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Jor *u*t* of Stock*, ire. tu fourth pcgt.
I Thvmday. P. IL
The Stock Market had a downv ard teadeney at
tke First Board to-day. but the declise wax not marked,
jjs; heaviness, however, continued, and at the Second
;S? sales were at a farther decline.
The business ia Exchanges for the Steamer has
got been large, and rates are rather heavy. The fsvor
jatSignatare? Sterling bring '.ijaiO. but good bi'ls can be
jjsdslSi. Praacf are 0 00 ao iri. The supply of bolt
it good.
The Money Market we think ia evidently tighter.
]je Bank? nod capitalists are exercising more cau;;. r,,
atd Ihe Deposit Bonks are obliged nacaaaral y ut pre
pare lor (iuvernment craiie. Paper of good character
(sssot bo docu in the street better than 12 to 15 per
The receipts of the first eight working days of
Kay. en the Norw.ch aad Worcester Railroad ha-.e
k*a.0;2 71
antne time last year. gj
Excess in 1846.?. 6162 :1
The most favorable results have attended the re?
daction of fare on the Luc* and .-chenectady l.'ailroad.
I as wi.l lu ftm i-y the annexed Staletntnt. The furr:
i jag? been?
13*5. 1845.
January.Sn ?77 id ? 12 66
feuruary. 10.610 :>7 II r60 -17
jUrcb. 194*61 yj 17 7.'7 'jj
t,nriJ.36.447 01 38 lit-l W
Total.878.697 :jj $ety345 93
The rateo! fare was reduced on the loth of April fir< m
|3 to 511. notwi.bsUndiog which the receipts have, in
?ressed Vi 000 in that month. This speaks well for the
principle of low farea.
Tbc Honesdale Hank has declared c dividend of
three pec cent, for the loa', six in-mibe.'payable on the
13th tost.
BXsUrlteta ? ? ..Cnrr/uffy rtpoi t-<l fvr Tt* TVtSwas.
Thi'ssd/ t. May litb.
ASHES?The market ia rather tirm, and tbesales are
300 bbls a' S'l 75Z t'i 7? for prime bbl?, and a few Pearls
at*4004$l 09. The receipts to day are about 1000 bbl*.
COTTON?The sales to day have been small, without
change in price.
Upland. Florida. Moi.NO
Inferior.noon. r,inr,\ fyTlr.i
Ordinary.6j??l 6}9 7 7 971
Middling.7 Hit 71*7} 71*7?
Mid. fair.7j?7| 7J&.7, fe tfrt
F?ir.H 'ttri e Yf -J -j a j
Good fair.ri?? none. ?J ft 10
Fine.none. none. Ii'? I til
Tbe Mobile Advertiser says: ''Our corrcipinaet.ee
from tbe country this week warrants us in reiteratn g
our remark* id last Wot k. which were, ttiat the accounts
from the Interior wuh regard to the planting,continue
to be unfavorable. In the low and canebreak lands the
eoldnr*. and moisture ol tbe Spring has rondo It oecea
tary, In many Ii,?innres, to replant, and in ? inn: ?? rtioi.s
there is ? gr.-at scarcity ot seed, 'i he soason la generally
conceded to be Iroin three to four weeks bebind band.?
Even on tbo sandy lauds the crop baa been retarded. If
not Injured, by the cold and rainy weather. And we may
new add that within the last ten days a sudden overflow
of the it g " e and Warrior rivers, caused by the late
heavy rum*, Is repined lo have done considerable dam
age hi the plantations contiguous to those streams."
FLOUR AMD MPAL?The murket Is heavy bti? there
exists a good demand for consumption snd the East ?
Tee sale* have been about3000 bbla Michigan at $4 621
981 fibi, and tiooo 6ene*ee at $4 ii.'j a t4 '69. There ia
aim some shipping demand, and 1500 t.bis Michigan end
Genes? e included in above, were taken tu M tr.'j for ex?
port. The receipts aru now to considerable extent. At
auction 300 bbla fancy Western, which had boon two
hours sunk lu the canal, sold ist ft 0694 1-|. The
quantity afloat la small. Ol New Orleans ?n notice
sales at 61 30. There ia a fair demand for Southern,
Without sales. \\ ?. noto sales 61/0 or 700 bbls Brandy
wine at (o. and Iloward-tt. and Alexsndriaat |4 SO.?
Klehmond City is put up to $n 85, without sale*. The
range lor Howard**! Richmond Country. Georgetown,
Ac. Is $4 .'.!;</$t 621. Tho supplies of Corn Meal are
?tilllight,and the demand i? g.t at |3 25963 3H ?
bale* 50" bbls at Si 25. Rye Po ur t3Q ?-3 if* snd ratber
ijuiet. .-iiipstu'i? 12913 cents, s fine feed 16920 cents
?> hush.
GRAIN?About 3000 bush III Wheat changed hands for
BUllias nt about )'f> cent*. No sales tor shipmcot hut
some inquiry, (lorn is rather heavy, We note sides
1200 bushels Northern a' 66 eer,t? ; 1200 bushel* Snath
em IVhio. *t 04 cent*, weight, del vi red \ and ITiO i I
8oatherii fellow at 63 eia. mi a*, r-ales of 5000 bushel*
Barley bsve been made, piart for Boston, al32 eta. (a
' Rye we notice sale* .VmHj bush at 66 cts. del. Out* aru
istssdy, who good sales ?t -1 ? ?? 11 ctsfoi Noun. in. 3G > t*
for Boutbera. Black Eyed I'oas are telling, in Iota, ut SI
WIII.-KV--The market i* rather firnu r, and we note
sales 250 bbls Western at 201920*. Drudge Is 20J cts,
with muderale sales. The largo *aleo! New Orleans ye?- j
lerday. w? believe was made at 20| ct*.
HAV?The quotations are80985 Cts for good lots, but I
b* arrival* are quite light.
GROCERIES?There ia not much activity, ) ut we
coie sale* ot ISO hint* Porto Kico Molasses nt 28 cU. aud
llObhds prune Porto Kico Sugar ai7r:7i eta.
B0P8?Farther sales 20 bales lor brewing nt le cl?.
OIL?Tbo sale of Wbale reported yesterday was, we
udcratand, made at 33 eta.
LEAD?Holders of Pig are generally ??hin? Si
tad we understand tales bavo been actually made at SI
111 1161 23,
FISH?Dry Coil are plenty and heavy We note sales
?aVatatCS C.'./S.' 75 P quintal. Sales No2 Mackerel
at|J US. A cargo ot Halifax is afloat unsold.
NAVAL t- I t'll MS ? Turpentine coulioues without
movement. We hear ol Mies 200 bbls Spirits at 40 cts
Including bbls. shoit Lime.
PROVISIONS?In Pork there continues to be consid?
erable saltwiion, mid the quotations are working up?
ward The operation*embrace loon lib,* Prime al 89 3
I* ltf, snd 41H3 to 300 bbla Mess al $11 1219811 25. At
tbt d?se All 23 was refused by ?< me holders Sale* It 0
bblaS,.fi Mess at SU ISj.and ISMdnOld sttlO 12J.?
Beel Is 8..? S.'i .',0 foi I'l line. no.I >7 . 0 23 ful Me**
Sale* ho bbl* Prime at 8"1 I r-'l- Bool Ham* are$S
logs, according to quality. TMorce Beel la g i
1? Pickled Meats W0 hi ar of nothing doing limn* are
4193 cents, and Shoulders -i cents. We quote Smoked
Haas 6; as jside* lia (">} , ^houl.ler? 4j .t.-i . Beel il?r
1 H- Sales Coaiae Laid al 5 Cent* aod IOIDS keg*good
al7 cents. Old Western Butter Is 7dt< cent*, au i New.
ufatttch some lots have lern received, 12J 915 cents
Grease Buttel 6)97 centa. The stock of Cheese is
SSUly fxbausled. Sales 7J <.*;i cents.
Brlathioii R|strket....M0M0AY. May 11.
At market 40? Beet Cattle. 1* i"ili? Working Oxen. 20
Cowsand Calves, 40? Sheep, 1075 Swine. 30 Keel Cat
tie unsold.
T?ters?Mr-/ OutUhr-The quality ol the cattle wa.
'er> iioc. eot)M qu.oiiy better price* \..t.> obtained We
I qunie exiia $0 30 , first quality 8'"'d 8^ 8} . second }>?' 30
?85 73, third *4 T?.fS.. 29
Working Orrn?^al^?s ?i |65, S7'd $^^ and 8'-'.s
Cav* aad CuJirs?Sales m 8^0. $26, $28 and S.o.
Sht.p?Alotoiji 30 and SU; and a lot at $3 7>.
j Jktcur? Piicne lota of Small Shoata nt 4} und .'>} cla ; a
lot to close al 41 ami 1m Cts . old Hogs, BaiTOWS 4j and 3
cis. At relan Irom 5 to (;i cts.
Dnlly Arrivals ot Produce., flock, Ac. by the
New-York ituti c.vie Kullroitd Compstnyr?
J. ?. Csarissw, Ax<>'t. Atav 14,
Barge H Soyilant?47 lubs butter CS calves 14 sheep 13
lalhtM Capt Oi isw?ld. bats iron l> M Wilson st Co; II
tent *ir*u Piersou st Co, t>4 basket* Stephen* v Sinlib, S4
tatst huiier 111 caJ.vr* Capt A S Trimble; 43 lub? bu ler la
ca."** 3 tsuaba 0?pt Pierson;2boxes dry goiai* Ch* White:
a.b. butiei D A B.ake, 43 tub* butter 4 calves CaplN W
Trade of the tludeon.
IWwc-a Cvtintrji AftrcAaaa'isS Arriving at iVtlo-York.
Mas 14? Ssrge No g rom Hudsoa, Uubbe 1. C1?H X Co
?--'aJ-^a1a?^ullrr 500- t-slr* hay l?o n; taste* Uo St Uoslrmw 4u
??rfff*do potatoes 92 do rye t! >ur f^i ca ve* to sell
bo? J fcth-gweii. J Eiriugweli?'.7gM>l* flour, W Berrv:
Kakahmi., Dl: U Moies.
BjsiTW LaavMeaux?137 bbl* whisky. Dowsit Cary;
M4o j VV Thotae; 15U bog*. Capi Lanit rraux.
Boat W L Kent., W C?a, niaa-l'd :.u-he.?oals, ;il bbl*
Star, orOri.
Nwisern Tran* Line. CR Janes-Boat Chailer Oak?
sMhkah rje, li?-.,-t Mi..er t. Co.
f J Vangevsaler 4i Sviu's LineoI L?ke Boats?lion Barge
N?*l.r?-?li ilos floor; Sujrdam. S.ike .v Co; KS bbl* asti
*> Fivelaao, Stuart i. Co; IS do Halslead, Hainas k Co; IS
<j Word k bhr.doi. 7 go llerriuiau. N**ti a. Co, 3 Jo Con
HkNolH,; v do J tsuuili J. Ci. > do W tttajdoc; olrol.*
????.J Ken a. Co.
?0? L'u.-a, tt. Howlatid? Prem liha.-a-tl bnles go,,l?.
*-vss.T ton.} a; C , lo : da paper. B x Ba^coct, il i be
J J Jtuisv,u's so,; jV| do SsCKetl i; Beicaer; d2 do fquor
H^ita,u?0 a, Li, , 31 bbl*egg*, QCMcClaor; .'ibaes
. ^WxRtta,.!- ; .' ???* .est'e W 11 H?rspe ;4t-b.sdil?U
j Rsppocs x *ct; l?6l bus liax ?ted. E W DuLUarn
i r^ford LKe. J Maiher-Barge Ohl.?? U bbls sshes
I tr***??. bleue A. Co; U do Mc Bride Is Und; STUOJ
I iJ7??;3?oJ S White h. Co; US do provision. WotX is
r^ate. Soco MctJn :e i L.-IO; I? do tVj ^b ? .tsed Uvvitfct,
j ^J*-,* Ooj 6l do E Y H Uibsou; 164 do IS bbls 14 keg*
rV?.t*!s la.low Pbllup* i At'ort; M> bbls a .ur Jo"l
^orotbe,,. isy do Jerome It Spauldlng; h\- do Casu?
ms a Mr* si Saaford; i>60 do Saxler * Lade; -V. do Sav
I ?a-^?-1. Co; lie do E ?. J Uerrick; 1050 do E Y H
' e'o" * ""^ b.tn* Jewell, Ha:n*ou ti Co; U tab* nutter
?"?eAi?s?v Coj 13 do CaitwiigM, Hantson i. Co; I
(Jfgnji ?doT 6 White A. Co- 10 go Knapp x Ba*er.
^iuv. i * * Oulie.u; 2 do S L ii tfeacb; .7 bx* cheese H
*-S?tC i?V **'L CowinS *: Eddy; E bb.s ( otatoes 31
! C*jTwar* Uw- A V-n Sactvoord i, Co-Barge Allanlic,
*7f*g>w!*s> 1M bin. flour II t b:,.? pork, W S Altoo. Co
I ai?.^^'0 K H-c-i ggOdo Ciart s Cotewan; to? jo 2 bbl*
V^C"">llb., oe* . x t... bis ...in. ? Y H ?. -
? Lti^T" v**r' TlNeviusx S.u. t hol? asbes, Con. .er i.
KB*"* K*lpb. Nugent Js C o; SB t a.es goosis. Hoy I ii
Canal Line?Barge Lafayette?1 tub* butter
I ^^ts^TT**" liow'uai' & Stan ton; I ue l hbJ shoulder*, C.
tsaJJ^* , Ci; 24 tub* ...lit:, ^ F Ooodrldgek c<\ 25 . .
