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THE T R l iJL N ^.
Flft?"ru Da>'H L:Tl,*:r from Europr.
The Caledonia, arrived at Boston Saturday
nioming, brings London and Liverpool dates to
uje l9t? May?having performed the trip in l-'i
The news is nrtny respects interesting
and we fmd it, as usual, admirably collated ami
prepared to our hand in the ' European Times'
0f Messrs. Willmcr & Smith. Perhaps the most
important item of intelligence by this arrival is
tjic etmfiitoatidn of the intention on the part ol
the British Government to abstain from ail inter?
ference in any shape with the afl'.iirs or Texas.?
Theannounctmnt ol the Treaty of Mr. Tyler for
the Annexation of that country to the United
States had of course created great excitement and
astonishment; but even this unheard of move,
mcnt, which was well calculated to create iil feel,
ingsiu a Government so jealous and watchful us
that of Great Britain, has aroused no intention ol
contesting for a prize which that Government per?
haps considers worse than worthless, nor any dis?
position to take advantage of this exciting ques?
tion for the purpose of interfering with American
Institutions. The following arc the proceedings
jn Parliament:
lind Bxocohax wished to n*k the noble lord, the Seen fa t
n'Vo-fito Affair*, if he had received information with reaped
totheTreatyl-rttw Ani.esattouofTe.tn. with the [J. rjt.it l.
Th-J wssn question uf vast unnortunce, IO Inr a. the abutltlOD
ni Slavery win i-unrenicd. but he trusted that the deciding pur
ton rfUMCcaness, namely, two ?urdiol Use members, would
inooJC it Notkuut which had dropped iron, bim or the noble
lord at the hcud uf the Foreicn Department even j.i-t.hed the
nf<-tenc<- that this country, ulthouul. deplonnc the existence ol
Slavery, ever contemplated any interference with the t onstrln
^The Eart^AsKBDia? ?"?1 the ?"!,lc and leaned lord
cnuld nutexpe.-t him uisive a precise answer to tlie quesuon
hca?ked. It wa> a subject quite new and unexampled ... Um
history of nations, nnd his noble mid learned fneod might dc.
oend upun il that it would receive the most ser.oui attention ..I
her Majesty's Government. It was true, he believed, tlu.1
Ihe Treaty tor the Annexation ot Texas to the United l-tate
had been stf tied: but he upieed in the hope ex pressed by his lia?
ble and learned Inend, that the rnsjortty oi (.'oiiEren* would nol
n?rcetethe Rantleauon ol it. At present he could not speak
?"in ? uiitidi'ii'c ?n the Kiihject: nut when the time dime, le
d.uuld ?t?te In* opinioos to the House, nnd net conststentl)
willi Lit Jut)' as reimtet of the Crown. .Nothing tint he or Um
noble liinl opposite bad over said, could jusufy the suspicion
thai they intended to interfere with American Institutions.
Much to the chagrin of his enemies, Mr. O'C'on
nell has not yet been sentenced, and seems quiti
us far from the dungeon door as ever. Opinim:
appears to lie gaming consistence that the Judges
have serious doubts as to the strict legality of some
of their proceedings, ami that they will continue
to postpone inflicting the sentence upon Mr. IV.
Connell arid his friends for a very Ion;' time.
Meanwhile the Liberator maintains his old place
in Parliament, battling with nil his might in de
fence of his countrymen, and thundering away in
opposition to the Irish Government's new Regis?
tration Bill. The motion for ti new trial, after
having been argued through the whole term, has
not liccn decided, and the term is closed. The
European Times says:
It is understood two ol the Judges take a view ol
certain mooted points unfavorable to conceding it
new trial, and that the other two Judges differ" in
opinion from their learned brethren. Matters will
remain in this state of uncertainty until the nexi
term, which commences on the 24th inst. It will
then be known whether a new trial will be granted .
and if the Judges decide in favor of ihe traversers,
such decision will amount virtually to quashing the
whole proceedings. Government must either begin
de novo, or pass u stringent enactment respecting
monster meetings and the Repeal agitation. If the
judges bold the trial to be valid, and refuse a ne?
one, a motion will then he made tn arrest judgmeni
until the opinion of ihe highest Conn in the realm?
the House of Lords?has been taken on the iu\o!\
ed technicalities. This will afford the lawyers
lungs another fortnight's exen ise. The Court wil
then either refuse or grant the motion, and upon ihn
decision rests the quesdon whether the Daversen
will be sent to jail or. the instant, or whether the}
will be allowed io remain at large until thedecisioi
of the Court above.
The ten hours' factory project, respecting whicl
so much has been said und done during the las'
two months, has received its quietus. The samt
House of Commons, which, in two divisions
affirmed the principle of a ten hours'bill, an.
beat the Government, because ;t opposed the met
sure, have, by a majority of 'JilT to 159, Lon
Ashley's well-intentioned Bympalhy for the poor
The recall of Lord Elleuborough from tin
Governor Generalship of India continues to bt
an exciting subject of discussion in the paper
and political circles. The appointment of Sil
Henry flurdingc to the vacant post is said to bi
quite as unpalatable to the Directors as was the
recall of Ellenhorough to the Government. Sii
Henry, however, has been accepted, and (he
causes of the whole strange proceeding wrapped
in mystery.
The Cotton market has experienced a terrible
reaction, in consequench of the news which came
to band by the Acadia and previously. The
opinion now is that the crop will exceed two mil
lions; and the statements, at the sacrifice ol
facts, which reached this country in the carh
part of the year, respecting the alleged deficiency,
while they produced ut the time a momentary ex?
citement, haveleit behind them no lit tie irritation
and,it may be,serious less, nol less to those who be?
lieved than to those who invented them. A
glance at our ample market reports will show the
depending state of the market, and the serious
reduction in the value of the staple. [Willmer.
An event of considerable domestic interest
[writesthe Times,] is now on the tapis, and the
eyes of the country are intently fixed upon the
issue. A vacancy in the representation of South
Lancashire, caused by the death of Mr. Booth
Wilbraham, has taken place. The strength ol
the Ami.League lies in the district thus sudden
ly deprived of one of its representatives, and that
tody ere determined, by putting forth their
strength, to measure weapons with the aristocracy
and the lords of the soil who have for years ruled
pararnount there. South Lancashire, besides Liver,
pool, includes Manchester and all the great manu
fccturing towns in the county, so that the con
*est is literally the manufacturing, as opposed to
the agricultural classes. The free trade candidate
"! y William Brown, the great American mer?
chant, a name which has penetrated every nook
Md corner of the globe that commence has "reach
ed. Standing at the head of one of the first com?
mercial firms in the world, during a period little
short of half a century, Mr. Brown has realized a
princely fortune, a great portion of which lie has
invested in landed property. He rsossesees large
estates in Yorkshire. Opposed to Mr. Brown, is
Mr. Win. Entwistlc, the "protectionist" candi
dato?ahighly respectable man, whether consider
eu with reference to local standing or mental aU
uiriraents. He is put forward to fight the battle
of the Anii.frcc traders. The result cannot be
known for some days to come, and the interval
will be employed by both parties in preparing for
Uic most desperate struggle which has taken place
'or years in any part of ihe country.
One of tho greatest financial measures of the
session, perhaps of the age, was introduced to die
House of Commons by Sir Robert Peel on the 6th
?f May. This great scheme for improving the
Banking System of the country has met with all
tot un: verral approbation. Ho proposes to divide
'?to Bank of England into two beaucaes,?one to
VOL. IV. WO. 40.
be a Bank of Issue, the oilier a Bank of Deposit.
The former to issue paper, to the extent of four?
teen millions sterling, the Government holding
security in the sum of eleven millions due from
the Government to the Bank, in addition to the
three millions of Slock which is to serve as a
truarantee for the amount of Notes. The new
B ink of Deposit is to manage the National Debt
and serve pnvaio _._ _??
', . . ., nnd it is guaranteed
certain exclusive privileges ; it will have me p,,..
er of contracting and exp fn< ing the cireul-ition,
under proper rrgulatii-rns. The account*; of the
Hank to be puhlishedlweekly: No new Bank ol
:ssucs to he permitted, and thorn; which are
already in operation arc to be cot,fined to their
average issues of the last two years. As in the
ease (,| the Bank of England, so of the Country
Banks?the accounts arc to be published weekly.
The following are the propositions of the Min?
" 1. That it;? expedient to cootinue to the Bank ol England,
lor nUme to be. limited, certain of the privileges now by lew
rested in that corporation, subject to such condiUoiu as may be
provided by any art to be passed lor Unit purpose.
"2. Thnt ;r I- expedient to provide by law that the I) ink of
England sEbuid neuceti rth be divided into two ?e^nraie de
ptutmenl?one exclusively cootioed to die i*-ue and circula?
te.:! of ueeui?the other to the conduct of banking bustneK
"v. That a isexpedient ui limit Uie amount ol ?ecumies un
oii winch it shall henceforth be lawful 'or me Baak of England
to u?ue promissory notes payable U> bearer on demand, und
"?at iu.il aim.ant .hall only be increased under certain condi?
tion* to be prccrdied by law.
"4, t'hat it is expedient to provide by law that a week'y
Publication abould I* made by Uic Bank of .England, of the
date both of tin: circulation and of the Hanking Depwunen's
?'j. That it is expedient to repeal Uie law Which subjects IIa;
boles of the Bunk ol Eugland lo the payment of ihe compose
mm lor-lamp duty.
"ti. '1'hat in consideration of the privileges to be continued to
die Hunk ofdSnglaad, me rme of nxud annual payment to be
m ule by the Uunk In the public shull be X'lfcU.UOU per annum,
and shall be detrnycil by lleductiug the said sum inun the sum
?? iiy law payable to the lidiik lor tins management of the
public debt.
" V. Jiittt in the event of any increase of the securities upon
which it snail be lawlui lur the Bank ol England lu issue such
promissory notes a. aforesaid, a further annual payment snail
be made by ihe Hank ol England to itie public, ot er and above
he .aid fixed payment ol i'lftl.lOu. eiiuul in amount lo the net
profit derived Irom the promissory notes issued on >.::ch addi
tioal securities.
" 3. That it I? expedient to prohibit by law the i'*uc of pro.
mrasprynotes payable i^ bearer on demand, by any bank n it
nowusutngsucb notes, or by any bank hereafter to be t>tab
bshed in any part of the L'mied Kingdom.
"9. That it is expedient to provide by law that snch banks
in England and Wale- us now issue promissory note* payable
to bearer on demand.-hail Continue to issue such notes, suo
ject to such conditions und to such limitations as to the amount
of issue a. may be provided for by any net lo be passed t?r that
" lu. That it is expedient to provide by lav.- for the weekly
publication of the amount of promiasory notes payable tu
neater on demand, circulated by any bank authorized to issue
Mich notes.
"11. That it i? expedient to make farther provision by law
with regard to mint-stock banking companies.''
