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"^JeBCJAI. ast mos Kl matte KS.
/V S:.'- - ?/ 5?0c*?, Are. .?er FW:A Aiff
Sat- liniV. P. M
Tbe ?te??iy '-decline and fall'"1 Stocks eon j
..e. Tb?- riurtnationa are not very rr. nt, hut as a '
-?"w-r?! thing alway* the '?mr ?W. which in a week
' ,n?kc?a nmt.Tinlagcr. gat.-. In inv.-noi.-ot Stock? the
change* ar" ranll Government Stork? nr.- doing rather
i..'tier than theyh?v? been, and a leading house at tue
(;?'jO"-'i- ?"'?or uiontha, freely for Govern
Bjent Sixes, which indicate* considera tie < oni dew e in
the swbiutv of these securities. The late flurry in North
l_.. , an Trust was occasioned by ? ru--. on the part of
?ooic members of the-Exterior liourd. win whispered
about in great confidence to every body that they h?I
poslii.eitnovvi. dgetii.it Chancellor McCoun had writ,
u-n out in-opinion in t'lt* Tiu-t matter, and had de?
molished the whole fabric of trust", giving all tie- assets
to the *:o< khfddcrs. Upon inquiry ot the authority
given for tins -lory, it was four i '? !>?? . htirely deficient
in one material ingredient, truth. It *u simply a trick
of '.be *tre? t to ruu tlx: stock up 2 or It per cent. I?
i. now back again.
Tiiore is yet noactivity in Foreign Bills, but tike
rates Continus? linn at t'tr'i tor Sterling, and 5C30 for
; - The -upply appear* to be lair.
[n Freights there is considerable activity, the
quanuty of produce oilering for shipment .wing large
About 73,000 bushels' Irain have been engaged lor < !er
toan ports at l*"a> SO cents |?-r bushel; higher rates
now as-k. d, und to Havre some I four :- going - ? ??!?
per barrel. The rate to Liverpool is 2s 'ki sterling, and
foi Grain BiHS is hiked. CottOU U nominally idtf-jd.
To Havre Cotton \i t't', cents. To London Flour is
Us 9d , Grain I'd.
The movement of prodace forward t<> forei-tri
ports is going on very a< lively; and n.-arly every de?
scription is improving in price,, in this category arc
Flour. Wheat, Corn, fly.- Oats, Pork, Heel. Lard. Ashes,
Pickled Meat-. M< ai, Ity,- i four; Lead, A-c. The im
provctnent in Klour from the lowest point is nearly 75
cent: , Corn 15 to 17 cents; Wheat5 t<. lo cunts.
By reference to our daily Market Reports it will
be seen that the purchases oi Flour aud < irain have been
very largo since the last Steamer gave ? fresh impetus
to shipments, mid that that shippers have been able to
pay much better puce?. Within three days not less
than 120,000 bushels Wheat. Corn and Rye huv ?- been
taken lor export, about one half being Wheat This
state ol the market must be highly gratifying to the
Western producers, the aggregate ol such an advance as
has been exjiericnceU. calculated on the whole stock o!
the country and on the coming Tup- making an im?
mense amount. The Free Traders ascribe this im?
provement to the changes in the English Corn Laws and
and to the reduction of our Tariff, but any one who baa
noticed the career of events mu.-t know that it has been
almost solely the inferior crops ol lust yeat iui i the
damage done by heavy nuns to the crops ol the present
season, in Britain and on the**Continent joined with the
heavy deficiency ot the Potato yield, winch has caused
this foreign drain of our staple product-. II it be 1 ree
Trade which has doni this, why does it not atlect Cot?
ton in the same wuy ? This -tuple is heavy both abroad
und at home, even in the lace oi one short crop, und
strong fears almost amounting to certainty ofanothei
However, we Imv.- no desire to look very closely at tin
causes of this improved condition ol the Produce Mar?
ket, but we are delighted to find tin- labor ol the hiis
baudrnan lik. ly to mi et with a ju-: rewei d.
The exports of this port for the week ending
Sept. luth. were $444,500. of which $292 IM was in
American bottoms. The arrivals were liT, ol which 24
were Auiericun?and clearances 29, ot which 17 wer?
The Annual Report >?) the Hartford and New
Haven Railroad gives the following highly favorable re
suit ol the yeul t|, luisines
The receipts of the Road from Sept. I, 18-15 to 1 Si fj
havu lie.-ll as follows :
From Passengers.$155.001 ol
" Freight. 61.250
?? Mail and expresses . Ig.noo no
Touu.7T$22tV'i 1 7-i
Expenses I,l operating and muintnining the
Road, and interest on bonds and loans.. . 123,483 24
Net income for the year.?105.12*1 50
Equal to :? p. rcent on tho amount of stock issued.
Thereccipta tin- previous year, from Sopi l. l-i 1.1>.
Sept. 1. 1845, were * 17>i;?-1 40. The Extension Road
Was opened for busluess on the ','th of December. Ie44.
The number of passengers transported between Hart
font und Springfield, exclusive ol way mid through
travel, has: I., on during the past year, 15,945. Between
Springfield mid New-Hitven, exclusive of way and
through travel, 8,000, The number between Hartford
and New-Haven, exclusive of way ami through travel.
16,0114. Whole number ol passengers trausported be
twecn alt ib.- statioiis, I96g278. The Branch Roail t..
connect the main line with Connecticut River, was com
menced in July, and will I..- ready lor operation on the
opening of navigation in the Spring. 'Hie Directora
estimate the net income of the lload tin coming your,
from all sources, at $195,01 0
A semi-nnuual dividund oi it', pet com in- been de
dared. Ihe stockholders passed n resolution unani?
mouslyauthorizing theDirectors tor. lay tin tracking
twecn llarttord and New-IIavcn w it b a T t I 1
The following nro the receipts of tie- Michigan
Central Railroad forthc'niuc montlts of this year, con?
trasted w nli the coi responding pi t io.l .?: !;,-t year :
1844, Dec .$8,621 111 IS 15. I. .$?17.127 9-1
1845; J"". o il"-' 83 1846, Jnti.10.701! 7.',
" Fob. 1 ,:i"> 17 " Pel.. 14,254 36
?? March. 0,977.81 " March. 22^254 54
?? April. 11,607 15 " April. 25,720 27
?' May...15,024 351 ?? May. 32AM8 85
" June . 15,381 71! ? .Inn,-. 30.168 31
?? July.14,655:79 " July. 18,344 63
August.14,081 93 August. 23,492 41
Total.$7?v.iiT FTiT j Total.820t7/V4~7i.
I'AN.lt. AXt> It.WKIMi Co.'tr.lNV. f.
New t irleans, Ang.lt 1st. 1846.J
i v-il LtABILrriKS.
Circulation. $765,570 0t>
Individual Depositors. l.gtrg.sTH 77
Wui. Sehlen. Troaaurer ol the I'.S. 280.7 15 17
Due Distant Hanks for Collections. 16,700 if.'
Total.$2,301,055 2li
CASH assets.
Specie. $14193,61(8 45
Paper payable within 90 days. LOS Lift!? 51
Foreign and Domestic BiUsol Exchange 387,255 51
Note* and Poll- payable lu over IN) days,
Stock. Ac..".. IKKl.sTl 02
Total. ..$i?52.!H.I3~iW
The amount received lor tolls on the New York
date Canals during the first week in September
is. $81.481 15
Same period in 1 S4.S. 75,740 30
Increase. $5.740 85
The aggregate amount received tot toll* from the
commencement of navigation to the 7th September, in?
clusive, is.$1..V?9,259 15
During the same period in 1845.1.454.153 37
increase.$135.100 7"s
The New Orleans Commercial ol tiie Ith say*,
"The Money Market remains unchanged. There is
very little paper ottering out of doors, and the rates at
which negotiations are now occasionally effected do not
afl'?rd any criterion ot the value of capital. The new
issue of I'rea.-ury Notes, bearing 1 10 per cent, interest
have made, their appearance wtihln the past few day*,
and ate selling at g; do per cent discount. They are
taken m payment ot Custom House dues
.Markets ? iV-r/u.'.'.vrtftrtciftt TV T liu-ir.
Satckdav. Sept. 12.
ASHES?Pots have Improved to Si' 75, at which it is
difficult to rind them. Pearls are firm at 4 ,v>. They are
not plenty. Stock in the Inspection v\'arehouse yester?
day; 4,923 bbl*. l'ot* and 2.;tgT do Pearls.
Fl.ol'K AND MEAL?Geiiesee w as ami at the close
at Si 62J, and.othe! Western good brands at the same
ligure. although some 2000 bbls were picked up in the
early part ot the day at 4 56"i. for shipment shipper*
offered thai rate freely. The receipts, a* heretofore, are
light and the home demand fair.
GRAIN? There is a good deal ol activity in Corn and
Wheat for export, and of the formet the ?alc* have Ki n
very extensive, teaching at least 45,000 bushels of all de?
scriptions, ol w hu ll 40.HM bushels were taken by one pur?
chaser tor shipment at boat*, the latter delivered along
slue. For 15.000 bushels pure lutiesee Wheat 101 Cts.
was offered. A lot ot 2lXV te-.shels -old at '>7 els. and
IC.iHX' bushels Western White, at about '.'7 CtS. lor export
line or two parcels ot lied Western, together 1500 t'Ush
els. brought 751*1*0 CtaVtbr iiiillmg. Sales-.-*1 bushels
new Barley at 50 c:> Rye is nominally 71 972 cts. Hid
is offered at 76. Oats are 31932 cts. Sales 25 bbls.
Northern White IVaiis at $1 1!7; pel bushel.
WHISKV ? Prices an- somewhat unsettled, but the
tcudencv l* upward. A'S> bbls. sold at 22j is2.U cts.?
Distiller's have advanced their pnee Mr Drudge to24cts
PKOyiSlOXS?There is a go^l inquiry for Pork, but
the transactions are not very lurs-e. .-ale* 31)0 bbls.
Prime at 6 l'-'? Mess is firm at 9 7.".. which i* tn-tter.
Sale* 100 bbht Dutchess County Mess at lo 75. Then*
is-a gooil inquiry tor Boef and im luding what wc have
repo"rted the *alc* reach some IkKM bbls. part lor the
Bo-ton mitfket. Prune ha* improved 2 to -t shillings
withm two week*. Sales 55 ICS Smoked Western Ham*
at o eta. No cliange in other provisions,
FEATHERS?SWes ol I0tk? tt> poor Western I h
Geese at25 cts.; ami HU-.V' ih good. 2b*? :7. cash
USH?About 1500 quintal* Dry Cod have str;>. an I
sold mostlv et jl>. The receipts of Mackerel are largv.
? and the niArket is heavy i ?i*> bbl*, have been dtopossM
of at $;> 75 for large No. 1. $0 >7j for small No 2. 4 s7j
lor large No. If. aud 4 12J for Knall No. 3. Scaled Her
lUig are much wanted. Salmon are plenty aud dull.
FRUIT?There i* but little demand at present and we
have only to notice sales of 1500 bx*. Bunch Rxisin* at
I 803 2 Hi, 4 mo*.
RICE?The sales of the week amount to about *A)
ics. at $o" 62* di l-'j. mcludmg one prime parcel al f 4 Isi
cash. Holders are firm.
SALT?West India Coarsg U in good demand but
Liverpool Fine is depresv-d. end price* ure it any thing
rather lower,
GROCERIES?h'ir Ju last tirte old**?Curb ?? withou
activity. Sale* 700 b-.g* Hrnzil at I'd a 7i cts ; lt,X> Java
t'. a 10j i 100 Cu!>s 71 : 100 Laguayra 7j ; 100 Maracuitso
7 ?'7t ; sS55 Suiimtrn 7t?.7j. 4 mo.; and 300 St Domin?
go 6 et*, cash- For Sugars there has been an active de
rrund from the trade, snd the market f"r Muscovado**:
l> ) <M ol r cent f? th higher, with n Mo?*k r?i.ie?.| u
lese than 3^300 bids, which wr believe is lower than ibi
many yHr- past at this period of the season. Th.
