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ZLcttcrs from ?talj>.
Foreign Correspondence of The New-York Tribune,
i Xo.XXH'.] - By J. Tyuer Head le y.
,rtl MODF OF it'.LLlyC milk. LAKE CARTARU5. . .ADKlAX's
villa..,. tivoli.
- Tivoli, April, 1813.
Tin? morning, for once at least, I was uji be.
fore the sun A gentleman who formerly held an
appointment under our Government and finally
married a wealthy English lady arid spent his
time in trareiing, promised to call and take me
:n his carriage with him and his lady to Tivoli.
Of coarse I was sure not to keep them waiting,
bat was up betimes and by means of it I made a
remarkable discovery which I give for the exclu?
sive fit of New-Yorkers.
Morning after morning I had been awakened
by a shrill signal whistle under my windows, and
ghat it conld mean at that early hour would al
; *ays puzzle me till I fell asleep again. This
] morning as 1 opened the windows and stepped out
upon the balcony, 'and by the way windows arc
never made to raise in this country but to open
like a double door,) 1 was greeted by this same ,
shrill whistle ringing directly beneath me. 1
j looked down and lo it was the milk man's cry.
I A boy had driven to the door six or seven goats.
I jad with his fingers in his mouth was whistling
out the servant. In a few moments she appeared .
?vithher pint cup which he took and stepping be
hind the goats milked it full,received his penny and ^
drove on. Under a palace directly opposite I ,
-atv three cows standing in the same way, the
boy who drove them whistling away till the ser
vant appeared, when he milked his measure full,
f and then passed on toward the Corso?the an?
cient via Flaminia. This plan, you perceive, in- j
troduccd into New-York, would effectually pre?
vent watering the milk; and give it always
fresh and pure from the fountain head.
In a few minutes the carriage drove up, ?
and under as bright a sky as ever bent over
the Casars wc rattled out of the city. We
I passed San Lorenzo gate, and trotted along (
i the "Via Tiburtina," crossed the Allio, and
finally fetched up5 by the monument of." Giula ,
Stemm*.I wtlliiot describe it. At length the (
walls on either side of the way,built entirely of pctri- .
factions, reminded us that we were in the vicin- (
ityof Lake Tartaius, " Lago di Tartaro," the .
petrifying qualities of whose waters furnish the ,
stone called travertine. Its sulphur stench was j
Tartarian enough, and at length it sparkled on j
our sight, a mere pond, in the midst of a large ,
field. Petrifying its own borders, it has contract- \
cd its limits till it bids fair to petrify itself to ,
death and become a stone lake. The rocks
around it arc all formed from moss and turf and .
masses of cane, whose tubes still remain in the .
stone. Remembering a certain brother of mine ;
who has a perfect mania for odd specimens of
this sort, and who had never failrd in every letter i I
to insinuate in no ambiguous language that he J .
supposed i would " forget to pick u[) some old
Stones" lor him, 1 loaded down the carriage with
fragments of rock to my particular discomfort.
Leaving this we came to the Sulfatarn (sul- I
pour) canal. The odor from this stream, which i
drains the ancient Aqua Albulae, was still
stronger than from Tartarus. This canal is nine
feet broad, two feet deep, and two miles long, and ?
the water that Mows rapidly in it is almost of the J
color of milk. The Aqua Albulae is about a
mile distant, and by its petrifying qualities has j
contracted itself from a mile in circumference
to500 feet. Near bv arc the Baths of Agrippa,
? 1 e
patronised by Augustus and enlarged by Queen
Zenobia, who was permitted to retire to Ti- f
voli with her children, after she had graced the ."
triumphal entry of the ravagcr of Palmyra into
A little distance from the road stands the ruins
of Adrian's villa?the most picturesque and im- 1
posing of any in Italy; They surpass those of 1
the Palace of the Ctesars. This villa was over- 1
thrown during the siege of Tibar by Totila. I (
will not describe to you the old Greek Theatre j
with its ruined Procenium ; nor the beautiful
Nymphaeum; nor the Pectlc, 6?0 feet long, with
its double rowof columns still standing, nor the j
imperial Palace, nor the old barracks of tin- Pre.
tonan guards?nor the grand Scrajteon ot Cano. '
pus, nor the beautiful Vale of Tkmi'k?nor the
promenades of the poets and philosophers who
RSCfJ to loiter in their green shades. 1 will leave
you in ignorance of them all. You cannot ap?
preciate, them unless you wander in " propria per?
sona" amid their haunted shades, with the dark
cypress waving above you and the spirit of the
Past whispering in your ear.
Amid these rums were tound all the Egyptian
antiquities in the Roman Capitol?the beautiful
Mosaic of Pliny's Doves; and the Venus di Me?
dici. The road from hence up to Tivoli (the an?
cient Tibur; is through the most venerable olive
grove 1 have ever seen. Between its dark fo?
liage you get a glimpse now and then of the Ro?
man Campagna, stretching on toward the sea?
toward the eternal city?and the Sabine Hills.
I should like to run on awhile about this ancient
Tibur throned on its beautiful hill. Horace was
accustomed to spend much of his time here, and
wrote enthusiastically of its beauty. Not the
broad Laceedaemon, said he, nor the rich fields of
Larissa" strike me so much
" Quam dorn us Albunex rcsonanlis,
Et precepi Anto ; et Tibnrni tucus ei ud.?
Mobtlibus pontaria mis."
Here he would sit and compose his verses, and
prayed that it might be the retreat of his old age
But a truce to Horace I like him not and never
did. His heartless lines ran in my head all the
while 1 was on the track of his journey to Brun;
dsuium, on which the lazy, voluptuous sneerer
lingered. He always appears to my imagination
hke a little, thm, wcasle-faced man, strutting
slip-shod along, turning up his nose to mankind,
and loving wine and women as much as the lat?
ter feared him.
As I ascended the long hill toward the town, I
%k)iight more of the royal Zenobia than of all
the emperors and puets that ever lived here. As
*hc stood and looked off on the same valley on
which I was gazing?now so desolate?then so
mac:;!iMccnt with temples and palaces, how often
she sighed lor her queenly Palmyra?the beauty
of the desert- Her realm exchanged for the Ti
burtine hill, and a throne for the irksome kind?
ness of a haughty captor, was enough to break
her queenly heart. But let us enter Tivoli, once
the head-quarters of the Glnbelline chiefs, and af?
terward of Rienzi, in his expedition against Pal.
estrina. Jt is a dirty, contemptible little city of
17,000 inhabitants. Its situation is highly pie
turcsque, but its climate so unhealthy that the
popular distitch runs,
" Tivoli di mal cotifort?
O, Piove, o tira vent", o snona a morlo,"
which perhaps might be renderd thus:
Oh Tivoli! small comforts ia thy climate dwell
Wh- i.. blows the wind, or rain, or tolls the funeral knell.
The umrals of the inhabitants may be gath?
ered from the fact that, in the year I S3*, out of a
popul ll ion of 1 / ,000, there were brought before
the magistrate of the district 1,500 cases of
fights, in which 160 persons were dangerouslv
wounded, and :J2 killed.
The same ratio of crime in New-York, putting
the population at half a million, would give
4?.CMi0 rights during the yeitr, 5,400 persons dan.
gerously wounded, and 660 murders. At home
this would be headed " Horriblk state of pub
Lie morals," and it would not he far from ri^ht.
