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Before Judge; Oaklet.
ahm. Sage <t Co. vs. H'.a..t. Hdrhv.?Action lo rc
? Eot J43O0 i aid by S. 8. & Co. draft, of Mr. Kb hfo
T-* on allested fraudulent recc!i>t?of produce on hand.
. jtc jialntin" failed In maic out tLelr case Hal ?* um
i^critcrcl. _ ,.- ,
Klovtek vi. James Beek ? Action for Assam t -<nd
Z, Mr- < iulick went to t!ic .tore of Mr. Beck, 359
??y, December last, to cvilect a Militia rtne of one
' :Jr'?- i.anicf. Webster Tlioi.ipeon. Mr. was ac
ii,d by two men. He complains that Mr. I>c* as
Uffl, and bring, action. One of the men who ac
fofcd him testified that he saw Mr. Beck have Mr.
Ltbv the collar, and that Mr. 0. and tlic two with
Rejected from the store, and Mr. C.utiek thrown
, ? a k utr.ii the ?i ewaik. Seven of the clerks ->
? to the ?t ire testified, on the other hand, that Mr.
, Vas not ne.vi Mr. liulirk at the time of his belli',' ejee
Bs?r< were a Dumber ot ladies ana sent emeu In the
itt! ?? timemaking parehaso*?that the clerks requca
r Gullek to come some other time when they were
.ata-v, and not attempt to arrc-t Mr. Thompson then;
?** persevered, und seine Of the clerk. ej'i:t.-d him -that
on coming from his desk to enquire into the dim
,a.v .Mr. liuli'-k as be was re-entering the store, and
ind.ig his errand, immediately told '1 hoi:i;?ion to go
js de?k and get money to pay hb tine, which he did.
^r: this forenoon.
iti lore Judge Aaron Vaxoebpokl,
V? SO 1" vs New-York and Erie Itarlroad Company.
?ga ?? recover balance of account, amsaui?ng to about
?ifor a'tm-; us Agent to -ib-crlptlnns to the stock "f
i So. (in the cirlv part of 18?)In the 10th Hard. Tt
'in'tint Mr. Lvsn.iti. general commissioner ot t ie
- . engaged so h an Agent for every W ard in the
Etisperday. Tue defence is that Mr.Lyinan was
Kjtnmliid by the Company to do so. Verdict ibis fore
Before Judge Cuuorrza.
?kjXam C. Wu'tt vs. It'. Erring?AcUon for Slander?
Etred 'oyenterday.i?This ease is still on. As relates
.?lion, it wa? shown that Mr. Wales had been
? : : Mr, Erviug's father in collecting rents, hut the
;<e?iiad been transferred to Mr. Erring (defendant) and
EXm appears to have been engendered. It was dis
?; ih.tt Mr. Vf. bad oollected, us agent, a few very
Velins for which he did not account, but acknow
Eton hclngapprisiM of the error, that he did *?. The
"tad for plaintiff offered to show by highly r< ipei table
iS?es who had known Mr. Wales30 years, that be
Ejtaexeellent character, hut the Court sal. bis general
Ctar hid not been Impeached, and there was no ne*
Zy for such. The testimony w as not allowed. Justice
^Bt b-d been summoned by defendant as a witness b :
jsjnot appear. HlS testimony will be given this to
?sj?f, when tlic case w ill close.
Judge Clshoeki kk in the Chair.
n the Impeachment of Job Ilaskell continued?
Wtr.Stuart rccal'cd?Was present when Mr. Ford was
Jght bcfoic' Justlee H. It wa. near sunrise in sum
j. After the discharge .if the watch, word was brought
Kasan was committing an assault on a woman in a
nisi part of Uie city. We brought him to the Police Of?
E he was intoxicated, and very abusive. Justice II.
son the Bench; the tatter himself also became very
rl t..:d Ford he would knoc', him d iwn. Ford
seonitnittcd and taken away by the ofllcers. JusticeH.
jward .aid If Ford had made another plunge at the bar
i.rould certainly hare shot him ; he had a six-barreled
nl in his isoket, and he would certainly have shot him
j; be would have done so in self-defence,
d had frequently mado a rush against the bar
a greai violence. The Justice was inside the bench
ur, und elevated considerably higher than Ford, who
?outside of It, or six feet distant Gram Justiceill.; I did
:lte tbcplst 1 at the time, but 1 think thai Justice II.
?wards took it trom his pocket in the back room, and
-wed It to m ?. He was very much irritated when Foul
starrylng "n. They had to put Ford down 00 bis
rlst tie Police riiHee to I.e. p him still, and it reipiired
?ortlx persons to do so. lie would sometiines break
ja them und rush towards the Justice. Ho was an ex
triiaanly powertid mau. 'liiere was another occasion,
itltaeofthndls hargo of the watch, n complaint hud
a made against a person who had committed lareet.y,
?jsstleell.was about taking bah for his go al behaviour.
"jkl him ii he did SO, he could not send the case to Court.
wee II. became very angry; said he was the Mngls
lit; he liailInstructed Mr. Ulakely, Ihe other Clerk, to
" .ike out the papers, und I must mind my business. There
i.:i> a.subsequent time when something of a simllui char
ji'ttr occurred, and I spoke about It. He again became
, &rv, and gavu mo to understand he was Magis
jv.au! 1 was Clerk. There, was a ease afterwards
Fbcn the watc ? return was mi?ing. I told Justice II.
hlssaaM them to html He said 1 bad not. Hetosd me
?>jt I had friqtici>tty insulted ihe people of S. Vorl. thro'
p. and I must make an apology. I refused to do so,
Eoglbaddoneor said nothing to require It, when he
Itoalr. Uleakley, and directed him to make out a
litinetit against me, which Mr. B. refused tod . and
tire U. i.Hik up a iUonj blank to till out himself to com
firnc. lie turned again to -Vr. Blcakleyaud asked Inni
:e leisistcel in refusing. .Mr. 11. said be did, and the
(Jc? ordered Win out of the ofllco. The Justice did not
nil me- 7 Ijo sound time I alluded to the JusticoUnod
person 51. At the time Juslii''. M. threatened to coiii
uie?I told hlui ho dare not, and would not, ami had
dlht. I afterwards found the watch rc turn among the
p*j"IeaW |?,recalled?The lir-t dlfllctdty 1 knew be?
ta Mr. Stuart and .lustide H. was where a man had
in brought in fur stealing from a drunken man. Justice
Itold Mr. S. to make out an obligation paper for him to
i surety (orgood behaviour. The next case was where
,ispectabie mini lliat keeps a grocery stoi c committed
Molleocein n drunken frolic, and Justice 11. ordered
l to be lined 51. Mr. Stuart Said to him, that was 110
rat all. There were afterwards complaints as to drunken
.ilios. aad air. Stuart rilled up the paper- for $9 line each,
I handed them to the Jusuccto Mgu. Justice II told
's he hail no right so to All them up?that he himself was
UtiMratc and Mr. S. Clerk, and he OUghl to wait the M ?g
ptte's orders, and he would hereafter have no such con
n. Mr. 8. said it was usual for the Clerks to do so.?
jttce Q, replied, say no more, sir, or I will commit
t. Justice II. soon aCerwsuds said to one of Ihe
leers of the watch that his return wns not
[ Mr. Stuart told hint mat It was, and he had
?edrd It to him. Justice II. denied it. slid snkl you have
. fltradieled m? several times this morning, Mr. Bin
L and if you do s.i again I will commit you. M r S. told
i? lie dare Dot, for lie hud done nothing worthy of It. The
^tlcc rose very much agitated from his scut, took a blank
Ian I l try COUUnltmeUt from a pigeon hole, ami told me
?aakell out tor Mr. Stuart. I refused. The Judge, ap
.?euily eery much excited, called to the morning Ofllcers,
Bjthen tumcl to me again and asKed me If I would till
Hhecornuiluncut. 1 said no. Ho then wont round to
: f other room, and called au oftlgcr. He returned, and
;o asked uie to mi up a commitment, which i still re
i. lb- said, than you must* leave this office.?
was pru-sitit; i?to the back room ho called to one
tic " en and told him t? sec that I quit the of- | I
. l i. ii. Next morning I went on duty to the lis?
ps oi i nc watch. Waa then before Justice H came
a aft er he came he said Mr. HUakij, v0u reiused to obey
srders yesterday morning, will you apologize, l said
?5 He then said I must .mil the ouiee, r told hlmth it ii:"
jc power that had appointed him appointed me, mid. bj
sice of cHinsel, 1 refused to .put. lie afterwards naked
leap .?;'.?'?. aud I refuted. I saw a number of persons
jiiitioi the bar laughing at my refusal, und 1 went into
Ithrrroom. I was appointed as clerk in May Isli ?
^sp]sjiiiliiient was contested and I did Hot commence as
RUuOct. 1M4, niter Justice 11. had come in; 1 knew
Aras by consent of Justice 11. 1 eras permitted to assume
itda ies of clerk.
|.V tttlimoiuj hen rested, and Mr. Baant opened for
waUoded to the character of the Court before w hom
"St.-;,M. The sanio power that up]KiiiUe,l him have pre
hdthe complaint, are Judges, Jury, and will have to
?) cut thi execution ot their own Judgment. The whole
.'vir, he said. Is got upon account of polities, and ever
i be refused to give ? portion of his salary to support a
Ifcal party, every effort has been made In?ddeoi iho l*o
K^tot, aad outside of It, to annoy him. In relation to
'? Batty he is an applicant lor the Office which Justice
jeeid, and would probably be so again, in regard to
has Stuart and Uleakley" the clerks. Justice H. would
been justitiell In committing iheui as he had threatened.
Sks EL bad aright to subpoena Mr. Hufty to appear before
5 !: v. uld be shown that the g?>d opinion evinced by
ntDMmbers ol this Court In appolntlug Justice II. to the
PSSbl holds, was well deserve;!, and several pel S0U8 w -.:i
gartCKedio show his good character, Ac. Mr. Unit?,
laid, had entered a.aril action against Justice II. for
tau ed hnprtseoment, but it will turn out to is- perfect
?bug. <Vs to WepxQeged Improper discharge of Dris
Itbe conunttmeni made out by ihe Clerk was not cor
K As to the S-W given up to Camp Uiongiug to Kcol
Skthe order was legal, and in pursuance of custom ?
- 1 as sworn In I Is Coon that he owned the money
?SO confident Is Mr.'WhtUag iu his behalf that he h?
Ind .i; ctvate action In behaifof Keollan) for its recov
K Keollard denied having given the eider, but it ip
ce ! regulor, und. as a matter >'i law, th s Court is bound
hisucc 11. was, to consider it legal. As to Mr. Hum.he
? to bhune assaulted a woman w hom he arrested, and
? afterwards tried for It. but the Jury could Dot agree
Ngard to Ford, the magistrate aftcrVrards saying to a
sk ?hat he would haw done, is very different from the
eye ofhartng drawn a pistol.
?wn,? tl'uenrr, sworn?is a practical lawyer. Knows
*?rs. Ilaskell. Camp aud Stewart, an.l Gilbert Hays;
tpeet ; when money w as paid to Mr. Camp; I walked
?*? Ctmmon Plea* with Justice Ilaskell, and there asked
? for Siioo which hail been taken from the trunk of a
? McGhlre. and belonged to a client of mine named
J^aell; affldavit had beta made, 'and Justice H. said he
*d go to the Folico office with me; Justice 11. passed
*iie inner room ot the IVlice. immediately lUtcr which
^Stewart handed a package of money, in ihesmall room.
'Kr. Camp, Justice H. not beim; there; Justice H. came
S_"M? ilr-Stewart, you must give up that money to .
KWiaraer, aliud ing, I suppose.1, to the Sf>00, Mr. S. re- |
e?. I have given it up to Camp; Justice it. said what did
MO ti; it for, 1 *lntciidi.sl y?u ?hoi?d give it Up to Mr.
?Vr; wonts ensued; 1 told them they were each talking
SOarentthinjfs; they seemed to be letter satisfied, as
? bad : undcrstor>dcm h Other; .lu&licc H. then order
- .- - ;.? be paid to me, which was done; words again
Jtd between Justice H. and Mr. Stewart ; Justice H
7kT* Wa' 3 ????K'-?t!atc. and he did not think he hail treat
thu properly; the money to Camp was afterwards
Miu of. when it was stated that moncv was given up to
aud Hays to be deposited iu hank.*
^Mea T. Jolinson, sworn.?Is one of the Keeper* of the
The order bert shown is KcoihardV Camp
^ Ids name and 1 believe he made h:? mark. The rra
JS**" latter was that he said he was very nun ouj. He
Tjflsu.-ium tremens at Uio time lit made no objection
^hrxa.-mrifal? I was standing bv the door of the cell
*pmp called tne In. I saw him'- have the pen In his
j ?ad presume he made his mark. Camp hail the order
CJ*?01"? of his hat. 1 am not sure he had delirium
g|["V He said he was so nervous he eoidd not write,
^^?scharged one or two hours afterwards.
ywom?Is a Police Officer. KnoM- when Mr.
