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reculred lo all exchange* with Country Newtpsp era -
Dally paper* received at this office who*e terra* ar?
lileher than tboee of Tmk TxiSWMC.aia Dot allowed an?
differ enco
tl*.ms or ao?r.*vi?n"?.
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tn?erUon, imd Kour Cent* for each subsequent one
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Price S)3 r-rr anouiu. Two copies for *>'
I? published ?v-ry SaTUXOAV Mokncn';. at Um low pnc?ril
82 per annum, In advance. I" copies (or *l->, or 20eopies
tor ISM.
The Proposal to Negotiate n Pence.
Tbc following correspondence reaches us through
the London Tiix-r. to which it tvtis cotttmunjeated
by it* Mexican correapondent All tbe facta in
volved were, of course, previously known but the
correapondence itself, wo believe, lias never before
been published :
1,'ltrr from Mr. Hut hrtnrtn In '/,> Mr.rn.it u Miniflr.r
for Fortisn Affinrt.
? Department ol Mat/-. Washington, Jury 27.
? isir The President of the United States, uo
less anxious to teruninat? than nc wa* to avoid the
present unhappy War with the Mexican Republic, has
determined to make an effort to accomplish this pur?
pose. He ha* accordingly instructed the undersiancd,
eeretary ol Stabs, to propose thiout-h your Excellency
tj the Mexican Government that negotiations shall forth?
with commence (bi the conclusion ol a Peace just arid
honorable for both parties. Should this oiler be received
and responded to by the Mexican Government in the
same frank and friendly spirit by which it baa been die
tated. he will Immediately dispatch Hn Envoy Extraor?
dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the City ol
Mexico, with instruction* and lull powers to conclude a
Treaty ol Peace which shall adjust hII the ouestions In
dispute between the two Republic*. It the Mexican
Government should prefer to ?end a Minister to Wash?
ington to conduct the negotiation here, he nhall be re?
ceived with kindness and respect, and every effort shall
be made to accomplish the object of his mission with
the least possible delay.
'? In the present communication it is deemed useless,
?nd might prove injurious, to discuss the causes ol the
existing War. This might tend to delay or defeat tbe
restoration of Peace. The past is already consigned to
history; the future, under Providence, i* within our
own power.
" Tho occasion may, however, be embraced to ?tute
that tbe President ha* ever cherished tbe kindest feel- ;
trig* lor Mexico, and that uric of the first wishes ol his
heart it, that she may be a powerful arid prosperous Re?
public, in perpetual amity with tho United States.
?'Commodore Connor will transmit this dispatch lor
your Excellency tir the Governor ol Vera Cruz, under a
Hag of truce ; and you arc respectfully invited to adopt
the same channel for communicating your answer.
" i avail mysrlt of this occasion to oflei your Excel
lency the assurance of rny most distinguished considera?
' To Hit K'crtUniti tin Mini>'<-r of F"i'ii/n IMa'tnn* ?f
tht Metfenn Btpublic"
Answer of Ike .!/? ctcuii Minuter.
" Nntiomii Palace, Mexico, Aug .11
?Str. The underaigned, Minister for Foreign
Aftairsol the Mexican Republic, ha* informed the Gen
aral-in-Chlel of the Liberating \rmy. provisionally
charged with the supreme Executive power, of your
Excellency's note of tin- vTth ol July last, in which you
propose 011 the part ol youi ' lovenimctit the opening ol
negotiations which may lend 10 ? lasting and honorable
peace between the the two countries. His excellency
peing possessed of tho contents 61 ?aid note, could not
but ax bi' MttS Ution ou tho fact, tint while all discUStioU
of the causcn ol the war betwei n the two Republics Is I
declined, it is pretended to consider these merely us
past events now belonging to hiet"iy
Pot tho Executive to listen to proposal* on such a im
sis, when tho subject treated ol coocerns the honoi ol
the country and the Integrity ol its territory, mid com
promises It* nationality loi the future, would be to de
part from |ustice and thoroughly Irritate public opinion
already much excited 11? ihe discussion* which have
taken place prove, by the apprehension ol the question
being terminated in the mannet proposed. Hence il is 1
that tho ailau . of the Republic with the United States
having reached their present situation, u ha?- become ne
ceitary to appeal to the nation in order that, by means
of Representatives elected with entire freedom, il may |
provide for its luture security, honoi und prosperity
'? A Congress with this object ha* been summoned, and j
will open itf* ?esaion on the 7th ot December next, when, '
with other gravel matt-r?. the subject ol the wai with
tbe United states will be submitted to its deliberation*
and youi Excellency 'S BOto will be bud before n for the
resolution which may be judged conducive lo the Intel
eits of the nation. The Qovei ument ol the undei signed
consequently awaits the detei munition of that body 111
order to reply to the communication refi nid lo, tbe 1 e
lations of Mexico with the United States remaining In
the interval In the position to which tbey wore found by
the Gencin! in Cbiel ol the Liberating Army when he
aasumed the Executive povvei
?While remitting this answei iiom his Government,
through tlm channel Indicated by youi Excellency the
undersigned avails himself of the oi caaton lo assure > our
Ezcellenej ol bis distinguished consideration
Fitext Panama.?The Sun trauslatc* from /?.".
fttmo luBlc Interesting statements in regard to the Pacific
Line of Steamer*, from which it nppears that the arrange
asants of these steamers are now complete foi the trans
miation ot passenger s, letters and merchandise to and
from the Pacific Steamers leave England on the third
ofeveiy month and aiuve at Cbagreaabout the 19th ?
Here ail and everything foi the Pacifio.il carried ovei
die Isthmus on mules, in from "to in hours. On the
ether side a steamer is in readiness foi conveyance tu
Peru, Ecuador or Chili These stoamers leave Panama
on the 85th, arrive atCallao, Peru, on the 71 h and Valpa?
raiso on the Mihi slopping at fourteen intermediate |nmis
along the coast
The distauee between Pniiiiina ?nd \ alpmaiso is l.-J.Vi
miles, ami Is am ompliahcd by three steamer* In thirty
day* laclnding oil the stoppages which occupy from 6
to 8 hours at each place. The prices ol passage an-as
from Panama to Guayaquil.JliXI
Callao. 150
Valpataiso. SOO j
Letten aie charged S3 cent* every hall ounce.
Two engineers employed by the Republic ol New I
Crenada are now surveying a road from Portu Bello t,,
Panama, in order to tacih^te tho transportation ol go!ils
10 the Pacific.
CP" Advices from Havana to the -Ith u't say
that no Mexican privateers would ih> fitted out in the !
Spanish Weal Indie*. Business was brisk and healthy
at Havana. Subscriptions tor the sufferer* by the late
gale at Havana had been received to the amount ol
- V~~ A correapondent of the i'ommcieial Advop
U?n say*, it is now understood that Gen. Santa Anna
wa* [HTimtted to pas* out blockade on giving his parole
of honor that ho would not engage In warfare against
the United State?. Stuft !
Ui-ik Mil : ? its r?Messrs l\ V \ H bl ilis
:? is Paper Mill. Windsor Lock?. Conn, wa* entirely
destroyed by ttre on Saturday morning, ?th inst, lu |
?ured tn the .Etna Insurance Co. Hartford tor ST.iXV
Pcrsae A Brooks' Mill* at the same place were at one
tune ui great danger from the spaiks. but escaped with?
out injury.
CoxsTiTtrrios ok Wisconsin.?The proposed
Con?utution of Wisconsin, If adopted by the people will
contain among others the following provisions 1
1st No internal improvements by the State, except
where grant* are tnhde, and then no public debt or pledge
ot public faith.
3d All land* granted to the State, and not specially
dedicated to Other purposes, added to the school fund
Jd. No State senp ot any kind can be i**ued. Any
deficiency m income to be provided tor in the law ol'the
aaeoing year. No debt to be created but for necessary
work* ot extraordinary expenditure, and then by tv?c>- 1
third* of fvth Houses . never to exceed 1:1 the aggregate
tlOOAtV, to be by loan 011 State boud*, not to be sold un?
der p?r. the act to provide tor annual tax equal to the
interest and tax to pay the priucipa! in : ve vo?r>. these S
taxes irrepoalable unti'l the debt shall be paid, and speci
ally approphaSbd to the payment of the principal and .
interest respectively
The power to create separate Court* of Chancer v was
stricken out almost without opposition.
Tux Extension oj Si aveky.?Hopes are str.c.g
?y indulged at ?ie South that the new States to be added
mthl* l nhm from the coaoxtered territory ,.i Mexico
?iU tolerate the e.xisten . ot Slavery, and thus strength- ;
?athe - peculiar InstinittocC la opjjosition to the glow
mg greatness ot the tree North. ? j
"It i? the duty." ?ay? the Koche?ter American ol
northern men and Northern presses at this time to un
deceive our Southern brethren on tht* point No Mat - ?
carved out of Mexico can ever bo admitted with Slavery
Human bondage must never cast its blighting shade'v. 1
upon another toot of the Union. The Northern Members i
ofiCongress, of whatever partv. who shall not oppose t
the utmost it* fartlier extension, will Ik- justly and irre?
vocably doomed to uuiverasJ reprobation. Such it the
immovable determination of Northern freemen."
I"?" Wh. Bi TTSRutLD. Esq. editor of the
Mshua liagetu-. h** purchase.! the N. i! TeLHet aad
*-J xyrreaitcr adit and public '^1^^,
TOK. VI. NO. ?08.
Thins* in Albuny-The Canals-Kcilroada.
