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i X-AvrrKKs' Diary--This Day, December 21.?
CoMVo?* Plf.as?Part t-.Vos. 29, 97, 41,4>,_, 47, 51, 53,
57.i9-Psri 2, at 10 o clock?Nos, 3?., 34, 4S, 43, 5u, 52,54,
56.58. _??
Sircr.t.;R Coiiet-Nos. 22, 2, 63, 10, 49, 0, 89, 83,11,12,
JJS,7?,74, 5,6,116.
Tuesday, Dec. 20.
Board or Assistant Aldermen.?The mi
'nutet of the 1?t meeting were read and approved.
Petitions Presented and RErcai?d.?Of 106 taz-pay
iog citi?ns, ?gal nut the propc>?ed method of cleaning tbe
!' iiri-t? by conti*aci. Of Isaac H ?Igbt, for cojnpe nsation for
services don- as a watchman. Of Gee?. A. Wilkes, for cor?
rection of MX. Of ihe Mechanic*. Bank, for relief under the
act relative to Corporations.
Ueports ?Of ihe Committee to whom w_ referred the
cause* o?" ??'?* '???min??' of the Cupola, kc. oa the 18.1* Nov.
last- They s'.ate that they have had many meeting*?, and
examined a number of witnesses on the subject ; that the
luiife with nhi.-h Colt commit ed suicide must have been
conveyed to him on the day of hi- death, but by whern the
Co?mit*??? were anuble to asceitei ; -, tbat the stove in tbe
CttpoJawt-ef i??e on'lnary sugar loal si)le, with cons d
eratj.e length of ;.ipe, ? hich projected from the roo!. The
stove was p!a<-ed very near the side of the Cupola, and th??
?ot-gruiion was caused by too large a fire being made in
it by me persons in charge, and their ne?Iect in atteii-ne
toil, they being down in the yard for the purpose of w;t
f?_-EfC tue execution ot Colt- Th- Committee reeomrnend
[t,e ditani-al of Jame? H. Atkins and James Shaw, the par
tie? in question who ha? charge of tbe Cupola. No other
facts were elicited frem tbe Committee except those already
before the public. They al-?o mention the attempt to bribe
loe Sher.fT. his i> eputi?, the D?-puty Keeper of the Prison,
kc, and tue full identification of th* body of Colt. Keport
ac?ple d.
Uep?iri in fav*ro{ paying Edwerd Donnelly ihe amount
claimed for settle?cut of contract. Adopted. Against the
petitionof.Martln Beebee to build boat house or shop ?oot
ol Grandst. Adopted. In favor of flagging a portion of
2?h street. Adopted.
An Invitation was received f.oru the Union Benevolent
Journeymen Tailors, to attend their hall on the _.h inst.
A wminuHisation was received from ihe Corporation At
tni?ey, relat.ve to a Lumber of suits commenced and fines
imposed for violations of Corporation ordinanceis. Luid on
Communication from the Comptroller, asking for a tem?
porary i ppropriatioa for the year 1843. Referred.
Quarterly statement from the President of the Crot?n
Aque.iut-t Bo.ird of receipts and expendi.ures- Laid on
llic tab!?-.
PArsRSFRoM the other Board.?Keport of Committee
for cleaning streets by contract. Laid uu the table.
The Market Law ?Document No. 50, being the ordi?
nal;- ?'? _ p_scil by the other Hoard, was culled up for cou
sidirallon. A motion to lay the ordinance on ihe table, for
the purpi-e of offering a le-olution to submit ihe whole mat?
ter to the prople at the next Charter Election, was, after a
Ion-; debat?', decided in the negative. The rrsolutfon pro
j?-ed to hi\ve each elector vote for*or against meat being
sold in pieces other than ihe public Market?. A protracte?!
debate look place in regard to various amendments of the
?stM-ction, fending which, a motion to lay tbe ordinsnee
on the table was lost.
Section tsl was then adopted. As amended, it opens tbe
sal? of fresh meats, kc at all Markri?? (the word ' public'
bdn? stricken out ot the ordinance) other than the present
public Markets. The Mayor logran' the lice use, under the
recommendation of the Market Committee.
Section 2d was pa??e?l, which cxtablialies the license fur
opening Markets, other than the present public Markets, at
$10 per annum; the person so applying to be an actual
resident ?the City, and of the pge ?if 21 years.
Section 3d imposes a p?nalty of $50 for either killing or
d.?'??ln? f?e-?h meat on ?aid licensed premif-e*?, and likewise
a f-nf-'tur.? of license. Adopted.
Sec'ien 4th.?Bach Mark*-t to contain n senled scale-beam
and wei?t.t?. and a sitrn with the name of the owner or oc?
cupant, under penalty of $_. Adopted.
Before the ordinance was farther progressed in.ihc Board
County Court.?Trial of Justice Parker con?
cluded.?The Court met, put suant to adjournment, a.id was
addressed for several h?un??by Mr. Lord on behalf of the
aerused, and by Mr. O'Connor for the people. Roth the-e
(rentlernen exerted their well-known ability te the utiermo-t.
Mr. L. contended that nothing had been shown identifying
Mr Parker with the introduction of vagrant? into the City
illegally to vote. Mr. O'Connor, on the other hnnd.stion_.ly
urged, from the law and the facts in the c-ise, that Mr. Par
kpr had been cognizant to the infamous transaction. Of the
71 per* n? brouifbl ?town on lUe night previous to the el? c
tio:i. 59 had l)--*.?ii discharged by the ti-ree Maeistlntes, and
a portion of them by Mr. Parker individuall}-. He ?:?>:?
leaded tl at the charaei had l??'en fully prove?!, ami called
upon ihr Court i? piomimice n decision to that effect.
At the conclusion of his argument. Hi?* Court adjourned
to Wednesday, at 9 ??'clock, when a judgement will be ren?
dered. _*
Ma'.?.-!? ut the -tock -.schange, Dec. 02.
$1,-0 Ohio t's. Ii-0. opg 70
50 Paterson R.b6l>d 47
50 do.b?Od 47
10 Syr k ?iicu R.99
50 llarlem.b4ms iG
75 do. 15j
100 do.sSd 16*
$2,1'??" K'kv Sixes.8a
25 Del. _l"lu?l.C?h R3J
14 Slate Bk.ol'N V.T2
8 Bk of Com Snip.... 9I?
10 Bank Kentucky.44
25 Mohawk K.ca?h ?!?
25 do.cash 52
27 do._-_S'-'-_
-?uiuaerci?I atad -Honey .?la i-cm.
The transactions at the Brokers' board were limited to?
day ur.ii It?i chauges, eicopting in Mohawk, were imina.
terit!. Mobawa recovered considerably from its decline
having improved 1*{ percent; Harlem heavy.
Jn Stale stock?, the principal sale wa*. 17,000 Ohio Sixrs
at 70, an improvement of i per cent' Kentucky Sixes sold
at 81?, .in advance of 1?. per cunt?
?a Fon.igu Bills there is nothing doing. The rates Bre
HOitiinall-? 6 a fc? ; Francs 5 45 a 5 43J.
i_ arlte?*??Carefully reported for The Tribune.
Tuesday P. M.
ASHES?VY^e hear of no sales to-day of cither description
in consequence of ihe high tale al which they are held?
Buyer? are now waiting the advices by the Steamer daily
eipecleu. For Pot? $5 75 is asked and some demand $? 00
Pearls are held at 7 ?0 aud 7 25 was refused for 50 bbls.
Tbs-re i? not over 10? bbl?. in first hands of Pearl*..
COTTON?The sales io-day reach between 800 and 1000
bales at rather heavy rates. The sales coulinue mostly for
export Tbe fair amount of budiie_ doing in this staple ou
the tve of the arrival ol a Steamer would se?-m to indicate
that shippers did no- antic?pale the reception of unfavorable
advic-s. We continue to qu-e Upland lair 7; New Or?
leans lair, 7$.
FLOUR?The sales continue to he limited to ihe immedi?
ate Wt?tB of the traile with on appeal anee of improvement
io price. The expectation of large receipts before spring
from New Orleans ami the supplies of low-priced Southern,
which nre coming in more freely, tend to prevent any im
promnent which the comparatively small stock here would
no doubt but ior ihe? circumstances produce We quote
Gecesee, $4 75 a 4 S7J with only occasional small lo: j to be
had at the lower rate. Michigan and Ohio. 4 75 a 4 81J;
Troy nominal, 4 87.. No New Orleans offering we beli? v<-,
It would pr??b.?l?ly bring 4 62. a 4 CO. In Southern we do
not hear of much doing and the rules are rallier l* ndin?:
downward. Small lots G?orir?'town at 4 75; Brandy wine,
4 75 a 4 -i. Sales .50 bhls Howard-?!, and 250 do Rich?
mond County on-private terms. Gond Philad. is effered at
4 56i a 4 62j"; Richmond City', 5 d.. : Petersburg and Alex
andri- 4 6r?. Rye Flour is not very active and tbe frw
parcelsrrceived within a day or two, about ?0 bbls, have
b'en tak.?o, supposed ot 3 0C1. Out of slf?re it is held at 3
20 a S S7 J. We hear of no sales of Cora Mea'. Jenny we
quote 2 50 a 2 6?. : Brandy wine, *2 62. ubis ; 12 25 cash, 12
75, 4 months, bbds. Tbe quantity ol Flour lan?led at Buf?
falo during the season was 781.305 bbls; Wheat, 1,S-?5,1S9
husliels. makii?g a total, allowing 5 bG*-h?*i*. wheat ?o tbe
bbl <-: Flour, ?i 5,GS6.13^ bashela Grain, a small deciease on
lattyear. The stock ofPIonr at BcrYalo is about 42,700
bt? s.' Wheat 2S.iw)0 bu?hels, making with retail slocks, S.o.
anagg?*gBttof50,?-?0bb-.a much larger stock than ever
before known there. The quantity frozen in, ?ong the ca.
nal ise.?tmiat-d Ml laooo.) bbls. In 1S34-6 it was 150,000 do.
GUIAN-We bear ot no ?ales of Wheat to day. The la>t
sale was at 92 Corn is not very plenty, but ihere does not
appear to he any demand of consequence. We notice sales
of 900 bushels new Northern at 50, weight, and 5C0do new
Virginia at 49, n;ea?ure ; old Northern ?s bekl at 54. weight,
and 58 n_autre, w iih small sales. Rye is plenty and gene.
rally held for prices much above present rates. We m? ice
sales of 1<?*0bu?i:etsat56,in tbe si.p. Barley is very dull?
only one or two lois offering. Oats are without change?
