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The Mississippi.?The St. Louis Reporter o!
the 20th says:
" The river rose yesterday from *i to 8 inches, an-'
la now higher than it has been before since 132fi.?
Notwithstanding the American Bottom is mostly
overflowed, and the wator spread over an immense
surface, it i? supposed that the river will ri-e hen
at least I'd inches higher. The Illinois River is un?
usually high, und i? psinc rapidly. So it i? with
the Oi-aje anil Missouri Rivers. The Mississippi
above the falls i? at a stand, but It-low the falls i*
still rising. The bottom lands on the Missisippi
above and on the o?a~e. Missouri, und Illinois. Rit
ers are covered with water. Below this City th?
low hanks near Iii? river ure a!-o overflowed. At
Cape GiraruVau ihe water has already reached th'
second floor of many of the building-, and the loa
land between St. Genevieve and the landing is sub
" Tbe water on the levee has alrcadv reached the
stores above Laurel-street, and the curb 'tones near
ly the whole length of the wharf. Whnt the effect
on our harbor may in?, it i* impossible t<> ascertain .
but tbe high State of the water in the Mississippi ai
well as Missouri mav prevent any danceroiis abra?
sion of the Illinois ?!:or. opposite the rno?th of thi
Missouri; end by some it is supposed that the .chan?
nel will be diverted into the Missouri shore, and lhai
the freshet may hfl beneficial to at. Louis.
??The lower Mississippi, it is feared, will suflei
greatly froni this unexpected rise.
"The rain continued to fall yesterday, hut when
Our paper went to press there was some appenraie-.
of fair weather."
try As the fact will unquestionably gel abroad
from other sources, wo mny ntate, for the informa?
tion of Ins political friends, that the Vim Buren
elector for this district i< at present the tenant of t
room in the insane department of the St. Louis
Hospital. Hr was placed there, yesterday, by or
der of Jtuize Krum. <>t tin- Circuit Court, at the in?
stance of bis friends, and after hearing testim mj in
the case. Ills place on tbe electoral ticker, and as
delegate to the Locofoco National Convention, lo be
held at Baltimore on the ?Ttli inst., will, we sup?
pose, tie regarded as v cant, mid other appointmeol i
mads by the proper authority.
[St. Louis Repub. of 17th.
CT We think Judge Krurn did wrong. No
more appropriate place fur his patient could have
been hit upon than the convention to which ho
was elected.
To m.skk Water Cold for Si mmer.?The foJ
lowing is a simple mode of rendering water al
most us cold as ice : Let the jar. pitcher or ves?
sel used lor venter be surrounded with one i r
more folds of coarse citon, to be constantly wi t.
The evaporation of the writer w j!l carry off the
beat from the inside and reduce it to a freezing
point. In India and other tropical regions when:
ice cannot he produced, this is c minion. L" I
every mechanic or laborer have at his place ol
employ men i two pitchers thus provided, and with
lids or covers?the one to contain water for
drinkinp, the other for evaporation?and lie cm,
always have a supply of cold wuter in wann
weather. Any person can test this by dipping rt
finger in water, and holding it in the air of a warm
day; after doing1 this three or four tunes, he wi'l
find his ringer uncomfortably cold.
Overflow in Arkansas.?The Little Rock Ga>
zette. of the 15th inst. observes that the late freshets
in Red, Washitu, Lafine, Arkansas und White Hu?
ers, have done immense damage to property alot:
their whole extent. Along ihe Arkansas River, lit
damage done to the crops, and the loes of stoc,'-',
Sec, must amount to from eighty a hundred thou?
sand dollars. The high water came when the cot?
ton wn.3 just up, and continued until u period loo
late successfully to plunt. The Gazette considers
the calamity of sufficient magnitude to call for legis
lative attention, and invites the planters and farmers
to make up estimates of the losses in the grow i. \
crop, stock, dec.
Another BcrglarT.?The dry good store oi
William A. Morgan 6c Co. No. 111 Fulton Blreet, in
this city, was entered last night by taking' out :i pan
Mi from the rtnr window, and raising the bolt.?
Goods to the amount of about >:::"1 were taken.
[Brooklyn Star.
Canada.?The Provincial Parliament is convoked
to meet in Montreal on tbe 24tli June next, '? there
to take into consideration the stnte ami w elfare of
our said Province of Canada, and (herein to do as
may seem necessary."
Sad Accident.?Lust evening, about "o'clock.
Mrs. Dennis Carringtou mid another lady with two
children, were riding in a small one horse carriagi .
when thev were thrown out, tue thigh of the little
j???Ut broken, und the mother somewhat bruised.
[New-Haven t our.
(TJ* On P .turday, a Mr. Rufus Fay, of Hull is
ter, Mass. Wus killed by a pair of-oxen whom he
attempted to stop._
PasueiiRers Arrived,
Jnthtthip h'.mrraJd, from Harre ? Mr. Geo Win Howe,
Isias,fa; Mrs Can. wmiallmadgeand son, Paris; Win II
Paine and liuiy. and John H tjirrst ot .N y'orl; Henry Bailey,
Georgia; Jute? ii.'ji h g non, Geneva?andS?Q m th i iteeraite.
In Vie ship SotnkfrfTt^jrem Charit.-tun?Miss S Bncot.Miss
? Ofden, Mrs tJoustin, ? children nnil servant. Mrs Withonoll
and child. J J Pringle, lady and servant,?I Hammond ami
lady. UrA Liooltand lady. Bey \\ II Smith. Messrs V A
Eunnam, J S Anderson, VV W|er, L Cowing, A Hrouchloii,
B Nufew, and IK steerage.
Jnthc brie I. Haldtcin. from Savannah?Mrs I'arron and 2
children, Cutit James. I VVyee, lady and children, Mr, II Col
ho*. Mm Harmon, MessrsT Lipmans, C W Bitter, Charta
Shaw, A Powardman, Win Ii Bornum, John Collins. J..-.: ?
M'Alpin. John <i Pnlllgant, J M Laien, und r .reernae.
hi the one Excel, from Savannah?i\i It U'ell?, lady ami
Schildrenr Mrs Allen and J children. Mr. Ward mid child, Mrs
Jones, Meur, Mini-field. Robinson,Richardson, Marriu,Barry,
Bbbbiui. Miulleaeh. Sorrel, Brush, I> G r'oute, mid ?? in tin
Ship Houqua, Palmer, Canton. A A dm.
Brurs Bct?anionin. I .\?rw. Jotmnnesan.Bottssuam. Schund
tc Balchen: Commerce, Allen. i'ictou, U illiams a. rshelden.
sehr* Triton, tUr) Saunders, Crerti Turtle Key, Lawrenci
fcPhelps: Vennillion, Seaman, naRimora, I Ii Gager Bei
Bigekiw, Baxu-r, tlu-ton.
gloop Helen. Perry. .New. Bedford.
Barfe Dolphin. Laiuti. I'lnlndelohia.
Packet shm Emerald, Uowe,33ds I'm Havre, iiubie. to Win
Ship Southpeii, 4 ds fm Charleston, cotton and lice, i Gc,
Ship Florence, Ltacb, i)ds tm Matanzas. sucar, to Nt H ho ?
Br bark Perseverance, Bennett, Wdsfm Liverpool, coal am
198 steerage passeuiters, to Richard frvin.
BnitL UiuUwiu, Thompson. A ds un Savannah, cotton am]
no*, w IHinliaa fe Uimoo,
Brut Excel. Smith. 4 OS fm Savannah, cotton and nee. ti
otuije. &. UManuan,
Br bne V*an(uaid, Caid. lj di fm Windsor, NS. plrL.tvr. tu
ma. ter.
Vaueiuehan brijf Carolioe.HafSJn.'lS ds I'm Angostura,Im ..
Jcc to Uelricb k Kluger.
Bntuh bri? Isabella, ^icwnrt. lid. Im Sydney, CB, coal.
br bru Symmetry, Jelbird, lads Im st Jehu-, Ml, salmon,
to J fc C Laurie.
Bnj Paui?t. KiikhI.-.. Hid- fm Uumacon, PR, sugar and
^lause?, to Phompson as Ada. Lett sehr John \V Suytor,
A lurk in 2?r .i ,i ...
Brie Thomas II Bentun, Roberts. 24. ds fm St John.. Central
America; luden, cotton, lima wood and tunic .hell to 11 As IJ
Coihe*! at Co
?ebr Valletta. Crowell, J.!. fm Boston, mdsetoj Atkit >.
Sear Ann llyraau, Tuttsw I'm Punce, rlt. sustai and.is
sas lo P Uarmoos tti. ami Mania od, Coruin? .v Co U II
?.rif!.?Trr."m."' (J"v"' '?" ?iVork, .May ^Jib. \\ .1 Watsoi .
Bekford, for Phibuielpiua.S?d; Uucamiu, La Four, do June
5: sehni Carolline, Naiiers!, 1*1; usadera. Work, 5th; bne At
tautic. New Huven, ^.h May. l,.,rK John \\ Uaiei loading at
Boiina""' "'k' u"t ,'wr ll"Ju??. brigs Sylph und
Sehr Virginia, llowvll. 3 day. from Baltimore, tndsetoJ '!
US slop Columbus, i aet Cooper, from Riods Janeiro, col
under weigh restcrSay moratng ? itb a ta.r wind from use sv\
came up to and anchored in tt.e North Kivcr oil' the Battery.
Disasters. &c.
Tbe sloop Agent from New London, coming down the 1'ast
River yesierday uiornmc. v.r. run into by ihe Kultou Perry
boat, and stove several ra.k. of oil and dome oilier damage
An American ship was seen off George's Banks, May J4th
wiUi top-guliant uuv?t .-one, and no Ibre-topoai raid across
fssas^opmast ?apparsstly a jury-mast.?targe bouse abalt or
S:?'!o n. Jtc.
Lai 40 30. l,m :o. !..-,rk I. bjabeth. Firth, of Portsmouth
bound to t bartestoo?? : j !?? reported
May 13th. hit?>i>. long 7i 10, scar Uueen, Ids front Main
guez tor Alexandria.
May ?4 Ion X, Ion M>30. ship Taibo:. Storv, 3d* tm Ne?
Vor? for I ne-tr.
May at. [at JUSO. h,n :> 15, ?h,p Kichsrd Anders..:,, g ds im
NOrleans lor UvernooL
May 23th. lat3?3d, loo 70, brig Emily, from Frankfor. for
Chariest, .u.
May X*h latS 30. Ion???, slop Joo Holbind. Ilenderson.
tsssuso log .Nllrlean..
fi?ft? Eastward of the Bah?, ship l Ineco,
avhaIrt n. ate.
Btobbk^Lsn^j?^ Al'.n:- '*'ip* "'^,n- Ilam'- of NLondon.
A^ om? OU. *) .(.. boomt hume.
a^sgiyi^g^gP j^r?. of the ship Minerva Smyth ol X
Uptons, reports her. a, date, bu ? S. Ion M W. all well. 100
MlaalttK Vessel.
Brig Mary Paulma. He^evon .. i , . a i
To Mariner?.
Infnrmsfinn has - reo -..a; n .Bl our t'onud ?. v ,
rJau.tfaa Military Mole. ?. wo Z*?}"'
Ur thai SU foundations crt?. ? I
hssso to :.r :.v..- ..? taking ? ... '; ' '
graxat ai ? -pn. to use Labt Boom in the Mol? and Osit
tbo'^Ai be ca.T.'ui to avu^l i\tr neu ..ler nen- thus -rtate.1
FOBTHF.LAIilhS.-i:;,.-? i kith Uoose Shoes, u?t re?
ceived eod sale cliesp? i a t.
n? SM1T it 4c BARTSHI iR.M:, I TO Futloc it,
CUT NAILS.?MO ctt.kt ofun rxreiw-nt aasortnseiil
low to ciov as aecssco
ma_MPRPOCK. LEA VITTte < o S3 Wea .;.
RAG**.?Tbe highest marke! prices wui be ;*sd in c*.h b.r
ail kinds ?f Kagi. by
saal 6m CVBCS W. Ft No. 9 Burbng shp
Rcirpecwul'v recommends hu SPRING FASHIO
perfecta^, ?ie desira!.!e essentials of
.n.!i?u.'iJwtlieok!^?tal,li?hc.!;'tireofCl 90 far the BE
Salci) al the Stock Exchange. May 30.
?3.100 x v :..-4?.? 1" x * Jr...it
rTio. do.10?S 13? dot S Bank.
:.aii.\ . .-. '?>? ?v- * '?".v
S^lBWiii.'*.h?' 1"2\ do.CiAm
li, mi .usu U- i I'-J no it" .?-? {-;
1'hOUO do.'!?? 50 do tto. j*-'
4 i<.j Arkansas.il40 do do. J
j0t?iKv r>. ..M? :t>i=u! 2". do d.-..bW p
3L00OIU special bonds.. S3 : 50 do Grand Gulf. H.
lotjo d. m1; do Erie iw..*??
smo do. si', ;wi0 doPateaoo Rd..M0 8J
2*0? Indratin.*> LlOO do d.WO ?3
??'.no IVn-ajivamaSs.blO T'.'-i.lOO co do.HUeiS
S.UXl do.!-0 7' j U? do c..i.57'i
Sue1 rfn.h? TS'*) doStoningtjon.5*.
lvushr. Fannea'lV...b3> 49 ti) da do.Is? A
2du do d?. ?9S i?j do do.
3ou do do.63050 225 do X r t\Vor...b30 69
jt?) do do. IT', do do. BJ.
.'" <lo do. <9?lli0 do do. <??.'
4VI do d...50 :ii3 do do. ?V*l
ill do do. :*.'? LO d? do.bSDCS
190 do do.WJaTM d? do... .
S50 do do.I>30 51 l!i' do Reaaiag R.
H? do du.bin "J> ItX) do do.I~0 57,S
I'll do do.i*.'^ K?J do do.td J o<
10 do Mer.t'.k.. ?!(-'. 1?> do dp .?...?
33 ,t., Merl..' Baak do L [ilsad R. -
15 doDrr1>oek Bk..-. T2 I0d do do.B?5
' &i do Mech Bk A.101 3j0 do do. 86
Tar do I Mar, Hud.113 -X-j do do.*?:?
2S do State P.k. X. V... 8' lud do fo. 8C|
5U doC^.Natct??bW23 3? do do. ? */.
200 doCanr.cnCo....ops M .us do do.bI0B7
:j? fi., do .'?' a1400 do do.g
123 doViel?t>antBk.... 11 * do d?.dOg
KU do do.11'? iW do do.nil) 3.
S1.?0f'l.'o ??.'??.... b3' l'si 4 TI do I'tntim ( ..... ope M
2t?J<> U tk.".te? 51-, .j do la-Tr-crs *| r.ol
?yisbn Vicksburg B.. ? tt ~"i do Nor tt VVor.
I ro d..'"o"i Bk, Natchez 21 -? do do.
H) oo I S Bank. 12 '110 do do..
10J doX A Trust. IT 2-? di do.s3C.'..
ISO do L Island Rid. t: . 100 do do. ??
do do.blO -T-, 50 do do.bSt>6:<
Pnlilii- Stock Kschancr, May 30.
