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i? ?Tf fUC-ST. iorPOill C cttt uall.) KSw TOBX.
*T t ...ritoO'ySubaeriiiersl?r Nine Cents w week
kfi ?SJSSijf preftr. thcr can pw in anvwir? ?i ib?
mim? VuA lusert/ou...........Bf> rents.
r^?J?*'.<' subsequent iiiMr?oo.?la1. "
IteMf*' po,wrh subsequent iirsertion..85
? ? Foroa? week..16"
" - For on* month....................6 00
. Fujwrtl Notice*, not eict?linz five
jj1rrarw'* .85 ??
a?*':vvi^.';V1?mit to exceed 12 Kitas srith pn
T**P*^n??K<** jdT?n?iiitau Kt pleasure.
kSqnart?-'''? or half-yearly in advance.! 40 0J
J?am sdvartuements.inssirted in lim. paper appaar bott In
is nrBUsu*? xvsrv Saturday korkiso.
^.j^jjwpfioe ul'TWO DOLLARS per annum, in advance
iTimTRATXP Book or Chrutia?? Ballads ; and
?i Pita.: Edued by Rov. Rcrrs W. Griswo'-d
ri?5rc. Phira-^olprra: Lindsay 4c Blakrston. New
,Vk? Boriei fc twS?rr."
jrj, book i? designed, end contains many
Sacred Po^in? of great merit. The whole numb*
iiaboiitone hundn <!, selected with ;-reat ta?te Item
ig works of Bishop II-ber, Walter Scott, Gro.
fjroly, Mr?, Romans, B> yaor. Enterst o, Longfellow
9ie,-poi.t W'kittier, Buriei^h, dtc. Sec. The Edif
^t, ?harr* of ike work is well done, hut we ca-not
?o hcertilr prais? that o'' the Engraver and that ol
|w printer, in which we pprceive much room for
ioprcTtrnent. Stiii, the book is well worth poa
TnUjariP StaTIS Almanac ; or Complete Ephemera,
jn tie Year 1Mb ; containing the Length and Increase ot
ihn. end the Sim s Ruingcnd teitmg, Ate .riven for ??von
rHjererit Pnmllch <it Lnt.tudc, embracing the whole extent
ofthe Union, &c. Ace. Bv John DoWXKS ; with Numer.
S. Statistics relative to Commerce, Agriculture, Mann,
coires. ti* General und Stute Government,, Public ' MB.
ctn with their Salaries, &:c Sec. By Jobs Phillips
MojtooxIRT. Member ot the Philadelphia Bar. (tp,
J77J C.X Uillis. New-York.
Thw in au excellent compilation, deserving a
place in every Library and Office It i-j very fui
iad ?tL-factory in its statistics, and embodies many
fsca which almost every man would like to have
iibud, but which he can rarely find without much
ditSctdrr. We shall make use of it hereafter.
The Tribune aria ihs Natives.
Tttii?tit?rcf Tht Tribvnc:
In your article headed M Native American
iUiNo.II,",you say, amonj; miny other most
unwarrantable misstateiusnts of the political
crttd ofthe American Republican party, (which
shall b8 hereafter attended to) that you
?'Hart another, and very serious, objection to the ' Ameri
aalepublican * party of our day, based on its unmistakable
v?tary to dabble in the bitter waters of sectarian contro
-i-rsy. und use Religious prejudices as a means of acquiring
?c..ticsl power. We like this neither lietter nor worse Inicnuse
: ilk Runum Catbohc Church which is the object of the
.Vtuvsparty's relentless hostility aud unsparing vituperation."
Now, sir, if you are the impartial Editor, the
hosest politician and upright man you are set
dawn for, you will, as an act of justice to a party
jonhave so unfairly and unjustifiably assailed,
please publish the following only authoritative
aw thue sentiment and principle entertained by
the American Party in relation to Religion and
Church, which will afford your readers a fair,
fall and honest means of judging whether or no
uihc A. R. Party is eased on an unmistakable
Uniency to dabble in the bitter waters of secta.
nan controversy" and whether " the Roman
Catholic Church is the object of the Native
forty's relentless hostility and unsparing citu
feretion." Respectfully. S. H. Stcakt.
"There is one subject composing a part of the
principles of this i'arty, on account of which they
sreniust anxious to extend the time of naturaliza?
tion. We aiiude to the subject cf Papacy.
"While this purty disclaims holding any more
hostile feelings toward that system of Christian
Fiitha?it?tA, than toward Protestantism, still we
am frank to confess, that, judging from the pat>t his?
tory of that Church in all uses of the European
world, and from the evidences of its character and
purpose already exhibited in the United States,
(asiihe least of which was an Act by the Legisla?
ture of this State?pusaed by ihe order and under
the dictation of the Catholics of this City? to expel
the Bible from our Common Schools,) that \vn ure
dutrustlul of the banoiul influence it may jet exert
overthe politics of this country. It is not to ba de?
nied that the Koman Catholic system of relipion is
inimical to Political liberty, anil it must also bei ad
au'ued.thatiaaU ihe nations ol Europe.where Papacy
has been the predominant religion of the State, the
Church has always a^umed Die whole direction
and control of ihi? government. It hart ever claimed
and exsreised the right of being, <ji! one and ?ie
lime time, the religious, civil and political govern?
ment of tbn people.
" If this be eo,?and if, too, it ie the proud boast
of ib>ii Church thnt her principles, policy, and pur
poce have, are and tet'A bt ever thv same,?und
i, also, the rnoat superficial observer can look back
unocg the nations of the Old World and 6eo t>co
rancr. vt>e, and supertittion the peculiar chornc
terisiic? oftbofo people who have been crushed by
the iron heei of her despotiein, anil who are still
bending under the heavy hand of her Religious Op?
pression, is ii not our bounden duty to usei every
pos?tb!e menus that shall tend to protect our own
hippy country from tho Withering ktnbrace of tier
baoetu! influence ?
"It idbi-caii?e a large nmj'irity of the emigrants
to o .r.-hur-? (from Catholic countries.) are the ig
niirani supereiii ici s excrescent palliation o' ihoee
I'M'one, ail of whom acknowteilte their !<ighest ob?
ligations to trie r"ot>e aoii their Church, ami all obe?
dient to tue imiiioaie ot a corrupt und designing
prieFiho ri, i:.ut we are deeiroua o' so extending the
Naturdiiziiu.ii Lnwg an shall, in some dtgree. at
ltrwt, protfCt our institutions fiotu Ihe tlirclul influ?
ence of the Romish Church, and our Election! from
the control of Catholic Bmbops.
" We againtitajsbaticMliy neclare?and hope to be
?outicerstood by both Fkiemi aod Fof.?that w,
&?e political party, er.i? nauieil no unfriendly fe?.l
mg? whatever inwards the Catholic Church, as a
retipoue institution ditcoanecUd with the politics
ofu*r country; nor, iudetd, agt'.ust any oilier
Church whicii does not sctk an alliance with mat?
ters ol State; while at the eame time, we arc at
open hostility with asy and all Religious Churck
(t, Sects, and JJeuominaticns, of whatever name
oi tkaracttr, that shall in any manner and for any
purpose, interfere with the political institutions o:
oar land.
"It it he said tiiat our acte accord not with our
words,?tor we lisve only (as yet) ''nssaulted the
Catholic Church,"?our reply simply nntl l>ri? fly is,
that, it is fAal Church only, which has, as yet, given
?ridrece ol a seiiuusinter'tercnce with our civil pol?
ity Mid of a design, ultimately, to control our polit?
ical institutions. And we add,"with the tame regard
loroarcoumrv's good, that, if any otinr sect or de
nomination of Christiana shall so clearly evince the
?aine design of incorporating ecclesiastical tyranny
*'th the government of this country, as w? tt ink
the Catholics bare, we shall as earnestly nnd un?
compromisingly oppoMO the one as we do the other.
Our ' /lottia/y,' 'proscription' ' opposition,' and
'intolera-'ion,'?(forsuch are the heresies with which
*e are charged, withal,}?extend alike to any and
??ll Churches ard Sects, and that, too. just so far as
Jhev or any of them interfere with the civil or |m>lir
ical matters of our City, State, or (Jeneral Govern
fent; but r.o ftrlher?'tio FARTHER. Are we right,
or are we trrp7j?r 7"
We have given our correspondent his column,
and he is welcome to what he can make of it.
We shall not stop to chop lojric with him, as to
what is pnd what is not a blending of Religious j
hatreds with Politics. \Vc judge all parties by ;
their acts and their unguarded betrayals of scnti- j
nicnt, far more than by their professions and their j
labored manifestoes ' for Buncombe.' Tested by
these, all parties arc faultless. Edr. Tribune.
Ikciukttal Protection.?A dispute to' k
place last evening in the ba'-rnoin of the St.
Charles H iteL between two p hticians?a Whig
a Democrat. The Democrat had his hand
'aired, and was about to " pitch in" to tho VVh g,
*hen a brother Democrat in'crposcd and actuilly
w*rdcd ofl" the blow. Peace having been rinnl v
stored, the Whij; wi.'B making his acknowledg.
Ja?ita to the Democratic peace m kcr, when the
fitter inierrup'.ing him, replied?"Never men? n
"i- roy dear sir; I was incidentally passing in,
*?en I saw a blow w.is about to be given, and
Winking I WOuld prevent it, I did so "
^??e me your hand," said the Whijr. ?? I
22 ,ec althouKh you are opp"st:d to a Ta
hff, you are b favor of incidentalpro'ecti m.
[N. O. Picayuuo.
VOL. IV. NO. 1?9
From the Rmo of Sharon Tor 1S43
Bt URS. L. J. B. CASK.
The setting sun threw Us ravs into an open
window, whrre an aged woman was sitting end
tinged with something of its youthful gold her
ihm. brown hair, now sprinkled with gray. Con
traxy td the fasiinn of her years, ene worn it
unc vered, und plainly fastened bt the back of
her head, revealing alt its fine development, and
t.ie calm, in6j-.8tio thoughifulness of hsr laree,
blue eyes. &
It was the close of a bright June day, and the
little lake in front of tli*s window eptrkicd and
glowed in the descending light, while shadows
crept along tho interstices amongst the trees on
ito haprts. There ws no wind storing their
d,.rk, g-een foiisge Bird and bee had ceased
t -eir mi looy und til. Brilliant coruscations of
that noiseless electricity known an heat-lightning
?.>re playing along the few thin clruds thuhov.
j ered in the western sky, elso nature might hive
seemed toa languid to make evin an effort at
motion. It w\is a tranquil scene, and its b-auty '
went de.p iuto the s.oul of the ?gtd spectator?
toe deeper, perchance, that more than hilf a
century ago the ha'i sat in that spot, and gi:zed
upon it with the cvc3 of hopjiul \outh, oraaming
its own delightful dteams. S.'ie was a solidary
dreamer fttli, yet her visions now wore a d ffcr
ent co'oriiig *nd character.
