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For The Tribune
MT CoCNTur ! little need hart thou that I thy praise
should sing? [string
Thy name lies in the Poet s -/err* and la the Minrtre. ?
Of mountain gray and valley green, where hero-deeds
were done P?*? *PaB
Of regal Western woods snd stream*, bave stirring tale*
Warriors and Statesmen give the meed of glory unto
thee; [rf the Free!
Tby sons are brave, tby daughters lair, oh ? Country
Among the nation* of the earth thou rear's*, a haughty
crest, [ureast
Thy stateJy ships at anchor r.dc on many a river's
St*George's banner waveth not more loftily than thine?
Nor the Lily-Flag of sucny France fairer O land of mm'-''
Yea, thou art greatly prosperous, renown'd o'er earth
and sea. ith'> Fr-\
And the choicest gifts of Heaven bless tie Country of
Tet, O my Country I undenied as all thy glories stand.
The Seal of sin is on thee stamp'd with an enduring
For evil men with sovereign power in tby high places si:;
Judgment they give and execute the law? as they see ?t
With scourge and chain and gallows t ord. they cast re
proseh on th*e. [rreel
WithsteeUnd ball on battle ?dd?Ob Country of the
Meanwhile a thousand temples from thy crowded cities
And in far Western solitude* the spire points to the skies
And we from Heaven's ambassador* a weekly lessor,
To " love all men as brethren" for gentle Jesus' Bake ;
To exercise Life's charities?at peace with all to I e?
'Tis thus the Christian creed is taught in the Country ot
the Free I
We read of children offered up at Moloch's sacrifice?
Of the Hindoo widow's funeral pyre, and close our
shuddering eyas. [shone.
The holy light of Truth hatn ne er on Pagun darkness
And we send the Soldier of the Cro-s to make C- ri-t -
r>o*pei known? [maybe
And pray that in those godless spheres a faith like our?
We but pr?fest that Faith Divine which maketh all men
My Country ' mark's! yon swarthy man with gnm and
horny hand [ket stand ?
Bowed with the burning noon tide toil In t: e Slave mar
Mark at thou the lordly master's eye roll greedy o'er the
(old [and sold !
For which he deals in human flesh, there daily bought
Tears do not shame his marihrod who secth wife and
children three, ' -; ret
Each to a separate tyrant bound, O Country of the
Thin I: *t thou the sun in God's high Heaven w hich shines
alike lor all, I ger'l call I
Hath looked upon a scene like this?not heard the Aren*
Think'at thou the appealing cry went up to an unheed?
ing car ? [henr '
I tell thee nay! our God is just, and will injustice
On the Recording Angel's book no darker doom shall I??
Than fjLnjri who sell God's image here, in the Country
of the Free 1
Oh, rouse thy children 1 bid them gird Truth's holy ai
mor on? [sion dow n
And in the might of Heaven born right, put all oppres
Call the puro spirit* of the age to aid with tongue ami
Tho liberation of those por.r. degraded, sulienng men.
Then shall the Stripes and f-'tnrs proclaim thy glorious
Liberty, (Free'
And then my land be truly called the Country of the
IforrmUr Utk, 18IR.
More "Sanctions. ?They lulled |., l liarlcs
Tbomn* according to law nt the Egyptian Tombs In
New-York on Friday, lie was attended i.y two clergy
men, and professed to have been converted to Christ
Tic behaved with great firmness on the scaffold, and
begged that his wile might be protected. His employers
gave him a good character, and it appears that he was a
peaceable man when not in liquor But they've killed
turn as unfit for this world, after fitting him foi Heai en 1
Land Sunk,? We learn from a note from a re
trpected citizen of Ledyard, that four ur five ai-re* of
land on tlie farm ol Mr. Henry Chase. Jr .,n the east
bank of Cayugn Lake, and near the line of Lodyardand
Genoa, sunk n few day* since and has disappeared. We
have not heard any of the particulars, but we are prom
ised them by our correspondent | Auburn Adv
SuccESsrtn. Ttors? Tin- steamer Orecm. on
the upper Lakes, lia* made thirteen successful trips I.
tWeen Cliicugo and Buffalo during the pa<t season, with
out being detained by accident or the weather a single
SriciDE.?Leopold Alherti n German and a
preacher of the Lutherau Church, while laboring under
mental derangement cut tit* throat at Milwaukee on the
Hth inst.
G?" Hon. James Rctn>EROAaT died in the town
of Carroll, Chautuuque Co. on the loth in the pud year
ofhliage. Judge P. was one of the earliest pioneers "i
Cbautauque, having been a resident ot that County tor
more than lorty year*, mid was always di?tingtii?hed lor
great energy, purity and amiability of character.
. CS""* The ateatnor Woloott, which plica between
this city and Toledo, was run into by a schooner in coin
lug up die river on Monday night, and so injured th .!
they were compelled to run ashore to prevent her sink
ing. The passengers were landed in safety.
I Detroit Advertiser.
"Sr** The aged Pel er Mueintosli. one ol the origi
nal members ot the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic
Association, died in Huston mi the'.'.Id inst aged 99 I
sterling, good man. who has tilled a useful part in his
long pilgrimage- there.
Soles hi the Stock Exchange_Wkokesoav.
$700 Ohio. ao. 99 1300 Harlem. *3 MJ
1000 do. "i-gj loo do.
lOOOORdgBd. 73 900 do . s3 50
5000 do.?90 Tit llSO Nor A Wor.-i
75 M A Tr . 64. 100 do. 58
900 Rdg RJ.b?) (!3J 300 do. tlO 5 -
175 do. titlj
100 do.Klo 63
125 do. b3 684
SO Fireman*' In* Co.. 40
50 Canton . ,
100 Harlem . tjOi
200 do. ?10 50)
650 do.bf*? M
'<0 do. 57}
50 do.blO 58
50 do. 57}
loo do.b3
25 do. 57 i
2-> do.57}
50 do.b3 57?
ho do. 571
100 do. Sty 1123 Long Is]. 25i
400 do.?t-O 50? link) do. O'.i
100 do.*!K> 50? Ilk) do. b!5 251
100 do.slO 5041450 do.??
100 do.b30 51 na> do. blO 95
100 do.50i 100 do. sis) 941
50 do.s3 50,!
.-utr-oxo board
50 Nor,V Wor....alO 57*1 50 long Iaiand . . . V4,
ISO do.57? 100 do... .WO 25
50 do.,;t0 57? Us.- Harlem. .'si,
* do. 57} I 50 do. 50j
,5?, do.*60 57|l900 do.bT>0 51
ISO ,to... blO :,Tj|-.\Sl do.?10 :
ig, <?o---- - --?30 57? ,V> do. 50]
Va Lone l.land . 94*075 do
30 ?0. 24? I 50 Farmers. 23
InOubxtrk RapiiLtrvm Hav\>ia?Cap* .1 E Hadley late
of brig Cumberland . W J Watson G Mallard. A Yanago
R M ttas, .!..-?
In the bark CkiUr Hmrold, '"rota /<\i*\j-i.i?Capt C H
Shankland. Capt G 1- Crocker". Capt J AUen Cant Smith
7a iWf*v lVw..*Vv?a CkaritKoi-Ti H Rutan
h lit\ktpS:.Vary, frvm .Yoc-Onwai?Mr* Laucia
Rarks Inoa. Ruxton. Raluuiorv. W beton. Gelston. Mon?
terey, J Bishop A Co.
BrigAnu Etna. William*. St Mark*. E D Baribal a c.
Scbr Amelia, Smith. Baltimore.
Barge Philadelphia. De Hart Ptulad.
Ship St Mary, Foster, fm New Orleans. 6th last .- ?:
toe. to Sranton .\ Frost. 15th inst, ort ?Memory Rock
exchanged signals with ship Calender.
Ship Clarendon. Essterbrook. fm Boston 11th inst,
md?e to John K Murray.
Bark Rapid. Ward, fm Haaana, 7th last sugar Ac to
M Taylor, the K was driven off last Sundav last in the N
?s??t gale.
l^rk Childe Harold. Fosouit fm Havana. Hth inst. rndsv.
v aSv^SS & Ca Le:tShiP Adelaide, Adam*, for N
?L Vir ,*w John Wilson, seaman, was knocked
troxu the foretopaaii yard on deck and iLed in 'J hours,
,J-S7? a' tm Bullae, I Hond KVt SSth
)C?BtS^'** .u company with sehr Nile.
tasjamr. tritvi a ^?1^'?^^
WOOd, fm Wilmington. NV.?, toto^
1st. Capt Wood atck. who d!ei ne?rl%Wa^?0Vh?
the 5A tor Cape Haytiec. W ?*i!fd 00
Sehr IJaaiel Crowell. Tiltcm. cotton im th? ._^
ship Wm Eng*, ashore on Souan Beach. ?recx ol
Sehr (new> American Belaj. Nickenon. fm Conrs~-.i
cut River. ?usecti
hand, and u constantly receivmg. the laleat *ty lea of C lothT
Casainjere* and Yeauiug*. which be will make up In a can'
Oer he doubt* not will prove every way aa tufaciory tu th o?e
who may favor him with their patronage. He wiahe* fca
partly*,iiar to call the attention of gentlemen to hi* new
?Kyle of Dreas and Palio Overcoat*, a* he i* earcesCr of
the opinion mat tliey cannol ho excelled la this city or eW.
where, Oeatlemen furnuhing their own doth wJl have
thru- garment* made wilh a* much care a* If purchaweJ of
am oM jjb 1
Lrf ererj/ Fetroterr tn ik* Cr.tttd Stein harz a Copj
Let every Farmer in the l'nited States .?ob?
?eribe for n Copy for hi- Sod. It may
prove ol more Talae to him than a
Horse, or e-Ten a Farm I
Each Bomber consist* of two distinct parts,-iz
I The K?**4r.?s' LiaaAxr, in which are published con-;
tir.acrti?lvlh* be?: itandard Work) or. Airr.caifjre, erair*
ein? those wiucb, by lbe-.rco?t or the laaguxge ta which
they are wsitlaB, would olben*-;*? leeta .jeyond the reaca
of nearly all American Farmer?. In lias way we -pre for
two or three dollar* the choicest European treatises an.i rs>
aearciie* in Agriculture, eosuue lea tone* a* much ia tae
original editions, not easdy obtained at any pnee. and vir
tua'Iy out of the reach of men who live by following the
piow:. The works published m ihe Library will form a
eomp.ete ?>r.e?. ex- o-.-.g vA exh.V.iir.g tae ?j.j.e r-.. of
Natural Science,31^: ceTelopinsr the neu treasures which
Chemistry. Geology, aad Mechanic* have yielded and may
yield to lighten tise labors and swell the harveaU of the in?
telligent husbandman.
IL The Monthly JocaxAL or AcmctrLToaa wi:; :..<>?
wi?e contain about 50 page* per month, and will comprise,
1. Foreign: Selections from the higher Claas of Br.t.?h,
French and German periodical* devoted to Agriculture,
with extracts from new book, w h.fh may not 1* pubu?nea
In ibe Librarv. iie, ate Z Amenrm: Editorials, communi?
cated and aelected account* of experiments. improve,; ; -,>
cesses, diseoveriea in Agriculture, new implements, tic. i.e.
In uns department llone wflj ours resemble any America.-,
work ever vet published. It can hardly lie necessary to add
thai no Political, Economic, or otter eontrovrrU-d doctrine,
will be inculcated through this magazine.
Each number of the Library is illustrated by numerous
Engravings, printed on type obtained expressly for tins
work, and on good paper?the whole got up as such a work
?hould *>e.
This Monthly, which i? by far the amplest and no-: com?
prehensive Agricultural periodical ever established is
America, was commenced m the month of July, I'-t?. and
before the close of tiie first year among its subscriber were
embra.-ed many of the most Intelligent tanners, professional
men, and retired gentlemen in every City and Mate in the
Union. The reprint of standard works! and the variety,
elegance and costliness of the Engravings, will always
render :t.;? one oi'tne mr,st u,ef^; ar.'i intere-?mg, and, in
view of the nmountof reading matter, therheapesi Farming
peri'Klical in this or any oilier country. The beautitui
work Of PF.t7.IIOf.tiT OWACP.icct.tvrai.' ClIl.VlSTRY wu
published complete in the fir-; two number* of the Farm
r.as' Library i and the great work, of Vois Thaeb on ihe
Panicin.Es or At.au t-t tvre, ti:?v.i.*t, t> av WscShaw
and COTHBEBT Johnson, with t, Memoir or the Aithcr,
sic. wit* comrnenred in the number of the Librarv for Sep.
leinl>er, 18V?, and w n-romplet.-.j entire, witlinut abridge,
ro.-nl,in the June number for 1840.
The Aral number of the secoDd rear, Juiv. 1846, rommeii
eedwitb the repuliliration of ?? STEPHENS'.-; BuOK OF
THE FARM," to be nliiutrate] with 6fr9 Engraving*.
Person? wuhinglo subscribe for this work can ?Uli pro?
cure the July number.
Subscription* w iii be received by most of the Booksellers
in tie- Crated Mate?.
