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Sales at the "?lock Lxclumite.- SaTOeiasT.
1,0001' S j?. .?. y~ M Bead.r.:; Rd.?M A3
4.000 do.?J 37 ! Slier. Ex.Co. *
1,000 lud'*lerliag.?32 i 55 do.
1,000 r'n:iO?. 07s lo Canton Co.? W
8,000 do.b3 07? Tiil?rJ. ?a.'3 j
fcOOORoad Bds.'.W.th. 7211 SO do.
100 shs Farm Loan...' ??p30 do.?.?^j
10 Morris Canal. MUg-^ fe?-;" ?S
35 d0 .... fct.223 Ncr and \\or. r/A
32Ohio Trust Co...W W i?? f do-..... 6L
500 Read.:.? Rd. f? 0Lonz Wand ...
]0a j0 .state i 100 do. aSO 2-,
100 dr. .'.'.b'JO >''?* IV; E;rr: Boston Co? LSJ
szco.vn eoaao.
100Morand Wor.6Ci |1M Harletn. 50j
25 do.?30 eyii l'O do.U0 901
50 do.?0i- 50 do.b)5 oOs
jrx) do.h30 61 ' 43 Reading Rd. 8H
A Breult occurred in the Erie ( anal about o;.c
and a ball miles East "1 Ori knny.oc toe nirbt of the Uist.
which it would take about 9i hour* to repair.
The Rochester papers suy the breaks in the
Geneaee Valley Canal will be so far repaired that boat!
?wiil be aWe to lock through the whole length to day
The sale of the Canal Land Reservation ia Wis
eontin has been postponed to the second Tuesday of
November, at Milwaukee. The amount already.sold is
about JO.'^rJ acres.
The number of Cotton Mills in Connecticut is
137: value of Cotton Goods ol all kinds manufactun I,
S.t.02J\3."i. capital invested, %33MAyj : bands employ
ed. i:*U.
Number of Woolen Mills, 122; value of Woolen
? loodsol'all kinds mrinefsctured. 3.2e0.575 : capital in
ve.trd. $1,786.640 . hands employed. 'I I ?.
Number of Paper Mill?. 157 : value of i'aper manufac?
tured. 9L186^302; capital invest/id, tte4,7C"J : bands em?
ployed. 62?.
Value of Sewing Silk manufactured. ?>!73,ri-2 capital
invested, Sli.'i.'s'll , hands employed. 272
Number of Tanneries. 1?.7 ; nu"iril>er of Hides tanned,
Ac 5J503C ; value of Leather manufactured. ?735,~.T, ;
capital employed SMI.'.' " .'. hand- empl< y? d
Number of Carpet Factories. '1; value of Carpets man?
ufactured, WWrM; cajutal Invested, $584J)0C; hands
employed, iii'i.
Natal) i of f.'lock Factories. 112: value of Clocks man
afactnred,(Bristol not Included,} $771,115; capital in
tested, t-'Wy.OOO. hau ls employed. 656.
Number of Coach and Wagon Factories ... ,.;
manufactures, $IX?!,Q'JI : capital inverted, bei
hands employed, 1,306.
Value of Boots and Shoes manufactured, $1,741 ?
value of Hats. Caps and Mnlb tnanufnctnred, 199 -
value of Baddies. Harnesa and Tranks. $347JJ90; value
of Tin waie, {GeTtflO; value of Pili?. $17".'iu"
Vhiuo of Machinery manufactured ft'!,..i,-,>i capital
employed <,:+> H?!i hand- employs d 411'.
Value ol flras. articles tnarmfactured, $1,126,494;
capital Invested, $6801100 ; hands employed, 603.
F'iasms WiscoNaiS Ravjuu?A public moet
log has bean held at Green li-.y. at which II. S. Haircl.
pi. sided, to concert measures for opening tho commu?
nication between the Mississippi Kivet and th? ports
upon Lake Erl?. A Committee of live were appointed
to circulate petitions foi mi net to incorporate a 1 rsnapni
lation Company between tho Mississippi Hive.- ?ind But
fain ila Green Bay and the Fox und Wisconsin Rivers,
A C ommittee of Correspondence was?l?o appointed.
[ Rochester Domocrat.
M A ft I N E JO TJ R N A L.
.'-hips Havre, Aloswortbj Havre. Fox ti Livingston;
Paliivun Waite, Charleaton, OooBulkloy Lanarkshire,
Tiirnitr. London, Conk A Smith , Garni k. Tra-k, Livi t
pool. E K Collins A Co. Soerabrlco, Poodh, Rotterdam
Sriiniidt A Balchen; John N Gosaler, I airfowl, London.
D II Bohertson
llm k- l.icnesee, Mlnot, New <iilenn?. K K Collini A Co|
John It Gardner, IVelei -i.n. Belize I Mextiiidet
Brigs Port Leon. Malcom, Bangor; Thos Pearson,Kas
sau, N i\ C Ackerly; Erato, Hutchinson, Cadiz, F Hai
mony's Nephews A- Co. Pcdt.i//n, Gray, do, \V W l':..'t
Gsnnymnde, Jorge. Hr w Indies, Burnnam a De W a
Uli. Thompson. Ht John. N II. Burnham A De W?lfl
Pslm.Hall, Philadelphia McKee, Hand .v Co
HchisJ I) Jones, Grilling, VVilniington; .'-aiah. Perry,
Nowberh; Columbine. Osbom, Alexsndria; Alexandria.
Bskei, Baltimore; Globe, White. Philadelphia; Dolphin,
lloidi i 8l John, N B, Burnham A De Wolfe Bell, M
Math, Norfolk; OHve, Smith, Wilmington Sophronia,
Bmter, Roston; Susan,Blair, do; Globe, eimmona, \\'a?u
logtoh; Wolcott,'KytIei. Boston; L B Ha? my, Brazos,
rtloop Motto. Appteby, Providence; Hamlet. TuthQI
do Kogel Williams, 8turgos, do. Rienzi, Durfce, Now
J, rsey.
? 'anal boats 11 1 Shepherd, Scale and Schuyler, Fa!
ebun, OswegO.
t-tesmer \ tilcnn. Greene, Philadelphia
Brig Caytiga, Mitchell, it) ds im s?\utiiian. cotton, .'.<?
h M fjcmill.
Brig [niogene, Spall. Ill ds fm Bsrbadoes, old copper,
?kc to T Wood. Left bark Gen] Harrison, from and foi
Baltimore, brigs Wot Price from and foi Philad; Bel
*y A. Jana, dodo; ?ehr Velasco, fm NOrie ana uncertain
I in the passage out. tilth August, in ? stale, hove OVC1
luuiril the deck load, COtlslstihgof 100 bols potk Km <lo
rotntocs " crates onions in the gale oi Scpl I2tb?3 1111e?
fish vessels went ashore In the limbor ol Barbadoes and
were totally lost.
Sehr AgawHiii. Lane im Mstanzas,2d Oct,yln Cliailes j
ton, Ith, molasses, to Head & llopinick have been 8 d
N ol Uatteraa,with bend wind.
Dutch galliot, Vcnilla, Heppenden, 43 ds fm Schiedam,
eofloe, to BoonanGravoi & Co 3th in-t. in lot id, Ion
44 4L spoke ship Chaos, hence tot Liverpool.
Sehr II L Scrantou, Tuttlc, FrederUksburg, coin, to
f-outer, Brother A- Co,
Sehr Ann smith, from Balttmore, corn, Ac to \V H
Sehr Margaret A Ellzaboth, fin Wilmington, NC, na
val atnre?.
Sehr Alane, l'urnell, lioni Wilmington. NC, naval
et ores.
Sehr A J Horton,Coraon,fin Wilmington, NC, lumbal
SAILED?Steamer Southerner, Barry, for Charleston
PKM1X OltCHAKO CGAl.-Tli iteetith st. Yaid
l'each Grchard CoaL?The subscriber lins |uat opened a
yard as above, and has now on hand a choice lot of Bed
Ash Coals, selected from the most celebrated veins and of
the following ?lies, viz; Broken Egg, Stove and Nut, fbi
sale al !ov> e?l tnnrket prices. Also, LeUgb,.VVhlle Ash,
Idvernoul and Cumberland Coals on hand. All of the above
for sale from vanl or vessel Apply lo
T. STOKES DICKERSON, ?i? uili-?t. nearSlh-avcuue,
and li?7 Aruhonv-st. near Broadway.
N. B.?Lehigh and White Ash Lump Coal by ihe ca'rgo
oi slna-le ton. (f
C"sJ.UUKlO.ANJU CUAtr^Tbofce?artCoal-U i
^rbargeln a lew days a cargo of tho. above com:, fresh
from Ibe COmpaaj mines, in good order, n.i lump?, al the
fool of Thlnsenth-sl N. Pv. For sale low for cash . applj
to T. STORKS DICKERSON. No. nil Thirteenth sL '
sxllf near tiih-awnue. and lif? Anilioiiv-sl. near Bros la ...
COAL.?1 am now delivering ibo best quality of Peach
l?rchard Red Ash Coal, clean, dry and U) good OT
der, for the following low prices; large'mil j,i st ?
egg and broken C& Consumers can den? .
Until coal a? ahote tor cash only, PETER CLINTON,
?II 'Jmeo.1* _Cor. Klint at>i Greenwlch-st
COAIs?Ofali kinds for sale ai V. B PALMER'S Co?l
OIRce, No. -I Sprnce-SL Tribune Buildings, in nuanUties
io suit purchaser*, and warranted a good article. Orden
promptly attended to.
1".' Kultoti ?l (seeoad biiva n?.i of Broadwav,| N. Y.
WHERE every variety of Gentlemen's Clothing can bo
bad for lower pi.ee? tbau ai aoj other rstskbushtuent
In the city ?'l N York.
Over Oosua smd Ovei Sacks of broadckaha, beaver,
Tweed? and Mazurka Cloths, ol , ran style a I ,
from Si lo 6.V.
Cloaks, one-half, throe quarters and loll circle, ol French
and American broadcloths, t . mi S3 to $33,
Die?? ami Frock Coats, black, blrto, brown, ol We and
green, ol French, English, Belgian and Aiueucat. cloths,
from Ss to Slit. ?
Oifceo and Business Costs. Velto. Sa. s and Winter
FisMtha,of TwvssAs and ? .: . . , .- ... .
market, Irom SJ lo
rauta?Brxwdcloiii, csMstmeres i>lsm and faney.doe skin.
French, English and American, troni to '
Vesrt-Dvniblo breasted, straight t-rca.i. an,', rolling col?
lar, uew sivlea . plain ?nd fancy velvet,, ? ,s..v.,. ,t. ,
Cl.-s.i.e-c. aji.i tJ ::ts'a::.l ?ilks,from$ to $
^?jo, alarsraassortment olBroadd ... v tssla
AestiiiAts, which will bo ma.'.e toordar,It.\ ibamosi
GJ* Boy's Cloitung 0r e\arj description coastanilyoa
hand. W. il. DEGROoT \ CO. '
"? t'ueoo*_No. io; Fulton m
BLANKETS. l.lNKNts. 55 Uottse-Keeping Am
Cssa-A. ARNOLD Jc CO. a.' Can al , , , a
store afllll asso.::. ??: : of i.ie a!-.-ve .. . ... , ,
Linens, heavy, extra heavy and Sue Frominc rcanuiac
turrd oxpressJy for Iholr faiaitv trad?.
?40. 43and 4?tucb Pillow Lliten.
ft 6, 8, 9, 11 and l.M Barnsley <ui.i lii.h Sne,-t;:i,
Double Damask Table Cloths, from S-4 to5 yards long.
?' Napkius and Doylies to taatch.
r. 7. s and to i Table Daluaak atio Diain ?..
Brown and B.eachcd Huckaback and Di.^pe.- Tovsssnaea
Lorii; Lawns. Birds-eve Diaper, Cruiob Cl ? >, 1. .?
bs ssad snd Piiulod Tabli- Covers.
It'. II. Ill and 13--4 Imperial and Teile: Qu.its, cradle ahm
do Colored and White Toilet Covets.
Blai,kei?-Bath i. Whitney S, u. je, 11 u. lo atio il-4.
cradle site. o!3
Nvv. U> Fulton-si. olier lor sale a full asses .iticu: t: Fa
per? manaftctojad : y -dio Miw?. Habbard, comprising
? '?V'i P/?"?ra, ?'h?e and Iiuper.al, Saper R.-va.,
RovSS. Medium. Demv a.:d F.s: Cap.
Bank Folk) Post, Bank Quarto Post. Exchange Csp.
Extra Super Cut Cap. ruled and p^iu. '
Letter Paper, ruled and plain, a full assortment,
Packet Post, Super and Extra Super.
Tinted Plato Papon Colored Imperials.
Colored Rovals, thick and thin.
Do. Medium, do. do.
Do. Doubl* Cap. for copy booka
Vina Glazed Colored Mediums. Royals, kc k .
B. Is B. have also on hand a very e v..-:-... e
Writing Fnj>ers, B\vvh and News Printing Paper?. Pia,!?.
Papers, Hardware and Wrapping Papers. They are ?.*o
ao.e steals of the conuine Patent Envelope Bape.-.
Printing Papar of any size and duality utade to order at
ajjort notiesv. Jy2t os>-es>i
0~~ Murrsi MUFTS"!T ~
F l,v?rv variety, made of the best materials a
,_ :J,*''?-JVKaad on the most t<..- : e terms at
g'7. Im!_MONARQl'ES. Nivia Bower .
J?JTBE PASt){:_A superior article hi ?5 lb. boxes
or o.. ! ? . : ,.i?>,v
_ oSi GASSN'An t YOL'NO, 1?' Cha'.haiti-sL
Ol r t < ? A J..
XTI.Z.S IS TUX liliTW Vk WSCIAt. ?rrcnssTSSt-sT.
j U. -ted ?v .r fartkti t*,wii.
Ant all idverUseroenu taade unoer the orders of the P">?t
ma.t/-r-Gtir.?ral, in a newspaper or newspaper*, of lett?-rs
u.-.ca..ed for in any Poat Office, shall be inserted ra th* pxpec
... rsspers, of the town or place where ti.e ? ?face advertising
ma,, Lie attUated, ac-inr tit .ar/ril circals*-*"*
{."vex ftrf I rfu+lxis^jGtud AfareA 3, IS4S.
