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At the low pneaofTWt I I* ILL IRS Der annum, in advance.
' The spirit of tAjje.'
Under thi3 head the We*fmiiistr,- Rrrutr f?.r
June contains a most scorching criticism upon
Mr. R, H. Home's book, the ' New Spirit of the
A<;e.' which we have already noticed. The
book, of course, is not fairly dealt by?this
would he something quite out of the way in a
professedly ' slashing' review by u London critic-.
.Mr- Borne, however, is properly rebuked h>r h:s
egotism and his Fadladecn style of pronouncing
u[x>n Literatur.- and Literary Men. Bat the ??
viclf in the Westminster contains some l?*.-ttcr
things than mere literary sparring, and a few of
thim are worth quoting and circulating in ih:s
country to show the turn that thought is taking
in the U.d World up-m several questions which
nre pressing, every year more and more earnest?
ly, ior a decision. Of the Spirit of tho Age the
Reviewer says:
.Mr. Horm has don.- rashly in taking up IIn/litt'?
ill-chosen title, and trying to enlarge upon it. I'he
'Spirit of" the* Age,' if meant to express any par
ticular kind of *pirif, should express the getieral
predominating spirit of the world ns to some pur
ti'-'ilnr branch of progress. In this view it is an
entire failure, lor the prominent characteristic ol the
present Hi:,- is physical progress?that is, prosri 5?
in all arts tending to diminish human drudgery, and
ultimately to extinguish it?arts, also, t< nding u>
enlarge the sphere of human pleasures. In the
petty spirit ol caste, Home, a professional writer,
deems that written books are of more importance
than things; thai writers ol tilings ;ne greater tin ?>
than the doers of thins:*. It is true that contempla?
tion must be it"1 creator of great action, hut it tony
print the results of its thoughts as indelibly on
tlii'!?:?= mid events :is on paper.
In this view strong Saxon spirit of George
Stephenson, the " Hi n rist ? t' Railways," is a spirii
of the age. wIim has written a work whereon those
who ride may read glad tidings of mail's r- gcue
frinn tl? bondage mid thraldom of ignorance; ol
his power of unison with Ins fellows for the purpose
os couquering and civilizing the earth, reclaiming
its swamps and morasses, und adding to its beau?
ties. Prometheus, in the elder myihus, trough 1
fire from heaven to earth for man's uses. George
Stephenson may !>?? the hero of some future my thus
which will tell how he harnessed tire to chari its ol
iron, w hich became swifter than the winds of hea?
ven. Isambarl Kingdon Brunei is a spirit of th>
age thai would not he content with the work ol
George Stephenson, but made a yet greater work
in advance of the spirit of his age, refusing 10 sub?
mit to the set patterns even of the great originator.
Divitf .Napier, the restless planner ol steanilmai
after steanitmat, each swifter than the last, and the
planner of tha great Bristol iron Bteamer, are spirits
of the age. Clegg, ol the railway air transaction?
ibe rope of wound-off wind; Smith, of Deanslon.
the physician ot diseased land; Liebig, the multi?
plier oi human food by chemic science, are nil spir?
its of the age. Marshall, of Leeds, ike greatest ol
the " captains of industry," h< who spins iIjx foi
half the world, and when profits become i-mi late--,
voluntarily ems them down, and " builds anothi 1
Hille" to keep Up his annual revenues?he who
work* i ? underwork COttOn cloth and replace it U\
cloth of linen ; h-. too, is it spiiit of the age.
" Men, my blMhetl. in<-:i, the WOlkeri; ever uialoui; lome
tiiioe ?? ? :
Tlmt which th-v i>:ivc d.inu tun ciirncst ?t' tlie thing thai they
s i ?.-> f I du.
Colonel Thompson, the apostle of free trade, and
Cobdeii, its practical end indomitable champion;
O'Connell, the last representative of clan-leader?
ship, using his power to bund together a nation ol
iii?united Celts; and Wakeheld, the originator ol
systematic colonization??Ii are spirits ot tie* phy?
sical progress ol the age, Faraday is the repre?
sentative of the power whi< h. in all a^>-s, has
sought to gather nature's secrets f<;r man's use-,
unit Rothschild is the representative of the great
powei-accuuiulalora uithe world, the hoarded laboi
01 mankind,ever on the mcrea.se, till ut last it shall
grow to a surplus, when men will test from theii
work, mid say " it is good." Many a weary day is
before us hefors we attain that desirable end, but
the tune w ill come.
Roebuck?the watch-dog of the people?tlx
most feat!esa advocate m the House Ol Commons
of public as opposed to mere party objects; LoVett,
the true-souled Lovett, the champion of education
for his fellow-men, the working classes; the two
Chamberses, of Edinburgh, whose genius has
achieved the task ol popularizing knowledge at llic
cheapest rule?all nre samples of that spirit of the
rit;e which says the soul ul man shall no: die within
him lor want of culture.
A:-d here is what is said of the Workers and
No-workcrs in the pre.it bcc-liive of Great Brit?
ain :
Nor should Edwin Chadwick be forgotten, the
vizier of the "three kings of Semerset House,'1
whoeei report 11 on many hubjecta connected ?iili ?ie
welfare of the great ma-sot the people alone form
n v?lo?l>ie sinti-iieul library; He hna tieen one ol
the most valuable "spirits ol the age." Benero
lent, brivsi ifiti, and in virtue of these two quali?
ties bonrficcntf he has dared to do the right thing,
though tin- unpopular thing, lie has braved odium,
ami disregarded obloquy and cant. To become
popular is an easy thing : to do unpopular justice
requires a man. Satisfied that crime 19 the result
of poverty and mat-administration?that poverty i*
greatly the result of ignorance?that general edu?
cation is the cure ior ignoratio?there is no waxmei
ndvoc ate ol the nghis and ieul interests of the pom
than Edwin Chadwick. Hut. knowing also that it
is impossible 10 accomplish the menial instruction
of tiie physically wretched, ha sought to secure foi
those classes of the commuuity who do thewotk,
and pay tne taxes ol the commumty, the largest
possible suHie ol their own earnings, abstracting
as intle a? possible from them for the maintenance
of the llutl-worki Id. For it is un unquestiooi'd'
fact, (hut all those ot the community who do not
work, must in come shape orothei be maintained by
tho-e who do work. To s?y that he did not sinke
"palaced paupers" off tlie pension 'ist. is only aay
ihc ihat he accomplished no more than n?- was able
Palace, or hovel paupers, would have 1 een alike to
his equal justice; hot tne re's a government thai
doth ?0 hedge in and protect "palace paup"rs,"'
that justice cannot reach them. There was one
bn ad principle to look at?the paupci system was
encroaching on capital, and in a mercantile country
not to advance is to recede. The food of tin'com
munity was not enough tor all?the mouths were in
excess?the snip must have her crew put on shortei
allowance, and ihe working CKW weie. ,11 ail ji:s
:ice as well as policy, entitled to full rations while
the invalids were put on half allow?m e. To have
put the invalids on full allowance, while the work
tog crew were reduced, would have been offering ?
premium to the workers to iuvalid themselves. To
nave given full rations and conveniences to the
workhouse inmates would have been moustrous m
justice to the i ani workers out of the workhouse.
The pseudo-benevolent baranguers, who have
talked so volubly of philanthropy and charity 10
the worktionse poor, and out-door relief) have im
terly mistaken the mutter. They have been gene?
rously disposed, not at their own expense, hut at
tlej ezpeuee ol the working classes ot Engl 1 '.
for we defy them to show any modi of obtainh g
contributions to tlie poor rates, except through ihe
work of the workers. The whole food of England
has to be produced by thcagency ol tlie brains and
arms of the *orr.er-, whether from English or t ir
eigu soil. This total amount has io t?- divid d
among tlie w hole population in lurg,-r hi <l siuallei
nharrp, snd it must u- obvious to the shallowest i ri ?
pacity, tlmt if the whole of ihe workers ceased i<. I
work, th? re would la- no f?od to divide; and it mtiM I
follow, as the night the day, that the greater the :
number ol the superuutueraries who do not work, ;
tlie tiorder must be lite work of lue workers, in Ol- j
der to maintain them. Then fore Up> charitable !
gentlemen who are non-workers, and cry out lustily :
lor lull rations and out-door allowances to paupers
or poor non-workers, are. with very great ease to
themselves, calling upon the workers to work hard?
er timu before. Ami wheo, a-it frequently hap?
pens, ihese very chwritab c gentlemen are the advo- '
c?t?-s ol artihcial bigbpricen t,,r provisions, in thi
101 in of corn laws?that is to hay, when they seek
\o diminish the tutul amount of food?our indiguu
VOL. IV. !\0. 81.
tionat their injustice is only restrained by our con?
tempt lor th'-ir paupe-r-like jgnorance.
Years hence, when the biography ol Edwin Chad
wick shall be written?when the result- of his la?
bors, known and unknown, shall be gathered to?
gether?when trad.- and loud ^lsall be free, and
j?riuj?rT.~ I?' no more?when it shall be known bow
many are t!i?- wise measures and changes oi which j
he hn* been the secret mover, stirred by ihe desite ,
of man's good, and leaving 10 others the osiensi
bility ninl the repuu?he will serve for one more
example of r 1 ? truth, that a high und original mind
works for the service ol humanity, hut not for itt
thanks. And a future time will recognize him as a
true and genuine -pirit of age, who has left hi*
permanent make behind him.
Having thus briefly attempted to show what .Mr.
Horn" oiieIh to have dum-, end has failed to do, we
turn to the examination ol w hat he has done.
Tin"- crying evil of over.work und long labor
hours is handled ably at least, if not convincing?
ly?although somewhat at too great length tor
us. We must make room, however, f',r ibis:
That the people of England have a bad habit of
working too many hours for their physical and
mental health, is unfortunately but too true; bill it
is equally true rhut this habit docs not arise from
iinv abstract vicious determination on their part. It
is also trio- thut in the present nge they work t.-wer
hours per day than they were accustomed to w ork
in former ages] and it is moreover true that the rea?
son forthe diminution of hours is, that they obtain
better wages; that is, they get a greater amount ol
useful ttnnc~ for an hour's labor of the present day
than they obtained in the "good old times;" and
there is moreover a very prevalent desire to work
-till fewer hours, and by God's blessing we trust
that this -hall come to pass without any ol Lord
Ashley's legislation, winch is akin tu tiie charity of
Ii.- French Princess, who wondered " why people
would starvo whi n such nice pastry was sold so
We entreat Lord Ashley to believe that the chief,
almost the sole reason, why English workmen lu
r.or too many hours per day, is the undue pressure
of population, which forces them to compete with
each oilier to obtain an insufficient share of the na
tional stock of food, which is a minimum quantity.
r\ufj this excess nf population arises from the cir
i;umstauce that they live in islands-, from which
[bey cannot well swarm like the bees, to go to the
bod which might exist elsewhere, while Lord Ash?
ley n:.d his colleagues have mad- very stringent
laws to preveut food being brought to them from
? Isewher*. .Make food plentiful, that is, in excess
i?f the mouths, and the voluntary principle will re
lieve all Lord Ashley's anxiety about long hours.
We will venture on two illustration?.
Some years buck while examining some new
buildings at the workmen's dinner hour, we were
unintentionally listening to the conversation < f two
laborers from the Emerald Isle, who wen- planted
?a the sun behiud some boarding, dining on?smoke
?two "dudeens." '?Sure. I'm," said one of them,
?it's I that wi-h wages was a guinea a dav."?
