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Corr*?**T>on'i?rnce of Th?* Ttioxate.
BijTo??, April S \taZ.
The usual State Fart appointed by the civi;
authorities, was observed here on Thursday, -when
all our churches were opened for public worship.
in the forenoon and afternoon, as on the Snbbath.
In- the evening I ?roy^r-? into the Federal-street
Church, (late Dr. Channinv's,, to see and heai
the proceedings of the Tenth Annual Meeting o:
the " Benevolent Fraternity of Churches," at
_j--?ociation having for its object the support of a
ministry to the Poor. The meeting was one o:
?cep and thrilling interest, not to the Unitarian
alone, but to Christians and Philanthropists oi
whatever name ; and I am sure a brief accoun:
of it will be acceptable to many of your readers
The chair was occupied by Samuel Greele,
Esq. After an exceedingly appropriate prayer by
the Rev. D. F. Hr-*.TiNGTo.\, the Annual Report
of the Fraternity was read by the Rev. J. K. La
throp. It traced the history of the origin and
progress of the efforts to establish and maintain a
Ministry to the Poor, from the lime when the late
and lamented Dr. Tickzp.mv; commenced his
faithful and self-denying labors, 17 years ago, to
the present period. After R-pendin*-' many months
in viiviting fr<-m house to house, and surveying the
" wilderness of moral desolation" which he had
chosen as the field of his labor*?, Dr. Tuckerman
procured a small " upper room" and commenced
preaching on the ?Sabbath to such as he could in?
duce to attend upon his ministry. His efforts
were so suecessful, that at length a small Chapel
was built, where, for many years, with apostolic
?fimplicity, be continued to administer the hopes
and consolations of religion to the poor and desti?
tute. The enterprise? has continued to prosper,
till now three commodious Chapels have boen
erected in different part? of the city, each of
which is supplied with the labors of a minister.?
One of these (the "Wa treu-si roct Chapel) is on a
plan somewhat peculiar, and not connected with
the Fraternity : tli?-- others are ander the direction
of the Association, which is responsible for their
The Report embodied extracts from the official
statement of their laltors, made by the Rev.
Messrs. IV'atjeiu-ton and S aro e ant, from which
it appoared that the institution? connected whh
these Chapels are in a prosperous and flourish?
ing condition? These ministers do not confine
their labor? to spiritual matters?to the mere or?
dinary round of professional duty, the preaching
of sermons and the offering up of public prayers.
They make it a part of their business to soarch
out the poor and destitute, to visit them at their
houses, supply them with food and clothing, and
aid them in procuring the necessary medical at?
tendance when ?ick. They take the poor and
friendless outcast by I he hand, recognizing his
brotherhood, and administering words of consola?
tion and hope, which often prove the means of sav
itig him from degradation and guilt, and of awak?
ening him toa new and virtuous life. The good
which they thus accomplish it is bcv< rid ourpowcr
to estimate. As I listened to the -Meetingstate?
ments of these ministers, 1 was in;pressed with
the conviction that their lalxjrs wcrv. far more use?
ful and efficient than those of their profcsujonal
' brethreji, who officiate in our splendid churches,
who, I fear, are too often induced to
" ll*?ii another tlow?-r
Of ?"rthlj- sort nbuut thu sacred truth.
And mix tht- bittitr t??si
With relffh ?mirp?! t??' rht- mi-ih-i _ list?-."'
These missionaries tire styled "ministers at
hxrgc;" und I could not help thinking that it
would be a great improvement upon the present
state of things in our churches, if the ministers
of our cities wero all set " at large," in precisely
the same way. It appeared to me, in the enthu?
siasm of the moment, that the change would
work wonders liot'a for them and their ?>ooplc, and
that they would be more like their Master in lie
eomin(* tints identified with the poor and the op?
pressed, instead of ministering as exclusively as
f?ome of them now do to that class whom Jesus
declared could enter into his kingdom as ca
??ily UK the camel could go through the eye of the
needle. These remarks, which ar? quite sponta?
neous and not premeditated when I sat down to
write, I hope will be as kindly received as they
are kindly intended.
Short addresses were made by the Rev. Messrs.
Carnet, Holland and Hau., of Providence, and
by JOHN C. Park, Dr. F. A. Gray, Georog G. >
CiiANMNu, and Horacr Manv, Esq. the popular j
Secretary of our Hoard of Education. Sonic of
these speeches wen' truly eloquent, and nothing
but a remembrance of the continually crowded
state of your columns restrains m-e from jiresent
ing a sketch of them. Those of Dr. Cray and
Mr. Mann were peculiarly impressive. Mr. Hall
of Providence made some interesting statements
respecting the Ministry to the Poor m that city,
and Mr. Holland stated some important facts re
?peering the destitution and suffering of the poor
in Philadelphia and Now-York. One point was
insisted upon by Mr. Park with great force, which
was that a ministry to the poor and vicious was
worth infinitely more, as a means of preventing
vice ?ml crime in a city, than the civil Police ;
and he said that on this ground alone the institu?
tion was wort h v of the support of the eommu
il was painful to learn that the Fraternity is
in debt; and unable at present to meet its liabili?
ties ; but, from the spirit manifested at the meet?
ing, I have no doubt that its treasury will speed
ily lie relieved from embarrassment."
Yon doubtless know that our Legislature, ai it?
late session, enacted a law to prohibit those hold?
ing office under the State to assist in the restora?
tion of fugitivo slaves. As this is a matter of
great public interest, affecting the relations of the
Worth and South, it is important that the whole
country should be accurately informed in relation
to i?*o serious a movement oh the part of one of
the members of the confederacy. For this rea
tton, I send you a copy of the act -referred to, as
follows :
Station 1. No Jitil?-?.- of ?u\- Cov.it ,of r?*cot*?_ of thu t'.im
??lOulvtMlth, sud JustlO? Of th? cVa.V. siull I?, i? iftM Ulii-COS
ni&utcc oi pan* * certificate i.i c*mi that m ;-. ,ui?,- ander the
third ??fctiiHi of an Act Ckt:Ct*MtgTw_t, i??.is??d February twelfth,
??Mcnusfu hiiii<irt??l.*iud iii?n.-i?,-?ihu-**, mid ecliUedaii A?", re?
?l???ctiu?* fiici;;?;? et from ju-tlie?*, and ivr?^is ? ?, .?--im- tuici tin
?littet? of ttv-ir waiterato anjf perton who ?iuui? any ?.ibrr
\ .-.^,\i a; ?? ftfs?itivo stau? i? i',h:n iho jh: isdictiou of the Com?
*??>ct_0- _. N?> sheriff. deputy ihtsrjff, .-...louir. cunttable,
jailor. \>r oth?r ortieey o? ihu t"omt_?>:i>?.-t.l:ii. ?.1.-11 here-tler
,?i?v?i .i? dctA?n, or .ltd in the .?rrv?; OCjJtsteoUOll ,.i tm;:i?...i
11-. ?..; m .lay _A.it. or other buUduu? ts-!.-_>;i!u to ?U? C?>uu.iio_
,?.-.iliii. or to any couuiy. city, or ro?n iWraot, of any -?-?on
tor tin? miscvi th at ?v i.? i.latii*??*il ks ? fi?-itut? -Uto.
S?s:ii?i- 3. Am- Ju.tK??- of the Tv u-, ?i..-utf. ?K-i.my .?heriif,
?.?o.'.ii-r, COtWtabn or jaih'i. vfho >*???'.? .IU -'. .vj.-iin.t :1k? pro
> wio;i? of iln? '???.v. bv in s?i> i??> acting ?iinvir. ot i.idn.vi
l\ uutier the ?xiner ?-?uifcrn??! by ihr nur,! Mchioa of the Act
???' CoOgwiS -for.-tneiiUv-iiid. ?:u?ll forfait a ?inn n.?: exc*??*<hui!
??_?' lho?i?-utd ?lollvr* torov.-ry site-1 ??lieu?:.-to tin- lucofthe
COttQtT \vhcr?f such oflV'tiCe w t? ?*?*tiinii-.i??.t. .^r ?hall I?? ?.Ly-v:
to liui?ri?0?iw?aut not ??xcetslii:'; one y->j: in iftc county j_il.
Ai?;ito??-d by th?* 0?>vt?s;..?i. Maren ?i. mix
This bill was introduci*d by the Special Com
mittee on the Larimer Vetitton, and. ? bclleve,
passed both Houses unanimously. It is *?iid by
the lawA-ers to be consistent with the ?.'onstnution
of the United States, as interpreted by the Su.
pirme Court in the celebrated case of Prigg vs.
the State of l\?_tsylv-ma. It was deeideii by
the eourt in that case, tint the njjht to legislate
in relation to the restoration of fugitive slaves
was vested solelv in Con^.^*ss, and that while the
clannant mii-fiSt avail himself of the power of the
District or Circuit Courts to enforce his claim,
the State authorities were* not only under no obli?
gation to aftord him at-sistaitce, but mij'ht be i?ro
hibited from doinj; t?. I am told a similar law
has been p?issed in the Legislature of 31 tine.?
The practical effect of this'legishtioi will be to
render a fugitive as safe in these States as he
would be in Canada. The pat>sag?-* of such a law
bv a unanimous vote, on the petition of 64,*>0??
citizens, shows pretty clearly the state o? public
sentiment here,
The excitertent on the subject of the predicted :
; end of the wotld the present yar appears to ra_*e ;
with additiond force as time ?vears away. The
advocates of the doctrine are mulriplyinz every
where, and producing a great -s_nsat*on wherever
they go. On-3 of the editors of the " Sigma of the
Times," the official organ of the believers in Mil?
ler's theory, has in the last number of that paper
fixed upon the ttcenty-third of May as the day
when the saints will meet the Lord in the air.?
; The other editors, though they do not folly com- '
mit themaclvtfl on the point, but leave a door of
escape in case the prediction should fail, never
theless acknowledge the force of the argument by ?
: which this day h_ been fixed upon by their assc?- ?
date, and the'article has been issued in pamphlet
: form at head-c uarters for general circulation.
Gov. Do-?* is now stayin*. with a friend at
Cambridge. 'The news of thelRhode Island dec
! tion must hare been peculiarly trying to his Ex- ?
: cellency's spirits. It is rumored here that Gov.
Morton lias expressed his determination to surren?
der him to the authorities of Rhode Island in case a
requisition is made for that purpose, on the ground :
that the acting government has by recent pro?
ceedings under the new Constit jtion beiomc the
lc_itimatF- government of the State.
There is a rumor that the Post Ornee here has
been offered to Robert Ranto;-*- Jr., on condi?
tion, of courjo, that he will be a soldier under
Captain Tyler. Whether there is any foundation
for this story is more than I know, but it sems
likely enough to lie true.
Every body here is asking when we are to be .
favored with _ visit from Rlssell the Vocalist.
He must not laif to come to Boston when he has
concluded his engagement in New-York.
Yours, trulv, Rf.vtlo.
it_S..^jTERMEDIATE PLACES.-The ?jdrndid
?.--f.^ ???? -. ?rj 1 ?.F?.'ir,l/iA I I. ? JL.xfcv ?-??-? * " -_JV ?**
t_2__3S?i____4'i.w-;,r>-*4iir?- Steamhoal SWALLO?. Cipt
A. McL?-au,will loare the loot of Cortlaiidt-st. oa MONDAi
AFTERNOON, April 10th, at . o'clock. .
L*7" Th*? abr.v.. is a .ubiuutial boat, fitted tip with #-]??jant
S-it?. Room?, and for .ccommodatiou i? nnrirail<?d on tin?
Hudson._"8 *?*?
?TOR ?EWilL'RGH-Landim- at
( 'aldwell'?, West Peint, and I'old SprinC-?
r__a_-_-S_r_.rh?-tt??a-iib?.?t H1GHLANDKR. Cr-.pi.in R.
War?_-op, ? ill Iftav? the pier foot of .Var-Tii-iU-t-ft on Tu?-?day
tnuinin-i, April -th. at 7 o'?l&k. For Jrexhl mvesoaae, at
ply ti. the Capono on bonrd, or io JAMES K. WOOD, anhe
? orner of Witst ind W'-iTri'ii-^rert?.___ .
