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or, when tbey prefer.tbey can pay io advaix-oal
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Jit. ?nnaai, In advance and the paper in no c**o con
beyond the time for which it la paid. Subaertp
'?j~L ujken for atx months. Three Dollar* In advance
!?nired In all eichanrea with Country Newspaper*.?
{Sr. papers received at this office whoae term* are
^JhJr tbsn tboee of The TaisirxE, are not allow?d any
i inea. orle**?Fir*t insertion.25 cents
' ^I" >?,,, .n-.semient lnaerrlnn..12* "
.6 cent* a lue.
< - the tn?'de " "
S .Ten Linea?F!r?t tuaertlon.
"I* fLt)*ecncnt insertion, v, hich may be 1
VrJiatl or once, twice, or three time* > 2 cents a line.
.iihe option of the advertiser, j
*TS ?avertlsementa?Five Ceuu a line for the first
BeashSM Four Cent* for etch aubaer-nent one.
a* 'JJ|^ijiae?ia6CS, FcwaaAL Notices, 4tc not eiaedmi
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i MWisbed every SjiTt-a dav M.?msc, at the low price of
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?fcrtVSt _
nehhsfced every W^dnksuat and Satubdav inornlnge.
tSm S3 per annum. Two rupies for S?.
V L O R I N E.
by france*! 5. osgood.
Cotx hither, you wild little will-o'-the-wisp !
With your mischievous smile nnd your m Laical lisp
With your little head tossed, like a proud fairy queen,
?Jt playful, my pretty, rny petted Florinc I
laa yon beg of a shell, love, the blush on your fi.ee >
Did you ask a gazelle, love, to tench you its grace ?
piiJ you conx from the clouds, ol a sun SCI Ben n
fie gold of your ringlets, bewitching Plorine i
Did you lesm of a lute, or a bird. < r a rill,
The raYi?hinL'tones that with melody thrill >
Afci your little light best* wonders wind I can m< in.
for j'ou know not the charms ot your Icnuty r lorine.
THE RAINBOW 164" : Edited by A J. McDonald*
Albany: A L. Harrison. New York P.ell i: Gould.
Wiley A Putnam.
This is n remarkably elegant and tasteful Gift
jook for the approaching Holidays, having teu ?
ckI engravings of merit, with about One Hun it
.urinal articles, by A. B. Street, Park Benjamin,
&y G. Potts. Judge Beverley Tacker, II 'J
Isdtermari. James T. Fields W B Spragae I' D
a? A. D. Woodbridge, Mrs. Frances H. W.
t?ten, Ac. Ac We think thia work compares In
rytbly in all respects witli any other id its class
?tili has been or soon will be issued We quote
?specimens ol it* verse:
I po not ask ibr kindliness which Rows?
The constunt impulse of thy generous heart
.\ot casual tenderness that only plows
Like sunset clouds that Hush aa they depart i
Sor cheerful words thut so benignlj fall,
Nor social glee expansive us the <lny.?
These, though rich gifts, are yet dispensod to nil;
But I so love thoe thai I faiu would drink
ikne. in secret, ?t nfTcction's spring?
Icnimr/t hover on die Bowery brink,
Bat pine beneath tho wavo my soul to Hing ;
Thy heart's lair vestibule to others give?
Bat U let me within the temple live'
nv JAMr.s T. 1 I EM.-.
" Still the same?no charm forgol
Nothing lost ihm time bad gRi it "
iisorr not tin- dead, who have loved, who have left US,
Who bend o'er us now from their bright homes above,
in believe, never doubt, that the Ood who bereft us
Psrmitsthrm to mingle with friends they still love,
irrest their fond words, nil their noble deeds cherish.
rpesk pleasantly of them who loft us in tear- [perish,
rat our lips their denr names other joy s should not
While time bears our feet through the volley ol years,
fwfriends of our youth, can wo cease to remember
The last look of lite and the low-whispered prayer??
?k cold be our hearts as the Ice ol December,
When love's tablets record no remembrances there,
lani'ogct not the dead, who are ovorraoro nigh us,
rail floating sometimes to our drerun haunted bed -
k the loneliest hour, in the crowd tin y tire by us,
forget not the dead I oh, forget nut tho dead 1
Tin IIistokv of Civilization, From the Foil of tlie
Roman Bmpiro to tho French Revolution. By I
(InzoT: Translated by Wuxiau Hazlitt. I1 Ap
piston A Co, ~i m i Broadway.
This work is divided into two Parts. Tho Firs!
raoltins n General History, or rather n profound
lUosophicnl Analysis, of the lending events ol the
History of the Nations of Europe from the Fall of
the llomati Kmpire to 1769, niul of tlie principles
-it governed the historical progress of Europe
toing tlint period. The Second contains the His
lay of Civilization in Franco in particular, with n
reneral glance at the rest of Europe. The stady
tithe siH-inl nml political pnutress of what is called
k?dern Civilization i? entered into more minutely
* die Second Part, ninl bence it became neccs
uryto select one Nation as a type and to study it
rirticnlarly. M. Gnizot very properly made choice
JFrtuiee. which, intellectually.. hti? been, as alio
ittll is, the Leader of Europe in social and political
We cannot speak in too huh terms of this nd
*ir?b!e work As a perspicuous analysis of
Jmo importnut political and religious movements
lEaropc which have resulted in the formation ol
a*great civilized Nations that now exist upon tlie
'?Uli. and as u clour and comprehensive summary
ff the events of tho great historical epochs that
?acedeil each other, WO think that this work has
? rival Others have written more in detail, nml
atroduced us. as Thierry has done, innre intimately
'tothe duilv life nml tho manners of the People
mt tor a study of tho principles that have lain nt
ks foundation of the historical life and the work
sji of Nations, nml of the philosophy ot the his
?rk'al Movements which have markod the pro
iwsot European History, we think thai M. Guizot
4inot boon equaletL His insight into, ami his ihs
rttkm of the causes that led to the establishment
tpolitioiil institutions, and his nnnlysisi.i the sii
sScation of great political nnd religious eveuta, are
tittraiul profound, and must assist the atndent in
akolaWy in obtaining a knowledge ol the history
?iwhich he treats Tho rise ami constitution ol the
feudal System of tho Church, the Affranchisement
" the Cities, the commencement of Intellectual
iW*tos* in Europe the signification of the Ro
htnation. are among the topics luminous!) ex
piffled by the powerful talent of M Guizot
France has produced within lato \ oars, some re
??kable historians and Appleton A Co are reti
kring an important service to the public in repub
*-*ar their works. Tho study of History will be
^cred more attractive, ami a clear view of prin
'fles rather than n more external description of
"fits will thus be conveyed- ^ 0 *':l" reC0lu
"fsd this work to every reader ol History as one
1****li appears to us in< is pens able
Ihe twi. volumes bot' "o us are very handsomely
'isted, and sold at a moderate price
brro?y of thk Enousm RxvoiunoN of 1640?
commonly called the Great Rebellion?from the
Arressioii of Clno les I. to his Pesth. By K. Oi'uot.
1 voL liiriui. 515 pages. Published by D. Apple
?on A Co.
^okave not read" Litis work i nmi cannot, there
?"v.speak irvnn Lmpresaions of our own of its ehrtrno
*aad value. Coming, however, from so able n pen.
tcannot fail to depict the great event in English
"-??tory of which it treats otherwise than in a supo
!**tnannor. and to sot forth in a clear light the va
"ts causes that were at work to produce it. ami
^?apiril that nuimated iL
WoSas's Reward.?This well known anduu
??Ally admired novel by Hon. Mrs. Norton has been
?^?blislu-d by H. Long a Brother, 39 Ann st. Price SS
Q"" The LoXDOS Lakckt lor October may be
*??of Burgess. Stringer A Co. Broadway ami Wm.
'Graham, Tribune Buildings.
E?* 'General Worth's Grand March, composed
?i dedicated to Maj. Gen. Worth, for his gallant con
**tat the storming ot Monterey, by Chauaxs Pera
-**** i* publiahed by C. Holt. Jr. 156 Fulton si.
BT* A correspondent of the Journal of Cotu
"?te states that a contract has been made by the Gov
*Jsffl?nt with Capt. Taylor, to take the Princeton, the
?'''?dssippi, and other vessel a over the bar at Tsnipieo.
?V.T. ylor is to us? for this purpose marine camels,
?"?de of India rubber. The depth of water on the bar
,r*!*t*ei tea tcet.
VOL. VI. rvo. 172.
**u?l,en-.inii of The Trne American.'
Toe True American of the 21kt inst. contains tbe
following announcement:
We liave to announce tiie discontinuru.cct ot tbe
Tarcx Ajtzatcux. Order, have been received from C.
m. Clay's AUorxi*y. to let it cease with the present num?
The necessity assigned fur taking this -tep i? pecunia?
ry. Mr. Clay s Attorney dees riot-feelwiUine to meet
the regular expenditures of the paper. Its discontinu?
ance, therefore, is deemed indi-ps-n-able by him
We and wv apeak pok-ly on our wa authority; regard
this discontinuance as merely a suspension, and expre-s
our firm conviction that a paper will be tsuhl'ished in
it? place in Kentucky./.mauns-a.-'.;, in a lew week*.
We Sod in the same paper the following Ad
dross :
Vou will learn frt.m the article aVs->v.-> trmr the
True American is tr# be discontinued after the present
We understand and appreciate the motives which in?
duced yon to subscribe to it. and most cordially do we
thank you for your sympathy und aid.
The work to which this journal ha? beep devoted, is
no trilling one. It required, on the pari of its conductor,
a foil and accurate knowledge ot Siarery?a thorough
comprehension of the views,-nt/ rcBts. passions, and pre
judice, of slaveholder;?and a like familiar acquaintance
with the condition, feelings and thoughts < t the white
laboring classes, and such a use of t'nsfknowledge as to
enable him to?p.-ak so as to be heard by the larjest pos?
sible number, without exciting anger or dislike. To do
this. und. 8* the "-iiTie time not to yield one iota ot prin?
ciple, was notary matter We iiav. endeavored to ac
compllsh thi? object in pan -it least by .-imply speaking
the truth, no we hohl it. in love. The pro^reja ot the pa?
per in thi Sluve States shows, we think, that we hr,ve not
labored altogether in vain.
We believe?we con Id almost say ire I.mow ?that a
journal conducted as this paper ha* i.een. would go far,
in the course ol a lev. year-, to begin the Work of eman
clpation in tie- Slave States;
We will not enlarge upon the importance of having
an anti-slavery organ rn the Slave States, nor speak of
the joy which pro-slavery men will f, el i,; the discon
tinuance of the True American, I', t.. will he appar?
ent enough to reflecting minds.
