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A Yer_l,,,fi.r_.riKT.?TtRa-ayMC.t.-i.NO
.l^y-T^t- DOLLARS per annum. ? ad^ce.
s==^= ~~%HtX3XV Xoticcs.
?IP DIAL, No. XII. Ai;"TT, 18-3. Boston : K. P. Pea
TiT_i New-Yo.-k : <?? -? Fraucia _'-??
ra/'now number of The Dial opens with a
m and deeply appreciating article on theg n
? ? of A Brovms Ax-corr. by hi? bosom friend
.hVeli-- La.?, a philanthropic and truthful, but
_ the world's eye (and ours) visionary man who
_c-.Hr abandoned his native England that he
?rbt breathe freer and lire more hopefully in
Jan-hackled and usually, when unsympathis
ts indifTerent and thus tolerant America. V.o.
Ze not room for any synopsis of tins earnest and
-?rcibledefenceof Mr-Alcott's aims and methods
at a teacher; but wo must make one noble ex?
tract from Mr. Lane's introductor}* rebuke to the
?jp-ar levity and buffoonery displayed in cari
c!_ti_T___ an<* ridic,l*inr. -Mr- A!cott because some
of bis -entenccs are not as perspicuous as nursery
rhrmc- to ihosc wholly unacquainted with his
?inner and subjects. Mr. Lane justly says :
? Ml the savings of Genius are oracular ; all
me actions of Originality arc inspired. The des.
aw ofthe genuinely inspired soul is always to
?doubted.or despised, or persecuted in its own
Jav and nation. Not bom for years or localities
?niv. bat for all times and places, it must await as
?i_e a welcome. We see that this skepticism,
.unfriendliness, is necessarily manifested by the
rery law of originality itself; and just in a. de
rrre coequal to the extent or depth of the origin
ilitv. The greatest, the divinost genius is perse?
cuted to death, even unto ignominious death ; a
moderate degree of inspiration is merely hunted
. through the world ; a lighter share of originality
?I is allowed to waste itself in neglected poverty and
wal-chilling solitude. For it is not, w_ surmise.
* okays true that the measure of tliR world's ae
>) ?*pt__co of genius is the index to the profundity
J of _iat generic love. Had it been so, the world
crc now would have been in a more loveful posi?
tion than Beltconfessedly it is. Loveful utteran?
ces in the deepest tone, loveful actions in the gen
?Ifgt manner, have been spoken and enacted in
tb. world's theatre, and the records of them ..till
remain, kindly appealing lo humanity for a re.
?ponso. Yet it comes not. Or, at the utmost, as
in the mimic theatre, the spectators vehemently
applaud each virtuous representation as it passes
before their eyes, but as instantly forget it. Influ?
ence, pass over humanity as the wind over the
reung trees ; but the evanescent air is not the
abiding sap. Manifestations of genius have not
generally inducod men to seek a closer union with
the. genetic *>ower. \V_ lack even imitative
' Scarcely, therefore, can it be granted that the
want of bucccus, which so frequently character?
ises the career of genius, is attributable cither to
anv deficiency of love or want of exponential
ability on its side. Something?nay, much?de?
pend? on the eonstruction of the receptive vessel.
The finest wino must be inevitably spilt, if poured
upon a solid marble sphere ; not even nectar itself
could be retained in a sieve ; and let us recollect
that genius is over too ready to pour forth its of.
ierittgs, to consider critically the slate or nature
o? the receiving mind. The mind supposed to be
recipient will lie found not seldom to be repellant,
and even when frankly disposed to receive, often
finds the task too difficult at once to comprehend
. that which emanates from the progressed being.
The sun steadily shines on. though by its beams
the swamp exhales miasma as the peach delicious,
ly ripens.*
'Canov.i ' is the theme of the. next article, (a
translation,} consisting mainly of remarkable say
lugs of the great sculptor, while conversing with
aiympathizing friend, Missirini. Canova here
appears as a man of strong, manly, penetrating
?-re, deep admiration for and inflexible devotion
to his art, but not a genius. His observations
ave great practical value for artists, but less for
ifc mass of men. The following excerpt we
i-ild earnestly press upon the. attention of our
?**_ aspiring youth, and commend its moral to
_9 masters of our Colleges, Medical Schools,
law and Theological ?Seminaries :
'Evon because Canova had so at heart the in
-WU of the arts, it grieved him to sec such a
S-titudc of young men devoting themselves to
-?service; for, he said, they cannot, for the
?a. part, fail to bo jtoor and" unhappy. Italy
Bathe world are tilled to satiety with works of
J,and what employment can all these disciples
w??But the woist is that they will foster
??te mediocrity ; for excellence was never the
:*ttioa of many, and through excellence alone
?aany good be effected. The academies should
?^pt all to try the capacity of each, but when
g have ascertained that a pupil has no extraor
anve power for art, then dismiss him, that he
?ar.r-a citizen, apply himself to some useful
?*f?g. for I fear that this multitude who arc not
^tho upward path will drag down with them
*? who aro better, and where they have begun
J w ill, will run into every ?folly ; for the arts,
"f_a_u into the downward direction, find no stay,
??tare won precipitated into total ruin.'
^?ae rerse of thin number is not surpassing.
*? rather like these lines by Thoreau :
. 'HAZE.
?>c_t of the sun. ethereal gauze,
,V.0.vrn ?f nature's richest stuffs,
| isible heat, air.water, and dry si _,
Last conquest of the eye ;
Toil of the day displayed, sun-dust,
Aenal surf upon the shores of earth.
whercal estuary, frith of light, ?
Breakers of air.'billows of heat,
fine summer spray on inland seas ;
Bird of the sun, _T__-p_._ut-w.nge_,
jjwlct of noon, son-pinioned.
?M?heath or stubble rising without song;
establish thy serenitv o'er the fields. T.'
5T-y **??*, (by 0. ? Clinch,) are better :
'Han-is War the?, in their hands,
Azure skies have folded o er the. ;
^^"?^^.v angel bands,
And the deep, cold, throbbing sea;
ta each meadow's melody,
i,! ? S*!0*1)' ??'?..?i-breeze swells,
^tough the ?lumk-ring rneadowetl detto
jWe thou weave? unknewn inelU.
to the ringing fair,-b.^
?% folded trance fliore hide
.?Va?t?.? ni?sures of content.
m ?ry picuire,s dcmem* (-*'
fW?*el. ^\^lribu-?*??uct__uiKVation--froin
??tern??' Whl,Ch XVOuld * ?^i?t but for the
feto? K ?**[llmn Ut^l~an attempt which
^thetr value for the mcrnl -^ and
?J?^micmtinirto the scholar only; The
*vu>? extract from the translatoVs
TJ0^?.? better conceived
l i ??.?atow of no studies?
so composing as those
VOL. III. ?YO. 2.
I of the classical scholar. When we have Bat down
; to them, life seems as still and serene as if it were
; very far off, and we believe it is no't habitually
; seen from any common platform so truly and un
? exaggerated as in the light of literature. In se
: rene hours we contemplate the tour of the Greek
i and Latin authors with more pleasure than the
traveler does the fairest scenery of Greece or Italy.
; Where shall we find a more refined society ??
! That highway down from Homer and Hesiod to
Horace and Juvenal is more attractive than the
; Appian. Reading the classics, or conversing with
- those old Greeks and Latins in their surviving
. works, is like walking amid the stars and con?
stellations, a high and by-way serene to travel.
Indeed, the true scholar will be not a little of an
: astronomer in his habits. Distracting cares ?nil
not be allowed to obetruct the field of his vision,
? for the higher regions of literature, like astronomy,
j are above storm and darkness.'
i Rev. J. F. Clarke contributes a Sketch of
; George Keats, a brother of the Poet, who died re?
cently while in the prime of life and in the midst
of an active business career at Louisville, Ky.
? He was eldest of the three brothers, a most worthy,
i intellectual, loving and rightfully beloved man,
j greatly respected in his Western home, which he
: had chosen in early manhood, marrying at twenty
j ont" a girl of sixteen, and seeking independence
' and equality on the banks of the then foresl
: shaded Ohio. His strength of character and
kindnc-s of heart are fitly commemorated by Mr.
; C. preliminary to the citation of some criticisms
on -Milton by the Poet Keats, which Mr. C. was
permitted to eopy from the Western brother's copy
i of * Paradise I-ost.' These are good, but not ex?
traordinary, and arc valuable mainly as a frag
m nt of the mind of Keats snatched from oblivion.
There are several brief article?-.l>oth in Prose and
Verse, of which wc have not room to speak; and
that on ? Europe and European Books,' by the
Editor, is so rich that we pass it in the hope that
wo may ere long he able to insert it entire. Tho
Literary Notices and Foreign Literary Intelli?
gence we must also leave untouched for the pre?
?The Dial concludes with tills number its
Third Volume. For three yearn it has been sus
tainod by the free-will offerings of a band of gen?
erous spirits, at the head of which stands its
Editor. They have labored without expectation ?
