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?r trk CLAY CLUBS mist at One* os the nr?t
VVcli.cwin > ?*? Jone.
KT Democratic Wtilff General C???'^*''
-A rVetuUr .v*?urur of ?n,. Cknmrtte* will ^?^?J~'''
<jar ob. ^ BOWDITCII BLOT. Chairman
J.H. Hosaki IIa?'.! r4a !
The Revenue.
The receipt* of Customs at the port of New
York alone for toe first five month* of 1%44, (jusl
closed.) somewhat exceed NlKE ani> a Hal:
Million? ov Dollars, n^'mti t*,,nC F'jUT
ton* in each of tire two preceding years. The
toUl Cofler-riona nt. this pott aWspc, during l^H
aviil pretty certamly exceed Twestt Million
OY Dollar?, being cor.-idcrably more than th'
entire Revenue ot the Gtrrernment for either of
the la?t lour years. The entire Revenue of this
year will almost certainly exceed Forty Mill?
ions or Dollaxb, oi which over Fifteen Mill
ions (if wc keep out of trouble with Foreign Na
tiona) may bo devoted to the reduction of the
Public Debt, which amounted to Twenty .fire
Millions on the firi-t day of January last. Le'
the Tariff be sustained and Mexico and Texai
left to themselves^ and the Government may I*
entirely out of debt again on the Is; of January
1846. m
?Justice to Mr. Vmi Buren.'
The late friends of Mr. Van Buren are called
to meet in the Park to-morrow and ratify the num.
iriatiunaof Polk and Dallas at Uallmioro. Mr ,
Ben. Butler will of c>urt>e be there to oil the ]
wheels of the machinery with his eloquence, one
Mr. Van Buren will send u letter, saying that h?
heartily approves the nomination. &c dec. Each
of the actors will play the part set down to hirn
decently and according to book, and the unthink.
ing multitude will shout Amen, as they would dt
to anything their leadors had prepared for them ?
though we believe th' re is not a man of any note
in the Loco-Foeo runk* whose nomination would
have been ratified with so little heartiness, so
much choking, as that of James K. Polk. Still
he is the candidate ; he must be supported or the
contest abandoned, and they will contrive to
awalluw him.
All this is the dictate of inevitable necessity.
But it is not inevitable that the influences which
defeated Mr. Van Baren should be shrouded from
eight; and wc insist Uvtt Mr. Butler, or what
ever Delegate to Baltimore shall speak on that
occasion, shall frankly stale to Unit meeting xrhtj
and A-oic Mr. Van Burcn was defeated, when
three fourths of the Delegates were pledged by
their constituents to support him, and, even since
the breaking out of the Texas conspiracy, about
three-fiflhs of the Delegates so far pretended to
regard their pledges as to vote for him on the first
ballot. The Twr?iity Thousand Voters of this
City, the Two Hundred Thousand in the Stole,
who have long regarded Mr. V. B. as their leader
and confidently expected Iiis nomination, find
themaelvcs transferred in a moment to a candidate
of whom they know very little and for whom
they must care still Ices; and they have a right
to know ?i Ay. Dare Mr. Butler tell them 7 Dan
he come before them w ith the honest, nuked truth :
??"Your favorite, the favorite and tried part}
'leader, has been crushed ignominioualy, not for
* any evil he has done?not bccaubC an abler or
* a better man was presented?not becuusc he was
* incapablo, or unfaithful, or even unavailable?
* but simply because he would not declare for the
* Immediate Annexation of Texas in violation of
" tho rights of Mexico, the solemn faith ol Treu.
' tie* and the Federal Constitution." The men
who have so long sustained Mr. Van Burcn have
a right to know this, and should have an op|Hir.
tunity to pass on the sufficiency of the reasons
of thiaoverthniw. Will Mr. Butler see to it ?
Poor Pelina) Irani* 1
The Loco-Focos of Tioga Co. Pa. held a Con
vtntion at WeUaborough on the Olr-t. and passed
the following resolutions :
" KssoiMd. Tliai wo Approve of the present TantT. ai
whole: aotl thai the Reinvent ilives of Pennsylvania, in
go*., are entitled to our thanks tot llieir unanimous support
"* Nrj.u ,. . That in the opinion ol th-s mretiiir. die BaiMxa
lion ol Teva? ought not ro be made a question in III* selection ol
a oan.lidaie fei Usaf lasssdenay. h) the National Ooavemton,
which 1? to assemble at Hihunore on ihe 2Tth inst.
" Unanimously m.-.m r..'. That we heartily approve of the
principles ami m. ronu-. ,.! the ndiiinmlinton of Marlin Vim
Burvn . and ilo not believe that Ins claims fur a nomination al
Oseeosuinf Convention omrhi to be -et aside on aeeoitttl of the
shfrVeor* ol opinion lietweeu h m mul the present nitimnistrn
tlon on the subject of ihe Treaty let tho Annexation of Texas?
but wsj will cheerfully support th* nominee of that Conven?
Now these men are flogged out on every proposi?
tion they have put forth, their favorite for President
is crushed by the question of Annexation, tod they
have a candidate for President who is dead against
the Tariff. And yet they will chtvrlHlly support
measures they virtually pronounce ruinous, and
me.i who have been imposed on them by means
the most flagitious '
D" Gao. M. Dallas has accepted ihe Loco
nomination fur Vice President? at last, so says a
Philadelphia correspotidcut of ?ic Herali. We
are glad to hear it.
(TJ- Col. R M. Johnson h?s coasrnffd to run
tor Vice rVewdent t?vhind John Tyler'. So s..\
the Philadelphia Mercury. So hurrah for the
original Texas ticket:
ET The many friends) of Mr. A Bmssanew?I
learn with pleasure that he landed on tho South. L
Wont ooast of England on the 15ih of May, and [
would proceed thence directly to Havre, where j
he expected uiarrivcoa the ISth. Tfte triendsot !
the rsajjetmgcrs who went out in the Francis 1. \
will also gladly learn that that ship was in the '
Eriglisih Channel on that day?all sale.
OT The Senate on Friday passed the Hou?e j
TtMolution to adjourn ou the 17th mst. The Sen.
ate proposed the 3d; but the House altered it to !
the 17th, to which the Scinte haw now agreed.;
So Gmgress adjourns on the 17th of June. This
newa will make glad the hearts of the People. j
The House on Friday virtually decided the con.
tested Election case of Botts tvt. Jones iu favor of
O" Hon. C. M. Courad formerly Senator from
Louisiana, the Viscount Seruner, and Captain
Freeman and Lieut. Lonsinj of the Army axe at
the American Hotel.
At the Asior House, are Prince Charles of Sol.
?nt*. Baron Van der Stratea of Holland,
M. Bout^eoie do Ve vanne of Paris, and T. de
Mooeiravel of Montreal.
Death or Jcdge Ejuujs.?A letter received in
this city yesterday from Greenville, (S. C.) of the
34th instant, stat'esthat Judge Ea?li died sud?
denly of a stroke of Paralysis, in that v:;iaj-,> no
the sicsming of that day. [ Cnaritrston Cour.t^tii.
The Folk and Ttiat Creed.
The National Convention which nominated
;'o!k and DsJIes at Baltimore luve dressed up
toew and presented the party creed which 19 to
'riumph in the election of thoee gtn'Jemen. ** e
omit s/. much of that creed <:? is mere flummery
?words of pleasant sound and no meaning? and
-resent the balance with a few explanatory com
i:i"nts. It is as follows :
/WrW. 1. T!*:il?Feo>MlG?T*rnm^
r4.tu. der.v.d ??teijr In*. Use l^siiwyon.
Ut neat! sod :.^..Ui4 l?0-.ve?irrr:i .MH. ..^...-.-tl
ptwat and dsMerou. to exereaw dooUfol cesssTrtalicTtw
powers. ,
Brave words these, but the People cannot be
goiled by empty words. Where do these senrpu
bus advocates of limited powers, these contettJ
ncrs of the exercise of doubtful constitution-:,
powers, find any v: arrant at ell for uniting this
country with an independent Foreign Nation 1
?> That the Constitution does not confer upon :!ie Federal
Gns-errnrierrt the power to commence arid carry out a reners:
-ys'em ot Internal Itnurovetneatj.
IWu'if'tl castaBtry! The Members' of Coo
grcsi of this party reaciiy vote without stint
or BCrupte tbr so-ctal. heat, partial works of In?
ternal ?nprofemettt, which happen to benefit
their particular districts?this is all right anc
constitutional? bet any comprehensive, uniform,
reneral system of Internal Implements U
gravely denounced as unconstitutional!
2 That Iba Constitution does not toojec authority upon 4;
f-siera! Co?eintueot, directly <r itniirectir. to t-roa- Urf debt,
ot tr?e several r-tau-,. eofiuwrPnl lor local ir.ter.rli imprcve
menu, or other tjosu i^ip-j,-?. boi would .?jeli sssansplnffl as
I j ust and expedient.
Very good ; there i,e last ?fty persons in tht
rjnwn woo adrvodatc bSJ such Assumption, sine
no more danger-;!" its success than of a railroad u
the looori. But,sirs, if it r*; so utterly on warrantee
Ij assume the debts of our own States, contract
(d ifi the prosecution of enterprises many ol
which have benefited oar whole People, what do
von think of assatning the vast debts of Tcxns
?a Foreign country 1 Where do you find author,
ity lor that 7
4. That justice ai>.l sound policy forbid the Federn' Govern
meat to to?ter *oe branch of unlu-try to the dauniwmttrl mom
et, or to ebetish the interests ot one portion to Lba rajOtTOj
another port.on ut our couunoe country?tdiat evety citizen and
every section of tile couotry has a r-rhl lo demand and insist
upon an ecuahty ?I rights bad privilege*, and to complete aad
umple pmu.r o?r. ot penjooa and propertytrotn domesticTio
l-.ure or foreign aggression.
This is a very sneaking ard Cov.ardly way
of declaring hostility tc-r. Protective Tariff. En
lightened Protection, such as is afforded by our
present Tariff, does not "foster one brunch o;
Industry lo the dctrimi nt of another," (as the ship
owners, merchants and planters, whom you tem?
porarily deceived in 1;42 have found by actual
experience,) but to the advantage and benefit ol
5. That it is the duly o every branch of the Covernorenl t..
enforce mid practice the most njrjd economy in condurtmr our
publsr affair., ntid that DO more revenue ought to be r:u,ed
limn is reguired to defray the necessary expenses ef Uie govern
The country recollects the ' economy ' of .Mr.
