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Soars! r?r As-.utum Aldermen.
Will um EreUPBLL. E?o. President, in the Chair.
A comt?unii"eti"n wan received Iro.n the Mayor,
l tiM dissent to a resolution ns to tlie appointment of an In
?l!il?r?rrieetion,nnothrrrer?on having been appointed by
??^oirBi'ard-t >r.lt-retl on tile.
"*w/?o?-Hy Rr. Alden?OrHoee Co. No. 2,
U we Otmare?To Committee on fire and Water.
M* mmurucaiiiHi tens received from the Anti-Assessment
V Puttee, asking that the Public Printing may be eontractod
i v3t? Fm'aii'ttt ommittee.
r M. Voorhe
'ush'st fron' Bull's Ferry?To Committee on Kerne?.
.k,.'?me?OtTli<?. Donohu and otlier., for an extension
r^.TssrP ll.str.ct ia the Itilh Wanl U,3tHli street, on 7th av.
? 1 ..i cm ? ?trcel> -('oii'inil'iv on Lumpi mn! tin..
Kue*\U Bajis-Or Samuel It. Rucglesiiiid other*, for fewer
BJKin avetwe, between 23th and ifctn .ta-cta?Committee
;;11 ml. and Canal..
^hesainc?Of K. W, Bcberand others, to have Catharine
.i s"t hrhteil ?villi cos?To Committee on Lamps and Cos.
?tfu,?n*U>f J- Hrook'.Jr,. steamer Nuiirod. for Market
2 jILT T"Conuuittee on \v hnrves, Pier- mid Slip..
':pV\Ir Ward?From Anncarth .Miller. 1st Dirrctre-- ( V.l..rod
JLv>h*As?iuiii. asking lor 150 loads ot street mriniire?To
' ?r? on Cleaning Street...
1 fcsolu'i""*?*" 'eforol oMppIyinc ammunition to
^Veteran Corp-'l" ,;rc "nhitesKih m-t.?Adopted.
commitment i m (rom the Comptroller in tavor ofnppro
' .ncr ?"000 l-r the |>oyment ot the. lots purchased as a School
? ?,n Klinibeth street; and. a? the Hoard of Education has
"Jhred that roch is ni t wanted tor School purposes, author
?r- the Comptroller to resell ?och lots al auction m Jnnunrv
ruVtame, m favor ot ?erminatmg n lease to II. II. Halstcnd.
JEa7on<2?ail?m street-Adopted
toristson yrnm BocrdoJ _Vllermrn
In favor of n-iundinj; $(75 to Hose Co. No. 8?
1 if-'port"?' M"the ^'arVe! nommittee. in favor of)
nssjetinK No. s Fulton market to Alfred R. Hawkins? 1
^KSne-in favor of transfering ?'and No. 39 Fulton market
n tieorre C*st* B?Adopted.
' i x'same?In favor <d transfering stall No. 5 Tompkins mar
itttoM"m?llick*?Concurred in.
PtUtiem$? For periniavion to drive pile* and
? .j?? spsn at end near the loot of Franklin street. North
EJgbJIVt Committee on Piers, Wharves and Slips.
Br Mr. Ward?()f sundry persons, for sewer in 24th ?treet and
ivenue? To Committee on Roads and Canals.
i>opi the o?? tiers of steamboat William Young, &c. forcx
rtjcvt use of bulkhead helvrseil Murray mid Warren street_
To cvmuuittee on Piers, Wharves and Slips.
Heparin?*?"- *???t?ni:i"? on J*ir^et", in favor
-feeprumnc with R<i?rd of Aldermen in allowance to C.
Pope. Jr. f"rof horse m January, 1843?Adopted.
gsetet' Kecomendins;amendinenis in an ordinance for re.
-.?of sidewalk*?Adopted.
ilfthe Jon' Comm ttee on lire and Wnt?r. in fnvnr of pine
ins a Fire alarm bell in the Cupola ol the new Post Office?
AJoffd. yr-~m Boirdof .aldermen.
Report in favor ol d-.^r.,,^ m Ninth street, l..
?Bcen stenue* B and C?Concurred in.
' Resolution in favor of paving Chatham street, opposite Hall
.,; Kworrls?Concurred in.
Beeottin ?vorof Dogging l .
rf Eleventh street, between avenues A and B?Cm.
Iafavof nf petition of A. Acker and others, for construct"
(f?-e:tbot ol Perry street. North River?To Committee .
\yWcs.P;cr? aim Si ps.
In favor of reiiun rne leaces and other obstructions from 86th
nieel, between the Bloomingxlale R:,ad nt d itudson river?To
t'ontniUce on Roads iiml Cahah.
lafsv.irof rcsulatinsnnd repauiue iiitcr;ection of?l avenue
sridSW ttrert?t'ouetirrcd in.
Ia favor of p't.tiotn.f A. H. \Vheeler and others, fora strip
offlajtitiiic in 90th street?To Committee on Streets.
Inlsvor ul' paviui;28th street, from 7th to8th avenue?To
AisesMncut List for drain in avemie I), from 5th to 8t!i street
f. ra-iined in.
in favor of lecu.nt nr l.th avenue fronrSbt ?treet to Blo >m
intriaie Road?Concurred m.
Resoluiwtix? Krom the Street f'nmmissirner,
irrerdinc an ordinance liir paving part of 18th street, by sub
???It-irothertrimcs tor those named therein as assessor
hy Mr. ^ oorht^?In lavor of leat.ing Engine Honse No. 33
in Gouverneur .treet, und selling Engine No. 33?Adopted.
Report*?VI Committee on Wharves, Ate. in re?
lation to the proposed extension of dock at Randall'. Hand?
oYsnine. in favor of improving wharf near the asylum on
Bucktvell's Island?Adopted.
GtWKumumtum?FtotB t^ie Street Commissioner,
relstive to filling in the Bloounnttdale Road, near the intersec
turn with Tth avenue? Adopted.
The Hoatd then adjourned.
CotfHTRY Merchants aitd others, Read thif
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rood. If, when you go to New-Ycrk, you would
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ti.les that you want, out of the numerous quantity
he has for sale. Just run your eye over his adver?
tisement in our Weekly Paper. G-rocerip*, Paints,
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the accommodation of all.
SaNTM's SaKSAPARILLa.? '/'Ac human system rnny lie
likened to n clock, of which the circulation forms the system
of wheels, and respiration the fulling weicht or lient spring
which keep, the clock in motion : the inspiration and ex
firatinns being the strokes of the pendulum w.ncli regulate it.
N'ow it is clear tlmt it the wheels?that is, the circulation of
tiiis living clock?lie clocged with impurities to such a degree
that the fiillinc weicht or main spring?respiration?cannot
art, the timepiece must stop:?in other words, death must
'it*ia1. It is imporlant. then, tliot when the circulation is dis
ordered and impeded, it should lie s|iecdily relieved mid put in
healthy, vigorous action. How shall tins he done? We
snswer, by the operation ?f Sands's Sarsaparilla. which nt
once relievo* the hloo.1 from its impurities rind sends u purified
?trenm conning UKMIsth every ramification of the Irenaus and
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ternity of diseases, thero is no remedy lit all comparable to
.Ssads's Snrsapari/ln.
Kor farther particulars, and conclusive evidence of its superi?
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ul the proprietors and their agents crnlis.
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?titlest hair ?vherever it is applied ; and any person who disbe
lieves this can sec it tested before buyiug, at No. 21 Courtlandt
ilreel, and they will readily see liir tlieiMselves its certainty in
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cation. *' _
A BLEsictvo to Mankinp?Coiinell's Magical Pain Kv
irastcir.-'l'hts great healing Salve is acknow ledged by all whs
have u-ed it. to be most wonderful nrticle ever known. It re.
pels all injuries by fire, extracts nil pain, and prevents mortili
canon in every case. It ?vdl cure auy of the following com.
pluir.t., or nil pay is refund tor it, viz. t
Pure., old .ores Erysipelas,
Scalds, Bruise., Chaps.
Salt Rlietim, Scrofula, Wounds,
Emotion., Sore eyes. Pile.,
('(iilhlams, Cold in wounds. Tender feef.
It cures sore., cases cancers, (frequently removing them with,
out pnm or agony) iiad is a salve tlmt no family should ever lie
Without. It may be had only ul 21 Coitland st. nil
Ben Bros anti Roaches).?Saunholtz's Roach Bane is
warrantct to exterminate these vermin from every house
wherever it may be u?ed. There is rn> mistake in the effects of
Ihit artiele n.< i< ?veli uitested by hundreds of Inmihes in this
city who Imve used it with perfect success. For steamboats,
ships, ?loops, ice. it will be found to be a sure exterminator . r
tny verniin that inrry exist. Full directions accompany Bach
hottle and it can I* med with very little hteoaveuieuco. Sold
only nt 21 Cortlend street. _
BrAtTtrer. Hair.?Every lady or centleman who wishes to
ha.eiine and healthy hair, free Item dandruff, should use il"
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cites n new growth, and hnrdly ever fa Is to restore it ii|?.n
person, who have iieen held for years ; besides, it alsravs gives
to the hair n hea.it v and lustre unsurpassed. It may be had
lady m 21 Coartlandt street._
CCP* A Spt.KNDlD article of Cologne, Tjiveeder nnd Bay
U ?ter is bow ntleied very low nt Cumstock's, No. 21 Court.
latidt stieet. Quail bottles50 cent?.
RlilfMATisv \>P Coi t.? The Nerve und Bone Liniment,
snd Indian Vegetable F.hxir, tor Rheumatism?Those tw'o
J'tpr-ritUons biivc cured thousands of tlie very worst case*.
Trie many case., in w hich every thine else has been used and
failed, this baa performed an entire cure, so that the u-er hnl
been restorts;! to his family, business and friend*, perfectly Ire.
thenany thing hkOpain, sickness or debility; nnd we would
refer the skeptical to the following ?entfernen who have been
nired by the.r use: Kole.'rt C Nellis, 137 Broadway; A. B.
Tyler, , Rector street: Mr. Pearsall. at Tammany Hall; Mr.
Gideon fteettorn, 181 front street; ab?, Mr.Jetmings, propne
terol tlieC.ty Hotel, who witnessed the remarkableelTeeU ol
?usremed? up?n Mr. H.H. Hublsrtni,ofSandusltjrCity.Ohio,
wlio, wliiledoiug business in this city, wns taken suddenly with
? most violent Rheumatic attack, ami was cured in u lew hours
by this Liniment and Elixir. It may be had only at Com.
stock's. No. 21 Courtlandt street, nml is warranted te cure any
caseolRheuiuttUsm, or tlie price returned.