We cannot allow this sad occasion to pa-a 1,7 without
offering our poor advice to the friends of liberty out of
the Slave Sta.es. in one or two particulars, Vou should
practice n:tt! manifest towards the advocates of freedom
in the Slave Slates tin largest liberality, and cultivate,
at the same rime, tbe strongest patience. We have stat?
ed to you tie- difficulties under which we labor. They
require that every string upon the hr.rp ol human syrn I
patby should bt touched, and that; too, without a jar. -
While doing or attempting this some of you have not j
felt iu necessity, and others of you failed to understand
its object Offence, consequently, was taken, and we,
occasionally, censu-ed. We complain not. bat we think
in all these eases that you should have taken it tor grant- .
ed that we had n good object in view, and thai ?v were ,
using right means to accomplish it. Then, again, we '
have been educated under every disadvantage, and may
not often, or always, soo the light ns clear in you do. Is j
it wonderful, under these circumstances, thai we should
fail to express tin- whole truth ' Is it remarkable thai '
we should err I For this failure you should have, ah a !
majority have done, manifested towards us the kindliest
sympathy mid the truest liberality, rejoicing that your 1
brethren, nndei nil their disadvantages, had advanced
as fur as they have in the cause of freedom.
J in t yet more, friends of freedom, should you culti- '
irate PATIKKCX towards the cause in the South, and its 1
advocates. Our work cannot l?- accomplish) d In a day.
!t will require years. I- it right, then, that you should j
repino when you do not behold at once the fruits of our
labors < Is it right that you should grow wearypf heart j
and liiint. when, niter u few years' roil, you ice no great |
results 1 You must have faith, and consent to work in ;
tlmt faith. You must be willing to die with your armor
on. even though no one victory gladden your sight ? '
What. Ind.I. I* n life in the world's history ? Let us
rejoice ii we can plant way side seed in our day, if ;
otln rs, who an- to come ?ft.-r us, -hall taste the ripened :
fruit of the tree we planted. Patience ' It is n great
and rare virtue. It is essential to nil good men, and to ,
every good cause. Let us cultivate it. Let it mnrk the
conduct and character of the defenders of freedom
everywhere. If it does, and they are otherwise tru e
they will triumph.
Most deeply do we mourn the occasion which corn
pels us to abandon, temporarily even, the defence of the
good cause. Willingly, joyously, would we devote our
fivi.- to ;t. eont.-nt to struggle on unknown, ii then by
we could lift up the degraded, and make human love
and human liberty more and more the bond uniting
man to man. ?
For your aid in helping us to do what we have done
we thank vou with all our heart. Heaven sp.I the
coming of the hour when we shall ICO the daw n of the
day ol Untvkbsai FaEKDOSt, and thus know, by the
gloriou0 reality, that our etlorts have nor been in vain 1
In tin.- hope, we hid you mi affectionate farewell.
From Montevideo.
Tiie Courier and Enquirer lias received; by a re?
cent arrival ?t Baltimore, important intelligence from
Montevideo, concerning the negotiation* which, at the
latest date-, were in progress between Governor Rosas
and the Governments of England and Franco. The i il
lowing is given, in a private letter dated May 33d, as the
basis Ol' the negotiations Which had been ottered to Ro
?as by the representatives of the two Governments
named -
1st The governments of France und England, by com?
mon con-en: ot Governor Kosaa will procure a sttspi it.
aion of hostilities between the Oriental forces ol the
city ot Montevideo und the country.
lid. This armistice obtained, the two plonipoti nrJaries
will request of the Government the disarming of all for
eignere who are armed In Montevideo, as well as evi ry
other point ol territory,
3d. Simultaneously w ith the disarming of tiie foreign?
ers, Koshs will withdraw all tin- Argentine troops from
all and every point ol the territory.
?Ith. Immediately after the execution ol the two pre?
vious articles?that ts to >uy?tin- disarming the foreign,
era and evacuation ot the territory, the blockade of the
Argentine ports sind! be raised, the Island ol Mai tin
Garcia to be delivered to the Argentine Government,
and also the vessels ot war. which are captured, all in
the sain.-state in which they w,-re found, as far as prac?
ticable, and the Argentine llag tola- saluted With 0!
guns, tin- merchant vessels captured by either party
-hall bo reciprocally restored to their owners.
5th It is admitted that the navigation ot tiie Parana
Itiver is considered interior navigation, subject only to
tho regulations and laws ol the Argentine Republic, so
hmg .t? ii occwpiet thr two margin* of. that rirer.
i ih. It is acknowledged and understood that the Ar
gentine Republic possesses tree and unequivocal, all tiie
rights in Peace and \\ nr. which correspond to any other I
State und although the circumstance which obliged the
two intervening "powers temporarily lo interrupt the
bel?gt rent nglus ot that Republic it is admitted that the
principle on "which they acted would be equally appli
cable to England and France under similar circum?
"til. An election shall lake place in the ? mental : talc,
to nil the Presidency of the Republic, with entire sUrv
lection to the ConatiMtioaa) Uwa-of the country, with
out compulsion of any class, or from either party. Gen
era) Oribo obliging himself, to be governed by the result
of such election
Stb. A general amnesty revipiiietil and complete lor
persons and property, acknowledgment of the rights ot
all foreigners; doing justice to their forced reclamations
This amnesty ???> no! to be an obstacle, :! any Argentine
emtgrHUl residing in the Hsnda Oriental, give unto Gen
Rosas tust cause of complaint, or compromise by their
conduct tin- good relations ot these Republics, they
shall tv removed from the territory, and sent to such
foreign port as they may designate.
?itb. 'l itis basis, admitted by Governor Rosas and Gen
end Oribo, LI refused by tbe Governments .>i the Re?
public, the plenipotentiaries ot the two power-will ,i,
clare the withdrawal ol ihe intervention of their Go,
ernments, and it will be withdrawn effectively if these
persuasions ot conditions are not complied w ith.
A postscript to tbe letter dated gTtii. says. Rntre H us
an.l Cktrrlentea are now annexed to tbe Argentine Con.
federation. ?11 having been arranged by l'rquu? and
The Journal ot Commerce has a letter from Monte
video dated August SSM, w hich agreeslubstantisjly with
the above. The same paper also publishes the follow?
ing later intelligence which does not seem to confirm
the first:
Eztra+t of a i,:trr. dated Montevideo. Aug. 35, IStsR
\s respects the condition of this country, we threw
into a circular torru on the '.Vth iust some remarks
which we thought appropriate to the existing stau- of
affairs . since then, however, appearances an- tar from
being so favorable, aud although nothing pcaaOA e is
known respecting rite causes of the delay, yet such is
occurring, and already rumors begin tosasume so tang-.
bieaahape that we may well fear thata much.longer
time will elapse before the tiua! settlement ot diihcu.- ,
lies, than we had ventured to hops.-.
montevideo. Aug. 27.
It is now rendered certain that peace wtl! hot bo es
tablishod very soon in this quarter -, consequently we
do not look tor the removal Of the blockade ol rluenos
Ayreafor a long time yet
Thf FiuaccH TRAXSATjUsSTK Stfameks.?The :
Havre Courier of a recent dat.- has a paragraph which is
thus translated t , .
?We have announced that tue Govecmnent has oea
ded to ,-taolish a tram 1 communication fetween
France and the United States, and that it ha, chosen
Cherbou-gfor tbe place of departure ami Now \ork tor
the place of arrival. To the two frigates, the Danen and
Ulloa, of the port of Cherbourg. de-tineU tor this service,
will be added the Ckrixopktr OhWsW and the Lanaaa
of the port of Brest We know that the law of IS* I has
declared that the line to New-York shou.d be ab:.:. I
to a particular company on condition ol a jnosoiy ot
francs bv otie ttorss; lo?'i". Four steamers o! 1.?' .tv -
jHiwer flko those which the Government is about putting
?ou this line, would have given to the Company a lubsidy
of l SSLOOOf.; the English supply ? nearly duiiSe. It is
true that the Cunarvi Company have a greater number t?i
boats. However this may be. the Cs.>verninent has re?
served the right, or at leas: the Chamber? have enjoined
the execution of the plan in the ease that any company j
doe* not present itself to accept the conditions. Tae law
of 'Mi' d-xlares that Cherbourg should be the point ot |
departure for these packot-tevats until the basins ot the I
harbor of Havre should be able tc recede them.
Thinir? in Philadelphia-.
I Corrasposdencc of The Tribune.
PHTLAserpHiA. Oct 25. 1?46.
It is axntisiiij to witness tie different excuses
? which ro-e tram,-d by tie Loco-Foc&s to account forthnr
; late defeat. They assign every cause hot the right one.
? and ?eem to think, with tie ostrich, because they hide
? the h'-id nnd front of their offending, they uannot be .11*
covered. The Pottvvflle Democratic I're'; .-.n-i the Har
. risburr Argus, however, come out honestly and acksovsl
edge it *a a popular v^rdiet ot disapproval upon the
deception of Polk and Kane, and the treachery of Bu
; 'ehaiian and Luilas. The I.neos will have it tost the
Whigs bare achieved no victory. because the discontent
of rh- Cameron and ?"orte.- r'tque, ot thir party, swelled
. our vote <,n Tans! ComrniaaioDer. If this argument is
sonnd. Mr. Polk should abatcate the President:?! chair
; and zirt- his seat to Henry Clay, who but for the third
; party folly and the T'tas excitement wr.uld have been
j elected. There i; but one true interpretition to the ac
; tion of Pennsylvania :.nd thai Was procuimetl on the day
; of election in every town, borough and voting district il
, the Mate. The People are tired of false advisers and
labrieal leaders, who have led them year after year in
the ciiaee of their jack-o'-lantern Democracy, until they
were swamped, and ihe determination was therefore
'? made to % ?te upon thf.-ir own judgri.crt nnd notspon
tba ipsc d,ru of demagogues. The consequence was
I when the ' man who tells tbeffi how to vote " went into
! Berks, Sclniylkiil. Montgomery, Colombia, &c tbev hs
tcned uuietly to h? r-dvice snd then took their own.?
Pennsylvania baa been politically m?de only 1 North
North-West," and knows a hawk from a hand?aw. '?
So the Frt-e Trade hawks will rind in all time to come
'I'din? in New?Haven.
New.H.sven,-October 23, 1346
Dear Ttibvru Pro? Wo^ir^rr was inaugurated
President cf Vale College last Wednesday; The
exercises were very *ood. Ii the morning Rev.
Mr. Bacon delivered an able discourse; in the after?
noon several addresses were made?one by Presi?
dent Da v. the one resisnine on account of his nrre.
Wool soy is a comparatively yoniir man :or such a
Tiie Whigs hav.-> be'-n much excited hi re bv the
Election Returns The news by Caledenh has rreatly
relieved the public raind concerning tlie lu?? of the
fireat Britain. Tne grand annual fort ball match be
tween iii<- Freshmen'and Sophomore Classes, resulted
in tsror of the Sophomores, who won rive carries out of
seven. The Sophomores mustered B1 tho Freshmen 65.
