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At" **? or when they prefer, they ran pay In advance at ,
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n no caae eon
s>t .cnum if advance, and the pap-r i
'JfLl? beverod the time for which it It paid. Subscnp
""taken for tax months. Three Dollar* In advance
t*0C*ired in all exchanges with Country Newsperers.?
"^"f^saners received at this office whose terms are
"*tL.o,kc ?hose of The Tarnt-Nr., are not allowed any .
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r taM or less? First insertion.Scents. '
Jive ?aisasj ^ Mb,eq:ieut insertion.I2j "
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^JJFJuU^-'K- which may be >
f' ?? ?i'ttsr up don of the advertiser, )
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laew goer cert* for each subsequent one
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f-/--'- _ __
The f'tillioruiu V oliiuteerH? f low in it f
rothtE*"" of Ws Tribunr .
fjan von ci'-e yrrarnnrnerous rea.bvs nnv definite,
P^jre^Bi?crstandbg ofthe intentions of lUejpt r
that tb witii respect to the Cnliioniia rdlnn
t?n cow on Governor's Islptid ? So tnr as the pub
jjcnnail ?enh'glttened npon tbis point?if et?i.-l,;
^itd atalf? it lias been by n very extraordinary f
^erwbich was written by Secretary Marcv to one
Col Stevenson. That letter plainly' intimated that
yr tiling i>ut a st rai gl il -iorward course nt'action was
kbe observed, and the very far,.- of the document I
itifl" proves it whs never dosigned to meet the j
-flb?ceje. Now till that the public know ttlxiul !
uiimatter i?, that a large body ol men have lieen con
pcpled together from various sections of the ."'t?te of I
New-York?that they are known bs Col Stevenson's
Rsjiment nf Volunteers, bound for some place, perhaps |
riSfonris?that they are to be fed and clothed, and old
ntitflyto be exported or transported to ? ome given
pcintof the compass, for the accomplishment of some
juisown end?that this Rcghrient is now on Governor's
lllt?tl. subject to the rules nnd regulations of War, ami
ibinp?ft?f them have consented to receive clothes of
i wry rjuecr kind, and of remarkably coarse'cloth, and
rrry poorly made by some lucky jobber?while n part of
the men have wisely d iet mined hoi to submit to n piece
if base extortion without at least a show of resistance.
Whether these will not bu compelled to submit to the
orders of tlu-ir officers, time will determine.
Either the General Government of this great country
has pursued a most iniquitous course of action toward
thetejtlcludcd and dissatisfied men, or the Agent of the
Government (Col. (jtevenson) lias not carried but in ?
rood faith the intention of the powers that be; or the ,
Volunteers (so called) have misrepresented their condl- i
toe. If the Government or CoL St., or both, have been
rieifresented, then are they highly culpable in per
BUutir lliei.iseb. ? ?. to stand before the public a. wrong
tkera by permitting alleged malpractices togounoon
Bxlictcd. What possible difference hi there betjveen
the press-gangs ol despotic countries hurrying men from i
their quirt and peacctul homes, and from the delightful ,
lanecistions <d' home and friends, and thai of enlisting
taeabv false and specious intentions! The only,difler
rrmce is, that m the former case, men tue nn oluntarily
tvrieil cnptiic- and compelled by the strong arm 6i '
?sipotinn tn go Into their armies and navies ; and in the
bftr, aien voliinlai ily entt-r into certain arrangements '
mpttxi faith t" serve their country, 1 upposing thai their
Guvcrumetit will be too magnanimous und Just to deceive 1
tbcm with false i>ret> m es. ami perhaps when too late to
retrace their steps tind ibat they have been deceived.
That there is a wrong, a dreadful wronK, somewhere,
taasot badoubted. That this state of things must bo
tarrected to place our Government right m the eyes of
the Nation is equally clear. 'I ask. then, I1 lb ore no way
?tettle this vexed question?to remedy ibis wrong 1 ?
Ibocditial, sobei minds every where are instituting in
tjtinrt in view of tins matter?atisfied of one thing,
(however doubtful of others,) that it is a truly astonish
nursflair tliat hundreds ot tree born and adopted cili
SOU ?hoold la? cajoled and driven, hood winked, into
the srfhy and service ol the country, and when they 1
kura tn their sorrow that it i" n solemn farce?a pieci
of political trickery?n stock-Job operation, they can
fiafc no hnpr. ol rodn ss fot thi ir grit ranees, but submit
apsa liar principle ol right ?.r wrong, our country ,
WS know that Col. S. and otln rs who are tumiug tins
twoenvrrto their own probt will tell u- tha' the mutter
bsl right?the int ndon of Governmenl is good?that
thheountty will be greatly benefited by tin- em aq rise
Now, if thi. is true, w hy not make it appear clear to all
toBcerrtrd in it! And who more concerned to know it
tha the volunteer' themselves, tln-jr wives,their chil
irea. their parents and numerous friands 1 Have those
ats. and those dem t<> ihcm by ties ot afiinity and na
tare, no right to demand?no reason to expect n -uti
fcctory lolution ol this great political problem I Have
the volunteer-,, especially, no rightto utter complaints of ,
shsl they bcliuve Intended nnd existing wrong on the
rut of their ruler-, but with the fear ot a court martial
wd its decisions before their eyes continually I Slmll
(kUiMcret operation be permitted t.> go on to its con
ntnmi?oti. mmd the complaints ol the no n, the groans,
tc?r? snd agonized feelings ol many wives and children,
?kiarc ewn now leaping the unexpected fruits III. n
oft Shall it go on until more fatal consequences _:? >\
eat of it, when a calm and candid exposition of the in
?amuas of Government, and an impartial examination
oflacts c jnti,srt<.,i with promises made to these men. and
Uieir distinct understanding of these promises before
iheyenlisted, might possibly tend to give entire satisfac- 1
twato alii t?r shall it be pushed on with indecent
kua, and all inquiry smothered 1
Ttfreumrkot an* intelligent volunteer meant a great j
Waken he said to an inquiring friend, 1 Wc have
wfa cajoled. It is n humbug operation throughout i .
bait is too late now to talk about it?'hrrr teilt br n trm
htm??. Some have foolishly begun too soon. Our
tmewill,-oine at last If wo live lo roach California,
a |t> elsewhere the day of retribution will come. .Hi
tce,though slow, is Mire in its operations," That nein
?jotr as one that had deep thoughts?mighty workin js
pits on In the great depth ol the mind. "Depend upon
IM? dissatislactioti spreads over a wider surface of
pahlie feeling than Governor's Island occupies. There
"?point beyond which oven governments may tod
lau, but with" great danger to their honor and perms
*aCT. The queatious nre instituted, -Wliy lias this
irtnt been raised ' Where i? :t really going i What
j?utr object contemplated by it i And last, though nol
*?u in iumortance, what authority has the Govern
smtto originate, and maintain at such an enormous ex
fue.iuch a novel undortnldng I
"Oxe or TKK I'EorLK.
Ouoon.?A letter in the Syracuse Daily Star
^ ^Willamette Valley. Fobruarv 16, 184C,'
?S the Mowing s
rs? coniitry pleases me to a "Scribe,"?We have none
u ??tciulkng blast-ot a New-York Winter?no barns
eixtedto ssve our stock trotn starvation, and wither
^tn?t?toextII1)tuisj1 the bo.t hope of the industrious
Vegetation with the exception of the larger
oanof tt, assumes the same appearance in Winter as in
"^an*r- A ?In? dri/gliug ram commences in Nov. m
* ?ha contmues till March, with iutervals ol ??<.- ol
?*uaat sunabiue. W heat grows bountifully, yielding
2*25 10 sixty bushels to the acre. Corn has nol
?* avdto any exti nt. Oats are about the same a
. ??York. Clover is found here growing spontane
JJ2 W<J w **?>* time of the season, it is a foot in Light.
lyj*'0**. peas, and garden vegetables Qouriah finely.?
w Umber mostly tor fanning purposes, and
.TW? think when 1 tell you Unit trees measure
Sl**j ?>ai;hu and one on the bunk ol the Columl I
? aceiirsiely measured, is SS feel '.tt diameter ! It is
?,r*y ?nt it t But these things are so. and it puts
SL*i*fa<l ot" * Buffalo, which 1 kill, d on the rou i to
aiiAraV "" W!ls -".Kfd by reveral bystanders to
sSff^M*1^ and tits you will believe too, when you
iTl?*?country and'ice on your way thousand' in
j^jj^*niing over the plains, and making Patent
?tjpjf1**?* *t present, I could not advise families to
to this count-y. But I must say. there is :h.
*s??,SB< f?r a uncle man. without capital, ol any
**? ? ^orth America.
.J^^'Uoau.?Tiio Middletown Xews of the
*j* the contractors or. the New-York and Erie
^j^Vtativn that place ami Otisville, are making
Vigorous exertions to have Mat portion of liie
aplsted by the 1st ol November, ft i<*-ing e tar '
KenRoi. of alamt nin.- miles from its present ter
gSJ***? *>ave about 500 men actively omployed
fssij^*00! the sc'ttons. w hen- then operations are
>?^Z~ y e*eavatiotis or embankments to a limited
jj^v**workmen, ihev have two sets ol hands, one
tsinVWo'k,thri)U':I'''-'"' a"v tne 0""'' "1; 1
?Uttber of workmen are alaoemployed in laying
?.;, r*roPerstrucruru and the irou as tast as the (trad
'lacwtspVled. j
jy^PAP AcctptNT -Two men were near loa- !
t^Ttf^es on the Baltimore and Susquehanna 11 u]
ai^P^ were on their way home from a friei l"s
% S2.b*(l lo?* considers t> bv sitting Up all j
*?ms?a ? toyned. they laid down with their heads
TVtraj'JI, *: " ?'-? ?' -?? '<? an.i there fell asles p
*- 7^?* along and they were undiscoven-d. Aj
w toe eow catclu-r struck one of them In the face I
*?! $n vr* oit' his ttoss* besides injuring him oti-.rr
a^j.j.*^" poiupanion wai also considerably hurt. This
Si^T^^f^ble carelejjness upon the part ol these m
ee^^Puiry could scarcely expect so fortunate ?
*i,rWR,ATE ?<K>D?The :-.uoi Editor of Ulis
Ssjts^1^ says w?a the has subsisted lor the last five
*t wojjf^leiliy o? ip.-cac and physic Just lue diet
*?? Prvscr.bs- for all pro-sluvery editors.
?fiAscittTY.?An inceudian- tired the
c***1? ofE-B' Z*n?ej. near Richmond, Va. and
< ssm ,uPP!y of w?'-cr by destroving the rope
"?d. The bu?dlng was consumed."
voi,. n. wo. las.
What Alt/any may Become?frozress?Canal?
Railroads. Debts and Credit.?Llack River and
Genese? Valley Canals?How and bv Wimm
was ihe State Debt Created ??Guv." P.^uck'
Aisaxr Tuesday Sc}/., 1". 1B4C
Tu tAf Editnr o f The Tribunr
SrRt It is diffifiilr to ??t bounds to the futnre
grr :.tm is of this city, and of Troy as connected with it.
London is built on the hanks of the Thames, a: the deed
of tidewater uavijntjon. ?oine 60 mit?? from the sen. r,5
a smaller stream than the Hudson. Pari?, on the Seine,
is still less favorably situated. London contains. abo-tt
l.e?O.WX; people??arii at least half as many. Albany
fond Montreal bid lair to become ei-es oj the rir? ela=,s
on this continent?their b^al position and natural ad?
vantages are Dnmcbucly m their favor. It would have
hi <-n Hfi addition. 1 benefit to tiiii city Lad its foundation,
like that of the higher parts of London, been gravel in?
stead of" clay. The scenery around Paris, as seen from
the nights of Motmartre, and tin', near London, when
beheld frorn Hempstead Hill or ,-t. Paul'.- is variegated
and beautiful?so too are 'I,'- is>nd of Montreal as seen
from tine mountain behind the eity. t-r.d this- wealthy
ar.d prosperous capitol. from the high "rounds on both
sides of the North River.
