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evlry morning, 8?NDAv exqept e ?.
Slivered to CirVSubscnbers for m>e LhN L&per
Afld1 or ?? >,> , r?eypi*fer, they can pay in advancetit the
werk, or w" ? ' , ? At tne same rate. Single
^^?r?S??^"^ S3 per annum.
f,,p!tv.> ce ? and thepaper in no case continued beyond the
,nldrwhicl it ? paid- SubacnpttOM taken lor Six
^'J-ffcreare allowed oa Daily Exchanges with-my other
rai*i- Teitnn of Advertising.
. f i\?s or leas. (ov?r Six.) First insertion... ?) cents.
Tt-N u ',i " tor each subsequent insertion.25 "
. (i |< it six Insertions, or one week.... SI '.A "
?? lorTwikty-Eivkinsertions.b do "
rW Lesser advertisetneuts at equally favorable rates.
Very Laise. PapcJfi for the Conn try,
, i-^-.jtice "i TWO DOLLARS peraunum, in advance.
A-G'g, Rn icious and funeral Noticks, not ex
? The Dial' for October.
That 'The Dial' has lain several days on our
table unread argues that wc have more control of
oar inclination than our time. Wc open it at
last, and ramble fur an hour among its fair pages.
?HenneH on the Origin of Christianity" is the
subject oi the leading article?by Theodore Par.
ker, beyond doubt. Hennell is a writer of the
geologic or extreme Rationalist school, of which
jlr. Parker is the leading champion in this coun?
ty*. Titc paper is very powerful and startling,
bofHennelTs work would be regarded by the
large majority <?f Christians as plainly Infidel?
and not without reason. It is but just to say
lhat Mr. Parker dissents from thr most excep?
tionable of its i nculcations.
'?APey with the Shakers," by Charles Lane,
is next in order?a capital paper. Mr. Lane is
pleased with this singular people, and finds
among them much which answers to his own
thought. He says of them,
"Their hie is serene. The repose, quiet, and
cleanliness reigning throughout the establishment
are indeed as remarkable as attractive. As a re?
treat for the thoughtful or poetic mind, it seems
most desirable. You could there ' walk gewned,'
conscious of feelings as reverential as those which
pervade the bosom of the worshiper when he en.
tersthe ancient cathedral."
"The Youth of the Poet and the Painter," by
William E. Charming, stands next?a series of
finely imagined letters, exhibiting the hopes and
the dreams ol Youth. We clip from it the fol
kwing opportune poem:
A varied wreath the Autumn weaves
Of cold giey days, and sunny weather,
And strews gay flowers and withered leaves
Along my lonely path together.
I see the golden-rod shine bright,
As sun-showers at the birth of day,
A golden plume of yellow light,
That robs the Day-god's splendid ray.
The aster's violet rays divide
The bank with many stars forme,
And yarrow in blanch tints is dyed,
As moonlight lloats across the sea.
I fee the emerald woods prepare
To shed their vestiture once more,
And distant elm-trees spot the air
With yellow pictures softly o'er.
I saw an ash burn scarlet red
Beneath a pine's perpetual green,
And* sighing birches hung their head.
Protected Ly a hemlock screen.
Yet light tlie verdant willow floats
Above "the river's shining face,
And sheds ils rain of hurried notes
With a swift showers harmonious grace.
The petals of the cardinal
Fleck with their crimson drops the stream,
As spots of blood the banquet hall,
In some young knight's romantic dream.
No more the water-lily's pride
In milk-white circles swims content,
No more the blue weed's clusters ride
And mock the heaven's element.
How speeds from in the river's thought
The spiiit of the leaf that falls,
Its heaven in this calm bosom wrought,
As mine among those crimson walls.
From the dry bough it spins to greet
Its shadow in the placid river,
So might I my companion meet,
Nor roam the countless worlds for ever.
Autumn, thy wreath and mine are blent
With the same colors, for to me
A richer sky than all is lent,
While fades my dream-like company.
Our skifs glow purple, but the wind
Sobs chiLl through green trees and bright
To-d ay shines fair, and lurk behind [grass,
The l imes that into Winter pass.
So fair we seem, so cold we are,
So fa^-t we hasten to decay.
Yet through our night glows many a star,
That still shall claim its sunny day.
"Social Tendencies," by Mr. Lane, is written '
115 the spirit of his paper on 'The Consociate
Family Life,' which he recently communicated j
for this journal. Mr. L. criticises acutely the
casting and the plans of other Reformers; but I
-us own idea of Reform will find few disciples, j
From a paper of Selections from the Sacred j
Books of tlie Chinese, we clip the following apho- j
rwm, which strikes us as pirjhy:
"Ke Ktiug was harassed by robbers, and con- I
rated Confucius on the subject. Confucius said,
u you, -i!, were not covetous, the people would
aot rob, even though you should hire them to !
do iL.?? ? -
We have not room to speak of - A Winter Walk/ !
J H. D. Tltoreau ; * A Voyage to Jamaica, ? I
UU of clear observation and sound judgement? !
aDd 'Th(: Comic,' by the editor, which we hope
tobe able to quote For the present wc must
close with these verses:
Slowiv along the crowded street 1 eo
Marking with r,vere?, look each pat^s face
S^ing, and not ,a rain, in each to trace
i hat primal soul whereof he i? the ?how
for here still move, by many eves unseen'
Fhe blessed gods that erst Olympus kept'
Through every guise these lofty forms a?r?ne
Declare the all-holding Life hath never slept
But known each thrill that in Man's heart hath been
And every tear that his sad eyes have wrpt. 1
A'as for us! the heavenly visitants,_
We greet thetn still as mos*, unwelcome guests,
Answering their smile with hateful looks askance,
Their sacred speech with foolish, hitter jests;
But oh", what u it to imperial Jove
That this poor world refuses all his love! ? D>
' The Dial" is still sold, we believe, by C. S.
Francis, 2f>2 Broadway. Published by James
Woe & Co. lioston.
Gibbon's Rome.?Messrs. Harper Sc Brothers
?ftend to publish in fifteen numbers, at twenty.
Jve cents each, Gibbon's splendid History of the
?ec?ie and Fall of the Roman Empire, with the
Suable Annotations of Mflman, Guizot, and
0t?er8. We have no doubt that this edition will
Wu^ a very large sale, as Gibbon stands un
Jl ^'""S n-st<>?ans of the first ten centuries
? de ^istcndorn? aod hi* infidel sneers, which ren
his work so objectionable, are overruled by
*J: Dr. Milrnan's notes.
cdC?R108,TV?The Bo*l<>n Post states that a
W? with fa, legs was walking around the Market on
attention. The owner refused
VOL. IH, ??. 1'6?.
AVeir'a Picture.
The subject of this picture, which is destined for
the Rotunda at Washington, is the " Embarkation
ofthe Pilgrims." There is but one opinion re?
specting its merits. It is an honor to Mr. Weir,
and will be an ornament to the Capitol. We
have seldom been more struck with a painting at
first sight, than we were with this. The group,
ing is certainly very fine. IT there is one head
more like the old Dutch masters than all the
others, it is the Captain's. It is admirably paint
ed. The minister, Mr. Robinson, and Elder
Brewster, are finely executed, but thj noble heads
arc not Dutch nor English?they arc Italian. In?
deed, they arc like remembered faces, and uncon?
sciously remind us of those heads of the Apos?
tles, in Rome and Florence, which have so loni:
been tiie study of artists. We do not know
j whether Mr. Weir has been in Italy, but if he
I has, memory has done more for those two heads
i than imagination. The vessel and drapery ate
perfectly painted. We wish we could say as
much for the hair. It. is sadly defective. Miles
Stan dish, the soldier, and his wife, forming a se?
parate group, are finely designed, but badly exe?
cuted. Kneeling on only one knee, and resting his
chin on the hilt of his sword, he looks as if he
would rather, any lime, light than pray. But it has
j an unfinished look, as if done in a hurry. A? this
i cannot be, we attribute this effect to the redun?
dancy of bright colors so far in the foreground.
