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" For ?ie New-Y?rk TWwn?.S"
T*tt San looked down on a ?Ummer bower,
Where, mingled with laughing gleams, was flung
The trembling shadow of many a flower,
And the clustering grapes o'er the arch that hung
Had bered their cheeks to the mellow light,
And won from his glances a deeper hue,
And, under that bower, a maiden bright [blue.
Peered out through the leaves with her eyes of
The floating curls of bar golden bair
Wared light in the shadows that o'er them fell;
Youth's roses and lilies were nestling there,
And happiness breathed in her bosom's sweli,
On her dewy lip there were smiles aaleep,
And her dimpled cheek, and her azare ejo
Were touched with a glow more glad and deep,
As the visions of Memory floated by.
Some burning hope had aroused her soul,
For still as the leaves to the light breeze stirred,
A brighter flash o'er her young cheek stole,
And fluttered her heart like a humming-bird
And then, as they paused, with lips apart,
8hn bent for the sound an eager ear;
And the glow went back to ber burning heart,
When the listened again, and no step came ue&r.
A halo unwonted around her gleamed,
Pure aa if won from the realms above,
And, doubly beautiful, there the seemed,
Nursing h*r visions of early love.
The Sun looked down on the Ocean's breast.
Where the joyous waves were r.!l at play,
And he yielded a gleaui to euch foaming creal,
And trace*! bright hues on the tlashLf spray ;
Ami under those wave?, with his piercing my,
Onward he glanced through the waters deep,
Where, pillowing his head on the sea-Cowers, lay
A youth, on the ocean bed, asleep.
Calm, as a child to reet composed,
On his coid strange couch his form was caat;
But his hnzle eye?, though hsJf unclosed,
On the things of eirth had looked their last.
Life's loveliest linen were lingering there;
But the glow of bis cheek bad passed away,
And, backward washed from hit forehead fair,
Hie chestnut loc);3 on the white sands lay.
Pale were his gentle lips, and mute,
And hushed, for aye, was his heart's warm now;
And the rainbow tinted ocean lute,
Beside him murmured n requiem low.
Down on his silent ocean bed,
Changeless and deep shall bis slumber be?
He was the youth whose coming tread
That maiden was waiting so joyously. H. E. G.
lffO Oil of Vitriol.?A fine boy, three year?
old, son of Mr. Leach, veterinary surgeon, Yongc
street, in this city, met with his death as follow*.
Mr. Leach had been making an embrocation,
sun! was using oil of vitriol. There were none
of the family in the house, and Mrs. Leach was
up Btr.irs dressing;. Mr. L. had only left a mo.
tnent to take the btmlo lie had mixed into the
?hop, when he heard a shriok, and on returning
into the room found the cbdd with his clothes sa?
turated with vitriol; they dropped in pieces when
taken off him. An antidote was immediately
given, and medical aid called in, but of no avail
It appeared he had swallowed n quantity, and
only survived it three hours. An inquest was
held on the body, and u verdict of accidental
death returned. Not tho least blame was nL
Inched to Mr. L. as it appeared ho was using the
aCvjd at the timo, and had not done with it when
the accident oocurrcd. Tho little boy had been
playing in tho yard, and had come in at the oack
door when his father's back wus turned, and had
taken the poison for ginger beer, which they keep
in similar bottles in the shop. Tho occurrence
took place on Saturday, the 31st ultimo, at six
o'clock in the evening, und the child died at
sine. [Toronto Colonist, Sept. 10.
Important Dmixivery.?The attention of tho
iron masters has been attracted to a process of
considerable importance lately introduced into
jtheir manufacture. Tho application ?f eleetrici
ty> to suporcede several of tlie fcxpciisive processes,
has,iiiB stated, been tried in the Welsh nnd Der.
by ah ire* /urnaees, with satisfactory results. It
appears tb?t the costly fuel and labor required for
the purincafutfi of tho ore from sulphur.ond phoe
phorus, and suhtio elements, create its high mar?
ket value, and three being all electro-negativc,
have induced the new process, wheieby the im?
pure stream of metal, after flowing from the blast,
is in its moment ?t" consolidation, subjected to a
powerful voltaic battery, which fo disengages the
impure components that in the process of pud
dting, they are readily extracted. Tlie London
bUcJtsmitns, it is stated, have tested this iron af.
tor a tingle reheating, and pronounce it the best
metal ia the market. By tho same process an
experiment was tried by Dr. Urc, by whom a
?oft rod of iron was he'd in can tuet with a mode
rtt*e red heat, and that gentleman is underetood
to htw ve stated that in a few hours the metal was
o-jtiverved into steel. Should these facts prove
what they secm,they aro calculated to affect most
sssrioas'y thi'd .important branch of our trade.
[Newcastle Advertiser.
A Db,sam?The ir?portanoc of individual
aotion and value of tha nnit constituting large
smuts, is very faithfully anri ?"Joquently illustrated
in tho annexed dream, which, *?? n mcoiing in
Ohio for the promotion of the cr.u.v> of education.
Dr. Beechcr relntodt?Ho said he had a dream,
which like other dreams did net whollj exdJ.ain
itself, and in which some of the natural objects
had the power of speech Ho vv;m travelling
near tno sources of tho Mnnongahtla, und in
peering over a rough country, at every short dis
ianoo he met a little stream which he could step
over; but all of them wore going tlie samo way.
.At hurt he ached one where ho was going.
" Why," replied Uio little ril!, "lam going to
Novr-?ileens. I heard the poople there want a
Ct canal a thousand miles long and fifteen
ired feet wide, sad I am going to help to
make it." " And pray what can you do ?"
** I don't know what 1 can do, but 1 snail be
there." And so naying, he hurried on. He
eamo to another, and asked the same question,
and received the same ens wer. All w; re hurry,
ing on to mako tho ^ratid costil, on which the
steamships of the West, with their heavy burdens,
were to bo tr^juportcd. At tho horids of the
Atogh&ny, the Soioto, and the Mississippi, ho
found thousands rooro of fitful streams, nnd
which, while he yet spoke to them, hurried out
of sight. None knew what ho could do, but all
were determined to do something. He passed
on to the mighty Mississippi, and mere he found
the canal was made ! Tue noble steamships rode
proudly on its surface, and as its waters dimin?
ished, they were again replenished to the brim,
by every mountain spring and every stream
Thus do the httlo nils m ic the stream, the
river, tili the uni'ed waters of tho whole pour on<
their way rejoicing t > the glorious ocean. So is
nun to the mass, and tho mass to tho grand tide
of human affairs. Each httle mortal, weak and
weary though he be, can do something in mak
ing op the mighty stream of human events, as
it tolls to the ocean of eternity.
Tat? Disba.sk in Potatoes.?Some diseased
potatoes have been examined by a Boston chem?
ist, Mr. J. ? Telemacher, who expresses his
opinion through the New-England Farmer, tha'
the disease of the potatoe is a species of fungus,
the application of common salt decomposed this
fungus. Mr. Telemacher recommends that
wherever the disease existed this year, common
salt be liberally spread upon the soil. It will do
so harm, if no good, and the experiment is cer
Xainly worth trying.
Bbsscxlvc Affair?Jam;stown, Tcejday
Monats.??Last night, t'bout half past 11, as
Nathaniel A Lowry was returning from his
store to his hooss, some fiend in human shpc
met him near his dwelling, and stabbed him wi h
a butcher.knife, and then immediately fled .'
The physicians th.ni: Lowry in a dangerous
situation, tic is stabbed in the abdomen.
fF.'edon'a Censor.
JJ3" Some villains blow up tlie Irt n Sale of
Mr. Thomas Ciilpin. Me'ckant of Cincinnati, on
the night of the 6th, by the application ofpowder
int's the key-hole. The Safe wus demolished mid
eouaidue.lv: damage t:one to tho s'rue, but list
villains got no money.
C?uKACTEa of TUE Mississrm?It has been
the fashion with travellers to talk of tho acenery
of the Mississippi as wanting grandeur and beau?
ty M'.ni certainly it has neither. Bat there is
no s-cuery on earth more striding. Tne dreary
and pestilential so?ittides, untrodden, suve by the
foot '>:' the Indian; the absence of ail living oo
ject?, s^.ve the huge alligators which float past
?tpparr ntly asleep, and en occasional vulture, at
tra;tsd by its impure prey on the surface of tlie
water.-.; tho trees, with a lung and kiideoas dra
pery of pendant rnoss, fluttering ia the Tvind; and
the riai.t ri^er, rolling on the vast vo'arac of its
dark cud turbid wate.si through the wlldcrnce??
form t':c features o"one of the most dismal and
impressive l^ndjcapt3 on which the eve of m*n
ever resled. If any one thinks prcper to believe
that such objecto are not in themselves suirljien:,
I teg tn nay that I differ with hirn in p jint of
taste. Kocta and mountains are fine things un?
doubtedly, but they could add nothing of sublimi?
ty to the Mississippi. Pelion might be piled on
Ossa, Alps on Andes, and still to the heart and
perceptions of the spectator, the Mississippi would
be alone. It can brook no rival, and it finds none.
No river in the world drains so large a portion r<f
the world'? surface. It is the traveller of the
earth five thousand miles, more than two thirds
the ciametrr of the globe. The imagination
asVs whence come its waters, and whither tend
they 7 Tuey come from the disiant regions of a
va?t conti.'ient, wher-j the foot of civilized man
ha.- never yet hern planted. They flow into an
ocean yet vaster, the v hole body of which r.c
k??wlecio;rs their influenc3. Through what varie
tics of climate have thfy passed 7 On what
seems ot h>nelv a:;d suhl.me magnificence have
they g ;ti ! 7 ilavo they penetrated
The hoary forests, ?tili the bisonscreen.
Where .??IkeJ the mammoth to hi? shagry lair.
Through paths un<. alleys, roofed wuh ?nrnbre green,
Tb'.:i'i.nd, of yean Pelore tlie silent air
Was pieioed by wbiczing shafU of hunters keen '
la short, when the traveller has asked und an?
swered these question?, and a thousand others, il
will be time enough to consider how far the
scenery of the Mississippi would be improved by
rocks nnd mountains. He may then be led to
doubt whether any great result can be produced
by a combination of objects of discordant char?
acter, however grand in themselves. The imag.
nation is perhaps suscr. ptible but of a single pjwi
erfu! impression at a time. Sublimity is uniform?
ly connected with unity of objects. Beauty may
be produced by Ihe happy adaptation of a multi.
tude of harmonious details ; but the highest sub?
limity of effect can proceed but from one glorious
ar.d paratr.o.int object, which impresses its own
ch'-racter on every bins around. The prevailing
character of ihe Mississippi is that of a solemn
gloom. I .have trodd. n tho patse* of Alp and
Apsnnine, yet never fcit how awful a thing in
Nature, until I was bnrne on its waters through
regions desolate and uninhabited. D.:y alter
tla.-, and night after night, we continued driving
ri'^ht downward to the south ; our vessel, like
some huge demon of the wilderness, bearing fire
in her bjeoru, canopying the 'eternal forest with
the smoke of her nostrils. How looked the
hoary river-god, I know not; nor what thought
the alligators when awakened from their slumber
by a vision so astounding. But the effect on my
spirits was such as I have never experienced be?
fore or since. Conversations Income odious, and
I passed my time in a sort of dreamy contempla
tion. At night I ascended to the highest deck,
and lay lor hours gazing listlessly on the sky.
the 10103t, and the waters, amid silence only bro
i:en by the c'angingof the engine. All this was
very pleasant ; yet, tiil I had reachod New Oi?
lcans, I could scarcely have smiled at the bebt
j'iKc in the wot Id, and as lor raining a ^ugh?i:
would have I'ten quite as ea>.y to quadrate the
Circle. [Hamilton's Msnand Mannt n in America.
Bloodv Astray.?At Shrevcport, on the 23.1
fit., a renconter took place between Wm. B.
White "-id Isaac Jones, both residents of Caddo
parish, i which Jones was killed. It appears
that there had been somo previous difficulty be?
tween them, and Jones had threatened to kill
Whito. On the day mentioned the parties ac.
cidenlally met, when Jones accosted W hite in
an abrupt, and insulting manner, accusing him
of having made certain false charges against
him, at Die same time striking him repeatce'ly
with a blick while sitting ; upon which White
rose from bis seat, in the midst of tho blows,
and drawing a Bowie knife, stahbed Jon,s sev?
eral tim.es, from the effect of which lie died the
following night.
vVhitc surrendered himself to tho proper au?
thorities, who, after an investigation of tne case,
considered it one of self-defence, end discharged
him from custody. [N. O. Picayune.
Kales at tile Stock Kxchange?Nov. IL
?1,000 New-York7s, '3. 108^| 25 shs Canton Co.bai 4*1
5.00U Ohio 'IS. 101V SO do . 4?