< Hin: v was at the Polle* Affl(-e. I asked Win to take a scat.
I Jnstice H. said to Mr. Unity that he wan not ?atUlfled with
I u,o previous examination, anil he would to have him au
| giver a few more questions. -Mr. H. said he was going and
he might send an Officer with him. Justice B. said it would
b ? rnatter of aero i luodatlrn if he would stay. He told
! Mr. H. he wan not a prisoner. Mr- H. tlnaily ,at down to
the falle. Justice H. -wore him and put several questions,
which he dcclintd answering. Among the un. stions was
one of the American BepabUcan Oencral Committee, and
another was i! there had t>c?n any measures taken In that
Committee to breve", insubordination in the Police and
Watch departments upainst him. I had frequently seen
him at th- Police i' Mi.-.
Mr. BUail-i, rocaded ? Several pfTidavit* were shewn,
whlcli had been signed by witness. They wen- delivered
by me to Justice II. Ix. not know whose i*?cSsioii they
uat <? been in since.
The Court theu adjourned to this evening at ?*? o'clock.
Before the Kitorulr, and Aldermen Iiuasie and BtTXTtXG
M. c. l'ATKitsoN. Esq., District Attorney.
Trial kor i Iran? Larceny.?A larirc boy of l."> years ..f
age, name.! James W- Isb.was tried for tiraud larceny, steal?
ing *i gold chains, worth A'7s, irom the store of Se; mour
Hoyt, of 'I'A Pearl street, on the night of the 30th January
last A ston.- was thrown aghlnst the window of the store
a>k>ut 7 o'clock, b> which the glass was broken, when the
thief thrust his hand in and stole the six chains whicli
were torether, and ran Ott Mr. Hoyt and his clerk both
ran out and chas'd the prisoner, w. ho was running up John
and OUT streets, and near No. 13 < Tiff street the boy dodgc-d
away front tlie clerk, but was s<ejn . aught, taken hack to
the store and thence to prison. Five of the chnins wi re
formd the next morning in the coal bin Of 13 Cliff street,
where they had been thrown In the flight try the prisoner.
The prisoner when taken into the Police U?ice stated to
officer liowycr that he knew who the other two boys were
who broke the window, but could not tell theft names?that
be stood and looked on to net his share of the plunder, but
that ho did not Steal the property himself. The Jury found
htm guilty, and recommended him to mercy, and the Court
sent him to the House of Kefuge. He bad been up repeat,
e.tly I t fore tore similar offences.
There being no other case ready for trial, the Court
Adjounifl to Wednesday, 11 o'clock.
i. ircenies.?Mary Clarke was arrested and committed
for stealing a watch worth .V! anil SIC hi money from .Ma?
nuel Jojce, l23Ccrry street.
Mary Henry was arrested and committed for stealing a
watch from from Abraham Anderson.
Emory Curtis wa- urn-sted and committed for attempt
Ins to rob the money drawer of Mr.Stehbius, comer of the
First avenue and Houston street.
Theodore Demurest was arrested anil committed for steal?
ing C shirts fiom Alexander McClure, 2 Fulton st.
Charles Windher was arrested a^d committed for steal?
ing; some ham iroin William, sp?tre, No. 213 Washington
Azkkst on Revii Warrant.?Patri. k M.-'jusde, the
putative keeper of a receiving -hop for stolen goods in
Catherine street, und against whom there are several in?
dictments for receiving .stolen goods, besides being convict
Od (but not sentenced on onei was arrested to-day on a
bench warrant from the Court of Sessions and committed
to pri-on. having forfeited his recognizances In not appear?
ing this morning.
Tflnrrs.?Thomas Neary was arrested and committed
for stealing a a quantity of copper worth 59 from the foot
9th street, Ca t P.ivcr.
Henry Meyer was arrested und committed for stealing a
.silver watch worth 86 from Henry Kenner, So. 249 Stan
ton street.
Fotnvn Drowned in the East Itivaa.?A man named
Town, u native of this eity, aged 28, who resided in Mon?
roe street, near Clinton, and wlto ins been missing from
hi.' real tence ulnce Thursday evening hist, was this inotn
Ing found drowned In the East river, at the foot of Jeffer?
son street, The Coroner held an Inquest, and the verdict
was as above given.
KsxocKuio.?The name of the man who fill Into the
Kset river at Burling -lip on Sunday night iu a scuffle
with Hana Robin, and was drowned, Is asccrtsincd tobe
John Laurel, a native of Ireland, aged 45. He wa.- grappled
up with nn ojsster tongues, and ?ras fl mid drowned.
Ml.VIATCr.E ai..va.vac...TI/is' *?4t.
London.Feb. :i I Havre.Feb. t
Liverpool.Fell. 1 | New Orleans.Feb. 'i2 \
Ship Arkaus is. Bunker, 14 day- from PiewOrleans, with
cotton, tobacco, &c to Win Nelson.
Ship AiUrootlac, Shipley, from Liverpool, Jan 20, mdse,
toG X Trimble.
Brig Alford, (of North V'armouth) Mason, IG days from
St Marks, cotton, to Ncsniitli .V Walsh. Sailed in co with
barque Louisa, ihr New Yi rk; brig RW Brown for Boston.
UrigJobn Kendall, Robinson, of Thomas ton, IS days tin
New OH cans, molas es to Spencer >fc Mansfield, ve.-.-cl to
S Elwe?.
BHg Savannah, Hawlcy, t days from Savannah, cotton,
eVc to Soirees St der. nun.
Itrij; aletamora. Weeks, lldais CromApalachlcola, with
cotton to E I? iiiiriinit.
Sehr Tlmolcon, McFarland. 10 days from Neuvitas, mo
lasses to Holt it Owen.
Sehr Navarro, (of Kingston) Fuller, from Cienfucgoa,
(Cuba), Feh IC, molasses toRaiunndeZaldo. Sailed in co
srltli brigs Neptune ? Surah Williams, for Boston; Hunt?
ress for New Orleans; Joseph Cowperthwalt for Matanxae;
sehr Eugene for New York. I'th ult, saw a large barque
ashore on Jardauutcs Reef "'< miles east of the Isle ol
Sehr Mngni t, Pctersou, :i days from Norfolk, shingles; to
Baker It Wells.
Sehr King,Cook, 3 days from Norfolk, coal to master.
I ship iu the East cm oiling at sunset, wind light at sr.
Spi ?KEN.
FebSO.off the Tortiuras, barque Bashaw of and from
Boston lor New Orleans.
Fob lat 45 50, long 25, saw a steamer Heering Easterly
?by s.'iip Adirondack, at this port.
Ist inst, lat 3!? 30, Ion G'.' 30. barque Mary South wick
bound to Salem did not learn where irom.
IM. Montank N by K, 45 miles, saw packet ship Victoria
lionee for London?by ship Adirondack, at this porl.
No dale, Lat 35 50, long '? I 55, sehr Harriet ofBruuswick,
H hours from Norfolk bound to Porto Rico.
Cienfuegoa, (Cuba) Feb 16?Brigs Financior. for New
Drieans,ln 2 days; Clio,ldg for New York; sehr Harp for
Philadelphia, in days.
Neuvitas, Feb 17?Brig Tonqoln, Idg for New York.
SANDS1 Stli-M-ARiLl. a.?:t has been happily said that he
who enriches hltnielfand the world with the pearls of dls
jovory, must plunge Icarlcssly and vigorously Into the bread
avail of investigation. There is at least as much trnth as
metre in ifcc observation ; and wo may point to Sands' Sar
lapartlla as a prominent Illustration of its accuracy, laves
Jgationabd experiment vigorously and Industriously pur
med, have, under Providence, led to the production of this
treat specific, which has uisqnestionablj proved a peart of
price to thousands on whom disease had laid iuaftllettng
hand. Cancer, tumor, leprosy, scrofula, salt lbetun, dys?
pepsia, erysipelas, rlicuiiiatisiii, ring-worm, king's evil, hep?
atic affections of all kinds, mercurial ulcers, and every va?
riety of diseases of the skin, the muscles, the tissues and
the ocsh?short of actual mortification?have been again
und again cured by administering this inestimable com?
For farther particulars, an.l conclusive evidence of its
superior value and efflcScy, see pamphlets, which may be
obtained of the proprietors and their agents gratis.
^ Prepared ani sold, wholesale and retail, by A. B.ft 1>.
SAN I is. Wholesale Untwists. 7'J Fulton street, New-York.
Sold also at n3Broadway,77 Easl Broadway, and by Drug
ristt senerally throughout the United States.
,.? CoSlSTOCK -V lo.'. CoNct.\tR.VT?.r> CoslPOttSB
Ft-uin r.trust i okSaasaraaiLut?foi the cur.-of
i hromc Rbeamattsn, Mercurial Diseases,
Oeiieral Debility, Biles from an impure state of
l iiuiicous DiM-ascs, the body
Scaly Eroptioas. Vlceratioa "of the Throat,
Pimples or 1 uy.ules. Pains of the Bones,
md Sil disc ises .in.ii^ Irom su impure Hate of the blood, ex?
posure and impradesc ? in lite, excessive use of mercury.
i Ins celebrated medicuM i. prepared ia the nsost approved
maanei from tue pnre.t lagredieats, uul is lolUat such an e\
tremelv Ion price that all cau aflcrd > ? u>e it, viz: io cent.
|vr battle, o: Si per dqxen, in as 1 iree bottles ai i'lhert that
sell a: the mormon* price of one dollar |s-r bottle. It can b>
lonud only at Cl CoUTtlandt-st
' ' D*LLgv*> Pain Estkaotok -old at L'l Courtlaadt >t.
? ' Tu?. Ini'ian Vi <;i i ski.i' Ei.imii ami Liniment,
warranted to cure any case of ilheiimatism or (lout?sold it
?: Coartlandl ineet Al>.>. Dr. McNairsAcoustic Oil, a cure
for Deafness. Price SI ivr tla-k.
LoNCLxr's Griiai Wkstkkn Indian Panai ca will ears
the follow uag com plain ta or uo pay taken fur it. vir: A?thma.
Dyari rsu. ladigestiott, Cosriveoess snd Liter CorapUiats.
Sold only in tin* city at in ' [onrtl indt st,
rosMLi". Ma !H m Pus ExTKACTOS will ciin
any ol th. t? ll.ming complaints, or bo pay ?rill be taken for
it. <t II I ciirllaudt street:
Burns, I hilblains, Fever Sores,
I i? >. Soie Ft es and Nipples Scalds,
Fr>-Ii-lv>; Tender Feet, Sprains,Sic.
TT* A Ni.w Ducovear, by which all Stoves ar.J Pipv? or
(Matesm.-.y lw kept h jet blsek with a? Ivautiful a is.li-h as a
coach body by oue application a tew. Phis Varnish i> an
sate new inv-utKio. andsur|>ii?es and delights all who n?r it
pP?Cin>alu ol ?tote> ,nu nipes in uv mav Ee seeu at it Court
landl ?tieei wheo- the polish mav be had at the cet ofSSceatS
! '?; 11 breVellt .ill pipe:, auj ?tot ?1 f. om rust big
tnroagh Uteaanuaer.
'?"Ui \ri)> POUDRE SUBTILE, for comdletely
aao t>ermsnsiit'yernd.culii g superfiBOUS liair, without lmurv
o tbe most. elicate .km. .Vitt ay, t^ied before buying. IW
positive, ami nomi.tsAe.
bi^ci^ V'";1 " AL1AN SOAP, for curinr pimples,
es. .lao lasUMiniMid injuries to the skin. Never take
Ol "T tfif.Il (lOUrniJil *
!;! Rk a! !r< KvV?i, for the cheek.
t.dlTRA1 |i > SPANKH I.11.Y WIHTi:. for the com.
PiSsE tv ir SS??? rv !? New. Yora but at tbe Or;,
ii.ai i ' ace. e. U a ker -t. ;,r,t store from Uruadwav.