Correspondence of Tbe Tribune.
A_8_?~r, 4th Dec. 1845.
Deor Si' t The weather here continues to be
very mild, and the iittJe ?riow that tad (alien is fast dts
appearing, the Canals have again opened, sad many
boats that were weather bound at Sch.Dec'-ady yester?
day forced their way through. The Hive, i; open, and
is likely to remain open for some days The flailioads
west of the are now c?t rying freight, and a large amount
1? now passing over these Road* Wry cennot these
Roads carry freight during the Summer by paying toll? ?
The Western Road is doing a very heavy freight bus;
ness. and their J 'epAt a. Oreenbush constantly remains
niied, one train leaving with a load only to make room
for another ol Klour. ho-o.-r. Wool. Leather. (Vic. all of
which formerly lound treir way by New York.
flow long are your citizens going to ;>ul od the con?
struction ot trie fiud'oo River road' They should
come up and visit the Western road and stay there one
day to see the business of that road, und if thry then re
main unconvinced they must be given over to their own
blindness, for nothing else can it be called.
The Harlern road will In the course ol another vear
be connected with the liousatonic, but that road'ran
never do the business that can be done upon tin- Hud?
son River road, and the eornpetitiou i< n tue two
will be but very little, Stir them up.
Kvcr yours. A Lookhs On.
From the N. o. Picayune, Nov.
Hejiortrd Capture of Cblhnahnsts
We announced yesterday, upon the authority oi
a report which resetted Munciova on the Sid bast that
Col. Dotnphan had U r n dispatched by Gen. Kearney
from Santa Fi, with a force of 700 men. against the city
ofChihuabua, and that he had taken that town without
opposition We are inclined to think this report prerna
Our reasons for doubUng are based upon authentic ar.
counts from Santa fc to the 12th of October. At that
time Col. Doniphan was yet at Santa Fe arid was pre
paring lor an immediate expedition sgainst the Nai %.
joes?a tribe of predatory Indians. On bis return he
was to proceed to Chihuahua with hi? own and proba?
bly. Mhj. Hummer's command.
The news irom Santa F6 was not favorable !<? the dis?
cipline and military demeanor ol the volunteers there,
who have relaxed somewhat in these particulars since
den. Kearney left for California. It is not therefore pro?
bable that Coll Donophan left Santa Ffc much before the
time when he is said to have taken Chibauhua.
Hut if be preternaitted his expedition against the In?
dians and proceeded at once upon Chibauhua, be could
scarcely have taken the place in season to admit of news
of his cuecejs reaching Monclova by the t?'d but. It is
six hundred miles frotn Saata J-'e to Chihuahua?twen?
ty five good daj'B' travel for invading troops. From Chi?
huahua to Monclova the distance is over two hundred
miles . and their being; n? direct road between tbe two
places, the distance, in actual travel, is much grt ster.
Our accounts from Santa Ft are tri the ?-rtth ol October,
and Col. Doniphan had not then left that place, nor was
there any prospect of his starting very soon.
siekiieaa nt the Went.
Correspondence of the St. I.ouis New Lira.
I'eoniA. Nov. S3, 1046.
The past season has been reniRrkHlde for two
events which are well worth a plkce in the memory of
?the oldest inhabitant." The first is the extraordinary
sickness which prevailed throughout the Slate. We
need not contiuc ourselves to Illinois, but tbe remark
will apply to all that portion ol our Union lying Noith
aud west of the Ohio river. It would have been but a
slight hyperbole, last September to have calh d this en?
tile region one vast hospital. In that month business
led me to the Rock River country, and as I traveled
very leisurely in my own conveyance. I whs enabled to
ascertain that in laige settlements not ? single family
was entirely exempt. In some, every mem bei wa?
prostrated, depending upon visitors to render them as
sistanco, while other families had to be removed entire
to the houses ot friends where fewer were sick. What
Is also remarkable is, that tbe disease whs very seldom
fatal; ami it is very questionable whether the actual
mortality was a. great as m ordinary years. Were all
ynui readeis physiologists. I might int. rest Ihem by
going mi" particulars. Let one case suffice. Galesburg,
where is located Knos Manual Laboi College, i ? town
ol 800 inhabitants. At least one hall of those were side
and yet out ot the entire population there was not a
single death. The sickness in the region spoken ol
commenced about the middle ol July providentially
Bt'tCl the wheat harvest. 1 lemembei inquiring Ol One
ot our millers about the first ol August, how the mill
(stream) was going on, when he replied that he could
get no wheat- that the people in the country were ail so
sick that tbey could n't get it threshed out, This was
actually true. The sickness continued throughout Sep.
ti mber and October, the lasi mouth probably furnishing
ss many new. cases as eithci ol the preceding Thanks
to a kind Providence, universal health i? now restored;
?ml as ii to enable the farmers to bring up leeway the
?amo kind Providence Is continuing the n?Id autumnal
weather beyond aii formet example.
The numbei ol deaths here this year will he about
one hundred . population two thousand eight hundred.
Tin? i? one out ol evcrv twenty eight The average
mortality la the United Mates. I believe, is one out of
titty or thereabout Rut this has !>. en an extraordinary
year?nothing like it since 1838?and probably will not
be tor a dozen year! to come.
Horrors of Monterey.
A young soldier named WyuSoop ol Zanesville,
Ohl" ? ho was in the fight lit Monterey writes
home to his friends as follows;
''During the hght ol the second day atlag ol cessation
was sent to the Mexicans, requesting a few houis to bu
iv the dead which were strewed in frightful piles over
the tic id Tins was refused, and the wounded and dead
lay where they fell, beneath the r?y? ot a scorching sun.
till the battle wa?ended it ?as then almost impossible
for oui men to endure Ihe stench while they heaped
din inn the poor fellows where they lay. Th. bodies
ot the dead when- as black as i oals many ol them
were stripped ol their clothing by the Mexicans during
the night Several ol those who were wounded during
the first day's fight, crawled into ditches and holes to
avoid the balls which were rolling like hail stones over
the held wh. nce. exhausted by the loss ol blood, tbey
were unable to crawl, or give signs of distress. Asa
consequence many polished, though some who were
lound m this condition, were removed and arc recover?
ing " Zaiu ii ille W lug
Ai v utAOo?The Mexicans have at Alvaraxio in
addition to tlie? two Forts the following Vessels ol War.
fully manned, lying at the Kort:
The steamer Kejcradora, carrying one long 01 and t.vo
1? pounders.
The bug Cuccatche, with sixteen IS-pounders and
one long 18.
The brig Santa Anna, with twelve IS pounders
Brig Yman. captured from the Yucatecocs, carrying
-ix IS-pounders and one long is
Schooner Eagle, with s;\ IS pounders and one long 32.
Schooner Campeehiatii, with lour Id-pounders.
Com. Mooie, oi the Texan Navy, took Alvarado at one
time with two small Baltimore built vessels, and levied
n contribution of $150,000 on the Inhabitants.
[N. O. Delta. Nov. 29th.
ftr" We made tncntion \ esterda*, of a Mextt an
priest who was seized and imprisoned by lien. Taylor,
tor enticing our tioops to desert. We since learn that
the lienoral sent htm under an escort to Matamoro*. but
he escaped on the route. We hear an til charactei
him, for 'tis said he was a renegade from Texas, wl <
he had boon a robbet and a murderer.[N. O. Pic. Nov. 29,
The appoint?lent ol Prof. Hknsv to this responsible
station is every wbeie received with demonstration- oi
unqualified satufaction, aud it is earnestly hoped that
he will not decline the office. A cot respondent ot thg
National Intelligence] thus sets forth his varied qualifi?
cations i
11 we ask n ho gave to the electromagnet ot solt iron
now used for the Telegraph its present form, ana dis?
covered the laws by which its effective power could be
made active, the answer is Jostrrii Hk.vkv. The dis?
covery wa., rtrsl published ui the .proceedings ot the
Albany Institute. This was the earliest contribution to
the progress of discovery made by the individual whom
the choice of the Regents has elevated to the rirst lit?
eral y station in the United State*. Soon alter this dis?
covery Henry was ca.ied to trie Caa.i ot Kxperitoeut-l
Philosophy -vt Princeton, w here, tor the last fifteen years
or more, he has filled the duties ot his orhce in such a
manner a* to wm tor htm the geuem. esteem ot the lit?
erary community ot the time honored seat of learning.
One ot the most important discoveries of recent date,
that of the identity ot the laws which regulate electric
and electromagnetic induction, was among the early
truits ot his researches at Princeton. If Franklin dis?
covered the identity between lightning and electricity,
Ueury has gone tarl?er and reduced electric aad mag?
netic "acuon to the same laws It is impos?bto, in a short
rtrmpaifi to do justice to the beauty aad simplicity of
Henry's laws ot the actiou of the impouderab.e agents
Whoever will read the progress ol his discoveries, as
published m the Traiisnctioas of the American Philo?
sophical Society, ?all leam something ot the spirit ot in
ducdve reasoning, of which Henry's researches furnish
one .ol the happiest illustrations.
These discover.es are not confined in their sphere .:
utility to the limited circulation oi the volumes of that
Society". The student of physical science may read the
reprints oi them and the encomiums pronounced, upon
them in every buigttagc of civilised m?a throughout the
giobe. It was doubtless a know ledge of the extensive
reputation which these and other discover.es a.ave con
lerred on so young a man which wrlueneed the Regents
in their selection ol a Secretary. It is the man that gives
dignity to the orhce. aud not the office to the man. la
this new sphere Professor Hemy will have advantages
tor personal cultivation and advancement ol science
which the limited means of Princeton College too
frequently cirtum?cr.bed. Men of K-ience throughout
the Union will rind a central point for correspondence,
and vv.ll pay to the individual that tribute ?l respect
which among freemen should never be given to men . l
less attainments.
