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Oner upon a midnight dreary, while I p< ndered, week and w^arv,
Over many a quaint atd curious volume of forgotten .'ore,
Whit* I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly ther* r.w- a, mppieg,
?s o/eofan one geutly rapping, rapping al my chamber door.
m Twho.7,:- *i?i:er." I muttered, ?' tappin? et i?j chamber door?
Orjly tiiie, -.nd nothing more."
Ab, distinctly I remember it w.as in the blvak ij^:-?-:nl>-r.
And each separate rfy ing ember wrought its ehest upon the Soor.
Eagerly I wmhed the root row;?vair.l v I had trjexl to borrow
From my hordes jureeaw of sorrow?sorrow G, r ihe I s- Lenore?
For the rare and rad.ant maidea. w'io:u the araei? same L'-n<,re?
Xamsslew here for evermore.
And the silken sad uncertain rattling of each purple c irtain
Thrilled me?filled me with fantasti tern rei v<.
So that now. to the bealicg of my heart, I stood repealing
"'Tis some rilaiier entreating enirancent my ch ui.ier ilrxir?
Some late viaiier entreating entrance at roy chamber <Jgct:?
'I'his it is, and nothing more.''
Presently my soul grew stroog'-r; hesitating then no ione-r.
"8b," said I,"or Ali lam, ti j - forgrvenees l imp] r<
But tho fact is I was napping, and so gently Jton came rappii g,
And so faintly you came tapping, tappinK ft' my clumber do"r.
'J hat I scarce w?s eure I heard you' ?h^re. i opened -aid.; the door;?
Darkness there, and nulhicg mure.
Deep into that darkness peering, long 1 stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream le-fore;
But the silence was unbroken, and the darkness cave no token,
And the only word t left spoken was whispered word,' I.-1 <-r~
This / whhpered, and an ecno murrnured back the word. " Lenore '"' t
Merely this, and nothing more. j
Then into the chamber turning, all my soul wi'i.in :n? boning,
Soon I heard again ? tapping BOOM what loud* r than ? rr.r-.
" ?urely," said I u surely th u id I Mnethlng at my window lattice ;
Lei me- serf?, tli?-n, what t' en at in, and thi? mystery explore?
Let my heart be ?till a n.o-.ent and thin mystery explore :?
'T i? the wind, and nothing mc-re: ' j
Op*n here I flung theahotier, wljeh, with many a tlirt and butter,
In there s'.-j ? v raven of the saintly i ays ol yore ;
Not the least obci-ance made he ; not an instant ?toi>ped or stayed he;
But, with mien of lord or lady, parched above my chamber door?
Perched upon a bu?t of Palias just ubove my chamber door
Perched, and f it. and nothing more.
Then this ebony bird beguiling my and fancy into smiline.
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
"-Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou.'' I said, " art sure no craven,
Ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the Nightly shore?
Tell me what thy lordly name? is on the NiglitV Plutonian shore!"
Quoth the raven, Nevermore,"
Much / marveled (his ungainly fowl to h"sr discourse so plainly,
Though its answer little moaning? little relevancy bore ;
For we catsnot heIp agreeing thai no sublunar) being
Ever yet was blessed with soeinz bird above his cb mb i door?
Bird or beast upon i;>e Kulptared bust above i in chamber door,
With b :cli riant" hs " Nevermore." I
From the American Review ft.r Felsusry.
But the raven, aitticz loceij on the placid bn>t. rpoke only
1 That one word, as if bia real in that one. word did outpour.
; Nothing farther then he uttered?no: a feather then he ?utter d?
T3J I scarcer.- more than rr.uri-r*d, u Other friends hs-ve fl rwn before?
' On the morrow he win leave me, as raj hopes bave down i^ft.re."
Tarn :::e b:rj s-.id. ?? .Nevermore "
I I '
' S'larileil at the Etiiir-ft* lir^^r by rr-piy so eprly spoken,
j ><??:'' ?!.?-? " ?nid i, ' what \\ u:->'r> is its only =t .'.k and ?h re,
Caught from feme unhappy mas;eT whom unmerciful Disaster
F illowed fasr and (bllowetl ???u.-ar ii!2 his songs ow bnrden tior-?
Tili tire dirg?s of bia Hup* the melancholy, btotlen bore.
Neve.-rnor??ah. nevermore
Bit the rsveji Mil! 1 eg't?insr all try nd s nl in'o tmiiisg,
Straight I wheeled a cushioned seat ia i'ront cf bird, and bust, and door:
Tuen upon the velvet sinkiris. i betook m>eelf to linking
Fancy unto fancy, i!iir,kir!i; wr-at this ommoue t.'td cf\ore?
What this grim, unrainly. ghastly, raunt, and ooiir,oiij? b!rd of yore
Meant in croakieg, - Never::
This I rat engaged in gneerine, but no syllable expressing
To the fowl whose fi? rv e? no* burtv-d ir.to my tio?om's core j
This en'l mr.r" I ?r divinine. w i?h my heitd at ?-s?e reciminr
On the cushion's vivei iininz tent the l?.rnpii-?"-.t z.'(<ated n'-r.
Bui wboie v--lvi ri A*\ \:' \r.s wiib the Isroplicht gioating o'er.
She shall pre?s, ah, nevermore'
Then, m*ti:ou:ht. the h;r crew <vn?rr, perfuavd fr rn an unses-c center
Swung by anc'a wiiot-e faint fooi-faiis tinkled on ihe rafted 8oor.
" Wretch," I crt^d. '? God bat? lent tlie<?by lh* -e anz- ie he bath rj?nt
IWpit?respite ami Nepenthe from ihy uieri.ori''- ofLenore ! [thee
l^i roe rjuafTthjs kir d Nepenthe aed forget thi? lo?t l/?nor
Quoth the ravrn, *i Nevermore "'
" Prophet "' said I, ' thing of ?vi! 1?prophet still, it bird <;r devi!'
Whether Tempter r -m. ur whe'her t' mpeyi to-<ed t'"-e :?
l>-srdate, yet ail undaunted, on this desert lar.d enchanted?
Oa ibis home r>y Horror ha'.niec?tell me truly, 1 implore*?
la i\t-r"?1> there balm in GOead 7?(ell me?teil m?, ! implor* '"
Quoth the raven. Nevermore."
" Prophetl" said I, " thinz of evil I?prophet still, if bird or devil!
Cy that Heaven thnr b?-rds above u?i?by trat God we both adore?
Tell this soul with sorrow ln-.'en if. vrithtn the di-.::.nt Aidenn,
It shall clesp a sainted maiden whom the angels name Len<-i?-?
Ciesp a Mr- and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore."
liuvh the raven, " Nevermore."
,; He ihat word our si>rn c' partin?;, bird or fiend!" I shrieked, upstaniog?
"Get th>e hack into ne tt mp-?t at.d 'h* Night's Piuionian shore 1
Leave no black plume as a token of tnat lie thy coui b.ath spoken '
Leave my loneliri''?H anbn ken '?quit the bust aboie my door!
Take thy beak from out my h?art. and take thy form from orTmy door'"
Qu-'th the raven, " Nevermore."
And the raven, n'-ver flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas jail above n>y chamh?r dorir:
AnJ bis eyes have ail the seeming of a demon 'hat is dreamir*g.
And the lamp-light o'er him streatn'r;; throws his shadow on tha ti. r.
And my soul from out that shadow that lies Boating on the floor
Shnll b- lifted?n .vermore!
T H E T1U n U NE
Kaie? at the Stock K.ieham;?!... 1'itn 3
SiiVMX' 8 6?.WS?,i 2, Mi-rrfa Caiml.MO >=.
lOOuo pmn &?. i*;* I f/i Erie KK.
18K? d??.IS &n do. s3Q 23
tMB do. ?90 7a.*,I r. Auburn ic Roch.107
WO do.??v;3li| SOlluataionic.-"'
U000 do. bSU W do. 30
ItW? du. blO 78 , Si Can too Co . fl
6000 Bank of Illinois... : 75 .'<..9
860.0 do.b3H3H 60 Harlem It K.67J(
6000 do.I.|" ir. \. ? u \V..r. .
14 ?hi City Bank .106 .Ml ?I.. . 67*
SO Hank Commerce.Hi |?jo do.IS
100 Farmers' Cob n....ts8U 3-1 1(0 Lore Island... .>'??".,.
IM) do.?Varti do . 76
100 do.3d 300 do.630 76 ?
aw do.loo do.bag ? ?
100 Mechanics At Traders..00 ? V 0 Storuntton.
WO Moms Canal.b3U 8H&1 M
1? do.SJ? I 75 do.at.*4
?14000Pennsylvania. 74 I 0 f armors' Loan. 36?.
78thtNor?cWor. ra\W) ,i?. 37
WUCanton Co. I ? ill < do.37
85 do.s3u ?'h, S9Q Harlem It R. Us 63
60 Stonuif ton Jl R . : :? , 2 o do.bt o3
100 du.b3 40 jlixi Long Island RR.76
Public Stock Kxcha>iKe~l'Kii. 8.
WtbsFar. Trust.1.15 3d 1150 Lone Island R R..iss IS
60 do.btsv 3a?, ?"> no .bS ".:>
85 do.cash 2i> 75 do. 76'j
ISO do.casb 3li'4' 60 do.rn-li 76
60 do.btw 3-V 25 do..3 75
60 do.?I Illy do.s] ;;
85 do.btiO 31 I?SJ do.btw 76
176 N A Trust.btiO 14*,| 60 Harlem R R... .k3iiii? 86k
!0 Morris Canal.b3 75 Krio R R.cash 2>
25 do.btw 23H 2i do.a 891
85 Canton Co.cash 4:-".1 26 .Nor At lVor.Ist BS
60 do.b3 49X 74 d. t*
(?) do.?3 sfi-J 50 do. .... tv?
176 East Boston Co. lti',1 25 do.btw <*
Snlrs of Hi oi Kntntc .Fco. 3.
Bv IV. H. rVanktin tr Sen.
Lots io Wtlhamsburgh. belonging to ihe Willinaisburgh
Ids. Co. Terms: ten per cent an..' the Auctioneer", lee- lo m
Said or. the day of sale; IS nut cent, on tl.e deIIvary of the
eeds; the balance may temnin on bond and mortgage (i.r tise
years, with In tercet ut six per cent.
Lot on Grand street, between l<t and 2d strsefs. 25 by I2i
leet...,. sjjji.O
Lot on North I.t street, between 1.1 and 2d street..2j by
140 feet. 3S0
Slots on North ?th street, nest ith-licet, each 2? tiy 100
feet, at ill'J . 820
II lots on North nth street, near w'i streut, viine si/e. 4'?i
1 lot on North But .trcct. near 7tb street, same sura. 162
Lot corner 5th and North 7lh street, same size. t
Do. Notth 8lb Mieet, do. 160
8 kits en 6th street, between tl.b we, do. 870
Do. corner Notth 7.h med, do,.?'
8 lots on Nonn 7th. neat Tub street, no. . W0
5ft. front, loth tt, neat South 2d ?t. lau
emseti St. near Smith st. each 2'i by W. ,!'*\
f above, on VVyckoff st, ? ime sin. 340
ist. neaj North 1st it.23? bj mm. H"
ulie, near l^-oiinnl st. 86 BJ Its'tt. la'
iSc, near 1,1-otund >t. .an. ?f*'
1 core loi45H. front. lOtfa -i Mat South ?! si. I3U
4 Cits on Hemsen St. near Smith st. each86b) 100..,
2 hits rear of above, on VVyckoffrt, ? irrte Vat. 34|
t jot on 10th st. nent North 1st ,t.23\, hy.WOjl. Dil
1 lot en Amilii
8 lots on Stagg. ...
8 lots on Ainshe, near Kwcn ?t. do. I.ltw
I lots rear above, on Powers St. do. 3JJ
[.Sale not tiiitslicd.
Hv H'm, Dumont.
8 ?eres and 83 perches land on (Treat Barn Island,
l'ii ii r ? ? Snilesl
fa Hi Mediator for Leadi a?MrsQulmaji of N' ork: Mis
tttovell and two childreuol Philadelphia; Mr Johnstou ol Can.
ada; Thnmas 1) DewUU:, lady and Itmv cbddten.and K S i ton
ot London.
In Us stranuaip Catii5rm /rem ?e.stea for J.ivrrpool?\\
MOhjrjnmn nl Uottoo; Jas Mokes. I. II Meyer. Wmlltimri
cock, (^o S Swords. Win M P.rtsle? ami Roben F. Ivelley ul
N?w York- N Lewis Paleske ot Pmladclphta; I sV Boundet;
and tan, t'haries tiesidi^, Wm M'Intoah, 1! M Innet, Samuel
t?reeiisliieidi, John Cox, too Simpson. I llarsndry, L Ben ja
rain, R Shaplor, M Mose? and John Youruj ol M mtrea . K
Oil.uoiir. It M Hsfflsss, John BisKske and It S Kalkmof Hue
bee; AlexMunyot Toronto; IVmBlaikiool Canada; M U
Banultier, of Qaspe, Canada : M ?or Iseimey, Ttnti Reel ? V.
Canada; CapU-.u ISbiihoii. J2d Keui B.\, d..; Captniu Wu
louchbv. RA, do:-MyUou. 89th Rest BA. do: fit
Ma.-l.-o.e isikI scrvsnl. el' Cm? t\,s: l I ' I \V SchniKll.
Prussian Consul?
For llahtax?Meur> I R Stesvait. F W Pickitiati, James W
Butts and S Ketten?I. Total39.
?tk Condor, Tiki(d?e, St Croix, A'sop ,t Clinuneey.
hi P?i?s?'tit;ce, llonin, Boston, Bunker Je I'lsce.
Bleep Alfrest. Prentice, I'.-uudenee.
Brut Planet. Clark. 10 sis from Eastport, tntli 4tc to Smith k
Sehr Cornelia, Nickersoa, S ds fm NBedford, oil to CtiuoeR,
Mtntum & Co.
Shsop \N ashingtor., fm NBedford, oil.
Oianateira, site.
The mate and a portion of the seamen Mousing to the bark
Pollock, bound to Nesv Orleans, >shieh had been abandoned at
the ChandeLera, have sutely antYM at the Bah? m Lheir bssats.
