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??!,.. nt the "lurk ExchangeSatcrdat.
j-i- rryj j'cun 5*.? 1)130 Ilm krm. .~-*3 I
?wX) du. Otj 50 do.*20 53?
JfjOO do.Wiil 50 dy.b30 53i
;,000 Read Bda. '5". 7*; SO Nor and Wur.5oj
25?bs Phemx Bank.. 86 . 25 do
? 75 Morrin Canal. 7 (50 do.b3 5?i
"50 N A Tru*t . . bGO 9 10 du.
100 Viekabu rg.b30 .5? 400 d<T.b.J 57
ifX) Reading Kd fjStflOO do.. ' ??? . ..
100 do.UW ?3} 50 do..57
125 do.slOCJj 25 do.. blO 57
t'uO do...1230 ?j! 5 Er:- Kailroad ;
50Canton Co.?00 30ij 50 Lor.g Wand 030 30
23 do.'. jui.'lOO do? .6ms
tUO Canton Scrip 21 50 do.
200 Harlem. 53} i
11.000Reading Bond*. 71} 50 Morris Canal. 7J
1.0O0 do. 72 ! 50 do.
?00 thr* Long Island .. ?.".', 300 Harlem. 53?
loo do.s6m? 29* 150 do. 53*
50 Nor and Wor...?.10 57 50 do.blO 53;
The Bu.Talo Commercial Advertiser makes up a
statement o! the business ol the Brie (-'anul in that city,
to the 1st of September, which shows a prodigious in '
crease over the business ol last year. The amount of
roll*, up to Sept. I, i? $444,000, which, before navigation
close*, it is calculated, will be increased to $650,000?an
excess of 9150.000 over the highest sum ever received
there. Already Buffalo has sent forward toward tide
water, more Wheat. Flour. Com. Tobacco Bacon and
Wool, man ?as shipped during the whole of last y< ai
from that place 1 he a mount of Hour 1- 744.580 ba
rids; Wheat. 1.500.931 bu-hels. Corn. 734 it25 ? .
robacco. 2356.645 pounds. Bacon 2,0442270 1
Wool. 3,461,380 pounds: Butter,;2,482,373 pounds 1 ird,
3.191.141 pound-.
By aatatement ?.< ibiished In one "i the Havana
journals of the 26th, we find the number ot vessels nr
rived at Havana Irom 1st January to 22d August, 1846,
was 439. measuring together 92 570j tons.
Out of this number 277 were American vessels, n
?il.'Oej tons measurement?-4 were Spanish vessels,
with 13.-40 tons, ?nd 35 English vessels, with 5,003 tons.
The 43 remaining vessels were divided among 13 dit
?exeat 1 aeons.
The number of vessels that left the port of Havana
during the same period was 412. Out ot these 291 were
American*. 77 Spanish, and 33 English?the other 11
were divided also between 13 nations.
The table of exports Irom Matangas from let January
to 22d August stives the following figures, of the princi?
pal articles of exportation : 219,111} boxes Sugar ; 52521
bhdsdo: 61? bbl* do: 45.179 hhds Mol*?*e?: 18?07
arrobe* Coffee.
fa iktp Sila* Holmr*. from I.ircrjmol?Rev R Johnsen
?aancecster: E Hnratail. England. J Watson and I VW.
ton. Toronto. M W Dean and H B Herts, jr. New-York
?2rv?in steerage.
M A R I N E .1 QU R X A L.
Sap lnadein. Tucker, Live-po,,;. Dunham 4. Dimon
Louua Glover, New-Orleans, Wm Nelson; Colombo Ja?
son*. City I'oint.
Steamship .Southerner. Berry, Charleston, Spollbrd,
Tileston Jf. Co.
Bark Peter Demill, Lockman, Savannah Robert A
Parker. (Br) Kinney, Quebt '? ' Me Murray Emprvt
rkiineti Mediterranean. Ft itci St Sickera*9ntRt?ie 3tan
?ii*h. Spencer, Mobile. E 1) Huribut &i Co.
Brig Toraauin, Young, Ncuvitas, Holl it Owen; r?tcav
tani Baker. Madeira. Badgard: Peck; Ne cotogo, Yonle,
Baracoa, Bunker A Place; Metamora, Bruce, St Man a
*ud Key West, Moreo, Eldridge, Pensacola; Wanderet'
Evan?, "Bath.
Sehr A P Thorne, Sanford, Wiliningtoo Reap, r
Smith. Phila; A Marshall, Mayo, Botton Ann, Hopkins,
Petenburg; JohnO Ireland. Ryan, Baltimore. Theodore
? relmghuysen.Bogert, Richmond: Josephine,Lutourefte.
Baltimore. Henry <> Ring, Nadal, Washington, Elizabeth,
Peaston. Phila.
Steamer Vulcan. Green, Phila.
-loop Empire, Dayton, Pro-idence . Juno, Ah r-, do .
Vigilant. Hand, do: Tbos M 1 horn. Durfee, Fall River;
Excel. Bennett, Bristol.
Parge Philadelphia, Debart. Phila
Ship Silas Holmes, Berry, fm ?? rpoOl Aug 5, indse,
to Wm Nelson. Aug 15, I d 1950, Ion 23 30, -puke ship
Blanchard, fat Apalacbicola, tor Liverpool, 35 <l? out
Ship Kussi*. Preble, 50 d- fm Hamburg, in ballast, to
Sefamfdl A Raichen?12? pastengi ra
Ship Brutus, L.-'ke, fm Glasgow, Aug I6th, to W De
torcft it Co.
Bark Hannah SpraiTue, Lunt 50 ds fm LondonAoO k
4: Smith. f)u the eveumg bfjhe 8th in*t,otf George'i
shoals, in * very thick log. came in contact with a large
sUp 'the Mediator at tbisl ,9"riy which carried away ,,111
lying-Jib boom, started ca5-head, and did other slight
dainagss. rjepl lit, lal 12 57. Ion 61, 'poke ship Ah xan
dna (01 neltamore,) im Liverpool to James River. On I
?th. lal ?050N, Ion 61 35 W, brig Toledo, (ol Camdeu.i
rm Phila, bound to Huliiux
Brig Sun Meiacke. fm Bordeaux. July 29, to Motz .\
Pollitg. Aug 5th. exch'd sigiuil* in hit 45 15 N. Ion lo 30
W, with the Prussian bark Wolle; 20th, lat 15 10 N. Ion
11 w. passed the British (Up Pursuit, standliis to the
Eastward. 27th, lat 0'59, Ion 12 09 W. passed the Lug
liah bork Fasida, sooiding to the Westward. 30th. lat 44
N. Ion 19 30 W, spoke and boarded the American schi
Navarre (dl Hlngfton,)Fuller 15woekaon the Banks,
3)^500 codfish, crew all well; Sept Ith, jal 42 3] N lou
fi) 30 W. passed mi American winde sul?") (name bug";
ten) with the loss ol maintop sail yard; Eaore up loi hei
?he was from Bremerhaven, where she discharged bei
oil, lOmoiitlis oU the loviige. mid 19 days from jKifl n
quired no assistance. Aug lOth, lal 12 2o N Ion 64 30 v\
passed the Bi stnji Bertheind oi Si John pasaed on the
River, bark Jane Cumming, tut Charleston
Sehr Sarah. Ti ott. I days:fm Portland Me mdse, to
\ 1'hc packet ?liip Northumberland, foi London, has sail- 1
ed from tho Quarantine < iround.
Ship Leopard, lor Baltimore.
By Pilot-boat Wm J Romer, 9th inst, ort Block Island
brig Pensacola. td and fm Portland, foi Alexandria ; de
Copy ol letter to the Secretary ot the Board ol I ii '
derwriters, dated , ,. , , , .
I.Uwes. Del?. Sept. 9,1646,
S. Balowin, llso- Dear $tr: At this tune. II A M
we have a heavy Ni: wind which commenced hi re >-,
terday?no damage, however, has so far been don,- to
the shipping About-to sail are in the harbor. Part ol
the crew ol the ship si Marks, wrecked on thi I oii.l
Heel, came on shore Irom an English schooner, und
could not get back on account ol the wind they arc
bound to New York. The ship Levant dragged, but :, ?
now holding on. Yours, vers respectfullj-,
,_(.Signed) John 'l>. KotifsKV. ! j
i M^,1 l-'At'Tt Iti:Ks,; lllTH AMo, V . . .
ilTiand In? rnters?-'I he great New-York Kai of thi
J Auirncui! Institute i? ?1 hand.
i Thel.t,-ftiandSdoflVi^H7r.areda>sforreceiving votir I
fabrics ai Niblo s.
Farmer,. Gardeners,\c Monday morning. Oct. oth.is t!:< i |
Quielor bringing your\egelahles. Ftuits.Flowers ,\
lifS?"" ?l-adeismen-Theconiestol the Plough* I
tad Spade will beon Fndav, Oci. !Uh.
Cstile and Stock Exhibiiors?Remember 10 enter youi I
tasber >,,Ve "VO"r p^,,':r"'', ?" "r !,,"!""r'-' th? lab of ' I
?ffi^!L07V1'!S'T" S:U Ca'tU'islS and their friends ; |
f&moS?' S!wi muw '"?00 !!?* s'"'"1"1 >'> ?hie
md.eiu?'^,^U,'o',h^ M,ul Protection one .
=^'?il-gi' '1 ;" "???> -hi> eeb-bialion. ,12 2:
I tinUvSK,S0N ,S,, K FACTORY 1. con- '
?Swings7otmT ?' '"r!!":,Tr?'"-,-?rt;an/.ne and larae Skein
est qEto,.^usT' ??'??'.??.*.!. ?uJ shaded.)?nd Hi .civ
laaera. 1 R; "ln6*< Otopand Coach Uce
Ld FaS, Kei*;^ !"r """aifacturei. of Tweeds
fltl s v ? > ?? Sen ik. ic.
irsrr^e'^f ?: 1 -i-g 0.id. . - .
^rtO^^- ^ Dye, , ?
apers.orbutallesof i?, I ','1 ^ ?il 1?arter pound
Gentlemen's Plain ?',,,, J ""M'
( ?der. Bm- b ?""-?>? Cravau, of any style, I
Pocket Handkerchiefs, ptai,, wl ,
Waste, to make Spun S ifeT- k or "'
Tbeabovefoi ... - . , .;. . ' - '
UchliaeheSilk line so ,. ?.and orders foi an)
hsSOSmeisl- s, -.i,,,.
?-=-? >l,AI rKll.'.n IV.rl-.'
,N INVOICE oiPateni iempS ,
A ?l*ad? with sum w saekiax bou in, v ' v ' r M
.jew pallern maliogativ .pri:,.^ '? k i ?'->c" ?"- KUo<
alr.liom Boston. ,$ .. ?' ? or IV
*t of mahogany, curled QUDleand '> w"'' ?largo ?..,.:?..
?a, divuns. sota-bedatead t, clcsiks. |u w*'nul chairs,
, who esale Ol retail MutUw?! '' ; "- k(
Call and judge iorvo..r.e.ve 1>rvhl ttllJ <?mck
, NtesKl mVU,nTB,S?^ ^ Hudson-,.
LT- lNHi . . fivai Ureeu? ich Hank -
!?0 >TOVK DKA1.KKS . . ,
; pared 10 supply order, :,., S:,.,... "BS "*?: ..are] re
jfthebesi terms. Don:.-, are ii,vu.M,,Jv,*u\ v'
linder Found, v. No* 10t and llsAGosaSl^ I "'
' 'Ingtor. and Sianton siv before purchasEe between
Ifcjmeod?_jvb. k\ amory
jiHE subacrilegrs are receiving from il?. taciory of It,. ?
eitle, N. J. their regular ?uj pile- of th.- wnntUo, l'.
.-? and in oil. put i.p in cask* and kegs, which thev w,."
t equal in gualuv t" any : 11: ja'rte.i brand Kor sal.
l of one ton and upwa: *,
FRVATT. CAMPBELL \ co 145 Fronts,
'Jlsst? Re?l Lead. I.'.lhargo. s'i.i Orji'ge M e:a , s....
jLaiies and Gentlemen, comer oi East Hrosuway ?nj
JSgrine sU Price per bath 12j cent.,, nn-: bai -
Band Soadays.on which davs iho price w 1 i-e . . is
S-h-.ir _fl. F .KETCHA.M.
i?ES^I.OsV-PRICED Foolscap* and Letters
l.eor *ale by john CAMPBELL \ CO.
KlStin 110 and 112 Na*san-<i
*}>K. SALK^feiTshares Nevv liVrk anTlEne Railrood
hew) stock. Apply to .1. O.M'ADAM.
^Ji 3f 27 Beekman-si.
, jit;S.?The nighesi uiaike; prices pan in v wi foi ail
%tnds of domeslic Rags. Bagging. Canvas. Bale Rope.
by_CYRUS \V FIELD. 9 Burling-siip.
^tt;?s.?The highest market price palu in CASH for all
Spade "f Rag*.R?Kg'ug. Canvas, i;r?s. Rone, kc by
Par.,_ CYRUS W. FIELD. .< Burling-sHp.
IT m. ertheilehT~t:
tijj Mr. SS? WnMsHwaV. twlow 'lntnrf..t .,lv4 ir
?WS? ANiTmOOK Priu>mg Paper made u>order by
gs3 2w CYKCS W. FI_ELP.l> Burimg-slip "
?JRDW'AKJ? PAPER?Ali sues and ihlckneas,
m)l sale by Ck'RL'S W. FIELD, g Butlma-aiip.
sPLCi.si. ii:ur. :>i>.>i.
? 13. And at it farther enacted. ? '.
