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^.Mv-Vork Alpine Scenery.
Correipondenoe of Tho Tribune.
I will trouble you with but this one mere letter
from the Backwoods. After the description I have
(riven of the wilderness and its extent, I seem to
hear you inquiring, " What do people live on
there?" We!), not much of any thing; y(.t
money is mad? in this region?that is, out nearer
the settlements- You have no conception of tho
quantity of lumber that is taken every winter
from er.inc part of this wilderness to Albany.
A thousand people trill be in these * oods, where,
in the summer, there is not a living being
Speculators buy the land for the 6ake of the tim
brr, and then in the winter carry in provisions,
eto. for the lumbermen who are to cut it. Lo;
hats are put up in the depths of the forest, for
themselves and cattle, and some poles driven into
the logs for bedsteads ; and thus equipped and en
camped, they lay sicgo to the pines. Teams are
made to work, and logs are drawn, where you
would say it was impossible for cattle to stand
A great deal of land is bought solely for the pine
on it; md after that is cut down, it is allowed to
revert baok to the State, to pay the taxes due on
it. In the interior, however, there is no timber
cut, as it is impossible to get it out to market
As civilization extends, wc hope, however, that
tho heart of the Empire State can be reached by
roads or water navigation.
Speaking of living, reminds mc of an anecdote
related to mc by a Professor in one of our Col?
leges. Sent here by the State for scientific pur
poses, he took with him, as a companion, a
younger brother who had just graduated, and an
old hunter for a guide, cook and provider general.
Leaving, one day, a clearing in which some fine
peas were growing, they took along a small quan.
tity to give rcli?h to a dinner some day in the
fjrest. At length, after a hard forenoon's work,
they pitched thair encampment one day on the
borders of a lake in the heart of tho woods.
"Come," said the Professor, "lot us have those
peas to-day." So, while he was taking some ob.
serrations, the old huntor and the young grad.
uate prepared the dinner.
After a while the Professor said ho noticed an
utusual chuckling between the student and the
hunter. Suspecting some trickery, he sauntered
quietly up towards the fire; casting his eye
around, he observed they were making wooden
spoons with their penknives. All at once it flash?
ed on him that they had nothing but penknivef,
to eat the peas with, and that here was a conspi.
racy to rob him of Iiis share. Saying nothing he
walked to the lake shore, and picking lip one of
those large muscle shells, holding more than an
ordinary sooon, he fitted a split stick to it for a
handle, and clapped them both in his pocket.
Then sauntering back, in order to prevent them
making very extensive preparations, he kept
around until the peas were cooked. His pre?
sence rather obstructed their design, and they
were able to finieh but very shallow spoons after
all. The peas were at length poured into the
common dish, and lo '. it was all soup. To pre
vent the possibility of tho Professor's getting even
a moiety, they had cooked them so that the peas
were like Virgil's "ran n<in/f? in gurgiie vas
to." Imagine them at length all seated on the
ground around their food, each stabbing with his
penknife at the peas, which dodged under the
6urfaoeat every blow, eluding every effort to
catch them. After tnis process had been carrit a
on awhile, to the ill-suppressed merriment of the
studont and hunter,they whipped out their wooden
spoons and flourishing them over their heads
with a loud "hurrah" made a dive at tho poas
The Professor ooolly drew fjrth his huge rnuecle
shdl aud stick, and fitting them together began
to ladle up the soup. The hunter and the gradu?
ate stopped in utter amazement, and with their
spoons suspended half way to tueir mouths gaz<*d
at tho quiet Profesior, who, without uttering a
word or changing a foature, diligently plied his
shall. In a few moments every pea had vanish?
ed, and the hunter, as he licked his empty spoon,
confessed he bad been fairly out-maneuvered for
I took a tramp and nie together from Warren
County at the foot of Lake Schroon around
through Hoffman into Essex County, and so on
to Lake Champlain. Luko Schroon is a most
beautiful sheet of water, with the shores sloping
down to it on one side like those of Skancatclcs
At the foot of it is the residence of Mr. Benlhuy
sen, (a good Whig,) commanding one of the finest
views imaginable. The Lake hero at its outlet
looks hko the Hudson River in its windings
I have never seen a more picturesque situation
for a Summer residence. In England it would
not long remain unbought, and I can rccom
meud it to our City gentlemen for a country
?eat. This Lake Schroon should bo called
" Scaroon," from a French family that first gave
it the name. The rapid way of pronouncing it
has changed it into Schroon. Hoffman is almost
uncultivated, but it has one enterprising man in
it, Mr. Radcliff, who will build it up if any man
can. A few miles from the head of Schroon
Lake is Lake Paradox, which derives its name
from tho fact that its waters flow two ways. Its
outlet empties into the East branch of the Hud?
son (i. e.) in ordinary timci. But when, as it
frequently happens in the Spring, the Hudson
suddenly rises even with its banks, the surface
of the stream is above the level of tho Lake,
which of course rises much slower. The current
of the outlet is then reversed and flows back into
the Lake. This double motion of the stream hcts
given the name " paradox" to the lake. Between
this and Lake Champlain the country is wild, but
there is ono family on the way that redeems it
ail?a Mr. Moore's. The first thing I saw on en
taring his house was a Tribune, and a right hcs.
piUble Whig he was. Wc hunted and climbed
the mountains together, and came very near
taking a bear cno day in our rambles.
About six miles from Crown Point I for th e
frst time in my life caught a full view of the
Green Mountains of Vermont. They were a
?ong way off, but in the clear light of the sct
^g sun, their bjld outline showed beautifully
gainst the blue sky. I was struck with the s->ft
blue coloring over them like that we so often sec
to Italy, and which is generally thought to be
Peculiar to that country
VOL. IV. NO. 1?8
Burlington is one of the most beiut:fal places
on the Continent, though I was provoked with a
remark made by Prof. Von Raomer one day in
company with some of the Professors of the Col?
lege He said he had trareled fron Bjfton.
through the Ailantic States to Ncw.Orlcan?, and
Up the Mississippi, through Canada, and so down
to Vermont and Burlington, and that Niagara
and Burling'on furnished the only scenery that
could be called fin* scenery he haa seen in all his
route. Xow Von R?ume: is too old a traveler to
have made that remark. If he will go through the
country on Ra-lroads and Steamboats at the rate of
ten and twenty miles an hour, he Bhouid not com?
plain of dearth of scenery. I have seen both
Continents, (not excepting even the Professor's
favorite, Germany,) and I say that in natural
scenery the United Stdtes stands unrivabd ; and
if this remark ia an index of the book he designs
to publish about us. I would not give a straw
for it. How supremely foolis-h for a nrm like
Von R?umer to hurry through our country by
steam, taking ail the lowland in his way, and
then pretend to write about us! These three,
months' tourists we have a poor opinion of. To
idd to the Professor's wisdom, he took the night
boat up the Lake. Very likely he went down
the Hudson by night also. Suppose ho had
Tone up by daylight, and then come back and
<;one acrosB from Burlington to Boston, and then
through Massachusetts and Connecticut to Al
aany, and down the Hudson on a pleasant day,
2very hour would have been crowded with rich
md varied scenery.
I left Vermont with regret, for 1 love her with
!ier rock, fast integrity and lofty virtue. She is
i gem in the mountains. I love her glorious
Whig majorities and her enthusiastic love of
Freedom. I love to hear her steady voice speak
ing on year after jear for Human Liberty. She at
least, is free?shall be free for ever. The shock of
contending Stetes shall not shake her ; and when
the fragments of a shivered Union arc strewed
aver the land, her brow shall remain untarnished,
and her glory undimmed. H.
A Heroine.?Although, in the late political con?
test, many a poor man in this County was forced to
succumb to his ' Democratic ' task-master, yet there
were some noble exceptions?one of which wobIhiII
relate. A poor man, who has been a Whig for
years, in the township of Sandyston, was threatened
by his landlord with a summary ejectment from the
premises in his occupancy unleaB he voted for Polk
and Dallr.a. lie hesitated upon receiving this sdict,
but his wife, with that courage and fortitude which
ever animates the hrca?t of a true woman, deter?
mined that her husband should spurn the dictation
of the petty tj rant. She accompanied him to the
polls herself, and did not rest sutifcfiVd till he had
riepositsd his ballot for Cluy and Frelinghuvsen.
The gallant Whigs of S&ndyston rightly apprecia.ed
the conduct of this noble-spirited woman, and pre?
sented her with a new dress, as a testimonial of
their admiration. That humble couple will not be
permitted to seffer. Let their would-be oppressor
look to himself. [Sussex (N. J.) Register.
A Loco-Foco ALLY.?Were the Loco Focos
obliged to take care of the paupers whom they brine
to the polls, we should have less of them. One of
these allies came on Saturday last, the day alter the
election, to ihe. store, corner of Walnut and Tliircl
atreets, to beg money for a night's lodging. He had
a lohf of brett'l under bis arm, and b?'trajed hin for
eisn origin. His story, as told to several gentlemen
in the store, was thai he bad been staying in the
first ward of Moyamensing?had voted there the
duv before fur i'olk and Da'las, but thai iheydidn't
pr ovide for him only till nfttr he had voted, and he
now wanted money to get him a night's lodging.
[Phil. North American.
Fined for Illegal Voting.?Hugh S Boyd,
wh'i whs arrested some days aeo, charged with vot?
ing illegally in the Seventh Ward ot Baltimore at
the Governor's election on the 2d u.U. was tried yes?
terday before Justice Schaf tier and fined $-0 and
costs. The seme person ofiWcd to vote at the Pre
?idential election, but was rejected by the Judges.
He gave eecurity and has gone to his home in Cecil
Patrick Brabam charged with votiDg at the Gov?
ernor's and Mayor's election, was alno tried yester?
day before Justice SchaetTer and $20 ar.d costs in
both CAB6B. Appealed to court.