?5 OCJ Ohio6*, tO.I>5. lOBJil 25 do X A Tru.t ..cash IS
i; Ij?j d.liS?lo.", 25 do Canton Co... b30 ?J!
[.000 ,!.,.IM V-l'it 1? do Mrh Exr Co <-a.h :<2
l'lAO do.twlttl I 2'> do Stonirctoa....t>10 53:
1000 d<.s3lOI?f|IOO do do.oaw 53
7'uio do.cash lOI-'.j MS do do.!^J'04
luoo do.IdO Iu2 ;'. do Erie Rd... . cash 2S}j
i. dir? U ? Bk.?3 12 ?? 5 do Mohawk U...i.. :??
12'? do do.c*-ii 12 I lu do Nor t~ Wot.?? ash 63 ,
|iij no do.?.? II j 10 do ?1?.e??h >k .
:u do do.i-a-li 12 4 2'? do do.rjuii Oj
:? du do.cash wi 8$ do d?..........
l o doGirardBank-casli rS i ::. doL Wand Rd....b3 go
o, do do.1.10 2' j iu do do.raodi
|*a du Vicksbnra B.cash II i Hi do do.* SI
100 do do.rn-ti K'VRU do do.b3 Wi
It) do Cm.Xatchcz cash 24 . 'j do do.caih ea'j
21 do I'l ii:..r...Mi?s ca-n ."??.-5'U do d.1*5
,-U do Farmen' TV... b3 iUH] SO do do.blO g
2UD do do.cn-h 50 "75 do di.t"3 *.
51) do do.cash 5?.'4,IW do do.s3 K
Uii do d.1)10 61 I iso do do.1*511?
r>j du rir.IkJ 50X1 ?? do d.bnw B7?i
50 do ilo.Imw 51 1 6<J do do. (C .
Briirhton Cattle Market, May It.
[Reported forIbeBoston liaily Adveniwrand Patriot.]
At mark.: t.U B*ef Cattle, 25 pair. workHic-l Ixen. 3*) Sheep
and I50U Swine. ;>n Beef Cattle and 22i Swine unsold.
Pricks.?BttfCaittr.?Nearly ? i..' the i"-t ?'title wer?
Mild on the hoot, probald; at loiiiethinc more than our highest
quotations last week. U e i-ue'e^ e.stra fi'L" first quality to
12 a 6j2": teeond quality $lTi a Si; third quality $4 a
?4 50.
HVtna/r-Ozert.?Sales at ??*'.". 180. $85. and
Sheep?Sale, o! lots from $2 25 to $3.
Sioims Selected lots of 'mall Sboats to :>eddle at 4;. a 5 eu?.
for Sow? and ')?, a b' rts. tor Barrow,: old Uogt, from Ohio. 4
cent*. At retail from 5 to 7c.
Piiiladclphia Cattle Market, May 29.
lir. res?900 otlercd. vi, 73 fine quality Maryland. Pen- -
sylranra, 105 Kentucky, and 523Ohio?out ol which 3a Pen:,
nrjt-ania. lot' < Ihiu and SB Kentucky were driven ??< the Ne?
York market. Sales ranged this day at Sin 5i0per luu lb .
tor fair qualities: suorri.ir ?'ia?j2j. Sales on foot at $Si a
$23 . und a lew tine latee t l?ttla at H'j a $5a. Sue/, duil.
AM k i n il s ol" Job Print inc. ? n c h
Pixrai it i?.
I ilK< K-. < ARP-'.
Ksl RAM v I'OUI z*.
Bills or I.api.no.
.Mammoth Snow Bill*
Lai Ti its Bills,
Cov kKi iliLLa, Plain ui !
PoUTIi al Bills.
ClR'T'LARi. neal rke
Promptly executed at tbeOlfice of the Tribune, No. 160 Vi ??
?treel opposite tJ r Park.
The Jiiiiltn Tracts,
No. L Tug Tki?t; or Part,e<Trirvl by their A. i?.
No. II .T'hic i 'i rrksi v.
No. III. TheTsJtltr.
No. IV. i.ok or MkxrtClat.
No. v. Political Abolitio.n.
No VI. DKXtM ra ct.
No. VII. LaborAsro CsriTAt..
No. VIII. Tn? Public Lands.
Price Redncedf
The Price ol the JUXT?S TRACTS tor the Presidenti.il
Campaign will l." (IS a thousand.
rtlE WIUjLJ. dKRIES. bound together, comprising 1?^
t?i"<M. is published at ?S1 r? n hundred.
.Wir Perlt, April so. '.M4.
apfflStaw Publishers Inrllie Author.
Price G 1-4 Cts.-.tt i-i CtS. for 13 Copies.
Can tlicrp be a ( liurrli without o Bishop
ConCroversy between Roe. |ir>. VVainwnghl nnd Potts,grow?
ing out of the incidental assertion of the former dial Then
cannot be a i hureh without a Bishop."
The above Ccintruversy is printed in n n.-at Pamphlet ami
done UD With printed Cover?, por oiie at the T nbune I dlice.
KT Health, Q,nlet. ami Comfort.?The Graham
House, '^J Barclay .:re~i New York, proffers advantages ?..
stmncers aooping a few days or weeks in the city, such as are
rarely offered. It is eligibly located on a clean and airy greet,
. very nenr the bissines. part of tlie en v. and in the UTimediate
I viemky of the principal steamboal laadmgs. Ittapartjnentiare
j convenient ami neat, while its table if lupphed wnhtn.?U^t
j Vetjatablea and Fruits that can lie procurtai, excluding entirely
I Animal Food ami stimulants of all kinds. Charges umlernte,
I and every elfi.rt made to render le af." r- ruudiittui le. Sin ner
i Baths free. Remember. rJ3 Barclay street. j)2i^!
ff?~ Irish Emigrant Sooletv??Notlee.- \
Elect.fi.r officers of this Society f?r the ensuuig year, will
be held on .Mi IXHAY, the Sid day of June next, at litt office
ol the society, 60 Liberty-st. Poll, open fi.1;' A. M.two
o clock, P.M. New. York, loth May. IS44. tnlll?fju
Skvbkth Warp Bank. New-Votk, May 22, IS44,
CCT Election.?The StoeklKilden ..t tin. Bank an.
hereby notified that an election for thirteen Directors for the en.
suing year, und lor Ihm Inspectors of the next succeeding cie.
tion. will lie held at the Banking House on TUESDAY ihr itri
dau of June nril.
Ttrc Poll will I- ..reticd at 13 M. and ci;e.e at 2 o'. |i.-k P.M.
By order of the Board. A. S. FRASER, Cashier.
iu23tj.ll ____ _
I KT" The Books of Sulisorijulon to the Ca;
Sl"<'k of the New.York and Krie Railroad Co. nre now
theUISceof the Company, No. M Wallstreet, between the
hours of to :.i,d 5. WM. M GOULD. Secretary.
New-Y.uk. \pril34th.lS14 atfrj
OUT Temperance Houae, 36 Veaej ??
Astor House.?Mi?. P. M 1.. ?, ha. takeu tin. lieiigMfut.iti.a
Hun. ai d often t- her friends and thepubfie ita rarious ad
vantages on the most reasonable terms.
The house is neat and newly fiuriwhed?the tituatioo airy,
pleasant and cooveoienl t.. busines* nud the steamboat buading!
\ i ure vegetable diel li t those w ho preler a?w arm and r. i.l
baths tree. _ my22tf
(ET" Miitttal Life Inaurance Company ot
New-York??This Insritultoq, during the month o| April,
has issued lorty-one iHibctex. mi :
i'o Clergymeu. I To Metehantt and Traden.13
" Pliynemm.2 " Clerks. 3
" Lawyer. 1 " M anuntcturers..3
" Teacnera.2 " Mechanics.2
" Goveramettt Onieen_2 " VTatcnmaker. 1
" Army Officer. l " Bank Teller.1
" Ijidius.2 " Civil Engineer. 1
" Student. 1 " Fimter. 1
" Secretary to Ins. Co_ I " Stallooet. 1
" Ciirtimin. 1 " Builder. \
14 "27
[aa^edtlel] Total Uveslnrtired....4I
. I'l 1.1? >N AND SOI I'll FERRIES?
[nFARE REDUCED. The Brooklyn 1 iior
_J5re,Ferry Company have reiiucni the rates ??!
erna^e 'to propo?<sl In the termer !o?>ee?tO the I omiuoid 'oun
?il ot the city of New Vurk, on the 27ih day ut December last
i, follows, viz.:
Foot Passengers.2 cents each
Carriages. 2 horses.25 do.
Pleasure svaguos, 1 hor?e.If* 4 do.
Carts and freight wagons, one borne, kaded
or. empty.ISH da
Market wagons, 2 hones, loaded.2j do.
Da tie. 2 do. empty.ls'A' do.
Ho. |S>. 1 herse. loaded or empty.121. do.
Wngnnswith hayor.trnw.37:T do.
Saddle bone.y do.
vclH tf_
lenve NEW YORK on Moodany and
5^. 'I'hurslay in Steamboat MMROl). at ?"
o'ehs k \. M. tor West Stoekbridge via II ittsatonic f:
K.-iiirn le?e \V(M St.s kbridce lor Ne.v Y.irk Tuesday BOtl
rnday tot the trau, portnv m of bundles, packages, Mot I i iml
prisiu.-e. OtBee No. 120 AVestStreet. m30 am
TPHE !'.1>I' SOAP IN TIIK WORLD.?Fam wr,..
l aenre. a superior article of the kind will do well to try
Roberts s Improved Brown Soap, il being truly an unproved
nrticle Being mannMctured Of -erne other matenab than
any ether rs?ip. gl,? u peeuhai quahtiei i.s<,i by none
oUier-such ns not lading Uilicoei or Muslins, blenching
rannels. making them perfectly white and soil a.
witnoui iluinlong them m the lea?t;?and it is an excellent
^D.J^?ng iheskin as soft u ,,. y VVindsot or Castile
(s-s muri: mittler than any
rml Grocers in this City
? "T. Roberts'! Improved
Brown tsap. T. ROtJJlfTS^atOl herrv .l. U123
No. si J o h n-a t re e t.
KB CLAYTt ?N itINS are in instant receipt i I Pa
. pk k .? adapted to every branch c4 the trade, embraciru
an unnsoaUy lar.-j asSOCtmenl ot Blank Book I';. . and letter
Wilting, together wi?i every rlescrtpacat of News and Hook
Printing. Coloresl l'ai?er of Medium and other sizes. Envelope,
CobexCO. Shoe and Tea. Straw a:..i iiag Wrapping'; liard
ware and Cloth ifl great variety : Silk and Log, 1'.?ue plain
and colored, kc *tc. Pesiiles Straw. Bonistt, Trunk and
Itandbox Boards. Press Papers, tic tue.
MINERAL \V kTER S.?The undersigned having be<
js.inted the Aceoi Lir the ?alo of t.'as crielmte l .\!:i.,-r'i:
Water, of Kissingen, ami Batklst of Germany, kee;.. c,,:i.
asaotty >ui iu;-mI n hdl supply <n uies.- highly va nable ??<
rmt up waa the crsratesi possible care ana peceivedrrcsJl from
Uie s;ir:i,k.. every hnoth. The reputation ot these waters -
esiahl .i.e.:. and their efficacy >r? uorsmaily a
Wsiire?! in u ersi.t variety of diseases, it i? no) deemed ncci man
to puhush i.n> u::ng more th:.n thai the public will al<* n > - la
?npphed w.th ttw genuiiH article bj apMying t.> the nridec
?*r'*''. w ..ere?\ery ir.iornii.tion on ihe sub>>. ' will be t-i.-s r
tu;,yr?en I'l.i.RIAN S"l R \t SS.
my" in. Azrr.t in i,k- t s. >e. Beam tt. NewYork.
BROWN HAVASJJ SUGARS^-a?Dboxes on !??rd bark
oenerai llnrn?.Hi.Mtsnla by
mlO GRLN'XELL, MINTL'RX k CO. > sLjUlh ,t.
toiH't soap, Mavtnc tneakm as m.i! as a
Ssap ; ami ninny ? Im tN. ,t ,sy ,, C(,^
other. Pot v;le by most of the pi , ?
and Brooklyn. Erat] bnr is ?tnmjssi "
i to the nttcnuon of the Public. beornbines, m the Hebest:
? Q?ALrry.
\VUll?m-rtreet, Mex-chants' Exchange.
This rrs-dictne is eanstsoitlr p?rt"?rmms almost inendible eures
.if diseases an?:r.c fron impuribe? of the bl.?sl and general
<y.tem. It hn. arre-fsl ami cured nutiH-ou? cases ofacrcdukrus
?sections. dUeise* of lie ikio. rheu.Tjr.ie sout. dL\erw?.i brer,
painful enlareemetit orthe tnce.elbow, tni wrist joints. Cluo
ai' rhcau.:?r^ir..--')rethr-st.c:ir.ir::c"')r;--.it,:i.' r.;!::: e.lervr.r. '
rarifus other de'-rders nrisme from impure sccretio.-is. In this
preparation are ?tronrly concentrated all the valuable medicr
ar.1 properties of Sarsapanils, ?n w hich its actis ty depends.
poonded with other remedial scents, -d-reied fromtee .r.
ectable Lrnrd.im.tlie whole .trenr-Ji of which is txtmctsd on
sn ?".Urely new principle, which h*. east many ye-srrs of iaix-r
and much esper."-. The great ottject demed ,.? bow trinm
pbantir arr.-irnplnoed. in the production of a rem<->iy pn-*c-m;
a'?-.utr'.r rrrs p-.,r.--'o-?r -?tp,M>-'.i :r.rur;::?'rie:*r.
fore unkr.own m the m-'-ory of rm-dic.!??.
Trie te--.:rr.o-,y , i inrwr wi ??? h.v.e been C'.irssj ty M wd.'.
their residence, has been pi.bl shed, from time t., time, a
w*re :t i;e-:rabs-n ma... fifths rmet overwhe.no??
could be brought forward, proving most cimcliiaveiy its .nesti
mahhr vslne. a. an active am! curative meeUcine m tbe above
diseases. Tb* afflicted, or thn?e who ;.my have given up in
despair, and all who ire interested, are im 'ed :.i mull a tr-al
ofthi ?? aJuable medicine, or to cali on tier? -.rho have c? ?in*
Ibrward and borne public testimony of its priceless vi] e to
them, und satisfy ttiern-elve. ind viilua?r < f t- ;,<.wr :n arr?t
ins ami curing diverse, and of what it has perforated ; r
The inflowing; care of an inveterate ease .,; Serafuu :?-av
nutted to the cureful considernt'on ofthe -I
I'awti < kkt. May SCth. ISC.
Mi:-?,.*. Sajfpi?Genrlerne:;. Cm ae been relieved
eur.i ..rone >.t me mostdistresses muiroiie. to which Ur?
banen ->-i*m is ?uhjeet. by the ose ol your Sarrsaparilla, I
fee! it my duty to mane known t.. taa public the tacts attetn
in. my case, and ?ie inestimable bwietit 1 nave ri.r.ved from
the '.-?'?; )our medicine.
