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Bishop Ilnslies's Second Lfiter.
'.From the Courier t B*ujuirer.J
Ni w-'i okk. Monday, 27th, May, 1S4-I.
'? In this cutntro. ail things are affected or deci..
ntaaot. Bad wbUt ??raunt >?-??// n> sustained but
l\?,,,t>- r.r<?'i<r<-fi<rr/i <i*i F LSKHOOD. Ttur
i? -oetkine frort *,?urrfiU Man FALSEHOOD, ere ?
TRI ITH atone. /A* eaesates ef our claim utere not uen.
cf 'his. and Ihrrcforr thru harr rruvd-a r.rrr i ;rc ut to -
fir. opmim urith MtiRnriiK-KNTATioN in reference rV) it.
Eitract from Bithtp Hughes .? Speech vn the ?ehoot ?
ban. at Carroll HaJ. Oct. ti.jM.
To Col. Wit. I-. Stose, r'rf/tVr ?/rt?? New-Yod
'' Comtaercieil Advertiser:
,, iSir:?It may appear singular that I sho:i!d i >
l?'Ct a quoiaiiou from one oi my own speech -. -
*n Introduction to the letter which I ntn about :?.
nddress \ou. But 1 pray you not to be alarm
it may be egotistical, but you "ill be p'easeJ to i -
collect that the newspapere have been nt mr a I
time?that I write necessarily about myself, bo
course cannot lone ai.ht of the subject, l'r. Da. id
Hnie, an the only ni'swcr to ray letter lately tub
dressed io Mayor Harper, h is di* overedthat 1 ha.
made reference t'i myself" torce bun Ired ami sixt ?
one times!'' This same gentl ::inr. published, no t
nearlv two years ago,that "inone of the Ct o
churches of this city, it Crtiholie priest nt conic- s
condemned a youns; woinua fir having; attend d
fanidy **cr<>bip*wi h a family whom she served, to
walk upon her knees around the church, until r;
blood laSUKO freely ?'KoM HF.K wou.ids." < >
course, in order to hold such a bad priest account ?
ble, 1 enquired for Iii-- nara?the n nne of the rhui' i:
to which bo belonged?the name of the yom .
woman?the 'iine ntid plac of tho occurren
ti all which enquiries, Mr. David lUlc had tu l>?
MUM! Si', ho was sure it must hive been so,
there could be no mi-take ab>ut it.?and he Imr
never hid the conscience to ::iike cither an b< -
"kno^led^em nt or an apology for mi- atrocious i
lumny to the present da>. 1 t> ive then fi re set I
do* n.?? I expressed in my last leit.-r, ns "afflict t
with a weakness or duplrci'y of moral vision,
th* effects or defects of which, he i? peibaps scan
ly account-ib c.' But 1 have never heard his sai
city ca'iod in question where the matter was o .?
pure *ee?colatum;" and if he "t>a that I have ;
ferr d to myseli 301 'im-* m my last letter, it u \
be looked Ueou a* conert. I aiid do probably :::
much in this communication?but me reason ia
thai 1 p'ofesn to write nboui uiwx-it in repelling tin
slanders oi others, which would be impossible .
could los-? sight o' tny subject.
1 take the liberty of addieasing thi< letter to yn .
sir, as takme the first, jiluce alter Mr. Beuneit :
misleading too pubic by circulating Hie slandcn
Just alluded to. i not surprised that at yoti
age, and with yourcharacti r and respectability, ?.
should shrink*trom n ji rtnersuip of reapon* bi j
with auch a man ns Mr. Bennetr. Bur, sir, y ?
should have thought td ibis seouer; and out libv<
joined wiih ti man like bim in ? panneral ip ol m i ?
guilt. .Mr. Hale is the only raun pretending i
respcctaiiiliiy who has bad die courage io luke s. '??
?witri him ; and 'he alliance, sipm.'-- io othi r mi i
as it may appear, is quit - natural to mine.
But before I proceed, 1 mum ben leave to exprc1
my dinaiiitv ?? cut with the opinion of man) respecin
ble p-rntis, boih C itludi'j und Protestant, to t
effect unit Benuctt i?t too low and too scurrilous n
deseive the riofice with whu h, they are plcastd i
smy, I honor him. A Pidl-.d Ipbia paper says tli
I have raised Inm to ah equality wiiii mysell. i I i
would be indeed a d.-ligiiiful ii it wore nut h Ih)| >i
less aticin.'t. On tiic oiber band, 1 iron! then i
not she least danger of my sinking to his degradi
level. As a citizen of the l/iiilcd Siuup, ij hi t
one. I claim no superiority uvci Mr. !$? ti ieit. As :.
his morul position, I have !".; to ie,n at ii:c opin cu
which 1 have already expressed that?"if ho ?c
jitore depraved, oi less despised, he would not be -
dangeroun; but, being without an\ fur.i princij
of good, he occupies tarn uuibig ious position win
renders him, mm men say, too ct nt- mpt ble l-r i ?
tice, and yet not sufficiently su to l>e below ii
power of mischief." I nonce him, therefore, not ;.
being capable of rood, but as being capable and i i
posr-u to evil. Tlnit he should have power to d
even mischief, is perhaps ibe reproach of the con:
?munity; ut.d 1 would uppea! to that communitt I
join int- in compelling him to rise to an effort in
good, apnin-i tlio adverse instincts of his nature, o
else.ii this should be impossible, t.i mnk him boloi
the capacity of accomplishing wickedness.
This, sir, may From to be harsh language, bu'
throw myself on the indulgence of the reader, will
the simple r^queni ihitt he will nn' pronounce it tin
merited, until tie s;mll have closed the perusal i
this letter. I have introduced these remarks hen
eimply to exhibit ihe reasons in general whj I cm
not agree in opinion with many excellent friend,
[ja. who say that Mr. Bennrtt ia beneath my notice. 1
n will appear in the sequel, that he has continued i
assail me, with an industry and a malignity whic
Y consideritis die man, can be accounted lor only '?
the supposition that it was prompted by either .
bis predominant passioui?avarice or revenge.
II indeed (here have been found pi rsous ireak n
vieked emuigii to gratify the formet by bribing hii
to abuse me, it only proves that they, nt least, imv
not considered him beneath notice. With regard i
the latter, the only pretext that I have ever he i.
alleged lor it, would be the treatment which he re
coived from Mr. O'Connell, which 1 been told h
sdscribed to my procurement. In his pretended rc
t ply io my letter he characterizes that treatment.
"brutal.' I agree with him in this application *>
language, but the brutality must he found in i! i
object, uui the subject of that treatment. Wi en i
man tramples on the decency til humanity, not ti
say Christian courtesy, he in metaphorically descri
bad a? " an a brute." Bennett so trampled on th
decencies of humanity, when he wrote the Httack tu
Mrs. O'Connell?*'h,n he represented aunmial.b
accomplished and ui;ed Cliriation lady as con
stitutiug the domestic head und centre for nil
of her husband'* concubiucs! When the attaci
reached that husband while he stood over the nev
made grave of that ?wie bedewing it with bis lern ?
end wnen afterward* tin* "brute" bad the a?s-..i
anoe to obtrude himself on the notice of that bus
band, in a public meeting, what other treatment c\
oept "brutal " could he expect or deserve f 'I'm
now that the iutnmv of his conduct recoils tip-,
him, he attempts to throw the blame on others -
This subterfuge, even were ii irne, does not exone
rate hun; for it would have been made immedintel
after ha discovered the assault, ifhc wore not tri rt
aJiti wha; O'Conui-11 rightly took him to he. Bu
this shall be treated i f in its proper place
In the meantime, I laid down in my letter to Mat
or Harper, nine propositions, in direct opposition i
the slanders circulated in t ie lUr id, the Couimei
cial Ad?oriiser, and other papers, ou mvown cun
duct and character. Reml them out, 1 pray you
and answer me whetherthe tuau of whom those piu
posiliotia utn true, im not in , position to hurl a tli^
nifitvd and proud defiance at ALL assaduiits ol in
reputation. Bennett has road ttieui, and he has no
dared to deny the truth ol one ol them. 1 wishyoi
to read them, sir,? but 1 pereeiv? bv the Cuimuoi
cial Advertiser just hauded me of mis date, k27th u
Msy, that you are indisposed; I regret this?tor
have no feelings on tlte subject but those ol kind
ness. Neither shall 1 press ihoi-.- points in which
have special rignt to coiuplaiu ol yourself, until thi
Kriod,wmch I trust it) not tar distant, when von wil
atile tn resume your editorial duties, and w hen I
shall he prep in d to hold ma accountable ibr tin
public and injurious use which you have made o
my name. But, wlmsi I shall touch li<htlv upoi
subjacta in which you are involved, in reterei cu t
m?- Ohara ter ami conduct, I do not deem it m ces
sary to altern syllable of whit I have wtitleu, u< i
to change the lorm of my letter b_? omitting \oiii
name?when I c insider the unscrupulous use an .
abuse of mine whi h is to la? found in nmr column ?
1 hold that my name is as sacri d a- your* ; hut be?
yond mis, 1 toall reserve me principal portion oi
what 1 have to say, until?which 1 hope ma, 1.
soon?you will be in a position to answer loi
Mr. Bennett hai> passed over in silence?u<
thdnka to nun lor so dtiing?all the propositions re
apeciiug myself, which, tj true, e? I contend iiie.
are, proves that what he and others have paid
against me, ia sheer falsehood and slander. But,
ptuajtig over these, tie has c.'iarg-.'il m?i With two anii
ordinate matters which 1 shall now di-pose of. Tfte
first is my reference to an a.m ibleand talented lady,
wno will ?io mo tbejusiice to remember mat J <:; t
not make any mention uf her name, I would nol
willingly offend against the rules of gallantry o
good breeding. I applied au epithet which [mr*
regret exceedmglv? tut that! leet that 1 was un
warramed in upplvinc it, but, because I could not
then foresee that the tdeheti ol one ot her bn I
friends could have been so great that he would p .1.
?ah her honored name?u? a shield lor the protection
of hte own guilty he?d. My allusion was intended
lor the eye of that Udy "tew//-but not for the no?
toriety which this bad iru tul has since given it In
truth, I supposed that the allusion woul.i be under?
stood by few, if any, liesides herself. We have cer?
tainly seen the wr.tings even oi ladies very eeverel,
criticized. But / am ust a Reviewer by profession
And if 1 alluded in a seemingly harsn manner io
these writings, 1 make bold to say" that tlat lady her
tellj alter a proper explanation, will do me the jus?
tice to acknowledge, that if 1 have even tm-nted
blame for what I htve said, it is more than counter
baianced by the-kind feelings that may be iaferred
frons my silence in regard to what 1 have suppress?
ed. But, even so I regret that her fnelinga ahou] t
have been pained, and oeclare that if I had thought
that ol the tew who might understand the allusion
mere could have been one base enough (o publish
her name in connection with it, it should never have
been uttered by me. Still. 1 apologize to her, and
express my regret that anything I have ever written
should have given the least pain to one who for tai?*
?cts. bensvolenoe, purity of character and amiabiii]
tv, is justly rezard'n] as an honor am! ornament to
her sex.
The other.stna.il mitt- r. cm which a point has been
raised by Bennett, ir in reference to ray speech ?:;
i'iirn-1! Hail. H>- ?avs in his paper of Saturday
tlnit "this speech ia work fok word the same
as that published in the Freeman's Journal," mi |
drawing Ion conclusion from this assertion of his
own, he < barges upon me '.I.at I am guilty of "false?
Thin is impossible ; for nt the conclusion of mv
letter, I stated that in penning it I had not asin?l>
document before me. and consctoii^hi sf, judgment
and memory were all 1 had tu dopend upon. Ai
knowing that t;.i' two latter ol these might betrat
i a into a mistake, 1 took the precaution which I
owed to Chri.-tian feeling and common candor to
state, that if in any matter of fact I was misutki ?.
I retracted my words by anticipation. Atter sip ii
u declaration, no -.nun exi ept Bennett, even't I h i
i-ce;, mistaken on some point, would accuse me ol
falsehood. This is the only instance in whu h
even Bennett questions my accuracy or my ?? -
racity. If what he says were true, with such a
precaution on my part, it could bo of hut little -? ?
vice to him.
But i. is not mir*. The report in the Heraldox A
the report in the Freeman's Journal arc not w on!
tor wie I the snme. This is a fact. And with fact
even Bennett ought to know at this time, that re
sotiing, much less assertion, is perfectly useless.?
