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Ajjrl delrrcred toClty Suh*cr!>*r.? for Nise Cr.srrs per wee*
or, when they prefer; they can pay i:i advance a: thi
peak (Or >a mouths or a yar a; the aatne rale. Sin
ele copira Two Cams. Mall Bubscrihers five DoUar
p? r annum, in Advance, and the paper iu no case con
tinned beyond the time tor which it is paid. Puhscrlp
tions MXcii for six months. Three Jn.lhtrs in adrana
roratred in all exc'.u?ises with Conntry Newspapers
Daily PapersrecetTed at tins Ofti-c whose terms an
Ms! er than those of Tire Tubi xe are not allowed aaj
? ti::crc:.sc.
terms or advx-stisisg.
/ire Liiiti, or less?Pirat Insertion. ascents
" for euch subsequent Insertion. i*M
Jtn Lira, and over six?Pirst insertion. SO ^
'? f..r each so>.?ec,ueut insertion. 2o ^
" fi?r one wtes.jj ? (l
" for one month.*5 1)0
l.'irrtere.s, Patneral ISulicx&.ti''.. not cxtrejip'j/.ct ^
iWi. 25
?-*?? AO A irertlsements inserted in this paper appe*
both in the Morning and la the Evening Edition.
Yimly A'kertisfrt?not to exceed 13 lines, with
privilege of renewing advertisements a: plea?
sure, (payable rmarterly or half yearly in ad?
vance,) .'..5,0 01
13 rCBLlSHED rVXXT satib&ay mos.mno.
At the low price of TWO DOLLARS pe* armnm. In advance
Xew-Yorh Historical Society.
Tt'i-sfar, March i.
Lothkr Bradish, first Vice President, in liie
chair, who opened the meeting with some appro?
priate remark!', it being tiie first time he has presi?
ded over the Society. Mr. Benedict (the regulai
Secretary being absent) read the minutes of the
last meeiing, which wee approved. Mr. Jay reaii
i letter from Mr. Win. P. Whitehead, Correspond
in? Secretary of the New Jersey 11 istorioal Society,
announcing (he formation cf that Society. Also, a
letter from fleorge Johnson, containing sume infor?
mation connected with Indian history and etymo
lorry, in a translation from the Indian. Mr. Jaj
then made a brief notice touching the death of E.
Champion Bacon, who died ut Seville, Spain, ir
May last, who whs un?" of th<- Corresponding Mem?
bers the Society. The Librarian then read th?
|jgt ( fdonations, including a complete set of the
New York American, deposited with tho Sdciett
bv the laic Editor of that print, Charles King, and
Memorials " from tli?* philanthropic Miss Dix
of her visit to New Jersey and Pennsylvania, it
behalf of the Insane." The Reports ol Commit
lees came next. The following gentlemen report
ed for Resident Members were elected:
G?o. It. DeForest, Oliver DeFarest, Edward D. Nelson,
Andrew W. Green, J. J. Bowden, George P. Nelson,
David E. bardett, J Van Noitrand, Stephen Hyatt,
Morns Barker, Thomas R. Gerry.
Mr. Griswold, who whs to have read a paper oi
the "Prospect ol Literature" in America, wa:
prevented by indispotdtion. James K. Polk, tin
President, wn? then proposed, -according to custom
for nomination, which it ?ras supposed no oni
would object to, though tho experience of the lat?
Society iu this wise had not been very favorable o
late. A variety of other nominations were made
A s ties of resolutions were adopted to ihc m?-n
re ot E. Champion Bacon. The [lev. Dr. Robin
on then continued the reading of the paper of Mr
Stone, which was partly read sit the Inst meeting
The first part of this paper referred to Indian histo
ry" There is great difficulty in writing any true In
dun history, because the records of this people an
so slight, only a few hieroglyphicalainscriptions oi
?tone luve been discovered. Their past history ii
then conjectural, 6ave a few legends which bav<
been relirurerd to the whites. All certainty ii
losl: the-1r origen is u mystery : they even seem ti
b ive been n distinct race ol men, ns tln-y have
claimed- We do not know indei d how ihey came
her?:. They probably came by the way of Bell
rings Straits Ouc theory devines them from the
Northmen, from their resemblance with the 11-. < -
inaiix, and not without justice. Several writers
contend ihej are descendants ol ihe Cananiles.
The paper thou take-. u,> i)r. Colden's work upon
the Indian^. The missionaries had much influence
over the Indians. Under King James ibis influ?
ence was weakened Under William Htiruet, the
Governor of New-York, the best policy towards the
huh ins was developed with much, effect. The Indi?
an speeches us quoted in ihe text of l?r. Colden'r
work, are more florid perhaps than natural, as they
are rendered by the French. In ihe government
<i the Fire Nations we find the elements of the
Federal (United^ States) Government. There bo
mg no Indian historian, all these points must be i
the (lark: David Cooatc, however, an Indian, hat
published the history ol the Five Nations, butthi
Chronology of his work is almost as fabulous as
lhatol the Chinese. However, the cosmographj
of the Indians is much like that ol ihe Hin?
doos. The most valuable work, on the Indian:
is De Win Clinton's discourse In fori' the New
i'ork Historical Society. 'This is a remarkabl]
dear, condensed, and excellent work. Sir Win
Johnson wrote a series of letter- to Arthur Lee o
Ya. on the Six Nations. The Rev. Sam. F. Jar
vis has delivered a discourse upon the religion o
the Indians before the New-York Histories
Society, which is a noble und classical dis
cuiir.-e Lint perhaps the best history ot the Indi?
ans comprised within the limits of the Stale ol
>.' w-York, is that of Adrian vanderdonck. The
be.-t modern work on this subject is thai by Alexan?
der W. Bradiord of Albany?ait admirable treatise
The conclusions of tins author -are, that the triiies
have ihe same origin and came from South Eastern
Mr. Catlin's work on the Indians is valuable,
written with the enthusiasm of un arti.-t, rather
limn the calmness of the archaeologist. In Indian
philology, the name of Albert Galiatin .-lands lir.-t
it lens: in our own Slate; this is the European
spinion also. The " Narrative of John Tanner,''
rho was c iptured in early life by ihe Indians, con?
tains an excellent account *f ihe Tubes oi ihe
Upper Lake Country. The "Life u?Kraiit,"' by
w. J. Stone, was meant to inclnttW complete
history ol the Iroouois confederacy. The file of
" Red Jacket" is intended to conclude the history
if these tribes from the deatlt of Brant. It wiY
s!5o aimed to make a complete collection of the
g eec u s ol this great warrior. We must not omii
the work of Seaver containing ihe account of t
white woman. *? .Mary Jennison," who lived nmoni
ihe Seneca Indians, during the time of ihc Amen
can Revolution, which is a very excellent work. Th*
teinainderofthispaperwas IHt to be read at the nex
meeting of the Society. Mr. 1>. T. Field then of
fered u resolution to appoint a committee to inquin
into the* substitution of the true Indian names n
Ihe place of the false modem names applied ti
paces, ?Ne ; ihe United States means nothing
funenca is applied in various senses, and most o
our nar.ic> are inappropriate. The resolution passed
Hi I a committee of mree were appointed for thi
TsiNtTY Cbitrch.?Twenty of ihe stained-glas;
Windows in this beautiful church are finished : tht
window behind the Cham-el is not finished, bui i;
iesiined to be the finest thing of the kind in th?
?antry. The Bishop's room contains in its walls
she tnarble tablets, which were in Old Trinity; will
be lighted by four superb windows, each with
Scriptural designs painted upon the glass. Thi:
Clmrch when finished will be the best specimen of
tative art in America.
CVjXSCrcNTtOOS PujsoNKn.?The people of Yer
Soni are celebrated the world over for morality and
epnclitm on: we wt-re notmadeaware till h-.e
fthat even their convicts were among ihe mos:
>.t-t-w orthy men in the community. The Mere.:; v
?ys,a young man recently arrival at Windsor in
?i the stage, and applied for admission in the State
?nson. showing the papers which entitled him to a
"tstdence there.
Ii s ejus I,,. nad ;)r,.? con. icted ai Montpelier foi
fmeot.tnce, sentenced to the State Prison for sis
tf ntlis, and in order to stive expense, was fitted ou
*i'h fiis pa;>ers, and sent to Windsor by s'ago
eithou! sheritT or other attendant J Onreachinj
woouvjiHrk, the stage bv accident left him : but h<
'Why waited a day or two for the next stage !
SCp* Letters from MRckinac state that the white
Sto the lsi of February was very mild, and bu
j!.t'e ice Wds formed previous to that time. Th<
w?lit.Ship, and the schooner Two Brothers, wer?
*T'ven ashore during a ?.de in January.
?itesirom For: Wilkins, Lake Superior, to Jun
-jtn, speak ol the winter as unusually mild for tha
Ornate. The brig Aator ?rill not be got ado;:
*t!n- [Cleveland Herald.
Fatal \r> :m:nt-As a boat from the British
?ip M. Martin-, was coming op lo Savannah on
j? 2.tn. she struck a snag and filled. There were
Jhrte.-n ivrsoos on board, two of whom were
. Do^atioss ?Samuel Williston, of East Hamp
jjo. (Mass ) has just made a donation to Ambers!
[wegc\to endow a Professorship of Rhetoric ami
Vfc.ory. Alyanus Fisk of Natchez, (MisS ) ha,
Sfen thai city property to the- value of S10.1XH)
th which to establish a Free School.
. A- Ltvxy Pkintkr ? II. George Randolph, ihr
Wnephew of Job? Randolph of Roanoke, come:
* or ?125,000 under the late setdement of th?
"l- ,Ue*hasbeen a primer, and worked at hi<
?de m many of the printing offices of Kentucky
^Wl'studems6? Theolosical Seminar7 coc
VOL. IV. \0. 28-1.
WELL OOSS Informs his friends and the public Uta: he
has i-nla-s..: his h?AUlJIS'l TABU8BMEST, k:i wn
as the Graham Hons*. b3 Rarclay-s'reet, by a Min? to It
the adjoining houic.and la prepared to accommodate tra?
tlesvt or pormanexrt Boarders00 the m<*t favorable terms.
AI! f: lends or Temperance desiring a quiet home, an '. free?
dom from the fumes of alcohol and tobacco, are Invited to
patronize this boose. The Vegetable system, with the
choicest selection or fruits, Ac. which the market affords,
will 1* strictly adhered m, but a tabh- will be served for
tho c who ptefer the ordinary mode, or mixed diet.
Cro'on Shower, Wann and Cold Raths, free.
SON, comor of Broadway and Broome street, entrance in
BrooinesL New-York.
Rtftrmces.?VT. Cbeegman, Dr. Motu Dr. Nelson, Dr.
Francis. Dr. Steams, Dr. Berger, Dr. Weed, Dr. Sinclair,
Dr. D. Smith. Dr. Ou.ukcr.bofb
Best Swedish I,.-.. bea constantly on hand. 1a2? Urn
Col. NASE, of Amenta, New-York, irrites
undtr acte of January 23, 1S4?,
fls f ollows :
Mr. Isaac BtrrTst
Sir: I he high estimation io which Wistar's Balsam of Wild
' Ii-:: -,- in (.-Id ;? nothing more than it m-nu. Having seen its
beneficial effects in my ow a family. I believe it to be iuvalua
blr m cases of Incipient Consumption.
