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I do not mourn my friends are false :
I dare not grieve lor sins of mine ;
I weep for those who pine to death,
Great (Jod ! in this rich world of thine.
So many trees there arc to sec.
And fields go waving broad with grain,
And yet?what utter misery!
( Utr very brothers lie in pain !
These by their darkened hearth-stones sit,
Their children shivering idly round,
As true as iiveth God, 'twere fit
For these poor men to curse the ground.
And those who daily bread have none.
Half starved, the long, long winter's day.
Pond parents gazing on their young,
Too wholly sad one word to say.
To them it seems their Cod has cursed
This race of ours since they were born :
Willing to toil, and yet deprived
Of common wood, or store of corn.
I do not weep for my own woes,
Thev arc as nothing in my eye :
T weep' for those who, starved ami froze.
Do curse their Cod and lono; to die.
(From ' A Winter's Walk,* by II. D. Thobeau.iu the Dial.) j
* * * As the day advances, the heat of the
sun is reflected by the hillsides, and we hear a
i'aint but sweet music, where llows the rill r< -
leased from its fetters, and the icicles arc melting
on the trees ; and the nut-hatch and partridge are
heard and seen. The south wind melts the snow
at noon, and the bare ground appears with its
withered grass and leaves, and we arc invigorated
by the perfume which expands from it, as by the
scent of strong meats.
Let us go into this deserted woodman's hut,
and sec how he has passed the long winter nights
and the short and stormy days. For here man
has lived under this south hill-side, and it seems a
civilized and public spot. We have such associa?
tions as when the traveler stands by the ruins of
Palmyra or Hecatompolis. Singing birds and
rlowcrs perchance have begun to appear here, for
llowers as well as weeds follow in the footsteps
of man. These hemlocks whispered over his
head, these hickory logs were his fuel, and these
pitch-pine roots kindled his fire ; yonder foaming
rill in the hollow, whose thin and airy vapor stil!
ascends as busily as ever, though he is far off
now, was his well. These hemlock boughs, and
the straw upon this raised platform, were his bed.
and this broken disli held his drink. But he has
not been here this season, for the phrebes built
their nest upon this shelf last summer. 1 find
some embers left, as if he had but just gone out,
where he baked his pot of beans, and while at
evening he smoked his pipe, whose stemless bowl
lies in the ashes, chatted with his only companion,
if perchance he had any, about the depth of the
snow on the morrow, already falling fast and
thick without, or disputed whether the lust sound
was the screech of an owl, or the creak of a
bough, or imagination only; and through this
broad chimney-throat, in the late winter evening,
ere he stretched himself upon the straw, he
looked up to learn the progress of the storm, and
seeing the bright Btars of Cassiopeia's chair
shining brightly down upon him, fell contentedly j
Sec how many traces from which we may
learn the chopper's history. From this stump
wc may guess the sharpness of bis axe, and
from the slope of the stroke, on which side he
stood, and whether he cut down the tree without
going round it or changing hands : and from the
flexure of the splinters we may know which way
it fell. This one chip contains inscribed on it
the whole history of the wood-chopper and ?f the
world. On this scrap of paper, which held his
sugar or salt, perchance, or was the wadding of
his gun, sitting on a log in the forest, with wiiat
interest wc read the tattle of cities, of those
Larger hutn, empty and to lot, liko this, in High
Streets, and Broad-ways. The eaves are dripping
on the south side of this simple roof, while the
titmouse lisps in the pine, and the genial warmth
of the sun around the door is somewhat kind and
After two seasons, this rude dwelling does not i
deform the scene. Already the birds resort to it,
to build their nests, and you may track to its j
door the feet of many quadrupeds." Thus, for a \
long time, nature overlooks the encroachment
and profanity of man. The wood still cheerfully
.uid unsuspiciously echoes the strokes of the axe
that fells it, and while they are lew and seldom,
thev enhance its wildencss, and all the elements
etnvc to naturalize the stund.
Now our path begins to ascend gradually to the
top ol this high hill, from whose precipitous I
south sule, we can look over the broad country,
of forest, and held, and river, to the distant
snowy mountains. See yonder thin column of
smoke curling up through the woods from some
invisible farm-house; the standard raised over
some rural homestead. There must be a warmer
and more genial spot there below, as when- we
detect the vapor from a spring forming a cloud
above the trees. What line relations are estab?
lished between the traveler who discovers this
airy column from some eminence in the forest,
and him who sits below. Fp goes the smoke
silently and naturally as the vapor exhales from
tin' leaves, and as busy disposing itself in wreathes
as the house-wife on the hearth below. It is a
hieroglyphic of man's life, and suggests more in?
timate and important things than the boiling ol n
pot. Where its fine column rises above the forest,
like an ensign, some human life has planted it?
self,?and such is the beginning of Rome, the
establishment of the arts, und the foundation of
empires, whether on the prairies of America, or
the steppes of Asia.
And now we descend again to the brink of this
woodland lake, which lies m a hollow of the hills,
as if it wen.? their expressed juice, and that ol the
leaves, which are annually steeped in it. With
put outlet or inlet to the eye, it has still its history .
in the lapse of its waves', in the rounded pebbb s
on its shore, and in the pines which grow down
to its brink. It has not been idle, though see n
tary. but, like Abu Mus i, teaches that " sitting
still at home is the heavenly way : the going oti
is the way of the world." Vet in its evaporation
it travels as far as any. In summer it is the
eartii's liquid eye: a mirror in the breast of na?
ture, The sins of the wood ore washed t?ut in ...
See how the woods form an amphitheatre al .
it, and it is an arena for all the genialness of na?
ture. All trees direct the traveler to its briuk,
all paths seek it out, birds fly to it. quadrup? I
tier to it, and the very ground inclines" toward it.
It is nature's saloon, where she has sat down to
her toilet. Consider her silent economy ami ti Ii.
ncss; how the sun comes with his evaporation to
sweep the dust from its surface each morning,
and a fresh surface is constantly welling up : ..
onnaall}*, after whatever impurities have act u
mulated herein, its liquid transparency appears
again in the spring. In summer a hushed music
seems to sweep across its surface. But how
plain sheet of snow conceals it from our eves,
except when the wind has swept the ice hare,
and the sere leaves art1 gliding from side to side,
tacking and veering on their tiny voyages. Here
is one just keeled up against a pebble on shore, a
dry beach leaf, roe-king still, us if it would so
start again. A skilful engineer, methinks, mi': ;
project its course since it fell from the pan
s em. Here arc all the elements for such a Cat!
dilation. Us present position, the direction ol
the wind, the level of the pond, and how rail ;h
more is given. In its seared edges and veins is
its log rolled up.
We fancy ourselves in the interior of a larg-v
bouse. The surface of the pond is our deal table
or sanded lloor, and the woods rise abruptly fro tu
its edge, like the walls of a cottage. The lines
set to catch pickerel through the ice look like u
lamer cdinarj preparation, and the men stand
?tb?ut on the white ground like pieces of foresi
furniture. The actions of these men, at the dis
tance of half a mile over the ice and snow, ini
on ss us as when we read t!ic exploits of Alexan?
der m history. Thev seem not unworthy ol me
sent ry, and* as momentous as the conquest ol
kingdoms. ' ' * '
-MORNLNG LINK?For Albany and
j&d **^^\0^*t
(NO hi - .. Hock. TROY. Capt Gorhamfwili
Fhenewlow-nreasureSteamer i.,vyi,_ i ,. ..
B t'^k^?t, B^'^. Bank BUls, Specie
?,u" , - i ,,r prorvr'v taken, shipped, or jmt on board
4?3 She' owner, of such Goods.
Freight. Bag gag?. ii._.
ri???fc^-_ BOATS FOR ALBANY. EAILY, Sundays
JSBBS?BB?l-ic?-i't*d.TIlROL"i'li DiRECT.it >"?:! -k
p. M., From the Steamboat Pier between Conrtlasd and L: -
ert v street/-.
Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. a. P. Sr. John,
will leave Monday. Wednesday find Friday, a:*; o'clock. P. M.
Steamboat ROCHESTER, Cant. A. Hnughto_ will leave
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 6 o'clock, T. SIL
At b o'clock?Landing ut intermediate places.
Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard,
will leare Monday; Wednesday and Friday evenings, at5
Stwunboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Truesdeil,
Tuesday, Thursday an?! Saturday evenings, at 5 o'clock.
O'clock Knit Albany and troy,
_ direr* without landing. The splendid low
rnl;oat SWALLOW, Capt. A Vf'Lean, will
? afoot of Courtiandtrstreet e?ery Tuesday, Thnisday
v turday Evenings at six o'clock for Albany direct.
Q_,.e" The Sv.a!!<>w has a lar.*- number of elegant si ite
rooms, and for speed and accommodation is not sur;_:;ed
the Hudson. *_ _
^ggs^SGJs-Jand Freight reduced.?New York and Sosi m
.'fiEO^SaBSriZiRailroad Line,via Nojwichand \7v cesi r.
-'? oi Pier No. I North Itiver. foot ofBattcry place, DAILY,
Sundays excepted, at f> o'clock P. >!.
The Line Is composed of the following :p!f-ndid sU&mi :t,
"'WORCESTER, Cai,;. Vanderbilt
. ;0PA1 HA, ( ipt. J. R. UrsTAJf.
\y.v; :: vc-:\, Capt. Lefevre.
