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Address of Gansevort Melville.
At a special meeting of the United Irish Re.
peal Association last week at Washing-ton Sail,
in view of ti>e arrest of O'Coiinf-11, several . ?
lutions were [.resented, which were seconded by
Mr. Melville, and supported in the following spir?
ited address :
irishmen and friends of Ireland?Let us ap?
proach the momentous question which has called
u* together in all calmness, all candor, and ali re?
solution. The eyes of our enemies are upon us,
and let no indiscretion on our part give them cause
to rejoice. We all know* that Mr. O'Conneil has
been arrested and held to bail?but in what sum '
in the paltry sum of X100U. Years ago, in other
trying times, when he was before arrested, he was
held to bail without any previous palaver in X"30,.
000 ! The circumstances* of the case doubtless
require the Government to insist on an increased
rather than a diminished amount of bail. Does
not then this striking; disparity in the amount of
bail demanded, and alteration in the manner of
conducting the present proceeding, look like a
sham.fight on the part of the British Ministry 1
Does it not seem as if, afraid of the recoil of their
own blunderbuss, they had taken care to put in a
light load ? And for what is he arrested 1 For
a conspiracy and misdemeanors. A conspiracy
to do what ? A Conspiracy to meliorate the condition of the
people of Ireland?to elevate them Socially, Politically, and
Morallj? to make them feel more directly their responsibil?
ities as human beings. These honest efforts in the view of
the ?ritish government are misdemeanors. They constitut
tconspirucy. If this be conwpiracj, I hope that the world
will soon b- full of such conspiracies. If a combination of
the powers of good against those of evil?of powers of heav?
en against those of hell, be a conspiracy?this is one?not
else. The patriot-hero may become the patriot.martyr?but
he is DaCTel O'Consrli- ?tili- He is the impersonation <!f
tue popular feeling of his country?he is the foremost man of
his time?thr leader of the great moral movement of the age.
I am about to make a call upon you, and those who are
unfriendly need not respond to it. Let no man join in what
I will now propose unless his heart goes with his voice, and
Ins whole soul is in it. I call for three times three lor the
champion of the people?Dam kl. 0'Co>n>.ll. !
[The three times three threatened to rend the
roof asunder, and Mr. Melville said :]
And now to mark our utter scorn of the pitiful conduct of
the government, I call for nine groans for the prosecuting
Tory brood. [Thejiinescpulchr.il groans weie equal to
the cheers, and Mr. Melville proceededtj Aye, my men!
that is tlie talk! It will be heard on the other side of tde Vi 1
rer. It will inspirit our friends and discourage our foes.?
They may deprive Daniel O'Conneil of his personal liberty.
They may immure hi in in a dungeon. But he will have
more power in his prison-cell than if he was installed in
Dublin Castle as Lord-Lieutenant of the realm. His powei
is a moral power, and physical means cannot impair it. The
rabble rout of Toryism led on by the hedge-hog Grain in, the
viper Stanley, mid the ferocious and blood-thirsty Times,
ciy aloud as did the unbelieving .lews of old, " crucify him
?crucify him'." But, now as then, they know nor what
they do. they know not whom they would crucify. Th*re
is not power enough in the British government to sacrifice
tint man.
Harry Flood said long ago that " England had sowed
dragon's teeth in Ireland." Let her but fertilize the soil
with the blood of martyrs and the crop will need no gather?
ing. It will gather itself?it will be such a crop as the
world never saw before. A harvest of a million lighting
men. Aud what sort of men I Men haidy, patriotic, tem?
perate and brave. It may be that they have no arms, but I
have somewhere read that willing hand never Jacked wea?
pon.' Remember what Sir Ralph Abercrombie said, and he
spoke from a little e xperieiice.thii he would rather face a |,.
gion of devils than the headlong charge of the Irish pikemeti.
But it may not come to this. The contest may be peacefu I
?and?[apause]?it may not! If not ? we know and we
do not seek to conceal the fact that armies and navies, gold
aud munitions of war are with the adversary. And of these
we have little or none. We know all this?and yet with
calmness we abide the issue. "We fear her not were she ten
times as powerful. We feai her not so 1 jng as the..- is sui h
a thing as Justice?so long 03 Truth has vitality?or God an
The history of the British governmentc.au be written un?
der three heads?Fraud, Crime, and the Strong-hand. Her
horizon is overcast. The world at large begins to under*
aland her hollow professions and her mock philanthropy. In?
telligence is diffusing itself among hei enslaved millions.
She lias sowed the wiud, and. she will reap the whirlwind.
Her government is the most cunningly devised machine y
that was ever forged to keep the .masses in subjection, and
perpetuate a race of hewers of wood and drawers of water.
And yet, stupendous as is iu fabric of force nnd fraud, it
will be upheaved from its foundations of ;i thousand seais,
und whelmed beneath a tide that knows no ebb?the tide of
human progress?of eipual rights and equal laws.
Turn we now to the field of Cloutarf. We are all familiar
with the facts. It is needless to recapitulate them. And we
charge the British Government, then and there, with a pre?
concerted and fiend-like attempt to exasperate and surprise
the Irish people into sudden rebellion. We charge upon the ill
a calculating and cold-blooded atrocity that might call a pang
to the heaitofa fallen Archangel?b it think (Jod. under Pro
videnceand O'Coniitll?not De Gray? that failed- Although
it eventuated in failure, it is an action for w hich Great Bu
tain will )et be called to on account by the Gr. a; Ruler of
the world. In bye-goue days?some eight hundred years ago
?on the. field of Cloutarf t ie invading Dane was stricken to
the ground by the Irish arm. Now, on the same auspici' ts
sod?in the self-same cause of country?the sons of Ireland
have been .sp ired the necessity of striking, for the swollen
and pane-proud Euglisher has dug the grave of his own
political power with his own felon hand. The sun of Ire
laud's freedom once more rose from the field of Cloutarf,
bloody red;?it now struggles up. virgin white; but it is the
same sun of victory. In future days, when you, audl, and
all of us, will be as the. dust of the valley, and have gone to
our loug account, meu will look upon Cloutarf as a holy and
consecrated spot?the moral Marathon of Ireland?the birth?
place of a nation.
And now for ourselves ?for depend upon it, Iielaud, evi a
if left alone, can take care ol herself. Howevet that
may be, we must not be wanting. The good can.e
must not suffer in our band?. We must do our duty, bur
whole duty, conscientiously and fearlessly, Mid let the CO <
sequences lake care id" themselves. The lil.ui who herel >
fore has been with us, and who now forsakes thestaudard of
Repeal, is a traitor and a dastard. Are there any such her* .' j
Is there a man in this Association who wislies to turn bad. ' 1
(A deafening shout of" no 1 no '." from, as it seemed, e* i v
part of the hall.) If there be so base a recreant let him gi .
but let him go with the mark of Cain upon Ins. brow. Thi n
there are none such here. We are all united as one man*.
And now I ask ye?will yon sustain O'Conneil and Repeal '
Will you stand by the cause of Freedom and of Ireland ' -
"Will you be true to yourselves, your kinsmen, your Country
aud your God 7 (This was: received with oue overwhelin
iug shout of stern, almost tierce determination.) (As it sn >.
sided a deep, manly voice' cried out?"To the death' aye
to the death ) Now, in th* si;;hi of both God and man, w'e
have pledged ourselves to sustain this cause, autl we will
redeem our pledge. We will not permit it to be miv d w. h
any other. By every lawful and honorable means, 1 sv i> ^
and dying, we will uphold it. Wbethei its gieen banner
stream m triumph, or draggle in defeat, b\ thu banner will
we be found. We hold in our hands that sword of Truth
before which Error shrinks aud tyrants tremble The i
mic* of Ireland and of Liberty shall ve iie Slight that
" Freedom's battle once begun.
-Bequeathed from bleeding sire to s in,
Though battled oft. is wwr won."
Here Mr. Melville resumed his seal amid the
most enthusiastic and protracted applause.
The speech throughout was interrupted Ivy
cheers and bursts of enthusiasm.
Nos. y> und v Gold-*treer, New-York.?AnriI irii
lagt reo. Machine aud Saw Manufactory, ,:: cotts?ou?nce
of the addition of new and improved machiutfryt iths-ii works
and th* reduction in the cost of materials >ud labor are ei i
bled cre-itly to reduce the prices of their Press* s, a:ii) of Prin?
ters'and Binders' materials generally; as will tv seen by their
newly printed Circular, to which rhev b-g leave to refer.
This Establishment is still tinder the personal snj>erinten
deuce?ofllich.ird M. Hoe and Robert Hoe, and they assure
their friends tint notwithstanding the ^reat leductiou in prii i
all articles manufactured by this Establishment shall retail
(he high reputationN?nicn they hive hitherto sustained. It
will also be Uwr constant endeavor to improve the c;v. dity ol
th?nn in evvry particular. They flatter u\emj*lves, also, that
tiuir olu trivnd* wiU.not oulv continue their favors, but th t
Printers gcueiilly will appreciate tlieir endeavors :o furnuh
lJh? very beat articles at barely remunerating prices.
