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r?rovideit.~e hi'' hetoed 'um out of them nl>. fiml iherefoH
?,nMnot nowdespair. Let us take lime to consider thi
io??tion. ami thentt!<-r I he responsibiUty and vote ll>
1"?<t,l no more committees to tnticle und *c?. the question.?
S^mravoi ofaC>mmmeeol Use Whole.
"s|r.I'kkjki.n'S,el N. If rente Htntdst calls R>r the
Vj^, tleiliSnoicnotr vrh) bnthren should be '?> mncD
?Kd oTlight from the Brut. Pome weaken had said the? wen
KT-ed Perhaps he would i.o fatigued, ;f i,U?ome ot Lbern
Stau! ipoken two boon upon ibeqnestton; bot be was fresh
*4VVo', i:.. and he ho|vd a new issue would not uo made
\,? England should be heard. Like !>?? tnen.l Cart,
be wa> m fcvot ot a i tommittee of the \\ hole.
*Mr! l'"u waa ""' " '" chance the ground by
, -V up thepmposition of the Bishops, It tin* were done.
5*2srbii has already ipoken at length miaht occupy the time
?E?sxl.nof those who had not bean heard at all. He
'X,o nr.?i"U? to oak on the subject, bot had not .iioi-ecd.
' ? the door: it' a new proposition wer.' t.ikcn up. be
i-dtiem ct.t not be atdctosptak atalL
I j'tie cssinniuuication ot the Bishops was Ilten
^ neiltillto morrow p.rnmc. .
tJJ7L)?rJJI> moved to take up ilie resolution t.-.
?Vna j p-i^n Andrew, in order that the brethren Inim the
Rrgjchtbave an opportunity ot cxprewmg their views, I ut
aSTniot those I Vlecute. having Stated tint they did not u ith
?eeak ?t present, the motion was withdrawn,
)lr. Porter, <>t N. .1- moved 10 restore the rule
naiimrTf speakers to fifteen minutes, which had In?n suspend
?Jrn"fonneet;on w n:i tin- discussion ot' Bishop Andrew's case.
Sir. Randall, ol Maine, said he had very little
Dttr eo Ih? ?ubject; I.i.i he did not think it hardly lair lor
-e mho hail turn their view, at treat length now to restore
?./ The fronthern ami Middle Conferences h ut been
while the Xew.Kngland had been nimwd and inraaed
SsMttldnotsa] inteiit:imaily?without aneopportunity of
Sief her views. 'i iwever.the Ivo',? Conferences were in
Ckbi"** ?f their friends, and would cheerfully submit to any
ether "?'fibi He would not say, "Lord, save us from
tnetui., am', we will lake '"me ol nur enemies!" but be
??ujd isythat t.'," friend] of Now England?the Middle ot
?cat-Wat r Coniercnces. a? they had i??:i called?did not
St her c.\irtly a. .-he wool.' like to b* treated. If brethren
Cetbl it to adopt the proposition of ?ie ?isliops, ther
?ci3do*o. The ron?'.jucnces ol doing so were not doubtful,
^? :te > woulu have to wail tour > ean t<. tee t hem devel?pi d.
Jdr. Early hoped that no Southern member
ggokt vre aga -i.t allowing New-England a foil opportunity
ik?:i? bet sentiments.
i?r. Durbis then withdrew Ins motion.
On motion of Mr. Kirt.it. the Conference tunk up
Lt Report ol the Committeeon the Hook Concern, and; while
Eti luoject was ander conniderat on,tlie Conference adjourned.
Bishop Morris in tie.- Chair. The session was
atfly occupied in diseumng ?? utter connected w ith the li.x.k
irrem, but w.thout taking t'mnl actioo. We .hall give par.
eui?r> ?Inn the .id jvet is disposed ot.
Mr. .M ?ktim'?i.i. announced the following preaching ap
ge?rbenu forSunday next:
mokninh. ai TKRSIOOtV. KVItNlMI.
?I?MtSimp-*? . P Ackers.
? Ut-st .1? I erryman, .1 Perk i ?
rfttVrt-rr?Bishop 1, . A B Lonestrect. A Wiley.
iitorp st?A Bddy.S Lucky, 1! lUiuotn.
jfadison $t? .1 K Wright. S Chamberlain. E Scott.
jlles it?EH Au?-. W A Smith, PCartwright.
!pl-st?0 Pickering, II Slicer, J B Alverson.
J>!-C. M Loner..?; Smith. I. .M Lee.
Uta tt?A Hunter, s s M.ly, s Kelly.
(!..?w palten, J Drummond.
rJ/A-.r-W \\ inai ?. Ste, le, H K llavanaugh.
KrJr'erij ?-C Elliot. J Haul. .1 P. I'mley.
jfo '. -r-i. t' Pierce. .1 A Baugbman. J C Parker.
0mneii OkarcA?A Billings.
tR4 i i: I Blake. P Dono. JJemi.
Suiliran .'-II Slicer, B-Thompson,J Porter.
I'rstrwst?I! M Unike, I) Thompson
Greta st?J I' Durbin, 3Comf?rt, WCunn.
Mariners'eh. (>,*rru tt -DS Kiic.J Kim. A LP Green.
Dutmt Bonne, J Hamilton. A ti Berryiuan.
ttumus. st-JU Uowi II W Iteed. S Beaten.
YvrhriHc? G Baker. I. P S'i.er.
i/ar.'.m -W W Itediuau, II F How.
?:???: . ?turr.i..t V a rick anil i .night *t ? \V Kvtiuev.
.Vets diet 1.1 bristie ?! i. Hilat,\\' 1)Gass, D B Randall.
frabiitenanclt. Brooroe.ucai Elm?W MWighunan.L
Pierce, S Segnr.
Olumbia //,!.'.'. 163Grand it?M Hill. W Patton.
Sand st?R Paihe: G F Pierce. .\ Rounds,
fert-st?W Ii Knurr. (1 Garrett.G W Bru?h.
WashinxUiH si? HJ Clark. B T Crouch, J B MeFerrin.
Cenicnnarp?J Lane,TJ Thompaon.C IJ l ippei.
Utarzrr?G W ClarR.SPatten, J VanClcve.
6a??icirjt-J llolines, .1 II..hurt, .1 Spaidding.
,; iltiamsbureh?J Early, .1 T alitchell, .1 K Shaw.
Utmpstead -.1 A I lollius. <' Adams. .1 I I'" k.
\ew akk?Haiti n:-i?(. Fiimote.L Swarmstcdt.
traukti* st? LScott. Bishop Andrew.
Ctintonrst? L Sivannsteih, L Scott
icr*r\i Citu? t; Webber. I. Fowler.
rTAlt.v i?LAHO?.\Wrktli ?d?A Wood.
/'err litckmund?i Sinclair.
M - ttfittd?\ Reed.
(Junraatiae?J .Milier.
Pjufhkttpsi?il OSheldon.
Tirr- '.?//???T Seymour, J H Houebtaling.
Zisl Che-tn-W Hunter. S Wi k itiel:
s/ktU Haas?John Clura.
Pt'kfkill?l: W Sehon, E Bow en.
Vrrii rah?Jii I: Morgan.
Jntut xi.jr?v^ Langar,
Vno Roche le?A Ii IV. k Rye FG Uibbard.
Jnaafco? K Stei eivoo.
Sstorio? Hugh AC Walker
fttshime?i IVGteun, I . Robinson.
AVaV/iara?F Upbnto. 1, Salisbury.
ftwiitind. .V ./.?'I iioinu? Ma.lden.
MtTstm?J Lovej y.
Stjusclcttock?E i rime.
.\>f^ /;,.w ./-.I Fence.
Xts //open?Wnt McMalian.
C*U Spring?J M Snyder.
ko?ur;??It A Shepherd.
tttmfvrd?A I'm-.
ygaek?A Fragee.
ttcktand Lnkt?.1 Spencer,
t,.m i ..,. ? \\ Runnels, E Vocum.
Testers?0 \\ H Harris.
Bi: ' roicn-ii Weed._
MA Kit I LI),
Miiv the jm.'i by tho Rei. II. Lall.rop. Tin.opoiii: I . Si oK\
jJh?. Makv Goudmar, ?II oi ihm city.
Us Wednesilay evening, the 29th inst., by the Rev. Allen
Me, .Mr. Epwako .'. LotVBER, ol Batavia to MKa
Uuaiu. i \ i i bawoRTU, of tun city.
At Bergen, New-Jersey, the 2">h inst. at the residence of her
?L?enjamin F. IVeUb, Mrs. HanXaH VaM Clief, in the
Um.r ot h, i age.
On Fiiday, Mu> .-!l?t. of Comuuiptbin in the 23d year ol her
iplL?n\ ruwLea, wift ol George P. Fitch aMdaughter
?Dta Henry Fowler of We?lfietd, Mass. to which place bet
anna, ?ill he taken tin interment,
feserday morning. May 81st, Elusaoetu. daughter of
Mkamand Elizabeth Event, agedttyeaisand6mouths
Tis friends of the lamily are respectfully invited tu attend
thfuoeral thu alternoon ;it 5 o'clock from No. AN Bromuc
Mr. _
Passengers Arrived
,h the I'uckrt shiji I'trstiu^it, from Licerpcol?Thotau
iaaer?lf-1 iteerage.
IstAasAni I.ouvtvillc, from New.Orleans?Mrs Green,
'Jiktien nud Kirvnut ot New-Orlenns, .Mr Davis of do, .Mr
Ottaiarri ot do, MrKingsbaiy of .W ork. Messrs Ponce and
Bw?and Iti iu the itaerage.
hthtshtp Cohota. ir.im Liverpool?Jamts Pringle. Cans
it;?H Hastings, Esq. NVork; s C Lurniet and .t II ?Ibear,
Vtcsn, Ga.
Jsiac bng Jadson. from Demarara?Dt F 11 Stewnrt, Mr
DCkug. Mrs JUobndge,
I* Uii Ship, St. George from Liverpool?Francii toon.
t<s?ril und Lduir? Keen, .Muri Kurv. Wm. Bnltord. Esg.
JstaCartee and Lady. Miss Mary Cuiteenll ol England. 331
I? llha 'i Skip tfdliam and' Eliza oj .Yctr BedJ to?
iVsu. i lumings, Thimias Blossom and son, L. II. Anthony,
utilii the iteerage.
fttoiy Tatlaharset rV,o? Liverpool?IX Steerage Passen
httip .V."iir:uma from fJverpool?Mr. Francis and Dd
?Bat liareinoi i, I!. U . & J, C. Comer, J. W. Mayer, Win.
Utile \\ u;. Chirk, Miss Elizabeth Mayer, .Mr. Allison. Good,
via, ilargaret ,v Thomas Goodwillc, Mim Margaret Pollock,
nsMbaNash, Mis, M irj Jene Murr?. Mr.. I tamers ley, Ann
J?ak W.u. llniry Haniersler, Louisa E. tc Fanny Kely,
'-??Juiiii riiineron, Edmund Huge, Bhtkney Casoltn& Wm.
m1matit.e alma.sac?this dav.
Tnt Sris. I Tiia Moon. i Fru Sia.
t?a.AS4-Set...7 T. \ Mom.rises. I Mom.B 23
. Latest oatks.
f^dr?..May 31 Havre.May 4
LrtnpiHi:.M iy 4 | .New i bleaai.M-iiZi
t lenret!.
*{? Henry, Noyes. NOrleans, Nesmith ^ Walsh; Cincin
n:.. Kr?c, lie, SUuitoii &. 1'ro.t; Andrew Seott, Kmery. Port
Srfitlu'naie. Lufkins, Africa. Nosmi?it Walsh; l!eim?t,
PNeKuiney. Barbadues, MiddletOH& Co; George. Hull.
tJtnatiin. u. Buckley; Croton.Soulard. Mobile, K. D. Hurl
j*uilCu.Jl*ader, Illr Davison, Windsor. Sonic. Whitney
Jlwoner Itnui.. Itr. Faulkner, Parsoro", do.
jj*?if? M.Eddy, Bliven, Providence; Ornament, <>ak..
Ari l veil.
'?Ma.st. Heor.-e. Ferris, from LiveritHil April 27th with
Tyaoaviil i igden.
aasJt.st..p UiIIimii and Ebza, Koge*t .of New Bed lord,
fftyjrscuicOcean via67days from Kiodo Janero, with
\.wc Bu:,e ut order.
?W, & i.. tailed from New Bedford Octobei 23d l\>.
uS?10.''? Hadtey, 40 days from Liverpool, with
??"?er?.. m.fc- Aioetika, r-i pliersna, 31 cays from Itor
'Jtla.tl: lltandy and me to John llumml A. Co.