Lo** Gerrit Smith has just given deeds of land
lo ?ix colored persons in Vales county. Each lot vfWr_,
40 to 5g acres) i* valued at from jiSJO ;o f???. The land
is located in Essex. Franklin and Fulton counties.
[Syracuse Journal.
AMociatioa Dl?ru?sed... Nc ??.
Frc-m. tie Comer ie Encu-.rcr. F-e. ?
Ihi Soolaijsm or The TRitrs? Exunszu ?
Ifc III?in its last article upon Association, .wh-.cn w-.?
I be found in our columns today, i 7"*.' 7>ir>?ic com??
tair'.y bacit to the proposition w-.th which it starred. and
from which it sought to reced* ?namely, that ail tbe
m?n at any time bom upon any terntory cave. ny ? law
of Nature. * perfect right to ? equal shares" of it* soil
it attempts now. moreover, to make an argument in its
support The Declaration ot Independence procUtm?
? tbe 'inalienable right of every %>an to lite." Tht; in
ciude*, The Tribun* wen*, a right to the mecnt of living,
and therefore to Land, as that from which such means
are to be derived. Our objection to this argument is,
that it proves too much. Land is not the first necessity
ot famishing man. His pr.rn*ry want i* the want ot b.-od.
' ?ot the prort\.cts ol land. It. then, such a ra?c hss ?n
inalienable and unconditional nght to the means ot Iiv.
ing, a* The Trittau a.*eru. he has a right to his equal
share' ? i the food tn the world, of which Society has de?
prived him. His right is mit merely a ? riant to labor'
buta right to food. Tht Trrtoi-i/* proposition, therefore,
when carried out. proves the right of every man. not
? simply to land, but to its product-.?not to labor, but to
food, and eo also to clothing and to shelter. It proves,
therefore. tr,o uvjch :?it estabii-hes what .5 not true,
and therefore it cannot be true itself.
Or take the other branch cf the proposition. The
same Iieclarat.on of Independence proclaims the ' in
alienable right' of every man to the purs-aitof happiness.'
This, upon Tis Tribune'* theory, includes a rich: to the
means ot becoming happy. What these means are
must of course depend upon each individual's notions ot
happiness The Tribune's reasoning, therefore, would
. establish the 1 inalienable right of every man. to his
share of whatever he deems essential to his ? pursuit of
happiness. The conclusion certainly is inadmissible:
tuere.lora the p'emises cannot be true The right ol
man to lite and tho pursuit of happiness, docs not include
a right to the means of living and becoming iiappy. ex
: cept so far as these may be acquired by him, without in
tern renee with the right* of others. This conclusion i*
1 clear, because the opposite proportion icads inevitably
! to results which are paipabiy false,
j But The Tribune does not recogr.ige the validity of
this mode of reasoning. * It these pnnc.ple?. say* the
' editor of that piper. " lead farther than is necessary tor
my purpose, to be it: tYal ihnl cannot incaliiinte their
j truth.' In our judgment, that depends upon what they
It ad to. Tht Trib ? nt may have heard ot the reductio ad
rd on. It is a method ol reasoning which lound fa
! vor with Kuciid, and which has preserved its credit tole
1 rabiy weil to the present day. According to that i! any
proposition can be shown logically, no mantr by how
; long a process to prove an absurdity or a falsehood, the
proposition itself cannot be true. J'h- Tribu ne thinks
j differently. In it- view, it is a matter of Indifference
; whither the principle lead* when earned, out. That pa
' per accepts it, just so far as is ' necessary lor it* pur
' pose :" to all beyond that point it shut* it* eyes. If a
proposition is laid down, winch logically warrant* the
; conclusion that black is white, or that a part is more than
; the whole, or that strong i* right,?"so be it." say*
'? The Triune :?? that cannot invalidate the truth" ol the
' principle " so far as is necessary for my purpose." We
j cannot assent to this novel theory of reasoning.
We have proved, in our hist article, by an argument
j the conclusi\enes* of which T'ur Tribune'* has not yet
; impeached, that it? fundamental proposition, asserting
I the ? perfect right' of every man born in the State ol New
York, lo hi* equal share' ol it* soil, ol uece?sity iuvolves
a denial ot tho right ol any man to be the exclusive
as net of any land. That point we regard a* established,
because the argument proving it ha* not been impeach?
ed . nor 1? it* validity at all disturbed by The Tribune *
" indistinct recollection" that the same argument was
used by " BtnUOS in hi* answer to PaINE'5 1 Rights of
Man."' I nfortunatcly for u?. rs well as for The Trib?
une'* memory, Hcrke, to the best of our knowledge,
never wrote such an answer, and we cannot therefore
fall back upon his great authority. The Tribune com?
plain*, thiit we " harp upon the affinities and tendencies"
of it* principle*. This is very true . but in all our harp?
ing, we have struck no note hall so full of import, as
this simple, tacit identification by Tkt Tribun* iuelf,
ol the -atlinitie? 61 it? principles with those ofTtfOXAS
PAINS. We cannot agree w ith that paper, that - wc do
not deem them better or worse on that account "
lla. m; thus i xaminod the fundamental principle out
ol which the scheme ol Association grows, we can now
advance loan inquiry into its PbaCTII al IIXGANIZATIOX.
? Tkt Tribune proposes that large tracts ol land shall be
: occupied by large numbets : persons, inhabiting one
house, laboring, living and transacting nil their business
j in common. Those social structure*, called Phalanxes
J are to take the place of townships everywhere and'all
the land ot New i ork. 1? lo be occupied by all the inhab
Hants ol New York, in that form The nrst question is.
; irha shall orc-i If f The second is. irho shall oicn its pro
ri,,.;, ' Hoth me thus answered by T>-r r--b-in
" I. The PaoratTV of an Association shall lie rested In
' those who shall contribute iii.- Capital to estab.i.h it,
j represented by share* of stock.
.' Labor, Capital and Skill will be lernunerated by a
fixed and detinue proportion of their products, ot of their
proceeds if sold.'
The..- are the two lundamental principle? which are
to governthis new-pi actica] organisation of Society, and
upon which it is to be conducted. They deserve exam
ltiation It will be seen that tbe men who hav e CaF-itaI
: are to 1?' the owners ul the land A man with money
enough may buy an entire domain, say five thousand
j acres?and even two nr ten of them, for aught that yet
I appears Laborers, the men without money the men
who have nothing but th.-u strength or their skill, settle
I upon it to cultivate it. under the specific agreement that
for their Labor they are to receive a fixed and definite
I'proportion of it* Products What this proportion is to
' be. we are not yet told, except that T^r Trtbunt says it
will be a ? mirj"i part. Suppose it to be thrtefo:uhs
: How stands the contract then r Simply thus O'tertcA
man. or one ruh Company, owns Fice Thiumd Acres of
Land ?vhich he liases forcier to tiro thousand poor mm.
?n. the yearly rt nt of one fourth of its products. The rela?
tion subsisting between the oirnrrs ol this land, mid the
laborers upon it. is simply that c-t Landlord and /'- laatl
I The lease is perpetual --the rent Is payable in kind.?
Precisely the same relation exist* in regard to the house
' in which they dwell i the toel* with which they work
; the very domestic utensils and everything else winch
! they use. The Landlord, whether he be a man or a joint
1 ste--k Company i* the ow.vrs ol the whole Property ol
; the Association. The Laborer uses that property and
' pays therefor a proportion cf that which he produces.
This is the system ol land tenure which Tkt Trtbunt
seeks to substitute tor that now existing. Thi* is the
in w tonn which that paper would give to Society. And
it is a form which, in all is essential features, is ideti
1 tical with that by which all the large ettates in the .inn
1 Real district* h?vc always been held. Tile property in
I these estate*, just ?? in an Association, is rested in the
i -nennt capital. The laborers upon them, jlist a* u|h'u a
j Domain, receive a listed prrporti -n ol the product* of
I their labor ?at least ntnetemticcHiieths of what they pin
I diire ;?whereas in Association Tht Tribune simply says
; they would receive a -major part ' Upon these large
i estates, moreover, th- tenant* own then cattle, tools. Ac.
' Ac. w hereas in Association .ii'.'the property is vested n
i those who ltirnish the capital. The only differences,
I therefore, in the two case* are clearly in favor of the
I former. The essential features of both forms, and both
j relations are the ?arr.c. Association, a* set forth by The
I Tribune, virtually proposes to perpetuate and extend
] the relation ol l.andlotd nnd Tenant over the whole
I arable surface of the Karth :"?a proposal to which, as
I Thi Trtbunt informed us ou the 30th ttlt the Hebrew
Prophet* were decidedly averse Now we insist that the
tenants of the Anti Kent district should fulal their con
I tracts, and pay the rent they justly owe. But we are
; decidedly opposed to extending and perpetuating the
? system of laud tenures which prevail* there, over the
rest ol the State. Tht Tribu it. on the contrary, virtual
) ly ciienurages the evasion of those contracts, but urges
i the universal adoption of that system. ? This teems to
be the difference between u?