Coprai n's Italian Soap is the most extraordinary remedy
fur the ne?vr billing cure of pimples, blotches, lie -kles, ehaus,
Murlincss. disciloratiou or other injury to tue skin, ever in
vented. Beware of a swindling poisonous counterleit?nlwnvs
ssk for GOintA?iVa ITALIAN SOAP. AND EXEft
StIAP is to be had m New-York only ntthe original depot,tri
Wslkcr-.t. first Store FROM Broadway, 50 cents a cake. At
Boston, a.Miik-st._ nffltf
IL> Bailey's Mogieal Pain Extractor Salve will instantly
cjiet.nms.scakls. piles and nil iiitlammatorj' fximplamts, al
S- Walker, first Store FROM Broadway, or the money re
funded. no tt
, 03" Gouraud's Spcm?h Lilv White tb'the complexion, on
[??b" Walker it. 1st Store FROM Broadway. ?5 cents a
bei. n6 if
i mum
03" HtALTn ! 0"BLtsss:ii Health ! Thou art above all
WH sn 1 treasure: 'ti> thou who cnlargtrst the soul?and one"
eta all its powers to receive instruction, and to relish virtue.
nt that has these, has hule more to wish for, and he that is so
's titched os to have these not,, wants every thing beside. Let
thankful, Brandreth's Pill will give us henlth?get then
blessed PilK. which a century's use has fully established
JJ1? the best medicine es er bestowed on man. For tlie pre
?ajlirncolds and coughs tfiey will be lound everything that
asMieioe is capable of impartirur. Sohl nt Dr. Bmndreth i
rj'DcipeJ orliee,3Il Broadway ; 241 Hodsoo-street ; 274 Bowe
. V.r,*.'l"ork ? and Mrs. Bootli. 5 Market^treet, Brooklyn ;
?ad Wibon, Jersey City.
h^?,r?^*?''* "*tR DTI Will chasure red ?r rrrny hair to a
-rautitul brown or jet black, warranted, al b"7 Walker street,
"tst store FROM Broadway. _ ntstf
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caj^rr i ?l I'reekles. tan. sunburn. &c when one fifty cent
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iauii , -ond ealctsJatioo, and will make your skin a pure,
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V 5f ?x Mo ol the American ?gic. 82 CliatlieiTiiitteet.
KsAgi.'rasll uf the right iiuinlser.) or 139 Fulton-street,
to t? ,r, :j M*i?-?trvet, Biaton. Reader, if you do not wish
1W injured ?ithpouon, or cheated with trash, ask for Jones'
p' nl23reod
*> W,
i J' ,"'. desmsd to publish, and that from re iable
w ^^^Jheoefit or?ie Soul hern truvelers-for Mobile
aa*n toMnkV*^10"1 the Alabama River, from Mont
' and ikV. S' ,n fiDe boating condition for list 1st draught
bde. wt ??*u leave regularly three times per week'or
oli lawiw*
Public Ex bcutions.?Wc find in that sterling
pape r, the Cincinnati Gazette, the following round
and sensib'e remark* on the dit'nsting and abo?
minable practice, stfl exi-ting in many of the
States, of publicly hanging; men convicted of ca?
pital crimes :
" Three paragraphs befo-e its speak of quar.
rcls nnd new murders, oeca-hned by* this un?
seemly, not to say brutal, exhibition of human
" Wc can hardly understand the. morbid feel,
ing which induces msn or woman to gaze with
pleasure upon a dying brother. When duly ca'ls
us to the bed side of death, wc perform it because
it is a duty. But whtn the law calls for its vic?
tim, and tlurc is nothing to compel our attend,
ance but cariosity, wc a c stalled ."s we think of
t?that so many thousands go to see a criminal
hung, as if there was real pleasure in it.
Barbarities r.f this kind ou;-ht to be done away
with. They do harm wherever ihey are toler?
ated. Not such a crowd as * htn^ing' brings to.
gcther, ever met and parted without an inccasc
of crme, and of criminal fcclinrj, flowin? from
it. Why then to'crate these inhuman displays ?
If the law must have its victim?if life must be
the forfeit of crime?let that forfeiture be piid in
silence and in private, where no one. save Heaven
and the law-officers, may witness it.
There is cvdently a crowing detcmination
amon? thinking- men to chanee the fa?hion, and
dter the criminal laws as to this taking oflife.?
Men, and good men, too, questi'n whether what
G?d has given may he taken away by anv o'her
powt r but God's They do not d?ny the nee.fs
sity of protecting s.cicy against the ltwl- s'hand
of the criminal. Toey would Kind it down so
that it could harm no one. But they do qor-c.
tion whether this mav not be done?5no.ces?'ulIv
done, too? without robbing him of life. And
who that has witn;t-Fcd an exccu'ioo?who that
h-<s w^t-.-hci the criminal, starting from his call,
erect i ? lorm and healthful in body, 8nd Feen him
borne in his strength 11 the gallows, and then,
vi lently <i<,Kirov''-d?hnnrr until he waa d>"ad?
and not felt 'h<! s me d' ubt ? The vo co wiih:n
tells ti< that we may not itid: ly l"iy hands on our
own life, and it whi-per~, too, that (he life of our
brother, black though hi- be in crinn. i? a'ik* S't
cr.:d with our own."
??3*" Gotr|tAUD*a Fotori: SrnTit.it for completely ami
permanently eradicating superfluous hair from female?' upper
lips, brows, moles, nt the stubborn beard ot man. Always
tested before bavins, proof positive this, and no mistake, at K7
Walker street first .Store FRi IM Broadway. nO tf
fJnTlinrsdey evening, 7th ins*, by the Rev. F.. F. Ilntficld.
HENRY It. WATSON to Miss MARY ANN, daughter of
.lohn llndley, E"Q. all of this city.
On Thursday, the7th inst. at EllenvUle, Uhler County, by
the Rev. .Mr. Ayrcs, W.M. lt. BANGE, ofNapaiioch. t<. MA?
RT S. daughter of John L. Bloomer, E?q. ol the former place.
i In the 19th in-tnnt. nt the Church of the Me-.?'nh, by Rov.
Dr. Itewey.JOSlAH P. DUDLEY, of Bethel. Vt. to CAR
OL1NE. daughter of Timothy Frye, of Lowell. M>.s?.
At line. Pa. on the 3<1 imt hv the Rev. Mr. Tullidge. T. H.
STEVENS. F...i. U. S. Navy, to ANNA MARIA, daughter
of Surgeon P. Christes, V. S. N.
At Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 5th inst. nt Christ Church, by
Rev. Ur. Brooke. DAVID AUSTEN. .lr. of New-York, to
CORDELIA PICKET, adopted duughtcr of John P. Gamiss,
of Cincinnati,
At Washington, on the 5th inst. CHARLES FL RAY?
MOND, E<!]. Charce d'Affaires, nd inUirun, from the Repub?
lic of Texas, tc MARY JANE, clde?t daughter of John Cu
derwood, E-q. of the Treasury Department.
On the 6th inst suddenly, of croup, RICHARD J. BRAD?
FORD, Jun. son of R. J. Bradford, aged 4 years, i* months and
24 days.
On Sunday morning, 10th instant, at Iii? res-dence in this
city, of n lingering consumption, Dr. JOHN THOMSON, Bo?
tanic Physician, in the 43d year of his nee.
His funeml takes pluce at hi* residence 343 Broomo-street. on
Thursday, 14th. ut , K A. M. 11 is remnin' trill betaken to the
North American Phalanx Association. N-J. for interment His
friends and acquaintance" nre respectfully invited to nltcnd.
i In .Monday evening, the 11th inst. Mr=. ELIZABETH RE?
BECCA, wife of Daniel 1). Ilarcourt, in the Z'th year of her
The friends ofthe family are requested to attend her funeral
on Wednesday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from 32' Cherry-street.
New-Haven papers please copy.
On the 10th instant, at Stamford, Conn. ALEXANDER
SIMi IN WOLCOTT, in the 40th year of his age.
[To those who enjoyed the friendship of Mr. Wolcott, who
could penetrate the covering ofreserve with which his timidity
encased him in his intercourse with the world, who knew him
as the devoted student of Science, the ingenious Mechanician,
the close observer of Nature, acute Ren90iier, or conscientious
and upright Man, the announcement of his death will bring the
most profound sorrow?sorrow, not more for the loss of a valu?
ed friend, than that n life so full of usefulness should be thus
early brought to a close.
Mr. Wolcott was bred to a mercantile business, but his taste*
were so decidedly of nn opposite chnrnctcr that he shortly left
it to follow some more congenial pursuit. One of the studies
which hud occupied his leisure hours was Optics, and to the
business of an optician, at it afforded nu excellent lield for the
exercise ol his scientific and mechanical acquirement lie be?
took himself. Amofig the many improvements which the art
owes to hi* ingenuity and skill, the most valuable, perhaps, is
a method of adjusting the speculum of a reflecting telescope,
by which nil aberration is prevented. When the brilliant dis.
covery of Dagnerre was given to the world, it at once strongly
attracted the attention of Mr. Wolcott; lus studies mid pursuits
had admirably qualified him for a helper to bring it to maturity.
He commenced experimenting with it, and, in accordance with
the practical character of lus iiuiid, his efforts were almost
wholly directed to iti application to portraiture. He was the
first who succeeded in obtaining u Photographie likeness ofthe
human luce. Many ofthe improvements in the manipulatory
paitsoftheprocees'oow in ccner.il u-o originated with him;
mid the camera, as he modified it, remains to ibis day rapenoi
to nil others.
Mr. Wolcott'l genius was not .?onfiii'M to one class ofsubjects
but embraced the whole rnnge of mechanical skill. His inven?
tions comprise improvements, in the steam engine, horology,
engraving, &c. nnd the disease which terminated bis lifo wa.
contracted by too close application to some extremely valuable
improvements in the manufacture of cotton. He delighted
most, however, in those inventions which involved the appli?
cation ofScience. He possessed n fertility ofinvention, and a
knowledge of nutuml laws, rarely found united. The produc?
tion of nu ingenious mechanical contrivniics, which always
came from lus bund, simple, perfect, und well adapted to the
purpose for which it was intended, was often but the toy of a
moment of relaxation, an improptu suggested by a passing re.
mnrk.or tbeetnbodyi nt of his genius for the entertainment
of a friend; he sported, with thee things, as the artist sports
with his pencil, to while away an idle hour.
For lus loio of truth, his guilelestoes*, lus childlike simplici?
ty,lus devotion to study?how can we hope to do them justice?
He loved knowledge for its own sake?not la parade it before
the world, for his modest nod sensitive nature shrank from nil
display; nor to enrich himself, for pecuninry considerations
were of secondary moment? but because it was the pabulum
more necessary to lus mind than \v<re physical condors, to It's
body: forthat he neglected these and?he died. Com.]
?\t Waterloo. Seneca county, on the 20th uh. Hon. NEED.
HAM MAYNARD. aged 88.
At the age of 19 be entered die army, and was at the battle
of Booker 11.11, in company with nn elder brother. In the re
treat winch the Atnericaus. having expended their nmmuni
tion. were compelled to make, Mr. M. perceived a disabled sol.
euer reclining nenr a fence, and endeavoring t.> reload his mus?
ket, This men was his brother, severely wounded in the thigh
and expecting to b- slam by the enemy where be lay, but pre
paring to sell his life as dearly ns possible to those w ho should
attempt to ehre him the finishing blow. He was taken up by
.Mr. M. and borne upon h s shoulders, for more than a mile, Ul :i
place ol safety. Mr. M. continued to serve at intervals du mg
the war, and afterward settled as a farmer in Ipswich, N. II.
In ESS, be removed to H hiteelown, Oneida, where he remain.
ed lor more than forty years, tilling many important unices;
alter w Inch he removed to Seneca county. At the great cele?
bration at Bunker Hdl Mr. Muynard was an invited guest.
HkaLth ok the City.?Fron the report of the City Inspec.
tor, it appeals that ihe whole number of deaths in New. York,
for the week ending November H, was 159?of whom 57 were
men, 32 women, i-2 boys, and 3S girls?of these 3 died of n|>o
plevy, 23 ot consumption, 7 of convulsions, 9 of croup, 2 of
delirium tremens, 12 of dropsy in the bend, 4 of dysentery, 4 of
scarlet lerer, tili f mllanimniiuii of the langs,3inQammatiot] of
liver, 3 of marasmus, 1 of measles, 3 of old age, ami 2 of palsy.
33 were under 1 year of age, 5 over 70, 3 over SO, 1 over tP. 12S
were natives ot the United States, 19 of Ireland, 2 of Eaglai.il.
