my face to all human appearance must meet the
same fate.
My nerves w*re dreadfully affected so as to deprive me
of rest or sleep that was any thing like natural, hut as one
frenzied I passed my sleepir?s nights and wearisome days.
My lower extremities were deathly cold and inanimate.?
My leet were greatly extended in srze from w hat was called
Dropsy, and in addition to this, for many venrs I was af?
flicted with Piles in their mo?t severe and distressing k?rm.
wbicb is now removed, together with most of my great af?
flictions, through the use of your Sarsaparflla alone, alter
having ibe best medical treatment the city afforded.
I am now nearly well?my face has been saved, my mouth
and throat healed, my speech and bearing restored, mv
sight improved, which was very doubtful, my sleep become
natural and my appetite good; in a word. I ji;i a different
person in feeling anil app. arance, ?nd there remains not a
doubt but that Bristol'. Sarsapariila will effectually accom?
plish a thorough and lasting cure of all my afflictions.
I am at a loss for language and terms stromr enough to
speak of your Snrsap^rilla as it deserves. It has been to
?lie ev#-ry tliinjj?10 il I owe uie preservation ot my life un?
der the direction of n wise providence, and were 1 capabii
I would proclaim to all ibe world what Bristol's Sarsapa?
riila has done for me. It will afford me p|en?ure at any
time to inform any person who may desire to know any
thing I know of Bristol Sarsaparilla.
Ybnrs respectfully, OPHELIA GORDON.
No. 10 Orange>treeL
N. B. I called at the office of the Sun paper this after,
noon and requested tin-publication of the above letter !i>r
one week, and was refused by the person in charge of tie
office, who stated that the letter could not he published in
the Sun, r.s others bad the preference in such advertise?
ments, j enquired the cause of so strange treatment, I bat
ing been a subscriber for the Sun frem the first number to
the present time ; believing, as I did, that I was entitled to
the same privilege with others in gi.ing publicity to that
which 1 considered to be my duty tri the community, a* well
as of great importance to thu afflicted, that they might
know what to apply as a safe and sure remedy. But 1 was
told that my letter could not go in the Sn.i at any rate. I
was also told that il I would wait three months they might
put it in the Sun for me. I tin n left the office.
caution.?As the fame of this wonderlul mi diciue ex?
tends, nuinerHUs preparations are springing up to reap a
part of its reputation. The affliried, therefore, should be
careful, if they wish the true article, lo a>k lor Bristol's,
and see that the written signature of c. C. Bristol is across
the cork of the bottle.
For sale by reputable Druggists and Ageuts throughout
the country.
William "Burger, wholesale agent, 50 Courtlandt-street
and 188 Greenwich'Street,and at retail nt the following
places: Million's Pharmacy. 183 Broadway; Rush ton i. As
pinwall, 1K? Broadway, Si; William street and 10 A-?tor
House ; James Svme, M. D., 63 Bowery ; Robert Leggeit,
M. D.,17 A venae. D ; B. Quackenbush, 7t?9 Greenwich-st.:
A. Hill, 2<i8 Greenwich street; J. G. Reed. 14.*! Fulton
sirevt, Brooklyn ; J. it J. Coddiiigion. corner of Spring and
Hudson-streets; D. H. Burnett. Third Avenue, corner ot
Eighth-Street: PhilipMerkle,383 Grand-street; Daniel B.
Tocker,360 Grand-street; Dickinson S; Goodwin, Hartford,
0*The Popular Remeov lorall those tormsof disease
which, when neglected, end in Consumption,such ascougb
from any cause, sore throat, hoarseness, and the like?? i,*
Hygeine Horehound Candy?is the mobl popular and suc?
cessful remedy, and is noiseles-.ly supplanting all the other
pretended compounds vaunted so impudentIv by rictitiour^
and manufactured certificate makers. Sold wholesale and
retail at 432 Broadway.
War! War! War! - Wtae Wigmakers have declared hos
lihiies against our neighbor, Dr. Jayne, on account oi ins
Hair Tonic, which is knocking all their business into a
"cocked hat." Ladies and gentlemen, old and young, are
nocking to the Doctor's standard. Heads long divested n<
even the first rudiments of hair, after u-ing his Hair Tonic,
soon appear with new and flowing locks, which Absolam
himself might have envied. Beardless boys are seen with
large and bushy whiskers, and ladies smile again through
their own raven ringlets more beautiml and: bewitching
lhan ever. Bald beads are doffim; their wie? and throwing
them to the "moles and hats," while the wigmakers stand
aghast as they behold the demolition el thoir business.
What will be the consequence of this war we know not,
as the wiggies are outrageous, and the Doctor remains
firm, and dec lares that " Mime things can be done as well
as others," arid that bald heads may as well wear their own
hair as the hair of other people. | Weekly Messenger.
Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne, No. 2n South-Third su,
Philadelphia. Sold in New-York ??y A. B. Si D. Sands, 7P
and 100 Fulton-sL; bv A. B. Sands k Co., 278 Broadway,
corner Chambers-si; and by D. Sandsii Co.,77 East Broad?
way, corner of Market-st Price $1.
**M? ?
D" There is one subject upon which all will agree, which
is tins, that health to a man is of more importance than any
other temporal benefit. Dr. Covert's Bahn of Lite is a cure
tor coughs, colds, consumption, hronchistis, dyspepsia, i
asthma,"croop, whooping coujfh. Sie. This medicine will I
cure ihr above named diseases, and therefore may be con?
sidered to be the most important temporal blessing that can
be conierred on man. It actually restores lo>.i health and
makes the sick patient to sing for joy. Tins medicine so
valuable may be had at Dr. Covert's office for the sale o!