Orders from any part of the country for ill articles used t)
Printers or Binders, including Type, Ink,, trabet, etc, will he
executed with the greatest care aud promptitude, and on t: r
iK^t t-r.n?.
J.iwoik .mdrcpaiiiug will be don* at the lowest p?ssj'
blejine.es. wth every atteutiou and expedition.
.N. U.?All Articles manufactured by this Establishment
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may u^t be imposed upou with spurious articles, made iii irrn
t.-'ioii of theirs.
Punters of uewsjgiivrj who publish this advertisement, w i-r
this note, three times before the fust of july next, and send oue
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341 Broadway,
TJ L^PSCTFULLY invite the Public to call and
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I all supply ?c the weli-kuowu SOLAR LAMP constantly
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yP7>- 1 j ,uPldie?l with every d?scriptio'i of Lamp
arid Uiraauol.. (m.-p/iW inferior ones.) at factory prices -
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f?M 2uwtf tat. with^ANFr^Vired
?5VfffiWBk??c-pud, THROUGH DIRECT,at S o flock
pTm\ From the Steamboat Pier between Coortland and b?t>
'Ctot KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. P., St. John,
.... Monday', Wednesday andi nuay, -:c ocioc*. i ? j
S ? SOUTH AM ERICA, C>t. L. W. Bramard,
,, Phnnday aj.d Saturday i-vetinr?, it 6 u ci?? ??
ri/ :"> o'clock?Landing at intermediate places.
Steamboat COLUMBIA. Capt. A. Honghtoni will
?T ?: leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday eveumes. at
NORTH AMERICA. Capt. M HpTrn^d.-li.
Tuesday. Tl.nrr.day, and Saturday, at 5 o clock, I. XL.
F^r passage or freight apply on board.or to P. C.Sschoi.?, at
;h* omce on the wharf._ -
and Freight reduced.-New 1 orkand Boston
j?RailroaifLine, via Norwich and V9 orces.?r -
fiomPier iNorth River, foot of Battery place, TRI
I *TheL^ following splendid steamers.
! ^WORCESTER, Capt. Vanderbilt.
Cf i-'OPATRA, Capt- J. K. Dr?TAi?
NEW HAVEN , Capt. Lkfevre. on Mondays, W*dne:
dav? and hiCcys. .... ., ... , ,
? . * P^s^r.Kers for Bn^toa will be forwarded by railroad,
immediately ou che arrival of the abov* boars at Norwich,
und will proceed without change of cars or baggaz*.
? From Norwich, Merchandise for Boston will be for
waided by Railroad, without change of cratea, snd arrive iu
liosr in the Day after leaving New York.
N. B. Samples, Licht Packages, &cc will be forwarded
with Extra Despatch, by renueat made Known to tiie subsrri
h.r. D. HAYWOOD,
Freight Agent for N. Y. k B. S. B. fcc R. R. Line,
at the UrTice on the \Vbarf.
Wher? ?.ll information in regard to Freigr.t, to or from Bo;
ton may be obtained: also of
D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, up stain.
No freight received after half-past 3 P. M.
N. B. All persons are forbid trusting any on* on account
of th? above boats or owners._ap!8tf.
^EQK. H UDSON.-The steamboat ?ti
JCA. Capt. J. Bame, will leave trie foot of Ce
_ .^ .?J&dar-st every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
at 5 o'clock, landing at all the intermediate places. Tn* Utica
is furnished with su.ierior state-rooms, and is otherwise unsnr
passed for accommodation. f
For passage or freight, apply on board._ *uia,r
***sr. FOR HUDSON and intermediate
rjrmiflr% .i T in linn T~ Steamboat WESTOHES?
3aaSESSiES*TER, Capt. Wm. H. Mf.i.lfv, will leave t! !
f(k t of Cedar st., th*>?nsMtng s?ason, evory Monday, Wenn?
?Javand Friday at 5 o'clock, P. M. connecting at Hudson with
the Hudson ant! Berkshisv Railroad, thecars of which leave on
the arrival of the boat. Returning, the boat leaves Hudson <-a
Tuesday. Thursday and Sunday, at c o'clock, P. m. or ou tlit
arrival of the cars; teaching both ways at the intermedia!?
landings; For freight or passage, apply on board, or to
This boat has been put in complete order, with an additional
numlwr of State-Rooms, and will be found as pleasaut and
comfortable a boat as any on the river. This boat tows no
This boat is now ready to ieceive freight, and will leave od
Friday. 7tli April._*MjT5 9rn
" FOR NEWBUROU?Landing at
West Poiot, Cold Spring, and
? *?S?Y* ?F?R INI
sVBuCss\aBbFir.hkill L"
ill Landing.
S. M
The steamboat JAS. MADISON, Capt. Chas. Halstead,
will leave Warren-street pier every Tuesday and Friday after
noon at 4 o'clock.
All Baggage, Packages or Parcels, Bank Bills or Specie, pat
on boant this boat without being entered on the book or re?
ceipted for. must he at the risk of the owners thereof, all tf
*H?ln ?t. POWELL 0v3 CO.'S LINE FOR
daSSGGG*^*NEWBURGH. Lauding at Caldwell's. West
tT?SSrSSSS& Point and Cold Spring?The steamboat HiGH
LAN DER,Capt. R. Wardrop, will leave the pierfoot of War
ren-streetj every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, at 4
o'clock, P. M. Returning, will leave Newburgh every
Monday at Gl A. M., Tuesday, at 5 P. M., and Friday at 5
P. M. For freight or passage, apply to the Captain ou boani.
Baggage and freight of all descriptions, bank hills or s;>ecie
put '>!i board, must be at the risk of the owners thereof, unless
e. bill of lading or receipts be signed for the same._jy!4
... . _^ ~ _mPOINT, touching at Seguine's Dock, Staten
Island. On and after Monday; October 16th. the Steamer
ROCKLAND, Cant. Crawfoid, will leave Middletown Point,
(tide permitting,) Mondays, Wednesdays arid Fridays, at ICi
o'clock, Key-Port at 11 o'clock, and New-York, foot of Rohiu
son-streef, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 11 o'clock.
Stage.s will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat to con
vev passengers to Freehold or any part of the country, ol*
rTil.-rs?_Tj;.'itonic Railroad. Fare tit Bridgeport 25cent4.
? Stratford 50 cents, Mil ford 75 cuts, Fairlieid
and Southport 50 cents, New Haven Si. Danbury 81, Derby
ami Birmingham a'i cents.
The splendid steamboat EUREKA, running in connection
w irh the Housatonic Railroad, leaves the .steamboat pier at the
foot of Libert v street, every moiiiing at six o'clock, Sundays
excepted, for Bridgeport, returning, leaves Bridgeport at 1
P.M., 6n the .arrival of the Cars from West Stockbridge, giv?
ing under this arrangement two hours in Bridgeport to pas?
sengers who wish to return the same day.
DC^" Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat
it Bridgeport, to convey passengers to any of the above places
it very reduced prices.
.'The Cars of the Housatonic Railroad leave imme
Jiately on the arrival of this Boat.
Freight t iken at reduced prices.
It. B. MASON. Superintendent
rCT*" For further information apply at the office, foot of
Liberty-street. [n26m] G. M. PERRY,Agent
Fare only 121 ceuts !?Fall and Winter
iS^CZSasSfflurangement.?The steamer PASSAIC will, on
and after Oct. 3, ruu as follows :
Leave New-> ork, from foot of Barclay-street, at 3 o'clock.
P. M.
Leave Newark, from foot of Centre-street, at 8 o'clock,
A. M.
The accommodations, both for passengers and freight,
(which is carried at very low rates,) have been greatly im?
proved. o2
f< g^* ^STATEN ISLAND FERR Y, toot
laaSwBBtW of Whitehall-st.?The steamboats STA'J'
EN ISLANDER will leave New York
and Staten Island on and after Octaber 2, as follows, uutfl
lutthernotice :
Leave New York 9?11?2?3s? 51.
Staten Island 8-10-1?2j? b.
All freight slopped is required to be particularly marked,
and is at the risk of the owner thereof. s3U
! KILL. Verplanck, Grassy-Point, Sing-Siug,
c?52SEECaS22S?T irrvtowu, Dobb's Fsrrv, Hastings and Yo:: It
err.. ?Breakfast and Dinner on board.?Thw new and splendid
Sti isner COLUMBUS, Capt. Win. II. Fraze?, will leave
N- w York from the foot of Chambers street, every lnomn
(Friday's excepted,) at7i o'clock ;aud retuniing leave Peekskiu
same day at 124 o'clock. P. M.; except Sundays, when ihe
will leave Peekskill at I o'clock, P. M. Landing at the foot
of Hammond street each way; Freight taken at reduced i*t?s.
Notice?All goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, specie,or
any other kind of property, taken, shipped, or put on board this
b-. it, must bent the risk of the owners of such goods, freight,
b ; -ti lie*, &c.
i1.'A" All persons are forbid trusting any OM On account of
sa d boat or owners. je:4
^ZJ-STJiffiCS^LlNE?For Kingston and Delaware and Hud?
son Canal?Steamboats NORWICH and EMERALD.