Havana, Oct. 26, 1844 ?Provisions of all kinds
have been very scarce and dear, and how the poorer
classes have kept body and soul together, they only
know. We shall cet along belter after this, ts
supplies are beginning to pour in from the Cnited
Slates, (which you know is our granary, although
they won't take our sugar and tobacco,) and prices
to give way. The Mexican brig of war Santa Ana
touched here five davs hinc, on her way to i\W
Vork, with money to hbirate the steamers.
[Correspondence N. O. Pic.
Ail k I r. d j of Job Printing, tccb as
Cataloodsi. Lectcrjc Kills.
C'nxcES. Cards. | Cohcxp.t Hills. Plain end
IkscraNC? PoLicite. , I'ancy.
Bills or UiDiiid. I Political Bills.
Circulars, ' Oircclarr. (nsut) Ate
romper oicouted at iheOfHee of the 'tribune. No. ISC Name
meet?oDPOtiie the Park.
No. 7 SpRrcx Strxit.
third stort.
Are preuared to oxzeute Binding for BOOKSELLERS.
rUBI.IC LIBRARIES and private individuals.
N. B. Particular attention paid to rebinding Old Books. Pe?
riodicals, Music, fee, in good style and at reasonable rales.
Persons visiting the city can have their books rebound at
ihort.aoiice, ^ J*"
D2T" Grnhnm Boui?-Kcw Arrangement.?
R* >SWELL GO?S informs his friends und the public that 1?
known as the Graham House. 43 Barclay-street, by adding to
it the adjoining house, irnd is prepared to accommodate trim,
ticnt or permanent Hoarders in the most favorable terms. All
triends of Tempe'anco desiring a quKt hone, and freedom
from ihe furaw of alcohol and tobacco, are invited to patronize
thi? home, The Vegetable System, srttn she choicest selection
oi fruits &c which the m?rtet affords, will lie strictiy adhered
to. but a table will bo served tor tho** who prefer the ordinary
mode, or misi-d dirt, _
('roton Shower. Warm and Cold Baths, tree.
KS" Water Cure Establishment, 65 Bar
clay-?t.?Joel Shew M. ?. Practitioner. Those who can?
not cet relief by drugs, are invited to try Nature's best medi?
cine. The location is airy ar.d pleasant, and the conveniences
ample for the full treatment by Water. The poor advised gra?
tuitously. _ . _ o43m*
BCT" The Mutual Life Insurance Company
Of N'ew-Vork.-This Institution has issued, during the
month of October, Eitty-Eight policies, viz:
To Merchants_.22 To Clergymen.8
" Clerks .4 " Physicians.4
? Brokers.1 " Lawyers.*
" Cashiers of Banks.1 rarraers .i
" Iron Founders. 1 *' Mechanics.?>
" Civil Engineers. 3 " Teachers..M.? 3
" Artists . 1 " Ladiee.
" Students. 1 25
-33 J3
SotrgL HasSaV, Secretory.
MrsTfRN Post, Physician. nlim
IEDUCATIONAL HABIT, prejudices early imbibed, pecu
It tuary interest, professional pride?all conspire to render
medical men the standing enemies of what they stigniatiie as
*? imtent mediane?." And trnnseendant m^t be tnat Balsam
whine heeling virtues haveextarted M many communication*
from iihysir.inif, enimen'in their proles.ii'11.
We c.'te a lew from men whose opimon? would not suffer by
comparison with any ot the facility. . , _, .,
Hr7\Vm. Y. Banks. Xenin. 0. has Wtirer/^nred mw pf
the most serious and obstinate com? of lung daease. b> \\ ?.
tar'sBabainol W.ld Cherry, after they hwl baffled al onh
nary rcmedieo-" I never sold a mclecine mjs tne Uocur.
" in which I had Uiat entire cenjuimce that \ Im^e '?? ??u ,
Chas. Streater. M.D. Wilkesborw. Pa- cerocesthat the Bd.
?am hail cured many in that piace-Hspecial ) \\m.
Esq. Attorney al Law. ot general debdity and a cough ol long
"^fhlfve used Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cheny in cases of
conhrmed cough, pain in the side and ?pitUoR or blood, at?
tend*! with other dil?culoes. and find it to be the most eiw.a
ciouj remedy 1 have ever yet used, and feel no heaitancy u? re?
commending itto the public." _ . .,_ x.j
GE?. JACKINS. M.D. Cambpdgc. Md.
Dr. S. Kiilraan. of Boundbrook. .V J. also concede* \\ ortar ?
Balsam of Wild Cherry to he the best medicuie known lor
consumption in every stage- ? . . .
In fact, the r.ro.jl'of the extrat-rdinary efl.cic&cy ofUI? meui
cine MM conclusive oad oxerwbelming that a ulohylornny
to deny that it eure? wheu all ?Hier remed.es, presenptious and
modes of trentmeut utterly tail. . .
?TJ- Beware of spurious mixtures in imitation of Uie l^nu.
uie Wi*tar's Babyp of Wild Cherry. - ?. t.
ISAAC BUTrs, ad Ann-st Sole Agent for New^ ork.
F. Brown, fluid.; DoxWt. Albany. 437 ^
Items or Indian Nrws ?From th*j Arkanssa
Intelligencer of the 19.h ult. we gither the follow?
ing :
It appear! thai the report of th? death of George
La wry. the eteond chief of the Cn?-rokee Nation, is
untrue, although we learn by the Cherokee Advo?
cate that he is in n critical ntat* of health.
We ienrn that the Cherokee Council have elected
some of tmir Circuit Judges, will elect a Chief Jus?
tice, and then probably adjourn until the return of
Mr. Roes?Mr. Lo?rv, second chief, biing too ill to
attend on the Council.
The Chickesaw annuity will be paid some time in
November. The Choctuw annuity will be paid
Hbout the same time. Th9 Creek annuity will be
paid about the 1st ol November.
The. dead body of a Cherokee Indian was found a
few days since reer Evanaville, hanging over a fence,
with several wounds upon it, wh'cn appeired to be
inflicted bv a knife. He was no doubt murdered.
A command of U. 25. Dragoons passed through
Van Baren a lew dais ago, on their route to Little
Rock, with two prisoners in cnnrge. whom they were
taking to thn custody of the L" S. Manhal. One
?---a Corporal Kmnev, of the Gh U. S. Infanrry, tor
killing Haniag-, a 'Cret-.k Indian. Toe other wa*
named Harvey VVyait, a white man, married to a
Chrrr k'-e woman, who wan detected ia pasaing
counre:feit gold in (he neighborhood of Fort Gibson".
Tne spurious pieces were $5 and $10.
I.NTth* sting to the OWNEHS of real Es?
tate ?The Superior Court, at the last term, heid
at Rochester, hive decided a question of great im?
portance to this City, which was argued here in
May last by Hon. D.uiiel Webster on"bmalt ol the
Anti-Assessment Committee, and by Robert Em?
met, Esq. for the Corpora'ion. After upward oi
thirty years recognition of the validity of the act
under which streets and avenues have been opened
and improved, and titles to property amounting in
value to several millions have been passed, ami ob?
jection was raised that the judge.s of the supreme
Court ia appointing Commissioners of Estimate and
Assessment and confirming their reports under that
law. did nor let judicially, but as Commissioners
of Highways, wad therefore lb at they had acted i:i
violation ot the clause in the Consiituticn of this
State which prohibits the Judges ol the Supreme
Court Irom holding any other office.
This objection, which, if valid, would have made
void ali the proceedings under ihe above act of the
Legislature, and put in jeopardy every title acquired
under tP.em, has, alter lull consideration, been, de?
cided to be untenable, the Court holding, no doubt,
that all their ncls under that law have been of a
judicial charncter. Tfiis decision will enuhb- :lie
Holders ol property on Madison avenue, Thirty'
seventh, Thirty-nimh and some otber streets, which
have b-jen kept in suspense for some time br the
objection, to go on with their improvements.
[Commercial Advertiser.
Melancholy Accident and Death.?Mr. John
Lux, lor many years past a citizen of this City, met
with an accident Ja.-t week, which resulted "in his
death yesterday. In jumping from his bogey, he
was eo unfortunate as to break his leg above the
ancle, from the effects of which it was supposed he
was recovering. Yesterday, however, he was
seized with the lockjiw, and no aid could save his
lifa. Mr. Lux was very generally known in this
City as an honest, warm hearted, generous man,
and there are many friends who Inment hisBudden
and melancholy death. [St. Louis Repub. Uct. 30.
Newspapers is Wisconsin ? There are now
thirteen newspapers publi.-hed in Wisconsin?five
Whig, sis Drmocrutic, one Abolition, und one Neu?
tral. Four of the number are published West, and
nine E ist of Ruck River. The population ol Wie
consindoes not at prerent much exceed the number
in some of the largest Counties in the State of New
York ; vet no one County in New-York (except the
City) supports withiu its limits any thing near the
number of papers which are sustained in this Terri?
tory. City papers at the East are as well patron?
ized in the West, in proportion to population, as
they are in any otber portion of country. The in?
ference therefore may be fairly drawn, that the in?
habitants of Wisconsin are a reading people; thut
they are not b.hind the age, at least so far ns the
menus of acquiring a knowledge of passing events
is concerned. [Southport (\Vi?.) Herald.
Runaway Slaves.?The St. Louis Era says :
Officer Couzzins, of this city, returned last even?
ing from a trip to the Canadian line. Some two
weoks since, five or six negro me*, belonging tu
different citizens of this plnce, were missed, and
it was thought they had run away with the in
tention of reaching the Canadas. Mr. Couzzins
and some two or three otber persons started in
puisuit. When a Bhort distance on the usual
route taken by runaway slaves, they Ptruck iheir
trail and followed in hot pursuit un?l the negroes
crossed the line, which they did some twelve
hours ahead of the officers. From evert- circum?
stance connected with their going off, there is
the best grounds to believe that they were assisted
and persuaded to do so by Abolitionists, and it is
staled that white men accompanied them along
the wh'de route.
