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i ?.dvered vo Ctry B-anscrtoers for Hmb Ce?T? per
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T- y^? for mz month* or s y?*r et Iii- *vne rat?. Btt>
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?!* 2tnun<, tu e'.vsace, and lie pir.er larjvcut cos
daiel beyond lie Urne for wVrh Ii paid. 8ubccrip
S^J?ieVfor ?tx moxtht. Three Dollar* In sdf?.-c?
JJJtrrd in eil exchanges with Coaulry Newspaper*.
Sly papers received st tri* ofiV.e whose terra? tri
gfter tbattbote of Tut TaiBvac.arenot allowed *cy
Trami or iO'ttT'.t;*?.
ewe U?c?> or le" sHral i-.s^re.on.2* <-<--.?.*
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oj^j, ?ub*er|uent Insertion, wile.:, may - ,
tttfj dtr.or :' twleeoi ifatM im-, t >2cents? i ia?.
Mhiithe optiono( the ?dveruser, )
ja.l.lr Advertisement*?Piv? 'rr.\% e l'ce for Dm l
Tosertlot,, and f ow cent* fcreach suh-aecuoai oce.
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(ffxghttabfd -vrry BaTVSOAY Hoaumc. al Iba low p'i-e. of
g. a euaata, in advance* . 0 c ,. afor or 2ucopies
rilK KK.tll.W^KKI.y r:ui:i;.>K.
Ii n'>- *!<? 1 evi <y WeOMaaOAi and BsTaxa st avornlsg*
frP? *? p?r annum. Yw-, copies for <(j.
We are reminded of an advertisement which ap
peered ?jw; three or four wti In since in the papers
ander ihis b'. ad, by the following passage in a French
"A grand Ball was given ljst Sunday, by M <ie
L.P. wbli 'o assembled tho flo wer of the society of
Csaibrac. At ho.'t past eleven a carriage stoppt'! st
I ibedoor; s venerable in mi alights, enters the sa
Toon, aod ihidancc'fl rcmaiii a* ii Uantporied, with
1 one foot in the air. like acholara cuoght in tiagrsiit
1 delict. f'?r tlioy recoirnize?! the Archbishop. M.
Giraud, follow ing In ;lc:; lotstepe ol the <.vcr to b<
regictted Chevi Archbishop oi Btrrdeanjc pre?
sents to the company the pesao of a mejKlicant friar,
passing thro icij ibe qoadri lew, \is t.u'.' il.o cart! ta?
bles s* a boi,vur 'or the prxir. with thev; wordf.?
' Where Pleasure renpi her harvest, Charity baa a
rkiit to tome ai a gleant r.' Then tbc Atcbbisbop,
Ir) Rst.re liiierty to oiln rs and preserve bis own,
weiit iiway rejoicing in the means he Ica ned ti
re?rviiig poverty."
Many young people have of lato been (riven to
long limiting parties in ib..- neighborhood ol Koine.
They would go out and pursue the chase lor fifteen
da> s at a time, passing their evenings in drinking
snd revr-iry. The Catholic Government ha* inter?
fered, obliging each such party to take aa companion
and men'or of their banquets a priest, who i?, be
side, tt) cay i,iu>-; for tbem every morintir. This
step bus been COuaidered the more e'ugiilur, us most
of tboae.yoatbs are English and Germana, conae
qnerdly I'r, le.a'niit-i
Wo have received from the publishers, Burgess.
Btringer &. Co a pretty little book railed " The
Americaii Anglor's Guide," \\liioh those interested
in the craft, or whatever the pursuit may be called,
will find for sale by John J. Brown dr. Co., Ang
ler's Depot, r.'2 Fulton >t. It teaches how to catch
tbe fijii b..lii by Know ing how to lot k tor ibi m and
bow lo make or choose the proper baits in look
lot at the pretty iioes quoted about milking the Ilies, '
" If un Insect f .11 (lila certain guide,)
Ho gr>, Uv lakes him Irom the wlilnmg Into;
Examine* well Inn form with curious eyes,
Iii? gaudy vest, bis wlllgS, iii" hoina. Ills al/.'' ;
Thau round the hook the chosen fur be wind?.
And on tim back a speckled feather bunt?;
Po just ihe colors shine in every part.
Thai Nature seems to live again in tut.
To frame tho little nulluni, provide
AU Mi? iiny but ? iti-it w ait o . leroale pride
Let Nature guide thee ; sunn times gOldCU wire
The shining bellies of the fly roiiitrc ;
The peacock's pinnies thy tackle must not fall, j
Nor the d?ar purcliit-c ol the suMe's tut i
Each gundy bird some slender tribute Illings,
And lends the Klu?\ii g Insect proper wings.
6Hks of ull colors limit their aid Impart.
And every tur promote the Babel 'S art :
So tho gay lady, iwth expensive care,
Polio?* i lie pride of land, of sen. of air
Fur-, pearls and plumes the glittering thing display?,
Datttlch our ayes, and easy hearts betrays."
lu reading these lines we were reminded of n
tame wild wau of lbs West, whom one who knew
him well characterized as " half dandy, half savage,"
>mixture not unfrcquently found in the French re*i
dent iu a new country. He thought the Summer
days would be best spent by hiiu und his wile on
the banks ol the streams. While he was fishing
she eould be making llien for him find BO have her
part In the poetry, for " that, loo," said he. is n "Fine
Art." The picture pleased up. Most men would
have contented themselves with having the wife
broil the Bab \\ hen caught
But to return to the Angler's Guido. Tho Booh
after giving the substantial directions and informa
lions sou-lit by the amateur, thinks it needful to
apologize for the tasle in the following fashion
A " mild and t ntbuaiustic amateur," alter delin
eaiing the enjoymeutaol the beauties of Nature as
aheiated with angling, adds; " A? a Christian, I cor
taioly say, that, hi some ol my solitary rumbles, or
boat excursions, with my rod. 1 have been favored
with most devout and grateful emotions of the been
la contemplating ihe beauties of Creation i and look?
ing up Irom the worki of my Maker around me, to
Him w ho made them all. my meditations ou the
Divine g.ioduoos and grace have been most tweet,
Jtc. Farther on,
??When we examine the Book oi Books WS Sad In th%>
Book ol Job and in parts of the New Testament, rtler
aocesdirtgilv made to Jr.m log rlsh with a hook. *s
"Canut thou draw out the Leviathan with a hook, or
his tongue with a cord which thou ?-.'rv ?f. s-'i' Canst
thou put n book into hl? nosef*1
What iiourHi.se will not the mania of living by
ssxtsgive birth to ue.\t I As well might the Shaker
find them lor comparing the stern professor ol N
hg ion who makes girls in their teens faint by ask
tag them in a sepulchral tone " If they are willing
to be summoned to the pretence of their Maker In
the middle oi a danccT" to profane Michal, who
laughed in her heart at dancing
Do people think I Do they look around them
lad yet seriously suppose that ibe Power which
plants dim plea ou the che. k childhood and dai-h-s
to the tield has any objection lo a mixture of
mirth iu our lives, and of mirth enjoyed for ita own
?akel Moderation, indeed i. ihe beautiful law. the
Uw by which alone either pleasore or business can
be kept pure. There tuay be excess in dancing, ia
banting, ia angling; there is deeper objection to the
list two because pain is given to living thing.-, and
tiulciico done iu the world by the ministers ol a
higher dispensation. This is done iu earnest ail ihe
time, but oue would tbitik it need not tor pleasure.
Inou6b ihe ?? gleaning" of the ArchbiaOOp is not
kmiM, and uiignt be a icaiiuder oi duty to ihe rich
as wdi as a relief lo the poor, yet who will sup
Pose, iu a tree atato ol" thought, that any good is
RUbed by eatoreing restraint ou tlie huuitug party
by ihe presence of a priest, or that the hook will
ban ihe ttitle ti.-on :e?* because it uas beea meu
Uoaej lQ book ol'Job ? 0 men, pray, pray look
tttore aiatply into ) our own natures, more atmply
?tiidy toe luteutiona ol" tho Du nie Being. Il is uiucti
?be precepts of a darker day. the thoughts ol a mere
th ldish epoch in the world's bislory that keep you
?oharrow aud thought]ess a? \ ou ate. Tnink. live,
??rnot , (.rod is thtt.Father of TtHHtghtsmd Lite, he
J0?? wisa that men bhotiid have tree toouchis. foil
CP* '?St.AVcKT DticC>S?.l> in QCCAAlOXAl Es
*Ats,trom lbJ,l to ISlb, By Lxo.vasd Bacon. Pastor
ta tae Pu,t Church iu Neer-Haven," is tho UM? of a du
?d?ctaio volume ot 9*7 pp .iu?t pubii?hed by Baker A
ecribncr, Iii NaSSaU-st, il !? n ot tectiou Ol Essays pu- J
"*aed at didereut times from i?JJ to iciti in the Christ.
Spectator. Philadelphia Observer acd New-York
Eraoge^au. j_u appearance is aao'h-r iudiciliou of tac
*!*l>or interest which is beginning to be fell la tae com
aaaiilty oa the subject of Slavery. waUe the high ektr
??er of iu author will insure It many readers. Keep
vol.. vi. no. 32.
From otir Extra* of Yesterday Moniing.
Col Thornton Still Missm?,
The American Forr r-< in Danger of Starvation ! !
I'liiLAfKi.r-niA, Thursday, 7 E M.
The editors of the Baltimore San have received
the following dispatch from their Washington Cor?
respondent by Ttletrrapb. which contains item.; of
vcrbil information from Point Isabel of considerable
The following intelligence received at Washing?
ton by the Southern Mail was transmitted to Haiti
more by Telegraph, and thence by letter to this
City by .Mail. I bat e conversed with Mr R J. Og
den,a Satter attaches} tothe U. ?. Anny.wbo has
this moment arrived bo a Southern boat.
He left Point Isabel U;ih uit. Tnere were then
about 350 men at that port who could be depended
on. The armament oonatsted of two 1B pounders,
nine 5 pounders <md every man bad a m'jsket. Tlift
Point was surrounded by a ditch four feet deep and
six wide. They were digging to make it 12 feet
wide aod 6 deep.
Point Isabel was completely cut off from the army,
hiving hud no communication i ?r two days. The
guides started from the Point to the Camp, but were
compelled to return.
The very latest advice, left no doubt that (SEN.
KD ! No danger is apprehended, however, to ou
gallant band, except from starvation?they being
strongly entrenched.
It is said a more gailanl officer than Gen. Tat lor
never lived. Tue supposition was that the Texas
l Volunteers from Gilvesion by the sieamer Mon
mouth would be the lirst to reach Point Isabel.
Companies from Fort Pike, H. F. T. Wood, un?
der command of Col B. K. Pierce, of 1st Artillery,
and Companies F Infantry, from Jefferson Bar?
racks, were to leavo N. C. on the rith?Wednesday
week?and would probably reach Point Isabel in
T'J hours.
CapL Thornton ai d L!< al Mason were atill miss
log, without any information to iheir safety. T,*p
to the evening the last express left the camp, there
were no (Mines of them then, ujid none since.