The NOR WICH. Captain John Samuels, will leave New
fork, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saiurtl it
at 5 o'clock, P. M.
Will leave Kingston (Rondout) Landing every Tuesday
and Friday, at 3 o'clock. P. M.
The _E.MF.UALD, < aptain John Kktchi'M, will te.r.e
NewrY'ork. foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thu ??
dav at 5 o'clock, P. M.
Will leave Kingston (Rondout) Lauding every Wednes?
day and Saturday 2t 3 o'clock, P. M.
For freight or p.usage apply on board. rnhtW ti
it?&ffiESCaaiARh.\uKMKNT.?Far* 124 Ceuts.
rhe. Steamboats WATER-WITCH and CINDERELI A
hi. daily fr im Elizabeth-Port to New-York, touching h: N...
Bi.. hton md Poit-Richmondj each trip, as follows:
On and alter the 15th day of November, 1843,
Leave Elizabeth-Port: I Leave New-York:
At Ti and Inf o'clock A. M. At 8 and lUi o'clock .A. M.
At l and 3? o'clock, P, M. I At li and 4 o'clock. P. M.
On Siwdav. On Sondat.
At 8 o'clock A. M. and :t 1". M.I At 10 o'clock A. M.aud 4j PM
N. B.?Passengers fo_r Westfield, Scotch Plains, Plainueld,
Bound-Brook, Somerrille, Easton and Schooley's Moimtain.
by the-Elisabeth-town and Somerville Railroad Cars, will
leave New-York in the 81 o'clock boat iu the morning, and iu
the li and ? o'clock boats in the afternoon.
Pii4S?uge!S from the 84 o'clock boat will leave Somerville m
stages for Easton aud for Schooley's Mountain on the a.riv^l
of the ctr* at Somerville.
The Horse Car will leave the front of theLTnion Hotel }uz:
ter of an hour previous to the departure of each boat.
All baggage at the risk of ir? owner.
? II*i'ji/e??*1>ran*cmcut.?On and afterAVedm s
^r- day, 1st November, the Carson ?iis Road will
? leave as follo.w*:
Leave Morristow a at a quarter after 7 in the morning, and at
t o clock in the atternoou.
Leave New-York at 9 o'clock in the morning, and 3 in the
Leave Newark at 10 o'clock in the morning, aud 4 in the af?
Passengersbv the morning train to Morristown will arrive
Ul< reat IU ?.',clock vviieie state, will be in readiness to co i
ve> themtobcnooley a Mountain, Washington. Belvidereand
Easton daily, to Succasunua. Statmope, Newton. Milford
and Owego on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and to
ROCkaway, Dover, bparta and Newton on Tuesdav>, Thttrs
djxsand Saturdays, each hue returning the subsequent da-...
I tie stage tor backing Ridge will leave every evening on the
ami ? rtl :ne cars, and return die next momim; in time for the
I nrst train for New-York.
j r.l?c ugers go to and from Jersey City without chai gi ?
C l:. On leaving the city, the passengers will deposit thi ii
, b- ggage in the car a: the tool ol Courtlatid-street, where :i
Agent wiil be. iu attenJjnce to receive it.
! Passengers from Morristown will arrive in Newark in time
? to take the moraiug and evening trains for Trento:: aad i'hila
This road having K-eti recently rv-laid with the heaviest
II Kail, is now in complete running order, and offers acommol
d.. us and expeditious conveyance to and from New-York for
j passengers or freight.
i c Thetates ofcommatation for passengers are $50 jer annum
from Newark to MorrUtowu,Madison, or Chatham; $50 to
; tin: Summit; S4U to Millviiie.andS25 to Ortuige.
Passengers, are :ev;a<sted to nave their baggage marked.
JtJ_ I RA j) OD D. Superiutenden t.
ROAD.?Passeng-rs leave th* foot of Dun e
*tre?V- >n the steamboat ARROW, daily a; 7
T t -m.. and 3 P. M.t (Sundays excepted,) take
, ?f ri?-nnPnt. and arrive at Middletown at 2 F. M..
ano Si 1. al.
^JJeturuiag, leave MidiUetown daily, Sunday excepteJ,
at i A. M., and34 P. M. .
' h3f^^S^RtvTf^*^.iS5S for OWF.GO.via HONE3
DALE ?ud BINUHAMTON. leaves Middletown every
... ruing at 2 o clock. The MILFORD Line for Ow ego, s .a
: Miftonl. tort Jervis, and Carboudale. leaves Middletown
moniin? at 2 o clock. The BLOOMINGBURGH
L.?e leaves -Middletown at 5 A. M daily
; To MlddUtOWn.SI 25. To H >r.*?dal* S3 50
i Bloomrngburgh.t 50j Binghainptoa " !" . 4 w)
Port Jervis..2 001 Oweco . 5 00
Milford.2 50'
corner West and Duanests.
TO LET?The upper pan of a neat two
f story house?can be seen at my hour in the day. lo
?quirs at 249 William strew. uS tl
WANTED TU P?RCHA^E?? sood twb
story Hons* and Ln: m the 10th Ward. Terms must
snit the times. Addr_ Box 2*ji Upper Post Office.
" sale.?33 Lots, eligibly situated, near the EW' i '??
r_i Chnrch and Instante, a: Astoria, for sal- Apply *
JAMES L. TODD, Executor.62Cedar-st, ? ~^ Im*
i^TJg on the cr-co;.d rloorofHonse No.449Qreccnwich-street,
_*r_ with fron: basement. They w il] be irr to a genders in
and wife, or a small family, at a very low rent. Apply
above, or at the Drugstore, corner ol Centre and Leon?rd
streets._nlS 3t*
commodious, well finished House in the cer.tr? : " -
? ullage, near both the Academies?a good opportunity
to those wishing to educate their children. Possession given
immediately. Apply to JAMES HERRI MAN. Jamaica,
n!5 2\\ *
'TO LET, from now to ist < i Ma; next, to
' a small family, half of a three story hous*- in th? pi
_.part of the ci'ty, writ sid-. Th- family now in th
house consists of three persons. The house is pleasantly ^?t
Uated. Wottld be let cheap, as th- family is too ifflill lo
v. m\ the whole toquireefj. I . DUNHAM, IGT ITth-street,
near the 8lh-avenne.____*
FOR SALE?The two storyframehonse
?Mi'atid lot situated on the comer of Union and Ladlow
lllmmiTrcrti, in the village of Rah way, N. J. Thebuilding,
which is 27 feet in depth by about 33 feet in width, is rery
pleasan?ysituated and is nearly new, powessing every con
venience that cnu be desired for a conntrr residence. An
addition, lately m.'.de to the hou ve. is well adapted for a store,
having all die requisite futures, and thus offers an excellent
opportunity to any one wishing to establish himself in a
.-. untry business in a thriving place. The garden in the rear
of the noii*" is under fine cultivation and well stocked with
fruit trees, shrubbery, Stc. Tne lot is 122 feet deep by 1" feet
v. ide. Terms modf rate. Apply to
A. H. DANA. Esq., No 2 Wall street, N. i
Or to E. Y. Rogers. E>.;., Railway, N. J. ni3 2w
._.offic?.?At this office can U found a greater variety
of property for sale or lor exchange than at any other office in
this city, with diagrams and descriptions of Farms, Mills,
Factories, Water Power, Wild Lands, Houses, and Lot-in
almost every city and State in the Union. Loans made on
good city security. Merchants or mechanics wishing to ex?
change goods or manufactured articles for good productive
property, or for valuable wild lands, will find it to their inr-r
est to negotiate through this office. All btiiiness entrust-^ to
our care will meet with prompt attention,
ni tf_A. r.uJ. C. SMITH, 85 Liherty-at_
IjjjH SALE.?The subscribe] offersfor sale theplace where
..-?!-.:._ he now resides at Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticnt.
Th* house is two stories, modern built, well finished and tir
nished with every convenience. The stable? and out-bnijd
lugs are nearly new and wrlI arranged. The -.?round- comprise
one acre and a half in the hiebest state of cultivation, divided
into garden and lawn, and are adorned with the choicest of
fruit and ornamental trees, and a great variety of shrubbery.
The garden is enclosed by one of the most beautiful hawthorn
hedges iu this country. No pains or exj?-nse have been sp in d
to make this place a convenient and tasteful residence. Pos?
session given immediately if desired. For further particulars
inquire of the subscriber on the premise', or Messrs. W. A. Jt
A. M. WHITE. 172 Wraterst. or GEO. W. BETTS. 134
[Varl st. TI.MO. T. MERWIN.
Norwalk, Conn. Nov. 11th, 1843._n!5 Iw*
*gg* A FARM WANTED in WesTChe'ster
*<5-pj3 County-, near the Railroad, for which, with the stork,
_E_imp]ements, Stc. SlO?O will be paid in cash, and the bar
lance bvr conveyance of premises 2ul .and 2u3 Cherry street,
next to the corner of Pike, subject to a mortgage for half its
value, or land in Michigan in the counties of Livingston,
Shiawassee or Sagiuaw. or property at Logansport on the Wa
bash and Erie Canal, in Indiana. Apply at liu Nassau street,
2d story_n9 tf
adjoining the New-York and En? Railroad, on the
RarrtapO River. 35 miles from the City of New-York, capable
of driving Machinery to almost any extent, as there are four
or five falls and a great body of water, together with the
whole or part of 11,000 acres of land, heavily timbered with
wood of 25 to 40 years growth. There are also on the tract
extensive iron mines of fust quality, limestone possessing great
strength : a considerable part of the land is cleared rind culti?
vated, and there might be made s?me excellent Farms^by
clearing. Tuxedo Lake, two miles long and one mile wide,
lies in one part of th" tract, the scenery of winch is heantiful.