Pnee S'? [,er innufflipeyabse inndvar.ee. Money for sub?
scription, mav be remitted by msil at Mir risk.
GREELEY x McELRATH. Publishers. New-York.
THIS DAY PI BL1SHED, N i ? of the Annalist?a re?
cord ol Practical Medicine and Surgery in Ihe city of
New-York?containing as follow i
L Report of iJjeClirflqueof ihe CoUege of Physicians and
" Report of Ihe New-York Hospital.
3. Report ol ibeN Y. Pathological Society
t Kenort of Obstetric Practice, No. I, by C. B. Oilman.
M. D.
?. Case of Abnormal Seron? Cyst, by Oliver While, M. D.
i>. Me*merk Clairvoyance- tue latest humbug.
;. Editor? Tab..? The Case of Ellis, the Hydropath;
Opening ol the j'ltli Session Coll. ol Phys. and Sie,', ol li.e
New York S'a'e University; Anniversary Dinner of Ihe
N. Y Society l"r the Relief of Widow* and Orphans Ol
Medical Men i Dr. Kisker'? ( ase; How the Emperor of
China pay- his Doctor* ; Varia.
r. Obituary.
Tetm-.?.! per annum, invariably in advance; Single No*.
10 cents, Address i post paid) ilie publisher,
al9o?tf DANIKL Al'F.V. I"7 Kiilton-u. N Y
i; z:;:,iiu a > DOCTloN
a N INTRODUCTION to the Greek Language?Con
{a. tainine* an Qutllneof the Grammar, with nppeopriate
exercises (or the use of ?c(|,miI? and private lenrner?, by
A-it'ei C. Kendrick,Profeaaorof Gi-ees Language and Lit?
erature, Madison University, second edition, revised and
enlarged. For sale bv
ni'1 M4HK II. NEWMAN ? ( <) I " Broadway.
Di AH Y FOR 18-17.
THIS .lav published, the Pocket Diary f..r the year lfii*.
coiiiaing blank memoranda tor every day In the year.
(jocludlngSundavs) and an Almanac and li'?t of Sunday*
in 1817; a Tune Table. Tial.-s of Postage. Time*of II" d>
lac Electloa*: Corporation of the Citv of New-York;
Court* of the United States, Slate of New .York and City
of New-York i American Ministers at Foreign Conns";
Charge d'Affaire*; Foreign Consul*; Populaiioa of the
United States, Slate of New-York and City "f Mew-York ;
presidents of the United State?, tte. be. Published and
forsaleby BELL .v OOULD,
o2 Htntinr.ers anil BookseUers, 166 Nassau-sL
HUNTINGTON k SAVAGE, Publishers and Booksel.
Iers,216 Pearl-st New-York, have recently Isaued n.-w
and very niucli itiiproveo eniti..us of i:;e w .,m- on Natural
Philosophy and Chemistry, by Mr?. A. W. L. Pbelp*, to
which they respectfully solicit the attention of School
Tescher*. Committee,, and Other* Interested |n eduraliiin.
Copies will be furnished for examination, on application io
the publisher*. For sale by Booksellers generally. Jv?
No. "* SraCCI -sraCXI ? ( Three dr.nii f,om NmMsmm-ttrttt.J
risiiK facill?es ofthi* esUblishment for JOB PKIM tNG
m are. pel hup-, unsurpassed by any office in ihe city. The
patronage of llie lust >ear has been si ch ;s to guaranty a
great extension in our resources. We therefore, with con?
fidence, issue ihe following Caul i
TO MK.Itl HANTS?Merchants ?upplWd wuh ull ku-il
of PRINTING at ihe eheapesi raw. i b
Card?, Rill? Lading.
Citruiar?. ' Receipl*,
Bill Heads. Checks, lie.
ToLiTKasarGcktlxmen?Oi igouil Mssiass rpfjprioled
w.ih sccuracy.
Pamphlets,I Stereotype Work, a* .l sll kinds of
boom, I I etter 1'itM I' intiur.
To Lecturer! tiso Musicians? Preigrammn beanttraily
Lecture Bill.. Small Bills for Pisti l
Ahnnmr.fA Jli/l?, : Utlon, Ac.
And every description of Plain and Oriwuu.-isfai JoA MV-a
execiiltsl w ill, greal nealne.s and pUBCUiallly, li iho office,
No ~. Spruce-rt.
The improved POWER PRESSES, for Boocs, P?nrH
i.r.rs, ate,
All work on ihe above Presse? will be don,- ai extraordi?
nary low price*. J. A. Fit Ail t IS,
Jlii tf_Tribune Job Printer.
1 dubon** Bird* ol America, ate. Ate
E. w. would grateftUly acknowledge his obligations io
Ihe 2i?s' ?abecrioer* to Harper** Bd.ie. for ihelr patt.-i
and Ihe satisfaction ihey have iuvnriably expressed: he
would suggest to those subscribers a ho have vet e.-.av ed
Ihe binding ol their cot'le? and may wish to iutve them done
by t in Istiaasoi Now-Yeara, thai they Imiaediaiely forward
Ihem to hU eatablishmeut, where they may depend upon
having ihem >iib?laiinally and elacantl) t.o'und.
Ladle*and GtmiJaaMn wiahing their Bible* or anv , :',-r
Work* 10 be called for. ?ill !.-e prcsnptly alleiided to, it a
note i* ?etil 10 ihe proprietor through ihe Po?lOffice or City
ojo_New.Yoik. Book Bindery. IM Fu I ion ???
THE BUbscribera are receiving from the factory of Belie
vilte, N. J, ihelr regular ?upplie* of ihn ?uj^-rior Lea t,
drv and in oil. pul np in ra?k? and keg*,, which Uiev w nr.
rant equal In quality to any imported I.rand. Kor ?ale in
i.u* of one ton and upward*, by
FRY ATT. CAMPBELL v CO 145 Front-*!.
Kr i :...?.( I.urta'ti-,. and fi'arge Ml-eml alisn>"
ASPLENDID a**oraneni may be found at BREWS
TER*SFashioBable Hat Si,,re. lao Bowery,corner of
I llrand *!. uiO i,n.
Ml'Fl?, .Ml*FKS- Tre.fw.-li x i-'ro-i. > ,-, ,j
Pearl-*!, one door below FultO0-*L have on hand and
lot ?a!e ol ?ie very toweat inarari price*, a complete and
i extensive assortment of Muffs, comprising every variety ?
? Putchxser? will do w ell ,u> examine previoB* to eurchas.
I ing else where, TJtEDWELL \ FROST,
, n.'l tm*_ 36Pand SfgPearl-ai
' oall'FKt*?, >ll Fs?, < Ft en n? -:-., made of the beat
j i'luiaieiiai* and workiniin?hip. fur* pul m f.e,l order.?
I Als.? tievv ?iy:e of children'* hau. with feather*. The
! above ailie'es lor sale on it:,- most reasbuaKo lern.? ai
I MON ARQUE S fashionable hat,cap and tor warehouse,
I gat Bowery._ nl9:in*
'pit K 1. a iii i >?..:-. i :???? ? -,. v -^-i^.i
; J. JEWELRY to be found m ihe eouniry, cor
j i?/l*r lair-f uttfe ofornetmrnti. logether with an baflaite <a
| nety vV choice fancv ar::,suitable for preeeala, al the
; JeweiTJ and Lanir- F.?la*>ii>r.meBlopp>i?llelhe Taheraaclei.
i ,lf THos CKaNF HANKS ii Broadway
C"*OtrKlNt; STOVE!* C leap for Cash.?A goodas
*. soruueni ivi Coearmg Stove*, from vra- and aigi-'s ay
, prn-xdf^ittrrnf. tuav be obsttiaed al the manufactory. Sala
' mander Foundry, lit Gocrck-s*. between Rivingt'on aad
Slant,hi ?t?. hl4 git*
AT UK I'OWKK to . .. vatlh two .arge r.vif. ta a
atone baikliag, at ?ie plea?ar,i village of Y'onker*. 17
' mile* from the dty, close to the *teamk>al laaJicg. In?
quire of J F COPCl'TT. US Wash v.. -
1 o87 Ira-_<w IT.' Oti*ne-?t
IVB AI K' IIOOP's* I - - .
V * Oer? lor anv guantity or .!e?.-ripuon of Whale H,?jp?
! frxsni to S inche* wide." BEN.I. M. SHERMAN.
I b?I Corner Br.va.i and Bearer.
ll'U.Vl.H HOOPS.?T esubs
v v de-> foraav guaenty or descnpnor. of Whale Hoop*,
i frosaf toSiaches wide, BENJ. M sHF.K.MaN.
gig _Cx'rner Bn^id and Beaver ?1?.
jV IlWslKRoKY l OPPKK OKE.-For *a.e. ??
? i'."0* ?r topper Ore (gray ?uipburei, from lie F emu g
? ton Mine, kpplj >-. R HART.
j .tri tft_ No, M >!?-,..-.--r...
AI1.KOAO M'IRKS- o ;s x.i.i Ratlroaa S; .?rs
?unable lor relay tag rails, for ?ale low if inuaediate
, appneatioa i.maJe. BENJ. M SHERMAN,
I no Cor. Broad and Beaver *ta
t ?UPEKiOK t'KOTON Froot Iirick. M-unfacOxred
O by Cyre* S. Doty, at Ct**0toa**UIe, and tor ?ale by R
Ormsbv, 4! Tompkia* ?a beiw een Rivisgioa and Deia-cv
?'?. at ge. St. ?>_ '? sw- ?
\\\VKK?MjfbN ?V KICHAKOS, Agents for ihe
*? Bai?toi: Iron ar.,i xt.a,- Work-. , , \-A
Jti Burtlag-allp. Ca?t Iron Pipe* artd Window Qhua for
aa'e._ ?setj '
T" IN PLATE**.?35 Sap. Chs?e??j T.:. Piale*
be*t brand*? for ?aleby BENJ. M.SHERMAN.
Cowr Broad and Seaver ?i?.
\VELSH COAL. - lo.-.? fver-t We.sh Sleair iV-a.
v v landed from ?hirs Abbc>l?fbr>i and Eluabeth, aad far
?tfety [arsiw-l RICH'P 1RVIN. -v- Erori:-*t.
RAt;*-.-Tr.v hicdMSSt m*r?<s pr:-e* oa.u in ca*.l for Do
reeauc Rags. Caava*. Gnts* Rr>pe. Bale Rope. Cnianv
BHi'--ig. arid all kdrtdl Of P*:^*- Maaifacturer's Stock, bv
: - - 1 CYR1 S W. FIELD. No- Baring
Wat .VPPiXt; i'apkk of all kinds for ?ale bv
B.avgw CYRCS W FIELD. S P-urHag-s':p.
PAPKK made to ord-r hv
?_t'YRI's' \y. FIELD. 3 Bnr.ing^lfp.
* Jy? J?^HTCOaJ^MAlN.fiS\VeemV
} L\*X C-f Leti?!? S^te?i^iBS !5 fr* vi ai titj P?s*
patch Pc?t. November 25, 134a.
i |T_p* Plaut mention tit d_t_ c/nie List in tiey ar*
! odttnatA. LADIES' LIST.
A, B A C |Lc_?bot-. Hin rWasnsnp
I Archer,Mr? iLuSiow-st) tos-?:)
Beert. M;#? Rebecca Ann Lenr.-r._-. -. Miss Sarah
Carperter. M:?? Mary Lace. S?st Barmah
Ca?. Mi*? Lv?ia Ann Lar.ter_._r.. M_-s Marr
D. V. F V-rlM'w Catharine
D ,*a. M S__tb_i McLau W ery-ei
De-wey. Mf* L D M ig M.--l*a:-.._
Ehahujer, Mist C-___rine PAK
Preeksrver, Ma.*." Price, Mr' Marr F.
H, I __ J Pen M <? C M
Beert,M>? Mary 'Phalre. Min _.::??
HorT.ra.1. Mi*? Sophia |P-._*r, Mr* |Rose-*t>
Irwin, Marr Arn Raa >?'???- E bta
M ? 4 [Market u) I T AW
JoUaa, Mr* Saraa TOyon, Mr* Mar.?
K ?i L - '.is=?
Kellv. Mi*i Betty . Wa.si-by. Mist E .ra
Lonbg. Miss Miry | W_ee>r. Mr- ?o_f:-y
A & B Edger.on. E A .Rexford. D A..2
Aie". Mr < Beek- Hy.mge. S iS'nerwood. B
man-st. Fs_ouhar. Jsmei [Skeetes, Res
Ashley. JC :Fortie*. \V:..:ara ; Steinberg. L
Adams. A A iFawcea, HenryM15n>._i..Ge-rge M
Alsier. Math I? srnoeniorf. S
Ashkettte. Wct Fi.-her Leonard.!Sh:rekow.Mr(B'
Andrews. Hearv.2 Her.rv and George! wbj')
Burr.. Pr>- <; ?. ,, - :.-r*. tt'l,
Brootplev, Wm G-'.Son* John B Se;s__H_B,Mr? a r)
L^T-SlSr5* . Hatch". John " ?:-.<-_iVmB.