Destructive Fire.?On the 21th Oct. the fine
sugar house of Messrs. Joseph A. do F. A. Feree.ol
St. Mary Parish, in this Slate, together wiih about
sixty five hogsheads of sugar, was entirely destroyed
by fire, which was communicated to the roof by a
spark from one of the chimneys. So rapidly did the
flames spread, that there was not even time to save
the sugar in the purgcry. The machinery was
greatly damaged also. The works ore eaid to have
cost over ?19,000, and there was no insurance; and
what makes the disaster trebly serious is the fact
that there are yet upward of five hundred acres ol
cane standing, which may sufiVr from frost.
[New-Orleans Fic.
E3P Major Chase, the Superintendent of the
fortifications along the Gulf ol Mexico, is said to
have made a very important discovery, and is about
to obtam a patent for it. He has discovered a mode
of making a composition, which he styles " Argil
lotis Mastic," and which i<= decidiy superior to any
other known cement. It is expected to prove inva?
luable as a covering for roofs, terraces and side?
walk?, as lining for cisterns and cellars, and as a
cheap and efficacious covering for piles, as it not
onlv reeists the worm, but preserves the wood.
[N. O. Pic.
Ljr" List of Ofticers of the U. S. store-ship E<ie,
arrived at this port on Sunday, from Norfolk, bound
to the Const ol Africa:?Lieut Commanding, Chas.
C. Turner. Acting Midshipman, E. Donaldson.?
Passed Midshipman, H. A. Claw sun. Midshipmen,
N. B. Harrison, C. W. Hays. C. W. Poor, W. H.
Boat Sunk.?The steamboat Bourbon, Captain
Koltop, running on the Alabama River, sunk on
Mutiday iiightlast, on her downward trip, by strik
ing a snag at O'd Hell Shoals, about twenty miles
above Selma. The B. had on board about 160 bales
cotton. It is supposed the boat will i* raised.
[N. O. Pic. Nov. 3.
Murder.?At Helena, Ark. on the 7th ult. the
day of ike general election, a man by the name of
A. W. Boland, killed Simon B. Fisher with a large
bowie knife. Boland was immediately arrested,
and th* lircoit Court being in session, a true bill
for mur r was found by the grand jury against him,
und his uial fixed to take place on Monday the 2Sih
ult. [N. O. Picayune.
Fire.?About 10 o'clock on the night of the 4th
inst. a fire htoke out in the machine shop of Jacob
Saunders, Jr. of Homer village, which consumed
the building and nearly all of its contents. The
loss estimated ot about $1500, and there was an in?
surance 6n some portion of the property.
[Cortland Co. Whig.
Accidental Death in Westfield.?Mr. Ben?
jamin S. Haifield of Scotch Plains, feli from hia
wagon on Friday afternoon on his way home, and
was so injured by the fail that he died in about six
hours. [Newark Post.
Corn-Stalk Sugar.?Mr. John Bead, of New
Harmony, la. has made 395 IbsT. of good Sugar this
aeason from the corn-ctaiks that crew on three quar
trrs of an acre. This is at the rate of 5U0 lbs. per
acre. Mr. B. made 50 lbs. in a day, with a simple
apparatus of his own construction. Five hundred
pounds at 4 cents per pound amount to $20p-.racre.
It would have produced say fitly bushels of corn, at
25 cents, or $12 50.
Manslaughter.?An unfortunate encounter,
says the Winchester Republican, occurred on
Tuesdav afternoon, between Robert W. Baker and
John W. Light, near Pughtown, which resulted in
the death ol the latter. Mr. Baker surrendered
himself at once to a magistrate, and has been bail?
ed. Ac investigation of the affair will be had.
Capital Po.msh.vest.?The people of New
Haiapshire to whom, at the late election, was re?
ferred the question of abolishing capital punish?
ment, have probably decided against the measure.
Rorbekv.?We regret to learn that the dwelling
of Mr. William Koch, near McKeansburg, in ibis
county, was hruken opeu on the evening ol the let.
while Mr. K. was attending the election at Mc?
Keansburg, and about $270 stolen from a desk.
[Pottsville (Pa.) Journal.
f_ ._
ARARE opp irtnni? i' offered to any person with a rapiial
ol"2.jT't . 3.UO0 Dollar?. t.> enter into a very lucrative busi?
ness in tins city. A Line addressed to Prent, I'.'. a: wT'v
bune Orfi?, stating when er_' Tcere an mtervjew cap be had.
am! giving real name, w.li be immec.^If '7 attendee to. .\o
person Deed applv unless they have th? c_?? immediate
command. New-York. Nov. 11. 1S44. nt?..
0"~?TRU;H~FL^THERl::?29*lbs. South American, just
received and for sale b>
n!2 gf_ B. .V DI3BRQW. SS Water st.
SATINETS?50 cases, cunta-amr a great variety of s.jles
and prices, received and for sale by
nl2 2t _i~, Exchange Place.
MACKLNTOSHES-Another lot of those elegant, new
sty H waterproof _ualx and Capes without a vestige of
smell?altogether the :eat*>t, lightest and best article ever of?
fered by us?wholesale and retail by
aU HORACE If. DAY. 25 Ma.den Lane.
CASSIMERES^Pi-ce Dyed and Wool Black. Oxford and
Steel Mixed, and a ninety ot new patterns, fancy striped
Cassujieres. just received nnd torinle bv
_r,13 3l 47 Exchange Place.
CLOTHS?Black, Bine and Oliva Cloths, a variety r.f styl?,
and prices, rece-ved r.nd for sale bv
nl_ 3t_ 47 Exchange Piece.
Patent-Rights. t,.r \ur..^t articis* and processes, connect,
ed with the India Rubber business, including tr.e suspender
co?ds. for s_lo on luvnrsble terms, by
gM 8w_iiuKAi.'E H. DAY. 25 >la:?le.i 1-nne.
r\ H\ EED CAS5DIERES?A :'??? ra>es. Plaid and Striped
JL Tweeds, a very, heavy article, received and for sn e by
nl2 St 47 Exchange Place.
LNE PS?A few cases for >nl~ b .
n!2 St 47 Exchange Place.
XFORU MIXED PLAID SATINET,jnit re.-e.ved and
tcTSHleby (.nil)_E. C. STANT' IN. 40 Benver.M.
PLAID LiNs E YS?A fine article, jast received and l"?rjale
nil by i? C. STANT IN, 4? Beaver.st
SILVER PI ATED WARE of the following description at
less prices thnn can be purchased ut any other store in the
City : Cake Ha?kets. Candlesticks, Conors, Vv'aten.Brnnches,
Candelabra*. &c. m!?o n row and eicgani assortment of Lamps
and l.irandoles. ("all on Stoutenburgh, 143 Fulton st between
Broadway am! Nassau ?t. before you buy. _nil
DRAB SATINETS, various,shades, suitable for Carnage
Linings, j ust leceivedan.I lor snie bt
nil_ ET C. ST ANTON. 40 BeaverJt.
SEWING SILK?A fine article, for st le by
nil k. C. ST ANTON. 40 8e_ver.it.
PI.AID BLACK SATINETS.?Superior quality, Just re
ceived and lor sale tiy E. C. STANTi 'N.
nil_40 Beaver st_
KIDDER'S INDELIBLE INK.?The .su:?vribers have re.
ceived n supply of Francis Ktdder's superior Indelible
[nk, warranted to bo of the first quality;. Booksellers. Drug,
gists and uti.er- supplied ut wholesale prices.
nl' H. fc S. RAYNOR. 76 Bowery.
CiUTTING ENGINE.?For sole, a first rote Cutting En
y Cine, calculated for bevel, spur and spiral wheels, in ex?
cellent order. Apply to LEONARD fc HONE.
nS lw* _ _9 Pme-st,
0 WER I. \VP SHADES, of new patterns nnd nvtorted
JT " si/e=. for sale by DlETZ, BROTHER fc C<).
n8 Agents il.rthr Mninil:irtiirLr~, No. 13 John st.
BUTIST HYMN 110? iKS.-Alf the different kinds of
llymn Books u>ed in the ltnpt.it Churches in this city and
vicinity, viz: VVattsand Kippou, Winchell's Watts and the
I'snlinisl. comprising the various sines and bmdinfs, for sale ut
?9 II. fc S. RAYNOR'S Book'tore. .ti Bowery.
600 do7.cn low price.1 strnvcls and isjmu!??.
ino do do Groin Shovels.
100 do Wood Head Rake?.
For sale by SHERMAN. ATWATER & co.
,80 llrond street.
"TTMERTcAN nLF.S"._nmnnfncttired by John Rnthery nt
1\ Mntteawan, warranted equal to nnv imported, for sale
to the Trade by LEONARD fc HONE.
n9 lw* No 9 Pinejtrect_
LUUU 1^x24 21x31 22x30
' anx:a 2ix3J 22x33
20x23 21xlf7 25x32
24x3b- 30x40 36x40
offl For sale by CYRCS W. FIELD, if Burling Slip,
REAMS^CPERFINETISSCE-White. green, blue.
,-ellow, pink, and ns<,orte<l colors, for sale by
.(-. _ CYRUS IV. FIELD, ? hiirhng_Sbp._
20x25, Eb&L dared and unglazed, ti >r -ale by
oav _^ cvRLS w. Held, ?jjurimg slip.
OARS?A lot id 30.uw feet, part ot high Hnish. totale h7
..5 l.ATHKOl'fc BAHTLETT. tg Pe.srl sireni.
FRENCH READING-LAMPS?A newarsdsuperiororti
c!e?f'T rale by DlETZ. BKi.jTHER & CO.
?J ? No. 13 John street.
DORIC LAMPS, fur burning Caiuohine.?These Lamps
are simple in tteir construction, ea ily trimmed, and give
a strong and brilliant light tt a smill expar.se. Manulactured
and r.jr tola by DlETZ. BROTH KR fc V?
o2n No 13 Joon it,
HAIR SEATING?IhtTercilt widths, for sale by
d7 _ JAMES WEEKS, Si Ma.den I/ine, up stai^._
BRITANNIA TEA ? vr. copteF." POTS. Pitcheii,
Tumbler-, Mugs. Spoons, S<n:p Lotties, fcc. f .r u?i? lo
n" JAMES WEEKS. 81 Maiden Laue, up siuirs._
GUM" COPAL?50 cases, wru-hed. Also,-,00f? !lw..rough.?
