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fry Advertisements for the Tribune of Monday
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X>ao<croua Doetrtnea !?Fourleriam, Agrari?
an lam , dfce. >
For the last year or two we have not been per?
mitted in peace to utter a single word in favor ot
the Emancipation of the Laboring Millions from
;he wretched lot of Want. Uncertainty Degrada?
tion. Despair which the wide wond over, is more
or less niamfeatly their habitual portion That
.here are large exceptions is certain bat the gen
eraily deplorable condition ot" thcrs& who. having
no Land or other Property, live by mere Mana&i
Labor unaccompanied by special art or skill of their
own. must be obvious to every reflecting mind And
the evil is one of that large class which do not tend
to their own correction?which rather tend to -'row
worse than better. At this rxu-.rr.ent. the want of
Employment in our City is feartally generii thou
lands of able, wann? men are vainly seeking work
from day to day or dro?iiir,? in drunkenness the
agony of overwhelm;r.c' despair We could hire
oar work done at half the prices we are paying for
it and make a clear saving of E 5,000 to W 000 ]?<?'
anrnm. Mechanics as well as mere Laborers will?
ing to work lor a bare subsistence are abundant in
our City: while with Women the case is stiil worse.
The Unttd Suites Gazette? in close imitation of
the French Princess's wonder that the people
didn't eat bread and vegetables rather than starve
?recently wondered why oar famishing seamstress
cs did not betake themselves to homework and
thus seenre constant employment, good wages and
good living; apparently unconscious that there are
hundreds daily advertising and thousands looking
for places aa Household Servants without obtaining
them. Knowledge is daily diffusing itself among
these maaaei, where Misery so abounds how Inn?
can they coexist1 Does not every day extend and
deepen the consciousness that the Kndical evils
afflicting Society demand and suggest ilttdicnl Re
forms 1
The recent briei remark* of Mr. Webster at a
Dinner given by the WWgi of the Third District, I
Philadelphia Co. have been copied into the Exprn ,
and Courier <y Enquirer without remark?lynx- j
eyed as are those journals for the detection ? ?: sni Ii
? Fourierisni' in the columns of The Tribune. We
rapnoUab, therefore, the material portion of those
remarks! and ask for them a thoutrhtful attention
Mr. Webster said
"We go ior Labor. The destiny ol the country is La?
bor. We.are all laboring men?we live by labor?by
occupation, 'liiere is no country under the light Ol tin
sun in which there are so lew large esUtes.?and I thank
God. in which there am so few men who have no estate.
/ dtrirt to tet a condition of thing/ srsVea earh mai. nhallfeel
that kthct a Halte in the community, the. rtiflt of his labor?
tchen all shall have rmphormcnt, and nhei, employment shall
rtciict it! proper remuneration?for ull would then be hap I
py. Labor lei A us It entitled to tomethhtf more than tht
paltry privilege to icon': all day, tu lit down at night, (.
tltrpon strati; and to ri>/ in the mormrxg hungry. It in '
inliti'.d t./ c.bundant food, nuitahlt clothing, n romfortable
home, and to irery man amplemeant fur tht education of thr
oftpring tpith SJMGI Hod has farurtd him. With a proper
administration of our arb.ir?. we can do all this. My hope
and prayer to Heaven is. that these retults may be so
improved that the great ends so earnestly desired may
bo accomplished."
Not unwarrantably do our blanket sheet cotera
porarics (Toan ut the pervasiveness with which !
such ? Fourieritc. views are inainnating thi tn
?elves into rlie public mind This is but the begin?
?The Journalof Coinmertx liai a very intelli
getit correspondent m London, who collates from
the columns ol ? Tht Times' and comments there
on as follows i The Times be it remarked ia ha?
bitually proclaiming such nn.k ' \. rut?iiiism as
is cited below i Snys the rorreapondent ol tht
Journul i
"The condition ol ilie Puor In the North of Scotland
is far worse than the world hai hitherto believed
fotsible : and a sum of money out of the Consolidation
and must be given to save them from positive starva?
tion. Alrcr.dy the thousands and tens of thousand; ol
acres of non producing land, ore looked upon with ien
ious eye, and the Timer of tbeSltl Oct. boldlj dashes
out the truth when it su-s 1 Aw millions upon millions
. ? of Scotch paupers to be thrown upou the Consolidated
? Kund I Are the hereditary tenants o( the Duke ol ^utl:
? erlaud to be maintained, and a hundred An.;lo Irish po
' tentatcs to be supported by " public works, and fed
? on charity wages by the industrious and orderly popu
? lation ol England, in addition to its own proper bur
- then* 1 ll Is uiieeessary to argue against so absurd, so
? indecent a proposal It will not be done. It will not t>e
? attempted. The proposal it only taken as an admission
? that tons /uidurarntai change m rAr relations oj tht
? Scotch and Irish poor to the land on which the;- and'their
? fathers vert bom. and to tht chitfs U ickcm thry and their
'fathers have paid tribute, i) imperatircli/ rod instanl rt
'cuirtd." ' * " " The laud must be made to product
' all it ctut." * ? "Noarly halt ot Scotland is subjected
? to a law (entail) which coudemus the soil to barren- ,
? nes*. the owners to poverty, and the bulk ol the mhabi
? tant* to decrsding destilution. ' ' The whole popu
' lation it thrown ra suwseon the Mat.'. Land also, roust ;
? now be regarded as a whole, tn a certain t srfrai
? tep.st.il mutt be rt$umtd tht State and granted antu
' its p-vprutors, neuiucn?ranckiotdamd . . ,. : >irj
What an audaciously atrodoush 'Anti-Rent
world this of ours is baoooaing ' Men are actualh
vleclanng. not here ou!y hut in ftrittocratii Britain
Dot in obscure groggeriea ami poverty atricken
alleys, but in tiie Editorial column* of thi ablest
and most powerful Journal the world has evei
known?that this business ot Landholding must be
revised?uay. more that the Stau must'i turn
and rcgrant the Soil on new conditions! In short
that the title of individuals to vast estates is sub
ordinate and not paramount to the tN-cia: w eil b< Lug
ofthe People aud that the former must bend to the
latter. Has The Tribune ever transcended The
Tiinea in the above extract* ' Disregard all com
ruents, and consider what The Time? says
The Jour Corns oorreapondent comments
" These are the most important words that ha\e ap
yeared In this powerful organ for years. They have
created an immense sensation among" the laree landed
proprietor*, as well as with the great bulk ot the peo?
ple. ' It it Impossible to coolly loci on and see millions
tared from starving by the funds taken away Iron: those
devoted to the paying the expenses ol the" Executive,
while those unhappy persoat ought to be und could bo
and must be, employed upon lands ica- nvsnricd b* deer
<tnd e- .-...<. and which, to an extent almost incredible
i* in tu primitive. v irgin condition.
Itapcaaible to roolly look is it ' So ii may
aeem in Great Britain but we have thv>?:- here
who would uot merrl> coolly-Vook' on that \er>
thmg. but would readily and vehemently insist
a considerationi thai this process .; fattening wild
animals and starving human beings was one ot
God's appointment?a pan ol the established or
der of things, which none max oppose witiauit in
curriug temporal and ?piritual auatheutas. There are
at least two in this City who will stoutly maintain
the perfect moral right of any man who has wealth
enough, to purchase the most populous Counrv of
Great Britain, eject every inhabitant, and turn it
all into a hunting forest or mammoth deer park. If
there be many more who will asseut to this, we are
sure they will be fewer after farther reflection
Fridxrick Dovolass and Dk Cox.?Many ol
our reader* doubtless remember a letter written by
Kav. Dr. ^ ^ >,>? \ork Evangelist, during his re
cent vitit, to England, animadverting in very severe
terms upon the course pursued by Kasnsajcx Dofe
J-alS. the FugltiTt, s-iavc. in the VVorkTs Temperaras,
Convention. The lett? WM exU.nji^jJ. oopW by ^
press and excited considerable feehng. l>ougla?* has
felt called upon to reply, and we must c.nfeas that, on
thesccre ot ab.Uty. rtyle. temper and iog,e his comma
nfcanon wUl not suSer m company with that of bis
.earned and popular antagonist We hope that the jour?
nal* which were so eager to give currency to the Doc?
tor's assault will do the runaway the justice to publish
bis reply, or at least the eaaenua! portions of it. We
have taken and shall take no part in the controversy an?
tarther than to see that the colored man ha* fair play --
Tbe learned divine has troop* of friends and easy acees*
tome popular ear, while the negro sud'ert under the bit
Sai prejudice* so universally cherished against bis race.
Wisconsin Coxvixtson?Sixole Districts ?
The Convention now in cession to form a State Consti?
tution, has rtjtcud a proposition to divide the State into
single KrpreicaUt ve District*.
Tinea? -i W_kin_ioD?G?n?. Scott and Tay
lor-Tfae Van Nee* WU1 Caic.
Correspondence of The Tri'sune.
Washington, Thursday. Dec. 3.1646.
NotwitliJtandine the doubts expressed by tame
Editor? of the accuracy of the information I frtrnished
yon last week as to tbe movements of Gen. Scott,
he is now on hij way to the seat of war. and tbe im?
pression is that he will supersede Gen. Taylor :n
the rorainand of our Army. It is true that the ap
pearai.c- of Gen. Scott on'thr theatre oi operations.
ipto farto. snpersedes Gen. Taylor witbent any im
nutation cm the courage and capacity of the latter
Yet .atiififd a-the Army aad the People are with
Gen TaMor well convinced that he ha* arried his
r-ommWd two hundred miles into the interior of an
enemy's country with a akJO, valor and prudence
not to' be surpassed, the cooxrry may demand sons*
explanation of the cause of this new Cabinet move?
ment Tt would be an unreasonable assumption
that old Rrwh-and-fieady has not fuinhed every
just expectation of hia Government. uni*,; ? were
shown that tlie Government itself is unreasonable
in its expectations.
