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Cnntitirr? IaI mi,| money Matters,
n>" Ft Ommrrrtal tinii M?nry MatUr* ?t* /.i" fnat
? TtrnOAT IV M.
The mark?, pxh.l.iip.l n continued s?<?l feetinglo
day. MM) the rate? show an improwewt M most de*criptsor*i.
Bxchnnm an- dull and declinio(f?Sterline B] a
!'??; Franc, s 27',
The following in ihr outstanding amount ol Trea
?n?y Note? ,.n Iba t?t iim
Of iw.tr? .rd tinder i>rt? p .??ed s ricr to the 3d of
March. Wt3. (030.80711
Ol n..t-? r?mO ami pn.il >.oi asdet th? act. {"the 3d
Match, 1-43. I.J0i *tW On
?-?.?i^.jo: 3i
DMurt rapcr)!,,! tiMes in lee MIMH ?1 lb* *c
eountnij ..fli.-on. i~. 9 00
?J.i' 8.337 SI
TheTreasury Note, are now ;>a.it at the American Exchange
Hnr.k ra tali ctv The Govornineol l*rtwi?"t< botre either bean
nfcang?d from the Baak of Commerce, or the American Ex
rhauceha? lieeti a.!.led to the Coven meat Ihitik?.
The Wlowrna enb-a of Stm l>- were made et Ron
ton yesterday .S.harr? S England l\'..r?tr.! Co 13'-,-- West
cm Rairroad T3-i0iio r t.. b. 7:t j?11 do, I .. 73SC?9l!'o73'
?2*>^i.?.D. 7S'??10 Norwieh nn.l VVoreeater. ;;>!?. 51?15
54'S?.MResnling24S-?>do. s3-i.2P.-X. do 24-.-50 do. ?3D.
Long Island (9-900 East Beaton Co IP'..
The Prankliu Insurance Companv have declared
a Mini aillllSSl <h\ idend of 6 t?r rent, para Me to day.
The Cliesapes?te Bank at Baltimore ha* declared a .livilrud
of 3 per rent ti.r the tn?t ti months, payable on the 8th i:.?t.
The t'.immer-in! Bank.<'?.Iomh.a. 9 C. $1 1?' share.
The Bank of South Caro'na, ('har!r?t..n. fl per-hare.
Tl>e State Hank, t lhatleston. 5- 50 l<er -liare.
The Itntik el Charleston, S C,3 l?er rent.
The South I 'arohna Railn*.! and 3. Wrstern Railroad Mark
r'r 'hare.
The wi amounl ol collections at tins Philadi I
phil office <.l the Philadelphia and Colombia Railroad since 1st
Nor. 1. suo.i.v,
A' Philadelphia, the rate of n.onev im much the
wtioe aaitbai bean fin ?omo week*. 4:, ti. K rent. 1? .!>?
man.led, arronlin.; t.. the ehararter of the lonn. The discount
no ' Relief DOte! and ei!>e' nncnrtent paper of the I'enn-i Sa
nan Itneks ranee, from 1 to I', per rent. There 1, little OS
maud fat mepoy and but bttle exchanging of uncurrenl funds.
The labilities of the broken Hunk <d Cievelund
nre ?a:d to he : bout S?n.cO. 'it len t ..tie third of which 1? .Iii?
to hundreds of persons who hold ?n.ail amounts of the bills, and
who haeo notpreseoted them to the Commissioner, for pay.
ment. nnd tl.ey w.li not be paid until about $l".0.0 of the bills
presented "re paid. It i> ?nid tl.tit o.'fers lime Lien made to the
Coiuiiiissninsni ami stockholders, to take the nsstffi ol the Bank
and pav all .lebt?: and it is nisi, said thnt these oilers have been
nfiised. and a pubBcsaleof the n-nu of the Hank fl>t cash
down t? to lie tnnde this ueek. The slorkholders, on examine.
in.n. adopted a report that the public ?nie of the n??e', t,.r cash
d?wr. would not pay ihe debts by several thousands ofdollars
The ti? et? were \allied by the sperm! CoBUOeaioneil at
The cost of the Baltimore and Oliio Railroad
?how? the fallacy of estimates to case, of public work* of very
!?r?.e .-...t. ,iid i.: SiKl.tint wie-h .. M--al )<??,?. Nre e.-..ii,i|.-,|.
When the r.?.l w ^. t.r> .e. te.i n was estimated bycaretol men
that the w hole line for n double track, 330 mile., would r.?t
S3.Kfl,()00. The rood 1? now limit to I".berland, nml the
oxiteiiditiirm nre thu. eiven. via:
Cost of'be road to Harper'. Ferry.t ) th". wv
Out ..ft he road vreat lit Harper'. Ferry?thnt M. to
Combmland .. 3,5:4 #
Hut to.111 Harper'. Ferry to t 'irnhe'lntid. one trnrk
..'.y has been laid ; we must add. tberelore, thecoM
ol a seeood track . 1.000.000
CWS nfa rhNlbletr .rk ra iroad to 1 hjroberlan.l ...rsT.lirFtol
I ter-? ofacoal over estimated cost $3,291.538,
The -..ad ha? e.et three millions uu.re thnn the estimate, tin.
the terrninns is a Ions way from the < ihm, ?i> one-habftbe di.
tsiire from Baltimore. Another instance wa? the Wash
Bniiirh Road, which was estimated by Col. .McNeill aod U ...
Hovrard. U. S.Civil Entioeer, to cost S576.lf>3 ti.r a double
track: whereas a tinete track e...t about Sl.SOO.OsO. Ano.be.
instance is th? Caledonian Canal which was estimated by an
Enet eer of no hrss note than Mr.Talfburd, tit ?3^0.000 sterling
Thiseatimate was subsequently increased to X't"4..V.ii. Tlie
arttml r.Kt up to May 1k;J> vrai Si.f.Cl.U?. exclusive of u debi
to the Bank ol Scotland of? -?.140. The w,.rk. thooeh m u>e
is still unfinished, a Committee ..t ibe House of 1 Inmmnns 11
May 1839 recommended a f rtherud'nnceol ?2Uu.0UU to com
1 le e the work. The irrent ihir .ence between tlie estimati
no., he n til ei?.t nr-ee front 11 serioti. rtse 11. ihe pr.ee ofiuboi.
pnivisioiu. and limber ufer the e tima'e was made.
We have liecn shown n bole ? f Cotton from tin
plantation of Gen. Joho W. A. Saufi.rd, (Mys the Federn
Union ? f 'J'ue.i!n) la-t.i which rrew on a itork now itandinf
with one hundred and thirty-seven bloom*, boles and fornw
j.hmi, in -.11 prob btlity, I' r 11 pound ofseed cotton.
I'he rate ??! ?'o-l Fret-Ins .01 the Rending Ron.
ha? been raised 15 cents perton, which will "tell " m they earl]
receipt'. 'Ihe followtnc is ihe btannen on this road for Um
?e< k endiug June21. lS4i:
Travel, Freiahts, &c. SU 4^1 o
Cnal transported . . 9.1 ?9 0? ton
Previuu*!) Ibis year.140,831.01 "
l?ii.Oi?ia "
Amount of coal transported lust year to June 34 5i. r.iu" "
Increase ibb year. 91,504.01 ??
The whole amount of coal ihipped from the Schuylkill re?
gion the present season up to Thursda) lust is as fidsowi:
Hy P. R nod P. Railroad.I.V. 972ton.
Hv Srhuy >kiil Canal.I09J93 "
Hy Lat <? Schuyllul EUilroad. lU.iilH "
Total..TI2SJ.2T3 "
The negotiations between the n^em-. of the Gov.
eminent nml the Trustees of the Bank of the I 'ailed States, fill
the purchase ..1 the Hank building for a Custom House, were
concluded last week, and the necemuy papers transmitted r
Wash mit..ti fur concurrence. The cost to the Government i?
S27.\OnO. payable in eash $ii'..ojiO, ami the Trustees tnkins the
oi.i Custom House butlding 111 Second street at a valuation o'
So- ,0 0.
Arrivals at the port of Huston during the month
t.f June:
Slop?. |!n-ks. lines. Sehn. Sloop*. Total
L'onvtuise. o 11 K! 4V> 19.57'
Foreign. B 17 oJ 140 .?2i"
Total.14 31 Ml 596 V.
.>Iurket8....Care/u/.'iV rci'vrtrd for The. Tribune.
Tuesday. July 8.
ASDE9.?There b a fair demand for Pots at S4 Ob'l*. with
h.fabout 4U0 Ul.ls. Puiiil. are dull; sale* about K?j Lbl? at
?4 'JO
COTTON*.?The market is very inactive, and we hear >.t
less than 3UU hole? yesterday und to-day. The quotations are
nominally. Upland and Florida, ordiuary to middlingn 0"
rtiitH. middling fair to fair 7AI a 7%, good fair to fine 81? a t!;
nm! .Mobile and N.ov-i hlea-s, inferior.'. a .V,, ordinary to mal
dime ?\ a 7. unil middling lau to f or 7'.; a 6 :?,
Ft.O( It aMi MEAL.?The market u (till very quiet, at I
v. ? item, except1 ? ^ Genetee. Im? n aownwanl lendeiicy. a?
bel?ra. thereceipu>.f Cenesee were very small, nml holder.
it.-iii!y at 4 T' ?? Michigan and < (hio ndoat4 181?a425,with
some considerable lots not in very good order at 4 12^, and a
parcel s iehtly fancy at 4 3" There are several orders in
ii..nk-t lor England, and shippers w ere nfieriag 4 8L's for Gen.
oaee. but we heard of no transaction* closed. New Orleans is
almost unsaleable. Sourwe quoto3375i. Scratched VVcsi
era i*3 87J? a 84. Rouo 1 hoop Oh... is .lull. The nominal
rule 1?4 37'j. .\othui2 ofnt>> moment doing in Southern de
script ions. Georeetown. Brandywine. Banimoie^jbe. range
from 4 fiotoSi 75. Alexandria was offered at S4 J5. Jer-.y
iVI- al tn snm'l ilcnian.l at 32 50; Hrandywine with tales 30
bate, at s- fil.1^: l.lnl? $12. Rye Flour2 7". n * 1 and inactive.
\ ..11t.ll sale ol Jersey was n.i?lent S3. Ship Stuff, are oiler
in* al Be A !..t. f ltfJo bushels Tr..> told at 9c.
t "RAIN? The cargo of N. Carolina Wheat on the market is
we believe, unsobl. but anoth-r Im ol BOO busheb sold, ler c t>
intlhng ct 93?4'. It wa* said to have been as good as the prs
vious c^rgo, which brought 104c, There wa* u tail ilemaiwl
for the < 'orn .11 market.i |.-nr.- steady. A bout 3800 bush
yellow Uelawnre sold at 48c. tneas^: 10OO do white al 47c.. artu
BNOdo A'orthem at?8afiOc wt For Ky* Flour60c wu? On
the beat offer. Sale* 3u0 l.ushcls at thnt rate. A-ale ..I 1-?
bushels damaged .Northern wa* made at 45c. wt. delivered.?
Sabal of about 1000 bags blaek-eved Pen? have been made at
noout 1.50per hue. Oats are *e hue only nt retail nt2S a i'c
IIA V?We notice sales about KiKJ bales, mostly lor ship
meiit. at ?1 a 33c. The supply is ginnl.
WHISKEVT?Thesales show no narticular change in price*.
About75 bblsweie sold at Mb:. Fir State Prison 83>^wa?
(lll^ We notice sales 15?J 1.1.1?. Crude Whnle nt35Vwli:ch
1? a fsrilier advance and 600do h>r Home use nt 35', a 37 cents.
Linse?s.l is 74 a 75 cts. for American and 77 for Eugltth, und al?
most nominal. ? -??, .,
INDIGO?Sales of8 to 10 ceroous of common to l.itr Blaml.
la have been made at 633a et*.
SALT?A isle of sb" bints 28 II?. Onon.lnga has been made
Bf 13 . 1 ti cash. Tuiks litand wa? ottered ni23l2 c's.
Wo iL? I* jiut beginning t.. come in from Me West, tmd i?
taken up pretty Ireelj nt lush prices, there liemg but little old
stock in mntket. Theie have been 110 (ale* by dealers smce
our hut nonce. Prices asked by receivers from the cotit.lrj
vary from 35 to 4i ct*. ....
VVHAL.EBONE?A ale of25.000lbs. North West Const
has been m tie ul 3S et-, und at Wiimuistoii IS.000 lbs. to the
Ph hidelj.hia trn.tc nt 35 rent-.
PROVISIONS?'liiere i* more firmness in Poik to-day and
about 700 bbts Prime sold at 6-62.'?. Mess is nominal) at 8.62.^
but we heard of no sale*. We un.ieist...?!,,. e of the dealers to
offer the five eiebths for 5(00 lbs. Within a lew days we n..t; .
sates of 7u0 to d?? Ohls. B<efr.t <3lor Prime anil 45 lui Ml U
with tome Vermont at 5.50. 1 here is some enquiry hi Lar.
si.fl we notice sales of iib-.u! 4to bhi- utSKa 5%cts Then
haveb?en snle? of 150 !c. smoked Hams, damaged st3a3yj
eta. 100 do sides at 4 '4 Cs. ; 30 do Shoulriers ut 1% und 75 bis.