There was an expression that might have been
calicd mekneholy, but for its sweet serenity, in
her deep blue eyes, as shes?.* in hcrold.faih oned,
high-backed chair, and look i out upon the land?
scape. Her life had revea:..d sad passage?, (to
whom does not a lengthened one, however fortu?
nate?) but whateceriiad been its griefs, they had
subsided beneath some holier influence, ar.d her
soul was at rest.
But there was now a spall on her spirit, with
which the quiet beauty of the scene had little to
do. Tne fast was around her. Years long
perisbsd were floating near in the soft, pensive
light. She knew them as they came and looked
into her soul, for each one had left the re its wit
ne3s; but she felt that all other relation was for
ever extiDCt. They had touched her intimately,
and their lemons remained; but their spectn-.I
forms now spoke of br.r.ds that were sundered
fcr ever.
More linn two years had passed since Amy
Hudson came to dwell in her native home, and
this was the second iirth.day;?no wonder that
she was thoughtful, and that the Past came to
her. She had ever bien visionary, living more
in the inner than the outward life, yet she had
never lorgolton the claims of duty, friendship,
arid society. Sh8 had even trifled among trill21s,
and worshipped at the shrines of earthly folly.
But ttie delusion soon passed. She felt the un
worthincL-s of such worship, and turned to the
Father of spirits with an humble and contrite
Amidst all the changes of her life, one vision
never fo;sook her. It was of her early home.
It haunted her amongst tropical groves; novercd
Over her pillow in her slumbers; ia the delirium
of sickness it came with intense power ; and Ehe
prayed to live, only that she might <iic there.
Tr.3 wis!>. had been granted. When the last
one to whom love or duty had brjund her in that
alien land had lain down in the unwakmg sleep,
she gathered up her little stote, and returned to
claim a never rehnquithed right in the old home
stead, and spend her latest breath where the
earliest was given. She left kind hearts behind
her, to whom 6hc had become endeared by long
communion, and went to find a home in olden
memories, and a grave amongst u generation
a ho knew her rot, and who smiled at what they
deemed her hallucination.
Shallow observers were they of the mind, or
they had learned it makes its own companion
ship; that it is sufficient for itself, and indepen
dent of outwatd, human sympathy. Life had
t jught th s to the lono and aged woman, or she
had not left a circle of frier ds to dwell among
shadows. Nor was she disappointed. Every
thing about her had a tongue and a language.
The old furniture was iuil o;" talcs cf what, had
been. That very chair talked to her of twilights
lo?!f eg?. when she had sat l\na and dreamed
msiden dreams: when visions o'" a superhuman
perfection und happiness flitted belore her, to be
hereafter realized in the name of love. That old
mirror brought be'orc her not only her own faded
fcatuies, bu. faces that now era as iho dust that
hides them,and there was no shadow ol the grave
on their lineaments, so majestic in cetabiished
laitb, or joye-us in unoio.nied hope. And yet
ihat mirror wes no onchanted glass; it is the
mind ahne on whose spoculum nothing grows
dim and peiisbe?, wheic that wh:ch ha* been ne?
ver ccas'.y returning?a as ! to the evil-doer,
with a m.-nacc at?d a frown.
The sun had sunk, and shadows were swif ly
falling. Tue ii. Iltu 1 gs hid ceased in the West
cm horizon. A cool breeze had arisen, and from
tn-: tree? a low quivering mormnr si"lc to the eir
of the lis'enrr. The dvw had called forth *he
sweetness of icaf and flower, i,na a heavy per
tume filled the nir. She s'ili sat by the wmdo*
warching the brooding ri'^ht settling lower und
lower upon the tartb, ?vhilc the sta's lo .kcd out
with ttieir mild, lovi?ij eyes. They were the
stars of her y< uth, still maichingon their inter,
minabie pathway, and they had won n > weari
ness or dimne.s, whilst her footsteps had grown
slow, and mitts lay up n her eye. Trie wail of j
tired childhood sound* d in the rooms below, but
she ntard it not, nor the light footfall of the young
girl upon the stair, as she passed to her inncccnt
, nd happy sleep. The hushed beauty of the scene
was powerful on her soul, and her tnouglits were
seiene even as the star.ligbted firmament. What
wonder the aged woman sti'l gazed forth into the
night? A strange, voiceless melody breathed
from all surrounding things, like that heard in
summer twilights of long a^o. Natureltad sung
discord; t ? hear, many, vtry many times since,
but that, hlso, was far oft", and but dimly remem?
Twilight faded, and the darkness deepened.?
Fire-flies flitted like living sparks of light on every
side, and the voice of the whippoorwill rose shrill
and clear amidst the gloom. The aged one knew
by the sound that it now sang lscutath the tree
where it was wont to sing in her youth. That
young, flourishing tree, it had grown old and died,
and she blessed the careless husbandry that had
left its sapless tiunl; and skeleton arms as a me
norial of other days. That bird-rote, st? clear,
so wild, then riveted her attention, t ut the mu
s c an was not tne same. Years ago the dust of
its little frame was scattered by the winds over
hillside and plain. She thought solemnly and
trustfully of man, and his destiny ; how thus had
warbled thc curlics-t progenitor of that hula melo?
dist, and thus would sing his latest success >r,
while man, tho immortal, is ever learning newer
and sweeter tot,cs r.s generation after generation
hurries away into eternity.
Tnen she remembered the superstition that the
Indiana connect with this bird-how it co..cs to
warn the.se who uru scon to depart into the land
of spirits; and she thought how it sang there in
toe suit summer evenings before the death of her
fatter, and how it cased af er tho tier had borne
hw ty his deserted dust. Through all her life she
had lorgo'tcn it, but n ;w the fancy floated tirough
her mind, that it might be a call to th* last of t'>at
household to rejoin the departed in a land where
song never did. She wept not at the thought,
but her soul Was filled witfj sublime and elevating
prayc r.
Tne hours patscd on. The striking of a cluck
in a lower reom rang loud thtough the s lent
house*, anil banished tbo rtverirs of Amy Hud
son. Nioht lay upon the earth, muenlcss i.nd
solemn, and the stars told her it was late f-.r aged
eyes to be watctiing; yet sheoniy rose, and placed
rer night-lamp un?ghted upon a nnall tab.'c.
which biic dr?w to the window. She sat down by
it, and leaned upon the table with her head retting
on her folded hands. She looked no longer out
into the night, neither did she sleep, for her soul
was full ot visions.
Mysterious is the life ofthe Soul. A study for
ai-esisth-.t little segment that moves between
the cradle and the grave ; how can mortal kcowl.
edge hope to comprehend any port:on or the eter?
nal c?cle that revolves beyond th8 stirs 7 So?
lemn, also, is il in its utter isolation, its individu?
ality and separateness from all things. E-irthiy
o rcumstance tind passion euirojnd the spirit?
They touch it at every point, agitato it with va.
riuus and c nttr.ding emotion, until it seems to
be their sport, when lo I events snd their emo?
tions are gone, and it is calm, far seeing and
alone?alo:.e in a thickly peopled immensity,
ho'diog permanent and real relati on only to its
Maker, God. It look* for that which so troubled
and sho.k it, and finds only shapes seen in
dreams. Lessons, it is true, have been -.'ritten
upon it as they passed, but the teachers hnve gone
forever. Heppy is the soul that gathers, irom
the changing ; ha.itasm igoria, lessons thnt shill
abide the searching ofve.-nity ; that educes from
alltarthly condition a wisdom that shall not need
to be unlearned as it goes onward in its immor?
tal progress!
This state of isolation was now on ihe spirit of j
Amy Hudson. Her life passed in review before
her, but it was vapory and cold. Its stirring
event", that had pressed upr-n her heart with such
rcomentoit? weight, now came as forms of mist,
so unsubstantial, that they never could hav
touched her with pleasure or pain. Its emotions,
once s? overwhelming, were now as if they had
never been. Sh8 seemed to have been wander
ing with phantoms in the mazes of dream land,
and had they not left traces of lheir presence on
her life and character, r-he had hardly believed
that they had ever been more than visions. But
something within bore witness that these 'airv
nothings' had once assumed a reality and tangi?
bility that fii.tedthem for their appointed mission,
then departed, and beeutnc only the remembered
actors in a drama whose effee". had beer fulfilled.
Her spirit had no recognition of a kindred nature
with them. They were 'ofthe earth, earthy,'
while it was triumphing in an assured immor?
tality. [Remainder To-morrow.
FoBGSBT Detected.?On Saturday last, j jrt at
the opening of tne Slioc and Leathei Dealers' Bank,
c respectahle looking man appeared at the counter
and presented to an officer of the bank a note pur?
porting l) have been signed by Caleb Stetson of this
city, payable to the order of John Olis, for nearly
live hundred dollars, which he proposed to have dis?
counted. He was asked it the note he presemed
was made, by Caleb Steison, who keeps in Broad
street; he replied that it wo?. He wa* then told it
would be discounted, and he could leave it and call
in a short time and get the money. As ho turned to
go out of the bank, casting his rye into the Direct?
ors' room, lie was identified by one to whom he was
p- r- on.illv known. The noio was then shown to the.
Teller, and he was suspicious it was a counterfeit;
the note was diroctly sent to the counting-room of |
Caleb Stetson, and thereupon deciaitd n forgery.
The person has heretofore borne a respectable
character, and has a very respectable family und
connexions. He resides in a neighboring town.
[Itoston Post.
<tW Jons Smith, cook of the brig Cnrlrlon,
Capt. Jamirson, just arrived from Cremen, was ar
rested yesterday, at the lequest of the captain, by
officers Dunbar und McConnell, of the Second Mu?
nicipality Police, on n charge of murder, committed
on the high seas. Tho murder is said to have been
committed some sixteen to twenty days ago, and
tho victim was one of the passengers.
[N. O. Tropic, Nov. 1.
Marquis B. Brown, who committed the re?
cent murJer at Stcphenshurg, Hardin Co. Ky. was
caught a few days aco at New-Madrid, Mo. He
whs ironed nnd brought up in the custody of two
men on board the steamboat Fortune, but when the
boat arrived within four miles of Bradenburg, he
was missing. Immediate search was made, and the
raw! of the bn.-.t was found ll taring in tne river
uuout a mile and a half bslow, but nothing was seen
ofthe fugitive. It is thought that hi must huve
been assisted in his escape. [Louisville Jour.
