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?,e? -Y ork l.e?jUliit*ir?*~Th?" Kxriae Lnw?**en
Biori.-.l Fend*, ?Sre.
Corrtispoodence of The Tribune.
Ale.a*?*". Feo. 7.
The bill to amend the Kxcise Law was taken up
in the Assembly to day. and after being* slightly
amended, was passed by the strong vote of 87 to C.
It merely changes the day for the first election, to
the 3ti Tuesday in May next, it was concluded to
reserve ihe ?lucsiitiii as to the inclusion of your city
in the provisions of this law, to a future and inde?
pendent bill. Some of your delegation availed
tbeniselvesofthe opportunity to signify their uncom- |
?promising opposition to such a proposition in ad- !
vanee. Wki.ls, who certainly should be elevated
lo the Bench of the Supreme Court forthwith, fol?
lowed in the wake of Siamm'a *' Globe " and pro
claimed the law unconstitutional 1 Thai seules ihe
question, and Temperance folks might as well back
out at once ! Dkvelin. a clever utile fellow, is a
Temperance man, but won't interfere with the in- ,
alcniable rights of man to bay, sell, and get drunk !
Stevenson, thinks tin* people of New-York have
got all they want now! So, an you well may an
ticipate. if your city gets this law it will not be
through the aid of any of the Dry' -Vurses, that your j
goosl people have sent to Albany, to take care o? j
their interests. _ .?-??-, r
The B?*ar Garden drama is ?till in full tide of a
successful run in the Senate. Co!. YotJKC occupied
two foil davsin a review <>; tbe history ol his own
life. Hi? speech, 1 am mid. is to appear in Mon?
day'? Atlas, and will fill tvso /y-/1.".? o! trial pa|*-r.?
Gen. Cr.AKK followed with a review of this biogra?
phy, and hasdriven the ol?l vet.-rui. into rath-erauar
row corner. He flounders terribly, and if I mistake
not will writhe worse yet under the lash of Senator
Wright, which will probably be applied on Mon?
day next. The people only pay about 8400 per day
for these interesting personal reminiscences,
and who's afraid? I have often referred t?, Senator
Johnson, tbe nonesuch. He gabbles nil the lime,
and seldom ?peaks without demanding that the Im?
porters shall take down Hs words literally. The
Argus, I understand, intends to gratify him hereaf?
ter. As a specimen of bis ordinary small-talk, let
me sketch a few words ol a speech of bis j esterday. ?
He was alluding t., Wright and Clark, and
intended to apply a certain well known Latin phrase '
?but Bshe blurted it out. it run tl.usi "Par nobile ;
fratrcy !" "Fratrum"said Col. Young, correcting i
him- "Ves, yes." said the wise Senator, " I dtd'nt
know exactly whether it was the nominative or pin
ral case !" and when the Senate burst out iu a regu
lar guli'ttW, be really thought he bud made a witty re
mark ' And it is lo such gammon the Senate is com i
pelled to listen for hours together!
The Dntcbeas Contested Election comes up for a .
bearin1.' on Monday, and is to be decided on Tues?
day. There has been B desperat, ?'li'ort to whip in
"the party to keep PlERCE in bis seat but I must ,
tee such an outrage perpetrated before I will be? ?
lieve that re?uit ** ill happen.
Tbe bill to .livid..1 the loth Ward of yonr City
pajsed the Assembly to day unanimously. Its no ;
cessity i? said to In* si, apparent that every body is I
iu favor of it The Sixth-avenue is to be the divid
tag Hoe, all Bast of that to constitute the 18th Ward ,
The subject of Savings Hunks excites considera- 1
ble utn-ntion this Winter. The Hank Committee
have submitted a Report in relation to them. It
appears from ti.at report that there is now on deposit !
in these institutions, tbn ugi.out the ?-Hale, the sum ,
ol $10,000,000 What a sum to be made tip of the ?
small savings of the bumble ' While upon the sub
ject, t Banks, I may state thai liiere is a bill before !
the Assembly to authorize tbe Comptroller to call ut
any time upon the Banks for reports. This bill, if
passed, to use a homely phrase, will make the Banks
" keep their eye? skinned " at all times.
The Comptroller sent in a report yesterday, from
which it appears thai tbe State paid last year over
$73.u00 for Public Printing. An enormous sum,
truly. When, in one year during the Whig Ad ?
ministration oi tho State, it ran up to the sum of
$50,00.1. the pious Hen Bu tientes turned up their
?ves in ghastly horror ut Whig extravagance!??
i\ov, they 'ronryou gently asa sucking dove!' The j
Printing Bill yet sleeps with the Committee. Yes?
terday Mr. WiNKir'i.i? Scott Sherwood, the Old !
Hunker leader, moved instructions to them to report
tbe bill forthwith. It produced intense flattering
traong the Barnburners. I still think the bill will .
The Magnetic Telegraph between this city and '
Ulica work? lo a cliartn. The Legislativo proceed
lag? are in L'tiita before ihe Houses adjourn, ami j
tppear simultaneously in the Rochester Democrat
and Albany Argus. Who says old Time isu't beat
B9W T Yours, fcc.
Ship Cherokee Burnt.?The ship Cberookee, '
C?pl. Cubbing, from New York, with a full cargo ofmer
ehtnilise, took Are yesterday morning, about a quar?
ter to four o clock, while in tow ol the steamer Alton, j
when ne?r Poverty ?'oint, and burned to the water's |
?die. The tire originated between decks, near the
ttbin. Tbe paaaeugera were asleep iu their berths,
?d had ?ciirculy time to escape with their live?, saving
nothing but the clothes they slept in I 'apt. Cushing lost
all hia papers, chronometer nnd his clothing. We could ?
BOtaicertaiu that there was any insurauee on the ?hip. i
The lollowing passenger? from the C. came up on the I
brig Cameo, T. Ii. Berdell, J. R. Palmer, Wm. Rock. K.
H. Terry. |N. O. Bee, Jan. 31. !
i_r A meeting of citizens in favor of sustaining ,
the pr?tent Tariff waa held iu Pittsburgh on the 5th inat. :
t_r* At Syracuse on the 4th inst. tt fire broke ?
ont which consumed the building occupied by E. W. i
Tuttln hatter. Norria carpenter. Carey ?V Congdon, ,*cc. :
?fcc. No insurance.
EP* For Sales of Storks. ?Vc. ?e? FourtA Prit*?.
Monday, P.M.
The advices from Washington of a refusal on tho
p?n of Mr. Polk to ?ubtnit the Oregon matter to arbitra- j
tkin, being supposed at the first glance to have rather a i
warlike Davor, fancy ?tucks broke dowu '2 to 3 per cent i
The fright wore ot! after more mature reflection and ?t
the Second Board there wa? a good Inquiry and a rette- ,
tlon which produced better price?.
Tbe foreign bill market is very quiet and rate? |
continue without change?London at HiffidlO^j ; Paris :
5f. ?Jr-itiM. '21J , Amsterdam 39} a* 3'.<i ; Hamburg H?j o"
354 ; Bremen 7t?} ?*7*?j.
Business generally has been neglected to-day to i
ditcutslhe two pat ?mount topics of interest, the Oregon 1
correspondence and the sailing of the " long, low, blink
Clipper" ?chr Wm. J. Keiner. All ?oils of rumors pre- '
Tailed aa to ibe object of the mysterious pilot boat expo ?
dition, but we heard but one opinion of the other subject. ?
which wa? that Mr. Polkha.l put this country in n wrong
politl?n on this question Meanwhile on every corner,
knot? of eag -r discusser? ware teen ami the war clause
wttnot Inserted iu the marine policies of insurauee
The Assistant Vice Chancellor has made a deci
noa of the Dry Dock Bank vt. The American Life In
?arance and Trust Co. ol Bait, in which Bonds o? the I
D*J Dock Co. amouuting to 8350,000, with interest since j
183r?, are declared to be void, on tbe ground of usury.
The boat!? were giveu to the American Life Insurance
tadTruat Co. secured by mortage? on real estate.
The amount of Tolls receive?! al Albany ?luring
the leaion of 1845 ?vos ? ;H0.t".69. Th*i iimoiiut received
??WestTroy ?vos $386,914,
The Couuectii ut River Hoad has earned, besides
*l,**x*rt*nscs. the rate ot 6 per cent on the co?l of it? ;
coBatmction, a? tar a? u ha? been opened.
The receipts of the B?llalo nnd Niagara Falls :
R?i!*\?vl for Januiiry wer?- $536 15 again?! $343 35 in
-???try ltM3. showing au exeesa of Si*.' 90
The Exchange Bank of Virginia and Branches
???dfciared a dividend of 3} '?or cent. The loaut and
?tcouat? of the bank aie $..' 513,233 , circulalion $0*36,683
?iepo.it? $88L?48; ?ptM-ie (S3SSjAU)H. Surplut aller pay- j
toeai of dividend $1i0,?.l0.
The Providence and Worcester Railroad Com j
??ay have contracted with the New England Iron
Company for tbe RaOa for their Rood, The puce con
??Vied for i* $77 60 per ton. Tbe K?tl? are to be ol th?
T pattern and to weigh 5r> pound? to the yard. The New
Qsjltnd Iron Company expect t.? be able to turn out five
kaadred ton? of Railroad Iron a month, a? toon a? they
W their machinery in operation.
Counterfeit S5 bills on the Mauchester Bank. N.
u tro in circulation, and are well calculated to deceive,
?^ej are tigced Nathan Pit ker. Cashier. J. W. Parker,
?Strident, and dated October 3ti, 1**-15? letter A. Ccn
?"tlcugrnvu;.; m tie to?> of the note? represent? a group
Ccmparaiive Statetiietit of me value, of foreign
??trchsnclite imported into the district of Boston and
Wtrkttt-jwn in American and foreign vessels, duting
1844. 1845
^iw? lc4t andlt-45:
5e"-**?? fre?. 4.527,435
-^?paying dutie? a.l valorem ..Ill 507.3-?I
"?P?7tiiS jpce-tje duties. 7.10t?.i'7.'
To!?l.r?*?U4l,7S? S'.'l,.'?y0,bV*i
The Board of Directors of the Toronto and Lake
'???a Railroad Co. have issued a circular, from which ',
?PPeart that there it no lunger any doubt of the ?uc
?I the Company. Ten per cent of the capital tub
*"**'?' in the Province, amounting to S!?*-.."/*?, ha? been
P*1 ? Tbe ?geni who wat .-nt to Kngland. in o recent
mn^h ?r??'e amou??* ?* the copltal ttock.? except ?o
La En^.V,** ???0Ufd ? Canada, ha? been ?ub?cnbed for
tie i?, ,T,h? ?vtd ol ?ettlen-nsn?, which a ?latute of
RSBsbm^ rr,iI1**Btn* r<,?d?? necettary, h?. been
Paaret. ?* ******* only ten day.' notice bad been
l?tren. that it wa? ready for ?Icnatur?. Shareholder? re
?relenting upward? of ?MOO.?UO ?tock. had executed it,
rind the remainder were expected I? do ?o at once.
h appear? 10 us that, nonvithstandinir the exceed
in, clo-cne?? with which it i? ?aid the Cabinet affair? are
miinni?d Rt Washington, tbe character cf the corres?
pondence, a? forward?-?! to Congress by the President,
wa? knovm in this City about a? ?oon a? it was known lo
Congress. _
Hulea of Keal Eatnte.
By A.J. Bletekcr.
The 3?tory brick house and lot on ?he E??t ?id*
.it tbe T'r.ird-avcnu.t, between __d and Aid -t?.
Lot 21 by "? feet deep.'?
Tbe lot No lb. Attorney-?t. between Stantoo and
Houston its. with the buildincs thereon.S?w
.?larket.-. ..W-H. reported for The Trtoun.
Monday, reb. 9.
A_HES_Tbereba? been but few Pot? sold to-day but
the market t? sUdy ?3 B7.?4. Of Pear!. 250 bbls
?rere ?-ken at 4 '20
COTTON?W.- hear of but a few hundred bale? ?old
today, of which a considerable portion whs fur Liver
pool. Price? ?re without change, h?r home use tne
inquiry i? light.
FLOUR AND MEAL?Holders of Genesec are firm at
3 621, wnh little or no deinanil. There Rre no ?hlppers
in market at present rate?. We heard ol no tran?actions
worthy of note. Round Ohio via N Orleans i? 5 37<. In
Southern description? there is something dou:k-. Ol
Howardst. about 1?0U bbls ?old at fi 7fi. Georgetown i?
5 liU for rood brand?. r>Hle? i!00 Mil? Jersey Menl at .1 75
Rye Flour is .ai 25. Bag Meal 1251.1371. Ship ?turf?
GRAIN?We bear of notbin- doing today in Grain.
cx?-.-itiri?- in Corn. Tbe supplies of Corn are consiOr
ab!.-, anil tbe market not firm. The ?alei are 4000 buen
N Orleans Wbiie. probably for shipment, at 6:2 ct?. wgt,
and-K.-00 do South'rn White at til ctB, Wgt Of Jersey.