Li*t of LfetTer-: RfcaiaiaiP*' in the. V. POatOfiee,
rjf* Plum mnlum tnr oaTT. of Vu L:*x ?rSaSOl tAey
Itrrxutd. LADIES' LIST i
Alberta***, HJse .Muri? star
Adam*, Ml** < attari
Adsu.-. Miss Margaret Ann
A eu, M... r.
Alien, Mite Aogtfiae
Avery, Mi'? Pbcbe.
:.er, Catharine
, Lout, *>u*aa
? op, Mrs S A
Lundberg, Miss Mar>..?
1 Lyon?, Ai,ne
Li nag!. Mr* Catharine
.tlarrh, tii
Illnke, Mlr*a .Margit ret .1. Mia* Eilet
Barttett, Btra Mary P
Bare?, Mr. Eivlra
Barune. MuMclt
t.. :*;ii. Mr. Mary
Brc/lv, Mm* JtiJie
lit' ': . i. L\- --.
r.ana-i Mis* Marce..*
Barrot., Mrs John
Baxter, Mrs
1 BaraaMS, Mr
I Baxter, Mrs F M
Bens'-ion. M-* Derltive
Bermel, M .-s f.a'lie;
Ben us, Mia* J T C
; Blower, Mr. Mara**""
' Bend. Mrs A
? Brov* n. Mr* Amelia
Brewer, Mrs
, Botham, MltJ El /.:? ?:
i 11 .ylan Ann
? Bojle, Mr* Caroline L
1 Bun (rtr, Mr- Hannah
! Butler, Mu Margaret
Bryan Miss Martha Jane
Caldwell, .Mi-,- Jane
I Cam, Mr* Mar;
Mar..a. . Mr* El?d W
.Mar .'.. Ma :*:r.- Louise
[Moyonaa, Mrsi Orange-*-, i
M ?Uttel. Mr* Asa
Mej lie; Mae am*
MBeS, Mr. I D.m:.e-?:i
\: ...rr. Jr. Mn E.ijah.
M...igan. Mia* Elizabeth
Harbin, Mr. (6tb-ar*erme)
Morton, Mr* Josephine A
Marry, Slary
[Mrjrpoy, Katharine
Mu.ier', Mademoiselle Caro
Myers, Mr* Elizabeth or Mr*
j*.:-- Hale
> :-.n'.-;<?, .Mr* I.enle
Ns?b, M.?s Sarah L
Nash, Mis* Amelia
Nile?, Mrs E../xbetli
Nettexam, Mr. Mary
IVodine, Mrs Catharina
O'Conall.Dlii*? A nn
0>Bnrne, Mis* Mary
> ."?!.-- Eleaanor
Chaadler. Miss [ Walner-*'. Ormerod.MifsE utabetfa K
ll :.. Mrs nman
? Chapin, Esther
Chandler, 3tiss Mary G
i Clarendon, ,M:.3
I Clarke, Mrs. M M
i Ciark, Miss Augusta
C. rek, .Miss Sarau M
; C?-;.v,M*ry
Carter, Mrs Enrrna E
I CM.-Is, Sarah A
Cork. Mrs Susan
, Corigan, Mrs
; Coaklln. Mrs M^ria
, Cvkelt't. Martha
Conhiin, Miss Catharina
' -.gan, Ann or Mary
Cos Mrs Ann
Cooltdge, Miss Anna 9
. Collen, Mis* Rscfaelf
' C"!liu. Mi* Peter
I Cu?iu, Mrs P M
C .er.Mr. A
Donnelly, Harriet
ll to BlSi Mr* Ar? sslla
I Draper. Mia* E.ie'i
: Dafg atalli Mi** Dor.ii./
Davie?, Mr. C 11
Decato Mr* alary Ana
Damnen, Madame
Doyle, Mary
Dunne, Mrs'Mury
Duel, Carolin?
Dunina, Mr. 1. P
Dvea. Mis* Eliza Jhtcs
Erwin, Mrrs U
Krauceao. iliae M
Kl dd,Mrs Ii M
O-trom, S?ss Ana M
Osgood. Miss Jane L
<i -.. r.-. M -- K
Pisse?) Mian Emma
Tarrlee, Miss Armenia
Parson, Mrs Lesotia
Praltis, E*ter
M.-s J nie H
Petersau, Mrs (Cherry-at)
Pi as. Mrs Catharine
i'i ters, Mrs Jane
Pease, Mrs Charles W
Perry, Mrs Cr.ar.ytte A
P I is, Miss Mary it
Plimton, Mr. Etlzabatfa
1'i-t. u; C;C.:iur.:.e
Pon*bee, Mr, Lcsuss
,Pollard,Kr? Jo.eph B
Powell, Miss Aucuata J
Peeouot, Mr* Battle
Hcl n? ..Mi*-, --tr.-iii
McCartha, Mi** Ellen
McCollow. Mrs Mi0.e!
MeConueli, Ann
McDermo:'. Ijah, ila
Mclntyie, Mi** Cailmrine
McEeeeter, Mary a
.McNaughton, Mrs(Stanton st
MeNulty, Marnarett
McW ... si.i.. Mr* B M...'
l|uidor, 'ir* itnrliei
Kiria, i| i-~ Jane
Iteeo. Mrs K.l' n
Reynold'. Mis'. Maria
B.tson, Mr- Maty
ituse, Mrs Caroline
it'iaili. At:n
' i aunons Mi.s Mait'itet p.utierison, Mr* Catharin?
Kisheurnc. Miss Caiiiartiio Korubaek. llhariotte
( ogai y. Mai v
I Mr* John
r iller, Mrs John E .2
Grace, Mies Km?
Oracy, Mis* Marsarel
<1 inetty. Miss .\fars;aiei.
i lenerieve
Cillmore, Mirah
Do ireau, Sicnora Lutgia
(iuerard. Miss Sophia
i, . in ? . Mim> Manet v?
f liiiuit.i. tin i v A
Haskell, Mr* Krauces E
llaruione,Mra Heo? J
Hartsteen, Mrs Martha
Hatter, Abigail It
Haverstock, M's Ann
Itii.i-. Mrs Catharine B
Heaton, .Mr* Marli I)
U<. th, Mrs Ii \
Hub ,r. '?!'? Sarai, J sr.-*
Hirkey, Mrs Elizabsnh
Hocler. Mary
I Infer. Ml's S'at.e i
Hoffman, Miss Jan- I.
llovl, M>. Ann- 11
Howard, Mra M A. -
Hudson, Mi? Krauces A
Hyalt, Mrs
Huttioy, Mr* Sophy
Ivcy. Mra <'
Isaac, MU* Mariano
.lr?xen , Mr. Pantry
Jobneon, Mi. Laura
loni -. Mr. Mary Etueiv
Kelley, Mra Hannah
Keongb, Ana It
Keneay, Mra Susan \V
Korr, Sirs Ellzabetb
Ke,-i,, Caroline
Killian, Mary
Killion, Mary
Knlahti Mrs Maim h T
Kine, Marearet
Ktsb, Mr. Maraares
Kim bail, -Mrs Harriet
I.ll riii'. Mi** I ".li be 11 n
Laiijwurthy, Mrs Bllzabclb
Laurens, Mrs Edward ll
Lew is. Jam
Lew is. Miss Susan P.
Lewi*. Miss Harriet M
R its b, Mr. Mary
Rossel . Mr> John
iKiiiami, Miss Charlotte
?Simtton, .M^ra Caroline
Shaw, Miss K ./-i
Sailer, Mr. (Spruce sL)
Sw in, Mr. M A
jStcnce, Mra Henry
Sheldon, -Mrs Asa O
Shoe ban, Margaret
Streacbetn, Mi*s ( uthmiriO
Smick, Miss Hannah A
jer, M?s. Mary I) C
-ii l] . Miss Caroline
Smith, Mi.* Mary
Stiiitii, Mr. (Btoontlngdale)
Siason, Mi?s Caroline M
loan, Mr* Rebecca
Stone, Mrs Margaret Ann
Scott. Mle, Sarah
Stow Miss Betsey J
Sullivan, Ellen
Tnnncr, Mr* Jane
rrippe, Mis- M iry J..J
TVtn; ,..ii?. Mrs it J
i u * usend, M.?--Sophia T...'
Tucker, Miss Elizsbelfa
Turrey, Mr. .^laty Jano
Vim v\ inkle*. .Mr-s Ann
Vanes*, M:..e.
Walter, Mia* U H
Wiii-h, Mu* Margaret!
VVaiie.Mr* Margareu J
Wallace, Mtss Itridc-t
OVaiauy, Mi.. Amelia K
|Wallen, Mrs
Wale, Mr* Sarah A
>"'.iiin r. .V-s Win
Wagner, Margretba
IValker, Mr. Elizabeth M
W ker, Miss Ann
Wandelt, Mite Emily
Webster, Mir Emma <)
IV. i, :,. .Mr. A J
?Vi.,-. -Mr- Catharine
While, Mi. Uarrii I
White, Mrs Mary L
Wright. Miss Lauutia
Wolf, Mrs Catharine
Wva LMiss Elizabeth
WyckolT, Mr. Sarah A
Adams, I'luti iButton,Benjamin iDrako.Johu I.
Abbott, Samuel iBull, OID De Catnar, Linn
Abbott, John iBiundidge k Ilev-i melin
Adams,JnoR i i.?ids IDairymplo. Nelson
Abbott, Bon V [Bullard, John 11 Dabymble, Sbep
Agan, B F Burns, Winne? herd
Alliuaii, Philip lUmduti. Cluiries Damon, W K Ji
Algand, Myron H Bullock, Franc's Dater,Philip
Alexandcr,Ezeklel Buniiing,N"ichol'*R Davie*, tldgar W
Alien, E/ru W B.uns-iti. Albert Ha\ i,. Edward J
Burden. Cieo
Bu'let. Daniel
Burtaall, Wm
Bunlls. W W
Anne, L
Ameling, II A..3
Atideisuii, John
Aught, Hoi i v
Andre? >. B k J I? Hi.iier, J
Alexander A Co j Butler, Calvin
Avery,Ro? J Hutu- Bru?b, Chaa \V
I'hry !?u*b. Wmll
At e Sim. It O Bvine. Jobti O
Andreas. Jame* S nn ion, laaac U
Aiisicn, Lonenee Brvau Michael
Armstrong;. L 11 linani, A w
Api :eu-n. A D\Co ll.t'cb A Morris?.:i
Applet.DkCo _ ?
( aiiipbell. E 1*
.\ gl > Rene, L
,v< ety, iu-v Hum?
.v. son, V *
Ay res, John L
Atwoll, W C .2
Black, Mr
Badgelcx-.J D
Bacciccinletto, Mr 1 Annum. Thomas
Bradley, Edward S"1?- F
Brabey Jasper w Campbell, vi ram
liaciii" D D Francis Chandler, Jno A
Brndlcv, Win Campbell, John
Brail (?. James M < ;,':r,-.v- -M
Davis, John N
Daria, Isaac
Dawaon. w c
Huna \Vm A
DeboiS, James
De any, Michael
Decker, Joseph W
De Alcazer, Jos
DeCumba. B P
Delacour, Edw s
DcmmingJJenry C
DeOllvera.SJ ote.2
Derby. I.ymau
Demo. Hiram
Cady, Chesier La-'DennUon.Wni
ix- ii Dlckson,OeoW
i baiaaa, >> n H
Crane, s H
i antoite, Edward
unpbeil, Johr
Chamberlain, a s
'.unp, Geo s
RUncliv. J W
Banker -v Switts
Brsuuhal], Capl
Cams, Henry N
C urke,J S
Clarke. J
[Carpenter, F S
BakerJlev Francis Craig, Jam
Blah. Wm .': Cady.A?a P B F
B ram sen, Lewis
UUnrliurd. S K..g
Haii Francis .\
Bu dwni.Orlti
Baldw in, Isaac
bull. A S
Baldwin, Chaa N
Backe, Oea L
Batr. Wm
Batkyd, Alien
Baring, Mr.
Bart.ui. ClkU D
It , , Jviha K
Barker, HI am
Basaibrd, i'.-.-s Ji
Bacln-l.or. W 11
Beckitt. J C
Beach. Chaticey
Bebemer, K.-r.i.
Burner. Oaklv
DiUlmay, Oeo
Dick, Jame* B
DiSmaker, Jno K
Dolbice. Cluiries
Docey, Patrick
,Doilge, Jno B
Dodo, Edward
Doatn, lliirma.-i
Hodge, Joslah
Dono van, J amea
Doyle, Patrick
Do i-'u-i'.y.Aiitho y
Doug .ass, John
Douglas*, Hoa Ste?
phen A
Dnunmond, Sam 'J
, Dunn, W in I)
l hapmau, Joseph iyru?,
Cameron, Rich rd
Chamberlain, 1' c
Chadwick, Samuel
Cante-'jXp i!^^^^
Duncan. Wm
Duranr, STi Co
DrummonJ. Chas
Daily, Barney
Duliaiit, Peter W
C i ... Augti-. ?-. B Danbatn,Sam A
( hartes Dulln. Rice
A'liapman, Jas H
CJark, Charles
i asss o... Homes
[Carey, L
j Carroll, Ten us
'Clark, A..:.- 0
i lark, Oeo F...'
Capon. Ej . -.1 ?.:
Chapman, Kred'ick ElliotLTbo* B
1'ver. OIWOI
niii*. it
Fharrman, Henry
Ehrbant. Johan
Kgan, Simeon
EjKleso, Geo W
i tworlh, Hanibal
l a-.e. C (;
[Castanls, C P
Carlisle. F M
be- C >?'. Robert C.aik. Jc_
Becker, A C <"a\ ama. Michael
Becker, H [CsssxnLMr
Beakert. Israel ICai^ Samuel
Ben>. Win Ceituer. Claries
Boaway, Francis [Center, J -
Checvtr, Wm \\
Clinton. Jan.es O
Cole. Wm
Crvallcr, Joseph
Coauwrs, Michael
l :.?:.,!?. W t'
Conw .iv. Jc
EH*, Rev Ed ward
Earlfi, Jonaihan
Ea.on, Jonaihan
Ellis, Kniaci*
Elm*, T:.o.? a v ,
Elliott, Abral
lEggiesO. Arthur
Elwood, John 11
RHU, Capt A.-eu Q
E\ re. C*FtC Cush
ilhos. Di Dewui
Everson; Austin C
E ?iu*. E C
Enaaa, Tn.is
H?ii::. John...'
