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Webatsr on the Lil.ence ol"
HI aasm r ta ? ?e t ta.
Cwrer-xmdec.ce of the New-York Trihuoe.
WiHirrNoToN. Jan. 31.1"-Ia.
The room of the Supreme Couri ol the United
Stau-a was crowded to day to bear the argnment ol
?AXtxr. Wsarrr.t: on the Licenso Law of Massa?
chusetts. It presented quite an array of beauty end
ic:? licet, compared with the usual auditory there,
assembled, ile occupied about two hours. He
commenced by saving, that the general iot-nt o;
the3f laws iegood, bur there are those who bcli^i,
and I am one of thcra, that if Intemperance in to he
put down, it niurt be by more powerful means than
the law in question. I; must bo by the use of mr.ra'.,
t>- ifinns ard persuasive means rather than by coer?
cion. The cause of Teroptrarce cannot he too
much applauded. 11 in a noble and a holy cause.
But there are Stales which have not disturbed their
Licence Laws, where Temperance htm made much
more progwas ;?an where {eanal laws have been
If we ltiok abroad, where has trie Temperance
Retormitioi! been most successful ? Look to Ire?
land' Hid Father Mathew go fonU, clothed
witb ooorcire power?, from British tiratuti-e, and
depKadrsa* (?.< Ltoonce! Lsw?? No. He applied
to the caecietisei', the utiJr:rsrandiiigB. tin: morali?
ty, ibe ro?gion of tb> people; and whern hap this"
rVorm-jtiirri been mnre mccessfui, where has it
struck deeper than in Ireland? Ii in thin course,
and line only, that can abatn th* evils of Intemper?
ance. Religion arid MnraK the Pulpit, the Lecture
Room, th? i'reo?. Up' exain| !? 'J pt-od Ben, well
directed pubii'- (uiiai'iti?ItieHo are fjje means which
mtiHt work cut ibia good and rxtermiir.te tili? evil.
My lotrnr-d frieiirl {Mr. Huntington of Salem) has
referred to statistics; 1 r>hali also re.f-?r to slntietics. ,
By the law of Ma?onchueert.s, it has been left op?
tional with th?' Couaii-r. to prant iicenKesor u> wilb- !
hold th?m. In tiir Cotintiea thst have itdbered to !
tbe c4d<plaa, there line been loa.-? iiiuimperarief tlian
in tbpn ttiut adopted more coercive raeaeurea.
Congress peniiitB tin- unportatiun of liquors; it I
may aricourage or discoureg? euch imjiurtaiionn. j
Maaaachiieei e iius rseeer cakei! Congress to prohibit
the importation ofapirita into ti;? porw ol the Irni'cd j
States. Tlint would have oeen tU>" proper plan ol j
procee.dinp ; but the di;l not n-k for ony Buch sump- !
tuury law?. BlajUMicliUaettS, uIho, with nil ber laws,
toleraierf the maniifacture of spirite; aip* doea not
even dincourugo tcu uianuiacture Oy tuxaliou on
The deiiiiioD of this case in favor of the piuintifl"
in error wfnld out be derofatorj to the character of
Mussaihuwtts, us my lenrneii iriend hinted at. i
always di?lik" to near (bete allusions to the de?
struction of the character of btule?, rf thin, that, or
t'other lueasurf- cannot lie carried. This power to
regulate commerce is clenrly a prerogative ol t*oii
greiiS", and it is uot derogatory to a State to submit
to tlw control of Congress. Ma?!<Hc!iuseitR may
aometimes have felt iiggriev.-d nt soitif di-cimonn ol
this Court, but on me whnltt she l?n? no cuubo to
complain. Sh'- musl fbrgel her character and his?
tory before she complains ol tii-- Mation'il powers in
r. cuiutttiir tb? ? affairs. It ie Ibe benelicent course
ef Coneress that has accelerated iier in iier onward
way. Other States have been controlled by Ibe ex?
ercise of this power, nnd she ban leit the benefits.
Tbe ruling in the, Steamboat Monopoly cas? of iN'rw
i'ork is one of there. She mir'ht better e'T-ct some
objeete, bad she. retained the power to control com?
merce; but she yiwlded it to Congress. It would I*.
uojttBt and anceneroas to taUe buck part ot that
wtvichelie yielded for tbe common ?ood.
i!r. Webster then weni into ;i history ol the laws
uf AlaBsaciiasetts on thiaqueetion, pointing out the
requirement- ot the sctaof l~bil, 1835, oi. 'i'J, and
'-1U. The act of IKC>. enctious ?d und 17ih, prt>
videB that licenses viay be t;runied ou cerium con?
ditional, A dispute arose about the meaninc. of the
Statute, w hether il was merely optional^ Fhe net
o)To37 wos passed to Foule tins dispute, the second
section providing: mat the County Commissioners
were tvtpowerrtl not compelled to (jrunt Jiceneea.?
Th- law of 1UW made it illegal to sell Icsb than 15
f&llous. This Amounted to a prohibition, and in
840 it wuk rept ?!??'!. leaving the inn as it was by .
Ihe Slututt; dl llloT? forbidding the retail of spirits
" in loss than 28 i; il ions without license (it the option
of tho County Cornniissiorir-rs.
The law oVraiust which we contend is inteuded for
prohiluliou, for tiie uboliiiuu ol suiea. It is inteedtd
and etTt cts the abolition ol consumption in the State.
It has bemo distinctly admitted by my learned friend
that it is the policy oi 3Jr-sracbuBeits to abolish the
consumption. The Supreme Court of Mrtssachu
neits oet s tio.bir^ in the law but u regulation?her
rrpreeectativo here, bottbts thai it ia intended lor pro?
hibition, which :* not regulation.
The ipi-alion then is, ure State law ?, intended to
contravene a law ot Congress, coustitutional ? By
the laws of Congress spirits may be imported iu
caska of leas thau I? gallons and wiue in battles ol
leas than a quart, nnd the luwa of Massachusetts
aay tliut bei cirj.i hall not sell wise cr spirits in
less quantities than ?? gallons
The cueu of iirotc.i againel Maryland is not so
strong as this. That was intended tor laxitiun, i.ol
prottiuiiion. Tbe laws comolamed of seek uo teve
cu' which was tne oi>ject ol the law in the othercose.
In Brown's case taie was only embarrassed: here
it is prohibited. Non-cansuiiiption ia the object ol
this law. The Court in Brown's case decided that
then- is no d ffertract between the power to admit
and prohibit, if none be sold, none can be inipoii-d.
The framed Chiel Jusiice of Mrtssaehimeiisi says
that ihe plaiodtfia not au importer. This dues um
appear. For all inat is on the record, Samuel Th?r
low 1? on importer. If this v, as intended to be
provot!, it ehould have been staled iniheindirtment, '
M not beiiig an importer." Vet the indtctmenwa not
a bad oun. The laws make no distinction between
pereotia whethr-r importers or retailers; j et the laws
ol t'-ongreas nay tue: spit its may be imported in
caskaol lee* quauti y than can b.'sold by retailers.
Thisia making a disucciion between persons which
the Uw dors not recognize.
Tnia distinction ia valuable in Brown's case, lie
cause the law* of Maryland were cortfitied to im?
porters, and because it was u tax cose. It has not
touched liiei power of Oonsres? nor the myde in
which that power ahall bp exercised.
The counsel adaoit, k uiatonction made between
impiirtcni and retailers. It is eve4i raid that this
I law way be good in \ j\. and laid in par.; that it
I may be valid iu its sjpptieeuicia to sorae pe.reons and
: VoiJ in n? applicntiou to others. If so. there mu^t
i be et-me lepai disutnion. Tips uei makes no dis?
tinction. Mo law of CongresiB makes any tiisunc
lion Both impor.er and reiaiier are priva.'ecitixejiB
?oeaged in commerce oa tbeir own accoita'.
A word al?ou: l'ii phraseology of the Conatim
tkm (An. 2, Sec ii). ?? Among the S:s.tn?" Coa
|re.?a ehci! have power " to regulate eoanmi re- with
?of'gii nations and amon; the several States and
?r.r. ihe Indian tril-fs." 'Among the S;s?-s docs
an: tacaa arnortg the eoeerergatics ol the States, I>ut
*moag the people0f rjit. Stat-s ?? >': eera! s:?t-.v'
here !u-ai;,a.'/me Stairs. I would col dwell on
??* exposition of words, but would rocousmend it
to some wrii-r or. i erosl etjti?am.
In louks^ hac^ oae v^bk9 it 8traBKp rjiat
^w'.iotkaaott'.d have insisted op m.-,kirr
S i,eZerV8Ud- b-lfbore tt Mr< ^? to otner
ltrr^t .\?action ol suer, men a?
titr cJr* thl ia bis decision ou this
'? to iel???S"?? SsaxKena posssital?. I Jr the work
^Tt^f^ U~* ^ with
s^'h?Ph9*taaM CM00t bK Gained, ir
?wy, on ?sa Stale , . triiri,-c.
?ir. STS h? kc?-n**??te?iy in tne Sure, bat
?'r. &ute Uws exutttet with t'no la?rt^ c,)Q.
Cues r, i n--;.;n iK>m;-' Wn?e?f Stwo law
t ?wevor tends to defeat the sut^taaxial purpoae of
^* unptwesmaalriw. 1
^eavL1^ 01 ^"Sre^s aathorir.ee imptctatione for
? J?rv.T conou"'p;ion. The purptsse of Cougre*,
Wt>!n T^M,Un,ptk>fi' 11 ?e" duli?* ?V a
^uoa. ffae Iwur^ coooael nviirju, ^ pro. j
VOJL. IV. WO. 257
claims that the S.a.? law is intended to prohibit
to ebolUh r^naumplioc.
Bat what ia this - police power] of whicbwe
hear bo much ? It is not defined in the CoceUta
tun. But ShiB cose is not a law of police., hat e law
cd -..cmerce. A city ceo wake poiice law?, but
i-enr.-ot make laws for the rrgula*ion_ of cotraere.c,
llv lnwa of Congress spirits can he irrtpOTttrd, f:r [tj
other words iittrrhttBcd. in casks of 15 ebHoos or 10
gallons; but by the. taws of Massachusetts it cannot
ue Bold iu less quantities than 28 gallons, except ov
th-* option of County Commissioners. If to etil or
j buv m l-iss than 23 galloLJ is retail, then Congies*
import! In retail.
Uut 1 cboeer to take hold, of this proposition by
somewhat a stronger hand. Let the distinction
between wholesale, and ret/ii! run whrre it may, a
State caonr.t control tb? quantity. Wnat ia the
value ot wholesale if retail trade it cut ofT? Export
trade i? tike a river, conveying from springs and
nvulets. and flowing out to the wide ocean. Im?
port trade is liv.-- irrigation?let out by rills from r.
large lountaitti; and this lam- fountain must be
controlled by cne power, the nmional power. I do
not deny thnt laws lor health, tfce. mev be enact?.d
by Slates : but laws cannot be. paaw-d to prohibit
or abolish what Congress has passed law? to regu
iatc. Ji retail is stopped, wholesale must stop also.
If co.iKumptiun is siopp-d, so txiust iuipurta be
Wnat would be the efleet of this measure if appli?
ed to otiier cases? Suppose toil Spirito toal ouc dol?
lar a. gallon. The law cl M'isaeehriee.tts thee is
that you shall not purchase less than 23 dollurs
worth- Now suppose this rule- applied to other ar
iicl-a of comt:i~r::e, Ilroadcloth for instant e. Th
tjtaic of Now-York wisnes to encouruge her saiinr
inauufacture.--, asd, on nsr Canals, gives prt ference
to ner own Sail, over foreign Salt. But could ci?.
puss a law that you should not buy a less quan?
tity than 23 dollar's worth 7 Suppose that ihn same
role now applied to other bevetages. Tea. Coffee,
Spices, or Tobacco, and what would i>: the conse?
quence 1
it i* hish time, your Honors, lint these questions
were settled, aiid thr; law established. What are
ve coining to1 Suppose some of trie Northern
SiawshoulJ tak- it into consideration to pass a law
prohibiting the salt- "f the p-oduertions ot Southern
Stales, ?ug*rfot i:,s:ancu. except in BOeh quantities.
iamount tn a total prohibition. Th* r.uthoiiiy
ol' Congress over Spirits, Ten, Sugar, iStc. is the
some. Or on the conlrary, suppose some of the
Southern States should pass- law.-, intended to bnve
s simiiareiTect on the manufactures pftbeNortbjirn
poned into Southern States ! These things are not
so remotes* to pssjswitboutrwtice, for threats of this
kind have already been held out from high pieces.?
