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?Whbisi Alexandria at $4; 250 do Richmond Country at '
j ]2i. 4M do Frtrferickshu rg at 4 J2}.time; Georgetown, I
in toi?, at 4 25, and 700 tiat boep Southern at 4 4Sj e 4 {0.
Tjjere is an increased inquiry lor Rye Floor, ar.d about 500
^ Pennsylvania, to arrive, ba*e been ?ld at 3 a i 06t,
?hieb is lawer. Sale* Jersey Meal at 2 50. Brandy wine
? wsrtb 2 621 i Mds 12 50. The market is, we believe, en- |
^y bare of Buckwheat Flour. Shorts 9c; Ship Stuffs 13.
GRAIN.?The supply of Wbeat offering is still small.
We notice salM of 3000 bushels Illinois to arrive, at 9?c, to
?, Eastern miller. Corn in rather heavy to-day, and we
h^r of no sales. A few days since 2000 bmbeb Jersey Rye,
very prime, sold, to arrive, at ??c. and 4D0 bushels sold to?
day st Sic, reassure, for the East, Barley 47 a 48c. Oals
are not very abundant; M00 bushels Virginia sold al26c,
acd 15,000 bushels Canal sold, to arrive'on the opening of
MTigauoo,at27c Wc notice sales 30 bbls White Beans
?1 tfi per?Bshcl*
?IU-Farther sales 32^0 bbls Crude Whale, for export,
have been c?ade at something less than 33c, supposed 32?,
casl>> ? ? ? h ' '?
6SE?S^-The improved inquiry for Fiaxseed has ena?
ble*! holders to advance tbe rale, and we hear ol 3 80 being
refused for a parcel of Rough. Clean is entirely nominal at
9 25- Clover sells in small lots at 6 a 61 lor prime new, for
bornause. Au offer of 6c for 50 les was refused. Sales 25
bbls Timethy at 15 60; ihe current rate is $16.
NAVAL STORES.?Tbe high freights continue to pre?
vent operations in Turpentine. Farther sales hboat 59 bbls
Sprits Turuentibe at .11c, 4 mos.
TilA?.?A catalogue oi Teas embracing invoices per
laatbe, Olof Wyk kc kc, were offered to day. The larger
portions were low grade Teas, with which the trade are al
res .'y overstocked, and after selling the good Teas and 10
chests at 38c, ibe balance were withdrawn at once. A
imall quantity of Macao trash sold at 13 a llic. There
werene blacks in Ihe catalogue. Hyson sold at 32 a 47$;
boxes50a50j; Young liyson 52 a 68 a S3; Hyson Skis 23
a 43- Gaboc-vder 2.r; Imperial *0; Pouchong34i a3SL
RICK ?Sales 100 tcs Rice, iriferior,e.l 2 12J.
TALLOW,?We notice a sale of 8000 lb3 good Western
rendered at 7c.
MAHOGANY.?At auction 5700 feet St Domingo sold
sviOa 14J.
LEATHER.?There is a moderate business, doing at tbe
following rates ! light weights 15 a 151; middle Weights 14}
a 15; heavy i3 a isj j good dari'ngsjd ii3 a 12i j poor dam?
aged 6$ a 7J.
HIDES.?The stock is on the increase. We notice sales
M01 Oronoco, supposed" at He, 6 mos; 3500 do and S64
ereen salted on terms not transpired.
PROVISIONS We ?bar ef ~ery .'itt'c d^ing to-dny.
Prices are without change. Sales fO bbls. Lard at 5}. and
100 kegs prime at fj cents; ICQ bbls. old prime Beef sold at
5 ?5. Several rumors were atloat in regard to.sales of Lsrd
saiii to have-been made fore*port; one lot ofS.Ooo kegs and
WO bbls. at 5J cents, and another of 600 kegs and 400 bbls. at
the same rate, were reported. We could get no authentic
information, and the trade generally disbelieved the rumors,
still?ome circumstances induced us to think it oot improba?
ble that an operatiop in Lard has been m%rie on term io be
kept secret
Whig Mayoralty Convention.
Wardt. Delegate*,
t E- Prim?, J; P. Phoenix, J. Jameson.
IL Georue A. Hood, K. K. Cowles, William Turner.
III. J. Lloyd, E. Potter, J. W. Leavitt.
IV. W. Hall, P. Doane. J. V. Tilyou.
V. S. S. Ward, C. J. Unwell, J. J. Harkness.
VI. G. Endicott, John Gray* M. Reed.
VI1. C. Swret. J. R. Wood, H. A. H?rliiut.
Vlfl Jesie D. Price, W. tl. Sweet; William M. Stone.
y<,- ., ?
3. J. H. H. Haws, 11. Sccvill, t\. Drake.
XL 8. Webfter, H. B. Bolster, W. H. Calkin.
Jill. C. M. Graham, Jr., A. A. Alvord, E. Ketcbum.
XIII. R. Haskeil, R. Cornell. R. Dearborn.
XIV. D. W. Townsend, E. Miuturn, E. S. Lazarus.
XVT. G B. Thorp, J. M. Strane, D. A. Cushman.
XV1L W. H. Frye, V/n. S. Rakon, Talma Hill.
Sa.wds's Sarsafarilla.?" Procrastination is the thief ol
tin:e"?a truth as solemn as it i-. important, and yet how
innlllbe number who act with promptness and decision in
cases of tbe most vital importance. When disease invades
the physical frame, rio time should be lost in procuring the
right medicine at once, and get cured without delay. For
chronic constitutional diseases, such as Rheumatism, King's
Evil, Scrofula, affection of the glands, obstinate cutaneous
Erupdnos, Ulcers, While Swellings. Enlargement and pain
of the Bones, aud other similar diseases, Sands's Sarsaparil?
le hns been found io numerous instances to be an e meiern
remedy, operating mildly and plea-antly on the general
system, purifying and cleansing tbe vital fluids, giving tone
and energy to the nervous system, nnd imparting stamina to
ibe debilitated frame. Numbers who have taken it merely
with a view of alleviating their sufferings, have by usinti
it a short time, to their infinite pleasure and delight, rapidly
improved, in health until it bas,become fully established.
conclusive evidence of its superior value and efficacy,
see certificates published in this and other daily papers.
Prepared and Fold, wholesale and retail, and for exporta?
tion, by A. B. fe-ANDS k CO., Druggists and Cbemistt
Granite Buildings, No 273 Broadwny, corner of Cbnmbers
(tieeu New-York. Sold <dso by A. B it D. Hands, Drug?
gists, Nos 79 and 100 Fulton-street; David Sands k Co., No
77 Esst Broadway, corner of Market-street; and by Drug?
gists generally tur?ug hout the United States. Price $1 per
bottle, six bellies. $5. ,? ?,' -
E7* Splendid performances come off this afternoon and
?vening at the American Museum.
ON MONDAY MORNING will he published, in an EX?
TRA NEW WORLD, tbe celebrated work of M. Arago
ths great French Astronomer, written by order of the Gov?
ernment, entitled
Scientific Notices of Comets in general, nnd in particular
of lhat of 1832; to which is added an account of
and which may be seen every fair evening; and ihe opin?
ions ef eminent astronomers on tbe
This will be ihe most interesting and scientific, as well as
the most compl ;te work on the subject of Comets, ever pub?
lished ; giving the bistary of the most celebrated Comets
which have appeared in ancient and modern times.
Price 124 cents?$8 a hundred.
m!3 2t J. WINCHESTER, 30 Ann-sL, N. Y. |
ID* IHilitia Kcforw.-This week's NEW-WORLD
will again sTir ur the elements in a manner that will as?
tonish tbe city and country. It will contain?
I. A Discourse delivered before the Ancient and Honor?
able Artillery Company of Massachusetts, on tbe celebra?
tion of iheir lf'Kh Anniversary .?Boston, June 2, 182a. By
Rev. John Pierpoint. This Discourse was tbe first move?
ment against tbe present systco?.
IL Polly Gray and the Doctors?A Yankee Story?
By Seba SnShh.
HI. The History, Politics, Literature and Manners
ef the Germans?By F. J. Grund, Esq.
IV. Naw-Ybar's Night at Home?By James Aldriclj.
V. The La vsiut, a capital original Tale.
VI. Hammond's Political History of New-York?A
continuation of ibis able Review.
VII. The Age of Great CiTiEs-Extracts from a new
work under this title.
VIII. Nat. P. Willis-A scorching article in reference
t> this genlla tan, w hich will enlighten die public as lo bis
chim lo the t tie.
IX. . The G eat Earthquakes and Comet cfl3<3,giving
full accounts of them.