^ N E W A R K AN I ? NEW.YOR K? :
Kar?? only li*: cent??!
Tli- splendid steamer HASSAK", CapL J.
( ? iffy. harioK lo-li put in romp??--.?' ord?-r, ?till rr.intti'-nr?- b*r
trip?'for lb?- season .Monday. 10th in?:, io run a? follow ? until
further notice.
Li-ixr N'ow-Vork from th" fool ?>f Barcl ?y st. a; I oYlock,
T. M.
L?*-?t*4? NVwark from fii?? foot of Centre street, at 71 o .-lock.
A. M.
. / Fraighl carriid at very low rat?. ?pl? if
1-3?-.-------,, "-J-'uK l'H'?SON iiiitl intermediate
;.-is_-ds>rS*_~J L-ii.ilingt.-Tl..? St.-atn.oat WESTCHES* .
_________?TKR, Cant. Wm, H. Miu.fn, will li-a-re tit*?
foot oiOdar st., the ensuing season, every Monday,-Vedne*?
<la> .ind Fridn*- ?i J o'clock, P. M. Connecting at Haason *? ith
the Hndir.ii and Berk-thin? Railroad, tliocars of which leave ou
the arrival of th? boat. Rciumiuc, tlie boar le.iv?.. Hudson on
Tin-5'.lay. Tbonday and Sunday, at 6 o'clock, P, M. or on the
arrival ol the can; touching Doth nays nt ill?* iiilennedut?
landing*. For f reicht or nas-va?e, apply on bo*?.rd, or to
CROO?-CE, F0WK8 k Co.
Comer Liberty and West >t reels.
Tliii lto.il has been put in complet.? order, with an iddition.l
numbr of Statc-Rooint, and will he found at planant and
comfortable a b?>at as any on therivtr. This boat tow? no
This l?irit is row ready to receive freight, and will lt-ave on
Friday, 7th April._ap59m
J_L.lNF.-Kor Kingston and Delaware and Hud?
son Canal?Sta-inhoati NORWICH and EMERALD.
Th?- NORWICH. Captain John Samikl?, will leave N-w
Vorli, loot of Mutnr ittreet. every Wednesday and Saturday
at.'.oYloik. P. M...
Will lenve Kingston (Hondout) I.andini* er??ri? Tuesday
and Frida*?-, at J o'clock, V. M.
- 'I'll?- ?MKHALIj, Captain Joilit Kitchiim. win leiive
Netv-York, fort of Murray stiftet, eraty Monday and Thurs?
day at i o'clock, P. M.
Will leave KiiigAtoii (Ronrlontl L-i.din-.- ever-,- W-dnes
day ami Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M.
For frei-fht ur ?..-???a^t apply oa board. nihl""? ff
FOR OOSHKN.?Two Daily Line?.?
On and after Monday nevt, April 1. and until far
S^>SE5__.ih?-r tmlice, the Lars of the New-York and Erie
2____Rnilroad will run in connection with the $t?aui
boat ARROM'. Cant. A. 11. Shi*i.ti, a? follow?;
The re-s-lax Mail Lin?- will leave the foot of Dunne it. daily
(Siiudav ?.xci-pied) at .i o'clock, P. M.
Th<- Accoin-nodatioii Line, for ttasM-fen an?l light freight,
(with bart,'e) vill leave the foot of l'uane street daily (Sunday?
excepted) -.1 7 o'clock, A. M.
Tlie Frucht Line (tri-wc-kly) will luave .is above every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. nih31_
dgj. OLD ESTABLISHED Emigrant Paeeen. ;
raSS ?.ir Othcc, Gi South .?.I. New-York?ItefttUr Line of
_S_S_BUracket*.?Tltesub??"-nber continue? tobnuf-ont i>?-i?ou? ?
from an y part of Great Biitaiu and Ireland, who may been
gaged by their friends here, bv the regular line of Packet Shins,
?ailii;-; every six days from Liverpool. Persons sending loi
thmr liicnd? may i?-Iy that juir care will be taken to have them
-eapatched without delay in L?Terpool. and will alway?en
deavor to merit a continuance of the public patronage, which
ha? been so lib?ually DestoWed lor many years pas'*. Bnd those
n-minittiiiE tuoiiey can have Draft?, jtayable at all the Bauks
ami Unnclu's chrougliont the United hiug'iom.
K??r fatther particulars -?j?plv (if by letter, post prod,) to
inliT JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South st.
i_-+ PASSAGE FOI. LONDON?Packet tentii
??T?t**??i April.-?The splendid fast ?ailiup packet?hip-TO*?
___E RON'TO, Capt.-tiu Gnswold, ? ill ?ail positirely as
above, her regalar tlay, baring splendid accommodations fen
cabin, ?rco:i?l cabin and steerage passengers. For passare early
application should he n.ade on board, or to
W. &. J. T. TAPSCOTT, -S'J P.?ck slip,
corner of South-stjeet.
rb LUT.?The haseniunt of the largi'siorf,
No. 0 Spruce sir?-??! and possession niven immediately.?
Apply to T. McELRATH, Tribune Otlie?-. 31 t?
OFFICES TO LtT in stor?.-69 South street.
Apply to JOSEfH MiMlHRAY,
t mho _^li)?j Pine st.
TO ?.KT.?Two house? in Jone*? ?treet, near
l?-.?cVtc strtx-t. Amilv to
mht, JOSEPH McMl RRAY, 100 Pine st.
Bl?-<?cit4tf street. Amilv to
' SEIT '
M TO l.KT.?Several Oltices in the Tribune
Building?. Applv to
2f T. McELRAJH, Tribune Offic?
J^TO LET?.?The two story Dwelling Hoii?e
l;;'B No. "} Fourth strm-f, four doors wvit of Broadvray.-*
?*-t_-S?May l?e ?eeu between 12 aiid 2 o'clock. Apidy to
mhin ORINNELL, MINTIKN 4? Co. 7s South st.
1.11 tlu Store So: 133, ami tin* Store over No, l_3i in '
* halham ?t. fiom the 1st of M?v uext. tuauin ?'
; *?? gw*_ANDERSON St RAYMOND. No._. Broad st. !
???A Tl> LET; in Jersey city, three brick dwelling j
;-;'it-J li, -,iM ?. (two it jrics, basement and attic.) about IP miu- !
?uJKutes1 walk from the Ferry. Posset non given immediate?
ly. Rent to suit the times. Incjuini of CYAN VORST,
tirir the pMpeity. mh30 3w ?
Ml-'oK SALE.?Secondhand Doors, Sash?-?,
?j?ji Wi-thm Blinds. Sash Doon.Connfers,one suitable for
mmwLa Bai-Room, with rail or iVuiL-r. Also, S.i?>li_i for cov
einu; liot-kd? iu gardeui. ai 31 Ann ?t. Li?
ai Im_J. LOCKE. Briild?r._
TO LET.?Work-hops of various stzes, best
lii:ht?d of anv in the city, and i.-nt low. l,.i?.??-??iou civ
?eti immediately. AI?o, a basement rcvitu ?ad two t-rJ
i?>onis, suiuble for a "bootmaker ???- a shoemaker. Inquire of
it lui _J. LOI KK, .: Ann st.
TO LbJT?Tiie second story rt" the Tribune
Building-, opj?o?it?? the Citv Hall ; -il?o, the b.v;e:a??iit
Ol tlie new blllldiu. No. y SpIUCe, and th?' JeCoad iljry
of No. 7 SprUCe-stlrel. Apply to
J?_tf T. .McLLR.\TH,_Tribune_Offi.v.
Tt i l.KT.?Tlu* upper part of the three story
homo, 4 Cirlyle. r-jnniuc CrOffl Gr?_wicht.' North ri*f*
??pi, (ouiutioj* of thrw nwui? oq aacond floor, one attic
w.dtrv-iut basement, with Croua Water. The bouse is u
complete ?**_?*?*.. Reut $-50. up. ?????*
1 ? ' l.KT.?-The h-ndsoute t*vo s?on* modern
bn-.libnck houie. w.th mahoganyNk??**, und-i ??Jlar,
?L roton wal.r. ?S?. N?..*?lj Second ilreet, uei? the B..?
R?*ip ?-u?0. Apply to
lw*_ THOS. H. SMITH. I38W?x-.?;fr.?t.
TGI LKT l\. a SAUX? ^_MH-Y.^One
li.ili -A a modvrii Itult tw o icol y rttti. ktuse, ?-ontaini?iS
?tw?i??- roosrti.nitfi i?autnei. cl,??ri?, ?__, CP,a_r% &,-.
-tfnaied it. tlie ucw blo?k m nth tti?-ct, rilth hoc?- w?.sr _f ?,?h
s?t?nur. ?, No. nu). Can bv- ?e?*n frc m lu t., a o'c?ock. For t"?ir
ttwrr tv-?mt-ular? inquire ?i the -.tor?- KJ Fulton st, ml_(i tj"
jSlTO I.L-:?--A Room, Bedroom, Pantrv,
UnSf Ch ?et _,.-. suitible for a it-all family Al?o, a b_Le-.
JsmammUH y, .--. .-.. .nd *wo U-diviot--. Kc-y: lo?*, _ud ??o-te..
-y?.'a trivea imm?diate*?. A!??-. oiLe->, w ??? pass?saon ou the
ttr-.? -*?: Mi-, next, lnv-uirroi"
J LOCK.K. "M AniistrveJ.
HAKE 1? Y T c?? 1. E T.?The ikken* and
dwelll?K botoe, 1*??>. lit? Pitt Kieet? in perfect osia.
Als?*??KOR SALE or Exchaoce for ?-th?-! ci:v prt-r
perty, ?>t-j- or two iai?**e three ?tor?,- dweUinehoase-, baHiu t:..
U-tt tnodt tu srjle, iu a cetitr-l ?art of the citv. 1-,'uir-- .1*
mmoSt^t_JOHN NKWHQCSE. tai Wat?-? _
TO LET.?The Urge and commodioas Ke
tVttori' uitd??r Cectr_l Kill, Na IbO Gr-iad-.t*?-et. oi>i?o
?>j*ite the Centre Market?a __t**>iate ?-and for the Oil?
ier busu*?->__ Also, the three ?on house and ?ore No. . C*_
?ri? Msirkift Place. Ai?plv to
J*---'*-_C. F. OSBORN, H7 Mulberry?.
?S?.TO GARDENER S-To let orlease4onE?hr>
iDtiL vV?_?^:?-T?'t*;t?rv*'*,fa T',?:,* -*-d Fourth ?lenii?-?, ?:
??--j*?? . \ORk\ iLLE. a sm_ll. conveaiear honte, enriray
nvw . wuh m low o? gronad suitable for --r?_?i.i?? t^rrv-,-?,
weti naci?se- Io ? u'cxhI tenxct the rent will be put ? Siou
-__TJ_?__-_l'ply ??-? X? DEAN, n C?mtie u. _. iq?*
?_>_> a0.?8328 "TO *-KT?Five new thretf sor,*
i:__Liir,Ct *',:'Btc* *a M.-?-*dou^al iCrret, betveen Bl--ecker and
*-;'J?C"" ?.??'???ston iTrt-rt?. liuuiiai iu vere hand>o_ie srv!-. _d<1 i?>
t-lrtr with -?-ery c?3av-rmetj<?--_-?rt;ie a?_t^l? in ?..'?e b_*
?n?jt. *u-?:?_i?l *???eo_ stones. Tii.? Crc<oa w -ter ls .ron_ht
to the kuc-hen. Thn? h.Mi?? will Iv c,-.aitilcte?J. bv tbr ?utii
iiist_ut. when rxv ^-i.?iv?_ uxx\- bo h-d. Apwy to
j?!**_. ACol^STUS FLEMIXO, No. 71 L^itr?!st ?
TO "LET OR FOR S?LE-Th-t superior
ih_tce for a _?*-t??cl far=_! r. The boose mar be ?_ at from 10
to 2. or from i ? 6 o'clcek. Fox terms it?rly at the boi_*_ of
the pro|?r.etor
?e?i TO LET?Thethre'*'?ton-I>we]]iazand_.