Would sLt-hn stai- of things bedesirable 1 1 trust
therefore that this qaestion will be.nettled in such u
way as to susiain tne National authority over there
case* ; and sho-v to the f everul State,? Hint their in?
terest und dignity nre best consulted by u ready ec
quiesCI nee with the Ihwj (/ Congress.
Tire present law ?d" M.:s.-...r-'r,u-> it.- i ppe.ars in 1
milder than the 15 gallon law ol 1840 ; but her*- we
have h openly avowed by tiie. counsel ol the Com?
monwealth tiuil its object i-i tbe f ame.
The tit-veral States should Hubinit promptly to all
the laws of Congress It i- derogatory to any State
to hold up tier own laws in oppoaition to those of
Congress. Even when an injury is (iane. as some
States have supposed to be the case by the_ opera,
tion of Tntiff Laws, the Stales should submit with
ahn riiy tu these regulations, it .s by such comprt>
I mis-s that we maintain our nationality. The} are
j a sutTeuder of State privileges, given in exchange
for benefits accruing Irotn our Federal Compact.
My learned friend has acknowledged, what he
could not deny, that tin* Stute law ip intended lor
prohibition. Congress basreguluted this tiiatlrreoas
to derive a revenut from the consumption, which the
State has passed a Inw to abolish. 1 have shown
'ha: whet: a S:ste law conflicts with, or irrrpedea u
Ihw of Congress, the State must yield. As tlicrc
lore it in arknnwledged that the present law is in?
tended to conflict With alaw ol'Conercas regulating
commerce, the State law ie unconslitutioDaJ: oiii?t
wise tbe United States laws would be su'iordintit^
lo Stale laws. The contrary it true Alt Stut
lawa,bealth laws, police laws, are sttbordinutis to
the laws of Congres? und sh Sueh must jield to the
sutx-rior it they conflict with or impede each other.
Mr. Webster then, m * low tou>-, submitted n lew
points in writing, to the Court, and took his sent,
having occupied freu. 11 A. M. till 1 o'clock. P. M
in the delivery of bis urguineM i bnve merely
Civ^ii you a..me of the> points. a? the court roon. is
poorly arrnnrcd lor the accommodation ol Report?
en. Mr. Webster appears uguii. once or twice n-xt
week. Richelieu,
HT The Knickkrbocker for February is mi
J our table a* usual at precisely the ri?ht time.?
Its ct.ntcnts art; various and enlcr'.ainitij" us ever.
Trie (ipcniiitr paper under the tilic of 1 A Few
Candid Observations/ cmbodiesmuch wholesorr.c
truth, fearlessly though aoniouincs crudely ox.
! pressed. The writer maintains that Force is not
j adapted cither to prevent crime or reform the
ctiatiual. ' The Destruction of Carthage,'1 Some,
tiling- to Die for; * Earth's Mysteries,' 'The Mu
I aica! Neighbors,' &.c. are the titUs of same of the
principal artick's. The'Literary Noticea' and
Editor's Table' aro in the Knickerb ?ekcr's u.c.ual
' vein. We copy tbe following brief Poem :
pt a new COrfTRtBOTOR.
Lay her gently in the. dust;
Grievous msk, but oh! ye must!
Hear the sentence. 11 Enrth to earth.
Spirit to immortal birth;"
loathful, gentle, unriefifed,
Angels nurture now the child!
Upward soaring, like the dove,
faring with her rnaina.of love,
No; to draw her spirit back,
Hut to smooth her upward track,
Her, the youngest ol thy fold,
Augeis watch with love untold!
Said not oft her pleading '-yes
Tout they lonct .1 for purer skies;
When the sob and cryslal tear
Spoke of rough'uins billows here,
Prayed ye not that she might rest
On her heavenly Father's breast'
NVith the ? Rock of Ages' trust
Tuttt which was enshrine,' in dust:
Robed in ever-spotless white.
In an atu.oepber- ol i;iit,
15y the ncver-l'aiiing springs n.
Rests she now her weary wiog^.
Give the ephit back to Cod.
Ami iis vesture to tbe sod !
Life nenc. tonh will tuisr a rav.
Km.tied but to pass away :
Bearing u celestial nam-",
Au;:eis tend the ?e?ra! flsnv?:
Rnroxs arson Urio> o; t'cRptNtN^ axn Ui-tma
aitr. CAlWItKi Hi Whuo, H rxrW. ??"'
3vo. nruAi *w BrouMra.
The fact that Uiu work has reached its tenth
j edition siieaks all that ceeu Iks said in its tavor._
I Mr. Preset-tt, pursuing i:is labors after loaiag his
> nyei-iirhr, has achie\f<! a reputation commensurate
with thv* S-.incuage, and his merits have been as cor
I U'ftlly adrcittrd by Etrropcuaa critics as bv tho*e ol
our own country. H;? p?"Vnce of investlgatisa,
his freerJom from prejudice or passioo, and tut iste
re?: to Americao readers of the Rt igs of the Span?
ish sovereigns by whose ps'roc-re Colttrztbus was
esabied to discover the vVetteni C-.-'nticent, cotr;
bine to render this work an Requisition to the Litera?
ture of our CboBtry. Mr. Prescott'a ?tyie is rather
p.-lished than vigorous, but ho depicts Spain iu the
day of her highest ?iory, her triumphant over and
expulsion of tiie Moora, and her discovery of and
fir..t acquisitions upon this Continent, with sue
t ir.rtness and graceful sniraati.-n.?The pablisbars
h*.ve our tbaak? for issuing ibis work on paper and
in a manner which does something to rerieem the
character of New-York hook-jaiakirir.
i^' Horace Pagaud who has been indicted and
ioiprisoced fur forgreg Stute warmnte?and wtiose
trial upon a w rit o: habeas ccrnus has bcee peading
for the inst ?e-k before Cht?f Justice S.is.rkev, hai
beern required so give, bail lor his apt-enntuce at the
next tenn of thr Hir.ds Circuit Comfn the szv: of
four thousand dollars. [Yicksburj' AVbig.
Kl?.?;.?A dw- llfcjg house a: Hudson, owned bv
Dbartesi Coimsii of New-Vork, was deertrovsti by
fire on Sunday last.
Fl*E?9a ,lhc 23:h a fire brcka out in .Charies
tot;, Sr?. t.. in t- coiiora v-areiKiu>e on Msg
ak^IQ SSiv5Ti~ 'The buildioiT, wiui its cue
leats, ^ou tuuei of cottos, was eodrclv dsatTivvod.
rr tbi arroETT?. or tht jc v. te^tte.
Fp.itjav. January 31. l?l?.
The Senate did not ait t-claj, Laviug ad?
journed over to Mont!ay next.
Eutjse ur Representatives?Mr. Thsbatts,
by unanimous ccnperit. submitted a jnir.t-res?j!u.
ti .u, that the iaw o:' ii';c. appropriating anr.u- j
aii i two htmdred thousand coiia-s for arrmog
?fid ceruippmg tne ini;it;a of the United -States j
and territories, be no modified that one-fourth ??f !
rJie arn-rant sba" be applied to the purchase cf
C .It's water-;.:- of *mnjuiiiiion.
The resolution was read twice and referred to
the Committee of tits. Whole on the State of the
Mr. Saendexs, from the Committee or. the
Juciciarv.iritrjduccd a bill to establish a uniform
rule of naturalization, and to repeal all other acts
on this BTjhject heretofore passed i wnich was
read twice and referred to tiie Committee of tnc
Whole on the state of the Umorj.
Mr. W Ei.EEit submitted a resolution to bring te
a close to morrow at two .'/clock the ceb.ne on
the bill to establish a Territorial Government in
Sir. VA.tct called for the yeas and nay?, wiich
were ordered, and, being taken, resulted, Yeas 9-1,
lS'avs C5.
The House went into Committee of the Whole,
and took up the bill for cstablisair.g the Govern?
ment oi Oregon. Tse ccbatc en this subject
tested until rtfe adjournment.
SattT.tiaT Feb. 1. 1H3.
Itkil Oregon Bill In Ute House.
House or Keph?sentatives?Mr. Hap.alson.
among other things rtlatinrj to the Army, pre?
sented a petition for il* abolition.
Mr. rjU.NKEii-oRii called up the bill relating to
Mileage ol Members. After pome remarks on
this matter, Ihe H tue rcsoived itself into Com
raitle.e of the Whole. Mi W eu.e.r in the Chair,
and retMmtcd tbe (^nsioeralitmof thcbill lotstdb
Iisii the Trrntoriil Government of Oregon.
Mr. Winthrop objected tn this hasty action,
while negotiations r.e-c pending between our
Secretary of State and Great Britain. On this
and several other points he mnd'-;a capital speech.
Mr. Cary of Maine, spoke against delay, and
mostly in condemnation oi ihe Acht>urton Treaty.
Mr. Morf/e of Maine, replied, and stated that
Maine had gained more than .she lost.
Mr Hakdin, after a few remarks in explana?
tion, submitted two additional sections, a? an
amendment?one of them, thfi.1 the act shall not
t?t construed o: carried into effect, so a* to inter
tcre, in any way, with tue j >int rigMs of occu?
pancy according to the Convention between
Gre;."t Britain and the United States, until the
expiration ol twelve months after notice shall
have been given of the abrogation of tbe th:rd nr.
?.icie by the President ol the United State?.
Mr. Kennedy of Indiana followed in t; Hun
comhr speech, ia which he advocated the Oregon
bill, because he had a constitutional hatred to
England, lie expressed rather a dce:re to sec a
Mr. Adams proposed an amendment to the first
section, that, forthwith, Rftcr the passage of this
bill, the Pretident of tiie United States biiali ce.urc
to be giren to her Majestv's Government, in con?
formity with the convention, notice thni ihe U.
States think fit to eiisannoal the convchtioi c in.
eluded between the two Governments in lf?Ti
after the expiration of twelve months from the
tlay this notice sha.l have beer, given to the Brit?
ish Government, the stud conventt?m shall ba en?
tirely annulled aiid alrrogated.
The question wast.-.ken on the amendment of
Mr. Adams, by 'ellers, und it was dissgrtcd to?
tue- 77, 11 es 92.
Mr. Coixaiuasuhmitted an amendment, strik?
ing out the limits specifically refined in ihe bill,
and mereiy stipulating that all the territory west
of the Rocky Mountains shall be organized into
a Territorial Government. And it was rejected,
without a count.
And to the fortieth section, Hf- follows, which
was adopted, with a slight roodifieat on, viz:
Provided, cz'ifit..-. Tara tin.- liitur. crnr.i. of land content.
;iluu-i t>r this art >lmil beanbject to the settlement of any u.*.
put,- now peodine betareen UreniUnuunmai UwUnitedStatei
iu relation to tntir respective claims,
Mr. A. V. Baowm also submitted the following
as the lorty-eecoiid section, which was agreed
to, viz 1
And whereas; by n Convention entere?! into between hii
Brumme Majestr and tiie (Jnaed States of .America,, it wt>
ippuletfil nnd aareed that nnv country >?:: tba North? est coast
?f America. u> ihe westwanfoi tbo stony .Mountain?, ?ii-ul.i
tie Ireo and open lo tiie citizen*am! ?u!-jecl,o! the two Power?.
it boioj cotnnsMmt, however, to either oi'iiiecoiurnciinrr Peer
eta, in case eithe; ?hould think li'. ci any time after Uv int. of
October. lrCs. on einns due notice ot twelve mootbi to the
other coBUacuui; party, to annui ai.d ahroeite tin, Conven
Be R Ihne fore enacted. That nothir.c in Ihn act shall he so
contrued a? to clo>= 01 obatrnt: any of the harbors, bav. and
creeti'.or the navcatior. ol nvea within tbe territorial limit?
o'the tetntorv lieiehv o-jranized. or any part of the eountrv
Uiai muy he claunal 0) .'ittier party on tin- Northwest coa?l of
Auic-'ca, netween the 4il degree auU 54th licgree 40 minutes
ol'north altitude, r.cuir't the vessels, citizens, end rabreeta of
(ireot i!rita:n, iicreeiihlytotbe Provision? of the 31 nrorleof
the Convention of.SOtfa Oclidie:, isis, betweon trw Cmted
Sintis, and Great Britein, until iho tenouuuion ol the >aii! stip
illation ol taut Convcution.