Yours tniTr F.. A. R
From the Independence Expositor.
To tlie Future Emigrant? to Oregon Territory.
Fort Mali., Snake River. Sept. 10th. 1846,
Geki mwien : The undersigned are happy t. in
form you that a Southern route to the AVaUarnette has
jii.-l been explored; and a poitionof the emigration oftbe
present year ana now upon the road. Owing tothe un>
voidable delay, lie-exploring party did not arrive at
the forks oftbe road until some ol the front companies
of the emigrants were passed, perhaps eighty or one hun?
dred wagons.
The new rout'- tollows the road to California about
300 miles Irum this place, and enter? the i iregon Terri?
tory by the way ol tin- Clam, t bake. pi--es through the
splendid valleys ol the Rogue and IJmpqua Rivers and
eniers the valley of the Wsuaiacue. near its South East
ern extremity.
Tb>- advantages gained to the emigrant by this route is
of the greatest importance?the distance is considerably
shortened, the irrnss and water pl> nty. the sterile re?
gions and dangi runs croasicga of the Snake nnd Colum
bin Rivers avoided,as well as the Cascade Mountain!?
he may reach hi-place of destination with his wagon ami
property in tune to build a chbin nml sow wheat before
tin- rainy reason. This rom! baa been explored and will
i?- opened ?t the expelis-- ol tin- < itizenS of Uregun, and
nothing whatever is demanded of tho emigrants.
Gov. BOggl nml party, with many other families of re
-p, ctability, have changed their destination mi I are now
on their way to I tregon. Some of the emigrants baten I
stopping in the t'mpijiiii valley, which, though not so
large, i- quite equal to tbeWallarnette for fertility.
.\ way-bill, fully describing the road, will be prepsn d
and sent to the I mt>-il States, or to Fort Hall, l-ir the
use of the emigration of I-IT. and no pilots will be re
The exploring party left the upper settlements of the I
Wnllamette mi the -J.'.th Jim,- last : crops were m,,-t pro
miring, and the tanners in high spirits. They met a |
large emigration from California, consisting of Hon. ;
Felix Scott, late of. St Charles County. Missouri. huiI
many others who K it the United states Instycar. Tbey
give h decided preference to < Iregon over California. J
Tiie exploring party consists ol John .tones. John ,
Scott, Robert .-until. Joint OwejlS, Samuel GoodbttC, 1
Henry Bogius. Wm. SportsTtian, Jess,- Applegati-. 1 evi
Scott. David i toff, Lindsay Apnlegate, Moses Harri-. \\ in.
Parker. Bennet Osbornc, Ben), F Burcb,
Editors in Missouri, Illinois ami low?, friendly to the
prosperity ol Oregon, will please insert the-foregoing
communication. JESSE APPLEGATE.
S imn IMit. i ISM.?One niglil las) week tin Super- ?
intenileiit of the In-line Asylum in tiii- tow n was awaked
by the ringing ol the Asylum door bell, on raising Iho
window, a portly gentleman was seen standing upon the
steps,hntless and shivering, who thus "defined his posi- |
lie was :,n utb^r -trnnger in town, and came hither
upon business in the Court of Common Pleas, then in '?
session. He put up nl the Phenix. and retired to bed nnd
to sleep betimes ; but when he next came to himself, 1
was tented upon an unlaid atone near a wall at the road-1
side. North ot the Asylum. Being hatless, and doubtless
some time expo-ed to the keen air of Lie night ot bi?
sleep-wnli.iiiL". he reached the Hospital in most uncom?
fortable plight; but after receiving direction- ?hieb
could not mil to conduct him to his lcdgings.bedeparted
thither -it Is hoped to pass a quiet night
[Concord <N. II ) Statesman,
Mississippi Cotton".?The planters ol Holmes
en Miss, held a meeting on the 23d n'.t. mid among other
things appointed a < lotnrnittee to take measures to as?
certain the extent of the deficiency of the Cotton crop.
From a report ul the Committee the following tacts htc
educed: I'pon fifteen plantations, the names ot the
owners ol which are given it appears tin,: from 1740 I
ncres planted, only ItM bales will !?? made this year, j
'Pin- same planters made, from 400 l?-?s arrc-. 1080 bales. ;
This is supposed to indicate fairly the extent ot th,- ,1
ticiencyot the crop iu that -ection of countrj |N O. Pu-.
Chkkokve Natiiisai. Couxcil ?.Monday iast j
was the day for the meeting: of the National Council in i
Annual Session. But neither House organized lor the
want of members to constitute a quorum On Thurs?
day the National Committee organized by electing Jas. t
Brown. Sr. President pr^un. No Message has been y> I
submitted from the Executive,as the principal Chief has
not yet reached home and the Assistant Cbiei is kept
away on account of sen re lamily sickness.
[Cherokee Ad\. sit:
Aefair or Ho.votL?We lenni from Fort Lavac-:
ea, that a duel took place on the :.l mst. near that - lace,
between Lieut, .lack-en and Capt Thoiins F Marshall,
of the 1st Regiment ot Kentucky Cavalry. Vfter ex
chniigiiig t? o siiots without effect, an amicable adiu?t
ment of their difficulty was made. The origin ol the
quarrel is not known, but Capt Mar-hall whs tin chal?
lenged party Through the -sine -ource fjrdm which
we derive the above, we learn that this Kentucky Keg.
ment i? in extremely bad health. Tbi^ .- attrfl Bted
principally to the water which i- very brackish and
warm. " |N o Picayune, l"tb. ;
ABOLiTlONtS'si.?The under-ground railroad is at j
present in HCt.ve ops-ration, and we are not at all sur t
prised at it, for then- are hundreds of /reenegiroes in our
city at tins prescut time who are here contrary to law i
besides, there is what is t.-ruied a Sorthtru Afriran \
Church organised in this city, in which, we are credibly
Infontsed, a very violent Vbolition harangne was dell'"
ered n few evenings since. Owners of slav,-? must ex
ptVt to surier loss when an open jV;v; ot tlie lunatics!
Northern men .. existence iu our very midst
|Sl Louis Reveille.
Florida.?Letters received in this city; yester?
day, place tin- election of Cabell beyond a don!.; Mr.
C?'tvll is a son of Judge William H. Cabell of this city.
He left Virginia seven or eight years ago for Florida,
where be settled and cummenced the practice ot law.
He is still very young aud hi represented as a geu
tleman of very promising taleuu-. i: has been re?
marked of the verv numerous family, who*- name he
bears that there never was a Loco-Foco of the name
of Cabell ?" We smcerely hope, for our jian. thai -he- ?
never may be. Richmond Whig.
Fatsi AcctDKXT.?A driver of a team between
Weslboro and Mendon. in this ;-t*t?\ got asleep on his
teamaday or two since, and tell on under the fore
wheel,which passed over his ribs. He then endeavor
,\i to extricate himself, but. the team being still in mo
tioii. the hind wh.x-ls passed ov. r h:- hips. H- was
tnken up alive, but was so much in;ureU to at no nopes
are enu-rtaiued ot his recovery. ? Roston Journal.
Forttr.satk-?Capt. James M Scofield, Editor
of the New London vCt) Mortuag Star, has nvently be
come sole heir, bv the death of a bachelor uncle, to an
estate in the Northern part of Scotland, said to be worth
A 1 -h'.OU?.
FiKK ix Hi"n>on.?A tire oeourred i-i Hudson on
Fr.dav night in the carnage esUblishment ot IVlatna
ter. near the Railroad Ilepit, destroying tnat estaSiish
m-nt with most of its contents, l oss is estimated at
sotnefHUW; said to be insured. In the same :-..<?
was a karge tannery, owned by Mr Keyno.ds. Which was
also con.-unieJ.
Fkojt.?A letter received m this city by yester?
day's Western mail, and datod at SaadrrsvU'ie. Warh-ng
tot'i Co. '-Vta iast. savs?- We were visited this morning
with a r-httt frost, which puts ?ji end to the opening ot
Cotton.' . . . , .
There was a slight l"ro*t in the vicinity M.vaana?
the same morning, but uot tu-Scient to affect vegetation.
Savannah Lep.
N-,,7 t:ik Casting Vote this Time.?When
i; .. Georse V Dallas went to the poll on Tuesday last,
a wit who was standing in the vicinity. saU
runttemen here comes the casting
mmseSf. was torce.1 to smile. [r-U-ia?. - un.
DsnCATE QUESTION.?The Pavridenoe Journal
is uncertain whether the news ot the election ot>D. saw?
yer o: ..too to Congress should go wits toe e.cctu =
i>r under the pork market.
Slanc. ok thz D.tr.-??.'-^'-* Is Mr
Mr Ritchie ?avs. the ? Great Fatter ot the r.^ man i
r?nrrr-- H*e aim the father ot nothing star
J ? Richmcad saadani
i iVV ITKM?.
- SToxsat, Oes. 5fi?t
I Death of Mr. Kirk: <a:?We regret :o sav
that tlw doubt overhanging the ."ite of ??i gentleman ?
; succeeded by a mourr.Ta* certainty. His body ?. 5 ,u-.;
? i3 the Hudson Ptiver. near Nenbuish. on Sarardav ?:"
. ternoon, and i: is presumed mat in. the dsrkuesa cf the
; nicht he walked on the dock at that place.
Mr. EirUand the husband of the distinguished
lady who. under the assumed name of - Mary Clavers."
, has won so eminent a pive in our literature. He was
: himself a writer of decided ability, i-irinu his attention
; chietiy to the discussion of moral and high political ouc-:
tiens. and i-rir^!^. He wi=\i.-o a learned and skillful
teacher in :!:*- rr. ?re severe ,1/ partments of belles letters.
Prithee. Tribune, ervethy Brooklyn Carrier
, a tatrhei or a wheelbarrow, that he may preserve tfav
sheets tintorn. Often my paper cr.mec mutilated h*r
tiie accompan; specimen yea. ot: is there a piece
! -raite tom or.t and gone. rc. tnat no imagination can tell
{Srvii&t brie!.: thoughts were there Someame*. ton. i'aw
I ful to relate rj I sit Uly self .town tiv my breakfast, and
take up the moitt paper that good Betty iay? all unopened
by my plate, ana ' .Vcv- l>i H;rM' stares me in the
j face' My appetite goes with the sheet into the gr^tc.
. Do. pray, correct these jevils, and oblige
Thine, .'it P.z.M.-r..v rr.
i Distttrbixg Pi-bt.ic Worship.?A man named
\ Alexander Cowan was yeaerday arrested and held to
: answer tf, a charge of disturbing public worship in the
Sixth--!. Church.
arrested for stealing copper fromusbip yard In the 1
Wird.?Joseph Polly fell ?? victim to bis fon.lne?
' fruit, runt was ?rntto the 'i'.>mbs for stealing apple-.
