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For The Tribute.
SI Srcam.
bt ACccsTfs s.-.oscaj.ss.
'T was Midnight! and tbe Student gazed
Upen his lamp, which feebly blared,
Flickering to and fro;
And, rising from hi* book, his eyea
Glanced o'er the star-em blazon'd skies,
Then on the vales below.
Silent the forest cast its shade;
While scarce a sound the river played
Thnt 'neath h-.s window ran *,
Sleep, Siled with sonil-delighring charms,
Embraced within her kindly arms
The varied soul of Man !
Tbe student felt the hallowed heur,
Ami rushing to his s*ol with power,
An ancient dream was brought;
Deeply*he mused ; his heart seemed riven ;
And there alone with Night and Heaven,
He struggled with his Thought.'
Before his eyes there seemed to roll
Scenes cherished by bis infant soul,
And buried in his breast:
Tbe humble cottage on the plain;
The childhood voices laughed again
With mirth in vain repress'd !
The forest waved before his eyes :
Once more the steep bill seemed to rise;
The laughing stream rushed on ;
The valley glittered with its flowers;
The birds again sang in their bowers,
Or sported in the sun!
His Childhood's flowers are on the blast;
His feet have? from the cottage passed,
And wander trembling forth;
And, buCnJing on the arms of Man.
He sought to cjonqupr in the van
The wished-for joys of earth !
With other tonguns he learned to speak,
And Thought began its powers to wreak
Within Iiis openiog mind:
His Soul arose and bared its blade;
Its banner in the tempest played
And fluttered in the wind.
In vain !?the prize before him fled ;
Yet still he marched with hurried tread,
And burning eye the while!
A gentle voice is in his breast;
His eager s*ep is half repress'd ;
He falters with a smile !
A whispering Hope is in his soul;
A wish?his heart cannot control,
And scarce his tongue can name ;
A wildness fills his blazing eye;
His books are thrown unheeded by ;
His bosom feels a flame !
O what can make this world of ours,
More like the wish'd-fer heavenly bowers,
Than love exchanged for love ?
The Patriarch's vision seems to rise;
A thousand angels throne the skies,
And down the ladder move!
Love's chains are pleasing, tho' they're strong!
His Heart leaps upward with a song,
And deems the prize is found ;
But like an an eagle, tempest-driven,
Headlong adown the warring Heaven,
It flutters on the ground !
In vain the Hope !?tho Wish in vain !
The aought-for prize is lost again?
Lost ever to his eye;
Like a stern captive, doomed to feel
Tho chnin, the torture and the steel,
He bears his ngony !
That ancient dream is over now;
But Ago is seated on his brow,
And Age is in his eye ;
And, liko a Pilgrim from afar,
Bent in a weary life of war.
He seeks his home to die !
And thus within thul hallowed bower,
On-ru9hing to his soul with power
That ancient dream was brought;
And thus he mused ; his heart was riven,
And thus alone with Night and Heaven,
He struggled with his Thought!
A'un.ic/., If. Y._
The Sundwirh I?lnndM.
Among the documents submitted to Congross
by the President with bis Message is a correspon?
dence between Messrs. Haalilio and Richards,
Agents from the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands, I
and our Secretary of State. The following pas?
sage from the. letter of tho Agents contains infor?
mation of gratifying interest concerning the pro?
gress of the Islands in civilization und the com?
forts of life, and the niKantnges of friendly inter?
course with tho United States :
Twemy-three years ago the nation had no writ?
ten language, and no character in which to write
it. The hinginge had never been systematized
nor reduced to any kind of form. Tbe people had
no acquaintance with Christianity, Kor with the
valuable institutions or usages of civilized hie.?
The nation had no fixed form or regulations cf
Government, except as they were dictuied by
those who were in authority, or might by any
means acquire power. The right of proprrty was
not acknowledged, and was therefore but partial I v
enjoyed. There were no courts of justice, and
the will ot the chieftains was absolute. The pro?
perty of foreigners had no protection, except in
the Kind disposition of individuals. But, under
the fostcting influence, patronage, and caro of hi*
Majesty, and that of his predecessors, the lan?
guage has been reduced to visible und systematized
form, and is now written by a large and respecta?
ble proportion of the people.
Schools have been established throughout his do?
minions, and are supported principally bv the Go?
vernment ; and there are but few. among tlie young?
er people who are unable to read. They have now
in their own langnage a library, embracing u con?
siderable variety of books, on a vartt ty of subjects, j
including the Holy Scriptures, works 0:1 natural j
history, civil history, church history, geography,
political "economy, mathematics, and statute jaw ;
besides a number of elementary books. A tegular
monarchical Government lias been organized, id'a
limited and representative character, a translaiio.-i
ot" the constitution of which we herewith transmit.
A code of laws, both civil and criminal, has been
enacted and published.
Tbe Legislature holds an annual meeting, for the
purpose of adding to and amending this code.
Courts of justice have been established, and regu?
lar trials by jury required in all important cases.
Foreigners of differetr nations have testified their j
confidence in these courts, by bringing suits in cases
?where manv thousands of dollars' worth of proper-1
iy was involved, and rhat too when, with but verj
short delay, they could have been carried before
the courts of other countries.
It has, moreover, been the uniform practice of
consuls and commercial agents resident in his
Majesty's dominions, aud also of all commanders
<of national vessels visiting those dominions, to de?
mand ail that protection, both of person and ol
property, which is demanded of sovereign and in?
dependent States, and this, his Majesty believes,
has been duly and efficiently ext-nded. While,
therefore, all" is demanded of his Government, and
nil is rendered by it, which is demanded of or
rendered by the Governments of sovereign and in?
dependent State?, he feels that he has a right to
expect his State to be acknowledged as such, and
thus be formally received into the genera! compart
of sovereign nations. In the request whim bis
Majesty hereby makes to the Government of the
United Slates, he has of course for hi3 direct ob?
ject the promotion of the interest of his own king?
dom ; but he is also very fully convinced that the
important interests of all the great commercial na?
tions will aiso be materially subserved by his do
miniuns remaining, as they have hitherto been, in?
Their position is such that they constitute the
great centre of the whale fishery for most of the
world. They arc *m the principal line of commu?
nication bvtween the western continent of America
and the easrera continent of Asia : and such are
the prevailing winds on that ocean that all ves?els
ivqoiring repairs or supplies, either of provisions
or of water, naturally touch at those islands,
whether th* vessels sail from Columbia river on
the rjortb, or from the far di-tar.f ports of Mexico,
Central America or Peru, upon the south: and it
should be farther added that there is no other
place in ail that part of the Pacific ocean where re?
pairs of vessels can be made to so good an a i- an
tase, or supplies be obtained in such abundance
arid o? so favorable terms.
His Majesty wishes also to remind the Govern?
ment of the United States that the amount of pro
per'y belonging to their citizens, which is either
landed at or enter? the various harbors a^d road?
steads of his dominion-, and is consequently more
or less dependent on the protection of his G ivern
ment, ca~not be less than from five to seven mil?
lions of dollars annually. Tnis property lies in
some ninety or a hundred whaling ?hip? and their
cargoes, and in some twelve or fiff-?'*n merchant
vessels, besides al?o a considerable amount of|
other property belonging to A'.n*r.r?n citizens on
shore. At some sea--on? there has not bepn !e.m
than three or four millions of dollars'worth of]
American property, and some fourteen hundred
American citizens at the same time, at the various
ports of the Island, r* q liringconsequently, in some
degree, the protection of his Majesty ; and he has
the happiness of believing that ??tfieient. and satisfac?
tory aid has always been extended to those who
have required it. In evidence corroborative of|
many of the facts herein stated, th-undersigned do
not hesitate to refer to documentary evidence,
which they believe must be among the papers in
vour Department <>f State, recently furnished by
masfsrs of national ves-els, hut more especially by
rhe United States Commercial Agent residing ar.