?nkT,5t.r'l.T *'irginuui, Allen, Irom Liverpool 27th April,
EKS* hermit ii Co. Mai 15. lat-M 30. long *a 30. spoke
?uf'j?'?n'? Llizniietli.atid. I'm SunderUml for Quebec, m
? aw '" ' -''' '"? " "?a"1*0 bin in;; broken hi, leg lit days pre
sem ihrin all necsxiary assatance. May IT. Igt M 3u.
"W**"0' " aanibei ..t ice la-rg?.
-2*?tbip Monlezuma, Umber, fm Liverj.i May 1st,
mxew{ ii Marsball Sc Co.
Sfvjneta, IJepburn, fm Liverpool 23tli April, to N L es
Kl Peerage pasti ngers.
v i?^..?....... Hunt.20iL tm .\i irlcans, cotton, provision,
Su' v *v(-ull"a bi Co
t^ltb\litl!?>d*chureh'Ca>J*fa Liverpool, mdse. to
i^*Aaario, i'rnuli. fm Stockholm viaPlymouth.mdse and
^T*;>r:.,!? McCreckeo & Livingston. '
KiJ? Arr/ledure. McNi u40dt Im Liven.I, suit ami
ig>af??.u? John Hurdn an.
ta iT''.1!"" Chatletton. Cattertnale, nake and 90 passen
iisSo"!'" s" Isaac Newton. Weienholtz, S3 days from
|^fj?d?. to Schmidt St Balchen.
BSS, v IVoSf0' 1 : ? 4" ds fm Liverpool. nid>e and pal ?
tat ir .".5? Atlantic, lieurmann, j4 d? from Bremen, mdse
8sh>??eos*r?. tu n
^WL'ifl'Sr"^-"1' x "odttevtie, t?'d? tin Antwerp, mdse
Bras.-''? '' '
^a* i. BtJu l"1' "a,,"'tt,n. S3 ;!ay. from Liverpool, mdv; to
I Lfru;,'.'^^!^ r,ton? ,,u". 51 dj fm Kio de J^ie.- ro. coflce, to
*^!^<^i^,-"u'",1:^- lJJ<!''>' Irom Cardiff via Fayal.
EJ^^va fc Brooks.
*;:?.tu u ?, ''' "? 11':''"'1 ,;,urtu vi? Tarpaulen Cove,
Cjsaw**? lnton.Sylvester,-.raj-..*..-, to Dulilh 4i
??"tauft 0,1 n''" fraOemnrara, via St Thomas 2Ut
l1^. SadTTk' ';''"?'':?':-, Sl'i m <-?. bark Itosalie fvi Pbila
I^??^1^-??1? f'? ?"?os Ayr,*, wool and
t:U,l>'f' U "i0*' "* l a>al'
SSuaf^V'V^fa Havana, May ;'d<l. molasses to Ja
.''**??.< arv? V.?.riilm. i..r M Petersburg; 1!
A?. . wtg iieisbi: Wm I ..... I - .i.. .i... .....i ?r....
S^??lor.0,n VV'In"nKt""' :V'C-W""
H?ter. Cr?**!l'tid,lJrt ,rom ???ton. with mdse.
L^date la'^v,, i "l^Vdc?r.
f ^??s. ona wo"; ""? Fdgrim, Colins, of Somer.
?Sil??vanimg voyage, H muu?u out. all wetl-^O
l-'rost. Crops, <fce. in [Itlnoiat.
ICorrespondence ?f The Tribune.
LiTri.K Roi k. Kendall Co. III.M?) I?.
We had a hard Fr >st last uight and night be
j rnf'?re, which has killed com down to the
ground, and every thing '.-Ue 'hat Frost can kill.
Corn will come again.
Wheat, the folks ,?, was never so heavy; but
the Hessian Fly is at work upon it in romc
; Extract of n letter dated " CaROKXAS, May SI. i
j " The severe drouth still continues,aud the stock j
j of molasses remaining on hand is being fed out i
! to the cattle."
j Tun Wheat Cttor.?The papers from th< in
j tcrior ali speak <>1 tiie forward and promising ap- J
I pearancc of the forthcoming crops. A few ex-1
tracts are appended. The Indiana (Rising Sun]
' Blade of the 18th says :
The prospect in this portion of the country for
abundant crops is favorable. The wheat :s unu.
Bually forward, and we arc informed by farmers
that from present indications it will be ready to
harvest by the middle of June?some two or
I three w ekn earlier than us:ial.
The Norwalk (0. Reflector says that the I
fields of wheat m that vicinity have been matc
j rially injured by the !ly, amounting in some in.
: stances to a total biss. The following fiom ti e
! Springfield ((.'lark county, O.) Republic of the
' 17th inst. isao instance:
The Weiiat Crop?We regret to learn that
j this staple crop, which diiriiip; tlie early part ol
j the season promised so fairly, is now suffering
con3tdi rabl) from the ravages of the Fly.?
This is said to he the cr.se in the Puck creek
.Vilcs. Mich. May 13. j
Wheat CRor,?T.'te Hessian fly is making
I <to|?rcclui<?>nf> iifx.ri the wlipnt in this vicinitv.? j
One farmer informs us that ihcy have destroyed
twenty acres for him, and that the destruction is
(/cm ral in the vicinity of Portage Prairie.
[ Register.
S:iles nt the Stock Exchange, .May 31.
$2.0001 S5s.'53.... coo 103 I SOshn Vtcksburg P... .11
3.000NY's.*49. f.i ih. do.l.Ou 11
3.400Citj 7?.'52.llr.i I 45 rltfUS Hank. 13
1,330 1 thro Bs, i'<. !*''-il7i do... l.';.
I.OUO <to. !?J,,|lCO tin ilo. 12'.
17.000 Ohw 6s,'60. 103 Li?) do ?!-..
4.UU <l.bl0102?4i250 do Wilmington ltd. Ott1,
?.0UJ <h..MM''-"., 13 do Erie Kd.,
SU.000 d.13'1'd 33 iln d.37
:(.l?0 di.Isi'i lir.'1.,, 35 do do.27'
0.000 Kentucky(m.luv. 50 do do.1.3 37.
lO.OuOPennsylvania5s.... 79 1 5 duUtica&Scli.
1.000111. special bonds,, 512? 29 do Aub tt Koch.ips
;.'M d. .'.2 33 du do.107??
10.000 do.b30 iH'A 10 do do.It7 .
15,000 Indiana. 4?i; 175 do Canton Co....op; '1 .
s.cOU do. ?s>4|2U0 do do.bio 65
1.500 Nllav&N 115?...t? I 25 do di....3d uf op 64^
?a s.'.i-Fuimers'Tr. ..!.2a .32 . 25 do do.bite 4 ?
50 do do.b3U 52 Iii do do.ops et
50 do do. 51% 25 do Mohawk P.. U'i
1? do do.bl6 51>al00 do Harlem Urd. W
150 do do.b30 5D&]00 do Nor tr, VYor...bl5 62
.135 do do.MfellOO do i'o. 68.'t
209 do do .d<l o\ gpO do Reading P.. 56>,
l tu do do.bJ0 51 I 50 do do.blO
H?J do do.blO il \W do d(. "?'? ,
1? do do. 50X150 do Peterson Kd.87
i"J do do. SO.'.I W do "1. B''
Il do do. M |U?J do L Maud R. 87}4
io do State lik. N. Y... 8J 475 do do
4? do l!k. uf Com..lid lOfSllOU du do.IftJU 55 *
J? do d.Hit 'o 100 do do.h7
DO doN. Y.Trust.Ill Zu do di. 87
20 doKeutorfcj Rank.. 7.3 41 do Stoningtun.53
;o do Com Bk, Natchez 24 | 50 do do.blOoll
do Grand Gull UkCo 16 i 25 do do.bl0 53y
In do Melts'Ex C.at ;I|JI do do. i.t
.'4 doMecScTr. S.S.. OB I 50 do .Morns Canal. 15>
?3.000 Illinois. -v> luo .1 ? do.blO 713;
*|,0U0 Ohio 6s.'50.111" *S0 do do.bi5 72
In I.".t0 1 ihm r.s. 'Kl.IcJOUUV 33 do Morris i .'anal. Ill
;.'?? do..baOlOcVj 25 do do.tnw ?0
25stira Nor ds Wor..opg 70 100 <to do. 3?},'
50 jo do. 7oJii|50 doStmiineton. 5a
irjij do do.b10 71 150 do I. Island Kd...s60 "7
:3u do do.up'.?:71 150 do t'ariuers'Tr.51
;u do do.MO 71!,j 50 du do.51,'a
90 do do.ups 71V
Piiti?c Mod. Exchange, May 31.
il 060Ohio 6s, "60...; 11 lOIJi 273 do L Island Rrd.cush 87-.
50slirsUkofCio.sub30101 I 25 do do..ins;
Ml do liirard Hank him -'.'.s iU ilo do.-.: h."
DO do Vicksburg B.casli 11 17". do d<.;a?h 87"?
50 do do.s-t II 5U do do.t7-4
iiO do Com.Nutcbez b30 25 | 43 do Erie Kd.ca.h 24 ,
..-I do .N A Tr.cash IS I 5 do ilo.co-h 27
um do US Bank....cadi 13 li do Mohawk R. 7:.
IM) dn Earmers*Tr..eash 51 -> du Readina Rrd..b30 I
I'iU do do.cash 51>a 40 do Nor &\Vor..ca?b 083li
33 do do.bnw 51'; 52 do d.cosh t?j
6U do do.b3 51Ja 25 do do.|il.irjs-:
A) do d.cash 50>4 VI do Philatt VViL.li'O 57
.vj do Canum Co...ops 64 5u <to d.u a<
35 do di.oo'a tOJ? M do do.1^1 ?7
?J) do Mch Exc Co cash 31
CowmerclHl m?<l .Money Matters.
iO~ For i 'amnureial ma Moneu Matters, sre Least P?se.
? Friday P. AI.
Stocks to-duv had rather a downward tendency,
'?nt m the Second Itoatd the feeling was rather better.
Exchanges are in fair demand, with moderate
sto-ply. Sterling j u ?n4 ; Frane* 5 3ti'a.
The Merchants' Bank has declared a^dividend ol
3>i per cent., payable on demand.
The Mechanics' Hank of Baltimore has declared
a dividend ol 3 pet cent, for the lukt six mouths.
The estimated expenses of the Slate of Connecti?
cut for the next sear tire S73.4JU ; resources s73.lW.
Che Connecticut Committee on Hanks have re?
ported ui favor of allow ins the Connecticut River Uaaking
< tompanj to declare a dividend on &tock.
The prent abundance ot money is shown by the
following lads made for the Stute Loan of 6500,000. Not long
ago. Now-York Sixes were dow n to SO, und now Fives are
I0ui a 102;
Ontario Savings' Punk.SSV.COOat !* per cent, prcia.
I Thompson, 52 W all >irec:. 3H.0Cki 1 55 "
VVinsluw steferkins.?t.*" l
'? .viO.WsJ 1 '.. "
?? .40?.UUU '. "
V. W. I ?leott.lH'.KJU 1 111 "
Pei.I. Hoffman Ten Brook.. 50.000 1-15 "
?? - .. !O,i?.i0 Mil ?"
" ?? .. ?U.ttW 1
?' .. 50.WW MJ "
?? .. 50,000 -to "
?? *' .. 50.UW d)0 " "
'? ?? ?? .. isu.you par.
.Iliiivs Taylor.EOO.OUO l .M *'
;Vatts Siiermnn.Ku.?nO .W "
Rufus II. King. 5?.U00 %
A pruposil.rom John Ward ,t i o. f-r S1W.000 nt 1UJ u :?
r 'ceiied almut un hour after the propositions had been opened.
It will he seen tout .lames Taylor, t'uslner of t.'ic Connuetriul
Bank of Albany, obtained 6480,000, and John Thompson. 52
\\'all->trect. the remainder, $20.000?his being the highest hid
.nude excepting John Ward .v Co.'s.
I he following were ihe sales at ihe Boston bro?
kers'llonni yesterday: *>wu Reading Railroad Bonds, 75; 9
shares Uamilton Mnnulttcturiag Company, USVi ; 4 do
Nashua do, 5o7i? ; 23 do Western Railroad. 74??; 36 do do
75; ID do l!i?loii and Providence do, 10S; 200 do Reading
do, 'Si' i; UW do do, s o 30d, 3S'4 ; 50 East Boston Company,
13: do Hamilton Bank, 10Jl=.