Pickled ShouIdcrs '2 '4. cents.
Correspondence of Livingston 4l Co.'s Cipress, 2 Wall st.
Buffalo. June 29.
The import* of Wool from Olno arc lurte, und the ware
home, ?in.? to what extent Uli* article is destined to.beeoioe.
unless molested b, Governmentalluterlerence, Not? ith-tanu
log mir imports have no' been heavy ibis we< k, I find thai
more than 700 bnles W.K.! [many of which weigh lrxi lb>, have
lutideil he.e. und now await for the shipment.
N? Wheatafioat, and eonseouentty n>.-alii: looi.bl? llus
cm? Onio Flour sold at 53 t5i: Cora at 37 cent* ti.r white, v a
nous small lots of 1 'htcago vybeat, which had In n in the lac
tor's bind? some time. hnic. it '? sind, l-een cieard out ut \uri
Oos oriee?. rar.c nu from ;<! U tiAiC.
The White l^rud manufscluien hers, ate paying S3 57 fur
tber supplies of crude Lead. _
The following is a lint of the Whig Document
now tor sale ?t the Tribune Office. Orders from
Clay Cltibs. Whig Committees, Booksellers, Mer?
chants and individuals, accompanied by the cash,
are promptly attended to, und the Documents ship?
ped to any port ol the Limed Stuten.
oABCENT'S LIFE OF CLAY?The fullest and moel
Complete Biography ol Mr. Clay cvvr written. Price
12.S cent* or per luu. $5 00
with Engravings ; hound 81 25 : by tlie quantities.,. 96
THE CLAY TRIBUNE, a Weekly Newspaper. For
lenns see Pnapectu? in another column.
THE AMERICAN LABORER. Hall bound.. 100
H.l.reeley. Per 100copies..................?? ????? J fO
THE TARIFF AS IT IS. Hy H. Greeley. Per 100.,.. 1 50
SPEECH OF JOHN M. CLAYTON?per 100copies 12a
WHIG SONGS?Clny and Frelingbuysen?an aduitra.
bte collection ot the very be?i?per 100 comes. 1 50
SPATES AND GREAT BRITAIN?per 100copses 1 10
LRTTfeKS Or' CASKIUH M. CLAY?per 100 copies 1 t<
'OH F. vV II IG ALM *. N At.'?t*r 100 copies. 7 00
THKTES'i'. Hy Juuius. Per 1.000 . 15 00
THE CURRENCY, do. " . 15 00
THE T * RIFF. do. . lot"
LIFE OF H ENRY CLAY.do. ? . 16 09
DEMOCRACY. do. '? . 5 00
LA Hi ir A NO CAPITAL, do. " . L. 00
THE Pl.'BLIC LANDS, do. " . 15 08
JO-Orden rnurt he addressed to
v/ruer? ^^y^-y fc McELRATH.
Tribujj? jJuiiduigt, New- Xotk. ^
i try- HenM; i? indispensable to \mg life; ihn Inner rnn I?
! only enjoyed hj th? putti??iunnl the lonnc. Man's cnrpereal
] ?tniriiirf i so tender und delicate in .t> mature, that to dt*or>
' saturation of nur part derange. <)m whole; and if rwof the
meanbart suffer, nit tht other* suffer with it. How important
? theoto mentngoard agamsterery mwnip ioiI^??? Tonil
; who are ladtring ?ith KrotoJa in itaTarlooj formt, incipient
cootumptton,diseasesol the ?km. nr my others originating
from mi impnnti of thr Uiood. and dcrangensenl ol tin- ?ccre.
lions, w would recommend them tn uw n lew riles .if
SaifJs's Sursupartlla. This invnlont.'e medicine i? .o well
nodtavorablj k'".ssn. andtoganatally u?ed by the risedrcaj
r.. o.um! public generally, that ?* <? mint clwriotly invite
llie attention <it nur render* lo the notice n tto. day's no per.
IS. V. S. Atlu.June30. tc*4.
For furtl?-r peleotaxs in.| e ?nrtniiToi .iit.on.toi1 itesaiper.
r or vnine nml etpcacy, sec Pamphlets, which nitty bg obtain?
ed of Vgsmts ?tat...
Prepared ami mid. wholeaale ami retail, h>- A. H. .t ii
SANliS, wholesale Ihxurgisu. 79 fuii.tr-?-t. Nest York,
Soldi nt 173 Broadway, ".' En-t Broadway, und ttrug
c"i? generally throughout the United State?.
KT* Corot gt/s Pain Extraetot will remove pain from a'
Mir..?, bnrm m bruise*, tl eure? t-ndcr !c rt and Rnn eeonsotbet
l"?tn? anil nelie? loo immer jus to mention. At 21 t'. mit! an.lt
k reel. _
V. y- A r'ear and hl-Mimoir mi,ntenat.ee. free from Pimples
or Hunor*, may be insured hy the me of Cornttork'. Sar-ue'.
rUn, at the ttitl ng e,w'of .Sil et?. lie. |m,ii!... or SI per dozen.
i Tlieie i< in. Sar-apari'la a* s'mmI n* tht . n* an effectual n ter.
I atlve to the whole sv-teni and B restorer of |inr:U to the !i!oim!
I ?it i? tire.|iial!"d in it? effects. \i 21 Coortlandl -tret.
\ New l\\km 10? TO IaVCTUR TnoriiLS or Si!?visrj.
Tbe Cbtntte Ualr Eradicator will remove the hair and leave
toe it in perfectly ?m rothe, where, -r u i? applied, eni j?I ?? nn
l.ke any other article. Italwayseradicate* loa hair and <|.<e?
not nijiire the ?km I >nly at81 Coortlandl street.
I'LRtR vot a lint -i: or itim iitc. .\n Hi i. It- ii-.?An ar.
tude for Uns norpoM may be had ?t ai Courtland .tr?et. [tj
efficacy hat been thoroughly tekted. Abo, Cologne Water,
very low. le.ck quartb'ittJes. Price?0cents.
No Fsi cay ,ok kot uavtno * rtsg Head or HuR.-Thc
Balm, the favorite article lor promoting the growth of the
Hair hat now itood the test of IS rears' experience, and has
? ???n .1 lily raining n popularity. It et?e. Ui tbe hair a benutv
ami lustre befate utisur;itis.e.!; always fnt-.it from tlandrtilT
?">.l parvenu the irritati >n to which some per.on. ar- particu
butj liable. No Lady or Gentleman should be without tint
r.aim. AtSl Coortlandt itreet.
U3* <;r..ml Vonttf^ Whig Rally.?The l'ouns
Men's ll'-nry Clay Ats?r*emtion ?.t tMe City of New York will
ledd it. Girt rern'ar meeting nt National Hall. Canalitreet, on
ruosday eveniac, JulySd, at8o'clock. It n intend",! ihnt
Utas shall I* a crnul demonstration of the Young IVhijs. All
Whig Young !Uen. rjnd Whigs in geneml. are invited to at?
tend, l^-tte^ hare been written to the following speakers, in?
viting them to address the meeting on the occasion, via;?Hon.
Seiator Jarnagiri. of Tennestee, Hon. H. Fish, lion. J. p.
I'hTiin, J. N. Reynolds, David Graham, Dudley Sekten, lli
nun Retchum, Morris Franklin, Jo?. Hoxie,TheodoreTomlin
?oo. John T. Uortooand Geo. A, Ilabey. Shelton'i eclebra
t.i! Itr its Band, e.tnl eminent Vocalists, have been engaged for
toe occasion.
Members, and those wishing to become members, will meet
nt"H o'elnrk. The rarious Clay and Ashland 1 'lull., and the
old Harrison Association boys, w'di be looked for on band.
By order. J AS. S. THAYER, I'residi nt.
?The Trade and Civic Seieieties who have united to cetehmte
the Anniversar) of American Intiepeadence, will assemble at
?hen respective quarters.at7o'clock A. M, and be prepared
to form in hm* in Bond ?tr?ei. at k n clock, at which time the
'irand Marshal w ill take command of the line ; the rit'lit rest
ig teilt W.?leA in the Bowery ; whence the Societies will
inarch down D, vv*. to Canal, through Canal lo Grccnweich,
?town i.reenwe h lo the Battery, where they will unite with
the military, under Gen. Hanlont, and proceed, en route. Af
let being reviewed in trie Park, they will march throughChat
hamand E.R.VV. to Grand, through Grand-sU to the Bow.
ry. up Bowery to Prince and there he dismissed. It i? hoped
?m So ieo>-. ...i.i die aids to tli- Grand Mnrsbsl appointed by
?..em, will be punctual in their attendance at the appointed
By ? der
jy32t* _ I'. KELLY. Grand Marshal.
DO* Poarth or July.?The inhabitants of F?M Lee
and its vieinity have made great preparation' for n grand Tem?
perance Celebmtinn on t.'ic site of the old Fort, a few rods
ln.m Use landing. The patriotic address .will be delivered by
Miner Benedirt, E?q of this City, and several other sp.be.
re es peeled from emii.I Speakers, ?teamboats leave the
(but i I't.'ui.iil-.lrcet every hin.r. ltT
[ZJ- Union Division No. 3.?t*0N80FTEMPE
n liVCE? fhe DivitNNi will meeliniheti hall in Broatlwey,
prse?e y at hall pu>t 7 o'clock A. M., p rpamosy t? taking up
ie;r hue ol .nan .i. toj . n in procet.it.il lit lin?.k > n, t. ntsiA
tic ktbiating uur National Indeitendence.at Brooklyn and at
The Division will leave tue hull precisely nt 8 u'chwk, pr?
?eed thiough f'e rlstreet to Chatham squnre, wliere it will be
as joined hi iithei thvttioos, und then proceed to Pulton Ferry,
gnere the line will be met i?y.n Band of >lu?ic,and lie escort
dt? its pi.i prnet ssion. Members from Use country, and
if such Divisions in the city a? no not intend making other ar
-II gem an. are respectfully requested to unite with u?..n that
I KW1S Pr| K. > ?,?,
G. ? Sa?sdcrs.5 il"al"11- je2 2li?*
~Z~ <i< neral Society nt RfechianJcs ornl
PrisfleMMseii .if llie C>ty ?i SJeW-YofK.?The
VI .nthly Mee ing oftlie ?jweie'y will lie Irekl nt 'he liuututiou
11 r..-iiy.-ueei. Tl..-. Evening, (July 'A lone hour niter sunset,
j?3 It ISAAt; FRY KR. Secretary.
try- Hercnntlle Agency,-Kstadli?iiicli uv Lew
sTappax. Jcse.lStl.
From und aller tin* data the business will be conducted as
en t. ion-, at No. 4 Dorr's Building, corner Hanover and Ex
'hanee-streets. (the rooms on the lower flisw formerly occu?
pied by the Clinton B-uk. under the linn of
For the information of those who are not acquainted with
die object of the Mercantile Agency, it may be stated dial it i?
tn procure accurate infbrnwtion, in n legitimate w ay, abuut
:!ie staiubng, responsibility, tec. of countrj morclmnts, and
keep it constantly revised fir the benefit of the Merchants in
dns city who subscribe to the Agency. Local and traveling
a gent* are employed to obtain the necessary information?men
of experience, good judgment, nnd respectable character. The
terms will be made known to applicants at the office. Any
Merchant who desires to tist tins accuracy und value of ihe in
I irmation can do so gratuitously.
The mime? of good collecting Attorneys will he given gratii
'ously in Merchants nnd others who lire not subscribers totlie
Agency, on their making personal application.
The success thai has attended the Mercantile Agency will
induce the proprietors lo spare no labor or expense to perfect
ihe system, and make it us useful nnd acceptable as it is in
their power. LEWIS TAPPAN.
N. B.?Mr. William A.Cleveland, who has heretofore been
in my employment, as a Traveling und City Agent is not, nor
i-ver has been, connected with ine in the Mercantile Agency,
and henceforth will not be in my employment in any capacity,
i or in the office of L. T. & CO.
July l>t. l&H. [je2 3tj L.T.
IrST" .Hercnntlle Agency.?The Mil'?erilcr having
established a MKRCAtrnu Aqrncv similar lo Mr. Lewis
TappauVonly Uiat il embraces lie whote country ; inconse
queticooftvhich .Mr. Tnppan has seen lit very gratuitously to
advertt'e the public that I have no connection with bis agency,
...... hi-all very well, if he does not convey any other idea
than this simple fact t for I have been obliged frequently to
make the tame disclaimer by private correspondence before I
riuilii get persons to act as mv agent*.
rlt.to hit declaration 'that I Enal! have no connection with
bim in future,* it is Juttas unnecessary as it is gratuitous, lor
we arc perfectly well agreed on that point, nml I presume our
agieemeutin this is more mteresting to ?.?? than it w ill lie to
the public.