It is always dangerous to cover one ofthe near?
est and most prominent objects with the liveliest
colors. Wc dislike, also, the placing the parting
scene between the husband and wife in so promi
| nent a place. The Pilgrim, with his hat on.
' standing so near the kneeling older, disturbs the
j harmony of the scene. If it were anybody but
; one of the pilgrims, it might do : hut his place is
j with that kneeling group in this heart-breaking
j hour. Wc would not have him forgetful of his
I wife, nor yet so wholly indifferent to the lastpart
i ing prayer of his beloved pastor. But. we will
not find fault. It has a thousand beauties ; and
there is no figure which interests us more than
the boy who stands with his back to the specta?
tor. You see not a feature ; but you know just
how he looks: ho is leaning on the bulwarks,
forget Oil ofthe group before him?of his dog and
! gun, and is gazing thoughtfully and sadly out
I upon the wide sea. As he leans his head on Iiis
j hand, and looks off on the boundless expanse,
strange, and undefined thoughts are passing
through Iiis heart. You feel interested in him,
and ate anxious to know his future history. The
little sick boy must be a portrait, it is so per?
fect. Many dislike the rainbow and the storm
I cloud in the distance. It is always hazardous to
blend the allegorical and historical together ;
but if it be ever allowable, it is here. The
terrific storm is already gathering in imagin?
ation, to one who looks on them with their history
fresh in his memory. lie would tiiink of it, and
that frail vessel together, were it not painted, and
like as it did to Noah on his solitary ark, we
want to sec the rainbow of promise bending over
that sad, yet faith-sustained group. There they
arc?the minister and the little remnant of his
flock, praying on the deck of the heaven-sent
vessel?noble hearts, every one. There is sorrow
enough there, but no relenting. Indeed this must
always be a favorite picture. You might as
well expect a monk to dislike the picture of St.
Francis in his ecstasy, as an American to coolly
criticise a painting of the Pilgrim Fathers, either
in their embarkation or stormy landing on Ply?
mouth rock.
The Four Gospels Harmonized ; with Questions for Bible
Clsss, Sunday School, and Family Instruction : the
whole accompanied by a Map of Palestine on steel, and
a Key to the Explanations: By B. Bake?. (144 pp.
L'4;no.) Boston : A. Tompkins.
The author of this little work is a Universalist
clergyman, and of course lias made Iiis work ac?
cord with his own creed. To the believers in
that creed, it will of course be acceptable, as it
evinces industry and decided ability.
John Tyler jn the District.?A friend,
writing to us from Washington, relates the fol
lowing amusing incident:
"I have this moment returned from th* Commencem*"!!
Exercises of Columbia College, of thi* city. The Gradu?
ating Class nunibrr<-d only nine. It is a Baptist Institution.
Thrne or four of the performances were very creditable; the
best beyond compare, by a Yankee?Huntington of Ver?
mont. Ac incident occurred while rh- Master's Oration
(by a. candidate for A.M.) was being delivered, rather sig?
nificant of the popular feeling in the District toward the
Administration. The subject was' Oliver Cromwell,1 and
1 the speaker, alluding to Iti* constitution, characterized it as
rjrv moderate in the extent of the powers it conferred upon
him as Protector of the Realm, which were more limitr-d
than :h >se of ft Dutch Stadtholder or an American President,
n ti even reserving to himself the power of a Veto. The ap.
plause which followed w .s not agreeable to the speaker, who
c rtainl* meant to eist no personal reflections; but it was no
loss from flattering to Mr. Tyler, who sat upon the stage,
i and almost within arm's reach ofthe orator."
[Salem Register.
A Case of Conscience.?There a .1 account
in die. Jeffersonian (Indiana) of n certain Jonathan Swain,
who refused to testify, in th* Union County Circuit Court,
in regard to harboriug aud aiding runaway slaws. lie wou'd
ni ithel affirm nor be sworu. a-^ hr had conscientious scruple?
about doing either. Jonathan, of course, was remanded to
jail, where he remains with his Biblr- and a crowd of visit?
ers. We suspect Jonathan's scruples referred to the subjects
ubout which he was to testify rather that: the testifying itself.
?7* The office of the Illinois Insurance and
Trust Co. a: Cairo, Illinois, was enteied un the night ofthe
?JSth ult. and rohbrd of about <s.0O(> in notes of the Cairo
Bank, in Kentucky, several drafts and a Considerable
Jewelry. A reward is offered for the apprehension ofthe
Drowned.?Betsey Winthrop, a girl of Eng?
lish parents, fell into the Canal at Lower Lockpoit, N. Y.
on the 9:h iust. while attempting to draw a pail of water,
and was drowned.
(LT Mr. Frederick Tudor sent from Boston
last week one hundred dozen peaches to Calcutta, packed in
Sale of Lands.?The Government sales of
l* ?ds in nr.d about Chicago have just taken place. During
tue two first da\s, the bids amounted to 8250,000. The lot
which the Catholic Church in that place wish for their new
edifice was struck off at its appraised value, $S(M#. Another
lot, upon which a favorite vocalist lives, was struck off to
him at its appraised value, no one wishing to compete with
him. He was thereupon called for a song, and responded
most joyously. This may he s.-t down by the lucky singer
M 4 A spoonful of molasses in his vinegar of life.*
_ [Rochester Democrat.
h- rireulaii, n or!'" h,"T*& '? Connecticut, having a wrek
i ,^^ it nr,??; ? e same,on reasonable terms. As
his lS7ffi2te 2*?? ****** i?
For further particuhWnauL^i?^00^' ,,? r i
ted States Hotel, in th^cffb^??hte ^Vi ? 4
M.,3 and 3 V. M. and ? rnidjV_M V" *e1,oun oi
C*J5?? f^^P^^beTis pre:
Spared to put down the beu quality 0f Tinned I e-d iPines
into dwellings, offices and stores at the PcWr^rfcesluVdapS
the shortest notice. Persons about having water fn^oduced
into their houses will pleas, call and eSna
Baths, w ater closets and every thins in the Ii??- atteuded to and
perlormeu in tho neatest manner. T. NAYLOK. St CO
04 lm x m Broadway.
OFFICE NO. 160 1>
Cr?- The followingri? from the pea r,f a prominent and
zealous Locu-Foco of the Ila?lical Schoo] :
* Where am I to Go? ?
To t&e Editor of the Tribune :
f little thought when the Massachusetts Sena?
tor made the inquiry " Where am I to go ?" that
so many of his fellow-citizens would so soon have
occasion to ask themselves the same question.?
Mr. Webster might well make the inquiry, stand?
ing as he did in a very questionable position
at the time, and not knowing exactly what way
to shape his course?but that myself and hun?
dreds of others in the Democratic party, should
have to ask this question, is strange indeed. I
know not whether you will publish this commu?
nication, tut I entreat you to do so, as there re?
mains open no avenue tomvselfand those who
are proscribed with me by which our wrongs may
be made public. My chief object in writing is to
denounce the proscriptive policy of those who
claim to exercise dominion over the Democratic
party. The everlasting boast of being governed
by liberal principles, which these men always lay
claim to, is pretty satisfactorily falsified in the
tcetli of these latter day saints of St. Tammany.