Tiie NEW-HAVEN, on Mondays, Wednesdays Mid Fri
The CLEOPATRA, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
s* tnen a; vjjli K?Db?N.-Thesteamboat UTi
I%5jjg__rjC3a iTj OA, Capt. J. Rune, will leave the foot off
iBgggSHgBd ir-st every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
at 5 o'clock, landing at all the intermediate places. The Uti<
is furnished with superior state-rooms, and is otherwise unsur?
passed for accommodation.
For passage or freight, a'/l'lv on board. ?i?22m
rscfls^ _ qF?R H17DS0N and iutermediati
d^saS&i.rJ Landings.?The Steamboat WESTCHES
r3?2S2^aaTER, Capt. Wm. H. Mellen, will leare the
fo rtof Cedar st., the ensuing season, every Monday; Wednes?
day and Friday a: 'j o'clock, P. M. connecting at Hudson with
tliellndson and Berkshire Railroad, the cars of which lean i u
the arrival of the boat. Returning, the boat leave* Hudson oi
Tuesday. Thursday and Sunday, at t; o'clock, 1'. M. or i n tht
arrival Or Iba er?; touching both ways at the intermediate
landings. For freight or passage, ?\>y\v on board, or to
sTORRS it STEl'HENSON, S9 West:st.
This boat has been put in corai lete order, with an a?lditi< nsl
number of State-Rooms, and will be found.? pleasant and
comfortable a U-at as any on the river. Tikis boat tows no
barge*. . .
This boat is cow ready to receive fretynt, ?md will leave 05
Friday. 7th April;_ _anS9m
* -FOR NEWK?RGH-Landing at
'^?'-sOc.Ij rnMiVfllV. West Point, Cold Spring, and
^'.?Tr^TS?:^I- 1 ?.: ; .
The steamboat JAS. VIAD1S0N, Capt. Chas. Haistead,
.ii leave Warren-street pier every Tuesday and Friday altet'
noon at } o'clock.
All I> i^pii',', Packages or F.t.-eels, Dank Dills or Specie, put
on hoard tin:; boat without heinj: entered on the hook oi re
ceiprei! for. must be ait the rieb of the owners thereof, all if
qan*1ir ?T. POWELL & CO.'S LINE FOK
drSBsjgikJl.)NEWBUROH. Landing at Caldwell's, West
ii3*S*Z32aKS3jl'i.i:'t and Cold Spring?The steam boat HK5H
LANDER, Capt. r. Wardroinwill leave the pier foot of War?
ren-street, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, at 4
o'clock, J*. M. Returning, will leave Newbarch every
Monday at 6i A. M., Tuesday, at !> P. M., and Friday at 5 ,
f.*. M. For freight or passage, apply to the Captain on board.
Baggage and freight of all descriptions, bank bills or specie j
pui on board, n-.uit heat the ri.^lt ol the owners thereof, uuli ss
> hp! ? I'! idiu:: or re< eipfs he signed for the s ?:n ? jylj
:qciURNL\Ci BOAT FOR P\i\A\<
rt^T^Srvjj'ClLL. Verplanck, Grassy-Point. Sing-Sing,
teCCeaeaaa-Tari ytoWn, D?bb's Ferh;,R[astibgsand V. nk
(?rs.?Breakfast and Dinner ou board.?The new and splendid
steamer COLUMBUS, CapL Wm. H. Frazee, will
New Y"ri< .'";oin the foot of Chambers street, every tnon in?
(Friday's excet-OMj.) at 7 o'clock: and returning le iva Peeks kill
same day at 12i o'clock, P. M. ; except Sundays, when she
will leave Peekskill at l o'cjock, P. M. Landing at the foot
> i ? i i, i . r . , nan ,j. . v i.)yM, ? . .?i. ?..Ull'll u? u I ;ie 11 mi,
fHammond street each way. Fr< jghl taken at rerlnced iat< s.
Notice?All roods; freielit; baggage, bank bilU, specii. oi
iny other kind cf property, taken, shipped, or nut on board this
loat, must be at the risk t?f (lie owners of such goods, fr< ig;ht,
[r/**. All persons are foruto irasin.t; isuv' t?ne on aceouut ol
id boat or owners. ;eM
boat, must In
baggar1 *"*
rWiT?rw*UJU&POK\T, touching at Seguine'a Dock. Staten
Island. On and ifrer Monday, October ICtli, the Steamei
KOCK LAND, Cant Crawfoid, will leave Middletown Point,
(tide permitting,) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 101
o'clock, Key-Port at !! o'clock, and New-York, fool of Robin?
son-street, Tuesd ?;. s, Thursdays and Saturdays, bl 11 o'ch ck.
Stages will be in readiness on the crriv.il of the boat to con?
vey passengers to Freehold or any part of the country. ol7
?BCC6B3EBS&<L j NK?For Kingston and Delaware and Hud?
son Canal?Steamboats wPRWICH and EMERALD.
The NORWICH. Captain Jon* 6?amuel3,wI11 le i * New
York, foot of Warren street, e?'erj Wednesday aud SainrJay <
at.'' q clo< k, P. M.
Will U-ave Kingston (Rondout) Lauding even-Tuesday
and b ? "l y ai :i?'clock. P. M.
The K^rRALD, ( sptain John KetchvM, will leave
N. r:-York, tool uC ?Jnrray street, every Monday and Thurs?
day at 'j o'clock, P. t\1.
Will leave Kingston (Rondourj ?&?djnj every Wednes?
day tuid Saturday. at:3 o'clock, P. M
For freight or \- usage apply on hoard. nmlSJ tf
db ?5^ , a, E W ARK A NI > N E?V VOR K -
rbj^naC-^t Fareonly WI cents 1?Fall and Wiutei A i -
riftIT j triSBCSbtniigement.?The steamer PASSAK will, on
and alt. r Oct. :t, run a-s follows :
Lea\ p New- York, from :Vot of Barclay-street,at 3 o'clock.
P. M.
Leave Newark, from fyot of Centre-street, at C o'clock,
A. M.
The aacbmmodauous, both for rassen^ers and freight
(which Is carried \t very Jow rates,) have been greatly im
I proved._ ? o2
c?i Whitehall-.-:.?The steamboats STAT
EN ISLANDER will le?v? New \ 1.
ami staten,Island ou and after Octeber 2, as follows, until
uu ther notice :
Leave New York ;?? n? 3i~ii.
St iten Islam! 8?10?1?21?5.
All rr*ight:*li;ppedti*required to be particularly marked,
in; is at the risk of the owner thereof. 530
... - ?? v>R.\ FERRY COM PANT.?Wini
'" '?*wsww? Akran c eme n t.?F.
-.?...?,-..r? J2i C. ntJ
The.Steamboats WATER-WITCH and C1NDEREL1 -\
ply daily fr-jm Elizah, th-r0rt to New-Vnik. toochitu; at New
Brighton md 1 ort-Richroond, each trip, .is folios .?
(.?11 ami after the 23d day of October, L?3
Leave Llirabetli-Port: 1 Leave New-York:
At 7i an 1 101 o'clock \. M. At Ci aud inj o'cloi k .\ . M
At l and 31 o'clock, P. M. i At; li and 4 o'clock, P N:
O; -m n:>v. . - O.n Sim-ay,
At 8aclock A.M.^aud3T.M.JAt 10o'clock a. rt.and4j : \
H.N.B.?Passengers for West held, Scotch Plains, Plaintie]
uouua-Br.?..k, Somerville, Eastou and Schooler's Mounc ii
by toe Elizabetb-town and Somerv?le Railroad Gars w?
leave New-York ii the 81 o'clock boat iu the morning, aa< ii
tne li and \ o clock boats iu the afteruoon.
Passengejs from t:;e C: o'clock boat hu. leave Somerville in
stages for Easton and for Schooley'sMountaiu ou thearrii
ol the cars a: Somerv?l?.
The Horse Car \\ ii; leave the Cront ol the Union Hotel quar?
ter ol an houi , - nous to the departure of eacn boat.
All hatfewe a; the ri. k ci' its owner. ,.? _;
^ FOE IdVEK POOL-PdekiToT.Xo^entber
^jsTih-The packet ship PATAU K HENRY, J. i
?3SSK1J in mastw, will sail is ,? ive, her egul rdai
apf??ra?i^ accommodations,
r:ic::?!^^eilNTU^N*^^ulh st-i;
CT! M kkt ok thk 30th OcTo?er.-The splendid fast
?SS^saihnE ravorite p cket ship ADIRONDAl K lm
uTi-iu H:u^tAlT' wrUI ??1 Positively as abofe, her re
I his superior packet has accommodations for cabiu Seeon I
cabiuvandateeragfrpassengers. utSturpassed by any other 1
port, and tne price ol passageis ve.y low. 1 hose wishine to
secure berths,. shouhTnot fad to make immediate applica
tion on bvard, foot of Dover-street or to "
,> ? , . ? reciC5lip, corner oi Sonth-street*
lersons wtsliiugto send for their fnends. can luve tiitm
brought but on the mos: favorable terms iu first cla.., \mer"
can 1 .i.-k-.-to. sailing from Liverpool weekly. Drafts lor n
ainoun: payable on demand without discount or inj? -
chir.a, in all tiie principal towns of England, Ireland, >c i
landaud Wales, can also tw obtained on application a? ab ???
W^^c^ORLKANS? The following fust class packets will
?SaS2?s.?:l pynctttally^aaadvertised, we.itlier remitting, c..
P IM i;r free, \ 17 :
,(w>Y'VX y:y- ra: *riu Jackson, on the 3!it of October.