The Convention progresses at a euail s pace. There is
a grdat waste of time in arguing as to who it wai that
contracted the dob!?who were economical, who extra?
vagant Ac. This ii, ah old song, and'has been chanted
to me name tune lirice ??4S. I have added a few r. min
iscenes in keeping with :he subject, in my dull prose,
but it is all but useless. One party will believe tlie tr-irh
if it tolls lor tlii-m. whilu their opponent.. would d.-<?:-. lit
it were Samuel the seer once more to rise at a witch's
command to endorse the -. ? ritj
Cantfaj'Ratlroad*, Debit, Ttcrcnite*, Credit*.
When I got down to the Convention at rune this mor
nins ! found Mr. Parish of Lewis Co. in possession ol
the door. He was reminding Mr. Hof&nan that there
wasa time when lierkimer county and bimsclf worein
[avor ol the Blact. River ? 'anal. "tMr. Iloffmiiiidi&scnt
ed as regarded him-'lfj Mr. Parish went on to say
that the Canal extends tr< m Rome to the foot of the
High Fulls. Black River a distance of 35 miles? th< ncc
including river navigation, to Carthage, 42J mile-?1"
mil.-s of a navigable feeder.?making altogether ST mile*
of Canal navigation. Also ubout 9 miles of Black Bivei
navigation?in all 96 miles. A million and a half of dol?
lars, und upward, have been expended on this work, and
only about huil a million more will be required to coin
plete it. although Mr. Hoffman lias Cstim.ibid $800,000.
By reference to Assembly Document 25, and Si a ate
Document 49, year IS-13. it will appear that the ? x-u-.u
lion is nearly finished \ that about two-thirds of the lock?
age Is completed; that the Canal Is of the size of the
Erie Canal: that the Canal Commissioner had report* o
to the Senate in i^l? tbatit would take $6tk\000 mcom?
plete this Canal, it with stone locks, und sft?o.iKKl. if with
composite locks. The tune seems tohave come when
the State may. without nn increase of its debt, resume
the prosecution ol this work. Assuming that $1,300,000
will he required annually to meet the act of IS42, about
(672,000 will be on hand to expend yearly on the work
as yet unfinished.
The article fas reported by Mr Hoffmnn. from Com?
mittee No. 3,1 contemplates the entire abandonment ol
the Eric Canal enlargement, and ol those othei unfin?
ished works, the < mescc Valley and Black River Ca?
nals. The toll- of the lateral Canals nave more than
doubted within the hot five years, mid have increased SI
s far greater rate than the Erie Canal The question
now was. not whether new works should be begun, but
whether works on which vast sums )u,d hern already
expended should be completed or allowed to go to de?
cay?works, on the faith of the completion <>!' which
manufacture* bud been set nn foot, business arrange?
ments "oiu- into, capita] expended, and agricultural -,-t
tleincnts mndo. Hi- county. [ Lewi- J hud not yet de
rived any I? in-fit from State Improvements, and the peo?
ple of the Black River Country,a region unsurpassed in
fertility or products by any other, asked us n matter ol
justice, that h work of such great extent and import
ance. should hot be abandoned, when n comparative
I v Mnnll sum would complete it
Mr. Stronu would vote against the sec ton
Mr. Jordan's and Mr. Backus's amendments wei oe
adved, and Mr. Vax SYitcoxiloVFV wanted tn amend
so as to enable the Legislature to defer the enforcement
of claims against eompanics where ii might seem to be
desiral le to do so.
Mr. IlissKLL expected tiiat none id these loans f,.r
Railroads would be got back?believed, that In the case
of the Erie Railroad it would be desirable to stops fore
closure, and defer insisting on payment, keeping the
lirn a* a means ol compelling the stockholders to go or.
and complete the work.
A vote was taken on Mr V S. s amendment, which
wns carried, lit to 31.
Mr. Kibklaxp had no doubt but thai Mr, Hoffman in
tended by this section to preserve the property of the
.-tute. but to- would endanger its interests in many ca ws
were the section adopted. The true policy to be pur
sued wit* to leave the agents ol the State to act a* cir?
cumstances might seem to require.
Mr. w iTEXBvar spoke of dm infatuation 11 the rulers
ot Pennsylvania in going too far into the making ol Ca?
nals and Railroads. He wanted to compromise.. His
constituents say. - sell bfl these old horses, let unprofit?
able stocks Met into private hand-. He was opposed to
future loans.
Mr. Il.wn.rv asked what prool there was that the
three millions lent to the Erie Railroad Company were
squandered ;
Mr. RCSSELI replied, that, in the tir-t place the Stn. it
[endorsed by the Stan*] was sold 90 per cent, below the
price provided in the art authorising the loan.
Mr. IIau-lev neither affirmed nor denied this, but
went on to spenk favorably Of the mninceinent of the
Erie Railroad generally?stated bis bellet that the en
urgemcut ol the I'.ri,- Canal, to the completion of whi< h
Mr. Bottmah is now- so hostile, was, in 1833, recommend?
ed by his partyandsanctioned by Mr. H. and afterward,
in lby Mr. Flagg and others?the contracts being
made by 'be l.oro leaders, and the debt of over twenty
millions?except, perhaps, a million ami a half?was by
tin in actually created. Now they call it a Whig debt!:
Governi i Marey bad sent a Special Me. t i the Le
iti-laturi*. advising tiu-nt to lend the ereiiit .it the Stnte
tot six or eight millions of dollars, and give the money
to the Hank- t.> use till it should be wante I tor the Ca
lulls. He said mere could be no reason nix en whv this
grout Stale, after going ihreo-fourtbs ot the way. should
now ftop the public works, and allow much ot what i>
done to go to ruin. Mr. Hoffman was originally in favor
ot these improvements, and having aided in encaging
the state to co nn with ihem. why does benowendeavor
to stop them iinrlnisbi o ?
Mr. Hovraus said that the Whigs, by their leaders,
h.ul never committed themselves asparty to provide
ways and means for paying the public debt-they had
made promises enough;
Mr. Rcsssr.t reminded hitn who they were that voted
for the ?? People's Resolution? in 1812.
Mr. Hokkmax thanked him, and said Ins plan would
pay the state debt with les* money by millions than any
other plan that had been offered. After that to.- t, US
could oe reduced, by which trade would be increased as
w ell a-* revenue. Pay or!' the public debt, and then ap?
ply the revenue to the completion of the Canals.
[Why not reverse this rule, punctually discharging the
interest: If the surplus revenue of the Federal Gov.
eminent, ten millions, had been divided among the States
last March, it would have helped the Canals, and boon
better at toast than w asting that mid ten limes us much on
the war with Mexico ]
M?-. Pattkrson reminded. Mr. IToSman that he was
mo first man that recommended, by a report, the Eri?
The debate was continued by Messrs. PJtoeaee, so t
Sun, Jordan und others. Another section was rend. Mr.
\\ ordeu of Ontario ha* the door to-morrow murin: g,
ami .it is to be hoped that the brief space lclt toi Other
matters will be kept in view.
UTio cren/td the State Debt ' Hoic (.-..-.< it created!
1 have just read some ?ix or eight pajvrs, published
in the Altoe?ny and Livingston 'journals, signed * OJd
South, ' and which were written by nti eminent and
practical citizen, k member of the Convention ol 1SJ1,
w hu-h seem to pr..\o that the - Albany Regency? Canal
Contmisswocr* put the Gencsee Valley Canal under
contract at millions of dollars more than would have
been r fair equivalent for the work to be dene, und that
after the slop-ami tux. law o! 1-lJ. they paid large sum*
to favorites of party over these contracts?tbHt they
urged on the L^gtslatuni to go on with the Canal eu
largeuaent, Messrs. Flagg, D.x. Bronson and R.?uck as
snnting?that in IStH-o. " Gov. Marey n-commeiide.i tut
Genesce VaUey Canal, the i:;?.-k River Canal, the Near*
York mai Erie Railroad; and the speedy enlargement of
the Erie Canal or a SHIP Can vj. from the Hcdsom to
Oswkoo ?uid around the Palls of Niagara, as per his
Measage of January, 1S35?all of which, except the Ship
Canal, wore adop'ted by htm and his party in >.'.<. ?
that the Regency put these works under contract to
their favorite* "at mere than double their actual or es?
timated cost, bv which, with the additional aBowances
ol more than a" million of dollars on all the Canals, the
present debt wa* created.'' . , ? ii . no
Messrs. Boack, Bowman, iUker and F.arl! in ?u S
report that, with wooden locks the Gemsee ? alley Canal
had tveii estimated bv Geddes at >S75U5S5?or. with, stone
locks and bridf*. $1^90,611. by Mills. Why lii.i Messrs,
Boack. hlarll. '.vr. put on: to'contract S'!?1.^.:. wim
SI MO *.k? retuaitiin; to be fot out I Why did they let
out and provide tor'k iting out work to the amount ot
$t,9SCv!s3 ou.i Caual the approved estimate for com
t na which was only IA.SS0.61s1 I Was tin- to be tbr.-.
milhons of' spoils to the victors ? l ook at the immense
profits on this and the Erie Can.' e,:: .r .-ement, a* stated
at the sror by contractors chdmins damage*, w as this
on honest system : 11 r.i>t. who iSIO 1 fl blamed ' Mr. r lagg,
bv award, iave $26,000 to Mr. Chair.bc.-laia. a Delegate: ?
the Convention, tor breach of cotitracts. on account ot a
supposed snscnrr of >tor.r to build his six .wk*. al?
though the engineer * report had shown that there w>u*
stone in abundance all skmg the line and sltitongh the
t??na! Comtnissioners had so c?rtiried to the_l.egisb.tur>'.
Mr Flage rtate? that" one renson assigned for the large
proSt-s which could have been made on this .wb. is from
the fact that the -tone which it was supposed when the
C intrs " was made must have been procured from a dis?
tance i; i* now ajcertainevi could be obtained on the
spot." Not so. It was a job. Previous reports mention
that tbe stono was to be had close by. let the time of
the Convection is wasted in recrin?aations i
Elisha Johnson, a stnet party man, had section 57, on
! a contract for IL75JXX)_did J^-O/OO worth cf wort
? tscrc'-s?edn.ined ae had made a : r ? ? : >.".
i oat of the $50,000, and riaiaod other $01,000 of jains
I which fc? -7-7.tr tore of raiikm; c st of the o*?r*-' 000 f
allowed to go on. The State ?topped the trnr.,-?Joht
? son had ?lfjf>n of a compensation. In all QbcJ?Qoi gain
; 02 a contract of only Sil73.000, end the work cnlv ca t
done ???? ? who wBTsayoat inch Jobs as _tad
1 there w<to marrc of them?joined ro :h?? WaTl-st pre-,
? sure did nor f?rten contractor", uphold pretended Demo
. Crati, stop the progress of the Canals, and impair tr?
public prosperity I With $140,000 a year paid to a i
c:rps o: Engineers?with a well paid Canai Eoarri?wtrh
parry C?:-.?>'. '"ontnttair,ner??with ?xpor.onee *a Canal
: m?, the whole seems to ha---.- been a job the chsraerrr
_ ol which tae pop lie can now Lsar.?e. WITJ th-_ Con?
vention ??roeide by Conr'?jtonal enactment that In all
time coming, contractors ?hall r.o more lobby it in Le>
| trtslative balii for real nr pretended balances, bin ?n into
the public t'ourtf anajiro-e their ciaitus ? That would
be a real r?v>rm.
' It was Messrs. BoocJt, Earl!. Bcwnian and Halter who
?ejected the engineers, and made ncarlv all the discred
: liable contract * with favorites and ?? ? _ on tiie Erie
, enlarg-m,.i:i. Black River and Gimosee Vaiiey Canals.
:?? :!:?? amour.: ot many millions?the vast corps of en- ,
cineers acted vyzra the's xrrsrrcrtONS. Controller
I lagg ir>y- that at th? suspension "here was an un'tini
dated floating deb: of three millions, and ret, wit.i ti.l?