Bu1 I beg pardon: I came iicrc to sec its wa?
ter-falls, the most beautiful with the exception of
Terni in the south of Europe. However, thcTi
volians deserve this exposure for the villainous
dinner they gave inc. I will not bore you with
the description of the ruined villas and temples
that attract the traveler to Tivoli. I will men?
tion but one?the Temple of the Tiburtine Sy.
bil, perched on a cliff overhanging the valley of
Lhe cascades. It is a circular temple surrounded
with an open portico of 16 columns, ten of which
remain. Standing on that eminence, with its
line proportions and ancient classical look, it
forms one of the most beautiful images 1 ever
contemplated. As we emerged from the narrow
path on to the platform of rock, which lorms its
base, we saw a table spread and an English com
pany sitting around it, who Had ordered their
dinner to be brought to this picturesque spot.?
There they sat eating under the shadow of the
Temjilc of the Tiburtim Sybil, with the <:uli
beneath them, and the roar of the water-falls in
Lhcir cars. English like :?they can cat any where.
Standing on the edge of ihis cliff, the chief wa?
terfall of the Aiiio is full in view a little to the_Icft,
on the other side of the gulf. Right oul from the
srreeii hills it leaps, HID feet into the mass of ver?
dure below. From the moment it starts it shows
i belt bf f"am. and from the disordered rocks
a here it strikes springs a rainbow, like a being of
i-*ht, starting for the skies. The form of the
nils?the deep verdure contrasting with the ruins
tround?the classic air hovering overall; com
)ine to render it a spot of singular wildness and
)eaul v.
From this Syhilline Temple, a winding narrow
>ath descends into the gulf and mounts the other
;idc to the top of the water-fall. Adown this we
leseended, stopping at intervals to catch a
Oimpse of the foaming track of the " Casealcl
it,*' and hear the roar of its vexed waters. At
ength we reached the grotto of Neptune, a black
:avern into which the cataract formerly emptied
tself from the high wall of rock above it. The
nundation of 1826 changed the course of the
?iver and now a dark wild stream alone hurries
hrough it. From this deep gulf the view of the
>ybilline Temple standing in its beautiful propor
ions high above?in the portico of which, look
ng down on us, were gathered a group of Enp;
ish ladies, twirling their bonnets in their hands,
md looking as if they might be the ancient Sy
)ils returned to their homes?the massive rocks
tround, and the singing of the water-falls in our
:ars, with the wizard-like names of the Syren's
md Neptune's grotto, attached to the caverns
iver which we were leaning; combined to render
t for the moment a scene of enchantment.
The water, before it takes its leap, passes
hrough two artificial tunnels, cut side by side,
hrough the solid rock, in which the English lady
ind myself awoke the echoes with our mirth. I
3o not know why it is, but I never can get into a
javern or dark hideous hole without hallooing till
ill rings again. From this point we took don?
keys and rode around the semicircular hill to get
i view of the series of cascades unseen before;
that come springing one after another into sun?
light right out from the bosom of the green fo?
liage. As we passed along, fust spray, like mist
boiling up from the earth, would appear, hovering
in the air?and then the laughing Iris bowing t?
the green banks beyond, and then the rapid shoot
of the stream. It was a succession of surprises.
Returning we fell in with the suite of a Vene
tian Prince that had haunted us ever since we
left Naples?dining where we dined?sleeping
where we slept, and by some strange fatality visit?
ing galleries and ruins the same day we visited
Speaking of flie donkey ride reminds me that
1 have omitted a curious specimen of this mode
of traveling which 1 witnessed this morning near
the famous Plautian Tomb. On a little mouse
colored donkey, a trifle larger than a Newfound?
land dog, shaggy ami meek, were mounted a
burly man and Ins wife, both astraddle, with the
woman fu ture and the man behind. The docile
hiUc fellow went ambling along, picking upcarc
fuliy bis slender feet, and with his long ears flap?
ping over his face looking as unconscious and
innocent as a lamb. ______________
? > populai ?iev? of Astronomy, including a lull mustri
tion of the mechanism of the Heavens, embracing the S>L >,
MOOJS, 111ci STARS with descriptions <M the ruNF.Tr.
I omkts, Fixed Stars. Doible Stars, Thk co\st__i.a
tui.n>, i hk Galaxi ok Milkt Way. tmeZodiacalLkjht,
aurora Boklalis, Of NoKTHERN LlUlHS. METEOR*.
Clouds, Fallikg Staks. Aeroute, b^l)uucan Brvi
I rd. Thick roj ^1 quarto, i-uid-..melvbou_dLj:ilte\t.r<. IL?
LUSTRATED by ueiily 150 colored engravines. maps. Sec.
Tn- sub?enb"rs take pleasurein announcim: to the-public
that they hue purchased the PLATES and COPYRIGHT
?! ile above meat Tiiagnthccnt work, and will have ready for
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mentioned^ in the hoi* that every head of a family, and,
almost ev-ry individual, nuy be t-uabled to obtain a copj of
this mostrUSefal, high|y instructive, and intrinsicallv valu?
able 1.k ROBERT P. BIX BY iiCO.
No. 3 Park Row, opposite th* Asror Honac: N.V.
w-V-srk, Sejir. 23, 181J.
N. B ?Travel in?; Agents and otiiers desirous of obtaining
subscubers to tite abvie work, are requested to call on or ad?
dress H- P- B. S; t o. immediately. _s23 3meod
QWEDES I RON?100 tons Swedes Iron, assort
e l. now Uudim; and for sale, by
ns GRJNNELL, MINT URN k CO. 78lSouthsr
.^?ll?KKt SATl RDA Y TIOl
? i 11111 '-"'"^MMMMMnnBaHaMMmn
Sale* nt the Slock Exchange, Nov. 17.
f .(hm) L S ?s '02 ms I f. . , . ?
a, o,,? n c - , o *,' 118 100 J" Farmer? Loan . 244
2'2K Si? 0i' ?4 ? ? ? mi\ 11 d? N' * F.r- Ins.. . 9,'
1' Ph,?0.i-00.l?Of 2? doVicksburg.... 4
2^llfjb?ft.,..^hs do do....?. 5i
mmuh\ - U-b6? 103 50 do Manhattan Gas. 9uV
!". 'WOh-o7,.-n boo.ir*,;! 50 do Canton Cc.25'
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25 do Del it Hud. . . U|J|
SEC050 Boanu
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$8,000 Illinois. 41 | 3,ooo do 6s.101
Public Stock Kxcliniijtre. Nov. 17.
$10,000 U S 5s '53 Jan I 106}I 20 do Trost F Ins.*. . 6-S
15,000 di d.).sS 105$ 25 do Paterson R.cash 59<!
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Si huyler's Line?Boat Brewer.
206 bbls lime Richards & Chamberlain; 12 bids apples
Jas Legge?; 3 pkgs seed, 1 bbl fruit, 49 kegs butter C.
per N. Bridlemau; 250') bushels oats to owners.
Syracuse and Oswego Line?Boat Syr,:, usi
50 kegs butter, 54 pkgs provisions, 7 kegs lard Lee, D i?.