Tne ORLEANS; Captain Sears, on the 5th of November.
i in- accommodations of these ships for cabiu, second cabin
an*, ueerage ?."issensers. aresuch as cannot fag toensuieeverv
comtort :o pasaengers during the voj ige.
1 be snips ol this line have now commenced their regular
?W, awTwill sailpanctnal lyerery five days througliout tl?.
se.??on. t .?SAv.mers rniy, therefore, rely ou not being detained.
I be price of rjusage being * ery low,those v% ishtn? to secure
berths in eithei ot die above packets, can do so bv applying to
... . ? ,W.&J T. TAPSCOTT,
_ At their General Passage CtHce. 43 Peck >iip.
._ co~rr Sou h srrrer.
^i'i;^r':!> l:-' i"- V'LAN I?, !!::.
rmittir.r: nit-n
Couuti y' cau
ir* f*" p_T" -? ? ?*" -"tos of ?1.
a XX ?10, ?28, xSO. or any amount, pa. a
bjew^mand, wi!?.?u u?>c,.i.ut anv ctht-V ci.a..-. ?; -i.e
National Bank of l.-eianj, P-oviun il 3 iuk. do. \L .. . i
Bult, Sbo x1 'o.. B inkers, London. I. Bxme.; s<. Co Exchan ?
and Discount Bi::k, Liverpool, Eastern Bank b? Scotbn^.'
Grseoock BankiugCompany. Sir "William Forbes, Hunter
('?> . Scotland.and thebr nchesihevery postto\m tbrough
oui England, liflatid, Scotlan I ind "Wales, which De?its will
forwarded by the steamer HIBERNI A, which sails from
Boston 011 the 1st of November, by apidv iiiit to
At tluir (Jenerril Passage Olric?, J3 Peck slip, coi. South-f.'.
N. B.?All lrtterj from the countrymnst ci me ; oat ;>aid. oC I
r P^-Af I b O.N _ -N ? L A N I
1 I I liiTMii :" 1 ued ? ;> '- ?
?Ena^XOW N.
Leave New-York j Leave Newark j Leave Mornstown
8 o'clock A. M. 19 o'clock A. M f 7? o'clock A. M.
4 " P.M. 15 " P. Mi 2.- " P.M.
Passengers by the morning tnin to MorrLtown arrive there
1 by 101 o'cloix, when stagf.s will be in :e,trii:,ess to convey then,
i to Schooleyfs Mountain, Washington.] ?.-Didvre and Lastou.
, also to Stanhope; S; ma, Newtown, Million! and Owegny
Passengers from Mornstown ?.villarTiv- in time:.' take th?
I morning and evening trains from New York ?"? <r i"r,ilaiiel;.i,:a.
N. B ? By an arrangement jurt triple the can on this roa-'
: run direct t<> and from Jer^ev City i:i connection with du
trains of the New Jersey Railroad of th- same hour, thereby
I avoiding any change ot passengers or baggage as formerly.
The M. ti E. Railroad having recently b-eu r-!-id with tlit
' heaviest H rail, is now in complete ronning ordervand offers
in-of the most attractive and picturesque excursions ta th.
! vicinity, as well a:, a commodious and expeditions conveyance
? between New York and Monisto wu for passengsrs and freight.
; which will be taken on the most reasonable terms. Ornce at
i the foot of Conrtlandtstreet, wheiean agent will always be in
! atteii'iagce.
Newark to Morristown.S60
" Madison and Chattam.S?O
', Snrnmit.Si'J
l} Mflleville.SiO
" Orange. S2j
IRA DODD. Sn:-rinterdae.tL_
Fare only 2j Cents from P?terson to Jersey Lity.
On and after Monday, Oct. 2.1843, thr ( a* vt ill
Leave l'ateri in Di pot. ;t LeaveNew-T one, at
S o'clock A. m. ? o'clock A. >i.
lit o'clock A. M. r2:V^'Sky1'
3 o'clock p. m. I * ?:: \"CK P-M
L?a\ e New-York, at
9: r-'clock A. M.
/clock P. m.
Leave Paterson Dej^t, at
8 o'clork A. M.
:t o'clock P. M. . .
Transportation Cars also ply daily ( Sundays excepted.)
P ssengers are advised to be at the ferry a lew minutes De
fore the stated hours of departure. _Jyj~6nL
~T NEW-YORK A M' ERIE i! A11 ?
ROAD.?FARE REDUCED !?On ind after
-MONDAY, Oct olv?r 9th, passengers will leavi
_J3ELthepier ? foot of Duane-street, in th ?team
boat * RROW, Capfc A. H. Shultz, daily at 7 o'clock A. M.,
I .and 3'..'clock P. M-, (Sundays excepted.) take the ( ????
1 Pi( rmont and arrive at Middletdwn at 2 P. Ml, and 8? P. M.
I Returning, It "-." Middletown every day, Sunday excepted,
! at 7 A. M., m 1 ? P. M.
! The EAGLE LINE of Stages for OWEGO, KONES
! DALE and BINGHAMPTON leave Middletown everj
j morning at 5 o'clock. The BLOOMINGBTJRGH Liui
J leaves Middletown daily on the arrival of the Evening Pram
of Cars, connecting with the Newburgh and Owego Li::?-s
at Bloomiugburgh. The MILFORD Line leaves on the ar?
rival of the morning Train from New-York, and arrives at
' Milford same evening.
To Goshen.S! 121 To Forresthurgh.$2 rr)
Sliddletown.'.. 1 25 Big Eddy.3M
Bloomiugburgh.' 50 Honesdale.3 'J>
mit Hope.150 Binghampton.t CO
Qwego.5 O? I
1 - FREIGHT BARGES leav- New-York every morn?
ing, i Sunday excepted,) at 7 o'clock._ _o5
ry-iil-; BEST COUGH CANDY.?Ii has been
x proved bv many.of our citizens that JONES'S COUGH
CANDY is the grand remedy for pulmonary ??r long com?
plaints. It is sold for one shilling package at the sign of the
American Eagle, 82 Chatham-street. We id vise oui read ?
to try it. 'T is leallv good?no humbug. Also for sale at 139
Fulton-street, Brooklyn; t; State-street, Boston, 3 Ledij 1
i Bui lings, Philadelphia; 207 King strei:, I !. trleston, S. C.
L~ A IM KS. I '< ? N'T US..' GO MM( i N CH A Oc
It looks had: it injures the ? and maki s it look yellow.
Try Bourard's Spanish Lily White: it gives the face or neck
> pur:-, life-like, alabaster whiti ness. Sold at die sign of the
American Eagle, 82 Chatham-street, N. V.: 139 Fulton-street,
Brooklyn; 243 Broad^ueety Newark; 8 State-streett B w 1; I
Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; 207 King-street, I ha lestoa,
S. 1 . o 17 1?
CilTiJE l-'OH C(?l:OIlS,('o|ri>. Asthma, tl
J ness, P*in in the Breast and Bark, Difficulty of Breath?
ing, &c. The subscribers would call the attention of the cit
i7..-tjs of v..w York to t pleasant andeffectual remedy for t!i"
above diseases; Dr. Rushes Balsamic Syrup of White Mus?
tard, is no noveltyj having l"<-n used in New Jersey .and some
parts of this Sta;-; for the last fifteen ytars with great sm ... ???
li beals the long? rine{ will <-nr- a common cold in a few ho.Ul i.
Messrs. Bu ih ilillvr, IT:'. Green? ich st?, who! sale Agents
for this city Orders and communications addressed to the
subscribers will meet with prompt attention,
DESHLER & CARTER, New Brunswick. N. -J.
o?l lm* Proprietors for theU. States and the Canada*.
Vv artfully piepared, for the natural and livwip growth of
the hair. Then i< a dull dead look, an artificial stiffn >s
about the counterfeit, which forbids ii> being mistaken for ;^<*
genuine article. And yet in rn- -n <?-? <"it of twenty, for
one tenth o.< the monev that a Wig costs, the bald scalp rriay
be made to bring forth its ow.i covering, instead of being ! .
holden toauv thatcher of sculls for a second h md ad rvment
The vernal showers are not mor. condncivt t.. i'eget?tioii tlnn
i; Jayne's Hair Tonic to the grovrth ol the Hair. If sickness;
or sorrow, 01 any other cause, has shorn your brow of itschis
teriug curls.aiid thinned the one redundant side-jocks wh? h
l.u.-st in such luxuriance from beneath your fasliTonable l.- '
ver. Jayi..-'s Hair Tonic will give lifeland vigor to thi TO??
which still remain, and in .in incredibly short space of time
restore your ' Hvjierion Curls' in all th'rir pristine beauty.
Thus.- who have-been for years unsuccessfully endeavoring to
1 uli yate whiski rs .tmI moustaches, will tiu<! this prenai itiorj
the true Elia " Vita.
? ' Sold by A. B. it D. SANDS. Druggists, at yvlw ?
aai retail; No. 79 Fulton-street, 273 Broadway and r< East
Broadway._olO 1m
_A. SAPAlilLLA.?Persons taking this, too oftenget mix?
tures, mercury or mineral, instead of the root. We advise all
totrv a 21 cent package of Jones's Extract of Sarsaparilla
Candy, which contains eh io ounces ol the medical properties
.a'the root. Sold at the sign of the American Eagle.X2Chat
liam-street, N. V., <>r 139 Fulton-street, Brooklyn; 24? ?jr.....r.
street,Newark; 8 State-street, Boston: 3 ! >.'.ge,- Buildings,
Philadelphia; 207 King-street, Cha.Uvtom. S. C. o!7 Im
JLj Use Bourard's Uprooting Powder. It takes every* parti?
cle "of: hair off where it is applied, and, instead of injuring,
really improves the skm. leaving it smooth, soft and white.?