Ot'TKAGKOrS AsSAL'i.t cpo.v AN old MAN.?As
I'.rutus Aldrich, of thin city, was going up town,
about 11 o'clock, on Saturday night, he was stopped
by three Irishmen, one of whom asked him w hat he
wanted; Aldrich replied he wanted "nothing but
civility." Tho Irishman then said, "you are a
Clav mar. ! s'ipposp." " What is that to yott. if 1
am i" said Aldrich; upon this, the Irishman struck
him a violent blow on the head. Two watchmen
within hearing hastened Up, arrested the Irishman;
and curried him to the watchhoiise. He was fined
giO and costs._[Pro*. Trans.
SENTENCE cf Death.?The Planters' Banner
states that on Tuesday, the 22d tilt, the sentence of]
death vvc.i passed on John Florey,for the murder of
Robert Cameron, in the Parish of St. Wary, Louis?
iana, in April last. The prisoner appeared deeply
affected with ihe horror of his situation. When
asked if be had any thing to say, he replied in a
iow and tremulous-voice, that he hoped, if he tnuft
die, the Court would give him as long to live as
possible. ^ _
Jepry S. Cowdek.?This gentleman, who >s
enptd justice the other day ii our town, has been
t-uen up already in lilincfe for passing a counterfeit
bill. A man named Dorse* was arrested at the
samft time, as an accomplice, and they aie still under
confinement in lliiooistown. They hid in their pos?
session shout ten thousand dollars of money similar
to that which was taken ln.tn Cowden when arrest?
ed iu this city. [Sc. Louis R-.veille.
f!*p Mr. Howes, the Elocutionist, it is said, is
about to be appointed to the Professional chair in
Columbia College.
Court of Common Pleas.
before Judge InosaBaM.
Alexander FrHzer vs. Win. Johnson.?T^he plnia
tiiTi* a mason by trade. The defendant n the proprietor of an
eitansive bakerv. and his splendid two horse wagons perambu.
late the nty for the sale uf crackers, ard nre well k?. wn. One
forenoon in November last the plamlifT was pass-;g oovvn .Mott
street, near Pell, on a cart loaded with briek. the horse-n a
walk, when they were met by one of the cracker wagons be
longing to defendant, in charge ol one ot h? men. 1 be horses
of UM lailer were procecdinc on a rr..t, and the Innu wheel Ol
the wiison struck the wheel ofthe cr-.n. throwing i razer on by
mssioo, and injuring hts arm so much that be was not
able fully to use it again for ."ome month*. Action b brought
agarnsl the owner of the waroit CMr. Johnson) for daniages.
It is cor.tcmevi taut the collision was accidental, owing to a
pump being m tne street. Tne Curt charged that Mr.
Jjlin-on would not be linbie for tiie acts ol his man it those
?cts ink! been wilful: but if the man ran against tne cart
through negligence or ignorance of the mode of driving, his
employer - '-able for any damage be may have committed.?
On the oil and. if the accident occurred through the care,
leant is nt i ;.er*on drivin* the cart which 1-ruter was on,
the detenu is not liable. Verdict this lureaooo.
Edwanl Williams vs. The Corporation of New -
York ?Mr W. was Clerk to the Hoard of Assistant Aldermen
from Mar '42 .?> May U. While there it was discovered, that
Mr Patterson, who had been Clerk toe three yean previous,
hud not written up the Journal of proceedings torasMcecil
niK.ut is months, and a Res^utimi passed the Boar?ol Assist.
ant Aldermen antborizing Mr. A iliian-.s. the piaiit.rf, to make
up the Journal lor that term. Heavers that be had much
trouble, independent of the labor m gathering the hurts. He
made a ch.ir;re of $750 agnti^t the Corporation tor the t-ertorm.
?mce nf thi- e\!ra liu'v. The Finance Committee wou.-l allow
bun but *4Uu. which bo refused to take, and it was paid into
Court t.. abide the issue,so that in the event ofthe Jury consul,
enng the S-WO to l>e sufficient. Mr. \\ . will havo to pay the
costs. The present action is brought to recover the $.5o. \ er
ilict this forenoon.._ ^
EDIT VTIONAL H ABIT, prejudices early imbibed, pecu
.^ary micrest. proiessioaal [.tide?all conspire to render
medical men the sianding enemies of what they stizniaiizo as
"'untent n?sd,c-,i.es." And tra.rscendant murt be that Hal-am
? W healing virtues have extorted so many communications
feSS'S??^oaldpot suffer by
C^vT ^te:'^ca?? entirely cured j
the most serious and obstinate cases ol lung dtwM, by \\ is- I
? -sBaUnrnof Wild Cherry,?Jte they bad
niirv remedie*?" 1 never sold a roedecme soys the I k*u,.,
" m which 1 had that essOre cM??emet that I have jk
Chas. StreaUr, MJX Wukesbaire, Pa. certaho.thru teBsJ.
sain had cured many in that place^pecially^ ??.
Ijq. Attorney at Uw. ol general debility and a congh ol long
??fSfre u^ Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry ,id caw of |
eontirme.1 cough, pain mita 3&^Z2?2k!t
tended with other ?lifficulties. and und it to be Uie mos. eSicn- I
cious remedy I haveevcr yet used, and leel no hesitancy in re?
commending ,t to glg^f^njg M.p. Cambndge. Md.
Dr. S. Killman ofHoundtrnok. N. J. alsocoi.-ced? Wutar s
Balsim of VVjEI Cherry to be tho bast medicine known lor
consumption in every ?l?ge-_ ...,. _^,o
In fact, the proof of the extraordinary ffi-^.
cmeisso conclusive aad overwlielmimi ?mt A is tg&W.?"?
u. deny that it cures when all ether remedies, prescnptioos and
modesiiftrentmeut utterly fail. . . ^ ,
fjor iteware ol spurious mixtures m imiUtion ot tne Wnu
uie Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry
SaAC lim-rs. 21 Ano-tt Sole Agent for New-Tort
F. llrowu, rbuad.; Wer, Albany. ?* tou
A. f 1 Hons of Job Print inc. lueh ca
?*JtFHi-tT*. I Mijrjtora Show Bint
gtTAT.Qgtnw. ! I.arrr?? Biua,
Caxczs. i-'irjt i !Vmrx?.T CrSi" "Piir. and
lltfra?ir* Poractae. r-:-<\
. ILL' or I.ADIrM. ! Pjlll.Cilr "tLU.
CntTOtllt. ? "iJirrLxRS. fDBOt!*.e
roxptly erected si laeUr?ee of tat Tn'.mDe. No. UP Nuun
street?oprj/aite i he Psri.
No. ? Svaccr. STr.xrz.
Ar? urepcred to erccuKi BmJmg f-w P.OCKf3ELLLR3,
fUBLIC LIBRARIES and pnirr.tr.individuals.
N. B. PafUtmlar attention paid to rebinrfinz Old Books, Pe
riodierUs, M one. fee., in goos stria End at reasonable mot.
P'noasvuitia? Iba city can bars thsir boots rsbound at
iMrt,BOtice, _ j77 u
CKT" Graham House-\?.w Arrancoment,?
ROSWELL Gf>s3 inS>rm* hu Inend? and th? public that be
iias enlarged h;i BOARDtXG EST.1BIJSH.VE.YT.
known an the Granara Ht>u?e. (8 ii-'.rc ar ?tre*t. by adding to
it the adjoining hon?^. and u pirsn red to accommodate Iran
siest or parmanem Boari-crt on the must favorable terms. Ail
fritnds of Tamoe-nrics de*iri.-r n GSlSt hone, nnd free^m
from the furntv ofsktohel and tobacco, ate ;nvned to pvromzr
thif notice. T ba Vegetable -.'er-, with tnec.ioice?; srtec'inn
ot fruiti. fcc. -.vhir'.i jh? market alTerds. Brill i^sinctiyu.lhfret.
to. hot a table will lie served lot Um ? who prefer the ordnarv
mod-, or mir.d tV't.
Cmton Shower. Warm nr.d ' lold Baths, fiw
: O-Water Cure E jtr".tii3-ttiise;:t, 63 Bitr
cluy-sr.?Joel Shew U. D. Practitioner. TKose wha can
nut get relief by rirecJ. 3 ra iniiwd to try Nature's bast medi?
cine. The location is airy d.d pleanat. and the conveniences
ample for lbs foil tr-alroent by Water The poor "dvised era
C7* The IrlstaAl Life Insurance Com;.a*ij
Of fller?-YorJ*.?This fiwtitution has issued, during the
month of October, FiRy-Eight potictei, viz:
To Merchants.......22 To C>r?rrrae&*?v..8
" Clerks.4 " PhysiciansT.. 4
' Brokers....,.1 " lowers.? 4
" Cashiers of Banks. 1 " farmers .3
Iron Founders. 1 " Mechanics... 6
" Civil Engineer.. 2 " Teochsn. 3
Artists . 1 " Ladies. 2
" Students. 1 -r=
SjtMrSL HUfXAT, ferrpt-iry.
MamiKK Post, Physician.
si a
Inrured. 28
ARARE opportrjriitj is offered t<> nnv person with n rapitnl
ofajSDO I i J.uoO D illars, to enter into a xery lucrative busi?
ness in this city. .\ Line addressed to Orten, 'oft at the Tri?
bune Urtii-e. stating when ami when tri interview >-an be hod,
and giving retd name, will be immediately attended to. No
person need apply unless they have the cash at immediate
comnmiid. New-York.Nov. 11, l&U. niSlw*
O'STRICH "Fi:?TiSRS^?3*ibI ^nuth American, just
received ninl fur wile by
n!2 a*_ _i^^mSBROW, 32l_\Vnter ?t._
SATI\?TPS~?O eases, ccntamins" > great vanety of styles
and prims, received and for -nie In
nl2 3t _47^ Exchange l'luce._
MACKINTOSHES?Anotner lot mf those decant, new
style waterproof Coats and Cape* without a vestije ol
smell?altogether Uic nentc>t. lichtest and best article ever of.
fered by us?wholesale and rctnil by
nlil IKiRACi: II. DAY, 2J Maiden Tj.no.
C?ffifMERES?Pieec I)ye.l nnd \Vool Black. Oxford and
r?tcel 5(ixed, and a variety of new pnttena, fancy striped
Cnssinicrcs, ju>i re<-eiveil und !t-r-rtli? bv
nl3 31 _ _ 47 Exchange Place.
Cijjl/m?-Black., jslne ami Olive ClolW, n variety of styles
' and pnecs, received and for sale by
nl2 3t_47 Etchnnse Pjace.