X. Tee Hawaiian and Sandw ich Islands?Ah iatercst
'cgaccoant f'om a new woik snortiy to be published in
XL Lltrr r ? rom Mr. Aldrich?Genoa, its Streets,
Palaces and Churches; Speiiia, Lucca, Leghorn, Tis?,
Campo Santo and Campamli, Churt bes and Palaces,
XII. Foreign News?Editorials?World or Art,and
Te;ats-$3 a year, 61 cents single. Office, 30 Ann-sir*eh
JUST PUBLISHED?" Eugenia Grandet," a Tale of
Kvecy Day Life in France; irom H. de Balxac. "The
Biile in St ain," Price 25 cents. " Animal Chemistry/*
25ctnts?au.i many other valuable Books may be had at
the oSce 30 Ann-street. Jl
33"8nn<?ay School.?The subscribers have obtained
the use of Croton Hall, comer of Bowery and Division-sU.,
for the parp >se ot holding a Sabbath School to be attached
to tbe Forsyrib-street M. E. Church, lo commence on Sun?
day morning at 9 o'clock, 19th iust. All who feel interested
id Otb grea and glorious enterprise, are invited nnd par
ticuhrly soj tcited 10 attend. Parents are affectionately to.
?ited to sen 1 iheir children. Mr. Gabriel P. Disoswav, a
distinguish* d genlleman in the Sunday School caase, is lo
be present, swrning aad afternoon, to assist in organizing
ami will dt liver an address on the occasion.
CT To Let Chei?p-7Part of tbe building conspicu?
ously locaied at the junction of Maiden lane and Libvrty
?..consU?Jg of the Jid d*>r, admiraby located for a sales
!j?oni. toge.brr with one or two of the lolls, which are well
hgkted, g? od enuauce, hatchway, Uc, suitabls for work
stops ors'joie rotvma. Appiy to L. FRANCIS,
83 William su.cr. Maideu lane.
XT The Christian Union.?This Society will
jnect for n hgious worship to morrow morning at half-past
?o o'clock, at tbe Hall of tbe College of Paysicii?s aud
sorgeoos, No 67 Crosoy-street. A Discourse, will be Ue
lit m^* by Wjlliam H. Chanuing upon " Tbe ChrLstiaa Idea
oi Man co nparcd witli Man as he is " Those persons who
?ay be in eresud in giving a free, simple and practical
cnxratler o rehgious societies are invitea to atiend. it*
^ 1S,000 COPIES
j*jT S'Anbigae'a Great Keformation has
sola vviibm turee months. Tbe cheap edition in one
>oiaiiit is published at 75ceuuat the Cheap Cash Bookstore
yN n SAXTON k MILES, 205 Broadway.
??*2!??kseHers and News Agents supplied at a large
u4coani*'rcaslL mlSSt*
ET Brooklyn.-FOURTH WARD.?At a meeting
of the Whig Electors eftbe Fourth Wnr?i, heid pnnmant to
the end of the General Committee, at Congress Hell, on
Thursday Evening, March 18, 1843, JOH? DIKEMAN,
Etq , was called to the Chair, and W. Hodskisscn, Secre?
The call of the meeting having heen read, the meeting,
on motion, proceeded to nominate and mark for Delegates
to the Mayoralty Convention. Whereupon,
weredecltired duty elected to represent ibis W?rr!.
Resolved, That a Committee of rive be appointed to nom?
inate suitable candidates for Charter Otficers of this Ward.
were duly elected said Committee,
Resolved, That the Ward Nominating Committee report
to an adjourned meeting to be held on Tuesday e?enine,
28lh rnrt^nt ' **'
Resolved Tbat the several Committees have power to fill
Rtiolved, Thai the Mayoralty Delegates, and Ward Nomi?
nating Committee, with ibe addition of Mr. John S. Noble,
as Chairman, compose a Ward Commitwe for the ensuine
year. h
Resolved, Tbat tbe proceedines of-lbi? meeting be pub?
lished iu the Brooklyn Daily New?. Evening Sur, and New
York Tribune. Adjourned.
W. Hodgkin??)?.-, Seeretat?.;. raI3
TZTIinleat Worka Jam Fubliahcd and for
?ile at the ofTicr of The Tribune :
Brande's En?:iclopedia, No 4. 23
Sargent's Magazine, (April). 25
GctAham's Magazine, (April). 25
Lady's World of Fasm?n, (April). 16
IMTRO' eme.- TS TN ACR!cvLTt"RIt, kc . 25
Travels in the Great Western* Prairies and in
the Oregon Tr.RRnt>Rv. 25
Angela, or Love anij Guilt. 12J
Pierian.,.,,.,. 10
O" The IVcw ITlHsazinc-Prospectus of THE
ROVER, a new Weekly Magazine, of 16 page*-, with beau?
tiful type, super-royal octa*?o, to he handiomely printed on
hne while paper, being a !*ele**ilon ol tbe most sterling
Tal? in tbe English language; as also Translations from
the most eminent Crenel., Cerrnan, Spanish and Italian au?
thors, ancient and modern
Lawrence labree, editor.
The Subscriber*, believing that, hs no uni.'orm and well
compiled colleuudn of sle-Urg Tains has ever beeu niadr,
and that an Omnium Gatherum should be forffigdi In vrhich
to collect ibesp Gemsot Literature?those brightest feather
trom the Wing of Gewiu??and that the Public needs and
will apprec:a*esu'jb a publication, i'f-iven to it with thai
rare, as regards taste aud style, ct will merit hi appro**at:i:n,
propose to issue, on Saturday next, the 25:b or March, ihe
brst number of a Weekly Magazine, in stvleand character
as above staled, enclosed in a ueal cover. Extreme care
will be taken in the selections that nothing be admitted
which Wiji displease tbe most fastldlons or r< fined. When
we consider the Taet amount of light aad frivolo?s periodi?
cal literature constantly flowing forth from the pressetof the
country, a conclusion may be add uced that much cf il must be
hastily wriiten, of doubif'-l moral teudency and n( small
literary merit, aad totally ui.fit to lay before the younger
classes ot the coiiirotihiiyj by whom these works are chiefly
read. To correct, insome degree, thii morbid tds?e, and to
place before tbe publica more chasie and intellectual lue
I rary bai rpet, in a selection of the best productions of wri?
ters ol undoubted talent, is the design or the publishers.
! Far and wide, o?er Ibe broad field of L tcrature, we will
rove, litte huruthihg-blrd On wing, erunictine; sweets from
I very flower.
i Occasionally, an Original Tale will be givpn, if thought
! Of sufficient merit. With the, first nupibrr will be presented
elegantly engraved tide nnd eigneue, from an original
design ; and, to avoid the monoton}' of a succession of de?
signs by ibe tame pcrtou, ibe work will be tmbelli-.bed with
eegravings, dona expressly for il by talented artists, em?
bracing etchings on sieel, line er-sravings, mezzotints, and
wood cuts execuled in the most rini?.iied manner of modern
art, making two handsome volutn**:: a yenr It will proba?
bly contain more reading matter interesting to all iti pa
irons than any other publ cation of twice its price.
No. I. will contain, besides its beautiful vignette, designed
and engraved by J. N. Gimbrode,
seven complete tales, without adr1dgf.MENT,
of rare ruer'l and exceeding interest, namely ? Wa:hinglor.'s
Escape, an exciting story of the Revolution ; lire Widow's
Ordeal, by Washington Irving; Lost Beamy, by Mrs. S. C
Hall; Le-ni.an Italian Siory: The Merchant's Clerk, a
tale of the olden time in London; Tbe Duel, Bnd Tbe Spy.
Tbe work will he mailed to country subscribers at $3 ptr
annum, nr ?1 lor lour months. Single copies cents. Kor
sale at the Bookstores, and by tbe periodical agents gene
ally throughout the city. Communications must be ad?
dressed, postpaid, to LABREE, DEAN t CO., 162 Nas
Published at the office of the ' True Sun,' lately occupied
by the' Sunday Atlas' and the ? Aurora,' 162 Nassau-sireel,
where subscriptions will b?-received, and where carriers
and newsboys will be supplied. .Tuttle'S.No. 4 Ann-street,
agency for this city. Carriers are warned to canvass this
city und Brooklyn for subscribers. Agenis supplied on the
usual terms.
Country Editors, who receive ibis Prospectus marked,by
cWmz it four insertions und a notice, snail receive an ex?
change. LABREiC, DEAN i, CO.
New-York, March 17, 1843. _ m!8 S.STukF*
Complete in 1 Valnm*. of SIR Fac.es.
'?rick twknty-riVE OEttTS.
Missionary to China. llluHraied by Biographical Annals
of Asiatic Missions, from Primitive Protestant Times; in?
tended as a Guide to Missionary spirit. By Rev. Robert
Philip, author of Lives of W bitfield. Bonyan.'lic
Who has nol heard of tbe Gn at Wall of China, its stronp
batllemenij, its ma?sy fortifications'ils impregnable gates,
and its high towers ? which prohibited almost ull mtvrcouse
on tbe land frontiers from the Indian Ocean to Tartar)*.
But their non-int-rc'>urse lawn equally hindered almost all
Ibe facilities of communication on tbeir sea coaH from Siam
to Kamschntka. The late war between Britain and Chinn
has demolished all those interruplisns to commerce, and tc.
the introduction of European arts and science, and to the
labors of the Missionary, with the spread of the Gospel.