For sale by LATHROP fc BARTLETT!
n0v5_ _69 PearUtreet.
A~ FRIcTN COFFEE?60 ba;s old and very superior, for
sale by LATH KOP fc BARTLETf. gg Pearl st. n5
ROSIN.?3?) barrcis for sale bv_?
?5^_LATHROP fc BARTLETT. 69 Pearl-st._
P\T APSC? < ?SNABURGS?Just received un assortment
of the various widllis Patapsco tJ?nal<urgs and Twilled
Bagging, fcr?al^TRDYt AhmlrJ] % SPENCER,
n5 4" Exchange Place.
Cll > :c( )LATE?Frorn tjTeninnufnciory of Webb fc Twom
bly Also, their superior ' Prepared Cocoa arid Cocoa
Paste/constantly on hand, and warranted ^egueJ to any in
market. For sale by LATHROP fc BARI LET. I,
nov5_- Pe-rf-street.
KEVIT'cky JEANS.?Indigo blue, cadet, brown and
blsck'mixed, plnid. stripgl and plai.., ot vnruu? quail,
nes-for sale by McCURDY, ALDRICH fc SPENCER.
nj 41 Eachange Place.
"OLU'E PKINTS?Indigo Blue Prints,2S inches wide, just
received ?dfongfib^ BPEN?K.
?5 47 Exchange Pace.
SPIRITS TURPEN^INE^M bbls^orihem. for sale by
n5 LATH HOP fc BARTLETT. >B Peatl st.__
100 casks b?sl l^onrtitn Emery?atsoited nuinberJ.
?0 cases English renne. Borax?113 lbs each.
aO.roO Scotch Fire Brick. _ .. . _
100 bamrls Ground Pumice Stone, suitable for Clbicel.
coa^i and c^,^^^^r.R fc M nwn, ?
?MBRBLL \S?13JciLses Wlinlebunoand Rattan Stocks.for
sale by ADAMS. TIFFANY At CO. 76 P.ne.t._o2S
NOTICE is hereby given that an Election orDiteclors of the
Hov.-i.rd Insurance Company will be livid atthe offlce ol
the Cf Triv.. No. 54 Wnll street, on Monday, Decorh* 2d.
M4 con -"tiencins ht 12 o'clock M. igt cl( sing at I o'tlcck P.
muaxm ^ ^ LEWIS PHILLIPS, Seettxry.
rj'HE SUBSCRIBER offtrs the following goods at s*ry low
Steel Fire Setts with antiqu* bronze stand.
Blower Stands i I't.ew patterns, a very i?.-ul article.
Sh-tlieid Tul.le Cut! in <d the nrrs>: qualtly.
Hall Lanthoms, cut and stained guts.-.
Dixon fc Son's Tea Setts, new patterns.
Oleo.tatic, Solar and Patent Vesta Lamps, a great variety of
patterns, and at^^TBXBLT-GIf. 143 Fait-n-street,
Botsveen Broadway and Nassau-street,
BitnZIEKS ANUSPlKE R1 d-?50 tons. aMoriedazes,
mr salo by BLEECKER fc OOTHOIJT.
o-i\ im_OhlTcom? Jo'.n street^
1^ SPRING ?This art cle i? snperior to any tiling m use tor
securing Letter's, Invoices, or papers to which oecastonalrefer.
ence us required. Its nrtvar.taues over the ordinary Bill I lie
now in use are?thai the papers are never torn ?r perlnmred,
nnd any paper required may be Uken trom the Clomp without
di-arranginc the others. It is an entirely new article, and also
cn ornament to the Desk Of Counting Rixim. They are equal.
Iv hnndi either lying on the de>K or liangmc up. Sold by
n9 F RA NC IS 4: Lot TREE. 77 Maiden l^ine.
facturers ol the YEAR CLOCKS would rauectfully eail
the attention of the public to the unpmalleied improvement
and decided advantages the^ C'locks have over all o'her time
keepers now in use. 'I'hey are warrruded to run one year with
once winding, and :o keep eood time, and or- now for sale at
1(4* Fulton street. New. York.
The motion u produced by weights in the 30 day cloess, and
by a main spring wound ups?n a lusee in ??he year clock. The
power of the weight or spring is retarded in this clock, and
mude to retain regularity m its motion by ihc ingenious arrange,
men' of the escspemeiitiind pendulum. When you look atthe
clock, you perceive a gilt ball fonr and a half inches in diame?
ter, at the cod of a 'mall steel rod. It revolves three times and
a half one nsiy, and the same number of times the other. At
the upper endvif the rod is an ingenious and delicate double le?
ver movement, reoehmg tu the e?e_pement, which it catches
and leaves without any sensih'e friction. The spring then re?
acts upon the ball, aided by its own gravity, and the rotary
motion is continued, tne escapement controlling tnependnlum
os in other clocks. This boll is hollow and has an internal ap?
paratus, by which its rotary motion is regulated. There are
four small weights at rich: angles to each otfier, two are mount?
ed upon a wire, which is a horizontal diarmter of the globe.?
The wire has on it the thread ot the screw, and each turn of it
produres an exact movement of the weights to or from the cen?
ter, which can be regulated to the smallest fraction of time.?
The other two weights a_> fastened to a semicircular band
oom posed of three different metals, the contraction or expansion
of which also changes theirposition within the ball. The whole
inter.or arrangement insures, it is beheved, entire uniformly
of motion in the globe.
It wdl at once be seen that the friction of the common pendu?
lum is avoided. The revolutions of the boll ore found by ex?
periment and observation to be isochronal.
This clock H not put oat of beat easily?it require* so oil on
The revolutions of the swing wheel are 60 times less, or in
o'ber worts, is * years in making as many re vom ions as the
39 inch or >econd pendulum clock does in one year. In fact a
weight of: pounds keeps in motion each part of the time and
striking machinery for 54 weeks.
The hours are struck ky means of a rotary hammer. The
certificates of the American Institute show that in May. 1541.
one of the twelvemonth clocks was placed with them, and that
it bos performed in all respects a, was expected.
The prices at moderate. The public are invtUd to call and
exnmina for themselves._s_7 3tqwfc_c
No. 13 JoH!W-8TRX_T, KEW-YoRX,
Original inventors and sole mecufaetureni of the genuine Done
Lamp. Alto, manufacturers and dealers in improved Csm
pheoe Lamps. Solar Lamp*. Girandoles, Hall Lamps and Lan?
terns, Vsirai and Solar Shades, Chitnnies and Lamp Glasses of
ail kinds. Lamp Wick. Pure Sperm Oil. Camphone and Burn?
ing Fluid, alt ofwhieh ore offarad at wholesale and retail, at
low prices (or cash. 8ep2_Y
JSTOUVENEL fc GO'S Manufactory of Cut and Flair
. GLASS of every descrrpoon: Solar. Lard and CamDhiw?
Lamps, warrtmusi: new pa-smsol Girandole*. Cenrie.ajroi,
BrakS. Chandeliers from onetn twelve !:gh_. Ball Lrirupc
and Lanterns of every pattern. French Chma Lamps ol ered.
repaired and refin.shod equal to new We coljthe attention of
co-n-rv merchants and others t? call and s?._iry ttrcmse've? m
regani'to prices and quahty of ai-cles. _
Ccor_jitly on aacd a complete ?sorunent of oil whe abov-.
h^t^^^ * co.
UBER 13. 1844.
dry goods.
PRINT:?: PRINTS. J. n TAYLOR fe CO.. Jobbers.
W leiiar strser. New York. Received, ywtercay. leases
of -Wir St vied of .hilling Prints: very de*irabl? to the city
Trade, being .mall plaids, and ?tnpes, with trie beautiful
i :.'ie 'J
street, haifa block above. Pearl up ?.
Al?o. he?t Southern Co?t<n Yarn., assorted twist, No*. 5 to
10. e to 11, and No. 7 to 12. Ab?>. Cotton Batting, put up <o
blue papers, 104 bundles to the 100 :S. a very large quantity st
6s ecus per pound. 7 cents. 8 cents. SS and 9 c*nti pet pound.
The last ?tyle is warranted equal to any 10 cent bau :n roar
ket, AL?o, Paterson Yellow Ticiet, and ether New-Jerser
Yams, at tow prices.
Abo, Weking of every descr.ption ; Carpet Warps, 4 and 5
threaded, of superior quality, both wnite and coloreJ. r.~orteU
in bale* and hail' bales. Also, Twine of various qualities,
from 15 to 21 cents per lb. Best Seine Twine, SO cents.
The at'entjon of Country Merchant* is particularly solicited
to this su<k. which is jut up with a direct new to meet their
approbation. T. N. UN DERillLL.
n3_IS and 3) i 'odar ttreet.
at W. ii t;REt;<'KY fc CU.. 17a Spnng street. I cose
extra heavy rig?-*i ChtinrtOwn Silks, very r-ii colors, direct
|p^:n -.uctmn. and (etttss at es pel yard; rich Pla'ds tor is *V1
per yard : iienvy wide l.ru* de Khine tor I-on* Shawls, very
desirable and v-ry r.vap. a: 175.-^prmir .rrfvi._ol
r\T~ DONNELLi' Jt CO., Nu. Hi Crt-nc-itreei. corner ol
i ' . Allen. haveoe[baseaaeztu ;ve ,?.s-,r.raor.: of the fol?
lowing homo forpfin DRY GO'JDS. to which they lavite the
atteaboo of pare ha ten, rix:
VM to IM Imperial and Marseille- Qoilts
8 4 to K-4 by U-i Diaper* ! Daca** Tab? Cloth* a
<-i ?-4. i* i an.t 1S-4 Irish. Barailey, Hew f.ad Buewl
Russ:.*,Scotch IrishTowsiing .
tV8, 3 4 and 4-4 D'aper and Damask Napkin*.