The place is remarkably healthy. It is know n as trie Au?
gusta tract, and is three miles above Pierson s Works.
Access can be had to It in three or four hours from the city
of New-York by the New-York and Erie Railroad, or in five
or six hours by th- way of . Hackensack and Orange Turnpike,
or by the way of-Niack or Haverstraw on the Hudson River.
Inquire, at No. \2 Chatham-st. s3<i 3m"
C"U)AL?Peach L>rchard and other Coals t on
/ stantly on hand, by the cargo or ton, at low prices, from
boat or yard. J. TERRELL,
sll 4m corner of Hudson and Amos-stre. ts.
COALS.?Larse nut size ?5; stove S'5 2.>: and
fresh broken and egg S5 37 per ton, from the yard, conn r
of King and Greenwich-streets. Consumers may rely on get
ting the best Peach Orchard Red Ash Coal, well screened in
the yard, and delivered at the above prices for cash. A reduc?
tion of 25 cents per ton will be given if taken direct from the
boat-._n22m_ PETER CLINTON.
p?AL AT summer PRICES.?We are sell
V,' ing the best quality Peach Orchard Coal at the same prices
we sold at during the summer. Broken and Egg at S5 50, and,
Nut at $5 per ton,deiiveied from the yard in the best order
free of ca rtagp. R. Si. B.aS K1D M O R E.1
ni5 Iw* Washington, corner of "?*rmkliii-srre..r 3
Ci< )a L ! COA L !?A t 215 West-street, corner of
1 Franklin, and corner of Fifth and Lewis-streets.?The
undersigned aresrill selling, their very superior Peach Orchard,
Broad Mountain', White and Grey Ash Coals, broken, egg,
stove and mit sizes, doubly screened and delivered fr^e ol
cartage, as cheap as the cheapest. Orders left at the Sugar
Refinery, 25 Leonard street, or sent tbuough the Dispatch Po,:
to either of the vard.., will receive immediate attention.
nl5 Im* T V LEE M ATES.
pOAL?COAL.?The real genuine" Red Ash
Vx' IVach Orchard (not purchased at the Dock of second-hand
dealers.) but at the fountain head. at the Mines, wh-re vs.- get
the first quality of Coal?and will be delivered at the follow?
ing prices, free of cartage, well screened from the yard?a
sworn weigher's endorsement on the back of each ticket.
Nut S5. Stove $5 25?S5 50, Egg and broken S.'i 50, from the
lump, Lehigh and Lackawana $5, Liv? -pool Slo.
Yard 504 Washington-street, near Spring
COAL! COAL!!?The real genuine Red Ash
Peach Orchard, not purcnased at the dock of second hand
dealers, but at the fountain head, at the mines, where w< get
the first quality of Coal, and will be delivered at the follow iog
prices, free of cartage, well screened from the yard, a sworn
weigher's endorsement on the back of each ticket: Nut Si 7>,
Stove $.'?, Egg and Broken $5 50, from the Lump; Lackaw in.
na and Lehigh St 50. Liverpool, from ship, $8 50.
Yard 501 Washington st. near Spring.
FRESH FROM THE M INES, at the Yards 11
ihe Delaware and Hudson Canal Co.
Cornei of STATE Si FUR MAN-ST., Brooklyn
EGG AND BROKEN.S5 00 delivered.
STOVE.5 00
LUMP. l 50 '? .
NUT.4 50
Orders also received at the Delaware & Hudson Bank, t ?
iief of William ind Pint ,t.s. nov7 ri
~?5t PACKET FOR BRISTf >L?Will have
gwiR&immediate d tpatch.?The well known fa-.r sailing
___bark COSMO, Cap*. Onterbridge, will sail above
Siie has good areomun'?dato.n. for cabin, <-con.i cabin and
steerage passengers. Those about to proceed to the old c.,nu?
tty will fmd this a good opportunity. Applications should
be made as soon as possible to W. S>. J. T. TAPSCOTT,
ii 18 -53 Peck Slip, corner South st.
FOR LONDON?P?cket of Dec. 1st:
Igfc The new packe t sblpPRINCE ALBERT,
~~ burthen lOuii ton*. W. S. Sebor, master, will sail D?
_cember 1st, her regular dav. Hn cabins arecoiunio
diolis, elegantly furnished, and afford every accommodation
for the convenience and comfort of passengers. For freight
eir passage, apply to the captain on board, foot of Maiden
Lane, or to GR1NNELL, MINTTJRN it c i > .
Price of passage $75. 78 South stieet.
The packet ship ST. JAMES, F. R. Myers, master, nil!
succeed the Prince Albert, aud sail January 1st, her tegular
dayj_ii 15
ERPO.OL.?Packet of the 25th of November.?The
_ splendid, Well-known, favorite packet ship R(>S
j CIUS. (1100 tons burthen.) Capt. John Collins, will sail on
I SATURDAY. 25th November, her regular day. Theships
of this line being all loOtf tons and upwards, persons ab"u: t i
i embark for the Old Country will no: fail to seethe advantages
I to t>e derived from selecting this Hue in preference to ar:v oth
' er, as their great capacity renders them every way more com
( fortable and convenieryt thsn ships of a smaller class; and their
j accommodapons, it ii;wel! known, are superior to any other ?.
I Those wishing to secure berths should not fail to mak" early
! application on board, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT,
At their Gfiieral Paoage Office. 43 Peck slip, cor. South-st
! TheROSCtUS vvil! sail from Liverpool on the 13th of
, January. Persons wishing to send for rh-ir friends can have
! them brought out h her or any of the l;n? on the mo?t tavorable
; terms. DRAFTS tor any amount, payable on demand, with
' out discount, in all the principal towns of England, Ireland,
Sei tland or Wales; constantlv for sale as above.
TbeLIVERPOOL willsucceed the Roscius, and sail on
[ th* pith of December. nl?
~?ET First p?T:ket for mobile?to
saii o:i Monday. Nov.?The weil known !J.-'
Uailing brig LINDEN, Ca;t. P. Ronpmaa, wil
despatch d positively as aboxe, her regular day, bavins ?
rv'e acconitnoditions for cabiu pasicngers and a good house oj
d ck for second cabin ;^ssensers. Those wishing to secni .'
ber:hs should make immediate application on board, at Bulk?
head between Pine and Wall streets, or to
n lS_^3 Peck Slip, comer South s1.
^*y ORLEANS?The following fust class packets wi.I
_=sc_sajl punctually as advertised, weather permitting, or
rvassage free,?ir :
The OCMl'LGEE. Capt Peer, on the 20:h November.
The PaNTHEA. Cap:. Dennis, on the 26th November.
The accommodations of these ships for cabiu, second cabin
ani steera*;- p.tssencers. are such as cannot fail toensote every
comfort to passeugers daring the vovage.
The ships of this line have now'commenced their regula
trips, and will sail punctually every r.v- dar-; throughout the
season. Passengers may, therefore, relv on not being detained.
1 he price pt passage being verr low. those wishing to secure
be::hs in citner of the abov? packets, can do so bv applying to
t . . . W. st J. T. TAPSCOTT.
At titeu Oeneril Passage Utfice. 43 Peck slip,
"J*_corner Sou-h street.
p are only 251 eiitsfrom Paterson to Jersey City
On and after Mcnday. Ocu 2.1&43. the Ca? ? . .
Lst* e t'aterson Depot. 3t
3 o'clock A. M.
?lr o'clock A. VI
3 o'clock P. M.
Leave Paterson Depot, at
S o'clock A. M
3 o'clock P. M.
Lwive New-York, at
9 o'clock A. >1.
12: ox-lock P. M.
* o'clock P. M.
Leave New-York, at
3t o'clock A. M.
.4 o'clock ;\ M.
Transponatioo Cars also ply daily (Sucdays'excerted.)
1 assengets are advised to be at the Ferry a frw minutes bf
lore the juted hoars ol departure. lyS ?m
TORN C. MORRISON offers for sale on the
t) most liberal terms for CASH or CREDIT, a very ????>
sivv assortment of goods, among them the following, to which
wi old call the attention of
( ream Tartar
Castile Soap
Li paorioe
Balsam CopaTia
Flors. < bamomtle
Gum Arabic
Castor Oil
Roll and Flour Sulphur
Borax, refined and crude
i dome!