All persons thereto; e are greedy to obtain satisfactory in?
formation rcsp?cting China, boih for tbe purpos-s of trade
and for objects of philanthropy. Philip's Lile of Milne is
well adapted to gratify that laudable curiosity. It details
the formation of the Chinese Dictionary, and the translation
ol the Scriptures, and olher European boaks into that Ian
guage. It narrates a number of facts unlolding ihe chara- -
ler, habits oriife, and opinions of ibe Chinese people. It
presents a view of Ibe Jcwjih settlements, and the origin of
Christianity in China?with illustrations of rinny collateral
topics, equally important r.nrt interesting to all citizens who
are concerned in trude with the countries of * a- ern Asia.
To Christians, and to the friends of Mis.sicnstspi. fauy, it is
a very affecting and instructive volume. Mr. Philip, vs an
author, is too weil known to r< ([uire any recommendation;
and the names of tbe Missionaries Morri>on nnd Miine are a
passport lOjUniver-al acceptance. Tbe volume contain-.
three hundrtdand tucnty paces. Price only twenty five cents
mis tJas D. APfLElON 4o CO.
O* An Oration on the Lite and Services of HEN?
RY CLAY will tie dt livered dv Daniel Uliman, Esq. be
fore the Tenth Ward Democratic Clay Club on Thursday
evening, March 23.1, 1843, at the Church corner of Delan
cey and Christie streets. Members will be supplied wiih
tickets of admission by Uie Sergcant-at-arms.
Tickets may be procured by applicotion to R. W. Pisgoti
94 Division sL and Daniel II. Miller, corner of Franktort and
Jacob sts.
N. ?. Seats will be reserved for hdies.
By order of the Coiutnil'.ieeof Arrangements,
id17i23 J* T. PUDGE, Chairman.
CT Starvation.?The ijonesl po??r, (not members of
Churches,) must not endure Ibis evil; il they will attend
meetin.i*; lo-niorrow ai 10 u'cK-ck, A. M* and 2 and 7 P. M.,
also e\ery evening next week, at 7, ih itieUall comer *(
Broadway and Hesters.reel, they pay be infoirned Ol re?
lief. Also, all peisons who are willing to aid as visiUog
committees or otherwise, are invited to attend said meet
ing. Jl*
uZT Uaireranlism.-Rev. W. S. Balch will preach
on Sunu-iy eventu-;, at tne Charch corner of Bieecker and
Downing strctts, by particular request from 2d of Thcssa
tohians 1 chap. 7tb, 8tb and 9:h verses. StraDgers to the doc?
trine, (but e<pfcially opposers) a.-e affectionately invited tr?
auend. Quench rot the spirit." If
O* 1S4I$?Christ's .-??ecoiul Cominxj.?Luther
Caldwell, recenily trom Canada, wilt lecture at ihe church,
cor. of Madison and Catharine sts. this evening.at 7J o'clock.
The three Wo Trumpets spoken of in tbe book ot Revela
lion will be the subject. There will be lectures on tbe Sec?
ond Advent of Christ this year, to-morrow (S?br>a?i> morn?
ing, afternoon and evening, at the usual hours, ai the same
place. Seats tree. It*
O* University L-nrge Ciiapel.?Discour>eson
Prophtcy by Kcv. Mr. Snin.eal!. Sat/ject lor to-morrow
evening?a Vindication of ibe Judatc Traohious. .*vc. re?
specting the Millennium under the retgn of MessiaU.as
held before Christ, and as adopted by ibe Aposiies and
Primitive Fathers of the first four centuries, against the ob?
jections of Prot, flush and otUers. Service at 7 o'clo-.k.
Seats lree. _ _ ml8 H*
O* The Chriittian Idea of ITlnn, compared
with MAN AS HE IS.?A Discourse ou this subject will be
dellver?d by Wm. H. Channing.on Sunday nfternoon, J9lh
insL.atthe School House corner of Adams aud Concord
streets, Brooklyn. Services commence at 3 o'clock. Seals
free. _ U*
O" Protestant Reformed Dutch Chnrch,
BROADWAY ?The Cturch under the Pastoral care ot
the Rev. John Lillie meet in Concert Hall, 405 Broadway,
for religions worship every Lord's day. Services com
raence at 10J A. M., and 3 o'clock in the alternooa Seats
j-j" Carnetinss, JFloor tJIoths, dec?The sub
scribers having made" new and splendid improvements in
their cxlCRSiveand unrivalled Carpel Warehouse, 254 Broad?
way, are now receiving a fresh supply of carpctings. floor
cloths, kc, of tbe most elegant designs, from tbe most ap?
proved European manufactories, designed expressly for the
spring trade. , . , . r
Tbeir sto**k now contains a complete variety, from good
and suBStanual articles, at low prices, to those ef the finest
fabric. . .,, .
Oor object is to sell only such goods as will give entire
satistaction to the purchaser, and by Ulis means secure pub?
lic confidence. .. , , . . . .
Merchaots nnd hoosekeepers will find it to their advan?
tage to exaniue our stock bet?re purchasing elsewhere, as
our experierce and facilities are such as io enable us salely
to defy competition.
* C. W. SMITH k CO.
mbl4 lw is* 254 Broadway.
O" ITuiveraaliiiim?l?e Rev.lloses Ballon of Ports
.jouth, N. tL wilt preacn iu the Universalist Church in Eli?
zabeth street, To-morrow morning at half past 10 o'clock,
in the afternoon at 3 and In the evening at half past 7.
Strangers are invited to attend. 1*
lisT- v?d^"r I*?rI*3-OFFICE 53 BOWERY.-The
fo?Jiti!ioS.F*u'm* a*d Literature.
Edited by Mn. Aax S. STer****.
' - OfthilJtAL FxTiTii.
tiilerary Ladies, oy Mrs. /.an S. Stehbe?s.
My Moiher'i Garden, by Mary L. Lawson.
1 be April Ram, by Harriet Symaies.
Northumberland, (illustrated.)
Farewell, by Berj*mm F. Fry.
A sister'* Love, l.v Geo. B. VVanhr.
1 be Crusader, by Mrs.C. Ii. Ftrd.
Ibe New Moon, oy T. II CbTVers, M. D.
Margaret Vipm*. a Tale ol Passion, by Tbo.uas J. B?-ach
My .Aiy-jT?. By Mary Wefts
To Mary, by "Jol.nS. Jenkins.
f he Fatal Word, by Emily 11. May.
The Mountain Beauty, by J. A. Macka-.
Florence Wrartoa, by Pcicie H. SeirW
A Twiijght Scene, by W. J. Co>an.
The Fruit Seller, by Emma Hartley, (illustrated.)
1 be Dew Drop.by Anna Wi-ancn.
Tbe Algonquin's Triumph, by J. H. Dana.
April, by Mri.B. H. Thomas.
fwblons for April, (illustrated.)
Editor's Table.
New Rooks.
The Literary W-rld.
' Tl;e Indian Frail Seller,"a maR--i:kcnl stipple and line
eogravinj on steel, by R. Woodman, after a dra *i*g by W.
Darnell. R. A. with an emblematical border.
"View of Northumberland," a line lice engraving- on
steel, by A. L. Dick,after a drawing by W. a BanleU.
" Kastiijns :or Aprii,'' tbe latest Parisian Fashions, en?
graved by A. L. Ojck, and colored in ?ib prevail.nz modes,
containing six fig area, three wbole and three half length,
c?mpn?i?e Opera, Evening and WalkiH<r Drts-r
Terms ?2 per aunum in advance. Single numbers 13? cts.
Pabli&bed monthly?delivered in any part of this City and
Br< oklyn. and sent by mail io all parts ot the United Siaies
and tbe Canadas, by ISRAEL POST, S3 Bowery,
mhia ltbDi.lt?
ET Graham'h .IfajgrtV.inc, OFFICE S3 BOW?
ERY.? Graham's Magazine ot Liter-nur? and Art: Gi/o:ge
R. Graham and Rofju W. Oriswold, Editors.
Principal Contributors: w. <R Bryant, J. r". Cooper, R.
iL Dann. IL W. Longfellow, C. F. Hoffman, T. U. Gratia..;.
N. P. Willis, U. W: Herbert; Mrs. Emma C. Embury, Mrs.
Seba Smith, Mrs. '.Mary Cuveis,' Mrs. Ann S. Siepbenf,
Mrs, Frances S. Osgood.
Contents of the April N u m be r..Vol. XXII: No.4.
ORi'ii.-??!. Paters.
Autobiography of a i'oci.et HaDdkf-chi"f. by J. F. Coop?
er, author ef ? 1 be Red Rover,' ? Le Feu FoDett,' etc
Ths Beaotiful, by Mr.,. L. H. Sigourney.
First Afleetion, '?y Mrs. Franc.1- S. Osgood, (illustrated.)
The Mississippi, by Jan. K. Pauldmg, author of ' The
Dutchman's RreMdeJ
Rome, by the Trrris'ator 6T.Schillert Tragadles.
The Witch of Ennor, by "r,-. ."?'?-??- .
Tne Flowercu by ltev. C. W. Evrresi.
The Waltz Of Life, by B.
The Erntefest, by Mrj. lillti.
Anne, by Wm. II. Burlcigh.
Jane McCrea, a Ballad, C, Henry William Herbert
' O Se Tu Fpsti Me to,'from a Manuscript volume.entitled
'Specimens of Ita'ian Lyrics, .by Richard Henry Wilde.