Snppose it should appear that General Taylor
himself is dissatisfied with the tardy calculating
and parsimonious spirit in which the Government
has responded to his repeated reouisitioas si>d
that be has made a resolute stand against the ?
military policy attempted to be forced on him of
carn inV his rallant but diminished ibrce into a y.
lition of insurmountable peril. Suppose it shoald
appear that he is indignant at tbe rendna of Gov?
ernment, in annullm? tbe ar:nistice. and instead of
hoirvine on the reinforcements which the exigency
1 of his situation requires, transmitting to him orders
to push still farther into difficulty It may turn out
1 to some such cause as this may hp traced the sud
\ den determination of the Cabinet_ to call out tbe
new regimer.t= and to send Gen. Scott to the seat
I of war.
All the accounts received troro Mexico admonish
U3 to look at the speedy termination of the War a?
an event rather to be wished than hoped for. This
i? the feeling ot the Cabinet, and that it is a sudden
conviction may be inferred from the precipitate ac?
tion with which it has startled the country. The
report in some of the pepers that Mr. Polk intends
to ask Coneress at once for an additional appropri
at ion of forty millions and fifty thousand troops -
scarcely worthy oi contradiction
The Van N'ess case has assumed a new aspe,\
witiiin the last few days Previously the tendency
of public opinion was setting str^ntly in favor of
the female who claims to share the name and \>rr<
perty of the defunct Genera. The < ouusel for the
defence, however, are now daily aceumaiatin"
proofs of a deep sih.me of falsification and mrihB?v
mr-nt which have already stasii.-crcd the risire.'<.. uti
ment By the teatinsory oi seme of oar mo?i re.
?pectable citizens, practically skilled in the detec?
tion of loreeries. and long and familiarly conversant
with lieu Van N'ess s pecnliar style of writiiii.'. it
is proved that the letters on which the plaintiff has
built np her case?the circumstantial testimony by
which she calculated on superseding the necessity
of direct proofed her marriage, are til! forged Iii
less this evidence can be rebutted by her counsel,
it is not very probable that -he will be able, under
this disclosure, to find a jury pliant, prejudiced, or
i.norant enough to give her n verdict It is inipoa
sible, however, for a looker-on to come to any defi?
nite inclusion until the close ot the testimony At
present it i? enough to say that a great change has
taken place in the public mind.
The only decision which the Regents of tbe
Smithsonian Institution have yet reached is to t'.ko
ii]) the whole of the wail Iyuiir South ?f Penn?
sylvania-avenue and extending nearly two thirds
of a mile in length, for the buildings and grounds
ol the Institution From this preliminary move?
ment we may reasonably conclude that the design
will he carried in a manner commensurate with the
hopes and expectation of the community, Veritas
New 1'iibllrnllntiH.
55F* "The American Almanac and depository
ot Useful Knowledge for 1647," being the XVIIIth annual
issue ol this work, is belore us. It contains a vast amount
of well arrunged and valuable Statistic?. Including those
of the I'nited States and of each State, and more briefly
of Europe. Ac. ?r. The New Tariff* of this Country
und Greet lirltnin. Finances of the Union and of the
states. Railroads. Colleges. Religious Statistic!". Medical
and.l.aw Schools, A c. Ac. areladmirably presented. This
work ought to have a treat many patrons here and
everywhere, for as ? means of labor-saving in hunting
foi facti that happen from lime to time to he wanted,
it will he oi areat value la thousands. (Price SI. James
iMunroe A Co Boston : C.8. Francis A Co, N. York
HP* Till' As..; i) Samps is a neal Plwnotypic
weekly paper, of which the first number bar just
reached us from Andrew? a Boyle, Boston It is a neat
good puper. richly deserving the attention of Scholars
Thinkers. Teachers and all who take an Interest in the re
formation el our most irrational orthography It full
oi instruction on this subject. We observe that the
saving in space by the adoption ol tbe i'houogniphic
characters Is about one-sixth so that a book oi tlo?
pages, in our common characters will extend to about
500 in the Reformed Alphabet But every word ?peils
iu?t what It means- you ulway? know at the first glance
whether the word before you?say md?should be pro?
nounced rred or rid und ii you should come across
soioeiloiii/ like mi* ? you need not -tudy hud ponder to
know whether it means.... or o, or uf. or of. We heartily
commend thin papei to the patronage ot all inquirers
ty Thi ? Elementary Frekch Reader i*
the name .-: a small volume edited Ly M. Dc Fevaa, and
designed a? an introduction to this Language, ll .f made
up of choice Selections from I able* Tajes Anecdotes.
A r .u \ei?i- und pro?e, happily calculated to amuse and
Instruct the learner, Another valuable feature in this
Header i* t. Dictionary ot all the words used in the se
lection We have neen no work of the kind with which
we are so well pleased. Published by Appletoa a Co.
300 Broadway from the Fifth English edition
X3FThe London uvartkrii Review for Oct
has just been reprinted it t.u. articles on the Fortifica?
tions ot Paris Lord Nugent * Travel? the Spanish
Ladye's Love Constantinople in tbe Fourth Century
Education of the People T_e Cathedral ot Cologne
den. Nott tn Affgnanistan Hoch, lira and The Emi?
grant, and Sir Robert Peel? forn Law Policy (L,
Sc. tt 4. Co. 1U* Kulton *t)
ry Thl Temperance Token t>> Crystal
Drops from the idd n_ken Buckel Edited by Kate Bar?
clay " Is a neat miniatuie volume of rlia?te 9oogS main.
:\ conducive t. Temperance, but embodying many gems
ot Poesy and Song of a dirUrer.t order It Is ? tuftc:ul
uii'air. and reflects credit on the published Messrs Der?
by a Co of Geneva, Auburn and Cincinnati.
BF"''Thoughts us Nitirai Religion, i.y
EdWaXU i'AtniKH .M (' U a small oamphiel which
may be obtained of Sa\to_ a Mile* There are some
things in It to which many ?rill object, t ut it contain*
mauy eunobling ?entinictit? and ii designed to enforce
the Law of Love.
BF* The Orii'ina! Kodowa Walt? composed
by Jullien. and _.- pei tonned by him at hi* Promenade
Concert* at Paris, ha* been published by Kikth Hall
A Pond It has the expianation? of the W.-ilt.- ao im?
portant teature. and is ombeihsbed with a beautiful and
superbly executed colored lithograph.
ry The Nkw Lilraki or Law *sr> Ks t>
lor Pec continues and concludes Weltord s Treat.-* on
Equity Pleadings' with a copious and lucid Index Mr
Kiuley a Lescare, Harrisburgb, Pe
Trh mi h or Akt.?A friend yesterda} witnessed
an extraordinary exhibition of the Dental Art. as prac
U*ed by Hitchcock a. KlaisdeL. IVntists. ml Broadway
The ps?ent had a set of tivth made by them, iiid f^: the
purpose ol testing ti.eir mrthiai mo?: rigidly a wetg..: ol
several pounds was attached to them which they held
without difficulty. And what tendered the trial of more
than ordinary interest, was the fact that the geatleman
stated that ho had oa hand two set* of teeth made in the
ordinary way which were wholly useless, and that after
he had lost his natural teeth, aad before the present ar?
tificial one* were made, his enunciation wa* so _i_
t:nct that be could be hardly understood by the mem?
bers of his family. The gentlemen present exprvssed
thcmtelve* tn high i'ommeadanons of the entire suc
ce?* ol the method, and at a most thuinp_a_t e__ibi_oa
ot the excellence and aserulne** oi the dental art The
experiment took place ia rre-ence of Jame* Warren,
M. D. Homer Eajatwick. M. D. i.ea. W. H. Moseiey and
-?fher-s ol thl* city.
Gale on Lake Ontario.?The g-_le ^f\Ve_ues
day and Thur-day w?? very severe on" Lake Ontario. It
blew. ??y* the K.;ng?ton Argus. ?- a complex hurricane,
with hard fro*l. Much damace. we fear, has been done
te the vessel* on the lake*." The *t__i_er City of To?
ronto, on her trip from Kingston to Toronto, wa* in great
danger. She put into Prince Edward's Bav about
thirty mile* from Kingston, where she lo*t both achors
?tbe chain cable o! one giving way and the other break
ing. The Argus ad* the following i
A schooner is now lying of Pigeon Reef, and u a com?
plete wreck. *uppo*e-d to be either the Breexe or the
Brock. Another schooner i* lying as Nine-Mile Point
name unknown. Her Majesty * steamer ?? Mohawk" is
just getting up ?U,am to reader what assistance may be
la her power. , t
Gr*" ?? YVhai Defeatsd Silas Wright '
; gravely a*ka tae New-York Globe, which proceeds to
i "T1* a column or two, ia replv to a Question which may
; se aairrered In a ?oajle sentence He wa* defeated be
I c*a,e " co?'1 no; get vocee enough to elect hun.
[Rich. Whig.
Wajhtjcgton. Dec. -1?i P. M.
It ii said that Levi D. rlamm has been appointed
I Puner in the Navy. ?.'ommodore Stewart has not
j yet received ids orders from Government.
The bris Mary Jane arrived at New-Orleans on
: the Oith alt. from Brazos St- lego, with information
1 thai the steamer Neptune left Brazos tor Tampieo
! on rhe -.'is: alt with several companies of the id
I Hedmen: 01 Artillery The steamer Sea was tak
I ir.j :r. the held battery of the Regiment, consisting
of two 1 8 pounders, sixteen 5-poonders, and other
monitions of war. A passenger in fie Mary J ?
direc- from Camario informed them that there was
i nothing new from the Army.
The schooner Beriin witii Government stores
: From New Orleans tor Mata^orda went ashore m
Mata*orda Bay on the 9th nit and is a total loss.