; of pecuniary recompense?urged onward by a ?
i select and scattered few, whose admiration and
; development have been their stimulus and reward. !
! Wc believe this work, restricted, by the world's !
j indifference, to a narrow circle of usefulness, lias j
! yet effected vast good?that it ha_ imparted a !
' deeper earnestness to our periodical literature, and
awakened many to a consciousness of higher ends
of living than they had before pursued or recog- ,
nized. Wc do hope that the commencement of a ,
I New Volume will ho signalized by a liberal in- !
I crease of its subscription ; that all independent
and love-inspired inquirers after vital truth?all ?
j carnct-t seekers of universal good?will extend to :
j it their effective support. Especially should the
liberal offer of the publishers to'furnish full sets of
the three, issued volumes for ?5 in all, or odd
numbers for 37_ cents each, be eagerly responded
to. .Tho number of copies printed was necessa?
rily limited ; there it no thought of a reprint ; and
the time is not far hence when a library, public or
private, destitute of a set of The Dial, will be
deemed deficient in regard to one <__*? the most
remarkable phases of American Literature. Let
the proprietors of Libraries which have not yet
secured a set of this work be careful to do no
promptly, or they will have cause to regret their
hesitation. [Published Quarterly, at ?3 per
???i -
OuTLinr. of S-CR-o HitToav* From ihn Creation of the
World tu tin- Destruction of Jerusalem : With Questions
fur Examination: Intended for the nse of Scnoolcaud Fam?
ilie?. New-Edition, tml_r*.c_ ?nil ?miirorwl. K. C Bid
tllo. Pltilad.-li.hia. D. Aw-eton & Co. New-York.
This is an English work, and we believe an ex?
cellent one. It is a connected and perspicuous
history of the events recorded in th? Bible, and
those other facts of which a knowledge is neccia
sary to a full understandingoftho.se the Bible does
! contain. Tho plan and execution are heartily corn
j mended by a groat number of Orthodox leergy
j men and teachers. The book is illustrated, but
! slightly embellished, by some thirty or forty wood
j engravings.
Tun Advakc_*__-?. oy Reli-io*? Tur. Claim of tmi'
TiMt? : lly Amih?? Rkkd, I). D. New-York : M, W.
This work, of which tho character is suffi.
eiently indicated by its title, consists of ten Lec
] tures delivered by the author, who is an English
I clergyman, in 1S3S. It is prefaced by a highly
commendatory letter from Dr. Spring of this city,
? who bears' witness to its eminent ability and its
; usefulness. It is published in a very neat style.
i and merit??, as it will doubtless receive, the liberal
! . . .
patronage of the religious public.
1 Hair, from London.?The importance which -11 ages luve nt
i i.'lir.i to thr bead of huir is a clear index of th>* value set Upon
j peis.on?! itcure, _nd when, by some .capricious freak of Ma*
| ture, the human form is deprived of?j fair proportion, .art is
I '.??.rirai u>, in order, by .irti?oiil nieau-, t.->*ui?>ty ti?.- licl?cieii
; O)'.?llene* harr 3ri?eii ihote wonderful dL?coi?-rii?s which bid
' Natura.' ilefiaiica?. Barry- Ventilating and Go-Miner Wigs
; and Sc?lns .?.til! stand pre-eminent above all other*. Their oe
; culiar li^h?. co?i..nier, aud ventilating character, their being
?vtped .'xacily a? the hair rcrows _ their elasticity ?ni their
superior material and worl?nan-hip, aswell as their style of
? tumh and arraugi-meat, all combina- to form such [?-rlVct heids
? of hair, tliat tha.v tmut I?.- seen to be fully appi^iated. Au
; inspection of Barry'.? real h.-._., of hair will s_?ii.fy the most
fastidious that they an- the bent and cheapest in the city, which
: ca:i only be liad at HG Broadway, comer of Li_??t.--_t-eet, up
?lairs. __________ *****' 'm
han? Houir, OJ B?irclay-?treet, New-York, prolVr? advantages
. to strangers ctoM?ni i few ilav? or Weeks iu the city, such as
1 are rarely oft'erec. It i.? eligibly locate?! 0?a clean and airy
street, very uetr thr bn-ontss part of the city, anil in the irnin?
ili u.- i iciuity of the principal steamboat laudines. Its apart?
; menu arecOttTeuient and neat, while it_ :_!>le is supplied with
. the l???t YrsjetaWet md Fruits that can be procured, _xcludi___
entirelyAatmalFood and?tirai?.ants of all kinds. Chaises
; moderate, aud every effort made to tender Boarders comforta?
ble. Shovaei Bit!.? free. Uem_emb??r. 63 Barclay _t.
O? JAYNF/S EXPECTORA NT.?This ?> undoubtedly
th.- most valuable, as it is.decidedly the most popular mr_i
i-iue of ill kind ever iutrtxtui't-al into tins State. The demand
' ?uric has. been constant and increasing, from the time it was
' first often- for sale here, last Jaiui?rr, to the present time.
- Numerous b_>timoo?ab of its real worth and ??el'ulue??. from
verv many of our citixeivs. mi_ht be produce-; but a trial >? i!l
satisfy all' thai it it a speedy cure for coughs, cold?, indueuza,
asthnia. boarsenes.?, and all kiadr of pulmonary affections.
[Ban.or (Ma.) Daily Wing.
It is ?.rep-red only by Dr. I?. Jayae, No. _? South Third
i street. Philadelphia: and 3U_ Broadway, New-York. Price $1
' a bottle. -3 lti*_to_
?**_T* WOOD ENGRAVING.?The unalersigned would
? tatmeetfully inform the Printers and Publishers of this city
and elsewhere, that he ha? the facility and ability to _*K_-_e
' all kinds of original designs and eaprarinss, ?fix. embeljLsh
tai.it- for illustrated biHik?, pat???? and rx-riodicals, axchitec
i ture, machinery, labels, busnie-.? embliam?, au'.ocraph?, stamps,
8o? at No. 160 Nassau-.it reet, Tribune Bnildiiist, opposite rh*
; Park.
N. B* No i?atr.?uHi:e solicited from those win? wish barter or
credit. [f_3tf_ WM- W. BRITT.
__T New ITork? received and lor sale at the Tribune
SL-kspeare's Works, No. 1.$0 25
Rambles |a Yacaian,2 Tol_,each. 30
Ure's Dictianary of Ar_,_c. Part 5.1 tX?
Seen?- in Indian Life No. 1, with _n_.r_-in_-s? 0 25
The Rover, a *-??*??kly ma*?a_iDe, with bcanUful
ecobelii-hments, Nos. 1 and 2, each. 6i
XT Spring Vaahlon filaU.?Hau of the new
Spring* Style will be offered at our counteron and after Sat?
urday, 4th lust SPSNCER, Hatter,
_-__. U No? 67 Chimben K. S docn Sa_n of Broadway
OFFICE _N~0. 160 >
i ?T E?_______ .Fard.?The nader-igned, Whig Elect
? ors o? tha- Eight!. Ward, feeling that their rights and the
j rights of the majority of the Whip Elf-tori of the Ward
i bave been grossly violated by a few indi vidual*, aid?e by
I our political opponents and an organized party of men
brought from other Wai-di, are compelled to expr?**s tberr
; di-iCEt from a portion of the Ticket reponed to and de?
? clared to have been adopted by the M--ling at the " Eighth
: Ward Halln on the 5ih Lost.
We pronounce the proceedings of that Meeting iovalid,
so far as relates to the Whig Electors ol the Ward,and beg
leave respectintly to present to our Fellow-Ctliiens the fol?
lowing Ticket, composed of individuals fully worthy ibeir
support, for Charter Officers of the Eighth Waid, at the en
suing Election:
? Assistant alderman.WILLIAM H. SWEET.
'?' Collector.JAMES G. MOFFET.
" Assessors.JOHN W. BLA?VELT,
" Constables.SOLOMON RICK,
C C Jacob.*, Walter Hever, Peter G Barker,
Wai Woram, Wm J Heather, A H Si-Utenborgh,
Berjamin Lord, Samuel Reynolds, Edward Deacon,
N II Dearing, Peter W Ladlam, S.imuel Gilman,
Wm J \_n Bosk irk,-Samuel Kip, Charles W Ward,
Benjamin Mott, G id? on KoBBla'io, E B Hanghtwout,
Cornel's A Berrian, George iMather, Wm Morrison,
Henry D Moo:e, James Dus.nl.erry, Smub D Bellows,
Cortis Holmes, Gerard Bancker,
Henry Suydam, J P B??__with,
Samuel P.ggot,
G Bancker,
Charles Parker,
Wm Knowlton,
J A Pease,
Thomas Curtis,
George Karr,
Levi Hart,
J Brom-on,
Charles Hoffman,
John A ?May,
S 8 Dar,
Abi'm Vaa Dosen, Theo Trurapore,
K L Hougblon,
Joseph Pearso?,
RoUert Gordon,
E Houghton, Jr,
John Simonson,
Wm Taylor,
Richard U.?tick,
Miles Eames,
N t" Rock wood,
John C Covel,
John Martin,
Reuben Curtlip,
James W Moore,
J W Van Pelt.