./euro's?< tsessBt ,: |-hiud.lph?: Jordan. 2 Milk st.
Boston; i * 'Vi-'" 1 "? k .?*?' 1 ???>!"? * t ?. Springfield;
t.ree., & ( ... Y -.re. ?:.;; Bull, Hartford; f rre. Middlatown:
Myers. New-Hat en. . ns ter; Backus i. Bull.
1 ro>; Pearce, ^ Stanwis Hall, Alban) : Sem S. Hanee. Bal
nmore.Stc __??_ art 5t*
They arr gor.e from her face, she will now w*-p no raoie
Her complexion is clearer tiuui 'twas ever beforv;
The pimples, the freckles, the tvn have all vani>h*d?
Aa ?he used Jones' Soap, such defect* were von banish*d.
He.- neck bow is w bite snd as clesr n tlw ?new ;
Her while, si* I less hands, t.-o. c,>ntnst with hrr brow?
No m .re will .hi blush at suotlier's laicht beauty.
Who 1.. use Jones' Soap, know their interest aud duty.
Who doubts the rnasical power of the geoaine Jones' Sciap1
None but those who hate useJ bsd articles?and so think all
sl:kc. Let such try it o::cc? its eff-cts a:c singular?it whiten*,
clear,, and renders the skin Ivautiful, removing quickly ill
erupiioav .'i-.iicurern-ut,. ice. salt rheum and scurvy. To
satislv yourselves, aik your physician what he think, of Jones'
goal'/ He will tell you?" I use it daily in my practice."
saTM* w,,"r tum D"l at tbe sigu of the Amrncaju Eagle.
^ Chatliam-strvet; 3?3 Broadway, N Y ; 139 s nltOn-streel.
Brooklyn- S ?tatr-?treet...Hostou; 3 Ledger Buildings. Phila?
delphia; J, State-street. Albany. mhJ ?eod
GENTLEMEN'SjHATS of oat Spring paitemwin be
r-viy lor sale and deliver, ou and after Friday the 23th
N. 1!. We snnnnnr- the ikoTe UTRt F\?his-? for tie en
?nine ifwa, and to prelude ?II r?"?ibili:o of error ia th?
minds ol the public and trade c-.k-r^Ily. in :ii:i citv .-.ad ? i-~
wiiere, .as to 1'.?origin ?r.d distinetireh- peculiar f-itar-s, wr
present th.- f lUowing detail of its proportions viz ?
CROWN?71 inches hitth. S-K. bell at sides', t bell ia f.ont
and nar, 1 Yeeirpan,? curve.
T|F?J-lfi inri. 01a!. the ?dr* ronnd-d off MO itch.
BRIM?2? inches wide aii aroaad?Set, natural eurv<
C url. w ol-.
BAM and BINDIVG?J inch wide.
The irarticnlar vt of ti.? brim is oniqaej snd onr r-?jtoio-rs
will be ??neJ v? ith 1 ttvl- . nuvsilv ,d?. vd to tie- ciunct-r
utic leatares and form, jf rich r--??;?ctii ? i/. f*? ittutf
ET* SPRING STYLE OF HATS.-Bi.TlL?. coaxs-a 1
Pisr. im) Nassau -ran tv?OntiVmen Bats, of the stylt
for th- ensuing ,-ason, will te iatroduc-1 This Day ("satn:
day, March, 1st, 13'5.)
rollmis* BIRD, corner of Pine and Nassau stn-ets.
7J* G. B. ALVORD'S NO 102 BROADWAY, will
introduce hi? Dew style of GetrtJemea'j Hats forthepres
Season, on Monday the Tdlostaot.
As tl,e*]abored proportions ol mechanical gen in 5 rmt't yi
to the mastrrlv hand and d lieile tcueh t>f sit, adescriptioo
of this beautiful article would be unr.rcessary: but anticipating
an approval from correct taslr, Ci. il. A. cheerfully auui.uncs
N. B. It may be propel to mention that lie retains in his
Dew style one particntar of hi* f..rm-r pattern: THE
Rol'ND EDGE OR SQUARE of the hat. which, with a
peculiar ?et of tii? brim preserves it in shape, giving
ease. ?|e-.-ance and beconaingness to the whole appearance.
m3 1?is* _
03T HANK OK WOOSTER, OHIO.?Tlie not? oft]
Bank are renec-med at one ;>er cent > iscnant, by
m3 SOU.fcltU' .Vo. 40 WsJistreet
'.For Commercial and Mono* JJaU-n, *o? Lart Page.}
- Trt-sOAV, P. M.
The Stock Market was rattier heavy at the second
hoard, but the prices generally show an Improvement or.
yesterday's rates.
The foreign bill market is steady, but there \~ not
much doing. Sterling Is I'-i a 10. Francs 5.25 a 5.233.
One of the Albany iiajvers saves the following
comparative statement of the business ot the Mohawk .t
Huiison, and Troy & Scbenectady Hoods for the year 1 --t4 :
Receipts. Passengers. Freight, See. No. pas.
Mohawk A Hudson..'?''.?'..?-".'.I si S.'.*.,-7- 52 13-M.s.i
Tree.- A Sehcnectady_ 31.067 25 1.795 II 66.086
Excess by Mohawk & TL 533,326 56 .>"-' i.o^FTTh '6,y,:>
Bicknell's Reporter says:
"Money was rather easier last week. Tlie Bank rate
was G per eci't?out of doors first rate paper was readily
negotiated at 7 Tlie hanks continue a somewhat cautlous
policy, but i.t. ertheless discount with tolerable freedom ?
The Spring Trade may be said to have fairly commenced,
and in the course of a fortnight we may lo k for much ac?
tivity. Already, indeed. Market street and other business
thoroughfare- ; rt-si-nt quite a cheerful and animated ap?
pearance. Relief Notes arc somewhat better. The dis?
count i.. about 11 a 2.J per cent.
A bill has. been reported in the Legislature to in?
corporate the Troy It Greenbush Railroad Company,
amended, by order of the Houso, so as to subject the asso?
ciation to the payment of canal t?lls on freight carried
over the road. Separate bills were also reported subjecting
the Mohawk A Hudson and the Troy As Scnenectody Bail
road Companies to the -nine exactions.
A new movement bus been made m the matter
of the New-York and Albany Railroad. A memorial baa
been presented in the Senate, signed by Stephen Allen,
Saul Alley, .lames Booerman, Myndert Van Scluick, H W
Field and others, for the charter of a new company to con.
struct a Railroad from New-York to Albany. The memo?
rial was accom'anted by an agreement between the old
Company and tlie proposed new one. by which the latter
had agreed to take the surveys, rnnps, plans. Instruments
and other articles of value, now in possession of the old
c .inpany, and pay therefor the sum of $50,000, and when
such sum was paid, the powers and operations Of the old
company should cease.
The follow ing sale? of Stocks were made at Firs
ton yesterday:
At the Broker.-' Boad?1.1 sh<i OY. C.doiiv Itailroad lot);
.'.n Reading R 23" : lie". E Boston 12] : 100 do solOds IS};
.'. F. Boston -crip ? ; 25 5f( ir Ii Wor R 71 \; ."> do 7'.'; 1.1 do
bolOds 72 ; 12 do do 71" ; 25 do do 713 ; 35 do 7U.
The Ca.-hier of the Central Hunk, Ga. in com?
pliance with an Executive order, has issued an advertise?
ment notifying the holders of certain State S per ccttl
Bonds, that the same would be paid at the Iiutik of Au?
gusta 011 or after the loth of March next, and thereafter
interest will cease to accrue.
MARKETS?Carefully reported ft r Tl,e Tribune.
TUESDAY, March ."<.
ASHES?The market Is rather heavy,and shippers arc
waiting for lower sales. The arrivals since tlie river
opened reach, wa beUcve, about 500 bids. The sales of Pots,
ulxmt TOO bids, at H '.'? for new, and il 7'< for old hills; and
Pearls. 10 bbls, at 1 Od? for old.
COTTON?The transactions to-day .-.mount to l"0O to
I20U hales, mostly for shipment; prices are easier for the
buyer, and in some cases sales have been made at a de?
cline of ic. Holders generally have shown more desire to
eifert -ales. Freights continue firm at {d for square to Liv?
erpool To-day there has not been much enquiry: the
packet of the 6th is lull.
FLOUR AND MEAL?There I-110 new feature t ? notice
in Hour. The opening of navigation has a tendency to
make prices heavy ibr a time, but there is not, we under
stand, any considerable quantity to come forward at pre?
sent. Good Western brands are I s7 .; Fancy ?'< -??"> a '? G2J.
The receipts by the river have been hi all about 3,000 bbb.
Sab's lOOObbls rather better th in common,at 1 U4. Some
small parcel.-, common, at I si I, and 100 bid- Uro} sold at
4 tf'L Lales 200 bbls Ship Stulls at '-' 25 a 2 70. Scratched
Western la very scarce. Sour is worth about ?3 50; In
Southern there is no matt rial change. We qnote George,
town, Richmond Country, Brandywlne, &c. 4 62J a 1 ','<:
Richmond City extra, 0 25; "Gallego" and " llaxhall ".'> 70.
Sales 300 bbls Pitsburg, middling, at about 4 "5. ltye
Flour Is 385 a 3 50, with moderate demand. Some sates
Mtoi't have been made at 3 93. Buckwheat is very dull
und plenty. Sinai!-ales at 1 75a250. Jersey Meal 2 50
and quiet Ilhds Brandywlne 11 7">; bids are" Ggl. Bug
Meal 88 u 94.
GRAIN*?In Wheat we hear of no sales. The supply in
store is small and held .-.hove the views of buyers. Corn Is
steady, and the quantity 0:1 the market is nol large. Pales
13,000 to 14.000 bushels Southern While at 45' a nl cts ?
Rye and Burly are entirely nominal the former at GO a G7c,
and the latter at GO a621. A small lot of Bye has been
received. Oats are dull ana' retailing at 33a 33 cts. Sales
11,000 bushels at 31 cts. Southern are selling In small lots.
Soli s SOU bushels at 'J7 cts.
WHISKY?The demand tor Drudge continues good at
22cts; bbls at 22J cts,with some arrivals.
HAY?North River is sfciiing at 4.S a .'-0 cts. The enquiry
Is DOt large.
GROCERIES?The market is linn for Molasses, with
good demand. There have been sales four or rive cargoes
New-Orlcuns to arri\e, on private terms, but at a eonsl I
erable Improvement on previous sales. Sales 500 to 600
bags Bio Coffee at G a Olc, and 200 Ivbds Ni w-i irleahs Sugar
at 4" a 6c.
BONE?We notice farther sal is 5S,00Q lbs North West
at 30 ctt.
Oil.?A lot of I500 bids Crude Whale has. changed hands
lor export nt SOjc, cash.
TALLOW?A sale of 15,000 lbs very piime Western has
been made at 7c, cash.
STAVES?There is some enquiry at previous quotations,
ami two cargoes have Ken sold for Spam.
SEEDS?The home enquiry for Clover continues fair,
and saies :to tcs and 50 bids (bee have been made at G" a
7}c. Sales 3004O 250 bbls Timothy at lu 7.">a 11 f0, ac?
cording to quality. Flaxsced i- inactive.
LEAD?A sale of iJ.lKX.i to l.OC'J pigs is reported at 3 W,
6 mos.
PROVISIONS?In Ohio Pork there is some no icity, and
holders ate firm at S OGi and 10 25 for old. >'ew is worth
?> W) and 11 50, with not much offering. Sales 700 to 600
bbls lTime at 8 I 64 and 5 CO to 6 GO; do Mess at 10 ; a
parcel of 300 Mils sold at private bargain. Bei I :.- steady ;
Mes- Is $7 a 7 .V), Prime $5 a ? 85. Beef Hams are tirra.
For a goisl lot 5jc 1 i r lb wa, ottered, pkgs extra. Lanl is
7 cents, with bul 1 ttle here. Sales Ist? kegs at 7 cts. and
loo kegs old .it 0 12 perewt. Pork Hams are steady at
7c. Sules 10(1 bbls Hat::- at 7c. and S3 do Shoulders at 41.
A sale of 10.000 His Smoked Beef was made at 7c and 60
bbls old do at 4j cts. Smoked Shoulders 5j a G; Hams ?|
a 9 ; Ci v Smoked Ha'-s 10 a 101 rents.