Ami all advertisements made under the order* of die Post
i er?:, in a newspaper or new'spapers, of letter-.
; u:iiaI!e_ for in any Post Office, ?hall be inserted in the paper
' or papers. Of the town or place where the '-fSce adrezu?l!...
may tie situated, laniij lAe far eat circulation.
I Xra Vo.t 'rfirc Im-, yoiieti .\fa. ,.\3,
List Letters Remaining in the If. \. Post Oftii e,
Saturday, September 12:
f^r /v.c-f ir.cea.uii the DarL ,/ ik. Lttt in trhtch thry
or, ? i ftlted LADIES LIST.
Led. ir, M-? a
Livtsoe, Lvdia P
1 Ltncb. Mary
Litti'.-:. Elizabeth
Long, Margaret
Low, Nancy
iLucas, Ma.-y
Luoi?w. Kaie
Lynch, Margaret
Mack, Mary
Maker, K.izabetn
Mat ten. F'ances
Mair?. stei.n
;-: insf eld. Mar;.
Manvrll, Sarah *
Mann in, Sarry
Martin, Margaret
Martin, Mrs David
Marshall. Maria
Mason, Mr- Henrv
Maybee.Mary '
Mills, Man- '
Miller, Margaret
MUler.Mrs L A
Mills, Elizabeth
Monteacy, Mrs James
.Monahaih. Murv Ann
iMoran. Ellen
Morse, P:-<-.lia R
.'?!<'? ? . E.iza
Montcahy, Mrs J
Mosse . Maria J
1 More, Mary
Morns, Mrs p y
M< ? hnore, Clara
i.Mountfort, Mary
Mull i.-. Bridget
Murray. Mary
iMorphy, Margaret
..Murphy. Elizabeth
IMyrpby, K -? ? .
iMyers, Lucy
Nelson, Loui->a
pottry, Eilen
Oakley, Miss.
Oakley, Mrs T J
lO-Donneil, Mans
jOrern. Ann
faden, Ann
: Par/. Mary
I Parker, Mrs
tPi.tch, Eliza
I'.iieres. Lydia
(Paton, Mary
Patton, Kaiiuv S
] Peden, Eilen
Pre ' --. Angelina G
i'e'er?, Elizabeth
Price; Susannah
Price, Rebecs
Procter, Ann
I'"-'. Mr, J W
Pulia, Mary R
We l teer. El but
SlcAsain, Margaret
Mi i airy, Mrs
McCurley, Bridget
McDonald, Anne
McDonald, Cutlirtne
McDowell, Mrs Sally C P
Met luinty, Cathriue
McKay, Isabella
McKay, Susan
M.A Icar, Mr, David
IMai kcnzie, Mrs
IMcNaniee, M ir.-sr
IJ ll 111 le ? , ,>lr?
Adainsi, Eateline
Addison. Sarah Miss
Anthony. Mis, (Oak-St)
Anderson. Ann
Aiicier-'-t,. Miss Mary
Angevine, M Caihann
Atktn?, Mi?- Emily N
Armstrong. Miss Amelia
Av-'v. Lo .:sa
JSrmley , Hin* All then C
Brady, Miss Ellen
Blackwe.i, Mrs i Anthony-sW
itaee.-.i. RaCiie!
Raggett, Mrs (Divisions*!)
Bradley, Mary Ann
Laird, jean
Krinau, Ann
Bartlett, Miss Franc?? C
Bateyi Mr, C M
ile. kaum Cornelia L
i,. -. Miss Mary
Belcrrsderfer Johann
Br.-nnell. Agnes
Brenerman, Mary A
Benson, Miss Eliza
Kerry. Miss E.iza.h
Hi ? .- Catharine
fli-iiop. Mis- S
Bogart, Mi-- Mary-.
Brog, Margaret
BoltOO, Sarah
Brown. Miss Jane
Borsick, Miss Catharine
Eostwick, Mis, Elizabeth
Brodedda, At,-.
Brower, Mr- E C M
Blown. Mary
Brown, Eliza
Bowman. Eliza
Brown, Miss Cornelia E
Bow ??!-. Mis, tni.lv ?
Bovingtou, Miss Maty K
Boyle. Heien
Bloxson. Cbarlobs
Budd. Miss tliza
Buckly, Mary..2
B?rge, Miss
P.nr.ing. Mrs
Bultler. Miss tlleri
Bnttauier. Eiizu
Butler, Caiharm*
Bryant, Ellen
Byrn, Mr, Own
Bvrne. Bridget
Child, Mr-.
Campbell, Miss Margarel
Chambers.MusAJUiEUzsbelblpeacbey. Miss M A
Casted, Mrs Anthony
Castriilion, Miss Susan
( irnee, Mis* Caroline
f.ii i, Mr, F?g
i lendennan, Mary
Criswell, Ann
Cosgrove, Bridget
i d ii UghtOtt, Betsey
Conneli, Catharine
Cou-.vav, Mrs (Anlhony-sti
Cooper, Mr? Thomas
i M,;,.-r. Clara
Cost. i". Margaret
Cox, Uarrietl
t lurran, M rs M A
Church, Miss Ellen?2
Cumh?ngs, Margaret
I Inthull, MiS* Marion
Cutler. Miss (Oreenw icli-st)
On % is, ?nrah A
DaggettsMis* E B
Davis, Miss S'irah
Dawaon, Mrs Peter
Des ? y Jane
Des , Miss Ami
.Oegeai. Francis J
ryeinpsi y, Catherine
Dei Sj I M iss C 11
Devsgle, Madame
Dimse >'.
DoolilL'e, Lucy II
li.ailittle, Abigail
ii , iB lerty , Mrs L
Dougbeny, Mis* E
Doughty, jlf." ?tose
Dyer; .Mrs Benjamin J
Dupuche, Madame
Dyett, Aon Sd ariab
Kittoti, Mil*1*! sVnnili I
Earlo. Mrs W.'Uuun
Eddy. Mary
Edmunds, Mary
I ran, Hanoi ?
Elgin. Margarel C
Emerson, Mis.- Sittfc'i M
Ewing, Isabella
Fear, Aua
Flanaga?.Mrs(\\ aailt ton ,i)
: arrefl, Margarel
Parreil, Ellen
Fewl - Mi, (Baker)
I eeley, Mary Jan??
Fielder, Emeline
Pinch, Louisa
Foley. Mis, B
(sitlughlr, Sarah
Gray, Anna E
Greene, Mis J K
Qreenan, Julia
Gearthwait, Eluab'-th
Gray, Eilen
Uilii-es. Augtistit
Gillan, Marv
Gerde**, Hanns
Ooui.t, Lilly
Goosey, Elizabeth
< ioole, Margarel
Uaiublin, Eliza M V
llauis, Marairel
Halsey, Loaisa C
Hanratty, Calhrine
Hun.-on. E-t'a!ietli
Harding LoUlSa
Harkln, Sarah
Harper. Sarah
klarford, Dolly
Haw ;.-v, Mrs (Bowery)
?ogarty, Eliza
Heron. Mary .1 L
HiU, Maria
HU1, Mr- B
Hiiehrock.. Joanna
IIoilman. Jane L
Borwill, Elirabeth
Horsfteld. Mrs Henrv
Hough, Mrs. Garry A
Howiand, Jane
Howard, Mai v
Hoyt, Mrs
Humphrey, Miss L K
Humphreys, Maria
Hug -. Mis (Wooster-st)
Hurlbert. Mr- P T
II- nds. Mary A
Jerome, Lucn tin
leunings, Anna
lennings, Henrietta
luhnsoo, Lucy W
ruhUStOtt, Isai'.-lla
K?ufer, Louism P H
Kleunne. Mary
Keeler. Josephine
\--..v. Mary .1
veunedy, Margaret
vesslenn, Machtalehn
KccliiiiV Mi--. Iv
Began. Anney
Rb bards, Mi?
Riley, Ann.
Rlley, C.iura
Hielly, Ann
Ross b. Hinittit
Hot" 1 ,r, Mrs I ieolg"
I >hlnsou. Mrs M
't-sti'-rs. Carolin?
PsOss, Mia Edwin .
Rouse, Mrs
I Roach, Anbolladay
Robi rtson, Mis Joseph ii
Rucklev, Mr*
Ruaa, Kn/.H
i Kasse.i, Mrs James
Sealiti, Jane
[Seal, Virginia I?
(Samuel, Mary Jan>.
ISinart, Jane "
ISturr. Emma E
[Staples, Elizabeth
Shapley, Mis Henry
Shaw, Mrs William
Savin, Mi, William
Sprat:, Miss Ann
Scadlon, Margaret
Snedekei, Jane Ann
Sweeney, Eugene
SteekUtou, Mrs
Spencer, tli/u
Snepard, Almna
Stevenson, Rebeca
Sbepard, Abby
Smith, Melama
Smith, Ellen Edelia
Smith, Mary
Smith Mrs M A
Smith. Manah
Smith, Marnaret Juns
Smith, Aim
Smith. Madam S B
Sloane, .MaimC
|Stiioi>s. Isabella
Shocknev, Marv Ann
Scimits. Rebecca M
Sclmits, Francis M
Scully, Ellen
Shureell Ellen
Sturdivant, Mrs. Isaac
Tin lor, .Mr* .Ino (' ('
Tabb, Mis John
Talluan, Cornelia
Taplin, Elizabeth
Taylei. Marv
Teel, Leagh'
Terry, Maria
Tibbelt*, Maty J
rierney, Mi?s'
Tolsom. Phoebe
T-itnpkiiis. Rebecca
Thompson Eliza
Thompson, l"r?ula W
Thompson, Mr* C B
Townsend, Sophia T
Troii]-, Marv F.
Tullle, Marv L
Tamer. Hetty A
Turner Louisa
Viumpler, Ann C
Underwood, Mi- 1 Mill
Vau Antwerp, Maria |
lusen, Margaret i.
Vanemara, Annei
Van Sickle, Mrs Cornelius
Wailc. .Mi*- Ana
Warren. Ann
Warnock. Kit/a A
Warren. Sarah
Ctngsland. Marv Ann
xuigatsm, Manu
rfirbj, Sarah A
l.iiii,ll*-v , .lane M
Lancaster, Mi-s
Larane, Elizabeth
Ls*uren*,Mrs Edwan
Lav alle, Emly
l.esmv. Ellen
Lees, Mrs W II
Whelan, Eliza Ann
Wren, Ann
t\ tigin. Sarah Ann
WickOB", Miss A
Wiley. Anna
u iiii'atus Ann 0
White Miss A E
Whitncry, Mary Ann
Wlnnans, Martha
K IWo.Hl.Ph.be
\\ Ood, Mis E M..^
VatCH, K num. O
Young, Miss Patricias
.1 w
. J.
Idam, Wm H
Vdaius. Wm P
Vbbv, Randolph
\bb?it,John D
\bbey, R
\biH>it, Ezra
Barton. Henry
Barry, Valentine
Baniard. M R
Barber. Win
Barnes, Ralph O
Bate... J C
Braker, Paul R
Brown. John
' Boyle, Ferdinand
Brahes, J H
'Brown. Henry
Haust .ii. James
Boyd, Samuel
Blow n. James?2
Adam,. Daniel W Barnum. Mavid
Bancey, Charles G Bowman, Richard
Vdaiiw. Henry
vdtiiii-. L
Augusta. Joseph
Allen, Joseph ?.
Allen.Curtis L
AlstOi .1 hartes
Allen. Edson
Aiger. Francis, .g
Vksxander, S l>
Allen. A I
Allen. Seymour
Annan. Daniel \
Atwood, John M
Ursenteror, D_
Anktel. Richard
Armstrong. T J
Arbuckle, Robert
Archibald. J allies
Bacon, F E
Bradshavv, Win F
Bra iv. M B
Babbitt, It F..g
Brown, Siorea
Bow u. W B-g
Br.-w a, Herman
Buckland; Capt 11
Ruckleys, John
. >ee, Mr
Bates. Thorn
Bat em an. John. ,2
Bag ley. Ephraim
Basford, Daniel
Bayles, Benjamin
Blanvitt, Corn.- -.us BuUong, Nathan
Banjghart, Jared Buchanan, J B
B.vk, Samuel m Button, James F.
Beach, Hiram L Barnes. James
Beaachamp, Leon Buli, T
Breen. Balnea Butler. Wm 11 11
Beers, Charles W Brash,Capt Gilbert
Beek. Joaeph t- Bunel, Cant T
Bee be, Robert F BushnelL J>
Beel, tl A Buxlon. Kindal
Bean. B W Bultn*.Louis
\iiderson\ Hoag. Berhord. Dr L Bullock. E C
kndersou.Malbe? Benton.John E..2 Buns. Francis
Austin, Maicus Bremer.Edward F Bitsse, Dr Pedro
Beaheaun, Patrick Bullock, Jatnes J
Bell, Nathan i Bryan, Wm
Beil. John Bvron, Thomas
Berrigan. Thomas Cahill, Charles.
A-ierson.DavtdW Be.lows, WG 'Chamberlain. J *-J
Anuei, m A Benedict, Abijah S CrandeJJ, R P
Alainson, Ashee Bell. Thomas" Ciiancey.LioneiTR
Ay res. Aaher Brew ster W B Callahan.'John
Vseell Johan Bemell.Robert Campbell, Alex
ArlhurFranclsJohn Berceau, Henry S i'iague. John
Arthur, FJ Brewer, AUred Calvert. Charles
Aucker, Jacob Brernner. Robert Crane..! 1...2
Arthur. James p Be;.. Henry C.'.ferty. Will C
Berry, James Clagett,R _ ?