River,30 a 31 ; Ctiual, SO a S2. A cargo ot Southern is un
WHISKY?Tbe market is very dull Bbls are nominallj
21. a 22 ) drudj-e cask*. 21. Tbe supply o! bbls has been iii
crea.*?I by a large lot which has heretofore been out ol
OIL?A sale of 603 bbls Whale bas been made for export
on private tonus, supposed, however, at 54, a 34..
SUGAR?A sale Ot 30 hhds of New Orleans inferior was
made at auction at 4$. It is estimated that upwards of 3?(?0
hi.els are oow on iheir way from New Orleans.
PROVISIONS?We hc-rofno large operations in Cana
P.ovisions. A sale of 1?' bbli new Mess Beef, this Slate, at
6 i"\, am! II ? do new Me*s Pork, this State, al 9 6?1 and
100 ?.o old Prime O.iio Pork at curtent rates. Old Laid
is worth 7 a7i cents. We notice sale*? of SOU kegsrew City
rendered at 8. About 200 packases Butter have been lakei?
for shipment at 8, but both Butter and Cheese are raihei
TALLO-v?The supply isquile small, bul it would coi
probably bring over 7J a 7$.
? HAY?There is no change iu bundle, acd k ?Si-lingfa
mall lots out of store at5?a62i; loon'. is in large supply.
>\e quote _? a _5?.
__________?_?? m i ___gggg__i _________
?CPDi-. Ranh'n Infallible Health Pill?.
The great favor wsdch this valuable medicine ha? gained
during the few months it ha* fe??-n ma?le known to ih? pub?
lic, has proved beyond a.1 question its claim to superior
efficacy in tbe aJlevtaiion and cure of the numerous cooi
plaints which are common to mankind. We aisare those
who are afflicted that they Bee4 but try' a single b:x lo be
convinced thai this i? no Ira::.bug preparation?even were
not th*- name of the immortal inventora sufficient gu?rante e"
for its genuinen?*.-.-, ae.l merit. In all bilious and liver com
p.-or-u, pleurisy, ?D'!i?-?-s:'-**::or costirent?s, Ji^-artn-nrn, pQes,
headache, erysipelas aad other di-ess- sol the skin,debility,
ail compiaia's incident to female?, tbe HEALTH PILLS
have never yet failert to effect a cuie. We are constantly
receiving te.-.timoniali ef tlie mo-t extnioniioary enres ef?
fected by Ulis medicine. Read ibe following
_, ...??_ New-York, Ncv. ?, i84_
Mr. H. G. Daggers:
Sir?Injustice to the efficacacy of Dr. Rush's Infillihlc
H'-alth Pills, one box only of which I purchased from yon,
I deem it but right to Inform y?;u of their s-rpri-'ng ? Sects
in restoring me to health. For the last two montii? I was
disabled from my employment, tried 'Ornerons adv*srtLs?-?
remedies, wn treated in th* General Hospital witboat any
success, and fin;. !!y adopted Dr. RUSH'S PILLS. Th?ir
effect was immediately evident?infusing rigor aod health
through my frame, relieving a constant pain in my side and
de.-p oppres-ion, promoting sleep, creat:n<* an appente for
food, aud altogether invigorating a frame that was rapidly
sinking ?mo decay. 1 therefore deem it a duty I owe, not
only to the public, but yourself, t > publish the above tt*-,_
mony, which 1 have corroborated w-nh a 'conscientious alR
davii *f the truth thereof. PATRICK GALLAGHER,
Ci.arlton-sireet, Ne ?-York.
Affirmed tLi? 6 h day cf December, 13-12.
JOS. ?. pirssoN, Commissioner ol Deeds.
XT Sold wholesale and retail by
H. G. DAGO EEUJ, SO h un st N. Y.
XT Prie?-23 cents a bo*;, put up in a beautiful wrapper,
with fuil directions.
Ace.its?Wadleigh, 459 Broadway, corner of Grand-sL:
16S Bowery; C9J Falton-st. Brooklyn ; A. Guibrie, 4 Stun
wix Hall, Albany; Burgess k Z.ebrr 3 Ledger Buildings,
Philadelphia; Redding t Co., Boston; Smith,320Broad
street, Newark, diaiw
XT Christin-*.- and Ne-e-Year.-COUTHONY
is. KEVERS, 3-i 1 Broadway, bave ju?t received from Eu?
rope one of the richest asKirlmeat of gcods suitable for
Christmas and New-Yen;'.? Presents ever offered ibr sal?* in
this city, combinint^elegance and utility. They respectfully
invite their friends to c-ill and examine for themselves. For
sale as above, tlie celebrated SOLAR LAMP, for brilliance
and economy surptusing ell mb?-rs in use. d?9 .?.?i?*
0*Ho!yday Gift*?-n?-.imiinn's Fair a? IVifo
lo*/*.?The Lames ol ti e Sailors' Home Society, auxiliary
to the American Seaman's Friend Society, wdi i pen their
amina! Fair for tbe bernent o! ibe Sal or'? Home, ;<i Nlbl
Saloon, on the evening of tlieS'st in.-L, and continue it
every day and evei ii.g until > hri-r.mas. Beside the aril?
ele? prepared by the Society, there will be offered a mrg?*
varicty of Annuals and other Looks, imported fancy art:
'lis, perfumery, toys, ?tc, sufficient to suit ihe wants of
thoie wbo wish to make present?, lo their friends or chil?
dren at t-? season ol the year.
The friends of ti.-e Sailor, and toe benevolent gcmTal'y.
are invited to attend. All work end contributions for mi*
objectshould be bandea to Mi*-. Vanderpool, al No. 192
Fourth street, on or before Monday the 19lb. dl'J Si*
XT *?*nr-.* l?o Is?!? y"^; i fin.~for 1 S43.?Pnb
lisbed and sold at N?. K>7 _ 122 iNa-MU ftret-t, ?\?-\? York,
wholesale n- o r? tail :?
1.?"THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD,"fcontainiug
about600 pnj-e.? of letter pr.---., ai.d more t:?an five hundred
?ugravingg,elegantly bound in gilt. Priceonly $2 50 prr
c.ipy Forrecoaimendfttioni of t ?is wort, see all the papers
published m the United s ;n -
II-"SKA1.S' BIBLE BIOGRAPHY.'' the most ?p?en?
lidly il ustratt'd and cheapest work ever issued on th?
American contin"nt, containing sevenil hundred Engrav?
ings, entirely new and original, designed and executed by
h?? most eminent artists ol England and America, Cost of
preparing ike work, ibOW, This beautiful and important
v..rk Cfintniiis upwards ol -VIO jia^rs royal rjciav??, is printed
from new stereotype plat?~, handsomely bonnd i--. gilt and
lettered, and letaits readily at the low' price of $2 50 pt-r
III.?The well known popular work, (in3 vols; en?led
\ND VIEWS IN THE HOLY LAND," forming nn iUtu?
rated Commenury of the Old an.i New Testament, euch
? oluiiie cunlainiog 2nnsciiptun?l Engravings, ami 400 pages
?f interesting letter press description*-, Pvo., substantial'y
Ktund' Compiltrd from the Notesoftb? London Ficinria:
! itihif, which .'ell-in this country for $20per copy. Prie?*
Jl 15 per vol. or $?.?"> ;or the set:.
IV.?On the second or third week in January, fill, will
ie issued No. I of " SEARS' NEW MONTHLY " FAMI?
LY" "MAGAZINE," embellished with several hundred
Engravings Tobe published on the first of even,* month,
n pints from -to t,j 5t\ large imperiil octavo pages' (double
-olumns.) ut S- per annum, in-advance, 'f'o he publi?hed
is above, m the ftook Stores, Nos. 127 ?v. 122 Nassau street.
s'ew Yoili c^ny.
?XT Ag. nts warned in town arid country. d?I im*
-rrott, -
O' Pnrltf j ?s? l'ereiiuiui t*r?*?tc'nta.?The volume
of Parley's magazine (or the year 1S42 is now- complete,
?mo maybe had ?it the publishers, bound in neat cltwitj, I'm
?me dollar. It contains a gieat variety of intere.?ting and
in?irur:tive reading l?ir your-ir people, among which are
Seven original Poems, by Mi? H. F. Gould.
The Perilou? Adventures of Quintin Harewood and bit
Brother Brian.
A new History of England' for Children.
Bre.-ikfnM Titile Science loi Boys and Girls.
The Ibiyal B i Olivers, by Miss Agnes StricklanJ.
Hieroglyphic Amu?enienL
Stories from Natural History; Inlerest'-r.g Adventures;
Anecdote.?; Moral Tales, _c_c.
Iilustrntt-d by more iban i?*ur hundred Engravings.
\Nith the January No. or new volume commences, ???rents'
are invited to?ub?cnbe for liieir children, ?nd thu.? furnish
ihem with acheapand regular supply ot interesting and
instructive reading. It is published monthly at one dollar
ayear, by C. S. FRANCIS it CO.
?120 3110(1* (2) 232 Broadway.
-mm ? -
XT Bethel Fuir.?The Indies ot the Brooklyn Reth
el Socieiy will hold their annual Fair, for ?be sideot fancy
and useful articles, on Wednesday and Thursday, at tin
National H..I!, (formerly Log Cabin,) commencing at 2
o'clock P. M. niiri continuing Ihrou.b ihe evening.
The avails of this Fair will be giv-n to tbe American Sea?
men's Friend Society, which during the past year has com
plete?1 a large,and comfortable Home for the >ailorsin New
York, ami is very much in want of funds to carrv on its <*d
eratiou?-. Brooklyn, Pec. 21,1842. ' d20St*
XT Tvrclfl? Wnrd-CKOTON WATER-AI1 per?
sons Interested in r?- 1 esiate in the Twelfth Ward are re
qu?-sted to meet at Vanderw. ler's Hole!, rive-mile house.
Third Avenue, oh Wednesday, D**i"eiiber 21, at 4 o'clock
l\ M., to take such measures as sloill be deemed proper ii.
obtain a repeal of the t x ?aw, *.o i?r a? it iiii*x>?-es a t-x ol
?0 cents on a hundred doli'irs on real and persona] est'i'e n
that Ward lor the support ol the Crot?n Water establish.
ment "?"?'. Mott, Isaac Adrianes,
by ?M. Hopper Mott, Jacob Harren,
Valentine Mott, Andrew McGoun,
Richard F. Carman, John J. Myer,
(120 21* John J. Palmer.
HT I. O. of O? V.?Toe ui--ii.br is of Meridian Lo-'ce
No. 42 1. O. ol O. F. ore res pectin lly rcqueseii to meet at
their Lodge Romn, corner ol Hudson and Grove .str??e:s
This (Wednesdayj Afternoon, ?1st inslaat, ai2J o'clock, to
p-iy their ?a.?l tiihjte ot respect to our late and worthy
brother James Di-.xter. The Older in general are in
vite.l *.o attend. Bv order o?"