This is one of our many objections to the scheme of
? Association a* Trie Tribune understands it.' We think
there can be no room to doubt, that it* essential feature
is that which we have indicated , and that its direct and
inevitable tendency would be, to render the relation ot
Landlord and Te.va.nt universal aud perpetual Thi/
feature seems to be the frame work of the whole.?the
skeleton which has hitherto been concealed from view,
I by the plausible pretension* and philanthropic purposes
which The Tribune lias heaped upon it Our aim is sim?
ply to dissert the scheme,?to open it to public view.?to
scattet the fogs that envelope it, and let daylight shine
through it?that its exact lorm and nature may be seen.
One feature of it wc think, stands plainly in view ; oth
ers will probably appeur in due course ot this discus?
sion, in the progress of which we may. in sp.te of The
Tribune's protest, tee! bound to indicate the " iffirdtu ?
and tendencies ol its principles. If these should be. as
r . .nttmates ihejr may. rather with Tiic.ma
Pains than Kdmvnc Evkke. for "that wc submit ?-< can
] not be held responsible.
The Wswsmprofesses, and thus Car shows, iuelt ready
: to answer al! pertinent questions. We are yet ignorant
of very many points connected with the practical work
.ng of Association. How. for instance, are the Laborers
upon a domain to accutre a property in it I What pro?
vision is to be made for the natural tncrea*e of their
numbers I Can the Capitalists who own it be compell?
ed, in any way. to sei?! How is 1 constant industry
' to be converted Irotn hard m-i into an 1 agreeabie ex?
citement ? What is meant by ' civ-.c henors.' and how
' are the people to be taught that excellence in useful !a
, hot is the only avenue to distinction r These and other
points still require elucidation .?we hope that papx-r
' will give them" its attention | and in that hope, for the
present, we rest
The Tribune says that thus far we have "juied acre
tiua twice the tpaceT which its own article* occupy.?
Unfortunately fer tnts assertion, space is susceptible of
measurement; and tr.e vvry article m which the asser?
tion is made, occupies jt: st;u.:rc tncJuts mart tpace in
I The Tribune itself, than our article to which it was Writ.
! tea m reply. Il the readers of The Tribune can ccrn
, maud a carpenter * rule, they can measure tor the?
. sclve*.
Tkea?i ke HtC'.'v eked.?Tbe Concordis Lutcllt
gencer. ?peaking ot the operation* of tue uiv.ng >..:
boat. *?ys that within ten u?ys past alter ha: 1 m-irctt^.g
' through water and mud. twenty-eight feet under the
Mississippi surface, opposits mihken*s Send or near that
ra.>int it has succeeded tn recovering nearly thirty thou
i sand dollar* in specie from amid the ruins of the wrec't
j of the old steamer Tennessee.
?tLn.< or Stock* *t fHii.Anri.PH7*. Pec 1?
1 160 Stale oe r?Si : ltkX) Lebigh S* SLn : 30 P.eav Mr-ad.
Railroxi 1;; : 1100 Wilmington b* ?? TS. Afler Sales.?
1100 Lehigh luti 51: 1?00 State Ss T?j.
[y a dead cbiiii. two or three days oki. was
tound in the wood* of Hadlyme Conn \h~ other day.
wiiciis suuposed to Bare bcea ?turdiiec.
- Mcnsav Dec. 7.
l_r* On Wednesday last we noticed the suicide
of a Spaniard named Ignse-.o Ponce de Leon, who cat
his own thpst with s razor. It appears that the rela
uons of this msn are of the highest re?pecta:ility re?
nding in the Islxnd of Cuba, and by some unfortunate
circumstance, about a year ago he stabbed * man named
Lagard? Carabailo, cau;iag'h;s death and De Leon es?
caped to this country, subsequently his w;ie was_r
rested for the murder, tr.ed snd convicted, and is now
under sentence ot death for the murder committed bv
her husband. This deed, it seems, has preyed heavily
upon the mind of De Leon, and knowing that his wife
was under arrest for the crime he committed, evidently
led him to self ie(__c_on. On his person was found a
paper, written in the Spanish language, ?ctung forth the
! innocence of bis wife of the crime with which she
?land*- -barred, and calling upon the Virgin Mary to pro- '
tect her. A copy ol this paper has been taken by the
Spanish Consul, to be transmitted to Cuba, for the pur
pose ot relieving the sufferings ol the unfortunate wile
; of De Leon. -
ThxSeejiesso! Pj?tokst.?' Homo, in The Tri. '
bune of Saturday, is entirely misled Ly the letter writ?
ten from Germany in regard to the work blearing this
title, and of which use has been made by Prof. BtrsH in
illustrsting the phenomena *d Mesmerism. It is no ro?
mance?it is a rentable biography", and neither its facts
nor its reasonings have ere; oeen confuted. But it is no
uncommon thing for every kind of reality to be called
romance, that happens not to agree with certain pre?
formed nations and philosophies. There is no other
ground lor calling in question the authenticity of this re
markable boos which the Harpers have done good ?er
' vice by repuhlishing. Kexnex.
TRADERS look i i t ?It is stated in the Police \
Gazettt that a person named Whitney, supposed to be a
blacksmith, of Sew Bedford, has been passin; oft' in
Brooklyn a large quantity ot *.'s jlOs and V.M.?. altered
from ?ls. of the Merchants Bank ot New Bedford. This
may be so. hut no intimation of the affair has trsnsplred
GtJS Cotton.?Mr Geb. Dexter of this city, has
turned his attention to the m*nuf*cmre of this newly
discovered element of war. We were fortunate enough
to witness some ot his experiments yesterday, and we
have seldom been more astonished at the singular deve!
opem-i.ts oi _vr,;!;. >r,J chemistry. Mr l>. charged on
ol the barrels of a revolving pistoi with two grains of
- the prepared Cotton, and it sent the ball through two
one inch boards at a distance of forty or *ifty feet. The
explosion wa.i as immediate as that ot ordinary gunpow?
der, and the power wiis evidently greater , Two grain*
of ordinary gunpowder would not have cnt the ball
with equal force.
It has been estimated taut a singltj pc;na of the Cot?
ton is sufficient lor 2560 tuli charges tor Colt's revolving
pistol. As a pound oi the present material can be furn?
ished for l'i .-. :.ts. saving will very greet
The (iun Cotton is evidently quite as susceptible to
the touch of tiro as ordinary powder . tor several gram*
ol the former were placed upon the same quantity of
the latter, and exploded. But the gunpowder remained
unsinged '
Mr. Dexter ha" been manufacturing sl)mr of the arti?
cle with w hich to experiment him?crt. He has a surplus
on hand, and wiTJ dispose ol simiil parcels to any who are
curious to try the virtues o! gunpowder cotton
Mr. Dexter made some experiments with common
tow. prepared in the same manner n? gun cotton. It was
luuud to burn tuil as well as cotton, and Dr. Beck is ot
opinion that it is ot greater power. (Alb. Ev. Jour.
Tut Fire ai Chic too ?We und in tile Chicago
Journal the particulars of the rire in that place. In the
warehoii?,' occupied by Mr. l'ard-'e there were about
30,000 bushels oi Wheat belonging to different owners,
upon which then- was an insurance Ol $1*300 in the \\ is
cousin Manne and Fire Insurance Company ol Milwau
kic. and *j?. Ot? in Biaiton. The building was ? total loss
Ol SV**' 00 insurance. A cons.dt r'ot Ol Stored
merchandise was takeu liom the warehouse but being
moved but a shott distance was consumed. The build- '
lug on th> Point occupied by peter Deh ice ass groc.-ry,
and owned by A Garrett?no insurance, loss .*tj()t). ? .
Strail's buildingi occupied by J A I M. Strsil and" Hain
lin A Day loss $1 500 Insured in the Nation?! Ins. Com?
pany lot S-1 '??>. ?nd |300 in the N. W. insurance ( pm
pany. Hamlind Day. on goods, loss about $7,000; In
stired 83,000 in the Hartford Insurance Companies.?
Messrs Strail's Ii is &000 winch w?? partially Insured
A small building, owned by Mr Blasey and used as a
grocery store, torn down loss J150. Much additional
losj will accrue through the removal ot goods from build
ing? in the vicinity, which were considered in danger
many being stolen and most ol them scattered m the
greatest possible contusion about the streets.
Moke of nit Atlantic?-We heard this morn?
ing ol a most touching incident which occurred ou
boaid the Atlantic after she had struck on the reel, says
the Transcript, which lies equal honor to the heait*
and teelmg* of both parties concerned. A young lad
about lourteen years ol age who *?, returning from
the Eastward*and who was unable to make any sue- :
cessfhl efforts for self preservation on account ol being '
crippled, was seen by Mr. Alien, pilot of the boat, to j
hesitate about jumping oberboard. although he had j
thrown ort his coat and prepared huriselt tor the leap,
at the suggestion of some of the other pa*t>ng?:s. As 1
soon as Mr. Allen -aw him, he call,id to him and lifted
him up on to the wheel-bouse where be (Alleuiwas'
stund.iig and clasping him to his arms jumped over '
board and succeeded m reaching the shore in satcty. As
soon as the poor boy got breath looking with tearful
eyes into the face ot his preserver he exclaimed in a i
voice which came trom the bottom ot his heart. " Oh !
i! I were rich what present would I not give you.'
Lrjr" A German Jew peddler named Nathan
I Swab wa? robbed on the highway in Hadlyme, Conu. ol
six or seven hundred dollars on Tuesday last Hf Dry
! and George Richards negroes, lather and son. have
been arrested. The son George, charges the robbery
i upon his tathet *> j
IT^r"* A German girl uanied Barbary Keau. at ;
i Pittsburgh, threw ber newly born babe into thu sink of a
' privy the other day. The Cotouer's jury returned a '
verdict of murder against her.