Sehr Arnndn, of Pott-mouth, b.-tore reiMrtsst stramlesi near
the mouth of Littfe Kissrr. near Hampton, .Ntl. togeiher s> nh
her cargo was fully Iii>u*m ; a sniull portion of the lattar aa*
since t.eensave'J in a damaged ttr.te.
The schsHtner Sarah Taylor, Bryant, beticeet Clsarseston,
experienced vety heu? i ?? .- t .- ;mis. k-e. carried
away lere gatT and jib stay, split teresad, and sustained other
Dtl,. Hat xKW vtkk. J ib. 30,^-Sloop Alexandcr.AV.,
from Bridgeion. ,NJ. im New.York, u la i eart-oel c .
srvsoj, put in here this d rsa.havuut experii ?<?.
a*j?ew gate itvm N\V. i5;ti mst. which carn.m away boom,
gag,Jigging, A.c. She w i puvced to Philasto.p' aorOo til
?r Creek to repair damages.
Foretgr? Porta.
Ywk1*11 fr0J? L"''*fI)oo!?Js;'4tt>' American, Hide, (er N
?Ai fyrtf i1^1**' J?a -s- origs Wm Ncilson. dug; Smj r
na, to load Jor Baton. .
? t^F.*PS-R~^ Yearns Drtiggisi,- Blue Medium.
** S RJ*mL1' Ii? f51"* Medium.
sTS V? .'?s*1' Tobacco Paper.
16V do Crown do Co, For ?Ist by
^5?_CYRUS W. FIELD. 9 Burling si n.
^1 ^aslll ,RdE<VMS BOOK PAPER
?~? on . 8 bv 35x4. sW- to 60 Ibe.
. jUx* 24 to 40 h?. ?vis us ih,
1 jtt "For tale by CYRCS W Vvguo^&s > ,
^un^ Gre~ H??ma-lVt??.from ittto
? inches wide, tot s*le at mlvon!^l-t1lre^., tsrsees bv
jeU_GAl NT dt DKRRICsKSON. l?? South-.u
sgTRA^ BOARDS-Fifty tons, of varisvut.sues and cual:
j34_EC?F.VE 1/..V & CO, 71FuJtonttreet.
BINDER'S > 1ft toosGlared Straw Bidet's R<ardZ
Forudeby_CYRCS VY. Ft ELD. 8 JtoHng Slip.
BINDERS' "BOARDS?1 .-w-prtced. i.^<sV bv
i*4 EUGENE ELY 4c (XX Tt F^kcost.
STR?\V~B?AlUiS? Five tons, assorted nuiat-its t ..-sJ5
ja_ by EB.CL.\Y-I\>> &.SOV. m J.*nvr.
BONN El" BOARDS-Fifty gn.ee. in roils, white. >e. .w
axtd brossm.assorisHluual.tics. tw?!et y
j/j_E.H. CL.W IX'Ni. si'NS.-t.
Bi>'bERjs"BbARt*S-S x tons, hand asake, and weBfia.
sthed surface, jast rt-crisedatt.1 for sale bv
jfa E B. CLAY i ? 'N vs. Si '.\S. -;v .o.
AND-BOX BOARItS?A lot of superior am
recsNvsKi and Jor sale br . '
ECGENE ELY Jt CO. 71butt.w?t.
bracing a vanety oi nesv sty?s. lottos- by ,
richards. CKvNKHlTF. ? SHAV..
lagsreod_ _tt txchAng? FUoe^
SPRING PRINTS.?V large assortment Of tstl eseg*W
new styles Ch utrs, Uwo Plates, tight and medium l.os
oes, infant Piatee, blue and two blues, MsssimttiS Prints, &e.
yttMts>cet>"ed and to'sak! by
f36t_ C Excha i^e Place
PAPER SEGARS.?A tVw barrels ?I Havana made P??*r
S?gers, foe sale low, by
cQb JOHN ANDERSON A: CO. 2 Wail >t.
!; CO. J*>bbers, 6? Ottnr-strtrt. rrwi^rti v^^ie-te-'Juy H
?urpwr*(i in I'st'Tn? nmi Coloring. In H' -. >?( ^lin.linc,
th?-y nr?? fur superior i<> any previous importation*. Abo p-.
ceived. yesterday-;* Ca-es of " GA Lh< H A GINGHAMS."
presenting the rirln>r patterns am! coloring.?Ai; lor cast:, at
the lowest ronrkpl price*.
J. >). T. tL CO. are now openmr: the choicest ?!;|e? >.t
Goods, from e\.?r>- Foreign nn-.val; nmi if those who voit.the
Gity to huy tine G?'i?i? inaka u liieir busine.s to call it ?9
Cedar. Hie late?t la>hioii? ami i.eue.l Goods rimy always
? I. i /.....I i.?m..-i inept of I'tiper i.'ambries, of i. II r..|..r ane
iifien..r<inniiTy ; sfso ln?h L'n*n, wlnrh will bs soM M n c-er.t
bargain. Aiv. Thread Gimps, Brussels. Silk sod Bownaei
Lane*. Edging*, Insetting*; new style i.ac??Cap?. of various
km!?; V'lvn Beeil Ururs; I'ririteJ Cambrics t rveoch Prun?
ed Muslins; Pbilbppaaa uincbamt: Hosiery. Gloves, fte.
c. V. wimim.e.
dlj_Jobber. 73 Cedar tlrecL
SPRING PRINTS.?Ju?t received a larse rasortrarnl of
Kicb Cbintxos, Lawn flute?. Licht ami Hediaoi fancies,
ltlue and White, ?wo Blues aril Mourning l'rint?, from the
Al ,. ?? an Print Work? nt Tall Rive-. Lvodi, am1 others, cor
y?i 6) 4" Eicbanec rime.
t^MiLING i iiT~i Iii: \}'.? I .ie mi:-i-r.lins t i. large
O ami weil selected stock of Fail tin.) W:r-tcr Ihy Goods,and
be:nc tmsioiis to milk? r.*im for the rom::ig Spring Goods;
will for n ?h?rt time olt-r emit bargains. 'l'i ?y tinner thein.
selves timt they enjoy superior focihues for k-IIihc full as low
a?iuiy i.tlur i-tnl h-iimeiii m the city, as they purchase then
Goo.1* entirely from Auction ami the Importers direct and for
eu?h. Ij-.ilie. in want ol Hoods mr.y Iki assured thiittlioy will
fmil a oocnplats assortment of Fancy, Staple, Foreign anil Do.
in?e?ttc Hr> Goods and ?t meat barrrnn*.
_jlO_w. Ii. GREGORY .v CO. 17?Sortiur.st. _
DRY GOfll'lS AT RARt.TlNS^-The sul.srnt.crs take
this wportunity ofinforming iheXadies ol New-York,
Ate. Hint they ure now prepared tu offer grent liiiriiiin? n Dry
Goods: their Kt.u k consists in part ol Uro?.I Cloths,Casaimeres I
sml Sinnet?, Bgmbsxtaes. Merinoe* and Arpaccas, Linen
She tins, Table Litten, Toweling, Napkin*. Diapers, fw'.
Cash mere OS Isuasn, Ginshams, 1'nnts. Air. O Uon Sheetings
and Shirtings, und i.ll other styles ofisasonable Goods. 1/..I???
am invited to cull and examine their stock unit make them,
selves acquainted with tbalr prices bafora ryorcksshuteasswhere.
HO W. P. GREGORY ft. CO. I75rjprip<st
hs I- S'l'^NT'-lN, -JO Heaver-?tteet. oMei? for viw the li.I.
Iii. lown.i: deehnbla WOOLEN GOODS:
BATINdIw?Low, meitiiini sno suparies Klnrk?. nb
plain, Oxford, frteei, t.'nil?t. Gray nmt lunr.y misliire?,
wove, plnnlr.i nmi plain.
CASSlilERKS?Fine and low-priced wool ami piece-dyed
l?iu ki. i ivlonl anil fancy inisetl. -:n;wil ami plum.
ItEAVKIl GLl i TIIS?ti-tand j~i Wi?d Black-.
CD ITHS? Browns, iiuvp, Greta, Blacks, wool ami piece
dyed, of vatsoaa uiinli?er..
IM.ami LINSE) S-Lm, n stiMtm article.
SUEEP GREY CLOTllS-tM. medium r.tuele.
?* L?h?
SEWING SILKS? Va:iou> nuiililii-s. u liiw nitiele I.t lai'or?*
fHlilS. GINGHAMS, tie. Kr. Kr. Cl7
irsRIENDS l?l' ROBERT It. GAGE ate infornsesllhatha
; has located at No. ?81 Ltaxarr sraarr.
DRV G0O?3 at use smallest jMeniuieniivanfe.
I? n uiH--".sl l.> h:. .iiK-k of
whirh wiMiilwnj-iw kept full nmi r..u.(.'-P'. i r.-snii.iii; on
showtmt the InriiH.t ami lulle-t as<ortineni in the city. nS5 to*
Elt. CLAYTON a.* SONS have rot sale at thou Ware.
. house. No. SI John ?Irret, a m.?t evtcii.ive n?,oiliiiri.t
.it I'linlinc. Wiitme. EiiviI. jh-. coiorrrl ami other l'n;.*r?;
Brnders, Straw Bonnet, Itsmibox ami Trunk Bom!-. rrr-?
Papers, &c.
Their ?t'-ok of Wri?io; Pnper<,ailnpii,J for Station. '?' u?*.
wilt Ik- lound imusuaJly extensive.
t'on.lni.tlv on luoiil?
B U and News Pristine,assorted sines, wi-ijhis and quahiio?.
Colored Mishuni, .lonhle do ami ot!urs:7?.
Covet Papers, various colors and weigbts, lur Magazine? ami
Cheap Pubb^janons,
l^ilccr Wntinc. tine tun! super du, tilue and white, wove ami
z-tst ami Cut Caps, plain and mini, wove tuiJ laid, blue and
Letter, ruled nv.l plnin, white and blue. WOVS?rrli laid,
packei Post-Cpnunercisldo, E?dtodo, Bankdo,
iiniix Note Paper.TtsWecodo, 1^vswopedo.
Mi..' arot Tea .v. Straw Wrapping do. Palm Leal do.
Hanlwan?and Cloth l'iiner?. :n emil variety,
S.ik an- l.??e I'Mj^r. Sao-l t*ap. tS ork. ? 'i.nr .!-.- 1'h;mt.
Pley Bill, tiatten*, Utottuig, Dtugxists au.i Ttssos rapets,
tec &c
N. lt. ?I'ih.-i .?i .-very description in.-.U'? tu or.ler. .ti1
1 ' KIELD. i' llurttnj .It. oifrp. l .r?ale?
WKIIUNG l'APKK-ns?: reamsCa| ft Letter,phi aft ru
lOOd '* Hat Can. line ami SUperfilte
t,X) " l.e.lj;er 1'r.p.t?, a?-ortr?l .:?,
PRINTING PAPER?tOOO reams Book, assorted -
tiiuo " N>?s
ENVELOPE PAPER-1WG " News 19x34. S?sSI and 34x36
90 lila/*.! i:'?.4. RK.lai.x2i
HARDWARE PAPER???00n.u 19x31.90?:; . ?b
56, 14x1-1. 16x16, iMir.. :'4\4i'
filuOTII P MT.R-asJ ream* 38x40. A'x*.?. ?jl0. 40x4i
HANGING " 10 urn, white, blue, pink, brawn. Ice.
WRAITING " SOOQ reanasallsixss Rat and Straw
BONN El' II tARD1??HSJgr.k-eliro.nl. while and yellow
PR1--S P tPEK- i vi sjt ceSIxSI and Bta I
I'llLoRED " ?l'?k? r?-am?, a cHiiplete asMirtment
SI R V\V BOARDS?19 Iota a.Mined numbers
BINDERS " -W " " _jS if
>?. S-t J?hi>-?trcct.
EB. CLAYTON ft SONS nro in constant rtveipt of Ts
?pen adapted I?every branch of th* trade, einbracine an
itnu?ii?lly tauro a??ortinei.t el Klnnk Bisik, Cup ami l*u,r
Writing, tivrwrx-r with every nsseiiptiusi ol New? and Book
Prmpng, Colored Paper ?il Medium and other s zes, Kavsslope,
Ti-baoc. >h.w- and l'ca. Si raw an.L Itig Wrap'on-:: Hard?
ware ana Ck lb la great vanriv ; S.lk and lj?g. Toktsse. plain
, sj rsatored, .v.r. kc Bastda Straw, Bonnet, Truck and
llaiiJth.v Boards. Prssa Psssms. <tc. 4ec ial
jl7 tf NO. CJOHN-ST
CYilL'S VV. i-li:i.L).
Cotwmistsiou Paper lYnrs?hou*?
No. P Unviiutr ultp,
All kinds of Job Printing, such a,
P*s?mi.KTs. i >Uh?zotu Show-Bills.
C*i .:o.:ivs. Lxcrrtrxx?Btzas,
Checks. Carm, Cu.Mm-l!a;-, !' .
Issi-aAN.'x Pouctxs. PSllCT.
Bilu* or Lxnwo, . ; Politicsl Kills.
Osv TLaks. ! ts.?a ui'.s, tnearnst?
Proremly exorxiUrd at the Oftire ol the Tnkune. No. KB N'a*?*u
?:-er;?,vlx...:.> the i'?:k.
?xslkiSCNK BOOK. Bx9f
No. ? Seitr.-s STjursr.
vnixn stosv.
Are t-ret-s-?! to ?recule Bindrci ?? Bt-OKSKi^aRj?.
PUBLIC LIBRARIES and priesiwmdividtasJs.
N, B. Partstnlai attesiioo pud tv> reiuodmg Otd Bt-att. Psv
tiod>oa^. M uaic, ftc. in g?x?3 style oztU Ml rsesrviarvie rates.
Persons raiting: the eitv cxa bare toe r books ? asd
tbort aoc-esx_?_?syj?
lt\t utsvl It* Kxvl.oi SC.
The sAiliicnbtr esuthmas as :ive ha !p?-?iol ai:enti,.n to all
devrnplir-u* ut
arx! invites Librarians, ail per-??? hsvirig cbsrr* of I-x>k In
ititu:i.vts. and eautssssn hxvivg Ubmrea, to call and if-iysr:
ni? un Kim xnd mtv-iaai a: srvie? ,4' It-iektdmimg. aod bro to
rc*cr to U>? n r?t B??okjci?-r* a nd Li b nman* i n th a city.
tCT" r or dumMlity uf wKvrkmacaaie. wirb ewer? mristy ?i
'-&*le, xmi v-oy .-ro^oaL-^charg??*. thisrx'.FH?sv?*?UbiMRm-Qt
itarkinsnvahd, BOWARU WALKER.