I shall lie prepared ;;i n few days to see merchants and ethers
at mj office, where I -hull let happy to explain to them the
system, plan? und tcmi? of my agency.
No?. 2 and 22 Dorr'? Building, cor. Exchange Place and
Hanover ?licet. lit>t finer, lately occupied hy
jy3?* Messt.. Brown Brothers & Co.
KsfJnincs T. Hodge, who is practically familiar with
Mining operations and the working of Ore-, in the United
-?tntes aud Cuba, may be consulted on the value nf mining
I ml?, ores, ami minerals, at In* room. No. Granite Building,
corner of Broadway nnd l !hambert-Sl reel.
He will analyze Minerals, Soils, Waters, and erticles of Com?
merce, as Potash, Barilla. White Lead, Szc. bzc. Specimens
of Minerals, < ires and Earths may he sent to Imn from the coun?
try, und he will eitiier state their value nnd u>e> atonce, or
.iihmit them lo an exact nnnlysis, us may be required ; nnd h:s
charges will vary accordingly.
References: Gtinnell, Mmturn & Co.. Prof. J. Revere, M.
D..W. C. RedSeld. Esq.
We have employed Mr. Hodge to perform some chemical
analyses lor ns, und from the exact manner in which they were
executed, we ran cheerfully rccoi.inieuil his services to t!.osc
requiring such work. A. B. SANDS & CO.
New-York. June 1. 1SH. jc2 eodtf
[iT* AVnter Ctirc.-.I Shew. M. D. nn suthor on Wa?
ter t 'ure. 2Sci Fourth-st, is ready to \ i>it Ins friends and otheis
who enre to be treated medically withuut drugs. Water Cure,
for etlicucy. i? a ?j.tem w ithout a parallel iu tlie healing art.?
Most cases, if not u It. can be :l? weh treated in private dwell?
ings a? elsewhere. The poor advised gratuito i>ly. j>2 3m*'
n.y-)N?n'tl? American Phalanx, Monmouth Co
N. J. (Addres. I^cdsviile, P. O. I 3? nnlcs trotn New-York, v in
iteamboatORUS. troin Pulton Market to Bed Bank dail] dur?
ing tbe summer. Mr. EDWARD GILES is the accredited
Agent of the Phalanx in New Yuri;, nnd mny be consulted on
?t? business from 3^j to 6 o'clock P. M. a*, his re-ndeiicc. No. Ii.'
Walker st. jyl3m
SKVBSTU Warp Bank. New. York. June 2-i. 1844.
[ry~ Dtvtdcnd.?The President and Directors hasethi*
dtiy declared ? dividend of two nml one hull (*U?i percent,
fiom the profits ol llie lu?t .ix months; puyahleon und alter the
2i\ of July. B) ordtr of the Board,
j.jyiw A. S. FRASER, CVhrer.
?A Treatise on the Nature, Tendency und Consequences of
our present Monetary System: with a plan lor iu effectual and
beneficent reform: rs published tor the Public and Author by
W. H. GRAHAM, luu Nassau-street. New-York : Burgos 4i
Stringer. 2?2 Broadway, do. l'rrce S4 per hundred, six cents
a copy.
The only.object of the Author being to secure the Reform
herein proposed, the work u published at h:> cost.and the pub?
lic will only pay tor printing the copies which they may re?
quire. All irtends.il honest, steady, prosperous business, and
of fully employed, well rewarded la'xir. are earnestly request?
ed to aid in extending the circulat on of mis pamphlet.
je24 DU _
{XT' Summer Hstt*.?We invite the particular atten
turn of Ueutlerocn to our dark drab Summer Hats, an article
i now very popular) exceeding light, and of a beautiful fabric.
ieJ9It is Fashionable Hatters. 2U1 Broadway.
BT- The Books of Subscription to the Capitol
Stock of the New-York and Erie Railroad Co. are now <nien at
the Ollioe of the Company. No. 31 Wall-street, between tbe
hours of 10 and 6. WM. M- GOl'LD. Secretary.
New-York. April 24th. 1S44 oifc
!Or Cotton Canvas. fXiJIPRISINO HEAVY
PER KELTLNt.'S. J2 to72 inches wide: BAM.LM.. plain
tirii! twilled. -JS and 44 inch. Also. Grain and Meal Bags. 2S
?rod 8 bushels. Portaleby _.... muim
Z7f6mis _ S7 Beaver street.
[ry- Tlie Dally Tribune.?City subrcribers who
would prefer paying for six mouths or a r?r, rather th?n be
c.itied upon for pay by the carrier from week to werk, may
hrmd in their names and receive r?t~ipts at the publishing
ofiice. Subscribers who do uot receive t eir pai>?rs regularly
At an eaily hour, are requested to girr early uoticeal the desk
of the piiitlisbjipg cilice.
At B-mkryu, on Monday even.nr. 1st infant, hr Rev. B. T.
Snear, Be*. SaMih. Pa bk im of Ithncn. N. V. to Mi? Ri
run I.. Field, "i Brooklyn.
(in the i th of June. by hk Huin.r the Mayor, Mr. Ftu?? is
K Browse. S.T. F. D. to Mrs. [Unnau COX. n'l of tint
M Richmond, V*n mi the 2><h ult. hy Rev J?. H. Dnvn.
Mr. John B. Tt TTLr, Ol New- York, to Ml- M_T L. Show
of Richmond.
Jolr 3d, Alice, wife ofEbeoexer Seelcy, anil daughter of
the late J"lm I. i.l nrr.
Jotr 1st- nf inflammation <.f th* brain. AsAUtci II. Make.
need 13 rearm.
On the lit instant, of consumption, Mrs. OaoesVty,
30 **nr..
At Cincinnati. 25th of June. MicajahT.Wili.1ami*. (bt
many yeanCanal Commissioner, and one of the mo.; useful
v v onkers, on the 3 th ult Mrs. Elizabeth Grosuox. in
Keif Blth year.
VtCi M it ille, St .l.iseiili Co Michigan, June 10. Hon. Lu
Ttu: r F. Si kvk.ns. need GO years.
l*a*>,eiiitcis Arrived.
In tkeskip Samuel Rick? from Liverpool? Gen Wm Bay
r.-.i..: } ork, Mr Peter Garstenscn and imU oi Hamburg?234
ste*rnrc. I
/.: irr- iJcnrr.tra from AVari.'fl.'?Isakore Arvix.
Passengers Sailed.
In the 'h:i> Oneida fir Havre?Ma I! Curtis, Mr? Palmer.
M ?? Pi : er. G H Edwards, F A Wood worth, E J Jena Re
mod ol NYork: J Simla. u S Consul to Leghorn, ladr. two
child ''Ii nndservnnt- W tri \ ' '?:' i -.veil and Ceo W Clark. US
Navy; l.t A STaylnr.dn; W W Jlontiri m?ry nfphilaoelphia:
\i*v? Menangeanilady, Bristol, Rl: M Haurnt, N Orlesms;
Dr Ceo L Nicholson, V?: 85 Hobeb and lady, Jamaica; Leon
Wilier, France.
Tux Suit. I Thr Monti I FullSra.
Rtses..4.*4-Se:.s..7 33J Mora.? 45 I Morn ... .1 59
La; t.- r inTIs,
London.lone 8 I llnvre.June 'J
Liverpool.lui.e 4 I \ew Orleans.June 24
_T" S c e Last P :i g e .
A rri v*ed<
Pacl.it shiy Satin:"! II ??k . Petiiser, !rom Liverpool, mibe to
I! Kernel. Sailed in co with ibip i! snry Kiieelniid. Andrews,
I .r .\ York.
Sh .? Ilognrth, Redman. 23 ds from NOrleans. mdseto Wm
Vt Illli.H-lt.
Bng Demerara, Blancbard,8ds fm Neuvitas. suinrnnd mo.
!itsses t.i Hull oi i Iwen. Lefi baik t lalifornin, loading for New
\ ork. Sinlni in company with bark Isabella, Beanie, tor Ma
tanzas. i >n tr.e second day nfthe passage out, Aimer Hacken
..I .\ew York, seaman, lei) Iron, the fore topsail-yard, struck
on Ihe rail a id died instantly.
British !>rc Arethusa,-, from Windsor, NS. pltt.ter to
Brig ? ?bten, Brown, 9 d< fmtn Machias, lumbar to Smith ii
Sehr Statesman, Wass, 11 ds fm Machias, with lumber to I
F Snow. _
Ship Canton, from New Orleans, and a British bark from
Liven* ml.
Brig Wakulla, h.r N< Irleans, mid other?.
tO" Price 50 cents per Bottle.?The chicl virtues
. 'In- Tr Bopherous or medicated compound an?
1. Us bracing, trengtlienins and clarifying qualities;
2. Its gently stimulating the action of Hie -kin;
It. Its producing and encouraging a reaction in the bulb or
root.and particularly in the pulp, which receives the vessels
and nerve, giving hi'- and vigor to the hair.
4. Its equalizing the circulation of the fluids;
5 Itsfn.ii'the-km from the effects of perspiration, scurf,
and dandrifT, anil disposing the lour ro curl:
6. And its frequent use will preserve the huir in beauty and
health to the latest period uflile.
Cratuii. advicegiven mi alt diseases connected with the
hair, at the Hair i lutung Rooms.
140 Broadway, corner of Liberty st up stairs. jei* Imis
03"* GentlesneitN Summer Huts.-Bird's styles
of Summer Hats, comprising the latest patterns, exceedingly
light and beautiful, are now ready. BiRI),
jcl??wis* corner of Pine und Nassau,
J. W. OODGB, .Miniature Painter,
12b" Hknuv-stkkmt. ml7 3mu*
1ST Or. Phlnitey'st Family Pills constant!)
Sir sale by A. It. &. D. SANDS. 7:> Fulton street, 273 Broad
way, and 77 Fast Broadway je-'i rim*
ro- Board, Transient hikI Permanent, :.i
5-1 Bond st. jids lmis
- At Rossvillk, IStaten /.-/?.nr/,j
On in.- Pssitrfn of July.
The follow tie Kteambi nt. will leave V. Y >rk for thr Fair:
Iren pend. ore, from Pier .No. I .V R fat hah past '? A. M.
Mount Pleasant, from me foot of Vesejt street, at S A. M ?
stoppln? to take Panamaers at I'liiton. Stapleton, t'ompkins
v. \'ew.Brightoii, Factory vile. Port Richmond, Chelsea,
and ruft's Landing. Fare one shilling each was
H ?t tiiii, ironi iiic foot of Barclay street, uuarter before fl
A. m.
South Aitiencn 'winch leaves Pier No. I at half past 9 A.
M. will a Unstop for hall an hour on her excumon nimmd
Stuten Island.
file Lnilies' Ten-Party.
Jit the Evening teilt h. k >d tit the Residence of
The House und Grounds ? ih be brilliantly illuminated, and
a fine display ol Fireworks will close Uic Festival. .\ Band ol
.Music Will be in nttendxnce.
An Evening Excursion will be made by the Splendid Steam
boat Mutual Sajctytulhe Ladies Tea>Party nail r^-to-..'
Uosrin? tin- to .i ..t \in.reel, a; quartet unslfi, t.anal street
at ball past 5. Dunne street at quartet before tl, and Pier No. 1
!.Nott:i Riven at 6--stopping nl Stnpletnn, Totnpkinsville.
New-Brighton. Port Richmond, Chelsea, and Tult's Lauding.
The boat vei I leave Rossvilteto return at half-pa*t9, binding
the visitors nt the uhiive.nieiitionel pl-ees. hurrfrum .\'i ic
York 3S rfi-. raelt uau; anil IS}< ets. eaeh Wag from t!i< other
V/LE*PTER EXPRESS. 1XJ BfiSTON..fi-om Nn.8Bmed
street. New.York, where letters will he received until ball piot
4 P.M. Pnstago 3 rents each, may he paid here or on de?
livery ; stamps, ?4 per hundred. Boxe? for the Depositeol
Letters, before! o'clock, P. M. amat
S, South street, 18 William street,
?jltl Pen rl street, 46 Pine-sL cor. William-st,
No. I Franklin scjttnre, 64 Cedar street.
No. 4 Chatham square, Aster House,
Tribune Office, Chatham-st Express tufice. 113 Broadway,
No. 7 Coenties slip, corner Wmer-slieet.
64 Wall street, corner Pearl street.
Northeni Hotel, comer IVesi and Courtlandtitreets.
&ai Sooih street, corner Rutgers.
OVERT* i.N lb CO. trust by a faithful discharge of 'he busi?
ness, to receive n chare ol public patronage._ ji3 3i*
1 FALLS, CANADA, &e.-Just published and for tale ?I
the Map and Geographical Establishment, No. 153 Broadway,
pre- 7i cents?THE TRAVELER'S HAND-HOOK Full
OF CANADA?Containing brief accounts ol tin; Towns,
their Public Buildings, ami other objects of interest. Natural
and Artificial Curiosities, Historical Memoranda, Modes ol
Conveyance. Tables of Distances by Railroad. Canal. Mage,
mid tiiver Routes in every direction ; ihc ? hole arranged on a
new plan, by winch every interesting object on the leading
routes is liroui.-lit into view,_with colored Malis, &c.: By 11.
t;.'Ijinner^_It" '1'. It. TANNER. 153 Broadway.