Van Buren's Administration?i'.K buying cord
wood ut S-I? a cord in the forests of Florida, und
bringing bloodhounds at S100 each from Cuba
to hunt Indians, &.c. Sic. Two years ago you
iiibistcd that the Whig Tariff wouid n"t raise
r ?venue cnongh; now you try to insinuate that
it will Ltibrd twi much. Only let your leaders
get in power, with their Sub.Treastircrfl at the
n-cript oi C us turn, the Texas'War to carry on
mid lite Tex ts Debt to pay, and there is no
shad iw of danger that we shall .have a surplus of
revenue for the next half century.
It. Thm l o-icre-s hn. nn power to ? hnrter a National Bai k .
tiust we believe such an institution one of deadly hostility to
i .- beat interests of the country, ihingeroii.ro cur Itepublican
institutions and tha libartias of the people, and calculated to
pia'-e die business ol the country within Ihe control of a con?
centrated monejrpowtr, and above the laus sad ?dl of the
WaSMI?OTO? and Madison thought differently
in t-'-cp day and generation respectively, us did
their illubtrious counselors und the Congresses of
1730 and 1 J0?as did lo fall ;i o-rrai way
G7eo, M. Dallas?, Chas. J. Ingersott &. Co. in
ls.1:J. The wretched cunt idxiiil a Hank created j
by law and responsible to Congress being "above
ihe I tws and will of the People," is too gross an :
insult to ihe popular intelligence to merit reply.
7, That I'oncn-s. has no power under tive Coosriuitlon; to
iatettera with or control the aoirsssnc iitstitntioos of the levats I
Mute?, ami'hat such r*tat-s are tl-.e sole and pioper juilc-. oi
cve>> itunu oppeiuiin.ng u> Iben own atfair'. not prohibited
l<> v'no CosWUlulion; that nli elT-irts of Ute Abolitionists M
niben. inade to induce pongrsssui Interleie with oxtestions of
ilasiiij, in in lake iniipiant itnns in inlstinn iherd?, arc eal
cnlnusi to lesd to the most asarmsng nuii danseroas coni^*
queacea, and thai ?II such effort, ban- an nwviiabla leadane)
10 il nd?ssh Ihe happiness of the iieopk-. and endnnc.-r Ihe
aabilitr and permanency of the, Union, nml ought not to tie
. ouiitenanceu by any friend to our puhlical instituUons.
Stop John C. Calhoun, John Tyler, McDuffic
\ Co. agitating the Slavery question if you don't
want it agittted. It is lAey who " interfere with
? ;iicsti"ns of Slavery," by forcing the subject into
diplomatic discussions with Foreign Nations, and
loading Foreign Debts ami Wars 011 the ooun.
try on the ground of strengthening Slavey. Pile
hi to them !
8 That the separation of the moneys ol the Government
I.- in bankuic irMtrtsttiona, is lndisiiensable tor the safety of the
fund, of Uir Covcrntnent and the richls of llie people.
IIa! the Sub-Treasury again ! Well; we are
ready for that our>t.i>n whenever you see fit to
call it on 1
V That the liberal princ ides embodi. d by Jefferson in the
PccainytiOn ol Indeiienlrnce, and saiictiyned in the Const.tu
iion. which mste our. the taint of Liberty, and tlx- us? luia of
ttseopi rnaed . i evesj nation, hnve eierWn cardmal princi.
,d.-s w the Densrsentie faith ; and *\cry atiempt tu arsridca thr
present phv?em of heoomwig dtixens and osvosrs of the soil
aroene us, ought to lie resisted with the same spirit which swept
the Alien aivdSedition la?> from out -tatuu-bouk.
Very geod. so far as il relates to the legal privi
11 ge ? i becoming citizens ; but there are ways of
r> coining citizens fraudulently, without fulfil,
ling the conditions required by our laws, which
we hope to sou exposed and stopped. As to
y.-ur ?juarrcl with your brethren ?rLo started the
' American1 p-aty, you must settle it anKingst
/?'(....'rrtf. That the rt.-cceils of the laiblic Ijinib ought to
be socrrdb applvd to the .National object, ?mvuiedm the
i oast tutiwi. a id that we ure opposed tolhe laws lately ndiHU
cd. rr.d to any Inw f. t the Dutribuisui ol such proessadl SS-SOOg
ihe rsctes, as afaka uiexpntietit in poliev ana rrpusnant to Uie
t .a^Utuliuti.
SB we understood yt u before. Bat if you can
tiad any thino iti the Cotis?tution which forbids
the Distribution of the Land Proceeds to the
States, (the Re\*ulu?onary Debt beiiio paid,! just
specify it ! We know you can't, h wever.
t\rs.hrc?'. That wv are decsdadh) Opposed to takaig rrom the
-... : us,- juabnrd VeUi power by w nieh he is vrabled m>
nct re?tr?ta>t<s and iv-simiisibiliiies. amply -ulhcieut to guard
Uta ,-iil>i.c Uiterrst. :.i sus}*iii! tne pasMge "Isl P.ll. whuse tner
caaaot-ccon-the appruval of two thirds of Tjss Saessjai and
liousc ul Krp.-eseutatives, uutd list judgmeat of the ptsople
can Or obtiuiiCs! tberesiu. and ?? huh has.hrice saved Ihe .Aavr
l"a*"H1' trom the cvurupt and tyrannical domination es" tfse
t'ack at Iba Tinted States.
Why could'nt you slip in a word here edegwise
!or John Tyler ? You have corrupted and de?
stroyed him, and you might at least give him a
few words of hypocritical condolence, as vou do
Van Burcn.
r.^^.^y to ?? whole of the Terit.srr of Or
oughl to h^cedel l^?bie ; ^ a? ^'?ou of Lie since
.M-w- .S~5'k';"1*1 " SBJ otaer iK-wer : and that
tiw ear..-- ^^jessnaexaliofl of Teva-- at
' ??? ? s'-.ventiuo recona?^^^'i'^ ^"r-,
l>rBvc.ary oi uw VknotL^ cordial support ol
Boldly avowed, MtsstMru?' We will ueat
to the commentary of one of vottr ?a
the NetcYark Evening P^t, which, aftc, near
t:ly commending the other re^Iu?ons. ,avs^f
this: 3
v" There is one of them which does not an-veso
?o clear to as, or rather which seems m ?acrJ?
coataa^ ,o neaxiv all the rest. We un-aa IS! I
- to the ? rv6ccupation of Oa\?ou and the
i Uwshuiofa^timr"' ""'^ *
; c? tV^L???^ o: Xex*s 'aJ Ihe earli
i: V ".I?* W "? ^tiou to it.
- it Lie persons who are now .Q hot in the nursnh rd
l*?W -?Iwait?U ?uch^Va^- Wc
take it fix ?Ts=ted that by ' Sab e' herx> ?
meant, nor nnrelv cooveoient 4sp^u a orv but ,n
^ordarce weh the dictates o: ho,es,Vaad ?dd
v'ri'tielr l^CUai'U ba'e^^ ibat - it is iD.
?j??ient aad dancerouMo exercrse doubtful es?
>t.tut.o,ist powre?,' aaU ?T ^ ^ W
m mind when we are called upon to decide d C
?rracLcabilay of reanneBttg Texas, h has ^
>olved that the C0fJsu:,tic3dcH?5 not coafexstuS*^
.? rbe Federal Govermw nt, Cirecny or nriireetly,
ootfierroH" .?-T.ral Stales, ?nd we
!,, assume the Cebte n. the aevr. ., ,_t
hotTthattb? in will be borne in mmd, "hcnwe
SdSkd upon tode-.de whether i5? pr^?bH
iTawunv the ten million debto. the an pn - m
State, to be formed out of Texas. 1 be Coat ?.. . n
retires that Congress baa no {k.wer ? .o in.rr ?
eome halMozen rjorr o. these pnm
ine ct>tnmiiaafes: All the,- unequivocal and !
-labli-h-d pritKiplea of deaoWfewe jepet*
OUEiU to be rcmtl?beied V.he-0 a,judlcaPne;
? prat ticabilitv ' ot appropriating tbe ttmtarj ot
Mexico." ^
Funeral at ".VHllapar-burg.
The lunernl ot" the rix children who were so sud?
denly killed by :h<- caving iu of a bank of earth at
.Viiliamr-burgon Friday la-t, took piece in that towr.
>e*lerday afierneon. The ceremonies were solemn
and imposing; and the day will lon^ t-e remembered
by the people of Willhm>burg.
'Finding that ho building in the place would be
raffieiefltly large to contain ibe audience, a tempo*
rary stage was erected i:i Graad-at. near Fun:-h. and
in front of the dwelling of Mr. Jones; where appro
priate ceremonies were performed, after which tbe
!-,d ar.d rolemn procession moved to the Methodist
Burymg-gmuidin th- fbll<rwing4)rxkn Ci^-vrnenr.:
various denominations: CCrpae? h?:tie on biers bv
v atha of front iUro 14 v ears olase- Mr.urecr* in car
na'SSandon foot; ScMfrUfteofthe Sabbath Scho-d ol
the V rat Presbyterian Church, to which four of tbe
deceased children belonged ; Scholars of the various
; Sabbath Schools cf W tlbamsburg?tvro school?
at.reas'. Then cutr.c citizen* in carriage* and on
f ?Line whole pr.icession being dauktdon either sid
bv citi7.er.-i and strangers, large nutubers of whom
v.cre (rem Brooklyn and New York. The procc
sion could not hare numbered less than five thou?
sand : rneny ei-rim-ie-l it at eight thousand. As the
six little girls died BO they were buried, all in one
common grave or vault- A grave was dug suffi?
ciently wide to admit threb cbmna side by side: this
was lined wSS thick plank, and thu three larger cof
Boa placed at the bottom with the three smaller "iie
Tiie Epi*copal service wex rr.?d at the grave by
Mr-.-. Mr- Haskbsx. Tiie clergymen present were
Rev. ftieasrs. JotttssoR and Pkim e ut tiie Presbyte?
rian Church, RoBCSTS and Hahkis of the Metbo
.:i>t. Van.Dohkv and Meeker of the Dutch Ke
fonned, lixSKi>"s of the Episcopal and Masox o:
the Baptist.
The names e.nd ngeM of the children are as fol?
low: Harriet end Abigail, aged 11 and ,;, nnd Mary
?would hare been two years old yesterday?daugh?
ters of Lewis June*, carpenter, and a very worthy
mm; Martha, daughter of George Darlineton.nzcd
about ti years; Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Paul,
Iruggist, aged 11, and Harriet N. Rand, whoso fa?
ther is not living. The one who was saved is Ma
^ Wbeaton, aged about 10. adopted daoghterof .Mr.
i Clavengcr, Ferry-master. Though badly hurt.
] .he is recovering, and is likely to survive.
j Since she had so tar recovered aa to he
I able to con', erse, she relate? the accident aa follows:
Her six playmates were sitting in u circle parti)
under an overbangiog mass of earth, and she was on
the side or top of it; observing nn opening before her
she attempted to step over it, w hen the earth guv.
way from beneath hl r and buried tiiose beluw.