Sold at the sign of the American Eagle^ Kl Chatham at ,< t,
N. Y? Lookout! Beware of counterfeits! Lu-. oii\v h'ert
Be careful! Sohl also re R State-stree; Boston; 3 I wlgej
Buildings, Philadelphia; 207 King trcet Charleston S C.
_..17 im
Amo-st eflectual remedy for the following com?
plaints : Corns. Cut*. Bruises, Burns, Scalds, Felon*
Salt Rlieum, Agio-, Fi isted Feet, Rheumati m, Sore Throat,
Fever Sores, Hip complaint, &c. In boxes from one to four
This plaster has hem used with great ?ucce.M Vir tue lasi
twu years, md those vi i.<> m ike u.:e of :t vi ill Una itvery us -
f?l Ui li. ii iV.mili;.,:.; Lo.-.u ..i.U c.n alruadv testify ; a trial
Will be a suificleiit rebomrhehdati?h. Sold by Mis. Cramer,
Proprietor, lf-S Woostet street, m ar Houston-st.; J. G. h aus.
17G Bowery, E. IL Tri up; 167 Diyisiah-Jtreet : Mis. Muuro-,
130Houston-street; Mrs. Sparling, II Secoud Arenue; C.
Sanford, comer Huuston and Cannon-street: Brobklm?
Miles C<?ok?, cuiiier of Prospect and Bridge-streets ; .Mrs.
Reed's> thread and needle store. Fuhon-tt. im
"nir WiSTAit'S.
IJ33 Fulton-Street.
JL bearin mind that it i-= Dr. WISTAR'S BALSAM OF
WILD CHERRY that Informs th?s?- remarkable cur. s
which are published in eve:/ i^r' of the country, and not the
articles of similar name that are occasionally puffed into tem?
porary notice. Those M.w be good?hut we know nothing
about them.
K7* Let every Man, Woman and Chii-d readtltefol?
lowing; and if that J.?- s not satisfy all of the grv.it virtui s of j
this Medicine, let them go to 12.1 Fulton-street, and s.e the j
original? w ith numerous othertes?monial? oflikecharacti
Watkrvili.k, (OneidaCo. N. V ) Sept. 15, tt;i3.
D.-ai Sir?1 owe it to the afflicted to inform you thai in
January last 1 was attached by a very violent cold, causi .i b
working in the w iter. which settled on my lungs. It wasae
cbmpanied by a vers severe i>ain in my breast and *id,ai d
alio.a distresiiug cough, I had 111 attendance all the best
medical aid in cur village. But after exhausting th. ir kill t 1
no avail, they pronounced my disease a confirmed con
scaiPTlOJr; anil they one and all gave ;itt v.;> to die. After!
much persuasiou, 1 got the consent of my Pliysician to use .
! the Balsam id'Wild Cherry,prepared by Dr. Wtstar. 1 mir
I chased of tiie Agent in our place one iiottie, before h tit' |
j uf \sinc!i 1 began to gain strength, and it wasA'eryevident
S my cough was much better and my symptoms in every i> iy
i improving. I havenuw used tlirce bottles, and am rtstorea
' to perfect health. This r.-sult ia alone owing tn the rise Of
i Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry; and 1 take this
j method of gi\in> you the information, partly to pay tri.- del ;
of gratitude 1 owe you; arid j'irtly that others similarly
' afflicted rmy know w here to a;., ly for reir f
Verj truly yours, JAMES SAGE,
i MR. PALM ER, Druggist, undrr date of Waterville, Se! r.
1 2i, 1C43. writes?The statemeiitgiven you by Mr. Jonas Sage
! is welt know 11 to be true bv this tcnote community. It cer?
tainly was a most remarkable cure. The sale of the Balsam
is very good, and success iu cures truly Jlatteru.z.
Yours, respectfuUv, D. D. PALMER
Let'the afflicted call and see our certificates. They prove
conclusively that thkv r in bi: cured if th-y g<.r :iie right
! medicine. Be sure and get" Dr; Wistar's Balsam of Wild
I Cberr;.& urore of imitations.
Ttiis Balsam cuies all affections of th- lungs and liver; such
1 as bleeding of the lungs, bronchitis, asthma of 10 or 20 years
' st in ling, croup, obstinate pun in die chest, side; ice.
! corner 01" Nassau?Dexier, Albanv; Gorham, New-Haven;
j E. VV. Bull; Hartford; and by agents throughout the N rs -
: ein uid Eastern States.
j A medical treatise to be gratU, as above. o!6 1m
j "VpEYER 'i'!-.Si''A K.?-After trving every other
! JL. v medicine, we iuvit- ail those troubled with Coughs,
(. olds.. Asthma, Pai.;s in CheAt, Loss of Strength, i:
, t-.ug 0: Blood; xc. to trv Dr. Blvke's Panacea. Tt.is medicine
lias swept every thing before it in the Southeru < itie*. aa.l
j we areauuiorized to return the momy in every case where a
: person, a:ter using a bottle, saj-s he has not received the valut
j ofhts_money. Read the. following certificate, wbi'-h i- on<
I "utoi many which v?e havein our possession':?Veax Sir?
! Bc-i -vi. g that a m-dirine which, like v,.ur Panacea, canybl
.-n cJ on a, a reiiieo;. lor so severe ;i disease a* ousumj -
t tiye cough, should be mor,- gehnrally known,'! havetakei
? Utts means to iccompUsh that end. I returned to the City last
, .November, alter having been Cravellins six months i:. thi?
, State and the Kanadas with a cougii which all mv friends <ud
! myseil were confident was of a consumptive natu re. 1 had
tiigrit sweats, hectic lev,-.-, ana rve.-v svmptom of thardisease.
j 1 was Very muc.'i alarmed ab-mt mv condition. The pain in
1 my sme and breast was very great, and having trieu everv odi
er remedy without avail, 1 at list procured a bottle of vour
iaafel> , -M-'^s: the rarst dose I : -ok r~uefitted me. .o:.l b
j lore I hid finished the bottle. 1 was perfectly weU. and I am
sure my lutigs and chest are stronger th la evw r-s I bare :i t
had a cough since. Yours. respecrMy.
N. a- ? c . 1? ? Grand strett, cew Foisyxh.
Newo Ork, Sej 1.11, lso
'? ^rtM uon.-rjcket of 1st November.?The splendid well
,w? ''9t 18 r ' iavoritepack? ship VI I O
RJ x. t art. Morgan, wdl sjiI positively as above ner regular
^a>;- ,Tms ^egant packet Iiis accommoslations fos Cabin, c
cad Cabm and steerage passerrgenriratcannot failro glveeverr
; necessary comfort, aard those ibr.u: visiting the Old Counay
. would do well to make 11 phc tt.m a? ?0on as rosrible r?.
021 WVitJ. T. TAPSCO rT^43Peck sli,., cor. South
' T IVERP?OL ORREL COAL, for family use,
-Li for sale at lowest market price, by
o23 WARD at BROWNE, Ul VYashingtoo cor. Lright.
r!_ sale.?33 Lots. elidblv situated, near the Episcopal
_^-____ i hurrh and Institnte, at Astoria, for sale Ari'D
JAMES L. TO I) I). Executor. 62 Cedar-sL_jj-.uhv" _
f?L A HOUSE of moderate size, or part of u
1775?house wanted either furnished or unfurnished, fruni
___!& November till Mav. in tiie upper pail i i the.
d^s^YJHJJ^No. 3 Ea_t Fifteenth st._ 023 St_
? U? SALE?At Willramsburgh, L. I., two
eat two story brick front Houses ind Lots, situated on
J____ rth 1th street, brtwevn 3d and ft, -trees, and not ov-r
five minutes'walk from Grand-street Ferry. Lors?byioq;
.. ? _ lij 3! f-rt. Each house contains six rooms, WltJi
fire-i I ice, i\A t bedrooms, all well finished and in cood order.
They will be sold abargain and part oi the purchase money
remain on bead and mortgage- For terms, apply to
E. PET r V. 253 Centre-street, N. \ ?
52?>i0 i^ wanted, in one or two sums, at 7 r-ei cent: for three
, -: -.- years, on unencumbered real estate w?.rth over double
the aipount. Apply as above._s2S lm_
f^fil business, the new Store and Dwelling on 9th Avenue,
between 19th and 2Uth streets, near Chelsea Square.
The Store has a very large plate class show window and it
[i: oi a !-ase for a fern of years, the interior wi ll be elegantly
finished with marble top counters Sic. to suit the returns.
TO LET?The 3 story Brick House No. 231 20th street,
fronting on Chelsea Squared. ^
TOLET?The 3 story BrickH iuse, No-418 Hudson-street.
A; , ly to (..nrf) D. A. ? 1>HMAN, iasPearl-s'.
KOK SALE?' 'no half ol the Farm occu?
pied by the subscriber, beautifully situated in the town
, fScarsdale, West, bester County, about 2_ miles from
N w-_ rk, and 3 miles from White Plains. The whole Farm
contains al.1180 acres, and has an extensive view of Loug
[si ridS. . THOMAS I. CORNELL,
lOthmo. 10th; [oil 3m*] On the rann
??&THREE FARMS for sale, in the town of
?gwpBeeckm m, Duchess Co ?The said firms are adjoining
?__?_?.? ich other, and will besold separately or together. The
first ? ? ;itiius about one hundred and sixty acres, with houst.
barn, Sec. Th ? second contains about cue hundred and thirty
acres, with small farm house noon it. The. third contains!
one hundred acres, without buildings. All in good renair,
well watered; and well proportioned with plough, meadow,
and wood land. Also, good orchards ol various kinds of fruit.