Foc.vd in a Dr?riTi rr Condition.?a woman
named Rosanna Conklin wa? found, on Sunday night, in
North Moore-it. in i destitute condition, and just ?n the
j eve of confinement. She was taken to the Ciry Hospital
where she was received and attended to.
Mts.-ixc,?Mr Wi'.iir.m Flcnr.r.-- .: N*. \r. Ca
nal-st has been missing from bis home =i'nce Wednesday
?: last. He had cotisjderable money about his person
when hp went away,
1!: \ Over.?a Irt?eboy tour years o!,i was v.-?
.terdny run over by a .-?rr-j.---- in lameS-st. The tittle
fellow had one ol bis thnrbs broken, and wa-, other* ise
injured. He wii sent to the Hospital.
Cat t.vn Dot- Plat.?James Smith-and S;;<i:i
j schenck were Srourht up on charge of displaying their
pugilistic talents in Anthony St. They wer, committed
in default of 5200 bail.
L iRCKKiES,?A boy name ! Moras was yesterday
I Ith
Light thk Lamps?Tlie Captain of the 17th
I Ward reports that no lamp- were lighted last night be
: tween Ninth and Fourteenth sta. ami i>etween lint svi
: nne and avenue A.
j VVealth tu Chicago.?-The Chicago Democrat
cbrf the f.>::.,u;i:g ..imnnry ,.f the A ->,,r- returns
i of the property 0? that city, the tirit store on which, a
wooden building, was erected twelve yean since. Tlie
; total valuation is J4^5O0,O0C?and the taxes un the same
are $17,000.of which the i; t and 2d Wards pay $11,000.
Thonsands of enterprising and energetic
persons will bind In our city this month and the next?
many ol them for the tir-t time, Hundreds ot them will
t>e disappointed i:i not finding 1 inploymcnt To all mch
we would say, Tarry not too long in New < irb-nns ; push
your way on to the Wert. there 1:10 industrious man
heretofore 1ms been always able to secure nn independ?
ence?now be may. alter n few years' labor, coli: on a
competence. [X.'O Delta.
The steamer Princeton arrive*! nt P,,n,::i
cola from Chagres on the 17th in?t. She bungs no news
that has transpired.
?enercl Notices.
r?" CoUesre of Pbarmney nf the City of Neu ?- -
T SB regular Winter Course 0* Lectures in this Institution ;
Will commence on Monday lie 3 1 ol November ne\t, at 4
o'clock,'P. M. and be continued 'our months, on Monday, 1
Wednesday, and Friday of eack week, at Iho l 0 lege
Rooms, til Brondwayvlover Loekwood's Bookstore.]
On Maleria Medice and Pharmacy, from 1 to'> o'clock,
by Professur Benjamin W. McCready, M. 1).
On Chemistry, from 5 to 6 o'clock, l?y Professor Law?
rence Beid.
Tin- Leciures on M.iteiia Medien a..d Pharmacy v. ..1 be .
Illustrated by an extensive cabinet of -'speehnerurof true
and falae lire::-.
The Leciures on-Chemistry will give prominent atten?
tion t" i'.s application in tie- business of mi Apothecary;af
folding minute instructions in quantitative nnd qualitative
analysts u;:.'. lynth.-. with experimentaldcmonstra?ons, ,
showing the metl Ods >?:' eriilnfng the strength ami pu
rlry of Dint* ami Chemicals, They win also comprise in- j
slniclion in 111'- -c. r.ce .? e\;,-i,-iceiy cour.tvled With ^
manv of the ussful and ornamental arts. j
Tickets for each Course at s>-_,-a.i be procured ? : John
Milbau. 183 Broadway; Ruahlou .-s Ca llOBroadwayt
rames & AspinwalL8? \Villiam-?t.j Adarnson i. OIlbT,
Bowery; J. a A. M-ahim. .Ml Broadway; Weisman .\;
Cassebeer,corner of Bronme and Orchard stad Oeorge D.
Co-ge?ltal!.-l-'l I'enr:-:. an-J of ? v.l.cr of 111- Pr,,fi-.-,r-.
New-York, October, 1 o22 eodtN3 ?
t*s7"sscptember Report of theItlarnnJ f?ife ln
snrnnce Compuns 01 N ?? 1 - N
in-t;luti.m. during the m./tilb of Sepleml'-T, issued ul'iety
two new Policies, viz
To.Mer. hunts and Trsl-r- II To Mechanics .It
Mapiifar l:.rers.II
Brokers. 1
B-inUers. 1
President ot an ln?. Co. ?
?crelnry. ...do., .do
Physician . 1
Teachers. ?
Professor i:i L'n:ver?i'.y I
. SlQileuLs. h
(Jrocer. II " Lawyers. t
?? Cartuiau. I " Druggist . j
?? Innkeeper. I " Lady. I
" Bath-keeper. I| " Oentleman. 1
?? Karmer. I' ~(
Lives tnsiir-J. . ? I
MORRIS ROBINSON, Pr.-s.jctn. ;
Si.m'l.. H.?:.n\v. Sr-cretnry.
M1 \ti'rn I'osr.M. I?. Phy*lcian.i01 Broadway. ol
Rhenniatiaui and all Nervous Di?., :i?es. -
A positive and pelmatienl cure fur these distressing and
prevaivnt ?:: , 1. 1.-. > i :.u-i in CHRISTIE'S ilAL
how chronic or severe may be the disease, it readily vields |
lo the mv-steiious power as developed bj this wonderful *
The Galvanic B--1'-. Brace!.-ts. Garters, and Strength-n- .
Ing Plasters are u?^d iu more chronic cases oi'di?ea?e. and
can be used by the iu..si delicate per-on with perfectsafety I
and convenience.
The extraordinary snd benefiria! effect of these articles .
upon the nervous.syMem most be ?itne??ed to 1^1 be- [
Onlv Agency m New York 1 Broadway.
Bewarv of spurious imitation-, which are entirely wor:h
le-s. Ksplaiui -r. .- >ir ua-. bebad gi^iis auJ'.TtvThtf
l"'m Dr. < hrfatie?e Galmaic nnd rilatrnetie
Catranivcsj.?W"erefe ers to isadvei
tiseinents of these ce'ehrat--ii articles which appear in our
paper. Ttiev are recommended for nen oui coioj>loio.'?. a
class of diseases in which ordinary medical means are of
very tittle avail, and ^re certainlv worthy the attention of
Ihe afflicted, The onlv wllce in New-Tori for the t-enuine
article* 1- at IBS Brosiw.i\. aaSTlexhtfo*
: ? .ttWD?J'st .-tt-br.-ire.i Hinplie < onL Sli>\(-s.
Tt. --- Su.\es sr.- wanrii.ti-J a? ususi. P. - -i:s want 1
Cook Stores are invited toersmhie them before purchas
tmr etsewbete Wbole-ile nn I reUi! 1 y Hick ,. \ I' - - '
WjLer-L s?3ne-odos
ft?-Water Cure Ilotiise. Mrs M S G na c01 .1
ue- to rrc^ive patlenu at uer twuse, 261 Tenth-st. New
Urs g. b'-o visits ladies anu children at their hon,e. and
gives direetlous for ??e ?^l',?,*?s;"?'1 of Watar Cjre. sSu u*
rsgr Pr&erlenl Phwnolosriat? :tud Publfcshcrsi
FOWLERS ^ VV KL'-.S 131 Nj-si ?t. ?Cvce boars from
s o'clock A M. to to P- M-_Jv
[.- t. j. ('olettinn, Hxctuinuie Kraiter, S
j Wait-?t v '? 'i . . 11 at ? ? . ?..?1...IJ.J aoiit.
IS-sOl.l TloV 1 ? . - ? C
nersl.in oereUHore exi?ti.i? 1:1 u.-e Urug store No.
l :? ... s::.- -:
l?*dav;by mutir.: -? ..:?-. .:. d-r s..v.sl -.st-e-t-v*t. <)
... ' r\ X. OLIVaR.
. title aud
bsterctoJ hisfbtraer partner, r a Odvar, in the Dm? j
&'ur- N't. ist -.1-.' wdi coattnue tae l^u-irtes? at tlie ;
Iv-Avl a- ne'rVwi-ore-Nea-.Y-Mt. On. 22d. 1S>'.. \
j .4 ;._PETER DESOMAS. ;
\ I ( THIN NOTU'K.-The S - - - respectfb
X"\. invr.es the alien::,': of rash purchasers o; Boou and
snoes to his ruMir Sale*, which will take pace as :o..ows:
Thursdav. Ocl iS>, at yi o'clock. A. M.
, ??' .-s.s-s S...-1-. ?- -.?a-iA Br-n".s
Ti.ursdav. Nov. S at o'clock. A. SI.
808 cases Bool*. sOoes and Brogaa*.
Thursdav. Nov. 12. at 5V crcs-k. .a SI.
iss, cases Boot.-."Shc?-s ana rfr-jgar.s. j
Each of th- ii>-vr sale. W-..1 coni-r-.?e a Jtrge asso..
ment of fresh and fashionable goods. Ca?h pure:.,
w- ; Snd it f..r iL-ir interee: to s.-tend. a. no creull wiJ be
eiver. (sStNlorl -a CLaFLIN. 253 P-ai-*t. op statra :
?-iinc viilaje wiihtn 3 tours' distance li omNew.\or?.
now doinS a good basines*. w.aich 1? capable of beia^ in
creased. ~ .l vocng can iCrintw :;-:,_. :-"
a=u poese>,ai4 ifeiv :.iu.dre,i u-.-lla-- ': cs..b. tats a.
?a excellent rsppornmity of entering Into business. For
pamcaiara tncu-reof ? ? " >^N^' M
' *. comer of Tattoo und,wuliam-st.
t K Serai oatmHaee bestowed on her, sod sobctis a coa?no
i anceof toe same at her store No. KJ Divt.-ion-st. wtere
- - kcei - ss-ta a I on hand agood as-srunec: of Boya ,
Cioiaini of all de?cr.pucns and best aa^sni-s.
N. 5!?Su DJ .-stand m<de to order._o-wevx. ^
,_- i-cjuac. Time a-ra leeret .?_.e.
j aJ a Mana^spasre " Me^tdums for every day i= toe
rear. Per s=> - ? " : - ?**.'*? _ u
: ? FRANCIS a LOCTREL. s? saera. 11 Maa?Jaae
; The Trade ^pBgattJaesatsljjcsaBst o2? -a .
. r"U.^"L ah mis fne-tL sad Mrrespondaa to
? ,0- I-a-' ie>- .-;.^.ur.:.-a=tXj. to htm brooch Harrai-a %.
