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?oi dein? red t..l>.y>>ub?ept>rr?l<vr Siise Cent* <er week.
? ' ? they ureter, they can pay ?> sdvance at the Du*
to* ?ti rsoHlw ?>?? a year ?t the ?anw rate. Steele eovtes
T^o ( elita. Mailsubsciihers Five Dollars per onruni.
ioid'-i?'? -in-: th? pawn tik. rate <:->nHnBad fieyoaii the
fjaie for which 'tis paid. Suhw-rroCnoitaken forSii Menth?.
bm /%ar. ox le?s?Fir* laaerjcn..25 cents,
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?? Cor oca week.1 ji? ??
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Uirriite*. F?r?-?) Notices, kce. rtoi exceeding fine
...85 "
Verna JiotrtitmTt?cot toexeeed 12 ^ucx with pri
viiexo of reaewmg advertisements at pleaiure.
;pW-a''l?quorter!y. or half-yearly in advance.) 40 00
rry AH Adverusemanls inserted in tbia paper appear boli la
jTMo-ruor an.) m toe Kvamn; editions.
t9 rrjUSRKP KTIttT SATURDAY ?nKv.vo.
At toe low or.oe of two dollars per arnua. in advance.
Tiff Ro? OF ShaROS: 1845: Edited by Miss 9. C. Edgar,
ton. Button: A. Tompkuu and" B. B. Mussoy. New
York: C L. St.ckney. 140 Fulton-st. 2d Doer.
Thie is, wo believe, the fifth annual issue of
?jus excellent gift-book, each issue manifesting
tome improvement on its predecessor. The
volume before us has seven Illustrations?rather
better than usual?and is tastefully ' got up' as
well at elegantly printed. Of these, the subjects
art ' Sortello,' by Rev. C. F. Le Fevre ; ? Eu?
thanasia,' by Mrs. L. J. B, Case; ' Birth-Dav
ThoHghl?,' by Henry Bacon ; 'Glimpses of a Bet.
trr Life,' by H. Greeley;' ? Revelations,' by Miss
I M. Barker; ? Unity,' by Rev. E. H. Chapin ;
?Tlie Unbeliever no Philosopher,' by Rev. O. A
Skinner, ' The Deformed Boy,' (with many other
good things), by Miss Edgarton, ' An Incident of
the West,' by Mrs. C. M. Sawyer, &c. Sec.
We deem 1 Euthanasia * the best es3ay in the
volume, and mean to copy it soon. But we have
now room but for extracts. We commence with
by miss 3. C. EDOaKTOV.
Where the wood-anemones rose and fell
O'er the mousy turf, in the wind's low swell;
When the daw-drop* lay in the violet's cup
Till high iu tho zenith the sttn rose up;
Where the sunbeams enlemd through veils of green,
And fell on the brooks with a Foftened sheen ;
Where thu son? of the robin came faint and sweet,
Fron the far-otf fi-IH? of the waving wheat;
There, in tint shady and quirt dell,
Was the daily haunt of young Ivosabelle.
The spric:* whose waters were dripping by
Was not more clear than her hazel eye;
And the cardinal flower that in autumn grew
Where the bank was now with young violets blue,
Had n?ver a color could half eclipse
Tri* brilliant red of her dimpled lips,
Her voice i 't was the voice of a bird just flown,
When the distance has softened its clear, shrill tone;
When it blends with the sigh of the waving pine,
Up, far up in the warm sunshine!
Bat Nature that rivaled her Hp and eye,
That echoed her voice in its own sweet sigh,
Hid never a symbol in glade or bower,
la the sunniest fount or the fairest flower,
Could balf ike beauty or brightness tell
Of the lofty soul of young Rosabelle!
Here came she, not for the flowers alone,
Though these a *pell o'er her heurt had throwu;
Nor stole she away to this lonely glen
la the dirk dtFtrust cf the hearts of men ;
Nay, it was love, 'twas ih? pure, high love
Which angela leel in the realms above;
'Twas love lor the beauijfjl, iruo and good,
That filled her soul in th u quiet wood.
0f( mid the sileics und holy calm,
?I a light half shadow, an air all balm,
fine Bought with the ardor of hepeful youth,
The holy counsels of God and Truth.
To seek out want and relieve distress,
To guide and strengthen, to love and bless,
To lift ihe fallen, and apeak of peace
Id a world where the errors of this life cease;
Toe?e were the aims that from day to day
Ufvr her spirit gained stronger sway,
Aed drew f >r prayer to the woodland dell
The sunny heart of yuuug Kosabelle !
Oitr next extract shall bo from Mr. Bacon's
beautiful Birth-Day Thoughts.
Ah, wu not ask enough what love has done forus,
aoo too mnny speak their (?nderest words tbove. '? u
Bioiher'a grace.''' Let ifti unheeding begin to muse
over tho livira tomb of a living mother's low?tne
ungrateful r.f-art! end it may tie that a resurrection
will Diese them, bright atd beauiilul as ihe daughter
of Eternity. Come, angel of memory ! roll away
the sealto stone from the mouth of the sepulchre!
Tue? bhali iht; hand that would readily beur t pices
toeinhdlm the dead body of affection, be busied in
acte ot reverent love tf? arils the living. Hallowed
be tht> brightest symbol of heavenly love! Thirty
and one veaisithue been before me?what has n
taught me? 1 cauuot give to another the answer;
'? For w'bat m-tn knoweib the tum:? ot a man, but
the 6;>intot man which is in him 1" Ouean3werl
will give : one auil thirty years have taught me the
value of existence.
Existence! what is it? I have no metaphysics,
no philosophical eubtleties, at command, wherswiih
to pretend to solve the mystery. What it life?
shall yot be asked by millions, but not one voice
lift a single tone to give an authoritative, certain an
?wer. Definiiions will need defining; the analysis
must yet be analyzed; the solution will become a
new problem. We can only speak of life as the
words lsup to our lip by reason's play,whea the que?
ry, sounds in the ear. Existence is consciousness,
thought, emotion, affection, aciion.
Thrre are timea when we so pause before the pre?
sence of beauty aud joy in nature, or when eome
iacideut has varied the monotony of life so much
that we Imvtt no ideas, and all sentiment and feeling
Ktioglea draamily together, and yet the simple con?
sciousness that tee live is an all-pervading bliss.?
Every sense eeenis to be instinct with spirituality ;
and tue eye that looks upon us, gazes as on a statue
of rapture.
1 have lain down in the cool shade of the oak, by
? running stream, in summer tune, and gazed on the
loreliuess that wub spread out before me. Far oft,
the blue-robed hills lay in the distance, while ihe
broad river alept beneatb, flashing at times with pe?
culiar brightness, as smilt a flit across the face of a
dreaming babe. On the right, rose the green forest
through which the interlaced light shone upon the
urdant meadow, and made the margin of the stream
?beautiful mosaic. Gushing melodies were pouied
forth from the throats ol many wood-songstere, aud
the glad air became lighter aDd more volatile as its
waves bore the music along. Fur away on the left,
?u-eiched the cultivated fields, the pastures, and the
orchards of tho yeomaury, while the fuiui-houses
and Cottas. 3 were scattered amid theeis ull beauri
fol aad pleasant in the distance. Farther still,
the clustered dwellings of the village were seen,
alule the tali spire, on which the broad vane g it
tered in the sun>hine, rope as a monument to tho re?
ligious sentiment?a monument ol departed activity J
atd liviDg zi.al.
