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*'_ ST. .>rC<iRITE CJT? UALL.)*RW-lrO??T.
' . . .1 ?, SuWr.? Mile roulsr-'*"
^-m"S.-M Sulaservte.?. takenf.??4?Months,
!???'*?' t,?m?or anaa-rmso
_t'u?t la?eitioo.I*?.0*'*'
^^^?^ wrhM:r-?r?iuent inscrti.ei.I.,
,l ,2 over ,is--l irst .assertion.H
'/rs -Hr* iur each .u'^l-rnl m-eit-mi... . 2> "
- - fv, ab? m"??b ? ?..........3 00
- .\uwtal .Wi.?. tc. wi <w?f<<.?f Aee <t
U,m*r^-. . .-.
IssT t "i'ii'.fV pi to exceed Rlbne? wttn prl
r/sKfr_i~.vr;ai nilsertisensenls nt pleasure.
t^.^Jr^lT.al balC ?earlr in advance.! 40 00
'?""TrTiief' siii.ea-- ??i.' rtoj in llws pai-ci appear bothin
A VX?- J^. ,,n(Ep ivSRY ?AT-I RDaY MODS '...
i/*'ot T?V<> IX per annum, in -rfv-rm?.
m-Ml i IM .?!
Jlittrarri Xcttccs.
yVatlonnl Sein <--irook.
irxrt a-r otr-k PoKJfB.IXt Nltioaaj PuVK-c'i.Com
9o?A*?jj^J \?ri<'us Sources, br Wst. MoCaRTY. 3 vm-.
We nave h?*ie a very good and complete collec
?f Anserican Sonus, Military. Naval, and Pat
no,* briefly illustrating our Revolutionary and
?abK?"--1 history, n"'i ?pecially ?ur repeated
* * ^ with (irrat Dritsio. We love not War,
rVj iKre that Curnej-e and Victory are no longer
r^tyrne of th- Son.-* most attractive to the popu?
lar mio-i of our Country anJ Age ; but these Songs
jf-aportton ol the History of uur Country, and no
trell-iaform'd 'nan can affuT,i Xo ?* ignorant of them.
Oflfof the three volume* has little connection with
War or its scenr-. bul is tuude up of Fourth of July
CJaj, Poem? tin the lormation ol" our Government,
Ekj?-?on crar eminent Patriots and Statesmen,?Sc?.
Ac. There are old acquaintances here that we bare
ant net for many *- ,*av? HUC'1 (u" Dwight*? ' Colum?
bia, Columbia, to Glory arise!' 'Americen Taxa
? VVhy should vuiu mortals tremble at tha sieht
of.' PtineV 'Liberty Tree,' ste.ktc. and wo have no'
looked for a single one that we have not readily
fi/ood here. .Such a collection deserves a place in
^rrr veil filled Library. (W. H. Graham, 1G0 .
,Ns*sao-*t. is the New-York publisher.)
%y The DwioCKATie Ki visrweloeea VbL XIV
with the June ntitnlier before 08. It has original
japer? by HaWTHOR^E, Pekcival, llmnuv
fiCKrnMAV. Simms. Mre. Ex.LCT,etc. &C. There
in capital p.per, full ol wit, on ' Sydney Smith.'
We extract the followirij- Poem :
It weat within n.y inmost heart,
Tby overtiatiKuif' nri h <? lee,
Thy liquid stream became a part
Qt my internal harmony.
S ? rladly nianed the fall <ure?m through,
pleased with 11?? measure of its fljw,
So burn the tladness on my view,
It made a song of mirth tielow.
Yet rn y were tiiose o'erari hinp htones,
Ve nero und drj the fringing lrra^s.
And ir.ouiniul with remembered tones,
That out of autumn's I omi.ii ]iush.
Ami over it tho henw road,
Wln re creaks the wain with burdened cheer,
Yrt gaily from this low abodo,
I.eats'd out the merry LrooK sc. clear.
Then. Natura nni<l, " My child, to thee,
From the grey arch shall beauty Bow,
Thou nrt n plrafanl lliiti? tn me.
And freely in my meadows jm?.
" Thy rerse slmll ?ukIi thus fieely on,
Sou.e poet set may fit th< re! v,
And cheer Uimselt within tin* huh
My life has kindled in thine eye."
Pht Knu KF-tiaocKrii.? We conleHS that there
is soinetluni; >? rv nitreealde to us in not receiving B
Hagaxine until the day it is dated. The Knicker*
Ihm ki r*s hab : i ore iiiomi anoienl and unezcepliona
li.'o in this respect. 'J he quality of its contents, loo,
is sound and spnrklinr, and the indatitry of its Edi
utr iirelcM?. The present nuuibir contains the
rnnclusion of the'Qttod Correspondence-,' a thril
bn| sketrh of* the Plague at Constantinople,1' Ke
miniaeences ol n llartinunr Prisoner,'' Professor
b%aw(mTinnccitm,' (anadmirable sntire in prose.!
A Legend ol Spain,' by Ihn Author of the Sketch
Beek,'?See. etc.?The i'ritienl and Editorial depart?
ments ?re full, diversified and well sustained. The
>Imagin?r] Conversation1 with the great Seatsfield
is e\i|ui-itels done) up, ar.il the wniin.1 deeply not I
artfully concealed. The ' Gossip1 is, us ever,charm
Bag. This is tbe ( lose of the XXllltl Volume ol
this popular periodical.
ty Hint's MkrchacTTS1 .M a a a z i N y. for June
iipoiia w ith mi able Statistical article on * Trieste,
and the Participation of Austria in tlie Commerce ol
tho World, during the last Ten Years,' translated
by Hon. Gib. P. marsh. The next paper is u
synopsis ol the recent Deluti- in the the I'. S. Sen ile
on the Tariff?wo think not very happy, and < \i
dently made up up by some one who inclines to the
wrong side. Art. III. is ' The Kingdom of the Two
Sicilies," by J. T. Hxadlky. IV. * Wisconsin und
its Resources,'by Josiau Bono. The? is added
to tiier... a large amount of Commercial Statistics,
especially with reference to the anniiul product ol
Cotton Provisions, Leather, &c. in the United
Stntrs. (F. Hunt. 142 Fulton-st. $5 per annum.)
t2V Littell's Living Age, Nu. 3, is received
ky Mbwatt it Co. l~-l Broadway. It has the Lon
ilon Quarterly's powerful criticism on Hume; 'The
Free Thinker,' irom Blackwood for May, lie. ite.
iy The CCLTtVATOR for June has articles on
Cattle, Fruit, Sheep, Husbandry, Cutting Wheat,
Phosphate of Lime, Manures, (Guauo, Sawdiiet.
Nighisotl, itc.) Plows, Millet, etc. etc. We haw
been most interested in an essay on ' Wheat Culture
in the Southern Counties'?that is, in regions where
there is httle or no Lime in the Soil, which, it is
popularly supposed, will not bunr Wheat, which
this article shows to he a mistake, pointinc; out the
means of making them productive of this itniin, by
applving Atdie* (even though leached.) with Lime,
Plaster, Acc. How any man attempts to liirtn with?
out an Agricultural paper, when he may lime one
a year for the value of a day's work, is to us unuc
tj?~ Wehardly think, that during the last twelve
Boothj the learning New-York book-press has pro
aaced'a work of greater merit tor i:.- size, than a
tasty volume of l.'O pp. duoileeimo. entitled ??Fact
?nd Arguments, on the TVaaaxstsssten ?/ Inieiicctu
&l and Moral Quaiititt from Parents to their Off
spring"?a copy ol which being kindly lent us hv
?lady in this neighborhood, the authoress is since
ascertained u> be bertnlented kinswoman, Mrs. //cs
kr Pendlclon,an unassuming, quiet inmate ol the
city atoresa id ; till when ilie tact was new to us, that
taoiher Setigwiek, Hale, Sigourney or Williams,
cUuiied residence within that " wilderness of myriad
-?tne*.'' J'tio mrmidable array of cases adduced
by Mrs. P. in support of her important theory, and
iaierspi rsed with the instinctive maxims Bowing
ffum a cultivated mind and philanthropic heart.
?agbt to insure wide circulation ibr tbe w ork ; and
?bile we eraveinduigence for the lilierty hete tab, n
wi?li u anou-, (whieb should, we thuik, have prnced
tlie tuie-pAce.) we cannot;welHbrego the pleasure
ot anticipating it.s regular classification with the ex?
panding galaxy ol* distinguished American females.
[Mobawk Mirror.
CT The work above alluded to is published by
Winchester, and tuny be ban of the cheap IxHik
scllers. Price 37 J cents.
MooRt'j SitoiiTKK Poems.?No. XXII. of the
Mirror Libran, comprises "Evenings in (sre'eve;
The Summer Fete, and other delicious Poetns, by
Thomas Moobx." Nearly ail Moore's favorite
?Melodies arc here embodied.. The work is richly
"onh the 25 cents it costs.
The Christian Philosopher, or, the Connex?
ion of Science and Philosophy with Religion, b*
Tuoxas Hick, LLO. author of 'Philosophy of a
Future Stute." ' The Siderial Heavens', etc. is
Published by Appleton & Co. This is one of I
mte works which deserve and will attain u high
"*d cuduiing position in our Literutun-. llick has
'*<>0e very much Ibr the cause of true Religion and
Science, and his reward is the admiration and
'Wee:n of the wj?c and good of this and succeeding
voi? iv. wo. ?o.
l~zf " .\oT>3, Critical and Praciic.il, on the Book
?fJoSHCA; Deigned um a General Help tu Biblical
Reading iiiiii Instruction: BjGsORGl Brsii, Prof.
of Hebrew and Oriental Literature, N. V City Uni?
versity," is Jusi publiahed by Saxton and Mile*.
We liave repeatedly expressed our approbation of
the precedirij, volumes of this rssenes, xvhich rvince
ripe scholarship, profound faith, and ar. intimate ac?
quaintance with Biblical" Literature. Even' Sunday
?school should be supplied with the whole series.
rp* " Htponoia ; or, Thoughts on a Sptitiual
Understanding of tlie Apocalypse, or Book of Revel?
ation: With some Remarks upon the Paronsia, or
Scco?d Comine of Jesus Christ, end an Appendix
upon the Man nt Si:i," has just been issued in a fair
octavo ol 707 pages by i.eavkt, Trow tfc Co. The
author .??us in bis Prefuee that in this work
" A deven in attributed to the book of Revelation essentially
difforvnt (ram that usually ascribed to it. The Apoealyp.0 ha?
Inten ccnernlly supposed to contain a prophetic account of
rerun imlitica! and errlesiavlinl changes in the history of the
visible Church ot Christ; instead of. tail it is here taken as on
unveiling of the mysterious truthl of Christian doctnne. with
an exhibition ofeertaio op;>ojnte errors?n revelation made by
is c ' ' m..v.'/-3ii .ntellc-ctunl'miBn (?-"tr.tiori: corres?
ponding with what 1? upprs'hendeil to be the Scripture purport
of the tnetnid coming of ikr .Son of Man."
t1p*pHA.vta>m:oN, Prince of Pnlmland: A Tale,
by Saim Colekidge?Two Volumes complete in
uno?has just been sent us by Burgess, Stringer
&? Co. It is one of the most graceful nnd remark?
able works of Imagination extant. Price 50 cents,
(and poorly bound at that.)
CP" The Bride ok Kokt Edward: Founded
on an Incident of the R'vulution, has been gent us
by Burgess, Stringer it Co. Price 25 cents.