B.U.TIMOSX. Dec. 4?10 P M.
The St. Louis Republican has later dates from
Santa Fe Great fears were entertained that the
'to^k of Provisions would be akorether inadequate
to supply the Army .iurir.s the winter The Amer
: ican soldier? were in a state of insubordination, and
1 were daily commuting outrages or. the Mexicans
? The consequence was. that assassinations were be
. coming very numerous
pHiLADStPHiA- Dec 1?9 P. M.
The reraams of Dr Hassier vrho lost his life by
, the wreck of the Atlantic were interred at Lau; el
Hall this afternoon
Our Flour ai..i Produce n.arkets are luaetne |
merchants waiting the steamer's amval
j Fuur riiousand persons it is estimated, are at
, Herz s Concert this evening The immense saloon
i of the Mnsenm is crowded to overflowing.
Thing* in Philadelphia.
! Correspondence of The Tribune.
Pmi.Al<rLPHlji, Dec. 4. Is46
Letters have beeti received liere from Baltimore
vis Guayaquil to Sept. 34:h Richmond Flour on board
was worth $10 rit i months There had been a sale of
: 4o0 barrels, duty paid, at ?"-l. j. 4 and C months. Cocoa
j is quoted $3 50 on board. It is stated that a Pommer
; cial Agent irom the i'mted Slates is about to present a
, memorial to the Congress at Ctuito. asking an appropria
j tion to pay the claim- of the American ships Josephine
. and Ranger, as was agreed at the Convention held in
December but at Cuenca. The Minister of Finance has j
' brought t'orwnrd. or rather suggested, th?- .-xpediency ot 1
a law* to liquidate these riaiirs by itr.p'>?in2 duties on";
North Arr.enean produce or manufaeliired good* through
the Custom House,
i The I*. S- sloop of-war Dale, commander Me ?
Kenn, from Rio de Janeiro arrived at Callao Sept 23d,
and on the 86th shiVd tr.r the coast of California. The
? officers and crew wer.' reported all well.
Adj. Gen. Bowman inspected our Volunteer Com- ;
paaies at tie-ir several places of rendezvous l^-at even?
ing. The Cadwhllader Grays. Copt. it. K. Scott, and
Monroe Guards, Capt Small, were both dratted into the
Pennsylvania Ri gunent. beside these, it is now almost
definitely understood that the Philadelphia Light Guard.
Capt Bennett, the Washington bight Infantry, Capt_ i
hinder, and City Guard. Capt. HOI, will compn-e com
panics in the liegitneut The eollecdons for their com i
lortable equipment are going on briskly, a committee ,
doing every dhy at Independence flail foi the purpose.
We have had a great d.?al of building in the city
and districts the last season. In the city 170. in Konsiii? j
ton .107. and in Spring Garden 4!);i. Among these are
several churches, factories tnd other very lante .true ?
, tuns.
i Capt. Walker of Texas is in town and has been
the lion of the day. He risked Independence Hal! and
other public places, and wa- repeatedly cheered by the
i Mr. Webster received the calls of bis friends nt
the Washington Bouse this morning.
I Gen. Call yesterday whs 'it Jones's and his
political friends in large numbers visited him.
I Dr. Hollick has been very successful in the
! treatment of a care of lockjaw by the agency oi gal van
I ism. There will be a detailed report of the case pub
' lished. which will be looked for with interest.
(ten. Cameron, whose position in our State mav
be considered a very interesting one. leaves the city fur
I Washington this afternoon, hiving been cordially re
i ceived during his stay here by numerous Iriends.
SaJ.ES or Stot Ki?First Board?61000 State 5a
?I-- . in Fur \ Mee'*44j : 10 Mec sOli; I'M' S Bank 3} .
$2000 Ten 5s, isl July K1 Til Heaver Meadow Hit. After
i Fint Hoard?.'*) Vicksbnre bS T $440 Wilm tl's l??fi
60. Second Board?$:>.i*.<v State .Va t'r; -lui State .Ye
I fiBi 1 S Hank 3].?After Second Board?100 D S P.j;
. 150Harrisburgb521; 100 V'icksburg */> ?j; 50 idrard
j br. f} : .'si Phiiad T.ank 55 : 50 Hartisburg bds-.'I
The U i ecU of the Atlantic.
From the Norwich Courier ol Thursday.
Since sending the Courier to press on Tuesday
i evening, we have ascertained that the person whom we
? placed in the list ol those recovered and identii.ej as
.Miss Smart of Boston, was identified upon its Rrnvn! at
boston as the body of Miss Mary Jordan?the lady who
whs in company with Mr. Chas. Patridge, N. V.
The body ot the deck hand brought up troui the
wreck cn Sunday evening has been recognized a- that
, oi Lawrence Kelleyol New-York. Be had shipped on
I board the Atlantic on the preceding Tuesday
i Another deck-hand, named Tho. Gibney was recov.
' ered on Tuesday, and sent to New-York for burial,
i ?i those passengers either known, or believed to bare
bei n on bourd the following are yet missing
Mr. Symmes of boston Mr. Cunningham, lace nier
chant; N. V. the person who occupied one ol the berths
taken by Mr. Bur bank, name not known f) Mr. Humes,
of WDlimanUc; Mr. Walton, Sen. Mr. Putnam.
CV?r Mming? John tileason Charles Rilev, J. Mc-I
; Farland. WnTWiilett
? 'AacHtBALn Austin. ?The only body brought from
the wreck oi the Atlantic whith has not been indenti
. tied and taken away, is that of the person whom we
have heretofore designated as " Ar. I,.bald A., ?tin.'' This
. body was yesterday placed in u tomb, whore it will re
i main tor tae present.
j To enable in? tnends or aequantanca to identify bins,
we give a minute description id bis dresi winch was ?s \
i lollows
; t A biack (rock coat, in the pocket ot which was a hneti j
! cambric handkerchiel. marked " .\rchibald Austin.' I
with the figure " directly imder It?bbsck cassimere i
; pantaloon* with stripes, and open in l.-ont--black satin j
vest, lining laced at the bottom with black morocco?
I two cotton shirt- with linen bosoms one bosom with j
purple stripes about one mch cpart?brewn and blue
Cotton half-hose?black silk cravat?boots nearlvneu.
i with red morocco linings, and maraed. Young A Jones. |
makers. No 4 Ann st. N. 1. in one of the pockets of ?
the pantalootis was a wallet containing |2 4d and on one '
of his fingers was a gold r.tig with a red stone it! ii The ;
person is judged to be about
Ctri*' The mail lue from the post office in this j
city which was sent by the steamer Atlantic, on the j
35th November, the trip on which she was lost, was re ?
covered yesterday .Tuesday / and returned to the office. 1
, The only article which it contained wa* the New-York i
bundle of letters, from the office here They were very
much chated and worn, of course and it will be exceed
Ingly difficult lo decipher the superscript.ons. Of all .
the other bundles and ?jr>g:e papers which were in iL in
eluding the letter bundle"tir the South not a vestije re?
mained The bag ilfell was whole with the exi r-pu^n
ot a large hoie chafed in one s.de. The New York bun
die and that lo: the S. uih. contained both dratts and
money, but to what amount is not known
[New London News.
RxrCBUC of Hsvti?Port AO Princf ?By the I
arrival at this port of the bng Ida. Captain Steu. r. we
ha^ e been placed in possession of the message : the
President ot the Republic of Harri as given on the 1st ;
? ult_ being the 4'kl year of Independence.
This document is m the main filled with the renew of
the occurrences in at : ov taten place durin? tfte past :
year in that portion o! liie island over which llenerai
Richie was called -.. preside The constitntion of -:?
; app.-ars to have been tie chief ob;ect tor the mainte?
nance of which in all Us Jite^r.ty his ettjrts have been
The expulsion oi the tormer President is dignified by
the expression of a "moral revolution." Peace, it is
asserted, exists both in the North and in the Artibonite.
And the tx Presidents submission to the censttutiona!
authorities had been received.
He was abandoned m his extremitv by all the illegally
breveted officers ot his army w ho Lad been toe reetpte
; eats of hi* lavish bounty. To the previous spir.t oi dis- '
? order and anarchy a tranquillity preva.is over all that
portion of St Dominso under the ;un*dic?oa ot the !
present President,
Tie above are the only items which we and of' inter- ;
est to the general reader?the rest of the massage is
taken up with a review of the transactions at Aux Cave*.
: Jeremie. and ether ports. ft < , 5^,
1 Painfvi. Apprehessios.?<ireat fear is eater
' tained tor the life of our worthy fe'Jow citizen. Mr. S. C. !
Gcrham. owner of the elecant druggist and perfumerv .
store. FNchasge t'.uilim; He was. when last heard
from, about to proceed from Boston to New-York, so as
' to Oe home on TbanJugiviag dav or the day after. In- '
, quiries have be,-a made for htm in New-Vjrk. but w-.tfc
out any .r.:.\-mat;. n res>-ct:ng him. When the news
j of the destruction ,'t the steamer Auanr.c reached this :
city, some fears were expressed for him?but those tears
I have now become intense on toe part vi his immediate
, relatives and ft-.ends, and his fate is regarded with much
,' anxiety by all his fellow citizens who "are aware of the
1 circum?tances referred to. There is still hope, however,
j that it may yet be well with him. N I.avtrn Pallad.
j BJtwaJtD Ol Mekit.?A subscription has been
started m order to raise a sum of money to present to
Mr Cool.! the c-.-.duclcr ot Adams ? C?. s tuxpress, as
'. a testimoaial of approbation of the gallant conduct by
i which he saved the lives ol ?everal of the passenger*
i who were wrecked in tie Atlantic, under circumstance*
I of great danger to himself. S?st. Cour.
; Obitcakt Sermon o> Dr. Armstrong.?Rev.