If therefore I convict Bennett of attempting to de?
ceit ? en this point. I wiii surprise nobody. Still,i -?
I have appealed to the just.ee of public opinion, I
shull not presume to stund before that tribunal ?*?;
??ven this imputation. To put this matter rieht, it s
sufficient to say that the quotation at the bead ..t
this letter is tottn: in the report of my spe; eh i:
Carroll Hull, in die Freeman's Journal, nie! i- ; i
found in Bennett's report of the same. I'herefoi .
when Dennett Fays s'-j>t the two reports are "word
'or word"' tha s tine, it only proves that lie was ac?
complishing a faist hood, and knew it.
Titis t'alst ho'l he tepeats six times?still, BS the
Ii-; will be sufficiently long, we shall couni it hut us
one. To what -extent it is a falsehood, may la? in
:erred Irovi t ic foi.n.vinj ?\vsris of my sp-seb
' .'?irr II Hall, as reported in the Freeman's Journal.
I quote them not merely for this purpose, bui nl.-o
to refute, in so much, the whohvbodv of shim!-: -
that ha.e been circulated bv ali the editors, orato -
und clergymen who, taking BrnnMi for iheir leadi
1 have almost exceeded him in their perversions ji
toe i rut It. The whole speech ma? be read in the
Freeman's Juurual extra, ol Oct. 30di. And the pe?
rusal ol it wi.l convince any man who can read, first
?iliat there is not a nun! ol appeal to religious or
ectariun prejudices; second, mat then- is not i
wurd of referent e to politics, except in so far as can?
didates had arrayed themselves in opposition :?>
equal rights nt the people; third?that the pur, - ??
ni thai speech *>a- not to organise a party, bui <?
lay dow n and develop a principle. These proposi?
tions will he established by the following pitssaji s
oftbat speech:
" In tlu> eottiitn all tinns? ar-; affected or decided by pub) e
?;a a: .u. and puhfic opinion itself is sustained I > two opi?u? tu
Nneiita?Tnnhaod r> I?li-.-d. There is nothing rnoreti >w
etful than Inbehund, except truth alone. The enemies of i ir
claim were not enorant nfthis.ei d therefore Urey hr.ve rro? .
rj avenue to public opiuion with misrepresentations in
reference t-i our claim.
" it i. therefore necessary f"r ni hive recourse t., the t: itn
which the)- suppressor d?su .-?.?. IFedanataskfarsectnri .?
,e'u* .?. it t A > not ask tint sag portion of tin puStit men t
, thoutabe conjidtd tons for tAc purpose oj teaching our rt ?
gin*, at ?? tub ic cjptnx'?sue Ira demand woutdbsAMOtf.t),
nm: h-uu ..' ki-.hlv mlk1t Tilt hjcbcsk WHICH it oh UU
mit cscaps.
"Int e Public Sdivrwdawhichwere established aceornieg
to the ?yttcni now in force; our chifdran had ti uudrbooka
which wo could int approve, IteJistoos exercises were use-!
which we eil nut rceoemzs-, and our children were campe!? .
t" Hike part in tbera Then we ?? thdrewtJiein from the tchi ? ?
and tuur.hr them widi our uwu ineaus. H e da iiv( teunt mon i
from the School Funds?s.'. irr des in it/' beadminieU rH
in fen n im? as to promote the tdttca! ion of ALU No w I c
Putilie stehool Sock t> bus introduced just su uiui i. ul rei?CHro*
iind sectarian teachineras il ideated ihern i i the planitude ??:
iheir iiTsspunsiblt) charactei to itnyart. 3*bey proieseeil U>cx
, elude relieton. and >et Iber iutmduccil mi much in utittnliu ?
'le y thoti-rhi je iper, and ufsuch a quulitj as violated nur n !.
ciiHis r.ei:'>. Ifinir eh i 'rcn cannot reeoiveeduealiiin wiUn.i:
in.-, ine '??? r religious 'iota and teelinfi aioddeled -jy the l'ubl c
Ejcl oul suciety, then tbey catmul race re it under the an ?;? ?? >
iifili.it bnututson; and it f-t those reasoiu Use) ? n i ..t receive
; it from thai institution, it i< lyrnany to tai them for its sup?
port. VVedo notaskttieiatraductinnOi relienarsteachint; in
nnjr Public .-c mil. hut we contend that it suek religious ..i
Hucneesbt brought tu bear on :'? has ? ss of education, it
shall be, so far as our children art concerned, in accordance
with ty religious belief of their parents ojtdfamilies."
"Out I call upon jrnu to rrsUt ibis Public Scboolsyslem
wreihet you ire sustained by i ublie men or m-t.
" liai ner.en.trit uponTOJOVS ie:th Lour oppressors, and
then iiacv boa no Ai.tfkn.vrn?: in voting. It mat ?
,n ii r uncommon?il may seeui ineooststeni with my charactei
?tii.it I slionkl thus take an nitertst in this uiatier, und I tdinuM
nut, wereitnotaaobjeetof extraia-diaary imisirt lint tbero
m.i. been an invasion ul your religious ngbts, and a- Use spini
i unl suanlian of thuee imw before me, I am bound to belp I
ai.se. it van are taxed, pcit must hr protected. Were to.;
lax no imposed, thai each deoonunntion iiiiehl receive the
lienefitol its owe Quota, ?ieca?e would be lair. Uran tea
, tug t.i titirr a*?v sYsT? m li lt noptntes CqUAI.LV t but we
will never subinil to a direet violalnin ofotii nehts. anil an ai>
pniiiriatiiMi of the school fund in such a manner mat we may
not participate in its benefit*.
, f&patieitce tollsqsthat Io nil ere: t questions axitated i-;
do. country, there are two .::!...; und in l?e history of Uns one
we have widen.-i the tnct. 1 do aot ecsnuHlef ia- que?tt.n
i .tr it reeardt u iities t-r men. I unlj 'ta-ak ruraud advocate the
. freedom ? i educe '.?-n und llio men who -land up lor it. I lie
tear ms tlie fnend of Imn who would cue ji - in e to ai i.
- CLassss."
r I'hese extracts confirm the truth of what has al
i iraih been said, tliut il was nut until ailrr the uns
represi illation ami bigotry of b |Kirtiun of the press
? bad bound the representatives ol die pi o; le, to di -
u? even a consideration of their claims, to the
Ii tends of general education, thai they took up ihe
onl) alternative consistent with honor und a sense
of right. But in all this, there is no appeal to see
i tarianiem?there is no appeal to nationality?there
i is no expression of denunciation or bitterness?inn
v\oti!. there i* nothing but the calm, rational, devel?
opment of a great constitutional right, happily s?
i cured equal' y to all the jreople. It \ ou make a pub?
lic i.ssue wii? any other denomination ol Christians,
?for instance the Methodists or Presbyterians, !>>:
. the purpose ol depriving them, as B?ch, of a corns ti
, tutionat right, they will naturally and necessarily
oppose the effort by constitutional means.
if you attempt to hem them in, in suc h u mannt r
that they cannot have a chance tor voting, except by
voting for persons pledged to inflict upon tliein ti c
very injury they complain of, their right to cumpluiu
will ceatse, if they co?pcrate*with you tor that pur?
pose. This was ih- principle which 1 developed
? in inv speech at Carroll Hall, as may Iil* scon by
, another extra?.! still :
' "They say that we want a portion <if the tchonl fund P-r
?eetarmti irerpossa?to apnly n to the support and advance,
inent of our rehcHiti Tbl? we deny now, as ?ve Imve liervto
Ibie. We have denied it officially aad under ibeir own obser?
vation. And were (bey careful or sobeitous Cir the truth ??!
iheir statements, tbey wouhl ni t have made tlie asse.iiou. in
this community, all rciigious denominations ere supposed ?
' jr et;ual. 'I'hcretsuo such t.'img as u predominant religion,
and 'hr arral/rrt minontu ii i tttlUnd to the >?!???' protection a <
the greatest majaritg. Mi denomination, whether numeroi <
not, r m impost its ri. rirj j aunerita at '.hr cemraen
? penteof thatminor?p end itself. It v:s against that ve
These extracts arc u'l found in the report of my
t speech at Carroll Hall, as contained in the Fret.
Hutu's Journal. They an- not Ibund m toe Mime re
pott t-s contained in the Hi raid And yet Bennett in
. his paper ol ihe:Msi says that the "tw?reports" are
i '* vkkb.itim El literatim" the same, with the ex
i ceptiou ot' two wordsin the description ol the enthu?
siasm ?ith which the Bishop's speech ? as rect ived.
? in the Herald of the 24tli he says "we shall show
in the most conclusive manner, dial 'he report which
appeared in our columns, w?s identical to the
vi r? letter with that which received his own sanc?
tion, nod was published to pie ?v. rid in his own
Journal." In ttie saiue paper of the 25:h, last Sa?
turday?"We give this report from tfce Freeman's
Journal?the Bishop's own paper?a report whi
was subjected to bis revieiou, und was published
with his mil approbation and th&l ol his friends :"
v i! again " Thdse reports ?'ere made, by the same
gentleman as we have already staled, and we
now present I he incontrovertible proof that ibey are
word lor iron! lite samt? that tin- report wbk n the
Bishop has su distinctly and vi hementh denounced
is a burlesque report, m to l.'-e very uiicr the same,
as that published iu his own paper ato-r having re
c ived his sanction." Such is Bennett's rcpeuiion
ot Iiis own falsohoods. 1 have taken tile troutdc o
exhibit tins' quotations ??vinch am found in the
Freeman's Journal and are not found in the Herald
?not that 1 iupjiuse thai that any olc wou.d (wlieve
Bennett's word in opposition toiniue, but because on
ih- faith of Ilisinip White's testimony and my own
experience, I had appealed to ibejustice mid loveol
fair plaj inherent in the publicopini no. Ameri
? .ni.; aud bt cause eat of res peef f. r thnl tribunal 1
wish to appear vindicated, lest some malevolent ir
incauiioun editor might quote the-.- dcciaratkics ol
his, on tiso autnority, not of Bennett, but of "a
nicrning paper." Of course, the public see ihe posi
tlon ol both p.irtii--, in legaurd to liiis. only point
which even Bennett has raised, .mil ihey \?i i be ih
'?eiier prepared to appreciate the following state
uient,contained in the same paper i t the suine date
?25th iust. " The Bishop has been eonv.cirJ id
uttering a ?.i? ?'iLm rate?a most a:o;s und atrocious
lulsehood. lie has been proved to Is guilty ofcir
. ulatiog this lalsi-l.oin! through the Journals of this
city. And 1:0? we affix it upon his forehead, tt'e
brand this tiun.ing i:;-gr;.t'0 ti, onhi- cl:eek,and d-ilf
him to come before ihe public in any capacity for the
p irpose of impugning ihe acccraCX of the it port
n Itick "e hace shotcn ;j be ipsntk-al w ith his own."'
Umortunate man!
Before 1 enter into the detail rirI>e:;in-u's ub;:se, I
?hall.class under i??<i or three general heads, the
allegations whicli he has made against inc. If these
allegations were trae, 1 should think it not only na?
tural, but also reasonable and j-isi that ihe American
, eopic should regard ine ns an i!i ilisjio.-ed and evil
tmnded person, 'tin-1:?, tbatl have organized my
nock into u combination si-pdruie from, and ndveir.e
to, >be principles of the couotiy to wJrichtbey belong,
and to wbicb alone ihey 1 an look tor protection.?
Another ia?(hat 1 am, somehow or other, Ied^iml
J wiih O'Connell in promoting two quest ions, one of
which, though interesting to every man that loves
human rights, and human freedom', is still, so lar us
its resultsnre concerned, a foreign question, natnelv
?Repeal,'?th ? other a question?of extreme delf
IIIMIIIIW?^".1111 ' "' m~m* '
cncv um! difficulty, involvinz coMeouences of u-.o
miehtirtBi import to our domestic policy, iwmclv?
Abolition t Now I ?hall proceed to show first, I ? n
en t'.ir from riavine oreanizi d rnj !."? k ioto '?? distinct
class in their ciVil relations, 1 have beld ?tri still
bold the doctrines ntTiasii Hale, and the "Native
Ainerican*'1 on that subject And first ?-ith regard
to organizing mv flock into a scpuratc class.