Miller- 35 csks cheese Rosvtell Plummer; 20 k^s buttei J
Johnson & Sou. 70 pkzs provisions A G .v A W Bensou; 1
keg but) 1 Work it Drake; 6 casks kelp O Corwiu Ik. Co;
6 kirs butter Jas Stokes; .n bids egjrs, 10 do apples F Smith;
90 k'. t;s butter, 5 packages provisions, 1 bbl fruit S Bir.lei,
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Case; 1 bale gooJs C Hadock & Co; I hi.x ware Saxton .\
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Messrs Thompsons; (j .sacks wool K A Robinsou.
t'mt Deionler's Osweso Line 'Boats New Era d' Lawrence
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isher J Steward, Jr, & Co; 4 do du R N Dart; 9 do d
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Hawley; 9 kegs butler R A Robertson; I do do J Johnson
8t Sous: 6 rolls leather W H Hopper; 39 bbls ashes O Cor?
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CT* Mercantile Library Association.?The
Seventeenth Annual Course of Lectures will be delivered at
tho Broadway Tabernacle on Tuesday Evening of eacli week,
at 7} o'clock, commencing November 21st.
One Lecture by Rer. GEORGE PUTNAM. Roxbur*
Mass.?Iniroductoi v?' Liyht.'
One Lecture by Prof. DF.MSON OLMSTED. Yale Col
|. Character ami Discoveries of Newton,' with illustra?
One Lei ture by Prof. DEN I SON OLMSTED, Vile Col
les?' Structure of the Universe,' with illustrations.
One Lecture by Rev. J. M. WAINWRIGT. D. D., New
One Lecture by CHARLES F. HUFFMAN.. Esq.,
N V.-" I eisler, thfl first Political Martyr of New-York.'
One Lecture by Rev. WILLIAM B. 5PRAGUE, D.D..
On* 'Lecture by Rev. HENRY GILES, Southboro', Mass.
?' Robert Burn...'
One Lecture bv Rev. HENRY GILES, Southboro", Mass.
?'Oliver Goldsmith.'
One L-cttire by JOHN G. PALFREY, LL. D? Boston
One Lecture by Prof. CALEB S. HENRY, D. D., N. Y.
OueLectnre bv CHARLES EAMES, Esq., N. Y
' Venice
One Lecture by R v: S. H. COX. D. D.. Brboklyn?' Se?
lections of English Poetry, wirh Comments.' .
One Lectnie by PARK BENJAMIN. EJ(J., N. Y.-' Scep?
One Lecture hv Rev. LEONARD BACON, D. D., New
Htven?' Noah WVb.ter."
Thi o|d>i 6f the Lectures will br innouncedhereafter.
Ticket admitting a Non-Member and Lidy.S3
'? " d Member and Lady.S2
Lady-; Tickft.'.SI
Tictet l\>r a single Lecture.? 25
To be obtained at Wiley x Putnam's, 161 Bioadwa>, Robeit
Carter's,58 Canal-street; Israel Tost'.., 88 Bowery; Baker?
Gram i.^S Pearl street; and at the Rooms of the Association,
Clinton Hall, By order.
nl3 '>r?TuThSMStTu ?.'hairmau Lecture Commitrep.
INSTRUCTION.?A Lientleniiin, whose classi?
cal and littrarv ett.numents well tit him for the occupation
of instructing vouth, would be-lad of an opportunity of en
Kitfiuu' liim^elf a.s a private tutor, or as an assistant in a
Boarding School. Communications may be left.at the Book
Store of Mi. R. Carter, No. f?8 Can il-street, addressed to S.R.
Ill* lw?_
IFRENCH 'LANGUAGE?M?ns. B^keart, pro?
fessor of the French Language, begs to inform his friends
that he i^ now forming c!asst?loi beginners,at his residence,
No. 85Duane-'street. r
N. B. Private lessons given at home or at Jjhe residence ol
the pupils._n>6
OAKDLNHi SCrlUOL.?The Mount Wnion
_ Academy is pleasautij .situated m 58th str-^t, on the Old
To,; Road. iery near the 3d avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Gaze, pro?
prietors of the Institution, will receive a limited number Ol
pupils, boys or girls, from the age of six to ten,, as boarding
scholars. The courseof Study embracesevery desirablebranch
of a useful and polite education. The superior advantages in
the location, ami its proximity to the city,render this Seminary
worthy of especial consideration. Terms S30 per quarter, in
advance. 023 !m_
SCHOOL?(corner of Clintonand Pacific streets. Brook
lv Ii.)?This School will re-ot<en on the lstdiy of September.
Punctual attendance of the pupiis is re-jue-ted.
The course of instruction in this institution is full and tho
rouidi, tmbraciru' tlie Eugluh, Classical, Matliematical and
Scientific br inches. Stiict attention is paid to the formation
of the moral as w ell as intellectual character ol pupiN. The
first mistersure employed in the, several departments, and the
ino.lv of instruction continued which has so long giren satis?
The limited number of six pupils will bv received into the
Principal's family, and receive the care of a parent.
Circulars stating terms. Stc. may be had on application at
the Church Depository, No. 20 John-st. or at the bookstore ?l
Mr. A. V. Blake, Fulton--1. New-York, and at Mr. A.M.
WildeVs B-okstoro. 51 Fulton-st. Brooklyn._*a3M
V^tlemeu are e'xpeditiouslJ xnd thoroughly instructed in the
various duties of the d-sk by
TH03IAS JONES, Public Accountant,
183 BROADWAY. . .
The course comprehends such iutormation as is udupensa*
blc to the merchant and thp man of business, and combine* the
advantages of private lessons with ehe daily routine of the
BOOKKEEPING, as applied to inland and toieign trade. ij
practically taucht, each pupil bavins to o]?n. conduct, aid
Dalmce numerous sets of nooks as a coune oi practice ajwt
from his theoretical instruction. Paiticuhr Attention is also
paid to Commercial Arithmetic, in the calculations of Inter
nr. fixation of Payments, Foieign Exchanges, JJra?svxd
Alwavs ambitious of seenrint; the confidence and encourage
mt?t of Merchants, the advertiser earnestly invites them to
i |] iad examine his pretensions both a:, a practical accountsut
a -? ieichcr. On his Register ire the names ol upwards Ol
3000 s :ud?.uls whom he hu instructed duriug.the last nine year, j
among whom he can refer to Bookkeepers of the highest repu
An evening session is now opened from 7 to 9 during which
uinior clerks are instructed by :!?- quarter in BooBseeping
Penmanship and Arithmetic, oi they may contract for either
branch until h ?atisfai tory knowledge i? acquned.
F?r Sale.?" Jones? Principles and Practice of Bockkeep
ing **8ro, Price 12,. W. Jones's Elementary Writing Books
oil Imeod*_._
J. highest Tremium for Window Shades wai awarded
bv the American institute, at their late Fair to the sijbscnj
efs for their Wire Shades. Unlike all other W indow Shades.
d"^admit all the air and light, obstruct the view) from and
a.lm'it the view to the street, keep in.seeu our, and are r-ry
ornamental. . >. lk,n#
Thej are manufactnred tn order, ol my required sixe, siHi"
or liuuie. ami fitted in mahogany frames, if required, to f^Jj
basement, office er other windows, hall doors, icreeus to pur>
lICPersJon1, w ?hin? these Shades will please leave dieir <orders
at No. 18 Factory-street, or send ^eir address rJiro.igti Oie
Dispatch Post, and they will be called upon and tie measure,
taken and orders executed by NoLhEFa&cto:ry^cr?el.