?5r- A Gmmpsk into the WonLD to Come, in
n Waking Dream, by the hue (skokce B. Phillips,
Preacher of the Gospel, Sec. i:c. 1)03 just been
printed in an 18mo. of" 103 ptiges bv R. Carter, 03
L-t3r*"An Appendix to tlie New-York State Register
tor 1 ll.ii tit^iiiMitr the new appointments of Surro?
gates, Jud2es, &c. Sheriff, Deputies, New City
Officers, iScc. bus been irsued by J. Disiurnell,
102 Broadway, and is distributed emtis to subscri
bera fur tl.e Register.
Parley's Csbinxt l.iBitARY.?In reference to this valuable
work now publishing in numbers, the Knickerbocker says,: Mr.
'io oaten proposes to furnish tlie public with forty numbers,
at twenty-five cents en' ii. ot Biogrupincal. Historical and lliv
cellaneous Sketches, drsicned for the family circle, and e'p?
cially for youth. The first two numbers consist of the lives of
famous men of modern times; ns Scott. Bvron. Bonaparte.
Ill KS?. Bl-KKK. CocTHK. JollNSO.n. MlLTON, SnxKsPXARK.
Itsrox. etc. The next two numbers are devoted to famous
men of ancient tunes; nsCisxR, Uanmual, Cickko, Ai.ex
s?.ni:R. I'laTo. e:r. The fifth, und six'li uunibers contain the
'Curinaitjes of Human Nature,'as Zxra CeLBURK, Caspar
Ha.tTSKa.ete. The sevendi ami eighth contain the live? of lien
el tn- as WaamxoTOK, I'rasklin, Howard, Fclton,
BorrniTcn, etc We notice, oJso, in tlie btosrnphlcalseries,
the lue? ot celebrated Indians mil celebrated women. The his?
torical sketches will present a senes of ?tnkmg pictures, illus?
trative ofthe history of the four quarters of the globe. The mis
r-ellai.es d.-pnitmer.: ?ill embrace arts, sciences, mnnnersnnd
rustoms of nations, a view ofthe world and its inhabitants, etc.
etc. The intention ofthe author is to lurnoba library oftwen.
ty Volumes, devoted to the most interesting portions of human
boost ledge, with the dts.Rii of rendering their subjects interest?
ing and attraruve to the general tetuier. Severul of tlie nunv
iior- are now issued; and nidging Irum llic>r, we nre happy to
Hive the work oui hearty approbation. The sketches will not
lie found to be mere sketches, dniwn from cyclopedias: the au?
thor hni evidently gone to the original sourrps, and culled wild
cute the most interesting points on each rubject. A contempo?
rary espte-ses surprise tji.it he bus been able tosay somucb that
ustriking,just and new, in so brief u space; n praise in which
we fully concur. The work entitled 1 Curiosities of Human
.Nature' n one ofthe deepest interest, and is calculated to sug
-e?t profound reflections as to?ie'capaciliesofthe human mind.
The two numbers devoted to the Ameriran Indian., a? well as
nthei volumes, present a good deal ot new and curious matter,
The life of Jktai , the Indian Voltaire, is very itriklng. Tlie
Briietii. tors will lie r.-ad with grntifiratioa by every MM who
love i > dwell upon the actions of those srho have been groat
Hi doing go<?L Tlie nioml tendency ol the.e works is excellent,
mid they may ?>>? read with pamsure as well as profit by old and
Vounst. They nre happily iidniit.nl to the family as well as the
.chi oi Library; and we are clad to know that the) have been
adopted (or the latter purpose in 'nine ol our principal cities.
Tbcy~will eoostituta a svholeaooie ci.k upon, as well as an
agreeable siibslilul* for, most ofthe trashy nnd pernicious lit
eraturetbal is now so freely poured upon the public Mr. John
Allen, at ?m office of the Knit lerbocker, i> the agent for this
City. - ?_
Mi sk prom Atimi.i.'s.?Tlie enterprising pro?
prietor ol the .Music Repository, 201 Broadway, has
just issued three delightful und no doubt neilim:
pieces. The Currier Dove bus already had ft sale
of more thiin thirty thousand copies in eleven former
editions. The twelfth is now issued a ith new illun
iriituiiis, and the additional words by Prof. Maffit.?
The other pieces ure the universal Polka Dance, nnd
the Wanderer's Dream of Home or Recollections of
Childhood, a Imllr'l, written and composed by a
voting artist lately returned from Europe and set
tled us a teacher here? Air. Francis H. Brown.
Zinc AIinics in New-Hampshire?At a recent
Railroad Convention nt Hanover, (N. H.) Mr
Hakor, (or Becker.) now of Warren, addrcsstd
the meeting'. He is a German by birth, and hau
not been in this country hut u la nit nine monthy.
Ho remarked that his time had been principally
spent in exploring the mineral ores of many dif
icrent States?that he had found none so ricli
and so inviting as the zinc mines of Warren, and
the iron mines of Pierjiont?that in those towns
he intended forthwith to invest a Iarpe capital fur
the purpose of manufacturing zinc and sheet iron
?that he intended to erect such works as would
produce five tons of zinc daily?that there was
now none of this worked in the U . States, what
was used being imported?that he intended to
manufacture very extensively a kind of shiet
iron which was now imported from Russia, nnd
which now costs 14 cts. per lb. [New Hump. Gaz.
The Fruits ok the Exploring Expedition.
?At a suirre pvt-ii |,y Captain Wilkes, the com?
mander of the Kxpedition, the Geoloeieal Associo
ami were shown many of the beautiful drawings that
will appear in the reports that are shortly to be pub
lished. They w ill form ten or twelve quarto vo
lumns of plates and mups. The number of draw m;
toade by the expedition exceeds 1H00. The number
ni birds exhibited in the gallery, is Dourly2000; the
number of fishes, 829; of reptiles, 148; of Crusta?
cea, '.'iKI ; of insects, 1500 ; of shells, 20,000 ; Zo..
phytes, 300; ofcorals, 450 jofplants, 10,000 species
?uul 50,000 specimens'.
SuriDV..?Just ns we were going to press, yes
lerday afternoon, we learned the particulars of a
melancholy case of suicide, which occuned in Ma
hantango-street. The [person was a \ouug girl,
emploved us a servant at the dwelling of Mr. John
C. OtVerman, nnd named Catherine Creek. For
some cause unexplained, she hung beisclf in the
cellar adjoining the'kitchen, and when found was
quite deud. [Anthracite Gaz. Poitsville, Pa.
Lsr" Mason, the fellow w!io by his testimony
convkited ?i? McDaniels nnd Towsoni of the Mnr
der ol Chavis, his been lilicrateil from prison, on a
I pardon from the President. Pi rr?.. w bo was State's
evidence in the trial of Morton arid otliers for robbr
ry, in the same case, htm tuen discharged.
To the Krteuaa or "ir. Cfasr.
Lift svo SrxacMKS ov lir.,.r Ci.at.?The ptiblisl.
rra of this work at- cow prrpu.-d Is exeeut. orders to ary
extent. The wnrk is cotnpi ised in two cetivn volumra, con
taiuiag tu the whede uiiw.irds of t.lllo (saCSSs, nud is illur
crated by a splendid sterl Pnrttii' (,i x;.. Cl.v. a V.rw ,.,
his Birth jdr.ee in Virginia, mil/-V S?aile of oer of his
letters ?Onr Hundud cv;ntt for ifinetyFivt Crnriec.ft !
It is believed to br tur cbearseat work ever published ic
Amstri.... ThrieSprrch. sform na impr.r;<at portioa u!tl e
History of onr Coautry for the last thirty years, ind ?.
intrrest'ins to s'.l cllsses of reijers, without reference tg
Bound wUli Cloth Backs Jfc Gilt Lettering.
Single copy.*] SS
TweU* copies for." '
Twenty-five Cofirs for.-f U.
One hundred -opiea for..- . . .-. ? ?-? ??
Nouevrotoncommissioo. Terms I ?sH Onls rs must br
ddreaaedto ORKELE^ StMcELRATH, N^w-iorh
CT- Temtiernnre House, X V.^cy *trvv^ near il^
Ast,?- House -Mi-. P. M t;.e* ha< taken thu aehghtful wtoa
tuui. and offers t? her fr.et.ds and the public its various ad*
vao'ages on the miss: rea.otinble terms. ?_
Tbc house B neat and newly fumtshed-the -4^Miion?ry,
plertsa.,1 and convenient tubnsmc-a and die.steanjb..iil '?'J-h''
A pur? veejtablo diet for those who preter H-warm and COH
Im?is Itve. o15*2^
Letter from ?Ir. Brlsliane.
Voyage to ? u r op e... .La n d i a g in England....
Rural Life....State of the Country, fee.
f Private Correspondence.]
Li.=rtA?.D. 'Eng.] May 15tii.l?4t.
You will be surprised to receive a letter from
me, dated in England, but such is the fact. I am
here on English soil, and will proceed to explain
how this has happened, and speak also of me
voyage. After leaving New-York wc had, for the
first week, head-wind?, with rain and fog, and
made but little head-way. The next eight or ten
days the winds were tolerably favorable and we
got near the coast of France; then came on
calm1) and Easterly winds, and wc have been
for ihe last ten days near and in the English
Channel. When the winds arc East, it is ex?
tremely difficult to beat up the Channel, ami takes
often ten de.ys. Yesterday, the 14th, it became
calm, and wc thought that the winds would
change; but last night the East wind began
atjuin, and harder than ever ; and seeing no pros,
pect of geitinfr into Havre fortcn or twelve days,
I determined to get on shore, if p-^sible, and make
my way by land and steamer to Havre. This mor.
ning wc came quite clos<; to the EuglisiiCoast. A
small fiahmjr vessel, which was near us, came to
sell us fish, and I hired the fisherman to take me
to land. They landed me at a small town,
called Foway and sometimes Foy. There a
boat rowed me up the littie river Foway six miles
t-j Lostwithial; from that place I came to Lis
ktard, 12 miles, where I now am. I left the
ship at 10 o'clock, and arrived here at 8 o'clock
this evening. (I am now writing at 11 o'clock
at night.) To-mortow morning, at 6 o'clock, i
leave l'or Plymouth ; ut noon I take the steamer
ft>r Southampton, and thence the steamer lor
Havre, where I expect to be on Saturday,
(to-nay is Wednesday.) I left the ship, and have
taken this course to grii to Havre, bccnusc it is
all important, on account of business, that 1
should be in Paris as early as possible.
1 landed, as I said, at the little town of Foway.
almost at the Southwestern point of Enoland.
It is a little seajiort town of some 1600 inhabi?
tants. It is an old town, as its looks indicate;
hut I was strtp-k with its neatness, and the up.
peiirancc of quite a general degree of comfort.
The houses are all of stone, in general small;
the street)-' narrow, without sidewalks, and a gen?
eral air of age and quiet overspreads the place.
