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new-york tribune.
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Mamaee*. Funeral Notices, fcc. ?er tueeame lt<" ^
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At the lowi>rie?ofTWO IX iLLARS per urn urn, iaadvam
"the tri bunk
THE SLAVE; or Memoirs or ArchT Moors : A tili?
of the South.
?" Leave wrm?;np of your hand? : wc: at you down:
And let n.e wrme yojr heart; lur*o I ?hall.
It il !*? marie ntpenctraMc ?tun";
ll'deinned custom htith not hrazed it to.
That it be prool nnd bulwark ?t?m'i 'tu?. JlamJit.
Fifth editi?n, two v<ilurnc- in oire. Rwton : Jordan. Swift He
Wiley, l&i.
This narrative is written wi:h a vigor, power
of conduct in the plot, and in sketches of .charac?
ter, that would havegiven the author a high r*nk
throughout this country, us a novelist, had not
his theme been one calculated to waken bos 'iiity
in many readers and IV ar in more.
History will ci-.iss it as one of the must remark?
able und interesting productions of our time. It
will not be forgotten, for though some allowance
id to be made for the earnest devotion of the writer
to the c liiseof an injured race, and for the neces?
sity of bringing forward the principal features of
abuse in order to dcvclope his plan, 'with lesw in?
terval of teposr, and less alleviation from g'.od
than exists in fact. Still the picture, hb a whole,
is t'uc to the Lie, and it not only is, but seems,
true, for the writer is, evidently, raised above the
need of pleading a cause and his determined con?
victions are based on knowledge.
The tone is noble; in its calm, but hear'.-fclt,
respi ct for the claims of man reminding us of
(i .dwiri. With all its feeling, it i3 still more an
intellectual expression. Passion, wo, distortion,
and tophistry ate seen, hut seen fiom the intel?
lectual point of view, and thus the sketch is made
with a s'rong and steady hand, and shows the
educated eye of manhood. Such productions
have results upon the world, such us fierce in
vective and mechanical arrangements for the ex?
pression of opinion never can. jfc
KEVUE FRANCAISE ?es Families et diu Pension
Kath, 1'aKais-ant lk premier dechaque mow. i\e\v
York : V. (.'. uerteau. Eriiti-ur.a lajibrnire Kruncai.-e et
Eire iieere, 315 Broadway.
This well-planned periodical is what is much
wanted by young peisons in this country who
wish to make a knowledge of life in France and
the French language familiar to tlnir minds and
tongues. Those who arc learning to speak and
write the language need a constantly fresh moans
of interest, si;ch as this furnishes, and they will
also be aided in choosing books, by its table ofin
teilt gen ce. Those who have known Mr. Bcrteau,
both here a?ul elsewhere, need only to be informed
of the existence of this pcnedieul Unbecnme mi'>
scribers, and will sustain him in the following
" As :: guaranty of our alii?i v to curry on our en?
terprise, we inay say, without preemption, thit
ievf n or right yenrs spent .n iHuchirjf; French, both
in Boston nnd New York, and nearly as lonk; a time
in the trade of tun-isn bnnkn which wf still coDti'iue,
have, made uh conversant with the ra innere and hnl>
itsof ttt'e p-ople, and well acquainted ?iih ih^ir
ta8e?; and that unr constant intercourse with Eu?
rope and our exteuaive collection ol books, increase d
duily by lioponiitions o! till the mom interaeting
works, plnce it oiir disposition unusual meaoa to
fulfil the duties we undertake."
There in in the number hefotc us a pretty slory
by Gauticr, of pr.-cicily the sort teachers ro often
seek in va:n, a9 suitable rcacing for their pupils ;
and a selection of Mich for succeeding numbers is
promised. ^
For the N. V". Tnhune.
Pciitlon from *h?- Society of Frtrntl*.
To the Senate ,md Uoa.tr pf Representativesqf tke United
St.iter ?/ ~'iniirriea. in Cvngrtt* auenMett;
The Memorial urd Ramonttrance ol tHe Belicious Society of
Friend,, m Hie iSiate? nf New. York und Vermont, and pails
ailjncant. rejpwtlully tltewcUl :
That your memorialists learn, with regret, that it
U proposed to auuex the State of Texas to, and in
eotporale it with, the States of this Union; ?and,
believing, as they do, that the consummation of this
tneacure would extend and perpetuate slavery, and
place in jeopardy that p.-cce and harmony which
now exist umong the nations of the earth, they I'eel
it to bo an incumbent and religious duty respect?
fully but earnestly, to remonstrate against aueh
The virwi ami opinions of your memorialists, in
relation to slavery, are well known. They are not
of recent origin?nor are they connected, in any
degree with party or sectional feelings.
The ?rea;er part of u century has elapsed since
the predecessors of your numoriulists? influenced
by what they believed to he the will of Him who is
no respecter of persons?and who, it is declared,
" mide of one blood all the nations 0.1" nen " enun
eipated the.i"- own slaves, at, what iben appeared to
be, n great pecuninry sacrifice. At a still earlier
period, vnd near by half si century before the foreign
slave-trade was declared by law" tu be piracy, the
religious Society of Friends forbade all participa?
tion in it;?and, impelled by the same tense of reli?
gion' duty which now prompts it to approach the
natiocal Legislature, ceased not to importune those
in authority to prohibit the unrighteous iniftic.
Slavery originated in a dark, and, comparatively,
barbnrouH uge;?at a time when the political and
civil tights of men were little understood, acd less
regarded ; when civil and ecclesiastical tyrauny
oppressed the nations, and subjected the people to
grievous and cruel sufferings. Against these viola?
tions of human rights, the members of this religious
society have ever sustained a peaceable, but a tirrn
and unwavering testimony?and they even sealed
that testimony with their blood.
In the progress of time, it pleased the King of
Kin if.?by the spread of the Gospel of his dear
Son?to soften the hearts of rulers, and to e:;lii:hteu
the mil ds of lue people, until we have seen, even
in the despotisms of ihe old wot Id. a greally melio?
rated condition of the subject, and the shackles
rapidly lallii-g from the limbs of the slave.
That the example ol the troe political institutions
of this country has exerted a powerful influence in
improving the condition of mankind, will scarcely
admit of atbuot;?and yet your memorialists have
to deplore that she is in danger of being thf> lat-t tu
extend the benefits ot her own beueficeni and
righteous principles to all ? ho may justly claim an
interest in them?to all who are made iu the image
of Him, who, we have solemnly declared, "created
all men < qual, and endowed them with certain ina?
lienable rights"? inclHding "liberty and the pur?
suit of hippiness! " Against every measure ? luch
miy deepen and fasten this foul sluin open the
character of our beloved country, and retard ihe
prugress of free institutions throughout the world,
by the contradiction it involves and tha imputation it
would seem to justify, that our love of liberty is
sei fish and exclusivv?your mcmcrialists earnestly
and solemnly icniocstrnte.
If it be conceded that the colored man is compre
bended in the plau of redemption accomplished by
Him who died fvr all men ;?il" he be a man, in the
sense sigolfied in the divine injunction?41 Whatso?
ever je would that men should do unto you, do ve
even so unto them," then Hie fact o! our deprivine
him ot freedom, and preventing his "pursuit of
happiness, 1? iLs croi-a a violaii n of the spirit nml
precrpis ol our holv rrlision, ns it is incompatible
wiih our boasted Declaration ot the debts (A m in.
lour inenjori*lujt8 are a? are that thU subject is
one cf great delicacy ; ibej hr- not insensible to the
obstacles 10 gmeidl emnncipuiion; but being fully
persuaded thai He. to whom "nations are bat as
the dust ot 1I1? balance," and who wiil "judge
them in nShteousueis," calling for this BaciitH e a:
*e h.'?ds i ?he Aflier.ean p?eple; and believing
inat mnattoos, aa to individuals, who sincerely
?eck bis aid, he will " provide a wnv where ilcr'.
?nemeih no way," and m\{ sustain them hv his
ouutn ched aim in every honest effort to diwharge
ao incumtieot duty, your inemorialietB cannot besi
late m urging the commence ment of the great and
Dohle work ot universal freedom. They do to with
VOIL. IV. NO. ?58
the les* hesitation because lliey l-elieve ihai even
the temporal interests ol the master will ultimately
be promoted by it; und they arc impelled by a bi ri
on? apprehension that, if not performed iu mercy,
ihe work mil be accomplished in judgment, end
attended by nn awful retribution; lor tbey coincide
in opinion with one of the most eminent of American
statesmen, thai it will be found, should pitch a c n
riict occur,that the Almighty baa no .tirihuti which
<-Hti v:'k<- sides w itu '? tii? oppre isor."
\'o?jr Tntc:itot:?Ji?t;: apprehend, moreover, thai the
annexation of Texas will involve this country in
They hud indulged ihe hope that corr-cled vi?ws
of tb? Ifni^n r?-lif:ion of the Prir.c^ ol prnce were
hastening the day when "nation should no longer
lift up sword agninat nation, nor learn war no more.
History furnishes ample evidence that wur* have
mostly risen (Vom the pride of prinee3 ami tr.*-ir lu-i
of empire; that na-'ions have often lie?n d^luj^d
with blood, und subjected to the most dire eai?mt
ti*s, by causes and considerations, rcgardin: which,
the people?those upon whom the burdens and the
miseries of war devolve?im-J liule koowledge aa>l
felt losa interest; thut wars have frequently \->-m
waged by unprincipled rulers, to diver: ihr. atten?
tion of an oppressed people from their own suffer?
ings.?Hut the mitigation of despotic sway which
mo-j-'rri litnet, have witnessed] tms produced a-re
poce, which awakens a cheering hope in ihe mind
ol the Christian philanthropist. Should a country,
upon which the gracious Giver of every,good sind
perfect gifi. ha.-, sto-d (? e rhoceat of hia LieHMOf.'?;?
a country every way fertile and extensive beyond
ihe possibility of speedy occupation, !>e the fir't 10
interrupt this repose, and to unsheath the sword for
the acquisition of .vlditional lerrilory, great and
(earful indeed must be the responsibility it assumes
?and awful the retribution it may justly apprehend.
"Whatever may be thought of the opinion enter?
tained by your memorialists?that war under any
and every circumstance, is forbidden to the folio w
vr* of Clirist thry r? upectfully urge?what they ap?
prehend few will deny? that if there be any one
treat and prominent principle tJearly inferable from
trie example and precepts of the Author of our holy
religion?of Him, whose advent was announced by
the heavenly nnthnm,11 On earth peace, aod good
will towards men"?it is a principle of love and
forbearance which would prevent war. except upon
the supposed existence of a stern and imperious
If this be admitted ui a sound view ot Christian
doc riijo, doe.? it n:>t prese nt a stror.? inducement
lor the Reprerenlniives of ih* American people to
pause, aud deliberately lo weigh Ihe motives whirl!
prompt, and the consequences which wiy follow,
the annexation of Texte to ihe Suites ol this Union.