The news from the Continent is briefly sum
med up. In Spain the Ministry of Gozalcs Bravo
is numbered with the things which were. Poor
Spain ! Seven Ministries in the course of twelve
months! The Cabinet of Narvacz, whether con?
sidered with reference to its head or to the com
ponents of its tail, is not likely to have a more
enduring existence than its predecessors. While
the present semi-state of anarchy prevails, all re
spect for the constitutional rights of the people o.
the Sovereign is merged in the designs of ainhi.
tious, self-willed men, whose personal feelings,
irrespective of the welfare of the country, arc the
rule of action. Compared with the present condi?
tion of things, a pure despotism in Spain would
be a blessing. Occasions, it is said, produce great
men. In Spain, the occasions have been siifii
ciently numerous, but no master mind has appear,
cd to control them or turn them to good account
Perhaps when sufficiently disgusted with the purix
whipsters that now flog them so unmercifully, lb<
Spanish people may solicit from his retirement in
the neighborhood of the Regent's park, the only
man who appears to have the nous of a states
man?Espartero. With all his faults, he is Olym?
pus to a mole-hill as compared with those who
have presumed to " rule the roast" since his abdi
In Portugal the Government was too feeble t"
conquer the insurgents of Almeida. It winken
:it the treason it could not punish, mid by allow
ing the parlies engaged in it to escape into Sp no
it has gol rid for the present of the iroublcsomt
Uomliui am! his coinrogucs. A government which
is too weak to assert its own d-gnitv holds out a
premium to sedition. The other foreign news ol
the fortnight possesses no striking feature.
Ireland?Repeal Association.?The Associ
atiun met, as usual, on the 6th inst. Dr. Nagle iu the
Mr. O'Conncll read a commuaicotiou from Germany, un?
nerving that be was anxi mis to rhow the English nauon il.
sympathy which foreigners have for Ireland. Aller some- bu
?mess had been transacted, Mr. t I'Cottuell moved, that it be n
lerrcd to the committee to prepare en address to the people.
Ireland. Mr.-O'Connell spoke at great length, observing thai
it was necessary to keep up ihe Repeal agitation by ever)
means, and showing that their enemies were beginning to tr
jmph. which, he wus sure, the people of Ireland would nu
Miner to continue. ,
The rent wria stated to be Jb-MS Is. od.
The weeklv meeting of die Repeal Association
was held on the 13th iost. iu Couciliatiou-halt, Mr.
It. I'.. Fitzgerald in th< chair.
.Mr O'Neill Daunt gave notice of a motion, con?
demning the abolition of the ancient office ol Lord
Lieuti n nit ol Ireland.
Mr. i I'Gnaoell remarked, that he happy to congratuloli
theni upon the increased amount of real for the week. He nu
observed a kind ol lull in the repeal cause, and had made an
eiTott to stimulate them, mid he was thankful lot the stu-ce-.
that had aUended thai etf..rt. The rent tor the past week wai
upwards ol jCT'O?.limd cheers]?he could Dowattord to go t,
Knglnnd. The learned gentleman then went into an ?plana
noli about the ? tfer of the Mastership of the Kell-, w hich be
Sad alleged was offered him by Lord Normanby, but which
'hat noli'e Lord now denied. Hestated, that m ? eonversaik
he hud ihe honor to hold with the noble Lord, when the i tli. >
wasvacanU he, Lord Normanby. addressed him in such a
maanei a. led bim to believe he was about to offer him the ol
lice; tmi he had interrupted lern, by saj ing, '* My Lord, I di
not wish to say anything unpleasant to you, hut I w ould not
accept any office under the Government:" and to this huttr be
was under the impression dial the noble Lord was on the point
of making nn offer of ihe place to him. At lour o'clock Mr.
O'l ionoefl look leave, as he wus intending to proceed lo Liver?
pool thtit night, on lus way to London, nirod loud cheers
iThe learned gentleman nrnved in Luudou on Tuesday even
nig. per railway from Liverpool. I
The amount of ihe rent was stated to be jL'IOO.
Rumored Marriage ok Mk. O Co>>tLL.?
There is a rumor afloat, which, it is stated, bat.
caused considerable uneasiness mid dissatirfaction
among the immediate connexions of 31 r. Dam?
O'Conncll. It is, according to this report, credibl)
believed that ihe honorable and learned gentleman
is about to rt enter toe holy bonds of wedlock, with
the sister of a distinguished member of Trinity Gel*
lege, and, moreover, a staunch member of the te
n ts of ihe Church of England. [Tunes.
Fk.vncE.?The French Ministry have sustuiiirif
two defeats since our last publication?the first by
the Chamber of Deputies annulling the third elec?
tion of M. Charles Laffitte, on the ground ol his hav?
ing committed 'collective corruption' in promising
ihe electors to construct, nt the expense, no doubt,
of the Rouen Railway Company, (of which he is tin
banker,) a branch of that road to their town, Lou?
sier.*, from the main road. The second check was
iu the election of M. Selber as Deputy for Cher?
bourg, in the room of the late Colonel de Bricquc
viile. The Chambers of Peers and Deputies are si li
engaged with the Secondary Instruction and Prison
Bills, which, appear to afford almost interminable
food lor the legislative genius of our Gallic neigh?
bors. The debates offer nothing worthy of remark,
and excite little or no interest.
In the Chamber of Deputies, on th -Ith inst, a dis?
cussion of some intcre-i arose on the bringing up of a repon on
a petition for the immediate abolition or Slavery. M. Dents,
who brought up Use report, said that the condition and suffer
"ic- ot Use nruroes iu the colonies were tnu;-h exaggerated.?
With lew exceptions, the inquiries made were satisfactory.
He admitted, however, as also did the Government, that isin
verj (must sooner ox later disappear from thu French possessions;
but an immediate abolition would, he contended, tie very dis
The Minister of the Interior declared there was no
doubt on the port of the Government a? bi the necessity of ulu
iiialely abolishing Slavery; but the time had not arrived when
the Government could sal?ty propose ihe immediate aboliuon
of Slavery. It was tiectvary that the blnrk.shouM bo mstiuct.
cd nnd ei\ dated, nn? tor thai purp.-se the Government wasanx
iously empkoyed in establishing seniumnes of religious and mo?
ral instruction, and in regulating the iienods of labor.
A very spirited discussion followed, in the course
of which M. Ledru Rellin declared ihnt ihe semina?
ries spoken of by the .Minister of .Marine had been
long established, but that they wen- useless, because
the" masters of the blacks would not allow their
slaves tO'attend the schools; and M. Guixot said
that it was so weil known that the immediate aboli?
tion was impossible, that he dared any member to
'Tininutrlv, the Chamber referred the petition to
the Minister of Marine aud Colonies.
Italy.?We learn, via Marseilles, that the Nea?
politan insurrection had assumed an alarming as
St So much so. that Calabria no longer obeyed
l c orders of .he King. There is however, some
douh, of the authenticity o. the "Wlhgence.
According to the latest accounts noliucal execu
tions had commenced in the Roman State? beven
Of die twentv individuals sentenced to death.by t.M
military commissioners sitting at Bologna su?'
in that city ou the 14th instant. The best friend, of
the Fapal Government deprecate these exocuuons.
Post office Returns.?The ordinary Post
officereturns, which huve just b-en made to Pn-;;*
"I'm. show, among others the following results:?
; The ituiob. r of letters delivered in tlx- United King?
dom, in 1843, was upwards of St20,OM,000. The
j three week* which are given ofloJI slow an in
: crease over trie corresponding week of 1843 of a
! quirt-r of a million of letters per week?this i- so
: increase on the rite of increase, owing, ro noun'.
, to improvement in trade. Th* letters of the London
j dtiBCt post arc; now at the rate of tweaiy-eix mil
! ,t^?7VrTWannum, or fully double the number under
ine old ayateiu. . ? , .
1 , <? .1 '. ' i^'fubns: that, up to the date
I Ol the returns, tnere had Weil .... I ;,, ihm
I number of town deliveries. The g'o-s revenue ...
j tl <? ytar Io 13 whs ? 1 .G'jij.SC, ami the nett revenue
I ?640?U.7* showing in each instance au incre??*-.
: a* c .luj. r-d with IS Ii?, of about j?-l0,0fl0: which
i considering the important reductions on foreign
rates, is as much as could !>e expected. We bavs
stated the letenue us it ought to Ii ?.???* been given in
j the return?it is given at atiout ?80,000 less, owing,
; as explained in a note, to certain old debt* (soine
j fifty years old; having been written oft". Th* g'i>?.
j revenue is r,(,w about 7? per ce^t. of thut received
j under the old system, and it exceeds that obtained
I during the fourpennv rate. The money <>r<i*-r<
I stid inrrcuse in number ami nmo-ini. The sum
I annually remitted through tiie Post-office in E.:
sl-iiid and Wales alone is nearly five millions.?
The return shows double that amount: for, not?
withstanding the ridicule which a similar return
made upon them last year, the Post-office persists
in considering the ?'amount passing through the
office;" as made up of a*l which it receives added
to all which it pays. The increase of money or?
ders since looil is 25 fold.
Berlin, May 6.?The United Stales and the
Zollverein.?The conclusion ot a cointuurcial trentv
between the Great German Union and the-United
States of America has created a great sensation in
England, whence it appears our Cabinei has ieceiv
ed a new proof of the vigilant care with; which
Great Britain ?vutches over her trading interest.-.?
\ commercial estafette, whu arrived yesterday iron.
Bngland, brings intelligence that the English Minis?
try hud determined on removing the whole of the
existing import duty un foreign wool, in order 10
enable English manufacturers tiie Letter :o main?
tain competition with the Zollverein manufacturers
in the American market. Purchasers und orders
have already been despatched hence in all direction
?11 proof that no doubt is entertained that the pro?
position of the Enelisfi Ministry will be assented to
by Parliament. It may be oli-erved that in some ot
our trading circles here, winch nre supposed to be
well informed respecting English affairs, no intima?
tion ol the resolution in question lots lieen received*
or it is deemed expedient lu <ien\ it. However, the
circumstance is sufficiently probable ; and there i
no reason to believe that the comparatively strong
influence which the Australian Innd owners ma
have in the. House of Commons, is of a nature to
diminish (he probability. [Allgemeine Zeitung.
Imua a.vli China ?We have received by the
Overland Mail intelligence from Bombay to ihe l-i
of April, from Calcutta, Agra and Delhi, to the 22i!
of March, from .Madras to the :.'llil ni that month.
The accounts from China are to the vT th of Febru?
ary; the latter contain nothing of interest, further
than that all was quiet, and the arrangements 1 il
Government for currying on business had proved
far successful. Sir Henry Potiinger had directed
the reduction of expenditure on the erection of gov?
ernment buildings to the lowest point. Some Euro?
pean laborers, on arriving at Hung Kong in quest
of employment, bad had the mortification of dixcov
cring that it was in vain to compete with Chinamen.
I'lie Colon) appears lo !mve been more healthy ol
late tliun formerly. The accounts received sum
thai the Chinese New-Year Holidays bad almost
entirely put u slop tu business, and few transactions
either in imports or exports had been effected. India
is tranquil.