In the Summer .if law. wh*n at sen. I bad a .we! ins cm et
my nent arm. which euth*red. broke, and proved to be of ::
ScrotUbsas kind. A lew- days alter whieii 1 Wiest, arm im?
mediately appiieil to a physician, r.'ii! received but little benefit.
I was induced to apply to several ot the must ?kilful physician,
tlie piace rtnorded. ami to ma ke use of varioos ipe 6es;i
wrih-Virtdins kowever I Continued to srow worse, until my
nsht -hould-r, ?u!?. tire-'-;, n..-rk. ai.d ?:??:.aen. ??
extending .n-, wh ? h discharged muUer in lane <i'iantitK>.
ami my lite appeared to l? r...t tvasuug away. My health ? i
so much irupaireii that attune* I was not able to so out ol
door.: I was a men- emaciated skeleton. Every one supposed
I euuld live but a short time, r.ml I had myself despaired id
ever obtaining; raiser. In November last I accidentally .-aw
your Sana pa ruin advertised in mie of the newspnuer?, whe-n
induce! me to make one more trial u> leeam my health ; om! I
beshata nor to .ay Uia: it has done uwre guod. than ai, the
rm ! eines I have ever taken. By tire use of one ort w?
tie-1 was relieved (rum all p'on. my health iiesm tnamendanJ
I now reel jierte^riy we.'!; I can u-e my nub: arm. which I was
unable to do lor neany tive years, and I aur.buie the r.r.u!t en?
tirely to n lew le.trle? of your invaluable Surssipnnitii. I now
heartily reeomnieiui it to ull similarly atfecte,!, that the)
procure the nstit nxslinne and thereby save themselves ?urlVr.
ingtandeaueusa. Those svishing to know farther paruculan
rnuy.fmd me at my residence in Mill street, Psartueket, w l?-re I
shall be phased to communicate anything in relation to my
es-?. I am, with gratitude, >.-ur-. ?i.e.
Butrrot,, ?-.. Mai Jii. 1843.
The aUive named Calv.n H?rtung personally np;??are.i i,?.
fi.re me and made nath to the truth of the foregoing certificars
by him subscribed. C( ILLINS DARLING, Justice.
I do hereby certdy thu the above u a ciurec: statement ol th?
easeofCahrm Harding, and the woriderfulerlectnfvourSar
nparilla. 1 nave fregueatiy ?ecn his -ore. .ires^-il und am
knowing to the medicine he made u*. ot
1 or forthcr parieulars and conclusive evidence ol its supe?
rior value and etlicacy, me pamphlats, which may be oVa.ru.
Prepared rind -old. wholesale and retail, by A. 15. te. V.
SANDS, Wholesale Iinis.i-t-, W Fukor street, N. V.
Sold also by Druggists generally tfaroushout the LT. Stt'es.
Price i' pei i *th?- v bottles f.r$5.
.i?** 1 be publieare respectfully request! i to lember ;hu:
111- Sand's Sarsaparilh thai has and - constantly acluevinc
.,uc*i remarkable eure ol the rnostdilhcutl class or diseases ti
which the human frame t- subject. Therelore ask for Sanrl.
SarsapariOa,and take no other. m9 Irn
Nu. 107 Water Street,
1 Below Wail street.)
Jons V. M u kif. late Marke-, i kakley it Je mi.) ?? ..
Josiab S:'LgvKRKTT.late LevereU&Tboiuas. i- 1
Dealers in cut and VVrooghtNaib ami Spikes. Axes, TD
Plate, Banco Tia; Lead; Copper, Zinc, S;^.::. r. Wire. II ?
bsb. American and Russia Si.-s?t Iron. Hoop Iron. Bm?ers
Ibiis. Band-lfon, .Nail and Spike Ro ... Shovels, Spai es, Ca,
Steel. Brads. Tacks and Sparrowbills. ltnL-- Kettles, Tinners
Tool.. Scotch, English &: American Pig Iron.6LC
Fira Proof cafes and Iron Chests of all itzes, ml* Im
OFFERS for sjiJe al low price., aa avsortmeat ot tue billow
me goods?
Bronzed or Silvered Girandoles.
Solar Ijniips for l.ard or Oil.
Sandwich, Uothic tcConvex Ten Trays, in iet> "r leparately
I'lntedl ake Ita-lo'L-. I '?-r..r-. I "ririillesticks. Snuffers and Tr-n
El ghsh and l>ontestic Britannia Ware.
Silver Taide and Tea Spoons, Air.
I Table I 'utiery and a .enmil ol Ire ??>? an.i-!.-. inWIm*
T\T S 1M '-NNELLY fc CO., \o. SST nrnnd-treet, rmnerT
i la. Allen, bnw on Imtii! an exlcn-vi :i..urUnentof Iis? (?l
loMrine hoswe-keeping ?KV <;i M IDS. ui which they u:v .i^ .
!' .i in U 1 lni;-r.?: and Matv-ilV. limits
' 4 10 Ij.j b) .'4 si Diapers and Damask Table Cloths al
t> 4. S 4. MM god 13-4 Irish. Barnsley, Russia and Silesh
I aneeungs.
Russia. Scotch ami lr:-ii Toweling Diapers
I 5-8, 3 4 and 4-1 Diapet nr..: Damask Napkins.
Crash, Huckaback and Birrieye Diaper.
; 1 i ^-SShirting and lilbiw-Case Linen of all oualities.
4-4 bear* I ni ressed Linen.
Fr* H h Lmr.o.s.,: I |,lth Table and Piano Cover*.
I olored Cotton. Worste.1 and Linen Table CI<?Uiv
And aboan extern ve assortment ofClmns I
I>ran \> Etej, Geunlirooni, Linen Drillings, and uthei Siank
( and rant; Iir> Goods. myU
i \ND ITS VI?;L\ITV.-AttlUsug8esi ,1 ? ?
i ot respectable families, residing in the Seventh ?A'nn! the Pro
pnetorol ?be AI.II \Mi;\. Itroadway. h.a. been indue, ?
open a Branch of hn establtshmant al No 163 East Broad
I war. one door above Ringer street The hot;-- ., a ten !? ? ?
: and pleasant one. Iiems situateil in tiie ri,.~t central pan ?I U?
I street. I her--,?Hii> are fitted up in a st vie of great taste atn
I rmUress. To those who have visiten hi. t>tablabmeni it
I Itroadway ,.e need only sar. that the same endeavors end r.r.\
lety to please his guests-will L-> evinced tlarre as at the forme
plare. I - tho-e vvb.i have m,;. he r.-.;..-rrful') in'-. :;-.
caUannjudre i?r Uietmelve*
lJT^:?aluons will be ready to receive company Tuesday
N. H.?Cream Constantly on band, pure. nrSIni
.UlbLlXZKS A>D ccniKRS v K L RI-PfiTH t.I.V
invited hi call and examine our .t.--k
I . 1. T ?S,V"','r r/y- l? P?" as follows, v
..".:!:??Tii-rrn. %.??;...btan,Birdi Eye. Bratd^'h patidSn ??
Lonne -. Misses sute;: aBo. M.s^-.. ji,,, ?. ... ?, ... , ?
fojrn. Panaina, and Palm Leaf Hat?, artificial lion eis, L- ^
All selling orTvery loa- cask, a:
GALE tv. CO.*S,S8Pearl .treer.
m.y , , ' '? s*:? I lore! Buildtns. late
5*5 '"' Holts House. .New V.irt
rPIIK largest asmrtrnen? and mo-i elegant patterns nf Grat?
Ji. A p resrur-together w hh Drapery for l^ook .? G isses
t irtur.. r raini?mm Inundal
! ntfD II. & s. RAY.M IR'S Bncdtstore. Ts' Bowery.
I "p ii'* K"ln4t,.aI a reduced price a ?uisermr article ol Imiu
Kubtser Hiko. hned and covered with Sheet Kabber. and war
I l'1"'-^ "ear e.user thru; any o?icr I lose in inarkeu It is pu
t^sRherin a ditTereat manner, end being cuverol it Joes no
, tot. I ouplms. ult.aciie.l wilhiiutcharsre.
I tor sale at Lit Maiden Laae. .-mj 3s.' Broadway, by
",lu '"'_d L ROSS.
STEAM ENGINE F??R SALE?A second hand Emnn.
o, la horse power, boilers and all compute and in e>?
o^VJ^v.m55,n-bul ?P* > "-r- ??? low. Imjui.-e of J. F.
ROD? \.V? .ty l..;.n.1rv,H5 WarrenstreeL ml52m*
'I ?EAS.?SOU chesu Souchong 200 hall chests do
1 W ha fchestx \. .- \ ... e Soucbo ig.
8D do CarwSouctoing.
*' 1 ne-ts nne Mohee Pi wchnng.
?J' Ire., v l.ovc. MoheeSsiucnors
Km ? chests Hyson.
I" bncy t-i\,^ Hyson, r'ne.
100 eh??s Voog Hrson.
is) hall che,!.? ib.
103 chests Hyson Skin.
>< half chests surserku Gunpowder.
.? w ,!?' , . do Imperial.
All country pa-ked and-f !:ite importatinn
fiasaleby GRINNELL MINTIjRN .<. C
allL_ 78 Sisarh street.
>" S ,"-!rV'/<! tSfJt*h Gfobet.9focbesdraineter,?l .
mgoverSteet hieb, rhe above Globes are owned by a ,
son who tin. no farther use thr them, -ml will be sold vcrv i.m
si , K W.\i ill, Bosikseittirs," Bowerv.
Aiso l.orms - IS in. ii Globes. ?
S' ?'? u: '* \*,,PST' " vanous rsancrns, no. ruai Pars I sm
*J lor saie, wholesale and retail, by
. No. JSJoba su New York, and
M ^ 3 liier..,?, lin.^en.
x Aouq of \ b. Pauii-x. erxtensive ?. ... wi tl roush iui
ine l n:t".i .-t?te.- asembrncing most of the l-es: N"ew>pa|s-rs oi
I '-'??'?'?"'??'V;,!'a- '-"?n. in the Cni.m. is esuibh-beil at lt? N i-vai
J ,ejv'? 1 ,ri!,il"r huiidins?. opposuy fny Hah. at the < on
DORIC LAMPS. 1-r burn":-t\ainpl?.i:--T;.e-e i.-, .
simple m ipeir eAsntrrnetiOa. ca--.lv : ? : -,,e a
very brioiaat lrcl.t at a ro.; of one re ,: an boor. Ma otae
:ured an. t-t sale wholesale aid retail, br
liKi.TllEUos.ClJ No I .l .hn ?. \,r York
_ }* *?? an '? Uieks sr. Brooklyn
c rJe, torsadetry >a kik ii k. LEVVITTfeCO
_? _37 West ?
I |> V:s AND CANVASS. W:r re
I .*" <?"? -laanfactnn rs'prices. I
ar.ld r:?, CAI Vf i DEKUI'CKSl iX. l.v S. .-. .;.
I 11''Y '*?-?? ''-* I- ?*? :vatit.t'ui w--.. i?... ? r ..? ...
H .ate by GASSNER N ? II SO,
I mi_133Cnatiisun n.
t"i>"" ? ?.. i: .
\JXa do White Tea do
_ , . ..L***1 do A?...ned coronal Shoe do.
Forsala br CVRl.S \V. FIELD. i? Bnrliug dim -J
A NTIIRACITE PIG IRON.-30D u,ns for ?r.IelewT.
- v ? oh. an account, by Ml RD CK. I.I \\ ITT t C?
raySS r. \\ ? ?
CHOVFLS x SPADES-ssM h ?. ifoVpi ed
O tor sale by MUUDOCK. LEAVPIT & I
. _ gWest itasstv
RAGS.?White and col?ml old ?aits; do country : x:
wnnitai il.r -a.h in hrjv quantity, by
a?13 G.ACNT.v HKSKli Km i\. " :. ,.
** agecootaimrujc 4 ounces of treaaedicinal properties . ? ??.
r-ol.l r,t srj i hatiiam -t. am. t," I'.-oaduav i-.C !r.
l>M.t. ROPE.?Cotton waste and bagging * lcu it
'-'aoturer's Prices tor ca h bf
_J?jj__. t.ACNTAt DERRICKSoN*. V* SnutJi-si
T,EAS*iTWkaR che..-. Younc II Cant . ??
X saie by GKI.NNLi.l. M1NTURN k CO
-'._,_Trs Soum -Tecr.
L-iL '"'feSSSS i,n'"* rruaiisy, lor .ale ny
'-RINN I LI. MINTCtCS ^ CO. > South ,U
tf.\m crist vn.r.t'i r.ft i." -
2 run of stones in sorted order. Can he u?cd for an
I oenm business it require.!. To be Wt ehenp to 3 g-md tenant
: Enqrrireof J' IHN MOAjJINGEB.S. Pin -t. X- ^ .
m> Iw* ___
PAPER, Sill.I. FOR SvI.E.?Wit) be ?.kirn mafic
lion, without reserve to tiie hiebest bnid-r. on Wednesday
I tnetwrlfth ray ?.('June next. ttSo'eJncti P. y. 00the rrrennse.
! an extensive paper maautiu-to-y. three good dwdi.nc houses
I ikPh and about thirty acre, of 'in-!. The boDdmgs w*o
; enrtrd a f-w years ?>'??- !?? Jh.- V. ? tii ??! !'?-?-' M r>?o..?n
! have b*en always nws' OCCTpied tor pa;~r mmilHeriuti:
I pu:.*?-?. 31-: a? n.?w . rferrd re: ?s> in <v.ilernet:*. oftne ?s?'
I of U.e fatta Mo*. Ely. d?rcsim*d. ....
To-"tuar,, u 1? must advir-.-areon-. N?:-rg w.'Vn aborttw
1 mle. no t'o.ir"hitig vi .''-re of Wesrisebt two macs
j the Hampd.m and New Haven eanaL and two miie? from tb
' Western RaSmed. which ?eeure? access u> uotl. Boston arv
; New York at Ho seasons of the year. The rait! Sns lour? err
erne*, and la* rn.-.riur.*ry is ol modern .tv!e. The "ran srul U
: ii:?srrit. but will be particularly announced at ?ho time ?r ?nie
Porta '):>?? ?? Vi.FKi.il !''STVJVess
lui-gh. X. V\ ..- LI -.KM: F.I.Y, n Futtoo street. .
York ratjr. Fjeerrtno of Messes Elr. deceased : ..r of Don. P
B"ISK. ..f *. T LEONARD. Ban. VVe-rtleld. Miss.; 1
CYRUS W. rT?U>. No. 9 Pcr:.:_ ...... New-York.
W'?r'.t _
? j TO LIT?The three "017 and uttie Brick How
' Xo. JT l/athnnne Street well calculated for a Board
? 1 "-3 mr House, fnr vhich purpose it has been u?ed tor tlx
but.hveyears Itw Bbeletlnw tn a .'?-?: tenant, and :l.
Beater part of the rent wd. be U>*r.led out?en itrire I
rr.yii Iw *
'i" ;.? ?\r;' \IT?'::".?S-T? Let' - Lease. :??