X Patent-Risnts. for various article, and processes, cuonect.
e<! with the India Rubber business, ui'-liidins llic SUspeodCT
C?ml>, for sale on lavoralil't. ru.-. ;>>
i.UUv. _ik lltACE II. i)A_Y_,25 Majden iJi_ne._
'?"?WEEi? CAS5IMKKKS- \ t.-w rtue..' fln?l nn.i s<r-|.,-.l
JL Tweeds, n very bon y article, tec sivul Mid for sn k by
nl2 3t i~ Kxrbnnifc Tliice.
J N E rs?A few cases for :alc by
nl2 3t Ci Exchange Placo.
XFORU MIXED i'LAIIl 5ATlNET.mil received an,!
lirrsaleby (nil) E. C. STANTON. 40 Boaver-?t.
LAID LTNSEYS?A fine article. Jift Reatvetl nnd f-irsale
nil by E. C. S'l ANTON, 40 Ueaver.st
SILVER PLATED WARF, of the following ilescnphon at
lesspriees than can be purchased at anv oilier ?torein the
City: Cake Baskets. Cnntllestick., Castors, Waiters,Brnnches,
Candelabras, &c. klso a new nml elegant ns-ortment of Lamps
and Girandoles. Call on Stoutenbureh, 143 h ulton su betsrecn
Broadway nnd Nassau st before you buy. nil
KAU SATINETS, various slin.les, suitable for Carriace
Linings, j Uat received ami f"r sale hy
nil E. C. ST ANTON, 40 Bcaver-.t.
!EU*INC. SILK?A fine article, for sale hy
> nil E. C. ST ANTON, 40 Beav*r-st
PLAID BLACK SA*m*Em-5u;*rior quality,just ro
ceiTcd and lor sale by E. C. STA.VI't ?N.
nit Bcuver st.
KIDDER'S INDELIBLE" INK.-Tin subscribers have re.
ceived a supply of Franca KMder's niMcinr [rtdehbia
Ink, warranted Us be of the tint c.unlity. Booksellers. Drug
gisbi ami utiiers supplied at xsholesnle prices._
nS H. tc P. KAYNOR. 76 Bowery.
OTTING ENGINE?For sale, n lir-t rate Cutting En?
gine, caicuiutcd for bevel, spur and -p.ral wheels, in e.";.
celle.it order. AppTrto LEONARD tc HONE,
n9 lw* _9 Pine-sU
PAPER LAMP SHADES, of now pottcnis n-"l nxorted
?:ws. rot ?nie bv DIET/.. BK' ITHER St CO.
n8 Agent? fi.r tl e Maiuiliictnr."-. Xu. 13 John .t.
BM'TIST HYMN' BOORS.?All tlie different kinds of
Hymn Books used in the U ipt.sl Churches in .this city and
vicinity, vi? : Watts and Rippou, Winclicll's \\ atu and the
I'snlinist. Bomprisinc the vir was sizes and bindings, for ?nie ut
S H. tc S. RAYNl IR'S Book-lore, iff Bowery.
GOO doyen low nr.ced ShovcU and SpAnea.
|IJ) do do Gram Shovels,
li'j do Wood Bead Rakes.
Pur .ale by SHERMAN, ATWATER it CO.
i#i Hmail iilre?t.
"X3iERi( ?N FlirES, manufa-tu-d"by^j?hn Rothery at
/\ Matteawan, warranted equal to anv Imported, r?r .aus
to tiseTrade by LEONARD fc HONE.
?3 iw? .No n ftti?4?ieet..
L.UUU IPsi-l 31x81 0x30
a..'*) ^Iv? 22.-.311
23x55 21x37 l?vda
24i36 80*40 Sbx40
oS For sale by CYRUS V.. FIELD, a Burling Slip.
;*y vTTrK \MS S* T.'.UriNETISSUE-White, green, blue.
4>\ h/yeliow. pmk. ?jrfassorterl r ijors. for sale oy
(& CYRUS W. FIELD. 9 Burling Slip. _
O ISxC 22.v2vs. ciucsl and unclszed. Inr rale by
0? CYRUS W. FIELD. i> Hurling Slip.
AKa?a ...iiTi .Ui> lit., p-.rt ??! h-tti ' rush, lorsule by
YJr I.A'Mlll^'-.siJlA,: 1 I..??.'I T. |'?irl .:r?M.
itEMltl RfcADLNG-L V ?YS?A n-w rr/t superior artj
c?-fc.r sale by D1ETZ. BRO HI tlB * CO.
?35 iNo. Ill John street.
DIRI'J LAMPS, fur burning Caiiiuhine.?These Lampi
ere s-mpie in t. eir consirucunn, en ily trimmed, ai d civ?
a str -ng nnrl brilliant ^!},l!^JS!!^^!^3^'ana
and r-ir sale by DlETZ. BKOl HoR tc t O.
j^j; t\n 13 Jnr.n su
MR SEATING?Different widths, for sole by
n7 JAMES WEEKS, 81 Maiden Lane, up .tain.
Tonhlcrs Muc>. Sn.~n.<, >oup Lidies, ice. fur sale by
n7 J AMES WEEKS. SI Xleidun Unc. up stairs.
>s, [T\ri vi li'AL?in) cue-, widie,!. A 'so, 2,000 Ihs. r-.ujrh.?
DATAPSCO (>sN.\I!U!it:s-Jui.t rcce.ved an assortment
JL of Use vnnous widths I'ilapsco Osnasturgs and Twilled
Bagging, to^^oY, ALDRICH & Sj-EXCER.
n5 ii Exchange Place.
?rtlH ^Oir\TF^nWth.rmi^fuctory of Webb iiTwom
bly. Also, their superior * Prepared Cimoa und IJoeaa
Paste/ ctonstantly on 1-jnd. srid srorranted emsal toany to
market. For iate by LATHRUP BAU 11.ETI.
n?v? _ _?S l'tyul.slreet.
UMHRi-I.I. \S?L7J -i ? ;V!.a'.elwne and P.3Vj:ii Siuikj.lV;
XUhyAll?MS.TIFFA.N Y a CO. 78 Pine st._?a
CiPIKJTS T?RPEN'l'INE??buls Nor hem. l?r sale by
n.V _ D^moe i- BARTTLETT, S Pearl
BEI iAD and Narrow Strioe BogKBCw imetes, for sale by
?11 K. t*. S I AN I OX. i'" lieav.T. t.
1>lU IR().\-10y-'ti: txist Sci.tcu..
o'J oms che.-.a Ar? enciin.
KXltostbsHt Am'tiom.
verv strong, rnoabl.- tor WlroadJrVlieeh
sa e by l"21 Im*] ''ASS fc WARD. .1 Brood st
? VORY BLACK-eOhb'r forsn'eby
I ?3 J_K- Ki.KECK, ? - fc CH. ^' *Vn ist? 't.
t \>~L\s-cJ^ Vim" Un-ersju ?re-e'Ted. auo lorja?
5 4 iiv K. f :-|-.\MlJ'-. itavri-.-, .-1
-k/s A/iA T"Nlf tl) S-f?TES 1'ARftfh.R'S ALMA
20 000 N AC for in is at ine Tribune Office at 81 per
hnnHrjil -
1(M"a)mlr:S ALMANACS w.u, Cnta For ?1*
a Trihonsofh'r
ONLY THINK ' >i' i !'. ihe v.ry be-t nt V*Ur f*eM;ncr.t
VVltif fix lb cant* per pound. 4?I Brosdv. ..,. near brand
street. _ _ _ .-?r
AR PIT WARP-Arr...ld-? U-t Carpet Warp, put up to
( baJesTf 1C0 I1-. and half bales of 5 eaen. tor sate by
1- \. UN DF.RHILL, IS and 20 CeuarsL up ?:.nrs.
* STRALLAMPS altered to Solar.;yvith ? SltawV Patent
^^igg^S^S N?- ?Johnjt.
V. ad/e^? to S?cS Itet city and collect pay for
the same, agreeable to our published lerms. _nil
TlCKLNG-<>4 and 7-S Bed Ticking, a very heavy article.
JU,t ?<?\?lt'f?t. ALDRICH fc SPENCER.
.-sicv-i-iw _47 Exchange Place
rs..n ?Mil RAND FRON? IW '"ns c mpriiing a fulliu
22^?f^esiTrad EcMtBssfa B?op In* pan very
m-r-rne^^ o. Airswess ^ ind trunk manufseturers.
Ihin, madeexpiessly lor LE?CKi..: fc OOTHOUT.
^SSSi C*iiTcorner John stnset.
(IBER 14. ISii.
Wholesale Df?]frt, 59 Cedar street, |
RESPECTFULLY announce to merchant! that they will |
labor assiduously to make their ?tot? the ' Depot' of all i
the new ami desirable <:yle? of Lode's' Dres* (roods, and will j
cheerfully show tbem and thej prices to all that mar fav.w
theo with a call._n!3 \
V"F.W F1GCRF.!' CHAMELEON SILKS.-Jusl rece.ved i
iy at VV. D. OREO IRY &. CO.. 175 Sprng-strset, 1 caie
extra hairy figured Chameleon Silks, very rich odors, direct
?'mm auction, and ?elbng at r? per yard; nch Piauis tor 4s t>d I
peryird; heavy wide i Jrn* dr Rhine for Loci Shawls, very j
diitir-.Mi and very cheap, at 175s>prin.:-street. ol i
jV" S. I* UNN ELi/l &. CO., Ao. ay; Graml-sirer*.. cornor ol
k ^ : A Den? bare on ha ad an ?xtercive arwrtmenl of the foi
lowiac nacse-teepiag DRY GOODS, to wnica they Invite th*
oUecuon o; parchasars. vix:
'M to 14-4 lrapen.al and niaivsilie: Qailtx
f i to 13-4 by H-i Diapers and Damask Table Cloths a
S-i. S-*, lo-l ac;i Is-4 Irib. BtrasJey. Rcstla ind 3ilat?
Hums. Sc./.th \ad iriih Toweling Diapers.
~ i, 3 4 and 4-4 Diaper and iMraask Napkins.
Crash, HuckalsacX *id Birrfoy* Diaper.
-:-4 and M Shirting ilud !*iliow-Case L oca of all oc?illi?.
?-4 heav* Undressed. Limm.
r-ecch ^.-nb-jssed Cloth Tnbie and Pi/ino Covers
? lolored Ci^in. Worsted and Linen Table Ciolcs
.'.ad also an (ixte:'!ive assortment of Cloths cad t>tsirn?cef.
Drap ii'Eios, Gimbroons, Lirac Drilling*, and other StapW
mrl Vksct Dry Good". m?2! *n*
THE subscriber wishes to inform the public ;n general, if
they have any of these works on hand, be i- prepared to
finish them fur any who may favor lum with their custom.
