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tee- AIIAdrerUsementrtinserted in tJvis paper appear both In
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Europe and its Rttlera.
CorrerpoaJenoe of The Tribune.
YMf, Oet. 15. 1844.
DrkR Sib : Herein I propose to give briefly
my own impressions of European Government?,
and the men and parties who control them.?
My means cf judging are gaud, as I have given
tho subject much attention personally, and de?
rive information from the best eourccs. My
opinions of the Rulers of Europe may appear
presuming and bold to some of your readers,
when I state that they are, without exception,
totally ignorant of, as well as wilfully opposed
to, the real interests of the millions of beings
whom they govern; but I do make the assertion,
and on soch grounds as would satisfy every one
of its correctness who could fairly examine
them. I do not deny tho astuteness and know,
ledge of the Sovereigns and Statesmen of
Europe concerning the apparent interests of
their respective States and the means of main,
taining national position and influence; they
are adepts in diplomatic skill, and their cunning
in internal and external polioy which preserves
equilibrium among nations and power in the
hands of thos9 who govern, needs no im?
provement ; but of tho real elements ol* na?
tion*! greatness and happiness they know ab.
golutely nothing. The real interests, the great
and primary interests of nations, which are
those of Inbustrv and Production, are not un?
derstood by the Statesmen and Rulers of Eu?
rope. They are blind to the importance of these
primary elements of social welfare, and instead
cf bestowing upon them direct attention, regard
them only incidentally so fir as thoy eubseive
the interests t>f Government and themselves.?
The prosperity of a country and the welfare of
the people depend upon its Industry?upon pro
duct ive and creative Industry, for it is the sole
source of wealth and all that surrounds man
with physical comfort, beauty and splendor.?
The progress 'if the race keeps pace with the pro?
gress of industry. The development it receives
is the signal of advancement. But upon its or.
ganization, or tbe modes in which it is prusccu
ted, depend iesults. Labor may yield a scant
return, or riches in abundance, according as it is
applied; and upm the perfection of its organi?
zation and the juJtioc which governs the distri.
bution of profits or tho products of industry, de?
pend the condition and happiness of mankind.
And now I repeat that there is not a single
Statesman or Sooereign in Europo who knows
or feels the importance of this great element, In
dustry, in the social mechanism, or understands
the means of developing all its powers and ro
source* and so organizing and directing it that
national greatness and glory shall be enhanced
by immense increase of national riches, while
the happiness of the producing classes shall be
secured, by introducing Justice into all its opera?
tions. All that these proud rulers know is, that
there is an accursed thing culled Labor, a terrible
drudgery to which the multitude must be chain
ed by dependence and poverty in order that it
may be performed. (A Ministerial paper of this
city [Paris] recently made a declaration to this
effect, in defiance of the wretched policy of men
ignorant of the means of eradicating this dread?
ful sooial ailietion.) These Rulers know how
to levy taxes to absorb as large a portion as pos?
sible of the product of Labor to expend in waste
ful extravaganco and unjust appropriation of the
public revenue, and there their aciente of Indus?
try ends. They understand well tho art of con?
sumption, but know nothing of the art of pro?
Distribution is another element in the social
compact, equally demanding consideration with
Production, of which the Rulers of Eurups are
quite as much in the dark; but I cannot dwell
upon it. I tum to an analysis of the powers
governing Europe.
Europo is governed by several classes of men,
who seem to vie with each other in ignorance of
true political and sooial principles.
Kt. By Nobles, devoted to the interests of
their caste, and to their feudal authority and pri?
vileges and to Monarchy.
2d. By Soldiers, burning with national hatreds
and jealousies, and dazzled with dreams of con?
quest and glory.
3d. By Priests, jealous of all progress and
enlightenment of the peaple.
4th. By Political Theorists or Constitutional
Sophists and Metaphysicians, whose whole soi.
enco consists in the art of wrangling about a
few abstract political rights?the practical reali?
ties of any never come within their view.
5th. And lastly, and by far the raoit impor
taut and influential class of all these ruling pow?
ers. By the B inkers, Merchants and Stock,
jobbers, who control the Industry and eat up tbe
revenues of uattpns, and in fact eway the
destinies of Europe and the world at the pre?
sent day. This last named class, grown
within the last half century to be a formidable
and controlling power, is rspidly twallowing up
all others and becoming supreme. A league is
already being formed with the landed aristocracy
and the Nobility in Europe, by wkich, as repre?
sentatives of the two great passive elements of
Society, Land and Capital, they will divide the
power and enjoy the honors of Government.?
The prominent men at the head of this new
power in the State, are the Rothschilds, the greet
Jewish Bankers, who can wield the Capital of near?
ly all the Jews of Christendom. Baron Rothschild,
who directs the House at Paris, even now, abso
latilyeharcs power with the French Governmen'.
The ixioet influential Journals are at his tum.
inand, and his power is so great that the present
Ministry of France cannot prevent the exercise
of an almost entire control ovar the wholo finan?
cial and commercial operations and interests of
the country.
Rothschild waf created Baron by the Pope,
*>*d probably this powerful representative of a
bag abased and crushed race, chose to be
knighted by the Sovereign Pontiff of the Chris,
tian world to establish among the Jews a claim
of equality with Christians, if not in revengeful
derision of the persecutors of his people. Bo it
"a it may, the temporal Sovereign (d* facto) ot
the Jews, and the Spiritual Sovereign ef Chris.
VOL. IV. WO. 186.
tcndom, arc aliicd; and from this Marriage of
Judaism and Christianity, let u9 hope that the
iasue will be a bright and glorious future fur Hu?
manity !
The classification made above refers to Europe
as a whole; if we examine different countries
we will find that one class or power predomi?
nates and controls in one country, while in ano?
ther some other class is Bupreme, or th-tt there is
a junction of two or more classes, in which the
power is principally ledged. For example, Eng?
land is governed by the landed Aristocracy
leagued with the commercial and financial pow?
ers, thus forming a new and more powerful
Feudalism, (which may properly be called a
Commercial Feudalism) than the Military Feud?
alism of past ages, which, in one essential fea?
ture, the monopoly of the land by a class, is one
of its primary elements.
On the other hand France is governed by Con
stitutional Sophists and Political Theorists, who
unwillingly yield to commercial and financial
influences, and concede a portion of political
l>ower. The principal men in power and place
in France, as well an those who constitute tlio
?? outs" and are struggling to brcome the " in3,"
have been Professors or Political Theorists and
writers of some kind. These men have lived
and thought outside of the practical world; they
have had no experience personally of the great
practical and industrial operations and interests
of the nation, and consequently they do not ap.
predate the real wants of the people, or under?
stand what are the true rourccs of national proa*
perty, and the means of the pjlitical and social
elevation of the people.