The Philadelphia Spirit of iho Times says: We
understand that such arrnugcroenls have been rhadea? will i*
cure the Philadelphia. Wilmington and Ualtimore Railroad
against any future competition, giving them the entire South?
ern and Western travel over the great thoroughfare between
the two cities ol Philadelphia and Baltimore, which must, at
au distant day. with judicious management, (and the road is
now in good hands, I make thu one of the most valuable Rail
road Stock, in the country.
Expenses Mime as in 1543.
Inlet est on louus.S*vfe
? me itutii ofttoating debt. *".|-*,
.-inking fund.,,?'-,:!
Dividend uii i apital. .V: l-er rent.lis.>U
The receipts ut the Philadelphia Office of the
Phihulelphia and Columbia Railroad are {i*1. 5S2 since Nov.
J\ 1?43.
Suit s! of Real Estate at auction, May 31?
Bs jtntAons J. BleetkerSr ( o.
I lot on 4th as. between23d and ^'4;ii >!.. 18 It. :? in. by o.$1.750
I " ?* " 20 " 7j..l.t'lsj
I ?' " " 'M " 7S..1.9W
I ?? " "311 " <a..l.:O0
I ?? "comer of 23d st. 30 " 75..3.tKj
I " "25th and 21st iu.23 " MI..S.725
1 ? ?? 23 " 10..2.725
1 lot on N. IV. cornel uf 33,1 a. and Lexmgttm A venue..2.750
I " 23d ?t. adjoiniiung.2.3S0
3 .... euch.^.e7.'i
1 i ?! on S. side 23d st cor. Lexington av.27 lu by * 9 in 2e*0
1 " adjoimng, some size.-.550
3 " " each.3.ti<J
[ " " .2 Ua
3 " " each.2.65U
3 ?" " 27 It. 6 in. by 98It. 9 in. each?
j ?? - ?' " ....3.700
1 lot un the North *:de ot 23d st. 28 ft. 3 in. by liu ft.i.nb
1 " " " " ....2.750
3 ?? " ?? " each-J.o.'j
I lots on 4lh av. between 19th and 3ytii ?13. each.-?]-'
0 ?? ?> ?? ?' _2>.,aV
1 " corner of lieh st.3,:C5
1 - "goihst.3.HO
4 lots South side23d each 25 tt. by 9S It9in.2.2WI
j lots un 22d st, between 3d av. und Lexington av. eacb..l.ixi
I ?? ?? ?? " ....l.isO
Markets....Carefntla reportcaTfor Tht Tribune.
Fruav. May 81.
ASHES?The market remains as bet?re, limited, holders
asking 64 31'.. ami buyers olTenng unlj 4 25. Iho mas are
uuseiiueutly limited, some 7-3 to luuhhlsbi 4 3i. Ol pearls
about 150 tibi? sold at $4 l2'j. , _ ,.
COTl*0>?There i>? slightly improved feeling in Use mar?
ket, and sales ate tiriu. i be sales wtrrday are reported lo ex.
ceed shglitl) t.ak-3. and to day the sales ate about that tig
u.-e. Snippers have taken about tour-filths ol_usa piucbasra.
FLOUK AND MEAL?The market is still iiiactive and
heavy. The arrival, are moderate. We Quote Geneseeai
tltV',. Mulligan and Ohio 4 50 n 4 Xhi. Sales3Q0bbb 1 my
sod Genese?atA lot ol lOOhbh " ltr.?.:.l>ii Mills f.s
lra,"anew brand brouebl 587>?, the highest lancy-price.?
There a -ome lartbei enquiry lor England, bul the rate ol
freight prevenU operations: There is no improvement ta da
niauM for southern sorts; Georgetown is 84 7o Ouierdescrip.
tiotLs nie nominally higher. Rye and corn S3 00 a 3 tti a. Jer?
sey nival 2 Bag meal 'M a 10>. ,, ,
GRAIN.?A nar.el .1 3.000 bush Chicago Wheat sold tor
milling;at ICO cts. Corn is in lair supply and steady, ^-s'*
D.tUJ liiuh. Suithern atlii to 4ii, rls. oca. and 600 do. North
Carolina at 48 cts. wt. delivered. N?*thern is not plenty, and
dull at 48 a 50 eta. A small lot of Rye, 600 bush sold at 66 eis.
in die slip. Oats are. lower. VVe quoteSOaSlsin" River and
Canal. ,
WHISKEY.?The receipts are fair, hut we hear ol no
lorther sales. The asking price is 23cents,
HAY.?About .'i0o bale* tiuse been sold for shipping at Ai a
36 cent?;i?-: c? i.
' RIDES.?Wenoticesales 390 AoxCpTesand a 1.1 of Bue
i do* \ rns on private term*, and IS5 Trx'n? ai 10 rem., cash
LEAI'^?.A ?alo.it IiA'tiMc In. !o-n uia.io >.X. .-. |.
? l 'II..?Safes IJUO barrels ('r?de IVhale ut cents; rash, in?
I exm ft; 20VJ more v-cr* orTcrcd a", that price, and 33}*centi
I bid
."KIXS.-H".' i'H'i-<- t?i<~ ?inj i or-... - ? <?> : J rr?. f tt?.
FISH.?There are some parceb DryCod nib*!, which are
I selhncnt2H7'r n3 00. Sales 200 barrels No. 3 Mark?re! nt
! xiiiiirl'iiic . ?)'<: li>. S?. 2uro .rar..-, and tirrn at L a > ?'.
? am; Wa?p|enty noil >!?:!! ni Ii'59. ,
PROVISIi'NSi?Tlierecontintiei sorne demand foe Pi.
! Pork, and to eft) bbb; bare chanced bandl at 'i l&U*x6 27.
\ It ua? offered al 6 ?" ai ibe ! lote. A lew tmnll lot* were re.
polled ...id ?t m! I2S ? 2d0 Idilv ?nur Prime mil at ?t 2V < M
Mr??-mp2U?bbl<. .old at S* .v. There ? : ??-; ulr n,
Beef, aodiOObbU. Troy Prime sold nt *::. and 550ifn Citj
.Mw nt i > 37 ii ?.*. ?'?'. A inle bf40 bbb. inferior Beef Harm
?a? mad* at I rent per lb. We notice farther sale. 500 W ?-.
Lard at 5? g 6 rear?. In all. 11?%) bbb. have been taken Ibl
export. .-a!-- :.U hhd?. Smoked Ihm? nt J', a .>: =1 b'!-. :?? ?d
10 tel. Pickled do, nt .1 n :{',. and 4J t<-?. do. ShouUlers ;:t2n
2??. Fflsh We>tem Butler sells al 9 a Ii i "tits a, it comes in.
A ?alo ofSO COO Iba. (I d was made nt 7-, rent.. Cheese b I erj
dull all ??_
Sands"*. Sard ir>RtLtwL?-TTncoses of the .kin ha re attract
ed"coun>arativety but little imp .rtaurc until within a short pe?
riod, and perhaps liiere never was a t;ir,e when so much inter,
est has been manifested as at pre.-ent. bath on account r,r' ths
loonl ravage* ol this class of maladies, and their - the at?
tendants ol the most ob-linalc chronic constitutional disorders.
The complexion, mberwise transparent; is rained by pimples,
pustules or eutodubu enlargements, festering under the ?? ,
which not only endanger Matth, but lite. In other can -. dati,
livid .pot?. l-iofeh.. ,.r i-iirboncli^, approaching a ?t?te of sup?
puration, are observed. It would !??? in vain to portray the dif
lercnt shades ?ml vanet c\ of cutaneous affections, but enough
ha* been averred to show conclusively these diseases have their
origin in the general system or constitution. How ''an health
be enjoyed, or lite itself ptove n blenbig, when tier blood, the
eram! lountainofl?e ami health; is impure !
SariiLvs Sarsaparilta has bean tr ed, proved and acknow.
ledeed to be nl! li.nt :.sein .ni.it to pur,f, thet'lood
to cleanse and renoyato the general system. The triumphs it
has obtained over disease arc lueli as are not furnished bom
any other source. By iu use thui?ands have been made to re.
joice who we.-e fast verging to a close, when death would draw
a curtain over this world's ?'-r::e?. It purifies, clcanses and
strengthens the louutain-rpriugi of fife, uad inficsa new vigor
tlirougboul the whole animal frame.
o.i- For certificate? rent numerous testimonials ?ee pam- !
phlets and > noon, papers.
Prepared and sold wholesale and reiail. by A. B. 1?.
SAM'S, wliolctale liruegi-t?. 79 Fulton st-. -New xork.?
.-.old nlvj nt 2,3 Broadway,// East Bioadway. and by druggists
generally throughout the United States,
SpRRtfl Menu i\g.?At ties -ensou ofthe year every one should
purity ;be:r blood; We adi ise ail to use1 ^rnstock's Sarsapa
ruin, use cheapest and '',:>, article ever ?tTerred to the public
lor tint purp .se, ui n.-en."? arising trom iiimurity of'.! o blood,
Cluonic RbeiinsalfiTn ;7e"e~.' Ilc!.i|ii.-.
Scrofula. King's Evil, Eruptions of the Skm.
Mercurial Ihseases, Swelbng ol the Butte?,
kc tec.at21 Courtbindtstreet, New Vork?BO i.ts perbottle,
or i I per dozen. _
lit: ? i\i.?-.?lb. MeXair's Acoustic Oil, a certain curelbt
deal. AI?i. the East India llmr live, will colorthehair,
'mt will not the skin. Dr. Spohn's Sn-i, Headache Remedy,
warranted tu cor- any case. At SI CourUandt -?
RatEi WATisji.?How important to those who have Rheuma.
tisui. tlout, i tont? i.?1.i Muscles; isthe Indian V'eceui
tde Elixir ami I.miirior.t. wjm e lin. never laren kim? n t" ful in
a s.ii^'iir case to eiirr- these complaints. At 21 Courtlandt it.?
Warran i
CosrrEL'a MaoicaL P.its ExTRACToa, New Vork. will
run- nuy of the lulhiwiug complaints?Bums, Scalds, Sah
Rheum. Rheumatism, SoreEyt-i und Nipples, Piles and I'M
Sores, Chilbbun?, all Ilchings, fee.
CaCTIO?.?T&i srnuimt /'?im Extractor to Im had OMLV
in ibis city at 21 Cuurtlaudt street.
Lookto vpttR Pantries .vm> Bed whims.?Have you
Roaches, or Bed Itiu-. in your bouse ? A sure Exterminator
of these noxious vermin may be had al 21 Courtlandt st.
Bo i ? \v Consumption be i Iurep ! t rdds ;.!'?.. mc!
thai n question which a man who lived in a dissecting-room
would laugh nt. How many peop e do you examine who have
mm;, luberculatcd. but winch nre otherwise sound I Wua r
n Consumption ? it is tubercles on the Inns?. Thon if these
tuber rles were healed, tue patient must ire* better." So says
the celebrated I Ader.netiit. And ? hal did he use for curing
tubereolated lungs ? Some of thevery ingredients that enter
into the composition of Ur. Tavi.or's Balsaji ot Liver
w ort, from 37j Bowery. This valuable discovery and com
bination affecta the whole constitution i me ofthe mosi pop
ulnr ?liter- ol tiie nire gue. a, the result ol his long Observation
that pulmonary tubercles me but the development of general
disease; hence the reason ofthe practice of the great " S\ pln
iiam ui this disease, one of the best physicians to w hom Eng
land evct emu birth," und tin venerable Dr. Holyoxe, of our
own country, | whose ow n life was prolonged to the age Of 102
years, i and of Ur. TaYLOR, my friend.) one of the brightest
ornaments of the University of Pennsylvania, to whose talents
and experience this unricaJed remedy will lej a hutin; monu?
ment, spreading his fume throughout all lands.
Beware of couiilerleils! Buy nothing instead. See that the
name of Dr. 'J. J. Leeds i who is now sole proprietor of thai ar?
ticle is on the engraved label. Buy only at 2715 Bowery, or
177 Water-street. " . -_
Hkhiv.im:.., SwtMXtso or the Hgan. a Roaring Noise
in tlic Ears, lleadaclie, PalpitaUon oftlie Heart. &c-?Wright'a
Indian Vegetable. Pills urea certain cure f>r the ahme un.
pleasant complaints, because they purge from the budy tin s?
stagnant and corrupt bunion w Inch, when floating in ti e gen.
eral iiinss ol circulation, nre tue cause of a determination or
rush of olood t.. the head, giddii. loss of meniury, dimner:
of sight-drowsiin.-?, pain ui the head, and many other symp?
tom, ofa loadeil nod corrupt state ofthe bbiod.