No man now who will not acknowledge M.trun
Van Buren as the very incarnation of the princi?
ples of Democracy, and i3 not ready to yield all
preference for better men, is tolerated. What
Democrat at a public meeting in oar city?I
mean the usual Ward meetings?dare speak freely
on such men or measures as the partv may not
have declared legitimate, without bein^ put down
instantly by the Jackalls of the Sage of Linden
I know not what that wise man's Democracy
would end in, but if I may be allowed to jud^e
from what it is on the way, il would end in some
thing the very contrary to what the simple and
kecn-minded among its supporters expect.
I am willing to admit that a partisan weakens
his cause by admitting the weakness of the chiel
under whom he fights. But how shall he escape
the charge of cowardice, if he suffer himself to be
silenced in his choice of the man whom he
deems most fit to lead him forth to battle and to
victory ? There are thousands of freemen who I
are determined not to support Mr. Van Buren,
solely on account of the bad company he has chosen
to identify himself with. What a monstrous
anomaly, that such men should be popular with
the true friends of the largest liberty ! The light
in which these men appear, is not their own light,
(to use a metaphor) reflected on them by the prin?
ciples which they profess. Nothing but mere
phantasy has led them to suppose themselves
Democrats, and nothing but an opportunity to
reveal their true character, is needed to dispel the
illusion by which they have deceived the people.
All k inds o f J o h Pri n tine, s n c h as
P amah lets.
Catalog u ks,
Checks, Cards,
Insurance Policies,
Bills of Lading,
Mammoth Show Bills,
Lecture Bills,
Conci r.t Bills, Plain and
Political Bills,
Circulars, (neat) See.
Promptly executed tu the- Office of the Tribune, No. luu Nas?
sau street?opposite the Park.
No. 7 Spruce street, (Tribune Buildings.}
p L A I N A N D OR N A M K .V T A L
jobs of all kinds executed with
car:-: and punctuality on the
Sl? MOST reasonable terms.
OCr* Health, <i,uiet, anrl Comfort.?The G.-a
liam House, G3 Barclay-street, New-York,.proffexs advantages
to sir oi ,vrs -' r;o!.'.' a ft w davs or weeks in the city, such as
are ini ly ottered. It iseUgioly located on a clean and airy
street, very near die business part of the city, and in the im?
mediate vicinity of the principal steamboat landings. Its
upartinvuts are convenient and neat, whi!- its table is supplied
with the best Vegetables and Fruita thai can h?/ procured, ex?
cluding entirely Animal Food and stimulants of all kinds.
Charges moderate, and everyeffbrt made to render Boarders
comfortable. Shower Baths free. Remember, C'i Barclay,
street. _ivjS tf
ARAKE CHANCE?The Stock and Fixtures
of the Grocery Store 'A Hudson streetJor sale. An op
portunity here offered to any wishing to avail themselves of
its advantages. The iiroprietors harin? other basinnss ro at
ten'l to are thut publicly i:idu< ed to make their want of a casii
customer known a4 none others n-t-d apply. old It*
TEAS?25;i halt chests Canton Voting Hyson.
ISO thirteen pound boxes do.
For sale by
o!7 2w. GRlNNKLL, MINTURN & Co. 78 South st.
fXJHA LE i >IL?2000 gallons rejected?and ?;i o
* V gallons Nortn West Coast, \?ry superior, light color
oil, just landed, and for sale by
ol7 3t GRINNELL, MINTUH N i*_C?- 78 South st.
M.V J. MERRTTT, nxi Bowery, between
? Grand and Hester streets, having just Opened several
Dew patterns of goods, which tl sy have imported for the Fall
tiade. aie enabled to offer a splendid assortment of French
and Enelisli China, White Granite Ware, rich Cut and Plan
G'ass. Ball, Astral and.Solar Lamps, English Britannia Tea
Sets. Castors, kc. Sic. at very low prices. oil ImD&W
(STRAND! >LbS al 114 Chafham-stn et ? A great
T variety of new patterns?bronzed, eiit and silvered Giran
4 doles; also. .1 choice lot of splendid Gothic Tea-Trays, in sets
a'T separately, and a superior Quality of ivory handle Table
Cutlery, together with a gene, a I assortment of Plated and Stl
rot Ware, all of w hich are now offered at greatlv irduce<l pri?
ce*. [o:< tin*] ALBERT BEACH.
?KiN-Tfi?? AND HIN ?E It? W A ti fcRUUiYi S
A Vcis ?9 and ?1 Gold-street, Neur-York.?April. 1643.
ins Press Machine and Saw Manuiactory, in coiise*jitecc*
of the addition of new an ! improved machinery to thsir works,
and the reduction in the cost. of materials and labor, are em
bled trreatly to reduce tli? prices of their Presses, saa of Prin?
ters'and Sutler.'mtisrials generally; as will be seen by theii
oewly printed Circular*, to w inch diey beg leave to lew.
Tin? Establishment is -:ii! under the ?^rsoual snpennten
dence of Richard M. Hoe 9tnd Robert Hoe. auid theyaxsnM
their friends tbunotwirJistand .c die great reduction in -'.-ice* ,
?. I irticlesmanufactured by this .'? Labl/.shment slut! retau j
the high reputation .vhich they hare hitherto sustained. It .
willalsobeth ircouatantcudeavortotoiproye the rjnalitvoJ
th?min>very particular. Ti-.e-y rhtter themstlTfZ, aUo. thal
their old friends will not only continue their favors, but thai j
Printers generally will ippreciate then endeavors to m.-nur
the very best articies at barely remunerating prices. .
Orders from any pan )f the country for ill articles usedbj
Printers 01 Binders,including Type, Ink, Paper, etc.. wnl be
executed witli the greatest eare stud promptitude, and 011 the 1
Ursi term*.
Jobbinu work and repairing wiJlb?don**t the lowest pussi- j
ble-prices, ssrith every attention and eapedioon.
N. All articles tr..:::ufactured bv rhu Ljiaohanmen. )
will be stamped R. Hoe & Co., so that persons from abroad j
may not be imposed upon w ith spurious articles, made iu imi |
utiou of tile..,. ...... , i
Printers of newspapers who publik this advertisement, witt 1
this note, three tones' before the first of july next, and send on? |
of their pajien to us, will b* eudtied to payment of their bui
on buviug inar times th* amount ?fit. tt
Mercer arid Wooster sts.?Public notice is hereby given,
that a proposition has h^en presented in the Board ol Assistant
?Jdermen to repave Bleecker str^-r between Mercerand \\ oa
ter streets. Persons mierest-d in the above and opposed to the
Name, are requested to present th-ir objecnons -in writing to
the undersigned at ? is "nice. Hall of Records, on or belore the
2jd da. of October, infant.
J OH S EW F. S. Street (. omnussioner.