Crash, flueka'- nck and H.ideye Diaper.
4-1 and S*-s Shirting nn.l Pillow-Case Linen of all "at-Iti*-,
4-4 haavy CTadnwH ijn?u.
French ?nbotse ! Cloth Table anri Piano Covers.
Colored Cotton. Wonted and Liner. Table C'othi.
And also an e.xlanr.ive a??ortmeat of CloUa and Ctsiiroerej.
Drap D'Ete*. Garcbrecm. Lin&a DrilUSsTf. and other Staple
and Fanc7 Dry Good*. my-H 6ra*
Webster'? Speeches, 3 vols. Svn. sheep and cloth.
Spaita'i Lite ol Wajhiacton^ 1 vol. Svo. with ensnivir.es.
Do. do. Franklin do do, do
Downing's Landscape Uar Jeninc?New edition?with num?
erous en (tra vine?.
Downing*! L'esier.s for CoBaiC Renidencct?New ed'tion?
with numerous yla'ai. Just received by
Book?el!er: and Publisher, 10 John it.
Also, always oa hand a '-arjje assortment of School and Mi?
cellaneou? Book?, which are otTere.1 to
nnd the Trade cenerhllr on v?ry Uvor:<hle tfrnis o?I
HrVl'INGTON Ac SAVAGE, PublMliersaml Bookseller.
OS Pear) street, hav-e a eompltte assortment of School,
Classical, Law, Periodical, Tlicoloitical and Miscelkineuus
Rooks. A!sn Ulank Books, Letter and Cop Taper, tic. (cc
winch they .will ?^1 at luvr prircs. oSS
a isALr-yearly jocrkal,
Containing a Relrnsprctice Viev. of every Disctnerv and
Practical Inwrimemc. ' in the JUedtcot Science*.
commenced in january, 184U.
Published in London in July and January ot every year, and
re-pubh-hed in New. York by DANIEL A DEE (late
Adxi it EstabrookJ.jVo. 10* Fultoa-ilreel.
The first 10 Nos or Five yean. $5.... Per yearthsr?after. 11,00
Sincle Nos. 50 cents... .Invariably in advance. o'Slf
rYU) MEKi/nTviV. TKAClfBK* A.NU OritEKS^
X HUM'INGTUN & SAVAGE. 21? Pearl itroet. keep
keep constantly lor sale a lar-e and complete assortment of
School, Cla^ical nnd Miscellaneous Books, Blank Ilof.ks in
every variety ; loiter. Cap, (ruleil und plain) Bill. Drawing,
tnd Tea Paper, Uiiills. Ink. Sealing Wax. iic. fen.
Merchants. Teachers. Schoo: Committee* and other*. w:?h
nz to purchiLse. ?ill find it for their interest to givs u; a call,
?u we will furnish all article* in our line at low pnee* and in
<iunn!itie* to suit.
The Malta Brun School Geo?
graphy and Atla*.
Peter Parley'* Ueogrnph7 for
i'c'-?r Parley'* History for Chil?
Burntt'* Geography of the
Heavens, with an Atla*.
Fellowes' Astronomy for Be?
Goodrich's Ecc!es!u*t>eal His?
tory for School*.
Knme*' Ele;uBnt> ofCriticum.
Prcrton'i Interest Teblea 7 per
Do. do. Abridged,
Wenstor's Dictioniry for
Schools. 13mo.
Do. Do. Do, l?rao.
Mr*. L.ncoln's Botany.
Do. Borany for Beginner*.
D". Natural Philosophy.
Uo. Natural Philosophy lor
Do. Lectures on Chemistry.
Do. Chemistry for Beginners.
Gallaudct'.'i Picture Reading
Preston* Interwt Tables (i per
l*o. Lh>. Abriditod
English Language or nn intro
A Practical Grammar of theL
i!u<:tion to composition, in which the constructions an classi?
fied into predications and phrases. By E<lward Hazen, t.uthor
of the tn>eller and Deriner. Part fim.
Parts first und legood bonnd in one vol. sep2 y
?A Treatise on the Nature,Tendency and Consequence* ol
oar present Monetary System; with a plan tor its effectual and
beneficent reform: is published tor the Public and Author by
W. H.GRAHAM. 160 Nasiuu-rtreet, New. York; Burgess Sr.
Stringer. ~ Broadway, do. Price 84 per hundred, six cent*
a enpy.
The only object of the Author bemc to secure the Reform
herein proposed, the work is published at hi* cost .and the pub?
lic wi.!l only pay for printing: tho copies which th?7 may re?
quire. All friends of honest, steady, prosperous business, and
of fullyemployed. well rewarded labor, are earnestlv request
ed to aid in extending the circulation of this pamphlet.
iofll Dtf_
BY SAMUEL C. JOLLIE. &5 Broadway. No. S " Musi?
cal Monthly Beauties of the Opera."
By the Sad Soa Wrves?Ballad from Benedict's new Opera
ol the Bride* of Venice, with a beautiful vignette.
La filles du Ciel Valse? composed by Camilla Schubert.
Old Familiar Fritods?Song?Composed by Harriett, and sung
by Robt. Geo. Paige.
Cantiam Faciamd Brindisi?From the Opera of L'Eaire d'
aiiiore. by Donixetti.
Florentine Wahres?Competed by Haensol. and performed
by the Kanmercr Band.
The Beautie* of the Opera contnimiU page* ol engraved
Music, printed on extra fine paper?at the reduced price of 50
cent* per numder, issued on tho loth ofenrh month, by
oIJY SAMUEL C. JOLLIE. 386 B/undway.
From the Lerov Cazeitc, I^sroy, Oct. 30.1S34.
T B. PALMER, of,New-York, is authorized to transmit
/ . advertisement-! to us from that city, and collect pay lor
the same, agreenblejo our publisheil terms._nil
TEW.JERSEY BLOr,V5s?tfl tons Charrnal Blooms
H for salo by SHEJtMA.?. AT WATER it Ct).
nil oOBroad-st.
STEWA KT'S COOKING STOVE?One uf fliese celebra?
ted Stoves, with the latest improvements nnd appnrnlui
complete, in perlectordcr. Iiaving been in use but a short time
?can be had at a bargain by applying at No. ?1 Warren,
street. n11 ?
ROAD and Narrow Stripe Doeskin Cassnnertis, for sale by
nil E. C. -STANTON, 40 Beaver-*L
ot ropenor qnalttr.
200 toas l>est American Steel.
mm bundles 7.10 5-8^.18 Square Iron.
200 " Band Iron. ha a ? inch- Fnr?al?by
nil_SHERMAN. ATU'ATER &. VP. 20 Broad s).
FOUNDATION MUSLIN*-?0U p'ueed Kounifation Mu*
urn ol diflerent qualities, on con- ignmoir, lor sale by
pgt) J. R. BLEECKER fe i.fl. g Wilham-et.
.1 " HAMPERS Wine Bottles, for sale by
PARIS R. POMEROV, 58 Pearl ttreet.
oii_Between Broad-ttrf^t and Coeniies-slio;
taste ot the medicine and all the effect of it. Four small
lozeng?* have all the uicdrjinal virtues of the usual dote Sold
oo!? at 451 Broadway, near Grand t o33.
PIG IEON-10U tons lies? Scotch.
50 tons cheap An erican,
100 tons best American,
very strong, suitabl" lor Reilmnd Wheels or Machinery, for
sale by [?ai Im?) (.'ASS fe WARD. 71 Broad st.
1 VtlRY BLACK?oO bbls. for sa'e by
loa J It. HI.BECK :?-''< h. tVillinrnst.
1NSLV??<Jase? Plaid Linseysju t received, and lor ta a
i hy_F.. C STANTON. 40 H-avn-f. iiH
vU \J\J\J NAC for sale at the Tribune Office at 81 per
IUjUUUmER'S ALMANACS with Cat*. For sale
a Tribune office._
NLY THINK OF IT. tie viry best of Candy it selling at
V. ilp's fur 16 cents per pound, 451 Broadway, near Grand
COFFEE?Cheap, cheap, only 8?. for; or Is. and?L per ib.
for Old Government Java, roasted and ground daily, nigh
flavored and warranted to give satistaconit. Please try it, oL'
lovers of good Coffee. W. P. MOODY. 141 Bowery.
?21 3m* Boesasssswf to Perkins Ac Town*.
S" " QUA RE IRON-500 bdji. Square Don. X. 115. 9-16 and
?. of Superior quality "or sale by
o34 SHERMAN. AT WATER, fe Co. 90 Broad st,
AREAL LUXURY.?Wild'* Orange Cream ("andy.eom
y rising ail the nehneu of a sweet Havana Orange. It mein
in your mouth bke butter. Sold at 451 Broadway, nea; Grand
SOL.*.R LAMPS.?Hanging Solar*. Bracket S?lar?, Doric
Lamps, Side Limps, and Patent Ve?ta Lamp* for burning
Carrphene: Patent Lard Lamps, Hall Lamps, Lanterns,
Girandole*. Wicks, Shades and Lamtss, Glasses of all kinds,
for ?a!a at fow prices, by
n9_ _PITZ. BROTHER fc CO. No., 13 John-st,
INDIA RUBBER SHOES.?The subscribers offer for sale
the largest and best assortmnt of India Rubber Shoes to be
found in the market, consisting, in part, of gentlemen's Over?
shoes, with leather soles, nailed heels, leather straps and
buckles, Ladies' Overshues of every variety. Ladies Misses, and
Childrens' Bu?kins, leather ami rubber ?ole?, tec. Also, a well
?elected stock of Men's.JVVomen's and CruVren's common im?
ported Rubbers, plain and figured, by the case or dozen, at the
very lowest market prices, at the Warehouse of the Newark.
N. J- India Rubber Faetory. 53 Maiden line, N. Y.
Plumbers: plumbers: plumbers:-The~stlrV
sctiber would call the attention ol Plumbers and the pub?
lic to a pertact article of Tin Plated Lead Pipe, manutactil?
ed by an enurely new process for which he ha* this month se
enred letters Pomcl which plate* the pipe on the ivide with
an even perfect plate of pore Tm.