I /
R i?, ls-tfj.
tTAT.TaVri ZT7?>.*:NJ C ASS
' -;: DE CA>AL2. Fror~?*or of tbe lust
,- f*= i-'-ra.? m-'ii L::r>ns.-e in tie Ratgers rental
in-- ...?? tan ::>.? Brooklyn Female Academs-". :s abon; !o
'oi^o-c an Jauiaa t^cic; CM** si No. Ii? Leoaard-st.
w ?^erilJemtfr. His meibod (oral and theoreticg.!.! ha? ?!
reigy. ra a sheet tune, formed ? es good Italian scholar*.
Term.- a .,-uart;:.- a advance. The lessons ?.? bezta
Ort llKc.
lie l^a aiw an E??ninz Itiiiar: Class 15 Brookltn at Mr.
Noble * school, tc Clinton-si No. 3?. Apply at the bock
' ? ? - ?'- ?XTF.S STFDMAX. - BeeStraan
at.: Na.-?.v; at*, or by t:.roc.^ :.ie P >?; Otnce.
Ol J InttHKt
>:a:;::h L.-.r.-iUA.tz
pRAXCTSCO ALTAR; Pi feasor sT le Spardah Lan
A fing? laooeof the !??-?{ -tartoo;. M this Ciq Savings
few tours to spare, wishes 'u employ :hetr. h g-.rxg Yri
i .. ? -< ... a-4 native Language. T*- -at.; Alvaf hav?
ing been born .a Sew Casrile, -.a Old Spain, and baaing
rece..-e: ? r,a.?*ical edifcatloo.can satisfy toe most -.-r.
pr.lou* io Pr>,-t of . rffieieocy -.. fahS . . .-mraeem-nt-.
Tie* rrto-t unexceptionable re*ereace*v. both in the .- Cj at: 1
country. ? :U be given on demand. Also taitlifu; trans!*
t..fr..m Span:*.-, ir.to English, or r.cr re-m. *.?- -. *
ubs n.c-. or at No. st Walker ?: oJ5 i "
in-Tui i t:on i> thk ?.ki:m \n :..
IM. ERTHEILEK, Broadway, la-low Grand -i
a-hotil lo form i;-rm?:i Classes. He criers to bis pstpUs
new facilities, having roomily prepared a work entitled !
? Ea-y he-son-. in German." w-i'itch win be published witkin
a few days. His work has thu- bs-?n reeotrrmecded bt ?
Dr. Hempe
? Mr. F.rtheiler's work entitled ? Easy Lesson* in Ger- ,
mac. having b^-n presented 10 tne forexaaiinaton. I take
great pleasure in stating that this iiule work, winch is at j
once simple and compete, ar.d highly practical and pro
c-e,,; .. gfTrs* trtf initre rarlrtfiirrfrin.
The particulars in reference to instruction will be made
known, and a ropr of the above ?a-xrk be presented far ex?
amination, on appivmg at the above piace. o90 J v
Kam ha nt I? im im; M-i?ioi. roi: iiov*
\ ?:- N. V.?The winter term or the Locust Bit]
School will commence on Monday, the 2d of November.
Circulars and particular information mav be had ofRev. Hr.
Snodgrass. 7Vs ttroidanv t or' It. W. Town*end. E?o. nt
Cedar; of Dr. O. P. Welt's. 101 Nmth-avcaue, and at tbe
Bookstore of Gates v Stedman,13S Na*san.
ol:i3W_G. W. FRANCIS. Principal.
Dobbs Ferrv, Westchester County. N. Y ?ill be re?
opened tl.e 2d oi ll;<* elev-.-ntli month (Nor i a- u*ual.?
Term?. for tb..*e under tweire years, f"-.' per termi for
-?? i-.-twe.vo yejrs.-s7" per term No extra-f?r bouka
P...v- ander ten years old admitted.
olT _ STEVEN ARCHER. Proprietor. ;
?V f'MOO I, iryM H int. i. ncbou!.
tOHemp>tead 1. I .n miles r'nun the City, on 1 branch 01
the !_ l Railroad. The VYTnter term ? 111 commence g.i of
Novemla-r. Circulars sc j, Chalnberiln's, 81 Cedar-sl The
principal ibis moclli al .* Bros In ay.
oe :me.vl' N Di NN. A. M. Principal
Pi: 1 I'?katogj --riiMoi. h m :>:ii v i ? >u n.
Conn.?The Winter Se-.-i.ui of ii weeks will com?
mence Nov r.tl. 1 Irculars and minute information or .
Rev. |l iiior. ii Maik. t -t lolgt-u-] Ii H CHASE.
1\1?i11:!)1v> ItlltlMi -( ItOUt., No : t.
if err,near Astorsod l*afayette-place, New-York.
Mr. i'l. Ii? the .? ??? niitmce that his Seliool Is open
daily f >r EonestrlanTuition and Fverrtse Riding.
lectuski.nssoys. r.xratt-g hiwinc.
18 Lessons.$13 Oft I Month .*!!
|0 do . I" Mfij 2n Rides.. pi mi
4 d. .'. isi in do . a no ,
Single I.on*. 2 OOlSbagle Hides. 7.1 ?
Road do . 2 501
N. B. 11 rhly traineJ and qirlei Horses, for the road or .
parade, to !- t. RITLXS.
1.. \ I Lessons or Rides paid for on commencing.
g..One hour allowed ..-1 each Lesson or Knie in Use School
3. .One hour and a half to a I.esaon on the Road.
4..Hoars for Ladies.from I a. M. to .: P. M.
V. Hours for Gentlemen, from H to S A. M. and ? to 7 P. M.
6..No gentleman sdnsltted during the boors appropriated .
tii I.a lies.
A card, of address's -ecuested previoos to commencing
?gs* Gentlemen keeping itt-'ir horses In this establish
tner.i. ?Iii ,av? Hie 11 ?. :ie?e .,t rlJ.ng Ibein In il,e arhosil
rpiii-'. PI BLIC Is respecimnylhfonned thai a Paper is
1 ptst ammencod, cn??ed the PENNY wf.EKI.V
STORY-TELLER The oliject of which ;s "... n-prml en?
tire the most popular stories in the English language,
a ether ibey be old or new. The p. vy Weekly Siorj
Teller c'onslsts of etght btrge royal quarto pages, on good
paper and beanllfnl type, ami i? afforded at the extremely 1
low price of.Oue Cerit a number, er FtHy Cents a year, j
Each number:of the Penny iw.-k... St?ry-Teiler will con
tatn as itun li inalter as is given in 30 pages of a coiiimoti [
?at. Thus tn the coarse of s yea- the anbseriherl
gets ecrual 10 eight .arge rotumes of reading matter for,
oii'v fifty cents.
The Publisher pledges liimself thai the Tale, shall be of
the first class, white lie will be itonsnalry caretul to admit j
DOlblng that would appear exceptionable lo the mOS! ias'l
?Jioits reader.
fsT" Single ropios only One Cent, to la- bad of pel iodleal
agents generally, and at tin- publication offices lui Race-sti 1
Philadelphia; SSS GreenwicI -at. N.-a York, und I9S Tr.
inont-st. Boston. City subscriber)) ean bo serv.-d re^uimiy '
wiUtithe paper, by leaving their names at the City publi?
cation office.
c:r enl adoR, Is twice thesizeof die Weekly,at tl.e same low
price. Ii presents the advantage to country subscribers 01
papers at oae{postage, and constitutes altogether:tbe
largest, Iba cheapest, and the best paper of the price in the
known world,
fy Your s'ih-i option ts respectfUltT solicited.
Heidelberg,a romance, by 0. P. It James, is now in .
curse of publiesi on.il the columns ol die Penny Week
ly Si >ry-Tel er .and will be completed in shout six numbers.
' A few Agents wonted to solicit siitsaeripti..n> for the
above. Apply at gta Oreenw icli-sl._o3B tw - :
epiK-l SUBSCRIBERS hav.band and will sell whole.
I sale or retafl. alarge assottmem of School, cia-.teai, ?
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Publishers of-Sandon? Series of Rea-I^rs, B iult.ury's
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a-s.Html nt of Stationary.
?glt MA UK Ii. NEW M AN '~ CO. I -1 Hr. adv.av.
I dub Hi's Rids of Amer-ca i.--. :. c
E. W; would gratefully acknowledge 1::ss obligations to ?
die gissi subscribsT? to Harper- Bib.". - their ; urottage
and the saitslaction tliey have havariably expressed'; lie
irouU sngl -t to those stib-cribers who have yet delayed
tt.e bh .1::..: of their copies and may wish 10 have ibein done
by Chr.strrusor New-Years, mat t.'iey tiutneJiatsly fur-.v ard
lliem to in-establisbmeul. ? li- i e th.-r may depend upon
bavins them substantially and elegantly bound.
Ladles and Gentlemen a txhiug t.'.etr P.iVe. or any other
works to be railed for. will be promptly attended re. if a
note t* sent Ui the proprietor through tbe P.>siOt*ieeor City
v.i;i.-.. EDWARD WALKER,
oil New.York. Boos Bindery, 111 Fulton-st.
THE Ce!et'rat.-?i Cntnese Skin Powj.-r. for resionng,
beanrifying and preserving ?ie cc.mplexton, an-f reu
derteg the skin delicately white, smooth and -oft
Meen Fun Is simply it preparation of Oriental herbs,
and mav be used with perfect safety for the eure of a.l cu?
ts. ? ? i-'dnorders. Amon/ ti:e m.~t prortiinent are Tan,
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and water from :iie bottonssof doors,la hwetled tnto rhe
fower rail of the door, goes down lo the StU a* it rl-.?-a, and
nse* Willila lue rail as it opens. They are h-ailiiy, becaus*
tne under -current of air, wlitch eani~: be warme.j by arti?
ficial meae.a. la excluded : they are eomfortali.e, beeau?e
tbe temperature is equa.!je-d and the feet are warm in any .
part of tue room ; Ihey are eeiaiomicsl. bocsnse - ere is no
cold air admitted, and of course less fuel require^ to keep
warm Prtc- $2 '?> per Jsvr.r, which includes putting Itu? t
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I,?? ?? ?? ?s .m ~ 3_J.
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FKYATT. CAMPBELL ". CO. U5 Front-st.
Ateo?R?i !^-ad. l.iiasrre. ar.d *>-ange Mineral, alt tni*
JA.HES HO<s<; would respecuitlly le.fo'm his friers |
and :ke pnbiie generally, that be has taken the store No. j
562 Br?sa.? av. topposite UM LrcetUB BuikllngJ where Le
? r-i rivi-jg daring the Wmter a supply of fresh Gar?
den and Farming Seeds, and be wuM be thankful to receive
sueb orders for Seeds. Fore-: and Fro:: Tree., le. a* the
pnbalctnay be pleased to f?vor him wah, assunag them
that every exe.-.ion win be made on his part to give entire
He l -vv r%s a ?erv fine aasorttnent ocHyasuntna, Tulips.