H molulu.
Upon these grounds his Majesty Kamhameha.
desires the acknowledgement nn the part of the
United States of the independence of the Sandwich
Mr. Webster in reply, pays that the President,
is awaie of the gratifying prospects of the Sandwich
I.-.Iands, and of the deep interest the United States
has in the preservation of their independence.?
Still he sees no necessity for any further treaty
stipulations. A Consul will continue to reside
there as heretofore.
Job Printing Office,
JtJ'.i fiw.sau street.
All kinds of JOB PRINTING,such as
Pamphlets, I Mamm ith show Bills,
CHr.cKs, Camus. j Coni krt Bills, Plain and
Insurance Policies, j Fancy,
Bills or Lading, j Political Bills,
Circulars, I Circulars, (neat) kc.
Promptly executed at the Otiice ol The Trielne. No. 160
N'ti'-nu-.-treel, (opposite the Par!;.) rl 13
WANTED?A place for Housework by
two industrious, smart girls lor moderate wages,?
Apply at No. I Sixth street. J10 2t*
V1/"ANTK1>?Situations by an English
y 7 Cook and an American girl for housework. Ap?
ply at 478 Broadway, basement. j!6 3t*
\ \J ANTED?Sittiaiions by two nice
V V industrious girls, for housework, washing, kc.
Apply at HI Mulberry-street. j 16 - ?
"ANTED?An neiivt; man with $200,
as partnt-r in a profitable rood fiu-ine-s, whereby a
handsome income way be realized. Address Men hint,
Ibis office_.. G -
?TER PO VVEK. TO LET, at the
Saw-Mill, Wi s! Panns, 11 miles from the city, and
acc< -?ib!r by water. Enquire i f
028 Im* JOHN COPCUTT, S48 Wathington-st
t^ AlSTEi)?Union Bank Bills of Dover
? v New Jersev at tialfp* r rent, discdnnt, by
j42w* PADDOCK ". \ WVLKt'K. I wall-st.
of Dover. New Jersev, allr.if per cent disci ant,
by fit 5w| I JOHN T. SMITH .V CO.,Na S? Wallst.
^,nw|a WANTED, at 6 per cent
ffp ?y\fl f \ f Inti rest, on productive City Real Estati
worin three times the umounL Address L ? L, Tribune
Office. _ dSB 1m*
TN F? R M A TD) N W A NT E D.?in form a
J. lion is wanted of! HOMA3 CUAKi, who came to thi
country oom Alhlone, Ireland; in the spring of CU2. Any
information concerning him or where he resides, maybi
addressed to Matilda Longworth, Warren-street, Jersey
City, New Jersey. _ _.ii" iw ?
S~T?:"\M EM JIN E.-A sec?nd-hand
Steam Engine, ten hor-e power, with boiler, in coin
leie order, tor sale at a great bargain. Enquire of
pj 12 lw* IL ATWVfEIL If!-' Pearl street.
?il . ? i\lU\ WAN -"ED for'T/aiitT^l
\? I w aV/v/ l./ monlhs. at T per cent, interest, pay
able M-mt-aMit?Hllv. Securities ni.idr satisfactory to the
lender. Address A. M. at tills office. jl4Si*
I>?AI?HNG.-A respectable private
^ family, occupying a handsome house, can accommo?
date with hoard 2 gentlemen and their wives, also a few
single gentlemen, with pleasant rooms on the second and
tnircl floors, furnished or unfurnished, on very moderate
terms. The family are plain, quiet and agreeable Those
who may wian the comforts of home may apply at 393
Greenwich street, corner Beach-st. J11 of
>USEYIS-; Examined and xposed.
Bv John Henry Merls D'Aubigne, author ol ihe His?
tory oi the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century, with an
Introdoctorj Notice el the Anthor, by K-v. Robert Baird,
I). U. In pre-- and to be pnblb ted in a :ew .; ,vs by
j 14 3t* Publishers ai-d R-.kscllers, 145 Nassau st.
TR?N S VEE?^ l{evi.:vi:i- Puubie Iron
J| Safe,second band. I ?? sale k>w bv
.i>2 lw* R. ATWAT^R, 192 Pearl-street
SI.!: if i I i BELLS.?A fu'! as.-o.tir.eut
o! loose and im? v strappe ? Sleigh Be>K at wholesale
and retail, by < ?SBORN .v LI i I l.K.
i4 2w* 3.!? Fnlton-street
/CHEAPEST, besi and most fashionable
ba New-York. Hats, Caps, MurF?, fancy Furs, Fur
Trimming, old Fur> suended to. at
itfi Im? MONARQURS. 224 Bowerv
jn UAH a WS N E W WiH K oil the nu
\X th-ii ii v of the Bible for Man's eating Flash, drinking
Wire, Sec.?First und St-cond Pan- tor tale by
<t28 Im? _JOtIN B?RDELL. 63 Chamher-'t.
f^OOK POTS.?25 sm<all size Cook
Pot-, suitable r whalii ; isi i.ir sair by
,i6 Ira_F. F. EDDY. :i Ohl Slip.
Stc of an in? Ivent manafactarer, tbr saic low- at 4'iS
Washiugton-street u2S lm*
H?KD-W \ R E F? PE H-U.)D ' reams.
.lirTereni sires. S6 by 40to21 by 27; also?5o reams
Envelope?150 gross Bonnet Boards, tvr < lr at minufac
turrrs' prices, by GAUN f t DERRICKSON,
i,l s l.*a Sonth-str?N t
\ IR TlfiilT STOVES.?Tne creates:
^_ jL variety and cheapest a*ticle in this city lined with
c.i?i iron, and const) ucte.1 with a safety ' atve (?n the Boston
plan) may he found at Na 2Si Water ?trert, 2d door front
Beekr-an street. Jcs-. receivt d rrom Boston a >apenor arti?
cle with aa oven. P;eis>- call andjodge f?r *oars?-:ves; !><?
fore purchasing. Na 231 v* att-r street, 2d door from Beek
waa. ?_d21 lm*
ranted as cheap as the cheapest than can he bought
in this City. Fashionable Hats" w arranted far bodies,
from $2 to $4. Splendid ImitationMo!esk= Hat<- clotn
under twitns $2 50. !: in any instance rhe above flats do
not give satisfaction the wearer can he amply- sat>t:-d
by givtng information in the subscriber, wh.-re" thev are
cons antly manutacturir g. .1 w. KELLOGG,
?126 lm* No 132 Caeai-st err. of Ttiomp-son.
I> EMOVAL of the Clothing; Store N?.
V M Bowery.? The >ur>^-ribers Intend ren;o?icg their
Cloibiwg Store "rotn No. 14 Bowery to the store adj?m:ng
(No. 12) on the first May next, and ta consequence thrre-y
tbey will sell out their prex-Pi stock ot reaiiv made clc-ih
ing-, consisting o: ? geocral asaartmeotcf Men's. Youths and
Children's Clothing at greaily redoced price?, in ort'er ibat
they may go into t?e:r new ?? * , t tire new ?t.vk.