Jonathan Knapp. Secretary. d21 lt*
O* Broad-ray W?shi?_tou Temp?rance
Society.?Tin? Society meets Tins (Wednesday) Even?
log.at Concert Hall. 406 JSioadway. Ail persons dt-sirous
of signing the Pleine are requested to come early, in order
lo secure their se.us. Mr. L,?iliau-, ihe first signer 10 the
Washingtonian Pledge in this city, will be pre.?ent and re?
late his very ntTeclingeiperience. Other interesting speak?
ers will address ihr meeting.
T.e Ladies of this Socieiy will, on Wednesday Evening,
?Uli January, iH-t?, present to the Equitable Voluuteersol
No. S6a most splendid Signal Lantern. Tickets tor that
occasion, at 12^ cents, ha<1 better tie nrcured tin? evening.
d21 It- LSBBKP3 CHAPMAN, Sec'y.
XT Tlsc IoTitntion.?Come to the Temperance
Fair i:niue, le.nperaiiie frien.ts.you will fin! all your
societies there repre-ented. Come, anti-temper.net friends'
an.l help us tu a;akeoar reformed p->or comfortable during
llit inclement season. You will nnJ arliclts ihei?- of a?t
anil Ornimeili in great variety, and at very reasonable
prices. Tickets one ?hilliiii?, tor which refreshments will be*
given, may be bad at Van Wageaen 'k Tucker's store, cor?
ner of Dey and Greenwich-Streets, and ?t tbe ball door, cor?
ner of Dey and Washiogton-sireets. Fair oprn from 1er.
o'clock in the morning till ten at mgtt, daring the week.
d2l> 3t- _
D" Tt'ttipenince Notice.?-On Weilnesday eveniog
the 21st iesL, die Washington T.iul Abstinence Society will
bold a Ma?s Meeting at the Church comer of Catharine ami
Madison streets. The Chelsea Temperance -Ben>*vr.'en:
S.sciety wili be present, accompanied by Ibeir Brass Band.
The meeting will be addressed by Messrs. Hopper. Fisher,
French, Howe, and others. Some of The most popular sing?
ers ar- engaged. The exercises w:l._c-?mme:ice at 7 o'clock.
Children will not be admitted unless accompanied by iheir
parents or guardians. Admittance free. A collection will
be taken up to defrav ibe expenses.
F. W. WOLFE, President.
J. J. Oliver, Secretary. It*
D" Rt. EtCT. iBi-hop ll:u??he????. "Lectare.
Rt. Rev. k;?Ik>p H06HES will dt-livet a Lectu.e beiore the
Catholic Lihrirv S.x-ieiv on THURSDAY, the 2-.?! insL,
SUBJECT? The Influence cf Christianity on Civilisation.
Doo s open at 7"o'clock; L**ciure will commence -t halt
past 7 o'clock. Ticken??to e.dmi: a gentleman asd lady, 50
cents each; extra tickeia to admil a lady, 25 cents each?
ruav be bad as follows -.?From the officers ot the S_S?_y,
viz ? Kev. John McClosky, St- Joseph's Church, Sixth Av?
enue and Barrow-st.; Matthew O!weil. 61 Ca?iarine-streel;
Edward McIIrov. 177 Bowery : Conielius Diver, 3o Vs all
James--.tr??*.-!rom die Seit?.is of U:e ?iirTerent Catholic
Churches?and at the door oikthe evening ottbe Lecture.
Bv order- EU<-?XS A. CAJ?.ERL?I,
t?55tisTfaSTnW?Th*-_ Sectetary, i.e.
?XT A I.tciure will be ghreo in Clinton llall. cor-ntr
oi \assau and Btekman s-trtt*?-. on Thursday Evening, 22d
issL by Mr. Broi'-meadow. on ihe maiiufactare at Iron and
Sieel-the art of making Cast Iron Malleable, and the
Smeli'teg of Iron Ore, bv the use Anthracite Ccai. Dra*
iiiisof great ina.'iiii-.da will be prex-med,msde by Mr. 1.
S. Shepherd, 123 Fulton street, to wbictyeiereuc.? will be
made lhi*0U-*hc?ot the Lecture. Tickets may be had ol Dr.
J. Covert, 135 Nassau street, and 3t ihe door'on the evening
of tie L-.cture. D?ors open at 7 o'clock. Tbe Lecture to
comoiesce at half past 7. Admission 25 cents. dil St*
muirw? WSB???^??^??????????????????
Coirtpr.iingal! ?be
At-o, a ch??ice n?r*rtnimt of
Fine Oxford ?-??tina of the Bible, vario*? sizes, in elttgant
Bind!nj_j suitable for Present?, kc.
Imported anc lor >a\e by D. APPLE! ON k CO.
At their Lit??iary Emporium. _l*? Br??dway.
D. A. i. Co. respect?iliy isvite their ci_torntrs r_c 1 ??
public ceneniilv to ca-'l and ex-.?ine l.ir extensive ? ock
o! fir.e Books, suilai?le for the ?-ppro-ichmg holydays. dlStf
XT Spencer ai;riO,.?D? in irentieTarn thai his arrange?
?tes? are now completed for supplying according i ? - -<?
vinos i;_i-_5-_cn, a fine rua Mat al a price {$3 ?_5 /
which shall resd_ it emphatically the cheapest ?_ wed a.?
lowest priced Oentlemen-s Fur lia?, ever on sale in this
! city. It is prepared in th?? sa?e style which chanicteriici
our finest ar.icle, and like thai article is??*?r??*d ?a pnce at
which ii __r.o*. be coutiuaed without an acusa??y rapid
rale. The undersigned v? .lb ill con?deoce a?irms il to !>c
fur the gentleman a_ i ?-co.io_i>t ih'.' most desirable Far
HatyeietT?-ed. (oiui0 r>PE\'C_R.2L5 Broaii^ay.
XT Orlando ?*_*?h. F_tiioi?ble H.*?cier, 137 Brend
way, wouid inform the gent?_en o? M e*#r __nrk that his
Fail and Winter sly!** of liais is now ready for ibeir inspee
tioa acd critical judgement. Claiming the distinct?-, ol
having been tbe fir?; to p?-r?je_ and abide by a strictly
A-KKICAN style of _a-, in?end of f-erviiely copying tiie
Fashions of Europe, which are onen un___t to onr cl.
?ate and tua;-.-;-? ,Le rejoi'-es to pereeive th? ethers have
seeu fit to follow his lead, arid ?at now the following of
ir.aropean Fashions in Hats is almost entirely abandoned by
tbe leading manufacturers.
Heoners a Winter style ol (..ntleiaer_i Nut_B_at._
?-? 50, and warrants them eqnal in :.?'.:-rinl, finish, (ashlsa
and durability u; any Hat ?olo _ Iowas $4 lb the city.
I'm L-* trisou i! distinctly unrie?toocI that his best Hat* rre
.-.ot sold at ?is price, b-'t at _? 50i The?e be recommends
_ equal to any bat sold in New-York _ _> or under, and
.. i . : es for them a comparison witu any other.
Gentlemen visitiotroor city are respect)ally invited to
call and e**a_u? Ids new -_,.k o: Winter ha-.? as?'? ?edge of
iln-ir quality. He is ro.:fiJent that,whether ?h- deapest or
the??? ?at is d**?;r~.!, the inquirer will bete be sat?tied.
Try liira- (sg>U ) ?i. FISH, 137 Broadway.
XT _?c!Va-iee & Sa-ford, 64 Be_vcr-at.
respe?_tnlly announce to 'la* geutleouro ol New-Tori, tiiat
tiiey ??-?.- :r> ?lore their usual B650rt_tent of tine Siik ?n?l
C?Huhnm Umbrellas, Sloc?, Scarf?, Cravais. Linen Col?
lars, .loves, wbitv, black a??d adore.!, Chcsson'.? and
liajoa'? tnniif, winter Under ?armems, kc. kc
To the ab >? they have ?iWed, with ??special reference to
aoextensive_sortmentofthe RICHEST SATIN SCARFS
in tb ? market, all cl which will be sold at a sm-tl- ad-ranee
on cost- _ diQ ular.l"
-.Handy Andy Complete.?Thisday published
Handy Andy, a Taleol lr_li Lue, bv S-muel Lover.Esq.,
athorof' Rory O'Mo e," ?* Tb? Gridiron," kc. illustrated
whb t-.v. nty.tv o bumoroui illustrai. n? by tbe author. El
egantly i?ousd in clotb, g.;t. prie?- ?l 25.
Also an edition, with all ih? illustrations, in half c'rth
!?oar?l?, price $l. Likewj-t- a very cheap edition, vrith ill us -
traiions. price only 50 rents.
-?Thi? boy Handy will be the d?;ath o? us. What is the
police forcenboai lo allow the uttering a publication that
h .?ready brought us to the brink of apoplexy fihy time-.'
(',?..- p ople, and rial?ers, sexto i ?. and ihe iike. may, per?
haps, rend with with impunity. Such may laugh over it,
?mi leta fellow with aniu^ir.fof natural fun in him;venture
;o per?!?" it, and we'll lay ten lu one ?t throws h rn into con*
vulsioi . ' [Sporting Review.
'? \v> forl indebted to the publishers, not only for tin? book,
hut for the hearty laugh we nave hadnvt-r it. Oar sides
fairly ache from the effect, as badas even the. unfortu r.:
Trumpeter's did from over-strainini, or O'Grady's kickin?/.
Any or.p ?ffl',-t?'il wit'i tiie blues, Will find a fovereisw r? ::'i
edy in Handy And}*." ] Brooklyn N ws.
''The richest, the raciest snd most frolicking- Irish Story
we h?ve ever perused." [London Journal of Com.
" Full <?f Iri*h fun, and opr? riu^?-ly supplies the plac?* rvf
Humphrey's Clock, the work?oi B??/ having ? run /own.'"
?*Gat<-shead I 'I??, r? it.
4 Decidedly the liest story of the day?full of frolic, gen?
uine fon, and exquisite touches of Irish humor. T?e char?
.-.cters are dssbed offin capital style, the incidents are on
?nerousand striking, and ihe inter?.*! never flags. I.^vcr
will Increase his reputation vastly by this pitidnction."
XT r'?f>ok'-ellf*rs an<l news ag? n!. ure rt que.-led to forward
their ordrrs to the Publisher?,
o_ Su? D. APPLETON i: CO.. 2011 Broadway.
_/* Tbe above work i? far sale at this oihcc, wholesale
ami rein i I.