4 ol Scotland, 5 of Germany, and 1 of France. 3 wete from the
Bellevue Hospital, 2 from City Hospital, and 1 from Lunatic
Asylum. 12colored pT*.u?._
Commercial and Money Matters.
fjy hin- Commercial and Money Matters, see Last Pace.
? Monday, P. M.
The Stock Market was buoyant to-day, and the
fancies generally were better.
Exchanee is nominal at 11? a 1101 for Sterlio?
and 3,3) for Francs.
The receipts over ihe Reading Railroad for the
month of October were.$76,476 58
The Coal transported for the month amounted to 33,523 tons.
The Trust Fiiv Insurance Company have de?
clared a dividend of 3l, per cent, payable on demand.
Trie shipment of specie from this port lor the week
ending Saturday last were as follows:?
Midas, for Canton. 7,300 Spanish
Oneida, tor Havre.33,*0 Halves
do do . fll.UOO Mexican
do do . 10.U0U ? francs
Jersey, for Laguna . 6.000 Mexican
Alexander, for Havre. 78.000 Hakej
Emerald, do . 53.1ko Jo
Jo do . 85,000 do
do do . 9.473 3 francs
Independence for Liverpool.13?.00U Eng. gold
Coiiansov, for Rio t;raode._^^?2 Sp. gold
tireat VVestem, for Liverpool...373,;;00 Lug, do
From the pleniifnlness of bills at the close .1 the market lor
the summer, and the moderatedeinatid.it is doubtful if any
spaciewould have gone by her but for the remittance made by
toe agent of the Holland creditors of the Morris Canal. This
created a demand for $100.000 of bills, out of the regular
business want, nnd of course absorbed that amount which
would hnvc been on the market to supply regular remitters.?
The Holland debt was, we understand, eomproaused, before
the sale ofthe Canal, by the company winch afterward bought
it, for $300.000. This amount was replaced by the $25 instal?
ments on 20.000 shares, leaving the remaining 30,000 shares as
a profit on the operation. The shares are selling nt ?l a 32,
equal to $600.000, making the transaction rather a good thing
for tlie parties connected with the purchase.
In our noiic-k of the Eri" Railroad address the
plan proposed was accidentally omitted. It is as follows:
I. The Itooks of subscript on to Uie capital stock will be
opened for two millions of dollars; the opUon being re
terved by the Board of ncceplmg ?iicli lurther subscriptions as
may be made prior to tlie 1st day of April, lel5.
T/1?* if two millions and no further snms should be inb.
sen bed by that <l?ie. Uir Board will rely on subscriptions for
one million in the interior Counties, so *s to make nn agcre
irate of three millions, which, with the like amount of Bonds,
si authorized by the Lecxlature. 1? deemed sufficient to cnm.
plete the road from the Hudson to the Ijike i?i such time and
manner ax to secure all the benefit! of the Low of April. 1^43.
3. That an initalment of $5 per shore be called at the pleas,
ore of the Hoard after tlie first day of January'. 18?. and that
sqbueqoent insteloseots lw restricted to S?t) i>er share inlB45,
?30 m 1846: and ?45 in 1847.
4. That as an equitable, and under existing r:rmim?tanres,
an expedient measure, interest at the rate ol six percent, per
annum, be allowed on all the instalments on the Stock which
shrill Ik- subscribed, from the dates of tlie respective payments
until the whole line of the rood from ttre Hudson to Lake Erie
shall be put in operation j and that the sane be liquidated and
paid year.y on the 1st day of January.
T-i<? Hank a l.avine madp their quarterly rcpnrtsi
aro again making loans freely, although they are attempting
to obtain rather higher rates of interest. As our import* are
decreasing, and our exports increasing as tlie Cotton season ad
maces, there is every rca-m to liehete that the rates for bills
will fall, and shipments of spec;* stop. Our exix.rts for Octo?
ber ? ere, 3.401.523. including ?1,260,675 of'pecte. 'I he fob
lowing ere the export- for ten months :?
VaLDS ok MsRcnA.NPisI ExpoRTXD fttOM the DlHTRKT
of New-York, kor ten months emu no Nov. 1st, 1541.
Domestic mdse from Jan. 1 to July. ?IJ.676.72t
Do do July . 1.584.516
Do do Augiut. I,t3t.2i7
Do do September. 2.Sxi,ft)6
Do do October. 1,887.S83
Foreign mds? from Jan. 1 to July.?2,442,319
Do do July. 3S5.69S
l>o do August. 1(5,?*>
Do do September. 356,529
Do do October. 252,965
Total value of ?xpor's for 10 months, 1S44..?96,040.523
Total value of imports for 10 months, 1841 .t3sisT2,3tt">
Excess cfimports over export* m 10 months.$41.931.722
The per cent ag" ofthe entire imports of the country, re?
ceived at New. York, is very large, while the heavy articles of
export, cotton, ncc, tobacco, naval stores. Western produce,
Stc.itc. go forward mostly from the Southern ports ; so that
the apparent bhlanceol trade against us shown above, will he
largely reduced if not entirely absorbed by the excess of ex?
perts from the Southern shipping ports.
Tne .Mount Carbon uwl Port Carbon Railroad it
is expected will be finished by the 1st of next month.
Tne Miner's! Journal -ax*: Th* irad* by the Ca
:;al is rapidly drawing to a close. In the natural course of
erents, .1 cannot continue longer than three or four weeks with
any ijig-.e of certainty, und may clo-e in two weeks. Tlie in?
crease from this region so far over last year 124.000 tons in
round a am hers, und from the Lelugh SS.iJAi tons. The ship?
ments from this region this year, by canal and railroad, will
reach 8'ai,Wiu tons. The following is a compnrat.ve state
merit :?
1843. 1844.
Schuyhtil!.C15,045 739,123
Lefngh.250,JW 333,l??J
F.negrove. lH.tMl 32.:??
J.ncknwi,nn .215,??) 215JXJ
Sus'juehauua. 50,000 70,003
Total...1.149.045 1,389.392
Increase so far tins year. 240,347
Tbe Planters' Bunk. Savannah, is che< king on
New-York ar par for sight checks.
Markets....Carefully Reported for The Tribune.
Monday, Nov. ll.
ASH There is very little doing to-day nnd the market is
not linn. The sales are very small at 4 12 . for Pots and 4 2j a
4 28 for Pearls.
COTTON?The market hns still a tendency to favor tlie
buyer and the'ales nre to fair extent. Receivers are making
-ales from the wharf at a slight reduction, whenever feasible.
The prices now ruling here will enable shippers to place I iottor
in Liverpool nt a small profit should the market there have been
steady at the last quotations which is doubtful. The sales to?
day are 800 bales.
FLOUR AND MEAL?The market continues dull nnd
prices heavy. Receivers generally hold Genesee at 4 75.bin
tome sales havA been made nt 4 69. Michigan nnd Ohio arc 4
63 f.r common brands. There is but a light demand Iroin the
irnde and many of the order* in market are hmiied below die
current rates. Sales 300 bids. " Hay ward and Venice" at 5 25,
und 150 do extra Ohio at 5 00. We hear of but little doing in
Southern. 'I'he principal supply is Georgetown which is held
ut 4 69 a 4 75. Thi>re are some lots Richmond Country, Balti.
more City and Howard st. held at 4 6? a 4 75. Bmndywnc, 4
75 ltje Floor is scarce at 3 50. Meal in fun demand at 2 50 a
2 85% for old and 2 62lj fur fresh. Bag Meal 100 n lUH'i.
Buckwheat 1 50 per cwt. and 3 0U u 2 50 tier bbl.
GRAIN.?We hear of nothine doing in Wheat, ami hut lit.
tic on the market. Corn is more plenty and the market de?
clining. The sale are 6000 bushel? Southern, part new. at 51
cent?, delivered : 700 do nt 49, measure; 4000 do Jersey nt 52 a
53. and some Northern ut 53. Rye n dull: sales 1000 bushel
in the slip at 75 a 75li. The supplies of Barley arc large, and
tne market falling : sales 150(1 bushels at 70 cents, for city brew
or*. Oats are 33 a 34 cents for Northern ; sales 10UO budiels
Southern at 27la cents.
WHISKY.?The market is declining, nnd nbout 350 bids
Pri.on have sold at 23-4 a 28, mostly ut the lower rate.
II AY.?There is no change to note. Sales 1000 hales have
been made at 37 H n 40 cent*, for shipping.
OIL.?Linseed is inactive We notice sales UUOhbls Whale,
North-West, at 36'j, for home use.
HIDES.?A sale of 2400 LaGuira luisbecn made at private
FISH.?A enrgo of Dry ('od afloat is held nt ?2 62'... Seve?
ral cargoes have been received, which were sold previous to
arrival. Mackerel nre $12 for No. 1, $9 75 for No. 2. and
$6 25 n 47 25 for No. 3. There i?, we believe, none nlloat.
TALLOW.?The supply is fair, and the market very dull.
Prime t* nominally 7 a . Ijjc.
PROVISIONS.?Pork is held nt 1:87'.. ft 7 00, rind 8 94 n
il 00 for Prune and Mess, with but little doing for the regular
trade. About 500 barrels have lieen sold nt these rates. Reel
is rather dull. Salts 100 bbks, old Cm .Mess at 5 25. New .<
held ot 4 CO n 412'., and 8 00 a 612'-. In Lard there is some,
thing iloiug. In addition to lots before reported, about 1.000
kegs lave been sold nt 6 a 6',. and 300 bids, very prime ai 6'.,.
I'irkk-d Meat'are quiet. Butler and Clicese are in fmr in?
quiry?the latter for export, al steady prices.
Nexv-York Cattle Mark et..... Nov. LL
[Reported for Ihe N. Y. Tribune.]
At market, 1,600 Beef Cattle, (34 from the South.) it.S?d
Sheep and Lambs, and 33 Cows a..d Calves.
PrHIBS.?Re.-f Cattle?Ordinary Cattle are dull and lower.
We quote $4 23 a $4 50; prune $4 23 to $4 50 a $4 75, with a
few cxlra ut 36.
Ce?? and Calres?.\\] sold nt $18 a $30.
Slurp and Lostis.?Sales of 2.?0? at $1 25 a $4 00 for Sheep,
and tl 00 a *8 50 for Lambs.
Halt?No change in prices.
Tu i Sim. I The Moos. I Fiu.Ska.
It *c .6 46 i Sets..443 I Set?.6 3*1 Eve.lU 11
latest pateh.
London .Oct. 191 Havre.Oct. D
Liverpool.Oct. 191 New-Orleans.Nov. l
f&r SEE LAST P.idF^
Ships Saratoga, Russell. New-Orloaus, Win Nelson: Mars,
Robertson, Liverpool, T S Wmslow; Ansoo, Bnrkinan,
Charleston, (J Sutton.
Bark Liiius, Gilchrist, Ncuvilss, Badger & Peck.
Brigs Pehr, Kollbere, Hamberg, Win Weisser; Clinton, Ly?
on, Savannah, Geo Bulkier;
Sehr Baltimore, Wog lorn, Petersburg, J Hunter.
Steamship John S McKim. Moore, 32 hours from Philadel?
phia, mare, to N I. Met ready st Co.
Brig Cashier, Baker. !t days from Boston, ?ucar, to mailer.
Sehr Splendid, Crowell, a days from Tbomaston, to master.
Sehr (UpeCod, Baker. Provincetown, fish, to masur.
Sioop Helen, New-Bedford, oil.
1 s.'iip and 1 bark, unknown. Wind SW.
The packet ship Virginian, Liverpool, will sail to-day.