( uhe ii'', : A'ri Porto P.ico ". a ; ."?< St froiv. -tr-i
l rid 850 Elarana, part a; --. :or low White, and
A mi:*, for Brown I'nrre qua.:! <?' Moia-s. * ??>
?ertrce and wonted. 1i>j: the coir.mot) descriptions :,*-.? .
eery moderate request tr.ur : e trade. We notiri
eal**t of ***i5 hhds. Trinidad. 1-W Cub*, both for refining
UQsour do. for d>tilling, on terms not made public
MO hlid- sweet do. 19990 c??: 150 St. Crob: 30; :?
Potto Rico "--i 30 . and Us prime Cuba Muscovado ct
1 mos,
TALLOW?The market is belief -up-,::.-,!, and ???
ri' tice-a!,s of 150.000 IBs prime at <-'i-:.
NAVAL STOi::>?W..-hm=t..ti snd N'ewbera Tor
pentine ha-continued rinn at ft; 75 pfjfd IBs: spirit'
Turt-ciitine ?ales at 'Xl'hi'Xk cts. cash. Ro-un s^-'.is a.'
wanted at St3 60 et- atloat or in ynrd. and -" <r ' "? ?;? tit
ered. for North County nnd Wilmington. In Tar there
is nothing doing.
OIL:?There is nothing;doing m Wbalcforeafljort
For home use North West Coatc rmnan?s S3 g II co
Linseed is in tair request at ."57958 - i-. . ?:-.'? the "?
price for superior. Nothing doing i:i Foreign, me ret i n
arrivals having been plaeed in boa! 3*?J hC ehest
Florence gold at f.1 7.1, and 500 gallons Olive, fl rao?.
IKON?We'notice sales of 260 tons Swedes at ?81 5C
<g ii '? C and - mos. from -L.j-; and 100 ton- from -tor,
on private terms, <*> tons Scotch Pig. of a favorib
brjind, brought fc*4 50; 6 mos. Irom the ?'.L
tPOBACCO?There >. not mneh inquiry at present
Slid the market is not active The sales are i.Vi bbds
Kentucky at .?)???;??. 20 cases Connecticut nai'. 64
bub* Cuba and .">? d" Havana on terms we did not
WOOL?The small parcels Fleece in the hands ol
grocer- h-.ving been nearly all di-po-ed of. the down.
ward tendency of pr.r.> ms to be cb< eked thi re Is
sull a good supply; Foreign is dull.
On the t'tb iii-t. in Salisbury, Connei beut, by Rer.Mr.
Stone, lir. SAMUEL P. CUCRCIL of Deibv. Conn, to
ELIZABETH H. STERLING, daughter of'Willium C
Sterling, Esq ol Saliaburv. And. at the same time and
place. JOHN B. WARING, Esq;ol Cleveland. Ohio to
HARRIET a. STERLING, daughter ol Wiilism C.
Sterling Esq.
At Boston, "th. John T. Kendall to Susan K. Reed
At Norwich. Conn Stephen Curtis to Matilda 'I lirner.
At Albany, 10th. Ii. V. borne to Emily Spencer.
At Sandlake. N. V. '.'th. Charles A. Robinson to Mary
G. I'rothingham.
At Easton Penn, 6th, Lafayette \ ird to May Glesm ?
At Oswego, 10th; Edward Swift to Julia Thompson;
At Troy.JJth, Joshua C. Learned to Jan.- E W. Pick.
On Saturday, 1-th in1!, alter a lingering illness I*? -c
tor SAMUEL SARGEN'I. aged i- years.
His friends and those ol the family and the Faculty
generally, are respectfully invited to ett**nd bis funeral,
this (Monday) afternoon, at half past four o'clock, from
bis late residence No. 1 St. Mark a place cor. lid nue
without farther invitation.
At Ann Arbor. Michigan, on Friday; the -Ith iri-t. after
n short and severe illness. Captain JEDEDIAH PER
KIN'S, late of Norwich. Conn, aged 76 years.
^~Xf~ ^'-' received the above in an envelope without
any endorsement Our rule is not to insert Marriage- ?r
Deaths without the authority ol some name. In this
instance we depait from our rule, in order to give tin
At Oswego, -th. Mr?. France? J. Van Parten. 29.
At Providence, (R. I ) 10th, Mr-. Mary W. Pottci 29
At Baltimore, '.'th, Daniel Parsons, 26.
\* Philadelphia, 10th, Henry A. Deshong.
At Brattleboro', Vt. '.'ih, l.t <".,!. Greenlcal Dearborn,
ot the U. S. Army. He commenc d his limitary career
as a.Lieutenant ol Artillery, in March, 1812, and:served
with distinction during the war with Great Britain and
in that with the Seminole Indians.
ArTrov. 10th, Charlotte Williamson, 20.
V. .Vest Troy. 8th. Mi-. Kelly, 63.
At New-Bedford, 10th, Mrs Corinna C. I'eiree. 25.
At Boston, Ma-r. 5th, Mis* Hannah A.Mor.-e. 4''.
At Troy. sth. George J. McDonald, 5*
At Deperc Township, W, T. 25lb ulr. Col. George
Boyd; lute I' S. Indian Agent, iti hi- 67th yeai
?t Jetferson, W. T. SStn ult Erastus Holmes, >i \t
At Rochester, eth. Miss Sulina Thorn. 1"-.
At Huston, 10th, George Robinson. 7.'.
At Boston, at th.- McLean Asylum, -th. Minor l-emuel
II. Osgood, 56.
At Springfield. N. Y lib. Ebenezei Dibble. 58.
At Concord, N. U. Sd, Hamilton It Mil/.-'..
/., packet-ihip Quebec from London?A C Bond. A Me
gary, N \ ; John Dunn, lady and ll children. Tlieatres
Royal, London; Win P. Keacb, do; Alex Montague,
lady and children, Canada . Geo Jobannesberger, lady,
child nnd servant; Henri Johannesberger, V Muller, lb ii
ii Lager,of.Germany:; LGardinghi. Henry Gineta,New
Orleans Mi.- I. Watkins nnd child, Miss S Willisms,
Mi-- E s Pcakin, Mr hii.I Mis Hurt, ami John McFarscii
mid lady, of London?70 in the steerage
In eliip Bengal, from llnrri?Mr Ferdinand?140 in the
In ling (Br) Atpendut, from Pietou, C B?Two Miss
M A R I NE JO 13 R N AL.
rilK St'X. 1 TIIK MooV. I KUU. SKA
Rises...5 40.1 Sett.-.6 1 j Rises .. 0 10 | Even ,
London .Aug. Is1 I Havre..\ug. '7
Liverpool.\,i^. Ill | New-Orleans.Sept. 4
Pacltci ship < i<i< becl H< bard, Irom London and Ports
niouth, Aug tlth, indse, to Grmnell, Mint um a c>. The
Quebec anchored in th" Lowei Bay on Saturday i vea
Shis Bengal. Cook. 13dsfin Havre, mdsc, to master
An. '.'.!d, hit lo. Ion 111 ill. spoke burk Pico. Im Rottet
dam for Boston.
Ship Moiiticcllo. Lambert, fui Hamburg. July 20th,
mdsc and 94 passengors. to Dunham A Dimnn,
Ship Sarab and Ars?in, Butman, 50 ds fm Liverpool
ui.i-,-. to A Richards.
Bark Weskeag, (of Tliomaston,) IMIlabury, Im Am
sterdam, July 12th, mid the Dowus, 26th, mdse, to Wni
\\ lussei - 99 p..?enger
Brig i Br) Tweed. McDoUgal, 12 ds fin Pietou, CB, 164
chaldrons coal to oi dei
Brig Globe. Colburn, bids I'm Pietou, CB, 170 chald?
rons coal. Soule, Whitney A t'o. Sailed in Company
with sehr Havre, lot Providence- 5th inst, i..t 12 10, Ion
65, ?pok<- -.-in Hezron, 50 hour- tin Marblebead, foi the
Brig (llrv Hebron. Skaling, lTds fm Windsor, NS,phut
tor to master.
Ulis (Br) Aspcndus, Grills, 21 ds tin Pietou, Nil. :"-.'
chaldrons coal, to Soule, Whitney .v Co. the l.r brig
Dove, llagan. lor Now-York, sailed 6 day previously
got ashore in the Cut and had to dis
Sehr Pcnequid, FassetLTO ds fm Calais, Me lath, to
Smith Boyuton. llth Inst, lat to, ion 7'; 37, -poke sehr
Brngnnza. fm N t*a. for Portland,
Sehr i'Upper. Harrington, * di i"1- Thomas ton, lime, to
From tho Lowei Bay packet shtii Stephen Whitney
tot Liverpool
A Ship, showing a red. white and red signal Also 1
Bark unknown.
Dally Arrivniw ot Produce, "stock, Ar. by ihe
New?) ork und Erie Railroad Company -
J. F. Clarban, .igrar.
lS3pkgsbunerSbblsegirs50 t?d!.s chairs 4? hogs fa:
Kow< lot pia iron W H Towtuend: M bars ir.e. Ii M WD
soot -l pkgsbutter J Van Auker. 13$ do Cam Vaih t>0 do j
lot iiov> raat Ketchumi tv; pkgs butter D E Pro? i
Trade ?t ihe lludnou.
r>-i>dui< u,ul Country Merenamduu arvmaj as Ar-..- York.
Btparttd Spocusltyfnr Tit .Vrus \ork Tribune.
Trovand Erie Iron Tow-Boat Line, AsaCTeat?Barge
P T Hart?475 bbls rlour Cow mg 4. Co, 199 do Goodhue a
Cot 50 do Field i Merritt: do Suydam, Sage 1 Co; 35E
do A..m a Whittlesev; S ca.-k? ashes K. Kinnauai Co. s?
bbls pork H Lees k Co; .s hbds tobacco li Usber.
Lake Cbamplain ai Merchants Line. L A Johnson?Boat
J D Kingsland?59 tons iron John Acosta; 12 pkgs b U ei
Cond it a Noble: h? bXS cheeso Leggelt. Ludlam a Co; -'
i ca do 7 tubs butter do; 4 ca cheese lo bxs Oo Jew ell a Ha:
; rison.
Kat^? Ii ichess Cotintv, from Banytow u? li-"t' b.isl: o.:is
; 150 pkgs h-aii,: , o bxs cheese .it' sheep captain.
Boat Utlca?Van Gerder?1750 bush oats Waterbo?se k
, Llnm is bblstim seed J S Williams; 4o0 bbl? fva? J John
son's Son... SO bblseees J McFIale: lot lumber W a Litiu.
E Fish .v. v v* - Line? Boat Th n'.ow Weed?13v?' bu rye
low do wbeai 4?: bbls their E Fish a Co.
Mobawk and New-York Line. Brown i. Cary? Boat
To:::. Leg .on-13? ba.a oats xt b vs cheese 50 bbU whisky
! Bro?-nk Cary: S4 b\, cheese Hoppock St Co. do H
B irreJt . 'do > Perry; vs do c a, t. Peunison: 1S7S bush
oats H >' hoo-. .v t oj ,i c> ashes C a L Dennis,.!:. .' bbls
eggs captain.
; Vandevvater's Oaweco L-ne-Bvsii Michigan?750 bbls
flour Suydani Sage^k Cos 11 ea asbrs Wilson k Cobb; I
dOslohnJohnson's >o:;s; .t doStantonlk Jarvis; Ilde J
; Smith k Co.
New-York and Buffalo L B Line. 1 vea a CarcQl?B a
Half Brother?ii?! hhl? ll.-ar S?.ydam, Kee.1 \ t,-,.'ii i
S Lake. 77 pkg? butter Mead a l"o. 16 do Walton a Turn
!?;: .; l? do J Van Qslrand; 11 do Wallace 4. W.ck?; 61 do
Coman.Hopkins k *'o. IS do t> Corwin g- do S. L v.