, iio-t i.f engineers, 'he Legi.-lnri-e cor.ld not, in 1-4-. rind
; our, wl;hiri a million and"a half of dollars th" true bal?
ance due rn contractor-- ! Controller Flf-.rv* admits, that
r tiit plea of a i>ard job wherever the State was con?
cerned a Canal contract became a dead letter I 1
Who began the practice of lendin? the state cred.: to
Companies ? si!a? Wright, in -v-nat-. I387| to Delaware
and Hudson Canal Company. 5L">on.(VO. and ;- j!'. S30 >..
ouO. Who urged on the Legisiatnre a compliance with
tue second ipplicaliua i .Martin Vau Buren in his Mess '
sage; W. I. Martty in his Report Mr. Hotimati helps i
Ihe party by denouncing a specie., of Icttns of which 1
these were the ear!ie-t precedent- ' Independent ot
Erie and Cbamplain Canals. Messrs. Bissei:. Finos. Earll.
I Ac, Cotmnissionere, report to the I.,g.-1 cure m 1842,
' that for the Frie enlargement Blade Hirer. Chcmunr
? and Genesee Valley I anal?, the expenditures were over
t twelve millions of dollars, all planned and contracted
j for by the Flagg, Hoffman and Marcy pwty?the friends
I of learihg these work- partly in ruins ! " Yet while I
write. Mr. Stetson is declaring, with the power of a Sten
1 tor. that the State Debt is the actol the Whigs! Who
; were uppermost when three, millions were appropriate
I to the New-York and Erie Railroad Company in lS3?i
Wi re the Whig, ti.. n in aSB <?' Who wi re the mana?
gers that provided the checks ? Ffas it ihr Hoiss '
j The Controller allude- to W. HueH's ca*e. Bnell wa,
; a political favorite?got a job at Lockport?complain- d
j that out of $1154.000 be had lost of prospective proht- by
the ?ton *~~\J' $155,723, and he got S7l.."><i| part ?>:' it for
some change in the plan. Contractors " oi onr stamp"
in those day, tmi-t tiave b. en .ear<-e. Mr. Fiagg admit.-,
page 12, report ol I-4?. that, often millions of contracts
made by Messrs. Bouck, Bowman and their [Democra?
tic ?) brethren.
"their. Cnntmrts, ,n many ire?n?rf, u u ffrx- rimmed />?/ the
fUmtractart in 14nUitking thrtr damn far dmmtsftt, under
Ihe Hutpentitm ! ai . were nuide at rate; vhirh would fidda
rlrar yrnpt to tl.r I 'mtrurtor. after fnu.ng Oil rhm ret me'Hent
to the tnrmrtetitm of the Works, of FORTY-FIVE AM) A
HALF I'rli; CENT "
l >i>on Pbelps claimed n? probt on a balance of two
contracts not fnlnllcd, over ?U40,000?be got ?MiOOO.
Mr. Fiagg admits p. 13, report l-i.'.j that, very little
care was taken of State in;- rest by Iiis political niehds.
cither at Lockport or<m the Gem -i e Valley Canal MB
lions hail been paid and claimed for extra allowances
I alter 1?26 [when they had expelled De WlKCTintooj?so .
i that the man who offered to do the work fairly w - re
fnscd the contract nn,I a party tool preferred, secn?ngly
I with an onderstandinf that it would 1-? made up tii
i him?extra uII'iwiuk e- v tin party, li.rottgii the Canal
. Board, to partizan contractors to the amonnt of over a
\ quarter ot a million, were paid on the Chcmung. Canal
' alone ' I
I Mr. Patteraon today reminded the Convention that
I less than one million was placed under contract during
! the brief reign of the Whigs?the virtu .!.- and j ore Van
j .".ur. n llemocrary did that sort of work lbs mselres,' and ,
; alreadv (says Mr. Hare) 11,700,000 have 1.n collected '
from tiie People, which might liuve n retain, <1 in their
i pocket-, it ine Improvements of the State had been i
I managed with frugality.'" Remember n<-t yoremher that ?
; Afr. Hasre and Mr. UoyUond their friends man~2,ii hath
< Sum nnd National Finances, How they managed them, I
I time has shown. I
Some folk*-ay I coinpliaii too much of Ihe ConveUslj
I tttin. Ii may be so. Win ti llri.ugham. M.n kinlosh and
; Sidney Smith begHn the Edinburgh Ileview in the Sthor
9th story of a dwelling in Bucoieugh Place, liberal po
litical ?enriinciit? were *t a fearful discount?the Catho
Bcs wi re not emancipated?the Test and Corporation
Acts wer?- nnrcpealod?Game Laws and Libel Laws
were horribly oppressive?no Prisoner tri. d for bis
Life de.r-t employ s lan-yer to defend him?Lord Kb '
don and tiie c,,urt of Chancery pre?-c.l heavily on the
nation?Spring-Guns and Steel-Traps were set all over?
I the enormous wickedness of the Stare Trade was up-.J
' held?the I.aw of Debt und of Conspiracy were on tii ?
j wor-t possible tooting, and Political Economy little un
dcrstood?a thousand evils were In existence, which, as
t Mr Smith remarks, the talents of goo 1 and able men have
*ince le -setted or removed. Let it- extract nil the gcaxi
i we can out of this Convention?comfort ourselves by
i the reflection that it's well it s no worse?and aye keep
in memory that ' there's r, good time coming
Men of a sanguine, nervous temperament are not the
best reviewers ol the acts of public bodies They ex?
pect too much. K
l.iiw Courts ...[Deferred.]
: .-frnator. Couax?Before Chief Justice Jones.Wo '
. sens /. Josrjih. Fi r of Jacob Lecy. Jr. drr'd. vs '?s CreCou
i las. Cn?Action to ?ecover.ti-g.tiod alleged to have been
? Insured in three policies on buildings in Hotel and Mar
kettieid ?t- burnt al the great tire in July. 1- I?.
For defence, it was alleged that the policies had b?-ti
Lcancelled; that we affairs ol the Croton Co. have been
I placed In the hands of Mr. Wm. Brown . as receiver
and ihn? the present contest is between Mr. Joseph, on j
I the one hand, and the bona fide creditors OB the other,
i Mr Taylor, In opening tor the defence, stated thnt 1
\ Mr. Joseph in January, ISsA gave order- for the insur- i
? ance of nve different pieces of property; but paid re
' money for the premiums; that in May following; Mr. ?
' Carroll was appointed Secretary, who saw diese policies
standing on tue books, but with ti-." premium! not paid
i up. which was contrary to the rules of the Company.
By saitcntofthi President, he notified Mr. Joseph, who '
; sent :i sort of due bill instead of tl.s rash, but it was not
i received; and sent back; In July Mr. J was again noti
I tied that if the premiums w ent not pi.id tlint the policies
I would be eousidt red t ancelli .1. aud hi ent back word .
: assenting that they should be cancelled. On the 17th
i July Mr J eume to the ?ihoe lor tile purpose of paying
I up on two of the policies, they being on property be
bad assigned for security of a debt, and made the re-,
mark, himself that the other three were cancelled, and
. it was so considered. He t iok the bill which hail f. r
meriy la-eu made out ior the whole of the premi?
ums amounting t? $t?. and deducted from it the
unioutit of the three policies now in suit, leaving $-g.', for ;
the other two. Kor this be ottered to _-i\ e his check, but
Mr. Ceiroli told him;the proper way would be lo give ?
his check for the whole amount, and the company ?.._' I
c re a et unter check for the return premium. Mr. J.
accordingly g tve hi.- cheek tor the tull amount,but Mr.
C. knowing be had given, on one or two lunuer occa?
sions, dir, ka that were not good, took the precaution to
1 seud out the check before givingbima return, but could
not collect it. Things then stood, the three pohcii? bav
I inj been cancelled. This was on the ITth July. On the
! L'tlt July the tire occurred, and tiie property was de
[ stroyod. * on t..c -i.-i, two days after the :.re. Mr. J. tent
? to the office the whole amount of the original biU. but it
, wa, not reciered, and Mr. J. reminded that the polich i
j badibeen cancelled long since. Had the fire not have
I happened, said Mr. I? Mr. Jo?-ph would probably never
j have dn-uiiit that these policies were iuexistence.
; Testimony was taken?Mr. Carroll, the Secretary,
; stated tli.it Mr. J. gave him a check uti Mr. Heunques.
' He was not permitted by counsel to state why be diu r. :
j give a return check . called several tunes on the 17th
! and l?th. with tho check u: the office ot Mr. Henriettes,
' but found il shut up : understis>d he had gone out cf
I town previous to the 17th : it was understood ou the
i ITiii that the policies were cancelled. To be continued
i th.s forenoon, Kor plained. Messrs, Cutting uid Lord .
i mi defendant Messrs. Taylor, tfberwoods and Sandford.
I Before Judge VanderpooL--IViliian MeOtnt. by his 1
r.err frund. pUin?f in error, vs. VaUntint Ktrbn, ae
i t'endanl in error.?Mr. McCune lurvU ot Mr. h;r: y
"store No. -ics> Greenwich st tor one year, bul tne
1 business iud not answer, and he rave it up alter tour i
I montiis. but-paid far six months. Mr. K. sued him in .
i the Marine Court for another quarter, in that court his
I ror.ti.-el cave notice of a plea th..: he was under age. but
he could not show the fact, owing to the absence ol a
tielendaal in error. Mr. Holden.
Workings uf the New Tuuff.?A partial
i demonstration of the operations of the new Tar::: has
! recently been manifested here. A large ship of 730
: tons is "now being buihvat one of our ship yards. The
(b un cable and "anchors for her. amounting to about
$3.000, have been ordered from Europe, on the score of
rhoanncea These ?re to lie snipped here and deposited
in store. Th-v are ill- u Iv be t*ira --'. n-. icr '.-;-. . w
datj of the Sew larid'. when it ginrs into effect
Mr. Abbott our towniiuan. who carries on a largo
foundry at Canton, near Balcmore. and who has beret -
fore manufactured the niater.als mearloued. succesefully
competing w.lh Emghafa manuiagtures. was applied to tor
the purpose of supplying the sh-p- It was asc -rta^oeg,
j however, that the taxier could be executed ia Europe at
a saving of probably $500, and it was accordingly deter
. mines; iu import Tiiu-. iu this smUi iieci. ihroe thou?
sand dollars have gone out of the country to support
' foreign labor under the British Turin, and our workmen
- are left idle, to get bread the best way ihey c.sn. How
; beautiful is Loco-Foe.?sm I iBait Cor. Pfcii N. A.
Thk Mormon" Wak?A letter front Unincy. dated
on Monday evening; informs us ihnt there was no news
then irom H?nccs-k county, later than we have already
been put iu -possession of. It was proraible that some
decided action would take place between tae belliger?
ents about the middle ot this week. Ther- mas: be
. a? arraagcrnent of the dir?culr.es between the
I ostiV paries, a'aght or a ba-k out as provisions torso
large a number ef "men as the Ann-Mormons have at the
field?LS?Would not long be supplied
[st Louis Rep. c-ep. 9.
The Con-tented Ont? '?TheParkersburs-1Va.
Gazette of the iCtb inst- announces tnat tern, slnra
belotigins to Abel James Esq. absconded a lew mghts
I ae coma not snow ice iact, owio; io iuc n^i nr
u ?:? ?-- vi '. a \erdict was render d against hnu.
..; ; eels. The Jury, utter hearing the testimony, dec la;
1 htm to be under age. For plaint.-;', Mr. Stephens i
THl'BsDAT BOKTOti?? .?EPTE.tii
B^Hbn. Jamtj F Snreotcs ha* scripted tn ;
br?tstion of the Arrir-r.-- n !n-r?*.- to de;--rr ?re An
r-il Address V^mt-.: body m Jfirr T~'s. oa the Sa
of Oeto'rw-r tit- Jfo r""" couW ha-re been ^ ?ote; be:
ter cpv:f.?i d-scn:? the rreat cri-rct?, of Naior.a;
Industry, to which :hc Insrimte i? de-rcr?d.
Violent Assartr .*.r i?ea.?Two seamen be- i
longing to the tjsrkct ship ' >arrir-k wer.-? arrested vcstur
day afteraoor. by Assistant Captain Ltrrer -no* OSeer*
?'P.nen and Carpenter of the \'i Ward. or. a chir;>- rf
havmg committed a violent sssa'i't er. j battery on Tap:.