S,?..... J..c<;uiis."Crocu*aes.?;e. abicu'1 e arid Olspoae
of at such prices *? vsii! do away with the te.:e?-,t7 of ig
tg au.tton to get cheap buibs.
S'-ajueta of -be very choicest dowers, ma/te up :n she va
roua style? sellable for Bridal, Dinner and Ev-a^ig Par
ties and the Opera. CSflBI
aas recently introduced steam power and hnpoyved
machinery into his maaa?ctory avtacn enihlea bun to fur
st*a ais custotcers wim a very-uper.or artic>. Primers
aci mertraaats w ho may have orders for Printer's Ink wiT:
and them prompt.v etecnJesi at mooeraie prices, and ma*
rel7 pe be-.ag s^pp.'-d with Ink of excellent rraairty, and
..-' "..~.c' V3ge-.i :?- ..e. T e -. is-: :-er u.h- -t'a-" ire* Is*
of-rariocj color*, viz: rs-d. b.'ae. green, fce Orders di
. :?*nuractory.g*>3 Front-*t_ between Montgom
er . ssad Gswerneszr -:< a 'i?i;a 'he D-apa^rh Post, wiil be
p-" :-x-_t a -ti.le 1 ..j. Tils paper ' a.en pmied by
':i t; : i'hia T. ih.factory tor several yars.
To emiin EEH-. M ?- - Pate- - - -
Uesara COOPER x PARKER, 73 Nassaa-st, N. Y.
exe-rute ins- u.i ->~-.:--x^oos for palenU. drawings
4.-: e-'.-m s.. a for B?hs, factories, steam engine*, water
vlsa-'s, ?aal'ung, a%c at the shortest notice. Mr. P. having
Va.t ?i-y y-a-s e^-e-.-ience as a practical Eug-oeer. in
?otne of t.':- arjest esiabltshtarcti :s Eaghmd. and pos
ac-s:cg a ihorjoarb isowiedge of every deacrtption of ma
ehianrl used is the nunnfarture of cotton, dax and wool,
they iavue par-a:* utieresv-i in tne Lab t to cad, confi?
dent that they can ghns ?aiistact?oc.
Aarants fix the g.sposal of man-.fa.-_?rirjg premise*,
liet?z iud wais- power, rtacrrlaery. Ac. o9 its'
Patent fileuirincs.
T?xtract o.- sarsaparh la.-: Exstut u pit
JLs .ip ia . : : butler?:-. ;s n r fuisc?i->WwTrr, plee.s?mer. and
warrantee super.t to ary sold. I: cure* d ?,****.?* without
f*niri*r. pM'gtnz. orrram* or Je*:lJortaf :Se patient, sad
U ; a:::ru;ariT adapted for a
sfring AND simmer MEDICINE.
Tbe fftat besaary and sepertority o(' tat? Sarsapartlla ''
.aver *.; other remedies whiie ;: era...-ale. disease
tnvieorares tiie boo v.
C 0 N S I M P T 1 o X C C R E D
CO*4S{Dt7TI09> c?s av coasts,
B ..arsir:.. i'onjnnipcisn. /.rrv- foensutntr. l'j*J?, C-r* (hi '
<"or* rsV, , tvi.i Spttmt ?>' >.<m, .Nencn i? rae i
i'?-.-. Hrrtic J'.iuA, .Vir? >'a*.tfj. />iJte?Jt ?
P -j/V-f Siyrwrarfoa, W F-n* t* r.w Star,
Ac. kmrre ana ccm Jx Cu-vd.
Pr-'at ly there never was ? remedy tbat t-a-. been ;
--? . .. bv l-syasrate eases ct" Consumption as tank it
eleansea and strengthens the system, and appear* to heal*
the iiiii'r? on the lungs, and lie patient* irnduallT reyjata '
their usual health and strength.
D?. ToWXSUSD: I had been a Stirred for month, be a
ire. hacking cnrnrhi at .ea*l I r?sed ^reat qiiailllilll OA
had matter, and -viperieBced a severe pain :ti nty left side.
acLOir.pamed w-.ta * distress en my lunir*?my cou^h venr
much increased, .-id I bad cold night-sweats. Learning
that you had a remedy fur such c\*es. [ concluded io trv
it. I I urchins! a hottle of your Extract of Saraar-ar.. a;
hefc-e I had rinish.Hi lakinsr It. my cough, raising, and the
p?ii hjajny ?ide left nie. and I now have regained trtv
rai hemth. Believiac your medicine to be a very Tal..s -
cn-, I ebeerhtty nvommer.d it those who are similarly
?minted. I found the medicine pleasant to the taste ami :
tlrengtnening to the hod v.
WM. H. McJOXSTRY, .1 Orand at
N'ec -York. April iSth, l.*4?j.
D*. Tow*tsc*ro; I make the following statement, to or
iin to express e-.v gratnude to you. a*id lo recommend
yourSarsaparilla, ana your Compound Extract of Ssr-a
pariUa. 'o those who are so ur fortunate s? to hare I.un?
comp aim - or Consumption. While residing la the Socth, ;
ie?eral year* ago. I had a lone, and severe aianueaa, ? hi ??,
.mh subeecneni exposure, Tery tnaaarialtyinjared mrc.m* '
itihxtion, I beioe ab;e. however, moch ot ine ume to work,
sithmigh my luffg. vo-r- affected and I had a cough: for '
the last year 1 gr?w much worse, nnd trie la.l Winter I !
I c in fhl i serare -.. d. T'i- pnin in mv hreiist, distress tn
breathing and conghing very much increased. I took a
niimher of pop.ilir rentedt-s for Coosamprion, but they
filled to relieve m At list I \? routined to my room. ?
and ws< -,i had \? iili tin- Coii.umpi.ou that I did not e\
pect to remain here long; I ?en: to Murpu? I> Moore, who
resides nt the corner of Lydtas and Orand *ts. (who a tit ;
confirm this ?tatement,l and made a dbpoeltiou of my I
pro pert! A few day* niter th s, a frfsso t seal yon to -ee
me, yon ordered a lam:- of your Extract of S?rsaparida. |
1 look it accoid'iig lo your directions. ?nd immediately 1 |
.t rebeved?mt pain gradually leit me?I soon breathed ?
?ely?mj hacking cough rabaided?I raised easily and
- /I > nndly?and to my aalouiahment and dellghtj ?:hen 1
hau taken the contents of me hottl-, I was able, as you web i
remember, to walk from Ferry to Beaver si. toohuin more. |
I have continued to take it. and am now about my husinesa. |
allbough tt is not more than two months since I commences! ,
v. Ith your medicln.-?? and a:n thankful to the Lord tltal I I
was Induced as try tnem, >am. h mi-i vk f. g? Kerry sl '
Albany, May 16th, 18MI.
Nt> Youk, .1 ulv I, IMS,
Dr. Towuse?d?Dr?r Sir; Nearly twenty v'ear* ago |
t.iok a violent cold, which settled mi my lune* and Mfected
me very severely; Indeed, it finally became a ronstunt
hacking cough, hut not so severe as to prevent me from at?
tending to my businesa Within the last few years it in?
creased on me gradually. At last I became reduced i I
breathed with difficulty,'and raised with my cough much
lud matter, and for the last nine months previous io ustns;
Vour Sarsaparille, bad regular night-sweats-. Indeed, my
friends and myself supposed thai I would die wuh the
Consumption, but I have the happiness to inform you
lhai?to my surprise?alter using ihre? bOUlee of your
Sarsaparl.la I rind my health restored. It relieved me
gradually, ami I tun now pujovlr.g much better health than
I have before in -v, vears. I bad almost entirely lost my
appetite, which is also returned. You are at liberty to
publish ihi?. with my name. In the rap -rs if veil choose.
My little girl, who i* three years ,, I. had a very bad
rough the whole of last Winter. We became very much
alarmed on h-r account. While u.imr the medicine I nivs
her some of it, and It soon entirely relieved her as Wall as
myself, and .he is as wed now nn'.l hearty as any child I I
everssw. Slie was slso full of little hlolehes ; it look then, i
away, and her skin i? smooth and fair n ?w, and 1 am satis- i
f,e,l she received her i.i-.ith Ir.'tn using your excellent '
medicine. S. W. CONAN T. No. t44 Bowery,
We have never known a case of Dropsy which this !
medicine, If used, did not relieve. The following is a copy
of a letter Dr. Townsend received from a gentleman >m
Long Island, it is truly a remarkable rase
i-'i itbcsh, Long Island, JonO It, 1846.
Da. To* kscnd My mother; who i* 'Si years ofage, has
for sevei i yeai s paal I.u laboring ander a severe case of
Dropsy. VVe employedj-,befbra we beard of your iiie,ii
cine, a"great number of remedies, but tls- disease continued
to gam on her: she was so much bloated thai It wa. aimoal
Impossible lor her to lie down, or sleep u hile lying ; her
feet and l- is were Hilly a sight to behold. We heard
much conversation respecting your remedy, and we con?
cluded to obtain it for her aattsTactlon, not dr-a-ntng that it
would relieve lier. as she was so far advanced in years and
her disease u a* Of so long aiaiiduig?for her complaint had
been c ulling on fur almost seven years. The lir.t !.,,;ii
sbolooa, we could not perceive lliat it helped her in me
least, with the exception ,,f Useroaslrur her appetite. On
using the second bottle, there was an iniprovement in her
disease. She continued using u until she took rive bottles,
and she ts almost, it not entirely, welL 3be does nor took
like the ?a-ne person ; she ride? out anil walks with ease,
and ts very comfortable. The old lady is highly pleased;
1 assure you. as well a* the re?t Of the lanilly, and has re
ijuested me to write out her case. I tind that I have nut
half done justice to it; for I have not, or cannot, describe
how sh- appeared, or the suffering she experienced, or Hie
great trouble she was, for so long a dose, in her heip>aa
condition. Yours, respectfully. A.c. JAMES ALLEN,
Dr. rownsend's Sarsaparille la a sown Ign and speedy
cure for Incipient Consumption, Hsricnness. Lnu- orrler or
Whiles.Obstructed or Ditticu t MenstrttatiOO, tncotittnence
of Crine, or Involuntary discharge thereof, and lor the gene?
ral pro.traiioii of die sy.lem ; no mailer wnether the resttll
of inherent can.e or causes, proiluced by irregularity, lib
liess or accidenL
U/r Nothing ?? hi be more surprising 'ban :i < Invigorating
effects on the hi,man 'ram,-. Persons, all v. eakne.s and
lassitude before Ipktntr it, at once heenne roimsl and full
of euergy under Influencei I: iminediatoly counter
act*t!i-- nerveleasm -s of itie female frame, ?hieb is tue
great cause of nam-niie**.