Samuel Ward,
Wm M Adee,
II 11 Adee,
George Parker,
Robert Newell,
Richard Hadley,
R Rockefellow,
John Esler,
Wm Graham.
Francis Stebbias,
John Ackenman,
John F Bowls,
Alir'm Vanderburg,
Wm Ryder,
Wm A DohsoT),
Joseph Cnriis.
b'.beneier Smith,
D W llaviland,
Robert Gordon,Jr, John S Rolstoii,
Wm Day, iCd'-d A Wendell,
Daniel Underbill, S W Keeler,
Wm Anderson,
John Gordon,
Danir I Adep,
L ?M Lutin r,
Wm Adee,
Edw'd J Hor.cuai), Lewis MeaJio,
Henry Baker, Lawrence Austin,
Henry Heliard,
Wm Simpson,
R H White,
JMS Smith,
Henry Rice,
Peler Roome,
Jame?, K' ui.nn,
Morris B Cohen,
Wm ?Maclay,
Jas C Travers,
Daniel Karr,
Wrn B Traverse,
Au?tin Phillips,
E B Traverse,
A B Ru ton,
Wm Nichols,
D Edward Glover, R R Lawrence,
George Boyd,
Wm n GrirrT,
E Burl -in.
SiniiiiDSiurlevant,T Dean,
John Finler, George Thomas,
N N Campbell, Robert Sinclair,
a7 4t_5
John Cooper,
Henry E?!er,
Willis Hall,
C T Geslain,
T F Campbell,
Wm W Dow.
Asststant..OKORGK G. TAYLOR.
Collector..Darius Kerry.
Assessors.. William Paulson,
Elus P. Williams.
Constables. Lemuel A. Bolton,
John Gildersleeve. n3la :
Fur wilder man.. .W l LU AM V. BRADY.
" Assistant...JAMES D. OLIVER.
Collector.. . Hi NIER C. WOETENOTKE.
" Assessors . . .Pllll.ETt_s H. WOODRCFF,
KdwaHD GRaY.
Constables...Abnee Sa-tforo,
Samuel Yorno.
Inspectors of Elrctinn.
First District.Noah Cook,
Charle. A. Whitney.
Second District.. .JosiaU Howe,
Abraham Van Ingen.
Third District... .Jamb. s. Thater,
Elias Herrick.
Fourth District... He_ian Norton,
Jamk.i B. Wilson.
ill) 2t
*7* FIFTEENTH WARD-Reovlvh Wim; Meet?
ino.?In obedience to a notice in the morning '?apera, calling
on the Whig Electon to meet at th?^ Smyvwanl Institute on
Thursday EYeninff, Cth inst. a malting was organized st 71
o'clock. CHARLES A. WHITNEY iv.? called to the
Chair, and Wm. A. D?: Pkystf.k and Philip Webber were
appointed Secretaries.
The following Preamble and Resolutions were unanimously
ft'hereas, n N?>iniuatin_; l-ommittc?1 wm rhn???;i by tht
Elector, of this Ward to nominate candidates foi ihe various
(?flic*-of the Ward; and whereas, it 3?i?i?"_rs th.it for several
of the office! this Committee have uomiuated the candidates
from themselves?therefor??
Resolved, That we, a jioitinn of tlu* Wlii?s of the Ward,
will not sanction such a practice, belie-ini. it to Im- wrong in
principle anil dangerous to any ?iarty.
Resolved, That at the legally ConYenc-d meeting of the
Whig* of this Ward, h?-lil on Wednesday Ereuing last at Con*
I stituu'?n Hall, the following tote. aWtak-! Lit. That ihe
i meeting would not confirm :he nomination of R. C. Worten*
i dyke fot Collector; 2d. That the meeting would not refer the
? nomination hack to the Com?tittee. Aud on a third motion
I t?> till the blank with the iiamt? ?if another pkih-, although the
i tame perttons iltat voted in the negative on the tiro Yotes above,
! on this.motion voted in the affirmative,-? Chairman of the
! liufiini;. Henry E. Davies, would not decide, but immediately
' hurried It?rough the list of the outer candidates i?ri_ited for
? other offices, not putting the'names separately, as instructed
? to .1... and not having any vote On am of thi-nominations al'tt-r
1 the Collector.
Resolved, That the nomination- of the Committee, were.
I therefore, not responded i<> at that meeting.
It was tlia-n voted to proceed i.i nominate Chattel Officers to
he supported in thi? Ward ai the Election on Tuesday uext,
and the following ticket ivas unanimously adopted?the. vote
on each candidate, excepting the lu>i??'Ctor?, having been passed
on ?cparatflv:
?? ?-...s'u>i'?./d.n?an.JA.\!.:s D.OLIVER.
" Collector.Job L. BlaEK.
" ?assessors.Alb'a Kim hall.
Edward Grat.
" Constables.J_MF._ Hosten,
Samuel Yor.io.
For Insjiectors <>/ Election:
First District.Noam Cook,
Andrew Van Bi a-com.
Sfcond District.Josiaii Howe,
. Abraham Van Ino __*? Jr.
Third Dialrict.I iMV.s S. ThaTEK,
Elia? S. Hkhrick.
Fourth Diitrici.Hi.m.in Norton,
JaMF.s B. Wil?on.
Voted that the proceedings of the meeting __.pnb.u?t?d in
ihr ...per*. Adjourned. CHAS. ?. WHITNEY, Ch_.
Wm. A. Dk PetstER, . ,..-.,,,;_
Phillip Webber, J; --Wcr-tarjes.
[_"??* 1 hereby deny that I signed the proceedings pi the rneet
inc held at Constitution Hall ou Wednesday evening, as pub
liilied in the i>a|n.'i--. and iu mv opinion the reiiort or the pro?
ceeding? is not correct. PHILLIP WEBBER,
aj.7 _t F S*_T One of the Secretaries.
An article headed ? To the Public'has recently ap.K-arr.l in
several of the City pope?; signed ' Thomas Turner." relative
' to a cure effected upon him by Bri?t.>i- Sar-a.-.rilla, aud de- I
I nyiiiR a statement made public in the prints previously, thai he
I was C?red bySaud 's Sarsaparilla ; and whereas my uarne is j
I brought before the public ill each of these article*. I feel it my ?
j duty to m?ke the following statement of facts _s far as 1 am !
! concerned. About the last of July or fintof Angus., 18i_. .
j Mrs. Turner, the uiiV ..t' ' Thomas Turner,'called on me. re- j
j ?iiiestinK a cvrrit'icate from me that i)ic>- were ne?_v. -ud pro- I
: per persons to receive the beneficence of Meurs. Sauds, as i
; they had advertised that '* die poor would b- furnished -ith j
I their Sai?sparilla by a recommendation fiom either the Alder- ?
\ man of th.- W.-ird in which they live, or the minister of the !
: Church viherr they were Htlend.lilt.s." I freely wrote such '.
: certificate, u'?m wl.i.-h 1 was subsequently informed that the
! medicine ha.) b?'?_ obtained. Ou :he .3d of August Mrs. Tur
| ner called ?jii me *_-iiu, -i?i.iiik- me to write a certificate. u[_>n
i which 1 wa.s subsequ-utly Informed tint the mr_ici:.e luid ?
: 5>e?-- obtaineiL On the23d of August Mrs. Turner called on '
. me-gain, wishing me to writela certificate lor tli-m of the
? cuj?* that listl b?t-ti eifr.-t.:.l bi* S_iJ.s'? Su-aj?rilla ui?in her ;
, husband. / icrote such certificate, embracing two facts as l i
? supposed.* the <>m- of the ii?-aie with which he had been |
; affected, and the other of the cure that had been made. She !
i then said that her hu?h?id ii^J iak.-u the S-irsaj?rilla about '
| three weeks ; that hi? ?-tins had all left ?urn. and he had ??>ne ,
i to In? work ; and that !w - u very thankful for the cure that \
j hid h..*n effected. On :he evening of tli- lOth of October I :
cfilleil at Mr. Titmur*. tvsicence, ?.nd had a few minut<_* con- :
venation with him ia relation to hi? iieilth ; he told me that j
? i7 tras eery good. I iu.;uin?l of him relative to tie- effecis of j
i Squids'* Sar??i?rilli !i;?u him ; when h-- told ir.e that all he i
: wanted was more strength, and that with thi, exception the ,
Sarsapaiilia had cur?-?l him Such are th.e ?? :? iu the case; ;
i und I mutt c?nicas, I felt utterly astonished at the appearance
of ?M article in several par-rs denying the statement which
had been made to me, and which I fully believed, as die a_ud
' Thomar Turner' had tetti^ried to a similar statement before
the Mayor of this Citv.
Postor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Duan?--_t.