Xj' K?'??ort No. 7 of Doctor ?Joitn Thom?
son n i*iMciire, 343 B5rooint'-st.?Pal?iit->vin
??i the It tar tand Liver Complaint.?Win. Stanlnn had t??*eo
? ill eled !?n 1?0 months?baa been attended by several pby
? ic'.dn?, found no ratief, was cured by Dr. Thom?on in 10
days. Ccri?icute ?laied Dt-c. 17. Kesidence liu Clierr\
Dropsy in thi Head?Wm. Shcall, child, No. loi Nine
teenth street cored of Dropsy in the Head. See certificate
dated Dec 7th
Erysipelas and I?iltmm.ator'.? Rheumatism? Mr. Roberts,
if _?0 Pearl street, cured in 21 bouts of a bad attack. See
cert locale, Dated Dec. 4th.
Piles and Oy..pcpi,ia?Thomas W. Beechcr. No. 50 Down
ing stre? t,cnr_i of ? il?-?, o? five year?, an?i Dyspep?a of
?ix vears standing. See certificate dai?*<i isov. 3.
C'u??ji??.i*?fi(in?:M ?ric Mu_ey, of tbe town of Hod?\
?Udo Cuuniy, *?t?e ot ?laiue, cured of Consumption. See
certifical?? dated Nov. 11
Ague and Fen-er?Get). Hatikin?on, 103 Elm-street. Cured
nfAguc ?ni Feve of four months siamim-z. He ha?i spent
$80 and three weeks in tlieBellevut? Hospital; Dr. Thom
?nn cured him in three days. Certificate dated Dec. 1.
Chronic kheuwitism?Mr. J.'iie?, li3 Ilenry-sireet, cured
fan attack afCbrouic l?eumatl?m inn few days that hnil
tieen of months standing. C?*riirt?.-;i!e dated Nov. J?
Polyputin the .V??jr? ?!r. Benedict, O? Warwick, Orange
County, hid (>een tmubled 8 yeur^ with a Polypus in tlte
?<i*<-. It ?a* much reduced in two weeks wli.*? he re?
tained home to attend himSelC
Consu\iptionand Dyspepsia?The wife of the Rev. Mr.
Van?aweii restored to belt?- h- alth Uran she had enjoyed
m ti years, in two >\eek?by Dr. Thomson. Certiticau- dated
On. 10.
Consumption Rev. J. D. VVilliamson, 71 Eli_b?.th*st,
i'ureti aiter several years of affliction, no*.? enjoys g??>J
iie.ilth. Certificate daled Nov. ID
Piles, Dyspepsia and Fainting Fits-?Mr. June?'? deugb*
le- -, H ) Heniy-streel, was restored to health afer being
Hiilicted f??r IS vears. Certificate?lat-d Nov.21.
?ferrous Debility and Dytpsptia?Deborah Hawxhur-t re.
?t ired to belter besllh tbaa rhe bad enjoyed in eight years,
?mee August. Certificate date?! Oct 31.
Dyspepsia aid ?Verrons Witahst_?E.iz'?belli Paul,West
ches1er, restore?! to better I eanh than sue ha? enjoyed in
loor years. C?nit?ate dated Oei 13.
Inflammation of the Bladder or Gravel? Same? 1 Scudder.
of Koxoury, Delaware County, N. Y., restored to better
lie..lib than he hid e^j'ive?.1 in five years. Certi?caie dated
Oct i'J.
Dyspepsia. Nervous Bebility aid Costireness?William
Pordred, ?*Hg lla-tmr, resiored to tn-tier health man for one
year before. Certificate dated Oct 25.
N. B.?Ceniricaies containinz full p?ticuhrs t:f tue
above cas?? may he seen at 343 B?kMae-street, \\ith a hort
'>f other testimony, too voluminous ior a oublie newspaper.
Call ?id see it a-'d the invalids ;?t the Infirmary. d2l lw
3?'(?ood Hoard and pi???ani Rooms ca? t?-obtained
at No.26 Cllff*_n*et (2) nlS ii
Pin-Mt-U5?er.?i Arrived
In ihe ship Ciuciunali, lr .rn (Tanlon?A G PendletnU.
Proie?oroi iMatbemat?s In the United Smtes Nary ; E C
TowBsend, of Providence ; W Buckler, of Balumore.
_.:*.? ut; crii'.?nii eil
In the parket snip iN?-v/.\ork, for Liverpool?Robert
Lee Dawson,of New-York ; J T Marsh-l1, Master J Mar?
shall, Utica; Wilfiam Mclotosh, James E Oliver, Charles
M Brickl?by, Canada ; M_s E Penin, Ireland; ?Mr Phil?
lips, En*?.!.?d. _
Ri?es 7 28 j Sets 4 32, Rises 9 14 | Morn. 3 81 Mor. 11 lu
Latest Datos.
London. Nov. c}| Havre.Nov. 1
Liverpool..N'ov. 4| ?NEw-OaLEANs.Dec 10
Ship O.-oree, Jack-on, New Orleans, K R Collinsk Co.
Bries M->-b_?n. Dom??, Apa'-tcbicola, K D Hurlbal ic
Ce; C E Pla-t. Ri-.-e. ?.palactucola. P?t & Pbiil'p?.
_.i.r. ?.*.,? in-j (Rr) Onnt. St.Iohns. NF ThoBJ _ W_
niett; Rio, OrifSn, B rookhaver.; Pies.deut, Penfield, u :ili
mojr, *?.u!<;..? u. _earruan.
Ship Cincinnati. W?-on. of Bdltimore, from Cani?n 12lh
rind Macao loth Aogu?t, with ic?, si'ks, _c to Wetmore t
Ba:v,ue DnurUss, Bourae. from R?t Janeiro. November
3. ?? ith 2000 ba'ir? ?-flee ta J Foulk _ Son.
Sclir M?n- Ana Caroline, Forbe?, from Philadelphia,
with m^z-*.
Sehr Reindeer, lii??**-?3S, from Alexandria., with flour, to
VV R i. C Hitchcock.
BELOW?1 ?hip and 2 brisks. Wind W.N'W.
TELEGRAPHED?A ship, showing Bcs'on number?*.
SAILED?Ship Wistminster. Atwood, London : Adirt-n
da??k, HackstatT, Liverp?K)l ; Illin ?is. Everleigb, Apalachi?
c?la* brigs Madison, ?iuikiey.S-ivannah ; ?eorf*e, Coarles
toa. _
The sehrbef.ire rep'iiud as tiavia.-been towed into Sit
L?les proves to be Ibe Lark, of Deer I-le, Emtrsoa, irom
Calais, lor Bcs-.on. She struck on Baker'? Islaad in the
snow si rm on ihe morninc of the 3d ?r.st. The captain
a?-t crew left her in quest ot assUunce, aud while absent
she drifted on", leavin*- them on Ike island
Brig Dunlap, a: P?*r?and, frum Havana for Soston, lost
siil? and was short of Provision? She was 20 days in Bos?
ton Bay.
Barqu?? Wyandot.of Blaebill,before reported mi-in?, is
insurrO at New-York for less ibac fwo-thirds ber value.
Qoebec, Dec. 12?Mr. P. Sheppar-I a'rived last evenin?
from tiie barque Bel!o:ia.Syaior.-Sti.naed at Komiuraska.
report.*? that tu** ves -el still remains in safely, and proba_y
w id do so durin',' t*:e winter.
hi? reponed -h it the barque Doc.*.-..-. Wad". {or_onuon,
and the barque TheiLs are 1?. t on Eaniciaairan Shoals, and
?at u.e crews 2re en .heir way up.
Captain Ran?:all. of the Hellespont, an.v'ed oa Moaday
trora St. Jaso de Caba. r?pons mat ?in the 19th ot Nv)V?*m
ber the steam packet Tweed anive.i off the Moro. a*. Hi
van?, and sen; up two of her bo-vs in tbe citv, one ?iifa ?he
purser and tbe other wi-h tut unil a?re*_. The latter stateet
m conversation that on her voyage to *_. Tbi-iias, oa the
6th of November, ihe packet ran into a sch??oser to the
eastwani of Cape Haytien. The schooner was snppos??d to
be Americ ?n iv.-.m th?e on board spe*_mg: Engli?i, Capt
Franklin did not stop to aseertain tbe nature ?f ihe acci?
dent, or whether the crew of tbe schooner perished.
XT Ko-ckerboclit-r Bn?iery. 320 Bowery, j
i 30 S.'Tlb Avenue _?-.. ,n J. || I. J. t? t. tl l" >. 23 Jan.e? ?tri-eL '
: Toe -ubscnber avail? btmsr*i'o: the facdiues of t.?- ?\resi ?
to inK-nn the public eem-raiiy that be still continue* his
! Bread bC'-.-re*? and that be ua* comrcenced. in aadiiioo to '?
i ibe Haking of cakes t.f -jr'.-ii? kinds ?nd qu_l?t'e>, also an '??
? assortment of Pte. at>?l Cr-aekeri (Boner-tad Graban.) al- j
, ?., tic'.'.rr and Tea Biscu t. Rus*. Ban-, pkio -?id oraa- ?
mentt-rl P?um??an.1 Potmri Cake.
The sutiscriber w<*u?-; tail the at ?**-,-.-oa o I the PanhcSa- j
perir.iend?*r,t* an?. Crtmm ittee? of ????hl. itb School., or other j
? .*??>ci'-i-?-s, *. j hi- prorw-j?! a? i< ..?.iws: He mil ir-rnbh tixem '
: Calf? m vfce rarioa? idnda for ihr cost of the mater"-*.!? and !
labor. '
Families eivinjr ?arge ?-.r?.'--** *tii b?; al'owed a i-aadsome
! redaeSum. Ord*-T*? ont of lb?r city >.;'! be ntitiided to or. as
? rca-ooable :.-.-...? ?_ *_c?se <?i i-.-.u <i y. Orders i? Ss direct
: e? ni by pon) Lisbesa .?cr?.e... 22-t Bowrry, staling dti?
'. :. tiy the name of the Boat _- S..ige by w'uc.i ibey wt,h
I their orner? seat; a ? : sQuctly) the nam- of the person,
I town or T!ll-*2t*to whi n me package is to be sent? ?No e-r
rler wnl i?e fiiied up __esstbe dtjllars ami cr^is a<-conipanv
the or.ier, or a sausf ctorv rc-iertnc.-" ?riven, who will o~
bold?*]) ?or aieasnount order-d. WM. B. I?U.MRERT.