To tho>e havi g ?.;>- Ca>b this is a rare chance of laving
ing ia very good clothing st a lv>w price, as we are rally cie
lerm'med to sell on" oar entire Rock.
CSC- lCi* GEO. A. ?0YT k CO.
V_x' Please a low me, '.nmcgh the columns of your piper,
to call the attention cf these wh* are scferiag fp?ra coughs,
c?t!ds. kc 10 a preparation for the relief of difficulties ot
this liir.fj by C. P. Colt n of this e.V.:
1 ba?e made frequ nl use cf Colion's Medicated Cnagfa
Caody. ar.d in all cases to mr entire .satisfaction. Abo, I ;
have been personally acquainted in cases of otb**rs wbo i
have nsed it with t?eresaixs.
It is evidently an agreeable and efficacious medicine, and
nary i?e ta?en freely w about prejud.cial eff-cts upon the ?ys
tern. la this !a-t r?-?p*?et particularly ii is tteciiecly supe- i
r or to uv* generality of article* ot the kind now offered in !
'he mark?! ?>? vafeanc harmless medicin*. and ta LhTehy, \
ha connection with its medicinal merits, justly entitles to the
first and highest confidence of Jiose who may ?wish the re- ;
li-f which it chrms to afford.
It a confidently believed one trial of this Caady can |
hardly fail to secure for it all tutare patronage.
I: > for sale at the sJcrenf C. F. Colton, Druggist. No
201 Main street, asd by other Druggists in the citv.
It. T. v? ELLS.
Harter-!, Nov. in. mz > [N. E. Wrrklv Review.
Sold by A. B. i D. Sands. Dmegists. Nos.79 "and liViFal- j
ton-Street, at wholesale and retail; also sold by A. B
Suittt Ca. 2TJ Broadway, corner ot" Chambers-?treet;
David Saud? ic Co., 77 East Broadway, corner of Mark*:- :
nrpHX. d!3 Im 1
v\nn dow sTi?DErf:?-wixiiow:
T V SH IDF-- !? The -a!'<cril>'-r- respect fa - inform
their friends and tue public that, having teased the spacioas ;
sto-e, .No.7 Spruce *tre>-t. a few- doors rrom Na-<aa. they
are now prepared to execute all orders for Painting-fev-ry j
description, wish neatcess,economy and despatch.
Ail k:n-i < of Sign Palling done in a s'.ylr rot to b? ?cr-:
passed by any otber establishment Gold Siirns, warranted |
rwt to fade. \ Urge a-snrtment of weil seasoned Sign :
Ba^rfis a 1 wars on band.
Banners, Interior Decoration* and Trassparer-eiescone to :
order. Designs furnished and executed in a ?upror-tyle.
Specimens ol work can always he seen and ref-.rencesgiven
by calling a: the abnvr place.
Trey h*ve on band nmi are constantly manuf^etsrii c
Transparent Drcorttive Window Shades. Strangers in the
city, keepers ot hotels, saloons, public piare* of re?->rt. and
tarn:iies. can always be supplied w in Shades < f the best der
scrip?on, and warranted Tue assortment consists of .p|e?
difi lt::ian Landscapes, Wild Vignettes. French SrrclK
Vignette? ami liosetie Crntre*, Scriptural View?, Far.cy
Sketcb and Got! c Landscape Centres, Tintern Abb"}?.?
Alt kinds oi Shades, no ma.ter how difficult, are paiutcd in
a superior style at this establishment.
They would likewise call the attention of the public to a
m si splendid Gothic Shade,got up ia good ?tj le, and war?
ranted to please.
Ti;>- trade generally supplied on liberal terms.
Trimmings furnished an.; Shades fixed if required.
Samuel F. Bartol,
Lewis K. Dr. Maowy._JU tf
^OLeSTaN'S Celebrated french
V-^ CEMEN T, unequalled for mending broken Glas-,
China, Qi;eei/s-ware, Ornaments, and fancy articles of
every description.
In ihe introduction of a new article, the obsarl" are
many and difficult to overcome, owiu^ in a great m^a-nre
to the numerous preparations sold for the same objects,
possessing tittle or no merit But the confidence of the
proprietor of t.'ti? Cement i.?such that if it fails to answer
the purpwse? for w hich it is recommended the money will
be returned. Articles mended with u may be exposed to a
very considerable degre.- Of heat, *nd will re*ist the sc: on
ofbniling water sufficiently long foral; ordinary purposes.
T!.e manner o> using this Cement is so simple tl at :he
mo?t inexperienced per?o;> cannot tail Ol su> rr<\. Each
bottle accompanied w;ih particular directions tor c;e.
Price 25 cents Sold wholesale and retail by D sands
iiCO.T" Ea-tBroadway, cor. .Market-street: 79and 160
Fnlton-itreet* anri 27f> Broadwav, corner Chaaiher; street
d29 Im
orison's Hygeian Medicinef?.??
NOTICE.?Whereas, A. A. Samanos,ol 94 Broad
wd . New-York, making an improper u?e ot M"-;ri.
Mcrison Co.'< appointment for die sale of their Med]
cir.es. This Is, therefore, tti inform the public that Mr.
Samanosis not authoriiedto sell' MORISON'S PILLS
in New-York , and that Messrs. Morrisons' only Agents in
N' .v-rnrk ura Messrs. FIRTH k HALL, of No. 1 Frank?
lin sonnre, trom whom alone the Medicines can be had gen?
uine, (Signed) MORISON Ji CO.
Datfd British College ,,{ Health, N? w Road, London.
Jnnt- Ifitb. IPI?. iv!> tf
(^TllE \r BOOKS?Robert Merry's Mu
J spurn. Edited by Peier Parley, for yeais IH;i and '42,
neatly bonndand containing 100beautiful engravings^seve^
rr\ pieces of .Music, and 380 pages reading matter, for One
Doilarl .Mu-ir.Ml Caiiinet, hound; containing 200 pages, ar
ranged by 6eO. J. Wehb. and embracing a great variety of
both sacred wad seen! >r Mn-ic. principally from the greal
masters, f?f the extreme low pric ol One Dollar and K;;iy
c. ni-' Price formerly $1. unbound. Boston .Miscellany,
elegantly b mod in bait Tuik:sb mororco, gilt, with marble
edgcs..for$"l 5Q. Al.-o. Graham's,and Sargeant's Magazine,
Lady's Book. Lady's Cs mpanfon Pioneer, Artist, and .Mis
cellany, ?l 2.r> cents a number, or j3 per >ear. Merry's Ma
?um. Ladyfs Pea: !, Lowell Offering, Mother's Assistant, at
>l per vear. Knickerbocker, Democratic Review, Mer?
chants' Magazine,per^year; and all the other various
Magar.ines of the day, wholesale and retail. All orders
from lbs trade supplied with the greatest promptness.
jl'i 127 Navsau st. N. Y.. ami 10 S.-h r>i-st., Bo-ton.
