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EVERY morning, sunday excepted.
At 150 Nassav-st. (orrosn r. City Hall,]? Nkw?York,
a^daliwred to I ity Subscribers for NINE < ENTa per
werklofwheu they prefer, they can pay m advance at the
rwk'ior s'* months, 01 a war at the ?am* rate. Single
mpV* TWO CENTS. Mai] subacribers Si per annum,
V advance ; aud the j>apcr 111110 rase continued beyond th*
time for which it 1* jkuJ. Subscriptions taken lot Six
NO difsVrencealloTred on Daily Exchanges with any <>ttu-r
PP*^- Tumi of Advertising.
TEN LINES or less, lover Six.) t int insertion... M1 cents.
?' lor each subsequent insertion.?3 "
?t " toi six insertions, or one Week.... St 50 "
w for TwLNTY-Fm. insertions.6 00
r^T* Longer advertisements at equally favorable rates.
marriages, Rvi.iGiofs and funeral notices, nOt'ex
?eedii>K live lines, &) cents.
Hitcvnrv "Xotices.
THK WlKT'eRfl?EES', A Perennial Gift for 1844. Edited
by John Keese. Illustrated with Sivteeu beautiful
Steel Engrax im;s. New-York : C. Wells &. Co.
Wc ratlicr like this Annual, for it seems to
have much in it which differs from the ordinary
staple of such works. Its principal contributors
are Mrs. Emma C. Embury, Mrs. Seba Smith,
C. F. Hoffinan, H. T. Tuckerman, and the Edi?
tor. There arc also articles by Hannah F. Gould,
Lucy Harper, Anna P. Dinnies, C. P. Cranch, W.
Gaylord Clark, Park Benjamin, and one or two
others, which we recognize (wc may be mistaken
in one or two instances) as old favorites. We
like this idea of selecting a part of the contents
of an Annual?the work may be decidediy
strengthened by such a course?but it is only fair,
since the current presumption is that the con?
tents of a gift-book arc all original?to state the
fact that some selections have been incorporated
with its matter. We do not find such acknow?
ledgement in Mr. Reese's pages.?We must quote
a few stanzas from the opening poem of twelve
pages by Mrs. Seba Smith:
bv elizabeth pares smith.
" It doth not yet appear what we shall be."?St. Paul.
'Tib a blessed thing to be a child
In the freshness of its life,
While the sunshine lingers on the brow,
Llndimmed by care and strife?
Ere from the earth a single ray
Of its glorious light hath passed away.
For things unhidden from the child,
Fade in its after years?
He reads strange language in the flower,
And round it music hears;
The bird and blossom have a voice
To bid the pure in heart rejoice.
A simple child one summer night
Was lured to listen long,
And hear each petal ere it closed,
BrentV out an evening song;
And he til threescore years and ten
Remained a child, as he was then.
That night he learned what kept him young
In every after strife;
What kept him hoping, trusting still
On to the verge of life.
It gave one's heart a thrill of joy
To see that gray-haired, cheerful boy.
He found that truth to every soul
Hath teachings of its own,
Mysterious, binding, earnest things,
Revealed to it alone ;
And thence a cheerful faith he learned,
That every heart for goodness yearned.
That all the creatures God hath made
Strive upward to the light;
Which clearer, broader, fuller grows,
Upon the watchful sioht;
While those they leave in doubt behind,
May fearful dooms upon them bind.
Yet they, the bridegroom's chosen ones,
The wedded to the truth,
In bright'ning pathways onward move,
Renewed in love and youth;
And holier fervor, faith in heaven,
Rewarded ail who thus have striven.
Thf. Governmental History of the United States of
America, from the Eirlitst Settlement to the Adoption
0! the Pre-seut Constitution: By HeNRv Shkhmas.
(I vol. IS mo. pp.M. H. New man, 199 Bioad
This is a good work, though necessarily sum?
mary, while confined within such narrow Limits.
Yet it is one that should be widely studied by
our youth, and we trust will be. It is a sad
thought that thousands of theso are growing up
in the perusal of corrupting French novels, whose
aim is to awaken and and inflame li-centious pas?
sions, or of the works of the Jaek Shqjpard
school, which we esteem only lefcs depraving,
while few of them are trained to any thorough
knowledge of the nature and genius of the insti?
tutions under which we live. Can Freedom and
Order bv. safe in such hands ? What avails it
that they nre ready to shout themselves hoarse
for4 Democracy' or ' Liberty V Freedom is only
possible in a community directed by Intelligence
and governed by Virture. A population of Liber,
tines and ignorant men could r*ot be free, though
devoid of all laws or regular government what?
The work before us embodies the Declaration
of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Fed?
eral Constitution, &c. and is well worthy the at?
tention of parents and teachers, although it may
not be without an equal.?By the way: Can the
author here mean to say, p. 3, M Sciences which
expand and liberal the mind V
ILTThe New Mirror is pleasans to-day, with
Willis's inimitable nothings. He devotes a
column to praise of Gen. Morris's Songs, but
quotes not a line from them. The following are
Songs?selected, of course :
*s my lover on the sea '
Is my lover on the sea,
bailing cast, ()r sailing west ?
Mighty Ocean, gentle be,
Kock him into rest 1
Let no angry wmd arise
Nora wave wiUi Wcrcd crest ?
AH be gentle as his eyes '
W hen he is caressed !
Bear him (as the breeze above
Rears the bird unto its nest)
Here?unto his home of love
And there bid him rest!
Wilt thou be a nun, Sophie ?
Nothing but a nun ?
? Is it no! a better thing
With thy friends to laugh and sine '
10 be loved and sought ?
To be woo'd and wen ?
Dost thou love the shadow, Sophie
Better than the sun ?
I'm a poor lay-brother, Sophie ;
Yet, I thi s may say?
Thou hadst better bear with love,
'nan dwell here, a prison'd dove,
?; 1 d bear love s pangs, rather,
r,Jty times a day J
???PlinuYs I, ?" att0JM?? competed with
B J- K^l*;iS*UOU' (,?r ****** School.): By Rev.
ThT^vZ^l 8fJU"' f?r84bb*'-h Spools.
*?m J*! !? Clergy.
Dodd. l'y are fo* ??te by M.H.
vol. m. ivo. i6G.
Dr. Hopkins'? Address before the Alumni
of Williarns's College, Auff. 16.
Subject'-The Law of Progress.
This Address is written in the usual pure and
lucid style of the author. We regard him as one
of the ablest and purest writers of the country.
In deciding on the future action of a law of pro?
gress, Mr. H. thinks we should combine two
things? the history of the past, and prophecy.?