Naw-York, March 31, IS?!
are bound to
believe it, from the very
circamstaece, that all who uke
Da. SwiYSE's Compound ??j/r-u/, of Wild
Ckcnry, do say, t?ai it far excels all other Me?
dicines, for Coughs, Colds, Spitting Blood, tickling
or rising sensation in the throat, bronchitis,
Whooping Cough, Asthma, wea__}?__ of
ihe nervous system, or impaired
cons.It-linn, from any canse,
and to prevent persons
from tailing into a
Decline, mis me?
diets, has do
CAUTION?AQ preparauoas from this val nable tree. ?
cept tbe above, Dr. Suuyne's Compound Syrup of Wild '
Cherry, are fictitious a?*d oounterfeit. Prepared only by
Dr. 9*r-_v_e, No.54 North Sixth street, Philadelphia
Por sale oaly at Dr. W. IL Miincr's Drug attira. No- 192 '
B*-o__**_y, wtrocr of John-it. -a*3 la?
[OR.\n*G, _JPRII_ 11, 1S43?
CE Of MIND.?Thars-jr?r??-_cr ?e?on? diseases as v*_?
?u hyt^-cowlriasis orthe syaiprotns of a di-wr?red iraaifin
tion, are often produced by liver complaint-, cannot be denied,
and a vitiated sexTrTioo. or black bile, is proverbially ?tared ss
one cause of melanchol y : rhis evidently shows the powerful
influence of the liter on the nervous sy?.r??ra. and the svmpathv
produced rvetwet-n the action of the botly and the miu'd. when
the balance of circulation, and the distribution of sensorial
energy, are rvi.leutly and unirersally overpoised, the facnltie?
of tit? rairer then languish, are overcast wirh tlte most ??loomy
anticipations ami indescribible despondency, or are aroused ro
iineHi-aal ?Tr-utrth, or morbid acuteness. So heavily h*Te the
deranged feelings, front this cause, pressed down the spring?
and ?tiennes of th? tniud. ?ficiDr. has been th? cons?quence.
a? on tie? most minute examinations of its cau-.es, no other
could b? trac??! than a f.mlt in th?; biliar. te_*e?ou, a?aing
from a disorderr-d lira*. Who then will subject themselves to
such awful c?ni?tivjut'_cr_, when by the timely application of
a n?-v??r failinx reme?! y the disease mav be averted. St.-trk
we?ther'* Hepatic Elixir trill unfailingly remove the piad
obstacle, and contribute to the reno variou of the impaired pow
er; of the constitution, which accomplished, the springs of
life will resume their respective movements, and the patient
will ?jbtaiu ti.af. state of health to whit h he has ?o long Vet. a
This certifies thit I h*T_ made use of Dr. Starkweather's
Hepatic Elixir foi several months past, and can truly sav I
hareexperienced the most beneficial tenuts from it- use. For
three or four year? previous to my taking this mediciue, I ? a.?
seriously afflicted with Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint. < I had
consulted several nhjriiiciani and mad? use of varions kinds of
pills and Other medicines before the public, some of which had
an injnnou? effect. othet-R swmed to give temporary relief,
without in the least desire removing the cause of my com?
plaint. I have been subject to a ?'pry weak and sour stomach,
and been-for weeks Whether, unable to eat the most hvralcss
ami solnble "kinds of food without severe distre.s at the .?rom
ach, or vomiting it up immediately al"t??r taken. This was ac?
companied sometimes with a loss of tipperit?, at other rimes
with anap'ietite'hat neither any kind?Truuautity of fooil could
satisfy. 1 w'i?. troubled abour a v??ar before matins use of this
medicine, with a hard pain in the leftside, attended with a
kind of languor, great depression of spirits, aud a g?nerai de?
bility of the whole system. Nearly all UiOM complaints or
svuiiifotns which I bare mentioned, with many others are now
entirely cured from ihe use of this Elixir, and what are not
completely removed, do not occur so ft^uently. with Cu 1????
violen.-.', and are const-ntly derre-isinir. There).-ire. from my
own experience, and l.mn what I know of- the effects:of the
nie.lH-it.ri.-.-Tiertily. I i-'-l jiistiti.-.l in recbmmendiiig.it to the
public ? a pofectly ?fe and highly valuable medicine for all
?hosecompl-ints which i? ^l^^^^hlV^TOS.
Ghaftos. AuOT-t27th, 1840. ..-.-__,-,
Sold a-Wholesale and retail, by A. B. & D. bands, Drng*
?-?its 73 and I'?) Fulton sr. Also, sold by A. B. Sands &.('.?.
Granite bnildimr. 27?-Bm*~__-S? comer ol Chamber? street,
N V and D. S'auils i? Co. 77 hast Broadway, corner Market
TH?TAN'r_ D? A place as wet nur-?e, or to take a
W "child bv a healthy young woman. Apply at 22 Hester
s, '_i'-Ll'*
TiVaNTED?A situation bv a nice ?irnte.-i;tnt ?*irl
V\ "for housework, chamberwork, or as unrse. Apply at
137 Mom,-- s:. _alO 2t*
W^ASTKD?Ui tin* old established office, i:>9
VV Bowery ?Can supply families with the be?t servants
m the city. Cooks, ChambermaiiU, housework, for bo'h city
and country* also, men and boys._a" ?-*'
31000 orSl'rOO on unenenmberad productive Property in
the vicinity of this citv, worth $LS,0o0. A line addressed to
H.H. at this office, requesting an interview, ?c. will Ik? at
tended to. _____.______
IXTANTED?A situation in a store, or as an un
V V der Clerk ?u a counting-honse, by a yoiiR man, who is
conversant with keening accounts, and aUo book-keeping by
double entry. Goo?! testimonials as to character, kc. can be
furnished. He will be content.with a small compensation at
tirst. Please address 8. Q. at this office.__?_____
"VTA 1? lT\VASTKD?Any i^rson having a sninll
1 yard to let at a reasonable rent: may hear of a tenant by
addressinga line, staiim? terms and location, to B-ix 130 Upper
Post Office. Location near, Uhs Hast River below Catherine
.str?_ef, would be pref'-rred.__i_
d|*Q r^Cif] wTlNTED. en bond and nmrti'as'e,
?lp?I)?*_'UVj on an iiiiiiirumbe-i-iland productive property
near this city, worth treble that sum. Particulars most ample
and mtisl?ctory in every res-vcr. mav be learned by applying
a.'> _w**_
?' Boarding School forBoys, on th? Hudson River, about
30 miles from.New-York. Applicants must be competent to
nr.-nnre pupils tc enter die ?sophomore Class of Columbia
College. Tin- iiio?t satisfacton? testimonitlsofqualiricatioii.?,
character. &c, will I"- required. Applications, with testimo?
nials, i\ ill be received and information giren by H. L. .N'orri.?.
No. 32 V?-sey-stre?-t, lx*tween the hours of J and 4 P. .M., until
April P?tu._aalw*
A LADY wishes to dispose of a i?t?lect School
and the tiiture.s of a .icjiool-room, in the N. W. |-art of
the city. Any lady desirous to enpage in teaching will do
wrll to apply imrnediat.-ly to L. S. J. Pmk, P. 0. a3 -t*
BOAB^ING-?-?-From fthe first of May next?A
gentleman and his lady, ora few sincle nentl??men, can be
lecommcx?ate?! with ple^sxut rooms and board, at 130 Orolwrd
street. References e*tchanged. _ &4 lm"
BOAR DINGc WA NTED?By a youngiman; in a
priv.iie family, where there are not any other boarders, be
tween-Princeand Canal ?ir?-?-rs, west of Broadway, Addnss,
stating terms which must be low, to C. U. at the Tribune Of?
PI ! IV ATE. ?i ?AK.?).??3P?**rrion ofKooms may
be liad in a inperior finished three story honst-, near W-sn
?nrton Square, in a small private family, (without children.)
Addnws * l.'uity,' at tlii? office. aH It*
HANDSOM I*: VI ' I. N Ir>I ?-T? apimni^nlTto' K
itiih full or partial,board, at HO Whir?>-_treet, to f^entle
iiien and their wives or siiiirle Kentlemen?the latter preferred.
BC |AJR 11 W A NT E ?.?A c rentlemait and lita ?S?h
r.-r wish to ..htnin board in a private family residihe in h
pleasant part of the City. Thev won Id re<*iiir*? two riHiins ad
joiuiue <?r connected, to be furnished by th?-m?elve_. Address
' Board,' box 1_? Lower Post OflSce, staling location and terms,
which mini b<- very moderate. a?t.2w- .