Baier. W i...f.m A Heslirwood Ii < a
Bnra?.Matnew Hodton G
!??. He?r> * _ Haltet, John..2
Bennet, C-Pt A H Harrison. Joseph
Bertram!I J Hail. Sterben
Barton.Mr TJey-M Harding;, Rr(Hod
J, K & L
B.rdsai!. Richat :
BofavelLJ A
B1eWer,Pet? Je_km?,Au*ai_m*
Cd: I? Hi - .2
Cavanagn, Patrick Kavanaeh. Joim
Cook, Taomai T , Kan,. Timothy
C'o-hy. F. O Leoni: Stone.
Cook. E A ? Lennox. Ro'.l
Coos. R L
Cart?right, Peter
S'r.iuerHeoryG rirn
Spencer, Wm
Sv -r. Mr ..? ? ?
Shave. K B
Sperr.-. Henry C
Sir-nger. Loci*
Storms. Stepben
Scott. John (!3th-st
Scott, Henry E
Sm.l-.ve. . fb *???'-? ?
Slebbir.s. Win P C
T, I d V
>I A N
Coollom Mr (Jonn-VVli;iluu i Jf?"'ur' .T-"'0?
'Tfioma-. v\ in, Ar'
Thn..er. ii Co.
Trimm'r, Henry
Cri/er, MajorCW
( . ins, W....hi!-.
C unpbeD, Wru M
C!ay. Henry
Cun*!1. Jaire. A
Chadaey, KG
Coit, U'A
CnmrniruTk, Scott
Deway, ReVd (>r
McKinley. Junn
Morgan, John B
McGOl, V.'iiUam
Mr.nian, Edward
Mangln. Patrrk jThomp-on, C (i
Nissen,Clans Chi - Taylor, George
t:ari TfTOtbl*. Tiiomas
Norton..! i ider' ...O-cartV
P d- t? - v im
Quin, Bagfa iVtdalrThco B
li.nr. P.,-rirk \V
ckeo*on.T.-.wr.- "/"'r'*;".'; M TVHUarnaomJUch'd
end 1 {;,"'!;-J,K. ? VVesM-ndorf. Wa
Devlin, Owen irerry. WG Wnlgmm, J XV
Dlnsmore.William! It d" S Whitest Johnson,
DiCKson. Edw EH Rnrner.Mn Bleeck- Wainmaa,WiUIam
F. A F er-'i Wie?*, Ferdinand
F. iward?. John iRelorl, Andrew Weight, peter C
E.ii-on, John S..2 :Randa:i. Alar.son White, John
? IT EAST?The hest nrticie ever used for innking llrend.
Buekwttmt < ui.>. \c. 4>c.?Thi* Yea?t t* an arid wbicli,
bein^' combined in proj>er chemical prop<)riions with an
alkali. Impregnate* the dough with carbonic add cur.
avurioul atfectir.g in any way UM original properties of the
Flour, a::.! thus when i-akeii producing ri kct BaRan*?
In the u*e of CON ANTS PATENT FEAST, there neeer
ran be a go'?l caiiM- f.r bav.r.g poor lireari. A Chemie?!
certainty i* just as eure never to m;? as a maihemalical
ceitatfilv; and if the bread I* not light, spongy and
cweel?if, in a word, it I? not perfect, [i I* )>ecnu*e the
proportions of the Yeast and Salasratus ar- not exactly
risht. Tin- foinmiin m-sle of raising dough is by the slow
process of vinous fermentation; the new rmide It by al?
most mtV-*?'*?t efTervescence. Fon may make It, and
bake II, and have it on the table loo in thirty minutes,
and eat it bot cr cold, as you lil;e. without danger to your
health. Sold, wholesale snd retail, by
nl2tf (iASSNK.lt \ VOfNG.G.-.!..' ri/iti.ain *?
Hi; H Ii I N (i'"? W ??- - Pati ntj Fire >.? i Dan j P ?l
Salamander Safes.?The only objection ever made
again>t Wilder', c-lebrated Paten: Fire Proof Sa'.amnnder
Safe* n*atthai some of i e tir?i maJe (by Wilder) wonld
mould aim dampen books ami papers.
TI.e subscriber b?t Invented a damp proof comnocidon
which t.e incorporate, next to the Mahogany Book Ca?e.
??-parate and distinct, without altering or changing ihe
Fire Pn~,t" Filling l patented by Daniel Fit/geral.l a'.d by
him iran-ferrid to Wilder ui the patent ortire. Washing.
Ion) whl b now renier. these Safes the best aillcle of the
, k in.i in use.
The exclusive right to make or sell the above Sates in
this State is secured n> the subscriber.
Jones's celebrated chargeable Bank Lock will be fur*
i nlshed when ordered an<i for sale ?i manufacturer's prices.
A general assortment of double and tingle bn.aiuatider
Also other kin 's of new and serond hand ones for sale
low at the Iron Safe Depot, No |39 Water..!
tit lmliiW S C. HERRING.
OPTHAlsiUIC DI*?PENf*ARY. October ,:- .
of the number ol eases successfully treated mot din
discharged ii- entire y cure.), nl Dr. WHEELER'S Op
thaiuitc D.-peiiKirs', N'o." 2i Greeuwteh ?' (near ihe Bait.
rv.) NVw-Yoik.
? Disease, cured Bnd operations successfully performed
from the 1st of October to the of November; IM6;
Inflamed und sole eyes. 11 in paired vision.I"
from r,.!d?.*M|Caiaract*
. Opibiilinia ;ar-l (or dl.ess |Injuries lo the eyes from
edeyelid*).1."., accident....*.. f
, Iritis. SiAinauitMl*. 2
Egyptian optaalmia. SIFilm* and specks. :
1 Rneiiniaitc do .ISIFterygmm .3
1 Erysipelotoutdo ."lObtlruc?ou ol the r.nsal
Purulent doof infants 9' duct(or.tear passage] .. G
PS*" Pampbiets in relation to Dr. Wheeler"* treatment
and cure of Diseases Of me Eye. may be had grati. athit
j Office; ultf eoiiiil*
HI It BAR !>*"?> PAP hits*, it I n'NAPk't?BCO? U
No. IIS Fultoo-tt "rter for sale a full assortment of Pa?
pers inanufaruired by the Messrs; Hnbbard, comprising
Ledger Papers, blue and white Imperial, super Royal,
Ruh!, Medium, Demy and Flat Cap,
Bhnk Folio Post. Bank Qtiurto Post, Exchange Cap.
Extra Super Cut Cap. ruled and plain.
Leiter Paper. Piled and plain, a lull assortment
Pai kel Po.i S ?? nor and V.atrH Super,
flnutd I'laie Paper; Colored Imperials.
Colored Rovals. tmrk and thin.
Do. Med 111111. d.i. do.
Do. Double Cap. for copy book*.
Fine lilazed Colored Medium.. Rovals. i.e. I.e.
B. ii B. have h!?.i on hand ? very extensive s-xirtiniant of
Writing Papers, Book an ! Newt Printing Papers. Piate
Pa;e-r.. Hardware ir..l Wrapping Pajiera. Tl.e% are also
Sole agentso{ ibe genuine Patent Envelope l'?|>er.
Printing Paper of auv sire aud quality nn.de to order at
thori nonce. ty^l otyeod
IA.>IPf?. tJIRAMMM.hs?, Ha. Lai ai l< tan
J de! ers. Deil7, Itrolber i. I ... Wa,h;n/ton Store., No.
I.W Wt!!iaui-sL n?- te.ruinfaciuiing aj.d lave always on
Imtid, a lull ass..rim-r,i 01 article, in tn.-tr line, of the fol?
lowing descriptions, which they will sell at wholesale or
retail it ...? pr..-<??. for caul -
Soar Lam p. - tint, Bron/e and Slivered, in great \ar.> ;y.
Suspending Solar., do. do.
Bracket Solars, do, do.
I Solar Chandeliers, do. do, 2. 3 and ' Pgbta
Suspending Campbene Lamp*; Bra.-ketdo. do.
Side do. do.
Campbene Chandeliers?2, a and 1 lights.
Girandole*?Gilt. Silvered and Bron/.M,various pattema
Hal! Lantern*? Various si/e?. wiut cut ..r ,tamed glasa
these Lamp*, which have become absolutely neces?
sary pieces of funiiiure for a well-lighted Ssdooo?bat
iusi been received by the subscriber. They are of the
rirhe.l and latest Parisian des.gr.* and far ?urpass every
thing Glitt ha. hitherto been received In this country. The
subscriber invites particular attention to the Globes wh.rh
i he has imported ; they will l?- found to be of the most ex
' qoitlte taste and nalth He ha* alto a full as-oritneni of
, avery thing necessary to the management of the Lamos?
, w ick, cahnatet, sdssors, a oai ioun. AH Lamps sob! by
him are examined ?nh the greate.t care and are w arranl
, ed (Or one year. VICTOR QIROUD, Wst.hmaser.
Granite Building?, 381 Broadwsy,2d floor.
tT?" Meciianical Lamps repaired with care, and war
i ranted. n2'> lw
JJelmade .>; the purest and hes! CoCTee, !.as gained a great
popularly, rot only 011 account of the great facility it ?f?
ter? to hou*eki>e;>er> and bachelors by making with one
I lea-apoou full, more or less, in s cup of hot water or milk,
II. e 11 o?l palatable Coffee, but also by tu superiority to any
? corlee prepared in the nstta] way.
' The inanufscturer having Is'., ly attained some advantages
ir, retaining ail the flavor in Hie essence, 1? confident Uiat 11
: will now give Satisfaction to all wbe try iL
For*aieai 1J Mmden-lane. 1S3 Broadway, C39 Broad
v>a\,74- Broadway.f I t.ioti-placc. J2. Bowery, 200 Bow?
ery, 134 Chatham-*' 12 Centre-.:. T3 East Broadway. 162
Ea.i Broadw av. !i>l Ctslar-st 132 Chamtier?-sU
E. I. SZADECZKV.Manufacrare.-,
i Iwlttp?_No. 93 Murray-st.
T\ \1>. I -Omce raxes, I
Buiidmg.. Para. Get 22. IM?.?Notice is hereby given
that '.he Tax Books for the pre?em year are now open a:
this office, and that 1 am ready i.-"receive the laxes due
upon ihetn. Ai! persons paying me.r taxes prev-.ous to Av
l*i day of" January, will be allowed a deduction on the
amount, equal to mtere.t at the rate of T per cent, per an?
num, calculated from the day of pavuient to ihe 1st day of
February. Office l.-oar? for recerririg taxes, from - A." M.
until 2 P. M. JOHN STEWART. Receiver ..: Texas.
rV Persons sen-i.ig a full dewiriptlon o:" Ibeir proper?
ly to this othce, w;|; have inetr bills seni to them, or tnev
can be had at any feme by personal application. n25 61
TO GR0( 11H - Kor sale the lease ana entir- -
M gv*vKis. n\iurrrs, i.e. incljd:.-.,- a borse and wagon, of
a retail grocery store, now doing a good basine.s; the pre?
sent occupant aesdtBing business on account of ill health ;
..vated m the mo?i central par. of south Brook vn. The
? !x^**'' ba* been bnllt but one ye?r.is three stories high,
tsiilt of brick and jie upper part occupied as a dwelling,
and 00 the rear of the lot a br.ck stable. The lease ha*
tour year* to nn tt a low rent. To one we.l acquainted
w Ith the reiail grocery business as eppor-umtr is noa Of?
fered seldom to be met with. For farther par::-u.a.-? .s
tjutre in New-York of J. HOPPOCK a. SONS,
f--* I""_No. 231 Faltoc-st.
TO SPORTS-IE* Porsa " cap. a copv
Nar.ona! Sports of Great Br:n_n. by B_ery Aik'en. Lon?
don. 10.10. gtit; containing tlfiy large "colored plate.. ?> ..-.
explanation* and d:-ec:;oc. hi French and English mclui
mg Hawkhue, Racing. Stag Hunting. Fox Hnst-tr, Coors
? ;ng. Onxise, Snipe and Pheasan: Snooting, C<.<s-Fig!i:tcg.
S. H.vt.ng. Badger-Catching. Wiei Fowl Shooting Pike
an ? Sa m -. Fithing, Oner Ssearis;. km tc The w ors is
1 bound m neat, beautiful and strong u _dtag and is we..
, adapted as a present lo a sporting friend, r'.-r sale bv
JOHN J. BROWN k C J. 122 F_ion-st.'
n*-* _ rear Saasau.