Col.en..t. .-.I, ir E xsler! J no
leancttk Aretier Cowles,Henry W Ko.\, Eilxvnr.t
" ?? l..v v - te .i.-svui. J B T FranJiimecjDol'ost
lerlaa.Edward [C^>nklin,Moraady K-a?<i Car- Q
leaaet.John B pCole,Eao*?r * ; Was'i
Bernaru. Get main
Beeaett, lohn B
Brennt ..Thorns*
Baaaetr, Dr J B
Brewster, Capt
Bern tt, A J
Betis.JohuA |Ci-bburb,Oeo W 'Farcaid. Wm D
Btudan, Oeo K .t\-bb. Cai-l Samuel Francisco L Rose
Bennett, W m A- - A ohnau, V\ m Kar -o E B
B.i... Potter a. Co 'CMsa. M 0 Fetter, D Jr
Crocker. Wn. Frvsraiaa. Capt
Coatea, Howard E Erasiu*
ICoitOB, tsardoei Q Kern?, Horatio
ICusnefosdj Res Feen, F.-ed Jr
i Beno l^rretrajoaquha
. o.er-.ixii.T: - II Fields. B W
- os ktta D A Son
i - -. Jobs A
Co!c.altt. C N
Bristol, Geo
Blaset] t.sac
Bishop. W
Birch, Isaac
BStyaa, Capt
Bird.Javba S
Bogs '.John
Ba> ,i t, Ambrose
B. al r? . Wm j
Felds. Dr Edward
F?r Patrick. Patrick
Brown. Wiu C.lciuaa. \\ H
Sund- uir, R Q Cooper, Jona K
Brown, Berlin. Crivuy, Edward
Brown. John [Cook. Wm
Boetwick. Charles Crocker, Robert
Boys i, Wm
Boyce, 1. M
Bound, Jno F
Fo?ier. Tboi
Forbes, John
iFcter, Edw in
Fivite. Ed war J
Posier, Nathan L
Cot*Charta ..j Fryer a Anderson
Cosfeilo, Join Fow tar, Joan
For er. wB r
Ford, > rxncj D
'Forrest. Jan-s-s..g
[re. ler. Wm O
FuDartou, Jame*
Cook. Oeo
B.-vw-r., boru Cr-.- all. N O
Brown, Oeo L Coo?. Capt ilmr
?tc-l'.om. Charles iTordo. lie \
Boyd.Rcv t w Cooper; AVas
B?sel. Loci?.. : Cn?*bv. W->;,e A F-.r-.nir.an. Jobaa
Boati.u. Peicr D^tiiia a Font, John
Bowruxn. James [Cook, Ck^i Enoc'i Fi.rge?or.. James
Bowi-n. James H [Crofby, John P Farbush.6co
Lot:*. Geo A Conies. Carsten Fluter, The*
?NCsritoo Coyle Henry tinrtlucr. VCm
., ah ..ira. \i cox, Caarles Garcia J P
f;-'- ? frei'? .'? .v. Steden G-. c. !> A T
i.-.'s la J A Cutam. Andrew .Ghur.JaUusC
i?^., -?..?*? , church. Austin GaaievortLeanard
Buckley,Haamaod < -.. Res r.:x.-;Gar??i. Ferdia*--..i
BoJkkout, John callus 'Os-m Jame*. See
Orazsiin, Herary
i i i.-".*ua. A
lisrd.ucr. Jasjr
? irsat- John
Ganh Ttios
Ii -r... s; A
Gray. C'iri U'n
tirro=.C R
(?r'r try.Ju D
CTaaon, Her.ry ;r
? ? t_ i me*
Green, J t.o ?
Gr-s-? .'titbe-va
Graes GeaTJ
Gele . .. Gardner
Glane, Jt-se*
Gibson. Geo
Giltwrt, ptsts-r
Gitta! -;i ward P
GUI i ?r?Ttt??5
Gr :T .-. A M
Gi:., Jona
Gilbat, J L
Gihnan, Saznoel
Gilder. W H
Girtualeaa, Mora
Gdawold, A L ir
t-oey. Michael I)
Marita, 5 D
-;M*rt.-i. W lUiaH
Martin. Ro1-' rt
Mason, Be-- . W
Mag t k i
Mvar. ?.: . J ?
Mason. Z W
ktaai b B ? ? P.
Mason, J M D
Martin. !.. .
Ma*on, i> ? ? IE
March, Ch I W
Ml -" :.
Mi?ea.Jl ." M
Mage?. J
Mattock, G C
Mather; Capt Jo*
M .reran. Teter
M-her. J.uses
D P. J
- K- '.
Sarreani. Tbo?
Strauss'. Jos
Soaw. James...!
-?tia.f. Damei
?r . ,3 ?
uer Moss Ties
5?s . ' . ' -ro E
Saeii'. Dr Isaac
l?ie-per. Capt John
sa-^dicor. Joan D
S pesrC a pt A. 'reo H
Sears. Dr W:;.-.sjn
Holder. Thomas
'???id smith, Oliver
ffolden. Robert
Gouleeb, Mr
Got J 1
Gorrie. Dr J.no
Goodneh.Hoo S G
Gomes. Antonio
Goodwill N ?.'? *'.:??: M< re. J H
Gordon, James
Gorham. N
'?: Jo-J. M DjSelooer,.
."rjj. w K [Stewart, Warren
Mead, Robert jStetson, CaptCba's
Midsir. E = Sherman. Eieaier
M?oa. Michael (Sheridan. Jofcn
Mi' beii, George Swett. Eid Simeon
Miller. John E [Sserin, Daa el
iMtllisen. R P. [Stevens,Oliver
Btrrteaager,l ia?H ? at -re. v. m E
Mitchell. JR j -ward
Mid-Cents. < C .- S-e-..-;.. i. V...;- .-.
H Der, Csarles F
Mills W S
- Edward
Moiier. Adsm
Moiiaenx. O
Moor, Tsorsas
.-Overman. C L
j;hepherd. Caleb
ISbennas. Capt
S* azv, Gee 3
-. ? .sir.!. !!? :.?; 3
[Street. Geo G
Sigh. Capt
jS'ttinidi. Hermans
! Simcntos.Naihan.2
Gornn. Dane!
Goodsea, J J
Owyn.C R
IdTstjrrui, W
!!a .. feph'sn
Hall, Matbew W
Monroe. Georee KlStricen, Roter.
IMortrm. WmE Simmons. Steak C
I Moa;ton. J P | Stmrn*. W W
[Montgomery, JohnjSttfT-ben Mr'Chat
Morxan, J Gardner] .'.arr.-s
\T..... VV~ It
Wrr; H
rnan, F J
, Dr Wm R
Hall, Natean-e; N I Moore; FkC<
Hvsrcry, Henry tMorcar.. George
.?'-?? ar, Wm
[Swjft; Harrison
IS Simons, ft
Spies, John H
Sj :?. W A
Silcoi. W L. -
'Silver, Thomas
mons. Henr
Ha.*ey.'Stephen I, Mv r.-.Emi: '
H.-. .: ..-'or:. Henry 'Mo-ber. Jorepb
Hang, Jo>.n G Morelt, Frann?
fUn.inoi. :.<?id*on: in. <i~>r?'
Haciran, Cap: IMorns, o W ProfjSintas, Dor. Fra
Hall, Elijah F Moore. Patrick j Cisco
Hasraa. Charles C (Morris. M SI - -. Dr Lenan
Ilatby. Samr.ei IMonroe. Elista 'Smith, S P
(Morrison. J?r n J iSrr. th, Charles E
Morey. Capt Sam". Smth. Ge rrge
iM.ki:.'- Jer D :S.t.,:h, Wm
IM organ, Wm Smith, Charles
Murril':. James Smith, Pstrick
Moore WmFraneisjSmith, Edwin B
M irj ??. Dan el S .<tn:th. Capt S
Murray, James |Sniub. Major L H
Marray, Allen [Smith, J W
Muloik.C Sirperhill, Julias
Murphy, Timm as ^Sctthjo? Franalia
Myers,Samuel Smith, K.icarN D
Munttford. I) iStnuiier.Re. Jantes
Murroon. Col J Ii . Solomon, (leo
Mullen.Thomas iScotield. Jerome
jea Gale] Mnnro, G H jSommer. Joiiannas
Murd'stk. Henry Sco-t. John
IMurnhy.Jobr. :tseli<s,;era:"t. HA
Natbatn, Lonis Sb
Naile,Thomas B ]S;rous>. Jacob
IXeihoifle, John |Snow,Josiah
[Ncalis, Peter [Scott, John P
Newman, John Scott, John B
Neely, Lorenzo [Saiiran, Corneihu
Nevilkr, John S .Sulivau, Draper
Newton, Oliver jSlreet, William
Had. C
Harr.. Abser
Harn. John
.?Is: rey, Pans
Hartiran, Mai hew
Harrison, James
Hart, William
Harris. Julius 0
Han. Frederick
Hasken, L B
11 ai'Tcaon James A
Hat >:. David
klai tawsy, Chas
Havard, John
Hawkins. David C
Heathorn, Henry
Hawkins. J S
llegbey; Huch
llelibe. ? C
Hein, Pi;; 'p
I i.-ati, .V Lea
Het.ard, r.i"ett
iledstrom, 0 0
Hellmuth, Itev J
II enninger, Darens
Henderson, J W
Hers, Mar.ns
Herman os.Frando
Henety. Mr
lleplnstan, Chris?
Hewitt, Samuel
Hewlit, John
New Ufa. >?*l-^.n
Nerins.R W
Siml a, A B
No-day. Pi
Moys i. .-"on.
Noble, David R
Norn*. Tr.'.'in ,- P
Nock, WfJU mi Vr
Hickmuti. WilliamiNntspitilL F J
x bnatger, John
s re, Ssnrael
Salivan, James
Siryker. D J
Sheets, John
Si-ti'ireiiiari. Wm A
Scudder, Amos
Smith, P L
Summers, Ge
Higs ?- lohn..2 O'Brine, Peter T.,,!ol., K u
lliidebrsn it \\ al- U Neal. Georg - 1
Hi'kco.x. Sati .B
IIibherd,G C
Hickson, John
llteems. Samuel
Hodges. ThosS
11 , ChasM
Hoatb,John -
Hobart, Joshua
Hobbs, John
Hobby. V\ illiam
llo'aiid. David
Holland. Mamn
" Ta.bolt, .fame- S
Taylor, Wm B
Tr?cv, Wrn G
Trarv. V A
Tuil?r.Tbo* C
Ttinure, Francis
liolme'.Williamll Page, Capt Pilh
Holcomb, Franklin Pareela. Joseph
.Ombery, P A
!0 Brian. Peter
t ?rton. Thomas P
(Owen. Rev Jason C
t) Sollivan, Daniel
Prall, Henry K T ... j p,
Parker,Henderson y. C^. ja,
Ps . ir, John H XmU4 lerCaplGhas
ra;.. Isaac Twee.lv. Jacob I!
Palmer. George xelreha, Joas Car
Paetswan, Samuel I ^
Parse -. Mr Rev jTerrv> Bw,,
Panplinpw Terwallager, Abm
Palmiert, Joseph T . ?,n, K
u,kl," Terhnne J< lluntei
Tiert.ey. Kcimi'
Hidden. Reuben
Ii.- ?per. Capt K. L| ''.i
Hopper, W vv
Hooper, F. b
Ii.i-ain-. Henry
llosiiier. Iliiam
.. mure, John
P< rker, Wm
!,.????? -J TabbutslCantW*m
Patrick, Gilbert TUdenJ Wm
T : ker, Martin A
Trippensc, Ch
Triser, Edwin
ToSin, John
, Prau, v\ tiiiam S XomlinsonRevGeo
HopkinsCaptAinos Peabody, Franklin Trockmorlou A
Hovt. Jotiti |) W .
UoKk, Stephen Peabo ly, W B
Howeli.JC Pelletier, Wm P
Panel -on. Georgi
I lersou, Wm. .
Payne, Ha
HO] le, Mais C
Howe, Paul 0.
jgb, G A
Tbompkins .". Hos
Todd, Francis D
Torrey, I. M
Pondleton, Elem- Thompson. Geo
;" ' M Todd. U i
: Peebles, Thos 11
Pease, Wm H
Howe.A?tinB, Trreacott, Henry W ^?d^nm *ha
Hll.'.aotl. |l:,.ei t l et ?'..!.s, Jttme- II 'prMt \\ ||
Hyde, Jeremiah S Penulmsa,.Join. Thorne, Daniel C
'""?J e- n i !!"'!i!l'sV's Thompson, Jas A
Huntineton, C B Peon, M 'ti,.??? n,..r
Huntington, C R
Hughes, (ieorge
Hunter, It K
Hummer, Dm id
it. M
Pi nuiman, Bein F
Petmok, Dr. C W
i Terrot. Angustua
Kntcblns, llHam| Pennington, Rev j
Munt Henry
llync, Charles S
I? in--.. K
Inglis-. Jol
Ingraham, G S
Ires, V\Hliam H
.Inrvia. I P
Jackson, Thomas
Jack, .1 times M
Jenkins, Richard
Jefferson.Joshua fi
Jenkins, William
Jennings, N R
Jenery, Ira
J son u| -. V? m A
Johnston, W
J'illusion, G E
Johnson, James
Johnson \ Cu.\
Perry, Capt EL
Petiis,J 11
rry, Dr Frd'h W
Peters, J iseph
Pi ti I ani.Jobn
Pfa U Button
Prilchard, G
Pirns nta, Antonio
Price, Abel
I'li-rce. Francs N
Pells, Satmi
rbompson, Chas c
Towosend. Edw II
Tolman. Ai? in..J
Tncker, J W
Tlmr.l.y. .lohn
Tuel, Dt John.^:
. Tuckeriiian.Edw t)
Tii.lv, James
TttlTs, Joseph
Utter, \lhert
Cftindale, Josiaii
Uggin, Michael
Voorhcs, it !'