I (HA) bush Yellow ?old at 70 cts. Miller? will nut give
present rates for Wheat, und we hear of no ehippin?.' iu
qnlry Rye [s nominally SI et?. No movement in Bar- j
ley. Oat? an- ?189? cl? lor Northern. L??t ?ales of,
Black-Eyed Peas, for e.\p-?rt, at 70 ct? in bulk.
WHISKY?The market ?? verydnlL Bbls ar-? norn- I
iually -?4 cU; Drudge 2', ct?. with small ?ale?.
II? ? i * -??'In.-re wasasale last week of 25 bales, lor
shipment, on private terms, Sales. 10 bale? Western at ,
-,'.". it?. j
U AY?The marki-l in very dull at rOff.-oets. There is ,
little or no ?hipping demand.
FEATHERS?Sale? ij-JU lb? fair Live Geese at 30*
rtb, cash.
II MM!'?Then.- is not much doing in American Hemp,
but we notice h ?ale of 50 baies prime dew-rutted at
--E-1 >.'_ -'.iI per ton.
Bl ?NE?A lot of 1*1,000 !bs North-West changed hands
at 35 cts, cash.
??Oil_Crude Whale for home une la held at35 cts,
cash. No exporters in market,
NAVAL STORES?Turpentine .? wit out ?ale. ~?ii
rit? ?u doing u little better, and sales in lots have been
made at 61 cts. cash.
PROVISIONS?Tbe marketforall descriptions is. in
active, and Pork is very h. avy. We quote nominally 9 75
U'.' r7J ati.l 11 OU for old Prime and Mess, Beef in firm at
5*95 "?) and 6 a - 50, with small ?ales. Lard ia 7J a - cts
?uni very ?lull. Notbin g doing in Pickled Meats. West
i-rn Dairy Kutter is in ralbar better demand at 13'rl", ,
cts Ohio ll a 12. Grease Butter, for shipment, 10-10J
ct? Cheese is 74?98 andqniet.
New-Vork Cattle .Market.....Vb "
By our own Reporter.
At market. 7U0 Beef Cattle, 350'irom the South , 100 j
Cow? aud CalVMB, and ?OO0 Sheep anti Lamb?.
Prices.?Beef Cattle?Tho transaction? ol last week !
?bow a decided improvement on the prices of the week
preceding, enused mainly by tbe very limited offerings,
which are amaller titan they have bten for several j
month? past. Though, in S'ime instance?, ?ale? of infe- '
rior aud middling qualities have been effected at rates ,
below "i4 75 _ fi liO, and of superior and prime ?on?, abr.ve j
$(i 7?'?7, yet these rieures may ?afely be quoted as the !
extreme ranire of the market. All sold.
Coir? and Cains?Of the unusually large number al j
market. 40 head remained unsold. Price? range, as In
<|ua!iiy, from $!5 t?i 830.
Strep and Lamb??Buyers operated freely last week . ?
all at market taken at f 1 7*>r/ :t 50. j
-______-_-____-_- |
<*)n Sunday evening, t-hin ?Ost. by Rev Mr. While. 1
MICHAEL WOOLSTON of Bowell township. Now- |
Jersey, to CHARLOTTE ANN. eldest daughter of the
late Mr. John B. Hniell of this city.
?m tbe "tb. by Rev. Dr. Mareefins, Daniel Wanmaker '
to Elizabeth Tice.
At Brooklyn. 5th, George W. Clark, U. S. N to Henri- i
i'tta .. Buch
In tbe Seneca Nation, Dec. 25, John Candy, ol the
Cherokee Nation, to Mr?. Electa W. Adam?.
At Albany, 'th. Leman t?. Ilawley to Gertrude L. j
In Nauitatuck. Jan.i?th. of consumption, MARY JANE,
youngest daughter of Austin A. Uickox, aged 19.
Uu the 8th, Mrs. Lucy Babcock, of SttO-ingUt?, Ct, ;
iged 82,
On the 7th. Elizabeth A. daughter of William Brown- ;
log, n_ed 25.
At Albany. 7th, Philip Burnop, nj-cd 7b.
At Canandai^ua. 27:h ult. Samxk_ Andrcs, a R?volu- J
tionary S.,ldier. iif-eii 93.
At Butlalo- 4tb. Thaddens Weed, aired 54.
At Troy, 6tb, t-usan, wife of Joseph W. Ager.
Hi?.-?...7 7 , .-et? ...i 2'd i *??-?_? -11 ?Morn... - o
London.Jan. :i ? Havre._Jan. 2
Liverpool.Jan. 4 | New-Orleans.Jim 29
Sehr Klisbn Brooks, Bush, 2 ds fm Virginia, with oys_
ters. to master.
??chr Whig, Houstman.2 ds fm Virginia, with oysters,
to master. ?
No inward bound vessels in ??--ht from tho Highland?
at 9 unset.
Bark Indine, l'ara. Brigs Abby Amelia. Franklin. La;
Widow, tl'.r) StJohu. NB; Georgiana. Oporto; Com?
merce. Liverpool. -Sehr Metamoru?.
The Pilot Boat Wm J R?mer, MeGuire, for Liverpool. !
took her departure yesterday from oil Castle Garden at
2 o'clock ami -l- minutes P. M. Passed the Liuht Ship at
.". P M. distance -5 mile?. Wind NW by W. ~
?cU-Tol Notices.
I c*" To Ladle*.?Mr?. M. S GOVE I? now formiag
Cia??e? if Ladle? lor instruction in Anatomy and Plnsio
lOpty. and tlte Priuciple* of Water-Cure. Mr?. Gove ha? j
ju?t receive,! a Keiuale Mode! from Anifoux, Paris.
A Class of Ladles will meet at MS Broadway, on Thurs?
day? ami Saturday? ai i p M. commencing Kef?. 12th.
Tbo uiilli'rin ?ucee?? which Mr? Hove has bad liuriiii; ?V.
eral years in curing diseases by the app'iraiton of Water,
and tier experience a? medical adviser, al ibe Lebanon Wa?
ter-Cure House, induce her to continue lo give advic? to
Ladle? respecting their lie? ill. Ladie? can ront-ull Mr* '
Gove Iroui 10 A. M. till2 P. M. alblS Broadway. lOflwi?
To the Public?
A? it liai been ihe e-jd and ami of my competitors, whom
1 have excelled in ii:?' construction uf ?Salamander Safe?, to
endeavor lo create a false impre??ion upon Ute public mind
in leieretice t ? the recent trial ol Safe? at V auxhall Garden.
I feel called upon to contradict the false ?tat?menla pub?
lished by A S. Mai vin ia_iiit ior Mr. Rich) and Silas C.
Herring (Ibe representativa of Mr. Wt.der) lu relation there. ,
to, and i i ?late the Irue lesult of the ?aid trial ; which wa?, '
ttial Gay i? r's Patent Double Salamander Sale preserved Its
co?tent'? in ?ood order, while lia? contents of Rich's ami
Hemiu'* ic*ile<i Wilder'?) tear raided fire proof Safe? were
reduced lo a mas? of burning charcoal. S. C. Hernun
?lai.-?. In bl? advertisement?, that my Double Salatnaii.i'-r
" was made for ibe occasion, twice the u?uai tldekness."
This i? lalse, and can be proved t?o lo be by conipann-.' my
trial Sale with Others ruade before the trial. He also ?tale?
Ibe whole utl'air w a? manaired by myself? Thi? is fane, and i
i? proved to be ?.? by tbe i -"- eat*? 1 hold, signed by thirty
ofoormost mspectabla merchanU,.who war e eniirely dis?
lot?i?ted a? to ibe result, nad certify ih-u t'?e ?? whole ar" i
iVr," i? in l?-e burning, ?a? couuurted by Palmer Town?
? ? -i. K?q. ^of te rlrni of Town?? nd. Snyre k Clark,) 7S .
Pear'-.t. He al?o ?laies " ihat the Single Safes resisl?d a
greater beat ou Itauoccaaioo ih?n irould ba |irocuced in ihe
burning of a ?toie. and have never l'-ii.ed when lesied wnh
Olbet Sates." .h-rer- assertion? are eqt?lly fal?e, and
can be prove?! so to be bv perions who ?witnessed ilw lale
ln?l, who wtll les?V thai,' in their belief, tiie coulent? of
iH.th the Single Safe* were destroyed wiihin live
?our? after tne ri--e was started i and al?o by the baud
bill? of A. S. Marvin, in which he proves beyond n
doubt thai Mi Rich burned the contenu of his own Safe In
th-?arue period ol" lime In an experimental fire. Aug. S',
IS-!- Alike re?ult ?appened to Mr. Wilder in Baltimore. !
ISli-'-tS. and al?o by ihe ?act thai a Safe sold by S. C. Her- |
nnu to the Leath?r Manutartar?rs' Bank wa? in 18? laken j
to BiUiiiuore, and wa? then and there te?l?id by fire and j
proved 10 tit? any thing but ti^e proof. He also ?lates ihat 1
SU my Double Sale " mri the saute composition patented
by Wilder." Tbi? i? also false, tor no patent ha? ever in en :
t-raniej -,o Mr. Wi.der for any cotupo?itio-i which cnu be I
proved by Um record? of the Paient Office? Herrlnir's Safe* I
are all filiert with common plaster of pan?, wet or dry, boil- ;
el or leaked, and nothing else, except second hand tin roof- :
in,?. Thi? can be prove? by examining hi? trial Safe. He '
ai?o sld-.es.^ud lor Ibe hisl'ltme, that he lias Double Safe? |
for*_n. Thi? prove? that be trunk? liiere are ?ome who l
wul prefer Douli.et-.i _t_gle Sales: and if ?.be public knew :
lis iiiucb a? I ilo about all Suiirie SaVs, none inner tbau
!>? ..' ?Safe? would be ?elec'e?! by ail who de?ue to pre- !
?ene then books ai.d papers from' fire, for it is an uudeuia- j
b> fa?, that several o: the w arrante.1 ?r-. proof ?m_ie Sala
inatJe.-? were destroyed vrtih ibeircontentsln ilie Eaatgreai
?ire of July. ISiS Bet?re tue recent trial w_* made. 1
Challenged Mr. ll-.ch and Mr Herring U test their war- i
riuited against my warraniea rite proof Safe?, propo- ?
?in,; that a d'.sitileresled committee of merchant? should '?
?; a Sate of' each m-u.,.- from their ?lock on barid ?
or i.uy ?.hat have neen ?cid al any Unte wiihin two years.? .
'1 .?:? i .1er was d?^iin?.-d, and after w?duuR ?everal week?, 1
?,'iraloeU onec? HerriE?'? Safe?, niaoe to order, and one of ;
Rich's Sate, aim made lo order, boih which had been ?trong
lv recomuieiidi'd lo the purchaser?, a? ptrfecily tire-proof. '
The??? aie the Safe? that !'?led wb-rn fairly and impartially
tested, n -i by myself, but by tho?e ?hoie names I have pu'
lished, Whose l??limoi!\ in t?vOT of HIV Dout'le Sue 1 :',-el
r??ured win beentitlsxito more contiaeuce ih?n ihe tnter '
e?u-d. not m ?ay wilfullv fa *?. Hatemt?i? publi?hed by A.
S, Marvin and SUa? C. Hernnir, **ith a ?lew to impeach lt. |
Bull leave It with ibe public io decide whether tbey wili
place more conndeocein a??eruon than '?- fact?; and would i
rrottest ill interested to cal lard examine tli,e trial Sales, and i
compare th?m with ihose offered for ?ale.
It' C. J. OA?LE1-, 80 Wail-su '
?encrai Notices.
W R. J. Harvey, A. 91. wiij deliver the ?econd
Lecture of the Course with
from the Britith and American Poet?, illustrative of
THIS EVENING, in the Chapel of the university, Wub
j **r?? To commence precisely ot7j e'cloc?. Admi??ion to ?
, a ?ingle Lecture 57J cents ; for a party of Ihre? Si
Ce*~ See programmes fornarticalttrsofiaeLtrcmre 1?*
ty Second Anniveraiiry of the M ..-. Divi.ion, No.
20, S. of T. win take place on T*nur?day evening. Feh. I2th.
I 1816, in the new Congregational Church. CbrystiivsL be
tw?en Deloncev and Rtvington
Members of the Divialon are rec'ie.'.ej ?o meet in ibe
I Lecture Boom of the Church, at bi?;f-p(??t 6 o clock, a? ;n
ezercises v.;!. coinitieace at" o'clock precisely.
Iff -;;?- _ JAMES M. ME?DE, B- S.
IV Aurlrnlrtr <'onfe?-.|on.?Two lecture.
dellveredln bebolf of the poor, bj theRev.Dr L Cii.iin
1-ici, (formerly ? Roman Catbo IcPriest ,n lb? city ??: H..-,.-.
now of i lie jC f. Churcn.) ?i the Gi --.--:. MethodLl 'Epis?
copal Cliiircb, Iwiwes-n Broom- ami Sonnest?, ou Wednes?
day and Thursday, the lltbaticl |2th i.'sL at balf-pas; 7 o1- 1
, dock, P. M.