It .-dway. rr.rrther with a 5?i.iry i rv.
rear calculated for worbmspe. and
rrd "i tnamit?cturirtc business, it is ?.
( rnod~location fbz o Plumber. CsmWHiMakee. I"?? ???.i.ter..-.
? iMle nr. i Harne? Maker.ate. Tonc-od remurt the rer.t
wiUb-W. laqmieof C'F. OSBORX.
myTiititeod* ItT Mu!beny?-eer_
,_. Ff Iii SALE?YFarmofTJ cttsr, atte ctrtrntr '
et-stS ^t...,ii_w., \; J. mi|es from S.nith Aml?.y and2
. I"-^ ... theRa r id. T em ?0 tpool
House. Bars.snd Out-ncuses. 3 V :. ?- "
Fruit Treis. The Farm will r^soWeeeap, and immediate po?
: session atvcra. Fol pttrricnlac?. apply m G. Sctnffer, orr: 3d
cver.ue ar.d ?th-ere-t. A letter directed to A. atthu rhcsr,
I will be attended to. _ .'.'Flu ?'"
t__t P0RS.1LE IXTHEViTY <'! NEWARK?A htmse
: e^rr andisjecresof Ijutd.smmtedmSouth l.r-.n! ITd.
'f?'si 'i ae ili.oss 3s feet fi y 33 ep.
wnh iirr; piazza in ?he r?-ir. andwefl :.ni?ne?: throughout.
Asm. e.??! .-ta.'.l?.. Fru :-Tre;?. tw. t:_:rne.i to the premises.
Por rarlhcr pa?ii in ire ol ISAAC NTCHOL&jCornef
ol Wi liam and Washington stieeuuor of WLLJ?AM PAL u
tixiprem?ea. 1 23 tm*_
. i_, T'i LET?The House Xos frAreornejr streetv.being a
1 aacsrst, denirable resideqeeon aeeotratof it? eonvssnieot l<^"a
t' I ? ctwei blies of Stages n EastRi idwai
i."um ?ireet. a--.led as nvory quiet aeiebb :? and It
from du?' and mary nuisance, common totheCity. It.? m
i -omp.'-te >?;.?<?. ?s.'.g t-.v. la's.; .-;.eitie! a- ? ;....:ite-.i. w.t..
I the i.'roron Water currcd ti.tr^ rear of the house. \
I son wtshug to obtain a ciyrd situnt;on. wnuld do well to Cr?
amme the premises, where inlonmttion wUI be given, or at the
otiice of the i ommtsstoneri of the Almi II ?s-.
n_t)3t_El.l WILLIAMS.
..Tibersvould rc-:??''iuily uifi.rm the pnblie rr.ut 11 ?
it'..-..'. I:,,.,... iv open 6?r the reception ofsnehas-may
wan to ensny the srlva tageofa tosil and hcarthy ttlrrj sphere;
Ti.e Imnse i- large and eommothousi nr..! p-easanrlysitnateil n
tiie Ae-sdeniy H?H. w-i..n rive ui.i.aie? w-oiv ot teiuai
The prospect is one of :h- net est on the Hudson River.
f. r.b". an nnol rstntcted view of tne entire Newbursh Bay. a
line view of West Point, the HigbJunds. mnanlains, sceoery.
stcannVe t.. see.
Katnil:^ or single persons can be neconrntoda?d wirh board ;
by the day or week '.: k reasonable price. For further partieu- j
I inr-. ::a of Richard Warren, E-j.i^ Ikaver ?rteet, \"--.v- !
?,'..rk. L. P. DODGE.
I Xewbtrrgh. May 6th. 1814: _ mTtJyl
MA I'i'R SALE?A .''arm of 125 acres, ? -a ' ? ?itoa- i
j V^ifiei! in a henltliy iWatton in South Brunswiek', X. J. near !
i __?.tie? .New York nn.l Philadelphia Railroad. .35111 !?-? from
? j New York. About TOacres are 11. alugh ?t?te of cultivation,
j 111 g(*?i lence. apple and penrh orchards, timber land. ?te :
house,.bam. shop?nd other out-hmiriiag.. s<mxI and conveni?
ent, with goo;! water?pump uea : trie .n-.r. Also, the ?lock. ;
j crop-, t...farming utensils Among the stock are Durham
I and Berkshire., of the rirst eeslig'-e?. The farming uten?ib are
. ! -ricst an.' .utfiri.-nt f. r nn imt.roved ?y.teni of isgriculture. In
? : quire of M. PALMER, 11 Mott, or
I niT Ira*_A. P. SMITH. S5 Liberty st.
? TVJOTICE.?The .Machinery. Tool*. 4cc lately belonging to !
- v the Poughkeepsie Loeon^otrre-EngiiieCompany will Is"
: soklal public auction on the premises lately belonging Ui the
said Company in "ie village of Puughkeep-.e. 1 i.iifiie.s I 'ouii*
I ty.Stateof New-York. <>n Wednessbiy, the lgtn day ol June
j next, commencing at J o'. lork. P. M. ThesPickol machine
I ry und I ails is wry extensive, aim of the rirst order seid is n
surpasseil by any otner shop in the United Sta'e,. Amongst ::
will bt? Ibund
1 l?.g.' tare Lathe 6 wet chuek.
I Istmdler do. incomplete,
.j 2 largeEngine Lr.ihes
r . 7 Gnage Latlies,
; 1 1 Planing M?ch tie.
.' 1 Slntnng-Machiue. complete.
I 1 ditto dato ineompletg.
1 14 V.r. -.
Miatl ng Pulleys ami Be:..
I A great variety of small Tools,
j A greai vir et) ..f Patternsand Mode's.
1 Punching Machine, geared for steam i?ower.
I ?. ditto ditto hand.
1 2 Rending Machines.
I 1 large Slietr.iig do.
5 Anvils.
j . 4 Siiu'hV Bei'ows.
1 A great variety of Smiths' Took.
? ) A great variety of imished and unMnislied work (or Engines
; ?? to be olfered in lots.
'I . r.i ? ol Sale?r a-!; tor all parcii.it.-. of il'd and rnder.?
I For nil purchases over SKO, approved endorsed paper at s.\
I The buildings in which the above Machinery 1.? situated will
also b??oldiit priVate sale on very favorable terms a. to price
and credit. Ti.,- property is beautifully situated in the North
par: of the village..!' Pooghkeepsie ami consists of n dock ami
plot of rti und l?o fett fronton the River bj J?' feet deep upon
uh cli .. erecteii one large brick building -TSJ by 'Xl t-.t. tv. o
rie- nigh witli engine hrrirse?S by a*: a (toiler Simp !<S by W
_ feetotiestory?aSmitlts'shop III by 30 livt. ten Forges 01."
story. All put up in themost substantial manner ol brick and
1 j covered with Welch slate. There .s a liw cbts. .-team Lug.
' of 21 ls.r>e Power in perltet order. The buildings and location
ire well er/cnlated (f<ra< oUon Factory of IO.usJ ?pindle- ar.d
. t au exten-.,e Machine Shop.
. : For further particular, inquire of llcnrv F. Talimadge, No.
J I llnm lerstn-et. X.-w-Vo s. < r ot iir.lhn & Havens. Xo.Kj
. j ib-rritw.t. I .. New York. m27 fji VI
~ cijeap dr.v nrKms:
? . Xo 73 Cedar, one die? from JS'assan St.,
rTASjcsl rereh ed f . tucl ? n iiiaenttieei.t French printed
' ? 11 Muslins, rich Kr?che Pbid ami striped Pouit de S?ie. of
?upenor quality, black striped Barrege. New Style Bal/..
rine KM, r.-t.n striped Burrere Shawls, Ladle.' Craw,
rich Hat and Cap Hi:.bun.. Brnsses Thrend and Aslibiir.
i ton Lire*, white and black Ordinals, co'ered Silk Shawl.
. P.nrndey >heeruig. flo-ierv. Gfcvej; Person. ptirelm<iug
for cash will do well to call ami examine the stock liefore pur.
chasing their, goods. iny_<
1 '':; ) i 11 ;?': LBS. Binders Boi ???. XosI insdium
1" "-? lbs. Straw lloa-ib. a..or >.| Xr~.. superior uuullty.
S.uuO do Bandbs.x B.s-.rd-, risw^ied Xns
SeUOdu Cap Makers' Boards, extra large (tie,
, 6.CW ,1.. Tru-.k Boards, ruwirted X..-.
?i'J gn~< Bonnet Boards, ranotts qualities.
Pre.. Papers, wh ta ami brown; Mat, Kir sale in quantities to
?uit iuirehn.ser> at Pui??r Warehouse. No. M John ?trier, hy
5 K/l ACKINEIMtl'-SSEDOAKI M-atl brdes Machine ? hik
-.?tLin. SO barrets Pitch: 20banels Wilmington Tar, U0 kegs
? Cut N ii -. .- . m,d Boat Spikes; together with a full B
liso-rtinei;! ?i .-11.p l.'e uiCVfy lor lale bv
u6 M. ??. R? IBERTS. 11? West-strssr-t.
ase-. XTiW-Y?RK AND LIYERPt n iL LlNJi uF
, gCvr'A' ''-KET;?Ton Ifrn New York on the tkh. and
?'- ~"-" im 1.1 ?? ? - ? .;
Ft.":: New 'fork. From Liv'p'!.
?hip ASI1 BURTON. ST-'1- SS3~ -
.?.?i..lba;yHa.::e.-..,,. 5 "3
New ship PATRICK HENRY, ;j \fg*- :.
( Mar. ti ( April 21
IOOUtoits, Jos. 1' Debtno.
?'!. ;. IXDKPrXI'EXCE. JfVji ?
SsJ tor... Ezra Nye. j^? | May
r GEO.AVASH1XGTON, >r,",."r ?- K-J' si
-.. t.... StmbroseBarro
? ir.-t. r! ?.Nov. gl
Feb. a' (Mur. 21
1 Ttiese ship, are :." ef th fir-t rk*. and eommande^l hy a...
and. rperieoeed . avigalors. The cabins are elegantly ranuthed,
?nid arfotd Mii*r -r aocnmmoilatioa tot passs : r-. 'Fht price
ot piivage Ir. in \-s v !. -.?5lot. und trom l.,v
arponltoN*ew York ?S. utcluding rtores and tiaidiiut. wrthaul
j wine-.
X'e therthe Captain BOf owners will Ire reiponsrblo fin any
fee, pr.rcel.or, -..?l?ge?.un;??? reguair bills ?4 ladingaresig ed
1 rjktretor. App.-. ?,,
d4_GRLVNELL. MIXT! RN _ CO..TBSouihst,
" f' 'r I.1 'N I e 'X ?P e-set ?| |.t J.| .? I .e .p e..
wjsjij.^ : sailinr packet sb.u MEDLYIOR. Captain J. M.
VBBCC. ? HADWICK. will sad punctual!] a- above, ber r< .?
; ular tey This superior packet fiM very ttne accomiiMdations
1 for cabin, ?econd cabin and stesrrage imisniifi 11. n hu n ill 1?
I taken ?i vei, n:.-.:iia!.le m'e~. d early application be made 00
J bourd or t? W. lie J. T. I \P>i 1 rTT,
at ttMNTiseneml Passage f?l?.-e,
7h South street, < or. Maiden iane.
i -CJr? Persons wishing to send for their fnends to cntneont in
j thai ship, ? r who are about n inimng money, can make fitvors
able arrangeinents by_appj! ng a? above. mj-i
-i%g.VPsi.*kvtoi theCrJi June?The well known tn?t. t ling
- d ' " . ket, p SH EFFIELD^ Cap- Stwrry.
- .. positively sail on the rJtii June. The above favorite paeki'
haskpleod-d aceommodatitrns ;..r Cabm, Se.-oiid Cabinand
Meemge Passengers, 'i h.^e a:...ui ppM-eiiiir.g to the <'1.1
1 'ou-itjy -s'.n..! a., .-.-tier 'ti:i t.. ? leel this ekssant ship. To
I si.-...-e i.-ei--. .cat...... -ho:::.i ?.. u.a.;? on !?ohr.i or t.
W. fcJ: T. TAPSCI 'TP. M South -t. cor. Mindert lane.
Per?.us nb.-ut scadmg :..r their trends ran have them
bruegfat out in the above p icket ..r any of the regular line
sath ig from Liverpoolevcry rive days. Drafts' for any amount
, pajnblv on li tia : 1? tirout.; -.-..11111 tnrottgh..?t Great Brttirn
I ' and Ireland can at all tunes be obtained on nppucation n.
' uloi^e-_ ir_?
-s-. F? >R LIVERpT>? lie?PAl KET OP JUXE ?h.
;'i ?Paeketship GEORGE WASHINGTON. F. P.
_Allen. Master, wtil -a:: as above, her renular day.
t or treig..' ..r ;..-.~ng i.having mperiui accootmudattoni-appl]
on lou.-d. ??: Ma.ikri l?ne. or to
GRCVXELL. MINT! RX _ 1'". T; South sr.
Trr Packet -h.p PATRICK HENRY; J. C. DeUnoJMssUr.
wrl! -::cctaM! ;;ie tJeorge \Ya-hi.tgb.ii, and <ui Juiy nil., her rr
, guinr day._-r,!.!
-?sp*-ab. it re nutting money to their fnends in -be " ??ld
SESSC' ??? ?' mppl ? d M th tr:. '-- ? Al.
i-g. Li. -Cl". 4.-J-. ?ZU. or any amount, payahleon demand,
without discuttat ocany othisrcharge, a: the XattouaJ Lank 1 f
lr--iand.Prortr.cial it-?.- .:. .. Me?.-r>. Jtime. ltd'. Son. _.Ce.
Bitte -. I. . Ion : L Barsed a Co. Exchange and Di-..m :
Bank. Liverpool: Iji-iem Bank ofSeutlaz-d. Greenock Bank
irCoD pany. SirWdliam F.-rtes. Hunter it Co. Se?<iand ;
1 ih! tne bnuiches in ev?t~ ;>.-t Inwh throurhotir England. Ire
! usd. Scotland, and Wales, which I'mrtj. wtO i* forwam?! by
tie Packet of 'Irl'. 1'ib. 21-t. or 2?ltn. ?'- the Royal Ma;
FUaUier,'which ieuve? U,ot--.ion the l?t of June. ..11 nnnuea
not m W. fcJ.T.TAPSCOTT.
A' tl.eir Gc.-.t a. P.v-cge ' ':n.-c. .t>S..u:.'i cruer Maiden
N. B.?A leiten lr.:m tii- coontrr most come pr.^ para.
-iW*iD '.Ys THRI ?! GH< ? T THE YEAR?From Cork.