Nehennah Adam*, of this city, one of the Prudential Com?
mittee ot the American Board, has been requested to
prepare a discourse on the death of Rev. Dr. Artasrroug.
. to be delivered ia this city, probably next week.
[Boston Adas.
Svbde.v Death -Rev. sir. Heermsxce. of Kin- j
derhock. was found m hi* bed to an apoplectic ?t i
speechie** and izuensibie. on the 2d tnst. and surrived 1
1 but a short time. Mr. K. was exumavrelv known a* aa
1 able preacher af the tSeepel. 1
The Romance of Sealitt.?a better book than
Bui wer'* be*: might be written under this title if ass
who had the necessary hterwry capacity would simply
?r.a such truths as a ramiiianty w-.ti Court* and Police
Offices would famish '"'" with, and would distort n
thing. Tae recent case of a yccng man lately married,
and now tez: m the Lunatic Asylum, is related at length
in the frnn^ p;sr of yesterday?but w? conden*e it
and g-.re the principal tact*, it seems that the young
man wa* a perfect rpendrhnr: and debauchee. Ke was
the sen of kind and -.ndalgent parents who denied him
:.-u._-.g in*: he desired, either as s luxury or I romi XI
while the" maumed over his licent-ouinesj At length
he became acquainted with a ycung -ady of re*pe.-ub!e
consectoBi?well to'da :s tr.e w.-.-':i sad wh- :r. :her
respects w?j hij superior To this young lady be pro?
fessed a string attachment?aaade proposals of marr.age
to her. and was accepted. The lather of tie y?ung
man so tar from opposing his marriage was delighted
wins it. as were also his friend*, who hailed it as tbe
harbinger ot bener things with the spendthrift His
lather viiniy hoped that so amiable s wife would Le sale
to draw niaa away from his pot-house companions, and
".at. by making his name a pleasant and delightful: ice
to him. she would make r.im so in love with it that he
would repent ot his past mis-doings, and in future lead
alife ?; nhrieTj Thus nopmg. the mamage wsj cele?
brated by ail bis friends, and :he young couple went to
reside ;n Wesicr.ester Co .we believe-;,
Notwithstanding he cGnacueu his course ..: sin, ?nd
relied in drunkenness the same a* before. Nothing
could restrain him. He went on from bad to worse. \nd
more than once it became evident to his friends that his
mind was affected by his debanefcery At times be was
very violent, so that danger was apprehended by his
wife and her mother, who resided with him I inafly
ne go: possession of a pair of pistols, and in nis parox?
ysms of rage on several occasions threated tc. jhoot per?
sons. It now became clear that his wife could not live
with hiru and she wrote to bis father to come and take
mm away. as her life ws- in danger. His father went
up to set him. out he had gone to Sew York, where he
afterward tonnd htm. snd bad him examined by two :
respectable physicians?Drs. Abraham T. Hunter anil
Isaac K. Taylor?who at once pronounced him of un- :
sound mind, and mace oath of the tact before two Jus?
tices of the Peace, who thereupon committed him to the
Asylum at p.loomingdale. His father seems to be almost
heart-broken by the conduct of his profligate ten. whose
mind has been unbalanced by his passion for alcoholic ,
drinks. - ? j
Another Lcxatic.?insanity seems tobe rapid?
ly increasing. We understand that Mr. William B.
HaSTY, one oi the Clerks at the Lower Police, has been
examined by Dr*. Tompkins and liolnr.es. and pro?
nounced in>nne. He was to have been sent yetterday
to the Lunatic Asylum.
The Apol?oseo.vs.?The public will scarcely so
SfJOU have forgotten the truly extraordinary performan?
ces of the Master* CoUE and BciXOCX, and the fairy
little Awr. Maria, of whose wonderful powers we
spoke on their first appearance here. Everybody, we
ere sure, will be delighted to hear that they have again
arrived, and will make their appearance next week?be?
ginning On Monday* evening at Rutgers Institute, and
performing on Tuesday evening at the Tabernacle. We .
bespeak for them, in advance, the kindest consideration
of the. public, for truly they deserve iL
?y They are putting np iron wire along the
Telegraph post" tn Broadway. This, it is to be hoped,
will prevent the provoking breaks which have so Ire
qnently happened. Just when they ' hadn't OUgfater, and
which have been made the occasion of implied .-ensure
upon a very worthy class of citizen*.
ty The Harper Union, No. II, Daughters of j
Temperance, hold their Serond Anniversary at the Tab
ernaele on the evening of Wednesday next. John B.
Oough. Kev. K. T. Taylor of Boston. Rev. Dr. f ox Rev. .
Mr. Vincent, Rev. Mr Crawford, and other distinguished
centlemen are to deliver addresses. The occasion will
be one of unusual Interest, and we hope that all friends
of the Cause will try and be there.
BowuMG.?We are assured that at the Tremont 1
and Tremont lirancli Bowling Saloons, til and '100 llast
Broadway, no betting is ever allowed or practiced, that
the alley* are always closed about 11 P If. and that the
entire influence ol the proprietor is wielded in favoi of
Temperance and flood Moral-.. Tho-e Saloons are
never open on Sundays. Bowling is undoubtedly a
wholesome exerci-e lor sedentary men who cannot get
h chance nt wood-chopping or .-? mething else that is ex?
actly the right thing and those who are confined to
counters or desks through the day may profitably prac?
tice this in the evening if they can Jjndtimo. Hut better
neglect exercise and suffer the consequences than n. g
lect your family oi contract habits ol dissipation
La.nti ACEtfCY.?The card of Messrs M.u v A
Dric.os in to-day's Tribune is deserving the uttenti..u of
all nonresident owners of Real llstate in the West,
Messrs M Sc I' are preeminently btuinesi men one of
them a lawyer by profession, the other a merchant but
both thoroughly Conversant with the duties of the Agen?
cy they hav.- established and resolved to build up a
reputanon and a business which shall be roramensu.-ate
with the Western Country. Any person having taxes
to pay titles to adju-t or search mortgages to discharge
or foreclose land payments to make or receive, lands to
sell or buy in tbe West will rind this Agency a great
convenience as Me?*rs Macy a Drlggs have agents in
almost every city or considerable vil!*$e ot the West,
with village plats name* oi owners tax valuations. Ac.
Aic. ot many or most of them A small portion only ot
their references appear in their card as w publish it,
but these areot the highest character.
fy fur Reporter, win. gave a very imperfect
sketch ofGov Stale * Address al the Oliver si. haptist
Cburrh on Thursday evening was mistaken ,u saying
that the Addre-s on Thursday evening next would be
? on the subject ot Christianity and Romanism Gov. S.
we understand, will ?peak briefly upon the extent to
which Roman Catholic institution.- of learning are fur
uisLng the means of Education in the United Slates as
an incentive to greater educational efforts on the part oi
Protestants , but the main subjects of hi* discourse will
Le, the mtiihi that exi.t for supplying the educational
want* ot the West, and fig moaV by which thus-: means
may be made to reach, moil directly and speedily all
the children .n that portion of the country
Fret Staufs.?The Postmaster gives notice that
t:.e three-cent "Limps of the I S City Dispatch Post will
be redeemed at the Post Office, or they may be used on
letters for lity delivery.
ry Senator Davi- ..f Mass and family. Gen.
Wilson of K. H. II in. Mr. Korden ot Mas*. Hon. Mr
DiLLiNoHAM of \i. Senator DloaKSOM ot N. Y. Hon.
Mr Wies ot Indiana. Hon. Mr. Rockwell of Mass. Sen
St? r Huntington of cl and Senator CilleV ol N H.
are amoag the latest arrival* noted at our hotel*. An
Albany paper announce* tie departure trom that city
of Hon. Mr. Ci-lves of Washington. Hon. Mr. Houses
of Monroe, and Hon. Mr. Lkw:-; of Chautauque, on their
way to Washington.
fjy W - had the pleasure yesterday of viewinir.
at the store of Mr. Robert RaiL jeweler. 36S Broadway
s beautiful Silver Salver ot large dimensions, and richly
engraved, which i* to be presented by JaJie* Hunter A
Co. of lireeaock. Scotland, through their correspond?
ent,-. Messrs. H. L. Routh. merchanu. 55 Broad-sL to
CapL John Davits, of the ship flood win. The Salver
is of beauritu! workmanship, im the right is a repre
sectat-jn of Neptune in the act of rescuing a ship?
wrecked person : and on the lett a ship at sea. :n distress,
and another veasel approaching to offer assistance. In
the center is tie following inscription :
? Presented by James Hunter At Co. of Greenock. own?
er- of the bng Juno, wrecked in the ice ia t;:e Spring of
Ifi i'\ it CapL John DaVLES of tbe Amer.can ship Good
wh) and Ladv. a* a mark of esteem for their kindn.-as
to CapL Gtbbs and fie survivors of the crew of tie Juno,
alter being picked up at sea."
The whole is surrounded by a wreath of thistle, and
tbe .American eagle, with outspread wings, is placed at
the head of tie inscription, proudly looking down upon
the scene. -
Chvrch Mi>ic ?The lovers of fine Sacred Music
will be granied to learn that Sew-York has auded to her
talent in Lais very important branch ot public worship
tie services ot tie deservedly celebrated teacher and vo
. ahst Mr Mascvs CoLsrax of Boston, to lead and teach
the Choir nf the Eighth-st. ?re*bvteriaa Church. The
Trustees have also secured the aid of hi* daughter. Mrs.
Gardner. Mr. c. entered on hi* dutie* last Sunday.
Death or an Old ClTIZEX.?We re-re: to an?
nounce tie death of an old and highly re*pecus.e dti<
tec of Brooklyn. Samuel Carman, weil known to most
of oAir mnaioanLi, breathed his List this morning at 11
o'clock, at hi* residence. S3 Fnllnnst His disease wa*
dropay Thus, one alter another, the old resident! of
Brooklyn are paaaiag away.