Wright's liiilirm Vegetable Pill? are al.e ofthe very in-.t
medicines in the world for the euro of Indiees?on, und tin re.
lore will not only remove all lite above unpleasant symptoms,
and entirely prevent auy evil consequences resulting from n
rush of blood to.tlie lieail, but wiU most assuredly restore the
body to n state of sound health.
Cai "i ion.?A? eounterleitii are abroad, avoid all ttnres ofs
doubtful cliiirncter, and la?particular toa,?k lor Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pill?.
I illicit devoted exclusively to Hie ?nie of the Medicine.
wholesale and retail? No.2S8Greenwich street; NewYnrk; No.
ISSTremoni street. Uostoa: and 1B9 Race street. Phibuleliihia.
'Tis a pleasure in life In possess and be cheer'd
By a soap that will sullen the skin and the beard
Make n fathi r thni'. creamy and fine.
Thai will In-t. ii: r dry np, 'fore tlie shaving is finished,
The rnzoi col ready or the tough beard diminished;
Gentlemen,;&e greatest comfort yiaiever fell in shaving is
caused by tin: use of the Old Naples Soap, made intaiapei
fumed pAAte by .Inno?. This f?rrawd ti e long sought ior de>id
tleratuin of tsbavinc Soap, viz : to make atliick rich lather,
that will notdry. It uiiiul.sir.it really does ihn softens the
beard, makes the.skin soll and sinooth, und gives a fine frag?
rance u> the nose; Gents.tiy thss once. Sola at v2 Chatnam
and 3.'o Iii".: Iw.iy. t,:,d Iff l u.ioii .t. Itrookli n. jel iw.nl
Femina, Femi.na Oxxia VlSCtT.?* Wonsso carry every
thing before i hen;.' Bui when they iiiu.t possess youth, heriii
ry. cherry lips, merry dimples, pouting mouths, vermilllon
cheeks, and '.hen there is no inirtake but ihat such ? woman
will indeed carry every thing before ber. Now. the grand ?e
erat is to retail* these attractions. Aucndezpour un moment;
and we will reveal it. If stray superfluous hair ;?stealum over
your polished skin, your brow or lip, tor instance, pel n aoult
iifDr Felis Gouraud i Poui re Subtile, and, lo and behold, ev
ery tilire vanishes; i. e. if you use the article?it the roses, thai
n ere ?vom to bleu.I with the lily, on your chesks, are Red, get
his Vegetable Liquid Rouge; it sickness, mtiio Solar beams
have discolored, und roughed, or chapped your tender fLsh,
where i? there so sovereign a remedy as lu? Italian Medicated
Soup > whose virtues, above nil, nre really beyond crcdenco.?
In n w ord. lite I 'r. has every thing to renovate decayed beauty,
mid the most romantic maiden, who moans Over some trifling
defect in her other* ise enchaaungly attractive face will be sure
to tim! ii remedy nl B7 Walker street, tirst Store FR< 'M Broad?
way, jel 2t eod
fCi" .V?.*r wof it ntaa be c ry thirroujihla pottcstedbp the
demon Jiparta tocxeiciso his ingenuity in palming off upon
the suffering and niHii'ioi! community a worthless imitation nl
the-wonder-working Dalley's Magical Pain Extractor 1 Va
who nre tormented with bums, scalds, sprains, sores, bruises,
piles, blind or bleeding, be sure to get Dalley's. The TRUE
DAI.LEV'S, and that ?? to lie obiuu ed ai Dalley's Agency, 67
Walker street, tir?' Store FROM Broadway. jel 2t eod
Cry The Itev. Dr. Dm bin . ... a h in the
Greenest, Church to-morrow morning al U'1.- o'clock. 1*
? I tie Rev. ti. Pierce, ??!'..gia.will ureacl
ui toe .Muiberr'. Street Church tn.morne.v morning, nl l!':.. o*.
clock. _ If
CTi" Second Comln? <it" Christ Nitili al
HaiiOt?George5torrs wil lecture Pros r'encepermitting)on
this nl! important subject lo-iuorruw. Sabbatli) al the i Ihurch,
corner tTtiristie and l?lancy street; nioroiog and aftarnoon?
Elder ElonGniushfl in the evening. Services commence al ha^t
past 10 o'clock A. M.and at 3 and half past 7 o'clock P. M. I*
D >? Second Advent of Christ al IIniui:::
Lectures on this thrilling subject are continued ai St, Luke's
Buildings, cornet Hudson and Grove st*. regularly every Sab.
bath at ll'' j A. M. and 3?- und 6 P. M. Abo on Tuesday and
Thursday evenings nt S o'clock. Brother Bliss, of Boston, Ed
dor ofthe "Advent Herald and Signs ofthe Times Reporter."
and Brother Hutchinson, of tins city, uro expected to be with
us next Sabbatli. m I*
. J- Si eoiul ( niiiiiii; nl' flirlst Ni^h at
Maud.?Ehlei EI."N CALVSHA will Lecture on this nil.
important sul?ect at FrankUn Hall, 175 Chauiam Square-, to?
morrows Sabbath.) June 2d, momingand afternoon, and LI
derGEORGE STORRS inllseevening. Servicescmnmence
ai ri:.- :i?.::.! hours lor public worship. Seats free. Ths public
Itend. _ 1*
:;- The Cliristla.n Cnloil have remos-ed to ths
/'re, um of Jfatural HistoryK3 Broadway, between S,.r.:._
and I'rince street.. ? here a iliseourse will !?? delivero,i Siindin ,
June 2d by W. II. Cliaaniug. at 101,'o'clock. Jilt"
PO-Kutirc Sniictlllcntlou.?Dev. .-. D. I hi
will preaeli on th ? subject in continuation to morrow evening
ut 7:- o'clock, in the I ree Congregational Church. Medxrall kd
lege. Crosby ?tieer, (3d story 2 <!?-. r? below Ppnng street.?
Preaching aho in the morning at 10jj o'clock. Seats free 1*
nl- I? O? of <). P.?An ail ti inii rl meeting i rUwCura
unit, eof Arrangements from the several Lodges on theCele
bration of Putnam Lodge, al West Farms. ?ill takarplaci at
National Hall on Monday, JuneOd. at 7-, p clock, 1*. M i.
bear the report ol ihesub-Comnuttee on Music. 4tc, By order.
DAVID ?. EG AN. Chairman.
J. O. Horton. Secretary. .. ? , . ,.... .
N. I'..-For farthei i articiilars. see Golden Rule, re! 2??
Kjf* Irish Emigrant Society.?^The Annual
Meeting of the Society v-iil be held on Monday evening.
June3.1. at 7', o'clock, al Washington Hall. All those friendlj
to the SiH-ict v arc mvited to aUend. _
jel :n? lt. Hi ?GAN, President
&?'?. Lacy, Dentlsit. has returned to the city ami
resumed the practice of nis profession at No. lr>.J Broad w ay. a
lew doors above Grand street, where he i< prepared to see tu?
former patients and idl others w l.eed hii profe?ipnal ser?
vices. in.i252wU.-od is" L. LAC a.
to- Second Wrard.?A meeting ..r u*t Second Ward
Clav Club will be held at J..ue?'? S-.-und V\ nrd Hotel, No. S.
Nassau -t. at S o'clock on Monday evening. June 3d.
ItEVO t H AM t. Chairman.
wi-TuowtANt.. \ ^?t',!lf"- il2t
Where'.- the Loco*' Nominations.
Things look quite blue. .
For Silas Wright can I stand the light
IVith Kentucky's Ham the true.
tO- PifUi Ward CUy As-ociaiton.-?\ reg.
ul ir meeting will be held at the >larion House. Itu \\e?t
Broadway, un Monday Evening, ut 7:. o'clock. Punctual at
teodanco of the member, is ?? itiestcd All those desirous o
aidiue the election of "Henry CUy ,and= Fre[???: >">? ??11
pleaseauend. J"H.N i ? UAMIL ION. Pres t.
Ch J. Sn ward. > gecretaries. ,to %
Jasi. Law rence, > t _
COT Se vent??? nth ? rd. ?A regular monthly meet?
ing of the Seventeenth Ward Isemocratic Wbisj Clay t Itib
will be held at the Henry Clay House, corner m A.veno? A.
nn,l First^reet, on Mooday K?eiiiiit. June drei. I?+I, at B
f":y^a^r..NN.^-^__. W*
try Xnili r.-A Public Meetii e ? beheld thisdayto
eoounue from 7 o'clock A. M. until 13 o dock I. M. at .No .
Bowery one dooi BboveCroton Had not tor the purpose oleoo.
Iidertng the recent Riots in Philadelphia or the .Nominations re.
cent /made in Biillituore. bin lo :nke into TOO*deration tee
propriety of purcbasuc. each. hV Uieir own petwmal tseoent,
one of J. M ini: Mi'.'? SI'I.K.M'I!' HAI>. l"!
other establ sbtnenl can In- found a more elegant a?v?rtnicnt o.
Black -.nil Drab BeaverXutnn, Moleskin, Pear! and IVhite
(^tssimefe ranamaand Leghorn llatj. .Vbo a lame iu??o:.
meat of Caps, Canes, UmbreUas, (EC
ti. I' The above goods nrr ?o!.l tor less pncei timn at n:.y
othei [Establishment m New- Vork. J. M. TICK
Jel It A. BANCh-LR.
J. W. DODGE, HlnJUxtnre Painter.
yj: li.-.n^-THCET. ml7 3mrs
i (KT* Fifteenth Word Clay Club.?A meeting u
, (i?- ptfte*ath Wort CfayClhbwill belseldat Constkutiof Belt,
? No. 650 Broadway, on Mondi y event nr. June 3. ?., reeeive the
i rnsumificei I liar- erto be t-'je-i i.rcsented to the t !,;!..
Tue Cmur wiR taVtnkej by '?e I resident nt S o'clock pre.
The' !!-.?-r ?rlil be presented br James s. Thatee. Esq.
I Itwil be reefrren on behalfofthel bv 1 lamitr.
i Mr. I*. It. U-P.--. tlwAmericna Vocalist, willtintseveral
? glee, and song.. .
TheCltiy Glee flub ?rill :?*> in attendance, and will ?ins
? the miet popular \Vi.:?r sons*.
! A Rand ofMnsie is ensnced.
I Allthe fnends of Oar and Frefi?rhor?en are invited, 'nclnd
me !??* M<*? J..- --S-m -e-st. ? - 1..-0??!.?:. Py order.
U E.NEY f HA VIES. Preodcut
.1 rSl PH ALLEN. \ re Pr-^der.:.
At.nrnT A. RnCEK.*. ' - .
UaI l. \. U \ ^ n*4t I
i xf~- Seeond W"ard.?At a mectine of the Democratic
; Whs EJeclon of the Second Ward,.convened on Ttwdaj
' evening, the 27th ie-i. it Jones's Secnr..! Ward Hotel, N >. rT
.\ .-.,,? >l Mr..-. It. P RA PER was eaJ ed to the 1 pair. *"d '
j John L. LkrrxBTsaid Parsit (. uri.-txl were uw.:;.cil ;
M.?liaorje A. 1 ood, Reer. I ". Hance and James Kelly '
j wereappomtedta ?Jonmittea o>nomiiwrejnitablecandidatei :
I to bo supported at Uierommc Eitction tor school Otri-er?, who 1
1 reverted the Ibbowbg t.cset. watch wcj unanimously
For Comnoaiooer of Common Schoob.
Fnr Inspector.
For Trustee.
On motion, adjonmel. S. P.. DRAPER, Cbairmaa:
John L. I.KrFKHTs.r ^, , jei< !
U~y~ Courier, Exprcs; Amencan, and Commercial, please
?r:V* Barnhiirs Indelible Ink. -T ? 1 iritj
of this Marking Ink :? tow very genera'!;, aekrmwledgedby ;
uSe dmggists and consuoen of the rrt.i-l" in Philadelphia?a j
btrge number of whom lave alreaty tested it, as maybe^scen I
by.their advertisements, and have pronounced it suponorto
any other mdelihle ink whether dfdomertic e.r foresail ma*-. |
'i'lto whole process of narking il maybe completed in three j
minutes, even at mid nig it if desirable.
It is called liar:dii:l'? btl.-iib e Ian aivrtbel hnstian name
of one of our tino, who invented it Mannfte^rrdand for sale
bv potts, linn ^ Harris.
Wholi-s.d- Uruggist..
N ?. Z?ii Marke: .'-ei-t. Philadelphia.