THE subscribers have now on band an exi snsive anii choi :o
seh ction ol1 arpeti >gs, from a low-priced Ingrain, tu the
richest mid most costly descriution or Brussels, Saxony, Royal
'.Viiioit, Velvet, Turkey, Axmimternnd Tapestry
Also, Floor < hi Cloths of the le.iti'st and nt'ist splendid ;eit
!sr:i- and colors.
Also. French ued English Bookings, Driiipet., Felt Carpet,
inc. I!u^> of the richest descriptions : French embossed Table
nod Piano Covers, AiC. fcc all nf which will In: 'old nt lower
pr.ces than at any similar establishment m the city.
?' W. smi th & COMPANY.254 Broadway.
Oppos t" the t 'it; I Inii, 2d door below Stew art iL t 'o.'s extcn
sive Dry Goods Store._ jy3 Zwis*
The most lihrraj discount made to the Trade und to Agents,
for Cash en/.v. This splendid Engraving havn . since iu
publication, ?????u submitted to the ncid criticism of the coun?
try, is now universally acknowledged tu be the only tierleci
and satisfactory portrait of Mr. Clay ever published, which es?
tablishes it aa the STANDARD LIKENESS ol its lUltstrioUi
Mr. Clay's Opinion.
I consider the portrait of me, by Mr. J. W. DODGE, us nn
admirable one, und excelled by no other likeness of me that I
fmrr ercr sein. The Engraving from it. now before me, by
H. S. Sadd, is executed with petieci fidelity and with great
elegance. 11. CLAY.
fVashtnaton Ctf*. JtpritdO. 1S44.
The above Steel Plate Engraving, also a tine lithographic
copy <-l the -nuie picture, sold wholesale and retcil at the Pub
lishtnir Uttice. 125Nassau-street.
N. B. Copies ready framed in various styles, at the lowest
AN.. Dodge's unrivalled likeness off.eneral Jack-on lor sale.
Together w ith nil the cheap and populur Publications of the
duy^_ m'Ja 3uos*
HLNRY CLAY"P.AH;ES.-BaiL-es with a foe er.craved
likeness of llnrrv ..f the \\'e>t. also Temperance and Ame?
rican Republican Badges with a tine engraved likeness of
Washington, beautifully printed on white satin ribon, for sale
nt Winnies, No. 1 CourUamil sireel. cornet of Broadway.
LiVN<; BRANCH BOA It IMN'C HOCSE. froutiui: the At
Inotic < iceun.? The subscriber resfiecifully informs tne
public, that this House u now "-.?en for the reception of com?
pany, under the BMOMement i f Mr,. Fercusun. It sea batn
iag, sea breezes, a quiet house, und to, d accommodations, are
recommendations, the public may be assured of finding them
at this House. JOHN H< IPPER.
L-ng Branch. N. J. July 3.1*44 _jy3 lm?_
.as* FOR SALE?A dark buy Horse, that ha- always
*^\_-?^ been in private use?accustomed to double and
io?-V,, unsle harness, and an excellent lany's saddle horse.
z_CZ_i Inquire of GEORGE J. CORNELL.
j>-3 rft*__Hi tVail^treet,
Fi ill SALE?A benuliful Budduic I^it on the south side of
15th street, between 5th and t;th Avenues Apply to
jj-3 lvv 7 Broad st. neur Wall st. N. \.
LOST, A POCKET or Memorandum Book, eontmnin:
Bills and ntJierpapers.aiid a Nnteol hand drawn i.r Jau..>s
Wood for Sl?j The pap-r. are of no v^lue except to the
owner. A sit table reward nnd the thanks of the owner
will lie eivcn on leaviot the B nik at The Tribune office, or at
jj-31vv DAVID TAPP AN S. 44J Grand-street.
LOST?A pair of Gold Spectacles, supposed in or near the
Custom House or in the vicinity of Jefferson market;
Whoever may have found them will be liberally rewarded by
bavins them at No. 9b'I llintoti place._jj 3tt."
?_rT' T( k WANT LI I?On moiUnce of a very desirable im
JJ5 I O*/proved prej^-rty worth three time, mat sum. and
Mtuaud atOnbbs Ferry on the hanks of the Hudson. Apply
jy3 Iw_near V\ all street._
PL ANE .M AKERS WANTEI>--Six or eight good work
nisn at various parts ol the businesci, can have constant
employment mid the highest prices going, in one of.the plea
s mtest shops :< ihe I'nitevl States, with stettm power anil eve
rr imssible facility for executing works with ease and speed?
Apply to J. HAMMOND. New Haven, Ct._It*
BuY WANTED?A Boy from 14 tn 16 years of age. of in?
dustrious and sober habits, is wanted in a store No. 214
Fult >n street, up sturs. But ?mall compensation will be given
jy3 u* _,_
WANTED?By. n roung man who has had fonryears ex
perience. a situation as 1 lerk in a Wbo'esale Comnus
sioM S'ore or 1 jiwyer's t ifK'-e. He would use every exertion
lor Hs employer's mtere-t. The best of references given. A
not- addressed to 11. L. N. at this office, will receive imm- finite
WANTED?A womnn from 3D In 35 years of age. who nn
stnnds rieures. can give a first rate recommendation for
honesty nnd who i? willing to make herself useful in r. small
family. Impure at the store ol H. R. GRAY, corner of Cathe?
rine and Madiwn sis._j3 2t*_
WANTED?Bv a respectable young woman, a situation
in a small family, she would be willing to make herself
saaersjlf useful, Apply at 3$ DtYHiw-tt* w llw rwi jr?s*
.Tust PublUhed,
BY THE ?n il. ,|{ op
" Three Ex-penm-ir- nf Living.Phe Huguenots in France
ami America. &zr. &_.r. i v.,|. trurk 50 cents
Every r>-r,..n won t-.ke. tip tin. volume will rend it with in.
tercet. Tbe authorspeculiar power ..i Narrative erol tump
?n trie memory the ineidents nr.d with the ireident. the doc
Inn?. Tli- Volon? will thin beenoie what tin. nu'h.ir intended
it should !??_?. " The tiu d.? I. I'.-fulnao and Happiness."
AL? tilg, hr Dr. L 11. rre*en.*i?. trith a pretace ay LeLne.
edited beBullock l>oL ltrtno. Paper cover55cent*.
APPLIED CHEMISl RY in tri?. Manufactures and D..mes
?,r Ecnn .mr.r.; red by E. A. Pumeil. 1 vol Bvu?plates. ?1:
I I IE CHRISTIAN LNSTRUCTED in the Wan nl the Go*.
ted and the Church, hr Rev. J. .4.. j;p#nPt,r i,-,,,0 e| -13.
LECri'RES "V THE I'HCI.' fl ,n England and Am-rics
Hy J.ihn I), t Ifilbr. D. D. I ? nl. ISmn 73 a i U
D. APPLETUN ? C I. Pohlsbers,
jt32tis_g-j Bowl ?ay.
ifj- This is a delishhtful Story nl female character, which
will nod nbt me*t with treat popularity. It inn I'aleofEng
Ii-h life, .-.ud admirably illustrates the in Poof the title page?
*' Why what n wilf i!. ws ;u ird thing i? Woman!" The au?
thor'-, i- not unknown to tame; ind ihe present work will in?
crease i:rr repi tation. The Engl ->i jiiurnais highly commend
i'. WM. I!. CULVER. Pnblrsher.
jy2 2th .N...:
THE (T'LTIVaTOR for july.
The Ju!v inpiiher ofthii popular Agricultural Journal i< now
ready nt M. H. NEYVM IN'S Book Store. 199 Broadway.
Among z- :.t i ariety nfarticles, including almost every sub
j?ct .it interest to the Fanner and t.arde.icr, will be Ibund arti?
cle, on Agriculture in Sehn ???'I he Apple Worm?Cultureof
tne Rasp berry, Currant and Gooseberry? Effect of Drouth on
plant?Improvement in Pei cing?TraihingtGrapes, ? th illus
tralinruv?Implements tor Cultivating Com and other lu.e.1
crops?Principles of Breed inc?Culture and presentation of
Pumpkins?State of Agriculture in Ireland?The Settler inn
New Country, HC. kr.
" The Cultivator .?" says the Auburn Journal, " by all com.
parisoa the i-e*t ngrieuhcraj paper in the Union."
Back r.iimle-r- an ! volume, iorsale, and subscriptions rcceiv
ed at 19.? Broadway; _ _j2 3ti,
Recently Publabed.
(i li, R A L r H A N I" VI CTO 1 R E
By Madame Gu sot: from the French, by Samuel Jackson.
One elegant volumeofoOOpages, with illustrations. Ssventy
tive cents.
"This volume of biographical incident, is a striking picture
of juvenile hie Tonil that numberless class of youth who are
pacing through ti.eir literary education, whether in boarding
reboots or sea demies, in the collegiate course, or the prepare to.
ry studies connected with them, we know, nothing more pte
Ctsely lined to melinmte their character*, and direct their
course, subordinate tothe higher atitbontj <.i Christian ethics,
tiiuntht. excellent delineation of"! he Y?ung Student." by
MadameGuizot. It is a perfect red setting uurror, in which tlie
winde race may behoM the irresolution, the impetuosity: and
tue dnnhedieni tendei tries of their own heir'., as exemplified
in iii.. lu-tort of llnliih. and the moral dating thguitv and tri?
umph exhibited by V clor. But it.- not Use son alone wh is
taught by Madame Guiro;?every lather also, who ba< chil?
dren ?M miller the age ol inanhood, nndeven'grand pa*.'can
derive rich edification from the example of Ralph's father and
Victor's guardianship, t he French Academy were correct in
their judg nenl when they pronounced Madame Guixnt's Stu?
dent the beat b mk of the year. N Y. Cotir. and Enq.
D. APPLETON & O >. Publishers, 3m Broadway.
C'HEAP READING.?The tertn. ol subscript. t^. the
'ItOsvcry Cireuattiiig Ltbr ry have lesui reduced one hull.
viz: For one year from g<5 to 3: for six month*; from S3 SO to
SI 7? : for three ipootSs. from i- to I : for onemontn, from
-1 tost) cents.
Books let to noii lubscrihers nt t"1, cents per volume for the
usual ?i7.C. or L"i cent, lor octavo or I irgesixe. For new works
three days allowed : tor old works one week.
This Library now contains 6.U00 volumes in the various de?
partments oi literature, and is constantly reeeii mg additions of
all the new works, tisgetbsr with the foreign and American
iseriodicnl. u? puld -le d.
Soh-criiiers to tIis? Library will be entitled to n greater
amoUIII ami variety of read n^ than can be obtained from any
of uic periodical cheap publications, or any other library k?
same pril e.
I 'a a log'ies may he had nl ihe L brary : [.rice 12 -, cents.
j>3 II. its RAYNOIL 76 Bowery.
I.ISHl It-I'm. 1 j si ut?Price 2.rt-.-P \ V \ E'.-'
Edwards, Esq.? i ins n colleeiusu of Engravings of V.e?s in
a I Countries, i mils ofOieat .Men, imdSp.m<-.I'Works
of Art, ..f nl age* niul ol every character, will Im> published in
Monthly Parts, euch containing foiu highly finbbed Steel En
Tat iogs iron, new Pbtes, printed on neini quarto paper, and
? i! ..? accompanied ?Ith B to I j pages le ter-press.
'I he.rentier, nf the I ict?rial sVorld t -r one ve in will be
presented with yV.r.r I'rtmniui.i. See Prir.pe.-rin )
jyl StawSwii 118 Nassau^treet, New York.
.1 K. MU.LS .V. CO.
.Vo. 109 Fulton-Si, .W/c Yurk,
Having enlarged th-ir establishment Hre no?e prepared to
riimisli any nmiiber to Order, and would respectfullyci.il tlie
attention of tlie pubbc.tn the unoarallelled improvement and
decioed advantages Uli?Clock ha-over all other 11 nc-Keep?
ers how iii u?e.
The great improvement in the Time Part eonststi pnsci
r.-eapcinei.t. ans) in the Regulating Meti.m, which mnv he
called a Rotary or Torsion Pendulum. The Ball is fiiui and
a-half inches in diameter?ol a globular form ami hollow, ami
uispended by a iteel spring; near tno npner.end iifthespring is
an arm in the llirir ol Si nun-: therevolvingof the ball twists
the-pring. mid nuss 'h" arm to perform it't arc. acting upon
and receiving the impulse from the Swing-Wheel by mc ins of
a lever comiecieil witn the \rio and the Pallets or Escape im i ??
wbiclt impulse is carried through the Spring to the Bad, and
keeps it in motinn I hesvring in a quiescent state i* kuigcvtj
tiv its being twisted either tray from that state is ?hoiteneil ?ml
tho nail inatle in rise, returning hy the reaction of the spring,
uik' the f ece of gravity receiving the impulse I rum the main
laming power tit each return.