Trask end ?evereiy wermdmg the ntte of the rcsael fr
carsng ium wan a km;*. The ar cn?ed werr deiiver-d
into the custody of the '" S. MarshaL
?cctt?!? PnxtiDi?A cwtntry lyem-har- thi>
morning preferred a r-rnplainr .asie'assr David PnrJu
nset ? ~??:. . Sag business at No. }.%4 ?eari.*s.for bar;-; .
dctrscded htm of $272 : ir it few dry --? -'- . ?' D"i?rig
RoBitr:- Err i TtxfKLT..?Ca?nxmc Farre*: wa?
brought np and detained or. a chars.* of robbim Ml
Dougherty of some money on the Five points."
Focsd E)h< -->t:?"Sr.: ''?-?rcn-irwas ?-?:;,?d this
this morning to hold *r. ;r.o-j??t upon the bodr cf ar. un
known rr*rt. who a f .^nd doartng :r> t';e North Rie, r
near the foot of Barclay-sr.
AcctDKNT.?A per.?..', named Henry Dicks had
one of Us lets broken last evening by beincthr-iwn from
a bors? at the comer of O?th-sr_ and I.evnjtor. tvenur.
He wastaken to the City !.'.->*pitaT.
Attempt to ??.?* SrcRtocs Mont.t.?John Mc j
Wilhams -.< ai i p..-'.. and detained to answer
for attempting to pri^s a counterfeit btB to a person t
in the loth Ws.rd.
Thekt ?>r * Horse.?Officer Watson arrested
Michael Brohan on supieion ot Standing a horse. }{<?
was dt taincd lor examination.
ATTEMFT to Kit.i.?William Key-er.of.Nn. 13!
Walker *r. w.?= arrested last night by Assist Capti Gard
n< r r.r.ii (it'll er (lostello on a charee of eommittirrg a ?
brtrbtiassanltand battery with intent to kill his wite
The accused was committed for examination.
Laute vie*.?John RowlrntT was arrested last j
evening on -u-p-rion <>f stealing a hand-cart worth $i.">. i
Francis Westbrook was hroucht up on a charge of steal. I
mcarncles of ciothiu? from Ldwin Johnson of No. I.".: ;
Walker-st Edward Clinton was taken into ru.-todv and i
detained to answer a charge of stealing In pennies \
from John S Roeklandof No. 367 Monroe-t. .Mirhne!
Manning was arrested and held to bail in the .nrn of \
$300 to answer a charge ol stealing a coat nr.d a pair of i
pantaloon* worth ?- from Israel D. Cole of N<\ -.Ti? j
Greenwich st.
Tltiiiir- In Philrtdclphin.
Correspondence ol The Tribune.
Prut..\nrLPnr*. sept. 1".
There was hot wnrlt anil macfi strikintr of the j
lltnr yesterday in the ?? Tinder i'o.x.'' a* Charley Brown
once called his di-trict. Thirty-seven ballots were had I
before-a nomirtadon was eflected; at last one of John
T. Smith"* friend* gave in or gave r.nt and vored tor |
Brown. *eenrine hi*, nomination. He will h* defent.il. i
I think ; he ou^ht to be i know, tor there are few n en
who have insulted the ; ? ople ind disgraced the 1m',!* of
Legislation by more unrcmpulons demacogneism than j
he has.
The Native* have confirmed the nominations of1
I.. C. Levin, John W. Ashmead, William HoDJjngsbcad
and John S. I.ittell a- their Congreaslonsl candidates fur i
the four dlstriots of our city and county ; -nid have also
nominated Heliacal A. Salter for the Senats, and a fnTJ
Assembly ticket. i
Mayor Swift Tins committed all those nmvste.l for ;
participating in the r.re riot* on Saturday, in d-1 mil . .
bail tu the amount of $5,000, This i* ?ie way to stop
the nuisance.
Mr.Xoseph Kyle, an artist, who forten or twclve
years past has resided hero, has taken up h?? residence ,
in your city. Allow me m commend him w yosras a.
portra.t painter ? ho deserves eacouragemetn, and only
need* it to become an honor to otir country.
Our newly appointed Jndge, ltohert C (;?;.?
took hu sent in the 17. S. Circuit i loust yesterday.
The 0 'A Fellows are all bniy in preparing for
thefr'tlfe hi Thursday. It ;. said that every State in
the 1'nion will he represented.
Gen. James Irwin and Hon. James Cooper., the j
two prominent Whig candid te for Governor, ^ace. both
in our City at present. Tio- most kindly Cet ling exict i
between them, ami a determination to leave their re
.pective claims Eh the b inis of their friends.
The Loco-Focos of Berks Co. have thrown the
Editor of the Berks Co. Bible overboard, ?nd nominated
William Strongfor.Congress. He ij a man of better
talents than is generally sent from t;m* Di-rrie*
Recorder \'nus ami his officers have succeeded j
in recoiering abri-.it $1,000 more of 'he f. S. and Me;:i
can counterfeit com. lor mc.possesslon nt which several
parties were recently urrcnti d.
Tiie sloop of war Gennantown wii! Le ready r,>
sail by the 1st November?the ri^.-ers and painters are
now actively engaged. ]
Sale of Stocks?Firxl Hoard?5 Kensimrt in
Bonk. 55 ;M a M bank Pitt'iuirs il : 1000 Texas Trea?
sury Notes. i:tj |.V>> IVnn 5 bond*. f0 : .'?? Kerui Hits |
5wn :s;;. Second /7.,.ir-i?!?*: VTcksl urg .*?? 1000 D 3 6s i
'?d. KHJ. After, Steond Boor</?2UO Morris t.'nuul, ??*?.? .
100 Head Bit. V- i lrt.i Vicksburff. b.',. 53 : 6,i?00State .'.?, I
rw 66) i 10,000 do sS, 66) : 1900 Head bds. vi
Correspondence i. the rhiiada Exchange.
Ma.vnaiiawki.x. N. J. Sept. II, 1 -i?:.
The stern of a Vessel, With the name " Annab-dln, of
D -nnisvi!!e. P II " thereon, together with a boom.'gaff
and fragments of a sail, einie ..n shore upon the I.one
Beach about rluice rnBes north of this place . n Wedn*?
day mommg l.ast during a seven- sale from N. La?t. I ;
learned that such a scho in sr left Jersey City the even- .
ini previous. Bespcctfully. yours,
SILA^ A. CBAXE, Inspector ;
(*eneeee Methodhsi Conference*
Corrftspondence of the Roche*ter 1'aily Democrat.
I.voxi. Sept. U, 1-Jo. '
Tiie Nletltodist Genesee Annual Conference]
closed its session, in this place last bight. Bishop Jan'c* i
presided, assisted by the venerable Bishop HEnntNO.1
br Bovn of N V Kev \. <T,;r.\r. of Albany, and s.-v :
ersl other distingui h . rthodist Divines were pre.tent .
Tee fact waslnteKStingly davit upon several times dur
ing this >c-rion. tnat the arst meeting "i thisConfi n n -.
ever held, was in a l arn half a unie South of tin- r i
l?ge, over thirty year* ?ince. Some m-mber; rd the
Conference vi-iied and obtained from the frame of this I
building sti i ??u.-.i.iir.z a ce sufficient to manul'.eturo i
several walking sticts. which, with very Interesting
stateinehts aeeoeapanying werepresentedto the Bishops,
Dr. Bond, and Rev. Mr. Chase.
Co.vspnt.iCT TO Cheat.?Tlioiiias A. Codey, of l
Boston, and Nathaniel M Bradbury, of Som?rvil!e. were ]
iirraiin.- ii in !h.-to.i :t: the '. 1:!-. lor a Ci-n.-jiiracy toeh.-ut !
by false pretences the merchants of Boston r. pre-, i;-...- .
that thev jo.^.is.-H a cash capital and also valuable lands
in the We.-t. Tney touched several mer-uants, in all. |
u> the amount o:' ioot thousand dollars. In default ot'J
bail m t^ lKA) eacj: they were coainutiii lor tnal.
general Noii.cs.
rv kamst Keperi ol the .v.utnnl Life In?
surance Co. f N ?? r.\ N ? B Wsll-s'-Th - -
lion darn: ? the month of Ausust, issued suty-etght new
PollCle... viz :
To Merchanu x Traders..!.- To Sailer hi -die Army ... 1
" Maci.iact'iret*.V ' C.-rrymea. 3
?? Clerks .f " ?hys;e:an?. 2
?? Mechanics.SI " Lawyers. 4
?? Ed.tor. J- " Banker. I
?' Student. tj " Teacher*. 2
?? Druggist. II Officers in Navy. 2
" Age'nis.2 " Gentleman. 1 j
" Kanners. 2; " Ladies..- 2 j
Lives Insured..ts
MORRIS KUbloisON. President.
Sam'l. Rann-.v. Secretary.
>: >:.... ;? -:. ': ' '? ? ? ? '?? *: is
Or" I'ilee, [rritadon of the KJdneya, Pa
r? tea or Side, H .'-^-.iv; Cosllseucss, E ^ipt.on-. Sore Eyes.
DK. iN(JULDS:lY'S PILE Sprit Ir'lC ha* made radical
cures in many of the above mentiuned complaints, as ear. be
proved by personal reference. The -: - ' : snot a pnrjs
;i*e and is an entire,v ve.-eiato- rs-rre-ily. without a o?.".. :.e
jfco ,?-vttih.cami*v*te or a.s*es. u plrasanr lo use awl per- ?
:-e?v uam:.e^ m lie most crlicaie c-l?--. male or female.
?-rent? wlQ be appointed in every Town. Cooniy or Sta? j
?v :.e-e-j;ere are none, on apf .^ar?en to
ssi Imo,' . HEALS a; CO. 108 XASSATJ-CT. !
re** Dr. ( iiri'tie'* GtalTauale and >lrij?iie;ie
Curati vr?.?V\ a reicr our i-a-e.-, io rnrio isadvej ,
u- iiitr:... -'.i.e-e e-.ei-raled article- whirl: arpearm o?r |
paper. Thev are re?-.ieixended t^r t.trrcai cowptmmU, a i
c.i? of d:sei-es in-whi.-a ordinary rredieai mess,* arwof]
very itsie avail tn.i a-e ceramly ?s oilhy thearrrnnno oi
ti-eafliJ-rst The n-lv ?tVe in New-Y -i for t:,e c-nui.-.e
esisatlB-2.fi . . ? ?_sa2S-u ,
r?"*.rwood'-.t>leb-uird Empire CstokSfOTeiS.
T-je.-e Stoves are warr-CteU a-- - -a g
Cook ?teves *.->? b r :ed to eramme fhem v-efore pnrcnas
me etsewbere tt'iw.r*?w and retail bv H .cKos. fc. C<.> 2? j
VsW?L im si'taeodo* ;
r?- For Bo-ton vii Norwich and Woreesiter.
-Tne ?t?smer Clcvasatra, Cs*-w *?*> "h. .e?ve souia
Side of P er Na. " N rtk u.'vr Jicnauy, U'ednetuay
and Erikav a' "> " M. eccneerin;- w.n a- ein at AHyna1 ,
V ... ~ " :? . .-i C i -r j --?'?att. Jr. Conductor. ,
rV To Ladie?.-?-*- ? - :' -"-.*
v:ce and dirrcUon ? lib e.rl ? the appiieatioe eTW *_er
Care in all o.-eas.-* of wumen and e.u-.rea at her re*.
tV Pracrlcal Phreaoioii?:? nn.l FublNhrns?
fUWLERa' i. WELLS. I? Ssvsaaasat. O^nrwfrosn
t - a v. tr. in p. M. rvM 1m
17'ALL GOOI>>. lS4?^SA?C$* RANSOM, I?
r jtrfm-st. are liiihv rver-irinf from A .ciiofi a cboxe sad
w*?ll se'ec-ed sasoraneat of Suk Goods, eomprtsms every
a-.c e ul?ed for mill-oerv porpoees. sues as auss. Sana*.
Velvets. Plushe*. Kii. ? !?-? _ '' r - ???'-.--- -
Also a r.ch u^^til of Dress a- . 4 .v_Cn .aey ran
seu.ar.vrr l^i any oi_er nocse C-'y. Th* -n**
are recuested meal: and exsmies for themselves before
makmg their purchases. sll Da ?