Louis Phi?ppa is the best informed of any,
and has more practical knowledge than all the
men who control legislation or act as Ministers,
but still his views in regard to tho great practical
inlfrrsts of the country are lamentably circum?
scribed and partial
If we examine the peculiar character of differ?
ent European governments, or rather of the men
and clashes who control them, we shall have a
strange medley of discordant elements presented
t<i our view. Whatever of Unity there is, con?
sists in a rich diversity of fateem 6s. The glo?
rious Unity of Truth in variety is not there; but
it may be providentially designed that it shall
emerge from some phase of this falseness, accord?
ing to the laws of diffraction or of the " contact
of extremes."
[Remainder to-morrow.]
All Lindl o i Job F r i n t i n g , men n
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~~ 83 JB
SxMrSL HaSSAV, Secrehiry.
Mt.vrt'rm Post, Physician. nl lm
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Dr. Win. Y. Banks, Xema, O. has entirely cured many of
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cious remedy 1 have ever yel u>ed, and feel no hesitancy in re.
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CEO. JACKINS. M.D. Cambridge, Md.,
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From EMMsos'g EsssVi, siocorul Serie*, (just published.
C. f?. Francis. 232 Brood war.) [Concluded.
Yet th-re fineries may have grace and wit.
Let there be grotesque sculpture about the gates
and offices of temples. Let the creed and com
mandments even have the saucy homage of
parody. The forms of politeness universally ex
press benevolence in superlative degrees. What
if they arc in the mouths of selfish men, and
used as nrann of selfishness ? What if the false
gentleman almost bows the true out of the world ?
What if the false gentleman contrives so to ad
drees his companion, as civilly to exclude all
others from his discourse, and also to make them
feel excluded ? Real service will not lose its
nobleness. All generosity is not merely French
and sentimental; nor is it to be concealed, that
living blood and a passion of kindness does at
last distinguish God's gentleman from Fashion's.
The epitaph of Sir Jenkins Grout is not wholly
unintelligible to the present a^e. " Here lies Sir
Jenkins Grout, who loved his friend, and per?
suaded his enemy: what his mouth atc-nis hand
p tid for : what his servants robbed, he restored:
if a woman g.tvc him pleasure, he supported her
in pain: he never forgot his children: and whoso
touched his finger, drew after it his whole body."
Even tiio line of heroes is not utterly extinct.
There is still ever some admirable person in plain
clothes, standing on the wharf, who jumps in to
rescue a drowning man ; there is still some ab.
surd inventor of charities; some guide and com.
forter of runaway slaves; some friend of Poland ;
some Philhcllene ; some fanatic who plants
shade trees for the second and third generation,
and orchards when he is grown old; some well
conc?ftled piety ; some just man happy in an ill
fame ; some youth ashamed of the favors of for?
tune, and impatiently casting them on other
shoulders. And these are the centres of society,
on which it returns for fresh impulses. These
are the creators of Fashion, which is an attempt
to organize beauty of behavior. The beautiful
and tne generous are, in the theory, the doctors
and ap >Ptles of this church : Scip'o, and the Cid,
and Sir Philip Sidney, end Washington, and
ev?ry pure and vaiient heart, who worshiped
Beauty by word and by deed. The persons who
constitute the natural aristocracy, are not found
in the actual aris'ocracy, or, only on its edge;
as the chemical energy of the spectrum is found
to be greatest just outside of the spectrum. Yet
that is the infirmity of the seneschals, who do
not know their sovereign, when he appears. The
theory of society supposes the existence and
sovereignty of these. It divines afar off their
coming. It says with the elder gods,?
" As Heaven and Earth ara fairer far
Than Chaos and blank Darkiies*. though nnte chiaft;
And as we show beyond that Heaven and Earth.
In form and shape compact and beautiful;
Bo, on our lieeli a fresh perfection treads;
A powor, more strong in beauty, born of us.
And fated to excel us, a.? we pass
In glbry that old Darkness i
-?? for, 'tis the eternal law.
That first in beauty shall be first in might."
Therefore, within the ethnical circle of good
society, there is a narrower and higher circle,
concentration of its lights, and flower of cour?
tesy, to which there is always a tacit appeal of
pride and reference, as to its inner mid imperial
court, the parliament of love and chivalry. And
this is constituted of those persons in whom
heroic dispositions are native, with the love of
beauty, the delight in society, and the power to
embellish the passing day. If the individuals
who compose the purest circles of aristocracy in
Europe, the guarded blood of centuries, should
pass in review, in such manner as that we could,
at leisures, and especially, inspect their behavior,
we might find no gentleman, and ho lady, for,
although excellent specimens of courtesy and
high-breeding would gratify us In the nsteui'jluge,
in the particulars, we should detect offence. Be?
cause, elegance comes of no breeding, but of
birth. There must be romance of character, or
tho most fastidious exclusion of impertinencies
will not avail. It must be genius which takes
that direction: it must be not courteous, but
courtesy. High behavior is as rare in fiction, as
it is in fact. Scott is praised for the fidelity
with which he painted the demeanor and convcr
cation of the superior classes. Certainly, kings
and queens, nobles and great ladies, had some
right to complain of the absurdity that had been
put in their mouths before the da)'s of Waverley;
but neither does Scott's dialogue bear criticism.
His lords brave each othcrfin smart epigrammatic
speeches, but the dialogue it in costume, and
docs not please on the second reading : it is not
warm with life. In Shakspeare alone, the speak,
crs do not strut and bridle, the dialogue is easily
great, and he adds to so many titles that of being
the best-bred man in England, and in Christen?
dom. One ortwico in a lifetime we are permit?
ted to enjoy the charm of noble manners, in the
presence of a man or woman who have no bar
in their nature, but whose character emanates
freely in their word and gesture. A beautiful
form is better than a beautiful face ; a beautiful
behavior is better than a beautiful form : it gives
a higher pleasure than natures or pictures ; it is
the finest of the fine arts. A man is but a little
thing in the midst of the objects of nature, yet
by the moral quality radiating from his counte?
nance, he may abolish all considerations of mag.
nitude, and in his manners equal the majesty of
the world. I have seen an individual, whose
manners, though wholly within the conventions
of elegant society, were never learned there, but
were original and commanding, and held out
protection and prosperity ; one who did not need
the aid of a court-suit, but carried the holiday in
his eye; who exhilarated the fancy by flinging
wide the doors of new modes of existence; who
shook off the captivity of etiquette, with happy,
spirited bearing, good-natured and free as Robin
Hood; yet with the port of an emperor,?if need
be, calm, 6eiious, and fit to stand the gaze of
The open air and the fields, the street and pub?
lic chambers, are the places where Man executes
his will; let hint yield or divide the sceptre at
the door of the house. Woman, with her instinct
of behavior, instantly detects in man a love of
trifles, any C'-ldntss or imbecility, or, in short,
any want of that laree, flowing, and magnani?
mous deportment, which is indispensable as an
exterior in the hall. Our American institutions
have In ? i friendly to her, and at this moment, I
esteem i a chief felicity of this country, that it
excels in women. A certain awkward conscious?
ness of inferiority in the men, may give rite to
the new chivalry in behalf of Woman's Rights.