Bergen. James Cameron, Wit:
Briggs, John i lamberhsin. Job
P>i lew d. Joseph G Chadwick, S W
i-at-.-.tt i tiar.es a Bluings, Alben M Cameron, Geo
!'?'*. ? m \\ Biltoo, Lesvia Carter. Joseph
Bidlark. Wm J Clark. Richaru
Bfa-knell, Joseph J Cosaor, Mi
Brigers, George Clarke. John
Srlgrrs,llenrj T CarmkhaeLDr Jas
brtsbane. J Clark. James B
briniu. Edward Clarke. H N
Brinx Co Wm Charltoa '?;
Rrinkerbva)!. J a, n Clarke, Mr
ghnu, Robert Cass, Dr O D
Bodstaa. J W Clarke, T p.
Co Qarke, Amoa
Clarke. Samuel
Baias tiun, C
Beadley. Aaroa
Bailev, Samuei
gakeweil. John
b-s.r. Morrison
Bajdeao, Patrick
haker. Wm
ss.il? ba, t*
Batlev. X J
K.-snd, Wm
tia t a. Metis
Baldwin, ton,, \v
KsSer. Stephen
Baidw in. .'aines
Bhuscharu, Wash- Bl^k.j^ne, "r^ifr" |Jw!4r?
ingion Boyle x Coietnan Clark.;. Thoma*
Haid?.it. RN Boom, M l'lark so:;, Wm R
Blanc, Monsieur Sonne, Ja'ne, S C.tnes. John
Blacchard. Kdmon Brvv.ks. Ji.a-1 Hy i .arke. John
Baker. Capt Bohlen,Heusy Clarke, Bemud
Baker. Wm Booram,CA Co Clarke, Janas*B
Bransfield, Edm'd BroasoUsSeldonM Chase.HenryJ
r " * ... ,. l.larke. Samuel
M ? m V rni- Chapman, j w
H BrocklrtMtnk.Oran. CX*rt?L "
P..x.-r. James
Bartlett. Coring
Barber, Thonsas
Barsou, A
JJiraer, Euuioud
Bns.>k?. N lias
[Bronaoa, E P
iBrookiss. Asaph
I Booker, J P
I Bower, Geoigy
i?oy-e, Peiet
Chapman, John
Carietou. Chas i f
Clarke, Allen
Carter. Jr X Co.
Messrs A
'Carke, George, Jr
Caa?e. Russell C
CarroL. John
Cayton. John
Hirvev. John
Harrison. John
Hans no rue Henry S
Cravvford. Andrew! Jtitr-!-oo. fi: ? F.
? Callm. A O
[ < . ,...r.i.ArtsTnu
j Clay, P.u,--:i C
; Clay, Henry
; Chelbuck E
I Cellar. Marcus
i Cree, J a.ne*
j Cristv. Daniel
I Cnb*'. J?m?-?.. J
I Child.-. Benj U
i Coate?, Krasius
; Cournah. Michael
'? Collins. Nicholas
Codfeen A; Allison
Coniey. Mathew
! Cror.au. Patrick
' Co? fc Colt, M-s.r
Cocbraoe. James
Crombbolm, Mr
Conner. Paine*
Connor, J C
COIines, Hew;: VV
Corkey, Wm. '
Colmar. Soloman
Cochran, John. .2
Comslock, George
Cochran. George S
Coffin V. McCui
Coakley. Geo W
Cor,. Daniel
C?steTJo, James
C joper. Nathaniel
Cooler, Thomas
Cargei:, Wurren
Cropsey, Na'han
Comliom Petei
Cooley. (I W
Cooke, Edv. ard
Combs. Elisha
Corioey, John
Corey. John
Coolege, Charles
Cooper. John M
Cornell, James
Cowbern, Michael
Colter. Joint
Cohlii, Joiin
Coynej Joseph
Cowley. L N
Couch. Horriman
Chenev, Alexander
Colp, b D..2
Curiey, Stephen
Cummins, James
Cuslnno, Charles
Citrus, A
Cummitigs. Silus
Currier. Jacob
Cuuer, John
Carrie ? Smith
Church i: Birge
Culbenson, JonnC
Daniel?, IVni
Dayton x Anthony
Draper, Thomas
Dsvern; Thomas
Davis. Jepiha
Dalton; 5l.ci.aei
Darkee, I leprge
Darriis. James
Duvet, John
Davis. Wm W
' Day, Daniel D
Dawson, .lohn
Davlson, C A
Dai .-. Henry
Dawson, Henry B
DeGroot, Henry
Dean; Stephen
Decker. Marion
Delaney, Th.., D
DeBt reuglRevAnl
Dean, Stephen M
Denecke, >Vm
DespinMons Victor
Demsler, Samuel
DeverilL, He rv..3
Dennis, H J
Deucher, Wm
Dresser, Oliver
Dego. Do I N
Dennis.11 II
Hand-.-. Henry
Haselune. Jas A
H arrrson. Joseph
Hartrieb, Theodore
Hast ing-.Tru man. .1
Harr>. ClarendOTl
Haynca, John
Havs. Solomon
Ha'zzarri. Philip F
H t- es,Wi iia M
11 ivt ? .il- ? Cal rta
Havens, Jacob
Hecken. Charles
Heame. Phil
Hemon. Patrick
Hernigan. Edw'd
Handy. William
Henderson, F rack
Henderson William
lle-,-y ?. Hem.at
Headley.Rev J T
Hernisch, Stanis?
Hexter, Louis
Hewitt, H S
Hill. James
Rigjgms, Samuel
m n d, Captain
John W
Hitchcock. J H
Hinkley. Cap-John
" l ehr Convert
Hhcbcock, Wm E
Hoffman, Jn Jacob
Holmstrom. Alex
1 j. . '.e. .rge S
?-:.. H iben
Hoxan, Win
Horan '> F
H dl, George
Hon. Edward
Holton, J F
Holbrook, J
Hopson, Leonard
Hoover. Rev T I>
Horwitz, Dr J
Hook, M J
Hoppkiu Mr wer
ii. Job:.
Horton, CaptU ibk
Horton, Wm 5
H.a.- I, Martin R
Hovt. W
Hovt. J K
Hovi, George
Holt. Jno D"
Howard, Chas
Howell, Daniel
Houghton, Geo 11
Houston, Dr P
Hoyt, Capt Alex
Houston, Tbos
Hoic .kis-. J..,
Hurley, John
Hudson. D
Hunter; John
[Huntington, Henry
ECn Isooj Robert
Hyer, 11 an n
Hunt. Jacob
H?lse, P.-ter
linger, C R
Huicer, C i!
Hume, Din i.i
Hutchinson Wtn
(matebk Patriot)
Hurbult; Wm ii
II . . -. Henry
Hudson, John R
Huntington, Geo L
(Springneid; Uli
Hutcheson it Sio
Hudlcr, Edgar
Hunt, Nelson 0
Hiiro. Henry
Hyaue, Ii X
Hynes, ????: \. Hv
Megge-t. Samuel
Meek! lg Cuarles
,Merr.:. T H
? Mesa .Antonio Cor
A ?ander
Meyer, (seonre
Men ? Id, HC
Meyi. John
Mever.Sc: enck.Cc
Mei'lon, J T
Me ib. wo
Merrrh. James M
.M.-rr;.:. E '?? 31
Menent, S H
Mernrty. Hatkeil
Menser, Henrich
Mernll. Charles
Mead; Stephen
Mi ler.Chr -' , er
Devereaux, Pat'cklHunt, W \v
Dice, John
Dickenson, Wm
Hunti r, Oeo S
[tsnocsi, .lohn
Dickenson. H?rvey; it,.,.-.. |;. ?. i
Dlxiun, 0
Iii inker. Sandwich
Dolan, Revrd Mi
Dobson, Thomas
Dobson, W
Doiimlleaii. Mo:
I loe, Jacob F
Donelly; Arthur
Doran; John
Doe. Will
I lows, .1 amcs
tnglis.John A
Ingraham, 11 F
Inskecp, M ultonk
IJackson. ii A
, la.. ?. CO, J M
Jackson, Sum M
Jacob, Nicho is
Jacobs; s w
|jacobus, Ralph
James, Samuel
Mil er, Job
Miiikan. John
Miner, J to H
Mitmeker, P. 12
M far, Wm
Might. John
Mitchell. Andre w
M-..-..-...W..-, Hi;.-.
M:n::ir:;e. Consiie
M..~. M:cnae!
M .:.- :. J.unes
Miller, Charles
Milroy, John
Moffett, De:.;- T .2
Moiicb. Louis
Mol dy.Theo
Mopes, John J
Moore. Wm S
Morns. John
Morquien W
Morrell. Charle,
Mooney, James
More. John S
Mongomery, Geo
Morgan; Edward
Mol . Wood k Co
.re. Thos
Morrow, John
Morse, C W
M mtg mervHenry
Morse. S W
M rre .. Wm H
Mount, John
Mores*, Jacob
Monatian, Owen
Mmette, Dr J W
More. Cap:
Moody, S S
.More. Thomas
."?1 irgan. Asbei
Morgan, Charles H
Morley, John
Morrice, Michel
Morey, Joseph S
Morehouse, H K
Morris. Charles S
Muller, Kern Peter
Mur] by, Richard
Murray. Daniel
Munday, Daniel
Muller, H C
Mulligan, .lames
Murphy. Thomas
MuUan, Thomas
Murphy, PsiricK
Murphy. C S
Murphy; John
Muder." Michael
Murray, Samuel
Mnrrav, Ralph
Murtauirb, John
Mueller, Li ?s G
MuHeu, P.itrirk
Natrle9 .lohn
Natcber, John It
iNew-Vork i. Erie
Trans Line
Neptune Ins c.>
Ni.-het, Charles
Nickelson, Jacob
? l.ocmann
Nichason, John
Nlcholes, Montero
Nicol, S T
S clioll; S D
Noonan, W.e:i
Noble, W I)
Noyes. C?pt J N
I Noxon, A
Noyes, .\ A
Nugent, Edmond |
O-.S. ill. John
ji igeben, W
;0'l?ricu. Morgan
|( PConnor; John
i ials, James
i lgden,John Ferdi?
O'Connor. Henry i
ii i lure, John
O'Brien. John
O'Neal,'Michael I
0'( ? iiior. John !
od,Eben '.\ B
10s lorn, Marcus i
,ll-.-.I, l?i ( bus j
rum-, ci;
? Pai >.er, Ji uas i
; Partridge, John
Plaster; Luwrence j
Donovan. Timothy James, D
Dougal, II V Jah'is,Chas J
Doyle, John James Hugh
Doughty, Samuel IJewelLCapi Junies
Donin'hy. U illuuiii c s-miiiei
Donald son JamesP Jennings, Martin G Phealon
DounelL Patrick Dl Johnson, William ! Parker, Smith
Dorsey.Dennis Johnson, H(Agl SlPark, Capt Win H
Doney, Loring i v Ail- und IV.
Dudley. Edw ard B, l.me)
Dunham, James Johnson, E
Dutton.Thos Miller Johnson, Cha
Dunn, Lathron Johnson, Mr
DupneyAbrahamB Johnson, Geo W
Ijackaon, Benj
Jones, John
Dunham, S
Dunn, Patrick
Dutum, Andrew
Dunn, Win D
Donald. John II
Duffield, C
Eliott, Icichnrsl j
Egbert ,\ Bailey I
Eaton, A i.i
Eldridge, Francis
Eiigiu. Michel
Edder, i
Elb-. Hon P
Edringlon.A S
Jones,Thos liigrutii
Pui . M
Parker, .1 R
I Purdie, Mr
! Parmorley, Benj
Parsons, Muni
Pn( ?. It.-. BeiijSJ
Pai kei. Septemus
, Packard; Isaac
Parlier, John
Jone-, I!.
Jones. Win
Jones, Nathaniel
. Rev John
orices, John
: Pinn, John
il" ij :ie. Capt John
, Pratt, Kiank
i Patrick, John V
?- i McDonald Pock,George II
l\ mi pp. .1 ohn
j Kauri maun, N ich'i
[Keller, Lion
(Kelly. Michael
Keating:, John 1>
Ellebash, Henrich Ke iroan.Putrick
Exertier, Charles |Kendrick, I" f
Ensworlli L
Eshl ilson, John
Emerson, Wash
ue F
Krane; Hugh P
Keenan." nomas
, Ru-ip, Nicholas
iReeiie. l ap: C::as
h. Tbeo-lKeUy, lion Moses
Kreidet. E J
Kearney; J as
Kell v. jam.
Kleeck, Husth
FalkenbiirySamuel Kelly, Georg?
Fanel, Bernard IKenn. Michael
Plannet y, John
Fainhosme, Wm
Fairle, J..2
Fiirnu m, Henry
Elana gan, Thomas
Farnllam. Geo
Flag an, Euw ard
Ferr.l. Mr
Farvar.Geo B
Fa'.-fowL dipt J
Fa ulds, James
Fi eesion. Charle
K'-:. Christ
iKetchum, Ericah
Kent, Olivei
Pease, Ciiar.cs W
Peddle John
Preble,Cu| tOeoA
('helps, Josiah
Peio'i >ck, <?< o
Pbelan, Michael
Phelan. M
Peck. Henry P '
Pelion, Hemy F
Prelto, Abra
Prentiss, I it J IV
Prescott. Thos
Perrine,David M.l
Perrin, Patterson at
Pemony, John
Penrield, Henry
Perkins, John
Pew. Israel
Kempron, James C Philips, Alex
Ke- (rich, A D
Kiiligar, Win
Kilbane, Daniel
King. George
KlnaUy, James
Pi itrliaru, George
Phillips. J
Phillips, William
Pittman, Ed? ard
Kinkel or Kinkel, Pierson, Eliphalei
B osama
Kirbv, Edwin
IPiesoo, Sor Don
y it
od. Aiitbo- Kirkliam. Benj W Pivrpoini, Msllory
'itherston, Mr
Fenner; Henry
Ferguson, Joel
Flemine. I1 r
|Teiiton,xoungk Hi
French. Jbiham S
Fielding, Henry
Plnlayson, J..im
Fitch. Geo (
Koll, Jacob F
Krolm.Chrtstopher. PierceCapJacobi.