'the Love Letter, pr Little Lucv and Ann' Lee. b" Mr.-.
A. M. F. Annan, (illustrated.)
Poems from me German of Julias Mosen, by Henry W,
Tho TroePoet: A Sonnet.
Tbe Islam! Home, by W. VV. Sjbrf. f
The Faded r lowers, by Kcr. ?TaJter Cel'on, U. S. N.
A D-cayed Family, by tbe author of a Marriage of Con
The Lady of Lurk i; a Leerend of Ibe Rhine, by Mrs. C.
iL Sawyer.
To .Mary, Ly G^orze Hill.
The Stodent-Be r?pecu!ateth upon the Will, by Ernest
On Seeing the Grave of Wishing; >??; at Mount Vcrnon.
1 'm Positive. b> H. Hastings Weld;
The Tear of Man, from the Gtrm .n of A. Gr ?b, by Wt<.
Pitt Palmer.
Death of the Child or David, from the Book of Samuel,
by N P. Willis.
To-. bv Edward A. Stansbury.
The Poet's Dieani (a Picture by 'LeuUe,) by Mary L.
Review of New BooSi.
Editor's Table.
FiM Affection, engraved on steel, by VV, G. Jachman,
from a picture by E. T. Paris, e- pressly for Graham'.- Ma?
gazine" .
The Love Letter, engraved cn ster!, b v Welch ij Walter,
from a picture by Miss Corheao, expressly for this Magacine.
Fashions; a Quarterly Piute. of rasbions, from the latest
Reports from Lundpn and IV.ris.
TERMS?$3 un per annum, in advance. Single number*
2-5cents. Published Monthly?delivered in any part ol this
city and Brooklyn, aud sen! by mail loall puts of the Uni?
ted Mates and t:,e Canadas, by aSRAExJ POST,
mhJ8 ltDltWis _ 8R Bowery.
D* Apprentice!*' JLibrury.?A meetmrr of citi?
zens will oe held di the Apprentices' Library in Crosby st.
between Broome and Grand streets, on Tuesday evening,
il?t inst, al half past 7 o'clock.
The object is lo lay before tbe meeting tbe merits
its of the above named Institution, e*.p!aiu its present con?
dition,and lo mke into consideration whatmeans arc neces?
sary to ensure its continuant* and increase its usefulness.
It is believed to he an Institution on which the moral and
inteileeiual condition of n very large portion of the youth
of cur city dependsUirn?;iiitJs of w hom can on'y I-.iok to
il for aid, in CCiend an almost tobiliy neglected education,
and thousands will embrace its advantages v.v.h very little
pacHuuioa wbiUt l<ariii!:g trades; and thus redeem their
ieisure hours irom vicious pursuiis, in applying ibem-etve?
to ihe s-.cq?iiition of knowledge, and confirming habits
which alone will lead ihem to respectability and u-.efulness.
This jiep is taken at ihe suggestion of some of our mo.-t
respeciable and benevolent fellow citizens.
Committee from the General Society of Mfchanics and
P. S. The meeting called for Monday eveni:ur, 13th imt
was in consequence of the storm po?tpoced to liie 21st, as
above. nt 1*3 Si
sE7 Everybody prai?en Jnyue,?? Ilnii* Ton?
ic, sod lor the br-st lertson in the world, because il is the
only hope that lb'.- bald-beaded can ha?e of once more re?
gaining tbe full ilowiu^ locks of fcalr, v*lih.which nature
adorned their heads in youtli, which it dor; to the admira?
tion of all w ho use it as directed. Try it, all of you wbo
need more or hiodsomer Lair. Ii is ibe very thing lor you.
Prepared only by Dr. D. JAYNK.20 S->uih Third street,
Philadelphia, and 305 Broadway, New York.
Price $1 j>":rbo.ile._ m!8 3t
O* IflendM of glnir.-?". C. BARRY. Artist in Hair,
from London.?The real Heads of Hair still stand pre-emi
n*mt above all others. Their peculiar light, gossamer and
ventilating cha- acter; their being shaped exactly as ihe na
tunti bair grows, their elasticity" and their superior material
and workriian?bip, as well as "tlieir style of finish aud ar?
rangement, all combine to form such perfect btads of hair
thai they must he seen to he telly appieclated.
A new system of the arl of Wig Making taught in f.ve
lessons. See a specimen of Barry's Wigs and Scalps, which
will satisfy the mo<t fastidious lhathc is the beat and cheap?
est maker in the city?146 Broadway, corner of Liberty-si.,
upstairs. 21flm*
3D" Wood JSnsriivini;?The undersigned would
respcctluliy inform the Primers and Publishers ot ibis city
and elsewheie, thai he has ihe facility and ability to exe?
cute al! kinds of original designs and engravings, viz., em
belii.sbra.enis for illu-trated bcoks, papers and periodicals,
architecture, machinery, labels, busim-ss emblems, auto?
graphs, stamps, ice, at 16<i Nassau street, Tribune Build?
ings, opposite the. Park.
N. B. No patronage solicited from those who wish barter
or credit- WM. W. 3 RITT. QStf
TT To Printer?.?A fRESSMAN of exoerience,
steady and industrious habit-=, desires a p?Tnianenl"siiu.iiien
at a moderate salary. He is one that h wHl acquainted
w ith the working of w ood engravings, fine book-work. Ate.
He would like a ctance to perlect his knowledge ot Power
Presswork. Address VV. Allen, in care of H. Greeley, Tri?
bune Olli :e. _^^^^^ mis tf
ETBtrtl-'s Hat EstHblisnwcnf,coruerPi.ie and
Nassau streets.?The success which has attended ibis estab
lishmeni for several years past is gratifying to- the proprie?
tor. Since the commencement of his business he has stead?
ily kepi in view the acknowledged tastes of h'* customers,
aud introduced, froai season lo season, ibe moat approved
styles of the day. Being well acquainted with ibe tastes ol
our citizens, no article in bis profession has been offered
to the public w hich has not received genera! approbation.
He has uow the pleasure to announce, thai lie Las been
induced from motives of economy, and in conformity to the
times and public sentiment, to add to his assortment a For
HatoI approved fabric and workmanship, at tbe very low
price of l-'Jt. It will be distinguished by the
same style and tinisb that has gained for him Uie liberal
patronage heretofore enjoyed.
lie will also continue as heretofore to fabricate tbe $5 Bea?
ver bat, which has become Ibe standard among ibe elite
throughout the country. BIRD, N. Y.
J. D. BIRD, Franklin House, Philadelphia.
mD Staw ThSitTlmis- _
TT Spencer'? HAT WAREHOUSE is removed to
No. 67 Chambers street, 2d door East of Broadway.
March 2d, 1S43._ _ _ roh2 tf
TT Spring Fashtou liata.?Hais of the new
Spring Style will beonered alcar counter on and after Sat?
urday, 4th inst- SPENCER, Hauer,
mb2 tf No. 67 Chambers su 2 doors East of Broadway.
TT Tribune Job Printing Office, 150 tfat
All kinds of JOB PRINTING, such as
Checks, Carps,
iNscaA.icE Policies,
Bills or Laoixc,
Mammoth Show Bills,
Lectors Bills,
Concert Bills, Plain and
Political Bills,
Circulars, (neat) he
Promptly executed at the OSce of The Trisuse, No. 160
Nassau-street, (opposite the Park.l
Walter Forward and Alfred W. Jlark-,
TT &ea!?b> Qniet and Comfort.?The Gra?
ham House, 63 Barclay st- New-York, prefers advantages
'jo Strangers stopping a few days or weeks in the city, such
as are rarely .offered. Il is eligibly located oca cleao and
air}' street, very near the business part of the city, and in
the immediate vicinity of the principal steamboat landings.
Its apartments are convenient and neat, while its table is
supplied with the best Vegetables and Fruits thai can be
procured, excluding entirely Animal Food and Stimulants
of all kinds. Charges moderate, and ev?ry eflort made to
render Boarders comfortable. Shower Baths free. Be
qeosber 63 Barclay-it
Paswecjrers Am red
In the ship Rhone, from Havre, Mr Lyon, Mr D C Coai
chats, ead 14 in the steerage.
in the bng Petersburg, from Vera Cruz?CaptW Tyitt
tin, W C Mc?>cn-rer.
je2d U" >. oor.TorV fa no., 107 Chatham"st.
On Thursday evening, 16th inst, by the Rev. Dr. Smith,
of tit. Peter's Church, Chelsea, Henry T. .Mixer to Emily
France?, caughter of the late Rabt. Curtis. *
On the J5:h ins!., Mr. Joseph T. Wilhams to Miss- Mary
Ann Flanagan, ah of this city.
On Fridav, the 17th inst., of a lingering illness, Mary Aon,
wife of Charles M. Redman, in the 40th year of her age.
Her friencs and those of her father, Georg? Tappen, and
her brothers. George Tappen, Jr. and Thomas B. Tappen,
and her broiher-in-Iaw, Thos S. William.--, are invited to
attend her funeral, on Suoday afternoon Bt half-past 4
o'clock, from her late rccidcnce.'No. 135 Hester street, with?
out further invitation.