Ju<t published and elegantly bound in gilt,
For 1843?In Turkey Morocco. Gilt.
For sale by ABRAHAM MAZE, 237 BleeckeroL
Bishop. Deighton's Complete Works, just published
Butler's, Howe's, Banyan'*, ilathsw Henry's, Harvey's,
with Rishnp Berkley's, cooioiele.
Mclivnneon Oxford Divinity.
Sorrel's Horte Soutane, or Essays on the Naxes and Titles
of Christ,
Clark's Gospel Harmonie?, with Notes.
Gill's Body of Divinity.
Horn's Introduction to the Scriptures, in four voN.
Cruden's. Butterwurth's and Brown's Concordance ef the
Bible; do. in !>est Turkev Morocco, siltedge.
I!ev. Uowlnnit Hill's Private DevoUOO.
D'Aubigne's History ot the Reformation?All for aiie at the
oli! established Bookstore. -37 Bleccker-sl._ntl_
WetvterV Speeches. 3 rnl?. 8-n. sheep and cloth.
SpnrKx's l ite oi Washington, 1 vol. Svo. with engravings.
Do. do. Franklin do do. do
Dowr.ing's Ijtndscapa Gardeaing?New odition?with num.
erom engravings.
Dowou.g'i Designs for Cottage RfiiJencct?New ed.tion?
with numerous plates. Ju;t received by
Tl.'itNKR & HAY3EN,
Booksellers and Pubndiers. l? J .tin stv
Also, always oa hnr.d a Kirge assortment of School and Mis
ceiluuaoui Liooks, which are ollereil lo
and :he TrRde generally on very favorable terms._o33_
Hl'.VPINGTON & SAVAGE. PubUiersnud Bookseller*,
iflb Pearl iCrcet, have a complete assortment of School,
Classical, Law, Periodical, Theological and Miscellaneous
Books. Also Blank Books. Letter and C'np Paper, tc. ice.
which they will .>!' at low prices. _ oS
Omtar'nmg a Retrospective Vim; qf every Discovery and
Practical Improvement in the Meiieel Sciences.
COMatfc.NCEl? in JANUARY, 18 HI.
Publiihed in London in July and Jnnunry ol everv vear, and
^published in New-York by DANIEL ADEE (late
Adkx Sl EBTAnr.oQK). WO. lt>7 Kulton-strect,
ThO first 10 Kba or Five years. 80_Per rear thsreutter. S1.00
Single No<. 50cpnlt....lnvariiibly in ndvsnce. rOHif
?TV' ~Sl?K7.7n~N 1>," 'I'LlAlinhK.-T AMI tTi tlfclHS.?
1 HUNTINGTON & SAVAGE, 21tJ I'enrl ttreet, keep
!-eep constnnlly lor sale a lane and comp leto assortment of
School, Classical and Miscellaneous Book*, Blank Books in
every variety; Loiter. Cap, I ruled and plain1 Bill. Drawing,
and Tea Paper, Quills. Ink, Seaiing Wax. &c. ice.
Merchants. Tauchers. School Committees and others, wish?
ing to purchase, v. ill find it for their interest to give us a call,
as we will furnish all articles in our lino at low price* and in
quantities to suit.
The Malte Brun School Geo?
graphy and Atlas.
Peter Parley's Geography for
Pt.or Parley's History for Chtl
Do. do. Abridged,
Webster's Dictionary for
Schools, lilrao.
Ito. Do. Do. lfmo.
Mrs. Lincoln's Botany.
Do. lv, any for Bcgiunarx.
Do. Nntural Philosophy.
Do. Natural Philosophy lor
Do. Lectures on Chemistry.
Do. Chemistry for Beginners.
Callaudett's Picture Reading
Preston's Interest Tables 8 per
|)o. Do. Abridged
dren. ,
Bnrritt's Geocraphy of the
Heavens, with an Atlas.
Fellowes' Astronomy for Be
Goodrich's Ecclesiastical His
tory for Schools.
Kmnts' Elemenu ofCriticlsm,
Prwton's Interott Table* 7 per
A Practical Gramn.ar ol tlieEnglish Lnnraage or an intro
laetioa to composition, m which the constructions art) classi?
fied into predications and phrases. By Edward Hazen, author
of the Speller and I Vetiner. Part first.
Parts first r. nil second boil jd in one vol. _ sepj j
?A Treatise on the Nature. Tendency and Consequences ol
our present Monetary Sjrsteai: wish a plan lor its effectual and
beneficent reform: is published lor the Public and Author by
VV. H. GRAHAM. loO Nassau-street. New.York ; Burgess U
Si.-ineer.?JBroadwiy, do. Prico 64 per hundred, si cents
a rnpy.
Tho oniy e.bject of the Author be/ng to neutg the Reform
herein proposed, the work is published at his co?t.itud the pub
!iaw>'l only pay lor printing the copies which they may re
luire. All Heads ol honui. tteady, prosperous business, and
u! fully employed. woJI rev.-.ir.ied labor, are auramtlv request
3d to Rid r.i extending the circulation of this pamphlet.
je-? D?l_
BY SAMUEL ?1. JOLL1E. Is85 Broadway. No 6 " Musi
ccl Monthly Beaut'e* of the Ooero,"
By the -ad Sea Wave*?Ballad from Benedict's new Opera
ol the Hridci of Vernee. v.-itl: a '?eautilul vianrtre.
lo rill?? du C:el VaLe-coinir-sfd by C.imille Schubert.
' "il Familiar Frkods?3oC<?Comp??ed by BartltRt, and sur.g
by Robt-Geo.Pel?e. ^ , , ,?. ?
Canliam FaetAmd Bnndici?Fr .n the Opera id L Esire rt
an.i.re. by Itonizet'j.
Florentine Wa'tres^i>.mso?e<i by tlaecscl. and performed
by the Kanmerer Band.
The Be?ties/oi the Opc-.i contain: 30 pages of ong^ived
Music, priiiie.l ?n exf ra fine paper?at the reduced price of 50
cents uer numder, issued on the 15th of each month, by
olriY SAMDEL C. JOL1.IE, 3a5 Broadway.
COUTHERN COTTON YARN?Best Southern Yarns of
? the following descriptions, are offered to Country Mer?
chants at the lowest marke' prce, vix:?
North Carolina Factories, assorted Nos. 5 lo 10.
South Carol na do do do C to ii.
Georgia hard twisted Yarns do do 7 to 12.
These Cotton Yams are made from pure cotton, and the
complexion of the goods is unsurpassed for clearness. Buyers
con nave any assortment ol" numbers pat up to suit their wants
without extra price.
Also, Peterson, and other New Jersey Yoms. nt low prices,
Uigether with Balis. Wick, Wnrp, Twine and Wadding, at
Ko*. IS and 'JO Cedar st. halfablock above Pearl rt. no stairs.
nl3 T. N. C.NDLRHII.L_
rpHE SUBSCRIBER^TlR-rj Lhe following goods at very low
.1 prices:?
Steel Fife Setts w:th anti'iuc brooTe stand.
Blower Stand* of new pi.uerr.s-, a very useful artlcla.
Siicili-'ld Table Cutlery of the tinost .|uality.
Hail Lantlaims. eut and stained class.
Dbton te Son's Tea Sett*, new patterns.
Oieostatic, Ssdar and Patent Vesta Lamps, a great variety of
patterns, and at low prices.
STOITKNBI'EGH. l-O Fulten-street,
c.23 Between Broadway and Niiiiaustreet.
JL iW c^.is b?sT Loedi n Emery?assorted cumbers.
:<} eases English retinal Borax?1U lbs each.
K.Wfl Scotch Fire Brick. ?
100 baTclt Ground l'.imice istose. suitable lorcibinat.
wich and clocir rnaieis. t'or-aJeby< ~
? cM SHERM *N. r>TWATBiI?V CO stlBrr<-d st
BEAITIFL'L NEW GAMES?The "Race of Improve?
ment." by the nulhur ol the improve! Game of Dr.
Busby, 'flie national name of die American Lasie. f.lmrac
teristics of Distinguished Persons, nn cnior.al and amininz
game. The game of .Master Kodbury and his Pupils. All ot
the above games urejmt pnbjtoned.and may be hail at
nl II. lt. S. B WN'ilCS B.^k.rore. .h Rr.werv.
PRING STEEL, ice?i-03 bundles, Di. K. 8. t& ard'Jj
_Spring Steel, made of the be?t Swedes Iron, anil warranted
of superior quality.
?JXI tons best American SteeL
ri? bundles 7-l!ii-8iU6 Square Iron. , ,
200 " Band Iron. IMa 2 inch- For saiebr Jw
nil SHERMAN. ATWATER te CO. 30 Broad-.t.
FOUNDATION MUSLINS-iSM p?eea?Fenn-Jation Mus
lies oi different quclitie*. or, ?msigniceiit,, lor se lf l?y
o2rl J. R, BLEBCKEB it (A B Wi'bam-st.
r?r" HAMPERS Wine Bottles, for silebv
40 PA R1S lt. I" -M ER* iY. f* Pcarl strcet.
arj lUiween Br.,nd-,'reei and C<^nt.?? '"n.
taste of il* mediciiie and all the effect ol it. 1- our smal
lozenges have all Lhe medicinal virtues of the usual dose .-old
wir at 151 Broadway, near Grand ?t-_
SQtt^KE IRON?6C0 bdlj. Square Iron. ?.. 7 IS. 9-16 and
K ol'^opK.orq.j.iliry. hit ?cl- by
,C Sit EH M ?'. N ._ATvv ATl:tt. &Co. 3T- Br.-ad st.
s uF\L l.t'-VRY -Wiufsl.Tr.ogei ; .-tm Gci.dv. cr.v
Ap-is-.-g all ibe richness of a sweet Huvana Orange. It incite
?n yuur mouth like belter. Sold a: 451 Broad *ay. a an. GranJ
??LAE LAMPS--tonjpnrSoiais, Bracket Solars, Doric
w5 Lomps, Side Umps, and Patent Vesta Lamps for burning
Cnmphene; Patent Lanl Lamp?. HaU Lamps, ijtrirerris,
Gi-nnd.des, Wicks, Shades and Lam?s, Glasso of ail kinds,
format low P^b/BR0THER t co. NaPJefatA
BR ?.ZIERS AND SPiKE Ri >D.^?50 um?. a:sr.rt?J sixer,
t,7i im_r'iijfenrMr John street.
KENTUCKY JEANS.?Indigo blue, cadet, brown and
b!-.ck mixed, plnid. strped and iilai". of mnmrs quali
ues-foriah; by M(K.TRDY. ALDEICH & SPENCtR,
^5 47 Estchacge Place.