R?tung, Job I Phillip, Charles
Know itou.Th Jetl PiltBlauga, Filippo
Kuhn. Leopol'.
Ki ii ?. Leisure
I,add. .1 II
Lanman, James 11
Lavenv; John
Lh w less, John Y
Lawson; I '?
Fitzgerald/Thomas Lake, Jared. .2
Friskbie. J
Fisher. B F Lamsoh, D
Finn, Michael iLanderine, Wm It
Fisher. FA Lamb. Benj S
Folrer, B?njamlnF Lane, John R
rollet: k Bradley ILange, L
PldllipS, Re,
utin in T
Plimpton x Ha?-.
Post, MriSoUcitor)
Pogson. ii
Potter, r rancis M
Provandie. Lui
Pood, William S
Laverty, Bernard ! Pi-rolerer, Jacob
i Provost, Jauie,
Power, Rev Wm
Proctor, Mn Actor) I
Fo\. Palrii k
Form an, Chas
FOX, James
Fowler. Abrain
Forde. Thomas
Flovd. Wm A
Ford, Edwin
Foster. Ml
Ford, Calverl
Fostick 1'nderhiUCI Lesson. James
Layd.en, W
' Luiie. J allies
ILanlerman, David
lLawton, John H
'Lain, II x D
: Lee. Andrew'
I Le Breton, E
Poeue, John
Pugsley, Stephen
Purser. Thomas
Plummer. E P
.ilcCarry, Dir
McDormou, Jan
.McDonnell. Patk
Leaven worth. Rev] McEwen, Ja,
A J.
iMcClusky, John
Fowler, J o
Fow ler, Joseph
Foslwick, E
Froat, Stephen A
F?llerton, S w.. .
Fulton, JamesW
Feeny, Michael
F-.iriisss. B C
Grabaus* Wm
Gardner. H B
Garrity. Jno
Gamble; James B
Gamble. Games
Garrison. A
Gasney, J W
Gamble; Rev A
Gantoi. Julien
Gayloru, E
Gander, It F J
Green. Jno V
Oregorv. Wm
Green, Richard
LeberthanJseopolel McDonough, U'm
McDonald. D H
Lesaine. John McCutchen, Edwd
I Leonard. M :chael j .McDotie.1. Rob!
I Le vi, Joseph 'McBarou. F'raiicis
iLemou, M McAdanis. Patrick
Leeden; Michael iMcConneiL Jas
Lessor; Abraham McClung, Trevor
LennoxCaj iTbosP Met .'?>?. Patrick
Lev i, Jose
ILe vnujslon, Geo A
Leute. Fred D
Leninger. Bartby
Lindsay, Wm
Liendenham, Fit
hng.-r i; Co
Linen, Jesse
Lpdge.Hana ,-k A:>
Tent. Palslit:
McCully, Gordon
McCanney, Wm
McDonald; Alex C
McDermott, Johu
Mcitoey. Timothy
McCommoi. John
McLeod, Geo
McGinn, Jus
M.-l.ear.. GBbert
McGralh, Michael
Excel^or xsjMcKeura. Th.-?
American 11 McKenna, M ? sei
Covenant fmMcLeod Geo 11
National 3TtMcLaugh.it:, Geo
Gregory. EJwardlLocke. Charles B McShaae. Cbas
Um'?, Isaiah
Greer. Win
Gellan. Jno
Gerald. Wm L
GenoiixJose Elia.?I Long
Lowe. Michael
Lowde:;. Js^pii
Lorisdaio. Hourv TlMcKenuev.Chas
Lowe I.E. p. A.":: Mc. >*w . M -
G.-it'en. \\
Gribbin, Adam
(;r:*n. Wm P
Grieff, A D
Gllmote. R
Gliffitt, David
Gd^k.ns. John B
GtUespie, James L
llirard. .Vlt'erd
Godwin, Joseph
Gott Charles
God, A W
Golden; A D
Gonxdav, Thomas
Godsmith, S A
Gordtmi M J
. irollier, Monatem
GoodwJames T
GsOvdsJoel H
Gordon, Joan M
lio,,ie. K P
Goodwin. J
Gonid. Jol ?: N
Gould.DrI'h: lander
Guild* k Keicbmn
Hall, 31 A
Hagau. Georre
H.add-H?k ? Tt-s
Hamilto::. James
Hat^. .1
Ha.:. J,..in
Hall. Tafias
Hail. J \V
Haiublin. Wm it
Hanlon. Michael
tlaihdey.s*- ... H
Hall, Ehror
Hagan. Tim. thy
Halligan, Pair.ck
Hsramcu \ s,,u
Nathan B
')> :. Th, aus w
lixumutt.Samuel R
Ha . ,r es W
11 l'.'.. Janjes
Hall, J Milton
iia_, Ecw-arg fMayhew, Er...
Lyons. Mung
Ludiow. M vi
Lyons, Jame,
Lynch, J A
Lyon,. A
Lynch, Laus
Dund; Mephen D
La (> :ver B
.. nan, Wm
Hacanles. 1 .i
Maclagan.J W I>
Mandmel, M S
Mugenre, Henry
Mann; T
Mai nil g. Jes?e
Mann. Jacob
Magie, Ke, W il
Ma ns, John
MabonCT. ii..
Maliabv, F
Mann. Jacob
Maigne, John O
Magre. Thomas
Mam ... Tbos J
Malone. Wm P
Mars-. W?;..g
Martin. Edgar
Marsh. Houag
Marc. G
Marine F':r- !;:
M i- . u r'H" B.- d
w ay
Mart m, Johu
Marim, A J
Manner. Charles
Mason, lohn
Mason, Kota-rt
Martin. Mos,-.
Mason. A A
Marien^. G
Marren, Ovo
M dter? a. John E
_.J "
McN:iLj. Geo
McFarren. John
McKcea. A C
McLaugh ::. J
McKiumer, John
McGrejrory. Gams
McGee, Cua.
McGiure. Philip
y. ? ? imnesuvW mC
Quiatl) .John
Igueen. J giio
KnndeU, i Ii
Rady, Frank
Ks;, ruond. E
Ravnu.nd. I'-^. l
i: . [sum; John
Itavmoud. Edw^r i
Reilev, ti :^::
Reiling, Wm S
K, ndigs, Jcdiant
nedmai.. Pai.-ic*
Seadinx, Mr
Regan, Michael
Rexsti . Henry
Ree-i. Lewi, B
Reed .Ci-.arlrs W. I
Reilay, John G
-. aresoa. Eh W
Risimr, WmC
Rillv, John
Rilev. Francis
Rice. J P
Rider. 0 T
Rstcl ?. John
Ki-h. Car:
Riders Ar:'..ur
Ripka. Alfred
|i] ... Taomas
Rlckeu, Alen
Richards. John W
.lictirdson. Capt
Slepcen G
! Ruter. Henrv
? Race. Titus
Roach. 1 ;< ru*
Roger-. Daniel
? Boge?. Suit
Rogers. Cent Jas
H-.li.ns. U W
1 Hoter.?. John J
; R-.bbi.n-. A
Rogen. D ituV.
S- ,-?John..*
?... it. w.ik ~
Sibert, Henne*
3h ten. Henry
Biusaliany. John
A'.na.-:. -' - M>
I tine*
I , ..- J-*se R
IVermeuie, John
? ? ?-. LIT i
51 .. ? Henry J --. ClWteRM
SimtnonsWasninc-iWhies. Urn
toa \ ji. :-ii*enJ?coD
?ti-rrr.?. Peter t V anBsrclurn. Jn ?
StieCJH '-a.-. \oro. Mr.
S mm ins, Banbael VanN.-tran-Jjoli
tiouinso-t, RohtT^StiU r"N ;4 -?? >>?>.-. J'??<'
.... p. B - ' i P na - Vj:..a.er W::..
w \\ ttinliill.
R r, Pi f v. ? Sm ?"' tt'm Wedsworth, Lou
R jers, ?:: |ph srniih,Thos W | f ..
Robert?. Ben ? Smith. Patrick WaJJaces-Sawael
Roberts, JnoO SmithrJamea PWade^JJr
Robmson. JaoO Su.ith. Edward WalesvHeury->
K. beruonjte-. 0 K Smith, K De2afe-<1.w I?!sac ..
it' Dr Ja.; Si:..-.: .c,-.."-xM. \V?raiL James E
Roonev. Daniel iv " u alker, Jno
Km ? .-. I n u I Smith, C j Warne?. \V m
RosaFrunciscuJoge Smith i. Hollanderi W all. Charte*
da Smith. Geo M P W,:.ke.-.U mJame
Rouse, Joseph Smith.R'W
--. C .ir.es Smith, J A
Ross, Wm Smith, VVesly
Rutherford, AUin Snrith, J E
Ryen.M Smith, J do W
Rj burne. Wm Sm.iii, F.'aaci?
Russei.. S W smith, Friderick
Ruggle?. Rathburn Smith. Cha?H
Rust, Ciiaocey 0 Smuh, JuoP
Id log" Wm Sc.'.raUsr. Aue
H i?-:.. Ben 1 Sto-.s. Alexander
R'.-i.iiii.re. Joseph seiner.John
Water Rene. Jo,
Wats, Patrick
Watson. Mr
Way. Wm S
Waikin-. L S
War.;.'. barli -
War*, base
Wuru. Jsmes W
Warnick. Wm
Waters. Geo I
Warren. Cap*. Ja
Warringtou,Jno 1
Webley, Tnoma*
Weir, Ii i. J
5i ?. James L
Stout. Jacob W
- . id-Sylvestef Weaver, Wnj
Scott, G " ? heeler. A A
S i? yen Geo Scott Wetd, Thomas A
Scott .WalterLock-jWerd. Thomas A
Wheeler, H H
Scott, Capt Jno j Weil. Carl
Scon la. Wheeler,Henryl
jheroldD 'Webster. Thomas
Stafford. ( i.
t*<a:.. in, John
Sabriskie, Josnh
S ; ... - ;.. Ales
Suainii?, James R i
Santorit. Robert
Sanderson RichTb
Srac v. Robert
Stardisb, A i rusi.- Scott,Cap* F ancU _& ( >
M Stout, JamerD Wl.r. EU?.
Scanned. Wm Somers, Lmnc I W'UUam?.Jonn
Sam::'.,.-.:, w G Schooicrafl, Jno J ? "son; -\?'J*0
Snartman, Charles ScboonmakerTevJ U dson, Phos B
Sa er.Charles Stenetl JhdgeDW Wtison. U m
Geo A Scavi 11. Joseph A , - i.liamsoo, Jno
Slimier. Frederick S-vot.KW ;William?. E P
s a ,-. Thoma? Simon. Eiisha B I Wilson, Ben H -
Stunord. Lawrence Scurvin. Mr t" right, isimeon N
Stanr, David J Stuweaant, Jno it W.ilard. K
Saunders, Henry Snlltvan, Sylyester Wiciiare. Cha?
Sa --. .- Taj ler. Daniel -ill iniaon, Na
Shaw, Pun
Shaw-, Geo L
Starke. Wm E
Starr. Lucius P
Struth. Wm
Sargent, L P
ITaillor/rSchvperiej tbaniei G
j Taylor, Capt G W 1 Williams. Geo
Tavl ir, JonatbanMI WiiUiams, B F
Taylor, Henry A I Wilson, Alfred
Talheru.DrTboliiasll'- lisoa. H W
Talbot. CaptJosiah
Ttiavcr. R Hough
Bishop Jno ton
\V Thatcher .v Tenney
Shaw. Wm A Taylor, Wattle T
Satterlee, James A Ta.mati. Wra L
Satlerlee. L R Tnvlor, JohnX."son.?
Shaw, Jas Stone Trash, Col Wm E
Sawyer. Alpbeus Taylor, Monroe
Seger, Francis Tbayer, L W
Sear.,-.. .1 Tuicott, Tims G
Stearns i Mulloy Tans?y>Ino Henry,
Sheales, Henry * Teany, John
Selleck. Andrew B Treltull. 11
SeaniangShiidrickL Telenandes i"
Sears. Joshua C
Shekel:. John Hll
Sea,.. R II
Sliekett, G II
Slmtttennan, Philip
Seems, W'n,
Spencer. James R
Steel, Hon Nath-1
Secley, Rev Jacob
Spencer; John A
sii-t Idanj Michael
Sterling, Waller
SKendly, Wm
Sexton. Charles
Seyn.our. Wm R
SeuneU, Wm R
Stewart, Alfred W
Sheridan, Edward
Stew art, Wm
Stevens, H E
Scbennerhorn, Pe
ter B
Sbermun, II igh
Stewart, Alvan
Sherwood, Kanton
Seres, Rev !?: II
,-eiier. Henry
Spencer. Joiui
Senner, James
Si will!. Merrill S
SI erin ... Ben \\
Simons; R L
Stni. John H
Siilf, James
i'.-r-.\ ill .-.-r. Albert
Trembiy. David
Teirney, 11 >n as
Ti Iman, Mr
Tit.-. Myron
Tobias, i aptDaniel
Wright. Geo
WiRey, c
W..k;:.s. Frede- ck
Wilhams; Marvin
Willst:. Abithar A
W llllams, 1! K.-ve
Wright, Dr Clark
Wright Ai Cu
WUtberger, rspt
Wilson x Dunn
Wilson. John H
Wilson, Win Jr
Wilsdon, Wm
W liams, Elias i;
Wrppenny, Wm
Wlntnev," Francis
vV . te, James Jr
Winslow, Richard
.\. .1 Sbeman
White, >',.-i C
. James H
Whitehon.se, Mr
: W hile, Ed? aril
j Whitcomb, V
j Whipple, Solomon
Tod.I. Francis D
Tow ley. Mr
Thompson, tie.,
Tbwle, Jerenniiii.il
Tompk tis.ti WB jWhitaker, Capt
Topp. John S
Thompson; Cbas C
Thompson, John A
i , .a:. Geo M
rop/p, r
1 at mas; limu.i
Tohin. J ^\?