Signed by direction and on behalf* of n mcetine ofrepr? rata.
tivei ol the y.'ttrly meeting of the religioiM ?? .r-ir-t of Frifflth
ufore.nid. Iif'.dm the city of New-Yorli theStkh rlny of lztii
month. JS44. UENRY EUNSUALE, Clerk,
Native Artie-ricuniim Considered.
New-Yokk. Jan. 2.5,JSU5.
To the FJitor of The Tribune :
Sik : Prompted by pure and honorable motive .
I take leave to trespass on your attention : you
arc a philanthropist by practical demonstration,
and I am therefore emboldened to solicit a share
of your columns. I address to you my humble
advocacy of the " Rights of Man" without dis?
tinction, and of cooperation in the s.icrcd cause
or Universal Liberty, I giory in V>c proud title
of American Citizen. I stand upon the broad
platform of Ihe privileges it confers; and 1 lie
same blessings- which I as a (room tri so largely
rtij 'V, I ardently vish to fcc extended to every
othrr nation of ths enrih. A id those v.h > are
oppressed in other Gauntries und take refuge in
this happy lend, I would Dot if I could, prevent,
because of their place of birth or Religious faith,
from becoming citizens, and participating n the
Rights und Privileges which the Constitution
guaranties to all citizens alike, provided they bs
of good moral character antl industrious habits.
Now, as you, Mr. Editor, are a frit nd of t ivil
and Religious Liberty in the broadest sense of
the term, 1 respectfully liopc you will permit me
as olten as the State of your columns will .iiliutt,
a small spare for u ft w ooinmunications on ihis
1 will now siatein a few words the object thut
I h ive in view. You nre av, are, s r, that a new
political party has been lately organized among
us, known as the " Native American Party."?
l he avowed object of ihis party is, !o make a
sweeping change in the State and National in.
stitntions, in reference to the rights and privileges
thut are now conferred by the Constitution upon
;?!! the citizens alike. The measures which the
"Native Party" advocate and are endeavont.g
to establish, are lii<i before the American Peo
pie for their sanction or rejection As there arc
qnestionsof vital importance contained in thrm,
1, for reasons which are bam don love for our
institutions as they now exist, object, to the eirrv
ingout of these measures, be ieving, as 1 verily'
do, that such would be destructive to the peace
and happines? of *ur be!-. ved country. I now
purpose to examine the case fairly and itnpar
lially in all its bearings, and demonstrate the
great injustice of this faithless party, and the
numberless evils that would os a consequence
fall upon the nation, should they establish their
ascendancy. Such, Mr. Editor, is the object
that I have in view; and from your well-known
liberal principles, 1 feel confident that you will
accede to my wishes. I intend with your pcr
miss'on to address the American People on ihis
momentous subject, in u reric? of letteis throur.li
your popular journal; they will he concise and
to the point, free from gunc and subterfuge.
Respectfully your obedient humble ?en-ant,
_ TAcrrtrs.
Ott Early Imuiigratlon to tlie I. States?
It is well known that the persccu'ini and san?
guinary wars carried on in the ICtli Century, in
Gieat Britain, Ireland and the German S'ates,
first compelled the persecuted people of these
countries to forsjkc their homes at;d take refuge
in the Western hemisphere. The American Co
Ionics were sctt'ed by cnterprisirg yet pcisccutcd
refugees of different R-.ligtous dciiomimt ons.?
Nevertheless, even here, after a while, the ma?
lignant spirit of religious intolerai ce, that so long
disgraced Kuropr, raked its monster head, p.tid,
for a considerable length of time, aroused the
bad >ass:ons of the inhabitants who differed in
their forms of Worship; as the opposing sects in
their religious frenzy would not tolerate Free,
dorn of Conscience. Besides, the people were
as yet he'd firmly under the dominion cf themo
thir Country, the settlers being mostly composed
of subjects of the British Crown. The govern,
niont made it a constant study te pois/m the
minds of the people; for the settled policy of the
Br.tisti government is always to " divide and con?
quer," and therefore the aristocratic " war was
carried into Africa!" Apart from the religious
quarrels which then prevailed, the people of the
Colonies were much oppressed by ait sorts of
heavy and unjust taxes; which were collected
to enrich and aggrandize the proud and domi?
neering Aristocracy of England, and thus ena?
ble them to effectually crush the rising Spirit of
Liberty among the enslaved millions at home.?
I The people of the colonies submitted to the ex?
actions ;.nd gro?s injiis'tec done them by the
home government, until patience ceased to boa
virtue, and submission became an unpardonable
crime. They therefore bade defiance to their op.
prearors?they buckled on their armor, and, as
nne man, ruf o in their msjesty, and vigorously
prepared ttr the good fi^ht. Although they
were but few in numbers, and consequently
wc.ik. 111 eiriiiparkon t > the power ami resources
of the British Government, sttil they trusted in
the ju-tucss of their cause, and put their whole
dependetic-j in God for Hts blessing and spirit,
uul aid; and in vindication of their Rights, they
Hppedled to the civilized wotld in tbcil Declara?
tion of Independence. 'Hie battle commenced,
and a mo?t d- sperate war ensued, which raged
fiercely for seven years. On the side of Liberty
t-nd Equal Rights, ihcrc were engaged a host of
bravo and patriotic men of different nations.?
Tfccic were engaged in the glorious war of In
dependent e, that good and best of men, the im
mortal Washington, at who=e side valiantly
foogh: the vnne.-attd Lafa\cttc. and the no less
distinguished heroes, V\ arren, Montgomery,
Sttnben, Dc Kalri, Ko-ciusko and Pul&ski.?
There were, besides, thousands of Frenchmen
and Irishmen, of strong rwve and undiuoteu
courage, 'these, in conjunction with tnc Amer?
icans, resolved, as men should do, to conquer or
die. They raised the war. cry of ' Liberty or
Death,' and it rung through the highwavs and
by.waye, over mountain: and through valleys ?
With course unsurpassed, they me', the merce
nary h.ists of England upon the battle fit Id. who
wee vastly superior both in numbers nnd disci?
pline. Still, as Washington and his matchless
uimy ?acre fight'iig for Liberty, their hearts were,
steeled and their arms strongly nerved ; and their
spirits v.- re likewise unsubeJuable. They thus \
mit the British forces by both land and sea, and
after many hard-fought battles tbey finally con?
quered tnat powerful enemy to human liberty,
and by the Grace oi" God America was acknow?
ledged "Free and Independent!"
Now, as those sages and patriots, who wtrc
.foremost in gaining the Libirty of the Country,'
saw in ali their beating lue horrors and evil ef?
fects of political a:;d religious persecution, they
wcie determined to profit by the u-e tii less ris of
wisdom which they gaircd by dear-bought expe?
rience?thf.y knew how to appreciate thehles.-ir.gs
of civil i.n-.i religious liberty. Ilencc they made up
theirmindatoremovethegreatcvii, by placingall
thcpeoplo upon an equ-1 ar.d exact footing. O
this we have positive proof in the Declaration of
Independence. Hear what they therein set forth
to the world, and respect it for the iasting good
of mankind ! '? Wc hold lo these self evident
truths, that all men are created equal and that
they arc endowed with certain inalienable rights.
That among these arc Life, Liberty and tha pur.
sail r?f Happiness." There is no preference
given there as to Country or Creed?no right ;n
ar.y mau or number of men *o say in a dictato?
rial manner to the rest ol their fellow men, '? Wc
are the noble and Privileged race?wc arc your
1 .rds and masters; wc shall therefore rule and
dispose of }ou as wc think proper."
Again: the framcrs of the Constitution were
no le:-s dieting-: shed for purity of heart and ?be.
jal minds. The Constitution declares, t.ha'.
'? Liberty of speech and Liberty of conscience
s' all be twlcratt (I;" to which the American Peo?
ple willingly Bssented through the ballot-box.?
That isttulytho sublime language of patriot?,
illustrious statesmen and philanthropists I Would
to God it was s'rn-tly observco by all the people
at the present day! li that were so. then ihcrc
ware no danger of the overthrow of the liberties
of tbc nation?long, long would live the Ameri?
can Republic.
At the time when the Indepcnderc of the
country wan gained, the population was only
some three or four milli'in1"; and with a view to
encourage immigration, that the soil might be
tilled and otherwise improved, and at the same
time toex'endthe blessings of Liberty to tho per?
secuted and of prosed of ail nations, it was dc.
dared by law, and afterward embodied in the
Constitution, that the Natu aliaed citizens shbuli.
with a solit try exc ption, be allowed to enjoy the
same rights and privileges as those 'to the ma
nor born.' In consideration of said liberal si p
ulalion, the tide of imnveration then set in
strongly, and s:> continued to increase down to
the present d;;y; and with few exceptions, a'l
our immigrants became naturalized in constitu?
tional season ; which act of itself is strong proof
of tin ir love of Liberty and Ami r:<-n ! The nat
uralized citizens did, or at least very many of
th tn did. bring with them large sums of money
and implements of husbandry : all <"f which
added so much real wealth to the nation. The
m j irily ol them were, po r. :t is true; but (hen
tiny were generally able bt'dicd men, with strong
muscular arms and b trd tist-% rca'ly aotl willing
to work : tiny were in fact precisely such as the
country stood in need of. Those of them who
were tillers of th ? soil, penetrated the dense for.
tsls, and applied the ax ?? with a vigorous stroke
to the huge tre s, and so n felled them to the
ea th; the timber of which they took and built
a plain slyle of houses, &e. suitable to lheir
humble wants. They then cur away the bMi?h
w nt and burnt up tho toots of the trccs'nnd
tilled the soil, which yielded a beautiful supply
of produce: and that added largely to the intrin?
sic wealth t/f the nation. There were others of
the ad pted citizens who materially aided as
architects, mechanics and laborers, in planning
and build ng up the different c ties, towns and
villages, &.C-. tfce. all over the country. And
the e were others of thern again, who c instruct?
ed tli sc indispensable spacious thoroughfares,
the Railroads and Canals, which improved and
enriched the country beyond compulation. And,
may we not add, that the adopted citizsns aided,
to an immense extent, in improving the Arts and
Sciences and Literature of the country; as m iny
of them were men of extensive scientific ac?
quirements and literary attainments; hes dr-s, a
portion of them were well ver.-ed in Trade and
Commerce. All their combined skill, ingenuity,
talent and labor, wore closely applied to 'he im
provementand proaperityofihistheiradoptcd coun?
try ; for w hich t c. received, as they were entitle d
to afairremunerat on in ihebenefitsand privileges
which they enjoyed as titz<ms; and still the
country was largely the gainer, as she should be
Thus the. natural zed citizens may he traced
through every department :n the country, civil
and military, that the Constitution allowed them
to fill; in all of which they have been well
tried, and, generally speakin;-, found honest and
competent. When the country was invaded
during the war of 1812, by the well-disciplined
forces of England, both by land and sea, did not
then, as well as on all other occasions, the adopt?
ed citizens signalize themselves lor undaunted
bravery and true patriotism, and as being worthy
to enjoy to the fullest extent the blessings of Lib
erty in common with the American citizens by
birth ?