[7 DAILY .>IE>I02_%NDr>I BOOK roTtbe
. I .year 15-JT. containing a space for toemoranda
for each day tn the year : also an Almanac. Time and 1 mer?
est Table. This book t* cocveraent for *he pocket, and
answer* the double purpose ofwafjet and memorandnm
book. The ?abscr.ber? a>o t<ib::_i dfes Daic, Pocke: Coza
pantoa. verv sma.1 sue: a-t_ ire Da. v_- ;j a-.;.-e.<j-;
able for b_,ines? purp--^-.. FBANCIS A LCi'TRilL
. Stallocers, T7 Mv-den lj_e
Traoe snpplicvl at a liberal d.s.-. am n23
C5STll'> HOUlilOPATHir PH.i.RMACi-4
Broadway, corner?" Br-jomt>-4.?j. T. S. SMITH hav.
tog saved from the :?v_re mach of his stock .'if Hoc-tcpa
tnic tne..;ctne, is an nnin-ured stale, is en*t> evi 10 siipp.v
0 u rl ____* C**9*- *<"- ke- " heretofore.
tie : a* removed 1. tne a->ve number waere aav be
Toil- 1 famny and other caee*. arnica tincture, arnica plas?
ter, and a general as*or_e.-.i ofmadtonet of the beet cu*_
"T-_ _ _n
HAjHBl K?; FORGED PI? IROX-- -_n. best
Hamburg Forged Fig Iron fur sate 10 close the con
?:g-iin-a'. BKKJ M. SHKRM.Oi.
B?9 forser Broad asd Beaver tu.
_ Pr? gfejjjjj-_,
IBS Ftilton-?. (second block East of Broad way.) N. Y.
WHERE .wer- v ?? ?i-r.:.e-,e--. L . f. ... -
>? fcr :cw-'r than u any other eaiax a
I m the city cf New York. .
Over Coats and Over Seck?, cf blx*adwh?. heav-r. puct.
Twerd, Maznrxa Cioifi*. of every sty.e ana co.or.
I fron $4 10 -5i'.
C -ak*. cse-hal.''. Laree-C-ar.-!- and C"-"r ?*? c- Eren-h
1 and American broadcloth*, free_ <? ta??5
Drei? and Frock Cr ... black, bine, brow.. c..ve and
green, of French. English. Belg-an and Amereaa cloths,
; from *H :o Sit.
' Omce and Bnsatess Cja_. Petto, Sacs and W.r.te
Proras, cf T--ed? and Broadcloth* et" ever- .:y - at ine
ma.-iet. fron 82 :.?> 8e.
Paats?Brot4doth. Casvusef** piain and faeey. _>e
' skin. French. Easffiab and Amer.can. from e- Ut ?o.
! Vests? Doibl- - reasi- :. siraigr.: : rea?L and rolitsc eol
I lar. new style*: plain and fancy velvers, woolenj-eiveu.
. c-Manere.'r-lam and facev *ai:n? ard ?;.*?. ? " '*n *1 t? sV
A. *o.a larj? a.??or_3en:*c.; Broadcloth*. Cisst-neres and
: Vesting*, w ...cn w>e made no order. to ?n:t the co? bts>
? _d:o_?.
ITS'" Boy's C idling : ??- :-?-... ' " ?ntyoo
Lana. w. ft DE?R^oT _ CO.
nlO lmeod No- '? - F ..: ? *:
IJLA.NK.KTr.. LINEN?-, s?: li ":?-K ? na Ar.:
l?c>>.-.*_ ARNOLD s. CO 5S Cs_al.t tare now in
store a fail assortment of ?be above good*, consisting cf+4
Linen*, heavy, extra benvr ar.d fine F rooting, manufac
? tnr-c S tpu.jfry for itie.r family irade.
4". 42 arxi Vi"nch Pi.low Litten. and 124 Barasiey and Iri*h Sheeting.
I) able. Damasa T*i.> Cloths, from i-4 to5 yard* Ion?.
Napkin* and Doylie* to match.
I 6.7. 8 and 10-4 Table Damask and Diar-or.
Brown ac t Bleached Huckaback and Diaper Towel'-..*.
Long Lawns. B-i ? eye Diaper. Crumb Coin*, Em
? bo**e.i sod Pr.nte.] Fable Cover*.
i lu. 11. 12 and l V-4 Imper.a! and Toilet Qnilt*. cradle ?:te
j d.i. Colored and White Toi>: Cover*.
B. ankeu?Bath i. Whitnev 3.9. 10,11 12.13 sad 14-4.
cradle size. ojS
O (Ol NTRY MERCHANT-* i ? : -: 7?
and Shirring* of every style and width, all the kco?r.
brand*, both heavy and fine?Stark Mills, Lawrence C. In
1 dian Heari.Cs? .': \. Pr.-:r.urr. Hea-y Memmack. F-x-ier-*.
L'nknowr.. i.e. rnsv beb*d at man-:fictnrer?" pr.ee? on the
, ?econd Soors of N?s. 13 and 21' Cedar st- half a block atxjve
l Beerbst Low pneed and medium yard wide tbeetings.
I Also. he*. Southern Cotton Yam. as-orted. 5 to ID and ' :o
I 12: hats. wick, wurp aid wadd.ng.
ng|_T N. rN'DFRHII.L. M SB I M C-:a.
-W BARKER, Grand-*L has jus! opened an <
i ^7. tire new stock of Drv Good*, adapted to the Fail trade,
eon furring of Silk*. Shawls, Metis -?. Cssbmeres,M. De
i lan*?. ic. to which he would trv-.i- the attention of par
--??- ? ?14 :f
r~ ANTON FL?lsMiT^ssT- 3*i ? own and bleacb
e:i Ashleirt.in Canton Flannels, for ?sie by
n2 NKSMITH _ CO. 50 an i -2 Pin??!.
AIZEl?. -? ? > ??- S-t and 6-4 Green tta./e. ?
Cbelsusfotd Co. and Whitney MBU, for saie bv
NKSMITH'. CD .'-?rm-l *2 Pias?
II ...... > . .. '~e' ?? tin.--,. For sale !.v
n2 NESMITH _ CO "- and _ Pine-.t.
|\TE(?RO IdltllK - cases
11 and sheep's gr
jrey. al1 wixil rilling. For sale bv
NESMITH st CO. V) and 52 Pire..t.
?> I
031_ C. K H A RR IS. t- F.\c'a-.-e.-lve
FTEAVi AND FINE Bran S ? for sale
by C. F HARK IS. 4r Exchange pl*ce. o-'il
H E I'KINTs?-o: various parteras u
tor sale low t,v C F H ARRIS. M F.x.-r.arge-r'sre
DLI E DKILL*>?Lowell Bine DnUs
P foraalHb; C F. HARRIS. 4h Exchange-place ,v,l
J* sale by C. F. HAKIIIS. 4C Kxchange-p.ace. oil
THE KNICKERBOCKER Fi e Ins raa e ( m
panv date the Mutnall of New-York?Capital S2EO,U0O.
Office No ??? Wall st.-The ItegtsuUureof tl > State at Its
late session passed an art r! anging the corporate name of
the o.d ?' Mutual Insurance Comjany of the C::y of N'ew
Vork.'' to the Knickerbocker Fire Insurance Company of
New-York. All future business of thai Corporation will
therefore be transacted under its n-w r.arae.
It may I e well to add, by way of explanation, that the oM
'?Mutual,'" notiv!it>:a.'i i.tig its title, was tn fact a Stock
Company, having capital ail paid m ar.d securely Invested,
and ttmi the change ..' name was obtained to prevent mis?
apprehension on thai poitm
Tbl, Company continues to Insure aga!n?I lo?? or damage
bv 'ire on as favorable te.-.. . a - - ?'if institution* in Ibis
George Ireland, John Gray, L. C. Hamertley,
\ John OoJiout, Boltbr Moore, Cha*. P. Leverich,
I Geo. Arcnlanu?, Rob'lC Wetmore,BenJ. De Forest,
: Robert Benson, Edward Cook, Wm. Tucker,
John Camp tell, Anthony Lamb, A*ner Rlley,
George Conkhn, Adam Norrie, Alex*r Lawrence,
? Jo?:iiia Bru?h. Robert Kennt. tV m. El Dean.
Robert L Smart. AnUionv Cl.ardon. Wi.l.am BrowninK,
A B. Mi I>"svt ti.Secr.mry.
New-York. May 18. IH40. _et!>eodtf
Company of New-York, So .'s. i\ ?.. iL?This itistin:
tlon during the month of October, issued sixty-three new
Policies, viz :
To Merchants k Traders. .33|ToFhysicJsn. 1
Cierks .5
Mechanb?. 6
Agenl. I
Teacher. 1
Deputy Sbend. 1
Vice Pre.i.um 61 an
In? Co. 1
Auctioneer. i' *' Students. 2
Ship Master. Ii " Broker. I
?? pilot. I " Gentlemen. .'
?? Steward. It " Lady.?? I
Lives Insured.'s?
Sim'i. HiNNtv. Secretary.
MtvriR-r Post. M.D. Physlcian.AfM Broad war. n21m
Jnbia-Rnbbcr ?oo?s
RritllER HOODS*.?1..'.i . s -i .: it E ;
tic Braces, wail anted perfect and full IrnrtK.
10,000 p?ir. Men s and M.and CbUdre?'l Imported
I>?' i aus Met. ? Metallic Overshoes,
l.i.-. ?? La.lies" " liu.kins.
1,000 " " " Slippers.
Kon? " " ?? Sandal*.
Also, a largo utottment Ol every description i f air tight
sr. l water-pris.f (,o.h1. it: use. for sale U ar.v rj.ianttlles.
on favorable terie.. t.v ibe Newark IndutRubber Msnatse
to rinn Co. _> Msideo-lane. olfl if
INDIA RUBBER Over Saoes A v-rv large
I general assortment of turtailic and .heel Rubber Over
Shoe*.for ladle* and gentlemen,at wholesale u'..l retail,
foraaia ct use India Ru'.ie-r establishment, So. SICort
land-.t._lnlT|_HORACK II. OAY.
LvAtbese superior water proof Coats, adapted to all ell
males, may Is- found at low pn. e, r,t t' e India Rubber E?
tabrlshment of the subscriber, No. 2J Cortlandt-st.
r* RR LAGE < LOTH rCar
r.sge ClotA, plain and b,.red. tust received and for
e v tlie manufacwrer.
n2o_HORACE H. DAY. 2H Coriland .t.
HORACE II. DAY'>S5 Indus Rubber Est*
is removed from No 25Maiden-lane to No. 21 Cortlacd
SL three doors below the Western Hotel n 12 if
PEACH ORCHARD C OAL?Thirteen lb-*!. Yari
Pe?ch Orchard Coa_?The subscriber ha* iu?t opened a
yard as anove. and ha* now on b?cd a choice lot of Red
Ash Co* .. sei,-ci"d from tn? most celebrated vein* and of
me:., owing size*, viz : Broken Egg. Stove and Nut. for
sale al lowest market pr.r-?. Also, i.e-.tgb. While Ash,
Liverp.?ol and Cumlieriand Coals on batia. A.i of the shove
for sale fron: \ ard or I es,eL Appiv to
T. STOlvia DICKERSON, 63 Lit'h-st. nearr-th-a-en-je,
and bC Antbony-st- near Broadway.
N B.?I^-high anu While Ash Lump Coal by the cargo
or atiurJe ion. *j if
~ ?*" " PER TON - l'-a Orchard imal .s .icoal.
?? I ?J .creenevl. In good order. A go*.I ?upply of all
sl;e. coal In yani and deuvered tn first rate order, al verv
love prices. A good article of Red Ash not at ?"> 75 per
, ton. delivered fr-eof cartage,from SIMPSON'S
_Coa! Yard. Tti and 7d Tnomp*on-?L below Spnng .L
N. B. Best quality o^ Chestnut for engtnea n21 2w
* 'I HKKRl.l.MX DAL?1 ? ? irtt ai-Wllldts.
V/ charge In a few davs a c_rgo of the ?bovc coal, fre.h
from the cotapany mir.-s. in nod o.-d-r. all lumps, at the
foot of Thirteenm-sL N. R. For sa.- low for cash j apply
to T. STUK.ES DICKER-SON. Nx Tl.ir.re-.tn si
*3tl near tth-avecue. and l'C Anlbonv-?L near Broadway.
COAL?Of a.: kinds for sale alV B. PALMER'S Coal
Orhce. No. 1 Spnice-st. Tribune Buildings, tn quantiiies
los'..:: irchasetl sad uarranied a good artic.e- Ord~r*
nrompiiy aiiecded lo. o2n 3m
'PAKE NOTICE?1 uthecopa sen . ? ' -
1 and lor thu last nine years, exGtmg between CHARLES
OSBORN". E*o, late of Bell port. Loos; Island, and the sub
scnVr. under tlie tirm of OSBORN a LITTLE, ha* been
dissolved by ibe death ef Mr. OSBORN ; and that the af?
fairs of the iate Srm will be settled, and the business Con?
duced on the same terras as heretofore by the snbscr.ber
on hi* own accocnt. a: ibe old stand. C Fulton-.t.
New-i jrk. Nuv. 4, Ii4u. CHARLES S. LITTLE.
mCHARLES S. LITTLE, .accessor to OS
BoRNv LITTLE. Importarsaad General
Dea.er? :n Eng.:?.-. German and Asen.-an
Hardware. Cutlery. Edge Tools. A.c. ii
FttRoo-st te-iweer. Pearl and Water st*. Neiv-Vork. re
fpecually mv.-.e- -he attention of Country Merrha::-.-. .Me.
rMtrlfl and Farmers, an t Others making their Winter pur?
chases, 'o his very ea>n,:ve assorjn-n:, compnsmg evrry
ibi-.g in '2i- -.tie, all of whim is offiared at nbe lowest mar?
ket prices, for cash, or on approved cred::?