Vulcan IronWi
Johnston GenJohn 1",unset, l.uk
Johnson, J T [CiPlnminer, Rob'l S
Johnson At Fonda I Pnrringtoo, Jos C
Johnson,JasAS n Purcell,Jami
PhiUips, Capt John J .osburgh, Chas M
Pitcher, Abraham J."ue,H ?
Provost, Jasper >.t'dd,Vr' ? ", ,
I'ope J B Vaa Brunt, John
Pope." Wm x andewater H'y.J
Potter. Capt Thos Vanduzerley, Dan
Potter. Thomas [_ 1*1 C
\ an Doron. Jacol.J
\ an Buren, G F
Van Karvea, Edw
Pope, Isaac Capt
i Orden. Benj'n
Van Emburgb.W m
i - E< said rjlct'urdy, \\ m J ?'? Horn S a lei
Alexander IMcArdloCornelius \anle.t. Ar.m
Johnson, John
Jones, Robert
Jon?s, W
Jone?. James
Jones. Samuel
June.J J
Judson, Ew /. c
J mes, St'iiniel B
Jones, James
Judd, Frederick .1
Mi i DrmlckMicbal U'snle, .Iniiiea.
M Albay. James
McCabe* Thomas
McClaney,Thomas Walsh M - ae
MeDermoU, J ames Walu, Henry
Walker, James
McCurdv, Wm
Mi D aald, Mr
Wadleistn. J W
IWnddall RobertW
M !??-. -i.-t Francis Wade. E M.
McCroucli. John
Kelly, Tliomn-. McAuly.l ?>
Kanny, Adolphus McAray. Daniel ,.. +fK,
Kellogg, David H McCleodCapUohn Washtogton,Tbom
Walley, Jacob H
Wager, Henry
Kellogg Cyrus IMcCully,Edward
Keet ...i. Frauds P [McDonall,Thos
Reanies. Edward [McCanrey, Law -
Kelly, Walter I renca
K.f. Fr-ineisD McCarty, Jamea
!\e . c.MR iMcI.aug'bltn. t has
Kelly, Richard..S McVey, Patrick
Key-. Henry McKennett, Alex
Kenney, Francis McKinley, W
Wardner, Jmtir,
War en, Capt V H
Ward, Samuel
Wallshulk, i; S
W?.ier.-:o::.Mr Ca
Warttock, R J
[erslone. J
Kemmy, Joseph HlMeLaughlinDanie] Watson, JobH?2
Kerr. J
iMcKuarv, Hut
Wardle, Geurce S
Keiitie.lyTbev'.ii're IMcMaclian MichVl Wei;,, Edward S
Keilay. James
Knight, Georgia
Kid Jer. >c. v
Klrby, John
Kirkbridge. E
King, H.la'h M D
McLen. Henry Weils. I iiat.es M
iMcGoroni. MarUn 'Wellington, Jos 1)
jMcLeiian. Rut'us [Webster,George
McVey, Henry
McHenry, M '
Oiiin, John
tluindelan^J .
Wean. S unuel
We-l. W
Wheelwright. Sa
utiel F
Knut, Rev Thos S Kmikina, t has, Wei
Km-. Elexander
Koy. James
K?ster, Hinrich
Kunkel, F
Kyle. J.-i ph C
Wells. Robert
L?der, .lease BjRayn
; RagaZZOni, Joseph Welch. Patnck
lUyiuoud Row land W?Ua, R W Dr
iKatisotu. Lytnan Wells. John S
i;.?\ luoiid.?lt'ert R Wheeler, Joi.n J
Wentworth, WmH
Laadon, Charles S Randall. Joseph V Weimore. WmS
Lawrence, John B Ramsav. John
Laverv. James !Ree y. Veter
Lang.lleurv S jlirqJa. Isaac...
Larsin. N.-..I IR-cd, Capt Joi
Lauer. Ketul.d [Resser,Daniel
Laliuier.Eoitiuu.tH Ken!, Wu: Lee
Lancdon Wm C.S Rei l,Geo
Lantry, Patrick.-3 Reid, L H
Westoa Pro! Sul
hvan H
i Weimore. Orbxndc
N Wemple, H v..3
We. man. Rictd W
; Westoo, Francis M
i Wt-toiiPloudetiCJ
[Wrjjlam, Rieb
Lancaster. Jordun |Revlea,CaplChasJ|Wigham, Jam
Laur.uey. T BtO iRir'aet:-. Allen
Lsmt', Jsities j Rieharuson. Joiiti
WTble, John
WUBaras, James
Le Blond. Joseph iRIgby, John H
Leeds, James [kihgbt, Charles
Lee. J oatah
Lew cii?. Wm
Rogers, Randolph
[Roberts, Capt
Leon. Ka*!!! A, Co 11 . era. A B
Levy. S N IKc.ius. Frank T
Lerrtizi. John B [R^.lsies. Jatae.-A
Lew is. Wm T | Robb. Tho*
Leih. John M '!;? er.s. Datt'v.
Lenaox.Cai tTaa PIRocAwelt, A
Lewis. Isaac H Rogers, J-1- as
Lewis. J W P Robins n, J P
Ligrsnge A Ray jKo.ey, Geo
' Rol Insoa, David
Robtniou, O
Larce. RavJoaS..S|Ritchsrd?, Tbeopb-l'WUey, Wm
Leavelt, Samuel | oli? IW'JlliiaiaaonAdami
Leant, Wm j Richmond. Edw in ? v Co
vt :ian.son.Rich'd
W ^.? :-...-:i
jwoinun,^ Willard
Wh: .. till. Mi
Wll ams, D
: W;.:;ams. Henrv K
[Welsev, Robert
I Williams. Henrv rj
W'richt ii Howard
Wilbank k Co
vt .... i , Watty
IWoioE. Mungo
? P.r?.
w . mot, Wm 11
F j WU ?atn?, J ohn
Wilson. John
AngustasS [TAUsoo, Andrew
W ...aits, \V m H
WUeoz, Charles
[Wimams, L v Co
W Unas, Capt
IWTlTJatnsost, Dr JD
While. Wm
[White. John Ir. Co
U t prje. S . as
W - .. Nicholas
Whitr. C L
VVrnaas. J?*seph U
Whitrev. Charles
Wall .11 Ktrtte
W : ck, Richai.
WbsalowXapt Ne
Links, J
Lbasley, Charles. RlRobi son 1'
IdttellokSkirtmoreI * Co
Lille. Edmund iR
Lodge, A 0 0 F Ross, Wax
?? OliveBranvh'Ross. Je-s-..
Getty No 11 [Rooster. Myn>n H
?? Oriental j Root, Frederick S
" .Maiiuaitar .Vjiaos.-. WmSjr
Locae, J L i Ross. Me rictus
L. .l.-.ci. -. Job:. it! issel!. Gr. i
Lo?e...E .'-tin.-.i. :; .. , C.ias M D
Love;.oy. Win J Ryne, Pa'.
L.^<:_.-. Horatio A Russell. J Gordon
Lor.r.,-, EdwardU jtnny,A
Loorni., Freeuud iRymn, James
Loomis. C C >tair, BII
LosnaA.CaptRobttr'hackford. Samae
L;ran? Thomas [Sange?Publisher
Lund. Sie} hen DJ^SAatstord, Edward
.Mru-laiiy, Johns.a... Josep) .
Macbeth. James Slm.ee. Jm-et M
Ma] ? . Mr ^Stoad- Sous, Richard
way) ISandtrs. E C
MaastieM Thee v
Mtivs. Peviro N
Main. P. -er
Ma Wm
."la;,:: Pi.i ca
Ma .'. .- _ . S
Mag so. John
Manhattan. Chem?
ical Work?
Manor. Ker:
Malrvj. a
Do. do
Mail-". Peter
attain. Jccaam s
Marshall. Jso Rosa
Mart^:. Heary
Martin. J
stars] VVUiam
Martessscn. M
Mi--?i?_:. Chas
.mi re, oeorgt
Wor=ask. Robert
Woods, John
Wigcot, Ah-ett
W ley. R V
Wood. Ezra R
W...-01. U...e:
W.\}c-. Wm
Wocaihouse. Hum
Wood. Uasc J
W} ?an. Wm
WytcrT. J D
Wv.te. John
wV-e. Frederick
Vanujt. John
Ei us Jarre*.
Yale. Gregurv
Zsbrr-.lv!. :l
Human. Hrmrich
,^e^er a. Co.
Zill Henry
Satn-vscn, Wm A
SkaA. Henry
Saaford. Hcnrv S
Stacy, E G
Ssziderak C-- J B
Staasi'urv, JesCSk
. W
Stan:eir\Kr?iicxs F
-tack. Thomas
Stacey, Elbfice G
Sanders Air?Chai
Srvi-eburv, JohaR
S'- .-.C F
Scran-.oa t. Meigs
Svranion. J L
, Saada, G N
Sttaw. N 5
Einer Lasses' N . nal Mag E??w Cncle^n
- o.' Teucnrr- Ad>oc3..'e | ?? p-cp-r s Magrr?
.-; ? h<Li J* ttatwi, OM Charles H
? n ??. Dan-el M Me Nab V t >;ma*
?? ?..?>.-?. >?.? 'TS. i 'SurreSScn. fJ_/?
- - L ?Searle. M-. rre-iilc*.
:!?_ ,Auz isla U Bpeccer.i'raae^
I'ensttew . L: Jota C jTbors.Lt Hercsm
H bbelLJota .w :..iax*. Capt w C
.' -.??. Le-?-?. T- ?
?rmstmnr. Li Cssries I NicoUv. Lt A H
Cerra Prej. C nic-s L
' Brown. Benta-aia PettSHS? M.d ..^?il
P...T1, Saraiel A ; Prr>n. Epaf,--*.
BeLoct*. Na-hasi?-! iProu'y,Li Caieo
?r.DrN P^e^.**3"-?
r BnllsTd. Richard E |P*?.?hu?p h . , _
P-.-i.ci. Prof McCauVy, Pas* Mir Ju B
BradJe-r, Wffl so N McOaiMc. Di W r
Cataden. John iM-Casa.Jois
: C?r-??*i'eT. Edward 'Righter. Geurce
C-a'-rjan.TKrca.. P.,;.. ??.-r.-'.e. :.
;-i ..:-u-,. Seiiii Cr.ri.'-ipber'Rogers. Li K. C
au? k Cvseb. Lu Rice. Jam**
:. Ii Mtd 3 3 Stama^Jokn
Eat D, C M iSanrer. Darld
Finer Peter -:c-.e.He*-ry
f Fdrrey.DrJouvZ Spencer. Karvey
Greco'rr. Pas? Mir! Kr.cc;* S not, P?*a MM Edward C
-?- = ;.Lt W Prettin -Shirley. P*** Mid Patt.
I G?lon, Samuel -Si-art. M-d Robi
i Hopkinson. Dr Joseph iSutton. Thomas
! HilL William Scott Charles
Hensbaw, EtJ Sydney .Scuire*. Len
Bai ul n. John N Sand*, ?.?m Joshua R
HJicacock, L: Root ? ;Tacker. H:*arr
? H?lse, Isaac PT?ooney, Dr Jcbn
Kelly, George TattaaQ, Car; J.-iah
Lowery, P?,-* M. i P. S Txnna... J-na R r
'? Lawyer. H F '? ernon, Char.es
Li-?! Mld Ricbd Vera .ege. Maraa?
Lanelirid, B tbl H W ?lams, Tbomas
Marl n, W Wes\ Henry B
M ray, Alexander itt nod wart. Daaiei T
Msr.en. John Roa-h iWilcox. Charles
? Marlon. Capl W ard Wiley, W _
Nelson, AV , White. Benjamin D
. Nex-i-ie. John S ?"Bey, Dr S S
Na.1". Tbotna* 3 WHHsBneon, i.obert
iicai Grsiaic.
MVALUABLE thum:- to l.KT.-s ? tbree
story br.ck Houses, now building on tire N"rtb side i
of Monroe-st mmmebcias" on lire corner of Walnut- !
st. These house* wii! be all neatly finished, with every 1
convenience f,,r res-ertable fami'ies. They will have mar- '
ble ma:.:, :- :. tbe ! rat and eecoDd sioriea.'and ibe Croton
water in the basement. The corner house and ih* cne ai '
the other extremity of the nuire will be sntshed for store*. .
,i~ . ?? Um r ,.; - .' may be easily convened into store*
If desired. They will be re?dy for* occupation abont ihe I
first of December. Fir terms, which will be raodcrs:?.
apply to JOHN LYOSS.N - U Chimbers-*i from 19 to 11 !
o c:ocX A. M. and from 1 to S P. M. o22 3? -
*?=?? to l.l-nwrri- new nore and dweilinc No. i
Big N .? -. - ?? ne, .. ?. g Ebjrhl ?enth sr.d Snaeteetb st*. ?
Th.s .tore just coeipleterf. *s spacious and as good I
a location for a dry c<>ods. c.-ocke-y. boot and shoe dealer, i
? ?? any - ml r I as neas, as can be found in this part of the '
city. The dwelling par, of the house ts complete, with all !
the modern Improvements, ir.r.udirc Croton Water. Ac
Ren: moderate to n cwid tenanL .Vpplvto
vi I.- -i WAS1HNGTON ^"Til.'M West i.t:h-?u
*Jh% TO LET.?Tl.e tn.rd -i?ry of that valuable, we'll
g::t knn-..i building No. I Chatham srjuare. baring tbree
fronts, well lighted and very commanding situation.
..? tor a D-n uerreet-p.- buslres*. for which it ha.,
be-'n occupied la*| J years, i.r fox any other rcouiringa
I light. Apply at SExMODR'S, Hardware Store, next
door. o23 .fi
sjp3 Pi >R SALE
fc.:!' "..-? '. etwi ei 7th an I tea . i .'. fei ;
Inches by 108 feet, boose 46 f>-.-'. deep besides piazza.
has marine mantels, mahogany doors, p'.aled f:irii::tire.
pa ated I n ngboat, la well baut atvi n rir.t rate order,
with kitchen r?nsre. Ac. Terms liberal; applv to
ffa AT PRIVATE SALE.?Sevei Lou on I7i st
B?*! t"'.?tn !,i-.:i nod lltb a^en ies.