CtOBNotK Bourerr. Th? Store has been occupied as
t^_?_fc..I--c.w__- Tailor'? sanee :__.
.?.ijo?Tbe Dw'llic? -sar: of the Ham-; No? IS Bowery
-_J_o?Tie- two story DweHitg-H-U--?, N~_ --- acd
Intuir, at No. 1? Bowery._?S ?'*
TO LET?__? ? redTicrc r-nt. tw-o Hon.-a*?.
VfH. tl a_a.,. Ma-inr-'-a,', ?a good order, with mar
_ ble m?ictel* _i?i ?rratr-i in fh_i sTory?R-*7 be di-i-i_*?2
for two f-t?ilies. Gird?i ia the p-ar of each house. Also,
two Hou??_i in -<?cc-ii-st-?e*, opr-osi:-? .c> t r.ioj _!_*_?'-?
places of huritiess. I_-;air?? of
a?_w?_S. KINGSLAN-). _? -pring-streer.
TO LET.?Tha: r?-nbl?- residenc* simar?* on
th? baak. at the rive? in the villajr? of Willi*??.?bu-jh,
--?on First itreeT. betw-eti Eleventh and Twelfth street.
The house is in rood c-der, w?_l calculated for a private fam?
ily, the s_rro_.__ne jronrid* **?* ta_*__lir laid out ami pfc-Bt.
withiihr-bhery. _-?a*s. Sec. Hen: !o - to a suable a?f1ic_d*u
Fot lartraatTp^r-eTil-ir? apply 0_ the premises, or?.? 1.DGAR
S. VAN WINKLE. 1 N_-_aa s ??-et. N. Y._a..- -iff*?
igs HOUSES TO LET in Thinyiii.h street, near
;,??*. the Ninth Arenrje. One th*?v"srtry ft-?-* House
____? r*_i--?ii___r_r?__ns with?* fireplaces. Alvo. nn?> tw.i
story frame House in the rear of rb?? above, with ci>t_r_s.wo.-,d
hrcKS, arid all complete?,.atad will be rented veiy low to a cood
temnt. Apply to John G. Porter on the pre-aa?--. or to Hen
ry B. Blair, 173 Wa> hins-on -t-_*______
M COUNTRY '.-.TORE to hex-The weil
known rnen-annle stand in '-he villajr? of Fi-hkill.
Dntchr?. i e.untv. formerly o-cupfe-d br S. A. Hoyt. i?
to rets from the 1st of May?where t frea.i a?-,->rtment_of
_o?-rJ.? will meet with a ready sal-. Apply to John C. Van
Wvclt, ???-?t the precaises. cr to Charle- V an Wyck. 34 Fk____
_ ?*- NetrrtToik._alO 2--r
_?o FOR SALE in the City of Newark, N. J.?
m A hoase and 2t arr-? of had, situ__d in Son ai-Broad
street No. 173. Th-- House is 13 feet Cront, an?i ?_ ?l~p.
w,:r. Ii.-_e piazza in the rear.asid w_H ?nisha>.i thriiu?'r?..uf. A!?..,
aBoo?l stable, frnit 'tees. see. auarhe.j to the ?.remises. For far
rh-r i-rti'-r.lars apply io J. NICHOLS, comer of William
ar.d W_-hi?_-?ou ttreea. cr of W.M. PAUL, oa the prerai?-?.
- l_f tMl*-_
TO LET.?In Dean street, near Sn?_-__treet,
' Brooklyn, the splendid thr*?* ttory hou-?. finished it. the
?best maaner, with two lot?, of ?nound attached. Also,
coach hot-K-. stables, ate. A variety of the i-_?t choice crape
vine?. AUo. several fruit trees, with a well and pntr.p of ._?
ce!l-t.r sprias water en the premises. __isproperty is well
calcul?t?.--for the ac?-oi_mc_ation of a respectable family, t.
whom it will h?. let for one year o; more or? accommadatinc
term?, by applying to JOSEPH Ml'RHAY. 1?0 Pm?? st. m>.?
three ur.rv brick booses Nos. I. li and 19 Varick
?? Jm pUcp.Sullivarjti.-ra-?. They are nntsbed?t fashion
sble style, with mahoarany drn.ri in the t.arl.in and marbl?
mantel? in the b__em?_nt and two jirii.ripal stories. The ral?
lar i? lieht and dry. Tn>- ( p-?oii uat.-ris bronght to the kitch?
en. Tti* situa'i.fi is capital and they- are in ever.- respe?"' de?
sirable r?-.sidences. Possession 1st Mar. For further partira
bars apply to AUGUST! S FLEMING,?! Leonard staC W
' ;P!.K'i-: ?1.000 ?-V Farm for sale, containias
'IT) acn1?. very ple_*.antlv iitn.il?-.i ?I rr.i!? ? fron: tie- vi!
______-Ue>- of Westneld, E_ssei ??.??.in:-,-. N. J.on the line of the
5omer*a_le-Lulroad. Said-?rm I?.?? i suitable, pronortion of
woodland, fruit tn-e?. n r..ni!V.,-tabl- dweHiitfr, .. well of water
na-.-r the door, a small barn, ??-. Said farm i? ??nuted one*
lburthofamile.fr m :i.e old m-__- r m.l leadins from New
York to Philadelphia, and i? ir. ib.- ricinit** of schools, s*?r-?s.
churches and nisrlo r?. In.jiiir. of Edward Townley, near the
rillaG-of-Wi-tfield, on?*-fourth of a mile from rhe Rtilr.-?.!
D.. ?*. oral Elitabeth-town of BL'KNET D. HAMILTON.
F.lizal?-'h-t..?.;. J m. J, isi.l. __[_mh2 im*
T< ? LET-?The House and -.?tor??. 409 Grand
street, t.i?,-etrier or separate. Possession csnl?* bad im
rnedut. |y.
Th.- Honse 91 Dnue-itrect, ; he fir?! housi from Broadway.
The lloua- 315 Henn -%tr?rt.
The brick Biiildiiu in the nsai ol im and 106 (riantl-?tre?-t.
2>i by 20, with a ?ul.l.- under and two stories shore. Eutjrance
from Attorney-si I'.ssioa immediately.
A four-story brick House on Willow-stm*-, Brooklyi
s.'?,?ioii can be had niin?e_i :?.!.-.
y..: sab ?20 l"t? in Bri.okh u: or would be rdir..-! i heap;?
0 lots at Elizabeth Port, N. J-; or ? mid be r-jiir,.! cheap.
Apply to ABRAHAM K. LUYSTER, 407 ?ran<!-?:.-i?i.
or .ii.'i P.-arl-tt. ^_ _al 9t*
M TO LET, for (.ne or more year?, a very con*
renient i\?" ?tory honse, situated in the village of Bell
Port, south tide of Lenz bland, (60 miles from N?w
Voil?,) fronting the Ocean and South Bay. The honse is built
in modern style, -?th foldihc doors on 1st and 2d lb'?.r, I b.-d
rooms, pantnes, S;.-. AUo, a tarden attached ofabout?aCT?s,
anal everv conrenience ne?*_-j_i?*"for the accommodation of a
Urce fair,ily. There is communication daily to New-York by
-taces, which pa? the aloor and railroad ; also by ? ?tcr. almost
daily, by vessel? leavtTif die two docks ?eithio a short ?itstwice
of th?- home. The Bell ]\.rt Ac?demy and Church are within
a few r.??is of the house?a rerr desirable conntry s?-*.t, not tui
piuscd by any on the South side of rhe Island. F<>r furtherpat
ticulars, inquire at is Fnltou-itrei-t, New?Tork, or on i!.e
_i__i_ Fl 'f. SALE.?A very beauiifulplace,situated
???{j in Bloomfi-ld, P?ew_ers?"y, ahont 11 miles fromNaw
a-_-__Vork, and . from Newark. The premises consul o) i
acr-'.', more or l_*?, fir?t rate la_!?i; a good ?ub.-ta_ti.>l dwellins
houtt-, hui-iu. four rooms on rhe first floor ai-d four rooms on
the ? -cond; a pock! b?m ??n?l other ?u!-buiidiii?;:.?all u. .......i
i_j!_ir", a Terr good ?ard.-n. With a variety of fruit trees, sneh
?-arp.''??. peats, cherriei. _.c. Thi? propery is liand'cinely
and rentrail y situated, be'mc wiihiu & niiartrr ?if a inile of the
PrrVivteri:-- Church, ?nd also near the PiHt-Oi-ce and two ex?
cellent Acad?mie?, male and female. There is a recular com
ui'iiiii-.tir.n _?.tW.-_i th" rill-geand New-York twice a dar, by
maani of staee ami iailr,...il. The property will be ?./?Id cheap,
or ?chancea for cite proper i v. (in.nire in New-York <>f M.
W. DODD. B'^kacller, Brir. Chun h C impel, or on the prem?
ise? ol tit?- i.wce-r._.._!?'___."_
??tKAlLM Ft iK f_ALE.?Thf? .-niiisenDi-r olfers
fjSfph.: sale hi? Firm lyin_ in the city of I th ?. NVw-Voik
_______ The location and soil are not luferior to any m Oneida
OOUnty. If lie, uc.ir the Meudon Tuniplke, about onu mile
sooth Of Bleeckei ?rreet Bridi*c on Ei?t ?rreet. Contain? about
?eveiitv-fireacr.-? oi improved land in a high state ofcultiea
tiou. 1: has "ii it a tood dwelling house, wood hou.e, two
pood barn-, four lark'i? sheds, and other n?v??.?sary out-huildiiif?,
all in food repair: ?a thrivinit orchard* well fenced and watered,
has two well? of m>u waterl and other apt--u.la.es. For partic?
ular? applv to J. Howard 4_ Son, ]__ Front st. New-York;
Jame? Bidwell, Ut?ca, or to the snhscriber on the pr?-mises.
l'ric.1. March ll. I.i3._tnhli lm
tgW?? i ?ut in l: 165 ii-r.-: 100 of which is alluvial toil, of the
___Lrichest mould, well a._.pi.-.l to gra7inc. or ifrowiuk:
wheat and other ?rraiu ofanT kind raited uithi? Siaje ; a livins
?ti. ?m ?>!' water nins ihrou/rn ?very lot on tha Farm. Said
Farm is .well fenced, buildings in tjooti repair, large and con?
veulent and mostly new. ?nd variousfrnitsgTOwin abundance
ou the place The Farm i? situated in Columbia rotuitv, one
mile from Kinderhook ullace, 2j from the Kinderhook depot,
on :he Bosiou Kailroaal, and t. mile.? from Sttij v?*sanl landing.
Ti..' subscribe! confidently a??.:ru this is on? of the l?e_t Farms
m ilii? country-he reipectfolly invite? tho-c wishins to make
a profitable iuvestmeut to call dud i i-w the premi??_. 'T?-rin
pf payment madeeasy,and _n in??i .ptirahlo title ??ren; also,
immdt-i-te possessioi if reqnired. Fc-i further information
address S?. W. LF.A-.'H, on the premises, or 5'?- 519 Park
Post-Office, which will r?-ceive immediate atteuiiou. a? lw
?ggl'A K \ 1 FOf- SA__l-7wtiiatt*clonihi* P-ssaic*
??9W-* River ?but nine m0es*from New-York, and one mile
^--???froin B^l?eville. Il cour lin.? atout _j acres. 25 ?l vihich
i? woodland, .-?:id the remainder node-good cultivation. !: ha?
on it a cooil new honse and barn, and other outbuildim.?: ?id a
youiw apple orchard of ahont _(?.tTrcsof th.?. b,st s.-lect.'d fruit.