Another ;i:n-? above her giving way almost install*
taneofisly, buried hrr also. Harriet, the eldeM
daughter of Mr. Jones, w?s found with her younger
-aster in her anus. Possibly she saw her dunger
and vainly attempted to escape with or to protect
the little one, with that beautiful female instinct >o
frequently il uatrated in scenes of danger.
We hear that it is in contemplation to nisc bv
voluntary subscription a sum sufficient to erect a
suitable monument o\er the grave of the six little
innocents, who ha?e been fo suddenly taken from
their doting parents timl friends.
At.ms House Flock.? VVe anderstand that tht
present Aim* House Commissioners obtained tin
services of a flour inspector last ivoek for the pur
l?osc of ascertaining the quality of the present
-.lock of Hour left by our liio Luco.Fuco Com.
mission crs. The remit was that of 120 barrels
on band,?all the bills for which culled for " su?
perfine"?there were only 17 bids, which inspect
cd superfine. The balance was made up of line
iiiiiidiintrs, ii?iddl:!i;rs, B bud, nnd Ship Stuffs?the
latter worth about h tlf as much as superfine. 'I he
17 hbls. superfine were probably obtained for the
use of the Superintendent. B bad flour, the Coin
missioners probably thought, was good enough for
paupers, although it strikes us there should be a
difference iu price ! CUveen that grade and super,
M vssAciits.TTs.?The Whig Members of the
\Iaaaachtnieltfl Legislature have called a Statt
Convention to assemble at Worcester on Wed.
nesday, the 19ih inst. for the purpose of nomi.
neting candidates lor Governor and Lieutenant
Governor, and Electors for President and V.
Ej?* We ark the attention of Farmers, owners
ol Mines, &c. to the advertisement of^r. Hodges,
Geologist, in tiiis paper. We (relieve those Farm
era iu ihis vicinity whu are disposed to improve their
! lainls m ty derive valuable information from such an
analysis of their soils us hu will make, while all
who fancy they hive Ores or Minerals will do well
! to submit tin m to a critical test before incurring ex
' pense upon tht in. Mr. H. has cho-eu a fii Id ot use?
fulness which we trust w ill be widely cultivated.
Marias.?During the three last days ot May
there arrived tit this Port 34 vessels from Europe, 'jj>
of which brought 4,828 passengers, or an uverage
.>: lrv! to each vessel. The whole number of vase. Is
arrived from foreign ports during the same time, S3 :
Ships lf>, barks IS, brigs 17, schooners Ii.
i'he whole number of passenzers arrived bv ,< a
I during th-> uionili ot" April, 3.7S6; Ma>, S,G50_
'[ total, 14,-lot>. Whole nu:nl-er of vessels from for
I eign ports in April, 230; May, 268?total, 40C.
Rur; Pandora.?The hri?; Pandora, Captain
! Paxton, arrived here en Thursday evrnmrj from
i Hayti. Some account has been already pub.
j li?hed, of a fight between her end three insur
I nent schoiu'.ers. wh;le she was employed in dis.
thttrg ng provisions fur the Quyiien force-;. Wi
] h-arn from the .Mercantile J< ttrnul that the firrht
i- :;t:t:ufd an hour. The Pandora had her r'i,r.
e:t)? a oreat deal cut away. The Bchooners were
irom SO to 1U? tons eacli. They had, it was
estimated, at least 40 men killed and twice thai
number wounded. [Buaton Advocate.
1LT Trie River at St. Louis was still risinc; at
the latest advices. Nearly me whole Levee w^<
submerged, end in some phces the water has
;'ouud its way into the first flour of the ware?
houses on water street. Tne Upper Mississippi
n b.tid al?o to be rising. At Council Bluffs the
Missouri was low, and there had been but linie
snmv in the iuountaius during the past winter._
The rise ut' the Missouri is caused by the hijh
warer received from its L'ibutsrie-s beluw the
Ruffs. ._
Firl.?Three frame dwellings and two cooper's
shops were destroyed bv ri.-e in the suburbs ot Ro
chester ar a place called Dublin, on the rnorninz of
rOtb inst. Tbe buildings were part owned"bv
Mr. Bnlkley, and die rest by Mr. Anderson, and
were not of great value. Mr. Cocrane lost about
$SfA) worth of lumber, upon which there was nn in?
surance of $600.
53" The great Frstutu?oier Telescope, together
with the Transit insUument and Comet s-_cxt.:.
made at Munich lor the National Obscrvatorv,
at Vvashuijtosi, arrived aaiely a; their desunatiun
' " V*?daj last, ar.d are now in the course ol
MtLLs_Bc4.NT._The Chiton m?'s in Ma.com b
V0'" v1"^' w?e destroved bv tire on Satur.
nay, _ih. May last-msured for .$10.000. They
were *wned by Messrs. Snvtfco, Sage i Co,
bu^h^.r!^^1'' eWitor of the Pitta
? ? ttt^ John Bumincham. had a
. :" - ? ! .:, . "\
*-nej got me woraiot is.
Jfr. PolVV. H<wtil.?> to th. PrM.iit and to
any Pro!retire TnrttT.
Fr f the Vatiocal Intell: rencer.
Bo, .*? nr klTWXTTTATIVii, Mir?. ItW.
Gen. Haw ;> relative to the new ot <?LJW*
jp such an '^^f?f fcntUi-vU* and the
1 or thrm from th? prop.e o' *.~ .- . . -
whole Union thai it ? utk -.^.eW f?^^
' I have ? doubt will t^e; e?dl
you to do me the favor to publish the enclosed let
ter of Gen. Hakdrt. rm._ kr
Versjefooct&Sr. r^?jfa irvin.
Sir: Upon the announcement o, J.iM^ a-.
Polk on yeauWday ai the r^mee of.
rWConven??. tor Rnafat. ?htch cqua _
? l .? \v?;,<- n-id Locos, you inqumagly
astonished ?di;s a^u ?-'- ' - . -gm
asked; FFferi ore ?s tytasw? tw I he 1 artj
Aewd.ntr to the promise then r?tven. ;
j eeed to am wer jour inquiry, jfe. Fo'-r: is, and
msto^,? vriMdHTit oppoticnt ?v s Pr-.lec
einfand": na? ..->.->.vt*d the principle of Free
J TrscV .??; .;,.!H,a.iv:in 1-33 was for r.-stoni.?
the Thriffto the rates prescribed by the fanffol
1816V and h?? been a bitur revifer of the \\ big
Tariff of 1842 ; is for its repeal; and is in favor
of retmnmgto me horizontal 20 per cent, rate?
of duty which prevailed at the time of the pas.
satre of the Tar ffof 1342.
In the session of 1832-*33, Mr. Po? was a
member or the Committee of fvTajs and Means,
which reported 2 mil (which did not pass) greatly
t redaeinr' the duties Mow those adopted nyjhe
Tariff act of the preceding scss^n. (Tan? ol
1-3*2.; He made a iesft^j .-pe-ccii in favor ol the
prroprjeed till, -nd atrainst the Protective System.
' Which will be found in Conr-rcssional Debates,
vol. 9, paj-es 1162 to 1175. As a specimen ol
the views presented in that speech. I wi!J Stftte a
few short extrattia'
?"ItMmv, boatbii te-tirnoi-y tint the dotte* upon wool?
en. :o.v U% per rent., may not only be reduc-d. ijr: tAa.
r-rc-i-r- foe per rr?r anS b? a n?cuntw^tcctuil.PCiri a.e.1
ttwrefc-: cmre-rpmrhns reduction .... the nwrn?teOTl.a^
l'ieday befu.i. ami Burly collect id; and that the mann. > ?
tran ,.f f.,tt,:.,. a id -specially ol fim* c..tuns, would be
ahia to conbtrae thrar tri sines, pre?ahlnat the reduced dum
?ftrere an.1 a kcij i>ec cad. nn me n-.ai loreicn r. **-"'le.
' - 1 arapott :.cvt 'to cuibuh. by ic-tmonv eauall)? ei.titletl to
credit, the third nror??Tti.)n. which .1, that the ni.iout tcture
oftbe ?rdted 8tata ?er- ia a prospcron. eondition nni.er tne
*r: oflSIfS. end foment tear* rntcrvciantocyKmthe year,
l?l'iand af-l ai?o thit ihe; et ,f hin an ,nie? t.irft cmi:e
madcuUl rr-t'eti,m."-iCmu Pebv.es vpC \ P?sre 1 . ?
"Thewooi rrmwmrjoofiderthe dew wooa majhwi.ii as
impbrtanl i 1 the..- arnspetit'. Tits rpuun. imrtnenuL/u
founded in rrrcr. Very bttje wool ;d lae raHlttlms .:uahty.
ittch a- -.ve prodrice, is imported. Tl>e kindi ohiefly imported
are e ".iicr the eoarat r-outdi American wiwl. co?tt:ic cicht cenk
and nnder the pottnd, neither of tchich do tctproducel or it we
do. to a very limited e.vtent." * ...
".V./ uir- npir.tun it thai icooi .-hoidd V dutv free: but as
?<vl rrrowersthink Khenriso, we have retained a duty nt ?/
Ire? vereint, oprni the Uaprjrted an:rl*."?i[Conereh5ional Ue
baies; vol. !\ p. !174.1
Ih relaiion to the Tariff of 1842 wc are at no
loss for iiis opinions, Mr. Polk whs .-candidate
for Governor in Tennessee in lS-l", (id which
race,-yoii know, he was a second time defeated by
a hr-re majority.) and during the canvass he per
milted no opportunity to escape hit. to denounce
the T.triff i-i the most bitter terms. In response
loan inquiry whether be "approved of such a
ranff as would give protection to Home Industry
against Fon ign Industry," he answered, as 1 am
informed by genUomenwhoare perfectly familier
with his views, a.s given on the slump and in his
circulars, that ht teas opposed lo the principle of
Protection. Mia answer to tuis and other inter,
rogatorics will be published as won as they can
br procured fron Tennessee.