Street Commissioner's Office, October 12th, 'SS3. oi3
CORPORATION NOTICE.?Public notice is
hereby given to the owner or ..wnsrs. ^ccupanr or occu
pants, of all Houses and Lots, improved orummproved Lind?,
affected thereby, that the following Assessments hoe bee u
completed by the As ,<e-.vo>, and a:e ! jdged in the Street Com
missionePs Omc- for examination by all persons interesLfd,
TiKor regulating and paving Twent^thrxd-street, from the
Tl ird f'-the Fifth Avenue, embracing ail the Lots OO bOih
Ades of Twenty-third-street, between the Third and Fifth
For^figing the sidewalks in Tweuty-fiist-street, between
the Second and Third Aveuues, emhracim; Lots on both sideJ
of Twenty-first street, between the Second and Third Aie
"'All arsons whose inteiests areaffecte<l by the above-named
Assessments, and who are opposed^ the same, or either ol
1 , to Pf-eut then objections, m writing, to
r v days from the date of this notice. JOHN LM, EN.
l,,lrt>sKt Gon?ioaerand fhainnanol the Assessors
Street Commis^r^Iic^e^ctober^h 1M3. _o6_
rfmE RirWAKD 1NSUKANCE Company ?
1 Capital $3t)0,ow); Office No. 54 Wall st- This Companr
cob?SiSE insurance against loss or damage by firt, and
inland navigation. directors*
Ronsselaer Haven. Najah Taylor ' i'?:]\?:k?*IeJ:C't
tH^r1' sa
' Lewis Phillip ?ecretarr.
>RX3NG, OCTOBER 19, 1843.
^Mississippi will attend to legal business tint may be con
t;d.-d to him in tlie Circnit Courts of Adams and the adj icent
counties, and in the Superior Courts of the State. A lavora
ile professional conn*ctian in Louisiana will enable him to
to ad to business also i? t},r Parishes Of that Sate, near
\ itchez. He refers to?
Grant H Barton. Van Arsdale, Cauldwell and
Rob. Lochi-ac, went lor Brown War nock,
Brothers Sc Cn. Malcolm Sc Gaul.
bamu.Cochran, i{,.nr7 Laverty,
William Kam-_?IG DScWlr
A CARD:? br. HEESE having returned to the
1\. city, has resumed t!.e practice of his profession in all i*s
departments. He may he consulted at his office and dwelling,
127 Grand-;treet, a lew doors eait of Broadway, and opposite
Rev. Dr. McElroi s Church.
Dr. R. will, as heretofore, attend to Operative Surgery in
general, and parti, nlarly tliat lor the removal of diseases and
deformities ot ihr- Eye. s20
DR.- J. & HKWKT'!\ No; rW?r?lmV?vT be>
tWcen.Houston an-! Bleecker stre-ts, New-Yoric.?Hi*
Practice is confined ro Dislocations. Hip Diseases, Sprains,
Contractions, Palsied Limbs. Rheumatism, Nervous Affec?
tions, Tend-mess, I nil nnmarion* and Curvatures" of the Spi* e,
Deformed Shoulders and Malformations of the Feet and Limbs,
Scrolnla. Wnite Swelln if. Weakness of the Joints, and Dis
-ases o! the dims generally;
Refetence? giveuon application to Dr. H. ol lm
JONA.*? Ki'TLhh*. A*:-rii-v nnti Councilor ;rit
Law, Galveston, Texas.
... . REFERS To
D miel Lord. Jr. F.-.-}. R. ('.. Wetmore St Co.
John Anthon, Esrj. J. J. Palmer, Esq.
J. Pr-scr?tt.11.11, Esq. Walsh it Mallorv.
Griffen it Havens. Esq?. W. M. Johnson Sc Socs.
Messrs. Post St Mam.
r r' Mr. Bntlerwill attend to Collections, Agencies, Lat-u
Titles, &c. Communications may be left a: No. 20 John st.,
Nr.. j YWy st. or at No. 8 Gold street. New-Y rlt. Letters
lirected to I <-\^ rr.u:' be Postaee pai: t-> the Ln.es. or they
.-.ill not br forwyvd by the Postma.vers in Lotii'a '2.1 lin*
ql'V X- --VI, r-\VS"i L( ';':. r* :?2"oTve7"=Tt|vr
D Instrons black French Broad Cloths. Also, a ?rreat vari?
ety of fan y Cloth, French, English and American Cloths
. i I asstmsres?just received at DAVOL'S Cloth Stoe,
ol72w_No. 30 v.aiilen I
BiARLUNG SCHOOL'.?New Canaan Semi?
nary. Ct. Number limited to twe'?tv. Circular, nt 309
Pearl st. N. Y._[<'j Im'] J. OS PORN. Principal.
FRENCH L A XCIrI JAG E ?\ ons. Bek y.a rt. Pro
fussor of the French Languag-. b"cs to iuform his friends
a d pupils, that his lir-,r Freuch 1 lass this reason commences
on Thursday evening, October 19th, at 7 o'clock, at his resi
deuce. No 85 Duane-strnt.
N. B- Print - lessons siren at home., or at the residence of
the pupils; _ _ ol7 3t
\T7 SEMINARV?MH - El< fYT'S Lessen
11 Room-, No. 2S Forsyth, near Walkerstreet ?Instruction
in ail ih? branches tauchtiu the best I stitutions.?Rey. It.
Hoyt will aid the pupils in attaining elegance in composition
and penmanship, and will assist the several classes in their
jtu 'ies bv faim I lax lectures and illustrations.
Hours from 10 A. M. to l P. M.?Evening Class from 7
o'clock lo 9. Charges moderate, oll 1m
L Mathematical and Classical.?The Principals fully intend
their School shall b.> second to none in point of merit. The
Winter Session will commence on Monday, November6.
Terms moderate, in accordance with the times. Circulars
with testimonials and reUreiic?-. miy be had of John S. Tay?
lor. Brick Chapel, or of the Principals.
sl26w* _?. G. WOODBRIDGE.
SCHOOL. 61?! Broadway (near Stuyvesant Institute)
will h? re-opened on Monday, <th September.
TEacfir.Rs.?C. E. Washburu. A. M. (Latelya tutor in
Amherst College) Latin and Greek; A. Pestiaus, French; E.
Purcell, Drawing; VY.JDavison, Penmanship; W. B. Brad?
bury' Vocal Music.
The English and Mathematical Department': will be under
j the. superintendence of the Principal.
I Circulars, containing .'eons, S^c. may br had on application
to Mr. Briant, ti45 Broadway, oi-to the Principal. au31 tf
ACARD.?Several Students of Columbia Col
legeandthe University, being prevented from reading
with H.-v. James Millett, loon an impression that he waa
about ro open a School instead of Private Classes, he hereby
inform?them and the inhabitants of Union Square and its vi?
cinity that he continues to.teach pupils at his own residence
or that of those entrusted to his care. A thorough and expedi?
tious system is here carried mir. Success in the classical de
partment is fully guaranteed by MnM.*5 having had twelve
ye its' experience, during five of which he Ins been head ( las
sical Instructor in the establishments of Rev. Dr. Hawks,
Rev.Messrs. Huddart and Moni;, as aho In- th.j distinguish**!
collegiate honors obtained by him. Young ladies are carefully
taught a general course of polite English Literature, together
with French, Sec. Apply, personally or by letter, at Fifteenth
street, near fhe Third Avenue, t-asi of I'nioii Square. olS3tos*
?J SCHOOL?Ou the Hudson river, CO miles from New
York.?The winter term ofthis Institution will commence
on the 1st November i.ext. The studies pursued embrace the
modem and ancient Languages: with th^ usual English
branches. Parental advice and discipline are the means used
to secure the attention and industry of the pupils. Constant
efforts are made to impress upon the minds of the scholars the
great necessity of their leaking the b- st t lnieavon to treasure
in their memory the leason3 they are expected to recite;and not
to be satisfied with merely^recitins them well at the time they
are called. Moral obligations and refinement of manners are
particularly inculcated; and no hc.y of vicious habits is allow?
ed to remain in the-lamily.. The pupils enjoy the benefit of
ha\ ing the company of their instructor during the tnr.u of re?
creation as well as in study hours.