_ Eisht Lot* on 45UV*L between !':h and tnth avenuea
Each Lot ts feel by ha.f ihe block. For particilars applv
to ANTIIONV J. BLEECKER. Auctioneer.
o-'l 1w_No. 7 Bmad-?L
fT- hoi -I. to let. -A i new ... -
p:;; t ??. for -,,-. in one of tbe ; iea?anteat streets
up town, near Union-park. The house entirely new
and modern ; the furnitore for sale only. Possession im?
mediately if wanted. Address L'aion-park. Tribune office.
??-?I !w
TO LET?1 be very desirable dweilinc h<.u-e No.
.:; ? 1! .. etweeuSullivanand McDoogalst*
1 inlreNo.b W'eslWashmgton-place,betweentitb
i ?.?? Hau McDoagal-*L Possession given immediately. I
ssa LOT FOR SAi.ll A valuable Loi
Bg '? i-averrae, North-West corner of 20th-*l ? dlmen
! sions Si feel by no. For particulars, inquire of J
Campbell. Butchers'ani Diovers" Bank, or A. Sergeant
It Son. Ii Wall-st. *29 Imeod'
get \ f PRIVATE SALE. L -
j5g Ninth-avenue (East side) between Forty-ninth anil
t KUeth sts. For p::rnc:i!ar? npriv 10
??17 IwASTUONY .1. I! LF.F.CK Kit. A e-.'r.T Bi nd -l.
g?, ?}?? l.ll'i's fr?r.! les i d
fc::, Ihh snd 81 ?t sts, conti sings aunrel ? tk, pleasant
iv ,::ualed on elevated k-re:it:d. Applv to
, myltS if KENDALL a. CO. 44 WaWrsst
gfA STORE TO LET Su a rael Jdngorretail
i Sjjj' erocerv business. For terms, inquire on tbe premises
N IT 'i'oi Land -:. o.' i If
JP% TO LET A small W.lenHoust . Fandewater
gii-i st. Apply 80 Ch&lham at. aulztf
gnf? l.KT OK FOIt ss.\t.i;'.' , sseiwioo (riven
" ?? n ses i'el
by J <>':ri liray. K-| on .-'ab-n U..i:il. ?ibou; two miles
? W'e.-t uf Pott Richmond,and neany opposite Blizabelb
: port. There are about eighty acres of iand. including woods
? hud and s lit meadow. There is a new. large and COtximO
dious tuiii-ion House and n gmat burn, and new atd con
j renientouthoose* "ii the premises. Apply to
CHARLES KOIILK.lt, neat the premises, to
olotl iiEO. BOWMAN. No. 4 Ilanover-.t N. York.
?A Fs\R>I FOR SALE. Sil a the Road froni
New RocballeiO While Plains.nbotit enubdistanl from
each, ct.tu..line 1'?' AC It Es OF I.ANl). a.l oi" whi.-r,
Is Plow Land,excepting Ten Acres, which 1? Wood Land.
Th-' place i- divi led by a lane, and i.. laid oui into con
ecaient lots for cnltirattoa All the fences ere of stone. In
eiaid order, und tlie irroun.! In a high -lale of cultlvaiion.?
The buildings ali ol good character and in order. For
TEEMS apply to S. 3. KENYON,on the pr-mises. or of
i d9lf_J. APRIANCE. M John-si. New-York
gSl A FA K M Ft tit SALM. \
, n the tor
.and.ng at North port, .s mile* freut railroad at Deer
I paik.cousi.ung of l.'si acres, od of which are covered (rith
wood. The farm is beautifully s::unte.i ami in a high stale
! of cultivation, producing grain of all kinds. The dwelling
1 house und ont-buildings all good. Fruitofall kinds and loo
i gratie vines in full bearing,and the bestof water. For par.
Uc Oars, inouireof THOMAS McELRATH, Tr.bunc-OtSce.
:; tawsm
rjr> F \ R >l~Fl)K SALE ir. ihe town of 1:
w';..?? I'lalns?H miles fron Rye, |? from While
Plain*. J? :. steamtioat landing, and from Marnar
oneck?containing about 60 acres. Bailumgs and fences
::: go ??'. order. Situation very tine and land m a high ?inte
ot i tu. n. For terms Ac "applv to E. D. BROWN. J7u
, Grand-?, or JOHN PALMER, -u; ihe premise-. 06 if
Srs FOK SALE- ? I ? ? res
* .'.ale of cultivation?fruit trees of ail kinds?one mile
" from Kinderbook, and the same di.tanco from Ex
President Vsn Buren**. Buildings and fences new, with
cedar p"-'.s. Each lot well watered. Inquire of A. B.
Vanderpool, No.SE Fursis's But .ding. VVnll-sL or of J,hn
S. Vosbur.'h. i>2 South-?L or Ibb 21st?t. sl.i 2m*
tOrhre No. II Wail-sL) issued during the uiisiu of
Utilv lit, new Policies, vizi
[ To Merchants and Traders.;.!
Planters at,J Farmer*
; Clergymen. I
Physician.. 4
To Professors.3
Member of Congress.. 1
Sec'ry of la*. Co. I
Cashier. I
O'iier occupations.6
New Police* i-sued in July, 13-16.146
New Policies issued m IbelXew Policies issued la die
first quarter of the year tirsl quarter of the vear
134?. viz i I3i?, rix i
? June.5?'Ju-ie.181
' July.^-July.Ifc
To^l.ISl?l Total.534
Number of Pol.cbs* it.ued during 1 ye?r..lT'i;
Total Policies tn 15 moadi*.g23o
TV Issued in August 138 nrs pciicie*.
Usned in September 166 sew Policie*.
R03T. L PATTERSON, President.
B,.n . C. Mi Lira. Secretary.
Jos am L Loaa. Arent
Jxs. STtw,RT. M. D. Medical Exarsbner, No. rjl Broid
' way au3 3meodos
rpHE hM( KERBOI hhli F re Ins ? < m
? X pa^v ale i e Muiua:i of New-York?Capital SIS".:??!.
. OS.-e S.'. >i W'a.1-.'_The Legi.etlure of tin* State at it*
la:e seas) n pi.-i-d ar. act Clanging die corporate name of
' li.e o d " Mui'ia, Insurance Co.i.paav of tie City of New.
York.' to the Knickerbcicker Fire Insurance Company of
New-York. AS future business of thai Corporation will
therefore be transacted, uncer its new hacic
It may be wel. lo add, by way of explanation, that the old
"Mutu?i." nocwithstaoding iii ui>. was in fact a Siocs
Ciimpa-iy. having capital ali paid ai and securely mvested,
and :..isi ... :.a.ije uf came was obiauied lo proven: m->
a; pr mension on liial pomt.
Tlis Company continues lo Insure against loss or damage
by fire u: i? favurakle :er?i?. ?,s similar Institutions a tills
: Georc- Ireland, JohnGrav. L. C Hamersley,
John Oolhout, Bu.t^s Moore. Ciis. P. Lever.ci.
G, Arcuhuins, Robt C W'etmoreJJeoJVDe Forest,
R - ' be- - . E-ward Cook. Wa- Tucker.
Join Camp: e":, Ar.tbonv Lamb, Asber Riley,
: Get rce Conalia, Adam Norrie, Alex' r Lawrence,
Joahaa Brash. Rober. Kermit. Wn, E. Dean.
Robert L Saort; Anliocv Charden. WUlhua Browriinx.
A 5. M< D. siL=. Secretary.
N ' - Ms I'M. _e;j
rhllSsOLl tion. -This! - C par
i XJ aer-i_p benrtoabre extstit:; hi the Drag Store No.5j
I Chalhas-su between F. X. O?var and Peter Deroaaa. is
> this Cay. by mnuisl consent, dhsso'.vs-i.?New-York, Oct.
' ?- U F. X. OLtVAR.
Trie -lau-r.^gaed harmg purchased all the right, aileaad
Interest of his former partner. P. X-Ofivar, m -he rjrug
S' -re No. j> C-aiham-st. wiE cotitiaue the business n U;e
a.-s3> e place as heretofore.?New-York. Oct. i*d'. Ifttt.
i34 _PETER D??.0:LA5
c Uts ?ad rrinc.p-al to*a*m the Couatrvaxe dailj re
cei red at ue oflSca of V. B. PALMER, the Aiect, tn the
Tri ? Bui-ia;*.-e bere tie papers caa t-e seen on t?e.
o21 if
HA.-I.iILHKO BAlt IKON--' ' ?-? - -i-r-. a.
1" u.::s bamineret! car "iron. ;<-)-:? i ^.-! md 2'i and 1
tack, by : sad | tch. For sale br
o^-i_SENJ. M, SHERM AN. No. 65 3r^d-st.
BAT'/.KS?6s bales 5-t aoi ti-4 Greea Si tea frerj
C-c-csfoid Co. and Whitney MIS* for sale sv
eSl NESMITH u. CO 3e aaa .-2 Paa-su
BLJEACHEi) t;o?D>-.: ?-. - i
atata, style sad cua^iv. for sale by
NESJaJTH k CO. 50 and i2 Pina-sr.
patent iltlcMrincy.
es c. ~ vat'catt's AavE27;5rjrs>T roa 154S
T"w r::r.' .i-M ?? ? ;an's i C3 1-o-e (.?*<--??
t?-pete Afia-rare.
rp:;;? UNO EH.- v.'. P INAC* \ ?a rwbentg ban id tead
1 lau Enr ?pa, '-ie 1 and Weat ladsea, Jus Amerca.
and a.. 1.-1? :. " - ?' - ? : -a--e ev:?l? in icy
f-rx. tba United Stales lad l.e Canada- iavr for lie p-ist
? vrii.-? ?e.-ere.y tes.e-1 :he '? inae? whicli t: e r-.-rri
eio.- u-on the tniruvtactton of-du? medicine, hesitate*: act to
savit rx>?s*-?.-ed. In mtrodticiag Ibis GREAT VEGETA?
BLE REMF..~Y. ::.e =...?. ng r: .-.i-e? w.- ? 2-a-le
made liem-elves merry over Iba 14 oe? numbag." Bat
Bs -t i.-v -? ... --_.e three years have 1 nwny?public
opinion, the ? - of a :r? aid sk? of observta c b -
7:--;,a -.i.- ??n;..: ;.u REMEDY the most singular,
wonderful, iacoajpreheaaive and miraculous eumtsve pow?
er ev-r produced. The Osra Gs?"at Disease which the
pre-pr.-tor of this rrtedi-me had the presumption to say e*.
'siec. and that all various d:?tues were bot Secondary,
ha- uow mtlliocs of beBevera. Tn-y mar? believe, for they
have witnessed the eSect of th? r>sst"raiive. lthaseoa
] tered atx ca*e*. ny simply coneuerrng the oke. The
- ?id Schoo!" now open their eyes*. Their old dogma*.Use
the moru-.ee rats:, f y b--f.-re the light of m:ih. and common
?en.se now seek* a road to health it* own way. instead of
c. - r.g :- --? ? snd r"-.r.g led. T :e t?t.t of tr.e r-.rc.ple
upon which"thu article cu-c? t? e*ra!\.?hed. ar.d toe state?
ment -a agam bo: ily. most etr.n'iaiicnily. most decidedly ns
'.leraied ; This racdlnxt an? a ?re /'on tic body every liu
ease zshich has a name?erc-y disorganization ef tie system
irhich Pin erirt. If bane and oiujcls reman. :aij medicine tru.'
restore to a perfect state. The old Caiotnei, bleeding, bita
terinj iratea -s about to faU. The proof daily pi-esieatiise
itself of the u-ath of oca theosy. U a prop out of the old
atnet:;re. w-v:.; ~ - ...rt > to tso ground.aahapeieaa
nv. ofijuorance and d-certioa.
tNvu.104. raaort at once to this medicine. It ts a ?trtctly
VrcrTAEi-E R?MtDT. the prodnct ofi^ir own ?oti?a com?
pound of twertiy-tw o diierent in?rredienl*. Each root Itaj
Ua peculiar part of the system to act upon, end this action
is x!.w ay? produced?'?? -r-Vci "port th" rr\o.> e.-.:c-a ts im
.ti'-iiateiy apparetit. Teatixnouy of the highest character 1?
iaily cotiitnt to the ttroprteU-r. P.U of truth, and you will
a.w?-.-? v- r.art.places u.-..i .lata?. Not a panicle ol :"al#e
evtde: ce la offeree] on the par. ? f th-.s Gar?T CcasTivc?
The most cartfo! perusal of the pamphlet is desired. It
e-.ves the character of all the secondary complaints which
prevail, and w-hich have been cur-j by this article. Emi?
nence at cures in some of the most dreadful cases of lintf
t.t.z complaints which It has been tbefortur.e of any m-ci
cir.e to cope tvit'-. is fi'uncl?casej which have been left to
die. Hundre.'." :n esarj Uvrjre city of our L'mon and the
Can-jdas have (o thank" this article for thetr lives, and so
do ihey, as ietters hi the possessica of the propretor will
ThirOaaUT M> DlCtyif wSl cur- DROPST.tnrr<T-?ri/ijt.
GRAVEL, and aii kinds of d-ltfimlty in the nrinarv organs;
i omrimnti ot KioNCYS. rtmi-nr.". nr'tie back . FEMALE
?U9LEGTJ LA Rl T1 ES i r--ite<iu-.'r.'y e iecl-rd. ar.d a healthy tone
riven to the system. Lot every Female at once re- i to
thl? m/r medCraie and use no o'ther. PwiiJ--: . -re-, fadi
gfjtiff-i. 7aliou.t ('omp.'.-infi. fhr-S-T"- : -lantly relieved;
Kirumutism, trout. Drc. produce i . y inaction of the blood,
will s.:-.vay- rrd relief; Innamed Lnn-s. Coairh, even Coo
?'imption,*unle?? the patient* and their medical advisers
were deceived. Las been cured by this medicine; SCK.OF
l"LA. ar-4 all Kmptiisr lineares, files. Erysiwttae, l-i.mm.t
torn :-r Uyrt. Palpitation .if Lie Heart. Si-i IbndaeJie, Jaun
dirr r'r-.rr .r-..i .4c\.e?the w'rn .e catalogue might be named
?se.-k this ELCMEOI : buy no other.
Put up in Je .->z. l?>tt'.es. at ?J . li or. 't"<;;>s, f 1 earh.