There i? an irregularity existing in the common Pendulum,
by a loss ol power arising from an increase nl friction, thereby
lessening the impulse given to it, und sltortening the ate ol its
ribmUons. if it mt a.ore true line in an arc of fair degrees, it
will gain ten second, B day bv whrrit ng in an arc ol three de
grees; ?o that hy an increase of friction and loss of power,
wmch i* always the case, it wUI gam lime
Anv difference of friction or maintaining never in this
Clock, will tu t affect the lime given by this Pendulum: us rev.
oiutions or vibrations are let'dered pettec'ly i*,a hnnnl, hy the
influence that tt.e torsion nl thespnng has in its reaction upon
the lone oi gravitv of the ball. The different degrees nf teni
pemture do not affect the time given by ibis pendulum. 'Ihe
tune it would in-e by the expansion ol the spring in length r*
accurately counteracted by tue tune it gums hv its expansion
in width and thickness. The improvement in the Sinking Patt
eonsisu principally in the application of a Rotary Hammer.
Each purt of this i 'l ck is driven by a spring equal tn seven
pounds of weight, fur a beut fifty.four weeks, with once wind
1-'. That very httle can- M required in retting it up, in con
sequeni.: its not being ro In: hie to be put out ol bent us other
2nd. It requires n " Oil on the Pallets or tcttli of the Swing
Wheel, there being on friction hes ween them, and the number
of the .evolutions of the Swing- Wheel are sixty times less, or
in other words is sixty years in making its many revolutions
as the thirty nine i/ash or second Pendulum < lock does in one
year. Audit requires more than fifty tune.* Its* maintaining
power; consequeu?y n very large am' unt less of friction and
weal, tlinn in other Clucks; n:;d therefore tne nsotion much
in-.re regular.
3d. It will rim one year with once winding-op; is ?ilent.
other ttinn striking the hour: is simple, ensiij autusted ami
regulated; and w hen so, the time will nor he altere : a* in other
t !hickt, by the difleTenre of leiuperatura the de i-.tv of the air.
or by an increase ol friction, as It perltinns Its movements al?
ways in ihe rente or i qual time.
Tltese clock, have n??w been in operatlnn ab tut tluee year*,
Oneof them was placed in the rooms ol the American Insti?
tute, in the City of New-York, in May, '841?teas exhibited
at the Fair in October that year, and a Medal awarded with
the inscription tlitit it was a very ingenious piece of nrtecnanism
It was then left with ? nie of tlie ev mining Committee until
lbs next Annual fair of the Institut? in (?einher. 1M2.
Btid aga n exhibited nl the Fair?and evun.ned by n Commit.
teeofscieiitiiicgeiiteiii.il. am! awarded a second Medal with
the inscription that it had he. n fully testet).
.5. R. ?I. ec CO.
Have on hand and intend keeping a constant ?unp'y of Man
tel (.'locks of a variety of patterns, with und without gins*
?hade?. running from one mouth or thitty three days, to one
venrorUiree hundred and seventy-five days, with oi;-e wind?
ing; also large Tune-Keeper* tor Banks. Churches, Public
Houses. Ace. running a year with once winding. And will
also manufacture to order. Turret, ateepe, or fown Clocks,
running from one montli to a year.
June 3rd, 1SIC _jy31m
FOR SALE?A House am! I or. situated in the pleas,
act end thriving village ol Kjnderhook. i Columbia I
_The House i- ??> by iO feet, one and a h ilf stones high.
contains five room., fgosxi size.)with kitchen aUacbed and
cellar beneat'i. together with a good garden, well supplied
with fruit of various kinds ; also a lot of two acre-, no which
;. a Stable. For further information apply toT &c G. S. Lai.
venport, 17*1 WasUsUrOSn-st, or Win B. Shaw. KtiideriiiMil..
ird lw-_
FOK SALE OK Tu l.KT-T < []
ing Saloon. ,'i?l Broadm ay. corner of I'uane -tree!? >ne
ol the best establi-bmenta of tint kind in the city. It will
be sold low for cash, or let to n giesl tenant on a lease of one
or five years, and possession given on tbe 15th Jidy. when the
present leaseegpiies; Fur terms, apply to HENRY A. Bt UK.
173 VVnler-streel. _j?3 JtV^
tQA. FUR SALE-II ?l'.P.S- FERRY ? A ;.e?t t.'roun.!
-rJ^S? cntuintng l23 b> 33u te?r. with a House. Work-in IP and
1 <rntil?< thereon.with II three minutes walk of the .'earn,
hoat landing, ami bcautiluily -ituatci! on the Bank? of the
llilds.ni Riser?tli-tiuialiiig? are new. the workshop ?uituble
for a carpenter ot cabinet maker, and could he converted into
a dwelling house. There are rive room, to the Home, with a
kitchen attached and good eel Lai For term, apply to
jy3 Iw .No 7 Broad st. near ?\ all St. N. Y.
.. oitXI acres "I I.an-! in Morgan County, l'eiinessee, be
__twcen ??nnd 5? miles from Nn-hville. The Land :s?aid
to be of good quality, and is located on the main branch ol
(ib-si's River. The title good and lree from incumbrances ol
every kind. Apply to
jr3 Iw No. 7 Broad St. near Wall -t, N. Y.
?S? FOR SALE?Several vahmble Farms in Dutches!
County, near tbe viiloae of Rhine beck. Ann Is to
-^=- AN l'tli IN Y J. BLEECKER &. Co.
jyd Iw_7 Broad st. near Wall st. N. Y.
ass-- FOR LIVERPOOl^-Pneket of 6th July-The fa*t
?-^wVsailing Packet Ship EMMANUEL. Cantain Savke.
B HC will sm! punctually on Saturday, July 6th. bei regular
oaj ~ Persons wishing a cheap passage to the old country, will
not fail tn make early application, nhe m-mber being hunted,i
on board at pier 3 North River, or tn
7ti South street, corner Maiden l.ntie.
Persons wishing to send lor ihetr friends can have them
brought out in any of the regular hue. -ailing on the l?t. 6th,
11th, ltith. 21s! and 2rJth of every month. Those about remit
ting money, can be furnished with fjrafu for any amount
parable in all the post towns ut Great Britain and Ireland.
The " Henry bliss" will succeed the " Emmanual," and -ail
on the 12th gosL_jy 'J
FOR GLASGOW?Regular Pacfcct-The Packet
wjVyVShip ADAM CVRRwnl sad fur Glasgow on Saturday
S-^fiiV^the Kth July, and can very comCrtably accommodate
a tew cabin on ?sengen nt moderate rates, if early application
be made on board toot of Dover street, or to
? W. it J. T. TAPSCOTT.
.a s-nnth .tr.ef. enrner .>ln'den Lane.
Person? a-i-htng to send for their friends to uny oart of Scot
land, can have them drought out on very fiivora' le term*.?
Tli.?>? about to remit mm.ey can be supplied with iJraiu.
payable in all parts of Scotland, on applicn?i.m a? above. _ Ji 3
FOR QUEBEC?With I>ispntcii-The A I British
ship ARABIAN, Capt. IUtsxr, will sail a? a hove.?
;For freight or passage apply on baard. f.-otof Dovet-st.
76 South street, comer Maiden I.ane^
[RON W1RE-A fu!l assortment. for,sa!e by
\ jrft5tJj^^\Cl?li ? J^yl-it'it. 107 Wumtt,
VT IBLO'8 GARDEN; corner nf Broadway nnd Pr.nee-'t
_1 .New. York.
Tl>- entertiimme nts /ire under rh? role direction of Mr. MlT
CHILL. I'.* n, open at 7, Entertainment? commence at 5 pre?
THIS EVENING. Wednesday. Jo!)--I, th-irntertainments
will rornjnence with a translation ol Dtwaetu'i Optra en?
The CbiM oflhe Regiment
Crenade, a veteran Sergeant ol the 31?! .\|r. Niekiasoo.
Loowitz, Steward tn Marchioness ol Berkcrartcld.Ur. Holland.
NairhlooeMiof Rerkentield.Mr* llardwtck.
Duenessofl rackenthorpe.Mr. Wans.
Marat, the Vtrandiere_.\t.?. Taybir
\i ?!!?? end ..f th? rir?: ?r uf the Op-m. tn iriterm anon ?'!'
th.rty Dumtes.
UimHiaielv after the t de.-rni.. ort. MKRR K< ?UPON.W.
the celebrated H-heim-n I lancer, will appear and, ?-:ti >ri
PAULINE DESJ YKDiNS. will o-rforrn t.,P Parisian Dance,
K_rTicki ?. Fifty Cent*. No postponement at this establish?
ment on iccuid <>r" rner. jj/3
ol Adroirarron! Universal \pnlnuse a,r tt.e VYooderfid
Frenchmen : w -e tale.xceed* all belauf.
r ..r rlc> E'e~int Spam-o.!?,
Dit!.:t?;:ivt!" P'.-n-ore -t :|. ,;t;? .?.! lieit'ht firrhc most
Whose c ?trage and ' nohed excellence, draws down thunders
ol IoimI approhetion* ! 1!
The>e rnafini?ceni Artists are .eirnced lot
Two nighta nr re, TUE"-D \Y AM) WEDNESDAY,
JULY \ s\i >.
E_y- for particulars M*e b j I. of the day.
Admittance r.i tne whole 15 Cent?,
Great preparation* making for the 4th. j>2 2t
Doors open at half-iwt 7?r. ribf-rainee to commence at 8.
Wi 1 make hrr last appearance bat tine previous to her depar?
ture for Eitn-pe.
WEDNESDAY. JULY 3iLwill be presented Ii.?;, cele?
brated ' Ipera nf
[?nkolla.Mad. Cinti Iinmnreau.
Elvira.Mist Bmilard.
Zalraa.Sie. Albert >/,?'.
Litidi.ro.Sijr. AntoeniKt.
Mnstafta.Sig. Yat'ellina.
Tadeo.Sig; Sanquirico.
Haly ..-. Sur. Mayer.
N. B.?The Is. \ i iilic-e i. now open every day during the
wrek. from 10o'clock \ M. until 4 o'clock P.M.whenseats
may be .ernred for the t ipein. jy3
Wednesday and Thursday, July 3*4 and \lh.
Or TltK
/; THIOPE A .V S /?; R E .V.I DE RS,
Pint night of THE OLD VIBGINNY STATE, a Parody
on " The < lid Granite Slate." as ?uns by the Hutchinson*.
Fir-, night of ON YONDER IUI.I. REPOSING, a Parody
on " Frn Diavolo."
First night .if THE VVILD GOOSE NATION, n new
First night of DIAN VB'S A LADY, a Parody on "Lila's
a Lady."
First night ol DIS CHILD'S TAMB< IRLNE.
The whole accompanied with the Accordion, Banjo, Congo,
Tarn bo and I), ice t lastinets.
There will be two entertainments, commencing at half-past 2
in the afternoon, ami quarter past 8 in the evening.
For particulars see programme.
fearne.t request of a large number id" ladies an : gentlemen,
a series iif these concerts, m fashionable and popular in Pan.,
will !?? given during the present summer at the Metropolitan
Rooms, 699 Broadwaj. commencing sec on Tuesday in June.
Vocal and Instrumental performers "I th? :';r>t respectability
will lie engaged, and every exertion will be made to ensure the
highest deirreo of intellectual and social enjoyment. Subscriu
lion* lor the season, to: single tickets 6d cents; yearly sub?
scribers to the Metropolitan, the season, 'ir> cents siegle
ticket. Subscriptions limited. Subscription book now open at
3H* Broadway. By order of the ('ommittee.
i\ PETUAl FAUL?Corner of Broadway and Ann-street,
opposite the '..tor Mouse.
P. T. Rarmvm_.Proprietor.
F. Illii iii i.ru .? Manager.
./'//// 1st, 2nd und ',]ril,
At half-past 3 in the aP*mo.m, nn.l * m the -vetting.
In i "reation ! COLO CH IPPlN :
A oil vi: of the "Hid Dominion";
\ N Ii ' ? -. I, V 27 INC M E S H IC II!!
Is engaged for a lew day*, ami may i?t seen thmuehout the
I - FOUR tND SIX YEARS ?'Lll.^ep
Jnstarrived from Europe, and who were received with such
bursts nf applause last, svswk. null .mum appearta ilco nd
mired Sbngs and Dances.
I.a-t week of
Tb?y run / !? seen tnon !H o'clock A. M.lPl 1; !'rotn2!il!
half-pasl I, and Ironi 7 till 10 o'clock. P. M.
Lost week ol
i )ne of whom is a
Together with
Mr. \\'est?rn. Ori-ut rV'oitern. Arc. are eot-air?il.
iX)Mli: OLIO, V \.\|<i E El IURTSHIP, Ccr.