Abo.a eood dock fot boats, when tb_Xnew steamboat ' Pro
priotor, from New-York, will stop on her dairy trips to. and
iroin P-terson. Title indisputable, and a pcrti.u of the money
inav teinaiu on bond snd mortnee. Apply to
mlf. Im? JACOB VI.F.F.LAND, on tlie premiii*s.
tA FtARE CHANGE.?The Babscriber ofTerfi
__ilns Faun at i_-ea?r?-i foT ?-.le It consists of in ?<*r-_ of
|A H?alt_i I-id, whereof shoot eight acres are well wood?
ed, rite bouse is io the F.utrli?h Cotng. style, with asna
,-i. u: hah lu ? j?.ilor? .'ounectcd by shditi? doors on one side
and three beo-rooms -irh ?Insets on the oilier?all on the-furst
?loor, with tea room; it*ood-fiO__e and httcben annexed. There
is also a cellar kitchen h>!I finish-land ample cellar room
^ also ';'?'??' r ?-*?-> ? t vOttS?, a shed carriag. house stables and
bare, andh-rnary-?au m excelleat .:>:>1?-r. Th. farm is vieil
stocked wjtli fine rarietir. of fruit, and iu good fence.and
romm.iiii! s fine view ..t the Ukeand .nnonntuui. country.?
It i? disiani .-tie _ud a half mile, from, and in full vie- of ihe
villareoi G_ne-_ Ttu. sebscriber would dispose not ooJ. of
tha above ?remises, bnt of the hoi ?- t-uriases, stock of dif?
ferent kinds ud farming ?mpt?_?___ now upon the plac?
upon reason thle t.-nns, at.-i would trier to j_r> Blossou, F.?<_.
N --?u st New-York, for the terms and conditions of sale.?
Th?.- ?absenbe. cati be ><?mi _t auy time at h_ office, Se-ieca.t.
-?-?;??? ??-?- B SLOSSON. _mhji ?_:??? im
?LAND WANTED.-?The Syivania Aseocia
l?t?:K.u of ihs city of New-Yorkantdenrow of porehaaing
-,_-___. i rom tw.< to three thousand acres of Land within one
I hundred mil.-? of New-York ? ity in the St.-.t^? ..?' Peon*, lia
loi. New-Jetse. ??! New-York. The said __id umst be well
s.i-;.;i<sl Mit!, wood anJ -.??cr. ?;i_ sdapted to .rr-zint,' wraiu
Erowiuft,and c<rd_?i-i_: porposes. L_c_IH-at?I lands, with
1 a sm:ill c?liiiitr-J estate adjoining, would be pr-ferred. Own
! ers of lauds, who csu si?e a clear title, ire requested IO pre?
gare _ true statement in relation to ?uch Ivids, with the t-.;-.t
UTorahle tenn? and address their l-.tt.-it (post paid) :.^ T. W
WH.TI.... Pr_;id_at of the Sv!*._uta JUsociat.oa _j Pine
' ?:. New-York
: ^ Tl^- a::-uti.?.i cf la:-.?* !,older? i? re-;_.cii'.iiy lOlicitedi as the
Sylv-?a Association iutei??l> KOiii. talo cper-iiou a? early a?
? possible.
:_">*** Editpn of Century Newspapen ire re?iuesied i_ cogy
oru?ticeihis idvertiseirteat. _ __rj ti
V?LFABLE FACT< IRY for sale atrAuc
ti.-.n.?Will be sold at Public Auction at thi Merclonrs'
?Exfhangt, in the city of-New-Yorit, m Monday, tie
lTth day of April i.e.;". kl U ? .i.-.-k. \. M. Di that dav. tbo?e
certiin premises sita.it.j m rhe town cf Pater*.-?. State ?.f
New-Jer__y, heretofore S?eiomriu_ to tl?e Monroe Mannfsctnr*
iic Company, _od fortnetly known - the Beaver lV,,,!eii
Faet?n-, described as f..Hows: Begnu.it..; ?a tl?-. torthwest-r?
ly siile of Bondinot street, j: the ciuer of a lot heretofor- oc
cupi.si by Timothy B. Crape aia saw and grist-mill lor, inJ
r___m_ tbeitoi a'.._.? ?.::;? line ?fsaud lot uv>r-.!iw?-_wai_i-." i:.>
!"??: -.' inches to a lot heretofore conveyed by the Monroe N?hsu
f.?ctiir;,._ .'? rcjian. to John Whitemore, thence _..u_ the lii*
of ssid lot tOO fWssi -. i net? tneel, thence _lon_ tlie_nf?- ?out;:
e.iitwardly 113 feet ? inctvrs t_. :::e &otthw??stmy liiieof_B.'U
liin..* street, thence dont* the same sonih'.cs?wardly 100 i-vi to
the place of b-puninsr. Togethet w_h tl?? Factory --tus -nd
buildiiuci erect, si tiin-^_, a_ii r'ne n_ht of t_-it__ from tlie Ca?
nal in Boudin.?: street i?;usutitv of waierequaltjfilternliiclve?
Muare, ?nd. oT?-_-_____ n ?i?-rxce from tbe ;.aid lot to the
Pa__aK- Knei through _>-? lot conveyed to John Whittemot. a?
above ?u>.!.
Ther? are foor b_ild____ c._.n the above lot. First, the Ft.
larr. wlu.h _, ,-,,- _4-_c_ ?_,;, ,v,??j Wijl4 ^? %\i.i. %<,- ^( f.ur
-to.-it* !u-h wr.h aU arJc, and 57 Met and ? ir_.?e< wiJe by !t_
r*1'-^ i a >vla** a{:'vC''**d 13 featt aad 3 bebes wide bv _i fi*-l
- incbes !oa_, t:.rt?_ st.aries high. u?e_ as a ma-hine ?hop. ot&ce
-aid packt-ii. room. TU-re i, abo __t__fae? to die t?cto-y the
wheel-lio_?e .which is of brick, and ha_ l??en __telv _re?-te_.?
I he water-whrvi u r_.-w and ?a pertmcX ori-r,ruvia?. Ven lately
pU up a: ? very ??.?.-ideribie outlar. Second, a g.?_ two story
trame Uweilni.: Upase, ??jitible Sat ?i^ accui-ui.-n of ?sttfei
inteodriit and hi? family. Third, a fram^ ba-U?m? .?a-u?
cotton house, waste honse, -?-d bam. Fourth a brick buil?in-,
one stop- high and 2i fert wide by aliC-tSO bei .krp, which can
be used ? a lacrory by ?sell, it haviag _, s_ ,-_? ,.{? WAlfSr rW1ir
er*.:--.ra the lartrer mill.
Th?? water ?.-\? _r ccat?ectcd with tV above
good order. 1 he e?r_blishment u well -eit<-U to a cotton or
?vot-lca Eactarr ox. lay o'.-cr n__-??_iical eniploi-t-?,,,: re?ia_.__:
wa-erl?ya_cr.a__po_____-_ act __i:._?r_.uf Icouoa. ace .eic.a
lor a term ot veors
Tlie **-- will be mrece by Jirrvc? M. Miller it Co., A_-____
frs.jusd wi 1 posiurrlr take ? dace on the dav ??>. ve .tat?, _s i:
_> made .o clc-e a tru?-r. F-.r fan_er r_-r.cub__ atplv :o
v v- ? .t S^^?LES E. BUTLER. __-___?_ fcc
New-York, March U, ?t-U. V-, * ____ii Jr.
______ -_sw-,TA____rr ?-a-1 ______ v? s..
V--_ ?a Co_irn/>n -..itiueii c.sve-ec. -<~> '_-.'*"r. tv??*-?c?
:-^I^^^.^- - iSiSi-._-C?
__!1.? -?verrQ-frter Lfccnoa ?-**-r*ai.-V'j/r?Z? .hall h
' of New-York, is soon a.? the i-oU ?,I.sucn-*_' ^:^,j j,-- _t _
kl___rv cl.-K-d and on the evef-intsol trie sane da?, -t -
?ike out their renirr-i 01 votes givr-i foreac* l^-**? ? .
tnct. iu _r rnsn-er prescnbed by Uw i -?****,"Sf ._,
. XaUbethre- la number. The ^.*?__?*__*_L? Al
ci-en for Marc:, the second for tit- A1-i5f^-'.A"1*f?v;,
?^__?eS??s, ColW-:or?d *^S_?^l?-tionT
ind the third the vo***?s ?iv?i lor Iasprttors _l ?-?'*-'1''',n', ,
__? SK Sach cop?-,. : C.I. th?? ??*-$-*W???
imm-viJ-'elv dl-d tu tae -?fice ot the ' 1-rk ol ?he t. it> an?
C.Tunrr o? N-w-VoTk. . _.??fVWri,
i i*. Th- staterfl<?_t of the vote* fo*-J?P??J__? ?~?? o?
j -hall^la^thetwo^t-o-ishaviDi: th> M^W^?
' rotes, and shall also contain the ?P;^intm?-ut ot a;'hrtUp?*?
tor for such Di.tnct. "?> i^nit-ed by ?evtiott -T^?.: *-'^- ?' A
tide Third, of Title Thin-, o? an A?^^.?^ifL
ir?-ct?as eirchoas other ti-ia tor tauitu tad .own -Kicfsrs.
pnssadAprilA, i*_ .. . ?_?.__ :_
;. Tv - .-...wilsri^menti o i the votes I or >l?f0r*.,?
re?r^c:n- -ismc?. shall beth_Wered by th.- l_sr?e?:t.?r> ?l?et**ot
respective!*,. or by one oi'th-m. to br depttted f? it"?? I?..^'*.
f to the Snr-rrrisor of the Wird. ?* itbia :? -*at*. -foul hour-, after
. the Mime shall have t>?n ?hscribed. Il there be ao ????";
soT. or he shall be disabled from urenuha?: the t-oiro of Conntrj
I Canvasser?, stich or_rinaI ?tst??tneat shall ?V ?leliv?1 to one
of the A?>e?4??-?rt ot the Ward in which ?tich eiecaon was
fi. Th*? ?-ricir.il ,rat?-ment? of the Totes* fot AMr-raan, As*
ii.r-.ut At.l.?--a?ii.As?.--t--ri. ? oUecl ??*??'-? ?';? ?>?_?
Ward, and a copyat the statement of the rot? I--?' ?*u-rt_*;
shall be .WliverrJ bv th-.' l-s?-::on of the serer-l D^*-"?-*''? ?s
such Ward, to such one of die said Iu.?i>ec'..-.ri a? ?hall He *p
?oiuted by them to -ttend tlie board ol ? _rd 1 ?nVi
such Ward, which petxos, so api.-?'"'-*??- ?ball ?"''? """ *,ye *-"**?*
in bis own possession, h;.:.1 in.- Ward ' ?:i?a?~ rs ?hall r_.???t.
? Th?? i-t-?--u? ip_oiu:-?i bv the s,-v?.-..l boards ?;i lu-Tt-c
tbrs for the tUectioo Districts rrj-ctiv ??!;.-, v? | ; ?i:--i by the
prrcodiui section, (or in civ ofthe .inability Oj aav ?uct? pee
: ion to attend, then ?itch person as mat N? appointed by,the lu
?..--?ctors cfthr District.) ?hall coastitut?- the l*oanl ol want
Caai v-terv and ?hall rnM at th?? poll I ... f the Fimiiec?
tion Diitnct in the rr-specrive W a.-d? a; noon ? i the d.ty suc
c.'-diax th? elrctioa. aad shall then ?nd ttte.-e rec-ive ami can;
*.._ die i-s-ral totaments which ?h_ll i> ptsented to th. m ?jI
all the roa ; f : ---ich persoa voted ?.: in the several Dutncti
of each Wai J !'. r M iyor, and for Alderman, A??i*ti"t A}?I-?t??
min. As???t?or?. ColVctor and Coustablet ot tuch >. ay
? Thi-y shall ther-n??vii, from sm-h susDapeut-, ?-?: -tow u tn wa:
ins the names of toe ?..??.ral caadidaaes forth? office?? ol ?*'?-**r
man. .?\.t?iitfttit AJdennaa. Assessors, < 'oUectorandCons_?ble-i
,>i"?iieh W-ird respect-iTd'y, >?ith the numberofTOtt?s-n?-entOr
each, and shall-!.?-r--iirM-?ti r-rtiiy and declare, who, by th.
the _T?-atr?t ntunber of rote? lor t-.c'ri r??s?>ective ?-ti"'-', in
elect-d the*-eto iwpecovi !\ ; and by one of the said \> nd < n.
vassers. :o h?? appointed for that pmpose, bj amajimt] pi
th-m. ?hull itnm?*?ti.itely ?lelit-er the said certificare, <rli.??.id
Wan! Canvassi-s kit-pint- a duplicate thereof,) to the J lerk ;i
? - - i:- ind County of New-York, or Io? deputy who shail
r?-.-.,nl the ??m- 11 i r--,-'>'' to b- Irrpi for that ??nrp,,,.-.