PETRKlKS' CARDS, Enamelled and
Pearl Surface.?Printers, Engravers, Booksellers nrnl
others Who buy Card-, will i.nd no card* in the country
eqnal to theselbrqnality and cheapness, f.reat Improve
menlS base been made in these Caid?. within a short time,
and the Enannled Cants are now warranted superior for
Copperplate Prindng,Styh Writing and Letter PressPfint
n", and are a heautitul artiele for Address and Visiting
CartiS;being of a clear white complexion, and a smooth
glassy surface. The Pearl Surface t'atd, for a business
card or tor u?ual purposes, are the best in u-e; they are not
surpassed bv any other in point of quality, and are warrant?
ed to prim well in every re ?pect, to bear a strong body ol
ink ir.'in l.oge type, and all lo wink equally well. They
arc sold at pi v es che iper than other card-, of inferior qua!
ity. Scabs of sizes and prices given to any who wi?b
then,and thee rds^Jbrsaie, wholesale and retail, by the
manufactu er*? i_ent. JOHN" ALLEN,
ii:i';.i? ':i _139 N,i-sau->:reeL
?MESSRS. ADAMS * CO. having an exclusive con
rRACT with the Unioa Transportation Compnny, aieiuily
prepared to forward goods of every deserip?ou to the
above i-:i;ec n-;ih the greatest care and security.
Ilcpi, ii?; cratek ypon the road under their own leck-,
ti ev offer superior ad vantages for the prompt transponation
aii.t dejiwry ? fv-ilu.f-Ie p -rkages, 1 n..k noie-. sp. rie, he.
Goodssbontd be marked 14 care of Adam? t <^o.'? Ex
press,*' and ii left at the office beforei'to 2 P. M. will be
fbr? a'il-.i on tin- same day.
; packages receivcii until half pas; 4 P. M.
A. i: Co.'? Express forthe East leaves daily a' 4 P. M.
Office in Philadelphia, 85 Chestnut street, '? 'rtii-e in New
York, 7 Wallstreet _d21 lm>od*
npHE SI 15SCRJ BEK. having pur
f chased the busiiievi of Jno. S. Summers, will continue
it 272 Pearl-st and oilers the following ?i??b for sab-.it
v^rr ow pi ices :
Steel, plated, bra*- ao.1 Japaned Bits
Mer-i. plated and brass Surups
Pi ited '>; ass anJ Japanesl 11 'me
Piat*d brass and Japaned Knehs and Latnrs
English Bridles-and Martingales
V> : i> ?!!?? It- ??: ? Ivory Rings
Coach [ace S r;:i_--. tales, Hutis
Patent Leather, Top t.eaiii-r
W. >r., Taeks. s\e?.:?':ng. Xc. and every article in the
Co=cii. ^larlli^s or Saddling line.
dl tf_HUGH i 1UGHES, 272 Pearl sL
G. MOFF?TT, 121 Princr-street, near Vt'rxe.'.-r.
w?uld ptsrti-'uin.-iy call the at:enti'n ot Hardware D<-*!en
xad Hanulaetnren to bis ?l?perior article ot Gennas Silver,
wuicli hf ofllrs for saie wholesale and reia'l, ot all tbirk
OCfses, in ' wurres-is it equal to any, either Foreigner De.
r?e<nir.f~<" e< .or ^nti B*ltrw-re. rtS t'
[VTOT CE.?The subscribers have this
?. \ day entered Into co?partner-hrp fir the purp--.se ot
importing Bool and Shoe Manufacturers' articles, under ihe
firm ol i il.Aio.Es; H, KEI L k co.
St..re. Mo b' K.-rrv-ttr. ~: ?120 Im'
't><; i tti. L?>\EK>?' superior Hlack
.fi_ Tea!?Ilow-qna's Mixture!?This extremelydelidoss
and unparalleled Tea,so highly celebtated iu Chhaa "?n<i
Kuiope, just imported, Is now tor sale at the Canton Tra
Company's G< ni i *i r<s. Bsi?bilsfament, 121 Cbatbarn-streer,
New-York, n < binese t?a.-kage? prre 5?'> cu and %\ each.
raySI ?-?
TTlle d aI^iTT'??TeTT~i\r a s <3
A.first rate aricle of Rolled and Plated Brass,can
, ? rab< fouudatJAJilES < MOFFETT, 121 Pr.nce ?l,
near Wo?K r. a: '.tie !,-.wr<; market nnr??. Likewise a vei j
?t.-ier-,.- ^ri:.-l..*?i llrw^rwr"? Rrn,i %7? I'
q7/la? A.M1'.?Cuuihouy ,v Nevers'.
CT^ 311 Broad way, have jest rrceiv-d a large addition to
beir stock ?f this celebrated Lamp, which is rapntiv sn.
pers. ding every oih.-r description ot Lamp, by reason of tts
superi r light and economy.
C CAfTtoN.? The public are cautioned to be on their
guard auairs: a spuri.-.us and worthies* article, purporting
it? lie the s.-.iar Lamp, lately thrown ntothewiarfcet at anc
i. :?. to '-ring 'iiscreait. tl is prevjmed. on ihe genuine ani
cie._ dID lm*
Tlx "pTVTES,?20? boxes aTaorted, for
sale bv
rt? ??IVXTSI.L. MTOTURN k cn .ws..Bum
LIVE OIL.?4>> pipes, for sile bv
dtS_ 73 Snaih-str-et
QEAL OiL?1GO0 gals. "iater-bleached
k_7 Seai Oi. tor sale low tor ra_-h by
;12 F. F. EDDY. 21 O'd Slip.
10 coeeee.?-.0ch) bags for sale by
_ _S > Ulh-st.
11? z1L ~S ? GAR st?500 barrel for
sale bv
dlS GRINNT5LL. MINTTJRN .t CO.. 7^ s^nth.<l
qheathing COPPER,?liXJ cases
k3 Kfjg; -h. from 14 to S3 <-i for -ale by
dJ3 ' fiRINNELL. .MtNTl'RN k CO^78 Sostb-st.
J A V A N~\ S I' < i A R?5UU boxes brou n
for sale br
013 GKINNELU MI.N'T URN CW . 73 n>wk^
.NOLISH LRON-?100 tons, weil as
sorted, for sale bv
KATES?A full assortment of Skates,
k_? ?trapped atid unstrapped, at wholesale and retail by
J?2ar? UNBORN k LITTLE, 33 Fulton-it'
rfvCer Ae-sr-grmmr. ? t'.-rr: t2i d-ts
p!r dady from ELaaoetb-Port to New-Yerk. touching at
New-Brighton and Port-Richmond, fach trip, ss tbilows:
on ar-.' aiier the I7r_a dar of October, 1342?
Leave EbxaaetB-Ton, i Leave N. York, pier 1, N. R.
Al7j. and 10 o'clock. A.M At Sj and 1^ A. ML, and
Ali, aad 3j o'clock. P. 31 ! Atlj and 4e'cl*ck. P.M.
On ??.'iay.
Leave Eiiiabeth-Port at 2 ?"dock A. M. and a: 3 P. M.
Leare New-York at K> o',-.,---i. A. M. x-n a; 4- M.
N. B.?Passes :? -? -'?<?-: - : >- ;?: r.Bins, Pia fi
Bocnd-Bme??. Somer-v-.^e. Ei?'-jo i. Sebooje- - Mountain
by tie Ehzaheih-tGven aud Somerville Railrrad Cars, w>L
leave New-York in the 3? Vcinck b&at tn the morning, anc
ia the 1; and 4 o'clock boats is the afiemocn.
Passengers from tfce&j o'clock boa: wili leave Soruernlb
in -tapes for Easton *.-vt lor Scbooieys Mountain ns the ar
rrvzJ of the cars at SomerTiiie.