Let the tender refer to the FreematCs Journalo\
November Iltb.lS-13, and he will find an r.rt.clc. un
der tin- head of " IssVLTtSC APrXiU ui PoUTl
cia*.s.'* from which the follow-ini: p-u-augos ?ie cx
-W. -iionii! bare tlmnsbt that the ?>.t;?.!i ?>? 'i. ?
ft--- i rfarrirfdatiu bltuseri dofintgJlertualjnatuniy.as
uonhl enable them t ? so-the despicable -nitre of th-se who.
on die ere .-t an eieeiio:i. nopestto them as *' Adottxd i rrt
RKKS." We ?hou'd have thought, moreover.that or tbaUme.
Ibey had acquire,! rpit:!. and .eif-r-[v? enough to spurn ?i;r.1
nppeaUm a manner that ?hi.ul.l rebukf an-i drsapp^ntthe
eatealatir.n-of their desp or. !?--author. " Ado;.:.-,:i :?
i ll Have no interestopposedto. or apr.rt from, tnose wine.;
engage ti*e attention of liie people r.: large, ami ihouid kef
I lliem-elve. in?nlted. when tl~y are appe.l?! to. as it eonsb.
oitinca dhAinet and separate ctasa Even m trm city saeh
Mine's hiv* v.. ? ftr-r. been attempted w .;n ...ippn-oi: 'iicccss. by
;h-:r friends.that thotr enenriei too, have availed ?!:??? uelves
t ol the practice. < 'n tier day ol the election. Tuesday Inst.thrj
- were eal ad opon through tbe medium ol pheard?. n-mM with
* a largeblack cans* (tbrnothine? top .acred !?..? taesemea
? to vote torn particular candidate, ami this was dpcavwita the
. direct intention of aecompli?hins ha d.vr.t. lye know not
I who ?' as Uieacthet of tins " ingenious devtee.' It e know.
iitdied, that li.: year. Col. .-=lo-ie pc'.ot-.1-1. With all thennl -
ofbl rr.ir ?-;i;eb sn-h a .per;,.!-1., <-..?. . i ? to m breul ??: a
j pkius editor as be is, a simitar exhibrtion of a "black cro--.'
! purpnrcs? to lie n placard Inan trtsCatlwIic*; whil-t he sicsT
i naveknown that tbowhole forxery was tbe wor< id lit. I
I leagues it not In- own." Thin has reference to a political re
eonimeridation t.y persons signing th-mv !vc-? " Truste? -..i
f1ir?i Church"?a Catholic Church at Sandy H - It in thisStaie
'i be artw le in the Freeman's Journal cues ? ?'? to review an up
te recommendation hy other individuab?and ?peau thus:
?' Thisc-unter recommend.n a signed li'-t "TlvMoas Ken*.
ler, Lieutenant of ib* Irish Greens;'' winch .how. that if its
signer* bad titli-. rh-y w.?>;!?! n-.t h-sita-.- ?.. tn-k- u?e of tin in.
e-pecially iftbey werelikeivto Ico? any weight on tl.
; ...cd StUpi'dOg of " ApiiPTKP OT1ZKS8.'' The!) fllloWS a
list of thirty.tv.0 names; among which the O'Connors and
O'Xcilts and U'Keefes stand out conspicuorw. These, be it
known, are mcmhenof the Cmiirrertitron of Christ Church,
Snnilr iii!l: and their indignation does not break forth at the
insult which u, put upon them as - Adopted Citizens'' and
''Catholics,'' and which they put upon themselves. Putdi
rcetcd against their opponents Sir bavins .iimed the nisei res
"TrusteesJ" Really; tha eontemt* in which they are be .
hy those who addresathem rrtksaca arvez!?. is well ment
-d. VVben they present thatnseJves as " Trustee." or as
" Adopted Ctizen?," or as " Catholics.*' '.?> u-.tiio low ?? ? ??
t?ineenng of politicaJ asp rants, on the eve nf an Ai.,ft...... rb v
de--rveiefverP.be rated higher than Iber are hy tho^ w.'.n
employ thes- np;?>a!??thnt is. at men :?:m ui: r.-'atavni rnf-v.
"Cnrs or fit. rc '.cc.."
Abating ihe mixture of contemplunus ejii:;,-.
and insult, who >ould not suppose thai this iuti
fua?C ii copied from nn editorial nf David Hale i r
iruin a speech ol the "Native Americans." Vei
liie render will lie utonished to lenrn thnt these ? .
imcis isre from un article written by?and expr ?
the fentiinents of?Bishop II?ig 1.^---!? thai n un ? ho
i- represented by !>? nneti?the ? ditor ot' 'lie Con -
meicial Ad'erti-er?the Journal of C mmerce?the
orators of liie Native Ann rican parly, .-til inttnj > \
the ctave and reverend divines ol our pulpits ns or
cruiizinf! bis flock iulo a distinct and sepuiate cla.
a- " fiiteitinrrs and Cniiioiii!
An regards Rep?a! in Ireland, the Biahop-np
proves ?.f witliuut qualification; ami especiali_\
considering lha moral and Clirisiian sanction ? Uii ?.
oppertniiH to ihe m< ana ibal have hitlieno neen ein
pluycil tisr promotit pit. Bol 1. cir, I ai e i.- vre ?
in i t-'d either mj persou, mj opinions, or my name,
with "'iy atmoeiation in Europe <-r Ainerica, ln::r: i
ed fot ill** purpose ol promoting even t''?t humane,
jusi and lilsernl object.
Is r-gar ls Abolition, happily 'or me' I can rcfi r
to i- stiuiony which no one c >n siispei i of being i -
voked i r cum octed lor liie ucensiuu. I.i ihe month
oi March, lili'J, morn than two years ogu, 1 had ir ?
casion in write u reply to a strauitc refi rrnce !???
Col. Webb, editor nl ihe Courier and Enquirer,? i
tt e Hiilijeet of an eddress which was r ir uiati d I}
in .?;? iliiionists of this cmint-v????'?<r s.- "igm ?:
. O'Conn n i..- counlrytneii^ri ihn i ?
Mat! -. Sly npin'on at trial time was that die iIiujo
iii-'iit ivas nut authentic. I have had reason sinc-i!
tn it'ter my opinion, and to believe thc.1 tb? si iiiitu e
?I" ibis fricat man had lieen a?lieiteil and obiauu'i!,
under a false represt nlutiou ot the true aiate nf ili
qttcsiioii as regards Slavery in the United Suite-,
ih re i-. uu extract nl from my Ii '.i r to Col Webb
publish d in the Courier and Enquire!:
* ? " Should it lO'Comiell's signature I prove to he mi.
identic, then I have no In sibttipn in ilccl .r ug my opinion that
iti? ih ?lint)! of i fry ii 'tarativd Irishman to re* itaodrr.
pndiatt tat address with indignation. Kot precisely '.>???
oi tlie doctrines .i contains; hut because oi the r havi (g tma
aalcd from iiforeign soorc*, and of their tendency to . p?mte
on ipir-iion. ol dnincstk und national policy. I mn no friend
in Slaverv, but I am I Its. friendly to any attempt of yon
tu;x oRtuiN io alsuiisli it.
" ihe duties of naturalized Irishmen or others. I consider to
be in no wise distinct itr different from then ? f.Wmrr .imr
nans. Ami it it lie proved an attempt has lie m made hy this
undress, or liny other addre**, to tingle t. ? HI lint on arty ours
ti'-n appertaining to the far sign or domestic ptdtcu of the
United States, i? asp other capacity then tint of the ictn-li
popuintum, then it w'|J ;^ ihcir cuiy to their roimtry, ami their
?:iiu-ci"iice. t i rtbokt -ueh an attempt, cvmtfrom rr. .
rign sourer it ?n't'j, i? r.',?raiud </c< nt-J manner and language
that Common eourt. su u-i t permit."
Thi , Mr. em ? nun nn viniiii ation Ir in the in' i
inoua charges thai have been preferred n.-u nst ire.
win i!p r triim the ]ires> or from the pulpit. Hut In ?
side ihi m-, and I" side tie' propositions coveiiii";iiM
whole cliurf.cter and conduct, laid down in mj f.-r
iner buer in 11 itr Muvor, and wbich no man can im?
pugn, with one confltciing fact, I have to add still
othvr tesliinoni going lo prove that I am not the man
whom even the furious denunciation nl Native Ann -
I'iratis represented tue in be. Before tin- close nl thi
communication you will have seen the f, rociiy wiiti
which 1 have becndenuunccd,according in llctuu tt'?
teports n! ilieir proceedings, by this new irarty.
Ih. following is :i transcript of an article publish?
ed in the Frei man's Jourual, us far back as Febru
Bry the lid ot this yeur:
"S-svrnl ol our .ii!ise-i;...rs fiavo ihtunaied n wish r-. ;r, in?
asmuch a, this party protest n special hostility toward for?
eigner*, we should devote some pertain of our -pace to a refu.
lation uf their calumnies nnd misiepresentatiuiai. To those
j who think so, wc would - iv. that tim object and the principle
i of i.ur Journal FORBID us taking op unv qui stion of local |n.!i
tics; and that the very nature of Use ease renders it superllu
on. to eucnee in a refutation of e|i,p trap ?iiiten.et.t.. wfm-u
their autboi., thmn. rives do nut believe. Tl..- individuals com
posing tins parly have a political nxhr to a.w,nnte, nppomt
ollicers, make tpeeches, designate cam!.dato?, and etc 1 ihmi
if ihey can. It it tiue they have no m.rrj.' right to employ
fahchoods in their speeches lor the purtx-sc of increasing ih?ir
nuiidier, or of inflaming the public in,i.d. Ilm ih,. \ ?. rn .
oi moial right must be usei hy the exercise of moral uutpoii
oor part?that 15, patience and unexceptionable deporte e' !.
IVe wouti even caution all w ho may rx, induenced by mir
opinion .'gau.s' any net unworthy of the Inch character which
foreigners gtuierally, hv their giaid and peaceful cum
acquired in tlie minds of .the respectable portion of the cum
niiinity. Ali greater o iurg could"he mjltctrd on the interests
uf foreigners?no greater distract could be ofi.irJ on thr.r
churactt r?than il Use) allamed Uumsa oes :?> o- procoktd into
cup act inconsistent with the lurs and good on;..- of society.
I'ha remark at panieularly applicable to Catholics; for u 1?
quite evulent that not foreigners ra attsStral, but Cntho!ic?ia
tinrUcnlar, are the islijeets uf the hatred of tins spurious uariv
1*111. We Would urge, then, emphatically on Catholics to bear
ilieimelves in all re-pec Is in n munutr which tri'.' prute f.'ina
Worthy of the privileges and rights which thru ctijoy. Many
will probably join thu party who are really frimds offer
cignirs, tut who 1. r the moment will coalesce with Uleir eno
mws to accomplish some loci. I purpose, of which loreicners
constitute no part. T.ie true issue tor the loaves and li?lu -
of iillice ; and as but u small shure of these, it any, full, t.i tl.-e
lot of foreigners, so. notwithstanding ihe abuse ol iheu name,
thei" may con.i. er them.elvn as secretly mtircsttd in i.'.i
quarrii. Tho true issue is between natives and natives: and
ibere let il remain. The part w hieb foreigners should Hike will
l>e to sale wrtn, arid support thiwe who. besides itrsoraU
leorth. profess to c.-.rru out thsfair ami liberal procis.oss of
t* aststariea and laws at the ttaMry.
"Tiiuse Wim will Iiave rend Uteie remarks w I! find inlhema
sutheient explanation of the iss?- n wi.y have wasted so
Utile of our space with the question ??: Native Amcrici rii?ui."
Tneee, uafai as I ran recollect; ?re ttie ductnnes
fir the prciended viol iti u of ???? hielt, 1 have bei n so
tiilsi'l v and injuriously as>nilf'd by 'Ir. Hale arid the
"Nanve Americans." Ami jet ibis article, pub
lislird editorially in the Freeman's Journal, as ni
rendy described, i.- fmm tin- pen ol Bishop Hughe?
who is represent! d as organizing !iis p, ople into n
separate class! ! Again, look ai another newspaper
called the Trutlt Teller, over which 1 have nu tvn
tuii. published January ?tb, 1L-4-1. lirtdi r t?e liile . t
y'.o Frets if A. tB'Yorle,1 nu.'. you will find in mi
article of neaily u coluiuu's le istli, the follow ii g
jms-iop, which exirerses tiie spirit of the winde:
" Now we are satistied thnt if u lie i.ece?arv to -p^ak of a
portion of Uie ciuuniunit) nt roXKIuaexs, at all. their true
coiir-c litre, and so tar a.s this place is con. er ..-i, ebewlieie,
too. is to enter into oo discussion .nip those per-nis who U:
Uugutih themselves in the mi.riii-.-r we have just referred lo. In
itila COIinir) , speech, like opinion, is tree; and if tiiU ;?. rty -o
called should persevere in tbe Gsroctuus spirit ol itsdenuncta
iiocs. i: will find its corrective, not in the arguments which
m gtit l-r nrgeJ on the par', of the assailed, hut in the dear-r
-vt-iiiier,?; uf those who foresee that their prospects will Le
blighted by ;i? su. ee-?. * * * ? DutUtey hnvcfaibyd bitie
ertu in exciUng any tning like opposiuon on iho part of He
bdupted c tizens; rsettber the Irish, nor German, nor English,
norScotch eitizsns luve cuiitlcsxeoded eillter to uutieethci
preceeilmgs. or m any manner to resent tbeu uisuiu. i Ins .>
us it sJiouid be."
