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From Grabau.'. Magstb* l?f
Che Croto?fc? Sottett
How fast the flitting figure* come I
The mild, the fierce. \be atony face;
K * ;.-i>ht with thougnrJess smiles, and some
Where secret tears have left their trace.
They pass?to toil, to strife, to rest t
To halls in which the feast is spread ;
To chambers where the funeral guest
In silence sits beside tbe dead.
And some to happy homes repair.
Where children, pressing chec?c to cheek,
With mute caresses shall declare
The tenderness they cannot speak.
And some, who walk in calmness here,
Bhall shudder as they reach the door
Where one who made their dwelling dear?
lu flower, its light?is seen no more.
Youth, with pale cheek and slender frame,
And dreams of greatness in thine eye !
Goest thou to build an early name,
Or early in the task to die?
Keen son of trade, with eager brow !
Who is now fluttering in thy snare 7
Thy golden fortunes?tower they now 7
?Jr melt the glittering spires in uir 7
Wht? of tiiis crowd, to night, shall tread
The dance till daylight gleams again ?
Who sorrow o'er th' untimely dead 7
Who writhe in throes of mortal pain 7
Some, famine-struck, shall think how long
The cold, dark hours?how slow the light!
And some, who flaunt amid the throng,
Shall hide in dens of shame to-night.
Each, where his tasks or pleasures call,
They pass, und heed each other not.
There is who heeds?who holds them all
In His lar,;c lovo and boundless thought.
These struggling tiles of life that seem
In wayward, aimless course to tend,
Are eddies of the mighty 6tream
That rolls to its predestined end.
From tbe Boston Mercantile Journal.
ZBtyat Jittrcpt?iti? can 3ceomplt'sfj.
COURAGE is a quality which is always admired.
Without it, physical strength, largo thews and
rigid muscles are of comparatively little impart
ance, in a contest where life or liberty is at 6takc.
With it, the weak, the diminutive, or the infirm,
will exert a power, an iafluence, which is almost
ever successful. A man possessed of moral cour?
age will always be respected?and one poasessed
of indomitable physical courage will be feared, and
perbapa respected also. It is indeed surprising to
witness the influence and effect produced on a body
of men, by a ?ingle individual of a resolute and
dating character; particularly, if ho should be
armed with a cutlass or pistol. A band of oidin
ary moo will quail before him, as long as he is in n
situation to face them ; but so soon as his back is
turned, and he is off his guard, a rush will be made
und be will bo instantly overpowered. Stem reso?
lution and physical courage will always triumph
over btute strength, and, frequently over numbers.
Many cases might b? adduced to prove the truth
of thin position.
A number of years ainco, n ship called the Sa?
bina sailed from New-York for the Pacific. The
ctew consisted of twenty men?most of whom had
served on board English men-of-war, and were of
a lutbulent, unruly character. On the passage out
there hud been symptomn of discontent and dis
bifection, and rnoro than once a revolt had nearly
broken out; but order and discipline had been re?
stored by the firmness of the enptain and hia offi?
cers. The second mute was quite a youth?a mere
stripling, not more than nineteen yeurs of age; but
he possessed gre.it energy of character, determina
tion, and courage. The men were, at first, not
disposed to treat him with the respect which was
due to the station which ho held, and which he
waa determined to exact?inconsequence of which
they owed him a grudge, and determined, with the
first opportunity, to show in what estimation they
held his authority.
An opportunity was presented. The ship was
lying at anchor in a port in South America, and it
was necessary one afternoon for the captain and tbe
first officer both to be absent on shore, for the pur?
pose of procuring aomo debenture certificates?and
the ship was left in the charge of the seaond mate.
Tho men, stimulated probably by intoxicating
drinks, which wore regularly served out to crews
in those days, soon became turbulent and insolent,
and at length poremptonly refused to obey the or?
ders of the youthful officer. Ho saw the occasion
demanded decided and energetic action?that o
crisis hud arrived, and that the question was,
?whether tho crew or himself should conquer. The
result would determine matters for the remainder
of the voyage. Ho called to the carpenter and
sternly ordered him to put ono of tho seamen, de
hignating him by name, a tttout and powerful fel?
low, of u turbulent character, whom ho regarded
as the ringleader, in irons.
The carpenter refused, declaring that he would
not put one wf his shipmates in irons, without or?
ders from the captain. The second mate made nn
reply, but went below. In a moment afterward
he roturned on deck, holding in each hand a load?
ed pistol. He again called the carpenter to him,
and the lightning flushed from his eyes as he said
in a slow, measured, but determined tone, "Car
ponter, I order you to put that man in irons, und
1 will be obeyed ! If you hesitate a single instant
to obey my orders, 1 will sh?ot you through the
head ; and if any man," he added, raising his
voice, " attempts to prevent you from doing your
duty, 1 will serve him in the same way." He
cocked the pistol in his right band and raised it
to a level. Tho carpenter and the remainder of
the crew saw that he was-in earnost; they felt
that ho would be as good as his word, and the
spirit of resistance was quelled ! They knew that
they wero in the wrong, and that their officer was
in the right, and no farther opposition was mani?
fested to the commands of tho mate.
In the evening, when the captain and chief mate
eamo on board, much to their surprise they found
every seaman belonging to the ship in irons, and
the second mato quietly walking the deck, as un?
concerned apparently as if nothing had transpired.
On the following day the men acknowledged the
'^propriety of their conduct, and were restored to
liberty, h U hardly necessary to say that there
was no farther difficulty on board that ship-during
the voyage.
A number of years ago i was in commaud of a
vessel lying at anchor in the bay of Gibraltar. At
about tbe distance of a musket shot was anchored a
ship beiongmg to Boston, commanded by a young
but active and worthy man, whom I shall call Ber?
ry. We were on intimate terms and in tbe habit
of associating a great deal together. His crew
was composed of old sailors, most of whom were
foreigners, and with two exceptions were addicted
to intemperance? that is, they would get drunk
whenever they had a chance. But generally speak?
ing they were correct and respectful in their de?
portment to their officers.
One morning early, my first officer came below
to inform me that there was queer work going on
on board the Harold?tbatthe men, somo of them
Baked, were parading the dock, shouting and
laughing and cutting all sorts of capers, but neither
the captain nor either of the officers was to be seen.