("iXil?i~IX RROADWAV.?Persons wishing
Board in ?i iileR.ianl part of the <_'irv are requested to call
at Cia Broadway, betw-een Bond and Bleeckej-stn-ers. lieii
tlemea and their Wires can be furnished with parlors baring
bed-rooms attachrd. A few -.ingle gentlemen can be hand?
a.inely accommodated. Rooms for transient Boarders. Term?
moderate. n_ Cf**
BOARDING?1Three or four gentlemen can be
accommodated with board in a genteel private family,
where there an- but a few select boarders. Ou?: lar-ge front
room with pantries attached, suitable for two gentlemen that
would lik? to room together. For term.?, which will be mode?
rate, inquire at 61 Howard-street, uear Broadway. Reference*
exchanged. alO liv"
G,_NTLEMEN and their wives and single gen
t lernen, can be accommodated with board and pleasant
rooms in State -rnt-r. South Brooklyn, between Henry and
Clinton streets, live minutes walk from the ferry. Enquire of
.M. tl ,l)iasou, at Bank of New York. _alOGt*
VV Attorneys at Itw. Pitrsburgh, Pa, m8 tim?
OA AABAH R ELS I ?F LIME? of the best qnal?
*J yj yJ v/ity. will be contracti-d for, or any part ofir, during
ib.-coming seuson.and t>o?id citv bounds and mortgage?- re?
ceived in payment. Address " Lime." Tribune Olrice. yf if
VI'TT'i ?? L?P^ich Orchard Nut ( Ha! of large
?. ? ?iie and first onalitr, fur sale by
m23 _ HI Waahiiik'tnu-st, ccnin-r ?.f Laii?ht.
C~???IRS b'Uli SHIPPING, or for family use?
of mahotrany. fanetr Curled Maple, Baltimore i"--.!,- -\lui
Wood Seat, Cot?ge ami Koekin^ Chairs?for sale ver.- cheap
at 317 Pearl street. Also, a general aiiortmeut of ('abtuet
Wire. ml tmyti?"
CAUTION?All persons art* cautioned agaiust
??-ceiring or uegutiitint a certificate of dej>osiS bv E. H.
Priy, mach, by the Butcher?! & Drovers' Bank of this City, for
ei-iit thim.taud dollar?, ihtted Ilih March, 1213. payable to
Ushc Gjrdner or order, flte same baV-Uti miscarried or been
?Holen._na -fw
S~ UVE?/ES IKON?66 tnna well aborted, for sale
) by GR1XNKLL. M1XTURN ik Co. 78 3outh-st. miT
HAT.S?Cheap Hats?Three Dollar Hats.?Just
finished, ?iie most i['le:nii<l article ever otfered to the pub?
lic. Lleirant short nap .V?..Ir?.kin Hat?, at the low price .1 S3.
Also an article at S'i.'j). equal in durability and lostre to thoi.
commonly sold at $3. BROWN. Practical Hattar. 1-u* Canal
st, one d?xir above Sullivan st.^_ m_l 1m*
MOFFF.T. Miimfacturer, ?1 Prince st.. X. Y., offers
foi ?-?le, wholesale and retail, a -.'iperior lot of Cooper?' Br_s?,
Piil K?rs ?nd Rivet..,, at the low*st market prices. ml3 Im*?
COARSE Vli?Gt??A~Ci 'AL~\ superior ani
c-lc for Mannf.iciureri. n"iv diicharKiiis and l\)c sale in
ouj-itiri?i to suit pnrch-sers, at reduced pric?-i.
WARD _ BROWNE, til Waihintou. cor Laicht st.
Also, discbargin?;, a ,--ut?i? ?f?rst (?ualiiy coarse ami line for
JL ou the St,?'ks of the City of New-York, due on th?- hr.t
day .?;" Miy. ?riD he paid on that ?ay by; Cornelius W. Lau
-viice, 1-'*.^.' Ch-mbeilain of th?? city, et Lit office in the Bank
of the St'.-e of New-York. The transfer b.?oks will be closed
on Monday, April H'th, at 3 o'clock. P. M.
' D.D.WILLIAMSON. Comptroller.
Comptroller's QtSce. Xe?v-Y?irk, March 2., iai3. ma.l tMJg
"VTEWPAP?R ILA-NGING, Window .--hade
i. 1 and Upholstery Wnre-Hoa*?e, No. 31 Maiden L?ne, near
N_?-?u-?tree_?The subacnbers take this method of informiair
their numerous ciiitomer? and the public that, in addition to
their old ?tore, Xo. SJ Maiden Lane, fiiey hare oj?med the
above neve eitabliihmeut for the better accommivtatiou of the
city fraile, and they respectfallv innte all who are in want of
article, iu their line to call and examine thei: a_iomnent be?
fore pnrchssinz elsewhere. G. P. &. J. GRATACAP.
X. B- CViunrry Merchant*. Landlords and Ten ?_?* an? par?
ticularly inrited to call and eiamine our lar-je itock of French
and AJj?eri?-aa Paper ____j;in?-*s and Traasparent Window
Shades^Scc- _aT 2w
Bleeckfr ?rreet. neir the Bowery, k?*fps on hand and mann
facfare? to order, all kind* of Stxa?- Bonnet? of the l.?e?t and
most approve?! fashion?.
L'-horns. Tnscan. and Straw H.\t* cleam-d and pressed bra
new rroC'-???, ?nd made to l<Mk and w?ar much better than by
die old method, and altered to any shape de_?red. Ladie-j are
invited to call and examine specimen? of the work, al? Iw**
CHEAP ^'ET DRY GOODS, at Jeremiah Lam?
bert'?. No. 523 Greenwich ?r.?Bleached ShLrtiniti, only id
?>er i ?rd ; ?heetinrs do, yard wi<ie, for 5 rtence, wet but not in?
jured ia the least.
ALo Doyer Prints, a raj-**_ri??r anicle, fast color and on!-- 6d,
and lik-wis* a beautifnt sty!? of French Plate, American
Prints, sprin- pat terns, st !..
\ ' ?, a genera! ?_?or*:m*nr of teaso-able Goods, all of
whl*??*. beiE. put-hA>? for cash, h# is ?aablsd ta sell uauau
illylow. alOit**
WHOLE SO. 65.3.
on the 1st of May ae?t at 649 Broadway. .The nviUH, which
f are lacee, commixlioas. and Wtdl rutilar?i, will be .fitrui?ied I
! witli new desk., chairs, carpets. &c. No less attention will ba?
j paid by the Principal to the moral conduct thai-Jo the i_eii-_ ]
I culture of the pupil* committed to hi* care. __d hi* e-e?-*??.
; will be aat? to maintain tfae reputation, ___ he ha? ?*r_e_ by i
twelve year'? exp?rience in hi? profesMOn.
_, ,.. . , TE_CH--_.
: A. ... \\ a?hburn. late rutor iu Amhei.t Col..Latiu and Greek.
| A. Pr-tianr..French. '
! VI. D-vuon.Pe_man?hip
i fe l?ir_.ll ,;.Draw-u- and Painting.
; y*- B; Bradbnr-.-.Vocal Music
Mjff "?-. fr (J?a:e', -,.Introductory" Class, i
Tlie following i;entlem-i. are ref.-rrvd to?
Hon. Isaac L. Vanan. I Rrv. J. McElroy. D. D.
H'in. R. Smith, 1 Jacob Acker. Esn;
?i Aroux, Esq. ? H. _ R. Do?!_te. ?ior?.
I t.-^rn,0U\-,E-i*l- D. Ebbe?*, Es-,.
F .Banks. Lm?. W. H?rdeii_rooT_,Jr.
J. M. Bra. hurst E-s- ; D. B_ing__nd_ E__
S>F. Clarki-o, Es*i.. , Th.ivLawrerK-e._s..
J. Coral, Em. J. M. Smith. M. D.
J.Cnmingh_mr__q. ? B.C. Rice, M:D.
J, De Ruy ter, Es.-. | Chas. K. Otborn. F_?',.
t . \\ . F. may be seen brtweeu 3 A. M. and 3 ?. M. on school I
: nays, (nntil May I.) at 639 Broadway, in theevening at hisres- I
ulence, .__ Ntneterath-sL
j Circular- containing terms, kr. msv be had at the china '
, st'~'|V Q- Mr. Brian!, trl. Broadway. _l im
j -L _ OVNI. LaDIFV ???.GtSTtXlt.H'lBo-RDlSQ
? Schools, Pottchester, W?_ichester Count*.-, N. V.
These two seats of learning. .?tuata-d one-fourth of a mil?
; apart, have been recently united for purpose? of mutual convrn- '
< tence. Both .Institutes are under the joint tutelage and govern
. ment of the lollowing Officen:
| Principals in the Young G?.ntle?_.an's Institute:
Rev. Cal?b Dow, B. A., Te-char of l___in, Greek, ________
: maticj. and Moral Science.
j C. MaRckllvs Dow, Vice Princa*pal, Teacher of Natural
Science, Writing and Drawinir.
In the Youar: Ladies' Institute:
Knwitio D. Dnw, Teacher of Latin, Ore;-, Mathematics
' and Moral Science.
. Slsamma L. H. Dow, Teacher of Natural Science, and Mu
] sic on the l'iauo.
Sfs..?f L. Lxrta, Vice Principal, Teacher of French, Span
j i,h, Italian, and Vocal Mnsic.