>(And. what would ye lie afther thin, Dennis?" re
plied Put. ".Sure, and it'-only onedav in the week
hat I 'il work, any how," was the rejoinder. We
ire satisfied that Dennis spoke the simple truth in
thin matter, and in no way needed Lord Ashley's
paternal solicitude.
A very benevolent manufacturer in London, who
employed many workmen at their own dwellings,
?elieli), with compassion, the misery they suffered
from high rem.- and wretched accommodation.?
rhey earned good wages, which, if well applied,
would have placed tliem in positions of great com
fiirt. The w ork they were employed in w hs inde?
pendent of'locality, and having purchased land in
i healthy and beautiful neighborhood, their em?
ployer fitted up several cottages, with gardens and
?very kind ol coitvi nience, and removed thither u
? Tiem number of families, lb' expect.-,j t" get a
greater amount ol wink done, on account of their
i mioval from t-n ptations to drunkenness. But in
ibis result he was disap|iointed. The men prefer?
red working in their gardens to working at iheir
trade, and earned no more money than was stiffi
:ient tor their mail tenance, in spite cd the remon?
strances ol their wive-. It Lord Ashley will place
the factory population in_such n position this.
w uill undertake il??r they .-hall not overwork
? ither themselves, their w ives, 01 lle-ir children.
But it is only indirectly that Lord Ashley would
interVeee -WMi-the hours of working men. He pro?
fesses to protect the children and women of facto?
ries, ami to say he will prescribe the hours for
them, which is equivalent, in other words, to pre?
scribing the hours for the steam-engine and men
'so. It is unquestionably right that children un
'? r age?not ret ognized as free agents, hut w ho are
tinder the control of persons older than themselves
-should be protected from ill treatment; but to de?
prive women of the riuht to use their awn discretion
? s to the amount of work thev will perform, is
::ross tyranny. Factory werk is one of thu few
e nploymems by which women can render them
-elves independent of the support ol their r- Utives
?as a vicious father or brother, or a husband who
k ill not maintain them mul their children bv his hi?
er, but confines his attention to robbing them ac
oniing to law. A law which would protect a
woman's ri^iit to her own earnings, beyond the
control of-a vicious husband, would indeed he a
boon to the working classes."
We object to any law whic h would interfere with
the natural freedom of human action, other than
the protection ol individuals and society from the
aggressions of other individuals. If. for example,
?i solitary man chooses, in an isolated spot, to live
in an ill-drained and ill-ventilated house, or 10 live
? a unwholesome or insufficient food, society has no
ri^ht to interfere with him ; hut if he comes into
proximity with other people, the luw ought to intrr
fere tu protect tln-ir health front contamination,?
Vlso, we think the law may fairly interfere with
persons practising on tie- hrrn?rni ce of .alters t'.ir the
sake of gain. If the owner of the ill-drained and
;'l ventilated solitary house tried to hire it 10 others,
he should be prevented from bo doiog, until it were
made wholesome. And we think society might
: lirly interfere with a man keeping his lamilv in
such a house, because the wife and children "are
under bis control, and society may he endangered
by the diseases they may he subject to; therefore it
la quite competent for society to say, that after h
?ertain pi riod no houses shall be erected in ?nv in
ttabiled districts below n certain standard of healtb
md comfort. It is certain that the children born in
improved dwellings would be an improved race, and
>h* question of food no way interferes with this.?
(There are a certain number of laborers and anisani
?oustantly unemploy ed, who ?re. notwithstanding,
fed, an I their being employed in the construction ol
in "'t dwellings, that is, working up native mate
ial of ill kitlOs lor these und ottler useful purpo-e-.
? ould tun mid one shilling to the expenditure of the
general community. The posses-ion of bettet
Iwellings, with warmth and pure nir, would, on the
contrary, virtually, increase the amount of to.,d. for
it is a fact that a per.-on in impure air cannot well
digest bis food,anu<thi refore requires iu eat n lar^ei
imount to keep up his strength;
Had Alfred the lireai passed efficient sanitary
law?, virtually prohibiting the existence of disease,
tun i-, pn scribing the minimum of physical com?
fort and health iu dwellings and their concomitants,
the probability 1-, that the population would always
have been restrained.within the limits essentinl to
national happiness, and we should at this time have
possessed a healthier, wealthier, and lar mom pow?
erful population. The -ame re-ults would have
obtained with our people as with o.r cattle; the
wretched would be unborn. \Ve have the tiuesi
sheep and horses, cow s and oxen, that the world
has ever produced, because our farmers take rare
'hatibey 6ha.il be well ted und lodged. With ihe
same care for our pet p e, the same results would
follow sound legislative enactments, always suje
posinj; they could be carried out iu practice. Bui
instead of passing laws to increase comforts, ?1
rind in the statute hook, enact menu called sumptu?
ary laws, tending to diminish personal comfort* or
luxuries. Strange is it that the Male should think
it necessary to take care ?l people's money foi
them, us 1 still in . t,, ,|? j.v means of usnn laws.
lta.1 Alfred the Great passed laws to regulate
the hours ol I d or, they must ban- been accompa
med by other laws to regulate the wages of labor,
and in such case, laborers and employers would
constantly have been ?t work trying to defeat the
?ws lor tt:<- sake nt their own interests, jusi flr. the
Jews, ancient and modern, have succeeded in de?
feating the usury laws. But if such law s had been
successful, we should have made no national pro?
gress:? ?e should have hern a nation of school
Boys, of servants doing ?hat our governors
taught and Ordered us to do, but originating no?
thing ; we should Imv been like the Austrian nation
utnlrr Prince Metternich, or the Paraguay Indians
under the pah m l care and inatnu lion of the Jesu?
its. If a Government be competent to rcgulati the
hours ol labor for adults, it is ulso i ompetent to re
gulatc their wa^.-s, their food, their instruction,
books, religion, and ibr;r particular branches ol la
tior. Such a people would neither require a House
nt Commons nor suffrage at election-. An aristo?
cracy of landholders might deem this n very desira
? 1 - was ur<( | t.y Mr K? duck uu tbfl atteatioaof
the llou?e ol Commom in Ui? luu; jvOttU*.
Me condition of things, hut the result would be?if
we rould conceive the possibility of such a thiur?
the downfall of English energy, English power,
English mind, and a state of rum and n i- tv to the
many nations, civilized, uncivjlixeH, and half-civil?
ized, depending <>:t English guidance and English
Wo <i(> not douht that the movement air"'1- .
working classei?instinctive, but not yirvpercepuve
? analogous ?o the
" B'thI inntinn? of the ?r""5i ??
That ibuw the year - wraeo.
will produce results of'" m"r,! S,'"P'; 'han Lord
Ishlev's benevolence, which not being based Tin
benescience, canr*?i ,,ririi: ,,,rtl1 beneficence. His
legislation if ??l "' ,ne Jack-Cade calibre a- to in
tellect d<?-'s not ;:?*t beyond paternal Jesuitry,which
the English genius lu- far outstripped. He is not a
? pinto' the age, he is hut an appen l?ge of a blind
movement of the ace, and .Mr. Home is a small don.
either leading or following hin, in the wake of Oast
let and CompanV, who have dunned the mantle in
herited b) the Chartists from Robert Owen, who
ti'st propounded the " bbcd d month,"' in which the
weary were to he at rest as a commencement ol the
millennium Prosy, unreasoning, and impractica?
ble was Hubert Owen, and he, moreover, wasted
about ?100,000, lawful money of the realm, and
thus filled the mouths of people with intellects nu
!>.-ti.-r than his own. with matter for ieimrant exulta?
tion that there was no millennium produced by it;
but still, we like justice, and think that Mr. Hone
may continue to expatiate un the virtues ol a re?
spectable nobleman like Lord Ashley, without rob?
bing Robert Owen of the merit of originating the
plan of short-labor hours.
Hooking Newspapers in th? P. O.
Utica, Julj-tj. 1844.
To the F.ditor of the Tribune :
As the Pn ss is one of the most effectual agents
now in use in correcting abuses, I avail myself of
this opportunity of calling the attention of the
public to atcry prevalent and grievous evil.
The evil io which I allude is one connected
with the Post Olliec and which calls; loudly fur
the interference of the public, us its continuance
cannot (ail to bring odium and disgrace on one
of the most useful Ol institutions that eivilizi?;
nations ?:an boast of. The pract ice of purloining
Newspapers sent from abroad to people in this
country has now become so common as to excite
the suspicions of foreigners residing here, and it
has been ascertained that newspapers have been
sent to individuals, from one Post-Office to ano
trier, hut which never arrived to the individual,
having been hooked al smtf interim diatc offi -e.
One instance of the disgraceful conduct of lhos<
worthies will be sufficient to show to what an ex?
tent this evil prevails ; A friend of mine called
at a Post-Office not an hundred miles from Uncu.
and inquired if there was a paper for him, bui
received an answer in the negative : ilurinfj the
t'tne the official was looking in the boxtheatien
tion of the applicant was drawn to a paper in th
hands of an individual hohind the partition, on
the margin of which he saw his own name, and
consequently demanded it, which resulted in its
being very politely handed over to its rightful
owner. If you will he so kind as to give this an
insertion in your widely circulated journal, you
will confer a ure.tt favor on thousands of injured
individuals und much oblige
A Foreigner am> a ScrrcRxa
rROM THK AIS'jVE bass ITtA< Til E.
Touching Incident.?The following beauti?
ful, delicate and touching incident is taken from
a work of Irish Character, written by Mr. and
Mrs. Hall. We have read nothing more feeling
lv told for a twelvemonth, unless it was Brough.
anVs exquisite story of the " Emigrant's Family,"
published recently.
'? Our attention was one day called to a young
?_'irl in the town of Gal way, who h*t\ ' come '?:'
r t Uio purpose or srtiit.g i mm Inintio 1 lei p?root
heart had u'one to sea. bequeathing his mother, a
verv infirm old woman, to her care. Soon after
his departure. Mary h it her father's more comfort?
able dwelling to reside in the old woman's cabin,
so that, as she said herself, 'she might watch the
craythur day ant! ni^ht, seeing she had no one
to look aft her her.'
" Her parents were strongly impressed with the
idea that she had thrown her affections away upon
i wild sailor who would forget her; but her faith
in him was unbounded. A sheep was her fortune,
and she took it with her; ii grazi d among the
? rags, and in good time brought her twin lambs.
These she hoped to have lain able to keep low.
ards the formation of a mountain tl >ck: but th
season was so * pinching,' that to support her old
friend, she had brought the Iambs to town for sale.
The two creatures were coupled together like
leiunds; and, as she stood with Inr eves cist
down, ycl looking from ihcin, it was impossible
not to note the sorrow stamped uputi her gentle
" Several asked the price, and after beating her
down, turned awsy without purchasing. This
? ontinucd for some tune, until at las! she s:-.t
down, and passing hi r arms around her fleecy
charge, began to cry?
"'I'm loath to pirt. them,' site sa::l weeping.
? v*t i must part them for what they'll briuj;.?
Every one is the same; it's bitter poverty that
would make me part anything that h is life in it.'
'?' Then why don't you go to your own hi me,
Mary, and take jour laiuioics home ' '
" ' I am at my own home,' answered Mary,
1 and sure it isn't because the woman is poor and
friendless that you would have mc leave her, is
it ? '
?'At last, a rough-coated farmer, touched by her
distress, offered her the fair value for her lambs.