Now, it was the expanded, liberal philanthropy
of the venerated Founders of this happy Repub?
lic, and of their immediate descendants, that
raised the ration to unsurpassed dignity and
pr< ?minence, by means of whit h our country is
styled, and justly to, the "safe refuge of me per?
secuted and oppressed of all nations."
From the Census it will he found that the pop?
ulation of tho United States and Territories, is
now between eighteen and nineteen millions;
end we. are told that about ;our millions of them
are adopted citizens. Now, apart from the rela.
lions ilia*, tho native and adopted-citizens bear
to each other by the stipulations of the Constitu
tion, they arc Btill more strongly bound together
by consanguinity, by tnterm-rriage, and the
children of adopted citizens re rn on the soil.?
So that they arc, as the Constitution wisely end
truly declares, one and the same people, entitled
to hold and cxerciso the same rights and privi?
leges in the broadest sense of the term. In im?
plicit obedience thereto, it has been so sanctioned
by the whole people; the rights of all were fully
secured, and the same privileges enjoyed down to
the present day. But. notwithstanding all this,
a small portion of the American people tut) ac.
t vely endeavoring to effect a sweeping chan to in
cur Political Sjstem, by the crca^on of n privi?
leged order of the citizens; wh > are toreceivi
a>l the honors and regards of the nation, to the
entire exclusion and greet injury <>; the otfa rs!
at o 11 it c *n be done only by a violation of the
constitutional Compact. These remarks briag
us directly io the ca--e in question ; n-m- ly, thu
" Native American Party." us they alone advo
eate the change.
la the examination of the measures which
tSis i ew party advocate, it is no*, the intention of
the writer to make use of -disrespectful language
toward the party collectively or ind:vidnaily;
as i' is our unfeigned wish t >concil ate and draw
the whole American People together in close
t cmrnunioD, as devoted friends snd Republican
"?FFTOF >??>. ' ? NASSATT-STBKltl
Freemen, witi & love of Liberty burning brightly
in their breast?, en l a ExetG* resojntiofl t i p-.^erve
fnrn desecration our glorious Constitution!?
Tree ore, it in the exe-mii-ation of the Di.atL
v:s?d movement of the "Native Party."' the!
writer should have c. ssi' n to make n?e of seem, j
inglv rtr iii; lanru se. it will be simply to gtv-? a j
full exposition of the ct 1 working sis; em in a'! :
its bearings. 7 ? i!i thai meals in calm, dispa*.
tkinate terms, and in nty next, ry plain, bores',
conelu-ive arguTiei u show how and wherein they
err, and why their principles sh-uld n"t be ex?
panded by the Amercar p.vple.
I am respectfully your obsdierrt humble ??rv?nr,
_ - taci n;s.
KT" L?ecl'ea ?ntl Cuji* ?pphed !>r Mr.MAGjrtnuoi;.
corner of Rroad?'ny aid" Brinnis -.':eet, e::'ranc<: in Hn. ni?
t. New. York.
Rrfrrnrra ?Hr. Ch?e*rr.nn. I'r. Midi, fir. Net on, Dr.Frnn
i?. i)r. Stearns, Dr Berger, Dr. Weed. Dr. Sinclair. Dr. D.
Smith. Iir. Qttaekenho*.
Bert Swedish Leeebts constantly on hand. jsiS'Jm
2T Grahi::n Hcnihe ? Nets A rrniieeinrtst .?
K< >SWEU, <-. .<< irdunr.?h.s friends :ind t!# public thnt he
hr.< enlarged I-- lit,.iHl>I.VO KST.IBl.lsH.Vh'-VT.
known as Ihe Graham BoofM, *-! 'fnrciny.sttev. hy adding to
it the adjoining h'ui-e. and is prepared to acceDamudaUi tr?n.
si?nt or permanent Boarder* on tee m<>-t hvmabia lenm. All
friends of Temperance desirior a quiet home, and freedom
from the fume. ..i rdeohd md tobacco, are in? iie?J '?? patnxuM
tin. home. The Vegetable SyHem, wrhh ihe chotc?ri wk-etuui
of tni:U. ice. wlurh the market al|.,rd?. ?:!! lie .rr.ctly adhered
U?, hu' stable will :?> ? n?' tor :1 .r* -a ho prefer tie ??rdins.ry
moiie. or mixed diet.
t'rototi Shower. Wnrrn and Cold Baths, free.
o? rf BOS WELL COS?.
50,000 DEATnS BY fO.VS! -ti'TlO.X
Would perhaps be a small estimate for th- ratases
of this drrajJfiri riis- as? in a sing'e yeiir ;
' then add thefearful catalogue of those
cut off by Inflammation of the I An g*.
fji-tiiorrh ge.Asthma, Coughs^
Influenza, Bronchitio/md
other disease* of
And the Hit would ; resenl r.u appalling proof of the fatality of |
trwrwtw? i*!a??es .it'.: ? ??:-.-.
But it is important to know thai nearly all of this dread waste
ofhumnn life nuzht have lieen prerenvd by a timely use of
The ereilte?! remedy ever d.-covered hy man for nit diseases
of th? pulmonary organs' produced hy cold nnd changeable
Scores oletuw have come to our kno?-Ieiise?:!.?rethepa
tien! had bet'n stven up I? die of r 'on?uin>t:on?n? heynnd ?lie
reach nfroedical aid?bat ivho b? Wie rue ofthia Wiw ?;herry
UaUiim have been ipeedily re>torwl to compleie hee.!:u.
A ?istcr id n well-known clergyman r?.*ently leH the ?chor.l
ibe was attendinrr~bernt. advued tho' ?h.^ mwtdieof Obn
?uwpliof.? io rf turn to her boms, wishine to ipeod her few re
rrnuniiur days with her friends. By some means she was in
doced to take Wistar*! Balsam of Wild Cherry; by wbicb sbe
wasentuely cuiedin a short t?ne. und retnrned to bar school
with n lieht heart and reii.,ie^rnted heahh.
By application to tha office, fanner partieulari of th a and
ntlicr remarkable .-nrc-i w?l bo cbeerfnllr given.
Many of Use most distinguished pbyiiciant of this city and
Brooklyn give this Balsam itif.r nnqualified approval. Why
.Imiilii thev no' ? It :< e-.nry where hailed u<
nein: formed fmni chemical eztracbi of Wild Cherry Rarknnd
Tar, two rimple, but powerful ingredient* of .Nature's ou-n
All who have u-ed thi< wonderful eompotind concur in tos.
tifring that it i? the rnorterScacioui remedy c?er known.
Principal office, :a Ann?t New. York. Sold ahn by Agents
in all pa:t? of the t.'ninn._ i27 Bm*
TH B G Jl B A T REM E f > Y
Asthma, Difficulty of llrcnthinz, Bleeding of the
Lungs, Coughs, (.olds. Bronchitis, Influenza,
Shortness nf Breath, Pain and Weakness
in the Chi at or Sine, and that most
terrible of all diseases,
f'.AI.r-A M.?I - y.mr r^t t.r.'kcn by a le liou and trouble.
lamvQntfk? Have yotra Pain in HeSids, aee>iim>amed
ivith Siitirtn.'*.* ??/ BrttUh, r.tid other alarming rymptoms
Which lend you to leai that you will become the victim of
(hvuiMptMa ? Mem is a Remedy el hand. It w?l check your
Cough, relieve the pelu ?t; Isorenew in yourche$t?and speedily
restote you to health. Are yon rallerins prom jlsikmn t Try
tin- wonderful n medy. !te-id the following c.i es nf cures
which it haa perlbrmcd witfam a ?bort lime:
l)<i<-ni Henderson, ''?? Ijught Oreet. ??* reduced very low
byatediouf couch and bleed nut at the lungs, Me bad trml
various remedies without benefit, and ln^ physicians hjtrj aban?
doned the'hope of doing him an} good. ARboasb be bad
hectic fever and nurlit sweut;, one bottle of tin* gr-.ni remcly
resioreii Urn entirety in health.
(fetr-Sr H\ Uovs wa?rclcird by two bottles of Ihe< Mina
oniau. altbmigh m weak at the time he commenced unni it
that be could icaree walk. Uecntighcil ince-.nntly ; h.sditli
eaky of bteelhing was nieh thai lie could only walk a few
?leii- at a time, and h.? nighf jwents were drendful. In two
weeks irom the commeni emenl of In? using the medicine, !m
walked with ease down to tha nffiea; and iti ill weeks lie wa<
i inr restored as In he able Co attend to his Im.inets again.
/". Ijobm*, E a. S? Pike street, w.'-eiiril uf.1itlk.mn by h-.Il
a bottle ol the' I'.i-noman. ile Ind n?t lam down in lied lot
nverethan tea months. Be hat never bad a recurrence of the
diaaaae, now more man five mhotba.
Mr*. Archibald, '? \V.-<: .'i-.-r. was cured of jfotAin?eT4
your-' itanding, bj hall .-. Ih.iiIc. nn.l dedares it to l>o the liest
niedrem? in the world. ."H" bad used rarioua other remedies
?rilhoutthe lca?t benefit.
Thnnsmmltof eases mtchl be ghrtn to ibow the etticner of
tlnv Remedy. M..nt than twenty yean' e\|.fr.ence in its use
has proved it to be the most wnneenul remedy in Lbe world (or
the cure of the shove mentioned dbeaaea.
For sale only at I08 Naatan itrcet.one .lo..r above Ann.
The mnsl astonishing, all-decisive and v;isurpa$s~
cd results Lac-j Outs far, attended the
ministration an'! tirnrly nte
of Du, Smith's
Which ore now a'trnetim: ihe attention of mankind, in con.
ne.juencj of their rmrrersallyackmiwledged rapenonty oven
kvery other rpsM and k?me of Purgative, Aptrumt, Df.
unur. Sndmifie w Expectorant remedy; ana their rapid
popularity a. a sovereign medicine, for
Intermittent, Hemutent, Bilious and othrr Fivers,
Influenza, t.'olds, He id-Ache, l mittest inn.
Dyspepsia, Pervetted Appetite, Heart
burn, Cosliveness, Diarrhea, Foul
Stomach, Worms, Rheumatism
and Gout, Scrofula, Lifter
Affections Impurities of
'he Blood, Fmvtle '
Complaints and
Fains iff
the Mead, ?'?'tri-' and Bach.
uamort positive guarantee ol then unnoralloled eveellenc.s.