If not previously disposed of, they will be sold at Public
Auction, on the 14th ol Nov. next, at 12 o'clock, on the pie
misesi For particulars inquire of J. H. DEN TON", on the,
LOSEE & CO.. 29 Moore-st., New-York. ' slttNu
12,000 Sii
ii IUNj a in lan. u
in Oringe and Rock?
Couuties, State of New York, 35 miies from the city.?
The New V. ; k and -Erie Railroad, Orange Turnpike and the
Ramapo River running nearly through the centre ol it. It is
Well atooked with Wood of 25 years growth and upwards. A
c insidesable part of it might ba made arable. There is a
mountain ol hrne stoue, said ro possess groat strength, and se?
veral iron mines, one of which has lately been opened and
proved to be of first quality; There is also vejry extensive wa?
ter powerwith a number of falls on the Ramapo River.?
Thxeto Lake two miles long aud/>nemile wide, lies in one
part of the tr-.ct, thescssery of which is beautiful. It isthree
miles abovePierscn's WoTks, and is known as the Augosra
Tract. Access can be had to it in tiiree or four hours by th*
N. i. Ene Railroad, or in five or six hours bv the way of
ii ii Hens ick and Orat.k'e Turnpike, or by the way of Nyack
or Haverstraw.
It will be sold in parts if an off;: is mad* foi a considerable
tract li,'i?ire at \2 Chatham _:-c*-:. where a map can be seen
?;.: .tiler particulars ascertained relative to the above premi
sen ault 3m*
JELj adjoining the New-York and Erie Railroad, on the
Ramapo River, 36 miles from the City of New. -York, capable
of driving Machinery to almost any extent, as there are lour
or five fills and a great body of water, together with the
whole or part of 11,000 acres of land, heavily timbered with
wood pf "6 to |0 years growth- There are also on the tract
intensive iron minesaffcst quality, limestone possessing great
strength ; icon iiitiabh |iart of tne land is cleared and culti?
vated, and might be m ule some excellent Farmstby
clea iag. Tuxedo Lake, two miles long and oue ;mile wide,
lies in one put id*the tract, the set m .y of wInch is beautiful,
'i i - placeisr markably healthy; It is known as the Au?
gust i tract, and three miles above Piersons Works
Access can be had to tt in three or four hours from the city
of New-York L.y the New-York and E;te Railroad, or in jive
oi six hours by the way of Hackeusack and Orange Turnpike,
. . . the v. ly of NiacK or Haverstraw on the Hudson River,
inquire at No. i2 I ihatham-st. s30 3m'
inj^ASrilNG'ruN ELIXIR.??" pure Yetreia'ile
? ? Compound.?"Nature's God has secreted in the ?e_e
111*!c kingdom, safe, sure and speedy remedies for ill -iseases:
to search for and discover these, is a part ol roan's allotted
toil." This w ell known assertion of Diosccaides, one of the
most profound of the ancient philosophers, has received
mother ei idence of its truth and vs i__om, in the discovery of
the Washington Elixir, whic&'fbr its many virtues may be
called a God-send to theadrcted! It is only necessary lo say
of it , that hundrjii. of our best citizens can, attest ksalmost
m;_i I'h1'.'.: .o tiioroiighlv curing that most I'".inferable of all
-I-' _
FEV ER AND AGUE.?The Washington Elizir is equal?
ly effic icii us in the cure of Choli ra Morbus, Bilious Cholic.
Diarrhoaa and Dysentery, Worms and Dyspepsia. The
WashingtonaElizii being composed entirely o.t' Vegetable
siib-'aiH.-es, '.s. of course, i-erf-ctly sinn>le ami harmless,
though unequalled for the rapidity and vigor witli w hich it
compels the stomach to perform the peculiar functions re
nuired in efTectiug a ladical c<;re of the above mentioned
di leases?one dose having, not unfrequt utly, caused a [lerma
neui cure.
'1"|.- W ishingepn Elixir, in envelopes containing cleat, sim
I - ..i.i brc'cise directions for its use, may be obtained of Dt.
... M. GUION, 127 Bowery, cor. of Grand-st.; and f R. V..
Mb -. ? -r. Grand ?id Cannon-sts.; J. Wendovec, ill Eighth
A: -nil.-; A. W. Gabauden,51 Sixth AvenuevDr. R. Lcggelt,
cor. Avenue I) and 3d street; D. H. Burta#tt, corner 3d Ave?
nue and 8lh street; Dr. H.A. FieJda. cccnei Bioadwavand 12th
street; Guinness, Il'S 3d Avenue, corner Utli street: Ed. Ches
teney,corner Bowery r.::^ Broome stn-et; J. J. Coddimrtoii,
227 Hudson street I . L. Cotton, 265 Bleecker-street: Oliver
Deromas 8r.' ..., 39 Ch it ham street; Ur. VVm. ('ecil, Vorl. vi He;
A. L. i,auiisbory, Manhattanville; Dr. W. (i. Wood 11 t
_ oz I in
X STU UN DJ NG CH EM It'A L \ '(fV VAl Y.~
I\. In I8.'lr', bv the celebrated M. Yiapriui, the Italian Physi?
cian, who discovered that certain r: sli.tii herbs had the most
mighty power in curing
such as Sap. Rkeura, Scurvy, Eresipilas, disfigurements,such
\z Freckles, Pimples, Tan, Vtorphew, &c.
Many persons hardly believe this, yet it is strictly true. M.
Ifesprini made this n> iii- form ofa bi intifal niece of Soap,
which he called tiie Italian Chemical Soap. This also cures
tin bite? "I in-ect^. and
Sold wholesale and retail only at the siicn of the American
Eagl . ? .? uaihain-street, N. V.. or 139 Fulton-stieet, Breok
Stati itrcer, Boston; 3 '.-.Der Buildings. Philadelphia;
KinK-streel, Ch irleston, S. <'. Ue very particular anil buy
no where else, mind '. olT lm
ackn iwledged
to f u eXCe! til other
medicines in the Ea-t, in
?: W it, iu the Norwi and in
t!>e South. A trial always proves
iti virtues.for coughs, cold, spitting
blood, tickling or rising sensation in the
throat, bronchitis, whooping co Ugh j asthma,
we)kn--'.s of the nervuus system, or impaired
constitution from any cause. Hiid to prevent
penoiu fn m falling into a decline, this medicine
has no equal. ' A itreat number of the very best
testimonials of it.. virtues may be seen by calling at
Ur. H. Swaynk's liilice, Na. 54 North Sixrh
street, Philadelphia. Caution?All prepa?
rations from this valuable tree, except
the above, D?ctoi SWAYNE'S
a re bot h
? counterfeit.
For sale only at
Drue St...->-. itj Broadway, corner of
J >lu>st. Also, Swayne's Specitic for <Jout and Rheumatism.
_o7 lm?
V\ <' M' i -': !? ?' I - IN VENTION "to force the
* > gToxvth of Human Hair.?Trial bottles only 3 shillings.
Fhe names of some of our most respectable citizens can be
shown who hav?used this and found ir all it is here stated.?
? i'd sod see twm at our store; they certify that, having used
Jones s i oral Hair Restorative, they found it to possess these
It postuvely niakes tiie hair grow, and keeps it in order a
U ig time. Sold it the sign oi the American Eagle; 82 Chat
ham-street, pnee 3,5 or 8shUItngs. or 139 Fultoa-^t.. Brook?
lyn: a State-street, D-.^r..-.; ?< Ledger Buildings, Philadelnhi i:
207 King-street, Charleston. S. _ _ ol"'lm'
1 000 000 0F SHERMAN'S "POOR
l9\ tVy,\J\J\J MAN'S PLASTERS are sold yearly
mu foronlj 12tcents,curing Rheumatism,Lumbago, P<on
Dr U eakness 11 the Side. Back, Br*.-,t. Lobs, or any part of
'?>; '" V\ h ? will surfer wh. n he can le- ?<> .-a_-.ilv cured '
Poor Chiltl. hr is wasting iwny, said a friend of ours th
other day?we have doctored him till we are tired and >t all
<???;?* ?P COodv hi. bre ,th is so offensive, and h- starts frisht
rull] in his sleep; his appetite ? ravenous, and still he is h.^
Lskel ton. We recommended her to try SAenaan's Worm
l.yzr?gi v. as possibly he might be troubled with worms.?
She did. and th~ first dose brought away 78 worms; Three
do-es entirely cured him. as they have thous-nds of others "
r con't sfeej?,aays one^my cough is s, incessant, it seems
as it I. ihoulu choke to <!. ath. It he would only n:e Sherman's
Cong Lozenges, he:would be enred in a short time. They
often cure th* most distressing cases in a few hours.
My headtnll split, says another, si. man's C imphoi Lb
u nges wiRcnre any case in less thai? twenty minutes, and on
mistake ,ll?y cure sea-sickness; naipmtion of the heart
l< wnessoj rpints, despondency, and the depression of spirits
alter dissipation They operate like a cht.-m onthedisrarhtd
nervous system. ? auti in -nould Lv obwvnl in prncurins
the genume.Sherman's Lozenges and ! Lasters, or yon mav
hav?somemiserable tra^n imposed iukui ymi.