16,000 do.b? Wl?3 50 do. 45 V
10.000 do.?90101W M Mohawk Rd.b? f?
6.000 do. Mulm do.h3ti
4.000 do.st?10l llOO Harlem Rd.blO 70
6.UO0 Illinois.slO 88 llOO do. 7?K
6.0W do-.... st? ?'.?-llOO do.brJO 71
50 ?hs Manhattan Bk . . W;' it* do.bl2m 75
50 Futinert'loan....bSO 41 50 Nor 4c Wor fid ... .b3 7S
50 do.41*1100 do. TSs
W do.U0 41 50 do.haTMs
50 do .4>V 50 do.slO 78k
&) fihio Trust.89V 75 do.U30 7t"
185 1 SBk. 7 ? do.?3 78?*
KO Morris Cuna 1. 34 i 25 do.bit) 79 V
?rl> d?. .tSUt, S3 do.030 7$)'-.
!$? EqUltsbls In? Co .... lOb'S. hO do. Tf?,'
5r).\ew.H?v.Can..bl2m Hi |i5? do. ?
00 d-. . 34 1100 Long Uland Rd. 78
a~> llouintomc Rd. 43 wi do.b3 7?1..
W Eue Rd. 33 5U do.s3 7S "
?> da. St* 15 do. 7811
g do.? . tt? 50 Paterson Hd . ft
JO do .bSU 34'4 50Stonington R4,....??) 47
'O do . 34)4;100 do. b3 47
n d>.sis jou do.4-'-,
laO Renan;*_Rd. 02?*! 60 do.is}'*
SSCuMu Co.b?0 46 60 do..,.s3 4t%
50 do. 45.-?;! 50 do.b30 i:\
5J do....tea ?i 2W do.47
100 do.btiO 4t>>?'1 10 East Boston Co ...... Wi
??('C>v boaro.
S3 shs Canton Co.i}>%, S5 shs N?r & Wor. 7SS;
75 do. to j ?00 do.19
25etoinngton Rd.47 SO do. 7i>
M do . 4d? 100 Morris Cscal.S8>,
loOEneRd.btw 35 60 do.....b30 sy
laO Farmers' Trust.41 I
Public Stock Exchangee....Nov. 11.
? 1.000 ill 3pl Bds...ca.h 39 25shs E. Bost, Cu ..cash 10'<
-a shs l armer?' Trutt.b? 41V, 53 do. cash UP
g d.?.-??3 41 ; S5 do. ?3 10?;
SOCantonCo.b3 45x." 50 Enc Rd.cash 33^
5 5".cash 45% 50 do. c-us,
7? do.stw 4ti 10 do cush
SSLongLJand Rd... ?15 78 ? Morris CMaf.'.'.'.cnsh 35
\?. .btwTSS. 25 do.b30K
J.' , 0S3 Nor & Wor.s30 7S
r^o, Jo-.btw 7?-',3UO do.ca.h TS*
6 M^ninitun Rd. 47?, 25 do. btw 79
?a do. <7>. 2s d<.s?O 7S
?-.' ?;0.btw 47?, (4 do.bl?- 7V .
S '?'. >347 Y? oo.cashTSA,
S? ?fe.hlO 4t~, 50 do. 79
2j do.casa<7V .
?IN Texas Tr Nu. 5Cshs Mnr ennui -o
so d^.TT.t^'d-bnwi I ?8??!!::::::::: ^
Correspoadaace of Lis-iryrston 4; Co.
,,_ ?_ Brrr*LO. Xcsr. 8.
,1,,'..,,-T? ^?.tf* ?r,W otem Pmd?"'?' H*? aceumulated hero
S2S?2! ?'Vel dalr'- n:Hl at."? th" **a5 hoVthere
bsea rater activity on tra> canal 75 cents hdmWtStOit^
.Ne?--York. Operations in dour are less exte?.s.ve W
-IMsr^VUrf ^UMy sTbe*^? alle
tSSlttSf^' C"W' fri"li KlE^:o?. with coals, bound to
B<?t!;nC:iDS00, Cfl<W' T^'W. with wheat, bound to
???:- 0>boni'3da" ^ ?ettr. to
Ship. Wellin-ton. L,?<Jon; Hellespont. Genoa- Sarators
Ka^xf?tlSl?^^^^^ ^.1^:
Packet,'H'P_Yrpiaa, for L-serpool. is detaaed nctU to
morrow fTXtesrliy) me.-nuig. ^
The ba-l. l^iitia. at Balumore from Rio Jtrsssra rvnotts
that rmthe 7th net, when la Ut S4 60 N. loo 7430 W ?t oTS
t-Mk off the. teptain nnd crew from sehr Ev-ehrs*. of'and trom
Bi?ton, . day? out, havmg been dismasted the airht bero-e
d.vks tore up and otberwa?daoiagetl. May 2?eh tat 74? \
MD G41) W. (on the outward passage) passed rhiTsiisxi of is
Harp, of St John. XB, both masta xoue and water logged.
9 U Toames, Bilbug?, from Lubec for Philadelphit. with
p'2?tcr. while at auchor off Tuckenwck Shoals on the 5th
^?arte.: licr .-.ibJes and run on Nan tucket Bar. She ?n abaa'
<i<nH\j be II? crew; hut on 7th. was tsken into the harbor with,
oot^much damtip.
The barx lluebec. Livingston, from Quebec Ibr Li?erpool
went .ishoreon iheSJXh alt. in a satfe. !>ei w Quefsv. anaur.s
hbandoiKsd by the captaia and crew. She was aiurrwards faJ.
leu in with by three pdot,. who secured ner. A steamboat *ts
to i -? .-?.?,: to her assurance.
M ON 5. gab EI K L DEKORP 9* A.Aen cf
HA? the hon? nj informing- tlie Ladies a.-ui G?U*J"J=^_?
New.fork, ana tt-mitr.Uial !? has a meed wttepor.
po? of giving In^xnCUOT in :h* primal sWahlSBWe
P%va:ltc* :r. '-he highest Circles ?.( European aiid American
??2s, K. hsslately arrive.! fromBoston.SaratovarijiNe?
iKrrt. where hu ttrle met 'he warmest admiration ot
t;c. and tbe mirked twprotal of tie f^kinaWe rnrnmim.tr.
Aioonr others. Motit. K, propose V. leach that we! Mown
flange LA pTJI.KA-aie new auadni.-es with origin*, music
the :e IPas?the Mnrx.i-.-ta?new C.*diion*-o*w
Gali roe, and til Aruerieanliaocw. _.,
?.< K. ? . irtt? t.r MADAME K01*J0NAYm
Maaetap. The hsstrtsetion will he given m tu 1 reach, oer
mr.n and English lancmure? ,
Uoonrsare engaged at K Park Place??trietl/ prrrate^eooi
and airy?lor IN* a-rotnmodst on of Loriie? r.nd ti?nUcti-ett.
The Polka, atd the new Gliiadnllts, a? at preeent A..- e?i n
the t'a-hirvntb.e circles of London a>d Pans, can be taurnt m
?;x <?: twelve lessons, except ine Jaazocna. Ail others :r.
For farther particulars, nquireof M?NS. K03P0NAY, at
fan resident? 'Si Park Place.
Tg***"?Class Lessens from 10 tn 12, A. M. 12 la 1. and 1
to2, P. M, end from ij to 7 ID tbe evening.
Bu lessons, ?6?twelve lesson?, ?10, and quarter. 9b,
ppvate Lessons?tu :--fc-, $S; twelve letsont. *12; qua.-.
ter. *30
All other konrt w.ll be devoted tn Pobbc Institutes, Acad?
emies, fce. fce,_B1
Classical ako ?oluh BtiAa?i5i? School. ?1 nis in
?litalion hat r?eea e*tab:ishe<i r..ne y>-an. St'itienrs ure^re
eeived into llie PnaapsJ'i family, and firm a part of it. i'bc
personal attentions, kind intercourse and comforts cl home are
secured to nopiii in a high degree. Preparation for Busrhess
or College u thorough. Middietown o od? of the most beauti
fiil. healthy and men.! towni in New.England, eat? ol aecea
daily from New- York. Albany and Boston, at modernt? ei
perue. Youae ladt are always aitendad by a cartrul person,
when parents recoest.
Winter .-woo eommeoeet Nov. 15th Charee ?80 p?T See
wob. whiCii incudes *li expeiite? tavo fer books, roumt. and
rooder- !ancu_ce?. Circulars, wilh refc-rvice*. at 44 M ;rkrt
street, where ih'- PitnctpeJ n^r be (cvai donna the *eel; pra
viountnNov is D PI.CHASE.A.M.Principal q21 im**
CC. MASSH. Accoontir:. rrapee/fuli7 aasocnccithrit
. hu Cotmlise Rr>omi. No. O-in: jtreet, coauaue urea
i'om 3 A. M. to 8 P. iM.
In tho?ndr of Bock-reepuir ru it u taoeht by Mr. Marsh,
every ooaii Ueept. in tbe mor. pnetiral teener, a conpitti tu
gf yartntrakrp bonk*, ?mbrr.cinc ail tha different bn^ioe??
tnntaction? ot a ?.?od mereiiiitil? f-new; ut '?vcotr.ei tani'liar
with a .!'he b?okt COSIXXtsUna tiie tel. w;ih all t.ie doeumeni?
rclfttiDE to Uie book?. tnaJ bataceea. balance shte't. aer_ountr
current, and w;tn Tino us iccrcantiie cilrolation*. in irreres,
ducou it. equation ot payment*, erehenec.
[a one entires of inp.nicti::n a penoa of eo>id capacity will
becume a competent Book-keeper, and will receive a certifi?
cate to that '?(Tecu No one n tiilight in a cla?.
MERCANTILE VVRITl.NO -A thorough coons of pro
ererrive leason?. which will not fail m effecting a valuable im?
provement. iSpecimeLi of a truly mercantile ?tylo may be asen
atthvroomi. . , ,
Prrcpeetciea, with la not, hoan, &c. may be obtained at the
roomtdayandevenirtjr. _
The Science of Doub^ Entry Bo<ik-Keeping SimpUCed,
11th edition. SCO pares octavo: pnee 81.
The Ar.of Single Entry Book-Keepmg improved,3d edition.
I3u page* ottavo: price 75 centx.
For tula at tne bookstoret, and ot tha reomi.
Mr. Mar.b offen his services in opening, rioting, or writing
uphookt: B3 (Jedar rtreet._up stairj;_ '5Y
ynii OBJECT of this Institution it to impart thorough
A inttruct'on in Bookketping. Penmanship an'! Commer?
cial Anlhmetic, and r;uaiify G-miicmen for the practical riutiet
ol tbedefk. Private imlructi'jii u given U required. Room*
open day and erenlnr.
CJ~ Heeabetl of the Mercantile Library Airnciation a'ere
uested b> 'pp.'r to the l.ibrr.riLn at Clinton Hall, who will
urni'h tickets ol admit.on uui'^r tue arrtnceaient rustle wttb
1X3" Ueftreaees m.iy be bnd it tlio Academy to Bookkeep?
ers. Mercnu.itt and Clerks who have been students during the
Isjt nine ycirs.
JCr- For (tie. Jones's Principles and Practice of Bookkeep
ing. Svo. 19a. This wirk u adopted in tbe fir.t Academic lo
Stitnttoaf il this country. It is also repubbibed in England,
and erlecsiroly introdueed th?re. ol 3m*
At the Brooklyn and Lang Island Store 170
Fulton street.
I GENTLEMEN'S UOOT8. eoual to tny_
mode ,r the U. S. WMBfc
LADIES' GAITER BOOTS, rtrperiir to eny ?-her
.-r it. BrooSlyn. and we think cquni to any made in N. Y.
Every descnpiirn of fine Boots nr Shoes rrmrie ro order.?
Wnnanted eu<vil in ryle and quality tv Utoadway,
N. B. Vuiious kinili of ll'il'lier? soil l H-er Snoes
oX_ltd Fulton tt Brooklyn.
! Maaut?ctureriand Commissioa duelers. jYoJiTI /v.i-,'
s'rrrf, have a large suopiyol Goods. sr//7V??i.i; TO THE
western, sotn'kfSRjf Afirn city trade.
and areceiirtant':'receiving from the Maniiliictnren. Ohain
h?r!." in. <.':.; ruin.. ;!-?!e**-in .-nd A B. Goldibwait fc Co.
East SttNUtltrtoe, Mars. Irtsh tiuiplie?, consi^tinr? of
Me.n' end Boys' Rurs??n 1 thiek psk-e.l Biocns
It", do. Kip and Calf do.
J K>. do. do. Grain and do. thick peged Boats
Do. o'o. do aaddo^setsedBnrfiaai
L"iiies' Calf, Kid and Oniter BooU
ISi. do. walking Hho<a
Lo. Kid. Morocco do.