JO. BOOTH & CO. at the New-York Cash
? Tailoring Establishment, 112 Fulton-street; neai Cr.-aJ
wav, ?tili continue to take the lead in economy aud eleganct
in the manufacture and -.iyle of rhe vuious garments belong
iug to .1 ?entlein ui's wardrobe.
Thwsuperiority they sr* enabled tomaintain incoii-viueucr
of the general adaptation of the cash principle by the public,
resulting from put ri[? nence. that the credit system necr^a
rilyimposed a heavy tax on the prompt ravins cmtomer tu
supply th? losses from that clas3 of the community which
must nece.-sanlv be exclnded from this establishment. By ?d
herring strictly tothecaahsystem,enabIes the subscribers to fur?
nish their customers with garmentsol superior stvle and finish
at a very great reduction from credit prices.
Gentlemen who contemplate refftting or altering the arrangi ?
nr-nts ol th"ir wardrobe would do w-ll togiveusacall, is our
a;j..rtm?nt i* one ol the most extensive m rhe citr. as vinous
as the cbaiiL-es of fashion, embracing all the different stvles of
r- rencb Elastic C assimeres of the choicest patterns, lor which
this establishment has Income so celebrated. Strangers and
others visiting the city are particularly invited to call and ex
amine for themselves and test the above assertions bv patron
Hing e.u exclusive cash house.
No deviation in prices and strict pmictu.ilttv observed is
filling orders. I. i . BOOTH & CO. jv24 istl "
W-m T jennings a- CO , Drapers and tail".
T ? ors,231 Broadway, American Hotel, opposite tht Four.
torn, solicit attention te au assortment of seasonable goods
including Cloths. (.assimens, Yesrings, Sic. in .'II rhe new
and various styles.
Under the assurance that the system of " small profits and
quick returns, which has elicited so liberal a patronage, will
becontinnedi whilst our arrangements are such as will enable
us to nil all orders in fnturp with promptness.
A feature in 'he establishment which must commend it n
those tot Hiring articles for immediate use, is the addition to
our stock ot.au assortment of first quality ready m.-de Gar
menu, consisting o; Surtoutt, Kr.?ek.s, Dress Coats, Panta?
loons, Vests, Office Coats, Traveling Fiocks. Dressing
Crowns, Sec.
A choice selection of Siltt and Satin Scarfs^d ivats, Hand
kerchiels. tilines, Susnenders. Hosiery, Under Vests. Draw?
ers, Muslin Shirts, Collars. Ve., at prices which mustroffei
inducements to i ii:ct>._ers.
jvb iatf
HAM-STREE'Taad 4 BOWERY, will keep constantly
on hand, a lull and complete assortment* of MEN'S BOYS '
AND. CHILDREN'S CLOTHING, of all descriptions',
me.de in the most fashionable stvlk, to which he would
respectfully invite the attention of those in want. As he has
made arrangements to receive CL?THS, I 'ASSIMEIIES.
VESTINGS, ice., by every Packet, and has secured the
services of experienced Cutters, he pledges himself to giv<
perfect satisfaction to all who may purchase.
N. B.?Garments made to order at the shortest notice
and with strict punctuality. sl2 tFlis
FROCKS, CLOAKS, Sec.?Extra Beaver and Pilot
Cloth,Over Coats, Winter. Frocks, Sacks, die. Also, extra
and medium quality Cloth Goal?, for sale at 231 Broadway,
American Hotel, opposite the Fountain.
ol3 istf WM. T. JENNINGS Si CO.
Douw's Buildings, Albany. N. Y.?The undersigned of?
fer theii services to the public as Agents foi the purchase, s^h
and exi hange of Real Estate; fqi the transaction of business
connected therewith iu the public offices in Albany, such as
tlier ecording of D^eds, payment of taxes, obtaining legalized
copies of pn hi it; records; for the management of the pioperty
of non-resident owners"; and the transaction of business con?
nected with Real Pror?ity generally.
Owners of Farms and Westrrn Lands will lind it foi their
interest to registei ;>r*j it rty they may u ish to dispose of at this
Property advertised iu the Albany papers at half the usual
Comiiiuniciitioiis (post pani) will receive immediate atten?
Kkfkkkm es.?Thomas Olcott, Piest Mecli.and Farmers
Bank, Philip Phelps. Esq., Dep. ( ompt., Hon. Daniel Cudy,
Albany^-, John ?. Miller, Esq.,Uti a ; Henry Yates, Esq.,
John ( Berth, 25 Merchants' Exchange, A. S. Depeyster,
Sec. Hiid'nn Fir- Ins. I 'o., New-York.
?20 linns A. ELLISON Si CD.. Albany, N. V.
RL. & A. STUART, 2S5 Greenwich, corner
? ol ( liambers street, are constantly manufacturing In
st. am. .and h ive now on hand, a Uru? assortment <>f Candy,
Stc. of superior quality, suitable for the Southern market.
This candy being made from Refined Smut, will keep iu a
warm climate harder and dryer than any made from raw su?
gar _ nI3 Imis
"f^INDO\V SII.MM-; DB POT. No 7 Spruce-at,
v t The subscribers invite the attention of the public to
theii splendid assortment of Decorative Window Shades, all
having been gol up with great C ire, and warranted to pU.ue
Shades painted to any pattern or si/.e.
The assortment consists of splendid American Landscapes,
Italian do, Wild Vignettes, French Scrolls, Yignette and Ro?
sette Centres, Scriptural Views Fancy Sketch?, and Gothic
Landscape Centres, Tinlern Abbeys, Moonlight Views, Sie.
Sic. Sign Banner-, and Decorations done in a style not to be
surpassed bv any other establishment
Southern and Western Merchants supplied with any quan
tity. (0I8 Ijnis) BAKTOL ^ DE MA I NY.
O V P E KIOIt (> 1A) P( MiT W1X K \~ K li AND V,
? tic?The subscriber offers for >ale vcry.superior Poit
Wine; in glass and on draft?also old pale Cotr Brandy.
Old Madeira and Sherry, in glass and in wood.
Finn Hocks^CUrets. Biirgundvs and Sautemes, in cases of
cine dnzen each. Apply to GILBERT DAVIS,
sll istf !.'> Pine stieet. corner ol William.
FOLD WRITERi?This article has now b- eu before
tie public but a short rime, and has gained a reputation be
vond parallel with any thing ever known, and the many thou?
sand copies daily in um is i proof of the high favor they have
obtained. It has entirely taken the precedence iifthi ' onying
Piess; and many of otu merchants, aftei paying from KSta
jiofora Tress have laid them asid< and given the Maifefold
Writer the preference, finding them to he neater and more ex?
peditious. The CopyiuE Books we done up jh a vdnety of
sires, the i?iper being ruled or plain, varying in price from 81
to S5. Busiueismeu and merchants who study economy, will
please call and examine the article, and wo w ill guarantee that
it will recommend itself more than i column of advertising.
Strangers visiting the city are cautioned against buyinafrom
itinerant venders on hoard steamboat,-, and at. hotels, selling a
worthless article tor a few shillings, at the expanse of this
truly invaluable article. Sold wholesale and retail by
L. FRANCIS, 7f. Maiden lane,
Jv-3| tf is Junction Liberty-street
T" HE lUKh-r^n.-d.'oiVML 'ENCHNEETiS,~iviIl
make Surveys, Estimates ofcost, and .-eports for Rail
ivays,.Canals, [loads, Docks, Wharves, Sustaining Walls,
Bridges cfevery description, with plans and specifications,
and when required, wilLsuperinteitd then-execution.