\. B. The r^Jersof fot by) the Sun, w-il pie-*-? ta.W
pa,*iicu.ar_iioi;c?. and ?iv? _??? rtUvertij?cra ?hareof ibcir p.v
in.nag*. ?*. ? Lz'-i. v^o m el'.lier of Um above Sake.-:.-? r:
cepi m the cooliiug of Cr?.ie*- err Doughnuts. Three cr
four pen-oris bow r.ut of employment and ?"?'-hing an opprr
tanity 10 earn rrom one iv?o dollars per day, will >>- in?
structed b'.w ?t may he dmie bv caliin-r ai *__) B?*,-.ver <>c
30 sixth Avenue. W. B. H. dl9 2-r.
17 Cientlemen-s r-enrf? aad ?rara!*..-C. B.
HATCH. 57 y* a':*-....:--?*., ', ippo.ite Plat:,) has just re?
ceived a tresh supply of Sccr:- \r.r[ Cra-rais, of the richest
styles, and selected especially for the approaching Holy.
days. Tho-e "-. ?sbing to (.urchase are ioviied to '.all and
examine. c_? -.wU"
Wrn. W. Shirley, Aucti*n?-er.
SHERIFFS SALE?Wednesday. Dec
21, at 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room, 122 Fulton it
by order of the Sheriff. 12 ele.r?M China Tea **ets, 3 Din
nt/r Sets, 70 ?tone China Pitcses, kc. Also at the same
time, by order of an assignee, a quantity of new and seennd
hand Furniture, consistiug of Cliairs, Tables, Wardrobes,
Secretarie?, Bor-k-casei. Centre and Pier Tables, marble
tops; Work Taules, Lo^km*; .-?lasse**, Bed?t?-ad-, Piano
Sttiols. Bureaus,Siinde.--, Lain;s, ?c Aiso, 1 Parlor Stov?,
cost $50._ _021 It*
Bv F.~Collon<- Co.
Q WE OF STOVES, Hollow Ware, ?fee.
C5 Bv virtue of th.* Assignee ' and Landlord's Warrant.
On Thursday. D<-\ 22, at inj o'clock ai No. 1^2 Greenwich
?treet, comer of Fulton, '.he balance of ibe ?tocli, consisting
o| every description of Store*. Hollow-ware, Tin-ware,
Britannia Teasels, F-ucv article*. 4c itc.
d20 3t* JOHN WISTRI.VGHAM, Constable.
\%T ANTED?By two respectable young
V T women, well lecommeoded, situation*; one as
chain?>err?ni.l tue other as wa.ter. Apply al lu7 Murray?
street, in (be iiore._d2i It*
\r\T ANT.-'lD?Ap?acebyan Eagliuh Girl
v T toc?oV. wash, kc. ?t g?neraI housework. Apply
a* So. 45 ?Jreenwicn street. d?!l It*
ANTED-A Protestant Girl, who
can give good ci:-- re'erences, to do ihe general
botuework o! a stnail private family. Apply at 156 Pearl
streei. ?121 lt"
\\FANTED?A Daguerreoiype Appa
T V ntu? In complete order j<?r taking "rniniatn-es. for
which a ?aieable article will be given in ?ra-te. Apply at9S
Prince street, between lb? hours of 12 and 2 <*r4ar*?.6
o'clock. d?l It"
min wishes to h're f-?r a few months a coaveafent
Warilrobe and ?sill pay a fair price tor the use oi it per
monta vs?ib s.iti?tactory security. Any person havinsr one
nnt -n ose s:id wming to let ?I, mav addrtss bor lO?, L"r<per
Po t Orrice. *_!______
QOAAA WAN TED on first Bond and
'4^ O ' \ ' f\ /Mor -e-??e on a brick house and lot
in the M h Ward, worth $3/a1?now rent* lor $5?>' per an?
num. A belter and ?noro s?"-ur?- niortzage could not be ob?
tained. Apply to A L -.NE. 2'1 Wall-st. c'2U 3^"
X^y ?ingle gentleman can obtain a comfortable and w**ll
fun.:?lied room with nove in it, exclusively lo himself for
SI per week. Also, a front room to let for $1 25, or 75 cents
eae? fpccuoieii by i*o s-entleuien. Breaifast and tea if
required. Apply ?t (iO West Broa ?way._dil 2i*
-COAL ! COAL ! i-The real Feach
).-cbard Red A*b Broken Co'l.irom the schooner
Ogdes, aithe fuoiof K^ng-ftreet, will commence unload
ia-.*- on Tuesday or Wednesttay, a: lint abor?; price,s?yeei?ed
and de'ivered i'ree of cartage.' Apply on board, orto
""*??. r_RV ELT, 71 King^u
&~J Orch
d2l 3 ? MKSLER it WE
/1LOAK LUST?On Friday evening,
\^ the 9:h insi. !rom the Itou-e of Alex. Ming, Jr. a d*rlt
b ue c?i-?i Cloak, without c-pe and face*J witfi ctotb same
as the Clo.k, with veivct. coilai and lined with blue and
vell'jvr p'nid merino cl:ith. bound with rigared silk b'nd
ii-g. V?h*vver will return said cloak lo C. W. _ J. T.
Moore, ?07 Pearl it or lea*/?- in'.ormatio-i where it may tx
foni?I, ti ad :m? snitab^v reurardr-i._d21 Si*
N PURSUANCE of an order of the Sur
_ rog-te of the county of New York, Notice i? hereby
givt-nlo ?11 pe-OrODS having claim? against John Sbepard,
law of the cuy ?--f f?ew-*i ork, ??-^eier, decea-vr*!, to preseni
the same with the vouchers Uiereot to the subscriber, a' her
residence, So- 143 ll?_ if-street? in the city of New York,
ou or before the twentieth day of Jane ne it.?Dated New
York, the seventeenth dar ot December, 1342.
d21 la worn JANli MARIA -HE PARO, Adm'mistratrix.
Deceniber ?0. at Si. Thomas'?! Church, by the Rev. Dr.
Hstvke>. .Mr. Charles Wright to M'us Mary Ann Byrnes,
daughter of the iate Themas S. ?yrnes, Esq., all of this
?t C?;!i Sprins?, cr? the I3i_ li^t_, by the Re--. Mr. Sher
j wood. Ji.hn R. Xane, ct Oyster Bsv. L. I , to AI;?s Emma
II g^*, of the tame plac?.
On the 19th iost, .Martha E , infant daughter of I.'aac P.
ar.d Etoalinda Fowler, aged 9 weeks.
Their connetion* an?i triends are invited to attend the fu
neraj tb:* atternoon, a; 2 o*?*lock, from 46 Rmwtck-streeL
Ore 19, alter a short _Ioe?S,MissHenrietta Maria Benton.
aged 17.
At Pu laddphia, or. toe 17th List., Co!. Paul JicqaiR De
vernoi?, aged 90.
At B.ilinnore, on the l?th inst., af.er a short Illness, Mr.
Thnn-.as 0*Neil, aged 52.
At Ohio City, on the 12t!i i.is*_, Ssmuel Farnall. aged 43.
At Mon'real. lith lost-, J.sinej Rncbie Dick, M. ?.. 27.
At Queb-c 12:h last..Capt. Symons, of the bark Beliona.
At r*?. Thomas, U.C., Nov. 23, Miss Betsey M. Bostw'ck,
foi*m?*rtyof Gr.ai Barri?*i'.on, Mass.
LOOK AT THTS.?Just received from
Auction a ?o: of good ?ilk Velvets at only fi? fid ; loi
Fringe at6d peryard; lot Paris??oue!?, at only 3s fld: lot
Velvet Cravau. at l?h.i; lot Gimp, at 1 cent per var.i ; lot
Muffs, at only 7? Gd; lot French Flowers, at? cent?; lot
Sewing Silk, at2 cenU p-?:r ????-in; lot double width Lace,
dt is -i yririt ; lot c"id Woollen Yarn, at -I? 6 ! per pour?! ;
lot rin<* Lineo, ni 2? 91 per yard : lot Alpacca Lu?ire>, at on?
ly J.? 9d ; ?ot rt.oa;?clotn'. ?t It- G i * lot Ribbom at *i cents
pjryari:: lot Woollen S? i??. ;o only I?perpair. For sale
at WTLLET HAWKrNS*9 ?*'i??re,
(12! Sf SQ1 Greenwich-slreet,5t?i ?.?ore below Spring.
RY Gu(Ji)S.?'ihe subscriber vriehea
to reduce bis stock of Silk and Fancy Dry Goads a*
w a*i possible, will ?'*!! ai gnrailv redncexlprices, Tho^*
wi?!'in? t'ipurr!.?.!??' Dry Gi ;- will do well to call nod rx
?-iriiir.r- hi* sto.-k !>?-! ?re purchasing elswliere, for he is sH
ling nt i?-a?.t 20 p-r cen? cheaper iban ibe usual price askcl
for goods ot the sa:n? i!y?c i^iion, vuch as Silk, Mous de
Lntns, Calicoes, ?;ov.??. Hosiery, ice. kc. All of which
will 'or* soil ;?i wh llesale ano retail nt ?-xtrifordinarv low
price?. W. If BUTTS, 4 Maiden lane.
Ai?o, Oermnn Woorrted Goo is, such as 0-4 Woorsted Ne?
ShawU,Casiwackers, (for_lrlsaud boys wire,) L-gings,
Muffsand Boas. Plea*e npply as aftove. dj. 3,*
~4"IK TIGHT STO ViiS.?*T_e greatest
Xx ?arictv and rhenp?^t article in this city fined with
ea>* iron' and const* acted with a ?alety valve (on the Boston
plan) maybe found at No. 211 W.iter street. 2d ?loor (roi-s
Bi ekn-an street. Jost received irom Boston a superior am
ele with an oven. Ple.t?e lmI! and ja?lg*- fbryoaraeivee.be
?ore purcha?inir. No. 231 Water street, 2d ?loor from Beek
inan. _J_?121 Im*
r?SS?L'S PLnNEtAllT??Tor the
.tiu L'.nv. ??i* in Mn:ion?This ningni?eent and unpar?
alleledI piece of scient tic mecbanlirn, which rt*pre?e)tsour
? ? '?r system i--- nil it? interesting varieties, under the l'-ir?c?t
prtiponion-i ever ?rror.ipl shfil, ?rid the varied motionsOl
die. planeta v.-iih ?urh a big:. d?-?*rr?* ()f perfection and
mathematical exactness, is now exhibiting at the American
Institute,(northof li.** Cilyliall in ihe Park.) every ?lay
from9A M.to4P. M. Admittance i? c?.nts. A gentle?
man and two ladies 50 cents. Visiters who ?le?ire to attend
ti)u t veiling Li-ciur.* of the tame Jay (?.'?'? sp?cial advertise
n?ei.t,) will receive a tirket of admittance at halj price.