Tili? article .00, is from the pen of Bishop Hughes,
.-!> tun mis, according to the echoes oi sUnder. lor or
etinizihg In.- people into a separate class lor political
pcrj o.-cs. Xhe?e aic theaiuclra to which i aJludni
w lay last c<'inuiun;cuiitin. when I ieu:arrseu tnal
-tto.ii a.very early |ieriod, I prevented the only \n
per.- which affected tn reptesent Catholic iut-rest?.
ir. Opposing e.ttier the principles or titc propra
j the new party. Wnen tin: firt-.ate iutere.-ts or en
i lerprize ot" individuals urge.i them to esiiblis!: new
j pnjiers intended expressly tri oppose toe prntjrers of
h*4 Native Americauuui.1' and to uphold ilic Cou.-ii
, tut.oioi! rioiit- of foreigners of uii religions, 1 oei
emptorilt ittfused to- ;nr ei-.i.er patronage nr ujij.ru
batton? foreseeing ns l im igined tu wiu'i point auch
antagonism mu?ilead." 1 know thut t.ie irrrspoi;
^it>le editor ol llie Journal ol Commerce rut'5 tue, as
it 1 bad "prevented ' or "caused to be published'
these papers by an absolute autlior?y or bv jiln.-i
cal fon-e. It was not so: but merely by the influ?
ence of moral means, such n- ;i inend uses towards
a frieud, actuati d by a deaire lor the peace, security,
and honor of society. Ami bis reauK)tung is, thnt it
i- mosi dangaroua to the e?mmaniry that it sbould
include oik* member; capable ?I troricipating zus.
pi even ting the horrors which l:ac occurred in ano?
ther city 1 but 1 have already ?ta:.d that 1 look
upon the editor ot'the Journal of Commerce us mor
allv irrespousible tor what he so^s.
From nil tnis it w ill be seen, not only that Ben?
nett und Ins followers have no facta whi reby tn es
lablish their utmse uf me, but mat I have abundant
facts lo establish the truth ol' sentiments, cf lan
guage, and of conduct,directly the trppotiieaf those
which they have charged upoii me. 1 have nlnxd.
published my seutiments iu reference to an lri.-h or
Catholic organizaiiou. and to any political distinc?
tion between ndopted and native citizens. With |
Kep-nl I ! svc ni ver had any ?iing t" r-.-rept n
a looker im. Q:> the qur-fum oi .Violitioni.-m. tin
same. But. a.-? may ?>?? * ' ?. ?"????" "he nan p '?' ^'r
O'Connell :VHm employed as a charm to convert Id
country men in the United Smtesinto AboUtionist?,
I did suggest io them. in my Jeter to the Courii
and Enqtiir r. limt whatever might be their opinions
on the subject, any (king like diciattonor n-ic-.-.
from any foreignsource on that subject .va- to t.
met tvitfi iel uke at d indignation. I hove be. er at?
tended or taken p tri in t political meeting cr more
nient. in my life. I have never voted in my life, ex?
cept ont-e. * I have never made n political speech it
i niv life; and I dsns any one on earth to meet me i
j contradiction oi this alateinenl. The School qu<
! [ion is a subi?-ct which can he explained in u few
word-. The Catholics ot New York, for iixteen
voars. in.d been deprived of the benenis ol the taxes
which, in common with their fellow-citizens, thr;
had to pay for education. Tiny bad created a few
free schools ro supply, us we* as might be. tl e
evils resnttinefrom this privation, ihe question
now arises why were the> deprived ot the rights i I
education? And the answer to that question pre-j
s?nts tlie issue made in th" whoe controversy, f) e
Public School Society assignedns a reason that tlie
Catholics were bigoted, and the: their priests kept
them apart from theotherchildren, lest tbeyshOu J
become eti'igluen; i. Americatiiied, and, a.- a cot - -
quence, Pn testants.as soon . sthey gn w i;p. The
Catholics, on the other hind, ihniedthis ; and al?
leged thet the system ,.i the Piblic School Society
was adapted to* make the chldren Protestants or
infidels tir.-t, or simultaneously with education.
Here i- ibe controversy?on tiese two statements.
I he Catholics alleged that tits elementary hook? of
ihe schools put into the hoods of their children,
wen: calculated, if not intended, to poison their
minds in reference to their religion. Fm- months
and years this was denied ly the Public ?choi i
Society. Tim: it was true?they themselves have
at length had the candor to acknowledge, by black?
ening certain portions of their books, and this. ?? '.
their own motion and not a: any instance ol mine;
As an in-tr.nce of those passages, 1 will quote
amongi liters' r e following:
"JiiI.ii Buss, a rcalom reformer frojn Popery, who lived i i
Botremia. towards in.--.i the lonruanthandthebe:! .
mnB the fifteenth centuries, lie was hold and nenevenng ;
l.ut at Iciirm. tru in the nacKlTlTtL Catholics, tv w:s
by the-n i.- .a?tt tu cos ICibSCd ur i iietcw.- a:.a burot al
tlie -tase." f
'l'li.-' principle of the Public School Society a: i
:heir friend.- wasthat the Catholics should pay the i
school taxes like others, (which ihey dfd.) and then,
after hm ion paid their tuxes; sen,I their chi dren 10
ihes; ho Is to have ih- ir uiiiids imbued with senti?
ments like this, combining at once, prejudice, utt
.-!; i: i"a'' r.'ii-ss ?villi ii, : iniid-.ring : i-t'-r:cal ni
I'll Catholics, on ihe other hand, would notagn e
to have t e feelings a:, i understandings of their chi -
dren ini.-lei'by such sentiments, as ill-" benefit of?
fered to them in return ter tlie Injrs which the la-.v
required them Io pay. Ttiey pet ti-.n das gortd cit
? /."II- oiijiii tu no, under th> pressure of a gricvanc .
I'hey discussed?ihey reasoned witn their opp -
ne.nts. And tins leil 10 the results alien.iy referred
ni. Bin ihe ungenerous trick of the. friend*, of the
Public School Society', on discovi ring that witiif?:a5
u-ck.' 's-! al and misrepresentation wvie no muica
for t-ut \ was to itiiow a - .'ar as possible no one io
i... elect nl. except socti as shnithi' r.-1 t-in-i then,
-elves to deny redress-far thegrtetana complaint d
of? no matter ho>v just or how real that gnevanci
mighi bo. Then, it was, on the very every eve of
ih ? election, tiiat at it meeliug in Carroll Hull on ih ?
School t'o.esi.im. when the knowledge ot ibis tri- Is
.iroke Upon IIS. I expressed the .. i.i.ii.. i.;- vsl.ii ii i
?.till rlnnd b?, wiielltrr rightly icinrileil or Hot.
;!iev ure found i" the Freeman1 i Journal, but not"1!
ih. y are adorned with ttic waving of shillctaiis n
Bennett's Herald. Benneu s.-.ss that the two r -
ports are ?? wonl lor word/.' ?? -> rhntim <t literatim
tiie same." Benue t Lnew wh ti e ?rote tnjs,
week, tlial he was writing ?vh?l was Out title nt.- i
now ihe public kuow that he knew it. y\y -pee- i
nt Carroll Hall was not tlie speech ol u politician.
Ii was Hit; speech of a man ?vii . has some reveren ?
for ihn dignity of human nature. It was the speech
of an Amern an who knows an ! prizes the i iulits si -
cur? i! by the AmericunCon-stitutioe, which he ?ould
not wisii to see violated in any d< nomination ofCliri
tians, mon'. limn in his own. Bead that speech as it
is in the Freeman?* Journal. Is there any nppe.-.i
to foreigueis? to Irish?to Catholic:?to politician.;
?or to any cla^s of tn-,ii_-s, except so t-r a< a prin?
ciple of cie ir indisputable right und justice could
be mi appeal to the understanding ami the hemt of
evi ry I onest man !
'I urn now, -:r, I pray you, after liavii g read ihTs
'?!a. ling ft lutution ofBi mien's last lit'to bo d, to die
nine propositinns laid down in my lost biter ?.-*
Facts. If ihose facts ate true, I ask you whether
Uirr-- is n man among u. who can presciii iniiis. I: ul
tin- n.ir ol a ju-i and In noraoie public opinion, in u
more unexceptioiiuble character, us n citizen, as a
Curistian pastot than I do in rrju liing in.: exct >s ut
aewrriloud ?i... . ...??!- ?? I??>..... bivii ha? Is en bcuped
upon me .' But if those propositions are not mo ,
iig-.in I s.iy?"Now, the elbre, James Gordon lien
nrtt, William'.. Stoue, and ycoilii t tleceivi rs of the
till biic, stand torili and meet Bishop Hue ties "
A lew words more autl I ehaliciose wttli wliatap?
pertains to my own vindication.
In my letter to his Honor the .Mayor, I stated ns
followh in reference to the meeting ai Carroll Huh :
" Hut liiere was a reporter of Heimelt', there, <??'..? mail I
saeh a ipeeeb as be thought prouer-->which ?m ilierwunls. as
I h.-.ie reason believe, litt?! up idr the purpose ol producina
??lie < f Uetinatt's "TRKMKNOOUs mriTK-.tz>Ts" and making
tlie " II -rulil a- uavs the "r?r an.I ;."/-.?; ri.:. ri,rt:mg ;*?r <n
.'. ? ?.- 1 i.ri. " llavuaTUfcen thai report.bavinsMuudeditwith
ihe jem? of his own nbtitdr], and .::aile some inlfa column oi
editorial comments, in all that sues eraeitu >-t ?hieb Iteuncit
u capah-f. l .e Herald i f t.le n'll mnming lie<-.-iine thu hr.s .?
and fountain ot all ?io vituueraUon, ealumny ami -Inml^r
whicn nave been ncaia d on " Uahvp Uuzhes ''uuoucboutihe
United States, irom tnal iia> until this."
All this was from m tmory, end I apologized bv
anticipation, if in q nest ions ol memory I had matte
an. mistake. In Ins attempt to reply io ibis, o;i the
25th, he stales ilir.t the m hole question turns < n the
accuracy of Ihe report alone. 'J his is false. 1 said
ihe "Herald of the next mi rniug," including both
the report and the editorial comments, made with
the ;m cV. gravity which he sometimes puts on, in de?
rision of mankind. So thai here isfalschuod both in
altering and in suppressing irntii. in (hat editorial,
headed with flaming letters, he announced a ne.v
am> extraordinary M0VE31K.VT?mixture oi
politics and heligios?he makes the clergy as
welles myself speakers, &c Now, none ol the
Catholic clergy took any part in the proceedings
whatever, nor have ihey in the discussion of the
School Question,, with <.-ne or two solitary excep?
tions. Neither v\us li:--ie any mixture ot politics
and religion that lam aware of, except ?hat is
found in every assemblage of men who have some
.dea ol teligion and of politics, without ihe slightest
consciousness Of any necessary "raixtuie."?
Wonts ot this kind?written maliciously?read lus?
tily?sent forth ut a lime ol u.-eat party excitement
?caught up according to ihe but- ami tone of the
pas-ions?commented on as they have been?In came
ux-quest onably ibefounlain unJ basis of all the vi
lUperatinil iliut has been neaped uu an: throughout
the United states from that day until this. An-r
?hat I have said already, the nutti of one mud oi
which not eveu Benneti will dare to deny, I uskyuu
to ponder on the direction gieen to the puiiic mind
by this article?and I ihtiik you will sec tii by ne?
cessity, ii.is man perverts truth in the spirit uf the
article?he perverts ii in I be adjective?he perverts
it in the no^n?in the i reposition?he perverts it in
what tie says, and, so t^r as ihe icurnl t-if-e: is co.'i
ccrned, he \ erverts il iii what he suppresses. Bui 1
r?um i .--jittiv tinie tor thtt tuinute exposure 11 his
stroei?t s on my character. ?