? 7. Th?? ?ai?i Ward I mi Users sli -Il al?.?. ?* ihn ?in-.e t:m??
and place mentioned in the last rtn?cedii*- wtt?Mi.frpm ?u?h
itatemenM of die votes for Mayor, ?>- down in wntinjr tlie
n?un->? of the ?i vt-ra! ran-!i,lat-? for Mayor roted for >.i ??,-'h
Ward, with the in-tniV-r of votes -rivea for each candidat
! shall make oui and subscribe ? ?'.4:- ment ?HWeoC ??iiicli they
shall, by some one of the said Inspectors to be appointed bj
' them in writiiii: for 'in: -,"ir?,.i?,-. cause to be delivere : ? ?thin
: twenty-fonr hours thcrealter, as prescribed in the fourth see?
! tion of fhu Ordinance, and they shall <l?o ?mmetliattdy 1:1 ? a
<-..:-. ofsnch tiafemfiit in iheoifice of th* (l?-rk .-f the ' itj
and Connty of Ness Voek.
i 8. The Supervis .?. . - to whom such ?tateawnts
of the votes ?_ i ?- ? - n for Mayor, m Ui?? Ward? t.- which t-hej r>
ipecdvely bel ?ne, *!.?H barebe?*ndelivered, ?s requirrdbf tlie
fourth stfction, and i?v the I??* preceding ?..-?-11.?n >?! tins Unli
. 1 _n _ . 1 .. ...1 ..- . -. 1 _ ..^ .i.., .... . 1...
n-iiice. shall, *-? a board of County t anrasseTs, canvass 1
tame ?? ilirect?-.l by Article First of Title Fifth of tlie Act 1
' ferred to in third~-cti,>.i ofrbisOrdinance, ?u-1 shall, npttn Ute
' statements of -,?'?? riren I : Mayor, pr,,..--.! t., del
; what [?ersiin ha?, hy rii-. greatest numbei- of totes, been duly
elected to tlie office of Mayor. ..
j 9. Th.- I:i?:?~-tor? .-i" th?? ?.-v.-m! Election Districts ?hill
hav-- two separate box-?? for ih>- r-.-eptun? ofall ballots \? hich
', mav Im? iritvn at everv thart?-! Election; which boxea shall be
under the rer^lariousrii-*?scnbed by la?-. The votes for M 15 11
shall lie ?m mie ballot, to In? endo?ed " M iyor, ' und ?hall t>?
tWpositad in one of th.- ?aid l?r.?;<??..\nd tii" tot--? foi Aldernian,
, A?ti*faiit AJdejrman, Asse-sors, Collector and < onstabl ? foi
th?? Ward, in.11',-r two Insnectoni of Election for rii<- l>i?tncf.
?hall br- on on?? bailor, to fv endorsed " i"liart--r,*' m,i ?hall If
deposited in th.- oth'-r of the ?aid box, ?.
K??.-.i the Board .-i" Aldennen, April 3, 18-13.
1't...-,! the B 41.1 of .*i??i?t ti-.:?. April ?.. t8l3?
Appro veil by the Mayor, April ?j. ?::: :.
Clerk "/'/le Common Council.
Tlie following ir- designated ?? the places in each |
Election Districts in the several Wards ol ili<- Citv -<f Sew.
Wirk, at which elections shall t>- h-?ld during the ensuing
r.-ti. that it to say :
The poll for tru' First Disfri-f Of the Fir.t Waid ?h?ll b- at
1 M. S. Thn*_it-iJ? Broad iriwl Hotel. cor_??r of Broad und
Peerl streets.
Tin- poll for th?? Second Di-frin of the First Want ?hall be
i at P.-er? and I'o.'?, N'?->. II Bro.viwiy.
The pou for the Third District 01 the First W^nl shall b.
'? ?t No. ti2 Broadway.
The poll for the Fini Dittrict of th,- Second Ward .hall I?
, at fh?- S.-cotid Wai.l llof?-l ?o. 87 iVasao streut.
I The poll for the Bacond District of the Second Ward shall
: beat the southwest cornei of-teekman and Hold ?rrret;.
Tl.e poll for the First District of the Third Ward ?hall be
1 at No. 5 Coiirtlantlf stn-U.
The poll for the Second Di-trict 01" th.- Thud Ward ?hall be
at No. \ Barclay ?rn*?-!.
The jv.ll for the Third Dutrict of the Thlnl Ward shall be
, at No. llml Wdrren tfreet.
The].,,II fbrthe First Dbtriet ofthe Fourth Ward shall be
(at the Shaki-veaii Hotel, comer of William and Duane
! i?tr?>?-t?.
The j-dl for the Second District of the Fourth W ud shall
? hf at No. _S Jjiii.:. ?rif-t.
TI..-I...I1 for die Third District of*heFourUiWaril_h_ll be
at So. ' Jam i' ?-lit?.
TI?. ;??!! for live Fourth Districi of the Fourth Wird shall
be at N .. 310 I Vail street, comer of Dover -.tree*.
? Th.? poll for the 1 im District 01 the I* iftli W... ??! iball be 11
N,-. 103 Chajiel street.
The poll lor the Second District of the Fifth Ward thai! '??
at No. ?1,7 W;i.|,?i,?on sin-'-i. corner of Duanesrreet,
The poll forth* Third District ofthe Fifth Ward ?.hall be
at No. IG3 Chapel ?rr?-?-r. (Marion House.}
The poll for the Fourth District of tlie Fifth Ward shall be
at No. Ijt? Hut-ion itr.-<?f. oomex of Vestry street.
The pvll i}r the Kirn District ofthe Sixth Wa d h ill be it
, tlie Siith V,'i*rtl 11, ? ! .: ofDuaue and ( eni ?? itreets,
Th?-iioll To-ri..- Second District if the Sixth Vi'ard shall bo
at the CarltouHo:iJ?i,i?urthea-t comer of Broadway and Leon
ard i.tr?-ef.
Th?- poll forthe Third District of the S.trh Ward ?h_l! be
at the . oran .i Y ranldin and Centre str.-ei?.
The poll I'r t)..- Fourth Di?tnct ..ftlie Sixth W ard ?I,all be
at tii?- North American Hotel, uorrhwrit corurr of BayaiO
street and the Bowery,
The r.ol! \\.z the Fir>: District Ofthe SerenthWard -I.-.11 U
. ar No, m East Broadway.
, Tbepoll for the Second Di.ttict Ofthe S?-Vr:.th W.r.l >hl!l
: l>? at No. Ill .Maiiisnr: street.
; The poll forthe Third Diitnct of the SeTnah Ward shall
t>e a: N>. 1 Mi Cht-rrv street.
TIk? j* -v> 11 for th.- Fourth DUtrici of il?. S.?v_nth VV'u.i shall
be at No. l'J Jefferson itrtvf.
i The mil for the Filth Dutrict ofthe Seventh Wan! .htll
. l?e at the Franklin H .toi. comer of Cherry ind Ratters
Tbepoll fot the Si\:h District of th?- Seventh Ward shall
be 11 No. ITJ (iraiiil ?tr-vr.
The poll for the S-i ?nth Ditr ? i?-r ofthe Seventh Wild ihall
'-. ?1 No. ''?! Watrr ?tr.-t-t.
Th.- poil forthe First District of the Kij-hth Ward shall be
: at N\>. 153 Br? me -'.-.-r.
The poll forthe Second District of the Eighth Ward shall
; beat No.79 W?;.-r-;r~ ;.
Th- roll ftrthe Third District of tlie Eighth Ward shall be
ar No 7a Thompson ttt-eet.
Th. poll I...- the Fourth Disrrici ofthe Eighth Ward shall
! be at No.'.'3 Sulliran ?jti-e. r.
Th? poll for the Fifth Diitnct of th-- F.i-hth Ward thall be
at No. ist Varick stwet,
Tli- poll lor the Sixth Di?t:ict ofthe Eighth Ward shall be
at No.-IS Sprine st.- '.
Thr j.oll lor the S.-vt-nih District of ?he Eighth W ud ihall
i>- ?r No. 263 Sprine ?tr?-er.
The j^ll for tl-..- Ei<liLh District of the Ei.-iith W ird ihall
be at No. iw Washingtoa *.tr----r.
Th?? poll lor the First District 1 1 the Ninth Ward-hall be ur
j No. 0I8 Green** i.-l? street.
Tli- poll for th?- S-ciid Dtiirut of the Ninth Ward ?hall be
it No.IO. bler-ck.-r .:.?t.
, Tit- poll lor the Third District of tlie Ninth Ward ?hall
i Oe ?t the .Maaiioii Hou?-?. <..,.-_-.- of Amos a??d Waihuigtou
The ?-.II for the Fourth Diitnct ,,1'?.e Ninth War! ihall be
a? Nu. ti) ChnstophiT street.
The (toll fpr the Fifth Diitnct of the Ninth Ward shall be
1: t..-? - ,;!;?? ?.i coma of B-uk ?.ud V> -?iitu-('..j.-i ?ti-^t?.
Tl?- pvll 101 the Six:?: Dutrict .?" the **_uh W?rd shall u
No. fil Y ourth itrert.
r?. ,. r , , TENTH ?VARD.
The POllfoi tue Fix? District of the fentn Waul shall b
at No. _v DeUucy sirrrt.
Thr poB K,r the Second Di?i_ict ofthe Tenir. Ward ,h_ll b^
1*^,,?* '*--*|.?-ir-it,.i ttr?-?-t. MMtheast comer of 1 ?? -.in ,-...-.
li?*-;^li s.?r tn?- Third Dutrict ofthe Truth .."ar.l shall hi
, at **>:. Ditid . H*;!. N... '.':?. \l'?ik-r ?tr?-?-t.
The pollfoj rlu Fourth Di?tnct of the Tenth Want ?hall b
*c??- C'.!??-'''"' fc''"'r' *-???*?:"-.* of Lu.!!,,? itn-ets.
ThrjjoUJ^ :;,..J ?:w, Dutri?oT_e T__th Ward ?n.ll I
at Mihi^y Hall. No. 63 Ludiow ttteet,
The poll for the ?- itth Diitnct of the Eleventh Wan] ?.lall
Doat **?o. . ? -? ttOfl ?fr?-'.
Tl?rjoll u.r:'.^*?-,- ud D_srictoft_eE_eT_n_h Warf shall
beat N.? i_. ? ohunbta itiect.
Th/vpoll forthe Thi.-d Di>t.ict of the Eleventh W_rd shall
be V y S istieel
Thepolifortlir FonrthDjstri 1 fthe Elerenth Ward shall
be ?; tneoMnet 01 Aveooe D aud Fourth ?tr^et. m Wm. Steb
oias buiici__.
-.?V ?"-_* loJ'-?r Fi.-s: District ofthe T?_Ifth \Vf_rd?l.allh*
at John Read?? Hot?-!. Bt.?mii_?d-tl-;
Th- poll for the Seecmd Di.:ri.-t >,t:hr Tv-Jftb W.rd ?hall
, be at the W -*h,_i?io0 H->:-i Third a? __? Harkm.
. The poll tc-r t_heFini District ofthe Thirteenth War?! ?hall
l^j-P** '-"on"'-' ->f O-tiid _ad i liat?n ttxetx*, (A_ On?b?r
; .i.1^*'0,1.1.1-^*^ $i"0o:*'i -J'---?-- ?f the ThL-wnth Wvd
shall be at _9S D-laacv .tr~-r.
: ThepoH ior Uw-Third Dutrict of the ThitS-eath W*.-,] .i__Ji
Or at >o. 3 *5h_lfl ?-.-?.??
?***, 11V LF^*^TEENTH WARD.
be^*^-i?_?_i^I>1<^rf !
h^^^i?^^r^^ r****** ww th.ii
trl^^A'^/'1^ DL,t7ict fjf t}v* Fourt-r-rh Warf
h*^^?l&?:h ***? *!* ???*uh Wardrfall
_%^^_SS___S_?' ^ ?**->
The poll fot ass Third District of A* fifteea-h w ?;.>?"*'
bea_-l?TD_n< Store, on -?>' eataet .1 Bto-dwiyamlhuhw
**T*ne poll for the Fourth Districtof the Fifteenth WaidafcjH
be a: the \nurican Star Hont--, comer of Barrow and Me
Dou, .1 streets. MXTFrNTH -VARp.