There ;s nothing of that bustling, hurried,
speculating, and oitcn flimsy look which
von sec in our new and small towns. I went
atound the town and into some of the poorer
streets, and was surprised at the air of comfort
which I found. 1 saw no striking signs of pov?
erty; the houses of the poor looked quite neat,
and there appeurcd to be cure and neatness in the
internal arrangement of the houses, flowers in
the windows, the crockery was displayed clean
on ihn shelves, &.c. dec, I will remark hero that
this is the impression which has been left on me
from all tlust 1 have seen to-day in the three vil?
lages which 1 have visited; and in traveling
through the country between them. I was in?
formed that this part of England is compara?
tively quite well off?the most prosperous, per
haps, oi the whole country. I expected to rind
glaring rxamplts of deep and general destitution,
out such was far front being the ca9e. The gen
oral and outside view which I could gain present
ed the appcarancp, at least, of a considerable
degTceof general prosperity nnd of comfort am?ng
the people. The fami liouscsalong the road were,
with some exceptions, quite good and comfort?
able; built of stone, and cleanly in their ap.
pearnnce; the tailoring population looked rather
rough, but contented ; they arc a hardy pro.
pie, and not ovci worked, I should think
Every thing here is settled down into a regular
system ; every porson has found his level, and is
contented; from habit und from having hi* mind
mHe up " to bis sphere."1 That restless, ambitious,
scheming', desire of pushing ahead in the world,
with the discontent, cheating and restlessness
which tin'".' produce, and which tire so charac?
teristic of our country, are not seen lu re. There
is more stability, more pence, more resignation,
than with us, and from the age of the country
more improvements and a higher state of cultiva?
tion. The people arc, so to say, petrified; ami
although the country looks well, and this state of
stability and petrifaction have some things in
them that aro pleasing when compared with the
more disagreeable and objectionable features of
our Si cial Order, yet they are opposed to all
progrt ss, to advancement, and reform. We can
not move the petrified souls of this people. Ame?
rica is the place, I sec it clearly, lor the great
work i f Social Ri organization.
I have had a most delightful day. To get free
from the ship, and to be once more amid the va
r ed scenes ol Nature, was truly most pleasing
The tnt s have been in bloom for three weeks; every
thing looked green and nourishing. The country
is very rolling, and all cut up into small lots ol
from one to five and ten acres : the lences arc o!
earth, with gruss growing over them ; not h< dg
es; the earth is au? out by the side of them
forming trenches. About two thirds of the land
is cultivated ; as much as a third seems to be
neglected. The farm-houses or cottages are
spread quite seatteringly over the country ; the
country looks rather Dare on this account. 1
have not time and space to describe what I have
seen us I should wish to do, and I therefore can
not give you as full an idea as 1 should like. I
saw near I/i-keard the first Union Work-house ;
it is a verv lar^c building of stone, with winjs
and a centre, and having a prison-look to it. It
w.isa gloomy symptom, and in strange con?
tradiction with the fertile soil and the means oi
abundance which Nature had provided, if .Man
would but make a proper and just use of them.?
I must bring my letter to a close, as it is late, and
I my candle is ul its extremity.
All kinds et' Job Printing, such si
PaarrnucTs, i Mammoth Snow Hills
Catalooitks, I LacToaa Iulls.
t'iiti ks, I'aRps, Cosckrt Hills. Plain and
lastr??xbi Pouchs, Fancy. ,
Kills or Laju.vo. Political Hills.
Circulars. 1 circulars, neunte.
Promptly executed at theOtSce of the Tribune, No. kii Nassr.u
street?onix-ite the Park.
The Clay Tribune
Will be published once a week, till the cltee orthe Presidential
Campuien. It wiil be thormiKhly devoted to the -advancement
of ibe VVhic Cause and the election oi Husky Clay.
It will cont.v.; substantially ail the Political matter which ap
pears in the LksJly and Weekly Tribune, with a brief summary
of the News of the Day. ami rxarsrtaiued to subscribers tor the
tuil term (alktlc over six months i at the following rates i
for a smcle copy.W cents.
" 5 copies..fj
* 15 copies in one package.so
And in the latter proportion tor any number below 100. One
Hundred Copiw will be sent *? any one Post Office for the
whole term for S30. or scarcely more than a cent a copy.
Those who may see tit to !as;or us with their patronage, wSI
oblige us by sending in their niices a? early as possible, so as to
secure full sets.
CO" Su'sscriptions may be rermt'ed through the Post OfScei
OTT" When sin::? copies tire order*.!, the price of which is
CO cenu. for the term, the names of the subscribers will be svn'
ten on the enveiope. but in si! other case* where clubs ot rive Ol
more are formed, the pneknres must (>e directed to some mo'
viuual of the club, or to the Pnst I Itfice.
In the C.ty ol New- York it can only be obtained at the Puh
lishmc Office, or from the Newsboys.
C3*" Nrw Scbscrujkrs WiD. commence with the first num?
Orders are respectfully rolieited.
Tribune Buildings. H? Nassau St.
.Vfa> r?*. -fpr?: jo. im _
S3- Health, tin I et. and Comfort.-The Graham
House. tvl P.orclay-.ire.t. New-Yoct pneers advantages to
stra-ij.rs stopping a few days or weeks in the city, such as an?
rarely ortbreii. it is eligibly heated on a clean and airy street,
scry near the business ism of the city, and in the immediai..
vicinity of the principal ?tenmlsiat lamlicrs. Its apartmetiL? are
CynTeni-iit end neat, while it? table is supplies! with the best
\ egetnl.ic* and Fruits ibat Can is- -iircd, excluding entirely
Ammai fnoci and ?timularrts of all knuls. ("Ii-inro m.-iemte.
am. 'veiy etinrt made to render ?% comfortable. Shower
Baths free. R?nern-s.r. ?3 lW<n, UreeC w'JStf
MA lil >tK?1? ce?k> p.-.me i >mt>ru. for sale Dy
s|. HKtNNH.I.. MJViTK.N A. CO*78? _
RI'' C ^r'Kh-;.V?; aags nnnie ireen. for ial~by
aJi KIN NELL. MIN'l Vktti tt CU. 7b South at.
Died, in this town mj the 7lh alt- GsHGuxr EuzinsTH
winm. roancertefa Id >r Dr. Stlvufiui GkabjjubI the
I sgeol lour yean. She mi a: extremely debcoie ebiki from
? iier birth??>f r?rr fraeiie bodyand great mental rr?-i-?;tr. She
I was carried off br eurureitwn ol tbe brain, attended with ron
vu's orv.
! The foI|..wir>e lines were -vr.Mei on the rnebirr-hnlT ,k.-ua
j by Use bereaved lather: INoKcamiilon, Man. Gax.
Blow after blow ! O thou Almighty God!
Thou h.->ty and benignant Father of m al! '?
j Blow after blow, tuy rasapaang rod
t'&on our (tiD rebellious hearts rloih fail ?
Not as tbe master scourj^h the poor thrall?
.Not as the parent doth his child crm?ti?e?
Not in thy wrath to punish nor appall:
But m thy love to -hasten?make us was?
To pnrify our ?ou!i and 5t as for the ?kies.
Flow after hints-; How keen, how dees the smart'
How tierce the anguiwi, how intense the pain !
Oh how the axnnj doth wring the heart!
How the dread phre.tita assails tbe brain I?
Great God. iet n ? these ?urTbnni-i be in vain :
Nor serve to harden rather than subdue.
But may wc thronen the?e tribulations jam
That Grace wb ch 'hall within tu firm anew.
The irnare of Thyself, Thy Holy One and True.
On that there wer; a heart in us to be
All thou reqnirest?all ou: good requires :
O that wc migh*. become conformed to Thee:
Filled with that spirit which thy love msp.res;
Exnired by Hear-n'? holiest des;ra<;
Cjiildren of God, >orn to a life divine:
Cleansed by the Spirit's nnctifvmg fires.
And mail- in all thy attr.bctes to shine.
With goodness, rigueousiies'. benevolence like Thine.
Yet Heavenly Father, that beloved one?
That darhru child of our declining years.
Whose earthly c urse has been so quickly run?
Whose death huh filled our eyes with scald.nj tears,
Oar*ouN with sorrow and ou: life with fears?
So closely to our luting hearts had crown.
That now. when from our right she disappear,.
It seems as if our comforts aU had flown
And over all our ioys, an nndVai gloom were thrown.
But Father, she was thine to give and take!
Thou gav'tt in love?in mercy th. u bast taken.
And thoogb our wounded, bleeding hearts should break.
Still, st.II our trust m Thee shall not be shaken:
Nor shall our s-iuls of sweet hope be f rxakeu.
Tbougii in the grave sleep, our beloved one.
Yet from that i leep ?hail she aznin awaken
And live forever through thy blessed Son.
Where sin and death come nut.?Father.thr will be done!
Ye?. bright and Seautifu! bevonri the skies',
Shall hercricelic spirit dwell with thee.
And her loved tonn again shall creot our eyes.
All radiant in ti immortality.
And ber sweet votes, in Heavenly melody.
Again shall charm our ears: and like a flame.
Her seraph lot e ?hall warm cur henns, ar.J we
(If thine; in rap'.nreshrill-our babe reclaim ;?
Thou gavest? tiiou ba?t taken?blessod bo thy same!
An Important Case.?The HajTlsburg- Clay
Bugle says : " An information in the nature of a
writ of quit wnnnnto was fiied in the Supreme
Court, now in session at this place, on Wednes"
?lay, the *2*2d ult. against each member of the
present Board <>', Canal Commissioners, to show
by what warrant they and each of them claim to
have, use, exercise and enjoy the said office. The
case is fixed fir tip: -1th day of June. This pro
ceedirig is raised under a clause in the new C?-n
stitution by which the recent act for the election
of the Caitul Commissioners is s^id to be at vari.
anee with that instrument. The question is one
of much importance. The impression is general,
that the present Board of Canal Comm?^iontrs
will be compelled In vacate their offices and ;i
new Board be appointed by the Governor as here,
MtrRSZiu in Mississippi.?The Paulding, Mi-""
Aurora, of the 15th ult. announces two murders a
recently committed in thai State, in both instances
by negroes, ou the persons of then- masters.
One of the victims is Andrew E. Detiham, Esq.
late ol Perry County, who was simt in his own
house, and in the presence of his family, about 1"
o'clock on the night of Tuesday, the 7th insr. He
hud just taken his s-nt after the conclusion of piaj -
er by the Re v. M r. Impson, preparatory to retiring
lor tue night. Ho pushed open a window shutter al
his elbow. A crazj old negro, who timl stationed
himself without, presented a musket heavil? loaded
with biickvhot, within a few feet of Ins head
and fired. Mr. Denham received upon his chin
the whole olinr?'\ which passed out at the left side
ot hin neck, fracturing bis jaw-bone anil lacerating
hi* wind-pipe and jugular vein. He expired in his
chair, insianeocufly, und without a groan. The ne?
gro ?.pleted the tragedy by repairing to Leaf Riv?
er, in the immediate vicinity, und drowning himself
The other ca-e is tint ol a man named Pluuketr,
who was killed in ("1 ir!c enmity, u jew days ntro, hv
his own negro man. The negro confesses tlie kili
sisrr. and .says In was per-nnded to coiiuuit the deed
by a white man?the son-in law of tbe deceased.?
lie whs commi ted to ("lurk jail to await a trial al
ihe term of the Court which commences on the
A Danuekou Position.?A correspondent of a
late Paris paper, writing from Lyons, stutcs that the
village of Hisburx, m the Canton of Giisons,
Switzerland, is threatened with h-ing buried under
a mass of rocks which is breaking away from the
mountaiu. 1'lte irnn wire* which cere placed
across to measure the width of the fissures are ail
broken. Every day paits of the roek become de?
tached. In this frightful position, a majority of the
inhabitants have decreed in a town meeting an emi
irrution io the territory ofthecity ofCoira. although
the conditions on which they uro ulloAed to do so
are far from acceptable.
Seventh U'akk LWmc. New.York,May21,1<U.
{XT' Klectlnu.?The Stockholders of tins Bank are
hereby nolihed that an election tor thirteen Directors for the en.
suing year, and tot throe Inspectors of the next succeeding elec?
tion, will be held at the Banking Uoose on TUESDAY lie Utk
dav <tf June nrz:.