EwTnJRSEY^lTo^ tons bist niarcool Bloorns
N'fyfiCE n hereby given that an Electmn of Dire^ccsot the
HowardKranrc Company will be held at the ofiea of
tr-.t-eT-arv. No. 54 Wall street, ob Woodsy. DeC??ber?
oui ^rrie'ncujr at li o'clock 3, a?d closing at'Jc'dcck P.
WHOLE NO. 1120.
Serqfzia. or Alec's F.vtl. Rkeuattitat, CAsthutt Cxtsmt
ous Ersptttns. /hoip.vj. ?.- Pmatalet n tie Ften,
BioUket. BiUi, Otrmie Sura Ests, Km/ Worn or
Tetter. Scald Head. Enlerf taunt and Pain tf Vit
Bow and Joints, Stubborn Vleert, Srp iu't
be Svmplemt, Sciattca, pr LumbaiJ,
Diitasct arising from ex injuditietu
nee of Mercury, .?;teilet. or
Dropsy, Ezpotnrt or Iwtfrru
deuce in. Lift. Also. Ciro
teic Constitutional Dis?
orders unll bt re?
moved bt tau
If thorn a pleasure on earth which niperior beten Cas?
sel enjoy. and ono which they might also envy men the pce
leseion of. it is I.-?? power of reiioviag pain. How consoling,
then, bt he c?n;c.->u*n*a of having been the instrument of
rescuing th<Hi?aed? from raiiery to those who powea it. What
an smoust .if ?i.:*Vn ~z has teen rehaved.and what a still greater
amount of suffering can he presented, by Ute ose cf Sands' Sei
sapardia ! 1 bo unfortunate victim of hereditary disease, with
swollen elands, contracted sinews and be nee ,-alf esncu*. has
been restored to health and vigor, The scrofulous psiieet.
covered wit.- ulcers. Iwthsrunn to himself snd to hi* attend
ants, bx; Leen made whole. Hundred* of person*, who had
groaned horxlealy tor years under cutaneous and glandular
disorder;, chronic rheumatism, and many other complaints
springing from a derangement ot the secretive erg?tS and the
circulation, r.-.ve been raised as it were from the rack cr dis?
ease, and nn-?, wlh regenerated cotuUtutiooi. gladly testify
to the fill:.-.;", ot this inestimable preparation.
The following certificate* recently received will be reaJ
with interest, and for farther proof the reader is referred to a
pamphlet which is furnished without charge by ail the agent*.
Messrs. Sandt: \zw.Yoaa. Dec 1. RMS.
Geotlemt.i?Parental iceh.igt induce u.. to make the follow?
ing Slats asect of laets in rsdalioc to tbe important cur? of our
liule daughter, wholly ellected by the use of Sands't Sarsa
pcrtlla For nearly three years she was -. riband with a most
inveterate elusion on th* body, which at limes was tn bad.
connected with internal ttise.ne, that we despaired of her life.
Tne complaint commenced in the roots ot the hair, and gnu!
uallv spread until the whole head was enveloped, and then K
attacked the cur?, and ran dowfl the neck, and continuing to
increase tutil it env-red the most ef tbe body. It commenced
with n small pimple or pusluie. from which water at tint dis
charged: this produced great itching ami burning; then i. at: u
or put foruiod, the skin rrackett and bled, end the pui Cis
cn?*g-d Irpo'y. The suifennsrs of the child we? so irreal as
ill noil whoPr t" i>i?vont natural rest, and the odor trom the
t?sekaracs to oBeosise as to make it diSicult to pay thet rar
ticulr.r Bttention ihe cnuro ot tbe cuse required. The ?lueiise
was called Scald lto.nl and gcne.al Salt Kheum. Wetiied
various renied:*?. with little b-xietj', nnd coutdvred her case
almost b>i>.? ?! Iba reach of niedieine; hut bVH the known
virtue of your S.-.napnnlia. we were induced to give It a trial
Before the tirel bottle was all uned, wo perceived an improve
ment in tii? oppiarance ot the eruption ; but the change was
so rapid fox me better, that wo could scarcely give credence to
the evid-.itce of our own eyei. We continued its u?e for a few
wees., and :he result is a per.'?ct cure. To all Parents we
WOu'dsay: If you have childrrx suffering with any disease
of tbe skin. use Sund*'s t\ir*apari'Ji. With feeling* uf grati
tude ittul lecpect, we are yours, fee.
_ ha Madison street.
The following wet addressed to our Agent at Savannah,
OaxcnsK Cross Roaps. Go. August 34. 1S43.
Xr. O R. Hendrickson, SavannaA :
DttsJt Sin? Having just recoveted fromr. most severe Chronic
Rhcuinnti.m, with which [ have been atnicied f-r many years,
aril having used various remedies without any success. I am
induced to writ tto you in respect to Sands'* tSarsuparilla, to
whicn valuable medicine I now owe my present enjoyment ol
health. Despairing of ever recovetirg from this distressing
dUema. and while laboring under the rniut acute aeon* use
pain. 1 wns persuaded to try the Sartapanlla so highly recom?
mended f>r the <-ure of Rheumatism. I tried one bottle, and
tho little benefit I derived from that one, induced me to give it
a fair trial, which I did byvnding downto you for half a down
boulei; and am now happy to say I find mxelf, (or the first
time in twelve year*, well and able to attend lo my ueccssary
duties 1 send you this through n feeling of gratitude, doe this
excelleat medicino, and a sense of obligation to my fellow be
ings. that those similarly allbcted. may be lnd uced to try this
valuable remedy?tSsuxts's rtiruipawilla.
Yours, with raspeet. Sic,
Pr.-i;nrvtt and toUl %?holci>.-iM ami retail by A. B. gc D.
SANDS, whoKii^i DnusttU. }9Fult(.nitr?et, N Y.
S..KI also by Diuggi.ts gnnerally throughout lbs U. ^. Price
*l per bottle?us buttle lor Si._oS6 tm
CI1KAP OIL STOKE.?The subscriber respectfully intorms
the public th.it hecmunuestho wholevileand retail Lamp
Oil and Spirit Gas. at bis old stand, ef a very superior quality,
ten per cent cheaper than can be purchased at any other U/ire
in this crtv, viz:
Good Lump Oil. per eel.00 fjO
Superior uuoJ. Lard d:>.
Refined Oil, 1st quality., 7tJ
Do do 3d do. 63X
VVlstte Sperm do.
Do do 2d do.1 00
Do do 3d do.,. SIX
Oil Cam of nil sizes: Lamp Glasses of alt patterns and de?
scription*, and a full assortment ol lamp wicks, ronstnntly on
I .amps cJcimisd and repaired. Oil nnd Oni.ihinessntto any
part oft ha city tree of charge. MERR1TT SMITH.
?J7 Vr. _1S> Gieenwich. cor. V?ey *l.
AtlKtK n LBVfcKb"Ti"7l07 VVoter-.irw'. betow~tValT
?treei. offer for sale at low prices?
10*0 boxes I is Plates. 1-3 X. prime brands
10J do do westers. dn
100 do do extra size*, assorted
20U U>ns Scotch Pig Iron, best brands, .No. 1
175 do American Charcoal do
100 pigs Bnnea Tin
80 c.i??t Shearhing Copner. 14 to VI)
IX".' Ulis Iron Wire, nworted. 0 to So
??i cn-ks Sheet Zind
bdl* Sheet Iron, hssnricd. ?0 bi 27
20 tons superior refine.1 Billft Iron for Wire
100 bags rine drawn Wrought Nails. 6d, Bd, i?sl
100 do do Hor?e Nails. 7.9 and 0 lb*
900 dozen low nrioed Bhovak
&0 do Bnrht Iron de
100 do Cast Steel du
?o do Grain do
Ji do Cast Steel Spjiltx
SKJU do low priced do
?000 piir* Ttece Chains
20 uuk* Hoots and Hinges, ?MOited *u:es
10 do Tm'd Tea Kettles and Sa uro Paul
10 crates Tin'd Wrought Iron Tea Kettles
Brass Candlesticks. Fne Irons. Fryiugfocs, Bfiisi Ket?<<s,
Ears. Riveu. fee, tec_olO tf
WINES, BRANDIES. GLN'. tc-Olard. Dupny & Co.'i
Brandy, pale and dark, in ball pipes and qr. ooms.
A. Seignotte Brandy, do. do. do.
Swau And i'jtgle Gin. in pipes.
Runs. St. Croix and Jamaica, in hhd*.
YVhwky. Scotch and Irish, do.
Msdeirn and Sherry Wines, in pipes, hhds. and qr. casks.
Port and Lisbon d?. an. do. do. do.
Tenerifle and Sicily do. dd. do. do. do.
Chumpagn? of vanou3 brafifli. in quarts and pints.
VVllM 3<jttios. Demijohn* and Cork;.
For sale by PAftlS R P( ?MEROY. 581 Pearl rtreet,
o3 between Broad.st. and Counties Shp.
WOOiJ^EY AND WOOLSEY from this dab. off.r their
Siandard" I!< d.'BLK REFINED SUCARrs at the fol
iowing low prices, viz: .
Lonf..llcenis per pound.) W ben less than nw packages
Crushed ..11 do do >a?e purchased, half a cent per
Powdered HiK do do J pound additional.
The above are packed as follows:
I>oaves in boxe* of tfr) lbs. J .
Crashed in bbls. ol 200 " > No charge tor Packages.
Add4t to Use New-York Patent 8u?ar Refinery, corner uf j
Soeth and Montgomery Streetz, or at EU Wall street.
N B ?Ordsrs out ol the city must bo excompaaied by a r>
tjjpcKTTRS, MArtnrACTonEita, tvaoLECAr-s i?o
C&rpetLusa, Floor OH Clothe, Hgttllngo*
Ung^s, Table Covers, ?See.
Of every description?At'thf lowest posnblo Pfic?*.
Their fnendi uid Use public generally are retpectfu.i? nriled
to cxamiie their sti--k. We ore confident they w>il find it lor
ihsir ttdvantagl) so to do. as we are determined that evtry
artlclo suld at this ?tabl-bm-iinhall tie f-uily worth the money
3iid fr,r it. ,
CJ- Dvn>rs rjnoli^d i n th-; most reusoca le erma. f*a*?
fiv* us a call. W* shall eadaavtx to auk every transaction
rfiitirelr satisfaetorr. lnuiS3m*1_*U PriRL jtwskt.
Commission Paper Warehouse,
No. 0 Biirttng Slip,
B. CLAYTON SONS have ihr .ale at their Wure-I
. house. No. ^ John street, '< most exientive aTOrtrnent of |
Pnatinar. Wnting, Wrapping, Envelope, Colored and ofner
Papers; Bindars. Straw, Roimet. Bandbox and Trunk Bonnis;
Pre*. Pr-vtn. tc. er.c. . , ?