The Great Britain.?Since tin- abandonment
uf all hopes ol obtuiiiing the enlargement of tip
dock-gates, preparations nave been made for floating
this vessel out on tank?, to Le filled with air, prepar?
atory to placing lier upon which it was necessary
thai she should be dragged out of dock into the
tluntiiig harbor. Attempts were made to do ibis
without success for two or Iiiree da? s lust week, anil
m length bv ihe exertions of Mr. J. M. Hyde, who
h Bcendcd in a diving bell, some limber which hud
idhered to the bsittom.was dislodged und she was
got nut, and now lies moored in the Boating harbor,
where she awaits the construction ot the tunk-,
which uro to be made airand watertight and placed
under her keel, in the hope of buoying iier up so as
to float ihe w ide part ol her hull over ilie contracted
portion of ihe dock entrance, and thus enable her 1.1
?el nut troui her imprisonment imo the ocean, and
fulfil herengagemem 10 sni! from Liverpool for New
Vork on the 13th July, of ?hieb, however, there
seems to be at presi ut very little prospect.
Gen. Tom Thumb.?The General still maintains
his position at the upex of the social pyramid, wheie
the ? Corinthian pillars'?the tiittoi the beau 1//041/V
who, like .Milton's angel, look on him. in 'dumb
amusemenl ali'?prevent the little fellow from being
-ecu by the great vulgar w orld. Like the sailor w ho
paid a large sum to a company of actors for the p* 1
lormance of a play, on ihe condition that no on
should see the representation but himself,? for, said
he,' I will have ii all to myself!'?the aristoerac?
engross nearly the whole of the General's attention.
A list of his visitors, from Ute Duke of Wellington
ir the highest member of the aristocracy, down 10
the humblest member ol u small borough, would be
tue same in substance as reading the naims of tin
company ut the Queen's levees or drawing-rooms,
-11 numerous are they, and su slavish is fashion in
England, that whatever the uionucli patronizes, ihn
nobility and gentry must needs run after. .Mr. llnr
hum, anxiuus to equip his protege in a style Buiia
ble to the society in which be moves, has purchased
two of the smallest ponies in ihe world?thirty inchi s
high, the size ol ordinary sheep?? Inch arc destine I
to diuw the General's Lilliputian carriage in tin
fashionable parks ol the metropolis of England, ac?
companied bj Iiis footman und coachman in liven
?lads eight years old! The General is expected
to pay another visit to the Queen in Buckingham
Palace in a lew days.
Extensive Conflagration?Seventy Houses
Burnt. - On Monday moniing the chief insurance
offices in London received letters trom Lyme Regis,
in Dorset, containing intelligence ol a most exten?
sive conflagration, which took place in that town on
Saturday last,consuming in its progress no fewer
ihan sevt ntj houses, the dwellings of respectable
tradesmen, and including the Custom House, ihe
Cups hotel (die principal inn in (he place), ihe
Crorge inn. the Victoria inn, the Crown inn, the
Pilot-boat inn. the CommeiCtal and Conservative
Reading Booms, and other buildings. The total
amount of property consumed and damaged is cal?
culated at from 30,000. to 40.000A
The Ex*Presidsnt of Havti.?The Journal
du Havre of the 11th inst?announces that the ex
President of Havti, Genend Buyer, arrived that
morning in Havre, with the intcnuon of proceeding
to Southampton, and embarking lor Jamaica in the
next West India packet. " The General," adds that
inurnal, " has been preparing some time lor that
jotirnev by forwarding funds to Jamaica, whither he
is repairing for his health."
i" S Packxts.?Since our last publication, very high east?
erly 'w ind, have prevailed with little exception, ami have kept
mu'nv inward bound vessels 111 the Channel. Ihe Inaepeo
.lence. Cnjitiiin Nje. being thus ilctained off ihe coast ol Ire
lanil. landed on Ihe 5th instant some ol ber pavenj-ers at rvin
?ale who. bavine traveled leisurely through the country, tr
riveiial Liveriuxdon the Tuesday following, and nought w
a few papers, which liter poh'ely handed to ii ihmer A: smith,
for ihe u-c of ihe public institutions and the part ol the lyotidoii
press represented by thnse gentlemen : Uie vessel herseil did not
arrive in the Mersey till next day. 1'he Sanmel Hick-, Capt.
Hunker, arrived on Sunday morning the lJth. and Use .New
York. Capt. Cropper, oil the same dar, boih vessels havutg
paused Bovhead within an hour ai.d a hall ol euci ouier.
The \i-ailm steamer, from Boston on the 1-t 11 .t-.l.t. arrive,:
here at 3 o'clock on Wednesday morning, with 102 pa-semters.
The papers by her were forwarded express to London, and
reached at :>cs,n the same day : but trie letters Uirongbthe post.
I otJice did not reach un?l next dhy. ! Liverpool 1 lmes.
Frightkpl Conspiracy at Damascus.?The
.Manheim Journal quotes a letter from Constantino
pie of ihe 30th ult. stating that a conspiracy tor the
massacre of the Turks, aud the establishment ot" a
native government, hid been discovered at Damas?
cus. More than t'?1?1 Arabs of the best families are
said to have been iu the plot. They were betrayed
by one of tiie conspirators, whom they massacred
iii the streets, ou the discovery of his conduct, amid
cri> s of " Death to the traitor." On this occasion a
conflict, in which several persons are said to have
been killed aud wounded, is reported tn have taken
place between ibo Turkish troops and the Arabs.
Railway Atciin.NTi.?The annual report ol"
the officers ol" the railway department of the board
of trade, which has just made its appearance, with
u copious appendix of statistical matter, furnishes a
l>cautiiul illustration of the safety of railroads under
good management. During last year, about 24,
000,000 persons have been carried an average dis?
tance of 15 miles each, and out of them only one
passenger has lost his life, nameiv, on the North
.Midland Railway, on the 12(h ol January, 184S.?
1 be -late ol the accidents for the last four years
stands thus:?
Killed. Injured.
1540 laut nve months of.. 23.131
1541 lor the year.?. '1
1MJ .5. 1st
lihi ,,nuiimiimtmntill,,,,?,,,1 9,t,ms. i
office no. 160 nassau-stree:
ft appears that 915 nttles. of railway were iaspected
and opened during 1843;
P * m i ,.me>t \ bt Ch aXGES.?The appointment o:"
.Sir Henry Hardisirc to the Governor-Grn>-rnl-f.ip of
InHi-t ban caused a vacancy forthe borougb ofLana
ceston, Cornwall. Mr. Duffield has resigned bissest
for Abinrdnn. Berk?, to make way for Mr. Tne-ig-r,
the new Solicitor-General; and who wo; elected
without opposition oa the 11th instant.
Mr. Godson'* -moke consuming apparatus has
been, by order of ihe Boird of Admiralty, pat up
in the bi'ock facti ry of th?S Portsmou h Dock-yard,
nnd is now working a large engine no effectually
according lo the intent, mat a tremendous fire is
ctj..-... t wiibout producing anv smoke
whatever. ' ' -
A New Tax iu Rlsjia.?The cu.,. ? ?r..^
sta has r? abilsbod an ahseno-e tax, bv nkase,?.-,?
-00 roubl-s a-venr. No Kussian i- tu have a [>.,.;
port to tiavel till hebe tu enty-five years of a?0.
Leters from Par s state that the new tux has irigLi
-n-d home numbers of Russians, for a EWmily of
three, who frais a-year'away from Ru.-?;a, theub
s-viiee tax amounts to about ?2411.
We rf ?n t to oav< to announce-the deirtfa of Will?
iam Beck ford, Esq. the author of '?Vathek," bd?
otiier well-known publications,which took place on
me 2nd mstar.t. ut Bath. .Mr. Beekt..rd wus in ids
8-llh year, and, with llogeis and W ordsworth, at
the lime of his death, the oldest ot the eminent liv?
ing authors of Great flritam.
Early on the morning of the 7th instant a tire
broke out at the Theatre Royal, Fountain-street
Manchester, and within nn hour from its commence?
ment this immense building was wholly^destmved.
The building an i property were insured for ?4,600.
which is, however, far below their real value.
To a deputation from the City, which rccentis
wui.ed on Sir Robert Feel, with the view of indue
ing her Majesty's government lo increase the amount
ol duly they have pri.posrd to parliament to lev, en
foreign eotTee, il e right hon. baronet is understood
io have given a tirin refusal.
A letter from St Petersburg!! states, that it is pro?
posed to construe: a new lute ot communication
from the frontier between Russia and Gallicia to the
seaport of Odessa, und that by nie.-iiis of die junction
of the Kailroadi at Cracrnw a similar comin inica
tion will be opened with the Baltic und the North
A letter from Dresden, dated .April ~0ih, stivs that
liueirn Victoria will not come toOermanv this Sum?
mer, b .t the King of Saxony will go to England ? n
the 29th of .May. io pay a visit to the English court.
His Majesty will also vis:! Scotland. The whole
journey is lobe accomplished in six weeks.
At the Central Criminal Court. London, on the 3ih
instant, William Crouch to-k his trial for the mur?
der of his wife, on the ?Uth of .March last. A de?
fence was made on the plea of insanity, hut it failed,
and the prisoner was senteuced to suffer tlcaih.
The strike among the Newcastle colliers still con?
tinues, as the coalowners declare ihe impracticabil?
ity of complying with the demands of their work?
men; and we understand that arrangements are in
progress for introducing large numbers of Irish la?
horers into the collieries.
[bos Trade.?The iron trade continues improv?
ing, with every prospect of being in u healthy state
for several years. Many iron Works, which have
been standing for a long time, have commenced
work, and others are iti course of preparation.
Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent arrive |
at Geneva, from Pans, on the I2ih instant, and took
up her residence at the Hotel de l'Ecu de Geneve,
where apartments had Leen j>ret ared for her.
.Market-. .Vc.
London Musky Market. May 18?The terms on which
the Bank i harter a to t>e renewed, are looked upon t?vorably
by the public l ii reneral, though m course several altcraUon.
are suggested by lire Joint Stuck Ban kl, and other parties m
lerested in the matter. Toe Money Market,tinea thedevcb p.
ment ot the plan, has recovered in some degree fron the decline
which had previously laken place, but there hn? no' been
much activity. 1 he Government llmker stdl continue, bu
purchases on acceiint ot the Savin ct' ?inks. and the Cum mis.
pnnenol the ( ourt of Bankruptcy. Prices ol British Secu?
rities, after some B net nation, clnae with scarcely any change
Iroin the rale, qui ted iu our our but publication
W to 88 premium.
Tlic foreign rmrkel H rather quiet at pre-enl. with a b'n
dsmey to droop, b it dunaa the precedine ?eck more than usn
n'lyevteii-.vcsnleiwerettrerttd. The chungc of Mun-ter? in
gpaJaatfirstcaisaMa considerable depro.a -tieedv re?c
t on however, to... place, nn! price hareregair.o.1 their furm-r
position. 1 he rerei.t remittance Iron Mexico bat proved less
than was expected, yet the Bonns ol Uint country nfu r ?Imlplv
recadine. ha ve as sou advanced ?od cW at tbe quotations.?