Beach; 101 do Work X Drake; 7u do 11 Ku-?e'i; 110 do
i l>..? a \\., - . li do 14 b\-oheesc T B White: tti eaasbes
' KaS-vkA Co. .''do DA Ma.lo.-v; V ivve. cheese W 11
P s:.. IS do 4 pkgs butter A W Otis A t'o; 6 roils leather '
T Daniels, I bbls I seed .' hi"bbls butter.: ea a.bes BaN-,s v
k l o. i'-> :?'..?? ;-ork McBr.de A; Lord; 17 sks w-,k>1 Sheldon.
Purm r a Co; 1 bales do S. I. It Hea.
Syracuse i Osvi Line, A H Hovey V Co?Boat
tvlwrstou?62bbladour J M Hovt; lOpkgsbouer J Biwce;
gi do B Ku? .:. ? Jo i do ect? J ii a I) > BenneU: .' d<
Will Way; a do 36 b.\s ,-neese gs -k- vv.s^.l S. L a Be?cf>:
- Mail Suydam, Sage A Co? * do eggs W A Walker; 1
IVbalee v* L-.ssls \Valcou \. s.a..?-.
N> .v-Vo.'k and Oenvsee Vailev Ll'te, Jatnes i. Sill?Boa
S L Phe p*?us' tods ?osir Dwiiht. Beal* a Cos 3 ca ashes
II a Olmslead; !? do Stewart a Col .'l rirk beater W .
son a Cobb; 6 do A W o.;, s.
Sane- Line?Biesl J T Beach?100. ?' --.r 7 mhs butter
H a OioMleadi g.-a ashes James a S-.;. 9 do C a Labangh;
4 do White a Luckwood; SdoE kJ Bassinm (bblsecx'
\ E .0.1
New.York and Si-neea Falls line, A W Palmer?Kita:
J,P Marl?ks' b'.ls rloui 17:* hu shorts - I b.-egg? A W }'*.
mr- 37 -jkgs buttea 4 00 < jgs B:.:.?er;,o- i. \V.*ks.
Tro- "and Western L:r-e. W C Kiee?Boat I? P Jones
?\C" btls dour N ii W, .f,. d( p L S ar.l. y: tod do Wars
r;::g. (.tregorv i. Co: 815 do pork Kent. K.r.r.an a Co: :"?
keg* buttei Sam Pelt v, 1! ca ashes McBrid- a Lord; 4 do
{t.i-er V Miller, li ' ? -i w ?> 1 K \:--.: a I"..: i :-ite
,-he-.'s<- S Terry: 5 hale* hops Hyslop i. Corba. 6 balesdom
cottons E Bogart.
i tenaturo Lake i>-u. Lme??Boat Wm C Bouck?258
boaeacbs?* iscka do -t ark butter 7 bbls pomtoes I it
While a Co; 56 bvs cl~-<'se S Per.y; S4 do cheese S..-1 id
x Silkmam m <i? Assui> Churchman; 1 bales bops G \\
Kvckman. A do K Lawrence.
lj*lT.l?il. XoliU'S.
Fanners' CInb?American rn?litnte. I
larmeeting of the < .tit. will cv.-d on Tu?-?dav. ib;
in-. at IJ M. Sur;.--: v.- ;:--;i-.-.-._T: ?? rr--..-r-.?
nruv."j ?'*r- tab-es. il"
Mutnnl i.nili'e. No. :>7 I. (!. ol <>. F.
? ?* Dyspepsia < nn in- i nred
'.'?. "I;. . Ve^irtabie P?:-:/-.-?. Call at No. I Mur
W4t end satisfy Hi':ri~-.r of esTJesev. Med.cai monies
r?" Th? Praprietorf i ny-l Se ..- ?< - -
???? :r, Pens - rania ?> ?? ?? la e pul ;c notice that V.
4. Palme: :?ttieir vrU, umj?urnztd agent in the ottie* of New.
f .rii. Philadelphia.1 Bosron zmi bar wore. K.>r tum?
?per? fee Tribune of l?ta inat Al ibe papers ;.. Dcia
s;'r~. a. SKSil '?. >'j. ? s'-V;?. tv? ? -? -?
M_ : - -??
ft?"" The T. -f ?;;.'?? Ol l>V?. -7 - ? -
u - Uli AKTHONT, t .'.AtiK i CO. ZT2
? The Great Booerbnve
-' Furnitur?- Notier.-7 *e persons fur
e of any description :?? dispose ??(. wilJ r id a readi - ?
any p irtiou or ail of their goods by send mg a Itne or
i.tig upon Ibe aubstfriber. Goods of --very ee-errptjoti
! ' i ?- ;. . . .- ...??? J. r. COUTOX;
I lim- No. Jn Aar.-st
'??' All order* foi subscriptions, r s
.v., ... --,,!"?? i. r \. r- P? ?? - - A.e;,.
-' . I 'TRIBUNE BCiLDINVo. a*he
DO other ofT??? . n r has I.- eputed any person hi repre
i bi* A_-- ocy it an? other o'-ar* t> this City. ? ;y> t?if
Prof. FnnVel'lionrand's Office. M ?
Uding. corner of Nassau and F.eekman. Room No. in,
-.r:d story. Hour- of attendance from H A.M. tsj! g P M.
till 4_slMwh-Sclwos
Advanced ??inaina Class.?The subscriber has
opportunity lor practice, to person* ?ir-ady sotnewbat
acquainted with tbe .dements of music, and capable of
storing very plain rhorai music at Sight The cla-s will
commence a new term on Thursday Evening, Sen-. ITth.
at 3 o'clock, at which ttm- new members ran be altrtlfed.
Room No. I1J Broadway. J. F. WARNER, translator of
Weber, -ic. etc. ?S 4tisvod
'' ' Rare Cbajlce. -Forsal. .. S ? .
of tl.e a ijo.niti.-Counties This otfer? to the purchaser a
chanc" rarely to be met with. The situation Is pleasant
and a few v -s" of the cfy of New-York. A pa?
per i- published one- a week and has a good ciicubdiotti
and will pay well. There is in this establishment r. first rate
assoi ?ueT:t ofjob type. Farther purrculars can be had on
application lo iL *.M. Slrebeigb, Tribune Offic?.
st 2wiseod.'
X3F Baichelor-'s New Invented Wilts -
are pronounced by ?;'? ? h<> have seen and worn iheni, uio?;
perfeci and natural heads of hair. Wig wearers are Invited
ti. Inspecl them . they ?il! al onee perceive thai what has j
solonjl een to tlieiii a source of intolerable discomfort,
will bencefortfa t.ea real luxury. WM. BATCHKLMR.
inveulol an l only Uldliufacturer, ? Wa,l-sL neai Broad?
way, removed from 165 Broadway. auJ;'" ? ?? I ?*
ZW s?ehrinst'a Itentnrntive. : - ?
. In? > a never-failing remedy for Dyspepsia and Nervous i
Affections. It is a certs ? cure for Sick ar-ri Nervous Head?
aches, and an excellent preventive of Costivenes? and l.ow 1
Spirits. It corrects a morbid slate of the biliary organs ,
and is very e(r..-ne-.o..s ?. o-lievinc Flatulency. Co ?? ? '
similar complaints of the Stomach-and Bowels. Itsjsss-iiilv j
promotes the return of slrength and activity In all <.- of
Debiuty ; restores i healuiy ipfetite. where this greatest bi
blessuigs s deficient; and, as a natural consequence, gives
lone and ,gor to tbe whole system.
I'rT Prepared by C. C SEBRTNG, TaiTytown, N. Y. to !
whom orders may be addr.d.
S. ;.! in New-York u wholesale and retail by A. B. i D. ,
Sands. Druirn.s's. Mm Kultou -i. <-.?ner of Wiiii'aui-sL Sold
also at 273 Broadway and 7t East Broadway, ami by Drug- i
cists cenerally tliro igboui the Cnited States. Price Si per
bottle, mSniseodti |
? < lii-ehiitrh'st Yentllnllns nnd ftossnmcr
Wlgs and Scalps, may, for elegance, lightness anil ilura
bllity be classed among thejirodactions of modern art. In
then mantlfbcnirej they .iitfer fr.-ui all other- ma le here.
The hairsingly Inserted, mu.i -.. equally distributed n? to
appear just is ulng from tin--km: ihey cover no more of
the brow than the natural hair di?-s. and having no metallic
spring, all disagreeable pressure is obvialed. For a South?
ern eliiiiate iiiev nr.- inestimable, tiemg of only one ounce |
Senators, Members of Congress, and gentlemen from
every quarter of the country; who are now wearing C.'s
wigs, " an he referred to.
The prices v? il] be found to suit the ?ircuiiislances of all.
2U5 Bromlway.up-stairs. au28 Imeodis
tV Bear's sail.. liiuliU perfumed for the Hair.
? Tins Oil is chemically prepared from the genuine.ir?'
gr.as.-, and highly scented for the hair. Nothing will
sooner stop it Irom falling off, or r.-stor- It in i.al.i places,
tiian this preparation. It adds new life to tbe rools of the
hair, and gives i' an unequaled glossiness and luvnrious
ness beyoml any other Compound. If it can be restored id
bald places, ?ie Bear's Oil will effect n i and of ita-value
in stopping.the hair from decay, a single bottle will be a
certain ie-u
Sold wholcsale.anil retail by Hesbv Johmsom, Drugirlsi
and i liemiats bi tbe Orenite Building,273 Broadway cornel
Chambera-ht; sold also al 100 Fullon-sl and 77 K.a-. I!r..i?i
way. Large boltles 30 eta. small gl> ct-. si Imeodis
fVToolli Ichc cured In one minute, I
.?t':'(.? t '-.t- An.slvfie Tbls ls an excellent ari..te, ami
will eure the most violent tooth ache or pain in the guru*,
in one minute. Tile CloveAuudyneis n.u uupleasant to
the taste, oi Injurious to the t.-.-'li. and wiD permanently
cine any tooth to which it is applied. Price ?'i eis.
Prepared and sold wholesale :.t i r.-t.o. bj II. mu Joiin
sox. Druggist and Chemist in the Oranlle Building ."li
B i und way corner i hantbers-st.; sold also a! 1'?' Fulton-su
and 77East Broadway._ si imeodis
; Lectures, "ii Harmony.
City who ma) lie desiroos ol allen.llng Mr, Wam-r's
dally I.e. tine- i.- Country Ti-achers on Harmouj and
Thonaigb-Bass, c in do so uy l-.r-i .-ailing upon Mi. \\. at
III Broadway and making arrangement* to that effect
T?n Lectufes-'wiR constitute lheeourse, and the rl st will
be given ou V\ edneaday, Sepl Sfiih, a! II d*eioclj A. M.
Si.' gtls '_
t \. It, I'tiliiier's < n mi try Newsimpei
lising Agency, Tribune Buildings, NeMn-York, ethJirjuteii
moatof the b'csl new-psper-of all the cities and principal
towns in tin- i'i.d.al State? and C made, for which he - .Pi.y
authorized to reeeiveadvertiaeinents and subscriptions, anil
fully empowered lo jrWe receipts.
Merrhanui/mannfaclurera, artisans, and.hid ? als gen
erally, Isestdes piibllc-institutions, incorporated ci raps les
and societies who wish to advertise in. or subscribe fori
newspaper-of any section of the country, are respectfully
invited to examine the tiles.
T<> remove a.i doubts and misapprebensiohs. Iba Ages I
hi ruby netihei ."ir public that no p.-rsuii is au?iorizeu by
him t? solicit ud> crtasement*, cardsor subscriptions for the
newspapers for.wbicb l??- is the only aulhonzed agent.?
The annoyance lo m. rchahis and others, growing.eotof
numerous preteadrd agencies in t: is city, renders tiie ado]
lion of this course essentially proper iu guard ?^ui/ut im
fKwitil ...