The ?iuarterlv iiieeti.n: iA the Sh ictv will S- held at the ln
stiintiou iu (. rosby ?tort This Eveaiag. March ah. one b, ur
ailrr sunset. ISAAI FRYER, Secretary, n? It
I 0 ftp 0. F?OLIVE BRAN! H LODGE. No.
3h?All the Meml-rs ofthn Lodge are re.;ues:ed to at: d
the regular meeting on thejth March, at 7F o'clock r. M.as
biisiuess of importance iVmvud- then ittemjaace._
mi it* [2] ANTHjiX^ iPVILL, Secretary.
CTJ- BAKERS ATTEND!?In rursuanee of a call fera
Meeting ol Master Bak-r-, lo I? held at the Shakespeare Hotel
on SaturHnv evening, March 1st, tbere were pre-er.t a larce and
respectable number, who called WlLuax Stesi k, F.-<;. to
the Chair, and Messrs. I no. 1 Haley and E. A- EbbeU were
appoiate.1 Secretaries; und after ire transaction ol some in;
portant business, the meet.nc was adjourned, 10 meet again at
the fame place on Saturday evening. 8?1 March, at ": o'clock:
when it 1- the wish that ul! the Master Bakers of thu Ctt] and
Brooklyn will sa a.-:n:ir-e 'heir business 1;? to attend, as business
of much importance will be laid bcfoie the meeting. Come
all. and take pan in tlie proceedings, that unity may prevail
among us.
By ord.r of Sixty-Three Master Bakers, milt*
No. 3s WlIHam-wtreet,
sutacHA-vrs' ncKAMatr.
Formeily vecupied as the Braach Post OtSce.
'.y~ Merchants' wisbhtx to examuM fibs of Coaotry Pai^rs
mi? cau do s" (free of clurgeloii ap;-' j,.-,;i. .B a-aS t*. l?is
First Ward.?A nseeting of the U*hi-s nf the
First U'njil will lie held a: Thresher s Brosd -tree" !lot?l ? n
WEDNESDAY EN ENLNG. March Sth. at 7.-T o'clock to
bear the report of ihe Nomlnatmc Committee for Charta-r t'bii
cets. and to res;?nd t.. the nominal ions. kr. l*t u? have a
crand rally, as tlie meeting will be addiexs-d bj some of our
best speskers. Bv onler.
CHARLES RIDABiVK. Chairman IVard Coaim.uee.
PcTtr. StOtsW. Serrernry._ ru?
~7" SIXTH 1VAKP._ 'b?rLVm'.crat7c TVt-.g Electors
of tne Sixth Ward are ns;ai-sfrl to meet at Naticnsl Hall. < s>
nal street, on Tharsdjy t vening. 6th of March iust. at half
past 7 o'clock, to resis-nd to the Nominations made by the
NominatingComaaittee for Charier Officers.
Several cistirigaish-d S;<ikr.-sarr evjs-ct-d to ad'iress the
Meeting By order of the N ^minating < ommittee.
T L.IUar.-Esi, Secretary- mi 2t
- EIGHTH WARD.?At an overwneaming meeting of
Ii? Wo gs of the Eielith Ward, the raeelmr was ca!i?l to or
derb] David L. Crar.e. Fie,, who cail-d JAMES S. GRE1?;
to the Cat ir, Rent? Patina.?, aatl EtXas TttoatAi were/ ap?
pointed Vies Chairmen, and Andrew Robertson md rlnthwij
Mnunee. Seereia.-iei. The ca I of the meeting harm; been
been read, Robert Milliken. Chairrctn of the Nomtnafn
Cotoatittee, submitted the following tiekit a? t!ie result of their
deliberations :
flrr .Vdermin.SVLVAM'S GEDXEV.
?' .1sns!r.?t .LdenmrH_JESSE I?. TRtt K.
" .lisascrf.EZB \ SMI I I! nnd
- Cizjlnbies.JAMES BREWER and
ALEXANDER vi.liliF.lt.
The Chairman put the question on the tickst and It iiai ailoyt.
ed with threelirues three.
On m itjon. the Chairman appointed a Committee of tiiree.
Mev-rs. Bieakley. Hart awl Milliketi. to retire and report Reso
Mr. Untier a<iii? ???<?! the meeting, wh:eb ami re-ponded to
h> eont.nued applause.
J. M. Bieakley. Esq. from the retgnng Committie. r?porasd
the foOswing Resolutions:
1. R'io!rr,i. That we cordially re-pond to and ?oiemn!"
piedge our endiv irtea support to tne tirket ju?t mbmitteti to us
from the head to the foot?from the bennntnero the end?nil of
it receives our ?aneaor th:? aighl ar.il all oi it ?nail have our
support a: the couairur Elec?on.
Z. Restivttt, Tnat tsie than*? <?'. ins meeting are hereby ton.
<!<red ??? the Noimriothe i ifee t..r tne r.b npj tutu,
fu! manner in which they have di-cbargid their Jtties and we j
will iivetbemtheirje?t?arrr?tofi.uri;ratitude.ane..t:m.ia?tx |
support ol the whole ticket.
2. Resolved, That .n Ihtflev Seide-, we leersmrze cue wha 1
has pecri :re warm and nnient advo--r.ts oi H n : Mra-ures
an .' Wim: Principles?the Delegate to Harrsbiirg that honestly
and trolr "tipp-ined trie withes ot but coOStTluents, the friend of
C ay. and one who, if elected, ha* the energy and nb.?ty to per
l"..r;n the duties of ua otfice to bis own honor and the beovnt ot
his fellow citizens.
I. Rr.-olctd. Tnat ws welcome once more th" name af our
old friend, Syhrantn ilrdnev, the nine Representatrve, the tint
supporter ol Reform Measures, the ^oe?d? of retrencj men!
and tne thorough-roing advocate of WnigPrniciplcs a; ail limes
and era;sr al! circumstances.
? Reseivtd, Tlint in Jesse D. Price we re-ogmre ?':?!'
Ving ot the i Md Scliool. and one whOjjl elected, veil] carr;.
out the measures and principles of the Wmg party.
6. Reseleed, That in our .lases'or?. f-grn Smuh and t."'.lenn
Fountain we have tw-o nt our mo-t respected fellow citizen-,
lone re-nieu- of our Ward?men who r<re respo ? b t an I
whose knowledge of the vn'ue of ernerty render them worthy
oi'tl.e ?uppuri ot the Electors of ti:e Ward lor the office of As?
T. Rcsc/rrrf. Tint ?II the questions put to us as Whips by
our friends and oppeneats a? to wiitit .iirmirt we mte.?i to give
our ticket, whetnet we are about muting with ties party or j
snth that nsetton. we answer?the Whig fins u flying the
Whir drains nre i??a'in?. and that what ever we mar fmvedooe
heretofore, wo now belong to and nr? enhs ed with tl.e great
armv of Whigs tiironsliotit the country.
s. Resetted, Thai titbougb defeated at the late El cti< a BJ
fraud and trencher}".?although :hr hris-s <>f lb- ? ountry"are
blast?-*!, slid the Man of the Nation it d"fr.iii..'--d file- n win!
the People lud pledged tliernselres to gne him. we yet rejoice
tint we litre |. reed our opponents by cur Ml stand ;?> yfi Id
tl>- messiin-s tlx;. had pledgi 1 [herns ;>e; :.i cu:- thrrntgn by
their ill-cottrn victory. Pennsylvania, by a nnanimens vote
of h?r Legislature, supports tie- T-riff of 1HV. with its Pro?
tection of American Industry: and New-l i. takes bet
tlirice-n-jected share of the Proceeds of the Public Lauds.
H. Rcsolird. That though ?e reensniae the right of tier-,
mm and of every W'hig to support sncli a Ticket ss be may
?leein propi r in our Municipal Elections, and yet be deemed ?
member of the Whig Party .n all our central juliiics. we yet
adjure ever)-man who chums to belong to our PJuty in this
crisis to sup|sirt the entire Whig Ticket. W>- adjure ihem to
In-ware of allowing tint tinv honored name, venerated for
centuries by the lovers of Freedom, t.-1?- mingled with ot to
succumb to any other?a name honnn-d and reverenced through?
out the civilized world as the i dlying.cry of Republicans ai.d
tic- nil oi i:e, of Liberal Institutions on bi til I ontinents.
li). Resolved, That the name of Whig is go,?l enoogh for
us. It was that ur Ancestors in the earliest days of Free?
dom till they curtied the ambition of the Stuarts uul tanghl
Kiag? that the fonnrain of Power i< the People. It was that
of the Pderims who sought an asylum for themwlw s and
tie ir Religion at Plymouth. It was ib*t of the Fall. fthe
Revolution, who pledg-d Life, Fortune and Honor in its
suppon : and it is tnat of Clay and Adanis, ?! Webster and
Mansam md Morehetd and I rittenden, and of the bright
light; md th.- Warm hearts ol millions throughout our land :?
aodoowever wemayhave wemsered in hope of,partial sue-,
cess or of breaking dow n out opponents, from this night it
shall be ours.?we pledge ourselves to each other in good
faith, by all our bopss of success, bv our hopes of the glory
of our Country, by our hopes of Freedom, by onr hopes of
lite Institutions of our Native Land, by onr liones of Free
I loi. r.iinent.? w ? pledge oiirseli ,-> to know no oilier.
11. H'\o!red. Thai we believe the hour hasarrired for ac?
tion, and we will not rest until we place the Whig party in
its former position in our city, and show to onr friends in the
country thai we are up and doing, and that we w ill emulate
th-ir example.
Iii Rese/red.aThal w>- congratulate cur friends throughout
the State on their slices, in their Spring contests. That, as
Whigs, we owe th.-m thaolu for the stern, unbending integrity
with wlncii tlry In,,- adhered to theircanss until they have
changed defeat int. victory. We will do likewise,
13. Resolved, Thai here, npon the spot where we first re?
ceived the news of a Whig victory in cur U .rd: upon the I pol
wher-. fur ten lone years we hue m-t night alt-r -right to
CI1UIIS.-I intl ailvi,...,vc pledge our.. lees t > us. ill onr e?er:iou?
ili it the old head quarters may once more ring with the
shout of victory.
The Cbainnan then informed the mating thai '.he room was
engaged, and that they had it by the kindness of the gentlemen
forashoit time, which lud now expired, when the meetiir,
adjourn" I with nine era er? for the w hob- ticker.
JAMF.S S. GREIO, Chairman.
A.VDREW HoftKU rsosi, ^ s raries
Am hoxv Mac kick. 5 oecrerane?. rnS
THE INVISIBLE WIG -So closely res. mbles
r- ;! Iieod of brir that skeptics and connoisseurs hue pro?
nounced it the in ?t perfeceand evtraordiaarv invention offlie
day. The ureat adrantaga of thi. novel and nalque w ig is it.
being made without sewing or weaving, which causes it* ip
I? nam es so closely to resemble th. natural h-.ir. both in light
neaaaad aataral apneannce.aa to defy detection, its textnre
b-iiig so beautiful, so |"irous sndso free, llntin alle.i"
persuira?on evtpomion is unimpaired, an J the Ereat evils of
. tlter W igs emirely avoided. The skeptic and .laissear ar?.
alik - jiivited to inspect this novel ina beautiful Wig. and ike
peculiar method ol fining ti. bead, at the manufacturer**, A.
i . Barry, HC Oroadway, corner ol Lilierty-stieet, up stairs,
ml is _
MESSRS. KAUKI.il M TOWLK, N. .71 i atlnrinc
street, h ive received a liree lot of Domestic Goods from the
w reck l!.-e> de. damag'-d by water only. ml
X Phpichu intending in go In ses tor the benefit of an inva?
lid brother, w ould t ike clnrg. of on,- or more invalids, or take
any desired mm? if made , n ohj-ct to do so. \ ? .lac,. t>
Itio Janeiro is p oitoscd Addn-ss A. C. at this office, n. i It*
\l * \ NT ED?A situation by a lespeelabl t young woman t"
TT du tbe Cooking. Washing and Ironing of a .mall re
?pecrable family. Tlie best of references given. Apple a: tin
i haries-st. first floor in back room; in. if
'A NT KD? By a respectable Woman?a situation
? hild's Nurse One whois capable of nklsg crtarge of
?n infant. No objection to act as I liambennaid oi Nurse, or
take cir-ofa sick li ly. No obi.-, :ion to rhe oonntry. And
the other as I liamberraaid and Waiter, aiiib good city refer?
ence. Please apply atM Watt ?trect, between Hudson and
Varick in. it
VKESfEI'TAIH.K 1'roieiUut i.iuug nniin.i wants a
Situation to do general boaseworkjn i small family, or
chamliervsork, with good reference. Please to insiuire 103
lioii.t. ii-stns ?._ ma?iu*
'ANTED?By a l'OUNG WOMAN. ? situation in a
private fajnilyai chambermaid or waiter. Good city
reo- i." Hi" i. Apply No. 13 p,.,rv..r ;., the rear. mi
\GENT WANTED?A person who lustains i reputable
. character; and who is acquainted with the mannf?ctnrii g
aud ii.ip..mug houses ..I Nev.. Voik. can find a profitable en
gageinent,ttt Hoom No. St, American Hotel. Apply by in
..?.-lock t..-isv_ rnaStte
VGENTLEMAN not at present engaged in business, ii
ilesiroiis ot obtiining a situation in lb- office ..f some re
?pactable professional |?-rson ss COPV1ST. Hi* object is
employment, which shall yield him i small emolument, whicb
in the changes of tile times, ii ha. become nec-.sjjry !'..r him to
secure. He will transcribe legal or ..lb. r docum- Uta at the
rant of t cents taar folio in the most Mrefiij and correct man?
ner. The best of references will !?? -given. .\. I. los. B. B
left at the .Tribune office, or 139 Nassau-street, oi&ceof- the
Knii keit.ocker. tv j 11 be i mmediatel y attended to m*i 3t*
IEAitN TO SING.?On Moaday evening, March Iflth.