New-Yore Bible Society. -At the twenty-third
annual meeting of this Society, held at their rooms on
Taursday afternoon, tie following ojScers aad managers
were elected : President W. ?. Btrxi- ?. D. Vice Pre*
idestta, A. r_ WaUb, G. Buck. Jr Taotsas Bond. Jr Geo.
S. Concver E. H. Biatciford. H. K. Ball Secrrctane*,
Georg? A. Titus. Corresrxnding: J F Wflnams, He
cording. Treajurtr George H. Wilhams.
Court Calendar... Moivdat.
Ciscctt Ccrar.?No*, la, r'.. id 87, 47. 51, 53. 54. oO.
S3, 101.103, 104. 2*3. lOt? ICS lo 112. 114.110.110*74,
119. 277,130 to ISS; 1*3. 133 to 137. 139, 140, 142. 145.147.
MS. 14!'. 1?. 6*4. 43, 5tt M. 9U. "4.
Cosrao.v Plsas.?Part 1?No*. 115. 139. 141. 143. 145.
14T. 19,23; 49,57,79, 3L, 91, 113, 53 125. Part 2? No*.
50. 14. 324. V5=. Ho\ 32. 4S, 22. 20. 44.
Law Court*.
Corax or Chancxbt.?The injunction alleged by the
Vice-Chancellor restraining Me**ra Saraue! William*
x Co. from manufacturing soap and caudle* at their e?
tablisfcmect No. 24 Haaicond-#t on the ground that the
deleterious air arising from such is a nuisance, has been
modiaed by toe Chancellor, so as to permit them to
manufacture soap and candles from 1st November
to 1st May provided they u*e tresh tat. The work must
be suspended between May and November
CiscrtT CcrET?Before Jud*e Barcuio.?Suru-i .V.
Gennmg vs. Pierre MarteL?itr. M. let to Mr. John A.
Turtle" son-in-law of Mrs G the premises No. 7."> War
rer. st Mr. T removed to No. 71 Warren where :n
addition t.: his business as a publishing agent, he and
plaintiff kept a boarding establishment. Some rent re?
maining unpaid at No 7.". Mr. Mattel, in July '.
sued out a judgment and execution from the Marine
Court for S?- 51 debt and $? 1; costs?took the oath of
dancer and to" --xccution was lev-.ed by officer Cham?
ber* upon some furniture at No. 7!. Mrs. < tenur.g
claimed to have owned the furniture, and rcplevied ?
The present action is to test the question It appeared
that Mr T .tiide cv<r the furniture, by b01 of sale, to '
his mother in law about the time of tie iudgment being
ootained. and the rran-f<r was declared by defendant t.i
be fraudulent, mate w-.ti. a view to hinder credit.-rs a..
Verdict tor defendant valuing the property *t |100 For
piainu'tt". Mr W". Norton For defendant Mr. tl^nry Al
?er sad Mr James T Brady.
E.nttxdStates Coxrrr.?BefarefJJudge Betts.?.-' m
T^trenpart vs. Brig Sra Fiovrr?The brig was libelled to
recover about $1100 for repairs and outfit at Bermuda
after being run down st *e?. The defence is that the
claim wa? against the Croton Ins Co. who had insured
the bri.: and caused her to be repaired and brought back, j
and that the libellant ha* lost his hen from the fact that i
he gave ;ip his draft for 10 days on the Croton Co. and [
extended a crt dit to the Company for 4.1 days and that !
in the mean time the Company became insolvent?that j
the owner" of the brig received her back, with fTOO, in j
full, for their policy, supposing that no lien existed |
again?: her. and that she was libelled on the present suit
last as she had got a cargo on board and was ready tor
Sea To be continued sor;ibeiiant Cen. SandforJ. For
owners Mes-rs. P.urr St Benedict
CofBT oe Common PutAS?Before Judge tUlshoeffer.
Martin '-'an Harmburgh vs. Janes McCau.?Mr. Van H.
is ar. Attcmey and Counsellor at-law. lie was employ?
ed by Mr McC. who -.vas sued in the Superior Court as
surety I - rent for Mr. Donnelly, and afterward to
brine a suit a-ainst Donnelly but neither ease w-*s tried,
the t.me bestowed by Mr. Van Ii. being mostly in at?
tending Court, by request of Mr. McC to put off and de
lay the rirst suit lor rent. He declined then to pay Mr.
Van H who ottered to take $25. but Mr. McC. refused ?
The present action is to recover the fees. Sec Verdict
for plainti-?' *."'. 75, and costs. For plaintirl, Mr. KcGay,
For dfdt. Mr. Henry and Mr. BlunL
Luc$ Jane William* vs. Charles Fetch.?The plaintirf is
a daughter ot' IVnison Williams ot Albany, formerly
somewhat celebrated as an extensive tur dealer at that
place. Mr. Fetch married another daughter of Mr. VV.
in Nov. 1844; She died in April last, leaving one child.
The present is an action ot trover to recover ol Mr.
Felch about $700 for household furniture said t> belong
to plaintiff, which be unlawfully detains. A c. The aver?
ment is that the mother of pi dntdtT, at the time of her
death, wiiich took place in l.-v'ID or lflO, requested that
the household 111001110' should be divided between her
two daughters Lucy Jane and Ann?that on the eve ol
the marriage of Ann to Mr. Felch, it was so divided, and
her share brought down to her house in lUvington-St?
that Ann being desirous of 'l iving her sister, the plain
ti:l. with her, the share of plainOUi was subsequently cat
ried to Iiis house. It is also said the mother requested
that In the event of the death of cither sister the Whole
ol the property should go to the other. Mr. S. W. Jud
son in opening, stated such, in substance, to be the prin?
cipal fact?and said that plaintiff now clnims the whole
in accordance with the right .vc. For defence it is de
nied that Mr. F. baa any turnituro bat what belonged to
his wife, and to which be Baa a legal claim. Mr. VVU
liams. the father, was called for plaintitf and underwent
a strong cross-examination from Mr I'lunt. To be con?
tinued on Monday.
Brother Jonathan.?The origin of this term
as applied to the United States, is given in a recent
number ol the Norwich Courier. The Editor says
it whs communicated by one of the most intelli?
gent gentlemen and sterling \V nigs in Connecticut,
now upward of eighty years of age, who was an
nctive participator in the scenes of the Revolution.
Tin- story in as follows :
When General Washington, after being appointed
commander of the army ot the Revolutionary war.
rr.me to Massachusetts to organize it, and make prepa?
rations for the defence of the country, he found a gioat
destitution of ammunition anil ether means necessary
i., meet the powerful fee he had to contend with ; and
great difficulty to obtain them. If attacked m such con?
dition, the cause at once might be hopeless 1 in one oc?
casion at that anxious period, a consultation of the offl
cers and others was had. when it seetnej no way could
be devised to make such preparation as was necessary
Hi* Excellency, Jonathan Tmnibull. the elder, was then
Governor of the State of Connecticut, on whose judg?
ment and aid the General placed the greatest reliance,
and remarked. - We must consult Brother Jonathan on
the subject1 The 1 leneral did so and the Governor whs
successful in supply tag many of the wants of the army
When difficulties afterward arose and the army was
spread over the couutry, it became a by word, " Wt
consult Brother Jonathan. ' The term Yankee is still ap?
plied to a portion, but " Brother Jonathan" has now be?
come a designation of the whole country as John Hull
has for England _
of New-Haven, to Hiss EMMA P. RUHERTSuN ot
; New York.
At Poplar Sprint. Appotnattos Co. Va. Robert H Glass,
senior Fditor of the I.ynchburg Republican, to Elira
beth a. Christian
On Thuiiday morning, Dec lid, JOSEPH W. DC
< VALL, M. D aged 42 years
Tie- relatives sud friends ot the family and members
ot the Medical Society are Invited t" 'itteud his funeral
I this (Saturday! attenioon at 1 o'clock, from his late tesi*
, denee. No. 43 I.ispenard St. Funeral services m the I u
theran church of ct James, Mulberry -a between Grand
1 and hroome
At I.ansingluegb Rensseiaer Co on Thursday m..rti
' ing, 3d inst. in the i=??th year ol her age Mrs. ALICIA
BL \TCHFORD widow of the late Samuel Klst.chf.srd.
on Thursday evening Dee J ot diop-y in the brain.
HERMANN ABNEH. only son ot Henry F and Susan
hummel, aged 1 year *nd 12 days
The friends and acquaintances of the family are re
spectfully invited to attend his Mineral this (Saturday)
afternoon, at3 o'clock, from No ?I Vr-?try *t
On Friday morning 4rh inst. of congestion ot the
train. WILLIAM HENRY, son oi Strong V and Martha
Mcore aged 14 years 4 mont'is and 1 day?
The relatives and friends of the family and those ol
his uncle. W'm. B Moore are respectfully Invited to at?
tend his funeral from the residence ol bis lather Mo ';
Catharine-st. on Sunday afternoon, at 1 o'clock.
1 At LitcbtielJ. Ct on the evening of Wednesday Mot
25th. Mr CHARLES B. HUREBUT, aged 36 years
Trnde of(he lludaon.
Produce and Country MercharAite Arriving at \ew York
Hevorted rpeciallt for The Sea-York Tnhune.
Faioiv, Dec. 4. I?4?:.
Troy and Ertr from Tov Boat Line?Boat Joohuo Barker
??85 bbi* dour J L Buckley v Co; 688 du Suydaui. Saga k
Co-. 15 do lard T Perry k Co; ? do tallow A Neteletiar. J
, do rraa^errie*.