The Propeller Florida was expected to be the
next to reach New Orleans. It is said that Gov?
ernor Edwards of New-Orleans arrived le-re this
evening dirrr-t from Mobile, and states that it is
We have the advices lo the 3d May, and then
Point Isabel was safe,but ibu letter gives no farther
This comprises all of the slightest interest, with
'the exception of Military movements at the South,
that has been received by the Mai!.
The New Orleans Tropic of 7th has Galveslon
dates to the 2d, by the Telegraph at that pon. She
jolt Galveston on Sunday, 3d inst. at noon.
AM 1'. M. Steamship New York about 50 miles
from Galveston.
The Civilian of 2d says: Wo understand that
the U. 8. sehr. Flirt was endeavorinir to get over the
bar into HrazosSt. Iago. in order to cooperate more
effectually in the defence of the depot and
position at the mouth of the river. Capt. Symp?
lon, of iho Alert, was assisting in the object, having
taken ofT some of the Flirt's guns in order to reduce
her draught of water.
The steamer Monmouth left on Friday, tho 1st
insi. for Brazos St. lau'o, with u number of volun?
teers I'>r the-Army uudjr Gen. Taylor. The short
lime of her stay was not sufficient for many, who
desired to go. to get ready . bui others will doubtless
soon follow.
Gen Johnson has jast reached town. Ho is a sol?
dier in whom our citizens have confidence as a lead?
er, and can doubtless raise a company or two in
Galveston. I doubt net a general and Immediate turn
out of the hardy and experienced citizen soldiers of
Western Texas, to be followed by the whole State
us rapidly as the occasion which demands their ser?
vices s>ha!i become known.
Gen Taylor lias not cried, wolf, until he has seen
the niintiul unit those who go need not fear disap?
pointment in finding the wily beast, as ample op?
portunity will doubtless present itself to ibese who
desire to do SO, on the other side of the Rio Grande
tl not on-this W.
Blockade of Mexican Ports on the Pacitle.
By the bark Home, from Havana, the Herald has
tiles of the i>mrn> deHabana to the 5th insi ?
I The Diario gives extracts from ibe Repuliicano of
Vera Cruz containing important news from the
Western or Pas ; ic coast of Mexico. Tins account
slates that ihe American Government was on the
point of declaring a blockade of the whole Pacific
coast, and that an American squadron had arrived
for lb at purpose, and was anchored iu the harbor of
MuzaiDin. Tue \ era Cruz journal, under date of
April 13lh, States tlnit the national vessel " Paiouio'
arriv.d at San Bias from Mazuiau. which place she
left Ht tune o'clock at night, on tbe -??ih, bringing
the above alarming accounts.
Ali the Mexican vessels in tbe ports of the Pacific
i had received orders to make their escape before the
blockade w? enforced! as well as they could. Tbe
Paiomo is represented as naviug escaped out ot
, port at night, w ith groat difficulty. Toe Custom
Mouses on the coast were eugaged in packing up
their archives to be removed to Rosario. This news,
which is sworn 10 belore the Captain of the port of
San Bias, lias created a great excitement in Mexico.
A severe thuuder storm passed over Havana on
the 3d inst, Soveral prisons were struck with the
lightning, but no particular damage done. An
American vessel, the Mary Bou^num, was struck
by ihe fluid, which entered ihe hold, tore up some
planks, mid passed out by the chain cable without
doing farther damage.
Another extractTrom the Rtpuln'icano of Vera
Cruz, of the 10th April, states on Hie authority oi
I r.vuie correspondence, thai me Americans in New
Mexico ai a point calied Veaado Colorado, aided by
mauy Camanches were erecting fortidoations and
entrenchments, and maku.?: other military prepa?
rations. ' ?' ' "' ?_ _
From Point Isabel.
A letter from Point Isaoel, m the New-London
New*, dated thetlSta s?ys :
Last night tee *errv-t>o?t broke adnft trom the Mex?
ican side. end doated ..vor opposite tne piquet guard
Cue of the Mexicans alteuspleo to gel ?er dj ,-sriu.^t.: g
to her. Tae Lieutenant, wao was officer of the ga?rJ,
?red on him; he then returned and got a party ot sol?
diers la a Post to take bet ; t>u; the Lieutenant gave
them auch s dose of buck sad hail, that they were glad
to jet traca witii one killed and a number wounded
raus you see the gradual approach oi a geuersi hght.
VoLCtrrrJtBJ ion Tkxas.?We learn from the
Richmond Whig. May 14th. that an effort is being
made in that City to raise a corpsof Volunteers to
tender their services to the President in mnfin mily
? with the provisions of the bdl pssee-1 by Congress.
It was thought that the effort wouid be successfa..
A list had been opened, which would be closed in
three or four days.
E.xw osios in Baltivoke ? Oa Tharsdjy morn
iug the botler in Uie establisbmentof Mr. Watcarasn,
Williams:. Baiumore,exploded.-teariag tbe build
, ings to pieces and causing the death of John Eder.
. tbe engineer; John Bornichaiso inj tired. The acci?
dent occurred while the bands were at breakfast.
I or a great many lives would hare been saonSced.
The Pri.!??t':Ki.?A meetirir of the Jo-jmeym/m
Prir^cr. of tie City and Count? of PhrAdelpLdA, wii beat
on TTtillMWllT sfteXttOOtt tt the " Kry.tot? Building."?
Mr. Sitnue" K Kramer pre&lded. A series c: patriotic res?
olutions it ere unialascuslr adopted, and a Cctnraniee of
!3 appointed to Lay thorn before th; ~^-t Mtt-i-r iijtra
blcd a: iadepcadeace-Jl'aare.
Protectjos for the Voluntefbj ?The b?l
jrotectise the pwairoa and property of el' Uicee now en
r Jlinr ttemvelves tV tie reinforcement of Gen. Tay
U r> tro< pa on tee R:o Grande, pasted both Hocses yes
v.-d-y 'tnd w?? afterwards lirced by the Governor.' I:
has therefore lo* become s. [Picayune, 7th.
The VoLtrrrETta n? Kew-Ort-iass.?Tbe Pic
ayuae of the 7tJl fay*: The rank- of the volssteer com?
panies are still ffllir.g cp. bet atowrc. La-t evemnc there
were seven full companies aetoaDy raa?tered into the ser?
vice and only waiting to be equipped and ordered to
march. Capt. Marks bas raised three fn'l companies and
a part of a fourth, CoL Hunt has also raised two compa?
nies we believe, and Col. Laogden is Slime o:> tin r??i
. meat, snd there are a number of other cora* nearly full.
Two c impani'-t of voluntee-* are expected from W'-*t
Fe.'ician?. to-day on the Bel'e Creole. We iesrn that the
st. *m schooner Augusta tails from the Barracks to-dty
wim troops, and thut the G-ov??;..c, wc-eh ?ai:s this af?
ternoon, will also carry a nuTiner Of mcptcii.
tVe learn from the clerk nfthe steamboat Montgomery,
from St. Loui.*. that a batu'.ton of C. S. troops from Jef?
ferson P.jrracks, tinraberine shout 500 men. were to start
on board the steamboat Brilliant, and raay be expected
bert to-day cr to-morrow
Affairs at Washington,
From our Regular Correspondent.
w ASlilNGTON, May 14th. lsl&-gi P. M.
Mr. Webstek appeared in bis sev. this moraine
and wits welcomed back by the Senators of both
The C"?rk of the House appeared and -aid that
liit President had signed the War Bill and the bill
to increase the rani.', and tile of the army.
A discussion t.ro?e upon a bill brought up by Mr.
Bb' ese to repeal a part of the bill makinir appro
pristiotis for the Naval ?er. ice for the present year,
which limits the service to t.."00 men. This was
finally passed over informally.
Tr.e bii! establishing U. 5. Courts In Florida war
brought op. discussed, aiui passed.
The bill providing for the settlement of the claims
of New Hampshire against the Uniied stages was
' ca'led q;> arid passed by a vote of 29 to 14?a-* fob
\ lows:
Vlas?Allen. Ashley. Atchison. Athertcn. Beaton,
Ilrewe Bright. Caltioun, Cmneron, Colqcttt, i/:x. Houston,
Jenne-s. Johnson of >!d. J.liosou of l a Lewis. McDufrle,
Stiles, Penuybacker. Husk. Scarier, Speight, Sturgeon, Tur?
in y. Webster, Wes*cott, Woodbrtdge, Vu ?-15.
Nats?Archer, Berrieu.Tlioriiaa Clay ton, John M Cluj
f ton. Corwin. Davis. Dayton, Evans. Huntington, Jarua
glu. Jlanguro, Mil.er, MoreheaJ, Pearce?14.
The amendments marie by the Boose of ltepre
sentitives to tiie bill to organize a body of Suppers
and Miners were concurred in.
Mr. MokeiiksD gave notice thai he would call
up the French Spoliation bill ou Wednesday next.
The bill to provide for the appointment of an As?
sistant raymnMer General, Ac. gave rise to a long
discussion, in which Mr. CaXHOCIt and Mr. Wifl.
steh took part. The declarations of Mr. Calhoc.v
were of" groat interest. He said that the removals
rande by Mr. Tyler were made without his know?
ledge and without his being consulted.
In subsequent ttmnrke he said that ihe true Dem?
ocratic Doctrine was to prevent theaccumulaiion of
patronage in any man's hands. He couiendcd that
Presidential Elections were not now straggles 1 r
er.-at principles hut a struggle for the spoils. One
out of every forty could not get office who were
promised them, and the thirty-nine turned round
and joined the other party till the noxt turn of the
lottery wheel. The machinery of this system was
u convention,to nominate eamliua.es by delegates
who had pledged more offices than there were to be
i stow.
In reply some Loco Keco Senators said the Whigs
had been aa bad they hud been.
Mr. Webster thought this an additional reason
why the alarming and increasing evil should be
Mr. Allen, Mr. Sktikr and others sustained the
appointing power in the hands of tho President.
Mr. 11 i'm lsoton made eomc very able remarks on
the abuses of tho appointing power.
Without coming to any conclusion, the Senate
There is nn absurd rumor in the streets today
that Mr. Pakenham has protested against the Inva?
sion of Mexico. It is a little more ridiculous than
the story started at the time of Annexation that Mr.
Pakenham and Mr. Bonuto had protested against
that measure.
In the HOUSE the bill making appropriations for
the West Point Military Academy was passed aud
ordered to be reported to the Senate.
Tiie next business of importance coming before
the House was the bill making appropriations for
the Army, w hich was taken up in Committee of the
Whole. Among others, Mr. D.tvts of Ky. made a
very able speech upon the Mexican war.
Mr. Hi DSON of Ma?s. also made a very able
speech. The House bad come to no determination
when it adjourned. Hicheliec.
5>euute District*.
The Legislature at the last moment passed a bill
rearranging the Senate Districts of our Slate. Tbe
only changes from tbe proem District are as follows
Ril gs County is lauen from the 1st District and add?
ed to the I Id : lister from the lid and added to the
Hid; Schenectady from the 11 Id and added to the
IVth. The other lour Districts remain as before.
This i? a very unfair, inconvenient adjustment, but
the Convention will speedily remedy it by directing
tbe division of the State iuto Single Districts. The
ne w Districts are:
1st. City of New-York at:d the County of Richmond.