Their stock ol V\ rting Papers, adapted for statioocis, will
be found unusually extensive,
l'on?amly on hard?
Bo<jk o..d Nerr* Printing, sursorted sizes, weight* and quail
< lolored Medium : double do, and other sizes.
Giver Papers, various col irs and weights, for magazine* ana
cheap publications. ? Vi.
ledger Writing; fine and super do, blue and white, wove
and laid. ,, ., ., ,
Flut and Cut Caps, plain and ruled, wove and laid, blue and
white. 1 ? i j
Letter, ruled and plain, whito and blue, wove and laid.
Packet Poat: Coiomercia! do : Folio do; Bank do.
Bank Note Paper ; Tobacco do ; Envelope do.
Shoe and Tea do : Straw Wrapping do : Palm LeoTdo.
Hard warn and Cloth Papers, in great variety.
S Ik ?n.l Log Paper: Suid Paper Slock ; ?-?rtridge Paper.
Play Bills. Hatter*'. Bkjtung, Druggisls' and Tissue Paper*.
N*. B. Paper of ev?ry_description raade to order._ctB
IMPORTERS and Dealers in Stra;l Wares. No. 9 Mtuder
!ac?, and 311 Broadway, N. Y. keep cons'an'.ly on hand, a
comjiete a?*or went ot ar.ci<^ ui the Tc.rettd end NeeCie line,
viz: Kc'ttiig Yarn, ?> Wonoed. du C.ittoo. Tnttitg Cottim.
Zepayr Worsted. Heir C!;.-?r.. H.micry and Chives. \ clvei KiV
t>.n>. Ru.?ia Braids. Pi rv.i iroainenU,d?T>vi*t. tr*ir.eUsrMMN,
Superior W Hiding. H^-ir and Laco Pins. S-lk at,* Sle?l B>t?
tor.s, Gilt and Agtle Hortons, G reps and Fr!ng?s.T?p*s an..
Bindings. R. hesnttisg* k. Son'* cecuine Royal endI Cotin
taruink DrilUd Ks?I Nssf.rl'es_tl*iim<
305 PlAXL-KT. N. Y.
HJ. n -Pewmrk Fwillser Fty Rratb*>jn?^fgj^LJL--?!L-?
f AHRF..NS Ss. CO, MONKUK MA^-W", Pwl ?nd !
el. Centre-.treet. Bslf. Drib ?=d IJonctng Sehool.
Fvery Sunday Free Uooccit*.
Every Monday Free Dencnig. .
R.xmu to let lor Puhbc Meetimr*. P^STLft-in
His fneuds and the pubbc are mnted to call, as he wiU spare
HO WANTS A K?STNER wB qaaliSed for bo*.
- nee*, steady habits, and ??.-?! r?c ?nm^t'i.'jt'ora, with
SVK. %r. kit profitable tjirtrraw !? can vtend to1 He has beec
acc?ji.-3Wvi to a aroecri ?..?! .'>-.:. A.'.ir-M a line, post paxi. tc
J. W. T. CatakuJ. N. V. fiat:nr. place arid particular*.
al3 far*
?d. a? abvv?, by a very imai; loiiiiy. One who can cook,
wash ?ad iron may apply at No. 4 Mona) street, Jtrav Cfa,
with recon;a>?nrlalion. _ n!3 lw.
ACOACHMAN who ha* an*,! .n that ea>ac.t* a Wi eit>
to the SAtisfnctnn cf bis s ;. .>?.to whom heca:: refer,
antbes a similar employment. Hu no objection to country or
travel, and uridaritaac* tha VttmBl*'l business, tte. Apply ?o
_ tils*_R. CHUTE. No.agodtoo^
WANTEIL? A woman or giti to do housework tor a small
private fcvmtrr. To a irxxi 00?. tood trage* will be
paid. Apply to Mrs Cr**'*r. rear the cornet of Third
Avenue tad rojlv-nini.Vslre^t. Icq i.n 'hat rorow. a
'in:> DoLUABS KEwaiiii.- V n-r?er*?j Ba>s?tucs
A ?A o??-.:<? for ttirry ? ? >. ta ai Viektourt rtank >:.???
? n ??.<* eaase of Buckley a: Feet, acd ...>.,.. X?X. vrru.
Power ol Attorney attachsd wa? lo?t 00 satariav. Hi March,
it waaenctoaad 10 a k**nrar.' !a*t 00 ... way te Wsb-st 1 "w
?fee will be paid by latino* it ?1 fr*-?e*ka'? oCr.S wall
?ireac_ _maaC ;r
BOARD, with or without rooms, s-xv be obtained at No.
43 Chambenkitreet. oi>po*;te the Park. at) ifff*
BOARD-Mr?. J AN E HAIGllT ha* r*mov*l trom No.
110 Clambers ttrvet to No, 84 Barclay rtraet, '"here reo.
Uarcen deeiruus of obtaining pkwsanl single rooro?. ?nts prw
placet, can be accommoOatad with br??xtast and tea or tail
board. Afewday boarder? will betaken. >lrt. Hsylit he*
serni.i?ion to refar to the follow tut rem>eo?>-Pro ?nur j.o.
Grttcoui. M. W.. Dr. K- Hathaway. Harr.t IVas.U;
nil lw"
7 0 fAc ?/ir> or" Musical Taste in the U. States :
HARPS.?J. P. RR< iWN E Jt CO.. ?ora i Era id) rcaiat*
ol the Improved Paten* I\.ul>k- luuiuit? Acton Harp.
London and New-YotJC, eaUbiiihsd Ibid. J. F. B. ose? rnr
tale at ?? I?r.?adwa? an e.-g..-.l avunrtraeu: oi Double aad
Single Action Hare*. Toe rich cnliartey o' 'loo*, itghtoa** of
touch, cresaaca aftinuh aoo pctleet cieci-^...m i t th?*e Harp*
reodet tnem une<:uilod. ami o!>ia.n for thert the first auwloui
and prciiawional painsnace in Uarooe t; . t ?oouctry. TNu{
arecoottructtil on th* bc^t '?? 1 ? e. of tSa celebrated ' Erara
wu.l ail tha uio.i?ro improvrtnvutj of Loadon and Pan*.-*
VVarraeted to b.*ar 'be :*?: ul n ?-.:?:?. ,wd at Eontreaa pneaa.
Harp* p'paireU and for hire: Stncrt. lrittuc-.;on boot*. 3ia
*ic. Slc. 1. F. BRi )\v \ E. Manui ctura:.
No. ? Broadway, aad
anls 8m Im* N.-. T3S (^atabars-.treet, N. Y.
C711RTH ** HALL. No. 1 rVtnfm ?oiia.?. havw roonantlj
JV oohandan eiiemivv^wwtirac.nufBZDtMCand MUSICAL
INS l'Ul'MEN'PSo!'?" kin,'... :'",.,..N'.l PiJRT 1^5ofdlfi*r**jl
?ylei and 6m*h; GUITARS, fr-m the bert Soanuh patt
lor which they have iocviv?d precaum* rrom ibe .\m?nc?j
Ritule over tU other Mtkesv, and atr Ol very npotior lone
>wn miiiufaertironr.d csrnntol, imiH-rtrrs 01 Ml'SlCl
aspua?'.hed. Jl'S/1 PCKLlSHEP^n thefc^pot
> PIANO; al*u. the llRTHEUS uI.EE BirOK. be
LNS'l _
alih p*tt*rp*.
Arnencaa In
itor lone and
*ty!e of imh: FLUTES, ol'-h kmdt - ml fiat,b. for wa^Mhaa
aavoalioracwveii reyaa'e" preirtmn* Ci .ARB ?NEl"?'. KhiST
UUGLiSS. CVRNOPLONS. MsCMBt 'NE^etc. ail of lieu
awn mniufeeturo and warrasbra; importer* m JU SIC and all
ad a* ?oon 1 _
i lie HUTCH t
OD for the PL.
ing a coL'ectioa of gloe* for lour tnsJs voice*, with piano aeconi
pamment, ?slecteil r.iui OMnoj e>l tcoa "Ji^ bjM l'.cmaa an<< En
jiiihantriori.br AUSTIN PUILLffB. Prye One Dollar pet
tet. Merchants, and llr- Musical o^aiaiotut) gtmerally. are nn
crMCtiully innte>ltoca'l. mhdtf
Subscribers an- do < ?'?mihiag an antirely new
article ot ir*'riu.?-ni4 which ere warrauwd su
II J I Jlpetior in totie to any in use. and fo keep in
lane BMCn looser, the improwaient eeaatatl in a Harp Frame,
;*cuiinrin construction, olivsirm* eviry objection heretofore
caused by the n?e ui mou.: - plate* in iAjarina the tone. Pro.
lessors and ritrcicsers aro invitee to ua c^aonnaliuo ot these
jyffl 153 Fulton^troet. Ea.i i.de. Broadway.
r>>" r*V?T'>. SiiF
A CARD.?Tie sul>?CTib*r has "pt>ijd n >lumi'?? A?*ncy
ai the City of Rochester, ar.d ?>a tan.lers to Merrhanta,
Maeufactureri. owntiis of Hea. rlstata, bik! o'hers having
buiinese in the VVe>teru put ol ih? Mate 01? New Y"tt. hat
service* in ralsUon to then .: ,s thai part of
the State, and ??prcinlly in ?<-ur ng at.d coi ecting IVbts and
superintending and Mittag; Real lUute sod oiher Preperty,
ami in making investment*. Business tn'rusted 10 him wtu
receive prompt and ci'eful attention, and his charge* will he
rCKSonabki. Hehai.iml mpeiiene* in Meicanul* and other
bu-UHess. snd has an extensive aeooaiulaooi in the Wintern
part of the Si ate,
RocaasTtui. N. Y. CV.uitvtt?. 1S?4.
We cordially recommsud Ssmi hl iUmtToa of R?chest?*
as well Qualified tot the Ageroy ijinatioassd in hst (Xrd above
OcroAcr 10.1S44.
Thoa,H.Rj?hester. Rochester; AddisonC-rrilner.do: CT.
A'nsden. do; Ralph Lester, do: Jn.nesS?'mour.do; Geo. IL
Ol-irk. do- Evertod Peck, do: CTtas. M. Lea. do 1 Selsh
Malhews.do; LuiherTuekei. Mbany: Piinniman. Wicks it
<>). do: C. ls.L HsnmsonAiC New-York: Eli Hart Si <>>,
dn; David Leavitt, do; ll.nuly, Pr.*ip* & Co. do; Jvha
Gl hon fed, do. _ ?Ig Im?