In Brooklyn, 17th inst. William Walcoit, atred 2 years
and 2 month*, only son of Edwin C. and Elizabeth W.
March 16, Alex. Lawrence, infant son of Jobn and Sarah
March 16, James, eldest son of Joseph and Cornelia Mc
Ardle, aged 5 years and 10 months.
March 16, Catharine Murphy, a?ed 22.
March 15, Capt. Andrew J. Skidoy, in his 36th year.
March 15, in her 23d year, Ellen Matilda, wife of Daniel
T. C Bird, and youngest daughter of Edward and Marga?
ret Parker.
At Newtowa, L. I., on the 15th inst., Edward, son of
Rev. J. Gols'smith, aged 1 year and 3 months.
At Ravei?-*ood, L. L. 15th inst, Clendening Nicoll, eld?
est son of Etnrighum H. Lawrence, aged 4 y?-ars aud 2
At Albany, on the I5tb inst. Mary Richmoud Taylor,
wife of Col. John Tavlor, ofthat city.
March 14. John G. Hick*. Esq.. in his 46th vear.
OARD1NG SCIitjOL?;rving lnsti
tute, Tarrytown. New-York.?The summer session
win open on the 1st May next, and there are at present
about ten vacancies.
Applications may be made to the Principal by mail, or
by personal interview ai the Institut--, or at 7b Bowery,
every Tuesday during Apr:L
Circulars containing references, catalogue of patrons,
terms and all need.';-! particulars, may be oolmncdal?ari
lett ;c Welloru's, 229 Broadway, and at Rr/nors', 76
Tne high character of this Institution for thorough in?
struction, and kind and watchful supervision of its pupils,
united with the beauty, beaithluloess and morality oi the
location, and the facility of access from the city, render it
one ot the most desirable places iur the education of
The Re~. Orlando Harriman, A. M., favorably known as
a very competent in<irncior, is associated witn the Princi?
pal, and wiil desi ?n lo give greater ehiciency to the Classi?
cal Department.
mi7 tbks esis Principal and Proprietor.
X JAMES G. MOFFET, Manufacturer, 121 Prince-sf.,
I*.". Y-, offers tor sale, wholesale and retail, a superior lot of
Coopers' Brass, Pail Ears and Rireu, at me lowest market
prices._m!3 lm?
ERS, fcc?JAMES G. MOFFET. Manufacturer,
121 Prince-street, N. Y., offers tor sale wholesale and retail,
a superior lot of Umbrella, Parnsel and Shade Furniture,
at the lowest market prices._m!3 1m*
act of Congress gives one year's additional pension
to these widows wno are still living and wbo have received
the benefits of toe Act of JnJv 7,1838. Claimants under the
law will apply at the Pension Oliice, No. 15j Wall st- for
direction how"to proceed-_mi? 3;'
7"ARD TO LET?The Coal Yard No.
1.53 Moaroe si. Apply to Wiiliams it Ferguson, No.
2s uak ?-t-_in 13 2w3taw*
I^"PURSUANCE ofan order of the Sur?
rogate ot the County of New-York, Notice is hereby
o-iven to all person! having claims against John Pye, late
of the City of New-York, gentleman, oeceased, to present
the same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at tae
office ot Gilbert B. Hail, No 92 Fulion-street, ha the City of
New-York, on or before the nineteenth day of September
next. Dated New-York. March 17th, 1843.
mJ8 law6m MICHAEL O^CONNER, Executor.
I^fH? the >:oo?? irou. ?;a
J I Seta 6 8j Rises. 9 44 I Mora 10 13
Latest Dates.
.Feb. 3 J Havre.Feb. I
Li^^2?l^ll^zzi-jleb- 4 I Ngw-OaLEaWS....March 6
Ships Adelaide, Adams, Maianxas. Spoffjr.1 k Yi.Vstni::
Hmtiagiw, Bur, ey. Liverpool, Wood hull ^ Minturn; He?
lena, Benjuajn, Valparaiso, N k G Griswolrf.
Bng Ci^kei, Reai, g; Thomas, J W Lewi-,
achr Mary, Ireitt?rr, Alexandria and a market, A B.
Cooley k Co.
SlocpJas L Long, Hawkins, Providence. RL
Brig Isabella, Mcllee, 21 ris fra MavagTiez. PR, ragsr and
nwlastes id Alsnp & Chancery. The las ashore at the Elm
I Tree. States I-iand.
Bark Adrra, Saab, 63 ds fm Rio de Jan ein?. ccTce to Sif
kirs Jt Ironsides.
Bjig Hollowe!!, Smith, of Holiowell, 13 ds fm St Marks,
coffee 10 W W Pratt.
Brig A"gora, Means, 23 ds fm NO, sugar and molasses to
Nftmitli i. Le^ds.
Rt:z D'aigpi Tacker, 23 ds fm NO, sugar and molasses to
Brig Lean:, Alexander, Of Bath, 23 ds fm NO, pork, kc
to J 0 Ward.
Sehr ?oanoke. Knight, rm Georgetown. UC, fnar and
corn to Brett k Vu-e.
Sr.br Merchant*, Miliner. and John Marsball, Hicamin,
both 2 ds im Folly Landing, oats to J P Havens.
S'chr Madawaska, Small, fm Wilmington, NC.
Srbr Zion.HiU, fm Baltimore, with moze.
BELOW?i ship, i bark and 3 brigs, w md NW.
Capt fountain, of die steamboat liercuics, came from be?
low ta report a ship a,bore at Red B.mk.
The Great Westers is reported to have p?ssfd the Hook
beteten 5 and li o'clock T?ursdav evening, and eot a g.?od
offing before the storm came on.
Sehr United States, CaUahan,from NO for Philadelphia,
was wrecked 13th inst. on ibe Ea?t point of the Five Mile
Beach ; her cargo, stignr and molasses, will probably all be
lost. She is lying on her beam ends, bilged, and much sand
in her bo!d.
to mariners.
iMr?r.TAiif DlsCOT?RT. -The Hamburg scut Paradhe,
Ciipt Zv brand ts. July 1?. l?4l,on a ?oya?? from Valparai
so lo .Mania, discovered ft group ct six island;, ihickly
studded with cocoa r.nt trees, and otrpposed uninhabited, In
lal 9 S, Ion 17; W of Greenwbicb, tsupposp;1! not .'aid down
in an> charts ) The captain name i them Paradise Island;.
The laiitude ui the northernmost island, at noon, was made
9 degrees 6 seconds 20 minutes S, and the longitude, bv
g"0d chronometers, 172 W. The Uloe group laid oowu in
the Engli-h charts t.l minult? l:>o souinerly,ihe mast south?
erly and westerly nf those islands being in tat 7 32 N, Ion
I_l_m_L? JJM?A
O" Chenrs and Popular Works now w course
c! publication by D. APPLETf.'N ii CO.
CCO Broadway.
And f-?r sale by nil Booksellers and Nev-s Agents?
The iVnu-rican tn Egvpt, with rambles through Arabia
Fetrta and the Holy Land during the ) ears 1630-40. By
?'ames Ewtng Coo!ev, illustrated with numerous steel en?
graving:*; also Etchings and Designs by Johnson. Tu be
completed in six terni monthly pails, only i5 cents each.?
Tarts !. 3 and 3 ready.
The B ok of the Navy, comprising a general history of
the American Marine, and particular accounts Ol ail the
most celebrated Naval Bait es. liom the D-claration of In
de'endence to li'e present time, compiled frum the best an
ihorities. By John Frost, A.M. To completed m lour
parts, only 25 cents each?pans I and 2 ready.
A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines i contain?
ing a ciear e.laosition of their principles and practice. Bv
AndrewUre, M. D. F. R. S. 4<.c. kc, illusirated wiih li4i
I :--;!iriiig< and containing Upwards of 1400 closely printed
pages. To be completed in five monthly parts. One dol?
lar each?paris 1 to 4 ready.
In rnd'Dlbly parts, 12$ cents each, with illustrations by D?ck
The Forthnesof Hector O'Halloran and his ;nia Mark
Antony p'foote. By w. H. Maxwell, Esq.?parts 1 to 10
uow ready. ml"
O* The Lifu mud &pc*>* he* ofltetlty f.'lny.
?MALLORi'S EDITION.'?The scbscriber announces |
with great satisfaction that he has made every necessary
arrangt irient tor the nubOratmaof. the Lije and Speeches
oi the lion Henry Olay, in tvro large octavo volume* of
more than l^Oo page?; that it is now rapidly progressing
lo completion, and will be issued from the press early in
May. The embellishments ?re being executed by Dick on
sieel, and consist of a fall length likeness of the Oratcr aud
Statesman; a view of the house in Hanover county. Va..
where he was born ; a v c-w of A-hlan i, his seat near Lex?
ington, K7 ; and the M moment ererte 1 on the Cumberland
road near Wheeling. Va., to perpetuate a recollection of
Mr. Clay's agency in establishing that road. The Life )t
full and spirited, and ab'mnds with anecdotes, many of
them entirely original, and with glowing descriptions of
remarkable events connected with bis public career.