Now we consider this one of the most interesting
of all questions whatsoever; but we cannot agree
with the learned author in this statement: lor.
although prophecy asserts the future 1 better state
of man,' it no where intimates that it is to be
brought about by any progressive law, but rather
by the introduction ol some new principle or sys?
tem whose reforming work will be sudden and
rapid. We would not, as President 11. fears,
i separate the providences of God from the move?
ments of Nature,' and wc consider them both
combined in the history of the past, and hence
would take the past as the only premise from
which to draw just conclusions, not only as to the
existence of a law of progress at ail, but also to its
probable action in the future. Neither do wc con?
sider it fair to contrast the world now with the
world before Christ. Previous to his coming, we
look upon mankind as merely marking time, not
marching: and when that sudden light arose
upon them, they rushed towards the good it
promised. Men did not advance by slow degrees
to the light and truth of the Gospel; on the con
trary, they were worse just before its promulgation
than they we re some few centuries previous. But
even since the time of Christ has there been a uni?
form and clear action of this law of progress ? or
have we reached or passed our highest state of
virtue and consequent perfectibility, and hence
must now wrait another interference in our behalf?
We do not deny a ' law of progress,' but wc ques?
tion it, especially in the definition commonly given
to it; i. e. wc doubt whether there be so much
more virtue and happiness now (taking the world
at large) than sixteen centuries ago. The whole
political and social system seems based on wrong
principles, and works sad ruin with the human
happiness entrusted to its care. We have long
looked on this world as a ship on a Ice shore, and
the decadence of every nation, and the failure of
every political experiment, as so many signal
guns of distress. .She will work off, we believe
but not at her present rate of sailing. We
are apt to underrate the past and overrate the
present, and civilization has long seemed (to cm
ploy another figure) like the light of the setting
sun on a collection of mountain summits: it
shifts from one to another, without covering a
larger number. Palestine, and Greece, and Rome
have fallen into the shade, while England and
America have caught the light.
There is one thing which President H. says
is involved in the law of progress which is doubt?
less true. It is " the recognition of the true end
of man as a social being and an approach toward
that." That the true end of man is more clearly
recognised is evident?his approaching it is not
so clear. Were political put in the place of so.
cial, it would be truer. That man is progress?
ing in the knowledge of his political rights, and
of his power to get them too, is, wc think, evi?
dent. How be will use those rights and power
when he gets them, is not so plain. Taking in
the entire world, he who can see a steady move?
ment, toward universal competency and happi?
ness, must be clear-sighted indeed. The address,
however is not so one-sided as these remarks
would seem to indicate, but on the contrary can?
not fail to please everylover of clear thought, and
I pure style.
[LT Col. Richard M. Johnson has returned to
Boston and on the 17th visited the ?. S. revenue
cutter Hamilton and the U. S. ship Ohio. lie
was invited to be present and address a Repeal
meeting held at Charlestown on Monday even?
ing, and returned the following reply :
" Boston. On. 16, 1843.
*7'o the President of the Charlestown Repeal Association:
Dear Sin?It would afford me infinite pleasure to be
present at the meeting of the ' Friends of Ireland' in Charles?
town this evening, but I have just returned from a fatiguing
journey to Providence, and 1 am too' much exhausted to be
able to attend aud take part in jour proceedings. From the
commencement of the rej>eal agitation, my name and my in
iiuence, humble though they may be, have been emphatically
and devotedly identified with it, and it cannot at this dav l>a
necessary fwi me to say a word in explanation of my senti?
ments in its favor. I am not surprised, but deeply am I gra?
tified to learn, that the repeal agitation now convulses the
public opinion of the most civilized nations of the earth.
It should be so. A more momentous question, franght with
so many happy prospects, has not arisen since the American
Revolution. It is purely a question of the extension of hu?
nt a ri^ht and human happiness, ba^ed upon the principles of
justice, religion and morality. For this reason uiy .sympa?
thies are with you, in conformity to the sentiments and im?
pulses which have actuated me throughout a life devoted to
the cauae. of human liberty.
I beg, sir, that you will express to your associates my feel?
ings in favor of the cause in which they aie engaged,and
assure them that nothing but the fatigue'to which I have al?
ready adverted, could hare prevented my attendance at your
meeting this evening.
With great respect, sir, I have
the honor t? be your t'ra'.eful servant.
0* Returned from Ohio*?DR. JOHN THOM?
acquaint the numerous friends who have called during his al>
sence. that he has returned to his post again, and is ready to
attend to business, refreshed .and invigorated.
A Jcic specimens of cures performed at his office
for a few months past.
No. 1?Sore Eyes of ii years standing?Frederick Bat/en,
Ji Crosby street, had been afflicted for thr above timt?had
been attended bv eight of the be>t Oculists Ol this City, whose
.wiies we h ive in J. certificate Jso?was attended for 3 months
at the Eye Infirmary? was helped by us iu J weeks, so as to
b>- able to }.'o to work.
l'- Ft male Weakness and Nervous Debility of 5 years'
sia\viing cured?'SUs. M. had been in feeble health fori years
?hn'J oten attended by several Dootors-r-was h-dr^-d so As to
be able to labor in two weeks. Residence No. ? Broome-st.
3. Scrvfula ofl years' standing cured in 3 weeks?A great
cure.? Mrs. ?-was troubled in a dreadful manner
with the Scrofula. A physician of this City attend, d her one
years said several other doctors for less space of tint*, w ithout
advantage. She was relieved in l weeks, and now feels \ery
happy to be freed from the syphilitic impurities of the blood,
from which she had suffered lor so long a time.
4. Scrofula of eight years' standing.?John Dougherty of
Cold Springs, was afflicted with Scrofula for 8 years?w as
helped by us iu two weeks, so that he w ent to work again.
5. Poison from Mercury and Spint* Turpentine ofVlii
\itars' standing.?A >ou vl Mr. Cmwford of Monuiouth Co.,
New-Jersey, was restorer! after being severely afflicted for lOi
years?was in a very feeble condition?had l>etrii under medi?
cal treatment the whole time?was restoied to health in nine
weeks by ur..
?6. Female Weakness and Nervous Debility.?A lady from
Hudson was restored to better health than for several years iu
two weeks.
7. Bad Cough.?Mrs. G. had been afflicted for 10 years, wa*
I nelprfl by us in I weeks.
8. Raising B ood,Cuugh and Debility ?Mr. Sterns of Cab
botviUe was rrlirv.-d by us 2 weeks. By letter lately Mr.
Stem says he is w. II.
9. Dyspepsia.?Solon Cook of Ann Arbor, helj'ed in oue
10. Dyspepsia and Withered Arvu?Ids. Bright and son of
North Carolina, helped in 'I weeks.
11. Several cases of Rheumatism helped by us?Messrs.
John Cathcart. FitXsimons, C. T. Smith, Sherman, and
N. B.?Wanted at the In?rmary such patients as ran rind
norelief from others. Quotf] J. THOMSON.
\fjF The Attention of Capitalists is directed to
th,? *ale ot the Houses aud Lots Not 513 and jI5 B'*werv, bv
An'-hony J. Bleecker k Co.. on Friday ihe ?0th inst., iinder
ihr <lirection of Lucius Robin-oa, Master in ( hincery- For
{i&jtu'Jilars see Mast-rs and Auctioneers' aidvartisemeutj. A
reason abteamouiit of thr pm chase money can remain on Mort
vtsg- ou application fo the Solicitor At No. 77 Merchant..' Ex?
change, ?l? 2t*
m;'rev Trade and Land Taxe?.
To the Editor of the Tribune :
The Democratic papers will not make them?
selves the vehicles of such views as I wish to
express. I therefore beg permission to state them
in your columns.