At fust she eagerly accepted his proposal; but
when she placed the tether in his hand, she raised
her eyes imploringly to his face?
"' Sure, ii isn't going to kid them ye arc ?'
'"No, my dear, no, it is not; I'd be sorry to
hurt a curl of their wool; they'll go to niv own
'? ? God bless you !' she said, and departed
with a smilmg countenance."
All k i ml ? ol J ?> t> Printing. ? u r h n :
''\Mfru m?. I Mammoth Snow Bills
UAtalooi ic?. j LxcTiiai Pills,
Cukcks. Cards. i Conccrt Bills. Piain aod
Inscramu Policies. Fancy.
Bills oi Ladiko, i Political itu.i.n.
CIRCULARS. 1 ClRt I'LaRS. n-.-.i&C.
PnaniiLy exe'-uinl a! theOfBci of the Tribune, No. Un Namo
rtrt-et?oounMte in? Purk.
No. " Sraccc s-irkkt.
TuiRp rroar.
Are prepared to execute Bindiuc for BOOKSELLERS,
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N. I'. Pamcalai attention paid to rebindini1 lid Book*, Pe.
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Published byGREELEY & McELRATH Tribune Office,
160 Naniu-strcet, Naw-YoiR._
iX3~ The Tartu :i? ?? i?, compared witktht St <tu
tutewrvpettdH its ji&wertarie* m the WU reptrttduttt
1 ?ntrd StMtet Hnuttf Kr*rt-"n<.tW"j bv Gen .VeKati et
jv. c Brll. Grrklrv
The slM.ve Tmet <t resdr sad for ?!e m l'n* Tnii.jn? ?tiicc.
PrireSlapM ' >? _
03~ The l.t tfcr? of Casslua M. Clay, oi S >.
vrry ami .m tSe l'rr- <l?iicy. a.-? printoil ia ? Pamphlet, ami tor
?ale ai UieTnboM' ISce. Pnee SJ.3S p*-r 100, ..r no t^r r.m;
:r7~ The Books of Subscription tnthel ? ; I
^tiick oftbe New-York unit l.rie Kailrnad Co. 'irv nmv nj*n at
taeOffioaol ?m Company. 34 Wall WieuL i>etu-?r, -ji?
laran 10 mil ?. vr>l. M. U< IITLD. Stents?
New-York. April J4th. 1-44
OJ~ Itr. Pbiujiey'a PnmllT Pills rnnntantiy
lortaJc bvA B. at O. SANDS. 7s PuIumi -iiw.i, l-Tj Bnwd.
-?tv anu 73 EaatBroadwar joi lim*
XT' (.?ruh?in House, Baiclay-itreet, by R03
THFRSDAY HO?.\!S?, .13" L
Penn?y1*,R11'" Coal Region.
(JiwJn^M'f* New-York American.
rBILADELTOU. July. !;+?.
-pj,, t own of Pott seil le, or Mount Carlton, ns ir
^^metirnes called, is in ihe heart ol th* fine forma?
tion of Ambro re, known a- the Schuylkill Coal?
Hnd every where around are shutts opened into ih<?
hills, and producing Coal with the l*n*t possible - P
(ort in procuring it.
It is a hr<re town?very busy end very black
The Schuylkill Navigation Company nn<l iIk
K?-ailititr Ii lilroad t 'otnp my are carrying on a -h.-irp
competition in transporting this coal to tide water
and the result of their business will determine
whether a Canal or Railroad be the cheaper m< de
of conveying co?l. Praia facie, the advantage
would seem to be with the Canal, yet as a large ad?
ditional outlay i-ju*t now making by the Railroad
Company in laying n double track, it is reasonable
o inter that the business is found remunerating.
The canal boats run up to the very mouths of th"
veins, and coal is dumped at once into them from
the cars that bring it out ol" the mountain side.?
The railroad cars, run into the mountain itself, I be?
lieve, anil thus receive their loads. The railway
has a descend- :c zrr'..- ail t:.r> w-iv tn i'mlndelphia.
so that a single locomotive conducts an immens?
train. Indeed, ii dr*;.-- down Ibai d. .-is man* cars,
favored by the descent in the grade, as it can bring
h ick empty. Tne cars average more than 3 ton.-.
Some new ones cow preparing, and of which n few
are already in u-??entirely ot' iron?will carry
or 6 tons, and are so solidly constructed as to pro?
mise to outlast greatly the former wooden ??nrs.
In approaching Philadelphia the road diverges-^
one branch running into the City, for the convey
ance thither both "t" p issengers and coal, th- othei
goes off to a landing on the Delaware, w i> rcihecoiti
for exportation to other Stales is. delivered at once
into the ve.-.-els ready to receive it.
The arrangements for this business seem made
with prudence nnd sagacity, and th* prodigious ac?
tivity which we witnessed along the line should, ami
probably dries command Biiccess.
The road and canal together ares now delivering
weekly 20,000 tons of coal. Estimating the working
season at40 weeks, we shall have an aggregate 0
8011,000 t. a- l"..r the >cnr. When the double tra.-t
of the railroad is complete, mis quantity mot b*
augmented by one-tiiird.
The canal, too, is captble of rnnveving mucl
more. It i- a very tine work, much of it consifctihi
of slack wut er navigation in the Schuvikill produ-"ed
by dams thrown across, and the usual loeks.
The river, tin* canal and the railroad run side lo.
si le, throughout the whole mure almost- Tlie rail?
road lias overcome gr--at diffi nlties. passing, in it*
course, through three tunnel , each of several hun?
dred feet in length, and mostly through rock.
Pottsvilie i.i the terminus 01 tue co 11 region?not
a vestige of it beine found between thai place an I
Philadelphia, hut in other respects the region i
ahundanily rich and beautiful in its agricultural
As we were whirled rapidly along in t vi rv com
foyiable car over a very solid riiii, and occasional!*
at sum- thirty miles spe d. glimpses only of tie
country could he caught, hut tin y revealed great
beauty and abundance.
The farmers were in the mi 1st of their hay li*r
vi?st?ami in the labor of hay making we gaw mam
femafes employed; This ig very common in Europe,
'ml it i-> ii"t often seen in those pints of iVcw-Y?rk
and New-Jersey winch I know best.
Iriii a light labor; however, thai of tossing and
; irntng the hay, and even of rasing, and may verv
well b-performed by female*.
fie- golden harvests, fast ripening for the -kle
and waving on the bill-si lee und i. the valleys, g tve
promise of a prolific return to the husbandmen.
The traveling on this ro id both rapid ami cheap,
ii is ol about th..- same length.as that between i'h.l
adelphiaand \,-w-Vork. L'be distance is.pcrAirm
? I in fcfj hours, and tin- fire i- .*'?.'.",'.*>; tin- linn- 1
the .New Jersey road U5J boun?the ihr--. .* I.?
'?'i.i i inverting the proprieti is, whi< h lequire ilmL
.t the least. 1! prices are liigii-r, the Spei d and ? -
fori should b? gn ater.
The Reading roa i ilcrivca its chief support, I nr<
- tine, from tie- transportation ol coal; and therelor .
perhaps, it can carry passengers nt biwer rates 1
;' ro ut which, like lliai through New Jersey, ti
; en.!- entirely up.in passengers lor support; but it
id uiideiitnnte, i,,-.. um i.-s.-. thai mc present fare
through New Jersey i- too high.
Within about '2n mites :. Philadelphia, the
iVorristown Railroad comes down to the Schuylkill,
and thence to the city run side by side the river thi
canal, and iwo railroads. One of the latter might
certainly have been soar. d.
Foi The Tribune.
A.s this is the FCason when f lie Supervisors are
prhpleting ihe list of Grand Jurors lor !?? II and
'45, and the Assessors of the several Wards are
completing tin tr lists of Petit Jurors, it will savi
much trouble und loss of time to exempts if ih< \
rill rnkc tlie necessary measures to prevent their
ames being returned, and thereby save trouble
nd lessen the burthi ti now imposed on legal
Jurors. A Supervisor.
mocrats of the City of New-Orleans are requested
to meet e:i masse, on Sunday evening next, ?t 0 o'
? lock at the St. Louis Ball-room. Mr. P. So lie
mal several other orators of m.r party will explain
the modifications of the present Constitution which
ihey deem neces? 1 rv.
This meeting being on the eve of the Election
on Mondav, it is hop< 1 every l>- mocrat will attend.
O" The s.if.ctitnontous Mr. Kendall wasgricv.
ously shocked at a report that Mr. Clay had. in
New Orleans last Winter,dined,on Sunday, with
? p-irtv of his friends. If that distressed the
pious Augur, ihe following- nonce in ttie New.
Orleans Courier of the 2ai.li niiimo, will throw
him into fits: [Richmond Whig.
tO-North American Phalanx, Monmouth Co
N. J. (Aditrr-s Leeds vi lie. P. 0.; -i miles ironi New-York, via
Meambaai < IK I IS trum Pulton Market t.. Red Bank daily dur?
ing the?ummer. .Mr. EDWARD GILES 1? tha accredited
Agent ufthe Phalanx m New-York, and mar be corn tilted nh
it- biisine?- from 3.'j to 6 o'clock I*. .M. nt bs residence. No. 123
Walkerat. _. _ a' Sm
CET* James T. Hodirc, ? ho >* prnctic/i 7 lamil at w
Mining operations and the working of Ores in the I to,
States an! Cuba, may be consulted on the value of mining*
lands, ore-, and minerabr, at k * mum. No. 23Grani*e Building,
corner of Broadway and Cham ben Street.
He will analyze Minerals; Soil-. Waters, and articles of Com?
merce, as PuUuh, Barilla, White Lead, &&-fee; Specimens
01 .Minen!*. 1 'resnnil Earths may lie sent to Imn from the coun?
try, and he will either ?inte their value and me* nt one*. i,r
lu tan it them miri exact analysis, .t? n:::y im required ; mid ins
Charges will vary ac.lingly.
References; Giinnell, Mm turn & Cn.. Prof. J. Revers, M.
D.. W. C. RedfiekL Lsj.
We have employed Mr. Rodre to perform sotv> ehema-al
analyaes lor us; and from * '?- exact manner in wh ch they were
-xecuttil. wa can cheerfully racomroeod his servieei to those
req lirii 1 siirh work. A. ii. S}.\NI'S & CO.
New-York. Jone L 1844. jeJ
CT" Water fure.-J Sriew. M D. an author on Wa?
ter 1 ure. :5? F*oarth-st, 1? ready n> rjsrt hn fricodl and others
?vhn cure to he treateii medically citkout dru:* WnterCare.
lorerticncj-. 11 a tysteni wtenont a parallel in tne inz nr.?
Must cases, if 11 .t all, eaa te 11? ?-n treic-,! m private dwell
nj- as el-?-Mliere. The i"?" advinal arataha i-ly. j>-3mi*
03" Hardware, C uuery, &< .-: I .'. IS BJ NB
DH.T & ft 1. 1,-: ecfiiiiy 'ne.f :r--i. .- 1 i.i -]u
eeneral.'j- thai 'hey have removed to tha ? ity. nre' :rc tak*c
the Store SI Paartoreet, tepraxae the Pe:.r! .:.-e^: House,
where they are now openiat a larjre anrl weU-seiected assort
mem ,it Goods, both Foreign mkJ Dom?lie. u-hich ?r
would r.-oi tii* ntie' uon ,.t ii>.k? w^duiu :.> trarenase. aiAlu'.l
{Z3~ MutuaJ Life litsmramce Company ?t
Vcvi-Viuk.-i ! -? ? "CM* ;ie J>:
na? ts-u*,l ?ltf^ooa policie-, CT1 .