From the I 'hited State* Gazette of March Pith
I.hdcublk l*X ? Mews. PoUs. Lio? tellarris. hit. SI3H
Market ?Wo? 1. "(l ivc ath, manufacture ami have tor sale among
articles in their line nfbosil ess* a- druggist*, n-i admirable ink
truly indelible. It ?ill, by ii. beaoty mid ti.e iimpiictty et 11?
use, commend itself to the regard "I those wbo like 10 set a
mark upon their apparel and would like that mark neat and
^From the Editon of the North Arnericaj1 of MarchTfth. !
IsritUDLE l*K.?We hi ve tried some ol Bnrnhil, Indelible I
Ink and cheerl'iily recominendiilo all those wishing to mark
on linen or cotton. It rum freely and r^jmrcs no previous pre?
paration. It is tor snle hj Messrs. PoUs. Linn & Hams, No. 1
5J3H Market street. . ,
I opy of an advertisement ol Anr:l Rttli.
BaRMULl's IsoELiata !>?.?Just received a supply ol
tors celebrated Ink. and having tested it ihoroughlyani tue. 1
iaredtownrrnntit equ.nl f nol superior to any made in the
I neeii Stales or the imported.
^I^,_|ir:;_... Medk lies. Paints, and-. Ilie StutTs, And..
' Varnishes fco. &X. whic! will Is* sohl on the 100-t r>a:^mnhlc :
1 ...?,,' hi ll.KXAiVDER HARPER.
I m312wis IVImrcsate lirtiggist. Market >U nbore iah. j
Ite?. ?VHIlatn ;{.?>; ?<? ? tend* lo preach n?-vt
j Sunday m the pleasant Schixd Room ..1 Mr-. Justice Ibtj
' Dunne Pari; at the at J Hours ol public warship A. ?I. am:
: P. M. LordWesSu . m_ **
.: . ? Gentlcmsii'it Summer Hat?.?Bird's styles
..I Sommer IIa:-, comprising the latest patterns, exceedingly
light Htnl beautiful, arc :a w icady. BIRD,
mS 3wis* Cor. Fine r.nd Nasjau.
to- Gentlemen's Stimmer Hatr..?AMIDON,
corner Wall and Nassau streets, now prepared to furnish his
New Style ol Sommer Hat?, which are very light and of
beautiful Kyle an.: liiioh._m>-.'i bub
?j" Summer Hats*?Pearl anil DrabCassimere and
! other Mat., suitable for the coining ?eason, now leadr forhr
ii:;..\.M"' I'lrsH s..
ajtl 137 Broedwny.
spection a
. J3* To Tnuin rnnvr Friends.?The rnends ol
! lempemnee are reminded thai ' health, quiet and eorntint' are
wiind, as usual, at .13 Barclay sl 'l*hi?esmblishmenthavjng
ins.ni relitted and put in complete order; all ?tmngersand Irsendi
vaiting our city tor a trio oetii may. who would tike to lest the
raperiority of n well chi?en regctable diet, uie respectfully m
vited to call. ' '\mmm l!' '"'A '':''' ''<S
COT- Hardware, Cutlery, dkc.-LEWIS BENE?
DICT ec CO. respectfully intorm their friends and the public
generally thai they have removed to tin. city, ni.d have taken
the .-'tore -1 Pearl street, (opfaisite the Pearl-street House.) .
wliere they are now opening a large and well-selected assort?
ment o! Goods, hith Foreign mid Domestic, to which they
ivouhl cull Uie attention of Iho^s wobing to purchase. ?i'30tf |
?:r.-- i?:i 11 >' Ilnnttitssn. Bortlttr and P'ire
ItUARIi PRINTS.?J. I!, .v .: M. PK .TT. No. 3! South
IVilhnmand IT Slonestreet, nave on hand an extensive a*
uirlmenl ol Paper Hanging-. Borders and Fire Board Prints,
ivhich they oner to Countr} Merchants and otnen on the
mei lavorabk lerm*. mli2u iiinis
School antl Miscellaneous Uooks, dtc.
!>."? Beaver-Street, two limirs from Pearl-street,
K?w OfTen ai I.OWEST RATES. Sei.I and Miscella.
neons Rooks. Blank P.ook-. Papera, Cluilh and Stationery is
geneml, to which he unites the attention of .Merchants.
nib 13 3mis ^^^^^
try- Martin K. Tliom|>smn. Architecl ami Builder,
1 mice No. I \\:',. street. 1- prepared Ui furnish Plans and Super,
ntend the Erection ofBuihlings. Itesulence No.9Eleventh
street. 3 doon east ol Bowery, where he may be seen in the
evenina. mi.10 iltns ;
rr> Cotton <'.n7TTi~r COMPRISING HEAVY
PER FELT1XGS. 82 to 72 inches wide; BAGGING, plain
and twilled. 22 and H ineh. Abo, Grain and Meal Bags. 2.',
and 3 bushels. Forsalehy
7f6mts _ 37 Beaver street.
Cash Tailoring Batabllshment,
This establishment i. furnislied with nn entirely new and
splendid Stock. Gentlemen about to order their supply of
Clothing for the amson nre respectfully invited to call and exa?
mine our large and varied assortment of Springend Summer
Goods, which have been selected sritli the greatest possible care ;
as to quality of tnnterii I and style of patterns "embracing the
finest French and English Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting, to
be found at any house in tbb or any other city in the United
States. The t utting Department will .till he conducted by
Mr. Fisher and Mr. Couch, of our firm, who have been long
nut wc believe favorably know n to the customer, of tin- house,
and wc flauer ourselves that we will lie able to furnish Gentle?
men's Garments equal in point of tit and elegance to that of
any other establishment in this country or Europe. And by ad
tiering strictly to theCosh a;,.! One-Price system, we are ena?
bled to supply our customers with first-rate articles of clothing
at greatly reduced prie ?. A. S. FISHER fc Co, mSSlmis
JCT Tin- InvUible Wig; so closely resembles the
real bead ol hair that icooticsami connoisseurs have pronounc?
ed it 11.s* naud pertael and aalmordrnary invcotiou 01 the day.? 1
The great advantage of tin- e nd and unique Wig 1. its be?
ug a ade without lew ngor weaving, which cause? its appear?
ance socl.i) toreseinble the natural hair, both in lightness :
and general appearance, asto def) detectiiin, it- texture being .
so beautiful, so porous am! so tree that 111 a.I can... of perspire: !
lion evaporation is unimpeded; and the great evils of other .
Wigs in tirely avi. .'ed. The sceptic and connoisseur am alike
invited to inspcetthis novel and beautiful Wig. and the pe
culiormetlHal of litting*the bend; at the manufacturer's, .\.
C BARRY, 116 Broadway, corner of Liberty-street, up stairs.
myS Imi*
U'ANTKIt-l'anel'-swanteig go .d-en ar.t-eau ..uttTieiu
?lve.at6ti>. Walker-t. 3 doo... from Broadway. 1'
UrANTED?A situation as chambermaid and waiter orto
do housework, by a very rospecttble girl w ho hat lived
3 >ear> in the jast pbtea. Please inaaire at 4?;: Broadwray.?
satisfactory city reference given. _ 1*
1X7 ANTED?To sell or exchange for productive pripcrty
VV in this eityor Brooklyn, unproved real estalc on Long
Island, 26 null's from tin, city. Inquire of
jel If 15 Ceniie-street.
U'ANTlin i.M.MKiil VPKl.V?7\ ?: .-. g.1 Agent., To
in this and some of the neighboring Slates. A very liberal dis.
count w::! he made to agents pro ing 1 lash for the Piigra? Inga.
None others need apply. Iri addition to the favorable opinion
already expressed of 1I11? Likeness of Mr. Clay, it may l-cjiro
t>*r to add '.hat the recent Convention held :it Baltimore, tin.
picture was universally pronounced the only true and sauslae
tory likenesaofits illttsttiimsoriginoleverpiibbSined. Apply to
J. W. im i| a;E. 126 Ilenry street. m'.'l lm*
Mr. < U\\ 's Opinion.
I consider the porttnil of me; by Mr. J. W. lv tDCE. n;
admirable one. atxi excelled by uo.other Ukenesa ol me that I
have ever seen. The L.igrav.ng from.it. now bet?re me, by
Ii. S. Sa Id. :?evcuvd wi'h |?t'e-t fidelity and with great
elegance. II. CLAY.
Washington < its. .Iprtl 30,1844.
'i'b- splendid Steel Pi ite ll::gra% mg, alluded to in Mr. Clay's
letter above, wdl la- !i>iss*,i ot to agents at a r.ri.' liberal dis
couoti. for cash. Retailpnca 63. Apply to tue Painter and
Pol,;.h. r. J. W. IH'IM.K.
tu23 3mis Henrj street.
?^^..1 H fl t s...
Saiislactory arrangetnerits will tie made for paj ing the interest
annually or sami-aaauallyrw this city. Address A. C. tD
Courtiaiidt st._jel It*
L>| 1 \l;i'?1'1.- ir tv ..? can aerommialnted wh
Ij pleasant rooms vn t::e ???..: :loor. bj applying at ?31
Broad way, corner of Spnnj st. Also, vecaucK. for single
gentlemen. _m?J2w,.
PRIVATE R?ARPiNG.-sA rentlemao and litswil can
I is- sccomnyodaled n ith board iu an agreeahle Gunily at 112
Leonard -t. upnosrw the Cturttun House. no taxi
P\K \S< 'LS?A : -v. srd IrautoUl article is -old at the ma
?? ::f.i ..: J. S CAULKINS,
1- 71 John street, near Williaai
C; HEP ARD. 191 Broadway, opp?~i!c John -t. w:?ties once
iT3 uioreto remind tlie public til a: he has ye: remaining-oine .
ofthat vrrv elasup S at.ers. via:
Letter Paper. >i. 7J. 101. ltd and IrsJ ps-r ipure.
I 'ap Paper. SM. 10J. 12.1 ::=.: l?d per .juire.
Note Paper, lad. .-.!. Is W. 2s3d per quire..
Blank Books, lull bound, 2? yarr quire, g.-.s! enough for any
/GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES desirous nf!converting
VX into ca-!i llieir -ui<erfiuous or east nff clothing, will obtain
Iruffl ::ie Hibscrtlier t?r liH ? II EST i'ASII PRICES.
To families ,.r gentlemen qudung tlie City, or ehnncing resi. ,
deuce, liaving effects of the kind to dispose of.will find it mueli :
to their advantage to send f"r the Mlbscriber. who will attend !
thcmnttnei; rt-snie ;c- by appointment.
. H. LEVEIT, Office No. 3 Walt-street I
and at276 Hiidson.sr.
Aline through tl? Pi>?t Office,or otherwise,will reeeive
prompt attention;_je nn-*
O Ml'ANY me now roil ng, at their Mmes in Chester?
field Co. Virginia. Bituminous Coal of very ,u:ier:or quality,
which thev offer tor ?nie. del:x enible on shipboard a: the r
Var-i in Manchester, ot ether of the following grades, viz.
Scjeeieal. conrv- and free lr?m tine. Average, the run of
the Mine. - and Fire Coal, according to order.
The Lump and Screen- -.11 -sai from the Creek Mines, in con
?eiTuenre oi -.is big i!y bituminous diameter, its great strength
and purity, and the rare that is observed to deliver it ol large
ore. ha. ntiumed gre-it celebrity tor it- peculiar ritnes fur
Urates. l/>conio:i*e?. Steam Engine?, Glaas Factories, Sugar
Refineries, and for all Furnace purposes
The Av-rage an! Fins Con I. rai-a! from a drReient scam,
has no superior, enher t-.r ligbtSmrrJieries or heavy Forges.
Consuoiers w!-.-. J<^.ire a puscru iL ri.sT of thai C'-kI. will
lie furnished, nt tha currant shipping rite., w ith any quautity;
bowevei small, :bry may order. A<Wie~.
JOHN J. WEii! 11.
General Ksent Creek Company, Richmond. Vo.
JAMES. IR'.VFEK s. (.'< > A-eat. N. \ .
June 1, 1644. jel '?im
u:ll be ri at-i.-iiFD at tiiv orrirr r.r rm skw wnsur.
30 A?M-?TKCitT. *ru-voHK.
I. [ FE F N T I! F.* N E \V W 0 R L D;
Tn<? u by fir do bot work on American Ute. Mannen ami
Scenery, ever ?T?ten. |ti vivid and I.fe like i?irt.-n.:uro of our
national rharaetenrt:r??and especially oftneGreat West?srili
be read arid adnrired by every \mencan. Tlic plot of tne -tory
i? very pretty, and the characters finely drawn. I: h now com?
plete ir. ?ever: niiniiier?. nt ISfjj cents each, or
BOUND p >R 1 |NE !>< ILLAR.
r.iHT r. <*y
THE Ml S T B K I E S OF LO.NL>'> \.