J at 3o'clock. J. F. WARNER, the lianalatorof U"
i.e. \c. w ill open a new class m the first elements oflmusic
and in learning to siua. Very :n il facilities ...re now fu.n
ished to beginners bv a new set of apparatus for illustrating
the subject, and a very-easy and rapid progress is ensiiml to
all i?rsons p"s.se,.ji;^ a good ualural ear. Fir-t ei-m-.g f.ee.
Room til Broadway. It^WJfcP
stead Seminary, Hempstead, L. I. on a branch of the L I
Railroad. 31 mile, from Brooklyn. T-rm, fr m S1SS to SIM
a v.-ar. Circulars at j. 5s. J. Chamberlins'. !l S 'Ulli William
street. Also at Newman's Book -ton-. 199 Eioadwav. The
t^riasripal during the month of April .at 7s Nassau. The Sum
met Term commences the first of Mac.
inbi l!m- NATHANIEL PUNN V. M. Principal.
TaJEVV-YORK a ERIE RAILROAD. ? and 7 percent.
1* Borsus, Stock and Scrip B^uglit and Sold?Loans made
n negotiated on the same. Iii WM. INGOLLS. Nu. 14
Wj?I rt. N.-v..y,.r's._a.|r>, w.
SCOTCH PIG IKON?dfl loos No. i Gamherrie, sfloat,
for sale, by [mi] f ASS it W-\ BD. 11 Bro?i si.
C-i IRANDOLES, of assorted [utterns and si/elt bronre-l,
a",ilrerej .,. (t gilt. Among them are sou,,- new styles, ,f|
1 ?uis-rb Ii lish, f r sale I
Pir.T/ BWOTHF.lt *? ' I" t; lohn
Si.I 1.1 M ...\\ r.K.- .; n be SUppllesl With i<r..-|ii.>
PAPER in its >*rious kinds, printed on be-; Linen Caper,
rnvOiti] GEO.D.BALDWIN.TPS race-st.
COLAR LAMPS?A gn-ir ?i.-;-f. . f soli: Lamps of tbe
? bestqnality. for s?!e w holesale md retail by
mfi DiETZ. BROTHER&CO. No. 13 John st.
C???RNELIUS at CO.'S Potent Saia' Lard Lnm;.. bronzed
J or gia, for sale wholesn'e anif n-ta I bv
m5 D?ETZ. BROTHER n> No. 13 John ?*.
HALL L.AMI'S A.NH LAN 1 LKNr? A-^ru-d itzes and
pattern., either glh or br.>cw.:f'..: -:i\e by
i--i_DfETZ. r.K"THF.i: u if. iTJohn ?t.
LETZ, BBOl HER 4t CO.'S wlehmteal Doric Lamps, lor
burning camrioce, at wnolesale or retail at :he Ijinip and
Oil store, 13 John ft._w5
LAMP, a n?w article and t:< niost approved hand lamp
fi.r burning I ^ird. Ft sate by
m? PIETZ. BROTHER fc CO \... lit.,;.
THE r.\'DF.i:sii;.\El) offers to :-nke all kmds of Fluted
Rollers for Cotton and Woolien Machinery, of as good a
quality n> can l>c Isad elsewhere and at reasonable pnee-. All
crier- ihnnkfulli received and punctually attei.dexl to.
X. K. Old Rollen BHIutsd And RecnpieH.
Ciltl.Ni? inr.h-UUl.s ...mi MVii.MJ laOUDS.
0 Gentlemen leaving off their \\ inter Ov-r-coats will find
a bedt'tiiu! srticle for lire Spniifi ready made or made to crdV:
itWM r jENNINGS si CO.'S. JU Broadway, opj site
?-eFouuuin. ALS0
K beautifeJ assortment of Spring O.iods. which we rff-r .:
verv reduced nric-s. Cititeos and strangers are solicited to
csll and evanuae our stock before parejusiag elx-wiarre.
mh6 3avis._
1NU IA KLbBtK ladOliS.?lie >ui-scnlr s buy on
hand f. r sale a large issorrnvent of liiaia Ituhlrer tsOOdS
for the Spring trade, such as cloth for Carriage Tops. Aprons
Jtc. plain md figured (Jimisk palterr.s) Meckmtoeh Coats.
1 losJcsTkc. Life Preservers. Leggms.lt le forCrol nwal .
Air lie is. Pi?ow?. Cushions. Sac. to?-ther witn eatry article
in the line, at wMa?ile and retail, cheajer titin cm U lounJ
Warehouse of ihe Newark. N. L. IndM Robber Factor/.
Dacncman liailerv of Patent {"retclum Coiored Photo- j
graphs. No. i?l Broadway, above Murray street. Ncw
'. rk, kwarded LUe Mtnial. four first I'rtmlcms, and two
ihesi Honors,' at the EJihlbiUcns of the Ics?rutes of
M.-asachujetts, New-York and Pennsylvania, re>7?ctive!y,
Cat me-.: beautiful colored Pictures and best Apparatus
e .er exhibited.
WANTED?2 or 3 skillful cperators. dlO Is
By One of ?e Gifted of four cum Sex.
?? Ida, caorrsj iioist-MAitsi.
This i, a Tale ? l" th* Heart, and one cf the. best ?f the Ca
lenled author, whose reputation is ss wide as the world of let
trr?. It is spoken of ia tlie highest term* by the European
Press. and was in process ol* translation by an eminent pub?
lishing hon?e in this city.
Prict- 2j e-:::s?Sl'j a hundred te the ti td.. Tall at ?1 Ano
?tp-tfer a? r.ew works. K. Wyi-K- sTKB. PnMisW
For sale. wheOesoie tad retail by WM. H. GRAHAM,
CRCIKSHANis'S uMMBts.?A Vchicl. for
Fan and Frolic. 25 M
IRELAND .jj ??
tin- irmua.? . ?s ??
HARPERS1 BIBLE?No. XX .. . . S ??
V Carriers wprdied with all the NEW PUBLICA?
TIONS and PERIODICALS at Publisher? rn. -t
. u*\t. h. GRAHAM.
m'j It_lrn^>j!i!_();r;r-. 153 Nisssu-streec.
At the OtRc- of tlx New World. 21 Ann-street.
' :i* Herbert's .pleudid translation of this powerful Romance,
coatainhus two CHarTEES t>- anraxes of any other edition.
This is the only edition which sites the true, spirit of the
original work.
Containing Nos. 1 to 13.iueiusite, printed on tin-.- paper and
elegant!] put up. The cheapest and best edition.
From tii" Tri-- Son.
The Wayocxisc Jkw, Nos. H and 15, a double number.
In these, Rodin, the villain of the story, changes his tactics,
and after !-ing the.ar:-d ia bis first pr jects, approaches Ins
victims ander th- m.t-k of friendship. The story is well kept
up and is most painfully evcitin:;.
~- Call at the New World Office, 21 Ann street, all yen
who have aot vet n\ad thi. greati st romance of the age.
E. WINCHESTER, Publisher.
lion ready mi
This I't v Published.
RY?No. '?-? ' -
By Mr.-. Pool?.
!'::???? S.its i? Paper covers: b- and J?l cents.
" AH the nvii in Kurnpe together coald never luv* gained
or imparted the information iu this beok."
[London Morning Post.
" Emphatically the booh ofa tidy." [Frar.er.
" Informing, sprightly and entertaining." [New Monthly.
" The first good b.?<k oa Egypt br? lady." [TaiL
" . i -t igrte?ble and entertaining " [ ttambers.
" These interesting letters are written by Mrs Pooje, a si
? rofE W.Lane. SO favorabh known in England'and tin*
v for hi< "Modern Ecypti ois' and his new tendon of
Arabian Nights. Mr.. Po.dr had .access to the Harems of
the i'lrlu and other noble Mabomroedaos. as well as to th.
jji s ;nr- [Neal's Saturday I iarette.
ih ibove/togethcTwimallthetTssw ind late Publications
of the day, for sale ?holes.il.- and retail by
<M I'.i.i-'S-v -TltlNOER & i O.
mj 2ti> 222 Broadway, cj r. Ann st.
.A: 12? cenLs each. The last Number just published.
According to the Donay and Kheimi.h versions. Denigaa's,
Illustrate !. Family Edition.
This workjuitcompleted by the publication of the tlth
number, i. rmbellished with 13 highly fiaished Steel Engrav?
ings, (mostly from original designs'.) and two Illuminated
Tub s. i< eonfideatlv offere I to the public as the most desire.
Mr laiiulv edition of the Catholic ruble in print. It may be
had in every st> le of binding and it various prices.
mt-.tti.- F.IUVVKH push.AX. til Fnlton-st.
The t-est omwrmnity .sc.- afforded to WHOLESALE
EIJS. for giving a naiversal circulation. N orth. South. East
and West, to their several Houses, ran be had in the geo
G kraphtc IL ? IA 0 historic. il directory
now i rep ired for the pp.... (second edition.) by Or. Baosrsow.
The Directory embrao ? the great traveling routes from New*
V. .'s to N' -w-Orle.oi< and Houston, Texas, prepared from
nates mads by the author? being the most complete and per?
fect arrangement of routes thai has ever been published?
(I opy right secured)?with tables of reference? names of of
fieera of companies?Ibreign and native coins?cross-lines?
pi pulation ladles, and prominent hotels.
siibsciibed for by S. iith?ru compeni-s, for gratailotas circula
rion?independent of ? hich, Km,mid extra copies w ill be issued
for the market.
Advertisements wiU be inserted in the latter part of work,
on moderate term-.
i 'oninrti to be made either with Dr. Branson, (the tnthor.)
at the American Hotel, Room 21, or with Ins authorised
sc?nt. Applications must be nrade previona to 12 o'clock on
Thursday next- It*
Just imported, ami offered at less price than any former
works of the same value. _ Payne's Universum or Pictorial
Worl'. eon: lining 1 collection ofsplendidengrai ings oft iews
in -.11 connlries, portraits sfgmat men. and specimens of works
of art. of all ages ami of every coanrter. The work ispab
lislied in monthly i irt 1, each containing four highly-finished
? ? .1 ivings?primed i>iiSileiiii?|uarto. ami ?ill lie .accompanied
With ?.iaht pause- of I?ii.t-iip-.s Tier- are two .pleudid
premiums, which are offered to the purchasers of ibis work,
which . ill be given when ordered. Eight Nomben are now
n-a.lv. Price tS Cents each.
Pictorial Natural Hist >, y: or. The Three Kingdoms?beiog
a comprehensive icconal of Animals..Plants. andMinetals,
togetherwilh tlie ontliues ofOeology, translated from the
Geinun of Linderand Lacbman, Professors of Natural Hi?
lory. To be eeini leted in fifteen monthly parts, each part to
contain not less than 21 ou irto luges of lerter-pn-s?. and ac?
companied by two highly finished and beautiful colored En?
They wonld call attention I tlieemin ly new and ingenions
''i* ii 11 r of the plat.-,, ill it Inch ? ?-r\ ml Uta] is npieieuted iii
attitudes ami circnmstances, illustrating Its character, and
drawn on ? relativeseale to others contained is thesamepiate,
and to Man. the n hi le 01 i'art of whose figure is iiitroihic. il.