My wife, whose constitution is naturally feeble, in the fall
of lutt took ? levers o Id, which affected her lm.gs. producing
a harassing cough and hoar>enes$, so that she Could with diffi?
culty >|? ak.
VVhljenn a rial CO her friends last spring, her attending
physicians became alarmed at l.rr situation, told her that un?
less her cough and other symptoms left her as the weather ai
preached, it would be not likely aa the warm weather became
cold. At the same time he rave some medicine to take which
tend-d to lessen her ferer, but still her i.OL'GH, HOARSE?
NESS and RAISING OF J1LOOD continued about ill*
same ti;:.e. At this ilarming stage of the disease I procured a
few bottles of Wistar's UaNatn of Wild i lorry, w Inch she be?
gin to like. After using one bottle I could perceive little or
no benefit from it?(bei au." she had become so far reduced by
thisemaciatins disease)?but 1 prevailed on her to continue
it, use. tin.ugh I freely confe.s 11 was hoping against hope.
Before ti? secondbottle was gone I thonghtthere waaaome
relief, and she persevered in its use till sie had tak-n >j or S
bottb-s; and now. sir. lh-gratifying result is a PERFECT
RESTORATION to her usual health. Not one of thase
alarming symptoms have re-apca are,!, and 1 should do myself
i"iustice did 1 not fully and earnest!} recommend it to oilier*
who may be in a similar situation.
Ue.i-ctl'ullv roar friend, W. H. NASE.
E. M. Swift, Esq. District Attorney of Dutches! 1 o. writes:
February 3, taii.
I am acquainted wi'.li Col. W. II. of Arne 1a. who i*
a man of truth?and Ins statement of tacts is entitled to full
credit, Further, I know that the health of his w ife is greatly
improved. F.. M. SWIFT.
Ago. we say. call si.d see the ontoiwaL pea ustexts.
Tliey fully proie that this Balsam is the only r. liable remedy
for 1 aiiis. v\ e.,kness of th- I best and Lungs, loughs. I ol Is.
Liver I omptaint. Incipient Consumption, Asthma of one to
10 years'Standing, Raising of Illoon. and every disease pru
dur. 1! : y 111 |d and . banging climate.
Remember, our certificates and statements of cures are iu
10 cases hi I- 1 i.v 1 ace.
Princiiial Office 33 Ann st, but seid by Druggists in all parts
f the country. s2t iim*
Which Dr. Folgcr's Olosaonian, or All Healing
Balsam has met with, not only in its sale, but
aiso in tin runs which it hat effected, in
persons who ici re in a hopeh us condition,
has convinced the moat skeptical of
its extraordinary curative pro?
perties, and cstaliiishu! its
rln i>>is to the na ne of the
G R E A T R E M E D Y.
The question Is no longer asked. " Can Afthma be eurelf"
It Ims been satisfactorily settled within the last two
months that Fotger's Olosaonian will produce a cure ^nick?
er than any olher remedy in the world, and references can
be given to persons in and out of the city, ?vlii have ex?
perienced Its wondei i d virtues, w ho had tried for years
all other remedies in vain.
Mr. WILSON. 11 brick-layer, rr-iding at Hoboken, N. J.
had tried every remedy which he could hear of for the re?
lief of Asthma, and bad spent more than one hundred dol?
lars in endeavoring to procure help, but in vain. Hecom
menced using ihe Olosaonian, January 21st. The first
dose he to .k gave him relief, and two days afterward his
wife called to say that the small quantity of ibis remedy
which he had taken h id done him more good than any and
all the medicine he bad cv> rosed in his life.
Mis. P.ELL, Die wifeof Robert P.Bell of Morristown,
N. J. who a*.its severely afflicted with Asthma, was given
up bv her pbysh Inns. She was removed to the sea hoard
In the Inqic of palliating her distressing symptoms, hut
with no bend.t- One bottle of the Olosaonian so far re?
lieved her that she was able to get up from her bed and
die?s herself, n thing she had not dOIM before in months,
and she has now returned to her residence in Morristown,
N.J. with everv pros; ect of being speed ily rc-tored.
yields to Its effects. It soothes tho troublesome Cough
nn.l gives refreshing slumbers to the weary ; II allays the
niotn iu the rule and 1 irenesa in the chest, and enables t tic
person to txyettoralt easily, while it entirely restores the
v. cti ms of ih" -?? tu in and expedites returning health.
JAMES It. DEYOE, 101 R ade-sireet, had long been
COIUpl lining of a Soreness in the chest, accompanied with n
short, hacking cough ; he raised mutter freely, hod lost Ids
appetite an.', felt alarmed at his situation. He h .d tried
various remedies with ut any beneficial effect. Ills short?
ness of breath and pain in 'lie side continued to increase.
He used one bottle of tl.e Olosaonian, und is restored to
George w. Burnett of Newark, N.J. George W. Hays
ofNcw-Yo'k. David Henderson, G0La!ght-st Mrs. Mc
Gann, w Walker-st. F. Laims, .vj l'ikc-st, Mrs. Archibald,
3i Walker-st. with
of persons residing iu New-York, could be given, who arc
ready to bear testimony to tho superiority of the Olosao?
nian over every other rented) known for ihe cure, of
Coughs, Co ds, Asthma, Consumption, Spitting of Blood,
Dyspeptic Consumption, Bronchitis, Difficulty of Breath?
ing, Hoarseness, Influenza, Pinns in the Breast and Side,
and the 1 arious affoclions of the St< much and Liver.
For sale at 106 Saasau-st. one door atiove Ann, and at
Mrs. Hays, 139 Fulton-st. Brooklyn. 110 3m*
I7S0R THE PILLS!?Are you afflicted with riles?
Try, then, without delay, Doctor Upbam's Yeg?
stable Electuary, the best remedy ever ottered to public
notice. This really cxceltent medicine Is the result of a
thorough medical edttcatioQksid t complete knowledge of
the disease for which it is recommended. The most tri?
umphant success attends its administration.
Read the following remarkable case- :
A liuly, residing in Norfolk street, was seriously afflicted
with Piles ; se great was her suffering that, to use her ovsn
expression, life WO! a burden: tor four weeks she hud IhtIi
attended by one of our most utui'ie'it Physicians, without
tlie least benefit! Satisfied thai it was mi aggravated ease
of I des, 1 prescribed the Electuary: two boxes were used.
Six months after, tho some lad] called on me to prescribe
i, r another complaint, and then Informed me that she u as
perfectly cured of the Piles by the two boxes, &nd had ex?
perienced no return since.
Mrs. G. residing in Greene street, called on mc last spring,
saying, that she hud been affected with Pile- for two year-,
accompanied by pain In the side, palpitation of the heart,
a sense of slraightness across the chest, and oppression,
she was unable to lie down without elevating the head and
chest Considerably; resting horizontally produced a sense
of suffocation, followed by a cough. By using one box of
the Electuary, Uic pa::i in the side,palpitation and oppres?
sion eeosOJ, she could lie down w uhout inconvenience, and
the Piles wcie partially removed, and a second box made
a complete cure, to the great gratification of the patisiit.;
So d ill this City by the PtXfrietar only, a regularly edu?
cated Physician, confined touiioffloe practice for the treat?
ment of CmtoMc Diseases, So, 196 Bowery. Medical
advice in relation to the above, or any other complaint,
gratis. Price of the Electuary one dolor. He member
thai ihe Electuary is un Istijisal Kl.mi.m, and not an
tiumal application, and sold oklt at 1&0 Bowery', four
doors above springst. Oitlce hours from 7 A.M. to9 p.
M. |22 3m ?
All kinds o 1? J o b Printing, s n c h a j
Pamphlets, Mammoth Show-BUls,
Catalogues, Lecture-Bills,
Checks, comvrt - Bills, Plain and
Cords, Fancy,
1: jurax.ee Policies, FoUUcal ili'.ls.
Bills of Lading, Circulars, (neat) ic.
Promptly executed at the Office, No. 7 Spruce-street.
No. 7 Sl Rt ce-Street.
(Tlliat) STORV.)
Arc prepared to execute Bit..!:::* for BOOK-SEUEBSi
PUBLIC LIBRARIES, und private Individuals.
N B.?Particular attention piid co rebinding old Ko.->ks.
Periodicals. Mus e, tea In good st?!.- and at reasonable
Pe sons visiting the ritv c:ir. have their books rebosnd at
short notice. rJ7tf
113 and lit Fnlton-sL.
Tho subscriber cemtinnes to give hi* special attention to
all descriptions of
and Invites Librarians, ail persons having charge of Book *
Insiituliot.s. and gctiCcmsn having Libraries, t" rail and
i:is;-es.1 his unique a::.', siib-'auti.c si;. !e> if Bsv-k-bindlng,
and th<gi> to refer to the tirst Bcoksellers and LibranAiis in
this city.
For durability of workirinship, with every variety of
ta-to. and very reasonable charge-, this extensive estab
Ushsacnt ?tands: unrivaled. EDWARD walker.
E. WALKER. Bookseller and Pnhlisher, lit FcRon-st,
Always band a g od assortment of School Books; stan?
dard Works of Anierican and English editions; Miscellane?
ous Hooks and Station? ry 0! every kind, at greatly reduced
price*, for cash. Country dealers supplied. J3SX
305 Pearlstreet, Xcw-York.
N. B.?Peacock Tenther Fly Bnuhes made to orisr. o!9y
Piano Porte and Violin Performer of the best talent
in the City. Inquire at JOLLIES Mtudc Store, 3?5Broax.
way. rtio
JL lubicrilter has reeeired a com| l-> assortment of " New
ty uld's * com;i-;titiou an 1 steel doctors, for sale cf tht txaci
np ?t*irs.)
mit of impnr'nlinn. (also dV cijr, files.)
m3lf JOHN A. NT.WBf it" I.P. '? Mm st. I
' ANI) UPWARDS TO S'eO-At SMITH'S, e. raer 11
Eossery ?'.d Divisi -,n ?tre?t. who it selling off to snitnew
irnsj-mriiu the ;?t< f M?r. Everv article ssarranteJ. Clocks
repaired as -a tu si. F.-itranee No -/ Bnwerv llf?m
LOU CHAINS, TIt?T;jTTirAiNs7 ic^-5 ca^Lcg
1C cn?ks Trace Chain*.
14 casks " Pecks" Honks and Hinges,
Wilkinson's Vices and Anvils
jit woon. roLQKi; a mf..-<kp. Peari-st
rp<j illLrv.\lf.>. A,?.? ihe suie-.rit-eis . r.tr tor ,ale loo
A bbls Buckwheat Flour as a sde-titutc fur Oat Meal for
feeding Cattle. It is now extensively used for that pur?
pose on account of its being considerably cheaper. Also
100 bbls and 50 half bbls Extra for family use or shipping;.