They \* ill measure and compute ? ubical quantities of earth
or rock, estim.ir.; the cost ol removing the same; they will
surxev land ind report on the besi mode of renderiug.water
powei aa lilable, and of opening mines and quarries. They
will make drawings and specifications' of improvements in
machines, and aid iuveutors in procuring letters patent; the
tervices of Dr. Thomas P. Jones have betii secured for any
business requirhig personal attendance at Washington. They
will act as agents for the saleol Letters Patent. Also,of Mills,
Mines, Quarries. Machinery, Sic.
Address either of the undersigned, at 0? Meridiants Kx
rhanW New York EDWIN F. JOHNSON.
offer for sale tie- various .;tnlitif:, of their refined Sugars,
in quantities of five iwckages and upwards, at the following
cash prices:
Standard Double Loaf Sugar, Iii cents par pound.
" Crushed " Hi ;;
" Ground " 12 ( M
Ground Sugar,2d auality-? Hi '
The above are packed as follows; w ithout charge for pack?
age :
Loaves in boxes ot 300.
i rushed in barrels of200.
Ground in barrels of 250.
AppIv at the Refinery, No. 2S.0 Greenwich, corner ol I ham?
bers street. Orders out of the city must b* accompanied by a
remittance. \_niJ j.m
tXTOOLSEY & WOOLSEY '?Her their ctand
VV ard rrualiry Double Refined Sugars ;is follows, namely:
Loaf ...Hi cents per lb.) When less than 'j packages are
Crushed.. Iii ' ? purchased half a cent per pound
Powderad.12 J additional.
The above are packed as follows:
Loaves iu boxes of 300 lbs.)
Crushed in bbls. of 200 |J > No cnarge for packages.
Powd"red in 1 " 2o0 j
Apply to ih- New-York Patent Sugar Refinery, corner o
South and Montgomery-itr-eta. or at 89 Wall-street. .
"-V. B.?Orders out of the city must be accompanied by a
remittance._"7 *
Th- sub.cribei is now owning, at N'o. 211st Broadway,
. .- , - r-_i_ i: .l. . ^ a .. 1.4 .,?<-r 111 It ?? i n \ i re
Inribilif. ar beaurv of finish. All Sho~s sold are warranted.
A good supply of'Macintosh Coats, Capes. Lite-Preservers,
^H^kins's Marble Cloth, for Tables, Sic, which obtained a
?silver M"da! M the late Fair, is for sale only at this Estab
'lshment. The Public are invited to call and examine it.
' A. more extended notice will soj^ar in a future number.
C. L. ROSS. 2411 Broadway, and 121 Maulen Lane^
?LUE"PL?ID"CLOADINGS!?3 cases of the
Jj ibove fashionable and economical style of Goods foi La?
dies* -and Children's Overcoat Dresses. Also, a beautiful
assortment of Fancy and Harlequin Plaids, embracing a num?
ber of new and beautiful designs for Gentlemen s < loak
Licine*: together with a farther variety of Gala and Shep
H^rds' Plaids.?Just received, and for sale at
nU :m DAVOL'S Cloth Store. No. j? Maiden Lane.
addition to a fonner supply, has just received some new
pattern bronzed, gilt arid silvered Girandoles and Sol&r
Lamps, which, with a large assortment of plated Cike Bas
keu. Castors, ivorv handle table C utlery, Gothic Waiters,
?ilve'r Tea and Ta*ble Spoons, aic. Sic. is now offer^l very low
by CnT.lm*] ALBERT BEACH. 114 Chatham st.
BI^TjIAJCD CLOTHS and Carriage Cloths.?
Billiard i loths for sale in quantities to >uit purchasers.?
also sky blue Cloths for Carnage linings, for sale by
nIi Iv* * _ WM. M. TITLES, m Beaver street.
7^ cases 16 and 2S oz. Patent Metal.
r> " 16 and 23 Pascoe, <S rente 11 k Son's Loudon C opjitr.
inTtore. For sale by BAP-STOW, POPE ft CO..
Vim_3S Pme.streer.__
^5 brow n, bin* and blue black Bearer and Pilot Cloths; fdso
I ,-ase jet black real French Beaver Cloths and Doeskins l"r
atez coats, jusx received at *
?Ulm No. 50 Maiden Lane
^IfJH?I^S^?IiR?LL, Agent anTXtiorney.
_\ in con.iection with his Associates m Washington, lor
'he prosecution of Claims against the General Government ot
dl- United States.?No. 54 Wall-st. New-York. n!6 li
WHOLE WO. 812.
This unrivalled preparation has performed some of tb<
j nws: astonishing cures of diseases th.it arc recorded in the an
I ij ?K of history, thus proving conclusively it is capable offol*
I tilling the high aim and purpose for which it is designed. Pa?
tieni. ?niTering tor years from ?.vious chronic constitution >'?
disorders, iftertrying different remedies,spendingthousand*
of dollar, ln traveling and d.">c<ori:ig, and suffering all that hu?
man nature is capable of enduring, have, by the use of *
few bottles, entirely recovered their health. Chronic Rhen
mati-m. Srrofnla or King's Evil, Salt Rh? urn an.) Ring
worm. I h er- \nd painful affection of the bones. Ulcerated
Throat md^Nostrils, Scurvy. Biles. Chronic Sorr Errs
blotches and various cutaneous eruptions. Glandular En?
largement. Hip Divase.&c. are effectual! v enred by its use
Uiscases batiiu-Uieir origin man impure -t?te of the biood
and fluids -renerally will be speedily and effectuallv removed
by this inv aluable medicine as its operation is peculiar, and
consists in lemoving the cause ol'disease by entering into the
circulation and passing through the general svstem. Wh,re
obstrucuous to its favorable op-ration exist, they are remoi ed
as it passes along the alimentary canal ; hencethe patient ?ill
feel and know the sensible Operation of the Sarsaparilla front
its carative powers,
j The proprietors .ire daily receiving from the medical pro ;
: fession, the clergy, officers of justice, and numerous private '
citizens, ample and willing testimony both written and ver?
bal, tf the superior value and efficacy of this preparation. To ;
the poor it is furnished gratuitously, on sufficient proof beinc
furnished of th eir worthiness.
The following certificates from individuals who have snf
fered with Scrofula in its severest form, aie presented for the
i.areful perusai of the afflicted :
Esskx, Conx, July 2.-). 1813.
Messrs. Sands?-Gent: about eight years since, by being
overheated, and directly after exposed, 1 was ?ei7e<| with *
severe cold, which deranged the whole system. Purple oi
livid spots appeared on the skin, attended With i ittlent ; tin il
the he id . the symptoms being uarminc. a physician was call
ed who prescribed blistering and leaching, which produced
partial relief. Hard bany lumps formed under the skin on v a?
rious parts of the body, and th* doctor pronounced my com
plaint hereditary Scrofula now for the fhst time developed.