Covett's Balm of Life, Fleming'* Medicated Worm.
Diarrhoea, Dinner and Cathartic Candies, Humphrey's Pile
Ointment, PhelpV Tomato Pills, Sir Astley Coopet'? Com
Salve, is 135Nassau street, N. V.
XT Never belor? did Ihr Amei ic-.u Museum put forth
such a galarv of rich, powerful and talented attractions a*
this week. This popular establishment is extensively pa?
tronised by the respectable and fashionable portion ol the
community. _
0*The New Fork Museum will be full lo excess to-night;
such powerful attractions have never before been presented
at any Museum in Amen.-a Nine performers appear,con
sistir.frof?the Hughes Family, the celebrated harp-players.
Mis* Clements, the danseuse, Diamond. Jenkins. Rosalie,
Miss Blancbard, aad BoAee. The whole, inclu ing Muse?
um curiosities, picture gallery and performances, tri he seen
for one shillieg.
ECTOfllfc of the iVt m -Vork and Erie Rail
rontl Com puny. New-York, November IS. 1842. At
die annual election lor Directors of the New-York and Erie
Railroad Company, held on Friday, the 18th November, in
Stant, the following named persons were elected Directors
of said Company tor the ensuing year:?
Samuel Barrett. Chautauque County.
Beii.i. Chamberlain; Cattarau^us County.
Jesse Angel, Allegany "
Reuben Robie, Steoben "
Jonathan Plan. Tioga '?
Thos. G. Waterman, Broome "
John B. Booth, Orange "
Thomas E. Blanch, Rockland "
William Maxwell. Chemung "
George Griswold, New-York,
Freeman Campbell, "
Heurv L. Pierson, "
Saul Alley, ,;
Chas. Augustus Davis, "
Shepherd Knapp, "
Stephen Allen. "
James Bowen, "
n21 St WILLIAM M. GOULD, Secretary
IT Foil Style of Gentlemen'*) Hai?.-BIRD
corner of Pine and Nasiau-streels, has now ready for in?
spection and sale the Fall Standard Pattern for Gentle?
men's Hals. _ 06 FSMitW*
O" Spencer announces to gentlemen that his arrange?
ments are now completed for supplying according to pre?
vious intimation, a fine Fur Hat at a price (S3 5*51
which shall render it emphatically Ibe cheapest a-, well as
lowest priced Gentlemen's Fur Hat ever on "-ale in this
city. !i is prepared in the same style which characterizes
our rinesl article, and like lhat article is offered at a pr.ee at
which il cannot be continued without an unusually rapid
sale. The undersigned with all confidence affirms it to be
lor the gentleman ami economist the most desirable Fur
Hal jet offered. (o20tf) SPENCER, J4-r. B roa.I way.
TT Orlando Pisdh, Fashionable Hatter, 137 BroaJ
way, would inform the gentlemen of New-York that hts
Fall and Winter style of Hats is new ready for their inspec?
tion and critical judgement. Claiming the distinction Ol
having been the f.rst to project and abide by a strictly
American style ot Hats, instead oi servilely copying the
Fashions of Europe, which are often unsuiled lo our di
uiute and manners .be rejoices to perceive that others have
seen tit to follow his lead, and that now the following of
European Fashions in Hats is almost entirely abandoned by
the leading manufacturer;.
He offers a Winter style of Gentlemen's Nutria Hats ji
$3 50. and warrants them equal in material, finish, fashien
and durability to any Hat sold as low as $-1 In the city.
Bui he wishes it distinctly understood that his tetr Hats are
not sold at this price, but at ?4 50. These he recommends
as equal to any hat sold in New-York at $5 or under, and
challenges for them a comparison with any other.
csenlfemeu visiting our city are respectfully invited to
call and examine k:> new -tock of Winter hats aad judge c:
their quality. He is coi.ri 'cnt that, whether th? cLeaj '.f or
the best Hat is desired, lhp inquirer wlii here be satisfied.
Try him. (sStttf) O. PISH, 137 Broadway.
TT O. Fi?Ii, Kn?ltionub!r flat E?tftb)!?<h'
merit, No. 1:J7 Broadway, im.>rrr:s the public
that he continues to manufacture Hats of a description, in
quality, ligfctnr-s and fineness of texture, for $4 .-s), fnBj
equal to all, and superior to mr.st, for which $S are paid.
His newest style is particularly becoming and unique, an
improvement to be found In KaLs of his manufacture only.
Il cons.sts ?i a graceful carve and set of the brim, than
which nothing more beautifni or expresrire has been hith?
erto seeu, and which none can fail to admire. This fa?t'.on
is the result not of mere experiment, but of elaborate study
in ibe certain rules for adapting an to nature, in wbicb the
Subscriber bas always been most successful. On this point
be hesitates not to assert, that in style and in retaining the
setof the Hat. (that most desirable quality,) bis Establish
mrnt stands unrivalled. His Hats at 50 are a really
beautiful article; they are hot little inferior to the other j
in material, while they are equal in style, workmanship and 1
durability. Remember, 137 Broadway. nlO ThSTuTS
Pasaengers Sailed
In packet ihip North America, ibr Liverpool?Caota in
Richard Adaras of New-York: Dr. RichaxdJoaes, i \
Hunter Blair, Thomas Pool. Jane? Hlsaock, Johu? teV?:
son. A Scbelup, of Canada; James Richards, Montreal - a
* Slater. Yorbbire: Miss E. Rait, Scotland -, Gilbert D
Canada- Glasgow; Jans? Henderson. Brazil.