M.-w ,J. ,r'--3 J< S.-tt*. ksa.si.t .,. ..?.,;.? Duller S ob. *
i^,t*-?*gg*, J 1> VVntta x Ci. if ibs asftrs : bbla
^*ei?CVkvoa * tvl 1 tut' btttter, M Jones; go fa es I
?lVVf,*,?'isber. liovte X. Hainuioi ; .t> t.xs g out, C Cu?
ll C."1 brooms. Laden.'. H agiaac. 12 f0?s ta^e;, N
? tnjjl f *a can..-, H Fem i-tbaie* goods. 1.twrei.ee k
atsj^' ?fi? EuluilS. Bwy.-tssn; t? ru. * it alter. Barges.
l?a.l^W?-? astk.?. Dow. x Ou-leau; IS bx* ctK-e?e Saat'l
t aaTJ^* aeh.s. ,>Lt t?i-??i.;^ f..u.ie.- IbWaahes,
Cs*JrilaES*'3 bb.spoUi.Hj*. B V Shaw; 477 i.:..s;.o-i,
bstSk!^ stsrle x Saofotd; .;i do P 1 Kevin* * act; o ,o do
Ii RE****
k?.".1"/.11? C'-B*rge Jco Paide-03 bbl. be?;B bbU
W j ht>-* bO?*. i< A tustaptueve; 8 bb.s e.nes,
4 Css?TSTtreT01 S du FOWer** Lawrence: 7 do B Hoyt
>M bi., b,, vCCoua ? ^c'm*x; s K"ot, Kmnon a. Co;
j^^piuvuiion,, h alocuui a Co, .70 do Holts a Hot
* .0 Mttd k Co, ?90 bbJ flour; ? ?, U OibsosTiT:
do P I N>viu* fc. Soc?. 210 d-> ? it H Gibson: JO dcz scythe
an.tha. Cowan. H'-ckics it Ca
OU Troy Liae-Bar*-* E Le-arr-wi? Pone Catlin?754bbl?
fliu-, H C Bri.ii. Co; IS ooiaaab-a. Kent. Kecnard A Co;
. ut?., Beeb~ 4; Bro-n-rs; M bbls pork, C Sejuln :
35 ribls pota Oes. A. W Otis i; Co ; I cask rh?ese, 31 box>-B
to H Burr. I v Co; 03 bbls fl u'. J S Bu-.kley tCo. j
hbd? b-er. 25 hb.? do. Sash. B-a-i.ettoc 4. CO; ?-"^4 bbls doer,
?..yl*m, SenatCo; J'. ???.'. ?bei, SttalosACo; I bbls
kT??i seed, B lydsrr. Reed i Co
B ?*?. Nootka? Catrtsar.iT'j L B Lfoet IJHM bush o*t*, ?00
do potatoes, 3fc b!> a poiasa, 10 bbj e .?.??. SOS kbOOk* klaves,
per ord?.r.
Bo*! C Sheldei. E Wteeler?4"'1T leet :i;nil-r,7 bbls
kill's. ', f zt hulver. or ler.
B-.-kt Mary Jan?. Her r^i?rso, bnah oeu. 40 bays pe??,
25 btl* beef, SO b',?S feed. 133 boll dour, order.
Or, Monday, llth lost by Rev. Dr. Hardenbar^. Mr.
. tcrof Joiiu Engard. Esrj. formerly of Ber-en i'oim. N.J.
: :zd :
V??t?-rds.v rn'irr.ir;. ? : ? ? r .?'??idr-cre. M'.-Ooozajl-it
Mrs JANETT CLARK, relict of tbo late J-.mr* Clark,
of Nc*'.ur?n.
Herremainswill te taken to Cidetbaro this rn&rn
lr.c lor iuierm?'nt
lotbU city, oo tbe IfbJtioet Mr. EBEN '-"/.LH BIEl -?
EVE. accor d too of.Victory Birdseye. Esq td Pompey.
N. V. t;?-o i^-. year* and lour mvstbt. Bis remaias have
oeeo removed for interment to tbe reiidecae of b.?
: family.
On the rjth last, in this city. Rev. WILLIAM li.
WALTER in ihu 37th year of ni? r?;e.
Hit remain* will be taken to Albany for interment.
Albany. Troy and Sch.-nectady peper* p!?a?e cpy
At Pu~rt<> Principe, UOth April. Mr. JOHN F. TKACY.
of New York.
Or. tbe 1st May lnr? at the town 'if Hadley. Saratov
Cour.iy. ASA HARVEY WHITNEY, E*q. formerly of
ibis city, h^';d 34 jears.
passenc;ees arrived,
I* tkip Afeetertieio. from Liverpool ?Ree Peter Jones
and lady, Ma?ter? Frederick, George, Pevr end MUt
F-elr] Ji.r.es. Mrs Kmrsforth and dauebter. Mr Ji,bn
Beard, of Caned*; Mr Richard Jones, Mr fiurrillMcGuire,
[reJand; Her ry fryrn-r. Wm Pott* Ree J bo Trippett,
t'. id, J.bn .-Hi.dereon. Wm T*"lil, Philadelphia;
MrGwyna, Mrs White, Baltimore; Hiss RintouL Scot,
land; Rev JnO Hurley. President r.f St John's College.
JooCarrolL New. York; Seven Sisle.-a o! Mercy and two
servants, frriro Dublin.
I'i the pa/.hu ih>p I'lrginlan. frrm l.irrrpn?l?Bev Wm
L .u;hrau. Mr Corbitt,Miss Corbitt, M:?s ? Corbitt,Mts?
A Lombard, and . in the steerage.
PORT N E^W.]i'(JiiK.
s?i5iaTt:p.r almanac.this n?r.
tmf. si n. , nut aoorr. . Ktru mi*
Rises,A4 40 j Sets ..7 3 | Rises... It 85 | Morn.. 11 30
lat> -i OaTJ.-..
London.April 18 I Havre.April 17
Liverpool.April llJ I New-Or'eans.May <j
Packet ship Montzezomt, Lowber, from Liverpool,
April lf.ih. mdae.to i; II NarsbalL
HaeVetsfnp Virginian. Parsons, from Liverpool. April
11 ah. mdae to Kotiert Ke'mit. April SStb,in lat 4'lJ.lon
43j. spoke Swedish sehr 8nap-OtT, ol Btockbolm, from
I Bio de Jaueiro. for New-York, taw several icebergs on
the Biuks lo lat 46.
Ship Plan:, ol Watson, Hearse. 43 d? from Liverpool.
mils*., to Crosby, Crocker and Bassen.
Ship Vermont, of Boston, Perry, 4.' days fm Havre, in
ballast, to Koyd A Ulockec
i Br*bip Let! tin Heyn, Perrie,33 days from Liverpool.
. bound to Quebec i'ut iu to land 305 steerage psssco
Kr bark Comet. L.-ib'ori ill .1* fm Newcastle. (Enc;
coal and mdae, to Barclay At Livingston.
Br bark Cosmo, Outert>ridge,from~Bristol England,
Aj'ril Pili, rndan. to Jean Jacques;
Kara Home, of Baltimore, Winp. It, r? days fm HaTana.
su"ar. to master.
Itr br ig Messenger, Mabin, 05 ds fmTor'iuay. England,
to (? A J Laurie.
Hrli? Norih America,-, 33 ds lin Attaknpas, La, su?
gar, to It 1. Mail land A Co.
'Brig Florence, Hopkins, 6 ds fm I>r,ri< n, Ou, lumber,
to Campbell A Moody.
Sehr Honker Hill,Stlnson,SI days from AUbkapas. La.
live oak, to o Hoyt
ScbrL I' Smith, Brewster, :i days from WUmington,
N C, naval storca, to N L Mo< ready.
Ship St (Sceree, for Liverpool, bavlog been detained
bv Kasterrjrwlnd* will sail to-day. weathei permlrilne.
?CTtxral iXoittcs.
POST'OKFICE. New-York, May it. 1841 .
tV 8tenn;er Ctunbrie) from Baaton. The Mall
for in- ali'.v Steamer win iDCi ised hi this Oliice on Kill
DAV the 1 eh IBSlSDt it I P. M P ?la^e or all L-Itrrs
must i... p: -pa..I to Kost, ?. Letter* of naif sn ones -r oi an
ilei, S. em,; tu,,J csrli aduitionai ha f ounce 5eeot*
my) i II H'lHK'tT II MOItitlS. P. M.
f't7~ >'otlre.--Th* Arim,?, Meetie? ?f the Society entl. 1
fed 1 Tbsi New-York Jnstilulioa for the Inslniction of tbe
Deaf hud Dumb,' w ill do held al tho IrisliluUitp on the lHib ,
current, foi the election of Officers arni the transaction >.i"
such oiher business as may properly eotno before il The
Polls will be open iron ? to o*csOca, P M.
U. S. BOBBINS, Rerreiarv.
New-York, May. 11. lH'l ^ _ myUTt- ;
HC* Itev. II. Dstviaj ' Correspo^dtog Member of the
New Vork Historical Society," will give a I.-cture oo Fri?
day evening, lata Lost, in tlie Chapel >>f the I'mversiiy at h
o'cl<M ?. on the Ruin* of Central Ame'ica and on the origtfl |
of Iis lirat tnhabiiania AdmittaaceAO cts. my 1421*
XST Itcmovnl -Dalley's Magical Pain Exlr?ctor De?
pot has been lemoted ta Broadway, one door IkjIow
Kuiiou st where he would invite the particular attention of
kUpersona troubled with piles, sore eye?, lo-oken breasts,
old soles and wounds. Inflsmmetioa of all kinds, burns,
acalds, AcAc Remembei tbi* I* tbe only Depot In New.
rork where tbe oriainal and oolv geeukse Pan Bxtractui
.mi with certainty beobtatned None will be genuloe with?
out ihe written aignatnre of II. Dalley on tn-wrapper of
each liox-_tnvl^ tills"
IV 'inice ot i In- Crsitou > llniunll fnenrattcc Co .
No 85, Wall-at, New-Vork, Jklaj 12, IS46 ? Tin. tjoanpsny
in .ill iheli Mkrioe Pollcles,C trgo, Freigut and Vessel, have
since October, 1141, ?Ith v.-rv, few , u .-pilot's. Irj-erled ihe
fuflowiog clause 1 Warranted by uie-asaured free front
! loss or damage in roussqueace of Wag ot hostl?ttes he.
tweenany Nations or People." tncooseoueneeof tins :>r. -
caMion they have h verj small on. uot, if anv, liable lo loss
b'j . *. ? rr til blockade. l>\ oldrl ili IO? K '*r?'.
my13 60* N. l AllltOl.L. Ser'ry.
Mnieiiieni relative to Steamer Cnmtsrlit.
Boston, May o. loto.
rf~ By rlrtoe of u Wnrrnm from Wnj Elliott,
tier Britannic Msje.ty's Actloz Vlcs>Coa*ul, We. ihe under
' si.-ned, repaired >'ii ihe Britiah Sieamrr Cambria, Capialu
! ludkloa, lately arrived at tins port from Liverpool, to ascer
1 tain and survey what damage she ruav have reeeiv-si by
i having been on shore on Cape leal, report thai aft^r
{ n atrtcl knd careful exantlnation of all parts of the vessel,
i as tar as con.d be .? tat, both ou'la>ard and inboard, iu
j eluding b-i machinery, Ac. could And no sicns of her bav.
log strained, gauged or otherwise Injured herself. And also
I uod that s.'i- has Blade n-' extra ?? ater iu cuse^.i^nce of the
: eccideot, hut remeiUStlglM as before. Wii-refore ihs un
deralgned anrveyota are ol unanirnoaa opinion that :i is not
1 necessary to BUI lier tut ' dock for farilier raainii.aiion, ard
, Ibe] believe bor to be light, staunch aud Strong, at.d capable
of proceeding on rv IU ended rovage without deleutiou.
J 0. D1X0N. Port Wbj lea
i has PKAiisON. Akt Assd Ins. Co. of Boston,
u M DARTON.Sh pwr (hi
ALDEN G1FFORD.Ship Master.
I SrstMEKCAMaatAroa f<turag a>p LivEsroei. ? The
I Steaivst.lp Camt ria. having by the aiajve survey heeu found
j to he tn ,:o?d and per'ect order, will sail from Bost u f.ir
?lir ilKivrpvii.il her regular day, Saturday. 16;h May.?
', For fi-euhi or passage apply lo
D SKIOHam, Jr. Agent, at Bernden 1 Co'a
! my 11 ?.ia ? :_ 6 Wall-at
I fir- (?prCtSSJ 1.0011?.-*! T JENNINGS a CO.
. Drapers ?...: Tailors, litiiajrlersof Clotbs, Cssslmere*. Vesl
tttes. Kancy Dresa ArUcie*. i.e. 231 Broail way. opposite the
! Kouutaln, are prepared for toe Spring Trade wjta the most
, extetvstve assortment of ^ooos they have ever ordered for
; Icspecilou, comprising; French and Eng.tab CloUu. Cassl
, lucres iu various new style*, Vestlnsis in grtosi varetv.
l which will be made up to order. ir.roUj;k Ihe aid of a* elT.
I deal a corps of cuttera as can be found in the country, at
prices that have stvea a character to the establishment for
m.ol-rate charge*.
la re eren.-e io Par tslooas. la Wbleh so few cullers excel,
j we would t.nse'-vr taal IN- atienuoriOlrecievl lt:.s Oeportlaeat
; piusi condnae to oil..- is Incemenii to those who appreciate
I Bteon-tilMi.K ease and elefiotiCe.
In add.lioii lo the ,:?.;a. as*.--rintent of kept by the
.:? -.?? have v?ko 04 sand Dresa and Frock C>>at*.
i Vests. Bualnea*Coats aiFane] D e?s Article*, ? ,
j Scar s. Cravats, Bsadkerchiels, vl.ove*. Suspenders. Linen
sad Mt-aiia Snirt*. Cullai*. Rosonn .v.- a-14 ist;
tV Thom-ou'a ( oiopouH.I r-yrup Tar nnd
Wood Napihu w... cure Coosumpi Yei ?? uner
[cure. PuiLAorLPHU. April 9. IS-Hi.
Lost Augusta year 1 rauifci avio.eni cold,incssnscquesjce
; of getting wet "in a shower of rsia. A cirtutaitauce *o?
I common cave me no ini'i-ediate concern snppoata^ 1 should
! soon cei nd oi tt. ou ta- contrary, however. 1 daily grew
i worse, a violeotcoufib set ia, then pain in my breast ard
b^tweec my sli M.der*. I now suffered great oppr-sston
; f-oii: the )tr, at *ecr.<ion of ourule't matter in my lures. 1
. revalue itreaily aiarired, ard my frieads coastdered my sit
1 ua.ion e.\;n*me.y critical,the more so a* loss of ?pptilte.
:c fevi r aad ai^r.t a weals readrrrd m- Bs ?r?i as a
I chud. At ui?;bi the sweat ttterair] poured oS me. Thlswas
: my condition whee Iconrnvezsced ualo?: "Tbomssm's Com
i ps.unu Syrup Tat aad nod Naptaa " I procured oae
bottle,a&d experienced so much beretr. th?t 1 resolvea to
- a 1 took in ?.I ntae botCe*. and am now- pertect
? lv re.tored. It t* now six m.'r.iha sire- i ceaard Usi-,; tbe
tiied'c ne. and the cure remaias pn VeS. I Brrxly beaMve
i H is med c ne is far superior lo every other remedy CM
Coosampuoa 01 tbeXttaca.
J. J CHAMBERLAIN, No. S Carberry-al.
Ammied and subscribed ih s St.". c ?y. f Ami. It4c. ..eioie
aje. Jki>- Swirr. Mayor ol Pi-.la.
Taj lavx.uab'e teiredvis prepared oalf by S P. TtivM
S ?N, N E. corner of Fnth and Spruce als. PWbxaerphia
So d. wholesale aad retail, y K E N AY JOHN SOS. Drug
^i?t. Broadway, comer C-.aia^ers-s- ta tie ?raaite
Buildinc Sold also at IOC Fuiloe-*t and 77 East Broad
' way. Price S.'cei:'s per hotlje or S-s a .lozeq. rayUtsUseod
CSr- I?r. Saruytie's t oiopoutui r?yrup of Wild
Cherry, the t.rrat KcuteUy tor t'oBsumpnon.