Cut and wrong1.: sail-, locks, latches.
Butts, screws. 'm:v-? and forks, razors.
C-.i tacks, b-ads and sleigh bell*.
Pen and pocket knives and atass >-?.
Mi:!, pit and cro*?-col saw*, hoe*, forja
Shovels. ?t>ade*. sythes and snaths. ,-Je*.
B ar. lead poi* and rand crucibles.
Pu:i.p. for wells or c:,tern*. ?tun. .lale*.
Scotch water of Ayre ?uae. for marble poii.bers.
^?ope-*? tool* in great variety, t.y Alber^on. Conger.
Horton. Barton, and cisera
Coopers' u-ua r.vets and trass hoops.
Hoaee and ship carpenters-' tools.
B.s-ismiih. tools, garden u-ensil*.
Baichers tool*, car.met makers' tr.mm.n^s.
:: )U?e st.; ,.. ~ :-...:ers' hariwam.
Iron, brass, copper and steel wire.
Bfsmana Harlan o?. n7 Imeod
DRINTINIJ INK Manufac-ory.-Tae snDscrJer
_ ir.L-j.tu---a *:-a;n ??r ar.d trrproved
macainery into hi* tnanu/actory which enable* ban to far
msamscast - v.-. - h a very *sper.->r ?.-..r.e. Prtnteri
anv. merchant* who may have order* for Prmter's lax ? .1
i=o then protaptly al raoderaie pner*. and may
re.y on , irp. -a w-.m Ink of excellent quality, and
arcurnangeable color. The *ab*cni>er nsanszss-xares Ina
M a- - rj . Tfci. t.a-. .''?n. ?f. Orter? dl
ree~ |ds -aaaafkc'arv.290 Frocl-et. between Montgom
ery and Goveraeor sas. through the Dispatch Post, srffl ?r
PjmenaUv attended to. Tm? paper r... i-vn printed tij
ma fr/tti lus marnfactory for several veara.
tx> antii^W_GgORGE MATfTER.
V -C--J- C. WixiDFORD. SS 3.-oadway. orfer* for
*?.s.?tio.ea.- ana retail, a large assortment of the above
goow*. Ai?o. Curtata Ta**el*. GSape. Loops. Gut orna
meet*. xc
Merebasta and L'pbojterer* buying to sell again allow
M ? : -cotmL
lN- "? A p.-aeucai Upholster m alter, lance,
sw 2S6 Broadway, Laiarge'i aaodinga 1
gciii? ilkbixiiU?.
EAiE? AiiiiNii csoM is tatKni state er the
;(,?Vi, r Ki?.r'- Etst /tirtirurfLyrit, l*il:u't Caf?*?**
" r-\f(,en< Pmif.ct tr Pa-Tul? an rir a.~r. BJafoA?. Hiir.
, $l~t >:*.. '?- ?'?-? ff- S Ifcorf
Ealarfrasra. ?ruf Poja of the Rmn au Jor.nU. Sf*uV9er?
(-^r-.-,. fy^.iu'r.'n' Syip: ms, Scvzt.cu or Lumbago, and
Puroart arvrtng /i SSW ??* waam?u wj< of _itrre*ni.
Arritm or Dn*"jC''f**?" ?*nF""?-i?*,^'!' "* "-V*- -t-??.
<.*,??..- C??itif?f??ni" DissraVis.
IMPROVEMENT '-a?la^sr regards the happiness and
welfare of our race U cocsiAntlv on the march to perlec
Ho-., and with each succeedtag day some cr-.v prof:- m :?
solved.' or sorie profound secret revealed, having an im?
portant sad direct bearing over tuau's higbett destinies.?
jtfwe -axe i retro*pec?va ~ew over the -a?t tweatv
I .... (track w.th wonder' What rapid
and indispensable are _
ered through the as-enev of chemistry ? In conaecnence o'
he- a-- : :a. :- t ?. :trs tne orgaairat'.oa. the eiemen *
o: the various ttaaaea and structures of the system, rerce
dtrsfjhare bee-i *e?gbi after and dt?cvv-r-u exactly adapt
ed to conti Ine a ill iialu-ali/e *ad exr-1 mortice matter. |
the cause nfrllioairanit -t.t *ututeheait!iy action in it* p.ace.
ThefoUosviae certificate ta only another hak in the peat
chats of v-.rr. nv to ;?> menu. Le: the stS.cted r?.i sgid j
he convinced. What it has done once it will do again :
New-YoBK.J its I It
Messrs. S.Ms-f;re<. I consider it bat sn act of jus- j
rice to you to -:?.:- ahe f ii. v. -- f?cts in reference to the i
treat benefit I have received in the cure of an obf.ir.aie
C ?NCEiocs Clcer on my breast. 1
I was a:tr.-..:ed eighteen months by a regular and ssllfii.
phvuci.c. assisted by the advice aad eoar.sei of one of our
most abie ande-xpert'en- eU surgeons, without the '.east ben. .
erit whatever. Ail toe various method* of treating cancer
were resorted to; for five week* ta succes*toa iriv breast i
was bunted with caustic three times a day. and wr.abtitj
was dx.iv \ weak solas a of r.t.tt. acid, and ?
the r.av.tv or internal ;.lcer was _?o large that it field an i
ounce of thesolnrloa The doctor probed the ulcer and ex
trained the bode, as '. iiidrhrrdlseatowii advancing raoid- ;
r? I i the 1 ivgs. and if I did not ret speedy relief by raeui
c:n? or an operation. the*;re?uit would be fatal. I wa* a.i
vised to have me breast .aid open and the bone* examined,
but f.ndmgno relief from w hat had h-en done.and feeling
I was rapidly getting worse. I almost d-spaired of recov?
er., considered my case nearly hopeless.
>>...s?jg various testimonial* ar.i certificates nf enre by
the use of - Svsos ? Saas ?r irii.la." in cases ilmtlar to my
own. I coaciuded to try a few bottles, several of which
were -.sed. but from ue long deep seated character of my
disease; produced no very decided change; coasiderurg ;
tins as the only probable cure for my case. I persevered,
ur.ei the disease a a* entirely cured, [t isnow over eleven
months since the care was completed ; there is not the
the slightest appearance of a return. I, thtrtfort, pro.
nenn?"mtnelf well, and l! b CUre Cntxrtl]) efoteH fty
'? SaNO* s Svas tpARlLLA." a* / took no ot&r* medicine a/any \
tr:nd?ftsriag firfissf 1 a'd :s*r*/r U.nir iu-.s Itakzn art* finer.
Please excuse this long deferred acknowledgement, which I
I think it my duty to make. Your valuable Saraaparilia
cured nie. with tie- blessing of Divine Providence, w hen
roihiag else roni.i. and I fee. myself under l.tsi.ng o??.ig.t
lion* to you. I can say many thing* I cannot write,ana I
do most respectfully invite ladies afflicted as I have been to 1
caiI upon me and I will *ai:s ythem fully of the truth as ?
stated above, asd manv other things .n fs lerence to the
cas?. NANCY MILI.KR, 1JS Suliivan-*L i
For fartl.er particulars and conclusive evidence of its su
periOrvalue and efficacy, see pamphlets, which may be ob- i
tainedof Agents gratis!
Prepared and sold hyA. B it, D. SAN!)?. DmggistiSlOO
Fultor.-st. corner of VvilJiam, New-York.
Sold als.- by If. Johnson. Broailway; I). San.is x
C" TT Hast flmadwny?and by the Drogrctstj generally
Ihr rugl out the I'nit.al States. Price one dollar per bottle; :
six bottles lor five dollars.
iV" Tb? pnhlie are respectfully requested to remember i
that tl Is SANDS S SARSAPARlLLA that has been ami is ?
constantly achieving such remarkable cure* of the mo-,1 dlf- ?
rietllt clan* of diseases io which the l-.unimi frame |? subject.
therefore a-ri for Sands'* Sarsaparilla, and take no other.
N. B. To the Poor it is freely given on bringing a cer i- j
Scale of their need (mm ihe Minister, Alderman, or Justice
of the Peace w here ihey reside nil Im 1
OB O. C VArOHjfS AnVERTlSEStKXT for. 1316, I
T\e Great Ameriem Remedy?J :,;\n"t Vegetable I traon- 1
rrtprw ARxfarc (
THIS IJNTVERSAL PANACEA is nowbemg Introduced .
Inlo Europe, uio East and W'e.t Ir !|e?. South America. !
and all other pans of Cr -;le! -. w -.ere disease eti.-ts in any
form. The L'niled Siaiesar.d the Caaa-la- have for the past .
three years ?everelv te*:ed Ihe virtues w hich the nroprl
etor, upon tli? Introaucrion of this medirtr.e. hesitat'-d not to
iay It n,.s^s,.^t. In lotrod n bu this GREAT V EG ETA
Bf.K REMEDY, the most staruittg promise* were mane
on the part <rf the nsiy as?to novel we* the the kt?the ?
principle?upon which the curs* were to lie etfe.-ted. thai
people threw- t,n their ban.is a,:.I ,-r.e.l. what next F.,-en
credulity ?iartb-d w ith ?tirj'rise. and t'.e m railed " Paeul.y"
Btad* themselves merry over the " new humbug." But i
ma.-K the result?ihe Hire- year* have passed a Way?public I
opinion, the voice of million* and more of observing in.!!
victuals, have ?t.-ui.ped ih.? REMEDY the most singular,
won i- ii'n, !nrompre'ien?i.-e ur. I intr?.--ii:?i?c'irati.-e pow.
?r ever p;<a)uced. The Onf. Gr>'?t DlSKAsB which the i
proprietor of this medicine had the presumption to *av ej.
fated, and that all viirioiis disease* were hut s-conJarj,
ha* no* million* of believer*. They rnajf believe, for they j
have witnessed the eBect of this restorative. It has con- .
quered ALL cases, by simply comjuering the >m:. T%V j
" Old Schoor now- open their eyes. Their old dogmas, like t
ihe morning mist, fly before the light of truth, and common
tense now se?k* a r ?* I to health Its own way, Instead of
?-.losing Its eyes and being led. The truth of the princ , ie
upor. which this article cure* (a established, *ud ine state?
ment i, again hol lly. must emphatically, most d-cldedly re
Iteral. 1 An Hiamnr wtff drr.e from the o???y rtarrvdis?
ease iMicA A.u a wine?ei'iy dsMrgvnitatimt of the rjtttm
?j-aici c-.tn er.it. //t..wnul n.uisle remain, fin rnrifieissf urili
restore to u perfect state. The old Calomel, bleeding, blis?
tering s;.em is about lo fall Wroproof.daily presenting
r.se.f ofibe truth Of on TtsaOBV, i? a prop out of the old ]
?trueturai which w nl i..m nimble to the ground, a shapele** '
mas* of Ignorance aid deception.
Invalids resort at once to thi* medtclae. It ts*?lr!rtly
v'ccETAil.E RxMEOV, ' a ', rod ICt ,f our own soil?a com?
pound cf twe: ly-t-vo Ullferent ingredient*. E...?.'! nail ha*
its peculiar pan of the *yst-m to act ipon. and l'.i* action ,
I* aiwayt produc rja-its effect upon the BaAsfssjatna la tut
mediately appar^uL Testimony of the hl/hest .-'iiirKcter i* i
Jally coming to the proprietor, full of irutli. and you will ?
a.v. av* se.. j ,-ne 1.1 u---* iii,. ii.il??. N"t * particle of false
le, re l? o.'ere 1 on fie part . f Uli* UitKAT C'.Ra i iv ?1.- '
Tbemoal raref,,: perusal of the pamphlet ir desired. It ;
gives the chaiacter of all the secondary complaints which .
prevail, and which have boon cured by thia artlcla Evi- ?
iepre of cur> ? in tsune of the most dreaiiful eases of ling- [
?ring complaints which it ha* been thefurtune of any raedi.
eine U . ope with, i* found eases wnich nave t.eea left to
die, Handrads in every Ilaraa ciiy of our I'nion and the '?
Canailaa have to thank this article for llietr live*, and so do
Iber, a* letter* in live p,,?se>st?n of '.he prat neior will show, i
Thl? tlxr.at Mmi. ink will eure DKti.e.sy. mevtry an(e,
GRAVEI., and all kind* of difficulty In the urinary organ.; ?
Crrmpirn'j of the Kirne-lVs. ifmlnini tj tu oa, It f fi'tlALK
IRKEtil'I.ARITIESirrimr.'i/itrfv.-.irirrrf. ar.I a healthy tine
given to the system. Let every Pemale at once rta 1 to
ihi* tuft med-., tne an ' u? im other. Jajr.j.' . . -e.. /,?!,.
grit.im, /hiinu.? i ornpU'Dyra?xM*c nsiantlv relieved;
IsVnasiarsM*, ti-mt, tfr. produce I iy martlon of the blood,
will always find relief; Inflamed Lung*. Cough, even Con- ,
sumption.'unless vie pa'.eLt? ?ad Ih.-l- ti.? . nl ? lv..er?
we e deceived, has been cured tiy tills medicine, SCROP
CI.A. and oil Eruptive Oismsei, Piles, E >-7?/a'. Injirnma
firm afliie Epes, !J,?tntation of '.\e Hen -t. Siric Hculurfte. JttSSStr ,
due. Fever on,< .ig-ic?ate whole riatalogrioBaigbl be uHiiied
-*ee? rkmbov : buy no other.