I regard the Tariff as a device to keep up the
profits of American capital much higher than if
foreign capital were allowed to do our manufac?
turing : and to keep down the rent of land lower
than if we exchanged raw produce for manufac.
lured goods. Mr. Van Burcn's Tariff scheme is
little better than that of the Whigs in this re?
spect. .Mr. Calhoun's, though less protective,
and therefore in itself somewhat better, is still, as
a scheme of taxation, calculated to enrich the
landholders at the public expense: it is a device
to throw the taxation upon consumers, and, while
it raises their rents, is kept off the landholders,
on whom it would mostly fall if direct taxes were
resorted to.
Land, by the tenor of sovereign grants, is held
liable for all wants of the public. By natural
right, it belongs wholly to the public ; and never
should have been granted or sold to individuals.
It is. therefore, the proper source of public reve?
nue; and while it will yield enough, the public
has no right to take from individuals any part of
their private property.
The Democratic leaders, on the plea that the
people are not enough enlightened to know their
rights and interests, refrain from making Free
Trade and Direct Taxation a party question :
though many of them deem this system the best.
They tell you 11 half a loaf is better than no bread,"
" the frying-pan better than the fire,*' and other
equally noble sentiments. Now, so far as my
knowledge of history goes, it shows that the pub?
lic has ever been prone to acquiesce in existing
conditions, from this same fear of falling from
the frying-pan, or losing the half loaf; and al!
advances toward freedom and right have been
made by men who loved to encounter these pe?
rils?to run some risk of losing their bread, their
butter, etc. The fear of losing life is pardonable
cowardice, but this fear of losing luxuries and
temporary ease is unpardonable poltroonery. Vet,
lor want of thought, the public still yields to this
motive, and allows itself to be led to j[easv
battles and sure victories, neglecting the great
principles that should he contended for; and the
result of this fighting is little besides scalps and
plunder?the former for " Democracy," the latter
for its leaders.
Though I an a thorough Democrat,(that is IShold
that the arisloi?the wisest and bravest?should
govern by intellectual force?the whole people be.
ing the [tarty to make the physical decision,) still
I deem it my duty to vote for the ohgarchists,
and against the people, while the latter are
s? untrue to themselves and to mankind. I
therefore cannot vote for Mr. Van Iluren, Mr.
Calhoun, or any sei''-styled Democrat, who does
not openly pledge himself in favor of Free Trade
and Direct Taxes ; but I shall, as I hope many
others will, vote for the oligarchistic candidate, to
leach these heroes of the frying-pan that a manly
course is the more politic, as well as the more
honorable. Yours, J. K. Fisher.
O* We do not think we need offer tiny com?
ments on the above. Our views differ so utterly
from those of the writer that we must leave the
reader to judge how far his fundamental posi?
tions are sustained by any known or possible
facts. He asked a hearing through our columnB,
being denied it through thore of the so called
' Free Trade' school, and we have cheerfully ac?
corded it. Erf
DOAKD1NG SCHOOL.?New Canaan Semi
Sj nary. Ct. Number limited to twe?tv. Circulars at 300
Pearl st. N. Y. [ob Im'] _LOSBORN, Principal.
jVTKW SE?-lIN Ali V?MKS H >YT'S Lesson
-Ll Rooms, No. 38 Forsyth, near Walker street.?Instruction
in all tli1 branches taught in the best Institutions.?Rev. H.
Hoyt will aid the pui its in attaining. ele;.mc>- >n composition
and penmanship, and will assist the m-veral classes in their
studies hv familiar lectures am! illustration*.
Hours from 111 A. M. to l P. M.?Evening Class from 7
o'clock to 9. Charges moderate. oll lm
PERTH AM Ii ? V SEMINA K Y~-i*c~ieaiTi fic.
JL Mathematical and Clas?ical.?The Principal? fully intend
their School shall be second to none in point of merit. The
Winter Session will commence on Monday. November G.
Terms moderate, in accordance with the times. Circulars
with t.-^rimonials and refwrenc.s may be had of John S. Tay?
lor, Brick Chanel, or of the Principals.
t!26w? _S. G. WOOD BRIDGE.
Vy. SCHOOL, 6!9 Broadway (near Stuyveaant Institute)
will be re-opened on Monday.4th September.
TiACHF'.iis.?C. E. Wasliinirn. A. M. (lately a tutor in
Arnherst College) Latin and Oreek; A. I'^sti.iux. French; E.
Purcell. Drawing; W. Davisou, Penmanship; W. B. Erad
btirv' Vccal Music.
The English and Mathematical Department/! will be under
the superintendence of the Principal.
Circulars, containing term*. Sec. may be had on application
to Mr. Briant, 645 Broadway, or to the Priuci|al. au31 tf
ACARD.?Several Students of Columbia Cpl
legeandthe University, being prevented from reading
with Rev. James Millett, from an impression that he was
about to open;a School instead of Private Classes, he hereby
informs them and the inhabitants of Union Square and its vi?
cinity that he continues to teach pupils at his ow n residence
or that of those entrusted to his care. A thorough and expedi?
tious system is here carried out. Sucress in the thssical de?
partment isfully guaranteed by Mr.M.'s having had twelve
\ ?? us" experience, during live of which he has been head i I is
sical Instructor in the establishments of Rev. Dr. Hawks,
R< \. Messrs. HudJau and Morn., as also bv the distinguished
collegiate honors obtained by him. Young ladies are carefully
taucht a general course of polite English Literature, together
with French, ice. Apply, personally or by letter, at Fifteenth
street, near the Third Avenue, east of L'uion Squaie. o!8 3tos*
jE\ SCHQj?L=(corner of ('linton and Pacific streets, Brook?
lyn.)?This School will re-opeji oil tlie 1st day of September.
Punctual attendance of the'pupiWis requeated.
The course of instruction in tins institution is full and tho?
rough, embracing the English, Classical, Mathematical anu
Scientific branches. Sttict attention is paid to die formation
of the moral as well as intellectual character ol pupils. The
first masters are employed in r.he several departments, and the
mode of instruction continued which Ins so long given satu
The'limited number of sit pupils will be received into the
Principal's family, aud receive the care of a parent.
Circulars stating t-ims, tec. may be had on . application at
rhe Church Depository, No. 2u John-sr, or at the bookstore of
Mr. A. V. Blake, Fulton-it. New-York, and at Mr. A.M.
WiiJer's Baokstore. 31 Fulton-st. Brooklyn._so30tt
BOARDING SCHOOL.?Thb institution is situated m
one of the oust healthful, guiet and beautilul townsi in >ew
England, of easy access dnily from New\ork, Albany and
Boston. ? . . , , ,. ,
students re..i ie with the Principal, and are ataJl times under
his care. The number is limited, and none are p-rmitted to
remain whose example is injurious. 1 o render this School
more worthy of the confidence of parents, the Principal has
examined mane similar Institutions in Europe and America.
The Summer Session commences May 15; ends October 15.
? ? Winter " " Nov." April
Tiie charge is Sfifl per Session, w hich includes all expenses,
vav for Booki, Music and Modern Languages.