The Speeches, more than seventy in number, embrace a
. period oi above thirty yeans oi Vie political history or the
country,and constitut- ihe only fell collection of his Speech?
es everpublished ; the whole chronologically arranged ; and
to each speech is prefixed a short memoir ot the subject;
the occasion of its delivery, and when it has Keep desirable
the result of tbe question. The Speeches of Mr. Clay in
volume and number, as well as in rorce aud eloquence, will
favorably compare with those of the proudest names in the
annals of British State.Miien. Agent* are particularly re?
quested to communicate with the Publishers, Messrs. Hobt.
\ P. Jiirby ?V Co., N ). 31'ark row, by the 15th of April, and
utl conriiurniratiens must be postpaid. Editors ? f papers
friendly to tnia uno*ertektng. wilt confer a signal favor by
announcing as a Literary nitiielhe forthcoming of this work,
and to point out ibe very important adfthitsges wh'ch this
edition has over all others. DANIEL M ALLORY.
Tiie Bnsiou Atlas, Ur.ned States Gaz-rtte, Philadelphia :
BaltilWKe Patriot, National Intelligencer, Washington,and
Richmond Whig, will please tn Insert'the above advertise?
ment toree times and send their bills to the publishers tor
payment. ml6 3tis
SiT JParllealap IVosice.?Those perso i hann:
t'oniiture of. ar.y description ts disvose of, or who are brea. ?
Only izi Cents per Box. The manges* popnarily wtkb
j these P1?3 cave attained since they ??ere tjm publicly made
j known, is beyond pirailri tc the aua?:? ,,; tbt tr.ecical ?rt
i As as iavaiuaola and effective family mc&cjee, wtose vir
tceshsve never failed of affording reiiei in ah cases where
duly administered, we confidently assert that t*> cieoica
; meet La? ever been prepared which car ibr a ?m,.... |?
cocsiCt red tfceir equaL There Is do case cf illness in w^jj
these Pills may not be ced with perfect, safety ar.d ? : . n |
uu-j'.y or" rehef.
Pr:ce 12? cents a box. Seid Wholesale and Retail, tty
iL G. DAGGERS, SO Arir-atreeh Also, by Wadirigh, *i9
Broadway ; Axford,163 Bowery , Green. ??? Fulton-street,
Brooklyn, anl by the Nrv?s Agent* and Booksellers
throcgtoal the cyuciry. Terms, ensh; a large dboujt to
Agsnii. inltt eodlmis
fcREAT I^BIJCEMJSNTS are offered
VX at the
nbw-TORKcas'i tailuring establishment
1-52 FfLTO.VsTKEET, .VE.tR SXO-S^W.xY.
The subscribers having on baud a Uli and fashionabk as
sortment of Cloths. Cassisnercs ant! Votiigs O;" the fing sh,
French and AmTicaii manufactures, we are prepared 10
conim.nce cur Sprieg business, adhering strictly to oar old
system of Cash on delivery and so abatcmeut In pr:c?>.?
The advantages derived by the customer from the edop
tion of this cozr~, thereby realizing a gain cf 3T per cent,
upon credit pric*-.-. they conceive perfectly obvious, and
therefore needs no comment; iLzd hj calling the attention of
the gtrutlcmen of the Uniled Statesand of New-5'ork iu
particular to ttieir stssirtmeot of cho ce Good*, lb<y will )
merely observe.that andeyiatiag punctualhy and despatch i
in answering the [commands ?? their friends is as etuebj i
partot their system as cash payments.
P27 j. c. Booth x cd.
THE GRAHAM STSr?Ml?The new and splen?
did House No. 42 Vesey-s'reet. a t-w doors from the Astor
Uouse. uasjest been newly furcUbed lathe most ample
and convenient mauaer, regardless of expense, 'or transient
and peun.mec; boarders, who mav prefer to test the advan?
tages ol ihe Graham System of vegetable to lbs exclusion ?
ot Animal Fooit. The Table wilt abound at ah times with I
the rick Milk and Butter of O-ange County, and the choi?
cest Fruit- end Vegetables both ot this market and of ihe
West iudia Islands, sn arrangement having been mad*
with distui^uis^rii Frultery end Vegetable Establish
neat at Havana, i-v a fresh supply of ihe iiclicacies of
;uo?? Islands at all season*. Every effort will tie made at
this H iuh t> demon-time the truth tbai r. Vegetable Diet
is rcon conducive to Happiness ns well as Health- The lo- .
cat! ?a is ceutrSl, vjleasant, and convenient io all the Steam. J
boat Landings. Strangers visibng the City Cora few days |
are invited to give this systent s fair tnal. The apart?
ment' are iargc Bud airy. CaOTOa ShrWSX Baths gratii.
No efions win be spared to plerise and at-OHiiayMat-? tl;. se
who may favor this bouse with tbete patronage. This es?
tablish ctcnt has uo connection with any other. Terms
moderat?._mSTTlii Sim'
jlLED SILK, manufactured iu every
V-X respect eo,ual if not ?operier to any iu the market, a
16 cents per yard, by J. & R. WARD,
Essex i-treet. Newark, N. J.. Manufacturer? of Patent
Leather, Japp'd Linen, Muslin, Top Hid?:s. tc. 4tc.
Merchants and Dealers are cautioned against notic' X
what his beon said arainst us its Mar.ufdcturersof ihe alt
article by a firm in thin city, w ho have bad almost the i \
elusive sal- ol Oiled Silk. "We hold ourselves responsible lor
all silk not finished equal to any in market.
Orders recei ved for us and samples to Iseseni^t O. W.
GORUM'S. 189 Maiden lane. We reier to Smith, Wnttbt
it Co. respecting our rftipooalhility. .124 eonSmi?*
WRIGHT it CO., .Metallic Pen Manufacturers, wiiii
couridencr t'fler to the Public their varipos kintis of Pen?
warranting 'hem to pive satisfaction. Tfie usual objections
which have been made t" the use ol Httel Ptiis, Irom their
scr.\tcii!.!L' or cutting the paper is obviated Cy a xe:v modte- f
burnishing the paints, and th>-y ure made of different de?
grees of tin-tiess and elasticity to sust all classes of wril?*rs,
put up,in tKiaes ant) on cards in the ueatest >:\!e. To be
had oi toe Agahta, J. C. BARN ET it CO., Na 28 .lohn
StueU _ inl6 3leodis*
^??K_Tr~THiS?Just reTeiverI?rom
Auction, lot good Hose, at only 6 cents per pair; loi
g.xid Pou De Soic Siik. ai 2i 6d; loi wine net Lace, at only
Id pfr yard, lot good Ribbons, ai 'o ceuts; lot hue Shirting
1 Muslins at 04 per ye"; loi tine Calicos ui 11 peryd; lot fine
j Cambric Muslins at 6J per yd-, lot goo't Vestiogs only 1?;
I lot tin* Broadcloths nt7slid; lot fine Cassbzteresat6s 6dr
? lot riDe Satinets at 2s 31; lot Table Lineas, 2 yards wide, at
only 4iG J: lot fine Linen at only 1*3.1; tot good Bedtick ai
6d per yd; lot Cambri?: Hikf? at 4d; lot Tbreail Lace at od
pci yd. Also lots of Wet Gor,d> for sn'e cbeao ai
ralS Iwi.* 501 Greenwich-?i. filth store below Sprin^-sl.
t? N. Y., has on hand and oilers lor sale, wholesale aim
retail, at the lowest market price/, vit:
German Silver of different u>':ik:kss,a very r,o- ar?cl?'
Sheet Brnss, do do do
Pfjters' Bras-s, do do do
C loperi' Bra<s, Pail Ears and Rivets
Umbrella, Parasol and Shade Furniture?which he war
ranis equal to any in the United stales, and of bis own
tuautifacture._ _ mlB )m*
I"M POUT ANT".?German "Silver! Gcr
man Silver!?.1 AMES G. MOFFET, 121 Prloce-Street.
New-York, offers for sale wholesale and re'ail, 1500 lbs. ol
German Silver, at the lowest market prices.
In cons'fjuence of o anuhicturintr the article himself he
can warrant It f.ir superior to any t ver manufacture I iu ibis
country, and folly tqual to the Imported._in 18 lni*
SAMUJbiXTLO^\SBURY, (formerly Da
venport k Lounsbury.) Merchant Tailor, would in
form Ins friends and the public that he is now engaged ol?ne
at Ihe Old Siand, 46 Fulton sireei. where be w ould be hap?
py to see them. The friends ot Mr. John Hogers. (who b ?
lately disposed of bh infrest in this estabUsbment to ihe
subscriber,) are respectfully solicited to continue tbt-ic p .
irona^e. Prices to corr"spoiid with the t mes. m!81w*
payers of the f^ixlli Ward will please t??i?ke notice that
two per cent will be added on all un^rtirf Tuxes an and aller
ibo iuih. Office hours l.-oui 8 A. XI. till 9 P. M. till after the
2fth- Oliicc514 Pearl, corcrof Centre-st.
ml8 ir O. W. BRENNAN. Collector 6th Ward.
.IL.?3,C00 gallons Winter bleached and
_ unbleached Sperm Oil?a pure and beautiful ariiole ;
2.UU0 Kalioiis Renhetl Whale Oil. For sale by
E D. TftUESDELL. 20 Canal su
mhlf imis*_near Broadway.