Alarmed at this information, 1 caused my boat in?
stantly to be maaned, with the intention of pro?
ceeding on bowd the Harold to inquire into the
cause of tho strange proceeding, whoa I saw Cap?
tin Berry earning off from the ?h?re. He came
on board my vessel and was much agitated. He
said that the previous evening, after he and his
mates had turned in, two of his men had lowered
the aterfi boat, and gone on board a Spanish felucca
and procured a quantity of brandy?asd that all
hands, with the exception ef an old man and a boy,
had got *} crazy drunk," and bad made a sad dis- j
turbance during the night, setting h? authority at |
naught, and treating hi* mates with ndicule and
contempt?that he bad been ashore to get assis?
tance, but in vain, and that hia officers were thea
in tbe cabin, in great tribulation, not knowing what
extravagances cr outrage* tbe crew might be in?
duced, by the spirit of mischief aad brandy com?
bined, to commit. He requested me to accom?
pany him on a visit to Mr Henry, the American
consul at Gibraltar, to aolicir aid in subduing und
confining the most violent of his crew, and reas?
serting his authority on board his ship.
After a hasty breakfast, we went on shore and
found Mr. Henry at. hia office. This gentleman
hod previously been in the United States Navy,
and was possessed of much energy of character,
but was altogether courteous and gentlemanly in
his deportment. He listened to our statement of
the transaction, but frankly told us that he could
procure no assistance?that the authorities of
Gibraltar had invariably refused to interfere in
cases of the kind. He told us fan her more that be
would go with us and make application to iho
proper authorities in this case, that we might be
convinced of the accuracy of his statement.
Application was accordingly made, and, as Mr.
Henry predicted, absolutely refused, although the
case was represented in the strongest lighr, and
appreheasions were expressed that unless oome
Hid was granted from the shore, scene* of violence
and perhaps bloodshed won lid probably ensue.?
The reply was that the Government could not in?
terfere in a case of revolt on board a foreign ship
in the harbor.
Wo returned to Mr. Henry's office, Capt. Berry
expressing in strong and audible language his dis?
pleasure at the result uf the application. He was
interrupted by the Consul, who asked him if he had
any handcuff's or shackles on board the *hip. He
repli'd that there two pair only on board.
'* Very well," sttid Mr. Henry, " you see now,
sir, that 1 have done every thing in my power, offi?
cially to procure you assistance on shore to quell
the mutiny or revwlt on board your vessel. I will
now aid you as un individual.?Go?procure a
sufficient number of handcuff's and shackles?and
return in half an hour, and I will go with you on
board your ship, and put your men in irons."
" But," replied C?pt. Berry, " the men are abso?
lutely crazy, and will oppose any force which pre?
sents itself. They can only be overcome by a su?
perior force?by the bayonets of marines or sol?
diers. Some of tho crew are men of great physi?
cal strength arid courage, and ure now frantic with
passion und spirituous drinks. It would be mad?
ness to attempt to subdue them without an armed
" I have seen sailors before to-day !" calmly re?
plied the consul. *' I know what stuff they are
made of?and am willing to go with you?and I
assure you that I shall have no trouble in restoring
order in your ship."
" We must go armed, then," remarked Capiain
Berry." *
"No," said Mr. Henry, "wo require no arms.
Meet me here in half un hour."
Cnptuin Berry wa3 thunder struck at the propo?
sition of the consul. It. seemed to reflect some?
what on his own character f-?r integrity and reso?
lution?and it was with difficulty that i could per?
suade him to procure the irons and return to the
ronsulato at the proscribed period. We found Mr.
Henry awuiting us?and another American ship?
master was with him, who wished to go with us,
in order to sen the sport, as he called it.
We proceeded on board. The mates were still
below?and the steerage was blocked up with
empty barrels and boards which the drunken crew j
had hurled down the companion way. They still I
kept posseesion of the deck, and were as riotous,
?is noisy and us frantic as ever. We want along
-ide, and in a few minutes stood on the deck of the
Harold. The seamen gazed at us with some sur?
prize, and collected in groups near the windlass,
with an air of scorn on their countenances, und
making gesture* of defiance.
Mr. Henry, without a moment's hesitation, ap?
proached the seamen. "* What's the meaning of
?11 this?" be exclaimed in an authoritative voice.
Captain Berry, show me who is the ringleader in
ibis daring act of insubordination."
Captain Berry mentioned the name of one of the
*' Seize the rascal!" exclaimed Henry, fiercely,
to the mates, who by this time had made their ap?
pearance, on deck, by crawling up the cabin sky
.ight. " Put hire in irons !"
u You shall do nothing of the kind !" cried a
sulky, traculent-visaged old man-of-war's-nun.
? You are not going to put any man in irons on
*oard this ship."
" What's that you say, you mutinous scoun?
drel?" exclaimed Henry. At the same instant he
seized the fellow by tho collar, struck his ancle a
violent blow with his right foot, and laid him
-prawling on deck, before a man could utter the
celebrated phr,ase "Jack Robinson."
" Bring here the irons !" cried the consul?and
a minute had hardly elapsed ere ihe drunken ras
<-!il was snugly secured from doing any farther
No farther signs of resistance were shown.?
The remainder of the crew submitted with a good
4race. A few of them only were handcuffed?the
rest acknowledging their error, and promising to
, atone for their misconduct by their futuro be?
Mr. Henry went on shore after, by his resolu
?ion alone, the revolt hod been quelled. But the
.tuthority of Captain Berry was never nfterwnid
fully re-established over that crew. More than
once, while lying in the port of Gibraltar, I ac
??edifd to his request to remain on board with him
during tho night, when some of tbem en had given
. vidence of an insubordinate or mutinous spirit.?
And I afterward learned tbut there was a great deal
.jf trouble and difficulty between the offieers and
crew on tbe passage from Gibraltar to Boston.