-^f^" 1 the Know irvi.L 'Ei
R;se-_ MS Sets 4 48 [Rises. 6 44] Morn 1 Stllfor. 9 57
Latest Dales.
~csdc.?<.Nev. S j ha*as.Nov. 1
LivEarooL.IVov. 4li?EW-ORLF.ANa.Nov.
Ships Hendrick Hudson. Stark, London. John Griswohi
HuntsviJle, Momford. N Orleans, E K Collins k Co; Saml
Hicks. Bunker, do. Hicks t Co: Emblsm, TalboL Apa
lachicola. E D Hurlbut it Co; Ansoa. Barkman. Charles?
ton. George .Sutten.
Barks Eugenia. Blscoe, Vera Cruz, Harsrnus Brothers k
Co : Adeline k Eliza, Hopkins. Havana. S W Dewev.
Br^ \ai.rfi"l'!- Smith. Port an Prince. Skelding It Fer?
ns: Blenheim (Br), Walsh. Placinta. N F. Duuscomb 4.
Beck with : Condor (Br,. Hemmood, Varmouib. N S, J II
Braine; \ eoman. Webster. Apalachicola, Posti. Phillips.
>rhrs Pacific. Smith. Kindlon. Jamaica. J Peters ii Co ;
J H Kimpion. Osborn. Norrotk. Sturges i. Clearraan -
Hudson. Cooley, Baliiruon*. do do : Heroine, dates, do,
Johnson St linden; A L Ackf-rman. Hiff, Havana. J Bi
J Chappell; Joaas Smith, Mills. Wilmington. N C; Pre?
mium. Jarvis. do. A B Cooler &. Co: A B Cooley, Camp.
Philadelphia, A B Coolly it Co; A Lawrence. Faulkland
Boston: Homer. Kent, do: Fancy. Chase, do.
Ship Vicjisbunr, Perry, 12 days irom N Orleans, with cot?
ton to vs Nelsoh.
Ship Emily. Crane, H davs from St Croix. Wtr?t End .
ballast, to C Morgan.
Bark Roman, Hooner. (of Boston.) from Hamburg, via
North Shields, Oci 7. with coal, i.e. to O P Mills
fLtrk Oberlin, knapp, from Shields Oct5, with coal to G
B Morewood At Co.
Brie Warsaw, Koopmao, 14 davs irom Matanzas, surar,
Ip M.i<e? Taylor.
Brig/Heorv Leej cni?vn,?i,!ar< from St. Joan, Spanish
Main, with Hides, fee, t& H k D CoibeaL
BrigCrnsoe, Vau Duzer, Irom Jacksonville, B P, with
hides to K M Atwater.
Brig Sullivan, Brown, 4 davs from Cbarleslown, with cot?
ton to G Bulkiey.
Brig Juno, Lewis, 8 days from Georgetown, S C, with
cotton to A Averill it Co.
Brig Glide. Pray. 4 days from Havre de Grace, with 200
tons coal to Caswelllt Eaton.
Sehr Charles E Thome, Smith, II days from Wilming?
ton, N C, with naval -tores to John Ogden.
Sehr Charlotte, Fuller. 20 days from St Jago de Cuba,
wild Coffee to B Ay mar i Co.
Brschr Amaranth. Co;Mn. 20 ?lays from Montego Bay,
Jam. ruth pimento to G A. J Laurie.
Below?1 ship and 1 brig.
Ship Adirondack, from Liverpool, encountered a severe
gnle from N E on the 3th inst ort" Benr.uda?stove bulwarks
and sustained o her daaiage.
The pilot boat Virginia, while lying at anchor outside the
Hook on the night ol lb.- ISth inst", was run into by the brig
Hpnry Leu carrying aw*y the fore shrouds, plank shear, ice.
Brig Moon, at Charleston, report*?Sa turday, 12th, at 4
P M, saw a large brig on shore about 10 miles south oi
Oc.racock, head to ti e north ; had all sails furled except
loresail, which was dying ; had a white top bouse ami white
streak round?no painted ports.
Do yon burn Oil ?
O" The subscriber bai been appointed Agent for the sale
ot Oii for an extensive Oil Cotupsny at Nantucket, and is
prepared to supply consumers at his store or from his wag?
ons, daily or otherwise, al less than the usual market prices
by the cask.
Spenn Candies, superior quality, at 23 cents per lb. by
the box.
N. B.?Families who purchase 5 gallons will be charged
the wholesale price.
Manufacturers, owners of steamboats, and any large con
sumcrsof <>i| will be dealt with on very liberal terms.
Oil delivered in any part of the city freeol expense.
nl*. Im J AMES M. ALF.STER, ItSO Division-st.
TT A Yonng "tlnrried ."tlnn wants employment
in the City as an outdoor Clerk, Salesman, iu a Forward?
ing House, or something of the kind. He has had experi?
ence in buying Goods at auction,and in business generally.
His expectations of salary are very moderate until lie can
prove himself worth pay ing. He refers to the Editor of
The Tribune. Address B. R^at this office. (2) nMtf
!LT A Front Parlor to aLet, with Board, on the
first rloor, suitable for a Gentleman and Lady or two Gen?
tlemen. Also, several apartments for Single Gendemen.
Location w ithin one minute's walk of the Post Office or the
Park. Apply at No. 13 City Hall Place. n4 tf
O* Thiu one Fact should be known by every bodv
that BERT IN E k V AND ER HOOF, No. 50 Wall street,
purchase all kinds of Uncurrent Bank Notes. Checks, Cer?
tificates of Deposite, lie. Jic. upon more favorable terms
lhan any other Brokers in Wall street.