> ?nth Aniencnii IJoudsgeuerully inn-.- been noticed lo ?.nie
I ne cloeng rates nre?Spanish Three per Cent?, 35 to ', - the
Five per Ceil 1? 23 ,. t-.aj : .Mexican 'Sj:., :.. . the Deferred
IS to Vruv,,,,. to t?i ; Dutch Two and a II.. net
Gauls.to ? to ?; Ute Fiveperi ants, lOujtj to 1. ? Danish '?tu
89 '? Gokimbian, M ;,,; Chihan, lt-.> to iw* Buenos Ayre-.
lMto3h; Brarilian. to -I'.; lt?l"ig:i i/jrj Ul jw. yvnu.
gueM-.-ti lo 47 ; and H utsian. 11* I IM.
L'.MTin St.xt bs Ski entires ?The business done in I", S
Bond; has consisted ol the fullov?ine--our qnotations being the
!ristobt:.ii e,!:-lnino.- .-v- 1-Tn, #"., Keatiickv Sue. Lv>.
iy; .New \.-rk l-.i-i-- 18?.'M 'Ol -a M . fennsyli mien
1 nr., to IStsl. it): I . S. Itank ill i-.
i lie Cotton Market.
Hi FORT i- it nit H lck ksdim; M,y lu. The demand
from the trade has been undortnly steady; and speculntors have
iKinght nunc freel; ; at the same tune ihere is a disuoniumi to
eneirtsalei at Use present rates- and m any desenptioa except
nuddliac American, ?hieb u )fd per lb h glier, there is no nl
ii-rr.tioii to notiea iOJO? halo have l*een taken on speculntn n
-nid me sale* ahnfetha consist of 04.2-W bales, inclusive Df 1-10
Barbadoes at f-iit.^U Laguiyraal bhltL ICd ?!) W?t India u!
6X4 to Td.
Hkpokt for thk v.-ulk txDivr, May 17.? The tone of our
market hn? undergone a complete change since the arrival of
the steam .hip Ac id:a, on w ednesday roornins In.t. The ad
vices winch ?hc lironglil show the tcceipls of Cotton at Ihr
piirr?ot the I nitei! States to be mu h larger thnuwnspret i
ously unt Cipated hymen parties here, ami the con-e.|uence
has been asm.'den diininulioti in the deinniid.ni.il fall of prices.
Amenciui deseniitioot have receded ',d per lb.in ?omen,
?tiinces nenry -?d ; nnd Br rds nnd .Sutals Itjd to ijgsj per lb ?
The ordinary am! middling qualities are ni"?t affected. There
i- mi abundant ri pply at the reuured rate?, but thj trade pur.
chase iparinxiy.Itod there is luile ?[a-rulaiiie inquiry, the
market; on the whole, close. >cry Innguidly. with a tendency
to iiro?ip ?tili l?rtl cr. Speenlators have lasen U.UtU bales, and
the er.tirc sales amount to bales.
KKMKT o> Tili- COTTO.N MaKKICT, May I?.?Xo change
na< taken place in our l otion marXetsince our rep.,rt of j t
tarday: Use dullness then exi-t.ng continues uiinba:??*, mal
prices have a leaning in favor ol buyers. 'I he Sales to day hn\e
not exceeded tJBBH bales, including DU' bales taken on specula,
tion, nnd business clo-es very hravdy.
d. d. i d. d.
Upland, inferior.4'^ a 3'<! Mobile infer .or.4'? a 3 .
middling.4\ - 4 .| nuddlin?.4'., - 4 ?
fair.5', -4;i fair.....3~i - 4.',
good tuir.- 5 rood fair.51-- -5
gooilruid choice....!;^ - .v, g.i. e and prune.?,-, - b
N. Orleans inf. Ten..4 - 3;,;Sea Island.-tinned
inferior.d - 3J*
middlins.5 - 4la
lair.S\ - 4.\
goi?l fair.5"? -
and sawginn'd.. ..5 - 3
infenor.II - l-::
middling.13 - 14
fair clean, not tine 14-2 - Id
- gjjl gdcl mlher liiic.le -18
very choiccmmfs...SS - " ; line and clean.IS - 3D
HaYS k. May 14 ?The transactions in cotton of lite last eight
day. hnve ban oi nn extensive vale, nnd prices have odvanc
ed 2 to 3 cent?. Armut I8.U?0 bali~. principally ordinary and
middling L imed elate-dr-enptn r -.haiea.elwiUi buvern. The
?lock, are now comprised of ll?.mo bale-, sgsir.st Uo.uOU bale,
trcld at thf same t n:e in 1S43. In unre'ined fjuear nothing ot
importance ha., been dose; but ra the nb-ence nt tresh inpohas;
h< Ider- remain tirrn. Cullee being scarce. :s hkaw.se held stea?
dily, and xve have lew sales to notice in any descriptions.
AXSTZRDAX, Mnv 13.??.'?'???n remains in a dull -late, arot
even for connuiintiou the demand i? much less than usual. I .
Suites is quoted SI to S.' rents, and 'he stocks ?t these descrip?
tion: consist al the present lune ol 9J00 bales. Gnrolini Kice
ha? met with buyers at 11 rl dunng the last week and the mar?
ket is now cleared. Nothing of importance has taken place m
Ashes, and Au.ercan is bel.l at 14'? in bond. Tooacco con?
tinues tbe same ai previously ponced:300 eeneoi; tuim ro.i.
4jhhds llsrvlanc have changia hands to-dnr. IheCortee
trade is brisker, ard there are numcrou. purchases at previous
rates. I'nrenned Sugar;? in tuir re.;ue?:.
rrp- We are indebted to Gunnison's express I r
St. John's papers to the Ifth. The only item of
news we find ut, that it snowed there on the 2&h.
This is in the vicinity of the place the Last wind
comes from. [?ost- 1 ransenpr.
From Gt7AT.otALAi?Wfl 'earn lronl GuatamaU
that a verv destructive lire ra-ed in the town of Es
quir.tlB, o'n the afternoon of 21th Marco, which Je
stroyed two hundred houses belonging to the prin?
cipal inhabitants, many of whorn lost a:l they pos?
sessed. mm_
UZT The widow of John C. Coit, the Barre
Mass.; Gazette states, is now in Warren, Wor
cester Countv, (Mass.) qoaUfying hcrsel! as a
teacher. Jt 'will be recollected that she was mar.
ried to Colt in prison, but a few hours before hit,
death. Her origin.il name was Caroline Hen
Pooler Ac ui itted.?We learn that R. W.
Pooler, the second of Mr. Mar in the late duel
at Washington, in which young Cochrane was
killed, has been tried in Hsrford County Court
on a charge of stealing money from a fellow
lodger at Barn urn's Hotel, and acquitted.
& [Baltimore Patnot.
C" We learn from a correspondent, that the
Senate yesterday rejected the nomination of
Joshca VajcjaWT, as Naval oScer for tue port of
Baltimore. ; Baltimore Pat.
CCR AP"lROX-30 tora Wtonf^J^jl^^^^^ff '
&^ by GKL^EIX.^^^- ;
0.0EB^f^-^d7Tc^ a 100 i
JT uisuitpurciasen.by tYKL^ - ^^-^ |
mhl wn_ |_b-?-?- ,
2 3, 1844.
;* ? ks n assa i"-street.
a : J t i n .. . u i' J ? & ? r i .1: i 0,5 % ? ? e h a ?
r?*~'t*"'y-tr. I LrcrcK? Bilm. .
Can s.-. Cifj", CoxcsXX Hau. rain s.-ai
NsrxAscr POUCtkl, Fartcy.
Bat* ..f Ladlho, Political Bills.
CtRrrr I CiriTLars. ? rarai
Proir,ptlyei--iued at th?< eSee ef the Tribune. No. I* Nasua
? ? ?- ?:.e p
The Jnnius Tract*.
No. L Tin Test i ur i'-jt-e* Tnsd by tfletr Arts.
No. II.Tut Ctnuucrcv.
No. HL TnsT?r.:.T.
No. IV". Lira or Htxav Clat.
No. V. politic vL Aaouxmc.
No VI. Pexocracy.
No. VII. Labor asd Capital.
No. VIII. Thi Pt-?m.- l.sNns.
Price Rr<!tier(l,
The 1
If .\U < TRACTS lor Lie PreoJeuLal
Cam pa Cm will b? ? 15 a ^. ,
THE VVHJ H E SERIES, houri: a^w. ettetn?? IS
pa-re*. is pabUAhett:.: ? IG a hi^idred.
.Wir- )'*ri. Apr.! 2D. 1*41
tO- (?tt!ers rr.iet be accumpair-d with ce*h.
gpSataw_PubLslarrsfertile Autnor.
rXT Health, Qrtief. ami Coiiifort.-The Grnh.-m
Home. r>J Bardar-st-eeL New-York, proffers advantages to
?transcrs stoppine a few d.sy* or week* in the city, such as are
rarely otlered. It u eligibly ?>c-iteil on a clean ami airy street,
very near the business part of the car. and in the inuntsiiaZi
vicniKy of Hie jxUMiipal steamboat lanuinjv Its apartment* are
convenient am) neat, wtua as table i? sopplsai with Use liest
Wcetabie? and Knut, that can !?e pencilled, excluding entire!)
Annual I'iKst and stimulants of all kimis. Charges owderate.
and ttery effort made to render I loarders conaortabla. Snow-er
Biths free, liatneniber. 63 Ban-say street. jy2S if
C7" Irish Emigrant Socletv.-Notlce.-An
h.. . ?on tor officers at this Society for trie" ensmnx rear will
be m: I.I on MONDAY, the 3rd itay of June next, at tiie office
ol the -Mscsety. to Km-rt) st. Putts open from It' A. M. to two
0 clock, P. iL New. York, lush May. 1*44. nUt tSdjuae mc
r-ETtvTii Ward lUsx. New.York, May 22. ISM,
ET" Election.?The Stockholilcrs of this Bans, are
hereby (Mtified that an election tor thirteen Directors for the en.
sum- yenr, and lor three Inspectors oftba nett succeeding elec?
tion, will be held at the BaabBS BottM uuTCESDAY Lie IDA
cut of June neit.
The Poll wdl be opened al 12 M. and cl?ai 3 o'clock. P.M.
By order of the Hour,!. A. S. ERASER. C'ash.or.
KT" The Books of Snhacriptlon to the Capital
Stock of the New. York and Er:e Railroad Co. nro now open at
the Office of the Company. No. 34 VVsJbstreet, between the
hours of 10 and 5. V. M. M. COULD. Secretary.
New-York. April 24th. 1-44 _ ujS
ct" Temperance House, 36 Vesey-stieet. near the
After Rouse.?Mi?. I'. M i;.~. ha* taken this delightful siiua
ti a, and offers t>? tier friends nml the public its various ad?
vantage, on the most reasonable terms.