Ri>d Precipitate
i ormsiTe Sublimate
Aqua Ammonia
Spirits Nitre Dnkis
Super Carbonate Soda
Tartanc Acid
Epsom Salts
L tndannm
Snlj tiate Quinine
Oil Peppermint, and all r.jsen
tial Oils
<?? jrii Myrrh
i inthandes
Gnm Tragacanth
Powdered Bark
Cork of all kinds
S| ouges, coarse and fine
i i h hinea]
Cassia liuds
Gum Tracacanth
< ium Arabic, Tuikey
Gum Gunbouge
Oil of Roses
do Peppermint
do WintergTeei:
<ht Lemon
do ?auamon
do Orange
Jo Bergarnot
do Annisseed
do Absynth
do Carraway
du Juniper
Rose, Orange and P*a?h W a
Vanilla Beans
Tonquin Beans
Coriander Seed
C uraway Seed
Annis s^ed
Jujube Piste
Snper Carbonate of Soda
Tartiric Acid
Ginger, w hiteJamaua
Green Ginger
Blue Vitriol
Copperas, English St Ameri?
Oil Vitriol
Sugar Lead
Bleaching Salti
Aqua Fortis
Soda Ash
Pot and Pearl Ashes
Extract Logwood
Tartaric Aciii
Bichromate of Potash
s,il Soda
(ium Shellac
Ol S.
Fall, Winter a?d Summer
Strained Sperm
Refined and unrelated Whale
Lard Oil
Balsam of Honey
Turlington's Balsam
Bateman's Diops
Harlffim Oil and British Oil
Seidletz Powders
Stoughton's Bitters
Extract Sarsaparilla
Cephalic Snun
Anderson's Pills
Lee's do
Hooper's do
Opodeldoc. Steers and liquid
Soda Powders
Godfrey's Cordial
Anderson's Cough Drops
Thomson's Eye-water
1 \ V L I) l: * V
Window Glass of all size* and
White Lead dry and ui oil
Red Lead
Spirits of Turpentine
Verdigris, dry and ?n oil
Chrome Green
Chrome Yellow
Yellow Ochre. French and
Prussian Blue
Rotten Stone
Ivory Black
Gnrri Coral
Paint Brush*,-*, all sizes
Ro?e Pink
Lamp Black
British Lustre
Glue, all sorts
Gold and Silver Leaf
Gold ami Silver Bronze
Copper Bronze
Chalk, white and red
Paris White
Spanish Brown
V enetliu Red
Sand Paper
Pumice Stone
Tar and Rosin
Japau. Copil. Loach and riar
uesi Varnish
Turkey Umber
Term de Sinena
Red Chalk
Gum Shellac
Bright Varnish
Sash Tools, all sizes
Black Lead
Young Hyson Tea
Hyson Skin
French Brandies
Spanish Segars
Pot and Pearl Ashes
Liquorice Ball
Bath Brick
Fig Blue
Powdered Ginger Root
Olive Oil. in bottles St baskets
Saltpetre, crude and retined
P-PIier Saucw
Macaboy iuutf
Scotch Snufi
Indigo, Flotant
Castile Soap
Castor Oil, in bottles
Epsom Salts
Friction Matches
Carbonate Ammonia
British Lustre
Soda for washing
Mustard, London
Cayenne Pepper
Powdeied Nutmeg
Powdered Oiunamoo
Grain and Bar Tin
Fuller's Earth
Madder, Dutch and French
ludigoes of Bengal, Caraccas
and Guatemala
White Tartar
Red do
Lac Dye
Prussiate Potash
(turn Senegal
Powdered Curcuma
Powdered blun Smalts
Quercitron Bark
Spirits Nitre Fortis
British < ?um
Nitric Acid and Oxalic Acid
Tanners' Tr-nti, Liuseed
Neatsfoot, Olive, [01 Sweet]
and Sea Elephant
Sperm and Sieric Candles
TERS. &c.
Bleaching Powders
Powdered Blue Smalts
Oil Vitriol
Coptier Galx
Shell Lac
Extract of Logwood
Blue Vitriol
Sal Ammoniac
Sugar of Lead
Alum, itc. stc.
Logwood BrazilWood
Camwood Red Satwnlers
p ustic Hatch Wood
Nicaragua Ked Wood
Barwood Hyperaic Wood
(ium Asphalrum Peach Wood
Sal Ammoniac Ebauy Wood
T/flUGGISTS' GLASS WARE.?Common Vials, Pre
scription Vials, Patent Medicine Vials, Acid Bottles, Co?
lognes, Fancy Pnngents, Druggists1 Packing Bottles. Castor
Oils, Concaves, Magnesia, Blacking or Varuish, Demijohns,
Flasks, Inkstands, Jars, Lemon Syrups, Mustards, Snutts,
Chemicals of all kinds, French, English and American. AH
kinds of Paints and Colors. Every description of Drugs and
Druggists' articles, and Patent Medicines, Perfumery and
Soaps, a general assortment, Stc. Sic. Stc.
All articles warranted genuine. The promptest] attention
given to orders from the country._o!9 lm
L\ Comptroller's Office, Nov. lsr, 1843.-?The following
section is extiacted from an act of the State Legislature,
entitled "An Act for tin Collection of Taxes in the City
of New York," i;used April )8th. 1843, by a two-thirds vste :
Art. 2, sec. 4. if any person shall desire to pay the amount
. fhis taxes before the first day of January (next.) it shall he
the duty of the Receiver of Taxes to receive the same, and to
deduct therefrom it the rate of seven pet cent, per annum be?
tween the day of such payment and the first day of February
The following t> j->lution was passed by the Board of Su
; ei v isors October 'id, iai3 :
Resolved, That the Receiver of Taxes be requested to re
ceive the taxes named in the last column of the Assessment
. ?11, from ill such persons a3 ma*,- desireto pay before the first
day of January next, and to deduct therefrem at the "ate of
sr\ en per cent i pel annum between the day of such payment to
the first day of February next.
Po enable the public to avail themselves of the discount al?
lowed, uotice is hereby eiveii that the copy Assessment Kolli
have been placeal in the Receiving Office, Old Alms House,
f'ark. where Henry T. Kiersted, Esq. Reviver of Taxes, will
attend daily between the hours of 8 A.M. and 12 M.
ALFRED A. SMITH. Comptroller.
RATES OF TAX FOB 18-1-3 PEK $100.
State Water and
School Tax.
Isl W ird . 50 cents.
2d Ward.PJ
3d Ward.40
4th Ward.40
5th Ward.40
6th Ward.40
St h Ward.40
??h Ward.40
10th Ward.40
11th Ward.40
12th Ward.10
13th Ward.40
14th Ward.40
15th Ward.4U
16th Ward.40
16th Ward.16 62
16th Ward.16 62
16th Ward.16 62
16th Ward.IC G2
16th Ward.10 00
ITth W'ard.40 00
n3 tJai
City Tax.
$39 02
39 04
40 04
40 05
39 08
39 03
40 03
40 01
40 0o
40 02
35 06
U) 04
39 08
4T| ou
22 03
21 98
7 78
17 33
12 78
17 05
37 U3
$79 02
79 01
80 01
80 05
79 03
-9 03
80 03
80 01
bO do
80 02
75 06
10 00
bU 04
79 08
8U 00
62 03
38 06
24 01
34 01
29 00
57 05
77 03
rice is hereby given that a petition ha* been presented in the
Board of Aldermen to build a S<*wer in Barclay-street, from
West Broadway to the N*rth River. Persons interested in
I this proposition and opposed thereto are requested to present
I eir ibjectionsin wilting to lb*- undersigned, at bis office,
Hall of Records, on or bet?re the 29th day of November in
; slant. JOHN EWEN, Street Commissioner.
Street Commissioner's Office, Nov. 17.1843. nl8
? E^vVER" IN^ATTEiTy PLACE ?Public no
O tice is hereby given that a petition has been presented in the
i Board of Aldermen to construct a Sewer in Battery Place,
f m Brj idway to the North River Persons interested in the
i above and qp, osed thereto are requested to present their ob'ec
i tions in writing to the undersigned, at his office, Hall of Re
?rds, ou or by the 29th day of November iast.
JOHN EWEN, Street Commissioner.
Street Commissioner's Office, Nov. 17, 1343 nl3
I O notice is hereby given that a petition has been presented in
. the Board o( Ald.rciea to build a Sewer in Delancy-street.
fr. m Sherirf-strert to the East River. Persons interested in
the proposition and opposed to th? same are requested to pie
, sent their obj-ctions in writing to the undersigned, at his of
! rice. Hill of Records, on or before the 29th dar of November
I instant. JOHN EWEN, Street Commissioner.
Street C ommustonei's Office. Nov. 17, 1S43. nl3
EASTON, via E. and Somer
^vuie Railroad.
, ?.m ,Scii00if >*'*, Mountain, leave pier No. 1 North River at 8i
o clock. A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted.) by steamboat to
tiizaoeinpcrt; or leave the foot of Courtlandt street at 9
o'clock. A, Ml by N. J. Railroad to Elizabethtown. thsre
connect with rJae cars lor Somervilie coaches, thence 20 miles
to trie moon tain?arriving early ia the afternoon.
1> or taston, leaving as above, proceed bv rail road to Som
ervuie coaches from thence (only 34 miles) airiving in Easton
at o o clock,
. f*: -?-~7Ttl-? 'lae connects at Easton with lines running to
Mauca chunk, Reading, Pottsville. Wilkesbarre, Stc.