The following winter my sight failed in both eyes; medical
aid w is again resorted to, which relieved my sight during th.
snmaier ? my nose now began to increase in size and the wnoh
body rapidly enlarged with ? dropsical swelling. The no,,
even grew very s*r* and discharged profusely ttie most loath*
some substance. My whole system was involved in disease;
the lumps softened and discharged freely, producing great de?
bility ;?ulcers now broke out on the legs, and to Complete m\
misery, the muscles and sinews contracted so that 1 was ren
deren nearly helpless. I remained with little change m this
condition until last October, when 1 was suddenly seized with !
an indescribable sensation which rendered me nearly uncon?
scious, r.ml my tnends supposed it was the w ill of kind Pro
videuce to rid me of my sufferings, but from this I recovered
only to sutler on ; the ulcers had become oue continuous sorv
entirely raw.
It was in this condition I commenced the nse of your inval?
uable Sarsapartlla, which I was induced to use from the main
lentarkable cures I saw published. It came to me as some
guardian angel; and I cm scarcely tell why vet, yet from [hi
moment I heard it mentioned 1 was impressed fully with th<
belief tint this was to be the good Samaritan for me?am'
truly it has wrought wonders in my case. After using it a
few days my pains (rreweasierrthe swelling of the body and
limbs went down, the ulcers commenced healing, and 1 rested
well. After suffering every thing but the pains of death, how
happy am I and how grateful do I feel to be able to add an
other testimonial to the efficacy of your priceless Sarsaparilla'
My health is restored, and 1 have walked four miles without
inconvenience. 1 superintend my family affairs, and in fact
feel almost like a being in a new w orld. I am induced to
make this public acknowledgment from a deep seme of dur.
due to you a means in the bands of Uod of restoring a f? (?
low mortal from a premature, grave. Language is inadequate
to express my feelings. May the Lord be with you. and mak
his lace to shine upon you, is the sincere desire of youi much
obliged and deeply indebted friend. To the .afflicted I would
say, Do not despair, for however desperate your case muv ??. I 1
you surely have an antidote at hand, viz: Samjs's Ssrsapa- i j
n'j.la. Trust to no other, however great their pretensions. '
Middlesex Co. ss.?Essex, Con. July 25, I84J.?Persoualh j "
appeared the above named Mouissa Simmons, and made oalfi ' ?.
to the fai ts contained in the foregoing si itement before me, !
GURDON SM1T1L, Justice of the Peace. '
We, the undersigned, Dcfug ncrsoiiallj- ncquaincnl m ith Mr*. I
Monissa Simmons^ do not hesitate to say that we consider id.
abevi statement "i her c.i?e substantially irue.and eutitled to
confidence. REUBEN POST, Deacon Baptist Church;
1. HILL HAYDEN, Merchant;
( HAS. GREENLKAF, Sur. Dentist;
A. F. WHITTEMORE, Post-Master.
Manskiki.u, Oct. 3d, 1813.
To R. W. Mathkwso>. Norwich:
Sin: For the last fifteen years 1 have been the subject <>!
complicated disease?troubled with the dropsy and mj
nerve* completely unstrung, w ith more or less of erysipelas,
in connection w ith other bad humors. In May last my diffi
culties seemed to eurag? and be more firmly seat-d, my head
and face was so swollen that it. appeared to me that the bones
of mv head had separated one from the other, and completely
disfigured my face. | could scarcely breathe through my nose;
my eyes were so affected that 1 could see but little, at the same
time itteuded with an acute and indescribable pain constantly
darting from the nose to other parts of the head and throat,
which was badly swollen and very sore, ami a constant burn?
ing heat or irritation of the stomach, w ith my limbs bloated
to nearly twice their ordinary size. In this situation for
weeks 1 was compelled to lie ii|>nn one side, with but little or
no sleep. Mv'?innois assumed a renewed and stubborn hold
upon me, and apparently threatened a speeuy tiissoi.........-..i
tried every expedient possible, with but little oi no benefit. Mv
physician at length recommended Samls's Sarsaparilla; I pro?
cured a few bottles of it, which 1 believe tobe the means (thio'
the blessing of <?od) of my restoration to comparative health
again. I had not taken but two or ihi^e bottles before my dis?
ease began to leave. My pain-end swelling is goue, my appe?
tite good, sleep and rest quietly; to iii' it has bei u a sovereign
tjalm. EUNICE < RANE.
lining been acquainted Willi thraftlicteil widow, Mrs. En?
nice Crane, of Mansfield, for neatly six >ears, (whose pro
tracted sickness has called foith the sympathies of the com?
munity whereshe resides) 1 consider it an occasion for joy
that her sufferings have been so far alleviated by the use ol
Simla's Sarsaparilla, which has been so kindly lorwarded by
yourself. HENRY BROMLEY.
Minister of the Gospel.
We, th" undersigned, do certify that the above are facts.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, [i
by A. B. SANDS St CO., Druggists and Chemists, Granit- !
Building?, No. 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers street, Nhw
Vo. k. Sold also by A. B. 4i D. Sands, Druggists, .No:,. 79 and [j
100 Fulton stre? t; David Sands & Co., No. 77 Ea?t Broadway, ,,
corner of Market street f. and by Druggists generally through- i
out the United_States._Price$l pei bottle, six bottles$5. ol8Cl
GiASSNEK & YOUNO, No. 182 Chatham si ,
r luv. on hand and for sale the following extensive assort?
ment of selected Groceries, kc, wholesale and retail, at the
lowest prices:
SUGARS?Loaf, crushed, powdered and brown Sugars
COFFEE?Java, Manilla, Sumatra, &C.
NEW TEAS, ol all grades and kinds
lANDLES?Sj>erm, patent and moulds, of all sizes
OIL?Sirrin winter and fall strained Oil
SPICES?Pure, ground and whole
SOAP?Castile, yellow, brown ^nd fancy
CHOCOLATE. Cocoa and Cocoa Shells
LONDON SAUCES and PICKLES, a general assortment
PURE OLD WINES?Madeira, pale and brown Sherry.
Port. Chapaign, &c. Old Brandies, Gin, Rum, Irish and
Scotch Whiskey; Cider and Peach Brandy; Metheghu,
Cordials. Bordeaux Liquors, kc. kc, on draught and in
bottles; London and American Porter, Scotch Ale.
Fresh Prunes, Figs, Raisins. Citron, Currants, Grapes, Le?
mons. Oranges, Almonds, Filberts, Peanuts, etc. etc.
New Dutch Herrings. Sardines and Anchovies
Bud Seed. .Canary Hemp. Rape, Millet and,? ellow
White Comb Honey, in small boxes, a general assortment ol
foreign and domestic Preserves and Jellies
La Norma, Noriegas, Corregas and Principe Sega?.
Split Peas, Tapioca. Sago, Arrowroot, Starch, Rice, Hour.
[pe? Q; k Y. are the Agents for the celebrated Saratoga Pa?
vilion Water, in 'juarl and pint bottles. .... .?
Goods shipj>ed or delivered to any part of the city, iree ot
exjienie^_nJ laavStJ:U
-L Twelve years exp.'rience as a Book-keep-^ and a thorough
knowledge of there and other articles of merchandise, will
lender the advertisers services valuable to any person requiring
them, w hether to post a set of book, or foi permanent emploj -
ment. Refers toE. Mullen & S?n.. Philadelphia, or John
Mullen k? o. Watei street. New York. ull3teod*
' tRAHAM flour.
AND all other kmds?f Flour and MeaJ, for sale
at the Steam Mill, No. 25 Avenue D.
o24 Im*_WM. C. WOOD.