Fortunately, however, 1 tun at no loss for an
authentic document which presents Col. Pole's
views of the Tariff of 1842. I have before me the
" Synopsis uf (7oc. Folk's Speech to the People
of Madison awl the adjoining Counties, deliver,
cd nt Jackson, on Monday, the 3d of April,
1843,"- printed in pamphlet form, and written out
for publication bf Guv. Polk. From it I quote
the fotlowins extracts :
"He took other (iews, bnetly piwented. of .the .itbjret, and
proce?led.io IsevalaaasNoa ??? tne I'nvectlve TanlTact pis?ed
!>??? tlx la-t Cons"e-?. lie showed that it was n hnrhly Protec?
tive Tariff, und ru t one for Iteveune. tie showed that, by L'.e
Uompromiea TanlVo;* 1033. tie- tni on n.> ?npotied article was
I.? csccs-d 1X1 imr ceu*. upon it, value utter the oUrhof June,
ISC .V" liurh^r ih,,, than ?l per cent, reo? i>n;.in an,
j article in ter the 3?t. ? I June, Is-CJ. iiniil the BWi 1.1 Aocsnt,
l?t2, on which Litter ibij Hh- present Tiintl ln* ss-as p'uned by
?i U'lu-f "oti^res-. T'ie t'\ I'onirress laid Violent hands on
'he Compromise Act i f and bts-be it up."
"' It was cl. ur, iharsCsre, out the luteTarirT net was not a
revenue measure. Ithadratsed t^imtes oTdutyso hhrha* to
shut out inpurts, and cuuseouently to cut on and ijiminish
" Ju": n2 frvan the amount of revenue reeeived at the
Treasury, undei i!m operalio.i the present TarilTaet, (or the
ta>tquarter ol 1S12. o-salrendr shown, it will nut producean
noallr bnll the amount of revenue wIuch would have lex-n
|ir.-luce.l by the iunrer rates oi Ute euinproiiiis? act, liuil that
nctlieen lett uudirtuihtsii.
* II? wa-... i-1-e.l to ihrs-et taxej. nnd Pi prohibitory and
proteetive duties, and in Csvorof.ncfa osadtratt duties a.
mmlil.rm off iiu.Hirint.oii?. IX ul'IIIlK U nities |||-.
"I" JUXE, 1-1J."
"*Thr Ninth, and he w ith Ineat, bad voted tor 1 lie net of
tsi' beeatasa it a n- a reduciioa of the ?p-? of the act of IKS.
in -ucb hy 10 means .1 low 11? he won d have ilcoril it to be ?
?till it was the (reatett redact km which could be *.ttamei! nt
the time of its passnte.**
I'K1 "Tci'TiVi: T \ -111 K?Mil \.-l'iii> u Uli |j | i 11%.
These extracu conclusively prove the hostility
of Col. Pout to the protective policy, which he
Considers "ruinous to the country, especially to
the planting States.'' That is a sufficient arrru
ment with him. He therefore is now for *? redu?
cing ihr duties ti the rates under the cunipro.
mise art, where the Whig Congress found them
on the 30/.. June. 1842;" and Guv. Polk him.
self shows that ''the tax on no imported article
?ras t't exceed twenty lirr cent, upon its vitue
after the 20th of June, 1842." Tuen it is clearly
reen thai he is for a hokizo.ntal tariff of
twenty per cent, with discriminations (if any are
tnadej Sielow even that rate.
I pa>s by, without comment, the far sec inj
statesmanlike predictions of tiov. Polk, that the
Tariff of l~l'2 "had raited the rates of duty so
high as tu shut out imports, and consequently to
cu' off and diminish revenue" The subsequent
increase of liolh Import? anil rerenue under this
Tariff have given such a .'ulfiliner.t to this pro?
phecy as mu.n forever itimiLTtalizc Col. Pulk as
a wonderful prophet I
During the consideration of the tariff of lr-42,
as the revenue rtroduccd by the twenty per cim
duties of the compromise act were uiiooeihcr in?
adequate to lieiray the expentiitures of the <.ov
eminent, a r-ropo.-iitioii was made to lay a dutv on
tea. and coffee, to* which a number of the Whits
in ConrjTCSS voted, in order to incretrre the rev.
enue anil redeem the sinlring credit of the Govern?
ment. Col. Polk seizs-d upon th s vote to -rive
a castigarion to taose Whigs who had voted for
this proposition. This called forth a rrspmse
from the Hen. Milton Brow-x, of Ttnne-se.,
j and led lo a political discussion at Jackson, Ten
j nessee, where CjI- Polk delivered the speech
j above referred to. He was most triumphantly
i answered by Mr. M. Brown, who clearly demon
j strated that the bill of IS33 reported by the Com?
mittee of Ways und Means, of which Co!. Polk
; was a member, ;a::d in favor of which he made
; tne speech first quoted from,) proposed tu impose
j a duty of twenty per cent, on tea and cortee.?
i At the time this proposiiioii was made, tea and
j coffee were e.-.urcly free of duty ; and another
. striking fact appears from C?L Pulk'.n speech in
1?33, that the Government then htd u six mil.
j iioiis of revenue from the impost twire than ice
I "erd." 'CoD!?rejsioBal Debates, vol. ix, page
1174" Vet. uoHvithstandin--; such was the a j.
nutted fact. Co!. Polk rated agninst a proposi.
tton to strike out tea and conee from the proposed
so as to continue them free of duty.? Jour.
I nai of If use of Representatives l?32-'3, pp.
j 390 and 391.] Eut this subject was so ably
nandied, and Col. Pulk's oif c^ptandum objec?oa
so tboroush'iv e.xf-jsed by Mr. Baow.v in nis re
s-xitise to Col. Pu_k on that occasion at Jackson,
Tennessee, ihat I must beg to call your atteniion
to the extracts f:cm his remarks which I here
append : and I do so the more earnestly as it
trives an insight hto some oi the traits of char?
acter ol" the newly-made candidate of the Loco
Focos lor the Presidency.
Coinciding as Coi. Polk d res in opinion with
Csjj-.oi.--s; and the ultra an.:-tanff.frtr>e-trade men
of trie South in Us views on the tariff, it is not
surprtsirie that tfcey should h .ve been willing to
comprotni?e on him, nor is it a* all astonishing to
hear that Messrs.Pickets and Elmore, the mini's.
ters plenipotentiary rum South Carolina to Balti?
more, although retusing to participate ;n the pro?
ceedings of the Convention, yet, wh-.n the nomi
( iraUon was mailt'. rof-> up in the Comenti-ui a,n?
pledged the foicoCSontb CaroJioa fttCoL Tolk
Vnd i: now only rem tins to be seen whether that
larwe portion of the Democratic party who be
: |Vvc in the policy and propriety of besto ?. in* fair
' -irnrectro:: upon American indu-try. will consent
, ?.. hmutdorer with-m not ^j ?r r.-n-ultamm
? u the support ot a frw-^dc.^.ori2ont.t:.--tr:tradvo
' cate who is the tnake sf.tjl candidate of the bal
t more Convention- i>.pectfu!'r ,,?
.ii fiS J- IlAliJJLN. ol Hanois.
! WisntxoTo-.. Mar?. Wl
; t^u^'X^u^r^siensXed J'wUk**??*m
? melier paper._?s=??_
From VAt.r^.Aiso.?itic wrk Lent is arrived
; ,t Boston, rndav. in .lav.- from Valparaiso.
Sm brings no ptJ?tfcal new?of importance. The
?? (J S.ilooiM>f.war Warfen, 63 days from Rio de
J .... ,ro. arrived March :\ and t\ S. sehr. *n.uk
: oOduvs fr-am CTallao, arrived March LO, and both
I^Ld'onUie^ihtorCaila-.. .
; The Lenox left Boston Nov. 19. arrived at \ al.
, uaiM M -i-ch 1. ^nd sailed fbrhomcoa th.e-2.-^
She w ?off Gape Horn ?n ro>xs sinee, and
I ?' : i'^.',,|.r>?nr?i?j otttv 2(1 dayVguic'c; passed
' >}-.?: ttrhbsd LtU. Catfe C ;d. at 5 o^JccJs r n
I ,;av j.^.rr:;,-. _?* anchored iu Boston harbor
! at'2 P. 54. The run hie been made from Valpa?
raiso to Xcw-York in 64 days, we tlunk, by the
I ship Congress, or trie Natchez.
From Halifax.?The Boston papers have ad?
vices to the 23 th.
The ship SaJadin, from VdrwuTusoj rep. Si,
bound to L ndon, i .i n with guahS manure, 70
tons ot copper bikI .$8500 in money, was run
' ashore at Island Harbor on the 20th, without o'
ricer?. The survivors of tire crew reported that
Captain McKenzie died about the i''.n and also
the mute, that i!ae second mate and two nu n
were lost by falling from the yard arm, and that
thesis remaining men were unable to navigate
the ship, und ?Jte consequently came ashore, so
far from her ret/ultr track. Suspicious circom
stances Ii jJ coin..' to light, to throw discredit on
the i-tory told by the survivors. Twelve vessels
arrived ct Halifax on the morning of the 25 th, ol
which four were iront Great Britain and one from
Ireland. j
Damages.?J.ihn Singleton and Richard Parsons
have recovered damag b in the Supreme Con it at
B?ston, against John IS. Perkins, master of the
barr.ue Cluri??a Perkins. On the 1st ol" November.
1842, at the" S. W. Paw; the plaintiffs and other* of
ih" crew of the Clttriisa Pcr'<ins refuse ! to obey an
order to ?rrnp."1 the nitles of the vessel, end persisted
in the refusal several hours.. Some of the revolters
expressed n determination to leave the vessel. Seme
scuffling occurred between the officers and the men.
and the captain directed his twite to lire bis pistols
upon them. He obeyed the order, und wounded
Singleton very severely, and Parsons slightly in the
leg, .?;Ithoutrlt neither of them was ut the moment
encaged in any overt act of resistance.
The jury gave Singleton $900 damages, ?nd Par?
sons $150.
Jus kmu: Offenhsrs.?A l id was taken up in
Cincinnati, for having attempted to set tire to a build?
ing. The hoy. it is said, is not viciously inclined,
generally speaking; but is supposed to have been
prompted to the uct by the desire for n littie fun
with tiie engines. This would bardly bo credible,
bot for the many well authenticated instances of
the existence ot lhi? kind ot" weakness, or tnono
Number of Grams ok Corn in \ Bushel.?An
English (armer has given the following as the result
hi an experiment to ascertain the weight ami number
of a U tnchester bushel uf euch ot the undermen?
tioned sort- of grain:
Weight iu II?. No. io grain*.
W heat.kj icU.u'O
Barle?.&?, f_i,Ouo
<->=t?.3J 1*0.000
Poplar pea...to 1I.UX?
Hur-? ticans.k| 3T.UUU
Drowred.?Richard Lear, a seaman on the Ohio,
at Boston, was drowned a few days uro. Sargent
Faxon, of Braintree, Mass. was'drowned Wednes?
day, while out on a ashing excursion.
Death of another Artist.?Cornelius Ver
brvck, one cj^uir ni .jr^coinrrlrtjlieil ?mm? urrftrs.
died at his"resilience, in 'jirooklyu last evening, alter
a lingering Ulncss of consumption.
_ [Eve. Post. Sat.