N. B.? t'y decision oftbe Trustee-? of the American In
?tUate, assembled in council, on the I2ib d.iy of December,
18i2, the Members of ibe ln-tiiut?- are ?>nuilt'?l to a lick-i ot
fiee admission, ??n.l the families of the Members (wives nnci
children) to admission ai hall pr'ce.
OORDON Y. LfSEDS, Reo. Secretary
Am?-rican Institute.
A synthetic or gen.-iai Lecture on Astronomy, IllostraUd
by ihis extensive and "?eaul?fol represehtaiion ofihesdar
system, wdl tie delivered every everiinj- ai 7 o"c'ork, a> ihe
Lecture Room ofthe American In-iiiaf, (north of ihe City
Mali) bv-Prof. Franci-J Fauvel Gooraod, D F.. S. Ailmit
tnnce S7i c?nts. A gentleman with iwo indie?, 7* cent.*.
Two ai aiytic conr.es of Lec-ures, one on Praciico-Tran
scendental- andanothsr on Popular Astronomy,illustrated
with ttie Planetarium Ti lesenpe?, numerous transparencies
ar.d diagi Kins, repre-entin;: all the interesiing particulari
lies of ttie Universal System, will also be delivered by Pint".
F. F.:uv?-l Gnnraud, to sotMCiiblng classes, eiiber in the
French. English or Spanish langjage, as may suit ihe ta?ie
?l the sub>criht-:5.
N. B.?The Synthetic ?or general quotidutn Lecture, illus?
trative of the Planetarium, will b** delivered on Saturday
in the French 'nuguage. cJ21 2w
TRACT w,ih ill**- L'nio? Transporta lion Company, are lully
prepared to forward ir-ois of every description to the
above ciiies with the greatest care and si-curity.
Running crates ur-on the nad under their own lock?,
they offer superior advantage*! for th- prompi tran?por;ati<in
am! delivery of valuable p-ckagrs, bahk notes, specie, kc.
Goods Should be m?ri?pd " ly??- of Adan?4 k Co.'? Ex?
press," and if left at the orhce before i to 2 P. M. will bf
forwarded on the sai^e day.
i-innll p?rka!*es rcceivei*. until h.V.f pail 4 ?? M.
A. it Co.'s Expr?**? for toe E-ist ?eaves daily nt 4 P. M.
Oltice in Philadelphia, 35 Chestnut street. ' trice in Ne\?
York,7 Wallstreet. d2l lnieo:!
Bif?uiw*ffiyfflWn,ll'HWffi??E^ ??miijiijuiiH? i?m
MILITARY BAi-L.?Tho Living?
Guard? ?di cive a 3sll ??:: F. i?t?rv **--?*e--*_-g, 0t.
i-U2_ ai vue Aroilo S?onn. Tickets can be h-M a*, fi ?
(? En-.:-;*? / J. Dd on, ?S6 Pearl ??_??_?(_ _ Fadoa *
Brc-klyo); Str^t P. H- Vall'an. 198edf-J-l >*. e-t- j
Hunier. 4't? 6re_kw2ei**??rc?M, c-mer ol Hubert-?.;
W ells. Jr. ?h avena?-, ?_ori;er :-? C;n-?:; ei, or of tts?* 1
urer. I Vaudam.^rn-rof Maed*_ral-?.
i!19 5t* W. iL D?iL*V-i_*-, Srcn ?
Hilhar. genii?nari .ire r? c*a-*?i_ ?1 tn appeaeu s
?i__JO_\?s MUSE?M?Mairble bt
lug, B-vadway, opp?'*--'*1 Si- P-t?Ps Chorc_
T*_te_ ?"?imit:?**d the ?me ereaias; ?_?
Ttie Man?****- ;.? ??pp?* to aj.noun-f<* that heb*_ a' a
tra?->ronjary expense ergi-:i:\' O-ne.-nl TO ? TH?03?
T*_?* me?, woruteriul D-nnufJn tt*** *?v?>ri._ lie p b:
foo? nr,.: icn inci.es u.^a, a..d wei^,,? cauy ufe? r? pou
T?.at ??eine prec;:-eiy bis weight -?he.* t?i?ee monitii
He is lively ?d talaau'e, c fin? symmeuicai prop-'-i
sud i? us.qat_.io?.?. -iy tlie gr?a? _ living <-i_ri?>?.;iv i"
?'?orl.i. .-.!?o engaged, ihe L'LLIPCTI ?N FA H IL
te- pert?_ers; Mr. C. S?eRnao. me b?-? _*?*?** S
Amei ica; Ce__e, :..e admired D?_*_??; _ws H?Kl
r-harming St.ns.sti>??; ihe Fortuue-Te tmg Sip*-**? Gir?
A?o -.i^ihiLiitii. t..e F3c >i?ileoi t?e***i?il piciui. ?-?I C
Mealinr ?e Sita ? th* Teta *-?*?, by l_r-j. ?V?-?:, ?-<?.
Albino Liilv, andyo.fr.O Cur.oushiv? AdmisSi?I to ?
i--*?i?; c!iil-?ren hait cri?e.
.LEN ?iil) AT i KA Cl i* -N, ? AL
SEL'M AND PirTl'K?. G ?l.LERY. __Ktwaj-opp
the City HalL Mr H BcsutX rT.M-ina-.er.
Entire Chantre of Entertainment?.
M.-. NE1.LIS, BliR.VwiiHUL'T AKdS, wii; exe
a ?Treat number of wonderul esptniL?. p**rf-rming ?>?? it
THE AUDIENCE. ; M ?*. J EN Kl v S, tt-e lalmltaUe <!
and snequalled B-.NJ?' PLAYER; Ma?t, MiAMi ?
MOND. tbe l*est ETHIOPIAN DA_Ca?ft :n Amer
Mr. D. WR1GQT.tbe FALSETTO vnc AU? T.
Penbi?aoces, P?ture Gt?ierv DRESSES OF QUE
VICTORIA, iive Albino Deer," Meroiaid, _c?ail for
-???il in jr.
Tnursdav?B?-nef?<:.'t M-, D. WRTG--T._
WH< 'LE, Hait" aud 1-4 Boxes Kaiei
Sului? and Keg; Rai?ins:
Zindt riuTants,
.M^ileii? an?? Gen->a Citron-,
Shelled. sweet ami bitter Atmend? .
Ground and whole "?pice?,
Pa;?r?he'I -urf hmwn Almon??i
Mailena Nuts; Ftlheris i
F.-esti Fi?s ami Prune?;
.">!'lr?i*a Grapes; Lemoa*-;
Fre?b D? *-*?; Orange?;
Whi-e ami block'WnJnuu;
Shelled P-anul?;
Peanuts, ?-oasted daily;
Ca?tn-?a ind Pec.?n Nuts;
Diie?l Plums, Peach??*, ic;
S; lit Peas; ?ne Hominy :
Tapioca and >a-_<>,
it.?i c;\rr?t.i ;nu V'ermace!
Bi'i See?f i>Tnll hinds
Rock Candy}
Juju: el'a-t ;Is n2
New yreen and black Teas, East ami W I idia C ?
2roun?l C??ffee,il?ily; Chocolatean i CocoaS1 eli-; prep;
?Jocoa ami faste; p?*'.ered,cra?hed aim loaf Sugar; bn
??d v? Inte Sujiar?; Mo'asse-aid i?\rnri?; Ohio Honej
jra*s; w. 1. Honey; Win?, ami CI erVine?ar; Speini v
die--, 4. ?Jam 1-; Mould ran.llr?; Winter and Kail Oil: Rw
patent Lamp??; Castile and Kancy Soap; superior Vei
So?p; Flour. China, But?<r..'. c.
SuperiorChamraigne; Mult a. P?>rt, Lisbon, Tener
P;ile .?n-1 Urown Sherry. Muscat, Claret, Sunn?, and ?;
Wine.; d?ifl and ??otiled, raspberry,strawberiy and che
very trci's; Frencli and Martinique C->riK*?ls i^? glas**; ?t
nor American Cordials on draft; Lon?*ou Brown ?hoiii i
Pniladelpbia Porter m-.i?rn and plots; old Metheirll?; 1
tied Chler.
La Norm.. Regalia and other choice Se'.'sr*; Ewst i
West India Gineer; Citron: Lime?; Pine Apnle; Orai
nul oilier pr_i-Tved Fruit?; Currant and Q.nceJe
Piikl?-? in botlle?; Sar?line?; m eil; C?pres. Oil*?? and .
chovies* London Sauce?; Mushroom and T?)m?i- Cats
London Mu>tJrd.
Tlie above anitles. top-eiher wit*, many other?, In
?greatest variety are for >??le by tL*? quantity or at retail ?
will be M*nt to any part of p-eciiy t're**or exptose, by
GASSNER i. ?OUNG, No. k_ Chatham Miret,
Near Uie Squ-?
G. i. Y. are the .?jrent- and are selling Saratoga Pa?ol
Wattn' at greatly reduced prices. d_ Uli
WORK?By Miss LAMBERT, with numerous id
o.ilioas by Butler; I voiuuie, 8vo,elei*<iut!y bound in ?:!u
?' It ie_lies much that is asetul and ornamen'al f->r ladi
work in our days, and exhibits no ?.-..? 1 share of r??seai
.in?! knowledge In tracing the hi-tory and improvement
wool, silks,?C. For a boudoir or toilet table, we ?c-?r?-'
nni w of a |irettier or more u?eful woik; an?! a??ucli,*ro
mend it lo the Kallaiits who would make acceptable pr
ent? to the ladies." [N. Y. American
"Itis, alto.ether, the m;>?t ?pproprnte gilt f.ir a la
who has a taste for needlework thai we have seen ihi. ??.
Si?n." [N. Y. 0?)?"i'ver
'? The hdi'-s s*y ' it i-j a love ?f a look,* and w?/ belie
them, with a blind confidence In their jaogemeni, foi ?Ahl
we trust, in due time, to receive some reward.
[N. Y. Com. Artv
?* One of the most elegant volume*? ever i?u??i ironi t
American Press." [Bo?tnn Evening Bulletin
" Tue very name implies utility, m ml die nit?-.? of mut
inlerspei?d throughout the work prove?, thai the a-m ?>t
publication is important ami vatuliiiie.'' [Bo?ion Traw
" We confess that, though the announcement of the t
awakened our curiosity a?t<? whatih?. bock would c??ni:i
we had no expectaiion of fiafltn.- such a combinatio.i ol
iiiiff et duke as ii exhibits " [Alb Eve.Joni
" This work is ?_'ot up in the most r.herche style 01 p
thinii ever attempted In this cotirlry."