Circulars and minute information may be obtained of Kev
HeI;ry Chase, ii Market street, New "i oi_, and ol Rev. Alfred
Saxe, Albany. D. H. CHASE.
.s2I DSiWiNli*_.
J SCHOOL?On the Hudson river, 60 miles from New
y0ric?The winter term of this Institunon will commence
on the 1st' November next. The studies pursued embrace the
mod*? and ancient Languages, with the usual ?nglisn
branches. Parental adviceand discipline an? the means used
m secure the attention and industry of the pupils. Constant
ts ire made to impress upon the minds <>f the tchol u-x tr.e
great necessity of their making the best endeavors to treasure
m th ii memory the lessons the- are expected to recite; and not
to be satisfied with merelv reciting them well at tn- time tnej
a,e called. Moral obligations arid refinement pi manners are
particularly inculcated; and no boy of vicioushabitsis illovv
S to remain in the famil y. The pupils enjoy ^**fi,'?
having the company of their instructor during the time ot re
creationas wellas m studyhours.^ __-?_.
There are now four v-cancies. Terms, SI.5 a year, payable
ouarterTv in advance. Music, extra. Farther ?^gnation
Lvt hadbyapply-ugtoMr. Alzamora. at No. 48 Barclay
Gi I K A N'DOLES at 114 Chatham-street.?A great
r variety of new pattertu-bronred. gUt and silvered Utran
doles: also, a choice lot of splendid Outhic lea-1 rays, waeu
or separau-iv, and a superior quality of ivoryj _|iIm'ile _i %n
Cutlery, together w ith a gene.al assortment ot Plated and >?
vet Ware, all of which are now offered atzreatly reduc*lpn
CKOTON WATER.?Tli. subscriber is pre?
pared to put down the best quality of Tinntd Leid I
into dwellings, offices and stores a: the lowest prices and upon
the shortest uotice. Persons about having water introduced
inro 'heir houtes will phase call and examine f.?r thernseJveSj
Baths, water cb.veu anuever>- ttiin. in rhetlt* arrende.lt.? and
^?rtormed in th- ue?te?t manner. 1. NAl LOK _ ? U
oilax /U6 Broadway. 1
No. im nassau-street.
All k l n d s o f J o b Pr j n' t i n g. snchai
< ' iTaLOGL'V.S,
Checks, Cartis,
Insurance Polities,
Bill,of Lading,
Mammoth Show Bills.
Lecture Bills,
Concert Bins, Plain ami
Political Bills,
Circulars, (neat) Sec.
Promptly eiecited ar th- Office of the Tribune, No. 160 Nas.
sau stieet? opposite the Park.
No. 7 Spruee street, (Tribune Buildings.}
si 5
Sylvania Association.?Office No. 23
Finest, rinrd story. Open from If) to 12 A. M. Information
cheerfully given The Oonsritntion given. jylOtf
?7" Health, Uuld, and Comfort.?The Gra
hun House, CJ Barclay-street, New-York, protfeu advantages
to strangers sroppiu? a few dap or weeks in the city, such as
are tartly offered. It is eligibly located on a clean and air J
street, verv near the business part of the cif<\ and in the im?
mediate vicinity of the principal ? .oiboat landings. Its
apartments are convenient and near, while its tible is supplier!
with the he*: Vegetables and Fruit.-, thai can h* procured; ex?
cluding entirely Animal Food and stimulants of all kinds.
Charges moderate, and every effort made to rendtr B>?irdrr>
comfortable. Shower Baths free. Remember, 63 Barclay
street. jv23 tf
drugs; dute stuffs, paints, medi?
cines. groceries, ffce.
john c. morrison offers for sate on the
?J most liberal terms for CASH or CREDIT; a very exten?
sive assortment of goods, among them the following, to which
he would cill the attention of
' 'amphor
Cream Tartar
i astilp Soap
Balsam Copavia
J dap
Flors. Chamomile
Gum Arabic
( astor Oil
Roll and Flour Sulphur
Borax, refined and ciud"
? 'alomel
R-d Precipitate
Corrosive Sublimate
Aqua Ammonia
Spirits Nitre Dulcis
Super Carbonate Soda
Ttrtanc Acid
Epsom Salts
Sulphate Quinine
Oil Peppermint, and allE^en
tial Oils
(nun Myrrh
I .an than des
t ium Tragacanlh
Powdered Buk
' ork of all kinds
Sponges, coarse and fine
Cassia Buds
Gum Tragacanth
I nun Arabic, Turkey
Gum GunDotitfe
Oil of Roses
do Peppermint
do W intergreeii
do Lemon
do Cinnamon
do 0;a:ige
do Bergamot
do Annisseed
do Absynlh
do Carrawsy
do Juniper
Rose, Orange and Teach Wa?
V iiulla Beans
Tnnquni Bean*
i oriander Seed
C irraway Seed
Aums Seed
Jujube Pa.->le
Super Carbonate of Soda
Tart iric Acid
Ginger, white Jamaica
(Ireen Ginger
Blue Vitriol
Copperas, English .V. Ameri?
Oil Vitriol
Sugar L^.d
Bleaching Salts
Aqua Fortis
Soda Ash
Pot and Pearl Ashes
Extract Logwood
T.i'tatic Acid
Bichromate of P. >ta.-Ji
Sal Soda
(turn Shellac
( udbear
Fall, Winter and Summer
Strained Sperm ?
Refined and unrefined Whale
Lard Oil
Balsam of Ho. ey
Turlington's B.t!sam
Bat.-man's Dropi
riarltem Oil and British Oil Oil \ itnol
.11 P ... J_ l'rt,?u.r Hal
Window l?ass of all sizes and
, White Lead dry and iu oil
i R-d Lead
Spirits of Turpentiue
Verdigris, dry nud in oil
< rirome l ?reen
Chrome Fellow
Yellow Ochre, French ami
Prussian Blue
Vet million
Rotten Stone
Ivory Bl ick
Gum Copal
Pai it Brushes, all sizaa
Rose Pink
I Lamp Black
?British Lu,tre
Glue. a!l sorts
Goid and Silver Leaf
Gold and Silvvr Broi.ze
Copper Bronze
I luik. white and red
Paria White
Spanish Brown
Venetian Red
Sind Paper
i'uinice Ston.i
Tar a.;J Rosin
Japan, Copal; Coach and Rar
uess V unisli
Turkey Umber
Terr i de Sineua
Red Chalk
(ium Shellac
Bright Varnish
Sash Tools, all sizes
Black Lead
Yjung Ilysou Tea
Hyson Skin
French Brandies
Spanish Segars
Pot and Pearl Ashes
Liquorice Ball
Bath Brick
Fig Blue
Pondered Ginger Root
Olive Oil, in bottles it baskets
Suhlet!-", crude and refined
Pepper Sauce
Macaboy snuff
Scotch Snuff
Indiso, Flotant
Castile Soao
( -istor Oil, in bottles
Ljxoin Salti
Frictiou Matches
Carbonate Ammonia
British Lustre
Soda for washing
Mustard. London
Cayenne Pepper
Powdered Nutmeg
Powdered Cinnamon
I Giaiuanil Bar Tin
Fullers Faith
Madder, Dutch and French
Indigoesof Bengal, Caraccas
I and Guatemala
White Tartar
Lac Dye
Prussiate Potash
Gum Senega]
Pow dered Curcuma
Powdered bin? Sraalu
Qiir-rcitoni Bark
Spirits N itre Fortis
British Gum
Nitric Acid and Oxalic Acid
Tanners' Train. Linseed
Neatsfoot, Olive, [or Sweet]
and Sea Elephant
Sperm auJ St-ric Candles
TERS, Sic.