-d. King-. 0 it-er.s, Suffolk. Westenester, Bockland, Put?
nam, Put chase. Orange and Sullivan.
Id. ColumbiH. Greene, Albany, Ktrtiselaer, Schonr.t ;,
DeUware-and Ulster.
4th. Saratoga. Washington, Warrtn. Essex, Cantor.
Prauklm, St. Lawrence, Pulton. BanultOD, Moutgorserv,
Uerldmei and Schenectsdy.
Mh. Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego, Oneida, Madison and
f>th. Chenango. Broome. T.impklns, Chesiun^, Ties;,
Steuben, Allegany, c'attarsugus and l.:v:ngttoa.
Tth. Onondaga, Cayuga, >eneca, Taats, Uaujio, Wt;;,
and Cortlaad.
8th. Cbautac^ae, Erie, Uet-ese?. Wyoralr.g. Mc.vis, 0:
tesss and Niagara.
* License or >o Licenae.'
Fifteen" Honokes Ladles ol Buti'alo have uni?
ted ia the following eloquent and touching eatreity
to tho voiers of that city to cast their vote* lor ' Nu
License' on Tuesday next- How caa those who
have haman hearts aad are themselves unpoisoned
by the drunkard's maddening, ruinoris tiecociion,
res.-; this apfHral 1
Jo Ute "?otgrt ./ ihe City tf Bx*c?j :
The tlai-.- o-tCii a*ag wh*u > jii aitist decide sshetier
the ?a.e of bamxtearing Uquonshall be aathoru*d by your
laws. W.u-! you rests the respoit>.b^i:y of voting on th ?
.;tesitoa. With ns rests the responsibility of asiag *
Influence we possess tu tave.- of the cause of beaevo.- _ce
aad jasiiee. Theretore?
We, th- und?.-* im-d. .tpr-eai to the voters of this i -
oppose the grar.tn^; ot .:c..-es at ib? coalngElection. We
aak it ia behalf o: ibe public * h er. 15 laxec to supf<rttae
pauperism sad crime sjeaaaraled b\ uitcatpe^-aace. We ask
11 ia bca-tU 0: the CbrisUoa and moral law, wai.-i oj viola?
ted by ihr selling Ol ir.tox.ciila? driaks. We ask !a most
of all", la behalf Of the Women ca our city. Cson them the
rrtserie* oi Intemperance cfti.- fiy fall. Tts* drcn'cari. ia
h s dcgra^Utica. m*y forget that he is degraded. It 1? the
woman who 1* bound to fcttu by near reist oasalp thai
(eel* his ta.1 most keenly. It II she who must bear r*p un?
der want, uakiadness, sad the rata ot idt-.-e she . res,
while the drunkard lives aa idle hardea to society , sad he
who made aim su^h, gr-ws rich as she grews wrttchevd.
Having no ballot ourselves, we mir?: defend spoayoa
for her protection. We ask you to think cf her rights and
her wrear?, a? you v te upon this o.uesiica. Ia its deci
sir3, we trust you wilt bear ta taiad tf.e w.shes of those
atteresis are most a: staie. Webeueveyou can
never regret depos.ti.ig the vote of "No License"?a vote
which, if It prevail, win 0pea a new w..-:; of happiness to
thoiisaad* aow ?trassli"g ia ihe aarrow circle of want*,
am! cares and gri.f?, s?t..oh f.ra: life'3 chic/ variety to s
drunkard's laanly.
Su*jU>, J.t>n;"l4, 1S45.
Mia o:"3kouklt>. W:ll:ax3B"Kgh, Sltfole,
RiCKStosn. Wsstchestir, and oar whole Sale!
do yoa bear .' This appeal is to you ?' Fail not to
cast your votes oa Tuesday, aad be sure that the;
read, ->'o Licz'iz!
EB-lO?fi. S.1TICDA., MAI 16, I
Vote oti Liren**1. ?lar 19th.
Tj iA? ? e-.-f . .-.\irr rf St* York:
7 te State Vuilaice Committee bare printed at;d
circulated 520.00C of Mr. Tabs-rs appeals 10 you.
sar.ctior.c-j by the Rochester Convention. Thev
bare s!-o printed and forwarded through tbe Poet
Orr.ce and otherwise, 30 oCO copies of The Satancc.
or License orKo Lieente Examiner, Snouid the
a; peals seat forth oe remitted the State Ternpe.-ar.ce
Society won.'d be relieved from a deb: incurred i
far.nerance of T;spera.-.cc wnich has for years op?
pressed it.
Of sophisms in favor of the liqaor fade there is
so lack. Among these i* the assumption that as
distilleries and breweries consume the products cf
the harvest Seid, they must tend to raise the price
of these products, and therefore conduce to the
wealth of those who produce them. Without sap?
ping to expose the fai!acy of tL:s assumption, we
would Susi. whether wnr does net by the waste it
occasions of the projects of the earth, and the ubor
it withdraw* from cultrration, tend to increase
the price of its products 1 >s war then.?war that
has so fearfully increased the debt of European
monarchies, and by ;r.erea?ms'::. increand the tax?
ation of the cultivation of t.'ie ioiJ. tili :ttt means of
a bar* subsistence only is left zhtm. Is war which
ha- done this, and wldch were it to continue, woold
ultimate;,} reduce the cultivation of the soil to bee
gary?is wa-, because it raises in the f.ni instance
the pri- e of the prrducts of the field, conducive to
to the interest of him that cultivated it ? The farmer
is no more exempt from the burthens r?;m imposes
than fr? rn lb se imposed by war?burthens already
oaeroas. and which if the same are to continue to be
increased, will in the clU. l.ke the burthens of w?r,
reduce those oppressed thereby :o beggary.
W h( rea; were tbe distilleries and breweries de
.n ..-..ed. and the groggeries shot uj>. the capitti
thus employed, would soon be investerl in mai.u "ac
tnrintf. r.r some ether productive business. Tne
waste oi life occasioned by intemperance prevented,
ac i both ti e population and wealth cf the Stale in?
creased SLd corn spoadent with that increase woo id
be the demand fi>r the products of the field, and the
reward of him that cultivated it.
The Committee have now said all that is iVtheir
power to say through the medium of the Press, and
w.th the transmission of tht? sheet they commit the
whr le question, under God. to your decision.
The time for individual and decisive action has
arrived, and the Electors ( l" the State most decide
Whether it is for :he interist of the State to grant
Licence* for the sale of in'oxicattmr poison* at a
txrtrazr-% a* has been done heretofore.
Tiiat a trt mendnosev?, social, civil ami pecuniary
exists atnons u?. the resait of tbe legolizcd sale of
these poisons, no one doubts. The question of Li?
cense or no License eme? home to tbe business and
bosoms of the entire community?it effects the
health and happiness and virtue of every fnrciiy. and
the pocket of every tax pnuer?and it is for you
therefore to say whether the pjor-hotiee &bail be
still farther enlarged to rccieve the wives, and the
children of the Drunkr.nl hereafter to be made by
the rum trade; ami the prison bouse to routine the
criminals to be smt fort!) to prey upon the commu?
nity, from the rum holes iiereafter to be established
?and tosay ai?o whether you are willing to supply
from your families the victims to he corrupted nud
to foot the bills to be pai.l for their corruption, as
well as to become partakers in the guilt to be In?
curred by corrupting them 1 To all ol which you
will return an answer at the ballot box?on the day
! appointed for thai purpose?an answer big w iib
destiny, and which will bo for weal or woe tomany
a family, as wi ll as individual, and an answer for
which each of us must give au account at ihe bar of
God at the day ol Judgment.
No provision has been made for publishing the re?
sult of this important election. The returns, how?
ever, are to be furnished to the Secretary of State
in twenty iluys after the l?lh of May. These re?
turns the Committee inietid to take and publish in
an extra?giving tiie exact sole for anil against
rum and vice, und temperance and virtue in each
town. Should there be any town in the State so
blind to its own best interest as to vote for rum and
vice?that town will be shrouded ia mourning, as
one of too durK (dices in the State, to be enlightened
by the friends ol Temperance before another day ol
trial comes round.
Will the country pipers please give this commu?
nication one insertion 7
[.latent Ule?inne?.
Bruises, Contractions at tue Coro? and Muscira. Scrofu?
la, P?ru,,!> a or i ?- o 11? use of tiie Limits, U.S'-sse of L'ie
Spine ai/u Hiu Joint, Eruptions of ii.e Sain. Ac ex.
This Untaten I ;s universally adnltled to ha irie only arti?
cle mat will perform all Ihet it is represented to do. it Is
a ScW.rfi. Chemical Compound of Iodine that has perform?
ed ?uth astonishing eure? of ion* siaadir e. af>r every
other remedy h?d tailed. Chat ;t woull stesitfrr helief If tOey
c -uid not or substanttaled try the most respectable persona
who luve pe-r: cared,
it permanently aa>t effectually cures
rltber chmrir or inftaruai?.oiy.Paralysisor loss of ilieuseof
L rnr>?. C Ll-v .:-?-? >'< \? ct k-d Muscles; (lout. It msl
? -'?-??tot how lose ?;?nt'Ui; >prs;a?. Br?se?, Tumors,
lia-d Swel logs, sad Lui?-?:*-d Joiuts yed to a few eppi
cat ons of thts UainsenL It U. b-ru Uipd ?l.h incredible
auccess In Scroi I la or K lie's r.v. . enlarge: Olanoa, diseases
of Use Sp'ne scd dip Joints. Tic Dolorvaux, ano. ?_ Ner?
vous A lire; ions
It i. Invaluable ar<d acts tike a charm, slopping the hired
ir.gof Flesh Woooda aad causing l'.em t> a-.ai iu a few
d?j? It h-s never r>eeu Sno?niofa;i ;c raring the ui > st
stuoborn TJlrers or Fever St, and S*e.lsi L~i>. F*ics
across trir K doey?. U tb* Cnrst. Sid?, stiff NeeB, Sore
Throat, atd Croup, ca-' t<i'.5t?i?y relieved uy satorallllg a
piece of llstuei wtth the
ard blhd upoa the pan aSTseted
I;?pee;:.> and eifecuisi.y ersdicttea cutane?'i;s eruptions
oi ihe satu in the totui of sa.i B musd, Krjs.^-ias. Fiutu.es,
KIngwannorT?uer.Barbel's 1 ich, scald li-a 1, Lc It !a
sUtt'-'y f i-v- ? Too.B*. Ce at a He? :acr<-. It extracts the
pate and i urea Cores. Hue "Cs. Canhisuu, ic.
A word upon lOr or eto ?!." tsssa o!'