[Philadelphia I?fes?engei
"Forms oneofihe most beautiful ?pecim r?*.<if hrx
mnkinsf. hikI one of ?he moil tast?*-'u! ornaments for I
?.vnik-table, we liave ever seen." (Charleston Mercary
Ju?l published and for sale be
Book.?lier*. Publishers ue.?l Importe ?.
1.21 -_No. I*?l Bjo-idwn*.*,
T~~K MPERA ?N C E?-But aot _*ee-??otal
The sab?criber oifersfor sale, pure Wines of lite f?
lowint? kind?:
Madeira, in wood and p:'a_ of vanoui crades.
Sherries, do ?io do
Pore?, do do do
Bursjundies, in glass, various kind?.
Hock?', ?Jo do
Champagne**, do do
Clarets, ?lo ?l-i
Sautern, ?lo ?10
The above Win? Are warranted to be of finequailt
Apoly to GILBERT DAVIS, cor. Pine and William-si
F.ne Blick and Gre?-n T^a?.
P. S.?A few ?Jem'johns of old pure Cognac Brandy, /
the tick. ?12! Iaw2w
G^ IFT BOOK-?A very geaeral a3sori
T ment of fine Bcw-ks, well adapted for proenu for tl
anproachintr Holidays, may le louml at S-*?XTON
MILES, 20.5 Broadway, including mo? of the Ent*lis
ami American Annuals. Beautiful ?ditons of most of tt
old an?! modern Poet*,? fine bioding. Also, a ?ire? var??
iy of Bibles, bo-b large and small, in eleyant biai?R.-, nu
on the be?t of paper, for ?p?rime? of which do not fail I
lake a look at their window in ibe morr.ln**; _ you p*
ilown town, and after looking pleast- st-p into the store an
ywu shall have Holiday Books at uric?? to suit the times.
Amone the Glfi Books offered this season we tbii.k th;
one of the best of ???m is Jane Taylor's works, in S vols
eltifartly hound in Turkey mor act?
.*.!?r?, a ?jrcat varieiy of Juvenile and Toy Book?.
Person*, intending to make presents are respe?:tfully ii
vitcd to call as above.
N. B.?Don't forget die number. It b 205 Broadwa?
second door from Fultor. ?121
K. iMc.MUN.N'? r_!i.-?- of Opium.
This is a new che-n;ca? preparation, contanin*? a
trie valuable medical qualili??of Opium, m a naiural ?tai
of comb nuiion, io the- exclusion of it? noxious principles -
Sol,! at wiol?.al?, aiid r?t??i? by OAVl? SANDS _ CO
Druejrists and Cheml*u,T7 East Broadway, corner of Mai
?________?_d2?2w i??
lvon band, received fr^sh every new arrival,a lar?
?Qpplv of good *ue, heilthy Swedish and Germ*.? L?eche?
tliai will biie qoiek For sal?* by the thousand, bundred.o
dozen, and put up in mrf so ;?*? to be transported wiib*-ie*.;
to any part of the country.
Leeches applied by a Cunit> ?ent person at any t rr.e.
Wholesale ?nd retail Druggi**_ and CPem'stj?,
d!62wii 77 Ea?t Briivi?1wav..-r.rner --a.-ke;?!?.
fpHE LADIES will find a very extensiv?
JL stock of English, F.-eec i and '?ermar. Perfumery
containing many new and elegant ?cent?, (rom the mo.
eelebrai?r<l aj<Dor^rl?.rer>, for ?:?le bv
dl5 2* IS DAVIO SAVPS $,. CO. 77 g-*-'. Sr??-lw_
French. Enslish and Germ?n Chemica;s, L?*eche??
ch i^.e Perfumery, Toilei S 'ap-s and Cosmeti<?. Al-o, i
laree a?.?oriment of Hair, Toou?, Ha; and Nail 8ra?h**s.
For sale, wholew'e or ?ftill, by
DAVIO SANDS ii CO., Chemists and Apoihecarie*?,
dl6 2wU 77 East Broadway, cornerot Market-?*.
I" NDIAN DYE for colorinj; Grey or _%_
Hair ?r VVbisners a ha'd?ni" B.own or Jet Si;?ck n ;
lew hours, withoai st.inin? ibesltin. Pnce 75 cents. Foi
sale bv DAVID SANDS _ CO.,77 ?a?. Bro^way, cornei
COLOGNE WATER.?Just received,
a fresh ?ap-jly of tbe tme G-nnan Colozne (F. Ma?
ria Farina) of a most dehc-us fragrance. Also, Cologm
Water ol our own manufacture, very tine, in quarts, ?pints
and half piuU?, for wie by DAVID SAND?? k CO., Ea.
Broadway, co.-ner Market-st._dl3 2wis
HllLL'S TRUSSES.?Notice to Puip
tured Ptn_?t*??Persons atf.icied with ruptnr?? maj
reiy upon the best ii-siruroent? aid the world a?oras, o?
applicalion at the ot5ce. Na 4 Vesey-street, or to efther n
the agents in the prir.cip_ towns in Use United Sutes. B?
carefnl to examine tbe back pad of Hull's truss?, to see i
they are endorse?' by Dr. Hnll ia writing. None are geno
ice,or to be reli?eI upon as good, without his rignatar*?.
Many penons have ande?aken to vend ?dial?ns o
Hull's celebrated trasses, and ??nosands are imp??ed upon ii
??_?tjuence. These ?mitaiio*? casoot be relied apon ; th?*?
are niade by sr.?ki_ial m_hani?, and an* no be?-?r U_j
the ordin?r*.* tru*_-s.
Ro<i-_f have been fitted up at No. 4 Vesey-stretu exolo
?veiy for ladies, having a separate entrar?ce from the bi_i
a?_. department.wher?? a female is ia consxint ailer.d?;??j
to wa-t upon female p^.tienti?. <^I tl
"IV"OTIC E is hereby given to all pcre-oni
_L - having claims aealost u?e Eiinte of PETER PALM
ER. late of the citv of New-York, deceased, to pr?*s-ni tb
same, wiih the vouchers thtrtA?, to the sab-crit? r, at lb
o-ce of Elias G. Drake, No. 4Z Wall street, in tt?e City o
New-York, on or before the twentv-t.*? dav <?f Jane ne_.
JANE PALMER. Esecairix.
New-iork, Deceaxber 20th, ia_. dii lawiJa.'
4 j ' | ??. -
Je?.,..ti R5e__rr***?*.o, ?".? ....
? -* Stew ?-K E ? ?. ?ni?. i.-.
L er?*Jc**_'-siTa..*-*-*?o_<i?? c-n w??__??i>_ty for a*-tt_k>-s
w r. n N F.-: o ?. v s: v km \- o
uA'a ?.'.'-? ; :.?-c_i.tvii- ., an? 8iett<M ?arrri?* ?N'ov? j, **7 v?.
? ' * ?? ?a. o Q arescoa :. --r.?-*-, n be*-?ifoi h.jiyd.y -| ?
.w*. >-> emi.d ?t.nie-.i,ii Anna.-.?, incl?diotf a.l of ml.?! e?_V
1 ??-*? ??-*?? ?-*? Kr^copsl (fm:iv?n fni.vfr Bnoli?; mw,.
-"-, -'; ."?*' "'?"*: ?batWr-f.--t.cco billing*.; 5 Pictor??!
VS. a?; P-Cr-aexl-l H-.I ry of t.-H* Re-font ??.'Oil. b+H rdU
!.,; hiij-t,,, en.,,* (,a,.,,v.3.; w?ttUft Great BVTai?.
?, '* 4 . ?'' . ''????",-?" U"" **? "?'?-??autlv bcan?l; -?Lord
B) :o: i? orte ini tritt u a ..c,s ? 0 r*.* and prvpuiarJoven
-.?, SO Poems of He?**re, e:rClIll morv><?; Jel-ers??'?
.?** 4': !--,vcr.-s. ..*. m-.vuKi, K**et,*2- quarr*; ft Pt.il.ps,
Cmranam. o.-t.u..'? -p.-r-b- -. ?. Bcck\ Medical Jurispro
deflce- ?-V RfSll_*SiA*ee] : I Historv, -,?,- "TiUtMM'n storks; S
Siuro'? Red-ct: ?. Si 3 Cxipei'.? N_*-,t Hl>*ory. 3v- PatrKk
It-ory? Waver"*?? it ?.?trat?o; Sn Richard-*!*-.**? Pro???* acd
Vf-rv. 3*/o; SO l'a?. 1-Yl.ows* Ofleru.g. IMS? 20Th-? Jewell
13*3; 5 Clark'-* Conin.tut?rl*s, Svo. kc. ke.
Extensiv. Sals of Ni* Book*?.?A large c-oUectioo
of net? aad tresh Mock, etfibrari?-.?- Standard and M.t??**?>,!a
icoas Works, Bibles. S.C., to bl? ?Old b> single copies or In
1W-? reams of An??**, Pspe*?; also. 25 cases .?f Anv*i'i
Let.er Papers coiv?>?tf.-*-* ot No?. 1. S ans? ?5, ruled and plain
-?wii'i be a Ad in ?-?aautiiies to suit purchaser*._
IJlTXPlOK. Jr.?t? tore ?54 Wil
i ? i'.HHive.. corner of f*in?*-?veeL
THURSDAY, Dee. 22.
At 1?. rvVjocI:, st tue at-ciion r??r*n*.
French Goods?By Catalog u?-?Ko? approved ?-udorsed
n ?-?.lib r.;;n:ib.???Ou cases French ?-ilh Goods *-*ompn?i-*'_
an exiea?;ve arriment of tsnev and staple article*? ?!" n?
ieni importations,
A'?", a !-, je and splendid >w*ortment of fan, eontvlstirf
Of MutT?, Bra?, Cap??. Sin fc Kobe?, i*c. kc. kc.
Al-o, 2 cases Laii;?**.? ie.d Pan? flats, velvet and ?atiu.
Also, n Urge invoice Ango! i F in-.*?*.
Catalogues ?ci<i ?ampt?-** on the ???orn'ng of sale.
FKtO.lY, Dec. 2S
CaTalocue- Sals? too ca?e*. of Kekncr, Gsrma:: and
CiJiNi:$s TOYS, su tubl?- or Holutav Gift?.
Al-o, ? spieudid inarDlc Staute of'^lercary, imported to
Al*>. 23 case?, la^irtf site Chinese Tea Candies, filled with
?reen ami buck Te.i
Also,a?p!?-noi.i a-sortment of Wine Stands of vario**?
?'.?apesand styles.