Old Troy Line. Popr Catlin?Bargr bi.tnrot?74? bbl*
?our Pope Catllm 4?0 do Clark a: Co.eman; al dead bogs
T. Is V.'aldrom 2 Lo.s potatoes ?; do apples C T Loogsl reeti
Is do aotatoea C Wi...am?; 19 flrkin* butter John Johns i'i
Sons ; 6 :ub* do B. 81 li Dewitt: 6 tirkir.s J.i P W Marun.
82 bbls s.-ed Jl tcs do J Ketchiiin k Son.
.Vrir York and Tr-.y Tote Hoot Line?Barte ;Yra-. York?
? fiST tibls iour N H Wo;fe. vi do W S Griffith; 74S do H
BeeJunan; li? do suy lam. Sage A. Co; 239 do heet Dows
k . ..team I j do A Korbe*; 72 Jo B G Avery; 24 Com an k
''??.?*?-- >??*'?I""' frntarui?1677 bush wheat Cow
lag k Co; 39 keg* b-;.ter work k br.o-.
Albany and X-v-Yvrk Line?Barge U:va?303 bbls pro
Ls D Mar.ocey: do H Cbeeney i. C
KS J-j Cowper k Oerard; t do Duwi k Gulteau; lot) sides
leather rl Freeman; .'<i do Bullaru k I -
Sdeie Line?Barge ? Cornina?5e bbi* rfour W A
Wa ten 7"2 do E T Pease-. J*) do'Dows k Gulleaa; ?7 do
H. ft Van P.usktra: SM do S. Sage k Co: 2? do Dwi/iit
, Johnson; 35 do Carl k Coleman; >1 do Al.en k Whittle
sey; 3Ji do prov.-ions, Hubdard. Cbeeney i. Co: 81 do
otnons W k j Tapscott; 31 IibJ provision* ?l bdis bides
; D Mx.oney.
Chenangi Lake. Boat Line?*-Jir Arabella?17nJ bu?h
barley Jena* k Tower.
Same Lists?Sloop .Viissou?"->: bush barley .*! bbls
; ?our Jone* k Tower.
Same Line?Bool W WSanford?d?<? bush wheat Jones
k Tower.
.Saiac Line?Sloop Benj Akim?T*, bbls Sour ltfO do
I whisky Jone* k Tower
Same Line?Boat A id not?2100 bush wheat Jones &
1 Tower.
Same Lae?ScMr J Pringle?(00 bbls floor Jones &
Tower. _
r?ab?criptjon<s received to the Weekly Tribune.
FiiOsV. Dec 4. iSse.by Basori, N. Y". 1
Kanmngdale. N- Y. T Medina. do. 1
P ..*?:.??;-.e. do.. l'KorlPlain. do.1
HilUcale. do.ljOceouia. do. I
Coiche*ter. do. l;Cochecton. do. J
Hancock, do. UTruxtoo. do.Ht
Cuddebuckvijle. do.l.Tioga, Pa. 1
Comae. do. i ,5oath Amenta, N. Y. 1
North port. do. l .Vernon. do.10
Smiuttown. do.' Rae me. W. T.II
Stonv Brooa, do. 1; Warren. Mass. 4
Mill Plain. Conn.. i : Havina, Cuba. 1
Ridgeaeld. do. ljGlesham. N. Y. I
Oxbow, N. T.2l Lloyd, do. I
Scoichiown. N. T. llSmtLh*boro.do.1
Van Buren Cesier, N. Y... 1'JacktonviaV. N. Y. 1
MacLias. N. Y. I ?MecA.eaburgb. do. 1
West Chariten. N.Y. ?'Konda, do.. .
Preston. N. t. 1 j Clinton, N. J. l
Sobecriptlonn received to The Daily Tribune.
KaiDsr, Dee. 4.
--.on. L. 1. 1 DoOb's Ferry. N. Y. 1
Ware, Mas*. 1 East ThomaaUimM-j. 1
Subscription* received to The Semi-Weekly.
Fait>AY. Dec. 4. Iftton, S. Y. 1
Heighutowc. N. J. 1 Washington. Ky..
Stamford, N. Y_ . '. Peru, ill.[ 2
?nbeeriptious received to The New-Yorker.
FaiDAT. Dec. 4. ]Tbe Purchase, N y. i
Waierlao,JLY. 5 Oswicbe, Ala.. 1
Wast t^strnsaurgh. S. Y.. 11 Somerset Otla.1
For tola of Stocks, is- tet Four* Pagt.
Fsjdat. ?. M.
' The Market f<? F?nde* continue very tu^h
pressed and Norwich fell off to 4Sj which U 9 per cent
below rie point I: stood at before the disaster to the At
1 '.antic. The decline from the highest rate current within
a month or two is 15 per cent. The other Fancies are
also .offering under general debility. At the Second Beard
there was a tittle reaction bat it was not important In
sound dividend Stocks there is very little doing. In
Government old Sixes 3 is offered. For new Sixes par
I only.
j Bills remain quiet at previous quotations with a
I good supply Sterling in i*rij Francs 42} ?5 40.
Shipments are a little ?rmer to-day and Flour ts
not easily shipped at 4* 6d spring, although some en?
gagements were made at tna: igure Grain 15il.'-t
Cotton 7 led for square Vessels are scarce for the Con
tinent. Grain for Antwerp Amsterdam. Sec is nominal?
ly 35 cents
The eaxninsrs oi the Norwich an.i Worcester
F.ailroad far the nrst three weeks In November were
S13.700 against 117.300 In the whole month last year
lite Western Railroad has declared a dividend
cl 3 percent tor the last rive months, equal to 7; per
cent per annum A large surplus ot earnings is left
! The amount of Fands in all the public deposito?
ries subject to Jrslt was >4.j>4.7l0 on the 23d Nov. The
amount in the New \or* City Banks and Sub-Treasury
was ?US4J253. The following is the Treasurer s Ke
port entire
Tbe entire amount ot Government funds on iepoaite
and :n the Treasurer * custsidy :
Amount on Am t subject
lu ? hat place. deposit to dratt
Hetirv \V. Rogers. Collector and
Deputy. Buffalo. $282 58
Assistant Treasurer. Boston_1145,996 1? 31,905 2!
Merchants Bau?. Boston. T1.C-0S? ir> 71.009 IS
State Bank at Morris. Morrisfo 40,000 00
Arcade Bankv Providence. 40.000 00 TIS. 48
Oliver Lee ? Co.'s Bank. BtttTato -&? 43
Farmers and Mechanics Bank.
Hartford. Conn. o 0"
Brooklyn Bank. Brooklyn. 18,63125 30,000 00
Mechanics' and Fanners Bank.
Albany. 30,000 00 14,801 07
Albanv City Bank. Albany. 71.343 oi l:V.>77 HI
Commercial Rank. Albany. S1.7:Ui t^ 30.000 00
Canal Bank. Albanv. 30,000 00 33,000 00
Bank of Commerce, Sew-York. 122,000 00 134,133 ;h)
Rank ot America. New-York.... 294.221 31 818,455 05
Bank of the State ot New-York. 333,781 98 276JT76 42
Mechanics' Bank. New-Vork.... 368460 67 73006 44
American Exchange Bank. N.Y. L48.006 W 1904W2 69
Merchants' Bank. New-York.... 3383? b'-> 169,131 38
North Kiver Bank. New-York .. 338,173 36 55.146 12
Assistant Treasurer. New-York.. 105,146 :>2 I.467J302 !*>
PhiladelphtaiBank. IJjttf 06
Bank of Commerce, l'Mlad_ 4j\!,"7 SI 33,460 tld
Exchange Bank. Pittsburgh_ 49.305 tin" tl.ile.'l 73
Bank of Middletown_. 17487 50 45JJ2S 79
Bank of Erie. 45.5-.ej t;> is.eitt oo
Chesapeake Bank. Baltimore .. 18,934 00 145,389 11
Assistant Treasurer. Mint. Phila. 151,938 m -till?-J 56
Bk ol Washington, Washington 7il.:;?l 53 16,163 47
Patriotic Hank, Washington.... 16320 .-1 1H.2S1 91
Corcoran a Riggs, Washington 14.4:11 1>1 273,103 78
Treasury U. States, Washington 998,458 84 824.08? 90
I'.niik of"Potomac Alexandria.. 56V3U 68 8,949 93
Fanner?- Bk of Vai Richmond 9,737 86 31.??31 i>5
Bank of Virirteia, Richmond.. 42.140 45 42,019 48
Exchange Bk of Va. Norfolk... 58,099 48 l.7;"7 47
M. V. Jones, Collector ami De?
puty. Wilmington, N. C. 935 58
AssUtant Treasurer,Charleston IO.l'.M SI
Southwestern Railroad Bank.
Charleston. . 3j332 05 15?65 98
Planters' Bank of Georgia_ 41,77706 434)27 86
Hanls of Mobile. Mobile.'.. 50.061 ?n 363 68
Do do (Alabama bk notes) 4 880 78 5 353 00
Assistant Treasurer. NiUrlean*. Ml.ViOO 17,016 87
Canal mid Banking Co. N. <>.
(overdrawn).1310,005 t*< 30 00
Farmers' and Merchants' Bank.
M.phis. 7494 .'?!> 12,11- 99
Union Bunk of Tennessee. 22.739 04 21,920 88
Louisville Savings Institution.. 51,168 38 80,045 68
Ohio l ife Ins and Trust Co_ 91,611 96.263 40
Clinton Bank. Columbus'. I6\337 711 15J987 19
Bank of Missouri. 7S.4HH 55 7.383 74
J. Kearsley, receiver, Detroit ... 900 ia) 5.463 08
T. Dyer, receiver. Chicago. 124,085 73
O. G. Bright, receiver. Jeder
sonvilie. 14489 SC
Mint. Philadelphia. 409.020 69 369,520 69
Mint. Charlotte. N. C. 33.000 00 32,000 00
Mint, Dahlonega, Ga. 90,850 00 86,830 im?