ORE \ l' PREPARATIONS nr.- making Cirthe 4th.seve?
ral new ll'.vefties and attraction, being already engaged.
rCJ'~ \.!m:-oouti. tne whole 25 cent?-children under 10 years
hail price. jyl
On STE KM HATCrilNti KXIllitl I ION, :?'> Broadway,
i 'pen from 9 A. M to Sui.su. Tickets35eentt? Cliiklreu,
l*j'j cents. jet'?tini-*
1> KY?Broadway, opoosite the i ity Hall.
Mr. II. Bknnktt. Mnnager.
Under the direction of tins Manager, who represents one ol the
principal characters, and maintains that tin. is the
As every person is provided with a RED HOT ONE.
Beim; thre?* inc-ies ?horter than
A 'II A \T!>S -i|.\" t:-"t 1'i^h
All lor t ?NE SHILLING.
Engagemeni ol
Who will introduce a COMIC PANTOMIME.
Mr. W.CONOVER. the Comic Singer,
Mi-s Ri ISA LI E i LINE, the accomplished Song
?tre-s and Danseuse,
LA PETITE ARMEE, pupil of MnnsCbcckeni, and
i ir Penny j VoeaJiia,
Who sing HIGHER and LOWER than any other melodists
in America, iu one of them stand.
Seven Feet High,
and anottier
Twenty-Two IiicIks!
Cy Afternoon Performances every Wednesday and Satur?
day, at 3 o'clock. 'J'o commence in the evening at S: i o'clock.
Admittance One Shilliiur.
Great rneparations are making to celebrate the Fourth with
odcitree ofmagn licence the important occasion requires.
IN CHANCERY?Before the Vice Chancellor of the First
Circuit.?Hutrh Miller en. Lorraia Freeman, LVIward >iun
dy, tt_ al ?A. H. Dana, complainant's Sihcitor.?Lorrain
r/recmai and Edward Mundy: delendatits in tins cause, v. ho?e
places of residence are in theStnte of New-Jersey, by an order
of this Court, madeo I the'.'ith day of June last uas',. are te
mured to appear in tins cause within three months from the
date of .0ni order, or the bill filed therein will be taken as con
fe**ed t>y them.
Albany Argu? pleno cpy._jy3 lnw nv
PARTNER WANTED-A tJetitleioan in the R.?-k Rivet
country. Ill owning a tract ui iand capable ol support.
ing ten to tilteeu thousand sheep. t? desirous of enciicuo.' B
partner to embnrk web mm in the sheep and wool growing
business. ILs loea?i n is unsurpassed for all tnc requisites lor
keeping -beep The region is elevated, ronunandinc a rmw
ot the sorrounding country for the distance ol ten to twenty
miles?Presen ung to the eye some of the most lusiitilul scen?
ery imaginable. Sheep have proved healthy there?showing
?it; increase in weight of !0to 2) per cent on being brought
from from Ohio und l-d ana.
The same gentleman offers for sale ?mther firm, near the
onemantiuned,andlyi .-. also.on Rock River. It is believed
totM one Of the most ue?!nititc situation? in the Western coun?
try, combining nil the varieties of surfsce required for utility,
convenience, or beauty, with land enough fut feediogeixhl ur
ten thousand ?heep. and other stock _m proportion. There is
now native meadow on vsiuch hay ofexeeUeat und nutritious
qunl ty tuny ire cut. equal to wintering tea tnou.<and sheen ?
? in it is a firm house and some fencing. The whole is bounded
on one side by Rock River, and on the other by a never inl?
ine creek of pure water, equal ui dnviag a flouting mill. But
two mite; dt-tant, rs a thriving vtllaee, where may be lound
abundance of shops and useful arttzans. The piace n per
fecily healthy, and fur be.iiiry and scenery u rarely equalled;
and in the hands of n tier-on r.l taste and means, is capable of
becoming perfect for 'lie uselu! nnd ornamental. There is a
g'ove of PU acre, on the place, situated on the baok of Rw:k
River, which -tream. it is believed, will shortly We mode navi
gnhle to the Mississippi.
For further information apply, vost-paid, to the Editor?
or Tttr Ci'ltivaTOR, Albany.
July 1. IS44._J)'J3t is
1*7 ANTED?A tmrttier, or partners, in the Silk Bntintst.
V V A centleman in New Ereland. who has been succensfiilly
encnceil ,n tne Sek Busineas for 7 or S sear*, wishes to remo-e
his Establishment South or South We,t, in view of an en
lamed bu-ine-s Fur th>s purpose be wou'd like to form a
partnership or Joint Stock Company. Amide references siven.
Inquire of D. WOODBURY, ES?.
jv2 3t*_llfi Peiirl-stieel, N. York
WANTED?Place- by 2 Scotch women, with the very best
city reference*. One is a good cook. Apply at No. 47S
Broadway, basement._jyl 3t*
BOARD WANTED?By a eentleman and his wife in a
quiet funnily, or where there are but a few boarders, with
ladies, within ten minutes walk of the City Ha!!. Terms mo
derate. Address P. P.. U. Tribune otlice. _ j>J2lis*_
BOARDING?For Gentlemen, single or with wives, at No.
lSn Sixth avenue, one door below Twelfth-street. The
situation is healthy, the house new, the moms pleasant and
airy, and three lines of stages pass the door. Also. China,
Gloat and Earthen Ware._ie25 7t?
PRIVATE BOARDING.?A genUemnn ond.hrs wile can
tie accommodated with board in an ?sreenble family at 113
Leonard.! opposite 'he Cnrltnn House migt i?tt
Ri KIMS TO LET.?Gentlemen enn he supplied with plea?
sant bed-rooms, at reii-nnable renu, at 539 Broadway.
The He&opoIrtan Circulating Library. Lending; R.?.m and
Che-s-room is o|ien every diiy and evening. Centietu-n shou't1
pair 'ni'-e Thi? est?bl:shm--nt. Terms 44 t^t antuiin.^ atVil u>tf
TWO OR TH REE GENTLEMEN can be aeenmmmiatad
with board, (with or without rooms.) at 43Ch.mbetsst
oppoote the Park._je22 2w*
Ni rTICE.-The firm of STEWART & WRIGHT being
dissolved, the undersigned will continue the Cuttan Bro
keraze busines* at the same place, TuntineJIBuildmgs, Wall.
^conxrefWaUtr-nreet, ^^j^*^
>_ _____ - ? ??<_!
iH.wTi to. *?" \v - i'
L -j.1 SION.?Tii-s;...'ij j.t-in.v-ii' COLUM=
m uggt. BUS. I autain William H. Frn/ee. w.ii. at
ihn request ; ?? arge number nf o':m;< leave New-York
friim the loot uf ('hamhers street rtl -. o,eJoc? A. M on Thor?
lUy moraine,on her tegular trip to Pcelukill. makingnil he
u?uai Landing?, and r*tun.irr. leave Pceksdill a' fVdoes,
P. M. This anansasneot will ?rT.nl pemmuu deinen* of tn
j'ivo e ni delightful Excursion, sti ippurtum:; n;ye.-t.r to any
.dT-rcdfo.-tU day.
Penons denroini of avoiding tie heat and drat of the (*-..
aa I tise confusion and danger inewle it to tiw r?el*t>ratioa nf the
Das-, cant ktmania the Cturnhm -t S o'clock ?, V
ami hunt at itber looker*, i! _ ? r., Doebi Fssrrv.Tafiy
tntvn. S c t?n .?. Grassy I'oini Ye .?? ? r Peektlull, ami
rteit their frieou?. ..r t-.ke a dr4ieb?Ril??r-?ll a ?eher oi iimr
elegant. ill res situated on de tunk? of the a. be. liodsoo, an.'
re*urn refresh* I and invig irn'e.1 ?: season fin Use osore retineu
amu>cm???? of the e.cinng.
The I '?.'n il .ti< will reiur.i to 'he c.tr a"!. ' I lek P. M.
Fare, same at charged daili to same lundmes ft St
"ill ?ICE II' 'LIU ?Y EX-'URSK >X ?
Mi ST ?TEN Hi ?Mi
mhos' .\>w JiT-rr. I'arrtain
my Morning. July -i'h. ?rill lean Barels)
street a' 8 o'clock. Hammond street at Svi. Pier N... 1 X. R
at 8)* and Uarket streeet t.'. tt.i at ami proceed around
State ? Isle .!.
In theaitemoon of the same day. the New-Jersey will m?ke
another .mm. n d win ihe Itm, Vnrm r tin- f?, t i t Itavlnt
?treet ?i S'.VIock. Ilamiuond Street at 3 .,. Pier No, I V R
at 3';. ind Market street k. K j at j'1*. Fare ~u cents fbi
eneh excursion. \ Baudot' Music will boonhoard, Sortable
refreshn ents will be pr iv ded
No Ik.:vi upponuiuty c mid bedesired rsfaipendrngthrs ds>
inaratioual and nopnpr.nto manner. The l?oat s>il| i.a?.
within svrw ?f Sandy H'?'k (Jtht. the Quarantine. Fan i_n
byetU. the National VVorks on Loos Island, and among
seen. >. which .a"-...r hot insoire us with pleasant ami patre tn
emotions, inseparably connected n. Use possession anil enj iy
incut *| then -re with this Both Ii-.- of < nrCountr*. A. a>;
tn-m Ihi* conttdctat on, cad mid invi goreting air. tine leeocis.
agreeable motion, and ?weet m?sse, are tnr preferable to tn.
claronr, crnwd heataad dust which characterize this day in
the city. The New Jene] isc fine boats?a Ladies' Boa' in
,??.=?-???. sickness u aeverexpei ien cert on hoard of her j>22i
??The Low Pre?*ore Steamboat TROY,
im. will !-r.w New Y-.'k t'r.-m the .-'eambi.
Pierai the foot of Barclay-street. Th inday Morning, JulyH.
at .even o'clock, .-n her regular passage i'i Troy.
ok j- -. r 'Iii? n w Low Pressure ?teamboai KM
i'lKi:. I'm BIO S. K K"e Will leave Tr.o
^"it in- -nine morning on her regular iia?vsge
.In? Ii 1.1 >e? ? \ ..|k.
Penonsdesir?u<ofavoMingtbe rVeatand t'it*r? the city,
?.nd the C-ih fn'wn ae.l f' tnyrr incident to the celebrat*on id
Use day, mat t.a a the TROY, land at i sldweB*. IVesl P int.
Vewburgh or Pouthkeepsre. return by the EMPIRE on her
down trip, and reach the city in season to enjoy the morsia
ri.e.nl nfiiUM-iiient. oftlie evening.
For com tort and saiety. these ere n>> hn:.', on the .V,nh
Riverth it can compare with the EMPlREmul TR< >Y. Iliej
are nnde? the command ofoTficen well known tn ihe cithtens
? f New.York for their auentissn and gentlemanly ileia.ruoeni
Those landsrur to nstuni can have no opportunity ol visiting
friends, andspending a sltort lima delightfully on shore: and
nn the passage will have an opportunity oTenjoying the moat
tseauurul scenery oi the Biter, and return m the evening re?
i i:.- i..: the KscursioniOcenlsesch way._ jv'J
?~r- :-v _t TW??GR \\D.\.NIi'ilir\LTilFI LEX
i to ft iMTr?s.i.?Vst iix! THE FOURTH OF
>---?sdr r'_'. JI'I.Y?'hi leiar.l the splendid stenmhoat
MUTUAL SAT'EFY. Gap'ain Davis, will leave the fool
of Amos street at 9 o'clock, f tot of Canal street at V, pa?t y.
foot of Ih.ane-st. nt S i''1"' t'allieime-st. 4 before
IU, f . t of De lance) it, <t 10 .,',-l.v,.k und oser No. 1 North Ri
vei nt |ia>t 10, and '.t ill proceed down toe bay out t" Sand)
Hooltjand out around the Light Ship, return tn Sandy Hook
and give lull nine lot bathing and viewing the Forts and Light
House ami enjoy the aea breeze ; returning to the City ah..ut
t o'clock in the afietm?oo. touching at Fort Uaiuihoneach way
Fare h.r Ihe Excursion, SO cents.
An I've img Excunion will be made hy the splendid Steam?
boat Mutual Safety to the Ladies'Tea Party and Festival,
leaving the tool ".>f lotos -tret at ouartet past S, Canal stiegt
at half-past ?. Duaos street at nunrt-r befisretl, and Pier No. I
I North River) at H?atappiug at Stmpietan, TautpkinsviUt,
Xne Brishtan, I'ort Hichmand. < heuca, nd Tuft's Land?
ing. The hunt will leave Ronville tn return ?t baif-pastD,
landing the visitors at theabove meat rsned places, h'ircfeom
N ic 1 ark '-!?"' rnii< each way : ana 11-, cents eich way/rum
the th r Landings.