Ul>r. vsES
When tbe huutaa fraiaa r--.--;ves a sooct. rltiter from
h-at. C"1C. iiUiur, or o-arr caosoa, U'ie Seles organ >.:
U>esystete -ut^r, mos^ Oie persou ?i? b??e a coagh,
lie- lau5?o-.u^ ih-1s.-??e-t rjel^aoor rheuia*-'
U*bs.the moscu arend cellulai .e tsea^ ll- weakest;
?a..ouer eL.,--.i ^ u .s.i swnthngs,Umgiaadalsrsss
irra '^-lag the weaaast, Xc ? Whes >o-. have an orjeau thus
? n i.r.e. to- more d:rr,;i yur sppitcanuc tot.o parts die
--?-. HtSjTt -1- t>r> speet "1 -edef
?l,'.,-r, s ? ?--.?-- .... ..irah".r.ecs.
las .#;>ira^i. BOO trstores it io . e. le-i Oes. la. L^^.j *aats
to be oied to saslefy tte most asermcsl ot iu restoring pow?
er of it..s mo,, vs ??*>.^ lii itreast
Ph>.in?os are dairy recommending Dr. RCMEES 10
1'ISE LINIMENT.-.??-?--? ?? .-i g ?-isst: - de...i
ra;um; a ttuly s- lesuac c.moo-"J of I0ul>? ;a the f>rm
0) I_nenl w . . -t COi I sat s=p.??-aiit auie.. last csa
r>e s?oi upon tae ni.si do^cato fema.e or calid w;ia p meet
N tadav passes w.'aont brsgiag the moat inierrae.Dg
.ts from the use of Dr. RiZaaJPS IODINE LLNI
ih-pu^te. taes-t.r s -" re of Wyse.r.wfceh ts aa foi
.o??s: tor J?e list t?euit jears I aav0 Oeen iroaoleU w;u
ih-cmiu.?m; I cu-o aot w ..a mj.uii a c?ae or croACh;
tie pa.a =i "..m-.^ so noch so .ai. I co?.i tjt?ieep
a.<: j? - ? ->e -sv - -> t.p ;o^.t. lie
ta;6a Pe uas e.ot jsted or ;a>2 o oni of its s. c.rt try use
pa.a aa? hutsnunai o'- . ta-c^rja '?came cas jso eo so aa
Ul to tirow a;v la-e ror^a-.'. asd orew xj io -t ^?cl?ard.
so ^e p^laisof m; toe* baraSJ loucOed lae gTOOJM when I
w. ar^. My a-a.-a srassomocS unpaifta, i maoe tip my
mice taai the ;iko??m .o a ta y s-v.-st ia?: a..ia...^
cool i a:e. t bad Dried ta- ?tr, >e?; pc.. ?ictss? a-u
allot la- ,uje cures, artthoot r--e.'. I vl.-.^eo Oy a
lri-Lu to :r. ?.j?c > I dbx l - meet, j. roch I cvc*ca*a u
wttnoul faith . ts.l XI->ie I hti -sed or.e jo;te l found re
5ef_ji lc.;_ edibahtaa?raisonaaoextractedibepafcl. I
coatlaued U -?e It tre?? :or SIX ?eeAs ; L?e cords became
rc^xei, *ae .e^ :.->-?-- 'mer tp^^araice. tao 71?
aa- ;ai-'ta-a-.t. a ass s? SttDai:-:. an ".. la tact, I aas peneci
Jv we*... 1 waat -? ? -.and as aiurtc.og
tails rn a. bus; ess t- . .?' ?' - -""mfwrt of my family.
A HEfUltD, Ti Jota-st.
Fscts arr sr^poora ri*-? every nay ari tsa.wieeriaea:c
ot trie va..e of tt.sac's i- -----
fi-;:<iy<t--e?^ BWgooe ..; xy feaowcrsatares
wao m.v oe sat.^teo. .a aae ijcs ??sy, '.aC.cea m= U. stsie
ae asioJisauij! cure of cy ct?i. -aica IsutaUows; Three
>e?_-? a^o a^ aUiCHe-t -...as e..^^ a;^,a tae a.- - Of
ataaece,*! ch ^'e* .o arge thai ...a a a au teac u> oae
ig;. Uaia.?y oruke,?K^i-; isr^- ij.sa..t e? of aaal
ter. acn teotou russJAsraVL-g anal ae ?a?rrt'ictiw ? mere
Mccti He sonesed pain rseteas-TllSshsS. Irsployei the
beat pnysidsBS snd,maCe iseot a ^ est -aa. j irae-.-.-i
Without' r'j- ?- 1 ati asp my a. ad ts est ate. I w,.
htdnced by a friend ?t ? aar? o? hea.ia< powers of
Roaae's I od tao Lit-exa-at to iryia 1 am -appv to say mall
aad a jl used oac r>ot-e Oesore ihe t ;es comuieaceU oeal
i^e. aad jeiweaJi; a^^iuvciaiioiiauosXeC.aaribofore
I tuid a?e<l aSe socona iwtsr hsi was a-erlcciiy wei- JJriN
S EAoTON.No..??3ti aveisa. ?rac.pal Depo^ S. IN
GL&?0L1 k C0.JC Johs-SL aay!2 laaeoi'lsap
Atrrteairural School.
Tb>; Rochester American ?toies iht! P: Lee *
Agis ultsral Scho?.i h? opened under ;cc?i aajj.0 t. T>.e
location selected f.r tili lascttttica is the residence ar.d
:?-:n ef ? Irrt. Hi*-*- n lit?, n. is C* :-r*n ct' .Vhcatland.
- ?een miles from B.-ches:er. A camber ct mieliigcrit
.inj mea hive airvidy catered the school, ant o.her?.
nearly :* the rec,udrel eitern, have ccgaged situations
the-el-. There are. however, a few vacancies which may
be secured by early appiication.
sVaention is to be jives tc all the braache* of academical
iJt '-r r. ;a>. :cr.t :...;s ^Hi be
provided. The Principal will devote his lasers caitfly to
what is. In fact, the crea: object of the school?a ptaioso
ph.cal. c>.?.ii.:c.i. aiC p .~i..a. >;;.?o^;i*i: ei scc^cg to
Agrfca tme.
Trie tnstit.itica is 'arnisbed with art excellent apparatus,
sad the acaiyais 01 soils, Jfco. has already retriroenofd.
Kemnrkable LonKi-vlty.
To the E?i'.cr rf The Tr in ie
I last evening had the -.nor of an bnedcc.'lon to a very
reaniks::? petscaage trcin F.-aniturt, HetkimerCc. N. Y.
T&e name ot the individaal to whom I allude is BtWA
h;n Keavly. who has resetted the extreme ige of 111 j .*.-??
p. sses--i:.g even yet, to all appearance, a degree of men?
tal aud physical e:.ergy in no way dispersging to a robust
comrdtutlou of 75 yens. Apart freni the assccUtioa of
ideas wb-ch the presence of such greet vre produc??. I
cause: but regard US sppesranee a* extraoidinary ; sucn
as ???> ...-p.re ... b. uoideraa tosapltcaole impolseof rev?
erence and awe.
Jlr Hervey. ore hundred yes-s since was a resident or
the raeged hills of Connecticut?a Volunteer in tne Kevo
iuiiou? ui der the immediate command ef Washirjton and
P its m-and to use his own Isagcage.has "off and ou."
. tfdatcd os clergyman for the iast 7-' years. His ettnoa
ii n appe rs to H.it: teen plain?illustrative of the ate and
factious tor education 100years sgu In America.
This veoeraoie man ; oposes ?o<'ti to entertain the p-od
people ef this City by h:s p esei.ee and a short Lecture.
??? i b 1 trust the Press will announce iu due time, as none
can a Indifferent to and i.ear -> eauaoidtnary a ruin.
Eighth W'axd. >. Y..May lb. Is??. J. W. II.
E &~ The Slave Barney, who was convicted of
the murder of PbUauder, will have to undergo the severe
sentence of the u* on the 22d mst.. as Judge Butler h >s
refused tc grant h.s discharge on the appeal made by his
counsel. [Charleston .Mercury M.i> S.
patent ilUcuiiu-s.
I^RE following c uie ? f Brunei lei Consumptloa i< pur?.
!:?lieii from smoeg ih? g e\t iumr?r - f cures att-le n
[i. [ty by the use i fSCHENCK's PULsfONIC SYRl'P.
1 i puriiish a.i >%..?l4 occupy too much specs:?i tbelrfore
- e. t th-f ?lowing L-'-thiise who have p.eti prououncei
n urabie read it csrt l . !v and pon er well
? Sever'l yrnr* ag... Whtut at wert. 1 got wet la a sioim
of ruin, which gav? me cold. The dt?? u-e ?eu; .j upon " v
? 'irg?. giving tu- a cou*h. |Min la rnv breast, sod gro?t dif
' ?: ly of hrestl..og. I ?s- then u at ?urarl y re tevrd, but
hsesje was not eradicated Last F*U I aeaia t ok cold,
wmeb pr Kluc-d a ?er, had and distressing e> uth. wbirh
w-ts very ngri?n>y i'r-athir.g ?m ?<? lat'i;ri us ih,i I g.iu.d .
' Lot .:<? d j .vr. :-. irv ' ..: hvl to he Do siere ! up to t n>
care rest?my cough was to tr,>un 'e? mo hst I was often
deprived < f-le-p lor ?? g'eater psrt of the slsht?my arret
Its ?a- Dra'ly lost, b iwrla very OOsUve, v| ,ieo? hea-isrh ?,
.-..i fevei sr.'i co( i u, sweats - my c cestioo was greatly
mpatred, acd r. ?as little or noihing thai I could take ihu
?> u.d re.osiu upon my St >u.acb?1 became very west and
feet,>. a'.d was ??! ailing,and I fe i my li'uatlon to be bo.b.
Cistresurg anil cspge- us?m ,cy of n y fn-eds in this city,
Wb i saw navtbongBtl would Bot live uisay weegs, hi Ja -r.
s dere,] me itc irsme. I tried a gr^at onmber if rem dice
w?h at receiving aoy t erm-iuer t benefit I was an Uunate
of hetiry Bospttal,wbercilhaT) ictorasald I wnltcu's'.ie
w.th Bio.i bis] Consuiuiition. hu 1 was no r>- iter iieo 11?ft ;
ihe-e. I had given up ever lell.ng we", when I li-ard of
?? nt- of ih ? gr-at eure? 'h.t-. !i id beea efleced nv rtcbenck'a
i'u mOOiC Syrup, ard I CUM uded to Iry Iti aud I 'aa col;,
srientitu-ly ssy thai it roduced a more salutary effect baa
any reniedv I had evertrted I !iav? ased Ih'* PUIamttic
Sviupfurtbree monibs. and 1 now fee, hvt I am well ?
My cough Is all gone?my brea ling it ss free ar.il usluntl at
ever?in appetite is good, and my bowels are perfectly
regular, having i'cen so ce 1 used tbe Sypip, aud 1 am
strong ?'i i able to aitea : I my business I am well satisfi d
ih>t iSe Piiimunc Syrup it ill ? brat reni-oy for oisess-s ilte
mi e, Mm 1 cheerfully recotnaseod its u?e to iht sfftlcted,
from the f?ci of lit having l een inttruiaeautl in tsv.og my
I l e.
" I retide at No, 44 Pearl si, tuid ?111 be hsppy to see any
p-rsorj il at wi l oil upon me, and give th'm verbally any
ts'thcrlnferriHiion I c?n in regird to toy os n case, or too
effecit of ih^ escc.ient medlclue ih.tt cur-d nt-.