Tofrelner witn n tastet* nl other articles in the Boot and
fh?e line, which they will tell as low as any o! the dealers er
Eastern manufacturers Inr ca.?h or approved endorsed Bote?.
ZZf Lilieinl ailvance* mriie on Consignments. se IV
LADIES' GAITEIts?.?Ijidiw' Ga'tertof various
j.. i^ioioa oniiciu?,?i-iuiia? us'tertot vsnout
triTiiiTi'iS>descriptions?trom St. to 2&t. Anil we promise the
best h.t?anil quniity o'luul ui nn> iuo?o in l:,-v?.t
iylf> SMITH & HARTSHORNE. 170Fultunrt.
. ^ V\l>\ \ Rl'BBKIt rJHuErf-Thesuliscnliers of.
BJBMaWftc lor Mile the largest and best sjMortment of India
Kuliber .-<li<#? in the city, cntitting in part of Men's ('loth
and Sheei Kuliher?, Over-Shoes with leathor soles, lenther
strap ?eil hues!", nailed he*-'*, fcc. Lidiet' Shei t Rubber
Over-S-hook with elastic strata i LiHirV and Mi?e?' Betkio*.
rubher and leather tolot; lined and far-trimmed K'nbheni, and
Rubbers insied ami in Hie rough?liy the cane, dozen, or 'ir :!e
pair:together with everv \nrirty ol mnnufir'urer! India Ru'i
oer gocKls in use. at th* weethoateof the Newark, N. J. ln
di;i Rubber Faciory, 18 Maidea 1 ?ine. N. \\
o!6 IH TCHlNrti >N & Rl 'N YON.
BRfKlKLYN BOOTS AND SHOES.?Tha sstbseribats
tire now supplying liioms.dves with LruSj Ir.r Ctit'-omcni
BooU ijid Shoe*. Ger.tl6n-.en and Ladies cm have L:uts madj
to 6tthe.m by leaving i|ie shnna of their feet, at lee Brookivc
Long ls!a.3d Store, Iva roltoa sJttBet.
jej_ _SM1TE1 ii BARTBHORNg.
BEITS. 16b Fulton st, one door Ei? ol Broadway, keep
oo hand 8 In-;- assortment ol BooU and Shoe*, mtuie, in the
mostIith on'.iio ttyle and 01 the best materials, N. 15. Marie
to order all deaerinlioo ol Beots and shoot. F.u warranted
and pnee? low lo suit tbe limes._t<IY
CGNS'J.VKKS?lntUa Rubber Over Shoes, that can be
worn in any climate, without change of propertfss, altvayz
pliable nur. soft in the culd&it wea'her. For durability and
beuuiy Iber thkllengo ccmunnson with any other shoe is the
market, t'ounirr marrhants and cty dealers shou'd net fall
to supply themselvej wiih dkis irtiele For sule by the eaxa or
doien. bl BEECHfcii & BBNBDICT, 100 Broadway,
o.Htl Near Wnil ttrcet.
LOR1N BR(X:KS.?I. the undermined, am happy to'.R>
form the pubrm. particuUirly thv sporuinen and those wno
are more de?.-, .us ol travelistg with moro than ordinarr ees?,
aleganoe and *pe*d. uid svitli uitiniteiy less physical exerti r.
ti>at I ami rally riooriooed thai Hroois'; F. asi'c iileailic S!...nk
Bnod u 8. deei.led improvement on any and every thing oftfea
kind beioie introduced, and thi-l it tends very matenaliy to in?
crease tho taulitie? lor running, wulking, &e. 1 ha7e, the?e
leiv vsu'i p;i/t, vvdiksvl m my thousand miles, end run soni?
!iundxe.'ii. f-ut I ruuit s.17 Uir.t I nsver ernarienced so littU
fatigue in trendiar tlie siinn. distance; cT.d : t lue speed, as I did
jettcrduir in sunntni ten miles and a quarter over the Beacon
Course, whirfi I iitn jatisOd is, to a considerable extent, n'tri
butabkto the rdmirni,!? <x">stnie'rd Eltwtic Meta'ic ?<hsnk
Boot, mnnufuctureii ba Mr. UIRBI BH' i. IKS. No. 1? Ful?
ton strenL, which I had tl-j gm?l InrtuiVb to wear, coming ir
c^iq-.ernr. Be the aratifieansB tq my mind what it may at
tho result. I must acknowledge that 1 ruj much indebte'' -o
Mr. Brooks and tbe KiaMic Mcte.'ic Shiinks, for which 1 ofaas
him menj thanks, and recnrr.Tienti 'hem to a,I with a hearty
tcetLggt. H. ST ANN ARD. st66m
Ha.uthruk Gallxry or Patkkt PaiMtcM Cot-naru
Photociraiui?. -51 Bfoadsray, above Murray ?treet. New.
York, tiwanied tlie Meaai, Jircr Fire' Premiums and tteo
Highest Honort," nt the Exhtbuimu ol the Institutes of
MaKucliiuelo.. New.York and Pennsylvania, respeeiively, tor
m?.t bcdulilul colored Pictures and best Apparatus ever ex
The " Tribune' ofthis morsin; contains the following incur?
red itntemenl io reference to the awtuxl- of the American In?
stitute. DO Saturday hut:
"The lirsi premium for the best specimsn of Dnsuerreotvpe
likeiies** wa> ewiirded tu Messrs. Anthtiny, Edwards, fc Co."
The true virriiou is this?
%, T,? 39*mat- A!Ul,ony. Edwnolt fc Co.: to Plumbe: and to
Mr. Bnuly, each 11 Diploma. l?r superior specimens or Da
Tlie Ini'iiute did not deride triore were tlie bett: but to s^t.
tie that p.>:n:. 1 now revpeetiuliy crm'lenge ihe at>ive namtd
gcntlt-nieH. (ami iae vvrtd.) to a trial ol skill; ench compet.
IturtOdepesita I'ke amount?not les? than one humlreil : t
exceeding ..i:e thouvnu rinllnri ?lei tlie whole u. l< award rd,
by aeeatpettist comiuitsae, to tiie owncrof the best six ?urturci.
QecaCim [o?] john plVmbe. jr.
?k.TLVV-Y< b i.U'Kl'tKi?N Ml.MATCHE ?ALIX
i> h.7, earner ot Broadway uuj F-.tnn. entrance in Fulloa
intrd doo; from t-'.^ yvzr;? where may be hmi rn.n'Vores which
for beauty of ee'ur. tone an j T'Tici- C*-"1 ul ^ "BUS recommend
thein^ivas. and 11 not iuy.r:or. ara ?C""^ -0 any that have
b-tn heretofiire taken. Mr. B. does not claim ,?^r^:-'i !";
, oSSr. 1 '?^"^hsi pictures to the enUcm.-n ol ajostanu in
e,?igen, pujlie, wfc... a? w~!l .-tiitanren, are invited 10 cuilei
UMbalieiT, aceieguiug c^ewhete, wheOier they Lntead si:
Unc < r nol. '
Likeaetses in all eases warrua?d to rive sat>faetinn. aar1
colored in most beautiful manner: end in whxn Mr. fl ?
?&tft%&2}** " ^me Sf?1 b' 1 oompeten- and prusaeaJ
Person. 1 atari IB ail trer.mert troinS A M to 5 P M. Insj^ir
uons carerullv nven :c the art. iuor_i. icstruc
..0LS1?*_iL b. BR .*. DY.
?P*Sr? ^'^at'enuoaolcjtiaea. and strangers visiting
the city, Ui tits sp^adid collection ot Dageerreotrpe Portrait.
?tngworingTO'jpi from S to 14 peiv-m 00 Lie seme plate
which toi_beauty and accuracy ol deiineatioa ennno'. besor
pasww. Portraits tasten m ?J kinds of w-r^her. etth-r witri ot
witnout the Co....-?. the prices of wuich he mu reduced to those
chcrgwi by 1'.? mo;'. IBexpanenoad in tbe buMO-a.
ist * Ameriejiu luiiiluti at Us late exhibition awisrded Mr
Wane the f irs; Prea11u.11 lot ?;,c i'a-uerrrotrpe Lrkcne?
es. I for grvupni- and cenemt e?e?. whien a but anothe- r>t?il
?o the vujio.-iority of hs Prjttjraita.
Mr. VVluu ss sole surest io liew York tor !h? very ?uperioi
rnpor'c.l c-rman Canetaai uno at no oihe.-e?i.bUiSnje3t ir,
?e^.ro's-slecanthey be?btaaed. ??j
A. a.?tii i?..,-.e.J G-:-tns^ fjaasetaa. also Frtnifc aad Aroerr
rSrfSSSS? *?y W ?Sw. with rratca. Case.
Mr. W tutetCjtM Mascfaeteoi bem? the largett and most
-xtecaive a tta , ruted Sates, oe a enabled (from tbetaa?^
S,^; 1 ' "T.1'" tHeuerreotyx* Miniature Cases, K
per iyntjo?.>, trjr, ,nT ?:r?. ,n , ,a)oB_ ^ r>r
TflBfli>WAt^iraURJUJCB COMPANY make ia
X,J^fs^??'???!?azx;tb7 Sie and irJicJca?!.
gjS* 00181354 ?* 'atirahje as any other tinular msuaaon re
' Capital. a3TO.00?-<>fT.rO. No. u Wall street
-, t, ? , TOtacToaa.
?r ? CaiekO. Hahtad, John Parkin
?otaUWo?. *&?*Efa PeuTrL-Ne^sT0
I d ward Atsthrrsy.
Uwi.PnivuP. r^art ~ HAVENS, Prea^
B^7^F|L>r^, GA>1.EirTbe "^re of ImprovZ
? ^t\.\y,^?uri"" ?r' utb* 'mpmved Game of Dr.
ntticsot DtstiaguBhed Penr.na, eu on-nTtn^i ?mr.m,
ime. Tt. came ot afasterKX^ and vl.-X**??
0 above ganKis ?ro;ust auhltshesLand ffi.s k? had 1
c7 H. fc S. RAYNOxCS BsK*>Dre.VBowery.
MFOJi SALE HE LE4.-E-7be Coft/rr, Mil) a! Pat?
terson. V J.. known us the "Oin-oi! Mi!'." tocetbse
JBSL ?Ith th-,iiarh ne-7. 1 he I?: ol !an<i * 170 feet.br
luo iwrt. 'I ht tmiidioc ? .ery snhstantrr: '7 heilt of *'one. with
thick walk. 4 stisrie? I.ich. r.nd aU-u: 70 f?*t ion* and 4S lest
wide. Trw land is atsaUd. and Che? baikatnci may be
tu veal)t*eorr?jr erecle<i upon it. The Mil.' i? now ir. operation,
enrl e?n be delivered on the 10th J inaa-r next, whet: the rre
lent lea if erp.m. Applr a: Pattervir.'?? Tn. ma? Rneers,
or at New York, to_V.. I '' '. K Y. ('!':???: sSJawtf
*?? TO CAPE! ALI -T-r.-T.-e Pilnda Company offen
?strsO .ale -hft- ra.'o-i-:e C.vtan Factory.
JSSbL The mam haiMine n of rise granite, 390 tee< Mar by
4iwMie.eocrjii.i< 4 I rie* and analtre. '>'l:w are two Water
Wh?*-;?, f-arb |= fe,r |r, ? S3d 1? fc?t :n ?hameter %% th 16 feet
heed enrl tail Tb? I :-k-r .im: ? t? of ?axiale, ^> Kr leer. The
Bin -ere xad !'-; - boose art Tba Maehma shop
c in la in i a!! ni**e??,-..-y u fi r aiding end repsrrme machin?
ery. Theirracflirwry ir-nos: of#! e-rri, s-d preparation. 60
looms, Sri thrii??les eotvsumng8rU ?pirsdie?; 4 tlitinc frames
containing S4 ?prade? 3 mnes. containineeaeh xX> spindlea:
reels, fee. fer, complex; 3 dressier frames and warpers.?
There arc IJweltirus i.r the ai-rrmm:xlat:on of liX) band?.
Two hundred a'Tw of end more at br?* lymr on each side of
Saiuda nver. ineludmiihe Falb are owned by the Company.
77? Water rotter it rufiam: far K0.000 ryniLa.
The Snloda Factory n situated three miles from Columbia,
where tennipates th- mat branch of the South Carolina Rail?
road?is perictly he-*t'.;. ad turtonaded by an exteemve pro?
vision country. fXiumJs a.Trrds a cotton market wrwre the
raw matens: can be hadat every season. Th- laciin.??; and
edvaotare? of this erabishmen: mnke it sn oh>?ct of interest
to CapitahiU. It will be-jner-fd /or ?nie until Is: ?eeemS^r. on
a credit of ooe. twe. tbrej ana four yean with interest annu?
ally. For any further la'ormal'on. apply m Columbia, S. C.