\|R?*. BULLA will re. oca he: SOAaDiNG ASD
- ? 1 . . - ? .' ?' - Y - .-.c Ui!'< ? a Monday. -.L- Tu;
r?f September.a: Na, 1?Cum: : hn, ? eecier-?.* u? ?w
Dl t< RE*< AGRJt n.TVK VT. iNVTiTUTL -
L. "a> . .v. n . o: '.V t-.^je o(' Po?* Jw?
5 the ? V." x.-..>-iFrernlom Firm.' la the We>:ern
Valley oCCai >o V?>. Dutches* Co* illy.
The ?Visier Session of this ,,>M;*"""n ecatmeaee? Ihe
?r*i Chursdav of October: the >??? irr Scssfan the inc.
Thursday cf A pr.L
The Course of Studies in :his ?tttitnrian Is such as to
r-r,. the student every laci?iy for aee-ii-inr a most thor
oc. i anow.euge of rscentiac o.t Pracrxal Agnculm-e.
? Lb ' e tse or me best modern improved i-npiemenis : a
*?:ect Firrrer's Lib ?r?. with min-ere-is AgT-.chltnrai Pen
oJicais, and ir.-rruei.oa in ai : - co-aiera.i-nriehe*.
" ere a ? . I ?? r? . -lar Letime*. of ?which the *rsJeu*s
stakeabaxraclSs lose?e > aa sxaauiaetkx4S arid a- '
exerei?*:* in coraposui,. n. delivered ca
Technical Kb alogy applied to Rc-! Ec?tomr.
Commorc-. C -.-in.-:-- M.sing and Architects^*-? uiui
trued by Minera.ojV-?i Cabine*. and Excursions lor Ob t
Practical Botany?applied to Horticulture, Veterinary
Medicine, Kurai sr.1 Domestic Y -ouotny?tTtastrated by
iiv.nff spect-r.eus and excursion* tor ooservtuioo.
. gy?app i ? K ml Economy, Commerce ami
Manufacture*!?iTJuarrared by [hing sol -. skeletons, xc.
The Zoom.- c-*i'*e at ... -onirnenee wu.i ire nor?e.
Natural rh?oeophj s.-.! Agricultural Chemi* rv? IBae
,:-r. ? i *.y etf .-i-t ?, r n-e?-s. b- Pre-' S. E. Ha-Sel. Wie ?
ot'tiie '> <u Reesaelaer Institute, of Trey.
Maihetr.aJic*. in all their ttrancbee, are thorougidy I
A practical knowledge of Uie Modern Languages 1? *n- !
surv.l by weekly Lectares, D-cu-sicus. Oracoas, Essays
tad Coaversan.vs a Stem.
Che a races i great variety, and .* wel !
adapted to experiment.-.; Canning; Its location is pleasant
and iseaiihf.:!?'.he bcdidlnt "flr-'r- and ronimoaioc-.
Fee for us- ear ?-?>?. ; ayabie aiinl anniiiTly in advance '
?which includes T u.ion. Board with oed* and t-ed-. ^.
i.>..et:e Furniture. Wasl big,Ml r..l:n;. Fuel, and Lights.
f-gv Farmers. P i) - tin n o bei & nob *. cr other eins
residestrooaof attending each or sr.y course of Lectures
can obtain Admi?.-on Tickets l-Tsttplviheto the principal i
a >:.:_? - Co'ir-e tor fA.i-r iii nirrOotir?" where they at- ;
Itnrt rwo or more?paysn.e in advance. Kxlcisive acccm
ntos'ations for horse* ire prov.deu.
Thfalnattetion La ender the patronage of the Am. Ag.
Aasocvati B.Th? Famers'Club of the Am. Ir.-i. a^u the
Dut-hew At*. S.<. A-! :re<?
JOHtS TATLKIMSDN. o---- >- he? Ag. tntt.
!\.'V.~p.-. ''Vitctje?? t'o'in'V. X. V.
Board of the American Insiinite.
Board of the American Agricultural Association,
R.-v. L. M. V.ncen'. N-'-v-V t,
Trnf. Cynt? Ms'nn. ??
Zeoedee Cook, Ena, ?? ??
Doet. C. H. P. McLeUan, Principal of the Ponghkeepsle
Female Academv,
Chas. Barlictt, A. M. Principal Collegiate School Pough- i
Wnu A. Davies.Esa President of the Fsrniep,' and
Mamtfacturera1 bank,
Matthew J. Myem, F.?tj. President of the Merrkam^
Ilw. Ai ir. Poliienni*. Hopewell. Dnichess Co,
" H. OV L:nliow, pousiikeepsle,
" S. Mandeville, La Grange,
John Van \Vvci, E-+ Nr .v.fr-.mburgh, Dutches* Co.
..' hWsttwD
sciETfcn nr DAifctnct. waltzing. bt?t
\l;i. W. WHALE, inacknowledgmghis sincere thanks '
L'Juorthe verylibera encooragemenl be ha. received
? ine.-i . return' |o the ,-ity. re-necttiillv antiouncea to the'
lushes and gentlemen of New. Vor t snii Brooklyn, that Ida
<- >-.???? I'i the above win commence for the season l*#5-7,
at hl? rcittn tk>! itroruiu iv. on Tuesday, October 13, a:ni
i Oodtic Hall. Brooklyn, drj Moi lay ..October 14 Mr.W. ,
wil give ::t?:ru.-'iotn to liulies irnt geti'lemen In the new
and popti.ar wahr, La Hedoivn, a-? now dance.! in :!:? ?a
ona.of Par . ?-.A Loadoa, at ins Private Academy, No.
?rt Sixth-avenue
Private 1 '?'on? at r". :.t-.es it tir? A? letrty.
N. B.?Parti. ..ars in future advertisernenu and circu?
lar*. _s'J I nie ,
OHAX.'K COCNTY Sclentlnc ar ! Practical Agrv
mi'7ral In-"itiit.-.?ri ?? wu:te-s> -e.on w; ,-omit.- ,-e
on U e i ?t day ofOctol tr next, Charges, 8125 per annum ,
for mldonTJOU bofft^. payabte ?emi-anrcially in advancer? ;
Inmtiries s.?J appHcauntM for the aduusaibn of stndeu?
m ty . - H.'d.--.--.-. -.i e ther of the undersigned at Olden
hsm. Ora-ge N. V.
Samuel ^'as.o, .la. Secretary.
Kefirtnett?V. .1. Betts, K?<;. President Orange Co. Acri
eultiir-ii -society; J.d.u 11 am well, Esi|. S.iirfbui-y. Orange
Ca; Hon. John Wethered, Baltimore, Md.; A. 15. Allen.
F=c. New-Turk. New-Tor!.. Editor Aicirlcan Agricultur?
ist; P. H. Scbenck, H-i. Matteawaa, New-York: Hon.
Morris Frankdm, New-Vork; otficera of lbe_American In
?tittite. ^1 lawlw
??J 11LECT t-TsU~AL ? -1 'letier.o Aeaileniv^Stv?
??^ ?.b-st Ch ; r . m ar ihe K ;bihsavei ne. H. I- Myr
irk, PrinciBal,
II i. the design of ihq Principal to form a select c!a?s of
about twenty-ni.... molars. Arrsmgesaents have been made
.,, furnish the le-at possible metTUCtlon in the various
braasebes uh udmg theelenasptary ai.d itigL-er Engonii stud?
ies ? ith the ancient andjnodera languaj. .. Tlie Principal
will tw. aasisaed l.y*nver.il icentlemen ..f emi^vtii tpinitti.-a.
lions in tl.e Clns?ical and rrenc-n l>e;>arin:enle
Pnpils wBl be r-c<\ ved m any lime, but no' ?vr a less
i ei iod -iiau wx mouths. Ttddou payable i{uart?Miy in ad?
Boys under II year* Of age. .*? -over eleven ee?r? *!!,
ineluiling in.int.-tion in at.v of ihe English I.ranches. v,,.Ji
me Latin and Ore.-1 lan?uages. if desired.
Rtfrrrnm.?Thomas McElrath. E>u. Kev. R. T'i? ii?.|?
Huddart, A. M. John Lockwood, Esq. Thompson Price,
Esq. E.t-.? ar J Matnrin, Use. A. M._nu?' tme?n!
DKOF. BAlt?S?T wi.9 ... Evening Claases hi
A r reach t. r :;.<? ,...?uii,g s. a-on, at the foUowmg places
Mechanie.*S Insiinite School. No. II C!iamt>er.-?L m Hie
?9th S'-j.L IB-IS. For .ii.onu.it.'ou, i.e. Lnq or ? ->i Mr. BarriO,
Aci ? ?->.' ity Ha!1, or at the schooL A i lass t- alreadj
formed lor those that are advanced itt ihe language, on
Mo::.lays and Fridays of each week,at tl o'eka-k.
Mr. Chamherla Schoo!, t'st Brcome-st. N'irth Bro.?l
war. on the g"?i -jeje. The l?^k isoj'ened for subscrtbers
A. Basset,493 Hudson -t. 'he 'ah uoor shoves'-. Like-,
Chinch, on Ihn SOth Sej L?with ' b new ,nd improved sys?
tem of leachtng French withoill ??utly i Die pupil can attend
to his business as nsusl ho will nut us n it be chsra'ed wits
the task of committing a lesson to memory-, all iliac will be
r> quirerl i? punctual attendance; Oo appUeatton ail t?e par
t tell lacs will t>e evpuupe.l ?-1 Tfiiai-Stw
fDt CATION.?Chissical,French mOEnr abSehool,
JEs ?39 Broadway, opposite Astor-place?Mi?r?. FOI?
N'T V TAYCOB Priiiet,?s!<?The hsl! Term of this IbsQ
ntdon ..i, ..ui.iieti.-e oa M...: .s .; hSefUenther. Me?*rs.
F. t T. beg leave Us Inf -:,i -.heir friends and the public
thri! they have completed their arran;eni-nts fur the endu?
ing season, which wBl afford to tueir pupii? tt.:.-.,-.-,! n.i
vanlagvs ..i the . n out depaiunents. Their Assistants are
tje-.-T'emen of education and experience. The French will
tse :?:.."t:t an i spoS -n exclusively tt.rr." hours a day. and
i.re in -t liniiring clor, -.v i . mu le to rentier ihe pupils
at home in every branch of a French edttcatiott. Boy* are
re,-eiv--,l at any alatre of education; and thoroughly pre:
p?.".,l |. t ... |: ,?.ne... F?*r term*. refcr*tuces, a e.
?.? I" t ? wi-i. Me..-.. I)e!;;.- i ???. p,rv Row : ai?l
Broadway; Miller. Broadway! Brayant, Broadway;
and nt liie School Room. angi ilawlm
Ei>I t'AT 1?>. - Jtessrs. Fotjrnet a. Taylor, Classical,
il- flieh art.! Kngli-ii Schoo1. No. 7 Br... i-.vuv, ^v'JI r?
ojiert on Monday.Sept. 7th. It: cotmectioa wttn hi*day
*. list). Mr. Fou .-i. :>-.- ? e -.. --est..:' some of hi* pn; : -"
purer.:*. made axrangemenij to receive .nto I is family
a ?mall nnmber of hors (?Lv onlyl as'ioanlers, and no pains
will be ?pared to render the ?cholara pert'eeily conveisan:
w. 9 Vr--.:o:. l/ngu&ge. C'ircu.ars c-.-.-iiam-iig full par?
ticular, inty he had si V -<-r< Dellne A Co. r'ark-row and
Sil f-iijii?iir, al Ir.,* SchooI-TOOtn, or at Mr. E.'s residence
.11 ? .-e-ae.*L sg .i^,w 1 n
C-EJIAl.E -E>Ii.\.\:tV, No. . Broad ?