The Foil will bo opened at 12 M. and close at 2 o'clock, P.M.
By order ofUm Board. A. S. FR?SER, Cashier.
mJy Uell
OTT" The Books of -subscriptioni to the Capital
Stock of the New. York and F.ne K-iilroud Co. arc now open at
the t Wice of the Company. No. 'M Wall-street, l-rtwee? the
hoursoflOnnd?. WM. M. GUI 'LU. Secretary.
New- York. April 2tth. 1SH a?
i> KXIIIBITli i.N.-fl e New-York. llort.cuituMl and Iii.
ncultuial Societ] will Isold their Anaoal Spriag Exruousun ol
Klowers, Frnhsaod Verwabsesaris'iblos salisaano \\e,.nes
day. June Vh. It will open at 1 o'clock. P. JI. and continue
US*two tidlowinr dan.
As it is intended t? make this lbs fmc-t di?t>Iny of the season,
all amateurs and fardeoen are nsqnested to contribnte plant..
Bowers, a^c. svortnyoTaxbibitioo. Tbet.'ommitteeof \rranxe.
ments will be m tttendunce early on the tonn,iiu' ot \\ eilnc
i ay to receive arti.-;? for exhibition, and eoatriMtoa will aid
the Committee by itelhrerinf ttic:r articles as early as passible,
when t'iey will receive iJm.r ucksti of acunscssoo.
Usmbea of tie Society will reeeiva tbetr ttekebi alsooa
\Yeslne-diiv morning.
Exhibitors* and Members' tiexets ad
mit darjas the day only. . .
>.?. RuotT, who ha. charge of the Cooaervatones at Nialo ?>
Curden. will be in attendance, and render every assignee t j
cxmtributors and managers._*'
FAMILY MOMTOK. a Semi Mostih.v I ickiodicsx.
cundurted by an Association ot >lim?ter? and 1j) tieiL n>\.\
i??ued .n double imiidier, after tbe rirs: tiumber-emtwllishei!
n?c by man', art, but with Bible truth. Terms UjMVuame
of 2S numbers, payable ir sdvaace. tt e resjpactrullr aafae :
Uiat share ol puhhc patronage which the merit.- or the wan
demand. Tbsase who ba.?? Ottt patruiis are invited Useall
and base the fust Dumber mailed to a trienil crafts- 1 ufire
No.9Spruce.str set.N. Y? or. trie 3d floor. E- II. V\ IM ' ).\.
Publisher. _ml lnL
1 Superior tliameiie.1. Porcelain Ivory surloce white and
colored Vanks. CarWeeerf descnptiou as rminumctured
st the New York < -aid Manufactory. ULffM at reduced poees
by L SMITH. Iii John itreeCoppesnt?Clitf st._myt_
rFfiTII &: H.?.L. NoT^'t^t^^ htn ^oMr.'ir
the II? 11 .nl.' >' '?' . .x.'i.i. i ? . .... ^ . ,.| ,.. ,. ,^ i
( oi f.r:'-? I'l 1 N't al-.' - 1 'di i?t-' ^
r..-a-.a,-?';'n..I^. " - ? ;"r'^
panimenuse^e,: d .. ^^^^l^.T^r
?iisliiuth.irs.ty AUfflliJ '"'.'...,. ,.v emsaih are re
reu Merchant!, and the Ma-ncai eoesmnnity s^oaiajw.are?
spectfu'ly mviusl to cad._
TTnl,,, \,i-air. ,\n elijCOTIONARi SCIENCE.- !
\ M- t' V \.-il i'vi --: -??'????'-? -
.," .; .I'/,',,? ... ? '-edesin>us.>t"!eveH,pim;a:ii! cul- :
would respecuu.Iy ,!''!:r;:i^.?;(kj ilpeakias in .?.neneetive
Watixut the- A aces '?SWM^'J exnttllTOOn. that he ha.
TOilTn^r?2:.7V^f t ronr* street, ra the City of New
c-tnblisftedbmsellat .vi.iStot?ra^ fr*.,* or, reasons
YorK. to ^?^?^G^C^^ Cn^ts.
hie terms. He wnl atso ir^-ur. u..^ Fornar
and rive Pnn.re ?^fJS^Wsl1^'.^%^
ttculars and rce.-ences, >?e Lircaiai' ^ a^ jm.
Vn 3 Cedar one door from-Nasaaast, -
.nperior iiuamy. to ?^. Usd*/' Cravws,
one 10-1. Mr-',; ?-:Vr\ ^"KlivTl^read and \
neb Hat an. tap K'j--?^...^h* cI..:.**i Silk Shawls,
ton Laces, white ar : . . ?.. r-r.., , . Brchxcni |
ehairr their goods._.-.-?
L :li ^'^nS^ miS riiiN so,., s.
Tjn Cojile? fnron? Dollar!
BIT" Va-.i-n!. ;-d ?,!! ~!With THIS M0KN1NG?
' ' ? ?'? ? iuii rcr.-J t-i'itica cf
8> Ertj StaiGLvr. Esq. .-.f tie City of New York.
Ero-irn: tjws u> the year ICH. Trus work will be publish
ed ca el'sricd csw r/ype, in * r?it octsvn farm, and pot a;
with papa fv?'s, wRS i sew ,-.n,I bar.dsr.rne l::hocTs;h:t
foil Is-scm l'eitr.ir_ I: will b*> tn'.i at 12i rears for trie scor
git cc.y; Tra Cepia/jr One D.iiUr. Tau it the fallest and
I most ran.!-:. Bioirraphy of Mr. l'Ur*sey>>ab!i?l>ed.
1 The Wowine is i -able of tht i>a:.-nrji of the Chsr"*rs re
rhis work:
Life and Public Services of Henry CIrtJ*'
CHAPTER I. Jtirthand rara-u:a<?H.s earlvdays?Ths
Mill-boy of the Slashes?-Srndics Law?Hears Patnok He.-.ia
?Kernoi-s ??> K;-..;a.-is?-U-ba: ?.: i D.L..:.:.? ?:?.?!t
comes a snteeeswiol Pncrittoner?Cases in which he distin?
guishes hitiuel:'? He advocate* the policy of cradoally Era in
rt;-.ring the SllTCJ is Kentcckr?Opres-s the Alien and S?
dition Law,?U dJected :o the General Attraiblv?lus-ar.c?
arhTs Eichene?Affair with COL' Dsness?A;;?rs st th*:
Bir for V.i.ouiiurr?sooso.aeutlntrrTttw withlsurrisi New.
I HATTER H..vEU?Tedtr:trieS?na:eoftheCa:>.! Sates
Histi.-st Soeec.i. in favoxof- Internal Imyrrrenienf?lieh ?et
Speak'r ol tue K-oMeky Hooseof Asserahlv?Speeches tad
lseporta?Resoluticasintasor of American M auufactun-a?H:i
sentiments in regard to Dueling?Takes his seat a second tun
in :h-" United States Senat,?Lavs the foundation of thr
American Sj Sfum . S|'(?choa the line of the Pcrdido? Labor?
of the Session?Third Sss.ion of the Eleventh L onrr-?j?Th*
Ci-ited States Bank?H* becomes a member if die I'niteii
val sue:- sses
' HAPTEB III... .Mr. TUt-prefers a sesMe (to House.,
one in the Senate?Ite.isotis for itnktt;: him Speak-'?du
President r*romm*ndt an embargo? The measure orrposed by
Jnha Randolph and Jonah Qaiacv?Defended by V.r. Clay?
Hi. intercourse sv ,;h Randolph?War dec! vr-d?The leaders
in the Hrmse?Mr. Cberev aud Mr. Gslhtin?Mr. Clay ap
routed to center with fiwid'ut Marfison?Anecdotes?Events
of the U"??Motivs?Federal .ibus-?Clay's reply to ?'uiurj
?Effects ofhueloqnenc??Pzssageot the Army hill?Madt
son re-elected rreudeet?Mr. t-'lay rrsiensthe Speaker No', nr.
being sppomted Comraiksioaar So Gheut?Ilia services du net
:he War.
CHAPTER IV... Meetiac of the Ghent Commission, rs
Mr. Clay yints Brussels?Aaecdot??Mode of transacuni
business?Untowardeveiit?Mr. CUyiefusestosnrreudertothe
British file tight to navigate the Miasiasippi^His resjont?
CjnttoversyoetWr.il Messrs. Adams and Ruisell?Mr.CI iv's
lette.?Gsjsj-j to r.iris?U iotrodnced :o the Puke of Welling?
ton by M iiiam.- de Star! ?lle.ir? ol'tb- Ba::ie o? N. Orl uis?
Vi-iis EiutUad?Lord < lastls^erazh. ajd Iiis fust waiter?War
rerl..o suu N po|ei>:i?Mr i'!a;"s reception in Enclsad?De
dines ??? line 101?our:?Sir Jam-s .Mackintosh?Loid Gvmbier.
Vc?Mr. l.Uv's rrturn to NewV 'rk?IseCeption? Re-elecUa
:o Coristress?Vindieaii?a 61 tl.e sVar?Iotenial rmr^rovemepts.
CHAPTER \ .. ? lte-el. ir>i .if the United State*Bank?
\Ir. Glay's ri-w< rn tSU and fllir?Seen* in the Heute asitb
Rjuadoiph? Skirmish ?itliMr. V-n+.?The old hunter and Ins
-ilt?1 he*lri<b barber^?South American ludrjiendenc.? la*
ternat Improvements?Mr. Clay7* relations with Mr. .Midi
ir>D?lhrentioh Of MadisOB -.t one time to appoint htm l r>ni
munler-ia-Clio I of ?m Army?Mr. Clay eairirs Iii? im: untres
in behilf of the Snnrh Am-riran Stati*?His eloquent i;
,? vis? Hi.sifiirts successful?His S|snc lies read at the head
of the South American Arrai.-s?Letter from Balirar. ind Mr.
Clav', replv.
c||\P1'LR ? (....Internal Impruiemc-.s? Mr. Monroe's
consCitutioual objections?Mr. Clay tepliestOtlKta CooKlaBM
tdopta his priueiple,?The Catrinirrlaaa road? Vnecdote?
Mouumeut?Discussion ot Gtstvi Jacksoa's conduct in the
Semfaole campiii-n?Mr.?. T a a *s opinions ofthat cbieft iln i.
i8iu?A propln ut glimnss?Mr.Auarru u J Gen. Jackson?
The Katun .'I ll.e Aif.eric in system?Bill to rv^ulire dntiVs,
xc ?Mr. f lav's sp-ech in beii.di ul theprotrctisr-.iolicy?His
ifreatapeech of fni?Paasayeol the tarrjf bill?Results of Ins
policy?Voice of the cuu.itry?His cx-euutted evertiom?
Hamoolph'sssuxasma>?Anei dote.
CHAPTER VII.. . '1 lie Mi.. , ui Question? Mr. Cl.y re
-.iitus tile S-'valirrviip?Tiir L'liioa i:: u oivlri ? lie r-sumn bis
?est in Cougrejs Uut>srnllefed ercitem^nt?His compromise
of the tfuestion?PaCincatiOB ol parties?Charactei of his el
lorts? I'ruji'Militin of John Is ttiV ipb and some of tile >eu:le
?ra rnemberi?Interview with ts^dolpls-rAnecdotes?1< m
lolph and SbelT- y?Mr.CLy'iretirnneiitfrnm CooKntAS?1>>
ranxeAent ol Ins private tliairs?Hetnra to the Horn.?Asraia
chosen Speaksrr-sleo d'esprit? Mr.Clay's idilreaur-(ndep?maeiier
i* ? ir-ec.? Hv. si>eech?Lnbisrs dunnc tlie^ sessixtt ..f luitl?