I have always found that when the master of a
??hip is unable to control his crew, and is induced
to apply to the authorities of whatever port he may
!>o in, for aid, and in this way punishes them by
imprisonment on shore, or in a guard ship, all re?
spect for him from that moment ceases. His crew
will almost always cherish foi him feciings of con?
tempt, and will be very likely to resist his author?
ity the moment he leaves port for the wide ocean,
where he can procure no foteign aid. A master of
a ship, provided be has justice on his side, and is j
possessed of as much judgement and nerve as are j
required for him lb execute properly the duties of
his profession, will never require any aid fnraj
armed men, in order to enforce his authority and !
preserve discipline. j
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quality dounie Kefined Sugar at their lowest reduced cash
prices, naruely :
L.-J3I?10 cents per pound } When less than fi*e packages
Crushed?10 cents per ** 5 are purchased half a cent per
Powdered?10J ?* ?*'**. ) pound additional.
The above are packed as loiiows:
Loaves, in boxes ef 50? p?unds )
Crushed, in bbis. of 200 " > No charge tor package.
Powdert inbbls.o/250 " )
Apply to the New-York Patent Sugar Refinery, comer
Sooth and Montgomery-streets, or at t9 Wail-streeL
N. B.?Orders out of the city mu?t be accompanied by a
Ulf lm*
South street,ofl'cr for sale?
English Sheathing Copper?100 cases from 14 to 32 oz.
Swedes Iron?60 tons, well aborted.
Tiu Plates?200 boxes, assorted.
Try rot?21 Try Pots; 14", 1C0 and ISO gallons.
Gallrgo Fiour?1200 harrel?, Iresb.
Rio Coffee?2500 ba?s prime Green.
Havar.a Sugar?300 boxes brown.
Havana Sugar? '*Ki boxes White.
Rosfia Duck?300 pi?ces, 24 and 30 inch.
Russia Ravens Duck?5(0 pieces.
Russia Bolt Rope?l5ii coils, assorted sizes.
Russia Diiipers? 50 bales.
Ru-?!a Crash?25 bales.
Russia Sheeting!-?10 bn es. brown.
Flormte Paper?It) bales, er.iided to debenture.
Madder?2t> citsks prime Ombro.
Ivory?50 ptinje Teeth and 500 Scrivrllos.
Chinese Si>y?50 jars; 20 cases Chinese Vermiilion.
E. I. Rhubarb?-520 cases; 10 cases Lac Dye.
Winter Nutria Skins?4 bales prime.
Earthenware?3 c a;?.? suporior Tea Sets.
(Miie Oil?40 pipes.
Candies?300 Imxes Sperm, assorted.
Winter Oil?1000 gallons unbleached.
Chalk?2*0 tont; 500 io?8Steamboat Coals.
Abo?An assortment of China Silks, viz:
White Pongees?SO cases SO inch.
White Pongwe H.tkfs? 5 cases.
Wime figured Pongee lldkfs?5 cases.
Crimson Figured Pongee Hdk's?5 cases.
Satin Dauiask?1 case, assorted colors.
Crape Shawls?20 cases, embroidered, various patterns.
TiyiE INSURANCE.?The Mutual la
sura?ce Company of the City of Now York, incorpora?
ted 1798?Capital, $350,000?continue the business at insu?
rance against lOss or damage by fire at the reduced rates or
premium. Office, No, b* VVnll streeL
GEO. IRELAND, President
A. B. McDcnalo, Secretary._ol 6m
pnny?Capitai 1300,000: Office Na 54 Wall, st Tb?
Company continues to make insurance agtinst loss or dam?
age by bre, and inland navigation.
Uensselarr Haven Naja* Taylor, CorKW Lawrence
J. Phrliipj Plionux. W;iliani Couch, Micah Baldwin.
John Morn-son, B.L.WooI!ey, Nathaniel Weed,
Joseph P.. Varuom Fanning C.Tucker,John Rankin,
David Lee, M?ig* D.Benjamin,.;olin D. Wolfe,
Caleb O. Halsted, Wilkau: W. Todd, Ferdinand Suydam
lienry Q Thompson. R. HAVENS, PresiuU-aL
Lewis Phillips.Secretary, ds
2D* TN A Fire Insurance Company of N.
XJCj Y.?Office No. 57 Wall-st?Injure against loss o:
damage by fire on dwelling bouses, sui. es goods, furniture,
vessels ana their cargoes in port, and property generally on
as favorable terms as any other office.
Charles Town, C. S. Woodhull, John T. Stagg,
John AIlaM, Genrge Pomeroy, E. B. Clayton,
Fred'k Pe.Hi, P. Louis Foulke, Geo. Colgate,
Russell Stebbhts, J. J. M. Valentine, Isaac L. Platt,
Chester Clark, Wra. Wbitewright, R. M. Blackwell,
L. M. Hoffman, Wni. A. F. Penu, G. W. Coil
S. D.Skillia, M. L. Marsh, Jos. Jamieson,
R. Pegg. J- U. Muller, Joshoa Joiies,
A. W. Hupedcn, Jno. Van Bo<kerck, Silas Wood,
Theop's Anthony, Daniel L. Gray, William H. Thorn.
CHARLES TOWN, President.
Henry Lott, Secretary.
a2fi tf Richaro P. Dunn, Surveyor._
FIRE! FIRE!! r IRE !!!?At any sea
son of the y>'?r, anil at tfiii more especially, (wtien ac?
cidents by fire are of frequent occurrence) the subscriber
would call the attention of the public and parents in partic?
ular to the celebrated Fire Ointment of E. C. k R. E. Moss,
long known and uwd with unparalleled .success as a sure
and speedy cure for Burns from whatever cause, ami in
their worst statte. He would also state, that In almost all
cases, ii immediately applied, it will prevesu blistering and
the other unpleasant const qaences which ensue,and would
therefore advise eVery one to have a supply ready at hand.
It is also an infallible remedy for chill-blains or rrost-bite*.
In order to make it an inducement, and so that no one need
be zcithout it, he has it put up in po-s at 2s and Is each,with
lull direction* for use. REUBEN E. MOSS
f3 lm* 306 and 508 Grand-rt.
SHADES.'?The subscribers respectfully inform
their friends and the public that, having leased the spacious
store, No.7 Sprnce street, a few doors from Nassau, they
are now prepared to execute all orders for Painting Ofevery
description, with neatness, economy anil despatch.