The house b ne-;t and newly fortrishsd? the situation airy,
pleasant and Convsnicst to business and die steamboat landing.
A pure vegetable diet for those who preior it?warm an,! a iu
baths tree. _ _ mj22tf
OTT* Mtittial Life Insurance Company of
New-Y'ork.? This Itasbtalion. Juriiu; ihe mouih oi April,
has i.sneil torty.one policies, viz :
To Clergymen. 1 Tn Merchants and Traders. 13
" Phy.iciaiu. 2 " Clciks.3
" Lawyer. 1 " Manutiicturers. 3
" Tencners.'i " Mechanics. 2
" Government (itlicers_i " Waleamaker. 1
" ArmyUtticer. 1 " Bank Teller. 1
" Ijnli?.3 " Civil Engineer. 1
" Student. I " Printer. 1
" Secietnry to In?. Co_1 " Stationer. I
" Cartman. 1 " Builder. 1
ft 117
[iny4 edtJel; Total Live In-ured... .41
y^xrrzjKVjjmuzr^'ixr^r^xr^^i'r;. ..y^sjA.-.'v.iAj ? spssosasjj.-i
K.YHIi:iTK)N'.-Th? New York Horticultural and i'lo
ricultural Society will hold their Animal tprmg Exhibition of
I- loners. Knuts und Vegetables .tt Nlblo's Saloon on Weines
day. June.'.Ui. It will open at 1 o'clock. P. M. and conunue
the two tidlitwinr dn>3.
As it is Intended bs make this dm finest display of the sans m,
nil iimiitcurs and gardeners are rcipiesic.1 to contribots plants.
Bowers, &c worthy of exhibition. The Comnut'ee of Arminre.
menl- will be in attecdnnce early on tiie morning of Wellies
1 n> tn receive a'tich- lor exhibition, and contributor* will aid
ih? Committee hy ilelivenni: their iirt'cles o- early us possible,
when they will receive their tickata of aomission.
Members of the S leJety will receive Ihe.r tickets also on
VVcilnesihiy mcriiuic. Ekhibilors' und MeiiiWer?' tickets ad.
mil durina the day only.
.Vr. KaolT. who Im? charge nf the Conservatories at Niblos
Hnrrien. will lie m attendance; and render every assistance to
contributors and manaeers._m31 4t
h'AMiLY MONTTOK. a .-s?it WBjSYdly Pkaionti si..
cOndocted by an AsMctaUon of MmiAlers and Laymen, and
bSHtad ni double numbers -irrer the tirst number?embellished
not by man's alt. but with llible truth. Terms ii jier voltune
of 2b numbers, payable in advaaee. We re-pectlully suhcii
thatshoreot public pa!n>ua;e which the assrits oftaework
demand. Tlns-e w ho liecomc our patrons are muted lu call
and have the first number mailed to a friend gratis, i iflice
No. ? Spruce-street. N. Y.. no Iba 3d tloor. E. II. V\ ll.i II IX,
Pnl.h.ner._ml? tin
A Superior Hmun. Iie.1,1'orceiii.u Ivory Suriace whits and
eoloredblanks. Cur.'-ol every daseription n? manufactured
nt the New York Card HaauMCtory, lot-snle at reUuctd prices
bj L SMITH. 103 John street, opposila Cbtf st._iny4
FIRTH ii HALL. No. I Franklin-squars, have cnnstiint.v
on bund an extensive assortment of MUSIC and Ml Sil.'A I.
I NATU i M EN TS of nil k.n.l,. PLAN!) Ft IKTES r/diiTerenl
style* and finish: GUITARS, from the liest Spaniah patterns,
for which they have received premiums from tiie American In?
stitute ov?r all other milkers, und are of very superior tone and
style of finish ; Pl.t ITES, of all kinds and bnisb. tor which they
navr also received repeated premiums; CLARK INETS. KK.N'I
111 t.l.l>. i i iR.\( il'l.i i.\S, TROMI5i INKS. em. allot then
ow n manulaeture and wanantad ' unpor'er. or MI 'SIC and all
kind, of MUSK tAL INSTR I'M E.vrs. .\ EW MI fSICrecerv
-I .is is.ria?iiiiblisi,ed. JC.<T PI 'BI.ISIIFH. nil tue .oi,,-,.,f
OD for the PIANO: abo. the oRPHEL'S GLEE BimiK. be
in.* .1 collection ol ilecs fbf tour male voices, with pattM aceotnr
p imrnenL selected und compiled from the host Germaii and En
ginh authors, by AUSTIN PHILLIPS. Price One Dollar per
set. Merchants, and ihe Musical community generally, are re
?m-ctfuily muled to call. nibtitf
Mr. F. UN ASH I lately associated with Prut. Baoxsox)
would respectfully inform rhu*-' dosirOUS of developing and cut
Uvatiag th^ r Voice* liir Singing and Speakltut m nn effective
BMaaer. w^hout rnu..ne r.oarsene.s exhaitstina. that In; has
established himself nt No. 99 Forsvth street, m l.'ieCity Of New
York, to instruct Indicuiunln anil *mii.7 C/ujire on reasona?
ble term*. He will also u stru 't Glkx Ci.ta.s and Choirs,
rind give Pneate Instruction in all pnru of the city. For par?
ticulars and relereuces, see Circulars at the Book nml Music
Stores. _ _my21 lni*
No. 73 I 'rtbir. une donr Inun Nassau St.,
HASjnsI received from Auction aiagnificent French printed
Miishi.s, rich Hroehe Platd ami striped Poult de Soie. ol
super...r qaality, bl.ick ?tnped Barrege. New Si>ie llr.l/o.
rme KM, Sutni .tiiiseil Barrega Shawls, Lad?*?' Cravats,
rich Hat and Lap Kinbons, BmsM s Thread a"d Aabbnr
tooXaces, whit* and black Cardiuab. colored Silk Shawls
Baraslay Sheeting, Hosserr, Gloves, lie. Persons porchnsing
for cash will do well to tall and examine tbe nock before pur
eaasing the r gooda. avjrt?
JESS? Fi LAI ? LEG ER PAPERS.?The subscribers, soie
agents of these we . known Papers, have now on aand us
tnllowi, finished both with ib? hot pressed and satin sm face,
which adapt them for every cl-ss of writers:
Suiierfine blue luid Super Royal, hot-pressed and satin ?arface
do do Royal do do
do do Medium do du
do hand-made and white Medium do do
d" blue hud Demy do do
do do and hand wove Flat Cap do
Also, a full assortment of Uie other descriptions of Jessup's
manufacture, embracing thin laid Folio Po?t. super blue laid
Cut Cap. tirsl cln.. super blue l ud letter, superfine do, rim
class hand made w lute do. superfine do, iiC.
m>3l_E It. CLAYTON H. SONS. M J-hn-.t
VT S DONNELLY 4tO I., No. S87 Grand-street, coiner of
i\ . Allen, reive on hand an extensive assortment ol ihe lol
lowing house-kfsrpmg DRY GOOD6. to which tliey invite the
attention of nurcha*ers, vtz :
9-4 to 14^1 Imperial and Marseilles CluilL. ?
ti 4 to 10-4 by 24-4 Diapers end Dauias* Table Cloths all
Linen. _ . , _., .
6-4. S-4, 10-4 and 12-4 Irish. Ramsler. Russia and fdesia
Sheet uixs.
Ru..ia. Scotch and Irish Toweling Diapers.
5-8. 3 4 and 4-4 lliaper and Damask Napkins.
Crash. Huckaback und Bfrdeya Diaper.
4 4 ami f B Shitting and Pillow-Cssa Linen ot all ijuahua.
4-1 hcavv L'ndre**d Knien.
Freuen EmbtBsed ClnUi Table and Piano Covers.
Colored Cotton. Worst*' and I.inen Table Cloths.
And also nn extensive assortment of Clntns and Cassimere*.
Drsp D'Ete", Gurnbroous, lucea Drdliugs. and i-tber ^pie
and Fancy Dry Goods. _ my'-l
mackTe" .V leverett,
No. 107 Water Streat,
(Bekiw Weil street.)
Johs F. Macitie, late Msckie. Oakley Ai Jenr.uon. J \ y
Josiah S-Leverett.late Leverftt&'i'homas. J* '
Dealers in cut rind Wrought Nails and Soiies. Axes. Tin
Plate. Benca Tin, Lend. Copper. Zmc, Spelter. ? ire. Eng;
lislu ArneHean and Russia sheet Iron, Hoop Iron. Braisers
Rods. Band-iron. Nad am: Spike Kodi, .~hovej. Spa<b?. Cast
Steel, Brads. Tacks and Snsrrow bills. Brass Ketlie*. Tmsers
Toob. Scotch, English American Pur Don. be.
Fire i'ruul soles and Don Ciicsts ol all mn. rr. lm_
OFFERS for sale zl low pneea. an SAsorUuent of the follow,
ing goods?
lironxed or Silvered Girandoles.
Solar Lamps for Lard or Oil.
Saadwieh. GoUuc i. Convex Tea Tray?. m.set? or sepe.-reiy.
I'la-.e,: Cake Baskets, Castors. Candlesticks. s-^Sea aac frays
English and Domestic Brtancia U ere.
Silver Table and Tea Spoons. Sze. _?l?a
Table Cutlery and areaeral ict ot tancr ar-icies^ mtaim
BONNET BOARDS?White, and BfoesUidWfafc for ts>
in Jarge or smrtll quantities, by Sffl j? W
uny dl_ i_.
ape" """GAI "NT *t HERR
H\1\S AND A NCHORrrV-troni IS inch to Hi. do an
I j rS n from iitt \ tu 25 B -a, so^l or ?i^oangol by
KJ ffilw^gf? I)ERR.'CKSV>N. lg?.^rj>-rt.
BROWN HAVANA SL'GARS??? boxes on board bark
^^G)?l?S^ltifc? *- CO. 73 South a.
ia,r ACHLNE PRESSED OAKUM?Jx bales Mactune Oak
ifliim. 50 barrels Pitch: 20 barrels W ilra-ngton Tar. HO kegs
Cut > 1 ? -s 50 kegs Ship and Boat Spikes, together with a toil
?'^P ^t^HnstiW m West-street.
CHEYTHLNG CUPPER?1uu cases bat brands English. 1?
^-"^KLVVEia. MLNTCP.N k Co.. 3South?.
MI rSCOVADI' SUGAR?83 aids on board barque Genera!
likr-aon. lor sale by
mia GkLNNELL. MLNTURN tt CO. 73 South rt.
?DIZ SALT AFLOAT-13'XIJ buirstjs, m board ship
Cerss. Si sale ?7 GRLVNF.LI.. MiNTf'RN t CO.
ajij 7& iiouUt ?treet.
WHOLE xo. 9*0.