Following the winding stream at my feet as it
moved on to the river, the eye caught the sight of
the toad and the bridge, aud followed the merry
?ehool children as tiiey lliitcd to aad fro amid the
trees, aod in joyous train chased the carriage ol
some hoer.y villager "known lo all the country
Hwui" for his good natuto, aud the showerecf Iruit
that came from him with such wull-timed chance,
just as the huzza of freedom was given by ihe un?
caged birds of the school house.
To lie on that Softbank, and guze <K't on all this.
*hile the gentle ripple of a lazy streamlet fell on
i the ear, waa bliss enough. Consciousness of life
', *t? tho whole of existence then. To live?to know
,wee alive, that I could look out on the beauties ol
aature, that 1 could drink in the peace of the scenes
that were rpread before me, was unutterable bliss.
Bot ?ben existence became Thought, a new ele
??ntof pore plwanuie waa imparted?a new foun
btia was opened. Meditation took hold of the in
Oiitiuct iuipre-Hion--, and changed them into perfec'
Pkttures. Each awakened a vast train of thought,
fcel led, with a rapidiiy that art can never equal,
?*er irumeuBi urrit'.nes, and away back into ihe
Kl ol tradition and history. Ai.d wiih these came
o'ion, varied ac the scene varied?now abeoib
?"f th? ?oul o the iaterfst which gathered oioucd
^lEf story of heroic atrugglir.g, or eccentric good
or hazardous er.ierpriee; and then waki >g up
105 grotleai eyinpaihies by some tale of inlantiie
^firing, or ju.enilo efjoytoent. Thought brougbi
^k. ike rauibliDgs wii? beloved friends through
?wo wrxd pwh?; and many a rock, and hill, and
(r?e, ware discerned with which sweet poetry wat
*^'ed. The grass aeemed greener where we shed
of farewell iu the moonlit hours, when loot
J^flbs or years weie to aeptrate us; and there was
beult elm against which we leaned in deepair, and
T050 whieh we eprang witn new lile when hop>
W*< There was the grave ot the stranger, made
*t?wa), at the time, trorri the trodden paths; b
J??th*otne aad contagious Uoc'y was comiuitud lo
2 e<"ib, and yet laid gently to its rest, because i:
the Irame of a bum an being.
Agam thi eoleam thoughts that once pacec
VOL.. IV. WO. 187
tbrowch the voulVfiil ?oul returned, and BgGin the
prnvtr was effen d, ?' Let me die at home !" Home!
a new element was now added to thought and emo?
tion, and existence b-came Aff-ctinn, ar.d affection
retailed Action?manifested life. All the wondrotis
ly mingled memories that arose, and now arise,cen?
tre in one creat question? How has a m.ither'a love
shone in thy life? This unite* the firat and the last
rnomeot of exietence?the fartbe?t past and near?
est present.
A myetic river flows on. I s?e its first waters?O
bow pure! Placid as the stream where you can
count ?he veins of the leaves which are mirrored on
its siiif.ee. Tears fall and disturb its smoothness,
but alt is quiet in a moment, for the purity of the
waters is unsoiled. Oa, oa they flow, and their
beauiy becomes darkened as impurities are permitted
to mingle iD, and the serene heavens above are brok?
en into fragments by the opposing waves, as they
roll into the waters that smiled back the lovely hues
of the skies. The river deepens and widen.", as an?
other necomes unil-d therewith, and branchei- iesus
therefrom and return. How many currents course
now through those waters, turning', ond throwing,
and whirling the river till it seems un epitome ol all
the sea8, .mil Iben lengthens out in all the placidity
of the quiet lake.
But now cle'ir and distinct^ in all the course of
this perpetual River of Life, do the Sowings of a
mother's love app-nr ! Unchanged, the silver cur?
rent moves on, winding itself wherever there is a
varving of ih-2 course of the river, and turning, by
its gentle force, the whole mass Irotn where, swift
ru?hing, it would be dushed, in convulsive torrents,
into the far depths, to mingle at once with the ocean
of eternity. As I glanced through memory's glass
on this river of life, I c.iught the vision of some por?
tions more dictinct than others, and I will give them
in word-sketchi.s of birth-day thoughts.
The fiist incident which I can recall, presents me
very much in the situation cf Eve when she grusped
the forbidden fruit. It was a day for 1 company,'
and preparations were uiude, while they were in the
' sitting-room'below to please the uppetite. The
table was bountifully spread in the upper-room, and
while all were absent, a youngster, who was older
than myself, reasoned me into tue belief that it would
not be wrong lo take for him some of the tempting
cake. It would be wrong?so the argument ran?
for me to take the cake for my own eating, but to
rjet it in order to be kind and generous to him, woul?
he fair and honorable.
Impulse betrayed me. I knew that I should have
some given me when '.lie ' company' were supped,
but he would then be p?ne; and so, thought I, hero
goes to make equal. 1 was caught; but all the cir?
cumstances of Ue caee were examined, und ike im?
pression tnude on my heart by the mode of cure
adopted, is now grateful. 1 know not what wus
done, but I see the look that was bent upon me. I
learned to be just, before being- generous. Too many
are npt to sneak of ' crushing all offences in the
bud,' ns though the first crime should meet with a
severity that would never be foreotten. Better, far
better,"that it should meet with a kindness that will
never fade from the memory. The latter, unlike the
forravr, does not wake up an antagonism in the
heart, springing fr in a consciousness that the worst
has been feared by the parent in his case. You must
keep the consciousness of the child on your side, if
you would he succeeeful in doing him good. You
must not no act, as to leave him brooding over the
thought that he has bet n wronged?that he did in?
deed uii-rit punishment, but not such severity?that
he did indeed fall before temptation, but yet some
trust ought to ba exercised towurd him for the fu?
Undue seventy often throws a child into an antag?
onistic position, in which he cannot be made to feel
hie own guiliiness. He labors to lind apologies lor
his conduet, whereas, by kind treatment, he would
be inclined to be severe upon himself. "Ltck for
the good to be found, and kepp that active," is ihn
motto fur every one who would ui.fold the best char?
acter i" a child. As gently as a mote, is extracted
from the eyp, should be t^M attempt to remove the
first moral defect inth'chnraeterui a child. Clearly
manifested love should deal with the first crime.
?Wc must reluctantly cltisa for to day.
A Commentary on rar. New Testament: Bv Lociub R.
PaIOE. Volume 1. .Matthew, Mark: ISmo. pp.401. Bos.
ton ; B. B. Mussey. New-York; C. L. Stickier. 140 Ful?
Mr. Paige, the author of this work, is a learned
und able clergyman of the Universalist persua
s-ion, and in this work explains and construes the
Xew Testament in accordance with the senti
mcnt of that denomination. The great mass of J
his notes, explanatory ar.d critical, have, how
ever, little reference to the extent of salvation
and are such as any critic "might indite and any
Christian study with pleasure and profit.