SUBJECTS.? First Lecture?T!;e Moral and Religious state ;
Of ibeCity ofRotne,*? th tbe Author's owa per?una'i expe- ;
r fence osa escape from R'.me. Ladle, and gentlemen are :
Second Lecture?Auricular Conf-ssiou? of Married and j
Single Women lO ?be Roman Priests. ij.Tn.ert,~n onlv ad- ?
mine-?. Ticaet? U'Jcentse?cb tobebsd ottbedoor on the '
..ver.i: .??. Iff 3ll?" I
t*y Something Klcn.?Notice to the Member? *f |
Fra-.kiiti Division Son? ofTeinperor.ee No 6.?The Order ;
are rntpectfolly Invited ; i ai-nd ibe Third Lecture to lw
dellverwd before the Member? of Fran? in Division, at their
I. i vision Room, o".^ Broadway, at half-past 7 o'clock, by
t!i_- Sdeo?fic Lecturer. )'. W. P. Dr Jame? Kknn?-hv. a
geni.eiu?ti of very extended popularity, and will command '?
? lartie tt.teiidaiici on ihi? evening. By order of Hie Com?
mittee ?Of ft"
ry Wisrnr's llnlsnin of Wild Chen*y.?Regular
Pbysirian? have a -j?tural antipathy to 'pHter.l Medidnes,"
?nd ?ire very j.i?t.y opposed to ibe ase .?:' ti.*- thousand and ;
one uottP'.in? ..fTer-til to lb-* public as cerium cure-alh. for
every ?p-ci-s of disease, at !e?^t um'iI they have s. m- evi
dence ;:i favor of their wonderful effects : l.ut hundre.1? of
rti?e? can be cite.? ?n which W?STaR'S BALSAM OF
WILD CHERRY hMbeeo recommended, and u?**d *i?h '
marked success. Wo give below a ??nui- instance -
Baskenbridge, N. .1 Oct 10,1U45.
Mr. Setti IV. Fowl-. Boston D-ar Sir- I perceive by Oil
the newspapers, llial > < .11 ;...- i!..- General A..?-?.t.. filial very !
ii?e?ui and tiigiilv pooolar -,,?? ciae c-il.e.? W?STAR'S
BALSAM OP WILD CHERRY. Allow in- to inform
you. air, tbatl bave used thai ineoidne in my family wiih
decided success. La?: fall n... wife -.?a? very sick, bail a
very bid coa**h. I con?ulted a physician, wno visited h-r. .
and prescribed Some medicine, w inch aid not relieve
her cough. At iort he ordered Or Wisiar*? Balsam ol
Wiiu (berry. I immedlalelv : rocured ? bottle of your
agent in Ibis rlace, M?. U. W. ?July: ?he ? ok It, and II
eared her entirely. During Ue time I Uh^. b fever myself,
which lef. me very weak und 'eeble?I bad a severe cough
which troubled me some tima I bad recourse to y...ir il?, ?am
?gain, aod found it highly benehclal ; I woo obliged, how?
ever, to take two boules before 1 was entirely well. All
who bave had cold?, ?av?re cough?, or dlaeaaed lung?. 1
wou.d advise to irv Dr. Wi.iar'.? -lulsai.? of Wild Cherry at
once. (Signed) DAI ID AYF.lt*?.
I am personally acquoioted with .Mr. Ayer?, and ?.e.ieve
bis statement to he true, and emule i m the confiien?*e of
the pul. i.-. (Signed! Rev. OSCAR HARIS.
P??t, .r of ihe F ir.t Preso* ??::??. ; barcb at Baskenbridge
Cate? are dally occurring In every part of th?, conniry
which prove incontes'.alily the va?t superiority of this Bol
tam, in every ?bade of lung and .;ver ,i;?-a.e, .,ver every
other preparan, n heretofore lino? n to the world.
Ke r?refui and get ibe uer.uine Dr. Wi-tar'.? Balsam oi
Wild Cherry. None genuine unes? it has ihe new whap
I'F.k, ?vlnch uh-ay? bears ihe wrilleri ?ignmure of I BOTTS
? ail ?lhersarm.our.ieif.it?. SETH W. FOWLS,
I'-, prieior and General Ageni.
Price --1 |?-r bottle, or six for 85.
Sold, wholesale and relail. by A. B. At D. SANDS, Dini:
gi?U, 79 Fultoa-?L 273 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway,
only agent? fir New-York. l"f 4t*o .
LIT Crot?n . iluii?ii. lomiriiiice Coiiuiuny. Of?
fice No ?a Wall-?!. New-York.? Fust .Innuril Statement.?
1,. oicur?ance with ihe requisitions of the charter of this
Company, the following Statement of its business for the
term ending Slst December, 1845, t? published .
Total amount of premium? received for K:re
aud Marine risks.$455,023 '4
Of which was received for Marine
and Itilitnd risk.Sill.Gin 27
For Fire n?ks.11(7,937 77
Note? In advance of premium?.104,000 00
-453,623 04
Ti.e whole amount of L.,??>??. paid
Marine risks, Indadtng Inland irac?
pertadou,*?mmmissions, and agents'
expenses.ti2,"4'. 70
Fire risi.?, [ndudiog re-tnturances, ?n
teresl, and Kgeuis' expense? .104,935,18
Expense?, including ?Hlnnes, rent,
bonk?, stationery, h re. police, k fot
IS months. 17,716 S?
- 194,991 ?1
Amount of earned Premun?? iieirliwi oll. I?1.35S 47 ?
The ossels of tbe Company nre a? followa:
Cash oaband nisi Dec. ;s;5. PJtAO 40
Bill? receivable.SOlJtSS i,2
Tbera i? ,:u-- for Fire an! Mai i e pre?
miums, in agent?' hands, for which
Ciisli itti.l noies nre u be remitted... 40,IP3 13
Note? and cu?h not vet collected in
the city of New-Yur'k. 17,162 til
-?oli.JC..' 6.S
Less hills payai,le. 10,000 00
dueogeuis. 2.W 82
-I,..253 H2
Total AsseU of the Ctunpanv liaiile for losses..*?25<i,yo'? ?a
Bv order of th?: Biard. Jan. 87. 1R46.
N. CARRULL, Secretary.
Jatne? Harper. T.A.Meyer, John Breasted.
Charles L. Vote S. Slierw?od, Geo. C. De Kay,
Robert L Crt.iike, J L. Starr. A. S. Crosby
CyrusChenery NoobRipley, Herman D Goui?,
I.Hwreuc? Hill. G?*orge Miln; I. H. Suydam,
John B. LaBaU, Aiirahsm \ an Neal,?*. T. Aldnt-t-,
S. M. Crandall, James Pbalea Robert Lane.
IrSadoCk I'rati, Ewu. Rinhardaou. John B Bemon,
Joseph B. None?, Jame? Cruiksban? N. L McCreody,
J J. Herrick. C K. Habicht, \V,n. M. Halated, ,
IV. LJ. Ti>wn?end, John Peck. Edward Kellogg.
Jatnet Coo?, Edwin R. Tremain.
CHARLES VOSE, President pro tenu
JOSEPH B. NONES. 1V?.|''?...l?r
NlCHOl?S CaKBOLL, Secretary j3,. Iw?t2w3dp
of City Klre liiHuritnee Company.?CAPITAL
STUCK $*ilO,UOII.-rTlii- Company lias continue, on in
business through the great fire? in mi? dtj in December,
lHii. i.i'.i July 1845. Alter payment of all lu?.?es m dole, ibis
Cjmpany has safely Unvested and um*npaired cash a??. ;? to
amount of It? entire capii.toda considerable ?urplu? !>???
sides, applications for insurance received si ihe olfice uf
the Company, No. bi Wall-si.
Cyru? Hitchcock. Richard A. Reading.
J."..?'..h Macy, GeorireS. Fox,
Abraham Lei!, Joseph W. C?*rlies.
Daniel Trimble, Ralph Mead,
Thomas J Town?end. Richard Kie.d,
William H. Fall?. lrad Hawlev,
John D. ?right, Ellas Hicks, Jr.
Peter S Titus, David Lvon,
Henry A. Nelson, Aaron M. Merchant,
Thorn?? Carpenter, One Vacancy.
Thomas C. Chardavovne.
R. A. READING. President
D. F. CuRRV, Secretan-. dl3 2meodi?
rt7"l'niiitnlS*J?O,O?O-<Jmce4l Fu lon-SL Brooklyn
Having their capital v ry nearly e,.iire, continue to taRe rt?ks
on buudiims, machinery, merchaodlie, ami property geaer.
a;lv.,ii ihei.r usual i'a-.'orab!e ternns. This Company ha? passed
through the two greatest conflagroUons thai liave ever oc?
curred in ibe country; they owe their escape from them
will*, comparatively slight !i.??se?, lo the system which they
bave always practiced oi limiting and scattering iheir risks.
All losses which the Company may sustain will be adjusted
anu ?'aid promptly at heretofore.
B. w. DELAMATER, President
Jlt> Imis-eod E. C. Fivsi Sem-tary
C$~ Opititoii ot" ih?* " iiiiiiiin Gallery.*'?The in
man Gallery will opeo at the Art Union Room*. No 322
Broadway,ob the l"t!i day of February, ?tul the Exhibition
will continu-, during the four following weets.
Ttckels are now ieK.)y aud may be obtained of the Tret
surer, It B. FOSD1CK, No. 332 Broadway, and ?i Ihe Art
I'u'on liallerv.3J2 Broadway.
THOMAS S. CUMM1NGS, Cnainnau of Com.
Cilu BocbhaM. Stv-reuirv. ufbii?
(jpvSclenilRc Character of Stvedenborp.?ProC
Butbwil] if ellver a Lecture oa the Scientific Character of
Swedenl.org at the University Chapel.on Wednesday even?
ing.I 1th tnst.at 7 u'ciock. presenting .-?oecUlly a view of the
brilliant retu.ts of his research?? in Phytioloey. and an cslt
mate o' rus general claim? as a Philosopher.
T cket? iwenty?fivecent?attbedoor. To be ?jostponed ic
case tbe weather ?a,mid be inclement Sf lilis*
r\7* sV *?ovi*rei?n Kemedy for the follotvini;
Disensi"!?.?Any person atllicted with point, swelling?,
bltuduess. sores, spinal weakness, cons?potion ,f ibe bow
el?, bronchitis, piles, tistula. white ?welling1?, scars, fever
?ores, ?a.; rheum, cancer, tic doloreux, strains, pain? of Uie
side and bock, or sn* eiier-ial iniittuiintttion, can bave all
Uiete a?da'iy oilier ??Hiciion removed waicb is beyond Jjie
control i>'f any skill oi medicine olberwioe knov-n, by apply?
ing at the only depot for tbe Ctiited Siate? for the sale of
I>i lev'? Mag'tcal I'aiii Extractor, 128 Fu!to?:-st. Sjii Build?
ing?, New-York. Sf ' . ?'
tyAllon Dodworth*?. Private OiincinK*?chool,
No. 44.? Br?ionie-ai. ri??r Broadway. Polka, Mazurka and
all other fkaMooable dance? ia?igbl in a correct style.
d3S Start?
Off" \v tiKlov? *>tiu,lr Depot, .No. 7 ??iiruc?--*?t.
30J0O0 pair a! way a on hand. Per?..:.? ?ijotit furilshtug liieir
hou?????, w... ?avL ?t least I'?1 ;.-.? cent bj callin? at ibe D?
N. 8.?Coal Bros?*-? ??UTa?w.l?tn lou lo ?uitatuionaftv;
turen' prtce?. Ulf. Ulf
CP" .lleciiruiic?,' Division, No. 55, 8. of T. will
celebr?te Ihelr nrs; Annlverstt] v' on Wednesday even-.u?,
llth tnsL ia me WiUct-?*. M. E "Church. Dr. Luke Hasten,
? S. will preside. Addresses will be delivered by D. P.
Barnard, 1). G. W. I'. ami Tho?. H. Oakley. W. P. Sing
ing by Professor Wm H. Osk.ey. s clast of ten Young Ln
dies, and tlte Choir aUacbed lo tbe Church. Ticket? of ad?
mission. Ire.?to be ote.aiced of Thorn?? C. Gould. liTutiip
klus-?t.; Cbilhon A?hmea . Jr. c?.r. of Siinton and G?>erck
sis.; Henry Wood?. 84 Caiinon-?t ; F W. ii W. F. Gilley,
43o Grnnd-st. and Joba Murphy. 149 Aitorney-st Positiv-.
lv no ciitldren aumittisd unies? accompame?! by parent?.
P. S. Member? ore requested lo be punctual" at th-ir Hail.
46,, Gra:i,!->C si t? o'c.tKR, 10 proc-<sd to tbe Church at 7.
Exercises to eminence at haif-past 7 precisely Bv order.