Those persons having such funds to depose of Will find it
their interest to give them a call
Collections are also made in nearly every city iu the Uni?
ted Slates.
Drafts lor sn|e, (in sums to suit purchases,) on Boston,
Prifvider.ee, Albany, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Richmond, Charleston, Cincinnati, kc. kc.
n!9 3t* _ NO. 50 WALL STREET.
? " mrnlili, Quiet it net Comfort.?The Ora
am House, CS Barclay sL New-York, yroffers advantages
o Strangers stopping a few days or weeks in the city, such
as are rarely offered. It is eligibly loented on a clean and
airy street, very near the business part of the city, and in
the immediaie vicinity of the principal steamboat landings.
Its apartments ire convenient and neat, while its table is
supplied with the best Vegetables ami Fruits thai can be
pit* ired, excluding.entirely Animal Food and Stimulants
<>i ?II kinds. Charres moderaii?($1 lo$I 25 per day lor
transient) - and every eflort made to render Boarders com
fortable. .shower Baths free.Remeuiber C3 Barclay-sl.
Mitchell T. A. Wociocy.?To-night there is to be
superior speaking at563 Broadway, in the Mitchell T. A
Society, by Messrs Parker of Boston, Hogin of Brooklyn
Patterson of ibis city and others, and also vocal Music of a
*ery attractive kind. Admission free, and the public is re?
spectfully invited to attend. HENRY A. FAY, President.
W. G. Phillips,Sec'y. it*
L.' Temperance.?The Phoenix Temperance Bene
volent Association will hold their next regular meeting This
Evening at 7 o'clock, at Concert Hall. Good speaking and
singing may be expected. The public are invited to at?
tend. A business meeting will be held after the ndjourn
menl ot ihejabove m*?eting, and il is expected every member
will be presenL E. I. SNOW, President.
Gro. W. B. CesHiNfl, Sec'ry. n2l UA
IT Lecture-*? Before the GENERAL SOCIETY OF
Room in Crosby-streeL ?Rev. H W. Bellows will deliver
tbe introductory on Tuesday Evening, the 22d inst. at 7}
o'c ">'l; Subieci?The capacity of indefinite education, the
distinguishing attribute of man. ?21 2t
On the t'th instant, by the very Rev. John Power, Mr.
Wnliam McKenna to Miss Mary E.OWleara. allot"thiscity.
Saiu day morning. 19th instant, Charlotte J., wife ol John
N. Sayre, and daughter of the late Michael Emanucl, in
the :i-t ye'ir of her age.
The friends and acquaintances of the family and of her
late lather, are renpecllully invited to attend her funeral
fron; St. (",-orge's Church. Beekra in-street, Monday after?
noon, 21st instant, at 3 o'clock.
Suddenly, on Saturday afternoon, 19th instant, Dorothy
F. Abbot, wiie of Daniel Abbot, Jr., in the 34tb year ol" her
The friends of the family are requited to attend her fu?
neral this (Monday) atternoon at 2J oVlock, from her late
residence. No. 15 Elm streeL
tin Tuesday, 15tb instant, ol consumption, at the resi?
dence of bis father, in Ridgebnry, Conn., Mr. Daniel C.
Boughton, in the Sflth year of his age. late of this city.
<- i the 18th instant, of erysipeias, Mary Ann, wife of Da?
vid Ston'.enburi:h, agpd 20.
WILSON (I. HUNT & CO. have now
on batnl a large assortmentof the above Goods,
consisting < f the most ile<irable styles, for sale in quantities
to suit purchasers, at 40-1 Pearl-Street, corner of Chatbam
5;reeL "I 1"! 1st. ad*
_ PARKER t Co. are continually receiving from their
Manufactory fresh supplies of the Elegant Mollskin
Dress Hat. in imitation of the French, which they are
-"Hing at the above astonishing low j-rice. P. it Co. by a
system oi business peculiar to themselves are enabled to
offer the community Hals of fine matei ial-, superior work?
manship and ot a perfectly fashionable 7ha;.-.ctcr at prices
tar below what has ever been attempted by any other
house in America engaged in the said of Gentlemen's
Hats. Saies Room corner Centre st and City Hall Place.
o2l Iwis*
speafully inferjas tlie citiieas of New-Vors., that he will
open a Writing Academy next Monday, 21st inst., at 251
BROADWAY ,opp.site the City Hall, entrance as the door
of the New-York Museum. Terms, for the course of in
Umc?on, FIVE DOLLARS, including Stationery. Gentle?
men will meet darin&r die day aod evening at such hours as
will best sail their convenierce. Lidies classes will meet
daily from 11 to 1 o'clock- n2L lwis*
\7^7iTffNGTArunT FOR $l. Mr.
\ V Dolbear will gf*? 12 lessons for $!, to ladies who
iak?? ticket this week. A beautiful hand is tauehL Call
, specimen*! Rooms in Sr. Luke's School Building.
374 Hudson, corner of Grove-sireet. Open irora 4. to 5, and
from 6j tft 7*. P. M.
Gentlemen's class for Penra38ship. Book-keeping,kc.,
front Pi to 9 in the cvning. Entrance in Grove-streeL
n21 1C_\_
"jVTOTICE.?Application will be made at
tb" r.fxl session ot ??e Legislature of the Stale of
New-York for an Act to continue ;n force tbe Act to incor
jKsrale the Ancient Britons' Benef.t Society ol the City of
New-York- Passed Fcbruarv 27,1307, and renewed March
22, 1822. for 21 years. New-Vark. Nov. 1*, 1342.n21 lawvw
15 00.
ing, Broadway, opposite St- Paul's Cbnrch?Beat
attractions in New-York. Positively the last week oj* the
wonderful and real MERMAID. Mr. W INC HELL, de?
cidedly the a>c*tt comic imitator in America; the LILLI?