T:..s ?'Ce.et.ra'.ed Keme^iy" as* uow, by it* lalrtnsic vn>
Uee, snired s celebrity wbi^tcaa oev?r be shaken by ihe
rjBani (juacx "Sosii-uii" w ;t,1 wit ch ia^ coaairy abvitia.s
T.'Us'i* the only temesiv t-'tui csa be rel.ed upon for the
speedy cure of all Diseases of the Lua,;a Whereve- per
are atilictevi wllh C.'U<hs, Coids.-SoittlBXOf B.ovvJ
Asiauia. Br rchiUi. iaf.saiiaafot "i i;.r .. .a.-*. D.:hca.tv -1
Srealhin,;. Soreness aad Pain m tbe Cr.e*t, croup and Oe
raar-euir:';i of the Ll'.or. ?rokea CoasHtuaoa. i.e. tbi* med?
ic'ae wBl b-s fouud ai .iivaluaale remedy.
Or iwaysVa Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry was ibe
Ztl prrpaiution front thai .a.-?o.e tr?*e that was ever :aa-.
ducesi to the public, au 1 ample proof is afforded of its suc?
cess by use com try be as B ooed with -Balsams, "Can
utee" a: d "Mixture*" of W.ic Cherry. BJtone o| which is
prepa'axi by a regular physician. Therefore the p.o...
alkould tv oi: tarir nuard, aJdaotbave? worthle*? mixture
pa med upe? them tor the .rtjinal and i;eauiae prefjarsioa,
w tlch ia oolv prepared py f>-. Swayce, kl the N. W. comer
of Eighth and .'.. ? ... PBi:?.eiphi*.
Auii.aTs?Charles H. King, corner Broadway and Joha
? ? .; v Sands, iSD Bowery ; Warner, 205 B;eecker-?u
i Hart,Saj Grand-*l; Lewis, &T7 Oreenwlcb-M.. Dodo. TTJ i
I Broedwsj; Wm. flalley, Brooklyn- a-.- .lac.dj- 1
?cntral Jfotires.
VT New-York Weekly Tribune -Co->: u tot
? 5?tuni?r, May 1'".?P;etry?May. by W. H. C. Ho*m*r .
Mir;'? D.rge, Love's EcCea-r jr, The Secueer; Ecdyn::
1 on; The Poor Man of Erciar.1; ?r?? co IB; Tie Out?
cast : 'RnmoerBXsC Sorg. EorTOBLsU or. Folk's War M-s
tage What ciai stu War? 'Oar Country. Runt or
Wrong : The L-rialatare: The P^ pie ??. "Tte Paty
Tee Currency. wj;b a var.ety of u::.-r maDer ar.lc.e* ?
V? * ? from lbs S?a: of Wer, a;; M i ; .Aff*-r*?rn? r ar?
ticular* f-Ow tu: Correspondent and ciier ?ru.-rr?; T:?
President? W ?- M???a?f; Dtrest of cur other For- and
DoeMetk N-*? Mftcu i.airortia "ffprlrw of tie An-ove:
sa-.esi Naiiral JM-d;eal Convection: Death of ?-r. C T
To.-rey : War for Oregon: In i'm* of Peace pr-par? '. ,t
War; Tie s.::'?:ri; Mt-i.s-h Cuir?r.;;o;; Report of ::.-?
. Amen-an Ar'"u.lcr*l Society; As Am "a-1 in it to the
Coftttttotioc ; P.-viewof Eibelstsg:, a Dramatic Po?ra. w; 5
Exirar.u, Anovher good Lelier from ' Tie O.d Man of the
Mount*!-.:' Tn? S-.cr<-e o.' Worms on Tr*-?. A Lay Ser?
mon: Ea.?neipat!cn in ihe P'::eh West I -.... v; :
TfceLi'er^eQtestloa. Nj?. xiv. scd xv : Mr. Skinner .
C*ri: ?od a ?ao:ce collection of ictertsaaa' matier?CoM
o.ieo:al I.%TEl.l.jCfc.'?ct? Produce, Slocks, Money. Cattle
M s-rset.
Single cop;i ?. put np la wrappers for th- Mails, can be
; ohtalnei at lb-de??pr;t>. Si ceals.
W TERMS?8i per ;-:*r. AJ anbscripuoas payable
Inflexibly :a advance. Address
GREELEY i. McELRATH, Tr.oune Bta-rings.
Cj.'. Spruce and Nw4~ pi*,,ie .l.- C;ty Haii.
ft?" Sprint? ( omp!rtini?.-T .-. uaequaled ilt'.?*
Ttvi rcaimwc mA he.?70rat:vt pow-rt of EEEE
MAN'S FULMOXIC STRC? render ii ineomparsvy
best medicine thaic *n he us- ; a: rJaie season of the jeer_
I: promote* active, healthful leci'edoa*; fr?e? the porea of
lh-?k'.n of all clo^s. and carries off, by mean* of increased
' perspiration, all the b-*vy morl I t/mors which so oppre**
ycu aa warn! weather ttt rnee oc. A tew bottles wtd make
;?-?': ee! htea new being.
Use. no Pill? bat Bej.?maV. Vegetable E.*?Eta! Pill*.?
They excel all other* in pvrity, mildness, s?r?TV aad
CLRTAiriTY. They prodc-e f i I, easy. a?;ur*l evacuaitot?,
and correct and cle.n?e all inievtinai drrangemest.
XsF bit kmam's Svat r and Pii.lj are pu; up in wrip.
pers, cupjrighiid. Be caatioua Buy none bat Bleu
Proprienr't office No. 4yj Coitlacd-at. on- dsor below
Greenwich-it, N T. Tbey are rrgularly kept by many of
- ? ??,: re*yeclab;e Ar-oifcecarle* s'd DraggisU .n N-w.
Vor*. Brooklyn, iic. To be sad alto of authorized a^eni*
in o:ur-rent pari* tt the country. Br.tgviAN's Treatise
and Gfinn to bt*:.th may b* had at the iim* places, free
of charge._^^^^ my!5
IV V.U. Polmer?!? < ottniry >rw?nnprr AdTerrJ'
?' Agency, Tribune BotlJlnga N-w Vors. embrace*
?Tio?t o( trie beet newspaper* .y ail tn? eitle* arid flnetra
t-)* n?in the United state, Bnd Canada, for which he is
duly auihonzed to r-c-iv- advertiseroent* aid tunacrp
t:or.?. aid 'ui.y empow-rei to give reCel: ts.
Mereha^:*. mitiufa.'t'irer*. artist*, and Individual* free,
era ly, beeidet public .n^uufout, Incorporated companies,
and a-?etet!?? wh - w*h to sdverttsa In, or *?b?crije tor. .
newspapers of an? tecdan of the country, ere ret p?<:
'.n?lt-<l 10 exsri ir.? the hie*.
Toieraivaali Uoutdi and m'tappreher-stont. tbeegeat
rwre: v n'.fiyir? fAejttiSfie ;b?; no person Is authorized by h ra
to aniicit adverusements. card* or tu'wcrtpuoc* for ifie
newspapers for which be Is the only autho >'.z?d agenL Tne
ttrooyane* lo mere hams, and others, growing ? Bl of numer?
ous pietrnded ageuri-s in ih;s city, renders uie adoption
of :>'.? ro use i ?ie-iia ly prop-r to rujirrfufiuui impontiasi
Those, therefore, wiiu w;,n touanaart iiusir?*, *;.!. to.
agency, a1 d avoid mistake,, ar- <e:peci' 1 % Invited to band
In ibeir orders tt the office, or address V B. PALM Erl.
American Newspaper Agent, Tribune Building*.
ft*" The cost of advertising In country paper*?? I
dUM end principal lowna In the V. S.?siaiisiictl lai ieof
ibe r-nltiraciie cOeJtrsde 01 Pel n ? Hi-Rgnru lural proc.ucia. :
population; representation. debl*,4ic , ?lf the several Slates,
together wnn ? brief treatise on advertising, e:::-irace,| ;n ?
*n ail pamph et.r.nntled ibe " Bsed to UVolra." may l.e had
gram on appi.catiuc at the agency, Tribune Bulldiuga.
e3 Is If_
TV Dr. Wood's ?anr?npriri!ln and Wild Cherry
R:ttbks ?Th.s ie.,-r,rsied Compound, so ?aluiary in Its ei
fects.ln all css-s wbea adnioia'ered for Dyspepsia, Pile*.
I Indigestion, Hereditary Humor*, tod Impurities of the
' B.ood.tlist many of the moil dtaunguish-d citizens have
? aporoved and recommended It, and opeo.y acknowledged
lithe moat valuable medicine ever dis-i v-red. Ii is in y a
va si e medicine, andi* effecting*en itnntease amount of
go-id In ih-- re.it f of ?u:l-ri: g humanity.
Dr. W. H. MiL.aoii, N. y., lesuii-* ihal many person*
1 hive been lienefiitr'd by the use of tfte Bitters, and in evcy
ca*etbey have given the ino.i perfect satlsfacdoo. Sold
?.? .... rt,e and retail by W VATT a. RETCH UM. 121 Ku.
; t.-n-st. Sold also at lild Broadway; 121 B-.wery : all i
ker-sL ,?
IY** Certain ( uro lor the Toothache.?Tha.
aggravating ol a:l pains, the Toothscae, ran o speedily ar.d
permaneotly rtmovcu by applying Ihe lllove Anodyne
Toolhache Drope, without the .ei>?t injury to the leetb or ',
dills. Then-Drop, have la?-u highly praltrd by ihe gre*i
numbers who have used lbrm and be.-n saved thereby hours
of pain.
Pi ipared and sold by HENRY JOHNSON, wholeaeleand
le-*, Drugfisl and C?*iiii?t, successor to A. B. Sands a I ,
V73 Brtsadwar, cor. Chsnil*fs-,L Sold a'?i>, at luv.Kulton- I
*i. and 77 Ens' Broadway, and by Druggist* peter* ly
throughout Itie L'nlt-d State.. Priced niyll lui-odls
ft?' Bear'e Oil - Highly ?cenie I snd p\. ?? 'or the Hair.
?Ol a 1 preparaiions for the D* r or v. tuskers, BOtbing rquals
Ih- oil prepared from Bear's i'r.nse. 1-, muSI r.s'ances it i
re* or.-. Iii? ha r io the bald, ai-1 will effectually preserve it I
from falling off at any stem tt was lone noted :.y such |
eminent physician* and chemist* a* Sil Humphrey Davy
and Sir H.?. llalford, Urat pore bear'* grease, properly !
prepared, was ill- l>e?l ihmg ever discovered tor the pre 1
..-Nation of tls? hair, or restoring :i wbea bald. Tie sab
scnliei ras shu-.i aoexpeose la getting Ihe genuine lies: ?
:t^a*- Irrin i a'ia.ia ar:-: ---v, a: .1 i --"'are? tt In such '
a manner ttial ihe oil, r urtihined wiih Its high per'ume, rer
den it indlspeni'hle for the lo?et aed dres,tng-rooni Ol a l
frr'paredaud sold by II EN RY JOIISSi IN. Druggist aid
Cbe-rrll*t,successor 10 A. B San.l* &, Co. Broadway. Cor.
Cl nut err-st. So d a so at 100 Pulunvst and "7 Easi Bioul
? ?y Price 50 ceul* for iarge luid i5 cents foi small boaies.
tnyl l Imeodls
QT Dr. Itounina'a Itedy Brace affords imme?
diate relie' to v,a:*l. incipient, pulmonary, diges ive, fe- |
Dale.nervous and spinal weakoeisses: also, to svnak, fast
growing cb,.dien, and to sedentary and professional people i
art.I artisans, whose calUag dMpo*< a ihetn uidroiip.
(J~tirv tU Bri'ad way Ls 1> lu ailenJance li out IS A M
o. IS M an.l fro-' S |nS P M ml, S.ro,M...1
fr?~AiuIiIoii'h ilat Batabllaluneat remove! from
corner of Wall and Nassau SIS to No. 177 Broadway, direct?
ly opposite Howard Hotel ?T:.e attention of geuueinen Is
invited lo ihe el-gant extra light black Beaver* for Spring
i and Summer r.ow being furnished by him. The peculiarity
i of itie.e fabric* hat long cnaracier-.g-d hi* etiat.luhmeru for
', comfortable a? weil a* beautiful Hat?. Hi* present Spring
! fashion 1? a perfect model for nea'.r.eis. sad 1* be.ieved lo ,
. eiceiall oilier* Introduced Ibis season.
; A sp'endld assoi iiiient ol i>en'..eu:-n'>. Y'ouih'* aaJ Ch?
dreu'l Caps and Hat*, comprising many new and de?trabie
I pattern*, of the liest it.aier.al?, and atmoderale price*.
aw ici* STuxr' AM1DON, 177 Broadway. I
I_"gr- KnOX'rt SiU.illler slj le of Hats a-e Low re .. ' ?
LnspoclioB and sale at No. IIS Kulion at. (Sun Builaings)
! couslsung of Oregon Beaver. White and Blue Biurf: Hals
I a large assortment of Oentiemeo1* Paua.i a and L-gborn
1 Hits: a so, a new style Of Bo>s' S-mtner Haot liei.i.e
1 men can nave tin lr Hat? made to order. my it lmts"
I ry S5 Hatafor S3 50.?Hati : ty superior
lo any ever t>ef..re , ffercU to ihe public, cqua. la style and
1 bnisb to arv sold at tivti dollars. B
Pine Nutria.. 50
f ue Kieucb Mole*tin.'. ? $j cv
I Those who wish io purchase a splendid Hat for alow
I puce are requested 10 ca.. at MILLs'S. 1"= Broadway.
Boward Hotel_my IS 2wis
Cl?** Faahlotinble anil Cheap Uats.-CESIN.Ill
Broadway. oppo?;te St. Pau.'* Caurch, naving.aeteruiineo
' lo build up the reputation o! hta cheap fur and moleskin
' hals, as he has done already of his finer ou^.lUe*. unti.
they become standard articles, invites especial attention
to bis
Nutria for Hat lor.*3 50
Moleskin " .3 00
Ills aim tt to produce an article comb.aing cheapness.
?*ith ?.1 the ^vantages ot the newest French nyiee ?nd
bis own best judgmeu-. and thus preseatin| the public
svtth an article wiicb. except la thw enaiMnira? ol i-e caa
tenal. cannot be al?tingui?htsi frota toe most fashionable j
a:.d r.lgb priced hau. "ilenae.nen are reqaettcd to take
particular notice of these aaceruoa* and to examine for
iternse.ve* th. ir validity.
r-?r .Haigir Hair Dse.-Ked or grey Whiskers twang?
ed to a Ik a-i'.-ui tnaca instantaneously by ire application of
Pnaloafs Magic Hatr Dye. Country gentlemen csn have a
bottle fiawanted loiietii by Ex pre** or otrarrwite, hy teno
:cg ineirorder*. cash en-losed. to E- Phalon. 6t Broadw?y,
and et ludso * Botet Price Si. widt full diieciiva* lor use
accompanying each bouie.
C |] Gecllemeti can have their Wh?kars dyed -.lie Depot.