Recepriou ol Lsjkyette in the Honsc?Welcomed by Mr
Cl.se?Lafavvrte's reply?Mr. Ciav nnd Mr. M^liu-e
CHAPTER VIII.. The Presidential luesuou?N'omina
tidn ot Mr. Clav?His daallnesiions set forth?General Barri
son in favor ui (lenry i isj? Staoders in tue Ilmis??Ki-n. r'i
lettei?.Monstrous nature of the cSirge -.iinst Mr.C?His
cour^' in regard :?? :u -m?ApinomOnent ol ?> .-oinmitiee ol et
im? in Ott? cami* te refatai.of thecalarnnr? 5Sr: Cl 13's
address to his constituents? Kleelion of John Huinii Ad tin'
bribe Hoasi?Extuperarion ..f General JacJts^'s'fHud*?
s.|r Clay's independence .if spirit?Motives .if his prrV> n.?
Geuenl Lafayette rabsn intiafa? b:< as-erm ns?Mr ' lay ap
loiated Secretary of State?Views of this ict?His ebaraeri 1
is Sivaker?Anecdole?. tc.
CH \f'TKB IV... Aeconerof Mr. clay's mrercoanc ? itl
Onervl I ick.ui?ll-vcrly C irt. i'? Litter?Mr. BuChS4|4U
Kinnl refatatioa of the .binder?Mr. A11.or-s*. resttmony?John
It.andolph'sn'saiilra?His Duel willi Mr.' 'lay?Last inttais i^ss
sritb Mr. Clay in im? Impaired .tor of Mr. Ctaj Vheattb?
Qualifications for the Secietaryship?The Ksmun's Irutruc
:10ns?Objrcf proposed iu the I'tnaiii t < 'oi.gr->i?>!r. i I is, '?
Letter to Nil. .Nli.Idl't-ui?lii.iiiegoti.iiious v?hile SsrCietorv ol
?>:-,r.-Tivitii.?Di rumetits from his pea?Policy ol* Mr,
Adams'i A.lminisrratioti?t.'oalitiiiii of the otirsosirion Then
coasbtenc)?TheColoiaral Bill?Mr. Van Buren?Modes ..f
attach?Keiicralism and Demur?icy?Jactsoi.isni and Fede?
ralism identified?residential EU-ctic.n of 131'"?Choice ol
Audiew J icksnu?Economy iindet Adami, J.'.ckion an.l Vau
Buren?Mr. Clay's views toward tbe n-w Admiaistration?
lie levies ".VaaliuiLiton?Gross attempt to oijuir his priv.arr
credit?His lettei to R. Wickliffe. Eso.
CHAPTER S...Mr.. Clay's rernm to KenracJtv?Tri
umph.siit r^c. pi ton?Publii Dinnrrs?Sptethes?Mr. Clay and
trie Colonisation Soctety?Hissennnientson SUiery?Abisli
ti.-.n Petitions?Visit 10 N.w-Oilc.i...?Natcnsrx?Compli?
mentary receotiou by the Louisiana I louse of Represrnt.atiirt
? Visit to Onio?Di..?. ?itii tb- Mechanics at Cotajnbuir
His Election io the U. S. fsjetsaue iu IkJI?N'omiaation to the
Presidency?The Tariff?Defence of the American Sj .:.n:?
Mr. Clay'sestimateuf the Irish cliar.ictrr?ltrduct ion ol Duties.
CHAI'TEIt X\.itec-ptiouol tlirameuded T-inlTat the
Sostli?Prostress of Nullification? Itr-electioii of General
l icioiou?I'loclam.itioii?The Protective System 111 danger?
The Enforcement Bill?Perilous state of affairs? Hi arj ' l*J
come, forward with his [Inn tiracoinpp<imise?Origin of thai
inea?nri?Particulars in regard to it?Mr. Clayton of Del...
waia?Aneedoti?L-n.lit-motives of Mr. Clay--Pt*-,.ig. .1
the Compromise Bill?Public gratltadV?Chtracteristics ,,f
Mr. Clay's public career? Hb vi?it to Neav Englaad?Tri
uriirdi.it reception?Honors paid m him on los route.
CHAPTER XI I... The Public Lauds?Anecdote?Mr.
Clay's repo-t?Its pros i.ions?Passage ol tl.e L*nd Bill?it is
vetoed by Gen. Jacksott?Mr. Clay's efforts?Adjustment ? 1
the .lues'imi?Mr. Van Burea's nominatioa is Minister to
EnSUJud?^TJusjoaed by Mr.Clav.
CIIA PTE it Mil?Tt.ei-?rrenrv.;n*?n ??Gen. Jaeltsoa'a
''humbleefforts" to improve oorconditiou?Re^battei of
the L*. S- Bank, and the President's Ver.>?Mr. <_ lay's sjwed,
ipon :hesuhjeLt?< hsvraeterof the V .r.. power?itetnovslol
the deposits?Secretaries Daana and Tanej?Mr. ("lay's ret 1
tious toward the bank?His resolutions in rrsird to the ."?
uiovnl of the iI-;vo,i:,?Hi?i|?-?cb? Anecdote?Passaged* Mr,
IJIay's rtsolutions? The Protest?Its doctrines? Eloqllel tsW
Mte? iu the Senate?Mr. Leun? Inten-sti.-.g iucidstnt?tlie ; .-?>.
testetclndedfrom the journal? Cmemitted rxsrtionsof Mr.
t;i sr?Public liistr-ss? Memotiali?"-r'urcible comparison?
Thejiainc session?Anecdote?Mr. Clay's aVpartttra tor h'. o
?uckc?Senou.s accident.
CHAPTER XIV ... Our rl iims < a France?Hostile ton*
of Gen. Jackscu's messase of i3:!t?Recommends reprisals?
Mr. Clay's report on tbr subject?Ui.cussion?Cn inimoos
tdoption of i i* r. soluti'ia ? l.tfcct vf ihr messser?Sj^m-h on
presruting the ClietoI.ee memorial?Execulise patmoaxt?
The Cuml'eriHn ! roi-d
CHAPTER X V ... Settl-ment of our Er-nch sffsin?Mr.
Clav'l I'll I Ulli ?His s|i.vcll? Pass gr Cl' the bill io Hie >e|.ste
?AboilDoe j- ?UOltS?The deposit Uinks?Predittio:.?Inde
pr?den' e of Texas?Various oui-stious?Kerum to Kentuck]
?Re-elected Senator in ln>j?Stateof tbr country m isw^ad
?A ? outrast?Administration majority iu the S*aa!<?Mi
C dhouu'sland bill?0| positiouof Mi. Clay?Tariff? if is two
compromises?The Specie I irmlar?Its resclsioa? Benron'1
extmrsstjas; rrsoiutiou?Miscellaneous.
CHAPTER XVI... Prvaiib-uual campaign of l??? Mr
Clay de liu-? b-ins .a raudbbir?Kesnlt ?Mr. Van B?rens
pobCT?A rrtro,i?-ct?Democratic doctrin'?Issue of rhe "'ex
oertuiriit"?The fcsli.a >ession?Mr. Vau Harri, s Mrssiio ?
Tue Sub-Trrasnry Sohemi?Indications of a split tu the
House? Discujsion of tlie Sub-TiatatsntT bill?Mr. I lay's
speeeaaes ?His resotutaoa in rristion 10 a (tank?Treasury notes
?Sesaiou of ISJT-b?Mr. 1 lay sre.irw.il the Financial pro.
{ectaorthe A.tministra'io.i?V*ariaas subjects?His outline
? fa pi in for a N iriousi B luk?Mr. t lay ? course...? the ?lh.
lition uoestJon?.His visit to New Vork iu the summer of IS.:
?Cordial reception.
CHAPTER XVII_The Harrubaiwi C wveatsea?Mr
Clay:ii-i luice 1.1" the p.?.i lc? t'rrsnleiitnl coatests of l??<
and 1X32?lutlifaes ill th- Coairutiou?Means rmphtyedta
tnwHrt tlsenomiaation of Mr. Clay?Onranitation of iheCon
ventlou?N'-mii. ciou ui Geuerai Han'.ou?Acpiiesceac? ol
tiie Keulucky Uel-garioo?Mr. ( lav's l-:>i?Iiemarks af
tiov. Barlsour. Mr. I^-itrb. Mr.Ltvmgatoii -Joha Tyirrio.-rai
nited for the Vice Pmidrucy? Giouud ot the nomination
CHAPTEW .Will ..Mr. Clay ?4. in in fjoogress? Pas
sate witli Mr. C daoaa? Rees*scJIiatory Ince'eui?The Baals.
rapt Bill, tir ? The Sa'o-Treasury araiu?A Got^r.m-i'
Baak?Mr. Clay visits bis native Cosutty ol Haajjver?Hia
.Sj~vh?Proposed Reforms?HeadtfresSeSthe Harrison Coo
?eutiou at .Ndsbsnlie? D-m- rrae ?Born a D.muera:?Krmi
ciscenceof a Reve'a-|.,i.srv lueideet.
1 HaPTER XI a t lection of G.msr>l Harrison? H
visits Mr. Clay?Second Session of the Twenry-aixth Con
s,rrss?Inaairur-siori and d-arh of Oenejal Harrtsrn?1 hr Ei?
tra Session?dr. Clay's labors?J ma Tyler's Veto of th.
Bank Bill?Mr Clay's elo.;n-u: >p.-?h in Itrply to Mr. Kivn
?The Vaa Bur-u mra in f^Osvgiaas cat! M tongratuls-e Juha
Tyler on his V. to?.Mr. Clay's fanciful description of ts>t
Seen?Ks-i-ts tu-c-ed -gtb- V-'s?Mure I'.iwi-Tb- Ta
ritT?Mr. Clay rrs;;as htl seal io th* Seaate?Ix; i-ssiie Fare
"CHAPTER X.Y.... Rrtwn to KrMuckT?PpesHth at Lfi
insom?V.sns lodssna?Scene w<th Mr M?i.!.r.lMit?H
rns'ksou sl.var ??rrs.a.?' Ma'.ers?>laud'.s K-l-it-d?1 he
Dayton Cnavearinn?Visit to th* Sootb-VV.s'?Tr-umpha.
!'iv;r???H. laru H.er.. ?1 ontrm ':>v! Visit to Use ~.,aii
East?Le?trrs en the TartfT?Letter tn the Wtii-rs of Payette
Uountv, Va. in rtsarJ to J*?.-ui t 5ler?Arfaiu Viiils Nrw-I
Urlrans?Adi't?i^es tb* \aTtfg I nuveatiOL?Leases Ne--r-Or
leans on his way t" ."Surth-Ca-oli"*.
CHAPTER XXI... Mr Knes'i L?"-rm ???Tof Mr.
Clay?Revirw of Mr. i lay's P.rs-"il Hts'ory-Hia saccesars
si rheSsr?' Inef Jastice Maisha-l's fjmrsioa of ha I a'eats
r-, ail D-.ciirtiou?His Mancers and VtcJ->;f Addr-ss?
Richard M Johnson's Kstim.re of Mr. Ctaj s Abiliti. ,-Ao
reJiC-s^?Cnarjussoa. ? . ,,
' lay Class. UTiit-Cc-nmirr-e?, oeokscilers and oo.
-rs'. will pleas- send id tneir orC. ? -s -srlv as i-nsihl..