Certainly, let her be as much better placed in tho
laws and in social forms as the most zealous re
f rmer can ask, but I confide s> entirely in het
inspiring and musical nature, that 1 beheva only
herself can show us how she shall be served.
Tho wonderful generosity of her sentiments
raises her at times into heroical and godlike re
gions, and verifies the pictures of Minerva, Juno,
or Polymnia; and, by the firmness with which
she treads her upward path, she convinces the
coarsest calculators that another road exists,
than that which their feet know. But besides
those who make good in our imagination the
place of muses and of Delphic Sibylt, are there
not women who fill our va6e with wine and roses
to the brim, so that the wine runs over and fills
the house with perfume; who inspire us with
courtesy; who unloose our tongues, and we
ipeak; who anoint our eyes, and we tee ? We
say things we never thought to have caid; for
once, our*walls of habitual reserve vanished, and
left us at large; we were children playing with
children in a wide field of flowers. Steep us,
we cried, in these influences, for dayt, for weeke,
and we shall be sunny poets, and will write out in
many.colorcd words the romance thtt you are.
Was it Hafiz or Firdousi that said of his Persian
L !la, She was an elemental force, and ttttonished
me by her amount of life, when I saw her day
aller day radiating, every instant, redundant joy
and grace on all around her. She was a solvent
powerful to reconcile all heterogeneous persons
into one society : like air orwatcr. an element of |
such a great range of affinities, that it combines
readily with a thousand substances. Where she
is present, all ethers will be more than they are
wont. She was a unit and who!e, b>j that what?
soever she did, became her. She had too much
sympathy and desire to please, than that vou j
could say, her manners were marked with dig?
nity, yet no pnaccss could surpass her clear and
erect demeanor on each occasion. She did r.ot
study the Persian grammar, nor the books of the
seven poets, but all the pocniB o: the seven
seemed to oe wr.'.ten upon her. Fo-, though the
bias of her natarc was not to thought, but to
sympathy, yet was she so perfect in her own na?
ture, as to meet intellectual persons by the ful?
ness of her heart, warming thrm by her sent
m?ms: btlieving, as she did, that by dealing
noMy with all, all v.-ould sho?.- themselves noble.
I know that this Byzantine pile oi chivalry or
Fashion, which sceras so fair and picturesque 10
those who look at the contemporary f.icts for
science or for entertainment, is not equally pleas
ant to all ?jie-.ta ors. The constitution of our
society makes it a giant's c-s'.le to the ambitions
youth *ho have no-, found their ramcs enrolled
in its Golden Book, and whom it ha3 excluded
from its coveted honors and privileges. Tney
have yet to Jearn that its teeming grandeur is
shadowy and relative: it :s great by their allow?
ance : its proudest gates will fly o^cn at the ap?
proach of their courage and virtue. For the
present distress, however, of those who are pre
d sposed to euffar from the tyrannies of this ca?
price, there are easy remedies. To remove your
residence a couple of miles, or at most four, will
commonly relieve the must extreme susceptibility.
For, the advantages which fashion values, are
plants which thrive in very confined localities, in
a few streets, namely. Out of this precinct,
they go for nothing ; are of no use in the farm,
in the forest, in the market, in war, in the nuptial
society, in the literary or scientific circle, at sea,
in f-ioiiCsliip, in the heaven of thought or virtue.
But we have lingeted long enough in these
painted courts. The worth of the thing signified
must vindicate our taste for the emb'.etn. Every
thing that is called fashion and courtesy humbles
itself before the cause and fountain of honor,
creator of titles and dignities, namely, the heart
of love This is the royal blood, this the fire,
which, in all countries and contingencies, will
work after its kind, and conquer and expand all
tna j'pproaches it. This gives new meanings to
every fact. Thia imp >vcnshe* the rich, suffering
no grandeur but its own. What is rich ? Are
you rich enough to help any body ? to succor the
unfashionable and the eccentric ? rich enough to
make the Canadian in his wagon, the itinerant
with his consul's paper which commends him
"To the charitable," the swarthy Italian with
his few broken words of English, the lame pau?
per hunted by overseers from town to town, even
the poor insane or besotted wreck of man or
woman, feel the noble exception of your presence
and your house, from the general bleakness and
sioniness ; to make such feel that they were
greeted with a voice whuih made them both re?
member and hope ? What is vulgar, but to re?
fuse the ciaim on acute and conclusive reasons ?
What ia gentle, but to allow it, and give their
heart and yours one holiday from the national
caution ? Without the rich heart, wealth is an
ugly beggar. The king of Schiraz could not
affard to be eo bountiful as the poor Osman who
dwelt at his gate. Osman had a humanity so
broad and deep, that although his speech was so
bold and free with the Koran, as to disgust all
the dervishes, yet was there never a poor outcast,
eccentric, or insane man, some fool who had cut
off his beard, or who had been mutilated under
a vhw, or had a pet madness in his brain, but
flea at once to him,?that great heart lay there
so sunny and hoipitable in the centre of the
country,?that it seemed as if tho instinct of all
sufferers drew them to his side- And the madness
which he harbored, he did not share. Is not this
to be rich ? this only to be rightly rich ?
But I shall hear without pain, that I play the
courtier very ill, and talk of that which 1 do Bot
well understand. It is easy to see, that what is
called by distinction society and fashion, has
good laws as well as bad, has much that is ne
cessary, and much that is absurd. Too good for
banning, and too bad far blessing, it reminds us
of a tradition of the pagan mythology, in an at?
tempt to settle its character. ' I overheard Jove,
one day,' said Silenus, 'talking of destroying the
earth;"he said, it had failed; they were all rogues
and vixens, who went from bad to worse, as fa?t
as the days suoceeded each other. Minerva said,
she hoped not ; they were only ridiculous little
creatures, with this odd circumstance, that they
had a blur, or indeterminate aspect, seen far or
seen near; if you called them bad, they would
appear so; if you called them good, they would
appear so; and there was no one person or action
among them, which would not puzzle her owl,
much more all Olympus, to know wiicther it was
fundamentally bad or good.'
FOUNDATION .Ml.^Ll.Ni^3SWt piece* Feundation Min?
ims ot different cuthtiiw, on c<intTenm?int. tr.r ?nie by
c?it J. K. BLEECKERtz.Cfl. tt WnUiaaa-tt.