Por sale by Asptn wail S? WUham-at; J itaa*on, M.s-rei.
T?y tu*. U Maadrta-lane; skags x Co. 77 East Broadway.
Ui\a iTITlrtflllS
f5>- i. Price i\; Co. ?FatahioaaMe Hat S>tore ?
Tile *uoscr;^er* **i.*:g opened s Ha. store a: No. liupul
lon-st. corner of Dulch-st re?pec:ru^y ?o.iclua- patronage
Ol ihelr Ol^ customers and me p.... lo. Tney SlilJ coasiaol
y k-ep oobani a cotnp.e.e assorm-er.i of tiiij. t sp?. i. :?.
:^c. a?. X? id. Of the .?lest Style, and w :.. s-.. s. lae ,ow
-der al saori-st not.
r*. ndceS. S ?g.e ;u -Hide 10 order al s-a,rt-st notices
RU.tlOVAL?.'-"ftJ KaAArf ?H tL DAY Sa? reraoved !
sis esos. ih* am sal I ' the us.: l-d:a Rubber Ooocs of
every de?T.p-oc, lo l?s ?psvclou? n-w ?uro No. iS Con- .
laud-af. ? door* be.ow the ?Vesusra Hotel._aiyl Ira :
L* I'KNAP dt BABt'OC'li. h?4e remo/osl lo No U5
I>r-. ion-si. mvi3m
?gt LL.\i)U> iHlltl la. tt* sj.o; ? J.... :o e..ed
O stsauaeraCaleduaiaand tiieat Westrrc, .:- si
; -.<?*. se.nCOrd aid tarjaatlful a.sor.-aet.4. e.--r t re red a
lall d....ty aiilTH. TUK&Ei it Co.
u.\;j 4o 31aiara-lane.
??0JllTU, TtlKKKV cV CC. *5 Msiien-laae. Itn- ,
kj, oners and Mwtaiacisrera Hcasekeepmg .aracje*. of
^vrjware, woouec and wiQow vgr. BriOxsntaBDd piate
wsre? p.ain aeo pis-ished aa ware brushes, tioor rasts ; X*
so. every variety o.' tbower path* and ba?iing apparaia*.?
A tea aid profit wt. ae avoided ov drt '..igw-.i.? rirst bat-d*.
1'HtN L?TTE? JPAFhlK. ru:ed and pa-a, m quaa
tll?os to sail pu:chasasr*.at verv low prices, by
SR.ANC1S x LoL'TREL, S-adoner*.
tayl.' Ira 77 V?icen-iane.
il I UKKiN .> t.UUUra-lboseiac, esl.I widegi.a.sd?
\J 1 is ... and a ite-fie u*.;ic.ti: of QltTorrnt *:y.e*. b>
fUudtng l*aarieneo O, i-d.iu bt-?d. WaactoseCs, ac^cf
sHarriot cuailtv. and at maiufacturert' pt <rrs. on the ?
. ol .Sssd'SD Ce?ar-?i. T. N. UNDE&fctlT.Ti ta.3
KAPPIM? TWi>JS?SOB ss.es t ass-neC cyasl
*;13 i
V\ worth ;6 to 17 tad Iga. per b. For *s> *tli aad
20 Cedar-1 np ?tairs. [nd5] T. N rNDERHIl-L.
K>>11SJj IS. rcU ot FJues? For sa.c as lae Tnauae
0?s?. o"?1*lw
Sitaatirrrts, &t. {Varusb.
?JO ^Ofi -WA>TEO-T?-:->v- bondred oV
J-iOvU. lansupsa productive real estate
wor.h more ioodsbv the tsaectcL Ai B-.x ;=t;
Po?iO!5cr-_ s;., core??sK-a or bnxers;;- bepaid.
??Jl tITa.TI-,?Nw \va.vrED-r T?w??? _a
?J er?.ci*c--rua::i>. jtifl?rr??*?. ?oii.-Wjrx ? r.s. x
4-. Also, e r a-w servants. tKe best of tvrracu for cllv or
Co-rai/v at N. Y. ?~p. Olf?ne. ?4j 3rjv:?ri7.
m; . .- _T ? SACXPEBj
A.?ia 5 w a i Fi k \v a> rt Ii.? -_- .. . -,. ? .
w-;. re: t. ? raced ?? to .-r.an'-.er. rrsTObBgty, Ac may
find a p-rma-.rc: sisv; -c by app v;i^ a; X j. 1 West F ur
:*?????. c ?.? ? ' .area-*. bet*-.-a buurs . f - w
IS A. M. ard S x 7 P. M. _=17:5Sr
W"A>T p. I? - a m ?ujan in 5 ''tsxd.-Vi^xJssujre. As
Aauerauo be ?referred. m a soo
e?ty aal eanan.iiiy rr.u?: 1? 'in-*eepi;o-ai.e. Apolv. be?
tween 3 axd 6 f. M only, at -Uu Grand at. urylS'SY*
frA>TKI>? By a r-spectab.e Your c Worn aa. a
1 ct.i.l.-e-.i corse a '. s-amsiress. Oood c :y
N !??: f?a;..:-a _--<! appiy.
Please call ai :.- D . _myl52r
\*'a>TK !l?a p.?c-: ? learn a y good ,
?v bo; o: Vt. tl%* ?rovd rrler-.za. prase is'cutre ?
4gj ?.oagw?r._ " :??
AMKu-.-i - - la : ;? ??.:.; .>; : ..s-.; ...
for city and coonirv. w.-; re- -rrreuCtrr. ?; Ji- pfj-e
;r>-9 at Dear Ejwe-v. [myl56r1 it watts.
BOAKDI.M.-Mrs Jx^e H?. ? be* remirei from
1 No .4 Barclay at in No .' 7 t\'??t F^O'iet ata-sL be?
tween K;. am a.-.d Ninth avei u?.. w h-re no* 1 1 ir-. w; :?:
b arc ?e/-ra fine rooms- Tb? h >u?- j? rep etc w-u com?
fort aid i^xjry, er.d ii'ia; ?t.a'.e; between wo ataze
ran tea, :? of ea?jr acc?s* to re bastnea* parta of tbe cry ?
Gectleioen fan r>e accomrn od*'?l wp.h breasfaat and tea or
fu:, board. The hour of c:a:oif b- refuA;ei ;g m;; Oj^
coeeeelence of .a- t-nt rrneaw' the famBy
Arr'fT?'??-!? 7 Valentine,No. t Clrj J C. Par?
se.., jj7 Br..?o?r?\: ilr A>x?aner. -7 wbite-st.; Dr. Gltt
;ua:. ..' r, >?: tr.*o? ?>. Mr. Ovii.d. l-H Nassen ?t
m.vid J?l?"_
Bo IKIi. -a few resptrctabieGenUemenor <i-.;i.-mca
anu ifieir FamUies caa be ac.-..a.n. atate.- witb p.ea*?ci
ro'.ms wiibbr-ard. la a reapeci-*1.- prisatB :am..y,?ooutooe
mile from Brtubrtlle^oa me 11-.. paieavd rood. 1? 1. aad
rtboot 16aTUee from Brooalya. by a:d.-e.?ic.; ? bout to
Ge '. Is ' d .0 Jsmafea, B I tboj can ohaun tee terms and
refetct.ee?. tf rtqjtred. ?lib full ear-cuiara mylj Iwrua
DiHKHlM. - * tV ?. ??..-.-:. ..
?JOeutieoen can procure neatly furnithed rieot w,;a
hoard at ; jt Broadway, opposite me Clly ?a.1, ecuste* S;
Warreo-st. myli ii"
U'A.NTtD-Ooa d by e Geaijemia aaa a.? w :-o. a
sia?.. (ami * laehllng .c a ptseeeol 9 :,niioa la tbe up?
per pun of irie r:.T?Leubb^rbood of iSl>.-?t treferrrd ?
Andrea* Ojx 1980, .??er Post Of1. :e, staust .ocauoi.. terms,
ate-_' my:3 I ?
on M -a To LE r ar w asblni
t r>..?r1. ?1 292 - . urt -,l_
UriLLl \.M>, 3I??FEY A. BENEDICT, base
rein v-a to .No. 7tjrds,--?. (DelWeen B'u?tiray ?nd
tbe Post Otf. e,j where if ej are J^.ly recetring new tjooda,
which they orT-r a: tee lowest urtrs?i prices, n y7 iwii
b.UUVAl. ??tOKCit K CHOUl>t,LL Pa^m?: re
inov-.t ir im bl* ixtrj store, 79 Wiuia-ii-si. to ;i .(Utdea
isiie. aollcits toe BtlOClioo of Country Merchants a...i d?ejers
,<r,- an I v?ri-d a?s 'rtrn -n-. of impor.-j an : Ameri?
can Porian e \?'riun^ De??s. VVora Boxes,Mooey Boxes,
Manifold AVrilers, Memoramdnni P >ci?i and Bits Bo..as.
faccyau i p.ii:. tV?..^i?. I?a?iar.ds. P-:.s *nl i'en Ho. lrrs.
Parses, Fancy Ornamental Boxes Sbaaing Cases, Fancy
Cutlery, <j dd,SB*er m,t a.?-. Pens and Fencti*, D as.
P 9 aes, and :a fact ever; a t.c.e usus ,y kept in a ste'.er
a. Fv,cy and Foca-l Bo.-A ouaiaess. Persons about pur
cnasiae lu the above line, win riad it to their advantage to
Cat. lirlOitOB R. CUOB'-VKLL,
iny4 nails Ma' ufQCturer a. I I a porter, 2> Maidei-la.-.a
E.?IO?TlT.-i r.CK, Ml.Ol.Sw S X tV MOHT, Job
r? mails Goods, ba?e reinov?d iheir sUkand fancy
gootis from 11.1 Feiri-s.. to No 54 Ce lar-si. ne?r.y opposite
i'.e ('..Sl-O.l - l-iweeo tV ....a'!! a .1 N ...a .'. 1*. New.
Vora, w b- re .', ;v- vrr>i ...c e :. .?? p--[ ared to
sr.ow, a .a.-.e nu'd Ctimptete kwMrmMntoi fashionable silk
?'? als. Carefully sel^ciej from the latest importations, with
strir; regard la price to lr.e JuPblnir Interior Trade. NorUi
ern, Hasiern ar.u '.Vettern Mercnsats are reepectfullv Icviied
to rail and itTiTBlTrff laelf stock, for variety aad extesst an*
surpass.i by any other h-.us-; they may rest assi.red that
extra leduceinenl* will je uttered Item for Cash, or ap?
prove.; p?prr. my4 Irui*
I oenJUfcCu. Lave rt.a.oved lo No. l.i VV'ater-sL near
Wa.i. irtvl !?tf
VEGETABLE KoOD, witbouta i article of medicine,
s a certain and safe cure for CocslipsUon and nil dis?
eases atlsir:^ from it: i amply ill oiwtrders .-f il:? st>.m
kri, tue bownl* or ihe ,lver, uneasineas and hiimeut in
those organs, laborious digestion, dyspepsia, dysentery,
naita In lbs aide, persisting bead SC be, weak or extinguished
appetite, fel.d i rra.b ihe 1 ,.es, wetknesa of tbe net.; and
or the hem log before ihe ::>uai s^'?. sleeplessness, debility
aad Uunness o: body. .i.e. SxO
Sold only in nacnrt* 01 i kiiogratttuie*, French weight, or
S to 12 ounces. Aruericao, and henriui: the seal and i.srue of
the house of Wartoo, 61 rue Rleaeltett, Paris. All otmca
is C005TCaretT.ro? WHICH StWakX. To be bad at Use
Nstluoa Dep?>l ..I VVsWtOOof Parts; No |'2 IVUIhnn-st :
><fMr. John Milhau, 193 Broad way, Mr. C H K: e. corner
1 u 11 ?-'. a 1 Broadway, Messrs ?Vystt 1c K-rtcham, No.
l.i Fullou'St sad ta Brooklyn of Mr,'Chaa Suaarf.No. 143
Fulton *L mj 5 lawiiriFriiTu
THE followmg cure of Bmuci.tal Conatimptloo U pui^
ilshe.1 i>..m amctie he c-eat curalser ??! cures mederiu
ibis city bytheuseiifSCHENCK'd PULM0NIC SYRUP.
To publish an wouid occupy too much spece? 1 Werefbre
select ib- following. Lot those wno have i?cj proLounced
Incurable read ii carefully and pon ler Wed
?? SesrrO y-Hts a^-o. wbi -1 at Work, I got we; In a Btonn
<>f rain, which i;iive use Cold. The iti>?a?e setxh a upon ">y
lunes, gtviot; ine ?couili. pain tu my breast, and ereal dif
fiCUtty.of bre-thing. I w'as tneu t- rn -orariiy reheved, hut
my disease was BOtaTadil aleO l,a*i Fall 1 a.Lie took co.C.
w Bich produced a ver. had an.i dlsAressiag ci ugh. which
wit. very tight -rny breathing ? as so laboii 1.1 ihai I cm id
toil lie a iwa 11 rr.y bed, but hid to he bo.siered up to pro?
cure real?my cough was so troublesome that 1 ? ssofim
?leyrived 1 I' -leep |..r a ir'enler part ol Ihe Pig hi? my appet
w a. ce^'ly ioal, hjweis v.ry costive, violent onadacbe,
ci.l 1?. fever and ro; 1 ,u. sw-als my d tp-slloo was ?1 y
? inpured, BLd 11 was little or bo bieg ibit 1 could lake that
WOUld re lialfl upon my ?t inxBCb?1 hern i e .cry ? tjl aDC
feeble, arid wa? fast ailing, and I :- 1 my situaUon to be both
.?Islressinc aad dooferv-us-iiMny of u J ! :etd* la Ihi* c.iy,
Who f?w in- :b sagot i would not live many weens.and a .n
s del.al me ir e .ruli.e. I !rle,l a C'ent ll'ULber 1 f reui-dle?
without receiving any tHrrmaaeoi beneni I was an u.m'ae
ofih-liiy BospUal, where ihi D ortora said I Wa.ncuia'iio
v* Uli Bom bis] Consumoiioo, and was no te-m-r w ben I h ft
tbe'e. 1 Lad tivrt, up ever tielt nu we'\ when I b-arJ of
s ma of lh*i greatenreathai hidiie-n effected by Scuclcs's
i"u tooolc Sviup. ai d 1 cone uuetl 10 try it; and I 'an cok
scietiu u?Iy Say that it "reduced a m rre ?? wlary vrT ct hse
aoy rrtii-dv 1 had rveruie.l I Iii'? u?ed in s pulai 'Lie
s, 111i r three uwrnhs. and 1 uow freuhat 1 am weil _
My Couch is all ^one?my i>reaihi"e Is ?? free ai d uatiiml a?
ever? in- app-llte is xo-ol. nn-l By liowe.s are peri'ectly
re<ul?r. baVUg ten, aO lloce 1 used me Syn,\ aad 1 im
stroBs;- ana side to attend to my business f am well aattsfi .1
lb,l ibe puituonic Syrup is Iii- Lest rem-Oy for oisess-s llse
uiUc, ui'i I cbeeriuily reci iamc.id its ute to ih-?r?icl-o.
triiai the fact ol la Having I-ecu IrtSITIimenial la saviu^ my
'? 1 reside at No. 44 Pear!-it, aad w Iii happy to see a iy
person IBM w i.i call upob me, and give ibem vamaily nay
laruher Information I osi in regard P> my 0? a case, or I3e
effects ol tlie ejceoool medicine thai cur-d mt
- Dated May 13. IMe "
The public will besr in annd lhat 1 never publish acenfi
cat- -.'..-ss P?i v'^ic svrup i.is sc .s .'. n;%.i- Ibe 1 ur.
to-r, fore ail ibe cases Iba I pub lab are su ictiy true. I ruve
a sreui nuat:?er. fue* end miereson^ cures, which wtl] be
published la s sn in ttme.wh'.b wUl s;o to prove mat
S( MENCK'S PL'LMO'sIC ?VsCP has cured more pa
;.. ...a 1 any o.nrr ai-Jiciue ever aaowa olm tats country.