?o_E. H.FISHER, AgenU_sU 2awtDl?_
M_FOR SALE LR LEASE?Ttety-two Lots of
Ground ior ale at iiirsiraas. N. J. bounded by Jersey
Avenue, and Er;.-. Kanimci. arid Socrh^streea.abon
one nsi.s frota Jersey Cl7, Ft- paraetuers. in.icirc at 43
MFOK SALE?Tin C'tia:**. acres each, beauti?
fully situated. ;< miles from tins city. For a full
printed descr--;::-i iV?\r at 47 Bor ! st. o2lHv
t,. 'i V t *. ., I . ^ : -?v 1.1.. . r
. LUABLE rSACTUFL?NOFl ir. SALE, rymst ia
OmjeC-unLJ, on the k_-i-;,., i'..vj;. 25 mtics iot tr.et.itr
ofNew Vorx. im New Yotkf?sd ?-e Uaiiroad.OnuieeTurB
nise. and oi-riR;.-. r^-TC-r r-uf...'!? ?v!? taroucj the centre c!
use tract. Tie war^r-powe: iscr-prjleo'drwa* MmHicjo to
ilmo?r! arry ?xt?n'^ ai'.Ters it a free'. boo7 of w-i'-er wiLh tsTe
ral fails. There ???? (hont 'l.'XX- acres of !ao>L aeaviiytiB
tvered isithwood nf 2? to C fc?r;' rrowth. Tnereanr r.iso
eTterr*.?*? ir-ia m .:cr nj fj.~*. mULtttf, e.zc fhxtsatooe Po^*?3in*T
jr-ociitrcafU:. 1'i.r. &: thj iaja trouid ttuXc eiix'.'eat fcnns.?
TheTuxer!'! Laie, two n;.e? IcqtandoBe mllo woe, !:?suione
part of the trie!, the ^tjerv of -?eich s bsauUfiil. The p^ee
i? r>ra:trkab!y health*. i; tr.nwr is Ariju^a tract, and
is th.-te m;!os ^brve i'ieraor.'i 'A'nrit.
Accost can be had ro i: in three .-.r hmr h'.c^i frcm the of
N?s7 York b7 '-be N*w York and Errs Kailroad, or in fire or
six hours by the way of Haciectacx and Oracee Turnpike, or
or by the way of Nvack or Havcrrtraw oa the Hndsnu RiTer,
taoiTra at No. 43 Ckitham i: iaS ?m*
TO 15PURTUKS OF DRY fi(HjrrS?Tae advertneri will
exchansea ph: of sixteen Unaie lyjtsofemond, e.'eeamly
situited. about one and a half miles North ofUnion P'nce, hs
vine e. splendid view oi :ae Hudson River, three of the ereet
est thoronehfarcs leadin? to the property. Address ,". VV. to
the Conner and Eicmrer rsgca._^s?tic
TO ?8-1 LET.
l?t APARTMENTS -VVinted to rent, part of a two
rrfrr* or small three stosy bonse, in or about Chnmbcrs street,
?>"??? wost ofBroadwar. Partictian lo be >ent to
nil Iw_No. 7 Bmail street, near Wall.
TO LLT. nnt.l the first of May next the two-stnry
? modem-biiilt IIo.-?< 1321'nnre.?m>et. Rent moderate,
nil 2t Apply to N. K. BLUNT, 4 Spniee.st.
TO LET CHEAP.?One of the best located Raw.
SOt St 'M for the ?ale of BooU and Shoe, m Broad
ffit way uawt'li Wan Ba'xaar. No. 449 Breed way.
i^Te^n Howard and Grand sto.. wd be let at a reduced lent
totiuwe that will supply the store welL AppJv at the Bazaar.
Allofnne ofihe Cbnnters in tl^ItoraarwtlJbe let lor the
best quality of Ladies' thoes._
TO LET? \ F'ont Ta'rlor on the second floortwo
Bed-Rooms and Front Kitchen. Inquire at No. o Ol
iver-ttrcet. _ " 1
q t rJS For Prath MintwMii?, Broken, Ecs and Stove
V?if? do., daily discharge, at abov
ml!?..ty /fl-njaraie .V Co. 3K FrarM.n -f. and corner I ifth
and Lewis st?, E. R. ,^ , ... jii..,
30 cara^- tu .-.r'ive soon : IV?alen supplied._"fl lin
Clf)ALTfT?RRn'E-lOOU tons Peach Orchard broken, ecx
j and stone:WO do. Tunnel Vein b token, tit[and *oi?;
100 do. W. A. Lump. ?II lo r.rrivc within thr-o weeks, and tor
tnU fmm boats or yard, cheap for cash, by
n' a - v7 B ENl\5IL\ fc CO. 305 Frankhn-st
?, rOAL?PkTTEIt CLINTON is now?delu-enns the a.iove
Coal we'll screened, from the j nrd, and free of rartajre for the
following prices, viz: Broken or Egc,?a,25; large stove irfi-toxe
and Erg mixed, *5 (?1: large Not at 4 ..i. _
N 15 '?< ernt? |?r ton will l>? :!e-.lur!.-d d taken direct from
the boats. Yard corner oi Kins and Oretwchstiafjr
si:; 3m? ! trl ! LI.Ni'?...
C i Sc SALEM VEIN M r COAL for srofjl itcjvsa
.S4. ^.3 W?perton.-Peach?rehai I. SchuylkilL Lehigb,
Lackawnna aim Urorpool Coal, daily dtsclsarnng und for sale
by the ..arc or ?in.de ton. elseap U casn on[ delivery, by
BENJA>UN tt, Cv. sucr?a..rs to 1 \ .LE it M AI f.".
corner I-rank Im and VV Mt straetx.
Orders per I'e.na:ch Po-tprimptl.- e.s.-cu-el. oJ3 lin*
O^w^i laiA'l ?t*hn ihm S*. IJcir^e, this dny discharg
fn*S^very suVrf.;; lotT of VVcodcocV & HVhburton's
COAL, of extra 'areenze, ordered expressly lor lamily use,
and'all lowe-ed in tho hold-fur sale in quantities to suit pur
chaxers-at tho lowest market pr.ee, b^ fc BBpwfr_
411 VVashmainn-st and 7 Hall Place.
In Yanl. Peach Orchard Coa! of all thte?. and Virg-nia of
finvt nunlitv lorsniiths._'lB ?<ln_
COALl^BEJ-r Kf.U ASH, OR PBACH trrtctiAun
COAL.?PETER CLINTON h oow delivering tie
aliove Or.:, w^i! s--.ie?ncd. feom the yard, and fne Ol caruyi-i,
tor tbe foiiowing puces, viz' r.rotcn.ir hec. ?sl?): large ?ovo
or Stovcand F.?r; muted. 84 TS ; !-rfe Nut.at *l SC.
N B K cents per ton will be deducted d taken direct from
ih? boats. Ynn! roroer nt Ki.ix md 'V.'iir^p^'^^srrn^
slj3m?_n^IEU t.LINTON.
CuAi>-P?ACH ORC?.VRU COAL.?T?eseasoa for lay
inx in luppbes of Cua! havmi: i.rnved the subscrmer is
reidy :o re>'eive orders fur his first quality of Coal, either ilro
Iren Egg Not er Stove sire, foitable lor parlor grates Bi d
titehee range] Thosn preftring Coal direct from ve-,--->l c:m
have their order filled by givm,: a few days nouce. Also for
?aisM below, Lchuth Coai, Lackawana Coal, VV bite Asb
LV.al. Liverpool Orrel and Sydney I leal. Orders left with the
subsenberor at Rertines Exchange offiw. No. ;0 Wall streft,
or throucb the Despatch Post ?ilt l>c promptly fillsd nt the
lowest ?rk.irrij?^)ii?s a?lm0gli ,.J7 Anthony.
?_J3 if street, near liroadwr.y.
CUAU?Having e hr.niliomeaJ?o:".rMent of tho varioru kinds
ol Coa! Boih tor domestic ar;d manufacturing purposes:
and to which we. are now making daily additions, we woe'd
an;* the attention of comocnem thereto.
Our stock eons'itii of?
REJ AtlK. OR PEACH ORCHARD, of tha mast ?p
-?nvfsl vms. as lb-: So an. .^i"., ::r,d Salem
1 '?VHlTET;k GREY ASb SCllUYLKILL, of tie Broad
Mountain and Tusca/crs veins, and . .
l;each Mountain. Lehiga, l^sav.isaa^ioijy, V;r,~rua
rJmBawl ?c. &0. J.TLRBcLL?t
UTtMPoei. ?c. am L E JACKSON.
60 Wallstreet, wheresamplsx miy besoen:519 tlunsoa. a=d
C81 Bro"dw8V.rnd st'ho vn^'scot. Hudson and A moists, and
corn?r Perr7. and ai Rose Stil. 3d avenue, seal 23d :lre*>t.
Orders nisi roooivcd p^r liespctch Pott. _iy.S ?li*
I BtiNt. ^Lowea. , ' ,. _ . . . .
(-(??.?[?^??.li tse bc-i r.uiduv, a.isr:;J Ir. tnncs ana nut to
tha reipectiTo ii^es, for tale at c/ui prt?<j, at 160 Nasna it
(Tribune ?uiMiow'???*??>City r.W?. via:
Petcb Orc'cHrd. Vyhile \*t> .--'auTlkil;, unnsol,
Peach Mountain. Grey Ash SchcyDpl). Rydiity,
B'^ad Mountain. Lihicb. Nowcar-lc,
'! iisea' v-r.. Liverpool. Pletoo.fcc,
llTtl V tl. PAf.MLtt. ltO.Va.--a:: i:.
lubacnters have recently commenced the manufacture ni
wrounht iron Butt Hinirci ;n the city of Troy. They are able
lo supply orders lor Tab;? and Pew Door BuUs, and will toon
be able to fnrn.sn all the kinds offered in the market. From
the commencement o'" the business, one of ths subscribers has
been enjaged in it ex snperii-tendent for the vanous manufac?
turers of the article. The invention* and improvement* made
by him ib the machinery have broufrht tho business to its pre?
sent comparative state of perfection, and they therefore |i*l
able to produce articles that n/m? raj; cxtl. All orders to the
luiscrrbers at Troy, N. Y. will be promptly attended lo.
it SAMPSON. 119 Gr*rn?.ich st. Socoessors to BOOK?
MAN. JOluNSTON. AYRES it CO., have on hand afuJi
sss.u tmint ot '
Swedish flat End square bar inn; ..assian old saola da.
English rmind. fiat and ?uiru Iren ; American do.
American line sriLar* lrun. ii to % itch
Sraziers' Rod?, 3-16 to S i=ca
Spike Rods and shoe shapes, of all tires
n.iTsc Nail Kol?, ol Norweg:in a;id okl tisla !r*n
Hand and scroll Iron of ail stsas
American nocp Iron. K tri lj; iaehcx
Cat Nails, Urr.ds aaj Spites; R.-.;:i?ri srroeghl Neils
Cui". "?ie.il. of fNU'.dersi'.n. itro'iers it l>.'s stump, all
nnht SScel. of the EK.tamp. wamjsled
Shciir ctec:; Gonuar. S eel: of vaxsotts stamps
I Ulater Ste-:!, first an^ tcioiio tfj-.:.:y
?VmerJean bustiarSteel: rinnt ? Ax?i. a superior arJce.
N. B.- Cwetbfh ir -n ztt. always be fnru'shed. rnhj-;?: U)
dta'vbaeir.._ _<;'?? jCu''
subscribe::, kn:oneri al ' General Dealers in Ecrii-ri,
(Airman ana Amtncan Hardw*e. Cutler-, EdgeTeo!.-., Na-.s
Shovels, Spadjs etc. fee. offer to 'cu-.try raerchants end
others, a Rul anc complete assoftuisnt low, for cash or ap?
proved cresiit. ?SBORN fe LITTLE,
slO 3m* oi i-cii-m r^oat. New.York.
7 r~^r,I= ;j i-iujij" .-^hereal geauiocConeer'sTools
H etn^y'\xht^<itZ.\Z^^-^^^*n
they are made -id nniihed wiui aJTown
hands: thervfr.:* 1 enn recommend thcra:
?i can i
(J they
dlgsWOTi? Ple^otse.^thesram^
TRAYS, etc.
t"57!LU.VMS fc BILL. IS Maiden laae. inrite the alien
VV "r.nsf duaiersij, tl-eirstisck of NEW GOODS (now
?i>*n:rr. reiwistig. :n pa''.. ? - :ne :
Fine Ivo.-v TABLE CLTLEP.Y. ot Lasurs aid otcer m?
''. ram ? Sell T p. r^\r. &r, ditto ditto (sariocs miken.)