Bleaching Powders
Pow derrJ Blue Sin ills
SelilletZ PoWd.
Stoughton's Bitters
Fit;act Saisaparilla
('ephalic Snuff
Audersou's Pit's
Lee's do
Hooper's do
i ipodeldoc. Steers aud liquid
Sttda Powders
(rodfrej 's Cordial
Anderson's Cough Drops
Thomson's Eje-w iter
Opper I mIx
Shell Lac
Extract of Logwood
Blue Vitriol
Sal Ammoniac
Sugar of Lead
Alum, Stc. ?J-c
(iutn Asphaltum
Sal Ammoniac
, Brazil Wood
j R-d Saunders
Hatch Wood
Bed Wood
.Hypemic Wood
I Peach Woi d
Ebany Wood
GL ISS W?RE.?Common Ti?ls, Pre
s-ription Vials, Patent Medicine Vials, Acid Bottles. Co
fS, Fancy Pungent*, Druggists' Packing . Bottles, Castor
cm. Concaves, Magnesia, Blacting or Varnuh. Demijohns,
Flasks, Inkstands, Jars. Lemon Syrups, Mustards, t?nutti,
Chemicals of all kinds. French, English and American. .All
Lieds of Paints and Colors. Evcrytdiscnptioir of Drags and
Druggists' articles, and Pat-nt Medicines, lerlumery and
Soars.a general assortment, tie. kc.iLC,
\\i articles warranted genuine. The promptest] attention
givru to orders from the country._ 019 lm
CASSIMERE-.?An extensive variety of Cafisi
meres and Doe Skins, embracing all the new styles of!
black and fancy colored, plain, ribbed and plaid?just received
at DAVOL'S Cloth Store, 'jO MaiJen Lane._Q13 2w
r LEE, formerly of the rinn of Lord & Lees,
? n I_l_ Q. ._1 1* n DD L'HrCTTL* 17 ..
i^Ji B ibcock, See. and U. B. BREWSTER; under
rteiirmof LEE i BREWSTER, have established at 113
PEARL STREET, (Hanover Square,) New-York, a wane
hons? on an extendTe scale,
to supply the City and Interior Trad.-, by the piece or package.
' By confining their attention entirely and exclusively to this
one article. L. i?. B. are enabled Lot only to exhibit a more ex
tensive ana beautiful assortment than is to be found elsewhrr*,
(there being no similar establishment tor Pnuts in the L'niud
State*,) bQt to i?ii always at prices as low, endgerurclly
lower thm houses whose attention and means are divided
ur.ong a law variety of articles.
The Stock, embracing Some Thousands of Different Pat- ,
t, ms and Colorings, comprises all the latest and choicest j
s'vks; to which will be constantly added ail new and desira
ble patterns as they ap;var m the market, bt-sid??s many which
will be g'-'t up exclusively lor their own sales.
Purchasers of this article will rind it to their inUrest to ?x
smiiie this Stock before buying their Prints. Even if they do
not l aiciia?e they will at least have the advantage of seeing all
the n^w styles, and learning the Lowest market prices.
rr^" Catalogues of Prices, corrected with every variation of
the Market, are placed in the haads of Buyers. All orders
will receive the best attention. au25 3mD3t W
TEAS? 250 half chests Ctintcn Voting Hyson.
L50 thirteen pound boxes do.
For sale by
nt- 2w ORINNELL, MINTURN k Co. 78 ^outh st.
1 100 stims Top Notches of different sizes.
ICiiO " " Tij?s to match, che?i>er and better than any
minufictured in tha Uuited Stares. For sal-at 13' Prince st.,
oli Lm* Manufacturer
WHOLE XO. 797.
Thij unm ailed preparation !vu performed some of ti.i
rr.<i*t astonishing currs of diseases rha: are recorded in the _u
::ah of history, thus proving concIostTely it is capable offuT
Suing the high aim aud purpose for which it is designed. Pa?
tients sufferuji; for years from vanons chronic constitute DI
?hsorderi, after Irvine, different remedies, spending thousands
of dollars in trawling aud doctoring, and suffering all that hu?
man nature is capable of enduring, have, bv the use of a
few battles, entirely recovered their health. Chronic Rhen
rnatasm..Scrofula or KinS s Er?, Salt Rhenin and Ring,
worm, Ulcer* and painful affection of the bone*, Ulcerated
Throat and Nostrils, Scnrry, Biles, Chronic Sore Eyes
Blotches and various cutaneous eruptions. Glandular En
cement, Hip Disease, 8tc. areeffectually cured by its use
diseases h iring their origin in an impure state of the blend
aid Luids generally will b.< speedily and effectually remov,
by this invaluable medicine as its operation is peculiar,and
consists in removing the cause of disease by entering into :h
circnla'tion and passing through the gr::e:al system. When
obstructions to its favorable Oi*ratidn exist, they ,mp removed
as it pisses along the alimentary canal; hence the patient w il!
f el and know the sensible operation of the SarsapariUa fri o
its curative powers.
The proprietors are daily receiving from the m dical pr.
fession, the clergy, otrtcers of justice, and numerous privati
citizens, ample abd willing testimony both written :uid ver?
bal. t>* the superior value and efficacy of this preparation. Tv
the poor i: is furnished gratuitously,on sufficient proof bein;
famished of their worthiness.
The following certificates from individuals who have suf
fered with Scrofula in irs severest form, aie presented (or tin
careful perusal of the afflicted :
Essex, Cotrrr, July l>, \M.
.Messrs. Sands?Gent: about eiyht years ?ir.ee, by r>-:i.L
overheated, and directly after exposed, I was seized with ;
severe cold, which deranged, the whole system. Purple 01
livid spots appeared on the ?kiu, attended with violent pain
the head ; the symptoms being alarming, a physician was call
ed who prescribed blistering and leaching, which produced
partial relief. Hard bony lumps formed uudc-r the skin on va?
rious parts of the body, and th? doctor pronounced my com
idaint hereditary Scrofula now for the first time developed.
jThe following winter my sight failed in bo.h eyes : medii i
aid wasagaiu resorted ti>, which relieved my sight during tin.
summer; my nose now began to increase in size and the vvholi
body rapiJK enlarged with a dr.'usical swtllin?. The no*
even grew very sore and discharged profusely the most loat ?
some substaace. My whole system was involved in disease;
the lump!, softened and di.charged freely, producing great de?
bility ;?ulcers now broke out on the legs, and to complete n \
misery, the muscles aud smews contracted so ti. it 1 w*s reu.
dered nearly helpless, [ remained with litt'e change in t is
condition until last October, when 1 was su Ideuly seized with
an indescribable sensation which rendered me nearly uncon?
scious, and my friends supposed it was trw will of kind Pro?
vidence to nd me of my sufferings, but from this 1 recovered
only to inffer on ; the ulcers had become one continuous sore
entirely raw.
f> It was in this condition I commenced the nie of your inval?
uable Sarsaparilla, which I was induced to u?e from the uianv
remirkable cures I saw published. It come to me as some
guardian angel; and 1 can scarcely tell why yet. yet from the
moment I heard it metitioued I was impressed fully with the
belief that this was to be the Rood S.iniantan for me? a. c
truly it has wrought wouders in my case. After using it a
few days mypafns grew easier, the swelling of the body and
limb* went down, tlve ulcers commenced healing, and 1 rested
well. After sulleriug every thing but the pains of death, how
happy am I and how Rrateful do 1 feel to be able to add mi
other testimonial to theefficacv of your priceless SarsaparilL!