Mr. WiNTHitoP ryffered an amendment to tiie
sixth section, in the form of a proviso, that there
shall neither be slavery nor mvuluntary servitude,
otherwise than for the punishment of crimes, ex?
cept where the pa-tics h - ve lie en duly convicted.
It was agreed t-i?<"ye.- 85, noes 5ti.
Mr. A. V. Brown proposed to add to the thir
tioth section of the bill, the following, which
was agreed to, vir.:
Previied, c'trass. That in ca?e< where any British tuhjert.
resident or tradins m said Territory of Orecou, ?hall bo arnwt.
e?l. charirej wiUi liie roiuaiusion of any uoMlenwanor or lei
ny. tiievame snail bedatnreaad over t-> the neejestJrinaaaJof
the Urttish GovercuteBt n.iviiiir jurKui-uon over the ofleaoe:
tins provision notlo apply aAar .tbc penod-*f twelve months
inun any notice which may he riven hy trie ['rote,: State?, ru
n> .?. :.; iaUhl by the thud art cle Of iuc Cou?cntK.n now ful>
s if tic; between tiie. two couuUicn iu reUilarp. 10 ?!d Territory.
Mr IIaaJMETt proposed to amend lire bill by
requesting the. President of the United States to
cause due notice to be given to tr.c Bntisa Gov.
eminent of the des-ire and intention of the dv
crtiinen: of the Uni ed Males to annul and abro?
gate the Convention between ;ne two Govern?
ment?', concluded August b", Isi27, Bgieeahlyto
the third article of .said Convention?anything in
this act lo the contrary not to 03 in force until
the expiration of twelve mouths from the passage
oi this act.
Mr. Davis, of Kentucky, offered a substitute
for the whole i>dl; but it was rejected?nycs 47.
noes not concied.
The Committee rose and reported the hill to
the House, with amendments.
Mr. Duncan moved the previous question,
which was sacjnccd.
The main question was orde-ed to be put,
(and the bill wid be the nrs: bnsineES in order on
Monday )
And the House ad^rimcd.
Hon OoDen HojyxiAN of your city isnov. in
Wtisliiiigton. He rrrived last night.
Mr. and Mrs. Wickliffe guve their first party
for th; tu.bon |sit nifeh:.
Tbero is Svinc talk thai Senator MEiEicr: will
resign beiorz vole cn Texas be taken. Suie
iy that gallact W^nir; State ought not to have her
voice misrepresented on this qutsii r-n.
Cheap Po.tace ?Pbosttt Acrir-r Needs -
Ac all nxav not be awrue of tbe simplicity of form
that may t>e given to a petition to Congress, the fol?
lowing is suggested as suitable m be sign*d by the
cilircrsf of every v-IItee, nmi forwarded tortha ith to
Birne .?Tetiit>err
T? 'Jie HvnerahU Scxalc end ij\-vjr ot ReprtsauaUeej m
Lo9tT~cst ztfcnwitJ:
Tr?ua?e.-.xr*drrar?eeU'^ r?u woi n?,iUCe
Ibe rate ol It-re: fsatare, throucbout the C. Stau?, u. 'k-j.
ceaif. and that rwwrpepcra ar^d raurprjeu in uoe propar
tiuQ. and alxihth ihr frsnknss pnv?tjro.
We heartiiy concur ia the tcliowisc sectirnecti
There is som-ediing fo crlioris and ami-re publi?
can in the prrse.~i system oT kigk postage for tbe
people, ttuA no postage for tiwsc iu pover, thai it
would seem as tnoirpb tire sovereign lrremen of tbe
nation would ctius-p their dissatistacticn to be beard
in the ear of ConoTess. as the voice of one man.
Would they taki- the slight trouble of doing ihis,
they would doutul-ss be btaid. and D-? ototvrpitceci
on iht r&tw fc-otirjff aj.tiveh roiere, with respect to
mtii prrviieg?s."
)FFICE :>? ? >: a SSAl'-v: TREE1
'i_\-- nWRLWBtG, FEBRF
Z3T Eseecssea ami ?"Ttr>r;ed by V-.MArrr-rss'irs, ;
earnerof Rrn_di-_T aad P-r?oir.e-r.:eet. ?trance rr: itr-r?sr. '
it. New.Y?dc
/.'.'/.-r?ets ?Dr. r"w?srrr.r-. P:. ?ort. Dr. N"--r.r. Dr.Frsc.
Ut-dtea?a. le i:-rr_er, J)r. Weed. Dr. Se.ncisrr. Lr. I*.
Smita, Dr. Uua.-,-a i
Best r-Hreuivii i ?.rSi-; soc-aa'-r on lu?c. jaS Ska
ET* Crahnn; Hottre?THerve Arraitsremcnt.?
BOSWELL GOS* i,'?tk- fc.i fn?_U and rJie*wil.:rc that he j
ha- enJasrac! hi, KOJH&I.Vf) EST.tBr.i^rlXhZXT. \
knrrrat? UieOrasaro Jl- v-c. S3 Barcby-Tlrwr'. bj n.tdiar to I
iirdv? a-'^niriiri; m___o.Anr' ;?t-oe-^ u> arrrocimod&ie trnn- j
sier.' ,.r- ? . t.ie a..-: !p.T-;r_l,fe tTm?. A'i |
tneucV of Tesperoisee ?' ."ri-rr a qu;c". name, and rr?edi.m
fan the fumes or ajcoc">. ?_<i roLrtceo. cr? rpvrtrd to patnicize
Icr" house. Try Yes*?.- 'e Sv>s?-ro.wi_ the choicer, selection
of fmlf. tzr. *i.r , ?? ?? - ? ,,?: w- ' t? ?'ncrir adiiet?a
to, bat a ut.ire wiii be * Tired -or thoro who prefer rase onunar?
raorte. or rntse?! diet.
Croton Soower. Werra t_aJ Cold Beth*, free.
.0 ?: Ol SWELL COS?.
Woutii perhaps be a email estimate jcr th* raraces
of this dreadftu disease in a. sin<?ie year;
then arid the. fearful catalogue of those
cvtof 't'v fnJL emotion ot tkelMurs,
HfTnirrr't iAsthma, Csuehs,
Influenza. Bronchitis,arid
cllirr -.irteaser. of
And the lun aronl pre-tr.- an appealing p-r-cfofihsfar-Jity of
tbeietwr- ? &S*ts oi Fd secrsss.
Bat it n imp'-r-r.-. tr?ar> . v.: : . _.i..f this oreaJ. wr-ta
of human lit? aright have ben prevented by.a trrncly use of
The create*'. rerrtedy ever d emven.-; by man fnr all di?*i?e>
of the pulmonary orx_a? ,-fuduced by coid and cnauceniile
Score? of ca.?e< h^ve orrse to our kn?wi*dce ?'iwre the na
oer.t bad be?n civeu up t- 'i* of (.'onramBtjon?a- b?vnnd trr?
renrli ot'meoica.1 hel?t,i" nr :;,.r ma ..r thta WiM t.'hcrry
liaKrtm have be^n -revislr jt^.t.-irr-t to coni.ih-f ;.e:i!tri.
Afwter.it a fteiaiuimsrecently Jrtt lha ?rhool
?Hc w?.s aticQii nr?!?:uii iiiti iin'il thot 'ire raus*. <lie "f t.Vm
-tuaptton?to rr-i m I. i '-x, wi^m; tiMpe-wl bcr lew re
maimnrrdayi wita i?- trw.?'?.. Bv -omo cumn-stu lrtbi in.
dueeil flake '.'> - :i: ?'? '?<? t'i.orrv. by w.Mtrn ?ne
war entirely eure ! in a siior tiKie. ind retumui to hersenw/l
with a ii-r.t -j,<i r^inv.romt-ii .'?-'.Ith.
By 3p;.licn::'?:i to tWa offiee, tnrtiier i^uurulnii ?f this and
oilier lemnrtalile cur?* w;i.'? heorluiiy e ven.
Manyof the roost rhstincnttbed physicians of tail city and
Brooslyn cive this Bal-atn their tmuualJied approval. Why
shouwl tnev not ? it n cvirry x.iere haikr.t as
>?inr; formal from cbeariea] -vtrars* of WiW Plierry Bare and
'l ur.-.w-ij simple, nut povnsful i:icre<;.enli of .Suture-a own
Ail who have uty ?.-undortu. nimpnund r.nicur m tcs
lifi inc 'hMt h i.v imsl ? caciouii reinvly ever known.
i'nucipal oSca, 'ii Ann*?; Now. York, t-oldolso ny Arcr.ts
in rali parts of the Union._siH 6mi
As/Jimn. Di?nilty of Breathing, Bkeding of the
Lungs, t"tr??re.v. (!<,iis Bronchitis. Influenzas,
Shortness *J'Breath, Pui:iar:<l Weakness
in the Ghent or Side, and thai vwst
terrU'lr of aU diseases.
rt-R. FOLG Eft's 0L0SA0N1AS, oi AIOj-RSALING
1/ BALSAM.?It ronrrsat t.ro??t ' r ft t?-iou- ao.l rroable
*ome Couch ? Have roaa Para fa ?. Side, accornpaniec
with Shortness of llrtelk. uirl oilier aiarnnr.rr >yn:iitoin<
wtncii ieni) you to fan that ^ou will tiecente trie victim ot
Consuviptiiin? Here i> a llemruy Ct tinrw!. It w;li riierfcyour
Couch, refiiws the ixtin and Miiettew in, yonrcsett, nrelipetuiiy
resioce you to baoUli. Am rou soRetinc rrom^ftaiaa ? Try
thb-wohderfu remedy. Heart the fonowine cast? of cum
which it has perlurmeii wit'i 11 n ?irart Unic:
jOetrid tfender ? .- t ?r?-. ?? ?. reductal very low
by a tedious couirn and bk'eutrur-at the lanss. He nail tnei!
various retnedtea w rthoot be itand an phj nehu had almn
??...the i.' Ih- oi ili.in?: iii.n in ;? ri??!. Altlionib Im IkmI
hectic lev?!r ami mplit ??c:iU. on." boCudOl ins. ereal rcmccy
restored him entirely to hearta.
Gtnrct W.Haas wn- rc.'?ved by two boale? of tbetH-isa.
oniau. Rlihimri' ?<? wenhatUie tim^ he eojnirwnead w.m it
that he eosM rcar^e ?ulk. lie co?irheil tncosMvi'!)': h-dilli
eait3rof tueathmtr wnr snch Omt ne coold ore. uolk n lew
.tc:>- nt a tune, tuid his nicht swaat* were rtreodfiU.^ In two
wt-ck. Iroai the cuinyieiiceireriit ol - nssts Uia inedicnc. h*
wtlkeil wiUi eu?ed'ov:i I'., vt-iv : rii.i in -u weeV- ne wru
so tar restore! ns to be abia attem: to his UG-mes. amni.
y. /.?.'?Tri. Bsc I'ikc street, iw eared ot Jlsthmn by half
&bottleoFtbeOloiTionian. lie bad n?: lun slown m tied for
rn-'rJtiisu ten BsMths. H" has never had a recurreiiee "t l!ic
(hseal ?'. now more than five ir.unlhs.
Mr>. ArchihaW. W \Ve?t street, was cured of .i.*(Awrjof4
yenrv' stawdmc. by half a bottle, ami declares it to bo the best
rneilicine in the ? Sbs had used various othet rcrnetlsrs
Wliou* 'lie i :i-t !? : ?
Trsonsawbol ? ? ? m ent beinren In si,,,?. vh? eflicacy of
the Km.. MoT than ."twenty year1' experience in i1-use
lass proved it to be tho in-*' won 't-rtu' n:n*li m ;ne world for
th" cure of the a ?.\.- i.kT.:i.ihci .:u"n-cs.
Poraale only :.t 108 Nasan itreet,one door above Ann
lahl am*_
The mos! astonishing, all~dectsixte and unsurpass?
ed result* bar-- thus far. attended the
ministration and Sim'ly use
ofl.'.H. s-MlTlf M
(.S'u far- C"Cted.)
Which are now attract!:..- th Uta K :i of mankind, in eon
swiuencr' of their unhrersalfy nrk.-xjwlnlrred ?upenontr nv?B
rVKBT ornap roaxand vaircol fhtrgatiec^JijHrtcut, Di?
uretic, Sudorific or ExotetarasH temedy; and Uivir rapid
poptrlarrty u. a Mverahrai mtsdieine, fur
Intermittent, Jlrmirirnt B?ioui n>:d other Ft-rrrs,
Influenza, Colds, Head-Ache, Indigestutn.