E. WAJ.KE?. Bookseiier and Pcbbsher. 114 Fv?toa v-^-e:
Always on hacd a gvwd a ?ortinem ofScboo! K.Kik?; Stxatiari:
l\ork? ol Amencaa srri Ecgiah cjitxx-.?; M^erl *-e-*-?
JU? ?? and Slatiuoery ofewry kma. si greally rscuord prvr??.
rurcatU. Couapyisaxier? ?uppinL jaiV
'IM) MILKMEN. ?tC.-The soUarrbers otf? f?r ?a!e Ko
1 bb!?. ttuckwrteit l-tanr as a sub>t:;iite Cos Od M>?! nw
Iwrd nf Cattle, h is now exter.?lrely uses! !<h that purp ve c_i
secount of rts rving ctvosijCTably ebiape:. Abo Hk; ?i?. ?mi
511 hall bbrs. Ex?rn, t?r family u-e or ?hippmc.
iJS t; WRIGHT. LO?EE ?t CO.:? Mvsne A.
tnmchanu ...
ujcir tire pro?! ijunitt-f* beysjod oil <?? not!
??" :.e -.r '?.Tv: ?-.-' ?' ~ >??>"?' ? ??? >. ? >?
Rich's improved patent sTa!ar:.'>xr'9T r--afet id the rrrna'cot
'?The Siite wasplneed in the furaataai 10aitr.nlei aftei ti
? o'clock. A. M. und remained there three hour*. c<?cuu ci
pfw.i to tne most interne heal thai wt?dbecreeled by [he
?! pitch pi re cotton w.--.t!. 1: was tit t: t??.C" ri. t.-.e i'nr.
i tif Sir. Rich's tct.it in thi? c.:!y and opened, when they man
? rJrattheeoater.il were neither burned nor icorei-eu. iv, i,"t
, the wood wort bore no aptreaiaaee of having i^ea
i The undersigned are eonvmcsd that tide fait rent subjects*!
1 to greater ??* ? thl :, .-.mid possibly eiitl ?t the burning ol atrj
I hui-'l'Dg it: 'I' "?. however combustible its rent*!,'- n ??
they therefore nave f?, h?it.-ttion iti saying that Kit* i Sal er
ameoifflentt) secure acaipsttfie risk "I O'**.under air c resn
i r.nr?? whatever.
N-tw-ORir.rts. lUth Jnne. l?;t- , ?
? Jtr..me B. Balten!, Msiterof s'.enmer Sen Bird.
John Roey, ETtretnapeeti ro< WertemWan am
(Fire Invnmrtee UOsnpaay
Fbes. H. Cbeeoedh. J.-iw-ph Grant.
R. McGrei or. J- H.Sr??Jter.
A. C Lai mi Benjamin It. Coo?.
Rene H. BfUBst.
One of our customers saved MOt009in med Sic;.'. Setae,
although tie l-orgiarhad n or eight nottistotry bl? aJttl or
he iocs.
The above -ttlr? are tnirl in Lhi? city only by
A. S. MARVIN. Agent foi to* MaMLfkctll ? .
.ill ve _IfrOtt lV?f'.?l-eet
Brascb ? ores:
41S BleeeAer Creel, New-Vo. t
Srjt Grand itreet. mi r Suflolk.
Ol Greenwich street, near r ulti.a
11* Fult-.n street, Brooklyn
? K3('he?t*uta'itl4? .*.oTth Ftlth.tt Pbitadeir.hu
ti Bant s-etftnset. Itomej.
rNVlTBthe attention a Guy and Cmi-suy Funtlia ana
I I ut. e.f to ?-? :"? ?.?er-.n- it idi '.rwn.i. w.Vti- ? .
v.. be round b) ru the heat selecting*, at pore end une.ra
t?iTe.ts... th. United States, [sta universal populantr an
ten- ? -no:"!, t- H ? w.th re'.-, Knee, to tugb -j?.-?-??. low
eet, and npnghl dcuhng. ?tun weil underxti>o<i to render h-i
tne: eommei.u necessary. Ongi.tnl and m 'y war?b..it? ror
the ra'.- ol Howrjuu's Rinek Tea?"Obeeree :"?Strangers will
b? parti-ulnr to remvmi>er the nunioer ol 'ne pondi-iu .to., i
Chatham Kreet, vtzt 121. between Pearl and Roaeveb. streets.
Tne public will aim I* t -I.Maed so take initm ihotthot eaton
Tea C-OiajKUly i.tvn imlliiii? to do *-h n.iy i.thnr rtorea ereep'
ttuns.d?M.n'?l ?1 It* tne*ofthw aileeiliawiianl ??T
.1. NEW-YORKi?Ibie butitutio'i. during month ol
January, neued Saventl'?Oat Policiea, eia:
Tu Merr?iaotJ..tljTot'lergynun. 3
To Manufaclurers.<|ToJ^wyeei. >
To Broker.. 1 'P.- Phyie "??>?. I
To Clerks. 7|To Mechanics.??
To AgenU .l|To.Patiuei>.
, To Ca.luep.ofP.unki. 11To RoobeUera. 1
1 To Sec'y o lnt.Co'l. I Tidlwroa. a
To Scientific PrjIVs'or.1 To porter..... 1
To Teacher. llToOflieerofU. S. Arniy... 1
"Po Student. 11 _
Total Live? lis-iireil.'I
MORRIS Rl IB11SSON; President.
s,v"r.iIanssy. Sec*ry,
Misri ks Pout, Phyticjan. tl Ira
j .1 h.rnnces nga.n.t h^- or dumage by hre and inland navign.
I rjon, on termi u favorableni any other rimdar uttututieo in
I ihe city
'Capital ? XO.tiUO-t iilice No. 64 Wall street
' R Hasans, t'aleii 11. Ilnl-ted. John Rm.kiil,
Nwub Toyiot, Wm. W. Todd, Mets? 1?. Bsjojanao,
; J. Phillip, Pncenix, Wm. Couch, Nnthnmel \V?*d.
PanningC.Tucker, B.I. Wosdley, FerdinandStrydara.
! David Lee, J. B. Varoum. HenryC.Thoinpwn.
- John D. Vvolfe, Michael BaMmn. Petet L Nevlut,
, Edward Antl. R. HAVENS, President,
j Lewie Pinmre. Secretary. dlstf
From the .lotirnal of Commerce of January Bth, 1845.
C1ETV OF LONDON, * Combi.L?Ewrj<rweeed by
! act of Parliament.
! CAPITAL ?VO...osTF.Rl.i.\<:.
1 tllVtltO. .<IUM loK TIIK l-NITKIl >T?Tr' OS* OIIRII',.
J. LEANDER STAJUt, Cl Wall sL New., ..n..
vitv^n late* to nil eortirTY?(Medical t^xaminen.)
j. KE VKNV ROGKRSr-M. D. UO Bteeekerat
ALEXANDER E IIOSACK, M. 1?. tot Franklin si.
B ivkllRw.
THE Mt.Kt llA.N i>? hank of NEW-YORK.
WM. VAN UOOK.liq.90Wi
The mtiNol tir- Siciety are n? low a. those ol the Atcertcnn
I \eiipanies, i.::d i. wer tluut die s-a!ead.">tited by many London
Ulti'-e?. le*n? gmntsd to the extent ol tiso-tlnrd. the amount
i of ptesi'ium |iaid, alter the hue* of a year.
Penoa in-uiesl in die Untied States on the scale of" pattici
pel on." enjoy the importr.ut hdvuniLge of -tiintig in the
. in Iiiill limiiw of tlifi Society, which in Gre.-.t Britain is very
e\:ci.. vf.
1 The public ar* rcsiwetfully requested to exnmine the distm.
i gtuabing pr.ncipks of itoanawntinii theutehlei ot rai.t.?
' their ili.tt..ii:tio!' of ; r..f.'.?and the fncdities stTorded by llieir
! Loan department?before d'culmg to insure el<wh?'re.
I Paiiil'hiet.eonia uing ttte bvst Annual Reps.rt. and the Se*,e
' ty'? rates, together s* ilh blank form*, and the loltest inform-.
' tioii. may Iki obtained upon nppl.catiou to any Agent or Sub.
' Agent.
A Medics! Examiner in attendance at the otlice daily, at S
, o'clock, P. M. Fee paid by theS.-eiety.
J. LEANDER STARR.General Agent.
i jtl Smeod _^_Resvider.t in New-York
No. 13 JoaN-eTKJueT, Nkw-Yotjc,
*HD No. ts5 Fl'l. i J.\-*'TRcg :, B'.lxittLtiS.
?Jitriaal invenu.ns aad sol? ir^aalticttuv..--? ot the reaiu..e I sag c
LtLrap. A'jo, maru .--.I?? tnd teejen 12 i-npr..se.l I'atc
pben-j li-ttrot. So.^ir Li: G -asV .er. Ii..'; lwvmr-s and Lan
iv.'ev. A-rtr.j - .? r- ' r S nv, .... .., t, i,;'.a-., ;
: ail k'.D.ia, Lac;p \'s ic. l-u.-aS:-^: ? .-ti?ceaad Burr
? iixg Ftutd, ai1 afwhieh jmoflVtresi ?t wh'-4ei?!i!. -xnd retrul. it
low nn.-sse lor .-axh._ -^v.J Y
? rpii E STJBSC Rl BEE ofieri for sale the foJknrmg i!e*er:bs-d
' JL gosisb. at x erj ioss pnees:
Tea Trays hi rets or sragty, s s-nncty of pattrms.
I Solar and idesistatic Lai-.i;'.. sc? patterns.
liiraxuh-le.. ?-:th and witnont dris1-.. e;erant:T chased.
Pine 'l*ah!? lottery, from ;-?~t r-iietL^-ui n-.r ntitsi-ritrrrrs
Silver piite,! ware, rxmsuting of Castors, Tea Trays. Cake
D .-s- Cai .he-ticks, Snutlers. Trass. Sc.
Britamua'! ea SetsvDtxna Jt Son's SnetSeld.
WM. E STOUTENB?KCH, Us Fitfton.n.
: 330_be ween Brxdway and Nassau^tjtet.
TPEA TKAYS. it-.V. W. SnEsVciT~i?sl?e?jUt.
X have 'ust received a la'je isaoctiaeal c4 G(<hic and Sand?
wich Tea Trsp in ssru. Aw, a full aseortuient ot all sizes
comms-a Tea Prays by the doreu. New styles Duuo's Britan
aia Ware,some very eie-gact pattens; togedier with a iren
? era! asa\irrr--ent of nue 1 ab> and Pucket Cutiery. Scissori,
, (I f IN'EP.V \ PEN.?Tbe subscr.ber-, have .'iist leeeiseda
? 1?JI 'ot of above Peas, from the ceJe'-.rated manuiBCton
i of C. C. Wrtght Co. Tboe bemg an enUre.'y or* bran :.
particulat att-iition has been paid t? dieir teuics-r and tjoisn.
' Ther are r?\-. .?u-^.eiiis'd f-sr me'csnti.e ot grncri.! wntir.g.
So - ? hvje?a.s tuid retu. I by FRANCIS *i_Li 'ITEEL,
g?Sw .NltJaifat-tnTinf MsLooe-s. ., Mn.oen Lane.
. iTFlEixY AND BORAX-1? casks best geouoe l000v?
? JTi Emery, uetxtted Nee,
NO cases Fgigash Retinssi Borax, :a cases nf 113 lbs. each :
' ,a> ic any ouan'ny, by
(Us- SHERMAN. ATWATER 4t CO. 3ft Broad.?.
SHOVELS AND SPADES?1000deaea axscrwd ktmls tu.d
prices, tor ?e lose by
MACKlE .t LEVERF/1T. tOT Wstr.it.
1 jlT_ Agents tot the Mamifccftnan-.
'in RKlSH PIPE BOvri?-^SXx) Turkv. Pi;-e howb, 1
JL coms oHttV eoel-. fat sate low. by
dl? JOHN ANDERSs.'N Cr>. 2. Wsla.
DhLVti S .1 i.M. rs.?1_. .-? r.;... ;^.-v - ., a -w.i.ci.i
quality, soitshie tot ears age-! -..-:g.. at.*. 4ee.?Just rs-.
Cx-sesi <t -1 ?? - . r 1_ C. ST.-VN i\in. Be-iver Jf. ci."
WEWlNt; StUK.?csfea-e-. ii . '?? - . x-: . .
1 O ty American Sewing S'k. for sale bv
' iS9 ^_,_ sT7 Kttehange t-lace.
pHtUUiKLPxU? Cli ecks." 4; i Nt ik a MS. kc?VO
I C"aj?s. lor ti-e >,y
::icu.-vki>s. cRONTonrE t siiavt.
j3j 2we-.si?_ __-_54 Exrha-ige flsce.
\f AKIN EE'S STrOPES?M ItaJps. sa-tal e tor exrwt, ?. ?
1*1 by .KUtiAlOss. CRuNKHri"t? i. SH \\\.
j3St?-emt*_54 Exchsuige Eiace,
Ft .VPS.?lv.n! l? actstsn ttghl a. ^ rot-rsepsmape of ?!.-.-.
to raise frx-i-i "fc '..-> 4iv i.-t.:L>i* water per m Eute.
<V?t iron Fs-ot-riaiti-. of sisik-o- puaerr?.
K,re Eagitirs aixl H.-se. A-r. msn i-nuiesl by
B3m a U FARN AX. ^ FuRne street.
PI "MICE STt.?NE--> b! - Bd. f-- sale lew torlose
cocs gomsrui, t.y SHERMAN. ATWAXES 4s. CO.
jU 3UBt?sd-s:
.' -'- >.b^st3A^vr^.'^-.wnerv
3er v* **** BDfi wijt W^*?
Z-r-r ? . ..
rviki- rmdpen K^rrS AGerman >.:rer arui.P'Hann ?
Kt?-s. ir-*.G-srxan SsereranstBatsna 1
W-r? ^rha? dne? and lesj ???,I- " '^Pfz\mA
Keules. ?sc : C^-?*nu?r?'T.-.o-?. cbeup an?o? ^^T;
.- .?-...... .- .. .. .-. ? . :
ShS \ 'Vr-.:v-.'.^^St?
um) Bobr.t Bas?. I-^cw.?-- 3V>|W, iti^?ilT
baa-*^-? a?? Btvt. Send? and i'r.-r- ^J^""8
a?. F..vT?-e.a-: ? ; ' ..