POCK ET CUTLERY? ; comp lere ??aorfirsssrt of R?--g?rs'
lVostsmh^m*sLtliooke,aj Ae. fee
SAZiiRS?vv. ? S lJ ?? I. ::.??-?t's. It -ren'. VV..?jr
iobr''s. Cmoke's. Paris?;"., .'t?.
3CUiSOHS-< ?: a ' oaken.
Caslcn, Hasketa. (iiraraun'oG Wate, Ondsestickx, Waiers,
t'befaeld Platsd Uei- rt hLni78s asd "mis, in tttuat per
inen .Bat'cr KjJ'n?. 4c.
JAPANNED Ware?Pice Gothie. Sandwich, andecm
jjoo Tea Trsys, tngetbei wnh a ^reat vanety ol Fancy Hard,
?rar?: nf which they offer at the lo*est pr.oes. a32 tf
TABLE CUTLERY.?B. RicVrrfsrn & Son's superior
Fanla Co'lerr. lor sale at the raanai^crjirer's presst. by
stO JAMES WEEKE& SI Ma-ieo lAne. uo suirs.
swnnsa jsnuldoll iheaaeesionof fjmaBeetotlssssdboveiisi
reasar7 article, tn-1 t&e ce't'tieate o< Mr. Kooer' Rogers, who
has one of the larger waihing??'abl!snments ;n the eiS7. Aad
:t ts wa.Tanted not to faae ealicoes ur shncX flannel or s?i
il used as directed; snd it wll take ?? ease out of carpets,
?oohees. fee. abd not mjare the color Mrnular:orTia)C-,er
ryitcrr. TRUM VN R. 'Bt KTS.
Iiavar made use fi-.r vme months, ia my e-L?b'uha.erjt. of
-. bevts - ImpniTesI Bmwr Soap. Hat? I'rwd's German Soap.)
c PTincd . f i\i tnt:re ?ip^ri-.r.ty to aar ?sUsrr.and
!. :ec..mi. end at -o iv.tr families and wasr.uii t>tai.
.. neeta, ROKuhT ROGERS. US Lacxesj laset.
tun* br Iba Prwri UK. tn m~t be .lem-n^ of th* Pj*he
GeeeralJJebil . has lonx !?nrn -UbUrwd (t? ?weAe and
wnerecthe, T- Z
f'li i?, ,? :.c-nr.- yti.-r.4 i.r lone cxp?n< nee. 6w
wfto^wm^.'- - ..r.-*V.V.irinai :uai.t-?s. bearampletet
tim.my to in he-hn.-vmjes. ? ;?
i h?re ?% v rr.yswrr m its < persrinn on the system. Tat ?t ae
t.nV^w" <n ^i'..^: ihefl psmtotrwreel prv.r.p e?. and
,7..,': .-^4 V UmMIM <::!?" of ?-fest are e rrn,^ y
SS2{-K MBDtCINeS." ?aea are not inapt!/
?t.Vc! hv aia'7 ib* "paafof the day. . ..
? 1 m Pre Se or. ft ra tea lens and great -xrwn-rc* berbss
bad if its tan : ?? - res. b ? wo bewtattoo m wrtWJ na.
Amending il tn the . : \ * .--nnd he .??A
r?a.!T to turnrrh the am::. ttrubitabja prxofufu b.?h VaiOC
?^??iVasd retail by EBEN ELLIS, the proprietor.
Ws&rwSf?W! B & P. 8 iWfto. fo.
78 Fulton streetSR timed ray. " East Broad way-oofyaeaetj
for tee Propre:.rv-PrieejBj_._2*LIB!_
I AYNE*SEXPSCTOR ANT.?No other w!:^ *;.:r?
.1 move muem or r?J? Iron, the throat soth?rough.y ar jWLAI
effectually bio-errs thecoagulated "?*???nron tl? membrane
winch dre.ihetr3ehta.and nt every cough th-p-. dhm
up poTllo?0< rhedt-neaeed ma ter. In all KwnP^j"^?
MhBosan OTcaea. tree where aattm wernt to be mak-tu. no
effort to thVw off we d-ease. Ja I nei grpeOaeaa **
g"r t -he machinery ol re-piratton. and enable* then <o dw
encumber tnsmrelves of the obvmieticm wh:ch had imtseSed
?he:- Ireeoeeraoo.-,. Ought. CoW. B-onchiw. ?WW^f?
wnrd. ell diseases of a pulmonary nature, yield to tau prepara?
tion, if properly administered. . ..
Prepared only by Cr. D. Jayne. No. 30 South Third irree..
Philadelphia. _ ?.
Sold by A B- & D. Samli. VYholaaVe Druggist*. J?fV79
Fulton itree'. 77 Ea?t Broadway. CT Broadway . lm
JAYNEz? HAIR TONIC-War.'War:: War: 1 .-The
Wir Malier? hare dee'ared hos.iiHiei ggnmst our neighbor
Dr. JaTrtS. an account of hit H*tH Tornc. wh:.-h ti tnttni
ill Uie'r bunten into a " cocke.! hat " L'.die? and aent e
men. old ar.d roung. are flor'ini ?<> the Doctor t *Lan . i > ?
Htail? Inn? dieettod of eren thefirttnidimenaot hair, araa
mine hit KairTonc. snon uppearwithnewandfluwir.2 loeta.
wr-n Al ^a ? - bimrelf might have envied fcard'.^ bay*
n-ei-n with large and buthy whukert triad tad tea raihta gato
throosti Uiail own raven ringlets, mere i-autitul and bewitch.
ine ih*n over. Raid hen it nro doffiint lheir wig?. acd throw,
inr them tn the' moles and ban:' while the wie pwamMaoo
a."h^!t "> the ' behold the deniotftioa n' 'heir business, vv tin.
will be the com ?ueree of rhu war we utow not. al? tJif wig
ei*, .re otitmeenm. ?nd rh? Uoctorresu as firm, and oeelaret
rhai 'rorrx t.urp can he done aj srell as others, aMtthat
Haid liead? may at well ^-t their e .<rp h/iirsj the hair ol
0Thm ! iVeelily Messenger
Prepared on!7 by Dr. D. Jar 'Cih Tbird-street, PhiU
Sold br the Proprietor's wnolau?e Agent?, A. B. fc D
Sandt. Druggists. 70 Fulton s:r?et: <i bast Broadwsj: STi
CUt C\f\(\fi What would it oe in comparisoni with a
tlBXUsUlA/.besdthy(tote, ften from Coughs. Colds, spit
t^ng of Bloc.!, IViCsumntion. B.-oacrit:s, \V b?iiping Loush.
ArW DbSenJl Breathing. TickHng or Ui^mj in the-? brcct,
Liver Compinint. &c. I*. SWAYNE'S COMPOLNll
SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY maybe teid to idr^eieel all
other moriicinet. Only prepared hy DR. SV\ A\ Ng. .V vv
eurner of EIGHTH and RACE streets, PHLADM.PH1A.
*.gtno? Wm. Vi?nor. M. D. corner of Brncdvvny and John
rtreet ? E. B. Warner. ?S ilieee.ker. comer cf Micetta itreet
?cd R. A. Sands. Church Dirpeisary, 18S Bowery, rorner of
r?et New-York; W. G Wood. M. D. Harlem;
jYAPTUA'! ? ? , 1?1.
Mr. TiKKisrm? 1,'earPir: Wia gtatonti feebng-l I inform
rriu of the rutosuhing cvTectJ of your mi-dici-.?, wh'ch has
Ittetttlly rr.iM.si ma Iro.n a der.th-bed! My diii.je, Pnlnsoaary
Cunsumr'.ion. has reduced me to low that my physician pro?
nounced myiU? hnpflless! At this ;uncture I benn to uro
your medicina and, mmiculoui tu it mty teem, it has corn
plelaly restored me to health, afer erery t>vng elaj hr.d tiu.'ed.
Eeepectlullyyours. WASHINGTON MACK.
Charlotte itreet. above George street.
Tr.e undersigned, boing personally acquainted with Wiuh
inglon Muck and his sufferings. I>ear witnesspi the astonishing
?ncv.it ai rhoinson's Compound Syrup of Tar. and the truth
ol the above statement.
JOSEPH WINNER. 318 Nor.h Third street.
DAVID VICKEhS. 42 Almond street.
HUGH M'GlNLEY. S. E. cor Tammany
and Fourth streets.
try PRINCIPAL OFFICE. N. E. comer ith and Spruce
ttreeu. Philadelphia. Price H cents per bottle.
Fcf sale by A. B. SANDS fit CO S73 Broadway, corner of
:hara;?nB rSil'-.-n-t.: 77 Ecst nrnR,lt??y. Price 50
E-1 VERY-DAY TALK.?r>cne Bmailwar?time 2 o'clock,
i P. M. Two D'nts, passin; up Broadway.
First l-eriU Wlmt iv new? t(i.ilay ?
Second gent. Nothing very paricular except politics rages
high jost now. .... .... ,
First gent. Djn't .peak of politics ; my wife just broomed
me out doom for ppouting politJCS with Biesen,
Second rent. Where you gome?
First eent. Going up to Wilds, 451 Broadway, to get a
!ms of Salts and Ssnai Lozenge,
SecondgenL Ha! h-i! hu! Salt? and Senna Lonzcngo?
Whnt nn idea ; nil a humbug I believe.
l int cent. O! No! I hriicrs Wild to he n conscientious
mi'.n! be*idr-f Hewitt, the oystSTrnraa near the Olympic Thea.
tre; says they are the best ueu.rino lie ever used. Five small
I/o/cngc? hav tali the effect of the usual do^i, anil no taste
ol" it
Second genL Will atneto think of it, I guess they are
itoth enter Wild's ?tore, lay down the 35 eenu, take a hox
of Lozeugos, Croat Broadway into Grand ?treet, and arj lost to
The above Lrzenges are sold only at 4J1 Broadway, near
Grand. n3 tf
No. 13 John-btrkf.t, New-York,
amd No. 62 E'.it.t.iN-srr.eet, Brooslth.
Original invcniori und s.>ic aeaufacturfirs oftno genuine Done
l^tnip Alto, manurertnr*n and dealers in luiprovisi Cam
ii.'.jae Lnmy?. .Srlar 1-nn.p-, Cir.indoies, IIa!: Ivim -sand l.an
teinr. Astral and Shailoi, Chimni? and Lamp G'orsej ol
\'i kinds. Lamp Wick, 1'ureSiiorai <Jil. ? 'amphenum I Uurn
ing Flaut, a" ofwhoiti are offered at whnlcaJa und retail, at
low pnee. ior. ,ith. S?p2 Y
JBTO?VENBL ic GO'S Manufactory oi Cut aadPhtic
. Gl^AHS ol every description . Solar. Lard ami Camuhme
l.r:.pi, Aiirr -V-1; : r,v i"<!.. ins ..| Gimndo!es. Cirdel.ibras.
Braiets. Chandeliert ftnta one to twelve ligt.tr. Hall Lamps
aim : mi!.'."..* of evL-y pa-t>.-rn. i'rn.ieh (,'h.nu Lcnuu il'.-it.t,
n patted and refiaithad eoual to new. Wo call the attention ol
country merchants ant! others i? eail nnd -.-.t.ity tnem^lve; :n
regard to price* and Quality ol ur??!<??.
Constantly on hand a eomplctu a.- .rt-ient of al! the abov ..
Clus? niade and cut to order. All ^.nclci raatched toaiery
tuttem. Factory No. 2a Gold street. N. Y. Whuiesale and
letrii Store. N j. 3 John ccur Brosiiwny.
T'HIS ARTICLE ii intended t.. brace the shoulders and e?$
.1 pand the chest, and will be found 'ndnpenta'ilr to all iwr'
ions who hnve acijuired trn halm of Hooping, ?ith r irom
weakness, cominemen-. or jiuri;". Percntt an I guir iiuns are
paiticuierly mmested to examine mis artice. It is highly
racou.mer.drd by many eminent profes;i?nal gentlemen fur the
u>eot ch.'ilrec of either sei. 'I he" can be worn srtih perlect
ea??, offering ho impediment to the free use of the arm?, while
they ?'rengti-en the back and slicniidera, and improve and
beautify the form.
The public are cautioned against a number of unworthy
imitations ?f the Elastic Brace which are offered in different
places throughout lha country, as none are genuine ezeeptil g
tho*e ttairpeu with the names and pir.ee ol business of the tub
scrilwrs PA KS ELLS *. AGATE.
Manuiact'jrers of tic.'ta. Praees. Stocks. Ketidy-Made Linen.
Suipenden.. ate. itc. and Dealeis in C"ni!einrn's Fumi-h
in? Articlei.?7 HroadM ay. corner of Pnib !'!nce. *x
* 1 HIN;;.?The surprising pcrlcction attMPed hy th* late nr.
provsmenti,.f i!ie ?.ibicrlie; n. Compounding Indm Rubber
and adaption; It to the manufacture ef Elastic Webl.ing, by
the aid of his new muchmery starrat)ts hin n saying th.it the
Svspenden now offered for v\lr !iy him lire the best ever made.