To .Mcrcnmiis.X To Clanrymea.2
Manufacturers. 1 " Physeiani. 3
" Clerks.a " Ateal. I
" GriM-or. I " StUilcnt. 1
" Genii*rn*n.3 " Watchmaker. 1
."?laiioner. 1 " Dnirsis:. 1
Panner. I " l^idios. '2
?; i:t..k?r. I '? Milter. . 1
Auctioneer.1 " Porter. 1
I Dentist. 1 " Tailor. 1
" Publuher.j_J " Cooper . 1
~& 15
jyl Im IVai Live? Insured....51
Tj~ t)>. Kelit RonmndN ?-ilint? illedicatedi
"?o?}??For ennui- tre.'k-es. phnpler. erup?on?, blotches,
I sr-irtf. momhew^heatspots mustatobitei..-ind all irritation
' and rotiahaeai and ruTowih1* and darkness ot the skin. Tha
i Sinii is one ot '.n* n:e-t reei-, rk-ili.e >-,: recent '-lieoe.-.-il d -cnv.
enes. Its einoiiient an I her.lmc qiiJiIitie? ire 'pofceri ol 10 nil
I direemm*. and every noe who o?. recommend it. One cake
5ccent,. W* wananl 11 to answer all onltn <ry porpnse*, ,'.1!
bto bahadsenaineonljr att>7 Walker <rre*-, one door Hum
tlie i-oriwr of:'Broadway; Aeeols?3 Milk -.reef. H.*.:.:n: 7?.
Cheraut ?tr?-*t. PJuladephia: <',r-.,. Pooahkeep*ae; Tousey.
Hi?-'.?---c- %iv.---. %-.? Haven; I>t-r. Providence;tZartetun,
Lrftwell; andTnpp, Newark. _ jelTIm
e j- Dr. ?-V!:x Uoui aud's !><ini|ee Rnhtile 1
completely pernw?en?y eradicate lupertluous hanian hin
fr,nTi t'eniiil*-" upper lips, t;i? haircoorealine ? broad and e;e
raied t,'r*h*?'. the itabhorn beard ?I man.or apj- kind ol
tuperrluous hair. It*-ure t^- eet theceuuiwatUwonginal
otnee, S3 Walker Kieal, one d -,r from lln?.iiway.
61 |s-rN,t I*: ilifect-.in- F'euch ale! Kne'l?h.
Agents?Guthrie. J Maiden l*ine. Albany : My*:-*. New
Haven: Brown, Th" Chesaut Ureet, Philadelphia: Jordan, 2
Milk ?ireet. Boston; Gray, Pouehkeepsie; i?e*n, Wor *?ier
Carletoo, I*.??;:. 1;. fi}*-. Jr. Pruvidence: MaUhewsun.
Norwich, Torney, lt.*-ii-^:?r. .\. V: Guild, Bane-01; Whhe,
t:?n I* seen and tested ?einre buying, i'rool' positive i)ii4>
and pu injw--. jei; i:
Y 11. 1844.
?.?? i ? i in i ii ii .? in m?
Useful 8ooii> for the People.
Farnaain's TraTel*.
>o. I. Travels i.i the Great Western PrRtnes.tlJeABsJni c
in?l It.ck.- ' ? uiaia*. mil Oregon Territory; by Thom.i
) ??a-.,:.?.-?. Esq. Price&cv-ats; 6v? copies for SI. " Ii i? i
im Iv r>: -.-?:? < to rise fron) the perusal of such a ralaaBle
utdintert ..... .vug. There is such ? founrainof freshness !
indonsit?. . :?':int thtoagh every Page, ?urh v coo inu :
itr-am i y : anecdote, that on- neVer become* weary "'
inwusfi sn ti spuMiag fnant:? [Phut. : ?
" U r--?r days if Clump Li:?.--.:ure, when every feted ??
i?mby-pa=ibj crash is flooded weekly from the press, it ii
really rel.'es:.:-:.*-to rise from i--m?j ..l such a vi!:im.
ind icte.-.s::...-?.i-k. The writerapneamohavetcrnckoui
??>.- linns*': : ?s???:t n*w part.:.t mi ... r- tn:-<: ? ?
interspersed it v> the_ green leaves >>i instruction, atd the
bright flowers of heaatitnl imagery, md <tir; .tu incident, that !
io .a lovet a: nature in its wildcat and most sul lime teachings, j
. r-i*nt? itt ? ??? oi stich as, in our opinion, very few works
of the kind posses*, There issach a fountain ofireshneu u <1 j
ariiriaality fusmng through rvrry page, inch a continual i
cr-imf1!' wttaad useedote. thatone.nererbecomeswearyill
?iriultiu? from its ijurkliu.- fount."
[PhOadelphuCirixen So',di*r.
Ellsworth's Rrpor:.
No. If.?Th; Iiapa>Tementj to Agriculture, the Arts. k<
u the Called SUM. bciu.: la set. not >t rec-";l anti impor
?ant discorerirs aci improvements iu themode ofbuilding
Houses, making Fences, rai*io*r.tir*iii, tnakiui Pork, dispu?
ting of H?gs.makiafl Lanl Oi iajj Silk, with eoxreviirgs
of improved noBgba and other A* icnltural lmplcments.su:.
Bv Hon. H. L. f ll-wjkth, Coramisaiouti of I *t< at? Ai ?
? r? arise on Agricultural Geob >^y Pr: e iireut-;
s for SI. "It is one of the mo.: valuable ind uttcretliac.
Ii."!".- '? w*hav-*ver pe- i--d."
Th-;'tiove valuable work contains a vast traonst of the
mo?: important informafii'si vi Farmers which -.as ever far
lore i^?a presented at so cieap a rat*. The COUtentsof the
work, ta ;art, are as follows:
Tabu] if Kstimate of ;he ? rops in e.u-li Stare of the Union,
<ho? ir.r : nusnbervol" bu<iie!. r.ii.-.". m . ten "?;.w .f 'A'I... ,
Sir!-- ? ? !tye. Buckwheat, <*??.-;:. Potstoes, ponndi >t
H ? v md Hrmp. Tobacco.Cot:.Rice, Si s. Uocoons.
S ,-. ?-" ? s of Wine.tec.
Ha is the foretfoiur, and a Renew of the Crotis ol
?acli ? iboec named irticl ..with important sucsestioos
Progress of Iraproremenl?I lusesol [pi|X0Temeut.
(_'.? -Stalk Sugar? Lard 00. Su . Kotetsu Mark -tc.
It:.. VIodeof Fencitwc?Mode of cons tnictinit Honsel
Rail Mis.
Kt ?-? Ssrplas?Compni nnol Exports Impoits.
\'. irkets it Home or .Vbroad.
P'n., ect ?i i Foreitti ' Iiikr:.
Sucre.?? of Cont|>r*iti. '
Con. taws if r'.::?-! ?.:
"^7*" The work also can tains the followins ralasbli Deco
1. Letter from Hua. .' in Taliaftrro of"Vir|tioia, to Mr
??*.'??wotth on the Culture of ..? ^^
2. Letter from William Webb of Wilsninuton. D*!,. and Kv
?-ii.ie,! Remarks by the sa t K-ati?":an on the Manufacture < I
? rv Stalk Scoaa.
3. Kitrac: from Anna!es de U Socicte PolytedzJqDr
''ric-i;??, ::a-:?'iteit Jt ?m Itr'it Oifice and lii^!i!y Conuim -
ore ol Mr. \V-bb"< Ks?.-.-,
t. Method ot crv?:ili7 ? Corn Sinij?Utensils,Process,
Xc. ?c. liv J. J. Ma; ei.
,. !SK"i.iMCUR>?Ai.: o,' :"r!,intinff,Cultication.H -
stiotr, Scmninc;, Machinery, Product, Value, Manulactun
if ?room?, Mi?cell taeoos.
??. Pol ud P^arl Ashes. 3y W. A. Otis, c.f Cleareland
7. do. do. By H..Workof Fort Wayne.
.. LAHU OIL.?>: -r:i: Lird tt:t.< Oil. ??.1 ..l-o in
? rtreti forma lor.the manfacture ol Coudleii? Result ofK?
neats. By Harris, Stanwood \ Co. ol Boston. Wit
Its on the ??.nte stf.vct. 3y Camitvm. MoRPn ???
? 'rhi.a.
; ? ..! 10. Sam*sub/-" ??.:???<:'? ?'. i ? W. >"ilt.i.-d ?i,J J.
- tlordof Clea-el ii?l. Olii*.
ll.Mode of Manufacturing Ki-.itieind Svr'n- trom Lar.t.
By John H. Smith of New-V orlt.
I?, L.-tter from A. Scott, ?si]. of Erie. Ps on the u?es slid
Mode of Feucio?and Ditching, ate., witt; cut?wrd?
rramsrepresenting?I; TheFeacetl. Rail*sharpened.;3. As
;ur with Cutter*; t. Holes b. .rd;i. Post, Ditcli uid e-nib-m? ?
??-lit; C mil '. View- of the draper; x ti'.l 9. Views of tin
IourIi: IS. Snrlace of the grouuu; 11. ?.iieap Wood %iil?
! uid 13. End s id Fron! riews; Ii. Post?bonni? Machine.
ii. Letter from Hi W. Ellsworthol Lafayette, Indi ? .
!.?? ?am-' ?ub.?cf.
15. Plan ofCheati < on ut-*.
16and 17. Dn-ic un Imports iu'o thoPortol St.John's, 1.
? im the 1 Waited St ites. *>
Ig. On thesnhjectof tttportins B..I, Pork, Hams, LSi
Cheese, kc. from t ? United Stalest? En?l?orl,andthepior .*
id of prepaxiaa thissame.
$J- In sJditi tothe foregoing, which was ptepared j *
?he Hon. iL L. E3sworih,,aud pieseuted to Congreai ? .
I .?t >. <,i. ?), ?.- i ? ?! thousai.tl copies oider^d t ? !)?? printe.,
the Ptiblishera i ? tbnneeted wi-h it a valn ihl- Tr>-ati?e. r.
Saisinc S?r-.,, thebestMetliodsof Fatteniug Pork; by
Henry Coin-.:, oi "? ?>???
And tore tlie work still more worthy uie attenaon nl
Parmers.thi > added au;ia?aluablejTreati?e ou
? holoa-y as id with Agriculture, fay Willis Ouy/
Iord,of 0tt0i . N. V. This Treatise alone is eoasi
!-red by many :?? ictical firmer? ?Worth twice the l.i.: ol il.?
whole work.
Dr. Lartin: ~:- Lectures.
y?. Ml ?L irdnerV coinplrteCourse ofLectur*?, Jelii eieri
it Nifalo's baloor.. in tiie City?of New-Vorfc The iobj#< ?
mbneed in tlie Lectures, are ; Eleenicity?The Suu?U i
jm-Th- Fixed Stars?Magnetic Needle?Latitude i d
i. iitodi?Bleaching?Taut log?j'opelif Fallacii?Light
?Failing Stars?TeOl|i r??y Stni??Sliiti iral !}>etch??( ?
ruuomy?Dew?Scieuee aideil ?? Art? ?? ? ' ?
r'el??Annd?VIKmtloiw of lb* K??iiia?Volf?ic ii -r ?