Be en-efnl thid you a-e not impnied urtm. Every bottle
has the words " \ anghn'a V>getable Uthontrtptlc Mixture"
blown upon the ?th- written -icnaturt- of " G. 0.
Vaughn" on the direction*, and G. C. Vaughn, Biitfaio,
stamped on the cork. None other are genuine.
Prepared hv Dr. G. C. VaocuM, and sold at the principal
Agency. IS3 Main-?t. Buffalo, at w holesale sid retail, to
whom "aii communications must come post-paid.
1 >ff\ce> del ated exclusively to the ml* of t\u .Mrsdcine. at
wholesale ant retail NEW-YORK CITY", llivi NAS
SAl -ST . Ft 5t LAKE. Salem.Mass.295Essex-*t. Thoa
I'.tia-e. C-ne!r.asti. Ohio. J. II. Birce. ?n 3-1-st. I: d.-.-r
frtrm Walnnt; SL'Loul*. Mo. J. Walker. At wholesale
and retail try Mrs. E. Kidder. I1"1 CourVSL Boston, and at
re:ail by respectable Druggists, as advertised in the
pj--s CI !l Um.. Broadwav ; F.. M. Gtiion. 1J7
Bowery; Wyarat Katcbum, 121 Fulton-stg J.aS. Cod
din.-tofi. *?S fludson-SLi Mrs. Haves, 1JU Fuitou-st-, Brooks
lynj L. Williams. Mi tlratid-sL Wialajn-liurc. au2b 3m
SYRUP Or HOREHOUJND for Coughs, Colds. Bron?
chitis', Asthma, Ac.
To drive Consumption from the land.
Make pain end asthma end.
The cod of tiealth took up his stand .
With llancr. the sick man's friend.
Be.' c?ed to E istem dimes again
To slop this foefi aiivance.
In friendship for the suffering.
He 1-f. It- c;-e -.vi'li Ham. i.
A tiual-ler preached from the pulpit.
His voice was exceedingly clear.
Its rom... gave In- le-arers delight,
Crowds alwaya attended to n.-ir.
II - q totatioos astonished the learned?
His eioquencedld really entrance,
But the beauty of voice wa* still owing
To the syrup be purchased of ii?n< r.
of Congress and Statt Legislatures, Aldermen, and ail
u-h'j rr-isA C? ritrl bi? beaut i of speech or ,v eeti.es
andrlranxa of voter,should hir.e re
course to Hime'i f-impound
Syrup of Horeh'iund.
An auctioneer the other day
v. *. selling goods quite ia?t.
ill. voice was very loud and clear.
And each one slopped liiat passed .
He talk i to 'hem with ease and gri,:e,
They ll bid iu advnnce,
Uia gn success was owing to
The S .rup made by II \>ce.
Puce jo els. per bottle, or bottles for jJ 50.
Foi sale, wholesale and r-tuil. by A B. -A D Sands,
cor. of Fmtoii A William ?!<.; also for sale by D. Sands i.
Co. 77 East Broadway H. Johnson, cornero'f Broadwav
sod Clianit?.-r~-t ; j" a. I. CcMtdtngton. . or. >l Hudson and
Spring -i-.. K. M- Guion,cor. of Bmvery and Oraud ?ta?
ut lo Walket-?! . -Si eef*,..| . \ M G reitnc.. !l and PH.
ofBroai-' ay ant Ho-? >rl-*L
CAUTION.?Bewsas of spuatocj iMifal^anr, and oftestyj
? ' /',- IIANCE'S SVIU'P. and take none oiher.
ul9 IswMtf_
l.nd ALL d IS CASKS ok Till; LUNG I
Consumption and Dcjth
i will most
as-uredly be
an earlv tale of
liiose who neglect
themselves when
atllicted with the pre
tnonitory symptoms of
i'? nsa in ptian such as
Colds, Coughs, Bronchitis,
ur Soreness of the Throat Dr.
of Wilii CHCSaV is expressly
prepared tor the removal and cur"
of those dangerous and troublesome
disease! Therefore, you w ho are la
b'rtng under Hie mrltienee of th"se com?
plaint*, procuroimmediately this medldne,
before it b?r too late. One Bottle may bu the
Imeans of prolonging your Hie- Be sure and
see mal the signature of "Dr. W. SWAVNE is on
Bach eottlc.
THIS MEDICINE lias uow been before the public somo
eight years, and Is the original preparation from the
Wild t i.erry Tree. Its reputation a., a remedy for Cough?,
j Colds. Bronchitis,and Consumption of the Lungt, luisei!
! eatirely upon its inirmsic merits.owes but little to lntlated
! newspaper lull's. Those who give It a trial, being benetil
I ed by it. recommend u to their neighbors, and tluis gradu
i ally ar.d surely has it game,! an enviable reputation and
i worked its way into general u?e. One l-ottle never fails to
1 euren recent C"it': or Cold, while.with atrict alteniion to
I the directioas mat accotnpar y each bottle, its use in 1'ul
I monary di.ea.rea of long standing and of the most alarming
J character, ha.- always given relief, and la very many b>
i stance* t-as edected complete and permanent cures.
ry We take great pains to procure authentic and re
? pectalile KTtlncates, and u> vr pobUsh any oilier. ^eiJ
Miss S. Lew;., ofWesl Philadelphia, cured of bleeding
of the lungs of five years' standing. Her symptoms were
! spitting blood, attended wi:h a hacking cough, pain in the
side, breast and back, which finally brought on a confirmed
Consumption, entirely cured by the u.-e of Dr. S.vayne's
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry.
R. JacXsoa! D. D. formerly Pas'tor of tve first Presbvter
'.an Church. New-York. te-ttSes to the erhcacy of Dr.
Swayne's Compound Svrup of Wild Cherry, and recorn
metids n to the L-.v:? of fa'ri?ie?,having witnessed its won
de ful effect in more than on-s hundred cases, hi relieving
1 children of everv ohstiriale couiplaint, such as coughing,
i wheeztng, ebokina with phlegm, uthmath: atta-ks, Ac.
Jaaea fjsbom, Wrsahington,.Pa cured of con-aumption
.' and bleeding of the Iiia-'s. after being given up by ?everal
! eminent Physicians, having used most of the patent medl.
,' cine-.
This medicine in all cases gives immediate relief, and is
I a safe, pleasant and etfeclut? remedy, and w orthy a trla.
from the most skepticaL
j And purchase none but tlie or.ginal and only genuine arli
I cle, as prepared by Dr. Swayne, w bleb is tne only one
I compounded by a regular physician, and arose from many
years' close allenuon to the practice of the profession, and
I which led to this great discovery.
Cr?' Rsanesnber, s.l preynnuutis purpor.ing to contain
I Wild CHeaer. are/ieriri</iu and countetfeu. eacepi that
i bearing lue written slcnaiure of Dr. SwaXXE Great care
I should be obser red to rurcnase from the regulariy appoint
' ed agents.
j Principal OrTce, corner of EIGHTH and RACE STS.
j Pht.aielpliia,
Acexts in New-Yona?Cttaaixs H. Rino. comer of
? Broadwav and John-st-i R ,V- Sa>Os. l& Bowery; E. B.
W ia.M.a. .' v B.eeC?-r-st.: j C. H vaT.iH Grand, corner
! No-folk; J. L. Ltvvts, jJ7 Greenwichi DotiD. 771 Broad
I way. WysTTaad Ketcham, L!l Fulton; Mrs. Haves. 139
j Fuit r .t. BrooAlyn; B. Olds i. So>. Newara ; Joii> Ptaa
I so>. Rah way; Mrs. Kicota, Court?l Bostum Dt'aciM
[ k Co. Port'latal; C. Dvna. Jr. Provi-ler.ce-. Hvaoley,
? PHEtrsta Co. m Water-st. N. V. il JiuMWttS Its'
ic ,*>a: r.-:, ;,-.r;.?... ?r.tte. In ..o-.e-j hsernl'.y
made .n, p ranee
BV M. WARTON.-P.-.ce. Thirty Cents?The Fifth
English edition, translated from the 3d French edition
i of tiie eiposition of a natural simple, agreeable and b>
I ta..-.t'..r rTsearrs treeezctly dUeoverod in France.? not only of
? overcocueg. bu: a-?o of eomp.e'-eiy dest/oytng obstinate,
j Berel rate a.-.d haaii-aal Cossupaiioa. witbosU using either
. purgatives, tMiection*, or bath*; followed by a great cum
j her erf authecttc dorn tnrnis from eminent physicians and
t other persons of diittacV-on, certifying ihe ci-mpleu; iSca
| cy of 12- means.
? Solo tie catl^CJii -5 git of Wartoa. of Parts, No. 152
I WUxtam-St. arid also by Jno. Miihau, I?3 Brosviw-ej ? C.
j II. R^ig. corner of Jor-n si. and Broadway . Wyatt and
Ketcham. IJ1 Fuiton-st.; Henry Joun?.iti- l*7J Broadway.
I corner Ch-mbers-st.; At"J'-uecari-a' HaiL ?tTj Broadwav ;
I Jasaa Cmsziie. cnme: Bowery and Foctta-<L ; and fir.
? Le j. u. ;>i Bow-ry ; tu Brooa_vs oy Dr. Charl-ss nteaae,
J 184 V~. - st ?i^. ...
COI GU UE.MJUDY.-Tiio-nas Wt..iam Harper's cel
e; ,-sie.; rn-rC-cire for the stire of Asthma, \\2oopmg
I Cough. Coja? of every desertp*;o-. Iniatnmattos oa the
Lungs, aid a_l cesses of Lang CompUmts, has now stood
the :et>: cf experience f.jr a c-irnter of years, and has teen
I pronoanced. not only by nies? who cave been benefited
i r>y u use, t-it large n'^ntier of the most eminent phy?
sicians, as the beat medicine extant for the relief and cure
of tnoee lUL-essing c-.xpiAinta. The tmrnens-e and in?
creasing demand for Lfte medicane in all parts of tbe Un.on
hlriwruisabry proves its h^h popuiarirv. 12j cents per
bortle- $i2 r-er gross. Per sale at lfifi Wnrianj-st. ol.S lm
U. I)KAN>~^rEiilt A.N JIAI. M .' r 5 .. :
and Ccnsumpr.cn in its hrsl stages. This is r.o decep?
tion- Ut-e trial only asked; a certain ecre is guarantied :
has never :'ii-e.. m apr.vaie practice of ten years: as rnanv
hare been cured aficf trying ail tne paled end bo as tec nos?
trums; others grven over as past every r-? - ;y- Reference
sriven ; Lungs sou-ded i advice tree, Scia only bv Doctor
QF.tX. 11! Ko-sr.--.- afa :~
HO liiU.N ?. ' :.".T- Bull's Bringe No.3.1 r sale oy
h s JOSEJ?? ILC^EH'TtAN, * Weai-tL
Patent illcljicincs.
... Kemtm . -V ursi r ???
Pili K^-ry,.i-y. -v-->?d by Dr. A. Cpkr-tj, * dVttogU sh?
ed physician of" New-Yo.-i r.:y, ;t o... only rea-.v ?->"?
rr??.':. remedy for ist da*ng*eronsaa idisr-vss?s^cv?-!:1-*"!
thv P eve- offered 10 igt* t\*?reficea ??.
Tbo E-rJCtu?!"* rc-ciaJe? ?? .Vine-ai >fnjuiiu. u .4.'??.
i"?'?.-y?ra. (.".eni., <v. cr o?f.er pow-ecfal mad irruause P*lri"*4'
livsx N-> fear ju::: ecU uridf . * ladere*ses| do
choage b diel necessary. If taxes r-ccurdia,-. to ditxv
a ra~ fVr lire i> pior jnftrd.
Jiirtrr Oifj/tiafi ?Air-t :> the ha-d-eds thai have sj.
rr? IS -a ce.-.e !. - '? e cilfeaoy of L'r. ''puara'. Elec
miry. Ntw-Yoxjr., As. is. ;>;<?.
yiasrz. Hjast * fTrfJeai dafl For se,-r-t: yea - at
t have Deed troubled with Pile*, a verv costive sthte of
:ha bovr-is, indigestion and weakness of the system. But
xt complaint no* bt-rrs ??? severe a* to d-saoer tue from
. ana a i-.-s.i I had of pb*j s-.cia-ts and patent med
:...?: -.sit. :..:? >?f.~: 1 aV.-er a?l any iw.'ietr-e or
aaplled to s physician for relief. Tho Pi>* thee being to
severe that I ?iliwd several openfioa* to bo pen". .;:
wuhou: say StricSt. Dote.atdted after ti.i? to try e-iaer
mesa*. I read an kIii Ulan 1 ami of a care guarantied by
the use of Dr. Dpham*a Beeesary. I part-n-ised three
boxes a; your store, an-.i l'-oa: il.e use or wnirh I found
u:-.??.f euiirely cured of the File* aad rry bcsxlih trueh
bnoroeed. I reaia;a. Sirs, your niueh isdel ted friend.
The writer of the above", from molt Tea of de.icacy, de.
clues having hta name u*ed; but authorize* us to reVer to
htm or show th- original Certificele to those who may
doth; its authenticity;
Another 'acl :a relation to the etficaoy of Dr. Cpbarn's
Electuary. Pku. uaaXFasta Sept. 9. li-tts.
Or l'j\tm?Pear Sir - Av-tit five years ago 1 was
Sicted w.ih what was called Chronic Dyaentary. I hare
suffered with i: ever *:nc?. and physicians have told tne
that rr.v was affected, and ihat 'my bowels were ulcer?
ated, for blood and pn?. attended with a peculiarly putrid
MM . ware the firae, lent dlschargo*. A short lime StDCe I
male 1 v.?:t to Ma>?.u- u*etts.".r. hopes of benefit from a
.-hange of a.r. bot SUflared tAore severely than ever beforu.
tVhiie there a physician otfen-d to cure me for S-b'. in time
mouths. Happily, in the midst of intense pa:-., occasion?
al', re eved nylaucanum, 1 saw ;a a wrapper of your
Elecnary a perVect iesonpuot of my comptaia*,together
with many certificates of cr-s. This ja?-,? me great con?
fidence in the medicine, and I pnr-h-v-ed a box, and nine
doses of which has apparently cured me. and am prepar?
ed to say every thing in It* favor, or renderaayserv.ee I
can to hurnaniiv bv subscribing to its merits.