[LT Hewet's Illuminated Tales from Shaks
peare. by CiiAnLES and Miss Lame, No. III. is
just issued. It contair>3 the b' ry of Cjinbeiine,
very profusely embellished.
Ntw Music?'Moily Carew,' a popular Irish
ballad, by Samuel Lover, mid ' I sigh for the hours
that once were mine,' .vords and mu^ic by Stephen
C. Massett, have been puliished by Millet, 3^9
All kicds of Job Printing, s.?eh as
PAMr*I.SYS. 1 MAHtfUT.'tSIIClVv- Bill*
Catalog ruts. ! LacTonx Bav*.
UHSU-H8. CAitr;. : Coscsrt BttXf, raun end
ixariRAi.es FoiiCtis, i _ Fancy.
ft!<.LS of 1.s.01no. ! POtlUCA* BILLS.
UincriAns. 1 piifuiis. Ineatj fcg,
lompt'.v executed at ?stOIBoe of th j I ribuns. . .o. 180 Weuuiu
street?opposuo tse Part.
No. 1 SnttrcE Stebkt.
third story.
Are prepared to execute Binding ibr P 3KSE1.LEP.S.
PUBLIC LIBRARIES and private individuals.
N. r. Pnrtieularattentiou paid to rebinding Old Books. Pe
riodirr-.:?, Musie, fcc, in good tTyle and at reasonable rates.
Per.oni visiting the city can hate their hocks rebound at
ZtV Graham House-New ArrrirtKe merit.?
ROSWELL GOSS informs his Inends and the public that he
has enlarged his BOARD/NO ESTABLISHMENT.
kuuwn as the Graham HouFe. 63 Biucltiy-stre?t. byaddiuzto
it the adjoining house, and is prepared to accommtidato tran
iieut or permr.nont Boarders an the most fav.,ruble terms. All
Inends of Temperance dosirinr; a quu-l ho--ie. and freedom
from Ihe fun-es of alcohol and tobacco, are inviiei' to patronize
this house. The Vegetable System. With thecnoicest selection
ol fruits, fee. w iiie.h tho market nirurds. will he strictly adhered
[i, but h lab:? will lie served lor trtosn who prefer lbs ordinary
toda, .>r mix.sldict, .?,.?, r
%f? iM 'VaraU'id^'d^l'i'b'sWELL GOSS,
S3- VVAter Cure ElstablUSxiiicnt, 65 dar
clay-at.?Joel Shew. M. i>. Practitioner. Those who can?
not tret relief by drugs, a re invited to try Nnture's best medi
ci -e 'Plie location isairy add pleasant, and die conveniences
arnp'le lor the lull treatment by Water. Tho poor advistd era.
&y The Mutun.1 I*'te Irtsttmnce Company
Ol" r.'ew-York.?This Institution has issued, during the
month of October. FiRy.Eight policies, vix:
Tc Merchants.23 To Clergymen.3
Clerks . 4 Physicians. -I
? r.rokeis. .1 "Lawyers.-4
" Cashiers of Banks. 1 I armen .?>
" Iron Founders. 1 " Mechanics.o
?? Civil Engineers.2 " Teachors.3
" Artikts . 1 Laibes.
" SttxlenL?.?5
a a
Insured. 68
Mt-iRRlS ROBINSON, President.
SAXtTBL HankaY, Secretary.
MjoertrSUt Post, Physician. nl 1?
T7DCCA.TI0NAL HABIT, prejudices early imbibed, pecu
l\ ntary ii.tea.-t, pruiess.onaf pride?ml ronspirc to render
medical "men the standing enemies of.what they sturmaUM at
tent medicines." And transreudtmt must be that Babctn
wCenealmg virtues have extolled ?o many commut.:cations
Irom physicians, eminent in their protessipn.
\Ve'cite a few from men whoseopmions would net sulTer by
en- niiri^m with any of the faculty. ,
iir^\Vm?T. Bnr.kVXeu.a.O. has entirely cured ma.v.of
sam had eureil many id that P1"^?^"1'mrh of leae
E*q. Au.-n.c7 M Iaw. ol geners.1 debility and a cough or long
yiSt% u^l W?to-i Brtbam of Wild ^jLtgrg
confirrued oooch.usun .1. the ?.de and spittiuc ol MOOtLai.
leuJsd witli ..ther rjdJiculties, and find rt to be * ??ie*c*
emus'nsmedy 1 have ever yet used, and leel no heutancy ui re
commending it to the public." _: _ . _ , ? ?,j
GE?. JACKIXS, M-D. Cambridge. >ld
Or. P. Killmon. of ItounJ brook. N.J. also concedes \\ <*Uu s
BaUiim uf W ild Cherry to bo tbe best medicine known to.
C"ln Ihci'.1 the proVFoS ti'e ?tmordinarv cfficicncr of uiedi
o-.pe-s^ conclusive and ..verwlielmmg tl?at U is lolly tor any
u,de^iy that it cures when all -ther remedies, prescriptions and
,ii..'.es nl Uestrueot utterly fail. . . . , _
CTje- Beware ut ?punous mixtures in imiuOion ot the t.enj
VYsstar's Bel-;.in of Wild Cherry.
ISAAC HI "ITS, ffiAnu-stSotoAgMtfoe Newport
F. Btuwo, Pniiad. ; Uexler, Albany. s-i urn
Europe and its Ruter?.
Correspondence of Tbe Tnbune.
[Concluded.] Paris. Oct. 1?. 1344.
I will now distinguish very ?ummai?y under
general heads the predominant characters of the
principtl Governments of Earope, suhjet of |
course to exceptions in dstaile. This cliS.'ifica
tion will show at a glance the diversity of which
I have spoken.
England is governed by the landed Aristocra?
cy and the commercial and financial classes.
France, by Political Sophists and Theorists,
and strongly controlled by the financial and com
mercial power.
G. rmany, by Professors and Economists.
Russia, by Soldiers.
Austria, by do.
Prussia, by do.
Italy, by Priests.
Spain, (exceptional,) by ever? body and no.
Hero is a scale of Governments which presents
a complex variety of ertors and social misery,
and if we extend our view to all Christendom and
include tbe United States, the scale of falseness
and misfortune will be complete, from Military
Despotism to Political Demagogucisra. Selfish
ambition, usurpation by violence, the mad pas.
sion of power, the prejudice of caste and tract
tion, the assumption and arrogance of pretended
divine right, the sordid love of gold, the servile
intrigue and chicanery of party, all these and
many more arc the revolting features of those
false systems of government and society ?ow
reigning, and sccrn mingled and combined, as by
a final effort of Nature, io scourge a Race that
have profited so little in political and social sei.
ence, with centuries upon centur.es of expe?
rience It may be providential that by cnparal
lc'cd abuses, sufferings and outrages, the race
shall fcc forced to sec Ihc necessity of some other
political guides than those upon which they have
hitherto relied, and to Eeek for the moans of to
cial regeneration and elevation to their Destiny
on Earth.
Being in France, I will spsak somewhat more
in detail of her government and those who con?
trol her destinies.