Steam Kngiues of England ind Auteiica. ibis n i n il
|i .,:.<; LvolMer's Lectures is iotrodaced by i Sketch oft!?
' it ress of Physical Science. Pro-, forth, whole. inclndiVi.
Lardner's Lectures. ? cents per ,i:ii'e copy; PamujmsCcis.
i i.l iirlie:, >s .0 rrc-tve firs co| t-? 101 $1.
hemistry and Philosopliy.
Nu? IV. lemistry of tliefour Ancient Elements? Fire,
jtir. Earth ind Water? Founded upon Lectures deliver o
ivion- il-r M iesty the Queen. b? 'J'homss Ubifpith, Lee
? irei on ' I el -ivtrv at St Bartholomew's ll,? .it.ii. IPiMtrat
sdbt upwards of serenty et grat i_The Hook of Philo?
i v.. ?. meats, illustrating the principal fact* and cu?
rious phet meiia of Electricity, Oalrsnism, Mpgnetistn
?i in. r- . lV ;ir?, (lest. Sir -i :, Ii.-r i,|ii,-i..ry (lbs- v.i>i....s
oi each Scieaci. auJ upwards pf3M Exiieriuieuts. 3y J. S
Ti is K??u . -?!:?> Chemistry o:'t!i- Konr Ancient El- metis
i clueil) i 'i ..ed for tliose urlio h??i not stodied thesctencc
Ibstrasedfet ? i and tlusbriesare le?ided. uiMifiil'aud interest
uginfoima: auiipiied,aud instruction iiiote.1 with'entrr
toi?ner.r. Ex; licit direc-iom ?r? giveu res; t iti..g *l.e p. r
lirrmance . the Expennients.
" A persoi who Perlbtins an Experimentand thoroughly
uuiletscauds the nature of it, will hardly ever Icraet sin; prin?
ciple it illustrate*. It hu been.the object of ti.e irrirer to iu
trodace on y so. h experiments ? may .'?? performed with >im
I!- apparatus, snd such a: may !>?? easily ud cheaply pi"
cured." Extracts from the Preface.
The two books ibore named nave met-.nth arapid
mir extensive ..;lr n, Eitgland, md continue tt< be eery ie?r>
ii it aud in -Teat demand, notwithstac .ihr c.icii one ii sold it
ibout four time* the uric* of the eostof ooth works togetln-i j
iti tbi e.litioa printed in the " Sertei of Useful Hoakt jar t ie
t'nr above works are ne itly pi?it-d on cle sr new type_with
thonr UOengrarings, atari i ?eine re sold at th.- exceedi .u.y
low priceol'SScents: are cj..:-, for SI.
Political hconoiiiy.
So, V...Piiuciplei of Politic I Economy, ii the Laws i
the Formauon of National IVi dth, defeloped by in ?nu.? it
i hnsuau Law'of LfOTemroent: >?iuitii- substance of ?
rase delirered to the Hand-lii i Wearers' Commission, bj
VVilliasj Atri?ijo??. ?Vith in Introduction, Tteatiug ol
th* pre?ent*tateol the Science of Politic I E*.<??. ...o th?
Vdaptalion of its rhuciples to die 'Condition of our owi
.utry.aodthe Biibuiiding of its Prosperity, by Hunt
?in. Ei.tr. Price ?cur.: firec.-i lor ?!.
History of the Silk Culture:
No. \'i...Ths Silk i ulture in the United Suus: Em?
bracing i-omplife accoitc:* .it t!'? latest lud most aiprnv-d
modes of si siehing. Res ins and Feeding the Silkworm,
Mamuri ira Cocoonery, Keeling, Spinning lad Mannfactor
i th, Silk. He lie; with rety int< restiug Hisrorj Sk--. ????
nf the Silk Bnsiness. Narnral Mrsiory af thr Silkworm, the
Mulberry, uc. liljstrr.t-d t.. unmeious eugraxiug* of Ma
hinet ?:.?! Procesvs. a ,! ? Mannst of the Silk Ciiliu.-e ?
Price ii ce,.u; five c?iii-? lor SL
Onl?'". e.-.isr be Bccomsanied iritli the ca*h.
GBEELET ic McELKATH, Pub!i?li-r-. foi 'he Anrhor
Uiclinril.*oii iV t o,'. Celebrated
'|"HisMediane.couip? ndedsi slylrom regetable matter,
J. tree from adttltamijon. and ? mated free from any.iagra
!i-':ir-Mletn:netital to iicn'-.- was discovered about one year
? rice. ??)? J\n iniliv..iuu, ? !e H:tii. u.il with I'M KKA'I'I I'
SCROFULA, and who has en under the treatment ol th*
most eminent physicians i the United States: for eight rears,
without the least apparent boos of restoration to health, and
wil? by them pronounced i.icurn! bat who. after tnkt'ix th?
above named madicihe for flea- weeia, tvai restored to la-r'tei
h-alth. That madicitM hai .een -old with unprecedented suc
<!?.???. und has r.ev?r fa'ied::. .ny instance ?> hen taken n nccorib
dance with dtrectioai I ?? red a iieitect nue ..t' t.v- rolhiwini
li?eesei,to wit:?SALI EiHELM, SCROFULA. ULCER?
? litM.MC Kill. :.'?:. \ I ISM. I'll.hS. EKVSII'ELAS.
? ol tj-.:? medicine nas been te.tj?d in nil the disease*abort
"".uinerated, and its etf?cu tire truly a.,i..t. . v.- 1 >n:> ?...?; ???
? ?? ipooafuito be take:: 'by an ndait eneh tnorninr before e;.*
which usually produces a tonic ctfect, while (in most cases.]
.lets a? a Jem:* c-i-hr.rtic, increasiDg the appetite iai
n nealth of the patteat. causing all uJcerated sores to dis
rgt :nore profusely. vA producing an etfectuai r.ltemti?e
the whole system puri!yingaod pttalttcuNta periect actioji
'I ??? blood.
i'er?on?. wty> 'aking it, ?houid relmm from the u?e of nil
?tiiiiulatinc drinks or hiehiy ^tLs-ine?! food. For ?nie by
Obtained at wholesale of THOS. C. TALMACE.
i >r,erii: niter.-. Jt) Pine-street, irapos't-theCu-tom House, V?
Vork : mal m 19 V-tor House: 110, -4.3 nur! 771 Broadway .
corner Broadwayand Chambers-street; No. Front-street;
.V.. 144 WeH-w.; Nos.63und8?l Ho?*rv ; No. ... Fu
-ireet; No. ?T s-d iVi Hu>is?n. nEti % |Jammnnd-*:re?t. err. ;
limiv.n : No. SJOt (.mnd-street : No. 1V7 ami 17s Creenwtch- ?
: street: No. Hi er.i S3CTnerry-sTreet; No. \y, Walk - dreet
? No. KCatlauce-raeet: Nee. 3.>I and til Pearl^tmei; No. 114
! Brooklyn, J. W. Smith,comer ol Fuh-.n ami Cranberry :
i street*: end Wx. Klxcrove, Sou ru'; t'-..... r.cs. corner Wil- j
low and Atlaatc-sds., and by ail the prmcip?! drucsi-u in t?**? ;
i Cnitet! Str.te?.
I Dr. V. 11. ?'?'.*?*?. No. 54 Be.verV. Clinton Baiklmn,
I General VVho e? - and Reta.i Agent Sk Albany.
1 1. VV. Dj- ?? x -on. No. 143 N . in S* ond-?t-. OneraJ
j IVhoiesait Agea! - Philadelphia.
. Instruction? cctajragtheaitis>e.aad jtreatonmbei ifeet
1 tirinite-and ?-.?. ?? ?.*i?mnr w wen and obtainedal sny ??<
j he nl?,ve piu> i?. iiJ??.?:'..n li
' /^OM3lON CHALK it posonoas to the Skin; huttneSnan i
i V- isb Lily V..- -r .?parts to use tare, rers ?rarm? ot ladies
?i pure, I.vne .... Jabasterwhfttnsss not disevbriugaod ,
making the :?r..i rough l iter use. but on Lnecnolmry hnpi .-. :
. and clearing it. It ts sold only genuine at S3 Broadway, .
i hnthnm st. .N. V.. 8 States*. Bostun, and 129Fullon street, '
\ FIRST K VTE SHAVING SOAP. t? make a thick.
I -"i rich. ea?F. lastina Intrurr. losotteo the Iteard and Die skin,
is the preparaticei ol'otd NaplesSoap?sold lor 3 shillings a jai
it338Broadway;or83:Chathamstreet. Geau, oolj try >n.. .
! onre^_te-U liti j
lull lets on Atmospheric piw.ire principle ; also single i
? Tcctn Sets or pari? of ?eis invreil in (he neate?; style, by
J. BJSKEY, llentist. 27 Murraj-stre,--.. next to trie 1
Char n. Best .Mineral Teeth a-'ed and uarraattd.
jels 3meod*
prisiag'Luea, Je?.a. Comlsxs, i ^shineres, Itombuine.
Merino, Fro ?. d'Orsays. Sec lor saw, ready mode, at 231
Broadway. .;*s^i:te the FounLam.
WHOLE \o. 101?.
I perhaps thousands, ol our citxxess anttuaiJy resssrtto fbr
sn '-tin?- m pursuit at health. By a timely un of Um proper
?ins at borne, in a large pro;s,f-i4.n of ease*, tin, eipnin*
nn win:'.! be nnneeavairy, and heath cou:.l ?* e.'?M ^?i,
.d the constitution bmcediip a- well lere n? abroad. It 1.? a
-t generally admitted that nm-t d'sea?es Nnw tin ir origin :n
i impure ?tute of the blood, which causes unhealthy secre?
uns. a::d tins soon produces a complete disor?anitatioo of the
h.ile system. VYetakeolaafun in calling the atteotHKi of * air
-den- t.? h valuable medicine called SaxDsV** smi- \p*k!i.h.
hicii will enVctaallreradifateall impunties from tne s>-rem:
i. r -'crot?bt and Chronic malad e? it is considered an nn
ilms nivalis of reliel mid cure.
IS: Y. i torn. Advertiser. June l<. 1*44.
Sams' ?*Ks<rvR t,la. a purely vegetable preparation. I
as '?"*?! ??..? v t*-tcd ?'. i variety of d'?e!i?es._?iii! :% tr.uii j
HHjriciice. kimw n to lie a ?nie an ! enectu ii cur,, i".r Scrofula I
r^largatnonlol the Glands, leprosy, Si;:t_ Kheum, Scald :
ea.i. Eczema; Rheumatism, Palpitatiomof the heart, aod I
[her diseases originating in an impure or depraved Hate of |
:e blo-nlorderaneement >.! tne digestive organ-. The pro- i
rtetors are daily receivtne written testimonials, giving u.ter
>tmg detail- of its extraordinary virtue*. Original mom- I
?ripts of various certificate?, le'ters ol toe clergy; max titrates
ad private citizen*, all conhrming the previous statements, j
re i-iin-tajiliy receives!, aiut will tie cheerfully exhihtted mi ai* |
lic io..n. Fact* are recorded?ufficienUy clearandenn? . ? n
?atisfrthemeat incredulous ofthe mal merit* of thi?in?ai- '
flb.e medicine.
BT>- The following certificate? ? ill he rend w.th interest pur
eularly by all suffering in a similar mannet.
BjLLTIMoag. Jim- |0.