?tmcToi iXoiues
0P" .liiniveranrv.-Tti-Second Anniversary of Har.
1 per Cnbui. No. 11. Daughters of Temperance, will be held
at Ihe Broadway Tabernac.e. on va edueaday evening, Dec. !
Dili. Hon. James Harper will preside;
Addresses maybeexpected from Mr.John B. Hough, Rev.
K. T Taylor of Boston. Ilev. Dr. Cox of Brooklvu, Rev.
Mr. \ lucent; Rev. Mr. Crawford ot thu city, and several
ollier disungulshed gentlemen.
[V Tickets gj cents each, may be ohtalned of \. Stiles
k Co. SS Bowery; A. D. Porter. 87 Fultoo-st; Squire 4i
Blether*. 13g Bowery . Isaac Seaman. g.VT Orand st: Reu
beu Smith, 300 Browne-*'., or g>t Broadw av . A. P. Wood.
14ggd-st, J. M. KeUtbaui, ?T Henry-*t. Mrs. Win. Mi..er,
!16j Orchard-si. Mrs. J. H. nt'Cartie, 216 Delaacey st.
Mr*. L. Auios. jiM Houston-tt; M;-s E. Gardner. 27 1st
avecue. Mr?. 11. E. H. Dikeman. giS Ellia-betb-st, Mrs. E.
; K. Place. 39 Washingtoc-st Brooklyn, at the door on ihe ?
evening of meeting.
No effort will be spared to render llili anuiveriary one 1
> of unusual Interest.
Doors w i.I open at >> o'eioca. Exe-cises io commence at '
i Ti o'clock, W. H. DIKEMAN. S-c y. of ? ,
i AstsvYtric, /Vc. ah. i**b. ? Com. of Arrangement*.
; d5 It_
rV Dr. Banning7* Body Brace.?For the relief :
w easiness of the voice, lungs, bear:, spin a,, nervous, fe- .
male and digestive system?tncl.idi.ig dyspepsia.constlpa- ?
lion, piles, drooping and distortion so common tochildren j
|-andyoung ladias.Viso bleebino *t the ldxcl Is a per- :
feel substitute for tae corset and constraimng shoulder
' brace, with none of their pernicious tendences. Cnlikeall
oin-.-s. itscui-v >ap:-. r:...g i-.e -in t.. .f i-a.-a. taaiittg
u the fulcrum.'arid by lifting Svilbly the whole iatema1 ,
pile of organs. Pamphlets aad book ?? Common Sense,'
giving lafomiaaoa. can Ik? had at tae office, -tia Broadway.
A.ail;. :- SI Ian - r. ?- M fflfD o2 ImW
CV ' Great Ache*, from little Toe Corn- urow.
i This has heea r'rfr by thousands, to their sorrow, but tl m
is ao necessity of their being troubled with theae feelings
' any longer, for the Arabia? Coa>' PaAsTta win pve im- I
mediate relief, and effectually cure a., corns, ouaions, L.C :
? If it falls io cure.?e money w... fie t-tuncieit. For sale ;
j by DAVID SANDS * CO. No. 7T East Broadway. k-u Ful
lon-st and j73 Broadway. C. H. Ring, 192 Broadway;
; Wyatt x Keaihum, lifl Fultoosst; E. M. Go km, 127 Bowe?
ry. SB] Broadway, and by druggists generally.
P"ce25cect* per box. ait Im
TW Ot Choice. Hart? and Krnsiniiit Exotic
FlOWens ai?ie in a ?'.;-.' p.eaae a- tz -. :'?jitig.o?.s.
are lobe had at a few hours' notice <-'. JAMES HOGG,
cl-l igt Seedsman. rU Bruadv? ay.
ryAtwood'sCelebrntcd Empire Cook **tovea.
These Stove* are warranted as usual. P-.-.-sons waning :
Coos Slaves are invued to exaiciae then) tarfore purcaas
ir.g r'.se-.vti-.'e. Wholesale ana relal. by bTickok i. Co. 2S3 '
sVaier-st._ Sateodos
ITP" Water l ure House.?M s. M S Gcve coniln
ges u recs :i?r:.J ai :--?"? ?? Tsn? ??? ^-w.
Mrs. G. also .-.st j liH.es and cmldren.at g^eix homeaai^ i
[fvesidirections .' _.e *r? 'caa-a of V? aier C-re. a>- it
CP* T. J. Cnleman, Exchanste Broker, No. 6.'i
HV.-r. New-York Laertes: Mcuey bougn: aag ro.:i
go.d aad f:.vrt exenaagee . sole* and drafts coUecurd. of tf
RACE I'llI'KC 11.-*-'"?-' est pe vs ._ this
Church is orTered for sa.e, ? consequeace o; the gec^e
maa for svboa .: was purchased having cocciaded io re
main m Europ- with his family mach longer than was ex
pected The pew-issu-acieci.;. Jirce'. i *.>w seven per
sv-n* to sit in it comfortably. It l? pieasvacily suaairel. a
ve:y coavenieel distance from a.i.i te vitrw of both
des?; and pu-pit. Address P. G. C Comaercia. Advertiser I
o?ce. _di
DVEKTis>E->lE>Ts toi me Nevs ?paper* of a.. g.e
Cues aaa prgicira. wns .a a-.-Country are daily :
eeiredat the office aTV. 3. PATiitfKR. lbs Ageot. In Lie
r ? - ? ere the papers ran be aeen on file
cat tf_._
rVTOTICB?TA FLOE'S D. S. Money Ree-orjrr and Gold
la snd Si rer r*rrj**Mr- This vagsatle work wj^l be de
llvrrec to ?ubscrirers at ~. --en', per w-esu payable on de
gvecv. non-sunsc-bers a crau each copy.
W'v te-i?? few goi>i persons to procure subscrb-ra?
Apply ai the office, 9? Broadway, eppo?iie Trinity Church j
-K s. t*>4c.
ery.aear Astor auU Lafsyette-place?. New.Y'otfe.
>!.-. P. r.<w ?_*--> -. n-r 10 nr.:. - i-a; K.? Scr-s1! i? opeo
D?r v.i L -:..r._ :" r i-C-i-slriau TuilicO and &???!??
16 Le??oe*.*'? i Month.Si;
1* du . I" Ride*. ] 0
?I do . 5 <y>| irt do . ? 'Vi
Single Lf-fc-ci. 2 oi> Single Eli-?. TS
R.>*d do . 2 SO]
N 3 Higfclv srara-d and quiet Horses tot the road or
parade. :o let. EVENING CLASS
i2 Lessons.S3 iio,2o Ride-.5; ! M
Single ?? . I on Single Rides. o 75
[.-AH L-?.ons or Ride* paid for er commencing
2. One hour aiiowed for each Lesson or Ride :n tAeScbooL
3..l>r- hour nztet a hair for s L.mo<i on Hi- &o?U.
tV.Hours for Ladien.from i A. M. to 1 ? M
S..Hour? for Gentlemen, from ? lo > and from? lo 5> P. M.
E..N* teuteman sdtnitted during the boun appropriated
to Ladies.
?i.OnlySmoaths allowed for a Course of Lessons or Ride*.
N*. B. T!;e School ha* been refined and :'umi?h*< wiih
Stoves. Ladie* m delicate health teed De ander no ap?
prehension of taxing coid.
A card of address is recueotod previous to commercing
P. S. The Scr.ool w;.. . - open each Wednesday ai. day
for Ladle*._?17 im
MI? ATWOOD. reaehi Music ?Prin?
cipal of the uiu?ic?.i departineni inihe Sparta female
Seminary, Ga. ha* taken room* at Nj. U Atnityest,where
.be will gtve instruction on the piano, guitar, and in *.ng
but, on the nio.: reasonable term*.
The b*?t of reference* given, and term* made known on ,
application. Terms payable one half in advance.
A few pupil* can nave practice at her room* free of
cl arge. a3ii im
PH ES KR VE your health and lave your money. ?It ha?
become we,, known to the public :ha-. lo'preserve
health :?? require* ?onie exercise daily, an '. their kind Phy.
sieiana have recommended BOwRnpaa the best exercise
tor digestion and refreshing ?ieep. ? But.' say some,1 it is
loo expeasl ? S So it is at the Usual prices T!>* giea: desire
for thi* exercise has become so popular, ihe Proprietor of
theTremont and Tremont Braach Bowline Saioor.s, No?.
tH and 900 East Broadway, extending to ti Division and
III Grand sts. containing Tea Alleys, which ar? not sur?
passed by auy lo ihe City, at the solicitation of some uf hi*
patron* ha* opened a sei of book* for a limited number of
subscribers to bowl in die day tune, from 10 o'clock A M.
to ii p. M. except Publ.c Pays, at ihe following very low
price*, vfct:
1 veer.if 0011 mo.$5i?'| I string .... ..?0 08
6rnos. li sulweek. leolln theeven'g. o?9
1 mos. III 't: t <tay. 1 801 ioi each person
Each Alley pei hour, 2? Cent?.
The above healthful exercise sui passe? Johnny Pease's
Which, ail confe*?. is just the dandy. (Candy,
And. should ll.ey want, they'll rind U har.Jy.
In ilie second named street, at 13,
When ail thuig* fail to krep alive;
Trie above two remedies will make you thuve i
Ami If you 11 call and make a dash.