The rich Bourgeoisie, (the Bourgeoisie arc
the middle classes?thoae between tho Nobility
and what are known in France as the People?
the Maas,) comprising the commercial and flnan
rial interests, now exercise tho sway over the
government once formerly possessed by the aris?
tocracy. The change was effected by the French
Revolution, but tho Bourgeoisie has been faithless
t> i:s trust and its promises: by the aid of the
people it overthrew the former despotic masters
of France, but forgetting that the rights and
elevation of all were the object and the watch
word by which the victory over ancient tyranny
was achieved, it has only changed places with
the aristocracy, to exercise as opprtssi7o and
fatal an influence upon tho people. The Bour?
geoisie has tbe conttol and direction of the finan?
cial, commercial and all the industrial enter
pris of the nation?it performs the business of
society, and as all the business pursuits ef life in
civilization are conducted on the most selfish
principles, the Bourgeoisie as a class has become
thoroughly tainted with the most heartless selfish?
ness, and is perfectly callous and indifferent to
the mist-rep and the wants of the people, 'o whom
it is indebted for the position it now holds.
The King of the French, Louis Philippe, is in
facu the head of the Bourgeoisie, as his interests
are linked in with and sustained by the commer?
cial and financial power. His ambition is to
(bund a new dynasty upon this basis, and his
threwd practical tense is shown by a union and
all'incc with this new element of modem eecie
tics, more powerful at this epoch, in con'rolling
the dertinies of advanced civilized nations, than
the sword and the cannon.
Louis Philippe is the ieal centre and pivct of I
the government?not a mere efiir/y and man of
straw like bo many sovereigns. He takes an ar.
live and direct part in all the affd;rsofthe nation,
and by his strong will, resolute perseverance end
ragacioua management, dirooto the policy of
France, and accomplishes his own schemes and
measures in despite of the cunning and of pnsi
tion of enemies. He has exploded practically
the constitutional sophism that " the King i eigns,
but does not govern," to the great scandal of
those who would appear to exercise political au?
Fur some years past three satelites have re
vo?vcd around Lnuis Philippe as a planet, each
alternately being in the ascendant. These three
satellites or representatives of different systems
in tho hierarchy of constitutional monarchy and
political sophistry, arc Guizot, Thiers and Count
Mole. As one goes out of the ministerial chair,
another goes in; andtogain the prize of power,
a continual scries of intrigues, coalitions and le?
gislative marchec and coun'er-marches is main
tuincd among them and'thc lesser satellites, who
in turn revolve cround thuio secondary planets
as centres.
M. Guizot was formerly Profesior of History
in the University of Paris. He is deeply rcud in
tho past political history of the world, in the enn
stitudonal sophistry of modern time, and ie well
versed :- all lac 6ecrct interests and strings of j
influen' .vhich pertain to erstes and classes t he
ie a pro. .? nd observer of the past, of the effect of
abstract ideas, religious creeds, &.C. upon socie
ty and the race?his intelligence, indeed, in re?
gard to all that iekt03 to the political history of j
the past is unrivaled, but of the living present,
of the great interests of Industry and Production
and the means of securing the welfare and eleva?
tion of the people, he sees and comprehends no?
M. Thiers was educated a kwyer: he became
an editor, but a large pottion of his life has been
spent in writing the " History of the French Re?
public and the Empire." In this important work,
which he has the reputation of Having executed
admirably, is exhibited a heatt fired with enthu
siasm for that Grand radtcalirm and generous de
votion to political principles, which were msni
fest- d ia the noble features of the French Repub?
lic, and for the glory and grandeurof the Emp're
It is said he wisbes-to eombine tbe ?entimenU,
and the spirit of tqesc two rpochs in his policy,
and this probably is his aim, as arnb.tion is infi?
nite in its con-.eit; but the idea is absurd and
farcical in the present stage of progress, and tbe
attempt to carry it oot in practice would be es
ridiculous as that of etroQing players to enact in
a hum with fantastic costumes, tome grand Ira
gedy drawn Torn the h story of the past
Count Mote is a member of the ardent aris
iojnicy, end took a pait in the afV-rs ot the
Erooire; he wa* educated in a diff-rcnt school
from either cf It's rivals. He is p >!:tc and dig
nified in his manner, not profound, bat has many
sagacious views and good intentions, and a feel?
ing of strong aspiration for social progress and
improvement; but he ha? not the moral courage
and energy to carry out his wishes and plac3
which, with a strong desire and ambition to
wield political power, makes him the puppet of
popular prejudice and the slave of the spirit of
the day, consiantly winding about in the beaten
track of constitutional sophistry.
As these men, who have ali been Ministers in
turn, appear to devote themselves to the interest
of their master, Louis Pnilippe, and to be labor,
ing far the consolidation of his dynasty, it might
be supposed that the King bcar3 them much af?
fectiv:. Not so, b^ any means; he detests both
Thiers and Guizot, who h-tve each played him
many shabby lucks?Guizot through Iiis in
triiika hr.d coalitions and parliamentary majori?
ties often ;o:cing his will upon the K'.trg, and
Thiers by his liarrow and illiberal policy ; but
Louis Philippe still comes cfT mister in the ccd,
and uses then: only to carry out his objecte, which
he accomplishes with remarkable tact. Toward
Count Mo!6 he is indifferent and passive in his
Thiers and Gu!z ;t again ili-like the King, and
thus is formed a circle of hctr-ros and discords?
the ministerial candidates hate e?ch otht r, and
mutually there is no love lost between them and
the King.
Since ihn Revolution of 1835, France has
sunk into an inglorious lethargy ; bat it cannot
last long, as in the hearts of the people of France
there burns a profound enthusiasm and an in?
tense desire for action; these elements will burst
out in roinc nc;v form, cot of revolutionary vin.
lcr.ee and carnage, but, it if to bo hopc-d, in s-.rr.e
grand demonstration of social und industrial pro?
gress, for which of l?o years there his been
groat preparation. Francs is, indeed, in social
ond political progress, tho pioneer nation of Eu
rope, if not of the world; and as the human
race have not yet attained tl;e;r highest point ol
progress and destiny, the mission of France is
not yet fulfilled, end in the grand drama of na?
tions she has a conspicuous and great part to
play. She will bo found ready to leid onward
when new and lofty v.;ws of humin happiness
and progress have been fairly matured, and ob.
jscts worihy and glorious aro faiWy presented ss
the goal of htr efforts. The lethargy and social
stupor which now oppresses her,:?, however, fa
vorable to the political controversy, the wrangling
eoph'stry an?i the seifi.-h intrigues, which arc the
order of the djy, and are now the only evident
signs of political vitality.
An interesting contest has lately arisen be?
tween the Clergy and the University, about
which it was my wish to give some account, but
I am admonished to druw my letter to a eins?.?
I will say but a few words upon the subject. The
Clergy are aiming to recover lost power through
the medium of pub'iic instruction, now that it
has become a wo.ni ?hat they oaosot stifle, which
they are endeavoring to get into their own hands.