Tee Horw Car will teare :>.e froct of the Union H t?-L
quarter c an h^ar previos? the :!-pnrt=re oi' each b.->at_
Ail borage a: the ri?fc ot !i>' owner. oI7
W: pa..?PEOPLE'S LINE. ?Fare $1 S oniy.
,Leave pjt-r No. 1. Nona n.\rr at Si o'clock A.
M. i;n.iv. (Sundays PT-?p:ed,l by steamboat to ERxabeth
ptn: or leave toe foot, t CmmblMtstreel ?t ?nVIorj a M..
by N.Jersey Riiiroad to EIrxabethlown, there connect wjtb
the tra:n Of cars for Somerv?le: coacbes thence (only 54
miles.) arriving at Ea?*ar. at <5 o'clock. P. M. p'or seats ap
piv ? ? A. D. Hope. Me-chav.t- Hotel. 41 Cortlandtst.
N. B. This route, on account of the short distance bv
coaches, comraeodsdtsetf to the public.
OrFre reTDOved from 73 to 41 Crtlundt sTreet. ?ep-<
QTJ LONG island railroad
??tfl?g '.'"'.: P \NY?"n and atter W.-.Instar, ?So
EELvetnb?r loth, 1842, the trains w:ll raa asfol
L.-3-.e Suffolk Station at 1 P .M
Leave D-*r Park at it o'clock, P M
Lesve Ricksville ar.d Henjpstead at 7i, A M and 2PM
Leave Jamaica al B o'clock, A M and Jj P M
Is ive Neu York, a: ?? A M and 4 j P M
Leave Brooklyn at 9J o'clock. A M and 4} P U
Leave Jamn:*a nt 3 o'clock A M and Cj P M
L? ave New York at aj A M and 4- P M
L B ? at Si A M and 4; P M
Leave Suffolk Station at I P M
Leave r>e-r Park at I j P M
Leav.- Hlcksvflle and Hempstead a: 2 P M
The 4; I' *.: tram runs to riick<vi!le only. The Sunday
44 P M train runs to Jama km ot .... nlfi*
jggflfo ADAMS fe CO.'S New-York
_^^rjr^j ?''".l F*v-e,v?The public are res .
fnllv* informed thst the sub-rrihers have f?iah
' . .1.1 E i; . \ v. ? \ . ? : d New.
ark. N. J . (or the transmission and speedy delivery of
package*. Bundles, Money, fce~,tl e colleetioa of Notes and
B :l-. aa.t ail oth'r f'usri..?? apperia .ntng '.o ?i, Ktpr,?
tjrders lor articles to be returned by the Express will be
delivered freeol ctiar?e.
Office in New.York at No. 7 WjH~treet. and in Newark
at Snv.h'. Newspape Depot. No. SSO Broa?i-st:eet.
L- .ivo New.York at ll\ A. M. ai-d 4: P. M.
Newark at 9 \ M. and Ii P. M.
- ^ -'trT'KRIE RAILROAD.?Fare to Grwhen $1.50?
'?~"?~~"" i',!ri ? r*s .*l 25.?On and after Monday, January
2d. li'4,1. ihe mr? of the New York and Erie Railroad will
run in connection with the Steamboat UUca, (Capt. A. 11.
Sennits.) daily. (Sundays excepted;)
For Passenaers?Ls are Courttondtstreei pier at 9 o'clock
A M ; leave Gosben at ijuarter past 8 A M.
For Freight?Leave ?--unl.oi.ti street pier at 3 P. M.;
Ie.>ve Hostien at halfpa t * A M.
H C. SEYMOUR, Supt and EngV.
TJ7" The passenger tm;n conuecu at Turi:or's with
R?>ai h's Mnii Stages for Newburgb, New Paltx, Kingston,
Cat-kili and Albany-, and at Gosheo with the Catbondale
an.' other Western Line of Stages. janS
i- \:y\rrt?NCErf"f(r\)\kla.m).
-SaSefcc kc ?Tai subscriber continues to transmit mon?
ey, tn sumi l-iige or small, to persons residing io any part
of Ireland, in the same manner as lie. and bis predecessor,
have don*, for the hsi thirty years ani more; also, to any
part of England or Scotland.
Money remitted by letter '.post paid) to the stb-cr>ber, or
pt rsoi.nlly deposited with him.wuti the name 01 the person
or peis >ns in Ireland. England 1 r Scotland, to whom it is
to l?e s?rir, and nearest po?t town, will b.- immediately
traasmilted and paid accordingly, ami a receipt to that el
feel g.vr-n or forwarded to the sender,
j 13 1.11* GEORGE McBRIDE, Jr. !t2 Cedar st.
N CHANCERY?Before the Vice Chan
cellor.?Tli* President, Directoi^k Co. of the Green
wich Bank. vs. Davis and others.
In pursuance of a decretal orderoftbls Court made in
Ihe al.ove cause, will he-Cild at pulil c auction under the
direction 1 f the subscriber, one ot the masters thereof, by
E. II. Ludlow, Auctioneer, at the Merchants' Exchange in
the Cilj ol New-Yoi k. > n ibe 3it.h day 01 January, instant,
at 12 o'clock, noon of that day.
All those two certain lots, pirn 1 or par.'els of land with
the buildingsdiereon, situate, lying and being in the Elev
? nth Ward ol the City of New.York, on the Westerly side
Ol Avenue D. hetwrer Eighth and Ninth streets, and known
ami designated cm a map of one hundred and fifty lots of
ground situate in the Eleventh Ward of the City of New
York, belonging to the estate of John Fi'ik, deceased,and
made by D. O? :.. Ciiv Surveyor, in Marcli A. D. I.-73, and
now on tiie in the office of t.'^e Jt-^isler of the City and
County 01 Ncw-Yotk, ks ots numbered one hundred and
forty-seven (147.) our liuedred nnd lorty e[ght'(I'4S,) andly
ine coi dguous to each other, which, lakentoge4ber iniund
ed as t..iiows, v.z : commencing at ike Northwesiei'ly c..m
arofArenue D and Eigbtbstreet ami running thence North?
erly along tlje Westerly line of Avenue D fbrly-slx IVet
eleven inches; dience westerly parallel with Eighth street
ninetv-tl.re? feet, iher.ee Soutin rly and parallel will. A?e
hue D.,forty-six feel -oi4 eleven inches, thence Ka-ierly
aloeg Ihr- S'ortiieriy si >?( Ei.'h'ii street itieeiy-ttir? e ie, t
lo Avenue D, t-e place of beginning.?NewYork, Jan.7.
1 WILLIAM Wl CAMPBELL, Master in Chancery.
A. W. Bradford. Solicitor. 2tawijaS0
~1C OKAN 0 ERY.?Before 1tTi7~Vlce
Clnnre?or ?The New-York Dry Dock Company vs.
Ileien Cornelia Dudley asd others.?in pursuance of u de?
crelnl order ol this Court made in ihe atwve entitle.1 cnu-e,
will be sold at put,he auction, under the direction.of the
-u jsc 1 ilier, one 1.1a ma ?:? r- then of, l?y Wilkins and Rol
hns. a ui tioRet r-. at the Merchants' Exchange in the city ol
New-York, uu die -^ui day ol January instant, at 1^ o'clock
(noon) 01 that da: ?