A few ten-strikes will save your cash.
Which to the Doctors you '1. have to pay
If you continue to stay away.
If many persons who nave died
Mai lhe*e remedle* have tried.
They would testify with motives pure.
Fur the dyspepsia it is a sure cure.
The proprietor's experience in theabt?v?'>u.in??? : the
last IS years, and hi* being ihe nr?l to bring thi* healihy
exercise so extensively before the public, will be s ?um
dent guarantee of the continued Increase of the public
patronage. Stage ticket? free to noti *ubs?rlb?r?.
?? Live and let live,' " die mmble sixpence is better than
the slow ?luiltag." is the motto. Now keep ihe ball* a
roiling. No belling aiiowed. All vulgar society excluded.
Closed on Sunday*. dl Jieol
New-York. Nov. 21. ISIe. (
DIVIDEND.?The President andUireciors have this
day declared a dividend of four per cent, for ihe la*i*ix
month*, payable on anil after the pith day of December
The Transfei Books will be closed from 7th to lith D?
, ember, lnclu*ive. d7 rr
Urriceoi the Delawaxi ino licoson Ca.vai. Ca}
N.-w-York. December 7, IS te. <
TUM BO\KI) Manager?cd ihlsi ompany have le
ciaidl a senil-animal dividend of eight pei cent OUt of
the piofi'- of ;|;e Company, payable on and aller Thursday
ihe leih inst Th-' 'ran.i'. i i ?? oh. will remain closed from
this dale till the morning of ihe Ilm inst By order of the
Board. [ilT Irnl ISAAC N. SEYMOUR. Treasurer.;
Omer N? w.vork ?>n h?i> Railroad Co, )
No |.s Wail-.i. New-York. Dec iu, 1Mb' \
VOTK b Subscriber* o the new ?to.-a of thi*com
1 a paoyare hereby notified ihat Interest win he paid ac
e irdlug to Ihe terms of subscription, on application at tin*
??' >nand aflertbe l*t'January next. The transfer books
ol'Ihe new -to. a will he cl"-' i from ihe ll'lll Dei-ember lo
IsiJanuary ;dl littj MILAS BROWN. Treasurer.
i r r uupauv- N . .er, v given thai an ??-e?smerit
of Five Dollars ha* been laid by the Directors on each Share
of the Capital Slock .if this Company upon which an a*?e.?
meiit of live Of r cenL ha* already be'e.^ made, payable at the
Proa* irei s Office, Uj Mam si. Worcester, on the first day
ol January next; and an assessment of Ten Doliar* has
been laid "on all the Shares ol the Capital Slock of said
Company upon which no assessment ha* been made
payable at the tune and place aforesaid.
E. II. bUSMENWAT. Treasurer
dg Iw W and N. IL R. Company.
i?l Bon!..u 1SH7 and IS42.?Notice t? hereby given that
Ihe interest due on the above Bonds will be paid at the
Medianes' Bank mibe City of New-York,on preaenta- ?
tion of uie coupons, on and after Ihe 1st proximo. AL ;
banv, November in, w'<.
di 2w E. FOSTER. Jr. Seec.rtary.
DIVIDEND Si..'Ft- Insurance Compa?
ny of New-Yora. No., inner Jlsl, 1.16.?The President .
and Directors ha.-e this day declared a Dividend of Six pei
Cent, payable on and after the first day of December next
The transfer books will be closed Iroiu 23d lost, until the
rirsi d ty of December order,
. n23 Im_A. B. McDONALD. Secretary
i x a popular newspaper, located in one of the most
dou.'i*hlng and pleasant cine- in the West, with a patron
.ige u( Kive Thousand Doiiai? per annum, will be \m>M
upon advantageous terms. A popular wriier and an
energetic business man cuuld not had a more desirable i
Situation. Tue ill health of the present proprietor is the
only reason wh.ch ;n l e ?-?> him vi lt.po.? of the esushltah
menu Inquire of VOLMBY B. PaLMSfc, No. 160 NaSSSn St
Tr?.une Biild.ngs. New-York. ViiOt i
-^'I'E.\.>! ENI1INH ,~).'~: :\Boiler--Kor sale
?~ - |e upright Engine, cylinders 9 lache* diameter,
twentydlve Inches ?t?i.-ae. Bo.let conuxins ?eventy-iwo zj ;
iuche? (insnle, diameler, iron lubes. The whole Is of good ,
wurkmanslup, nearlv u- -?', noi much used ?od t?ae. up '
bui little room. Inquire of JAMES COCHRAN. l"7 King- ,
st. where Ihe Engine can be seen, or of
Nob I" and U Bioad-st
Wh-ie a drawing of it can bijseen. n3" if i
MM HC HA vi-, . r fScers sad
sll who reeuire 1.,'anK teuft.? for :he new y.-ar are In
ie 1 I I exaniine our aasorttufni, all uf our own manufac
tore, which ?> will soil a' 'heLery lowest possible pries.
MUFFfJ. MCJFFS?Tredw.-.. L Kro-i. w and a>i
Pearl-?t one doorbeiuw Fuliun.?u have on hand and
G>l -s.e a: the very lowest market price*, a complete and
-?f.--...ve sssortmencof Mutf*, compn*mg every variety.?
Purchaser* do ?ed lo examine prevtuu* to purchas?
ing elsewhere. TREDWELL i. FROST,
ngj Im' ?'bb and Dig Peart-*!.
All MK.->, .?11 PPS, of every .'ar.ety, maJe of the best
1*1 matertal* and workmanship, furs put in beat order
Also new style of children'* hat*, with feather*. The
above article* for tale on the most reashnaale term* at
MONARCiL'E a tashioeable hat, cap and fur warehuu*e,
223 Bowery. _ . nil* ?in
be?J. C WOODFORD, ?? Broadway, offers for
aale, wholesale aad reUil, a large M?ortment of the above
goods. Also, Curtala Tasse Is, Gknp?, Loop?, OUt orna- j
merits, lie.
Merchants and Upholsterers bu> ;ng lo ?eil again allow
ad a liberal discount
N. B. A practical Dpholsterln attendance.
?ta 295 Broadway, ljafarge'? Bullrtinga
TTlLT i HUM' I.-. H i.MH)\\ -".IlAOE?s, ?c.
VJj. C. WOO?FORD S5Bi sdw M, a... open this day .
5 case* Giit Cornice-. | new style*,) ot varied pattern* and
widths. Curtain Band*. P.U?. ac. A.so. J case* Wuiduw- ,
Shade*, of aiSereai hmrths. i.e. Tn:? entire invoice. Cor- i
nie--.. Taasel*. Gunps, Gill Band*. 4ic will be sold at re- j
ductd price*. J. C. WOODFORD.
dl _Lafarge Bui.dir.ga I
Ot'.*?EKEEPEk-> ed to hear to mind ;
_thai ? Lvr. any ol their plated good*, by constant u?? |
ana oAea rloantnr become worn and .oo* coppery, thai
they car. be immediately re.io.--d to their original *tiver
color ny a?xgle application, for *a.e wholesale and retail,
by (d5j JOHN J. BROWN k. CO. 122Fullon-*t
C~TOL"EEt T1D>-1'1..\TE.?'. ? Britannia C .
Plate*, far Cuurche*? iiutd wiih nne coin?manufac
lured and for sal.', at o B.-'lmg-alip, ny
i , _ BOARD MAN i. HART. j
LAJIFS-, tUlCAN BOLES, Hail Lantern*, and Chaa- |
delier*.?De;ti. Brother k Co. Wa*ctsgton Store*, No. i
ESS WJliam-*t a_-e tnanufaa^uring and have alway* on '
hand, a fi?l assortment of article* a ihetr line, of the fob
lowing ieecr.puusa. ?-ct they wul ?e.1 at wholesale or
retail at low prices, for ca*t .?
Solar Lamp*?Gilt 3roe-ta and Silvered, m gTeat ?*r;ety.
Susren?ng So.ar?. do. de.
2-, a-: Solars. do. do.
S..ar Cnasuelier*. da do. I. "i and t ligbta
Suspending Campheae Lamps, B.-acaei3o. do.
Side do. do.
Campheae Chande.iers?2, t ar.i I .lg its.
Girando-e.?G..t slivered an - ? a.-'.jus paiterna
H*-l Lanterns?Varlan* *.ge?. with cut or staln-d gia*a
?iPLENDiD TEA-"?ET5?.?As New Year Day ?
sopr wching, ? s would -em.n t oar patroo* and friends
tnatDiXon * beautttul Coffee and TeaSe j are de*irable for
-resents. Xl-W ittav ue o. taiaed from
1531_" bU Ait DM AN It HABT, I 5.:
CiOAJL^-Of aUktndsfor*aleatX a. PALMER'S Coa;
-. i .,' . - . ---?t Trtbuae Batldnu*. in ^uatuaes
UJ *-i:t c-rcu??e'?. and v. ^r.-tnuM a good art.:.-:. Orier?
prompt. 1 aller.de.i lo._og? igt
C" "ijijklNt.^T?^'E?s Cbea? for Cash.?A gv.-d a*
?ortmect of Cooking Stoves, from a*? mi AigAfjr arp
prr.tdpatter*., may be ooiamed al tha rnac ifacwry, Sala
mander Foandr] . J ardc-st tirtAtes Rgvtagtoo and
Stanum st*-_njj 21"
lAEAP CAP anu Lei:?.r Piper. Ruled *uw Putin
N He r1*!.-: EttveJonea, Motio Se*.s, Mounting Paper
and El - - ? Poeket-booas. Carl iJv.e* '.Vr.tgig Ca?-*.