There are now four vacancies. Terma, Si75 a year, payable
quarterly in advance. Music, vrtra. Farther information
may be had by applying to Mr. Alzamora, at No. 40 Barclay
stu tx._o7 lm>
BOARDING SCHOOL.?This Institution is situated in
one of the most healthful,quiet and beautiful towns in New
England, of easy access daily from New York, Albany and
Students reside with the Principal, and are at all times under
his rare. The number is limited, and none are permitted to
remain whose example is injurious. To render this School
more worthy of ihs- confidence of parents, the Principal has
examined manv similar Institutions in Europe and America.
The Summer Session commences May 15; ends October 15.
" Winter '? Nov.'' " April "
The charge isSEO per Session, which includes all exi*-nses,
save for Books, Music and Modern LauEun^es.
Circul irs and minute information may be obtained of Rev.
Henry Chase, u Market street, New York, and of Bev. Alfred
^OkwSlS* _ D.H. CHASE.
SCHOJ>L=r(corner cf Clinton and Pacific streets, Brook
lyn.)- This School will re-open on the 1st day of September.
Punctual attendance of the pupils is re.jnrtted.
The course of instruction in this iqstfturion is full and tho?
rough, embracing the English, Classical, .Mathematical and
Scientific branches. Strict attention is paid to the formation
of the moral as well as intellectual character of pupils. The
first masters are employed in th< several departments, and the
mode of instruction continued which has so long gireii satis?
The limited number of sir pnj.ih w ill be rec-ived into the
Principal's fsmih , and receive tJie care of a parent.
Circulars itating terms. Sic. m.iv b.- r ad on application at
the Church Depository, No. 2?> John-st. or at the bookstore of
Mr. A. V. Blake, Fulton-st. New-York, and at Mr. A.M.
Wilder** Boblistore,51 Fulton-st. Brooklyn._au30tf
TT700LSEY WooLSEi' offer this stanri
VV ard'lnaii y Double Refined Sugar as follows, namely:
Loaf.Ill ceiitoper lb. )When less than 5 packages are
Crushed.. Hi " " / puichased half* cent per poond
Powdeieii 12 " " " ) idditiohaj.
The above ire packed as (sllptrs:
Loaves in boxes of 300 i'-1-. )
I r!'s! .-d in bbls. of 2no " S
Powderedin " " 250 " >
Apply to the New-x ors Patent Sugar Renuery, corner cf
South and Montromeiy-str*ets, or u: Rt* U ill-street.
B?Orders out oi the city must be accompanied br a j
reuunaiice. s7 2in *
J.t iffer for sale the rari ins qualities of their Ref,:^.; So.-rs,
in qoantirip; of-.five packages and upwards, at the foUowinji
cash prices; ? .
Staudar.i DopdIc Loal Snijir, re.vts pe? pound.
Crushed " It]
Ground " 12
Grosnd Sul-^--. 2d .;n-.litT. 1!?
Theaboveare packed as follows, without charge fer pack?
age ;? ,
Lo ives in b"i? o! 30.
( uhed in oar reis f200.
Ground in barrels of 250.
\n-Iy at th? Refinery, No 2to Greenwich, corner of Cham?
bers str et. Orden "Ut of thp city must be accompanied by a
r?mirtance1___oll lm
311 Broadway,
RESPECTFULLY invite th Pnhlic to caii and
.?amine their extensive assortment of LA^IPS, CAN
^cently received large accessions, acd are now offered at
crea-lv'reduced prices. . ...
f-'?i?-ci',l attention is invited to their rich stock of LAMPS,
CANDELABRA and GIRANDOLES, which they ven?
ture" to assert are superior, in beauty of workmanship arid
delicacv of finish, to any that can b* found iu the city A
full supply of th.- v\r!l-known SOLAR LAMP constantly
?"ir=r? Xh?-.Trade supplied wi'h every descriptioo of Lamp
stuf Girandole, (ejcpnnp inferior ones.) at factory prices.?
Ordff received for th- Chemical Oil Lamps. oG 3m
\ t gale ?v CO.;Sj 200 Pearl-street.?Agener
J\ nl assorOTentmay had at the above place. N. B. A large
in voice of thick Kip and I .It Boots, just received and will be
s. I I at a bargain. Brogans in great varieties. Also Women's
Bm kins. Bootees Slippers. Stc.
Also Hats and C a[?. f.-ountry merchants and others are in
rited ro call and evanr.ee. All sold unusually low for cash or
iccetKinces, by the case or .:oien.
a V GALE Sc C0.2C0 Pearl-street,
Ol0 2in '_U S. Hotel Buildings. New-V'ork.
TAMES G. M OFF ET, 121 Prince st., N. Y.,of
J fers foI sale
5iK) lbs. of German Sflver, fully equ^l to the imported.
" Sheet Brass, yarions.sizes.
TofO " COOPER'S do. a very snperior article. Also a
large quantity of COOPER'S EARS and RIVETS. Ail of
which, beinj mannt-.ctnred andtr his own own superintend?
ence, he is enabled to waxntit a .superior article and at very re?
duced juices^_oil lm"
? 100 gros.s Top Notches of different sizes.
H'OO " " Tips to match, cheajxr and better than any
in an utac tured ?i the United Sures. For sale at 121 Prince st.,
oll im4" Manufacturer;
WHOLE NO. ?$(>.
This unrivalled preparation has performed some of tlu
m^>?t astonishing: cures of diseases that are recorded in the ir.
iu\h of history, thus proving conclusively it is capable of ful?
filling the high aim and purpose for which it is designed. F -
ti-nts suffering for years from rations chronic constitution
disorders, after trying different remedies, spending thousai
of dollars in traveling ud doctoring, and suffering all that hu?
man nature is capable of enduring, have, by the us- of r
few b*r:les, entirely recovered their health. Chronic Rhen
matfem, Scrofnh or King's Eni, Salt Rh.urn and Ring?
worm, Ulcers and painful affection of the bones, Ulcerated
Throat and Nostril*. Scurvy. Bile;, Chronic Sore Eyes
Blotches and various cutaneous eruptions. Glandular Eb
largement. Hip Dise-ue, &c. are effectually cured by its use
Diseaies hiving their origin ia an im; ure state of the blood
and fluids generally will be speedily and effectually removed
by this invaluable medicine as its operation is peculiar, bj
consists in removing the cause of disease by entering into di
circulation and passing through the genenl system. Where
obstructions to its favorable operation exist, they au- re;nov?c
as it passes along the ?Kmentary canal thence the patient wil
fi-el and ki,o-,v the scumble operation of the Sarsapanlls fron
its curative powers.
The proprietors are daily receiving from the medical pro
lession, the clergy, officers of justice and numerous piivati
citizens, ample and willing testimony both written v< -
b-1, t? the snjxrrior value and efficacy of this preparation. Ti
the pocr it is lurnished gratuitously, on sufficient proof bein
furnished of their worthiness.
Th.> following cehifieatrs from individuals who have su'
fereJ witii Scrofula ,n its severe?, form, aie presented for :
careful perusal of the atUicteJ :
Efirx, Co?-, July 25, ir. 13
Messrs. Sands?Gent: abcu' ci.ht years siuce, h>- ben
overheated, and directly ifter exposed, I was seized with
stVere cold, winch dera g-d the wholi lys vm Piivple ?