They are. (judging tn m thedemnndlcir.'.-tiui more pi?:tne
ly bwurncial resti '-. than n y other known t?o-?al!ed)remedy.
I eople have been dosed with Mercnrv, and have experteticeil
the too tnviufi.t fatal coiiseqiiences, and hive takin ilie old
naitspntmccathartics until tolernlion gives way to <l:sciist, at
(he very thought of lepet.tion. The aiili l-.te. ?> l..r.2-w>h. d,
and now so much called lor, i* the ven remedy needed; hiu>.
Pleasant, hiim,!e-s and efncaeious-hi naTI'RaL remedy; and
pae thai in everv hotjttarv instance does perfurm all that it
Promise*. We hate the mod irrotragabla proof of this in ereru
cate titnt has come to our knowledge, which ju-tuies as war
RAMTtXe errry boi: aa.l in a>Y cask offailure, lbe purcha?
ser niav have fus money buck.
Mr. BrewstER, the hatkr, I3T? i! .??? ry, .-ire.l "I d-'>;i?p?i.t.
Mrf-Sntrnr, ofSmg Sim;, ourwd of bead-acbeand pain in
uie sidtf.
Mr. Hvu* Its Broadway, cured ol bead-ache.
Mr. I.imui.ey, lirj Greenwich..strei t, cured of dyspepsia ut 5
years standing.
Rev. Mr. BrjRjntTT, uf Brooklyn, curnl of rush ofblood to
the head by these fills
Miss DouoLass, e-irner of Walker and End low streets, cured
ol (liuiiics. ol Ugbt, pom in the head, dlzzinesi, Sic.
Mrs Cobb. wile of tb. baker in Broeklrn. cured of weak
ne>s, pain in the bead, ?idc nnd breaM, so that >he is able to be
about, which was nut the en?i I?-r.,ie taking these Pill?
MluC. Hesper-.-in. til Tnnity.;d ice, cureil of the most
dangerous cold and cough, which had abnost lasen her life.
J.'ai tion?A-k f..r Dr. Smith's *? /?,:o:,i L'ecctablc Pitts."
JV?otker"Indian VegetablePiUs" are (suinr coau-d.) and
no_ofAerj poiw.j the virt jes which these fills claim.
N. I'-?Sek that I'R. S??tii's >rnrt-n n-vnf is on ercrv .Vr.
S.ld the pr n ! oti v*. IT ' (istEE.WVK ii-sTREKT. .New
\ ork. and No. U Waler-street, R.?>lun. Also. Mm. fla.es. 121
Fulton-ilreet. Brcokiyo. j-J3 lm*
\ KE YOU ArKl.il/rKHU ITH riEESy-Trytben with.
jcX. outdetay. Dr. IJpham'il Veretable Electuary, the b?-st
Keineily i-ver uir.red to public n..uce. Thu really excellent
medicine :> the resultof a thorourh ni.Ml.cnl moieation. nnd a
Comp!? te knowledire of the i!;y;a'e li.r whirii it is reeuoirnend
cd. The most iriumphutit Micce*. attends it-s administration.
Road the following rjinarkabii cases:
A Lady, residing in Norfblk-ituet, was teriooiry afHicted
with Pujes : to :?'?: wa. nertoffertnc*, lhatto u.?e herown ev
pn, life ui; a burden; lor lour ??k? she ha.l been at.
tended by one of ?ur mi/t eminent Phjrsictans, without the
least t>e:.e.v. t-atitnad that it was un aggravated ea.-c Of 1'iles,
1 pre?rnl^-<l the Electuary ; two tawe? were u?ed. Sixm?nttu
.nlltr. the same lady called on me to prescribe tiir anotbereocn
plaint, anil then iirJormed me thai slie n. perfectly cured of
the Piles by the-two boxes. ?::d had expenencol no return since.
Mrs. G. residing in Creene-'t.. called on me lastspn.ag.iay
ing that she had !*en alU'ttsil with Piles lor two yean, accom?
panied by pu.n in the side, palpitation of the heart, a sense of |
Mroitnex-aeries the ch. ?t. ar>l oppres'ion : she wu unable in
lie down vithout eies-ating the heaii and chot considerahly:
resting horizontally produced a seu>eof suiujcation. Pillowed
by a cough. Ry usus eon box of the Electuary- the pain in
the Bde. nslpiiation or.d oppression ceased, the could he down
without incoir.euience, and the P.ie? were partially removed,
and a second hox made n complete cure, to thegieat. gratifica?
tion ol the patient.
Soid in this city by the Propriet?r eafy, a regularly educated
Physician, confined to an oihee practice for tne treatment of I
CrXEOKtcOnrEASEJ,No ISSBowery. Medical advice in re.
lation to the above, or any other complaint gratis. Price of the |
FJeetunrp one dtsttar. SXiT" fin*'uittrr that the Elttttutrg il
an Internal fitmrdv, and not an eitrrnai appltrzlio*. and sold
o.vtv ai Bowery, foot door* above Spncc-,-. I .i!;ce hoars
from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. ^3 ZmDSM*
1 ?>Tli WARD LI UBER Y ARD, at the foot ofKth.treet
X-smi tladsaci Stiver.?C. S. M'.i'iT tales pleasure ir. rivir.s
noUce to the ow ners of real c-'a:c and res^dertj. that he has oa
hand a large assortment ol Lumber of i'l kinds, svhich lie |
oflen l.-r safe it\ tlx most advantageous terms, and if well
aware he can cumpe'e ?:-h ?.tiier de:;*rs .n itie city, os to on
ce? and iiuahry. and particularly invites ai! ^er??.n? u gire htm
a end. an.t examine Sis ?1..-K prsmosato purc-.a.?ing. iU
xx. ma largear-1 SeunSblni vi8a?e on tlie Hua-sm. and en
jojmg a fair pa'ion ige. P.dX-s Whig. For lurther luforma
tioo apply to tr* j.rtr<e!it Pr i.:.etor, through ihe agency "f die
Editor of The Tnbune. j30 tf
'I'll co.\l, DE\1.PK~.-! . - -s>. tirst mialny Red ar.d
A Whip. Ash Schuylkill Co^l. fcr the single ton or i
Apply atD7'JGre-:iiv.-.ch-'t._jU4 3?v?
PERfT'SSIl i.N' CAPS ? Emr!i?h and Erench Procttssion
i';.:?- ol the brut Quality. Ju?t rfceimd a full supply for
tale low by I ;30)_A. W. SPIES & CO. ^IS P*nr!-st.
RAW SILK.?15 crues UTnte: * do. Veilow, Kiitable for
manufacturers?for ml* by
itsam* TAI It'if. .it.VI'f'VNT Ar t'I i.. No. isK sVmrhst.
U dli WELLS ft SPRLNG. S3 Pine -street.
LAKY 4, 1 ?-S 3.
WILL THIS DsT Pl-bli5i! SO. II. or THE
T R F, * > ? R V OF HIS T 0 R Y,
Cimpnung a General Introductory o?t''neof Cnivervii Hi*.
t, rv. A' c-eet s:i 1 .'?'??i'-rr.. n:! a S-r:rs of Separate H:?r?rte?
of Every Pn-cipa! Nation tfattextas, then R;?e. Frogress,
and Present Qsndrtteo. tir. fac.
Author of" th-? ' Treasury ?.i"Kn tw<e.Ue.'' Biographien! Trea.
?ury.'" Literaqraad Saeat he Treasury. Sic
The above valuable wink wil! becomplere'i in about tne!\o
Not octa?o, prn.ted nn fine paper, with cl??t type, and w3l be
sold it 2i cents per No.
Aknin Pre*, and will be pnMisinsl in a few days. NO X.
MEDICINE A\li SDRGERV, the most valuable Medical
Work aver published. Terms for the who'e series to trie pre*,
en! tun?, per year. $|. fyl
THE "u'-rrtber baton han i nn extensive stock of Periodical
and Standard works, which he offers f..rvi!* at the lowest
CSttdipriees. Also asgCsM ajMUUlstut of Jnv-n!e nn'School
Rooks i 1 snrery >!e-rr otioo; Bible*, of all ?ort? and description;
Hymns. haliS? and Prayer Book- tor the different denomina?
tion-: Blank Book* from two rents upwards: l.sw Blanks:
Foobeap oadLettei P.iusr: Note Paper am Bove!ope : Wrap
pinc Paper.QuUb, anil Ste?! lVp.: Elooksfoi rM differ
tsat churches, AH the cheap Publications can he had at this
counter, with all the Monthly Magazines, nad s large ejoUactMM
ofMoMC, The Shnbpeare Ctreubutns Library eontafninc up?
wards uf four thnuvind volumes.
Br iwn'i Sdf-Interpretinc Bible, Lift of Christ,
A liberal per ceiitsg-t<, earner*.
ji: At. i.i MAZE'S uM E-'abli-hmer.'. >~ R'.-e-ker.st.
O'lsnMli's Curiosities of Literature.
KT"Tho foregoing valuable work, with the "Cunafiticsot
AxxKIOJt I^iteratx'p.r," by K. VV. flststrom, is pub?
lished complete in one large royal octavo volume, and ?oiH for
t:li- nit one quartet ofthe London price. It forms certainly one
of the most valuable works in the English language, and no
public nr private library is complete without it,
For sole by
_A~PLETON fc CO. ano Br,.adwny.
?-pr-> :.!EnCII ANTS. TXAttHKR.-? AN1> OTHERS.?
x Ii: m UNGTON & t?AVAt;r;. 31n Pearl street, keep
keep eor.-r-i^rty for ?a!e a ir.riro am! nrnipW? sxj:>r-mcnr. of I
Sirhor!. Cltwcal und Mtteatlaoeottl P.<w.s>, Kh'ik ni?'1;? in
rvory varicf,: Letter. Cap, (ruled and p'ain) Bill. Drawing,
?>r..l Ten Baiter, Uoiili, Ink, Sea line VVax. ace. iic.
Mcrchan'-i. T.iach rs. S' h.?)' LVimmitt and oUien, iritdJ
? t i. irehase, ill find <\ for their interest to Btve us a call,
istK trill fURttn n:; arttcloa ,t? on: tire it low price* and in
onant?its to rui'.
The Malt* li.T.n SrhoolGe...-iI)o. do. A'v.djed.
iraphy <ir..4. Atlaj. | V.'ehrter'b UictkmmT for
eterParicy** o.xmtinr fail Sehoob, l^m~..
ChiUrra I.*o. Mo. Do. If no.
i r : : .v;'? liniorv fur t'!. : Ma. Lincoiu'i Bolaay.
"ren. [Do, Botany fin Bo-mnen.
Barritt'i Gstottranh?