HAMPERS Wine K.?Ules. for ss'ebv
?d PARIS it. PUMBKOY, 5? Pearlttreet.
a? Bet Weeg Bnwid-mreet und Coentiea mil'.
v'V taste oftlic medicine nnd all the etfect of it. Four small
loremr.es have ah the medicinal virtues of the usual dose S.ld
onlr ol 451 Hruadwnr. neat Urand-st_aSt
PIG IRON?100 tons best Scotch.
60 tons cheap An erican,
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gsg-S- f^^tf^.
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BAPTIST"HYMN BO?K5.-A11 the different kinds of
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to^f^ b^_^^^feest.
ljUUU ?i34 M ggg
? 2taX 21x33 2tz33
Xt23 21iZ ES
SsSm 3d? 36x40
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?ER 11, 1?44.
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We mentioned a few day, since that we had jeec some bean
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Wunne... In oruer to snow that hwetgn goods are aeo cheap.
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A Plain System of Elocution t or. Logical aad Musical
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Pause, I nil action and Emphasis; Intonation, Energy and Ex?
pression ; Time, Melody anJ Cadence; with Exercise* in
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Goodrich'? Ecclesiastical His?
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Kama*' Element! ofCritioism,
Preston's Interest Tables 7 per
a Practice! Grammar of the English Language or an nitro
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Parts fat and second bound in one vol._sep3 y
?A Treatise on the Nature, Tendency and Consequences ol
oar present Monetary riystosn: with a plan tor its effectual and
beneficent reform: is published for the Public and Author by
W. H.GRAHAM. 163 Nassau-street, New-York:; Burgess fe
Stringer, 223 Broadway, do. Price 84 per hundred, six cents
a enpy.
The only object of the Author being to secure the Reform
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ed to aid in extending the circulation ofthu pamphlet,
i$m rut_
senber wishes to intbrm the public in geiiend. it they have
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BY samuel C. JOLLIE iS5 Broadway. No. 8 " Musi?
cal Monthly Beauuea^f *e^Or>era.''
By the Sad Sea Wa*et? Ballad from Benedict's new Op?ra
ol the Brides of Venice, with a beautiful vignette.
La fil'aa du Ciel Valve?composed by Camiile Schubert.
U!d Familiar Friends?Song?Oumpesed by Barnett, and lung
by Robt. Geo. Pnige. . . _ . . . ? .
Caiitikrn Faciamd Bnpdau?From the Opera of l Eeire d
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lEngli '
To the Elite of Musical Taste in the U. States.
HARPS.?J. F. BROWNE fe CO.. from (Erard) maken
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ere constructed on the best principles of the celebrated 'Erard
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Warranted to bear tie last of climate, and at European pnoas.
Harpi repaired aad for hire ? Stjingj._ HsatrecJjon Books. Mo?
ire, fee J. F. BROWNE, Monuiaetarer.
No. 385 Broadway, and
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1RTH fe HALL.. No. 1 ^runi^iB^. t^rs f^nj
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owt. maaularture and warmnutc; Importen of JIL sIC and an
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SSLuS^ PneeOneDollcipet
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Subtcnbenarecow finishing an entirely new
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. .pener in tone to any in nie. aad to keep m
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tosicrs and Purchasers are invited to as ergmlnntlon oJ taeae
jysJB K3FnJtce-itreet. Baitnde. Broadwar.
HOOP AND BAND IRON?100 tons comprising a full as?
sortment ofAme'oanaad English H?op Dan, part very
lie, tnai
or sale
o-Tl lm
Xlsonineatof Ame?oan and fcagusn n>X)P ir?a.
thin, made esrpreasly lor "Airload trank mawmjeturtra,
For sale by fllJ^CKER fe 0OT^}i?Lt
nZllm ClnTeomer John atnet. i
WHOLE NO. 1117.
Scnfula. tr Sine'* Er:.'. Hkeumatis-n. Obstinate Omane?
rn Krtpttons. PimpUs. tr PtLttnles on tie Face,
Bloidu*. Bdes, Chrnic Sore Etta. Rxne itTorm or
Tetter. Staid Head. F.nlargetnent and Pan of tie
Bonesand Jrents. Stubborn Gictrs, Srphdf
tit Stmplcmu. Sciatica, er Lumbosro, and
Dittaste anrtntfrcnt an mrudicieus
use ef Mercury, ,'stttat. or
Drops?, Eipcture tr Impru?
dence in Lift. .i'.so. dro?
me Cen*titu?umal Dis?
orders sct? be re
neved by tits
If there be a pleasure on earth wbicb euperi->i leingvean
rwterjor. andonewh.ch thtiy might aisv earr m?l the pat?
ressiot: of. it isth? pesver of te?eri? pain, Law consolu:*,
then, < .he o~o:cicu?.:eM of having been the . mu <?::? ot'
rescuing thousands from mue-y to t.ioee who passe? :t. W?al
in i : :i -st of ?uffcring baa been rel eveJ.and wh ,.sit I! greater
amount uf suffering can be preTent?*. ry the n?e o? Sand?" Sar?
saparille : The unfortunate victim of bervditary du????, with
swollen glands, contracted ?inews and bones hail'ca;i<.u*. ha?
been restored to health and vigor. The scrofulous pa'teot.
Covered with ulcers, loathsome to himself and to hn attend?
ants, has been made whole Hundreds uf persons, woo boil
groaned hopelessly for ye* re under cutaaeou* a-xi glandular
drsorden. chronic rheumatism, and many other complaints
spnojiug from a .le.a.-g.nient uf the secretive urguS and the
circulation, have been raised as it were from the rack ot .'??
aase, and now, with regenerated coruututioni, gladly testify
to the efficacy ot this inestimable preparation.
The tollevrlng certificate* recently received will be reaj
with interest, and for farther proof the reader is referred to a
pamphlet which is furnished without charge by all the aaents.
Messrs. Sands: New. Yoax. Dec. 1.1*43.
Gentlemen? Parental feeling* induce us to make the fu..ow?
ing statesnect of tacts in relatioo to trie important chiv of our
l.t^> daughter, wholly effected by the use of Sandt't Sarra
partita For nearly three years she wai sffl.cted with a im>?t
i aveterate eruption on the body, which at time< was ??? bad.
connected wiih internal dtrease. that we despaired uf bar life.