Portfolio?, with and without lock, at low pricee/by
nj_a MaiUen-lane.
CE ? WA liBs LEriTEJi, Aasedcaa Couac I at Ge
? noa. rsajnssts all tl* frames and corresponc-nt* to
forward their commauksuoua lo him tSrougts Harnden i
Co. ? Express. Wiil-styrt-fad o; they w^. nci be for
wirdsd. ce ia
WHO!.*' NO. 1703.
Patent fllf?irinca.
THi- is oxs or the virv resrVAisijir court?intj ?fstro?
UaXTOOCK iLiNtll. iar> is ci RTi:>;.t imo?? rKk
v n PADtrax ?*? ijomiina to which kcmisitv
is?is.-icT. ?i>? *ktthe ^tnirnnrr1 orrr*.
CO fox its 311111 ? ? . . v , *. . ?. -
rsalxtt. scrrris?l.i.ljth?t?com;
r?r UBtiKkaMM dos.? cxsst, ??o th ?t
Tt>j or TBOeSAMW, now stTrTsUUXe
a"d rt>;um>w or * - li er.mxcut
cstsin rcsiitv? i?nri*^nt?t
txt.xrno.n rroh rats drsad
CERTtriC ?tes which HAVr.
sr.r> l.iT?lv nt.ceivt.a
will c.n'asle mi Al
rtaCTKO to .-.ovjc
rox nnacstx*xv
the rm*r i? a.*
1 Ni>. FOR TiiE SATISFACTION Ol Ehe incredulous, a
? x. :>eer. attested before the M?yor of tbe city.
I hereby certify ihai for lire past thirteen vears 1 have
been severe!} ?a\cieu with i tracks r>l Rhsrnmartsmi princi?
pally in the hands and limbs, svcouipaaied w. h .irv.tt
ness'of all the joints. SoineUuies the !<nu uas Jeec so great
ibai I have been .i-.ab.c to mo--*, and my general ical 1:
was a tt:o?i compieiely destroyed, 1 was troubled with
low spun*, my braia was serious y ?Acted, and the Incea
sant and severe pains I Often endured made me repeatedly
wish for an end of my suffering* by death. RaaaA i? arasaaa
??tag errs) bssnat ata tattsuTi For relief 1 tried everything
?ail my earning* wen'. to ihe doctors. In the various port*
of Europe to which I sailed I sought Bed seal advice, aad
was f >r a considerable tune under die care of the most cele?
brated pitvsiciaa tn Liverpool, but he did me no good. On
mv arrival tn New-Vora. last September, 1 was obliged to
leave my ship, as I w as unable to walk a step without as?
sistance, and m other respects was in adreadful atutsnon
with the laiiewiiafsillai Ii I wx? w*?-.-. ., the City it >*pila]
and put undet the tare of Dr. it ose* ard Or Hodman aad
some oiher physicians ,>!' tlie hospital for ihe space of six
weeks, but a* I Only gut v. ,>r*e I was use i I > ;.-,e Seaman s
Hospital at Statin Isla" !. ? ? ?? 1 a* severa. weeks un
dergotcg a process of mercury. Th..? nearly killed me. and
the doctors told me I must '.v:i lie. As I had read ihe ad
vert.sement of Dr. CHRISTIE in the newspapers, ar-J ihe
creat cures thai were said i i be Tta.li? by hi* Galvanic arti?
cles. I determined as a last hope to send to the orhce and
gel some. On sia'.mg my case, t ,c Galvanic Bands for ihn
wrists and limbs an i the Magnetic Fluid were rOCOntlOSmd
ed. The people at ihe Hospital laughed at me for gelling
merffl, and told me not to ?how them to the dociors. Bull
put them on and used the Fluid Fol the hut few hour* I
fell no change, hut the ne\t morning the stiffness In my
limbs had decreased, and ihe pain ?as less, bv night I fell
. it. ?? etv r-spect, AND IN I.?'SS THAN TWO
Since that time, which in 're Iwm a ye n . I have been to
the We.i Indies, and thence to Antwerp in Holland,
and during ail that lime I Am? .inet an atlack uekmOntr of
RArsnanrilas o> u?> nthti /aim. and my health has heeu pei
feetin every respect, though I ba.e been exposed to all
vicissitudes of ciimale. Flour being so weak ihal I could
hardly stand. 1 have become *? strong and healthy as at anv
period of tny life, and I rirnily believe ihai lehse happy anil
wtmderful results save been acconplisbed solely t> v the
power of D ? CsriirarU GsslsaMeBsnsiraasI MhfMsfic Ffaiof,
HENRY JOHNSON, SI Jop I'earl St, New.York.
On this tenth of November, one thousand eight hundred
and forty-six.appeared befote me :> within name! Hen?
ry Johnson, and made solemn oath thai Ihe above stale
ne'iil is siibslantHllv irne tu each and every particular
A. H MICKLe. Mayor ol the City of New v irk.
ry The follow ing t* copied from a leading editorial ar?
ticle, dated Nov. isfli, l<>+.\ in ihe Mew Era, Portsmouth,
Virginia. A F Cunningham, Esq. Editor
"We feel it a duty vie owe to the public. 10 those who
are suffering under ihe severe alBlctioa of rheumatism, uc
dolorenx. gout, 1c. to bear this unbouglu testimony to the
superior bench ? a. - '? ??. of 'be Galvanic Kings and Mag?
netic Fluid, lately Introduced In tins country by the dis?
coverer. Dr A If" Chrisde, an English physician of high
? Mr? Cunningham ha* been surTrrtng severely fiom both
chronic sad Inflammatory r!ie unalism, fbl many years, and
has found bui little relief from Ihe many dpjjiiciiioiis re.
commended by physicians and the paieni nostrum* which
have been advertised as certain and sovereign cuies. Last
week Ihe attack of die rheumatism was so severe thai the
agony was almost loo much 10 bear, sad '.he bones of the
right fool and vs ri?> were sensibly proj-cled from their na
Ural position by the pam, when "we deterntined lo try ihe
virtue of the Ring arc) Fluid, although Mr* C a-d myself
had no filth in their virtues. The fact, however, has forced
t'self upon our minds, 'hat they posses* astonishing power
From the nrst fifteen hours of Iheir application, a sensible
diminution of pain commenced, first leaving the wrist free,
srcl finally by a strict observance of the dlret tions, ihe fool
and whole body were entirely relieved fiom ram au-i
swelling in *ia days irom the cOfumencam) in of their use
We utak? this staieiiieui as .lated above, wtthout tbeknosi ?
ledge of Dr. Christie, or his ag*iii*, Sa a mallei of lnfeiin
anon to the public. Two Rings were ?vorn, one.on each
han-f '
On la*t Thursday 1 was al'acked with violen! ; an? in
ihe small of the back and joints, being as I supposed, b>
flarnmaiorv rbeumatlsos. Un Friday uiy pains ncreascd
so lhat I wa* -ibliged to go lo h-<l. and on Friday niglii I
?va* in such extreme agony lhat the inmates ol 'he house
ibought 1 must die from the extreme asooy of my pains
Seeing tn the newspapers the wonderful aecouiit of I).
Christie's Galvanic King*. I sent a friend of mine (John
Webster) to Ineulre the price of them, and procure one if
po.?.r>.. My tuend proceede.lt'> Ibe Agent's store, and
w as there told the price of ihe genuine Rings, which al?
though trifling, waa more money ihan I had. and my friend
was about retiring when ihe Ageol Called him buck, and
enquired about my case. After hearing it be Offered lo
give htm a pair of Rings and the Fluid to take to his friend
to give them a trial. In fifteen minutes after I bad placed
the Rings on my fingers and had nod Die Fluid. I experl
eoced tlie greaieat relief and In three day* I w a* enabled
to leave my b"d and walk ahoul lire room. I have now
sufficiently recovered to walk u> the Agent's store, and
state my case, also to Sipnrw Scharfer* otfice.
RICHARD IIOLCIti )FT, I ? Briui.n SI n^sr Madison.
Baltimore. Nov. 7. 1846
5ti?/r o/ Mmjland. i ity of BaslusMrV.?On this 7ih of No
vemher, ISttj, (?efore me, the si.i.scnher. a Jus'lce of tne
Peace for said cly, personally ap;>eare.l Richard Holcrofl.
who signed III? written statement before m^, and ma-le
solemn oath that ili? severs! facts contained therein are
respectively lru*> a* they are th"iem set f.uih. Sworn be?
fore me. VVM. A SCHAFFER.
Everv culuum in tins paper might be hlied wtili stm
liar cases. They will he cheerfully shown to the curious
or the incredulous by applying at the Agency, No. 1kg
cy rir Ohm i i reels it a duty o publish lo ih* vs oi d
ihe proofs of the value of his discovery and of the won?
derful and mysterious agents w hich ho applies. If what he
asserts be true. >r if ng4r IA* pM.e ,\ iuld know at, lhat all
may take advantage of it* benertl*. If what he asterts be
false, it ir MgAr IKe public ikoolii t ???.? it, lhat Ihe decepllon
may be exposed, that none be defrauded or injured There,
fore, thss above reward of
Is offeiMcl io any person el persons who c,n show thai any
assertion, publltly uiai?. regarding CHRISTIE'S 0?l
Vaxic aad MaGISCTIC articles, is tnttil^maUy fain, with
any design lo deceive the public in any way , or thai any
of the hundreds of names w hich have hse-n published or In
any manner alluded to, are not true arc! genuine in each
and every particular, so far as it has been possible to ascer?
tain ihe real fact*.