Put up in 'fi n. bottles, at &i; XI OX. 1 Ottles, >il .-a,-h.
He rareful t*ui! y?,i are net tntposfd upon. Bvery bottle
ha* the words " aughn * Vegetable LltiMatriptic "rl at'ire" 1
blown upon the glass?the wrliien ?igr.itu.-e of ? 0. C. \
Vaughn'' on tile directions, and U. C. Vaughn, Buffalo,
?tamped on the cork. None other are genuine
Prepared bv Dr. ?. C VaOCHSI, ani ? -i I at uie prujeipal
Ager..",. i.vl Maiu-jl Buiialu, ai w lio.-.-sr,., ? ,d retal lo
whom all commur.icaUoas must coaie post-paid.
ii*ir.-? iintied rrrlujnr.'y Ur ride .,( l ot M-!, ?. al
wholesale and retaili NEW-YORK CITY, Up?? NAS
BA1 s.-..:; .\| [jAKEi avr.Si.ii..- Baaax-st 1
P. t. ?se; ' ir.rlnnali. O';'.-. J. H. B rg-. op gi door
from Walnut: Sl Louis. Mo. J. Walker. At wholesale
and reis.il by Mr*. E. Kinder, l.s. CourusL BostOB. a-iJ at
retail bv respectable Dvigg?t?, as adverts-.! iu ihe
jspera Cha*. H. Ring, I9S Broadway; E. U. Cuion, IS7 '
Bow-ryi vYyatat Keieauat, 131 Kul:ion-?i. I kd. Cod
dingtun. .Tri3 Hudson-?l; Mrs.Have*. ISS Pulton-M., Bn ?.?.
lyni L. Wiiliaiaa. lu? Grand-sL v* liuamsiiurg. au> >m
coxipoi-.vn iTarjp or wild cnaaa?,
tUtabh'hed in ' SS t,y jigt 0f t'ongrut,
THE ^ai.ATEsT ?k.mh0y fd!
ConAiimpiion. Coughs, Com?. Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver
Complaint, Spitting Blood, Duticulty of Brerolaag,
Pain in the Side tiad Breast. Palpitation of the
Heart. lBrmenxa,Croug, Broken Coastltu
Uon. Sore Throat. Nervei? Dei. i>. and
all the disease* of the Tiiroa:.
Breast, oad Lungs i the most ef?
fectual and sneeiy cure ever
kaow-i for any of Jue
above diseas- s.
Philadelphia, Sepa I, 1846.
DR. ft. SWAYNE?EtarSir.-?Being for a length of rime
afflicted with a very violent cough, with pain in my
side and breast, soreness of the lungs, shortneas of breatu.
!o?? of appeute, night sweats, lie. I made trial of varlou*
remedies, which were recommended highly in the papers,
but gradually grew worse. The violence of my cough
wa? *ucu. that ihe blood m*hed prof-isely frummy nostrils, '
when the proxysm*of c.cghing caae upon me; indeed,
my whole iy?i?ra seemed p.-os^aied. and the hour of my
departure ?eeraed near at Laai. A: this time you reconv I
mended the u*e of your Compound Syrup of W ild Cherry,
which immediately f>egaa to sootbe, ComfbrL and aljy i.ie
violence of my ccuga. relieved the pain la my "?lde,
?trecgiheaed and healed my lungs, ice. I conucued the use
of It. bat now. thank* lo God, am! to ihe erlect of your
and able to pursue ray daily labor. I ahica It an in?a.Bab e
raedicioe in Coughs. Colds, and Disease? of the Lungs, and
one that should be known to all arfiicted If person* would
purcb-i*e Lhe onginal and genuine arjeie. as prepared Oy
yoa.aaii not tamper wltn trie many spurious and worthle?*
preparations watch are attempted* to he palmed off on the '
reputation* of yours, it might be the means of saving
tmj-.yvt.li: c .i.-i I :r?:y vrf,.r ti.i., fUien.enl fjr l.'ie
benehtoi those who are lUifenng aj, 1 was.
In Thirteenih ?L 2 door* from th- corner of Willow.
Mr Thomas'* case, above alluded to, wax a very severe
jce, and hi* residence is wtthia tie reach of all, so any
one can call and have the a^o''e stib*!aafial?ni by a per?
sonal interview. i
. Vt\r~ RemembeT, all preparation* of Wild Chebey are
ficiiftou ani KUAier.'ru'. except that pr-pare?i by Dr
s\v\YNE N W corner of EIGHTH and RACE STS.
Agents in New-Yobs-*-Charles H- Rise, corner of .
Brr^adw-ay and Joon-sL: R. A Sands. 1153 Bowery; E. 3 '
Warner. 3? B.eecier-?'.; J. C. HaXT. Stt Graad-sL: J L.
Lewis, j.t Greenwich-*, i Dono. TTl Broaaw-avi Mrs
Havss. Brooklyn: B. Olds k. Son. Newark; Headley! '
Pheli-s It Co. 142 W?t-r-?L aad by Agenu in ail pan. of '
: ' State?_?1 3m
Ihe acuon of >.tus AiUn vt ?iKnt er >ymt' ?
Caruit Court of the L'n.lsi S^ie*. for an infringement of
I i* patent-right to raasufacair*. n?e. and -e ui he used ?
the SELF-COCKING PISTOL, a verdict has i*4" aivmi
for rha plaint.*, with costs of trial, and a fine of twelve
bind red dollar*, and an ajuaction has been usued against
Blunt x. svtas to restrain them from maxiag or selling said
article. Tueir petition for a cew tnal. ^ ^ earry :t to ?
U ashingam on a b::I of excepnocs, ha* hee3 refUse?.
Tne pobue sre therefore respectfully canuoned again*! :
Burehas.ng or ?*>lBng tne S-lf-Cockinr Pjf>i- made bv ,
B?5J * sjat-?. or any Pbstois of a sis?'%r kird. as, by disre- |
garduig this caution. It would make It necessary fur tie
lxAS a.-e appearance of milk, and 1* as piea*ant lo the i
a a ta*l-. Prepared and ?old wholesale and retail by E. |
H. SANDS. Draggi?i and Chemist. TI James *L aad 131
HlW iveaaa, S.. d t>y E. M. Gnion. Bow-ry e0r. Grand
at. and by J. a. L Codd'iagton, 303 Hudsuo-4'-' Mr*. Hayea, :
Brootlys. a? Ub* 1
*U?l ?itau.
?cd attic bnck bouse* and low. Na IM ?? '
enne A Si'e of ho".*s** 25by Kfeet, with brick pia.'-ia
enclosed with glas*. S by SS lad 2 s-o-v high, turrisltcd in
modern >:v>. Mal*., v ?.??>r?. mtrble mantel* and
waahstaods ir. bed chamber*, black ;r?:ev p'a'ed furni?
ture, pantries, i..* i.e. Ctvtoo wwr ho-', and edd. Size of
toi 2*T tret bv si feet 7 in. under ceilat. Sic. For farther
psru.'u'ars apply to ANTHONY J. BLEECKER.
?33 '.w Auctioneer. No. 7 Brt**dr*t,
house ar>! lot in fee. No. 2? DOBgla*?'lt between
Coon and Smith st*. House It ?*i*>>r.aniially bu?t and
arranged In the best manner, with sutrcellar, back uiazra.
itiding door*, marble aiantie*. kc. i.e. Lot 25 feet by MM
feet, tbe sOCatJOO i? hea.thv ami in every respect pleasant,
al-out i> Of III mir. ate* wa:k from the South Ferry, iv*1 M
car remain on bond and mortgage if desired. For panic .
tars apply to ANTHONY J. BLEECKER. Auctioneer.
n24 i%r" _No. 7 Brosd-st
MTU LET?The new and elegant boon No u Dey
St. suitable for a billiard .a! eon. re.tautant. dialag
saloon, dancing school, music school, or any similar
prnrpoee. The second store contain* a saloon 2?' > V fee*.
be?n?fhllT finished after the 1 -.?sie order. The house will
be >t ertii're or in parcel?. Th* furniture in the hottsewijj
besoiuto iho lessee it"desired. Imfalre on the pren ise*
in the otiiee. f.r?l tloor. front room._n2> 2wtf
d? \T PRIVATE SALE.- 1 - > ? rickl ?
BS and tot N.v. 9e Seventh?L on south >:ue. ?ith a shop
on the rear. Lot it; feet bv 92 feet, with the right of
wsv to ? feet al'.ev adjoining. Room 2:.\tc feet, r.eir the
Sixth-avenue. N'iiw rents for $410. <-'.iu remain od bond
an t mortgage $300Oif wantssd: For parocul-trs apply to
nt33 I w No. 7 Broad-st
ml'OR SALE.?T? o Lots on Thirty-f.ainli-*L . e
tween Seventh an<l Eighth avenues?Ttiirty-fourih .t.
is 100 feet Wide. Also, ore Lot on Thirty-:;: rd .?L
?^joining the above on the rear. These Lots are beauiifuiiy
s; mated, the streets r-gulated and assessments paid Also,
two Lot* on Fortieth-*!, ha) feet E. ol Second-avenue.?
These Lo t* are aboni ISO feet deep. Apply to A. S. FRA.
SER. 7th Ward Baak._ _ ?S? la'
mAT PRIVATE SALE?The ree-etory brick
l.ouse No. ?' C.int ?n-plaee. '-.li-st. replete with every
cocvenicnce and in good o-d-r. The lot isoc lease
of :en vear* i.nexplred. and subject u> llirev s?T*rs:e re?
newals of 21 years each, si a ground rent of five per cent,
on the valuation Vor farther ra-:v*t;ar* apply to
ANTHONY J. BLEE? NKR. auctioneer,
n2i>; w { No. 7 Bn>ad-?L_
?sei KOR SALE- ? >P
ji::; , ,-;'.!. Ward..y.ng '?vuvil.erob thesouth
*** eriy side ? ?: !5tb-*t between the 7th and Ith avenues,
each 23 bv half the hiock. Apply :.' Andrew Qnackenbusb,
or " SAML. S. '.UNMAN. No. 9 Nassau-*!.
nI3 2w? or 99 Barrow.
fP. SEV ..NTINsT. . \ ? ..? i :! aw
E?r for s.ii ?. bnlsbed in the hc*t manner, > marble man
??? ? tels and grates, rooms papered, Crolou w ater
throughout, and fountain in the yard, StC. Trice *o '??o?.t.l
c*,n rem i..t ??..?!.! ana mortgage eacept *-**ai or *l>s'.
?21 !w- _?_
ftx. TO UKEWEUs, Sugar R??? - utd
To I.e. or l,w<... a nie s;orv ? i'-stanllal brick f*Cb>
? ? -v. ?) bv 75 feet, w h steam ? er,situated to rear of
7. 89 and :;1 Vandam st. Apply to
D. M. HAVEMEYER, J5 Vandiun st.
or at 104 JoIlC-sL up stairs,_nl7 im'
*SA AT PRIVATE SAI.E-Two Lou on the weM
ajiij . : r Dry Doek-*i : s as S3 leel by M reel
mmm', ? ? .......
For part:.-.ila.-s applv to ANTRON* J. BLEECKER,
i,2". Auctioneer. No 7 Rro.i.t?t.
MI D LET, foraD inc i i s hool or B1 ard r> es,
a Saloon, ?.v?Ofeet, elegantly finished and lUrnished,
w Ith cue.- ria>nis. a so furnished roonis. Inrmlre at j
ssn THREE LOFTS, 50 by 70 feel i steam
*^P?nl92w? ' l .l.'s. OTIS I.E. UQY .v. CO.
TO LET?Tue'our storv t.rtck House No.35Co?
ttar -t. from this time till t?i Mav next Apply to
... I ntOM AS NK>.MI I'll. I' n- ?i.
sue-, Tt> LET a sni I ^ W Va ewai
ffa st. Apply 80 Chatham.*!. auf." if
ff-n \ ItARE I M IM :
*y Cbe tuhsci , iluable tiaci flu '
"?"situated in Dauphin County, Peno. thirteen mUes
North from Harrisburg, die i.utiariti.: which render
it an important rainsiueration for any man of enterprise i
and taste, The property is located In abeautiiul and io
niantlc valley runnmg from Dauphiu to the coal region? ]
which places are couuected by a good level roadl To s?y
nothing of the beautiful and romantic scenery with wl.l.-'i
Nature has wit pleased to adorn the place, thete t* one !
of ll ?? finest < OLD MOUNTAIN SPRINGS.e prop?
erty that can be found in any place In the Unloiuu It has
lon^ been looked upon as an excellent site for a fashion- I
able,Watering Place, and ail that i* wanting i* the capital
and enterprise to establish it. reputation as such. The !