Among th? odvuntasrc; he claims in Ins mode of manufac?
ture ovor that ol Mr. Gnodyair, is freedom from the nulphurou:
it,?I1io mseparabla fr.-m C. ? The peculiar and exclusive
property of rein oir.g theil elasticity,, nnd the great increase of
mffriesj without sdditiooal bulk or weicht. [? is u common
complain; kinor.? thi?e who bava used Mr. G.'s ?uipenden
that they Ifee their elasticity uftcr being worn c .-hort time.?
Thw is entirely obviated by Day's prtieeas, and deilera in sus?
penders or webbing are invited t?. examine the erxids al No. 35
Maiden lane Ap ataortment, embracing all the lending pat
terci. always on hand and for sa e hy H. H. OAY,
Successor to the Boibtliy India Rubber Co,
aa571r_g> Maiden lone.
Manufacturers. Nos. a Wall and 3-3 and 215 Duano ttreeis.
would respectfully inform their fnendt and the public, that the
very liiw.il patronage best/, wed on them for the lost year hat
encouraged them tn greater exertions ;n bringing to perfection
the articles of their in-, nalucture. Kvery improvement that
experience has tuggesied has been adopted, and our success is
proved by the nwurd of the highest premium given by th?
American lr.?tiiu'e. ai their lule Annual Fnir in th s City, lor
the best, Tobacco nou SnufC Tha cau:e nf this suceesx n in
i th: last ol trie purity. ii? well as the manufacture, of our To?
bacco; fort' etru'h of which see the annexed ceruiicate ol
one of oar most eminent chemi'is. viz:
i have analyzed o sample of Mr. Jr.hn Anderson's 'File
Cut ."loreyDew Tobacco! and find it to be pure Tobaceu
witbi utac/ mix ure of ihosesebitn'ces with which n;uchof
the ordinary Chewing Tobacco is coiitnmin.ted.
JAMES it. CBIETON, M. U. Chemist.etc ?sc.
New-York. A; -1 Kb, IS ..
Our t'-caja.-lntti Turkish ond Bpanisb Smoking Tobacco, we
would recommend as beiru a ver/ lupeiior nrt.:c!e. It n
packed in tinaii cases of six and ten do/en each, oouv-jnient for
_Al?rayxon hind. r. large ?nd varied rts-onment of ln-portcd
r-esnn. log^.ner with a Eie' t viuiHty ?(' mnnulactnred lump
I o^, !cco.
So e Agent? fa this Ct'.y tot' Leftwieh't' ceSbru'ed Caven
dab 1 ooaactj, of U-.e lour aces s.-.ind. which starrfs uariva^d
:n "TJllesce. JOHN ANDERSON icCo.
r^Y_Nf.t.3Un'l. -Jlo'int; Mi Puan-rtreetv '
. _ FOP. PfVE VFAf.S' WiliCll IS rpfjji YEARS '
LONGcR THAN USUAI^-Ti^tubscril^rshavemvon.riia
m?he*! etoive.icg toon wiu p^un or galvanized tin p!ale?,
which they ruarantee to remain water tight itvg tzar? when
put oa by uicm. The metaj is so put on that it cannot >-e
<ufect?d oy the shnnkmg or nveiiing of 'iiepbuiks on ttUth i* ii
Itin, or by the contraction or ezprjiiion of the metal
The Cn..owing gentiernen have had their dweiiinj homa ?nd
Kr.rra in t-us crty. cjjvered by this n-<l->d to their sati?faeti=i |
Ssygq^Cjevutt, Esrj.. comer of 5th avenue and 2lh rt.
Sp^&Sabansatnosh, Ls-jy Nn. w Broadway.
Vzt* Austin, tic OT.c/&t*anfJ rlnce Bad W?liani-?.
J i,r*-n Pmsob. E^.. MeetMais' Exctianse waBntt.
Gco. B. Butlrr. B?qV>jo. *1 Naswshft
r-anc? BurriS, Ein.. rtroec-*.
N"aMc?iie,r?nth.i:.sth? rmpniveTncii; h WMlti. tlir^t
sons :a the trace wixauat <m mm r<jofs by tbi mbstaftair DUi
nn nhtam perm?>on <x> moderate terms
?? MA YLOR fcCfs. Hand T? Broad-et
T H E C A S I 1 i \ T E A C 0 H P A N Y,
Branch Storvs:
Pieecxer street. Nesv-Yotk,
?K Crand ureeu n?:u Ststnuc.
1'! txreenwicfa ^rw.. cc;i.r reiten.
1X8 Fulton sties*. Brook.'u.
69 Chestaul and 4n North Flhh-rt- Pci'^lfc.ipl.ie.
"1 L'srurver vn&l. Bottna.
fNVll 1" the atier.tir.n ol t.'lry rjnd Country Families ?nd
1 Purcna'-ersto their i^erriietabiiihaienrs. wii^re - iiey think
wii. be found by far the nest Kl-siijuat of pure and ur.aCulUra^
ted Teat in 'he Unitad States. The nniversal populanty and
renewn of their house witn reference to high qualities, low pn
ees. ind apnght dealing, rx too well understood to render lar
liser comment* neceuary. Chiginal and only warehouse for
the ra* of iiowutu'i Blaii Tea?'- Ob<erve! ?Stranger, will
ee particular to rero-mber the number of the principaTitore id
rhatham iTBc*. viz: 13L between Pearl and R?rreft rtrwtx.
The public will also be o.'eas?d to L-lr? nntiee tia; 'he CaaUn
^??1 ?iimpaov h-.ve Botbb to do with anr othe- irores ex"eo)
t Wdttcrites; at tS* Uip i/tr.-.- -..?!..- ?mtrnt s?V
i^m^^^^T?1 CI^\MP~WmriTEEL
J. ? >PR1N(..?Th? ancle i. superior tn any thing -n ?jtefcT
tecunng Letters, Invoices, or paper? ?o which occarona' refer
encea rsMUtrtd. Ira advantages over the ordinair Rill FiU
uow muse are-thBt >he pe.r>era nre never tom r.r perforate,!
and any paper recoirad mnyfce taken tram the CTanm m ihout
di..rraCg? g the Ki ers. It .. ar entirely new rrl"^^i^
art ornament-., the Desk or Craantair Room. ThVv are^Sa?
h/ nandy.eithcriy ? : ?n the desk m narcir.e tro 4u n? ^ i
n9 FRANCIS fc I.uCTReC, 77 j???;* Lane.
jgl?TBfeig3i^T>ir,i.-.ch ' 'tree'- V r) o'r\<r-i P M. rrnx
'V '?? aehoai P !<??<? ?.??? >? . nr. andt an,] ! .merry streets
The sreamboal K VI? -'K El". Ro?"K KK. i ?*;.??. n * P i-t
-Min. Mnsiter, Wed/ie?dr!7 and Friday eveniags, at ?i
The iiniitmal R<H'HE^TER. Contain A. Uo-./alon.
Tuesday. Thursday nnd Saturday evening*, at 6.
/L' 3 v'etoek?Landimr at intermedia!*: placet.
From rii? 'ootof Barr ay-*treet.
The.-ttambuat NORTH AMKKIC*.. Capt, R. G. CnUen
den. Meoday. Wednesday. Praiar a.-d Sooner, at 5 P to.
Tie starutitesl COLUMBIA, Captain We* H.Pec*. on
Tni-kur. Tnnnday and Saturday, at 5 P. ML.
Pwengen lahme thu line of hoeU wfB arrive an Albany In
s npla tiue to take the morning Trnja* of Cat lor "je Cast or
?t7~Tr? nhcve peers are new and sobstentieJ. are rmnithed
with new acd elexant Sure Rooms, and lor rpeed and accc-m
medatians are imnvallesJ or rhe Hudson.
(ST Allparvi.-sarethrbrdtruitiris eny of the Boats of this
Line wrrJiowt a written order from the Cap'oin.
r-r partake i,r r.~'gbt ?pt't on board, i r to
P. C SCHcLTZ. at the c.'rie* on the Wsarf.
?* ALB '.NY AND TROY -The new low
pressen? Uenmb-ittj TKOY. Cant, A. Gor
bain, j\???lar .'Thinrlay and Saturday
For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to F. B.
HA LL. at the office* on the wharf, foot of Barclay it.
The above brau return on the opposite deys, leaving Troy
at ri A. M. and Albany at 7 A. M.
Tue? NoTtcx? Evening Lire direct for ALBANY AND
TROY, atb'o'cloek, daily. Sunday excepted from the stearri
bnat pier foot of Courtlsndt street, N. V . the steamboats AL
BANT. Captain R. B. Maey. and SWALLOW. Captain A.
The Swallow scd Albrmy, alter landing Patseegers at Al?
bany, proceed immediately to Troy. Reuig of lieht draught
of water, they are enabled at all times to pass tae hon, and
reacn A'bany and Troy in ample time for pax?*ne*rs to take
the morn-ng trainstf cars for the East. Wert and North. Each
txv.t has a farce <u-ie of elecant State Rooms.
For pa?va^? or ire set. apply pt the office on the wharf, or
to the Captains on ooard the boats.
Vae :;.4iu rcn-tiiuting this line are unrivaled in speed, ele.
Cinre 'ird s.vnmmodntiooi. Dunne the past winter, the Al?
bany and Swallow have been thoroughly overhauled and fitted
up in the best manner. sJb?
L't&r-r-^-X^LANDI VGS.-The steamboat WEST
rZ&JEeXr&?5&< :H KSTEft. Captain Wm. II. Mellen, wi I
_eav-e the footoMLedar street, on Mondays, Wediwsdays and
Fridays at 8 P. M. connecting at Hudson withthj Hudson and
Berkshire Rai'road: (theairs of which Icasv oe the arrival of
trie boat.) end leaving Hudson on Sundays. Tuesdays and
Thursdays a; P. M. or on the arrival ol the cars, touching etch
way at tho intermediate landings. Tickets through to Pitts
StM $2 40 and to West Stockbridge ?J.
For freight or passage, apply on board or to
This boat has been thoroughly ov erhauled, and her m-corn
modatioru so improved as to be equal to any boat on the river,
an additional number of State Rooms havmg been added.
This boat tews no barg?. ml7
*N EWBURGH-linding at <:aldwelL West
-?Point, Coldipnag. Cornwall, and Etthkill
The steamboat JAMES MADISON. Captain Charles Hal
iterul. will leave the Warren street Pier every luesdiy and
1-nday at 4 o riock P. M. Returning, will leave Newuurgh
ewrr \x eilnesdny and Saturday at a o'clock P. M.
All Bagiara. Packaces or Pareols. Bank Bills or Specie, put
'??n board this boat without being entered on thobookor'eceipt
ed lor. must bo at tho r.sk of the owneis thereof jyfi tf
a^NEWHURGH-Undiiix at Caldwell's. W.
aBS^??Point, Cold .spring and Cornwall,
?eamkoat HIGHLANDER. DapC IL Wanlrop. will
-. - \l?n.l... Tl,nr>,|?v
Ir'f^?sS?. of Wunen ^^verr.Monday. ThurXlay
"rUruiw^ul? every Monday at 7 a. M.
% applvVid,..Cat?u-aon N*rd. Baa
iJeesxnd WahtOT ttseSptions. bank bibs or specseiOOt|on
niiard, must be at the risk of owners thereof ur.lew a btll ol la?
ding 01 receipt be signed lor the tame._
' fall and wTnTEII arrange
MENT.-N BWARK and new-Yt .rk.?
Vas^3>s?te>CjgLrnro only Wi ?n'-s.-Tho twi.1 and splon
did Steamer R?1NBOVV. Cant J. Gaffy. on and alter "lees
day. Sept. llith. wdl run as follows, daily t ?
Leavo fs'ewark. Leave New-York,
foot crl Ontre-street. foot of BareUy-tjrasJt.
o o'clock, A. M. ,, 3 o'clock. P. M.
Freight carried at very reasonable rates. "?
Whitehall-street?On and alter Monday,
ifcsept 8Ulh. the boat wdl run as follows until
rive New- York it 9. 11. A. M-?tM. 3 V;. 6. P.M.
?? Staren Island. to, a. ta.?lax, ?4, fjf. m.
Ul Grorjdi uvpea must bo particularly marked,
arc at Iherns. ol the owners thereof. t2S
Sfflga MIDDLKT0lyjf, OOSMEX.?Hd trnemu
,***7X *vt"1>- ''""i from fool , I Duanesl.?Tho steam
rial 1 1 loa, leave* oviory Morning;, (Sundays excepted) atd
o'ctocs : every Altcrnood ISundays exccpW) at naif-past
Jo'eloek, i-tt fk rmont. where pn-senjert tvke the commo
dious cars ol tiio Co.nnany fo.-Gtiiheti, Middletown, kc. ttc.