Respectfully v'ours. BENJAMIN PERCIVAL.
K0.S9 South Sixth-eL
Pro"r?t'-Vs cSce i >: P 'W-rv. Sold, who.esa:-and ie
taii. by vvyATT K KETCHAJVf, iffl lulton-et N. T. and
C. Stoaite. !.<-? Fulton sL Brookl\m. Price jtl. ft-S 6m
THIS MEDICINE, a purely vegetable preparat'on.
as i'.s name imports, t? in reality adelirhlftt] cordial,
ever':::; a most southing mrltience over the function* of the
whole system, dimlni.sli ng excitement when excessive,
a <v -c'?.rrii.itioi!. ?ereness and pain, and gently but Cer?
tainty ? rodncini a healthy natural action in the stomach,
livrr. kidneys, luncs and sim, reculat.ng the secretions
and excretions, thus restor.ng the e<raillbrium of the cir?
culation, and spee-iilv imparllnc renewed vigor and elns
teity u) the frame. Thai ibis la the most certain and effec?
tual remedy vet offered to the public for any disease of the
i ?ait. liver, skin. Ac. the following testimonial*, se
tected from a vast number of a like k'nd which have been
voluntarily sent to the proprietor* of tl.ls medicine,' will
fully show. This is no new or untried remedy i it w as first
prepared bv Dr. SheCUt, an eminent physician of South
Carolina, who. himself a victim tod disease of the lungs
rnberitc ! from his parents, wa? enabled by us use to save
himself from the very m irgin ot the grave, and hundreds
who have been pronounced incurable have lixewhse been
restored to a new life and health by its us*. All the sub
joined e.xTact* from certificates are frauistr, and the per?
sons who have given them have signified their de?
sire to testify, on personal application, much more fullv
to the eficacy Of this great remedy. The Rev. S. Covel.
pastoi of the Fourth-si. Baptist Church, wa? cared by us
u?e uf
rirnnt hitlt.
L. F. t'r-en. itc, f.*run: st. Brookjyn,has given a certifi?
cate, sworn to before Itiiftts Cla. ,'"". Coininissioper ot
Di?ds. of In* own euro of n violent coueh often y.ir>"
aaadoif, as well as the cure of Ins wife of mfluenzs.
Mr T. I. Crowe::.'.-.?,;er and stationer, cor. Broad
way an 1 Bieecker-st. was cured by its use of the most ob?
Erajsrtte f'iirn.,r of t.ie Sivu
The wife of Arthur ILHauponan. painter, cor. Broad?
way and Houston-?r. was cured by u? use of
Diseass ejTthe /.*itig,.
afler having tried every suggestion ,<r eminent physicians,
and nil the popular remedies of the time, including Tay?
lor's Balsam oiXiverwort, Ac; *he raised a large quantity of
blood:from the lungs, und was gtvenup by her tiusbaiid
and friends.
W. IL Smith, cur. Sixth-avenue and Fourth-st, was cured
tiy its use of periodicn!
"Bletdmtef tke /.u:ig,"
of long standing. S. Roberts,of Troy, N. Y. was cured by
u use of
Ouensc ?/ fAc /.uvr.
arising from reiterated attacks of Fe, or and Ague. Su?
sannah Gr.ce. Hi Varick-slrcet, was cured by it* use of
tieneiitl Dfopee,
.lohn M. Howe, dentis., 303 Grand?l bears testimony in
lit* own rase. Benny Gartio,cur. IlOih-sl. ami Third aven?
ue, was cured of ">
.i^frcrioa ?/"rV Laag*.
These certiticates, with very many "(tiers of like char?
acter, are in rhe hands of the proprietor-, and fur the ben?
efit 01 the afflicted, they have been published in a pamphlet
form, and may be Obtained of any persons gratuitously
who sell this medicine.
Also, the celebrated and much-praised
"Seataera /T.n'ii? /ML."
The? Pills have been tested for many years In every
form of disease, arising from an Impure state of the blood
an i other 1 iid?; and have proved a -at'.- and efficient puri?
ner, removing morbid matter from the stomach and Bow?
els, promoting digestion and imparting vigor lo the system.
For faitber particular* a? In their beiiehcial el!'e,-i?. see
pamphlets. Price 12] cents per box, containing .1) pilis.
Southern P.nlm. ?i per bottle.
Poi sale at the wholesale depot Altcock A Co. 600 Broad
way. corner of Houston-at. an-"! by -mist of the respectable
Drugglats In the eltj ami country. s-it Smeod
Ucgal XoticcG
??. II UK I l'l-'> > A 1.1-1. i' lue of a v
C5 cias to mi- directed an I del I yen-1,1 m ill expose to sale
on Monday the inthdav of November i.'-\t,at IS o'clock
M, lit the vestibule of the City Hall of Hie Cuy ot N,-,v
York, all the right, title and Interest of John A.'Morrlll,
Which he had on the eighteenth of February, one toOU?aod,
eigbi hundred and forty-five,oi at any time afterward, in
w nose hand* soever tlie same may be, of, in and to all those
certain lot*, piece* or parcels* ol land, situate, lying and
being In the Twelfth (late Bth) Ward of the City of Hew
York, ai.d known and distinguished us pan uf Harlem
Common*, >itf' which said lots hereby convoyed are known
hu n map of said Commons, made by Charles Clinton, of
the City of New.York, Surveyor, as lots numbers I lb, 117,
148.119. 163, 164, 165, si, 1U7 and bin, between the Second
and Third avenues, aud between Eighty-third and Eighty
fourth streets, winch said map Is dated December, i.'.'i,
t an 1 is now on hie til the office of the Register of the City
I and County of New - York ; sa.d bus each coniniinug. as
1 appears by the said map,' twenty-five feel front und rear.
I and one hundred feel in depth onenchslde.be the same
mord or less, and also In. right title aud interest uf, in and
I to the adjoining half pat of the avenaes or street* on
i which the said tola are sltuated--togetber with all and sin
I gniar the tenements, hereditament* ami appurtenance*
! thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining. Ac. The
' above mentioned property I- recorded in the Register**
utfi SO, la I..her ,>>>, page i.-i. WM. JONES, Sheriff.
\ Tims. F. Pastas, Deputy Sheriff.
Dated New-York. Oct. nth, 184n'. o!9 lawflw
V OJLDEK of Uiu H ir? i Charles V. Daly, "one ol
the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas uf the City
and County of New- York?Notice is hereby given, pursu?
ant tu the Provision* of the statute aulhorizuic anachmenls
againat aiisconduig, concealed) and no.i-resident debturs,
that an attachment Ihls Isssted against the estate of David
Morse.aresidentof Haverford VVestdPembrootuhlre^Sontb
Wale*, Enjrtand; and thai the -iun-- will be sold for the
payment uf hi- debt., unless he appear and discharge such
attachment; according tu law, wubin nine months from the
fir.t publication uf'.hi. nut.ee ; and that tho payment of any
debt* due to birn by his debtors, agents, bankers, or Others;
and the delivery to him or for his use of any property,
money, nutes or bills of exchange, belonging to him; and
the transfer uf any other property by them are forbidden by
law, and are void. Dated the twenty-third dav of Kebni
iri9 lawtf Attorneys '.or Attaching Creditors.
IS l'l "ISSUANCE ot an order of the Surrogate of the
County of New-York", Notice is hereby given to all per?
se- 1m. ;ng . i,i:;s agaiunt John IL Towiisend, iale of Ihe
City of New -York, deceased, tu pre-ent the ?ame with the
vuncln-rs thereof to tile subscribers, at the sbire of Samuel
T Sltidmore, No. St Cedar-street, In IheCily of New-York,
..n -r ., i-.re::.,- rdnih day of March next. Dated New-Y'ork,
the aftli dav ^September, U-w.
?7 lawCm SAML. T. SKIDMORE, I LseciUors.
RE< MlVJllt'ss SALE- In < tcei w II lam H
Max weil el ait i. Maria JsdtSOO, Execu'.r'.x, Ac?By vir
i lue of an order of the Court of Chancery, will be sold at
public auction, at the Merchants' F.xchange, in the City of
New-York, under '.he direction of the undersigned, Re
ceiveria aleive en'ilb-d cause, un the J.th day uf October,
Instant, al li o'clock, noon, a bond of William peters u>
Hann.bin H Ja-k-,-..-.a', .'. No.ember in.., 1 --IH. for ?IU -
: 200. payable in une yenr from date with interest. Also a
i note ur'said Peters, dated JiU.uary 7ih 1845, for i?-lir7 54-iiSI,
1 pava-jie in rive moo'dis frum date.?Dated October 16th,
I t GEORGE B. RAPELYE, Receiver.
1 Euw irtD F. TanxowELL, Solicitor. c-16 C?ltl.O
I Ol r ice or the Moaais arso Essex Railboao Co.;
Newark, Octrrber Zi, \-'A>'i 5
! V'OTK K - y - rest, that Proposals eill ?<? re
I -Sceived until the 9tb November next, fur ??r gradinif*
j masonry and bridging required tocoiuplete the branch "i
I Ihe Mum* ar,d Essex Railroad from Murrtstown to Dover,
a durance uf about 11 mile*.
Msna andproa.es, estimate* and sjieelfications wlil be
I found after JStb inst. al tlie office of lue Company al Morris
lown. *:.*r? all ra'cesaary bafonnadon win be Jjiven.
The .me will be divided into sections of convenient
leng'!: fi ,r constructiun, and proposals in writing, directed
: i :-.e i'r-a?'..--r it: e iffice uf :he Company in Newark,
?.vi.: be recetved for '.he whole or any p irtor liie work.
Bv order, JuEL W. CONDIT, Vice P/esidenL
i lN9"
OF Kit K OK THE New-York i ? 1. .
Oct. lltth, t?-lti.?The Presiilent iid Directors nave
; tai? d ,y declared a dividend of four a- . one half per cm.t.
I on the capital slock of ibis Company tor the six month*
? end.ag 1st August last, payable to the stocktiolders on and
' after Monday '?> Id N'*veii.'.er next,
j The Transfer Boos wlB oe cioeert from the liiih insr. un
I til ihat tiaie. By order. C. L. E'.'KRITT. Secretary.
n Csthertne su
MARY A. WATSON return* her sincere thanks u? tiii
frieadsof her late uusband, ar.J toihepubilc generally,
f>r iae pat: ooaa-e so libem.ly beatowed on him for the last
tux years, and beg* to stale that she intend* carrying on the
business, and respectfully solicit* a onimuaace of their
sind favor*.
Mrs. W. has en i: aired. uSaperinu-ndetii of the business,
her Isle u-sband's ai.tstant. Mr. L. Howalas. who has had
eleven years' expeneaee ta ihe buatnea* of Apothecary,
Cbeta-.t nad Dri/.;is-, in -ome of lie priiiciotii eines h)
England, and suose-jneniiy in tins eny. and whom she can
conadently reeornniend to those who may favor Ler wiih
their s ip'-on. Those w ho entrust htm with their preacrip
uons. may depend upon having them prepared with accu
racj. r.estaess and dispatch.
In this establLament no boy* or inexperienced young
taea are e.er allowed to prepare medicine* or waitoa
A large supply of fine Swedish and Smyrn- Leerte? are
cuastaaiiy ou haod. A competent person will app.y them
at any use daring lie day or ngfct without extra caa. ge.
Cocatry phvsictaa* suppled with pure and geouiae
4ru;? tii me-liCuaes. A larg? a^orunent uf Hair O.l*.
Coloirn*s- Essences, and fancy articles for pedaiers. o-*J 1 w
C?"|7SAGLE HARBOB. Miniag Compan;
xZihereuy g-.-ea ijai an assesenient of one dollar on each
share of the capital stock of ihe E*<le Harbor Mining Com?
pany i* dae and payable on the 9ia day of Novetuber, IJtd,
aia. cicii. By uraerof the irasusi-s.
oI2 1m-_;nii n P,, - i ...... 7 ???,.?.
RAXa-JXOAJ} LRON-. Loes : Ratixoad Iron]
?3;i*ble far teiavics. "t x 1 la. fur sale by
o?i BENJ. M. *:HERMAN, ii Bro?d^!,
Pnblir Conucncrucs, &t.
JL/" SI fork v trie >.^
-. ? -i .ut la UKt-GO.a Mi.lStiODE
The ??..-?.rr-r REQON. commanded r-T Cspi Sei.hTh*,
er. and RHOPV ISLAND, commanded hy Capt Xm!t4
(BT, will TOO thr -u.aoot lie trw.g from th? :.-?.?,.-.
April, to c naeet ? n *itb die Si.ningu-i ui PmvioVc?
and Boston *.-M Provdeec? Railroads, leaving .New-Tori
dsiiv. Sut.dav* excepted, fivai pier No. 1 North River ati
o'.-r.'vk. P. M and Strxxb*?e* ?i J o clock. ;?>:.., apOB
the arrival of the Mall iri.n from Boston.
XbiSM SSaerflerS ire uriaurp<s*?e.l Q speed. ?plenSof and
C ms on, having each of them commodious pmsga
itorrt rttnrna and bertha for Nv persons, besides large pri.
We roots* wr families and WMk
Tie sie-.r;?.-- are officered by die trtvai expef!efv.e,J rtea
and ? dm ?? the -??a^e between New-Yor* tri Bo?
u . ft MM ;; ^ bo;.r?, hereby irr.?iajc in ample toe fo,
? .. .. .' ? ?ton, Noru-sa l East
The OREGON will leave New-York-Toeaslav, Tt-tir*
day ai d Saturday.
LesavaStocdnrton- Moodsv, Wedaeadavarsd Fndav.
Tee RHODE ISLAND will leave Sew.York-Mom
day. W edMsdaj and Friday.
Leavsj Stoshnj-Cco?Tuesday. Thursdsv and Saturday.
n. Pnesungers, ou the" arrival of the steamer* *?
Sior.'tigton, proceed urtnediaiely in the splendid Rai. road
car- i.' Providence artd Boston, vaiih?>utsn> Je.av and a
r--_ , sge Master sce-mpanies each t.-s n lo Boston'to take
Cflarge of Oie b*?gaura.
for :h-m.-,.: _N. :-.;.i'-e on '?.-ard ?<?" the boat at
p -r No o jr. R 01 of GEO. B. PAIRCHILD, No. 13
W. ?t st. or of JOHN H. RICHMOND. Pro?M.OCs%. nxJl
~ Ajrma v people** i.i^^kaTmbiIvS?