T?rkinglon, Wm
Purner, Jabez
Turner. Joseph
Tyler, Edward
I ... I ;,e, I,
I II eU, l> il
i ?her, Hoben i
I ?nphrey. W:,, S | Y
,B uloGMlVi
Cndenvood. J M- Y(
\ ideto, Hoben I
Winthrop.S P X Co
White, John
Worstei I R M L:
Wood. <ie.,
Wollen. Clin- W
Worland, Michael
Wiaj.inid. E
Wooley, Win
Wood, Jno R
Wroe, Dr.l \..g
Woods, J II
Wo.s|. James
Y onnsr, Jno
. S s .V Co
. N>
u in p
tin. Lvman
es. W*S
IZade. Henry
HOIU1UT II. M<> It HIS, I', it.
t '(* \ L I OA L I OA L?Tbl scribersarono?
v Chat gin " i very i estquality of Red Ash Peach Moun?
tain Coal wddch they ore prepared to deliver either from
the hoax or yard at the lowest marke' price. Likewise
Lehfgb, Virginia and Liverpool Coal. All the above Coal*
ireci ..till.-, s. n'e.'ied and de.ivered in ll.e best order e.\.
prcasly for'famDy use. P. A. A W. S. RIDABOCK'S
Coul Yard. No. IH5 Grand-sL between
au23 Imlstp" Motl-SL and the Bowery.
PI. ICH OUCI1ARD ? OAL- i irtei ii 5 u
Peach Orchard Coul.?The subscriber has just opened n
yard as above, and baa now on hand a choice lot of Red
Ash Coals, selected from the most celebrated veins and of
Ihe following sizes, vizi Broken Egg. Stove and Nut, for
sale at lowest market prices. Also, Lebigb, While Ash,
Liverpool and Cumberland Coals on hand. AUof the above
for sate from yard or iresseL Applv to
T. STOKES DICKERS! IN, 6 ISUHrt. neai "tt.-avenue,
and 1(17 Anihoiiy-st. near Broadway.
N. B.?Lebigb and WhiteAsb Lump Coal by the cargo
or single ton. s'J tf
rl'.H HKKI.A N l?TrL\L~T:~E. hart Ca. -W
charge m a tew day. a cargo of the above coal, fresh
:.: the company mines, in good order, ail lumps, at the
foot of Thirieeuth-sL N. R. For sale low for cash: applv
to T. STOKES DIGKERSON.No. 68 Thirteenth ?u "
s3U nearhth-avenue.and t"7 Anthonv-?t. near Broadway;
I and pn
se Skin Powder, for restoring,
srving the complexion; and ren?
dering the skin delicately white, smooth and sofL
Meen Fun is simply a preparation of Oriental herbs,
end may be used with perfect safety for the cure of all cu
uiueous disorder*. Among the most prominent are Tin.
Freddes, Insensible and Copious Perspiration, Blotches,
Pniip.e,. Spots. Irritation, Coarseness, and a variety of
To be had of the sole importers, HOBBS A CO. 2 Wall-st..
WyattA Ketcbum, 121 Fulloa-sL; V. Cltrehugh, Na *9y
Broadway i RushlOO Jl Co. Broudway . Milban, 1B1 Broad?
way. C. il. King, corner of John-SL and Broadway; A. B.
Saiids \ Co. Uli PuitOD-SL and East Broadway i Henry
Johnson, .TJ Broadway, and all other respeclub.e ebemlsts
and peritime's tliroiighoiit the Culled Stales, in laixes.?
Price3a. is .=>?. and h*. eaclu au27 im*
MRS.CARROLL'S Medicated Vaporand Sul] bur Baths.
Iii Fullon-SL opposite St Paul s Church
TI.Battis sue the most safe, delightful and efficacious
remedy for colds, rheumatism, chills and fever, i.e. and not
only a cure, but a prevent; , e to many of
"The thousand ills thai rVsii is h?ir to."
They afford tne most agreeable mode of Lalluc:. and are
e?seatial to ihoroiu-h cleanliness,
tf" Mr-. Carroll's B?ttis dirler from everv other "Vapor
Baths." so called, and have been established in this City
for more tl.an 20 years.
Sulphur Baths require half an hour's notice.
Portable Vapor Balhs sent to any part of the city oi vi
ctntiy. -a iw
an office here in New-York.?Thai same Herb Doctor
who has been doing such wonders m Philadelphia?who
ha* been cuiing tiious^nd ?':.<? h.is come on here and
opened an office in Broome-Sl No. gtib. between Allen and
Orchard sis. He makes pure Herb Medicines for the cure |
of a 1 diseases and is willing to undertake all cases, even !
the most hopeless, on the terms of No Cure No Pay. It t
you know of auy one sick. t>e sure to tell them of bis ar?
rival, and rerneui!>er Ihe place. No. 366 Broome-st. Eng?
lish and G-riuaa pamphlets will be given to all who call
for them. augfi ltn*
EM'.OIP.MENTf-.-L O " F C. Tin:::.a
purchasing Emblems, i.e. for Encampmenlsor Lodges,
are requested to call and examine tboM introduced (ax
i ressl] for the New Worki by the subscriber, and which
have ta-en approved of by the following Encampments!
Mount Olivet. Egyptian, Mispah, be. of New-York^ Po
tnmac Linige. A.exaudria, D. C ; Winchester. Virginia.
and many others.
The undersigned would also respeclfully solicit a call
from merchants aad oraers visiting the city at his Siesr,
I! inn! k. FL.v? and OkNaMgNTAl. P,Is,TlN? R'-ogls. No.
101 Nassan-st where he natters himseg", that hi* oririnal
? i.-.._:.. and acknowledged super.or.y of workmanship, in
xmnecrion with moderate .-iiarges, wii, otfer uiducemenL.
for patronage unsurpassed by any establishmenrin New
York. Country merchants can hive their orders executed
during their ?:?y in the city, and signs.i.e. can be forward?
ed with safety to a.1 parts of the Chiled States.
ACKER.MaN. (late Ackerman v MiTJer,)
an.S !rn_ >. i [0] Na*saa?st
LA-MP-j, GIRAXDOLEf?, Hall Lanterns. > 1(
deliers.?Deltr. Broier X Co. Washington Stores. No.
lJt* William-SL are manufsclurtug and have always on
hand, a rail assortment of article* in their line, of the fol
towing descriptions, which they will sell a: wholesile or
re'a.l at low prifs. for cash.?
Solar Lsmpi?Gilt, B." n^e and Silvered, iti gr-a: variety.
Suspending So.ars, da . do.
Brncset Solars. do. do.
Solar Chandeiters, da da 2, 3 and i HghLs.
Suspending Camphene Lamps: Bracket da do.
Mde do. do.
Camphene Chandeliers?g. 3 and 4 lights.
Girandoles?Gilt.Silvered and Brortzed.va.tous patterns.
Ha.. Lanterns?Various si??*. -.v-.tn cut or stainec gias*.
slor at Law. B'ir
w-Yort C
(? I . It At EY. I
>- s Uinjton, \ ermonL
Messrs. E, k J Pi jsixc ,
A S. KlNlisLAM-. Ex. y
"? ? l( t liKEtLEY. Es<. I
iito. W. BLtNT Esq. J
Oeoacr. Wisitv. Esi Albany, N. Y.
< i. St oa. E.-^. I
s. E. Stow, Esq.
Jams, Fa**-, rst Esq.
i- J; l>. Ki.v^-umi,
^Abundam rrferences can also be giver, to gentlemen a
Mancuesler. Fsirnaven, Ca?lleton. Burggtgton, snd otSer
uiwns in ?Vesierr-Ver-n,,A?,.
Troy. N. Y.
Kees..-. .lle. NAY.
\ 1 A_TT K E>- F> W IT IUI A L V AN I /. K I) --: r. g?
s'X i..v un.ter..gn-u_a,:cria.e Srr.'.g Matlres-e-. man
u.act::red g; l_e oe?t aanner, and tne most approved
The article pmst of nec-s,-.;--, f^. ::; convenience, free?
dom from vernan .its ea.-.. ventilation, and unsurpassable
com3 in, - ipei :- every thing else ot the kind.
Orders reee-.ved (OrHotels, Steamers, Packet Sh:r?. an 1
PttyateresMesxjes. at>q 62 Veaev-st S. F. HALSEY.
IV" The p-.i. . r. an.: the medical facultv in particular,
are :r.v-.:.-d to ca.. and eramhie thenL att25 if
A s-as-k. r.Trure*. g.sod will, and !ea?eof a retail drug
?ore. -gastet. :r. one of the mos: populai tbortmehlares of
Ihe t try. The -tore :? ntzed up with much elegance and is
doingagood .. .si::-s, The proprietor being engaged in.
other b-astrte.ss is not able to give this the attenunn'tt re
cuires and is dierv.ore wiling to cl^p^. OI- u. Foil ^
ticu-ars may be obtained by address?a= air uth :ov Vo.
issg lower rx'st-ofiee. ^, j -t.
A.M.INi: PAPEi: -n
CiuLS W. ELEXD, 9 Buxlmg-sliP.'
Ssi Sw
Patent ?le?irines.
D? r, r VAtT.HN ? advertisement FOS
'ript'c Mixture.
TEUS UNIVERSAL PANACEA is no wbe at Ott ?! iced
?moEuroue. ma Ea,: and w?! Indies, south Amenca,
a- ''a.' other parts oflLeglobe, ?hrrc disease exist. En any
form. The United Statesand the Canada- have Mr tue past
?hrce vear- severelv tested the virtues which the propri?
etor, upon the tmroauclion of this medicine, plated not to
?sav It pos-ei-ed. In introducing tits GREAT t EGETA
BLE REMEDY, the racataTirtllnrj promises ? --re tna.ie
on the purl of the medicine- -so novei w as the theorv?the
" . '.. \_upon which the cure* were to be effected, that
neotde threw- up their hands ami cried, what next! Even
r,, ?? l-.ir -:-.:.-.::->>?. .m i vta..>,i " r ' >? >"'
made themselves merry over the "new hum'-og." But
'I ...'.'. -<: - l.s. ?? pa.? -- ... - punli.
ertni ?n the" voice of millions ami more of observinsr indi
v'.-'l"'.-"ha'---- stamp-M t'uin REMEDY ire most singular,
wonderful, faeomprenensivo and miractxiou - curative pow?
er ever produced. The on!. grest Disit-K which the
rropr.eter ofthis medicin" bad the presumption to say ex?
isted, and that all various diseases were but secondary,
has no* millions of belie rers. Tl ey -nut believe, tor they
have witnessed the etSect of this rcstora'ive. It has con
nuered ?p.t. cases; by siniplv conquering the one. The
?;Od School" now .oenlheir eves. Their o.d dogmas, like
the morning mist, rlv before the light of truth, and common
_e now sei K- a road lo heaiti: Us own way, instead of
dosing its eve, and being .ed. The truth ot tee pnncip.e
upon which this arucie cures is established, and tne state?
ment :* again boldly, most emphatically, mosidecldedly re?
iterated Tail mruu-iur Brill drv.e from tit oody r.irv dis
i at traicA la* a miMS- evtl $ iiuurraaoiti"a of tie lystem
?caicS '?"? trist. Tfbone und muscle remain, this medicine wi?
rtttoretaapt feet state. Tue old Calomel. bleeding, blls
. mis about tofalL The proof daily presenting
... fi ? the truiii of oca theort, ;s n prop out of the old
strui'. ?? w hich win soon tumble to the ground, a shape,ess
mas, of ignorance ami deception.
I,?tLiL's. i .sort at on. e to th's medicine. It Is a Strictly
V. i 't.i " Remedy, the product of our own soil?a com?
pound of tw en! f-tw o different ingredients. Each root has
peculiar part of the system upon, ord this a, v. >u
is alwavs pioduced?Its effect upon the whale system is tm
? itely appnreuL Testimony of th" highest character is I
daily coming to the proprietor, full of truth, and you will '
always see names, places and dales. Not u particle ot false
evide ceia.offered on-the pari f this Great Ccratjve.? ;
The mosi careful perusal of the pamphlet Is desired. It
gives the cbaracterof all the secondary complaints which
prevail, and which have been cured by this article. Evi- I
donee of cures in sum" of the most dread:,,', ruses of ling?
ering Complaints which it has been thefbrtune of any uiedt- ,
cine to cope with, is found?cases w hich have heeh ;.-:': to
die. Hundreds in every large city of our Union and the I
Canadas have to thank this article for their lives, aim so
do they, as letters in the possession of the proprietor will
show. ' I
This GREAT MEDICINt: will cure DROPSY, mrrerjjtufr; :
GR.AA EL, ane. a., k.n ;? : iirheuity in the urtnarv organsi 1
i 'omplatnts ot the KlOXEYS, weakness of the bad-; FEMALE '
I RREGl'I.AiUTI E> iasasnfintrlii checked, and a healthy tone j
given lo the ?y?tenL Let every Keaiuie at once resort to '
this safe medtesnt and use no o'.iier. Diseased Liier. Indi?
gestion, Bilious i 'omplamts. Dyspepsia, instantly relieved;
Rheumatism, Gout. arc. produced by inaction of the blood, I
will always find reliefi Inflamed Lungs. Cough, even Con
sumption, unless me patients and their medical advisers
w ere deceived, has been cured by this medicine i SCROF
CLA, andull Erupt'ect Diseases, files. Erytipttas, Inflamma?
tion off.e Kye>. Palpitation of the Heart. Sick Headache, J.iun
dux, Fever and Agua?the whole catalogue might be named
?s-ek Ibis REMEDY . buy no other.