All kinds (,f Sign Painting done in a style nottobesnr
passed by any oilier establishment Gold Signs, warranted
nut to lade. A large assortment of well seasoned Sign
Benrds always on hand.
Banners. Interior Decorations and Transparencies done to
order. Designs furnished and executed in a superior style.
Specimens of work can always be seen ind references given
by calling at the above place.
Tney have on hand and are constantly manufacturing
Transparent Decorative Window Sunde*. Strar.gers in the
city, keepers of hotels, saloons, public places of resort, and
lamilies, can always be supplied with Shades of the best de?
scription, and warranted The assortment consists of splen?
did Italian Landscapes, Wild Vignettes, French Scrolls,
Vignettes and Itosette Centres, Scriptural Views, Fancy
Sketch and Gothic Landscape Centres, Ttntern Abbeys?
All kinds of Shades, no matter how difficult, are painted in
a superior stvle at this establishment.
They would likewise call the attention of the public to a
most splendid Gothic Shade,got up in good style, and war?
ranted to please.
The trade generally supplied on liberal terms.
Trimmings furnished and Shades fixtsd if required.
Samuel F. Bartol,
Lewis F. De Mauny. jll tf
261 W est Eighteenth-street,
bct-itiecii'Jlhund \Uth Avenues.
THE Subsetiber respectfully calls ihe at?
tention of the public to the great variety of articles
manufactured at this establishment?sucb as Stone-Ware,
Earthed-Ware, Portable Furnaces. Chimney Pots,
Green-House Tile, Flower Pots, Oven Tile, Backs
and Jams, Fire Brick, kc fcc.
As this is the only establishment of the kind in the city,
where the above articles are manufactured, the public are
assured that nil orders will be attended to with promptness
and punctuality, and on the most liberal terms.
N. B. A great improvement has been nude in Portable
Furnaces and the sizes enlarged, and warranted suneiior
to any s,>ld in this ciiy. WASHINGTON SMITH.
16 lm*_
R- ARE OPl-AJKTlWfY for persons
desirous of entering into a lucrative business, with
linnteol me*ns.
A patent having lieen secured for taking Plumbe/s Colored
Daguerreotype Likenesses, and also for Plumbe's Galvanic
Gilding and Plating Apparatus, the patentee will dispose
of Rights, Apparatus aud instruction on the most favorable
The superiority and simplicity of this Apparatus is so
great, that any one, with a lew days' practice, would be en?
abled to eoatmencc business and make money. The entire
Apparatus is so portable as to admit of being packed in a
space of about two cubic leeL
All post paid letters promptly attended to. Address
Plcmhe D.aturrrian Gallery. 251 Kro.nlwav. N. Y. ?21 !m"
itv special Appointment.
OSEPH GILLOTT, Pen Manufacturer
TO THE QUEEN.?CAUTION.?The hi'lt cliarac
lerot these Pens has induced the attempt, on the p?rii?t
several disreputable makers, topracticea fraud not only upon
Mr. GilUtt, but also upon the pabHc An inferior article,
bearing the misspelliU uame, thus, Giliol,omitting the finai
t, is now in the markfcL It caa readily be d?tecled by its
anfinisbed appearance, and the very common style in which
It is put up.
Observe, the genuine Peas are are all marked in full?
?Joseph OIBott's Patent," or "Joseph Gillott, warranted;"
and that each gross bears a fac simile of his signature.
The above may be bad, wholesale, of HENRY JESSOP
jy 15 1v 01 Jnhn-stre*!. corner of ?olri.
Summerville. V J. Nov. 26, IS42.
Dr. Jayne: D-ar Sir?1 send yu the following certificate
obtained from Mr. Guile*. 1 would jast state that I t>ecame
acquainted with Lim aboit two years ago. At that time he
was entirtly bald, with the exception of a l(;ck of bair on
the back part of his head, about th~ size of half a dollar,
and that lock rf hair he told me-had been made to grow by
tie u?e ot your Tonic; previous to which, he positively
vers, that be had not a single hair on bis bead. The hair
now covers bis beAd eomplateiy, and is from four to bve
inches long. Very respectfully, yours, kc P. Mason.
Another Proof of tub Efficacv or Dr. Javni's Hair
Tonic? This will certify that I was entirely bald for about
three years, when 1 was recommended to try Dr. Jayne's
Hair Tonic I procured two boales of Mr. Mason, in Sum*
raerville, and u.ing the Tonic for about fifteen months, my
hair came in all over my head, and, although not quite as
thick as before, yet it is cor.standy growing. This surpris
iug restoration of my bair has excited the astonish me at of
all my acquaintances, aud made me an object of curiosity
to many. I am now 55 years ot age, and have reason to re?
gard the inventor of this matchless Hah Tonic as a puhlic
benefactor. JoAcmx GfLicfC
New Gcnaaniown. N. J. Nov. 25,1842.
Prepared only at No. 20 South Third st_ Philadelphia, and
305 ttpqd way. Price, gj 00?6 botUes for $5 00. lof lm*
?Was tbe pathetic exclamation of the prophet of Israel,
as be beheld tbe degradation and miseries of bis people?
and do-s not the heart of the philanthropist move with emo
Lors of commisera ion and sorrow as he witnesses the hope?
less and balplrss condition of thousands dying all aroand
bim with Consumption, and other pulmonary affections,
aal ui ask," is Uiere no balm that can beal theai g nor phy
sicia? to rescue them from death ? Yes, there is a balm
that w ill beal tbem, aud at once arrest ti:cse fatal diseases
and restore them to health. It Is found in JAYNE'S EX?
PECTORANT, which aever fails to relieve.
It is prepared by Dr. D. Jayne, 305 Broadway,New-York,
and20 Soutb Third-street, Philadelphia.