?? Dated May IJ 1*44 -
Tim pub. r wUl be?r la rn:rd thai I never publish a ceriiti
cate ur.iess mv Pinn olIc sv. up bss semi ly in wie Ute rur-i
therefore al, ih" ? aseatha' f pub lsh ar? strictly rrue. 1 ii^.'e
a great number of new and UCeresitng cures, nbich w] iw
pub i?h?il in a s>> t\ time, mhi-h vilil u? to prove that
SCUENCK'S PUXMONIC BYBBP ha? rure-1 more | i
Uerits liian any other ui-U.cine?ver a now n of In this cuuni'v.
Prepared sad sold, wholesale and rssall, at u.e propi i
tor's office. Ife. 4 Cortlasd-st, wnws persons c-n receive -
sdv..-e, a- d have ihelr lungs exsm.oed wt h tne s)t-lhetcop? 1
by a regular pbystcian, tree of cLar/'e, aud obtain painpldeut
For sale also bvB -'''^?001:7.1 Broadway; Hutrhiogi,
. i ? B . ecker-ari for,!. f ,i.rth ?t, cor. tVoosier ; KveriU,
*>n Hudson-,!; Dr. Qardner,6S Montgomery-si, Jen?-y rm.
Or. .Mercer. tM Broud-sl, Newark-, snd BoddtDg At Co , "
Stale-sU Bosluu.
We enuiijii ths> public to near In rnlrd that P. S. IWamsn
Is no longswan tgeul for ,ho tale of the genuine Sclmuca't
Pu in mil Syrup_rnyl4 gtn^ltos' 1
AS A rUtUPlEROF TtiE BLOUU.lOisiiituictn- can?
not be ,urua??e,!, working its w?y ilj-oiiib the system ,
Wllh a si.er.t and effective foice.
Cleanaituf the Blood,
Removing Dyspeptic influences.
Soothing tfioNo'Ve*.
Itemovin; inie-na. oli-itrueilor.* and dl?e?*ss that Would
oiherwi,,- tense Inj ry tt> the Liver and Luaga
WINEB'a am tSl .M EXTBACT .* w?r.-ar,ied a per?
fect curefo-all diseases aiisiug from eu impure Hale of
the blood, tuch k
Scrofula, or King'* Evil,
I'.cersleil SureThrost.
Disease* of the ??iu. WhiteSwelltttge,
Diseases jf ibe Buoes, C t ers of all kinds.
Bypbi i':c and Mercurial i'l-ease*.
Affection*of the Liver, D>*pepl11.
Cosdveeuss. Ps^pttatton of tne Heart,
Loog-standiag Bheumailc Affecraoes, Gout, and all
i bn ' Ic si,: Nervous Cumplaiats occurring iu deb.dialed
lusiinp.ic.iv recommend* ibe use of It to parent* who?e :
rhudreu are iifH cie<i won any dis?nse, oPtheblood or sSin,
or wLosecms.nuiioiis ha'e le-eu injured by ieug'.becei Wi?
es? and the u?e of tie.-;-nous a;c -.ic'nes, *? 11 wi.I rff rtu?
ff ly purity the i"l'?o.l a-ii ren r.'ate i.'ie system *:'.d wire
l' e symptoana Of ?crofo * sre in the l?'ot degree; vltttlie, Ibis
medicine, if p. opci y ?dminisleicd, will most sureiy aUtter
Uiinaie iL
Tbl? meclcine It much cheaper, pieataafer, acd warran?
ted superior many < th-r *o'a.
The i otic wing ce-ffirate* are selected from amoog many
oilers is possession of tee proprietor*.
Pur farlter pailtcul*<* and conclusive nvlderce of the
v? o- aud e:f. ;encv of Ufa tuedicaLe, *ee pamphieat, watch
may be jbistced uf sgeats giatls.
Philadelphia, Jan. t, 1 -1-.
Mr. i." fl. G. A'wlse?Sir; 1 b.vB inec ibe Arc*nnm Ex
trsct wqicIi you exioi.ed so uign.y. anil rind u ail, and in?
deed mucb beiicr utsu you r**toaus*sadsjd it uj be_ prev.
ous to my t?*log tr*? A'Can^iu, 1 was comp etely covered
wiin on icf.-*. no partofary t?odyoriimb? te-tng exei";iteo,
and leisiae 1 wa? gre^'ly afflii-t-il wiut ine plie*. Before I
h>d u*ed lie Arcaium -lie ?e-?. lae uioltf.e* leagaa to dis?
appear, and my piles to become easy. I ?m uu? in fieturr
beuilh than I h?v- re-en 'or a number cf v?ar?, and all ow -
mg. I aui truly convinced, to Uie use of Winer's Arcsr urn
1 eao col* aenltoosly rec immend ,i a* one of the ver/ oe.i
medicines tat *ctuiu.ou* sfvoivu* or eruptions 1 ever
hsaxdoL Ifours truly,
L a bLODGET. 'ii S'-uib-tt.
Pllll.AOLLrHIA. J*o. SI, ft*
Mr. K. B 0 Suul??-S.r: Bellevin* Utal Wlce;-, Ar
Cmu ? Exuact Is *e.i ca.cu.aie-1 to sfjord relief Ui itie>
??.?? wiware now s^ffettcg i 'ee. cuiupeled.ic accord*
st.ee wun my pr,nc p e* 01 pCuicthropj aod Qiuiaaii),
"l u-b as I Uis.iie to aa.e aiy bmbo paraded bet?re it" r'jt
. c is * srfer ? f ?ny patent bis: , .w. i tu ?.sie a Case woutn
csme UDdel tny yv.n tu.ui-Ciaieoo-e-rvatii-a
My ..I grand?oa, sooul LL/ee years of sge. ha* been
taStcteS wtui a oreaaing out a.1 over t:* body ai-d face ^.ce
?.e *> *s i *o at sattia o.o. Sevetwlpbystetaae werecaUed ..
U/seenim. and ihey all piunmiace-t It a fterediUoy ?rrofti
iouo sdeeiioti. fcle was SCOOstant sOUiCe o: annoyance,to
Uto her and -i utCsssappsreutly s-S -red :ae most intense
beta himself. One 'i HU brothers baring died *b?/ui tbrr??
v-'.r.ago, ?:t-r b?*iog tad me " WL t- SsreltlBg," It was
fearea by ine fsinny uat 'a;* CUM wou.d soon fonow aim.
A'ler na'.nj; ->?eC ?.. a** -..?..'tioious JtediciLO wucm my
resell. I ccanced lu se? aa a-ver;tsemeCl f-T lae saie oi
Wtnei'* Arcaaum. 1 pi*cna?e?l a botne. and after r.?rtn*;
used It three weeat. lEo ?uy is ecureiy free from any erap
Loss, bis geLsrai coana is muca improved.anu be is now
pionounced oy pay s.c-aa* lu oc cured. Tin caild may t>e
?ceaaiaiy tane, by c?. 1 g al bo. i9 Soath-'Oth-st
I am, tir, your v-ry grsteru: servanL
Price Si per bot:le, or iu bellies fo- $5.
Prepare^ by Jo?a Vs iner s Co. S3 Malden-iace, KeW
Tork, ?u.e prup.-.e-.rt for tne L";i e<2 States.
F .-r ?aie oy Llaar.es H Liag. l?d Br.is.way, cornerof
J.da-tLi Wysu a. Ifslfhaill. Igt Ku.umsr,; a. A. Sacds,
... dowery, coiner u: apruig; J. *t L Codllagloo, Sod
Hudson,Ctsraef <J S^ria^ , J. W. Bisa.-fd, ?1S B.'oal*ay,
g.i t. Nj I Dtrlslun-K.
la Brouaiya, b.? Mrs. Hsyt. 13S Fult"n-sL; t Brice. 27
James-st, ? T. ig.jt a Co. corner of Alianac sod Co
.. a ? ?? ? De. ;.-a.-.e. .t; ru.Ljn *l ana ;:. c cf toe
Lang Isis_; S^r, and ^ .. . j - fitroagbuut ate UraUed
staisra myS Itnfnits?Weosi
t ?HAM a ien'-TLAiV-Aii tcterasi reiaedy. Is
certain cure for t_e P_?*. oiL-rt-s. or eaMrttal, i,.ee<:jig
IX \>.^1. tve^l si U. P_i-0-sl I bilsUi-tL ?g..l Jja f to
pn- tor. a regaiary ecacated Phy*taaa of tweciy years' ex
n-sramce. eocaaed tu aa office practice, waere P..os ai>l al.
CnroL.c -iseasea are *acc?-s?fu..y trt-aled. Medsctl Offce
; n.,?rMn.t t'MKssr-tv- ssr.Eit-ti mal? amLtatW
ii)in?iT?D Srja?tTis.
WTITOOW shades^?7TIIfZ3377 shades:
Z l IS t'alr.a. '^'^.= i*le and Bela-l?:on? etling la
^,01H'pa.-t uf inter*).' V.-*i, Abo?y Lr-jtalas. lluaia;
Ajcaea, F-ui Lsattscsp*:*, Desert Seece*. Scr^.t Pnaer^s,
at an of wtdca are p->.r.^rc by ave most ee..ooraieo ln*ian,
Precta *--d Americsa artists, wsrraausd watbsMo an 1 per
r-r-j, w-aespsret-l; al a great reouctt a froie ii.rj^rr pr.ee*.
' EDWaJLD * A.Nan-.r,
rr. -? 14 : sals N * 20 Cethar.-e-,: -. ?-.; n sin iipieni
^?KBNWlCU-sT. W~l S Uilw Sbvte De pot-Tne
VJf ,>..-:.-.-, save rene-_ uug?e WtuStOt* Stis-le
St-jre at So. 147 ur-ea?riog. Leii ioor to Lee's Dry
Gooas Store, waere tae.._ -ffer for ssos a new *id coui
p;s?s stuca uf Wuidow Soadea, cqua. la slj.e, Variety or
,-?^.iy iu ?ay la uie City. 121 at t-.e very lowest cash prices,
e.icaaser*, ettar wau.ess.e c-r retail, will tad itaa aa es
csaeot op jortaai'.y for rrakTg taetr ?euscUucs at sais art.
cut of trace. BF.RB.IaN a, GaXAAON.
cayi Isu- ho. 117 Greertrtrlavb-et. K. 7.
WBOIOJ NO. 13>7.
patent filc?irincs.
to*. tss exaeovaL ?>o .'iiJa.'isr cots or *ix
Cls?.s?> ?alSIS? ti^SI ?> IMfCXI STST? Or
tu s. aiooo o* lutiii or tx* svsTa-e. ess:
-Scrcra-u , A Bag i r.Vu. fi afaaassxtsss* Osstsasstl lV'?uff*j
fTfxjtiinj, f^:.f,in^r ."a.'"-..*, ?? fA? >'.?.*. W<rte. rCt?,
('.Stoat, ?je** da/ .>..??*? 1 otter. ?">*???.
u. {rwCM r?,a ?1/ aw .v^i ss?e.fs??ti,3*aAssi ? Clem,
tjftkJUit ijijiflMI, .'ni'iiii f ?m/wgs ujsJ iXanwri
arutaf j^-m ?a '?aratrn-sew hsc ?,' Mfrcaej. .isciiet er
J^rafuj. tij?vf er iayrminnn ui L?/*- .i-n>, CArsase
C- vtuti.'iww. iyuurtarr*.