A work id"extraordinary and exciting, interest, which ?rill >ot
attain an immeasepopniarit/. Thoxewha have not read it can \
form a very imvleeuare idea of it? thuding nature. Pr.cc 13>.
centsenrh pi.:t. Office SO Ann-st.
THE HIGHLANDS "I' ETHIOPIA, with Tl.tres. hand?
somely bound in Cloth. Price Si 25.
MEM01B ? IF MBS. '.KANT, wife of Dr. Grant, Marion
nry to Persia. 20 cents in Paper, 37', cents in Cloth.
Also a'! tiro new work, by popular author..
fXT* Bookseller, rrnd agerrt.? supplied on liberal t*mrs.
J. WINCHESTER. Publisher. 30 Ann ?l
!?? N ?...\i - r::? y '4f
Persons ??? ng early can cet Use PROOF IMPRESSIONS
ofthe ENGRAVTNGSr-tber.'Will then have tbe Work in its
highest ?t?te of perfection. Single .N.w. ii cts.
No. 7, and the whole bound complete. Price itnile I21,
coroplete 51.
No 13.-Pr;ee25cts.
Bj ii. w. Ilerbi rt. PriceSS.
Til t. LIG 11 1' DRAGOON.
Price ISM - our,.
All the New Novels. Weekly iv.pcr?. Periodicals, ?,?,
be nad at the counter in too i nterne i "fice.
Aleut. suppled on tiie nio?t hborsl terms.
?I W. ii. i. It AHAM. 1-" Na.sati -t.
Ilu?e o'it pui.lu.hed in an elesrant netavu volume,
With a .election from his Speeches, by
llov lkmiki. SAWYER.
price thirtt-atVL> ami \ || M.I lk.m>.
Tin. wort, ?o longa desideratum in our National Biocrapbr,
is one ofthe best ol it. kind. The author, tor sixteen years a
fell iv .member in Congress weh Mr. Kami ilpb, a Reprcsenta.
live from a neighboring State, had excelteul opportunities to
become fully acquainted with the eventful lite and singular
character ol this talented nml ecconlrie statesman. Thai he
availed himself must happily of these opportuaKtes. this cm
pliio. truthful and most interesting Biography evinces. It is a
credit to it. author, worthy ofits distinguished .id ject; and an
important addition to the literature oflho couniry. iel
THE LIi ING AGEnrrived llu. mormi.L'from Rf^lori,ami
lor sale at Uic counter ol .1. MO WAIT , 174 Broadway.
Tin. number is unusually attractive and contains, among
other articlesofpammounl interest.
Ill mi.. A.Mi Iiis IM i.UhWCE ON HISTORY.
_PRICE 12 ? i KM s._ ;-i
to-The publication of tin. New Serie? was commenced
with the year ISM, in an elegant urufonu style, each volume
stereotyped fron new type, printed on beautiful volute paiier,
?1 nd cot uji in ihe neatest u miner.
Nu. I.
*?* I ti s ii to til e r :
A Picture of Parisian Loo ia the Court, the Salons, end the
Family Circle. By M. Jules Janin. Price 25 cents.
No. 2.
I n W inter:
A Companion to Pun. in Summer, by M Ju'es Janin.
Tin. volume, the literary gern ot 1843, as was the otherol
'sit, is i.y many consuleted .is superior, and both toaetlier form
?!:.? most graphic, brilll int. and interesting picture ol Europe?
an c vilijaition .".er given to the world.
PrieeSScents. Bor sn leb?
it 2tis 223 Broadway, comer of Arm si
Have nut ready for publication.
TALfc? < -I- I'HE II VLL,
HV KM . ck0rg? 1 11 MtHK.
These poems form a -ei .c. ol .-lories ol English _' lottags Life,
remarkable for their minute ridebty, their powerful portrayal*
ol the passions and affections in humble nie. und their tone ol
genuine party. It i. upon then- poem, that the fame ol Crabke,
as an author, is principally founded. jel
fX'J~ The June number of this valuable Agricukural period,
ical is receved bj M. II. NEWMAN, Bookseller, 199 Broad?
way, where ii i Use previous numbers und volumes can be had.
The lirst series ol this work, consisting of lu vol.. form, a let?
ter Library for the Fanner than can be obtained in any other
shape lor double the money.
*' We ?peak advisedly where we give The i lultivatorlhc pre
eminence in point of maturity of Agricultural knowledge, in
every thing ? hieh appertains to the tan..er or the forming inter
cat, I ts terms are reasonable. Many ulken, besides the pro
fe-od Agriculturalist, be improved and ioteresisd in u. rend
iug." .Northern Advocate.
MARK II. NEWMAN. Pubhsher.
it 3tis Bookseller. Stationer, tee. 199 Broadway
will i i blis1i
Oil Friday Morning, May rjlst.
11 1 II lid N -a
"." This relebraled work will be completed in Fifteen num.
hers, at Twenty Five Cents euch. The present edition will
comprise a valusblo series of Notes, by Rev. II. H. Milmnn.
embodying those of M. M. Goizot and Wench a. It will also
compriss tevcral Mop?.
On Satnrrlay ."'loriiliiq, .June lat.
Price Twenty-Five Cents.
*?* Thajrnail tuprrtuntu nft?rlpproof imgresMunu from
ihe Engravings w ill ui-ur; to those who inks the work in |
.VmiAr- the possession of it in the highest st tu ofperfection, j
and those only who take the work in numbers can bens.ured ;
of the possession of the best impressions, n% the probability in
that the plates will he worn out before the work i> completed.
ni2! 2t _
-songs: riONGS!: songs:::
Vol. l. Patriotic.
Vol. 2. Naval.
Vol. 3. Military.
Price 32,01).
The thrr^ Volumes contain nearly NINE HUNDRED
h<i\i;s, VV. II. GRAHAM, Tribune Office,
ui313ti?_ltiO Nassau Street.
A ^ru-iitture.
FALKNER mi Manures ? ?:'! Agricultural Chemistry.
l2mo. paper, 3i7 ? cents i cloth.50 ju
PRODI CTIVE FAR AUNG?A work on Tillage, it,
Joseph A. Smith. iSmo (paper, 3?4 cts. cloth. U)
FARMER'S TREASURE?Comprising above work
I oiiiid together. l2mo. cinlh. 75
An-. Manufacture** and Architecture,
URE i?r. Dictionaryiif Arts, Manufactures, nod Mine,
?illu.trited with Iii), or . 1 vol. -v.. ,-, HI
or in 2 vi.. SW
LAFEVR?'S Beouttts of Modern Agriculture. Forty
eisht plate. . 0 IjO
I. Ml ALL'S Statr-ease ":.d Hand.rail Constructor.
Fifteen plate.. 3 CO
< !i?-nilF.trv.
FR] SENIU3, I>r. Elements of Chemical Analysis. Eil.
Iteil by Ifulbn-k. 12ino. iciper. 7.i cents, cloth. I Cn
LlEBIG*S Famdiar Letters on i.'heim.try. I8mo. u 25
PARNELL, E. A. Apphed Ciieniistry in Arts, Manu
faetures, and DomesUe Economy. Cut?. 8vo. ynjier.
75 cents, cloth. 1 09
I1. APPLETON CO. Publisher..
m3l 3tis 300 Broadway.
??Tribune o I";" ice. "
all the
Are for sale. Wholesale anil Retail, at the
ltd Ntessaii :treet.
lO- Agent, ?tiBpiaed at the PUBLISHERS" PRICES, end I
the works sent in advance. Addre-.
an?.' ..tt_\\ ? II. GRAHAM. Trihuno Bmidir;-.
\I)l>fiESSEI) r.i Ciereyinan, Country Merchants, Postmas?
ters, und ail per.oi> win, may wish to acta.? Aoe.nto in
disposing ol thesa n?w and beautiful volumes.
Historv ok the Bible. 3 vob. in one, svttb numerous
f.ne I'nemvings.4)3 00 !
Bible Biography" ~.M Plates. 2 50
Wonder, ofthe World. SCO Plates. 3 50
Guide of Knowleitge. .Vl> Pinie?. 2 50 1
Pictorial Illu-t. of t'-o Biide. 3 vi.l?. ?sjO Piatos.5 uti
UMES lor families ever loii-sI on the American Conunrr.r.
containing more than Two Thousand bsautifol Eneravirgs,
desiened by the ihiki eminent artists of England and America.
;? . shed ? . ..! by SEARS 4i WALKER. 114 Fl.: in tt
New Vork i Sty. ? .
rjj- AOEKTS WaXTEP.-The Pobllsbers ol tlie above
Works are animus ui establish Repositories for their sake in i
every town and vi! age throughout rm? Cn.ted States and Brit?
ish North American Provinces. We. therefore, mvue the at
toni .... of Cleruyxen, I'osTMA.sTf.rj. Supenntenden? and
reacben of Sabbath Ss^ioob. hue to uns matter. Uur terms
nre?We require to he made mfr. either fur the return of the
books in eood order, or the proceeds when sold; and we ihnll
send n bot assorted. a? sinm as we receive from each applicant \
?.ho no. .iM-nry inlormation. Persons ortlenng books will bej>ar- i
tirular in giving their Post-Office addrssa. and also stating now i
the ox shall be sent?them. For tur.her particulnn please to
adilress, post-paid,j E. WALKER ft CO.,
Ill Fult-n street. New Vork City.
CrT" Persons from th? coantry visiting the City, whe may
lie desirous of emraitmc in the ?aleot the abosre works, svill
please apply a- above. The most Idieral i-umniii:iin allowed.
mi l Im?. _ __ _
Da '. treel near St. John's Park)North awaMV
open for the season. A Swimming Bath is exclusively devoted j
to the ladies every day m the week. Open from sunrise until i
12 o'clock at night. Admittance 12:i cents. Uot aVa Baths
ai all hours. - j
Ur-i.anl reuue-t "i a large number of l uhei an i gentlemen,
a series ni' these cooceru, ?> faxhsntiabse end popular in par*.
?riD be green during the present innnner at :ii? Metrtspolitari
Roorns, .V*' Broadway. cmBMncia : second Tuesday in June.
Vocal and U?trumental pertofmer of the first rcr^sertabitit)
mil engage,!. I ever:-. ? v. ill !?? !e '.?> <"..ure the
highest decree of in!e.'k--'un! and - id eniojinent. Subsenp
U<iet til.' tie- ?iwn, *?'<. ? "i"- ? ""'?'?Ii'?: s-.rlysub
icribers to the Matron titan, f ! tha i?aj ?, S .wu tingle
ticket, ^rsscriptioos limited. Suh<cnpttoubook now open at
SB Rroadvvay. Br order of tile tTommirtee.
(Corner Broadway and Ann^trret.i
P. T BARNUM. Manarar.
EvzbtDat oi'!'.us:vi Tula Wrax, cost?Ksetso Mo*
in". ,'.|.T."
each afternoon a: half 'east 3. and each evening a! e.
77/*: OMJfT Ji.fU If I.ESS.
Mr. a::J Mt?. RANDALL: who. together. nwaMira not le?
than rotraTBB? reirr?max nc them the t?i tg-r rsia es?
known, are tobe teen every dar from lu oVIu..k a. M. Uli 1 P.
51., trom3till5S. n::d trum 7tiil 10.
1 lie Ma:?ger u Imiipv t.i announce a reoncagemcr.t with the
I If five persons, all Musician* nftr.el?r?:rin*s??weof whoniua
The finuly anpears in a v ir ei. of
UKr~1T ii r STlM.V
M :'.' ?:; pear in hn
.1.VIM. 11. M. i'f.Vf Tl SM I
and nl?o his Imitat mi of a Loeomotive!
MIL s. k. G NKLL1S.
'.Tic man bom without arm*; will abo appearin some of the
met Astonishing Kent* with bis Toes, whi h must la: ??s-n to
1* lieiieveil,
LA PETITE CERITO, the Dansense.
a beautiful eollectiun -I \Va\ Figure-.G:ntle. ,?ie. &cc
The GIPSY UI'KF.X. the fortune teller, umy be seen and
privately coosulted at nil bourt of the day and evening.
?ty* Admissioato tiiewhideSSeertbr?children tindei 10 rears
ball ?.?r:f:
n- Jo ?enti extra B i eonru ting w Hi the Gipsy Queen ?ri
va'.eiy. ni37
1 GALLERY*?Broadway, upi ? - te the I ity I loll.
.Mr II IttNstrr. Manager.