Co'i-tiv Marcbiaxs usw ?ts,at ris trtg tb. city wiil trtord >
avombleoppo-mauy to those wtshmg to ?? .-r_
GKKELE* ? ? -r.i-KAT-i,
r?s)4 Tribal;- 3 i '.lu-vs. ?? N'asWIB IT?t
\ML1_A C IRDACE?8DD en Is Mmrilhi t^ioaxe.
OCR AP IRi i.N??JU tons VVroiirbr Scrap frr n, on b.?-dd-.i-)
iVeiiingioo. for sale by GRLVNELL. MIN I CR;, t CO.
mltl_~" -Sioth-street,
PAPER of ail kmds ctatstantly on harei. and fortvem lots
in mil purraa^rt, by CYRVS W. FlEIJj.
mhl fta_ "?_No. 9 Burlir,es!in.
~? NTHRACJTE tiU IRON* ??'?? t?n f.r sale ?wTt?
A. close aa sccnririt, tsy MLRJ>JCK. U.A VITT di C ). i
m;'22 _ '? West-street.
STEAM ENGINE Fi'?R SALE?A saersnd-haiid Eragiae
or 15 burse posser, Uoistrrs nrA ad ei.-rcplete and in rood
order, having run bat one year, for sale Ion. Inquire ut*J. K.
IWD.isAX.City Puttrsdry. US- Wanen-stresr*. aiLS-ra?
i.N'EV.?A lew boxes beeutiful white Cc-.i, f|..ney fcr j
saieb7 G.^sSSNER & VOCMJ.
3 IS Chatham ?t.
This aedi.-me is constantly pcrf'rm.-ir slnovj in -red'V? cur ??
?:* dis?a?e? aria'ss from bnpexitiei of :he b'ood and general
system. It has arrested end cu-eJ numerous cases ofscrofuiccit
snV-ons. daesjss of the skm, ?"ti'tc ^out. diseased liver,
; s ntul enlaragment of the knee, e*b?rw. and wrat -oietx. Chr.?
ate rheurratiiTn.sore thron,:, chror.ic cowtitacsmi) dijprdcrs.a; d
vszsoos other disorder* ar-sim: ftms impure ??creU"n?. In ti..s
a'sssncen are strongly eoncer.trV.?V. al! tits vnJu&Me rssiici
unl properties of Sarsnparlts. on whicb its activity deyeixo.
compounded with other remedis.! .1?.':::.. -? !.v.od !r. m "fie ?? ??
stable kingdom.the vrhole ?trength of which b extra ctni . a
xo entirely new principle, which has cost many years ofj Iah r
ird much expense. The great offject desired w now trura
phxntir accomplished, ia the production of a remedy posaetsnig
sconl-ul'ia; power OTsr supposed incurable disaaxss?, herei n
tore unknown in the history of rpesiirsre.
The tearimony "I tkoM who have been curat by its use w I h
the.r residence, ha-- been pub?'hed. from time tot. a*, tu i
wsrre it desirable* mess of the most oveiw-he.mine te?t?r.oey
could be brvuglrt forward, proving tn.*t ccslcrusiTely its mc -
mable value, as an actis-? end curative medicine m the above
diseases. TS;ar?ictcd, or 'ho** who may bare gwenUDis
dtstpatr, anil sil who are inrv'astei!. are inv tesl:' make a tri .1
of this valuable medicine, ocas call ou those who hare eon e
t'trward and borne public testimony of its priceless value to
them, and satisfy themselves individually ofit< power m irres:
mg and curing disease, and of what it has performed f. r
The following cure of an inveterate case of Scrofula il rnb
imued U) llie careful eiuvuderatnui of the orfiicied:
pAwrrcxsir. May Jfch. 1543.
Missrj. S'.hdsi?Gentlemen; Having been relieved ar-.i
,-jtal nt tue of the most distressing maladies tu which the
OUmansystani u sut.wct. by use Use ot your Sntvni-ir J:u. I
leel it my duty to mase known to the public tlie tacts ast*r..'
r.? my case, and the :.???:..!..,:? e benetit 1 have derived from
?Ji? ose of your medicine.
In the Summer of 1*S>, wlsrn at sea. I hid a swulliag cr.d. r
my right arm, which gathered, broae, and proved to be,, i
Semtulou* kau!. A few days after which 1 V.deJ. and US
meiste!? appbed to a physician, n'tsl received but little !?dne(i'.
I was induced to apptv tii several ot the neet skilful phssfciai?
the placeatfnriW. and to make use of various ipecJKajinet
wiinstaiiiting kuwever I continued to grww worse, until mr
nght ibouider, sice, breast, neck, and stomach, became one
exteKdiiig.sore. m iiieb discharged matter in lorire nun : justs.
ind my life appeal,.i tu is? ta.i wasting away My health wi
."much hnparaed that ol'Xunes I ?ras not able to go out et
doots ? I ws? a mem ?isi inliil skeleton. Every one suppose i
I could hv; but a .nort tune, and 1 had myself despaired < f
ever .?btaininir rebel. In Novemtsrr l >? I acenientaliy
?..ir S. '.Msarillii S'tvettivd in one offne newspai er?, uhie i
lodnced me to make one more trial t.i r>";:iiii my nc.iUi; si'd i
hesitate not to ray that it has done more gmal. than all tha
medicines I have ever tttket. Ity the Use of oaeOTtw loot
llei I was reuet?! from nl! pain, my healtli U-gnn Whtmofl an i
1 now ieei i?er|ectly weij; I can uw my nslit aim. which I ?ss
unable to do lor iteariy Dve years, and 1 attribute the resort ee
tirely to a lew hittles of your invsuHuMe sarsapartlln. I new
heartily reeuairuend it to all similarly alfected. Uiatihevmav
procure the right medicini.' ami Uiereby Hive thcuTsslsii saifet
ne and expense! Those WnlliriC to know lar'.iier part nju 1st?
mayjind me si my residence m Mill sinet, "iwiucket, w here i
stiaiite pleased to comtuumrate Bnythlugin relation to my
? I am, wUh gratitude, i .v.-.
Bsistoi.. s.... May 2Sd, \H3.
The alh.ve named Calvin Hardline, tieniun-.lly appeanm be
lore me and maile oath to the trutn of the loreiCoiiix cetf teal*
oy hlmsiabscribed. CQ? i.V- l'Ai.i.IN?;, JuStie.
1 do hereby certify that the anoseti Correct statement oi -h<
case oi Caivm Haraing, and the wooderful tffect ot rout Sal
vipanlla. 1 nave frequeutly seen bis sores dresseil and am
?mowing to the medicine be nuule um? ol
For further particulars im.I conclusive evidence or' its supe?
rior value mid elbcaey, >ee pamphlets, n Inch may Se obtained
Prepare,! and sold, wholesale and rota'', by A. H. A. I?
SAN US. Wholesale Druggists, 7S F dtoa toeat, N. V.
Sd.l als<i by liriiggists geneially tnruughout tha C. S'.at.-.
Price St per bottle?sis bottles tor S3.
It*/* '1 Iv- pohkeara respecttiilly reque.tad to remembet th: t
it :>Sand's sni?n;nirilbi Uint has and is coiislantJyt aebjfvtng
nich remarkable cure ol the nynt Jurorutl claw of doasaxeatu
w hich the human Irani* asnhject Theretuie ask Cir Sands'
Snr-iiparidn. and Mke no oUier. m9 Im
Broadway, ahova .Murray-.- ct. New Yisk?Awsnles) the
riusT rSKXIDX mid BJOHssT ii imiR. by American and
Franklin In i hill -. I'ot the most beautiful colored llacuerto,..
types ever exhibited.
I'htr rstahtishmaiit has just been greatly enlarged and im
jimved. by the addition ol neatly Use wltole of the firstjlloui
above the street, and embraces now no lewer than tw-ji.vs"
?i-parate nporUiienu.. The scnM ujion winch the business n
conducted insure, advantages ?i Weh arc m? whert abe lo be
met with: and hence me tepUtatioa which th" Concero has
slsvaysenjoyed, es being the " tint m thewnrki.''
" The .ieauier Caledonia catrswlout a now and bnpipveil
apyaiatus for lakiiiff Jincuerrc. type .tliiunt.ires, onleieif by n
scientine gentleman of Edinburgh, from the atrxdslahmefit ol
Prof, lluraba, It is for aipern.r to any instronsatit ever baton
iiiniiulnctiiied." Illsy StateIkriniH nit,
Plt.i.ibe". Premium nnd Ceruian Aiipiratus, ai,u liislruethas ;
Plut.-s, Owes, dec, at low eat rat. <? _iui^Irn*
?Jlil-T'A RD. 191 Broadway, opposite J..ii i sC wishespnee
0 more lo remind the public thai he has yet remaining louie
of thai very elieni, .Stationery, vu:
i 41 a i Vr-fJi, ~. '??'4T*t ?J and IStl per trains.
Cap Paper. 51. Hhl, i... i~d 'i<l pet quire.
S'ote V iper, I5d. I-.:. Is ?:>, 2.11 per mure.
Blank Hooks, full bound, 'in per (inir-1, good enouKh fori ai
Lie. Jel
r 11 HE largeatasaoitmarit and moateleanrri patterns of Qrati
JL Ap:ou??together, wiU .Drapery lot l^ikmg Ulossoa anc
Picture Frame?may be wund at
nOi II. & s. RAYNOR*S Bookstore, "i Bowery.
Mil i.iness and h i iiaas ark Kr?rrrrrrLLT
ins -Us! to call and examine our stock
at Straw C&ntt. !n part as follows, vir,i
I.'idie*Tuscan. Neapobtan, Minis Bye, Braid, Chip and S'aw
Honnets, .Missea' sijesi m'-o, ,Mi?h-. Boy's mid Children's Les
horn, Panama, and Palm Loaf Hats, artificial Co WSTS, SlcISlc.
All tailing oil'vary' low, for c ish, m
GALE & i '< >.*S, '1~$ Pearl siiee'.
L". S. Hotel liiiildinr. 1st*
m2'_Im* _ _ Holt'. House, .New gork
mo. 73 crn.r. one pooft raosi ssssAiasTneitT,
HASjust received irom Auction a itreat ninety of Babor.
iocs. Printed Lawns, l Una Erie>ti.n Gioghams, llli.n.l
Edg-ngs, .N'ecdle-workMl llnrul.. Silk Limps. Cnttiio Pribge.
Bonael Hushes, Ribbons, I.men Cambric llandkfx. Tbnan
and Cotton lldgingvGimpun Lace, Hosiery, looses. ILace
V eil?. &i- ?ii ol which will lie solo hi cient ImrgSMS, mlb
1 AND ITS VU IM l , -At tlui ?uggesUon ol a nunsbei
01 respectable fnmiiie.. rasnlmg at the Seventh Want, the Pro
prietorofthe ALIIAMRA, Rriiadway. ha. i?-eu induced ti
?nien a Itmuch oi estabhsln issntal .So 165 bj. i !!ri?m
way, one door aUise Kuuer-tii-et- The house is a v?r> larp
ami plea wint one, bem,' rituatod In tlie nitsst eentral part of tl
.trtet. The Saloons are ritt*-.! up in a uyie ol sreni u.ste nn.i
DeotUCaS. To thue wbu have visited his asXablasbmeql m
Broadway he need only u,y, that the vauei endeavors unit ai.s
iet] td'pleaM hb gueata will be evinced there asat lheCigenei
since. Tat Ihme who have not, he respectfully invite, them t
cell ami judge tor themselves
The Saloons svill be ready to receive company Tue?dsv,
' the T:h uisL
N. K ?< 'ream eunstacfiy on hand. pure. myS trn
' Iii 1/1 LBS. Binders Hoards, axiorte? Nus. madloio
i 11)*. M It 1\f and double cap size.