The two Institutes arc very pleasantly located. -timlinc on
| retired eminence-, one mile from Lour Island Souu.I?com?
i ui-indinir a lovely prospect of the water, and of a great lan.tv
of delightful scenery.
. The Scliool-year ? divided into two Term? of 22 weeks each.
The first term comnieiict-s on the first Wednesday in May;and
O-e second on th* first Wednesday in November.
K-ri..vscs.?In tlie Young Gentlemen's Institute SUS i?>r
I year; or 5"t per ti-r:n. In the Young Ladies' Institute $10.
j i??r yean or Sau per term.
_ Tlie Examinations and Exhibitions are public. The F._am
i Illations are ??mi-annual; the Exhitions are annual. Ou these
...visions gold anil silver medals are award?1 to one from each
: of the Classes or Divisions, in the two Iiutitutes, acquitting
, him or herself most creditably.
( ?reat attention is paid to the health and habita of the pupils;
j to propriety of deportment and politeness. In each of the ln
! stitutes, the Principals, Teachers and pupils constitute one
? family.
Port ehester has daily intercourse with New-York by Stage
I and Steamboat. Distance. 27 miles.
j N.B. One of the Princijials may Ik? ?y.vu from April 10 to
| May 5 at 101 East Broadway, or at private dwellings by leaving
a car?! with tlie name anil uiuuber ol the stjvet upon it.
! Rf.ff.reni-f.sv?Rev. Dr. Bond, New-York City; Rev. Dr.
; Peck, do; Rev. George Coles, do; Rr>v. George Lane, do; Rev.
i J.'hii M. Howe, do; Rev. David Terry, Superintendent of the
< House of Refuge, New-York; Jacob Harvey, Esq. do; Dr.
| Palmer, do; Francis Hall, __._?. do; Col. Wm. L. Stone, do;
Ralph Meat!, Esq. do; Win. F. Vox, Est?, do; Robert C. ' ?or?
I nell. Esq. do; Moumouth B. Harr. Esrj. High Sheriff, do; Isaac
i Collins, Es.]. Philadelphia: Rev. R. \V ymoud, Guilford, Conn;
i Dr. Stet'lieiison, New-York: Dr. Schmidt, do; R. S. Hart; Esq.
! Bedford, Westcnetier Co. N. Y ?James BUckstock, Es?i. Sum*
1 in. rtielil Place, Rye; Elisha and Philemon Halsted, Esaj *, Rye;
! Judge N. Brown, Rye; Horace B. Smith, Esa. Portchetter;
? Dr. 'lose, do; W m. Bush, Esq. do; Messrs. Pecks, Esq's. do.
ap5 2w*
I W1NDOW SKADES!-Window Sh.1 des!
? ' ' The subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the
: public that, having leased the spacious store, ?o. 7 Spruce st.
a text doors from Nassau, they are now prepared to execute all
' orders for Painting of every description, with neatness, econo
[ my and despatch?
All kinds of Sign Painting done in a style nor to In? surnas
: sed by anv other establishment. Gold Signs, warranted not to
! fatle. A large assortment of well seasoned Sign Board.? always
: on hand.
Banners, lnrerior Decorations and Trarisjparencies alone to
i order. Designs furnished ami executed in asupe-iorslyie.---.
; Specimens of work can always be sarii ami reference given by
: Calling at the above place.
They have on hand and are constantly manufacturing Trans
i ?Kireiit Da-onttivi? Window Shade.. Stranger? in the city,
! Keepers of hotels, saloons, public places of resort, and families,
j can always be sumilied with Shades of the beat description,
i and warrant".I. lie- a-soruneut consists of spleudid Italian
I Land-capes, "Wild Vigna-tta-s French Scrolls, Vignette? and
! Rosante Centres, Scriptural Views, Fancv Sketch and Gothic.
? Landscape Centres, Tinturn Abbeys. All kinds of Shad?, no
! matter how dilTicult, are painted in a superior style at this es?
They would likewise call the attention of the public to ?
most splendid Gothic Shade, got up in good style, and war?
ranted to please.
The trade generally supplied on liberal terms.
Trimmings furnished and Shadi- fixed if nviiiired.
S- BABCOCK have removed from Burling Slip to
j m here they invite t!u< attuntion of the trade to their very full
assortment of i-tper-, among which aie the following :
l'....k .i..! news printing, a large assortment.
Hiihb.iid's Lai-ge BUuu Book |>a.iers.
Do. eat?, letter and packet post.
Do. colored mediums iu great variety.
Do. alo. siiirr-i- royal mil imperial.
D?i. (iinaglazed mediums, rariotu tints.
Do. tinted copper plate, for wood cuts, _tc.
Do. colored double cap covers.
Copperplate pa.ver. of very superiorquality and m gr_at va?
'1 issue papers, white an?l colored.
Pre.}? |ia?M'r.-. for cloth-dtesareis ami manufacturai..
Do. for printers use.
i".trj*_t boards.
Cloth ospen, 2-xiii, %xw, iiixis, 8tc.
Hardware and druggist _ i-t'H-r?, in great variety
bnjil-.t* lioards, trunk boards, bouuet boards.
Wrapping papers, &.c. ike. a In 1 w
Nf.w-York, April 8, 181'J.
Mr. C. Bristoi. :
Sir?About sit years ago I was afflicted with .. strange
sensation iu one of my l?-g?. for which I never have been able_
to account. It first appeared as a cramp or a contraction-of
the muscles, and the fleshypart of it became hard and painful,
raising ier> large bunches m ditlereut parti of my leg, \\ith
severe, darting and twinging pains at limes. Various have
bea-ii the means employed by myself and likewise by Physi
! ciaiis i? ith but trilliug benefit. In this way it continued until
? about May Lut, when, by exposure to the damp. Sic, my com
? plaint received a sudden ami alarming impetus, and ina short
j time 1 was deprived of tie- use of the liinti entirely. In tain
< was the skill and practice of medical gentlemen in my case
, employed"; every etfort proved unsuccessful, and at lengtli
I fears were entertained of my loosing tlie limb altogether. My
; complaint proved to beaocirrlius Cancer, and lor mouths I
| was iinabh- to touch it or j.lac.- it on the ?loor, lieing extrt-mely
I painful, deprived of sleep and appeUt-.-Uid my system became
j exhausted. I concluded there was no remedy for my disease ;
i and at au uiiexpeeti-d visit from a lady that had received great
: benefit from yonr SarunarUla,.! first learned chat then; was
I hope in my case, through the medium of Bristol's Sarsapa-^
I nlia. [ have since prove- by happy experience, the truth of
i what I h'-id been iniorm?'?! of tlie powerful efficacy of Bri,r.-.r-i
I >? o -. -;. t: ill i to cure. I obtained Bristol's SanaparUht about
| three months since, and through the use of it I consider mysell
cured, or nearly so, there being enough only of (he disease?
| maining to point out where it once was ; my general h.-alth
! is now good. I have not used any other medicine besiale.s Bris
j toi'.? Sarsaparilla, and a cooling wash at time? J am happy
' to inform you that your Sarsaiiarilla is ett'ea-ting a thorough
; cure ifi me. I have b?-a-n enabled to walk out for the fust time
? in six months, also to go a distance of two.miles without fa
! tigue, and returning, making in both way? four mile? on (bot.
I I therefore feel pl?_-e?i to ?I !>,; able to recommend Briatol's
! ?jar?aiiarilla _i a .safe and sur?- trim-dy. It would gi?-e. mr- far?
ther pleasure to inform .my |?er?ou of it? opeiat-on on me, and
? particularly- _?_ore all signs of the disr-as" are gone, which will
be soon. Vou an-, therefore at liberty to refer any one to me
tliat is afflicted in a similar manner, who may be desirous to
k:.-..? jii-r-'ii.t themsel??*?, but not to gratify mere curi?
osity. Wirh ___<*?__. kc.
To C. C. Bhisiol, Buffalo, N. V.
_^/*"* I do not wish any on?- to purchase the medicine until
they fully satisfy themselves that all that is said of it is true ;
if therefore, they will take the trouble to cull on Mr. B?rget,
'm ( .'ourtla-dt-st., or at Milhau-, 133 Broadway, they can ex
; amine substantiated tiMtiinouy iu addition to tin. above, which
; will proie conclusively that the article is what it jurtioits
; to be. C. C. BRISTOL.
C aI'tion.?As the fame of thu wonderful mealicin?- extends,
I numerous preiiata:i?_. ire springing up to reap a part of in
? reputation. Tlie afflicted therefor? should ok careinl, if they
; wish tlie true artille, to ask for Bristol-, and see that rhe
i trrt-rn signatura, of C. C. Bristol is acro?s the cork of the.
I botUe.
For sale by reputable Drusgists and Agents throughout tlie
I country.