Historical Society ?This institution will celebrate its
Fort.eth Anniversary on Thursday, the 20ili mstiuit. An Ad?
dress willbe delivered by JOHN ROMEYN BRODHEAD,
Esq. to be followed by a public dinner, nt ihe New > >:k Ho?
tel. Broadway, corner ol IVashinston Place.
Tickets lor the dinner may Ik- obtained of th" following
mei ibers (I the Committee:
W- Beach Lawrence. Prosper M. VYetmore,
Frederick De Peyster, Alex. W. Bradford,
George Folsom, John A. Bmtleit,
John Jay, Henry ScboolcrafL
GeargeGtbbs, Erastus C. Benedict. nlS3us?
fry Mechanics' Institut e ? A Special Meeting of
the Mechanics' Institute will be held in the Institute Rooms,
Oily Hall, on Tl.'ESDAY evening. 12th inst. at 7-- o'clock.
Important measures require a full attendance of members.
?11 2t* C. L. BARRITT, Actuary.
CT" Scw-York Farmern' Club, and Con
versationa] Meetings of the American In
Ktltnto.?An ndjmirnrd meeting of the 'Club" will be held
attlw Repository in the Park on Tuesday this week. Nov.
12th, at uM. Subject?-The Disease oj tlie Potato. Some
ntloable see<|s will he distributed. Friends of Agriculture and
Horticulture should attend, part cularly strangers. Admission
Free. The Course of Conversational Meetings will commence
Wednesday next week. Nor. 30th. nt the same place, at 7 J<
o'clock P. iL, i >nr young Mechanics should not lose a single
evening : nowhere can they learn as much in tlie same time.
If it is asked, what will it cost t?ans?er, nothing : both the
Club mid Conversations are free. till 2t
fr*S** Prof, Mnflltt will ilehver a Lecture on the Ameri?
can und I" -h Revolutions?characters r.f Washington, Nn.
poleon am atarette?Batl'e of Bunker Hill?Ireland?Flight
of thcNni al Eagle?in the Methodist E. Church, Bedford
stp.*et, at 9o clock. Ticket?25 cents. To be had nt Sutton
St Co's. 177 Spring street; Van Buren's A: Mare's Book Store,
Bloecker street; Pease &. Sons. Division street, nnd at the
door._ a!2 If
Post Orrirt, New-York. Nov. 12,1814.
IX/" Fngllsh Ma<I ?Letter Bngs per Steamer Hiber.
run, will be closed at the Fp:>cr and Lower Post Offices in this
city, on Friday, the 15th inst. at 45 minutes past 3 o'clock, P.
M. The overiand postage of IS1, ceut? on each single letter
must be paid. JOHN LuRlMLR GRAHAM, P. Ml nl24t
Kf RftteblUherl 1 7 9 3 .-SOAP. CANDLES AND
STARCH.?J. D. 4: W. LEE, Manufi.cturers, Nos. 61 and
63 Readesjrcet. New.York. hn\e constantly on hapui a large
assortment of die above articles, which tbey wfll sell at the
lowest market prices, warranted equal, if not superior, to any
manufactured in the city; delivered or shipped without charge
for boxes or Cartage.
Merchants. Grocers,Country Dealers and Families, who are
in want of the above articles, will find it to Ibeir interest to
ci.il on us. before purchasing elsewhere.
n!2 3mis_J- D.tt W. LEE.
[-5* French Language?MANESCA'S ORAL
SYSTEM.?Indies wishing to join a new Morning ('loss,
"which will commence on Friday, the 15th, are requested to ap
the 1Mb inst. M.l D. L. MANESCA D /tAND.
nil 4f ^^^^ .No. S \\ alker-*treet.
Cy The Subscribers jrlve Notice that they have
made arrangements for a DAILY Express between Boston ami
New-Yotk.br which ALL goods eatraated to mem can be
forwardcsl without a delay of 24 hours, as has heretofore been
tlie case during the winter niontlr?. when the boats on either
line run tri-weekly. The report tchieh has been industriously
circulated that vt run only three times per iceek is UN
o91wis* - 7 Wallstreet.
Kf BOARDING.?Mrs. G< 'SS, having opened the new
aod commodious house. 86 Veseyst.. near the Astor House,
proffers a choice of desirable rooms to transient or pennanerit
Boarders. Croton Shower, warm aod co.d Batn?. tree. I he
locoiioH is very ceatrai.yetQtuet and snody. leim?moderate.
tool f is
tKT" Notice e?All persons are cautioned ogainst linrbotmg
or tristing the crew of the Swedish hark Adelai.Ie. C?[.tain
Stahre, from Osle, as no debts of their ci.tractias will Im
paid by the Caolain or Consignees. rrt>lw
CT" Brat Svrertlan Leerhci at 1CJS etc. apiece,
just re^ieed and fjriale at DELLUC fx DCPDT^S. nceei
?or? :o "bee & SooiTIstd. No. 3 Part Rt.w and ?gl Hro?.d?ar.
New-York. *W?on burs', a re* supply ol Import r?;<?i. i
ted flesit.k. IVORY PATEN 1' NIIRSE. C* infants' u??:
Nipp:e and I'.reast Shields, and Papillary Jelly for .ore breast ;
fur sale ls abevt. wholesale and rttaiL o3n 3ta?3mn*
fXT" Price Rfditred to Flfly Cent? per bot?
tle.?Til II TRICOPHEROCS is universally admired and
acknowledged t.> be the best and cheapest article fer aoeoauutut
the HAIR, presents it frsm: telim; otf or turning erey, pro.
duc? ai'd ~t::rM hair, even at a late period of hie. frees it
from sc ;rf. and renders the most harsh and dry hair as soft as
silk, curly and "lour; pn~crves it in curl, and <4lier iteeom
tue format-on. nminpaiwd by the summer's heat, violent ex?
ercise, or tiie relaxing tei.dencies of ue hall room, ate. To
children it is ir.valuaine. as it lays a f.iu.ilation tiir a heauafui
liead of hair.
Principal otSce IS Broadway, enrwr of Liberty street, up
stairs. Beware of the counterfeit sohl a. on? dollar. nSlinis
?S3" Dr. Phliiney* ? h'sml' ? PilU corsiantiy
?orsoJelir A. B. et 111 SANDS. (19 Pi ? trtwt. 273 Brvad
war. and 77 East Briadwe?. i?6 tim*
CT Dr. H. Kimbairs rWiaera.1 Teetta.-The
oe'et/niy which these Teeth have obtaued. and the high value
sot upon them by those who have worn them, tngetuer with
their known intrinsic super.in'y over he great mass of'eeth
that are made in this country. Lave nduced Dr. Kimball to
make such amngemants as will bereuter enable him to sup?
ply the increasing demand fn: them many extent; he has been
confirmed in this design b? the umforn success wh'ch has at?
tended his practice in this department of his profession, and by
"tie high encomiums that have been piss?d upon these teeth by
many of our most distinguished citiwis who are now weanr c
?hem a-vlfiy several of tlM most emisent Physicians and I it n
Hits ol this city, who rr.vw ... m?ineot-U off re>1 the most am?
ple testimonials to th-ir ejce'lence These teetn are and wd
-nntinuetn he made "iy Dr. Kimball ezclvticelv for eit otrm
practice ; they arc ;et in the mosi elmnl manner, upon h-nvy
.rod plate, ana sd.-ipv-d la rhe mouth in mch a way as to com
nine the highest utility withiliecre.-itistposiUjlecomf.irt. Thc>
?tre ws-rrnnied to be ur.snrju.ssed by ir.y that are made m the
L'r.iled State?, and arc guaranteed fn,i|case3 to fit perfectly.
Uid to answer all the purposes i hat utlfictsj teeth can be made
io answer fir. KinsbaJI wi-be* M t.- !u? particularly n<>r?d that
.11? arrangements nr* seen as will enable him la offer these
teeth, made in the tty'e above ni-n'mrsed. at the tame prices
'Mat are charged fn- the most ia.ter-.nr kir.es. S|iecimeng mar
be ieen at hi> house. No. 522 Bmailnray. near Spring street,
oil) Imtrv*
eil. n? ntxivc, by a very small family, t 'fie who can cook,
wash nn.l iron mar .triply at No. 4 Morris-street, Jcisev City,
with recominendation. t !2 lire
W'ANTED, A srbmtion as rhnmliermBi.;, washer, and
ironerf a young woman wh itn g>ve a r*fe'e"ee to her
last place, where she ha. lived 4 years. apply at Spring ?t.
in the rear basement. nl2
UrANTEO?Sitnat'ens for Servants, well recommended,
of n.l capacities. at224 C.nitid street. All losers of fair
dealing will do ?eil t.. patronise this o.iice. where the truth is
i variably told, nn.l no humbugging practised. Ladies will
please call or send. AH orders punctuaUyJittended t... nlJ 2t*
UrANTED?A ?itiia'ii.i hy n imy cirl wtl: ??"eilen! C ti
n ter^Ticc?svill make herself ccnernlly useful, under
itnids making children's cloth ng.agnod nurse, nrid mU ?..--.-!
in any light work. Please inquire at 391 Broome ?t. nBJ2t'
Boy VVANTJSD^Wanted, a Boy of good habits, and in.
ditstrioo:?one will 'i.-t iwork and make himself generally
useful?in on Upholstery Store. Apply at the L"phol-tt-n Sr. .r>
'>>? 'ariiune.street, rmr Bleecker-st._ nf'.'Si*
\.\TANTEie- ksituai n bra tespeci bl Aiuencan young
v V cirl to 'like en-" of i-ii Idren, ? r chambermaid. The
best of city refeience given. Apply at J3 Crostry.street, in the
rear. nl22t*
\COACHMAN win. has nctisi in tlmi capacity in this dit?
to the satisfaction of bis emnloTCr, to whom he can reler.
wishes a similar employment, ii - no objection to country or
travel, ond iniderslami:t!ie Veterinary business, i.e. Apply to
ulSSt*_ _K. CELTE. AVCHudson-st.
ANTED?Ry a respectaltie Yaung Woman, .1 .situation
in t ie capacity ofNnrsa ami Plain Sewer. The adver?
tiser cnti he seen at 17 Stanton-sL Brooklyn. Ttie advertiser ^
well recommended. Please inquire for Man' Dutfy. nl2 2t*
TXTANTED?A Situation as Chambermaid and Winter, by
VV a respectable Young Woman who can also cook and
do wn-hing tint! ir..iiin;;_Apply liU MiUNs^_1,12 If
COOK WANTED.?A Pr.,tostniit Woman, either white or
Colored, who can cook and wash and iron first rate may
have a permanent place and high wages by applrinc at No. 41
Warren-Street fror? 4 to 7 o'clock in the afternoon. None need
apply except =;ich as tinderlnnd the bnsioesi pcriectly and ean
fiirnrh cihkI reference, from la;' place as to honesty. ijualili?u
tions, tee._nl2 It*_
WANTED?By tvyo respectable women?sene a. plain
cook, wa-hcr and ironer?the other to do ecneral house?
work in a private family. The best of city relerenee can be
given from their last employers. Inquire nt No. 227 Elitabeth
?trcet, rear._nil 2t*
WANTKH? A s luation as hostler or coachman and winter
by a youne man, with excellent c.ty reference. Please
inquire nt No. 422-. Broadway._nil 2t*
TXTANTED?By a rcst^clahle yniine woman, a situalion to
V v cook, wash and iron, or to do general housework. Can
produce written testimonials, or eire reference to vimc very
respectable families in the city, lor character. A young wo?
man stopping at same place wishes a situation to do chamber,
work and a'sist with the washing and ironm-;. Apply nt No.