All the trjual undivided seveo-eigblhs of all thai rertniu
lot, pii sc. or pare I of hyid situate in the TwtLrtu Ward of
the city ol New-York, arid when taken togetle?r, bounded
and described as follows:?Beginning on the Easterly - ? e
of tke Bloomingdale road, at the intersection thereot with
ihe centre line o; Fi/iy-firsi s re.-t. thence.running alo a the
Easterly -'de of the sa 1 ? ia 1 9 iuth furtv-iwo de rets
West, to the middle o; a lane sixteen and one-half f* tt
wide, adjoining Ihe line now or iaie of'Andrew Hopper,
tbt nee along the middle-of saW ia;e? >,,uiii forty ni:,e ;(
gree-. Ea?t *\x hundred and thirtv five feet; thence South
lorty ?ix degrees and thirty minutes East to ti.e centri ol
the Siith avenue; t. ei ce Nortkerly'alonz she centre ?>
the Sixth avenneto the centre of ihe said Fifty-first -tr?et;
thence Westerly along tlie centre line o: FiRy-firsi rtreel 10
the place f hegt tin i g. being a part of the preaiises which
were conveyed by VVm. H. J.-.up and M ir> II m- wife, ;o
neary Dndley, by deed bearing date me iwetity-th rd day
of August, one thousand eight bun red and thirty-six.?
New-York; January 7, !8?3.
WILLIAM VV. c LMPBELL, Master in Chancer
A. t'Ri-T, S hcitor. j7 2tw'j23
~ BmvtRV Savings Ha.vk. >
New-Yoi k, J*nu-try 12th. 1M3 )
jVli'KXU.?'J'he Trusteea of ;his Id
stitution hereby notify the Depositors, that a -en.i
annual dividend, at the rateol rive percent piramjomon
all-urns t>i live <loiinrs and upwa; d. and less-:han live hun?
dred dollars, and. four percent per annum onailfums of
five hundred <!??!:irs and upward, which have been deposl
t*d at least ih.-ve moiithspr? vious to :tie 1?| in-tan', will he
p ,:,i io depositors, on ao-i alt.r Monday, the 16.b in-tant.
during the bours oil business al tl? i>ank. The interest will
he p-is?ed to the cr? dit af each depositor, and such a- ?hall
no: t?e called for will remaia a- piiucip?!, ami draw iutere.-t
from ihe Isi msant.
Tbe baok isopeu tor bc.ic-ss a; No. (S3 Bowery, on
M ?!.'?/Tim ..'ay o d S -tt::ti:jys, rr 111 5 to 7 o'clock v. >t.
Bv rt ol the Board of Trustees,
JAMES MILL-:, President.
G. W. Coggshall, Secretary. j;3 6t
A N AC ! respecting the Collection of
XJL. Taxes -n the City ol New-York?Passed-January
12tb, IMS?The People of the St ile of New Ya k repre
.s?-iit,-ti in Senate and Assembly, do enact as lb!to?vs .
Section 1. Li any t^x of any description on the e? ates
real or personal of the freeholders sad iuliabitauts of the
citv of New York for die year one thousand eighthundred
and forty-:??, shal! remi-in unpaid on the 2t'th tlay of Feb?
ruary' next ensuing ih.* passage of th;s act, it shall tb?n and
not before that time, he lawlul for the collector, who-e duty
it may he 10 collect r?ch v>?- to charge, receive nnd collect
in addiuon to the amount of ?nch tax. oi.e per c?<nt u; on
the amount thereoC ao*1 to charge, receive and coileci, upon
such tax. so remaining unpaid <>n ti e l^venllelll day of ea< It
roonth, between the nwnth 1 February next ami. the first
day oi April, the dto* prescribed by law for the cAWeciors
in the said city to make thftir rrtcrns to the Ciiarrib-rl tin or
Treasurer thereof, a fuiher addition or increase of one per
ce,-,: tip..r> Ii e g no it ol -uch tax, and such incre2.se nr per
cenia^e shall l>e paid over hnd accented for by such col?
lector as a part of ti.e rax collected by him.
Sec. 2. So mnrh of ail act? and parts ot acts as is inconsist
enl w the provisions of ibis .-,c. is hereby repealed.
Sec 3 This ?cr .-halt take effect unmediiiety.
Stale of New Y> rk,)
Secreiarj's OtEce. \ I hive compared the preceding
with an or ginal law on fiie. in l><;s
office, an-; do cerdry that the same
is a c.">rr-ct transcript therefrom and
of the whole o! sa;d oririnaL
Dep. Sec of State.
Albany. Jarsary J2,1Z42. j'.4
(i r FICES T?TET, in the second",
ti'^ fe. ? r . 10 urth stories ew bn .'-, N-a.
\L zud 160 Nassao-street; (Tribune Building?.) fronting the
Park arxt nearry opprnite toe city Hall Enquire of
T. McEI.RATH, on die pr.-mi-es ?23 tf
__ . en north wer.
corner ol Pi?.arveaae and 125th saeet, wh? &foQ lots, or?
namented w:? tree<i: also a pump neur the tloor; a?*ju:2
minutes walk from the Railroad. For fttRber oarucaian
laqu eof J-fcJ W LRVKRJDGE. 145Cberry-st>N>Y.
tu PL1 MHLK? uk tinmen.?
Jffiifc. To Let. a Store aud Dr?i'aien; very adTantageoos*
is u>...:ed and well a--ap:e,- to the above bnsiness. Posses.
stoo given immediately. Apply to T. McELRATH, 160
Nassanstxe et._o2S ti
X r-.-.hers.? Warranted ca?: net! e^r-r Tor.b mav be had
at tbesubscriber*a old es:aW?ishment, 33 Attiirney'st.. cr at
George Brings k Co-'s. 115 Ma_der>i=ce. New-York, at re
daced Drxes to sTtil the tira-rs. 10 per cent to dealers.
? a25 Sm" J OHN C ON G EN.
kok sale uk excha
JrJK The cottage b??t House and Stable o
I? v.. x .?^wnr in th* Cirv of N-w-York in compliance with the rtxjointions of the Reeled Statntes nl the
'? "\ VS"terebv a* fernen? of he Receipts and KxpenOtmres of:tit office fr? the nrn day ef
J V V gfc' :,/ j^^EKlnduig the balances in his bands standing to theertN?tcf the sever*
es in the Bcoks in bis office:_?? -
Names of Intestates whose Es
taies ! are b-en taken charge
ot by the Publ.c Aftmin&rrator
or his predecessor, and which
have teen ceretoiora rrported.
Where iroro.
u _
it ?
James Vaietou. Mercbaut.
Ahl ? Montier. Sempstress.
Walter Copptacisr. Grocer.
E labethUtrrtoe. Boarding-housekeeper.
Jo-?eph Young. Musician.
Samuel M. Buggs.Clerk.
t.ihr Esabrook.Merchant.
Pmlip Cavar.agn. Grocer.
James Snmerau.Jeweler.
Alexander LarTaitteur. Confectioner.
John McKown. Manner.
Jn: u. C. Peck. Merchant.
Joseph Lawtnn.Clerk.
R - rl Griersou.Jewel, r. .
Sarah Adah. Widow.
W im w. ram*wonli. Agent.
James Hs>n?ee. Mariner.
- FL Bulkier. Lawyer.
Achilles Merlin. Druggist.
? than H Penny. Boatman.
Charles McSoriey. Mariner.
Hears Brtackmona. (?rocer.
Bernard ttoih. Shoemaker.