William Burger, wholesale agent, 50 C.ourtlandt-st.. and
182 Greenwich-st.; and at retail at tlie following places:?Mil
liau's Puarmacv, 18'J Broadway ; Rttshtoa ?i A?piuwall, 110
Broadway... William-st.. and lu Autor hou?_; James Syme,
Mi D., 0J Bowerr. and John Syme, j?j Fulton, cor. Water-st.;
R?.b?-rt LeggH?, M. D-, 17 Areuue D; B. Quackeubush. 7W
Gn-ejiwicl.-st.; A. Hill. 20. Grc??iwicb-sr.; J. if. J. Coddiug
too, corner Of Spring w-d HucUon streets; D. H. Burtnetr.
Third Avenue, corner of Eighth-st.; Philip M_9__?, ?_3 Orand
stn-et; Daniel B. Tucker. 'Sua Gran_l-st.; h. H. Trip;., 167 Di
viaion-st.. and ill Fulton-it., and at -SO Bowery; John C.
Hart, 143 Grand cor. Norfolk-it.
Maynard __ N.ive?. Boston.
Gros ven?.it St Chase, Providence, R. I.
W. S. Brackenrialee ?_ Co., Norwich, (^onu.
Dickinson k Goodwin, Hartfonl, Conn.
D. Smith, Jr. _c Co., N?rw Haven, Conu.
Henry Buel, __ York-st., Jeney City.
j P. M. Cohen & Co.. Charleston, S. C.
Persons p-aitiing in Brooklyn. L. I-, are respectfully re?inejt
| ed to call on Mr. I. G. Rr?_ H3 Ful:..ii-st., who will La? plaia
??-::. cive a statement of facts in relation to the effects of
Bristol's Sars.apa.-ilia in his family. _aplt) tf
OIL.?3,000 gallon- Winter bleached and un
bleacha-d Sperm Oil?a pure and beautiful artich? ; 2,0.0
caJlons Re?nad Whale Oil. For _ala? bv
E. D. TRUESDELL, 20 Canal st
' mlT Imis* _i?r-ar Broadway.
TO ?MK?. _______5 MANTTACTTR?Rr.t &c.
JAMES G. MOFFET, Mannfacturer, 121 Prin_--<t.N.
I Y.. offers foz sale, wholesalr and retail, a superior lot of Cm
; breite, Paraaol and Shide Furniture, at the lowest rnai-et
pnce?. .- _.._:?.-? -;.. :_ml3 1m*
SHFJATHING COPPER.?100 cas?-- Eri_-_-,
from 16 to 52 ox, for sal. be
m_7 GRINNSLL, MINT-UN _. CO. 73 Sou-h-s:,
?EL.. - _mmmmmmammam
All kimi? of Job Priutiuc, such as
I'tMrtii-fRTs. MaTtOiOTH SkowBiuls.
C ?T ?LOt?fF.S.
? HKCXS, flXTi?.
Lvst Ri-?. ? Pout II ?.
Bau er Lvri-?-..
Lrcrvit- Bilis,
Cono:**x Bills, Plain and
ToLi-ticai Bilis.
CtKCC?a**i (neat) fcc.
Pwtnptly e\ecatr?d at the Offlc* of The Tribune, No. ?0 N'as?
?_tt-.t--.-et?opposite rW [Vk.
TX. itirvoao's w-traated tn-t Steel C??*??-???,' C_ri*?<?fl'*m'
asd Ship Cupecter.- F.DOE TOOLS, can be h\? _t\? hole?
s-Wand ???_.,?--? OSBORN ? LITT-.E. S3 Fn,t?ms.,eet
Ne??-1 ork, *, t?J per ceut. allfwetl it, -jv-rehan_j); and who fc?????
on t-ta.l s full -uusrt-uienr of C?wpi?i*>-' TooU. Iron Rife*-,
Tutvs 1 ? j?. |n. Stave Joint*?, St?>ck Howi4i_ _d Ctozta.
Also, a t -.i \??.-t-3_-a; of i_i?*ir*-?-?>--e. Cut lere. Naii?. 4ac. ate.
j- ?an"_J."HARLES S. LITTLfc.
va??, ft :3*59_5_7B??
C7RUS W. FIELD, 71 F^iltott-rtTWt. Neir
York. i< constantly supplie?.! from -u?e of the best maca
?ctim-rs in the F.utern ana Middle States, ?liih a large ami
superior ?wiiif-wnt of PAPERS, and i* i-re->ared to sup{?l>
Staaoner?, Primen. M-nufactu-ers and Country Merchant ,
or? as adrantaifeoustertiuasanyother hour*? in this City .1-2- Is*.
TAMES O. Mi ?KFKT. I.? Princr-st. New-York,
*J bas on hand and ofltra for sale, wholesal? and retail, at th?
lowest imrkr-t prices; ?ir:
i ; ri!i?;i Silv? of diffi rent thickness; s very superior art.cie.
Sheet Br-ts?, oo do do
Pinter?' Br?i4. _.? ?lo do
i '.-Miier-.' B:_. Pail Lar? and Ki-.ec?..
Umbrella, Paras?-?! and Shad?- Furniture?which he warrant*
equal to an) in the United States, and of his own manufic
lure mlS itn*?
T M TORTA?T\-.^nrt.? Silver l G-nn__i??vu_ 1
i- JAMES G. MOrFET. 12. Prince sfreet, New- York, ?f?
ters for ?ale wholesale .sn?i retm, 1300 lbs. of German S?t?,
at the lowest tuirk- r -nces.
In coii-e^uesioeof minufacturins the article hinmlf he can
warrant it tar ?uperi.?r to tny e?ei nt_imf_ctur?*- in tbi? <?*?*?-*??/
and fully etjuat t,? ;he importeiL mhlS ?ci* '
OTJA CASKS OKXl3?r_rot good quality : ~?u
%J\JKJ cn-kiof North River Lime.
L_Q hsrrels of food Hvdnulic Cemcnr.
Uli hh-.l -. of m*.-.lacked Lime, for manure.
Anv patt of it will be ?old or etchinj,i?d for Rroceriet. d.-y
goods, croekeiv. hardware, hollow-ware, cartieu, t'*_r_i-*_"?e.
?oip. candles or provisions. Addtess BARTER, a; ?h** cite??
of The Ttibune. 9f il*
M.-d.il w.u awarded J. Harden for his 'very superior
Pens ' by the American Institute at it? list Fair The ?overr.?
ment hare .iv-..? them the Preference, and the ben .-ict-oaataa:?;
and many of the public institution* ?-iill use no outer Pec;.
They have jiutly obtained the highest i?jpur.ition. and ara ncr.
sin I-.-UM-.1 if equal?*?* bv any in the country. The trade are stip
pliod at the Manufacturer'-, prices hv the .teents.
J.fcl.HAVDEN. 5 PUtt sneer
Agents also for Siltiman. School and Counting-house lak
IT THF LOWEST Rcoccno Cat? PMC i*i
T1700LSE\ & WOOLSEY continue to -?ell
? ? their standard quality Double Retined Sugar tit their
l,-,\?..?r cash pnces; natnelv:
L.i.if. lil cent.? |vr piitind, ^ When less than live packije* tiro
Crashed? 10 do do do >purcliaited half ?cent per pound ad
Powdered, loi do do )ditio_al.
The above are packed ??-? follows:
Loaves m I>.,m--i of 3ih) pounds, )
Unshed in bbls. of 200 d.? [? No charm for
Powdered in '!?> of ??.-i do S
Apply to the New-York Puent Sncsr Retinory comer of
South and Monuromery ?t.;. or -it so ? ull ?ue.-t.
N.B. Orders out of the City must be accompanied by a r**
mittauce._ _^m*?1* 'm*
BILLIA i; ?) ?; i it^IsT^vtT?.~l.n_?-tord's ?'^?birHt?d
Iron. Slat.? and Mi-ble T.tbles, No. 1} Ann st.,or 119 Ful
Lui win-re UT1S FIELD invites his friends to cull: or at uj
Broadwar, joining the Olympic, where RALPH BENJA?
MIN ? ?il Ik- happy to see his friends. Tables for sale,
N. U.?Tho?e ri.i- ciiiit.iiu riiT-C- Tables. *i7f ?m"
H? NTINGTON'S PICT?llES from Pilgnro?
iProj*-e-ts.?Christiana and Family; iu the Valley of th?
i Shadow ol Death, ami Mercy's Dream are eshibiruiK fora
, -.[lort tithe .-.t the Orauite Buydimtr, comer of Broadway and
i Chambers ?.tit-et. (entrance in Chambers it.) Admission*-?
j cents, season tickets j?i c< nts. m- im*
Sic?A recent graduate of Dartmouth College wiihei for
l--nii.iiie!it employnteiit as i Teacher. He has taught several
Schools, public and private, with t-ri-at success, and can fur
nish the most satisfactory tt*stiniOtti__i as to character, schol?
arship and the various requisite* of a thorough and skilful in?
structor. A situation ill th* City or Viciuty would be prefer?
red. Please address ' Dartmouth',' Tribune office, p-wiou? to
the 12th iu?r. a.?j iw*
l?det, Dash Leather, Enaaieleil Leather, a new style of
lanp-ined cambric for army and navy cap covers. ^.ip.uie_
Muslin, a new ?file ?if j tpaueilirooiU for shoemakers, Stock*,
Shirts, Lilien Collars, ?Vc.. Sec. for sale on commission, by
a?-?w*- (!. W. OORUM, W Maiden laue, up stain. .