It will not DO expected of us.ln cases of so delicate a na?
ture, to exhibit ceriiricates of cures performed, hut we ran
assure the aith. i>-d that hundreds of cases have been re?
ported n> ua, Several ca*-? ?heu families have been
without children, after using a few bottles of this invalu?
able medicine, hav- l.een ble??^,l with boaliby olfsprinif.
Da. Townsi si. My wife being gr-aliy distressed by
weakness and general debility, and ?utferinsr continually
by pain and a sensation of t.earing down, falling ol th*
womb, and with other difficulties, and having known cases
where y mr melier e has e?eeted irr- a', cures, and also
hearing it r- -ummeuded for such diseases as I have de
aenbed, I obtained a bottle of your Extract of Sar.aparilla,
and followed die directions you gave me i in a abort period
it removed her rompiaiut* and r-.lored her to heaiih.?
Being Kraieful f<*r the h.-uertu.he received. I taae pleasure
in thus acknowledging ht, vid reroiumeudmg it t,> the pun
lie. M. D. MOORE. Cor. ot Orand ana Lydfus sis.
Albany. August IT. 1344.
This Sar.aparilla is used w-.ih the most p-rfect success
In Rheurnatic complaints, however serere or chronic ?
The asi.am.-.ir.g cores ,i nas perl'orr.esl ar>- indeed won
derftaL Other rexnediea sometimes ifive temporary relief. 1
Th . tir.-.. eradicates u from the system, even when d.a
iimbs and liones ar- dreadfully swolleu
Da. T?WMSI t*B: I was attar ked with a ,jisirees-.ng patn
in mv hip joir.t. so bad thai I c-mjI-I riot walk without rr.y
erutc'he* , and much of tne nine I was obliged to keep my
oed. I tried several remedies, bail 'iievdid r.,,t r/rlteve irr
I then called on one of our rir.t I'nysictiin*, he did nut ;
batpme, I heard of your Sarsapartlla, an,i obtained a bot?
tle and in a few days it entirely cued me, and I as well
cow as ev-r. ASHBELL WALKER, S Damet-sa.
Albany, January .'. HHa.
CJT Hear Mr S-th T-rry. one of '..he ,lde.. and m.-sl re?
spectable bawy-rs in Hartford. Conn. The IbtiOWtng is
an extract of a letter recei?e?l from h.m
Da. ToWNsr.an I hov^ ase-1 one bottle of yotir Sarsa
panila. and rind It is excellent tn It* edeci* upon a cb/OUk
rtesuu?tic pain to which I am siii-ject. from an Injury oe
?asloo?>l severa1 years ago in a puidic stage. Please send
tn- two bottles to toe care of Dr. Seymour. 1 have coo
verse.; with [WO of our principal Physicians, and re-uir.
m--. led vjtir Sarsapartlla SETH TERRY.
Hartford, Maren U, 18*5.
Da. TowsisEtso?fVar Sir: I bsva I.- en er.'i.eiy cured,
by usinz your Extract of Sarsapartila, <,( a rnronic imlam
mjtory ri.'euiaaiism, with wuich 1 :4?r lere.a BgReted for
?ne ,a*t two years very severely. I have endured ir.e
mo.-i igonizm< pams; my f-et ?nd leirs wer-dreadftiliy
rsvo.len. and ir.-r-have t.een n;v!ii;:s-a hen I ws* uuar.te
-o alter..; n.v misineata. Be.tig ? ut-1 of lie- Rrwumatism,
and having my general health r> stored by your agreeable
medicine, l thought I could do no >?* man aermamt y ou
of my success in usinx your Sarjapir::iv pertiaps I
Win add thai l used toe prearnpllon* of Ptiy.j ians. and
purchased some of all the embrocations and ointment* in
?a* H'.*r*e,.. and received io be'.e-it. Yo'trs, ar.
WILLIAM LlPPIXCOrr. Z?> sValer-sc
New-York, Nosetnasrr tS, W!i
Da. Towns tan: You remember thai ?heu I obtained a
boa 8 of four Sarsapania and promised. W it eifected a
enje to irtve yon a cerLhcate. I am happy to have it tr,
my power to return toe Cavor. I had been sorely al?;cted
by trie lllti iniiartim for tn/inws ? much of Die lime vi bad
Laat 1 r.,^.d tieit.ler -at, sieep r.or wait It would be im?
possible for mo to describe toe pain ar*l agony I endured,
lined a jumber or remedies wtihuot lerin^ te-ner.u-d. A
e-r.:.imtJi. who knows toe qualities ot'your Sarsapartlla,
induced ice u> try a bottle. I -Iii so, aau. lo my irreal I
.?toaishmect. It ia a few day* e<f?-:?d a perfect rare; it ;
as-' are Incredulous. I invite tan to call on me, and 1
ti.-?ittue to salary '-iem of the trito oft.be above.
v IRA OODEKEY, No. 5 Liberty-sA j
Albany. March ~3n, lit*
Ox. ToWVsESiO?[)car S,:r My srbe was last Kail at?
tacked with a severe fever, and biok lar.-e quiillllrias of
calomel i wua thi*. sad caught a violent cojl, *ad *a eon
fined to ter room about two month*. When the .ever >rl
ber, .be wa* allacked witn dl-tre,.ir.g ;ara?: ih-v **** ;
sometime* so had m her nera and snotuder* Uier ?he was j
jjrri.isi distracted. I coo id get nothinr to n'l^fJfT^y
?e- -i - ?.r-,r-.nsr .?. x-~:ch. '? - "c?" 3"?
diaielv cur-Hi ber. We feel under o ifauon* u> -*-oo?l7 !
acknowledge it, that otte-r* may aval tie-inse,ve? w uua
che*;, an-i effectual remedy. She bad a fever two years to
rteSVting. sad ha* b-ea u-oub? * XdIE* L i
the u^ad and neck. "' JOHN K. Ditto*
Damei-*t. Albany. Apr i 3.
rs- ?erv-*iMl ?JrtfW 1JB Fui'on-sL N.-e-V -rs, sad 1? i
t^S^^a^anv. Agsmta te.Bssatoa, Rsaialnflr.
r^'vcF7salie-tt^^'r. Dvost a Sor.. IS North Seea?rtaj. ,
. JriL S. S. HaaeV. Dr. - a-/re. P. M.
bTbef SSesionf SOta Wrt?hfl C, ??Clears 132
a?&*L And by toe principal Dngglsts throughout
Scruaed State.. West Indie, od Canada.
None genuine except pul up to toe large arraare bottles \
srhica eootaia a ciiar, and *??rjnl with ae wr.ii^ti stgsee
aarar? of a. P TOWNS END. and hi* ran* blown rn the
stl ^taw^^rrtJjA7a?
SitoatijjiM- 4t*c. tDariUb.
Ml I H WANTED NATIONAL, Iniel'igeoco Of.
- moat complete aad eottmarve in thewoild.
0f5c? fat Domestics, gerne; of LSI Broadway aad Deyn.
.:; basoMBtJ private entrance for emploveta. No. i 6*>T
{manor} W. r. 1NNKS at CO.?Established .?ppJ.
vent impos.t'.on. ander .i'fM fivta like Houoraiij'lie
Mag sad Coo?lKW COBBeB. Tha* most exteesire ??-?g;
? - a apace of at>o*ti Sk's*) sqasva feet .o th*
?1 part of Has C.ry.s tor aupp.yrag capable, futh.
etnperve mechanics, rterk? and aerraau of aii
lescr ptiotra, 10 r-ip oyer?. 1* conducted on na eaura'y <?f.
?. other orhce, to guard employer* and
* 'Vom imposition and trouble. This otbc* prasem.
to *ou*okoer*sr? and others, the cheapest sad moat certain
>t offered them, to secure good and rattifti: Jotnvs
?.;>>. as ao person seeking employment, wtU beadailtted
on the books of ihlso?ce who**? character will not taw tk*
- tveetotatioc Aruala. mechanics and x t < auts of
.-? sure of employment by re gl see.* lag
ibetr na.\te*. kc. aad reaving the orfcee tee. which mi) be ra.
' : ? >-d. without Jeducuoc. hi six day*, shoald etrtp.'oycisot
not be oMalaed. Th:* course t? adopted to prevent loose or
?:;tti:.-rn. .vatvte-* '--i-ir-"iving? 'h ft? ilfmrafics Of
this office. To prevent the posaibiutr of disappointment,
the porter of the establishment see* those engaged rbr the
country oa board 'die ?tage?, cars or steamboats, freaoi"
charge?and letter boxes tor the reception of orders wOJLtss
placed hi convenient distance* from subscriber* to saw
them tlie trouble or coming to the otfee. o36 Sc
\\' VNTK?.?A few accveyoung Men to gvg?sua or
' * West, to act as Agents Irr the sale of new and popular
P :Y , : :???$500 over and above their expaasa* w{.l b?
utsurexi to thetrt :n wniiag. with ao opporrariity of cUss-ing
BiSOO p*t v-svr. Some men now in oar employ will no
JouM. make over $1W pe- year clear of all expense* -
Bach man wtil have hi* district, it will be necessary for
t>em to t*ve at least from eSi toJX1 u> obtain a eoe-i Siting
out. App > *.i FRENCH'S PuMisbtas Hall. ?3 Broad?
way, ip ,tans.oaVeof ih*> Flag of our Union. All letters
must S?. r-.sst.paid. sat tf
\\"ANTrll>?Sy a reapeciab.e Young O'ri, raaldiag
" ? sei parsaus, a situation to take rar? of children
and do plain sewing, tsweii accustomed te the ears of
I srt,i ran give satisfactory reference, Appiv at 17?i
? v?w? Hoaat.vn and Bteevker, in tba rear.
.CT gf
\\" V Vrkli-A~Lady quallcedto teach Maate. Frsn?-h
s ? and the Engliab branches, to go into the counu v la a
private family. A Ladv qualified lo jive such instructions
sr.i w dj ? 'take a small aalarv with a pleasaui ravme.
Will be called -ipon by adre*?lrat Mr. J . D. at ibis otnee,
0S3 1 w?
\VANTKU? K* teaclter in a prtrate aebAH-l, a You as
? ? Ladj -V ? ? sstlto teach the usual KnglUt
branc M laic ami i)ra? ng. Apply by ieiurtoO care
ofJohn T Bovd. No. 43 William-sL ?tatttig terto? a-iJ ad
d n-ss. O'gS 4t*
"ANTKO Au setive. Intelligent Lad tn a btsap s'oeu
v- o v to DIBTZ, BROTllXR a CO. No, 139 Wi:
aU ON it
V Vl llIWI 1 NTKI.I.lllKNl fcl tlkr il K, No
laSDej h rwogeuteel AmaitcanOtrbi wamempioy
>e,?are a cosaisTttnbie boma, the one as ?eains.rea*,
t ie oiber ?s chambevmaid. nnrse, or light worn, l ass
ceptionable re fere oca geren. ojis.tt'g
1W \NT V PLACE tn a tmi t.. do general
housework or as .nambermaid. I can <va*h and iron
?eil; I was to my lasi place one Year and nine montha ?
address po.i-paid. M. iv. care Mr. Lucas. MUk DapOl,
corner Hester and Centre sta o2S St*a
'1S E AC I ifcfit WANTED-Wanted in a Female Semi
1 r.arv. about three boars' travel from the mv of New
York, a Teacher for ihe Freuoh aud Music. One who IS
? dt} . ompetenl may address ?* Institute." ? tili reference*,
s he otflee of this papai o'gtlSr*
AlllHll t HAM 1 I'-.-. llroalwaV-Agents
srewsawd to undettake Uie sale of a new and useful
?.';??. can '?> sold to every family in Iba
To men of respectability and busiue** habit* a
Kuaranty *of S.'*? per annum wtl'l be given. All letter*
must lie post tuitd. Apply to
C ALDF.N. 117 Fullon-sl N. Y.