Price, 81 per bottle._ssf ins*
FINE BOOTS, for Three Dollars, at
retail, made of Calf Skin, sewed whh a fair stitch, in
fa-b:on?ble style, superior in quality and durability to those
usually sold at four asd five dollar*. The manufacturer
possessing great advantages and having made recent im-'
provements, is enabled to offer a better article for the price
than can be sold by anv other. A large snppry jusi received
lor sale at 115 Maiden Lane, one door froai Pearl-sL by
diseases to which cbildre n are exposed, Dooe are
so fatal to iheni as Worms. Unfortunately, chihlrea are
seldom free tn.in tbvrn. ard as they imitate the symptoms of
almost every other complaint, they often produce alarm?
ing effects without beirg suspected. They are not only a
cause of di'ease themselves, but their irritation aggravates
all other diseases, wandering from one part of the body to
another, winding themselves up into large halb and ob
structing the bowelsand frequently the throat, causing con?
vulsions, and too often death. The desired remedv will be
found in Dr. JAYNE'S TONIC VERMIFUGE, which
will very soon destroy the Worms, and invigorate the pow?
ers of digestion so as to prevent a reium of them.
r Prepared only at No. 20 Soctta Third stree., Philadelphia,
an.-' S05 Broadway, New-York. Price 30 cents per bettle.
lCf lm?_
lake pleasure in callinp the attention of our read
en. to " jpCARPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL," for the cure of
Dea'ness. From the favorable accounts we have heard of
it. we feel a saiislacMon in recommending it to the attention
nf all who may suffer from Dearness This is be only med
icine ever offered to the public lor enrrg this disease that
we felt a cntiderce in, and its effect in different cases which
have come wilhin our knowledge have been such as ihe
most sast'uine could wish. Persona have been cured and
r? ii<-ved who had given up all hopes of ever bring benefited,
li is a little surprising 10 us. wSile so many are sufferers from
dealness, that no successful effort has b^en made sooner to
prc.iu-.'C something which would effect a ntdical cure. A
methane, however, is now before the public by the u*e ol
which, all may be relieved of aa ex-eediugly dttagreetfjl?
disease, and enabled strain to enioy the sooiety of their
friends. We say to all arllicied, by all meat:* try it.
[Alexander's Messenger. ?
Prepared by B. Bell, nnd maybe had at Dr. JAYNE'S
Store, Sft5 Broadway. New-Ynrk._IQt Im"
above Tax has been put into aw hands for collection,
bv die Trustees nf the Village of illiauisburgk?aod but
a*-bort time allowed for its ct.l!?ction; it is necessiry,
therefore, thit immediate attention should be given to Ibis
mailer by llio e who would koI be subjected to the addi?
tional expense of having their lots relumed unpaid and ad?
vertised. _ , ,
1 slia-l attend at mv office, on First, nrzr Grand-street, for
the purpose of receiving the above Tax, In m 7 to 8 o'clock,
A. M., aod from 4 to 9 o'clock, P. M , of each bu-iness day
WILLIAM D. L**WERKE, Village Collector.
WjlHamshnrgb. Jan II. 1813._ j27 )m*
Positive cure for corns.?
Sir Astly Cooper's celebrated Com Salve has now
been before lh? citizens of New Y?rk for a sufficient lensth
of lime to test its virtues, anil we nre happy to slat- that so
far as we have been able to learn, it Lai p oved itselt an in?
fallible cure. Its use has we believe been attended with
perfect success ; as the following certificates will show:
This may certify that one app.icalion of Dr. Cooper's
Orn Salve has perfectly cured my corns, and from its ef?
fects in my case, and that of many others which Invc come
within my knowledge. I a?? disposed lo regard it as a spe?
cific. H. IL SHERWOOD, M. D. 3.1.5 Broadway.
1 hnve used Dr. Cooper's Corn Salve wiih perfect success.
Mv Corns were of long standing and the worst I ever saw,
so !)ad that I considered them incurable, bui one or two ap?
plications of the above named salve entirely removed them
'without pain. W'YMAND BRADBURY,
Publisher of the Boston Miscellany, he. 127 Nassau sL
Sold wholesale and retail at 135 Nassau ??. and retailed at
James R. Chilloii's, M. D. 2ts3 Broadway; Messrs. Sands,
273 Broadway, Mrs. llirper's, 57* Bowery, 133 Fulion sL,
Brooklyn, and at James It. Han's, c?mcr Chambers ;t. and
Broadway._ U3Jm*
oo1Wg"~cough and "croup.
is widrout exception the most valuable preparation Ln use,
for the above diseases. It converts Hooping Cough into a
mild and tractable disease, and shortens its duration more
than one-l.a!f, and produces a certain and speedy recovery.
From half to one tea spoonful, will certainly cure t'-oup in
infants and young children, in half an hour's time. Tne lives
of hundreds of children will be saved annually, by always
keeping it on hand ready for every emerg^ncv. Prepared
onlv by Dr. D. I.VYNE, 305 Broadwuy, New-York. Price,
i oo?6 bottles for $5 no. 10f lm*
neglect it; thousands have nut a premature death
tor the want of a little nitention lo a common cold.
Have ycua Cough.'?OR. JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT,
a safe medical prescription, containing no pnlsonous drugs,
and used in an extensile practicefor.sfver.il years,'will
m >st positively afford rebel, ami save you from that awlul
disease PULMONARY CONSUMPTION; whicli nnnua.ly
sweeps him the grave hundreds of ihe young, ihe old, the
fair, the lovely nnd the gay.
Have von a Cough.'?Be persuade- to purchase a bottle
of the Expectorant. TO DAY I to-morrow, may be too
Have you a Couch.'?Jay-lie's Expectorant is the only
remedy you should take to cure you.
For this plain reason, that in no one of the thousand cases
where it has been ussd has it failed to relieve.
Prepared and sold by Dr. Jayuc, 305 Broadwav, New
_ not, do not delay another day, but send immediate
Ij ; if you have hi en one of the wise and prudent, asd al
ready bought a bottle, the question is sealed?vou have re?
covered your hearing. S ARPA'S OIL FOR DEAF?
NESS never fails. It is the only medicine that will cure.
Thousands of deaf persor s will give their testimony In its
favor. The beauty of the ihing is, thai ilcures yon without
pioduciiig any pain.
Prepared by Dr. B. BELL, and is sold on agency at Dr.