Plea.-eei. .v. K. K. .:-^->v ? '.' "1"
n? seii.nislnnex~.ent --v-^llS^
N. B. Toy* oi'a.1 ?teseripueni, at wno?-sa> and retail.
dl? 2*7'
Um city, to bit tpieodis coto-bo- ?l :*gDe----e?type Pura-aru,
i -.,-.< ot .i. e; ?.:>?? ;? a s to H :??? ??? i.-o tse samepst?.
whichfbr itj r.c-jrr.cToi dehaearioa esnerc be ci
p-ned. P4sn:-i tates .ts al S-esStof weather. e-:-rr ?.. h ?:
without Iba color*, txc pr.c-;? <>f '-tSf! leitaj redureo:? 'hn-r
eiiar-reti by tb* nnrt meifraoced ifl the b-jnr>e*a.
Tie Ae'twjui i?i::t-j> ? ;li i?ie exhibition r.?-arnsd Str.
Wtvte'tb* Frrtt Prentitts! wrtbe beat ?^><rra?tyi3S I.;sene??
fa, .for grocpitif tni? ic-iiOKi eTe-ii ?hvh u? m:: acjtier proof
t_-r :ht? rci??-'..-.-.'/ of h') I - -:
Mr. white ?nie are-.: :s !
:aepof~: '? ''
Uiectj'o-'tlte-ri.-i'.ber be On u?.
N. B.?i=p.irte.iGer^itnCa1;*??,aboFreneJj a-. ?
esr .nrmrr.""'* v *: c * - r... t. ?? t'.r.v.-.
Jrlr. rVni:?*t< ?_?- i.:ie: r- etat the 'asrat tr. i
exteri.**?.in the Da tod r-rat?. be tf ei?t/ied (fron lheTT0af*.t:(7
be ruaccfactars; t'. ie!l Ihroe-re-arjpa Min:?-.":-? -.-n. !
per e?nt in?*r than aa- other h-f-tr .n the I 'm<tn ".13 ra
daguerria1n MLNIAT?RE gallery,
Corner of Broadway a-id Fulton street. erJrance
third cLw.
W'HT.RE rni.7 be had MDJXATDRE3 which. forbeantT
afeolor.taoe acd etr?rt. con at a.! time- commend
their.?aire. ; anC :! not tnperior, nre ec.nai bi any that have
been iieret/.f...-? taxes. Sr. I!, di** not claim rajvarioritj for
h:m?elf. !>ot)?rtT?? bis pictures b> the cri'.ici'ms of aiu?tand
intelheent ptrblic, who, as well as trs-ren, nre nreitaa to cat!
at tJie (.allery lie!.ire some ebetvhcre, w hether they intend ?it
t.neor not, Ltenes-e* m r.ll cases warruntsd to ?ik> ?atbrt?c
tion, an<l colored in a most i?f.utifol manner, and m which de?
partment Mr. I!, does eayim sui^rionry. it bemt Slieii by a
ene ;e'e:it i.t:.' rmrtrsl pertnn. Taker, in ail kinds of wtather,
bomS I. U. till? P. M.
?CT"The Arnencan Institute BTardcd a Firs: Premium to
M. B. Itmilr ?.: I le ata I t
Ir?:ructioni carefaiiy civen in the art.
_d: am*? M. B. BRADY.
?No peron who !ia? worn thai article has. within the
knowledge of the rr.aniir.-.ctnre-, drsapprosed nl them, while
llawwaiiai l inti ilifj llmii creat tnpenontj. Buy em of fiver
Snoes are retme?tc?l to examine Day's asuirtinent. Buy them
or not, come ano took nt uuo'itv end prices, ar lij Maiden-lano.
Polite atierjiiOB to rich and poor, oU and y iunr, end tnesiemte
iTVhe .\ew-.rk.N. J. India Rubber Factory, rV3 Mai Lane,
wheremay t??f.*nniKt v?-ry low pn.-ei every article in Ihe
Rubber bne, includtne tlie jslieet Rubier < lver?noes. with
lenther Jole?, flexible ?har.k. tic. which for beauty and dura?
bility we chnilec-e the world lor competition. L-.die? and
Gentlemen de>iru.s an ea-y titimj, l?aul:fullr shspeii and do
rable' iver-hoo (which we warrant not to pail i-i it ? sag n
will do weli to ex!! and ex . Be 0 " -lock before jiurc;ui>inc
elsewhere. ir^T" W- s?il .-hci;.. .CO
)Z> IH ?MWil.Nr-uN Ai Ri'N VON. S3 Maiden L.ins.
Bi uns AND SH?F-ss Fi?! Tili: NEW VEAIL-M".
Ritiler Klake. N-. 1.3 (-| atnair. hn- :. .? ? ? In.r.d
a laree and spiemtid aasottment of Gentlemen's line calfsowcd
and iM>cc>-d BiKits und Shoo, smele and uuubie ??de?, made of
the Iwst material, mi l wnrrnnted iir?l rate. Ladies'nr..i M sses'
l-aitcrs. liu-kin- noil S'i[.|?r> of all k'u 's. rh^-.;. a:.!
Ibiys' end Youths' B?K.t? in abundance. Sailors' am' l':?h.
nsan'a water-proof sewed and nmd Boots, warranted toxeep
tlie feet dry. Now, Ipi.Im- a.-rl Gent lerne::, pk-ise i? e\* me ti
call befor? you s? elsewhe-p, npil examine bir yonnelve..
M. RIPLBY BLAKE, No. l33CoalJiam-?t.
jl* 3w* 3d l*o..r fr --ii c-.r. of K.m-seveii-sirert.
BpOT&SEOKS, LEAITIGIL fee. - tii=^l~
? iIA.Mf.Eit! -O.'. .sit, I.-'-.'Ali'. tSP?s *
Manuiarnire*? nad G-.rr.?:1?^' -* cenler?. Ka.?., t'rar1
V.rett, hare a Iure- topnlv of Goods, S{TIT.1.'.'/. F. TO THP.
mssTJCRjir, sodfkKRjr axj city trade.
and are constant!j noaiv.iia Ironi thr r-t.-.nuiariorers, Cham
berlam. Gul^r ft. <',. l!o|le?t-.r. rur.-t A. !l (^IdthwaJt * ?',..
E-?t Stomr.g .... .'? :i , .- ., r.m.-.-i ,c ot
Mcris'tr.i in-,' i: ir-re rs-sr" ? '.<:. jai
;>o. d . Kip and ''alf
Ikr. dj. do. Gm.n nod do. thick pesed PnoU
Do. do. do and do. w-ved n-o-ren?
?idses'Gsjr, Kid a- -, GniU Brtoti
Do. do. ???;.?'?-; :-Var.?
Do. Kid. Mnrpeeo do.
i oteieer aim r. rar . :y oi ibe ? ' ? ? n tne lt.?; an.t
Sh'< in", w -i ph tneywill sell as low as any ofthedani??tier
Eaite'n maiiL-t-rv.-? f..r cash -ir -u>|:rowsl emb-rse>l w-tes.
CTJ*" L::-er-: arirsr. ? i.:..' .-i.nmeott s81Y
4r* <U'0.-r'lilii!. ??! r? . ?:.">?'.-..;...? Hie t .- w- ??
tue public eei.?ml!i to th-i ?ui^-nof adsiUHSlses it ailotine los
iiriieoved laetts an*i shne-i, in which he has introduced tlie pa.
ten* Elastic Metvor r'hunk.
T?the wearer '? pn-' 'h - r.';..u:r,-. anions many other,
adv'ininses nwr trie ! -n-tho.! of ?iillenin; li.s- m.I<-> oi i-.. ?
and ?h-se? hy -?vrr-i' !a---r Vitlwr: t.y the - iartic u ..fri e
?hank, which is placed in the inner sole, il ifivesa ;raecful turn
to the tool: la I he pedeebtan it eves ease, prtrventang the ok t
from pre-^mc t'orw in! i:i t;..- ixx-i: whilst to Ihil.i -J.sl i-4SeseM
it is equally advantn-reoiis, as the arch or hollow ol tie- loot i?
?tili preserved ; nr.d by ties proc. n walklns !?k.t .-r shoe may
te: innile with a low beat, and lite hollow i.f the fool | .1 be S3 ?
po?od to riw inud. as in the old ineiiiod. I: eve? Stt|ipur1 to n l
ilie iiiiivck-s of toe loOl at tlie sametim*'. a::d i. r*-".nik-it.lv ca-v
to ih?ee who ate troubled with cm-. I'.'r?->es re,-u:re<ltestiui.l
at lbs tierii w ill timl them a great<!e> .l? ituni.
?lrs fiin _i.i>!!IN Bit' -i 'KS. la? Fnlton-street
D A H \ G E 1) GOODS.
ff5,000 P\!US..f V. ... ? ?? I rsbogs^daasaged. '' .
B '"' f-atsr ? ? ite fire in ..'irtSBras
Jf, W!>o'.-;.!<? ?-. U"> !'?? :, N-a \ ?oi.. ? :'?".? I
lor ?'.lest tlie Krimk'yn an! I^.ni l?!n-.<! Store. Fultoo.
?treeU?All to !>e *<i!.;. if p.??.!ile within tliree w?ek'.
N. B. Many ofthentmveartitfcs am very slichtly -iiled.and
' - rr\ ice. When ther? u rm.m to g.;
. t..iv'm- ?1.pect?.!.
iREJIOVAL.?E DOWNP has remit-rad u* eitensive
rMat of BOOTS AND SIB 'ES from No. *i to rtsCarh
wt am..- i raat
The public are respectfully informed that he has of late iiiaila
verv large addition' to Ins stork, and though always aitand,
moJ ciu-a-ie; :imn tlie cheatict. he i> now determti.cd tc't* a
htttoebe?ne?, a. Pjllowtr?Lad as*Gaiter Bix-t.- at s-. Hh.ii.
Lailu-' IPi-k r... Heek -??<-?.:- :??-?. ansur;.::-,-: M -ty!
ann durnhihty. Mussas' Gaiter Hi*kin* nrd Boots in any
(juantity at the smallest pn.-e-.. l??Nles Children Gaiters ami
r-bi-sss of all sorts and desuiistKiD^toomiiuarocs to ineatiim.
?\ l] :-t:'y of Gentlemen's Bi.itv nt Ii-,! |;, ir.r!-o od.'
AI ??, BVsys*and Yeartlis*Beets and Bootees, etecetc. .\it...
reiher Hie m?-t extensive assort i -mr. o' B.x?U an.I Shoes to b-s
found in the e;:y. [Mease call and ':?)k :"..r youoc'lves at
N. B.?Sonetnitendenli of Sunday s-hwls, andou>ercf.ir.
itat-te in-tituuwu- will tie ?upvlwd ottiie very Uvroi pnctfm.
iL7 3ni* _ '_
FS5?SK^i5ij5502TAKS^ll 'Er-ffORK. GROSS fc
BST?, 156 Fulton tt, occ *?jr List of Bmi, Jws,. keep
on h:rA -i isrijff assart!::-1 ti loots St :. io?j!e in :bs
nsost f!uhio.-alria sty la and - rJaetts^arstanabv. Msao
toor-'cr ?. esr.\ "ion oi ?-. ? ? e-l
sad p :o- -. to ?c:: ~? 'jjusx. ei 1Y
sfTMBERLAND C?1 \L.?'Hie so!-icr:beri are now pre
\S l?ar?-d to deliver in elesn order fr.m Yard, the si-ove cele?
brated Coal, which for family u-e neonsnleredequaJ. it notju
penor.totl:ebe.;L..,r; - ''?-ViVul'-S &. RIPLEY.
yi\ JOg. .a \\ o.->Vr. nenr r-, r -.-,-.
?O.??Mi.V.--ll. di-charging trum boat., eonstn-t.'y benkno
YitS_store and Nt:t?siebvarrd es r.t-o?e. trr.. .,t r.T.rp'
fa, eartae?. Assrsi L bigb I "ctl. Wb::a A?h. Schuylkill, Uv
erp.-.lai..:S;. ,>C.a.. -V, ^ ^
d!? :f lvT '\a:ho.-y ?:. near K.?aJ-.va> I ?.'-ri.-.c.e.
BI'N'E I'.l il.idNGS, .
COA1.?s.H '-he besr .;i::il:ty. aiicztt'a in trrni, ai?I tr.tj U.
the rssrpectira uses, lot n - a1 rch rne'j. at lt? Ntucsauji.
fTnbuoe I'-mldings) vri--itc City Halt, rut:
Feoch trrchatd. Wh-;? A.h rscJiuylsill. Cannei,
Peach ?(ounia.n. Grey v-n Ser-.vH::-. Srdn?>.
Brssesl Votatsjj. L-t. . Newcastv.
Tu-ciuora. Lirap-x.!. Fici-u. sic.
ilT rf V. B. TALMER. trj. N-ttSMj^r.
some raiKG NEW*.
S^PAU'ING i-. CO- are cut-'UMt on.ir- Lssntni Pl
O tea: cra-itej b> the L'.-. urd r?-j>a. in impros-u Fnetiun
Match. :o burn
Tbev ri -tv efier for --.le, on "-err reasonable tenns?
2<>,0O0 GROSS,
Necr'.y put up in Tm, tVooa and Paper, n tcy ?ued pacis^es
and m M\ to int purchasers.
Thea; Matches ore kjgli.'y approved oi and recommenced f,>r
farniiy use by PhysKnaus nid Cbemrsts. in eonseiiutuce of the
aWcce of Su:p;>ur in their b nnuiriciure, ihr fumes of srittcb
ore so ^sa;reeable and dejetenou.? U> ali. and particularly io
runous io persons r-.annc weak lungs or ?.'.eiicare c.^.-'-.t.-tuuona.
They are pnrtjcuiariy rrcociaieoded le the arrent'oo of ship?
pers as they have frequeu-y l?-en taken on long voysges aiwi
eT,.v-<eti to tie action of ii_i cl mates stsdsout tne .ksmesta.
For saie by fi# pnceipel Dni.-ciA. or-d Grocers :a tars City.