The complaint commenced in the wots el the hair, aivt grud
uailr spread until the whole head was enveloped, and then it
attacked the can, and ran dawn the neck, and continuing to
increase until it covered trie most wt' the body. It comn.enced
with a small pimple or pustule, f'om which water at ar?t d.s
rh-.rcr.i; this produced greet itchiux and burning; then matter
or pus lormed, the skin cracked and bluf, and the pus dis?
charged freely. The sufferings of trie child werajo great as
alu.o*t wholly to prevent natural rest, and the odor trom the
discharges so offensive as lo nsake it difficult to par that par?
ticular attention the nature ot ibe case reo.uir?d. The iit.ea*e
was called Scald Head and general Sal. Rbeum. *.'.*.?
various remedies, with little benefi', and considered bar case
hi most beyond the reach of medicine; but trim the known
virtue of your Sarsaparille, we were inducesl to me it a tin.
Before the first bottle was alt used, we peroeived im improve?
ment in the appearance ot the eruption; but the change was
so rapid for the better, that we could se<-rcelrgive eredeaeeto
the evidence of our own eyes. We conwaued its use fur a few
Weeks, and the result is a per foot cure. To all Parcuts we
wouidsay; If you have children suffering with any disease
oft he skin, use Sands's Sarsaparuia. With feelings of grali.
tudo and re.pect, we are yours, tec..
_ S5 Madison street.
Th* following was addressed to our Agent at Savannah.
Ookcihsk Cross Roads. Ga. August it, 1S43.
Mr. O. R. Hendrickson, Savannah !
Ukar Sir?Having just recovered from a most severe Chronic
Rheuuiatum, with winch I have been afflicted f?r many years,
and having used various remedies without any success, I am
induced to write to you in respect to Sands'* Sana par illu, to
which valuable medicine I now owe my present enj?rn,*i>t of
health. Despainng of ever recovering from this distressing
disease, and while laboring under the most acute aeonr ana
pain. 1 was persuaded to try the Sanmpanlia so highly recom?
mended fijr the cure of Rheumatism. I tried one bottle, and
the little benefit I derived from that one, induced me to eive it
a lair trial, which ldid by sending down to you for half a ilozcn
bo-ties; and am bow happy to say (find nv.self, for the first
time in twelve year*, well and able lo attend to my uecessury
duties. 1 send you this through a feeing of gratitude, due this
excellent m-dtciii.'. and u *?pse of obligation to my fellow be
ings. that those similarly urTl.cted. may be induced to try this
valuable remedy?Sa!:di's.S>rsiiparilia.
Yours, with respect, tec,
Prepared and sold wholesale and retail by A. B. U D.
SANDS, wholesale Druggist*. 791'uiton street. N. Y.
Sold also by Druggists geni rail Ahroughou*. the U. S.l'riee
?1 per hotlie??ii bottle lor <6._oJ6 lm
MACK1E b. LEVERETT. 107 Water-street, below Wall
street, offer for sale at low prices?
1050 boxes Tin Plates, 1-8 X. prune brands
100 do do wastun. do
100 do do extra sixes, assorted
9X1 tons Scotch Pig Iron, beat brands, fio. 1
175 do American Charcoal do
100 pigs Bauen Tin
HO easel Sheading Copper. M to 160
1800 bdls Iron Wire, assorted, 0 to 88
iO ca-ks Kbeet Zinc
600 bdls Sheet Iron, assorted. 90 to 37
30 too* superior refined B.llit Iron tor Wire
100 bags fine drawn Wrought Nails. 6d. ?d, lOsl
10u do do HorMlSiai!s,7.9and91bs
DUO dozen low nricad SbovaU
60 do Bright Iron do
100 do Cast Steel do
60 do Grain do
30 do Caai Steel Spndea
30U do luw priced do
S600 pairs Trace Chnins
*0 casks Hooks and Hinges, assorted sizes
10 do Tin'd Tea Kettles and S iure Pans
10 crates Tin'd Wrought Iron Tea Kettles
Brass CandUstir.ks Pi re Irons. Frying Pans. Brass Kettln.
Ears. Rivet*, frc. StC _olO tf
INES. BRANDIES. (JIN. ta.-< rturd. Dupuy ex Co.'i
Brandy, pale and dark, in half pipes and qr. cask*.
A. Beignetie Brandy, do. do. do.
Swan and Eag'e Gin. ia pipes.
Rum. St. Croix and Jamaica, in hhd*.
Whisky. Scotch and Irish. do.
Madeira and Sherry VV lues, in ci|>ee, hhdi. and qr. ccJts.
ort and Lisbon da. do. do. do. do.
'cnenffe and rSicily do. dd. do. du. do.
hampiKn* of various brands, in quarts ana pints.
,1/ine Bottle*. Demijohns and Corks.
P?nale by PAR'S R Pt iMl^OY. 68 PwUhmL
betwaen Broatl-sl. and Coenties Slin.
WOOLSEY AND WOOUsEY from this date offtr theil
?Standard" D* 'CBLE REFINED SUGARS at the fol?
lowing low prices, viz:
Loaf..l! cents per pound. ) When less man fivo packages
Crushed..11 do do > are purchased, half a cent pej
Powdered UJi do do 1 pound additional.
The above are packed as follows:
Loaver in boxes "I ?'Sr.'lbs. )
t Irnshod in bbls. ofUTO " > No charge Tor package?.
Powder'd in do. nOW " \
Apply to the New.York Patent Snear Kefinei7. corner ol
South and Montgomery streets, -.r wt (?) Wall street.
N. B.?Orders out of the city mutt he accompanied by a ra
mittanca. nl ?
Cajrpetings, VJoor O'.l Clotha, .^nttin
K?vrtta, Tftble Cover?, etc.
Of every description?At the lowest passable Prioje.
. Their friends and the public generally are ro?pectfiil*rinviie?l
to examine tlieir stock. Wo are confident they wnl hud it for
their advantage so to do. as we are derermioi-d that every
article sold at th.s eatabiisnsoent sbs:; aef-uJJy worth the saoney
paid fer it. ,
n- Dealers supplied on the most reasoea le ernss. Please
Eive us a call- We sha'lswleavor to mak' eitry transaolior
?ntirelv ?aErfectmT. faum?m?! 44i PsxSL MTKIST.
Commission Paper Warehouse,
No. 9 Burling.Slip,
i ' _NKW-yrirk_
EBS.-The iub.criber. havmg esUblUhed a Paper-Mil
IntbtscityatNos. 6 and 7 Haga? stre*t, for the purp-iseol
mtnutactunng News-printine. Colored. Tissny Papers. Are.
in their varieties, reepectfully solic*ts orders for any or the
above, which wili be executed at short Ditice.
Bookbinders' Snavinzs snd oth-r clnun Paper bought at the
MM i gg *| "ffiCC-1 J"bn''tttn- BDWA BD CURTIB.
I? B CLAYTON At RONS have for sale at their Ware.