D. Javne's office, No. 305 Broadway, New York. Price,
$2 a bottle._f 10 lm*
W~ Art! WAlTTWAR !?-The Wig
Makers have declared hosiilitiesagainstourneigh
bor, DR. JAYNE, on account of his HAIR TONIC, which
is knocking all their business into a * cocked hat' Ladies
iml Gentlemen, old and youag, are flocking to the Docloi's
standard. Heads long divested of even the first rudiments
i?f hair, after u-mg his Hair Tonic, soon appear with new
and ll iwing locks, which Absalom himself might have en?
vied. Beardless boys are seen with large and bushy
whiskers; and ladie* smile again through their own raven
rinjclcLs, more beautiful and bewitching thau ever. Bald
heads are doffing iheir wigs, and throwing them to the
?motes and bats;' while the wig makers siand aghast as
ihey bwbold ihe demolition of their business. What will be
ihe consequence ol this war we know not, as the wiggies
are outrageous, and ihe Doctor remains firm, and declares
tint ?? seme Illings can be done as well as others," and that
Bald Heads may as well wear their own hair as die hair of
others. I Weekly Mevenger.
Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne.No.305 Broad way, New
York, and 20 South Third-street, Philadelphia.
Price $1 per bottle ; 6 bottles lor $5. f 10 lm*
TN CHANCERY.?Before the Chancel
jl lor.?In the matter of ihe Hope Insurance Company.?
in pursuance of an order of this Court, made in the above
entitled c;use, will be sold at Public Auction, bv Halliday
k Jenkins, Auctioneers, ai the Merchants' Exchange, in the
City of New-York, on ihe 20th day of February next; at li
o'clock, noon, on that day
All the right, title and interest of the Trustees of the said
Company to the certificate ol award of the Comuiisatoner
appointed under the act of Congress, pissed ihe7th day ol
June, 1836, entitled "An Act to carry' into effect ihe Con?
vention between the United States and >'pnm," concluded
it Madrid on Use 17t!i of February, 133-1?by which said
certificate wus awarded to the Trustees of the Hope Insa
rance Company?claimants entitled to indemnity undcrsaid
Convention the snm of twenty-one thousand one hundred
and sixly-ntne dollars and ninety cents (?J2i,l69 30 )
And notice is hereby given, iu pursuance of the order of
die said Court, mal after making ?uch sah-, the said Trus?
tees will proceed to make distribution of tne proceeds ol
such sale, together with the sum already in their hands,
" among sucn of the Siockn* Idars as were holders ol ihe
"stock of the said Hope Insurance Company at the time ol
" the making of the last dividend on the said stock, and in
" case any m tnose who were at that time stockho ders in
"said Insurance Company have since sohl or parted with
"their inter-st in said Stock; in ignorance of their rights as
" stockholders or of the value ot said stock under theabove
?? mentioned txeaiy or convention and the award of -aid
'? Commissioner, that they or their legal representatives
" may apply to this Court for an order directing mid Trus
" tees to pay over Uj such stockholders or their heir* or ie
M gal representatives their proportionate pari of said a* aid
" or ihe proceeds thereof."
Terms, cash on the day of sale or when the transfer is
made. JOHN It. TRACY, Solicitor,
jofl SwD*_75 Merchants' Exchange.
Country Seat ter Sale.
THE SUBSCRIBER offers for sale
_i bis Residence at Howiek Falls, Rensse.aer Coun?
ty, N. Y.
The dwelling House is of brick, two stories high, 52 oy 34
feet, with wings 30 by 24 feet?the whole elegantly Inrn
ished, and >upphed with every pws;t>;e convenience. The
Yards and Walks are neatly flagged with brick and marble,
and the grounds around the houoe, embracing tnree acres,
have been laid out with much care, and planted with fine
shade trees sud ornamental sLrubs? logeiher with one hun?
dred young fruit trees, consisting of choice varieties of ap?
ple*, pea-s, peaches, plums, cberr.es, apricots, qumces, kc.
The dwelling Ls situated on a genile eminence overlook?
ing ihe village, and commands an extensive view of the ro?
mantic valley of the rioo-ick. Any qn.ntity of choice im?
proved land, from 3 to UO acres, wdl be sold with the pre?
mises. The above property is situated in a rich and highly
cultivated Agricultural region. 24 miles irom Troy, 6 miles
lrom Benmngion. on the road leading irom Lebanon to Sac
aioga. and is a mat desirable location far agenueman ol
ta-ste and leisure.
Terms reasonable, and pajTnenta to suit the purchaser.?
For further information, inquire of James ?. Thayer. Eso
Ncw-lork City.oron the premises,*!"
Hoosrcx Falls. Jan. 15.1843. jl7 4?D3mW
- sa.Ie at private sale.?The subscriber now offer, at
H 1Vi,lf .*f, '81111131 Ta,nable property, Mtnaudin theiown
ship of Middletown, MoBmoath Cauuty, New-Jersey, con?
taining about M00 acres of Land, as follows, to wit:
L The Lloyd Farm, containing about Three Hundred
Acres, which will he sold aU together, or cut so as to make
, two farms of about 150 acres each?each one having an
I abundance of Marl on h,and a sufficiency of Wood.
I 2. The Farm lately belooging lo Joseph Van Mater, Sea
' deceased, containing about six Hundred Acres. This
property can be advantageously divided into hv? or six
Farms, and will be sold in whole or in part?and is well
3. I he Mill Property, ccntsinin? about Twenty Acres.
The Mill is in first-rate repair, situated in an extensivepro
docingigrajn region, has but little competition, and is do
inp a very prosperous business.
Pbe who e property is situate in the heart of the most fer?
tile township in the county of Monmouth, and is well worth
the attention of capitalists or persons wishing a permanent
residence, as it lies within about three or four m'les of stoop
navigation on Shrewsbury River, and about six miles from
the nourishing vdlage of Xey Port, where steamhoau pIt
daily lo and from New-York. 9*7
TT Terms will We easy, as a great part of the purchase
money can remain on bond and mortgage on said property
Any person wishing to view said property will be anowa
the same by calling oo either of the subscribers, llvin* near
the premises. Prod?cti?e property in the city of Brooklyn
or New-York will be taken in part payment. For further
particulars inquire of WM. DUM ON T, 91 Wall-stre-t. N*w
York.orof JOS. H VAN MATER,
Mlddlttowa, Feb. 11, 1343. fU UwSra
TO LET?The basement of the large
store No. 9 Snruce-rtjret. and po?vemjod given un.