JollS F. ANEklL.il S. 9fSt_*
Cb?" Dr. itaird's Lecture*? on Europe.?A: tbe
request of many oi bis fr.f.-.'t?. tbe Krv. Dr. Baird wui de?
liver a course M .comte? on Europe, tr. tl.e Lese ture-Ron:::
of the Church of the Pilgrims, in Brooklyn, during thj, wee?
and ?he Itvo ?urc-ediiig. Tne .'irst Uirt-e will be gtven On
Monday. Tuesday. ac?i Tnurs-iay ervenings of this w?ri,
a-id Ihe reaiaiiiing on thect.rresrontiing eventurs of the two
?ucceeding week? ; tiegiucn.g at ': ?It past seven a*d0C??
The curse wul embrace eignt Lecture?, w.ihout indadlng
tn? Introductory, which wiu be free?v?u the governments,
characters oi ihe rulers, manners of couru?, etc .?which
will he given 'Au c.t?.?ng. On Tuesday and Thursday ove
n:,:g?, be will speak of Rutsia and Poland. Tbe tmonns
li???i wbitJi will be imparte.', v. ill be of that general aud pop
ular ?jtlr?relating to the p.?p--lation, prodacuon?. history,
chief c;;'e?, d:s'-rj.'-i.s:i'sd ?"", irstituuoat of learDine, man?
ner? and customs,otr. .??.-???>:..? ;. is caicult?-d u> inlertatt
and Instruct oil rllrtirrr. and much of whi-h it not to be
found la ??ok?. Tick?ta to be h ? at the bookstore? uf
Mtttn Wiley nad Putnam, and Dodd, in New.York ; at
that of Wilder, Folton-?L Brooklyn i and at th? diwr.?
Tertnt : for o ticket for the course 8' : for one ainiltting a '
Lady and gentlem? Si SO ; for a family of fiv? Per? BBS S3 ;
and' for a ?ingle admlotion ?. cio. ft" 'Ms
?encrai Notices.
CV Executor?' .-?nle.-J?.-.,^ M. Miller will ?el
at auction on Wcdne?day, Feb. H, _-. I .?r?. ,-k. -: tbeMer
_j*i._r Exchange, by order ofibeex-c?iorsof John G. Cos?
ier, d'-cea?ed.
Thirteenth-?L?Two lot? between Broadway and the
Bowery ; one 21 feet front by aa averajrs of 93 feet d??ep_
the other the same front, by lie feet 10 !-rc_e?de-p.
TweKtb-L?One lot tierw?en Broad? ay and the Bowery,
28 fret .inch?* fro? ?nd r-aran! log f~: in ?nche? deep.
y ???...-? -One lot, S-feeiWeai ofaveune D. ?3 feet by .-7.
Seventh._?One loi- 73 feet East of avenue D. 25 fe-t by
g :- i : .nche?.
:-. .::.?? ?t?Two lot?. 100 feet ?_?. 0f avenue B. each -0
fe^t by 'fl feetfi incbe?.
Ninth-?!.?On tot, S58 fee?. _j_t 0f avenue C. -5 feet by
.'. :? i I locbea
Tompktn?' .-t?'tare.-Or.iioic.navecueB.foan_i lotSoa'?t '
oflotb-?L?-l ? 0 lee
Two lot? on avenue B. 3d and -Jth lou South of Sth-?t.
ear.-i -.-! feel -4 inches oy 93 feet
Trie .?.??. three lot? front on Totnrkias'-square.
'"'?.. ? ;? :??-' ?Th- two ?lor, brici frort house and lot.
No. 23 Thompson-?'. ; Iol20 by Su fee-.
The two-?t??r>? frame house and lot, No. 52Thompson-st
et 9 ?ache? fron?, and rear and II0 feel ilrep.
Water-it?The three-? ory brick hjune and ?or. No. _<?_;
Water-sL; Iot20 by eu feet
Terin??10 per ent I 0 ::.- da] i : .h>. i't percent, on ihe
l?l of March, ?ben the deeds w?l be delivered ? nalance on
boni sod morUag? al ?1 1er cent
K -e.-v lot will ti- positively ?old.
Li-h tgi-aphiC map? rimy be lad of the Auctioneer ?r. Mon
dav pr--?'???i? -?? ?'?-._'"??i Q|-nr
?UEttlianS, &L. U-UUl-CL
ANTKH- Am - f extensive acquaint?
ance ?viih City and Country Dealers, i? desirous of _
Clerkship a? Salesman or Book-keeper, .:. t weii-est?!
,.?bed Gri ery II" i?e, where be coa ?! nave an opportunity
of i ivesting iro-i 5 to II ,000 . lUars ?ithei rplration of nue
year from M?y next, and lak ng an Interest lo b?> concern
equivalent to the ?ame. Notes addressed ; ? A. s. Q~a( ?.
r.NBOSH 90 V.-s-v ?t- for ' P- W. S ' siaiia_ location a ? lime
. r iatervi- _-. will meei with attention._ (OfSt*
rA>TKU?ABoyin a furniture ?lore. Apply at 2m
Bruad ? ay. __._If
iMhl) A SIT V ATION?By a respectable Y?uii_
Woman as i?ambermd i. waiieing ,.r .enera! In a?e
work m a ?uiall private family, "be i?-,i of city referen--?
..v-ii Inquire at&t Beacb-SL _ " lof 2t*
_V A NT K??'-^T- ? f- Bookstore, a Young Man of good edu
?v ca Ion and address, and fuliy competaai m undertake
in Import?I ?Ituationin alarme e?tab:i?hmenL He mu?t
??,..,-?? ,,-. extensive s'lOwieilj.? of English a* well as
[rao I w, and be a ?.-."i-i ?ale-man. Apply, in tne first .
lottance by letter, with real name and address, ?taiingi ial
?ficalioa?, expert? . who lasi with, ,yc. Address t, i
IS. Post Office. New- York. _l"l"3t j
\\ A.NTKU-B.' . ?lea.ry Woman, a ??illation '-? Cook,
r* ? ash, tnd -.run, or would be willing to wait oq a?? age i
lady and gentleman. Good city reference givt Please
Ht Or?id-si_l"f a
.tlVLUY-tKIST VVANTJ?U?By a Yonne Man, 11 ;
deliver ?euer?, forward M?U, -e Satisfactory r-l'er
. Ai..Mallatthl? .rr.ee. ittr'lt
WA.M'KP-Animation as? baoinerniaid or ourse, t>> un
Ainer?c?ti ?oung Woman, a?. 71 Cbanibers-sL Also,
t.v a k'.'.-i cook. Bota have good references . ir?
AN TED ? Etn|iio>iiieiii a? a porter or something of;
the Kind, by >i ?tout, Heady ?ouog Mat , ??? '?.., r?< ? _???.-?
unexceptionable reference. Please add test a lioe tu a ?.
Tribun- ? ?nee;________
\\7ANT ??O?A Psruiei wuli u capual ol ??3,iilln to a
tv !.,..?- which bss been t?lablisheil ?????- year? The
only object m b?v'iu_ a partner is wn?*' ? monej lu ??-. ? - d
Ihe ?,.i?n.rs?. A Une left at the Puat O?ce, directed to Hu
-u...?-. with real name,sod ?latine wh .???.?.. tei ewmay
be had, will be attended to. Tbeuusine?pays from SO to
V. pei cent._Jii istr"
"T tj_f> l'I.?-.'l *.**? wno k_ btwn en at i >n b..th city '
__ ano ciiuntr-, - u?:ne?-. t? ?ie?:r iu?of aaimation a. Book?
keeper or ?i??i.-iart-ri ?ou?ecommercial bouse in iW? cl \.
Tfie be?t of city aid country leferenc ? given. Adrire?? H.
B ix 154. t'pp-r P-ist Orric-. [Of n"
'g'r.xilt SINt'KK.?A yenuemoo wi?ne? a ?huadun
I u? Tenor m a Church l?t ihts City or Brooklyn.? ?
Reference? given. Address 'Tenor,' cafe box 1702 Lower ,
l'..--..t trrii?-. Ifriitis*
OT?L I'AltTNElt WANTEII-riie advertiser
ti-in^- desirou? of enlarging hi? establiahment, wdsbes a
ii--r?,)ii to join ??? ?b him who can furnish from 3 lo ?6'K'i'.?
T:i>- location I? in Broadway i well .tdnpted for fiu?irte?s and ?
a very d?sira tie one for any pen in ? i-!iiii_ io engage in a ?'
hotel. Communication? addre?ssd to HOTEL, Post Olli ce, I
New-York, ? nil r- al name, will meet with prompt attention :
ri d be ?tricilvc-infideiiiia!_It*
POTHKC'XiTY WANThll.-A.retail dru. ?lore
require? ib.- ?er Mes ol a competent assistant?one who
I?thoroughly conveisant with all the minuti.-e of the bosl?
ne?s, Undoubted reference required. Apply corner Ful
ion and Cranberry its. Brooklyn.
. ? . ?.- JAMES w. SMITH
PKIVAT- l.N-TItt ICTIO."..?A '
gradualeo ? ilumbiaCollege, who can give the be?
references ss to ability and moral character, is detirous of |
devoting . porti ? ol U? tlm< to privatetcstrncrton in Math?
ematics, Latin,a id Ure-k. or ihe rariona bra?;riiesoi a i!i--r
i.iisrlt Rnglisb education. Address box No.' 1608, Post oilice. |
lOf 4t?_j
Cil ANt'l?.?A young man having ate? hundred dol?
lars, wisbe? ...??? ii th or lend li to, a safe and prof
U?le iiusli.i?. li.-sl ol ?ecuriiy and teferences rei|uir-o. |
Ad-Ire*? A F- at thU office _'"f 2 -
OA?.DING? Ali1? Broadway, opposile the Pars al :
City Hail. Toe pri.?te entra?e?? No. 2J Wdr'en hl ?
rhehou.e ishii nawiy furnUbed. Mrs. C. MAITLANl?
will try to makedM house a' agreeable as may be in 11?r j
power. Apply at ?in Broadway or 2? Wurieu-st Immedl? ,
aiely. Terms reasona'ile. " l?f 2t*
] ? (? A B O WANTF?T?Tne ad"?erii?er wiTlie? to ob- !
13 lulu ?leruiHi em li. ir 1 i:, a respectable family residing :
between Chumb?is and Barclay ?Is- Terms must be mod- I
erate. ll-fereuces excnan?ed. li. C. D. Tribune oilice.
' I'W'tl ?>K '1'Mltfc.lr" ?iio-i^ reinleinen can be sccoin
X inodaled with Hoard tnd rooms al To Chambsrs-sL id
don. ?'?it of Broadway. 3flfl?
OOAIiDIM; IN (IIA.1IBKK>?r?T.-A 8eiilieiiiai.
iX and lady, or two single gea?emen, cmi be accommo.
dated with board, and a front parlor, aad bedroom adjom
Ing, fiir&isbed or unfurnished, at HI Chamber?-sL near
...r ,:-^ ., : ? ? 2d Boor Two or three binirie gentle- .
men can also be sccoiximodaled with siri-le rooms n_ uhove
None bnlpersons of good character and liabitsw.il be re- ?
ceived. li- rene? exchange? jl5 ls'.f
?KIVATK JJOAK.U-30 McDuui;aj-?L
17 ;jo . -.:
npKUST FIRE rNSUKANCB Company, .-?o. 6o
X Wii:-... J. ;.>??'? Biii.jiii-, .New.Y'orli, continues to in.
sure airallist loss or darnnge by tire, oil descriptions
of Merchandise. BullditiE?, Ve.??els in Port, ic- anil
m the course of Inland Navi,ution and Transportation,
on ihe niosila.viirs.bie term?.
Valentine G. Hail. Martin Hoffman, Kdmund Penfold, ?
Wm. Whitewrigbt, Wm. F. Leggett, Kob't M. Siratton,
R J. Hutchinson, Ja?. B Townstmd, John Rankin, Jr. ?
Win. II- Johnson. Klia? G. Urak?. John H. Hurtin,
Francis Huiler. Charles Williams, John i'leav^land, j
ELLAS G. DRAKE, Presiden!.
Lllbkl-s CiiAi'MAS. Secretary. luf lwu
STOVKS.? We _e offering the remoiinng ?lock of our
_ new and second-band Hall. Parlor, Office and Cooking
Stoves at cost,or exchanged en liberal terma 1 spiendi? ;
. Coonier-desk, - ?econd?band H?reaux, i K.v..
tension Diuln?T?b?e, 16 fl long 1 .-f Pbyfe'? mahogany Ta?
bles. 1 lie.hi.- i..t,.r. 1 Loor Screen, 1 Bar. Counter 10 ft ?
loni; a?-d bar Looking Olaaies, Benches ami -S.-a-.s, new and i
second-band, Cbalrs, VVosb? snds, Cribs, 1 M^tirass and '
loi of got.: R.;--;.. pip? for ?aie cheap, nv
lOf-leod?' MA.NSU _?M i. BROWN, No. ? Spruce-su
CoSWAYNE'S Compound Syrup of W:M Cnerry.?