68 Chnrles-sl,_nllft*
SALESMAN?A young m:in is desirous of retting n situa?
tion ns snlesmnn or general clerk, in n wholesale grocery,
produce or commission house. He h."s an extensive Western
acquaintance, and could mtlnen'-e n lar>-e amount of Western
trade. References will be exchanged; Communications nd
dre-sed to ll.e imdersigneil will meet with prompt attention.
Address " SIDNEY."
nil lit* Cure B. <hormn:i. Tti Mniilen I^i.-ie, cor. Lilien
W'AN'l'KIi?by a young man, n situation m a Wholesale
Cry io-oils or Commi-sion House as dales man or Atsait*
nr.t i.'lerk. which i opacity he occupied four years.?I. now "n
gaged in an Imposing House, but is desirous to get a situation
[where he can h ive n etianea to ndrancel immediriiol? nr..n
the rtpittif Jrisiiarsr: haiaij-i?Ji nc'iuniruaiicu with Southern
Mfc.'chant?. Salary seernvaarv eon?n:cratiun. It*fers to his
pre-.-nt employers A note addressed to this Office will b-s at,
tended to. Address " tVushtnglon." .o24 is
DOARD?Mrs. JANE HAIGHT has removed from No.
IJ 110 Chambers street to No, Si Barclay street, where gen.
lletnen desirotn of obtaining pleasant single room., with lire
places, can lie accommodated with breakfast and ten or lull
lionnl. A lew day boarders will betaken. Mrs. Haighl ims
permission to refer to the follow ing gentlemen?Pro lessor J. H.
Griscnm. M. D-. Hr. It. Hathaway, Harris Wilson, Esij.
BOARD.?A gentleman and wife, also8or4 gentlemen can
be accommodated with board nt 7S Chatham sr. None
but those who can give the best of reference med apply.
n9 lwis*_
BOARD.?A gentleman and wife, also a few sinele ecn
Hetr.on can !?* acmnodeUd in .n ucr.-eablo latntly nt iis
Leonard ?tr^e . otmosii" the l^arton house ?17 i.tf.-.
No. 62 Prince^trect, south-easl corner of Broadway, in?
forms citizens and stranger* that he continues the practice of
his profession, and ii.wii in possession of the most valuable
improvement ? in die Dental Art. l^uhts or gentlemen in want
of useful Artificial Teeth, or the services of n ?kiliiil and deli?
cate operator upon the Teeth and Gums, would do well to cull.
1 eetli extracted for the poor gratis, from 8 to y A. M.
.\. B. A vacancy for one Student. To a young lunn of
genteel nddre-, w.-hing to Ici.rn n Incmtive profession, this is
a rare opportunity. For terms apply at the utDce from 10 to
12. or 2 to 4._n!2 lwis*
OSTRICH FE ATI IERJJ?<S? lbs] South American, just
received ami lor sale by
nl2 3t? B. N. DI9BR0W, 88 Water st.
SATINETS?60 cases, con tamiu/r a great variety of styles
and prices, r.red em! f-r sale by
ni2 2t 47 Exchange Place.
1%/f AttKINTOSUES?Another lol of th.ise elegant, new
i?i style waterproof Coati ami t.'npes without a vestige of
smell?altogether the neatest, l ghtest and liest article ever of
lercd by us?wholesale nm! mrail by
nlj HORACE U. DAY, S3 Maiden Lane.
C1ASfSlMERE3-Piere Dyed arid Wool Block. Oxford and
/ Steel Mixed, and u variety of new patterns, fancy striped
L'ass!meres, j i-i received ? ?> i lorsale by
till III 47 Excliiiugc Piace.
DPER LX1 il A MANDARIN SATINS, e.tra l.c?vy, ree'd
und foi sale by
n!2 It _ 63 William st. cur Cedar.
? U ITHS - Black, Blue and I ?live i Joths, a variety of styles
\_/ ami price-, received and l?r ?nie fiy
nl2 3t_47 Exchange Place.
rT?TrYNTV|.T"lii:BBER MANI'I'.MTl'llKRS.?Val a! e
I Patent-Righrs, i ir various articles and processes, connect?
ed ? th ihe India Rubber business, including the su.spein!er
roods, for sale on fitvorahle terms, by
tJ23w_ _HORACE H. DAY, a Maiden Lane.
'"jjvWEEH CASSIMERES-A few ctue-, Plaid andSinped
I Tweed-, ii very heavy article, recc. vi d nnd for sn e by
nl2 3t si. E.vchunce Place.
' I "WILLED SPITALi'lEl.M HD'K'S, Superior "quality".
J. at verr low prices, recened nn.l lor
p12 It 1>J \\ i'linn ?:. cor i >:i,r.
IN EPS?A few case. Tut sale . j
nl2 oi 47 Exchange Place.
DRAB, Pink, Blue and VVhi e S.ik Velvets, -jpe.-ior rjuali.
rty receiveil and fiirsole I .
n!2 It SJ *^ I'Jiam, cor Ceilar.
XFORU MINED PLAID SATINET, just received and
_ lorsale by_ mil) E. C. STANToN. 4J Beaver-st
PLMD LINSEYS?A line art.cle.just rcie.ve.i ami f.rsale
' ?11 by f.. C. STANTCN,4? Benv
SILVER PI ATED WARE of the foflowngdescription at
less jinces thnn etui L-e purchased at any it.her store in the
City: i 'ake Boskets. Candlestick', Ca.-t,.r>. Wa ters.Brauches.
Candelobras, ic. alio a new and elegant aasortinent of Limp,
and Giranomes. ''all on Stoatenbrirgh,\G rtlton st, between
Broadway and Nassau st. before you buy. nil
RAB SATINETS, various shrules, suitable for Carriage
Linings, j ust received and for ?nie hy
nil E. C. STANTON, 10 Beaver-st.
V. P.NORWEGIAN BAR DlON-lCOtons SrJtf, for
sale by Jt IS. TUCKERMAN, t?? VVetUt, nl21wn
TEFL IRON'.?it)Tons Datmamord fursolebv
' nl2 lwis Ji >S. Tl'< 'KERM AN. '? Westat,
tit.' 1? is 'S. Tl CKERMAN. a- West-i
1EWCNG SILK?A line article, for sale by
) nil B. i . >TAN'TON.*Beavar-st.
HI Kfs. r. , V.ti .s, A;-.Fa. se.?Ne?t styles Siik
a:-.: Satin ?"nvr.ts erd r-'can"s. wer a tew i iices i-ipeno:
auality cr.ra sizj P.iciet H UK-j-.n rcc-ived at 2-1 Broad
w,7 IV. T. JENNLsGS fc Ca ?-sa Mfr
A" "XLE IRON~foT"l,->c'?motive? t no. for C elsuvj Freight
C \RS?of bi?st qua! tv, nianumcture,: r< 'ne Ulster In a
Works! Apply to JOS. Tl CKERMAN. 09 West-sU ntttstl
PLAID BLACK SATINJCTS.-5,.i^ri?;-ouajjty, lust re
ceived and lor sale by L. (.. si AN i ?
?jl_tu P^avcr St.
Xatioiia! ITliniatiire Gallery,
247 Eroadway, N. Y.
JI'T received and now bei'ig opened at Gnicn's New Store
aTarre and beautiful os-..rtment of English Brussels, Three
Ply Imiierial. Double Sutir, Superr.ne or.d fine Ingram and
Vertfrian < 'nn^tin-, or paitems atnl cjlors entirehr new.?
Engbsh an?] a.ir.er.caiiO.11 llotlss, ol a great vanety of patterns
and various widths, from 2 .'cet to 24 leet without a seam.?Al?
so, n splendid article of Persia Velvet Druggets, two yards
wide, entirely new patterns and very nch cmors. wirh every va?
riety of English Ihturrels of the-O^asJ wuiths, tojtein?-with
Rugs of every style. 1 kn.r Mots, VV mdow >haues, ISAir Rods,
ate. Purchasers are rerpectluily invited to.call.
u u._ *.? experienced usiliohterer will attend to Use mak
ini of Carpets and the laying ol Od Cloth at.Uie sbofts^tsotSCSS.
o3ji No. 61 East Broadway, anil 7i IJivisuaVk.
Price.12. . rent!.
?.rr^bl,^e<1 horning.
Bv Karrt Hazpl.
Price.... 12rent'.
KJ-lpunlry Aeejiu Mipi.lml with the m-rr publicatiora in
r.lvur.ce by U M. H. GRAHAM. Tribune Office.
. ? , , , 160 Na-sau street
AU orders narked and sent bv the remnt rrortts. nU 2t
2-- Br?l lira . e.er \ .
ONEOTA: or the Red Race :-.f A mer-ra : their Hutorr.
Trad t o.-... Custom.. Poetry, Picture.Wrrting, Arc flea
Notes, Journal?, an I olfvr iiiipnbl-sbed writings, br Henry
K. Scho-.r-nri. aniiior at " TraveU to the sourer, of the Miv
sesappi, " " Algsc R^?e-irrhe?." sec iic. Pnce 2i cent*.
" .No man in the country probably is >o w>dl fitted tu Mr.
Schonlc.-aft to conduct inch a work." [Evening Post.
" The present number contains much curious ami valuable
.nf..rrr;nt;on." [Tnbune.
It contains rates, trnd ticrt?. observances and remarkable
monuments existing among the Indians." [N. Y. Amer.
" The system of Indtnn hieroglvphics alone aboumls m cu.
noiN imitter. which w-JI surpnze and gratifv thejnmbc."
n'2 2tis_ tN. Y. Observer.
Now . the time "> prepare for the lone
Well, the way to do it i? to call at
and supply yourselves with such b.wks as you want for in.
struction or amusement, at almost your own prices. Many
are sold at one half the regular price, also every variety of
publications bound st equally low prices.
it s well to buy r>ii ,p, lor tliej may not always last as good
ns at preseot, and then you will wish you Hail bought your
bock? and stationery where they are sold the cheapest, and
thai is at SUEPARDS, 191 Broadway.
n!2 opposite John street.
it- Discovery and Settlement t > the present I me, with
mi?ny Itiiiortnrit and Interesting Matters, including Notices of
nnmeroii" Individuals and Families : also, a particular arcoun'
of the different Churches and Ministers.
Second Edition, Revised and greatly enlarged.
A few Copes remaining on hand, wh-ch will lie told at a re
duced price by H. A: S. P.AYNOK. 76 Bowery . nl2
A splendid PRESEN P.
With tune ?plendid quarto Steel Portraits of Living Cliamc
102 Nassan-strect. New.York, will publish THIS DAY,
The above elegant new Annual. The literary contents of
this work are of the choicest kind from pens of the most popu?
l?r American writers. The book is very neatly printed, mi th<?
finest hot pressed paper, made expressly for t ; and is covered
with Turkey morocco paper.
Th? cheapest and most beautiful Annual ever published. For
sale as above, by the publisher, w knlesale and retail, and at
all the cheap Periodical Stores in the city. nl22t' "
THE subscriber wishes to inform the public in general, if
thev have any of-these works on hand, he is prepared to
finish them for any who may favor him with their custom.
Just published and elegantly bound in gilt.
For 1845-ln Turkey Morocco.Gilt.
For sale by ABRAHAM MAZE, 237 Bleeckerst.
Bishop Leiehton's Complete Works, just published
Butler's. Howe's, Bunyan's. Mathew Henry's, Hervcy V
with Bi'hop Berkley's, complete.
Mcllvaneon Oxford Divinity.
Sorrel's Hora? Sobtarre, or Essays on the Names and Titles
of Chn>t. . ; , ?
Clark's Gospel Harmonies, with Notes.