ALL KINDS OF. FLOUR, at wholfsale and
retail, at rhe Croton Mills, 245 Cherrv-itreet:?Family*
Wneat Flour; Rye do; I'rime Southern do: Pe^rl aud Hominy
Whe*t; Grah?.in Flour, made of superior Wheat?kejit con
stantlyon hand, in large .j uantitie*, t?? suit Bakers and Grocers,
and at tlie lowest market prices.
The above articles are also put up in small bags 'if fifty and
twenty-five pounds for family us*, and will h*> sold at whole
sale j.rices. Kept continually fresh on hand by a daily supply
from th? Mills.
Also on hand, at retail?Ship Stuff, Short?, kc., at the
Mills, 245 Cherry-street, two doora below Rutgers Slip.
o? 3m? HECKER it BROTHER?.
Av/vyv/ Packages in bbls. hall bbls. qrs. anrt
eighths, packed in a sui*rior manner for the Southern and
Eastern markets ; a choice druck and free from grit lor sale
on liberal terms, by GEORGE WELLS, r.
o31 im-_?_196 t rr nt st
PREMIUM CHEESE, made in Otsego County.
-The subscriber offers for sale, at 102 Maiden Laue, N. Y.
and 170 Fulton-street. Brooklyn, several hundred lbs. of that
superior article, which received the first premium at.the Fair
,?'n. Y. this year. There is no O^^u^rtotiiis^l the
boots and shoes,
AT GALE i5e CO.'s, 260 Pearl-slreet.?a gener?
al assortment may had at th? above place. N. B. A .larp
invoice of thick Sip and Calf Boot?, just received and will ho
sold it a bargain. Brogans in great varieties. Also Women's
Buskiii?. Bootees-. Slippers. &tc.
Also Hats and Caps. Country merchanu and others are in?
vited to call and examine. Ail sold unusually low for cash or
acceptances, by the case or Cozen.
GALE Sc CG. 260 P?arl-sueet.
olO 2m? U. S. Hotel Buildings. New-York
TclTTlajd and figured silk vel?
vet VE5.TINOS.jnsr receive,! .at "
?II lm 50 Maiden Lane.
rpo the Ladies.?cheap muffs and
\\TANTE1>?Board for a farmlv in Brooklyn
iv ,m . C >nTr0,??.*?> * Presbyterian Church' and not Tery f?r
Broadway. nl7 tf
Vv AIS^EDrrA situation by a respectable y?mg
; :,:\s',i"-:T-- -m^io?.or children*
? ^r?^m^,f^![*L? " ratable family.
Ml? 3t? ?*?* of Tribune. w,[| bealtended to.
ll>,\.\ n:L>-A place bya veTTgnod cook who
lli y r l44t l,Ucr- ?'S?i? Son*
4t**?- ni? *?
\yA.\TKL)-A situation by ?i ySS^cSSHSTf
? ? an f tcelient character, as chamtyrraaifl or nnn* ?t-H
seamstress. Sh* has hvrd three years in her Lut'place Vu?
> h\ give itw? best, of city reference, flease apply ? No
Grind >:.- :. r." 16 *?
IX7ANTED.?Capital wanted tr. the StLX Bos*
? ? mess, in the way of a ;<arti^r or partners, r?>- * gentle*
nan in thecounrry, long acquainted ?ith 'tie business and
? >w owning 1 I jrce establishment, Inquire of the I'r bliih
k> pi nf T. B. VV*AXEMAN, K4.1 Secretary of the Amen
ran Institute, or of t> VV"oodbury, tsq;., 11*5. Pearl street, with
? hom is left, in written form, the outline* of the proposed ar
uigeun nto 6w
w ith tine front or back rooms on second floor, may be had
by i family 01 a few single gentlesnen of good morau. Hons*
ind location nnusaal I v pleasant and desirable. Private family.
Tetms very favorable. nl7 6t*
B> 'AK l>L\'G ? A gentleman and his wife can be
iccotnmodated with ? parlor and bed-room on the second
floor of house .No. 3 Bridge-street, near the Battery; or two ->r
three gentlemen w ill find them very pleasant rooms. Apply
is above. nI6 Jt*
37 Courtiandt street. Single or married gentlemen can
be accommodated with excellent Board and comfortable
rooms on moderate terms. Also, a front parlor and bedroom,
on the second floor; furnished or unfurnished, nil 1m*
A few single pMtt'enuMi. er a genth-man and
iTa. his lady, may obtain good board with pleasant rooms on
:-.i>..i: ?!de terms, D> inquiring at 43 John all tf
pie isant rooms, may be obtained at>> Bond-street. T? rm?
moderate. nil lm*
HOUSE, at 51 Greenwich street.?The house is (aigs
md the rooms are furnished with grates, well calculated for
families oi sine hi gentlemen. One parlor on tlie first rlooi.?
Li dgings Si ;vi week. Transient board 5 shillings per day.?
Meals tqually low. Please call and see. n4 lm*
BOARDING.?Smgje gentlemen, ur gentlemen
and their wives, can be accommodated with pleasant
rooms ?ml bo.trd in a ?mall family,,where the comforts o( a
home may be enjoyed, at 85 Murray-street. n2 3w?
fWWy-S UW. S3,<H'<>, anil" ttlrnm
v"i v f\J\J on cit) security. Apply to
nl63l* \ P kj. i SMITH, S5 Liberty-st.
p E? N UTS?Jus! received, 100 bags new South
A era PeanUta. Peanuts roasted daily, and for sale by
' 16 ___>'ASSNKU. 132 Chatham st.
?jVOTK-K IS UeYeby v;i\'l:N-That.an elec
a- v rioii of Directors of the Howard Insurance Company for
the ensuing yeai will be held on Monday, December Uli, at
the office of the Company, No. Si Wall-street commencing
at 12 o'clock, M. and closing *l 2 o'clock. P. M.
n?3tdeC4 LEWIS PHILLIPS. Secretary.
jV/TRS. ROBINSON, Fashionable Cleat Starcher,
L*-*- 89 Mercer-street, fifth door above Spniig-st. from Elita
beth-s'. Embroideries. Laces, Tarlton, Muslins, Silk Hose,
xc., made to look equal to new ; Shawls, Merinos. Foulard
Silks, Mouse'In de Laities, Table Cover?, Stc. cleaned.
nov7 lm*
p ?-lv M;.i'l>!,',d with a large and general asiortmeut of
rArh.lvb, sauted to all departments of the trade, among
which ate the following: Ilubbard's colored V ipers. iu
great variety ; Boston Coplierplate Papers, of MiiH-rior
utiahty; Book and News Prating; Can, Letter, Volio
I est and blank Book Paiiers; Printers'. Clothiers' and Carpet
makers Press-Boards; Druggists'; Hardware and Cloth
puls; Binders'and Trunk Boards; Sheathing e.ud Wrapping
r ipen, 4cc. &<:.
laper-makerssupplied with ajl hiudsof ?lock and inaM
rial. fe?tf
a new ;nd beautiful article, combining the two most rs
sennalqualitlM in i Stove, a mild and agreeable heat, with an
immense li ing in fuel. They came before the public wirk?
te' ipproi il ol nearly all the physicians and public men of
he city, both as regards health and i omforf. and to sfudeute
uid men of sfd.int.ti. habits they ,ne invaluable. The saving
\/fnet is immttue, ihd the new pattern is arranged witht
H/rty valcr whidi precludes the possibility of any danger
rom explosion'. They have a beautiful cas: iron base and top
ml ilso i hearth in (Vont, and are by far the most splendid ar
icle that Iths ever been 6 Jered in market. Nothing willgo
olar to recoaimend the ?u tiuht Stova a* os ..i.-. ..f
iInch ovei WOO vw fe told in the eit> of Boston ih one yeai,
ml over ime Uious'and in this city duriim the p^st season.