Dyspepsia, 1'crreUed Appetite, Heart
bum. Cottsveness, Dutrrheea, Foul
Stomach, Worms. Rheumatism
arid tloni. Scrofula, Lrrer
Affections Impurities o f
the lihod. Fanale
Compfai'iis and
Paint in
the Hood, Side and Hack.
is* must positive enaranteeof their nmmiBlteied cvcs>llcncc.
They nrs. i iintcmc to.ni tiic dcmaim, crt-ctins more postttve
ly lieneticutl it?u!t>. than nor othet r r; iwi (i >?alle 0 remedy.
I eopk. iiave Ih-u. dused w.",/, renn;, and have cxoerwneed
the too treiiii^::: awMeueaci . smi ha?a tahssn the okl
na~Md*ufif ealbart es until uderaursa ctvrsvray lo rbseuit, at
the vcr/ t.'iousi-.i oi .-c:-: ;.iion. "i'ltc anti lote, mi ionir-wishnd,
and nOWSO mach called for. is the very rfnnedy needed; stlLP,
PUsasBT. barmlesi sad Efucadoc?a satob k.- reroedy; and
on-? '.hut i? evJUll SOUXaBt ii-Kaiicc Oats pert.inn all Unit it
proin^.. W* Im\.' the mo t irrs-irasshi.! prool ot llu.-;n terry
caseUir.; has co^.u lo our knowlerlce, whit jusliiit- us w.ti;
R-\XT1no rrrrc l-ur; tatA m anv ca?e Isl RAJIAflUC, Iho purrlia
ser may have n:> mom | back.
Sir. BaawaTCst, the hatter, 130B iwcr..cure:! ofdysper^ui.
Mrs. r-itVTk. ot stuz. curt^ of head-aibe and pun in
the side.
.Mr. litt-L. 1C B.-sadway. cure.1 ol head-sehe.
.Mr. Iavplkv, 3?3tirev3iw.ch.sireel, curw ol dysp?;?^ of 5
yerirs' standing.
Rev. Mr. Bcxsxtt, cf Brootiyn.curtslof rush ofblood?)
tlie neu^ by these I'lhV
Ali?? Donvuss^eomerofWaUM anil Lndsowjueeii, cured
Ctfotraaaai ol pain in tt?. head, dizziness, &c
Mr? Ciibii. .vite oi t-,r inker in r.nwsiyo, cnre.1 of weak
nejo. pain m the JienJ. side and Wei^t.Vi thsr sue t? nule to be
about, which wr.s not :te caw betoBS ;? -. OS Ute e hlk.
MksC. UcsaitKS'iN.i! T-mity-pliire. cured of the mre.t
dsncerous cold and i i.^-... u bieh und almost taken her I te.
Camaos?Ask tor Dr. rssti-nt'.- " In Uan ycz'iaJiic I'&s."
X'u other tladhui Veaetsd>selrSUs*'. ara t-.?r.-r cmt-u,) and
no others possess the vut r.es whtcn TrtK.tc fills cioju^
N. 1!.?>CS that US. SlOIB's mini uamr iaon every lot.
Sold at the fr.i ' .?:??..:?-.;:? (,ktt>'\v|. ;!-s"rBKST. .\*w
\ o.-k, ami .\o. \i V, r-ter-ureet. ills-tons' Abu. M:.. lii' es. 189
Knltoc-street, Brooklyn. Iii Im*
A REYOC ArTUCTEDWtrn i'll.VS^-Trr!h-n with.
JA otil tielny, J?r. t'phani". Ver - . ti c i^-.
Ucineay ever . fiisred to putoe Botjce. Tr.? res?y cseeilent
mrd!c;oc istiw result of a tdMsreagh nied.cal ecucnti-jii. and a
competC l.Mowk- ^t- n! the dm ate !'?: tshieh :' It rt.-onuTse.id
ed. "1 nc niiso 'numpliant successatacud* its udrciaistmi?^
Read toe lo?owirc reniarkablu crises:
A ljudy. resuiuur in Noriiilk-xtreet. was seriously afillctej
with ftsrs ; s<? eteat vis? ia:r ,;:r!er?.;, thai to bsb ner own ei
presAion, hie ???? a harden : lor tour wessrs she hw! been ai
tendet: by one ?i oiit n o-1 eminent 1'hrsicions, w ithout the
ieisl beoorit. Snt:.-.;i?j tiiat it was an ascrBvated case ot Biles,
I presenbed the Eleciunry ; two , ,?sr- were uvd. Six aiwitiis
alter, the same iudy called on me u. presenbs i> r-iorje-rcin:.
iiiiint. and U?n inioniiesi iuethat the ? as pcrfecUy cuivd of
taiePiie- by trwiw-o Wi--?, and hod earsenenced no return since.
Jlrs. (I. reodinc in t;n*ene-.t,tenlied on me last,priur;.say.
me that ?he ha-! been aflecteri with Piles !or two years, accon.
pomed by pain in tlie sicV. tsaipiL'.U.j ul the heart, a sense ?f
strsilasi'^s ncrtus the e?est, and oppres-ion ; was uiahie to
lie down wi?vwi' esevat:iis the nead and encst consnierobly:
resuiir ii.iri!io-.'aiir j.; stuceti a -ease ...r'saS?CBtlaa. toiiowat
by a csnich. I!y usinr one o( tiie Li^ctunry. Use pern in
v ?do, ptlpitfttitr:! oimI BDJIISBion ceosrst. sne cvtrld I* d-nrn
wa.ioti* mr.-ins-ea ence. anu.i.-e i*ues were imrrjolly removed,
r.r ?.. : Mi m; Je I c: re.: w z:-j.:.;]c;..
Iron ,-t the patirr.i.
S : Uus cjty fiy tire rrvpririer cuij,, a rcrriiarl7 educated
Physician. conr>.?.: to ".n i.ti-^' ;>mrrt:c>- tor the tpratiornt of
Cnttorrtr Dt.*B*r?=. No QSBowc: ?. >led?:.-Jrid?ace in re
latiop Ui the ot -::r atiieceotapbUBl jratu. Price cf the
Electuary cne rhienr. 'J3~ hczirwr* that the EUuutsru is
in Imrmiu hem^u;. ni-l n t :?:: .z'?ual airplirtsUaUj, aodsoiil
only at liss Bovrerr. E ur doors ahove r-pnc;->t. ijffax hoots
fmrn " A. IL to S P. St i? 2mi'4i?Y*
IiYTH WARD LUMBER Y" A KB. at the foot ofi-tth rrrte:
*w Hudss-r. Rivex.?G. S. Mu'IT tat? pleasure tn trms;
n*tice tn toe owners of real errate and liuhlecta, that ha has oa
Hand a iarce aswrrtrnent ot Lumber <st all krods. which he
otTe~< for saie or: 'J>c nmc u. ?inu;^w terms, ait: :-? ?. i
ewarc i.e nr. <-.,inp?:- veu/i i-ircr: uvaJers m the cjry, ns to pn
ces ana quality. Z'-ri najticuhxrly mvr'eirJ' uerrrrn? W gm him
a coli, M..i v.a- "i?e .L- -iocs ^r.".viua-.t.. p?irchas-.-u?. j-4
A PRL\TL\i. F^ABLk?MENT itiR SALE, ftacred
Xi. sir. ?r^eaudu. -a- ?. s ? ot: the Hxesoc, and en
jovinr; a *i>-.' patron re. Pislttsrs Wh?;. F-?tcrSer rrtfnnsa.
tioo epprv to tue j?r!-?-i; IVtipttrstv, larocrrh th^ iureccy at tr,e
Edtcr ?( Tue Tnnuce. ?ft ts
rj'O rfi.U, HEALERS.?Fta ?al?, hca quoirty RsJ and
?. V,'.;;^ .v..>.-...? ,.?Iii Cod, 1?; tbesmrietoo or neudred.
Apfiy t:t Sit Greerrwics-K._yl -w*
OXXlAISSiiON CAPS?Easrissh srrri Fn-rcri Pti^us.mki
I tjor-s pi tie tis*: cual ty. Jast e.??J a full snppty for
saielawbr .jiu)_A. W. SPIES &. CO. t2? r"^rijrr_
AW SILK.?13 ca*es White t E do. Y'eUow. suttohie tcr
_ rtarrnl^r-iir^.?: - <V he
rSa..' TA i : ?_ ? ? ? e. rt ? > *.mthU.
OEV\T>'i; SILK.??Sejtses Biocsend p.!uel*4uci bestttnaU
JJl ti '?? . .- r-e-u - S . ? - -
?2 St _ C Ezcliange lTaec
HZJrT i 'ARFfAOn *-\"KW*VWe3ssk?ksWjbaajy.
?,:?*' ? rtT*-,-. -.- r- -? I- ?t:-,'V
?31 ? rrLi - ?. i sVATLR C\>. 33 Bracd
SWF1'V^ tRi ?N?13! !.-n.>.v~i- - :? - : - . ?
jji SHERMAN ATWA! ES e: CO. a, Broad st.
5".f"'SKE.\G PULETTN'.S?r-. ' b
WELLS ft SP.: VCS^a.
SBUA53.?Acheaee tafKins sad Qweee Kerrzaas, Ic
<lia- Nuns-rc. Rhinas?, Ct- (<*?=.? low. hr
Jims AM-'i -- IN : ? >? gWrdlst. j
LAID KLACX SATtNETr3.^si?sar?<st OTairrr.jrjtt re
eei?*S ta?:Iirr*a>s py t. L. SlA5T".s,
nil_? Beavurs*.
A PER IrUCARS.-A f.w tarrris ,.f Havsae man? Piper
Sc-tin '.-r ssvs* low, by
_6 JUlIN A?.T?EK?ty jr. CO. 2 Wtr? rt.
\J' dii vVKI si ir_LVG, S31-ir_aj.Tr?.
NEW i~ ? >NS._
wxu irn.-" tj*t rt Bii*k no it. or the
Corflprrnn; a Genetr. I Irrtxadactory Outline of rniverjai Hrs
"?? -?. Aaeseat and Modern, and aSrnasef Separate lltsi.i>r?es
t.f Every Pnr-e Natiaa that cii*-?, tnet: IIa?. Progress,
and Prevent C? 'iiiiec, &c fer.
Author of tie' Treasary rt Kuweiire.' * l>*?ffr<?r>riic.ai Trea
nirr.'' Lrerary an.! Scjenr-tjc Treoury.' &r_
Ei'tTEL r.V JOHN I .NM AN. E*q.
THe'Nnv* vahun-ic sr .? i*.Mnipsere.'. in a??tit twelve j
N'? octe.v.', r>-:.-a--%H ?n ti;.e paper, with ci?ar tvpe, ami ?.U tie j
Sold at i> rvr'i per No.
A*f?n lit Pr?. ?n.1 wiil rw rmMish*-! in a few it ays. NO. X. '
MEDICINE AXU STJRGEKY, ui.%; valuable Medical
\A i'rK ever fttibSabed. Terms for me wbi^e series to inc. pre*,
act time, to: per year. f)L _ _ fyl
TVS. HtrsTi^llYOpr.RFilt'F-P.rTh.imasK.rrhtiy: with
rid ?votioQ.? p.-?.;. Tou :;.an Smith : in one vmume.
Tilt: EITSrOKS OP ROME?Bj the ?ame Ami ? with
rmtii arr.i nd.iTOon.? m Iiv ^.w ms-teer : m ore volonic.
TH:: HI.-T<.HtY "F TftK !I< >'.l W P.VPIKK-Beins r.
r.uitmu.ation of the History of Rome. By tlu-,aroe AolhoT,
i- .?."? vohim?.
TIM: HISTORY OF ENCL \ND?FmrntHeluvaih.n nt Ju.
i i - (" v-a- t.. the el.tse of thr Re>n of (ieorce IY. By
the nine -nthof, vriti Bote, and additions a> above. In
two Tuluioes.