ThepoH fortbe First DL?tT_c. of the So? oth \? _rd iball
br-i'N,. _t___ch*hAvenue. _ . _. , ,,. .
*f.e" -'. ?. [fot the Second D:.?rric. of th?? Sw_r?mth ?? ' '
?hau I- _: the cor-er of the Third .W-nue and Twentieth
"tVi-iII for the Third District of the s,v ath W ud ?hull
S.-at ">? H_ Eighth AveniK1. . . , . ... ,
The" poll for ?te Fourth Di-.n-r ol the SwMjBih ?? ?rd
sh.il be? tfafl*? of Janw S-to-aef. Ninth A venue, be
? _?-,:r? iiid i'th ?trtrt?. . . , ,.
The poll for the Fifth District ol the >u> nth U Sid ?i.all
; be it the hoos? < f Abel Wheat.-. 1 hud Aven?-, atas t huty
The poll for the Fir.: District ottheSejru^ ?' ? ?*.'..' ?h*1,:
._, o? Albert Low, comer m Bower, sad Rivuf
' .?' 'fe :he Second P.?n.*:.-'fti=" ^**?**?
?hail b. at the Henry -May Hoos?, corner ol Avenue A and
*" T..eM?h_r.p- Third Dist-i.-r .i^ha-^.v^te^jth WWidiill
de ..: the house .-f John Duryea.coniaT ol canton on-No**. Ik
-Vil for tev Four Di-trio: of th?. Seven X-th WarJ
?h .11 !?-at No. t? Third urtvt. ,e,.|.lni|
Th.- poll for the Fifth District o, tl e S ?*nt-<? h U ?nl ?lia.l
; bean : James K?i__i__h. So. _5 Thud _Vv?oe,
: >-.: tes int ? - ?
STATE OF NT.W-YOl-l-. _w??in
Chancery, beior? the Vice Chancellor oflh? First
Circu?-?li rani WaJw-Ctb, r?*rkof the Court ot C_-_iceiy,
i t ! the sa'.l south
eriv ?me o? ?am i mny-ni:iiu-?ireei jniI the .?estt-'ily ?ale
n; First avenue and running ihencesonthwe-ie.1. ina line
from the point formed by the Intersection i I i
er|v ?u!e of ?Aid Tlnny-ni:uh-?ireet ami ihe Westerly ?ale
parallel to the said we ?erly side ol ?_ d First a-enuenineij.
. igbtfert nine inches to the centre line betwi en said Tliitty?
ninlh-streel and Thirty-eifchlh-strttet, then northwesterly
along ill-? last mem wed centre line twenty-five feet, th n
souibwe?eriy ina parallel direction to tke said westerly ? e
? ?i ihe stiti First avenue ninety-eight feet nine Inches i" the
northerly side of Thirty-eighth-Mrec.. ihen imrtlnvcsteriy
along Ihe said northerly ?idr? of ibe ?aal Thirty-elk*hit?
?treetone hundred feet, then nonheasterl** In a lice psral.'el |
?tree t one Hundred tr'i't, ttieu northeasterly ut a une psrat.ei
to the ?ai.I westerly sideol said First Bvenneone hundred
and tout tv-?a'M-ii feet ?.t Inches to the said ?cu'herly tide
of said Thirty ninlh-streetone bundredaivl twenty-five feel
linriv leei ifi uie i-eii're une ni who i i.n i> -n,iii.-?ii iti, iucii
tontheasterly along the tat mentioned centra- lino one bun
? dred and tweiuy-rtveieetaiiil.hr it southwesterly thirty feet to
lh?*piac. tif-icginning. Also, allthoa?* t*"0 certain otherlot?
: ol l?nd knuwn ami distinguish?*- on the aliovi? meo untied
maj? by the number-; (2.9) two hundred ami tweutv-nine
unit '.'.in, two !,_...o.- ! i,..; thirty, wbicli ??id last iiieulioneil
kits ol land lie adjoining to Pitch oiher, and are together
ti -:;J._ andeomsin .,? follows, thai is to ?ay. beginning at
tbCpOlD(R>rm'etI by the intersection oi the easterly sideol
Second avenue, ami tbeiniendetl southerly fide ol ibeta?d
intended Tbirty-ninib street and running ihr-nne lonlhea.t
eriy ?ilonir ihe iakl southerly tide ol uid Tblrty-nlnih streei
one huiitlreal |ea-t. ?.hen southwesterly in n line parallel lo
the said easterly side of ibesaid Se?-otnl avenue eigbiy.slx
? feet nine inch"? In the almsinn line between the lut devised
by J.tt-'il.u? Kip by h ? last will to hit daunlitt r?, n .J .he lot
devised by hnn iherein to bis son John Idp. Mien northerly
al ing the last mentioned division lir.p one hundred and ten
feet three niche* to the said easterly ??ale of the Second av- ?
ei'.ue, and then nort'teasterly alonii theeaaierly sule of Sec
ond avenue tarty ieet ?our inches 10 the pl_C" of bp^innlnvr.
' AL-o, nil that certain oilirr piece or parrel of land (being
pir; ..ml parcel ol the mu! intended Thirty-ninth ?treet )
bounded and containing as follow? : that i? io nay. beginolrg
? ^t the p.iint ibrme.i hy ihp Intersection of the. said ?-??teriy
sula-aif the S.-cainal nvi-i:ue ?ml Ihe ?.ml internle.l ?outl.e.-|y
-;.'.e of said Thirty-ninth ?irret, and running thence nantti
eisierly alr?0g the Said e.iterlv si !<? of ??fCOMd iivfilU" tllif
am oilier loi of lai .1 known and ?lUtingolshed onlbe al.?.ve
neniinned map by ihe number ?rt'. (two hundred and fifi. -
ix,) being part and parcel cf the itripofland herelofoie
appropriated lorn road or way by tbenaioeofSnsao^tretti
' which said last meniioneil tot of land ?tbonndeil and cor?
: tains ns follow., Urn is to ?i y beginning ?t the point fortni >l
by o.? inters! cii mol ihe northerly tide of ihe last mentioned
itripofland ami ibi i.--i ..?.?.iue (bt inu .?ixty-nina- ieetdifitant
?oui ,.'...'-irr.yirotn the poi?at{i;fnifal by ttu? lati r?(,-t on ot tlie
?a:.l v.? -i- rly tide ?>t said Fir.t Avenoe an-i the southerly
?Lie of Thlrty-Eightb ?ueet and running thence ?outli
nresteriy along the said vsest? rly :sula! ot ?aid Fitst Aveiaie
fifteen Ieet five inch?, lo the division line between the lot
devised by .t4<:lltlu^ K'p. in and by bhlatt will, to hi* ii_u.ii
ter. and the lot devised by ihe s.i'ul .J.tcobus Kip to hi. sou
; John K p-, iha-ii northerly along ihe lust m< ntloncd div_>i?,n
? line hity three ieet ten inrh?? to Hi- northerly tide pi ihe
a'.iove mentioned strip of land appropriated for a road or
way by the name of Susan ..reel ; au.! then south easterly
along the last mentioned snip of land iorty?n nr feet nine
Inchrt lo ihe place of beginning. Also all that certain
other lot of land kootvn and disungniabt?l oa the above
mentioned map by the nns?ber -.':;_. [two bundled a?d sixty
two.) boanded ai.il cintauiing as follows, Ibal ii to ?ay
bt I.11.I.W _ o:. U;e easterly side til the First Avenue ata point
distant forty-nine feet funrincbes and one half ?i an Inch
loolh-wesierly. (torn tbe p?inw formed by the Intersection
of the ?aid east, rly tide ol said Flfsl Awnoe aiul lb? math?
?rly ? .!.? ofThiriy-K _i.*.i. ?treet,andrnnnh g thence wiuih
llicii; inen nui iti-i? i?ieriy ?n ^ one pjiio i u? ?iiii v.uii.ei ly
sute'.i ihe said Thiny-Kigbth street one hundred ieet to
the said a i?teriy sideol ?aid i.''i*?t Avenue; and the.) nortti
easterly along tbe taid ea*terly side ol >.a<d Ku?t Ava-nu*-.
twenly-locrteet eight inches and on. (.aarter of an inch to
tbe place of beginning. .?!??-. ail ibovvMi certain tuts of
Umi known .nd dtstingutabed on th? above mentioned m??p
by tbe nambera (SSI) two hundred an?i eigbiT-one, t-?J)
two bnodred and etgttty-two, (2.j->? twn huiidre.l and ei(_hty
ihree, (___] two bandred and right) four, (285) two hun?
dred andeighty-five,and (2S5) two bondrea anaeighly _lx*
wbicU said six luisol i^u.i he adjoining to each 0?i?.rf and
are together boanded and eoniam a? follows, thai is to .ay :
li<irir.iiln<. on Hie said ?mei.ded ?.>u?.erly si.:.- ol tlie sa..l
intended Tblrty-Ninih street at a poit.t distaoi cue hon
iired feet _.ia*.!)-e.,:e-i- tr,)in tlu. P,>|-. formed by the
in terrec?a, ne i nid Eoatherly side of said Tbiny-nhUb-sireet
a-id the said inlen.led ea.?lerly side ot the F.r.i Aveuue,-_iid
runcin-; thence sootb-eastetty *Ijd? the mid southerly side
?ji said _-?-ty-n?D_i_streeionehQndri*daiidjiity-elgbt fee.
eight inches lo.tbe Fast River,thensoulb-weslerly aiiirgihe
said East River one hunaired an 1 ?even feet to tbe c?-nlre
line between ihe said Thirty n.ii?i-street ?r.d Thirty-eighth
-ireet, ibennorth-we.terly along t'?e last mentioned rV?tre
line or.e hundred and torty-niue tret loor Inches, a.id then
o?irtri-e.i?'e!l'y in a ?i-e parallel io the .aid easterly side tit
die ?aid Fiim A?er.ue ntnety-e^bt ieet nine incttes, in the
place of begioaing. AL?o, a;l i_3i certain other piece or
parcel o? tacd, tb?in? imrtorpartr-?o; said ?r,;er,.ttd riiirty
n_ub ?re-t?) bounded and coniaihing xs lollowi, n,atiAio
say: Beglnoing r.n tbe Intended southerly u.e of ?aid
T_ir;y-i.!?.h street at a point distant one buadred feel
wuib-essieriy irr._u tbe ponat lorrii,'"; by !.:.e ioUOtecllon of
u.e ?_:_ v.utterly s:,;e of -a.i Tb.ny-ninib street and the
easterly cut? <a tnd First Avenue, atul runmiai: thence
ai-.r...-'-?'e.-;y ?n a Use paraiiel to the easterly side _?f v.ui
t-:r,t.-ve;;ne diirty iVet u? tlie cenire line of .aid XbirtT
eusibstreet,then southeasterly alooicibe la?t mentiooed
centre l.r.e or>e !;ureJr.ai and u.:r;v:..e ieet e;..Vrn ?r.n^^
to aods formerly bt-loagtsg io Prancii li V-'LnthroD, a__d
now or latelj belonging to Charles llene-,- Hall, dira _a.a;b
erly ?Jong ine ?bt mentioned land ?.. ? . .-^? ..-t .our
?***?.-' ::i" BiUt K-'.r. thfc.'l SOUtil '.v.-Me' ?y ??cn?' the ?Hid
XfsiR ??? birteeafcet in use odd -oot?iei.ysideoi -did
rii,r;>-; mlb-streeL and Ibea nonh-wi sterty along the-aid
sootberly rale o: sal ; Thirty nmib-stree* ou? hundred and
wty^sbt feet eight lnc?i_<to the -.'are of beglnnlne^
A!-.,, a.! t_?._-:a..ir certainloU ol laud, known sad (twin.