1 na route, on account of the short distance by coaches,
making it by far the mo**, pleasant and expeditious, commends
Kt-U to trie public patronage. Mr. Sanderson, the proprietor
a: Somerxilie, has provided himself with carriages and horses
to iccommodate private parties with extras at the shortest no?
tice, and ou reasonable terms.
For scau apply to A.D. Hope, Merdiasts'Hotei, 41 Court
land-, street.
Passengers from Philadelphia to Schooley's Mountain will
leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock A. M. by the New-York Rail?
road line to New Brunswick- Coaches from thence, arriving
at trie .Mountain early same afternoon.
J*? tf SANDERSON & KEAN.Proprieton.
TO IRON MASTERS.?For sale, Mill Sites
in the immediate neighborhood of Bituminous Coal and
Iron Ore of the first quality, in Pennsylvania?the nearest poinf
to tide water where such Coil and Ore are found together.?
The communication is complete with Philadelphia ana Balti?
more, by Canals and Railway. Kor Pamphlets descnptire o:
the property, and farther information, applv to Archibald
Mcl?tyre, Albanv; to Archibald Robertson, Philadelphia; or
to the undersigned ?t No.98 Merchants' Exchange, New-York,
where may be seen specimens of the coal and ore; also, maps
and sections of ihr property. ? . or,,.
n.0 6m* W. R. <. ASLi. t inj Engineer
Ii. FARN AM, at 247 Water-st. manufactures
? Fire Engines, of every siz*, forcities, villages, factories,
plantations. Stc.
Uard-u Engines. Fire Hooks. Fire Backets and h ire ( aps.
HempHosu. Learner Hose, of any sue required; Suction
Hose. Coupling Screws, Sec. , .
Lift and Force Tumps, to lift and torce water any distance,
from 10 to 600 cvllons h minute. - . , .
Wind Mills; Horse Powers, Water Wheels, Sic. lor working
^Sh^p and Steamboat Pumps for tailing boilers, Sec. and for
ase in case of fire. .
A.t Pumps for vacuum or condensation,Ol any rr.;mreU sire.
Lead and Iron Pipe, Bras* C*cks, Ornamental Fountains. Sir.
? B.?The Pumps of his manufacture are double actiou ot
great strength, and very ?mple in their construction, being
particularly well calculated for the Southern and vvest India
^ THE C NIT ED STATES.?The subscriber we. til. 1 re
spectfnlly c ill the attention of the various Fire Comwmiesin
the Union to the new and beautiful assortment ot BRAS>
has iust finished, and will.keep constantly on hand. Thev
are finished in the most beautiful manner, and are ?| splendid
and elaborate designs. -Companies from abroad who may
wish.to see the nattexns of the *r>o\e before purchating can
obtain a letter sheet of patterns, w ith due prices to each, by
applying by mail to the subscriber, and they may relv on ob?
taining preciselv such an article as the pattern they may se?
lect. Deck Lifters, German Sjlver^Fig^, fy^Shirr.s^ &.c.
,27 3m II Spruce street. New V.,.rk.
FINE TEAS.?R. L. Serymser, 24 Barclay St.,
corner of St. Peter's place, would intimate to his Inend*
ami the public that he has lately received aud offers for sale \
lot of FINE TEAS of recent importation and ol tiie most de?
licate Flavors: His stock consists of the following assort
Hieut of Tecs: . , ,
Hyson, Enlong Souchong.
Hyson Skin, Souchong,
Yo. Hyson, Pouchoiu;,
Imperial, Ning "iong Souchong,
Gunpowder, Pecco, Stc.
? Helwould also add that he keeps constant/ on hand a gene?
ral assortment of Sugars. Coffee, Spices. Fruits, and all <'tie r
articles connected w ith the Groe^ry business-. Those w ishing
to purchase, bv calling at the above Establishment will und
every article of the best quality, and at such prices that canuot
fail to suit. Orders from the country faithfully attended to.
N. B. Goods seut to any part of this city or Brooklyn Iree
ofcaruge. _ _o20 2wis 2wos
completed verv extensi re arrangements for the.approaching
lall trade. If these they have been eminently successful, and
their well known superior judgement and ample resources have
been most fully devoted to the interests of their patrons. In?
deed, their entire regard to the rights of their customers is too
generally known to need comment, (the misrepresentations by
interested anil unprincipled persons to the contrary notwith?
standing;) Their Green and Black Teas, which have hldierto
obtained the greatest notorierv, will now be found KTsurpass
any that they have introduced, and, they think, far before any
that can be possibly sold for the price in the Luited States.?
Gunpowders, Imperials, Twankevs and Skin Teas 111 great
variety; 18 qualities of Black Teas The unrivaled/ Howqin
mixture, fresh aud in great perfection. An extensive assort?
ment of Hysons and Young Hysons, suitable tor city rerail.
m lots of any quantity. Proportionable varieties ot other
Greens. Genuine Java Cofftv. roasted daily. All goods sub?
ject to be returned if not approved of. Orders promptly exe?
cuted to all parts of the country. Terms cash. Principal
store 121 Chatham-street, New-York; branches. 318 Uleecker
street, near Christopher, New-York, and 116 F ulton-street,
B OBSRRVf .?The original and only warehouse iu the United
States for the sale of the only true and genuine Howquas
Black Teas. _06 2in
MEDICINES.?Caution to the People of America.
We hereby certify, that M-ssrs. FIRTH MI ALL. of Frauk
lin Square, New York, are our only GENERAL AGtiN 1 ?
for the United States of America; and that ueriher Hojutic
Shethearo Moat nor George Taylor, our late Agents,
are in any way authorised to vend Morison's Vegetable Uni?
versal Medicines. As many imitations are in circulation, this
Caution becomes highly necessary. All persous selling our
Medicines in the United States must have the authority ol th?
before-named Messrs. FiRTUj?t Hall.
(Signed) MOR1SON, MOAT St Co., Hygeists.
British Collegeof Health, New Road, London, Jan. 1813.
The above caution, emanating from the "British College of
Health, London," will b< hailed with the warmest enthusi?
asm bv the 'riends of the Hygeian System, inasmuch as it
tends to expose and oppose ht worthless counterfeits which
have been extensively circulated by those w ho are as destitute
of moral principle, as they are ignorant of the "healing art.''
The invaluable medicines of the British College may be ob?
tained in their original purity of several gentlemen w ho have
taken ageucics in several of the different States, whose names
will be found in the " New York Courier ahd Enquirer."?
They can be had also in the original packages of the follow?
ing sub-Agents, viz:
Messrs. Paul Pou & Co. % John st.
" H. H- Schieffelin St Co. 101 and 106 John St.
" J. C Whitmore, Esq. 45 South st.
Isaac Snell, 190 Greenwich st."
" Peter Hampton, 190 Canal st., New York city.
Messrs. Post 1st Lewis, Jericho, L. I.
" R. D. Bardwell, Troy, New York.
Mrs. Goodlilf. Urica, do
Mr. W. H. Burtis, Rochester, do
Messrs. Cornwall St Butler, Pokeepsie, N. Y.
?? W J. Styles. Rhiuebeck, do
mlrf FRITH St HALL, Gmeral Agents.1 Franklin sauar.-.
growth of Human Hair.?Trial bottles only 3 shillings.
Tim names of some of our most lespectable citizens can be
shown who hive used this and foundjtall it is here stated.?
Call aud see them at our store; they certify that, having used
Jones's Coral Hair Restorative, they found it to possess these
It positively makes the hair grow, and keeps it 111 order 1
long time. Sold at the sign ol the American Eagle, 82 l hit
ham-street?price 3, 5 or 8 shilling;?or at 139 Fujton-strrer,
Brooklyn; 8 State-street, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Phila?
delphia; 207 King-street, Charleston, S. C. 11I8 Im
SAPARILLA.?Persons taking this! too offen get van ?
tines, mercury or mineral, instead ot the root. We advise all
to try a 25 cent package of Jones's Extract of Sarsaparill 1
Candy, which contains eight ounces of the medical pr?pcit? s
of the root. Sold at the sign of the American Eagle, 82 Chat?
ham-street, N- Y., or 139 Fulton-meet, Brooklyn; 21 '1 Broad
street, Newark, 8 State-street. Boston; 3 Ledger Building. .
Philadelphia; 207 King-streer, Charleston, S. C. nl8 jm
A proved bv many of our citizens tint JONES'S COUGH
CANDY is the grand remedy for pulmonary or lung com?
plaints, it is sold for >>ue shilling a package a? the sign of the
American Eagle, 82 Chatham-street. We advise our readers
to try it. 'T is really good;?no humbug. Also for tale at 131
Fulton-st., Brooklyn; 8Statist.. Boston; 3 LedgerBuilding .