Orders felt at Shepard's Bookstore, Vfl Broadway or at the
vtSce oi S. .t Co 1-51 Blsarcitr >t- _ jU 1m
303 PearI-*l?c?G Nttv-york,
N. B.?Peacock Feattier Fly Blushes made In order, el? y
?"PHE SUEScrjRERS have Uu. day fonnr-i a rc.pnnxT
X itup fo: rauK.-:luis a l-oioest)C aivi General l'-rj Gosids
Corurr.s-.oi: it .. ??- ? . ? - h-n.:.: ST.ANTtr.N. rjCJJ.
AROS i. Kl ?LLISTKK. They may re Gwad f .r i.er present
at tire <tore No. iiea\er ??. I - ' S. AN I i S.
'X. II. HL'U^iSi tR.
New.York,_?gli? Janraary. I5?_jK if
I^PARTOERSaiP.-TfsssnJhsCTbajs -av? thoirBTetier
1?' nl lav, -"o-'.-irrnerihip !??? tte pcr.-a?e ot '.raisaetjr.g a
genera: t-rv (.'?-P bp ::-.: and Jniibasg Simmi under Use
rrrm of M ANNING 4s. PKICHARD. a=rl xrj; eetmpy the
store No. it Beaver-vtreet. R- H. MANNING.
jal l.-n _tVM. U. PRICH.ARD.
*p01\\UTNE.-{Si!IP.-Trie~SaIjsrrr.^^^^ -o- fo med a Co.
V/ panaersbip unoer the ua.oe ai ?: brases St. wan i Hop.
kies Sot th?. u-aojactmc t -rsirjerai l?y te??i> B-.-?-e? el No. 18
Cedar- :. J. It Or. KINS STEWART.
Li-'Ki;i- *-*. EKaPKU'S.
New-Y :.. J-.n. 2Pt->. ;>I3. >J0 Jw
\T10UN STRINGS.?A. W . SPIES as Cm. have just re
' ce.Tf.| a? .o-ro.ee ?_??" Vro a Stnags;. best ijuahly, lot are
ko? io <'es Vr% si 3? P-rarl st._j3U
CA?PErS-Supsecei Ingram <"arpcn-:r.e,ttii*rt.ag of so.
permw. Sr.* anU -rs?aoi a. oJ be-* ,i -. ;a aid p tUen-s. lor
asieby WELLS 4& SPSXNG, ird Pme sL
?1~ f? ?' * at Sirvtrtti.w-:. iVnee V3 JUB
iag*>. Lrmg.lslarsd.3S m.les fn.n New. YcrkJTI itcreso. - ?
? weil cni!-T-ite<}, and 20 acre* ot" wne.1. 2 Cirr ffweii ar
H . Bams and ?Oer oijtbsiittirgi, all goc-i. TNf*-i' ?:?=??
ilt* 3S-1 '? pri-ps-rftc-ne,:. (;? od < < .-ha-d- of choice Km ?-?
I ne stne*. sr-.i Ear-sing otoas?s w. be sold with it if MtiL
fr-ee onir a^Gfri. Aim SSOarr-< of irsi.1 edpsmag the above
wish Dal dmg-i -_r.d i-ntu-overnen'*. a: I mo<)-"-ste r>r-cr.
- f 1 &OeatvY?_ARNOLD. BLTFTt:M & Oft,
rr..r\ rn,i;a'-.:tf ',; pcsx-tlegt? it the Cuiteii Stnt*?. ?-.ru
? - toe City of Troy, within a few hundred vnr.i. of the
Kivft" and the Railroad running to .Vw Y.w-r. II?. ton .in.'.
W ?>. They contain '.tw-lv- oflCs) -evt GUI, with mffiereni
water at aii senior* n. m W.UOO ?|nrd.'es. The da-its, wheel,
fru. - ?? S. & -. ?-.: -;.-,);!?.(.? if r?e:ir. an-? the rr--f.it ??:.
erwnold he wifhns r,i ecgsOBae. his -oterest in the ?sine, if im.
Prnessl. to the fill: extent. Any ocar.lrtr of land can he pur
chased *d_vi;nre- rne rro-x-tr, For renn.? t?-ea.?e apply to
ttt-'.N. \'.l'.S M -.iSS-i \I.L, Tr-.v.'
Jag to* WATERSTOX PRAY as CO. Boston.
*-? \* ??-??. ti.-"5 -5 hy Its) i~r ?ituateu ir\ the southerly ?wie or
FJevectn street, between Broadway and Cuverury rinre.?
AppiT to ML KIHX K. LEA'S ITT it CO.
No. 87 Werl street
the Courier an.: f.-:.:u:rer ntf.ee. _a"c
I~~~R~S ~LE CHE -\P?f w.i bnck front mo-fem hut It bouses
I? ar.d siOMted .n Nsstth Fourth street. Wilhanxsburg,
Long Wand, being -n acood location.and p:ea?nritiv HtoelM
in the most :>?> part of the tvliase. tor rartaer parno
oian apply to Aaxrw Ilardman. Accnt. I? Mu.'b?rry_<wetj
belsveen Hester and Grand streets, between the hours ot C and
?J n'rinri. _ J-4 Im
PRIVATE > tEE.?Toe wei: i.u:l: t.-.p~--?t.--T hricV.
hor.v No. Breed wnT. Lot i" -25 tee; by EM teet.
^ For partieolir-i inonire of
_jw A. J. BLEE(^CER fc CO 7 Drcia-i.st,
._. FOR SALE?Five bridt ho.i?e-( und k-Non Essex.
S^t Errqutreed A. J. BLEECKER fcCO.
Bi . ._ .'N 7 Broad-st. near W ail-st.
~. , "i'i S \L5?Two ralua?je Lot?. eaebS by93teet
i n Sooth -?de of Seven teesith-st. between ''th and ,tn
t_; L \..i? ttrireof i J. Bl I B KER ^ CO,
18?Iw 7 Br-eid. : rear U all ?tr,--t._
~l~.~p.it S \ I E?!.??'? ???? -5-h -rr.-.t. 2-?. 2?. tV-.a-i n!?.?
"itii end 27tr. streeu, betweeti Ttr. and Ifr.j avenues.
?fc : A. J bleecker .st c...
fli lw .No. 7 i'.r-.nd. near Us ?" et.
. . . tttlTt SACK?Several 3-story Brick Houses on North
s&9? "de Avenue B, between *J.'h "?".*:*;e!;ta.rrJert*'
jtuL ; . re of A. J. BLEB ker fc Cp.
No. 7 Broad.stresit. near \\ alt-st.
F' 'T: 5= \EE?Ih".i?e and Lot No. 153 IV!ancv-?treer,
a TI? h,.::v < a tw ? story hrclc friwit, with alley.wav
t1 Wj ? .'ableiin the rear. The Honsaht* six roosrss, ssrttn
tire place and nine '.,V.rooms._ _j30 lw*
~L~-"H."'rS~E~F" >R?S ?\LE~T)R~EXCHANGE"F?'iR
4~~V BROOKLYN LOTS?A eooveuient end pleMartuy
V'-ri |,?-n*e,t 2 .tory llou.** in f.'harltnn ?t. will be sold low
or esxhaneed for pr inerty in S nth Brookhrn. Inipi're of
.23 WEI.l.S *x SPSINiL .Mil'. ?
Er' \8E !"i 'i: SALE?The urexpired Lea?eforlj years
ofNo.31 KsrcJny.ir. near Churcn-*t.-eet. On the Sol
is a tsrewstory br..-k.front hotixr. sv;t.'i 'ia.?ement. and
atwo-jtnry bsnldtnC' attached.
For parti-ulars m.-.uire of A. J. BLEECKER CO. -
f3 lw 7 Broad-street.
s_j BR?~Tnw?V ANnsYmi wence proper
TV -}s ?RSALK?A?veti io's-m Bloomiiurdatc U.md.
y . V venue, in at the N'.V e..rr.er
ot tta Avenue, r?e from rock ami .ah...;- the < iitj crude. Cou.1
loc ' on a 1 thurcli. >?' a-1;' < Public- tint!.!: -<e. I'orpnce
and terms apply to ANTHI ?NY J. BLEECKER & CO.
fjj lw V' " Broa--.rnct.
?~? on the North side ol ish ?treet and South side of tlhh
't' ? ?' ?t?eet. n. ? ?>':':> \-..-nne. .-.nit . n,"_- Jt' I*, rt on tith
.i-'.-i ,i. : 9 It, ? o 29th street, suit ibis lbs several bi ? of
a Iti_?- nianufaclory. Apply to
f31w No. 7 Bpin.l-.tner.
*?? TO LET?T si Wnafesin Bmodssray.-es'
to the corner of Slrtstreet Stages and Kalh-oad Osrs
se-eA pass every five minutes. They svdl Ins let low to a
Also, tor sale, the lot and lariie hnrk Stable, No. 6 Pe rood.
-.rt, near the Rowery, aid a va -nut !oi d ;round in Twenty.
Frturti. street, near the corner ol'&lb Avenue. Ir.q .ire of
8. st S. II sLSTElNo. IBCodai ?'.
jS9 -Ju' I l.iptrt.le the Nov. P .?'. I Itlic?.
FOR 8ALE OR EXCHANGE?A valuable and
h-thlr tmpn.ved t.'onntry Seat at Jamr.:.-.a. with
about 10 acres of land Irontmi Fulton ?t. 7+1 feet.?
Itjniiinf. all new .andjutmeron*. ? 'irre ejjsoitnaentofselected
fruit and plr.n's in !e>sr,nj. aiso, foUJ ornamental tree- m nur.
.cry?a must desirable property for a gentleman doing bu<m*??
In 'he I rty. Apply to or addre**
jal lm* No. 2 Atlantic si. S.iith I'eiry, Hrrtd yn.
~" li'vT'RY SE.Vfs".\NlV I-ARM-? FORS-Vl '..
;';ty*: Thcsnbscnbei afters for sale, on liberal terms, sere.
lota ral Country SenL? and Farm.? on tl* En?.t bonk ed tho
llnii.on River, neu' Tarry town?among which are:
The FARM of the subscriber now occupied by Mr. Crcger,
with from 10 to Jo acres.
The FA !t M ol the late William fhiteher, ointaimr Ii1 acte?.
A! ... e.vcral unall !' a.-? suitable (at Country Seats *
Fnrr-. ng piirt^MCf. Inquire of tlte ?iilw,-nher.
r> :.M,r S. B. TOMPK1NS. 19 Wjesj st N. \ .
i_, !'? .11 i- il.".-A del'ilitt.il -.- '.- in Or.
sS? ange, peai the Radn ad. ,\-o .Jer.es, tin? mil- - from
li'.-iTj \ ivark, n ','of an iwiur's ride trom New.York?
consisting of a donbhs story and a rmlf house, ssrjrh Venetian
rdirsds,? ne in.. 4 fire-place*, ?n h.iii.use. bans, wigon-bosise,
i .li.-J. and ? ness budding H by >) 'eet. ivh'cn might be
I f.-: a st..re .,r wert. -du.,!. ??? Iii ' acre, i.f trie he.t Ir.r.l. on
? hich is n fine apple-orchard and othertftiit. Said place would
be ?>ld lor the cost of the improvesoet ts, or would t* exebsutc.
ftltora goiet ?pick ?I iSpe-enes m the City.?nd.hait mal re
ninm mi b-.tirt and rnottgncp for a numberoi ycar?. Enmure
..i 'ir.i I, sV. I' \Wstt ?N, comer ol t.'hatnain and Doane its,
or ol Vits. POSTER;* Ami if, J> ImTufcSat?
j j_ l/?LUABLE REAL ESTATE.?The sutocnb
.niviv'.iig Esta-.ito i die -.?ate of t!ei labs N ??
JUS, N. Aothony.leased, oiler, for tale the foil.
vatnnble property, beioontng to raiil estate, situated in the
Funrth VVard, viz: the tw. Hoi:s.t ....! !. ? t erouml.
Number thirty (89) and thirlyawo t32) Fraoikfoit street, the
llooseand I^il <>f ground nit'iilier thirty.lour (^'4) Frank
iort. corner i f Rone ?t*e.-tr. mid the Moose .and (e.t of gTOtUsd
n um Pet tsro (3) Roee stueL AJtogether toemms onenlotnt
gnxind, eaatammg in [rooton Fmni f.rt street tifty.eight tret
eight nscbet, in the rear litty.ses't n fees tig luchei. and incit?
ing mi Ro?c ktn-ct one hundr-ni and sis feet nine inshes, ije lite
nune nssseeorlese, jftheabosse pon-erty should not he.iit.
posed "' nt pnvute ^il" it wilt im ?oil in lots at pubbc luetion,
on i-r about ihr Sil ib?y or January rt"st ; it being to close the
esbite. The sale will in." premptory. The title is unli.put.ible,
the prnpertv having beoti in die jKasesjioti of the ctatcfor
UTTwarris ot severity years, rhe usual Execttte-r's deeib wit]
beg.sen. JACOB 1NTHI3NY, Surviving Exesmtor.
t? M .oJawrs.
'"Sit I HE - - ?"'??: rsatprrvatesaJethe beantifnl Farm
^Slf or, which he nowresirf.-?. a' Hampton,' Irring". I loua|>s,
Jt N. Y.coetainlng'137 nrr-, and handsomely la ?I nut
into convenient *icl s, ench eiiclo-ed wit i n suiotantiai stone
svnll. The dwelling m Wimmodioos. CO 'ami 13 mim?, is m
?.??>.! ,,rder throughout, and is elegantly arranged or terse,
c-mm.rflniion of a i.irce rinnily. A? a rmsntttry re. genre t.r a
r ty geiitiemr.n it ts pecnliarly'dapusil, the site being heatioftil,
convenient to t"-e igcamlmnt In ailing, and commanding a fine
s .-? ol the Hudson Riser. Therers a?l?. on the pres. ?? ? a
hou.e calculat.il for a tenant or over?eer, as well as the nece?.
<ary out bunding., such n? ?oili'e?, barn, eaxriagt-tsouse; Jtc.
1 Inr aiM.ve j,roi-erty will ben.1.1 m whole ot in pmrcek, to
suit purchnnTs.
For furtlmr pntticulam, addr-w the subtcrifer, at Marlbor.
oiigtn.1 bter Co.) Fost OlBeei. JOHN C STORM.
P. S.?It the abovo p'operty rt not dispuseu ?f at private sole
liefere Thursday, the ^4h day of March next, it will on that i ay
ptTere : at pul lie -a'o, on the pcermsesi, ut 10 o'clock in the
forenoon. J. 0. S.