Prepare.1 and so ?!. wh 'ieta - Bad re^tl. at L'ie prok-r.e
ioi ? ? ::. :?. N ? 4 Corilaad-st, wnere persons en receive
fed vice, ai i I.XVB ih-ir . io^s exsa.ued win me stetaesco, o
by aretuis." prrysifisp, tree of charge, and obialu pampaiea
For ?sie b!so bv 11 J ihn*' a. ^71 Broadway; Ujich;n?;s,
S4S Bleecaer-s'; Fj d. 27l F- Urtb-st, cor. v."?o*.er , Ev?nu,
Hudson-,m Dr. Gar-n?r,tvi Moauomerv-s:. Jersey City.
Dr Mercer, .'.i Broad-st, Newark, aad EedCla^'X Co.. 3
State st, Bostoa
We ca-.ioa tae public to hear in mt'd lbs: P S Be-kmon
is no longer aa agent for the aa.e of die ,;eCu:r.e scaeuca a
P. auoiL S.rap._tuvn 2us-ltos
VKH'-rilKK and En- Rail R.j?d Company-The
-v ai.viijjiders of the New-Yora and Erie Rai. Hood Cora
panv are aereuy tot.Sed that as Insialmeat ui ,ea - Lars
per share on ai.'atock on wrxh ih- psyn.-:.ui a.ready made
Jo LOl exceed tea dollars Fer shale, is required to be paid
kitheoCVe of the Coatpoay. No. 40 Wfc...s'_ oa or beiore
the l5ih day of J une Beat
Tnose at"jckho.iers vvb) hive paid more tbaa ;ra aad less
than twenty uolms per itsre. ore rtc'j.r-a .0 a.axe up the
? Lin ?f twertv dollars per -tare as abovrn.
Bv oruer of the Bjardol lr.r~c;.r*
S-sr.York. Mav lt. 1S?_317 U tjtj
:EWi.Y l.ili'ltoltU rsUOWEit U.iTHa.
VEW1,) !.?!?'It
it >v s- rs ?- . ???
s dec ded.v sew aad ttat'roved pr'3?;p.e, at-d isr'al-i tie
old ana w-e.-snowu ^iSic^i.ie* of Use ensUmUal drt^picg
wr.ca .tears on tae use of tue ordinary ba.h They are
c-ean arid pos^avbse, aud c-aue so aa t. hia^ np to a station?
ary book, or c*o be removed at pleasure Each bata wul
bo.a two ; a. ?: _ f w?o-r. a'jd csx be arrace'"d with dri
^ery appara.as iaj bottoa ixtur-s of nakj u iesirej. Toe
p.'tee is b-t very ,?w. so ss to coin- w ta-a .a- rexc . 4? all
CUeseeof people. No person or fata! y aaoald ae witlijut
uieta. Ttry are higc.y re-.i-im-aoed by use raediea. f?cu.
ty, aad are aarc^a e.1 "as v?.^?a.e h-a-^i preservers. For
ss-r. w hoieaale 1 - retail. By
ta.ii JOgg j. hnQ-.VN X CO. 12. .-: too-st.
I >IPKOV t? \\ IMIOfi tt B I SE?P ssseasll .
a -t-r lot js^j *ovai:^<-? ovrr tie common mode of
vfuiinr:- 1st it Is stsall. .i^ct aad coltl^c:; Slltts
not aio.e to get out of order; jd-1. sav-a &<if ine labor and
w.o.- of c.otaVs t.a 1. ts s^tat-.e for aay -.omiag, jrg?j ec
siaaj, coarse or aae, le.'uriDg aoae
^ arraated to ?cswer a., me ab.ve pirf.calars or tae nc
aey retarned bv the rnaa-rarijrers' tt-;u.
my s SMITH. TOBBEY A. CO *i Maideg. are.
1'UOSE a| >| unit BAlxEK.w-Soa.^a.j approved
0; by a_ wao a?ve liseU taeci. w?. p? louad jis: in
^..Zi lot tie apprvoctnag warm .v-a-ae.-. s?-u.s; oBeaa.e uf
a? tae cwatag ra ?ta^a_y. :<izi a.':...-ab.y
adapted for rosatiag, ooAta^, braktmg or 01. .?, reounTtttg
1 ciere-aadfa.o.'cuailo xoeptt? acave o^eranca, aid can
asei eiaier la a areoiace or ore*. AH sues :or sa;e try
ta-soea<ea?. SMITH. TO?.KEY A CO.
_t? >..aitiea..ar>e.
D1C POWb'I.L, OCUUST aad Operative S-ur,teoe.
anaoris .0 Ujeuri o. mn tj? aaa -j a- laiperfer.uons
of Visioa. from r.Ji o'c.ocx. ai hut re*;.ea:- jal Broad?
way, ci-raer ol vVarrea-sL
-... ... - ? Tear PaasA^e, Ceiaracianc
OpvlUea. effecaia.:v reel ;v- d.
AMAL"iOaia aes-- : ..reit attcat; -a aad saccesa.
Uvetera;- cases of STi.4.SlSK.S, ur Sc,otZa;, cared
ts a few ratau?r?.
ARTIFICIAL EYES of superior Isesnryend
SPa.crAt.Lia s tapied u every defec
UH .?ejC'.ln?lV.
A TTOB.NEi > A>D COl N>tl.OU>
it ceases ?A new sac - ' rat Ol :. ?.oiaa fj;
me Ute
c;' Aatoraey'a aaa Counse.or's la tae aaprecie
is an has litely beam en gravel. Tae Cevtce reprraeats
Law sapporied sy WHrritm ami Justice, Forsaie at u>
Low B.?ax ai-d SoaUoiiery Sure of JANaE?i A BELL.
Si buisasan-st. oppo?u>* tae Ci.r Ha_._ myl?
AM)LE W lCK ise rxalee ?__.=
... s.n.1 I sis e a inaixet. a; a "W pnee. at .0
Ce<n---s--_[o-yi?i_T. N. LNDt-BHILL.
BBST MILTHtK> Cocoa Yams?Uaru i?a; aa4
pu;a CoUua Yarns, aaaorte-: bl Bales 5 to 12 'or sale a_
1? Ceuar-si secund ioot. ;a;.... T. ft. tfl&SUBItL
AN HISTOBICaL iuMANct-ij A --??.????. utl-or
of Old at Paa-'s.w-t?, 4 :ilustra:ioc*. Thi? U ore of the
?c-j;cr? e?rr -roc jcucts. f:d u golden up :a eocd
?::? - Price da? cts.
T - ?*a at Ly T.?. x Love*? T-?ce??s- -. itoriea ' ?>
?i:?-. by the aciaor of the Orarrge ?fa . Leon de CuTtr,
iiiv?c:::;u-. Price SS cta
Be klev ir tat) Cootand Redeemed, by J. H. lagrihair.
intOO* of M?>;r;s?. ta. Pr'ee SS ra.'
LootV n L ? r Mar. frc^fa.
Tb- New Library of L\w aad Ecuity. Vci. Na ?. be?
ta lb" coc?r;>.?or: of
?in^i.'i Crtsae-'v Practice it sow rscened. Pne* per
year 37. per Na S3j ci*.
T~- T?rput'doa Wealth, rr ih? Het-e'P- ~ gen
bv Vrs Ars-.:? Calles, translated bj G C. Bebbe LL d"
0'Sui.tvaa t Report oc Cspi.al Purjltitrcera. cloth. Prtc
75 cta,
Bar.eign on lie Death Peraitv. Pree Jj ,-u.
B'.u.?a '? Letten c?p.oi. Paattte^at Pre* 6<L
N?ov*oaaad hit MarthaT?. toy J. T. Heaiiiey.c.olh. Pre*
A; Ott **? '? Sa I :i ta cheir * dea-iag- ;,, fa_ M 4;; ijjp
r--?fett r s : '??it.? wfQ b* nrT-'ed to lieta tt :ae lowe*;
pob/Bsher^s prices, and souie e^-n lower ?rd al.o ;n the
greatest variety. W. H GRAHAM.
tat_Tribune Bulldog?. Nassau-?*.
APPLETUN a t U. w .. ptutltt? ou Serar iav, The Life
of M*.-?.:- Lather, fathered f-oat au ows wntinge, by
M Michel et, Prufeasor |?Burory inthe CouegeofFrar.ee.
tran.laled by G H.SMITH. F. R. S. ;C.n.\ pxperco-er.
50 .ent*?cioirt, 75 rents
??* Form:-..' No. I3of"App -loa'. L:;e-v,ry Miscellanv."
Tr.:? w ,rt ;? soi an Sutorical romance founded na the
life of M*nia Lath-sr; Bei it tl a hiitory of ,h-? esiaoiUh
? z: ?l Ldlfrrasism. Ii bj aiuir-.y a lujgrapay. cemposed
of? wertet of rrantlarJjOa?. Excepting that ponton of it
wr.icb hat reference to hit ch:idbo.Ni, and which Lather
ftimwlf cat left undo*arrfbed. the trat:?.it hat rare: .- (band
occasion to raa? BttOW :t a-ra-artrc- "p ib-iceie "...
I; Haimo?; lavsr.a?ly Li'her htnteif that t peak?. ?am Ott
livarlaa y Luther r-'aied by Luiber.
? Ex:rs.:i from M. Micheim's Preface.
Ju?i Putusbed.
The People br M Michelet; ;r.m?:aied by G. U. Soi.ih.
13 mo.?paper cover, ?."^cenu.
*.* Fortniiig Na .. . fAppleton'? Lt.eraiy MitccUacv.
N ? Ready.
L?ctare? on St Paui't Ep'?tie to th? Coi naiana 1 voL
Tb- A:;- tine P>p .: lie, t:? C:~\. sni Military H:?'.crv -
By C. M. K::g. I voL lltro.
Toe Hun ryoi tile Laier R.man Commonweaiih. by Tboa.
Arn Id, D 0. 1 vol. <!vj.
AnitsaJ Magnet ?tu. ur Piyccdudamv, bv S. Leger, M. D.
my 15 Jim
V*y' 1 LE If i. PUTNAM, 161 Broalwav. will puhluhen
* r Saturday, Recollectl >n? of Mexico by W ,.idv Ts-.trip
? ? . E?i; la - Kv ?> Extraordioary and M u:?i-r P t Ip
;-nti\ry of ibe Cmted ."'tatet at Mexico ; 1 voi Ivo, pr ce
Si 5d. Tbl? wo:a wlD be fooed to 3- of an eniinenlly pntc
I Cal character, in the nature and extest of tu lalonaatioa
upon h country the pres-n; actual position and c >n*ctu?.ion
of which a?e--amr^;:y rarcorti- iu';-.-t? of a<*?t lrupor
?*-ii--. Tb- pecaliai oppormniUea of obeervattat enjoyed
by tt:e author renc.?r? hi* work unlqu-' ?nd vaiua'iie. Ii
?upphet whai will be fouad in none of in-htttor.cai or c-c
graphical wort? on the c 'Unt-y-a ?agheion,. jutt view of
tae char-cirr of ihe p-opie. ibe liveaof the eimnect leaders,
as accooat ? f ih- pre?-ai race of military inet, ;he M-x can
Revo.utionary Ger.eru?, ibe nature of 13- Governnier-t. and
ir.e future pro?p?ct? of i~.e jaiion. The aaecdotee . f S ?r.u
Ana?amorg oiu-is a:, account of bt? interview with Gen
:*.. .1 u taoti?ibe eoatraai of the written comtiratloa wi.h
the ac'.uai ad:n',ni?trauoo of itftirs. tne ?pecul.tloc? on the
.ar. character of the people, tae capacity ol the conn ay
war,lt? re'er.ut?. proeneU of U? mine*, :t? military re
? u'c*?. the nature of Engiith t. .ia?nce. trie probable >?:. e
??:.: o: California, Ac. Ac . are aU topics ot immediate tri*
ereat, apon ? bit :> ::.e ?aih >r ha? expressed horse f with
freed >iu and Impartiality, [a the Appendix will b* found.
>?. i-s omaiic corr-spoi d.n -e, an orifrtoal teller of
QtMWral[Jack?on,and tev..?, spin .ed c:iapters.t-antiao d av
Mr Tborapcon, from ;he ChraBacla of ihe Cooqoeat o:"M-\
i.'Q. by Brraal Dt.g._ By 15
A Bl N IK 'or Ihe Patriot?Tbn Recrua? contatnieg the
fa. School of in-So dt-r rv-i i.s-? ard inovrtn-n's of la
I'.uiry, Li.ht iLtsoiry a. d B II Bteo, wtlh a Oesciiptlon of i
Musket, Ac . by Cape John T. Cairn?, Conunaodaot of :
? h? Ibdeprmlecce Guild Pu''ll?nel by E. Walts;, 11 i
FltllOO-at Price jti et?. F >r tale br the Bo ???ellera.
Ja?! pibllth'd also. ? in ejoion,:' Ch-ever"s L-c:ur_
Pilgrim'I Progress, and the Life tod 1 :i:e? of John Bun
>?r.. E WALKER, 111 Kulton-tt
TRt ECHl RCH. or Principal PoinU of D'ller?nce he
iween the O.J and New Christian Church-s, b . Mrs IV?,
Turner, this day pablisbed ?nd for sal-, by ItartieiiAi Wei.
lord, Aetor Boote; Wat if. UrtUum, Tribuoe Buildiog?;
JoboAlleO, lot' Nataau sf: Revine.it, Cllntun Hn.l. Puce
! lit cent*. iu)l? 2lls
PART TWENTY-THREE Ol V irmet? ?.votiori?: Family
rt -i.e.?This pa't Is liiustralerl by a loghly finished ?.-e
engrat arof"/othuacommaoda the Sun to staid ?ti.l,"
tr^iu a [ tialing bv M. a. Colin Published by
GEO VIRTUE, late R. Merlin it Co.
myI? 3i* io John-tt.