Thus both tie- actual >nd relative size of any animal may 1?
immediap-ly learnt.
This is one of the most splendid ? orkl ever i-.u-.l from the
Loud ?:? pres.. ami i. ,.dd juceiits 1 uumlc r.
Addp-st bv mail 01 tiierwi e |s>st-ieaid. to
in . 2tis_JfT'l) tz TWI.OU No. t Astor Honse. N*. V.
i.MP- iirr.wr new u'i ii:ks.
rut: cross op christ;
Of, Meditations on the Death o:d Passion of our Blcaussd
Lord and Saviour. Editedb) Walter F. Hook, DD' Vi
carefLecIs, 1 vol. ISmo. Price 62J cents.
Th- ab ire usnusl of devotion was firsl made for priiar^ u^-, ,
.-.rid without sny t i- vt of publication. Its Contents mosisl Of j
(tractsfi in fl le Scriptures, ind the writings of eminent Dh
11 irs?including Bishop Vndrews, Bishop Hail, Bishop Wd
ion, Bi?hop Jeremy Taylor, Bishop Horseky, Dr. Saturn, St
\iijii.iine. St. Bonsveulnre, Thontas A. Kemnis, Richard
Hooper, and other, of more recent times. It tt ill be found ads
mirably adapted a- : _mii in time 1 f retirement and uckrseas.
I AL ECONOMY: ia its relation with Cli-mistrv,
I'I ? .. and Meteorology, or I Itrmistrv applied to Agricui
tut . B] 1 B,Bonisssanganlt, translatedbyGeo.Law, Agris
eatiarist, 1 rpl. ttmo. iM p?--e-??1 jO.
The! Iiemical portion01 tios volume contains much that
is both valuable and new, at the saute,time it u rendered fa
o.ilnr: itha anseientific reader. The intelligent Fanner will
find liii SCCOUnt not merely in i ip|-i!..i1 ;e..,.,| of the w.rk,
but in retard;tig il IS 1 text book to be kept by him for |?-riai
ueut reference aud consultation
STABLE ECONOM V?A. Treatise on the Management
? ! Ilorvs. by lol.ii ?:t'.i.:,t with Note, and Addition? h\ A
B Allen,' Editor of the " Agricaltarist-" IvoL l3mo. iilas.
trnled ^ ml 2ti? j
'Alir.-.l \\r.A\t..> 01 i si 1 . ii.-r, ^.u.r.illv will
OF V. r.A '.' I.N i i" re; lete wilh iiislructiou. illu.trated wilh
some300engmvings, ?ritten with admirable clearness and
thoroughly practical?| nbluhed in one large octavo volume.
1'ro e five dollars, aud Cos sale at Ii Spruce-street, by
ma. its GEO I). BALDWIX:
Tlie Year Book of Facts in Science and Art, for I3U...SI jo
Nar.i-ii'. Practical Astronaut-, aud lieo'teiy. t vol.... t'li
Simmson Mathematical Instruments, yen Edition... 2 00
Rytnet J..ne,'-> Natural Histi ry of Animals.im
Heraldic Illustrations. 1 vol.ar.IU oa
Blnut'i Beaut] of the Heavens. New edition.10 go
!'o;ie', Vearly Journal . f . rail.- lor ISli.I AO
MeCnlloch on I axation and the Funding System.5 00
Benae's Historv of Warming and Ventilating. 2 vol... 4 50
Hughes' Dories 11 lodge Advocates. 1 vcl.2 JO
Burton en Elective Polarity, the Universal Agent.2 jo
Hopkins 011 the Atmospbrric I lhaages.t 50
Wagner's Elements oTCompsu*atire Anatomy.3 Co
Smee's Sources of Phv.ical Science. I vol.Svo.3 ia
II ok. r's Journal of Botany. I tola uvo reduced lo... 8 PO
Tbei hem Players < hroaiele. VoLi. forUir.'s 00
Doyle's Cyclopedia of Practical Husbuidry.I on
Lavater's Treatise on Physiognomy, t vol. IZmo. 1 2i
KaeintF. Complete Coon* of Meteorology.3 7i
Spot i - i Hi-!..:'??. i.e. of Sheep. 1 thick vol.2 24
Smyth's Cycle of Celestial Ol'Jects. 2 large voli.12 00
Imported and for sale be
WILEY tc PUTNAM, 161 Broadway.
'. ?? * Single copies of English Books imported to order, by
ii-. -'-.one- or packet_mi 2na
The CoJrivator for Maren contains a vast variety of articles
of unusual mietest a: tin. season of tlie year, to relaUoa to the
practical opemti "!?? of HorVeultiire. the various branches of
Htnbandry, landscape Gvrdsnitnt, s-e. Amone its contents
e.re articles on the rare of Orchard]?1 lraft??Pear Trees : Cul
lure oa.Spring Granu, and Mustard : Culture of Aipnragtu,
Prurar.g Cmpea, Horticultural Items ; Landscape Gardening,
with [Bostiatioos ; Results of various Es pen men t> in Planting;
Prodheaofthe Da:ry and Management of Cows : Notes of
Travel in the West, by Salon Robinson : Improvement of an
old Farn, how perforated , Peat?hi localities and use lor Ma?
nure . Letten from S.-otiand and England : Piue Laut of the
N*. Y. State Ag. Society for l--^?.
Beside-i a great van-ty of other articles, embracing coinmu
a:C!itions from correspoudents in England, Scotland. YermoGjJjs*!
Coonecticttt, New York, New Jersey. Pennsylvania, Virgini***""
N. rarulma, Kentucky, Alabama. Illinois.
This number B illastratJd with Ten Engraarings en wood,
embracing Views of the residences of Win. P. Van Reruaelaer
and Jeel Rathbose. Eags. on the Hudson, and of Theodore Ly
man. Esq. sear Boston?the Prigc Bull Calf at PjUghkeepsie,
dec. Arc
Subscriptjora for "Toe Cultivsror.'* received by
M. H. NEWMAN, 1? Broadway. New.York.
Of whom the numbers, etched in pnated covers, may be
had free of postage, and where may also be obtained any or all
of the back volumes of Iiis work, whtcn has been pronounced
by compebmt judges, as " by all cnoipar.son the best agricui.
tural paper m the Union." Price, only SI a year. mh3 3tts
FOR LONDON.?Rrg?iar Packet of n th March.
sjgftgjlTne did Gist class fast sailing packet .h.? WEL
-SStLINGTON Capt. Cnsdwick. will positively sail as
above, her regular day _ Having ?rry superior accoro
modatiocs f I Second Cabin and Sierage (-asseugers.
persons wishtag to embark ?h.-u d mike immediate aj plica?
tion on board, fool of Maidea Lane, ox to
n"._W Pi * .'p-er. c rner of S.aoih.
1|SA61JSH BK!T.\NNIA WAKE.?Wenat^n-efsactyian
^ ported a new supply of spiendid Bntannia Tea Setts, with
Uro? und Coffee Pots to mntrh We a-e aiso eoostai.tty ma
oulacturinr allanicles of BRITANNIA WARE.warrantedto
be of a supenorqcal.ty and very durable. Apart of our ma
rufactory being connected witn the So.re vre are able to repair
Britannia Met?. Goods at the shortest uotaee. Banca Tua, Am
: inuny. Bar Tin ar.d Metallic Bi muth, constantly cn hand.
For sale arholesrale and retatl at 6 Bnrlit;eslT>, by
2S lwis B??RDMAN dtHABT.
RAXK1X _ BIRCH are now eoeairs. m the Store latelv
occupied by W?hams. Rank_ & Pennitoan, No. &>?
Wi_iam-rtreet, comer of Cea'ar. a new. elegant, and very
extensive stock of Staple and FancySdk Good*, m eil the latest
rarieties ot Spraj Styles, corrpmjne toe most desirable ami
fashionable articles of Dress Goods. Fancy Silks. Ribbons, ?c.
to vi Ijicls they invite the attention of all the customers of 'i.e old
firm, and buyers generally.
From tlie -rest care used in the selection, and '.heir ftcmtiei
for buy :i< on ti>e most favorable terms, they can oifer unusual?
ly strong inducements to ii?*s who desire tu buy to the greatest
adsrantage. eitlier lor Cash or Approve.! Cred.t.
They particularly solicit the Trade of Merchar-s t'mm (
try Towns ami Villages, as their stuck, embracing every variety
offa?bionabi? (roods, will he found to cornpnse styles adapted
to every market.
Among :bc.r Ibrrs Goods they would call attention to
Rich Printed Bombazines and Barege
Svraa:i Lawns sud Muslins, ofuetv styles.
Rich Printed Tins Jaconets.
Half-mourning Paris Balzorines. Jaconet*, kc.
Black Polaccas, Marquises. Balzonue?. extra Parisquahly.
Printed Lawns and Muslins la every variety;.
Very rich tignrvd Brocade, and satin striped Silks.
Rich i"sshmere Shawls, of all qualities.
Rich printed Barege Sluw is. i'i.-w ind elegant patterns.
Satin striped Bare_e Shawls and Scvrt's, a full assortmec:.
Black Hem h i. Fil?: and Sewing Silk Shawl*.
Muslin de Lame .ind Thibet Siiavsl?, plain .uid satin striped
Rich Brocade tigurrdand plain Caracleos Silk Shawl,.
Rich figured i ap said Bonnet hibbons. in great variety. of all
the uesvest styles.
Millinery Goods in all bnnehos? Tarlatans, Lawn-, Bouuet
Silks. Sums, Artil'cid Klow-r?. kc.
Gros de Rhines of the different widths and quaUlies.
Matte.uu and Vent-vs. Italian Lustriinrs, Ji to to inch.
Blk andI Bin- Blk tiros de Swiss Gros Grain. .\c.
Blk and Blue Blk Pr->. Satins.
Black Bombazines,a full assortment.
Kid Gloves of rv?ry quality. Mi u's md Wi ra si's
Lisle Thread of superior styles. Ladies'. I hildrs-us'. i.e.
St n ing >ilk l doies and Mitts, of evi.a qoalirii s.
Lathes'i r vvals of entip-new fabrics andI designs.
Italian i rivals. Matteonis. Viritss. .MatRr. Sic.
Linen Cambrics, l.tneu Cambric slid Lawn Hdkfs b>
Kreuch plain. Hemmed, and Brviere borders.
Tlireid Laces and Edgings, Trimming Lice?, Lisle. Edmugs.
Tlieir stock will be fonnd to comprise i fan, usottaseat of
all tlie various small items needed, and thev mute tie alteu
tion of Buyers with the fullest confideuce that thev can sap
ply everv want in their line mj 1m is
RE A T B A K? t AI .\S l.\ U'Tl'TiOOUS?lu.ikai yd7.
of Bleached ami Brown Shciings from the sloop Be-,
si,!.-., slightly dam.up-J by water only ? \ ird-w ide I'aluavs.
I.lWI yards, only lOd. per yard?Linen Hdkfs. large sire l. -
\ls... tost received, a large aasortasssst of new Spring Good*.
ml 31*_J. A. LOBD at CO. 113 Snring-st.
JDST received, some very rich and sew Goods: consisting
of Cashmere Shawls, -ilk?. Pe Laines, English and
French Prints.
.ffs.i?A lange lot of Li-ieu Sheetings, Table Diaper. Nai^
kins. Doyles, Jsc. 4tc.
Jilt*?Fitly discs en./ Sales of brown and bleached Sheet?
ing- and Shirtings al reduced prie s.
.llso?Fifteen cases Prints, fast Colors, new patterns, at jd.
fid. ?d. fid. Sd, lOd, and Is.
ft!lf_BARsKR .Nl TOU'l.P Tl falhsrin-st.
KtM. 13'.? Pearl and W Beaver streets. New-York,
would respectfully invite the attention cf Mcrcliiuls visiting
this city, to their assortment of Silk au..' f'mcy Goods, com
pri.-iug in part, viz :
Bareges and Balzoriues ; evtra printed Jaconets and Satin
strip" MasUas ; a complete assortment ?l Muslin de Laiues,
of all styles aud prices; rich satiu stri|*-d aud embroidervd
Tarlatan Muslin dresses ; Cameleon Brocade and satin Itriped
Brache, Cashmere, Barege aud a lull assortment of Cameleon,
md Damask Silk Shawls; rich Damask Alpaca and Stradil
la Shawls, a new and beautiful article, together with black
and col'd Muslin de L.iine Shawls in gre.it variety.