Htavmai twUi nn
Fe!low*5* A'Tririorry 'or IV
(tTodii'-.h's Erc'e.iiiii ea fHu
tory foi trrho.!!*.
K:.r.ie?' Riemen-ofCrltieanfl
i'TCffir'i Intend Tab)** 7 per
Do, Natural i'hi'osopfcy.
I ,N tutal "U-iiy lor
Do. LeetuMioa Chomjatry.
Do.Cbcraatry Tor Itcrinnnr?.
lattdattti Pietara Kaadinn
PtMtoali Intmect r-tble? 6 per
Do." Uo. Abridtcd.
A Practical Grammar ;if theEneti-:-. Laacnanoran intro
doswbn toeojDpo*it>oo, in which thecottstmctioci ct\ chint
fied inM hardieatiun* and phrases. By fclward llazen. author
nfthj pcll-'t und Daffncr. lTJrltir>u
Ttr'.. 'Ir'. mid ?.?cond !i..l:?: ::i t.:if> \ i.t. lep'J y
' rr.t.>-rs would cnli theatteutmiiof liti?:-i"--smenaail others
who have occasion to o*e a Memorandum Hook, to the above
work just published fot the ensuine. yenr. This HOrnnsed
with ? jirinteil haadini for metnorannums lor even <l?y in the
year, Sondayl inehldod; und contains u Time and Interest Tn
oles, the whole home no larger than a pocket wallet, for which
they can nlso lie adapted, as they are unite with tuck and
piK'k?l liir that purpte;?.. I'uhlishml and sold wholesale and
retail by FH VA'CIS ^ IX)UTREL,
tJH'Jm Maniihu-.turiiii; SUUionars, 7? Maiden lati*.
t.iwn. N. V.?William P. I,von. A. M. PrinetnaL?Sum?
mer Se**ion will open on the !-t of .May.
To those who desire to place ions at Boarding School, the
advantages nAeted at IhK Institution are be!'?veii to be equal,
if not superior, to any. It Las lewi in successful operation
si-viii years. The location, delightful and salubrious, hi con
venient of across fnuu the t.'ity. 'i'lie eilitire is ?'??tninniloiis
anil corafottablt?UM-ptay grtiondi ample and d.MUtaeted
front the vill.sge. The gnvermneiit is nhi- ent but mil i. ro.
?emb ing tl.ii'. of a we!! regtihitcd t 'hn-iimi liiindy?und rui day_
icbolan are received tOCOOnMract the salutary Influence of
family tiainimt.
Thr srstem of inntnirtina n tlcsicned not merely to advance
and perfect 'he pupii in the branches ?tudtett, but to develops
and instruct the itldsmenl. to enlighten the nnilerstHiiihnif, 'o
hinti the habits, and to give a mural and uselol dlieclkm to the
Further particular*, including Catalogue of Btudent*. opi?
nions of patron*, &c trill lie fbttnu in the pamphlet circular of
the In-t tute, t.i lie had on application at tr.o I! ..k Stores of
B?rttetl *t Wetford, Astoc House, and Raynor's, 75 Bowery.
Reference, hy pc:iii.iiinii, tiitho lollowiug .ii-'-agui-hcd gen.
lit men:
Washington Irving, E?q.
H?n. Miuiiel Wehster. U. Senate.
Ih n. f;,il an C. Wvpl.nick.
('apt. Alux. SlideJi Mackenzie, D. S. ,\*.
Nathaniel B. Holme*, K?q. Tarrytown.
Francis Hall, Ktq Rev Nathan Bnnc;, I'D. Wm. (;. Bty
?nt, I'-:. George P.Trimble: J. K. Van Kent einer, MD.
Harper ? Bruthent, New.York City. -
Ano to the fo?owujg wboorenow, or have been. Patrons:
R.w II W ililiH. Zeliedei; Cook, Jr. Ilenj |,.m|9:.
Rev I. M Vincent, M Van Beuren, 'Kear Irvm?,
RevTh.i, Burrh, Jas M lloyt, Tlnsi hlee>e.
RevJlJewine, JLMoU. J W Knevebf,
RevJSewall, G Dttsenberry, L Iretuxin.
Re* A KSelleck, 1! I. Kip. Clinch.
Rev Dt West, PHarmany, HWGlapp,
DrJosScribner, ivmOBogg*. KenjD Brush,
Rev U Babcockr, E W Van V"nrhis, F C.onptwll.
A It Lfvimton, Leonard Kuhy, W s Dunham,
Elista Morrell, Juejb l.-mv, !'. ^ Hosre.
PeterPinekney, Gen c II Stoker, ILRaynor,
Cha* Storm, Harvey Weed. 1?-:nc Adriancc,
J Chesterman, BF VVbeelwngbt, Tho* PattJann,
M..:r -Itolnnmn, W Van Antwerp. M Kelt. j3U3m
Bstobltsbed in 1S3S. Sessioos commence May l jth and < ict.
l?th, continuing five mor.th', at trO per session. Thorough
pmpkratton lor college or business, and personal attentions are
::er! to pu;.il- a- fully its in the ir.oit expensive ?chools
Lads triiin New York are placed in charge oln careful |ierson.
going anil returning. Oculars nr +4 Marker utreet nnd 174
Hrun.iway._li'Si ye
CC MARSH, Accountant, respectfully announces that
. 1 ? r'ounting Rooms, No. t-M l Vila' street, omtmue open
rmm k \. M.to9 P. M.
In the study ol Book-keeping a* it n taught byMr. Manh,
ovary pupil ke. |>s. Itl ;||? mieit practical UlBlinrTV ? mmptrte fit
nj' j.^rinrrnhrf> tee&g, embracing nil the ilitlerent liusine-s
tran icti in* ol a good mercantile house ; he become* familiar
with ah the i?m,;:- cotMtjiatbtg rite set. with sil the document*
mbrtinithe books, iretl b<uaocas, beJaaca ilieet*, account*
Oiirient, in ! with va/iotU) mercantile calculation-, in interMt,
thseount. equation of pay 111 'iitu, exchun/e, h.r..
In one course of instruction a person ol good enpucity will
become a competent Bnok-kcei?r, an?! will receive a cemri
cate hi ihctenerL No ?r:c is laugnl in a cla-s.
MERCANTILE tVETTING,?A thorough course of pro.
giassise Irawins, which will not fail in elfecting a valuable nn.
provement, S jec.mens of a truly mercantile style may le? seen
at the rovim.
i'r >-t>?ciuses, with terms, hours, fix., nmy beobtaineil al the
rooms- usy and evening.
The Science ofDouble Entry B<HA.Kee;.ing Simplified, 11th
edition. H'> pages octavo : price $1.
The Art of single Entry It.xik.Keeping improved, 3d edi
tion, I3U pages octavo; price75 cenLs.
['??r sale at the bookstore*, and at the rooms.
Mr. Marsh offers his services in ojiening, closing, or writing
uo LiH.ks: ? Cssisr street, up ?tnirs. ?6Y
PRIVATE COTn .LION PARTIf;S attended toby a Pia?
no Forte and Viohn Performer of the ler?t tnlent in the
City, fnnuireat JOLLIE'S Mime Store.H85 Broailwar. dip
P6 . gSubtcriber* are now tin shing an entirely new
"s^st""*?-"jt'"'tele "t instrumenta which ore warranted -u.
I f I I'perioi in tone to any in u>e, and to keep
tune much longer, the improvement consi.-l? 'n a Harp Frame,
peculiar in con-tructmn, obviating every objection heretofore
Caused by the use of metahr plates in injuring the tone. Pro.
[essors and Purchasers axe invited to an examination of these
instrument*. GLENN ROGERS 4t CO.
jyil K3 Fttrton-ltltiet, i-ii-t ?:.Ie. Br'aulwoy.
Agen'.s for the slwie Bfick, are prepared to furnish any
?f the ivllowins .hrtpes:
Nir. 1 and 2. noal ?haoe.
Large and smail Bull Deadl, Cupola, 19 to 22 inche*.
Culvert, ijirg. and Small Key.
S-wp. spht, do d. WVdge.
Crate Backs. Jamb. Gra'e firirk. Air.
'i'he-e Brick are warranted equal in quality in any mode in
the Ij"ni'e,l Star.*. Orders received am! contracts made for
targe and small q antitiesal try low rate*. Samples for trial
or iiispecijii at the office ofthe Ae?nN.
ft_SHERMAN AT WATER ?V CO. 30 Broad.
W ATERIALS Cor Gun Smiths. Gua Uicfc- a;.-! parts of
l'X l.i*k-. Gun and Ride Bnrreh, Percnscoen Caps runl Pdis,
Powder Flaski and Sin-t Beits, Com* end Wrenches, Ribs.
Rotts, Worms, ice. sic for saja in quantity by
? avfyy a: n I si<i i^rt st
W, 1N iL?i.'.'.U II? A.Tiercsn FKere Word, consisrni,' ol?
? V 30.0 lb* Sfciony and lull blood Menoo
?0 do Ji and blood do
i*O0 do common Wool,
3?JJ so tup. wnthetl . do
sVOO do U2 washed do. For sale hy
_WEIJJ? k SPRING. 22 Pine it,
LOC. CHAINS. TRACE CHAINS. &j:.-5 caski Ug
10 catks Trace Chains,
M cask* " Peek* " Hooks and Hinges,
Wdk nson*- Vice, and Ann!..
jl- WiVtii. F'lLCER iL MESSER. 2lt< Pear! -t.
N-< rTJCE.?Geo. H. G rann is naving taken :nr.i partnership
Chi.-le* J. Gilbert ?f Hartford. Conn, the Bo.* nn-t Shoe
Business will lie continued at Pti M'i~1eu Inn?, hereatte?. nnder
thefirmof [G)lw] ?;RANNESS iL GILBERT.._
I BUCKING GUNS.?The ?.iibsCrii^!r, ;iaVn tost received a
\t lr.rr^> e-ontnent of Doable and Single Barrel Duel,.rig
ti-ir.s, united lengths. Alto, Fowling Can*, of a vanety of |
kuiiis. at very low prices. A. W. SPIES fc CO.
ail_ ^t^ Pmmi&U?U
?EGAKS.?A choice lot of King and Uueen Regalias, In.
k? dins, Noriegas, Rionnas, &c. for .ale low, by
dl? JOHN ANDERStJN &. CO. gWallst,
IJEAllt BLACK SATIN'ETS.-riiipenor quality, just re
Jl cei red and tor sale hy E. C. STA.S'TON .
dl_4U Benvarst.
SWEHES IRON-I00 tons Swede* Iron Ctf sale by
j31 SHERMAN ATWATER & CO. iO Broad st.
ja_WEU-S fc SPhlNG. rc'Pme.t.