Philadelphia; 207 King-st., Charleston, S. C. nl8 1m
JLj Use Bourard's L'prooiiug: Powder. It takes *.very parti?
cle of hair off w here it is applied, and, instead of injuring,
really improves the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and white
Sold at the sign of the American Emle. 82 Chatham-street,
N. Y. Lookout! Beware of counterfeit.-,: Buy. ouly here!
Be careful! Sold also at.8 State-st., Boston; 3 Ledger Build
iiigi. Philadelphia; 2U7 Kmg-st,, Chariest..u, S C. 11I8 1m
JlJL. In 183!), by the celebrated M. Vesprini, the Italian Phy.
sici in, who discovered that certain Italian herbs had the most
mighty power in curing
inch as Salt Rheum, Scurvy, Eresipilas, disfigurements, such
as Freckles, Pimples, Tan, Morphew, Stc,
Many persons hardly believe thia yet it is stricdy true. M.
Vesprini made this in the form of 1 beautiful piece of Soap
which he called the It.iliau Chemical Soap. This also cure;'
the bit's of insects, and
Sold, wholesale and retail, only at the sign of the American
Eagle, 32 Chatham-street, N. Y., or 139 Fulton-street, Brook
ITj: 8 State-street, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings. Philadelphia;
20, King-street, Charleston, S. C. Be wry particular and buy
no wnereeise. Mind! Ulg im '
p?RE FOR COUGHS, Colds, Asthma, Hoarse
? "eS3'??ia ,a the Breast and Back. Difficulty of Breadi
ing, sic. Che subscribers would call the attention of the cit?
izens ot New \ ork to a pleasant and erfVctual remedy for the
above diseases. Dr. Rush's Balsamic Syrup of White Mu -
tard, is no novelty, having been used in New Jersey and some
parts ol ttiis State lor the last fifteen years with great success.
It heals the lungs an?I will cure a common cold in a few hours
Messrs. Bu3h St Hillyer, 1*8 Greenwich St., wholesale Agents
lor this city. Ordersand communications addressed to the
subscribers will meet with prompt attention.
DESHLER St CARTER New Brunswick, N. J.
?21- !m" Proprietors for the ('. Stau-, and the Can'.das.
T 1QLTD AMBER.?This unequalled median;.
J-i compound is warranted to be an effectual remedy 1 ?
scalds, burns, cats, contnsicnis. scrofal", tetter, ringworm
salt-rheum, scaid head, ulcers, barber's itch, and all disease;
of the skin, from whatever cause. It will also remove sou
bum, Un, freckles, pimples on the lace, Stc. giving to the com
plexion a white, delicate softness that nothing eine will mi
part; and for cleansing and preserving the teeth ami gums, an I
cleausing the mouth and throat in cases of fever, it is unuvM
led, For purposes of die toilette, bathing, shaving, ?c. ill
acknowledge its supremacy over a very other aaticle eve* use-.1
It will effectually remove paint, tar, pitch, grease, and the lil e
from silk, woollen or cotton fabrics without the least dama e
to the color. No family or individual should be without it"
For sale, wholesale and retail, by the Proprietors HJoiv
street, second door, opposite Thorburns. A liberal discount
allowed those who ouy to sell agaiu.
?0 R A' WA.RN;tR St CO. Sole Proprietors.
Agents?158 Bowery; ,55 Broadway, corner Ei-hth s'reer
161 Broadway, corner Grand street; Banker, corner Chamb7-S'
street and West Broadway; Coul corner Franklin Tad
Cnurch streets. Vv in. Robertson, 86 Bakimore street Ba.'rY
T?W WbWSF' ^ S^?Aitanr
1 vv .-sevscomD fit Lo. Mb River street. Troy: Hart 27fl
Broadwa^cornerCh.amberstreet; McGuire, 100 Fiilton-sf
a most ellectual remedy- for the foilbwlne com
IxWvSk fee^iS fnariS,0?;5rt; I1"' MUDT'
S.anford rnrn?r HA.. . ?Par'|ne? 11 Second avenue; C.
TtliT k coraar,pf Prospect and Bridge-street : Mrs.
Reed, thread andneedle store, Fulton street nil lm
Kj remedies now known, there is bat orur that can berel !
tV-:he cure ofth*;' terror to the human race'-Coc???
-. ? That remedy is' SCKWCTC'a Pulmontc Syron ' ^
tJoo ! That remedy is ' SCKKSCU ? Polmonic Syrop.'
I* ha* succeeded in cases where every Chirac *ise h. 4 u,.
and it ?rill P trieraUy succeed in curing every case of 0*tm*?
tiou where the following tniugs are attended to. v*:
trial, perseverance, and ? strict coniorm-.tv to the dir^a<v r
In order thai thismvy not be considered mere asse::i0B
sui ported by futs, tt.e reaUer is relerred to a r^mphlet/r-?!
IwVed bet the proprietor, which can tV obtained
any of his office*, in w h.yn,?:au be found a number of J?;
tubsanriating the truth o( this isseropn AJxo, may bv2*
II his office i onmbeT ol c-m ft rateswhich havt per? m ?;
published, ? here ...dividual* have been cured of Com,mtT*?
alter having been given up by their Physician ,nd triecdi |.
Chesnut ; ind at ha Laboratory, No 13] Race-street lw:
ielphia. Also, fWrsale *t iv>i < Ipurtl Lnd-atxeer on?doorb?|
:ne corner of Greenwich, N. ? ---the only puce in tfc;*cZ
where the genuine can !>e had. Also, 3w> WuhingtOL-*-?!:
Bosti n , No. 16 Broadway, Albaor, N. V. "^?o-*,^
tern known ; it operates by assisting nature'to eXI t\ !h? d( ?J?
froth the Lungs, Stomach ind Liver. Where thtrt i*C-T
fever, night sweats, constipation, all usual rymptomsotfS*
sumption, the use ol the Syrup remove*.the ttver, stOtferiL
night sweats, and regulates the action Ot the bowel, rr\i,
them healthy and narnral. It soothes and ripens the ^LAlff
of the L?nes, and then expels it in the torm of exr?a^!?**
matter ; and u is truly astonishing ?m: jnantitiej .jf co^
tiou is expectorated by patients generally, whs baretakm'S*
Pnlmonic Syrup: andthiscontinues uotil ..11 disea*7!v ,*
Lungs is removed, and the patient finds to his joy that
restored to health. * *
Prepared by J. H. Scheuek, and lor sile at bis prineiml -?
rices. No. 32 South Sixth-itreet, outdoor below thiCA-fi .
Chesnut; ind at hn Laboratory. No 121 Race-street'rv^
jtJpV.:, .tl... i'.,r?Litl')! r.oirtl in.l-^ir?,_.?:?*
the i
Bosk .<
?The above Offices are exclusively tor the sale of Pu!m..
Syrup _ Q20 3t? J. H. SCHE\f^:
1,000,000 m?SI2.:
and for only 124 cents, curing Rheuraatiim, Lumbago K,
or Weakness in the Side. Back, Breast, Lows, or snvrattrV
the body. Who w ill suiter w hen tie can l<e so ?ssily cuW>'
Poor Child, he is wasting i" ij. said \ tuend of onn-Jv,
other day?we h ive doctored him till wean tired. injVj*
does no good; his bteith is so offensive, and he ?am&ifVf
fully in ins sleep; his appetite is ravenous, ind still ht'n\'
a skeleton. We recommended her to try Sherman', n/0 '
L?zenses, as possibly he might be troubled with worm*.!
She did. and the tirst dose brought away78worms. Th>.
d.-se. entirely cured him, a* tliey h-?e thousands of others.
; can'l sleep, siyi one, my cough is ^ incessant, iiieea,
as if I should chokf to death. Il he would only use She.m^
Cough Lozenge*, he would be cured in i short rime. !>-,?
often cure the most distressing rases in a few hours.
My head will split, says another. Sherman's t ampi,* U
renges will cure any case in less than twenty ininute?, ?sjB,
mistake. They cure seasickness, rulpitaoon of the hear
lowness of spirits, despondency, and the depression ofsmm
aftei dissipation. They operate like a clwrm on thedismrb*
nervous system. Caution should be observed in prxnmv:
the genuine Sherman** Lozenges and 1'listeis, or you mi*
have some miserable trash imposed upon you.
Warehouse, loo Nassau st.. N'-w . ork. Phihdelphiju-^j,
\(iKM s; 118, 373,159 and mit Broadway; 227 Hudson if ;ii
Boweiy; 77 Easl Broadway ; 86 William st; 139 Fulton?
Brooklyn; A. Guthrie, i Stanw ix Hall. Albany; Keddit;i
Co. 8 State st. Boston; 3 LedgerBuildings, Philadelphia o
F Thomas, 147 Mam st. Cincinnati; Andrew, Oliierku
New Orleans. _ o?5DlcWla
V? Compound.?" Nature's God Ins secreted in tiietep.
tibl.> kingdom, safe, sure and speedy remedies for all iimtn
tosi irch for and discover these, is a part ot man's allot>i
toil." This well known assertion of Dioscorides, One of
most profound of the ancient philosophers, has recci<?i
another e\ idence of its truth and w isdom, in the disi overr^
the Washington Elixir, which, fot its many virtues roiy V
called a GodT-send to the ifflicted! It is only necessary tu bt
of it, tint hundreds of mir best citizens can attest itsalrcv
magic power in thoroughly curing tiiat most intolerablecf n|
FEVER AND AGUE.?The Washington ElitirriMwJ.
|y efficacious in the cure of Cholera Morbus. Bilious Cbolic,
Diarrhoea and Dysentery, Worms und Dyspepsia,
Washington Elizh l>-ing composed entirely of Vejsubl:
substauces, is. of course, perfectly simple and harsuW
though unequalled for the rapidity and vigor with which ii
compels the stomach to perform the peculiar function* t>
(juired in effecting a radical cure of the above menti.>r>M
diseases?one dose having, not unfrequentiy, causedapertm
nent cure. . .