Mar thorough, Jan. 15, L-45. jC. law I)&.\Vtmti6
ert.Vj '- ARM'n it's xI.E.'oK EXCil \Nt;E-F .f-ale or
V^s-i' e\i t>mire r.,r pri.perrr in t.i. cny. die u^ll i,.-a<wn
i fc I i?ini and T.tvcra S-aii.l, eoutniiung alxiut 100 acre.
ofciw.ee Farming Land, lforri>TOy oin?d by JossnjJsajiGsd.
iiey, B~i.) ..touted on the fjoabecion ar Wintern Turnpike.
3', miles ttom Newburgh. Orange Co. and kmnded by tlie
Little Britain Road or. the South. The mil is particularly
aitapted to the raising of grain, eras-. : i?J acres are Ulla,
ble and unser tint rate cuttiretion, conLuning an orchard ui
. r.t .--.:>.! !:u.l, and IV n.-r.-s of g'.od ssroi^daad. The
buiklinr. gsMtwt ol a tur^e twikjtory iisiiae, witli an ndilitioii,
in exct-Tni.t order, and a ba^mentkiUbisa under the addition,
a large oarn, good ,hec>, .lublrs. Itc. Two weil? c^n cuietit
totbc tiou~? and ?het.., that afford plenty *I lias ue.t of water.
What in no smail deirree enhances tiw value of ihu property
is the inexlinu?oblo cuantity of tlie best limestone quarries in
the coui.tr/, with a ?iio ready to manufacture. E?ier for
farming or ? place < t public tiii-iiness, tlie li<aui?i is desirable,
as it is easy nt acceiv..:itettmliiM.L. plying dady In :n Newburgh.
Apply tsi IS. t'. VVligbt, bo L.ie premtva ; or b, VYright, lyj.
?ei Lo. No. X' V.-,re..t. New. York, where a.1 utf.irmatmn
wi'l en :....: .. ..ecesiary. lalsu"
FARM !'?' ?:: - \ i.K?<. .- t:>i ..eres, srtunud
i..i,.ining the village of Comae. Smithtown Township,
ds ,-ulfolk l "our! r. lying Ltar.d : fu acres u u.-njer a good
rtats ol cu.:i at ion, the bnJsmee in seood. The buildings eon.
??t of a good DseaBme end Bmae, and ail other nnresseij oot
hoires. Iriereare *ikl Fruit Trees, all bud(!ed or grafted, such
as apptgs. pears, pearlies, plums, and ehernes, ?od of choice
quatiiiea: als<i a sutbciency of imnller fruit. For further par
ess its isaqxiireof CADMUS ?t CLODGH.
, J" lm*_ jSj West street.
eCS , V"'-' X;"V SEAT P> U SALE.?Situate on
sgmthe hangjbridge rund, between xh and rita avenues.
-?- !'-?*? ?trv-ets. c.-rnt4.n ag 3 acres ..f land m gw~
cu.tivanunr ai.q aiH-iicding m fruit tre*s. .hrunnery. 6zc 1 he
grounci ts sieratod^and w mmnndsanobi* view ot the wat?rs
S.' P** at-U Etat River, and aiso an extensive view of
LajIic Isjied. t eon* in...ie ?347. Apply to
. ? Eiecubi.-juf Aietrew.,.!c(-,,?-n, ct?tr-irf.:; or
_ J. ADIiUANCE. ?Joho-st. s. Y.
_A EOR S?I.E?SrtUiM on the road from New
tje-jSt. tutaeBe to \v hitoPttaxs. about eijci-distant rrom each.
?j c-'3 0i.-;sg ha acres of ia.nl, all of which rs plourr.
'?.-????;-???-? for. ?.ctee. wn m :, w-.?.'. nr.d. T.ic .
pn n.ed Bra .'ace, eju ts laid ant Jito eoaver.,eiit iou for etihi.
vaUiii. All the ftrnees are o: stone, in ?toq order, and tb.
grocind a a high jtnte of cuttivnunn. The buildings ail o
goos. catrtcter ar>t bj erster. For terms eptdy to
_. , S. B. KEN't' i.V.m the '.-emties, or of
tStf J. AIlRIANCE.5KJohn.-g. New.York.
STEAM POWES TO EET.-Ps.rn 5 to 25 horte power,
?* rfi a put or tie whole W a hmldmg now erectir.i, 20 by
50 ftet. and 5 .fories nigh, on UN East River -nie. near Pie
sim, Enqu.reof H?CKER er. BRI TB EES.
J-? to-'_ iC Cherry street.
MEIGHT SEW liOLSE-fo let in City Hail Place.
I veane i.t. nr attic, w th ba-einetiU. a-it coiir.ter
etiiir., ii by 40 feet: three are three stories w:th tare,
rticnb. and vaults, 1? 3 by 40 t'eet. They wdi all be fumi-:<d
wuiCri-rci ssater, end tjcu-as-d by the first t.f ApnL 'lt-.e
i_ u i ns ICVit ^eep. The reat will be moderate, [aqurre at511
PAPER-MILL TO LET, m cmniete order. It his
?agnt engmes. txvo a* -cch ratchiars. esd^.jar rotjs.
? 5r^" **?. ?---oaected wi?i this Mil! n i.ijxi aerr? nf
?~..-.osriy ?ml, on -vn.cb -j n..w n^rA.r.z .ire S.w.\ldi
^?..r--... ..... ' -?.?-si...-, ? . . .:,?:
sarre. and thirty lluclhng-lbitacs, ad of ?form ? lurm :e or
te ret ton restwatsusie ternsi oesi jesaseanoa g.ven ittiaseiaately
tor tajtikrr prrtictilirs in^Tti-.? .it
cK I'-'.I'XT fc n>JifcICKSON, 15? ScutJi.st.-ee?,
G' u ? rSTES AP ? S FOR Ei:SL\ r^.-?e^Tr^
toeco-r.nb. Maines? are u^ornie.! rJnxUsey casi>btam
rmmedmternwrsainuW Staads in the Partsian Rsji.?.. No ?5
l-roa-rw-aj . -.ear Lrard-.tre-jt, wh:cn eotsaet ? f f....nt?rs ici
rlet~.^^?^^,Vf , 1 Md;im>ry.Furs*r.-Ar^:
'.f- nc v-.U^'t-sKi eck?,S:---.-irand Based
Wa?, Lamas ac : Chxj-ieliers. Cutlery. Cfotm uv! C i?s
U ure. Pt-ketb.10?^ Maps. Siati.^err, Annuals and . tlt-r
v^lT" *:"?i> Tuv U*>'1'-" -Ml--* Lin-si. Thr-ad stui
Need* store, and tormery rtescixptjen of r<t e?*i?
I-h^ts r---i'-.ip. .eaeot tha best oppsHnunities tvr persons
L~^~S^S~ -r^f 'S"^ *?= lato birstoeS n
avf^frail. nsk The Baiaar is hente.1 ami Irginryl by the
Tt$*?iot-. F - "irrncrperiirsfers appty nt the Bazaar
N :..-A --: ?--oeeotnirreew,!, be marie to tJxe^aBarud
fe^UkS TeVl^-i ?*??'-lti* -ct En ihthZri i.nj
Ure?. suXsc. 1 octart a-ei Muuaim? Pain?ng, Ac. tu Iri
RRO^'ANp BLOB 1'RII.LS.-;. rt... ; .? n,iiral.
l> ItrihngJ?for ?xj? by WELLS it SERIN IS
^ il P-jie-tre-it,
-g^s^^?h-cic^ A. M.
K^^^iitiif enwremxat R IHjcjed
~;?SfS?^^ b
; "r^ A rJ"*';'.C . ," C:p r? F-eig-.t and H-urnx-.
S .fT: V Prrr' Accr? * ?*? offi?, I? S-mth-uree..
a,,ptT I. V. I^rry. A?Jny (v,-!n fe P.-meroj <
' '.. .- .-ivt'T^KKANI-EMFNT. isli.-r..
F -r IX*-er;-r-:?. t** ?t*en*? ; - .ear.*
r.V- ',-t i'ua- rtnvt every non.iru:. "-wit
?. - -^'-'K^-leaves the n?.t ,.? Iht.
ree rX-v'rV Tcrwiity' Thrrsdny. and Salnrdar aftatcooc.
corner of truan. and W ? >tr H. ? ^^.J^,.
Stage, eave.M ' " ^-"'^?f;1*'.^^^
r-v tW-n-r-r. :?> !:.-?<??.' Wego. Itm'hsxpt.-n. < -jrr^r...iite.
Uonesdaj?. Milfiml. dec._??. ?
S=-^^^,UNK^ a N.?K-v;, m kND vVORCBs-.
in CtSeCOOO with the Norwich an.i .\ uretster and IWo.i
sa ! W" rr*.ter Ra.'-oa.-si
WORCESTER, Cant Yanderh:.:.
i :LEi 'I'ATR t, Cspt, Du>t-tn.
NEW MAYEN. Cap:. Yun Pert.
o:-*i: :?>'< r-r'.v... i North River?r.
The New. I In en. Cant. A an Pelt, on Tuesdays, TnurM.nr?,
and Saturdays, at j o dock. P. ?!. .
?-.-?v- en ?be emvsl et the ?fesmr ? at \I.I...A ??
p.?NT. will be rmmett?teh tonsuttsd m tbe ?p endlet and
oni7ne.lN.i-> Car- id- tire Railroad to BOSTON, withou.
chonee of can. Fee passare or fssifhr apply on board or to
3;,- _1'. lt. AI.I.EN. -i Br -i-wa-- up .bi-r*.
*?*3s* ,> V'NTF.K .\RK\Ni;EMKNT-.i<.K
^T~r*-\- .RcMateantboat NmtmCW.W>
Urn.. tHH leaie p *r No. 'i North ?:v.-r. every Momiay
i i-h'ur?dayt:4P..\l. t ,
< a ..i ? 11 re cbt taken at the lov?art pr.res.
- tJus b,.at wiB arrve in Pn-T-rfence n hue to
e the momms tnur. of i arv for Beaton. ,
"or Airii-er infcrr.whon. tncu.re .>r* J-.-rinl of '-ae boar, 01 r.r
M:.Mhl_ i- N. Kil.TS. No, Bttatx
PrrrSBI Re. PA.?Themrtiemirned foru<t?j
year*(and at present) Accnt lor Kinoham's r.tsc
_ rfrnm thu City to Pitt.hurs, Pa. taav? IP.? methtal
ol intorm.a' in? nuinemu? fneaib and tin IhiVic. th it havin.T
made extensive ananiSAMnta for forwanlms Merchannixi via
Railroad sn.l Wacon?. dune? the Winter Sea?on. Ui tb*
Wext, he h now prepared to receipt for Goods from this City
to WHEEMNG. Va. via Baltimore and Cumberland. .Md. or
to PrrTSBUXG via Pbiladelpbni nm! Cbambectbura R.nl
run L All S'enls entrusiei! ro hi? enre will be forwarded with,
out .leLxy. and nt the i-we?t current rate?, to either ol the
above point* on the< >h:o Ruer. Abo Metcbaodise and Pack
ares t'or<varded brGUKl'l Express, thioiiib m three days
tiom liaitiuiereto Wheeuag. inoxuij in all six days Irniu ID'
City to Wheelics, Va.
The bti-ti-es? w ill l<e rnn.htrte.1 bv
W>I. TYSON, W VVesui S. V
BING!) iMS. DOCK ssTRATTON. I'h.ucd.
J WILS WIIXiN. Vorth Ituwnn!-.!. Huh.
Del.[A D \V -v KDGERTON. Cnn.lerland.JVId
.1 \SIKS H. KORSYTH ?. CO. Wbeebnjt. Va.
Goei:.' te.tendeil for the Wheeling Route should be marsctl
" .Wir- Ter* .in.! H'hrtimz t.iie." r ir, of JtMtM H't bjWS,
Psffl'iasit. ai d tii . e i..r I--r rh. " KinHuCma' l.-rte.'
besetoTore. WM. TYSOX, Id Wc.-t it New.Yorfc
New. York. Jan. 15th. lSti._jalj till March I
je~ Fi iR !.< INDON?ReiraUr PacietafS?tk ft*V???j/j?
jvti\T-..' first d ?s t..st.?tihnc Packe Ship Six 11 ?
**Vse-xr.t: 1 ..\M>. t?.mi. !:. Knight, will positively saibai
above, her ngular day?-having very 'itjierior BttesMunoda.
tum, for Cabin. Second Cabin and Steemje Passengers. Per
sona wi-hmj to embark should make tiuintdiate application on
!.-.r.r.t. f.? t . l'M:i..!v.i Li:::?, or to .
n |i 'i ph - -t-eet. r-oroer of Sooth.
k~ ini; Llv"KRPiiC'L."-liKi:t:f.\R I'v :?:r t-r tint
j"V?v. PnnnAKT.?Tbe?pb>ndid rhstebusnut saibnsrtpaske
Sjfcsbip PATBJCK HENRY. Capt. Delano, will pcai
lively sail as above, lier regular .iny. Having very kupanot
aeeomusouurjods f..r cabin, second cabin and .teenige passeti
reff, persons wishing to pmlmrk should nu ke iiniuedia'e up
phcatHtn on Imaril, foot of Burlieg s|.p, nr tn
jo; icy fine s:, comer ol South,
jSV IhefthFeu. The splendid faist --nine packet >hip
LOUlSVll LE, Capr. Hunt, will ?ail positively a?
....her regular day. Having superior accommodation for
gabin. recood cabin ?od steerage passe age rs. Early applica?
tion should !?? niaile ..n Loire. n>ot of Wall ItTvet, or to
n VV. J. F. TAl"SCOTT. To Snaithst ror. Maideo tan*.
UtjE h N ?!. PAGKET3.?The nilweobers bee leave to in
I [iosepersons about.dine, for their frumds, that they
i,n,.s rsii(,)-> extensive nrmiisemeiit. for year 1*1 >. for bring
ttssengsm from any part oftbe OM Country In a eimi
i.ir and on the moat In vor? hie term-, in nnv ol the
?hips of the above favorite Line, sailing IV'tn Liv:ri'<-ol on lb
1st nm! trjth et'eaeh month: ab?, in lir-t ela?s American ships,
emotnandad by the mostexixiimmicusI mm-rers,' welI known m
tba Under. sauuut;e^ry.xvejeJt tbrouejioot the -emon; and to
prevant duiny or imposition and annoyance, from runners at
Live.-;-.^i!.iht'ir agent ttwre i. detcnnineit to attend personally
to the forwarding nf all f^essensjen eng?g?d at tbei office.