The University, whien represents the principle
of intellectual liberty and free examination, is
*trcnuou3 in maintaining its rights and resists
manfully and successfully the attempted cn.
croachntenfs of the nrksthood. I may address
you eg' in specially in relation to this interesting
war between what is tetmcd Religion and Philoso?
phy. At present I shall not trespass farther upon
yotiTolucnrs or the indulgence of your reader?
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nic CrnstituticnAl Dis?
orders tsill be rr
~. ,v,( by thil
if there be a pleasure on earth wbicb superior beings can?
not enjoy, and ooe which they might also envy roeo the po?
resiioa of. it is the power of reaeviag pain. How consoling,
thsa, i< the femfiotiwmi of saving been the lcstrarneot ol
rescuing -.h.-.a.i- L rrom misery to tbos-s who it. Wast
an 8 mount of ?otfe eine htu^^Ts-lieTed.andwhatartill greater
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?apartlla! 'i he unl'ortanal? victim of hereditary diseeee. wnh
swollen gliuihs, contracted linewj aad bones halfcaricus, has
boa rwtored to hta.''.;i ted vigor. The scrofulous palieet.
covered with nlcera. loathsome to hiruseif and to bit tv.oai
aim. ha; . ?>--.. made whole. Ilundradi of persons, who bad
groined hopfle?siy for yean csder cutaneous and glandular
disorders, chromic rheumatism, and many other compjunts
springing from a derangement o( do secretive orgarB and the
circulation. t?? - been rased as it were trom th* nek of dis?
ease, and now, with regenerated cooititutioos. gladly testify
to ihc efficacy ot this inestimable preparation.
The Irllewing certi'ieatas recently received wifj be read
with interest, and for farther proof the reader n referred to a
pamphlet which is furaishs?! without chargo by all the agents.
Murrt. Sands: New-York. Dec 1. ISC.
Gentlemen?Parental feelmg? induce us u> make the follow?
ing statement of tacts in relation In the important eure of our
inj?) ? aueVer. wholly etfected by the use of Sands't Sarsa?
parille For nearly three years she was sfilcted with a must
mselcra'.e eruption on the body, which at times was to bad.
connected wi'h internal disease, that we despaired of her life
l'hc complaint cmiueucrd in the r>~>:? ot the hair, ami gmd
uallv spread until the whole head was enveloped, and then it
attacked the car., and ran d mn the neck, and conbsum: to
increaio until it covered the most ?f the bod/, it ComnK'nren
with n sm.i'l pmple or pustule, fiem which water et .Irstdis
Charged ; this produced neat itching and burning ; iMi trailer
or pus formed, trie ssm cracked and !:!..(, and Uta pas dts
ebiuxedfresly. The sutTVrn.gs of : re ch id we-eio greatai
al ,io.t wholly to prevent n-.f.ir:l rr*'., and the otior trurn the
discharges so.- aensire us to make itdiif.cuit to pav that par
ticular ntiei.uon the nature ol th.t case required. Tbo Hiteate
eesCalled Scald Head ai.d general SaU Hheum. We tried
mrious remedies, wun late beotd', and copmdered her ca?
rlmost besom', toe reach of ntedterne; but trom tlie known
virtue of your Ssananarilla, we were induced to *ive it a trial
P.olijre the QnR bodla was all used, we perceived an improve
ment in the auBcnmiico >>t the eruption ; but the change was
?o r.ipid for th.' better, that we could icareely give credence to
the ?videni'e ofour own eyes. We gonUaued its u?s lot a few
weeks, and the result n a parleet cure. To all Farcli'i \vh
wouUlssy: If yon hr.vo childree luflerias wuU any disease
of'heikin. usetiaads's Sarsapariila. With feolings of grati?
tude and respect, we are yours, ttr.
_ X Madison street.
The following was eddrossed to our Agent at ^aearineh.
OoscMI Caose Rosnx. Ga. August 24.
Mr. G R. Hendrickson, Sue aar a.1:
Ukak Sir?Having just recoveied from a most severs Chronic
Rh?usnatbm. with winch I have been afflicted '?>< many yean,
and having used various remedies without any success. 1 am
induced to writcto yuu in rwrpect to cfands's Sarsaparilla, to
wh:ch valuable medicine I now owe my uretent eajnvcajt ol
health. Despairing of ever recovering from this distressing
diseau. and while laboring uadur the most acute agony ens
pain. I was persuaded to try the Sartaparilla en highly recom?
mended for the cure of Rheunnhsiy. I tried one bottle, aad
the little benefit I derived from that one, induced me to give il
a fair triul, which 1 did by sending down to you for halfadozei
bottles; nnd am now happy tossy I find nr.self, tor the first
time in twelve years, well nnd ablo to attend to my ncoeuary
duties. I send yuu this thronen u fevhn,: of gratitude, due this
excellent inedicino. and a sense ot obligation to my fellow be
ings. that those similarly afflicted, may be induced to try this
valuabio remedy?Sanaa's Snrsiiparilla.
Yours, with rcipeet. &c
Pteparnl and sold wholiwale and retail by A. B. & 0.
SANOS. wholesale Druggists.79FulUin street, N. Y.
9oM also by Drugitnts generally throughout the U. S. Price
il i>wr bottle?six bottle lor to. n36Irn
CiHEAI' i >1L STOKE.?The subscriber respectfully lotormi
' the public th.it he. .ntinues the wholesale and retail Lump
Uil and Stunt Gas. at tun old stand, of a very superior quality,
ten per conl cbeuper than can be purchased at any other store
in thw city, viz:
tiood Lamn (ML psw rn\.to W
Superior uuu I. Lard do. Sryt
ReiinedOil, 1st quality. <6
no sW iv? do. 6Q>;
White dperm do.
Do do 3d do.1 00
Do do Sd do. 87K
Oil Cans of all nixes; Lamp Glasses of all patterns and de
senplions, and a full assortment oi lamp wicks, consUutly on
I-amps clemed and repaired. ( Ml and Ciimnhlne sunt to any
part of the aty Iree ofehurge. MKUR1T1' SMITH.
t27 Y<! 199 Greenwich, cor. Vatstr.lt.
sJ?CKlB It LEVERl^rTTioTVVater-btreet. below Wall
w prices?
ifl street, oner for rvlo nt low
lOTO buges Fin Plater, 1-3 X. |
prime brr-nils
100 do do wnsters, do
1110 do do extra sires, assorted
?? tons Scotch Pig Iron, best brandr, tin. 1
17.) do A inenenn Charcoal do
110 pigs Itr.nc.-. Tin
JU cn.se; Sheathing Copper, M to ISO
1000 bills Iron Wire, dSiwirtrd. 0 to 33
Wca^kiSbeet Ziur:
p00 bdls Sheet iron, assorted. 3l) to 27
90 U ns leperiof re?ne-l Billit Iron lor Wire
100 bags fine drawn Wrought Vails. rid.Pd, 1CW
Jsjkj do do Horse Nciis, 7, 3 and 9 lbs
8LC' down !?w ortced Shovels
AO do Bright iron do
1?U do CastP.teol do
t\ do Grain do
5? do Cast Svel rfp^des
2i>; do low priced do
SWMpnirs Trace CheirJS
30 casks Hooks and Hinges, assorted riges
10 do Tin'd Ten Kettles and Saue? Pens
1U crates Tin'd Wrought Iron Tea Kettles
Brass Candlesticks Firo Hons. Frying Pans, Brass Kettles,
Ears. Rivets, tc. tec_0? tf
WINES. BRANDIES, ^M. *?.-OUrd. IJupuy St (Jo.'s
Brandy, pal-: and dark, in ball pities and qr. casks.