Iii id spots appeared on the k n, attended v. ith violent j am c
the lie??d ; the symptoms b-ing alarmi if a physician wascai
ed who prescribed blulering and 'etching, which irodu a
par ia re iff. Hard bony lumps formed under t e skin on vi
rious part^ of the body, md th> doctor, prouoiinced my com
plaint hereditary, tscrotul* now f??r the first time develOre
rhe following winter, my sigh failed in bo.h eyes ;? medics
aid was again le.-ortfil to, which :elieved my sight during rit
summer ^ my no c now began lO iucreasc insiie atid ;he who \
body rapidly enlaiged with a dr usical swwhing. Xheno-n
even grew ve y sore and discharged profusely tue in><r loa: ?
some substai.Ce M whole sysirtn was invol ved in disease
the lum. s ?oftened <n I diicharged freely, producing great <j
bijity ;?ulcers now broke out on the leg* and to complete n
mis. r . the muVcles a u si ewj con raced m) th t 1 w..s re.
dered nearly helpless. I rem iued with litt e change in t
cdhditiou u ,ni 1 ?t Octob. r. when 1 was su d nly v-ized wu
an iudtScrioable?eji3 tion which rendered me near I v uuc ..
sei "Hi. oid in; friends surn<osed it was the wijl of kind l'i
ride ce to rid me of my sufferings, but fiom this 1 reeovrii
Oiily to suffer on ; the ulcers had oecome one continuous sop
entirely raw.
? It was in this condition I commenced the Use of your inval?
uable 9arsaparilla, which I was induced to use irom the mau
retmrkable cures I saw published. If c uie to nie ,>s aoin
guardian angel , ai d I en c rcely t 11 why yet. yet fron tl
moment I heard it mentioned I was impressed fu ly w th tli
belief that this was tobe the good Samaritan for me?a c
truly it has wrought wonders in my case. Afp-r using it s
few days my pains grew* easier, the swelling of the body anc
limbs went down, the ul> er, commenced healing, and 1 restec
well. Alter suffering every thing but ti.e pains of death, how
Ii ippy am I and how grateful do I feel to be nble ro add au<
oth-r testimonial to the efficacy of your priceless Saisapanll i!
My heahh is restored, ami 1 Have walked four miles without
inconvenience. I superintend my family iffairs. and iu.faci
feel almost like a being in a new world. I am induced t"
make tlos public acknowledgment from a deep sense of tluiv
due to von as a means in the hands of God of restoring a fel?
lowmortal from a premature grave. Language is inadequate
r i express my feelings. May the Lord be with you, and make
his face to shine upon you, is the sincere desire of ) our much
obliged and deeply indebted friend. To the alllict.d I would
say, Do nor despair, for however desj erat?- your case may br.
you surely have au antidote at hand, viz.: Sakds's SaBsapa
rilla. Trust to no other, however great their pretensions.
Middlesex Co. ss.?Essex. Con. July 25, 1843.?Personally
appeared the above named M?nissa Simmons, and maiie oath
to the facts contained in the foregoing statement in t.ire me,
GUP DON S.MI i H, Justice of the Pence.
We, the undersigned, being personally acquainted with Mrs.
Monissa Simmon-, do not hesitate to say that we consider tde
above statement of her cas-* substantially true and entitled to
confidence. REUBEN POST, Deacon Batist Church;
I. HILL HA YD EN. Merchant;
i'H \S. GPvEENH AF, Sur. Dentist;
A, F- WHJTTEMORE, PostvMastcr;
M*?rsriELn, Oct. 3d; id: :.
To R. W. Mathewsox, No.wie!-.:
Sir: For the last fifteen years I. have been tlie subject ol
Complicated disease*?troubled with lh<? dropsy and my
nerves completely unstrung, with more or less of erysipelas,
in connection with other bad humors. In May last my lUftj.
cutties seemed to en rag? and be more firmly seated; my head
and face was so swollen that it appeared to me that the bones
of my head had separated one from the other, and completely
disfigured my face. [ could scarcely breathe through my nose;
my eyes were so affected that I could see hut Jit'lcai the same
time Utende I with an acute aiul indescribable pain constantly
darting from the nose {P OtheJ parts of the head and throar,
which was badly swollen and very sore, and a constant burn?
ing heat or irritation of the stomach, with my titiiliK bloated
to nearly twice their ordinary size. In tins situation, for
weeks I w as compelled ro lie upon one side, with bnt little or
no sleep. My humors.assumed a renewed and stubborn hold
upon me, and apparently threatened a speedy dissolution. I
I tried every expedient nt ssible, with but little or no benefit. M j
physician at length recommended Sands'* Sarsaparilla; I j>ro
cured a few bottles of it, w hich I believe to be the means (thro'
the blessing of God) of my restoration to comparative health
again. I bad not taken but tw o or three bottles before my dis?
ease began to leave. Mv piin and .swelling is gone, my appe?
tite good, sleep and rest quietly; to me it has been a sovereign
Having been acquainted with theafflictcd widow, Mrs. Eu?
nice Crane, of Mansfield; for nearly six ye-m, (whose pro
tractedsickness has called forth the sympathies of the com?
munity where she resides) I consider it an occasion for joy
that her sufferings have been so far alleviated by the use of
Sands's Sarsaparilla, which has been so kindly forwarded by
yourself. HENRY BROMLEY,
Minister of the Gospel.
We, th>^ undcrsign-d, do certilVthnr the above are facts.
I repnrvJ anil sold, wholesale aud retail, and for exr)orration(
by A. B. SANDS K (^0., Druggists and Chemists, Granite
Buildings, No. 273 Broadwavvcorner of Chan^aers street, New
Vork. Sold also by A. E. D. Sands. Drugfgists, Nos. 79 and
1W) Fulton stieet ; David Sar.ds ft Co;, No. 77 East Broadway,
corner of Market street ; and by Druggists generally through?
out the Unired States. Price Si per bottle, six bottles 35.
A.?GTI02T'SALE.?On? rhe:25fJi day of October
insranr, at 9 o'clock A M.will be sold at PUBLIC
AUCTION, at the storehouse of the Du tchexs W{,3liug Com?
pany, on*their wharf at this placei die following articles
mortgaged to this Bank, vu:
'mi pieces of locust timber, suitable for snip building;
ii d'> oik do for the same purpo-te;
100 bunches of green flags;
I patent heaving out chain and liitures, in good order.
1 iron sale;
1 patent balance;
?j windlasses in ng?ing left;
! dusti::^ bru.h;
i oifi-e stoye and pipe;
C office chairs:
1 pitcher an ! tumb'er-,
1 office writing desk, mahogany;
Careeiiiui tickles, blocks, falls and 2 crabs;
1 office t able, pi ;e;
1 chair of he U'orid;
12 fnv buckets;
1 screw press;
l s?-al;
1 writing 'iesk, mahogany;
1 p tie closet:
1 X cart ;
4 float ita?ei and stage. p)anB3]
[ 1 set guaglUK tools.
Also, a ; ariety of .materials in the storfhous*. such as tool*,
'? emptv ci-,k.s, rosin, sheathing P?perj Russia felt, o?kum,
sheathing boards, comp.sit;on nnils and ? rsrings cor Cage,
new and old. Conditious m-idc k?iow? o i the r?av of s'le.
Cashier of the Dutchess County Bank.
Poughkeepsie, October 5.1&43._< a t25 h*
Tl)TS AT ATJCTII >.\? wT? be sold at auctiun
Jl^'.iii the r-r.^misei, on the 2lth day of October "exr, 350 lo*s,
of various dimensions, in t ie flourishing manufacturing vil?
lage of Waterloo, Seneca c^nniy, N Y Sale peremptory to
r.\o>" a concern; -o Commence at 11 o'clock A M, and contin?
ue uctil all ia so;d. 1 erm-. very hb-ral?made Itnown at ?ale.