PUTIAN FAMILY, consisting of ten wonderful perform?
ers; Mr. OCONNELL, the tatlooed man, wbo wilier** &
history* ot h:s ad rentals while eleven years a pr:*oaer
among barbarous savages; Miss HOOD, the popular vocal?
ist: LA PETITE CELESTE, the chanmmr danseuse;
NIAGARA FALLS,with real water; tbe MARINE TEL?
ESCOPE, lllnminanng a nody of water; the ALBINO
LADY, Fancv Glass Blowing", Grand Cosmoraraa, and
500,000 curiosities.
Performances Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, at
Sc/dock, and every evening at half past 7 o'clock. Day
*:nters admitted free m the evening. Admisswo to the
?vhole, 25 cents; children bait*price.
TURE GALLERY, Broadway, apposite the City
HalL?Mr. H. Bennett, Manager, begs leave to state that in
accordance with his announcement ot last week be has
manufactured a FUDGE MERMAID! which he willingly
leaves to the pubiic to pronounce whether it is not i?n
nitely superior to the one now exhibiting. The HUGHES
FAMILY, the wonderral Welch Harpists, are eroded;
LIE. Fancy and Miniature Glass-Blow'tpg by Mr. Owens.
Day performance on Wednesday and Saiuniav atSo*cl'k.
Evening entertainments commence at 7* o clock. Admis?
sion to Museum. Picture Gallery, Perfonliers.fcc 1 shilliug.
the Tradesman's Fire Engine Co. No. S7 will be
hel>i at the Apollo Saloo.:. 410 Broailwav, on Friday Eve.
wing Nov. 25, 1842. Wallace's celebrated Cotilti*?n Band is
engaged for the occasion. The floor will be under the
management of Mr. Isaac Devoe, assisted by a Committee,
who will exert themselves to render this one of the most
agreeable Balk of the season.
Tickets to be had of either of tke Commi'.tee or at the
Apollo Saloon. Tickets ?1 00. Dancisg to commence at 8
o'clock precisely. J. H. HOFFMAN.
R. H. Cheesman, Sec'y. n!9
CONCERT, on Monday Evening. November 21st.
Mr. MAX BOHRER respectfully informs his iriendsand
the public thai he will give his Second Concert on tue armve
date, at the Apollo, assisted by several of the first artists.?
Tickets $1 each, to L.- had ai the principal Music Stores
ami al the door. Concert to i-omranier at 3 o'clock, n 19 i
WANTED?A place by a Protestant
girl as cook or housemaid. She has excellent re?
ferences. ' Apply at 143 Slh Avenue. n2l It*
WAN TED?A situatiou by a girl for
housework. Ate. who lived 3 years in a former place.
Apply at 24 Chrisiopber-st. n21 U
\A7 ANTED?A place tiy a giri for gen
T T eral housework, wuolivod'? years in her last place
Apply at 203 Rlizabetb-si._n2l If
WANTED?A partner with small cap?
ital in a gvuteel and profitable business, well estab
lished. Apply at 6U Coar?aud st. ?21 It*
WANTED?By~a~reapectable Protest?
ant Young Woman, a situation to Cook, Wash ami
Iron; or as Chambermaid and Nurse. Satisfactory city ref?
erences will he given tor capability, industry, honesty, kc.
Inquire at 636 Broadway._n2l It*
W"?OTED -^?ai Chambermaid and
Nurse, or Waiter, by a nice girl, who can give
good city reference. Apply at No.S5 Little Jones st, in the
rear._n2l ll*
ULE SPiNNERS?Two good"Mule
Spinners, well recommended, wanted immediately.
Apply at 77 Cedar street, to JOHN LOCKWOQD. n21 .V
the Country on American Females, by Jli-sCoxe.
author of Young Ladies' Companion,etc. 2 vol.?. 12aio
This day published and for sale by
n21 SAXTON II MILES, 205 Broadway.
IVTOTiC^E is hereby given that the Co
Xl partnership of BA1LLY, WARD it CO. is to be dis?
solved on the 15th of November, 1842, by motual consent
The affairso< the firm will be settled by either of the
Augustus H. Ward and Oliver D. Ward, Jr. will continue
the business under the firm of A. II. N> ARD Ii CO.
Parts, October 29tb, 18-12..SIMON BAILLY.
" New-York, Nov. 14,1842. .AUGUSTUS H. WARD.
A. II. WARD ii CO. hive made arrangements with Mr.
E. Jacquemin of Paris, to purchase their goods in France,
and will continue the importation and keep on hand a com?
plete assortmei t of Fancy Articles, Combs, Periumrry, &.c
mid ipII them on the most favorable terms at the old stand.
No. 41 Maiden Lane. ( _n21 lw
E~TENTNG SCHOOL, basemeut of the
Church corner of Greene and Canal streets?Term
$3 per quarter, payable in advance. Pens, ink and luel
found. JAS. EDMONDS, Principal. n2t 3t*
COAL, CljALT^The best
quality of Peach Orchard Red Ash Coal,
wnich tbe subscriber will deliver free of cartage forth
week only for the lollowinji luw prices: Large Nut $5 00-,
Egg and Stove $5 50; Broken |5 75; Doubly Screened
from the yard White Ash Broken and Egg $550. Ordeis
received at the yard corner of Rlvington ami Essex-streets,
and in the basement story of the Merchants* Hotel, in Cori
Innd street, by J. T. BERNARD.