A. Seigneti? Ifrandv. do. do. do.
Swnn und UarfloOln. in PII?:
Rom, St. I-Voix and Jiinjaicn. in hhds.
Wh.rky. Scotch and Irish, do.
Madeira and Sherry Wir.cs, m pipes, bbOK ana qr. eatsi.
PortaedLitlion d< d>. do. do, do.
Teserifle and Sicily do. dd. do. do. do.
Champagn-. of vannu? jrjnils. n. quaitsand pints.
W, ... Ucttici. Deroijoh.is and Corr_s. _
Fr.: sale by PARIS R. POMKROY. s3 PearUi.-e*t,
:. : ?j.ftt Hrr.Tl-tt. an.1 ?.'rvuities hllo.
?~70Qt fifty AND IVOOL8EY from this date olfer their
VV 'Standard" DOUBLE REFINED SUGARS at the lot
ou'..'.i low pnees, viz: . ,
U'iif..H oet-'J per pound. ) r> hen it-t than five paefcagei
Crushed ..11 da do Jare Hurchas.d. bail a cent per
Powdered Hit do do ) pound additional.
The ubove are peeked as followi:
leaves in box?suiS> Ibi.)
! jruhed in bbls. afDX " > No charge.for packages.
PApply^"t^ New^Yerk Patent eugar Refinery, corner of
South and Montgomery finer*, or at k? Wall street.
N n -Ordsrs cut oi the city must be arcompamed by a re
440 PEARL fcri REET.
CerjieUa;), Floor OU Clothe, nattJTigt.
il>?5f.'fli Tnble Caven, <fce.
Of every description? At the lowest pcJ?iW? fr-ecs.
Th.?r friend? '..vi the public generally are respe/ttfi: * inyiicu
to ??Btnir? th?ir st'-ck. WeerecivifideDi they m/i find it for
ti.mr advaMage so to do. as wo are .letermfr.-I tn,u evory
arttete sold a', ihiies'ibii.iiment shall be Judy worth the io^n?y
',asr3^'l)ia!ers rjipl.cd on the racK reasooa Ut erou. Plerae
?....,.] n<,1-a? cr.dvivorto max every trr.maetioo
Consmission Pap?*r Warehouse,
No. 9 BnrHntz Slip,
rfgw-yi '\ck_
jn[^~VYT?N It rlt)S8 have tor sale at their VVare
. houre. No. 84 John street, a most esteruive assortment ol
Prihting, Writing, Wrapping, Envelope. Colored and other
Papers; Binders, Straw, Boaaet, Bandbox and Trunk Boards;
I'ress Papers, See. ice. ' .?
Their stock ol Writing Papers, adapted for stationers, will
be found unusually extensive
Constantly on hand? ,.
Book aiui News Printmg, assorted sizes, wr.ghu and quail
Colored Medium; double do, and oilier ores.
Cover Papers, various colors and weights, tor magaz.nes and
cheap pubiiratiooj. ... ,
ledger Writing; fine and super do, blue and white, wove
and laid. -, .. . ?
Flit and Cut Caps, plain and rated, wove and laid, blue ana
Wlletter, ruled aad plain, white tad bine, wove and laid.
Packer Post -. Commercial do: Foho do ; Bank do.
Bank Note Paper ; Tobacco do ; Envelope do.
Shoe and Tea do : S'.rr.w Wrapping do : Palm Lear do.
Hardware and Cloth I'ai*rs, in great variety. _
Sslk and Loc Paper:.Sarai Paper Muck j Cartridge faper.
Play Bius, Hatters*, Biotunc, Druggists' and Tissue Papors,
N. B.' Paper of every description made to order._oUS
TM POUTERS an-1 Dealers in Small Wares, No. 9 Maiden
liane,sad2!i Broadway. N. Y. '.eeo constantly <;a i?.nd. a
rompie<e sssortni?? ol articles in the 1 bread hnd Nef.to line,
vir- Kuitune Y.tru. o Wonted, do Ojtton, TtsttwOoOoa.
Zepnyr Worsted, Hair Ch*. Ho?iery nnd Grfjve* Veivet Idtv
hons. Russia Dreids. Pu.-vjUrnameoUjdoTtVisl. rtne /'cisvors,
riupenor Waitdi.ng. Hn.rand Lace Pios. Silk arU S'e-.l But
?mn, <liil and Agate Buttons. G aps and Fringes T?p?-s ind
Ei-^ings. K. Heminicgs At Soo's genuine Royal and Ooun
f>ririn.k irri'led f.v? j N~H>?_t^iton
305 PiA?tveT. N. Y.
V n -P^,?vk Peel he, ru^sj^mJ.detno^oW nVin. V
T AHSENS it CO, MO-N^OB n .?XL^r Fearl and
J . Ceotre-srrecu. Bali. Drill and Dtus-ang Schoo1
Every Sonday Free Concerts.
Every Monalay Free fjaactag. ? ... a-n, fa
Booths to let for PubbcJleet.3gs,rnIls.to!-, ttc.
Hi? friends and the pabbe are irrntrd to call, as he wiu spexe
WANTED?A situation by a respectable woman to Coo*.
I? a goo.1 washer and .roar: tvoald have no objection to
do ssweraihousework for a small family ; has the very he-t rj
.?onirnendatjwom I mm her is-t employers. Inquire ai >o^t?
oih Avenue. Wtirws 12th and 13th ?rrt-cs._n*?^
BOOK-KEEPERWA.\TEl>-A uiuidJ*agedman*??'*?'?*
ed to go to p?nnrylvar..a, to take ch?.-r? M a sett of Books
at an Iron flhialni ISSjlljl Establrsbur?t ? he mast be :n every
respect competes?', to tili the ?tualioc, and produce proper test.