Alto, hi? invol-oof Bohemian rich cut Gl-is?, consisiing
oTDecantcrs, W?n?*?.Tu.nt>!*r?. kc kc.
Ali ). I en;- bca-itirnl B-oi xe Furore* for Pier Table?, kc.
aud l> ixwoodi tin and nsoroceo Tbeuvometers.
Also. 2 eis?-? Chine?e Di.e Boxes.
A!s*. I case do. Table M its.
A 'to, 4 Cbin?~e Pu nun;?? et Wharnpon. Macatt, _c. _c
.?:? '. '. rv.i. C.i?;;.-:r- v -Mi.?-? i while Cer.tre ao?l ?ptt-adld
': ?nirr
Also. ?10 sets carved irorv Ch??-*men??r?me verv ?plendid.
AU >, an in voir?* of superior Violin?, Ouiurs, Music Box?
es, Toile .te snd Wirk h ?ces, V'irnuu Clock?.
SA IL'ttOAY. Dec. 24
Ai 10 o'o'ocr-, m the auction rtxim.
Cloths and Cas-imkrk*??*'r.an ih? ?t ? l?e?~on acreslil
? if MX inonUis, lor approve?* endorsed i ou*s??n-o pieces ?u
peribr West of Bn.land Cloths an! ??-?inierfe, ju?i im
. ooi'ifd.
TUESDAY. Jan. ?7. l?-ff
By orde: of the Collector a) :he Pot, 303 packaire? ?Mer
chsindise.bbvia rcniained in the Pob?c-Siorc opwards of
une niobths. For particular?, ???*?? ibe da?y ?yaper?.
Al.*.-. S bah i Wh'.iev brown Clo.hs.
AI?o, 2 b ? . ? con .i Cnver*.
v Ito, 2 ca?e> bleach ?i i.- end*trea>k Clo.'-?
Als??, 1 case ?to do >l?u;;a-K.
AliOi I liiile lluckHhackTo ? clltlg.
Al*o, 1 bale i:i?pc. do
Also, 5 cases Sjx??l Cotton.
jfjft pieces 4 4, M ari-l 6-1 retl ami while Canton ?Matting.
t,"lCONOMY~?N DRKS8.?ExteMivc
A assortment of Rich, fashioaabie and elegaui gtxJd*fbr
winter wear. W.M. T. JENNING?, No. 223 Broadway
Arnerican Hotel,offer? for the inspection of ibe publican
extensive a???irtn*.eni of seasonable goods, comprising Bee
Tcraml Milled Cloth?, for Surtout*?, Sacks, Frocks, kc.
The Sack Overcoat?, (so much in votfue.) nfl'ordeo
fourteen dollar?, cut and trimmed in firsistyle, win be tau?
worthy th?- attention of the ? eouoin.it.
C-??Mineres in a ?rrent variety ol stylen for P.nlaloons.
From those ?vho have fouo-! -.ny difficulty In gelling ?nited
':. article, ?i trial is t-ollcited.
Rich Brocade >\lk and -..-.ini Vesting*?, femire n?*w tiyles)
for balls, partie*>, &C. Merinos, Vulvets, plain Silii?, Satin*
and Casshncres, nit of which will be m.iile np to opler no
d?_* the superintendence of as exK?.'i?-nt cuttert as san bf
?und in tl:e country at prices to ?u.i tnc times lor ready
iitftiey. ?1? i*tf
* A Principle made practicable is a Principle mide useluh'
.Ll ESl'AlILl.Sll.MENT. S4!3 Fullon**., New-VorV.
The uaoers.gued, in m nounciug *? their patrons their de
erminatlo.i to maun- strictly to lUe principle of cash deal?
ug in their business, would take occasion to sxy dial they
?uve become welt tat?_td of Hie practicability and aseful
ih?s of such a pl.in by the uniform su-:ces? which ha? al
tended its operation in their house frotu thuconiniencenient.
The advantages derived by the ? u-.tcii.er from the adop?
t-on of this .<> stein?.hereby r*.ilii':.g a gain or 30 percent
ipon creiiu prices?ihoy con. ?-iv.* pertfctly obvious, and
therefore c?*ed no comment. Of the merits of their hoiue
?ml the facililie. with which they art? Invested of furnishing
i cheap n?d rich giirnifiit, they will not iiiiate~fully a?
jre.1 us tbey arc ihm this -.?-tiple fact is ioo w?ll known
ibelrceh t.ntv loo wall established, io requin? furtlier re**
nark. And i? calhu-,? the attention of the geiali-meii of the
?.'mied States ami ?NVw-York in pariicu?ar. Io their aaaotV
roent of choice good*, i ?ley will merely observe that un-io
viatinK punctinlit*. and dispatch in answering the commands
of their friends is as mncna p*nof their system a? cash
rwytweiits. _ i-*? '?'?" J- C. BOOTH _ CO.
& LUID M A.G? ? Si AT-^Murray T and
JL Dinneford's Fluid Magnesia, a mild, mfe and elegant
-'-.ti acid and aperient, pof.?e?s:ng all the prnpertie? of the
Magnesia in genemi use, in a much more convenient form.
Kor sal-by ?AVI? SAJSD.S tc CO., 77 East ?ro??lway,
?or. .Market-?.!._dl9 Hwi?
UIV1A?\ EYE }Ml.yAM.?--?-D?8eased,
weak and ii.fl imed Eyes or Eyelids ?re mfely and
.peedily cured by the application of this valuabl? Ralsan:.
It is theb?**t remedy tont discovered f?ir i?ny disease of Ibe
Eye. price 37$ cents. Sold by DAVID MAND8 _ CO.,
77 East Broadway, ? -orner of Mi.rket-slri.et, 79 ?ml 101 Fob
..?n-sireri, anrt 27a Broadway. dl7 2wta
FUR SALE?Gold and ?ilver Watch?iT,
Spectacles, Pencil Cotes and Thimbles, Sliver Spoon?,
Uiamond. Kiiby, Emerald, Turquoi?, Cbtued and Plain
Kings ; Carnea. Amethyst, Garnet, Topar and Mourning
f gold Fob and Guard Chain**, gold Bracelets,
hair Bracelets, Hair braided to order ; gold Loekets, gold
Broaches; fine
Keys, with real ?tones?-Hing? ; with a variety of olber ?rood?
suitable for HOLY DAY Presents? all oftbe latett pattern?
and al verv low prices. Old Gi>l?i and Silver taken in ex?
change. Watches and Jewelry Repaired.
H. G.STONE,-ini Broadway,
dl7fjan2,s' _corner of Walker tt. *V. Y.
"QEIUL1TZ P-nVUERS-?lade of the
O b?ti imported material?, full weight, und put up verr
le-iiiy, fir rv.le wholesale or retail, by DAVID SANDS It
CO. Apothecaries and Chemists, 77 Ea?ibro<.dw<.y. corner
of Market ?t. dl7 2wla
J_ Anodyne Toothache Drops will enre the most violent
1'oothache i-i one minuie. Price S7J cent?. Prepare? and
?onl by DAVID -.ANl)-*" _ CO. *Ah.,le?ale and reiuil Drug?
gist? and Chemists, 77 Ea?t Broadway, corner Market st.?
79 and 10U Fulton si. an?! ??3 Broadway. ?117 ?t?i?
VE"?vUOAT?f?! OVEK-UOA'lt?! !??
The cheapest iiiti best in ihe market, made at snort
Mllce at No. 6 Jolnistreei.. The public are invited to call
tad examine. (n28 loo?*) ft E. LOCK WOOD, 6 John-al.
IVIDEND.?'ihe Board of Directors
of " The Howard Insurance Company" have de
jlared a Dividend t?f TE?N percent on the new capital.
oayable on an alter Novem**" 'il, 1842.
Novet*h?-r IS. 1R42. n\6 '?mit
? ECONOMY ];N DKEc-.i.?back ??r:
A ioou. .ht* sul'-fii Overcoats ?> much 'a Tog-jr, art*
iflhrded at $3, $12 -}H $ ?> *???'? $2n, ir??m <sr..?i. brown,
Mack and lnae -eaver aim Pilot Ci th? and tor ??I*, re?0y
:i?a?le. nt 229 Bioadway, American HoleL
d!5 isrf_^'! T. JEXNlNOs?.
U warranted equal in ?trength it? Russisn Isingass,
for table jel'i*., .'lane manpe, ?kc, and of great tervto***
*ne e dfiicate animal food i^ lequir..: Only quar er the
ones o; Ru>?;an. S?i?i by DAViD S.-lNDS <k C??.. corner
Ka.?t Broadway and ..la-l^^?l.-^ " ?116 twi?
H~>l-?*-;HOUND"CANDY at 20 Cents
per pound?Horehoand Candy (broken) made frotri
ihe Clarifie.'. Esserac?- o: Horehonn?l,&t 20 cenu per potuvd
lot* wie by IL L. _ A. STUART.
dl Irai* 2_S Ct.-*...-.>?-, ?ireet.
HENRY'S MAGiNKftlA.?The geni
U.e imported Henry's Magnesia, in boltie?. The
paresiand best Magnesia in use. For ?ale by
DAVID aANDS k CO ,77 Kast Broadway,
dl8 2wis_corner of Market-sueet.
LE ROY'S GUM "OIL??Forrendering
Boot* and Shoes durable and water-proof. Thi? ex?
cellent article is now sold ai the low price of 22_ cent? per
bot. It preserves and strengthen? all kinds of leather and
-fives it a da.'ability oneqaal.ed by any ihiog- heretofore of
tered to the pnblic. Manuiaclnred and tobi by
M. LE ROY k CO. 122} Kuli^-^e?-**t*
3 door? east of the ?on Offlce.
Coantrr mer?han? ?uppiied ai a liberal discoont.
dl9 lwifc*^_ _
ATC?E? lowerthaa ever.?In coa
seouence of the re?loction of ?.uties by the late
tariff the ???S?erfc sSSg his tu>ck of Cold and Su ver
S^A?d??^AS^i Lepin^aivd other Watches
?f_*W and i-vlencii-l patterns, a?id Jewelry at ?tad * a
cor.?iderab!e rtrdurtion irwu iorm*-T price*, betng nmcb
?^r iTan they can *e boaghl ior si any other place in
th?. f'tv GcAd W.tches ?? ?ow as $20 to ?2S eat?v?
?Watches and Jewelry excha.:?ed cr bought. All wai-rh?
warranted to keep good time or the money relorce?L?
W a:cl]?*-i and Clocks repaired m the best manner, aad war?
razle?., at mod? Isf-l man the tissai prices.
O. C. ALLKN. importer of Watches and Jewelery,
0t3fa if Whclesale and reuU, 30 Wall-et-, op iMaao.

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