Returning, leave Middletown at 6H A. H. and ? P. Rl.
Stagei froai MiddJetewn loOwego, Btoghamuton, Himes
dafe, ( arboadale. Uilfbyd, etc in connection ?vi'b the alter
acin Line from New-York.
Frxioiit Notilc.?Freight received from 3 o'clock A. M.
to 5 o'clock P. M. and forwarded the tame dar.
For further pur'i.-uliirs. inouireof J. VAN 1! ENSSELAER,
A^ent, comer of Unaneand West strcjr?.
IL C. SEYM??B. Sopermsindont.
COMPANY?The Railroad being completed 10
While Plain.. ? III bo open for travel 00 ana' n''er
.Monday, lha Sth of October, as follows. The
VVevclie.ivr ira'ns will rnn four time, a day enah ursy:
?i'??1"!! <"i'y Hall for iltrlrm. l'iJ?th s reel.i Morrissiana.
FordbMm. Willi -ms' Uri.'g'j. t'nderhill's IU J. I'urk^hne
Hurt's Corners, and While Plains?7.3) A M. lO.tu A M, 1 P
M,3 30 P *t.
Leave White Plains for City Hall?8 AM, 11 A M, 1.3-J P
*?) 4 P M.
The Westchoitflrtm'n wi'l etopon'y after leaving 'he Ci'y
Hal' at the corner ol Brooms tt und 'he Bow.-ry, V-uixha'l
Garden and 37th st. An ext a car wid preeede each tram 10
DinuiesbeloreUm time of starting from the City Hall, and
will tnscup pcsienjers a Ions the nun.
. , ? HARLEM.
Eitra (mini E>r Htrlcm und intcrmediaro plaees:
Lcvo City'HallI for UKnem. l^o.tve Harlem f?r Ci(y Hull.
A to. 8 A M
w a m. 10 a ml
a P m. u a \i.
i.ii P U. f. P M.
tu "'* p to.
ash ANGEMEN T.?Cominencmg Monday.
Nov. 11th, 12H.
7 o'clock a. M.
3 " P. M.
I>>ave T^a.-e
9 o'clock A. M. 10 o'clock A. M.
3 M P. M. 4 " P. M.
Paoeigf-n by tho Monting Train to MORRISTOWN, will
arrive thereat 10-j o'clock, where Stages will be in readiness
to convey ihem to Schooley's Mountain. Washington Belvi
dere and Easion, daily : to Succnsuna, Stanhope. Newton,
Mdford and Owego on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays ;
anil Pi Rockaway, Dover, Sparta and Newt-n on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays; each Line returning the subsequent
days. A Stoire will als* leave for Rockaway and Dover every
Morning 00 tlie nrnvul of tho Cars at Morrwtuwn, and for
Biiskinz Ridge every evening.
Passengers ga through to and from Jer.ay City without
chnnmng Cars. On leaving, the City Passengers will dsposit
thoir Bageairtf in the Cur at the foot of Corllandt street, where
an Agent will be in attendance to receive iL
Passencers from Momstown will arrive in Newark in time to
tnke the tourmug mid Afiernoon Trains for 'i'rentoo and Plulu
All packnees or bundles must he "nt>rod on tho way-bill, or
the Gomjpwiy anil Bot bold themselves responsible.
FREIGHT will lie forwarded unineduiUdv to toorriitown
from Whitehall, by Stephens & Condit'a Line of Sloops to
Newark, or from the Transportation Oilice of the N. J. K. It.
and Trans, t'n. foot of Liberty-street. New. York, nnd, if de?
sired, will be called for in an> part of the City by application
at said oilice- re I ILA DODD. Superintendent.
p.A.'iaxKgNT.?Furo 57s, cants from Paterson to
Jersey Oit7. O? and after Oct. 1st tho Cars will
_,I ^ve Peterson Depot. New-York.
At S o'clock, A. to. I At9 o'clock. A. M.
At 11V o'clock. A.M. At US o'clock, P. M.
At 3 o'clock. P. M I At 4 o'clock. P. 61.
On r?rjXDAY8. Oy Scmdayo.
Ai 3 o'clock. A.M. At 9 o'clock, A. M.
At 3 o'clock, P. M. I At 4 o'clock, P. to.
Ali baggage nt risk of owners. Offices at 75 Courtlandt-st.
and at Iiepot. Patersoo. s?)
pc r ? ?n k THE REO I LA It LINE FOR ?iWON
The splendid ?tenmer WORCESTER, Oapt J. H. Vander.
bdt, will leave pier No. I, North River, foot of Buttery Place,
Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays, at ?o'clock, P. M.
Pas.senijr.:< by tlo? line will, on the arrival of Li* steamer at
ALLEN 9 l'( (INT, take the Railroad Cars and proceed direct
to UOSTij^. without change of cars or transhipment of bag.
gage. For freight or pue-ato apply to
D. H. ALLEN. 74 Broadway, or to
D. UAYWOOD, at tbeoflirc on the wharf.
N. B. Ail persons are lurbul IruiLnir any one on arconn' of
nun .' or owaers, n4 if
I~ l&L ? <?>NEWPORT AND i'KOVIDLNI E?ir'aro
yJ-jwSSaiSSjrsJ il'.:Hr?.?'i lie splendid stuar-!?..?' NEP.
TTNE. Ciipt. VYm. Rollins, will leave oicr No. 3 N .at:
Riny, every Monday and Hurssluv at 4 P. &L
All kinds of freight taken at the hswest pnees.
Pussengers by tins bout will arrive in Prevalence in tlmo to
take the iiionnrij tram of curs for Bo-'or\
For further irJoTncuor., mottin on board of too boat, or of I
04 J. N. DIETS. No. 13 VVeat-st. I
? lVv YI^QS^^B EATRESS will
' lee.ve NEW YORK on Mor.dany aad
^??Thursday in Steamboat NUiRQD, at t
_ ciocx A. M. for VVestSUjcibndg" via HouxaLimx Railroad
Enturn luave West IStoekbridge for Now York Tuesday and
Ftidar B? Itetteurotjrtatiu of bundles, packages. Money and
ptaicce. (?Tic? No. ISO VV est atreer. my30 Mm*
atw ar.d all tntensiedratji t'iacrs, *j ? Iwlaware
'onmylvonia and Lebish Gar.au.?Merchants
for the above places will go by Messrs. Jnme? U
ise sloops from New-York Lo^i'ew-ttrunswick,
Found at pier No. 2 Whitehall. Kiat River. New
York-sloop Fox or Greyhound. ABLE. WILSON ft CO.
'do lm* Pr..oo?<nrs. Fs'ton !?n
X.V SAf E?Warrantee dry a; well as fire and thief y.e.i" ?
wir,g_ CeS^lJIcaies from some of tne most resr>e?;tjib!t
inerehsna a"d einer? in tr.e .My of '.ew-'/rteans. eatahliahes.
their fire proor qualities beyorei all douh': ?
??Theundersiened itave tins day witnessed the trial of one of j
Rich's improved parent Salamander Safes in the fumaee of
Iba See Bir-l.
i e- .-Iii.-win plaewl in tho furnace at 10 minutes, after '1
??'clock A. to. ii.d rvtnsjoed taere ihiee hour*, eonfnn'iy ex
posed tn Liie mcsl iuteme heat thai CoaU b? created by the use
of pitch nine arid co?timwo??5. It wt* '.hen wkeo to the store
of Mr. Rich's tgenl in thir city and opened, when 'hey found
that the i ? Men's were oeither burned m.r scorched, r.id teat
?Jia wood work Lore no appearance of having beee txootet
to fire.
The ur.ders'fsed are eor.vineed that this 3afe was subjected
to neater heat then could possibly exist at the burning of any
buildinz in ti.it city, however combustible it* contents: and
they therefore have no besttalioo in teying that Rich's Safes
arvsmtcentir secure arainstthe risk of tire. aco*r any eircum.
stance* whatever.
Nlw-OaLXAB*. 13th June. 1&44.
Jen.mo B Bailare. Muster of steamer Sen Bird.
John Hoey, Puts Inspect r of Werern Marine and
IFire Insurance Company
Thos. H. (Jrenowith. Jr-rph Grant,
R. McGregnr. J H Staufler.
a. C. La baa. Benjamin B. Cook,
Rene H. Brune'.
One of our'customers saved $-d).0OC in one of Rich's 5nfes,
elthouzh tho burglar bad six or eight hours to try his skill on
the lock.
T'.e above >t!w told m thj city only by
A. ?. MARVIK, Agent for the Manulactuien.
s23 yc WX, VVbVst street
tivelr a? above, her reguar my. me nrrorr rr.o^^j"*
thu ship for cabin, second ralvn, and ?leer??? pm?^L?
c?nn"! he iUf!'n?e?l. Th?*e ?ahme to ?eeitre bmh? ?CS
not ted u> make early appl-cnt^n _
V\. & J. T. TAPSTtyTT
nil_aiS"?1"? stra?, cor. **
Ai(f(V-.(;i.VEXT- K?R l?H.-OLl? jg^Ts
^^IjSHED Pa: B?ACE ?^ICt-lCui-,?^^
^fS^ch*crilK-'r rvec? learn to oil'the ctvntioa of his
and the public :n mral to the Wtow>r? rreyyai wjufc
1S4J !<rrt>e purpose nf?r.,-in? ?m Ca.-n. ;,, &b)l tne ?
rers i-r the Rrftj'r.r Una ol UreCfpool Pict?, ?
6tb. [Ith, l*h. .1?. and 3Kh of ?r?ry ?rfT
Packet?, to mi' rVnea Netr-Yort ts? 1?. te?>?3
on Lotto*, on the7th 17-h and 87th ..featr. n>
on wth the above, und r?r the pcrpoee ot ?:Tn?ii
s^rAwwnc-r, by the jgstrafax ?oeot Liverpool rV??,";?!
?he lymdnn Pn<'
ip.h. and from
In ennrwrtion w . ..
tUlI greater faclitv.1..pa???"gef?, ?he?nbtcn^rrmtatxi.?.
a regular line offirst class N*w-> or*. bo:*. cnpr?ml u^rj
per fastened thip*. t.. sail pi, -?all? every week thr,^,^
the y ear For the accminods4 -n oTpem :t ? ;.h ,.t v, ^
money to 'heir families ^r frienot, eraJV are ci?*n. ptytkjZT
sight, oo the foiliw.pir Ranks. v.r..
P.-ovinnal Hankiot I7aaJ.payxiie?
Co*k l.n&enik. ?''r?Jr?<i-,
WVxforC. f fast. ?fiSP
Gal way. Armagn, A WMO 9>*T\ia,
Bailie*. TraJoe. t<?;s k?J. .Ee-,^
Monaghan. Banbrrdge. Rtl'/mana. P'rsaitta,:
Dowiipntnck. Cavna, ?.t-g??. '-rcatt,
Dumannon. Bancoo. '.."',' l?lT?henso?
Slranan*. Skihereeo. ,*?7J,low' ??W
Conthill. KHruih . f Dublin. cobber**/
^otfand-Tb^ City Bank of (,lww.
Ea-land? Mean. Spoooer?,?.-wo?d i. Co. Baaksn. ]y^~,
payable in eve-y town in Great Rr:tain.
For runter in'orroarion. nf t.j letter, noM-oaid, apply
to. runner 4?gg?{j McML RKAY, MO Piao-strsS
Corner of South, N-w-Yoct
Ol Meter, P. VV BYR.NES CO
au23 y _*> Waterloo Road. IjrerpooL
AJI tbOte two .-ertnin Lots Ol I And lying adjacent to eta
?lj,-r 10 the BtofSstMfa W art! ol t.'ie I ty of New. lork,?^
the bu.l.lin.-? tlieroon. and which, taken together, are bca-ei
Easterlyalongmeooiiui-xv?io.u i?ur... .y?,^
fi feet and 4 inchet, thence S - to-Katteriyn:ul PmaW*,..
TwentyJizth^treet !?? feet; thence South;>Y*4erryandjjtal
letrinninx. _ *
Titos.>. Peers. Deputy ^lenil.
I luted Xeu York, 1 L t. 2st:_i. 1S4A. _j-2?l?i*.
BEF'?RF. TDK ( HAM'Kl.I.i Ht - ..<- ?' ./?<?: H;._,,
v? ft'iUinm .1. //.iwi/?el*?Bill for di?orce, a trv*'.
wat-nw'tmii. WILLIAM |tl.? hi.MFIEI.I'. oftteS,
New-York, complainant? tvl.eitnr. William A. rltrsio;,
tiie defendant in thit suit, wh.ae place ot revdence a ?(V
iiigton in the State of Louisiana, n rcjuired to appear urhi
eSm hy the twcntv.eighth day of January Mat, ur thtttie
|?|| tiled therein ?ill be taken a. coafwd ?I??^-?-,
1< lnw3wc. U V. Bl^ iOMHELD
? Albany Argtu copy one*: a week tluvo wtekt in m.