SOUTHWORTH'S Pateut Lard Lampe,
For burning common Lard without any preparation,
at an expense one half less than oil. can be had wholesale
and ret ill, at EDWARD FILLY'S Croekery Store,
n7 imis 125 Maiden Lane, and 233 Centre-*)
The Anti-Angular System of Writing.
fkom twelve to six dollars.
MR BR1STOW, of London, reaped
fullv in.'orms the Indies and Gentlemen oi New
York and Brooklyn that his classes, Day ami Evening, have
commenced for the season, and lint be has reduced uisfermf
one half?to Six Dollars.
academy no. 235 broadway, near park place.
Gentlemen of all asres are positively taught in twelve le
sons a bold, free expedition* and finished Business-like styl,
of Writing, uo matter Low bad, illegible, stiff or cramped
the writing may be. See specimens at the door, 235 Brest
and the ladies
A neat and handsome, delicate aud fashionable ruim.i
in twelve easy lessons.
TT VISITORS in New-York can take a course in three
Days'?Mr. B. is to be seen irom 9 to 1 A M., or from 4 to ?
P. M.
Evening Clas?e? from 7 to 9.
Taught on a superior method, by double ami siogle enir
scicntincally aud practically.
n C ? \ d 5 ?N <N - ?) ?^ 1
A new system of the art of Writing Short-band, for taking
down Lectures, Sermons, Trials at Law, Lc. tc. taught per
fectly by Mr. Bristow, m one course of lessons! at 25*
Broadway. See a specimen.
N. B. ? work of the author is presented to every pupii
fbr their permanent guide. n!8 MWjiF lm
SURTOUTS, CLOAKS, &c, in a va
riety of styles, ready made at die Establishment, fot
garments of the first quality. No. 229 Broadway, America!
Hotel._WM. T. JENNINGS ?2 istf
Pencils.?Patronized by the American Institute, New
York ; The New*?ngland Society for the Promotion r.i
Manufactures and the Arts, Boston; and the Massachusetts
Mechanics Association; By Premiums irom al! these So<,.
ties. For sale by J. C BARNET it Co. 28 John sL Also,
Monroe's Second quality ?r Office Pencils. nl9 2tis'
-W. C. RAYNER tunes Piano Forte? in any part oi
toe city for fifty cents. Also, gives instruction on the pianc
iorte, organ, and in singing, on very moderate terms. Apply
at his residence No. 22 First avenue. o28 tmis*
EAGLE NAJXS.?2,000 kega of thes*
very superior Cut Nails, assorted sites, from 2d to
4ud, for sale iu lots to suit purchasers, at the lowest market
The Mgkest premium was aeaxn awarded to the manufac?
turers oi tnese Nails at the late Fair of the Am?iican Insti?
tute. [al8 3tis^] E. J. BUSSING, 181 Pearler.
?A great variety of new and splendid patters adaptec
to infants, children a.ud boys of ull ages. Also, ladies
Riding Caps of very beautiiul patterns, and gentleman S
Spontng and Dress Caps. The subscriber flatters bimsell
he has the largest and best a?-oriment of C3ps In the city,
and a further recommendation is the extreme moderate
prices at which they are vended. Wholesale and reuilat
WATSON'S, 154 Chaiuum-street, acd
s3 Istf_Icq Bowiry.
DIVIDEND.?The Boar? of Directors
of *' Tbe Howard insurance Cor?pany" have de
ciareO a Dividend ?i TEN per C?rTtL on the new capiLiI
payablt. ji, au after NovemW- 21, 1842
November 15, 1842. nlG 2"1W
"t7?Kl)ER of Tbomas A. Osborne.
13 Judge of Cuautauque County Courts, of ?te de^r
ot Counsellor 5t La? in Supreme Court
Notice is hereby given, mat an attacluiient ha? issued
against die estate of Leonard Jacobs, now or late of the
t*wn of Ripley, in tbe County of Cbautauque and Sute of
Naw-York, an absconding or conceaUd debtor,on due proof
made to the said Judge, pursuant to the directions i f the
statute concerning "Attachments against Jibscondiag an.
concealed deuton.," and the same will be sold for the pay?
ment o! hi* debts, unless be the said Leonard Jacobs appear
and discharge such attachment according to.law, within
tNree montlis from the first publication of this notice. An 1
the payment of any debts, and the delivery o*"any property
belonging u? tbe -.aid debtor to bim, or for his use. anrt tbv
transfer of cay property by bim, for any purpose whatever.
are forbidden by taw, and are void.
Dated Westfield, November 15,1842.
n21 iawGm_Attorney for Attaching Creditor.
TO LET?The lower part of house
,131 Varick-street?very convenient for a small fami?
ly. hnqat'C of Mr. Sunderlaod, 138 Fulton st. n21 6t*
~ UCTiON"NOTICE?Sheriff's Saleii?
Thre*i Laces, Edging, tc?On Monday at 10
o'clock, at 47 Fulton street, by order of the Sh^nS". a hand?
some assortment of Thread Lace, Insetting* and Edging",
Sewing Silks, black and wbh> net Gloves, V eils, Floss Silks,
Blond Lace, Bands, i.e. together with an assortment oi
Prints, French Muslins, and Needles, with a variety of oth?
er goods, worthy the attention ef the trade.
Jos:Ah Richards. Aca?oaecr.