Those, Iberefore, who w :rh to transact business w itli his
Ag.-nev.an I av d mistakes, are respectfuUv tin Ited toh'utd
in their orders at the office, or addressV. B. PALMER,
American Scrwapaper Agent; Tribune Bmidins's.
rf*Tiu cost oi ipvearisijcc in. coumry papers?a list
of the cities and tow tis throughout the Union in which the
papers are published, together with copies of the several
papers for which be is the duly authorized agent, may be
seen ill his Office in ihu Tribune Buildings. jyggWiSislf
tteitirn) s>orien.
meeting of the County Medical Society will be held on
Monday, the 14th Sept at the Sessions Court room Halls of
Justice'at half past 4 o'c.ork, P. M. Business of nujiortauce
will come before the meeting. The question of petitioning
the LegislaturetO^abolish al! laws regulating the practice
of Physic and Sureerv tti this Stan- ? ? be const i.-red.
W>L*P. BEEL. M- D Record! . Sec'ry.
CS I- <>? <!- F. M -
tempiaiejoining in ihefestiviiies consequent upon tbe dedr
cauott of Old Fellows' Hall. Philadelphia, ou the 17th
a'e respeclfuily Invited to join Continental Lodge No. 117
at their Room.No. 7i Dwslou-si on Wednesday afternoon,
?.st. at half past two o'clock. Brothers wishing to join
us wiii confer a favor bv rep,?rtir.g to ihe Couimillee.as
Soon as practicable, so thai suitable arrangements can t>e
For farther information inquire ot
JOHN D. HARRIS.I?Maiden-lane
SAMLs A. BLAKE.167 Cbrystieest
si! stis- wm. MURPHY. 257Second-st
f?7" Heche A t osiur. llnttet-s, 156 Broadway.
?Fali Fashions.?Beebe it Custar are now prepared :??
exhibit to the pubUc, and the trade generally, their Fai.
Fashions foi Hats, Caps, Ac. The Fashion for Hais is
- ? :?? :l--ng entirely new aud unique, as w-.ll be seen by
their published circular, nr. i es.seciaily toihmends iueil to
the taste of a discriminating public by its superior air of
lightness tu I elegance, as well as fy its real intrinsic ex?
\\\ extensive Improvementsin their mode of maauiac
iure and :na. inuery. they are enabled to produce an article
of superior coaiilv in point of taste aud nm*!n and in short
evervtr.mg m .... : line w;.; f? found to tn- of such a char?
acter and trualitv as cannot fail to meet the approbation .-:
:..<!h wearers and .iealers. They are ready to execute all or
ders for goods in their line w ith the utmost puacmality ana
dispatch! --- , _ ,.
B.i. Ci also are in the receipt 04 the buesl Paris and Los
don Fashions, asd in addition offer a recherche collection
of taSlefUl and elegant Par.- made Fancy Ancles, sucn as
Hmbrellas. Cane.-. Carpel Bags. Gloves. Toi.ei Apparatus,
rsr Gentlemen's Huts. -Thi Fa - - ?
readv for exammaliot. at Robertson's Pbtrnix Hal snc
Gap ?Manufactory, ?t' Fuhon-St Ittetween W.lltam ?nu
Gold, i
N. B.?Tb?'proprietc-r ot this establishtnent deems ;: Us
duly to say to his friends and cusiotuersthal be is uoiong
er conuee'eel w:t;i the store 103 i"..ton-s'- reports to l.Al
erfect having been p ;'. It: circulation. slg i?'L?'
C9 Gentlemen's" Fall ^tyle of Hat?.?BIRD tor
Pine a.-.t Nt-sau sis? Gentlemen's Hats of tbe standard
style for ensuing ?eason. are now ready.'for exaabtaiiea
and sale.
The subscriber devote- his attention as hitherto to the ph>
dm tioa of ilie finest qualities of Beaver and Moleskin Hs--.
a- sucn. ttHej are With eoi Sdence rerorcme-i.Ie^ to
P1:!,-<- EirvD, cor. r.ne a=< Slew
Sci-leml e- 1st. !->;. si ixis"
ryFall Faushionfor Hm?.-At ?
way, opposite Su P*.';i's ?!U-. .ng derv.:rd unusuala.ien
tioti in prvsduciujr this style, ihe itteation of gentleman is
invited to it
Tie light]res?, tj are and buoyant effer: of these Hsts
Cannot be d-scr.bed i they must ..e seen :t> Se aprreciated.
G rain recce es tz>ot*thfi the style of t-si? frcm Pans,?sd
in-tantiy .dorts every thing thai u vajuable in the new
Hllersvaad '.;.?..- . .? cusiouier? ?bare the benefits ot* the
ju g neiit and taste of all Pari?, united w ;;h hi* own.
I?! quality Nutna lia'..*l .'?' quality Molesagj-f?
2c do* do.j isjiid do do .... S 00
Par.s vasde tiais.'..S3 Of
Also?Even- stvie of Car for men. voulbsand cbt'dren.
auin UKf
?JtmcTol Notices.
fp" Krv?ipc!a-.-A - ? - ...
?r-u for '.a.? distau-e?Dr. CciXECs I*?oun Vecet<
r?r Hau?. 29 Par* 17..vv. Ra i
Scvp maker, resjrectfu?; in&rn> his friends ao<
:.- d rencral that a- baa iaSKidn Mid b - Fa . irj
HiUIJ n ? ?>?? i-it-im- with joy. - hv
?t, ?ad 192 Broadway.31J B/rV.
F. W. ;ru.?. comer Fulton and Cran
it- it i. really what ii :.rnf. ?"< to U.-.n ps?r
\'0. 2 ASTOK HOUSE, bate test pul ...nett, price I
eeri -Ol i ?Moor of Venice.r a ter and i
-Mr. Edw ia ?<?'--.-?'?. f> . ...
7T~ ? - K ?"? Cthe ''Modem-Standard Dram
T!:?? Veatdpea?f Creation; w i'a Seoiel and Aerendii
Wiley a. Putnam'*: new and cheap edition?VoL 1. pap.
75 cts.
a:-o. Coilyer* edition of the above. I trot bound. 5e ??
Dumas's last novel, Oenrrvieve, or 'he Chevalier of Ma
fun R,,uge. complete in two parts, 2octs.
Papers of Literatur?* and Art. by S. Marcar**f F'trii**?
pan S, price 5" cts.
Scene* m me Roekv Mountains, price 50cts.
"Vice Pr e'?a ?errrfn. 1.'? ?.
W. TAYLOR a CO. No. 2 Astor H...:..e. orhce uf
?H Litre. ? Living Ace and N.V. Illustrated Mags,
PCBL1SH THIS DAY. Papers on Liiera'ure and A
by si Mai ...ret Fuller, author of ?? Woman m the Sir
leenlb Century.-' ?? Summer ?? the Lakes." si.-, two -
nmes, 16rao. forming So*.- '9 and ;*' the " Lihrai-j
American Bovks." Price
A Sliort E*?iy on Critics.
A Dialogue.
The Two Herberts;
The Pri-.e Works of Milton.
Th- Life uf Sir James Macintosh.
Modern British Po-:s.
T'.e Modern Drama.
Dialogue, containing sundry o:o-*e* on Poetic Ten
Poets of the Peop e.
M -- B sr ett's Poems.
Browning's Poems
Live? of Hie great Composers. Hayden. Mozart. Hi
del, Ba.
A Becord iit impressions proouc.
of Mr. Al-ton's Pictures, la the Sunns
Amt riean L-1 are
Method ism at Ihe Fountain.
Annendis-TbeTraredy ..fWitr
d bv the Exbibi
rope Cl
\NflW SERIES of Cl Ice Bo. ks.?Volumes already
No. I. Gertrude. Edited by Rev. W SeweJl. 12roa?
Cloth. 75 cts.; paper cover, 50 cts.
Nor 2 and 3. The Bethrothcd. By Mssz-mu. 2
Cloth, Si 5U i paper. 6L
No. 4. Memoirs of an American Larly. By Mrs. Grant
Cloth. 75 cts. i papei iO,
No. 5. Life of Schiller. By Carlyie. Cloth. 75 .-rs.; pa
per. si
No*. 6 and 7. Sketches of Literature and Literary Men.
Bv Geo. Gil?llan. 2 vols. Paper.*! ; g ??>!?. in I, cloth,
f I gs.
So*. 8 and 9.. Cnizot's His'ory of the English Kevolu
:.jri of i64u. Clolb. Si 25; paper. St.
No* 10 andH Guizoi** History of Civilization in Eu
Cloth. Si i paper. 75ots.
The People. By M. Micbelet. Paper, 38 cts.;
No.'13 Life of Mattm. Luther. By Michelet. Cloth, 75
els : p?|>er, 50 eis.
N.-. 11 and !">. Guizoi'* History of Civilization in Franc*.
Paper. 75 e-s. j e olb, 88 Ctai
I 'ther valuable ? .-'ks are in sen ??? preparation, si i .li
Kren, h c.h.k contain* full pirections for the most cel?
ebrated and de Potages, i remet, Sauce?, Gell.
Ate. with i sfoi I'r. -'. i . Knills. Meals and Yege
la ilea. S iw the lime thai bouse** ive* want :h;* work.
Price .''? cts. ALSO? For Sale,
M -- Leslie's Cookery. Price 2 i et*.
Mr>. Itnn le .'-1 elebriued C.?>k Book: Price 25cts.
Mrs. F.Uis's Domestic Co. ken Pn e 12.cts.
The Practical Receipt ft. ?. k?puces. Price SO cts.
Cook and Confectioner? '.out: 1. Prlc-"si crs.
Every l.udv'- Cook Book Priee25cl*
SEW H' IOKS -J ;-' Published;
TbeApneryphal New r...... Price50 etSL
Tin* 1 oi London. By. Ainsworth. BrieefiO'eisi
S cil an \ e.per-. Iiv Dennis Hannuran. Price 12 et?
' ? - i ..f l. . ? - !!% Dennis Han: put Price 25cl*.
(Iraliaui's M?gazine b-r September?the l>ealMagazine
published in rliiS cimntrv, S-l per anuuml single N... 2". <-:s.
Httirv Russell, ,.r Ha* tear ofOui Lord Two rwiisaod.
The !lor-e D.s tor ntid (. irdeuer. eucli 2i cl*.
T'ie Trs.le supplie.1 w ill, allnew works, no matter w ho
pui>ii-!i them, m: Ui< ..w.-s: pnee*.
U .M. H. GRAIIAJLTribrme Buildings.
Just ire.-;, .-.j, fn au.llai ? ule sales, . arge lot ofjiivenile
Books foi presents \tso, a iol nt new bound B.*oks..;ust
II ST PCBLISHJCD, New Edition. Life of Msjor-Gfoer
a It eu ;uId. Col, Cr? Capti?n May. Lien'. lUdgeley,
Lieut- P.luke. Major Brown, Cai lam M iitgoinery and oth?
ers. I vol. Price, wiili paper cover., 25 CW.
.; I 2t;s Po ? l?l ers; 200 Broadway,
CTHORS and Publiyhers of Phonoty pic and Pbono
-graphic wori ?, fromS?I Washingtou-sL Boston, nave
oi ened an office at ? N*as?a.Ne a-York, for the -ale ...
their |mt>licatSous?elementary and peri.slicah Lilwrai
mis maile ?.oksellers and others who purchase to
sell again. The whole of the a^ove publications uiav also
1.blainedof Fowler* Welts. 131 Nassaunt bv'those
who prefer it. ANDREWS It BoYI.E.
tB Nassau-st. N. V. and UJ3 Wasblngton-sL Koston. i
Mr. Bo vie will shortly o rmnence a course of L.ires;
Du.* notice of ihe InlroJuctory Lecture will be given in ibe
Tribuue and other daily papers aif the city. sl43teod
r one miniature volume neatly put up in muslin, gilt.? ,
PrieeS cents. I
Also pal tisbed us above?
The Poetical \Vr;-:::g- ? ?: K../ . . (Jakes Smith.