:ly. Apply to T. McKLRATH. Tribune Ofhce. fStf
TO LET?Tho new building No. 5
, Spruce-street. Apply tp
T- McELRATH, Tribune Office,
TO LET?The second and third sto
riesof the building No. 9 Spmce-street. Apulv to
T. McELR VTH, Tribute ofice.
TO LET?Several Offices in the Tri.
bnne Buildir.gs. App y to
_T. McKLRATK. Tribone Office.
_for City Property.?A good Farm of 70 acres, near
Urn City ; soil of the best quality, a tine growth of wood,
exceiient water, and abundance ol fruit, witb buildings
suitable for a respectable family. Apply at 669 Greenwich
street. N. Y._j2*5 lni?
? ?100 acres, with a good barn on it and a stream of
wdi?-. passio^lbiocgh it, will be sold cheap oi eickasged
for property in the upper part of this city.
N. B.?About 50 acres cleared. Applv ti?
j23 lm? _HENRY B. BLAIR, 178 Wnsbington st
The cottage Uuik House and Stable on north west
corner of Filth avenue and ]*5lh street, with 6 full lots, or*
naruented tvith trees : also a pump Hear the door; ?i?nt2
minutes walk from the Railroad. For further pankulart
inquire of .l.iiJ. W. LKVRRIDOK. H' Cher-y-et. \. y.
TO LET?The upper part of the
_? Clarendon Hou e. No. 304 Broadway, containing
aooui 40 rooms. This lt.catii:n is very desirable, ether for
a genteel boarding h^use, or for lodging rooms for single
gei tlemen, ard will be let to a noou tenant at a lair rate.
Apply to F. Bloomer, 179 Broadway._Jlf6t"
TO LET?The second story of No.
_411 Broadway, now occupied by the*New.*ork
Lyceum, as a Library and Heading Room. Abo Ue large
Basement of the same budding. Inquiie cn the premises
11 ROE LOCKWOOD. fhlw?
"irA TO LET-The upper part of the
Jgj__ large stare, No. 40 Spruce-street, three or four
mow trom 60 to 70 feet deep, notable for ki muincturiog
or other purposes. Apply to B. Deining, 66 Beekmao
street._f 15 5t?
_ FAMILY?To let. part of a 2-story brick H< use No.
"'"">? BShington-St Premises at follows: first floor,back
basement, two hedrooms in ott'c, t< gether with privilege in
gami. counter cellar, Sic kc. said house is built tn mod.
ern stvle and will be rented low. Apply at die crrice of G.
G. it E. GREEN, corner el West ard HoraiioHts. 1511*?
MTO 1JBT-?From the first of^iayTa
small two story brick House, almost new, ami ..,
ood lepair, with a basement and under celliir. It is very
pleatantiy situated in the rear of the lot No. 145 Clinton,
street' near Grand; with a very handsome garden in front,
extending to the side-walk. For lurtner particulars inquiie
at 143 Clinton street._?3f lw*
MFOR SALE ih tbe City ?f Newark,
N. J.?A House and 2k acres of Land, situated in
; oui? Broad sfeet, No. 172. Th?? House is 25 feet front.
n:ul33 deep, witk large Pinza in the rear, and well finistieif
throughout. Also, a good stable. Iruit trees, kr... attached
to the premises. For further particulars ;if?ply to J Nichob,
corner of William and Washiagton-sirecis, yr ot Win. P?ul,
on the premises._Iflf t>H
"F?R ?ALE?At a bargain, live
?. building lots in the city of New-Haven, each 25
it ei inmt and tear, by 190 feet deep, lying needier, ami
wrll adapted for a collage and garden, or huge maiiutac
turing purposes A Steam Engine, 10 horse power, with
boiler,and other property in tbe city of New-York, may
be takea in exchange. A niress L-, at the Tribune efh'ce.
lOf lw_
ECONOMY.?For Sale, 6 Building
M Sections, comprising about 22 l?is eack, adjoining
ih m?Sortber's residence, at Jamal a, L. I., near the P it
Oflice; the most desirable now offering for country seats.
Cottages may be ertcted under the care and superintend?
ence of the subscriber. Inquire on the premises of
MTO LET?DwolTing House and Ba?
kery on Staten Island ?A neat two-story House
y. un a large garden.' Also, a House suitable tor n Bakery
it having been occupied for t*al purpose, 10 let oo reasona?
ble terms, in the village of Richmond, Staten Island. Two
Omnibusses pass the door daily for the quarantine ferry;
an Ep scopal and a Pnsbyterian Church /-.re In tue imme?
diate vicinity, as well as good schools, aud every other re?
quisite to a good neighborhood. Apply to EDWARD
6) Wall-si_J It lw*
MTO LET.?Store, granite front, No,
5 Burliag slip, near Pearl si.?4 Lolls, large Garret
ami Cellar?was ouilt for, and baa been u-r muny years oc?
cupied as, a Paper Warehouse.
Alse, Store and Cellar 145 Greenwich st, corner ol Liberty
street-one ol the oldest, best located and lilted up Family
Groceries in the city.
Also, Dwelling House No. 127 Liberty street, co arr of
Greenwich?large Dining Room, Pat lor, 24 good Lodging
Rooms, Pantries, 4ic.; locauou, conveniences. kc for a geu
nrcl boarding house or large family not surpassed by any
in that section of the city. Croton Water pipvs will be in.
traduced thiough the budding-, if desired by tenant.
Apply to A. GKEKLE,761 Broadway. llftf
_, Association of the Cily ol New-York are desirooj
oi purchasing from two to tbiee thousand acres of Land
within one hundred miles of New-York Ctiy, in Hie Slates
ot Pennsylvania, New-Jersey or New-York. The slid
Land must be will supplied with wood and water, and
adapted to grazing, grain growing, and gn;deriu<g pur?
poses. Uncultivated lands, with a small cultivated estate
adjoining, would be preferred. Owners of lands, who can
give a clear title, are requested to prepare a true statement
in relation to such laads, with the must favorable trrrrs
;>nd address their letters (post pa d) to T. W. WHlTLhY
President of the Sylvania Association,25 Pine st New-Yfrik
Tbe attention of land-holders is respectfully solicited, a
the Sylvania Associadon iuiimds going into operation a
early as possible.