I'.-. "ania Canal passes within five miles of the spitng. I
so that the facitirie* forconwyinjrvisltors theretocan be
made., at a trilling expense, to be unsurpassed by any other
watering place. Tbe Cokl Mountain Spring Issues a vot
?it*. ? us body of water, averaging from *Utv to one hund?
red gaiiou* m a minute ami hu* never been known to
vary, under any change of weather, by tbe oldest Inhabit?
ant of the neighborhood. The Iran on wlo.-h the spring Is
situated Mulsins 700 acre., but it .viij be sold in any quart
tity,from 100 acres upward, n* inav be desirable bv the
purchaser*. Apply to JACOB SHTJH,at the Planters' Ho?
le.. ;.'.* ,ind 12. Greeuwlch-*t. or address by mull to Har?
ris!?! rg, Pa.
rjpvTbe underelgped are well acquainted wltli ibe.ad
rantagei connected with the " Cold Mountain Spring ''
aboi ? iv to, and cheerfully certify lo all the induce?
ments it holds forth as the slte of a fashionable Watering
Place, a*stated abovebv.Mr. Shiib Ii- advantage* assui '?.
tn our opinion, ore stirpa.se.l by nona other in Uta Siatir or
J V. Ma'ki *v, lo .ii Shed, S. S. Rutherford,
Wm. it Beas, Aimer Rutherford, W. M. Allen,
lacob Shell. J. P. Rutherford, J. B. Rutherford.
II. H. Hetael,_n2 ? in
fpr* V PAR R KOK SALE in the town of Ha i
wjas* We*icbeste con ll lureci road from Rye to
White Putin* -it miles i.: Rye, i< from Whit*
Plains,2j from steamboat landing, and 2* from Mam ir?
on... *?coniaiiii..g a...: SO acrea Building* and fence*
m good order. Suaatlou very tine an.l Inno in a high state
nlcuUivatioB. Forterms k-. apply to E. I) BROWN,370
Orand-st or Jims PALMER, on Iba premise*. 06 tf
L'l-gai NotifCG.
[VJOTICE ui Tax payer*.?Controller'* Office, Brook
la,yn, November 17tb. lS4&e-Pur*Uanl to an Act <>| tbe
Legislature entil ed " An Act relative to Ibo collection of |
Tave. in the city of Brooklyn, and for. other purpoee*,'1
(passed April 1 Ith, 1843,) Notice is hereby given that ibe
Ajisessmenl Holls for Taxes for liie current year, have tin*
day been delivered to the Controller of the c.y or Brook?
lyn, sr..I that from al! taxes \v bich iban be paid to the said
Controller whhbi thirty days from ibe date hereof, a de
ducllon of Three per cent, will be made; ami that Iron, all
..: . ??? ' v il'.-il si.*i: be ... 'Mild aller [be e\ piratlnri ol tile .ill.l
thirty .lays audiwitliln sixty day* from said date, a deduc
tioti of 1 wo per ceriL will be made; and that on and after '
th ? Kl 1ST Tuesday In January next, One per cenL will be !
a.t led to all tax,*, then remaining unpaid : and thai on the
Till ?1? Tuesday of January next, ibo said Controller will
!?. ??? to the Collector* of the city of Brooklyn the 1
said Assessment Rolls, together with the warrant* thereto
annexed, directing diem ?> procoed with regur.l lo the on
d ts tea In I in p sans r directed bv law.
The Controller Vfould respectfully reijuest llio ei who In
lend to avail themselves of the provision* ol the Act refer
red o :r. the;above nonce, lo Inform h'w ihen-ol n? .ih.ii a*
practicable *.i.ul their !....? maybe hi reailiness, so a. to
prevent de.ay when tl.ey rttty i.e prepared to p?y Uietr
in compliance with a resolution of tin) Mayor and Com?
mon Council, NOTICE I? hereby farther given that the ?
i ontroBor wfll receive t iAe* at in* office in t!;*. City
Buildings, FROM ? O'CLOCK A. M. ( NT!L 2 O'CLOCK
P. M. and at no oilier hour*. A. H. OSBORN,
riliitojin C*nstmlls>r.
IN IIIANCERY ofN'e-a |er,.-y. .Between tue l*r-?'
ldent. Director* and Company oi tbe PiloeotnoBans,
eonn ainaats, a*.i James Emm.ojts, defendant.?Order for
Publication.?It appe-.r:..g to tlttS Court that the complain
ants have filed IbeHr uil. m the above cause against the
abstvo named defendant for the foreclosure and sale of
Certain mortgaged premise* in the said nlll mentioned,
anil thai proce?. of .i.i.po'na lo appear and answer, di
-e, '.-.t to the ..rteiidorit tia.ii been regularI v issued, return?
able to the Term of September, a. D. I84p, but that the
defendant. James Emm.ms, could not !?? found in tld*
Sute. to lie served therewith, and that he has not caused
h;? appearance to be entered a* tn cue* -uch pro'e;, ;??i i
. n duly served, mi l .: :.*-iug m-ule u? <.p|e>ar by affidavit '
to tbe sstisIscUqn of the Chancellor, that die said James
Emmon* resides out of the State of New-Jer*ey, to wit,
:ti the State of New-York, it t* therefore, on this twenty*
. Septciai.er. ;n the year of oi.r Lord one mo... .
. Ight hundred and forty-six, on mot...u of Richard S.
Pie !. Solicitor of liie complainants, by orner direcbrd
by the Ctiancvllor, that the sr.:d absent defendant. James
binuamt, do appear, plead, answer or demur, to the com?
plainant's bill, on or before the third Tuesday of Defeats
; ?-r TitSLtj o.* that in default tii?-reol, ?ucn decree be inaile
against bun .? the Chancellor shall think equitable and
hist And it i. farther ordered, tiiat Uu* order sliall, witli- :
.. t ty days hereafter, be served personally uu the -aid
i Ernmen*. by a delivery of * copy thereof to him or i
be p [tnished srulvm the .aid ivseniy days in the Princeton j
Whig, a newspaper printed at Princeton tn this State, and j
coatu led therein For sis ?tele* tuciejtittty, at least once in
ever) v. <;???. and alto ,;i lue manner and for the like i/au r
?/ ton/ m it nr-.i-ipopee printed m Uie C.ty of New-York. |
Sam u P^ GoiMr.at.Clerk. O. a. HAL.<TKD, C. 1
A tr.e Copy. ,ei lawt.w !
*i~rtf, ? i*. N em ?-. -Toe
? ?? ? ra*t-#ail[nx and favorite pttcket shlpROS
CICS, IfICO ton* burthen, CapL Asa Eldndge, will stil on
I'm'-' ?? '? ? Jith, ner revpilar cay. Persons wistimg to
secure bsrrlh* sb.suld not fail to make early application on
board, foot of Wa.l-st. or lo W. \ J. T. TAPSCOTT,
At their general Passage Office, B6 South-**..
Second door be.ow Buriing ?.lp.
Drafts f.,r ar.y amour*,'., pi>yaule on demand, witlioul ?StM
'? .*... :?. .t . ;.r ..cipu.. uiwn* of Kug.ai.d, Ire.anc, >.?..:
land or Wales, can at all times be oulamed on app.lcatton
(if by letter. po>,t paid> a* above n23
^t^gt^ir?pns wiahlng lo remit money to any pun of
: .*.* L :..'.--.l KingdomofGreuBjiUiaor Ireland,
can obtain drat'ii of the aub?cr.bers for any am.xini payable
without discount, which draft* e*n be fcirwardec; by the
above favorite steamship, which leave* New York on Thurs?
day next, Nov. 2U*. -.. applioatioo
>V. A> J- T. TAPaCOTT. 3d Sonl.-st. 2d door
u2i oeiow Burling-sUp.
AREMEDY which enhances considerably the beauty
and alter* ijie appearance of the connbscance from that
which** much disiiaed. Ii is pleasing lo Have etScient
means to remove these defect*. To effect tci* change of
nair so much wi?hed fit, ts the grand and never -failm-r
properly of Ju.es Ha .e.'s Vegetable L.i;uid Hair Dye,
wuicu Uie proprietor can with justtce state is far beyond
anything Of the kind ever yet known in thi* or ii.y oilier
country. It* proper. es are very powerful, thoufh very
icnocent. This cnem cal result is a wonder, a* it enable*
person* to dye instantane<jOs-ly thetr hair without the least
Inconvenience. For changtcg red ot; gray hair, whiskers,
eyebrows, ac to a brown, s>.ack, or chescul color. Tbe
s.ignbrs'. e-r.. cunseijuemte need not be feared from it* use
?it is a-logetber barmies*. Thts composition 1* the only
one sanctioned by the science of chemistry to dye. in an
iciie.ible manner, thu various gradation* of colors, without
danger or lntonvemeuce, and ha* juitined t-e liberal pa?
tronage and unlimited consdence of the public. If black
Is required, a?~ for box marked N., if brown, box marked
B. For si>, wholesale and retail, ny
Jl.'LES HAL'EL, Perfumer and Chemist,
No. W 3. Tbird-*t below Coesnui, Pm jd.
Beware of Counterfeit* 1 Ask for " Jules Hauet'* Vege
table Liquid Hair Dye." if you want lau genuine article.
A Premium awarded at the Franklin Institate.
And at my Agenu, Wvan* fc Kktch*m, 121 Fnlum-st;
JGani 2?> Broadway t F. A. Artauit, Lafay?
ette Bazaar, cor. Broadway arid Llber.y; J. B. Jarquemod,
415 Broadway ; Havi.and, Keese 4. Co. Maiden-lane ; and"
St t*i Ute ..*.--... Drugglsu la the U. S. a.: Its
Pflblli C?uiierjiirtcc?, ?&c.
w KK(U l.AH MAIL I,INK '-w...
? bosioa s:.i N~-.->. a, tn
sad GOVERNO L .' T1S
The ?ieam-r GOVERNOR. C?-L S-J* Thaver ...
MASSACI-CSKTTS. Cape W. P?i:^. will laattJa-X
out the n?wa in connection with the S'.onrngtrva ud "rt^
deae* ?J Boston and Provider Railroads, '????-*-? f\*llr
York .daily. Sunday* except-.l. (rain r>'~r No^TNbsA
River, at * o'clock. P. M. and Slocmgfon at 9 o,
M. or upon the arr.-**; of the M*"i tram from Baat.m.
Tees? steamer* ar- uisjrpa.??^! in *i-e-^-, .piea^oraaa
comfort, having each of ihrid large roii,mod'.*i? '
11?:?? roo"**. and >>erih? f- r !*?> persons, '-??>d?a ,ar??
vate nv::vj for families and pan:**,
Tne siisa.ners are officers-., '.y it- rno-l ?*' perier*-?.'
and will ?horten the pa**ace t-e'ween New-Yort and \\Z'
ton froroe lj to i h.?..r?. thereby arriving in ample nrneTt
all ihe line* running lrom New York. North. Soatj .,,
West, and a 1 lb*) l.t e? from Boston. North aad Eut.
TU- GOVERNOR w e?ve New-Yor* Tues-My, 1-sj*,,
day and Saturday.
l"eave ?Jve-.-.gie*i --Monday, Wednesday and Prtday
Th? MASSACIH SETT** wtD leave New-York-h!,.-.
day. We,ir. r*day and Friday
Leave Sloainvtim? Tuesday. Thursday and Sanr-la?
N. B.?Passenger*, on ihe arrival the ?teauy-/t
StiMtagMO, proceed boatedlately in the ?pu-ndid Raise. *
,-ar* 10 PTOTrdence and Boat od, Wilbont ur.v delay aj? 1
Bagvage Master ac.*ot:ipaaie? earh train lo B"o*un to 14?*
charge of tin* v*"
Vor p.a*?ag- >m freight irrgiure 01; bv-ard the hoaUittvi>.
No. I North River. orXo. U> Battery-place. ^
DAILY".-\T ? v- cl^ck," P. M
e-r-rv' tor A ?. S
mm --..a. .1 _ . ,. v
Pier between Cortland and Liberty st*.
SteamNvtl KNICKERBOCKER. Capt. Alfred Ttoc|ttu*a,
will leave on Moniivy Wsxineso-v and Eruay i'vetmg?,
at S o .-lock.
Steam.vat ISAAC NKAVTON. Opt- WlUaaj B Peek
will eavj 011 Tue?day, Thursday and saiuruay eveotBgi,
at .'> O'clock.
At rHvw o'clock. I'. M?Landing tt Intennedbue PUc?a
From ihe C>o; of Bari*.a, -si.
SteCUnboal NORTH ?M ERICA, Capt. K. il Furry, mu\
leave on Mo: .lay. Wednesday. Filday and Sunday ,?'..-*.
boom at 5 o'clock.
Sleaathoat SANTk CLAPS. Capt B. <v-- 's.-h ?
>av? on Tueaday,Thursday, and smurday ?atts'nuxasa u
5 o'clock. -? ?
The above Eoal* %v ill at all limes arrive at Albany ta ?*>
- for ;.h Horning Train of Cars for the Kasl or \N?e,
Pn*iehrtaken al m-^Ieraic rales, and soue laSen afiart
0'Cl< P. M.
All persons are forbid trusting any of ihe p,??i* jf aj.
Line, w itboat * written ooter fr\>m the Captains or Ages.ia
Kor passage or freight, applv on board the Boats, or 1?