MERY & CARRIAGESPRWGS-Mcaatebssjl Emery,
?i.COJ ib" Curnagc Scrring*. for sale by
j31 SHERMAN, ATWATER & C?>. 30 Btoad *t.
tj Whenever a sarticuiarcao?e prwiucesreniarkahleelfecciin
relieving the Phi the? f.e*h it heirto, t t-eenmr? n<*s lew itieduty
thiin pm?neatioo of all friend* <.r humanity to give such notene
ly to the circiimrtarioe? as ?.'iajI ensure the application of those
rr.u-es. and ttonaJizatioa aCUteee e-rerts. We ?Hude tot.iese
truths for the purpose of calling puhlic atrention to the virtue*
of e meiiieipn! pmcTiptioa which, wirh-ait regard ui any cele
brity it ha- hitherto acquired, ha* to our knou Wen produced
rem.-irkni-le curative effects. The retne.lv r? 5?a>p*'s S.vrts*.
PAKIXXa. am! we have instate one fact only in illustration.
A lady states to us dial live year. -mre. she was attacked with
scrofulous complaint?a disease too commonly assu
other names and formt?am! aba of course sought every renw>_
dy IDCnlilPlllilnd fi>r ?-ich and ?imlor diseases, but ai! with no
efreer, ex r-*rhops the increase of the disease, until ?t length
she list tier tcsfth and no-*, and ?nrter-U mien-* and prof-acted
irony?though ail th * tune in the hands of the faculty. A
short time '.r. :e?::e com mewed the unrof the above remedy,
snd in less than one wek. th> salutary eifert, were strikingly
apnarent. nrd now ? completi: cm? has been erics-ted.
This is but oni of the case* of curt accomplished by this me.
dir;;-.e. and r.ne. tli? character of which we 'o-.ve-vur ?enikirs
to judse of. with the virtues of the remedy, nnder all the cow.
plicated ducnuu of trie kind.
TN. V. Amer. Republican. Her. ?>?t. 1S44.
It is on old proverb toar "he wh \aims at the Sun to be sure
W'll not reach it. but hi* arrow w.ll fly higher than if pointed
at a les* exalted object. Jn-t wn the treatment of disease.
The phs ?rcau wii ? ...t.s a: ib.- cr-i.l cation o! i'i? >r:?r*. instead
of hesng coriienf with palliating then. Will alwnv* no?mplvsh
mini cures. Sin.!.'. SayMpunQa tUustrates the truth iH the
proverb. The inventor aimed nn.it?at the cause of .li?s*n?e?
a' its source, iiiipur'y of in*; bloo.1: and the preparation,
more socceaunl than the arrow a nie>l at tne Sun. rx ?i:HEs
the mAllk. Rj.itrafix ag the vim*, in the e,trr... '?
which ?ores ana ulcers. ertneermis md tcmriilons .i.sg i^es, and
others of a simpler km I, 0X0 the frUltS. 11 iirenss ?p [)?' Ittivesij
Principle DP ?fcich they are developed, ana they disappear to
be renewed no more.
The following certificate fat only another link in 'ho great
chain of testimony to its men's. Let the afflicted read und be
convinced -?what it has doneonce, it will do again. T" th?*e
unable to purchase, it is given without money and withwut
S. Orleans. Mass. Nov. 26 1S44.
Messrs. Samps :?With feo'i-igs of the most lively gratitude
I wish to express to you, and through you to the w?rkl, an ac?
count of my unexpected and almost despaired of recovery, by
the us* ot rotir JSursapartlla. for the !:..t ten years I was at.
llicfed with the livercomplajnt,drs-sep-ia ..n.1 disease ot' Use
<.yne, nm! havntuSeted teyond the power of language to des?
cribe. Physicians prescribes! m vain, an*' the tvinvslies used
seemed only l<> increase my sullenngs. In IS43 I was at'nckeit
with the erysipelas, wh eh reduced me very k>w : as it panted
ml', ulcer, of the m.??t poinrijldesc nptHMtceroe out on my fire
und neck; I lost the entire use id my limbs* and there was Ide*
raily no r>-*t :..r me by night or by day.
In tins tri?! iituatiwn I heard oi rout darsaoarilla,and what
it had done lor others similarly afflicted with myself. I pur?
chased one It..nie, und found iniineikiite rehaf by ha list 1
than used five more, and was entirely relieved. My feeling*
are.h as I can not describe; I scarcely know mv-elt ?to
great the change; I am like a new creature. Tin? much I feel
it a privilege !?? testify to. My pre.-nt !: nlth ? due under Go*
to your irsitiimentality. and may the same Pmviilence that
directed me to your aid make you the happy instrument of
Meiling others r.* diseased and despairing .;* I tr ut. Youi
very --rueful friend. K8TIIKI! F. Pli \ ll< K.
(wifeof Uriah L. Pearce.)
i lommonwealth >>( Miuss. Ram fable ss; Rar. ST. 1844.?W*
certify :hat the IbrecoME r* the statement of Mrs. pearce, no.',
wc are conrideiit that ?very woo! .?truo,
John Keinsick, Justice of the Peace.
Samuel Bldndge. Justice of ihe Pence.
James Bicksetl, Miiu-ter of the Cospal.
The following testimonial shows the value of tho Snrsapa
rillain removing Bronchitis, a disease which, if not speedily
arrested, lends to consumption. It allny? spasmodic action,
changes llie tecretions. and by its Ionic and alterative prnpor
'iei. remove: the unh-althy action, and the patient is restored
to health.
Namti'ckiit, Nov. 11.1HI4.
Messrs. Sanps?(ien's: I wish to make public, forthe
Co.mI of the iilllicted with Bronchitis, the healing properties of
your Sarsapnrillu. .My wife suiVereu for twenty months, in
such a manner us m not easily described?nt times not able to
speak above a whisper; and when she was exposed to cold air,
it occasioned something like simsms in the throat, the elfisct ol
which was felt in the eera and eyes, occasioning the eyes to
weep. It was attended with a dry cough, produced by the
con-iunl irritation and ir.flniiimiitmn of the throat. By the Use
?>l your Sarsaparilla she was perfectly cured, it being now three
months unco she felt any symptoms of Hie .!t?rue.
Yours with leapeet. GKO. C.-IIOBK
For Ihrthet particulars, anil ci>nc!u*iv? evnVitee of its si >e
rior value and efficacy, ree pamphlets, which may he obtameit
Prepared nr..) sold, wholeaalemnd retail, bv
A. B. a. I). S \.\ns. DrusEKU, ? Pulton ?t.,
?T'f Itroadwav, 77 East Broadway, N. Y.
9mm n!s.i by lirug.-i.i.s generally throaghoul thu Uoited
Price tl i-er Imttle?su hollies (i.r ?5. rBOIm
rMPORTANT TO FAMILIES. Linea thnper*. Proprio
! ion of Hotels, Ciiptnios of Stcauiboiils, packet Ships, nnd
ihe Public generally.?Thd^Prnprietorsof 'lie WASHINO.
TON STEAM LAUNDRY, 676 Washjrjsrtotwt, beg leave
to call the attention ol ihe public to their new and improved
method nf Washing Linen and f'olltin (io.vls, and to stjitr
tan >of the many advantages which render it superior lo all
1-t. fieroemts washed b/the steam process, will last much
?figerthan ii was lied in the ordinary way.ai all wnngmg (so
very ituunooi knladiea ami geiitlenMa'i wearing apparel 1 is?n
Uroly ditpensed with, and Ihe w ork is done from twenty.live
to thirty pet cent, lam ih-.n the u- ii'il price, and incomparahli
lieft r.
SSdL Tl'e ineiliPes being such, they enabled to bleach all arti?
cles of linen or eortou fabric,as white as before mtiiiiifactureil,
und a lusire give i to h--yo:ns or Collars, of any rp.pered degree.
Any amount oi work can b?dm e m a few hours notice, us al.
articles are lined willua dootB,and by artilimni heat. In short,
articles wnslivd nl this establishment must Im- soe.i, ju order to
give it a fall nnd j.tst appraciatioo. The attention of tho pub
lie generally, is invited to test its superiority.
0J~ t Tilers ielt at the olfice, 167 t'ultmi s'rrcr, one dooi
from Broadway, and 4ttJ Broadway, nfiir Walker^' teet, or nl
the /.,,umini, in W'n?In??.:'.ie. lu-fw. -n I '!i.i;;c? 1,1," \,:,? -ts
will m^et with proinptattention, where a list of prices, together
with the regulations of the estmblishmeot; may be had.
lai- hnr_J. P. HE s MA N ft I'l nf PA NY.
Gift )l>\ EAR'S IMHA UUIti'.EK (Jl 1* IDS ?The siib
sen bei now offers for sale al iho old stand uf BeaJur $
.I...';-', riomlyeur's Carriage i 'lotIn, a new article highly
riii.sheil. mid will return it* bcautv 111 nil kinds ol"weather,
suitable for the finest carriages. Aho, an tirttr.'c li.r cimim.m
ciirrmges, |n?nvdy coated, al low pri.it. Have on timid n
large variety of good* in tins line? 1 'out*. C.pes, Ponchos,
Keeling Jackets, Cup,. Sou Westers, 1 Iveralls, punts. Water
Jackets, Ship's Leitet Bags, ail and water-tight Sesnian'i
Bags, larpaolln lorsteambtjatsi which can be ss-ea m u?enn
all Ihe bouts of the \ew Haven S eombontCo.; every variety
of Covering, I'.om a hor-e 10 rooling ot build tigs, ?l.-unil.oiit?.
rai'toad cjm. &c. fcc. made to ..rd^r tit the shortest notice, and
on the must rensontihle terms. Life Preservers, Air Cushions,
Carnngn Aprons, Mechanics Aprons, Shower Baths, MitU n*.
Gloves, gtC. 4;c Every article warranted to stand nsy cllimitc
Goodycur's Patent Suspenders rriaoufsetnied by D. L. Soy
dam, and warranted to retain their e.Vicity. Ail articles lor
sale 111 nuaolities lo ?int purchiuers.
GEORGE BEECHER. 100 Bioadway,
j!7_ between Pine and Wall-sts.
TVrAI.'llINE BANDS.-The following unsolicited opinion
iv J of our Iniila Rubber Mucliin? Banding, we commend to
the attention of the mierested. HORACE H. DAY.
gui 1 .-.-..r tu the Rnxbury linlia Rubber Co.
"NoRWti it. Jan. 1j. Ia4i.?Deaf Bin Above |.iea?e riot!
our draft 00 -*??, i..r ??, the balance ol yoiir aceoontagaiairf
u?. We take plea?ure 111 laying that alter u full and fiur Innl
ol your Rubber Bonding, that for the purpose* forwhirh we
have used it. to drive heavy or hghVmachuies wiih a,bnit bund,
that it gives iu the fullest satisfaction. Pounj very truly,
jJ3 Agent Norwich Bler.ch'ng and 1 alletvdering Co."