LJOiHOEPATIllA IcRVKAI.EIi. - A brlol exp
?J don of ih^ who e sy.teni uda;),eti lo g. r.erai compre*
::. ? , with a notice of Pe.ora ?:i<l l>r. Duretite't obje
rai by Alexi? Knsmphleve, ?eevied edition, with a ?kelch
laopethia. Inacribed ta Joan Forbe*. M t> K R S. lust
Ibllsbed and for sa.e oy 0. KANSH A W,
nit 1.5 3t* 575 Bnsdway. oppoeltsi Nif?l.>*s.
HAVE JUST PUBLISHED,FUal Le.*,ns in Eoall.h
Urawinar and Computation, with Exeii_l.es in Hie Eie
in. is of rroiiuui-lstlou, Word? for Dictation, and Sul-Jecla
foi CompMUlOO.by Elltabeih Dram
Extr ici from Hi- opioloa .-f an ^xrenenced teacher :
"The system of instruction tnvoivrd In ih>?e 1 I u
it ihorou^aty ao?:ylical, ? ach division -tbiblt? the eieinenu
of our ianguage, arrtc.ged and c.?ssiiie<i aecordteg to ihe'r
: o.ganic ronsiniciion, in a novel, turid and entertalulog
form. - * ? * To OI iittterate the various excellencies of
li.ii ft .Tt wo j.-i <* i.-'irolt. Tliat surli a one lias Ion.* be*.]
a .lestderaiuni lo our Schoo 1?, will be oppan-ni from 1 Be pe
I ...1 of Its pages; suol lo those woo aril at a rh?tc? of '
Looks f?r supplying each department of instruction la the
best manner, this boot snoulo form one. as an eseeot ml pree
llmlaarr study, uito an excellent counterpart to those now
in ute."
Opinion of Major M. M. Noah.
" I have known Mt?? Oram for many years as one of Ihe
moat efficient leachenin the city, and ill- most capa'de In
writfngaad cimpilirig eiem ntary school itook? niy'i l?l?
PHRENOLOGICAL ALMANAC for 1 >a I7.-Ttielra.le
supplied at ine n?i of maaafscmrinti, hj
mU* FOWLERS a WELLS 131 Nasaawt-tt
"V* E BD LES, g?* ? T'.n .uiiacm er, Wholesale Commissloa
La A^ei.1 fir m-importation and ?aie 00 manufacturers'
account, . ne t* orders from the Importing Trade. No
eon in talon charged.
A v?e., a??orie.i ?t.Hia of Cutlery, Table Cal levy K-nsey'*
lUgor*. Ac al*io* ou Csnd. R S STENTON,
w\ I lttieo?it* 74 Maicert-laae, up suirs.
i ?RATE Ai'ivt;.N> AND DRAlT RV, lor Looting Oias
" 1 a large a,.d .. -.' iii! assortuieni, 'or ?ai- at Ihe
,owe.t price, at EM i&L E. S Boot more, o.d ?o,r.d. . i
inyll Iwls* .3; Bo*ery.
BY using a good rat or siropp-,i on oce of
To be obtained of tae manufacturer.
mvl iint??Dd' 71 Maiden lane, up tt.lr*.
\| APS OF TEXAS aNu MEXICO?Also of the Baited
i'lSlaie*. anil .V.r.n A'i.er:-a, just pur>lisf.ed and for sale
by_J DISTL'KNELL. .' Hroad^av. myll lii.*
ktUJL.L.IAJI?B?UGU VI It E Insurance Coinp.ny.
vv to.:., e oo itran.l-si., near First ni. \V...;amijUrgL?
Agency No. 71 Wad .treet, [Wrl:.'. Buildings].
Samuel WlUete, |Pre,i W. Favi?. .Washingion Post,
tins e.o Handy :. h as Wyciotf, IA T V?a Busaeti,
[. -.. laSlelohell, ChruilanZanrisaia, I Aad. C- heoadict,
Lem'l Bicharuaoa, I rn .mas McElrata, iSamuel H. C.app,
J-retnUh Jofmson. ,
A. B. Hoooks, S-c'ry. I
j JoH? R. RulisitTs, Surveyor.
Esf" Ttiis Company eoauaae ;o [a?ire every description ;
' of pr :perty ttr jug"ou: ihe L'cttwl Stales agatrtt ioss or ?
damage Or F.re un :'avur?ole term*. rnyll tavts
Orrtce or Hoosstomic R. R. Coara.mv. /
May 4. iS-io- 1
NOTICE?The second IcttAiiiueni of Twenty DoUart
per *K n? on the Preferred Capiul Sloet of ihe Hou**do
aic ttadroad Company become* due tnd . ayan^s on aie leta
? day ot June next SuicanoiCer* w&o may prefer to mate
oaepsyinentforini* a-d a., t- ?e.,-e: t :nsia..u.enu call do
?o at that a-ae. By order df die Board of Direcion,
m: 3 Zwis H. NICHOLS.Treaanrer.
1 No. bl WaUatL, city of New-Yori. Capilal *-.oca
Sd.u.i... ?.i pmio in cud. an : socure.y lr.ve*.od, according
lo the pnjvuio.i? of n* casr^ar.
7. .t i-oinpany Has ra-ea la Nutzest tw-lve yetn, ted lo
rbai li ne aas pall I at?e. ay are upward of sH5"..'joo.
Tae prrsent a***u cf -e Company ciCici ;u capiA
ttoea urore inaa S-j. '*-'
Insurance aga-2*; .os* or damage by fire, elected on ap
' pdcailua, at reasonab.e :-? ?:.?
Dc?CA.< T. Ccaxv. Bei y_aju trau !
HI.. r?TO>i, " ooia-uinaer and Jrw-.cr, orle.-s
? great :_di.cen.enut lo buyera ot Wajiae*. Jewelry.
S.-'er ware. A.c. xc H. G S. a.ways i.uyt for Cask, UcOt> .
teal with ?intv. pro?u. and ass no idea of g-.t-ag rich
jesr or iw?. A.i good* are warranted as rePTuunled, I r
ao ?e-e. As^JruneLl c..nsOjts .?: Go.d lad S..ver Wadcaea ;
Cht_s. Reys, Peaoaj, Brooches, a_d Brace.eU. Silver
' S; ooas and Cups, Iva.
.V.. of toe a -o.e aaaa~l art.ee? car-fa. y r-r.i-ed. Od
G... a:_a...-." -i.:i ? exoaaa^e or rrou^r.;lor out,
H. G. aluNE.
a.' .?ae-stf n ' Broadway, cor. 'A'a t-r-st.
LiJ?Jl-i,l.M;-GL,A.wsa!.: Lvoix*; o.ttta .?Tnuse
:. ? .. r a asst. and uiatrca w?nuag L>otxg- '
'. u.asses, w ottsd c WeQ lo ca.1 at lOc /udton-*a or SU Pear.- '
1 ,?_ w _e:e every variety can tw fjucd, at me cneapest ra-e?, '
' abniasaln ana reL?_i. Large aad um. s.zol ?? . a
' orasawaieel and pitm Freach p.s-e Gxstts, to suit altao?.
; aar stZed p er, wraca elU.be so,d very jj* indeed. P,s>a
acd rtcaiy oraameaied Pora^lt and Plctare Framee, Padtl
It gl aTsdEngravmga, L-oea-ag-Glssse?; Plates by ihe box
. . - . ou G s??e? rej atecL Lad e?. w?iie shopping,
p.easecs.- HOOrER X BROTrde.R. myllxaseod'
cilASE IN BR'JADWAYl?The sutscrtiier oders me
p ,. _ ?? aasoruaent of perfaraery, loHel tcaot. c^e
..jaae?. ex- ?cl?. If. Lc at price* ho ao per ce-i cripe"
taea; ?ay otaef house ? ar?= Czi'-ol States, la order lo coa
. ?-.?es ae tnviles you 10 aad - ? nrfore
pSXrCl ^ ? . c tcwaere- E. ^
Ms-.'*, tarag *--'? ai.por.er of perfatrery. t^apa, iara 1 t9
Br sd waT. bsawawsn lAhsirty CorCskcU sta. satt I tUs"
\a Aht-'i 'tt Bil'HSe-;? a?..: ?re i toraaed
?v aaai ae W Set ?a_as at t?? fool of oesarj??e?sa
oa'- - Ter rafted Sta me cjtaaag ?ea*'.'a. Opern l.-ota tua
[UemSl 11 fPetoek it a^gaa O.' ?-z i^'xaat^'-s of wiraa
sea kaiaicg, a u azaassressary lo tpeax. to generally u It
adt^*n aad acxuowjudged, Pnae of a Warm H\~ _3
cira-?. X a?e acxet* fur one dollar, wraaa addrat to As
;..r Crotoa Baaru. No. 1 Veeey-ec my6 1m ?"
L'L*?Ttli aad Poa;raja i-os ?Tae L.?a-'i.-oa Worts
sa-a^erae?, N. Y aad _s pomp ton Irtra Works, Potup.
t.-c >. i- are aa .'a;, operaaioa. Orders for ruusd, ?c,a.?.'e,
i?a. -and. ?cro-aad ho-jp iroc wdi ot ta - ? -x^iaded
oa a-pgxa-oi to j ?iSEFH TLCEERAiAN,
adl laati_ VTsat at
lxAtU\._t IUK.1 fLAST?ht-Aa efloc-a. acal
- ^.? aed care for Cora*, u easily applied and gives |
'jsmextuifi relief?in case it should fxal to cure the raoo?y
arfil be refaaced. For sate by DAV'lD SANDS h CO., 77
East Broadway, toe galton-at. aad 275 Broadway, and try :
?taa.i_y. Frtce ? *cs?t, a>t garia
form or -
?15 .
w-rk rnoreof :=e A_?:oraic*l Vetu*. l? r-?*-ec from *0 aI
M w'o P M a: aa-xtra csarce cf ISeun A female acata
zu: w... extlD.:11 .o tbe .aC'e* b-t*f r. 11 on-d 12 a. M. mad
. ?il 1 P M. Or.-t::C Sybil TSfirn?? h?? r-;-.;-c
Str. VV'tmaa,Veetrtloou i?t; Great Wrsioau, im. Pbilhp*.
Bflry u"-c*. Banjo rtoyjerj tew Ctuutaotropos. Scrta
?.ar-'ard other Pi.sol-it; ?*u?*?e; Coo c MeUnge; Mid.
Sovi?-:l. DM hmu Fiv.:.-r Teller, AJoiisswo ?> ceeu.
Clttldr?-. --der 'o year* 12; ??:?. _ wjlt
eT>>T* E tTIaAKr OF TUB NKVV-Y t>KK s?
A .-?: Move Society.?TtM pe ire reepectnihy ta
formeC UM Lie Ann; rersarv pet or-arc- of -a * Soc'.-ly
* I take pt?~e at the Tabernacle oc Fr; -'ay evening. May
I -..-.. .1 occ?s:on Ha-clei/s <?r?xd Orttorlo of tbe
MESsiU: ? . - BtjrtYJSaUed b? ar-ive-sel request.
.<?. >"..-rra-r:s Mtd.uie Xos.aa pvo.Misa
J. L. .N?rvS* 1. Mr M Coj uro, r. m So?; -a. Mt. Edward
Sv^.rl. Coaductcr,Mr.U C Ii.... Or^atu??. Mr. U. C.
: T-wra.
I - .t-ard C ruse* of the M?s*;tb wC ha su?u:se<! hy
?:rir"iU: .' ire Soc letv. e>.?:r prisine a-arly SixJ per
lo-mmx o-a'r.-i.k-.vmcsctel by a .o.?e.-ta. Orcaesua.
Per oreaaace to coatmeccv at s o ctock.
T c*ri? lot Uttt oecaatao S* ce. ta OB v May be had a:
the II late Store*. Saaten a .v...c*. Broadway; Geo. F. Nee
bta.eornerol w?u ?cd Ck'ater au.; j. p. Feraius, No. 1
Wall ??_. J B. Flandrovr. 25e tiroauAay. aao. at ihedoot of
ibe rabcmsc.e.
X. B ?Noa-perfor.:: mrr.Vii of the Soe-ety raa obtodi
their ticket* ?t tlw residence "f ire a denlsmed. Not tt v. a
nal-st. [wylSS-l GEO. WHIT LOCK, tsre'y.
PMIX HARMONIC *?ot IhTV. -Oread FeatiTal
Concert.?-Tee ru?>.ic :* respectlullT informed that the
Phtlbarmi ale So. le y w| I ? a Orend Festival Coecert
jr. Wednesday evening, 30th Hay, ai the Broadway Taber
aacie. :a aid ofth? fU'id f.? the BroCttOC of to- PatlharruoBic
Hall, and oa artvich occasi >u. wia oia-r ptecaa, Bretho
?-a'a Orand Choral Symphony No. ^ ariu be produce.!,
? !dl betwteaiOu aad +i' Voca. aad la?irticieai?l perform?
A? the er-ct'.on of t Ktitable edifice for mnalca] purpose*
tsaneveclof the ereateat irnportaace Tor the aJvancetaent
of thr At and ibe improvwmeatdl m'Htca! laate m this couit
. v -1 i:. : ,fl ?c-lt.s..-4-i ett 1?I Vr->).t? ?> It > are
. iti.rieoi lo ta*e part in ta? robestra or chorus are most
e.n.c-i y [n . ited to a'teuo iae reaemaau* aad gire their a*
sistanceal said performaeca.
For farther particttlars ?ee future adverusementi.
i\rnMd tirrrrustr*. OWrW.
Simrdav. M?v 9. at 4 P M Tlur?d?y. Mav 7. atf^PM.
Tuesday, M*y 12, at4 P M.(Saturday, May 16, at 4 P >L
Saturday. May lb. at 4 P. M Woodsy, May is. at T\ P M.
Tue?-iiy. May 19, at7j P. M i Tuesday. Mav iH. at 7j P.M.
The ??t uraud Retearsa. with Oratd Or.beabraana < 'ho?
ru? ?;.. take p.ace at the Taberaaoe May .laft. at t-4. o'clock
A. M. By oi Jer, JAMES L. ENSlulN. Secretary.
tavl mtJOth
'IMIK DESERT KhlfEATEls.?Feiictea David ?
I ftrat ? Chi r?. aad I istrumealal S , uiphouv, THE DE?
SERT. WlO be pr. iuc-.' for the
At the TubenacV, on Moniay Evrnin/. lilh tnstaut,
Commeccuig at S o'cioca precisely,ander the d'.rtcuou of
The tolo parts auo recitation, by
.tlrt. HOBT. ii.L' t. PAI.iE.
Ticket? 13 ceniaeach, 'or ?a.e at the aaual paces.
luv14 4.11 H. MEI003, -4? Broadwar.
% t ilb. .tlO*?T OM.ll.llTI-ri7o"f"?Tl
*, ? jEai-..r?lo.i? ? A .tu acr. m ine Hudson
Rivet tu Hobokea, fend th-n a wa.k to the
Elysien Fields, a.ou,- the exceedingly pictureso,uekhores of
the pl.ee, wiii prove ;,e most easily acc-'Uip.lahed fend at?
tractive of all rural excursion* tnat can be made from the
The ?round? now present a charrain?; a.peet, the treea
betrirf in lea/, tini the koil C reered with a rub i..rt.
rite ?V?.k* are in evce.leut order, Saving bees consid'r
ati V einbel i.ned ibe pte.eal Spririj{.