P::t up in de 02. bottles, at *J ; U ez. bottle,. SI each.
He careful that you are not implied upon. Every bottle
has the w ord, ?? \ aughn's Vegetable Lttboutriplic Mixture" i
blown ii-<on the glass?the written signature oC-'G. C.
Vaughn" on the directions, und G. C. Vaughn, Buffalo,
stamped on the cork. None other are genuine.
Prepared by Dr. G. C. VaL'CHN, and sold at the principal
Agency, 183 Main-sc Buffalo, at wholesale and retail, to
whom all Communications must com.- post-paid.
Offices devoted exclusively to the wie ot' t'ns Medicine, At
wholesale and retail: NEW-YORK CITY; 1312 NAS
SAU-ST., H. M. LAKE; Salem,Mass. 295Essex -?. C ....
P. Chase; Cincinnati. Ohio. J. H. B.rge. on od-sn Sd door
from Walnut; St. Louis, Mo. J. Waiker. At wholesale
and retail by Mrs. E. Kinder, IW Court st. Boston, and at !
retail by respectable Druggists, a- advertised in the
papers, elms. H. Ring, l". Bi ?dway . E. M. Guion, l.*7
Bowery; Wyatlt Ketcbam, 121 Fullon-st; J. wkS. Cod.
d'jigt.-ri. j(? Hudson-sl; Mrs.Haves. 13b Puuon-sl, Brook- ;
:>:.: L. Williams, l>v> Grand?l Wolinmsbing. migt". Jin
IM I. Kr*".- v .- :?? .i-t -D*r I't
ham's l.nernnl Remedy for Ute eure of Piles. The Vtet
table Pile Hie, tuury. Invented by Dr. A. Upbam, a dUtln- '
ruisbed physician of New-Yorkcity, i, tbe only reaUy -uc- 1
cessful remedy for thai dangerous and distressing complaint 1
die Piles, ever offered to the American public
The E.e.-tuarv contains no Mineral Medicine, no Aloes,
i 'olocynta, Gamoogt,ot other pow erful and irr'tatmg purga?
tive. No fear of laking cold while under it* influence|;0o
change in diet necessary. If taken according lo directions i
aci'-r for lift lA cuurai'tied.
Another Certificate added to the hundreds dint have al?
ready been received, of the efficacy of Dr. Cpham's Klcc- ?
1Ui-r.v- Nkw-Yokk. August 25; 11*51
Messrs. IVyatt Se Ketchnm,?Gents . Kor several ye u s p i,:
I have been troubled ivith Pi.es. a very e.."tive state of
he bowelsj Indigestion mid weakness of the system. But ;
my cbmplainl no) being so severe as to disable me from
usii ess, : a dread I had oi physicians and patent med
lerne?, that until this Spring I never used any medicine or j
applied lo n physician for relj.-i". The Ptles-then being s.j
severe that I allow ed several operatioas lo be performed, ?
? out any benefit. Determine 1 after this to try other!
means, I u nd an advertisement of a cure guurautied by
[he use of Dr. rimam's Electuary. I purchased ihre.?
boxes at your store, and from the use of which I found ?
myself entirely cured of the Piies and my health mucli
improved. I remain, Sir,, your much indebted friend.
The writer of the above, from motives of delicacy; de
dines l o :ng bis name used; but authorize, us to refer to
him or show the original Certificate 10 those w ho may
doubt it> authenticity.
Proprietor's office 196 H..wer.-. Sold, wboloaale and ie
lail. by WYATT k KETCilA.M. 121 miton-SL N. Y.?
:?- ri - jv? .
Fire. Marine and Inland State Stock Insurance Com- ;
puny. August ggd, IH-pi.
Rksol Kl. t.s.
Kanli and other Stocks. .*j.s.'.;s,u hi
Bond anil .Mortgages.1*1,000 00
Real Estate.Iisi.iss. 00
Specie an I the Bids of vunous Bank?.28,410 ,
Bills It, eeivable. 1,525 37 I
Expense, account. 7|u Zi
Total."?lb'.Mti g? l
liabilitii . I
Capilal stock..S.ss' 'ssi 00
Bills payable. .'.gib I I
Total."?Og.Jlb II
Surplus. . 15JJ30 06
no. os i oi.ic o - issinn.
Life. 198 Mumie und Inland. Hin
JOHN K. TOWNSEND, President.
Ali ki.ii KEasnsw, AcUiary,
The undersigned having examined the above statement
and compared it with the Books and Vouchers of said Coiu
nanv. tind it a correct transcript of tne same,
au24 Inr_JAM ES L. BROW N.
THi: EAST RIVER Mutual Insurance (Slock) Com
? puny ol the city of New-York?Office No. hi Wall-si. -
This Company continue, to :n? ;re against loss and dam?
age by fire, on dwelling-houses, warehouses, buildings,
goods, merchandise;and; household furniture, on as tavor- I
ah!.- terms a, similar institutions In this citv.
JOHN BRO?WER, President.
Ciiarlk- II. Bicni v. Sec y a" Im
j IKS. J.NssJ IIAM'K, r ? N. ? E-gla I Mu ial
ULifelnsn . ? < oropany of Boston will receive appiica- !
lion, for Life Insurance at 16 Wall-su
Williard Phillips, George H. Kuhn, Peter XV'aliiwrlghf,
Wi .. m i' i- James !!?<'!, VViUiaui-W. Stone,
Francis C. Low ell, Robert Hooper; Thomas A. Dexter;
Ruhen B. Kor!?s. Charte? P. Curtia, On. rufto.
Jonathan Amorv. Secretary.
John C. ( hi ESM ?n, M. D. M'-dtrai Examiner. New-York.
Form, of application for bisuranee and all nertessary in
formation w id be furnished by the subscriber, ai his office, i
No 16 Wal.--l New.York.
U if_JOHN IIOPPr.lt. Solicitor and Agent.
rpUJE KM( riUJltBOCKlilt Fire Insurance Com
1 pan. ? late the Mutual) of New-York?Cat ;-.a. fg;???,..
Office No. tri \V u.l-s:.?Tue Legislature of this State at its !
late session passed an act changing the corporate name of i
Uie old " Mulua. Insurance Company of the City of New- ,
York," to trie Knickerbocker Fire Insurance Company of
New-York. All future business of that Corporation will
therefore oe transacted under its new name.
It may he well to add, by wav of explanation, that the old
M Mutual." notwithstanding it, title, was in fact a Stock ;
Company ? :. > ::g \i; ,:a. pa.d ::. and securely invested,
and that the change ot name was obuuned to prevent nils
apprehension on mat poinL
Thi, Company contmue, to insure against loss or damage
by lire on as favorable term, as similar institutions in this -
George Ireland, John Gray, L. C. Hamersley.
John Oolhout, Boiti, Moore, CbaS. P. Lev-rich,
G-o. A.--- .-, Ro-.'iC. W--inure.Be: j. I),-Forest,
Robert Benson. Edw ard Cook, Win. Tucker.
John Campbell, Anthony Lamb, Asber Riley
George Conklin, AJ?a Surr.-. Alex*r Lawrence,
Joshua Brush, Robert Kenmt. Win. E. Dean,
Robert L. Stuart, Authonv Chsrd.-n. W;i am Browning.
A. B. Mi DoMsj ;.. <e. retary.
New. York. 3Iay 18,1846. el?eolif
r.MTKU STATES* re Insurai - C
No. t'j Wa.;-,L?Tin, Company continue lo itisur?
against loss and damage by tire on merchandise, ships in
port, buildings, household furniture, lie and other personal
properly, al Uie usual rates of prem.unL
John L. Bowne. Morris Ketchnm, D. A Cosfamaa,
Silas Hicks. JosbuaS.lTnderhiU, char.-, Hil.-'.urgl
Bea^ainin Corlles. Cnas. T. Cromw ell. William H. Tims,
Lmdley Murray. Cuaries Kiieelaud, Robert L Murray,
Hy. H..Lawrenee, Rooer. B. Mmiurn. Solomon Griffen'.
Step n. Van Wvca. Tho< W. Pearsall. Or.aad-. M.Bogart,
Robert P. Wee&s. George D. Post, Peter R. Bonnet-..
John Wood. Albert Wo.sii, ill, Jo-eph N. Lord, ;
Ber. amir: Strong. Samuel C. Pax son. Robert L. Case.
GedrreHussey, Caleb Barstow: Henry S. Terbell. 1
L'nahK.Carperiier. Samuei L-Mitchell. George J. Cornell, '
Eb'a'r. Cauidweii. James Mar?h.
J. L. BOWNE. Pre.;denL
J,M?s Wii.kik. Secretary. jylo ime.Ki
i'AiOr?ce No. i: w...,.: the month of
J ;.v i lb ir-., IV :c:es. a
To Merchants and Tradersj4lTo Prof-. s. ir.. 3
Planters and Parmers. 7 Ladies. 5
Clerks. 91 Member?fCongress.. 1
Clergymen. s| Setfry of Ins. Co. I
Physicians. t Cashier.1 j
Lawyers.Ig. Agents.7 '
Mechan:cs .Uj S'udeaLs. " 3 !
Mauu:'?.::urers.7| Other occupaiioris'.'.".'.'.' t;
New Policies issued in Jalv. 18-16. "Me
N-v P .. '.- ? :?-: ?e;New Policiea is-,,-,; ,. U;e
nrst cuarj-r of t!:e year first quarter of it- vear
??, viz:
MV.?Ma,. .or/7
Jq:>.^Jjjuly.._i4b ;
Ttrj?....1831 T,)tlll.5^!
Numaer of Policies issued daring 1 year.. 171)1 |
T^Ul Policies :a 13 months.75? i
Ce^ Iss:.-d m Angus! 139 new policies.
btNj. C. MiLLta. Secretary.
J'-jt.pm 1? Loan. AgenL
Jas. SrEw-ast.M. D. M?<i:ca: Examiner. No. rigl Broad
'?\ - ?_ 1 I tmeod is
VEW-JKKSEY 1 Oi'l'KK OKK. f r sale, to
1 a tons of Copper Ore (gray suiphureij from the Fleming- -
toe M .-. Apply 10 ^ E. B. HART.
_ No. 4j Hanover-st. .
1." Ii i)M II ULA>S- < ui .- -. .. ~:;
vll to32x42^Jaudy rec-:ved. and f.-r sale bv
-1- * W. CHANCE. Jr. 7B'John ?L
? Tons Rounds, a.p.are. am: Sco.il, for -,a.e :,v
BENJ. M, ?lii?iOlAN, cor. Br?sa itic ?asvvt. i
Ccqiil Notices.
S3 far**- to toe directed a:: i delivered, I ? 111 ?? . .. ... .
ten o'clock to toe forenoon, a] tin restibale of the City Hall,
in the City of NewiYOrk, all the right, title and interest oi'
Daniel E." Py'iee^which he Iii?.: ou the 1?enlf-eighth day of
February.in the year one thousand eight bond red and forty
slx. or any time afterward, in whose hand* toever the
same maybe, of in and to the follow ing descnN-d property,
that is to say. all those four certain lots of land situate lying
and being ititheTlurd Waniol the City ofNew-York.known
and distinguished ou a certain Mop of Chart of properly be?
longing to the corpotatiunel i ratify Church.as lots numbers
tec hundred ainl twoan I tt nhundred in I three, frontii
Greenwich-street, aba ten hundred andtonrteen and
hundred and fifteen.fronting on (formerty Second.now)
Washington-street, o - the same are covered ?Ith stoi ? ? and
building's and enclosed, and a.- :he said lots of land extend
along the Northerly side ol Vesey-street-from Oreeuwich
street to Washington-street, fanning a front of fifty-three
feet thereabouts ,m each of said last mentioned streets, I
an.: now known an.t distinguish* I bv the street onmbers
Ti (seventy-four),76 (severuy-sts . Tt (sevenryieighl), w
(eighty?. soj (eighty and a bail"), 32 (eigbty-two). and tM \
? eighty.four i. Vesey-streel i numbers l*i"ior.e hundred
ami ninety-six and a halt", said 196 (one hundred and nine- i
ty-eighti. Green? :ch-street, and number guy (two hundred '
and nine), Washington-street.