L? u ?K Ti ) Vi ??R HAIR \-U it falling out, or
tiiriiint* greyl Is then? dandriffin therootsl If so, try
Wst-th's Cream of Lilies. Nunieroii? certificates can b?
shown of ifs b-ii.-ficj-il effects. If ??ms light red or grey hair
a fiiu- datk look, and restore? ihe hair, if diseased, and mal?es u
BTOW. Windesile and retail at the sole appointed agency, G7
W.ilker grn-et. one door from Broadway, so W i>er bottle.
mh:iO lin*_
Wilt?n, Fiiirtield County, Ct.?The number of pupils u
limited to twenty. The next Turin will commette? ihn fin?
of May tiexr.
Terms?For Bonrd, Tuition, Sec. $135 per anuuui.
JAMY-S B?TT9, Prluciv-il.
An interview pan be had with the Principal dunu? the fin?,
and last weeks in April-, also Circulars at any time ?'.bt.in.-_
bv c.i|lin_ on the Rev. D.Newell, Editor of the Christian
Kannly Magaxine, 132 Nassau ?t. to whom reference may bo
made. _a3 Im**
TO BAKERS <?r (?rocers?-For Sale? Two very
i?ood (second hand) rot ?red top spline Wagons, mad* t?
order in Newark, aboui 18 mouths since, and great pains wer?
! taken to Rave them superior to any thin*; ever got up before?
i will lie sold cheap for cash, or exchanged for groceries, or a
cat-man's cart, Apply to , __ _
PAUL S. BftOWN. 3G6 Bowery, cor. Uli it, N. V.
Also, a mahogany Counter and glass cas?-*, two fixtures of
cake store. Inquire i? above;_ __*___. Jt
YOUNG LADIES' SCHOOL: No. 137 Green**^"
str.vr.-Mf. and Mrs. J. B. KIDDER rfspeCtful|<*4??T
j nounce to their friends and tin- public, that on the first.qS?tay
i eiisiiiuj; thi-y *.vill open at the above number an establi-pfment
i for the genteel education of Young Ladi?a, on a pl-_4r?i manv
' res|t?cts itiivel au?J originad, combining due atteutuflrto hoalth
' with religions and moral culture, andensuri-_*_j|Bl?TOTem?nt
m useful knowledge. _dr
Till May, application may In? mtdent No_i^riVrry?t. n'S itn
~~ ?OrFlT??TTESlsX recetvpd.
an entire uew assortment of colorediiid black Si|k Fringes
! and Gimps,Jets,'pearl and laucy Suit Buttons, Sill: Frog.,
with ornaments for ladi'-s' dresses. Ladien anil children's.
dark ami light H. S. Olores, lira?, Cloth for ladies under
| dress, for ?ale by A. k W. MORRISON*,
xi i,t *? *X9 Broadway, opposite to Niblo's.
T? K .Tli.AC'ni_.- TOOTlLAC?I?T-TR?^-blTc
having <-?in?rieiiced tin? extraordinary powers of the Oti
i ental Cure of ihe Sixteenth Century, 100 yean in my family,
! which ?nranably cures Toothache in every stage iu one min?
ute, whether rotton or soun'l, though aching, have exclusively*
patronized it, while the numorous catch-penny pretenden and
counterfeiters of ray specific appear ana die the death that
awaits them. Over 1.000 ladies al?)ne have been span?! thi?
! trouble hiiiI i-ipense of using false teeth since it? ?ntrodur tijli.
I To t.e had only at 222 Riviogton?street, next door to the Diu_
' Store. I'rici- ?inly 'JTj cent?. _ nU lm**
V> KRS' OOODS.-WM. M. TITUS. No. SO Beaver-s;.,
I oilers lot s.?!?- it l??w pri?<-sthe following Qoods, viz: Worsted
Damasks ami Rattinerts of ryious colors, silver drab and bluu
Cloths; black and drab Lutings- drab and biu? Silk?,'**inch?
es wide. AI?o, Moreens, assorted colors: Furniture Dimities;?
! Turkey-red Furnitures; i-i and in inch Burlaps; Berth Couse
tin-panes and Blankets; Ma?bairs Thread. 8tc_ u8 lm?
To DENTISTS. -A sel of Dentist's Tools, uia
teriaU for making Teeth, with Furnace for baking do,
j Anvil, Sic. ttc, for tale cheap, Apply at No. 188 Lauren.
I .tjvet._aa 1i*
/??T?a L now arrived and tor sale low to d??ii!crr. and:
I _" oilier?, all the ?lilYeir-nr sizes of Red'Ash CoaL Apply
to P. CHI LON. corner of Kin-; and Grcenwich-sti. a3?t*?
PANY-Otfi.v No. ','., W.ll-strtet.-This Company.
? with a Capital oi$St?O,00O. continues to insure mercluindise.
: household funiitur?*, building;, ships iu port, and other pro
' je-itv, agiiujt loss <?r damage bv tire, on the most favorabl?
! terms. JONATHAN LAWRENCE, Preiident.
A. H. Mi-llf.k, Secretary. ?8 ".m** .
; AOC?C? LBS. WOOL, ruions qualities, suita
| -VVvble for tl?e iruiiiifacture of Bear??.- Cloths, Pilot
Cloth?, Satinets, Flannel-, Carirft?, kc. kc. for ?ule very low.
' in lot? to nut purohasers, by ' SfRUS W. FIELD,
mh-8 Un 71 Fulrou str.-^?.
j QTEAM ENGINES FOR VA LE, second-hand
i One stij-4->rior Eni?lish-made Ste/im E'igine of 8 horsapower.
One Uprit-ht of t? horse power, with Boiler. Pipes, and ?7er/
, thin? complete, which can b?- si-en in operation.
One Horizontal, of l h??r,e power.
0:ie ii? and on?* L'i'ris{ht, each of 2h?>nc power.
The above ar<? all well litte?! uid iu liood working order, and
will )>?? suld. with or without U/ileri, low and on acrommoda
! ting terms, to do?- a concern, bv applying to
?V.M. SNED?KER. 123aud 125
__6 lw- _ WM. 3NED1KER, 123 and 12. Attorney st.
NICS? Recently published?A DescriDtive and His'on
: cal Account of Hydraulic ami other machines, for Raistnc
; WatT, tci.:Iu?iinitf the ut ?-am and fire ?-nzine?, ancient and m<r
\ ?lern ; with ob??-.'vatioiu on rarions -.unject? c<intieeted v.ilii
' the Mechanic Arts. Iu live book?, illn_trate?l by nearly 3t?
{ engrrarings, by Thoma. Ewbar.k. 1 hatosontdy printed vol.
I of urn paiies. Price. $ ?,jO. ... - , . .L ?
Opinions of th?? English Pi??>s?It entitles him (the author*
j to take rank at one?- wixb the vr/ best wnfer? in this depart
! ment of literature, w b?lier ancient or modern. S',*?*1* ** <u:~
! tertainini?; a* Beckman. h?? exceeds him im_oeasui_bl-/ in pr-?*?
t tical us-nlne-M ; and while aiminjj like Ferijusoriat ap?-?pular
! style, he brinsi to his aid a livclini*.* ft fantry, tleprh oi leei
I ii-f, and eloQiienc? of eipressiou, to which 'erzuion \tv? *
i strani?.-r. We haie ?-Mom leen a ?ultime so ab???lutel> Crax.
ir.fi with useful information.? [Lc-idou .Mecnawcs Jiag?.
! ZTc.,_ipr?_ed library. Oa th*.tub?*ct*hv*tt^^*?
, have been tnultiolied to an amaii.n. extent, ^'f^ffc'..
; Kiveninthi? vohrne. I? short, it u ?uch a work of lac?
_odoril-_lri_-rch as we rarely see.. It u an tg&jjg.
contrib,...ou to ^)?'??[^r.0VT?Jn.wh.c \\^atf?tt^
tical em, i-eerins. 1> is the bad *-<J^__^__!!___.
; nie or inventor ought tocomuIf-r?Lo^'f^?"" of tW
This work is eminently entitled '.</ he ??**\SSS?of ad
i hnm_n rxce, ?ace it carnes ?? fo*?? ? '?&^JtZm aim
i V3aciii?cirili?n.?..br_iiwiiig??uhthri_^^,>. ?perior
?le It&U of inxcnuiry. to *S?^_SSfiSw pffi
; indent of our own ^A:?e-?W*
' %"*?U?^"ffi?*-HLr*doa Literary Os^ue
! mde*ot '"^pplETON kCO.. Publisher?. ax> Broadway_
! ^^iQCfJF?^?^Tvrenty.ih'ehundred basjsprimt.
^^?f?RINNELL, >UNTURN k C 0.78 South .?.,

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