'J'-i? v.*.-? evi "widelytaipwit,
A aad every da* t-a? r.- a of 't? usetuxesa u exieeolng. il
'?? approval awl ai.htv recotiuneaded ??? Payslclaua. aac la
adraltled Uj !se ine mo.; powerful aad seaicansg prerarell. a
:ro c tfce root .041 ha* ever b-eo eiup:oyeo n medical prac?
tice.. Itiano*KscallttAwnpsvalajll, Oot gyMMfa , caieociag
t?rougti xe who e .j s.r.a. Ii -tcniin Um poisonous ei
etaeeu In the Uiosai ?-0 leesovea * *>ea;ir.? uoe t.? U>? 0f>
<aus which Kooerate .nat buM. In ?CMtalotM and ... rj.
leniel disorders, the result t? .'.-i.^t oi ibe sores
sod pcstu rs; In raeurnairsm and vicer pau.ru; aaVccons . ;
ike muscular rbre, a speedy removal of me pa.a. and in ah
Case* a ;(?f?v o' streegtb, aee,uag fvfp wita use retreat o(
. e disease from the system, h u put up m a aig.tuy v-ou
eenirated :<.rm for coaIeaieace aad pcrtabi.lty, ?02 wbeo
muted according to the dtrevcoos, e?.-h rsnaie will maao
1 time* -re 0, latiUQ t<<?: ID oac paart, aad :? tae-o super'.
>r x rnedkanal value 'o tse. vaifc. ua piopaoatHKie Casar in* ibe
came. The proprietors are elraoaa 0 *i.y reoe;\icg u^n*
Biala of -.e ex??> reepecattkecaaracier. ie*uf> xg 10 iu greai
ralne a? *c at uve aco curaaive uieuicmn.
TBefo;.o?rin#; ceruScaie u on.y auo?ier link. In :he creat
rnain >? .r>. no tie merii*. Lei Se as?ted reaj aao
be coanocro. Vi bat It iiaa done ouceli erUI do again.
SaooauTs.N. V. Mayo, 134S.
A.B. i D. S?cda?i>n.. I leel .i'Si:'?lm Ij uiaaa
knowi. ire medicue whcn.'.n ibf hands o aaserctlttJ
Pn?vlderi(*e. rita tveea :heute*u?o.' reatotteg me>o&eaitb.
I wucoLti^edio my bed or most of .Be unie (or 01*0;
veers, durtoe wbicb period 1 ? a* ander ine Ueatmeat 04
?e-era. eiui.011 KB)a c:a..s. aad jseu L1?ir DtesCtlPasl as
srllbUul.'* oeoefit. cxoaplooe by avaom l ^ssi,>rs,*iu?tiute
mu> hie ieved tie i"oauuuoeu the Uisesse lo he scrofu.a.
cowaeced vnib carbuncles, aool the Inda i.:i>>uoa *n.i 01s
ires??hich prrvaied my sys'ea?, eras ? t.evounu<
dune; rn tab situation I wa. attacked aviih a ?eve?e coiu,
and ibo oi?>?se set :i ?reatooased ?><? r 1 eras advised
.0 use Swaim's i'ihi-i ? 1 on o.d :ne eui Blue g ajd. anu
my ftien '? 1 eaoldIag :uy ue;- oiaiiir c^uouiou a used uie
IO UteyowSarsapanUa 1 ^o a. ted soiueimruedtateiy and
Soon [OU d t?^etu lioul its Use, by eaastug MJ psinia, a:
sie 1 ??* aisibts 10 be fraught ?rlm baacelul sinunbess
v\ bcu 1 begat, to ttae ihn SarsaparUta I rent ? eou??ni
heart Ihn b&tag and ach.B< .!;.i.e?a tcrou^h ul my ?hole
ay?i-:u. ai?.'aco'niu ia. Burning between tre ?nouldrrs,
??ti'l'ti at nt-rvsls syrea'ii.^ oo?r Use whole body pro
ilueed a soiarueg la me salu uke a sea d. 1 Bad > no tumor
and tiree utcen ..n tur right sue an 1 aaothei ulcer 00 tue
.eft. and UjesaaarUag soreness o( lata uloars deprived meo4
sit rest. M ? tcet ?1 re vr.y Bataf iai,d ,a.ue so UM) 1 could
not bear a shoe upon to. 1.1. .auca wu xy siiustiou ou com
pjeiicxg uM use of wie Sarai.art,W, atid I had Bot takeu It
Ulaih'rtllxe be(. .-i - u .?r? were all Ketleo, my gen
rrui h'illb ui icri Unprovsd, 1 C"Ul: wear my suoes aud
walk tu the upeo all "Inch I couid not .10 lor mote loan
atghtyevs. 'irust ?i '. ai a.I ?in are atll.o.ej may uselbe
rlgai medictte, 1 reaia'. yours amcereiy.
ACU vail o H.a.; No. 1^7tield it
U'e lia.'o been witnesses 10 ;ho remariab ? cure effected
by Sands's Sil ?apariuiin Mrs Ki?h,,r.d fti-a-rfuily bear tea
limoay to ibe tact. K.Ml'.Y M. TrtlBK.
Urs UAH l.lN.Vt aJCK ER.
The following tnleresUng .-?.eis ptcseuted.ai.cl thertad
era ia\ktad to iis careful perusal
ELiasBf iiroRT, N. J , April 21, 1816.
GeMlerr.ei. T"e.ve yes > j." I ?as atiacaeo ?tih a
?welliogabout tiie an?i- which graduaU} extended up
? sr.i. 11.1 res-iarf U) exUsultUiUI 1110 leg *?aa eulire.y en
ve.oped in dis-ase, wmcb proseo. to ; e. rrjslpi-las or is I
rheum, the trehtu* ant htlrntug at cm-.? wer? almost in
supporaa'un. Ths sun crsciedand sometimes w-iterdis
ehsrgeU frealj, el u her ninut u:msly w?t-r ar.d pus. My
satfrrings finally 1 erarno so severe, and th* 1 in > so murn
rjteeaseo, thatamputadoo was n- ocnueDd.-d as heu.K Ute
oaly mosoa likely to preterve inv life. A lew weeks nuce
I ;.-ea .1 .?:' . hub resaaraable corsss ;.?rioruteo. by t-o um? of
your SsTsapartlla, and Im med Lately resolved oukivxK ita
uiai. dto resu t of which, 1 am In. . . 10 say. Is a cure of the
ilis.-a.e. i i?ed ib.- S irsapai ;.a in coaaectton wt.h th- sali
ra-um remedy.ki d Um OOS put If] Ing uie b'ood aud ryiUrtn
generally, while theolberdeetroyed ajd rem .ved irs-disea.e
from the surface, performed wist I bid sought for in rata
Irorii every outer source. My ger.era. fMaiiB Is net er thai,
kl has been for many >eers, a d 1 ?tutbute 11 entirety to the
useofjour ?a'-.aparili? This s:ai-i:i-ul la made for the
bo 'efit 01 all slthcie-l as I h .ve let.u. i can liiere fore con
rein. UO'isly reevnUBORd .h- r.i to do as 1 Lave d.iue, ?s I be?
lieve your S .rsapsrllla will OOt only re.leve them of tbeir
?Unerings but cure iheni of italx disease.
yours truly ana sincerely, ELIZA s.MITU.
PVm farttterparui dars and conclusive evuieuce of is su
raiue and efficacy, 4?e peuipbleis, wlicu may be ob
biin-.l of Aifeuts gratis.
i'.-epared and told, wholesale and retail, by A. B. V D.
.SANIi ., vv bolese e Drugg;.u. I"" ITitltOB at.corner o( WU
llaui, .t'J Broadway, aod 7? Ka... rSror. ? Sj , New-If Oik.
Hold al*o by Druggists general / through sat Uie Colled
Smies. Price $1 per bottle, su Imxiics for *5.
T*;e public aee res. . , r-^as,:<sl to r-ruember
ll-'it Ii I, Sands s Sariaparld t oia1 hai been and Is conatuntly
sShiev ag such reiiiarasbln cures of Uie m->si dlthi.ult class01
ttseaa ? to which use human frame is su* ject, therefore ask
(as tUnds*aaaraaparUuvaiad Utk 1 noolhar.
N. ? ?To lb 1 Pace It Is free y given 00 brlng-.oj; a cent
B n - f Ibetr im d from ihu Miulslcr, Aldetman.or Juauce
of iae peice where th.iy rt-stde. inyl Im
TiHF. EXTRAOXDrXART SALE of D'. Townsend'i
has eiclted ihe cuindit of certalu qu>eh
n t.riiPii renders?who are attemp'lng 10 decerve tfce public
and palrn off an article wfiu-h ibey aJverllse as superior,
Ac. Lo.a 0111 fir Mr. Humbug la ibesbspoof su?ar-hous?
molasses. P.ease to rem?mber tl at
is a rare extract manufactured fr> rn th.< very best Honduras
Sarsapai i;ia. ano is noi a a) rup "ut ? pleasant extract, which
caatains but a very little sweet en lug indeed, and mat ore
bottle conumis more of tb-! Ssrsapartlla than iix of any uih
sr. which are generai y two thirds inoiatses or more.?
We luvitn the aiten.lou of tbe reruiers of the Til
bune t., lb* following extraordinary cues recently per
formed "y this tru.y wondeHnl medlcloe Th^ ih<>uaao<ls
of r ert n-aie* we have rei eive.) and pub.1.bed, prove its
DSTtvaled efficacy la .useases of tho blood and female coru
platau, Iii. acaoowledgetj u n* .mn oi ilie. greatest,as
Wen as the cheape?i and safest remedy for consumpuon.
sr.10 tiis; reoor.
Dr. Townseod I bad been aalicied for aaonins by a dry,
C Slgbj at least I raised srearrj-ianti'lesof bad mat?
ter, an. i experienced a severe ^ain In my leit slJe, eCCOm
paoie 1 wiin a diairess on B?y lungs?my COOgh very murb
Increased, and 1 had cold nigh sweats I.enriiiD^ ihat you
barf ar-uiedy .'or ?ueb rase?, I coeeluded to try it. I pur?
chased at. tile of your Extract is*r?eparii!a?before I bad
:. ...n-d t.?; .. .( my c 1., ral-iug. and ihe pain Id my
side left in-, and 1 have now regained my general h-snr.
Bellevtng y- ur m?' ictaelo be a very valuable one, I cheer
f :il, recon.mend 1110 those who are similarly sii jat-A I
found tbe mecicli.e pSeaaant to the fasle and ?ir-r-cihenlpii
toUSebody. V. M. II McKKsofRV, ?il ?raud St,
New-York,April2utu, ;?..?;.
8. N. CON ANT, Kt.; tu e.iw-ry. saeares us that be has
been cured win. r. lb- past few mouths, wbb a dlsiresslng
CoUjjii of 13 Vears' ?laadlog, which was very seve'e. aoo he
despaired of over b-rUg relieved He was very much de
bLlia.ed butts now eojoyiBk good health.