JT cor. Marne;.-'. .\r.i - i awl Sarah IL Clarke, Pnnci
pals.?Thi* Insrimtion rornw l ire (-'all Term on the 7th
ins l. Tue Drawing Classes are u.i.ler Ihe super.ntend encs? I
of Elizabeth Onus, who ha.* beea long and (kvorably
known :o the New-fork puhlic. 'lde departntent of An
- .n.i M ?lern Lans-nige. and i.e...-? Let'res eoeunnes j
under the direction of Jacob T. Bergman, A. .^L Tiiere are
r,i . .xtra charges for fuel, .'.atkmery, the tt?- '4 hooas In
?lie K g:.-.i c ,~e. Fre-.c . La"tl ann Draw tug. .4 s'age
is provided io convey pupti* residing m a distant pan of
c ty free of char?-._slSGieod
A" PJUTATZ SC0O?T in the country -Miss Dewey
v. .ne. ? , receive a few pupil, in'o her Kami.v Schr>oI, i
-?? ..c-d ,e ,i, iMim.1 . va-ley .. tue Hou*aio
r. .-. .-:..-.''>. i is ^ j -. ;;?ge, d'j.is.nt only an ea*7 ,
day's journey from New-Y'ork. by Bridgeport and the Hou
eatonic Railr. ad.
Thorough m.trjctiou :. given ia the u,ual English bran?
ch-*, and :n Mi< *. Latin and French.
The term* areSli' a yesr, and SIS a quarter for Mus.e.
For farUier rnformatfOP, refere.ic- Is na?.< to
Wm. C. Brvam E-c,. Wm. Blr,o<!rood, Esq.
Rev. M. VTl Bellows, J^ev. Dr. Dewey.
Ne.v-York. SepL a. si 2w
BO'.it DI M. AND 1>.\\ X HO?TTfor Young La
i t?. S3 Fourtb-St. between Charles and Amos ?ls.?
t-e MisseaMse Adaa tespeetfiilly inform their friends
and public, that isey are aow receiv:ne pupils. Cir?
culars an? be c itaiaed aaabove anual Mr. F-anc:?'? B.iok
S*ore. No. 1?2 Broadway ; also a; Mrs. ?.-^iaml'* China i
Store, ?47 Broadway. _s31m*
rpilE ?C?DKJtrCAL INSTITI TK. .7 Mar
1 -:. arid lie reot-med Set-L. i-L Ali Lu.e sssietanu tn this
School are gect.eitiea of e.ng experience mieach.ng. Tue ?
coo-ie of tnstrudioo embrace* tl.-s Ceinrnerclsvl snd the
C laaaical stausica, BREED it WING ATE.
tuir? S-js Prmc.pala.
REt IEW < I. A -.-ES . gh?h and Frenca. a
irouc, in DrawanK, Paiaiing and t4 nting.?M:?s
ORAM will -:-e-!d to a liir.-::ed nun.aer of pupils, at her re
?Qeice. 71 H unmond-sT- in the aliove-numlionei stndie?,
eosacfscnemg 0 * .?>: _sUSweod*
RV. JENKs-'-r 6721 ?..-*?y,
. (cear.y opposite Bood-at) will re-opeg on Tuesday,
loe W of SepU-t. .i~-r._aui7 if
it>. tsUIS?N? -1 Boodcst. will r<!- pei ger Day
and Boart&ag School for Your.g Ladles on Mondsy.
err-irginj the very -sest -roahty of Red A?c PeechMo-.
(?istCoal w-iien they' *ra presired to .ie,;ver eitaerfr.-n
ine f>oai or yarn at ?he lowest aiarie: ;ir.cc Likewise,
Leh'lgfc. Virginia and Liverp-xi! Co&L All the above Coals
trecareSillv ?creeced and dsrtiverrod in u-e tsesi ore er ex
pre,?ly for "fair y use. F. A. *. W. .?. HIDABOCK'S
Co*u fard, Ka i-?5 'j-ai i st. *:?e?3
rnilstp* MoB-st- snd the gowery.
i'each Orchard C.-?-?T?e sal-soiner has just opened a
rani as arove. and aas a*?w on .--and a c"oice lot of Red
Asa Coa^a. seiected from the moat jtelenralssl vets* acg of
Lie 1k.ji*^ >J-t. r.; Broken r-tg. Si--v? and Nut. for
?a.e at k,nci in.sri'1 pric-rs. A.-i, Le 'Al.i'..: Aat,
Liverpool and Camber.acu Coals oa baa<: All of tbe ahore
?.r *a.e from ran or -esse^ Apply V>
T. >T0Krii DICKrlBSON. S3 1.1th-?u nearCth-arentie.
and l"7 AnthooT-ar. near Broadway.
K, B-?Lssdgh ami Wta Asa Lump Coal uy the cargo
- il -. _?S -g
Cl >IBE1?LAM> CO A L?1 be Ecnsr.- <?l-\Vio'*
eharge in a lew days a cargo of the above eoai. fresh
from ihe company mines, in good order, ali lamps, ai ihe
foot of Tturjreai?-.l- N. E- For sale low for casn; apply
io T. STOKES DIC hl?RSON. N'a eS Thir-semh st.
s3'J near aia-areirie, and lff7 ABiflooy-st. near Broadway.
WHOLE NO. 1603.
Patent jflUitirinrg.
TT'XT-lACr OF SaRSaPARILLA.?7hts Extract is put |
l? .p .n n-Ati-j?:: ?? n r riecrr-. pleasanter. ?:m
** a-nnted pur?mx to ?i? sold. I: cure* diseases wttaoul
lsasSN-u.', r?T'T nr^rwf oc Mil i ihe patient. ?rxi
is rm; ucu.mrrv suaptej tor &
Tb* ir**t beauiv and suprr-.or :? of IbJa Sarsapar-.'.la
over all otter remedies is. whQe it 'eradicate* d;sei?e.
Invigorates the body.
v-c-ssexrrtoN cn it ccs.su.
i?-TonrAtru. Cowat-.*!?*, Lirr- i"o^ip^a-t.'oiij, (
C*ro?.ta-Antii. Sssrrm/ *r~ i'?ooU.. Nd.-nwxi t*, t.\r
CWjr. Hem< FnuA, Nifti >-T?>r,. J^.-^
f nsfVuar KrwrtoTllm. j<u i^ui* M tv Ji^.
a--", tare ft a inn Carni".
Probe! 'v (ben nt >r *. remedy thai baa been ?o *uc ,
cessfbl tn Je*~erst-' -ase* of CevtSCUipttoe a* ihia. It J
cleanse* vd MrrngSben* the ?y*teu\ and snpear* to hea! '
UV nic-r* on Me :3m?. and fae patient* craduaily regain
their 'snai heai'-h and I tree* tit
Ds. Towsjtw : 1 had hern alficted f?r month., by a .
dry. '-n.-fc:-.: ??*t **?: ! -used ereal qcaalili<^ of
bad maxi-r. and experienced a ran ere pain my left side,
accompanied with a urea* . ray . nty cough very
rru-ti tncreaaed. a*d I had r.>;d n:;ti:.?wm'.a Learning
that yuu hat a n-nody for Mach case*. I concluded to try
i:. I'p'in-ha-ed a bottle jour Fvr? '. of Sar*ap?rilh?:
before I had finished takli'g it. ny COUgh, ra:?m ;. ?"d the '
pain in my ?tue left me, and I ... w have regained my gene?
ra.' health. Bebeving your medicine to he a very valuable
one, ! clieeriuliy NCOtnatand it those who are simtiariy
?ituated. I found the nedicUM pleasan: to the 'xste and
?treisrtiier.ma' to ihe bodv.
u m. ii. MchUNSTRI, SU CiraauVac
New-York. April CSlh. IM?.
Du. To? .'.>e.\n: I make the foUoti utg atsteoeot, in oi ? ,
der :.? e\pre*a my cratf.u.ie -.- y and t.> re,-omme:i i
y vur >ar*apan'.ia. and yuur ?.onip.iuiiii K.xtra.-t ot Sar*a. I
panh.i, to 1.10IM- who arv- ao ur.t'oriunnte as to have Lung ?
Complaints or Consumption. While reaidiajr, >n the Soutli. i
several years ago. 1 ha . a ion^ and severe sickness, which, j
with suhsea; iem exposure, very materially injured my con- '
stilution, I t>ein< ?ine. laiwever. Uttsch of in- ;.me to work, j
aiiough my .uiijfs were adcs-ii-d and 1 had a con<h: for i
the last year 1 grew m.n-h worse, and the Isst Winter [
I caught a severe cold. The paiu in my breast, distress in I
hreat?inj and coughing very inu.-h increaaed. I took a
number of popular remedies for Consumption, but they :
failed lo reliev e me, a; u?t I v??s coofined 10 ray rooiti,
and was so bad with, the Consumption that i did not ex?
pect to remain b. re kmg. 1 sent to Marcus l>. M^vire, who :
resi.les al the corner of Lydiu* and Uraud sis. iwho will .
conrlrm tins statement.) nnd made a dupes-lion of my I
property. A few jays after tin... a friend ?eul you to sei? |
ice; you ordered a boitle of j?;u.- Eatract of Sarsspunlla. |
I took" it according to yi>ur dueetiona, and immediately I
te.t relieved?my paiu gradually left me?I s,a.m breailfed
freely?my hacking cough subsided?I raised easily and
stept soundly and to nil aihaiislinasni and naught* when 1
had taken tue contents us lbs '.K?llo?. I ? as able, as you ?e..
remember, to walk from Ferry..' Beaver-stl to obtain more.
I nave eontiaue.l to uucn, and am miw aooui my business,
allhi>u>;h 11 Is not more than two BtOUlhs since I rumim-nced
with vieir medirines?and am triankful to the Lord thai 1
vr?s induced ui irv tia-tiu SAM. R. STUART, -ti Perry-st
Albany. May loth, IRH.
Ni.w Vosk. July 1, LU&
Dr. Tovvn-i:si??/Vor Sie Nenrlv twenty years a>;o 1
took a violent cold; Watch settled on my Iuuks and artecied
me very severely! indeed, it finally became a, eoostanl
hrtrkinii cough, but net so se-er?- ns to prevent me fn>m at?
tending o> iny business. Wilhiu ihe last few ye rS It In
creased OU me gradnaUy. Al last I became reouced; 1
bmuSed wnh u'nVtdiy, and raised svith myeowgh ninch
bad matter, and for Hie last nine momhs prev tooa 10 ii?iu<
ronr Sarsaparilla, had tegular -lightsweal*: Indeed, my
f.'.eid* and myss-if supposed that I Would iiie vvii? Um
Coasomptiun, but I have the aappiness .norm you
that?to trv surprise??t1er usina" three homes of votir
Sarsapsnlla I and my heelin restore,!, h relieved me
gradually, and I urn now eujoying miu-n bs-tter health Ihan
I have before iU 126 year*. I uatt'almost entirely ..--t ny
appetite, which Is'also remrned. You are at.liberty to
pnbtiata this, \<- H\ ruy u.mie, in Hi.- paper* if you choose.
All' 'i:t> u.n. who three years o'.l, had a v -ry bs,!
eonah tue whole of .a*t Winter, We became v ery much
alarmed on hei account. While using the medicine I gave
her sumo of it, and it ?oon endrely relieved her s, w ei! as
myself, and ?he is as well now and hearty a* aiv el i I
eversaw. She waii ?IsoTtdl of Http? blotches \ Ictpok ihem
away, am! her lain is Hnooth ami fair now. and I am s it,*.
Bed she received her health from using your excellent
medicine. 5. W C(?sa2?T. No, I It Bowery.
We have never known a ease of Dropsy which this
medicine, if used, did not relieve. The following i* a i .ipy
of a letter Dr. Townscod received from a geUthMnan on
Long Island. D i* truly a remarkable ease
FlaTSOSH, Long Island. June 11, lai?.
Dr. Cowssbko: My motbav.wao|s6Syears o(age, has
for several Tears psstoeeu tailoring under a severe case of
' Dropsy, we employed, before we heard of your medi
cine, a if real numbei ot rameUWs, but the disease coinmued
to rain on her. ihe was so mueh bloated that i; was alu< *l
impossible for her to lie dow n, or ileep while !yiii?;i her
feet und leit* were iruiy a *i|{ht lo behold. We heard
iiiueh eolivei-siii.u respeeliiic your reme ly, suit.we con?
cluded toubusiu it tor bet saUaiaauion. not dreaming that It
Would re.;e> e her, a- sue was ?o far advanced In year* and
her d.lease was of ?o lone .tar.dm,'?tor her complaint had
been Cooling on lor aiino-t seven yean, The lir.t boille
she took, wo could nol perceive thai ,i helped L.-r in tue
b-a?t. v?;[h Ihe exceptton of inere??mk- her appetne. On
i usltiif ihe seromi boilia. there was an Improvement in her
IlsensV She contwneu Using It untU *be took nve bottles,
i and ?he i* almost, if not entirely, well. She does not loos
i' Cie same person ; she rides out und walk* with ease;
I aiei ** rery comfortable. T!ie old ladv I* hixiily pieasial,
I sssumyuo, as well a* ihe rest of the fsunily, and ha* re?
quested me Ip write out her ease. | rind thai I have not
half done usti-" ant: for I have not, or cannot, describe
how she appear-d, or the loitering slie experienced, or Ihe
' great trouble she was for si i'.nv' a lime, in her heipiea*
reoodltlon. Yours.respecfully, lie. J.VMKS ALI.i N.