Mes-rs. SaNHs?Gear: Most cheerl illy do i ? Id the nu
ler'o;- testimonials oi your lite preservative Sarsapanlla. I
rtssattacked in ine year ISi' weh aseroful sus affeCUon 00 m> ,
pu?r hp, sad continuing upward taking bold oi mv m.se and ;
lurounding parts, unul the paasigeafbr conveying tears from .
'ie eves to me nose wer* destroyed, which caused an' cea?
ii: flow of tears. It nisi affected my gums, causing " dw
barge very unpleasant, and my teeth became to loose that it
i-ould not ha\* Leen a hard : udt tu pull them out with a (lucbl
trk??och were my feelings and ? uttering at tin. tune that I
.?ru rendered perfectly miserable, i cob?ulted the tir?t Physi
ian? in tue tJity. but wrrth linle benefit Everything I heard
I was ned?liut all tiros ?s! of no service, and a* a last resort
i a? recon mem'ed change ol ; bat Mus. like other remedies,
at no goml. thedi*ea>e etwitiaued gradually to increase uiim
ii v whale b il> w.u affected Hut thanks to humanity, my
'hystciau recommended your preparation id Sariaparilla. I [
irocured from your agent in thwCity, Dr. Jam,-- A. Reed. 6
stttles. and in less time than iliree months was ic-t.ue,! to
lealth ami happme??. Your S iruipariHa uUne etfected the
ute. a"d wilii a desi?? thatthe afflicted may no longei -. -.
ut u-e tiie rutht medicine and befreeTfom disease; with feei?
ng of joy mil gratitude I rem im your friend
!?\.\ii.i. m. i ' INNtKAN.
Any one desirous to'know farther particulars wtU find meat
ny residence in Front street- where it will ail'-rd me pleasure
??communicate any tl.ing in relation to tins cure.
Personally appeared before me die above named i kin el Me
'onnikan. a:vl uiadeimth nt the .'acLs contained m tlie forego
ngatatement. JOHN CL<?UU.
Justice nl tlie Peace of the City ol Baltimore.
Wtn-T.ii. Monroe Co. Feb. 10.1944.
Messrs Sahvs: Uentiemen?It i? dithcull to find words to
itpresi the antituiie which 1 feel towards yon lot the it.I
liatyon have taken toteltere me tn my <!'-tr*s.. Eourteen
, ears since, there appeared a small sur- un my under bp. ? hen
uy tiliy-'cnin? informell me wu- thel uncer: it remained with
?or much chance UMil within ihe la-t two y"'irs. w en it com
nenccd earing. At tlw sum.- oina seven bard tumor- aopeared
ludcr the surface on my right leg; w inch finally became run
ling sores. My throat and neck were much affected, and i!>"
ny milter jaw wassodisesued thatiheteetli teil out. M. uu
nrlip > nownearly eau.Aland the a-ideol my right cheek
?greatly nnecied. The darting pains through my lacehave
igeti very levere. Eortbopast year my suite ine? havt beer
ntewe, beyond nay powerol itescnpnoo. I have loken nMOf
I flereni U:n'i? of medicmes, nil of which have i died ui relieve
ne. Lrunna most ol tins nine, i have ueeu attended by many
four best physicians, also by one .?.sneer doctor, who all de
:tded that m> disease was beyond 'lie reach ol medicine, anil
tint t cmiki live but n <hort nine Eortimateiy. however, foi
, e. I was uif rm> il "l V'-cr valuable piei>amtn?n, a hi Ii i pro?
cured of your agents, ?essr?. PostSt Willi?, ol Hoc hot er.?
V thinigh, ai Iba tune I commenced using youi f?ar-p irilla. I
i? n- en luring lb.at severe pain, aial there appeore I lo be
mi hope, -nn ihe virnies of this tutfilicioe were such, that w bile
I wnt using ill* fr?! h ttle. :h? s.u.'? on ui) leg healed ; ami
? continuing Use ute of the Sarsparilla, my face, mouib and
lironthiive Iscan gradually healing; Aim! mow. genilehien,
ivintrast my lituation but a short tm.e Mace, enduring 'he most
seven pain, weh my iin-ent happy i.diuun, free from pain,
aiid enjoying lila once more I sliall un-> take much pleasure
i r. commending i 'tier- similarly aiflicted, to obi un Uih !>e-t
of meiliaues '" etfeel riieir eure.
I am. with gratitude rours.skc. AARON ItlVlv.
11.'?>. .? ;..i.mi lence in ih* iratemenl made by Aaron linck.
i avtug known him !he pas' sig year*.
WILLI \m nn H VRD.
I place lull confidence in ihe ataten* nl made by .\m m (luck.
I.iiviiia known lum tne past sixteen >*.'!>.
I know Aiifti Hue!;, icn! bei eve wbal l.c stl.in thikiloCU
meiit to be parieeilr true. UEOItlJE HEART.
The writer of the ahove, A. Ruck, being a member "I my
: mily, 1 know tusstatement to be correct ta every respect.
For inrt'icr pardculapt and coi elusiveevidei.fit? supori.
? rvalue and etficacy, tee pamphlets, which may be obtamed
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by
A It. k I" S ViVPS. I'ruggiati.
T'^ Pulton street.2T3 Kro dwni. 7: I .?-' Broadway.
Sd.l a'-o by Druggists generali) thnnighout the United
r-'r.tes. Prin . * i i < r bottl?; - > boltle? Ii? S?
iX.'" lie iiiti!.-- 'lie r'-.i?-lie v ni] u-.'i-i in remeit'wr liiai
it is Studs'- SnrsaponlUi that has ami i.Ustanl y m<-niev ng
iucIi n markableeure?? f the mostdifliciilt e'a?s ,,i diseaiws tu
m.i.. me,um frame i? subaxt; therefore t-k liirSandVi
-' usaiatnlla, und take no other. jej.) ImlMiW
/ ?<i|.n KEBT; COLO FE ET, COLD FEET. ?" '?[.!>
v_-1- EET?t "obi leetand i '?> suiiipliou.Cohl Feeaoml Dyspwp
. ..i. i'oI.I Feiet and Si.-k lleailaehe, Cidd Feet nad Di-ease ol
the I .tine- awl Liver, Cold Peer and Asthma, Cohl leetand
thl.f the llreuth. Cohl Feel an,l falling off of the Hair,
Cold F< 1 und I!.iiiiat'sui, Cohl Feet and Pains in the Eat
and Head. Coal FcotVCold Feet?who has not g..t Cohl Feel !
Ii is as prevalent as water in Uieseas McJHiiUra jtll Healing
Omtmrut an ajvereign retneily fur cud! feel umlerevei) con
liiigency ?if life. Let it lie wanned into the aol.fum taat.
i no wepleslge oui w on! and honor thai it will restore ihe eil
eolation ol ihe blood, induce a healthy perspiration and bring
Lhem haek to Uieir natural coodin'on. \\ hen this is dona at
tne salve be placed upon the chest oi bead where the otl i
difficulty lies, wheiiier u ii- a eomumplion, or anthnia, oi dy
u, psm, or lost ofbair, it will i ure them also S..ld 1JH i Hvinnn
-tree'.:!-;' !t eeeker.10 \stor House, j.mn. Pst Cherry, l ?
tiullivan, I8h' ? 'un ii. 9N9Stant?m. 38) il street. jeJin
\ \ W')Mif.i:-a it!.i:-si.\i;-A miuacll
I N'DEED been discovered f?rcuring
AH DisliguremenUol tne Skin.
Pn p.. Efutibtim, Monihew, Tan,
Rites of Moauuttiias, Bugs, Insects, &cc.
The above or any defect <>i the skin c lUsed by the sun. heat of
the Ualy.wiiwl, change of climate, fcc. Stc. It also cures in
Iba most peniHUM nl and beauWul inunra rail
Diseases ol the Knee or Skin,
Pimple*. Bfcsi "hes. Salt Rheum, Scurvy,
Erysipelas, Sue Heads, Ringworm. &.>'.
Thb remedy is called (mitrd reader, laj imr'.larinthc name
o. ymi'il 's- cheated by a swindling counterfeit) JiiNES'ss
ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP, ami in ?iusei|iierice ofiu
>urpristoc,efneacy?in tact its surprisinc and woiMter-workiaii
. nect in nny ol Use above i!i?eii?e-, it has been counterfeitod and
imitated by ahost of scamps and rascals, -wir..;er- and fools,
?.v ho ore red ll.r the mischief and barm the- may ilo. us manT
i their articles are realle poiaoiNsuii and dangerous. '? t wisk ,
? iva i n the fame and cha ucterol Jones's Soap th.:.be
particular, buy only al the following plnees and alv . ??a
t it Jone?' Soap, at the American Engar, ? Jlmthnm street, t?<
Broadway, N. N.: Iteddine, 8 Mate st. Bo*n>n '/?? her.
Ledger Bn 1 lings, Philadelphia : Pease. Hr <? dway. A y.
j*? I Jm_
j It. HILLS A. - ii.
No. 1W FuUon-St, New- >"or/.-.
(laving enlarged their establishment nm now (neparcl *.o
furnish any number to Order, and wonl4 respectfully call the
attention of the public to the unoaraMailed improvement and
decjtied sdvantagoa this Clock haa over ad other Ti ne-Keep
.?r- ni w in u?e.
The gnat improvement in "Ik- Time I'rirt comi?rj princi
..ally in Me Escapement, which may be called a Frictiiailess
E-eapement, ansl in lite Regulating Motion, which may I?
called a Itotary or Torsion Pendulum. The Hall islour-and
i-m?|i inches in dt?meter?ol a globubll form and hollow , and
Msvended by a steel spung; near the upt? r end ol th* spring n
an arm in: tlie Ibrrn oral rank; the t?vid?iog of tne Imfl twists
the spring; and causes the arm to perform an arc. m-tinr up..n
and receiving the impulse from the Swing-Wheel hy n earn of
i ever coonected wits 'he Arm "ud th* Pa I.t Escapement]
which impulse i? earned.thruueb the Spring to the Han, end
keepsttin.motis?fl rheapring inaqtuesganCyOsie islimgest:
br it? being tw ated either way from that state is>ho<teoed aim
the Im I natde Ui n-e. reOinana l>> the reaction of the spring,
?ml tue fo of gmv ?)? tei siviug the uupuj* trmn tne ma in
laming powei at each return,
Thar* is an inegotarilyextfttiogia the common Pendulum,
!'>*a baool power arisine from an menare.ol frictioo, thereby
k --eniiii: the impuke given to it. and ihortaoingthe a ?<? ol its
v.-irat., us If ii measure true tune in an arc ol four degrees, it
will gain ten secoodi a day br vibrating in a" are id three de
;!wi Mi that by an increase of friction m.d loss of power,
which is a 1 wars theea?e. if will gain tiire
Anr dirforence of fn mm or maintaining power in this
Cluck will not a fleet the time eiv*n by this Peodulun ; es rev.
olutiootor vibrauons a'* leadered pertectli bochr nal, by die
influence tint t- e tor-urn ut the -print- has iii ii- reaction upon
tliefirceo! gravii v. of the bait. The difforeot degrees ol tern
rairaUire do not aflect tha time given by this pendulum. 'I he
nine it would lose by the expahshso ol theapnnit in length ??
accuriuely counteracted bi the time it'gains b? its expansion
in width md thickness. Th&improvement in the Str k us Part
rjimisU prmppally in the application of.a Ri.'sry Hammer,
rldch pnrt nfthi-('I ck ISdnven bya -pring equal to -even
silUH - of weight, tor aiMiut filtydour week-, with once w ;iid
1st. That v*ry litt!? care i* r*cjuiteil in setting it op, in con
lequehce u* it? not biaiog so iiaM* to be pnr oui ol beat u other
2nd. It rei|ii:re- n o Oil on the Panels or teeth ?l th?- Swing.