A full assortment of Bonnet and Cap Ribbons of the uewes
ind richest styles. A complete assortment of Taflet* aud Sa?
tin Ribboiu. Also a full .assortment of Millinery . Ii tides.
English and German Thread Lan-i and Edgings ; lig'd l ap
Laces, a large assortment; trimming Laces and Lace Edgings,
Consisting of K id, the best in iniil'actnre ; blk. and col d Silk.
Egyptian ind Kilet Gloves, with a large assortment of Fancy
A sel.-ct assortment ol Fancy Hdkfs; Linen Cambric lldkl.;
Pongee and Spitalfield lldkl".. together with a gieat v . letj of
Paris Cords, Gimps and Trimmings, new ?i>!cs, all cl"
which w ill lie ollcredat the linen! market prices.
18 ftjyt*_
NEW spuing STYLES,
.No. "H Willinin street, corner ?f Liberr.
MAM FACrrKEHS of every description of Straw lion,
nets, invite the attention of pnrchnsers tothoir assortment
ol Straw Bonnet, und Silk nnd Millinery Coaxls.
Bonnets ?'/ tne/itlmring iind:
Adelaide Plait Hire Bonnets,
Florence '* English Dumlables.
Brilliant " do. Lut-Hva,
[mperial " French Chint,
Birds Eye " do. Split Slruw,
Shell " Amencaine 11,7 and Devon
Albert " Lawns and Willows.
They would respectfully invite the auention of "Milliners,"
to their choice stock of Neapolitan and Neapolitan Luce Hon.
nets. Ribbons of every variety nnd Bonnet Silk, of nil styles,
w hich urn ottered at the lowest market prices, at lolls No. 7S
William street, upstairs. 2tf 3mis
Stc.?Thesttention of all parties about to purchase 1 it*
peting, * hi i Labs, or any .irijcfe in the line, i, r.-.j ? etfullj in*
sited to ibe large and esiensive assortment of the subscriber.
Furnishers ol Hotel, and Steamboat., W ould be ei: tided pi make
more satisfactory selections (hail could be made at any other
Store in the city. Families also intending to furnish the ensii.
ing spring will lied it greatly to tlieir interest to call before
nuking then purchases,they will Sad one of the l--st select?
ed .and most extensive varierj of patterns of all the various
si> |e? of Carpel inn. Oil C|, ihs. Bugs. >ac. tliat there is iu the
mirk.;. ind ai prices perfectly satisfactory.
W. II. GUION'S New Store,
?' fi.if Fronting ..u m Fist llro.i.lwiyaud TI Phimou-.i.
i H IVarl-st. (opposite William )
Till', SUBSCRIBERS invite, the attention of those wishing
to furnish with the latest and most fashionable -tvle of
Goods, tb their new und elegmit as'oruneut of Brussels, 3 ply.
Imperial, double super, superfine, fine, ami common ingrain
Carpetings, Fl.su (bl Cloths, Bugs, Duggets, Table and i'm no
Coven, Stair Roda and Window Sbades, together with every
otherartickexinnected with the trade; nil ol which they are
now olfenng ut eatreinely low prices.
^lt Iwii* 44o l'eiirl.st. opposite William.
T> EC BEN SMITH. Jr. 254 Broadway, (opposite City Hallj
cnll the nttention of those w ishing to furnish with !(>u latest
and best dyle of goods, to his large and well selected ?tock of
French Aubussoo, Axitnn?ter, Royal Velvet Wiltous Tones,
try, and BrusselsCarpcting?, containing some of the richest and
ni'ist elegant patterns of the newest design", an.l most beauti?
fully arranged colors, which have ;ust Ik.cu received by recent
importations front the beat European manu facto res.
Also, Three-ply, ingrain. Unmask and Twilled Venetian
( nrpe'ings, English Druggets, Table and Piano Covers, with
every article connected with the trade.
Floor' hi Cloths of the latest patterns, well seasoned, of every
description nnd width.
Per-oiis furnishing Private Resi.lenres, Steam!*.*::,, nr Hotels,
are particularly invited to call and examine lor themselves be?
t?re making their purchases, os only such goods ure sold at such
piiees as shell give entire sawtaction. f'.'l Jwi>"
V("CORDING to an old maxim, "Bread is tie- Staff of
Lil"-." but it is certain tliat good, healthful bread?,weet.
light sod digestibb?u by no rneaus -a.ily obtained, and
myriadi i" persons ar? obliged to wander along without that
?.se.itial stiff. Chemical science and reseaich were never ex
paraded for a more n-eessary and useful purpose thaa ia the
discovery of lbs material which ihould pr imptly and Certain
I . produce good bread. 'l*l..it great desideratam bsa been ob*
rained by IM 'kill and patience of Mr. Cos i nt. of Lowell.
M ho bas sseertaioed tbs ingredienti recnisite lor the procuring
of ? .-excellent bread as quickly is tlie tiuur can be kneaded
and Inked.
I: u dernnns'.rahle tint, by the old slow process of viiioiis
fermentation, much of ihe nutritious portion ..ft!..- floor is
extracted; but by the application oft ON A NT'S PATENT
YEAST insiajit-aneou, effervescence directly follows.and
alt the saccharine pro|>ertiea of the meal are retained, thus se?
curing the entire nourishment which the dour natural I y in*
Soi l wholesale and retail bv
M P ML'SSEY. Clinton Hall. cor. BeeLmi.-i and Nassau,
i II MPNEY 4. ALLEN. To South st. cor. Maiden laee.
GASSNERk YOUNG, IV. > batliam-st
i RESTER DRIGGS.isai Broolway.
ST \!'LE8 ic KORD. 1TJ B
S V ALBHO. 733 Bower/, or. fioud-.t.
T Sc \ S HOPE. ! ft < harnl ? nvst,
D0M1NP l< kDRUMMOND, toCreenwicii-it.
SAMUEL KIi*, ifi Broadway.
AI?o. bv the piincin-'l gr.eers in e-eer.1._rnhasrf
? Will be sold, by order of tlie Court of Chancery, by
J?mc, M. Miller, on the 7th March next, at 13 i 'clock, boo*,
it the Rotunda of the. Merchants' Bsehange, lbs substantial
ind ?-II built.' story md attic brick Dwelln-.g House. AV 1B
Prince-street, finislied intiieb-st manner. Lot 23 feet fmut
and rs-ar by hw f-et m depth. House 2i f-et by II feet.
The premise* may be viewed betwe-n the hour, of I! and i
o'clock._mi 3t?
TO LET?At Jersey C.ty. about 10 minutes' walk
? bnek
nilig? *f?m terry, a new brick HOI 'SK. two stones, attic
J^JLs.nd basement. Possession given immediately, ,-vppiy
to C. V \N V' iRST. t.eer the premises. n?lw "
TO LET?The 1 ur ,p ry Warehoase, No.JDotcfa
treet. near John-street. 31 by 60 feet. The loft* would
pbe let separately, to a suitable tenant, and are well
adipird to manufacturing bujineaa. The cellar or basement
is roomy and rszrlectly dry. Apply to w
mai 6ti? eod* -ri 1 MoCR 11 O. ?>- Johu-st.
lately ,>ut iu complete order, and lnu an abundance r,f
fiuit. fiowen aaid shrubs, and every convenience to ac
e mmodate a GENTLEMAN e. ing business in tlie
City, being only five mile* ont on L. I. .-or farther particu
lar, ei i-,aire st 623 Broadway._ml lwis?
Jizjs. THE lower part cf a genteel house, situated W?>t
|jj**8 of Broadway, is wanted by a small family- Any ier
^ksSSWsOu having such premise* to let may )>ear of a tenant
by addr-sainz Frederick. Tribune Office nut 3d,"
SPENCER, r/7 (.'nan.Oers street ts now reaoy" lo
? upply Gent amen wath the Sprang Pattern Hats. Tlie
finest Nntna are furnished by him at it 2i and h^ Im
tatioc Moleskin at $3423.
_ mhl tfis
O. FLSH. taaiiiooable Hatter. The Spring style for gen
tiemer.'i Beaver and Moleskin Hats. n<>w ready for in?
spection and sale, at his jiai_? Room. 13? Broadway.?
the rraceVl ts ** astfasi." form and set of Brim peculiar
?oi?ly t^ha esrab ishment, and as bereiwfor? a distmeuisiiing
feature rrj those ofhrs Manirtactcre, w hich for eeneral appear
anee and beauty of rinish. star.d unnvai!?.-! elsewhere. 'Hi iu,*
-Nut let,.?Me.-srs. bcr.Bt. St nisi All. raih
ic-nable Hatten, will exhibit on the :? ofMareh. Ulli, at
thrir Sale* Boom, ttfi Broadway, the SPUING
a vare".-.- of new styles of Cap* for ?prin.. . fcl 2wi?
?a?lituiA?30 tuus ~ J-iamouxiora " liar Iron, a very
O superior article for Steel, for sale by
dl ? Is JOSEPH TUCKFBMA-s", 69 West-aL
Rroarfw-sy.?I.!'>errJ cash advancements made on
Ci^i-i.':-: ? '? ' ai.ctMt: nui?.
At ?"?? o'clock at the auction room.
P k.ci.i.f r'n Sinex ?A Jarre collection of standard,
m?vellar- ... as I school hooks being part of the stock of
: ?? be ???:?'. under a foreclosure of tztorteatte.
Among them arc voi*. >u. enter's Miscellanies, Ander
son's Poets, 1! rois. -.?.; Eic-ant Extracts. 13 toIs. ;
Carmtto's I*:.d--*.-.phy. 2 vols.; British ciavdos, $ vois. ;
I iiiilp-id Journal. 1! vols. : JiKimal of Science? and Arts, 5
TOht.; Plutarch's Uvea, - . its.) ' ? S atttsnaj Orator; 4
Sears' pi.-:- rialRlMo; 2 Ji SfertonV Works, 4 vole ; Liep
?c Classics. '.' voib . P..'.:-!.iiruh Review, It' roh?.; 60
It'i.'get.*t.r( wle.t.or.; Ko.-sI.ts Travels. 4 rols.; Oper?
ative Mocha'tic,'-' v,4s.; Boswell's Ufe of Johnson 3 rula.;
I . - fastet i.r.i- M.?.::a. - voU.. Chainjor'a
? ork-s 3 rots. : Youn;'? Sermon.-, 2 trots. ; GsddatEltb'l
.. ? eve, '- i-ols.; .'orton's Amertcau Revolution, 3 vols.;
try, 4 vola.; Stephen's Uls?
ter*- of French Retortion. 1 vols. ; Johnson'-. Live*, 3
vols. ; Cooper's Novels, Ac.
Also, i large collection of S.-hooI licoks, XoveK Mbeel
larics Vagsnrinea, l'erio>!ical>, Ac.
irjf- t'a:a\ -u.>? ;-. -\v rea.lv._
\y toLK'.v ?-"in. Auction and Comiui-sion Mer
1 ? ,-:: ?i-.s. x -*. ;i3 Fait, n street, and J4 Ann street.?
Li'eral aivarices made on coriiigntnents, and prompt re
turns made.
THIS PAY. March 5th.
At the Store .No. 31 Ann street.
Sm.-.m's salk.? A large assortment of Or*" Goods and
Clothing, consistt ,; i.. part, of Over Coats, Droa Coat;.
Pantadotxia and Vests of various kinds, also. Beaver
Cloth, Cashmere, Gamtsrooes, iv-ure**. and plain Silk. Meri?
no. Drillin.-. sBk and cotton handkorvhiets, ticking, suspeti
ders, Ac. Also a an. mtlty oi Furnitave, comprising sota.?
an.1, sofa bedsteads, mahoganj French do., drerssing bureaus,
plain do.. taMes, chafes, carpet-, lamp*, glas? cases, Ac.
RICtlAKO VAX l>iKK. Jr.. Auctioneer. '
For - lie, at PUbtk iVuction,oa Wednesday, theoth day
s-t March nest, at li o'clock at the Merchant's Exchange,
.VNTHON. !. BLF.ECKF.lt .<? Co.. auctioneers.
Six cotrago built bouses on the northerly side ot Tweuty
seventh Street, between the Fourth Avenue and l-extugtoa
Avenue the most westerly hous<*, being at the distance of
DC hundred feet trom the Fourth Avenue. Eadi lot la 16 ?