?TsFsVsiii? ~*'n ''" X ?''''?? '??"?v. ev.y. Sunday, except
??a P M t'r. ui lite "S:?a :..?,'.??
? r-er between Cortland and Liberty st*.
? Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Cape Alfred Hcsigbtoa.
w . .eve a Mm tay. Wednesday aid F.-t.iay evening*
at So
? Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Cap*. VVUBam H Peck,
? leave onTuesday, Thursday and Saturday evering*'
at 6 0 clock. -
AtJclveo'cJock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate rise**.
From '.he foot or BarcJsVraal ;
Steamboat >"\NTA CisAUS, Capt. B. Overbad, win
leave on Moodav, Wednesday. Friday and Suu.iay aftei.
BOi .?< at .'> o'cloca
Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. EL It. Furrv. will
, ?ave Tuesday. Thursday, and Saiarday afbarnoooa at
i ''.-lock. ? ?
TKe aaove Bot ? w?l ?i ?i rrmna arrive at Albany in ant
I ph- lime for ike Morning Trat? of Cars for the K ssl or tint
Freight taken at utooera.e tales, and aoue laten alet i.
cc --s.r. M.
A.: porous are brbU trutlns any of the Boats of this
; Lire, a Ithoat a written ord>-r from Iba Captains or Agen'.a
1 Forpaasaeeot freight, apply on b?>ard tue Boata, or m
1 P. C. SCHCl/PZ. at the ogca on the wharf. osS
! tg^J^frgj-OLiNE for Albany and Tn.v. MOKNING
sssa^sssssss ? ? . ? \ i ..... a r |, \ rjapl. 00|.
I ham. will leave TnesdaV, Thursday, and Saturdav ? The
, staarnboat NIAGARA.t-ap^ Wm. Ellsworth, will leasa
, Moe biy, V\ edneaday and Friday at 7 o'clock, A. M. from
' the Steamboat Pier loot nf Barclay si for Troy aud inter
i atediate pTaeea. ?
EVENING LINE?The steamboat COLUMBIA. Ca.-i
! W m. II. Peck, ? leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday
, ?The iteamboal EMPIRE, Cant R. B. Kacy, will leave
I Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday eveninga, at a o'clock.
I from Corttaad-at Pier, foi Albany and Troy ,iire,-i
IV" Tiie a-Ki re boata are of the rir-l e:ass ; they are com
manded !<> experienced and alienUveolnstera, and for speed
?it.: i. ?mrnonarlon are superior 10 most, aud inferior to
none on the rtver. jes3
OPPOSITION ?l?UNIMs link ?t SJ ? dock tbr
Albany, tarxiing at IJammond-st, \an Cortiandt*s,
[PeekakilL] Cold Spring, Newburgb, New :u
Ml i, Pokeepste, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upper R.?l
Hook, Bristol,CstskllL Hudson. Coxsackie ana Kinder
liiHJ*. Passage Ooe DoUar
The new and fast sailing steamboat MET
sMORA, Capt I* H. Smith, a til leave the
pier foot of Warren at Monday. Wednes
day enci Friday ut bj o'clock A. M. Reluruing, leave \l
banyTnesd ty, Thursday and Saturday,
i Passengers lakmg this boat arrive in Albany in tine for
lha rain o< cars going North and West. Breakfast and
? dinner on board,
! For freight or passage apply on board, or of Andrew'
Clark, cor. West and Warren sis.
Fare to Van Cortlandt'a Dock25eta P.'kivpsie 'sicts.
Hudson 75eta. Albany Si. 06 im
'Line for Albany.?The splendid steaaM
ONEIDA. Capt Geo. O. Tapper, will leavs
the steamboat pier foot or Liberty st. Tuesday evening at 1
clock I'. M. bind ins at Poucbkeepsle and Hadseo, ivliif
_ ,fT?? ?. HOUNIM; HO \T Killt Al.HAN V
Jaaaa?aaaMraste v N11 rROY.?Passage 91. tliesKfast ?i,t
Dinner on board the Boat Passengers
taking this Boai wtli aritve in time to take the Kveiang
Tram of Cars from Troy west 10 Hurlalo, and north lo Bar.
atogo, and Lake Oeorga
Toe steamboat NIAGARA, Cant, Was. Ellsworth, wlii
leave Moral ?y. Wednesday and Friday, at . o'clock. A. M.
from the Tier foot of Barc!ny*aL -returning on opposi.s
days. It^'K 'i Passage or Freight apply oa boaro. or to
K BHail at lha Office on.the Wharf, auittf
?rl.i in DSON.Capi Wm. H.Mellen,bav
lag been overhauled, is now In krstrsta or*
der. wiil in future inn on her old route lo Hudson direct,
wlthOUl stopping at the Intermediate landing*, leaving
fr. the foot of Cedar-sL Nuw-York, at 5 o'clock, svery
Momlav W'fl'tesday and Friday eventegs, and Hudson
every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings at b o'clock,
or on the amva] of the Cars from the Kssr.
For passage apply on board. 'j'iSSiets through lo Pltls
te ?: S: Sot west Stockbridge Si 7j. and Cbstaam $1 .v>
I' S.?This itoai bas a larire number <<( Si ate-Rooms, s.irl
_ -nr?a?%OAIl.Y I.INK at l o'clock?For New
?'~77jji -irand Flshkill,landing at Van Cort
".an.lt s(Peekskill), Wosl Point.Cold Snrmg
and Cornwall -The new stemuer THOMAS POWELL,
Capt Samuel Johnson, mil leave the steamboat pier, foot
of Warren ?L every afternoon tSundaya excepted) at I
O'clock. Returning, 'ill leave Siewburgh e.ery Monday
morning St half-past II and Lhe remaining mornings of tke
week ui 7) '?' -.ock, landing ?? above. Forfieightor passage
spp:v on t.oard the boat
S. B.?All bagiraga ami fretahtof ev ery description.'-snk
bl .- or spei' ? I ui on board ihia i?'?t. aatst be ai the risk
t>f ths,owners tnertrof,unlessSDtered on lha l .^oksof the
boa: or receipted for. le?.' if
_.fp? k.i.M)i;i*i:.M)n.\T oppomtio~n".
? * ' 1 ' ? N-w York ami
?aaaaaaaaaaa ^ ( , (^ ,_,?? ? (i ,.. M.-Tbe stea.-.ier
BELLE, Captain Samuel Scbuyler. will leave New-York
foi Ail any e ery Monday, Wednesday sad Friday, landing
at IIamiUOnd-St from the.foot Ol llohiason-ai. The Behe
Sited ii,. vvlili splendid state io, ins. and for speed. C SB
fort and safety >. not surpassed by any boat on the Hod SOS
rivi?r. Passengers taking the, Bella will arrive In A.i.aa/
til ample tune lor the morning cars East or West, an3
pacel boats North. For freight or passage irKulm O
.'..?s I. _
- err"" t? POU ?TATKN ISIsANO. <Ju anJ
iksi.aasail*'T"iT*ii""''r "1"v 1 ?'?'' '"v "f Septetul tr
.... ? t, tj ,| ,, w.,|| pjn as follows l.es>n
Stateti Island at 8, 8, I". |] A. M aii't 3, I, 8 I' M. Lesvi
Nrw.Vorit at 7, 9, 11 A. M.an.l I, J, f>,1 P. M.
All goods at the risk of ihn owners 'hereof. sM
,rr?? aSI'.iI.mkk Altlt.tMlH *IKNT. TTSZ
Pit,, i s??sn The New-York and Erie RMUoadjai
*^*Mt^^JJ*^l.lttL-, from April I siunii! further notice, mM*m
, win run daiiv [Sundays ear opted) between the city of New.
' York and Middleiowu, Goslieu, and Intermediate, places,as
! follows :
i For Passengers?Leave New-York at 7 A. M.aud iP.M.
I " " LeaveMlddletowiiallJ A. M.and H P M
! Ftre reduced to i?t 29 lo Middleiown?way in pr...pi>r .
lion. Breakfast, dinner, sn pper and bertlis eao be bal on
' ih>- steamboat
For Freight? Leave New-York at!, IV M.
i ?? ?? ?Leave Middleiown at. - M.
The names ?( the consignee, and of the slallon where to
I be [eft, must be distinctly rnarkedopon each astlcle shipped.
Frelgbl not received afbsi ', I'. M. in New-York.
Applv to .1. F. ClaARJCSON. A^erii, at tiie OaVe, eor. o(
D-ar.e arid I'.'.vt a s. H. C. SEYMOUR, Supe otendenl
Msrch 'JMth, ISt'l.
I tV Stages run daily from Middle town, on the arrival ut
: the afternoon train, to Milford, Carbondale, Honesdaie,
\l ntrose,Towmnda,Oweaoand Wl-sl Al?o, loMoadeei
... IVmdsor, Bingbsmton, Itbaca, Ac Agenton board.
iarel ',
NEW i.ink ok NEW-YORK Packets foi
Liverpool -Packet of Mill of Ort?The new, spiee
'did fast sailing and favorite packet ship GABRICK,
lirxi tons burthen.CaptTraak, wulsail on Monday,Cei
Kth,her regular day Persons wishing to secure berths
should not fan to make early application on board, foot of
Wall-at,orto W. ax J. T TAPSI.OTT_oZt
only KEG i Is AK LINE of Packets for Ola*.
Packet of the 1st Nov ?Tim splendid, n?w
'and faU sailing packet ship hltOOKSBY, Cspt.
McEwen, will positively sail as above, her regular dsy.
I ds ship has splendid SCCOmmodsfJons for-tanm, secmid
ea i 'i id steerage pasaengers. Those about proceeding
I . So I e ?: are assured that the ships comprising this hfl?
sail positive.y on the 1st of each month. Those w Isblog to
secure berths should make early application on board, foul
of Kooaevell-sl. or to W. It J. T. TAI'SCOTT,
oJi H Soutii-st 2d door below Buriliig-sUp.
1?XECCTOIlti' ISAXEof Va.nal.le Real Eslaw in
lithe! Hy of New-York, by WILLIAM IL FRANKLIN.
Aucuoueer.?The sobsenbers, Executor and Executrix 'it
the Wiliof Joi.n Brown, deceased, will sell at Public
! Am i.on. at the Merchant*' Exchange, 00 Tuesday, u>
tenth day of November nest, at twe.ve o'clock st nwm.?i*
1 followed descr.bed Real Estate belonging to the estate of
? the aabl teatator :
First?Tbe good two Story brick front dwelling House
? and Lot of Land situate on lhe Southwesterly slde'of
I Frankfor'.-sL known as No 2S Franxfort-sl the bHbetnr
S fees 7 Inches In a idth i front on Frsnkfort-sr. S feet I
I inches m vs Idth in mo rear, and ir. lengui, on each side, l***
I feet r, inches.
s'e. or.d?Tbe two story frsme House an/1 Storn and Lot
of Land sttuate on the Southwesterly corner of Chrystls
, and Walser sis, known as No. 2e3 TV aiser st. the Lot be?
ing B fee. t tnches in width in front on WaJker-st. 5i feet
'? ? inches in width la the rear, ami in depth on each side J"
i '"*t- /
. Third?The two story frs/ue dwelling House and Lot ?
I Land adjottin? the , ist alio?e de*cril>^. known as NaS"
\\ '. i-r'.i. "-.r- ot leritg 32 feet9 Inches In Waith in frontoo
Waiker-st. 13 feet one in width in the rear, and in depth oo
, each side 50 feet.
Fourth?Tha g-od two s'ory brick dwelling House sr.1
I.. ,: [si sd olalng IhaJast above deaer.letd, kaowa a*
No. 9 ; Waiker-st. the U>t being 2'feet II inches In width
in front on Walser sr. gg feet ?> loche* in width in the rear,
and :n depth on each side 30 feet
F'/tb?The handsome three -lory hnea House and Lot of
\ Land sttuai? on the rviutheny side of East Broadwav, and
' known as No. 310 East Broad way, containing 2-1 feel *a
? width in front and rear, and in length on th? Westerly sida
. ? ?? a:.d or. the Easterly side 73 feet 7 inciu-s, be tha
same dimensions more or less.
' T?:sm>?Ten per cent cash and the Auctioneer'* fee* to
i.e ; i.i on the -lay of sale. The balance lifteendays there?
after,? hen the deeds will be delivered- Two-thirds of
j the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage oo
1 tbe premises fur three jears. at seven per cent interest
For farther iart.et..ar- re-pe. '.ng the property, iaaei/e
er of I scriber*, u ISAAC DAYTON, No. I
Nassao-sr. EDGAR K ETCHTJ .'.t, No. 69 Na**au-st or
i WILLIAM H FRANKLIN. Auctioneer. No. 15 Broad s'
' SAX IE L DAYTON. No. 13 Marketsr. Executor,
RACHEL BROWN. Na 2U5 Waiker-st Executrix
? ogi eodtNov.u_<
BRIDGE, -'10 Wa'ei st '?ss for sale a fire ass-irtmet.'.
j of ?ie be?t ku.ds of Stores Halls. Parlors, Nursonsv.
I Mores, tc. Theso stoves are mads of the bust uiuerlai*
a:.: .. i substantial manner. Our bail sujves, with drum?
i coaaeeted, give entire satisfaction to a.! using them, aa l
i we eor.hdeully recommend them to ail who wish to beat
thtrtrhoues in a pletvsant aud economical way. We luv?
t also Olnxsted's PatenS Pari >r Stove?, which slail excel every
j othe' in eeonotny :-nd purity of heat. Also Boawonf s Air
: Tight S*j;ve for wo.,-1, t'A other kiadsfor of5ce?.cbaaiber*.
] Ac. at reasonable price*. Store? pul up at short notice by
com irkmen,_oia ltaeoi _
BOI LEU PiVATE?-3S tears Paddled B .i.er I'Uie.
r:r" received end for saCe tow. hy
o'.'l_3. M SHKB-MAN. No. & Broad-st
IIKEV ISOX?IM bandies EP Sheet Iron, Just r*>
c^ivel isxi lor site by
1 og? BENJ. >L SidJldJ-MAN, N'o. ii B:oad-st

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