The examination oi this question has impressed
tin my mind more di eply than ever theeoundnei-s of
die quotation at the head of this letter. And 1 <J ?
be ir ve, thai so inr as regards the things of this
world, JTaisehood would be '?aUnigbty" if u were
not for 7'ruih uJoac. There nr.-, certainly, most cu?
rious forces concealed and mingled with the ele?
ments of material nature. I do not Fpoak of Mes?
merism?but I would jti.-tciiil your utention to tin
phenomena that are produced by the action of a gal
vanic bait- ry. When its force is made to act on a
dead body, you perceive wimt a shocking mimicry
oi ii :? i- produced. There are manifestations, us it
an attificiai sotil had again ucqaire i tue mastery and
domii ion over the movcm i its , t joints, sinews and
muscles. Now it seems to h.e ihai 1 have discover?
ed u latent principle somewhat analag6ui ia the
power of truth. And if 1 can Liinj out the correct?
ness of my theory, I hope to be ranked among the
philosophers ot tue ??r? tor whom I h .ve a gri-ate.
respeet than fur its politicians. 1 shall muse ?i>
experiment.-on Jan.-.-s Uordou Bennett. And in or?
der that they may he taiily trn ,i, it is e.ctcni:ul tiie-'
be should stand in the mid.-r of a large ring of spec?
tators?but no one simii ;uui:i: him. Ol course
battery is moral; and its effects are to be produced
on his teiU un-J potccr over his own motions, if the
theory be soum!, the spe-jUiorsi will witness ihe fol
lowius phenomena: Whenever the fbice is applied,
.Mr. James Gordon Bennett shall lose all potctr
j over his own will; am! in spite ot himself, he wui
j jerk his arms and impress on his forehead a. certain
I combination ol letters in whicn ail tuat is 1*4*1 hon
j orable m the English alphabet will be coceeutrated.
> In order that the experiment should be fairly tesieil,
i! is necessary that ne sn.i ;,: .00 v Trtitn full in the
uce. In thi-< he will find s..mtf ?'iltieuity, though he
; is accustomed to see very wellen either side ot it.?
: However, I snail shift it', as circumstan res in iy re
j quire?to m^et tne focus of Ins ?isnm. I shall com?
mence with one of the most cruel things he ever
?anl ot me:
.' ^ .e have nrrrr uttrrr l a ti/' ahlr arain-t i:ua a? a nr.vate
individual On tiie contrary we nave imdimnly -^...cr. ofhim
oj a ina.-iol talent?j n..,t aMIaoli ril?RjkTCa-oe KETT
~0* 1X1 i.iitili"-i,; ua.-.-r.-ii? uuU firr Au clmrer. ana creea "
? IJenr.c;:, .?ca Jt. l:it.
' *' *?''' "'^ oul *h' experiment No. 1:
' ih-hop Huc-ie, from livteii :*en a cood cardener. a ra:- r
v. c-itibasv? and i-.trruLi. has beeome a Bun.-y of the C'liure;.,
and now iei-.es sonb instead of -n.i.ie... but hu ori-rac,' tasus
?*?'??? '? ?-*'? Us at one of tne host rawmxo STCOFHAaTa to
roWKB that ever presided in :he cJiurcn?and ail thuse who
Hx\ k MOXKTan iFowicR.ofoT^ c\vrcJi. arems re Lax i ia? -
i5 *m?5S.'tl* ?Atttorisa aso isoxrcsocsci."?Beuna,
.uns, Li, um.
I Did von observe ariv motion of the firms 1 Can
you : nie? tiie letters f .Now it in mftniresi thai I Hi
rt?yi:li is in spite of the volition of Bennett's will. It
i- trip homage w!iicli lal^tiood pnvis lo the mnjesTj
??t truth?not by tbe appBcation of tat! rntl foroesr:
; not bv the freeVill of "the worshippers, bur by lbs
I unspecied, hiit'!c:'., but lilniiciity power rJtat is i.t
!t> tum in truth itself.
; Hear him again:
"So lung n* 1'. - .? ??? i' .'ucted- oontroversv !--?
f.ire the Common Conned of the c:ty-*o wnf as he souslit m
hit own ?ph**e. and by the nppropnatr wtatxins. osjim ami
urgxmr?.'. :? frffrjnr.f'm/? ot thea.eurrioy ol bis v ow-, uu
?-lie justice of tu.iei Is. be was not bald- to cetatjre. a rut s,.
drei? belt- is conti the agftatiuo. Bi I? :? Hughes c.:i
i s:\ tn no rev,ra ra?M i ?. v<> ?* ???>??:-i ' n iii.e?i w .
turn: but we h.ouai. butecd. have merited the tait*/taJsol bis
wrath, mi l tiut or ?i.l mks bait wecenoutKefi h m.or in?
terfered with him. so long ??? he kept to;lusown sphere, am!
within ha kerumnte liniiu.a* tbe rehgtocs guaM an ot b *
people. Hut ticm the very moment, when Ii? Bist ilcrarrcil
from the ploce of a thriuian Bishop, and adopted the daws
p,,t?b e weapons ofa HKSC rouTie?i.?i.*nuTor.,iroiii that
moment he became amenablet ? tbeeemareoi public opinion,
am! :mm that moment we denounced him. ? Bettnttt, .Vat
2jth, , .
Now, sir. in order to p-r;?s~ for experiment No ??,
I be? you to bear in min.! tint Untie* art-re exactly
in thesituation i.rrc described, when Bennert wrote
the following ettack, published before the meeting
i: Cr.rroil Ha!!.
No. 2.
?? B 'hop fluche?, w ho from the highly rctpe-gtri.-le trad.* ? f
raising eableice*. (having been a capital arcfen gardener once
onaesy (yccamearatserrof CattajBes and Christians, has
the sole'inert: of orieinatitii: tbi* ?mall potatnoitertwo. He
stir!-: ?. - - ..'ii gw yk.lllS AOO. i* .tu-nb., . .7iirgu\n/n ?.'
lianir O'Connetl'and 'tn-' rmt'?one otits puriH?e* Unng to
! criw?i:ct*? Irish Ctthatiet of Stew Torts at cduttnttparts
Mat could be siren m t.- " "??i'.? -r [..KO-Foeot attM tear.
\ ufhitcrvzicr."? Bennett. Octi'Sith.lStl.
Do 'j t.u see ai y jerkiug here again I l?.i you -? e
any new maik on Bennett".- forcnead Iranded by Ins
own lutnd ?
Afrain, still:
" There :- one . harre, how ever, in Ui? letter which IS to
extraordinary, *?> inexplicable, ? atrocious. tu.it we met no.
tice it to il-) The charge i?, thai we om-e attacketl air*.
Uanii i' >"< Vir all, the veoeralde and mom wile ot Daniel Inm
?elf; and that tin- was the e itise or tha brut d treatment which
we received from the ceb-bmted O'Conndl when we visitcJ
:he i orn Exchauge, Dublin. Tm< i> imlee.1 - piece i f mh r
mntion which im* comi letely astnunded u?. VVenererureanit
of ?ich an accnsation. as may surely be well beliered. when
we never wrote n?? liable; or Uttered n ?.vorn, or even thought
uf Mrs O'Conneli. in the whole course of oar lite, 'ihe en?
tire" latSitv-Uw utter imaosflbility ot our having written or
pi n ,iu iineagsuat .Mrs. U'Cvnnell, 'J f.t mice apparent,
when ii r, known that during the in.: twenty yertr* that I hn\ >_
h-en ,-. i.no.-leit wirn rho pre., m thi? country?noi.rlc;"ie.|ia:j
of* he h pcr.-ta- proprietors od c n luctoci: the R t. I lern.1
?tu to tiie alfnir m tee Corn Bvchange. in every rerercr.ee r .i
O'l ounell. 1 cxpr-wsa.1 admirnriimiot the man, and column
a'ter column I have written .>rc:ii' ng h in. and even attempt?
ing to ti .ol isi.e f. r h,- sH'ir'i on lii -'.Iic'ii lll.t.tutioiit .-I
thai country. Attack MrsoO'ConncIl ! A more dnnei; and
dtiii erale InlseiHsml than ? ni vei. rocewtn! to.rn 'he I ntinr
oi I .!?.-?. I ca*l it b on ii -hop iiu-in-, with nil the burning
! indignation wf: ci. c-;n ia? itnngiiieil .i, ?!.-? so s' o-lv. u-v* nie.! t
?one whisnever. even by nop. .? uiou, aca ke<t any retnaM in
ur>v in-le or-hn'ic v.:. .tjver. Thus niucn oil that poini.'" |
{Bennta.Jitaa 2-. 18?.
Experiment No. 3.
** We weil.; advise ? ft oonell n< t to make in- n-.ur ol the
Cn ted Slates, lor ti" ? ke ol Itkcuaieroiis clukiren and con.
rL!i.i,whors 'iit i - fei! ?tberless and comfoitlcs?. W..I
ourreutlen :? cvo inns n.:> same morn! rascal, U'CiHiuel!,
once mede a ptitUi boa-t that fie never snared a man in lu,
aiupr or n womsi! in his lust. His wde <????? e ,u onler loshamc
Ibis scoundrel, nlleetcd together *iv youug women w hom he
liadsoiluced. and employedtlietii about hi* bouse >n vnr.o;:.
iRcnial caoaeittes. \ et t!.i- fieartbi s. uuprncipied. cowardly
wrct. h, Las the unbltabingeirrooWry. t?-C
BewxttCt Herald, V?%. tr. .iii. 13".
This i-* perhaps on- ??; ihe nioai iuiereotiug ex
prrtnients of the whole; and tiie pbetiumotia ol Gal?
vanism i"".: exhibil nothing like it. Jrou s. e ttiet in
opposition tn ir* own will In- has fixed the riri-:
I brand on his ni>n ioreiiead in rclereriee to Mr.-. <
\0'> oiiitell. And now I waut in see whether tlte
i moral influenuu ot truih will not ? ompel him lo fix
' annthei croessvise in re:- rmce to ihe same subject
"Toniy gwats?rpreai mal r.:. .;;s!m*e-,t (be *ny*. these re
I nvrks were ??f an o?rntire chnracUr, a:ul such ?. it uevir
I eolll.I !???. ..->. ?.> n.illd i.>e?li?Ut71 lA/liIf Hi
;,i.mx oj i/trm ir.i-r- ere, im I read them m my own pa|t r tue
; noxi nioruiug. I was, ludeeil. exceodingly chngnuetl at the
time, am: r, :no,i.;r. ;e.i seveielr witn liMf gtkttentan who
wrote ineni," i L'he genltttnan ?1. i a r tethetu:
Beonetti May 22, ISlt
No ?? s e whether toe phenomenon ol a co.yj.
brand i- i# be realized according tu my theory ? f
??Every ed-l rial article which appears in the Herald, i<
wrilteii in ih s oliice?by whoiuit im.iters m>t; tun all wrilten
[here under tiie con ro! and superiulvaldence ul one inuid.' ?
j Bennett. Juuuaru ?!, IS. i.
In tue I ilio.viiio expoi iiiii'iit, I -h?ll in ike Ben-;
:.? f. lor tlirt eiitcriainiiient of the spectators, go
I (Iirnii?h nnoiher compound ntovement oi this siri ,
which cannot btil prove very ii.teresiiiig. In the |
tir.-t place, in order to undcreiand the question, I
invents a meeting uf "Native Atuericana"?eom
puses speeches t.,r ibein; and, ns if Iiis intention
were lo diicct any mob thai might afterward arise.
I tothe burning oj our Churches, lie publishes in one
' of these speeches, '?that there arc dungeon* und, r
."?'/. t'airick't Cathedral, which ran l>c intended fir
; n? other purpose than tli- imprisonment and tor
tun uf the H rotes to nt minis crs of this city, when
tue Catholic* should gain the ascendancy." In re
lurnuce to tin:, subject, he says a lew days ul'tei
' I . ?? V.xpress of the-city?i most miserable concern?actu
a'lybad too audacity le-terdny to declare with spnsmod.c
v. riggiings that all tin* movement was a .tmr. and thatull tlnoe
,[., .. b?- win."ii are now, tftrui.gh our instrumentality, rir.
culalmgali oeertht tountrn. area imiuc U.ami y.i.y
mat Uie: peaken thus nuieunal, am! so unc? rcmnctously vottrtl
oui iil'exirtence, coubl giveUn misi mhle creaiuies ot tiie /? ?
press pruuCi ??? tlaur identity?of their Jtesh and blood eiisti m e
?equatlr .tih?imi and "...ivincui-r .1. thai v, inch tbe honest
ecu try/man gave tiie philosopher who bail very learnedly a -
'i in in? hcanng thai theie waj no lueh tiling as motion,"?