Pr.buihcsi or
_jS TT";N!:-; fc HAYDEN. No. 10 Jota street,
r| 'II f*.?n'eerther ha?on han : an extensive itocJt of Periodical
A and Slap.ianl work*, wruen in- ntfer? fat <sv -.: the iweet :
ea?h pnies. Also a roo.la5*>rtmcot or' Juvenile an I School j
Bdoks i-l"every eeer ulion; ?!:hie?. ol'nl! sot: nml ri-^crpnci;
Hymns. P*r.':rr?<and Prav-r Rook- for the different ?ler.omtna.
tsons: Plant Books from two cents upw.aru*: Law Blanks;
FooWrnp ts.l L-ttet Paper; N->te Papes ami Envelope : IVran.
pic; Paper, liunl?. anJ steel Pen.; Note Books loi ti.c .fiiB-r
ent ekcrehes. rkO the cheep PnKlicarieae can H.?ha.* at thu
uaiatat; arith alithe Moolhiy Mnsa/.t::??., aada ianr* coliexti.ni
ct'.Mn'te. The Siiak?peare Circuiatic: Library Cvntaoune op.
wit-.:, afloat i In Minimi vetainas.
Brown*. Silf.lr.teriiretms Bihie. Ijfeof Chnst.
A liberil tier rentae* tu I 'amen.
;17 All at MA/J^'i?' )M heial.i'ihmei::. IST EieeckeroL
U'I*ra>liN Cnr!t?ett Jcs of "LStemtrirr.
KT"T"'* t.>rerroinrr valnable work, with the "CuriMitiesoT
Ay tun it Lnxyurniut,*' trv u, VV". Gbuwold, m pul>.
h?bcf! eaaapiata in on? large royal octavo volume, an.) sili! for
nhojtnne quarter of tie? Ijondon pnco. It riinn. cextaialy one
of the most raluil>le w.iri; in trie Kselu.1: lamruatre. uni! 30
pubhcor pnvhte library i< cimpieic witboctit.
Pot ?alc hy
APPl.CKiBi ft. 1:0. Hi) [troartway.
1 BUNTIiNGTON & ISAVAOK. iGB Pcnrt street, keep,
keen eoaecintlv lor aale alar je and Complete assitrtrneat of
<-iiiKi.. t ij?-cal nml Msceilaneoui B.Ki?i, B'SJit; Rooka in
every vr.r'et7; L>Ker,Gap.(rulad and ;ilnm) BiB.Urawtatt.
anr! Tea Paper, Uuoi*. Int. Bealiac Wax ezr.itr.
y.e- ri..:-'. fixco'Ti, s.? < 'oinmiUeet aod others, wish
:S2 to purchase, ?? 1!' I ltd it for lue:r ir*?rest to p-ve us a call,
us u? ?rill turnnii ai; afticies 10 our iine a*, low prices and in
Quantities to ?urr_
THEY PUBLISH F.)U >'':i!On;--? AN 11 &.CADEMIES1
The Malte Brun .-*.;hoo) fleo-ino. ri-,. Abridred,
.?mpiv aDo Atlas. VYelistev's UnUouary for
Peter Parley's t;ei.trnpny for;. tJclsooli, PJino.
I Do. bo Do. lSmo.
r-cter Pu: -.; . Historj lor Call [Mrs-Luicoto'i Botany
dreu. !)>.j. H.,u.iy for BetrMata.
Borr..: ? Gvocrs-pri? T. = ? *- <ts-. N--.1-- p:,.i,w.pn'/.
Ilecvens. ..itii ar. Alias. ll>o Nntirviil Phiheopay tor
rcliowcs' Astronomy Sir B? j Bea.r.neR.
?1117C1. I Do. LeeurMoaCaoairstiy.
G"odr:cn*< h>Chaia?iical His-j!?i. l^Uerrus'ry tor rteernowrs.
I rv f..r .^chfwiU. Gallnud^tfi Picture KeaJnu
tii uH'.' EJamantsofCritieisai. 1 Book,
5?o. ;!'re?uir.'s !n:c:re: Tr.tilesij per
Pre.v a'a lc'ere*: -t 7 per: oeal
c?ot. I i so. Do Abrid??d.
A Pract'ca: t.'rr.;..i..i.: ol thoilrurla.a Canzuaiw or an irrro.
doctmn U composition, m n hich the eoaMhtCtsOni f.r* clursi
*r?ri toto '?dichUiin? nml phraser Ity rldwnrd fln-er-. nuthnr
if 'hv. pelleraad Uefiner. Part first.
I Pam first anil secnr, I lunind in one voi sepJ 7
J A A11. Y M KM 1 .BAN l-'t" M BOOK FOB lass. -The vjl
j_7icr:!i..r? woaH call theattsoOooofboj.: men a?i! oliien
wtio !oiv|.iH".v.s".ii t'i ir-e n Moriioruiiduin iU-.k, to flie nlKive
workvJMSl puMished toe en.utnir veur. This unrmnceo
i ah ? printed nr>n.on.r (bf laeuiueanonas for werr day in the
yenr, sttndays inciuAed; and conta.11? a Tune and Interest T11
tiirM, the whole beini no tmrferthmaa p.^.ket wallet, (orwhich
li^ v can akn t* adapted, n- they ure made wstii tuck ami
rxkri for mat puriio-c. Pidilisked an.! ?>lil ivi.olir-aje and
retail by r"U \ .\CiS 6. L( 1! "PULL.
?t fen Mannfairtannn Stationers. 71 Maiden Uns.
t.iwn. \. V.?Wdhain P. Lynn. A. M. Pruiemu..?Stim?
mer Se??iot; will orern on Ilia l.t ol May.
Toth'we whoilcsiretn plare ?ons at B".inlin; ?choo!. the
advastasei .'.tiered nt the lii?t;tiitio.: bt? believed lo he eanal,
if not MperkHr, to aay. It hit i?.e.i in ?urre.?fiii operation
seven"years. Tue tneatioa, rleliebtfal aod salobnooi,is ?oo.
venient ol nert ? I10111 tlie Citv. 'Pint edifice 1? eummodoos
andeomfortable?the play cr -mdi ample nr..l d.?enr.nceie<l
front the v.Hare. Tho civemmer.t is erficient but mild, re
semblinp that of r. weH rejrulAtccI t 'nri-'.ian hundy?iind no day
TCholsrk are rc,-e.ve.i to counternct 'he salutary inH?eore of
I'iiiinly tnimitH:.
Tiie ?,?'.-111 of inftrnettrsn is ?MOjrnerl not merr'v tu fulenriee
and perfect tiie pupil in the bmnche. ttadsad, but to dere|?pe
and lasTToct'tke Tudxraent. t" eolichtes tiie uii.iersLni.i.iic, to
fono tii.* in.bitsvniid to five a moral ru.d usctul direction to the
Fnrtner pattictuarj, rnelodine fTaraloeii* of Stii<tcnts, opi.
aioM ol patron*, nr.. will be fuona in the pamphlet circular of
Uie Institute, to benad ounpplict.tionr.ttse R00I1 >t..re> of
Bartietl At VVelford, A-tor ll..u.*. and Raynor's. 75 Bowery.
Kefereneej Inr iiriinwisn tothe 1 1 h c 1 v'..ivuta.'ed sen
tie men:
\V?.n"ict>>n Irvuip, E-u.
Hen. IHunel tVet^ter, C. P. Senate.
Uoo. Unban f- "vernlanck.
Cant Alex. SBaell m^ea^anrie, C. S. N.
Nathaniel R,Iloimes, t^c. Tarry*owo.
Fnmcit-BaU, E : b>> vathaa Bejnrs, JHWVm. C. Brr
am. !^.;. ?eonea P. Trimble: J. K. Yau Itens-emer. U.U.
Hatper is Bnahers, New.York Qty.
Ai^> to tie" t'lilbwuij who nrc now, or have been. Patrons :
Rev 11 W Hunt, 2*ei>edee Cook, Jr. It-.j l,-l*r.
I!ev I. U YmcenT, M Van Hemer, ' '-cur Irsiaf.
Rev Thoa Burcri, Ja. V Hoyt, Theo Kee.e,
J Itsrwimt, J L M..:r, J VV K .cveb.
BerJSewall, C Uusenberry, Llseuisoc.
Rev A F Seliecfc. I: I, Kip, Get,Clinch,
Kov Dr West, PUs^nsnay, HVVCfepp,
r?rJo<S5cribner, VVmG Boas, B"nj D Hru>n.
lte\ Ii Bi'Mr.Krk. K W VeilTV"nrhu, PCsunpbeli,
A RDiviuston, Ixonuni Kimy, XV S iiun.'iam.
Hiiha MotteU, Jacob Lere.. P.* Howe,
p.-te- Pmckner, Gen t; II st-iaer, hLRsynor.
ChaaSseian, KsrvryWeed. Isaac \i'rian<-e,
J Clsemerniaa. B F VVho lwneht, Tho. Pat!wm.
Jiurr:. P..iLi:.-iM.n, WYan Antwerp. M Lei?. jSlSm
K<tahll5ri?i in 1X5. Sesames Commence >lav 15th aod < K-J.
lim. en-r.'juir tu? nsssatjis, at SHi per ses-.ion. Tboruocb
p-.. ' 101. I??! .-..Ihrj'. or Pu-i:. aint rs*T'o.<al att^i.t.o... nre
seeurtsd lo puptl- a> fu.'ij a? in tiie most erpecove -c Ik Mils
Lan- Iron New York ar? placed in rharc" ola careful perwn,
nene nml returning. Circular, at 44 Market street and 174
Broedveay, .U3 y
CO. MARSH, Accountant, respecrf-jlly eanounces mat
. h;? t ourrtir.rr i!.?inu. No. Cedar street, continue open
trom A. M. torfP. M.
In the study of Book-kecpms as it a taucht by Mr. Marsh,
evary pupil keeps, in Iii? rnfsil^praencs? tnauner^ a unnplcir. ?er
(?/ j,crlnrr?it'p teemt. eutbttcimr nil tie- ditfercnt rosoieM
?nnnaetn?.? ol 5 tirri mercruitile house ; he l^e.ene-, fnmoiar 1
w:tt; nti ?<-.s- ~ u-t iln r '^.c set. with all thetiuruioents
reiatt:i/ the IkwIls. innl aulance--, balance olivet., accounts
currea'.. an:i w ith various nisrcantile calcelalions, in lulrrreil.
ducouut. erjoaUctn uf oayaismt,. exesar.je, 2cC
ilioueCBUt^of u&iruciuin a per?..n ut c<??! capacity will
bei-oLi-'U Competent Book-keeper, acJ will receive a ccrtifi
?. thateflact, N" toes is taucht m a ei-ie?.
MERCANTILE VVRlTlNG.?A tiK.rourh courver.r pro.
ere-":?e iesssiar, which -wili not fail in erieetmc a valuable im
pufwiuent. Specrncii. ol a tru.y merranMe .tyle may be seen
at the rooms.
.'?..?;?.Tta?es, with tprma, bcurs. ate. may he obtained at tae
rr>.oi. tlsy ami eveauxur.
Tt,? S?.-rt-. I1... ? z....'j !:?-??.Kt-i 'ti.' S:r.ipli;"*c.. Ulh
ed-ioi. -JI?. pi^-es oclnvo : pnee tl.
T:r \r <>r Smjrie Entry Ko.V;<eepiri4 improved, 3d edi.
1 ? i? ?: ~j
For sale at ice Ixsokstoren. and at Uie rooms.
Mr. Jlarsii oTer? bis iervicea in ispenia?. donna, or wnrics
up w?iiis : ft Cedu street, up stasw. sj Y
Mf sli'.?Grca: ';i---es? in teoerartctl>?rni,are,-Ml r?.c?inc.
Vceardeon, Ysoim, Trombaoe, nnd Cornepeae. Mr.
DI 'I--.. 1V esio'ihues o leaco ieut?-and Wittemen of New
York the above lr_itrumoct? at ih?-ir re?.?eace??term? nirnie.
rale. '1 to- tc?? .1: Uannooy sad Um? ar o' srmnjiui Music
ttnrnt. Ptan-. Fortes correctly tuned. Satisfactory city and
cv^. .^i'?^.,.ce. j:-.ea on appiieatioc at .No. i> Chraiie street,
a!?.i -- W-^;cr;_jj lc?