Editors of Country Newspapers are requested to copy or
notice this advertisement j2B tf
FOR SALE?A valuable Farm of
_,03 acres of laud, near the pleasant village of Plain
nciu, Jtssex County, New-Jersey, ?nly two hours from W.
YorK by rail-road tare, times a day, ard but 20 minutrs
walk from tbe Depot. The buildings are all new and built
nthe best manner; ihc dwelling is a large two story
house enclosed wiih shingles, carriage house, barn and
oow-hou>e, and other out buildings; an excellent garcsn,
grape atbor, and a choice collection of grafted pearh,
penr, plum, apple-trees, 4ic. itc. Tbe farm is in good
lence, and consists of meadow, arable, pasture, and wood,
land, well watered by Green Bro>?k, miming within HO
yards oi the rear of tbe house. The whole front ami door
yi rd are lined with ornam< ntal trees In the village near
by are sevrral churches, and good boarding ard dsy
schools. Title indisputable, terms libel aL In quire ot &
O. haLSTud, Esq., No. 2< William-street, iSVv-York.or
of JOB ?Qr'lER, on tbe premises. f H3cTu,TfcfcS*J
|?g?FARM FOR SALE at Auction.
ZJSm Will be sold at public auction under the direction
oi Kiel- nek J. Colbn. E>q. ?laster in Chancery, that well
known Farm late of John Wolfe, deceased, situate wi?iui
hall a mii? of die village of White Plains, In the Couaiy o/
Westebester, at the dwelling house on the premibes, on
Thursday ihe 23d day of February, instant, at one o'clock
in the afternoon?Said Farm contains 50 acies rf good iawl
under an excellent state of cul?va?ou is well watered and
We fences and out-buildings are in good r?p*ir. Upon Ihe
premises is a new and convenient Dwelling House.
There will be sold at the same time a J?,i ot wcod land
containing 4 acres, lyti.g separate from said Farm.
About one half of tlie purchase money cau remain opoa
the (?remises. For lurther particulars innutr* ol ISKAfct
PURDY on the premises; ELISHA HORTON or J. ?.
TOM PK INS*, at White Plains. U'ftog?f*__
MCOUNTKY ?EAT as Auction.?
Will be sold at ihe Hudson House, in Ihe city of
csatMvO, on Friday, the tliirteenib day of Januaiy, 1343, St
10 o'clock in the loreuoon, under foreclosure sun to Chan?
cery, a Farm consisting of aboot 103 acres, ah of which i>ct
the best d scription tor larming.an? in an highly improved
stair. On the premises is a substantial two story brick
Dwelling-House, 60 by 48 feet, with large Barns, >heiW,
Granary, Ice-Hoose, Ate. and a fine well of water. Tnere
is also a moderate saed Orchard, a part of which produces
gofKt Fruit.
The premises are situated on the Columbia Turnpike, m
the village ol Claverack, aoout three mil** from the city of
Hudson, and is Uie Homestead recently in the occupation of
WilLaru B. Ludiow, Efq.ol Clavcrack. For tbe couditwo,
quality and extent of tbe premises, purchase!* are ?qoert'
ed lo inspect tor tkcmse.ves. G. R. J. BOWDOfNy
Assignee of WM. B. LLDLOW,
A New-street, rvew-x'ork.
The above sale is further postponed to the i?:b of March
next. G. ft. J. BOrVDOLN, an?igoe*. lt)i ia?5?*_
i- OR SALE?in tbe village of Cler
tf .j. moiit, Columbia County, the property owned and
?*eo occupied by the subscriber. I.ccnstsis of a ?ubstat
, x vxv unuu-* xx 11Jv v ; ,1,1 ^ i, vi
. mom, Columbia County, the propeny owned awl
,j occupied by tbe subscriber. I.ccnstsisof ?.?ubstst
dal built brick Hou?e, 40 feet square, an-i two storivs big",
witb kitchen attached, * number ot out-boildlcgs, aodaboal
3u ?eres of choice quality land, on which are two gio-J Ap?
ple Orchards, and a variety of other fruit. The atove pro
perty is pleasantly located, and convenient with reference
to Post-Office, store, fcc. There is also ao incorporated
Academy in the village, with a chapel lor rebgtocs
ibip, kc. To a gentleman of some fortune wbo wuh's w
retire to a pleasant count:y residence, or to a pcyticiau?
who will be salaried with a moderate but good practice
this offers an eligible situation. ^
For terms, or lorther particulars, reference may he t?
to WAL H. WILaON. E?q., Clerroonl, or to the subscnWf?
33 oreene street, Albany. .
N. B.-Tbe above property, if aot sold, will be rentw<
??? j5,Sl ?f ^ 31 * ^ P.'vANJIURi^
~^?USES^NJL> LOTS for Sale,
, __?Tbe superior two story and attic Hou ?es, P??"
auu i? Waveriy Place, buittaud finished .n ihr ttrn f? ^
ner and with ail modern conveoien<es. Tbe lonm-r
feet wide and 35i feel wide, and contain* four rooms
eacb door. Tbe tots are 82 fett deep. ,? fT-i.-rs!*.y
The three story house, wilb lease of lot No. U J?? ?TO
Plare. next to the comer of Eighth street j^^JZ
by 85 fee^ and the House is ? net in depth?grooLa re
only i72 per annum. uaai.
TbeUireestory house ai d iol 601 Broadway, near w
ton street. This is a very desirable property for?? *
ment, always commaoding a g?od rent for businei? y**r
ses. Tbe lot it 23 by Ja? tcet. Hnnses ?
Also, for Sale or to Let ooe of the Colonnade House* m
Uulkyettsj Place, oo very reasooibleierras.
for t?ree or five years. For furtuer P^?S^sKS_&.
f 15 lw? i.G.PEARSON, ifi* Meicbants'^rci^.g:
COOK POTS.?25 amall size Cooi
j6 ?**suilablc for w^VT*jMOTfA3!d slip

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