Hj Dr. T.iw ii.eml's .-?arsapaiillit Is a sovereign and speedy
c.ir*1 for inripiein Con.sum Hem. Bart -tint s-. i.?ucorra.e or
VYmtea,ObsUueUrd or Didicuit Menstrua',oh, Ineoiiiiiieuce
of t. nne, ur mvo.uutary discharge thereof, am' for ihe jjene
', tn. prottraliun of ihesysinm ; no matter wheth-r the re?ull
of Inherent cause or eau?*, prij<luee,! by Irregularity, III
! ness or accident.
ey N'.iihing can be more surprisiiii? 'h*n ti? hrrlgora Dg
' etleet* on tie- human tram.-. Persona, all wcakoesw and
lassitude before taainu it. at once become robust and full
of energy under us inllueHCe. It liiuuedlste.y Counter
I acts the ner*eie??nt*s of the female frame, which !? the
jiri at cause of bam-nness.
? I: will ne. be expected of i*, Is . sie* of io delicate a na
j t*ire, lo eihibit certiteaie* of cures performed, but w.iean
' aA.<iii s the aflicted that hundred of cases have been re
f noted lo ns. Several rases when families have been
' v ilhe it er..?Iren, aber u?ir,u- a lew- home* of On* in"a!u
' able luscicuie, hive heen iiie.s.-ii w hh healthy udspriit)
Da. T*ov?s?rMt>' My wife being groatly distntssed ry
? weu?ness and general debility, and sudermg eondauauy
I by pam and * sensation oi bearing dowu. lading < i ihe
j Womb, a.". J w ilh i Iber duoeultles.and having known eases
' -w'iere ein" medlebM ha* StfeCled tfrea? eure?, und also
, heariuik' 'i recoiuuieniied !or luefa '..ie??r? a* I tuivo Ue
' ncribeu, I obtained a bott:c of your Extract of Sar?apartlla.
I and followed the dlreedona you ?ave dm; in a ?hon. period
j l: removed her complaints and iusu,.-..*l b>-r to health.?
Bein.' irrste: ' Ur the benefits .he received, I ink- pleasure
t in thus BiuiBo>*i-*!ginK it, and recennBtmding u tu the pur>
; I.e. M. D. ll'iORE. Cor. of Crand sndX: I is sts
Afhany, Aitic^at I*. 1*H.
R EE V M A T I S 11 .
I This Ssoriaparilla ,* u*ed with the ntOSI perfect success
I in Rheumata- rump lave t*. however .ever.: or chronic ?
' The aalo.lUblng cure* U i.a* perfbrmed are Indeed won
I derful. <, Iber retnedlaa ao'uetimes giva temporary relief.
; Tbi* entire ly eradlesviea it ttpm ihe system, even when Ihe
. ..mbs and b> 'lies -.re dreadful./ swollen ?
Da. TowsirfENo: I was attacked w-n:, a distressing pain
i in my hip joint, so had mal I COttJd nol walk without ray
: rruici.es ; sa l L.urh of ;he time 1 jrasahiiired to keep my
I bed. I tried sevenl remedies, hut The-, ,'a1 nut reliere -n.'.
I then ea-b d on one of our first i'i:y siciaAi; lie did not
I help iiI heard or your Sarsapariilt., and obtii-ied a bot.
i tie, and in a few days h*?mtiiel* mirj me, ami I as well
now a* ever. ASH BELL VVAJJCER, J3 Darrhvi *L.
Albany, January 2,
tV Hear Mr Seih Terry, one of ite <,!il. ?t and aSOSS re
. spectacle Lawyers ui Bkttford. C-mu. The folio? mg l*
aa eitrsetof a letter received iri-ra n.in
Da. Towxseiio: I Imvenasrd'ona bortis or your Sairsa.
panua, and liod it is exrei.ent To it* etfects upon a chronic
rheumatic p?.n to which 1 am ?u'eect. Crom au injury oe>
casiuned several year* ago In a iiubiic ?taite. Please send
me two !KiU.es lo the care of Dr Seymour. 1 have rUu
versed with two of oer iirinmpii i'hrsi UMSL and reforn
mended voer Sanaparil.a SETH TKRKY.
Har.fu'rd. March L>, 1845.
Da. TowNsesio?!mtr i,e I la * nee- entirely cared,
: hy using your Extract of Sarsapanila, r>f * chrome icriam
' malory riietimailsm. r/irn wbyb I have hern alBieusl for
'.be last two yr?r? very ^rvere'y I aave eodnsad Uie
moat */nrr./inx pama; my tset ?nd .eg* were dreadful!y
? wo^en, and there nave been ?Ii.'ith-wnea i was UnalMSI
to attend to my busiaesa. Bewg crured of the Bheui^atism,
ami having my general health reair. red by yo<ir rntreeat e
aedie.ae. I u.ou^tit 1 rou.u : , .* -? tiiaii t q-.a;:.t you
of my ?nice** ;a a*ing your Sersi'parllbt r*rrt%v* I
s.v .. i a. : laal I ised the preseripcjo. of Pbr?.< ans, and
purci^sed some of all the . :u-e'? ?? ... * aau obiti/ienls ,n
it^- mariet, a?l reeedvad no ter.ef-r. Yox r?, kc
New.-Yora, Novemuer ii, tzm.
Da. T'-wisKin - Ton retrv-m'.eT "hat -.??fcefj I o'saine l a
bottle of youi Sar*a^ar:.ia anu. croruse.'. i* .. eitecled a
? .-.-.-e ton * cer ifiea'e. f am hat'p** Ui have it m
uy power lo return the favor. I iiad beeL wrely ?tT:ced
i y tie: !tiM-i;.iiat.*m for montn. rnues of ti>- lime io bad
Liat 1 cum/1 neither eat. sleep nor wa.a. i;sf A'id t?r uv
possdble for io de*cr.be th?- paiu and ajfofc,' I endured.
1 ine.i anaia jerof retnedie* wtihoirt be.n,? b?ri.e?t?.'d. A
gentlatman, who knows ?i^amuie? of youtr ?*r*apa r.da,
iiiOaced me to try a bolUe. 1 dul so, and, lo my gr^?;
?tooi*uineat, it la a few day* ciV-^l ? oerfeet ?-are; U
aar are lncreuuloa?, i Invite them lo caii on me, ar. i i
prouije to satisfy Uiem of the tr.u. of the anove.
IRA UOLiFRJ-lj . :??, ; {./ erf ?c
Albany, March V.. I Mi
Da. Towssena JW Su . My wine was last Fta h*
tacked v. ?,tii a severe fever, and Vxn iar^e qua/tCles of
caiomeli wita 'Ju*, ihe caught a v!c.;e~; coin,and vea* ro*v
Sne?l to aer room ?boat two mootc*. When the 6t* -r
aer.ste was auatsed w^a n^StrersSmng >aina; they were
-onretbnes -o had in her sec*: and ?honlder* that ?tkr was
almoat distrained. I eotCd get machine to redtrve ber until
we tried your Sarsapar^la, m alcu. when we ?pp?ed, l.sune
diately cured her. We feel undOr cbligations to pcblirly
aekao'-e'irdge v. that other* may a-rau' 'ijrmeelve* of mi*
eneap and eiectual remedy, stut aw ? fever two yeau** tn
the aprjig, and ha* been troubled with a ?sryerw pain io
the head led neck. JOHN h DIELL.
Daniel-?f. AiOaay. April -. 164.*
r?" Principal OSce 135 Fulton-*r. Xew-Tevt, ami ir?5
Sooth Pearl-*". Albany. A?ecu for Beaton, Red.lmg k
Co. No. s staie-i- De.Dyou a Sou, 152 North SeCsond-st.
Pmiadeiphia. S. S. Hsnce Dr^ggi?^ ?a.maore. P. M.
C-)beo, Charleiton. John Wr.jfh: ii Co. New-Orient . 2
Chartre*-?. And by the principal Dmvgiata throe,
UM L'tnled States, WfaUB IniUea and Canada.
None getr-ine except pet ip is 'die larp- v^ze Ir. ttita
wiiKTC contain a cnarr. and lined with the w.neo strna
aarare of S. p. TOWNriEND. and his name blown in the
glass. i!7 Ita-a^lmThai. J I
Si^ationg. &c. Wanub.
T? ?*?!?*M?W^Wss*si, n pes*ss* won CM
A eunmmad Bean li to ?;sw cash capital, to purchase
reejeeoi '?'>?oue<lJw ?tunfor w hich Tt .-?a ?*>
bought. TV advertiser ta a land-bx>lder. azd camiot raise
the uffe-!;i in cash rtajnrK!: cm this aeeounl. and no oth
,-- - ? w ishes a c?afi r^rtnee. r*ii paruculart on .pplic
Ooet jJOrt-paJd. to -Arnoolo*,'- CoddebacSvUle. fim
<-'?- -v *?_la
A H-MIK I HAMK.-A =?^-r of Aj.rr.is ??ued
Ja. u> anoWtaia ihe *?** cf a c?w and .?cr.. p ttawkad A/
: ? > '.ich canbe *old to everv family ;n the l'aloo. Tu
xfQ of respectable character a guaranty of 4Wo ?t:l be
gTrea. To pie rent ecapeQCoo each a fee; ?jgj t,,,, a
x.:rin secured w ? dm. Appiyto & French.
aa-i JSS Bread way. (t"p Staira)
l.r;;r?% ~-,[ p,i?t.paH !s order to rtveite attendee.
A V 0 l Nt; >|\N :\ia the coo cry wishe* to obtain a
- * ? a ?* a c>rk in a wholesale or retail dry food
' - 1 pto devote his whole ttwe to his en
r .oyt-r tor a traa!! ronwnurv-. A line addreseed to L. F.
T-?:-e .x?y.. neet arna fanaraiiat' airer-noc, ?U> 2f
\\ ;*nteu?-k tew ?cc.-e~yocli?-~Mea lo go South oi
t? \\ ?t. to ?<?: w v. r . *?v tie ?a> of aew Lnd popatar
.?-::?over and above their expense* will be
b ?--eM M liect m wvuing. with as opportun:', v ?**eleartn?
?Iiax? per year. Some area now ai oar ent?let will no
? ibl. r.taie v-r per year e'ear of ail ev'pease*.
Ears mac ?-.11 have hi* district. It will be necessary for
-?ve ai .ea?t iron..d^Ato&omobtain a good cmna
oul Apply at FRENCH'S ^ubliahlcg Hall. SB B-oad
way. op siii.-s. Orhc* oi' the Flag of our Intern. All tetter*
mu*; V p.vst-.Nud. an? if
\\" ANTED? la a retail dry good* store a Young Man
' ? iron: lo to [I year* of age. w bo writes a fair hand and
'.? a pretty good "udge of money, competent to act as
i's.hicr. The very v*; reiereoce? wiii be required. For
such an ore a permanent situation is offered. Address L.
W. ?; this office._ al5 3t*
ANTKIV? A situation by a respectable rosuaa Wo man
?a a I li lie family ** ch?mbetmaid and wa.ior or geo
cork The es al city reference* can b>> given.
? years and a half in her taal placet. Apply at
14l< Hwew._ si*, a*
\\".\N I'l l' b x res| tx table \ .siug w oman, a siua
v? I todo cene-a: henaework in a reaaaciab s pnvaw
fan clumuerwiHk. OvavJ reiereoce Kir??ie?