V ORDER of Hon. Elia? Ear-om. First Judje ol-j*
, Countr iN.urts of the County of Nuigara, and connta
lor at-Law in the Supreme Court, notleo i> h.-ieby.given, las
an attachment has usuixl against tha estate ol flmuirj
I), kj a poo resident debtor, :uid tlmt th??ome will b*%*i
for the peymeut of hiitieljtauoles* ba appear i.nd d-scbtrp
luch attachinent according to la * within nine smthstrotsij
U'-r publiCNtien >?: Ui? notice: ai d that t..e payn ent uf u;
debt* due to him by rem'.-.tto' S-ntc .it. 4 ivdebvery^
nun 01 tor .'-is u?>! of any propsrtv within tin. ht.vs beieeret
to ..im. ?nd the transfer ol any ?ucb urutiTty by lnm, artar
bidden by law and are void,?Dated.Luekpert, Aegu? Iii.
j^4l ? ? C. COL t t'N,
nug'30 lawOni w.h. Att iniey fot Attaching Creditor.
BY iVRDER of l'aniel Pratt. Timl Jud^e of Onondir:
County Ceurti and Countellor at Law in the Surr??
Court. Notice is hereby given, that an ?Uacoroent hu wort
?g?irist the estate of Gail Mi*a. a mm rodent .Ul.tr r.aajai
prool made to the ?aid Fir-t Judge, pursuant to tliedirertiaa
,.f ths; Statute concerning "Attachment? against abseondisi,
concealesi otnon resident debtors ;"' a"d tl at th* miujvjiIiu
sold fur tiie payment of Ins rieb s unless he. the saiu ?,od M?av
appear and discharge such attnrhment acessrding to law. ?ab
iu nine months from the tirst publication ot thu roiioc;
that the payment of any ilci?;i due to him by retidentsof tkii
State, und the delivery to him or for his use of any prorjeny
within this State bsdoofiai to him,and the transfer uf aarn?
property by lum are forbiddou by law and are r?nl Dai
June 27.1544. , DGWr.
jy 9 law9rn Altorney lor Attaching Credita.
rN PI'RSl'ANCE of rtn onler ofthe SiirroenteoftheCooa.
ty of Now-York, nyitioe t* here^r given to hM persansbtr.
ing clnniis iigainsl Jussili 1 i'l.s.nnor. late of ihu l"it/ of .\e?.
Yuri., Imi'iier, ilerennrd, topieseut the same, with iJ-svoks,
es? thereuf, at the olhoe ol tuiahael U'Connor, KI entrerfnst,
in the Cily ofNesr.York.on or lietiirethc J3d ol January mit.
Dair.1 New Y?rk. ibe 23d dwrol July.VM.
Mil ?AELI 'CONNf ?R. I
JOflN V COl.LORD, ,r-"<mton.
jcJ? lnworn? M \i.Y O'O INNOlt, Elxecutru._
IN PUR8OANCE0I an order ofthoSur-ognte of the Coos
ty of New -t ori,, notice iabeieby riven to nil (>er?onihs?
ing clntm? gfttinst 1 taroliite H. Knapp, Inte ol the ('nyi.f ,\m
york? aeceused. to present the aame with the vouchers uWa
to 1 he subscriber, at his residence No. 214 llroouie strest, 1 nthe
(My of Now. York, on or l^tiire the twentieth day of Heceo
ber next. Dated Now-York, the l.'th day of June, I84i
jel7 lnwem? JAMES II. KNAPP. AJ.n.
.1 MOST Ul.y.SSF.i). Slrl.i.VOE. .1STO U.yolvq
Ajvn MiR.HCVi.nus trviumotf, to eon
MANY?ay. there are iui.n> who have been cheated wii
trasn. and thetefore thiak the powers of the gees
ine Joret'i Soup are emggenited ; let su?'h give ita fiirtrtl,
ll is indeed 'he most singularly wonderfully curative prtpinr
tiunt ever made, in all tkin disease*. !i lact. It se!4oma
never hsib ineunng
Pimples, riloieh.es, Frer kies. Tun, Morplew,
:-i<iit Kbeom. Scmvy, Brys>nelat i>'uber'? Itch,
RingWurm. O-d Sores, und Sine He ids.
Bntminu. it is.i.,ne?'t Soaphaadooe, and ?tili enVetttaei
cur's IJ?t it no whereel?e m thf?city??.: ynu will bttet>
died with aeonnterleit?but si ihe ugnof '.h^ American Fe?
re. SJ Chwtham-stieet. New-Y?rk ; in Boston, at Keddisn
I Stnt.-v'.re..'-: 7.ieb?r. Z Ledger Bii'Mmg*. Philtsdah^htttsis)
l-iSFiilroir-sircel. Hrookl/n
the human ha IK,
And otherwise impiuve a:.d render it a splendid omaoatt to
both :?v.cj. fur the
Low pi-tce a! Tlirre Slill ff.;s.
1> FADER ! we te.i: tiireo sh,"..r.j !. ittlea. that yon rar
>.a know; that tint is no' on* of .he ami humbug, of tbtiUJ
at *1 We expect you'?> bty it mon thnn imiob. as wswsr
rani it to (xmses^ the fo b. w r..; ^u .'.i'r? It will f,rcs?i??M
to grow on tny purt woe;. N itL' i inteedw hair Ui gmw.sW
it lull ng off cure Menrf 01 DandmrT, and mnke'ighLrtdct
.-re-/ h 1 ir grow dark. Fottti u ng the hair ioD and iiikj, so
tinng e.tremis this It ri indeed int most economical. j?ip
penor. article made for tho b.ilr. It is c hut per than ths usa
culled hair nib, am! it will koep the hair in order with octlp
plicatiuc twice tl long us an, other utticle made.
Sold?once 3 4 ?r 8 shillings a bottle?it the sign efts*
American Cngln, SJ Chaihnru-street, New York: li? Ftftere
ttrvet. BrookJyu : 0 Su.le-ar.sct. Boston; d Leilger Bailucp.
? ttgmnfrni . M?- ('H 1LD. ' )<-'( I r-'ST. sji
;? ? ?>--.. t'.i rewovs' to iVrKeigbfrsrhoasSf
< { Hro.idv.ny.l eontmrs>? to t>? ose
? --jfi^Z.^^ soltad on ai! diM>a??s of tiie Bit it
^\Ltf'r\ 'S fS'--. b.- Vaw!-.ui.stj?ft, lost
' u?l r\\Z doors i'um lludsuo, ???ry Uli
^S^f/ ;ji^ [Sunday exeepted.l iieiw^ri im
liou'sot II) and 4. kvcere releree
res may be seen of cases ike oxst
(langeroas and r ?;j tsi
of tin. twenty, and ovea fany
years diir^tnrn. yteUtnj( u> h.s trentmerii. many ol theafis
qnenfly oronounccil res-;! 1
Mr. Child net tr erMlertalves a ease where tliereisaotgcsJ
reeaon to expect n cur? Advice to the poor cratlt.
Ali ieti:^ nn:?t In- rw-rntid ' n14lm'
(GERMANY, mot- r^.-rtfunrB;
lo.-ms f .e citizens of New-Yr.rkss<
the putum in general, that he has located bimieif in this en,
and opens to-day at 437 Broadway; a large at-d most cr.mplw
assortment of Specrnclif* tM H-nding Glasses. inGold.dih"
and Steel Foimsj?. He wnub: slut remind '.he public, to ?>Ml
ho it partly Known by bu i.oncal visits to fcaratogs fiira?
tirice the Intl nine ye.in. that b7 hit knowledge of iheopi/tl
rcience h.. u enabled to delenuina the glaste? tunable (a* sij
eye. Person? with weak eye? can be tupp-'ied withgbsas
which will greatly benefit ard not strain the tight, ParB'-tbr
attention is ealljrf to a new style of perspectiv? gttuad g!??e
of the ?nett flint, which, thviugh their high politli and 'X*
ground, producfltho pures' vision, and have bean highly rW*
mcn.ied a? the best ui tr.eir ullects upon the eyo for prtserrat
and improving t. 0 sight in csntinued writing and read??-:*
Short-tigbte. p?iv;ns, and such as have beenooerated nposw
cataract. can aixobeiuited. He inserts likewise now glasen?
supe-.. r-csJity in old fraexs. and toLcits the patronagecfw
tn wej? 0/ haartickiS. Please Call at
?13Y M. W^E. '"Jptlcian. 437 Broadway.
i. For t.'hiirclijj. Hails, Harbin. S'ore?, Nurseries, it*
A large and bc^intifal essi.rtn.ei 1 of \h.,.u Stoves ol new rat?
tern? ; also "ir-Jint f-r Hulls. P.irloM. 4tc. tngother with an tr
?ortmeot of other denrabl? Stoves for bu-nirg wood or oral
have been made tats season, nul t.'mte in want ol SrrrM ??
would btvtta to exam;neouraawwtmert before purrhviar set?
s' ere. 81 ives repa red an-I pu" up at ?h?rt rot.--e,!rJ?2
kj ids ol sheet iron w.,i pinle to onlgr. by
?J7 1'. i.'.TIi 11P.uk;i-:. SIO Water a. urv,/ Fu'l?.
Jackson, sta?ey cv. rn?th,
arid Tabu ( utlery Us eons, rViM.ir?, Filet. Sawt. To**.
and other description* of ShsrSeid Co.xi?.
"?n_No. lb' PI.ATI'-y^BEFT,,
It YE A IIS nxper*?nee. toa?iaer w.th many rs*
able isipiovtme.ats and additions to his ferrrrrrMO?
.' er.uolestl-.o
the isabMsrtberto funush, at shortnot..:?. ?P
ott Dertectixinstruction.marcr.a'tand etW
niaath:p. Maehiaextonlanewcodmallit? vansts*
(?ucha? Blaoing oritrtscingonly. orccuiagins*1*'
iaYV , - -u,i?
A;to. pianing, tonjiutingand groovraeg.^pruts?
,>r rahheitine, and planing Ciapp twrtis.
9r?3Z1 _^PP'ie?tiion tsny be ma/le to t*esur*rrio?rtjl3
?Cfjfi fl- s?te"!Mhrr.ent in FoxUiro', oraf :iisoi?g?. uf-*?.
tfrSiS <mmmrxi tni I^ev.?-strtal, Boston, whtss ??
,---.. ' ' r-J - - ? / ?? ?r --1. .-?:?! rnv inform! ISM rt^>
I BPel ',?B?J i?oumi3ed. as ws.'i asofJssjf
S Ha f: Oi. New-York: or J.W.Sb*"*
? fi' Aloaay.
?1 .'v rj '-<rt.'t:t ^"eau inrjeiry ami t^yost-peia
_v vs' Mats *r-'1. I?4* tvJ4l?.
-V JIlCltCH P.^.r.S AND"T<>W.\qsC<i?;
fe 5 i,hetnb?-?-*r. who was nwa'Wre a 0&&Z
3. S> th* N?w York llt.ip Fa.-sol HMtJan.1 M
* - he-t toned Chumh Itell and aim a Sdver A
the b.?? Ball, and D-pioma lor Town Cleek.'pJ
bitedcttheFatrof the Armnean In.mu-e in tlember
now prepared ai his Found* nt \Ve?i Tray. Ns^-X*?rJ
furnuh Bells of from20tu i i.OOO iht. made of the >f*,
riaK aiH wnmr'e.1 in stand ?nd t?r.a to plar.ie-f-^V*
ihoro improved Cu.t Iron Yokes with Moveab's mt
Increasing demand for bw Balls is tha beat evidence ta?l?JJ
be given of tbeir excellence 1 Irdert have heeo reea >*! ; rt
the Canada! and atawwt a tha Males, and ?h"?L*"{sn1
*?eeu furn'sbed to diff?rent i.ieae? in the State of ^*m\\ite
from hit Foundry.?Town t.'locit. 1 ?v..\.:? and Barvsr
iMtrurnent?. Copper and Brass Curia?-?. Ate tc. r
o?l ?hn 1Mit; ?iV ?iKNRr^J^.
\1 CRRAY it. LAXMAN Wimle^le Drog?t?tt
l?I eta>nPaints.Oiks Dyet*-utl?. 4c Particular a|>?""3
given to pu-tiog up older-, ^sofnsly for R-.ntri A merits"
We* loom m?.k?.. * W-ter . n?
100e.i.>? b??; l^i.-r Fmary-aaoiudnuicbea
.rOe,^se? Ergli-o r<-.n et! B? rriT-n3 'Ueaga.
IS!.?? Scotch Firs- Uriel. srM?
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