I~i?tfE WATKtt?^uperior Iuglisti
^/ Rose Water, ditill^d from the H.'-wers, for sale by the
bottle by DAVID SANDS k CO.. Drflggtoiyand Cb'niists,
17 Eist Broadway, cornrT cd'Market-streeL i?.7 6ti8_
I)G\"VCK)D, F??TfcTi^CVV??D,
_ and every ktud of Dye-Wood and Dye-Stuffs, forsale
wholesale and retail by D-WID SANDS k CO., Druggists
I and Chemists, 77 East Broadway, cor. Market-JL n> 17 this
J T\ RANGE b lower Water?A very supe
' rior high flavored article ot French Orange Flower
for sale by DAVID SANDSi. CO. Druggists and Chem'sU
77 Ea^ Brotdway, cor. Market sb_ml7 6tis
T~ O GARDENERS?For sale at half
its value, if applied for immediately, fifty to one hun
I dred !->ads of Mould lur Gardeni. Inquireat ?3 Ann street
ml6 3t?__
inch extra heavy, and of superior fabric; Cotton Bag?
ging do. do. do.; Hammock Cb-ths, Awning Cloths, Jcc.,
itc. A creat varlely ofthe?e beaw Cottons tor sale by
rag [nig_ 69 Pire-street
X s $6 50?a geuteel and coiiven:ent article for business
men. For sale by JENNINGS, 2i9 Broadway,
opposite the Fountain.
N. B. All other garments at proportionally moderate
prices. _m?7 "?lf
SHAKBll'S HKKBS, koots, ?ark8,?Sic.
cons.auily on hand in every variety, for fale wholesale
or retail by DAVID SANDS i. CO. Druggists and Chem?
ists. 77 East Broadway, cor. Marketst._m!3 6iis
AY WATER?Of superior quality
and delightful flavor, for sale wholesile and retail by
DAVID SANDS it CO. 77 East Broad * ay, corner Market
siren. rn!3 blis
rY^^RTilTs ?LACK1XG?
The genuine imported article?Uie best Blacking in
me world?always oa hand acd for sale by DAVID
SANDS k CO., Druggist* asd Chetn?t?, 77 East Broad
way,corner of Market street._mar 13 Oth
article for table use, for sale in half p mod botifes,?r
by tbe ounce, by DAVID SANDS k Co.,
mtSftis Druggists and Chemists, 77 Easi Broadway,
C*rne r of Marke'-*l.
TO HATTERS?The subscriber has
constantly on band silk and Angola Plusbe?, which lie
oJers for sale ?l very low price-.
m6 lrois* 72 Pir?- -L near Pearl.
ATCHES, Clocks and Jewelry re?
paired in the best wnner and warranted, moch
lower than at any oth?T place in the city, at G. C. AL
LKN'S. Importer of Watches and Jewelry, wbol"SAle and
retail.30 Wall street, up Starrs. _ "' Iran;
WATCHES lower than ever.?J a con
sequence of the reduction of duties by the Int*
tar ff the subscriber is selling bis stock of Gold sad Sflve:
Levers, Anchor Escapemeuts, Lepine, and other Waich?
of new and spien-'id patterasjand Jewehy at retail at>
considerable reduction from lorme: phces, being med
lower than Ihey can be bought for a. any other p!ac? ,a
the city. Gold Watches as Iowas $20 to $25 11: j
Watches end Jewelry exchanged or bought All va'.;^
warranted to keep good time or the money retaruCJ
Watches and Clocks repaired in the best aiauner, and **t
ranted, at much loss than the assal prices.
G. C. ALLEN, Importerof Watches and Jewelery,
olTistf Wholesale and etaiL 30 Wall-?t.. up stall*.
Philadelphia, February 3d, 13<S.
Or. D. Jayne?Dear Sir: 1 hare used In my family tev.
era 1 boidss of yocr valuable medicine for the destnictifia
of worms, and would recommend it to others as being oce
of the best and safest remedies now in use.
Yours, retpectfuiiy, FRAS. PSEVOST,
No, Ha Catiisrine street.
Prepared only by Dr: D. JAYNE, 20 Sooth Third street,
Philadelphia? and 3C5 Broadway, New-York.
Price $1 per bottle. 0317
-?''nh R>cfc-irdr, An-2oce~
?Start I9C Bfosutwif.
^>eri: **?<xt ??de on cw*taawt? 6*
MONDAY, Marek 27J:.
Ai auruna tMom.
Tuirty-Snt^!* yezs- Yori TrstJ* v.,>
T..c firstCatalogue u: ihr? important Sale uaov. r?*^t
?ttbe auctior rvoi.;. y
. TBe*a!eoJ ?be satur.efy ?Hl take place c;? *:?..-.
^ March, ?l5oclWk..V..M Tb<-ceui^uc
variety c; ?rtxies in tb!s b*, uh-IuV ?
Co of Ka? : 5 "r:-??-rr,paper.ELOhco,
lok dA,^. e'?b:a' ""w' large rosigumeais ri q? ....
LAt" "eStV4 fec*? B{** B^NSuei Pcas,
?I^?^^^v01?* ^ LcJlher. ? ?era! Sarge and
tit) pa.iern, u> .k s?l. ^ Monday. ?. 4 o.cfcca. P. ?
. el*.i;Ksb*V> .Varel. 28.
u ?,,Al R* * aectio? rooni.
Bocks-1 he sale 6 ?*? ftcH? Wi{: e?n?es*a o? Tue?,
day ruoraipg a?-Sj 0;ekck. *kVihf extensive lawteeTc
?S*?,if** "V"' ; ": ?'-^u?; .rem day <>
cay at Ihr same boor, until! all b sn? ?0 c>ro?
catalogue, wh.ett v? m he loawl to comas? au an^mi ,ar ,.
ty of rsiuab.V st-.ck. including insi-;^ ?xm a 0tl 0{ l?<,
leading pablr?:< r? turocgkoui tue cooniry.
Also, ??er*I vBb'.iMe s**ta o: str e->type pt*w*?to the
Tr.asary ot Kdowlcdgvi, 2 vo!*; S; aksp?-arr'.? Vs<,rkv Ou
splendid Eaghso ooiaw eci- wo, in 1 ?ot. D?2 pages,? BoJr.
riennr's Lfe.of Napoieee; i'.i,e> ? Tbeology?.4tc. \c.
A second catalogue will be L-.ued on tie n'ornirg of ih**
sale.coooiiiiipi: additionDl consignments, received ??o-ti i
for Ine first, invokes tor which ?iii be received untd um
vSib of March.
Y S^I>RAPEjyL Jr.??torc 54 *WK
ilaui-atrtew cornetc oi PftMvattxrt.
At IP o'clock. at the aoction rccm.
French am? liMtut Goonj?3y CataiogBtt~100 test
Frencu, German aed other Foreign Gjoc?. comprising nr?
exu*u.?:ve ai^onment of fancy a?d ataple nri:?.J - ol t^ir..
importations.adipl# I tothesuiBg tra< e. Terms,(1 rnemt ? ,
on a!isom?of$lvO and over, lor in proved em'oned oorev
A'.so. "j tniire MKkagea suptr Kcglish pia.u aiik ciavau.
plaid si'k faucy bdku nrJ black i.tk cravaK
Also, 2 cases uteu*> and wo neu'a rest cbevreanx -\t..
Alst;, lo ci?se an invoice, ^5 ?oure. cases hoeu cantl ri
Also.Scasensper, .jjaiiiy French 4rapd!ete.
AUo, S3 cases ..'.?, v? !::ve and si sie Gemuii co'.ton besfUfry
Also, 3 C.W-. plain m->os?'e iMiie*. of nne 17u5l.1v.
A's?, ?) piece* .-xira tine Krt m:h liaee caOiOl u
Also, Is) cart?i;.s German thread laces and ed^m^:.
Als?>, 2casts Paris qu ilhy satin rib!?oi?>, Nos IJ to 16.
Also, 2 ca?es Parts quality tatfeta. and a baiids?me ^ssor'.
raent new si\;? bonoet a"<i a ipriboous.
Also,3 cartons rich embroiot-red collars and ca; ej, of new
desists?jn>t l?nded.
Abo, lot caib. at a quarter befote li) o'clock, uadcr tn
spectionoi me wardtu^ of the portJtor iLe benefit oi c -
derwrtturs?d casetl cloths, damaged ou the rbyage tx an*
Catitkiugea jr..I ? ... ??. ? uv ready.
It has been 'KCUtded a* m'h far *ven y.-nt? .* r|
at .10 rtudjoiNsi a law do."?rs south ofCaaatrfi. oiJS lv"
aitea to let?A IJrocery and t'ced bto:e
JeiSL Apply or the preuv.,, ?" IV. ..
\ >o?Rooms iu 27ih atreei Apply as ale-s ?? Pofeei >loi
ir ? e . immediately. '1 required. _ nij6,*.w?
ajte^ WANTED?A amalJ fuwiiahed Kouiw
Hts.-^dtL in the lower pan of ?v .*?? .. is for a *? ry
v.t.mi >amily, a two story tiouv I i ltd'. Ad
dres> ?i W", Tr'b.t ? ??.???? e. m!8 3l*
MTO le'J ? Th?3 two story Hou ?.
with t<a room, No 54 D?*v->treet, thinl door obote?