ApftTat Xo> MQ HeTler-st^_ ?16 tf
\\' ANTED.?By ? -espe.-table Young Woman, a *1;ua
?v i;on aa > ?'k. ? ??her and Ironer. The best of city
references can,beg sn. Apply at-No. ic Second aveoue.
oa ti'.e rlrst floor._'_?16 It*
W'VNTKD -Asimalion bysre<i>eciablevounxWeroar.
v* bt'aprivate family in do eodunn washini; and brer
tug. The beat of city'references can Ca? given. Apply at
t?3 HesteT-at._Stan*
\\'ANTKI> \ ^..:'-i1a1'. eof taking charge of the Irvu
v" Bailing, bminesa. One ? ho ihcroughiy understands
ilatn and ornamenu! railing, mav ap
piy to a. U SMfTH.ta Barelay-*L_sit) *.\
'ANTED? By a lespeeiabie Young Woman a svtua
I'on a* i ir?e or chambermaid. tfv>od eiiv rvterence
V riease inguirv at HV> Mott-sL S13?*
VNTKl) -Familie?can be wail autted with ?ervanis
vi N x Brvvidway. ?lj Jl"
Ooaruing anb tgotcle.
BEOfl '?>>? :o u:!.>nn her rends, former boarder*, and
.be public gnnetally, ihai she ha* opened a large and
commodious BOARDIXO BOUSE, No. tlH Br.*uiway.
Pemanent or tran?iem board irs by iheday. week or motilh
can be ac<-oimuod?ted wiih single rooms, or bedrooms and
?< r*attached. This boas* contains more than so rooms.
Is supplied wiih cold and hoi water baths, and evory other
convenience to make it a quit I and comfortable home. As
to the good Equalities of hor tsble and the general manage?
ment of her i'iniae, references, when resulted, are abuad
am and al hand 1 ! JylAsf
BOA KD?tie-nlernen and their wives, or single gentus
ran be handsomely accommodated with (Urntslied
or aofemtshed rva.ni- and ' board, or breakfsst and loa, by
ale ? ai N?. u Abiiigdon-?>juare. Terms
moderate Referateesexchanged. The house It fitted up
with bath arrangements complete,_sli lw*
HOARD rbree or few voung gemlemeu and a genie
ii and ' i wife can be pleasantly accommodated
w ;b rooms and board In Brooklyn, within thiee minutes'
South Ferry. Apply at the bouse N. W. cor?
ner of tiu-k* and Vilam'ic sts._ sliTr*
IIA KD1NO?Permanent and transient.?Mr*. Uuniap,
?iaie i No. ? Dey-at.1 is prepare,! loa,-, lanmodate tarn
? lesand Indls duals at 85 al er car suaasM'Broadway, Oraad
au.l l u,a. It with pb'asaul rooms and good board on rea
aonabni i'um jyistf
I? O A KI? IM ;. ? - ?'lern Vmenwill be mrnlahed good ac
Jeommodations and Board for from 11 $3 per weak.
accord Hue to room wanted. Apply al AI J Hud*on-sL
inilUDIM.. Y Gentleman and his Wife or lira
Is young'Men, can be eccomniodated with hoard at as
Ann-st, nearOoId au? Im*
|>l? VltD?Two gentlemen ean obtain board with single
Isris'vi i at AS Oha i1 ers ?i. _sliSi*
p?()5lS \v\NTKI), withoutraralrureorboardmra
?I e itJeman, <??;* w Ife and sen a^i. in a genteel neighbor
boo l,and In the lein ly of a rsspec Sable re*iaurant. They
' vein rerpilreth* rst or lecond ?.*>r?the tirsi preferred.
A I. Ji"i. through Bovd's Expreas, wllh poslag? paid
slii lw-_'
AtsKNTI.K.MAN ?ud hi* wife and a few single gen
? emeu can obtain room* with Board at H.i Murray-si.
slfi Jr_
IsENTI.E.MAN and hi* Wife, or two .Ingle Oenlle
ii.ii be accommodated with board, In a private
lamily at No. M Amity-?L slo lw*
VI'HU <; - ? ???ii" .1 w !i>, h.sirJ
?with breukfasi and tea, and dinner rm Sundav, al M
BaateBreadway, ?i"i lw
OA l MI? Hill SH, Hprlngfleld. Mass.-Trte sub
?jjj acribai has laken the abov? named new and splendid
Hoieljusi ,-ouipleied, at the centra oi the beautiful
? IllsKvi of Sprlnghnld, Ma**, and will open the same for
public accommodation on the fluth Instant. The Colon
House Is large, richly rlulihed and farm died, and ofTers un
nqnaled a.lv-anla^*** to all persona traveling through
aid for bn?lnn? or pleasure. >ia*1ng recently
kept the " I'm led States Hotel'' and "Congrea* HallatSar
Itoga, theaobaertber ratperifully iuvtiea hi* old friends
and patrons and all others U> give him a call In tila new
quarters. & a SEM ANS.
SraixertcLD, duly 24th, ia*ii. lyan 3m
r 11 () ilTl'XJN '.?* )? K KM 11 Yl TUI HH,
I proved by .1 R. Benjamin, IH Beekinan-*L ta
liversally approved of by the Medina! !?'*.? r
. ?? and all w ho use lliem, as Ihn pressiiin ran
? ?? i ited from one to fifly pound* on Ihe rupture, with?
out a hack pad, which doe* somnek Injury to the spine,
Causblg weakness and pain In ties bark and Ildes, and uften
permanenl spinal disease, Hit day* trial given and If not
! perfeeltv ?alisl*ctory, money returned. |rtl*llf|*lp
! ^aaagMsTDtTi IlLEE'lft TKI.ririEri aim Al-lo
ff ~._ ^tui.ii ,: Supporters?Office No. I Vesey-sL As
U (Q Blor Ilouie.
\^^g*^_J Many persona have undertaken to vend 1m
' iiai onsol Hull's r?lebrawdTnissasi anililwn
' *and* are lmpOM.fl upon in cooieqiienre. These Imltallon*
Cannot be relied upon I Ibey are made i>y uuiktllfu! uieeba
a . !,-?! are ro'a lter than H e ordinary Trusaea auS" If
Ofl'OKTA NT Pi purchaser* of Pian?
^forie*?The subscribers having purchased
if Mr. John Sertber the exrluslve right In
he I.Mted Slates ui Ids Patent Harp Frame
Improvemnnl In Piano Fort?, ?re now manufacturing tome
very splendid Rosewood tap jJabogapuoy Piano Porte*
which are wwranual superior In lone U> any now In use,
and to ke, p ; i luns much longer. The Imnrovenienl eon
sists In a most beautiful Harp Frame, peculiar In eonatrur
[ lion, taking all die strain of the siting* from the case: alao
a general aaaortmenl of ilui most aproved modern style? i>r
Sol*) -i lattnuneola BENNr'.TT, HOOKRS St CO
152 Fuiujn-?L East side of Broadway.
.fiANO KOKT EH at very low prtoaa.?
}Pe-?. as sbom purchasing Pianos wtli find
? to d-elr ad'aiUage loesll at R, Ou-na L
Co.'s MsnnfVfttory. lM Pulton-eL (westbf
Broailwa/. 7 A i'unera) a?*ortnient of Malioriany and Hose
. wieal PtanoaCOOStandyon hand, which will lie sold lew for
? ?p;.rov?ii paper. Dealer* supplied on I.heral'.erm*
I my27_R OLENN tt CO. (M Sfnlton-*!'
FALL PAMHIONH.-Hau, Hais.-Part. raolc"
,a i .anal Kl, equal to lho?e sold by otliers al 4-1,
a'so elegant dre?? hals at $'2 VI and 25, npertor In
, style ami IniM to in many place* a: ?i. neat hats a.
C G. Murch Will b? pleased to iee hi* friend* at this
BSlabllshmenL (JEOROE P H BRUW.V,
,7 |ni* l*' Canal-st.
WATf IIE.?s, JEW?LUY and Silver Wan
?r.ber* continue to have for iale a full
anaorlnient of line fluid and Sliver W?ic? , oi
the most approved makers, which will be warran'
ITTTTT^ : ..r,.e *, e;^-r?, and offered at tiie very lowe*t
I ea?h prlcea
Tl ey are consianty receiving the latest styles of Fash
inabM leweiry of every description. IncludingOold Kol.
i and Guard chain*, Breast-pin?, Ear-rings, Fuver-rlugs,
j Bracelets, Head Ornaments, fed
- - -Srioo-i*. Fork*.Butter Knlve? and Silverware gen
i eraK '.'.al DM manufueturer'a price*.
1 frl - ' ?? Cut try, Fancy Ooo-li, kr. Wate be*
acd r:at?j repaired by experienced'workmen
anSS'tf cor, ?< V iHimi opposite L'niied States IfoUtl
NEVV B??i?T AND HlfOE Htore. 60 Maiden
lane. New .-Vota.?Fme Calf City Made Boot* for
hue CalfCi'.y med? dress for |3M; line French
dreasr, eaua] 'n any Bor.i in rheetty, $4 M. All our
B<Mt* warranted, and eoeat f> lily OoW made. Every
irjLg rUe in our l.r.e equally low. .Jj.l/ier* and other* will
pleasej-tve u* arall before purcbaa'ng; Mf stock Is al!
made uiater our ow n inapection and bought for cash, asd
?t.eref,,re we . se ' a* low as any bouse in this city.?
Boo'-* neatly footed for go !/>, repairing done In the sto.-s
si Irr.eod' O Maiden-lane, corner ot William-*'
1 Is'OU .**ALE?The leaae, nock and fixture*of s Porter
I * Moose .. weat-st ? 'cw doors from the comer of E?i
j tery-place. Ii is one of 'die beat stands In the First Ward
i To an eoterp'it? ag man this 1? a rare ituC.cjs. Te-ms caih
f Inquire a: No. 9 Stor.e.-su between 10 A. M- anJ 07. M
, "*ar_,_._
Rahe CHANCE?Tj Cspitaliau, Speeulatots and
-rs, For *ale. an IntereM in a new and rateable
j invention, or would be exchanged for other avadable pro
I pe'ty- Satisfsctory rewii for telling will he given. Ad
1 dre* " Warren," Brar.cn p.Mt-i/IBeav. ?18??
TO *TUU F?BIalCe-Tk? ii*. Heine wcose name has
fre ,i -1 red ;a the new.ueper? ut out Dr. S*U
' ate* Heine o? V. 5f ClaaaScr*** TJr.s ty to prevent mis
! lake* tu the minds of ties public Dr. Solomon Heine being
? cajr family pr.rs bin, we, Hie utidertlsriied, nave taken tar
j urt2 lav* _FRANCEH HOPKINS
i rf*v'p;-: "and citT.NTERs' Materials? kobekt
* I VxLOR ha* commenced manufacturing hand-cast
I j ? e, at the ' n '?/ r?cer,;l7 occnple-i by Messrs. Cock
?pift a. Overend. n > ?3 Aac-?'. and all oruers be may re
f4?>? for Ina and Printers' Ma venal* w-.:i be puncutaliy
1 attedJed to.
ju>erviee* oi Mr. J. A. t. Overend have been secured,
? snd be will superintend the manufacturing department.
j .'.2 Itrvnaw-_
.' ? ect Celeetla. Sphere for sale al M. VAJLE*S Naoilcal In
* ,?timte. 5 Er?a)i..2-?<;i3are. N. Y. Ahm. for*?> WlDt
n, etit* erf Astronomy and Attronomlcal Card, with 7? ques
' no "?*- Price ytj ex m
, si B-?Lesu-r j b7 Mr o. Va> on the u*e of the O^br*
^'.Wr.eiotnv. _ gsg I?*"*'
cTTi A3i ANlTt'li iKs? FOL NDKk ,-No*. 103 ?od
Sn ?-^k-" -*we^:-mgto" a?d StAtor. .ta. Tbe
I anbserlh^r. are no* prepared to execute orders for MR
of iron. Jt-d on rtovt node,. P. B k J. AMORY.
I ?3 imeod '_?
! , PUVV'EJsV-.Sleaia Power to art, truaiS lo SO
; Sss?wa*s^? W^^ ?^??~eSfl2!^
?venae. - . .
i^riTiTSjiV JBOO?-S a;u>e Bevcwi lj=hcc,^ sra.u5.-a
1^1 ^mff^^ N. Y. aa27 imsoa

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