The Washington Elixir, in envelopes containing clear, tirn.
pie and precise directions for its use, jn-vy lie obtained of Di
E. M. G?ION, 127 Bowery, cor. of Graud-st; and of R.,'
Moss, cor. Grand and Cannon-sts.; J. ^Veudover. Ul?irbtb
Avenue; A. W. Gabauden, 51 Sixth Avenue; Dr. R. Le'trrtr
cor. Avenue D and 3d street; D. H. Butt nett, corner 3d Art'.
nue and 8th street: Dr. H. A. Field, comer Broadway and Uth
street; Guinness, 128 3d Avenue, corner Uth street; Ed. ("hei
teney,corner Bowery and Broome street; J. j. Coddinetoa
227 Hudson street; E. L. Cotton. 265 lileecker-street: oliv?
Deromas it ("o.;39 Clnthain.>treit; Dr. Wm.Cecil,YorkviUV'
A. L. Lounsbury, Manliattanviiie; Dr. W. (j. Wood Har*
_ n2'lra
XvA M UNT.-?This ointment ivhidi surpasses even !n<
expectations of its friends, is constantly accumulating evi?
dence of its virtue and wonder working power.
We cannot witlihold from the public the value which thu
article imparts and is imparting to those in affliction. U'
could mention th.- oames of hundreds who would uow !? \\
menting tili jflPOOi ondition hid they notjused this all healist
ointment. U e recommend this aiticle in the sincerity ofou:
hearts, for we know that there is virtue in it, and tint hewha
uses it will only be grateful thai he had used it. It is indeed
wonderful in itseffects,and coining so cheap as it doe*it n
on-of the greatest blessings of the kind ever invented. Vit
annex in the joining column some of the diseases which this
ointment will heal, viz:
Ague in the face, proceeding Eruptions in the face
from cold or tooth ache Pain in the side arid bwait
Rheumatic affections Affection ol the liver
lull animation in the Breast Sore throat
Sore and Weak eyes I Pile*
Chapped hands
Sore lips
Severe Bums
?i?i ii ui-i) ue inieai anu ieuue.ru a? u.nu. ^?
pain proceeds from the face, or from the gum* ar0.UGda^br
apparently sonnd, this applicatien witl give; speedy reiw
rubbing a few droits on the part affected. Price 25 ceats.
For sale by David Sauds 8t Co., No 77 East Broadsi. '
Fulton street, and 273 Broadway, c irner Ceatnberi w?^>
Granite Buildings. _o2Um_
The American Improved
Hygeiaii Vegetable Medicine,
i- FECTIVE compound in the wl-ole range of Meg!
preparations. In all imgering cornplainls, weakness or * .
ral debility, loss of appetite, dispepsy; action* otuw.
liver complaints, pulmory affection.;, T^ta^SlJeMr1*
early stages, common coughs, colds, rheumatic *nev^'nrtj,
short, in any derangement of the stomich^rbo^ve.*.?*
from whence spring diseases in general, these nlM s\ta
quailed. . , jj-^ucei
A thorough trial of shein in accordance ? ?,2ZjxZgWL&
wnl insure: their-peimanent use in sinete< n 1 boi^
twenty, making such trial. They are put vi m o()i
!ar convenience of trial, at 37i cents. Also. Fac*!* j ?yt,
centoahd SI. Officeof sale M0Fntonstreir."f^Lgdi
between Nassau and Broadway, wher^ any mioiaiauou
great rariety of testimonies, may he obtained. n<n\it
The above valuable ointment is sold by the proprietor,
JAMES M'AI.ISTKK, I20 Division street connrot Allrti.
New Vork. also, at !>M Pearl .street, and by the foltowiaf
agents. .Dr. Thomas Kilter, 101 Cherry ft; David M'AHuter,
32!? Bleeckerst; Brothers Hlbbard,96 John st; II. liibbi, II]
Bowery; A Knox it Co. cor. Hudson and Canalsts; $poo.w
it Co., Brooklyn Star Office, Brooklyn.
Price, 25 cent* per box.
Much more nullit be said, as the hundredth part ha.? not
been told of the good effects already produced by this oiut:
ment. n3 2w
^''?^ll!sW ^KO.VIAN EVE MALSA.M?F?'K
^Fwirvz!? I' 'l>aiii is .i prescription ol ?ne of tlie rnui
^??.^We^*3 ? |. Iir ited i )? ulis t?h ? ? 1 een for il iff ':"
?'^ in use, and is confidently recommemlnd D
the public as che liest and most successful Salve ever uie.
for inflammatory diseases of the eye. In cases where tin
eyelids are very much inflamed, or the ball of theeye islhkkh J
covered v\ith blood, it acts almost like magic, and temov? ill
appe liaQCe ol disease after two or three applications.
caused by fixed attention to minute ot>jec.ci, or by longrtio
sure to a strong light, and in the weakness or partial Ton ol
sight from sickness or old a^.-, ir is i sure restorer, and slieaW
h^ used by all who rind their eyesight failing without any if
p irent disease.
This IJalsam ha; restored sight in miny instanceswhfted.
cau id by excessive inflammation, had existed forye.tr?. la
flammatiou and soreness, csmed by blows, contnswnior
wounds on theeye, or by extraneous bodies of an iriitstinl
natureantroduccu under th.- eyelids, is very u iom lemorel b|
the ipplication of the Balsam.
(The tollowlng.certjrlcate from the P"? -. r ? ?of the Epiiwp*
Church at Harlem will convince ih- most incredulous taw
astonishing efficacy:
, ~ : _ HaatKM, July,im
Messn. sands St < o.?Gentz-From motives oflmmuitp'
am prompted to inform you [hat a few applii itionsof^yoo
valuable Roman Eye Balsam have made a perfect cure in th
case of my iged mother, who has suffered under a most pail?
ful inflammation of th* eyes lor twelve or fifteen y*ars. Th;
siciaus^have given np the case is hopeless, on accouat ol tk
patient's age; but by th? blessing of Heaven your remedy ha
effected a perfecr cure, and verified the adage?' \V liile there'
life there is hope.'
Yours, m03trespectfully, 1.* H0YT.
Many more certificates of iis virtueti might be given, b*
this is deemed quite sufficient to establish for it a repuunoi 3
far beyond the .-ach of any other prepai ition.
I'ur up in small jars, w,tI, full directions for i'">- Pntet
Cell . Prepared and -old wholesale and retail by DAVID
SANDS & I 0-77Easl Broadway, cor. Market st. Snldal?
by A. B. Si I) Soid-, 7'? Fuhon -.!,-,vr A B. Saods kCo,03
Broadway,cornerI hambers stiert: Kennedy m Dhecter?
oM Im
mSB^tS FECTI I RE.?Those
S~tT / , ?L :,'e painful throbbing and excruaiOU
^CJdjfcv P?"?> "f rhi* dise'yjtihix^iag.thr/BP"
jrfSL KLf^SF their ja ws witl mo t ?-?-?ti'
(yK&^aXZsVn^ verance, and, as is often the case. h*?
^^V-^^tW^ received but Jjtt'e syjnpithy ??
7 qLjj. w/P^ friends on such occasions', Wi]I ?
J no dun ht be much" pleased to wo* ?{
a remedy that will never fail to quiet fplever the unio?-?'11"
The Clow Anodyne is Bie best of .^11 toc.rh ache rrmn-i'i
It is immediate and certain in its eifa/m. curing thenu?! w
lent tooth ache or pain in the gums in 01 <? minute. , ...
Experience has proved that this anodyne composition
give immnliate and permanent relief aller the failure<|t twt
other remedy; it is pleasant to the U?ie and sm?tl, vnll"ut'
jure the teerl, or gums inanv way, and a few applications wir
entirely remove th- pain and soreimss fiom a decayed rootn.??
that it may be filled and rendered as uieful as ever. VVhen r
T?LA m E f YR E IRON.?Tj^e ^b^ribe?^vf
JL just received from Arn??' Iron W.?rks. SySjjSLj'Cai
simples of Flange Tyre for Locomotives and Iva?r ^
Wheels. This Tyre is made entirely fiom ^'ntr;^ Vfc^
?wedge<l as smoothly as the roiled irticle. R ailioau "j^o
ii tea and Engineers will be furnished with this cow yilTcr
order, oI a,v si? or shape rccjuirod, by e..idxc>*Ui$
Ames, Falls Yillage, Conn, or _,,tf,?ri r
n4 1m &i M?aden-Lan?% ^,1^
k5 together with a general assortment ol ^^r-c?.
and Fruits, for sale by GASSNER k \yr.rrtk
nl? 132 Chatham ?0^

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