1 feel it my dny lo slVe the public a ?imple itatement, re
spt-ciing me asiouuhing re.uiis I eaperiecc-d In taking Or
Towoaeccl's Maraaparuia. aa'J as ibey are ao miraculous. I
preier a-ta.--.ir .; to it my affidavit,uiai mey may be believed
and re.in.1 upou. Aboutone yearstoce.l neeame deblltulsid,
by over sir. Oods aoo a very se vere cold which sei tied od
my ..:..;>. I Uied aoumn-r of r-medles, but wss unaf.le lo
remove it 1 taeu erupioye.l the c-lehra -d ron.urnpil-jQ
docior. itr Kei ey : 1 obialned one "f Ms medicate^ wrap
tiers. a:,.l wen. Ihroegfa a course of I.is medicine, but con
.iaue.3 to grow w..fa? snd worse; 1 in-n empi.tyed oco uf
ourasosirespecuibleacd regniar pbyaicaos, who attended
Die a long Urne Affe r t'j lag ? nuiltOef of remeOt-s. among
otters m-' tur.. fie ta?e m- up as meur.ri.n A c-'ttaulla
uons or thy..r.iaris was Ibeo called and ibey came 10 IBe
?a u-cor.c: ...o:,. and a.-r-ed ir,?i I had ihecrrnsnrnption A
few ii,.a ?-.wiien . -sin^ all tope. we ser.i tor Mr.
Van Wie, a prob-.sionai gcntiemaa, ai d Comnxlasioeer of
J ed?, to settle my business. After doing oae business, Bs
?dvised me .o iff U .Co r Townseod's Sarsaparilla,
rrcbanrneadrag It very highly, assuring utn ilial be
Bsd prov-d us eft'sry. I sm lud ced to obosio It,
?l.houi b ."ever, the .east tries mat Ii Cr?.Id ur w. ul:
cure me. for I was in tar last stages of toe Consump?
tion , and was ? I far reduced ibit 1 could not sout my hand
eoilrely lo; 1 had s.:ociscant cou^fi. and was greatly distress
ad I >r *ar I of breath, raising at iae same unie great quan
11..e. of yallow, r.i ,ody, colored mailer, w tin a severe pain
;c my ?l ie, Ac bal-s marv-. us as i; may aup-ar?a-d It
appear; IIa? a rmrac.e Lc me?from uie time I ouaiiisijuvl
laaiog It, 1 oeyan to get better, sad have continued to do so
..-.-: .: 1 . .-sj x?a ir.ree rn'tr.iBs s'ter 1
Dommeoced lasxg it, I was a ue to wala over the city, aod
expect la a fe w wceils lo res'jrae my worx Jf essilon ue*p
,? ^ra-eiu. Pi u.a:t r Townserd, I feel it my duty
S;s tj s-*..i?e;^e e*ro.c powers o? t;a niedt
?oar;aod - - '? -if- ?e ail who , ? so unfurtaaate as.lo
aave t?e CoCauiupUoc, lo ootxa h.s m-dp-iae.
ALti^T, April iO 18M
Tau day personal-y appearci before m?. Timothy Leary,
Ui me known, woo, on aeiag twotn, -s.. ?. . .?. the above
?latemeol Is true.
LANSING VAN WIE, Com. of Deeds.
Al.es.aY, May cm, l-tb ?1 would sis., sdl for ibe netefit
of I boss eooceroari, thai 1 sei the person afiaded to to the
atbdavti, ano. nave oo oeaitatiou in stating that I oetiere ion
abjve statements to be perfectly correct.
Remember that this ertie'e '??
than any sold.
Depot |~? Fu.toc-s'
Por sale by Druggists geoeraity throagb.ut the IT. States,
tt tt; IsOs ?ad Ca...-.: -. co taat -<er-)' rtotiie ts slgaed with
ine wr.uea sigaautreof B. t . j ?'- :.->;:; j, and use do
otaer. myiltf
AilDsON'a CXacec;r??oC. aarrry Wae Biliera They
?r-xe aartvaled aao rfficacVrOJ -ompoaod of a reg . at
PSjsldaii and grad-lie of New Eampshire MeCxal Ci
.=4-. who Bas made tna study o' meciciae als profession,
aad i?.ey are ai^niy rec-mateadetl by rrany of ibe most ce^
ebrated Pbyttclaus la iae country, as d-cid*liy the beet
medicine ever cfer-4 to iae pubx, for Dyspepsia, Jaua
Mcav Ltver Complatnta, Hitmu a, Ac and Derangements oi
Lac a-i . aad ?owe.s.
Wist Kii-LtssLV, Coan. Jone 13, IM?.
Da. S. 0. Rica i . :been for the Us*
two years very u ucb Oeouitated acd u. .:_ '^it of health
oaaet w.se- aad. hod tae a~v ce of twenty or mtriy of Hw
best paysictaaa U. Chariest, n, S C New-York, Saratoga
bp-lD|;a. B aajr.end a Burnt er of otaer pisees. I was in
Roswu oa ta..- -La oi, v. t At area, snc ca..od at y>or ..ficeand
UOSgbta t.oxe of jonr aosrr. Wise B ttera A.'^r I te?
amed. b ?se. I bot^at mo?e. I et>ejoeocel gan-icg from
ibe very c/sc, and . cave taaea ut'e- b-ulee, *ad am cow
?tIL My case wesdesj.l'ed of a?cwt*mly meurab.e oi
in three moams I have re'atrl jusi fifty-sevea poonds. ?fach
laTaomg umch good. Very -^^-^
Prxe 75 -e-r. per bottle. Prepared ana sold b, Dr. A a
I=?ds.^oW?- Bce:TO:io.d also fry A B. k D.
SaacT 1 at Kxasc cor. Wlllaia-si. 2TJ &rcsdwaj eor. Chaav
? ?Hiitttj for risw-Iort mjS lasod
Patent ?U?innrs.
'SASSmJAZUAJk-?TtlM Extract u pot ap to ?aJU kit.
la It is tu rtssw? ?Latyarr, pleeaealer, a>i warraxted st>
.- ??- - to say ?v.o. U eures dt*e<tM ?nthout ????j. >v(.
?? ?, Ktnnj or ar?u'utaTtm/ 130 pacent, end tt pantcstlarty
i- apteu for tt Spring Med'-cice. The gr?ai besnry end >o
pwr.ority of tat? Sarsapar?ia over all other rrtxtedl?? ri.
wMjjt u eradicates dd?eea?\ it ravigrsrete* ibe Body. It ta
ose-i scccesavraliy to the removal and pc>nrtan?ot cur? of all
-?-?,r< ?i-utag urom sa impure ?lata of iho oiood, or beoU
of ta? system.
We hire received withia the last Tour yee,-?, at our duTST
eat ?.,??.*.?:-*. rcorethan rtrt roccsaxocer?icstesof eure?
perfora-ed. m-sriy oaeJtalf of which wer? of case* that hare
b-ea prvcoucoed lacuraaie. We bare the ir? ItseOtalBVUi of
Fhystciaaa, Clsrgyaassi aad Statesmen, extoi&sg :u vtnns*.
?t >' -?.:.-..? ? physicians of New-Yort acd Rrvcedjn
preserve u to tbelr pa leuu with perfect success aad aalla-e
ram a, w?wt^ refer to thee* ehy>iclaaa W1-bp?s tataaTS.
t or. OHumoa of a tiewapaper w?l cot allow ua tie oppor
, ?* Prr**'0aog b?it a few cases, to watch we atvtie at.
No SUM or median? baa ever oeec discovered which
?o aeariy w-"f!-i th- gastric Jute? or ta.iv?, ta de
compvi.tr.j- rood aad tC-r^g\.Srainy the organs of diges?
tion, a. ihia preparation of Ww^anila. Ii pu?m?eiy eure?
every case of Dyspepsia, however -a-^re, or chrome. If
aay doubt this assertion, we tavtta titeta >o read the follow,
bag indisputable testimony o: gecl-am-a ot U? tilgtest re?
aprvtah-iiiy. If iheae are a.. ouure.y satisfactory. w?
* Bttl e Sappy u> (l?e outer r-sfervrjc* u? sotu* of tSe'firsi
families la tba city, who have used itwtia pertect success ua
this aad other dlstreseuig diseases.
Baevaivs. March 7. l??ft.
Da. ToWKSSJi'O?ZVur Sir. la the summer of IMS I
was aeveiely allllctad with a disease of the thr-oal c teal aad
?. ? ? ach, the mucous nietnbreae sweatee ?.? affected thai al?
most every article of tood I ; v? si.??>?.! tucft a nausea or
trruauuo. thai it was with great difScu ty that 1 cou d >euua
food I coasted uiyse.i a iiiosieoilreiy lo the use of cocoa ;
ewe this ! was Dikes] obliged to throw off. I can scarcely
describe the bontd secsatioe 1 suffered , ti appeared to me
Last from tue root of my mouth lo ibe lowest pat i ot tuy stout.
arb was uicerated, and I waa epprebeotl-'e that I Bad not
only dy?peraia m its worst form. Out list 1 was ..Veaieoed
. w|ia bronchi Us. The disease became so inv. teraie mat h pro?
duced a ruplur* of a ssaalibiood vessel. 1 was llHlfilssd for ssv?
er?! wsets lost my Sesh, felt wv-aa sad ?<?v!?i hy ihe least
exercise. At this It me 1 fov.aoateiy saw your -Hlv?rilae
u.. .it, acl recoguizsd severs, oamos I anew to b? btsibly
respeciote an>l_ entitled lo confidence. 1 rvia*nMraJ lo
havn seen Mi. Van Itandt, of Albany, for a t.uiu'W of ysstre
m very bad bealirt. From these facts I was induced al first
to r-rwure >?oe bottto of your valuabi? preparsiiou of Sarsa.
paxill*. In justice :o you I fe-1 tKHind lo assure you mat 1
esteem It so mvaluahie medletae for such as I have
described. It baa restored me u> heaiut aad strength, I
have rteed about . . .. "4 To test Its erncaey, afior using
00? Ot two Ivmies. 1 omitted for some day t tu late it, and
s.v.a found that I required more, as ibe disease var*s not en?
tirely subdued. 1 regard 11 a certsln cure for dyspepsia and
sffecdvaeof the throat aad ehest| u is .f...'g. %u : .>,?<
raiws like achtrm to composing loe stomach aa<< a.laylag a
cough 1 lotend m future to aeep a bolue or two ou baud
for lue use of uiv family.
vVtib great regard, your frleod,
Mr Van tvleeck t?a? formerly Sheriff and Cora of Albany
City and Cou. ly, aud receaily lu Cm War Deparimeota at
Was hing loa.