P. it. SCHlfLTZ. at ilie office on ihe wharf nt6
ip?? >TH \ MllilAT NOTU t . o
** *** ' ? .?n x^ , the , ? ? 1 1 ,
M-r-aKs^^ra,^ ners EMPIRE 1 C( LMBIA
leave at * P. M. bistead 01 1,. _ it
-jr**** aKVUMMi I.1M-.
1" *? ? ?~P rtio steau ai COLI MUIA, Cam u
and r"riday ?Thesteamboal UMPIRE. Capt, R ft. Mscy,
w.il krave Tuesday, Thuxaday ?ml Sarxiruape-raalag*, at
> o'dk from Coitland s'- Pier, for Albany and. Troy diirct
Cp" The above boats are of the '?: >l class they are com
man-ici i.y experienced and ?u- artveofBcer*, and fors,**si
aniLaccommoostion ar.' superior to most,and in/erioi ta
" "n? .gh without landing New York anI
**s.n>s*uu ^ ia- j .. ,. 5 p a,, _T)w M M
BELLE. Captain Samuel Sehuyler, will leave New?Yerk
for Albany every Kondajj. VVedltesday an l Kr day, an Ih 1
ax Hammond.**, from the foot of Robinson ?-. Vhe Bett?
is hllial op w Ith splendid Ilate-rOOma, and for see. J. rum
fortaud safety 1* not ilarnassed by any boat on the Hudson
river. Passengers lakins the Belle w ill arrive in AU.anv in
ample time for ihe morning cars Kasi ,,r West, an.l psAiri
lioals North Kor freight or passage In.pure on hoard
J ? -?l~l.uie for Albany The splendid si.-iiuier
0NE1DA, Capt Oeo, o. Tupper, will iea>
the ?teamboat pier toot LtbertyseL Tuesday evening *i7
o'clock P. M. isn.tmg ai Pouxhkeepsle and Hudson, jytsif
",(T**-* . H ill.V LINK ai -l ocioo*-ilru7"!*rH"w"
r-*** v ??-1 n-.'i and K - . us .1! Van Cort.
n11 iai ra . ,.. .. \\i*..,., .ColdSprint
and CornwaIL? Cbe new ?tean.er THOMAS PoWKLL,
Capt. Samuel Johnson, will leave the 1 team boat plsr, foot
of Warren -t. every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at i
o'clock. KeUirning, wUI leave Newburgh every .Monday
amrnlngat half-past 6, and the ronudnugmornmgsof the
week at7J o'clock, lan iin^ a* above, Porfrelgbtor passage
apply on beard the boat,
N. B.?All baggage md frolgfalof every de*crli>tW)o,bank
hi.;? or specie, put on board tills boat, must be >, the risk
of the owner* thereof, unless entered on ihe books 01 in?
boat or receipted for._Jem ?
Mlto iTHl l)sil>. ?Thasieam.
SON,CapuWm Ii Mellen,bav.
iiki 1 neu overhauleu, is now in Bra* rate or
der. will in future run 00 her old r sim to I ludsoa direct,
without stopping at the Intermediate landings, leavtn*,
from the fool 01 Cedar-at New>York, at 6"o'clock, even
M indaj Wednesdaj and Friday evenings, and liudmn
everyTuesThursday a:i.l Sunday evoninga al 'lo'clock,
jr on the arrival of the Ca s from the East
For passage apply on board. Ticket* ihroach 1? Piu*.
Beld Si 's.; U'esl Stoekbridge ? K; and 1 Latham $1 lo.
P.S. -This Boat bei a large number of Slate-Room*, sltf
- alP**" a.NOTICE. '.in ail 1 (? rid Novem
???? the Sutaml '..it .s\ LPB, Captsia
- ?!r*" ?a- i M \ MI
I. will make the following lnp*u>
and from Staten Island, until farther tioii.-e.vl/:
fc*tM iVeas-Yar**? At u mid 11 A M -It.SJ P M. |tilt)
l.t.r.t tt.Uen I.'W It- Ii?. I i A. M. .'anllJP. M
-. if im >\Ptl.M( ic ULIIOAD.
Ys^******?*?e ? ' - i' ' ? I >???? ' 1 - a
? - Bridge] irtend New-Mllfordl Via '.*si
will b.mpleled on the 22? iusL and the , ius will 1.1?
their regular nip* betweon tho above named placet aa
Monday, die v; 1 tit iftsi.
Pasisengars leave New-York from the po-r f.s.t ofMartel
*t. hi I o'clock P. M. (Sundays excepted) bv steamer Nba*
rod, Capt J- Brook?, .ir. arriving in B . ?, ,.?1 *i half - i>a*t
six, ami New-Milfonl at 8 o'cl<*ca P, M.
Returniag, leave Nnw-Milford ai t> o'clock ami arrive in
New-York at II A. M. A lo-ii/ln train with passen.'er car
.v . 1 -i between New-MilfSiiii and North Canaan, leaving
New.MuTord at 5 Id A. M. a:?i Norih Canaau at I P M?
\ ir.- jbl train with passen gel < u win leave Bridge port
daily,.',, opt 3 11 I :\*. a* 9 o'clock, \. M tor New-aflliotiL
lie; 11 :i log, uave New Uth?rd, al lg.M.
n. H.-Tlie train* between North Canaan and (V'SSt
Stockbridge will lie discontinued after the Z4th last, for tea
purpose of relaying thai part of the track. Preigbl re.*elv
e,l in New -York from 7 A. M. to 6 P. M. ami positively no!
after that hour. It. B. MASON, Supertaieaaeai
g. M. Peaav. Agent, New-Yort- ,.mco on ihu pier.
_ Bridgeport. Aug. lb, I"111. _aulMf
*TTl*^?w*r?vww-|\lt)IUtl-s VND ESSEX RAILROAD,
mmit^^m^ Nov. u..
n'cl k, P. M. Lenve New ai a. In 0C1 a
A. M. 1 o'clock, P.M Leave Morrlslown. 7 o'clock,A.M.
'g o'clock,P.M.
Pa-senger* l.y the Morning Train lo .Morrlslown will ir
rivelhereat II? O'el K.w here the stages w ill t.e In Inadine*!
10 convey them u, Schoole 1 * Mcaiataln, VVaaldngton, BsL
videre and East.hi,daily; to8uccasunny,fitimhope,Nssrloa,
Milford arid Owe go on Mondays, Wednesday* and FrV*
day*; an.l to Rockaway, Dover, Sparta and Newton oa
Tuesdays, Thursdays ami Saturdays . each Line returning
the following days to meet the ?. M. tram* for N. Y. A
?1.1/? will dso leave for Baskeoridge every evening iai
Uie arrival of the car* at Mornsiowu.
Passengers go ihrougb, to and from Jersey C'ty, wiuinui
changing car*. On ..,.1 .!?.? the r.iy passengers will depo*.
11 their baggage in the . ar at the fool of Cortlaud-sL wher*
an Agent will be in attendance to receive it. All park*?**
or bundle* must be entered on u.- way bill, or ihe 1nmpa
r.y will ma hold themselves reaponilbw,
Freigbl will be forwarded unmedlatnly ?? Moriisiown
from All.any Baam, l.y Stephen* and Condit ? Line of
Stoop*to M ...in, or from the Transportation Olhceofui*
N. J. R. IL and Turns. Co. foot of Liberty It aisl ifdesirsxi,
w I be called for In any part of the oily, byappUeabeeai
?a.d off re. [r.jj I It A llUDU, Superliileitdeat
IWlrUer Arrangement. To corr ineaes
"Oclober tat, l&ki. Leave
PATCasON Dr.ruT. New-Yoaa.
s o'clock, A-M. M o'clock, A. M.
Hi b mork. A. M. lgi o'clock, P. M.
J o'clock, P.M. If o'clock. P.M.
Leave* P*ter*on Dftiiot at 1 New York ai
r! o'rlork. A. M. . iora. A. M.
3 tPciock, P '4- I 11 o'clock, P. M.
Pas?. :,,;??-. :..o saviaed Ui he al 11.,1 Kerry a fow mln. <4
\t*f-a+ o.e boor of starting. ol
Z m*\T*mSriil: ?TISVIlsLill KXTKN- f?S
11 < . 1 i >e opened for passoa.
ger* and freight ?>'! Tuesday next, No rember M, wbea tb* '
boars of departure will h? rhanged, and unill farther nooV*
Uie. arrangement Will he a* fbJJowa
Vor Ponoigerr.?Leave* New-York (from fbotof Oeaae
?t.) ox''.clock. A. .M. an t t r/cloek, P. M
Leave*Cltiavflle ufU A M. and ij p. M.
t *.e i.-:tA? ii N'-.v Vor? and Otuvilln ??! .'/>.
Vor Vrrtght. -Lea/-* New-York (from foot of Dusne-a*
aiAo'ch>ex P. M. Otiavtlloat 11 o'clock A. M.
October Jt. IMS, a2
_ TiT""* a, PIONEER AND EX wSs. -rrrr.Tf*
n^rii, ?ft Piik.?s line u^.^y.-J|
sBaBaBaBaaaaaaai . ^s ... Canal. '
Erom Pinia-le phi 1' I Pittsburgh, The tU,ove line It BOW
In full operation. Passenger* leiiv* Philadelphia every
morning al 7) o'clock, in the bei. and most comfortab!? d??
scriptiofl of can for Uiu.uhirg, where U.?*y embark 00
the Pac?et Boat.
This lo o- ... u... tsost agr-reahle r imes that is to be f'*n?
In tisi country. The scenery oa ice Susquehanna and J?"
ciata rivers 1* BMiarpeesed for l?-*jity arv) variety.
tV 11 fire m PkiUtdoipkia, .%?>. ^-74 Ma.ket xt.
laV* P-iss-'gurs should he careful not to pay taeir far*
In New- YorafarUier than Philadelphia, a* there 1* no p??*
?v*? in lhal city authorised to ?eil luikeu fur thl* itr.e.
Ph'laife.phta. Pet jgjg_?U n.
" ,rr*" *?T<> KHMiKANTH cV-w-f-."
tjllVi!LsT71_:' ? ' ?' 'I NO W KSI.mgU
E ft pa c Q r _. 8 at
FORWARDING LINE.?The subscriber* t?-g to Infurra
.heir fr.en.is ar>l :j.e public generally, and emigrant* part**
ularly, Uwllhey ar-now prepared u? forward passenrers
Ui oil parts of tue U'eauarn Slate* and Cana/la, at the very
loa est ra'e,, Sad K) a certainty of paaaenger* ear^rrtic;
1.1.' r,o d-l.i'. liar ? place i,s iLe r.H-.ng \iMrt*Oru
erjually In ?II the modes of conveyance i-nl'' '-"*' ?-Tor,_u>
partial advice will be given lo those about to proceed weal,
a* to the. liest mode of travel, a* well ?* the beat route* tu
lake for any Inland mwn ;n tho Cnited Sufe* or C?nad?
liie "E'mif.-a*, ? Traietmt liuuk," which not only gl??*
ralca uf passage, but alao the distance Uj all part* of U*?
West and Car.a.ia, loget?er wall ihe tirrw* uauaily occupied
la performing a jouriey 10 any gtvaa pt*c?, may Lo ***?
gratia, on application al their oftco.
From ahe super.or maaner In which thM branch of to"'
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with certainly guaranty that no dilhculty or delay e?*
pOMtbtj experienced by any [?-r?on going by ibesr Lts?.
ar>l iae tunu-rou* frauula daily Co:nniiUe<l by irtespr*-"**
pnrt.es 00 parsons going We*t, should deter Uii/se*tssul?e;
cirmg their po*?age from engaging any where bat al *o
Uw. of estabbshed re*p< ntibility. Tho ?ubscriber?
here state, that their various conveyarices, v:g. R*^'0*1
Cars, Carjil Boais, and Steamers are such as cannot b? eir
pas*ed, if ?lualsvl. For farther particulars, applyJ/ *t
{euer, post-paid) ta W. L J. T. TAP.*?Ct/TT,
??Soath-st. one door U'est of Kurling-sUp.
N. B.-W. k J. T. T. CfHjtmue to di*paathrir*lcUe? **^?
ei* 10 Isoodoo, Liverpool, Glasgow, New-Qrieaa* s?0"
oll?-. Savannah and Charlevtoo. wiih ponemaluy. Alata^Jf
maie arrnngerr.enu for bringing .wt paaacnger* '>X*? *~J
part of the old erxintrv, and give draft* for any amount p*/*
able on demand ta any part of Great Britain or freUuitL
irr.'S lawif | -
XATho aabscnbcr* maniifaclure and keep ronsunt'y *~
hand all kind* of Accrnint Book*. Merchant* ?ud ??r"
can ftn<l on ihe thelTe? an assortment of the first ^"x2\
from which complete *?u may bo *.-.-rie.j, or have l^e:
book* ruled and iKiuud to anv pattern, n a darahle too
workmanlike ma.-m.-r. Staiionery of ihe be*l qua-UJ
LeUer aad Cap Paper. Envelops-*, kc. for sale by
03, PfUNClS It IsOLTWU., n MsWcn-lsM

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