SSSt I ?- B -'. Neu .1 '.'. iterfhrd,
VVsoUnrd. Sbgo. Colet Dn :.-.. Drogbeda. Limerick, tee
As-. Passages can a: all ernes be enraged with thesubvrri.
ben 00 the most advatitageata Uenw ia "tirst cta.v?" New York
built packet* sailing from Ltverof.ii
TworJiingsmsstnecemary fortvui comlert and getieial inte.
re-tut tie. pa.?e--,'r. ?dl be S.und eesnnected with tnts fineol
?hips, vrg: proj?r attention "1 Liverpool, acd go.?J arcumni..
nation on board the ^ipr. svrueh rue Kibscriben guanmteei
ail they engage:., bring. For larther particulars, ap;dy letters
(?ai-1 to W. Ji J. T. TAPS*. ' 'Tf. 76 S-.rr. tree-.
comer Mr...:- . iane. I
Agents in '.ivcrp?o!:
WM. T ? PSCOTT. or i IS i:.iree Prcza*. ot
_GEt 1 RHTAKIi Ac S< >N. \_Waterloo K-^.i.
; B mr ~ ' . -..' - 1 . .I* ;
I iijjii^iBsWIiaft - - - 1' ? J ? ?c I
fTEEPS O NSTAXTLY OX HAND it hfs Innrmsrv.
I V ?4 '? l;.-oom- -'.-.el. ins ?aluable .Merl.ciiie. lor hyspe;rsn. |
I l^er Complaint, PatpUtltoa ..; ti e H-art, iwi..-.s mtne bre:..*, ;
I ?."dr. ?boukters. wesusuetss ul ::ie bark, pa in the h?.l. cut: !
: tv?. ?Vtu eue?. Pi* -. Weakness a: the SUunach. Bleediru
; >? the Lang., rush ot :.?.-?):..:.. ? . .id. r.-:.: :.;! IP. ->...-a!
.' Arn?. arTecriesrr.-, female wi aim us. &c. 01c. .Ab-, hi
j c?ieb".t.sl in:i-s. orbut.c Syruii for Send .:.i 1-.; all impuri
, : e? o. tr.e l'.t-?.-. ..je!; n? Sadrteomi, Scald-be al, Krvsrpehu,
I ^""L?'*pbilis; old I. icers. i .tier. St. Anthooy's Fee, asc.
I &<"'- r?^? anendange tu: those wao ?rah to ta.-rv.
f. FLJ'SHING PAVil.t." tS.?Thn wrli.k-own F>
nblt-hmrrt in the beam ifol village of Flushing, am!
s- t-f et fket* '?? Mr. Curtis IWlc. s row rr-idr for
the trerp?'?"! ??< [?'snirn a:Oft ? ?'-?-?. The vicioitj
10 the City. tie cor'tii-1 COO mumcnttiMi to the nine leissaj
lime* a dir by steamboats and -ticm rh? NuTe? nnd
lt..wer lianicn? m the saliner, 'he delightful Miel in I ???
mizhimi the beaRhi"uiecs? of toe idace.the ?alt-water j
?alhias and the indu?rnenu to sportsmen uibV ?ha;?? "I i
t;,-. Frshincand Cock -Sbos^ting <-sn-ot b* ciirpns?*d. The !
proprietor nisi takes the i>pt>f?nrjnity of mforminr bis fnefsd? |
-t he h ?? a t "od -np.nr "I Pointer Dog., liana. Ihm!? am. I
Fishing Tackle, to supply them with when r-uuirrd ami H?r- [
?es and 1 '?f?r? tsi (et,.-. n-tar.tly on hand, to inm up, fall I
and"? ii :? for yoorsetre"
i1eny WCN (LBV. Proprietor. I
F!n?h p-.2l?t Miir. 1S44
P.S. The ifestrssboat Sotwrosnn wifl Ptsltoo Mr.rart
Slur twice a d-.-<n the Srst ??? .i-joe: leave Flashing at 7 j
..Vi.ieJ.. V New V. ?????.*,. M.: Ftashtng r>. fptat !
J ;? ?? \'-? v. ,.? ? ? _., .>.???
,_, .-^1 MPSO; ? ? rTJiL.? 1 he sii'--': ?- ? lenders ? -
sh ran m? t?' '?? a patrofl
ifi'tsa ?** )?'?. re?l at Itts?ild atfahhs rnaot a slnrastiswt. and
begs tnnl"'ai ti"*:n that .helia?r?mnvi!.ltherefrrsm tohtsDr.rsent i
desir We hotel, No. 30 .'.isr..-. .:rs-et. whiefa has f-?.-n U>
k renovated ami enlarged tn aRitsvi rious deparursentj. ro I
tannins, an.i gentlemen ilesimu.olV.i-ior'ortai--' ruMcVnreir: ?. j
quiet and central situation, with all the .drant-sres of a pns'ale
jwellmr-riouw.' present foeatiun ' lb r> every ndi:-e-oeot. .
Tuepnrlonand bedroom, are airy and c-surecueot, and the
tern.? ? - a. not -.">. ALAN SON SIMP>- ?>
Poo ikeepsic. May Bth. '."44. a?92m
\v \ \ \ ?Mr*. \\ r>TS Board as Hoi - Iras been re?
moved totherauHmg pISTTSOOsl? ? ceupied it the " Maa
Hotel Vis. IL? l "alb* I ibrabuv. corner of fall* Mer
I ..?'Kl. ?!ti. \Mit...:!.N I . '?? -' -n
re \;- ; JJ-i. !^4. Fari P.apcntn.
V'?UK -s ?itSTi V U \!l.K"\i?
LLN'K. ?t3- Norwich arid Woretstcr. daily. Sundayreteept
ed. at 5 o'ciork P. JL From Pier No. 1 North River, ton} ol
Bery P .... U i !>TK!:. ? ?;? J.JI tVr,n
..... u - ? ?? Vor..; .v. VVed"e.i:n " and K-d-*'.?
The Eteam ? GI.EUPATR \. J. K. fiustin. w.U ieare
every'( -.. Tru!-v.|ay a?.d SaturdfT.
pgr Passeneers In: Boston w II v rorwarded by I..-. .:.?>.?
without rlnrte of1 ats or Rasgage. immeihately oa their arn
For ftirther int?nnation inen re of r? B. ALLEN, St Broad
w ;y: or..: D. iLV\*VVO??, I'rt.irli: Ascut mrthis Li-.e. a:
tho otSce i i,i the \s hart.
N. B. A3 persons are forbid trmtius anyone on account ol
said "???: or i )v.ner._ a3
.\s*3???^.rs \ M' Tli' '^ ?MoR>l>o !.:se
lout <il ttar lav .'.ri?rt ? {.aiding s: intenmsimte plac*..
Th- f net EMPIRE, Capt. S. R. To-morrow Mora
inc at 7 o'.-i.iek.
The steamer TR< 'Y. t.'apt. A. Gorbam. Sattn la) Mornjj .-.
Evemne Line t"n;ii the foot of Cottruandt rtrect, dueer.
Tbesteaicei SV.'ALL? iVV. i.'api. A. .'ilcl^e-in. To-morrow
Event as ?.: ' o'cl ick.
{XV*T' .- It '-.:- o! tn - I.i.ie. ovv.ns :?? "iie r inat draueht .it ?
wate% are aide at nil tames to pass the bars, and resell Alban)
sad i'ro. ,n a.- e I uac to take the .Morning Trams of Cars
hn-the Eutor VVest.
U*r-|". r Pas-ise or F:e.s:i'. ?;.f:y on ! ?-.::!. or attne ? ? ?????
on the Wharves.
' . ?? ALB VNY DAY LINE, ai ' o'clock, A. !
.'.**. ,'-\\ ?Ft Kir.n'o ami ' rmwl.ate landings. ,
?"7: '.:.^'v ?R i ii VMERICA.l pi K G.Crntti
de i.-.n? l.M'.e n-above on Monday. Wednesitajrand Friday
" To'c '>t 'i ' Vil' AMERICA, Cspt. M. U. Truesdell, will
Ismsre-Tuesilay. Tbuodaj ami Saturday mornings at. o clock.
Fur passage, apply on board
i~_ .? ALB INY?Dady. Sundaysejeepted?
nu^rrj7,- ;jt., , ?-\ : M.
;n* Steambnal Pier betv.? n i !nurt uidt and Liberty strei Is.
The ster.mbonl h.\|i KKItii'? KKIl. Captain A. P. St.
John. Mondav. W".lees.:-n .-..id Friday e\.-nii ... -.: T.
The srenm boat If iCHES/TER./^ptainA lloughton.1 ue.
day. Tnursilny and Saturday evenings, at 7.
At ?*) o'clock?Ijk ?;';/.;.? at tntermedinte plact?.
The rteamboat ITICA. Capt_ K. Hyatt. Monday. Wr.'
n*s.lav. Friday and Snnday. at 5 i'. M
The iteambual " ' H MBI \. <"??;?:. Wm. II. Peck, Iues
day, Tkursinvs md Saturday, at sVP; M.
Paasengers taking this line of boats will arrive in Albany in
ample tune to lake the Morning Trains ol l,'ar? for the La.: or
trj-Thc almve boat- are ne-.v and substantial, are uniusned
with new ar.d elesant State Roams, and tor ipead sr.d aeeon!
nKslotuios ire uurivaled on the Hudson.
Foi e is.age or freight, apply i .i board, or to
tttS P. C. SCHULTZ, at the Office on the Whir*
? r- ?: s OPI\K?rnb> EVENING LINE FOR
^. .C" A L II A N V H I K Et: T.?The new and
?Jim li .\ i'm.'v. .... 'he net ol i- i ri/-stre*t,
laorthside on VvEDNESIlAY EVENING..May Ifn. at 7
i o'c'iKik. Regular day* from New-York Mondays, IVedne
dap arid Friday?;?trom Albany, Tuesdays. Thusdays and
Saturdays; II
The NEW-JERsEY_bas Nvn rebuilt and rern^lelisl. and ?
' fitted upin the best po^sfole manner. She bass large numbei
ul ele.?:.'. state-rooms, a lareeand comroodiou/ promennde
deek ; a Lndic Saloon w in .ir. pins accomim diliou? ;.,r b-'
personi, uid ex'ea-ive am: air>' cabins; Altugither, she has
sleeping ai*e.mimooatioris for rt*nriy;7D0 persons, Her draught
ol waren. lighL Ssstltat she will be able to cross the bars w^i.
out detent ion or transhipment. _ _ _ml3 1
es." e ? :~ > for IH!'.- i\ \NI iTVIT.K M El "?i \TE
i_ ? ?; ? i w : . ?
,'".T.i. iii.";...."".d"i '???!.,r .ir.et|o.| \|.'\. -n..- .'
i Fridays at 5 P. M. connecUngat Hudson withtbe Uurlsoo ami i
jlerk-nri- Radronil: ne mir- of which leave oo the arrival of i
lha boats, and leaving Hudson on Siindar*. Tuesilays an
Thursdays at P. M. or on the arrival of the cars, touching each
waynt the iutermtsdiate bindines. Tickets through to Pitts
fii Id i- 40 and to We?t Stocsbrtdrte
For freight or pa?n.-e, apply ot hoard or to
This boat hasla^en thoronshly overhauled, snd ber accornr
m'sia' ons w improveil as t-* be ertual to any boat on the river,
an ariditiunal number of Mate IIimiiu. havatg Ikscii added.
This Uiat tows r.n brirceS;_ mt7
... T. PtiWELL tt LINE FOR
L ~t . - V.XEWBI ItGII-Urnlirural Caldweiri, W.
. *'" r? i . ' ? lisp
Ittenuandkiat HlimLANUER, Capt R. Wardmp. will
^-.v^ I...,,., v\ ,...,,.i ?,?, M,,iu.a>, Tiisiianay. and
; Satuniar at 4.<i'cbiek, P. M.
!'-'.ne. ?rillleave \es*dairahevery MondayatoTtiA. M. .
' and rudutny aotl eVkia) U I P. ,M.
For fiefght or po?sa?e. apply i^?ieCaptara on i-ur.nl. Barf ?
... fmrhi of all dsseripuuns. bank bilb orspsieienvt mi .
board must : k a* the n-k _..! ? r ners thereof. unfc-? a bid of hi- i
dice or rers ipt t?? ligued f.-r ti e ? one. a"
er - ? i FOR NEWBCRGII?l.-iiims rii iiald
- *". we i Po . i ' - risr. Cornwn .
??' ihoat 3aS. MADISON, i '. ??? CW.lhd.tcad. wi
leayeWarrcnstrnet prerevury TusMiayandFridiyafternoon ,t
All Baggage, Paekagesor Parcels; Hank BilrsorSpecie, put
?in i isird tin. hour wiinuut U-mg ?: vr?j, :.??.. i.-uk or reeeipt
for. must ?i -ae r'-k of rhe osimersthereiif. mhl ? if
^"?FOR PEEKSKILL, Vbkh.a?i '
?...srrS.?i I?U>T, BINC-SlNU, ARaVToWM.
[??oiii- Fieaav, IIastlios und VnagaR^Breaktasi ami
Ihnneron Board.?The new and ., lertdid stetmbi ,t Ci ?LI'.M
III S. Caps n Willram U. FrnTce, will resireNew York from
the f.?o: ol i rjambers street <-ver>- cioming^nt seven uVloclt.
Fridayseieepted.?ReUirmng, leave Peek-iti! saineilajr at V?4
o'clock,.P. M.ex eptSu day. when she ailllenve Peel ikillnt
2o'clock P. '-I. Lmtding m the font ul Hammond ttreet eai o
way. Freight taken at reduced mres.
A'.-.c^? Ail ?:??? its, freiglit, baggage, bank lulls, specie.or
an) other k ndul property, isken.shii pah or tun on lioani this
boat, must i e at the risk ..t th. owners jfsuch so.nL?. freisht.
bansaee. tic. ?,3
?= J ? -i r. Sl.'MMER ?SR?NGEM?fT.
I**, ? - .'-NI'AV\V.i\ a- \> I.. -io-,
, t." i.. f- ,fr , I - ? ?I ?? ? II ?
R \, \?Capt. JubuGafly. on iml after Monday, May
lie n s N a w u r k , Leave N e ? - Y o r s .
footol Centre -t. fool ,d Barclay -t.
a: T j \. M. - u: 1 . I'. M. at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M.
ON SL NUA YS?I.stave Newark at 5 A. M. and J p. 31.
and New-York ai 10 A. M. a: I 4 P. M.
Freight earned at ve.-> rea*ocable rates. at 3:n
?. we? NI-..7 MMh H .i!:.'..I.V<;r.\li:.VT-; < !t
i'. 1 . I MIDDLETiiWN t;osliKN sjsc isTKRJscni
?rt'C^C:>,..T '?- N' "is Axi? ERIE II Ol.
I ' ? i* ?. Cant. Alexander ii Shutu. leaves the fool of
Duaae street, laity. (Sursdays exi*ep!ed. at 7 o'clm k A.M..
and 4 P.P.. oav.ina the roost ?eautili.l ???enery ot th^ iju 'u.B
r'ycr, lo Piennonr. where paaiengers take the comusndious ears
"': tne C". rnroij.-h ? . , .,_,,?e valley of'die Ralliapo, Ul
(?osie r,. MldiuetuH-n, etc.
Returmns. leave Middietown ut tl A. M. and I P. M.
Passengers t.y the Morniae Ijne can remain I rum three to
rnarhuiirsatGoslien and M.ildletowi:. anu return to Uie city at
; 9 .. Chick tue ..,n:- evening.