I.-.siio nsumptiv -, or tttoc-.- whose Inritts are affects i illght
preveuld ??.?-?? thl? Symp without delay, by which thej ma*
iiiipjnt um fixing "i thst dire disessefully and firmly. How
i unit 11,.ni."-- lilil? ??everlivea ?lay with a cough
wbentMa Syrupi ?nbe ba l.and you ?.re nearly c-rtain, witii
proper care, toavol ' destruclion by Cooiumption.
Dr. Swas ne"? Com. ..und Symp of Wi,i Ch-rrv It II a
compound of Vegetable llem-nie?, in? called Wild Cher- ,
ry because ibal article .? the basis of the preparation. I.
? _ : wit ?be ogredients thai the utmost efli- :
ciencv ? riven lo it? good qualities; a? a?upuurterandpre
?erverof ihe powers and functions ol lile.it ha? no equal ,
Caution.?All preparations of Wild Cherry, except Dr.
S? -,. ,-?? areC ?rmousandconnterfeit, and sprang up years
after this valuable remedy had introduced luelf into the ?n-k
chamber' Iherefore be u?i oeceive.i by the many "Balsams"
afltl-'Si in...?s Mixtures," but try ihegwoinean 1 be cured.
Prepared only iy Dr. S ?? aym-. !'. W. corner of Ei^bih aud
K_c?si.n.'ptr..'_ielph?a. -?-.,.. , ,, , n
Sold who.esale and retail al L:...- ?--. H R?lg ?. (.ite Dr.
Milaor-i ) 192 Btroadway, corner ofJohn-tL and at Diug
?tores. idH Bowery.Til Broadway, 205 Bleecker-st.? Hud
?OB-st. and -4? Grand-?-_ja gweocls*'
rJhKI\_ OF SAXA-HANDEtt SAFJ?i.?Keep in
I mind ibe fact thai the safe which csmeout ?o inumph- ;
antlv atibe ale tr.ai al Vauxball Garden via? u Si.Hins.ud-r
..; nude ?.. c. J Oayl r for that occasion, twice
iheu.uai U?C?I-?, a-d the whole atiair mans-je.l oy him- ?
. .,,... tt .?? -je one. u:'h nothing m..re ??.: le?s than a
double Salamander. The ?ingle ones, Iwwever, re>l_-d a
.., , ijeater beatnpon ibai occasion -r.an would bepro
ducedbv the burning of any ?tore or w?-sb-u?e and have
never failed in ?mh ? ??*! -inumpnatit wr,er i-?r- -i w lo?ei
..,-?... _t ? the ea?e ? ea one of w id-r ? -Ingle rm-nt sal? ,
amnnder Sa'e?wa? ?u?intllted to a t'jrta.:-- bent, at i;
ifWail-st-fc eight hoars,pnaerytng .. ? coi__i_u,wbi'e
C, i Ua\'or'? Polen?. Douille _afe wa? destroyed tiy ate
- tn'.e bestln .">?-? than t? o boura. TMs -.v U C. J G-yl? r'a
h^l-i-?d" ?bude ones tot ?ale. Ca 1 __d examine beiore
Ju?" SILAS C HERRING. 1-3 Water?.
-??-Dl.W .?
t0int-T ?fasljions.
W'M T JENNINGS i. CO. Draper? and Tailor?, Im
notier? of Clo?i? and C_?_iere?, Vest?gs. "???*-, 'JSl
Broadway, American Born? otrrpostto *he rountaia. are in
.__ ,f _!,?u;u?i.9???or_iect of r.ew ?oud? .or r a.1 ?_?
Wri-r w^*c..u.r:si*._. Krencb and Engll.h Cto?VlOt
n?_? .-m -roACoau.Cas-.-i_- In agr?ai variety of ?yle?
<H__*S__/j4_?_) and Vebr- VesSngs. Milled Cloih..
TwrVd? __ for UverCooU. which will be ra_- up
io or je- mrooga the aid or ?? -__emacorps of c-juen
a* eanii. lo-ud in trie cour.lry, an e*?encal potnl U3 ?_e
"o, .-7lo-*-t.ich-_ewo?_;d -_-Ct,and in render...? u,
?uie and ci-U-Cter of our ?-menu sucb a- must ?at-sry t_
_______?, that our new. of cheapne?? are not baaed
? _r_7 pr--?ucuoa of r_y ?ber than first row garmema
inch ns, have ?u-iala.- oil- ?ysi.m of ibu profils ac-truic?.
re-urn? u- prompted the soll? ??an of a call from theme
Zttom?mUl rPe_i-.y erleci a saving of ihe extra perc_l_g?
?C^ __?d__l_ira- -an__oons de.-runeat mas.
ccut-nue to offer inducemer.lsw-ioie who apir?-ciate s 61
-?o_i-i-'.in_ easeand e. ysneo. _
_ Sofl to the ._,._! H_.or_ner.: of goods sep?, by he
trade we have alwa?, < M baa ' ready made Dre?. and Kroc?
C___ p_-___..c?. A-* -<?- ? ^'**-r ?; f*^?eI_ ?,
tt-ote who m e-??:? of emer ,'eccy, may require a nrsl role ?uIl
_\_\_ ?_TA Ur-.Art-le? ir great varjety ? Seal-, Cravat?
B___k-r-ls-Coto"?Zs-opextet,. Hoafery. under-Vest?,
D^wer. L--en _- M .?il- Sbtr_- Coil-r?, _c kc -__j
s w B- MiMlATS. Cloak?, W-xter Frocxs, a? t= v_lo_?
( ) ^?vi_. tet\?i readv made, si ?31 Broadway.
Decks. i
AT W B GRAta '?'-'.'S Cheap Literary Depot. Tribune
Building?, Nss.ij -'.
Plarp-r1? Picon?! Bi'?'.e. No. 49; price 2.5 cu.
Job-.'? Alive, or the Bride o?a f?bo?i ; price 12? ci?.
On Soandlnga and OtT. or Tale? of the Land and Sea ;
prie- 12- CIA.
China a* it Wa? and a? it Is ; price 12$ cts.
O'Dnnogbtie, a Tile of Ireland, by Cha?. Lever, author of
H?rrv Lorreo/ier. S.r ; prie- 13) ctt.
Tri-<.'r.c'??-tor the Heanh. by Co??. Dtc't-n?; price 6d.
T**e Si-pmoth-r. a romance by G. P. R. Jame?, Eaq.
snihor of Arabella Stewart, Ro?e ?"Alhret. 4c.; price 25 eta
The Strnnseaud Wonderful Adventure? of Bachelor But?
lers v,i:lustrs?ed with 2,?. c .-ni? Er...rAv;nge; price 25 ctt
of every description, and price from Sd in 810. Take notice
i hot those bought at ihi? ?lore will be pr,??,ptlv delivered
fee ifcharge. t''. H. GRAHAM,
l"f Tribune Building?. Naaoam-st
H'M. TAYLOR. No. 2 Asiat Bou??, has just publ'.-h-d,
* John'? Ai-e .The Bride of? Gbost By be ? :
tborof'Major Jones'? CourUhlp,' 'Chronicles ..:' i'er.v; ?
Is.- *s.e. nice |2J ct?. wUn ill?ItrotiOn? This ?s the most
i-mcsiag nov-t ever wnttec: ;i :- ... ?' w:t ?rid humor,
?uid mu off. in hi. p-cuilor iconner. ?orne of the follie? of ;
the day. If yoa wish a treat,bay, *J bxr*? Alive'?one?hil-I
Pars Ber.'sni'.ti's ne-v-pap-r. The Wettern Continent, for ;
.tut week, is a splendid number. :';:.; ? ??' Interest to ail clatt
os of render?. Price 8 cents or S2 a y, IT. ?
Valentine? 1 Valentine? 1 1 A very large attortment ta '
?"or tote by WM. TAYLOR". No 2 Aator Hout?. j
All tizes, ali kinds, and all prices, from Six cents to Ten
Dollars. CaUandyau ?ill be ?u'ted to yoar taste, certain,
?M_l?'f WM. TAYL'iR'S N ? 2 A ?tur H?i?i?e.
J! ST I'l'HLlSHEL) frota ih- advaacs proof ?becu, by '
WILEY k PUTNAM, 161 Braadway.
T!.-!:i.;?nP.i-i.; Dante; Th- Ital:?n Pilgrim'? Progrea?; '
Pulci. hi? Life and (;-nius? H"mor? of Giant?; Battle "f
Roncesvalle?: Boiardo'a Orlando Inamoniio: Life and :
O-niu* of Ari ?slo : The Orlando Furicao; Tasio's Life and !
Genbis; Passage? from me Jerusalem D-1-.veretl. in prose
and verse, by Lei.h Hunt. Library of Cuoice Reading, '?2. :
S3, 54.
?' It t? indeed a book which, to apeak with Marione, cor.- i
tains * Infinite riche? in a little room.'
It ?ddre?.??.? i'.aelf n? various el???-?. To those igrjorant of
Ita.ia'i. and likely la remat'i so.it furr.uhe? a vivid and sotia
faciory ijea of trie great I ?alian Poeu. To th'>?e who mere?
ly * dabble * in the literature tt will be a dv.ntv ferut. To
?!;....- wn.i are a'n ui lo ?t.,.1y ?ny one of these great Poet?,
it will be the fittest Introduction they could possibly have.
To the poetical readers of a.I kinds it will be an almost ?n
exliau-tihle source o f lellgbL I ti? of p..-try ? all ompacL'
P-r!i?p? no trans ation could do the justice to the original
that is done b\ the ?imple, fait'tful and deiicately picked
pr?>se of these volumes "
I Foreign Quarterly Review. Jan. Ifi46.
Lately Pubfitbed?Tbsso'? Jerusalem Delivered, irsna
Itt-d by Fairfax, with an Introductory Esaay bv Leigh
Hunt; and live? of Tasso and Fairfax.'bv Citarles'Knight.
2 v?is. 16mo, or 1 vol. bound in doth, by Bradley.
/?chokke's Ta>?. translated by Parke Gidwin. 1 vol.
Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini l?mo.
i' -.;..- i Rich,-? of Chaucer.
Craika Spencer and bit I'.strv
He Foi'S Hl.tory of the Plague,
I Of 4t Wir. F Y A PI/TNAM. it',1 Broadway. N. Y.
F "OR JANUARY, IS16, i< this '?ay published?A ?u
prrbnumber, contaminan?! les? iban twelve sterling
article? beaidea ?Shun R-w?,,"" oreigr. Corre?pon~
dence," '* Li?t of New Work?." \r.
The London Quarterly, No. 153, a masieriy number?bei
t-r, if possible. ,:.?.. ihe Foreign. Subscription pnce for
Ibete two Reviews when tukea together, 85 a yesr Price
ai Quarter!; Review? 38?the four and Black
woo i? Magazine Slit Singl- numbers -old.
Il- L.SCOTT ? CO l';.bl'?!;er. 112 Fulton-?!.
Char;e. T Torr-y, written darn g in? Incarceration to
Baltimore Jail after hi* coavlctlon, and while awar'ng hi?
?em-n.-e. Published for the benefit of his family. For ?ale
by MARK II. NEWMAN. 189 Broodwoy. I0f
H'BLISHED BY D. APPLETON a t.?) -'.??Broadway.
Dr. Arnold's History of Roma, 2vo ?. Svo. S?.
do Lecture, on Modern History. 12mo. Si 25.
do Miscellaneous Works. I voLBva. S'2.
Bp. Burn?'.'? History of ibe Reformation, 4 sula. illu?. S?.
Kohhauack's History of Germany, Svo. $1 5u.
O'Callaghan'* Early History of New-York. 3vo. S2.
Taylor's Manual of Ht?tory, Uva. Bun page?, S2 25.
Michelei's History ot'France.voi 1. 82,
Hamilton'? Life of Alex. Hamiltoo, 2 vol? $5.
Soutbey'? Complete Po-tical Worka, 8vo. S3 so.
Dante*? Poem?, translated by 'larv. Hi,m?. Si 50.
Heinan?'? Complete Poetical Work?, ilius'd, 2 vol?. 82 50.
Hooker'? Complete Worka, 2 vols. 8vo 35.^
Mage? on Atonement and Sa.-ritice. 2 vol? S5.
GuiZOt'S History of Civilization. 12mn. Si
Kp. Peorsoo's Exposition of llie Crre.l, rtvo $2.
B?>. Burner? Exposition of the 39 Article?, Gv... Si
Palmer'? Treatise en the Church, 2 v.?.?. Svo. S5.
Bur.?' Seilt, ?n.I Ml ton'? Poem?, each I vol. SI 25pervol.
( owper*? Complete Poetical Work?, liiuio. ll.?i?'d.3l 5ft.
F.,?trr's Literary and Mlscellaoeoa? E?say?, 12mo. 31 25.