Tee Vul - College Students nehl a meeting
on I n' rtlc.v, in which resolutions were passed ex
|ire-sin^ tiieir gratitude to L. gisluture for hav?
ing rescinded too di-frinic'.i-'ing law.
Ur" An miti-dutUini; and onti-etreet-fighring
mectiii'i has been In id itt Vicksbtirc.
COURT CAl.t;.MJAIf..'l n:s Day.
Circuit Court.?Kos: 31, IU, 42,11, 3o' 1.116.
28, 14. 24, 271, 30, 8$ ?.
Com.ho.n Pleas.?Published on Saturday.
CITY IN I' bl.l.l ti Y. N (.' V..
crjtCrjrT iXltJRT.ii'.Befcra Jm!? Kctrr.
J?i i tsioxs.- -lJ'irt.i I'. /'. Baldwin, Win. Beard,
ami Theepk?u? .Vic/io!* Jmot, \*. l.t Hoy aiii teile.?Three
luits in relation to luu ,,f lind?,!,! i.y the uenuof Mr. La
(toy in Miiwankie, iu which tire title proved uelective, ami
where ,iul. i.i racovei daoiasei bad Iwen given [a nivor of the
plaioufu. Tbe Court lietil ihaLwhan A ardh prooertjr to H U
without covenant, uul the title ia aflerwanhi dhcovared lube
bad [fraud excluded] an action doe- ma lie tiy thn araiiUc
MaioM tiie urantor, wi the erouml of iaildre?fe?asideration.
-Neiy tnni>crauted? cotu iwaiiide tbeevenu*
r'e.vTt'vcLs.? VVm.Smith ulia- I'bompson, wu.
tentenced to two fear?' iiniirunnmrnt m.il 31 tine, lor .lalilim;
the ntaieofUietlup Charles Carroll, at Lisbon. Geonre Car?
roll, tat asststias in theoBeni ??. v.u. ordered to he Imprisoned
.a ncjuLlb ami pay a tine uf 31.
I his Court adjournt d on Saturday she die, hav.
inf ilupr.k'd ofnhjiit^.Uea-esan.l Itenri! nriunieiitt to No. 12.'
mi tiie (,'nlenilnr. Aiuuui; the ilec?i"in. thr appcul in the ca-e
ol Iii::. i,rr, ami Drovers' Bank aoinat .Mr. Browa, il. tbmver
1 eMileiit, wn? on imii'irtniit one i.T relntinii to the liffualUr* ol
nolej. the Court hoMms that n ejpher placed tqt a l'ri?-.<l-iit ul
a Bank in pencil, and aekoowedxed to Hie DtscoaotCierk i?
behu ncnature. abfndinic. Ann in: the api??r.N trom Crimi
ii.-.11 onrta it will be seen tnnt John Jor.es line button makei
i^n obtained nn order lor a new trial, nnd judgment ii-amit
Ae-tninler lieu.- .liu-^imnil oft.io nc'.ur.ous Melind^, liaj been
0 'CUT Full. TliK n iKUIXTh i.\ i ir KltROKS.
1 hut Court opened lor the June Term m tiie City
nail, on Saturday. A nuorum Dot bein? present, it D.ljuu.'?>:d.
The complaint on the part of one ihe crew
ot the i.-.ip L'tiristopher Colon, nrairat the mate, lor cruel
treatineat ut ica, iias liecn dunuueil.
COURT OFCOMMON PlZG..Ik-fere Judx?. CLsuoer
fkr. UtOBAOAM &DaIT.
UCClSxoMS.?Andrt tc Keynold* vs. George A.
PAtr.tr.?in rchition Ui lea of witnes^i.?Th? Court laid, the
:u.c i? j, pay uieir expen-es. when rciilin? elsewhere, to tne
line oi We ?Mate. A Witness certifying that he has no claim fur
leei,can do k>without eonaideratfeo brnii ifaown. Fee bill
aiiuwcd, -.nih Uic exception uf trie amooatto Cape Comstocki
DRTLt,\0?\VooD vs. Darios Mi.au.? The
pI^UrTwai in the service of 51r. Mead t>nr months as a clerli.
tot a n ??!] he reeerred u? pay at ?ie rate of S?W> a-yenr. when
Imuudtti-harKni. He < i;:n-<i :.i tm\e been etuuiired for a
> <w, and .utnequetiily brou^i.t action Ui rccever wnces be
yoiid the tool nuMUM, and obtained a verdict ui ho tavor.
Mirtiouismaite lor a new trial. '11? onlr plfcof <,r aureemem
ra tear werea??rted declarations ol Mr. smith Mr. Mead's
agent, wh-.-ii Ute htUr wnot premjut. .New trial allowed.
lHOMAS Kiuky vs. James Kii i v.? Plaintifl
tirouiht actioni aaahm his brother, to recover a share of profit.
?.u a couirnct lor birddmealMKrM. Tim brother tdetetidant)
.J-.-iartd 1 nooius t.. tuive learn .uey a hired man and received
h> pay witn the rest, J ne Jury rave a verdict fur tbeplain
i.n. 1 ?e ociy; i-rom ol pertaenhip was in the testimony of a
wunesansuned Ueaacilv sayine t.e i.eard Air. Tapimn ?.??>?
not in the prtseri.-e ol defendant! that be himself orirwaJly had
the contrar:, and he rave it to Thomas; trial granted.
. COCRT < >F t.KNLT. U. Sl^iri.N-r.
rhts Court commences the June Term this morn
?i.;. (Monday, [t will meet pro forma, and utjoura as the
iiKtion lor School Cumnriaitooea takia ptace to-day, anil tiie
' '?in must necessarily stand adjourned in con*equ-;r.ce.
The .Mayor's Appouvtmeats of .Marsii?ls.?
JVe 'FT1 tf"<t on ^"^-'"a)' BV anise the Mayor dispiced three
Maruials?.it m whum are nltacacU to Uie Lower Police. He
: ai, appointed eleven m their stead. Immediately oo Ins mak
attjha tat wmpieta wc shall turnish all names.
JheCrug SHopa, dec.?The orhcers appointed
t -if Mayor for the purpose of closing croc shops, tiplmr
r-o-jes, dec. on the --r-bi^tri were very bus7 jestenlay. An at
utaipt was nijde to stop tiie rannmi-'of 'he Barieai BRBroad
??ir,, which tailed.
iHtf rj.?Joseph .Mark.-, ?.ti urrested and com
rnmed tut rteafing a pair of jraakias and a pair of sieses from
V? t!?m and J'. hi^oa. .No. 1*2 Chnthnm street.
Jo.'iu Smith was arrested am) committed for steal
pa bundle of r|???ns and clothes line. tee. which wer?
; i ;ctid upon am by Coastatile U'Xccic m Uoverstree;.
j John I anell wu? arre.-ttU ami conuxuat d lor steal.
I mr a hat from Uie hall of home of Dr. Henry Vanarnlale. So
Broenie <:reet. The Uvcuir punued bim, when the fenow
n.-evr a ar,:!c w^,a tn- ?uctur, and was arrested by the citizens,
j Luzabeih U'Neil was arrested anc. couimitteu tot
[ ?t^lmS a?iress from A'^n Clark. .\o. S Malberry street.
: e"%yxT~jNoUlu'g.worthy of record trsasacteH. at either IV
| i.ce Uepei'.ment toiday,
DR0W5ED AcciliiXTALLY.?Oil tiie 21st as lour
."^ 'Jere -"""a; down the Last li.ve: toward, tlie city
; w hen below ice end of.Blnckweili Island 'he boat was capsizj
ru by a luddea ,quilJ, and tbiee oliheci saved thetmetves hi
gamg to the boat.until taken oir. The Gmith, named Arcbi.
, na rv.eoa. aged ?. a native of liii?cily. reaicaQjT at4^Chsr
i cJ'TX' /nt icd Tz3 ""TT1- 1'a b-_>dy was found yester
! '"^ItB^lJayaad breiurht borne, a here the Coro.
iiee2i?^ ^ Irish woman whom we mention
, ieSsu5i^feM ta!len fmrn ,he back of the rail
' ?atei?l^Ihr^. '^-aia>- Vwdict, dcaU? by ac
e I ;1,; ,-0"'uer waacalled to ho;d an utouestarthe
; era;; r, r^rSSS hl ,1"" '??be cart of a mt.
j ?ose ^y^tl^^?SS^ hsd ^ ? ??
\V*?nt-tOToM. Baltardey. Jane 1.
fn Senate to.--'.v. >l r. Bi ctukix presented i
petition from Phi!???aeSphia, stm-inr to tint yv-st?--.
J.v prwliited to the House by Mr. Adim'.. usk.
? tag tor a IfS-"- provision Inderin5 neces-ar, a -.1
j vc.tr?" residi nee iiri-.r to naturaiiztuitrn of aliens. ?
' The Western ffarbortind river hill, from the
House, vvas taken op. Mr. Wjuoht :,nd other;
gentlemen offered aim ndm. n-s. a^i of which
were njcct?tL i he hi i .vas ordut-J engnmsud ?
' \c'is 3'J. nays 6
' The Kauern Harbor bHI frbrri the I! use. [in.
1 eluding an appropriation ol $50,000 for th'- Hud.
. son rivi r.; was also ordered engrossed ...thout
J amendment; \c...s 33, Nays 8,
Tfie remainder of the day was consumed in
Executive session.
In the House, Mr. Palmenter moved an <>rd.-r
for the!'daily nKetineof the House ' ?
, ^, -t ,t:"i-t.r - . -??? s? CtOCK '
"''"_.tecs* tmm S?J to4o'clock. Mr.
t C-. J. lyOERsntL Wanted a provisiuh to prevent
I BdjournJheKt before 9 6'dock, V. 31. but it v.-as
rttSctl out of.order. The teeiss was dispensed
? with, and the House agreed to. meet for;there
. raaiuder of the Session at 10 o'.lock.
j 'On motion of Mr. Kei.i.su. further debate on
! tiie bill tor a Western N' o y Yard and Depot was
; limited to one hour and a half.
. Mr. V.vjfCB, Ciuurmah of the Commtttee on
' Glahns, made a w orn appeal t? '.he House to
postpone previous orders and take up for tf&posal
i the private bills which had passed the Committee j
{ of th?1 Whole and which?~0 or stj m number? !
: unless aeted upon to day, would undoubtedly be
j |0jt in the -S.-nate for want of time. The Ilos-e
! responded to his appeal, and thus he has added
another item to the debt of ?rratitu-Je due for his j
honorable, untiritijr. and, in a great decree, sue- I
cessful exertions during the session it. behalf of j
prive claimants.
The Bill lo allow the authors of the account of
the Exploring Expedition a copy-right came up |
under this order, and some time was occupied in
discussion upon it. Messrs. Schenck and J. R.