The price, aie very low , vary nut trom %6 to j.u. aud tlieit
lerfeet operation is in ill eases guaranteed ta the purchaser.?
fhey are also ?i ranged with an oven if desired, v?Hieh makra
he article complete] Also Keyset's celebrated Cooking Han
;cj, and Stoves <>t vartou* patterns.
JOHN H. KEYSEK, No. 2334 Watrr-stact,
^-H 3in_l doors from Beekman-streat. New-York.
HULL'S TRUSSES.?Notice to Rup?
tured Pei sous.?Persona afflicted with ruptures
may Hy upon the best instrumental aid th#
world affords, ou application at the office. No.
J Vesry-slret t, or to eithur of the agents in the principal towns
in the united States. Be ( .ireful to nxamina the back pad of
I lull's Trusses, to see if they ate endorsed hy Di. Hull in wri?
ting. None are genuine, or to be r?lied upon nt good, with*
out his signature.
Many rjenonshave nndertakvu to veipl imitations of llnll's
celebrated Trusses and thousands are imposed ujmju in conse
queuce. These imitations canuot be relied upon; they are
mad-'by uuskillul niec hail ICS, and .are no better than the ordin*
Koouu lays been lilted up at No. 4 V?s?y itxee% eirlnntely
lor ladies, having a separate entrance from tlw 1) us mess depart
ment, where 4 female is in couataut attendance to wait opou f?
mate patients. . ajl tl
TJtiOMPSON 'S Til ? ss KsT-^Ffice
removed to 13 Beek'man street. About 200 of tli?
llirst phpiciausandsurireona of New Vork lia\ ?
given tneii decided preference to this Truss a,
m>ii enn gr.tiluytf the pressure from one to50
i.onmU ou the niptuie without a batk pad, which does so inoch
S^tRlTOiE A fair trial being the best test of ?t.supe;
eta n he .up me, wh le i?rformin| every kind of eserctse or
z ?* ^i?>^ wo.d,,il k ,s notsaoa
oi v i Verv reVpect, the money is cheerfully returned, and
thia is the only conditio,, On which you should buy
A irman-." CUie is easily effected, and warranted if direc
i ions are followed. , ,
oif.ces .ue fitted up at No. 13 Beekman tUeel, one door from
Nassau; exclusively for applying this truss, and all are invited
la come ,,id tryfot tbemselyus._._g"1"'*^,,,,
YORK of the most Celebrated manutdcturer?, (warrantid
M()kTf)N'S (;1KF01U)'A, and oth. r makers.
Ai so Cbopen' Doweling Bitts;
Gt^&iSSii TapaildBung-borer.:
"To" HeX/id Suv-eJoin do. Leveling Planes;
t,.p,. do. Vices;
NOTICE?"sufficient is it in answer to the advertisement
thai appear/to the contrary, that we have th*. genuine wa?
ha.-vtko Johiv Comilk'. Tool? for .ale, as here advertised.
A liberal discount w. Edge Tools to me?*Mtt.
The subscribers ^^{TJ^?ESM'm4fHraVHlA^
WARE CUTLERY, &c_fitc. including a very Lxtcmsivb
As,onr.m?:>t. which th. ?>#ffi.-r toC?e>t.r ^?c"4",a,,d
others at Maa??t|P?Cg>. CHARLES ?m^lt
TO THE "P?B?C.?WheTeas'?a
bom & Little, of 33 Fulton-street, have ad?
vertised Conger's Edge Tools for sale, and
and the impression has goneabroad that they
are of my rnakr, and whereas the said Os
bon. St Little are unwilling to remove sai< erroneous impres?
sion by stating the whereabouts of the n*al ??k?r. rJjeiefere.
to undeceive my friend* and the public m ^rle^?AI?wf2lu'',
merely ?t?te that my tools can be had at only No. 33 Attornry
street or it George Briggs & Co. No. lb fftfete^SS!
a full supply may always be ^**h^ty^*J?
er?, and !.. future will be stamped Coora.N. Y. 33 At^rne>
>tr*U. 02.3 Jm? JOHN LONGER, New-York.
CLOCKS.?The subscribe^ who was awarded
with a diploma at the New-V ork State Fair, 1W2
*w? and 18-13,/or the best toned Church Bell, is now
pr. pared at hu foundry, at West Troy, N. Y. to furnish Be Is
of any we,ght. from 20 lbs. to 4000 lbs. made, of the best mafe
as and warranud to ^taiid and tone such as to P??*?*- ..
Kaste,,- to them the improved cast iron yoke unth *?VH
arms. Th-increasing demands for his
dence that can be give,, of their ^^^S^S!St?
overstates, between, thre. and tour ^dred Church Be\\%
have been furnished for different places i*. the State of New.
rm. ECONOM YANDFASH ION.?The subscri
l m bft ha? reduced his iui*nor imitation Moleskin Hau o
mW^fnt bodies to the extreme low price of $2 p. Thedoove
are an elesrant Dress Hat, and will compare advantageously
with Hat* told at $2 56 and $3. Also censtantly mannfactsr
ing Fur and Silk of the best quality, latest patterns, and at tn*
lowtst city prices. ._, ?<
N. B. Country dealers supplied by trm case as low, it not
lower, than by any other house in this city. .
J.W. KELLOGG I1Q Canal-street.
?23 3m * corner of Thompsnn^^fe<t-_
HORSE-SHOES?Warranted superior m
every resriect to any heretofore used,at about the price
a. I of the iron in bar. All doubts on this ?abKf!.*** ?
removed, as by sending $5 by mail or ^SE^nSS^aX?
sorted sizes, vs-iil immediately be ?orw'irded
suit the section of country for watch k>11o<sc
by applying to the subscriber at U.e I*?t?<?l
Si Co.. Warrens, Hart & Lesley. J.> ^Jgggf fLUttJX
Trey; Lew,, Beosdict k U, JStSSBSft A- ? ?
Piersonn & Co.. NVw-Vork; Char I as jjalumore,
. Ii. W. Jones, Philadelphia, and ^.f'^^^ubiVet.
where farther information miy be ?'^0j,?^Uy SL'HDEN.
Troy Iron and Nail factory
/' j rermed B?*er.) at the low pnee of
^^!3 ' iU':^&ud in durability and lustre to those sold at
Thea?- hat- f^Sffiat M. a very neat dress Hat.
$1. Also^An WxymWS, Practical Hatter. M Canal tt.
n 15 lm*___
O let my days be clear and bright.
MR. WARNER, the translator of Weber's
Theory and other German musical works, will form a
new ch-as in LEARNING TO SING AT SIGHT, on
"Wednesday evtumg the 29th instant, at 7? o'clock. Room
No. ill Bioadway. Low terms, a very pleasant room, a good
apparatus, and thorough Lot traction- 0,6 lw

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