121 tf WR|?;ht. LOSEE ft CO. 29 Wc re ?
C'UPAL?i' cases Angula. 7 . . ,
' 30 ?? B.,'?ue.la,i^ein washcd'
Also, 10,000 lies. " for sale at lowest prices bv
flO_LATHROP & liARTI.ktt. oli Pearl-?!.'
OOPERS' GLUE?All qualitie?Ii r s.d.- at M u nfac
?urers- prices by EI GENE ELT 4t CO.
71 Ftiltnn-street.
C'OKKLE?.0 bags .Mo. ha; :t" ,:?>. African, tor saie by
' fio LATHROP & BARTT.ETT. 69 Peaii-et.
T MBRELLA C'eCrTHS?Plain and corded, blue and
J black, for sale he
I2f WELLS 4 SPRING: .'2 Pine-rt.
HALEBONES, Shoe 'thread. WeltitwCord. Jtc. con
slantl v on hand and for sale low In lets to suit bv
fe7tf .r. P. VAN EPS. 103 Pearl?*.
tVAKUts--Eaales." ' Harr. Vlll." "Elssler," "Merry
> Andrew ? and " Highlander.'' of th? celebrated Bartlet;
iniuufarturr?for sale st m ik.-iC | rices be
I8f_ECOENE El.V a; C.fj. 71 Fulton-street.
SILK SHOE LACES?For sale by the su-scriucrs. by
the cro?s. J. p VAN EPS, 103 Pearl St. 7f tf
CSSIA SHEET IRON?360 packs as- rted, y to 15,
for sale by fl4f) CASS Sc. WARD. 71 Broad st.
N'NETTO?10 ba-ke> prime rare, ibr eale by
-fin LATHROP k RARTLETT. 69 Pearl-st,
Importer and Dealer iu French and Kngli'li
187 Water street, (opjK ite U. S. Hotel,)
New-i orlr.
Would rei! Tsn his customers and the public, thai having been
making large additions to hji establishment, he Ins now
offer them t'ie most extensiv? and complete assortment of
Goods, in his li-e, ever before opened in tili? country, ioclud
iug, iu addition to the above,
Stone Ware, Looking-Glasses,
Clocks, ::olar. Astral and Hall Lamps,
Girandoles, Arc. s\rc. \*c.
All of w hich will le sold oe terms .->. favor tide a ' y ? f
awysjnsuaresl bUshascnt i'i ti? 1 .sind S ^i.-,. gtfy
7 < RuCKER) -Wholes di .ua K.tul at No. I? I. berry.
KJ between Jim.-? and Oliver streets. A full assortment
Plates, Dishes,Tureens; Bowls, Pitchers, Ewers ami Basons,
Tea Si in,. Mugs. Cups and Saucers, Glass Lamps, I'nir' ler?.
Lamp ?ilasses. i astor Liotilc?. S.U Stands, Mantel Hrn.
meats, Fancy Mugs, Segar Stands, Ciid Glassi Xc. Vc
tlOUTHOUT & NEVE KS, 341 Broadway, respectfully
' Invite the public to call at their store and examine the
riebest and most extensive assortment to be found In this
country, of BRONZED and ORilOLU Cll CNDEI IE RS,
ety Of patterns.
CABIN solar LAMPS, a new und superb article, pe
euBarly desirable fur packets and steamboats.
In evidence of the superiority of this iw,rtion of their
stock over any other of its class oiTcred to the public ill tlos
citv, they can with honest pride refer to no less than SIX
GOLD and POUR SILVER MEDALS, awarded to the
manufacturers within the last seven years, for the irr. .,ic-t
variety und beauty of patterns and the unrivaled tiuiah of
their work.
Every article sold by C. A N. h warranted to he what
they represent, ami those who wish to obtain flr-t class
,-oods, at a price often paid for such as arc of a very infe?
rior quality, arc requested toiavor them with a call befor
purcha&lng elsewhere.
\X^f A liberal discount to Chiirch.-s and Hotels. f,f |y
GIRANDOLES, of assort.sl patP-riK aail.i/.-,. l.ro,i/eJ.
silvered mid mit. Amtlicm ,r- soia- new -l; |.-.. .,i
a siijs-rb finish, tot sale bv
'nit_IU KT /.. P.l'HTHKR M'O. t; ...
SULAM LA >ii ??a gnaai varietyol solar Laaipsol the
beat qoality, for tale wholesale uid retail by
mo D.'ETZ. liitOTHEKit1 O. No. I John st.
rORNELII S CO.'S Patent Salar Lard Lamp, bronzed
or silt. ti>r snic ? holesele srsrl retail bv
ni-S _HI KT'/. bruit ICR III. No. 13 John ??.
\Ll. LAMPS AND LANTERNS?Assorted ?ues~?ud
pattern., either Bill or broote.-tirt -nie bv
_im1^_METZ. P.RiiPiiEi; i n. rajohnrt.
DIE'!-/.. BROI lll.K <V i n. Scelebrated Doric Lamps, lor
bunting campbine, ut m hoiesale m rctud ai the Lamp mid
i hi stor--, 13 John st. ma
LAMP, n new arlirle mid the most approved band lump
fur burning Lard. For?n:ehy
?f.--._ I'liT/. nil' 'Turn ... cu \.. i: t,a?
rrtUESl KtsCRlUtllC odors lor sale lue I'uUowuig de
A scribed goods at very low prices :
Tea Trays in ?et- or singly, a variety of patterns.
Solar and Oleostatlc Lamps, m w patterns.
Girandoles, with and without drops, clstgantly cha ed.
Piuu Talile Cutlery, from best SbefHeld Maa?flscturem.
Silier plated ware, c-n-istin^ of Castors, l'aa Trays,
Cake Baskets, Candle-licks, Snuffers, Trays, Ac.
Britannia Tea Sets, iiixon ft Son's Sheffield.
WM. E. STOUTEXBURGIL 143 Fulton-st
.130 between Broad aav uid Na--au-st.
rJ'KA TRAIS, \c ? M'l k> ? I 0.~-'s 1 iarl -tuet.
A have just received a large assortment of Gothic and
Sandwich Tea Tray- in sets. Also, a fuil assortment ol
nil sizes common Tea Trays by the dozen ; new >t." les
DtatOn's Britannia Ware, tome very elegant patterns ; to
Setlicr with a general assortment Of flue Table and Pocket
Cutlery . Bctseora. Ac tut._ n'i'
i 'llhAP TAIll.L c nU.Kl.-i;.e!U:.Hi.!sr rvsiaxt
V-'tiilly informs his friends and the public, that he con?
stantly' keeps on hand, at his Cheap Honse-F^imushing
Stoic a choice assortment o: Table und Tea Knives, from
5s *'.d to 4"J 50 }*r ss't, and Carvers p.nd Steels to match,
atid a tine assortment of Pocket and Pen Knives. Al-e.
German SOver and Britannia Tea and Table Spoons, and
Bgood assortment of BritanniaWare, such as Coffee and
Tea Pots, Lamps of various patterns and sizes, kc. &c.?
Also, Tin and Japanned Ware, and Tea Trays or' varioii
llzes and Qualities. Also, Hardware and ^IoUowsrare,
such as Pots,Kettles, etc, Sadirons, Brass Ketiies, etc.;
Carpenters' Tools, cheap and of the >>es-t quality, such as
Planes, Saws. Chisel.-, etc. Nails. Lock*. Carpel Tacks, etc.
L>tc. An excellent variety al-.> of Wood-warcand Baaken,
?uch r.s Tubs, I'ilI*. Wash-boat. -. i - ll- r-c?, W,..,!,!,
Ilowl.sand Chopping Tray.-, Br.vou:-. Cradles, Basket Chairs.
French Traveling Baskets, etc. : Carpet, straw end q ::i
Bags, etc Likewise, Brushes of almost eviry kind?Cloth
und Hair. Scrub and Paint and Dilating Brushes. Also,
Fine Teeth and French Dressing Combs, c!.\ etc.
Beate call at R. R. Johnston's, 3S Catharine-street,
where yOU will tin.! an excellent assortment, and all very !
lew. " R. R. JOHNSTON. 33 Catharine-streeb
N. P.. Toys of aQ Jcscrip:io!.s, at wholesale xid retail, j
dl6 Sin.v^_
V.M KK1CAN FlUiS-Manutactiite,! by John Hi^bery. at
Matten wan. warranted espial to anr impvsrtcd, tor ?aleto
the Imdeb? LD hVARD HONE MO ILL.
ffl im? _pPmestrwl.
IN'o. S4 Johx-Stheet.
Er.. CLAYTON .V SON'S are in constant receipt Of
? Papers adapted to every branch Of the trade, em?
bracing an usually large assortment of Blank p.c-ik>. Cap
and Letter Writing, together with every description .1
News and Book Printing. Colored Paper of Medium and
omer sizes. Envelope, Tobacco, Shoe and Tea, Straw and
Rag Wrapping : Hardware and Cloth In creat variety ;
Silk and Log. Tissue, plain and colored, sc. .vc. Besides
Straw, Bomiet, Trunk and B.u:J!x>x Boards, Press Papers,
ir.ic _*_
c v V. c s \v . e i e l d ,
No. s Braune Slit. N. V.
No. tu JOHN-ST.
HAi.l-U AIO. A NO i Lei 1 ll ?'A.'r.l,:?
?s) rearas ::i ? incties 39 to ino lbs per r~vm.
KJ0 do ZixTS do 25 to CO lbs do
J<0 do ^iixi) do Ji 10 w |t,s do
|SSJ el. .;x,0 do 30 to Jj\be do
lefl do rix? do ;D to -pi lbs do
t"0 (to I!>x?l r|r> 15 to VI ibs do
1P0 do lHlO do 79 to Eb iha do
100 do Ks.:<) do W to 13 lbs do
J0_ do lirxU do M in Hal lbs do
For saie iu lots to suit nurrharse, bv
ml_C\ !,!.'> \y y Elp B? I .
4000 Ui~015
TTX73 21xH
!6x~ 2erM
For sale in lots f ?ni; rurchasers. bv
_?Sf_CVIU'S W. FIELD. ? Bn.-img Slip.
ST1L\W WRAPPTNG PAPER?J.ooe reams Straw Wrapl
pirg Paper, saitahl.- for Skipping or Grocvrs' n?e. for sale
by [BelSt*]_J\MES NORVAL. >l Liherty.s'reet.
SAND PAPER.?l.tes ream* Sutten'*?lor sale by
- [??_Fl'lC-'Xf ?? Lj .x. I l> 71 Kult.-e-street
St I'tKM.NK bOJ.iN.rAPt.tv? I ??--?!:-:n;-eri, preivred
to receive orders for superSoe Bo..k-Paper of aiiy size and
weight, arid to execute the *ime at a few days1
ml_rVHl's W. Kir LH. i Barpne-slip.
CC>LHhr.li PAfKKJs.?SSM leams colored medium u.d
cover Papers, of all the varioos colors made, assorted
sire*, lor sale cy
STf CVRUS W. FIELD, ? BurUng Slip.