2UL?Lc?. o3 tee a?jove menlion^tl tr.ip by ttiv nambers CiTJ)
f*o bandred tnd eighty .even, i_iS; two naodred and
-igh.v-._i_L.. (a_i?) tvt.j bondred a_?i elgbty-ain*. a_d i^Ooi
ivro t.c-3r?a and ninety, *h:cb tout lour lots Of .-oil i,e
ao^iou.uj^r to raclj oUi#;r( . fKl -^ ,?_,,-._,,,. tnarMv< and cotJ_
BU as .?--bows, mat is to iay : ?egianir.g at a pouu loi med
by lue. ?nier-eeiion of the sa.d in.e.ideaj easterly ?nde of the :
?aid inte.._e?l First Aveta?- and tne ?aid in'e??_d northerly
side oi l?- ?aid iD-j-nd-i TLirty-nint? .treet. acd runr.in??
ibence norib-east?riy aJon* the sxd easterly ude of the
old First Avrcar ninety-two fe?t to lands formerly i.?..
jo-srin? to Frjitacia B. W^?irop, _-,i ^^ or ialglJ ^
..nu.i.g m Chsrl? Henry .Uli, then soc*__erSy a:oo_
U?e| __t .T.#-nuoo??_ :a_d? ?wo han.ire.1 and r.,x fc?_ix__i______
ta ut, *id .?r.heny Dde of the ?id TOrt^?A-_r_SMS
uieoiLotu, -u-extrly ttocg the ..,i wrthe?y ?id. of the ?aid
i ii.rty-^_5_.i street one Legare,. a?;.j seventy-?* feet rr.ur '?
inche? to the puce ol brgi a.n?. Ar.n uhWoM _t__^t______
?-?.r ? *-*? or p.irc-? of :__.:, (feat, part - t -^?h ofTi _
?Id ,'.e_ teal ?hlrlv..., _i;,e._, -?^ffiKSSSA
--ahrUO-SlLatl.? to _a> : Ba-r^.u., t-a. a poir^f^d _t he
m-u-rseciion o? tbe iairt intends ?-?-.erly Lice nfTh?. P^ 1
.-euuea-U the ?id intend^ -_r_;e??;. s?do of the ?i.
I-riy-tit!-. street one hundred ?nd seventy -six f% Tlr
??chr. to ihe said land, formerly ___*??_'? ?**?J%
*?=torop,and cow or lately ?k.n2?n_ ^?rl? H^?v'
d^-S f?-?-if* alao?? ?? ?** ??_e5Sart__^S2
=?gfi?_sr??________ :
iKirth-easter?j; ?tion?; the said easterly tide ot the axA p,
Aveooe ttiirtv leet t?, the pince o: tt?*?**;tnii.n*f.
- - -Turk
bv Ut- nuiu'iert 141 (one _a_dred act! r.ut?-? n?) a a-.? u_
(OOC tiamiretl ???.1 icrty twoi A. and v? L ,ti _,s ???^ ^?*
ft-zelber. ?re fx.?cnde**l an?! COB?in a? tO-Osrs, ihai ??io ?-,?
Be^mnint* at n pont 0:1 ibe v?atn easts r;%- ?-.<r , ; ? ?,,, ??^
nod Av-.,.?., (Uitaat B-M*ty-?SJC_t te? :;;re freist?-! ??-??_?!
easteriv frota '.Lr ,- r - r :,-i,i-e?l by the -X ?_?
iv r:n-r_?4erly i:?le et Fortieth ?re?, t .itui *-,?_ili e-u-rtly ,n>
? Seeoad Avence. nul irvnn tlierife runni.-:?? loca;,
easterly on a l;-.e rwailei stitb Fameih ?tree*, ?toe -.ao??-?
feetlo lot No. i-TT A on ?alit ?up. and from Utepce i?ctr.fe.
ea..er!y ??ore i_e ?aul l_st mectk?--<?*- k?t iti'm?-*.
I. et su and lit.--**-? .;_arier* :m_e?t to an?! ol .Mr-i.'Ct?.
_n_. and ii*??nt ihetxe n >ttneriv ale-o_ ?aid .utt? U?_iv
taaea '?-et ihre*? inches to lot ***o? 1 to \ &a ?aid map. utt-t
?ri-tn tlietice nof-ii-westcr-y aion?????id l??t raeniKxjed lote?
a ii.te parallej -Aiiii Porthrt- ?treet suty.cme f?-ei two inches
io the sooth **a*trrly ride 0? saw Sccnod Arrnae, ismI tteixe
running ?ontbweMeriv 3>on_ the ?:. ,i ?o-tbeasterly ?i.'e c:
_j?Sec??o?l avena? tony.niue feet f,?or and one half \ntbtt
to the piteen !ec.ni-:?4.. AI??, a ;| the?e two cenain other
um? M )croon-i ?utu-.e, [?Hoc in ; being ;n me ?an! T*?elii_
11 ?t<! .?t iWr r.itv oi New-York ,,-^. ?mrtb-r.ttrr lv ?l.fe
Forlv-rir>t street, beiwren tbeTh-r.i Tul S-von?! avenue*.
_n--*---tin_u-*>he,joo.i nupot aparto, K p?8?v f.itt_ ra_eU
ibeQaarry H li Lot. rit<-?i ._ ir-.*(?t_t-e ot the .i:.: _< ? ?ter?i
tto cite Nr?. 05 a? n?JC_h-rs ?i7 (f?>n,y.-?eveti) ?nd 4? (.??.riy
-,_: n t:--l taken to-jettier are i>._n?l?M ao?t cit-ian? it
lows: l*e-?ii'ninif at .ipoinion tli?T4>iil;e.?ierly ? .'e i I Y t
tv-ii?-*? suret one btmd***** and ??e tret ?-.???tr-.e-oterlv -Wei
?be (I >ji:ie-i*i?-rlv ?ute of the Tb nil s.mue, tannxr? thence
?> _i!??-?i?ietiy -?loo,? the POnhenatetl*? ? ??e ol K, r.v-itti
,-r?--?t fifty ?eel. tn?*??-?' north* ?uteri, -at right At-.??--?'? .-.ti
?aid Fu.iV rir-t ?tieet e._bty-??i?*en leei nine -ud iliree -?a*?.-.
1er inerte-? to the n??rth.ea?i?Tly bonnOary t.ne ol K..-? Bay
F i.-r.:. ih- it?-?* i^nheily akMC *a:d bonn?t.iry .. ? - ;.
?If.iar ir..-h?f. t? here il ii.trr-sr.-t? ih* r? n; or.? .
lots on ?-ah! niap front; ?_ on the Thinl avenue,Uie_rer;C'h.
westerly j??.1 parall?! null the Third a?euae one b-tv'.r-,a
ib i nlveteen ie?-t and nirtii in?i tlinr -?-isner iothf> _. tie
place Ol h??-wiiini_ ? 'v.?u<le.t ?-?ct?i??4?;rrly m fraat bv F.w
ly-fir? ?irrri, --.ai.?easterly t>> lot No. Oon ?aunup, uonli
easterly bv the ?.???l Kiumlary line an?1 nor?**?i?ierly i?j ?_?.
reors.Vf l*t>!r??nt:i:i? ?mi the Third ?vence, ar.d nerubr-rru
on ?sitl iiitp 4-. ?U. ????. 4">8t"d ?t-? Anil al-o nil tbo?e ;* ?
certain oilier l??u ol tasat on Uie souibwiTMerly ?Meo- Fo-iv
first ?irt?'t.t?etwet?n iheThir?? aernornnrloM oo>i roa?,ar.(j
known ami ?.i-.tin-.-uMi?-?! on the ?i ,1 ?a>t t-Mmione-J mapa?
iinnibers 12 ai-?l 13 (twelve ami thirteen l am! tnke'i lot'^er
a~lxT-n?le?i ani coiii.iuiasiulli-.vs, thsi i? lo ?ay. begiaalQi
m a point on the -mutlivie^ierly sitie ol Fortytir?; lUtettwo
hnriire.l Tret. DOrthwtister >' frow Ib? i.or;lr.?e?:erly ?kle of
Die Third aver.or, runimii? thence. riortliv*i*M? rly ali?i?i l!?e
???alhwe-iirrlv siile m ?.ii.1 Forty tir>i ?lrt-H ftfiy :??et, u.ei.ve
mutkw?sti rlv at n.lit an-jlrs with ?a:d Fori>-hr?i ?irt.i
??xty t!irt??i.??t nii.i i?n? half inch to ih?" -?ouihwesterlv
bonodary lim* of ?aid Qaan-v llul Trier, ih.-?ce ?0Btt.e'l>
alo.:_ ?hi boundary one iiily-h?e ie.t one itn?l nu ht IS it?rh
to the line ol loi N?>. Il o.i saut map, IhroCI -itr^hi ?n?
??iesw thsa?d Fitfty-f.ritstret-t, t.onl;e??-.ei!y ?? riiiy? \
4?il lliree Inches GO *.n-l F.?rty-hr?t-?trei-t. at lb? rh,*?; ol
bft-finnlitg? b-ui:?l'tt noi ibi fist?', ?? ju ;r?i?it hy Ki>i tv fti-i
,-.r.~. i, southeasterly by lot No. 11 on *.i;?i ipap. ?? othwi st?K?
!v liv Ihe SOUthwetti-Tly Itnumlarv lise ..ior?*?.ii?l -?f*?! i:< rib?
westerly by lot No. 1*1 on said map. And aha)? all that cet?
tainUian?nlar lot, pi? ce or parcel of land, ritnt**?lyinc-*d
bein/. i n U??? nortbea-terly cornet ol Twi Bty??l?btb?-?4r?**?t
an.i the Sticond areaue m the S tieenth >*? ar?i ?>i U',** C lj ol
\>w York, and titian.ie.l and contalnlnj, it? folio?***? tn wit
B- - u.f.iii_ on the ?am i o?ilu-.i?.trily corner tn Twenty?
r:_! tli-?ir?ei and **.'?c<?n?l avenue ii;nl rum in?; thence tost?
eriy -tlonif th?? nnrtberly ?Ide of Tw**_ty eijrtitb sir?-?-t two
Uu'tilre.l an.l i rlv-t!_til l?.-et <fi?*ltl luche?, ll.en? ?? northerly
twu feet five inches, ilieu nortbirealeils' in a ?irs:i?.i line
s??-.? ; nmJred and lifty-onefeet ten hacbesiotl eeasterW side
ol the _eco d arenue t*. ,i point distant Ibity feet two Foc es
from the si ?I nortl e.i>d-rly cerner ol Twenty e'L'hib-tri 11
and the Secood aeenue, and from U)?tK?i loutbetly ?loi'K
the mN easterly side o I th?* Stxond avenue lorty feet t????
Inches to the place of beglnnlne. And, alt?, all thai certa n
lot, pi ?? e or parcel ol land, s?mate, lylne and being In n ?
Twelfth "??m?! oi me City ?" New lotkand known nn.i
iii?u,-.i;iii.?h?-?i ou a certain innp oi ih?* lamts of ?'? WtewaU
f..i Y. Price,formerly ol J. Quackenbnsli. ma?!e bv J.??ph
Y. Brid.es, City Surveyor, l^aring'date July ?. in.. . i, i
now on file In the office of ?aid Register ??i ?hr City ?nil
County of New-York n? :ot number 16_ (one bumtreil and
?my iwn,) bOMuled a? lollo**? t?e?lniiit?ir ?ta p??iui ontbe
waiherly tideol Forty*fiiat?*4reet distant easterly due bun?
ilreti and twenty-five feet frooi th** etuierly *i?i?' oi the
Fo-jith avenue, runn ut: Ihence eat-teily alonn Ihe souih?*rly
???l<- ot Foity fir?i-strret twenty-five n-et io lot No. 10 I on
sa'd map. ilit-uc?? south? rly and parallel to said Fourth a?e?
i u.- nineiy-elght feeteirbt Incbes, tbenca v?e?terlv Bn?l p??
railri m Forty-first-street twenty-five feet, ihence itortbi rly
and pamiiri lo said Fourth avenue ami aln-_ lot 101 on ?nid
map i.inetv-ei^hl le?-t? i-hl inrhe.? to Hi?- place ol hi -?lut.n ?{.
Dam!, tVew-Vork, March 30th, IMS.