Wheel. tii.-re hemi; n " Inct ..n le*_wen them; and th* nun.r
ot therevsduiionsof theSwing-Whasdare slgtytiaaes 'e-*,or
ui other words is sittv year* ,u maSing ns many ravolut on?
?i? the tin rty nirie inch or second Pendulum Cloeii doe?in one
year. And it re.|u re-mure than ti'tv times less maintaining
power esimeqiiently a very brgeamonnt le-s uf friction "nd
sveai, than to other Clistk-: and tlieref jre t ie motion much
m re recu'.ar.
'-i it w.|l run one year with once winding up: i* ?dent.
?sthertaao ?trkm? the hour: n simp1-, easily aniusted and
regulated; and w),?o?o. the time will am he altered at inothei
Clock?. by thedtfil?teare?>f temperature lbed?naitj i f the air.
'?r by an tii,-r?nse ,,f friction, as it yei firms Its laovemenb al
\ i - .a -he ?-ni* or fijuiil tune.
These cmeks bar* n .w !.*,>ii in operation aboal three T#ar?.
Oneol them was placed in th* moms of tii* American Insu
tute, inffml'i v of New.York, in Slav. '541 -wa? ?Xh,b fed
a* the Fair in i icti.her that year, and a Medal avy rded with
the is senption diat it wai a very irureoious pi*^e of mechanism
It wasthea left with 'tie m the ecamii m* Canmibee until
the next \.tal Fair ?t the ln*utute in October: 1M2.
an-! a ta e exhib ted at ihe Fair-ami again aed ?>? i Commit:
?ae of ?cicntilic r*n tieim n. ami awarded a second Me.!a! with
the inscription Um! it had been folly te-tcl.
. .1. It. >l. <ai CO.
Have on hand and mtei d ke- p"ig a coa.tjint ?unply of Man
t*l Clocks of a variety of pattern*, with ?od without gia-s
sh ui,?. rice,me from on* month or uitrty inrce days: to one
)*arurUi e* homlred and seventy five days, wish once wind,
me: al?o 'an:- Time Keeperi for Banks, Churches. Public
Houses, tors mname a year with once winding. And will
also manufacture to order. Tur'et. Steep.e. or Cown Clock-.
running from one month n> .i ye.r.
Junejrd. ISL_jy3Iro_
rpEN I* 'I.i.AKS KKWAkD.?Yn ksp.cr., >.-.KSg St'u >
1 ?A cer? ?..-:.te tor thirty ?ftare? of Vicksbnrg H~r ft
Stock in thenanwegBuckleyat P*ek. and uuu,i?-iei! .JtS. wu i
i'owerol Vttomey attached was bat un Saturday. Z3d March
It was eiici<w-i! m a letter an?i lae-r u: gj way to Wall .1. Tra
tbovewUbepaid by leaving it atThompaoa'a ntttee. fs!\Y?.
DRIVKERS OF S ? RS '.;? VRILL \-Tr> J i as' Eitracl
oT&ar?aparula,Camly?tt certainly i? moat excellent, a
? owerfitl *xtrac: -a most beautiful Camly.a most valua
blephyssc?try it all. It's sold ai the sign of tlie Ame-inaji
liiKle, 8J Cliuthtoui-sU ot skSJ litoudwa). jail In
fi.--ns Srs fricnd? a no |iff?nn s? hn wish la .peryl the >uro
:n-r ip tt-? eminti*. 'he. aar fw-se1? now ..p"t ff-r the recep.
?ton of Boarder.. Ti e trtljatjoa ?? onnnandtir erd wuhia
JO yards of the < W,n. wh-fs? Julie? will Is- c. ns-ev-e?! for hath.
tw?i,f mifr?. ft* haMa rs la're nnil ?irr. wtth tine
? <)?:'"? room*. Prvcas axjderaie.
iy. 2awj* DEBORAHJ9A1R&
111 lAKI'INC?At S7 r. i:-ti ? .I'-fre-- -S.'s-'e feri'.Vmee
I > ..- r-nrsel Imule* ran '? ?.-.-..?? nrtodated w "i bssard aad
?tyff?fiirtable raaim, .-..n.t? hix of parlors, ?"'I ' rs*cwueQ? berf
torns idj *nmr. st J7 ttatr?ucfi ?ir^.-t. New >'?>??.
mrs gere.
The Frettdi language .s s;-,ti?n "i the tsmily I mod*
l j Inntic fVenr*.?The *<f*rra-rr lesrscci telly mfurtns tne
. that this House n bow ngea leceptmai of c*m
ausy.iinsiertheraanstaeiiiaatof M-v rVrsros n. If webath.
ajf~ %aa Weex*'?. a quiet house so,) -o?,) secommooat ????, s-e
ecofl ndslious. trie pui-'ic may be >mu?i ..i li'.' iv ihem
t this House. J- >II.N II '? pkk
Lw.t Breach. N. J. Juiy 3. ' ?
I AW CARD?Jon? M In r?-;rLi?. ?>TX?t.-?i?z. M.ssjsurp
l-Spi. s?: i v?<?.,,!'.. <?.' ? ? ?? ?? " ii 'ii .; ?- ??? ? :? ? ' :?? sins
?he i'tn-uil ?'-.iirt? ..t" \<' rn- lixj 'he Sjlji.rmt count ?es, am)
n the Superior Courts ol the Stats A fevismbse protessaMal
? ?>????? ooom l^isuMane * II a .!?> bsm loaaenotelsasiBsjai
. in IV>!.*?,,( ,Mnl sjtatsjL iHSi,r Natchea. He refers to?
i.-Mit s. Boriun. Van \rv.:n*>. ' .ii.'?!???. aci
H ??> Cnenr ii..,c-ntfo, Brv.w-t. W'armtck.
Hr.* her*, a. f.,. Maleohn tk-Caoi.
sub > 'ichran, Henry Usefty.
W illtam Knin. <1 ] v
I > KM' >V VI^?TheOrhceand Sales-Room ?Tthe New York
!\t >? ? Manufactory < re mo red trtan TTFuhea-stieel la ICH
J.inn .t-cet. oppa-site ? nil street.
April tu. tall 3m] U SMITH, HB John-st.
{ ? EMOVAL.?JOHN LoVEJOY. Dentist. rem.oe.1 f-->rn
I a. tfiPnttce street to *?v* Broad way,two Iwtrsbe lis-rsss
ireet. ml3Jin#
tATOOLSEY \M WOOLSEi rrom tiiisdateorTer Usttt
I V ?>?:,....?!-.:- DOUBLE REFLNEU SUGARS at the fcl
. wiiir tow prices vi*.
11 eentj iK-r .'..u:..:. i U'h. ? lea than (hre ;>n'-?nje? are
ruiihed II do d.. > porvrni-*-. hoil'a cent pa pound
'owdar'd tUtido .1" >a?tdit>utiaL
rhe shove are pet keil is to,lows.
Loaves, in bisui JOiu?. /
[rasher! ra htsol 301 " > Noeaarr? ??r pactacve.
I'owilered in do >>l iOL' " )
Vpplj to the .New \',.m Potent Surat Ueiinery. cor. of South
tnd Montaome'y st?. or ii SB V\ all ?t.
> H. i i.-iU-r? out of the niy niuu be aCCOBspaaied Py a rvmit
i .ce _ tjrl Im
j'EAS.?9U0chests s?.ci?.n-. J' bait chests00
\ 150 hall cm>i> Xnut'] unr tssHiclstmc.
??J da Ctoss;S(?uclwuu
si) ('!ie?t> tine Moaet Powttboar
?ji tone) .i.'?e> tine M. hoeScajcasioc.
Ipo .? nests Hrson.
10 fancy u,?e? Hyson, hne.
Iu? chests Yung H> am.
ItVJ h? f che?'.. .i?.
?ui chests H.s.hi Ss n.
SU halfchssrts supertot Gunpowdet.
31) do lo Imtfennl.
Ml country packed and of late imp.irtnUoo.
?ale by GRlNNEliu MINT?RN tc CO
d" if 7oS>mth street,
V S. I? ?X NELLY ?.< i ici 1 mod VreeT. ciHaerai
l ^ . Alien, have on hand an extensive assortmem of the tol
? iwiiu lioti^. keeiuiK I >K \ Gl K '1?. t? ?%,hichtne> invite the
ttenttofl ol purcho-ers. via :
s t to II I Imperial met Marseille, ituiit*
<?!,. lu-s by Jt * Diapers and launatk Tabss CletBa e.!)
? I B-l, I CM and i-i Insh, Barasley, Russia and Silesia
Russia, Scotch an.l Irish Toweling Ui?i>ert,
s S. i 4 and 44 liniper am: Unmask .Nitimoa.
Crush. Ilucknlsacll and Hoiieye Diaper.
1 4 and W S irtinc and t'iliuw^ aw> I juen of all Qualities,
1-4 heavy UndlesaH i.men.
r'rencii Embsseed i 'loth Table and PttuvoCovers.
Cwlomli ottoo. VYorsteslond Linen Table Chiths.
Vnd aa??an exten? ve assiHtmenl ol Chrths and t'assimeres,
DmpU'Etes,Gojubrooos.Linea limlnuo. and other Maple
rl I'M.-. I try (.??.?:? mvtfl
i'hi' I HI i-> .v SKVLKS. 341 BkoaomaV,
LM CANDELABRA ate am) Dealers in HOUSE-fur
S'lSHING GOOU? ceoeraJly.?Beina conoecie.1 wchwns.J*
theluraestmanumetonas m rue United Sinti-?. ttie> sreena
. ed to otier Lamps, ? aadelabni ate for i Ihurcnet, iloils, ti?>
. -, I'nvote Dsjvellintk, SteamlMata nod Packets, on the must
? sjonabk* infill-, anuol u auahty not tu t?p surpassed ta thai or
, uthet cuuntty. Especutl silention i? mi iiisl to their Silai
? I Stop Lamps, tor econoMiy and iicbt. sui?-ts?*.itii^ all others
. ?. retm pub ?<? .No less than rnrh..i> and rwo siLvaa
skoalb hove, within the lost *ieii years, le-en awarded '<? i be
, iiiul.-cti.rcrs int fnsir ?>ii erioiil) in this class of *o?mI. The
;>?.Idic are rs-spe.-ifuii> invited I?coll and examine lor them
Or' .'opxtbv Tbapbkh lupplied at factoo prices _
t way, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets.?The
i He tum ot the public i? n"?p?*> tfully in? leil to the new store
lust opened as above lte>imtaiissanealeiisivti sasottnieni oi small
arttclsfs ot daily iu? in the linuil], ?itli ? ? u ety ol Inncy -".-Is.
v tt-lttir. Needles. Hook? kimJ l'.>e?. lauperHN o.ic i . tt.m.
and Silk. BuUiinsTnpes. Bui. Por-e IVtSLXephyt U ors.
i'd, I oik iss and Piilleiii?. lerlonit. d lln-tol II.. if.I. Iii!.I.ins,
(.:..?.??. Milts, ladies Cravats lind ? ?p*,C?mtlenienti ..liars,
;...i?. (l ose.. ||amlkercl?efs. So-oender?. 6lc. Ilieierg,
Mandl? Gros? i l th. India Nankeen, Patnsnls. Sun Shsvnem,
.- ii.Nil mid Tmveitnf Wallets, Putin and Fnuc] lla.kets,
Wn? find other Doli?, Ilm'. Nail and Teeth Brusaea,
[???if and Shell eonili?, Plain and rancy Stultatiery, Note Pa.