'1 :ie i r. ..." f.o-a -is conn n- ? the loiiowiiig .iut"
NEW. YORK, FNi;i.\N!i.
Whenpiirto- neree.1 lor ileeltne coining out. *-ho m'ney h
imassdi ifi 11 rel uraed tq tbeir friends bare, without any rodiic.
tion wiinlever.
DraAi for any amount ean be had. payable m all the prine
pa! t?.?v.? of Grear Knta n ouit lo-laml. Anply to
WII.1,1 \M< fi Cl !< iN, tn Mifroti.tr. N. Y.
lOa iii.' FIT/.HUtlH I'll. loin.. I'lii/./.n-. I.ivi-r.i.w.l.
CHERHTS SA LE -By virtue nf n writ if fieri fne.i?. to
0 irredirectsil and delivered, I will expose tu >n!e on Wed.
nev'iiy ???? tueiflh d-.y ??! M.irrii next, si I2..'.:l. rk M. nt the
rest of the Ciiv Hn'i of theC tyof New.York,all tin
right, title ami interd of Caleb Hyatt, which he hail on tin
twenty-seventh day ol December, one ilmu-und eight hundred
and loriy-or.e, or at auy time afterwards, ol in and ro all that
certain otof ground in tbe Se venteanth, Ute Eleventh Ward
. i ij-e ( i'y of New-York; which h known and disnrujnished
on a etap, showing a division ?r part ol the resd estate, late of
Nicholas William St.iyve anLdecenserl, among ins heu-, sit.
uate. m the Eleventh Waal id the City of NsAv York, fill rl
Ihe oilier of l.'egister of the Crv and County of New York, i
toe jith day "i April. IBS. bi the number US, two hundred
and forty-SIX, Six! h I. ..iiiidedins follows by the said Map J?
Nottherly. in front, by l?lleventh-sUeet; Easterly, on one side,
bv lot I i i'.b we on .an1 Map n.< number 'Jfl; Soiitbr'ly, ;n the
rear, by Ian I UOl laid out mto 1 .t.. on sa d Map. nod WetterW,
on the itliri side, by lnl number JO on snnl Mopi U'.nir bii
Northerly side ol Eleyenth-stxeet, between Fipt-avenue
and Stiiyveoint-street, Cohtaininr, m front and rear, twenty.
ii\>- i- . t. and in length, on each side. nlnety^futM feet ten inch:
es. The axid lot being one of several lots G nveysd to Thomas
Morrell by Dumci I'. Ingraham nn.l Isaac I.. Vnr>an, Com
mis.iooers for hnju.ig certain momesof Ihe I'mled Slntet. by
deed eated the fourteenth dajtof February, "oe thousand eii-ip
bondmil an.t forty; und recorded in the office ?! ReniaUrrof
the u.ty and County of New-York, m Uber 4 -L i Convey.
auces. piici?". too 23d day of March. ISO. t. irether with the
hereditaiDents and appiutanenees tbereunm '>? Ion ging or ii
aar wu.- apiiertaiiung. WILLIAM JONES, SneriiT.
Frkd'k U Vcltxx, Deputy SbenfU
Paled New-York. January 2oth. ISIS. iidM lnwUiv
OflEltll 1 S -' ILE -By virtue of a writ of fieri facias to
kJnie .'.ireeted an.' delivered, I willexpo-s for 'nie in Ihe v. -ti.
boleol the City i lull, on WediLrxhiy. Ihe 5th liny of Mwcil
next, at II St ?'ll the r;',-ht. title and Interinl whlcli Jiimes
Kyle arxtMargaret Kyle bail oa the t-fth day ofSeptsinber,
IS4l;orat any time nfier.surds, in wiune hands soever the
same may be, of, in. nud loa I'hat certain piece, parcel, ..rim
01 land .ml premises utnated, lying and being mthe Ninth
V%ard ol the ciry of New.York. M nnded northerly in front by
Hainmon- -tn et'?t feet !U iiicin--, mi ih-ea-',r'y-i.y. by Ilm',
too street S9 iVern inches, southerly m the renr-l mcbe,, ami
00 toe we?:erly ode Ir.jrn ll.* ici.r r.. Ilinumuiul s:r?rt 9j 'p?
ba the tame rporeorleas,and now known os No. Honnnood
street, hetn; the same premises which wero conveyed by
<:>?'.nte Lniurdfla Stax I and William Van Ifu-ik, Bxecutonof
Dbsu Burnun, decetseil, loThornns Kyle, byduetl bearing
Bdof Vpril, l?Q. and duly recorded jo Uia Register's
1 ??? ?>? tbe( u ? ounty nl New.York. m L.i-er ISf ol
convey au.-?.-, piig?3S3, Aprils. i?u3.
B Itt C. r-,?tt. Deputy. jil itawOw
CMIEUIFF'S SALE.-B> virtue nt awnt of Fieri Facia.. >?
k.7 n:ei!:rcetc-d und delivered, I will e\|K?c fnrwile in the Yes.
tibu.eol the City Hall .n Wednesday, tr.e SStB or January,
IMo, atrJM ?Ail tiie right, title and interest wlurh Ji im
MclSiuala hsdon the IJtii Cay ? f < h:'..il,cr, let-l, to ll* doom
-. ... e-i-c..; ...i k;,.,wn a- 12j Ei,.v.-ry, rt.e .aino In-ir.g tr.e
street niimber; nnda!so to the hou^e und lot of ground now
known by the street number 11 Grove.street.?Ij,-c. fg, \r4i
? _ _ WM. Jt7.\l>i. Bbsnft,
H.C. W ott. Deputy ShenfT. rJI7 law nw
fj > ORDER ol lb, . i- iU- y.r.i Jii<;.-< ,.i
\J County l.ourts tf the County of Niagara, and Coun?ei
lor-a l.aw in 'he Supreme Court, notice m hereby given that
an uttaenment has i?ued against the eitfate of ?enUmm
JJrput a. .i h?h re?',!ent 'lei.tor, and that the ?me will be und
lor ti:e payment or hudebts unV? he appear n..d drschnrge
juch a:-.i-nm-ut according to law within nine monthsrrriiu ire
fir.i puolicatifn irf Oils miUcB ; and thru U* payment of any
rtebadue to him by re^ilenO of this S'We. and :ne delivery t,.
bun or lor ho use of any property within this State bel<*cing
?s?^j r triraier "'' any ?uch proi?rny by bim, are for
''''t ere vo.d.?Dated Loeknort. August l?lh
14,>vir o_ l J.G.CO ETON.
aot?taw3a ar.h. Attorney lor Arxachios Creditor.
t>Y ORDER ..f i-. ,: 4Vrr-.tr. f rtt Judge ot Onondaga
JJ fou!..j-l...?rU md Cortmeilorat Uwinthe Supreme
? ? i-..-ei.y r.-.fi, ?;i a",;, :.t his --..-.<
e^ii.-i-.t .- ...-.c- r.i Gnu Muse.*. i n.,1. rodent debtor, on i'ue
prool ro ide u, the wo-, Fir t Jud/e. pur.-uaru to tba dire.-u,*j
or the -?-?jatu.e voacerning Atrschments agr.i.-.,! ajiscuodiiur.
? M M MD readeot debtor. and that the sr.me woite
so.. lur tnep-iyicent of his deots unless he, 'he said Gad .Vliee
anpen ?.r.^ dnci irgesoeh attachment acconjiug u, law* wjii
in r.;i..- np.-;.:. ? troin the f ? : . r.t...-. of - xjuai- ?.-,,?
if:1,?* i?-f^?Sr'r aoyi'^?diieio him by rsrstdentsof this
-? -, ::.! _.?-.--..v-r/:-..-,? ,.rlr,.-:,:i uie of any ?.rooerty
"Ti^?l i1 S'+'-': 1 : '-I '-: ->t iny -lie'
S^S^r7xlLUa h" >^'M'-a by law and ore void. Dutcd
jur.e ir-ii. D. G(/1T*
jy^lawi>rn _ _ Attorney (or AtUcriiag Cramlor.
BY OBDF.lt of Freilerrk w. Hubbard, Fe.,, "a Suprsrro.
Court CrmimiMi?r.er for the County of Je:!er-on Hat cr
b?.S* VJf i-'r'Hr ,""??:h- C-.m.n.sHioner purJun .1
.1., , W T of th* 1*?'M'J! seeming " AttacJiin^u
arvmt ebeeoDcW eoacealed and r.rm.re?i.r?e{ drntors "end
Hun the same, wll be sold for the payment of h,s d"biT'un'?
i - -:.i .i.--ri.-.r-e sue, attaefmsent. aeeonlir.? 'to h.w
withiirU.reemoriths from the bat Public^ ,,n- f Tin,
Andihe payment r.t ans debts, a^ the?abvery < fa",
ty befapgms to the sasd debtor, to h.m. or for hu usei
I N rnmv WE.tr.-i. ;. . r..f:he Surr, -it ? ofihe C.r-ty
), :,u' fe! & the um-* will-. tlJ rencben
.. - * >? ts. i'tny o| U-. .1-.-r, lMt
'??'-?-?'"_T?jO\!AS_Df->;.\ V. tU<**.Ur.
"A?"'?^Osrr^Gwrt ttf tie ,, ?',?
^ 'T'i,-' a verdict has been recer.tl; reu.iered i3 my fa
w.n l ?....;..i. wi?tco;;.. n -1 tt I'm^rJloffgandCorneliu I".
lama rr, r.- ?-..* Be trless, - New.Y'ork. i,.f ?r, mftingerr-nt
"rL*?!-- a i lL R*"1*- ,,n or: use ai?f runri.,!r.??..-?: of Spiral I'm-,
die W-ieebi, eomreualy celled Erieseoo ProoeBtts, wbertbv n~
valklrty ..f" my Letten Potent i>n.t their lafr.ngeosept rs a':".;?-.
SBSd i,?ve I?cu bnteii ajMl evtahiisbed,
All pero.,1-. a-e hereby eauti.^ej against usmg. inaoufactur
inr, or veruJirj? sucn Vvheeb without my < .mseol. andare
oejer.y MrUSesTthat nrnagemeon can be mode wilb the sab.
"?'her a'--i* res'l rfree:. or his Aliornor". Clshe i f, vp
bell.*fi J dm up.-. n-, ?, HLfoi lire fan* bm ?.?! man..:
tr.ei0,m ,.fH,et?1dr-p.rsl l-addle Whtet, u; in n..,Vrat- terms
I nh ?-r-( hbeiul ?ettlenrentt will be made ? :'|, t|, ? ., "
l-sve aneasly uifnngedupon his patent, prinks nrmniinwiih
!. r thai pur.-ee are made witlrtn a rea-xuble tune: iJrJ-i. ?
rvonipt l-ir<! niee-si.ret w. 'ihe taken n-".?r them
New-York. Jan'y a. 18x5; JOHN B EMER'sTiv
N. B. The N?l..,rirJ lnlei!igen-er e re,,.,^;., ve ihe
?,L..ve 'en weekly ml- ri..-m ml lorward Ibe hnl i.. vif .
CUikfcCainpUU,?4Jormitrssrt.N. Y. ;U WtW
JJU. SWAYNE?? Wfl,sYR?T OF iw>
y>f: Cu.vi'i iii'Trii v
co r.n*.<<> r'!"hWTTj-vr "rtoin/,.?? ..v.
rur ur&R .,??.-/.
A-r. 4f.
The above * Use ORIGIN At. and only CENTJINE prs?,.
uoa Imm lim v?!uab.e tree, ail others tVinc IrtitrauTZ^
counterfeit. Only prepared by Dr. SWAYNE. wh?n*?
is remosed to the N. W. cursr ..; _ Lghlh ami Rae? itrw-,
P? '.. lerpfaia. Tl ? medicine i? ac..n..w lecs?j by the
.,.>n and other?, lhn ii2lto-.it I!? I smi, to excel by frr'aJl
other remedi*. ever- ?TtreUto the public ti.r the cure of it,
iJsovo diseases,
fry Keep the rrsjneof DR. SWAYNE in view. Eighth
aiioKrtce. Philadelphia.
Vukktv?Havitajsd, Keeee At I o. New.York; o. \f 11
V . -. .-..r. Knud war aa.ijuhn.it : K. A. Sands. I8r? IVvw'
"ery ; K. B. VVfUTJer. SOS Itd..-r St, N. > .City ; Mrs. ij "
Brooklyn: W. C. Wood. Harlem; Benjamin OWs, Newark ?
John IV-toc, Rahw.iT ; John '1 erhnue. Sew.Blsxncwick \*
.).;.!. S. HarnftM, Sa'em. Mass.; U . H. mice. Al!.anv't*
ft. Swan end J. Jm. Wnxssow, Rochester, N. Y.; Backa**
Bull. in>r: SpaVImg & Hv-rmgton. and J. tirsvn & Ca
Worcester. Una*.. John P. Ball .v. Co. RoHon ; Harvey S?t'
more. UorifordTo nn.; E Bofhdg*. ButTalo, N. V.: WiThae,
Montgomery. LansingbiSTrr. ,\. ??: P. M. Lohen At (??
Chart ? n. S Andrew Oliver Ar. Co. .\ew.ttrlesin<: k ^
J. Adam*, ard II Scleioe, St. Lout*; Wm. Iftnni fitujUij..
E.B. I.'inroan. Cincinnati. lati3al?
sIT? il"V li . REWARD?To any perv,.-. who Can prnveihai
the beit article tvcl tor Rheumatism, both chronic and
Ihmmatorv. They have and wiO care wliea all other rea?rdie,
fail We, however. n>k no one to take on r word lor the troth
of the eeeettioB that they will egta, but go and w?rr? of th*
many 'hat have u^.l i i-m. We litre certificate of Mr.
v Weich Nswau-itrvet. keeperofaaoattni hnu?e:
* . Nww.Yo.tK. iK-cendicr 17. JSM.
Dr. CovtY?Dm- Sir : I rAeeeroBy far t,. you that I have
taken your P.'.l* for the MUumatum;*mi bavins tried the p^,.
?emu OBI Ol perhap- fa-rett? Other |...> .-.-i-ir.. and can recoco.