Tue I ?1 W OS. ?: I'.-T.-l 11. --':e -:?... e%.
The Prose and Poetical Works of S. P. Willis.
Dashes at Life, in I voL by the same author.
T t S a Drop, bvRev.C. W. Everest, i.e. i.e.
? I.' D?lWT ' J. S. RKDFIELD. Ci.utoti Hal.
? sim. lips novci. raox Tin. i-k.n o, ocmss
The Cbevaiiei of the Maison Rouge.
IS ? VOLS. 25 cents each.?Burgess. Stringer jl Co. th?
in..ruing issue ihe above powerful historical romance.
The : lot is laid :n the well-known author's Gtvarile held,
'lie Ci*-, ? ? P iris, mid . ihe ana most sanguinary
piiase ?fthe French Revolution, t enly.the master in tt.is
production, w bich be aptiy en ities ?? Ti:e Reo House." !ms ,
drawn a picmre of that dreadful epoch and 11? chief aciors
?hs: forces one into :he b. ie: of imagination, rather than ;
realitt ?the wild esTusions i "fan ever e\c;ied hram, tn piace
of the sober detail Of historical fact- It is a wonderful
bocks. wholesale and retail
THE SCB-sCRIBERS baveon band and will sell whole
Sale or r-ts.l. a large as-o. inieiji of School. Classical. '
Thelogica. and Miscellaneous Books. They invite country ?
merchants teachers s-.ti .miners lo examine their stock and 1
prices before purchasing elsewhere.
PubUshers of Sanders' Ser.es ?.-;' Readers. Bradbury s j
M .s..-s. IV'.--.-;- H.v:.cock's Geoloj-y, Gray'. CSemistry.
Gale's Philosophy. Porter s Reader," 4.:. l.c Also, a good
assortment of -stallonarv.
s.2 Jt MARK Hi SEWMAS V CO, 199 Broadway. ,
rand s penmanship
RAND'S 1ST? IDCCXIOS m Penmanship, new edition
. of !84*i. with new- pia'e-, foil instructions, the best pa?
per, and raanv valuable improvements. Owing to the p<
r iaar arrangementJ of the Boost, they will contain twice
as much writing a* can be pel m a book ruled m the ordi
uarv way.
The Lessons are gra i ? -.-??.""?-.>". sr.*l so arrangeU
as to rix th- attere.ibn of the Scholar. Price P0 cents "per
dozen. a.RAM DIXON. a: P. Appleton v Co.'s.
?10 I mis _2"Q Broadway.
this day PL7BlirshTd~
l-BOCaCSS: \ s.tTlKlc tg COEM ;
SA.XE.?Pnc? 25 els. Trie Trade supplied by
he -i H-l ki bei;*?
By J. T. He,.: r . One volume, l?mo ?with tea engrav
ing*. Theeuiia. is are executed by Bar., on sice., in
The Contet - -ace Sketches (-f
Mount Arar Mcami Lebanon.
M. ? j .. Zion,
.. S:a_. Tabor,
.. H - .- Olivet.
Pisgmh. .. Caivarv.
.. Horeb. 1 -. Carmei'.
And the Mount of God.
LIST ? ?-- EN.--itAVl.v,;;.-s.
Mount Ararat, i M-aiaiZioa.
Moriab. -. Tabor.
tltte woi* i? des?gaed as a Gift Bei*. KneLwffllbe pnst
ed on *Jhe Br>-?t rta*>r^aw
. . . :..e--e..-s. ?... srid u.e.r orders wuhoo't
delay. BAKER-k SCR1BSER,
- - -_? '??-.-_- j
pill V 11' BB1 U oi I R SHOES*. - '
a.! the d-rTerent irv.es of ?aboer Shoe*. Over Shoes and
Boots adapt ess - ir.is of every sei-cos of the coustry,
;* rr.r?-.- C. ii:? V-reamts ?*-.? ,..-e ge
-er re*:*, by r ir^bas:ng of ;rnanafacturer. ?14 Ira
1 ?-?:?.:".-..??-.. -.. , a cxmsunttj manu
s-.v.e- -t .ovr-sjocsior inen, cornea auu is-.-.--. ? -?
'ea'ker and ?-*?:?? " ???. i..;.- i.-server*. piLow-.a.. ana
wamrbeds, Msckdntnsttorer<?als, >ggiEgs. A-c-,-r'or
sai- in oasati&es to suit- *H 1=
S?nnrions, sCt. iUauir?.
\>'TED? 5V respectable Young Women: one
j. - a* - - t: i' -? ? 1" ' ' .-? ^dl.rr cha/c
,i .tfru ; rix ??" ' ? *-cbenibi ir.is..-- '? U'se arm to ao
i rewins Cm | rodnce tV t"*st of City reference.?
v at S5*Varick-t The advertiser can be -eeo. tor a
Zif.TM it lied. sH Ip>
\". 1>TED
?, man, a* cnambc t maid and ?
?. N ? * Rfvtaston st rear.
tod children
e Protestant
rwork. wash
rA>T""*JD?A situation, by a ("ensar. Young Woman.
-r'??pcr. or ladte?* maid, and be generally use
r inquire a: 4?"S Bmivinai. S te ha* exceliei:
iQther as nurse, ami to do piain sewing. She tut? the
of ;t;'-rence Plesue cm i; Xo. T Tlurteentfc*s. t-e
?n University-place ?r.d .Sh-avcnue. >14 a
VXTTJD?B i re-pi ? V"i in. a situation as
drambertnaid "r waiter; no otvecuons to do the geh
hoe<ewotk. TV be?t of references given. Apeiv at
!d >? ? -?"
A N T I P- \ - . -
Mac ? bo lias had an experience in the business over
?c years. For references,4s . iddresa K. M. thy note.)
Tjnrd-avwme._st4 i-f
bodied me it he teUitig of heavy timber,
is thai ? lire oak. Steady and competent men will
regtmd'eneonrasement and perinuien* employment
. ?.. FERNANDO WOOD, Ib?Sontb-sC .-or. Dover.
\l \n i i !?
'K it HEK? A *t . ? ? intrj ? -: -
a situation a? issi-tant" teacher in this citv or Brooklyn:
? is well qualified to teach Mathematics. Vrench and the
her English branches. Address M. B. A. through the
.t-office"lri4 West-st sgSteodis"
v \ {) (MM) "<> 11 N "
- ? ? ? ? i ? \ property.
WENS, bi Wal -i"
poAKD \v\NTi:n-.\ g
A in.ard lu some respectable private family where there
der-. Terni? thnst !>e moderate. Reference
A.hire-. ? R. S. T.'Tril one i ItiTce. -14 6uV
7) \ 1.1> DON > TOVi v
b a bed-room attached, can be obtained for a eentle
an and ?Ifeortwo single gentlemen by applying at No. !0I
.. ?? west side of Broadway. Relerence* exchanged.
sis Iwis_m_
JOAKD.?Large ai I small rooms suitable I t
'men and their wives or single gent.emeu. Apply at
I Leonard -L neartv opposite the Cartton house. Refer
ices exchanged. _ sll 4i.s
>tl.\KI).?A gentleman. ->r a gentleman and lady can
lard and pleasant rooms on moderate terms at
o.Sh White-st near Broadwav. References required.
Ci ibools.
W'lNT! i; rn\'- ??. . \ ?
? ' my. No. :si Broadway, reSpens for the Fall and Win?
ter season; on Monday the* Mth insfc
In PflMMaNSHir, Mr. W. devote-his pnncipsi attention
to a free, graceful and easily acquired sly eel rapid writing,
an I not to making pictures of birds, eagles and fishes.
The course ot instruction in BooK-Ktert.x'c will be ibo
rougb, and comprise every tuing necessary to kive tt> the
pui ilai auplete practical acquaintance with the science.
> i ?Ii d ?v an I eveulng. Private lessons if desired.
persons will be qualified as Teachers of Mr. W.*?
System of Writing upon moderate terms! ?14
JLs?T'.i - estaMfshmeut (removed :?> Murray [1111. Lex
ington-av. and ikith-st) will be reSpene-i, alter vacation,
on the 1st of September. T. UWfutiT PORTER
? : _i 1 '??m: ?? 'A ?_
XfUl jrilll xf^OOLlG.
^ceiveil, the follow eg new and desirable Dress Goods
150 ? tece? rich changeable figured, plaid and stripe Silks:
50 pie '?- black and blue-black Gro de Rhine and black
edge Mantilla SiAs.
150 pieces new De Lains and Cashmeres, just landed.
100 pie ??- Lupin's French Merinoes, Gala Plaids-?nd
gis. pieces \:pa.-n Lustre., Parametloea and Satin Lus?
tres ofall color-.
5n pieces Bombasine and other dress goods for mourning.
A so, 50 cartons i f( ashmere Long and Sipiare Shawls,
with every other style desirable for the ?eason.
Also, a large stock of Cloths and Cassuneres.
Vlso, several bales of Flannels and Blanketa,
Our stock Is complete with Kali and Winter '. i.Is, und
. Heal! who will local! and examine our Immense
-? ? s o their earliest convenience,
-!-? ? DA UK Kit .V n?VM.K. 71 Catharine.,t.
i! \ i." ix i. If . -?*? i ? ? . .
kg. tire new sUscjt ? Drj Goods,adapted to the Fall trade,
consisting otS is-. S-.a-?i-. Merui. Cashmeresj Mi De?
hmes, Sec to which he would unite the attention of pur
? l! If
hoi.i>\i.i -ii v\\ I. w\i{i:iM>i hk
st. Shawls of svery descripuoM for sale by the
: ..r sin e on-. i v Ju!lN C. IIKNDEU.si'iv J.
iwesl market prices by
ImlNi HKNDKBSON At CO i7r Pearl.ai
rpo ( i)l n TK\ UKItCll \NTft. ? -
A togs and Shirtings, ol et try sivie und width, all the
know i' Brands, both heavy aud fine, Stur!. Mills, Law rence
C, Indian !lend. Cabot A, Premium Heavy, Merrunack,
Exeter's, Unknown's Ac may t,e h ,d a< manufacturers' pr|. ;
re?. on the second rloors of Nos, 13 ami J'i Cedar-at hail a j
block i'o.e Pearl si. Low priced and medium yard wide |
Sheeting^: also best Southern l otion Yarn, assorted. 5 to
10 and 7 to lg. B Ills. W ? .s. Vl'ar:. and Wadding. I
sl l T N. UNDERHILL. 13 and 2n Ce?lar-st
I * 11 11 \ I* 4 iRPETI.NUS. SM11 I i LUI'NSBER
1 R? i; Pearl-sL (opposite William) are-daily reci ... .
:ng. direct from the manufacturersj and front auctions, I
irgesuppl tsofBru?.-, '.?? .? and ingrain Carpet- j
n -. \%?men they are now selling at great reductions from 1
former pr.ees
II n-s.-.s t'.irpeiiiigs, (new pattern-,) 's. to lg- per yard. ;
1' uee-ply do do 8s to '- do . i
Fine, ? .pernne and touh.e super do3* to 7s do
Tufted Rags, (handsoine pattern-.i pi. e.? h.
Also, a great variety ot Floor Oil Cloths. Druggets, I
Table und Piano Covers, Lamp Mats. Window Shades, i
and all other articles connected with the trade, remarka?
bly low. Siraiuers visiting the city are particularly in- t
v, ' ? ?? i.. and "It i ? ?? in...,:,.,... stock. i!4 3wi?" I
11.11 V ?IssBI RtJ Fl BE . ? ?
No 74 Wall-st New-York, and Grand-ac W...iants
' arg. oiaLc roa*:
Samuel Wallets, Frederick w. Favre. Wa-hmgton Po?t.
j Va:. Boskeica.Nichola* Wvckoti. A. T. Van Boskerck.
tViiliam Lay tin, An Irew c. Benedict, Jeremiah Johnson,
1':.. -. McElralh, Satt.ue. H. Clapn, Francis Du Bot*
L- '.n il ??n-tr.i-ort.