A full band ol inu?ic is engaged and will accompany tne
hunt during both exeiirsimi?. _l Litu*
^ l~, g -i''":S l;'"^l!" P'-E SOUTH AMERICA,
Mr. W arskr's Company of Vocalists tngethei with Dial
worth's unrivalled Uta? Band, will give a Grand Miscella?
neous Concert on hoard this splendid Steamer on the above
evening (weather permitting i The boat will leave the f?ol i I
Barels) ?treet, north -ale ferry) nt 7^4o'clock. Ihe St ite Prison
Dock at TV, and Pier No. I North River at 8 P. M. mid pas.
down Ihi Bay.
The acknowledged celebrity of Air. Warner and In. cnmini.
ny, it'll nlxi of Mr. Dtalw.'rth"? Baud, i? a sufficient guarsntee
that the excursion will affiird u musical treat rarely ode red to
'he public.
t lie pieces tn be performed consist nf Glees, Madrigals.
Qnirtctts, IhietL.. M i relies. Sec uf tlie most lively and spirited
chamcter, many of which have never been penormed m this
Tickets f!ir the excursion 5u cents. To !>o hud nt the princi?
pal music stores and mi board. jv3 attsa*
Fl U'U I'll (?F JULY-CEI.EBR VI I ,v>
...-^?1'HESTER hi ''range i ooiilv. ami at IIa.
a np i W ork-, dockland County. The splendid steamboat
ID ll'A will leave New York fiom the fool uf limine .ireet,
at' A. M fit Piermnnt, where* he will connect with the earn
? t the .New Y'-is in ?! I '?? c Ii uh?????'. ?"r Ii.e bi.ve nlaci'.. 'I lie
Uuea will a in leave Sew-Vork et t P. M tnr Piermoot, und
return to tbe Cit] nt9P. M. Persons who tire uuable tolenve
the City in the early part -t the day will find tin. a most agree
ableexcurssHi. F.u thcdiiy?
Between New York and Piermnnt 2i cents.
" " Chaster 87?;
" Ii. ?hell si
jt2 3'n "_" Middletown *1 13%
F?>K SANDY II'IHK and the invVl l!
-It IV?F.??thofJulvGmnd EXCURSION
?Sea Bathing and .--"i Air ?The lioe. sob
si annul and cum.liau? Steamer NEW-HAVEN wdl leave
the foot ol I 'ana: .irc-t si 8 o'ehiek A. M. und i o'cb-ck P. M,
Wilt leave Pier No I. North River. Ibot ol Battery Place, nl M
o'ekrek A. M. and 3 o'clock ?'. M. Returning, will leave
Sand) H'tok at 11 ii'cc.i k A. M. audfio'cluCK P. M.. Oi iy
23 cents eaeh way,
P.S.?Ihe New Huven, on her last trio, will proceed out?
side i.i Sandy lliKik.thus afiiirdiug tbe passengers n finei ppor
tumty of inhaling the Sea Air jy??t
K.Yt l KSION-i JI LY 1st" Skiand MJsv
the splersdid stenmboai SOUTH AMERI
_CA, Capl ? n II it. True-dell.
.\p ..\ t t , July 1?\ lene Btirclay.sireH at 3 o'clock, P.
M. and Amos ?t ee'. n. II. at3Ai, and proceed up the Noith
lliter to Y'Uike'., returning t" tue eity nl 7 o'clock.
Moonlight Ezi dssios.?Leave Bare.rees, north ?nie
nl t ?? Perry, nt 7H o'clock, P. M. and Par .V. 1 N. It at 8
o'clock, fitr mi egcuis on down the Bay an ! up the Hudson,
returning to lbs city nt 10 o'clock.
Tt 'Er-HAY. July Sri, leave Barclay-street at 4o'clock. P,
M.. State Prison Dock at 4*4 and Market-street, K K bi 1..
fivr an excusion down tlie Bay, returning at 7', A lock,
IVEUNESIMY. Jul) 3d. leave Barclay street u4o Jock,
P. M.. Stute Prison Dock at ?t::. Market-street, t'~ R. Ci, and
P er No. I N> B. at b. returning nt 7',.
tn)- I ar- ."ill c 'nf- for.h l xcumion
A line Band id llusie svtll aeeomnany the l>?at. and refresh,
merit, will be providi .1 suitnble liir the occasion.
These Excursion* will afford Partie? and taimilies wishing
reereation an excelleni opportun i> of enjoying the sea breexe,
and tiewing the magnificent scenery about the Bay and linr
hor of .\ew York.
n. B.?Sh.mtd the weather prove unpleasant tor the Evening
Excursion on Monday, it w II he postponed ui til Tuesday, ub
servi-tg the same hours and landing al the same nl :es.
CT?" Three Cram! Excuisions on the 4th of Julv. S-e Ad
rerU>erocnt*. _ jyl |t
= r ? . FMURTH "K JULY.
l~ . '-THREE t? RAN11 E.Yl I ICSII ?NS!-Two
y__j____s.. >?. l2__j Excursions around Stuten 1st?ml, and one
IJuwnthe Kay. oythesplendid ?tenmbnnt SOUTH AMERl
C k.Cant M II Truessfefl.
MORNING CXCCRSIO.'?Leave Barclay street at nine
u'ebtek, ii.street IN. II. nf'i, Piet No. UN. K I at !"Jt
and Market street al SMjL ami proceed around .-taten fslan.1.
AFTERNOON EXCi RSION?Leave Barclay stre I u 3
o'clock, Amos .treet. IN R.J at 'I'*. Jersey Cit* at twenty-five
minutes past 2. Pier No. 1 IN. R. mar.d Market street nl
-','4. and pmceed amu< d Siatcn I.'and.
EVENINti EXCI RSMN-U-ase Barelsi.I at : ..
foot ol Arm ? dre. t. iN. B.I at '?'._, and Pier No. I UV. It.; at 8
o'clock. Ibr an excunion down the Bay, returning to the c:ty
at lOo'ckek.
Fire FIFTY CENTS for each Excursion.
\ line Band of Music w ill accompany the Boat.
Suitable Refreshments will be provided.
{X/~ As the South America is u tir.t cin?s Boat, of super or
?need and accommod ilions (having large and airy ci.hn'?. and
passing, "ii each Excursion, in view ol ihe United state. For.
bficattoos on Govereor's Island.Statsn Island and Long Island,
and the unequaled Scenery for which New-York Harbor is so
iustfy celebrated, these Excursions will afford excellent oppor?
tunities ol e"j lying the fresh tea-breeze, and avoiding the heat,
dust and danger of the day. jyl tt
f~ BSL_^-JFUUR'I H t tF JULY, around States Island.
JtIj.?jcx^rLiJ,jjl''n'iiiig n' Perth Ambor.?The Steamer
liKHL AN HER, Cant IL VVaRDSOP, will leave the Pier foot
of Warren ?treet. on Thursday artemoon, July Fourth, at One
o'clock, fbotof Hammond street, N If. 1 quarter pan ' Ine. he t
of Catherine ?treet, E. It. half past One, and Pier Nu I .\..rth
River a quarter beture Two, arid proceed on an Excursion
around St?ien Island, giving pa?-engers a tine opportunity to
view Ihe < ?renn. Sandy Hook, various Fortifications, if.. Re?
turning to the t'lly rih'.ut half past Six o'clock.
A good Band of Mu?:c 1? engaged for the occasion.
N B.?The Highlander will leave New.York lor Newbureh
or the 3d at i o'clock, P. M. and on the Fourth, at 7 o'clock,
P. M. jyl 4t?
I Ite-. ...fiJULY FOR NEWBURGH ?The steam.
?t.'^e. . ?LhoHt JAMES MADISON. Captain Charles
Haisteed. Will leave the Pier fie t of Warren street on Th?rs,
day Morning. July 4th, nt 7'- o'clock, and rhe loot of llarn
rnond-.ireet at l.. led,,re 8 o'clock, for New burgh, landing at
Cnldwell und We;: Point, remaining from three to lour hours,
giving an opportunity nf viewing Washington's Head Quar?
ters, and enjoying the beautiful ?cenery of the Highlands and
the Hudson. Leaving Newburgh at 4 o'clock. P. M. will ur
riv ir. New-Y'ork about 3 o'clock in the *vemng. Mu.ic is
engaged tot the occasion.
Fare .jo cent., each w ay, jyl 4ti?*
EX?.'l"RS[0\-F?il."RTH (IFJL'I.Y
^'-To Perth Anilmy ar.d N'etv Brunswick.?
_36?iFrom Barclay street Pier, at quarter before
Clock A. M.?Tbesteambout KAKITAN", Captain Isaac
Fi.her, on Thiir-day. July4rh. will make an excursion to Perth
Amb'.y and New-Brunswick, leaving Barclay street quarter
'?Iure 9 A. M ?p.-i.s.iiig through The Kdns und Sound, afi'ird.
mg pleti-niit views of New-Brighton, Port Richmond. L /;??
bathport, Harls.r Retreat, Nortnfield, Biesviile. fcc. &<-. Re?
turning, leave New-Brunswick nt quarter before8 P. M. rind
Perth Amboy nt3 P. M. taknig the outside pas.age to New.
York, and arriving at 5. A Band of Mus'C will be on board.
The view of the Ocean. Sandy H'sik Light, the Ounruntine,
Fort Lafayette, the National Works on Long Island. &r. will
render 'h ? Excursion the mint healthful and pleasant to Fnini
lie* and l'ertie? of Pleasure
Fare FIFTY CENTS for the whole Excursion.
P. S.?The Rantan will convey paxsengera to dm Fair at
Rourilie. Stuten I.land-_iefflfit
. _MANS' RIVER.?Fare for tickets, which will
good tor V\-dnesday. Thursday and Friday Trains. ?2?0, 're
gular fare being 43 25. Trains wdl be despatched as follows:
Leave Brteiklyn ?
Wed, csday 9), A. M. and 4 P. M.
Thursday 7!a and 9)4 A. M. and 4 P. M.
Returning, leaveCnrman?' River,
Wednesday, ISC P. M.
Thursday, o A. M. and 13* and 6 P. M.
Friday. 0 A. >L cud U?P. M.
?"Ither trains as usunl.
The trams will sbip at the usual places on the Roed foi
Famiingdale. Babylon. Suffolk Station. Llu>. etc. jy'J3t*
snn and New-York Rail Road Line. On Thurs?
day, the -Uli of July. tbeCars will lenvc
Paterson Depot at ,\'cw York at
clock A. M.
At 3 o'clock A. M.
At 10 "
U 12 " M.
U 4 " P. 11.
it 6 "
At 4 ;? p.
At 8 " -
Pa?se igers arc advised to b? at the Ferry a few minutes be
fore tliehoiin of s'arting. F?.e37!i cents. jy2is
. ' 1 ' .-'-'f'reered Cartage Free '. '.!?Discharging this da]
n boat load of superior Bench Or.:; arJ Broken and Soreenet
Cnnl .at 84 75 per ton. Abo. now delivering superior stovi
size Cu:l of seine ''iialitv at 84 50 p?' ton. Aoply to
i-^sc^C: FOrR/ni OF JULY.
"Morris AM? essex niI.r-1'.ii
~v . ETI K \ TR UN'S?JULY (til ?wl -t". IHM.
txLZ3 ? ? "*F. /> I ?< y/> FARFA V I' >* fOl H 77/
?' XrA, -Extra train* wt'l no ?ver the Morn* and Laser,
' t"r*T-rTR?ilnu..l 1)3 the K?uft:, and Piftii days of July as
? :
On the Fourth.
leave Newark. L*>a?e M- rro'own.
?,t 7 o'clock x. M. ??..Vock A. M.
???.VI.. t 1*. M. n./ciock P. M.
lC:,o',l.?rk P. M.
On t 'i e Filth.
Legre Mom-town n' ESbt \ M am!aim*id Newark in t ree
? m iv,r?i f.r Nr-?.-Vir?. Fsr-i>it>w Extra Train? on
: .. 4rJi I?iw.vn "vewnrit soo .\| . r rtown SOrts,
'l'ne Rertllnr I'm n. will run -? wunl ."i :t?- <ih.
Lave Newark. ; ,!,'<,,'T,^0?7,?
x' ? '??? -. \. m. ? ? ? . : \*\ |;
!VH o'eJnri P. M. , ? 5*** >' ?
The rare will be mJu. e,! ,m.V tn the i xtra 1 rams which PJ.1
on the 4th.
The Company will ?eeommoda'e ?II r-"s?rgec? letween
\ewTik 1 ir^mte on tb Cth. .i?d in add mm '?> ihe Regxtkr
and Ex'ru Tmm?.will run Extra Tri ?"" the t Horae'Can.
hicn h ue tieen newly refitted, aadTui'he evening will ?er-d.
it* necessary, a Train fr?m Newark by ?tgam pjwer, leaving
v.-wsirk rhrOranreal to oVi.?rk.