Tilos ADDIS EMMET, Master In Chancery.
IL L. Scheiiteum.Solicitor, in.-' iiaaS??
M* ?USK'S ? I - ? < 11 ? ? ? M ignt-M ir? Telcf rrtpli - ?-? il? -i
Proposals viill I?? ii-ci-n.-il by the ?iilisci?oer until ih.Jio??
of April i? ?i for the followini parp?se? :
Forfuriusu?ns it?Bt? pounds Copper No.!'? ?oprat Win,
\\Ai.-t!ii.-.l fn?e from M?-?? ?""I alloy, ind in lniwih*l not torn
than 3ui feei, noi exe.-i-.lii^ 320 fa t, to be *, lue??-.) si the tub
???iiii?-i'. .-tli ??>? in ih.-n'tr >>i* N.? - Y... k. oi -?i ?nr poiutnoi
in. o- expeoiire to iln-eoiitrsernr that the uiuj.-i?utm-j may _i
rect ; on? niiarii-r in li ?lay? from the ?tn ortiSe contract, alia
th i- m lindel ,,.t ii iU? '? notice.
For furnishiitK OOM) lbs. ?0. It? ofthe sbova dt-scnpuon of
Wire, to t?-,i.!i.-..,! it ibove.
For ftimishiiiB 6000 lbs. No. 18 ofthe sbore dtMcription of
Wire to be delivered ??-? tliot'-.
Y r fttrnishinc 7?i,'.ini yards, weichfntl one pound ?oti-,
yanl of Lead rip??, ft'*?* from impurities and tlaws, onohall
n,. li internal diameter, to I?- delivtered t? ibove
l',r funiishiiiK ih?- hUr nuinbi'? of yards ji the ?ilx>*?i?*|iialiiv
of Lead Ti; ?? to !??? d? Itv.-?--.! -.? above, ?nd ivtighiuc one pound
in,I !? .,,-..nice . |vi \,ird.
F ? furnishing th? like nnn.be] of yanl? of the ibove quality
ol i.,-?; E'ipt? : , bo ,l. lirrredasabov? 'ml ?reighins two v?m>dt
and seven ounces per yard,
Forcoverini? wiih cotton twine, with, ind rdsowithout
fiiriiiiliii. the ?v. m.-, nth. i- ..r each of the above quantio???* i
t'opper \v"ire ihe same to be taken from ind to be laturntjdto
the w bio lib.,'. office m Neir-Vork cuy. fren of ? harge. On
ihini to U? comiiletej in tlsirt? days, oniethitd in sixty ?lays,
and ili-- rent tinder in ninety d ij -.
?-,. ! ,u ,'?, oi ? i*' -mII i>>- made for il, ? < ipper, th?- L*ad ind
till' I'"". VI ill.' l'-i,!lli- ?.
Terms I , ? nt will b ?renty-rlve per cent cash d
livery of tlie irtich?s. mdthci mainder inthirty daysftomlbs
a pi r.. \ 11 -i ili- irtii !??? ileli
Ad,!i-.-. ilu, -;.'i the I'. ??' tli'li'". 1-' l ice paid, H'lnurl F. t?
'.: 112 N.?,i.-.-i t it; .-i ??? ???-'? ????
.N. li. Haltiui ?? Sun Boston Journal Boston Mornintl
I'.-i, >,l.-??.-, oi ih ? in o . ' I -- i-ij??-.- : it .-.- ??.-.-?. ? ? ti.l !??; -
i bill to the m - ri SAMU_L i- li. MOK8?
M irch ?i 1013. un?-i i AM
N'-Tit'K. Pereona lak?ng ?ie Crot?n Water
?\h..v .-.iiiii n-,. ? i\ i.n the i"-i M'-i.i'. ?nil-.M?)
?ntentl th u tin? supply dull he dwcontinnedsirerlh tdij i ?
?ni ? m d th o none f)f tui li iul uti n mu I be -riri n in irrftini,
n i:.- i'i...- of the I Kin A |in dm : li ?ard, i li oi b foro the
first of April.neir, orihat the tetitwill be . I-, u real ! ? '? i in?
eusniiur) ir. i -iitracti for the iise-of the "Water to the first
qf Ma Ibll, will bi madeoi renuw**d on ipplicationat tba
office il..- lew to HI i- ?IO i ? ? Dt ? " ? .
In til i i* ? ?? 11 o 'h- rn.t i? If-inn'i and unpaid ten dsy* ?ft-r
it iiecome? p*.vahl. th.- law of ihe f orpoiation of New-Yotk
u ?i:in-. thai 'i. IHpply ?li4ll r.-ii??'.
W ?i. i <-u ,::i. t.iii-iid.',I lint I.y ih,- fi-rni? i ftheir ??'l'i
cations the sunplyiuyol other families oi persona is-forbiuiMi
untltrr the peiiauj ? i' ? forfeiture of their payment? s:k1 th?
itonpaee ,.f :l. siippl.. By order.
i. H BIOELOW, Rttgister.
Olli.i tliu ( roton A-|H??4luct Board, March 22d, mix
ui.'IiM.Iii _
IN CIJAXl f.?:V,' Eighth CircuiL?The'?
1 i nmmls ?onersof the State of New-Vork v.. the b.init i
Bu?fal . Notice is hereby i?iver?, pursuant to -nordet* of-'ths
I '..nil .if I ?inn . -? y dit-i 11,? -?l-t .I--.- of K-l.rii?iV IBI J. that
thesubscrihei has been duly snpointed Receivei of ii.-- proper
;-, ind efTecu of the said Banxoi Buffalo ?. thai by ?aid otdei
if i? i,i.-, ,-,i f., on ? if the Ms-sters. of tlm Court retidioK ?nth?
"? ? of Erie tuest ?-tiiii !!.o,s-,. ??.;.<(<?? find stair an ar?
il ?II tie) demands of any ilescription i_ ,in-.t the ?aul
Bank of Bufhtlo ; md toenahu. the said Ma-?tr; to take and
?t?te said icc?unt, and for the ireneta) purpose conttur?] lated by
?':?-.' ?<"<??- -ill fl.r.-,lir.,r, ?f (he ?ml rJ.iillt l?f JtllSalO ?!?
f?^iuir<-d to exhibit llleii ,;. . ! um-, ind i|.-m mil- ?-.
the laid Bank ,( Buifslo to ? im? ' rocker, Esquire, the Ms*
trr hiving said reference in ii,-,.,.-. ii his office in the city -i
Buffalo bj the 13th day of S. ; tember next, s ml become patue?
totbts >i..;. md in default th ???!. thrj ??.ill u- precluikd
from all benrt?tof th? decree which ihall be made in this ?
uid fr ru sni distribtitii u which ?bill U- made undo -uch d?
? ? ? i'.,iit-|.-. '.; in h die :. h 161 :
IRA A. BLOSSOM Receiver of the Bank of B.irT.b.
J-MEt Caocittia, Master in Chancet . mhl4dtS13
[.-A BELLA ' : I! APES, of proper age for formic
L \ in,--, -.,r.|?. . . .,.,?? t.-.-d jVoni anil contaiinai? ail th?i svd
qualities which t:_- most impro*f?-d cultivation for am u*
jrears has ro?ferrt?d on th-? V?nr?dr.!., it tJ/.?t.?i, Poiuf. ???*>?"
iitl.T.-'l to tht-public. Those who may purchase will reeeire
such ii._iriict!?jii. as wflj enable them to ? jltiv.ite th? Onp*
?Mih .'.itiir luxcess, (provided tli?ir locaboti i.? not t"0 w
^?:!!'?'1,,^?l'."?"?"."""''"""'- ^?'it t'-'1-. -iJ<lre.s.<lI?K.T
I NUKUHILL, M. Li., m Broadway, New-York, trill??"
ceire ittetition. He feels qnite conlUent that bt? has so (tt t?
Uorated the cliaracter jud habits of the Cti.-,'- V'in??? in.????
? i'.--- i.-,- .i:..| .?'.ii.-?.-i;-i. by improved cnltivatiot*, otasntJ^
J?.-.. that tl,.-;. mil Kenei dlj ri| ?^i v?>H ?md pro?)uce ?pod ft??
??ht??| planted m roost oftfc Xo-t-hern, auil all the Wetter*
.?lid.li.? ?ii.I -S-ii'L.-ui Sii-t?. ap?-rt*
CEA.T-E? fROPOSALS uillbe received at lb*
YJ atat* of rtse ;'.,i,h.:.,-:.?.. r. .,f t;.<. Alms-IIouse md B.*i*V
?r?l, in the Park, until il fA til ., .?-.ii.t. for ?av
plyinir three ?? tsand :'.*.- hundred tons of Anthraci? Cqk
l-ir tf.^ supply oi ??v- AJnvc-liOlue Urpi.-tirieut i-.t ih- tt**m
? ?- red ? .,..ii l-ndhup _nd in i?uch'*n.-_itie?1*
de-1 ommissioners shall ?Jesi'ina??', fret? from charve iocr*Y
???n or c-h.-nii,-, Two thoosaod tons of this Coal f>b?a
lampi (tiiit.-ii h-.it?.!.?-.i tom of |_?j-e uni size, and twohtw"
?ir--.li......i btolcen i' ?i. Each p.??potal to specify tl??* 3-*****'
y Ol tlie Coal, With all the -?aitieukr?. of thr prnprocosro -?fr
QJ-ALEIj l'Kul'i'.-ALs willber?ceired nT&L
^officeof :!.- ( .tron?ssionen of the Al.ns-Houtt?andBii*"
??il. u :t.e far- uanl flte Ztith ?Jiy of Anril instint. for?a?*
\-.. me rtiiooer? Ir-m ti?r City I'risou ?id Lpprr P?*li?*e'????*?
foot of i-)uty-i?rstst--.t. East Kiv??r. and House oi\\ttoA
?uid. iu i-turn. to call .it Bellevne for ?rrad. Store?, ke..mti
ifc?Tentu; them si the L'pt*r Potiee -nd thr City Prison, s?*
cintra, : to i*- tot ooe year fr.?tn tl-? elrv..?ih ?1?V of May ?***?
?Alirn t%pr?t_ eofltnet expir?-*. Etch prottosd to hftf
coiapaiu-.] by ,.,-.?? -.? .-?r'.-n --??-nfof ? sun?tTf,>riV j^rfont*-?*
'?'- ?? -. 'I'll. ?VI LU A MS, Au?iit.-??>_*_?
ECONOMY ASfD PA?H10N-?To i?t*-?
f-jrij t_ho .'i;:, K.-oiiciny.?TIk; sul.-erib.-r, in *eeor^*a
?S"?-_vvif;i t;,.. runes, basredneed hissii??*riorlniitari?)iiM?**
?kin H.'.f.t on fur i>r<lie?, to ihr ??ttrr-r!* low prie?? of ff
Thr -diov.? ar.- u -te-T-ttt dr?-.^ H if. --id will c,.n?p-ire *dr_
taceottsly with il<:- told m this city at $2 53 and S3, a.*?*1*;
r_ittj.li.. ??tv^?t:i4l'<-tion. AI?.?, COiWUiStlv ni_r.uf?-c?"_*
te sdiar
r_itn.lt.. ??tv^-i-tfitl?-tion. AI?., .-.--n.UntJ)- ni-cnf-"?"^'
fur _i?I ??Ik M-?>? of the Iv.t rra ?lity, latest patt.-riu. **3***i_5
loi??-?: <:iij- price? for cash. An _??.rtn??-???' of Wlv? ?*
I loth f ?;-? eo_?t_i-.t!-. <?:i -, ?::<). J. *,'.'. KELl.OOO,
M i?*'*_.*?'? . ? < iii?U,t..c..r.irrof Tji?-_fll_f5_
M LOST?A black Setter Sbat. A sui?^
reward will b?? paid on retur-un* hn- to ?I ??'??af
TO FA.\IlLIES^P?.le Ya?ow Steairri^ap, e**2J
So. i:-e fipm an nervt of rosin a-id o tj-.h oil, ?tJ-?*-**i"
tur?-<i v-.d fors?le bv m
H ?X" W, HULL k SON, l?3 and 1? Cliffy

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