:..-;s Inches (1 :;-. ind rear. a:'.'. 100 feet tn depth. There
. i : j at1 ::t front of each house, SO fectdeep from the
line of the street: the houses ate supplied with Crotoa
A good opportunity is ottered to obtain comfortable resi
dences in a genteel and very improving neighborhood at a
moderate cost.
The tlOUSCS arc rente! until the 1st day of May next, at
."-J-i. per annum. Every bOOSC put up will be positively
sold, without any reserve, to the highest bidsler.
Terms?ten per cent cash to the auctioneers, at the time
of sale ; twenty-tive per cent on the 1st day of April next,
on which daj the ?iii delivered, and the re?t may
remain on bond and nrortgage, for three * ear*, at six per
- ent, the Interest payable ball yearly. The poixharer will
be entitled to the rents accruing, from and alter the 1st day
of April. The auetlpneers charge, vir: S?for each house,
lo be r-ai I b* me purchaser. malista.
K. M. BVM.lt. ?ucti?ncer.
BY MORGAN A JOHNSTON, Store 21S Broadway.
THIS DAY, at 10 o'clock.
A large and general assortment of Dry Goods, Cutlery,
('.old and Silver Watches, amongst which arc some superior
English Levers, Jewelry, Fancy Articles, Ac. ke. Liberal
cash i Ivanccs made on all consignments. Out door sale*
attended to. d3l 4m*
A F.. IL ( II si'tV- \i the request of s Urge number pre?
sent, and niany who, on account of ihe ?tonn, (ou Feb. 22.)
were prevented fron attending the rich intellectual entertain
men i of the Marshall ami Prospect Societies* the Ret. E. H.
? lupin, (of Boston, I has kindly c n sen ted to rr-deliveran pta*
ti .. i- the Broadwaj Ta>kaf...acle mi Wednesday evening,
M irch i. .>: 11 o'i luck, fee \m bi nefil f the sb..*e Societies.
The Melouiaas will sing the following Duetis, Glee? and
Trio. :
Glee?Oh give ma Music.
Trio?The Owl is out.
Glee? Luixow's IVild Hunt,
til.e?Hark above us on the Mountain.
Temperance Glee. tjVdicated to the Wsshinatouians.
Duett?When night comes o'er the plain.
Souk ?We an' the M.-uvehs of tlie Earth.
tHei?Keii... Song mil i Imills.
?V full tud efficient I >i"n have rolnateered, and will per
i i i.i ? t following Choruses, Anthems and Ouartettes:
0.luctoi ... Mr. Kus.ell w. Wesicott.
Organist.W. L. Reaion.
Chorus ,8ing to the Lord a joyful long.Jackson.
Quartette Land of our Fathers.Webbs.
t hou .The L.>rd i. my Shepherd.L. Mason.
AnlheM Sing unto i rod.Silctier.
Ch?rau .Sslvatiosi, to our (sod. '?
i rtand Clioras. X.iw el.-s ite tbe sum ..f Judab.liaydeii.
hue %nlunteered and ?i'l enliven the ineeiiui; by pciforming
a nuns bei of Marches and Overtures.
.Y. 1< Tie- M ? .1 P Societies would, in justice to the
Melodians, who gire th.-ir servieei mi ibis occasion ura
tuitoasly, state thai those gentlemen were not awara that the
above Soci intended charging onl) One Shilling. Bur
in .-. inseqnenca of the art mgeaients being completed, ihev will
in ike tin. tl.\\ . ireption, tailing into cousidVnstioa the ob?
jects of the Meeting, sn I will sing a., above advertised.
Tickets only Une Shilling?To be had at Prices Book
Store, iim Fulton-street: < onant's Hat those, :>W and 444
Grand-street; fo e's 9Boweryi Mrs. Smith's. 22U Division
street ; Schenck's corner of lle.ier and Elizalielli-slreets;
'.l i h .v. Green's,cornai Nassau and Aaaanveta; Organ
iiill.-e Stoekwell s Croton Lnnch._ms it3
M..UM-.S EI.E? 1 I;11. i| A(>.N ETI< T H.LEl/K U'H
ia now open for exhibit', a?one room ai No. 112 Broad?
way, the .aii.-r at 183 Broadway?between which points con.
muuitralionaarawrittan insiaiitaneously,and a full illuslra
tionol llnri neral rji - I lh? Tolefrmnb is made to visiters.
Thi. exhibition is ill Is- highly interesting and instructive.
Doorsoissn throach tli? day and sveuing, A Jmittauc?2a
cents?Children half price. E. CORNELL,
mail Iwis" _
VWtllli ,\.N .ut ,-sr.L .M ?i.oilier ol Ufua.lvsaj and Ann
Every Evening at 71 o'clock ind Wedntaday and Saturday
Afternoons at 3 o'clock.
L VUGH1NG G IS, by i learned chemist.
MISS (Hi VII.I K. i cliaiiniritf Vocalist.
Mrs WESTERN,a talented artiste.
LA PETITE < \ I! LINE, a graceful Danseuae.
MADAME ROCKWELL, Fortune-Telling Petmlogtst.
GRE \T w ESTERN, Bneqnalled Low Convedian.
Mr. COLE, the wondertnl ( ..i.turiinnist.
Tl,.- learned and talented DOll HILLY.
Mr.W J HAMILTON, Ballad Singer.
with langhable ex|s?riinents, by iireat Western.
by Mr. and Mis. Wesi. ru ami Mr. Hamilton.
Admission 21 cents-1 luldien under In. 121 renla. ml
1>AN01tAMI< v I km OK JERUSALEM.?This lieaati
ful painting has been i sited b; a irreal nmnher of citizens
during the past ^??k. Eyerj body i? drligbied with its been*
r. lutbenticity. [twill hi kept often a sJurrt Unas louaer.
Tho price of admission i. rrdnerd lo ..>u ioi. ?iiiu.ismi! It
is the I itoppoiMnitt whieh Ntrn V..rk willenjoy of seeing
tn> Holv 1 i.i- Those ihereiorn.who with to sjieud an
hour 11 ga<iii^- ii|h.ii it. towers, mosques; minarets and chnrrh
es, must .-ill .i al tie- large Pictnra < ? tilery, iStaaits Build*
ing, cornel Bmadwa) and Chambers-sts. Aomissioh ac
i,i i i i. i..si Sn11 i is.. 11,3 Iwis*
basing concluded her engagement al the Americas Mu*
team, will bs evhibitnd tot a'Taw days only at CROTON
II U L. cornel Bower] ind Division street. Admitshn 121
cents ach. without distinction ol age Hours of exhibition?
morning, from j 11 I?eiVemoon, fiom 2 to j?arming, from t
.?.;?'/?/<', (lenirn! Dt?Oitf, H'/ii/e tiirrlliiuj, lHitumatwn,
Diseasesqf t?tet ami Skia, awl all diseases
aiitiiHj from Impurity of ihe /:'... ,i, or
CUM F.ifecls of Jlereury.
VVAIM'S PAN vi EA has been for more than i??-nty
\ trecelebrated in this conntry and r uro|>o lor its estra*
ordinary curj s?foi tin c-ititi.-aten of winch reference is mad*
to the drieciionsand booluaceompaaying the Panacea.
It lass bet-n i sed ia lio.i ital and private practice, and kas had
the singular fortnni of being s i-omiiw-nded by th? most cele
... -'- -i !. . . .-I . Among oilier*, by
W Gibson. M. 1). Prof Saraery, Pa. University,
Valentine Mott, M. D. Prof, Snrg-ry. N. V. University.
W. P. I), wees. M D. Prof. Midwifery P*. L'mvtrsit,.
N. i hspman, M. D. Prof. Physic Pa University.
T.Parke, M.I) Pr i't( allege rnysiciana, liulad.
Dr. Dei Vallr, Prof Medicine. Havana.
Joij- Lonrencn Jt Lux, Prof Burgrry, Li.bon.
J. Chipmaa, Mem Royal College Buigatpss, Loudon,
'J'i.e Recoiumei latioua of many Physicians and eminent
[s-rsous, ?lieh as i i. VV r.rriiiK. late ,Mmiller to Spain: Sir
i homu Pearson, Major General British Army: '/ilbcrt Rob
eitson, British < ? *s. Sec.; and also thts wonderful cures
effected by Swtim's Piinee, liav for many years ma.'e it an
invaliiabh reme")] i !. Panaceadoes not contain Mercury
in o.y form, and being an ionoo nl preparation, it may be giv?
en to the most temi-r infant.
'lie ft.-- ..I l-.-ie, I, . ' ? ? du- .1 to ( bi- ll.dlar and Fifty
i cuts per bottle (containing three half pints.) or three bottles
for Four Dollars.
CAUTION -Obaerva thai the name ol Wm. Swann is
written on the label ..\er the cork oLeach bottle, iocouuler
l-lt whi-h would t-e toit'-r .
\ valuable Family Medicine, being a highly appmved rem?
edy for all di>e,y, ->ri-u.? t.-.in Debility of the Digestiv? Or*
gana, ....a Worms, ' n lern V-nlais. Dysentery, Fever and
Aarne, Bleeding Piles, Sick Headache, &C. Stc. tee the para
phlef with the article.
For sale by .11 r etable diasggisU in the L niled States.
Wholesale oiders I 6 rddresaed t- Wm BwaimltSoaa.
Philadelphia, or H. H Sr(,te(r-liu St Co. Drurgiats, New
ITork,General Ag< its I .- the Pans* e? and Vermifuge ottilis*
THESE PI ist'-r. ii- (.r-iparsid for pains or weakness iu the
?esst, lids orlimbs, Klwumatiam. Bruises. Sprains
v ior Atthrnxiic A i! etioos, I rossp in Childica tliey
will in to it essetigife imnssdiate ana soothing relief.
They will also i- f. and highly beneticial for complaints of
the Liver. Lungs and Kidney.
l -.-fiii. of ?edei.tary habits, whose business requires them to
sit or stau<i nsncb, wnqmaj be In abied with weakness m the
ciiett. or i no in tie- side or Lreait, will lind ,-reat relief by
?searing OM of theje Plaster*.
With regard to th rft>c?ey of these Plasters, nothing aeed
be said, as the-.-carry wi:hlh.-m t!e-ir r wu recoininendation.
.oid the pro - be,, u ?, ,emirUbIy low. i. .a sufficient indaca
nvnt far those sltlico-d 10 give them a trial. ?
Thej - i-: ri? con&lent bl the "rest and increasiag de?
PlasOrra, :he leapnLtnlt which they hare ob
' - d solely b) own nr-nts, and the nuiversal satisftc
tiou they have given, thnt they are dtudtdly superior to any
other in l/??.
No pam are spared m rnakiog thetn as adhesive and pliable
and i i .-iir^tUuifreefromallthoseobjections
wn ch is a lOUrcn ?.; cannptuat to the ordinary Plasters of
the da ?/
^These Plu-rrs ne- d b it o-;e trial to give every satisfaction
Before and ask for Ks.pr'i Isnu? SvntnoTKE>i.iJre
PLaJTr.K. and tee that bis .i.-iiat'.-re is ou the bacg oreacla?
aon* other are gej.aine. ... u , . ?_. n
Madeonlvb. P. B k.N'A !'P. and sold, wholeaaje and retail,
U his rnedicinn warshoc M ?; Hudsou^tmt. .?e door
t-elow King Uns i Sew-VotV. Also for tale by the Draggists
generally. Pric? 121 and is. cents eseh_mi If
Comer of Ann and Va.MU-sta. (entrance in Nassau, over th e
Ktemug Mirror OfSce.)
KFS this :u.-tii"*d of iiiforimns bis fnrnds and the pub
* lie that he li is commen ted business ou bis own account,
and is now oreiatied to cxe-ule every tsriety of BOOK AND
JOB PRINT-NO at the Lowest Possible Prices: His
naateriali b*ieg all Niwand of the latest and most approved
ta'iernt befeefj .:. elid-ut (from many years'experience ju
live bu.im-ss ) thu hr can give satisfaction to those who may
faror him with tie- ir putronage.
CARDS primed on the ctlsbrjted \ ANKEE PRESS a
re'oeed iirices. ""7* E- Iranee in Nst'su ?t m.1 3ria*
fpu M l Lh. >t 1: S. a c? 1 he ?uumci ibc: s ofler lor sale 100
X bbls Ituckvrheat FI?,or as a subatitute for Oat Heal for
feeding Cattle. It is new extensively used for that pur?
pose on account of Its being considerably cheaper. Also
100 bbia and 50 half bins Extra for family use or shipping.
J21 if WRIGHT, LOSES tt CO. 29 Moore rC

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