[J. house. No. W Jobn streot. a most exm?i?ej^,rtrr.eiit ol
Pnntinz.JVn?.ng. Wrappwis. Envelow-. C.Jjired snd other
Papers'; Binders,TStraw, Bonnet. IJawiW and Trunk Boards;
Pres* Papers. Sec. ice. ...
Their stock of Writing Papers, adapted for statioaers. will
be found unusually extensive.
Constantly on band? ,.
Book and News Printing, assorted sixes, weights and quali.
Colored Medium ; double do, lad other sirea.
Cover Papers, van on* colon a ad weights, for magazines and
cheap publication*. _ ,
Ledger Wnting;; fine and ro*er So, blue and whlu, wove
"Flat and Cut Cape, plain and raled, wove and leJd, blue and
white. , ,, , , .,
Letter, ruled and plata, wr.ite and blue, wove and hud.
Packet Poet; Commercial do; Folio do; Bank do.
Bonk Note Paper ; Tobacco do ; Envelope do.
gioe and Tea do ; Straw Wrapping do : Palm Leaf do.
ardwtre and Cloth Papen, in great variety. .
Silk and Log Paper ; Sand Paper Stock ; Cartridge Paper.
Play Bills, Hatten', Blotting, Druggists' and Tissue Pupcrt,
N. B. Paper of every deserlption made to order. ?<8
W. 6c J. xMORRISON 6t CO.
IMPORTERS and Deelen in Small Wares, No. 8 Mwdee.
lane, and ill Broadway, If. Y. keep constantly on hand, a
complete assortment ot articles, in the Thread and Needle line,
viz? Knitting Yarn, *'o Worsted, do C.-on. Taittag Cotton.
Zephyr Wonted. Hair Cloth. Hoeiery and G;loves, Velvet lab.
rxins. Russia Brajil*. PurseUrnament?, doTyist, t ine Sc-snrs,
Superior Wadding. Hair and Lace Pins, Silk ana* Steel But?
tons, Gilt and Aga? Buttons, G-mps and Fnnrae,Tapes OXst
Bindings. R. fiemrr.inin; & 5?n's geomce Royal and Coun.
t?rsunk IhrilloiJ Ereo .ViwilX_ ?g 3tr>g
306 Pxaxi^st. N. Y.
N- n.-Peacoek Peatoer fir Brashes rnadetoorder. o?am*y
&c-V. B. PALMER is the agent, iluiy ?yttOMed^Df
the pr.prieton of some of the bent newspapen ? ??<;1 ~*
principal towns ia uns State, New.Jereey. PaoatyiratiMLtM
the Eastern. Southern and Western r*tai?s^r^c?T? advCT
tisemasts in thai City, for insertion in the respecuvei paP?7
The opportunity afforded to the business <???a?tt? l?u
agency, to disseminata informatios througaout the country,
aid so'ieit the attention or the P*?fft f.i^L\\^222
mend it ta the earnest attention of the dWinunatiog and enter.
^^n^m. .....l ,k. -.??.neper* may be seen at bts cfSce,
w^ e^err ^s^n^
CiTTHalt-et the Coal Otfccsu_o? "?od
W"ANTED. A?'toa:im by a yoraj w*mQ^*je'??
c.Ufwisbcf. ani rroner. A?*> ? <*??'^-J*i?
waiter, best c:ty roccrxuiwadaiioni. Applr at 1? '^Jf?T'
\ HtnTS?? br * retrjectable women u C?t
Y/t7"ANTED?A situation by a respectable s^??g"j
do generaiaou?c-.v...-k "or a.stneJ fatnuy : be.' ftej?
Mmmendsrew from her fmptoyen. bo.~-*at Ao^n-a
Kb Ave-.ue. between USh an.) 13th street*,_SJ^-i
Bt> >K.KF.EPF..t WANTF.D-A toieMIe ??ed n**??***
cd to go t,> Penasvivama. to take Charte..! a -ett of ?TooM
at an boa Manurariur.ar IXabl jlmxrt j he must be kaaMIX
reajiett competent to rill the situat>oo. r.nd produce prepe?*
t.m. acsJ* of .-berertrr. hateta. *tr. W ? 'ucn ^ffZ^JL
rarartownl h II be wade fie a ncmber ef ?rar*, .vk-ea* hot
801 Pi:. P. at ('Itu-e, with name andje.vn nee._M
TXTANTIXG PLACE8-A h?te ?x*t.rtn*nt of><<>d mw
VV rant', ,.t ail.:e?ct.|,too-?.al C Maseu ? M estabbshed
ctirce. 13?ti ?ery._ ?r??
1 \ ? ANTE I A 5 reel .... a. WET NIT.:"'.'. Sy a
> V Woman whose in..k a 7 mouths old. Apolyflttj. ten
rw-st._*~ ?.?
"\X7 fkNTED-Aaet^haad Glees Show Case. A?t?r*
tW_B?? rt. CiH>et P?ec Office._Pi?.
\i r \\ ' Ll>? A wu.v?n o.-giti to do now-work Ibra ?mail
W prtTtt.i- :iau!r. 1? * f**! one. good ^25^ ,w\HrS5
end. Aooiy :o Mn Gr-eiey. re-<r the wjwr ol Ir-ml
Awaii?..n.. |t i?'l t_^j_ a - an _tf
ri'EN ?uhlABh ht'w ?JtU?Vicwrasi ?e?K**??g
1 - A eer: -he ata (or tairty snares o! Vk- isOu rgtijju Stock
In the nameotBuekey & Pect. *.-i tumbered ]?? wM
Power of Attorney cttatoH was teat on Ssaturlav. Marea.
it ?e enclosed in a W<t?r and lost ci us ?ar to tu..* i-e
a.Vve will be pa d by amviag it at Tnvasreoe t eaW^MjVy
boarding; ;jr
BO \RD. with or without rooms may be obtained aAjJesw
Chtmbet ttreet. ,. Park-_t*sW.
r>0 VRD TJPTOWN Good ? tooer* ? .th board
15 fhra s>" tie" p:11 ?1 w fe? <-?' '?*? kl * m%rJewt?
... . . ? ? ?>? " -v '-''r*
aadixzu Stage rotrbre. -. - No. ?:??ckerat. Utweee
Broads. ?-. Bowery ^_ssjasSai
"TT i KD.-Tno ?u let aw posned a Borttsea* Aieacv
i& r ? ... i Kochwtsr. aeo be ttesden to .V.irnan?*,
Waaufectorerv owoem of Rani Kstet?. aiijl juberi harmsT
? business .u tea Woictn part 'he State r>,w1. *'vrki'*!}
?t*rrtee? m relation to :he;r business ?eretalry is that part ul
, Lie etato, asd e*o aally ui swrufng end collsctirc U 'u as*
su e-intendm? aud ?elfins Real EsUte and other Property.