Irrmmiahi of character, habits. Ac. With such an oneaaar
rar-.temert will boni*de|.>ra cumber of years. Aadseas OoX
cXIl Park P<?t Or Bee. wT.h nun? aai relerrtsca._nJ_
117 ANTED?A Sittttrtioti as WET KURSE, bv a heerthy
M \Vo;n?i whose milk .s 7 mouths old. Apply it ftj Cec
OrejL._n8 Jf
t a/ANTED?A 1 i" t Clam Shu* t'r^e. AoMreaa
? V Box ?71. Upper Pest t '.lice n7 iw
U,'ANTED?A wiunnn nrgtrl to do fiousew.>rk (bra small
private family. To a rood on?. rood wares will be
paid. Apply tu Mrs- t.'reeley. rear the eoroer ot 'Oed
AtwinuM Forty -r.mh streit, lag ire o?'hst n-rner. tf
'T.R.\ IhiLLARS HEW AKD.-Vica?at:ae tu?! .>toce
L ?A certificate fcr unrty sharee ot Vi.-gsl.urg tiank Stock
in the aatoeol Bueklsv & Pec's, and numbered '?3H. with
Power of Attonwy a Cached was !os? i?a Saturday _! March,
rt was enclosed in a latter and lost on "t?ar 'o sVtM Toe
shore wU be paid by lea torn it at Those pern's ofik-e. ?Wall
itreet.__ _ml?? tx
BO ARD UPTOWN.-Good uaftirxsbed rooms with board
for a gentleman srul wife, or single ladies, at a moderate
rate, where there are 3ut Iwr boarders. Situation very retired
and near Stage routes. Apply a: No. 3D Uicneker^L bets sen
Broadway and Bowery. c9 St*
To the Elite of Musical Taste in the U. Statt? :
HARPS.-J. F. BROM Sil A CO.. from | Krardi makers
ot thefmpro?d Patent IVrable and t.nele ?,-tion Harp,
Loadoe ud New-York, t tii ..ie.1 ma l. F. B Dflkti toc
teleetSSe .4roadw.iy an elegant assnrf ??f ol Doebh aad,
^miie Ncl.ou llari-i. 'fie rv? br-Jiiaocr ol urnc, : grimes* of
touch, elegance of lir.?b -iru per>.t mi<h.-.n'<r. ot vh**e Hsxp*
render them uoequaleJ. act* Ob inn h-r ".h<io the Urn amateur
and prt-feestenal paar nag? in tur.-ue and this eotirtry. I'hey
ve ccrutructed oo the best priccip-e* ot the eeiebraiea ' t^rmru
with eil the modem improvement*, of Loo.ion ?.ud Pans.?
tA'atmn'ed to boar thj test ol'climate, aod at Ruropenn prtosss.
11 crps repaired and f>r hire; r-tr-ie> lettrui-ttoo Books, No?
tre, ate J. F HRUVVNl , V.aautacttirs*.
NT> SefB j-dwar.aid
l_5 Sm lm" No. Tt,- ? 'Yvj:*n-.treet. N. Y.
JrsiRTH tz HA] .u. No. 1 PtTEdttslteaeaw; nav-s i.?
? ouhaudan cxieu ve i-rsi.naieei.--i S.l Sit-acO tt/AL
INSTBtTMSNjre ifali kind*. PIANO . r. ? ofd ?feree:
ttylesandfimah: H?1T.\K8, Soen Da l?? Spejsrjfa. p ttems,
tor which uey l<ev? nsreiT?! prrtr.- utns i'ror.i the At* oaa la -
i'jtute orer eji other aas-eia, and are ol very ?uper.je kme aad
ttyie ot finish : Pl.CT ES. orall kinds and hmsh. lor ss .they
lijTSS.Uo'-eoeived related nreuutuns- Cl.ARItiNETS.KjENT
BOO??vWUs^I^ etc. al! of their
jwn nu_utacru.-r aod warranted: importers as MIMIC aod all
kinds of MUSICAL. INS'fKI'MI'.S'TS. NRW Ml'SlCteosiT
^l as soon as published. .11'ST PClUaSllKD. oil ihe SoagsoC
OD for the PIANO: itLm, the < IRPHEI'S GLEE BOt)K. be
:-.e a coUection ol gliscs for tour male vuicsn. Mith puuto accoro
jsaimaat, sslecUsi an'. coit;i>il<sl from the best German and En
*>rsb authors, by ACSTIN PHILLIPS. Pnee One Doilar per
set. Merchants, end the MusvaI cumrsuaity gsoerelly. are ?
oeCtruJIy invited to CSlL mbdU
ISu xenben are now tiu shioi: an ecit.rvry'Tww
isttich ot instrument* whicti are wamuitwt su
. ie::.T in tone to ?17 in use, am1 to keep ut
tune innen l"Oivr, Uta improvement c-'ntistj in a Harp Frame,
peculiar tu corutructien. obviating every ?hjectiou heretofore
caused by 'he use of inetaliit plates ? injuring the tone. Pro.
lessors add Purcee>e-s aie itivitrd toon examination ol aim
jySS ISS ?viton-str.iet. East tide. Broadway.
HAVANA.?Mr*. WEST'S Hoarding House has been re
rao'.ed to the builibng preT.iou.ly nacupie.! ss the " Mao
sion House Hotel. No. lb Tulle Obrabia. corner ol Calle Mar
cudere*. wh'ch has been extensively repaired and improved ?
Pnces asiangedi in conformity to the room oeeupml and time
remaining. For cajnlt, tie. apply tu Mason It Tuttle, U8 Nas?
sau stieat, who will be happy to furnish every information to
travelers bound Co Havana.
N. B.?Passenger* ire rciuesUs! to obtain passivorts, which
v. ill be laeihtnled by the clerk of the housv, who will board all
ill immediate!/ on their or rival._M __*
CARD.?The inbscriher has ppental a Bunneu Agency
at the City of II.aad he tenders to Meiehanta.
Manwactutets, ownois of Real l-lstnte. and other* having
busiiii-ss in lau W..u-rn pita of tho State of New- Yeik. hss
services tu relation v., iheir business generally in that part ot
the State, and especially la tecunnx aod collecting Deb's and
lupetlnteuding and telling Real Estate aud other Property,
and in making investments. Business intrusted to him will
receive prumpt and careful attention, nnd In. charge* will be
reasonable. He has had exuerienro in Mercantile and other
buiiaese. and has an oxlonsive aeiiunmuace in the Western
part of the State.
Rocnaa raa. N. V. October 8. ISM.
We cordially rocouimsnd SsKuta Haitiltom of Rochester
as well qualified (or (ha Agency tuenUoued in bis Card above
October 10.1S4A.
ri"i,;,v^^vltT^'? * Co. do; JeJtn
Gthon- Co. i\n:_
T AW c-*Rd-s;ouLai-noji or Dsnmrw 2^{J??_j;
.?Jw ?KJKS: wft gVveVhis^at'lt"VionNt.>'ihe collection of debt*
.lue New-York Neichants in Galena. Rockfonl and Roes
I.land, Illinois; in Du Bacue. Iowa: in Pbitteville. I'iAos*.
prninodu t:iiirfu. Mineral i' itnt aud Mad-son. Witeotrsin.
Refer to D A. Cusaman _ Co.; Dowmus, ?uydam U. Nix
w. New-York.__Lg
attorneyMND COUNSELLOR at lajt.
Alton: llhuols.
Htm. W. T. MefViua. J *sg_.
Prancis B. Cottinsr, } Nsrsrss9t>t.
William C Hussol. 1
.man cruet. Abour KU of Ihe first physl.