(Jill's Body of Divinity.
Horn's Introduction to the Scriptures, in tour lols.
Cruden's, Butte'worth's mid Brown's Concordance of the
Bible: do. in best Turkey Morocco, guledge.
Rev. Rowlnnd Hill's Private Devotion.
D'Aubigne's History ol the Reformation?All for sale at the
old established Bookstore. 237 Bleccker-si. nl2
A full and nc.-urute description of the City of New York
bound in uiiishn and gilt.
In this publication, (among more than an bundled olli
jeels interesting to the citizen and stranger,) the following aie
particularly noticed.
Churches, Custom House. Insurance Co's. Banks.
Public Squares Colleges, Fire Departm't St'mb'tLines
Hotels, Schools, Consuls, Packet Lines
Courts, Streets, Prisons, Rail Roads.
C.ij Hall, rsocteile", ferric*. Libraries,
Bank Directors, Crot..n Water Works, Clergymen, Police
Officers, together with n great variety of other useful and in?
teresting matter. The whole is accompanied with a beautiful,
ly engraved
an Almanac for 1?15, (with a memoranda space for every day
in the year), illustrated with
{Xy The above volume is in a pocket form, neatly bound
in cloth and gill, for TWENTY.FIVE CENTS only and is?
sued from the office of the dry Directory, 156 Broadway.
nll3tis* J. DOGGETT, Publisher.
D. APPLETON 4c CO., respectfully inform the Trade thnt
they have received (per Hiberma) the following English An
nimls fi r the ensuios year :
Heath's Book or IsSai-ty. blue silk.
Heath's Ki:epsake, cnrneonsilk.
A< Herman's FoROSr.Hl.iSnT, morocco, gill.
Thev will receive by the next 'tenmcr. CaTTCXUIOIJc's Hl?.
ToaicAt Akjtoal. This work is intended to supply the plnee
of Heath's Picturesque Annual."
D. A. it CO. have just uuhlisneil?
The Keep.s.ke kor J84 >. with 10 elegant plates richly b'd.
Till Rose yon 1W?, with 10 .teel [dates, elegantly bound.
Nearly Ready?Nati're's Hem s or American Wild
Flowers in their NaiMe Haunts. By Emma C. Embury.
Willi a) exquisilely colored plates. 1vol. (to, nrhly Ijound.
Mrs. Heman's Works. Ilm'stratrp. The Complete
Poetical Works of MRS. tIE.MANS, reprinted (Vom the last
English edition, edited by her sister; illustrated by 10 beautiful
-?eel engravings ?. 8 vol.. itjmo.
Of this highly accomplished poetess, it has been truly said,
that of all her sex. " few have written so much or and well.
Although her writings possess an energy equal to tbeirhigh
toned beauty, yet are they SO pure and so refined that nut a lino
of them could feeling spare or delicacy blot from lier pages.
11. APPLETON, it CO., ax) Broailway.
.*. The early orners ..f the Trade solicited for the alKive
Christian and New Year'. Gift Books. nil 2ti?
PRf >f TOR'S HISTORY OF ITALY?A New end imprn.ed
ediuon. 1 large volume. 8*0.$2 OU
This history has betn greatly esteemeil m its larger
form, and is the only complete History nl Italy in the Ian
gUhge. It combines ali that is subuible i i S.siuoudl's his
tory and the latest authoriiies on the subject,
Tytler's Elements of History, Ancient nnd Modem, with
continuation to the present time. I lai.;e vol. (jvo_1 75
A very cheap and neat edition of the b'st treaUse
an [Jniversal History ret published.
Strickland's lluftoiy of tieeens of England. 7 volume?.
Portrn ts.22 00
Walter's History of England, on Christian Principles. 7
thick VOM.10 00
.N'iebuhr's Hi.t-.ry ? i Koine, vol. A and 0. 7 CO
Lamg's History Sea K i'l" ofNorwajr. Svoht...II CO
Malte Brun nnd Balbi's System of Gengrapby. .7 SO
Blanc's History of Last Ten Year..4 00
Schlosser's lli?tory of the 16th Century. 3 vols. H 00
Uo wi it's Hwtory of Sweden. 2 vols . li'fl
Comer's Pictonnl History ol Churn. b 00
Blair'. Chronology, new edition, improveil. 10 00
St. John's History of the Ancient Creeks. 7 00
ViirilantittS and his Times, by Gilly.1 00
Imported and for isle by
nil WILEY it PUTNAM. 161 Broadway.
Haydon's Ix-ctur^s on Painting and Design, 9vo. $3,73.
ITfmmben Cyclopedia of Fnghsh Literature, 2 vols. i6,00.
Bltur's Chronology enlarged by lir H Bibs, large 8vo. *10.
Ansteads' Oeotuey, Descriptive and Practical. 2 vol.. $12.
Mantelb' Medals of Creation, 2 vol.. 12.no. plates $6,50.
Southey's Life of Dr. Belli, 3 vols, 6vu, ?13
Dories Cycle of Prac. Husbandry and RnralAnails,l vol,S4
Stephens' ik'ok of the Fami, 3 vols, plates ?27
Tytier'. History of Scotland, 0 vols, evo $17
Mrs.London's Ornamental Perennials,3 vol. Ivo 96 plaie?ii3
Schlosser'- History of fie l?h century, 3 vols Svu $11
Pnclmrd's Physical History of Mankind, vol i colr'd pitsfS
Archdeacon Mannings Oxford Cuiversity Sermons 8vo $1,i5
Dr. Jell',' Hampton lecture.. Ml. 1 vol i vo ?3J!5
Bishop Horsclevs' Biblical Cnticisr.i, i vols ?9
Prof Wallace, The Free Ajs of the World, Bvo f3.50
Elliss' Histc-7 of Ixmdon Mis. Society, vol 1 $3^0.
Cnprdegates Morning Exercises, new sort t vol* ovo $14
B'iok ot Revelations, Creek and English, 1 vol 9mo $l,7a
Fownes Manual of Chemistry, 1 vol 12mo cuts $3,75
APPIJETTON &Co., Importers, 200 Broadway.
Foreign Books Inported bi order by every steamer, orden
intended for Great Western should be handed in by 12 o'clock.
Sold at the depot.: 0 John street. N. Y. end at the fid
lowing agencies: Fhiltdelphia. A. Bennett, 25 Chcsnut street;
Bait more, J Gould. IU Marku street: Washington. F. Mhai
&C->: Bostf-n. ?. B. Wood, 13a Washington xtreet; Alba
ay. Mulford et Wendall. -? ?
In consequence ol the increa;ed demand for our celebrated
Carcel I^uiips tor this and other markeu.' and the difficulty
we have am with in ?riitainuie styles suited w the various
ta..tes ol our patrons, we have kMied it necesuiry tii send an
ligeot io Pans expressly to superintend the mmulacton* ol
tbem: w. are. therefore, enable to offer to the public thm sea?
son, mudetsol every variity known?suited to all tastes. We
have taken great pains to hive til the lamps imwised bv as
this ?^d* n made pertect. and is ail respects tree from objec?
tions. Any lamp sold by us that is in any way imperfect, oi
doss not give rntire satisfaction, may be retnrned.
The lidliiwmc comorne t?nne of our rwrent 'tnportations:
CARCEL LAWPti of oxer txeo hundred model*.
in Or Mou:c. V*rnU Anglais. Brome Antique, tie.; amongst
which v. ill be lound some exomsite Onamecta! Lamps, style
Uen^issnnc?, Fgyouan, fSothique. Va-e Lamps, of porcelain.
Axe. ttr. sunabe for parlors, boudoirs.4tc. furnubed in any . f
the various styles ancient or modsm.
Suspemions fur Hallst
Do for Li branes e i! h porcelain shades:
Lustres for Parlnn. for two and tbre lights each;
Brackets?a creat variety;
Globes?medallion, gilt, painted and cut. of nearly 100 ?a
D-esJen Porceh n Shades?a beautiful article in oa<i piece:
Frsnch colo-ed shades, for libraries?a new anicle. wbicb
took the medal al the ' Exposition des Arts' at Paris this
season. _
Paper Shades, of300 varieties?a large assortment, suilabl s
lor lamps of every description.
Together with every other article in the line?all ot which will
be sold al the lowest possible rates. Dealers will be tuinisbsd
npon liberal terms.
We have recently received Drawings of the various styles of
gvsods rnanulacturedf or as. which we sha.l be pleased to ex^
hibit to the uispeciiun ei the public We have else received
drawings of ail the omdcltof Lustres and Bras lor Candies
and Lamps of the pnaeipal manufactories of Paris of the most
magnificent description, wbicb we import to order at Pans
?rue*, aodmg duties and expenses of tralisportauoa.
ti4 2awti A. D1ACON S E- D. elAXTON. Agents. |
T CKRT. st the'NWrmWe, on Wednesday. NnvemPer
Utk. ISM, by the )??? nit Miss Ji KPHINE"DRAMS'>N.
caly y sind a half venr. if are. 03 which occasion she will be
,t~t-o*d by the eminent talents of MADAME OTTO, MAS?
TER SCONCIA and a Full Orchestra.
Overture, from the "Telsetiriiuhle," by Reissiger.
Air Finale, from the opera "Betlr,"?Se cntdele il cor mosw
trn'?by Donizetti. .Madame Otto
Grand Variation? Brilliant*, for the Piano Forte. 00 a taronte
theme from "'CbeTal de Brome," by C. Oerny,
Miss J. Bramss'-n
Fantasia, for the Violin, by J. Artot. t-om "Lucia di Lam
merino...-, until Orchestra .Master Seonoa
. ..^ P VRT
Overture from the ris-rschiitji." be Weber Full Orchestra
Air. from tiie 1 >pen "linn Juan."?Schmile, schmale nur
Masexto, by Momrt?with imbgato Violoncello hy Mr.
Croenevett. .Madam* Otto
Vinat.ous Bnllnntc. for tlie Piano, with tte-rhestra accom?
paniment, by Crerny . . Mia J. R:a-resoo
Duo Br.lliant. for Pn-rxi end Viohn. fron BeVmi'. 0;--ra "Iji
S.imnamS>ula," by Bcuenict and Ite Beta t.
Mi-s Bramsoii and Mast, Sc.mcia
Tickets one dollar each. Ohikireo uisrW B vears of sc?,
half pnee. To Iw had at the principal Music Store>, aud at
the IVKir.m the eveuine <if the perftq-irtaiice. Doors open at
T. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. _till 3t*_
AMERICAN MCSEl'M?Comer of Broadway and Ana
sireet, .
P. T. li.issT?.Proprietor.
F. HrrrHcocK. Manager.
Every leiy and E gThis Week!
Every evening, tit 7 o'clock, and Wssiiiesday and Saturday
afternoons at 3.
The Manager has engaged the Celebrated
the Dancer and Pantomimist. formerly of the Ravel Famdy.
LA PETITE ELISE and LA PETITE MF.E. only four and
six years obi. the most accomplished juvenile IHincen ami
Pautom.mists of the age. They will appear in a laughable
and amusing Comic Ballet, composed expressly for them ; and
also in several admired and favorite dances.
laughing gas
will be administered at each performance, and all its Mirthful
Influences exhibited, tor the first time at this establishment.
The manage' i< happy in being able to anuouuee on en?
gagement w.th the celebrated
who have produced so deep a seuvittoo throughout the country
with their woiidertu! Musical Talents. They will appsrir in
their most admired Songs. Diietts, k.\
M vs AD AIR. tiie Vocalist.
Mr. B. WILLIAMS, the lr..h Comeshnn, fee.