The Ferry Boats from Barclay, C.inl and Chri?topher-?L
are completely ir.ieo. up with Awnings and 3e?.ta.
Night boats ,-uufrotu BohokentO Uaiciay-.tuLtil lloc.'k.
Ferriage ?i ci*. rtiy t Isnlsue*
tsAKl'ETlN??: i:.UlPKTINUS?::-Oro*t Bar
/ Chiii? a'id Kare Cb.'ic-. ? A.; persona desirous of pro
CttrU ; Carpetlnga, 01 Cloths,Malting*,and such oilier ar?
ticle, as aro UsuallyfoUDd in carp-tsto-e?, are respectfully
tnvued to call at Hl'TCHI.N.S X CO S, No. 46." Pearl aL
where may be f ntnd an almost unrivaled assortment, and
at prices seldom if eve- i rfere,i before In this city.
Landlords, keepers of Hotel*. Boarding li -uses aod pri?
vate ciU'-us, about to furnish city or country residences,
lot-ether w lift Sblp-Maatrrs, Ship and BleamaoM \ ..
a.- who wish any article la tlit above line, would rind II lo
i.vr advantage to -a.l"u t^.e.ubsciiit:r? liefore purcliaai'ig
els - wh-re -? e>nctnberaig their motto, ? Sa.a.. pioiils and
quirk re'.urna"
alH imisVos' HUTCH1NB A CO. No. as2 Pear! .L
No. 4i? PSASX-ST.
1>ETERS0N it BUMFBBJSY hav.i hut opened at the
above cumber, a litree lol of entirely new Carpetioi;,
bought express.y h.r spring trade, sad wui be sold at
ijreatiy reouceil prices t r n is ., ?ei'?ve
N ?es Ksdmiaster Uiu,-? s, MUreiy n-w.
S? pieces r..?v f Three-ply, nch.'rsisus ami uevt- ahadtnita.
SaPerSne, fine fend Common lu^raiu Carpeliu^sof every
Rjcs. DrUfgetS, Tnble and PlanO Covers, Wlo'low
Shade*. !?c i.e. \.so. a :arn,e lot of llcfevy Slmel Oil C.o.ii
from lj to Ju ft wide, selling cheap.
Our friends and the public ?:?> respectfully r-.pt-tted to
cab and exenune nor stock before perchasusg elsewhere.
, ii.s-.il- PETERSON st HUMPHRKV. ?M Pe.tl-st
sraiMa styles.
'gitlF. Subscriber has laie.y receive! some elegant pat
X lerusof Bruss.sls.Thr-e-ply and lagfelBCarpel*,Of the
Bewsssl style* and paiierus and of the most approved manu?
facture, which wi I be .od fetreduo d pri ee.
BENJ. LYN ES. UU P?arl-?L opposite William.
Also, for sale, a few pieces of uow pa.turti? Ineraiu for
Churrli Carpel* b.J lrt,eodl..*
il)iitijorrj ?ljuijtro.
,) e-f If I I'AlKa, WOolrssaie aod Retail?consisting lo
ssS|OKIt'p^n id luierlor V:-i?s, Al.ovy Ootbie*. Roman
Arches, Full Laud scape*, Deseil scenes. Scroll Pattern*,
v.- an ot whlcn are punted by the most celebrated Italian,
Freuch and American artists, war railed washsh.e and per
fecUy trar.sp.reril, nl a ^reat re.iuctl 'h fn.ru f.-ruirr price*.
EUVk Vit!) H \N.SLEY,
inv it i mi* No 20 Ca?mriue-st n.-ar Cbathsm-iquare.
/ 1 It K K N W1 ( 11 .JJT. WINTJOWSn^^
" ? subscribers have i pened to Exclusive Window Sbede
etoreal N'.. -17 Oreenwieh-sa. next d.h>r to Lee'? ?ry
ij ods Store, where Ibey ..d'-r for sale a new ^ad com -
pjeie sloe* of Window Shades, , qua] la Style, v-.rtety or
j.ia Ity 10 tu i .:i in- City, sod at tbe very lowe.t c??h prices.
Purchasers, cith-r wauieaala or retail, win fia l ihl* ,,n
eel er i opportunity fo: ilbaiiu tneir *e|ccn.iu* <>i tins aiu
cleof trade BKRRi %N at OKEVStiN.
my4 Inns' No J47 Oieonwirn-st N. Y.
'I'ME only eiieu.ive u'ioi i iii led Waler Power he?r ihe
X City of New-York 1s at DasbvtUe Falls, Ulttsr County,
.ud which is now otTered o.r sale or lo ea*,. oo very ii
besnlCerms, au! lu such quanttte* to suit appdcauis. The
power ladle whole ii.rw of tne Wsiittli River, of II 0 miles
la length, .wer * natural rock dam of 12 feet, '.e;n^ t,y *ur
?-',' IJn) oi' cubic f-.-ei o( waler perbour at Us lowest s-ale,
capable of operating I20,0<l0 spiuiles in iho driest season,
and la equal to 52 of the Palerton Power* Tnn access lo
Dn.hxll e Is over (<""d roa,ls from Poiisilik-epsie, liyde
ran K.n^.tin or Kddvvilio. Su-?inl>oau run dally lo
wiibla six miles of the Fail*, nrd f.-ei^hr* are taken at low
rate* In trie Winter mere is tiaiiy communication by the
Kile Itallroavd. To acoiupany with *utlicient capital lo Im?
prove and build up a large manufacturing: Interest, the pro?
prietors would be wiiliLg- lo put lu Ik- whole or Ibelr prop?
erly at Dashvi.ie, coBaialinstoi Factory Bunding*. Dwell!",;
Hoi.se*, M ?'. Mill Site?, IVnier Power, Laud and
V;..age i. .? at a fair valuadoc act would take *ue:k for
two-ihirds oltheamouoL The h .lidio^s are one four-ttory
Cotton Fa.-t.jiy. of ?to.,e, 4o by loo, wub *,faj ?pludiea and
B7 power liMini* in operation ; one th'ee-*tiiry Woolen
Faciory.JA by ?i, with machinery ; one Saw Mill and fix
tares , o' e ih'-e-.ujry rf.,ar-: x.i House, of stone, SO by 7ir;
?. reu ? srelllog H Wies, Store, Cotton House, Dyo House,
Waste do. S.ab.es. slu-ds, B.acasm tn's sls.p. ic. For far
Iber particular* ?pp.y to uEORUE BUTLER,
myl Is'.f 4 Veaev-St.
BENJ VV BENSON, Draper aud Ta.lor, reapecilully
informs his patrons and the public ?-eoeraily taat be
Dsaremo/ed lo lOe New-Yora Cash Talioria*; Establish
ment. No.14:Fu.toc-.l Dear Briaulway. where can be
fousd an extensive assortment of C.otb*, Cssstmeres, Vest
legs, ltd. which will se made to order m the moat laablooa
ble style for c?*u.
Mr. A S. Fiaoer wiii bave -na-.-o of ibe cutUeg depart
To tnoae who know Mr. F.'a unrivaled qaaliilea in
sir art it is uauece.sary lo say more than to name nun la
cor.necfon w.in that di partmeLl of .ho buaioea*
A ca,jlc- and ^ener-.l assorLaent of g-aUemen'? farcy
?tr-?* art.ties roL?.aniiy oc hand. ray4 l?s
Til -: SL'BsCXlBHES, Patentees said Xtaaufa^airers of
it e Xeapoataa Boouet, are prepared to supply the trade
W.ta Ll.-ir .a.in.tab.e Ne?po!lt?rj|, for watch they recrlved
; ru alive* meda.s at the last two Ka:r? of tbe Amerlcac
lnstlia.e, and wmtu for style and 3nt?h are U3*urp**se<l.
Tn^y warrant laaen to c ear; aad alter equal uj new. Apply
lo PATT1SON, .NOE Jr. CO A3 Deiaocey-at.
a7 asri*' or VYSE II SOUS, c.r. Pine aod Pear, ate.
No. 12 Bowary.
Mea t, Boy s ..an CMiaoaxs's
FASHIONABLE CLOTH! NO at wholesale or retail, aod
the la/geel assortment la say one Store m ibe city. Call
1 see N. B. Purerjaser* reiurnta/ the goods unsoaed
within three days after purchased can have their money
as-alt- _
ai : is
kalHrihtlFE'S S Alel-.-Oy v;<tueof ??rnn/csn r?,
kJi la*, to me ioec^l aid delivered. 1 will -xpose lo a* e
os ijo J3-h day of April next, at 'he veatsPuie of .be Cliy
rfs of a:e C.t'/ ??< New-Y .'X. ?1 1- ''cl e:i M. a- the r,{ ..,
? - s id loierest ofJ Jsepb Ovltt?, wuicb a* had on ibe23d
day 01 Au/u.t, 1(45, or at any tlaie afterward. Of la and to
sjj mat certain log, piece orpauxal of land, :y.a?:. being aad
siuiate la ta* Twe.l-a Ward of ine Cuy of New-York, <XJ
?je *ouih-we*a-riy side of Fo'ty-tnird-aueet, rseglniimg at a
point :.slant south-easterly front ibe coraer of the E.ghia
avecae two annmrod and twenty feet, loeccerunning sou n
easteriy along iae j . *?->: : .. side of said Forty-Uslrd
,r- -.: twecty feel; taeoce ?ouiaweaterty along a doe por
a?e; w.:h Etgutli-avenae or.e hundred feet four Uene*;
taeaee acrta-w-sterly aeacg a .iae parallel with Forty-uurd
street twenty feet; liv-uce oortiveasuertj along ? line ptrai
.e. *itn illgth-a/ea-e nue a'tadred fee; four tneh-rs, u> the
p.see of aegin-iicsf, caotateiag la breadlb m front aod rear
..-- e . ;y 'eet, ^-d oj .en?.Lh oiaSeach *lde one :.. at red feet fcIt
Luchsias tan tne same inure or kSSS? togeth? w.ia tbe baiul
.n^s. n-cemenu, neradaad appire-aance* 'jjo'ti.
rtgmg ot m any w>? appurutn-n^. A.~, a.. _u*i
eertsi ot, ;>isce or paicel of land, s-.titte, .ytng, and being
.a r??i'"- V."?. d of the city of New-Yora. uo the sou-ti
we?ter:y aide of F.ny-f.a-d-sa'ee:, b?_inin^ a. a pwlni
. a . -t?t*.~t *<?uiD-?**ieriy from tae co-uer of
Lbs ^.^aia-aveoae, thence ruonta< a.oog tne sosjab-wester.
. f ?lde of ?all t jrty.ii.i.-Cej j-eet twenty feel to a po.ol tw?
auadred and twenty feet dt*t*atsoutiVea*ier y 'rc_i ibeci-r
ner of El^_'.>?/enue. taet.ee soa'.h-we*ter./ alotvg a ?tM
FarxBei with the Elgrxn-avenue one huodred feet xur
iacoe?. tn-ace a'.rd>westej.y iwn< a aae parallel wu I
ty-Uilrd-alre-.-t it-::j leet, jcace Oo^-eaateriy aioog a
ine BSrrallel with tne Ei.btb-*vet.ue one auad.-eO leet loor
laca-*, to the piece of begin?mg, coauwlrg lt. ttyv and irear
:w-.iv f-et, aid oa each ?lo one nundred fee.: four iac.e*
-te izc aam- more or le?-toge.her with the buUdlagi.
iTuSUirnTi. aev^iameat* aod .ppurtet^nce*/ebereusw re.
m ?-.v sog ?pp?-et*12t-g. Date', New-York,
MaS U as 1 - 4 i -A-l L L! AM J ON ES, rihert
Tk j,~a. P? e?-?. Deputy Saeftlt mt? law?w
ry?^ Tb-s aoove sale t* p onponed uaSl W edceaday, the
, : ?>m, of May next, at tee saune ttflfee aid place. New
VJrk Aprt: 2am. 154?. WM. JONES, 3her.ff.
Thos. F. fees*. Deputy Sheriff tJO AT
XST The above saie u 'arises p^ttpouod until W?daoday,
_ie istb lav ot' Ju.y atxt, sitae Viz* tiraean.1 aUsce- New
fil l, May Ukh. i?+s. WM. JONES, dbera?
Xaot. F. Pjtxax, Depury ?tenf. stylfi lawiw
3.2rtixrn Salt?.
JOSIAH rUCHARDS, Aactloceer.
3*1 Broadway.?Liberal Ch? Advaoesw made oo cv-c
? cn ????.* .'or tuctloa Sale*.
WtD.xi.oiT, Thv-jcaY *st> Patc-ar Events??,May IStt,
H?i ?ad 1540.
EiTstxsiri Salk or V*lp?k.i Booas?An extensive
and very excr-ileni collection of now Book?, Including ?
large tn'oico of apaeadtd ?rg.s.sa B.a>ks. modern edtuoo?,
receoiiy received from London. Ts? Catalogue ?l?o ein?
brach? Standard Book?. Library Edition?, vatitable Theo?
logie?! Work?, very greet variety of popular Schoel and
Classical Book?, Medt.-ai .Work?, ? larre ???-...-.?? . cf Bi?
ble* a?<l Praver Book?. Juvenil? and Crt'Wrrn'? ?oo??. afi
Invoice of prime Blank Book?, i.e. <?fi?..v la lou to suit
Also, an InroKe of French Book?, receci edtuoce of pop
o-ar woraa In tjuaniit:??.
Ai . j o'ciock. at ik? Auction .'. vox.
f * *? L?w Li??A?T ?A '.arse and val
rj.Ve L?w Llr.rary.eoota.ntnjt compute *ene? of the New.
> ort Report?, v? ?-??_,-. Cewan, Wendel BtU JOUUV
?OfC"! Chaecerv Ho.ktr.a. Paige. KJwa-d* a. d legman;
i'uit'ii State? Keport?! Pet-r?. Craiwh, Wheatoc. Howard;
C n; tedState?Law?,ate; M va. ..??.-.?, .;- ? ?,'. n ?oi? ,
l;c?<":.-i'tXrr-'ru.:i?D'i. MetcalTado aad eeher valua?
ble iieport? , Kogiisb Reports ta both Law ano Eajiny;
Dra'ly complete se.-tes also Of English 0omsa??i La? Bav?
ert?; Fug.Ith Chancery and Xvchrcuer !!.-, ?- , valuable
Digests and Trea't?e?/Law Dictionaries and ComuieDta
tte? . Elementary Work?; S-eatloo Law?, i.e.
T? rat*Jocnie? will be i??ued oo Friday m >rntn<.
Al*.>?One Soars, m the Library of the Law Insulate,
*L* COCTON dt tlO. Auction and Couitu???.~~ later
t? .cbanu. No*. IItt t.. aad 3* A - - it Libeial ad
*?re?a made .to cestgmrieais. anJ prompt nsnew man*.
lik J.UIt.? ?I. Mll.l.KK
I? FRIDAY. Mav lith, IMS.