^Having attained great perfection in the method of macufaet
nrtng and plating Le.id r^ipe, ae isenaaled to urTei this superior
article at the same price coorged for common pipe.
Hi warrants the Pipe mi^aiacXured by him not !r> bant cr
split, free trom ail flaws, scale* cr other ire perfections, and of
perfectly uniform thickaen.
Also on hand a larc- sroci ol untined Croton and Country
Pipe, which can be examined at the manufactory. 221 West
street, or at Johnson Br?then. 81 Water st. _
ilS tknc R. W. LOWBEK,
WHOLE NO. 1119.
- ? fnlt. or King't Cr:.'. Hktumaiijn. 0htn*ait Cntam
out Er-vtuut. P;wplet. rr PuttuLe* ? tiu Ftte.
S."USm. BUtt, Chronic $<rre Eue*. Ring H'erm or
Tetter. Scald, Head, Enlargement and Pan of L\$
Bone* tad J^intj, Stubborn Cuxrt. Syyeu'r
Ue Svmpurmjt, Seio?eo, tr Lumbago, tad
pueaees anting from -i tnr-rficj^nu
Hod U .^.T"">. ??ttitet. ?r
Dropss. EtpotVrc f Impru?
dence in Lift. Alte. Cnrfr
- ??: Constitutional Du
ordert vrM ie re?
moved ?v this
U there bi a pleasure ra earta which sopenoi bangs can?
not en;oy. ami uoe which they might tko #ovy men the pot
?etajoa o? It h Um power of relieving; pain. How consoling,
then, u ihe consciousness of having bo?a the Instrument of
rescuing tbosisartdsirom misery to ttWM who it. What
ana- - 'out of suffering ha?been relieved.and whstaaUU <re_U>r
lint of suffering can be praveaUj. by the a_< of Sands'Sar
>- n: Ua! The OBloctunaM v?um of hnnluir dtsooee. ???
I wo Ian jlcDtts, contracted nnewi and bonei half carwus. hat
been restored to health aad vi_or, Tha scro'alous patient,
covticd with ulcers, loathsome to himself and to hn atteod
?ui'j. has been made whole. Hundreds of person*, who had
groaned hopelen'y lor years under cutaneous and glandular
? >.s. chronic rbenniatsm. and many other complaints
springing from a derangement of the secretive orsaidand the
circulation, have been raised at it were from the rack, ot da
ease, and no*, with regenerated con?itut-ons, gladly testify
to ;ho efficacy of this inestimable preparation.
The fullnwing certificates recently r?oeiv6d will b* read
with interest, and for farther pnx.f the reader is referral to a
pamphlet which is furnished without charge by all the agtntj.
.Vettr*. Sand. : NswYoax. fee 1,IMS.
Gentlemen? i'areritnl feelings induce us to make the follow?
ing statement of 'nets in relntion to tne important cure of our
!?:?!?? dai'itrw. wholly ejected by the use of Sandt'i Sorte
panlla. For neariy three years jho was of?icted with u most
inveterate eruption on th? body, which at timei was vj bad.
connected witn internal diioase. thr.t we despaired of her Ute.
The complaint commenced in the roots of the h nr. and gmd
udHv spread until the whole hend was envclor*d, and ihwi it
altf.ckel the ears, and ran dow u the neck, und continuing to
mcnriue until it covered tbl most wf the body. It commenced
wit.a a small pimple of pustule, from which water at Sr>t d s
chs.rgcd ; this produced gieatitchin? and "?urnui; ; then matter
or pel formed, tne skin cracked and bled. aad the pws dis?
charged freely. The surlenngs of the ch'hiwereto great as
.-.I uost wholly to present natural rest, and the odor from the
di.chitrges so otTer.sive as lo make it difficult to pa? that par?
ticular attention ihe natura of ttie case ln.ii. The disease
was called Scald Head and general Sal: Rheum. We tried
various remedies, with little beo-fit, and coasidered her case
ii'nios: beyond the rer-rh of medicine: but from the known
virtue of your irfarsnpr.riUtt, we were inJuced to sire- it a trial
Before the first bottle was nil used, wo peTceivednn improve
meet in ifie nopenranc9 of the eruption ; but the change we*
?o rapid tor the 1 ? < -t. that we could scarcely give credence to
the evidence of our own eyes. We eoniiaued Its use t ?r a few
weeks, and ihe result is a perfect cure. To all Parents we
woii:dsny: If you hnve children suffering with aBy.d?ease
of'he tkin. use San b'l Sarsaparilla. With feelings of graii
tui'.c and respect, we are yours, etc. .
Iso Madison street.
The following was Hddreased to our Agent at tfevnuiah,
t lun itii * Ross Rosns. Un. August 84,1843. '
Mr. O R. Htruiritk ion. SaraxnaA :
i'as.tMt?Hmvioi :ust recovered from a most severe Chronic
Riieumati.m, witii svmch I have been alMicted fur iniiiiy jreais.
ar.d having \x*e%\ various reme<tic? without any success. I am
induced to wrililo y >u in respedi to Sands's r_rxoparil1a. to,
which valuable medicine I now owe my present enjovn ent oi
fu'allh. Despairing if ever rwoveitng from this distressing
disease, and while ? boring under the most acute agtiny and
pain. I was persuod : to try ihe Sarsaparilla to highly recom
mended tor the curt o'" lliie.imatisrn. I tried one hol tie, and
Ihe little oenefit I derived from that one, induced me to kito it
a fair trial, winch I ii I bj sending down to you fin hait'a dozen
boiflei: and am DOW hropy tniay 1 tinJ mvself. for tha first
time ia iwelve years wed and ab'h to attend to my ne^ssiiry
duties. 1 send you inis through u feeling of gratitude, due this
excellent medicine, and u ?*"se ol obligation to my I'eliow be
ing^s. that those sinul r\y affl 't'd. may r>? inrtucsd to try this
vaiuuoie remeoy?Saodi Sirsupu'dla
Yours, with respect. Ate.
Prepared and sold who!"?ule and.retail by A. B. & D.
SA.NlJS, wholesale Druggi.ts. i9 Fulton street. N. Y.
Sold also by Diug.-i.ts generally throughout the U. S. Price
?1 per buttle?111 bottle lor t?._o361m_
CHEAP OLL STORE ?Thesur^riberreipoctfullyin^omu
the oublic that he continues the whoieeoie and retail Lamp
Oil and Spirit Gas. at his old stand, of a very superior quality,
ten per cent cheaper than can be purchased at any other itore
in uns city, viz:
Good Lamp Oil, per gal.10 SO
Superior onal. Lard do. SSH
Refined Oil. lit quality. 16
Do do 9d do. UW
Wt.iie Sperm do.
Do do 3d do. 1 00
Du do 8d do. 87X
Oil Cans of all sizes: Lamp Glasses of all patterns and d?
scnpPons, and a full assortment ot lump wicks, eoattantly on
Lamos cleaned and repaired. Oil and Ciiraphino sent to any
part of Use city tree of charge. MKRRITT SMITH.
>27 Yc_ISS Creenwich. cor. Vtsey st.
MACK1L et. U&VBXtBTT. 107 Water-?tr?et. below Well
street, offer for sale at low prices?
lOru boxes Tin Plates, 1-3 X. prime brands
100 do do wasters, do
KO do do extra sizes, assorted
U?0 tuns Scotch Pig Iron, best brands. No. 1
175 do American Charcoal do
1C0 pigs Banca Tin
tV ca?es Sheading Copper, 14 to 1(50
1000 Ixlls Iron Wire, assorted. 0 to S3
80 casks Sheet Zinc
GU0 bdl* Sheet Iron, assorted. 30 to 27
ST) tons superior refined Bdlit Iron for Wire
100 bngi fine drawn Wrought .Nails. 6d.Sd. 10?.
]0u do do Horse Nails. 7.9 and 9 lbs
9U0 dozen low priced Shovels
(0 do Bright Iron do
1U0 do t .'nst Steel do
SO do Grain do
30 do Cael Steel Spodet
3% do low priced do
3000 pa i rs Trace Che ins
30 casks Hooks and Hinge*, assorted jizes
10 do Tin'd Tea Kettle* and Sauce Paw
10 crates Tin'd Wrought Iron Tea Kettles
Biass Candlesticks Fire Iron*. Frying Pan*. Bras* K
Ears, Rivets, fcc. _'_
INES. BRANDIES. CIN, ie.?Otard. Uupuy <_ Co.'s
. Brandy, pole and dark, in hall pipe* end qr. nukj.
A. Se'gnotta Kraudy, do. do. do.
Swan and Eugle Cm. in pipes.
Rum, St. Grout and Jamaica, in hhds.
Whisky. Scotch and Irish. do,
Madeira and Sherry Wine*, uj pipe*, hhd*. and qr. easln.
Port end Lisbon do. do. do. do. do.
T-neriffe and Sicily do. dd. do. do. do.
Champngn? of various broods, in quarts ar.d pint*.
Wine Bottle*. Demijohns und Corks.
For sale by PARIS R. P< IMEROY. 68 Pearl..tree4,
,_ between Brood.it. and Counties sllo._
T%.'OOI_SEY AND WOOL8EY from thi* date offer their
V V ?Standard" IX fUBLo REFINED SUGARS at the fol?
lowing low price*, viz: .
Loaf..11 cenu per pound.) When les* than five package*
Crushed..11 do do 5 are pmohosed. half a cent per
Powdered lUfj do do ) pound additional.
The abovo are packed as foflowt:
Loaves in boxes of'JW lb*. J. ,
Crashed in hbls. of 2W " > No charge for pacta???.
Powdsr'd in do. of 360 " J _ _ ? . .
Apply to the Naw.York Patent Bugrir Refinery, corner of
SouLn and Montgomery streets, or at 89 Wall street.