Beautiful engraved Likenesses of O.KEEN VICTORIA,
Prnce Alber. ft:, vn Adelnde, and Ihitchess of Kept.
03T Tickets 2rj cents?eh.ldren linderten rears las, nil
i> BROADWAY, opposite tjse City Hail.?Mr. H. Bes
nf.tr, Mii'iorer.
Admission, ONE SHILLING.
AN INDIAN DWARF I?The smallest woman in the
world. She is most beautifully proportioned t Nature appears
to have exercised all her ingenuity in producing such a iserfect
spe.vmen of symmetry.
SOITHEKN Si'SlIS-rERS'-Thebestbaiidof.MeWisti
in America. Their parodies, (ilees. Choruses, kc, aie ?ung
in a rtyle that cantiot be surpassed by any set of melod-sts m
' Mho'ADAIR, Mr. MURPHY, and Miss JESSELINE will
Mr. HUNTLEY will play "eveml nm upon tlie Aecimleon.
Performance in the Lecture Room to commence at 7 o'clock
precisely. Altcrnoon entertain.neiits on Wednesday and Sat*
unlay at3 o'clock. nil _
AT the solicitation of several gentlemen ol large families
who r.isn to patronize it-the "BATTLE OF BUNK ER
HILL." at Die COLISEUM, -CO Broadway?the greatest me
chiiu.cat Exhibition in the worlJ.?almost .?mrpajse* rtal Itft,
und has been visited by more than StW.UOU persons in Boston
and Philadelphia. Also emml tiiovmg Panorama* of the
Doors open at >4 before 7?commence at 7S u clock.
P. S. Exhibitions with precisely the same effect on Wednes.
days and Saturdays at 3 o cluck, to which schools will be ad.
mitted on liberal terms. oil Im e
hnve enlarged their assortment of Broelm Ac Cashmere
Shawl', Square and Long and are prepared to ?eil tliem at
prices m ?int. BUTTON Ac CO.
_ o7 Sims _ 177 Spring cor Sullivan Jt
PRINTS! PRINTS. J. 0. TAYLOR it CO., Jobbers",
fitf Cedarstreet,New York, Received, yesterday, Senses
of JVVse Styles of shilling Printst very desirable to the city
Trade, be.ng small plaids, and stnpes, with the most beautiful
coloring iintl pntems. _ nl2
having added to their establishment a Hosiery and Glove
department, invite the attention of Ladies and Gentlemen to
their syles and prices. Silk Hose and half Isose of black and
wh.te. cotton do., do. of white, bmwn.mix't, bl'k Ate. Aic, to?
gether with a large assortment of black and colored wonted,
merino, and alpaca hese, some of which are of splendid goal
ily, also cloves of Thibet. Silk. Kid. Ate, of the first quality
lmpurrod. 177 Spring street, Ne deception here.
N. H. R iboons of all styles. o7 3mis
\j TON, it CO. have just opened a large assortment Of
Cloths, !.'a?s:meres, Sntlinets, Gain Plaids, Ptaid luiuig* ice.
Ate. fresh from Auction and the Importen, to be sold at the
lowest p.issiblc prices. 177 Spring street, no deception here.
N. B. Merinos, Alpaccas, Bombuziuei, Affghans, ])e.
Lollies, Flannels. o73mis
LADIES?Your attention is called to the very extensive
stock of New and Rich Fall Guods, just opened,
1 it) ps. rich Silks, from 4s to 16 per yard.
100 ps. very ritslt Cashmeres, from 2s to 8s per raid.
230 ps. newest patterns M. de Lames and Reps front Is cd to
7s per yard.
300 ps. Alpaca Lustres from 9s to Is r^. ynnl.
150 ps. Fiench Merinos, from be to 16i pet yard.
600 i .'nshmereShawli, new designs, from *5 to 8160.
100U Printed Th.Let, wool, broche. wonted.damask and plsul,
Shawb. with rvany oilier ?tyl-s suitable for the season.
Abo, a very hirge'lock of Blankets and FlanrteU, with
every variety of goods wanting fur the lall and winter
I jidies by calling and examining our stock of floods, will find
it uiisnipassed in Uns ?rany other city, either in guality, rich?
ness or cheapness.
11 hie price aiked and no davlafun.)
oZfis_BAMKgg fcTOWLR 711'atharina-a.
fancy silk GOODS,
Newest Stylen.
No. V?) Pearl and t*J Reaver streets. New.York,
Would respectfully announce that they ore opening .a laue
and newly selected Htock of
all of which are oi'tho latest Fat styles, comprising a f?ll as
lortnien'. of
consisting in pert of rich Cashmere D'Ecosst, rieh printed
Muslin de I aloes, f 'rape De 1 .aInes of new and elegant styles,
rich plain Camelion and i?tin stripe Repealers, it new and fa?
shionable article; Camelion, Brocade, and Broche-striped
Silks, black and colored Alpaccas. figured and plain.
Broche and Cashmere Shawls, now patterns: Camelion and
Brocade figured Silk Shawl.; Damask Woolen Straddle and
rich Uatnusk Alupnrcha: Marino, Thibet, and Muslin de
Leine, in great variety,
A full assortment of Botrnet and Cap Ribbons, of the riebest
Paris ?tyles.
Figured Cap Laces. Trimming I .aces and Lace Edgluge.
Thread. Lisle. Plaited and Brussels Edghigs. Ate.
Consisting of Kid. Hilk, Coihrnere. in great variety, together
with a large assortment of Fancy Mills.
Also e lull assortment ..fParis Cords, Gimps and I'riages,
together with every article usually to be found in a Fancy
Stock, which they are prepared to offer or. as favorable terms
us any other estnhlishmenL s6 iltllecl 7m*
senber wishes tcmake known to the public, that much o!
the biscuit and cruckers *luch are soldi n this city by theuUivs
name., are entirely different Irom the Soda BtaeUIT and 8c
aiK CoACIBVa made nt hu Bakery ; whtch have been used
by iavalids, p irtietilasly tlsnse who suffei fr.,m indigestion
for inorethar ?/enty yean, with Die liest results; while the
imiuition, winch can be made for a less p.ice, though perhnpi
gitod for a person in health, are wholly unfit fir the Sek. Ti c
above BuetrtT and ('k *ca s k ?'. a's'i linns BUODIT, WlNB
BtscDiT, Bcrrxk CjUCKgas, Water Crackerb, Pi on
and N.-.vr BkEAD.nl. of the tint >iuality, are constact f foi
sale oi the vvil'-knowu eitablishmenl, 275 Wrj-hlntliin street
corner 61 Warren street. EPH RA IM TRBADWEl L.
jjr!6istl ?m?
t-M HOI'SE WANTED?To lure, a modem 2or 3story
s|*?* house South of Eoiirtecntli.stree?, eitlier west or ea?t of
JK9L Broad way, for which a tair rent will be puid. Ad.
dre-s J. B. D. at this ollice. 1.12 lw
? . x< l LET?With hoard, u> a geutleman and Ins wile
stn who will 1'uriirs.Ii or partly furnish for themselves, a de
JfcSl si.-nble front Rmmi, Bedroom and Pantry, supplied
wilhCroton Water and Bathing Room adjoining. Respecta?
ble references given aud reijuired. Apply at 81 Chambers st.
i? Iwrs*_
ar-'lOKK AMnTiWELLING HOl/rsfc. puR SALE
?A larg* cemmisfious Store, convenient Dwelling
House, and a lew building low. for sale at a low pRli.e.
(considering its vniue and adaptation to business,! located m the
centre ol a remarkably flouruhing v.liege on the Hudson River
The st ire is one in which a brgr busine'? is now done, princi?
pally for Oish, and ii still on tlie increase, but on account of ill
hen'th thp owner wshet to ctisptme of it, 'I he >tore is built in
modern srt lc ai'd cn.idcred one ofth< best for thepHrpneem ihe
Stale, ami hn< a first rufe cUsi of eusromen. I lie tlwelling.
out-hojSrts. Ate. arenbu in prme order; the concern U believeil
to possess advantage* which to the bunineis man are rarely
equaled. Tult indiM.utable. Apply to _. . .
<J3 lmise IH Oilnr^trwir, New-York.
Huur changed on and after .Mon-'ay. the IDA of November.
B FARE REDUCED!-For Ootonville.
'Smg Sing, Torrytuwn, Irving, Lpoerand
__aLower D.fcbt' Ferry, Hasting, and ? natters.
_I st,t*ta:il.al steamboat WASHINGTON IR?
VING, Caplam HlRAsf TtTTBILL, willleavetliefoot ofCham
heis-.treet tor the ateive places, every altemoon, at 2 o'clock,
landing at the UyA of Hammond-street. Returning, will leave
Crotonville e.t 7;4. and Sing Sing at 8 o'clock, A. M.
For pns?af-e DI fre.eht, apply on board, or to Stepliesi B.
Tompkins. 1.2 Wc.t-su_s3?anU
-r- FOR LOKDON?Pacmtt or Deccm eer 1st -The
J?*. new packet ship PRINCE ALBERT, uur-hen 1?J?J?J
gjjg tons, W. S. Sebor. master, will sail as above, her
resralar day. _
Her cabins arc spacioii i e.nd elegantly fumishcd, and afford
every r.ecommodation conducive to the comfort of passenger..
Kor freight or passage apply to tiie Captain on board, at llis
dock foot of Maiden lane, or to
CR1NNELL. MINTURN 4t CO. 78 South ?I.
Ti* packet ship s'P. JAMES. F. R, Myers, master, will
succeed the Prince Albert and sail January Lt. her regular
EuR LIVERPOOL?Pa' kkt or Decembr 6th.?
jS&s,. The new ship JOHN B, SKIDDY, WUham Skuidy.
master, will rail as above, her regular Thu ill p
a iWJ uir.s register and is Cmibed in superior style with aeeem
HKidat'on-' for parsengen unsurpassed for elegance or comfort.
Kor freight or passage, apply to the Captain oo board, at
mer S Norrh River, or to
The packet snip ASH BURTON, H. Hutlie-vm. rmuie:. Jffl
succeeil the John R. Sfciddy, and .ail January fth. lier regidar
r-mp MI
her regular
second cabir
PASSAGE FOR." ^E\\-(^l^^^^^^^0yf
?.first Packet or passage Iree and only r?tilar I a'.et o
s.t Packet or pas.cge Iree and on'r,?,p.,\~,
e 16th November.-Tlve splendid fast
S1SSIPPI. Capt, Wss& ^*JS^&\t^ttmV
it day. The accommodations of thft th.p iWest?
bin and steerage pR??enf en are sery superior, and
person. abe?t1tn^gSo^ l^ ^L sVw
ib,;? of this line, sailing punctually as ad^ertised To se. lire
berths early appiicaliou should^ bads ^^^A^^v,
street,orto s^ulfi simat c'-r- Maiden Lane.
The Packet Ship Mm.ippi.^ul
soils on tiie 21st Novernbar. i>et tegular uay. use
BY BANCS. RICHARDS fe r^TX.-Sto? 2* Brosd
way.?LiVrai cash ndvarsrements mane on consign merta
for .fjft iir sa!#*.
AtWC >> clock.
B Bellen Stock?A large vsnetr or Miscellaneous and
Be* I'........ Stationery. i.e. U-mg the stock oS a bookseler.
ret nn* from business. ? ?. _ ,
?T R. K. It r. Mere renKrved to No. 3A I In ?vi war. * few
doors shore their former place.
BY?NSELElTWARI^-sSuvre .No. 3 Park Row. coposHs
the Asfoc Hwrse.
THIS EVENLNG. at 7 o'elock. at the auction room.