My health is restored, and I have walked four mile* w ithout
inconvenience, 1 superintend my family affairs, and in fact j
feel almost like a being in a new world. 1 am induced.'to
make tin* public acknowledgment from ? i!-r;> seuse of dutv
due to you as a tneins in the hands of God of ?escorim: a fel?
low mortal from a premature grave. Language is inadequate
to express my feelings. May the Lord be with you. and make
[jls i.ice to shine upon vou, is the sincere desire of your much
obliged and deeply indebted friend. To the afflicted I would
nay, Do not despair, for however desperate yourca.e may be.
you in rely have an intidotc at hand, viz: Sands's r-aus.vp.i
ui Lt.a. Trust to no othn, however great their pretensions.
Middlesex Co. ss.?Essex. Con. July 25, IW3.?Personally
appeared the above named Monis.', i Simmons, and made oath
to the facts contained in the foregoing statement before me,
GURDON S.Ml i H, Justice of the Peace.
We, the undersigned, being personally acquainted with Mrs.
Monis.? Simmon i. do not hesitate to say that we consider tde
alow statement of her cas". substantially true and entitled to
confidence. REI BEN POST, Deacon Baptist Church;
L. HILL HAYDEN, Merchant;
CKAS; GKEENLW'AK, Sur. Dentist;
A. F. WHITTE VIORE, Post-Master.
Manskik.i.d, Oct. 31, 1843.
To R. W. M.vTHi-.wsov, Norwich:
Siu: For the last fifteen years 1 nave Veu the subject of
complicated disease?troubled with the dropsy and m>
nerves completely unstrung, with more or less of erysipelas,
inconnection with other bad humors. la May lut mv diffi?
culties seemed to enrag? and be more firmly seated; my head
jiid face was so swollen that it appeared to me that the bones
of my heed had separated one from the Other, aud completely
disfigured my face. ] could scarcely breathe through my uose;
my e> es w ere so affected that I could ire but little, at the same
time.a [tended with an acute and iud-srribablc pain constantly
dar'iiigfrom the nose to other parts of the head and throat,
which was badly sw ollen and very sore, and a constant burn?
ing heat or irritation of the stomach, with my limbs bloated
to nearly rwice their ordinary size. Ill this situation, for
weeks I was compelle ! to lie upon one side, with hut little or
no sleep. My humors assumed a renewed and stubborn hold
upon me, und appaiently threatened a speedy dissolution. I
tried every expedient p< ssible, with bur little or if\i benefit. My
physician at lengfh recommended Sands's Sarsaparilla; I pro?
cured a few bottles of it, which I believe fobethe means (tiro'
the blessing of God) of my restoration to comparative health
agai-t. 1 bad not taken but two or three bottles belore my dis
eaieb-zan to leave. Mv pain and swelling is goi e, my appe?
tite good,sleep and rest quietlj ;"tO me it has b.eri a sovereign
Having been acquainted with the afflicted widow, Mrs. Eu
nice Crane, of Mansfield, for nearly six years, (who?e pro?
tracted sickness has called forth the sympathies <d the com?
munity where she resides) I consider it an occasion for joy
that her sufferings have been so far alleviated by the u-e oi
Saud?** Sarsaparilla, which has been so kiudlv forwarded by
yourself. HENRY BROMLEY,
Minister of tlie Gospel.
W#. the undersigned, do certify that the above are facts.
1 Prepared and sold, wholesale aud retail, and for exportation,
bv A- B. SANDS x CO., Druggists and Chemists, Granite
' Buildings; No. 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers sticet, New
! York. Sold also bv A. B. Sc D. Sands. Druggists, Nos. 7" and
I loo Fulton street; David SandskCo.,No.77 East Broadway,
j corner of Market street ; and by Druggists generally through?
out the L'uited States. Price >1 pet bottle, six bottle, S;. Ql8tf
AUCTION SALE.?On the 25th day of October
instant, at f) o'clock A M.will be sold at PUBLIC
AI CTION, at the storehouseof the Dutches VVbalibgConv
pany, on tlieir wharf at this place, the following ?.rticle*
mortgaged to this Bank, viz:
30 pieces of locust timber, suitable for ship building;
U do o*k do for the same purpose;
l?O bunche6 of green Hags;
I patent heaving out chain aud fixtures, m good o,de/.
1 iron safe;
1 patent balance;
2 windlasses in rigging left:
I dusting brush;
1 office stove and pipe;
6 office chiirs;
I pitcher an l tumbler;
1 office wriring desk, mahogany;
Career.iug tackles, blocks, falls aud 2 Crabs;
1 office table, pine;
1 chart of ihe World;
12 tire buckets;
1 screw press;
1 seal;
1 writing desk, mahogany;
1 pice closet;
1 ?x cart;
4 rloat stages and stage planks;
I set guaging tool*.
Also, a variety of materials in the storehouse, such ac tooU,
emptv casks, rosin, sheathing paper, Russia, felt, '.-akum,
sheathing boards, comp<;siriou nail* and ra.stin>;s, cordage,
new and old. Conditions made known on the day of sale.
Cashier of the Dutch-so County B ink.
Poughkeepsie, October 5. IB-I3. cO rt?tli*
T ?TS AT AUCTION?WI!I be sold at aijc??n
jL/on the premises, on the 2lth day of October next, 350 Iors,
of various dimensions, iu tae tlourishing manufactuncg vil?
lage of Waterloo, Seneca county, N. Y. Sal?s peremptory to
close i concern; to commence at 11 o'clock A M, aad contin?
ue until all is sold, 'lerms verv liberal?made Known at sale.
Bv ?. GROS YEN OR, Attorney.
New York. 25th Sept., 1313._?26 1m*
TNDI A-R L'liHtR (;VKii-SH UK.-3 at~DA V'.^, 25
X Maiden Lane.
15,000 pairs Ladies' plain and figured Rubbers
1,500 do. Men's do. do.
3,000 do. Misses and Children's do.
4,500 do. Men's and Women's shut Rubber Over-Shocfi
500 do. Ladies'fur-bound Grecians, leather sole*
5<)fl do. Golve or corded top Rubbers
3W do. Ladies* juilted silk upper Over-Shoe*?a new
and elegant style
At.so?Anew article with ?urfaccuf patent japanned finish,
together with many other styles,?making die most complete
stock for the Trade to select from, to bo found in the United
State?. HORACE H. DAY.