Da. TowMtr.HD: Belag afflicted with Oyspepala for a
long Utue past, I have endeavored fremieully to ?rsdtcate It
from the system by the use of I'cyslc m various loans, but
I found out at last, the more 1 used Physic, ibe weaaer Use
organs of Ute becsme, rcu.lenng uucerbun the prosp-Ki of
affecdng a cure. EteceDliy this comp.ami developed llssslf
fearfully, causing uicecalloos about ih? ihroat, n ?, hem. Im?
pairing ser.ously the organs of ltie ta their physical functions,
lu this sutle i was recommenced lo try your SarsaparULa
Syrup, after using two boUles I hod myself relieved ttom this
complaint, and ail Its dtatreaslng symptoms, lu my case, hy
Us life-giving influence, ll has restored the system lo lot
natural aisle. My confidence In lu power lo effeci a cure In
-as.* of general fuucUoa derartaemeai of the organs of Ufe,
Impel me to recoinmecd your Sarsapartlla to Um armcUsu.
Yours, sic jas. McALHSTEB, M. ?.
Albany, Aug. So, MX No. 93 tlroadway.
J. W. Bouek, althe Athenteum Hotel, Broadway, son of
Ex-Oo*. Bouca. was cured of Out dlsuetstog cumplamt by
using iwo bo.lles.
Mr. Livlngsioo, I he g'erst Esvi>cets C?n.'u,>t..r of No. 10
Wa.l si. was relieved of ine dyspepsia ol several years'
ttantliug bv ihts pleasant remedy.
Mrs. Sarau Coiims. 'gtai Washingi?a-at Broualyp.bal the
pslpltaiion of the heart, severe heartburn, fainting and tick
, uning sensations lor several years, was ?tiureiy cured by
la. .ig two hollies.
Mr. Whlim >re Bergen. Newjersey. was anllcted with
? the paipllatioo ol the heart, aad pains tu Uie baca and shout
, ders,so severe as to be uaable to sleep nights, was entirely
restored to health by using one bottle.'
John Baxter. Ii7 Kultou-si., cured of mercurial ulcers.
Charles Edwards, 139 Oreeowich-st. cured of lerrtnle
sores, which covered his Whole body, aiiaomg his ibroai
aud ryes, was righl moalhsla QuafMC Hospllil. and prts
u .uuced licurab.e?was perfecuy restored by the uso of
two lioliies.
Mrs. McCullum, No. Ilio TbUd-avenue, severe palna and
JlIllness tn the head, Informs us abets, as the believes,per
uistienlly res lo rod
Mrs. Wheelwright, No. 51 Cberry-et. sever* palas In
breast and tide?was uuahle lt> raise a chair, look iwo bot?
tles aud is now eoloving good health.
Alfred T. Conklla, 3M Madisou-tt. wile cured of the liver
rjom plaint
Mrs. White, keeps an extensive boarding house No. S
State tn bad liver complaint?.lifo was despaired of?was
cure.) by using tbelssriaparlll-.
Joshua Morton, #? Morton-?L wife cured of disease Of
blood, aad too of bad sores ua head and bodi.
The ationtshlng cures mat mis inodiclne has performed
tn cases of Cbroctc Kheuiua.tsm, are lotleed wuoderfuL
Dr Towmskmu . 1 was attacked with a dlslresimg patn
la inj hip j 'Int. so bad thai ! could r> ,i ?alk without
crutches i aud much of me lime 1 was oi.i'?e i lu keep my
bed. 1 irlrxl several remedl?a. but UVy dtd not relieve coe ,
I ibencnllod on ooe of our tirsl phytlciaut?be did not balp
me. I heard of sour Sarsapanila, and obtained a boiUe,
aod loa few dtys ll entirely cured me, and I am as well
now as ever. AStldEuL WALKER. '.- Daolel-St.
Albany, Jan. X IMA
Hear Mr.'tleth Terry, ooe of the oldest aod most respect
alile lawyers in Hs. tford. Conn. Tbe following Is an ex
trsct of ? letter received from Mm r
Or. Townskko: 1 Have used one bottle of your .larsa
parlila, and dad It Is excellent In lu effects upou a cbruolc
Rheumatic paio lo which I am sttnjtsst, from sn Injury oo.
catloued teveral yeart ago la a public stage. Plesse send
in-, two botlies to the care of Dr. Seymour. I have con?
versed with two of our principal pbyttclaos, and reroai
mended your Sartaoarilla. SETU TERR If.
Hsnford. March 13, ISA).
William Uppincott, Tib Water-sL was unable lo leave
his bed much ol the lime for two years, eaUreiy cured.
Thomas I' JsvUMtS, of btoboSeo, tnflammator/ rheum-tlsm,
ankles much twolieu, wat ??.< .? lo walk wmioui cruiches
?used mree boltles, aad Is oow weiL
Thomas Smith, prtater, lfjt Nasstut-st 3d tiory, cured of a
long tlaudlag and aggravated case of piles.
James P. Ntsltoo, Harlam. was siBicumI with the bleed?
ing ptes for so e? veara, waseallreiy relieved by uslag tuts
mostly. His daughter of Erjtipelss, and general female
Mrt. Conrptest, 137 Broome sn cured ?l nervous debility
aad a variety of complaints. Tr,ls lady was so severely af?
flicted thai part of UM 'linusbe was unable lo sleep, or even
converse wiui tier friends.
A. JN*. Cbtpln, Agem for William Taylor, Astor House.
Daug'iurr h?u lue Sii.s.i fog very severely-he gave ner
mis Sarsapirtlla?ll urovn It yul aud dried 11 up dlrecby,
i and left her w thout any scars Mr C. mfurms us thai a
j friend of bis residing in Jersey Cilr, was tire wim ib?
I .ima I Pox. and he sdvussd bun louse it, be done so with
' pe'f?ci success, and bss oo scars What U most singular la
1 .nese two cases is, Ibe families used mis St/sparma. aad all
! esesped the disease. Prom a variety of other eases thai Dave
j ireeo reported, we beueve IQal by c.eanamg Use blood with
I tills Extraci, ll reodsrs tbe person safe sguu.si ibis or the
Erysipelas, wnica diseases are very prevalent aud fatal at
me pteseot ttnw in all of ma laxge cilisra.
Dr. Towasenu's a?rsapanlla U a sovere-ga and speedy
cure fur tocipieni coosuiuptlon, berreooess, leuciirrbus, or
wbltee, obstructed or difficult mettsirusiloa, tnr*iiQiiner>ee of
j aims, or involuntary ducoarge tbersor, and for in* general
prosiratiua of o? system, no matter whether Iba result of
I inherent cause or csitses, produced by irreguuuhy, Illness or
I accident.
ttf" N iming can be more surprising than lu tntigorating
elf?- U oo the tinman frsme Persons, all weaaoess and las
sliude before taking ll, al uace becou.e ru-Ktstand fun of en?
ergy uoder lu offueuce. ll lmmo\liaiely couaiertcu Use
neive.essuess of U>o female frame, wbic.U U the great esitse
of iiarreoness.
It win not be expected of us In oases of so delicate a aa>
luie lu exfiih . certificates of cures performed, bui we can
assure trie afflicted, Lnat Hundreds uf asses nave Oeen fepurv
eil ui us. Several caees wneu families have been ?iitvit
? . .r?; a: e, ,s::.g a few bottles of u.:s in valuable medl.
cms, nave been blessed with beaimy offspring.
Dr. Tuwnsend?My wife being gretUy distressed by
weasmess a . gebera, debtdiy, aod suffering coci.n la.iy by
pa.a and a of bearing down, fallmg of ihe womb,
aud wnaoUier dltbcuitiei, and having known cases where
your medicae has edectavi great cares, and also beariog tt
recomnseoded f ,t such dlsrases as 1 aa?e desC'liied, I ob
bsmel a borne of your Extractof ttarsaparilla, and followed
o? diresttioos you gave me?la a shot I period u removed her
comp.suits and restored her -a. .. B?log grstelui fur Itve
; stie rece.vel, I laae pleasure la lausacsaowkodglag
, 11, aud recommend It to ibe subtle.
Jt It. MOORE, car. Grand and Lydtaa-ct.
Albany, Aug. 17, Ik-H.
Coxsacaic, Sept. 23. IgiS.
Da. Town i esu?To all whore utts may eoaenra : Tbta
I Is lo certify mat ay wue used one bottle of your Oarsaase
rilla pre/tous lo bar eoofinemset, ander the most a.aimftg
i aad ueileatecireiitasUocsw, Oeing iroubled wtm the dropsy,
: swsl-mg of the teet, nefvuus sffecttuas, aast very msca de
, oiittated, with my permission, and the recommendation of
1 tlssse woo bad used It, see was Induced lo try. with Utile or
' co faith?too suffice U ic say, the medicine had loe happf
desired effect, not only in me hours of coaaoemeot, out a/
1 tar tae expiration of one week of Us use, the oropty aad
' nervous affoeuoo gar? way to an astoolsmng degree, sod
oer health U now belter laaa tt had been for a toog lime
i previous.
I sustcribe myself your most obedient sad obliged ser?
vant, a. a. j a n es'j.n.
Por sale at Li 6 Pultoc-st; R. k IL Van BrtsStrs.sV^eor. of
Marael aod broaa sis. Newark, N. J , C. lagffj. ?>'? <*?*?
ersun, N.J., . I Souut PearUsL Aiaaay; Bed ting St Co. Mo.
-. .-> .ai-st Boston; Bscaus ?, Bull. Troy j Mr. weil?, drug,
gist, Utlca; Grant a Booaea, druggist, Poogbleepsle;
Russuua so Co Hudson I A-'.ore wTiuax, 4cn?oeei?ay, Mr.
; Powier, Laasrngbarga. and by ptloapai d/uggUu gene
I rally Utrcrugcoui the Units? states, West laoiee aad the
None genuine except bs? te thejarge stpiare beetles,
wach coctsin a c-ian, and sigaed with tbe written signs,
Utroea?% p.TuWNSEND..aad his name blown tn the
<uUa._mtHl 2awu WtH
< r iVk;ftWoa.r, cornpneed wiyoUy of ?es^ubles; ta tbe
1j moat safa and vaiuaole comfitnSttSB ever made for all du
esses of ice theat, sttca aa coughs, colds, e4>"v-"n. avtoopmg
.. i -., dllfiotay of OrtwthUig. spiutagoi blood sic The pro?
prietors bate recetved the mgbeat CtxarttecdaCoas of tueltt
' eery m a-1 puimooary cumptsials, from tbe motu stt'lrol aod
> duiiogulsosxl ot u? medical profession, lu sals during use
last iwo or Oiree year ?Jus very largely aad rapidly iocreased
wiinwut the common system of ptttEog so mucti resor ?d to
m me sate ui utaer nM\<r'inrt it may be giv.D to taisats
wan pert-feel safety. It restur?? ibe apses lu-, rx?rlsl?s aad
mvtgoratrs coasu^oilotu impaired by protracted r-mgas.
Kor aale bv Adamson ?. Otlff. corner of Urowd-sy aad
Poona, S Bowery-, Watson. SB ZtUmttaa. Ctatdtas^um. 303
lladsoo, Aspmwa?, Wuassti-sf; unabew,J^?nr Cor.
ot tin, and roraeTof Broo-s.^
no^DatsdtloGraod-ati Iffra.Jaty,*<*T?^?JZ25i
C. Stcea and Mrs H*y?, *^l'J'^',h aa^Sa^
ajajHf Jjrj lasse | IsOS) sTttSSJ99SssasBh as sanse?

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