Books?A large ?nd r-\:smite m'w:, r ?| jnrxUni ?oo mw
rell?n*Misbis>ks,euro.-stmK misartoi Riirke's Works,0.?; Mod.
em BntsA Essayist*. |rT?*; AJ.Ir-vTs Werks. S v; RancrnA'*
Cinwst State?. 3 r; Robertson". Works. 3 .; Classical Library.
7 . SfMltsnewre, 1 >; lr. k'? IV efts, | v; J.Ansoii'? Work*.
2 rj Rcam-ell-s Lift of Jc4aawa.9 r. tr.
Ah\? a large assortment of tlsihrap and letter paper. wti?T
quill*, tad pencil*. stsel pern. seeding *m, Man I hooks, mem
isranduir. hooks, Au".
A complete asxortmer.t ot ?evoi, standard, law, raal ftl and
miscellaneous books, blank Iwoks. papers, stationery, ?ke. Ac.
wlnci. wiii be mid very hiw for cash. n5'f
F. COLTON. Auctioneer.
FCtiLTON & CO. AecUnn and Cummrssipo Werth*???
. No. 113 Fulton-street v>i 34 AnrustrerC?Liberal adrao.
made on consignments, and prvwnot return* made._
C. S. FISK. AusrOooecr.
BY C. S. FTSK-Store Na & Canal-street, 'NeUooal Hell.)
Superior Mahogany andqj-ef: mahogany and maple bed
steads. ofdirTerriit styles; ISo mahogany clock case*; second
hand ingrain carpets, 3 ply: bsir and iimm* mattresses; ipleadsi
rosewtssf pier table: piano fortes: ladies' English double Vmii.
Vahle, birder*. Florence, and Adebuoe Ii i'-, oftupertur quel
ity; brass tenders; >:no?.e cooienser. f..r srwee-r's use.
Importers of CloUis, Cesstmeres, \ ?tc.ag-1
Femey Dreis? Articles, dL.Cs
SJ1 Broadtcay, American Hotel, opposite
tie Fountain,
Podest attention from Citizens ami Stmagars recUiringfGar
meats to a large as*nrtm-?nt of new C.?<ds for Fall sad Winten
wear .selected with a v-ewofisjnderinsr their stock ?1 rich ioqual.
ity and variety as can bo foand m tbecitv, enmprstin? Beisveg
sod Milled < 'loths. TSressla. Tut l H-ercostt. I'losvks,tXc?
Frcncn and English I'kvici tor dress and frock i ?.?1?,? a noes
new styk-s tSwfimere*. Kith Velvet, Merino. Silk sod Sau?
V ?ringt, which will he made up to order at prices to sustain oni
reputation 1? the riooeer* in the progressive reformation that is
averting the CSBSS at' complsn.l that OA?h purchasers are taxed
tot others' delinquencies lite style and finish of our Gtrruecti
will compare with those of nay other establishment, and in this
i? the tecuel ol'the extsniive patronage elicited.
A lsrgea?ortmeolof First Ui sLin Ready mads Gar
men?. compruine Overcoats. Cioats, Dress and Frock Coats,
rantaktnns. Vesti, Sec. ronmanily on hand, with a full supply
of Fancy Drees aruclte. iaciuding Scarfs, Crsvals, Udkfs,
Gloves. Suspenders, Dressirg Robes, i.e. 06 tfts
Mew-Yarfe. ctsh T?ilortM?r KstikbllslkmsaS
Three door* kelov the franklin House.
stTt* The Subscnliers respectfully announce that they bav
made etlsnsivo arrjjigeiuenti for the
which willonable them U> oiler greater inducernoaU than ?
to gentlemen wishing to ettonomiss iu the parchase of th
Fall and Winter Garmenli.
They have already received by late arrivals ? fleet variety
of now and rich styles of Goods, wall adapted totheoominc
??uson?and will alto receive by th* next packets and steamer
Uie largestaml best assortment ot the latest and most beeutifn
style* of fancy French iclaidie I'aaimercs, rich figured Velvets.
Cashmeres, Sana and Silk Vesting*, ever before offered: in this
Abo. lost received, several Invoice* of Twilled and Res vet
Cloths for Over Coats, Cloaks. fW.i. SM.; Black and fancy
colored French and EncS'sh Cloths from the most celebsatcd
manufacturers, being the ?SSM styles rut in their oitablishsiMrit
lot the last five years, a<id which fur durability, beauty of tin.
ish and fastness of Colors, eannot be excolleil, if equalled, bt
any ttjles off-loths imported to the I'nited States.
Their'toek of Fancr Dross Arbeln'will comprise in part, the
richest styles of fall and ??'1; t'tavats, Besifs, Susitendore.
Gloves, Handkerchiefs. Dosier), Dndcr Shirts and Drawers,
lmun and muslin Shuts, Codais, buionn. Shoulder Bnn-as,
Ruling and Monor Belts, Umbrellas and CmhrellaCane?. &c
&c. with every vurety oi gjisli usus!!? kept in a genllsman's
genera I outlining establishment.
Also, a toll assortment ol ready niado Clothing, consisting ol
Cloaks, Over Coats, Drees uiid Frock Coats, Pantaloons and
Vests of evory variety, where geotlsmea requiring gannsnls lot
immediate use cap depend upon ge'tiag a lint rate article,
made and trimmed in ?ry respurt snjual to those furnished to
order, and at prices that ?annot foil to please. Strict puncto,
alitv observed in filling orders.
frsr* Terms cash, and au deviation In prices.
?39 ist! J. C. BOOTH tt CO.
Men's, Boys', and Children's Clothing.
Nu. HO Cltatnam-st.,
of all descriptions, made in the moht pahhiomxbuc stvlb.
to which he w....:.! respectfully invito the altanUon of ibose
in want. A? he has made a'rnnseinent? to receive
by every packet, and has ?ccur?il the serv ces of exp'erteneed
Cutlers, ha pledges himself to give perfect (aturfarAton to all
who may porohaso.
JY. B ?Oarmmts mi.h tn order at the shortest Statics.
and leitk strict punctuality- jed rstt
OVER-COATS AND CI/)AKS?Oeciicmen in immedieie
want ol a cheap and InJluonuble '. iver Garment, will f '
a large assorunenl nl New Ymk f jnh Tailoring 1 rlablisfi
uunt and Ganltemcns genenvl iurniihs'nj Bton. 167 Broadway,
three doois bolow the Fiunkhn llntisn.
sWistl <;. J. BOOTH SC CO.
RF.AD the fnllowina inlornsiinc ease and remaraablo cere
of Pilss : Mr. J. lloumoji. ri dMSBSJSJSSMd srchilswt rs.
filling in Broadway, hai been nillicted with th? Pilo? for four?
teen years. He coiisuiind ma nhoiit three months sinee ; his
breath was fool, appetite bod, liver torpid, occasional palpita?
tions, countenance pule and languid, cumplmns of pains over
tna kidnoys. great irritation, tension and weight in the lower
section of the bowels, attended with pile tumors so much in?
flamed at times as to produce intense suffering, at other times
relieving themselves by a profuse discharge or blood Inducing
great debility ; the muieles of the back from the long coctinu
ed irritation had in somo dagiee lost their power, producing
lumbago.and it was w.th much difficulty that he could walk;
his step was foeble and infirm, had expended ?iure than five
hundred dollar* in fourteen year* lor this '?o!i,t<l.in,t. and had
obtained only temporary relief; is now entirely cured, bavins
taken only temporary rebel; is now entirely cured, Bavins;
taken only thres boxes of my Pilb ELtCTrsaT: has traveled
more than two thousand miles since, and feels no return of the
complaint. is as well and active now as he was thirty ysara
ago, and attribute* it all to ihat inestimable remedy. Dr. UP
HaSI'S PILE EIJ-'CTCARY. Reader.this is only one of a
thousand similar eases cured by the same means. The Pile
Electuary, an internal remedy, is sold by the Proprietor at bis
oAeeKM Bowery, four doors above Spring street. Advice
gratis. Remember IHei Bowery. Agents. J. E. Warner ek Co.
[Jtiea ; T. B. Filch & Syracuse: U B. Hwan, Hoc bester 1
Col man St C-o. Bnflalf.. slt3inislm*
way, comer of Walker rt?o?t. 1? constantly makins
additions to hi* V rd Watehes, Jowslry, Silver
_Ware and Fancy Goods. I? G. d. bivanahly buys
lorrssu. thereby gf-tting goisln al tlm lowest ratos, heoee he
isenahled. by keeping 10 view the principle ofqutek sales and
moderate returns to p easn hi? customers, botn in regard to
quality and price.
All kinds of Jewelry made to order. Watches and Jowslry
carefully repaired. Old Watches, Cold and Silver taken in
eschange or bought for cash. H. C. STONE,
sli 3mi? _ 401 H roadway, corner Walket stress,
WA'PCH I-i*?'I ae larewt soil nisi splendid as?
sortment ot "rV-ilches in ine city ? to be found tithe
_: lubsicrdier's. lie is conttaetly o-ceivinj all desrrrp
Stions of Gold nnd S.Iyer Watches, of the newest
.... Irom the maniif?ct urerftn Fnglnnd Fninceand Swrt
zerland and is enabled tn offer a larger assortment, and at much
.et. or ???-! at retail, than any other house -n the city. Goal
Walrhes as lowasSJOto St!? each. Walehei and Jewelry
?xebangod or bought. Allwelrhe? warranted tn keep good
time or the money rntumed. ? Waicbes, '/'locks and Jewelry
repaired in the best manner, and warranted, lower than at any
otiisr place to the city. ..... .. ._
0. <;. * U.EN. ImtHrrWrof Watches and Jewelry
, ?(5 istf wIuiIasiiLs and totad. 30 Wall ?t. opste
44 Meschanli' Eicharge.eorner of Wall and Wdliara
' streets. Ieatranc* first door in William) hav* receivad
_in addition to their previous stock an assortment of
.. ate lie* not equalled in the city?sv>nsisting*7!f Chronometer.
Doplsx and Lever Watches, both for ladies and gontfemefi.
Merckaau from the rkmth as well as the city trade, will find
(when quality rs enruixiredi prices low.
A general assoitm?ait ol Js?e!r7 ol the best qaehty.
fcHerling suvsr ware at manuthciursr's prices.
All kindt of Watches r-na...)-. ?joai to tha orhrlaaJ. Mssl
?Wk .?nle.il b? ? fi?rl ?t. .nrlwn_jfijS
American masufaeture. ia
dueing ease to to th* weary
eye and strength to the
weak. .Numerous 1 munials of their superior merit wdl
be shewn, among which are tfyeeof I)r. Lardner and other
noted scisnkfic gentlemen: But nie pii^he are invited to jodge
for tbemsehre?.- Ihf feilt cases ot* deficient vision sotiextta.
N. B. Every other rlescriutioo of Spectacle* at less than coo
ason pnese ?19 isAjsssodtf -
si'tlVE fir Wood or r..El.
l"r>? proptH'ior 1? i/.rrlidet.l
?hat this Btnse r"??<??*" tri.
vsn'ages ovc all, o?ner?.?
Tliose 10 wani ot' a goofl
Steve are tn- ited ..- examine
?hi? l*fore pu/c.^teng else
?here S<.!d wltolescle and
At tbeOlmr'ssl Stove
PsCory. ill Wster *t
New. Li, 17 ?SD 19 CsJfJLL STRSKT.
O^HIS splendid Establishment :s now open day and evening.
J for the ttctplsm of pu^-ls.
Fencing and Spsmng taught by an experienced and compe?
tent Professor. . ,
GenOmeu are utntesl to cell. uU ;io,

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