THESE Hauers a.-? p-^pared for p-ins *r w-akt..., ?? fa
back, breas:. sideorhmk*. Kh.nmar.im. B.-u:e-; Sprains
4cr a=d f.ir Asthmatic Affecti.vis. ? ?BP in Chi -i-a. .Le?
wi II in OWMt cas-s sir- iain>e,:iatr and BOOthmS relief!
T!?-y will slso he found hiaisl; braeC.ci.al lur cuznplaiaxj cf
? th- Liv?.-. Lung, ?ml KidVy. .
P- noos of sed-:;tarv hal.it*. wh.-ss. business r?s-nire? them to
?it or stand mach, w ho mi> be troubled w i;h w-.dsm-is in the
chest, or pain in the nid- or bruit, will S_d -rear relief by
wearing one of these Plasters.
With regard to the tfbCiey of :lie;e Plasters, trothins r.eH
b- said, as thev carrv with them their rare ree-racaeadfition.
and the price being so reevrkabiy low, a a surSiiciit itduee
meut for tlic-.e ?r?ict-d to sie? thrm a trial.
The prcrriet. r is confident by the crear a.n.1 i-cr~as;?~ di
imnd for these 1"! asters, the popularity which they hare
tained solely by ti.rir own merits, ind tne universal ialisfte
tioo they hare sites, thai they eie decidtii^j superior to eng
No ,"ai is are sreir?d in risking them as adhesive 13d pliable
as possible, said u rendering them free from all these Objeeiidoa
wh eh is a sonrce of complaitt to the ordiuary Plaster, of
the day.
These Plasters seed hot oce trial to give erery satisfy. ::on
B- snre and .ask for Kstsfr's l-rptars STRCJsr.Tircxwe
Pn*Tr.k.ar.d see thit his signature is on the back of tacts?
none other are genuine.
.M ade only hy P. B. KNAPP, and sold, wholesale and retail;
at his ewdjewe warehouse. No. VH Huasna-strseL ?n? ?:?>< 1
below King-sttss-t. XewO ork. Also for sale bv :r.e Drupes!,
c-iierallv. Prie-12i and IS! cents e.,rh. (tstp) mi if
CARPET WE WEBS and Manufacturers generally will
OF WEAVING" replete with instruction, illustrated with
- me ? " "nsr.ri?Rs. written with admirable clearness and
thoroughly pnctical?pnUiihed in one large octavo volume.
Price five dollars, and for sale at Ji Spiuce sticct, by
ntaSSty lii.n p. n ". EDWIN.
The foregoing valuable work; with the "Curiosities of
American Literature,"by R. W. Gri-wold, 4* published
complete In one large royal octavo volume, .in.', sol 1 for
about one quarter of the London price. It forms certain?
ly one of the most valuable work- In the English language,
and no public or private lihrarv is complete without it.
For sale by
APPLETON Sc Ca 200 Broadwav.
The most val.au 1 hie Medical Journal er-r published, contain?
ing a retr.isj?dive view of esery discovery and improrem Bl
mad-tn Medical iiid Surgical Science during the lasto mouths,
just poldislieil.
Also?A GENERAL INDEX to the first ei-Itt numbers
ol theabote Valuable work, wue.-t iy the rea.l-r cm see at a
I glance a list of all the most importan' discoveries made iu Me.
djcsl Science in the last four years. The Index is jait issued,
and will I? furnished gratuitously >>u application to the office,
i 107 FuLon-sti....
No. MI. i< nearly rr-dy and ssill be issued in a few lays.
I: v, ill l e ei mnleted in tsselve anmbers.
TERMS.?For the Ketros|.-ct coi.i|lcle r.i the | ? :,.. ;r.,...
55 ; ist reu bereifter SI. or M cents la-r No. For The Trea
I surv of History, 23 cents per No.
Published ami for slie by DANIEL ADEE.
I fj?_ I C Fnlton-str.ei. N. V.
' Lady's Rook. Colombian M.-.car.ine.
Arthur's Ladies'Magazine, Loli-. National Magi.'me,
1 iraham s M igazine.
Harper's Illuminated and Martin's illustrated Bible. Do.
? Mi edition of Shakspeare. with manv others,
For sale by AD RA Ha M MASE,
2Tf tf_23? Bleeckcr ?tr-et,
HUNTINGTON A SAVAGE, 316 Pearl-street, keep
r instantly for sale a large and complete assortment of
SchooL Classical and Miscellaneous Hooks, Blank Books
111 every variety ; letter. Cap, (ruled and plain) BIB,
Drawing;, and Tea Paper, (Juills, Ink, Sealing Was,
Merchants,' Teachers, school Committees and others,
wishing t.. purchase, will find iti'.r their interest to give
us a all, 11- we will lunilsh all articles in our line at low
prices and mquAntitles to suit.
Peter Parley's Geography,
new edition, with Is map.
and 150 engravings.
A c. imprebensire Geography
for Schools, with 40 m i).*
and ISO engravings, by s.
slrith, author Ol
Rame's Elements of Criti?
cism, Svo.
Preston's Interest Tables,?
per cent,
Do do Abridged,
Webster's Dictionary for
Schools, ISmo.
Peter Parley's Geography,! Do do dolCmo.
Comm..11 School Ulstory.jMrs. Lincoln's Botany.
Ac. In course of publica-,1 Do Botany for Beginners,
tion. Do Natural Philosophy.
Peter Parley's History for1 Do Natural Philosophy for
Bnrritt's Geography1 of the
Heavens, with an Atlas.
FelloweS1 Astronomy for Be?
Goodrich's Ecclesiastical His?
tory tor Schools.
I Do Lectures on Chemistry.
I Do Chemistry for Beginners,
Gallaudet's Picture Reading
|PrestOll's Interest Tables, 6
per cent.
Do do Abridged.
A Practical Grammar of the English Language or an in?
troduction to competition, in which the constructions are
classified Into predications and phrases. By Edward Ha
zen, author of the Speller and Deflncr. Part First.
Parts first and second bound In one vol. sepjy
MLLLLNERT GOODS ( heap for CiL-h, at 91 Be.iver-st.
three doors from Pearl.?The subscriber has received,
within the past few days, a lar^e and splendid assortment
of Spring Millinery Goods, to which he invites the atten?
tion of Merchants, Milliners, and the trade in general. He
has been ? n hand whl never a steamship or packet has ar?
rived, iu order to have the tlr-i -el.. u-.m : and does not hes?
itate to say that he has now 011 hand, and w ill coiilmue to
have during the coming season, the richest, largest, and
most splendid assortment of Millinery Goods to be found In
market. The reputation which be has of selling
cheap- Is proverbial, and his taste In sclectii g Hut Ribbons
and Silks is ucki.owlodged, by ihose who know, to 1^; thu
best In the rity fand BS '.hat is every thing in buying, pur
Chasers desirous of buying such go. .Is a- will sell may rest
assured that, by calling, they w ill find In be true what is
here represented. L. M. STEVENS, 91 Beaver-sti
New-Tork.Feb 10. ist.-,. |0fY
DUl i.mii? AI IVAim\i.S>. ? 11,0 ......senoers lake
this opportunity of lntbrnting the Ladles Of N. York,
A c. rtial tin y are now prepared to oflergreat bargains In
Dry Goods: their stock consists in j-nrt of Broadd iths,
CsAsimeres and Satinets, Bombaglttcs, Merinoes and Al
paccas. Linen sheeting. Table Linen, Toweling, Napkins,
Diapers, Ac. Cashmere de Laiaes, Ginghams, Prints, Ac
Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings, and ali other style. ..f sea?
sonable Hoods. Ladies are Invited to call and examine their
stock and make themselves acquainted with their prices
bet?re ; urchaslng elsewhere. W. D. GREGORY A. co.
J10 IT.'. Spniig-st
ceived, a good assortment of Paper Cambrics, -.fall
color and superior ijuality ; nl<- I.-'-h Liner., <wi:ch wdi be
Sold at a great bargain. Also Thread Girus, Brussels, Silk
and Bobblnet Laces, Edgings, Iiiscrtitigs ; new style Lace
Caps, of various kinds ; Velvet Bead Basis; Printed Cam?
brics r French Pilnted MusUius, Philllppean Ginghams;
Hosiery, Cloves, Ac C V. WIMPLE.
dI5 Jobber, 73 Cellar street.
EW SPltlNil ( ILODS.?Jnst received r.- sv styles Print
ed La? 11?. colored *ud second mouraiag tPrinted French
Muslins; Irs-h Linens; new st\!rs >ilk Vesting: <img
hauis. Cap 1.11 es. r ilet Mit;., lud-1 Rabber Mitu, Hosiery,
Gloves, sic. L.r sale cheap for cash by
f J._i V Wi- MPLE. N... 73 < -I.-..
a.T of Bi-a. lied and Brown Sheetings from the s. p I ?
(ides, slightly damaged by water only?V.rJ-ss id - ' .ii. ...
1. -? yards, o ilj :'d. ;? r yard?Linen lldkf-. Iirge sue '.?
Also, just received, a larce ass.artme; t of new Spring Goods.
ml 3t?_J. A. LORD St CO. l oSi ring-t
t^POOL COTTON?Every variety of Spool Cotton, by the
is? case, or in quantity to suit, tor sale by
Tf tf J. P. VAN EPS. 103 Pearl-st j
O.Mr, r r LANN ELS? W and i-i. I or sale by
fll AD W1S. TIFFAN'i X.10 T'.Pinesr.
"I 4 SHEETINGS?>i nachages brosso ami bleached
0"-? Waltnam. F< 1 sale ?-.
fti_NKSVIT" is CO. .10 Pin-st.
KENEBECK JEANS?Bine, Oxford Cadet, Adams a:.d
Steel Mixtures, for sale by
12f_WELLS A SPRTN'n.32 Pmc-st.
IT rABLE MILL SH?ETINGS-=s!C bales h-avy 1-1
ro. foi sal- by ADAMS, Til- FAN V ti I 0.
7'. l'ine-,t
s^T vKK DRILLS? Spa kagas brown and bleachrdDrius,
"H Ik CO. IB Pinest.
ST VKh DRILLS- ? ? , k.-.-.s u.-s
this day rrensed. For?ie L v
2-f XEsMI
7"ADDING?Black and white for sale by
Ir?l>CNDATION ML'SLINS?100U pes forsaJc by
1 |2f WELLS A -H-BINTl. .V-' Pi-c-'t.
At'AL i 11.'. M < ' ?T 1 ' 'N-? packages. , . ....
vT carious width, and qualities, aid.- at the \\ altl-iin
Mills, both browu and bleac!e-d. For sale bs
fo NESM1TH tc : n. jtt Fne-st.
E s'i'l 1 }EANS?ton cases, incladin- i? ? tent
_shade, of l.ght ind dark mixed, blue and stnped, of sari
00s qualities. Fors?kb?._,__r. _.
fey NrgViTil Si CO. .n pp.