Iteid'? New English Dictionary, ?2iuo. Si
Corlyle's Life ..: ?..?!.;. er, l.'nio. 75 c-nt?. 9f 2tis
Materia MeoiCa Botanic/,,
CONTAINING the Bmaoicol Analyal?, Cl?turai History',
sad Chemical and Medical Proper tie? ..i Plant.??Illus
trtted I.. ?, leudid colored aograviag?, copied from Nature.
Tinrtv-iwo Plants are ready tor delivery. Price ?2. Aoy
m e, ho vever. w th the letter-press perfect and independ?
ent, ma-, I- Una ?or only til Cent?. Apply at (Tribune
Building?) No i Sprnce-st. ?e ood Boor._10f Sawlm*
New-York ?Tin?, is believed to be ihe first series of
... it? f.,r irhoel?, piodactd in ?hi? country, that atlords ihe
ir.-K.n? of le'.'l.ir.g Music in all its ?'. iget of progress through
which il must pass v hen treated of a? n hrancn of -,-eneral
nducation Tb- plan embrace? that of th-; -minent Dr.
Schneider of Germany, and Anbe Meinsee .,f France, which
?re p?w the m ist uppr ?ved methods of Euro;?**.
The Musical A B C.?A method of ?..-aching the rudi
menis cf uiu-lc, with song? to ?weeien eludy, designed for ?
school?, or private Inalnicil.m. by E. Ive?. jr.
The Musical Spelling Book?The ?nine method ofluslruc- '
lion ir. the riidimenls of in'tsic, logeiher with musical re?
creation, ua a relief from study. Designed for school? or
private instruction. E. Ives.jr.
Tre Mu?icsl Reader?For teaching the rudiment? of the 1
art of reading with intonation, together with hymn tunes ,
and chora.?, Tesson? in reading mu?lc and devotional exer?
cises Designed for schools nnd musical association?. E.
The Beethoven Collection?Comprising themes now first ?
?'m::t'"i from the in.lrnraenlal compodtinn? of Beethoven, ?
Hayon, Mozart, uud other eminent composer?, with original
mues, chants, iic. by E. Iv-s, H. C. Tiinin and W. Alf-r? 1
Desigin-d for muilca] associations and choirs llial are ad- 1
vanced la the ?cience.
y..r ssle by b.,..li?e'|erii generally._7f3li?
"Tust published,
mew edition ok curiosities of i.1tera
"CRE and the? Literary cboracter Illu?irHi<-d. By 1.
D'IsRaeui. Esq. D. C. L. F. S. A. With Curiosities of
American LiTr rature. By Rcri's W. Oriswolo.
A new edition of this splendid work '? now ready for the !
rade. In out? very la-ge r-ya! octa. ? rol?me. Elegant'y j
done ut> in c?Hh. Price ?or t??ale c.r.ie? S2 5ft. A liberal I
discount t.? BoiikseiliTs._GREJiLEY it McELRATH. j
INDUSTRIAL RECOUD?Edit?e uy Redwood Fi?her? I
Office 161 Fulton ?t. This day is puhli?be<i the February
number of in.s work.
Commercial History of Portugal, with .statistical table?.
Tho Corn Trade of "Europe with table?.
The GreAt We?'., wi.h ?tali?lic? of the productions and
trade of ihe Valley of the Mississippi
Two motit'siii Ihe Copper Region, by Charle? Whltllesey 1
of Toll mod ge, Ohio-cor.iainiug a geo.oglcal. agricullural, |
n.r.erAlogical occaaat of thoie regions, ond the River? and
Haiborson Lake Superior.
Review of Senator Walker'? Report, by Hon. Nathan Ap
pleion of Boston.
Windsor Locks on the Connecticut River.
Monthly List of Palet?s granted at Washington.
Manufacturing StttitHiic? of ihe City of Providence. R. I.
M.ning and other industrial intelligence by the late arri?
vals from England.
A ftlucce at the Old Worid?seieutific, Uterory and Sou
N me- ? r.f New B?,,k?,?vc. Aie- 7f3ti?eod
Lower Saiidu?ky, Ohio,
WILL attend promptly to the collection ond rotnilionce
of debLs and the Agency of Lands.
Kent, Kinaan, i. Co., Neiv-York..
Magie a Sanderson, "
Dater, Miller, a Co
Candee k Scribnt r, "
.1 IL Runsom a Co. "
P rait, Woodford t Co. "
Bray, Ba?ero***, it Co.. Philadelphia.
William T. Eustis, It Co.. Boston.
Henry, Poor it. Co. ?'
Bacon, Davis it Bruwc,
Jas. Holliaterfc Co., Buffalo. New-York.
Walbrldg-, Haydeu it Co. "
Hoc. E. Whrt-lsev, Canneld, Ohio.
Hon. J. W. A' lea, Cleveland ?' 1'if lawlm
SACHILEIif-l.-On the nigh! of the 6th insL St. Pe?
ter's Church in New-Brigtuoa, Staten Island, wai"en?
tered into through one of the windows of the ve.try room
by robbers, who took away therefrom the following article? ;
One ?liver Osten? ni m. a Cens..r a?..I Box, two,arge plated
Candlesticks, a silver watbed Cmciaxion, about twenty
eight yards of black Broadcloth, twenty yards Ingrained
Carpel, two ?lower Vine?, s Cassock and Surplice; also,
?oms books are B?tolas*. A ?unable reward will be given
for any informait jn that will lead lo ?he detection of the
perpetrators of tue sacrilege ?nd the recovery of the prop?
erty_?_. If
BA.M'A TIN.?banca Tin, usually toe most ?tetwiy of
metals, has ?ale.y. lite a fe?ow ou a frolic, been getting
c.ija. We have 'mid a few oUcs on !.and, and now hnu. a?
llie razor-strop man ?ays, that ihere are ** a few more let'L"
For sale m ihe lowest market price, by
l..,**3t BOARl'M-XS V HART.b Burling-slip.
THE SUBSCRIBER has now in ?tore a 1 irge portion of
bis Spring stock, embracing probably the choicest ond
m-?t dettronle a? wel'.as the largest anil mo.textetnive as?
? irimsT?it ofSpring M.'.liBery G *od* to be found in the city,
la ?electing hi? stock he ha?, in most cote?, had the tiratpick
in the martel, which 1? a ?uScl-nt guaranty of the charac?
ter of hi? aeiecUon to thewe who know ni? taste. Hi? ?lock
of Bonnet Rihb >n? and Bonnet Silk? are more particularly
r.ci and elegant mi? Spring than ever, and a? he enjoy? the
reputauon of now se?,in*r more Ribbon? and Bonnet Si'.ka
lb .n any other nou?e n the city, h*! intend? lo mer.t it In a
?till greater degree this Spring than ever. He aso Bas on
bind a large stock of Fonci silt (jiods, in addition lo the
above. Purchaser? are particularly requested to call and
eumme before purchasing. As he bays his good? mo?lly for
ea?h and ?ell? at ver/ ?mal! profit?, be oiway? feel? confi?
dent when he name? the pr.ee of hi? good? that thev are no
where to be found le??. L. M. STEVENS,
jOfTukThSmlS 91 3e?ver-?L
G~ OOD YEAR'.*?' Patent Gum E??uc Shirred Suspen?
der?.?The aubsenbe?, manufacturer? of the?e good?,
are prepartrv: for the spring uade with a large assortment
made m ih-ir laiproved mode, being peri'ectly ?moothe on
:ne cord and entirely iree from lin ?mell of ?ulphur. The
objection? urged agamat other shirred suspenders being
obvioied in these, buyer? areiavited lo call, examine good?
ar-.i compare ca-Jitv with that of the other ?birred good? in
Ihe marteL Buyer? in large quantities tor Southern and
Wetter*) mart -in are especially inv. led to call before pur
eharfac i ?wbeod FORD a Co. 137 Pearl-.t
DOlAUEL? Wills.AT for ?alts?Inquire correr of \
25i?vat. and ??ih-gvenue._l"f 3'1.?
?tEN.Mti**: i*K.>.,*iiES ::-ln ??Gs of K.ity Cent?
? -?n he b?d ?1 lb? Tril*?li? O*? ?T? tr
AIRBANK.?*-" FLtATKOKJl ??CALE*?, war- i
toated "?-rfectlr t?d permaa-intly corr???*i, for ?ale by j
_unyi_? ??a_?Ba\jsi_i t ca ?o w?uiu. I
ArtlERIt'AN JtimKlJin?Zem. day and er-trjig
thl? w-_?, corrritrnsocict' Ht?day, F>?h 2?Splendid Per
fu?_anc_? _v-i?eveett.^ tUT*>.a?I W.wj lesflav and Saiur
4?y af'.?rn ?in? "it i ..-<;I.?r?.?Trie !r.?*-a?er ha? e-ijrajred the
foilti-arica; magnifican attract-onS: S-cnor B; ii. tb? rr.ott
?plen-iid Onitarl??. ?n America. The Kentucky Mln?trel?,
t'1*j^T?'* n<1 0! Ethiopian? in lb? city. Di??olvtn?: Views
?nd Chromairope. _?___ j. r. h_j* __d _|i?- Whitiock.
Supern Fantoccini. Mr?. Phillip?, ?.be talented Vocaltlt-?
Grand C?:?moran?, and Qiao? Blowing.
Adm'Mlon. 85OSBta CMldt?Ti ao.l?- lu. 12* cent?.
rOM'EUT OF S.U'KEU BMJ5?C to be nivea in
V> the S;iteenth-i?.-eet B?pe.?t Ch-ireh. between 7th and
3'h ?venue?, on Thar?dsy Evenir?-. Feb. 12, to commence
at ht.i-p??'. 7 o'clock ??'_" avail? of which to be app.ied to
the cm,m-ai for tceir Organ. Ticket? tb cents each No
r ostponemeat for smrrny weaiher 10f St"
queoe-? of the inclem-?rcv or'the weather, Herr W. Bou
cter'? Concert i? poitpooed until Saturday night. 14th tn?t
when it wai positively itte p.ace. at the Apollo Saloon.
I- :' 3t
K. I.'hOPOl.U 1>E .iliTYKK, (at?a pani-ular
reqo?tol many fan?lesj will ijtve another and lost
OuNCERT, hefor-hr? departur? for the S ?uih, on Tfc?r?
diy evennif. FrSruarv 12th, 1 M6, at the Tabernacle. On
which occa?:on be will be ???tstrd by Ml?? Kor?ln*liy and
Mr. Wet-el
Mr. Leopold de Meyer will perform the favorite Marche
Marocaine i the Carriv?. de Venise, anew F anlaste on
American Melodies; and for the ?ecoad lime, with Mr.
Charles Ptvaheau. the ce!ebr?ti?l Duett of tbe Oe> Sympho?
ny. Le De*irt. on iwo t?rand Piano?, fromErord'? Factory.
Tlcaei? one dollar Tickets and Prograiaime? can tw- ob?
tained at the Music Store*.
fV" Doors i>r:_n at ?even. Concert 10 commence si ??ht
o'clock, IOf
MENT Fl"Nn. will uke placeu _ieTar?ertiacie.in Thur?
day evening. February 19. On which occasion the follow?
ing '.?die? and _enllem?n have volimteeted their service*.
Mridanil? Antoinette Otto, Musjennv Lazare,
Ml?? Julia Northall, Miss Marv" c. Tavlor,
Si? De Be?ni?, Mr. Brou?h.
Koben O. Paige. E. Shecard.
Also, the New?York Sacred Mu?ic Society. An efficient
Orchestra hns been engaged,
H. C. Timm, Pianist. V C. Hli!, Director.
Tlcke.? one dollar each, to admit a lady and gentleman.?
To be obt?ice?i at the pi?ci pal munc stores; E. &. L. H.
Embree, ISl Bowery,ot ofih? C.?nimttt<-e
" JAS. PRYER. 246 From-??.
H'f toi!)_J. B. PECK'. 470 Ortta?'.-??.
S. HOW'S. Professor of Elocution la Columbia Col
The public ni Brooklyn is respectfully Informe?! that Pro
'essor J W*. S How? will deliver a serle? o' ht? Readini??
from .Shak.peare. The first ?ill be ?riven on Tuesday even- ;
big, Februarv luth, at 7J n'rlock, at the Brooklyn Intlitute.
Purl /?Merchant of Venice |conden?ed).
Purr f/.?Selection? from Shokapeare, Hood and Cam- I
Ticket? >1 cent?, ?draining a itent'eman and lady ; ad.lt- ?
liona] lidy's ticket 25 cents For sale at Wilder-*? Boo?.
stores, in Ful'on and Allanitc ?ta ami at the ??o r on tbe
evening of ?h.. Lecture. ?if 2 is*
^'IBl.O'S-?iAl.O?^V^Mr DEMPSTER (who?.? ?b?ut I
to i-mrii to Europe) bas the honnr to announce t?> the !
citizens of New- York, his intention <u'|"i.in_ a Music?. En
lertanineni at Niul./s Saloon, on Tue-slay evening, Kebru- ?
ary lt-lh, ?hen be will sin_ hi? n-o?i popular cmnpo?it; tin,
interspersed with Scottish Melodie?, viz: ? The ?not u h-re i
I iva? bon:,' when the night wind bewalloth,' ' Jotiu Ander- j
?on. my I '.' ? The lonely auld wife,' ? A home in the bean,' I
:The hind boy.? 'Death of Warren,' 'Trie Indian's com
plaint,' -Ohl why doe? the white man follow my path" i
?My Nannie, 0,'-L?-tu* love me another," Tak'yer auld
.??oak about ye ' Cai.iattt-THE MAY QI'EEN, a ?ong In
ihree parts?poetry by Al:>. d Tennyson, Eiq.