Idan* aadsurgeoiu of ftew-York have given
their d-sciiLnl p.-efcrtoce tuthisl'ruas.as you can
grndunuthe prcssuro fromooelo filly pounds
on the rupture, without u Iwick put, which does so much injury
(?tbespioe. A fair trial being lite best Lest of Pssupcrionty
il[is applied and six Ca};' triafgiven. and if it does not r*te.in
the rupuire. while porlwrmir.g ?very Lud of azercise ot tough
tug. and givg perfedt ease; ib a wort), if it Is not satisfactory
in every tospect. Use monor is choar!\iliy rtturned, and thu U
the OSlty tsitadltnirl on which you sliou.'d buy aayTrtus. A per
tsUMt cure's etsdy njlncuj.tad wcn-niad. J directiocs are
Those rooibng for IhteTrttssnsaJ c;ily oeotion the side nip.
lured aod the meeiure round tie bins, as t_y can graduate
tha prorsure to suit tuair c_j. So.'-l -..?...1.1 aad retaii at II
BULL'S TRUSKE3 ?Noicoto Ruptured Vri^
sooj. ?Persons affl.-rted wi?i ruptuie. mar r*C
upoe the be*: lastnimaritalKjiI the world aMords.
00 roplieut.on at the office. No. ? Vesey strvai,
~ess? or to esJher of tha events In the urincipaJ towns
ia the United fltaiae. j!a eti.-ful to osansine die back pad ot
Hull's'I 'rusaes, to set- if ihoy aruerdarxad by Dr. Hull 10 writing.
No no are genDiae, toibe rsJin'l upon as good, without his tig*
aayfie^onshavi'urejOftasrri to vend Ijdtatinas of Holl's
raUel Trrusca. am. Uotisnniu .vn iu[i?ud upoo in coow
qoenee. These Imluiions cannot, to reise 1 upon; they are
? in. ie by ucsgiH'ul atirchsuslcs. and sra ao be.tei thus the ordis.
try Trusses.
Rooms liase beau atuu DP al No, 1 Vvmy sneet, axelusiraly
Icr lailtw, having a ?epart P: 1 ..'rar-tafruei th-? business .lepart.
rntnt, wherti n btuaie ue...-.????. atutttJ^u-a 1.. war up/m l*.
m'llopa'ie.-.ts. r?U tf
pil o.vi ~?r7ce Ha t ~sf?ii f.. ~~
Iii BROW.s gr, CO. ban- o;^"C.l the r new ?ort on the
wsrnef 0* Jlntt-siroetand C atham ?. tue.No. iTf.with
CTassd $i Hats, and a gr.-nt vaneti 1.1 Ci.ps nml Kur*. The
pripneton for several years pn;t h.ve sl/ict'v nillutred lu the
one price cu.sh System, whereb) thvy are < ??? i to mnnufoo
lure and Mllai gooil an art e!e lor ':.e pviee clu.rgeil at anyes.
lal.-lJhruent in Hie ?. S. BROW N ? (X>. wnolesule ami re.
tad Hal. Gap and l> ur Store, 17b l.ha'..iiin.s<iunre. ui lm*
T?y3k lyhicribers would rwvee -a:ly 11 '.-rm their Ireods
Jp-? and the public ser.era ly tl 1] .iiey . nv.i resnsHrH Iheir
tili..*?eatahliti.m.nt Iroio :. . .. .t .. ?. No. rFIH l!'o.,J
way, cuiuar of ueaiie st. whore t.'iey \v obi b-t batrp; lore
cnivc a ciutibuiid shore ot the liberal potar.ug- nhieh o'j been
posuiwed lor tlw t..... ../cnt, MCI ri Wttl be k t coo
srantly on hand 1. full assotlituAd of thu oewest styles of
Jewelry, Silver am' Platoii V\ am, Warcb.** of ihe u.-Mt ap
preved manufaeturti. ami ell arti-!ettn Lheir line which will
be atferdad at the lowest market price*.
0883m*_igHS Broadway corner Read* street.
WAVMttL .1LV*. Li.'i If, SILVER WARKTste.
Thesuiietriusrs resocclfully mv.re the attsntloa o_
their Irlands aod the pebhe to thnir oow aad eiegaot
? assortment of
??asfating of Duplert, Lever aad \ ,-? Watches, or tha vari?
ous approved makei*. eased in the DbuWil style, and warre.-Hesi
correct tiinekLep?1.
Silver ?aiva. Forks, f-: <??.is. L_lle*. Tea Sei?, Opt, Cat
Uira, Ice.
Pla'*d oje Brilsjiiia Wa.-e, Hpe-ttncres, ; ?-. ,."?*<?.
Mantel Clocks. rine i.'ullery, Fooey <.?-'). Ac., which
liwyoreooabled to offer for ?&le at very reduced prices.
Wttches and Clocks carelullr repnirail and v/nrranrad.
at t.-js old estiJiiisbe'l store. Shi Pearl,
''. r tiitoex KnPoo. greet, opposite U fA Itotej.
and Jewetlers. are now prennre.) to sail Watches al
1 retail iowur than any; other inuiai in the eay. As they
^ ,_j?r? eoastantlv recetvins; all desenptwe-j direct from
? UM manufacturer* ri England, r rane* and Swixerlaod, luey
are enabled to e/fer a very large ? .. of Gokl Wotcbe*
from aiStoeieu eai-b; idver do. f- m ?5 to gUJ eneh?all war?
ranted to keep good tune or 'he money returned. Also, a very
good assortment of Jewelry ami Silver War* very low. N. B.
Second hand watches and old gold and silverteken in exchange
or bought for cash. Watches, clocks, musie boxes aad sewe^
ry repaired m the bsst manner ami warranted by sxperiemeed
worimen, as Iowas any othst houseiu theetty. THOMWON
ic F!SHERtrmB.ir?Tiof tVarehe* and Jewelry, wholssjsdeaaa
retail, No. &l flroadwey, N. York, a few rlovrx above the City
FINE V/ATCHES-?The subscribers have a spies,
dx* aisortment of gold id silver .'uplex and brer
Watches, manufactured by T. F. Coeoer. M. L
HU_BTobias ex, Co. R. _ U Reesley. and John Harrison,
of Lovdon aud Liverpool, Ac. and are corsstaatiy reostvuig
add.t1 oos to the same, which they are setting very low. sec
warranted good time keepers. _
Importen and realen in the same, at 7 Nassau st. opposite
the new Cust..o Hooie.
N. B.?We keei in our enploy the very best wwkseaa.
which enables cs to give tarjafacuoo to ill who ieav* taea
Watche* forrepeui._??
r-jB ECON'OBCY AND FASHlt>N,---The;uiise.nr)ertiris
. -. u-imiLstir.o M.4_ii3 Hits en fur bo
^ttlW^m^^'^ eosxiparg ad
Tb?K^:-?I Wthe e?. a* low. U aol
toWer. ihau any etisej ^u^Mc. is. t W-teteeu
anIJIJi"* rr-ererjifT^omesnn ?treet.
FFCIT TREES FOR SALK ?Tlie subjeeber re?
spectfully mforms Ufrisssds aud ths Vt^t** ? rsa
with 1 he most 1, pproved kind.. iv>w n; tor UansphuT?g. which
SV^-dcri to et the aaore* aote-e. IhAAO P^g?
Hixhtstdwn. Oct->ber Hist. I8M.
HOOP AND BANDraON-tOC tons eomp-isin? a tuiOu
lir.rri.uot Amax.m-r.il OtM B00P Iron, pert very
ta2*w?*XPW"1' f"'^IXEcL^* urrTHOl^T?'
-_Um 'anTe.,ru?ri..hrrfra?t.

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