AH URT KATK c.aOA ? artu a cv.<>li'. situation . can
glee go t eiti refsreaca from har last placea Please
u> Inquire al 'g I * MVroer. comer ol"Amlly-m_o38 Sf
AtiUNTI.K.MAN and hts Wife wish to obtain board
in a French private family. Address Jonathan, Box
283 Post Urbee. o24 3iy
?ctiit?ing anb hotels.
|> BOB leave t i tn'.-mi li^f friends, former t oarders. and
l?:hr> puhlic generally, ihst she ha* opene.1 a large and
.??in- ou* BOARDING HOUSE, NsvSm Broadway.?
Permanent or iranaieniboarter* by ihedsy, weekor'in.ifuh,
,-sn be accommo late-d with single rooms, or bedroom* and
parlors attached. Ties house contains more than N rooms,
is supplied with cold and hoi water baths, and every other
??nee to make ll a qnlel and corafortahle homn. As
lo the good qualities of her table aud ibe general manage
meal of her house, reference*, when requirssl, are abends
ant and ar hand I 1 'y l -if
PO?TttD W A N T K11 P. i a French lady aeeuaromed
IJto tuition, who oder* Instruction in French. Get man
or Music, In exchange foi a pleasant room and board
family I upper part of the City. Addraaa
i ii \... a i re nib st. New-York._oil lw?
BOA Kill NG.-a gentleman and his wife, or two or
? ??? si :g ?? g.-iutemen. can be accommodated with
eiNi.l Board snd pleasant moms at l!> East Broadway
O90 I meod
BO \ It DIM,. Fnrnlshed \paritii..iiis"wU~h Board for
sins - gentlemen may be had on reasonable terms al
. ? E i-. Broadw ay oil \mt
|>0\KII Hue or two gentlemen and thetr wives and
Dm i a.rij.!,. gentleman may .<t<taln board add suitable
r.modlotls rooms w.ih a private family. The siluallon Is
pleasant, tie' neighborhood quiet and resra-clable, and ceo
n il. In the Immediate ?Iclaltyofthe Broailwav stages and
th.- Harlem cars, being tn Klm st. between "Brooine and
Grand Apply ai L68 Elm-?i. n5 Im*
I > O \ K II Boaol and coinforrahle mhkiis for a few gen
DUemeo can he had at Mrs J. E. SWAIN'S. S3 Murray
-I Transient boarders accommodated, oll I in
sn I'NI ON MOI MK, Springfield, Masa-Tha sub
W&i scriber has taken ihn above named new aad spleadll
**"*? Hotel ust eomphstad, si ihe centre of the beautiful
village of Springfield, Mass. and will open Ihn same fn
public accommodation oa die t?itta instant Th* tjnloi
ffoii-ie ts large, richly hmsbed and furnished,and offers un
equaled ad vantages to all persons traveling through
? l for business or pleasure. Having recently
kept the ' United Slates Hotel aad "Congress Hall alSar
atoga, the , . , ? er p-specifuily lovne* hi* old friend*
and patrons su-t *>11 others to give blm s rail In hi* now
quarters. Ii. S. Sr!M INS
l?iiiM.fii;i ii. liiiv'Jiih, l'tii*. iyin Urn
fJirOHTANT to purchasers of Piano
Fottes The subsrrthers having purchased
of Mr. John Mrrihar the ezelnslva right In
the l ulled Stales.lu hi* Palnni Harp Frame
Improvement In Piano Forte, are now manufacturing soma
rery iplendtd ii..?.-%?.i and Malioganany Piano Furies,
ahuth are warranted superior In bum u> any now In use,
ind In keep in tune much longer. The Improvement con?
es t. in a umst beantfftal Harp Frame, peculiar In construes.
tor. taking all ihe Strain of Ihe siring* from the case: also
, general saaor'uient of the most apruved mislern styles of
ia : - imenla BENNKTT, ROGERS it CO.
I.'.g Knluin-st. East side of Broadway.
PIANO KOKTI'.W. Aii ln"*7m^el?fSil"
bert - splendid Ii"? Pianos opening Ibis
day. direct from the factory, in Black Wal?
nut, KosnwiKjd and Mahogany cases. Pur
a all to call ai once. Ala,, ou hand, a besu
ful a ack Walnut Inslrumanr, with l oleman'* asoltan
\ on.-ii. .vhicb the public are laviied to examine. Al
lo, Music. Maaii B .oks. kc ke. lust published. The
fort Polka,1 and lien. Worth's Urs* March,' by C.
Perabeaa. C. HOLT, Jr.
I ?', Fullon st. lid door from Brtxdway.
yiA>0 KOUTKCf al very low price* -
Persons about purchasing Piano* will tin I
ll to their advantage to call at R Glenn b
Co.'s Mari.ifar.U,ry, |i| Fulton-*L (west of
If roadway | A general assortment of Mahogany and Rose
sro-sl Piano* constantly on hand, which will lie sold low for
tub or approved paper. Dealers supplied on liberal terms
myi7_R. GLENN is CO. UM Fnltonaf
llmproved by J. R Benjamin, 11 lie-kman-at. i*
really approved of by the Medical Fseul
ty and all who use them, as the pressure can
..- r'"lusted from one to fifty pounds on the rupture wtlb
ml a back pad, which doe* so much Injury lo the aptoe,
-austng wnasness snd pain In the back and sides, and often
parmananl spinal disease. Six day* trial glv?u and If aol
pstrfectl) sattsfaci"ry. iwrtiey returrfttd. jells s|lstp
.r-aJObi. ?>?'? HI l.l.'M TKI -ar-iHSa s7,T?bdo
/ ^km:na. .Supporters-OSice No. 4 Veceyak As
( A ftor liaise.
'^ slid*\mM Many persons have undertaken to vend Is*
9>^'a**w lialloo* Of Hull's celehrabas'Tiussns.and thou,
?a., t- are lmpossad upon in ronserpier.ra. These Imitation*
si.nol bn lalind upon ; they are made ny tia*Slilful mega*,
r.ics. snd are no te-tier than Ihe Ordinary Trussea auJO 1/
And as ihe Truth will oat
I Tr.i.L C,
RH AM' Vie M I I 01 T.ND L PON IT. UialyiAi wi?
J;L- Ifind 1 HEODORE CLARK baelnrttrJ ia?riagta/
r .. i it his olil safabll*b?d stand corner of Pearl
, - . ;re ne-ar sb/ck of HATS and CAPS
,,. ..r.^m Fail l'a?bKsn. snd al such prices as must def f
.. . .. . i? ,- ...-.'?> t.--t?o- thai r.ts goods are made
,f the t^iaf materials arid by superior workmen. The fart
, i be bead of many a stssnsaLr
b* last B 'o *.r?. must bn s surlicleot proof lhat bis Hals
mnsl have given, general satisfaction. He a 111 now lay be?
t?r.- Ua friends *n.i the public a rt?i of his reduced prices
'/ Hat* and Cap*, via
fcpertina Notria Beaver Hat*.9it0
Splendid " " " . 1 bil
K 'erv durable Nutria Fur Hat.SOO
Moleskin Hau of a super.or sind. 1 50
siecond eunJity tool Is) be beal>. 3 05?
Angola Silk Hals.1 JO la 9 SO
, a enatva assorimeni of Fur and Cloth Caps alway
,;. iia.-.d, vs ill Muffs of every descripUon an
prices. One ma! will prove Ibe fact
/??/-ret d sor' THEODORE CLARK'S old e*(ab . ?**
Hat awl Cap Manufactory, comer of. r .. rl and Cba
st?. New-York._Sjg late
KAI.l. FA^IIIONrs^Hal*, 1 -Parts ua,*
kin fiats al ifi, equal to those sob. other* al *4,
-so ele?aai dress hau at ig V) and 2S, superior.*
.i tho*n In many places ai - nasal bat* as
^, pleased u, **? bU l. end* at Ulla
It* Canstat
'IHK !*)IB*>< KIHEK, whn.,m-' ?f3ed1?
l e,ta. for Uie t>est toned CA_r?A ... A other
Bd exhibited al the Fair of trie American In?ti
bite in f>ctiib?-r. 1*4-5. and who has received th*
premiums for several yearspast, for the :er.t Be...
? t (v>-k*.** wed ?t the Fair* of the New-York
< ate '..rai Society, ss lie American Institute. Is
--.a/ed lo furnish, al fau fwirsdry. bell* of any
weiirht reqoi/?d--warraated not to break or crack, aad
u,wi io please and give satisfaction. He ajtaehe* to the n
kfs Imfrrvrcd Cut Iron. Yola. vsrtrh roovab? gudgeons, i y
wbidi lie ball can be adjusted so as lo tang and ring pro
;.. t K?cu,ry he t rxtsastaai y oa kotai.
Copfot sad Brass Castings made to order.
a m o ires snri fceerajronjian'lyon hand.Thno
. ran OS I nsirumeots, Levels and burvsryor's Conv
.rV Improved Compass*-*, for taking hori?
zontal and rarueal angles, withoot the needles.
Cash paid for oM copier aad bras*.
0 H SWORDS. Ag*a-.U1I6 Broadway. a|7 lntA3tW?
The largest asaoranect fT't .cT*72lCA
for sale at MARTIN WILLARl*?
k -. :\ ,-.r-sa ?a-i ?at.-.-r W are-room*.
LSO C.-aLbaci *?- corner Mu.i?rry-si.?
. ?trrm J*s -r the Ur Tmr of the A~r>
ZI i ?rCl^m Bedsteads or* prxxrf again** verrrun
T l'a.'t'u- JT^bVoat up or tak*n down in t>ne mlj.
.?.^,overasT^.^ MV.
ibe last five year* ovaa t km sty thocsaso o>
*eea ?>'"?? _ln_,,-a u ^-i and saaaica
The public ar. raapasctfu^y levttad J>
'u; thernawvea . slbteWtBT*
a^o. Ccu b7 the ia*** or lattrnse^

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