Warehouse, WSNassau Neu York.' Philadelphia agents
_Ag_jsts.413, -73.459and g0i Broadw.v: Z.1 Hudson st: lifi
Bowery; 77 East Br idway ; BC W?Iiam st; 139 Fulton st.,
Bro klyn; A. i Jndine. i Stanw ix H ill. Alban? ; Reddihu Sc
'. 1 ?' ? ', i;;V"!-; 3 t BaUdmgs, Philadelphia; G.
F. Thomas, It. Main st. Cincinnati-, Andrew. Oliver _ o
New Orfeans._ ?.25 Pit Wim '
HOUR HOUND has now t, ? ,? j, ?tln- ;
sive us- fur the past 15 years, and h_. gain- |
ed a irreiter reputation than any other arti
cJer now_m use for the cur- ot Coughs, I
golds, Phthisic, Consumption. Asthma, :
? -- u tioopu.^ Coughs, Bronchitis, and .til
________ J -Imonary < omj laints, and diseases of th*
Lungs, and affections of the rJiroar, Liver
( omnlatnrs.Kc. No better evtd?seeis wanting ui show jr.
woude-nul emcacythan to uumriou that 70,000 bottles have-been
sold in a ye ,r And it is d?'W the most extensiveL- axed md
favoutej ..iidi Medicine tliat has ever been introduced i:t..
:!:e t ruted Son s. It is n.v* recommended by some ot ou;
most eminent t>hysicians. For further evidence ol ih. effica
cv, see the numerous cercrficates that accompany the diiec
OOa. It is superio! to any o:Ikt Cough remedy n_w ii use.?
V or .eiiuin*. see that rhr outside wrapper i? signed br the
Proprietor. WM. BROWN Also. a copy right,has 1 eense?
cured t<;r the label. Entered according to act of ('one ress in
the year 1W0. bv Wm. Brown, at the Clerks Office ;f the Dis?
trict Court of Massaghnsetta. Also the bettle i^ st__ped?
I* Mra.^Oardaer's Indian Baisam of Liverwort and H-a -
- Fo/*-k*^allth^DruggistsIii Biston. Dealers suprlie-i
in Bostoa by Wm Brown Druggists and families c-n he for
mshed m New--\orkhy A B. i D. Sands, Druggists; No. 13
. ulron s:.. ,, East Broadw ay, Bruadwar. Price _? cts.
oio lm
JOHN C. MORRISON offers for sale on the
most Ul^nl terms for CASH or CREDIT, a very exten?
sive assortment of goods, among them the toliow iug, to W hieb
tie would call the attention of
I a:n; hi.T
Cream Tartar
L i juorice
Balsam Copavia
A lots
Flors. Ch imomile
Gum Arabic
i astor Oil
M igaesia
Roll and Flour Sulphur
Borax, refined and ctuJe
l domel
Red Precipitate
t orrosire Sublimate
Aqua Ammonia
Spirits Nitre Dulcis
Super Carbon it'- Soda
T irtaric Acid
Epsom Salts
L .iid aria in
?ulphate Quinine
I Window Glass of all sizes and
qu ill ties
White Lead dry and in oil
Red Lead
Spirits of Turpentine
Verdigris, dry and in oil
Chrome Gr?vn
(Ihrome Yellow
Yellow Ochre, French and
Americ an
Prussian Blue
Ver million
Rotten Stone
ivory Black
Gum Copal
Paint Bruslws. all sizes
Rose Pink
Lamp Black
I British Lustre
< tin-, ail sorts
[Gold mi.! Silver Leaf
1 Gold and Silver Bronze
! Copper Bronze
I Chalk, white and red
', Paris White
ipanish Brown
Oil Peppermint, and all Essen- \ enetian Red
1 Sand Paper
Pumice Stone
Tar and Rosin
Japan. < 'opal, Coach and Har?
ness Varnish
Turkey Umber
Terra de Sinena
Red Chalk
iturn Shellac
I Bngkt Varnish
> Sash Tools, all sizes
I Black Lead
TILLERS ? BAKERS. I Young Hyson Tea
tial Oil
Gum Myrrh
i lanthartde*
Gum Tragacanth
Powdered Birk
' Jork of all kiuds
Sponges, coarse and fine
Co? hineal
i issia Buds
(in ni Tragacanth
< ?um Arabic, Turkey
<film (ramoouge
Oil of Roses
do Peppermint
do Wintergreeu
do Lemon
do i linuamon
do Orange
do Bcrgamot
do Annisseed
do Absynth
tlo Carraway
do Juniper
Rose, Orange and Peach \Y a
Vanilla Beans
Tonquin B?*ins
(Coriander Seed
Carraway Seed
Annis Seed
Jujube Paste
Pearl ash
Sup, r Carbonate of Soda
Tart iri?? Acid
(iinger. whit&Jamaica
Green Ginger
Blue Vitriol
Copperas, English Si Amen
Oil Vitriol
Sugar Leid
Bleaching Salts
i Cochineal
Aqua Fortis
Soda Ash
Pot and Pearl Ashes
Extract Logwood
Tartaric Arid
Bichromate of Potash
Sal Soda
(iurn Shellac
( tidbear
rail. Winter and Summer
Strained Sperm ?
R< fined and unrefined Whale
Lard Oil
Balsam of Honey
Turlington's Balsam
Batemau'? Drops
Haikein Oil aud Britisli Oil
Seidletz Powders
Stoughton's Bitters
Extract Sarsaparilla
I'. phalic Snuff
Anderson's Pills
Lee's do
Hooper's do
< Ipodeldoc. Steers and liiiuid
Soda Powders
Godfrey's Cordial
Anderson's Cough Drops
Thomson's Eye-water
! Imperial
; i lunpowder
Hyson Skin
? s. ?uchong
i Rohv.a
I French Brandies
. Spanish Segars
1'ot and I'e.arl Ashes
I Starch
Liquorice Ball
Bath Brick
Fig Blue
pow red Ginger Root
Alum . , ,
OlueOil, in bottles *N bask*?
Saltpetre, crude and refined
Pepper Sauce
Macaboy Snuff
Scotch Siiutl
Indigo, Flolaut
Castile Soap
Castor Oil, i.i bottles
Epsom Salts
Friction Matches
Carbonate Ammoni i
British Lustre
Soda for washing
Mustard, London
i Cayenne Pepper
Powdered Nutmeg
Powdered (liunamon
(rrain and B ir Tin
Fuller's Earth
Madder, Dutch and French
Indigoesof Bengal, Caraccas
and Guatemala
White Tartar
Red ilo
G I ue
Lao Dye
Prussiate Potash
Gum Senegal
Powdered Curcuma
Powdered blue Smalts
Quercitron Bark
Jspmts Nitre Korti.s
British (iurn
Nitric Acid and Oxalic Acid
Tanners' Train, Linseed
Neatsfoot, Olive, [or Sweet]
and Sea Elephant
Sperm and Steric Candles
TERS, ko.
Bleaching Powders
Powdered Blue Smalts
Oil Vitriol
i upper Galx
Shell Lac
Extract of Logu ood
Bine Vitriol
Sal Ammoniac
, Autimouy
Sugar of Lead
I Alum, &c .Nr.
Logwood Brazil Wood
Camwood Red Saunders
Fustic Hatch Wood
Nicaragua Red Wood
Barwood Hypernic Wood
(inin Asphaltum Peach Wood
Sal Ammoniac Ebany Wood
Soaps _ , _.. , ?
DRUGGISTS' (iLASS WARE.?Common Viale, Pre?
scription Vials: Patent Medicine Vials, Acid Bottles. Co?
lognes, Fancy Pungeilts, Druggists' Tacking Bottles, ' astor
Oils. Concaves, Magnesia, Blacking or Varnish, Demijohns,
Flasks; Inkstands, Jars, Lemon Syrups, Mustards, Snulfs,
Sec. itc t ,
Chemicals of all kinds, French, English and American. AH
kinds of Paints and I 'olor.s. Every description of Drugs aud
Druggists' articles, and Patent Medicines, Perfumery and
So ii . : general assortment, Ike. ice. ><c,
Al! articles warranted genuine. The promptest'attention
given to orders from the country. ol'J im
PARILLA CANDY.?Four packages of this Candv
contains the active principle of two pounds of Saisaparilla
Root, and is warranted to be the b.-.u remedy iu cases ol
rheumatism.and in all diseases arising fioiii hervonsexcitability
or from morbid humors in the blood. It cases of COSliveuess,
and in th.ise peculiai affections of the alimentary canal, aris?
ing from dryness and want of due .secretion, it is without a
Call and be referred to individuals who have been cured by
this Candy, when all othei preparations of Sarsaparilla h id
b-'-n ti led in v tin.
Read the following and Ridge for yourselves :?
Mr. Kelly?Dear Sir?I have been afflicted for 8 or 0 years
with a distressing pain in my stomach, costiveness in my
bowels, my limbs very muck swollen. After eating my meals
I was iu great distress for a short time, and tlien threw up
what 1 had eaten. Iu short, sir, 1 have scarcely found rest or
cbmfort dnnng that time. 1 have tried all kinds of medicine
that 1 could think of, to little or no advantage, and had ilnfost
given up all hones oi ever getting any relief, being now tJd
years ot age. 1 saw the advertisement of your Double Ex
tract of Sarsaparilla Candy, and I thought I'd try once more
I have taken it now about C weeks, aud it has cumpletely re
gulated my system. 1 now eat any tiling that comes befor?
me, -:i I h ;ve not been sick sine- 1 commenced taking ir.
sincerely and heartily thank God, ?.id render my good W'll
and thanks to you, for! believe your Candy has been r ie
means of giving me health and comfoi
r ou
an- welcome to make any use of this yon may rinn*? proper.