Part l....Eve of May.
Part 11... -New Sea-s Kve.
Pan III..Returnof Spriutf.
ft?" Tbi? sont; represents the ?ralual decay of a young
and lovely girl, from the bloom of tieallh to a premature
t"t>*" Ticket? SO cent??to lie had at the Mualc Store? and
al I he door.
Doors open al 7?to commence I before 8 o'clock, if Si
r*PHIS EVENING, the performance? will commence
I with a ifrand
Roman Entree, led by Mr?. Co'e and Mr?. Myer*.
Light and Dashimr Act. by Walter Aymar.
N B. Turner in a Leaping Act on two Horses.
Posturing and Balancing nv Mr. Nixon and Son.
T.-e Paragon of Feinaie Equetirian?, by Madame MA
Mr. W. Nichols in hi? Bac? war? Feat?.
Afternoon Performance every Saturday, at %\ o'cfock. 3f
U'i'i c?oj? on ?he 19? of February,
THE EXHIBITION ol Peale'? beautiful Palming,
corner of Broadwuy and l.e,inar,l-sL I? open every day ex
cipiSunday from 10 A. M. lili '._ P. M. Admittance 25 eta
J3ll 1st!"
?i HI.A NU BAI. L.?In cotinueinoraiion of the Railfi
caiiou of the Treaty of Ubent, will come o(f ot ihe C.'iis
eum. 'iO Broadway, on Tuesday. 17ib- Ticket? One Dol?
lar eai-h?can be obtained at '.he Broadway House, How?
ard Bouse, und at the As?land, corner of Canal-it. and
Wall;.?'? well known Band will bo in attendance, E. Keu
del.lealer ifll7
" MET- S AL> BURY-""
son wil. be ??'.veil in the
on Wednesday evenian. Hie llihlnst, by ?Juvenile Choir
of a'ioi.1
EUhl Ili.iidred Young Singer?
In Uulform Dreaae?.
This is to be ihe first of a :erie? of Juvenil? Enleiiam
mer,is that Mr. B proposes to iiive, (W ?UeC?MSl?,) and te
would ?late ih-tl neither pain? or exi oo?e will be ?pared to
render them eipiailv as aurai-uve ns any herelolore given
by nun.
Ticket? 2?ceut??ro be had at h11 the ti?ual pl?c?i* and nt
the door ? WM- B. BRADBURY. 71" dtUSTu-W*
AliAUl?.?*' ?JI.A*?i."> for Be<iuner? in French under
the instruction of Prof. VILLKPLAIT, will meet on
Monday. Feb f?, at 4 P. M. al Mr. Grnenleaf? School for
Young Ladle?, lC6 Pierrepont-si- corner of Clinton, Brook
* As it i? nul convenient to form a new class every day, all
ladies, married or ?ingle, who propote to attend are moil
respectfully invited lu be present
The Ladies' Classes meet a? u.ual, on Monday, Wednes?
day and Fiiday P. M. from -1 lo h?lf-p?t6
The Gentlemen's Classe? on Wedne?day and Saturday
evening, from 6 to haif-pa*t Ii.
For term?, ic uppiy u? above. 7f 3tl?*
I ? l ??
ll al-,nines.
IF you would Ilk? to lee the finest its?orlmeut of
ever exhibited In thi? country ?ou will not fail to call at
SHEl'AKD'S. 19f Broadway, oppoitre Jobn-?t.
N. B-?Cheap is llio word alway? at SHEPARD'S.
.?if 4teodis*___^_____^_
Valentines 1 Valentine? and Fancy Paper.
AFRESH stock ]usi received,
A? '?eh :: i.oi more elegant
As cheap u not cheaper than any oilier
Store run afford to sell, '.'ai-ylng in prices
From one cent lo ??'. Cad and see al
T. J. CROWEN'S, ti-U Broadway, corner of Bleecker-ar.
Vf l'Ai?*_
MPHE largest ?rid most beautiful assortment In the city,
" wholesale and retail- Cupid, a? itiye as life, ho? ins
place In our window. Our amliltlon i? lo sun all u_te???o
lar we have done IL Valentine Head (Cuartera.
4f2w??-_TURNEK - FISHER. 74 Chatham??_
/"'OLD AND SILVER FLUIDS.-Tbe?e melallie fiuld?,
^-X which were l'or?nerly much u?ed by the ancient? for
Iheir itlutuiual-d manuscript?, ore beautiful article? for all
purpose? of ornamental peurn?.n?h!p. ?ucb as Valentines,
Visiting Cards, Biilet-d-ux, ?c. W*.illn? executed with
these fluids has the bvauuful appearance and lustre of fine
?old or sliver. For ?ate by the principal Bookseller? and
Stationer?, and bv the manufacturer?
|I6 i_wi?lmTu_.K KENT ?c BLACK, 116 Jobn-?U
"_ ?in3"i-_r?T_-o^^^N r I s ? sr _5_DT___7
OK SUPERIOR ?UALITY, at Uie Manufactory, 92
Kea .?-? Qold Foil equal lo any ?u the city, <S*? per
oz. Gold Les], extra deep, uaual deep and pale, at the
lowest magket prices- Pa..: i ?old 4o :?> per pk. Gold, Sli?
ver and Copper Bronze?, Silver Leaf, ? ?-. ? c
j_9 1ml?* J. L. WAO'GH, Procucal Qold Beater.
h.ntlVAl??H H.HAYES ha? removed hi? Job Book
Bindery to ihe 2d Boor of No. 114 Nasssn-gt ?between
Bes-kmon and Ann) N- B. Per?on? h?vini{ work? ihey
wi?h hound, are respectfully invited to call as above.
7f 3d?*_
I'BI.IC NOTICE.?The ?ub?cnt>er re?pecUuily no
libe? tne Public thai he u th? duly authorized Aitentuf
mo?tof tbe !ie?i New?p?per? of ?11 the Cttle? and pnc<-ip?,l
town? in the L'niti 1 States ?nd Canada, for which he to
ceive? Adverl?euict.l? and Subacriptiom ol hi? Country
NeWi^per Advertising Agency .Tribune Building?, and for
which he is fully empowered lo ^ve receipt?. Entrance at
the Coal Office._IJ-1 1ml? |_V. B. PALMER.
$"*_T ? |J as h TO l.OA.N on bond and mortuaire, or
?/?LI?. ??"productive real estate, in tht? city or Brook?
lyn, ?to and 7 per cent. mtere?L JOHN F. CONRElf,
?if 5ii?* 10 Jones'? Building, No. 6?) Wali-st.
?. L. CHArf__i
J -::-:-, :i., A.tioibt. s Co. Oblo.
THE COLLECTION and remutance of debts aad all
other professional business carefully and promptly at?
tended lO. Rr.rERS TO
Hon. Keuben tt'ood Loc^orl 0. ) 9llp-me Jud|tej of
m l_?__2&2!_*i II. [."n ?. < the State of Ohio.
MathewBir?hard.iv arren, }
Alfred Edwards 4t Co.NYorkl Hon.EbenNewton.Can?eidO
Marah u Compton, " I '* Eiisha Whiti?lsey, " "
Edw. Coming _ Co. ." ? " J.R.Giddln({?,JeS?*r?oo"
Wm. Holliiter. E?q. ButT?lo,'L*.?wi? B. Austin, E?q. At?lla
Peler Curiia, E?q. " N.Y.I burir, 0._lOf lswlm
?-t-nSS5 AN1> .U1--EK?' BANK, H??!?r?
_ town. Md.?The noie? of this bonk bought at i per cent.
sUcount bv TAYLOR it SMITH.
_? ?mi?-_No. en Wall-^.
?HEKIFF'Si SALK.?By virtue of several writs of
i?fieri 'aria? tome directed acd delivered, I will expo??
to ?aleon Wednesday the twenty-nun day of March next,
at 10 o'clock AM at tha Vestibule ot the Cily Hall of the
City of New-York, ail the ri?ht, title and tcter?t of Henry
Wilke?, which be had on the eleveum day of November,
one ihou?and eight hundriM and forty-five, or at any time
afterward?, of. in and to all those certain lots, piece? or par?
cels of land, ?ituate, lying and b*ing In ihe Twelfth (late
Niniuj W'ard of tbe City of New-York, and known and dt?
tlni;-ji?hed on ?certain map made by J. F. Bridge?, City
Survejor, of ?and? formerly.belongm*? to Samson Benson
and Benjamin Vredec'o?ir-b, deceased, ??luolein the Twelfth
W??.rd of tbe City of New York, which map bear? date
September, 1 ?*. aud la now on f.:e in the office of ihe Re
cuter, m and for the City and County of New-York, a? lots
No?. (46a) four hundred ?ad ?-xty-eiiiht ; (469) four hundred
and iixty-nme ; (470) four hundred and ?eventy, and (471)
four hundred and ?evtrnty-one, which ?aid lot? are al?o de?
signated on ?aid map a? p*'cel numtier (7-?) ?eventy-ilx JJand
are bounded a? follow? ? Ea?t by ;he Fourth-avtnu?. We?t
by a line drawn parallel to the Fourth-aveaue on the W>?ter
ly side thereof at the distance of one hundred and tt-n'feet
t-erefrcm ; Northerly by _ line drawn parallel to 118th
street atthedtsu^ce of fifty fe_t five lech-s therefrom o_
theSou'herty ?ide thereof, and Soutbetly by a line drai-n
parallel to ll7th-?treet on the Northerly ?Ide thereof at *??
distance of fifty feet five inches therefrom. Together "sriUi
the hereiltament? and appur.enacc.es tbereunto beloD?ring
oraBp<*rta_lng. WILLIAM JONES, Sfc-sntr.
Freddsick L. Vulte. Deputy Sheriff. .
Dated New-York, February 10,1346. ?f l?w6w
&nrt?m G?lte.
204 Brr?vi-*.ay.~L,t??*?J Cash Ad**an<-r** mode on con -
- meai? for Anruon Sal*?*.
. ? To commence Toeodoy. March ?tta
: The F?^y-t??-ocd l*>gulor New-York Trade Sole ert
i ?2..a Su>r**?*yr? Pi?**??, fcc ke. w?! comm??eee ot the
above date,?ne to tx. conducted a? heretofore according W
I the regillaltor?.
C?>n?igtuneni?of Um above article? are retpocirully so
: UClt?*?L_ '
; L> L'ULTON Ac Col Aueuon ?_d Comni-tttHi Met
, I .chants. Nos.lia Fulton-t*. and3? Ann-?L Liberal ad?
vance? made on consignmeota. and Dromnt retnrnt made.
TUESDAY. February jo
, AtNo.264 Brood ?ray, ol lty o'clock. H?*?*aoboU Fun>l
1 tnrr, kc. comprl.ing ?of? be.ftleadt. mahogany and cane
' t?*ai chaira, mahogany dining table,-, feather bed ?, maure?
; tea, bedding, wash ttondt, bor?aux, bedstead and ?ioto?
Al?o pbAte.1 wore. c?tfr>h??krt? le. ke.
THURSDAY. Feh. |2,
' At 10 o'clock, ot.-4 Ann-??.
SriEBirr'sSALS or Ham?, ae ?Co?prtatn?; 34 homo, ?5
thoulder? and o lot of chop?, of a tcperior quality.
Alto, a quantity of tire workt. kc
A: 25N West, ?"J and 105 Murray and L15 Warren tit.
SriKRirr Sale or a Steam EtaWt, Focaoar. kc?
Comprlttug Engine?.Boiler??nd appertecanc?>t.M?chinpry,
; T...,.?. Iron.kc Alto a right utleand :ntere?tof *.ho uoex
ptrwl term of the leaae and building at 229 Wrou Alto, at
10.? and I.'sSMurrav-?L all the Machinery. T?x>l?, Iron. kc.
: and ?lao, al 115 Warren-?L Machinery. To?!?, kc in ?aid
: building. _
Y JjoJUS M. Bl 11.LKR
TUESDAY. Feb. 16.
At i"i o'clock, al Um ?lore No. 2 Llherty-sL
Boot?,Shoes aso BaocA-ii?l?s?1 .-?je? H?x>t?. Shoes and
, Brogon?, consitUng ?>l every variety?tub?ble for Southern .
Wectern and Nurtheirri trade, Sols ?yoaluve.
THURSDAY, February 12, 1646.