Suit id \.m Ua?ice?? iotnislo'1 to suia wdi
retire pr?>mpt and caieful attention, and has chant* wi.l M
ri-isonabte. He ha.? lud eaporie'ce is Metcauu!* ajd other
bustBC--., ami has au ?xteruivo aOvtoeiCiicee in the Waatera
part of the S:ate.
Rocu.HTxa. N. Y. Ortob^L^L^ Jtu0UQK
We oordiaily lecominsnd Ss?frL HaMiLTt?? of Rocheetar
as sreB guahfied for ib? Aeancy meauoaed m CB. Card a bo re
Oetoicr 10, U44. v; ?_ _
11hM. H.Rivahester. Roeheeter: AdiaewttaatMet.de; CT.
AwMlen. do; Salph Letter.de; Jai.n?rWriiioer..1?: Otw. R.
('Utk. do: Ever>td Peek, do; t-Tia?. M. I^e, do: Sejah
Ma'.hews. no: l.uihei Tuck.r. Albany: l'etim.naai tUh^
t o. do- C.&L Ileonion A. Co New-^ork : Eli Hart *. L-cw
d,K l>i?..i l^avu:. do; Hoadly. Ptelp* & Co. to Jg*
GibontCo.do._ J^lSgL
LAW r \Kli-foi.trm"N or Dcstd im th? N?aT??
Wist.-E. B. WASHBl-RNE. Ath?n-yaiL*w Gai*
.ia. librtoa. will ?Ire los alteiitoo to the; coiWeMon of deMi
due N?h !. jpi Mi^-hanta in Gttierta. Ki?klord aa.l Kock
l.lan.1. Urinota ; ia Da Baque. lows: la P!a rutoai.
Prair>edu t'hitn. Mineral Poiai and MadwMi. tVisconiia.
Rei'et to I) A. Custm-u & C.u ; Uoreinu?, huyiUm *.Ja
o,i. 'jtnv-Vork._ _ S3
attorj.hl-s ...M? l'ol.'.>at.LLOHat
V .. 'J Wail Strrel.
BSWAIB P. t'l.ARR. ? oBlmeod*
C?- Chturnatu ?fc alliier, Attomiea and Couniei!oni.
IWit. Michigan. WliratteVia promptly to tbe collection of
dehu, trar.iler of Inn.ls. payraanl ol tax?. *c
mxmry t'lltrMiM. J
Thomas C Mii.lxr.t ?
RcSertKU*-\\. ttieelev. N. y.Cty : Poo. Wm. H. Hew
ord. Auburn. N. y. i Meaara. Sibley et Worden. IJsriandal
gtta, N. Y._?!?-3?^ - -
xrro/LVE y A.vry copnsellor at law.
Axtroa: Ojjaclt,
Raren Hon. VV. V. MsOoun.)
Pranej B. Cutting. S New-Toft,
sjn Im? William C. Russet. J
iTHOMPk'ON'3 TRl'SisES. Offiee 13 Beek
man itroet. AbotV kW! ef the ?nt paysi.
kcuini andsnrgoijA* of t\ew-York hare giten
UiBit t!ooi(i.>i proiurence to Ibis Tniaa, a* yoo can
\y gmduatetba prasaare frimonelo fil.y peonri*
oa ih? rupture, withoutu beekpad. wh eUdoeaio muchjiuur?;
to the iptne. A fair trial being the beet test of it* supertortty
it isappliodand six .lays' tnalgiT*.i, vad if tt d.>w not retain
the rnptnro, while ?.*>tfermin* erery kiiid ol eserctte ur eeacb
bur. and ?ti*t uerlfv.l ease; lb a word, U it u not latataouer
in otary rc*p?:i. the muney t? eheorfu. y rtturned. auu this la
the only condition cu whieb you shoolo buy any 1 ntse. A per
iima^ni cure :s ?aiily oflt<U)d.aad weiraattd. U directions are
C>l,lTioteionoing fa tiitsTrus* niud udr maction the nde rap?
tured and the mctunre round the luin. e* they can rrailua .]
the Pleasure to auit their cato. Bo.d w tciesalu and retail at II
KMansiajs-s^resst _ant tt
JICLL'8 TRUjyJE8.?Nouceto Kur^iired Per
, -penotri ifflieted with ruptures may re'/
?.a the best uisiramentnlui.l 'he worul anords.
oa anototiog at the vlhee. No. 4. Weey itrret,
? seesaw- i,t io wilier o! the agents in Lho principal towrs
fa the Cuited Stal. *.. B.i careful to ?fw?u;^"^?
Hill's Tresses, lone it t;>?r r.roor (nr?*<l bt Dr. Hull in entiag.
None are gen?ino, 01 tcbe ralwd upon as iood. wiUioot hti u?
TOEm pewaanareuridortaxon to reod imltr.tl<nn of HalTl
idSbntM Triue.*, ? M uWsaixIa .wh impviaod upon In cooae
Juen-e.' lliew mi't-'tor.* cunnot be tailed upun ; they .art
aunia by uraitlfc! ir.tchanics. and are co bettor '.ban tbe ordixs*
'TvlunSaSrc boca ritted up at No.?V*^*j^?Mw?
ir.r Indie,. haTtne s separateo??trancofr.un the bUMW*MMs
a*nt. wheie a fontalo n in toostant altendancu to wan
\ Si BROWN a- <'(>. have epeoed theiroewetorego ?Jg
lokenrner ol >:..it.Mroetii:i<IC?.a?iaiii^uare, No. 17?, wjU.
Band sM Hats, end a great ninety ot Capsand rm Ija
propnetors fur severnl yean P*?t have itnctlv ui hare.1 ia the
,.,, pne? cash iftUm. where/.) .they are enabled to majiulao.
turn and ?eil as good an article l-r UW priee cluitge.1 as anye?
Kl ia tTie C. S. BROWN ki O. whofiiaia a.J nv
uvl Hut, Cup end 1't.r S-ore. I.? < hklhaiil-wiiare. _ _?"_???
su'.seriters wo.ilo nssi'tetlully mlotm Hwir W?m
and the public gmieraily '/-eliber have iern.jvfjI ikelr
rtlablunmenl Irom ueold.Uuid to No. ?<7>, Broad
co.uer of Reede i-i. where tbey wunld be heupy lore
Celt. Toool*? .aar. id the hberal petr^fvj.hieb he. baeo
bestowed lor the past twsaly out yeap.. Win be kepiieoo
..autly on band a full as^rtiaoni >J he newest *tylea of
Jewefry Silver and Plated Wart.. Watcheaot ihe most ao
prored manafaclur.. and all arti lei la Uaatr uee wbscb wl*
be aff^ded at Iks. lowest market ^AQOiM m SONS,
oa 8m* 887K Broiewfj awtwar ReadesSsreet.