?-rd Item a* ? sovereign rercetly in tne irliainmitory itajrea
of that . onipmint, 1 experienced tree' rebel m taking ate
box ? t'?cv produced the effect you sard ther WOttJd -OTiTtngaeT
?he morbid matter through the in.res of tie ?km. I haretlv.
greater conti.tence tn them iu a curative Ut the tttegeabnj.
W'M alsst refer to r.s niaity more as any one will take the
trouble of caJUnc upon. None genttme without the written
. of J. 11. jl.~-;eyon the rs>! lalsel attached ta each
!m?x. vVboiewiM and remI otlicet'J Joha-dreet; abo, t-t?,!e,t
in tbecity by A. Hill.908Gteeosnchttreet.; J. t ovei.lsJtMil.
t ? COLO IN THE 1!K \t>. and euro tor UoareenCw xnd
BrOOClt?. made ^^1?^^^^ fJn^
i'3 Hudaofl .t. cor. Spring.
It. mode of cure is thus rxplnned t TheL.renge Irtiiig per.
mitted to dissolve verv slowly in the ruc-uUl. expends W nc.ion
iip. ithe mucous useiiibrnneof that ..rgan. wr^beocie ie
| ere. by rympaUiy the paitsalfectesl. whether oftho thr.?st or
Pnce 25 cent* per
38 Im"
11 tUEGREAT AMERICAN hTMI I'Y.-Again see prt
1 gent to the public a less- (Vrtilicares in relation to the em.
eacy of tins remntknhV medicine. Wo cannot, through tho
lof the press, make known one half the coos it hns
neribrmed, tisetefore mvitcalt i~r-.Mni.ill cte.1 withi ojHfstp.
I p.s. I..VgR foMft.AlVT. VeTHSSA. llH ON. III TIS. <
Wnoornsa Coi on. .vc .sir. .nr. to rail nt mut tsBce, s?
RnoADW SY, nnd receive ginlu.tou.dy a PMiipbUt containing a
full deiscnption of the tnoaiuaiit Stutjurn h u at.together
svj b a Tn'atiso on foiisiiHipnon, t>rtiticale-> ol I no-..ami
Opinions ? ! the Pol und description ol oiirseveral iye.be nes;
alfol ..'nchwehnvtfcoaipilo.|iii.iiie.at I 'toiplvet lor g'atui.
tsHU dtstrtbutioa. (.Call ?a? get one.) and siiti.fr yoursehes,
or in ca-e you ate unable to come >end your tneisd lor one.
R, member lit atiw/icr of the pmoftetors I Ipce. ^Mtroadway
'?.,,.., r. The me.hc.is l<" sale tl.o tit the principal
Ifnig Suites in the United States.
ijrj- Now read the IbllotsnngCettlticnbSS, and if you dsmbl
yiitTi-ali and see the people w ho~e?igtiiiti!resnod tthdavitslbey
hrr sworn certificates op ctre-jes
Ourdaughter. Amanda Bell, had fron; chtldh.Hsl les-n el.
flieted with smawaesmgli and pnthrsjc, Slmbad la-en rionaned
t.. the house lor months. Since marriage her ceugh merssMB.
alarmingly: si'vernl physicians were consulted who were Una
Id.. to -.diese her: bet strength was prie.ttate.1; -he ev[iectnia.
ted much blood and maimr, nnd w?s cxmfirted to herned. Mr.
Hell -aw the nilvertisciiietn of I Sr. ShecnPi Soiilbem Unlin.nnd
pt mi .?? I i fH-uruig a bottle, but she deed tied, saying nothing
can help mefatlrer, I must die. Iler physicians and Incmls
considered her case hooeleu; ssredetermtiled, however, to try
IheS uthern Balm. At first shetnotighl it.tid not nil.ml her
relief, but in a few days the fell Ik-tier and daily improved.?
The cute is now uoto-dy complete, bul miraculous. Ilr. U.
during bei din*., applied the stethoscope end pronounced her
lung, diseased. From tIns det.li.riit.l-' l onili'ioii our daughter
ha recovered, and ll renovated in health and spirits by the pro.
vidsmttaJ useof Less than two bottles ,.( the Southern Halm
which may ttuly be called a blessing to the an] Clod.
john C. Ii AM. nnl
M \RY II VM.87Goeriek s'.
To the n-e of b-<s (ban two bottles of I'r. Sbecut's Si.iiibem
It:, ii j owomy cur" from the deplorable e .ojitiun discrdied
in the loregmngeeiUnc ite I'r. N. and Mr II. pmnounced me
tnr gore in eotssumption. Roth these r.^p >ctable physicians in.
?meled tiiat they despaired of my cure. My buslsand audpn.
n-n's del.Tinii.e.. to tr> the Southern Itidui, and tlie result l as
been n-t ordv a n.stornto.n to ? ealth nut n greater enjoyment
.1 ilvatbleauug than I have eves b. l'oiepi?s.iiseil.
A" \NDA BELL,85Goefickat,
City and County of Nevv.York, -. - .Mary Hum and John
c. Hani an.1 Vrnandn Bell..ench being duly ssjrorn.depose end
s?y. that the fuels set forth ill the roregoing certificate?, arc in
everv respectjxrsl nrel true.
Swora before me h - 4th day of IVec?nii?.r, I'MJ.
THOMAS S. HUN BY, Com. nl Deeds, A.c.
proprietors office, 638 Urofldway, A Ilhorn I discount to the
trado. j'.i 1m*
a CCR? for
Olm? (?,i nr ?..'-.?,', in tns laiter lUserosg, t? ih?
lifaeul ? i .r tap..igH me aastriss, aad tha
*aTin;i? e-ios'ifsi ot i,l,e rslmrtafy n^mtwans.
tn all (aSCi r?r'/e I'V la-v>-fn.', irt.r ewiir fltintary
al&ivsd to d:$*nl*t sn t\* rra*l\ iljtefy.
?o| O ALSO ?T
Rushton &. Co.. Hu 860 Broadway, & 10 Autor House;
J. Moulin), 511 Broadway; it. A. Mauds, lob" Bowery,
cor.Spring; i< !>. Coggeshall, 4SI Pearl sc, cur. Rose;
T. II- Deforeet, 42 Greenwich si . J. Tsrriint. 'Jutl Grnen.
wichst., J. S. Aspinwatt, BO William st. In Brooklyn,
atApsXbtmaiiesj' Had. Fnltnn trt, cor.Sands.
t lM'i:t-|| iTeLLS AND TOVVfl
? i.iit K8?The subscriber, who was
awarded a Ditiloms it Ute New.York State'
Fairs of f;4J nod IK.3 for the liest tnnsd
Church Bell, nnd also a Silver Modal for
the liest Bell, and Diploma for Totti
Clock, exhibited nt the Fmr of the Ameti
flenBMasessssa r:l!1 (n-tiliita in Oclober last, is now pre.
T^^situ** i rid at I..., Foiindrr at West Troy.
York, to furnish Bells of from 1)0 to Ill.lXD
lbs tile of the lies', materials, nnd warranted to stand ??e
tone to please?insteps tnthciu improvedCasUlroo Yokes with
Move ible Arm-. The Increas ns ierruuid for Ins Bells is tie
!?..t erusenee that cim be g.v.'.i of ihm,- excellence, orders
bl re he> . r.vi^t iVi.iu Hie Canadas nr..) i.lni.i?t nil the States
an I ebouteUO h.n-e l^ten furnisiied to itifTerent places in lbs
State M New.Yoili Inunlus Foundiy. Town lilocks. leflrsl
lag and SiusvymgImtflimmts. Copper and Btiuw ttiutmgs.
Ate Ate (oil Km) _ \ n DI! KW M ENEEIA
ViANI.-f Airn.UK?>! AND IMIn)RTERBofPen,PueW
L"J and Table ttutleiy, Raima,Scinso.", riles. Sows, Tnub,
iu>l oilier dejcriprioiu oi BmBWU Go -
?? -mi* N . til I'LATTJTTRKET.
VJT lucturo:, of the YEAR CL< K.H..- would ni.ieclfully call
tha i.'tcr.'..on ol the pul?> c to the unti.nulloi';.l mipriivcmMl
ano dccu.?al adv.inUig.'s thcae Clocks Imveovrr all other titne
te.ijien now in use. They bm warrant) d to r io one year wiUi
once win.lin.'. aad to kn.:p good tiuw. and aro now for se.ietl
ll/st E oiiOIVStraet, New. York.
The motion is piaalucesi I17 rvel^nU it the 30 day clocks, rud
by a main spring wound u>m a luio* in t4w yea.- cluck. Tie
power of th* vseight or ?pring 11 reVirdeil 111 ihn clock, aod
mad 10 retain regularity in its motion by tJseirsgeirioirsrirmBSS>
mentol tb? evcap.-mentrnil iwrulul^ai When you look ulUlS
cioci. 70U perceive a gilt bad four and a hail inches in dims*
r, he en.', of a rmall steel rs?l. It revolTe* three lim as stJ
a '.. ? i.e v.-;j, r,nd the sum* numleir of times the other, al
too tipo-'r and1 of the r.^1 is ku ingemout and delicate double le?
ver movement r?a-b.,ig ti.tne esctipeinent, which it nttebre
au.t H .ves wnhciii ar.y tensib'e fricl.. n. The spring thso t?
acti upon the be'i. aide.! by lLsuwn cranty, nnd the iiiUrr
Biotton is cotxttnoed. the ???c:i:<...L.it cmrtrolung tlje pennuls?
as in ulier clocks. Phis ball is h-illow and feai rtn internal sp
pejattts, by which Oj, rotary motu.,- ii rejulated. 'j bcnuuxs
lour lies'! weight, al righia 'gles to er.ch uUier. Iwo ote mooat
?d upon a wire, whkb is n It.iizonta! diam.ter of tliegl'ibt.
The w::e hu on it the thread ol thn wt ami each tum esd
pro>lunis en egricr. nu.v. iiieii ol the weighu to or irora thecse
J?r, wbich ccn be rcgulatei'. to tho smallest fraction ot tin?-~
rhe Othei 'jvo weigms iue tasten?! no a wuu^irrclsr Us?
come.west ot thitwdilierimt iut-tn.1*. tr-e conttactiiinor 'SparsPee
of which sjao changes thssirpaeition wt Jde the ball. The sehe*
interior a.t.infetr.vni ineutcs, tt,s heAmrj, ?ntira undotaiiff
ol Btotinn in the gk.<M.
It will Rt once be seen thai the fncuon ol the common pendt
lam it avoided. T/>: itv.m.tKir.j of trie ball are tboud by e??
perirr.cn: andc,bsetvr.?.in ti. ne i-ochto?aJ.
rhu clock 11 nut tut out .1 bb.it eaa ty?it wiuirssno o',ai
The revolutions ..1 therwing whoc-i are GO times lew.,or*
otturr w.-rils. 1160 yean in muking as many revolu'iofis " tbs
39 inch or tecond pendulum clock doei in one year. la \
weight of 7 irtiundt Se..-;n in motir.n ec^h part of the tiwesas
stritang^Tnachinery for n4 weeks.
The boote are struck ay means of a rotary hammer. Tj"
rsaitneeteaof the American Institute show that m May.
ooeot thetwelveciimihcti ci - pt ir.eil u?h them, r.d^
It has performed in all retpeet* as win exited. n ^
l'he prices are mos-'eril*. T'u- puMk are invited to olds'"
oxatr.h-.ist... ? ... ^'a.iwftr*_
1 fcc-V. B. PALHERjs ihr trenCdulj erstls^smir
'.he prr pretnr. ot u,nie of the twst niswsjpsie-f. bl most m ??
prncpiil town tn tbss S'.rJe. NewJersey, PseiwrfvaimSsw
the !"-'sVra, Hou'hem und Weir.-rii .-.lau^, rscei? ,d
? emet ? ... th ? City, inseit.- n nthe respectiveps;?r?;
Theoppottossjty'anbt ..: ? .-(* iumrios community nrz
tr-we. ti. dirtc-.-nate 'Co'n.i.tior iir.iugV.ut the
a-.d solicit the attentum of the penple is ?ip h as fe^J,.
mend it N, the earuest attention id ih< d:;i.nni;tia'..a*?e""*^
Presmg .
1-e-ierrmaed the newspapers mny 'jo seen et b^^ZT
wr.- - ".cry ittfnirnaUoa ?- dl I* ctswnrfolly o-rngma***?
?odjhe nature01 the ages ?> tody ernbinstrf. ^?
kt ' >iT.re *.ss. *. ii-in; ?t tTrir.-.r* Build ogs) etgs
CS i .1 '?it lie' 1^.-1! I ? Hire nil g^.
NOTICE TO CONTB VCTORS ?Kxlartmnti "f-f?
rt-i t .mo/.?Pr.,p,m.U will lie received ru the
v-ot'i- r?m.l ur.tilThuf.lay, 'hi sllh of February next. I? .
i... tggSMesjttbfHie Morris? anal, tr.uii Nevark t? ''"'Jjl
v.. re Rrrer, ?dssraece ot^.ghty.nme miles. Tlie ?
consul psmcspsuly ?f *xmiati?n. to Ise tnovsd frosn11"2?i>
?r\rr,iv.|ive fes-t. Spec ti'-mion. cur t* had m llw Morn
? 1 nice, Jens r City, at the C Hector's I mice nesf? ~ZL
and at tke We.gh L..-* at Newark, ...1 end alter the ggS
Miti.ra.ml. . .... !? 1 . v <"s.Jiin.?t.l*>??. -J^g
C* ON ANT'S PATENT YF.AS'i".?The best t
ra lb; I reiu! ever need. V\ artxtnted to keep m * ^
cii.r.ale. 'l'he Antencan ln?:.lute. a I theo- late E",r^,\jtid?
the usventoi a U pi n e. declaring Ihrs Yea-t 'Mt*f"st
ever maoufxcTjirol for raising brenl. burk sie-a 1-, V"?'^
'l'he Yeast is nri acid. Waich, Ivnng combined m rjjji
chemical pro|Kirtions with an elkid'. iippn.'gnsies I he" ^
with rr.rbonic nc-I gi?. without- all'ecting m nuy rV'fto
original propert.es of the tstiut: and U.ns. when ""'?TlJ, p#f
ducmg perfecl breed. Sold wholesale nod re'ad ?C^fj
pound, by G-V?N?dU4i YuL'NG.iaJChathaw-ss. v *

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