Inges so i.l opposed, and Mr. Barnard ad vocatcd
it. It was laid on the table. Yeas, 116; nays.
After some further tcattci in? debate the House
fin illy proceeded in earnest to action upon private
bills without debate Several were already act
uatly passed and many other1; in prospect* at the
close of this. Ar.o-s.
New-York Supreme Court.
This Court, which has l?cn in session in tili-? City
for four weeks, adjourned Saturday at 3o'clcck.?
The Bencii, now composed of Chief Justice LVra son,
Judges Brokson and Beaixoslet, disposed of an
unusually larjra amount of business. The great
learning of the late Judge Cowenis considered as
more tlmn compensated by the clear and logical
mind of Mr. Beardslcy, and the Bench is now re?
garded as stronger than it has been for many y< are.
A gr at number of highly important cases were ur
j cued At this term, wbichof course cannot be decided
j tor some time. The following is a complete list of
the decisions pronounced at the close of the term:
DECISIONS....May Ter* 1sh.
.Yew Trinis Granted?Costs abide Event.?Mack
et al, nils Mercein?Lee et al, ud-< Igdeaet al?Beach et nl. n<!?
Day ct nl??.mie ad* Hune-^tlerrinRion vi Whiti?rd?Gardner
et nl. v- Monis? Blodfet vs Clemou?Luce ads Bnrfcle it al?
Countryman nds !?i.it-t ?I licr-c poor of Town uf IIiImii vs
I .l)- Urowu et at, :uls Paddock-Tlsomiaioo mis VValatlhr-Sims
et nl, mis Davis?Williams ads Conrad?Bavens et aJ, v- Van.
dertoinrh?Moore vs Babeock? Knower et al, ads Oswe go
Itauk?Lowndes mis Root?Hotchana ct al, ail. Soy dam?
Spencer ads Griffin ctal?Height nds Firm?Seyroouret al, ails
l\'aters? I tu> t ads Mend?SaMwry vs McCooe st al?PhiUips
ads Vance ct n!?i'hnudlervs Idiun?lluliser.etal, ads Webb?
Halts ads Scott?The Proprietors of Common oTSoutrihold .?
Horton?Wood nds Bruce Johnson ads tloxie?Marteret nl,
acts Johnson?Weaver ads I'.>rt?-r?II llyet rial, nds Muhouy
K nl?Lowry t< Sutherland-Small ml, the Herkimer Mann
tacturine Company?Jjowry v.< Hall?Stroder vs Pairib? Loos
Island Kaiuoad Company vs Marquandet ai?(Jreadi Kelly et
al?Van Rensseiner. Pr?sident, A:.-, ads Ofdensbursh Bank -
liineads 1'oss?VVbeeler ad> Seaman?Barkel ssMcCiUioush
?Sondtoid sd> Coajrden^Bariter mis Cleate.
New 'Print Denied?vVnitmore nds. llaud?
Hand v, VVlutrnons, llatvev vs Decker. Saekett etai. adi
Pen The Mayor, Soc of New York sds Bailey et al?Hull
adsStepbens>?Moosett va Wndhams?Lowete vs Van lien
ibuysen? vVbcelei ...;a VIcKnuthx? l^aaehal el al, vs Millar
lluuse >? VV;aa?sir?Avenil et ?U ails I'addoea?Oopeiiter v?"f
1'osvn? .MhnayKx. ann^e llrd vs S i 'c? Heart nds The Me- 1
ehaiucs* and Kurnu r.' Bisnk?tsOodrtch u Uowns? The I'eo
;.le vs Rtiiidfcs?Sham el al, v- Brandon?IJurdin nds Crocker?
BuCOO i"l nl. nds .Mtuiny l-';t? Hank?Same ails Same?Dili ads
Itujers?folt nds Mowlan?MotSS nd? Kii-liaids el al?Ku hards
rs Gtiswold' ?jheflll vs Benedict it al? Kbbertson, Sherilf.vs
I'ardee?Itnilhersan et al, vj Jones?hell ?- Potter?llathawuy
vs Power?Isarnortitui ad Stevens?Helmer s. I liltnn?Elbs ad i
Conk?Tnntrras ?.fllievillaie of Son.l>; lldl nils Hunter? Ma
-?in ads Phstt?Smith aits Unsrhaui?Watson nds llnldr ds? ami
\\ it;? siiiiec adsIlstywoad?Stoddard et nl. ads Brown?Van
daahawhsvsls iiot.tl.nl?uwrenea ads The Butchers' m>d Dro
ivts' Bank?Sharidan vs Struth etat?North vs Pawlinc.SsvjGu
?Malavi Uamsey etal?IIuuse vs Lo<iints?F.ellowa et .; ,
Preorias. Hall etat, vs Dean- Stark v, Bovee et al?l.-nvycr
ads Wrictar.
Judgment Affirmed.?Taylor etaL vs.Adaiiis
Sheriff?Uee, et air vs. Saltar, ct al?Steveni vs. VViUon et.nl?
Hancock el a! \* Ouuhsnd el al?Uukewell el al. vs. Ellsworth
at al?Bowoe et al ? s Mellon et al?Tin; People i-sCady?rSanw
rs. Same?Ulrmurne vs. Knvtl? Ueynolds *??. I^ounsberry?
s nl. ? . etat. es. Ondnndasn Mutual Ins. Co?Tyler < t al v
Pnmchetat?Ebleetal. vs. auockeaboss?Tucker sds. Iilm-k
?v\.mhi vs. WatiMf?'Kinnia vs. Avtrry er al? Keteham
Barlow ?Stoddard vs. SI00OJ-711 sytoti .-t al. rs. I.yon?lleuti.n
>-. Ealon?Sims vs. Kibbord?tiraivass tns, Hackbts.?Rotier vs.
1 Irtrood? Dodce 1 ?. Bush?I 'asler el al vs. Itast>eck?<7hambotii
? ?. Hoisted? lliiisdnle rs. White?Sherman Jr. vsiCarpeotet
Ttteker v* Iren Brown vs. TheUutchers uml ?rovcn hank
?Tlie ttichmond Turnpike 1 to. vs Peter Anoel.
Motion t > 3ft astde?Report oj Referees denied
?Corell Junes Austin receiver vs. Palmer? Thompson
et id vs. (,ih,ou et nl.?.Many vs Avenll?Same vs. Juumiu?
Same vs. Snme?Itoutetafn ads. Bauhof Ctica?Loomw et
nlv> |i iker.jr?Cht nanco Untual iosuraoceCo. ads. Hocari
Same nds Space?Foster vs.' Newland^-Ontarid anil St Law
mice Steam boat Co. ii. iheTrusieesa elcofSLJi ha?Folz.
nusli ct nl vs. Same?Stafford \ <. Bacon?Ricil ads. VVilcox.
Report of lief r> m set aside?Costs abide i e- nt,
?J..rt"irei al. ad. The People?Allen etaL nds Davis?Me.
chanics1 Mntual Insurance 1 ... of Troy, mts Alston?i.'renl ?t
al, ad- Carpenter et al?Same,nds Dana et al?Ripntjr, a i,
Mason?Smnb et al] adi Dana?Norton, mis Sasc?Borxeaus
et al.nd PlaU et nl.
Judgment tor Plaintiff on demurer, lettce la amend
on usual trrritf.?Merrill, President, skc vs. Bnnkol Orleans:
Fastn r.' and Mechanics Bank v.. Patterson?Blwood et al.
uls Uri^it-?i 'urtts vs. Kinediury?Forties nils lt <e:ovv nud nl.
IVoodruifads Koot? Vau?nn et al. ad. Swill?nlahon v.. The
1 [tics and Schcnei iaily tlnitroad Company? Ihissii.rdet al, adi
The Common wealth of Kentucky?The Mechanics* Bank in
tlie C ty uf .New-York v.. it usseli?< 'ai[?.i,ter et nl, vs. Van
Aridale?Iiaueck ads VVIUiatnaoorrTfia Meebuuea' llauk m
theCity of New.York vs. BeatdiiMn?Bradner, Pieeideat, vs.
Kel'cy?Forties it al, adaJ)unean Exec.
Judgment for DifemLtnt on demurrer?leave to
emend on usual terms?-tlrnwold nds. Mclntyre etal.?Bo
Cnrdus Ezr. adi Elder- Bennett ads. MeeefaetaJ?VVilbnrei
nl. n ls. Chapman? \\ ibwoitfa ads. Baldwin?Uenrdsiey et al.
1. \V:i(?-r.
Judgment for Plaintiffs?Castle et al. vs. IVJnt
tlieus el til.?Smith vs. Affall et oJ.?Baynor vs. Wilson?
vVilmerdins vs. Unit etal.
Judgment reversed? Venirc de. Nora?Cost abide
Eeeot.?Staats vs. Hodeeset al.?Holmes vs. Bristol?l.rane
vs. Petnc?Albany anil West Sloekhridrt: It. K. Co. v. Suulli
?MatUson vs. Bnncus?Iimersoll vs. Ithodei?Uodfrey et al.
?. Warner.
Prorreilinzx Rrceraed ?Efeustia et nl. ve. Sumi,
?Peopleexrel. Van Valkenbuivh etal. vs. Pnrn.elee.
Proceedings Affirmed.?People ex rei. Van Ho->rn
vs. Couiuusjioiiers ol lbchwayt ofStuyvesnnt?Peo;/!e ex rel.
Wendall vs. Sampson,
Judgment fur Plaintiff on tlemurrcr as uf Janu?
ar-' T'-rm lout.?Chnrunnn et nl in. Fish.
Judgment Reversed.? .-tone vy. Cole?James vs.
Ilaitirey?Read v-. Weiler c*. nl.
.'.fir Triit! Granted.?l-'rulieh ad The People?
People vs. Gales John Jones ads Th<: People.
Certiorari (Quashed.?Biting etal. vs. Common
CouncD of Hudson.
A .-ir trio.' granted^ cnslt abide event unless pin in
tif a>iiuet$2l$^ntJuUevent new trial denied.?Biclun.u.fl
s.ds. \l hippie.
Re-argument ordered,?Do I'.-.w adc !'.?*?;?':..
A'etc trial denied und proceedings remitted, u-tdt-1
dtrer.tiiins to veucced and rendrr Judgment.?People vs. Coop?
er ct at,
Report set tt*ide, unless Plaintiff deducts %'.'/.'7
50 fa lAat rreni?nu,iiuit denied.?McGill ads Van Klip-.
.\>tr Tried denied?Proceedings remttted lo O.
Se T. of Westeketter. u-ith directions to proceed and rendrr
Judgment ?Miller nds People.
A'o Writ of Error, und tiierefore no Decision.?
Ciuhmnn vj Poster.
Motion in arrest of Judgment denied.?Kipp ads
Dabo??.-! al.