?iHennrtt..Voc. 23.1843.
ileie,yuu [ieaetve, is the denial uf the forgery.
Now im n tor experiment No. A.
j "And in order to place the ? hole plan of operation! beibretiu*
ne * intr'> hihi belbie tiie pubi c, ice ?gat up the famous '.imrrt ?
can Republican meetingin . ism m m. Republican Ituttjtetteetn
Broadway i"i?l the Bowery'?which was a piece of imaeuia.
i Hon. and inteude 1 to presenuin 11 practical and intelligibletiiini
trmbtstmodt of nomiucxing the new agitation?tbe best plan
of carrying on the canvass?ind the rn; icj v. bich most prvper
i Iy invited the aUautnn of the speak en mil lenders 1.1 the
movement. And this tuccteded admirably, 'I he ground we
I thus pointed out, ii, ;i practical, ami at tin.' same tune, a dtUi
cat' and unobtrusive manner, was taken by tha leaders of ihe
movement, and the agitation worn on Irom that hour with
spirit and success. .Ml mo proceedings of the party wero re.
1 ported accordingly by us, aau the puultc in tin. way ke.d icg'.
Inrl) inlbrmed of the view-, the purposes, and Um progress of
I tiui rof.nri party, it :?true that ihe Express and oiher pain is
1 blustered a good deal and cm-l put' torgery'?' 'orgery'?but
Hint did not prevent our mode of presenting the trurr. tenable
ground of tiie new party Irom producing ibe uxautKD ki -
cki 1."?Bennett, .-ipn- Ltr lrdi.
The shedding ul human blood, and the burning
down of Catholic church) a miglit be anticipated, >:*
Lbu natural, (whether it was mc "desired,") clli't:t
of such publications or not And ihe wailing fami?
lies und ruined temples uf another city can bestdc
I chire whether ihe means und ihe end iiavo not bei u
j in line keeping with each oth'ir, Bui at any rub-,
you see to. applying the talentJorte of TMOTii, his
hands fly up against lii.i will, and fix another melnti
: choly brand upou his forehead. As a small seipiel lo
ul! this.I v.iiljii.' mention that after having duecied
as fur us he could the attcniion mid the passions of
Hoy tiiuli that might be, against the Catholic Church?
es?after having fanned the embers of social divis?
ion into a Sarai?alter having seen the earth ct iu:
soned -.ith tiiinian blood, which ou^lit to have be* n
reserved tor thede/enceoi the country,?and ?II this,
:?..? I have said, (he natural, il not the desired, effect
of his viihtnous falsehood's, he can discover in it
p.H, even now, nothing more than an equality with
one ol 1 be "moral essays known,under the title of
.Esnf's Faules." liiere is litis difference, how?
ever, thai jEsop's Fablet did not tend to arson and
bloodshed: aud the ouly similarity tlmt tiie compari?
son suggests, is, tbar, physically, according to the
ancients, /Esop was a Beauty?urnl so, 1 um told, i
Mr. Bcuneit.
But, I irusi the experimehts already made are stif
tleieiit to csiubiish my tlieory of' the latent power of
Truth over Falsehood?as being vastly more won?
derful i:i its action on mind, than galvanism itself is
ii it- application 10 inanimate but articulated
i here i.- one infallible lest proving that any reli?
gion?so culled?which inspires men ?iiii hatred,
one loward? another,; even on account of religious
dit&ieuce, can not insomuch be oi Codj?lor God
is love. I'rue religion inspires w* with sentiments ol
love towards God,?ffrst, and above all; and next,
loie towards ?\:r neighbors as ourselves; Now. our
.?*<.?. i". ii ii..- taught us most beautifully, in the exam
; l'j ot'ihc good Samaritan,thai love tor our ucghbor
me ins all yi v.nkim?. Vou, yourself, sir, have once
illustrated tli s admirable and iutaliib e te*t.?so I'nr
as sentiment ah I feel tisr nn.' concert cd, of true reli?
gion. And although my opinion; on such a topic,
wnl be received as little wo tli, 1 will say?there
never was a prouder d iy for tiie Pro estant rr-liuion
which you profess, and lor your own fame, titan tuat
on which nm rejecbtei tiie test tn ny of aria M?n?;
liiieit she waseudorsed oy reverend ii m Is us a h pe
ful convert from I'opcry, and n^r liltliy book recom
tnen led ns a veracious ami o;.poit.-.ne productioi..?
I will make Luid tu saj lint i ? sickness or in h*altti,
?in liti; ur ot 'iCifJt, you canuoi look back except
with pica*nrt.ib-e emotions to that proud day. on
which; understanding th- true iuterestsand h-moroi
your religion better ih m its official advocates, you*
exclaimed with honorable indignation :
.Yon trjiins iiuz?us, noa crjensvr.'jus isus.
But how, sir, could you tmve so tar furzotteti
what was il ;.- to tip- memory of that day, to r- -
w ive the testimony?not of a Protestant like Maria
Monk, butol "t Reman Catholic editor," as you
hail fie cruelty to call him in your paper of the 30th
day of October, 1841. If you bad given Bennett's
statement without the endorsement of y our own re?
spectable name, his churacter Wuu'd l;a?e been an
antidote ;.< tin- poison vsineti he circulates; ami the
deplorable results which since lolloped, would in
all probability never have occurred. But 1 shall
not pre--mis tn.ttr.er on your attention, at the jire
sent nine. In tact, from what I read of bim in j our
own paper ar.d other respectable journals, I suppose
lloii ttieir e(ji:urs would not haw been w illing to
I. tve placed t:? ? slightest confidence in hitti in reaard
to any mailer iir.nlviiig trulli un l honor. Ami jet
what was my asiouiabment i:t beholding bim con?
verted under your pen, into "a Roman Catholic
editor,'! and his tesumooy received by yiru.asii'you
r-.-a.-d.-d it wuli habitual confidence! 1 be man
himself 1 li.iv? never ma-n. l it mj opinion of bin:
bad been already formed by two circumstanrcs
which; for me, were quite enough. One w as thai
he was understood?in 1' iladelphin, 1 think, to
tmve |iubii-!ieii private and confidential letters :?
anotiicr was, that be seemed to deny and repudiate
bis country and bis countrymen. I he tir-i i? the
only service he could render io die lend of Bruce
and Wallace: and for the second, there is another
reason, t.u doubt, which hi.* countrymen ran ex?
plain; If seems, however, that (hough l> >rn in Se.it
/rtnd, he makes a good "Native American." He
savs, ,. ... .
? VVbv a<lsd niv friend, ooo I foe to sawaif your
?rrateu .d'-.'ner'" ?'!>?. y-u':i-T.a ihe So'trh.'t..!.) I. 'It! .'
mud he " TTiea FD lei! you the rensoa?they er? ad?-d scary
.... ',>.,.., top tr. bottom, nn-l yrben I pwathemm the street, i
.Iwan use :i:c windward ??V. and avoal tdiaJutu: aa. n,? l
rheiteh.' Ma Bs! b?!-ho: bo|[ bo! ' IWr.'
con^inuedT-mj trend, are the -.Yativa: I'll Kick to the
Xdtices?afirtoettiegcrten; . , _ ? , .
1 do not know ut what period Uenneli wroto this,
Hu I had .*. vague recollection of it in my owii m 1.1
which is Confirmed by thequo'uiion hen- tn
?!?.?!, rhay be found in tne "lift and wnuiig?. I
James Gordon Bennett," page 8. _
But u appears th >i be i- n it only a "Native, I
that he has their principles?at least solar asiht
Bible is concerned. Vou would suppose that il no
brought ttp in one of our public schools bimsell, I.
would recommend the system ol those schoob bj
its results.in bisi'?wa conducl and ciiarsL-tir. h
I waseducated a rtriet Catholic, bat it was a. an mlisht
med Catholic too. i^tJjvoK. in my boyish toK.?<
! titble? Km* Jame?s Bible?the Proiaauuit Bthie. ret
-ye?.even uie rroiFwao? ?>??.. > ?-> ?
tiiiiie in every laniruace in every tra uau .. - n
Cbureh?irjeverraect. Bishop (lushes commiKerlanwtl
talm akeeverto raise that bule. narrow, bi*oO-d
aboni ditierent Crarnbtkxu bet?re tfi - Christian and inte : n!
community."?Bennett, .i;-r:.' !?, IM4
What could .Mr. Hiram Kelchum, himself, ssj
mine than this I And if Bennett be an example o
the moral effects ol such training, what stronger
reason can we have for making it.- adoption univi r
sal in our public schools??from which by the by,
apart from particular translations, I nkver askkd
r:t.\T ir should hk excluded.
Bennett ha> preti tided that his assaults itn me, of
whichT have two or three dosen still iu reserve,
were made in consequence ol my conduct nt Car?
roll Hall; snd then only for the public no.-.!. This
is entirely false. His gr wisest ass mits were ma !c
before the occurrence at CarrolP HslI took place.
Until ih. ii.even by his ???. n.-' ms ir-:. 1 had .!.?? y ?
joe in authorize his assaults under the plea of public
good. Vet, my admitted innocent e did n -t pn tci;
me. But.why-should I speak of mysell ' t i i.
a clergyman of "hy denomination whom ! ?? In.,
spared I Mv amiable and saintly predi cessor. ? \< ii
nt the age of ?' TO years and upward," could not be
alimved to escape.
'? Bislicp Dubnis i. not a patriarch?he dues not e fleet rofon ?
by h - example, or by h.s pastoral ad vi? audeoveniment. .. .
no. fie i> doineCatha ieita esere ct. ?- ciikUcvie mo ?'??.??? a
fcreiee?by ho \v.?m- of au. xxAiiPLe?by In. kxttrk jks
on? ixMiisi-by bis. capricious and ridiculous tprana .
i ? ? ? Tili conn! ? r ?i tfcshopDub aba ? IS '
great nuence totneCatb lies. Capnctoua, tyrannical. n>: is r.
7s?. oi n wom wi'ii and aascan. It- a is induced, s id t. r..
rtncins ttw-t.i:..i oil t'ntbolicity ?-.> a tandard ?mtnwouid
make Maria Mi nk pity it, ami i". It o waive ?a> praycis I ri"
satetvi"? bBennett, Sept. Oth, iisl-l.
Was it tor the public g.I that such a foul att n-'-?
was made on an amiable and aged cjergymau?
whose age and character should have sin hied him I
No, no. There ii nolhi t: of piihlie ::o.s! in ti:. ipt. ^
ij?n. And even as regurdd the Native Auicricau
partv, whatever its principles were, I tiannet bt lievo
lliat thcy breathed thespirii ofexterinination^which
would appear from Bennett's reports of iheir pro
ci dings.* For instance d? scribing the sensation pro?
duced bv bu npp< al in ni e ol iheir meetings, he has
"iLond applause?Cries of never?'we"U die first? tce'l ;. ?:
the old foscand avaat onic BCLoscuna ru him riusr.";?
tHennetfe Herald. .Vi/r. '?3. HrZS.
I have underlined the words as marking the spit t
which Bcuneil ascribes to the met tim;. It is prob?
able mat h is is one of the m-1 of his ribaldry'ju t
ss the ? sbillelulis' were ut C irroll Hall. But on the
other hand; ij it not mo-i dangerous to lind hiiii on
the dnv preceding i Is, a- if ins object ?er? io uru
on ibei thtivghties* and the tricked ?? bloodshed,en
culntine the lollbwi s atrtnrious slander J
??\Veh ar .* wliispered Uifct run Iki-ii Kkpk.sL taoti.
TtoMs i - . who uavb beks oroamzko Bt llisiioe llcoiusa
AM.us McK.co.1. i-lLMi to M.KK a% attack ii' S
tu? Vooso A* k.m a- <. ,m> m dmivb rnk..-i oi r oi tus
Sixth."-?Hennetl, .YotcmberSMk, IM^
And ai! this, whilst lie hi nsflt Im,' home testt
monv to tlie penceahie conduct of the Irish, as the
following passage will show :
"TheGerman population alone have rm->sl n voiceagainsl
the rmivemeub ol in - party, ami stranae as it may appear, il a
Irishadopted citizens; who are eenerally the tint in hebt,
I? as dormant as terraputa in bv:-ember. '?\i:> mnett,-i.