James Wells. Mariner.
Margaret McCabe. Servant.
Geirrt R -rnstein. Spinster.
Rai pi S Rindley. Mariner.
Benjamin Perrj. do .
< y Boanessett. VVfaje Merchant.
Uexanoei Morrison. Mariner.
J.-Un B. Irwin. Physician.
Dennis Diitra'i. laborer.?
Anton o Canditus. Mariner.
ta Brown. Manufacturer.
I sepb I-a'd. (Jentleman.
MungoCurrie. Clerk.
John Steffins. Mariner.
Ji se Pereora.' do .
orge Row ell.
VIben Ferdinand.
W am Harvey.
Samuel Hurgm.s.
lehn Francis.
George CengoH. Cht mist.
John F. Sicvert.Manner.
Thomas Bascom. do .
lohn Hail.j do .
Frederick Werthensoha. I'nknowa.
William P. Dnhs-m.Clerk.
Israel P Smith. Manner.
JoIir V. Bormeth.Jeweler.
Diana Bubois. Servant.
Lew;> Sociers. Clerk.
lohn Atkinson. Carpenter.
Joseph Leo Wolf. Merchant.
!obn R tf' r. Unknown.
W :,; mi Bcrrows.! do ....
T. George Harrison.I do ....
W im K cj areson.Mariner.
David Pea body. Unknown.
I'tgnes PogatscUaig.Turner.
James Perm. Clothes dresser
"i i.o lennart. Peddler.
lac b Wlrtz. Victualler.
George A. Reinhard. Unknown.
John White. .Manner.
James Ward.I do .
Dan el Dnscnl!.,. Laborer.
Lni is Kinland. Baker.
I imes T. Moore. Painter.
Frederick Rhoda. Mariner.
w Uiam Conklin.'Miner...
Jean C. Bennison. Unknown.
John Duba-k. Mariner.
Cat?larhie Thirst.!SingIe woman
Eosebe Kaitrir. Comedian.
William H. Rolpfa. Clerk.
<',\,l Scbmidtman. Furrier.
Jol - Pinck. .Manner.
John Jov.i do .
Francis Graham.j dn .
I aac Mory.[Merchant.
Charles Hall. M riner. New-York
Wi ham Wal nee.i do .i do
John Morrell.' <to . New-Orleans
(Ihristopber Light. Grower. New.York...
; New-York....
I do
New- Ycrk.
do ..
N? w-Orleans ,
Uexander Brown. Unknown,
Join: F. Ileltjie. .Manner_
Anson Cole.r do
William Lane. Waiter.
Peter Thompson.Mariner_
.Linie. March.'Last-maker.
Name- oi hue-tales whose Ks-'
tales have been taken eharge|
oi by ihe Public Administrator
or his pre.lrcessc.r. at.d which]
have not been heretofor re-1
k Bacnelin.:Unknown ,
I hn I ampbell. Mariner.|New-Jemy
Jeremiah Deem
Deering. Unkt town. Ireland .
JohnAplimj. ,to .New-Ycuk.
Marcus Brutus.[Be-ardinghouse keeper ..' do
James Turner. Blacksmith. Boston_
.! i| n W.Cronland. Piloi. Russia.
,,vi Litil.-b-y. Comb-maker. New-York.
J bi Gallagher. Porterhouse keeper _ do
Adeline Bennett. Unknown. do
Isaac c< x. Mariner. Liverpool .
do . New York.
do . LiverjKKil
George Moore
Wj|ij v\ nod .
Josiah Dowdy ,
!tii hard Adams
Will am Brown
Th mas Adams ,
I'etrT Lllbtie
Charles B. Barker
New Jer?ev ..
fJl known ....
Ni w.York....
U rim.ark.
Bahimore ....
John Turn? r.1 c.i, penter. New Ybi k..
Peter A. Williams.[Mariner. Hamburg-...
Gi rgeAnderson.j do . New-York..
Peter Thomas.I do .su-'rin.
Kiclnril L -a. Poneihouse keeper. New-York..
Wjiiiam-Dunn. Mason.i do
W ilii .in Ttiomp-,,,1. 1'i.knowu.j do
W iliiaiii !lubb?r,|. Manner. do
Andrew Chi istie
R bert Mai din ..
Fram is IL Mathe
Charles Taylor ..
Hugh Morris?< i ..
I <lo . England.
Musician. England ....
Gentleman. New York...
[Soldier. Per:n.yiv;?nia
favern k.-. per.[New.York_
Thomas Bow.er.[Mariner.!Unknown
Yn.-in w f> rilson.
Hugh Curlce.
Matth! s R ker.
Edward Wetth.
Charles Rich.
Edward Bwwerbank.
Eleanor Mon i..
J;.se; h E. (..'ardoii.
Jane, Murriock.
do .I Massachusetts
do .New-York_
Grocer.I do ....
do .I Unknown_
Unknown .I Lo .don.
do .I Unknown
Manner.I rlo ....
S nele woman.[New-York..
obn McNeil. Merchant.Se?ilaod...
A. M. Harns. Mariner. Unknown ....
Ci tries Long. ,|o . New England
Mary Dwyer.s.ngle woman. Unknown ....
Chart' 5 A. Hornau.I do ....
Thorr.a3A. Mera. Unknown. Virginia .
JohnMurdock.io . New-York....
.Jo !. Oscar. t'aip?-nler. Sweden.
u : im Breckexrtdgr. Unknown.Scotland.
v- ni Morton, er Horton_ Manner. Norway.
JohnT. Hasfcell. Unknown. Maine.
Jo " Lyn?. Uii . New-York;...
w ' ? Boulton. Farmer. England.
William tiari-?riB. Currier.! do _
M ? ? biMSon. Boardioghonse keeper..[New-York_
'? Brown. Colored manner. Unknown_
Louis Di-rr. Unknown. Germany.
Joi.n Roberts.;Sh'p master. New-York_
George Walker. Unknown. Scotland.
Ernest Schotte.!Clerk.Switzerland..
:' ?.|Porterbosse keeper_New-York_
Patrick Rtley.|fin?rer. I do
Richara Ervin.iLaliorer. do
Nicho'as Waiib.? do .? do
John.P. Hudson. Mariner. . Denmark.!!!
Kl; ' ."" ,'v . . VVidow.New-York....
\nel M. Rnhus. Clerk. I do
Em I) H. King
Sanm-l Minerbi.
Robert P. Butler.
Miguel Nadal.
DjvkI Hughes.
i>e.>ni?- Hodgson.
Frr-derirk Meyer.
I-a.an E. C'cke.
David Jones J.
Frederick Nhzschtoami
Ena gn WHks. Mariner
v., - i Norton ..
G-o-.-e Wi?li... ,
To mas Lloyd ..
Charles Curtis ..
J.I.Ties Yeo. . .
James Thompson
P-itrxk Troy ....
Henry Jones ....
P ai eis Morris ..
Board nghouse kerpfr... do ....
Genth man.! do ....
Physician. England.
Unknown . Germany.
do . Ireland .
do .I do .
Cabinel muker. New-York_
Carpenter.'South Carolina
Unknown. Nova So.na..
Shoe-maker. New York_
. Eng!*nd.
do . Maim-.
Unknown. Ffiti.ir.,/.
Collector Cny Revrr.oe New-York_
.Mariner. Unknown ....
do . Connecticut ..
do .lisle of Wight.