10.UU0 lbs. Straw B-?r.:?. n-sor ed No*, supenor quality.
6.O5O dn Bandb..x K..nrils, es?.rted No*
2,000 do Cap Makers' ll'-ntt:.. exou la/xesue,
5,000 do T.-iin. Boards, i,??..rtedNo*.
?C0 en^? lloonei Boer at, vartm:? qualities.
Pres. P?p-rs. white and brown, tint. Sir wile in ouantities lo
suit iiurchaieri at Paper Warehouse, No. M John street, by
m3) _ E B. CLAYTON a.JONS,
10.AJ BttsheU new crop .Vl'ncan Pea Nuts,
60 B.ie? Para Cm pa,
10 1 lasei (Jenno CiUon,
30 Ilrums Smyma F'g?,
llsj Boaki'saui! I'.oje, N-i'.'e, A . ? for ?nie by
adL GASSNER v Y< d'Ni:. ICM'hatlnm ireef.
GLOBES, GLOBES, \ ERY i'HI \p.-A .ecoml.hond
-et ut extra sire English Globes, M icehes dmnieu'r.siaial.
ingo'er?teet hieh. The atfkiwe Grabes are owned by a i?-r
ion vu*. has no Mithat use f.',r them, ?'id will be v.M very low.
II. ?? s. KAY.M>K. B<aik.elleri, Iii Bowery.
Als ? Lorui*'. Vi inch <;l<.hes._u if'
HyzE FOR THE UtUTuN WATER.?'llie Mbaciibei
is selling at a resluce,! pr.ee a.iiienor an nie of IS/dia
Kuolier Hose. Imetl anil eirverer! with Sheet Rubber, and war
ranted to wear beiger than ait/ otle r llo>e 111 market. ItislpUl
tocetoer in a different rnajtner.axid I?u;g covered it sloes net
ruC Cotiplinrs aftaehed without etinr^e.
Foraala at IM Haiden Laar.-, and a< Broadway. b7
mlu lio_ C. L KrX'S.
Bp. m nVci. Lit a it: \pp.'.ns-ii k s v..\;\'-u.
"ti Bowery, have tlie larsest attiortmcnt, and m?*t eleitup;
patten., of Grate Aprutr?. to be (bond in nnr store in this csty.
A!*,, Drapery, tor l-ooking a;.-! Picture F- imex??!!
b"? il..\K LAMPS?Ot vam?? par?m.. manutactursvl ami
fur tale, w holen Is and retail, 1
No. U John tt. New V.,tk. and
1416m*_Sll.ckast, Brooklyn.
1 Aoxsi v of V. B. PxLai?a.??u-nnvi- y V loxen UVoturhool
Iba i uacd Slates as embrnang imsu of t|?; best Newsuapeai ol
trie prmcinal towns in the Cnion. is est?bhabed at i'jU ,S?. can
it/eet. Tribune Buildiugs; oppuaity City Hall, at Uia Coal
DORIC LAMPS, for tnimi-ig t.Vmpla-ne ?Thav? Lampsan
simple at tneir coratnic?on. e<u..iy trimmed ami x ve a
very bnll.anl light at a cost of one cent an hour. Manufec
;.u:ed in.: ;..r sale, wholesa*; anu ruuil, by
DIE.' Z. BROTHER it CO. No. i ' . ' V ,-k.
_ H wi?_and3 Hscks-st. Brooklya
M;:~. ROBINSON, fi->m Etisabeih-street. fasbioBabla
Clear SL-.rcher.* Mercer ?tre??. rif-h do-j? ele.ve Spring
fi?*5: Isrleton and Embrtuderiiil Lire??.. Loees, i-'f.-nr'.
\\ otked'.ape., Collan, kr. nsade to look ecual to new.
.rraiw-j, SiIax. Merm.e^, T-.bit: (.'overs, Sill Hose, Ice
cleaned in the best roanr^r. wf2 Im*
* V prisu.g L.neti, Jean, f'ajtuets, (.asbioe-es. Bomi.^i-.'.
Mrr.no, Frtsett, d'<>-.-iys, kr. it sale, ready rn.de, it ?1
Bfissdway, opposite the Fou-tain.
PURTAPLt SHOWER BATHS of tlie best make m Use
World, 6ft sale w .loiesa e and re/ae, 07
U s!. WEST. lS3Huijort street.
A new Shower Eath wiucb every Uxly cugtituThave attfe
lose prtee of SO cents each._'_n.2Sl m
SHOVELS AND SPAtTES.-SOOdoxan, a low priced?rtT
cie, forsa*by MCItlsx.K. LEAVPIT k <& >.
r.iy-?i_27 West rt-eet
Av.UUU.B.000 Wanna Bag ?to do.
1 l.aOO do White Ten do do.
1,'XW do Asaorteil eolosed Sboa do.
Por sale by CVRCS wr.JflKUi. i Botlaar slip. _ a?*
Bl ifLER fRON-The Stibscribers "are prepared to furnh-b
Rosier irc-i. oS frst quality and warranted, of any dunesv
iwi<?also Iron suitable lor lesctnoiiie* and Emcsssn's Pro
peilei tcidr at Laur.-i |f9n Works, (.'never Co
???si _vi .. :? s'k. i.EAvii'1 k C' 1 tw. .t.
KAi.s.?The n ?rve?t market prices v.' be pi ii a cu,b tt r
all kind, of Rags, by
_mllw _ 1 YRXTS W FIELD. No. 9 RmoossZI r
A NTHRACrTrl PIG lUnV^OOtora. forsaks k.wto cbss*
A. an Eccoont, by ML KDOCK, LEA VITT A. CO.
mlT 25 West street.
rpfii 1X)LKARS REWARt) -Vi<-T5?r-?'. U*?rr<?T>>cS
JL ?A certificat* for thirty shares ot sickst" g Biajt
Stock 10 the mm ofUuckk-r ?k Pork, and numbe-eti ?CBB, wtta*
Power of Attorney trtaerssd was W on Se ?jrOa', Si: March,
t: was etTekssed in ? stftrr and k?sf on its way to Wall ?C "The
-Nive will be paid by kavrne it at Thumywrfi'i uffire. 53 W all
ctrret. _ aatiaa
it- ANTED?I? a Sashiooabie Ttiior-ttg EttabhatVaMnt, aa
V \ evpenerteed Salesman. CtsexcerstaiynabJe rrfiarence? ea
to capacity, Ac. required. Address J.T. W. Tnbuiva oSe*.
1VVTEr? immac'iateiy?'0 rrsra. Amervam. to
VV coon whabtw voyages m tirstship?. suao "utol,*
MMia. c.^>per?aiKt bl.scisraitiV. to wrsom rvt.-a. pay mOI baa
Xiveo. A-l cksthmg and other rses-sjssur* sulkies, will be for
ami*.! o the credit of the voyage. Apply at to
cpaurrs. m?iwD?fcbm?\-_
TtJJOtTiGa's^Pffi ? ^
rata workman to mate .-???'>mm s sr-.?r?. _
ovS KU r'ulton street. Brooklyn.
rPVVi5 or THREE GENTLEMEN can haj? br-rrJ ? th
> with, ct r.wra, at .No. 4S Ltv.m'e 1 s-'tcc'.. Jcj .?*
GOOD BOARD and very pleasant iwm *-r ?ror> g-ntj?
"*ti or ceauietsao tad theu wire* tt No. 3D \ ?a-'y st.-t-st
coro? ot Chanen. ru3? tfw*
TJOARD--A late tad rirTwife. t~ni seVe-il since tta
XJ --iner.. can U acc*>tnro,?lat?t wn? l>o*ov! nl 41 c-*st
Broadway._ ,H
B' ;;i,l)<^-,T.l'*J~i'** *-? > ?ctJ-rr'-?Taa be ?Croat
r- waited wjh rootr.. saw regard at 36 HcHtstoo ?a?', a
; Srw doors trota Htvadwxy. mj-jj ]m
? and tea era! rhurebsja
oi dufrrent deirvwuioauoi... Ar*,:, aI ,s? v,retti? to Mra.Gd
rnan. r?sr y app call. 0 -e.;-.?*d ,.?] rr-xrru,-o wr'-ryred.
The .Morratown tram pavse. dir-w frnn Jersey to t tranasK
arid atwicea.'ay. _ ??!tawl ?
P <X)MS TO LET.-A delight ? . .. , a ~
-a V tie-nan and lady or lor suutie ?ent ?roen. ta+j ba had at
i 11. Br.m.'??a?. w.th a laiui > co?,?in? vf only two wnvon?.
_niy3l .1*_iraiwa.
VOTit/E.-'i?-? V - kC 5 : yl<'lJo<,ne to
, ^.1 the Pouici koeiB.e Lorutnotive tjirmr Ccmrjaiiy winba
, m!d at pu;'! c .t'j-tioo on the p'eru?e> lately halooxiot to U>a
I <;iul Company lit the TilKae <s I'uuchkeet?e, DutclWa Coim
: ty. State. I'.New ^o.k noU'ednexia:, UM lith day o* Juno
; nejt. comoieocmt ?: 3 .iVk-rt, P. M. Ti e ?t?ck of maching
j ry and to.it> .i tarj ?>WWiva, ?od ei'ti?? tj-?t ocder and a o.<
IUI pasted by any other ?hop in the Called State*. Amoncst at
I will be sound
1 large tare Lathe t> feet chuok.
1 -leader do. inCompiete.
2 large Engine loathes.
7 Guaate Lathes.
1 Planing Machine.
1 Slubmg Machine. ec.mp!eta.
1 ditui ditto iocomp.?ta.
U Vices.
Shaftin? Pulten and Ritts.
A great variety of ?mall Tcls.
A treat var.ely of Patterns ird Models.
1 Punehinx Machine, gaared for .team power.
3 ditto ditto hand.
S Rename Machines.
1 large iheartig do.
5 Anvtt?.
4 Smiths' Beilows. -.
A great variety of Smiths' Ti>?>ls,
A areat variety of ri;v>hod and unfinished work tor Enginaa
to he oflitrsd in Sou.
Term, of Mle?4,'ash tor all purchase* of Jttt) and oi'.'i --
For all purclia><t o?er 31W, approved fssdorsad paper at set
1'he buikiinp in which thst alvvve Machinery u s:tuatesl ?dl
also be sold at privat? sale on eery favorable terms as to pnrsj
and credit. The property is beautitully situatnl in the .N.inU?
part ef the) * ulnae nf* Pmif hkaei-ie and ron.r-ts of a d.<k nn.l
plot of tri und is) tret fmOt on l!:o Kiver by leet deep upon
.vh.rh is erts-tisl one Ihrge brtrk binfinit aw by 0 lit two
?tunes bifhjWithewina l?'u?e>b> .> ? s R?der Srsop by 40
Sret one story?a Smiths* shop 114 b> 33 tevt. tun Forges one
story. All pul up in the Ttimt lUssStantial manner ol bt?rk and
covered ? itn Welch sla'e. There is a tir?t ciass Meani Eiuina
of S| h.^se power in iiertect onler. Tlie buiUlinrs and location
ire well calculated lor at otton Factory of IO.ixO spindles and
an axtansisrv Machine Shop.
Fee furtlier ijarticulurs irvQuira of Henry F. Tnltmndge, No.