I FIRMS, Ate?The undersigned havm* been irsitahlishetj
for 11 niin.i.er ol yenrs in the Sin?, .vvn 1 'rmaMK.ntaL Paimt
tyo BrsisEss,ait No, 101 Nas-au ?tr?et. New-York, during
uhtrhtune we have gumed the reputation ot executing our
work as well, if rot superior, to any other e-Uibhtt.meni, lieg
le.ive to ?ubnnt the following < nr.!:
Understanding that it is the general impression, that we
I charge leore (on account of the superiority of our work) thnr
[ othei artists, we have resolved to do our work on as reovinable
term*, and in as attistiea! a manner, as can be done at any
other establishment m the Crty.
You are re-pectfully requested lo cull and ascertain our
chorees, before leaving your orders elsewhere.
Yours, respectfally, VKEttMAN ft MILLER
M.'?-r?. A. it M. pay pirticulnr.iUention P? thenrrangeioent
of their SIGNS, in order to make them neat and attractive.
N. U.?Flags. Banners. St-indurda, itc. jl Im
No. IS) Nassau sireet. (Tribune Buddings,) Now. York.
" IS State street, Boston.
" 59 Pine street. Piiilndelphia.
_ S. E. corner ol BaJtiinnre nnd < 'alvert streets, Boliimore.
Jjy Advertisements nnd S'Hrscrptions are received lor ?<-m*
ot ihe t>e-?t Newspapersof muslof the principal (ownsand ciUes
of every State in ihe I'r.ileii States, lor wfneis he is the duly
authorized Agent.
Merchant.. Manufacturers, nr..! Dealers generally am re?
spectfully invited to avail ?ieinwtlve* of the medium vs-hieh my
agency affords cd aommunis*aJing directly with ihe pc.ple ol
the country, by advertising in the papers of the country.
dl'5 Agent for C-'ihlry Newspaper.. Tribune Hull.lings.
CHEAP ACCOUNT BOOKS?The ,ub?cril.er. mvile the
an.- t." n of ill who are in woat of A.ccount B-e.k- for t.
New Year, "u then 'urge rt-sorrment which ct)mi>"*s-s c>cry
si/e and sfyle of Binding, wlncfl ere orTvreiJ at the lowest p.jj?i.
ble prices.
'1 he manufectory l-ctng under the immediate superinfrHl.
ance of one of the firm, who is a practical workman, enables
us la execute ai: orders vvtth promptness, and in Uie best style
ol the art.
Banks.Insurance Compaiiiei.Pub'iC Cirlices and Merchants re
Quirins se is of Books Kcied or Bound lo pattern can be sup
plied at s-'irt notice.
A 1 articles of Stationery sr Id atthe Iowertpnce. The Stock
of Stationery compr.se* every article required tor the Counting
Kaum or Offite use?Crculun. Carts, Bill Heads, Checks,
Notts, &.c. &c. printed to order.
jS lm Manufacturing Stationers, 77 Maiden Lane.
CHEAP OIL STORE.?Thesnbs^.otJrrrespecrful.'yinlorrru
the public Uiathec>?Usu'?lhewno!esidQaod retail Lamp
Od md rpirit Ges. at hrx old stand, of a very superior quaJh7.
ten per cent cbeapc: '-jitn can lie purchased r.t tny >Aimt store
in this city, viz:
Good Lamp Oil. perg-jj..SU 'S,
r?uperior qnal. L&rd do.
Refm?d Oil. 1st quality. 76
Do do 3d no. tBX
rVfcil? Hpira do.
Do do ad do.?..ll?
Mo Ho 3d do. 87?
Oil Cans 01 all sues* I^unp Glu-ies of all patterns and de.
script or-s, ta<i a fuii assortment of latup wicks, constantly oe
Uuspt ejeened and repaired. Oil and Caropi-.irie sent to any
rwt 01U0 cit7'^ee of eiarza. MERBJTT SMITH.
W. V e_ 1!W f;-s??nwieh. eoe V?t^r.i:
pHEAP OIL STORE. 1-S3 Hn.lvtr-'.re*t.?t;oo<! Whtte
Ks Cd, at5 siulhiKs per gallon: do. at'> per gallon ; Sperm
Oil, 8?.; extm quality white sperm oil, 9?. Grocers, Hotels.
Manufacturers, and Boarding Houses supplied at Tsluced
pnee?. Cnmphene. ?pirtt gas and alcohol of the liest oual ty
Od Ccns at wholesale prices. (jlglin*) V/M. WfoT.
SPRING GOODS.?The proprietor of the Pansion Bazaar.
No. 4-D Broadway, intmm dsralen and others that he in?
tends making some improvement in the Bsznar, together with
a separate er.traue? t-> the 2d sUiry Show Rt^ims, Gallery and
Art.it Rooms, and that fJie rooms are furnished with glass
cases nnd counters and fitted up in the best style in order to oe
commodote those that expect the latest fashionable gooes, and
wish tu hireooe of the best Ijcatinns in Bromlway tor the dis.
posnl of them?and possession m.iy bo had immediately. Abo
to let on Artist s Room und Gallery. Apply on lite premises.
j38 Iw_
TIN PLATES.?300 box?rrJlTTin~Plates. best bran.U,
h r *"> by_ (fl)_CASS & WARD, 71 Bmad sr.
OOIr-I5.0C0Ibs. VVasbed A/riean. for sola by
dl3 ADAMS, TIFFANY fc CO. 75 Pine-it.
WA VT ED?A ittuatioo by a mrpes-tabe Yount Woman
with prod tS? reference., as??<*. wisher and iron m a
?mai! priraie family^ App!t at_l78 Mottrt,_
\Xf?SrZR-BT an~enlightened FRENCHMAN. 80 year*
W aire. who srsMJu the Spanish UOmftw very well, a
situa-ion ei her as Porter m an Importng House, or *J >erv.
ant u> a single gentleman. Th- apphctct can give Bs>Ug*t>
tionabte referwc?*. Address MX. Trjburse offaco. law
WANTEI^Br & Young Mulatto Man about 19. a A'ua
?* Waiier in a pnrate laim^r?C?n dnv? ?xd
care Offlums?, and won!.! be wiling to make himse.l t*gft*V
useful, Good reference given. Ca.l at WS Moajt. _ 18?__
"> Hardware or Aoetian and t Immission nouse,
,. ...m>s keener or general clerk Can make hirruell
useful in a-y capaci'y and but? rnotJerat* WXnS&?o
Ke'ereni-es unerc-fiionable. P!?aw ailrtress OJUGr-sC;..
a' t-o rsffiee if Tim Tributs* rrcsnjjs totOth in*;._
TO CHURtTIE??A Protessorof Music is about Itavrfj
hrs present situation as Organ's', aid Leader, and would
engage will air fhu-.-h who are in '"ant of his ?fr-t
Address ??<i. p.E."attljaCmVe.__
T?T?NTivit?Br a young married man from the country.
VV of hirhljr tespectable coonexioos. a situation a* Cert
m ?ime active business, where his time would bederoted to
the interest "f his employer The advertiser has been eng>.t?w
in business lot himself lor the last three or four years, th. rsv
f.re-capable ol taking charge of a ?et of book*. Lnes c?
tiwir.ble rrf.rcnces can be given as to rharaeer andaei i'y.
Address E. T. Mitchell. P. M., Fair Hill. Cecil cocnty, Md.,
stating saiaty. Jtc. which will meet with imruediate aMen
tion. _OBlw
\\; ANTFJ>-Journeytnen I,ock Makers, to work at . rk
VV locks. N .. need apply but sober men and fir*. '?te
workmen. H. C. JONES. No. 7 Church-**.
jaJ7 _ Newark. N. J.
LOST-A small Walle-, containing ten dollar*, and ?eme
papers of ho value to any but the owner. Th* finde', by
returning the same to this ottie?, will be rewarded._
' I 'EN I * _?l7l7\ltS~R F. WA RD.?Virx* ? ran Ba^Sts?? K
I ?A c?r.iric.ate for thirty shares <vl Vicksburg Bank fctock
in Ilm name of Buckley i. Peck, and numbered SffiB. wrtr
Power it Attorney atlached, wi? !o?t onSaturdty,'!!! H* "
Ii was enc oned in a letter, and lost on it* way to Vvall.**, Ths
atiove will b? paid by leaving it a: Thompson's office, S3 Wal
street- mhSS"
BOARD 'VANTED?In a prvate family, by a **e-dy
Young \Ian-!'K"n"on not to be above 12th st, nor h.! w
Kr.n* st. Term? mint he mivVra"* A notesddrewvl to '
T W. at this oth e, ot at 2U Gr.ndstrett. wt'1 be at", rd
. ' 4 *
f3 2f
HA?A-NA - His V\ Ei-I 'S tJ.mfdina Hoc* na> !?*??. r?
mov.il :o the building prwvio?.*ly occupied a* the " Man
lion House Roiei. No. IIS Calle Obrabia. corner ol Cabs Mat
cadere. wtui? has been extensively repaired and improved
Prices arranged in conformity to the room occup'ed ami tun*
rema nrng. For cards, 4sc. apt?!y to Mason At Tut le, tlfc Vai
?au rtieet, wito wiirbe happy'jt furntsh every inf ?rmatioo tc
traselers bound to Havana.
N. B.?Prusengers are requeaU-d to obtain paxsp >rt?, whici
will be Itictliiated by the clerk ofth? hoo*s>. ~ho wli t??ra
Teasel* immeJiately on their arrival._m ?awu
ri*HE PROPRIETOR respectfully informs his fnends and,
A the public that he has opened his new and splendid Hote
at 133 .'?'ultor-street, a few doors etui 0? Bnjadway. in the U,
mediate vicinity of mercanUie business and the pnncijflj place*
uraitlfUlimlt. ami hn? furnished i in a style that will bear hi
vorab!? comparison with the very best hotel* in the city, im
propnotor in build,ng and tittiug up the ainwe houic ha? nad
strict retard to e.'egnnce nnd comtnrt, and Chat he has eocv.
biitei! economy the follow nig pr'ce. will show:
A Whr.K.1 W
The rooms will be war me, I tratis, and upon no occatton wiD
there be mor; than one bed in a room.
There i? a < BPB Ti IRV nttacltcsi. in which there are mtaH
serseti up at . ll not rs ot the day and evaniug. There ant
also Hath Room* connerteil. for wann, cold nnd shower baths.
The Porter will I*- in attendance at nil times uurtng the tugnt,
to admit lodiJar*. and to let them out at all hours.
M. II.?Those wlio want lenigings al^er the house close*
will nng the hall bell._niP 8m*
IVfRS. rTOBINSON. from Elisabeth street. Fashionable
LTJ Ciea'-StarcMr,88 MercerMmet, fifth door nbove Siting
stre. '. TBtMton and I'.mhroidenai Dre?es, I/tces. Ftench
Worked Capes, Collars, &c. made to look ojual to new.