:? < i"CLOCK.
For the eonvenienee of the .lay visitors. N i e\tra choree to
Uie performances. To commence in the evening aid o'clock
til \.N r i;OY
\ uiAN r t;i!:i..
Fourteen Years i lid, weighs 430 Pound*.
A UW \l,F.
Being three inches -hotter ihsn
lu.M Uli Mit.
A GIANT ESS nenrli SI !\ EN feet high.
Destroyed during tha late Riots,
t.xki n vros tt't sroT : ?. v> kmim-vi \uii-r,
Tbcsa Pkturescorer some huitdredi of square feet el can
vn-?, embmcttic the m bole of the stage.
t 'r Penny Beg \'??enlisis,
i Nonsuiting of a Father. Moiher. and Seven Small Children -
i ha-; are the real Orphan Melodist*, as they .mg ollen. eat
oftsn and iln ik olteti.
The follow ing P. rfiirmen ore engaged?
Mr. WINCH ELL. the Ci rnic DeUnenlor.
Miss MARY BARTON. Master BARTON, and Ml? A
BARTON, the much admired Y.vai..',.
Mr CONOVER. the Protean Performer.
CELES I'E, the graceful Uansih te : nud
Mr. H. CONOVER, lite Comic Singer.
RlOSl'l'lES. in-*"
rV?Mr. Johnson, ? ho has devoted several >eiir- to the inves
tigation ol this subject, fias; at the re.pie.t of many friends,
opened an office at IIa Chambers -tr-ct. where he will treat
diseases by the use nf this igem. He has secured the services
of seveml eminent Clairvoyants, who will make examinations
of individuals while under the maamctic induenee. as well at
magnetise those that requite if. The attention ofthose persons
is particularly invited, who have long standiog ?.iplainu,
aad who have been treated by physicians to u i purpose. Mr.
J. can reier to numerous persons in this City, wbo during t lie
last tear have been relieved b? tin- agent.
i lltice hour- from 10o'clock A M. tillU P. M.
N..B. Families t iseted at their houses if desinal. mJl tmisua
:l'2."> Brontlwny, S floor* nbove lite Hospital
MRS. CARROLL respectfully announces to her patrons
the M-.hr ,1 Fncu! y. and the piiblie. that she lias re,:?.v ?
ed fmm Cortlandl street, and established her Meibcal Vapoi
and Sulphur Ita lu in a mure commodious and central.situn
tion, at No. 333 Broadway, where b) her constanl asai'Uitv
?and strict attention, she hopes to merit the patronage which
her establishment has received for the last eighteen years.
N. |t.?Sulphur ltiiths require one hour's notice. Portable
Baths sent to any ptrt of die city or il. vicinity. Bathing
Tuns for hire._jel eial3t*_
No. '373 BR< I AD WAY. comer of < loambers ,t.
nAVE comtanilyon hand u elMsice assortmenl ofMSDI
Among their assortment will be found every variety of new
i ihemHMHand I'ret aretiooa, approveil and usesl by Physicians,
new Perfumes, fresh Drugs, Afx. Also a eon.tan: supply ol
Irtsh and healthy Swedish and German Leccher.
Abo constantly lor sale, of their own Manufacture, n large
variety of the choicest Fruit Syrups I'm S nla Water at
lowest market prices.
Among them nre
Soawberry Syrup, SarsapariUa Syrup,
Raspberry do. < irgeat do.
Blackberry, do. Lemon do.
Currant do. Ginget do.
Pine Apple Syrup.
A constant supply received fics.'i from the different Springs
at Soratoga, viz.
Always on hand, and delivered in nay part uf this city, free of
Physicians' Prescriptions, Family Medicines, Medicine
Chests for Ships, Families, and Plantation*, put up w ith the
greatest cure, accuracy and neatness. Medicine put up at any
hour of the night by a competent person. jl Inns
X tor Southern and Western Newspapers are received and
lurwarded by the Agent. V. B. PALMLR, al The Coal Ui
lice. No. ldo .\a?-uu street (Tribune buildings,! opposite City
Hail. Iii- Agency embraces some ol the ti-st Newspapers in
the following place-, which may be seen al h.- ?rhee via :
Alton, Huntsville. New-Orleans,
Augusta. lodianapiius, Peoria,
Burlington. Knoxvsiie, (Ttumcy.
Charleston, Lexington, Raleigh.
Chicago. Louisville, Savannah,
Cincinnati. Maysville, St Louis,
Chillicothe, Memphis. Sprmgtieid,
Columbus. Mobile, Wheeling.
Fayctte, Nashville, Wilmington,
Frankfort, Natchez, Zaaeavdle,
_ Frredericiuburg. ?Vc.
lle-ide! moat ol die principal towns m the Eastern and Mid
die Stales. jel ImSaUtWed
CIRCUIT.?Frances V. Kenn, es J.M. Fenn.- Bill
lor divorce.? S. S. fit A. F. Smith, ol ine? uy of New.York,
Complainant's Solicitors.?J.uno M. Fen', the iJtfeudant.ia
tin. ciui-e, whose plro'M offtaiidane? is m i o.ing^, in th? Stute
ol New-Jersey, is teouired to appear in tin. cause by the lour
leenthday of July nest, ur the bill tiled herein w:li he mkeii ai
confessed by him. :?1 lawltw
N E A P o I. I T A N B I? N N E T
CTT" The Ladies a:c respectfully informed, that tin. new am!
beautiful article is now produced in the greatest perfection at
where they are sohl at
at the lowest prices. A large assortment kept constantly on
band to select from. Merchants and Milliners roppued on the
best term.. mlO lm is*
s_< \ < ' iTTAI; R Tl i LET i 'it FOR SALE- Pk.
?Vr-A antiy situated on Stuten Island, about one and a halt
* m.la from Staplelon, near the dwelling of the subscri
l>er There is hallanrn.f land with a barn and good srell
ol water. Tbe RicJimoodStages pass the door in connexion
with the Ferry. Apply to W. EMERSON, ?Wallstreet
m^a 3tawis tf
D OOMS TO LET.?Centlemi ed with plea.
1%, mm hed-nxuns, at reasonable rents,al :i" lirorulway.
The Metropolitan Circulating Library. lUading K<>om and
Chess-roum i ope . ever] ?! ly and evening. Gentlemen should
pa'r ?' .-?' ?'? .-!-ti..-ni. 'J'ertn? fijair nrimiin. ap30 i*tl
rOOI^Ei AND WOG1.SEY from this date offer their
"'Standard" HofULK REFINED SI GARS at me lot
rang low pro-e,. viz.:
leiei .11 cents per pound. 1 When less than five packages an
. Snddd
Tlie cisive are nui-keri BJ follow ?.
Iy.asi.-Sj jg ii\, ol U>j llrt.>
Crashed in tilds ol HW " / No charge for packages.
Powdered in do ofSSO " S
Apply to the Ne* York Patenl Sugar P.etinery. cor. rd South
and Montgomery -is. or a' 1? Wall ?t.
N. ii. i irder, out of the c;ty um,: Im accompanied by a remit
anee_-el 1 m *
V 1 i M M I 1'" * I"; ;'"'t and plviuuig address, who
'T? Atjt/0"._can command one or two thousand dollars cash,
a chance is offirred to engage in a genteel and useful blUtaoaa,
on Brosidvvay, N. Y.and security given (or tiie iaveatmeoL?
Address t;. p. Tribune office. _mSutf
VAN Lw>llfc..\ S SOLAR SPERM OIL? Warranted su
iiernj in awry re-wt to tha best Sperm, ami much etwop
er, wxh as a beautiful burning OIL and upon inacn;r.err.?
l/ea'ers are rcjne-tei! to call and examine lor themselves, a'
ne i ill. r-T' 'UF.. '4 \-w .Itk^i aoi3mts
OILS?5.000 gallon* Sperm I) i.
l?.LOl " Solar Si erm < Hi.
j?J bn'rels Ijird ?lib
200 " Stearine of Lard. For sale br .
J. L. V AN IxiRK.N.
m31iatf_Alanulaciurer. 34 .New iireet.
V,' CO. U0 and 113 Nassau street, have on band a large as
sortnier.t ot Writing Paper? inanulacture?! by
Arne?, Plainer ? Smith.
Bradley, Owen 4c. Hurlbu'..
Canon. South svwths,
and other celebrated makers, which Uiey ofler fot sale, togetlia
with every variety of other kind*, on reasonable terms.
mJlmis _
it I)< lilHS have just receive.1 a largr ar.J splendid assortment
Carpeting patterns tbav cannot be found in an] other est
tnei.t. fine ami common liigralo J "arpetimr, VenetiaB, hnll and
stair Carpe^ fmor oil doth, totted and 'lurkey hearth rugs,
onrli - ilosir miit?. table and pi.ano covers.
All of who-h werermiehased at low pr.ee? ;or cash, and will
he sold cheap at No. '.y Bowery.
N. B. 3U.0OO yards, ail wool Carpeting, t?. per yurd.
a,.*!) do, i-ommon no, 3?. per yard.
ANDERSON &. IXIBBS. No. 99 Bowery.
my38 2wi* the first Carpet Waiehouse above Hester-st.
CrushedH do do > purehased, lialf a cent pe pound
Powder'd 11'. do dp i additional.
i RANi.s. RICHARDS? a. PLAIT. Store .No 904
"o*ilwnr ? IjK*tbI ra?', advances made on cnmignmeni*
' at*]**.
B3r H. R tc p. h,.. R y\\i iVED to Xo.?l Broad war. a
I?? .l.K.r. ?,h..v,,ll?.ir (,.,?? ?!,?
Y*t?''iV' P V^'-J"- Sd. .1 T o'clock.
,??oi. L,~vB-k...-, ?,? .ejected O-m pri
r* Work? 4?c ' "* ''"a;!!r ":>e Eo*b,? ediUoo*. Hlu-tra:
Amocethcoi ?aeopro/ Vodoboo', lt.ra.of Amen** ?
. ?..^?overaihuniirru .; .-,? desaVasad p.,tea; WV
'A r i tli'. Memoir.. 2 n Beoj It ?iUBfbroke'iwO'k. 6 ?? Bork'1
"Orks, 3vs: IFstorv Ol England. 12 v?; Join son-, work
I v.; BatweOl Johnson, 3 vs: K-"ike\ Rsstary ..f the r<^r.'
- Burnett'. Ii ?torv or the Rrfurm,l?>n. U aipole". Sie"
??. 2 Hurt ? I . e r. ?? ?.; llo-nier'. norlii, 2 n
Ijimb', works, 2 >.; Thier*? French Re.olui .fl. 4 v.; Sal*'.
.Ko.-an; Huot'a Merchants' Magazine.'.' v?: Ih.m-nt's Mua
. ..in. ie tte.
TUESDAY BVEXLVG?June4th, a 7 o'clock.
Law LlMART.?A ?? liable Law l..hrarr.enh'aciii(iu<?t
oftbe Xew.\ofk ttasnrti abo. popularmodern Reports. Di
rest*andTrentoea.Element ??. ft ???..?.?? -. . g men ere
le Rets rt? ol Wendell, Co wan, Paige, J. >late n am.' Johnson's
? . I h/v. Fart, AiC.
At 7 o'clock.
Fsrgvuve SaLX n? Book? in lit a\Trrir?.?SeversI
arge consignments ol valosble Books trr.li stoeJt including
, .. u School and Classical Book. Stand trd W'-ik?. library
? t.tioui. Bil'les ami Prayer Book?. Blank Books, Eagiaiinr*.
Catalogue* will I? re,dr on Saturday.
STOITF.NBI RGII .?* FAKR. \iictioneen.
?JT1 IRE .No. 2' i anal street. National Hall. I
? i tut Door sales of Furniture. Groceries, Drr.Goods, tte.
Itters led to in person and promo' letuini made. Sale, ot Ren
l..r.'iirf mmleni ine Merchant* Kwhurie-.
MONDAY, June 3d.
' SuKRiyr's Sau or Dar Go ids A.c. IVi irDot^Mooday.
June3d at IOo*eiock A. .?!. al No.-2P i anal M e. i. by order ,.t
t ? Sheriff, i large assortment <?< l'r? Gooda cea ssitistf m pait
"i Ci, Casainie-es. Yestinss, s. i>. Sanas Mouslin de
leiine,, Pruned I a ? i , it dket nit. Cravats, Shee?ing,.
Dnlling*. Sommer Goods oivahoos kinds, Straw Rats. Cas ?
ii k-. Linen, a.c. iic.
F.COLT?N. Auctioneer.
I,' ITOLTOX U CO. Auction and i looimissioa Msrcbaacs.