Successor to the Roxbury I. R. Co.
s28 lm _ 25 Maiden Laue.
TNDIA RUBBER. SHOES.^The subwiber7 is
-I- now receiving hi* Fall supply of India Rubber Shoes, and
re?p?ctfuily solicits a call. Dealers may rely upon the assone
ment being a* general and complete as can be found in the
market, as he is supplied by the different manufacturers wit
ev?iy saleable style of Shoes.
His slock of lin>*d Rub"jr?s is decidedly tlie best ever offered;
as besides, lining good Shoe*, they are lined in a very superior
manner; of plain and figured Rubbers, M#n's aud W'ocieu's,
the supply is large and w ell seasoned.
Sheet aud Cloth Rubber Shr>-?, Buskins, Sandals, manufac?
tured Rubbers, 5cc , can be found ax this establishment, made
iu a ?u;enor mauuer acd warranted.
Also, India Rubber Carriage Cloth, Hote for ti?e Crotou
Water, Machine Banding, Life Preservers, Pillows. Cushions,
Sec. Ste , aud all other manufactur*d goo-Js on hand, and! nun
ufac tared to order. C.L.ROSS,
s2 121 Maiden lane, between Pearl and \Vater-?ts.
JAMES G. MOFFET, Manufacturer. 121 Pnnce
st.. N. Y., offers for sale, at the lowest market prices, 500
lbs. German Silver of different widths and thicknesses, u
... any l. .,
of color, and fully ^\m[xoO^ imported.
J Plated Cake Basket*, Castors and Candlesticks:
Britannia Coffee-Pots Tea Sets and Cms;
Gothic, Sandwich and Convex Tea-Travs;
Table Cutlery, iu a single dozen or_*et? of 5' P?*?''
^nd ?anv other goods of a similar deaenpnon, for sa.e o>
and man) t^ffigfa BEACH. ?l lit C^tbanwtrert,
09 lm* rWfr-treet.
1 <_ r the 17th im? , _ Gent'emac's DiMnord Breast Pin, set
n plain cold. The finder sh\ll rveeite the above reward by
V^rnur it \t '4?-Bl^ek?r-*t. ft!0 3t#
I <'^i'.?Li.-: m Wallstreet ur -*?r*u_ street, a
Lj matl whllebj eoMv..-c; ,? .-,,? A,,||ar bill*. A
mitable reward wul begit?aby rrtaiau.it to the owner 71
.-?ath street. _ c_i lw
A TEACH LR.?-A gentleman baving two hours
-~X leisu-* drily wishes to et CK? is ? p_t>?!C or privat*.
teacherof Latin, Greek, I>rawinr, wrirtagor Nvarai Science
i i any of its branches. Terms moderate. Addtess' S.rma,'
PriCnne Orrke, <oon. ?18
\N ACTIVE light Porter well acquainted with
the city, is desirous of employm-nt, or would ??t as M*a
? ^ger or' Collector, for which he offers the o*?i of rctenr_re_,
?jCres? F. H. this office.__!_**__
\\f ANTED--AaUuafion by a nice girl as Cock or
Vt Chambermaid! Good reference*. A; ply at 15? Orwa
?rvt. * o? ft*
W'?NTS a situation, a respectable Protestant
V V young woman at Cook or Chambermaid in a respect.blr
irn?v; is ,good vryher and iroi;er: with ci>od city references;
r to navel with a lady. Please inquire at No. 3fe7 Gr-enwica
UrANTED-^130 IVassau-st., 1 porter, S agents,
2 clerks; 3 partners. 2 seamstresses, 1 boy, several girls.
WANTED, and a partner, in a highly
'respectable business of great protir. He can travel
, S ittth this winter if it suits niio, ox he may remain in
the cirvand do business for rite roars if he pleases. Address
Middleecx.' this office._Pit ?? ?
Cil nfifi WANTED, and a partner or ag* nt in
\ 'v'v'an apeesble and profitable bnsinew He will be
. remitted to spend three mouths st WAshmgtonCity.a.-.d three
months in Virginia,or remain in this city, and the p-incipal
will travel, lithe agency is chfl en, a salary ot $2-500 will
be sllowed._Address ' Richard," it this office. ol$3t*
A K ARE CHANCE?The Stock and Fi-tutei
-X of the Groc ry Store M Hudson streetjor sale. An op
t'oitiitiitv her?-otfered to any wishing to at ail ?lrmselve* of
it* advantages. The proprietors having other business to at
tend to ar?- thus publicly induced to make their want of a cash
.?u*tomer knowu as none others need apply. ol$ tt*
AT lf? Chaiiibers-street, near I)ro"ati\vay,~a"few
- JMrentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and
curd, wliere then- are no children. Keferrno- exchanged
old [w*__ 5 'daw ol Capt James Hascht.
r>OOD BOARD with pleasant Rooms c*n be
V J obtained at 26 Cfiff street. oP zw?
'PEACHING IN MU?1C, vVc -A~vi^riady
x long accustomed to Teaching, especially Music, wishes
t.> obtain Board, Fire, Stc. in an agreeable family for her ter
y ices as a Teacher, and will cheerfully render serviceenoui'h.
She proffers unexceptionable references'. Address Q. A at
tiiii office. ol6 if
or thr-.? single gentlemen cnu be pleasantly sccommodal
.-d wild board by applying at -ll East Broadway. *45 tf
VEVV HOARDING HOl'SE.-Ceiit'lemeiTcan
L i be accommodated with good board and pleasant rooms at
J77 Broome street, between Motf and Mulberry. Those ap
i'!>iug early will have a choice of rooms. s29 Im*
rPEAS? SO hail chests Caper Souchong.
-L 217 do Ning Vong Souchong.
2u fancy boxes fine Sonpuy Souchong.
10 do do Motiee Souuhoug.
10 do do Hyson.
7R chests >uperior Twaukay.
2M do Hyson.
4U0 half chests Youiig Hyson.
100 chests do do.
M>0 do Hy?on Skin.
50half chests extra fine Onnpowd*r and.lmpe
rial. For sale by
017 2W _ GRIN NELL, MINT URN St Co. 78 South-st.
\\rTTff kf LEAD? Pry ulidl^il-Juit received
r ? several hundred kegs of the Saugerties Whits Lead
Company. | ut up eipreasly for my trade, and with my brand
upon it |t is warranted superior in quality to any kind of
Fngli.h or American Lead.
Purchasers not finding it as stated will return it and receivs
their nionny back with the excuses.
I'ealer in nruas. Paints. Oils, (il^ss, Dvewoods, l))estutfs.
'Peas, Stc. No. I?3 Greenwich ttreet, between Vesey and
Fulton street. 015 lw*
JHL and Drawers, Manufactured by the Shakers of M*r
rimack County, N. If. Persons wishing a su|ierior articls
.. under clothing, suitable f.w die coming seasou, combining
durability with warmth, either at wholesale or retail, are in?
rited to cjll on tiie Agent, where they will lie certain of get
ting the genuine article; wliere ran slso be found, Shuts.