JOHN JACKSON, Williamsburg, L. I.
May 5th, 1843.
State of S'\c- York. Kings County,ss,
John Jackson, with whom I am personallyacquainted,ap
; tared before me, this 5th day ol May, 111-13, and being by me
duly sworn,says that all he-has st ited u ?ove is substantial!-,
trueand correct, in every particular. Subscribed and sworii
bet?re me, tlm.Vh dav of May, 1813.
NATHANIEL PARISH, Jnsticeof the Peace.
John Jacksr..v.
Sold iu packages at 26 cents each, or five tor a .'soil :;.
ro b* had at J. W. KELLY'S Gotham Confectionery,
wool-sale and retail, 2411 Broadway; N. W. Badeau, bit) Bow?
ery, and (". W. Vondersmith. 161 Greenwich-street New
York; John Jackson, Nortii-Secund^treet, Williainsburgh.
Benjamin Handly, ii high-street, Brooklyn; L R. <:arswc>:.
Lockport. .<,.\.\ D. Smith, 320 Broad-street, Newark, N J.
au!2 3m
WH LTE, RED OR GR EY ?AIK changed to ?
vf dark brown orpennanent Mack b\ the Moorish Hair
uy. s.dd it Vicenu orSl aluttleai rJie sign of the Ameri?
can Jr. i^I-, 82 I htths.m-str.-er, \. V., ..r 130 FtiltoiM ..Brook
ipij; :: >ta-.-st:.-t B-..:<?.,; 3 L-?!.. r Building , Philadelphia;
a? King-stxeet. I harh-ston. S C. olllm
BALSAM,and also the PURIFYING .-V
I RAI T is ackuovt le Iged I y all w ,,?> knew,
in.! has.- tested it. healing and purifying anal,
i ties, to ue the mostcei lain purinerulthe blood
-v-r known. IthreVetib an-i cures C oksump
no.v, Vhronii. Coughs and CohL. It cures
Rhumatism xcithmit fail i i anyinsCmce.?
Scrofuta (or King s Evil )^cald llfiJ Piles,
Boils, Ulctrs. Sure Mtmn zurl Tht I; ui
iuch Chronic diseases assure caosed i a d.
raruement in die secretions ?.r im ity ol
the blood.
A great number ?feertificati ; of et r. i r.f the
above nameu complaints can be seen, at either of he places
where ;t is offered for sale.
For sale iu New-York by I. J. Wallace, 2C Carm oe-street'
at W. T. Kirby's Drtig St ie, corner of ( limon and Divisir*
streets; at 1 heodore ( i.irk^, 103 PearL corner of Chatham
street. Also, by the proprietor, M. T. Wallace. "2 Hicks
stre?.-t. Brooklyn._(JCtu .,
TND1A RUBBER SHOES.-The subscribe? is
now- receiving hu Fail supply of India Rubbef sh ,
respoctlulE- solicits a call, dealers may rely upon t&i S
ment be.ug wg-aeral and complete as can be found ,n ffie
e^v?ble^?^^^1 f*?"-"?J* i
His stock of Uned Rubbers is decidedly the beS- evr off r. i ? :
tlwsiipply is Utnre and well ^ned. ' " ' ^ vV om";'
': t HSu'tn to % Sfh0e?i B?*M< m?l?c.
Sm. 8tc , and all other Sr^^ fefthl :' '
ruactured to order. "-^u? guo j on hand, and m i i
=?=-l^liky^lff^^^ .
^EAS-^ haU chests Canton Young Hyson.;
For sale b U ???d bow al '
-?niw GRrN^^L.aMlNTUlW St Co. 73 South .r.
"R1^' W W** CLOTHS !~2 cases super
etv of**W hMC8i h rrtuch Br"ad Cloths. Als,*, a $reat 1 r>i
inrl?-.; ? 7 Uolh' Frouch' English and American Cloth
au<!Cassinieres-just received at DAVOL'SCloth Sto.e,
?17 2w No. 50 Maiden line.
LIQUIDAMBER.?This unequalled m^dicirifll
compound is warranted to be nu effectual rem?iy , f
scalds.barns, cuts; c< ntusions. scrofula, rarer, rhgw.--,
-. ur-.-h. nm. scald i.ejd, ulcers. b*ib*r's itch, and ,!l Jtseatf,
of the skin, from whatever cause. It will also r-uiov? >nu
bum. ttn, freekless pimple* Ou the >oce, Striving totber,,m
plexionia white.delicate sotrn.ws :..a: nothing rise will (m
part; and for cleansing md preserving th* teeth *nu gam?, jj.,i
cleansing the mouth ind throat in cases ot lever, it is ortitv*;.
! led. For purposes of the toilette, bathing, shaving,fce.al|
I acknowledge it* supremacy over every other Mtrcleevri use,'
; It will effectually remove paint, tar, pitch,grease,aadtiv by,,.
; from silk, woollen Ot COttOU fabric ? without the (east d,r, t
; to thtc color. No family or individual should r> wixhoatit.
i For vile, wholesale and ret.ul. b. the Proprietors, 1| John
street, ??-cond lloor. oi>|K>sire Thorium's. A liberal discount
-.'.lowxl th.K- who buv tos-U "g ?
A. WARNER Sr. CO. Sole Proprietors.
A<.km ??158 Bowery; 755 l!r ail .-..??.?. comer Eighthstnyr.
' ISl Broadway, cornet Grand *tr~,.t; Bunker, corner < ham.'), '
istrert and UVst Broadway; Ooul, cornur Frartkba , .*
: Church streets. Wm. Robertson, S? Baltimore street ?\ ?!'
1 m>.r>': C. FrothTnghamJ Broadw iy, ae.ir State street AtbsBi ?
i T W. Newcomb Jc ' >> 305 River street, Troy-vBw
* Broadway, corner ( hamberatreet; McGuire,100 Fultotrst?
I Bul'etin Office, corner Beekm in anrj Niisau-strrrt,; B.,V
| l'libbard, 76 John-street._j,
|lpYN t%> i:X PE< T>) R A Vi\?l^??fc ?t~ r?tr
: ?J billrof mortality; and you will find that Consuraptioa is
! more destructive to human lue this country th?n aar edJ>
; disease. We all know that cough, like the warning ?i V*
! rattle->nike, alwa . i precedes, as well ? ac:orn|vanic* rhu v "
rible scourge. It is a far rpresumpnou that evny Court an?
'< terminate ui Pulmonary <iisea>e, if not rhrckcd Mrlr aud
where the risk is so great, the danger o imminent, it batten'
< ishingthit individual* should be found mad enough to w'.'.
lect the means of cure. Dr. Jayne's Expectorant can be tesdi
j lv procured in any part Ol th I nited States, and oWtvrvtj!
Pence and voluntarj testimoi , i ousands, the results ol
) chemical analyst, ltd ..fro-.;: . icie Ce, .ill point it ..at m
( the btit i>t? panuii iei ? i: venv.! by man, for the cure of 3ii
diseases of the lung*, chest: ivii l-ptue, arid other oigaas con?
nected with the proce>s ?: rw:>n tiou. It is u?.diaregnUt
. -ractice bv the most celebrated physicians of the day s?l.i
bjr A C.\I).MV' ? -'? ^-N"- Fu|r>,,,:rvr;^
Bn"?adway, and 77 E^t Bi adway. _ _ oI6 ?
P \ 11 B?S LI 1 K PILLS.
T!TUi:v I'S, per o ? :nt?l med u. the desk or
O or the Couutiiuse, mdallt! ose.whose occupation*aie
sedentary, u? nig * pnved ?>( the benefit ol muscular nercue
and change ?' dri eqinrutlvauuer from coiis?paiiott,dimnes3
of sight, 2nd lie^d-ai lie. Parr's Cite Pills, taken on rising rq
themoniiuf. agreeablj to the directions given; willimprove
the sigh:, obviate occasional stupor, ai.d strcogtheo die
memory. _ , . ,...
As a family medicine it isall p 'werfnl in removme bihoru
and other complain ?arisingl the derangemeut ofthe ali
inentary ducts, and in p trifying t. e blood._?
Sold retail by all the most .- ipectable Druggists m
York, i:; boxes,50and 25 ? :.tN i ich, and whob Mleby Tkoi.
Uoltt rt* St Co.. 3d: Bmadw v. and jy the following
Albany?George Dexter.
Baltimore?G. E. I.- ler.
Borden to wm, N- J~ 1 hos. 1. Bleyler.
Boston?Wholesale and retail by Fre<leric Broun, dnirs^t
No. 63 Washington-street, the ageucy of George Robertsiiav.
ing been withdraw n.
Canada?Wholesaleand retail by Alt red Savage St Co. ehern
ists ind drugabts, near the Court House. Montreal; udbi
rerail agents throughout Canada. East and West.
Charleston, S.C.?A. Alexander.
Cincinnati, Ohio?C. S. Burdsall.
Lockport, N Y? L. B. Cars well.
Louisville. K\ ? J. S. Morris &Co
Mobile, Ala.?Messrs. Mosley.
Montgomery, Ali.?T. B. Coster.
Morris, N. J.?L K Bailey.
Newburgh, N. V.?John It. Gorham.
Newaik. N.J.?E. H. T.Willi ims.
New-Oileaus, La.?A.?^liv-r ? l ...
Nyack?Azariali K..ss St Sous.