Laborer. New-York....
Manner.J do ....
do. Fra?re
Will ,m Murphy. Mad rider....."jriorida*..***:
JamesB SIcLanby. Naval officer. U. Stales....
M. Ubeswer. r'nknawn.j New Orleans.
Peter SUgg... Merchart.iNew-Yoik....
? l' een. Block-maker.| do
.j England.
$10 9S0 27j
260 00.
SO 42
65 00
Unknown ...
Switzerland .
Tl 0BMU Clark
James Sinclair.jMa.-!n*r
Thomas Pritchard.| o0
Joseph Medl-v. ^0 "\"
WilUam M?-rrifiv!.i. fjn
Timothy Dwyer.! Laborer ....
f- -u ?-- I.-:-tir. Farmer_
fienty Boy land.[ Stoce-cutter
Gustave A Hambrit.Merehant...
Robert Soar er .| ro
u lliam Smrmons.\Marin*r ..!!.i Euelami"
:.S - v *.'Merchant.j Boston .....
**ttDwi.j co . England ...
i-.'sr nre d0 . do ..
, f w ,m',n..-hip-ma^er.! do
J hn.doore.Manner.I do
Peter Barras.j do .I <j.
ZapharWoo.1. Ccstnm llonse Officer.. .Ww-York"
Mary Wood. Widow. do
En.ar.uel Griffin.iMarifier. . "j do
John Caithness.\Pon^r.**VJ ^0
John M. Sloan.(Ship-master.'.'.'.'.'.'.{ do
' ? '?? Ur*.iTafior.:I England
i.i-OA ?y
75 W
13 86
1,786 28
1?0 31
21 22
63 80j
?U? CO
64 63 j
87 66!
19 97'
15 631
9 63'
4 Art!
600 pO
5 00]
36 6s;
21 42
18 291
96 43
I t 63
24 c?;
7? 39
19 421
9?? 31
34 611
204 5.8!
395 21
10 CS1
221 On
8 5-.I
6 16
1 87
7 08
6 17
3.5 H2
17 31
II 99
1(15 29
73 65
243 W
r,e t;4i
2,737 7h
"jo 251
4 89
I 75;
22 1 0
51 91
2j* sh
29 10
1,021 H'<
7 88
14 75
7 '?
S2I 56
21 (Jo
52 40
1,450 74
34 46
65 94
1 12
64 VJ
61 S9
9!1 II
132 02
13 00
1 45i
9 21 i
911 III
14-5 C5
329 09!
52 31
8 98
13 50
14 37
17 6?
SC 89
9 05
13 48
57 59
7 00.
7i8 65J
431 .Vi
711 72
5 in
50 04
375 30
36 39
8 97
81 30
61 22
65 16
22 41
26 44
5 4?
3? 20
10 50
33 00
1,176 14
276 f6
ino 20
.50 23
12 C6
2 00
4 75
2on no
119 50
25 00
96 90
5 10
11 58
11 58
11 58
12 00 j
9 591
137 18?
90 75)
5 49
163 00
1 40'
c - v - c
p c* a i
?5 I ~
J2S0 91
13 00 >
3 251
2S 90
S 60!
58 20
S 00
1 06
3 19
2 00
4 38
30 IH)
1 83
1 07
4 81
1 23]
3 51
4 hfl
1 73
10 22
11 20
1 79
5 2?
3 68
12 19
3 *3
130 93
3 51
1 10
1 59
1 -in
51 'it!
16 07
1 2a
2 62
72 53
1 72
3 29
3 21
45 56
6 10
45 57
7 \tf>
16 45
2 03
2 U
37 4.5
21 59
35 59
1 .01
13 77,
1 82|
4 07
3 ?b '
3 U,
1 12
I 32
1 90
58 81
13 31,
8 Ot j
2 511
10 00
5 94
6 Iff
4 56
-Z." \
$356 X$'
?2?0 00
57 69
117 79i
8 W
47 14
iO i9
6 ?n
to 92
16 50
248 04
12 ^9
5 On
14 64
58 77
40 10
76 26
61 75
42 90
6 4y
20 73
3 Rl
19 46;
5 12
13 59
197 9S!
1 K5
22 48
14 39,
2 .'0
4 eoi
47 12
S3.5 01
25 3?
in 00
3 77
34 3?i
13 IS
4 -9
49 70
79 SO
2 50
4 08
1 14
6 I7|
44 24
43 70]
40 75
99 291
Sil 46
2 62
4 H3
16 67
193 90
5 00
7 69
615 73
2 1'7
6 63
2 S3
2 06
2 18
41 00
12 78
55 47
5 79
4 62
5 77
11 On
6 no
73 87
12 75
2 63
5 66
6 69,
77 SSI
5 do!
8 35|
7 01
5 00
19 97
15 63
9 63
2 50
4 50
216 47
10 501
16 Sil
12 52'
20 301
21 56
15 65
39 94
14 63
24 60!
27 CS
19 42
47 73
29 06
141 62
395 21
lt? 65
2.4 00
6 16
4 40
> 6 20
1H 19
17 31
10 49
:<3 61
45 <5
4H 57
4.' 73
I 57 69
i 86 89
4 : ')
I 75
15 5n
31 !?l
29 48
28 00
712 *5
7 X.-.
12 75
7 56
129 43
24 lio
1,450 74
10 381
3-1 lit
229 t'i
. 3* nc
I in
64 53
12 f>i\
39 56
4 9-.fi
116 20
39 48
7 05:
1 90
9 21
777 26
229 21
25 13
2i;5 ?'.7j
34 '.7
8 98
13 50
9 61
10 78
96 89
1 90
6 85
3 4<i
14 (f7
51 93
7 251
209 4.M
221 65
1C9 97
4 40|
7 15
157 381
13 471
4 351
51 84
Itt 96
19 16
3 90
fc3 17
9 52
9 7:
1 9.1
5 48
3a 20
6 30
8 8H
16 ?0
4 9C
123 10
24 41
13 2-'
6 co
4 .50
1 90
4 89,
40 So
114 i -
2 40(
9 90
7 .7
II 58
11 58
11 5H
12 ooi
1 90
8 K7
9 26'
! 9?
23 96
2 19
137 li
4 17
798 5S
4 579 66
1 9S
4 37
7 40
46 13
2,253 83
19C 07
969 13
10 79
275 20
561 53
104 79
2 00
21 48
S 17
34 93
46 77
336 15
131 91
15 81
14 70
343 71
42 63
45 58
A 56
62 96
2 24
17 63
I 49
71 IT.
V8 00
195 26
17 91
l.ObO t/7
6 50
309 80
2 M
192 13
33 43
26 90
51 33
724 91
82 M
5 35
681 90
119 92
4.J 4:
17 53
4 7?
b ?6
5 66
539 M
-W ?1
601 75
10 39
217 B
17 92
4 52
29 46
44 26
46 W
12 92
16 72
21 2?
153 1?
135 79
37 01
C 0$
150 I?
1 42
2J 6?
66 73
3 X
163 < ?
Dated New York. January 2.1243
O'lO 3w) (Ev. J. 2awSw)
K. KETCHUM. Public Admir.bo^or.
, ****** Lt raIe TCTTJaw at 4/18 VVashington-fL
EARTHEN WARE.?8 crates superior
Ware?Tea Setts?tor sale by ? . .
?13 GRINNELL, MIN TURN, k Co. 73 SoBth ?.

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