."ilaterinls oi* this kind thicken around mc as I ad?
vance in my subject; bu: I shall give if up tor the
present, out of-licet disgUBt. A tree press is essen?
tial tu a tree country. And while we know thai lici n
tiousness i- inseparable from freedom, we must bu
prepared to bear ?> it!i the er 17, lor ?te sake uf the
good. I think this loner will teach even Mr. !!?? n
that Editois have duties as well ?s rights in con?
ducting a ti- e press: And thai th- insirumi ni ?shit h
sjp v abuse by licentiousness, constitutes after n I
i tim o o-t powerful ttod rifjid tribunal al which to
arraign them tor |>crveriiug it from its legiiimuti
ii-'. Il lJetmeil had puhlic lll.;tiVes lor poming tho
torrent of hi- Blandcra upon me lor the lu-t -i i 3 ears,
i trust the same motives will justify mc tor v.indi .
i tine mvself, and .'or pointing out the dangers to
which every filing in the domestic and social rein
I lions of lift is exposed from ihe unscrupulous abu ':?
of a in r press, by 1111 Editor without moral princi
I pie. Some one will ask rue, win ther in writing as
I have done, 1 have not violated charity. My at.
I swer is, thai I have not. 1 admit that if Bennett
were a man who regarded either charity or truth, io
his attacks upon ethers?or if those attacks \>en>
without their influence on society at large, then iu
dee.I, I know that 1 should be violating this heavenly
virtue. But Benin ti has placed himse.f in such a
position towards society, that if I were charitable 10
ihe community, I musi acem to he um liaritable to?
ward him. J us: imagine il you can an incarnati n
of demonism, plai ing itsell on the highways ol civil?
ized society?ranging with prying inspection,
around the whole circle of official, commercial, <?
e;al and dome-tic life ; just us the freebooter Bweei s
ihe ocean-horizon, with his telescope, looking for
prey :?imagine thai incarnation, rushing on its 1 ?
11111 with Bome filial secret ofguiltormUforiune, (the
wounds of which might m al, if allowed tin' nutur< I
privilege of shade and silence;)?whispering that
la tul merit with sardonic triumph into the cars ol
those who thought it was unknown, and then?wnv
ing 10 ami im ihn Hcorpiun lash ol its infernal whip,
until tears or money or both, are made to gush 1 no
abundantly?and then yon will have couccivcd my
ideu ot the powers dial muy I?' exercised by a bad
map, hi'.:u^ the command of a free press. Vau
siy Benuett is too contemptible for notice;?tin n
answer me the nuestiou, why is it that society m:.s
tains his paper / Von say he is toocontempubtefi 1
.uoiice ; aud why is it that you are ajraul of himx
and that you would latlier lo.s?; 01?; hundred doilaiG
any time, than iucur his enmity?outol regard, ii
BOt for yourself, ut hast lor your little dai .liVr
who 1 limbs on \ our knee, or bs O'Conm II exii ess
? il it in ihe poetry ol his grief, "for the lamb thai
slept in your bosom,"?knowing very well, us
you do, that though you fear not, a "poisoned cr
row," may lie-prepared tor ihem, when you leasi
exp. ct it. 1 ou 1-.1v thut he h loo contemptible I'oi
1.ot.ee; and yet, female curiosity will rmi his pap. t
to tee what he has to say alum' others,?whilst Is
male medesly blush s mid trembles, al the v,-ty idea
ol itt-rlf heui!; made the object of his remarks.
Let society show a bealtbv tone of moral com ?
let iho?e win, by mistake, tak up his paper in t: c
morning, wasn iheir bauds again, beiore ?.?oiug t?;
breakfast?let them ?.eu~- to grow pule at ihe iden
of having incurred Bennett's enmity, ami then, il
you irii me that he js "too contemptible fur notice,"
1 will admityou to bo sincere, und a believer ol
wh ii you say. But until then, 1 cannot agree with
you; and I assert, whilst 1 do not fear him, ihn:
15' in.eit is not (inj contemptible to d. serve nuii> e.
1 have now submitted tlie entire case bet?re ihul
iri'iiinal io which the honored man who was Ch;i|)
lain to the Congress of Independence 1: ot tin
honest citizen need ever appeal in vain?namely,
public opinion, us it exists among the American
people, i ask pb partial judgment, aud 1 do 1101
anticipate that one 01 prejudu e shall l? pronounced
againatme. Ile,-c an? me t?et?every man w|ic
reads can nnderstond iheni. But I tiiink thatiii
tnis momenr, and without j resumption, 1 migln lit
allowed to appeal 10 the conductors ol the public
press, tu do me, according to iheir owu Eeuseoi
right, simple justice iu ihe premises. Many oftl eti
iiavc been mi.-led, and without intending it, haw
?'one me injustice. 1 have, had no resentment, be?
cause I have not considered this as wilful or deliber
ate on their part. But it" the lime has come whes
circumstances have compelled me to meet my di ?
tractors, is it too much 10 expect that ihey will re.
eord ihr sentence which their leetings of honor am
senee of justice may dictate T Is ii too much to cx>
pect this e\eu of" Native Americans I"?if they an
worthy of me proud title ol which th y boast, bu
which in order to continue a proud litle, must bt
sustained by magnanimous feelings und honorabh
Allow me nrain, sir, in conclusion, to quote ih<
principle of mural philosophy laid down at theheai
ol tiiis letter, namely?thai there is nothing mon
powerful than Falsehood, except Truth alone. Tbl
whole of this letter, I think, establishes the sound
nessol this principle. It is full of egotism, I know
Hut it professes 10 be so. It professes to treat 0
Bishop Hughes?the K-r-ailed ot a thousand calum
niators?and of James (iordon Bennett, the first an<
persevering chief of those ussailuuis. The princi
pies represented on the on- side, and on the oilier
bave both triumphed?the one in the just but im
perfect proviaiou of the Legislature 01 New-York
ni extending the blessings of Education to die chil
dren of this city?ibis was the triumph of Truth
I'he other has triumphed, also, under the auspice
ol .Mr. Bennett and his colleagues, and (ala.- for th
honor of our country!) may be read in gilt lei e.
on the cuiced wuils ol rit. Augustine's :
?? Cue Loud jjilth."
1 rennin. Sir. respectfully, your obedient servant,
"1" JOHN HUGHES, Bishey of .Yme-Yoi ..
?v ->nr?:rt.? th- iron. FWb x. a. j, p
selacr. Cmmty Courts nr.! Courjsellorm u> ?~
I Vvirt. notice r? hcrs-hr liir.t m Itter haarnl his
r ? . i.i r; t esteteof Jan es Renn >:?i m dsw.,-.t - **
? led ??'or. ?od thi? the mo ?? ?.??.'>.? ? W fcrt>" " '
,.|'h sdebt?. ii'ile* I- ?!??->.rr.:.d ,j ?o,?,,.,. .. . ...
? a>rd ag to law " Who tan e months from ?!?.? f;,st ?uj*
of this notice: rr,.I the (?ijfnicnt ol'any debts. ..rp ,
niv op pfflt? bating ng to Uia saal debtor to bimo-CkT'
?od um Uawl? .1 - i I ropert? br Uni f,? ,n. p-:-rsisJ"?.
ever are torbsdaen br ...-y ?ml ?re void,?|*ted Tpr? j-tTS"
npti Inw-wr. Attorneys forattachingr?^ *
r:; im km ??? ?' ;'; ???? ??? o: :v>i.,. -I
l ef ? ??' Vqrk. n .. ?? 'k,
. rel ????;!:? ?? U ....... ... ! f
?? ??.. ' ,,, ... ..... ,. ????,
SDtli iUy of July next. Irve.1 New-Yoil.^* xte?l H
l?,0*,y.J .;. JOHN PARKT Kiecai :\.', j.-^-tj
T>.' f'l'K.'-'i'AN.'K of tti iri-r <i\.. Mirro?,.'
1 of tbeConutr of New-York,? tit 1.1.?..,,''. !
LCTisns ??? -?? '?- l?HNO i-i: K
City of N.w.?.?.?. :-mv, tlcCs-jc?, to :*-?,, ;**:
inn**, with roa .????? H to the ;???..?.???. ? ??*
Ml W,.v hv Cli.v.:.: ?' <.'?; of N?-? V ... . ' ',J
1 rheXMihy ..: .:'. u i - Dated v?.y.r"/?*?"'
i Jana ry. IS?. BB.VI I). SILLI.V.AN. i ,^,.^
Uw?w _LAV INI A H.?.'S>'. K-rc-tr? "
TN I'L-'ItNUANCE of an order of the ^unnlvl
i 1 of (hi l..:Vv-..:Ve.V..!lc >v...t:.r.i..OH*i
; rytsotis h*viogclainM against "-.me* WrBeovrr, tottfZl
i.ity oi New-Yi>rk. Dnier**r.decessid, io ^?^itr>> i>?^
. ?' ? ?? " w llwrtol totrien?t?ei:ber..?? ?>,
? ' ? - - ?- ' ' > , ? r.^|,
Da: !N?w-i rfcrber?hdav>*f Jananry. IUI ITt"
AUttUS ff !? H ? OKOItO 1 ? ? . .
' ? \l-?Aitt vi~Vk r.NDOVKU | , ... r I
TN PUKS?AN?fi. of an order of the : rrnSjlj
... i iuvias r.l. ik'v \ - :? \., ,, r-.-??
lateof die City of Nevi loik, !!?-??? FoaosW,eee<aaaiti
rrrmrnt the j?m- with tfc? ro?che?j lerml tu thr i,u?.ij
im., fficeol .-?.???:..! s. r-.rv. IS fatt? '
th> i .. of New-York.. ... bi fo etlw Rlu .i-. ,
Dared N'erwYork. iheid day i?f UeeroiVr. umjl
dt UwSm l'ICMt: DAVEY.???tatw.
TN P?KSUANCK of an or??er of the^nro?:
1 ol the Conn:) nf New r*ork. Notice h?-?bvt.??,4,';
penOM bavin*ctair-? <. lii MJANE 'i h'.Vl LKTi-X v.
o. the eitj of New-1 o-U. .m.Ie woman, lirrevwe. '.ortii?!
UV tjueewith thevoocher? Aeient IbeiaUei ...
orfiee e! : eanbjcnS r. VV Ten . I ' ? a >? ijeVS
atreet, in the Citj . i \.'.i-V. ... ? or bei ?edM Ka"t?adiii|
Da'ted Si iw-Yi rk, the Eleventh dar of JiaaarT. A D -i.i
CEO. ; s i UON?, \ ?*? es-sutrian.
.a'2 i iWBtn *
I N l'l'U 5UANCK of ?:i crd<*roi the?tUT09uea]
?. she Conutvof New York, ? tice i? hereby S nioiiu
?OBs.havi claim* kPiinatt?EN 'AMIN b. EhttARls
'. . PineCiij i' .sv? Vork,phyticiiul.deeeatrd^tannaa?
um with tin voachei? lliereol ;?; ib? iu.?f:s.r |. S'L
? i>. . i!.. ... igi lb*) ,.T X
v .... . lav ?f J
Dated New York, tu?- :?> atiedi ?iiy of December, tin, r
. a - .,? n \ NC . s r IWaK?S
I ??? i' iCoaMrol N- v ? v rk Not? -.i?haiebvpvratn
;'? i " ( New i ' . .-, ur.!,:o| li.-.t uv m
with I * ncIie - - ? hu
- ? ' . . ? V sr-, ? ....mi.-v' -4ti
? :?? ? Dafd New i .
i*y of II .. mb. ?. ;.::. JOHN 1. - 1:
|'N CHAN? ?? fth^ir?it.?ThePrac ! . n
l i-mpnn\ ot theOnuutbirn f umrBack ? . ; * ?:,?;
Kuil?lo. Ii?OarMianeeof:anorderofthe Coorl oj i':i-.o,
il?l?l UieSthdaj April, 1844, notka i> hereby jnn i
subscriber bn.. !.( -u 'Pili' i'M"mrleil rr-a v^-; it'j -i.,.-.
t> the ..-..?(. Tho Bank Ih.daio. i..-::
Inni rderoflelaTJoryi?!. t MS, t .. relrmsl io j(u
- rr. :?. ??< I ?e tj i'...'t'.: i, in n- C int] .1 LmJ
.1-. ? ii" -?. to ' ka ? I state ao i i , ^?