Wie? i.wich-stre*t. to a small fam f w
Alto,the lour story br.ck Store No 69 Gold sireet, ^ bid
has been occupier! ^y a cabinet maker tor the last (cur
years. Reut low1 Id a' mod tenant. Apply at IT* <:
wich-sirert. corner of Dey**tre*t u>)85l*
mtu let?To a email lattiily, vu.t
half of a moderw, built two story ?rJ atttcLu 11
coiMis4mg of six rooois wiUi^pantries ano clo?
of under cedar? situated In the new block hi 12th ttre't. 5l h
house West of Sixth ."weii.t" No. 110?can be seen from m
to d o'clock. Rent i- 5.
Alsat apart of PewNa100 In the Ascension Cburrb:?
Apply in the store [42 Pnlton sl '? t':s
v CjO?NTit Y RE SIDE N C h) C?;
_.LET?A sn:ali two uo.y bmiie, ulth tui 1 i'-a:? . and
a ticjutifu! garden, a bam, bathing bouse, tac:,attached.
The house is situate 1 00 the ea-teru b ink o! Ilempstet d
Harbour.abont tmrt,- miles from ih- c>ty ot New.York,
a id iitiout a mile and a hail from the Village o( Gl n Cove,
and near the steamboat land tug, wbe.-e the itesmhoa)
American Kugle plies to r?nd fiom dally. Rent inoderaie
Apply to WM. M. WKEKS.GIen Cove, or id Cup:, t'.hai
Peck", on board steamboat American Eagle, Fulton sJip.
m 13 2w * _
fg& a V Aluahli?Tarm eor ?AL
Jij^, Will be sold at Publ.c Auction, on MONDAJ
lsi ..ay of .M?iv next, at 2 o'clock. P. M., at Stew.-.r's Ko
in Newark, N. J ,tlut valdsb.'e Farm known ostne j ??r
: Ison F irm,' and recently owned and occupied by Wilin m
t AI. ?oituaor?, di Cf.?sed, coniaiabag between60 an 1 70 ac 1 .
f in Cilntonville, Ksn::x County, n. j? about on ? ihlte beybttx
tne village of C imptoWR, on U" ?W ro id to Springfield?a
pleasant, beaitby a.i<i improving seciiou ot coutury, \ miles
ftom Newark, same from EMzabelbtown. and ia from New
York, which may be reed.od in trcru an hour to an hour ant<
a halt"
Tbc Hou^e is a lacr', subsfiintial, well finijlifd. two story
frame podding li led in wnh in lek, With a 1*0 siory k'tc heo
adjoining, containing togeUier 11 rooms, smoke room, nobb:
cellars aud turret,&c , in ?xcelieut ord.-r.
Flower and kitchen gardvn?, eucloK-d with ortamental
Also, b.irn./.i.w house, carriage house, A.c. 111 ^ood order.
The place is well watered by u hruck, uoi.d, weds, springs.
i.e. and atiouuds in Iruit of great vurieiy.
The *oii ii ( xcellent, and mainly ot a yr lloe/ rlay loam,
and well u.tapted to ihe raising01 grass, affording
j ifhl, as weh os of other produce.
Churches, schools, post-office, (dnily mnii.) store*, becoa
For farther information, iuqnircof Mr. WAL A5HLEY.
opposite the premises, cr o*"euher of (he subscriber '
Terms ?d S*le?In per ceni. on the day of tale, jo p r
cent, on t!ur 1st oi June, when the deed will be given, and
ihe balance can remain eh bond and mortgage St >> p r c
If required. ISAAC NB*TON. 15 fnnib ?ncet.
ml8cod2wia* HI RAM UA'.'N'.K. ",?> ['. . ; .
passage FORl^ElfV^?rlE?KS
_;?Only Regular Line.?I'jckciof th"aoth of Atarch.
?mendid packet ship LOUISA, Cu.pt. Leav.tt, will sail
positively as ai-ove, luvt. ;; ? gai act- mino atlon 101
cabiti, second cabiti and steerage pasvn^'-ts. For pa.*agc.
early application should be mail* 011 boird, or to
W. k .1. T. TAPSCOTT,
mill -13 Prek slip, corner or Soath-street.
ARE now opcci?g a very choice tism-.t
mentoi Stapl? and FSitry Dry Gcods, Oi' Am . < i",
British, French and Oer man manicure, embracing ev?s7
variety of
Prints Qn Dungs
Ginghams Sntteein
Printed Lawtu Huckaback Tawelling
! Chtimbrays CamKcland JacHMoslba
j Beisoriues Ch-ck'd aid ?riped Mosiin?
! Ciotb Book and ^oHKaslins
! Cassitueres Camb'c and t.'r. D Dl
( Saltineis Mirseih*? Qoil's
Giraffe Clothv Bieacked MustfiM
Neapolitan Cloth Bediick and check*
GambrooriA Linen Check
Ca^bmaretts ' Niik pocket Hdkfi.
Drap de tes Cotton do.
Kombaiccns Upen caraVc <in.
KejiLjeam Liners aud La^vs .
Alapachas Diapers and Dai.io.i. <
Ptquet Cordi Table Cloil?. and N^pkica
CMitonado LO ( and 12-4 Sccit'gs
With a complete a^aortnient of Hosiery rnd other Go?d*
suited to dm trade, 10 ail oi which they invite the. Bllel
ot purcbasers. Cash dealers will ?ud tt lo thr'.r Interest to
N. B.?D. S. U. S. iulend keeping constantly 0n hand s
full supply of hnen and cotton bneatiogs, talile drapers a> A
danaakfli?counter panes and blunkets (for b*rtn>of' v<
diaperi and bsckabutk towelling. Masters of veSMi* si.d
steamboats mny depend upon good geo?U ai.d a: .'vwr .\
market [inre.
LM. STEVENS (iftfe Btertfb? to
+ Gruman>?5 BEAVBR S 1 UK KT, nur d^.cr ir-vru
Poarlstree?,am) turst eirees b*-:nw Wall ?txt^t, T.V . .
has un bawl a v.-ry lar^e and choicely selected astorthl Ct
of millinery g?od* fcr the apring trade, nicut of wh.ch t,av?<.
?<???? purchasc?! at auction at the present ruinous Tt-'.t-,
will 1? ?>ld from 20 to 50 per cent, below the coat ol Ins*
portarioc. The subscriber adopts the same caurjees :. c ??
sued at the establishment last y?r, ?1., that of B4te?xiBft
the cash aucuoos daily, aud avdiimg bbssclfoftbc
that o?ers. asd he iu turn selling :;.r.^ ai \ small adianr*
f'?r cash, aud c.a^W only. Many wl?o boogHt goods of H. 4c
G. but year, well know they were ?iecmedly cheap** than
cotrld be tioa^fat else*here. Awl be would resper.
invite merchaj-.i* ^nd rnilHr ers in ?:e city or coontiy wlw
want any grrwisln the sub>.rir.ers line.tr. not mit gfvlog
him a cail before purchasing >:, tew here; for they m*y <*?r*
pend it will be for th^ir interest todoso. H? will hare
constantly 00 hand a full ssmrirr?ei*t of bat si!k> 3:-d r:bi>on?.
and all other go?ds in tire sridimery i-ne, D?hlM * good a>?
wirtmeut of s?k goods in general. >;at.ii ai 0 t*fl*U 1 t-bons,
from No. S to 16, constantly on hand, direct from the 1 ic
tiras, very low. _(27 Imls*
S. ii E. PECK k CO., ISWs^sarJ and 00 Bearer,
s reels, solicit the aften'icn 01 Mcre^-i* vUidog the cry to
their irtsb ami very .elect stock of U
Goods, to wl,i*h they are da** ?^dmg tliemost fashiotab^
and desirable stylt- hi the seaaon. A-<*c, a completejusoit
ment Ot Millinery Good*, which tbey are selling atl^ced
prices for cash. _ai lcxi*
ECON?3lY~nTDRess?220 Broad
tTJV opjwwite ihe Fouoi.-iiu.-I would *ugg?t ic th
cx-nmnnVv t&i I am iomi?>ning every arl^-Ie oi Clothtnc
st nVoportmnabiy moderate pricey for which our Sack Scr
foni bavc been afforded, eno wcnld solicita?aii from lbnae.
doable cf appreciating good work, that they may judge ot
?7;Tndoceir?ents o?ereil w ?we paying ready mpoey?
Strarwersin the cuy requuiug carmenu wilt Mease ?cira
our prhfe*. WM. T. JENNIES,
i51 igtf _Draper ar.d Tadnr. _
C~HXfRS~r OR SHIPPING, or Tor fam
ity nse?of mabog&ny, fancy Curled Maple BahJ.
uxire Cane and Wood Sea'. Cottage and Rock tug Chairs?
lor sale very cheap at 317 Pea.l street. AJio, a general
as.sorur.eni of Cabm? Ware. ?^4 tttj 1?

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