NEGRO GOODS?hw eases i'lams Uri?
ons qn-liiies. Cat sale by NESM11 E k CO.
j- u 53 l ire Jtreet
v sciivn -Hi ETIN'i iS?1-1 L"i.r 1 : th Fi h. for
vVf!^ uic.is .r-rv x> ?> -.r?-^r
C "TCH PiU IRON-M-Woa No.T Garnaherrie,
0 for sale, bv fm..] CASS ii. V. APD. 71 n.-.-d .r
C\H''ET WEWERS can be supplied w.-'i DI SIGN
PAPER in ??Marions. hn-Js. printed e-!l--t Li.e-n i .p- r.
br [rcaj riy] GEO. D. BALDV. IN. 3? > r-r .;.
f truly great invention recomnv-ids itaeli to -.11 vrs-o dt rast
an exact copy of their c :rTrsroode-ice, as. by this spron-Hus.
the sa ke of the pen that writes tie- letter produces ire- CO| y
at the same time. The mode of wntisg is agr-eabi> and ex.e.
ditions. affording Co-at t-cilities to business met: and trsveiers.
Ti.e ink is pedectly indelible, and otnac^Tbe erased by any
known chemical agent, The NIanifold H raea an m d- ..
various sixes. Icr basiaesa and pnvite ose. som- with lock and
key. and are sold atvery^weea^tiw fa^emrs uid
minafsctareo. , rHAV 1> St LOL1 rtEL.
Vanrifactunni Sutiooers. .,tM?den-bae.
t iL mannficrurer a sunenor articieof LLA' h and
< ARMINE INK. known as the L ROTON INK. w arraated
1 i r uiu its color and ?aicity- climate. Qnantitirs cc
. ' i .d ,-.r-fnl'v ratefcej ?' i : -?_m' ?'n
1>>J CAIUES_r or sa;e. gou busiieu ol exst ciiauty Eng.
lish C^qSttatoes. Apply to
Hf W. Si J. T. TAPSCOTT, 76 ionth-sL
CiT 6. I$4.5.
U l'n T'S LIN I Mil vt.-t: .? celebrated Nseedy is cow
x x lor the tirst time oSer-,; to rise New-York public: the cr
irbrirj-.wh.cn it has ttonni it, the eomsXT < Westch,?:er>
where K HWunfiicJIv introduced. ha> induced tlx? proprietor
to -xr-.i.i in nie thssssxcstotst am e-a *rjr. IW h? never ?*c
he':i tt!?%.*em? an -\ter..?l remedy li.it ho* : roved s.. c-tU:.-:
rata effects in mnnaaatty curing the foiiowicg disease :
" ? >'.?'' l. ;???.,, /,.?. .,?_
Sprains. Bruuts, Acrmu Motions, Iftaktutt in tk<
J.-mts. Contraction.!y tkf Jf.uWrs. Buns. Satt Rhrusi.
<? Mtft / are. ro?:i.irv. 4 c a.-.
I 1 l.r Known* letter. Irr rn highly eminent Phrsieian*
i wr.a nay-Suit charp-ot in- Hispipil j-, trie Sn? Sir.; State
I Pn*>a for many years, is the most powerful evnWce ,_ faror
? . t it... <??! ..ral-U Ixtimi! J.t .:..-.;?.-. _.u ;. a sniUci-e: gna.-vi
; tre ilia: :t :; worthy the cbs^h.-, cf the y,., i.i-p.-.
iila-. -?- tlie ce.tthcate. accoraranj i-g e-cti Icttl.-. Price
2j Cents.
' _ . .S?? SiNn. December?th, IStl.
Us D'ar Sir ; Received, y, ar note of yesterday asaiac mv
opim in :n relation to Hunt. Lrament, prepared -.y Vr. G. H
Sraatoa. Known.; its composition,ana havingfrequently
as-.ii:. i can recoutraend it t.. v. u u a safe extengj. remedy,
and in my opinion Che .best Liniment n.-w in use.
Very truly a_d reipectfally yours,
CoL TirrRK Van i'ohtlispt.
I fully coucux it the ibose opinion.
Thi? Liniment is ?cid by Rnshton St Co. I to Bmadwav, in
Ast. r House; Broadway, comer Kourreenth-street: A. Pi. Si
i). Sands, VJ Eajtan apssl, 271 Broadn ly.TTEast Broadway;
II. r>; Will, .m-strt-Meekim. 311 Broadway: Ciui
o.:. 1^ Bowery, corner of Grand^trtect Moss, comer of Can?
non and (innd-'treet: C. P. llaestn. lot Nassau-street, cor.
of Ann: Bonsai I, cor. Canal and llu.ls. u ; Austiu, cor.
Cedar sad Nusiu ; J. J. CoddinSJtOn, ! Hodsoo-street;
Graham, comer of Old-slip and Water-street: HiSturd Sci'obb.
5j John-st.-eet; Mrs. Hayes, 139 Fnltoa-st. Brooklyn: Quirk,
ronier.f Atlantic and Colombia Brooklyn: uni Druggists
?.-??ti-,-allv tlirciirrh.nit the cite and l'_i ted. States: and bv
HOADLEY. PHELPS Sc CO. I? Water-street X. Y.wh..
are wholesale agents. Orders addressed to them or to viie
proprietor at Sias Siug w ill be attended to.
(2i im* g iQRGE r:. stantov.
Bo\i;i.i\i; s. liooi. for mall rrpiLs.-Hemp.
st-ad Seminarr, Kempstead, L. Loa s braachofdts L 1
Railroad. 21 miles from Brooklyn. Terms from Sl2.it - $159
a y-ir. Circnlars at I. Sc J. Ch?mberlinsVS Sbath William
s-reet. Also at Xewman'sBook sure. 199 Broadway. The
Principal .lunar; the month of April st TS Nassau. '1 he Sum?
me' Term commences the ?rst ..f M-v.
sa . ? V V I'll \ - I. iTNV. V V. Principal.
town-. N. Y.?WILLIAM P. LYON. A. M. Prmci.
pal.?Summer Sess-tott ssill ..(yn on the 1st of Slay.
To those who desire to place sons at Boarding School,
the advantages Offered at this Institution arc believed to be
en,ual, If not superior, to any. It has been m succcss
fnl operation seven years The location, delightful and sa?
lubrious, is convenient of access Crom the city. Tho edi?
fice I- eommodloasaod comfortable?the play grounds am?
ple .Hid disconnected frcn the village. The g rernment is
ef:':ient but mild, resembling that of a well regulated
Christian fitmily and no day scholars are received to coun?
teract the salutary influence ?>. family training.
The sj .e;n of instruction to designed not merely to ad?
vance and perfect the pupi' in the branches studied, but '.o
devclope and tnstru t the judgment, to enlighten 'he tm
rlorstandlng, to form th<- habits, and to give a moral and
rtsefnl direction to the Inclinations.
Further paxtlaflars, including Catalogue of Students,
opinions oi patrons, kit. will be found In th^p.tmphlet circu?
lar of the Itunitnte, n> is; had on application at tho Book
Stores of P.artlctt i Welford, Astor Uouse, and lUynor's,
Reference, by permission, to tlic foUowing dlitltiguiahcd
gentlemen: *
Washington Irving, E?cj.
Hon. Dai . ; Webster, C. S. Senate.
Hon. GuUan c. Verplandr,
Capt. Ai. x. Slide!! Mackenzie, 1*. S. N.
Nathantel ii. Holmes. Esq., Tairytown.
Francis Hall. Km). Rev. Nathan Bangt, I>I>. Wra. C
Bryant, Esq. George T. Trimble, J. R. Van RnniaWlinr. M.
1?. Harper & Brothers. New-York City.
Also to the following who are now ,.r lave Isccn. patrons:
Rev H W Hunt. ZebebeeCook, Jr. BenJ L slcr.
Rev 1. M Vincent, M Van Beuren. Oscar Irving,
Rev Thoe Burch, JasMUeyt, TheoKeese,
Rev J Hewing, J L Molt. J W KnevelS,
Rev j Sc well, CDuscnberry, i. Denlsoo,
Ri v A f Seileck, II 1. Kip, Gee Clinch,
Ri v Dr West, P Pannony, H w i i?pp,
I ?r Jos Scribner, Wm G Boggt, BenJ D Brush,
Rev I) H.iia:eck, E W Van Voorhis, f Campbell,
A R Livingston, Leonard Kirby, W S Dunham,
EUsha Morrell, Jacob Lezoy, B f Howe,
p. t r Pini kney, Gen 0 H striker, H Kaynor,
Onus Storm, Harvey Weed, Isaac Adriance,
J dies erman, it F VVheelwTight, Thos PatUsoa,
Morris Roliinson, W Van Antwerp. M Eel*. i'M> Urn
ISKMAKA H'llV (I :< >.\ 1.1 >. M . I M IIUUl.. MIIH'I.K
Established in ls?.">. Sessions commence .May 15th and
Oct. 15th, continuing ilvo months, at 5so per session.
Thorough preparation for college or business! and person
id altcutions arc secured to pupils as fully as in the most
ezpensivo schools. Lads from New-York aro placed in
charge of a careful person, going and returning. Circulars
at II Mark. t-street and 174 Broadway. d'i.Tyc
K \LED PROPOSALS willls- receired by theComii?V- I
?ii nets and Inspectors of Common Schools in the Sixth
Ward, at the Oihce , i T. T'iiosi.s? StSo>. Arcbilecu, No. V
Canal-street, until the Nth day of March nest, for the funn
ture required in the uew School House in City Hall Place, in
Slid Ward.
Fol plins and specifications, apilv to
jnlju-_T. TllfiM y; k SON.
r.DOK-KELIM.V;, eVc.
C< C. MARSH, Accountant, respectfully announces
that ids Cooating-Rooats, No. ss Cedar-etrect, con?
tinue open irom s. a. m. to 9 I*. m.
In the study of Book-keeping as It Is taught by Mr.
Marsh, every pupil keeps, In the most practical manner, a
ttmtpbu trt of imrtnrr.'iiip Uuls, embracing ail the ditlcr
cnt business transactions of a good mercantile house | he
becomes familiar with all the books constituting the sot,
wnil ai! the documents relating to the books, trial balances,
balance sheets, accounts current, and with various mer?
cantile calculations in interest, discount, equation of pay
ments, exchange, &c.
In one cotir-e of instruction a person Of goo.1 capacity
will become a competent Book-keeper, aad will rce-elve
a certificate to that eilcet. No one Is taught in :i class.
M ERCA NTH.!'. WRITING.?A thoroughCAurseof pro
trresslvo lc.son-. which will not tail in effecting a vaduabts
improvement. Specimens of a truly mercantile style may
l?e seen at the r.?..:is.
Prospectuses, with terms, hiurs, Ac. may tie obtained
at the rooms dac and evening.
The Science of Double Entry Book-Keeplng SimpUfled,
II tti edition. ZOO pages octavo -, Price SI.
I he Art ot Single Entry Hook-Keeping improved, 3Jedi?
tion, 130 pages octavo ; Price 75 cents.
For sale at the bookstores, and at the rooms.