The snbrerlben rosH?etfti!ly laviva the attealtoa rr.
their fnaaas and the pubuc to taeii flew and tseganl
cnrirtiegol dupi.t. l^m^SSji^^^mmm
oi s approved msxen, caied in Usa neatest style, and watraetea
Spoons, Wiwe. Tea Sets, Cop.. Cu
' f%led tJtd Bntannia Ware. Spielet. Paaveil-I^aaea.
Mantel Clock*, Eipe irutlary. Panoy Good*, io.. ?BieJi
Uieyato?mabl.?ltootler for sale at very reducod prices.
at the eid esUbiishe.1 store. Hen Pearl,
^j. e>jn?r i'.ilton.?trevt, opi^wito C 8. Hotel.
and Jrwellen. aienuw piepored ta ?11 VVaUne* al
retail lower than Hf.y other honso in thee.ty. As they
??arvcoiuuintlvreceivin*; ell dasVCMpUMI direct Irom
_?rr^l?etaj?nin Bagtabd, France and Bwltaswrtnj.t^ajr
are M,abl?l t" ?ff?t a.vary uirre ayaoitxeeal iA GoltlWaxehee
Irom ?15 to $iei rich : stiver do. from ti U. ??J each-all war
nnO,! to keep Hoed nme or tie money rtturned. Alto,a,jm
't.?A asM.rtm.mi ol Jew.lry and Sliver War*;very low. N. H.
Sflo.rKl Imnd wiitche, and old ga.a and silverlekesilnaxclsangaj
or bought G,r etsb Watches, . locks, music bores eod/swailj
ry repaired in tie bee. manner aad warranted ?/ ?fT*r^e?d
workmen, aa low as any othsr house m the city. 1 HOHRfOXI
?t Flr'IIER.rTi.rorienof Watrhseand Jewelry. w.mlasuUeiad
AondWV- Y"YMf* R^??rF
lil*$a y _RICHARD File HER. Jr.
Fl N B WATfllES.-Tk, >okecrttw<s have a sptest.
didwxortmentbf gidd a?d ?ilv?r rtnpftx and tare*
Wat.ihes. nidiiuracwred by 1. F. Coeper, M. I.
?TODUI ? Co. K. * G Uotafey. and John MsrjUosu
and Liverpool, ta. and are f?^V***}
?ddition? to ths niM, which they are telling vary low, aaat
wetted gooi time keepers. MCrTT. BROTHERS.
Importen an* Pealen in the same, at 7 Na*e*u it. oppoetta
the new Cutto ti House. _,
N. I. ?We keep in our employ the very best work:
which ei.abies m to give latalaetioa to all who leave
Wetches for regain._
E?;?N' 1MY AND FASHION.-iTreiofcacnberbaa
1 S i f ? .a Mamkm Hani oat rag PO"
JMaVdiei to'lietxtremelowprieeof iTS. _ .
The above an? au ?laganl Drw? Hat. and wil ^??;
v.intag.o.i.ly with h.U ?ld at e3 SO and ti. AUc. ??^?f?Z
n.anuJMtitnnrf Fur and Silk of tho best quality, latest p*i
terrj, and at tu lowest wneea. _,_ ?.
N. B. CounUydeaJeniupphed by the case as low. U not
lower, tkan any ^rj^?g^ 1JH o^^rreat.
sei**?* _ eorner ofThompsoa eTjeot
FECIT TREES FOR flAI^.-Tbe robteMber re
?oeeifu iy inloima his friecd* and tho pobhe that ne ba?
,(m aale, at his Nurseries near Hightitown. Navi*J*nery.
alirg? ouaiiuty of Appb-. Peach end Cherry Trees. tnoerjJxOefl
with the most sporoved kimia.now fit lor UanipIxJX?iig. wblcJi
ite will sell on tbe most reasonable terms. /
N. B-?When trees aro wanted for exportation, they wllllM
enrtruily paclced ia matt? or boxes.for which reexon*J>leea?r
ges will be mi.de. All orden seat by mail or otierw? wlJI be
ilteridkd to a' the shortest notice. ISAAC PPLLEW.
Hightstowr, Cetober 2!*t. 184*. _oMlar
THIS ART1CLE b intended to brace the iboulden arid asx
1 pand tbe eli?t. and will be found ladispenaabie to aR^per
loria who have acquired toe habit of stooping, titotr trots
weakness. conftn<nwn'. or study. Parent* and gnardUM are
particularly -equetted to examine this article, iti? ntsb*
recomrnendel by many emineot profewienalgeoLsraer
as*of childrsnofmtheriei. 'I bey can be worn * *mm
eaw. ofTering no impedirneo*. to the "ee uta ' t"^
thry irrer,gt;>en tbe back aad aheofcfei- -
bCHutify the tbrm. . _
The publie are fmn* ?-?'.??. -
un-.tations of *????' . w ?
^XJi ..'.ridJ^ic AGATE,
wSSStartidte* of Zt!^. Jl >'. Stocks. Ree/ly-Made Lnea.
mg ArovJes. &7 Broadway, eoroer of Puk Place. tbe
A BLNG.?The surpKsing pertecUoD attained br the lau tra
nrovemenUnf the subeanber in coropounoing India Rubber
and adapting it to the mann fan tare of Elastic Webbing, try
the aid of nsi new machinery warrant* him In saying that tee
8asxstarlen uom offered for sale by him are the bet* ever rr see.
Among the advantagea be elaima in his raode of rt^aofae
ture overthrt of SW.Goedyear. b freedom from the taipharotat
smell to ir?iparai>!e from G.s The peculiar and *^ti*iv?
property of retaining their etutfcity. and the greet mcreaae of
stirfnea wrtlioot addiuooel bulx orjtejght- u M awnaseo
complaint aeong those wao have used Mr. <j. I ropenoeca
tlieithey lose their elasticity after being worn a ?bort Urne.?
Xha is -ntir>ly obviate-t by Day'i proce?. and deelen iu lus
peoden or webbing are lavtted u examine the f?*?$J****
Murfen lane An asMjrtmeot, tmbraemg nil the eedieg pat?
terns, a: wayi on ha.n l and for sa e by K. H. I A t .
fiucoetorto tbe Roxbory In-I.a R.ibber Co.
w?riv aa MajiMra bine.
OBIC LAMrV, for berning f-aaipoiM.-The*) E?gM
tre im p e m their oonnructioD. ta ily trimme), axd give
a atrocg and brilliant hghtat hJH*LW*nmr
tad for takj by D1ETZ. BROl HER fe C&
?33 No. 13 MM at.

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