Judgment of Common Pleas reversed and that 0
Justice, affirmed.?Monell vs. Ihm ham?South vs, Bert?Hoyt
vs. t errjtoa-H lark vs. Atsble? WiJcox vs. Titus.
Iii'/uinition set aside?Costs abide event_
Whce'ered. Ryera.
Judgment on Demurer for Defendants on first
r-'J'!.n.t-/'-n* 3rrf and t!h Plea* to2d count, and f.-r P/am'i -f
<m .d Ptra to -it Count, Icaee to emend un usual terms ?Wi.
xon etal. ails Gilbert.
.\etr trial u.med, on Plaintiffs deducting ?586
;.'rrrrt r-rdicr.-I.loyd ads Worrejter ' '
Aeic trial itrnied. on Plaintff* deducting |551 17
froreperdirt.-l^t ads Warrf. 0
New trial granted on payment of costs.?Lowrv
vs. Hazeltine et ah
Acte trial granted.?Augustus Hill ads. The Peo
Pie.-fnr p.'amtitf. M. Watson: for defendant. D. K. (llnev.
Judgment reversed?centre de r.oro by -V. Y.
People^ Sasimtt'~Aleaader liotj. unplaaded, ?c. vs. The
?O^* Noticx to Votkr-j u the 17tu Wsjto.-Tbe
Cornmercia! Advertiser " of Saturday has committed a blon?
der m publishing the ucket for the 17tb Ward. Let all the
friends ?f Public Schools be u:i dieir guard. Tl.at ticket 11 the
regular Loco Foco nomination.
The fnllowirie U the resulnr ticket for thnt Ward, svhich all
Protestants may safely vote.
C?r*murt7mer: HURATIO P. ALLEN.
Inspector: THOMAS H. OAKLEY.
Truste* SIMEON BALDWIN. >*3?
O Tile blowing is the Arueriean Kepuhhcan nonsiia
t.on for the school ticket in the SixtewUi Wetg
a,m?tij.'a>a?r-JOHN NEWHOI BE.
Truttee?AXSOy ^LLIS.
Mrpotor?JAMJJS SI' t.LS._ "
?iaiv a full '?nu'sc a ad ll.t..:iore is read. ... ?cconiniudsde Uie
puWUc at 3','nnd ^P. M- .Those who have heard the Crrobeaai
?sill (to, and those who hava not. of course will; only ro in
?<yi?i^i, a our advice'.
By This Morning's Mail.
TUngl lit I'lltiaiirijiiila.
Coiisjaondunca uf U.e Tribune.
PMUjtPSlMttA, Junes? p J]
Our City lias again b-:en tne scene ot arM*.,
'rrM?ul J. grrucjiou ul life. On " .turduv uioru.s*
ti uii e.irl. hour.il w?- reported that t snockihf
uu der :.:i,i suicide !i i.i ofCttTed in Hock str**j *.
iti.-::.;: :? bcK?e kept tu> Mr. Earnl.,1. aditrtiKir'.k.
irrreeoi Um i ....... -.?.?,v. tri . ? u ...... ?D3
.' ? ? ?? .rti.ed, - it iiylroesjK.
.:...?>.?? ? ">?-;ce>. and :i. e>*upauy with hoiT
*b*,V \^^SSS *, M?* OP "*?? rc.il.-oe. .7.A,
ami durnie th* wh..u CT , ^ ^ deepest cr-res, ?rbuT
- ? ??- ??? Me a?.t watt. - ? ?< "* '"f rifi.tr?:
most im?.*,?? ua 3f,w,^ uo ?" ho chemo? ?j u_
\;- .;? i o>:...?
red batweoi u>.-..i. t 2^*?*?,?Me? mjeak^
i? in
- ? j.-.. my. occur.
. .?vproseMd at, tr*.;.. wt, I!?
??*"? . t..r 1.1 ' ?< .wh^S^
el m ' <i it.?. m..i irrsMth >or^ k^^ZV^
Oed a ?...s.?j at tier, the 0..!i p-c?nn?: '-'.??
g il its contcr.ts throuxh wbod? i*tws*oUieaxvnaBdisTi."
r.tn. He ucvci spoke bfrathod ul!eri?anl? ? i^J-*^
?ii, , ,?.,?:>...,?.. ? -..e i r. \v. ::? .- .. ..; , ??
in. a::U tins wooed ol the tu lortuoatc woman ? tsrxZLSfr*'
vauV.nl t... .She >uil survives, irul lul&rs ..ea: a?2TV:'
ii?Mt>!e lor lurtobveiin.i ii l.-nger. * ? ?
The rt?u:t of tbe Corsa?'* Jury. wluch ?ras,. 0-i sum*^..
sliuws rlear.? Uial Use Conduct ..| the ttgesss^T^..
LHC?I. Twe iCtletS Were tell. 1.1. ? , ,', r*
was the sole and only cans ?. The verdict was ''ihtf*!?*9
cc;i?e?i. Je. -s Lesiur. eauve 10 hss death l/r a p^W,1^^"
Hu-im: k wound oft ted by bis ? bat?l " ^
St,.vr?..\(.i; or a Mi rukju k.?In um ijvl|rf f
Oyet niui Tcrn'iLcr. yesterday, John Firtia. cenvirw r
niuiderin tlseS,"cimddecree, in k::bni Jiayj I^at?sit??"
senteoeol to an inipnsoanieutoi twelve years ui ti ivjlij
I'eaiteiitio'y it ;, ir.i 'n't.... 'r'n* wi-tcirvot Mir.sj J jH'
nailer, cor.victed of a sunilar oaeace, ruu tvill tvmcc'br,
only l-iir rear. ! In this c:tr. mur,!e-rrs are liemntt?! L ,
at larire, or held i" bail in oueof two taoui^u^iloUkn atuuf
abas*; and house burners are not even coaaaittssi ?? J*1
or iciu-r-nl to tin.l bail in $'0.0 or *>.?.U: t
mukdkr 01 Cl'kkks I'iih.?JotepQ lUrrj, (he
accomplice of r-'amnel '/eelion,?now asva.imt _^.L.~;
desuir?in the murder of the ?bl t;u:r? Tai ^7,1? .
bnre. a lew we*ki since, was jesteitlay mnrr*?*&!S\~'amr
ted Ui stand hi* trial tor Usesamc. * ^
For SICROER.?In too Court oi'CverandTcrnn
aerto asorrow the trial ot Reheri Carney a* tlwm..*i-.
Cah n Hiiteio.. wsU be . oni e eed, loa jorraXTbTOf
be..,* unable to agree. Du" ucnuay. (Vol ne .t'.
VVuJatn and An:. tilUetU will be triej lor Saa?e?S
i'itck Sweeney. 1 "*IB'
tlO.NORjtULV DlSCUAHCXO.?A| I ..n-J,,.,,,!
the arr?t and prosecution ol Mrljaskua Befhil nil t
?vIs?lK "k? ?S
d ?eharr.M. V ? ? ? n b ? ... has t! ^Z'olT,^
t.. involve nn inn. cenj ?an in treble, woid?^, w?, ?
infamous conduct. tTW:l ^
TAI Uco-tocoa is M.vM MiETi.Nc.-There
wns a ceaeral turij.oi!'. of the Loens last tveuiof, ftor[ 0r
it UV
uunibe'r"Jt' Vlce-PiendenoandSec?tari?i Bssr^oitaaTav
ident, I noticed a banner with trie words"Jasncs K Pt-U
Ceorge M. Dallas. Henry A. Mnhlenber;. usa" T? tr? r
Specclres r.-ere delivered by Cw raaeaad sevssnUeuiea. \
scries of resnlutions w en- rciel and aoOfted, iftcr vstnea ?V
meeting adjourned and nroceeded t<> tiie r. ?n^ace of Mr Dal?
las, in Walnut street. The eaiandata f"r Vtos ftwststat ?s,
calle! out, un.ie a S|iecch, nnd ?hout liter shoot was {iven for
t.ie .ucee.-s of I'.'hv. Hall..-, vluhlenierg and Texas;
F?XERAL OF RaMSET.?rTba tuueral ol Xitban
I). Ramsey, whoiiicil from a g ii.-sl.ot vreunj r::^nlgada|
the Kensmgtiu! riots, b oa place ilia morning, and nasBuaa
ou?ly attended bralaree cooeoaoeol P*rsuos m oir.ntUi**,
carrutges, tie. The Native American tVard'Asssjcssriaas
who defray r* (I tiie evpemcs attcmiin; the pau-lul sdtl'Miarsuf
those who were injured, as well as the funeral oyofesj ot"
those who havedasl?turiud out hi rrest iinnibers, to ptya
but -n.l tribute to departed worth, The BCcaBssd , ,.i rocve;
e<l to Plymouth, ilontiomery eouotjr.
Coro.vkk's I. .(i i a ? ?? I ho Coroner nelil an in?
quest on Friday upon the Uely of a man named John HsJi.
who win ?mini dead in bit ceO in the Moyanreassag fnsaa,
having been rommtued a. a vn-ranl the day prevtwa.
r>Ai.i or part or che Assets ot .?iii.iIik.irp
Pink ?On Sntunln; the toll.ev -ti? l>? ami l.?m, pajreeot
t..r which ?dl be received either ?> cssa.'or intmicsut oihft
evidcii es ? .' .. ?.: ii dues* ol loranl iiuuk, payibl? aitku
one week, weiesnhl at the Kvchnnge.
Twenty live bood'ofRlOUtl each, of the New Voik.Prori
dence,and Uostou Raihead Company,doe iaAagaa, 1*1
hjI.I t?r t-'-?Hl'cr
?c? .bun-. ..I tli? New.York, Providence and bestoa RatwsJ
sold for s w'i per shore.
*'..l)00 Peme;. Hanta j'i told tor $^1 i-er $100.
705 shnres .Morns Canal and Hanking Co. par value 6101, wm
U ssoiw share.
601 ibares Comasercial and Kau road Dank ut \ icUbiu; sold
at SlOJi per snare, .
Stocks?S'oeka were netive on Saturday, the
?ales being large, but pticojaboa littlachanfe. Ptrnnsymn
Itnuk advanced I; Cliesapcnkcand Delaware Canal t^?n2s.
I'ne buslOCXS .!. 'ii United .-Uites. timud ami Orsndliolf
Banks, i* abnotl exclusively ol'u spvculaung cl.a-ai tcr. sad
must shortly tenninute, I tear, in a manner, by no lueans sola
f-icio'v hi liioM who ure duily " dipp Bg so deep."
|.V?f R. <:nl -IT > I niieil tuate? Ibnik ISii : rado. da. UV
12, U II iimil-' .ii II. It.. . M Farmers and Machaatoi lUnk
It ; t.MlK'li..-. fr. i'liiml I.i...ii K'>; 'MM Kendina R B.