BOr. Knveioiw?. St.ei Pen?, i,..i,| inl .silvei Pencils Peiluine- N
\. Kancy boei*. Gia?rlai n's S'lutvinB l ie-im. and other cmsice
. tides im the Toilet, ?; lend'.! Viimiaretts. Smclline Bottle
ii. Ax.?The ?t..ck ha lo-s'i letectcslwith gieetcare.and
will b.Id ot the lowest cosh prne>, iiy
ielitf_C HU M.
CHE W \)U.\ '.i ?? 'L).?>.
No. "3 feilai. ..lie .I.e.. In n. Xii?,au st..
! i as n-f receive.: tro:n AuclMin nMianilicent Kreuch print**!
! i Musi is, rich BrtNtlfe p aul aM|,suiped Pisull -te Snie, of
,. eruii quality, black ?tr.? l!.irret... Styl- tt-,ij >.
rtne IM, t?atin -i ii#d Barreee Xinwls, Ladies' Cmvol?,
rich Hu' aid Cap Rilibons, Bru. Thread ami Ashbttt*
inn Laces, whtte ami black Cordiuurs. e.,i ire.i Silk Shawls,
imsle) Sheet in?. Hosier*. I.loves. alc Pemnm purehasiag
n.r i'icIi ? .!l .lo well to .-nil und ..?mi?i,e the stock ! elore | ur
euasitlB i rteir emalii. tt.vJ?
aiackie aTlKYKKL I I ,
Nu. I"7 Wai i k Stkkkt,
?Itelow Wallstrsx t.)
lam i". Ma. kis. lute Macfcie.1 Inkle* & Jtnnisoa. I'm y
Ii'-iah S Lkvicrktt,Inte Leveret! itThoauis, |
llenlersiii. .,i uml Vvntuehl Nails and Stakes, Axe.. Tib
i ate, Bunea 'Im. I..?..I. Copj-er. Zinc, Sje-iu-i Wo-. Bag
It 'i lnH-rienn mi l Ru-m Sheet Iron. Hoop Iron. Rnsaere'
R -Is. Band lr. n. Xail ?ml Spik- RisnV, ~ii.-.veh. ,|.,. t ??t
Steel, Brads. Tucks ami Snairowbllls. Iii .?? Kettle?, I .oners'
Tools, Scotch, Ktf/h-h at raaiertcan rig Iron, lu%
f ... i-.... f <-i.,t I.i'!..-.'. ?.f nil ?'7p?_ml" 3m
Nu. '?' 4 J o b n - a t r e e t.
', f B. CLAYTON it SONS ate in .constant receipt ol Pa
s j. i*ifns odnpted in every hranch?i the trade, embracing
. uniisuoll) laree aswirtinenl ot Hlunk lt.-,s. i op ami loiter
kYriting. Uigether with every desCTtptieti id New? snsl H.e,k
('Hitting. CiHoreil Paper ol Mesliem tad ..flier fixes, Envehspe,
rabacen. Shsm and Tea. Straw and Rag Wrapning ; Hard,
ware and '' 1.erI, in .'rest variety ; S-lk and l*t^. Tissue, piain
. ..I rolnreil. Ac. Ac. Iliiiil-r , Stmw, BiMliet, Trunk und
B?ndln?*. Ibtards. Pies* Papers. Ax. ttc j>8_
Jleefcman -t-.-ct. About is' of the nrst physi.
1? OndsUraesalS oj New York le.ve tfisen
riheirderi.!e.i preference tothi; Truss,ns you can
graduate the pre-siire Irttm ioietfl fif'y pstundi
i, withirtit a back pad, which d**rs so mo. h injury
A tair trial being the i?^t te.t ot its superionty. "
i fc. applied and sir. days' trial given, sndil it does tint retain
lie rupture, while pcrlorming e,er> kind of exercise or eourb
ig, find give perfect taste; in sword, if i( is not satodactoty
it every respect, the money bcheerfulli retnrrteil, and this at
rite only eomlitiiin on which ton should buy mi) Praia. a tier
i tetit cure iseastly eirecMo.and wnrriiuted.il ibrirctMMMtf
Thatse Binding for t-"s Truss nee,l only mention the side nip. ry
ired ind 'I"- nreasura rouudthe bins, as they can rmduate ^
? urxsssunr to sug their case. Sold whsjAsaetound retail al 13 (
I . eekman street. _jyl tf |
I fT'Al.l. TRADE-s"! TD \ M ' V. I -T-a. ver.-em-uU '
I nteieeeived fortssiuihein and VVestera Newspapers, und
for*. deslthe Agent, V II. Palmer, at the i ool < itnce. No.
lrJU Nassau ittvet, l -itiui a Builoingsl optxsnte the t it) HalL
Ii . Aassncrv embracsss nwst of tita pnocipsvlitsrwssiattars la tisa
follow ii.' places:
.'..?on. Fretlericksburg, .New tIrlaaaa,
Augusfa; Hentavtlar. pe.,nn.
P. irtington, Indianapoiii, I'disLniig,
Char ?-ton, Krvoxvdle, Qmncy,
i hicagvt Lexingtsin, Lmegh,
I'm.r.ti, Louisville, ravaiinah,
ChUlieighe, Muysv.be, crt. 1.is.
r mii.bus, Memphw, Sbfinrfielo,
i e. Monde. Vvtietding,
F"yelle. Nn-n. lie. Znne?ville.
Flunk tort. Natclanc, t'- if tec.
most of the principal fnwns m New.York, the hast- t
eraSvislai, New-Jersey, Pern sylvaaia, Ije-ivsme uml .Mary
ZJ" Kveiy information riven at theortlce, where the p.apen
it i. V B. palmer
lelSeodli' Agent for Country Newspapers, itfj .uuau-st
i mpoh PANT.?Familie? who have colored clotbes to wash
I >sill bud. if they u-? Risberu Improved Itrouo .-..up, that
ii:. lie. es und mo-iins still not i sue, nor to, i r llannels shrink
", the least, at the so use tune it cleanses noil bleaches the in,
ii taking i'-eiu cfe.ir. tresh, and ?.??! as when new, ami i-war- !
r ,o "i not lo injure ih? t? x''.re in the least, tt 's ver> etfecti,?! (
i . !? uving rreasB fr??ni wtsullep??sr carpet*. Ib xrni mind it
i a Itrosvn S.- p. and t ve jr bnf is stoiupedT, kotiert,' Im- |
proved. Brown Soap, For sale by met ot tli- prnieipul Cro* t
ceri n ti^is City and Brooklyn. Manufactory 310 Cherry st.
j,tf_ 1KUMAN It')Br.itTS. 1
.1' iSIII \ ii IRS ED vV CO.
Or-' PATENT THREADS, 3h?-a Threads, mper Sail
rwme, Gilltngl wine. Carpel Warp, and FUu aad Tow
> uns
nno Tin: i.1 vers op (wmfort, male and ke
s MALE.?The isihscribers ire urepstied to t>ke iiieennei
ol feel and tnppiy l.:s(.< ihnt will fit precisely B..<>uaud
Si',im-s in ide on i lien, are issrtectly easy vslieu rjrst put on, like
no iddsbsie I
Th- i'i;ei -pot l.r.tu is but tridma: find every iierson should
' .v- ssla -.. lit the ? teei i 'my ex peel real graaiivecssmlbrt,
: h tsnn/mnvg inAtnidw? ever experMiOcedwiuHHit cotn
lortable /jawteui >a.<cj'
p..kly and Lung island B?joi and Shoe Store. 170Fahsyn-et,
? BROOKLYN BOOTS W .-II' '!>.?-The sub^n'sTrs
Iji ire mfw supplyms lixeiiavelves wrtji for Custantea
Buol :. ,-i??-? Gentlemen and Ladles can have Luits roadB
? fit'hem b) ea? nglheshape ot ibeir feet, al the Brooklyn
Less ' Island >?????: FuJUsn Jieet
r i !IK\P SI MMER IIATS. 17<< Rro?dw?> -Thesuh
l 5, ,. r iier has now on Ii ?i.d aco i p ete assortment ol .??um
j?JS6> ir r Hut?, which b< oilers l?r -ill. chanp. 'J hey me till
irjird "if in a style of eiertmco unsuriM.-esi b, any other ettab
:-n.t. Ceoiar ii-n washing a neat, ? tomfortablc Hat. and
.1? thai corabtnea elerarn e w tin ??<>, oiny. are respectlully in?
vited f.. call, i.i.'i.i black hats,suitable lor ?uiune wear,
HMUtiitiy on baral viso ttpssriioi IIb's. t?i i ? t Caps
Prove mg Caps, o.id l.nihes' oti.i tieiit'ettien'i hiding ? ups.
l> W in s. MILLS, lie i .. .. ??>. ,
11.... inn, Hotel
r x Jl ST FINISH I D-?ieganl Nntria Fur H?ttlordina
' * nly termed Beaver)al the tow pure ..i gj; superior
jsjflb short pot Prussion .Mole-kinat ?3. These Hattate .
txiual in clurabiliiy nod lustre u. Insoesirldat #4. Anvouiiar- \
ttele nt S3 ab, a very neat tire-, hat. ..... ,^
j in Im* BRi ?WN. Pr-ctimi Halter. I* J analst.
. ? ?__i-i\\o piiRTE MANUFACTORY;?The
-:"?i^-';~Tfr;o1t~-rd'cr...re nowlurnahmg on en?rel? new
i^-Z-SSXZ* r.,.|..., ,?.,?,..ei'".v.b,cli f,r.-vvi,rrar!le.l sU
II (? f I llstl-.r i , i. .,.?i"?-> d'? krvfliitune
miichloiirei *l tie tmpntvemeetecesssshi... olla'p IV?ine.pecu
liar in con ^ruction.vs.-.r ?-')-b. betet..!."- c?.j?-d
'.t mt Ulie pi ite?.W"? " " 1 n"* U'\-1" "(, ^
_.,,?, ,, ,rk-?,a tare msnled to >n esMoniaH. n of Hies*
........ anil p .leasers ai ?jNv R<HiEBS stk CO.
_ I 2 Kulton-Sl. Eo< side Broadway^ ]
PIANO F< RTES ?The siiloycntseroffersfoi |
I fnff an assortiitetil o' i;,~-?.ssl nn.Cvinh.?r- .4
-*--? .,ii. Cottar.Horizontal Piano pirtesof "
I r 1 ,.,.??> va-set, i - . i -. Ir . ii >"v ' ' >even 1
? im, alt the imsnsr-n imnntvements. These imrro J
??f?n".e modeol the I?! .et,., rssd muter rJ?,witl to- rrenea a
?o i Vct'o". ami ure warm, t-l. ?' " ??} ' 1 ^ 1
wOtvoti topstrcnase? good and derm, tayntmeal ore in- B
il?l Ui call. N . It. ' 'Id Pia.no taken in exchdtlge, ij
J kMES 1 11' "MP.-x >N. tat? 1 nlliuan Sc Kandel, 1,
je!" Im* No. 7 ljureiiiy-*iopb?':o ?ie A*lor h,JU*?i :?

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