N. B.?Ordtn out of the city must be accompanied by a rt
rnittanco._ . "
IMP0RTXR3, MA.M'l'.iCTt;:iC.".I, WHOLE5AL1 AffD
CrtrpcUnga, Floor OU CIotDs. BSmtUnfrst
RuggOi Table Covers, <fcc.
Of every description?At the lowwt po?i ble Prices.
Their trends and the public c*nenilly are respeetfulyjnvited
to ci^mine their flock. Ws areeonfideul they w?fl find it for
?wxr advantage so to do. a* w* nre determined that every
, article sold a; this establishment shall be fully worth the money
I paid for it. _,
S3" Dealers supplied oa the most reosona le erm*. rlease
givo us a call. V. 9 shall ecdeovnr to mag every tronsactmn
entirely sotisraetnrr. Inu3b3ro*l 44S PrsaL nTStrr.
Commission Paper Warehouse,
No. 9 Burling Slip,
_NF.W'-Vl )RK _
EB. CLAYTON ?- SONS hove for sale ot their Ware
. house. No. 84 John street, a most extensive assortment of
Printing. Writing, Wrapping, Envelope, Colored and other
Papers; Binders, Straw, Bonnet, Bandbox and 1 rank Boards;
Prem Paper?, 4tc. StA. , ...
Their stock of Writing Papers, adopted for stationers, will
be found unusually exttswve.
Constantly on hand?
Book and News Printing, aseorted size*, weight* and quali?
Colored Medium: double do, and other size*.
Cover Papers, various colon and weights, for magazine* and
cheap publications.
Ledger Writing; fine and super do. blue and white, wove
and laid. ,
Flat and Cut Caps, plain and ruled, wove and laid, blue and
Letter, ruled and plain, white and blue, wove and laid.
Packet Post; Commercial do: Folio do; Bank do.
Bank Note Paper ; Tobacco do ; Envelope do.
Shoe and Tea do ; Straw Wrapping do ; Palm Lear do.
Hardware and Cloth Papers, in great variety.
Silk and Log Paper: Sand Paper Stock ; Cartridge Paper.
Play B,Ij, Hatten'. BtoOuig, Drug cut*' and Tissue Papers,
Tf. B. Paper of every d?eription made to order._offl
IMPORTERS and Dealer* in Small Ware*. No. 9 Maiden.
I one, and 211 Broadway, N. Y. keep constantly on hand, a
complete assortment of articles in tHe Thread ana Needle fine,
viz: Knitting Yaru, o Wonted, do Cotton. Tatting Coctoo.
Zephyr Worsted, Hair Clufh, Hosiery and Gloves, Velvet Rib?
bons. Russia Braid*. Purse Ornaments, doTVlst, Fine fcemton.
Superior Wadding. Hair and Lace Pin*. Silx an* St*?.l Hot
tons, Gift and Agate Button*. Gimp* and Fringe*. Tape* and
Bindings. K. Demmings It Son's genuine Royoi and Coun
terrona Prin?id Eyed NeadU*_*Ha*M
306 Pisinr. N. Y.
N. B.-P?ec?c? Fwther rlv Bms>^?m?d*toord?f ot9am?y
AHRENS tt CO, MONROE HALL, c?r. Pearl and
. (^ntre-streeu. Balf, Drill and Dancing SehooL
Every Sunday Free Concert*.
Every Momlay Free IJancing.
Rooms to 1? lor SS^Mmu^D^ B^^.,.
H rs fheads ?nd the pubhs are invited to call, as ho will spare
^S?tfSSm^!?: : ?3oim
Pa* ?.
Firm is
ed, as obere, by a very small family. Or* wrw> can cook,
wash ?od iror. may app'r at No. 4 Morr_-*_wet, Jerse* Crty.
w.h rsv.'m.-ngcda'ioo._n_t Iw: _
WANTED?Srtaat>natfix Servant*, well revyn.-neixiaJ.
of a.1 capacities. tt2J4 Crand ?Irret. All iovrrs of fair
dealing will Jo well to patronise in.? 0?Me. where the truth ?
invanahly to?. and bo humbugging r>r?c_?ed. Ladies wiH
p!ea?<-a.. cr - :? . A . r.vr? :>i;..oti.a'-.r,afet>ded to. ilii'
'SlTANTEl*?A _ti:*_cfi by a :i..-e a*irl with exceiieni City
? t r?tef?iee--w!liiua*e twrvif _?oet__y useful, uaaa
stands making rhiidrerTii clothi _c. a tro-^j Mir?*, and will _m;?f.
ui any light work. Pleats inquire at S*l Bmome sr. nKSt*
WANTED?A -tusnfr h, n nwpec'o !>)? American rrwng
girl to take cam ot cniidreri. or chaaibermaid. The
beat of cry reference fprem, Apuly at So tv?>b> street, m 'he
rear. I -Bit*
ACOACHMAN who ha* acted m that aasetettr in 'h_ c?r
to t.'ie ?a_?iaction. of hn employer, to \? li.tnlieeaii refer,
wnhoi a ? miUr employment. Has no objection to country or
_a\ci. and unjderUamUtbe V<oe.^n?'v i i.-i.. ,, \fiur t ?
II TANTE-?Bv a n-?-?fcta?:. Ye.mg VV ? * ?_.___*
?? m tnccapacitv ef Nurse ar..i PUiiiSewe*. i.;c_;rer.
tiser can fce seen al 4. Stanton.s:. Broi k ea !?. r
?rell recwimendert. Plea*e inrjnire for \ rj . ..
SALESMAN?A young man :? fairon* of ?.-etting a ?-.tua
?joo at salesman or general c.'erk, m a wholewle r- .-err.
produce or commission nous*. He hrt an el'ens ire Westen?
acquaiDtasce, aod PosiM influence a larsf amount ol" VYeatera
trade. Retenmceskwi.'T !w eyeancort U.'iiiT.ir.icat.ocs ad
c'rew.! to toe underslgncc! ???!: n e< ? ?? *:? ' :'T '
Address: "Ml-NEi "
."___*_ ( are H. Sberr-ar. 7*5 ",-? Line, c. ? i :? t' ?
\ V' AN FED?A t';.???.?? ,, \\ ? V M RSr . Sri
v> tt ora.?i who?rail* u 7 <_oo__ c1"!. A^ply at hoCee
tTN?-_ JT&P
VIT AN rED? A wtunan ?r?'ii to it i manti -Vr? null
t ? private family. To a rood oa?. ?.?.! ? wiN '->*
paid. Apply I? Mr* Cree.'ey. ct.u fie .-.^rer ot Vhki
AyeotiJ F'-rt? ?onih *ire<^. l?sjM. n 'h?t ? -<n? .'f
?"I'EnTm?^R.s KJr,vVrtKU.-V:i_v??7<<'- tu??! S^Ta
X ?A eertitioate for i.lirty ?harne ol \ icUon-j tta?? St.-ci.
in the n*raeot Biiclter * Pre*, sr-d nantjbend .xt_> . i
power al* Atlomry nttr.ch^l . .? .. .- Itntar, id Sfa;cO.
it ?-a? encl'neil in a ietier and i.wt .<? -ti war :?> Wr:.-?: T.s?
abore will be paid bjr lisann-: ;?; - oa'*e?ee.&l Wdl
BOARD?Mis. JANE HAIGHT hn? ttmwni trora No.
110 Cham ben street to No. 34 Barchu ?treet, where ?va
tlemen Jeanoo* of obtaining picatant ?:n?-:e nx>ui?. ?:ih tire
places, cm i be aceotncio<Ut*d with breukfrist and tea or ?toll
board. A few day beenden wiH t>tt;l, -. Mr*, 11 ?>?.'.! a**
nermwion to ref?r to tbe followu r footietneii?Pwiessw J.H,
<;rv.-. ::- M. ?.. Dr. R. Hathaw. 1! iirrt* Wi't-e, Ev.
nil Dv?_
_Music: ;,,
To the Elite of Musical Taste in the I . St-tes.'
HARPS.?J. F. BROWNE ex m?. Host i:-r.-:. a .n
of the Improved Pu--nt roii! :. - .. iv ,??t.. n ? .rp,
t^oadou and New-York, established ISIO. J. F. B.O? ? >r
sstle at 885 Broadway an e!??a:u - tortiaeal Duiiok I
ftn?!e Action Hans*. The rich . btJ> sos
touch, eletrance ol'rinuh and nertis-t ntw .? ?? >ulla i>?
reitdxi nem uneuu.-k'J. nfi .?!>??! .i !?? ? '? .i ? ?
and nmf?tnnill ualrunage in Eufiy ami thtl.ur>. Thea
arecoiistructed on th?i best pnoeiple* ol the i sstebiatei] 1 EianP
with ail the ru.iderc iinprovsnwnu ol Load- tod Paris,?
Wairaated LO bear tb?s test ot din?:?, unit at Kurooeeii prree.
Ilaip: repaired and fjrhire: Str-.-.. lasstntetioa Books, fcln
sic,ite. J.F.BROWNE, MMuicttirar.
aulS Sm Im* Ho.7SK Chiirabervstreet. N. Y.
CUBTti fr. HA1.L, No. 1 v'tanXiiE-viuai*. .aro cyosuui.;y
JT ouhand an axts.nive rswvtniriii nfMU?lCaod MUSICAL
INSTRUMENT* ..Ii." kmos. P|AN?? t> PiiSotditteittit
rtylcs and finish: GUITARS, Ikum tae '-ost Si>an.wi patterns,
<... ?kUh iHm h,ir? nurait-Ri pirniuum* l'r<>rn t.'>: Aiuencan In
:::: i.-t'.M..,. ..v. ..