Ur. Marsh offers his services in opening, closing, or wrlt
Ing np l?- k< ; Si i v<:.ir-s:re.-t, up stairs. ?5Y
DfSBRO\? S RIDINt>Ss!;ilOOL--No. <*tBowery, near
Astor and La Fayetts Place New-Yoik.-Mr. ?.. has.tbe
honor u> announce that his Seisool isppen Hay and Evening,
for Eoweslriaa T'uiliou and e?-rc.?e Ruling.
tr, Leasoni.tli Ml I Month.$12 fO
lu do .1? ll"l-'ll itldes.I? llO
I do . 5 (Kllia d..<i 00
Sin.-Ie Lessons. 'I Cm,Single lUde*. 71
Road do . 2 iu I
N.li. Highly trained and met Horses, for the Road or Pa?
rade, to let.
EvEsivn class,
12 Lessons .S'J uui-f) Rides.$10 0C
Single do . I 1 01 Single l.ide. 7i
1? All Lessons cr Rides pod for on commencing.
2? . lo? hour allowed on each Lesson or Rule in the School.
3? U..e hour ai.d a hilft- > L- n on the Road.
4? II..uh for LaJi"-. from't a. M. to 3 P. M.
i-1 lours lor tieutleinen. from J to j and from 7 to Hi. P. M.
5? No Gentlemen admitted during the hours ai<prc-i rutad to
A card ofaddr-si is n-qoea'e-l previous to commencing.
ifT" Ijentlemen keeping their horsej in tl.is establishment
will have :(.. \ r,i ileg- ?.!' :,dn.g them in the sch.-ol grata.
ft.l Irr.-?
pOMBS. Fancy Goods. Buttons. Jewelry., fcc.?The sub
\y scrber is reeeii ieg sew I >? "da daily, lor tiie Spring trade,
amoiat v. hich are the following :
li cases American gum Su?;?-ederi and GgrttO.
HI do CoLgne H ater snd oiiier Perfnmery.
2i do SikvoI Cottou, lucludiiig" even' sa/iety
i do 1 looks and Eyes, iu boxes and oil cards.
6 do TwisrBacIc Combs: 4 do Percnasioo Caps.
6 do Ivoty Combs, from fine to S S 9 line.
|.i do Wood Pocket i ornbs
Be?iJ, s a np-at s.irie;v cf B-v Is. Shoe Thr-ad. Bindings,
Cords. Tapes, Thread, Scissors, Bead Work. Shell Comos,
I Ira .merits, tine sold Iii g-er riu;s. do Brejstpins, gold Pew US,
Eyelet Machiuii.es. eilt and lastiuz Buttons, pearl and agate
do, German Silver Warn, Elated Wars line sold lever and
Other Watches, Silver Pencil Crses, Tooth Brushes. 3tc. ,ait
j ?!? foi c - tre or city trade, on the most liberal terms.?
\ C - ?? .i i.-.cfc :g ' e . ind It a? W Robinson's gilt and
Military Butt. ns. [i:'.: rej] J. P. VAN EPS. 1-3 Pearl it.
I ? subscnU-rs respecli'ully invite the attention of thtL
fricids . nd the pahlic :o their select assortmeiit of
-o:.;.-img of Duplex. Lerer icA Leplne VYatchr-a.ofthe va?
rious approved makers. ci_scd in ihv neatest style,aid war?
ranted correct time keep rs.
Siivet Kiuvcs, Forks, Spoons. Ladies, Tea Sets, C-p?,
Caiors. A;.
Piatcc .md P.ritan::l_ Wire, Sjectacles, Pencil Case".
Maule! C!o ks. Fine C -?ery. Fancy oc-sls, ice. which
thev ate enable-.: to oflfer f jT -?le at very reduced prices.
WaKhcS ii.J CloeLs carefullv repulrcl ar.d warranted.
At the Oi l E-tabhsbed stole. 269 Pearl,
f 3 for-er Fu:t n-strcet. opposite CS. HotcL
ler, is now prepartc: to sell Watches at retail lower
\ th-n any other house la the city. -C? he is constantly re- '
cer. lng "oil descriptio.-.r! direct fr'.-rn the r__u;ufa.::urers in
E?-laiid. France and Sw1t_cru_tid, he is exatled to offer a
. i-rge as.-ortrncut cf Cold Watches from SIS to Si's)
! each; Silver i~>. from S3 to S-l'> each?ail warranted to
k c.-?l time, or the money ret-me?. Also a varj- good
I assortment of Jewehry and Silver Ware very low. N. B.?
i Second hand Woichcs atui oid Gold and Silver taken in ex
j change or bought for cast. Watches, ..locks. Music Loies
j and Jewelry repaired in the test manner and warraxiteil.
i by exi?.'rier'.ccd workmen, as low as any ether house In the
; city. RICHARD FISHER, Jr. im;.-r.tr of Watches and
| Jewelry, wholts-le and retail, No. 331 P.roadway, New
i York, - lew __or> ahwve the City II- spitaL
,M RICH - rh fisher. Jr.
CMPS.?Double action light and force pumps of all
-lies to raise from '20 to 100 gaBana water per minme.
Ca*t iron Fountains of various patterns.
Fire Engines aad Hose, Ac. manufactured by
?23 ?im" D- L. FARN AM, 2S Fulton-rt.
WHOLE ISO. 1215.
All linr r>ocnomr=* of magc-Lc ;?oJarity. attraction said re?
pulsion, have at length been resolved into sac gen-rsl iVt ?
that two currents of electricity tsovi.nr in the airae directisi*
rer?l. and ta contrary <iir-crioo.. ?tTrac: r?ch other ; and po?
larity has ever'.-sro CASirunuuicateJ to the compass riredle by
electricity. Thes, alter * lapse of many yrar?. his tie- errat
secret of ihr magnetic el 'mrat !wn disc >vered?and we scr
theefT-cts of the discovery in many usefuliuventic-as. So alto
by patient in v-stigalion and rxrv.-imeut ha>e the true proper- i
ties of Sarsapaiills been discovered, elicited tad applied ; and I
in the forra of S.VXDS' SARSOWRILLA. they are he- \
Iiete.1 to be developed in their greatest purity and sirrrgih.?
The BStcactic thud does not tkd the way a? ith more certainty
along the telegraphic a?ire to a given point, than does thedis- |
infecting ic,( restoring influence of thi? preparatioa to the seat I
of disease. Sen falsa. Ulcers, hard or ?ort. Uhe - matism. '
Scurvy. Eryaipelaa, Dyspecaia, ?eneral Debility. Mercurial !
Complainta. Tetter, Riacworm, Salt Kheum. Leprosy. Scald |
Head, and all hepatic disorders, are relieved by its use. The
inventors do not pretend to l*tr*l14biuty, but so far ?.? they
have had a.i opportunity of observing or kuow inj the eltrc -f
their Extract, it has. By the blessing of rrovidenre, been net
formly brnericial
The following certificates, recently receive.!, will he rend
with interest, and for further proof the reader is referred to a
[wmphlrt. which is famished without charge by all the
Agents :
[ ' , . ? . _ . Bivohsmton. Oct. tr. 1.141.
_ Messrs. A. B. & D. Sasids?I have been afflicted with Sox>
Mlafor nine year.. It appearesl in ririons forms from its
.'cmmencement, but did not break out in ulcers, until, about
four yean aga. a large awnliusg appeared on my arm. 'l had
It I meed. It then commence,! eiuing. and e. utinucd. lo en
r mil iV. g fleshy rart of my.arm, from my elbow to dm mi
tncalder.waj aearlrall ulcers: it tbeu broke out on both
sides of mv neck, and extended to mv fare. I had a number of
?leers on ray ancle and bottom* of mv feet. My sufferings
seemed almost intolerable. The moil of the time I have been
under physicians, have taken Iodise, Swaim's Panacea. .,nj
other preparations; and I had nearly despaired of getting relief,
when I hi,induced by Mr Bnxford to try your Sarsaparilla.
My < Tes assumed a more healthy appearance, and I nattered
myself with theiilea that I should he \sell again. I lia'e now
t.akrn eighteen battles of your medicine, mi MM* an ?II heal?
ed, and my general health ..s better than it livs bee i before for
ume vears'. and I ascribe uiv cine to the efficacy of four Sar
sanardta. Had I known its virtues years ago, I should ban
been v ised much severe-suffering and a disfigured face, and mv
husb.uid would base bceu saved great expense.
(Signed) CYNTHI \ N. TDTPER.
1 cheerfully testilv to the truth of the ibore statements of
m wife. M ASON F. TUPPER.
The following interesting case must commend itself to the
e.arviul attention ol all similarly afflicted :
S ?sp." CftLgnaaTito SaasarsaiLi?.
1 spe'k eiperimeni dly when I say that this medicine is Gut
more effectual m the cure of chronic or icitte rheumatism
than any other preparation I have ever tested. Having< adored
extreme suffering at times vs ilhin the la.t live years from re?
peated atui Iis oT inflammatory or scute rheumatism, I have
re,? :lv use I Sands'SarMneriila with thi happiest success;
my health is now better than it Ins been lot many months
past. my. appetite is good, and my strength is rapidly return?
ing, I attribute this healthful change eutirelv to the use of
this patent medicine. Feeling a deep sympathy with those
?li.i e afflicted with this tormenting a id painful complaint,
I cannot refrain from earnestly reconunending to such the use
of t'iis valuable specific. Having the most entire confidence
in the medicine ami medical skill of Dr. Sands, I w as induced
thereby to :r;. the effects of their Sarsaparill i. an I I take j lea
sure in i'Oline; mv (r.tiiilonv to that of uiaiiv others, cominen
dal ry ol it. on unable pr perties, uukuoHu to and unsolicit?
ed by the Messrs, Binds.
i HARLES DYER, ir D iggiatandApothecary,
In and 12 '.Ve.stniii.ster st. Providence, ll. I.
For further particulars ami conclusive evidence i f its ?u|s^
ri.?r talus- and efScacy, see pami hleis, which may be obtained
of agents giatis.
Prepared and sold, vs bolesale and retail, and for exportation,
by A. if it D SANDS, Druggists, No. 79 Fulton st. 273
Droadway : r: East Broadway. f II Im
A suratice- against loss or dam.ige by lire and ml..ml
navigation, on terms as favorable as any oilier similar In?
stitution in the cite.
Capital $300,000?Office >'o. St Wall stiect.
n. Havens, CalebO. Italstcd, John Ihmkln.
N'njah Taylor, Win. w. Todd, Melgs D. Benjamin,
3. Phillips Phmnlx, Win. ( ouch, Nathaniel Weed,
Fanning C. Tacker, B. L. Woolley, Pcrdlnand Suydam,
David Lee, J. B. Varnum, Henry C.Thonipson,
John D. Wolfe. Michael Baldwin,I', tor L. Kevins,
Edward Anthony. ]L HAVENS, President.