A.~> all tho?e six certain lots, pieces and parcels of land, ,
with the buildings thereon erected, situate. Ivtnv and beinn
in the Sixth Ward of the City of New-York, on the nor) I '
easterly side of Chambers-street, and on the louthweste i
erly side of Reade-street. betw een Broadway and Centro. i
street.ju which the City and A,cade Ban.s are now situa:<-d. ;
and taken together, bounded and containing as follow s. that j
is to say - beginning on the north-easterh side of Chambers- i
street, in the south-westerly corner of the premises hereby ;
described, or intended to be, adjoining a lot of ground
upon-a Inch the B^snk tor Savings Is erected,and running
thence north-easterly along the sant-- one hundred and titty-- '
one feet to the south-westerly side of Keade-streer. runntug
thence south-easterly along ilte south-westerly s.a-- ?l
Reade-street aforesaid seventy-five feet to a lot of ground ,
now orfonnerly of Gabriel r.urmon, ru:-.-....i tl-euce'seuti.
westerly along the same one hundred and tilty-onc feel to I
the north-easterly rldeofCbambers-street aforeaaid, I tence
rnnuing north-westerly along the norsn-eusterly side of
Ghambers-streei aforesaid seventy-five feet to the place of J
beginning : the six lots of ground above men toned and ue
scribed being the same lots laid down on a Map rua.:- by
(.!-? mir 1i loerck.dated 7th Mav. it'i*. ,-n,: on nie in the i
offii.C Register of the City -uni County of New-Yotk as |
lots numbered 13 (tnueteen7,jsQ (twenty), 21 (twenty-one), j
52 i thii ty-twoi. 33 (thiny-mree), and 34"(thirty fou r>."
Together with all and singular, th? tenements, heredita?
ment* and. appurtenances thereunto bebmeiug or in an-.
wise appertaining. WILLIAM JONES, Sheriff.'
William W. Lvov. Deputy Sheriff.
Dated New-York, May 12th". 18461 mylg laxv6wAds I
The sale of the above described properly is hereby post?
poned until Wednesday next. July 1st, at the same time
and place. WlLL'lA.M JUNES. Sheriff
William W. Lvon. Deputy Slier.:!'.
Pated New-York. June 24,"l"46. e2S Hauls
The sale of the above described property is hereby far?
ther postponed until the sth day of July nisi, at 1.' o'clock,
M. at the same place a> hereinbefore stated.
FRUiERICK L. Viltf.. Hepntv Slier.ti.
Dated New-York. July 1. IH&. iySatds
The saleloCthe above described property is hereby f..r
tlter postponed until Saturdav. tue 18th mat at the same
Urne and place. W I LI. I AM J ONES. Sheriff
Frederick L. Vcltb; Deputy ShentT.
DateffNew-York. July 8. lS4i jy9 lawAds
The sale of tue above described property fs hereby tar
ihei postponed until Monday, ue*l Jay of An gust next,
at the saute time and place, 'WILLIAM JONES, Slier::!.
Fred?k. I? Vulte, Deputy Sheriff
Dated New-York. July 18th, 1846.
Th-sale of the above de^ribeal property is hereby far
Hier postponed until the 17th day of August inst.ai the
sum uneand.place, WILLIAM JONES,Sheriff
Fred'K. L. Vllik. Deputy Sheriff
Dated New-York. Anglist 3d. 18-16. aul lawtds
The sale of the above described property i- hereby I ?
therpostpones] until the 7th day of SeptetuWt next, at 12
o?< .... .. M. at the same place. Dated. New-York, August
,7. 1846. WILLIAM JONES. Sheriff.
Fki o k. L. VYltk. Deputy Sheriif. aul8 lawAds
Che sale of the above described property i- hereby far?
ther postponed until Monday the l nli instant, at the same
time and place. WILLIAM JONES, Sheriff
Frederick L. Vulte, Deputy Sheriff
Dated. N-w-York. Sept. 7th. lH4'i. Ss liiw-Vds
< II I .K I EE'S >A 1.1-1. By of a writ of Iii
kjclas to me directed and delivered, I w ill ex;.t.i sate
on Monday the l Ith dayofrSeptcmbe . ism. n: 12 o'clock,
noon, in the vestibule of the City HSU of the ( ty of New
York, all the right, title .in.l interest of Samuel Ward, which
hi had on tl,e lilst day of January last, or at any time after?
ward, of. in and to ail that certain lot of ground, with the
buildings and improvements thereon; situate lu the First
Ward of the City of New-York, and distinguished ou a
map oflhu lands of the Trinity Church as lot number six
bounded easterly in front by Lumber-street, westerly in the
rear by lots numbered und 24, northerly by lot nutnl er
(7) seven, and southerly bv lot numbei Co hve, late bf S tin
uel Ward, now deceased?coutainlitg in breadth in fronl
g", feet four Incite*, in tin- reur gti feet, in length;on the ntor
therly side, ail tees t) Inches, and on the southerly side
feel 6" inches,and now know nasNo-34_Triuity-place, be the
same more or less.
Vlso ail the estate, right, title arid-Interest of Samuel
Ward, in and to ul. that certain other lot-piece or par
cle of laud situate! lying Olid being in the Fu?t Ward ol
the city of New-York, being part of the lands of the said
parties of the tirsl pan, (Trinity Church,) and distinguished
ou a map or chart "!' SUcll part of their -aid lands as lies in
?? ear ofTrinity Church lit. Uio said city by the nunther
five(5,1 bounded.easterly.in front by Lumber-street, not
tlierly by lot number six. southerly by !"'. numberl tour, and
westerly in the rear by parts of lots numbers twenty-four
and tw enty-five, containing in length "ti the northerly side
ninety-six teei six inches, on th- southerly side uinety-four
feet tour indies, and in breadth ou front twenty-five feet
four inches, and iti the rear twenty-nine feet.
New-York, July, II, 1846. WM. JONES, Sheriff
.1. II. I'lNKNKV.'Deputy Sh- rirt. jy3t lawtiw
Hi OKOEK i f - n e..e ... .... p. Hi,:'.. i no ol
the Judges ot' the Court of Common Pleas of th- City
and County of New-York?Notice is hereby given, pursu?
ant to the provisions of the statute authorizing atlachiueuts
ngHin>t absconding, concealed, and noa-resuienl de oi .
that an attachment has Issued against the estate of David
Mors,-.it resident of Havcrford West,Pembrootolilre,South
Wales. England i and that the same will be -old lor the
payment ot hi- debts; unless he appear and disci arge mii b
auachmenc, according '??< hiw, within nine months from tue
firs! publication oflhls notice ; and (hat tlie pa;, lu-nt ol*any
debts due to bini by Ills debtors; agents; bankers, or olhei ?.
and the delivery io him or for his us- of any property,
money, uotes or bills of exchange, belonging to bims und
the transfer of any other property by them are forbidden by
law. ami are void'. Dated th- tweuty-thlrd'day of Kebru- j
arv, lU-bi. CLARK v CAMPBELL,
iniilawti Attorneys .-r Auaching Cred?ors.
Hit OttDEJt of"Charles P. Daly, Associate Jude- ot i
tlie Court of Common i'len- In und for the City and
i ounryof New-York?Nonce is hereby: jriveo, purauani to
the pro? Isious of the staute authorizing uitachineiita against
absconding, concealed, and non resident debtors, mat an
attachment has issued against the estate of T. (? W. Pierce
and GUson Homan, non-residents, and resident? of Man?
chester, in England, and thai the same will be sold for the
payment of. their debts; unless they appear and discharge
such attachment according to law,"within mile months from
the first publication of this not.ee ; and that the payment of
any debts duel" (hem and the delivery to them nr for their
use. of any property belonging to them, and the transfer of
anv property by them, are forbidden by law, und are void.
Dated ;n-- twentieth day of December. 1345.
djg law )ni Attorney for Attaching Creditor,5 Wall *l
nY ORDHR ot 'Honorable John Fine, fir-t Judge.,: St.
Lawrence County. Counselor at Law, Ac?Notice is
hereby given that an attachment has Issued against the e*
late of Joseph Wlgglesmlth, now ..r late of the town of
Riis-eii. m said County, an absconding or concealed debtor,
and that the same wi?be sold for the payment oi his debts,
1ih.--SS be ?pp-ar and discharge such attachment according
to law within Ihr? months of the first publicaiioii of this
notice, and that the payment ot any debts, or the delivery
ot any properly belonging to such debtor Io him, or for his
it. I the transfer ul any property by him, for any pur
r..,?- whatever, are forbidden by law and uro void. Dated
Ogdensburgb, JulyO, I?-ih. ' JAMES & Ultnw N,
jylo law.?in Affoniey? for Attaching Creditors.
VOTM'K - ere fiven ? ?? i -a
is George 11. Cougar, of the ci'v of I te-a. O ?? !a ( .
ty, has issued against the -state of Hamilton D. Risley, a
non-resident .lel.tor. residing in die Stale of Illinois, pursu?
ant to the statute concefmnghon-resident'debtors. which
attachment was granted and allowed by Philo Gridlej
Circuit Judge of the?th Judicial Circuit, and that the ei
?a'e '??... ..'1 !'"' tier p-iyin'tit of the d.sot the said
Risley, unless he appear and discharge such attachmentac
cordiiig to law, wiuun nine months from the hr?t pntiiica
tiou oflhls notice, and that the payment of any debts due to
said Ri-iev by residents of this State, and the delivery to
tutu or for "mause of any property within this State, belong?
ing to bint, ami the transfer of anv such property by him,
are forbidden by law and are void.
Attorneys for attaching creditor, Cuca, Oueida County.
Dated January 6th, 1840._jl!) laWim
IN I'l K"s| AM II
1 County of N'.w-Yor*. Notice Is hereby given to all per?
sons having claims against John R Townseiid, late of hi
City of New.York, deceased, u> present the same with
vouchers thereof to the subscriber-, at the store of Samuel
'i'. Skid mo re, No. ?a Cedar?treef, in the City of New-i or?.
on or I>efore the ninth day of March next. Doted New-York,
the fifth, day of September, 1846.
ML. T. SKIDMORE. < Kv ' ''
s" Iaw6m SA
Office of the New-York isu Ekif: Rah. Roao Co. >
45 Wall-s'_ New-York, Aug. 28,1849. <
VOTICE Is her-.-'. . iposais will be rece
11 -?! unit! tj;.- 13th 'day of October next, for the grading,
m isonry and bridging required to complete that portion of i
the New-York and Erl- Ratl Roaii between a point three ?
tin.? east of Port Jen-is. in Orange county, and th- vil
tiage ot" Binghamton. in BriKime county, a distance of ]
about 133 mil-s.
Map* ?n-l profiles. e..?.;nates and specification-will be
found sfier the ;nth of September, in tlie offne of the Com?
pany at New-York Ci'.y, where every uecessarv intorma
will be gi Ten. The Engineers or. the line of the r'idil
will also furnish all requisite facilities to contractors de?
lta :- of -xamsateg the route.
The .ne will be dtvi-Jed into sections of convenient
length for construction, and proposal- in writing will be
received at the New-York office tor fiie w hole or anv part
of the work. Bv order of ;:ie President and Directors.
an-1 lo.MO'tl T. S. BROWN. Chief Engineer.
11 pany.?NOTICE.?The Stockholder, of UKt New-York
an i En- Kaiiroa.1 Company are hereby notified, that the
annual election for Directors of the Company, wil 1 lie held ;
at the otiice. No. 45 Wall st, in the city oi New-York, mi
i' ie-iiay the IJth day of October next, from lu o'clock A.M.
? dock P. iL
The Transfer Book* will be clo^ from tile 22d of Sept
uaiil the day after the election.
Bv order of tlie Board of Director-.
New-York, SepL 12.1846._' S12 tOia
.1 1 ...-t.---s.rt- .der- - f ::.- New-Y-rs and Erie Railroad
Company are hereby notir.ed that a-i . . laim.ent ot rive
dollars per sliare. on all shares on which the pavments al- ?
readv made do not exceed twenty dollars, is rect'iiieil to be
paid, (agreeable to the terms of ,'ibscnptioiii at the i^tHce
Of :ne company, No. 43 Wali-sL ou or before the first day
of October nest. By order of til- Board if Directors. t
-- _NATHANIEL MARSH. ??<? ??
rpo THE FI'BLIC?The Dr. H eine whose name has
A frequently a-ppeared in the newspapers is not Dr. Ssio
asaa Heine of A* 127 >:Kamhtr:-ti. This is to prevent mis
tuaes -.n tae minds of the public Dr. Solomon H-'.n- being
our family physician, we, the undersigned, have taken the
liberty to have this inserted. CHARLES WIGHT.
au22 Inf_FRANCES HOPjHN3__
VOTICE.-T.'i'r-.- -? " Roberts" stored by
-1 O. F. WainwrighL on the IsJ of Feb. 1a4?. wffl be sold
to pay charges unless the same are paid within b-n daysw?
N-'.v-VorK, Sent 4:1:. 1- pi.
s4 W> JOS. S. FARRAND, 132 Cedar-sL
ENDOW GLA?S?From the celebrated Manutac
tory ot' Cftaiice Brotliersi. Co. Birjtngbim?
Eng..?!, Crown, ail st.tes, from I'lilglo It..v21.
English Sheet itaick) do do 10x1. to31x52.
Chance's PatentPlatedo do 10x14 to 24x31
The above now ou hand and legularly uuporied, by
s4 2w* W. CHAgtCii, Jr. 7i Joha-sL
{kai Estate.
ff? \ i PRIVATE - - Cfc, ...^
JLe. ? f.,;' ?
ANTHONY J It!.'r rCKEK. Audioes i
N". ? Rro?V.
?53 TO I.KT.- r..? ? ... ... ..... ???n'^L
BS n v.; ..... ? .'
Ji-t ;? I ? d Ninet***^
- cm ? ad ?..... ' ' *2 ".Hal
?. uv?imiWbusim-ss ^r^./r' . ?*???<???.
. . x* :.-?*? waji?
v\ -?s-hina .un">m: ni|l-.'.'i wy?, IJu>.