A B Hoocu, Secretary.
LiFThe above Company continued toin?uie Merchan
aiae, ?-??lling Houses and Furniture, egaitisl losses by
Fire ti lerrn- a* favorable as unv other responsible Com?
A.i losses sustained bv this Company are promptly and
litieraily settled. auon 2awls2m
BUCHANAN'S I'ers.an Remedy ?-From the Cricket"
V\ e ailude lo Dr. Bucnanau's Toolh-ache Drops for the
purpose ot" expressing our gratitude for ibe almost tnstnr.
. e IS r-.lef ;t attorded Us. .ast week, in a violent fit of the
lOOth-ache. For twenty-tour nours we ha<l been -Unering 1
the most torturing pain : and we take pleasure .n stating I
i a;: lying some cotuin liaineU laths! powerful liquid. '
we wer- j. most ::.--an' v relieved.
So.d by WYATT x KETCHUM. wholesale and retail
de-.crs ii. Medicines. Perfumer v and Cosmetics 121 Fui
tou-st N. Y.
Brooklyn?Mrs. Hayes. IJS Fultou-st Newark?J. l.
VientS, 1 Comaerce-st Paterson?A. Dounla??, Van
Ighton-at A.ban^?W H. Pearce, 4 S'anwix * Hall
H'..i,aiiisuurgh? L. Derby. Phiiadeipnia?G. B. Zieber k
i jl.eu.-erH-.. t.n.s. N'ew-Haves?W. a; E. Down,
iloci.e?ier?D. M. Dewey. Newburgh?S. F. Hovt
Price cents._ ?14 ateodn j
DI--01.I TION. erst .r-r-x-!
latlng under the firm of Artfiur, Beckham 4. Co. -s this |
way dissolved by mutual consent. The business of the I
.ale r.rtu -v ... be sealed by Ad'red ?. Pe.tlitiam and James
?. Riuir .? WILLIAM C. ARTH LR.
New-York, September 5, 1U6.
NOTICE.?The undersigned nave entered Into copartner- !
sh.p under the ?rin of Peekhnm A. Rumrtll, and wtU con- 1
linue toe Manufacturing Jew elry business al 17 Jor.n-st
New-York. September 5th. la-ti. ?7 1 mis"
I |l.->sjOH Tl<>">. S BENEDICT
U X. CO. is ctbssol -i LtWIS BENEDICT
New-Yors. September 1st. Is-ei.
T .-- .? -?-.?--? a . atjgoe the business under the firm
, : ? : rlENEJU. Tin1 ?.'.\WF.LL. -' o.d ? ai.d
W LLTER M. iC .'O.iVi-lLL.
NewsTcefesSeptesnber Ist l?u. ^ gwljstW
a L
i?r n E.
0 FIRE C031PAME?.?1 - B
Pa. i-d.-r : ,r tale * tnoderu built Hos? .
Caxriaite, tnree yean old,in g->'sl niun.ng or-ier?fu.l s??
sser plated with Oerrnmn silver back-locker. Address CoL |
rhotas* 11. r.urccct. 5. K. cur=-r ?t'-i^ui aud Wsguu: st?.
/'OAL.-l am new d-.ii-.ericg the best quality of Peach j
*U i.-.-chard _Red Ash Coal, clean, dry and ia good or- '
uer. for the following iovv prices; barge"nut ij ii. stove. I
egj and broken 50. Cousutner? can depend on la?m< ;
cmnr coal as above for cadismly. PETER CLINTON. |
.' -tie-af_ Cor. ng x-.1 .ireen si. ?
1"'i?l 'l'Kl BBER OYKR-S-HOE?.?4^Kiiury~in^e7
- - i*--- ? 'iae t tnat Day India mi her S-oreis re
ed l " e specious new ?uildmg? C-jrtiand-.t txv0
: rs Mow the " VVe<lern Hotel." v'-tere r.e .las Sow rjS
' Fail s'-pply of every kind 0 er-sh-.-es tuap'ed
ir trade, cheap atiu good.
r Cl-jaiucgs. for sale by NESMITH A CO.
g _1_inj i. P.1.-.L
f MliPKT".-. - Piece* hi . , - pernne
yall wool carpets, 1- - EHrer-ade. Pougukeepsie
- ' ?? ???? - ??-?? ""? **> ?? NESMITH it CO.
*;1 M ar.d S Ptne-st
ha Do- -? of
>-??. ; r-.
Monday vvv.VNc.rs. v.."
I !', m ? o c..vk. w r.'i a favorite t-.-r
r? he full owed h\ Com:.- Panleamtre ol"
1 ?t ? [>nu:i?::r p*-,*, n: neef
T*? r- ""'">'*>a**- Mareens I Pipo.Gabriel Rave!
"' ' ?"?:.".:-??-?? with a Ch.,? h? 1 .? t ? ??
.olorao.^abnel Rare! | Kvrna.JTa el la
Ticket^ - . --^nr.M-n.vJ.Kov.
/ ? v-ti.i: gahijen; S . ,
V. rpJOP* ol hl'iup.au S.nccrs who are r V. 4 "'it
*.. : * .; ? .'. ' .'**V'V ?w< tad i :.*-:o?e Fiie
c ink:iSottr to o\?^tf* Mr Tfcomp
v . '. . "4 v.," .... ?.".*"''V,: '? e Plan, r -re.
?"'*. ? ? ? " First Overture.
Negroaeag \ej.r.? M* .out N-ns-o.? IV De ; Parody
-Lue ? ? " Y? >.'' . U?t N. . B ...
.- x ?, aeru ? - ?:..?' W an r?,ur rot Protne?
r ?? i h. r. ?1 men -. ??..he ru,r,!, rMEr . ,
C ?-??:? ? una*extern! at ?. o ...u the ipp~r promenade_
Part Second?Raiitoad Overture; Come Back Ste?
phen: Ccmw Savins*; HtghtWMt Hing- Admittance jj
\ >ik!!h'\> vi-h m. ?<??? ??"!?!'??? vn kxv.
-V ILY rve their Grand Cmtcertsin tee Lecture Room.
? ractioo with other splendid perioraiance?, Una
afternoon alSj o'clock, and this trreruneataVJThe taana
g.-r baa also eneaxedGoL Cbaftia . together with the Scot
.. M : ? 3ov*. lit ng 0 ?? - Outa-ig. Iivtas iwta i if.
free ring M -n-ter S-.tk". W?\ Model Ol tho Human
K.siv. I:: 'addition the lol.owin.; performer* are en
eased?MiwGreenwood, a lady or*rare tale;::- and accom
. .. -.,;-.?-.! Written, Yankee Comedian; Pete Mer
i M; - r. :en.''eai'W'ui Dau^?u<e:--D;-.-'Olving Views,
Chromair ac
Aami??iou. 35cents children u:aier W. t.'j cents. <\t
i -on. ERT t?l !*ACKEU -it . N
v York Choral Union, under the general direenonot Mr.
HASTINGS, will tire a C.uver; :.: the Broadway rauer
naele oo Tuesday eveoinr;; Sept 19th, on the occaslooorr
e - tins of the American Musical Convention. The
pieces wflj . insist or' Sclos. GuartetresjClaoruses, fcc.?
V ekets 23 cents_may I? had at the M ine ?torc?,and at
.? the evening. Perfwmance t" commence at j
ri ..-.- .v.-? -14 2ti?
vew-vorksacrki) Ml -it *???( I eti .
Han.ie.vt.i-an.1 Oraroriotrf the MESSIAH wul t?e per
formed ?? ihe Sacred Music Sociery ?,: the Tabernacle on j
VVednesdav evening. I6th mst Iietng the week of the
Atneiicau Musical Conventioo, which commences its pro?
ceed tuts on tie Tuesday preceding.
The Board of Managers have ? a ;? I a?Urt r0 announce
that they have engage1, for this pertormance the follow nie
di*dngtli?hed recall*is, who will sustain the principel.roto
P,r Mis- J. L. Sorthall.Soprano.
Mrs. J Fernuson.Contralto.
Mr. M. Colburn.Tenor. .
cond^tor::'!,',,p4W-.::v.:::::::: :::::::?r:*Tnu.
preanist.Mr. W. H. Greatoreic
? laige and erhcient orchestra are engaged, and the
Chorusses w ill be produced by the full strength ol the >o
cietv in their.ost ersW-tue manner. _ j
Performance to commence at '\ o*cloca. rickets 30
cent*each?for sale ai the prtncipti Music Stores; fsaxtitll
\ \\ es Broailwae;Geo. F. Se-l'.i:. voinerWal: and U a
ter sts; S P. Perkit:?. No. I WallrSt; t". Holt. Jr. hW Eul- j
ton??t: J. B. Flandrow. jSh' Bowery; and at thedooi of
the Tabernacle
******* The-Sacred Music Sodety are preparing to bring
out during the season a series of at least ?i\ splendid Ora- '
torn*-, iu ihe most brilliant and effective manner, and per
suns desirous of joining the Society, either a* r?rtormteg |
or noil performing m< mbers, which they ?*Hti now do 1
upon " .,?1.1 favorable renn*, ur- reoiested to make ear
? mi. cation to eii!:er of the Koard of Manager*,or to
"?Udt GEO. W HlTld'CK. Secretary. BS Calm! ?t
IN CARVED WuuD?This immense wurt of An. by <
.PorterBelden.ls now onexbll ition at.the Minerva Rooms, ,
t<*; Broad way; This Model represents every building, shed, i
tree and other object ih the City. It has been in progress
for more than a year, and upward of one hundred perrons i
ba<.i. employed on its construction, Including some ol j
ih>- first Artists, American and European. j
Above the Model is a GOTHIC CANOPY, ol Ute usual
highly decorated carved w ork, containing,uidlnerenlcom
parmients. I 111 Paiiituic. of some of the principal business
establishments in the City.
Honrs of exhibition from 3 A. M. U) 10 P. M. Tickets 2.?
cents s.itl k< - si cents _' j -1 ' ***
1)1.1.11;Hi'Fl I. KXC1 IWIOS
?E Pturibu* Cniiiii Div
"? "*a- N > . ?
make an Excursion to ihe above cit) (Providence-permit?
ting) VVednesuay, Sept 1(5, I H6, in the new mid splendid
steambo U S>. Nicholas;
The boa' w ill leave the pier fool of Hammond--'. N. It. i
mi :. pier fool ol Chambers ?'. N. U. at a quarter past")
Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, balf-pa?t7; pier foot ufMarket -? |
E. K at a i|iiarter before 9; the pier wot of Delancey st at
- o'clock, and proceed directlj to Bridgeport, affording n |
i n.-vi.-.v of the Fortifications erecting at Tbrogg's Point,
sod the other objects of interest in passing up the Sound,
and arrive at Bridgeport at or before 12 o'clock, thus u' J
lowing several h"iir? lo visit one of the most delightful '
cues of Now-England.
Ad.lre-se? on tr.e subject of Temperance; together with
Vo.-ai and Instrumental Music, will enliven the passage
both to and from Bridgeport
leflerson Division, N>>. 7. S. of T. of lids city, will avail
themselves of this opportunity '?> visit Jefferson Division.
No.'. S. of T. of Bridpeport, w ho, together with E Piuri
bus I tiiim Division, and ile-ir friends, will be received at
Bridgeport by the Sons of Temperance at that place,
w here arrangements are being mad- to render the. visit
one of unusual interest und importance.
N. Be--Permission-has beep granted bylbe Grand Divi?
sion lb appear in Full Regalia on th U occasion.
Tho Hon. James Harper, and several other distinguish '
ed gentlemen w i!! attend.
A [Sand ofAlusic will accompany the Excursl in.
The i ? wumlll.t A rrangemeiits ha>-.- spared no trouble
or expense to render tbls onu of the most Interesting Ex- j
i urs of the se .sou.