K?"* Families iml Pie -.ire Parties will find this me Iff..: ?'?
ligbuul Extrnrston from thc-cty. The ears are unusually cuni
mo<l ons n.-t havu apartments appnwriatoilexpressly to ladies.
Forturthei paitieul -. ruirsof the Captain oa buaid. o<
ot J. VAN RENSSELAEiL as-ot. corner of Dunne .I
\\ .-.I street.. II. f. SLVM'ii'R. Sui-rnnte:,...
i'.i??. ..?. :< tor Owssro, Itinghtunptr.n. and nil ihenrlrcipal
P res a the SssiAtbem i.'oiu.ii,. ofthe State of New rockaml
Northern Coum.es ot Pennsylvania, will tind tint rate suues
auitcarefiilrtnversto take ti.cm from MnWetown cbt?per aad
moreexpedicioi? than any other route. m? '
NEW.Vt.Rh \Nn II .r.l.F;.\rRAlLttOAD
?...1,1 COMPANA --! '.fii; V.RRANGEMENTS
-"'^"srsSr.*"''" iu:,'r ->,a* 1;- t;-e < tu. r in ai
Leayel . it. i-r Hartem, ],:.-..? Ilarlem Lensre Wms. Bringe
Fordliara \\ ms. Bridge, fori Sry Hau. for City Halt
2 00 A. M. iJi s i?i A M
l 7 40 7 ? -
s S 50 S) 3D ??
9 " sr +j jj ??
11 ?j '? lu 40 lu ju ??
l P. M. ISO i p
?1 " 3 4d ?? 9 ??
3 a 40 3 JU ??
4 " 4 40 4 :? "
o " ? 40 5 ;u
* ** ?> 40 rj Ji
^' . " ' * 7 sli M
I >n s>nnday. d the weather ... fine, Cars will run every
hour from City I la ui Harlem and Wilkaus' Bridge
The) lit) flail '.ad s"-.n street Line will ran -?icr> i^n nunutw
through tne day. Irr.m ?t ,V V M a. a ju P. M.
TbeExir. Nishr l.ir.e ??ill eaveSTtii stn^-t |..r I Yy J|?;i -?
By order ot :he BoanL
a333m_ _VVM. S. CARMAN. Sec y. !
?-a ?*u- 'PATERSf iN II \ILR- 'AH Si msi...-. \KSsN..g
*i , J ' N rs.?Fare Z , cents frum Jene) ft, : ,pat
'.-cj^-c-?s. ??
I'--?vr-^'i^ase Pa*-.-- .. llepot. Lave New V. :i.
.... U i A:3..v: ???k. A. M.
At - ?? clock, A. -! I A: 9 o'ebsck, A. M.
At II? .. c.K-A. A M. A- I2S o'clock, F. M.
At 4 p'efock, P. m. I At ? ./ciix-k. P. M.
Oststysnayg. J 1 ?> Sr-xriATa.
AtTo'eloek. A. M. At8o'clock; A. AL
\- -cs. P. M. I Atrio'clis-k. P. M.
All bacsnueatrnkoiowners. OiFicsr. a: 75 Courtlar-tt-t.
and at Depot. Patt*is-n._m4
>v ili.ls iND ESSEX RAIL OAD.-."Tm- '
mer V RIL\NG?>lJ^T?Coninaacmg 1w
Iay, April J. IS4A.
Leave Newark, j Leave Men .own.
: oclock A. M. T o'clock A. M.
. O r " P. M. I 3H "' T. M.
ibB road has r?.srn ~:err!y tebud with a l?avy iroa rail o'
?_ne ZZ :>a"ern and ts now in perfect order. New and ?pleadid
Cars u;. air -^.-ms? have been place,! urwn the same, wtneb
tor s->-y am! comtoft are ii is'i'p.i.u-.:. 'I rave r. : - M6ms
town. Sehookry's >tountain and La-ton. or rb?Kid-'?>. i Irsrego,
Newton, Stsantspe, Ixn r. rterppany. Elockasvay a:;.: Basfc
enridge.w ?.: tlthe most sate am! ev;**dit!->n? or an?
other :rio<!e ot conveyance.
Passei eer> wtsniag ?.. go SVmth wRI arrive at Nerwari n
tnse lortae Ph , trainband at New-York in tune tor
-.a--, .\orti. and ...?:. a 7 ... n,. ?.
By tr.? nrewnt rtmuie?iu*.:t, six hours \sntl be afforded to j
pe--on- ot bi^inssR or pler-ar.-. ;n New-York, and t.ur in Mor
rstoss-u. _
Tne ?'??-? .4' tr i '??:,.7 ms ?british trom Jer?ry
'? ' ?''.rrasiowa, thai ? 1 di toy and .neon.en et.ee
. ?? lOei;it upon a ch ge 1 ..
?>?'?? IUA la iDD. Scpenr.v .- :.
MKS. ROBINSON, from Elisabeth .rr.-.r. :;. .. . u>le
1'i-rS' 1 re her, <' '.Icrcer-t-ver. tilth disur above Siring
-:r-*i. Tarietan nn-i Embroidered Dresse?. Lace?, Fie ich
W -k'_; Ci psjs," C i. . made u, look e.p.ji :., new.
Sftnwts, Sil?.?. Merinsse?, Table Co?-erj. Silk ilo~?, ac.
?i?siiie-| in the l?c?t n^anner._royitj Im*
C'H ?tvr? AMI A ??'Units?rr .m IN, men do -n
/ criors from V?' \ to ? H A. s..id or -whanse I ij
ayj GAUNT* L'LKK!'.'Ais.i.N. L?Souta-st.
qoo?Tmi Company eortth ue '?> In.ure Dweiltog Houv-.
S, re- ;>/?'. banrj -'. VenrnlW.. nnd n.'v> Sr.ip? in ?*
while building .* retiring, ^inst km ?t damage or bra, al
the lowest city rare.
Nathaniel Rn-hanis. ? mrtf l roradjD,
Jonathan Lewienca. Jon.a L. Eswrenr*.
R,.-?r? ( h^w<,r.iiiri. Iturlr? NjTaltwl.
Thomas I j< < rai c?. Jan* G. Stacey,
Wi'taim W. I"n. Jmepb ilodsiio. j
t..?r-? Ratr'ar. Andrew i?-*rr. Jr.
Jacob P*. rand. Moses n.GrrnneU.
Innal .V. Pmll. .r H Gordon.
Ephraim ll-it.r-?.k. Ii rd M. I .aw reive.
Henry K i**ert; J?'? Uvinestoo,
"\ ? -.'.??[>? i ire. VVaWrno P.. Peat,
j'.-os !?..)-. ,G*sbr?ei Waeti
i^Jwar r Pa; ??
.\ vris'l. RICH VRDS. ?tmX
^j^.. A. H MUU.ER. *m>.
I - ->.? agsiei !..?? n: Camuxe byp-v >r.ur-.l ieiv.gr..
n oo lema a. arswtmhle as any otisrr ?mul-ir >r?: iut*>n in tar
'v'snlt.'.;. j?* >'?'?m w>b ?????
R Marrrs CalebO. HePa?!. J?rn Raattrt.
N^TttrW. vvv; ?mu T-'.d. Mem D.
j |Y:.v . ;'?.:-:t. William Couch. .N.v. VV eed.
i....ii-..-r. it. i.. i.v... ??.
fsnvui I/-. J. B. Varnom, H**>rrl^T>?mpson.
lohn 1). VV die, Msrnaei haldwia. P??? I- Xevras.
Edward in (way, __
R. IIA YENS, Pres*
I.t-.vh Pnil.ur-. Srrrr-r-ry. J~~
f ACKAVVANNA <N-A1?-The Del t Und CanaJ :
sLj sr<r now rtjcrtvtne into yard; then ??.pp!y kir the present
?. irnl arwly mnsedCos . rriuebHurj ..rfet it trie lolbiwiaj
: ccs , _,
ft roe r s; *vr> Eeo.*- n> per too. .levered.
rir?vt. "poo 00
'i rrden ?? .>-'. sr thest mist's in New York.
CssrnerofRaU) it ?>o VV ...t <r<.
" Kc?o.aNP GaacKWtcB.
?' I...? icr.?v "R Si .r s>0 P? >>T wt
In Brookh/n a' (13 Adams <t ami
O met nft*i vir. sm. Pi ?so <tl
A!-i at their Rs.ni.. or. VV Uitam r.r..; Pine N. t. n:,l lm
C~"> VL ' 1 \!.'?A"' ?::'-!' ?*?*? Summet i-nces t?r aale in
' Quantities to suit ^^^^%X{^^^
fr-rii tf No. l'J7 Anthony st. near Br?adwar^
risHE COAL OFFICE, No. ? Nasaau street, Tnrmne
1 Bnikbnes opposite<' : ?? Hail, is bow f^seised, where lied
\.n Pe.irh < rrchard and (Vn.-i M.?am. V\ h te am ?.? a*
A?h Lehiahand Leselawana.and Lisarpool an.i New I
i may he hsd .-.t the lowest cash prices. E?.-: ' ? ??
f.?iwillt? eheertuily rrnen. and p.-.rtic.ilar care ..i.vcrve.: to
adapt ' e kt..'? and ofeoolto U>?respectir eo^stol
,o-^^r, r>de^re*pe.:Uu!Iy>.,l,c,^l.v y p a I.MER^ .
/ i \ l f I V!..?'I 'he ...*?..- .? tor a ar.'-1 '???'??
V ('.'??' paey -n Ph lad a. is prepared to e.mtmet tor u.e
hv.t Peach t'Tiianl I 'oai ot all ?ires hy the rare... ddtsered on
of i esseli at Ph ladehsbia at the lowest Market I nee*.?
\>., foal by the too fromYard orressel. Forsate. a BUtnoef
....... . \; . i \H . ,? ,.-f..- ^ w-th .'.vm! water p<iw - :
... .. v,...tJers, ?. A;.o. rr'':\? ?', and nnrultivated Lands ,
. . ?? f \ra Y' ami W estern Lands in the >tst.-. ;
.a Jlii fein; In i a ?. ..1 Mrssmrri. Vlso. City l.-'-i
.,. ,.,.,ty. Inquire ol J. B. MERJTT, No. I John
-rr..- t. N. Y. <?'-*
/SI i\f.. <i ?AL ? Sui* it-or Peach Orel ,ra Ue>l Ash Coal.
V- St?n the Spoon and Ssdem vetna?Ec? and Itro.ca. So. |
-'?ore. ?t Ti Nut, H 8?, well -vcened. wetsned by a raty ?
?.> 'if rr, an.i delisete i. tartajre fne, to any part the ?::y.? ;
\prfy at the yard, eor- of Greeawieh and Chrrstopher/Ueets, ?
oratlCti Amos. Coal by tue earns? Peaaa dusj.i :.eap.
n,,yi .'.,. JAS- ' ??R''? !**
BER H< ISE.?W.OCl) ie<' now mi band, ready tor summer
?price front Sets, to 23 cts. for one inch, and from H :..
"Get., iscr t.rot 3 ir.i er ../-.??. 1 Mir extensive to ihty and a rent
etpenciicetn i nnutairtuw of the article, ?? mlde. nsto lur
n;.h that wiirrh isnrost likeiy to rritre satistacttoti. *?fal! the
India Rubber Ho?e furnished !r.< year.our manulncture wa?.
the only one winrhcootiuued to g.ie sauskution, while imet. .1
not ail other, were utterly condemned as we preilirleil. All
our hose was made /<t.<r. a, wed a., th.. year, witii a bmns of
siiret nihlier. We row a j.andou the numerous folds which
only serve to make corner, which s.s; oif. cniaune leakace
lr?tore tae Hose :.. othenvinr much worn,. For sale only at -Vi
M udeu lane. India Rubber Tree before the door.
mlOlm Suc e-sort.. Itotlnir) I::.: a Rnbi?r Co^
;>:: \ nuts, ci? ' ??.ite.?
L i:"> Bushels new cr..p African Pea Nuts,
50 Bag. Para I locoa,
101 tares Geoo 11 Stron.
30? Drums Smyrna Flits,
luu Baskets and B?.v?? Naples do.?For sale '.y
nii G vSSN ER Y' H 'NG. VJ? Chatham -ttevt.
LON'GER th \"v USU?t?Tliesobseribershaveinveidtsl a
ruetii.*! ?v.-rur- r>?.:". with plain ..r c.iiv.ie./ed tin plate.,
which they guarantee to rcinain water lieut i ivic rx.sKs. wle-u
pul on by them. The metal is so put on that it eanttot. le
aneeted by the ?hnnkinc ..r swe lina of the plat>t>s no ?liieb it o
laid, or hy ihr eootmeridn or expansion of il>.- metal,
The follow::.c gent lernen im ve had their dwelling houses and
?;oi? ie uii? cay. .-..1011.1 by this method to tlie.r ?nu.factiou: I
Henry Brevort. E~i.. .???'?ief ofoth avenue n.?i?h ?t.
John's. Scliertoerhotn. Etn^ N... 3d Broadway/-.
fVivi.' Au.ln.. Es<i.. cor. .?! Eaehange ; a -e imd V? il...-.m St.
J Green Pennon. I ?; . Merchants' Exchange, Wallst.
Geo. It. Butler. Esq.. .V. SI Nassau ?t.
Franc? Biirritt, E-j..'-!' BrpanVst
Notice u (riven that as the improvement b pr"eute.i. r.!l per?
sons in the trade v? i-h ng to covet r.-.f- by too subscnber?' plan
car, .d.i.on pefnussion no moderate terms,
mhlttf p. N'AYI.1 iR itCl >. 77 and ?.< Broad ?t.
C?I Till ?>V Ac 1VEVERS, 341 UroaDvvaT,
.*J i IANDE1.ABK V. .v.-. and Dealers in HOUSE-FUR?
NISHING GOODS generally.?Item? connected with one of
the largest nmiiufactnrie* in tbe United State*, tnev areena
bled to offer letups. I' .:..'? bra. A.c. rl.r i l urches. Ilnlfs. flo- j
tel?. PnvHte Dwellings, Steamboats oud Packets, on the most
p-ns4.iial.iete::':-, un.1.... a <;nahty not to In- surpassed m in - r
tiny other country. Especial attention Uinvte.1 to their Si.lnr ,
and Ship Lamp', fur economy and light, superseding alloihei, I
before The public. No less tbiin roua onto and Tvvnsii.VKtt j
MKIi.vI.S b iv.'. within In ? .-" n .. .... I.v.i award*.! I., the
nmnut?rlurers for limr sniierionty in this elii>? of c.wnI. 'I'I.e
public ire respectfully invited to call and examine tor liiein.
trj-i'ors r::v':i:.p:-R-: ruppliedat(hetory prices, myl Im
T*HE ALHAMRA. S53 Broadway, betw.+ii Spring nnd
s. Prince? ll'aiict. Po L?.i Itioailivuv.i?'l'lic propne'orol
thiselegnnt resort, while luikliowledgillg with gratitude lite
blienil reitrunaire bestowed uih..i him die pad season by il e
fasbKMiable iisiblic. ana ti:e aim] iiMlufaence ?iiown lownfil.
many little irreenlaritjes and iroperlee*ion*nlwny> incident to
a new e-'al..... uenr. hu. lue p'e.i-unr ':> auuot::.. e to it.eii. 'Ii.tl
lie has now ?.. i'l-rter'.ed In- ar.-.ui .eio. ui. Il.r the coining .. :.