1 Hanover street, N<w-Voik, 01 of Gtstfui 1l Havens, .No. rip
Merchants' Exchange. Sew*York <???:: tjeli
Brtansalad, Porcelain, Satin, Gotu Bordered; Embossed. Cik
Edaed, Fatcy Colored. Bonlereat. Mossnsiog Carils. and Punt
er." Blaaks of every de.v.nptioii m..l sitw.colored and plain t
American. Frenrh, Gentian n"d Spanish I'biruit Cards of
??very vn-iely ot bark and quality ; Quadrdla, larxa nad small
Comic and Social Cposeisaiaon Ctuds: axtra tmch i
t'nrd. Ht Ra droad 1'irkvt?, Pencil I nuts. Ace fee,
'? 'filers from all sections Ol the count:) tesiss iinlly sohcited.
and n 'I be faithfully rieculed bv L. SMTI H, .
uirlll Im IIB J' ' ii ?'. lata 71 Fulton-si.
int) lm* No. 76 Chambssrsst.
LAW CARD?wOHK M. lit rriSLP, I Natt.rtax. Mrssrs,rp
^pi, will ip'end t., lejcal taisisess that may be ri.tiiidr.! aim
in the Circuit Court? ol Admir? and Ui* adtuceot counties, ami
at the Supe, it Courts of the Stste. A liiv..ruble i>rote?.iouaJ
tonaecDoii in LouisssrOa will ssrmbss hau to atseao to inisieesa
dv> m Hie Parishes ol Iknl Slate, near Nan hex. He ref.-rs he?
'Irani it P.aiioii. Van Arsiwa, C?ttWWW and
Hob. CiK-hmn. nient for Bro?vn. Vvarlioek,
Brolbers. 6l Co. Mnlciilm *. IlisuL
Sam. Cochriut. Ileuty I^verty.
VVilliam Kniii. slit ty
DR. j. G. HKWETT has ramoved to NeT^BtsjaKksc-sail
near Itroadrvny. Now.Ynrlt. frae'ire ronfined tn thslo
rntions, Kriictnre., Hip Dtsssosea, Sunups, Contractions. PsJ
-ie.1 Limbs, Klieuninti.in, Nenuiis AlVert.om. TemVrness, In.
ii mm 'i ions and Curvatures of the Spine I lefornstd Shoulders,
VVhiteSwalUngs.Waahnasaol the Joints, inu IJoeasat ,.| tha
Ijmfw eeneraliy
Keicrences g,v:>n on apiihcatnui to lir. II. ml? Im*
PRESiH M KITCHEN BANGE ami Revolving H.t
er E>lablrshm?nt is removed to 'i"J Broadway, on- door shows
The public nre n-siiectlully risjursixi to rail nnd rtamma a
new Kungo which ha> been inlrislurwl this Spruig, vshrh U<
dumb lit), simplicity nnd ecoinuny . bn navel ts-en lUnssssed.
N. It.?IVrce's Rauees repiorisl Ly upplyma at iS'JIJo-id
way. ml9 lm
RKAII iV M.- Tlie Utr.ce and Sal?-|loom uflhe Nese-Vork
I aid Manumsriisrs isisscssuvesl mssn ,'iKuli.Misoeei to lost
John .tiesl, opp.-. tc I iitf slnvt.
VpnlW. ^H8m] L. SMITH. 103 John?t.
Rf.M'iVAL.-JOHN LOVEJ0Y, Derttitt, remoie.1 from
"sS Prince -Heel to CuTJ lirosulway, two doors bstlow lllceker
epilE BEBT tSOAP IN n ur. wi itd.H.-Families who
I. desire n superior article ol Uie kind will do well to try
Roberta's Improved Hruwn Soap, u being truly an unproved
article. Being mannnuTtured ot itnmci other material* than
any other Soap, gives it peculiar qualities po.?esse.l by lions
?liner?such as not hiding fuhcues or Musluis. blearlung
Flan nets, making llmm perfectly wbie and soft us new,
wnhont ihrtnkhlg them m the least;?and it is un excelleait
toilet Soap, lenrmg the skin us suit ns any Wimtsor ot CasUl*
Soap : anil ninny wiio use it say it goes much Initiier Ihan any
other. For ?nie by most of the principal Grocers in Ibis City
rind Brooklyn. Every bur n stamped T. Ki.hrrt.'s Improved
Brown Soap."_T. ROHER I ti. ?b Cherry-al. oitQ
a. prepuratpNi id the I lid Nnplen S.mp, uinile into a imrium
ed p isteby.S. Jones. The formstlwt long south' for desideratum
ofSli.ivintS?iop.vic to MAKE A Tlld K RICH LATH LK.
that will not dry. It (mind, sir, it reully doe* lius) soli uns Use
bssnrd. riuike? the skin ?oll and unooth, nnd gives a tine RsV*
grnriC" to Hie nose. Cents, try thisoace. So.d at SS3 Broad?
way. "J (Thathara ?f BStalest Bosston; 3 Ix-dger Hudduigs,
I'hiinde'phia: IS* Fulton st. Brooklyn. nU> Im
? f? ss . h w. vissi III.ics EXPRESS wiii
,_ffpi -ss I l* NEW YORK on ?louoany nn.l
BefsmaSts?SEa Thur-daj n 8n n.st MM BOD. at e
ocloi k .a. M lor W-,t raVoekbridg? via Hoosator ,? Hnlln?id
lleiiirn la *e \\ est Stn-klirn't- lor .New York, Tuisslay ond
Frid y for Iba ir trrsmortatioai o) buiHiies, packnges. Money and
produce. I Hlice No Hi VV< st S're, t. u.3b tin
lleekmnn ?lieet. Almut 'JjO of C- linl physi.
???mis and -urgei.ns of Nrw Y'ork h ive given
their lecu'eii prafcrenca to ihj- 'I russ, rs you ran
tmiluale the pressure from one to niljr pournls
, w (l oot h Iwk pad, winch iha-, so mi. Ii uyury
A .r:ir trinl be ng the best tvsl of its superiority,
>r m npphed snd six dnys' triaigiveii. ?ud if itdi?-s not retain
ihe ruptUM, while uai^orDling every kind Ol ejercise ol cough
ing, and g.ve perftx t ense: in a word, it it n not o.tnlnclory
ui eveiy resoeei, lue money is rlit erliilly reluriieil, snd Hits is
the only eondttloa uu which rou should buy nuy 'l russ. A per
uuiiiciit cum is easily elftKU-u. and wairunurd. if diicclious era
f diowed.
Tn??e <odirig lor this Truss need oni/ mention iho side nip
Cured aud Uie ne-uuro round lt>e hips, ns ihay ran rrodunta
. he pressure lo su.t their cane. S.,ld wholesale and retail at U
Best'man-street. m381m
HL'LL'S 'ritL'VsF-S.-Niee-e t, Kumured Per?
sons.? Persons ulhVted wi'h niptnros nuir rely
upon u* l/est ..?;iuioe.)ia:.i?l Iba womlatirorts.
ou apylicatiini nl tha oftp a. No. * Vesey street,
orfjienherof the agents in the principal towns
.... I mied Stales'. Be careful to esamine the hack pod ol
Hu.i ? Trisssas to see iftiary oreernJorsesJ by Dr. Hull in wnung.
Noon are genuine, or to be relieil upon aa good, without bis w?
?*ii?iny p?Ms??i? hove nndertaken tai ser.d nnihiiions of Hull's
ceiei,ra:ail Trusses, n: <i ?K>nMnds nre irnpassd upon in o.nso
oueica. Thess- iaigalHSM eaisool be rennt ; ihey nre
made hy unskilful mnihanm, and are no better than like nrdjn.
ory Trosse?. ..... , *'?'?*
lioo.li. have been fcted up at N?. 4 Veaey sJ.rc*l, excluovely
for aulie?. having a wpnthte etitraiico from tha, business depart.
?i er,t, wliere a temele is in ciwrMnnt aJtlanidnitce to wan up?Ki S>
mal? psvtseaia ' si it
UTAGOU Ff'R SALE?A strrmg. suletantial Cryuntry
Wagon, exrelleutly calculated tot moving a family, or
lor rough roads generally. Apply at the 1'Uuiix Bazaar, Nter
csu-stteet. near Honsh u._mal if
[KohM?.iti.y j. v. riLroD.]
toChaTnaa JTT.ttT.
On opening the above New More, Isegs respertfally io v.l cu
the attention of his friends and the public Ui hi- cno.cn a/sort -
meat of
of.CRy Manufacture, being of (he mint approved style, and at
pncea correspoteiinf with to* tones.
Also, tee ill's and luutisa' BooU and Sirica of every deacrrp
Huvfne had several years' eipenenre in tha business,-, he con
connd?t.tJy insure to purchasers the bssst description of work
N. II.?Boors and Shoe* of every style mndft to onler. rr.T Im
'H A It'l SHORN E aresuppiymg tlioiisauds with UOOl'lrj
??' AND tdlOhS which are easy u. wear, haodsou* s-id
lbs l'.pc?..>u axid Ijtmt, Island Biet a.. - -
s'ore 170 Ptili.ei sf__iruta
J L s i I i.nTsii Ll>-1 .let?raTN?trir FuV Hats' onb
nanly termed Beaver ml the l"w price of 63 tsupsrnot
shoit rmp ol pru..inii Mo.eskin nt i'i. '1 isfsse lists are
ssnsal io durability and lustra u> those w,iu u it. Also an *r
t-o!e at fi 50. s very neat ^ress hat.
m8 lm*_BROWN. Prr.ctiea! Hotter, 14GIfinalst,
f E ECONQMY AND l A.^IIIOV?The ?o.bseriber lias
; ? reduce,} his s?|Wsior Imitnt oii Hntesfan Hats oo far bo
?ajjja&ilies t.i tiie extreme hjw price i-f A J t:
The abs.ve are nr. ce^nnt Drossj Hat, bjisLsrill coo.psr? sd
rantl x* ?i--\y witli hats sold at $3 it) and t3 Also, e.Mitr?i!tly
manuinetunns: Fur and Silk of tue liest quality, latest pauern,
aus at the lowest prices.
.N B. Country denler? iupplied by the cave 81 lose, If not
lower than any other hou-e m th> City.
j. W. KELLOGG. 132Canal st.
mli38 'im*_curuuoi Toomyoo st.
14 Y'HARSexpere-nre. lasgetber si tb :-. ".y ?slo
ah> Impiorenssiits and sssmtinoi n> h-s ie.rrr?ero^ii.
eoahlcs tlx- lulsaidss lufiinin i. at shortmstjee. ai d
otlbemos' i e-iectcwijstrtirti.<i.riiats3u-.iai!d WorS
rrnn-hii M-rhicesti.i.lei.e w.-?l m nil it* varKtaer.
such as plarimrorsorfticmtcnly. or ending mvulc
IDtS- . .
Also plar.imr.' rroovt-ing, xuntuu.
orrai iMfine. : l-o-nie Ctapp boards.
*?sf ' Apr'-rn'"n r ' ' '-" made o, ?) r inU.-rlier st hrs?
sfl astibWusseTrt in Ort?*, or a' i. s othrs?. eoroer ol'
it tr.?ssmen ai ai 1 / ? ? .t.-iet. Button, where Ma
rbine* may be le-.-n, sod any lOfcrroatiin reiative
to the tarrar. may I c . .fun ned, as well as of j??iah
Blarkweli 4c Co. New-\ o.e.
Lefer. ef n^rs: inquiry mu?t fe l^srtVtsssrl.
Poxborti', Mats- Apnl 1st. 1M4,

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