This it-edieree a eonstnrrfJr se-ciri..nt almost incredible curr
of daeasc* arising frc-r; im-K:r.r>e* oft?? Nix?! arsl cwwrai
?v Jem. It has amesled ami caret} numerous ciuo ofscridu'eo?
adectioo?. disetses of the ske, rheumatic ton-, diseased liver,
painful enlareesjent uf the ?nee, aiSiw, and wri;.:o.3ls, Chro
nie rlieutnstum.-t? o.:-v. ehrooic cooAiuoonaJ ?Boni?7?.?x.!
rar-oui other ilisopVr? ar*.eit: frem impure ?creituc?. In this
preparation are strongly COOeeoOnttd i" the valuable medici
oal prsi>ert>e? of Sarvtpanibi. on ?iueh it? a. :.*?i'v defend*.
ecMDpoandett wttbother remedial iwli. sessgsadfoactba eo.
g-tible kingdom.rj>e whole ?t:ss-?t-i of which is eitrturted o.i
an ent.rek new pnaciple. ?.vhich h-n co?t niter years of 'at.'
and much expense- The great olyect .les-rcd i? now Wurr.
pbantiy tuxuespiislwd. in the pnJoction ofa remedy rsuasaanni
t eontroliiag power ?TB stiprsosed incurable diseaias, bereto
fore unknown in the h?rtery ot Bssyjfcfae.
Th? te.tm.oar el .iio** wn? i't.e two cured I)" its UM ?
their reaidenee, ha. been published, from tune to tun*,
???ere :t decrabie a nous of Lhe n-ot overv.be.miag tatUDOl ?
DOCja .-rough: C>r*TtftL.prov-ina oiual cosduaivel; to inesl:
mable vnlus, m ?n active and curative tneiiirirte in the -N>v<
, rhaeaiaa. The atfircted. N thme who may have given op in
I dni^isr. and ail who are interested, are invited to mike a trial
of thai valuable medicine, or to i-all on if?u?e? who have come
forward and bome public test;n:o::y of il? prre.ti* value to
them, and saMsfy t:i?m?elvcs lndividuallr ofits power in arrest?
ing and curing daenw. i:.d of wSal it Uns performed for
The following cure of an in?t?riite case of -Scre/a/a is sub?
mitted tu lue careful COCiahrrariofl of .lg- BlfJfeMd!
Pawto* sr. r SSfy 2 th. IMS.
Mkssrs. Simds?tientlemen: Having b-en rriiv'-r?! an !
canal ut one ol the mostdtttnsSIng maladies to wbico Um
human system ts subject, by the use ol your Snrvt tanllu, I
lee! it my duty to mate known to trie public use facts aOaod
ing my rase, and tlie inestimable bAie.il 1 have derived from
Ule u-e of your medic.ne.
In the Summe of loUS, ?\ hen at tea. I h?d a swelling unde;
my right arm. whicfl ntbered. broke, ami proved to be of a
Scrofulous kind. A lew days al>er which I landed, and tin
mediately nrplietf to a ph> ocian. nod received hut little bei tent.
1 ?a. ianueaa to apply to .eveml of the m.>.t ikttrttl pJiyticiara
the p'acr.- utfordeu. and to inaxe use of various ?pecilics : not
withstanding kowever I continued to gruw worse, unt.l nt)
right-hoiuorr, ?: le, breast, neck, and ?tomac!:. become on.
extending sore, which drscharged matter in large ipiantities.
and tta lite appeared u< be hut waaotut away. fly-.health was
Mmuenmipaired that at times 1 was ani able toKoouiui
doors I I ?ii a mere enmaateii jkelet.ui. Every one supposed
I eotdd live but a short tune, and I bid myself despaired el
ever obtauuug relief. In Nowmber last I accidentally saw
your Sarsapnrslla advertised in one of the newspapers, which
induced me to uinke one more trial to ivgaui my health : and I
hesitate not to say that it has done more gmn!. thnu all the
irsadicipas 1 have ever tak.?n. tty the ose orone or two bot
tl.-s I was relieved fri'm all pain, m> health ?? g-in to amend aiul
1 now teel perli-cily well: I can use my t;ght arm. adueh I ??.
unable to do tor Beany live years, nnu 1 muibute the result en
tircly to a lew bottles of your inv.-iluable Saisaparilla. I now
heanily reeomrnend ii to all ?uiui vriy albeted. UutlUsay may
pnicure the right uiedirtne and thereiiy .nve themselves ?ufTer
ing and eipeiiM.'. Those wtstutig to know farther paftsgusars
mayjlnd UM at my residence in .Mill street, PawtUCksC, where I
thallba pleased to cotiiniumccte arn th ag in relainai to aiy
case. 1 am. with gratitude, i.mn. kc
Rristoi.. ss.. Mny?il.lvj?.
The above named ('nlvm Harding personally nppeiired bi
fore me and made oath to the truth of Uie loa-going certiticals
by himsubsertbed. COLUK? HAK1.1N?., Ju-!.,-e
I do hereay certify that the above n a correct ,taleu:eut ufthe
casaofCoh n Harding! and the wonderful eAeet ofvour Sar
sapanlla. 1 nnve treijuently ?een his sores dressed and am
knowing to themed ciiie he made use ol
For further pnrticuiars* nml eonclusive evidence ot iU supe?
rior Muue and efficacy, sae pamphlets; which mny be obtained
I'repareil and sold, wholesale and retnil. by A. It. At I'.
SAN US. iV'holesaie Orugmsts. 73 Kultoo suaex. N. \.
Sold nfso by Druggist., generally throughout llic l'. State?.
Price ii pei dottle?sis bottles tin Si.
(XJ~ The publican Mpeetmuy requested to rememtierth.it
it i. Sund s Snrvipiirilla that ha? and ? Constantly nch'Cvuig
such reuinrkiible cure of the nsosl difllcutl class of diies'?s to
which th- Human frame is suluect. I'headore ask lor Sund.*
Sarsapanlla. und take no other._m9 I in
Finsr I'RK.MU'M i>Ai;n:iair.orvi'Ks.
Broadway, above Murray .street. New V?k-.v?anieil the
rtaar paaMitui nml HionxsT honob, by American and
Fianklin lostltules, for Ihe uiosi beautiful eolorwl Daguerreo.
types ever exhibited.
I In- establishment ha* just lieen greatly enlarged und im
proved, by the addition ol newly ihe ?hole of the tirv Boui
aboveline street; and embraces now no lewer thaa tiwai.vi
separata apartateota. The scale upon which 'he business is
coiKlucted insure, advantages widen are no where else to be
Biet with: mid hence die reputation which this concern has
always enjoyed. ?' lieing the " first in the world."
'" The steamer Caledonia carrie.1 out n new and Improved
apparatus for taking Daguerreotype Mmiaturcs,ordered by ^
^;er^uii<: gauieuaaii of l^d.uiMi-gn. from t"e estahli.hmeut ol
PsoC Plumbe; It is far lupenorloany instniineiitever boiiiiv
asanuiactured." [liny State Democrat.
Hluuibe's t'reniium nin! German Apparatus, and Instruction ;
l'lnle?, t V~-s. &.<-. at louesi ratci. _mi) i in*
SHEPARD. 191 Broadway, opposita Jnlm ?? wishes ?
more to rem.ed the public thai he hau yet remaining some
uf thnt wry cheap Stationery, vig
Letter l':ii>e-. fid, ot. lOd. Md and Isd per quire,
t up Paper, h.t. lu.1 lit *m\ 13d jer quire.
Note Paper, lit. ted. U9d.Ss3a i*r quire.
It'ank Books, full bou:.d. pur quiie, gooucuouxh fur any
ose. l?l
npHE largest assurtinent and most elegnnt panarns of Oral
JL Aprons -togeiherwith Drapery fee Looking tJlasi
I. of
!a*?es and
Picture Flames ma] oe loununt
uiJj H. it S. IIAVMIR'S Bookstore. >; lloweo
MlLUrfEBS and o utsits mi nkspec rrt'llt
invite..' In cull und ttsnunne our .tuck
oC?tr?ic f.'u.i?.?. In part as follows, nx.:
Ladies Tuscan. Neapolitan. Dints Bye, lim d. i 'nip and 9raw
Bonnet'. Mi-.ia' sizes; nUi, .Mi~o, Boy's and Children's L-n
horn. Panama, und Palm Leaf Hats, artificial Bo wars, tic tic
All sellgig utf very luu. fur rath., nt
GALE 4t < 'i l.\s, 258 Penrl street.
U. S. Uo'ei Building, late
m'Jj l.n* Holt's Huuje, .New-Yolk
NO. 13 irtiAll. osic door chom SASsil-.lKtt'r,
HA>ju*t received from Auction a grent voriery uf Balzor
ine?, I'rimeil Iviuus. i hina ErlestiiO Uinghuiiu, llluint
Edgings. Needle-worked Hands, r-dk liimps. Cottiai Frings
Bonnet flushes Ribbons, I.men Cambric Ifandkfs. Tinea.,
und Cotton Eiguigs. Gimyun Laee, Uosiery, ('lme?. Ijic.
Veils. Ate. nil ol which will he sold nt great Imrgmns. n>IM
AND ITS. VICINITY.?Ai the suggestion ofa numbei
ul respectable lam,lies, resuhng <n the Seventh Ward, the Pro
prietornfthe ALHAMRA. Broadway, has been induced b
open u llriiuch of his eslnhlishniwnt at .No 16,*> Ens'I Iron 11
war, one di^ir above Ii ulger street. The bouse is n very lurg?
Uno plciumnt one, liemg uiu.iied in liut most eentral p?n uf tl<.
street The Saloons uro fitted up in a Kyle of great taste am)
neaine?,. To those who have visited his rstnbiishmi-n' in
ISroadwny he nee<! only say. thai the snuie endeavors am! am
icty ui ple.ue ins gue-t< will In evinced there a. nt the fonnci
pbee. To-hose who have oot, hetespectfuily iBvkeatnaai ii
call and judne luf thaujsalsea.
The .-nlo.il,? will lie ready lu receive company Tuesday,
the 7th inst.
N. B.?(.'term constantly on hand. pur?. myKlin
11 \4 \ t Is U S bBS. Binder? Boards, assortol Nos. rnadlum
JLUJ t,\t\j\ t and doubts c.?p size.
10.000 llu. Straw Boards, .-unured Nos? superior nuallty.
5. UU0 do Hand!?.! Boards, assorted Nos.
2,501 do Cap Makers' Boards, e.vtra large sire.
6. U0U do Trunk Boards, assorted Nos.
500 gross Bonnet Boards, various ipial.tiet.
Press Papers, white and hruwn, flat, for salo in qoant'ties to
suit purchasers at Paper Warehouse, No. M John street, by
mil E. B. CLAYTfiN at rsdSS.
Pi'A NL"nS. COCOA ttc
ltS.'J Biuhel. new crop African Pea Nuts,
jn Bags Pan < loeaa,
l i la as Genoa Citron,
M Drums Brorraa Kig?.
lot) Basketsaud Boges .S'np'e? do.?Kor oik; by
BdL GASSNER & Y?UNC. tta LTiatham street.