-on as ro lertve h.m no aiHiloey (ot uoi hereafter serving le.s ]
guer.ts in the promptest and innsl satisfact..r> raimncr 'I;.
SiitiMuis imie i-t'.o eniargeil, repaintsal tu d dec 'n.'.-l. a.u. reo
deresl more benuuful asrd attraetive than eve*. Anew F?un- I
bun ha? been eiinstructcil ul I ho ni si hsuntiful iuhI novtl d-.
scnpti^n. displaying a ?nriety til'eurioKsand ainiising>'ts In |
the pitches<? the femplesumriindiiigtlieliiiintain nio plats
a number of rare and crsuly -t.it. ICS, .?hieb git a an a:r "i cla
sieal arandeur to tlw whole place. Tltese, with ihe singing of
the;birds. the frngmnce iiflhelhiwers which perfume the iir.
which ermadesuil'miiredeiichtiiil ami refreshing by the coo
stants|MTi) Irom the Ibunbuo. f..rm logether a raimmnnfion of |
sttiio'iioiis not to l.e found in an. simitar estaldbhmenl in th.s
country. Of she Ice Creams a.at ..i.'u'r ridrashments orlered
there, it n ni-edle? to ?petdetbeir reputnuon being alrehdj fully
esmbladietl: suffice it to my, thai still greater pains will
taken to render.iheml?uWe*?, than the latenese ot thesenaon
ht u ni.-a we opened lad - ummer and the eonsequeni hurry and
confusion attend'u,r liter?-n wonhl (?-rn.ir u. to do.
Strangers vaating the e ty a ill lir.d a no more agreeable place
to spend a half an hour ?irj] ...
N. B. Pure Creniii rou.-ai.il> >n hand. trJ? Im
r><iUDRI'.TI'E.-A ch.article ql this valuable Pvt.!
J t/..r?I (.?(, JUanuJheturfd?.Norie of the Jmnj Jifendow or
..,'.'.',/. ,;...i JHudMatcriai?Vi r -:...? .t .': Chiijnlier?street,
llememtt r the number, ii' tliamhers^rreet, between the Rail
mad and Pain:..*., ami neat the Post i *::..???.
pnUDRKITE may be appbed t.. Corn, nnd mnurither
crops drea cd with the hoe., with nearly u? g. .?l effect nl the
first, and rrcn at the..,r(oid hoeing, rti it applied at planting?
and when used at the hiietug, it will mature the crop a week
nrtendays earlier than any other manure in ordinary use.
When applied it planting, the ditfenmce in maturing will be
full two weeks over ordinary manure. Une farmer, her ..:.-.
used ten barrels on Long Island ; this >".r he ha. bmlover
nioet) barrel. Tbe article prepared bylhe New.Yoaa I Thus.
i panysinUieCity. Aoj-aVeaand w?l ttdl be found superior to
i...j '.:;.er prepared in tile rinniru. it M s.> M. matter of
c.nr?e. as they collect the material in 7'?.V. und i 'oik*, u biba
erjkera collet itm Boars, imo which is thrown the ma tonal,
.?.red ?od wnt.-r. as tiik.-n from the sinks at night, when n.> .).
: eriminatiaa can be ?cd?but not-o with tAis Company, who
have day light to select tie g-.Ml nod ..'i-:.rd the worthless,
as they nave done more than 1W hauls tbts sea?m. Beenretul,
then, to call at the right place, ii Chambers street, where il
can be bad imiaerfifltr/jr?3 barrel. Hit 65, >.r 10 barrels u,t sr.,
?nratthe Manut?ctiuT. l3th-street, corner of \venne B, b)
Attend.at3UeentaabusheL [mtStf] D. K. MINOR.
Diacnoien and EruptioiiM ot the Skins
M.v.N V imutsands in all psit.? ..i lie- f 'ni?o have le-en cared
alter trying every remedy in vain of ditferenl >kin rlasstui -,
.ucli as
Pimples, Freckles; Sunburn. Tan
Morphew, rfsit Rheum. Scurvy,
by a single fay often hulfa eniel of the genuine Jones' |r~: . n
? hem .-onp. Render, this -.-ari although ndver.
teed; u one ol the most surprising and b|es'<.tl lemediei ? ? ?
dascovered, and w.:l geoeraJly du all Rated. Itclcai
nnd whitens
Dark Sanbumt ..r Yellow Sk n.
r it healthy and clear. I have see;, uneu every tiling
eise liu.ed
Care Old Sora I' ads, R ng-wonn.3tc
. . . ScrdvSBit: Rheum, Rough Skin.
Iii? made in the form of a bcaotituJ pic.-o ..l-oap and is'a
pleasnorremedr. Gweitonetrial.
But. reader, tins article is eounttrlnted, end you mu-t Is
very particular and buy it nowhere else m V Y. t-it at the -ign
ol tin: Aiuer.ean V. Iiatiia.-n -r-?-.:, .! ~?s Itrendwui
Vgents. R.?.:,!,u-, g State street, Bosl ?? ; '/. her, ?'? ledger
Bu du Philadelphia: Hay.. 129 Pulton -treet. Brooklyn.
ml. lm
'I *i i TAKE ftREASE SP' - IS iron. I'., thes.l ..? ets-VVool
A ens. ??..-. Aie.?'1'lur Mastic Ern.-nsr .-oup re. lores ... gn.
I pots. as. A..-. Ir.rn clothes without injuring the testure.bul
Irary brightening and leein'ilj :nr them. S.hI at KJ
' i and .^J Promina,, or Li> 1'i.t.,11-t. Bne.klw..
ml. lm
'PAVF.RN AND EXCISE I.K i.NSi:-Notice U> ever]
I :?-r~.:. ?-1 id:::g, dealing .n, or 'reta.htig Strong or Sp:r:'.i.
ou. Ijquon m t:.e 1 itr nf New-York.
All ;-'-son* who .had ?eil or deal >:. Strong or Spirituous Li
quon. lescept In,porters or OStillers, filing uny l:.;u-.r? im
ported or drstilled by them, in .luantiLes ?lr.ee hve gal kins
wuhout having ti.-.t obtained a I..ceo,,, for ..: 'i pi.r;.?: lion,
the Mayor, and the re.pertve AMennei. j.-.i A- -ta-.t.. .1 ti ?
Ward? in which they -.-..?rally r.-.j.e, are lubjecl I., Law. lot
each otfeoce.pitlie penalty 01 ?2G: aodittensyeoftxetmsen, te
the additional punishment [by rodiettnentl ol "fine and hnpn
.oiiment. Tnvorr, and Excise Li-e:w.ll theretbrebe
at itw Mayor's ? dfice, t .iy HsJl. betwaen Isoun ..! 10 .. .
3o dock, on the days pre?.:r:i-:.l as lollo? ?. fat etu 1. raspactive
\? ard.
1st Ward. Wedi esd ty ai I Tbuuday, ISth a.-.d 16th May.
?Jd do Friday road Saturday, 17th and Htxii "
3d do .Miindiiy and 'I ue-dsy, rgt.tii and i'l-t "
jtn do WedtMaday ai.d Tr:i.:?d.iy, ?: gn,| Z'A "
oth d.. Fr dny and Saturday, 2ltii ana g'th "
an do Monday atsiT'riesday, 27th and 2Sth
^th do VVedrsesday and.Thursslar, 2Sthandi?Mi ??
Bui do Friday and So t unlay. 3!?t Muv. and I ? j:
3th do M-.-rrday aim Tuctrdajr. 3it ar.d ti?.
I th do VV .-. i.e^piy a.-,,' 'I'l.urs.jiy, 'r.i . ,.! -ih ??
Ilth do Fridayarn Saturday, 7th ami "nii ?'
12th do Mrmdarandl'oesday, Ukh and 11th
l*n do VV .sinesslav ?i?l 'I'hurxlay, iJth ai^l i.*kn ??
Mtn do Friday and Sattirday, 14th and l?th ??
I5t.'i do Monday and Tuesday. Kth and Ith
1Mb do IVedrsesda; and Thursday, ISth and Ma
lm ,b. Ir^lny ami Satuniay. ?'!-t r.n.i iit
Z> fers,-., n..-* le.;.p..g re: -e- are o..,..e,t.il O. pn.'uc,
them when applying t.,r re-:e?al: d?., iptrciaUy re.tue.te.lr
apply w ihn. ine ;.::..-s. ?? th? .^nni'ie. m tl.?
Law. Bv order. Ml ?Sf IN ? i VRKE* F r i"m .
New-York. May. r\ . en.... May ..h. i-;t ' ' \- l
To Force 'he Grow th and I ir~.e
Hutii.au ii.ur?T..SI..J, ,t Fnliing i iff
I...re .:oi l/ar.or.'!?Iv.-.,;- :. ;?. .Vr.
Ttrrsr \i re Z;4'i'^ s ??'?l'ngs a bottle,
tir-frr. are the real and actual e? ..t lorcV. Comi
IturKestMatrse. It wilt r.,:ce the halt to grow ? .
lace .where .\atnn, intended hair to crow, stop it fhilmr o'tl
uw tcurl ,.r Dandrutf, and npsJte tight, red or grey bait rrms
art. rordmn :._? . tit ?? fl ami -dky. not.', at can ..
?- ' ' ' " 1 '' ? - betiiitii'ul. aiel keeps ii?... It i.
'. , miM eeoriiinwi-rjl, yet roperior article made ivr the Pa r ?
?^?.?1?3... or i sbdlu:g, a l>.i:er?at the I'm of the A . . . .
K~ ? e, -Ji bathamstreet. New \..rk in- Fu ton rt. C ... lyn
Male -r. I....-,.:.; :; \..,'.t^t Bu.ht.-ig.. Piu.a eipi..a; J '? Ku.g
irreei.i harleslon. S,C. ,?17
'J'" I.AD1ES WHO I SEI HAL'L-Thif rVuorestli^skTn
JUgives rtadersdly bluish white: !?.. the S, - , 1 |y Wl te
tyes theskiiia line l.le-bke alal-a.t:. r v hite. ksdie?, try it. Sohl
uriee i ? cenr.. .t tli Br.sviws;. - Sl v -t RiWtoO 3 Lnlget
Buildugs. l'tiLuilpl.??; UL-1 uaou >i.iJioAlyu ' c.l7 'iin
ftircrl Ii -.wui ~s. ivi lower TlV?. .
Bl ? 1;..?.. 3 icres I f-> 1 perebe*. more or 1*- ~***t
ljU feet .?1 V.r*-.m3..tnxl, II ? , kset dorn. ' m<
f? City i.fBnTVo. tsSeOsmtsesoTErie ?e,i NW^???
. ? ? u ??? ? ^
ButTab-. wiu~-ll at pabbe auction, a! rh- Cour? i?*L**s*?f
CHyol BniTa>>. on i.-r tr-rrth rk) of Ji ?,- :, vr',.'TT,"5 a*
described psxrceu of Real Esta e. Th- lenoN *a ??*???
rc^resVrto atrsnp-prarpaiadfor the oeSll>at
which the locnt.ons ot the property in tie Cay *jJn>k-v*'*
tO ? '"???m,
p,;~'.:.1 -fV ... \? Xt,.!..'.",.,,., ?
fcjet-ffoatoa .V* nwreet?70 feetaeep.< . whie* ^~?**l?J
v,.m. ?:..t ? flieh ? * --a-.,
/^rr-; /?? N ? I Feet 00 P.? 14 ,
\'o .'-< ?'. ? ' 01 -.-.......> pt:r
? ? oa ??' i "reel ?1B W .
/\.r<v. C?AXWeU!? L.rTrt i-r.-?, r,^,Vr.m , 1
= :-..;: ?v--;--.^S !
... . ** 10 feett B ? ., J? ???** 3
I . ' .- -Part ? ? N > 3S ;. ? _-?.I
I . -,. f?Part i ! Y>. 39. * v. . ,r^?a ,-.
at.-.-* 170 uoA-r r..pr..?etuent. Thj, he?trf?S 5
rains etil - ? ? the I wnlv, ?4?ra, .
;??.-..... -Part ??? I, ; ? N - '' tad tB.City?l BrAu?,
/?je.v/ // -North Wl ?;f'?-t.-fJ-jtN.-.. 13t !.>,? ^ j I
'^i-'.r'.T'l '- P>- . S-. * ' -V . ?.'?ig. of RVjj t ' 1
;,/,.v. V,r.-:n;.-.-?t.-^t. LjO foM deep.? iVet |
l\reri A'.?Farm I?-t. .-r< LaTi cndindcl of?be?rti.
e?t part i.: Etitown 12, raato 7. f.-ai W?mux???
1 ' 5 r_? , l "*
liiie-Tirnsee, 15*?r*cdeep. w?.J?l>r>fadwethoe. j.
. ; : ".. :. ? ' "*?"? J^-<-?a. I
Vo - fin *N - - L' ; ? ?; rrontoi Ji-ta?^
go feet deeo; with one wood d?.e.
/' A* ? K .rii 1.4 ?.'i..wti ?.? i r ans, tSs. ((-^ I
0 >'e'..a Me Li?:-i road 4 mdei lr.(T, Burfalo. ?vtiSut F
44 r II. ransc .. ? 'a tana hoO>* ard 'sii^an * |
p rc fO.-P rt otuei r 2t, .1 R Oh:.. I
p ......... |{ - .,-.?-.-.??-...,"-?"? ?
Pared P?Panraoer lot >.i ??. ? ? it i-M..?;
tide Franklin ?treet; 110 l^. deej) t.. aa slley Ufea^**" li
pared (/? Farm !??!. town ol A inherit, ruina js-T; v 5
^tnwn?.raD?7,^aere?, i
/'arrc' ?.-Farn !-t. U.w:! ?>! |Vad.<on. Nattrt^? 1
,-.3.t part I"i So. 80. town 13, ranre .. KM a.-m. ^c*'.
/ .. . -f.-m ..t. t..w.. ..I A aaetat, w r-terl; W Ju
.N... S7. town 12. rnam'.al acre*.
T.?FarmlotjNrar.raeoontr.lot Jfo, !v
ranre P. IjO-- a- ru?. Sub,-.rt to a ruorlrara too* pj?ii"|
$1 7700. ""??j
i . -? ? i '.?Farm I Na??- ,n OOntT. 1 .: J), H
? ? pre ". U 1 acre*. Subject to a mntt?ge to th* aaaaat?
SLI?SO. , ?. ^.
; ?-,. r?\-i. 1?Part ..utcr lot Yv 3>. ?Ki?iaarfca.
Creek, X10-12 feet on Baifaio Cpvk, runinns WUaatt?