A. O. Wn LI AM Si
B v >. GROSVENOR, Attorney.
New York. 25th Sept . !&13._s2C lm*
i Maiden Lane.
15.000 pairs Ladies' plain and figured Rubbers
1,500 do. Men's do. do.
3,000 do Misses and Children's do.
1^00 do. Men'3.a.id Women's shut Rubber Cver-Sho^s
500 do. Ladiea' fur-boa;.d Grecians, leather solea
500 do. Golve or c< rde<J top Kubb-rs
300 do. Ladies'quilted silk upper Over-Shoes?a new
and elegant sty te
Also?Anew article with surface of patent jap mned finish,
together with many other styles,?making the most complete
stock for the Trade to select'from, to be found in the United
Stites. HORACE H. DAV\
Successor to die Roxbury I. R. Co.
s28 lm _25 -M^den Lane.
TNblA RT"13BER SHOES.'?The subscriber is
-I- now receiving his Fall supply of India Rubber Shoes, and
respectfully solicits a cull. Dealers may r-ly u;>on th^ assort*
meur being a> geheral and coin|dete as can 1> found in die
market, .is he is supplied by the different manufacturer* with
everv ?aJenbk style of Shoes..
His stock of lined Rubbers is decidedly die beat ever offered;
as besides, lining good Shoes, they s.re lined in a verv sui^erior
manner; of plain axid figured Rubbers, M?n's and Women's,
the suppir is large and well seasoned.
Sheet and Cloth Rubber Shoes, Buskins, Saadals, manufac?
tured Rubbers, itc, can te found at thu establishment, made
in a su{>erior manner and warranted.
Also, India R'ibber Carnage Cloth, Hose for the Croton
Water, Machine Banding, Life Preservers, Pillows Cushions,
Stc. Sic , said all other manufactured goodj on hand, and man?
ufactured to order. ; c.L.Ross,
?2 121 Maiden lane, between Pearl arid Water-sts.
TAMES G. MUFFET, Manufacturer, 121 Prince
?J st.. N. V., otters for sale, at the lowest market prices, 500 j
lbs. German Silver of different widths and thicknesses. In
consequence of payiug (pendnallyj his particular attention so
the manufacture ol this article he warrant* it ro stand u|jnvaJ'
ed to any manufactured in this cuuatry lor softness and beaut>
of color, and fully equal to the imported._oll im
fi Plated Cake Baskets, Castors and Candlesticks;
Britannia Coffee-Pots. Tea Seu and Lrns;
Gothic, Sandwich and Convex r?'T?a>?. .
Table Cutlery, in a single dozen ?.seu of 51 P^?,
??a m?r,t- irh^r rnc>&% of a similar description, for sale u>
aad mans others ol |???CH >t 114PChad.*m^rre^
o9 lm
t ost.?Lost in Wall street or NaAiii ?freet, a
Li small Wallet, coawinin? $100 in five dollar bill*. A
it ible reward ill be uivm by returnirg it to the Of art 71
?ieuth street clS lw
'. VA.N'fElMjy a young Voman, a situation as
? V I ook and assist in the washing and ironing; lb* best of
rtty relVr*nre ran he givrrt. Apply *t2l3 Mulberry. o!S2t*
" A Yi'tb?A a easy fluent lrctuxer~"to travel
North or South as a parner to lecture on a certain
nbject >f which the sufceenber u perfecth familiar, and w_
ieJd i i-rofi: fx m S!0fl to S3o0 a month. A middle ajrrd man
?referred. Please address F A, this office._ol$ tt?
i^AOTED--A place as Nurse, or Seamstress of
V V Chambermaid by a girl with th? best of eity references.
\jiply nt KT4 Sixth Avenue._i_oil2t?^
\\rANTHD^-"K situation as nurse and seamstress
V V or would go to the South; ip*jd city reference. Apply
I :c\ Madison ^t, corner Montgomery._017
? ) v> A Vi LtTaild a partner, in a lngrily
>J)tM 'v/respectable business of great profit. He can travel
> the South tins winter if it suits him. or he raay rem*in in
ihe cit\ and do business for five yem if he pleases. Addrese
. Vthhjh x. x.j -h < orfice._Olg 3t?
. ? 11 inn W.ANTjLD, and a partner or agent in
'jlUl'vati agree.il le and profitable busicesa. He will be
? ?rmi:t< d to s;<no three months at Wa?hu:?tton City, and three
Bths in Virginia, or remain m this city, and the principal
aiil travel. It the agency is cho en, a **lary ot $2,500 will
be allowed. Address ' Richard." at this office. o!8 3t*
L man and laly, in a private family, wi?cre there are no other
oarders. One room with < imi11 room *djoinliag. would be
equired, for which leim* should be moderate. A line ad
ressed to C. B. A , Upier Post Office, will receive atteaiioa.
VT 102 Chdiiuiers-i-treet. near Broadway, a few
c< nth men can l?e accommodated with pleasant rooms and
?oard, w :*>re there are no children. lMVrenees exchangad
16 lw*_VA 'dow of_Capt^James Haight.
GOOD BOARD with pleasant Rooms c?n~be
obtained at if. Cliff street _____ oPtw*
j' ?CH [NX! 1N MIToIC, Arc ?A vouhr lady
l long ?CCttStomed fo Teaching, eai-ecially Music, w?he*
j obtain Boaid, Fire, 8tC. in an agreeable atmly lor her ?er
ices a* a Teacher, and ni I cheerfully reuder*errice enough,
-lie proffers untie*, tionable refereuces. Address Q. A. at
- dice._ _ oli if
'A RI??A family or a few single gentlemen of
?J gOnri morals can h ?ve Board vi;d spacious rooms in a pri
t'e famih ?A rery desirable location? It)I Ea*t Broadway
lone a- d apartm.ats unususil) pleasant and ax it* able.
|t?ARhlXii ? i s* ntl m?n and I dy,oi two or
three siiu'e gentlemen .desirous ofobtainii g"<<ood boars! for
he season, may be accommodated with convenient rooms by
plyiiill tt No. 10 Park Place. A few day boarders can also
e iccommodated. ob lw*
i A or three single gentlemen can bepleasantlv accomm.>dat
?i with board by applying at 41 Eist Uroadway. s25U*
\T E W BOAR DING HOUSE.?Gentlemen can
-1 be accommodate I with good board and pleasant rooms at
:77 Broome ?tri et, between Nlof and Mulberry 1 hose ap
?!>iiig eaily will hare a choice of rooms. a29'm*
J" \ i M rV K1313 B K li ~> i OES.?15,000 pair, l adies
t and Oeut'emens' Figuied and Pl?in Kubb?rs.
3.!W pairs L?die,' lined and furred do.
1,0 0 " ' el th buskmt.
1.000 " " s.h*et rublier over shoes.
..0?i0 " " " ?? Oiecian ties.
1 000 " Gents " " over-shoe?.
For sale by J HN S. GIBBS. 2 7 Peail st. a 18 2t*
PEAS?Sii halt chest. Caper Souchong.
s. 217 do Niim Yong Souch?ng.
2n fancy boxes fine Sotipuy Souchong.
10 do do Mokee Souchaog.
10 do do Hyson.
78 chests ?uperior Twankay.
200 do Hyson.
?100 half chests Young Hyson.
100 chests do ilo.
500 do Hyson Skin.