GLOBES, GLOi(l>. VKhY CHKAP.-A second-hand
set ol extra size English Gtobea, SO inches diameter .stand?
ing over 3 feet high. The above Globes are owned by a pri?
son who has no further use t.r them, mil will le) ?dd very low.
H. &. S. KAY.no It. Boekseuert, To U^en.
Also Lonng", IJ inrh Globes. maO
XX is selling at a reduces! price n superior article ul India
Rubier Hi?e. !eie,| ami eosaied ssrfth Sheet Kuhber, and war
nr.tci to wear longer than any uUier Hose in market. It is put
pigetiver in a ditlerenl manner, and being covered it does no!
rut- Coupling. 1110101101 without charge.
For sale at LA Maiden L&.-.e. and 357 Broadway, by
C. L. K'e<S.
7t> Bouerv. hnve the largest assortment, and must elegant
pattern, of Griiu; Aprons, to be found in nny ston in this city.
Also, Drupery. I-jc Lsikmi Glares and Picture Frames? all
colors._ m30
i iLAR L.\MPS?Ijt vinous patu-rns, manulactured aa-i
for sale, wholesale aod reusii, by
die^-/. BRirriiERa &. co.
No. 13 John ?... New York, and
Mf 4n*_6 Hicks st. Brooklyn.
AoancY or V. B. PiLitrR. extensively known throi.gr out
the United Sta'-es as embracing most of the best Newspapers Of
the pnecmai towns id the Union, is established at V3) .*,a?sau
street, ,T.-d>uce Budduigsj upposdy City llali, at tlia CoaJ
, Office-_mat
DORIC LAMPS, for burning Carnptsene.?These Ijunpsa/*
simple in their construrtiun, easily tnaimed and give a
I very oniiiunt light at a cost of one cent an hour. Maculac
, tared ami lor sale, wholesa'? and retail, by
HIETZ. BRl/rHEK U C'J. No. 13 John-st. New-York.
M r-n* _ and 5 Hidu-st. Brr?klrn
MRS. ROBINSON, from Elizal-eth-slreet, fashiooaber
Clear Storcher.i? Mercer-street, rifth door above Spring
street. Tarletoe and Embrouiereil Dresses. Laces. French
Worked Capes, Collars, i.e. made to look euual to new.
: Shawls, Silks. Mennos?, Table Covers, Silk Bosse, Jit.
! cleaned in the best manner. _ wylB lm* _
\ LARGE vS.^jKT.MENT~s'UA:>5ER~CO \TS : com
-a. prising Linen, Jean. CamletJ. (.'ashmeres. Bombazine.
Mer.::o, Frocks, d'Orsays. acc. lor sa>. ready made, at 281
i Brunnway, opposite the Fountain.
! "=38 tf WM. T. JENNINGS fc CO.
PORTABLE SHOWER BATHS of :.-.e Ixz'. rniie ,n li i
world, for sale wnoleta^ and retail, by
U M. WEST. 133 Hudson street.
A new Shower Bath which every body ought to have at the
low price of 50 cents each._ mSBlrn
SHOVELS AND SPADES.-SOOdozen, a low priced arti
ele. tor sale br MURDOCK. LEAVPPT 4c CO.
my?_?-?_117 West street.
XV,vJVv c.Ol* rcarxuRng do do.
IJ>? do White Tea do do.
I. uOO do Assorted colored Shoe do. _,
For sola by CYRUS W. Fl ELI >. ? Buraag suo. a*?
BOILER IRON?The Subscribers are prepared to furnuh
Boiler Irne. of first quality and warranted of any dimen?
sions?aiso Iron suitable for Looomtives and Erricson's Pro?
pellers made at Laurel Iron Wo*ks, I.T-ester Co. Pa.
m22_M URDl 1CK. LEAVIIT ar. CO. 27 West st.
Ki\GS.?The Highest niartet pnees wdl be paid in cash tier
aJliuadsuf Rags, by
rnhl ?rn _ _CYRUa W. FIELD. No. 3 BuriingsTtp.
A" NTHRACITE PIG IRON-fl? tons, for salelow to close
an account, by MURDOCK, LEA VITT ac CO.
ml7 Si West sir-**.
TEN DOLLARS REWAKH-Vu-gsBiao K*.?? ?tot?
?A c?rtili?ile lor thirty shares of YkcSjSss g lUnk
Stisrf; in tie name of Buck >y & Pr.k. and numlensl&& ?-th
Power of Arterney attached wa*L*ii on Saturday, Sil March
It ni eneto^d <n a tetter uad ??f on Us way to Wall ?L The
ahoesl wdlbe paid by awsuix it at Thompson's iitEce. WWall
tagC_ g-aJS
Cl'i \KI.ES PETER \l.M Aatait. ? -fve.d K. uw ? .
-iwrsjen. raj receive intorniatroo of interest to hon at
lly matten, br nsou b? ??Vir?*?, or by applying in nerton, at
III! CuawilaTii rftf >T the Kiug ol Sweden aiai Norway in
Penora aecjain'esj with the iclindoa! aSive desrr Ve s?-:ll
obsUgehira aral h? reiiUws by grviag sue!) mfcrami on |> ut
htm as may lead to ihn d-covery_mhS r..: ho*
ll'AN'l F.IV- \ Protestant woman to do 'he ? .
II vnalt tainit?-. She most opaVi??a^??oteifc wai
?ro int. awe. and be sssrd reixanujetmcd. Apply at I"!?.
Svrlcg >L ?'?
VlTANTEO immaiati'.r-. vm men. \tneneaa>, to
** nm whaling s-oysrr* n find ;i.; aU> svs**>tsM, a:
j pe-srer?, <s>.jer? amfbl .<??.??.? :.kj. to ? ft <w extra pa* wdi.be
; s>*eo. AiickMbnj ano of.er necevvm article* wt.'I b* tui
I ni^ved.?ta? cites of ?.<*? ? v-iage. .W> "?- oTi .-soittt^teet.
j tmttam. mSOTwDi. fciW
HTM J^ RXEYM^V'SHOKMAK! Rs.-Wt.it?l. a at*
X rate wortmaa. to make tsasvtistsMa^ SsV *>.
' _ SMn'H & liA..T>HoKNF.
?mS- _ 170 t dti :-. >:rc.:. S-.- kl>u.
I RARtiWRTfVITY:., ruTtn Mlli a
-TR. hrd: rare Manufacture-* an-! Fancy Bus. e*. of tone stand.
?? J} ^JlTSSS. ****** that the -.'-> .f ,-ds and would
f I ^L'Ji ?*lU?'*<loaaje.wh c.1 will he cm
G.??U HO AH U and ^v^.WatT^aTM.wk ge^tk?:
men or ?.-. croeu and the.: arvvaa ? .\,^ 3j \'ev. strsset
. ?'Chorea. mS) Sw*
B( lAHIs-A a-entWman and ha wife an.|"iTrnij wc-ie ?r7
txinen, cao be sccinini.id.-ir*\i >?aa j^^i Bl j,| Ragt
I Broadway._ otyH liu_
Bi iARIV? A family r>r ? tew vntit ?ei.tVmen ?f #.?<d mtr
ral?. ean have Sor.i "nd ?oar..?? r.?<m. la a private fiurv
j dy.a very d.vuabhl location, SffCfeff ti House a. u my\-t
mentl aonMta?y ptea*snt and ngrreaWe. ng: 1??
i |>( >Ao I?i Nl..?Familie? or untie gentl?"i?m eao txr accvirT
, 13 mi .'..Ha! a '.'i rooa > auu bn?rd al tib li.mtt.* -tert, a
i trw <hi<-n Iroin Urooilwoiy. myjt lio
i niVdlS ft i LET.?A ileltchttul in i oi r.wim ior a gen
. i \ ttenuio'and lady c* lor ?tn<b> ge :. ? ?? . mart* had at
i ilJ Broadwajr, with a lam i) coiatmg uf oofj two peitoo*.
, _my 31 Ti_^_
j rir?(> I.ET. P1ea?ant Furni?he<l Ro->inv ?itb Break but and
X Tea. if required. Aup^y at^T Broadaay, aiSoWd*
I V tiTlt'E.?IT.e Macii ocrv. I . ... A.c. nee ? twlongmg ' >
|ll the Fougiikcep?.e l.?vonioti\e Engnie Comt?ny will be
,' ?okt al pubac auctwu on the DrettiBC Luely U-loug ng to tpo
[ M1j .pant in tin. village ol IViiglikeci?.e. I?iii.-.>ej i'oua.
I i. state of Neu York, on WolrHitday, ii? 12th da/ol Ju.?*
i aakt uiiiniianDini;atln'rlnrli.P M. Tbo.t.h.kot machmo
i ry aiid tc*nl? <" ?err dienill I. ohI of the ti.-?? older and a not
: .mL>a??ci by any oilier n op in tiw l ulled Stale*. Auioug?; it
I will be foond ... . .
I 1 Sige taw Lathe a feet chuck.
' tttwOn do. incomplete.
7Gaage ljuhef.
1 Planing Machine.
1 slabtng MaeJlill*, complete.
1 unto ditto lucomplete.
It Vices,
StttUtnuj Pulleys and Hilts,
A ?real vaiieiy ol ?muH Tools.
A crenl var.ety of Patterns and Models.
1 Puochmg .??ch.iie. seared forsfcan power.
3 ditto ditto be nt.
2 Bending Michir.e*.
1 large slsearuig do.
5 All'. ii<.
4 Bmtths' Bellows.
A great en riet) ?i Smiths' Tools.
A cfSal variety of tuu.he.1 und iiiitiuishrsl work tor Engine?
to he iill'ered sis lots.
Terms of Sale? fash tor all purchn-es of |I0D and ender.?
For Sli purchase* fser (100, auprosrd SOd?rsed paper at six
The budding* m w hich the abuse Maewaatf is ..lusted will
also h." sold at nneate .ale Ofl rery fasorable tsnns a* lo pness
ami credit. Tim p'openy is boaillilully siluulesl in the .Nuth
part of die villngeof . oo?hkeei>sie and COflststl ol a duck and
plot of tu und JiO lirt front on lb* River b) ikMtert.lrepe.uen
which u erected one large brlfa buiklins DM by SO tret, two
.'ones hiiih w th engine house 2S by SS I a R uh r .-hop lUj (Jjr so
ssstoo?story aStnstb*'shop 111 i>? 35 !?-t. ten Ferae, msa
story. All put up in the im-i substantial manner ol brick and
covered with VVelch stare. There is a nr?l cin?s Meain Ensiuo
of 34 ntwsse ixiwer in periect oirler. The blltMlBsTI end saealtOq
ire ?eil c .iciilnied luraCoUoO F?tloty ut Ill.lU) ?piUill?? aud
at)extensive MichineShop
For lulllier particulais inquire of llenrv F. Tal.'inadge, No.