5N.VL.E?A modern bullt house ?od lot Ii fi
_ SL. between ?th and '.baveuues f [??? fcfS
inches by lOSfect, house *> feel deep be ?de,
ha- ?n.irl.le :na:de .- ? ? doors, phUed f-nr?*
painted throughout, i, well built ami in first rale ?35
inches by lOSfect, bouse tt> feel deep beside. n ? '
itb kitchen ranee, \.c. Term, liberal; apply to"** u^*r?
- - M-Kr.i \KR > VANDYKE. No, 1 Nasata*.
Ml'OK ?u.i . The Ma * .."ijTvTTS
fwemostai red kli ftln a small Cotton Fan^
totrether with i . >a,e. which Is a very :'4vurSL
one; *ltu i ir?'sail from the Cut of w
York. For particulars apply to Messrs. " ' ?
s . U Corner o: Nassau and Liberty sts. X. York
fy-r. FOR SALE Wil nsbur.ih.-A in siern iw
??? with ten room ind I ol on S uth-Sd-sL bet*aeuaS
md ! h-:,.u ams near the Pen r?,c?iS
sonahle terms Appit to
tli lw BLEECK'ER s. \ VN DYKE. No. I N'nu,
LotsonNon - ??? of S*;:.-^. ^
" ? ' ?? ? --? Uk puna ?
*?.>. a hoawe and lot UU South tide of i'-th-sc gtvauTs
i- i ? I ?'" ??"?-'-. Apply on the pr?22
liwM FOX ? v u-st. ;.e FuitcsSj*
TO LET \ !!?? ?-" Va-5
52d-*L Sa.d house contains liv? ;J!J
[.ms,and three bodmoms, w ;th bam aitachcdsad
j In iure of Ernest Keyser, near the pruaieet ?
i hi: ?> U.K. -a ????? aortaa&
ajiu. - v.
can i
g| ; ppos eS Pctei -i ireh. Ninety per ?
**-*? . remain ou mortgage, rimproved. Arplvto
BI.EECKEB \ v vn DYKE. No. 1 Saass?a>
Ml OK \ I.E. . ,
Lots s"d part* fronting "ii the Tenlh-av. and 34yW.
For price and term, apply to
-lll.s Bl.KECKER.v. VANDYKE. No. I NVsaa-n,
_<Ts. WANTED- Bj m-ii'ii'iti.n and his wile with ess
|fj:; child, a part ol a house below Canal-sL oo the Vt'et
?aL tide of Broaiiv.-av. G.I references (rtrea sal JJ
quired. Address box 1171? Lower Posl-Otfice. slOJr?
Jia"fok sxi.i: -M ? a:iV%7?
ll::: brick House and lol on 7th-?L near the iM-eves*
Vpplyto ULEECKEH .v \ \N DYKFg
s5 No. ! N.i.-:i near WaJ,
^er?. j'? LOTS I Itii ami itb ivenae*as]
J5?i . o. i ?.. iiiuc an entire h.ock, piessaa
:?. situated oo elevated ground. Apply to ?
mylfi ,f KENDALL -v CO. H Watersi
fc\ TO LET- V imall \\ o iden House, jo Vaudi-wtte" i
jjljjjf - a ply 8 i Chatham-sL aulttf L
..T?, TO LET? t'o a -ma.i .ju.el i tuiuy. part .if tliekotavf
ki-i^ IV? oo -?. ?itfltr?
r- \ i-ooo I'm. il in vi hi kn i-'t?Trs?Xl,
*ys ? T ?? - lbs. rll ??: ? llei - for -a.e fie Kami on w.ilcShJ
"**t iw resides, in the village of Au' uru. Cayu?Ca
ions is ? i ??' acres o i good Grain au.i Grugiag Liai
w ell enclose I and watered, and upon which are one Isnja
a:;i three moderate sued Dwelling Houses, Carnsjjt
Houses, irns, Sbesls, and other necessary oat-H?Miafs,
r'lree Apple Orchards, a great variety of choice Krai
Trees and Shrubbery, tour durable Springs, three Weas,
..! ed rods iff 11 Ston. Fe.i.-e.and an inexbaustiUs
Quarry of u superior ipulily ofgruy and blue Lime Sues,
iblefoi cu ting .-id dressing, eiigtiue and conveaieM
for a continued sale of that article, either ion eh or hows,
according to tho demand, and trout w hich uiost of the als.
ganl stone buildings in Auburn w ere erectisl.
This Farm extends from Nortis bh to and neti><is Siate-W.
with a lionl Ofeighty-siX rods oil the former au.! ..tue bund
? sixteen rods onbothsides of tljelatter?upon el
llierol which .nay be advantageously sold a gresl number
of village lots, iti the pleasure of the owner AbouiS
a. res, ii,.?Hiding :>? large house, burns, sheds, iwoor
. . ,,.!-r id garden, lie between Norlh-at. and the Aubarn
?ind Syracuse Railroad ; 65 acres, including the stone cuar
ry and one dwelling bouse, he betw een ,aid liaii.os.l sad
State-sL and the remaining 65 acres, with two dwellta*
;., ii . -. lie tVest bfStato-st.?all ? hich is in a high siateof
i . uvation, well fenced, coiiven ently allotted and in good
order. The whole Farm, or either ol the above parcels,
will l.o s....1 cheap; iiii.i. u desired, time will be giveu for
the payment ofu larce nroporlion of the purchase money
[p.iuu.?L'l'h.-rTii. lou of M'i.iuv, ll.Uheil ,\. Hall of
Aui ion, ??- the subscriber upon the premises.
Auburn, August le, 1844s._?.''>*
/TT, \ PA Kill FOR SALKj imp. In Hie i tea
*asCS of-Marlborousth. I later county, six ?ml n half miles
* ?*!' imi the village of Now hin ghand twoattd a hall Hilles
from Hampton. Sum farmconialns aboul ninety-live acres
..: tillable land in ? fait state of cultivalioa On the piem
i-.'i Is adwelllug-bbuso, a new burn, oiii-lmtisos, \c., 1?
mostly in StOllC fence, is we i .,:.,re.l with frilil liees of al?
most every variety. The said firm will be sold very low
as the owner'Intends io dispose of it Immediately. For
particulars, terms, ke. applv lo M. Fletcher, M.iriborougli,
-11.'v.- Cornei of Bleockerand Carminesta. N. York
rrrs\l\KH KOR S \ l.K. V splendid farm foi is
~r*in die town of Huntington, three mile, from steamboat
"^landingal Northport, 5 inilosifrom railroad at Deer
park, consisting of 150 aCrOH,30 of Which arec.c. ere.l with
wood. The.furni i- beautifully situated and in a high state
of cultivation, prodiu n : >rain of all kinds. The dwelling
bouse and .ini.hu,:. lings dl good. Knill of all kinds and IW
gi ipo \ Ines in full bearing,anil the best >>f water. For par,
i itreol nioMASM. ELRAT11,Tribune-Omce.
i i .' twwil
gft FOK S?LK, Slaleii jTland. -About 13 acres of
"r*choice Land.part wood, on Siaten Island near Port
Richmond F.-rrv. For terms, \. . apply to
r.i.EF.r.KEi: v van dyke.
-II I w_ N\.. l N'assuii-sL
Public QEonDerianccs, *v*t.
. ?nr** ^RElT?LAR AI A11, LINK between
I^ZZL "-?"?'?<?'?' wid New York, by the fast and
s;-...?,;;.i im,,. ?REi io., md RHODE
The steamei OREGON, commanded t.y capL SeihTiuy
er and RHODE ISLAND, commanded t.y CapL Manches?
ter, will run throughout ihe season from the tirsidayof
April, hi connection with the Sionlnglon and Providence
and Bostoi .m i Providence Railroads, leaving New-York
dally, Sundays excepted, from pier No. 1 Norin Itiver, at.,
o'clock I' M. and Stonlngton al 9 o'clock, P. Mi orupou
tie- arrival of the Mall train from Boston.
The?.- steamers .ir>- unsurpassed in speed, splendor and
comfort, having each ol them ',<> large commodious private
?late-rooms, and berths for Sou persona, besides latgo pn
rate rooms for families and parlies.
The steamer, are officered by lie: most experienced men.
ind .v..i short, ii ihe passage between New-York and Bos
tOnfrome ; t lotthoura, thereby arriving in ample lime for
so the lines from Boston; North and EasL
Tb- OREGON win leave New-York-Tuesday, Thurs?
day and Saturday.
Le ?.. ..n Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The llllODF. ISLAND will leave New-York-Mon
lay, Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Stonuujt >ii -Tuesday,Thursday and S ibirday.
N. Rl?Passengers, on the arrival of tlio stunners at
slonmgton, proceed Immediately in the splendid Railroad
him to Providence and Boston; witnoul any delay and a
II . i ?? Mastei act oinpaines each Irain to boston lo lake
marge of the baggage.
r issageoi freight, Inquire on board of the ttoat at
pier Ho. , N. B. .,r ..fGEO. E. FAJRCH1LD, No. 19
- .ruf JOHN H RICHMOND. PrgvMence. njgi
AgBaj *a?LlNE for Albany and Troy. MORNING
?LINE -The a' ? imboal TROY, Capa Oor
lam. w ill leave Tuesday. Thursday, and Salurdav_The
Iteamboat NIAGARA, <*?pt. Wut Ellsworth, will leava
Monday, \V'e.lnes<iay and Friday at 7 o'clock, A. M. from
Ihe Steamboat Pier loot ><( Burc,ay-oL for Troy and tnter
nieuiaie places. ?
EVENING LINK -The ? learn boat COLUMBIA, Cap.
Win. II. IVcK, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday
?The steam boat EMPIRE. Cap. R. Ii. Macy, will leave
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening,, ai 6 o clock,
from Cortland-sL Pier, for Albany and Troy dlrecL
l er" The above boats are of the hi si class ; they are com?
manded by ex perienced and attenttveofficers, and for speed
sod ireomrnodarion are superior U> aiosl, and inferior lo
pone on the river._je23
_ silH'" I'l.OI'l.l.-s I.INK "?TKA.II HOAT-"
Tl^_~T!J ;' : ' my. direct, laily, Sundays except?
ed .' ? lock, P. ML from the ateambust
Pier between Cortland and Liberty m*.
Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt Alfred Houghiou,
win leave on Monday, '.V e.!,:.-a-lay and Friday evenings,
al G o'clock.
Steamooai HENDRIK HCDSON. CapL P.. O. Crutteo
dei wit] eave on Tuesday Thursday and baturday even
l::.'- SI 6 o .-."ca.
The above Boats wfll tl a!: times arrive at Albany in am
p Bilme for the Monuut; Tra.a of Cars for ihe East of
Freight risen m.flerala rales, and none taken after i|
o'clock, P. M.
All p.;. ...r., are forbid trusting any of the Boats of Una
Uns ?> itfaout a wrllteo ord-r from tile Captains or Agent*.
For passage or freigut, appply on boutd the Boats. Ol to
P. C SCHULTZ, at the office on die wharf.
All re o'clock. P. M.-Land.og at Intermediate Places
From die foot of Barclav-sL :
Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, CapL R. H. Furry, will
leave on Monday, Wednesday, Frid iy a/id Sunday after?
noons at '? o'clock.
Steamboat SANTA CLAUS, v.apt B. Overbatrb, will
will leave ..a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evemn/s
at 1 o'cli^x.
ry A- ply on board, or at the o-Tice on the lVv-.rf. si.Jl
_ ,rrr- % 11 o ti n | m, LINK '. ? .dfr9S * '
^-^'?--C1 . , : :-, mediale Landings,
tt^aaaeszaesaci. , , . . ... a ?!.? foot of Bar
l I ?- The NIAGARA . ..... N-w-Vora Monday, \\ed.
??? I IJ and Friday i 5 r/doek, A- M- Leave, rroy Ties
day Th irsday ai' : Saturday, at i o>c\oc*, A. M. Rreitktast
and Djtuer on board the 'xi*<- , .
Past Ii gers -?.Lg IhUboat wl.l arnye in Urne to take
?..-Eve:.- r Trains fCansfrpm Tf>y W-.t to Buffalo, and
N ? ... -,r,:,.., iv . : ...a.: ? La?e (.:?.aii.piain.
A Good. Freight. Baggage. Ran* lo.ls, Specie, or any
oi er.kind of property, :a?e:., n itorahipped .,n board this
Boai. must heal the 'n>? of the owners of such Goods,
Freight. Baggage. tVC.
For Pissage ?r Freight, apply on board, or to r. B.
HALL, ai : ?? otnee on ?...? wharf._au^>
FOR HORTON, ..a Newport and Prov.
idence ! re ? a p er No. d. N. &?Tne
steamer MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. P >tier ,
VV'e'l.-.esdav and Friday, at 3 P. M.
-ge, berths, stale-rooms or freight, application
tiuy be made on ooard. or al No. 10 Ballerv-place. Ji'llU*
fT ?-!?? s-NOTH'K.?Hour Cnanged lob o'cioca.
rr-*'^-'.. "t* i ??-????? ?-' i-:r.e ..! .-?teamers for Aibanv,
1 .r 1 nail the HENDRIK HUDSON,
KNICKERBOCKER, and COLI M BI A. on and after Tues
daynexi win leave New-York tor Albany at C o'clock P.
M. ? ? id of 7.a, bereiofore._ ?II lw
e^on.?The subscriber will dispatch a vessel on or
al.out the 1 Jtli Ol Ocbaber next for the Bay of San
ancisco and Astoria. AppUcatioas for frebjbt or pss
:e. ?:.: ah :.-cessary .r.:'.?r:uatioii, by letter, post-paid, lo
subst '.her al New-York, wdl be promptly attended lo.
? . _. IIAKI.ES U. STr'VV'AiiT
I Iti iRONs?I'M- to as BulTa BrT? ge7N JT^Ui*~?\a by

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