Pill . *Tr. COTILIJOK PARTIES anea,iad to by sPta.
u.11'.ir^- ao-l Yt..;;r. tleifbsuier ot li?- tear taieut 10 ihe
C^y. l-.rpir? at J< ilX.'E's Mitoie. Sutre.3&br.<.lway. dIO
-"?Snu-^r-hers are now Lniuirnf an enureiy new
-Vlnrtirieof mstruascuts wlm-o are vrstrmnte.) so
4 72 t !tper..rr in tum. aay in ose, ami So keep in
tune much leaser, the iavaaansawn! consists m a Harp Frame,
;?rcn;t^_- bj cotsirjction, olrwosn.-; every objection heretofrrfe
...... .-- titeureof mcta?epjale?in imonnj >j*r toot-. Pri
ie.-..-? t-fc. i"?r.-naseT. art ins .:eri ?-. c -siu!i..i.a*.:on o: tneat
:=-:- GLi"N'N ROGERS fe '.'
jr~ 13 Fnltor^streer, Ear? sie'e, Broadway.
fsOVANT'S PATENT YP. ^ ST.?Tue Una arnele for
KSn ? ~p bread ever ir-ei!. Warranted to keep in every
elnsstsr. Toe Amercan Iswtrtnte, at their Isle Fair, awanled
the investor - Ikp-. mra. tiecmnnr this Ye?4 the ttett ertteJ*
es. - u.!.nul"-.euire I :?r rsjsin; h? . isuekvs rv ars, rrea-y. ate.
Tae Veast rs an acid, watch, becap eomc.oeH m proper
chemscal proportions wrth an alkali, lutpresftaies the doorh
rj.-Viuxacul gas. w-.uxm: alfecnoc m spy way.tee
ore ail pn>pert?j 1.1'thefl-jnr; anr! u.cs. wiea -?tked. pro.
deems perfect to-exti. S-ii.. wru.i-s.-Je a'nl rstiii 25 cents per
pound, or GASSNER S YOUNG. BSChtttha-n-st. li tf
1^'JtH? StTCATIONS FOP. P.t:^!>ESS.?Persons about
V? tu eilte? :oto burins ere inlonr-stJ thirt they tan obtain
uniDCo:aj-- powul-s-to ef Strrjrt; m Che pM'- r.ri Baaatjy. Nc. 48?
r.roajvmy. nenr Grand-ctrect, is iitch znr.K i,Z Cininrer, ar?l
tilais Caiier tat ibe saieof Drr G--o?tt. .Mtfiurery, Farntrs* Arti
e!?. Hats tad Cap-. Watehe" and Clocks,fMverasd Praied
Wait, 1 Jsrrrp? act Cr.n.Meiers. Cclierr. Cnraa axd \i'.ny
Wtre. Pockstl?>ot?, Mar?, SJaiaoerr. Ar.aueis aasl other
boc.Ci. i 'aaee-.set UmbsvlktS, Pexfi;rr*ry. Fnmjfatsc Articles,
Laiiea' Shoe Store.Toy do. Ready Since Linen. Threat! and
Needie Store, and tor every oeserrptimt of neat prsuda.
Bei:- teriiaps iksc ut' the beat or?iwtun:ties for pciscms e.f
trnai) capita*, or of their trends stcrr rr.s them ist? ?ifu??f et
a s-err small nsk. The IV.rear is nested aiei lirhtert by the
Prtiorittor. For ??r!iie co.rt cn.aj- apriry st the B.-.inar.
N. B.?A "epcrxieecL-eneewill he maCrs p> ?ne Gtojery irrhl
Eoornr mi the ??-coiti story which wiii he lei f-sr Miiuncry and
DnessJaaXire. Portrait ai^l Mu?atui* Pemr_'_v, tc tec Jle>
TVCCKi.NG G?NS.?Tba ?tibeenbe? bar? tust rerined a
JL? kuxe assnrtasest of Isocvkc and Suurie Barrel Imctmr
Gotj, averted !en,"Je. Ai?c. Fovri a- Gnu*, ol'a. vanaty of
kino, at tut tow pness. A. W, t:'l-i? or. OJ.
e? tti PeWMtrett,
^".iN?f? SARSAPAKIUI.A.?'"?rxi sjrn Fr-fifT.?
0 Whenever a pArtieu'er cause produces reraariah?? erlecr* to
re:.--,in-trif :1a Oer, is heirti . :t i-ecorae* net lessthe duty
than rratlkat:tsn of all fra-cds of humanity lo givesueh ooterse.
ty to ins? nrcmrjstrcees as sual! ec.-v.re the aridicstioa of those
cau???, arrdth?fneahiaUwof!j>oss>e!reets. \V? alluOe to these
trttthf for "he rurpose of call in; pobiic arter.uoo to toe virtue*
of a mediriaai presenfjUoc which, wrtaout resrari! to axy eele
br.ty f. ha? hitirert-'' aerjotreU. has to our knowledge produced
motor table ?rtrattv* eriects. The remedy f. SkSM'a Sarsa
EtaXTJULs, and we l-nce testate one fact only m illustration
A iaHy states U> its that five years since, she waa attacked with
?so&loai corcpVjnt?? disease too cominooiy assu
ether names acd f.?rnw?ar.d she of course sought every rem?,
dv recorr.memied for roeh end similar diseases, but a!" with no
erTeet. exvepr p-rasps the increase ?f the disease, until at length
the lost her teeth and aoae, and ?ulfered intense and protracted
agocy?th.sasn aii tn.? time tn the hands of the faculty. A
shor. time arieesbe commenced the use of the above remedy,
and m "w than one week, wc salutary effect were ttTikinsry
apparent, and n ?w a coJirLiT? erat ha. been effected.
Tm? is hot om: of the cases of cor? aecr>tnpiiM?eu ov tais me.
iciif. and one. the char.icer of which we leave our reaossrs
?o jui :ge of, v th the virtues o( the remedy, under all toe com
plicated uiseasoi ?>( too kind
IS. Y. Amer. Republican. Dec ?1?. ISM.
It is an old pioverh that " he wrt > stars at the Sun to be sure
wiN not rear!: it. but hw arrow will tie higher than if pointed
at n res.?-xaltec. ohfeet.*' Juit m the trer.iment of d.sense.
The phyweusn who mnts at the erroiicstsorr of rfrsurUori. instead
or' :?'.rng coutsnt with palliatm; t.ieni. will alvvnv* MCWIBln
mo-' cures, Stuid?'? "Sirvtp.i,-i!..t u lustre, test Ire tmth ot the
proverb. 'i'.V inventor aimkp n: sn?ut trie c-o.?' ot .it?ea*?>?
at ;o 3?tirce, imparity of the oi,."?: ami the prtps.rr.Uoo.
more rocecwul tiian tiw arrow a-nte.1 a: the Sun. ??Stenns.
Tue MAUS. H' nentrahz.ns the virus, in the circulation of
m. -..resa-td uleers.cnncrr>u> nndscnsiulou*drsoaee*.and.
other, oi a vmt.rer bad, are tne fruits, it breaks ap the active
wiivciple by w Bich they arc developed, and the; disappear to
i* renessaad no more.
Thel?Uowau cevtrScate i? only another iu.k in the gren;
Chain of lestiliwillj to its merits, Let the att'ne.ied rend and be
ecsaeintjad .?w-tiat it haiilonoace.it will do again. To these
unabietopiirchsse. it :v given without ruoiis; and without
S. OattAX?. Slats. Nov. 3b\ ISM.
Messrs, SaNBx r?With feelings ?>l the ni.uU lively gratitude
1 wish to ertpresa to you, and thmuch you to the world, un hc
count ol my unexpected ami almost despaired of recovery, by
the use ot your Sursnparillo. Fur the last ten years I was at.
tlirted v ::ii the liver complaint. dyspei>-ia and disease ot the
spine, an,I have sutTereti beyond tlie jsiwer of lanruase to de>
cr:be. Physicians prescribeil in vain, ami th? rvnietlies uses!
seem*.I,^ii> to uirrease my ?utienncs. In 1843 1 was attacked
with theery? i-e.as. which reduced me rar) loa? : a., r. passed
otT. ulcers of the most ivoinfui d??scri|itiou cume out on my frtce
aud necs.; I lost the entire use ol my limbs, and there was lite.
ml:y no rest lor me by m-lit or by day.
In lht< tried ..-.unrio:i I heard ol'y.mr Sarovonnlln.and what
it hail done lor other- sim.inrly atflictrsl witii myself. I pur.
r':a.? i rMelMttla. tud tuund unrmsiliarc iclief by its use. 1
then use.1 tive more, and vva. entirely Isliewsd. My leeiinc
are sncn ns I cannot liescrbe; 1 scarcely know my?e!r??.i
crent tne chni<e; I am lik?new creature. Tim nracii I feel
it u p::v ilete to tjitify lo. My present heailh ? due under tlott
to your instrumentality, and nitty the same pTov idenee that
directed me to ynut r.nl mnke you U.e happy instrument of
l)!.r-..;u: ethers u diseased ?und rsssneirinfi as / f.i.?. Your
et , ?r-iUtu: t'.iend. BSTBiSB r. Pt.AKCIi.
(wire ot I Irian I. IvarrsO
t :o-ii" .if Mi - Ban.-lido.-vs: N .,. r?T. N|.-Uv
certrIy tlust ttie l.ircrr. i'il is tlir statement ot Mn. Pearce, aud
ws? are eonridcul lliat met wonl is trust,
John Utiri-ick, Juitice of the Paare.
S?nnet Fldrnlire, Jastice of the Peace,
James BsdaaaU, *-? ..t tnet>?>pe!.
Tlia f tliowmc ttatrmMtal shows the value of the S?r?apo.
ri!lh in removing Bronchitis, a disease whirl:, if nut i|ioe>lily
aiiesttd. lecdi tt- consumption. It allays spasmodic nctiun,
cliantrt the ?ecn?ons, and by its tunic and r.lterativo proper.
li??. removes the uahealthy action, and the patient i> restored
10 health.
NaIsTUOKKT, Nov. 11. 1844.
Mis^??. H.vN3s?tlentj: I ?-.,ti i.. nuike public, for the
co?<l ol Um- shirciqd with Bronchitis.the hrnhnc pro|>erties of
foul S-irsatMirtiui, My wile suffered for lw*uiy months, in
sucii a manner ns is nol easily tl-scnliesl?ol umes not abh* to
?peak above n whisper; nnd wlien ?he wat - t|x?ed tooojt air.
u occasioned lotictlitnrr like spasms in the thront, threflect ui
which ?vi.? lei: in in.-ears anil eye-, oecii?ioninc Ilse eyes to
weep. It Was attended with a dry couch, produced hy the
eenstant irrvtation and uiilaininanou ol tiMiiin-at, Hy tivuie
of ynur Sarsaiianlla she was perlectlycti-e.1 it t>oine now three
moatha mir? .he feh any symptoms of Um disease.
Yours with respect. GEO. fJVHOBG.
For fart.'., r r>articulais, and ronclusive evidence of its su?e.
rmr vniue antl etlicncy. ?ee [tdmpbjets. which may lie obtained
Prepared and >..ld, vvitolesnle rttiti retail, J>v
A, B. t JJ. SANUe?, t'rucat.is, la FultorAst.,
273 Itron-lway. TT liist Broadway. N. Y.
S-id aJ-n br Druecnts geueruliy throushout the ('mtexl
Pneo$1 per bottle??it I Kit ties for ?5._ iBUrn
l M PORT ANT TO FAMILIES. Linen Drape-.. Propne.
1 tor. ol Eloteis, Captainsef Steamboats. Puckel Ship?. and
Public irstiernliv.?The Prnprietorsof the WASHING
TON STEAM LAUNDRYv076 Wasfeinrtanet. *e leave
to t-nli the aUennon ol th?- public to tiietr new and improved
rnsrtbod of Wosluue Lim n and Oilion Goods, and lo slnie
tome of the many rirh antiiiro? which reader it superior to nil
I.t. Garments washed by the steam process, will last much
longer than it washed in the on'n.ury wny, as all wnnarinc Iso
sen rrysnrtous tolodiea ami aenllamen'i ?ennne appamll men.
tire.;- ilisper.^fil t. rth. ami the work is done from twenty.five
loth ty pat cent, iess than tire usual price, ait.: incomparably
-.. Tiio Inn! t.es iscius such, liiey enabl<t! to bleach all arti?
cles ot linen or cotton labneas while a? before mariiifictured,
ami i. -tre cvei. b. tiir-oiu, orcollars, ofanrreuutreil degree.
Any aasoanl ol work can ked'ine in ? few hours notice, as nil
articles are dried vviihm door., and by artificial heat. In short,
articles \v.t?lt?ii nt tho establishment must be ?een, in order to
give n l-tr and just nppr.r-:tttion. The r.tteiititui of ihe pub.