I . No im Fulton street and ;>t Ann street.?Liberal advances
oiade on con.icnm. nt,. and nrompt Mum. made.
?rr.yV FARMS, al Flushing, Long Island.-Will be^fSf
i' .old ?i public \uction, on V\edoo?ds r.bthJUl I A
,r |j oVi.M-k. al the Merchants' Em i ge A NTH [NY J.
Ill EECKER It CO.. Auetioneen. By order ol the Execu
r. ol'Kotwrt farter, decemcl. the Farm or Farms, at Flush
ng. L L. lately oeeupiedb] K. < arter,deceased.sind*utBiairy
v Joseph Shot weil. Esq . Ii tow n ai I ?? Ltxocx Hill Farm.
as follows:
Nu.l?Comprising SO aeres more -- ti ibks i?nd. in the
liigbeMsUUei?fculUtation, ?ith jo acres of ?a't meadow mt
i iche.1. i in said premisN .- a ? rga tseostory doable manitort.
0 ith kitchen attached ? the n bole bmh in the best manner, fir
i.livd througboul in Use im dem ?t> le, and in every rcpect sai
table for a large family, Abo. Stable foi .even Ikuht.. Car
1 ige House, PaintShop, Granary, Smoke House, lee HotM
dli-,1 with ice. Carpenters' Shop. Fowl Houses Pntary wRA
uilei hoii^ nnnexei!, w ood house n d r,?il i-ellir. large Bam
uihhovei. wed arranged Cu cattle, subling forJann riopes
indoxen: attached to the barn is a bniklingin ?mch i? a
iiorse power of the must approved kind, with winch all tl?
iir?hing, iiwnik and >hell nc com of the tarmcan ba done,
iiie whole in ?j"<iu nrderioi.: neatly painted : a!*'. J .'ante bar
i leksenclosed fir grain. 2 largeeorn eribs, gtriien hoiiMsand
?.il biHise, large barn 35by ii tor liny. ? m said premises
ihere has latels been bu II a bandsome cuttage tor the tanner
itid suffieienti) large'o accommodate ihe men on the farm.
? ie v bo ?* ol.ice eockxd with ?tone walls and .tour Ibol fences
i the best kind awl in good order; abo a large garden well
aid out, CiMitaining every variety ol ehoscesmall fron?, ?urb
. giaidierriia and eurrants. er-;!.-., asparagus, and stjawoeny
ruses of the best kinds. The lawn in trout of the rnamioa is
t a.nl.iiinely laid out and adorned with trees oi even dasuiip
? on and oi large stza chafriesainl pears in abundance ol the
?al ?ort. 2 apple orchards in good be inng and of good kino,;
ha whoss premises posseasini ? neceasar) Qisahfiealiooi lor
k'enthnnan scuuntrj seat. Those deutuus i t puieiuv.uu ere
particularly invitstsl to examine the property.
.N o. 2?l'ompri?iin! 2Uncre., moo-or .???.. of lillab.'e land O
oe be-t kind, with 4 scraa ol ~ilt meadow, attached ol near a
land, i m said premises b a large cottage budt dwelling .uu?
ile for a urge family, in good order and pleasantly situated:
with a weU of good water at Ihe door, tine garden, stable and
. nrrmire home, largebarn and hovel, ami ID every rv?i?-t isell
?uited lor a summer us winter residence.
.No. 3?I Comprising JO acres, more or less, of tillable land in a
hurh State of Cultivation. With n aero, of ?alt uietulow and 7
leres oi wood land, mostly hickory, ami locust. On said prenn
e. there have been erected w thin lee last 18 months, a large
Iwelling. with kitchen inached, of the Grecian order, built
hrougboul in the i-^i inuiiner, commanding a tine und variad
?nnnect, lieinu on the highest pull of the whole farm. The
lawn in trout uf the house is handsomely lud out. a th tress
?fgoodsizi.I ol 49 varieties well selected, and in which no
rxpensa has been spared; with garden, rn which is a rm?l r?
jaragus bed: abo, strawbern beds, ol the most nppro\e<l
kind : plenty of goosei<erries8Jtucurrants; a tine apple orehnnl
?i en Red fruit, in full bearing. Also, a large barn Si by t*'.
?villi .tabling and eeiieige l.oii-e ; uuilertieatli th* ss bole are
?rails for cows and oxen; fowl bouse, corn crib, with erauai<
ibove ; wagon and tool house, carpenters1 shop ; also, a well
?i water ofth.Heal kind : ihe ?ame it l?sl into the barn-yard
lor the use of the stock. Tbeboru-yanl isenclused with stone
rail BO by 100 hi I. in which, from it. arrangement great Quan?
tities ot manure can be made, Alsoattaciied to said premises
. n large Farm House, -a table lor the l?rmst und hi. hands,
vith guidon and stablmg, large I nrmek capable of liotdiug su
lonsofhny, tea.f stone and stoisa fool walls all in t.-.lor
lernodjuany of them rtventl) made; the ?hole possssasng
?very thine thai coold l^1 bssireil W me Gentleinan or Farmer.
The w hole Farm is situated in the village of l lushing about a
mile from the Isstding. Among the many advantages of Flush
nf for a resiilenee. nre the Schoob tor ma let and females, h Inch
are ofihe best kins), Stm.t every variety, yhurches oftbe
bTpiscopal, Presbyterian and Methodist denominations. Access
, -Hi be had to the i- ly of New \ ork Iw ice n day in ?Ummer and
I inee a day m.winter, either hy steamboat or stager. The sUs.
'anca Iroin New. \ ork by laud carnage i? about IU ullle>.
l or tuithei informaUon ol either parcel of tha hImivc pmper
'v. apply to the Aucii meers, .No. 7 Broad street, or
TI i IKER.CI ? ?PER .t CO. 7u South si.
XoTg.?The Cop. un parcels XoS. I and 2 h ive I?h;ii put iii.
Terms Ol sate?10 pet coin, ot the purchase money to be paid
iki thouiay of sale, 30 per ceol. on tha delivery of the deed...
und Uiebaausce, botng tSQ nerceoL, can remain on bond aaa
uiorigage nt n per eent. i,l m7 till JuS is
! 1'\ llil'..NH-Thi. Boa- In Hireclonnf lh? llowanl Inm
\t rn ??' Company have lared i Dividend of eight p?i
ami on the i iipital, payable on and sltei Tuesdsy. June Ith.
\! . ... i-!i m!?'Jwis] LEWIS PHILLIPS.Sec'r.
\) A. W., PnneipaL?A Boarding School for boys! 12 nute*
from N. V. I lity ami I miles noith ??! Xewi irk. Esses Co. N. J.
Terms moderate. Cireulan a' tha Bool, Stores of M. W
Hodd. BnckCh.Chapel; Laavin, Trow Al <'?? IM, Snxton
Si MUes, 2Uj Broadway ; add J. S. Taylor. 14j Nassau-st.
ii>7 linn*
OK SAYRE has removed to tne^X'iirth-West comer ol
_llr,..ob? . > ai d Sio.mr ??. l'r..io 121 HmU.u -1._m.'i Inns
WT NIH IW SU \ HKS ?" WIND) >W Sil AI IKS ? whole
.,,1? or retail, at WM. BERRIAN'S. 131 rhnthnm?
,lusl received 7,iso pairs, which, together with In, tonne*
.Pick, will make the largest and best assortment in ihe City.
which w ill lie ?old jlj per cent, hover than ntla r .lore, charge
for the .nine article, t phohterers. Carpet Dealers, and Conn
try MercJianl* lupplied with good washable Window Shade*
t ,.r. ?. s varyoig ftom Jl to$25. N. B. There are no uthet
goods but window shades and hanging, mild nl 131 f iiiitham
.r,?.|. ml3 Im i.?
?HATS, CAPS, fee.?Removed to H? Penrl ?treet.?
ihe-lock is well worthy the attention ot' purchasers as tha
-nod. are of the latest style, and the subscriber guarantees ihni
both goodkand prices shall give entire latisfaction lo.hrewd
anddttcriminaUng buyers. i;Kii. lllillxiK. m2 Imis*
From I (3 Fultoti'Street tu I?7 ltromlicay.
I'ha lubscribers have removed their aslablisboieDl to 187
Broadway.3 door, below Iho Franklin Hotraa und are now
prepared with n full ami varied assortment iff Cloths, Cessi
mere, and Vfeatings, to vv/iuii they would invite the attention
?I' their old eiutomers and the public In removing to a more
central location, with Increased facilities for doing busmen*,
we shall be enabled to orler still greater induceniants to tho
? ash paying customer, as wo shall always nun, by adhering to
ihe Cash mid I 'no Price System, to retain rhe confidence of our
cijstomors, Having in our employ the most exiiencuoed cui
ten, and employing none but the best of workmen, and having
the wholn bu.tne*.. under our own immediate lUpervision, v/e
can lately guarrantea that our garments will compare in stylo
and etaianea with those of any house in ihe United Stute?, in
addition to our forme* ?mek. we have on hand n lull and com?
plete assortment ol ovory article usunll/ kept in n sontloman*.
outiit'Jug tuiiise. where our cusbaners can always depend on
suprjyirist'rJieiiuelvet with a lint rule article.
m9 ?if J. c. BOOTH ?t_CO
Slcn's, Boys,' and Children's Clothin?.
Xu. 110 Chatham-alreet,
-Hf.V'.v BOYS', .l.V/> CHir.DREJTS < /.oTtlf.Yn.
pi ii, desMptionS, made in lue KOST fAgHlOKAlLI ?TVLg.lO
whn h he would respectfully inv te theatxention of?n seui waui.
A? he hn-, madearrangeirvenuito rwv,.
hy every packet, and has secured ii,e lervicas oi_*i|<nenced
Linters, ho pledges Mrnself to give perfect satislactioo toalj
wh? may purchase.
A" B.?OarmentS mndeto order at ihr ahirrlral notier, and
ICllli strut punr.luiUllli- m31 istf
WM. T. JENNINGS ?v en.
J) It A I' ER S A N I) J' A I L O RH,
Fancy Dress Articles, if-c.
Ar? prepnreil with an extensiva asaortmoni of .Now Goods, for
Spring and Summer wear, eompnsing
And solicit a call from Cititizent and Strnngom. under the as
nirance thatrjieir price, will lie lound to oder irrealer uvluce
ments tluui are held out by any oilier eaablishment furnahuig
garments of the same style and quality.
They would commend to the attention of Travellers, the now
.tyle of Road/ made ... ,.
I) V K R C O A T S ,
Being mail* particularly light, and weil adapted f ir Traveling
purp.ee?. when a heavy garment would prove cumbersome.?
Wttii a large assortment of
Faney Ilrc^. Art.rle* in great Variety.
WA I'l 'IIKS?The largct and rn.^t splendid a*.
Kftmeiit ol VVntciies in the eity .. b, lound it Us*
?wrsenbers. Heb: constantly rrrrivinrnil dracrio
|t.on. nf Gobi and Silver l\ atche*. of the newest
styles, irorn the itMnuwrturers in England I- nmce ami Swit?
zerland ?ml i.? er.aliied to oiler a larger saatiftastnl, and al much
l?v., prret at retail, than anc other house in tiie city. GoU
Wiitche, aj luwr,. 42uto J25 each. Wnlche, anil Jewelry
exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good
tune or the money returned. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry
repaired in the !>e?H manner, and warranted, lower than at any
otoer piiice in the city.
('?. C. ALLKN. Imimrter of Wntc ei and Jewelry.
ja8i?rl w hol? ale and rlail.ao Wal'-st. upstair
JcV\ ? Merchanu' E.\-han?e,corr,er of Wall and W ili.am
Jp^ '!b ?treets, lentrnnce tint dmir in William) have received
JaUAjgiti addiuon to their previou. stock an nstnrtnient ol
Watches not oqualleil in the city?consisting ol Chronometer.
Duplex and Lever Watches, both for Ladies ?nd gentiernon
Merchants from the .South as well as Uie city tra..e. WUI tind
I when uuality is eompnre.1 preo? low.
A general a.-.rtrmmt ul Jewelry ot the best uuahty.
Sterling ?ilvor ware at manul ioturer, price,.
Allkind? of Watches; reimirwl eqttsd to the onginnl. M.intel
Cock, sezuialo.! by a tire, rale workman. au22 iuf
V\ are, tc,
401 Broadway, corner Walker ?t. New York.
. dlk??ls of RVpoinns earetully done. Old Watches, Gold
ii J Silver, taken in etcnaa.e. or Bought for cash.
my'Jtnui ? G. STONE.

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