Lewis Pmi.i.irs, Secretary. dlStf
1 OF NEW-Y?RK.?This Instimtioo.dnring the month
of February, issued seventy-nine Policies, viz :
To Merchants and Trailers, ill To Merlunirs. II
To Broken_ .1 To Physiciaus. I
To Clerks..7 To Lawyers.s
To Maaai?ctarers .11 To Foreign Conaul. I
Tol mmercial Agents... }| To Officer in U. 8. Army.. I
To Publisher.IITo Mariner. I
To Stu.'rnts. 2|To Artists. 2
To Farmer. i To Ladies. 'J
March 1st. 7j
SasiUEi II?s-.rV Secrerary.
MiNTtran Post,Physician. ml(ip)im
The question h.is si often been asked if the number ol Poll
cies reported to have been issued monthlyat this office were
all new policies or if the renewala of those previonslj issued
were not included, ir is lb light proper on publishing the
above list tor the past month, to say die* were all new issues,
and that such has been always the cass. The renewals or Jd
ind 3d years premiums for the past month were i?u, rnakinn
L-'j premiums r. cured lor the month
M is tu ?! Lite Insurance Co New-York,
genuine teas.
the canton tea company,
Branch Stores:
His Bleecker street, New-York:
361 liratiil street, near Suffolk.
Ibl Greenwich street, near Fulton.
1IG Fulton street, Brooklyn.
SOCliesnut and 48 N. FlVth-st. Philadelphia.
71 Hanover street, Boston.
fNVITK the attention of I Ity and Country Families and
Purchasers to their several establishments, where they
think wiii tie found by far the beat selections of pine und
unadulterated iv.is In the Dhited States. The universal
popularity and renown of their house with reference to
high qualities, low prices, and upright dealing;, is too w ell
nndezstood to render farther comments necessary. Origi?
nal and only warehouse lor the sale of Howqua's Black
Tea?" Ole-erve V?Strangers will be particular to rein. 01
ber the number of the principal store in Chatham street,
viz: 121, between Pearl and Rosevelt streets. The public
wiU also be pleased to take notice that the Canton Tea
Company have nothing to do with any other sUirea except
ll,,...: de-cnla d ai the top of tins advertisivn. nr. -C, V
CHEAP OIL SlUltK.?lbc .llt.scnb.-r rcspeellully in
form- the public that ho continues the wholesale and
retaU Liunp OQ and Spirit <;as, at his old stand, of a very
superior quality, ten per rent cheaper than can I?: pur
chased at any other store in this city, viz:
GoosI Lamp Oil, per gal..50 SO
Superior quad. Lard do. *>2|
Refilled Oil, Ist qaiity. "?
Do do 2d do . 62i
White Sperm do.
Do do 3d do . 1 00
Do do 3d do . h7g
Oil Cans of all sizes ; Lamp Classes of all pat:.:r:is and
descriptions, and afull assortment of lamp wicks, con?
stantly on hand.
Lani|iK cleaned and repaired. Oil and Camphcnc sent to
any part of the cily free uf charge.
?27 Yc I?9 Oreenwieh.corner Veaey-st.
""notice to families.
A LL Families who use Con ant's PaTf.nt Vcast accord
a V lug lo the simple directions, may rely upon it that
heavy, sour and unwholesome Wread will not be found on
their tahiea ; and, what Is I ften of tie greatest comfort,
the very best bread can be prepared as soon as the fire Is
ready to bake, and while the table la ordering for the guests
to oat it.
M.P.M?SSET, CUllton Hall, cor. Reckmsn and Nassau.
Champney Sc Alien, 71 South-St. cor ilsiden Ijuie
11 uMner at Yonng, 132 Chambers-it
( heater Driggs, '"es I Broadway
John H Brown A Brothers, V'A Elghth-ct
Staples Sc Ford. 132 Bowery
S v Alhro,33a fUiwcry, corner of Bond-st
flt.K nope. 132 (?ambars-et J*3
C'ON ANT'S PATEN'I l EAST.?The beat article tot
i rai.sirr breail ever used. Warranted to keep in every
clhnare The American Institute, at their bite fair award?
ed the in renter a Diploma, declaring this Vea.-t the l<e?t
article ever manufactured tor rak-ing brea.i, buckwheat,
pastry, Ac.
The Yeast Is an add; which, being combined in proper
Chemical pn.portions with an alkall.inipregnatea thedotigli
wi:h carbonic acid gas, without arTt.xrting, in any way, the
original properties of the Hour; and llius, when baked, pro?
ducing iicrfect bread. Sold wholesale and retail 25 ct*. per
isnrmd.by GASftNER ATOtJNO. 133 Chatham at. tftf
This lock can, at the will of its possessor, be changed
so as to mcke millions of locks out of one, so that neither
n liter uor any other person baa any knoi* Icd^e what?
ever at tile U ck.
The suhccriber would respeetrally Inform the pcbl'c that
he has purchased of his partner, Wra. Hall of Host/in. Mass,
his half in the Patent Right in the above lock. This lock
is now owned end will In future be aix.afactured only by
H. C Joses, at his esXaUhshment In the city <>f Newark,
N. J. Ai^l by vlils advertiseniect he would notify ..11 fer
sou not toiiitringe on his Patent Bight. The subscriber boa
been to a gleit expense to nian.ilacture and to sell the
above lock at much less price, according to the size, tiiari
can be nought in the Cnited States. And he would farther
state ti.al hm let has never been picked rxir opened witii
oat the true ks-y ttuit locked it, as will be seen by the many
trials that it ha.? undergone at different times, with a re?
ward of .S.VH) to uny person who would o-rcn it fairly; but
no one has ever been rnccessfnl; and it is warranted tn all
instances not to get out of order while in use, which baa
been a great annoyance to many who have used locks of
differer:'. construction.
Also his Patent Pad Locks for Railroad purposes, P-ls
ons, Expresse? and Custom Houses, which have been gen?
erally adopted and give tui! satisfaction. H. C. JON ES.
07 3mlnwi?c Patent Lock Maker. Newark. N". J.
li???, i.ls'l'UU5 AND KlKLESb
MATERIALS fir Onn Snilths, Gun Locks and parts of
Locks, flan and Eire Barrels, Percussion Caps aid
Pills, Powder Flasks and Shot Belts. Cones and Wreisehcs,
Bit s, B^vls, Worms, Ac. Ac. for sale In quantity by
s2 Y A. W. SPIES A CO. 21sPeari-?t.
S~s LAZED STRAW BOARDS? 5 tons, this dsy landing
A Physician ?tamdiug to go to sea forth* benefit of an iava
ini Trr in.r. would take chary-- of oa? or mor? ?? > x'i-i. or tak?
any -mr-o r->utr if mads- an object to do a*. A voyage to
KioJat?iroisproposed \.!Jr.--i \ ' sithriofficv - ??
\i""A.N ; .- l>? v .iroan -. > -aose young?o_u 10
II . v i a ij;; W'thing I rutting of * ?mall r?
f-reaess given. Apply ?t 4*
< harles-st. first ii. or io back ro> m. _ niJTt*
VRE--- ' tag woman wants *
ittiutH* Co do nenenl housework in a ratal) family, or
crusiberwork. with good reference. Ufa?* to inqoir? 141
Hou<ton-?in-.r. _mai If
W k > . t_D?.n ? kOUMG WOMAiN, < ikaaow la ?
rr j.i.atr f,m.'\ ??* ch?tn!>*:rojid .>r waiter, live*! city
reftirncc?given \: .'? No 13 l'.-i->-?: in ih- rear, mi
4 i.r.N l Lei MA ? not pruawil <-,'_<stO ta Dialaai 11, la
? a. .!<?>:o ofobtainiax ?taniatwiB m tiie oiflc* < f aoaat e*>
UtlaMt i'iofi iiioaal peraoa as OOPYJST. Hit rbj-et is
cm 1 Bteol, which ab?R yield bin a ?mall emolument which
1 in the cban CM of the tiro-*, it ht? b-comr ~c?-_sa.-y for him to
1 _-.ute He will tTaaawnbe l-irsl Of Other docum-uts at the
: jre-,., - Keft>lK>in tfcstaaaat .--rei'-l an- cast**cs m_n
n-r. The belt of wiewaeet wiil be given. Addm* B. B.
I. ft vt ih- Tribun.- .iiftcr. or 139 N-j>au-?Crret. o?ice of the
ki l-ckcr. w ill V immHisteiv itteo.je.1 to maa 3t?
1 WIFE -? thaiin is'ss-ssanir tbe following qaalt
tattoo* and .!i.;?._^l to -nt*/ tbe aa* triad *tste. may reply to
.'.-:..?? tisenaetit?fa widowta |-cf-rred)?but aar oo- iss
I ing.e lideriag this a h i i,v i.fortne.l. to ?ave ihrm tfse
trouble. th?t no colic- will bo taken of them whatever He
Band 11 years of age, of respectable par?t
.?_- well educated, and ,.f in obliging disposition, and alto
wellmtablUhed in bus-sees" meat liave ?ulncenl mean* to
tttppovta wife ia agitates! naaaeer.
LoewritHr u tladj 9yean of age, and well onalilied to
take ihir,,- Ol h use-old ifiVtrs, and she it of the n.chest l*>
?;vcUCilu\ ?ha. - ,-.;>. :>ul not enough to make it
in object for any Geetletnaa. Ph.- write- in liacere io due
irt iu and a peaao troable will beciven her by onneceuarv
rei'liet. ('cin:nunic.:i,mv recem-d mu>t ?t?te what biutaeaa
lite ayadem laisea raged m._i,<l will I?. held ?? atricttv eonfi
deutuj. Addresa51?m MARY l'KI.Ni L. at ihia office.
_mil 3f?
Cl l'l A t ION j*~ W \NTr:lf-By three cajwble and in
O dustn u> ? RLS?ose to -.> ii-.v c.>okiug. washing and
ironing la l ?malt private fam?y ? the other*as chambermaid*,
snd will be ge-erally usriul. Good Cilv references given.
Apply 't B I'll oie s-reet. nil tl
n'Asir.!'-?dourneymeu Luck .Malte.-?, to work at
I i!,k I'vlis. None need apply but ?eher men and.
tlrs: rate workmen. U. C. JONES,
IT 7 i*hureh-st. Newark. N. J.
'|\| i AM v ?> ?> r.i?>. ? i in>a?.. i? will Una it lor llieir ad
A vsntsee to call inn rtiminr ihn" flisr aemhsi nf Tinwewii
F> ?? '? tfistorj of the WorliL which is the be?t sa well _a
the eh ipesi tud most beaatiful book of the season. Th?en- ?
Crariagl in this >?ork lia?e he.-u proa ounce.) by compeieut
indges io be the finest everesecuied in ihu country.
n< i i v. - r J. PILUS, ttr FeiweerrseC..
'PtN |).n.l..\lw- IIMVAuli.?iVlcK.-?!?-KG BANK
?- STOCK.?A certi_C3te ol tlilrty shares Vicksburg
Bank 5i ck.ii i o name ol Buckle] ?v Peck, and number?
ed :<;>?>. ? -ii Power of Attorney attached, w-as lost on Sa
turday, 23d March. It was encloeed in a letter, and lost
on its way to WaR-street Hie aN.vc w ill be paid by leav.
bag it at Thompscu's oitlce, M Wall-st mh_5 tf
DOARD.?A few single G ntlemen can Is- ..coommodsted
sr.will llo.r.l ...1 i.l ,? i r nn, ... si White-st. ml lw?