?hairu 50link?deep- ^. _ . ,
.N o. 3?Part i irter rot 44. 78 S7-100 Ceet on ?jcihnrh Ird^, ,
' N " ? 4 ? rJe BunakiCitaiiki
on Ituiralo Creek, runninr to ibektke. m
.N... 4-Part outer lot 43. jooth^ide ButTaloCnet??lmm e
Buffahi Cre^k ninmne U> the lake. _
N. . 5? 'art out i ???? N ? 4'i and 4-. ?o-rth ?ilt Bafu. ,
ft?.? ?) feet en Buffalo Crock runnm; to the lake. f
.N... 5?Part outer lot 44. couth nda IturTVlo Crerk "jjj- v
fcrt on Buffalo l.'roek runnme ?o the lake, bemx Uaiaoaa. p
Ful . npttom "i the pij - will ^ciaia-Jitak I
and tiic ei aiencei ut title cih.b.ted.
Terms Cu-h. . . S G. AGSTK;
I'eee-wroltliet ommercial Bank ?>/tatiW I
B . '' ... May i-. 1M4. luilJiatM j
V VIRTUE of a Precept iwued nutol aailmdrtUeui I
?? the I loltrt of ' ?> >-r ami TernUOCr, tomed>;ietol?aJl?. j
ilr-Proemmatkrn i? hereby niade, thata Oxtrto/OM f
I ami Terminer and Jail Delivery ? ri ami fortl-elVi %a4l?aB?
of .N-w -York, will t.- behl in ine IM-,- Hall of trie anal? P
on the tint Monday of July next, and all per*..? bciudtui? j
l^-nr ii> re.?oirm/am-e ?r oti'erwue.and all Jutticex,ofthePaini, K
... i ..roi -r. II jf; i i?'.i> ?.',>:,.ta!i?? ar?!Kardak !
and ad pernon? bound t.> proteeute in inidCouit, briWLd , ?
live re. in their own; proper permos. with their rolb. manh.? ?
I dietiiientiand other rememonnee*. toiio'S~.thiBfi?aKiu> ?
i tii.'r ot?cei m tnn behalf ?tmil appertain to !?doo?.
I Civen under my band it ?:?? Sm-i.tr* onW. tK- Idtii car tf (
May, 1814, aniot our Indefwalencetheffl?t
mU lawtjyl WILLIAM JoXES.jarr.tX V
H't 0RUEK of l .tvoi Mann, L's.|. Supreme I
Court Commtuiooer, No'ice i? berrby mien thtt u a> j
: uchment haa btacd kitainit the eatiteof St?pWa L Trier, j
1 r ? of i Ivoi-r.i liitite ir.r.. N V u ? i,.'H^tiin
i il, St-r. and lh*t the .-.:ne will tw ?ob! fur thr i?vm^uo. tu |
.;. - .iiiili-, he .,i....i ai.d '!i?-t..i.-.'r tuch ?ttichiarU ?
cordiuc to taw within nine month* imm t!w 6r>, raahutwa E
of thii aotic . and th it thr paj ran t af iny Jrhu . i
reaalenuof thi* Stati ? it '-.e detivei-i tolum,nrfniui |'
,( ue. j? -.?; ?-i t\ ? iiir-i thi. ?t-t. Ivl. u.iii; to him, u4 L
ihetrousferof ?n. ?oeh property by him are tetbirklai ayhw I
.. .. , uiJ.?Dated December Wth. tWJ.
J2 . -.? N. Oi SON, Vttomey foi AtttchiatCiidaaii. 1
OY ?R-DERof Fr.-ii. rt, \ I* Steven*.a Ju/!?eof ft
iJ K.n-< onncyCourt*, .cd .1 Coantellorof th? Sucmu
Court: N ticeuheiebi tum, panaantto t'.|.oii<?iiti
th - uatecoocemi z aitachmeoua ua?t*t*c*p4i*r)ece.
. .'. . mdoou-re*i?leor<l?b'er.,':n-.i in? tMciiraeathoim*^1 i
.. .. lhee?tate "f Clui.tr* II Carey,now o I itr .if IVm,!, j
m th. S ,,teof .Mi.-hu in v? , lion- r.i.trrt ihht.r. inJ-Jui'h,
. une w ill be *old fir the i lynteni ofh ? debts, ui in W tf
;- ii uid discliarse sadi '.ttichment iceoidiag to la*;?ich .
Blae month* from ti.r m.t pnb?eatiou of thi? an Ue; tt<l u
the payment of an debi* due to Vim by paii'est*slug
m it.-. >nd f e .!-?:. w. to him ci foi bis u*? o, < ?-. i ? ,-er *\
iviihto this Si t belontrinft t" hi ??.an' the Uiatm.w m| .
?och p-.perts h, him.am lorbiddeo by law,4adsr*TsU, !
Dated.Butfalo. Dicembrrtlh, 4*13. j^^ga McCsl
illJliw'iin Attorney, for Attschisg CnsBig, j
1)', ? il i ? Hon IJ P Ingralidtn, Aitmu
l) Judge of the Court of Common Plea* for lh? Cosctyal j
\ w-YoiU, notic* i? hereby given, poi aanttodtsarssasas i
10 S: itiiK oti. ?? 1/1.1,4 .et"'.nr. m?..,,: aV'ialug, J
,.I mil uoi .lent oVbtot*,that an .ttirk.?ei w* |
i : ol William H. Karrir.4malassf
I cksouville, I ?t Flo ida,aml fhstthi ?nn- willbr?M<H
? . ? , . .. ,r nf his ?! bts, unless br ?i ;. u UK ili?s?r?,wd
ittachm t.accuidins to law, within aine in >? -.a? lr aar
Ii: ii publication of this notice; and that tie- |.,ymHii a*af
[?lum iy resident* of this Stat^. o.J t;.? isdnorn
him or ft-.; hi, ol ha ,....,-:'. within this Su-(Mlti
iugto him, lud tiie trawler of in> inch, piopeity h> hir.w
forbid.hu by law and r> -!>?? .I tnr Ith dsr?fOa>
cer.ll ? WILLIAM ' OIT Vtti rasrj
.<:>? i - wen o -i i rtpe.iw.
J>\'(iRDEit oTJi ..i.e.: W PVorsn ..'. w :-.i;.rewCnsi
1 >i "oinmtw oner in and ?? t ll i C rfinl : ? taagn, Notoi
hereby given, that an auaciuni .t has tvsuoJ sgm ?!?.;.<???
? ?? Puii tr llgt.MKR, n or bite ?.t the < . if of I fseraa
?i: . ;of c.uV d ?'? btor, >?? du ? ; mot msdttstksl
I".i?n.ii. r. pucuaiil to the directions ol tne Statutrras
... -, ?" Utaclimentsagainst ai".-.iii.iine.coi..ts!ed??dB? '
r ? lent ih '.n.r..'- and that the mi.??>! he sold loi tMpe- !
men) ol h silebts, nut-, he, the said Plnhp Holiner. nppesrrt |.
di^-harc" ?neb iitUu hin, id ...e. ordoi.' t.. .s? ? Una tea ;
months from the tint publication of this nidtce. Aial?iaia i
I.t ot !??, dehi... and th.- d. l.very ot anv pn^erty hrir4
ing to the Mid debuir. to him, or lor hu u-e, anJ tlietnrjsirs ?
any property hy hirn lor any purpose whatever arstorbdwl J
by law und are void.?Dated March S\ Ism.'
KltASTI S (.' H IKE .\tt,.e:sr'e
n-!i2P law3m Atta'hine Crtd
IN il ri.-i a.m b oi hi nnt'i ol ihc .^'inotist 8
L?f the! onntyol New-York, N^ric it hn'bv spi?a <e al i
i -r 'as h ring claims against < ivr^e I'.v o ? I 'roi t-?' ^ I
of NVw-York, tataclier d- -,<-.!. to ; -.-at t!. ubk ?to as
i ai CIS "? ??! lotne -!,'.., rat- r t lit- irsoWare ?I Ms ;
Harper, No. il Houston street, m the ? ity of .N.w.Vark, sa
a h ... e the .i\ hdi> of July ie si -Dt'-I Nrw.Vrek.as
fourth da al January, 1441. , LI.'i. Y S. KVA.N?,
ja} ! iss ?.- " Ailmisotrdil
TN i i l. - i .i NCh i : ii ' rdi r ol tue Mir;.??'?
' oftheC.:. fN.w-Y .-k. Votic. i- l.rr-by cift will
pen ? - having el nut icaii -.t I ? W o.;, Utr of N??
atfc, .N . J , UenUrinn", d.I. ;.;:.-?:? r t ?ittir viUS*
ran hers tlx ml '?? 'he .ii:,,. u: er, ,,t In, nlf re, .Nu. IJI.ecS*
? ? u thel itj ..t Niu V. l., on or ?-fi.re thr ;?a7 L
s.ii! daj Ol Int.- aext.?Dated New-loik. Isth <a? *l T
i mary; ISO. N DKAN. f
jal9 Itwt.m* \.!in.?.;??,.!?? r. win. t'-.r VVill srarasi^ I
1 prcparaUoool me CHd Nnples Soap, madeii i?. s reSs*
? I. The forms the Ions sought f..r liasluaM at
ofSJ teingSoap,via. Ui MAKE \ I HICK Kt<'" I.ATHK.
that will not dry. It inind.sir, it renn,di*? th-,1 sufisistst
beard, make*the -km ...it and an.th. and sues a iim-b
aranoi to the nose Gent*, try thtsonce, Sold at M? JB*?
way. a i hatham ?t s Mat--t. Boston; 3 l>sdj?hu l?*
I hilad. Ipiua; 1SI Fuhoo it. Brooklyn._ad1.?".
] N CHANCERY. L?hCiri ait.?Th* President, l*"^?nt*
? Cempany ot i^eOnondagaCoaiitr Bank v?. TU I}**?
BufTalo. In punuanceofan order of tM Court oft???,
dated the Wi day of April, I?44, rtoric* ? iierthj ftm *?
t".- subscriber has been du!ji a planted rrce-.\rr sftks rrtiiost;
II d >?: eets oftbe said. Th* Hunk 0? l(ull?lo. Tastbr**^
der and m ordei ol February -'I. Kb'J. a i. reiernsi '????*
Crocker, i fuSecity of BorTalo. in lb* Coossf as uj
amongst other things, to rakeand Nat* an accoasnPL*sr
nl any di ?? rtj .?-. against the >a..i Baak ol B?e*>
and tosmabwthsisa d Master to lake ami ?tat* sura
and for the general purpose contemplated by the sue-ut?. u
? ???. th. n d Bank ufBuflalo. are mpinissl Um
huUieit . limsand demands aaaissst tjst-ssiil^p"
Ol II . ..... to the sail! .lames I rmker. L-.. tne Mssfr la?t
said r. fetencoiu charge, ut hisotrice in tiwciir ol nurisisw
11 tifceentli day of August neit. and heroine partr. WSE
suit, and in default thereof, they will !*? preeludeJt nun a*?
r. ol the .v.-r.-s v.r. cii .le, ; ue. '.,- .. ti... ?? t- to***
any distribution v.ni. ii shall i.e made Uttdstf s-jrniiee/ea.
11! \ \. BLOSSOM. Reee s-eroftMBaokol boat*
Jaats* Cxockkk. Li te Master in Chancery. ?
Borlafo. Aprd ?lh. 1844.
. , i II! iti'lf liLl.l..-. AND T<?WN l.TOfJi*
?t i'-, 3 'I hesubsci bar, who u>. ta-i-.!?i a l>I?y*I i
* / \ * -I.- New York Ante Fain ol i-U ?,.: t*>fa 'f*
'. I,-t -o... d i hiif. h IUI. and ui~i a Silssrr M??*"'
?;.- le Diploma k.r Town iVL**
Idled at the Fa r of 'he An et.run I1..M11:* ..a '<rtoUri4' ;
row ptei-ar-d athisFou <, ???? ,Vr>t Troy, New.V?rttj*5 ;
nish Ii? 11* of from 30 to 10.000 lb*, mi.de ,,f the !?t itsslertass |
warranted to stand and toiw :., p..-n?? ia.-t??.? tu fea?
provisdtjasl Don Yokes *ith Mo.euble Anns. Tb?'ar???**
demand foi his Beil* i. best csideure that can br p** :
their es.-e?enr-e. Orilers have been rs-.enr.l fr.sn V* *
.,. ,,?..,.! ... me States, ami alsout 40U has, ieen ftirni^**
ditferenl places in the State ol Sv# York fn?m ksa Fssswr.
Town C ? .-. leveling and Surveying lmirujoeuu.<-*?
ind llraMi Castings, ttc. tic. ,_?r
tpt-imn ANDREW MF-.NEIa-i .
I :} T".ii.s-?):.. f . ;-r..irr'7*' ?
i! I\ re-,,,,.!, i?;|,.d at :<l Ari,,r?ryjuret,sie'; I
\ :j Ihey are .wote ami lit?shed ?nniaf?" J
hand* : thercf. n I eaa r^imast^*"! Y
d al George H.-i-.-i te Co V9 PlaU ?t. Tho-eT^b-s*? .
1 by 1 Isborn ? Liute, at:? Fulton .ire.<. luniped "C/?tcr.J I
I not m>- i,e.?e. and are de- igned to . eceire. Mine **KZ2 I
: a :: ;'rw"-':--%^sc^Jh 1
Tie.'.si in r? eral tor H'JLfI,r5
... I ? their varirti st WROl^H
.1: LTON -IKFl.T.NtW ?
the most celebrated rnanuls^rturer?. ?rn.-rj.rui
and ROCHEfrTTK. ^
...1_<ii Cssupers I ?!.?riling .
Arne .win Ir-m'ltivet.. Do Beck lr.*?-. s^r* |
Coo per** Truss Hoops. Wo-.;. D, lapsed w.ef
andiron. . I-' le-?eling P^S*
|s. Head end Stave Jointers. | Ds Vre?.
Do Stock Hosrefk. ai d 1 r-, ; Is. Lompa??**.
I Do MnrK..ir Ircra.4* f
Do Srarc.,. '
W have t^genuineJOHN p. O.XC.ER* *?? ^
C< ..N.lF.ll :-. T-.... . ^?,.,1 Pi'
The ursci <en res;-.. IxeoaTsa* \rv,,..'1;r.^V\ Uii^
I KS-, ?1 E is LISI I. CERM VN ami WbRI? \?' si
WARE, n il.1 KY.tti kc rnalmea ,^v,I',a?'fl
'.?.?. -.i?.m, ivhieh ihey offer ?... ' "'1 nTl-t
am! ? ersal Mark*! PlUCsUl. OSRUlO a- **'
' . ' -n..t>.
I'll.Hle. s I.itti.g _~??-" '
:>? his I75UNNKI.L ??! I N'l I KN k ? ?" ? ,
\ LARGE iLrv.S'.NT -i VVI-K ?2^^f;?*.?
Merino, frock?, ri'iis.,,,, ir. t-r sa*-. nawr t
I Ur.Midway, oppoatte the Fountain. _-...v,;a *0V
miS t! U M. 1 ? Jt-.. ?>- ktS0a
!> -'RT ALL! S't'.Wi IK B O I! ; < ?**
1 w .rid. ?a?eWi,..ie....^i ; ^- r He^f.f* '
I A new Shower Rath wbtcbeveij -?<-> jj?tl
j low price ol I'l cents earlu

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