11 generally, i. invited ro te?' n. .-iivrtority.
?Tt?- Orders let', at 'he otlicn. lo7 FiUtotuitreet. on* door
front Braadwi. i? Btvadmttg, rwn,- Wuike^reet.orat
the /.-.unJri,. IB t\e.-h.-igturt, Itct-.veen L'h.sri?r.r.ii?Aiii<rs.?t?.
will mei-t With pit i:r..t r.v.itiittori, where n lutof tirtert-.togeth-r
with the rejutation? ol the vsiabii.linieur, may :?' hail
iaS Imr_.1. P ?'l,V'!.',\ at. r. IMFANY
J >e. tier now oilersiftr wdeat the old st?i?! oC Bucha .v
llinrmc; Goodyeauff '"amaie Cloths, a new article, highly
finished.and will retain iu hsmuty in all kinds ofsveather,
suitiibie inr U.. Snail irnrriHges. At?o. au aitiele ft.r common
carnage*, tteivily rotted, nt low pnoes. Have on hand a
large varsaty ol r.?..!. m thu hne?<.'oal?, l."ut?-s. PosTehoa,
I. -.. .1 I r.p-, - ? We.tcr.,1 KernII?. Pttiiu, Water
JaciMs, Snip*- Letter llr.gs. air iinsl witter-light SrJima:.',
Bag.. 1 ?rpaiiioi forsteambaats, wlo h can i>e >ee i in use on
all '-he Immiis ot rr.i' New haven Steamboat Cost every vanety
of Cov-emc i om ? bone to money, ol buildmcs, .icarnboaa,
railroad cars. ar-c. W. n.ade tn orti?r at tne ?huruj-: itoUre, amP
en the roostreosooHhlt vrm. LifeFissurait, Air Ctishuins,
C r- ? Apron*, Mechsuriei Aprooa, shower Dstia. Mittin?,
Giovf. *tc. e. c. lv-ry article vvnrrmitetl loalainl any ciintata
Goodyear"i Pateni Saspenders aiaaiUue<nred by D. L. Suy
dam, rjit! vvarrr.nitd to ret im their eiasiictly. All articles lor
sale iit qoMtttm to our purekasefs
j!7 between Piue and VVail-sta.
ACHINE BANDS,?The followm- ur^ilieited opinion
? ofourIndia ttur-i^r Machine M.in.uug. we cominebd to
the BUention of the mteresaed. IKIRACE H. DAY.
Success.tr to tins Roibury India Kubier Co.
"Nnrtwrrrn. Jitn. Ij. 154"'.?iHri' Sir: Above please uuil
oil- drall ..tt ?. lor ?, tier balance ot your aceoutit agarict
u.. VVt- Utk-- i T.-ure in sayiuj that ttlter a lull and fair uiul
of yocr RuhberBandioe, that lort)?- purp<i?es lorwmeh we
nave u^'.l tt. to tir.ve heavy or hgr.t ein n. v anthatanl haod,
liiat p. givei us liie tuiUtntsctulacUon. Yours, very truly,
J?3 Agent Norwich Blenching ruu! CnileudeTing Co."
L Flic MS, tir.-Trie iindcrogned hasyiat l?ren ?stablnoe?!
for n u.iiiilx-r ui s?rr? u< tl.c Ston amd > >k-<amkstaL Paint.
uro.Bnsuraas, at So. ISA Nassau- street, New-York*, durmc
which time we have gamed the reputation of executing our
workasweU, tt not so per tor, to any other establishment, ceg
leave losubmtl the following Hard ;
rnoersian.ling i.at : i? trie general impression, that we
charge neoe (...: account of Ute superiorly of our wirk) than
other arthtts, we liove lesoived to do our work on as reasonable
term?. and <r. u> arlistica! a manner, a, can be done at any
etna estsvbli bmentin the Crty.
Yon are resiwxtfully mo,u<-s>ed tn call and n>ceriiin our
cnere?.. irtf.tr? leaving ynui linlsis eliassIssue,
Yours, respeetinliy, A' KKK.MAN it MILLER.
Mw-ri. A. iL ii. pur perticutarutienDon totrwarrungeinent
of tiietr SIGNS, in ord>.r Ui make tnem neat aud attractive.
H. IJ.?r'uigs, Bunne.-?, Sundards, i.e. jl 1m
No. Nassau .rreet, tTnhuoe Buiitiings.) New-York.
la Srnte ?treet, Iwwton.
" ?" Pute irr?rt, Pftitaiieiphia,
3. E corner of Baltimisre and Calvert street!, Baltimore.
*X*r*" Adverti^tnents and Sunsenptions are received for tome
of tire >x>l Newspaper! of most o I the principal towns ansl cities
of every State in the United estates, lor wo.ch he u toe duly
niitmH-zed Agerrt,
Marelisnrs, Jloiiufarrturern, nntj Deelen generally are re
speelfttllr invited lo avail themselves of ti* roeilium whtcii my
agene-/ B*S?rds of communicating direeUy with r.v- poople of
the country, by ^vertarng in Use papers .,f iIms country.
&& Az?i.: lorCsratitry Newspapers.Tribune Hiitldings.
CHEAP ACCOUNT IKKiK^Toe^itiscnbera invite the
ritv-.t..* cf ill vsii-i are in waot ol Acroont I'ook. for the
New Yenr. ro ti c:r large vstrrtinent wstefa comprises every
-.i.. i ?- iPuttmj, which are i ti ti^ :owcii [x;,.!
ble pnees.
The masarwetary .- emg under ti? imoaedialo supenntsnd.
aoce of oas ot the firm, who tt a practical workman, enables
ut to ezecxte sii orders wttit prouiptne-.., act in tor not xyie
oi the art,
lJaniu.Insur?nre Compciiio.Pul.'se f Mfiea and Merchants re.
Quirrtig se tt of iSooks Ru ed or Bound to pattern cza be sup?
plied at assart notice.
A larueiei of Sra?ooery scU at lbs lowest price. Toe Stock
ofStsttooerT comprise, every nrtirlr njquirrd forliteC.xjnlint
Kotimor t rt?ee use?'jreoiari. Curds, Bill Heads. CLecks,
Noun, tLC.atr. printed u> order.
m ? i l.ANCIS tt I.OI.TREL.
j?lm Hanauacturins S.-_a?;wufr2< ? jjajuen i^ine.
PHEA? OIL ST 'RE -l^i-.cbtCTr^rcspe^trtolly iworaa
\j the pooae tier aec^tmuxirjui wb?sts.aieacd rctuil Lamp
Chi aad Spt.-it Gas. at aj ol'. ?tiuii, of a very tspenor ctoaiit7.
ten per rest cheaper -ja,p cen be rHtretuised si tny ntfier ttore
ia WKcny.rig:
Cood l^rap Oi.. per pii.?._?..?..^.._..*9 (?
Biawiiaienar: fjtttT da.,. r3jf
Rem?.: t^ii. lit T"'"r. f?
Do do Sri do....? fe^
Wfc'eS?wm <io..,..;ti,..r......
i>a do id do.1 CO
Do do 3f. do..,. g-v
nt cf alt tuees: Laarp fllaases of all paUerrni and da.
tcr.ptarfu, lsA t fitB essoruaes: u.' ^mjt winjj, eitattanuy cn
Lamps c^oecg-d reparred, frt! aisd f-\cTDhine*?atto any
'?r-r, " " ? .' !'! T"P i'Mrni.
?/t Vr n*r.w?ri, v ,.T\d
Ct_ 123 Hjd?snv^aeet,-<;.??1 VVhste
Oil. als suilLngs per galton; do. attii per gallon -. l*-,>erm
rjl.tti.; extra ercusltfy svhde sperm oil. 5?. Gr-icers, Ji.ittis,
Xar.ufaiunrr,, ?cd Buardms Hoosea xtTppbec at redaead
pneea. Caairhene, ?ptr.' stTotand alciif?? ot the heal au?tttr
Oil Cans at wn>kr-saje prices, (jijjlm*) WM. Vvk-T ?"
SfWNG G/>tM.e?.-Tl,eiwrip^ Baua.
No. -jC .^railway, mtorm rtertiers and others that he m
tetais rrai ng tome iriipravemerrt in the Ksratr. togetlie- with
e separate errtrxc-e Pi the Zi story Show h^wee?. Gallery and
;?*>ra. cad th*t the rooat are furrr-sird wrtir gia.?s
cares and onaten aitd Hues', ud in the bo.l rtyle m ortier to er
eomajod.ite those that ti;*r-t ?he fa^t f-shiuoable erjoos, and
wnt ttiaac one of the best Urf-atwrns in Brreuzway lor toe dsv
r?aal ef theire^ml posat-aion may be bod imraerluitely. Also
toJl?5?.ArLa'- * R??nrt and GsJiery. Apply on the premises,
ff: lw
"?IN FLATEa.?"S? ;wii-s I,:l iTt:: Piste,, .->?t bramii,
lor rale br (f|> CAS? &. WARD,'I Bnaad'stt.
I'X/Ooi.r-lS.aSDw. Washed Arhexn. for join by
v v 012 ADAiiS. TIFFANY sfc co. 75 Pawt,
A ^c^Ln^^^^?
erW Irooer Has no <>l?i?ta-tobe.renere hL^^fi^i??
ty re<er?nce. __?JW__?J
AVOf .NC ? \.\ wlm h*u?me kB?*!w^"{_^,^_!_
iseWousofcvr-'au.mgs utvuaLoo ma R-aal 1^000*1
Su?re. .??rf.tft? J. V. Tnoao?offlea. _ " a
nr*0 CH?BCKES.?A Piuft-caafaaWe 1? abeajtJe_w*_
1 nts present SLtaatroo as Organt-t and lj?^?,-_jS2r
engage mat any Church who an m wear or Jij tr-mest*.
A.iaress *' 1.'. f. 2: - _?
TT"ANT22By ayiwrneaaajmdman from the
b* ?rrrne actis*. buttD*?*. where rut trraewoold beder^ u
the ?.-.:?--? of h:. emi-Uiyer. Theartraeta?hashaanw?*?
in business Sir hi-w?flor tbe tost three aefca? veer;. '_?
fore t. cap-trie ot taxing charge of a trt... rwoks. tn??P
ttenab!* rei-reoce, can he tiw a- to cha rarer ^"**_Y
? 1'. V.. Pair I:.':.t*e:ier?uBtr.M^.
stating salary,etc..?ben will rneet with imroedm? aue?
tior.. n?iw__
_i/ AVIED?Jourtiei men I_jc. Maler?, to work at haak
v V lock*. iNona need apply hot sol*r men and first rare
wo.-1 men. H. C. JONES. No. 7 Church-sr.
_j*J7 _ _.Wart. N. J.
i OST?A small Wall?, conti iron, ten dollars, and some
JLi pa pen of no value to anr hut the owner. Tba tmOer, try
retarcmg the sasne u> tan office, will be nnvsjded. jjH
?THEN WILLARS REv\ ?rUt -VicKiBt-ao Baie7?Tocrc.
i ?A eerohcnto for thirty shares or Vicksburg Bona Si oca.
in the name of Buckley & Peck, and numbered 3?J", wrt*
Power ol Araomey sttacisad. was tost onSatnniar, 23d Ma rv_
It was enckav.! in a iette. . and lost on ita way to V\ rd;Trie
atH<ve will be paid by leaving it at Thornpaoa'i offics. So Wail
Ki-rwt- r_i_6 tl
rl,HE PRnpniEToK rrsrpsetfuj!- iDfocnra rut fronds and
X tnermtrtie that ne hi is opened hit new and ?pjeodtd Hotel
at IX 2- ua.to-at?et. a few doors cart ol Broadway, 11 the tra
mediate vicinity of mercantile husiueas and the principe! place?
ol amo?mest.. and has furnished 1 in a style that mil near ta
vorahki compoTrs.ru with the s-ery best hoteh in the city. aha
proprietor in bu'bling and Crams op the aiwive hoc n tuu bad
strict regard to eVgamv and comtort, and that he has csim
huMd ecoaomy Uw ftiliou im prices will show ?
A KlXlM r*OK USE Nl.tltT. S
__ A ** " ? WEEK.I B
1 be rooms wd. be wart jest era.us, p_ul upon no ocean, wi sriS
Ui--v be more tfian <ww tusl in a room.