The Sous, Daughters ami Friends of Temperance nrein- 1
. ited to attend;
rickets for the Evcurslon. 75 cenis?may be obtained of I
W. H. Dik.-iiian.-i -' EBaabelb-st; Phomas F Peers, ISO I
Broadway, or at: the Srtertffs office, SI I ly Hall; W m H.
William?, 29r) Oreenwlch-st; Charles Davis, d5 Maiden- 1
lane, corner William st: A. T. Houel, 10 Norfolk >>r II] I
Nassau ?i. A. C Vallolton, 7 Willetl sc M. N Croft, 2"l |
BriMime-st; Win. p. Scholiehl, .? Norfolk -i-. Benj. Wilt,
l J. Her on-su \V. Ii. Belch, -*' Hescer-s ; EliCombs, 131
Forsythien, Mis- E. Gardner,21 F.r-i avenue; Mr?. ll ,s..l
I.'l Eldridire-st; Mr-. Miller, 116] Orcbard-ap, Mrs. Ketcb
um, gm Henry ?i; Luke Hussen. ';. Scribe. 2! Sun Build?
ing. Brooklyn?George Hull, ?;. w. P.; M rs Jane C. I
Pi .? -, V\ asliuigtou-st: and ut Ihe Post I >t!.
*l I -His_Secretary of Committee of Arrangements.
_ ,|J-*-~'sTMi: AMI-sP 1)11.1?.li'Pl t I.
jj^*" j ataeC '
Rivm ' walk to
Elyslan PieldsVatong the e.\<.'.iagty picmresoue shores
of the phi.-.-, win prove the most easily accomplished and
attractive of all rural excursions '.hat can be made troin the i
The grounds now- present a charming aspect, the trees
being In leafand the soil covered with a rich lurt
The walks are in excellent order, invmg been consider- '
ably eiiihel.i-h.sl 'he present Spring.
On every pleas tat afternoon there w-i? he In attendance
ai the Colonnade, Elysiao Fields, an excellent Band of
Music, which will perform selections from lite favorite
op-r.s. popular airs, marches). Waltzes, kc
The Ferry Boats from Barclay. Canal und Christopher
?ts. are completely tou-d up with Awnings and Seats.
V.-nt boats run from Hoboken to Barclav-sL until 1! |
' - - ?_-.. ' :. -
f?sljiou?ble (Tlotljiiig.
l\')|, T. ,IH>M.M;* A ( II, ii iperi
?v Importers ol Cloths, Cassimeres, Vesting*. Fancy ?
Dress Articles, Jlc?In appreciauoa of the success which '
attended their efforts in catering for the community, would )
tender the assurance, upon the commencement of the Kail '
Trade, that it will he their endeavor to add to the induce?
ments w-hi h have rendered gal Broadway THE ESTAB?
LISHMENT at which are furnished Garments possessing
the re.p.isites which must continue to commend them to ,
the economist. For in the alyie and character of the cloth- f
:ng w e are enabled to furnish, through the aid of as ettic.ent :
a corps of cullers as can he found in the country, is the
sequel to the attractions ..four moderate charges.
A large assortment of new ?"iods for Fall aud Winter
wear are offered tor inspection, comprising Cloths,
Tweeds, ice for Dress and Fr.s:* Coals. Overcoats, Sacks,
i.e. ; Frencn, English and American Cass.meres for Paula
loons. A word in reference lo this garment In which i as
experience has satisfied the manyi so few cutters excel?a j
tr.al in this line la especially solicited. Merino. Velvet, ;
S.lk and Satin Vesting* In ureat variety. The 'isual assort?
ment of rlrsl quality Ready-made Overcoats. Or gln?.
Sac Sa. C.oak*. De-, ,ui j Froca Colt's. PsII'a./olls, Ve-t..
i.e. with aebOice seo ction ol Fancy Dress ariicles, Scan?. ?
Cravats. Hdkfs. Gl '-'ee. Suspenders, Shirts. Co.lars, 1
Bos..m-. HVtJjTHoML, i.e. _ s2 huf
CASH DKAPEK-s AMI TA 11.1)11?, 7 Broad
way.?J. C Booth i. Co. harinfr received additional
supplies of choice ?i.eeis. wou.d re.p.-cifi?y m-'.te the ?i
leat;on of tiieir cush^mers and the pu'.i.c Tbetr at.<ck i?
col only extensive, but comprise* the ricnesl qualities snu
patterns of Vestings, Cassimeres. Drillings, it thai are lo ;
he found in tils or fore.k>n mark tit*
Having unuaual fv:..'.ies m r.uyiag. they are **nao.ed to
offer strong m.lueemeats lo purchasers. ir.ougB UsBOOlO ae
u-i'lers'-ood thai uieir .ow prices na'e reference ou.y to me
finest quality of maleria.s tun wor*man?b,p. and thai gar
menu poidueed at their esuhliscment are not surpassed, in ;
v porticuler, hv any huuse .it uie Laiou.
The Cuttma- Departraenl is conducted by Mr. J. Lee.
whose almost infallible skill in the art is the result of long
experience and ?ludy. and w ?:o possesses me happy faculty )
of aceotumudaung faah ..? uj :..r.m. an'l ?>( aelerrlng sly.es
of ^r?*s? nio-i hn:n/ ar: 1 appr-^priate ut rhe ?esj.or^. my?listf
BENJ. W. BENSON. Draper and Tailor, re.peerfilly '
gif-jnns i.i.s patrons end ihe public gero-raliv, thai be
r.*.? removed to the New-York Cash Tailoring E?'.a' -'
men:. No. 112 F'..lo:,-?-... near Broadway, where can be
foapd an extensive a-h;rnaenl uf Cloths, Cassimeres. Vest
..-.i-. ic. * ...??ii ??>??... mii> '..: order in 'd.e most Kshioaa
L-.e styx? for coah.
A choice and general assortment of gentlemen's fancy
dr-s* articles con-tan':,- .?n hand. ;.12 2awtl * *
rA HP POLK. - I si um. Sept ..!:._
Company A. .V. Y. I. California l'-./?nr?n, would re
i.irn uieir sincere thanks lo Jt?-r-. Povsxea Wklls.
No. !3l Saasau-sr. Ne*- York, for hen valuable present of
Pbreootog-.esJ Ba.t, B--)k?. Charts, ic so kiudiv pre
sen'-eU by ?ms to tLe Company on the i<xn mst.
(Jn behalf of the Company.
W. CHIPM AN. ' .
JAMES BURKE, Committee.
s!41r_j- >HS m QLL \N. \
IN CHAXCE1LY?Before: u> i net < -.) ~
Winter '?-. Ssin :-. Drury :upi Ricriar-t C art.? Notice is :
h-;r>.-r.y given mat by aa order lots Uav made in d.is cau?e
by ine Honor able ?.-;!..:. H. Wa.wof:;.. Cl.a-ire....r, R......
ard C^rk. one of the defenuacu- ;- ;,;:, . whose p.see
of residence is rmknowm is rsqa.red to cause his appear?
ance lo be entered iz tins eauje. w bJna six n.onllis from
tr.e date of said order, or tr.-.l .:: 'I-...- . . r. -.1 mere- 1
in will be taken as confessed av him. !,,August, j
IrMti. GEO. BUCKHAAT, Complainaai*s S^rfiertor.
Sil law^w 5 Wa .-? New-York Ciiy. _ .
spAKRIAliE CLOTH.-:* piece ladt" ":'
V/Carnage C.oih. -.oitm sad figured) of superior q-ta'-i/.
rir ?alt ati1-- '_-_ -..?.- ur?reho"?*? or
to Newari
Jyio uif
for ?als? ?li?e lowes'unarket price* ?: die w?rehoo*e_
me Newara. N. J. India Rabber Factory. M .d?leo-.ame.
."tri;lion Sales.
By bam;-, kkiukik a platt. -St?r?
??*??? ? ??? >H Ttlr on ci n
?. ? ;? for Auction Sales.
\r PxjVaTI S?ls?.!.<??.? Quarto 6:1.les. eery vajlety,
!n p i.-. ?rrrr an,! s-\:.-~s jUl, and gib ~.;,.e tending*. Also ,
??.?_? a?cl?r men! of Standard and M :??-e?ane..u? B?sok.s .
^.C?LTON. Auctioned
j? i I*. I IM.TON. ? .1 UB M
IJ?_>!-.r- No*. 113 r-ult.*-, and m Ann sts.-Li.Vral td?
? ? ? - ob gessda either for pti:? ?aie ?-r at auctuT ,
UW ..-or..}4 r-(urn? a-ede. l>u;-d<?o: *a.e* of every j?-?cnp .
jon of good* r?!rrcttt?''Y aftetHled u? and r***p?sctiury so
T.-...U?. MONDAY. Sept. u.
a' ttl O'clock, ?: the -ion- .No. i? Ann-n.
.n- s -iv, , ,,, , r .s, Y Gooo.- Sroai-.?A very
, ?_, ? , g, a) aswroneel of e.e.y variety of* Kaocy
????:? r to part Of i"?pe..i .?,i ,. a. .. S ,,.
f.d.-ri.ig?. K.'jboo*, Linnens. Handkerchief., Hoaterv.
' " 1 * , "'"?d Drtawca. ChoUren'* Dresse?, Sei* -
?? *s ? J*. rear) Bartons, Si.k, Braid of si] kinds,
>. s..< I?, 1 i?-?e: K.v-v.., Needles. Perfumery, Coucterand
. *' ' S? *?-> every STBCie iwially found m
? eta . store .-i aus de*?-ripuon.
A -e,.?,-.il p.cws of hrtvuiclor-t.
A: the Auction K.vtu. st livj clock.
?? V? >tv- nt . N,-.? ?..,; >e,-oti l H:
a Lsas
-ire. removed from Bn-.klyu. comprising one
i.iii. .orte, mahogany F-mge bedsteads, inah.
Hand Furai
? ?ec?>3d.n?nd
aigau? tah.e*.
center taMe*. wa*li*iano., Bnise!? ana
? ?'",?>. <??. <tr,iv feather bed*. iaalfraa?ea. oil
i I* " ?:-' ?huM?ware, stores, kitchen furniture.
At -rivate sale, two large Bxtetlioct raVe*. O-e will
1 .- ^ ?>'??'. ?? fret ?-..? o,e other .1.. V~*
at dlkntW* ''???--??.a Mahogany ruvno Forte ;
To l.?.T?TN- Store No. e A.ior-r?!?*-? usei s
? v . .-ii-l-ie ,ur , K.^ioryVf^U^c^;^y
/ ' l MAMHKKL.1V S5 -_
V . Spree-st? Liberal al\,_2ce? ml. , "?? I ?
?Uiieu for nnvaie ?aie. or |.i|??,-i , 0?K\1? coo
sales carefully attended to. I r-Jl^,,1,1??- Outdoor
Prooapi returns made '?**'4u..y aohcUad.
MONDAY, s?pu u
A: 10 o'clock, So. 3? and32 CasatUi
SHEturr .??Li ot the comeuts uf a taree p. ^
1.kins Glass Frame Mautuactorv. wiapri.^ *urf
, t.ntitj of frame* of various descripuoaT' * * U,?',?
A so, one Sieam Engine, Boiler and hxlur.->. * oiann.v
ot ninu.ng gear, circular >.-??. o.e. Ac ' ?
At lt{ o'cliark. ai No :> Hudson-it.
Sneairi Situ of a quantity of lumber, window bunds
lot paint*, oils. Sic.
TUESDAY, S*t>t. us.
Ai 10 o'clock, at No 103Chambers*!.
Shi - ,? .>,- of HouseholdFurniture. fcc.--Coaipit?tM
the entire furniture, carpet*. Jtc contained in Lhefour ?torv
.g boi s,.. No. Iiv> (.'liattibers ?t. con?i,!iag of sot'ai
, 11 :, edsteads, mahogany and c maple chairs, centre
, es, ookuig glasses, bureaux, bedsteads, feather bed?
ma iras.es. tv ash stands, toilette, Brussels, utgrata an-' VV
U lets oil coin. China ami rlsssware uetrtm
.v c ir. THURSDAY, Sept 17. ' " r*'
At U> o'clock, at N... 12 Spruce-at.