.! ??' tut?ofany dcKrrption asrarnit. the said II '. I Saa?9
atttiti.tbleths ?aal ":i..t*r lo trik-.- io,.! , .: -i,.,
.. [tbr.iho.aaneralpurp.?.'.? ::tei';j...it?i! v the itatatsi \L
the ere tors I the bi .1 Bank 11 !'. ifli ?. r ? ? j
1 ? tin ei ?inrs. claims and tWiiinmbi gainvt the r?i
,,? |: Ii. to the ?nid James Cnicker. Eh|., tlw Matter bsvat
iplrelbnmeeincbarfc.atfa lolGcein the ear H I- ?*?.'.., n
dajrol Aueuil I d .?!???? . -
mit. and in delault uierenl, they v ran sD tap
ueiii oi the decree whtehshall be maiia in lh'? ? i t. nr.!'.u
any dl'tnbu?on whirdi ?hidi '.e inmle under -'leiiCTrre
IK A A. BLt '.--Si IJI. Iteeett-erol the I'.nnsoi Butt*!*,
.), -n i 'u.i. vgn.. I ,i'e Master in < n-... e ?
IJuffalo. April Hh.ISM, spKbn
: \ THE SIATTEBof thenft :hm?ntaniwtthsj Estssss,
3 IVitt' ie I.. N- ?? a ? I J -l. Xe?n..'d. n.?i K?*e.a_
itl;'.-.Tii .'SALB.- ITse u pusrned wiU >eU at ssSiaT
?ort ? t. \.. ' v-. si . . V.-r , ;*f
i tchaiiee iu tlie Citj ?! NeH--York.iio thecirAthoayesTJi
nextar/12 o'cl ck, at noon, all the real und uenoasl auatei
Vt'dli i." I. Newbpldandili hnC Newbold,noa res Icatai :.
, :.. vi led in tlas iindersiened. which ha. ??rdiull hydia'ibr,
rometo tlseir bands a*'i'rustees ol tne estateofsaid suaass
dem di bt r? 11 any liens exist n-s tinwi such wd and pewsadl
estate which wem valid hen. prior bi tni- n-uei; u| ujm :u,-r.
hkmii i i this cause, ll e..,>..,? will be sold iilljirt tiiiurklissi
urnvlded due not el ereul ?,? civen to I he undsiwcntdky ujJbV
Say of sale.-Dated New-York, .May IMi, ISM.
f.l.l I Ml M. C iRIll.WfON.,
I!' N :\ V.- BBVELT. ?Tnatsn
Ji HIN It \YNOR, )
A. f.. 4: II. !'. AtbKX, At: on .j... ii , Wallst, iml'li?!?
J N the nintteroftlieauaclimeot nsiimtthilrutstmlWiisaL
? I.. Nowbohl and John I. Neu bold.nn . r - dentilsl I ??< .Vi-|;
tii u -1 he umlersiened hive been duly apouired bj tin Mssse.
nbleF. t TaLLMaimie, Ree rderol.'ity \-? V-t.
trn?l.i'ti..-re.ai:-'d,H.r..iiia|..t.itenf ?VII.I.I v.VI. .\ElV
HOLD mill JuilN i.. M.iViMi.n.noi
urtdersignedj tin n lore, herebyrc>iu re. I bal all iier..in?iB*at,
ed to sanl mm resident debtors, render an seeoual ol r.l; debo
and sum. ofinooey ownut hv them o"?ityt.veiy, t.uurh'lr*
tees, by tholifieeilthilay of June ueM.nnil pay the ainsi'lsst
all u rso Iinv ns hi Iboir pu--u anj prop, riy oieif.'rtid
.?;il tors dehvet the uuuetu ilie-sa .1 i'ru.:.\i( b] tfcstasy
That nil the creditors of said debtors deliver their r-.|?cb?'r?>
romits anil demands to the s,i?l Trusteos, or o :e>.i tbeat,*}
ti..- lirsl day July next.
T ..? ti . :?>??? it -iii|.vid'.| i '! v ??: .1 ? -te-hnt th*ufirs
of A. L. & II. I*. A kin, Attorneys, d > IVaiUtreet.
ilBNUV III ISE\ ELT. - r.-u:?s.
mt31aw<w JOHN BjVYNOR. S
Altmny Anrus.
riiAVERN AND EXCISE I.ICENSR-Niitire tn ewrj
JL i.on i (:.I; d --Iiiiz in,... ri-ta line r-tr.-n^ or rvcav I
.in. I liquon in the i lity of New Vorl..
All persons whuahall ?ell or ilenl .a So.. ie or BpirituoaU
quors. [except Importers or INatillers, sellins an)' hqn ?? s
imrted ordisUllod by them, in quantities above live rslltxxj
w itboiit huviny iii >t obtained a License lof such parpi *r"?
? e Mayor, ui u me respective Aklerman and Am tsatsuiiis
V\ nrds n w i. i"h they severally reside, are subject by La*, u
each oib n. e, to the penalty of ji'i; ami ? easeol Ksh.ikw.si
il.?r additional punishment. by indurtmentl 11 Ana unH irr<n
?onment, Tnveru ami Excise Idceraeawill ihfrri.iretj?a?ijJ
at ib.. Ma?or'. i Inlee, City Hall, between the hour, at W us;
2o'clock, on the days prescribed as idimv i. sol each i*i;?*jti ?
i.i Ward, Wednesday and Thursday, 15th ar?l l"ih Msr.
I'd do Friday and Saturday, I'thandlSth "
^.1 do Monday ami Tuewlar, SOthandSlsi "
tth do Wednesday and Thursday, '.'J-t and?rl "
6th do Kriduyand ffaturday, Hth. and%Ul "
r.tli do M<mday and Tuesday, ?Cthaud'J8th "
7ih do V\reilneailay andri*bursday, ZHband30tli "
Bill do Friday und Saturday, 8b?tMny,andbtJaja
bth do Monday and Tuesilay, .".land Hh
IOUi do VVedncaday and '1nursday, 6th ami ??h
Ulli do Krhlay amiSnturday, Tib and fth
Uth do Moudi.v iin.lT.a-.liiy. I tn ami Utk
13th do Wednesday ami Thursday, 12th ami lath
llth do Friday anaSaturday, I4thandl3tb
l,ili do Monday and Tuesday, l"tl.11'in
bth do Wedne?dnyajidThur?loy, igdiandStkk "
ITth do Friday and Saturday, StstawlSAI
r: J* l'erson? now Imidin* l.ieerpes nre r..|ue>toi to pi'dj*
ibeni wben.amdyins; for renewal: also, -i. dly l?Jfls]ss1s>Jtl
apply within the time as above, to avoid in., nasiaasaistjis
Law. By order, .Mi >.\m i.\ ('I.AI.'KI'., FirstMansjl
New-A ork. Mayor's I III ce. May GUi. imi. mrll t2rj
fr Fl PS CONSTANTLY ON II \M> at bii tatumsiT.
1\ !, ?roi.ine street, Ins valuable Ml dichtes tot Ibui*'.
Ijvei Complaint, Palpitation ol the Ilaart, pnuis in ts*Ms*st|
?ide, shoulders, weakness m the back, pain in ikaba^CsH I
leet. Cottiveno?, Piles, Weakness it the Stumaci, Dliuai
ni the l.' -.i -. rush ol I.I to die lead, and all llystokalial
[Vervotii anecUiHis, female weaknesiei, tf. Ac. Ai?* *? j
celebrated Anti Scorbutic Syrup for Scrofula sad all iswel' i
be. oi ihe Blood, such as Saltrlwuut, Scald-hesd. Km ;? u.
Leprosy, Sy pin I ..old I L:er..'i pit.r. Sr. Ai.tao , ?I '-.4
Itoard and allendnnee lorthosa wlra wi?htoi*rrr.
t HBunboi tvM success of in) Salve oatotwl?8ia??lbshjjj
I me. lt.. u .w seer, tle.t ' Met n.. c't-)
princ p!os from any Illing ei.? o| tho ? nJ. I^'i ike
im ver be t r.pci..n that kraUha Perspiration eiut/Vfff
? 1 1 ?mgn matter i> Use beginninc end and n.m ol aJi-rija
? airs in :< storing a nur enl to h< alth.
Thisthe Salve will do in all rases. , .
I* opens the pores, ruslses in v Ireio the teat of tned??s?s)*
expels ihe ?-ieii ns matti r 1 ? the lurfii ??. and thus s?*" ?
cure. Ask nny physician if Im? prlneiplt? ,s true 1 r '?'*',w
Thus nS<ue>.Salt Itlieum,allci piions ..: iii-<? ?.Pi**'
Sois?Tliroar,atulalhou^and tliingi, itei uci nlesl'ln
spiration, drllvvs ? u? I .?? d ???..^d pnrli'-i.-.',, it* saita"**"*,
etfects eures thai w.-uid l Ae >ears to.~.V?
lorm. Try it?try 11. J. IV ?1.1*7?.?.
ia 1 ? ?,.."<. st
Sold also atsai Pearr, 133Sull ran.Sa John it, S?*fS
VM Vllen. 833 I lecker,ite&co!.!. IMClHW.aM-****?r
tie and Kivi -ton, .'I; |i- ml ?L New ark, X.3. ' ?*_
6 :? 1 I'll?-1 "-r Iser. v.'.-'o ?wsrd.sl a I
ji, . New-York S te Fairs of I8?and l*S*?,C
?. *. ssti.IChui hie ilsaa?lwJW?lff
tie- no.! Bell.aiul Diploma lorTowa ''-"'-?,"*C
tided at H.e F.-, r 01 A. |i,:/ute n, "? -'
now prepared al h * Foundry st W'.^t 'ft-*. New-Vi '??01'"J
nisb Iteusof from20 to lo..s>, i? mad....! u.ct^t insists*1*1
warranted tn stand ami tone to pis.?nustans
prove . 1 last Ir 11 Yoki ? w rth Moveabie t?n?. The ' r**Zri
:..oi|....,.I :?>? i... lit-,, 1. ira I..: ,* iiiii esa \r :
ll*ir excellence, t irdeis ha ?e I e?.o r-"*'i.?*l Iri-.'i. -**''*
uul a an...t all rhe Sjates.and iile.ni tfsj have bs? ajnassi""
? '?'?? ? place* *t ' ??.-: t ? ,,| New V,.rk "..a. !.??? ?^'.r7Z
Town Clocks, Leva ig and Surveying lostiuiis'iTri ?***"
and BrassCostingF,tic.fcc . ......,-nV
opto 6m ANDREW MEN^i
:f i 'I? >< H.r-.?r.oi;..itie?'??"x*".'J.rZ
i\ <\ etu.ly be luvt at2l Attoriiey-?^"^
J # ihi 1 an o.a..- and finished
bands ; therefore 1 1 an r'c/.niine?'gy
nnil at f.e,,rgo Br'c,', ^ I'.,9 Platt -t. '1 >? ?<? l'*-3'''^i
!., '' la,;.1 ti l.itlie.atol Fulton .treet. Jnn:.?*1 *-*^*BBi|
notroi lareri ted I.?ive. M'i?j}?*Sl
thus: -1 . . .-, .New York. :fl Attoiwy ''leet. ?? *?
dii^urt rn ,,. ?..,?. please observe th? ^jtj^
Wi.l::. AM ? ;?'????' iVi'li''^
TOOLS m ireratral far H%*Afi
Lc. he. can I- obtained m all theti <^ta[X}S '{ !%K. 5
^KETAIKatl? Fl LT|3N ^l^^^i Ul
the most em'-'Unted maaisJactareis, ttsdrrar.!/<i ra*
AI I ERTS01V8. CONGER'S, H0RT0N*8. CffFO*''^
U?0 Cm*x?' tor???*
American In... I'uif. .. .'T^\?VnIj,.ngbo?n.
Coot^sTru- lioops, Woodl [to 1***^ VJ^
Do Hsad and Stave Jointers. Do Vases.
Do Stock liowelis andCro- Do |' ""'''"V?,su-f.
UKS. Mo .Markug in*"
Do B aces. TL
tVe h,?. th,g..nuine Jiil'iN 'l'. 0;.N.:ER'S. ^
rVi,:^'.^.V'.r;,!-. m,.>KTvaS ?;:^v^i'^
Kit- in ENGLISH. GERMAN an. WbBP \. T?,:vi
WARE, Cl 1'Ll 1: Y. we ?nco-ottg *"'\?t,, it.??
Asi laxaxNT. svl h u Ulf? to tot M^ priLl>
andothenatMaaKxr Pricks. t??t ?>-? *
ClURLXS ' l-ko.t>. ?-y "a ?
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