LAW CARD ?CoLticTioN or Dxnrs it tub Noovra
WaaT.-E. ft tVABIIBURNE, Attorney at La wt Gal*,
na, Illinois, will give his uiUntion to the collection ut debts
dun New.Vork McjclmnU in Oal^-na. Hocatord and Rock
tWiaaj, Illinois : iii Du Hr.oue. Iowa; in rtaitsviiia. rutoai.
Prairie du Chiso. Mineral Poiitt and Madison, IVitcoeitn.
Rater to I) A. c'ushman tt Co.: Do ram us, Huvcam Ar. N
on. New-York_
AtTQW. Illinois.
Roter* te Baa. W. T. McCotsa.)
Francis B. Cnltlnx. >Navr-Yori
*WSm? William C. R?ssel. S
k Nix.
^THOMPSON S TRtrsSErt. Ofiije U Be**
vinan ttreat. About ?30 ot the first nayst.
iV;;.n; and surgeons of New-York have given
KfjBB**'tbeir decided prelaienca 10 this Trass, as you can
(j> craduaie tha pnaspra from one to tifiy uoundi
1 the rupture, without a br.ck pro!, v.-hich dots ?o mach injury
tha onlr condition co which von ?hoo'.' buy cay 'Pru*s. A p?r
mcr.mt cur? it early ettfct.if, ir.d varranW. if dirwiinos'sr*
Thosa scml.ng for thisTnnt ietvl orlr mondon the tlie ray
tured and fhe t.v c.^ roandthe alue, as thcr can Kraduatsj
the pressun: Ui suit ibeir raw. ^o.J ?.boUsaie tod rotil! at t|
li> '.knuui.sviet. anftf
Hl'Id-'aTUi;* F?-^WJeein Huptuied Pai
n,n-.-Ps7S.)n? atflict-vi wiUi rurrturss may nny
upon tlic lies: ImtAllkantaJ ai>l ilw woild arfbid:,
rgfr i/u api.?-.-?:;.!.. ?.. l.'~? i.'icj. N". 4 Vtsey ttr?
^^??Bia?' ortaatUaroTtMaarMnala theprir.eipal town.*
w too I.'ailed dtates. i:<t careful to einimna the bKck pad of
Hull's Tn.net. to sea ilthsy Merdoriod Ii 'V Hull in wv-jsg.
Vnue are (vuuioa, or ?? -.</-? m^- I e ?on is j .bout
etiuiy porsous hr.7j order;.Sou to read lottauot,* n" iiclfi
enisbrated Tnuoet, and thoniaj.d> ate unpcvcd ujion In eua*
quence. Tioje fmila'.r.cs cannot bo ndfed Upon; they 0.0
made by oask.lful OK<.banjts, IM ira B0 botur '.ban the orlic*
try Tronee.
Rooms havo iiean Stud up at No. ?' ??<?/ .:?:><:, <u -liiur, >
tor ladie*. havutg awptrclw ac-aato!rc:ri the batmeas djpe.fi
awnt. where a fa/n&Jc it la constari attendraca to wait upnn ,.
male panenu. _nM ti
ho ?.YK f'ii/CE JUT ST?RE.
IJ2L BROWN it CO. hove apaeajd thai r new ttaro oa tha
JjSjalJDeiirner of Mott-ttreet and (.''.ulbam 4?)uare, No. 171, with
{sand $4 Hats, and a grei.t variety of Ccpsnnd Fen. The
proprietors for several year* iia.t nsve stm-?r adhered to the
one price ca*h system, wberofiy they are enabled tu manulhe
turo and sell sc good an crude for ti e >ir.co charged as any e*.
tablnhment in the U. S. PROW N i CO. whoftsaJe and re?
tail Hat, Cap und Fur SU.re, 17* {'Imthai:. ?jau re. nil lm*
tutucn&ers wnvM r?v.-ec'l-n.y .afbrtn their fnend*
and the public generally t^ai :k?? riov,' removed their
j^iia establishroent trom U e obi stand b* No. mlH Broade
way. corner oft? nado ?t. where the/ would be baopy to re?
ceive a eon'.iraied rt. ? 1 in.' .? ? r;.i 1nl.-1.nrge which hat b**n
bestowed for tho past twenty-loui year.. Will lie k?pt con?
stantly on hand a full assortnurat of the rawest styles of
Jev/elry. Silver ar..l plute.l '.Varu. Wa'.ciHw of the most ap
Sroved rnanufe.clare. smi nil r.rtiele? 111 tlwir iina which svtH
aflixdtd at tee lowest market pr.c.w.
cttZm*_237>J BroB.t'vr.y coraer Rrwde-ttroat.
WA'ia;UES, jeWELB Y, :ilj_V^R ff \ll?.~?e.
The snliscnteut rorccctfuliy ir.vito tin attention o,
ti. 11 r friands ond the publu. to their nc.v n*d olagain
S 0j*ortmant of
coot'itingof Duplex, Lavsr aad i^p.'r.^ V.'a'cbe*. of ii* van.
oc* approved maker*, cased in tfio acaieii iijie, and warraotad
correct tinaettepcn.
eiiver Knives, I'oit, *,-..- \ /.adlet, 'i'aa Bett, Cup*. Ca*
lot*. AiC
Plated ond r.ribmnia ware. Spectacles. rVtacfl-Caeee.
Manic! Cic<ks. Fine Cuilory, Fane; Co.id*. b.c.. wrdcti
theyar.renableil to ONI for sal? -.: vo.y :n..^:?d nriees.
Wstcae, and ClocJu eareful'y reo*ire>l urei aranantad,
LbCKWOi W) & 31 UN ER.
at ;l.? Bid c>stahladi:d store, Ifco Pearl,
*3 y_c.-.rr.-;.- l nli-.n-'trat. < );??<: ?? I' R Hotel.
FINE IVATCHE8.?The subscrfoen havea rnleo
did a>v)itnient of go!d and silver cupiex and leve*
VVttfe.he*. tnanu'actureit hr T. I*. t'?K?r. M. t.
spsausaaTobias tt 0>. P.. & G Beetle;, and John Harrison,
of Losooa and Liverpool, ias. ami u? coaataatly raeetvin*
additions to .he same, which ihey are telling vary low. an.
ivairantAKi good time ?curort.
mott, BR'JTHEB?.
Importari and ' ee.ha in the uuo*. at 7 N^isuiu oppodta
t.i? new Cuttom Houw.
N. B.?We kefci. ia oor ompioy the very best workman,
which *> ? a* to g<*? satMiaetioa to all who Ice* their
VVab.ce? lor repairs._ _ oa
No. 13 JoH5-?THJEETi New-Yokx,
and No. 62 FrjXT?N-OTMirr, Brookltb.
Origlr^J mventors and sola liiep.a'tc'orert ef the gaouine Doric
Laaip. Aim,mannfactuier* and ' 1 In :..,proved Cam*
pbeoe I jimpt. Soi?r I>s-npi. Grran * .. HaJJ l^-m-aeod Lan?
terns. Asiral and ?.ihn J'lisde', Chnrmies and Lamp Ofsssn of
rid kind,. Lamp H ick. Pars ft rrta QfL C*mph*no and Bum
nig Flaul, sJl ol v>hi?.h ur-.- .t'erul u'. v. h. >ialc and retail, ai
tew ores* breasjt._ Sepj Y
JSTOUVENLL ot GO'S M*xars.et0r7 of Cot and Praia
. GLASS of ?7?ry cesctrtttuir. | Solar, J^i>d and iJarnphi-^
Lamp*, wrrrantad: new patlerr.ioi OtnaaoW, Cuxdelabra*.
Utakets. Cnandtlien fmm r.a* ?o twelve lights. Hail Larnns
and Lantern, at" every pattern. Froccl-? uin.t Lampe alterad,
repaired and refinisned eou'.i 'o t*w. We cell the tttenOon of
country merchants arivl odteMta call aad ittsrfy rJuttaerve* fa
revard to priceeand q-jurty of
Constantly eg Hinds eo-nple*? ? to^rtmc^t ef aj! the ahov..
Glass made mid cut to order. All articles mr'jined to every
BUarn. Factory No. JJ> Gold rtr-et,;,. V. Wholesale and
?lad Store. No 8 John u. w ? Kroad-.-r.y. _ _
.nllV> I >-Tj|'V'?t!VEt. *. CO.
INDIA RUHBER SHOES.-TT- s? -v-r,. - nCn tat isla
Ith* largest und best isasiltinnt ?if India ituu>,r jhoet to be
found 10 the market, consntiag, In >or., of gentlemen's Over
Shoe*, with leather soles, na.e^i heelv, leather straps and
buckles, l-odie?' Ovenl <? or every variety. I-idies M- es. and
Children*' Buak'tw. wither and ribbc- soles, ttc Also, a well
?elected stock of M'a's.'Vv omen s mm] Chi" : .:'s common ire.
p-jrted Rubbers, plain anp liirtiied, b, tiie case or dozen, at the
?ery ,'owarf market price*, r.t ii* Wacbouie of the Newark.
N. J. India Rubber Faitory. Ui Matdeji ljir.e. N. Y.
_qii_nurcHxNsoN t runyon._
scrijer wc?,.1 ?: -Ii tfi. ?: e. i.or. o< P,umb*rs and th# pub
Be '<? a pettier artu.le of Tin F'i^ttd Lead f-ft, manuhcto.
?1 by an entirely nvw proem* lor whico u< aas im* monih *c
cu-en feuers Pakvnt, which plates the Dim o;: the inside wtUj
aa even perfect plate of pare Tin.
Having attained treat peilection u Cm '-s. of mancfact
arme end plating Lead Pip*. ;-.e bcaaUad to oiler lantiuvjot
article at the same unee canraad for cvmmon pipa
He warrants the Pip? ni.?Jj)':facta.-iU by 'nin not to burst or.
rplit. free trom ail fliw*. *cal*?or o'her impTf^C.iocs, end of
jerfactl-, ooilorm ihw.kneii.
Also os naod a large stork of u.-uno4 Crnton and Country
rive, which can be ax.iminer' at the msnufaetory, SH West
,:retr.. or at Johnac.i Bicthai,, ?t Water M.
?lf *?e at. IV. LQWBgE.
C< iFKEh^-l-'a?np, cauko. omya*. tar 7 01 Ij. an-1 7d. :*rlt\
tor Oid C'towtt Jasru. rorjter! an.; g rnind dVmy, high
Sav????l aad warranted u, gn-c . ? l'l'tr.? Jr7 i h?
loveei of rood le fTee '.V p. 1,CK DY. IU Hrwetiy; S*
?31 3m' Sarxtunr it Pvrk ns t? I ...t..

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