ExKccToas'Sale of Household PumUute, be Com
sideboards, bureaux, c umpie and rush ?eat
chaiis, looking glasses, tables, bedsteads, feather beds, and
bedding, man rosse*, show cases, washstands. stoves, Ac
h.iiiv. in mi'... . a...'-,;.??'??
r?\ COOLEY, K EEf?K ?V II I I.I. -Stute Na W!
a Broad way, corner of Dvy>sL
rAIierai cash advances on all gotals coiinikiusJ i )? sa'e,
Ri mo? ?t. ?Cooley, h>.-se \. Hill h.t\e removed from N ?
i -7 to 191 Broadwav, eornor of Dav-sst
\ !.?r..i ? i n. rtos os Si ammri) Liiaaav ?si>Mi..
?.?ll.?Ns.oi-a books?Fresh ironl the shelves of a bookael.
ler, am.? g wbicha>e HaxlItTs Works, in i vots,complete'
Hunt's Italian Poets, g vuls; Moms mj.j Wi:ii,-? Librarv
of American Prose and Poetry, In extra binding, ire's
D >nary of Arts and Sciences, S vots- 8vo; MouerweU's
Minstrelsy, .' >o.s. rytler*s Universal History,I vois.Ivo,
Jewish Antitjultles ; fliint's Lit-rary of Commerce; Miiue's'
!* ?? tu-. Mrs, Heman's, Montgomery, and Byron's Posaw,
fine j bound and illustrated'i togethei wlth nrare collee
t..ei of shells and tidnerals,wliicn win fa- teady for exami
ii uion next week.
WEDNESDAY K.\ ENI NO, Sept. 16, ait} o'clock.
a Ft>> Collection bi lt?ai- t.vn BeatrrtrvL Oil
l'?t\rt.m.s in Kkamks?Consisting of hne 1 in.is,-a|?-< and
exquisite fruit pieces. Also, a collection of colored and
a steel engravings. The oil Deutings are wall worthr
ihe attention of connalsseuri and all admirers of works ?f
art?they are now ready lor examination at the Sales
Together with a fine assortment of Blanli Aecouai
i: :?> sheep am! half bindings, Copy Books, Measo
randum Books, and Ps?* Books In every variety.
Oil P ?im in..s.~a Sne collection of rare and beautiful
;laini us in frames, consisting i f landscapes and e?
quislte fruit pieces j also, a Collection of colored and line
steel engravings. Toe oil paintings are weU worthy the
.-i connalsseurs and all admirers of w orks of an
\l loj o'clock, at their auction room,
Boots, Shoes afiD BuooaMs. ?'s1" eases H. am. Shoes and
Brogans, suitable for the Southern, Wesieru and Cur
Ti ule
At Pat vats Bale. Cheap?An engraving and copper?
plate printing establishment, consisllng of Dies, Ruling
N| u . ?-, one of tin- !"-sl Plate Presses in iMsCOUBtry, CM
IS Inch l'r.-s? mad.- by Hoe 4. Co. together with all the ap
purtei mcea.i lunected with the above buaiaesa
a i Pk:-iii SaLE- ?'-ets llees's Encyclopedia, ceniplelii
in It half Russia.
To Let?Separately or together, two well lighted shy
rooms, with bard ?nislied walla and loldlng doors, on ill*
second fioonof the building In the rear of No. iv Mroa-1
.? . . ., .-.od stand and convenient for a Tailoi, Engraver,
? ? TI I -h ??. Sepl 15, mis.
At I?} o'clock, at the store or A. Bisgg A. Co. No. ?9
Bo ?TS, Shoes ?vn Bkoi. ?ns_ji,i ,-Hses lli?>'s, Sh-ies and
Brogans, fresh and seasonable goods.
\l EDNESDAY, Sept. W, II ni.at HI o'clock,
a the Sti.i Ktmmel i Eversoo, .7 Ferry-si,
II) order of the A??igne?sof \V. W. Edward*. Kik) sides
Sole Le Uber, with otbei articles in the hue.
THURSDAY. Sept 17, IS40.
\- v .--k. at the store of A. Claslln, No.US Pearl-st,
Boots Shoes ?no BaocAjsa*-tKWcases Hihik. Shoes ami
Brogans i romprislug ageueral sasoruneal ?I fresh and
laslllonahle good*. -
Fill iia V, Sept IS, into.
At 10] o'clock, at Store, No. 2 Liberty-sL
ItiK ?iiNi.it ?M. ShEI'FIELO, (iitavisN ?>o AMEaiCsS
HaaowABR.?liud packages and lots of fresh Hardware,
s| Imported and mauufaerured ; consisting of Truce
Chains, Haltet do. Log do. Steelyards, Cast Bolts,Tsble
lo p - ii,-,...,. Currv Comba, Vdees.Anvils, Axes,Hoes.
Bed s.-r--??-s. Screw Platt?. Mill Saw File?. 11 ??tard do.
Hand Saw do, l?n.? Ing Knives, Pad.Cbest, Cupboard and
Trims i,.s ?s. Tea Kettle*. Sauce Pans, Carolina II.*?.,
1 mdlesticks, Snuffers, ruble Knives and Forks. Pocket
Cutlery, Butcher Knives, Shoo and Urem! do. Tea Trsys
ami w'.uter. Hritiau a, German Stiver an-l Don Table and
Ten Spoons, Round and Square Bolls,etc etc.
i italogiies and goods ready for essminarloa two days
before the sale on ? credit of six months._
I). Ii. NASH, Auctioneer.?Store 139 Fullon-sL
I,' i IIXITURE, ?v e. -This Day, Moflday, il
a clock,ai i ,?? Fnftoo-sL a in e quantity olg'-<?! rurm
ture.- i Sofa Bedstead, Bureaux. Card Tat.ies, Breakfss
an : n ? do, Mahoirany tVasbslands, Mahogany and
Cm.at Chairs, Lool as; Glasses, Hal Stand.. Framed
P is. Paini ti -. Windlass Bedsteads, Matlrasaes, reatb
er Bods, Stair and Room C?r|iets, i Dinner Set, i.e. If
ROYAL OURLEY, A uctioneer.
\ Al.l KHLE LAW BOOK** Ape? in-riiui
? day evening will.Id hv IKJ". AL (.1 RLE\ - < o
.leb Looe Room, KM Broadway, corner o! ?uane-*t.
s ? ?-. asivi , Uslof l< of valuable Law Books, consui.ng
o( Reports, treatises, Digests, Ice, embracing vteudeii.
.lohnson, Coke, Vesey, Peters, Strange and other Reports.
togetl.Ii a great variety of desirable and imp-'rwot
works for gentlemen of the profession._HjZ-.jL-.
r'OOI.I-li , H EESE ?v IUI.I. ? ' '''??,
- - otsaletrfB.i5i - c ? rj Paper ?" ? " ":'
and others during the first week In October, rn.. ??>".'
eini.rai-e n rich and varied ass-irtinent ..f lUUStialae ? eras
D e.....?t,t findings. Annuals. < i.me-. Fancy t,iatM*ery and
- ,rt. .. s sucar.le for the holiday seasoo. X?."l?.
ments are respectfully solicited for this sale, sod uie-nu
,-iu.h advances made tnereotn_
iVM. A. BEKCIIER, Aiic?oneer.
WM. A. BEECHEK, .tore t>. ^^I'^n
Dry Uools, by Catalof te.foi eash -Regular sales on
Monday and T iridaV. Particular aiuriition rfive^ i-^A*
-o'-j-.-s Sale, of G-seis. ___?????--??????
t\ \l II toN'Ki Aurti-eieer.
|>OOT-.-IIOI> ANH BI?M;AN--"",y
15 - k, at the norti 1 D Inger
t Co So iVglVarl -r ??..:a*e.. ?.j?n|.ri.u!g aiar^-e an4
!,-" ,a-,l. a-soi-mer.t of BOOta-SbOOS and Brogans, suit
- ' . . WV-ter-i ??1 City dealer., Just ro
cei"ed Catalogues and goods ready ou the morning of
"?'?"?? <? I sea Me-. ? ? .- K.p Pegged Bf.ga.lS.
2 ,. ms VVoown'* Seal Peg^od Lace Boots
\ ... y eases Men's snd Boy's Riissett Brogans.
i ... fix rases Women's Pe^t'e.1 Ties snd Buskins. s!0 .'
EX,, _,KT- Trie dwelling part or House corner o
Twentietn-si. and Ntoth-avenue (Chelsea-aquare,) re-' ?
paste with every convenience for a hoarding bouse, ot -
school; has sixteen rooms, tneludto. bath room, watafiv
. .,???!. ra.-.s-e a/-d a., the rftoderTJ (iro'.i.n waterftxi-jres |
Reol low to ? g.ejd tenanL In.iulre of
ij. A. CUSHMAN, No. Ic< Pearl-st. |
? |alf Or Rb-aventte 'e-i-*eeri ?Sah and 21 at *ur
,r- FOR SALE r ?? ??? hooses and lou situated ot
Ejii. the Southwest comer of Catherine and Henry six Fo
??^-erni., apply to j. HENRY FERRIS.
Dated June >. .'.h. Peekskill. N. Y. or
H Zawialf GEO. P. NELSON, 5 Wall-sL
1.ARIJE eiajll, TO let.?The spacious Ha
_jti; I* 'adwaj , ij s feet in .ue. hitherto ocet
pied as me of the lotulrucling rooms of the Mode
if New.York, will .et on reasonable lerm?. either U-tr
X rar . or t r a term of yeara ll is well suited for mil
tary or Society purposes. Apply to
? j tns_VWi and ?SS Broadway.
fniiy repairesj " ij
- ' s
?Jl? 1 s e.sllaj
W BENEDICT. No. 5 Wail-sL has received I
Otce of ?ery Sue Laijies' and Gentlemen
Ad Watcbea, which combine alt the latest it
pr>. -einenta, ar,d f.,r elegance and correct timekeeping caS
not be surpassed. p .
iad Cooper's, Tobias's, and Beesley's Dunl.
1 i Lever Watcbea. j
Mr. Jo m Cottier, who stands unrivaled as a watch-m
Sei .? sea his whole attention to repairing Duplex, Chy
r.-.:i.e'er aid other tine watches.
Spoons, forks and cups made of ?terllng silver.
Intel and office clocks for sale and careful!;
N B The trade supp.ied with Duplex wheel
era aa i Sne swsls - ..- ; ?.- ft
Sale?Price h- It ?? ''i octaves, ta
:.a Used but a few weeks, made by i^. '
ofth.i ...?>? manufjurturcr* and w_,
at a: Waef.ngfor.-iL corner of Frankjg .
- *\T"~ a. WHHCK OK Till. >TK?>i?<),
i - y.T""i*-u ii.iiitf ?? Auction.?The W reck of *S
"????' S ? a-lo-eas she now lies Un,-^
U . -? ('am ? oontv, wni t? ~?M ?t pof tie ?yie,
- Fr- lav . Se-.i. 18th, at P. o'clock, A. M. at the vtllagR- -
'A tCa'mi She ?o be easily repaired and made saa?
??? '?. ?<"b,r-;*;^v^nst^s*sIj
Terns easi- mid sale positive. II. Y. IBA.wl".!, raV<
Asaignee of J. L. C>?weaTia_ay.
i~?? MJTIC'E?Troy Evening Line?I
^ .|T^. -i -m? and ^-^.y ^
ii. ? ii ?? e.o-* ,-- '-'?? sieeniuoal '-?*'/."?
, ,pcR BMacy.v . lea retb - -re ' ^ { ^
.,( ( ..itlar.dt-st at 0 o'clock I. n. i..steao ?4 by
eret t ???-fsold
RtlA i> THE HEKB aWCTi_i?York fOf**\
m tbe .Kitstde; see, also, all Ii? N?w-ror? ,
?u2Ij liuia"

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