. , _ , 50 half chests extra fine Gur.powd.-r and Imp*,
rial. For sale hy
017 2w GUINNELI,, MINTURN fk Co. 78 South-st,
BT/LL'S TRUSSES.?Notice to Rup?
tured Persons.?Penons afflicted with ruptuiea
may rely upon the best instrumental aid the
world affords, on application at the office, No.
j V r ,e\-street, or to eithm- of the areiits id th? priuci|>at towns
hi the Cjiited States. Be careful to exan.iue the back pad of
l^'ilTs Trusses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr. Hull in wri
?nir. None are genuine, or to be relied oi>oii as nood, wtthj
out his signatuie.
VIany.persons have uud?rt.ik'*n to vend imitations of Hull's
celebrated Trusses and thousands are imposed upon in couse
ijuence. These iinitatioiis cann.?t be rflied upon; they are
made Dy nnskilfnl mechanics, and ure no In-tter than die ordin?
ary Trusaea.
Rooms havwbeen fitted up at No. 4 Vtsay stteet, exelusivaiy
for ladies, having a separate entrance from the business dei?r\
meut, wii/re a female is in coustant atteudauce to wivit upon fa
male lutieiit* ?}\ it
\C removed to 13 Beekmali street. About 200 of the
,ll1t f hynieians and surgeons of New York have
iiy^ Biven their decided preference to this Truss, at
yna can graduate the pressure from one to 50
pounds on the rupture without a hack pad, which does so
much injury to the spine. A fair trial being the best test of
its supeiority, it is applied and six days trial given, and if it
does not retain the rupture, while performing every kind of
esercise or coughing, and give perfect eas??in a word, if it i*
not satisfactory in every mspect, the money is cheerfully re?
turned, and this is the only condition on which you should
buy any truss. A permanent cure Is easily effected, and war?
ranted if dirtcdona are followed.
t office, are fitted up at No. 13 Beekman street, one door from
Nassau, exclusively for applying this truss,and all are invited
to com.* and try for themselves. o7 lm
~ a^Ferican coopertsto7?ls,
und TOOLS in general ran be obtained in
all their variety at WHOLESALE and
the most.celebrated manufacturers (irarr.nfiri Cast Steel,)
SIIc h S
IlORTON'S, GIFFORD'S, and other makers.
NOT1CE? Sufficient is it in answer to the advertisement
that appears to the contrary, that we have the genuin? war?
ranted Congers Tools for sale, as here advertised.
A liberal discount on Edge TooU to merchants.
boru St Little, of 33 Ful'ou street, have ad?
vertised Congers Edge Tools for sale, and
and the impression h?a goneabroad that they
are of my make, and whereas the said Os
v oru ist Little are unwilling tn remove said erroneous impres?
sion by stating the whereabouts of the real maker, therefore,
to undeceive my friends and ?he public m general, I would
merely state that my tool* can be had at only No. 33 Attorpey
streef. oral George Briggs & Co. No. 115 Maiden-lane whew*
a full supply may always be had, at a liberal discount to deal?
ers and in future will be stamped Con.:ej. N. ? . 33 Attorney
meet. s23 1m? JOHN CONGER, New-iork.
^criber would inform tobacconists *,o<l oth?
ers that rhose Tobacco Knives ?jjd o?her
tools offered for sale at Orborn U Little'*,
33 F'nlfoii st. and stami>ed Conger, are not my make. Mine
may he had at OEORGE BRIGGS Sc CO. Maiden lane,
or at 33 Attorney sf- where they are made and will be stamped
in futuie Conger, N. Y. 33 Attorney.
o7 lm* >0HN CQN-Q?R' New-York.
CLICKS.?The subscriber, who was awarded
withadi 'oma ?rthe Vew-V?rk St?re Fair, 18?
and W2, for the best toned i hurch Bell, is ? ow
prepared at his found y. at vYestTroy, v. Y. to furnish B-lli
of any weight, from 20lbs.*to 4000 lbs made of the best mate
.uls. and warranted to stand ai d to suc!' as to i lea.e
F itena to them the i<np oved cast iron yok' uyi'h movable
arms. The increasing demand* for his bells is the beat evi
de ce that can be given of i heir excellence To say nothing of
other ^Mte?, berwen, three and four hundred Church Bella
have been (w i'ished for dirTere-it places in the State of New.
York frori his foundry.
Also, Leveling and Surv-yin.' Instruments. Copper and
Bra,. Castings. Stc _c-16 rf ANDREW ME V EELY.
?JOHN HALER, (tornierly with J V.
3 Tilyou.) LADIr.S' BOOT* AND SHOE
S rORE 55 Chatham street?or. ope :ii gtheabfjve new store,
bests res|?ectfnll< to solici' the itt ntion of his fnejid? and th?
pub ir. to his choice a sortmei.t f
?>f City Manufacture, being of the most approved ?tyle, and
at nr ces cortespondint with the timec. Also, Gentlemen's
and Youth's* tine Call Boots and Shoea.
Having had several years' experience in the business, he can
confidently insure to purchasers the best description of work
in oiship. ...
N. B.?Boots and Shoes of every description made tn ord-r.
_06 lm*
ber ha* reduced his superior iminrion Mdesk in Hatsofi
'fur hodi?-. to ti.eextrern- low price of S2 25. TheaOova
ar* a.. .-|e?i-,r Dre-s Hat. <'id will compare advantageously
with Hats sold at S2 50 and $3. \lso constantly manofactsr
in^ Fur and S.Ik of the best rjuality, latest patterns, and at the
lowes' citv pr.ces.
N B. Coin try d*aWt supplied by the case as low, if not
lower, than hy tny other house in fhi? ci'v
J. W. KELLOGG. 132 Canal-street,
"23 3m*_ corner of Tliomraon-street.
\ JUST FIN I SHE I)?Elegant Nutria FurHits,
(ordinarily termed Beaver,) at the low price of_ J3;
? superior short nap of Prnssian Moleskin at $3 These
Hats are-qual in dur .bility and lustre to those seid at *t.?
A Iso?An article at $2 50. a very' n*at dress Hat.
o3 im? BROWN. Poetical Matter, 146 Cana' <t.
j V i liFianimwvr-rtof^
pvea JustWciions on the t*uno. Ownnjind
moderate lerms. Apply throueh the De*,?tch Post, o^pm^n
ally, at .his residence. No.? First Avenue._
^ h <. H - HDES? VVarranted suj>erior in
/e-\ HUit-i--*-"uc"- f ased, at about tne pnee
f hyV VW^l^&oTt? "bject may be
\ /ofthe iron in bar. AU W? 0therw.?, U0 ^..as
removed, " b^?fn^?* ff.?y be forwaided-warranted to
sorted sixes, will ?B?JWTfa wkic;, (hey are oidered,
.Hit toe section ol uWggg ^ wo,k Qr ^ K(.,j ?
byapplywjf l\Ui^'l L?ley. J. C. Hcartt fc Brother,
?t Co., Warr?s. H?* * c? Joha Tovrnsend. .MbanT.:
ONE minut_, by the use .f the
an excellent article, and will c, tetae
moat violent tooX.iache, or pain in the
gum?, in one minute. lb> Clove
Anodyne is not nnpleasant to the taste,
or injurious to the teeth, and will rir.R
MA.-st.-xTLT cure any tooth to which it
is applied. Price, 25 cents. ForasJe
by DAVID SANDS & CO., No. 77
East Broadway, 79 Fulton-street; and
:73 Broadway, cor. Cliambervst., Granite Buildings. s25 t

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