At lt>\ o'clock, at the ?t..re of Cbamberiaia A OoMtflwalt,
;it r*wri-*t.
P.-.-rv Sn-?n ,>0 Bao?axs?4*0 casesprime rH>?u.sboea
and ? ? ????::? twin* a brat rate assortment of goods ?ulted to
the Southern, va e*t*,n andctlv dealera.
Caia-egues and goods can be examleed Jay before the
JACOB S. platt. Auctioneer.
Art'TION SALK-Ths D.y. ?ix for ?c.v>??ol of
v> box tl tray ,-onrora, at I0 e'e eck. for cash, SS> ^roas
and .-ii? ca?e.:tl sroM p,-cket comb?, 17 cs*e? l?dier boanta,
6.6 d? z . 5 do* cedar pall* and idea.round coolers aad ra
rioas oiher article*.
Also, at 10 o'clock, on a credit for ium? oxer Sli>\ 400
Casks andcaaea hardware, cutlery and heaey ?ruod?, beta*;
the enure ai.vk of a bouse unlortuaate la buamsss, and ? >.j
by order of ??venee?.
Also, 100 doa rake*, baodied boe?, ?coop (borel* and ma
nure foraa._If
: By J UEUEMAN. Auctioneer. *?
TO.MOKKOW, Sauirdar. May i?.b. at 10 o'clock A.
M. ?t tbe Sale* Room, No 7 Front *,. Brooklya- A gen?
eral variety of Furniture, bets* the remnants of lou not
called fee ny |>uicbxser?. at tbebouie seise. For paruculara
c*H and !?? |l*
JALUa >. PcTiTr. Aucuoueer
ASSI(;>KKiS II Villi? A KM Auction Sale.-Tbe
city nm weh mm CA?mtrv Hardware dealer* are niHlAed
tiiai J acob s. platt will Mil on Friday. ?I 10 o'clock
a; 8 Plattet, the enure stock of kl HdwaM and Cutlery of
a boose tiufortunate to butiuea*, cawalatlad of an extra mid
t?M twnriy of shelf Hardware and Cutlery In lou lo ?uiiell
description of dealer*.
A to, M dot. geuutne ?? Harri?'?" Dutcbi<ss county grass
an.', cradle ?^yibe? a> d trtaib?.
Also, al IS ' dock, for ca?h, 17 case* uttbec boxes, SO box?
es cut tack?, r. invoice of c?dar pabt, lie.
Also a Urne Invoice of various kinds of i l?r van go.x's.
..-.? ?a.l.r c*. .Vc making t ^r.v, aCtUlOgtao of 300
lou, all to be sold witbtHit re*?rv?. For brtnei particulars
?eeUoder AucBoo Uead In M >inln*; and Eveoln*t Papers.
N. b. Cawlogues may be bad al ? o'oleck tblt dar, at too
Auction Room. ni, . i a;**
_ TosTaII BICHABDS. Ao-lloneer.
aa! al.K OK Hl.K?A>T LOIS DON BOOKS, This
OEvee g ?aNiIS, IIICUARDS tt t'LATr will sed
a targe, eooslgnmaul of Loodou Book*, incrudlug many
|.e*iiti ul and valuable works.
U*o, a large co,tccuon ol Standard Work?, American
editions. a.
Alto, a choice rolleclloo of B > ?? In F'eneh and foreign^
laovuatte*. Among iheut a Poiygloii Edition ol the Class
1, v M-.H ??! Books. A.c._my It
VVH. tl. JONE?. Ancll, u eV.
day, M>y St. ai tat o'clock, al (he aiore of J. D. la
g-rt -.1 k Co. No. tccl Pearl-?L 2no ca?"?. riimprttlog a
large and desirable a??>>rtiiinnl of Boots. Shoe* and Bro
gau?. ?uilahl? for th? Houirnrn, Wiuiern and City dealers,
Ju?i rwrtve-!. Cauloguasand goods ready oa itw day pre*
v. ::? i ;? ?>?? ?? mhtUtrRin*
dS* HARATOtiA SI'UINOa-CalcuialMi lor a biwnllog
auj school, public houteorao hyJrupalhtc e?Ubli?fanieal,
bavlog *pnn.? of Iretb water n.iraiing through a
ijilckaaad bed on the Ea*t end of ihs lot, ?? pute and ?oft
as the Croloa Lute waier 1 h- house ta rilu ?1?! on Broad
.??? . -ir ? lrove-sl, U ti-? feei Iriml, 10 In depth, and J *t?.
riet Igh, oa a plot of ground 160 fat by SCO, laid out in
i: n :- i An .irrxngenienl can i e inadx for ihs ' htef psri of
ine furniture Apply to v Ql v. ICBNBUSB, 11nh-et.
Baal River, or at ohu e, oil Jobn-st, Jd llory, room I, or ou
the premise*, Saratoga myisst*
TO IjhT?Tim upper part of a neat two-story and
Bjjj Itllc li use n the rear of M I Mndinoii-*'. eoesUUOg of
il moms on the second ft *or ?od two bed-room* tn Ihe
aul Rent eighty dollars, r"i *?e??lon giv.-n uumedlaieiy,
Ii q me of S. T. WILLIAMS, 1113 Pearl-*L or on th? pio
mtsea myl31w*
EFOK m.YI.k 3?TL - al Turtle Bay.?About M Iota
of (?round, BCtUdLog waler Sight, wli.i a Urge tiouae,
at Turil-. Bay, ou Ihs Ea*l River, Inlerier.ied by
I > Ii. thih and 17th *t* , 1st avenaa and avsoun A?all regu?
lar Cuy lot*?valuable for a re.?i lsuce or for iiiaiiuractmlog
tmrpotes Properlr lu tins Cllv oi vicinity will \m taten in
part payment. Apply lo BLEECK.ER It VAN DYKE,
mylfl lw No 11 Wall st.
SMIlt MAI.K?Very l?w? latatvenue?A modern 3
..or v Ufick Hi ii-e, and Lot In fse, ua )*l-avenue, near
lodi-su (??!.?-?? ?"? Apply lo
mylS lw BLEPCRKRat VAN DYKE. No. 11 Wall-sL
?AT l*UlVA'iTK PaAl.k.-S Lot* on ihe 'JUi-??e
nue, botweeu lllih and 117th et?. Also, 1 Lou on the
Mouth aid* of !l7ih**t between 8tb and ?ili avxr.ue?.?
Kor particulars apply lo ANTHONY J. HLEECKER,
mrl > lw_Auctioneer, No. 7 Brosd sC
dpas 1'Olt SAI.K-l'rlc.i SaiSi. cash?A aniaii c. Iia^a
ma aad Garden, iuiu'iIm for a iradetmaa or mecbaolc, 15
nilnuie? iva.? froiri ihe Grand ?L ferry, Willum?.
hurgh -a rare opportunity for a perano with ? sinall capliaL
tinge* run from the feriy. iDqutre at Provooai'* store,
Qrennpolot. mvtfl ii?
Sfl-I !'?? I'll V all l AAS SHU l'otetl 1 ??.- VstV utsl
jfct ' tble tiaaeinem office (with oih?r accouimorfaiiooa tf
required) "film Route 1 a I Mulliarry, next above
BrOOme-St It ., well calculated, from slluailon and eoove.
nieni arrangement, for a pkyalcUe, and has been so occu
|j|e-1 11rill? very recently.
Also, lo lei?a turulahed toeping apartment. Apply as
above,_oiyi? ?<?!??
ff-, enOHfKCT lliiL'nK, Swum UtMd -for.aie
PJgj or to let, tbe hoaae bow occupied a* an Aca.'euiy.by
"?? Ihe llav. Mr. Towell, ?Kuated near VandatlilU's Land
lag, .0 an any and beatttlnti spot, couimandlug estenaivn
y and '.e?
f the Bay, Narrow?, Long l*land and Ihn Cuy. The
man u Well adapied for a boardlng-hon**. Apply t >
adllalf EMERSON It frllCHaRD. 10 WallaL
.PIANO I/OltTE Keuiuval. ?K. Ulen It
removed Ibeir Mnnufaetory and
reroom lo I'M Pultou-s'. West ol Brostl
onarly oppudle St, P*ul'? Cfaureb.
wnera diey wm ?eil' Ibeir Piano* low for ca*h or approved
paper. All Piano* *old by ibmi are warranted, and Ibe beat
of rnfetence given. Tha ?lue? nf Phlfe A Son will be u*ed
In the omunlaClnrlBg of :n -?e Plann?, who are about rella
ij:u?Ui'.< their Catiibat bu?ioes>. Dealer? tupptied oo lbs)
., o?t re?*ooab u isrmt. ' m j tfv
.H0.-}KVV Ot?O 1*1 ANO Porte for Mle.
I ?Itn roanwood Stool- -prlca $.90, betoa bat
eihlrd? of tbtttr value. Tbe io*uumaot
Ina? extra biglt ?od low key*, a brilliant
, I? mane, ny one of Ibe first ctly manufacturers, and
raoied. It Knew. Apply al314 Wasblogton-sl.
i li 1 wts'
K. KENNE Y'? TAL.L,Y-llol
RAZORS.?Tbe trade Is mviied lo call
>and ln?pec. my laal imporui on of new
' tnd haodsoma siylea
ttr all wv wtt.irtD, as u*uaL No comm'ssiorj on or*
der* for direct lutpuruUua. R. B. STENTON,
my I lmeieii*' 74 Maiden la/,-, up ?talra,
F?" a.-HOfjNli"?t? lA>t at 7 o'cioca tor Al
?any aad Intermtdlate landing*, from toe
'Steamboat Tier at the fool of B*/cUy-*l?
Breasfasi and dinner oa board tne beaL Tbe new aod
splendid steamy scot RIP VAN WINKLE. Captain L D.
Abel!, vwlil leave trie steamr>uat pier foot of Barciay-sL eve?
ry Mooday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 i/cloek, A. Me?
For pa**?ge or fteignt apply an board Um hoaL mylS
?a! HP.ltl PH'-t ?ALE? By vameof a cerisln writ of
0 '. r ladae to me dUaciad and deUvered, 1 will expose
io ,a.e oo -i.'i Mia dsy of Apii. next, at tna vestibule of ihe
City Hsilof tie C.iy of New-Yort, at .d ,c..*:s, M., all tho
-. i - r ,..:, a .; lniera*t which Ju*epb Oaddla Dad uc
Ihe 17th day of November, !?l3, at any time allerward,
of. ta, acd to ail mal ceruia lot, piece or parcel of lana
lyiag. being sad ?Uaste/t m iheTweiim Ward uf Ute Cuy of
New-'/ora.oa Ose liouUt-westeriy alrleof Korty-utlrrs-streec.
beginning al s point distant Oouto-eaalsr.y from tne corner
of the Elgbth-avanue two hundred and iwenty feel, ictmce
ruaulng aouaveasterly along tne nouUVweaier.y ?l.'eoi ?altf
r rlj" bird-street twenty feet, ihence Svutfc-westeriy aloog
a .ice pe.ra.lat wlih Eigbth-avenuo one Uu-^lt-a feet four
no nes -iienee Norit.-vsesierly a,ong a tine parallel wirb
Forij-m.rd-?uoei twenty feet, thence North-easterly along
a one paracet Wim tue tig?in-SVenue one hai.dred feet four
,r.cnis to uie puce of beiftnnm*;, COOfslfllWd in bresdUS in
front ?cd reef twenty lee., ano oo ?ar-b side one hundred
.'eel four mate*, lie Ute same more or los?, together with tne
imlMtogr-i tecemeots, bereduameou o : apputtrnancee
tnereuuio besOOglBg or lo soy wise apperulomg.
A.so. m,i mat certain iovpiee*), or parcel uf iaad sllnated,
1 ting and nein g tn uie Twettin Ward of ihe Cuy of New
Yora on ihe aouih-weeterly ?nie of Porty-in r; street, be?
ginning al a point two hundred feet duual Souuveaeierly
:rom me corner uf the El.,hu>eveoue, u.c.re running atocg
the S<AiU>we?teriy side of ?ald Iforty-UlrdaiUeet iwesty
:<j>l lo a poiai two Dundred anil iwruty teet f frfSf f SouUV
r-ssterly trom ihe corner of Use Etghih-avetue.loeote stAuh
seauriy a.ong a line parallel w. r. jurt LigblO-sveoue one
uui.dreu .'e?t .oor lncr???, dance Norib-wea^rlt along aline
>arai.e. won Puriy-uaid-aueet twenty feel, tier nee Norlh
eastet.y a.ong a utte parallel with UM Elgntn avenue one
aun&rec feel four lacnea lo toe place of n^j.nnnjg. ccmisine
mg, in bom aad rear twenty ft**, and on each coe one oun
dred fiel four laches, b-? the same mere, or i?s?, is^etcec
wtih its* oaudlng?, tea* menu, bswsstlumeou ?od ?ppuiiea
aocestaerecnuj belonging or ta say wise appertaining.
And auoaiitncright,ttuo ?od mwresi-saita i.?twg.
#ater bad oa the lfia L ??< November, |M4, of, w afcd to
ail that certain lot, piece . I pa/?el of uv.d ?uuxted, 1,1a?; aid
r.=..-.g in u*Twe./LbVVardof toe City of New-Yor?, oaihe
tsoui'we.^y .id" of Forty Uird-.ireei, begmamg ax a
U-e r-it fr*
??t^riy a,ong a x? perailed with ,r .? ?;.. >; .ore--1 iw?n
iy :iw!\,vxiAn :.o, oa--*tieriy tuuug a line paralM with tbe
. .- a.'.?- .- one buadied tret four incases to the piaeu of
ook:niiag, containing, la fr alend rear, twenty feet, and on
?acn side one feet four incaea, be the tame more or
.ess, together with the buildings, Uoeauau, LetedlUOiects
and appaitetia'^et thexeualo beouoglfig, or in any wise so
^rtatuaig. Dated New-York, March i7Ji,l**S. ?
Tkoi. r. Pccat, Deputy Sherut mil l?w6*
TIT Tne above ss-e 1? postpoced oatll v"A^t1^T
! 13m day Ma7 next, at the isuuc ua? and iftSftaa^EJlt*
; Ap'U glHb, Ui6 Wit JONES, BtanK
Tmos. V. recat. Deputy HberiE_. ?n..*vi/f.l?
. f rT The above ^e U farmer poetpoeed "^?22
I daTiaelomCayofJrttynext.?
.vew-'f ora. May 13m. liV WAL. \^St
' Thos. W. Pg/xs. D,paiy ?ertf_ m^.u"ly_
7^1 ~tCrl<VH cTeaacd ?cd BepsAred ta say pan of ihu city,
1 :L^JoaTup slTiri A.so, beatt Bras. ClocX??tihr-dtsj
oir?^y .Tot up at any of the ahote ptacea, aad warrasae*
! w aovp gwod Utue, ana .

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