(J.OI i' BO IKI ? lud rery i latsautttooma lor nugie geuile
a men, or genileuten and theii ?nes, si No. jo Vsaaj sSiei t.
lransrewteorepani solicited. ml Im
OA Ki>, wi?i or without rooms, nusy baobUuAad at Mo.
" ? Lvmbers-st. ? ppnaire il - Park jtf
.A-A ?'?N' MI'^lli s>n IMPROVED.-EXCH CNOE
\l ! lllLADELPHIA.-l'he subscribers.
grateful for the very fiatteriag eneearagesaeal n-ivived fiom
Iboii friends tad tbe public, respectlally announce that they
have at great expenae, entirely renonled the shore popular
lad commodious esublUhmsmt. so as to n-uder il one of ihn
in ,i .-.'iiv ieutand|acxommoslatiugHotels in PhibaV Iphia.
The Dining Saloon has been ebttrely ?rpirated from the Bar.
ind . :t; rwise improved which enable, the nvoptiatOfsi to
los'p.ni OKI'IN V?. . compos, ' of all the delicacies of the
a isoo. dailj from ..' o'clock noon, ualil't P.M. They vie
also I epari Ito famish al i few moawflts' uoiire, l)>uuert,
Snpners, (tc to private parties, I, wine ample raeaas 'rorided
it illti.i in il.cn extensive Culinary Departeseat. Their
Siiii-IM. \ i-1 ii i 'ii n rs w lik-ii h is., also been enlarged are
well v-UttUted. and supplied with every tluui: to giva com?
fort to the p ivate citisrn or weary traveller. The price* suit
l?- in ?ecordanc* with the limes,
A Room for oi.t_iu. ?1 cents.
V Roomby_the week.$1 "
The location is one of the bi ?t io the city, is m the immedi
ate vicinity of the Merchanls' Exchange, md directly opta>
rite ilie PosW LI..'-, tad near the sleamboal Isinlincs.
Phe lesdimr-aily papers ol ill ii?- priaeipa] cities in the
Cnirei States ind Europe are regular!), re.eived and filed.
With long >?ivin-1 i-e in the ibbve biMieess, the iiiblicmay
reslaaaui d tl it every eil'ort will be m ult i" give general sa
liataction. RICH \l!l> B. JONES,
mal IweoJ P.Vchaaee Hotel. No. 77 Dock-street.
national hotel.
NO. .') Col-HTt.AM.T.STIirr.T, AND H7 l.llit'Hl *,-stKI 1 T,
THIS M-.W HOTEL is bow open where the pro?
prietor* will be hsppi to tecorndate their friends and
the public with board. T lie lodxoig rooms are Jarga
ind or, , ind the internal -rnuucuieuti ,uch as cannot fail
t.. please. The location being lathe-centre of busintw*. it
H i menu tn n rchant* from other cities and th?
eoantry, not surpassed by aav other House iu this city.
The huniitnre. Bed*, and Bedding,are all new, and made
expressiv for this Mtahlishnsent.
Kamiliea who ? Ish Parlors with Sleeping Room* attached,
c.n be haodaomel) aceomnaoclalrd.
The subscribers assnre ih ir friends and the public, that no
i If . i, . :, . Ii. n i i.' .t. II ! .? wanting l.i secure the romfoit
and convenience ..i the)r guests, and while they solicit a
?hue ol ?ieil I 111 inage, the> hops by unceasing altaalion to
ihi .iu.'ie, of their vocation, t.. sup entire sa'isfaclion.
r ? i < ( II \s. WV< KOFF Si CO
i ollectlons in .Mit.sisi.ippi.
CmnVKS >Ie DAVIDSON, Attorneys at Law, Coffea
' ville. Mlssl. T. A. CHEYE8 A A. H. DAVIDSON
will give prompt attention to the business of their prufee
Biou generallj in the Northern, and to the collection of for
eign claims, amounting to the hundred dollars, and up
wards, in any part of the State, Feb. 3d. 1S15.
EDWIN C. LS IKS. Eaq. 1_ .
Mossr.i. TOWNS END k BROTHER, j->ew-,or?
M. D. COOPER A. CO. > New-Orleans.
CAVE .v SCHAPPER, > Philadelphia,
Ll.I.li 11 T.
ON, Ksqlj M*-nphia.
Cll MILKS T 8HELT0N, A.*>r a-o Cocpsaie
1 ..ii 11 1.1 -?. iuie.nl, io 11,11 the principal cilie* of Ea
,- 'ii.111* 01" the Summer, leaving bate the first of
'.! 1.-. He will at end to let business with which he may ba
entrusted I nexcvptioaabli city rrJerelica given, Auplr
post-paid to SHELTON ii PLAOG.
N'l'.w Ha vem, CoriM. mi3w*
L.iW 1 Aliii.- 1 oi.i.i' tihn 01 I?tui-s is the Noam
Wijit.? E. B. WASHBURNE, Attorney at Idiw.Oa
lena. (tUinoltV,) wlU give his attention to tbe collection of
debts ' tie New-York merchants In Galetu^Roektbrd and
Ri ck Island, lUlnola; m Du Buque, lowat in Plattcvllle,
Potosl, Prairie du fjhlen, Mineral-Point and Madison,Wis?
Refer to D. A. Cushman & Co,; Doremus, Suydam &
Nlgim. New-York. s.1
I lr, BROWN, I leulist. !"-_s to inform the pun
lie thai he,eontinaes his successful treatment
ou all ill,eaves of the E)e. and to which
- - 1 r- ii. oiiI.tti for ?0 long a period a*
forty yean, have yielded after tney base h?f
tied the akill of. tad besni daehurd incurabl?.
by ernin.-i I Pbc-ici u.s .in I Oculi.is. A bom ?ix teiiihs of op
tnalmie .:. . 1. t b) MEASLES and Small-Poi,
bo which, ifpmperl} treated fa in rarly sfsgr. irt ssoatlycu
r.il-le. In!...! 1. I'. 1 .s-rls that an instance of failure in hi*
in. ( would akuown. if the afllieted would
spoil '" him when rliminution of slgjil is first noticed, 01 iu
the early .i.i^e .,i inHaminalioa, bowevet acute, and before sw
man) cheap but desbrui rue tpplieatioas are made use of.
Reference to the following ? ire,, winch were very invete
rats . isiss I Ax in ' 1 .'.1 r. Joint Banstead, of Jersey City, al?
most Iiiiti fr'itn MEASLES,
1-re.lerick Battin, OH Pro. mestre.-!. bsd case of IRITIS,
John II. Itob.-rt?badcaai?in Ridge-street. Ist(wren Scan
ton and Houston ia the rear?of PCRULLNT OPTHAL
Office 16 ' lumbers-it. four doors Cross Broadway. Hoars
of attend nee from ii A M. to 2 1'. M. (.--unday* except*..)
Advice to the poor gratis._ dfl Vf
? THOMPSON'S TRUSSES, Offlce 13 Beek
.man -i.-'-.-t. Al?ut JIKlof the first physicians
*and eons of New-York have given their
decided preference to this Truss, as you can
graduate the pressure from one to fifty pounds on tbo
rupture, without aback pad, which does so much Injury
to the spine, a lair :.mI being the beat test of Its superi?
ority, || hi 1; 1 : an : -1 g days' trial given; and If It does
not retain the rapture, while performing every kind of ex?
ercise or eooghing, ai : . v perftct ea???In a word, IT it Is
rsot tatisfSctory lit every rmpect, tha money u cheerfuUy
returned ; and this Is the only eoosBiiOn on which you
should buy any Tru.-s. A permanent cure Is easily effected,
and warraiileil, If dlrtctlons are followed,
Th s lending tor tins Truss need only mention the side
ruptured and the east re - snd the hip*.as they can grad
uate the pressure to suit their case. Hold wholesale and
rer.rl at 13 Her krnan-?t. aul tf
/3SSae*rj_S?K HI LL'S TRCS..ES.?Notice to Ruptured
Persons^?Persooe _Jt:iel.J with Raptures
finay rely upon the l?st Instrumental aid tbe
world afford.-, on application at the office.
No. 4 Vc.-i-y street, or to ei_o?ofthe agents In ttie principal
- ites Be careful to examine tbe
back p-.-l of HaU'a Tni.vw.-a, to see 11 they arc endorsed by
Or. Hull :n writing. None are guiuirie, or to berelled upon
as good, without his .(.nature.
: i l^? ui.-le.-.aken to vend imitations of
i! : . - ? ; Trimaes, and thousands are Imposed upon
in cowc.tieace. These lniitailons cannot I? relied upon |
they ?r.- Bis te by unskilful mechanics, and are no better
Ulan the o-diriary Trusses.
Rooms have been mud up at No. 4 Yeeey street, exclu?
sively for ladies, having a separate ontrancc from tbe buel
ne.-a department, w here a female Is tu constant attandanco
to wah upon patients. ajj _[
BTUDi ii'.. IY.-Tbe sub-cnVr, m accord
?m i with tim . -..-n-.., .,i |, , sureripr Imitauou
.... il- rarvtew price of
cm;-.re,, rants". with Hats - id J? ???F%.\v U.V.
. rriaauf-emrrag Paraad BIk Hats
01 tie- be. I ttuaUtj , blest j-.:;.-.a... aad ai the lowest City prices.
^An aa?r.rt-fle-tof Velvet and Cloth Cap* slw.y. on hand.
An ssseetmeoi ??! 1 1" * .-m give entue unaftctien,
- 1 , , forrr.ati n lo ti? aabacri
LLOGG No. lULanal-st.
?; .. ... . - .-f May neat t^Nana
Tl,\ _A' mtrg VANCPACTORT-?Tbe Subacrlber*
P^_e?_^xlS_iWan entirely new article of Instru
; ;"? ?rr.n.o! superior In tone to any la
." " _e?n .n tune much longer ; the Improvement
"l-Su* Ina Barp Frame;peculiar In construction, cbvt
?. h.'-^evrr' objcc-lon heretofore ceased by the use of me
r.mf 1'b*b> hi lnll-rir-g the tooe. l*rofes_ors and Purcha*
' . lV1tcd toUn e___rii:-tt!on ef these iwtromenta.
Iv99 v/l F?Rm>.street, l_?t side, Brc?*dway.
-TkE-U.oi'H -< Tt<-r Win-Cloth, No. ?0-? ia- a
ia. "s5 in. It at. ?0 k. and 6i in. . ,
Brass Wire-Cloth. N 3. l*-? in. 12 in- 35 la. it m. W m.
"Th- above Wire-Cloth is mannfactnred from the beat of
Foglu-h Vfjre, and. tor Paper-.Makers' u*a. 1? warrxated lully
aoa A to any imported. For sale, in lots to suiljHirchsaer. by
^jjf ' 1 CYRCS VY. FIELD.? Bissiuig Wip.

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