I Hanover s'ieei. .N.oi Vo k. or ol lintlin .<k Have ?. No *
Merchants' Exchange, New York._ m2" iJeU
riisllssjsil. I'orcrlaui, Salin. I..,1.1 tlordere-l. KiiiIhsimhI. Ii ut
Edaasti Fancy Colored. Bordered, Mourawxg i'anls. and I rial
ri?" Itlanks of every dsstcriptiun i. ml sue, cob,rtsl and plain
Anstncaa, Firnrb, German nod wsanssh Playing Qsrtts of
every vanrly ofh ick and ipialit) ; Quxdi ok,, larxe and small
i'omic and Social Uonvsrsation i'noi?, c\ir? nuck t'oloie*t
Cards for Raiiro.nl l icxs-rs. Pencil i'hob. .V.i-. stC
i Inlet* Item *ll serlions ol i'.r counll) resiir- iluily lohciteil.
and wi'l b?faithl'ull) executed by L. SMfTfj,
my.il Im_1U2 Jeke-sl. la Us 71 F ulloust.
N'OriCE.?Arcmbald limeie king, has ihwduy Isjen ad
mittcd as a purtuer, by
.1-1 im*_ PRIME. WARD X KlKtsv.
mb Im* No. 7j Ctiambenkst.
1AW CARD?John M. in rn?i a, ? i .n m . nur.. Msstssnp
^ipi, wrllaUeod ro Igjntl Imnses thai may liecoiiriilnl to linn
m the Circuit Court? ol Adams ami Urn adjacent COOlXtsa, and
ii the Sui??rior I'oiip'. ol the Slat. A fnvomhle iirote?Moual
eoiussctjooja Louaiiniis will enable him to aus?uto jnasgstssj
dsn in ihr Pnruhc* of that Stale neai NsXchsX. He reten lo?
iir on ft Bartoni vkn Visdaln, I'liuldwcll and
Ron i leeaiaa, sMntfix Brown, VVaraoca
Hrotber?. it. Co. .Mnleolm & Gaol,
data. Coehrau, Hemy Laserty,
WiUtam Kam ilSly
DR. J. G. HEVVETT has rssnsov?d to No, B7 Itlercker wi.
near Broadway, Ness York. Pinct c..ii.?,i lalhslq
tsslioos. Fractures, DipDiisaies, Pprams, Contraetioai, Pal
-ied Limbs, hUsaomattsra, Vorvou* Airc noio, Ten.'eines?, la
BnWmSttrsBS and t'nrv?lur>s> ofth* spme.lwlii.-med Shoulders.
A bile S'a ell Weakness ol the Joiubj, and lb., uf the
Ijmli* eeueralty.
Ke:.uces given on application to Hr. |f, atifl Ua*
\"TliE OF HEMiiVAi.-piKltrE-S PATENT lam)
PREM I CM KITCHEN RANG Kami Rsvolvi .? Roost
??r &uUMhmeut is removed to '-'J Broadway, one door above
Krude..! ov,.
The public urn respccttully re<iur*le<l to call am! examine a
new Bange which tins been inlriduceil this Spring, which f<*r
?lurabdu, .simplscil) and economy . hut never brs-a ?urpnssrsi,
V B.?Fiarce*s Ranges lepsured by sop lying nt SsraBroaq
w?r. mlh Im
EMOVAL -E. BRYAN, Surgeon Dan list, hnsisiaossil
loNo, 4 Wisrren-st. iny7l 3t*
REM' iV?L?The i nt. .. .mi Sales I', am aftba New-Yort
I nid Mau'ilnclury is removed lioin ilFulUin street lo lug
John street. npp??iie I lill'slreet.
Apnlia Ulftnl 1.. SMITH, luaJohlest.
REMOVAL-JOHN LOVEJ0Y, IJeiititt, rtrriov*d from
bS Prince sUcet to '& Uroiulwuy. IwoiIih/ciImi.'ow liteekat
?treer, 01113 dm
*. preparation ol the ' lid Naples: Snap, made mm a perfum?
ed p isle by >. Jon,?. 'I b.ruis :i,e |.,u< sought for desKleraluni
c/SharingSoap.viz: t,, MAKE A 'I'll I ? K KU II LATHER,
that w.ll not dry. Illniiud.sir.il really itOS* 1T1ISI Ksftssss UVg
benrd. makes the skin s..|i awl smooth', unit five, n hue fra
.?ranc to Ihe nnse Cent*, try lb* on. o. Sold at 321 Broad?
way. "3 I hail, on .1 H.-mt-.i bVyston; 3 Ledger BuiMusgs,
i-hiludelphia; IJJ Fultuil ?t. Brooklyn. mil I111
? 1? *-, I?. W. V-ISSCHER'S EXPRESS will
.'"*?. Irnve NEW YOKE .? . . ) and
V Bt <*.'.! 1 sv . 'I hursdny in Sienoiboal NI.miihD, at S
o clm k -A. M lor U'rsi SbMikbrnlc* v.a llousaPiine li.illrutul
?letum le ve West Storkbralge for Nea Vork Tocsd?) and
Frid iy lor tin" rrtuispYMtatiofl ni hundle*. packages, Money and
pnnic. i iflice .No. 12b Wrst Street. noflll 6n
^^-^^T-Tlli IMPS' i.N'S TRUSSES. Office No. 13
^.V^^vlb-s-kuinii U'eeL Aooul J?i oftb* nru ph/si
>S.?s**^ J. . I,a ol \esv York hnve ?.ien
".thtm^'l- .1 cart
W tfraduiile (be pn-siiir In.uro, piiy (jouiiiU
?11 the rupture, wilnoul h back pad, Wbseh doe* so iiiorli injury
tu the sinn?. A fku trial bams; the loi u >i oi its samarissrsty;
.' is apptisd and sig days' trial given, sod if it dors not rrum
die rupture, while perloriniug eveij- kind of eitrcisa or cough,
illg^a?d g.v? peileet ease; 111 n word, if it is not uit-sbiclory
10 every lo^ect, u,e nxosysy is clereriiillir rerun <*l. nieI Uns ss
llie only coiiiJ.Uun on wbu h you should buy any J rus*. A per
misasMI cure is rosily elfected. ami wairuuud. if directions ar?
Tle*e ending for InisTruss ne?l only insatlna the mis nip
tured and the men.ure rom.d mo bins, ts Ussy < ?n .'ruluaus
ihe pressure Ut suit iheir cose. Sold wao.e?a.e a?d retail at 13
Bsekman-strret. ui28Im_
HULL'S TRUt?ES^Notlea to Ruptured Psr
rnns.?PenrswalllsBMd v? 1 in. 'ur?? mar rely
upon the best instrumental .ml 'jy word nlfords.
M ?ppliralio? at rJst orticr. .Vo 4 V'e<y siieet.
jrUi either of rbeaeenls 111 thepnnei^al towrj
m the Cmted fltauss. Be ? archil ,u **J}nta?. *? '?P*- C"1 a*
Hull's Tru?s?si. Ui see if UVy nrerndorte?. by l>r Hu.l in wnung.
.\unr a.-B geiiuuw. or bj be ?Hol upon as good, without bis si?{
IllitlllW. . . .
Mirny perv.ns have und-rtuk?n 10 send umtat ion* of Hull s
ceiebraiatl Trusses, and thousands are imposeil upon in ei/nso
,.,.1.. r Tbasa ..? 'ii.nl be reiaal upon, they am
ssada by unskillul luecluuiscs. slid are no belter than the otdin.
ary Trusses. m sj
k'XHi.s havr i?en fined up at No. 4 V??7 street, exclusively
tor ladle*, huv i,? a wvurate enUaueefium the busunsu depart.
ment. wliere a leuiale 1? in Ojiutant attendance to wru.' upon sis
male paUeiiU. juQ tl
WAGON FOR BALE -A strong, substantial Couutiy
Wagon, exrelleutiy calculated lor moving a firmly, or
tor ntsgfa rouds je.*ra.ly. Apply at the Phemx Ruzanr. Mrr
csu-stresit. near Houston. ndstf
JOHN galer,
trohMthCY J. V. Tlt.riiO.J
6i.*Cll*TM*X STRCXT.
Im opening theatxive New Store, bev* respectfally u< solicit
the attention of his friends and :.'.? puimc to his cleace assort -
nient of
LADULU', misses' A Nil children's
BOOTS AND 8hok8,
of City Manufacture, being of the most approved style, and at
pr.ces Correspomiinr with Um times.
Also. Gent's and Youths' Boots and Sh'ira of every descn'p
Having had several years experience in ihe business, ke can
coritidenrjy insure to puicbasen the butt nescriptrfia ai work?
N. H ?Boou and ?k>/tt of every style made lit order, m" lax
HAK'i SHORN E are supplying thousands with BO0T41
_AND SHOES which are easy to wear, handsome and
durable, at the Brooklyn and Long Llaod Boot and Shoo
Store. 1*0 Fulton st. :.:i,
fj- JUST FINISHED?Elegant Nutria Fur Hat^iwdr
1 ? narily terostsil Beaver; .a tue K?w pr.ee ol 63 ? supersor
/?*t> ?hurt nap of Prussian .Moleskin at sj3. Itieae Hau sn?
equal in durability and lustre to those sold at (4. Also an ar?
ticle a: 82 50. a very oral siresa hat.
mfelm*_BROWN. Practical Hatter. ls?Cansl^__
ECONOMY AND FASHION -The subscriber has
reduced his suuenor lir.ib-ition Moleskin HaU oc fur bo.
_ die* to the exUerue low pnee of 42 20.
The above are an elegant Dress Hat, and will eosxpure ad?
vantageously with bats sold at ?2 50 and f 3. Also, oomunllr
manulactunug Fur and Sdkuf Uie be*t uuaiily, latest puuerns.
and at the lowest prices.
N. B. Country deaiers supplied by the cose as love, if not
lower than any other house m this city. _. _
.1. VV. KEL1-OGC. 122 Canal st.
mh28 3m* comer of 1 uompsoo ?t.
VVtJ?DW?RTH'S plam-N'G machines
14 YEA It.-: experience, together with many valu
abie OXSprol oaaSS ?-ad ?jldatson? to his fanuertoo!*
?nablest)^ .ubscriberUilurnish, at short notice, ai.d
of the nx<t iierteci coiistruetion j?at*?iafc work
mXLnship, 3t*chme? ssyjylaa* wood in all its varieties,
nuehas planing or surfacing only, or cuuing mould*
log** ?
? Also, pbtnin/, vinvoemg and groovemg. jointing.
crraiUUtBg. and planuig CUpp boards.
I AppScaOon may be made to the sufsveribsr at his
esuibl?nnvei.l ml oxbun,'. or at f, ?? otlice, corner of
Conssnemiii nrd Lewis-street, B<?ton, where Ma?
chines may be seen, and any intonnalion irloU??
to the tame. m.-,y be oiiciunrii. as well as of Josiah.
Blackweli At Co. New-York.
Letters of mers iaauiry must be post-tsaid.
F xboro'. Mass.. Apni Ut. 1S4>,

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