Mint. New-Orleans. 77.521 !>.r. 77.591 i'5
Total.S I.27.VI3r1 70 $5.091,305,17
Deduct over drafts. ,211.7"! 78
Total. 4.879.710 75
Add transfers outstanding. 5,000 00
Amount subject to draft. i4.S.-?.7lO I".
TnANii'ERs Ukoeked
To the ( anal und Banking Co. N. O. Lu . ...230,000
To Bank ol Missauri, St Louis. Missouri .. 85,000
From Bank ot America. New-York. 85,000
From Hank of the State of New York. N \.looooo
From American Exchange Bank Jo. S 000
iroui Bauk ot Commerce. Philadelphia. 35,000
From Bank of trie. Erie. lo.OOO
From Corcoran A Riggs. Washington. 33,000
From Bank of Virginia. Richmond Va. 10,000
From Planters'Bank, Savunnah Ga. 5.000
Total. ... .$250,000
The (.'anal bankol New-Orleans it will be seen is con?
siderably overdrawn Messrs Corcoran a Biggs still
hold a quarter ol a million of public money without in
i terest while Government is paying six percent. The
Sub Treasury at New Orleans it will be seen is not in
; operation.
Counterfeit S'JO notes mi the Bank ol the state
ot Missouri, payable to the bearer, at Lexington dated
: July 1st. 1845?H. Shurlds. Cashier . Fred Kennett Pre*
' ident are in circulation. The vignette is a building with
? eight column* in tront . surrounded by tiees engraving
? very coarse The Cashier ? name ot the l.exiugton
Branch is E. M Ryland.
Hon Geo Bahn has been chosen President and
Mr Jos. W Cake. Cashier ot the raimers Bank ot
I Schoylkill Co. Pa.
i The Buffalo Pilot says 1 W'e understand that
the subscription to the capital stock ..t the Hornellsville
Railroad is going on finely, and the amount required to
be taken here is nearly t.lled up.
The Bonks of .Savannah are checking on the
: North at par
The Bank <>f Charleston drew eight] thousand
dollars ot specie from the Savunnah bank lor the pur
po?e ol paying; up the subscription made lu the new loan
by the Bank. The Savannah Republican complains
that certified checks ot the Bank of Charleston were
sold In Savannah for Northern fund*, with which
specie wa* drawn, and add-*, - This is but the nrst ol
a series oi v.aitation** to which they wiil most
likely be subjected under this Iniquitous Sub Treasury
' system, at lea?t ?0 long a* there i* a branch of the Sub
Treasury in Charleston and none in Sa7unaah. When
! ev.-r they want specie for Government purpose* in
Charleston, they will manage to draw upon the neigh
boring banks of Georgia in order to deplete them, and
rnake Charleston, ai much as possible the grand center
0! the system at the South. So much for Polkery.
.1IttrUeta,...f'a,-r/u?y rrporttdfor Tt* T.-xtrunr.
Fbisay, Dec. 4.
ASHES?Of Pot* about 130 bbl* sold to-day at 4 -71 a>
*V mostly at the lower rate. Of Pearl* the sale* are
light at 5 7.7. Of the Montreal Pots there have been no
more sales, the receivers being desirous of holding until
the Steamer arrive*
COTTON-Thr ?lss to-day ara 9000 bales at full
^.-i'-.-s. Inr export and to manufactures.
flour AND meal?The near approach of foreign
news has cheeked operations, and the sales today have
. ta rmalL as far at least as made public. In quo?
tation* to re u no marked change.but prices arioatare. if
mythmg ta t.ivor ot the buyer.** 1* usually tb* ca*e in a
du.: ?ute of the market. g?me*ee pure ia 5 Uli U'j 37]
the ,*:ter it. store with privileges. Michigan mixed .*, 1
straight 5 Si, adoat. For the East and home conaump'
1 Uun there i* a moderate business doing. The receipt*
it,-:.,: considerable, shipment* can be made to Liver
pia-.il at I* 6d, Lut shipmasters are firmer to-day and
?er.er ,. y a.g Is Jd sterling. In Southern we hear of lit
tie doing 1 ieorget/^wn Is held at .". ,Vj. but other de
i ecnptiozj? can oe had at Kye Flour 3 7.>_ralJier
quiet. Con. Meal 3 75? 11 c7t, with sale* 5000 bbl* for
rport Bag Meal 1 25?tii 50 for Yellow and Whit.- ?
short* 7?8 cents. Ship sturfs loan. Fine Feed 15s!
17 c.-nu. Buckwheat i* 4 i?, and ir* in tags.
grain?A shipper came into market b.-day for
Wheat, and took 30.0<jO bushel* pure Genesee on prirate
' terms. The market for Genesee is nominally 115-all"
' centJ. Mixed 103910gcents. Of Corn there were ?ale?
. 5000 bushel* new Northern for dutilling at 60 cents
weight, delivered, and 7tf.Oor "000 bu*h?ls Northern and
? Jer?ey Yellow old at 67370 cent*. mo?tly tor export?
' ttye 1? quiet in consequence ef the ?carcity of ??stell_
.-<,..-- ,'.</, -i.-.^... 1 - *-;.it .lettered. * In fiarley -v
: hear of no sales. The 5000 bushel* sold yeaterdav was
! ?t aoou'. C0_ cents. Oata are steady at 3-a3'J for (Jana).
37938 f^r River, ii ^33for Southern. Black EvedPeai
a.-.- ! a per i,ag of 8 bushel*. Northern Beans'l lui*
' 1 'J5.per Dushel*. Pea* eTj <b I iif per bushel.
; WHISKY?Bbls are firmer to-day at 21 cents. Some
speculators are ia market. Sale* Drudge C*?k* at
25 cent*.
! HAY?About 1000 bales sold at 4??4o cents, to go into
; store. ^
TALLOW?The market i* firm. A lot of llfOOO lb*
Penn*y!vaaia prime sold at Si, cent*
' BONE?Sale* 3000 lbs North-West at 3? cent* for
home use. and a small lot South Sea at 40 cent*, cash.
?^lL~Countr7 I-mseed is quiet at 57 cents. Crude
Whale tor home u*e 3e'?40cent*. with small tale*.
' HOP3?The market is a little ?rmer, bat without
transactions of imponance. First sort Western could
cot probably be bought below 10 cent*.
SEEDS?Rough Flax for crushing brings 128 rents ?
new C.over nominally 7 cent*. Some small lotaof Tim?
othy have been picked up on speculation, but p*ro<mlars
, did not transpire. The range for good is 112 to $14 per
; tierce.
FRJOVTilONS?There have been sales 200 or 300 sols
Pork at $9 50 and 7 50. The market U bca^TT
rate*. Of Beef 200 bbt* new ?old at 5 fti
Price* are heavy. Beef Ham* are plenty and ,:'??
excepting at a decline. Tierce* Beef 115 50 L/J?T*7**.
~i for Rood. Sale* lOObbU prime al 7, aod'ciiS!*?*
7i and dull. !n IVkled Meat* nothing doing S -rU
Uams nominally 6<26). Shudder* (Hi j'.'*'^
moderate demand at 13316 cent* for Wi^T^Jk
with choice parcel* at 17 ,fIS cent*. Cheese ktea*l%
nominally 7 <t7? in boxe?. The ?ale*are amirer*1'''
Last DtY. Tut?, or the Siuaias AT rii- v..
Reader, if vou have not heard itietn. go to-day Tv?**
their exhibiuoc* both aftercoca and evectn* a: 3 a-Tj*
7 o'clock, in conjunction with ite rae?aliiaVlJl .Til'r*
arama. Great Western. *e; Tbs Oraa*-, kc ak-il*
v.ti.ur?. "wo**?t*
Snsinees Xotirca.
NOTICX.?To the Wig wearing portion of si, te
munitr.?You are respect&lly Invited to ea3 *t jj-^T
2S Park row and esm?me a large and w?u ag^1
stock of l*dtc? and gentlemen* bairwork.wfcjjfc
wpl ?eil at 25 per cent. !e?? than any ctce; e?n?&tj?j|
in'the city ? _
Vtsj Scthia Smith ?Our reader* will ss
member the tragical cad of this young a-csua t':*~
year ago. The verdict given at the time wt? ^ ^
came to her dentil by her own hand* There art ata?? i
however who to this day doubt the ;u*tce Jf tfcTw
diet it wa* certainly the most cxtraordittrj ec-i^
ever*committed?11 Indeed it wa* luicide Tie
Dispetch ot tc morrow announce* a stcry of ^
which promises to throw lame new light upoctt!,^
"Y7>" v. B. Paimer is the acknowledged Agect ixj(
be*t paper* ot the country far and ncir, for ?ja;, ^
is .1 llj receh ing advertisement* and subscription 7^
Kditorial Conveatii n n New-Jersey recently, paar,
resolution* unanimously expressing their eoaJd?(,J
him. His Agency 1* in the Tribune Budding*
tJ. Smith D00CB, Dentist. No. 13 Bood-st at
Broadway, requests the attention of those wancsga^
cial '.eelh 10 his new method 11 method used inuikfsjj
clusiveiy by himself) offhstsnlng eiiher stngl* ><-.-?,
when on gold plaies; 11 saves most of the paia utj.
given in the operalten, and enakle. ihe wear*r tok??>
clean and healthy mouth. _ w St??.
P.ris Styi e of H.?ts?Manufactured and for saa,
knox. ijs Fulton.su Sun Biilldimra
LIFE prf.sf.rvf.rs AT day'S, J:f CGRTLAND* 1
l?r. Tmk StKAXBOaT tVarraass, the ?ante a* rs.Weil
the late CapL Du?tan. whisli saved sixty or mors per??'
from the wreck of tho Atlantic, made In l> spar Ca?
each a separate cylinder.
to. The Rot xn or Sinui.k l.ti'k Pki.st.atKa, iniesn .
for one person on water. Price Si 50 :.i ISO each.