Stare 1S6 Broatrwrr.
Liberal cash, advances made oa coirsgntnent* for auctlca
MONDAY EVRNING. Nov. 21, aad following days.
GasuT Sale of- Damage Books?About 50,000 voianw?
w Books.slightly damaged by water at the boraatag ot
Messrs. Harpers' esiaoiisbment; cooticting chiefiy of uVir
valuable rabheatioas, to be sold by single copies ?r to ooan
titles. ^
Among them are complete sets of the Family, Classical
and Boy.nti.i Girb' Libraries; Theolojrkal and School Dis?
trict Library; Pauldtog's, Bulwer's sod JameVs Novels:
Library Ol Biography; Library of Select Novels; Dramatic
Library; Edgeworth's and Shetaoed'S Works; Ambon's
Classical Works; Medical Books; Standard Works on Hit
tcry, Theology. Sciences and Miscellanies generally.
MONDAY. First Evening Sale.
Will include 5 entire sets of the Family Library, cloth
gilt binding. 155 volumes each. A'tn, upwards of 1500 mis?
cellanies volumes of the same, complete la themselves,
wticb will be void separate, affording a fiostopportanity for
those who have parts of sets to complete them; tOOBalwer'a
Zanoni. 2 voist quantities of Steveos's Travel< Ja Egvpt
and Holy Land and Greece and Turkey, Barnes's Notes'on
Gospeb,Romans; Corintbiant. ike; Bulwer-s Novei?.
TUESDAY, Second Evening Sale.
WUI include 7 complete sets of Mrs. Sherwood's Work*,
?'5v; also about5T0 volumes of the same complete iniheo
-elve<; 2 sei? of Family Classical Library.'S**? 200 separate
vois of dp: Bovs' and Girls' Library, SSv-, 100 separate vol.
nf do: 100 Ambon's Classical Work*, assorted ; 100 assorted
%ols Bulwer's Works, the best illustrated edition.
WEDNESDAY. Third Evening's Sale.
Will includo 2 sets of Family LiUrary. M* volumes in drab
cloth; also, upwards of 1500 volumes to be sold separate;
siv> vcls of Library of Select Novels: 5 setsot Edgeworth's
Wotks, !0 vols; SoDramatic Library: 100 Bulwers Zanoni.
v.)lr, quanuties of Hooper's and' Coope? 's Dictionarie*;
Good's Study of Medicine; Campbell's Pnilosopay of Rhet?
oric: Smith's Arithmetic and Geography : Olney's, Malte
Bruns and Woodbridge's Geography; Miscellaneous Work*
impossible to detail in advertisement.
THURSDAY. Fourth Evening Sale.
Will include 7 sets ot Boys' and ?'lrb'Library, S2 vols,
MO separate volumes to do; 100 volumes of James's Novels,
bound; U0 volumes of Bulwer's Novels, large illustrated
edition. 50 vols; Paulding-s Novels 6 set* ot Theological
Library, s) vols: it** separa e volumes of do; 50 voinmes ot
School Duinci Library; 200 vol. o!" Sjv.' and Girls' Li bra
r> unfinished in binding; 20? volumes of r'amdy Library,
do. Alto a large variety of School ami Classical Works,
>ce,ether w Ith oOO? volumes of Novels and Miscellaneous
FRIDAY, Fifth Evening Sale.
Will inclnde li'OSmith's Grammar; Sherwood's Works;
Edgeworth's Works; Classical Boyt>' and Girls' Library;
Medical Books and an immense variety of Miscellaneous
B(x>ks, Novels, Tales. Juvenile School Books, Ice.
SATURDAY, Sixth Evening's Sale.
Will include in quantities valuable Historical,Theological
and Classical Works, School Books and upwar.lt ot 50t0
volumes of Novels and Miscellanies generally.
XT Catalogues may be had at th?* store.
at 4 o'clock.
Hatters', Pocket-Book Makers'and Beokbrnder*! Leather.
About 150 dozen colored Skins, assorted colors.
Also, an invoice of Binders' Muilin, various patterns.
Also, an invoice of Marble Paper.
A set of Stereotype Plates to Fleetwood's Life of Christ?
608 pages, octavo, with engravings._
B?Y~S. DRAPERrJrT?Stora 54 Wil
liam-rtreet. corner of Pine-streei.
TUESDAY, Nov. 22.
At 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room.
Cloths and Cassimeres?From the shelves?on a credit
of -ix months, for Improved endorsed notes?200 pleces su?
perior West of England Cloths aad Casalmerns,Jutt im -
Catalogues and samples on morning of sale.
THURSDAY, Nov. 24.
At 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room.
French Goods?By catalogue?For approved endorsed
notes at 6 month's credit?100 cases French Goods, com
pnring a great variety and extensive assortment of staple
ind fancy articles of recent importations.
Catalogues and samoles on the morning of tale.
Also, without reserve, 12 splendid embroidered Canton
Crape Shawls, and 1 case silk Shawls, of a superior style,
just landed.
Also, 2 bales Cloth Blankets nf superior manufacture, Im?
ported expressly for private families.
Al<o.3 bales lancy end Blankets.
Aiso, 2 boles brown and fancy plaid horse ditto.
SATURDAY, Nov. 26,
At 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room.
Cloths and Cassimeres?From the ?belvea? on a credit
of six mon&ht, for approved endorsed pptes?200 ps super
West of England Cloths and Cassimeres just imported, com
srising wool-dyed blacks, browns, invisible green, olive*
citron grreen, claret,dahlia, kc
BHTaI,BA~ KIM BALL?Office No. 1
Bread, comer of Wail-slreeL
A. K. will give his attention to the sal* of Real Ettata*
Stockt, Furniture and Out-Door Sales generally.