Shnwts, Sdk.. Mennos, Table Covers, Silk Hose, sVc cleaned
in the liest m inaer t* lm*_
Jt dl N T. WAIT, Attorney and Oouniellor^it Law and
< 'inmieionerto take acknowledgements of Deed* and De.
poti ons m sstning lor the State of New.Yoik, NoKvvicrl
Conn, will devote particular attention to Hie collection of
Refen to Samuel Sherwood, Esq. Tracy. Matter 4r, Irwin,
Hydefe Ely, Carew & Huntington,Dwight Johnson, Fellows,
Rttdd 4c Sei dder._iOj iitaw3m*
RY. Fart Wnyno, Intl. will attend to pruressional buiipet. iu
the vnnous departmenUof die Slate ut Indiana. Will alsu
attend to the payment of taxes, sales of lands, and all o'her
business apvortaimng to a Genera! Ijtnd Agencr.for Northern
Reference! in Act*- York:?J. VV. Edmund*, Eta, Messrs.
Foot & Davies, W. Woodhull At Co. Snydam. Sage fa
Co. Thome, Huff & Thomas. Struthen, Morehouse sc Co.
Cotnstock ai. Conger.___Jf*_^m*
LAW CARD.?Ciii.LscTinx of Dmbtj u nit Nortti
WitT.-E. B. WASHBl.'RNE, AUornerat Uw, Co
lena,(ll!iiin:s,) will give his attention to the collection ofdebt*
duo New-York M?rclinuis in Cnienn, Rockford and Rock
Island, Illinois: in Du Bunne, Iowa: in Platteville, Poto.i,
Prairie du Chien, Mineral Point and Madison, Wisconsin.
BetorlD'Dt A. iV.hmjs ic Co. ; DoKlBTDSi SCYTisM &
Nixon. Net*.York. _ tfl
LESLIE COMBS & SAMUEL 8HY, Attorneys and
Counsellors nt !.,?, Lexington, Ky., will nttrnd to bust*
ncss tor non>residents in any part of the State of Kentucky.
MR. CHILD, Oculist, having diiposed of
i ho Piactice to Dr. BROWN, who pursues tho
I same mode of treatment as thnt so successfully
'usttlby himself in every disease of the E>'0,
even iu case* declared incurable and abandon,
ed by eminent Physicians and Oculists, begs to introd'jco him
to iIm-public, feeling assured the most beneficial results teil
not fail to warrant his recommendaUi n.
Dr. BROWN'S practice is simple and ?aiy?neither retort?
ing to those ininlulmelhods which nro too generally adopted,
nor reuuirins thatirktonta confinement from light and air, and
unpleasant lestriction* En I'smmI, winch are most usually en
lorced. Nm lerous cases of his succes-ful treatment have been
UMblidy recorded, to which he can refer, and he possesses tes.
umonial* of the value and eliicacy of his mode of practice,
winch may be inspected by any tine who favor* him with a
crill. He wi I never undertake a case where there are not good
re.iMiii. tor ej.iieclinga cure?and his aim inn! object betngto
? ii the tevtoTattonofthat inestimable blessing, sight?the
poorest of the community may avail themselves of his ussist.
ance its freely as the most opulent.
l>r BROWN may Ih; consulted every day (Snndny* at
copied) at his ollice, 7ri ('luiinhers-street, four door* below
Broadway. Hours of attendance from 11 A. M. to 3 P. M.
Advice to he pooncrati*. _d213n. y*
'-*osr?Sailv HUI.L'S TRUSSES.-Nottce to Ruptured Per.
If en "^syons.?Persons afHicted with Ruptures ntav i- y
U M ?lipon Hie best instniteental aid the world aftoriii,
^^?*^./oii application at the ollice. No. 4 Vesey street.
a'ther of the agents in the principal towns
inihe Cniled States. Recaiehjl to exnmine the back pad of
Hull's Tm-s4ir,to*eeif they are endorses! by Dr.Hullin wis'ting.
None are genuin?, or to be relied upon a* good, without hii
Many persons hasro undertaken to vend imitation* of Hull'*
celebrated Trusses, nnd thousands are imposed upon in conse
ijuence. These iiuitntious cannot he relied upon ; they am
made hy unskilful mechanics, nnd are no better than the ordi?
nary Trusses.
Rooitn bate l-ecn fitted up at No. * yesey street, exejustvery
for ladies, having a separate entrance Irons tho buiine* depart,
ment, where a fhniale is in cr-iutant attendance to wait tipitn
'man itreet. a bout 300 of the first phvsfe srti
eeind turgeons ef New. York have given than do.
ITciiled preference to thu Trus*. a* you can gradu?
ate the pressure from one to fifty pounds on the
rupture, without a hack pad, which doe* so much injury to
the tpir.e. A lair tnul tieing the best test ol its (upertor'ty?it
is applied and six dnys' trial given, and if it doe* not retain the
rupture, while performing every kind of exercise or coughing,
nnd give perfect ease? in a word, it it is not satisfactory ic
every n spect, the money is cheerfully returned.ond thii is the
enly Conditiou on which you should buy any Truss, A per- '
manant cure it ?nsily effected, and warranted, if directions ar?
Tin*<? sending for this Truss need only mention the tide nip
lined and the metuure round the hips, at they can gradual*
the pressure u> suit their case. Sold wholesale and retail at 12
Reeli'ii.iu.-.reet. _aultf
Jeuelior, is now prepared to sell Watches at ret.,ii
lower than any other house in the City. A* he it
_ con itnntly receiving all descriptions direct from rjie
manufacturers in Lnglanil, France and Switzerland, he i??n
abled t*i o'rer a very large assortment of Gold Watches from
ill to ?Ii? earih ; Silver do from ?5 to 40 each?all warranted
to keeyigood time or tho nieney relumed. Also a very <t. ??
assortnient of Jewelry and Silver Ware very lew. N. B. Sec?
ond hna<l Watche* and old Gold and Silver taken in exchange
or bought for cash. Wntche*. Clocks, Music Hoses and Jaw.
elry repaired in the best manner nnd warranted, by experienced
workmen, as low as nny other house in the City. RICHARD
FISHER, Jr. importer of Watches and Jewelry, wholesab
and retail. No. 331 Broadway, New. York, a tew doors abovt
the City HsssptlAl._fn!4) RICHARD FISHER, Jr.
WATCHES, JEWELRY. tc.-A iplendid a*.
?rtrnent <>r Oold and s.lver Duplex, Patent Lever
iiichor Escapentent, lupine and Vertical Wrtcbvs,'
_ rlected trirtii tlte l>est manufacturer* in Eurape,
which will be warranted perfect tin.ckeepera.
A!mj vmienew pattern* of Gold Chains. Seal* and Key*.
Gold Pencil Caee* and Gold rVn*.
" " Thimbles, Rings, Pirn itc.
Brncalets with itones, jee
" Bilver Forks. SpsMms, ?tc.
AJItheabovis articles will he sold at the lowest price* and
warmnini to be eqtial to the he-t nmde in the city, by
MOTT A BROTHERS. Imp. n.r.oi Fine ?'?tcl?:., ?C
No 7 Nassau-street, oppoattedie Custirm House.
P. B.?TheahoveortteJe*Cejafulfy repaired and warranted,
i17 the mot! ik.lllal workmen in thecity;_^_il7
?This lock can. at the will of its pomesaor. i* changed so
as t?> make million* ot lucks out of one. to that naittier tne
maker nor a.i> other person has any knowledge whauverof
the liyk.
The lutccriber would respect fully inform the public, that be
Im? pur-ha*rd of h s partue , Wm. Hall, of Bos-oo. Ma-*, hu
halt in tlie lVUmt Uisht in the ahove lock. This lock is now
owned and * !1 in fulure be manufactured only by If. C.
Josgs, at his establishment in the cit/ of Newark, N. J?r?C7.
And by thu sidvettisemeai he would notify all persons not to
uitrir.Ke upon t is Patent Right, The si,i,-.;r i?r hxu beeti Pi a
great espease to manufacture and to sell the above lock at
much k-ss price, aceonhng to the sire, than can be bought in
Ute Lnited olotes. And he would further stale thnt hit Sock
has never been Picked not epened without the true key that
locked it, ns will be seen by the many trials that it has under,
gone atditfere.it times with a reward ef ?500 to any person
who would ?p?n rt lairly: but no ene lias ever been successful
?end it is wai-ranted m all instance* not to get out of order
yvhue in use. which has been a great annoyance to many who
have tre-l locks of different construction
Also his Pwrnt Pad Locks lur Railroad purpose*. Prisons.
Eipra.se* and Custom Houses, which have been generally
adopted otsd gi re full saUsfactioo, H, C. JONES.
iL Smlawiiie_Patent Lock Maker. Newark. N. J.
LONGER THAN USUAL.-The suf?cn*ers have invented
a method of n,renng roofs with plain or galvanized tin plates
which they guarantee to remain water tight nvg tzars, when
put on by the ?. The metal is so pet on that it cannot be <?;.
leeted !>y the shrinking or swelling of the plank* on which it t?
laid, or by the contraction or extension of the metal.
The tbuVtwtng gentlemen have had their dwelling hotues ami
rtores in this cr:y ceveresl by this method, to their entisfxction -
Henry Brevort, Etaj. corner ol'oih Avenue and 9th street,
John S. Scoerroerhom, Eso. No. 30 Broadway.
Dnviii Austin. Esq. cor. ol Exchange Piece and WtUiam-st
J. ijreen Pearson, E?i. Merchantu'Exch'ngt;. Waltn.
Geo. B. Butler, Ess*. No. 81 .Nueaa-tt. ""*??.
Pratjen Bumtt. Esq. Si Brood A
Notice i* givtn, thai as the impfovement is pa tented ?n n*r
sons in tko trade wishing to cover roofs by the subscribers' nlari
can oiitaio penuuaioii on moderate term*.
mhUtf_P. NAYLOR Sr. CO. 77 and 79 BtrsMrtt,
IT ?s?bersrculd call the axtenfjorj ol Plumber, and Si nub
he to a ported afacla of Tin PuOtd Lud Prse. Mmrf.eiS
ed by aa entirely mm dissm lor whicihe ffi ti,^?cl"
cured letters Patent, which p ate* the njne ootisT
an even perfeci. plate ofpureTlB. O P*OI,tfco aa'a* "Ith
Having ttttaiised great pertacUcni. in the trathod of mann!.**
onng ami platiag I^ead Pipe, ho is enabled to^fti ?u^S*^'
article at the ?15,? price c.hwged for txjrnmon nlSa?tt,twnor
H? warranr* enj. Pipe ma^rJM^^ tH1 .

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