Ji>. Ttia Firm PanMieM Lire J u xi r has ?ecurtxi
highest testimonial and a lir?l premium from the Araeno*
Institute, and is unquestionably the best Ihisg ersr ib*b
ed for saving life from a wrecked rested.
4th. Ladik?' Elastk Lira Jackct. In three cb?nUc\
will support two persons it mvcssaiy?wtilkeapifceara*.
shoulders, chest and head of one person out of wusr m
is perfectly safe.
um. 1'iv'^ P.ivkn'T Lift I'miR ?niiSi 1 m i haitectisf
fhebigheti testimonials of the \merVan Instituts, aolcaif
be lilted 10 the *Oi*S,chalrS, stools, talde?. locker*, urotbe
moreable hirnlture of the vessel, tor the sapporl of ssnssj
in Ike water.
(Ith. Tut: I.ii k Sr?n.?A cylinder, tromi to 14 |?e
long, with numerous strays and loop*,for pstsoss torla*
to in water, tin the veaseltl Is to be Wept tiiled tia ns
ponded overhead, un.l ready at a moment's wamlnj. tott
thrown overboard. Many of ihem tonn a raft, which .-?1
Dot be broken by dashing on hie rocks.
Slramhmit mid Piielrt u:mr. >. and a.I perton*. are Ineja)
10 esnuune the variety and price of these valuable ttsKJ
dons at 21 Cortland-SL Ills evident ?nd lieyond mac*
rersy, that they are belter far than Lite-Boat*. Thejm
safe miioug falling limbers-will not be tuimsl ilk* Si
psisealled (aletaUie Cbsmberedapology,)tenaed Lnogga
when dashed aiptdnsl rocks ir Ilm Sides of Ihe ship, w
aicw mlmyt saved, " hen from the nalr.re of the ra?? * *> ?
man being could be ?av,.il t?v being Homed on the wile
How uteieoB lie I.If.' Bo its in a slorlll ' Read tb* *s>
llslied accounts for the pa?t few moutb*.
Every description of Life-Preserving I nd ta n obber i>
paralu*. wholesale an I reiail. nianiifactiired and for ai
by IntJOif] HORACE II. DAY, CottlaBd?
l o.SHKMl.li t'ex-i Mi 1 lex tlKl'li. The folIcwtB/O.
tract pr.? conclusively that Dr. taylor S OEXtfSi
balsam OF u\ ERWORT is the only RMdldaeisi
be i< lied on for ilie cure of consumption, a* well
ma, .1) spepaia and liver complaint.
Ih n; DocToa,?Feelings ol gratitude ai.d hcpeofbnsi
tiling some one who may have confirmed cjn'uraptioa,!.
.luce, this accouul of my cue 1 caught a rary sawstiB
?as sick so?ne two years, confined 10 my bed sr-e
month*, lost over foity poiir.il? of rlwtb, had four tubnvia
no in and break, each discharged a quail of parala
bloody matter. I used pills, si,nip*, balsami, loisafa
he he, but to no purpose iV.ugh was violent mghi ta
day, -evere pain 111 ui\ -ide and sbodldei?, li*dno""
from opiates : at last u?ed the Liverwort Bslssai stst
:)7 i Bi ? a er. and ? ?* al once relieved, and am now
ly cured. I expectorated during my sukoes* ov?r
tons pus or purulent matter HEUBEN' C HAN'COX
Sfeauiglets, Ct Dec 1, lino.
Wm. P. Church, liepig swoiu. Jcposes tod isTMhuh;
has been acquainted with R C. H?ncux snoaitraveta
and knows bim to be a man of integrity,aod thsttfcast??
irients in above certificate are jtricily true.
(Signed) Wm. p. Ctettci.
u H iMiav, Commissioner ot i>eed?
P S.-Buy only 575 Bowery. Mrs. H?ys, 15? FaUoa-st
Brooklyn. See Mr. Leeds' name on the hot?e.
j gyAukt Ol luxuhh and indulge lice ind?CM acti
dims the menial perception* and ener.'Siei ibe Ifta?
, Tlie*o aru its ntmtary contequtneer?but iirka?iiu<
j derthsre among iu contingencies. The Tory exc?*m ^
j lha, produce dne.j.e, by a terrible but juit llspttisUks:
render the constitution .e*. .apai.ioof bearing upirsit-*
i its ravage*. To those JVM? prosiraud, by pbyslcal
' and a deficiency of 7dal power to en-ture 11. ?? ivi*>
j mend Sands'* Sarsajanlla a* Ihe best igent forallertat?j
, the one and producing a reacilon tn the other Its opera
non*are in harmony with nalure It i,ul only ?ubjaplf?
I dl*euse bu; recru:.< the energies which iaiillgtac* =?/
j nave puralyxed.
! Prepared and sold, wholesale ar.d retail, by A B-kD
I SANDS, Whol. sale DrugglsH. Fulton-?L eoitKf <f
Wlilltun st. m Broadway, and 77 East Broadway,
' York Sold also by D/ugglst* generally lhrot)|bc-? tt*
. L'ulled Slaies Price SI per bottle, or six boUlSlftf ^
keep for sale at both their <tan.it
In William ?l nod East Broadway.
HANi E S Syrup night and day?
An sntidote for /rim consumption.
K.<r rongl.s and colds beyond presurap??*
The surest cure thai o'er .v?.s koo?*n,
A, all wbo use it frankly own
And Onion, cor. Bowery ami Granu.
Keeps a stock always on hand
Coddingtoo,Messra I and I.
Are ever ready to supply
The invalids who wish lo t>y
Or any one who wauls to buy.
At Broadway and flow ard yon can li prjCJrs
And Dr Klint will warrsnt it i* pure
Tiioogh la?t not ie??t comes HCMaT JuMSW*.
At the corner ot Broadway and Cuambers*
Ke wit, never reeeiv,. lu^ M?BsisurToes?
But alway* l.appy bis patror.? tw greet
A Happr Rkscxb <ao>t Dkath.?A rerriarkabls f*
; ol pulmonary disease came under the noticaof sr??
pathetic friend ot .our* some weeks since, bi*
; ol which we most cheerfuily give to our readers, w
patient, a young lady, was ?0 reduced a* to beeoir?s?
to be room. She coughed excessively, r?U*d BS'
blood, and the pbytician* deemed her iltuaOOSt*'
hopeless. Our triend had heard ol Dr L*eM?' *
: mou* Cough Pills, and advised her to send to 1.
ehester, rto Ann-st. for a box. and try tkmi? -For"**
' lie, " tmkv .\Evr.H s ail She did io. and for ott&&
? in le*? than three week*, an *he expreasedit ***>'*t
a* good a? nur P-'hoid tlie gratitude of wotta?*- *'
: rescued tr"?i tlie very verge ol the gr*ve.
I stowed her band upon tin* Ir.end?iid 1* ?**
j blooming, healthy, happy iiride.
kaKic h*js uir.
and Hair In-.-igorator. viastf
fV If per?m? who W.?h lo change the euW<X <*~
..air and wfiuaers. or wh/> have grwwn prea?ltire?*(^.
, from dl?ea?e or other cau?e*. krjiwihs destructive fTZ,
. lie* of many of the compounds I'olsU-d upon ??ftS
; would pa..?e before maxlng any applKaUOB. ?J?JSas
' Ma tic Hair Iryc U ihe only composition yet
? which efTects perf?clly tue oliject intended, sad J^TTI
not mjure the hair in tlie .lightesl degree. From "cj
I liar delicacy and soflcea*, it is pantculer.y ?'orurf ux^ }
I tention of iadiea-aa it produces, at tie same 0**"**^
: completely chana-es the color, a briiliar.cy atd u
I texture unequalled by the most magmf.-ent CMS3U^f ru
To those Taocai.KO with o.?sioac?,or wesst*^.
! fkrmual In:1 (orator 1? recommended; in everyt"*"^
I iu use iias been att/mded with unbounded ?^"i^yu
; shape of a full, c.ear and lustrous bead ofkair.
j ticulars and application* of the. Dye call on E- ^*ri-?i
I Broadway, to which place orders from the *on??Jj5
i tie addreaied. Both artielea are for sale byfherjjj
j drug and fancy store* in the I'm on.
julia Wa.'.-.HT?cakt0 xxxii ?aeet \
? Young Hlacaslon^'s frame with ?trong exctte?*si
And innate fear?end yet ilt. ?carre knew why:
I it might be Julia's fatntsess he mistook,
And misinterpreted her long-drawn tign
Twa* plain as if 'twere printed In a boo*?
Skr Ir.ed Aim tu tkt appU of ktr ri/t '
At length be opened Julia'* pertam'd sr*r/i
I scarce need say, 11 gave hi* heart relief ' ^a?o*a** 1
C2~ The ?? long-drawn *i?b" of many a wrel?MVcp.!*
mar be traced lo the presence of lac, fr?k-**. '"irJJtv
?allownes?, ringworm, ?alt rheum, redne*?, or f^^it
on her face. GOCRACD ? Uns .W?^J>??7 ,
curative for ibeae evil*?making the skin a* j?
GOL'RAL'D'S Poudrr, Suktikt will ex?rpai^pvT^
Hair from any part of the frame. ^i?L RAL Y?nrc*r\*
Htar Djt po**e?*e* the remarkable chemical Pv^j
{:ag red. light or gray Lair, to a brown or ?
GOl'BAL DS'S liquid Route impsrt* s ?plefcdi? ro^
Ttlt FELIX GXJCaACD'SpreparaUOMcaos^I**^,
cured gamnne. at hi* dtptf, 67 Walk?rr.?L ti?? **tuT. j.

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