(C ircu lar.l
ALBA KIMBALL oilers his services to Merchants and
others for the sale of Stocks at Public Auction.
For the accommodation of dealers,, he will bold daily a
public sale of such Stockt as are offered, In the Rotunda of
the Merchants' Exchange, where buyers and sellers being
present, can regulate their transactions satisfactorily to
The publicity of these sales will obviate the frequent con?
troversies and law suits which arise under the pr-sent sys?
tem; being nibiect to the same rules of business as Mer
cuault' sales, and open to Inspection, where every per vow
can exercise his own judgement
Principal* ss-ill bnvc tun lltnrrtr, wb?iwwr o,?j- m> ?>l*e?y
to make tue transfers direct to toe purchaser, and receive
the proceed*
Dealers will derive another important advantage through
the medium of (he Auctioneer's advertisements, at Stocks
are frequently sold at the Board of Brokers at a less price
than could have been obtained, hud they been advertised
and the sale made public.
-r, .. --. - ... ,, ~-[? p| caaan i * ata
OAKLEY & TENNEY, 250 Bowery,
Dealers iu Foreign and Domestic DRY GOODS,
would beg leave to call the attention of the public to their
new and complete stork, Just purchased at the most reduced
prices. Having but recently commenced business at the
above place, the vubscribers would Inform their friends and
ihe community generally, that no pains will be spared to
give lull satisfaction to those who may favor us with their
patrouage. DOMESTICS.
6 bales heavy unbleached Sheetings, from 5d to is.
5 cases bleached long cloth, from 6d tu Is Od par yard
2 " Canton rlannels, from 8d to la
4-4,6-4, 12-4 sheetings, from Is to 3s 6d.
Also, tickings, striped jeaut, checks, c< lored cambrics, 4c.
Cashmere, brocbe, kabyle, double utU, de laioe, alpaca,
rob roy, varying from $1 to $16.
BIk and blue blk silks, florences, alpaca lustres.
French, German and English meriuOS, taglionis, bomba?
zines. BLANKETS.
2 bales heavy Whitney blankets, from $4 to $7.
100 pes tunnel, red, white and yellow, from Is Od to 6*.
4 cases super American, from fld lo It.
2 " English, from Is to Is 9d.
Sattlnets, cloths, cassimeres^ vetting*, handkerchiefs, ho?
siery, gloves, cravats, velvets, linent, diaper, kc.
?50 Bowery, between Prince and Houtton-tu.
Tuos. H. Oakley, *
Wm. C. Tenhey. ) _ n!7 4li*
MENT, 142 Fulton-street, near Broadway.
The subscribers are prepared with a large and extensive
assortment ol FALL AND WINTER UOOV? to exe?
cute orders for garments at the ?hortestnotice, and ata small
advance from cost. Our purchuaws are made exclusively for
cash, and we commence our fall business fully determined
to sustain our unusually low prices, and furnish our custom?
ers with a first rate article at asmil: profit for ready money.
Strangers and others visiting the city who arc in want ,>,
an outfit, will rind it te then Interest to call and wiam^;
goods and style of work before leaving their orders
Full suits turnished in 24 hour*.
Strict punctuality observed in filling ordart.
sl2 ist!_J. C. 30oTH tt CO.
ALL GOODS.?The und>rslgtie<l 1?
JS. prepared with bis usual extensive assortment of sea
-onable Good* to execute orders for Garments In a style
which will comport with auy boas* u the Trade, at price*
which mast oder iruiucwnents to those paying ready mo?
ney. .
Attention Li solicited to the styi<* of Pantaloeas fornisbed
at this .-ui vi! ,;,.?!,.??;, as pardcular care it directed t/> this de.
paunmc!?;, with the view of giving entire saiisfaction.
Those who have experienced any difficulty In gettinf
sailed, are assured that a superior Di can always be realized.
French and English Cassimeres in a great variety of new
patterns just received. The assortment ot Vesting* which
gave so mucb satisfaction through the Spring and Summer
season*, wdl be kept up.
French and English Cloths of super and medium quaU
ties for Dresa and Frock Ciats, Pilot and Beaver Cloths fs>r
i-urtoult, abrayt on ha&d.
Fancy dress articles, including Silk and Salin Scarfs,
Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Hosiery, Suspend er??
Shirts, Collars, kc,at usual moderate prices.
Late Lynde k Jennings, 229 Broadway, America?Kolei.
ATCHES lower than ever.?Jn con?
sequence of the reduction of duties by the Laie
. iritT the subscriber is selling his stock of Gold and Silver
Levers, Anclior Escapement*, Lepme, and other Watches
of new aad splendid patterns, a.,-i Jewelry"***retail ?I a
considerable reduction irora former prices, being mach
lower than tliey can be bought for at any oiber place m
tiie city. Gold Watches as low as $20 to $25 each.?
Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought A,J
warranted to keep good time or the money ^nr"";~
Watches and Clocks repaired in die best manner, aao war?
ranted, at much less than the usual V^e*. , ,
G. C. ALLEN, taj^^-^lSL^1^
NjOTUCE is hereby given, than the an?
nual ^^}^?^JSrsLSS,
No. .54 ?*l\-'^firic)o?m* a; 2 '^cicck P. M,
mencing at 1 o clcck w^^fe rHjlLLlPS, Secretary.
New-York.November s^U?_D?,lm.i: .
/V kc. % JameVt Screws, Clark's Butts, C-opm'

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