Stocks, < ips. Linen C.'llars and Bosoms, Cap Trimmings,
atent Enamelled and Top Leather. Cmbrellasi Perfumery
kci fee stc. G. W. OORUM. Airent.
ol2l)Si\Vlni* 126 Maiden Lanebetween P.-srl St. WAler-st*.
\\7 H A LE (M L--2000gallons rejected ; 5000 do.
v V superior North-West Coast, very light colored, just
landed! For sale bv
ol9 3t QRINNELL, M1NTURV kCO.,78 South-st.
((Z^y \ removed to 13 Beekman strest. About JOO of x*s>
^"?^,-1^ ^fit phy*ieiansaiid surgeons of New York bavo
vr1?^ tiven their decidtd preUrenee to this Trow, as
w yo* can Kraduate the [iressure from Ons to 56
pounds on the rupture without a back ;>ad, which does iq
much injury to the spine. A fair trial bein^ tha best test of
its suivinrity, it is applied and six days trial gi\tn, and if it
dues not retain the rupture, while performing etery kind of
? xercis* or coughing, and give perfect ess*?in a word, if it is
not satisfactory in every respect, the money is cheerfully it*.
runted, and this is the only condition on which you should
buy any truss. A permanent cure is easily effected, and war
ranted Indirections are followed.
Offices are fitted up at No. 11 Beekman street, one dooi from
Nassau, exclusively for applying this truss, and all are invited
ici coin, and try for themselves. o7 1m
[AMERICAN C?l)Pj^"'?T?6l5t
la id'POOLS in generil can be ohraiuad in
ra:l their variety at WHOLESALE and
the most celebrated manufacturers (warranlid Cattau*!,)
such ?*
MORTON'S. GIFFORD'S.and other makwa.
NOTICE? Sufficient is it in answer ro the advertisement
that appean to the contrary, tliat we have the genuin* war
isi.teil Confers Tools for sale, as here advertised.
A liberal discount on Edge Tools to merchants.
bom Sr. Little, of 13 Fultcn-street, have ad?
vertised Conger's Edge Tools for sale, aud
and the impression h? gone abroad that they
areofmy make, and whereas the said 0?
horn 8t Little are unwilling to remove said erroneous impres?
sion by stating the whereabouts of the real maker, therefore,
to undeceive my friends and the public in general, 1 would
merely itate that my tools can be hadatoiil v No. 33 Attorney
?trrvr. or at George Briggs St Co. No. 115 Maiden-lane, wher*
a full supply may always be had, at a liberal discount to deal?
ers and in future w ill be stamped Conger, N. Y. 33 Attorney
street. s2:l!m? JOHN CONGER, New-York.
scriber would inform tobacconists and oth
ersthat those Tobacco Knives and o?l?er
tools offered for sale at Orboin St Llttl**?,
33 Fultonst. and stamped Conger, are not my msk<?. Mine
may be had .if GEORGE BRIGGS St CO. JWMaid*u Isne,
or at 33 Attorney st. w here they are made and will b* stamped
in future Conger, N. Y. 33 Attorney.
_o7 ini^__J_JOHN CONGER, New-Yotk.
(J ? .CLOCKS.??The subscriber, who was awarded
with a diploma at the New- York Statr Fair, 1842
and lW3,/or thehttk toned Vkurck- lull, is now
prepired at his foundry, at West Troy, N. Y. to furnish Btlls
f my weight, from 20lb*, to 1W)0 lbs. mad^ of the best mate
rials, and warranted ro stand and cor.?- such a< to please.
Fastens to them (is improvtd cast iron yok'.vrith in/rvabl*
arm;. The increasing demands for his bells l* the be*t evi?
dence that can be giien of their excellence. To say nothing of
ithej States, betweeD, three ami four hundred Church Belk
hare been furnished for different places in the Stat? of Now.
York from his foundry.
A\?o. Leveling and Surveying Instruments, Copper and
Brats Caatings, &c_ ol6tf ANDREW MENEELY.
?=aJOI-IN OALER, (formerly with J. V.
S PORE, 55 Chatnam-street?on opetjicjt theabove new store,
begs respectfully to solicit the attention of hu fneude and the
pubHc to his choice a^jortment of
of City Manuficrure, being of the most approved style, and
at prices correapondine with the tirrx?. ALo, Gentb-mm's
and Youths'fine Call Boors and Shoes.
Having had several years' i/xperi-nce in the business, lw can
confidently insure to purchasers the b^st description of work?
manship. . ,
N. B.?Boots and Shoes of every description made to order.
! M br has reduced his superior imitation Moleskin Hats OB
c5***fur bodi's to th*> extreme low pricv of $2 25. Theaoove
are an elegant Dreis Hat. and will compare advantageously
with Hats sohl at S2 50 and S3. Alvo canstantlf macafactar
ing Fur and Silk of the beat quality, latest patterns, and at tbs?
lowest citv prices.
N-B. Country dealers supplied by the case as low, u not
lower, than by any other house in this city.
J. W. KELLOGG, 132 Canal-street.
s23 3m* corsier of Thomfon-strtsX.
I Ji;ST FLN'TsHED? Elegant NutriaFurHata,
(ordinarily termed Bwver,) at the low price of S3;
vr-? sutorior short nap of Pru?ian M-.Iwkin at $3. J itaM
Hats ar* ^qual in durability and lustre to tnc^e sold at ft
r ,? i I tPiano* in aar part of the city for 50 cents; also
! 1 * hr,r,,-n% on th? Piano, Orgau and in Smging. on
Ll^rl?re^"pp?oMb the D?P*tch Post, o, pe^son
"75rTl(3r7.zE-^Hi^Ecv?vv^arrKnied uuperior m
ff W r nr resnect to any herewforr used, ?t ?bout the priee
\ iVf SL iron in bar. Alldoubuon this subject may be
* f-d as bv sending by mail or otiierwis?, ;rolb*.,a?
'"'TJi ?i'ies will immediately be lorwajdsd-warranted To
r rlne section of country for waich they are ordered,
liwn?visK to the subscriber at th* works, or U Ke-Jlogg
trCo ^arraos, Hart fc I^s'.ey J. C Heartt tx 3roth.r,
vr?-*' Lews Il^nsdiet 8c Co., John Townseud, Albany;
fterions fa Co.. N*w-Yprk; Charlts Smith, Boston; A. M. *
? \V Jone?. Philadelphia, and E. Pratt St Brother, Ba'.'jmorv,
iar^rr'farther informarion may be barf on the subject.
2foy iron and Nail factory. HENRY BURPE!<
ONE MINUTE, bv the use if th*
an excellent article, and! will c at tk?
most violent tool.iacie, or pain a the
gums, in one minale. Tft* Cleve
Anodyne is not an pleasant to the taste,
or injurious to the UKth.and will ?r^?
stA!?e"<TiT cure anr tooth r<> which it
<? i.v?. Price. 25 cenu. For salo
?.DAVID S A V V S fa CO.. No. TT
East Broidway; 79 Fulton-stnet; and
73 Broadway, cor. Chambers-sr.. Granite Buildings. Us 1

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