A ouhand an ojti sum rtswrtmrnt of MUSIC and Ml SICAX
iNSTRUMEM'S ?fi? kums. PIANO Fl ?RTs^ofdiilbMsl
f yics and finish: GUITARS,from :':i i.cii Sikui.^i (laticms,
tor which they have teeeivtr-l prwi.iums from IM American In
ftitute over til other MrJters. iirtt! are oi venr rt; or lone rjd
ciyle of finish ; PI.I TtS, of ail t :?:?:. uid fii<ish. ...r which ihey
have also roctiv.-d re;.-?.te?i: ;?rnn nr.; CI.AKU l,\ KTS, KENT
BUGLES. CORNOI'LI i.NS. V!t( Mil' 'iN??, ?:<?. aliojTheir
?inn manulacluraand wtrninied: iroivorters ot 'It flt'aoil all
e?I'u loon aspublisheil. JU8T Pl ItiJSIIEl), ifltuii jonpoj
OD tor the PIANO; also, the 0RPUEU8 GLEE BOuK, be
me a collection ol g'ee* for four im'? voice*, ?eil h i., .no :iec/fl?
pauirueni, mtnUd >it.d compiie?! Inmi trn best i.erman end En
?hin au'hors. hy AUSTIN PIULJ.IPS. ftice Ono Doi ar i>e;
ret. Men Scuts, and the Musie.il ctunmunity ?eiMially. ire re
?p^etfully inritsxl to call. mhiW
PIANO FORTE MAN!":' ?cm ?RY.-The
Subtcrirser* are now OBSshlaespj eftnrers*mrSr
[article of irtstrumeiits wh.rh a'o wcirani?u tu
II T I Itperior In tore to any m use. nnH to keep in
ltoe much longer, tbe improvement consists in u Harp Fi.'me.
:*culiarln eoottruedon, obviating evurjr objection heWolore
eeitsed by the u?e of matithc plat? in injunpg the tone. I'ro
lessors and Purchase!* are invited to an oxaminution ol ttese
GLENN r.OGrilS&tCo.
Jy58 Fulton street. Lust tut*. Broadway.
ACARD.?The lubicnher ha? op?n*l n Business Agency
al the I 'it)' of Rochester, and lie lender* to Metehanij,
Manufacturers, owneu of Rea: Estate', and o'hets having
buiincts in the Wv.lern purl of the S'aie ih New Vor*, h?
sets ices in relation to their business ?en?mlly in thai pnrt of
the Mate, and esp'cinlly in securing and esjllectipg Hebis and
tupeiintending and seifin? Real Estate and oilier Prnpciiy
and in making investments. Business intrusted to him will
ro-eive prompt ur.d carvful atten'ioo. and his charge* will be
reasonable. He has had experience m Mercantile a<\i other
butlvex* and bos an extersivo aequaial'snco in the Wetlca
part of the State.
RucctaTia. N. Y. October 8, 1-44
We cordially recommend SsjtuaL HAtnLTOK of Rochester
as wall qu?lif.ee for the Asrency mentioned in has Card ebOTa
October 10. 1*44.
Thos. II. Rochester. Roc.-.mc:. Asldison Gurdm?r,do: C.T.
Amsilen. do; Ralph Lester, do : Jnmu* Bel uiour. do; Geo. It.
t'krk. do: Everard Peck, do- Chas. M. Lee. do: Semh
Mathews, do; LutberTucker. Albany: Penannan. Wistedk
Co. do: C.ltL Dennison&C" New-York; Eli Hurt s?J>>.
do: David Leavstt, do: iiosully, Phelp* &. Co. dot J4 r.c
Gihon & Co. do. ________ _old Im*
LAW CARD ?CottK-rio.-i or 1'gaT? in th? :N(??tii
W?st.-E. B. WASH BURN E. Attorney at Law.Gale
oa. Illinois, will eivo his attention to the collection of debts
due New-York Merchant* in Guleoa, Rockford and Rons:
Island, Illinois: in Ihi liauue. If. a. In I??Stille, Pouxi.
Prainodu Chien, Minoral Point and Mailison. Wisconsin.
Refer to 1) A. Cuihr_an ? Co.; DortCnui, ?suydarc dt .Nix.
on. New-York._ ?21 t?
No. 8 Wall StreeL
Jamts H. RATKOiin. >
Edwaxp P. ClaesC. )_.?25 lmeod*
Chip mini dt Miller, Attomie* and Coonseilors.
Detroit. Michigan, will attend promptly to collection o*
debts, transfer of lands, payment of taxos, ?a.
Hsmkt Chipmsh, (
Taostsa C. MiLf.xa.)
R^errJie_r-H. Grecley. N. Y Cky : Hon. W_. EL Sew.
ard. Auburn. N. Y. : Meaaa. Btblef ? Wordea, Conaodai
WSO. N. Y. o_ameod?
AiToa: Illinois.
Refers la Hon. W. T. MeCoan. 1
Finnen It. Gutting. > New-York
*13 3m ? VViJIiam C. Kim). S
.man street. About 800 of. llie first physs
Idas- andsnrgtoas of Kc-w-York have given
'their decided pr?leren'-e tothuTiuss. as you cap
s_j gniiluatethe pressure from (MM to fifly poujiia
on tha ruptore. without a bark pad. which doe?i ?i mueb mjurr
to the spin?. A fair trial being rbe best test of its icyestority ?
it u applied and six dar?' trialgiveii, tnd if it ri. ??* no', reistn
the rupture, whiio perfcrminj every kind ol eieiciso or coogfi
mg. and give porfect ease; m awo;-!(il it is not sctul iciorr
in overy nsspent. the mono/ ?? cior-iu./ retarrjed, and thv? ts
the only condition on wh> li you should D0J -.r.y I rus* A l~r_
^^^Stna^olAetiLiai w^rrratid. il directions an
fi>T-_sBsendina firih?Trn__ced onir B?~t!ui>':.3 sideru^
tu:e.t and the measure rnjnd the h-o*. as -Uj ran graiuajj
trio,.re_urenjs_itheii ease, ?o?i wholesal-i and retail ft 1!
HULL'S TRUerS_B.-NotJceto Ruptured Per
HI LtLd f i d.uc3c31_k?i.yw..v?w?? * ?
sr.fl*.?Pers.jas tdhicted with rei.tutas may rv. a
upon the bert itatromentil aid tne vrnild afion x.
_e- ___ii _y on apphcanon at the office. No. * V??.?strw:.
^?^?sssssssa- or to ?tr~r of'the iigents in llu-principal I0WBJ
In the United State*. Be careful to exami no _* l?ack pad id
SuTs Trusses, to tea i fiber arcecdorsed br Dr Hull in'^f'
None ere geaninsi. or tojbe reUssi npofl as gwl. irithout au ng.
BSV_t_V persons have undertaken to vend laitatloos of ColT*
cetoM4 aJtnousatu-art UsiMsWoM boosm
rannte Tbe? imauiions caajot be relied npon . they ft*
mS^ vEBwEZSan^ and are noletter tUr. the crd_
lf_T,ufh.'~ 1?si fluedupa: No. 4 Vssaystrest. cx^-dve.*
?JffESLEtEfl entrance from to* bustne- 4t?X?
?L-!t where llSSSu^ caosuut a.teaiuance to wtu ^
male patient*._,?.?.? ? -
PKriWN St. CO have opened their new ?toreoii
?^il-i^KSJfcVVELRY.SILVEK w'.AKE -Ttvs
.?,;_-r t?n, would rvpectfully inform lh^tff_H
ssfcc fsfjSss?
prTv?Tmaliufac-ure. and all arto le.-? their er* which wiH
Be aflorded ai the lowest market t>?"jACO?fi k poN8.
o? 8m? VHM Broadway corr<*J?eade-street.
l^nSepm respectfully invite the ??g?*
their friends and the public to their new aad _?traa
cens-ungof Duplex. Lever aad Lepine Watooe*
ou* app.-oved miiXerv oased In the nsotest style, and warrantet
eorrect Greekoepen. Q_ p._.
Stiver Knives. Forks. r3poo_s. I_uUes. Tea Sets. C?rs?. ca*>
top!au-'ac_ Britannia VVare. 8r^-css*.j^cii-C?*es.
Mantel Cl-xU. Fine ^Cutlery. Fancy Goo0>. *?V. sra?
ther are enabled to offer for *ale at very recupeo rr>c_s
Watches and Clock, ^^^^1?^
at the -id atabhshed sun. ?P?jri.
aj eorner Fnttoo-?"*et- opu^~te t. 6. Hotel.
and Jio*?llers. are now prepared to Msl V* atolw? at
retail ower than any olherhouse in theeHT. A?*hey
_c_?r?(>iost'.ntlvreceiviBg all dese.nptums dirtjct from
thelrnsjiufaxlrirsrsui England. France and Swifrerinrid. taey
are enabled to orT*r a rSH iarge asvjnrrwnt ol Gold W aJrlM
from SIS to 4?W) each: ?!v?f do. from fto to t)40 each?all war
ranfed to keep r'"^ n_M or toe money retarn*d. Am-,a vert
xi?A jssortmen-. of Jewelry and Silver Ware very low. N. a.
Second hand wntche* and old eo-1 and uiver Ukeo in exchange
or bought for cash. Watches, cloeki, music hoxe* and jewel?
ry ret Aired in the best manner and warranted by ex>*rw*ioacl
workmen, as lew as any ot her houtv-in thecity. THOMt a'JN
& FlSHEK, rmporters ol Waicbe? aud Jewelry. wnoW4i.*ar?J
FINE WATCHES4-?The subtsnibers have a spien ?
did essjortxnssnt of gold aad silver duplex aad lei?r
Watches. manuracusred br T. F. Cpopjr. M. I.
' s__Tobia* at Co. R-1G. Beesfey. and John Harrtson.
or LomJo? and Liverpool, ttc and are eoastastlf receiving
addition* to the same, which they are selling very tow. and
-a_aated.oodt__eT.eo?,. jjoTP. BROTH I__9.
Importer* and IVstJers in the saroo, at 7 Nassau *?_ oppoaiie
the new Custom House.
n. B.?We keep in oor employ the very t**t workineo.
which enables us to give satafr.ction to _U v, ho lo ? *c their
Watches tor revair*._00
T'lClr?NG^^-nd7yBe^T^ %ery heavy arueia.
just received and for ?als by
no C tociiftnge Plaoa.

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