Paterson, N.J.?Charles In gl is.
Peekskill?Samuel log. i loll.
Philadelphia?Wholesah and retail at tlw Genera] Axeu.-y
for Penusylvani?i Fitlers Drug and Cliemical store, corner ol
Second and Beaver streets, Kensington.
Pokeensie?E. Trivetl i>. Sou.
Ilichmond, Vz.TA. Din I Sc Co.
Rochester, N. Y.? E. Ton.- v.
S iratoga Springs?F...). Muling.
Tallahassee, Fa.?B. !.. wis.
Tarry town?Jacob Odell.
'I'm;.?', harh. Heimstreet.
Vicksburgh, Miss.?MorrLs Emanuel.
Washington, D. C?Mich. Delany
And at .Morton's "Medical Warehouse,'' Halifax, Nova
Scotin_t27 3t
? * CANDY, MEDICATED,?Within a few mouths 23,
500 pounds have be. n sold this celebrated Cough remedy.?
It is no quack medicine, as its ingreaiieuts are known to all
that make use of it, they being mentioned in the direction,
which >r- Bones, t Il.rb, Elecampane Unit, Boot of Squills,
Root of Liquorice, Senec i Snake Root, and many other rnoti
md herbs known to be goo I for Coughs, Ci Ids. Phthisic,Broii
cheti ?, Wl.ping I lough, ami .ill diseases ofthe Lungs, Sow
throat. Also, it is in extensive use lor clearing the voice foi
Vocalists md Public Speakers. This Medicated Candy Ii?,
gained a gn at reputation for curing the above complaints. In
mi - ? -v of iis extensiv,- sale, it has caused many Due
r.-ounterfeit.s to be offered to th public, in consequent;el
winch the i roprietor li is his uami stampeu on the candy; il?..
ilirei t: in will accompany the c uidy, when purchased at the
For sale only in Boston by Win. Blown, isl Washington
street. lu^New-Y'ork by A. B. & D. Sands, STo. 79 Fulton,
street, 77 Fist Broadway,273 Broadway. ol61tn
\y remedies now known, there is but one tint canbereliril
on for the cure of thai 't.Mr.M to the human race'? Cooiump
lion ! Thai remedy is' Schem i.'s Pulmonic Syrup.'
Is h is succeeded in cases where every thing ? fse lias failed,
.md it will generally succeed in curing every <? iseof Consump
tion where the following things are attended to, viztaTaii
trial, perseverance, and a strict confor^nity to the directions
fu order that this may not be considered mere assertion, un?
supported bv facts, the reader is refenvd to a pamphlet, pub.
lished by tic proprietor, which can be obtained gratis at
any of his offices, in which ran lie found a number of cases
substantiating che irnthofthls issertion. Also, may be seen
at hi. office a number of certificates which have never yet tV^u
published, w here individuals have b en cured of Consumption
after having Ik-hi given up by their Physician and friends. lr
may not be amis3 to st.it.- the reason ol ibe great success ofthe
Pulmonic S-, rup. It is the most poweiful purilier oftlie sys
rein known : it operates by assisting nature toeipel the disease
from theLursgs, Stomach and Liver. Where there is hectic
fever, night sweats, constipation, ill usual symptoms of Con?
sumption, the use of th- Syrup removes the lever, stops the
night sweats, and regulates the iction of the#bowel?; making
them healthy and natural. It soothes a> d ripens the disease
of th ? Lungs, ami then expels it in the form of expectonied
matter; and it is truly astonishing whnt quantities of co u|
tiii'i is ex|iectorated h. patients generally, <vho havetaken ihe
Pulmonic Syrup: and this continues until all disease ol the
Lungs is removed, and the patient finds to his joy that he is
restored to heal til.
Prepan d by J, 11. Scl en :k, ind for sale at his principal ..i
fices, No'.-32 South Sixth-s reet, one door helo? theconier ol
Che-nut; and at hi. I. boratory, No 121 Race-street, Phila?
delphia. ALo, for saleai Wi.Ci urtland-stn?et, ou< doorbelovi
the corner of Greenwich, N. \.?the only place in tins city
where the genuine can be hail. Also, 389 Washington-street,
.no. 16 Broadu iy. Albany, N. V.
iove Offices are exclusively lor th- sale of Pulmonic
ol9 im- ). II. si HENCK.
Balsam i- a prescription >o one of the m?.si
celebrate*! Oculists?hos I ren for a long tune
~" in us.-, and is confidently recommended tn
public as the he.t and uost successful Salve ever us.-d
for intlimmatory diseases of the ey.?. In cases where the
eyelids are very much inflamed, or tin ball of the eye is thickly
covered u ith hl o I, it acts almost like magic, and lemoves ail
ap; ? .Line ol di-'.-1-? iCr?,? two or il.r.-e applications.
can ;. d by fixed attention to minute object!, ot by longeipo
sure to a strong light, and in the weakness ,,r partial ms? 'it
sight from sickness oi old age, it is a sure restorer, md should
be used by .11 who find their i yesight failing witliout aoyap"
p/.r?-ut disease.
Tliis Balsam has restored sight in many insuncss where al?
c msed by i teessive in flamm it ion. had existed for years. In
flammatioii and soreness, caused by blow;, contusions or
wouuds on tlie eye, or hy extraneous bodies of an iriitatiug
naturesintrbduced under th. eyelids, is very sooin removed by
th.- application of tlie Balsam.
The following certificate from the}Pastor of the Kpiscop*!
Church M II ol--in will convince the most incredulous ol its
astonishing efficacy:
II.iKi.FM, July, Up
Messrs. Stud., & Co.?GeiiU?From motives ol huinanitfl
am pronij ted to inform you tint few applications pf.yoiii
valuable Roman Eve Bali mi have made a peifei - eure? the
ct.s;- of my aged mother, who has suffered uidn ?rnost pun
ful iiillammatioiiof th. eyes for twelve or. fifteen yean, rhy
siciaus have given up the case as hopeless, on account ptjthe
patient's age; \m'. by tls^ blessing of Heavi n youyteaw na*
etfcctf d a perfect cure, and verified the ad ige?' While there is
life there i, hone.'
Yon.-., n.o .t respectfully, K.I10\ l .
Many more certificates of its virtues misht be givenr-.pn?
this is deemed quite sufficient to establish, for it 4 reputanun
far beyond the r^ndi of any other preparation. . ^.
Put up in small jars, with full directions for use. J^J^jK
ecu's Prepared and sold wholesale and retail hy? DA v u
SANDS .-i I ' >-r ist Broa. w iy c ir. ':< a ket st. Sow >?>.?
by A. P.. ic D Soi.d.. 79 Fulton street, A. li. Sand xU.^
Broadway, corner Chambers street: ICennedy,3t8 Bieeckw*'
o:.'l Im
The American Improved
LTygeian Vegetable Medicine.
i FE< TIVE compound in the whole range ot Medic*'
preparations. In all lingering complaints, weakness or sere
nl debility, loss of appetite, diapepsv, affections of theheiJ.
liver complaints, pulmnry affectiorw, particularly i? their
e..rly stages, common coughs, colds, ihi uiaatic atTe. tioiis?'<
short, :;i any derangement ofthe stomach orbowelsj indnea-.
irom wliencespnng diseases in general, these I'ills sr.uid w
no died.
A tti ...ugh trial of them in accordance diiectioes
v.ih iinsun theirIpermi tent use i., r:mc:etii familrfsOttti'l
twi ..'>? m king .10 h ;:? ?. They are i ut up in sinfie boie*.
Mr convenience of trial, at 371 cents. Also, packas??*w
cents and $l. Office of sale M0 Fulton street, sec^dwjr,
between Nassau and Bro,(!-.v .y, where any. infoitoatwnanaa
rTfeatvariety of testimonies, may be obtained.
rr" TRY. AND THEN JUDGE.^31 ?.oO??"
A.\ I.MMED1 sTE AND li-Ay
FECT CURE.?Those who have. Mi
to- painful rJirrtbbingandexcrotiaonjj
pangs of this disease shooting thrciun
their jaw, w ith moU tnrrr.cn'in* Ier1*'
\er .!,c-.-, and, as i. olbfO tie" case, ha\e
received but little, sympathy
? ,v j f - friends on such ccctsious. will
^-vi nodouht !.- ranch plea?ed to know ol
i remedy that will never fail to qiuet forever tiie i.arnerciiai
.rf.-n>!er. ,.
The Clove Anodyne ^ tii.-hest of ?|| tooth acbe renie?**
t is immediate and certain in lt., effecta, curing the most XVr
ent tooth ache or pain in 'b< gums in on.- minute. . ...
F.xperience has proved ti.it tin. anodyne composition W>
tire immediate and permanent relief after the ftilulne o' every
ither remedy; it is pleasant to the taste and smell, w ,il not ""?
ute the teeth o- gunu inany way, and a few appli ^tions ?'B
utirely remove the pain and soreness from a deC j.^,) rooth.s"
h it it may b<- fille i andjendered useful fa ? fer When the
oin proceeds from the face, or from tin- grf .?? around a woth
raparen?rsoond, this application will ^ ' h- relief by
ubbmr a few drO(.s on the part affect- ,. K i>r; *' ^ Cr.,ts.
For sale by David Sands & Co., |-r't Broadway; 79
.>lton street anl 27? Brofldw?}:'^Vt?i ?reet.
?ranite Buildings. " o2l Im
V TADDE R?24 ,:a5k^i^ ui-nbr?sJo"r s?ie"bT
0,0 78 Soutli street

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