Boniise!.'?: 3D Uoiun It >nk. T?ugmas<^t ?yuiV?lh-!?*'S;
tl pint Bant It'.:>>?<. M4 : "?do do B u lla> U'.; ?>
N in blown ft it. .IMIVneitv |-iVi?|.|'.?): ;U?Kra.
ti. *> lioiids Mi'4; lltuaideii It..: k Ui. :tUi < anslea an I Am
b y H, It. l.-siiii fit 1 July HO; ,'A.OHi'eiiiie. ei Hont- Int I July
?TS: -VW Mnt? IPs 79ih . >??) .1.. ,1? It i tl a ;t"4: HOOdo. it?.
UP Grand ts'ull l .V P lot lAM'on.'l Ilk N?vctv?st:oJr-Sr.
i:iS.-!iuylkill Nnvunlion Ji'; .1. do. 12?; SiUMjUi.
7?? (TkeNcpeak ?. Del. rnnal U and? ; 45d0.da R-W.?.1**
184 VVilmtncton 11. It. ~> , .Ml Wilmington K. It. ^. ?
"J-rtvn-: Ittard.?i:0*lii?e. nc'iuilkill linn-. i *: I' Ut lVSlco
11 upter's Baak <?f M i -i-.ipin, C it l* Ut. SO do Cosndea \ Am
iKiyKailniarf. I--': 300do<lirard Bank,bSll it U\ U .In du
r w, U>?:d do Penn ylvnnia Hunk, 271: MMdo Norrsstittrs] lt?il.
riNid, it'.,: .>; do i 'n led Slate* lluok. 1- 3d.. Clie,ape*kaios!
DeiawareCanal Si .<-k. 25; in do Cooiinercial Hunk ol \ui<-t>-,
tr*. P, 50 ??.do. (Out) Wdmineton IUilr..adb"t. 18?,
Wl,; HCiou Stnie Vs. boltat, 80; iui Readme KailrossMKM
Chesapeake and Pe'avvnre Canal Coau, bS ilai.t?l. 2WJ0 uo do
I w 07>,:MGia dC ill". 12'...
Ship mews.?4j P. If.?Cleared on Sntunlav
.iftrrumm.-U \rk l^wis. Peaise, We-t Indies: louita, Hal
^ni r. Havana ;bngs Cataeear, Dill. Leguayra: Acop,
Howes, Bos'.uii; VVaiUoaa, Davis, Boston: Cratvlea. Gi
ihrist. du. : sch KMM IS ?ea Mev.. Uoibrook, Hiss-on ; Franca,
i ook,.l'nrUand ; ?. K Paynter, Robinson, Providence; Miry
Ami and I oro i . Cors :.. Full Rrvei : I lash, Recap, New
York ; Holder Burden, Baki r. Providance; lurge \ eniu, N.
Vork : ?.nin^ r Vulean. N V.irk.
.Vinr?t-sii:., sr. i...u .M,?k,2ud.iys lr..m NewOrlsaas;
.';;'.rk''J:<M""lt'>st- Croia, .May SlstaadflL Tliomss
J2d-l>ruM-iiK-en, h J. Hawley, bulr andssjrvaat.of Albacr.
?ml Dri llait, ..i Vew-Yort; Faitasvare, 1'id.c.-, 5ilr,y? Mtn
Bod ?i ; lir.(,'. Ella. Whetdi n, 8 days from i:..-'. . America.
i taadwell.O days In m IJ..,t m : llci jaiuiii 1'r .iikl n. Pivaa.i
.?ii>s Iroin Hu.t.,ii ; Wm. J. \Vat*..o, EckleldL IU days from
Ponee, >'. It. : Norm?tanly. Rao, 12da,, iron. \lnyaruet.P.
It.; sebrs.T. ii Odell, Smith, 3days from .V.VoHi ; Oietua.
I'ur-ii". 4 d.yi iioui B?.tou ; Now '?mlaiul, Poland, t aar?
from lloslon ; Harriet Fuller, Fuller, 10 days from l.ubec.
Representation in Greece.?The National
\ssemlily of <sii ?:<:i; having l.-.U-ly uertcd on all
the articl?s of the constitution, before tiieir di&so
liitiori passed an electoral law. I'y ihia law, the
provinces which hare u population of U'.OdO
souls will eleel one de^utyv-^thoee wirieb have
iroin LO.OOU to 20,000 Bonls will elect two?
Lltoee from 20,Ut)U to r>;>,Mi() three, and tliuac
which have over 30,1100 four deputies. The
lp*?ri: tes resident in Greece wili elect three
depntiee?the Hydriotes Llircc?and tbe Spczzi.
otes two. The Assembly ordered a statue tobe
erected in ihe Place drs IHatunes, at Napoli it
Rumania, in honor of the Ute President, J. Capo
i!'i-t; i\ as a benefactor of Greece. [Bust. Ad?.
It i* probable thit th i Legislature of Con?
necticut will aiijourn iiext Thursday.
Raas! tlseadvartisjemeiitui use New-York Mnsaoaiasi
you lire bound to cu. Such nitractions for one shdhngsu!
urv.--;--r. ?:, ?-. \ i ;???[ (..,, . ,.?.... i;lr|. j .?.,.?, ii.-.x'f.
and nine Perforiiiers.
r^J", It is not true as i-iirr.Milly rep*?f ?*,! on S.tiirdar thst
Cap). Tyler has secured the services uf tin Uical EaaJeebatl
.fTi llrolun;, to produce Tnlrr mlcj !./ Steam. Ovrturel
may have been made, but the proprietor is n iiiau of pr.mplt,
mid lejtnrd. Chickens of more \aiue Uiau TyJer iHauocrsf.-'
Si the exhibition will be continued ns usual. And a icspecW
b;o toinele will he in attendance to wait npoo ladies.
?1 sRRIED,
On Tborsday. 30tb nit n: 3 ./.lock, P.M. at S. Stephens
Cbtircli. by tiie ttuv. Joseph II. Pri.-e. Mr. Js<tr* D. V-nvis
"to Mum EuZAnXTM 1!. second dni;;lilcj of Dr. II- VV. Ilabcy.
all of tills City.
the3bth ult. by t':o Hev, Mr. VJaeeat FatntRtcg e
nCKEU to Ml I RAXOtRs SuRtvxs, all of this <-Uy. . ?
On thaSDtb ult. at the ChurehofSL Vuiccat do OttwlW
the Ilcv. Mr. 1 Afoot, C. N. Noit of Pram e, u, r7>rrug,??
est daughter of RaimslJ Crock* of tins city. u.
'.!.... A, by 1!> ?.. Trios. J. Saw] er, JoUM J. Dos.? to M?
Eliza Mott Maxox. nil of this <?:?/.
.May peace ind happiness attend ibo.r duyi.
On Siirsday morning, Jou.i W. MorLTOX, agc i 3 >cais. y*
OfJL ?V. ami .MarieiUi Moilton. ,,
1 b ? .'.'.ends and levpuaiinnce uf the family arc mvaso ?> ?
tend ihe funeral this afternoon at 5 o'dock, from t.ie ecmer ?
Chnrlton and Greenwich streets. mm~j
^On Friday, May-'il, CORXSUtTI Via Bt\,<h. Atta*, sgw
'/'herelatives and friends o'the family arj! th? i"7?l''?"f
the National Academy of Design, are invit-d to aflend haiim
eraJpn JUotWay.Jurse3.at4Vcjock, from bis late residence.
+1 Pierrepont st. llr.Kiklyn. _ , ssvl
Very suddenly, m Charlatan. S. C. .*> Sat.i'.Uy. the ?"?
ult. Edward Kc;p. F.?j. of eft/.1,10 ?' bu
"^parte.! th? life, at ^^^^u^X SS
??a^'oTj??^ Covernorol ?I?
ult: Mr" iBAalfl"vV.Ba.Ms-x. consort of ihe Hon. Aaron \.
0A*!%?^t>s?irne near Ruck Creek, oa FrUay evening. ?>?
J.')\)\ Mr a .liortJ.tl.sa.i.iaUiry illness. vVtLUAJt G. S*x
V'oWuo of .-?.-.pu... Wm, H. Fuders. i?ad *
'K\'i'nit -csideuce. in posvletlan Coaatr, on the 17th of May.
Ma%r Jo'liii Clarke, in the 7:'ii. ml ol bis ajre. Tins seriuV
maii in very early youth, nrrved his country aunns Use war ot
ihe Kevulutioii. ant as a volunteer ami then in the regular or
my fie iTbsrwards bccnnsa eminently distm^uubed for ?miu,
esweatfly m mecba-ncs, which be signally disptared in tberoa
.(ruction ol tbi works ot the Virginia Aimory. that can**
even yet b- torgottent -and wiiicb at'ractcd universal atteoti??*
and made (um an tsbjact of adnsiratsoo to all men. H<
!*red among h:s warm penoual IrwaiU mans of the most oasv
::ent men ot mer.t in the country. [Uichinond IM
\?T" The Atxirgtoe? of America iKsssencI a kn jwlalt?\ti
the healing art, wli.eh in many casea tar surt>as?^l that OsCW"
Itzed iiuuj. By siudyinj nature tney became initiated ij ?er
s.-.-rct?, ar.d tbe way she pointed cut wa, luvariahly ,"'lJ**Zi
VkttU reiueihen w ere obtained iroin the vejitaole creit o".'~~
acting in such pertect harmony with nataistliaw*, i'"Tt.v0ZTT'
fu! in removing and controlling disease. It is tlmi Ssvsstwjsg"
?anarilia.a purely vegetable preparation.opcrat.soii1 ,;*- v._^
It harmimue, and un.Prs witii tiie utdicatriz n.ilaril+f 2S tiie
^rvini principle: by Us u.e diseased action is ?uo,,u?'? . "or
vital uu* en enabled to pcrlorm tlwu laoetioi s. ^c7fi?tm
?lyspepsiH. oo-linate dtsessa of the skui, sueh as Salt Ry*"?'.
Kuigwi.riu, Sxa d lleail, and other Sim tardiywvtss. SC? "J
Kings Kv|, Kheumr.ti.ni. enlargement of the G loans, aisu
ither atfections, aud salely and csjrtaiiily cures! by (U ese.
sy l-i.r eert.riestei a-.d Bumerotts testimonab *>? P*?
pldit, tad various ii?p<-rs. i, s, n
Prepited and solSwRote**. ?m! retail, by A. B. &? ?
SANDS, wlsokwaia Drugnsis, &?Fusion \*
Sold aUo at 273 Brotidway.77 East Bioadway. sad by drug""
generally Uiruugbuoi tha t ntled wate?.

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