The? ii a RRKW *? y attachs>d. in wnirh there are m?_a
se-\e>! up at aLL ROtTXB at the day and aveninc. Thert are
ats.. Ikim Koomn concecbsd. tor warm, ?old and shower er.tha.
Tl. P :ter irnOi tw in aitemiance at all times durirut tne m?ht,
lo admit todrrejv, aud to lot them out at all hours,
N R.?Tfi'ise who wtit Lodcincs a Her the house cloaca
will nnc the hail bell._ _aSQ 3n_*
MRS. ROBINSON, Jrom QirahsHh street, r^asliioe^bie
('??r.st.irciici. tf M-srcer street, fifth door above Serimr
street. TatKstoa au?l Embroidered Uinss. Ijioas. French
* - Bpaa. Co lars. _r. made to lo.ik eoua! to oew ?
Jhn? t,. S Ilia, Uenttos, Table Covers, Siii Hose, etc cleaned
rt tra?
in tjse be?r tunnver
RY. Kort u ayne, lud. w\i ntwad tu prohsssional busine?? in
the vanoiu de|iartment5at the tstatu qt Indiana. Wu. a-so
attend to the payment of tuas, aaleji of lands, end all other
business. api<ert&uuii_ lo a uVenersJ Land Axeney ior Northern
ti. :'"Kris in A>>?. >'?r* .?J. W. Edraooda, Eaq. .Meant.
FiMit Ai li.ive.*, W. _S. 'iV.hh n : , \ Co. Saydani, Siare?tt
Co. 1'horne, Hurl'it Thomas. Strutuen., Mortshotne tt Co.
i,'oiirst.i.-k _ Coaeer._ b-6 am*
LAW CARD.?Coui -noK or Dkbts im thb North*
WtraT.-E. B. WASHBI KNE. Attornev at Uw, Qa.
lena. 1 .Illinois.) will give h s attention to the colfoctroc of debts
dm Nesv-YorB Mauhanti 111 Galena, Kocktiml ami Rock
Ithind, Illinois: 111 I tu Kuuue, Iowa: in Plattevilk. P.itoai.
t'ri.ir... an I *aiaa. Mineral Point und Madison. Wisconsin.
Krier to |i. A. Ct auxaM 6l Co.; DoRlMtta. 8f7P-h fc
NtXOM. N"w York._sjfl
MR. CHU.n. Oeulrst. havior dnnsssed of
ht> lTTtctice to Ih. BROWN, who pursum th?
samerusMtr ,if Imatinent as tbnt so succswsfuMy
used by huiitel: in every disease of tm" Eyo,
even in cast* dsrclareil incurable and. abandon?
ed by eminent Physician* and t tculista, betrs to inlrodtsee him
to UM Mihbc. leeline assutesl the most beneficial muJU vM
nvt}a>lu> warunt his nscommendaUoB.
l>r. HKuWN's nraetNl i- ?um,!* and aaay?neither reaort.
mir io in ?e pamlulniethois w.hich arv too ranerall) adoptssd.
aol l?qu rttw trtatirkM,iir.,-,,nhncinent Inmi lifht ami an. and
unplea_aiit restncuoiis hi ti-sd. winch are m?wt usually eo
lorc-,1 1, uun-rou. ca.e. ol'hi. siicwlul t?aUneut t?vs> been
lint-, cry recorded, to ?lucl he can reter, and he p.. sseasea tea.
Umon ?1 tiie value and etiicaey of his miNte of practice,
wtiicn niuy lie uonected hf any one wno Ihvopi bun with a
caJL ?rill nevrr utiderttke a case whete there ar? not rood
' c?t>ectiiura ciirv?and his aim and otoect bemifto
BBNSl 111 :he reNiorationoftiiat inestimable bsaa?ajE, ?uht?the
poorest oiihrf romiiiiiiiity may avail Uiemsehea ol his run stt
an<-^ a- Ires-1v as tue most opulent.
Irr HKi'W.N n.ay be cimsulted every day (.Sundays ax
c-pie.1) at his ohiee, Tb t'hamhersjitteet, four diHUs below
Brondwnv. Houis ot aturstance lrora 11 A. ML Ui J P. M.
Advice to the poor tratis. rtil 8m y*
/^OMmWttu HULVS~f]_UrWE^^^
( _E_ ~ h ,lu,,lur*^ ?*'
~?astsw or
lumin the host instrumental out the world allur?t,
- ceTlvo.? Ve
npplicati in at the othce, "No. 4 Vesey street,
or to either of th*i scents mibe prmcipaltowns
in lae fluted Stale.. Re careful to examine the back pad of
Huir>'rrus>ei,Uiseeiflhej are endorsed by li.-.HuIl in wntin*.
Nonn are Benoirss. or to be relied upon as food, without his
Many persons hasre undertaken to vend imiloUons ol Hull's
ccteerated Truss?, and thousands are imposed upon in eoosa
ruepoe. Thwse usutationi. cannot be relied upou ; they are
made by nnskillut mechanics, and are no bettor than the ordl.
naif Trsissea.
Rooms nave been fitted up at Ne. 4 Vesey street, exclusively
for Indies, having a teparalr entrance from the busiaes depart?
ment . where a ft male 11 :r. itonstant alUndance to wait upon
raOMl-rJON'8 tru88e8, Oflaoa IS Beek,
man street. About 3JO ol the first physicians
and -s.. af New-York have jriven tlieir de.
cfileil pre'ereiice to this Truss, as you can gradu?
ate tbe pressure from one to fifty pounds on the'
rupture, without a back pud, which does so mach injury to
the spine. A fair trial bein/c the best test ot its superiority?tt
.: and six dnys' baa! given, and if it does not retain the
rupture, while pcrhrrmmg irvery kind of exercise or coughing,
on..' guv perfect eare?in a word, il It is not satisfactory In
every resriect, the money m theerfully retumedjaml this is the
mil) condition on which you should bny any Truss. A per
mniient cure is easily efTer.Ud. and warranted, if direcUons are
Troieesending lor Um Truss need uniy meatinn the ude rup
tun-.l mid the measure round the nips, as they can gradunta
the pressure tosudt theircaaa. elotd whvlosaie sod rauu 1 at 12
Beekraau-sUeet,_Bui tl
Vv?; Jeweiivr, it now predated to soil Watches st retail
__-*_?> lower than any olner house in the City. As he is
con.tautiy n-ceivmy all descriptions direct trnm the
in. BulaeMiMi in laigland, France aud Switzerland, bow ec
fler u very (nrg-.t assortment of Geld Watches from
f la to Jtiau eofh ; Silver do fmni 15 to 4U eiwh?all warrantor!
s,"'KgtKid Hrne ur tho meuey returned. Also a very good
ossortineii' ol Jewelry rird Miv*r Wan- very lew. N. B. oee
ucd hemd Watches and '-Id tsojd and Sil'?: taken to exchange
orboushl for cash, Walchs?, Clocks, Music. Boxes aud Jew.
dry repuired 01 U.e host mun.ier ami searraiits_i, by experienced
sure ?:. as low ru an) -nth.- bonne in tneCity. KK.IIAKD
FISHER. Jr. importer of Watches am! Jewelry, wholesale
in.! retail. No. iill Broauwar, New. York, a tew rtoon a!>ive
the City Hospital. tnl?l RH'HARD FISHER. Jr.
WATt:iIEH. JKWELRY, tc.-A splendid as.
? an ol Gold and Buver Duplex, Patent Lever,
Aucnor Escattensent. Ijepine and Vertical Watches,
f__j,___ .?-lected Ironi the bent manufacturers is Europe.
Muen still be warrrLtited perlact tunekeepen.
Abo some new patteiru of Cold f'.'uuns, Seals and Keys.
" Gold P-'nr.d Cases and Gold Pens.
" Thimbles, Rings, Pibs ttc.
" Bracelets with stones. Mb
" Silver Porks, Bpooru, _c.
All the above articles will >? sold at trie lowest prices and
warranted to he euunt to Iis? >est made in the city, by
MOTTet BROTHERS ImiK.rrers or Fine Watches, tte.
No. 7 Sh. aii-sirtet, oiiposiiethe Custom House.
" S ? Theabovearticlesc.irefuMv repaired and warron'ed,
by the rinsit skillful werkm.ui in tb* city. dl*
CIRCTTLAR.?Ths Twell'h Ward .Association of the Ctty
..I New-York are now p Tpareil to receive .applications,
and to ..lion', (aeihties for the establish meot of Factories of ev?
ery ds ssarrption wiinm tiie hinds of said Word.
' 11 ti...- many ail vantages ottered by tbe Association, are?
Pnt* . Tna locuUuu of liie Ward, bein^ accessible at all see.
vi?,?bound-d by anvigiinlo waters, and lutenecte.) ,n every
din*-!ion by roads unsiirtiasscil in excellence, thereby aflordlug
easy tnuispnrlnliori by water in land carriage.
Second: immediate pros rritty to a great mart for the pur.
ciiuse of ?w raw materials, ai.l the sale of the manufactured
articles. The daily resort of ?iousands of Citizen? and stran?
gers to the roads within the Ksatt* ol M?. Ward, affords to some
brsuteJsBsi ftne Mechanic Aai the most desirable means of ex.
bibstioo and sole.
Tbrxd : Tiie low i-nce of Und. and consoqueaLly moderate
rent, to tiie employer and the j|ieraUve.
Posnh; Facililses of procu ing capital?large tracts of land
being owned by capitalists whoare disposed Ui ant in the estob
h>UIu<n, o! KacU.ries, by thn erection of siiimbie buildings,
renisnienla, 4ic. The lai-ility and certainty of obtaining opera?
tives, and the cheapness ol tuo ne- erearies of life in tiie inimo
?' the Pacton-s, together with an abundant t.p.
n.ton water for public sod private purposes,
i " . The easy procurement of cool, nut at a low price, for
the supply of ttcnui engines, thus enhancing the auvaritages
and economy of that great 100: ive agent, and removing ihsssib
jecOon that luu ever aiaeiuled Uxs wont (on this Hand) ef wa?
ter courses of power -dequate lo tiie propelling of machinery.
Jacob Harsen, Andrew McGuwcti,
|saac,Adriauce, J. R. Walters,
James W. Ileekrn&o, James ChesO'rman,
Irarnl. C llott, 1 -h?. Henry Hall.
James M<mn?. Gamt S. m. ??,
beacJJvatttgtf, MartcllnaEeiki.
Rjcii. 1'. tjarmao, r-.?i>l<-rd Knapo.
A. A. Alvord, Jno. tt. Braiihurst.
Apply at Mott Brotbzrb.. No. 7 Noma-etreet, swesrsota
the nstw Crrrtom House. _ j!? i|_t,Th im
? 1 mi lock eon, at the wdi of iu possessor. p? changed so
a. to moke millions of locks out of one. so that neither the
m.'Ucr _or coy other person las any knowledge whatever ot"
the luck.
TtiesutjscriberwimM respect fiiily inform the public that he
nasmncha-Mot h s partner, Vv'ra. Hall, of Itosioo, Mass hn
half in tiie Patent Rural 1:1 the nlsove U/ck. This Ir^cic is ri<-w
owned and will in future lie manutacxirred only by H C
Jii.sss. at his rt.tahtuhment in :iie raty or Newark S Jener'
And by this ad vs^iseroes.. nf ,/oukl uotify ull jh-isshct not ui
mfnnge upswi bu Patent R'gbt. The wb-crilier has been to a
great expense to maindactun aud to sell Use above lock, at
much less price, according to thes?e. than can hi brnirht E
UieLmtol ntities. .Kit.I ho wou.l turtber ?lato that his inex.
has never been picked nor eptsicsl WTthorrt the true key that
kersed it. as wih oe ?eeri 07 the many trials that ,t has uruler.
gone BiriirTerent times, with ?. reward ef aiuflto any person
mlm woukI open C ta-riy: but no one luu ever beeti socccssiul
?oikI it is warranted m all imtunces not to get oat of orcer
wane iu ose. wiucj. has been a ittestt anuoyenco tn roocy who
bavst gssed locks of dtlferer.i coisitrucuim.
Also ist Parent Pod Locks lw Railroad parposes. Pnscos.
Ezprssses and Curom Housei, which have been generally
rid/rntetl and give full miuinc'iiti. U.CJONBb,
iL 3mlawtae__Patent Lsck Maker. Newark. N. J.__
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Davkl Austin. Ir2aq. cor. of&tr-ii-UMre Ilace andIW;u^iairi-?t.
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