At 10 o'clock, at No. 2 Llnerty-tt,
Hardware. Cctlbrv, l?c -On ?credit of tix moothtfor
i approve-1 en?lor??-?l noie??Son package? and lot? of fret*
! Imported Btrmlrgbam and Sheffield Go-alt?Conttttthg of
table and pocket cutlery ; butcher, ahosi and bread ki.ivr?.
hi-?, butcher?' drawing knive?, plate, chett. cupboard and
truuk lock?, flmtt, tea troy? an.', waiter?, curry-comb?, unv
: kettle?, tauce-pon?, linntrd and enomeled vice?, troc??, log
and bolter chtant, Carolina hoe?, paient and common . tfos;
. .-?ndlestickt. anuti'er?, German ?liver and iron tea an : t bias
1 ?poon?. Britannia do, tobacco boxeo, table butt?. Jai, e?'a
; wood ?crew?, round ?.it! square bolit, etc etc
1 Alto, -'is, can's tprlng cutlery, belog the entire lot of M?M
; tram k Sona" Dauern?.
; Cataluspie? %rid good? ready for extmlnaiioctb.ee day?
I before the ??ic.
i The above atock are fre?h good? and tu complete order.?
I Every loi will oe ?old without rn???rvw.
? Al l"i o'clock, ?t the ?lor? of Gillman. Small k Co. 3 and
! 5 Ferry-tL
. Sole Leathbr.?5009 aide? Hemlock Solo Leather. 13?
aide? Oak Sole Ltvuliei.
J. R. CURT1SS, Auctioneer
PLATT, ot the new- ?tore. No. IS Gol?1-tt. between
M*jdeii-la? e aod Plolt-at- onTueMay. I' th Februory, ot in
o'clock. The ?a a will con?Ut of 350 original package?, and
entirely of Birmingham Hardware Goout, aud I* expressly
a trade ?ale. It ?s distinctly .?.aie.!, and ?he partir? inter? sl?
ed, as well a? ihe?ub?c.rlber, pledge ihenuelv-a. that every
original package ?hall be peremptorily and poaltively aold
to Die h'gheat bidder; and that lu no cas??, nor under any cir
cumaiance?, ?hall any original package or lot In the cata?
logue be houg' tin. directly or Indirectly, or ?truck down to
any .me but an actual and Loua t.de purchaser, reserving on?
ly h- privilege of pasting duplicate package?. The ?ale I?
well woithy .he atten?on of the trade, ?nd al?o of dealer?
in the neighboring cities. JACOB S. PLATT.
N. B. Catalogue* are now ready and can be badal the
pla-e ..f .ale or al the auction room.aod ihe good? ore oi?o
ready and can be examined nil the hour of the ?ale. 9f 2l
JOHN. J. SWIFT, Auctioneer.
U COTTAGES ON !?7TH.!HT. near 9th oveuue.
SW1FT k MORGAN will tell ou Tuesday. February
l??lh, al 12 o'clock, al the Merchant?' Exchange (if Dot pre
vi.'u.ly aold al prl?ale aale) the M ?eat Cottage House?,
with court yarda In front, located on the Noith aide of 27th
?L near the 9lh avenue, in a rapidly improving tieighb?ir
hood, ami within 3 nilnul??' walk of Cbelaea linn of onim
i...???? The House? ara well built, with ornamented front?,
there are two fire-place? ?a each of ihe principal tloora, a
finished room In the basement, with a callar In th? rear, and
good brick el tema lu the yardt ; ou the rear of each lot i* a
convenient ?i? de. with a pottage way 10 feet wide in the
rear, commanlcatlng with 27lh-tL To carunen and ?iher?
keeping honet the above Houtet mutt be very deairable lo?
cation!. A large portion of the purchase mooay may ,?*
main on bond and mortgage ai6 per cenL For farther par
uculora apply to JAMES N. WELLS, ?th-avenue. botweeu
'.'i st and ?d-st. or to the Aucuoneer?, No. 2 Piue-au
j23 BllaWThSTThSolMkTu*
ijoston -?VucluJii ?alca.
BY T. P. dk O. H1CU, 211 Brood-street, oppoalte
Foater't wharf, Hottou.
Boot?, Shoks ano BaotsAN?.?3.H) .-ase? Boots, St;.-'?
and Brogana, Leather, kc Sole Leather, Upper in t'e
rough and fin'ahed. Calf, Lining, Binding, and Kid Skin?,
Shoe Thread and other ?hoe .lock.
WEDNESDAY, March 18.
( Semi-Annual Sale. ]
Bjots, Shoe?, Boucan? ano Hat?.?2000 casos B?x)t?,
Shoe?, Brogan? and Hats
?<ra ';'?'? LET?From 1st May, pa, t of a house pleaoant
?:::: Ij situ ?ted, within ?hundred yard? of the Park, con
""^"^-i-??i; o( pleasant front hateineul, the second ttory,
coo ' i ? two handsome parlor?, and a front flunked attic
r ... .? .?a ibu usual pilvlieget. Kent 3210. Apply at 504
P.-. ?L_lt_
MPAK.T OK A IIUUSB wanted from lai of May.
ui a g..o.l "."i ;hi,orii.?'?l and ?ol far ft ?nil Broadway
and Walker St? R-nimmt be moderate. Payment
w I, be punctual. Address Jeweler. Tribune oilice. im ??a
??p. K.OO.HM TO LET.?? suit ?if neoily furnlthed
H*i*j Room?In ihe house of a private family, u~or Broad
??-**- way, lu Wblie-?i. They will be reeled with or with?
out breakfast, kc together or siegln. Inquire ?I No..17
While-??-_? ll*
M TO LET?The 2 ?lore?. No. 4?3 Broadway, or
could be made Into ene apoden? ?tore, with o ??looa
on the ?ecoud ?tory of the ?tune dimension?, and o
! cellar? the li three story house?on i ?nal ?t., 50 feet eattef
I Broadway?the dwelling*?mi ?lure? No. 418 and 422 Broad
way?two long room? on ihe 2nd and 3d ?tory?, and a ?mall
?tore on Lliponard-?t, all In H.?i?m 413 Broadway?three
two ?lory house? up town, and one doubla bouse on Carol
?L, with I ?tore?. Apply ot 74 Llapenard-aL ' lBf lm*
M TO ?AKDE.NERS5.?Four House*,, each having
7 ocrea attached to them The Houae* contain each
4 rooms?with cistern, pump, kc. The ?aud it rich.?
Situated In the Ninth Ward of Brooklyn. Inquire at the
bnct house, corner of South Third oad Third ttreett. Wn
liannburgli._?_lOf 3t*
M HIM..**K AND LOT for Sol??17 Bond-??. 25 by
82 feat : attic and under cellar, baths, water-closat,
range, kc : Crot?n In attic and every other siory
Price moderate; u-rms eo?V Inquire a? above. 126 5?It
MI.OT.? ."?.HAK Lexington-avenue?At Pnvale Halo'
Seventeen lot? of ground, situated on tbo north tide
of niii,?,, and the N E. corner of Lextoglon-avenaa ;
also, on ibe west ?lie ?if Lexlngioa-avt-uue aod N. W. cor?
ner of 34lh-?L For particular? apply to
1' f lw No 7 Broad.it
lltVINCi-Pl.Al'Ii?At Priyat? rJ.le.-Tbe well
built three o or y brick houu- No. 80 Norib ?Id- Seven.
leenlh-aL, about 125 feet East of Irving-place, with
two lots of ground together, 50 feel front by hall the block.
For particular? apply ?<>
[Of lw_No.7 Broq|.?L
MCOll.lTliY KbolDE.MK-At Private Sale
at Peeksklll?The well built frame dwelling houae and
numerous outhouae?, very ornamental?situates! on
iMa.'i-it, PeekskllL The moin houae 40 bySO and ground
1 7i|-110 ocre. For particular? apnlv to
lof lw _No 7 Broad-*L
WANTED?A plainly rinlthod two ttory or tuioll
three ttory houte. West of Broadway and below Ca
Lna!-si at a fair renL Address C. M. T. Tribune of
lice_lOf lwia*
MTWENTY-KIVE Building Lou at Keypor.. N.
J. will be ?old at auction on Wednesday, Feb. 'lib,?'
2 o'clock P. M. They ore ?itualed aboUl*2U0 , *r .a
from the dock, and in the most deairable pari of tin? ihrivlBg
village. T-iin? will bo llberoL
f. VALUABLE BEOORLYM Proporry to be
h ?old at auction m close on eatoie, on Sowrdoy, K-b
?^Uth, at 12 o'clock, noon, at the Merchoou' Exchan/.c
New-Yora, by J. Hegemon, Auctioneer. The very volua
ble property, on the corner of Sonds and Fulton st?. witho ??
exception the very best buainea? ?tond In the city ; 109 fee1
on Kulton-?t., 37 feet 5 Inches more or lets, on Sand?-al ,
and 78 feet 6 inches more or lesa, on th? Southerly side ?
For farther particular? enquire of the Auctioneer, at No. 48
Fulton-tu Brooklyn._7f Stla*
Snu-.ted in th? village of Staplet.-n, Stolen Island, be?
tween the Stopleion Parry and Vonderblll't Landing.
The premia,:* are 63 feel 4 Inches In breadth m front on
B?y.?t.; 73 feel 4 inches in front on Brown?;;.it. 213 feet 4
inches in depth on the Northerly side, and 22)1 feet in depth
on the Southerly side, or thereabout?. There ore apon the
premises a large brick House in from, generally known as
the Pro?pect House, with other building? adjoining, now
renting for ?40il, and o good from? boute m the rear. For
1er.us and farther particular? apply to
|7e,,dl?tf WILLIAM EMERSON, No.
10 Walbtu
ber offer? for ?ale hi? Sommer residence, ?itj/ited on
Long .'?.and, on the Buibwirk and Newtown turnpike,
four mile? from Wllllanuburgb Ferry, by way of the Mas
peth-avenue. Stages no*? four tunes o day, good School?
and four Cburche? within hoif o mil?*. The Cottage 1? In good
rej ?ir,old fashioned, one ?lory, three room?, four bedrooms
ti-.d k.tcnen, a well of excellent water, and cittern with
pumps at the kltcbea door, ?table and out bouse? ?ultoble for
1 the place, ?Ix acre? of the very be?t of ?and, having been
' u?ed for naarly 30 year? for rolling early vegetable? ; St) or
. 60 thrifty locust und oiher at?de uouo ; 70 or 80 frolt tree?
1 in full bettring, apple, pear and cherry ; about three hundred
;. ..ung fruit tree? ?el oat within the last scbb years, Just
' beginning to bear, well selecie; by.experienced gardenera,
' from the b*?t nurtverie? in oar country, comprittng oil th?
: vor ?eue* thai Sourish In our latitude ; such as apple, poor,
l peach, cherry, plum, oppncot, neetrine, kc kc; two aspa.
I ragua lied?, ?irawberries ?o, with plenty of grape?, cur
rani*,goo?berT'.es, raspberries, ac kc ; a variety of thrub
! b-ry root?, peonies, pinks, kc kc; the place ?a surrounded
' by a high picket fence, put ap at al an expense of over $3oQ,
: two third? can remain on bond and mortgage.
7f TaThkSits tf J. SMITH DODGE, 47 Brood-?L
M COUNTRY SEAT TO LET.-One of the most
beoaUful ?tuiatioiui on this Island, coniainliig about
six acres of Und. On Ihe premise? t? o largo and
convenient dwelling, with out-houaea complete. The
I grtHinds ore in perfect order and every way filled for a gw.
; tee! residence. The property Is slmsled on the jth-ovanti?,
] upon high ground, having a commanding view of the Eo?l
; River for tome dU?ant*e, the Long Island shore, oad ov?r
, looking Weotcheeter County for a great d Utanca Will be
! let low to o good tenant, or will be ?old or exebooge-J for
improved city property. Por farther par??lar? spply to
d!8 3tawitti W. N. SEYMOUR. 3 Cbo_?--?quare
S Harlem-Oco oflho-te three ^Z^JTsn\unu\u
?=-w..th .tore, n'ls^st^^^i^^^
?SK PW? ^f^S-USSS S 'i^^ co-npi-ete. with
14M ond 124!h ?u. Sola l**"^ fajnliy. 3??-, ??,
every conveulrmce for ? ^?_0d^a?3s to o'goodtroaut
, the uoor every h?'f?>jAcOB3, 124th at. near id avenue. .
>T-rW t*0r-_oebi?P* 1000 yard? luxurious garden box.
i ^nsW^^^ZS:_VX^:
-i^?Zi~sZK>i>9>--A\. Private Sale-5? <? ?<re? w Coo
r and. in theTo wnthip of Barry iformerly P? e Giovo)
?huylklh County, Penntylvania, 8 miles W?*?i from
? p?i,?Vilie, i mile from Carbondale, one mile froiu the \\ est
Brsnch of the Scbuylklil Rlvor, and l***t-een the two Roil
! roo?*. Sold troct l? ?mong who: U colled the Brood Moon
! "," UB-* a5KSf??t^?ai. Auctioneer,
! loflsr No.7 8n>??iVafi.

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