It* tin1 above aifntarreineati ;ier^e>. from Monvtcn* n an?l the
iRouoduw com t-y will lie en-lded ??? pa** 'he Fourth in
? '.arii or New Y-rk, wilnCa the ?ften<! d iflsMay ? f ti'e
.> rk. f'urn 'he Mi'dary 1". iron -n ?t Nr.itili in tne e?eu at,
icd retuni the tame day. ??.t Ik re who raaywiahrn r? t>re
in ihe nnu. an I hu?i'eo' the* try Can ?oewd ?h-... ? ?.? Wog.
...town and vi.it the new and ?nee u* IMeleieeUd by WH*
it Cd.u.. and return the pi ?Je' >.ext itsmnnts in iL?
Extra Trains. Ij.ii'.'t; IRADOUD. .-menm. .-?.?i-r.t
I . \ 5 S m-rr. ReilrmaA - ? Lrave ^rw \ ..r? tor
? t.- Ju-A x,,, '?-???!??. it ? .i it-. ? N Set ?. u 9fi id,
" t^~*>-r.Vc lir New Je*??y n..c r etol C?urtli?od:
? ?. i ST.'. m ?.. \ M.4 Can It - P. Jt. . .
it, steamboat pier No. t Norm i.tva' 9A. M..nt l.Saud
!; uming leave Somerville for New York itSA. M.. Iii
ar*dJn'trlnck P. M.
GjviacperwMM vmhinit tbewla* ut the country to
? ta dn until"?k.andn Iura '?> tnecity m?e.:?..n '?? attaaj
? e Miebraboa in I levenrmr. J/e**
iti&tAli lUCIt.\KIJtS, ?Ii?!*???
t>V BANGS, RICIIARliS u PIwtTT, Beoi ? ?. :
It Rr....:w:.y.?liberal cash advance*, m-u'.a oa cucntamea*.
'i.r auction ^iles.
X2~ Ii. K. at P. nrve R KM' I?. KU to No ?>i Rrwa.iway. a
w ?.I.*"-* nt'-.ve'li-tr lormef ac*
To commence Ti v>mv UTth Auc D>44.
Theuiid'r.i.'fied r*-?peet?ully '??! W.i n e ?'? .?( Ro.ik<,
-t.-re.m\ |v Prate*. Jfce for the next retiibirTnide .***>i.-. to com.
aienceattha .ibove.i-.te, nit.. n>r>docted at.heretidooi
iccunltOK U) the rerrukuiona, under the direction oi tie tom
Tne, abo (nlieit conatenment* (of the ?aleol Stationery, to
held ii? uual on Homtay. St?h Aaru?l
The u>u.il rroh advance* made on receipt of imal? w hen re
Invoicea thould befumKheil by SthJu'r ..ext. when the Cat
alocue will be put to pre**
J>4 Bmadwny. Juhc l?ih. 1S44. _ _
F ei ?LTI >.n. Auctioneer.
Ct l'< ll.Ti ?.\ At ?'i I. Auction and Conimbwoa Merchant?.
I .No. 111! Pulton ?treet and S4 Aon ?to-et.? L''*tul advauce?
made oa con.utnmvnu. and tttromoi r. turni mado.
FRIDAY. July ?.
At lO'i o'clock, >d ihe Au. tum Room.
Horsiciio pFrayUTCae, <cc.?i"imiprt?inc a renerol at
OHtmentot hotMeboklst>dkitchen Funu'ure. Crockery, Ta
ble l allery. tec
Al*o,Copper. Iln?* and Iron Ware, beinj Cie efleetsof a
dealer chaDfiug hi* bu*ine>e,
TiTeNTON FALLS. near utica. new YORK.
'l^he subscriber nnnouncei to tie* oublie that after an ab.
i seneeol two viK.ui. he ha- resumed the direction of the
Hotel at the above Otace. The hoijse baa been thoroughly
refurnished and nut in complete order, and he trust* by hit at
tentkm to thecomlort ol his gitests to merit a retuni of the pa
Imnace m liberally be?tovved on htm in former yenrs.
juS Una? m. moore
Kalnlillnliiiient ?
.Yo. 167 BronJicinj, t/ir<r door* Lrlvm the Frank
Hu House,
tO" The sulmrriber* lire daily receiving new and Fashicoa*
ble Goods by every arrival, and are prepared to ftirni.h nar
nyents at prices to suit the most economical. Hal nit increased
our help in the cutting department, we are prepared to execute
order, with the name promptness, elegs.? und >ty*-, for w Inch
the .".tali' ihmeiil ha-1.n to long celebrated : and for the nc
com tnodntioo of gentlemen wishing suit., immediately, wchave
constantly on hand a general assortment ol garment*, made
and trnnmeil in every respect equal I" those made to order, to*
gether with a general assortment ui silk, merino, linen and rolls.
!in shirts and drawer., scarf*, cravat., handkerchief*. Collars
bosoms, glove*, hosiery, iiisperHiers, umbrellas, too. 6f. Ful
wits made to order at a few boon not ce. Cntforauty in prices
and strict punctuality observed in tilling orders.
jadltfis _ JVC lit" >TH. & t'O.
WM. T. JENiN'lN?cj a. I 0.
Fancy Dresx Articles, <\-e.
Are prepared with an extensive a lonnieni of New Co.nl?, lor
Spring and Summer wear, eumprising
CLOTHS. casslmer es, VESTLNG8. drillings, ?tc.
And sollen a call rroiii fditi/en., not Sirrin -ors. under the as
hi ranee thai their prices will I? found to oner < renter mduce
u enlsthan are held out by any other ettablishn.ent lurnuhing
garrnents of the same style and uu Oily.
They would commend to the attention of Travellers, the new
ityle of Ready made
O V E K ( o A T a ,
Being made particularly light, and well adapted lor Traveliag
purpiaes, when a he vy garment would prov cumber*,m*.?
Wttli a large nssortmeni ol
D'0RSAY8. sacks, dress AND FROCK COATS.
PANTALOONS <v. vests,
mri ntf Fnticy i 'o~> Article, in go at Variety.
NEW SFR1NC '.'i' MS'
.lien's. Boys,' and l?iiliJrcn's llothiDg.
c K 6 it t: k t . r. it b e x ,
no. 1 It) Chatham-atreet,
VVtl.l keep io\S\NTfV u\ i|\\|i \
MKJTS. BOYS', .t.Yli l till,i)Hy.V's CLOTHUft*.
ofall de-en.o?. und.- in till v.- r raSillOHABtl * rvLa.to
which ha would re>pectfully invite tlteru^an?on ol thcaeii] want.
As lie ha, made ariange.n. ntsto Kesivi
CLorns. cAssi . -i.s. vestings, he.
iiy every packet, and ha* tecured tue anvicsa ot experienced
(.utter., he pledges himself to gt*- perfect intofactinu ; . all
wb? may purchase,
-V" lt.~tiariu.rHtx made U ur itr ai 'he. xnurleit a</'ic?. oad
??'I'leri,: pttHetMOtittr, jel l.tf
subscriber has selected a full ossoitinen' of aamn*? nxw
i wop Grrkm aiii Black Tka-. an exam nation ami t""l of
which willsatady any person that a variety equal to any other
wnablithment, choice mialit? - and low uiru., me to be found
at the Sugar Store. 141 Bowery, N v Famdles may rest as
sured that Teas will i?e weighed t. them Iromtimessmnali ncJ
age. as packed in i lidna; umolufterated and neves gxttosed, \
mint neees*arily be the ca.-e when repaeked at leisure and ond
from the iftelf.
ihn. a superior artt.I Government Java ' 'oif.??? roasted
and ground every day ut 1? 3d per lb.
\\ l\ MOODY til Bowery,
jett Imts* Sueeeatof t.. Perkins i. Towns.
perior mi ev-ry Mspei I tn the iu-i Sperm, land much n eap*
ar.) both as u beautiful biirnmg oil, mid UP*M machinery.?
Deafen are requested to call and examine sbr themselves, at
lie ' 'II. sp' i If F.. .U Sr-.T .tr.-n a no inn
OILS?5.UPU gaii .11. Sperm i iiT
1U.0UD " Solar S|ierin Oil.
a*i hurrtiis Lird ? HL
M ' Sienrine of Ijird. For tale by
.1. L V v.\ \a ?REN,
m il i - ft Manufacturer, \'A New .treet.
To LEASEON A term ?P ye \rs?The new"
three story nr. k House, U" Annsi-ttreet, :.?????.?
_from Hutbon-street. Tai? House i- finithe<i in the best
manuer. with marble mantels, Croton wuier. <jtc, and is
v.ell .in'eil to the wants ol a ?mall family, Rent low to a
good tennit. .Apply to D. A. CUSHMAN.
,_?? !w? Peurl-.treet.
also TO LET?I he two story brick Hoo-e on the Ninth
Avenue, between Nineteenth and Tvrentielh's'rrteu, mm,
< hel^a Square. It is finished in modem style, with mahogany
doors, marble mantels, &.c. Rent |?w for the balance of the
year. Apply to D. A. i L'SH >l AN, lf*l Pearl .treet.
ALSO iii LET? The modern built three ?'iny lir.ck House
346Twentieth street. Chelsea Square. Tin. House, In te.mt of
locution and conv eniences, is well adapted to ihe wnnu of a
genteel latuily. Apply u> D. A. CUSIIMaN,
jett tstf 188 I'earUlreet.
, _, F0R8ALE, orto LET?The handsome thrae
ftt^S .lory brick house and lot. No. ~J Anthony -treet, near
t . .'. Broadway?to he s. Id on <??., terms, or will I? rented
low tu u g.m?l tenant. Apply to HAMILTON FISH,
jyl Saw 3w 11 Pine vtreet.
^. NOTICE.?The New-York and Hartaa Railroad
f-L I ( J 'ompaiiy have ron.pl.t-.l tbeir Road as lor a*
Ai''"? Ztt.Tie kahoe Factory, a riotance of about tlx miles
23it22lXlroin it? present terminaUon, William.-? Bridge.
Elie pobnc are informed that from n.-a. after the 3d July in*t.
iheOimpaoy will be ready to carry Pavengers and Freight
from the City Hall to '1'uekaboe. |t Is tiie intention of tho
Company, withoutivry demy, to finish the ent.re r>ute as far
a* \V Inte Plaint, n further distance of ox milesi, if practicable
about tlie Ist of Augu-t next. The ground i? nearly all grsdea
and tlie Stitt. Tie* and Iron are in |io**euioii of the Company,
and a portion of them on tlie ground ready to be laid, jy'ilw
WATCHES?The largest and !_ ?-?? splendid as
sortmer.t of Watches in the city is to bo found at the
I Itahseritier'?. He is cunttantly receiving all desenp.
? jtM>B| pTGobi and Sliver Wntche*, uf the newest
styles, from the manufacturers in England 1 ronce and Swit?
zerland and is enabled to offer a larger assortment, and at much
le? price* at retail, than any oilier house in the city. Gold
Watches as low a* &d) to 62? euch. Watches end Jewelry
exchanged or bought. Ali watches warrnuted to keep good
time or the money returned. Wntclies. Clocks and Jewelry
repaired in the best manner, anil warranted, lower than at tor
other place in the city.
ti. C. ALLEN, Importer ol Wate' es and Jewelry,
Jo8 istf whole nie and retail31 Wall-st.. up stair
The ?ulncnbers respectfully invite the attention of
i tlieir friends and the public to tlinr new and elegant
I assortment of
Duplex, I>everand Leptne Watches, of the various approved
makers, co*ed in the neatest style, and warranted correct time?
Silver Knives, Pork*. Spoons, La.lies. Tea Sets, Cups. Cas?
tors, ice.
Plated and Britannia Ware, Special les. Pencil Coses.
Mantel Cbscks. Fine Cutlery, Fancy Goods, tec. which they
are enabled to offer for sole nt very reduced prices.
Watches and (.'locks carefully repaired ami w'turootetL
at the Old E?tubh?lied Store.
3fB Pearl, corner of Fulton street,
je5 lmit*_opposite Uatod Staa-s Hotel.
44 Merchnnu' Exchunge.cortier ol ?\ all and William
ft-* <H streets (entrance first door in William) nave received
fr'T"'" addition to their previous stock an as*ortnient of
VVati.iRa not equnlleil in tbecity-ciinsistinf ot Chronometer.
Duplex and I^ever W itches, both for ladies and stenllerneo.
Merchants from the South as well a* the city trade, wiiltnd
(when quality a compared! pnees low.
A general asvortment ot Jewelry ol the best qunftty. t
t-terlir.g silver ware ut mnnufactunir s prices. .
All kinds of Watche. repoirtsl e-jiinl to the original. *aff*1
Clocks tegulnieil by a hrst rate workman. aP-g ??_
W are, etc . ? .
401 Broadway, corner Walker st. .*>?" ? "rk^
.-vTTiindsof Re:?tinng carefully done. .OU Wawr?ea.Gold
and Stiver, token iD exchange, or boiurnt t.tr cash. ^^.j..
-?Titt'l IN-15U tons No. 1 ( horc7;a!-^l? />.C.jp0?
. ? for ?ileby_mackie * ^^2^

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