Dr. CHU1**TIK> onl v A trine v In New-York la
.it l*vg BROADWAY. rtfOMTuTkS
Between Johl*-eC rind ?liilden-lune.
-For the Cure of C*a*fA>, t.'oliL, l.'siuunislw>i, Spitting
of Bt?d, Ptm im >nt S?k und Bi'iut. Brontkitu, Croup
'titbma, and afldoerucu ucuiag Jiant a duo dt red condition
-/ ihr lungi or negierted fold.
CP" The following Sonnet was addressed to ihe pro
prtetOf by a Young Lady siiu was cured of CoosumpUon ?
Ho: ye whopaat with fating breath.
And pine away and die ;
Hamcc shall " puiaway' your death.
And light, anew, your eye.
How sweet i' melt* upon '.he toOgue.
How grateful to the breast:
A glorious theme foi poet's song,
Soothing hi* cough to res'.
Ha.sce ' favored of the Oods, ?it thou
A ble**mg to ihv race,
Let laurels Sourish on thy brow.
And we a! la *nos? iaure.s grsce.
When hur'sps are f<'rrfoit?n. king*
Defunct, or, cesused to rei^-n .
Glory,fbt thee, shall Sap her wings.
Tb.ou Conqueror of pa.n.
Price jO cent* per bottle or ?ia fejllle- for efg >'.
For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. H. a 0. Sands cor.
of F ilton and Wiiiiaiu st-., also for .a, i ny IJ S.iads k Co.
77 East Broadway . H Johnson, corneref Broadway ?cd
Ccambers-st.. J It I. C'sdd;ns".oo, cor. of Hudson and
Spring stS., E. M. 'iulrjn.cor. of Bowery and Grand sis. ;
at 97 Waiker-st . ? Sweeter, I4d Greenwich-st. and cor.
Broa.lw*y and How?rd-sL
CAI.'TION- ?Br.A'AX?. "f >rts. OS i?oruri?nj, and . . ^i
uJcfor HANCE'S SYRI'P, an-1 l?se none other.
Qgu lawTuif_
HAS the appearance of Bdlk, and ai as pleasant u> ihe
Laste. Prepared aad s<j:d wuole??.- and retail by K.
H. SANDS. Druggist ?ad Chemist. 71 James ?'_ and Ijj
Thir>i-aven ie Sc>.d by E. M. Onion, Bowery cor. Grand
?u and ay J. a I. 1 . : : g-. .. ti-sdsoa su'Mrs. Hayes.
Brooklyn. niii lia'
MONTHLY Ich POUT f . Novembei I the New.
York Medical and Surgical Institute, No. 75 Cham
r-era-st- C'osfr Suntxufullu 7reatid.
?> Examined to de- 7 Priinai j eban* g'.'ase* of disrr
tect diseases of1 ??rr*. hoe*,
tbe lungs. t Socoodary reae- I ifesereaJ erup
g Cases of epo-[ real of longstsnd-' lion on the sain.
niexy j ;ng. ' ises of Ind.ge*
1 Caie jf epi.epsy., i L'.ceraied sorei lion.
3 Cases of gouorr-| throat |4 Case* baiacilis.
hoes, j5Cs*e* of liver 1 Ca*e of typhus fe
12Secnaal weax-J cou.?.ai.r.- ver.
. ce*?. !J Primary con- 1 Ci?e of scurvy in
HDizz'.neu in tael sumption. ' tne gum*.
head. : 1 Case syphilitic d Cases of piles.
I Ca??* of impo-! ir.-.r ??? Cases of rhcumv
lenity. ? B.esrdixigfromiaei. turn,
g Cases of ."a.-*./- -unga '2 Cases of e-ysip?
? j vi''..'! tee. 1 Case* of g.ee'- | la*.
Sutc.ufil -re ig . -. and Cures,
i Tonsij rerxovsyj. 2 Barsac Muco*?,I Dislocation re
3 Sinuses opened, oathexneeio.au; daced
aris^g from bu-;iJ Cases veoeieal11 Fatty aiaor re
boe*. i wans. mtrrtd.
; J C?es of xg.iin l. l Operations m J Poiypt extrscted.
I hernia, cured by' eves. J Operations ior
a new discoverv.: 1 lfvtr<jce>. phymcnii*
9 Ctsesofoadttrte-1 Large a->?<e*s Util Case ol noerosU
hires la ihe ure-1 ano. of the tibia,
thra. I Fr?-:tored Clav;. 1 Aoscesawe open
g Futaiam perineo: civ. I ed
The poor attended lo oetween 9 aad I* tn Osmworsmj.
<li lw- ?_Aaecdmg Surgwon and Pbysunaa.
DB. SPBINGt* COUGH CAXPV ^-he beat '.a
use 7or cooshs. cola*, taisstaa si *ad Is so well
xaowTi lijii It d.es col r-c,mre aa/pomng. For aale at
thV pririipal drug store, in ?rfs city. Bros->t.yn, and
Ihrougiuxil the L'rJirsi sui"
Wuo.esal* Ageots, Ja?. S. Aspittwssi,\\ ^aaa-st. and
I?r**;Mmor,2MleuiloB st _"
P-enared and sold, wno-esa-o aad retail, oy L Jonea.
DruggU-.. ?^g Hacsicn.cor. McDoug?i-f- c3 dra'TuTlsS
AJIgar?. eoasiasiiy on asad and for sale, at S Sur;iBg-t,.p,
by SOAiLDiiAgl i, HA?T. 45 Jl
gitettfttrns*^ $fit. CDonu?.
??/?.-Ricaei'e? Tb* Na'Uoeal Uieuijretxe Office.
N . > .' - si .v Y. buUlM Bom rstsKssdi UM fol ,.w
tilg loca?oas, and the uunibet *? b. ua-rea-ed lo ?tvtet
lb* convenience of ?ubecnber* lienxo. tat Cce io'lai per
iherr-by ?nag lie pairuca of Una t^^m^ eaaab
meal any other annoyance. In fair or tool wutier ibaa
Bf -..Ing in a blas* form of order* for wim:j ^ 2* ae.
and dropping *uch into any of lie boxe? eaua-?raied
which shall M an promptly attended to a* u" Um p?u-ue*
?Tailed in*) oCbce. Familie? oa ?ubecnblng ?rtU be aap
pissd with those blank* and a receipt.
Dr. Cay. No. 1 Varick-?*. cor. Franklin.?.
Mr Olmsted. grocer, cor. Spring sad Waahtitgtoa tu
Dr Warn- '?.>o B eecier-st. opposite'' Cooage-piaca
P*rX X. T-.'*r\l. grocery, cor. Suia-a? and Nrntb^at..
Or. Htntoa *. cor of Eighth avenue aad i3*di-*i.
Mr A. Brxigernan. ?.>.-i?i. *"*VJ Rivadaray.W l'atoa-*q.
Mr. Ke*fc,a'a grocer. No. I Third-ev. cor Sexeaih et
Dr \\ a ler .. To Hwraaoeeat cor Avenue 0.
Dr Lean. cor. E**ea aad Houston st?.
Dr. Lyon. **" Grand-st.
Mr. D. Owen. aierxa.UUor.cor. Au; Granu U l t*e?x-?ia,
Mr.Gll. vi..:, gr.v r. KU Urs? >,?? ?. Ceaier Marttel
N' ' * *? ?Plrst*? ?ad larnp nore. s, Caalnaut-sar.
Mr. OdMucaar.? ?i-*l and '-.M- > ..
Mi Whsalan'a.cor Hth-st. aad 7nird-?v. - Yori.Uta."
M. SutmaMT ?. ai Ihe Bridge, * Hartem *
Mr rvu.-aian's. Si .alle?. B'.ooiaingdale ro?,t
Mr. G.-.esp.e. l'vniiy grocer, *)CV?L Nimn-a.*?-.?
Meaar*. Evp x Brown"* ?tage odice, duv?. Nimb-ar.
Trv uut .?ifice. Our uotlo l*." No cure, no pay "
nl? Into* WM. 1*. INNES a CO
VV ANTED A few men to eelaoluli agcocic* and circu
' " -aie ce -?' rated niedigln?? in ail part* of uw country.?
Said oiedagu-.ea an? prepared by an eminent practical
r~i>?ic.?a ?cd cwmat who ha? h?U livr?npra,-u>! In Uu?
?cuv and l? a member of lb* Medical sovteiv for ine city
ai i State ? f New-To* a. For each du?.'?*? liiere b a *.iigie .
remedy propvr y labeled w?adirection* for u?e and diel,
and ?o thai an) person can aduuauier thatn. .V.: prepara?
tion* p.-wurvsi ai Uli* establishment wta be wai rained lo
efieci a cure Apply al ifte Oe.-mau Laboratory, U*7 Cham
bera-st. Audix-?* oox irioi po?t odice. AI. leiten aaoat bsf
pv?' P?id._ iiVS d
IV'AXTHU.-A few ?cu-e ruana Mee to i*.o.-!
* *_ West, to act as Agenu? for die saue of new aad popular
Publicauer.?? 401?' over ?a,l aS>re ihelr expt*i.srs wiii b?
insured lo mem in willing, wt?i an opportunity o; c.eartoc
e ?30 year. Sv>iue rneu now In our employ will Bo
loa he make over Spaa? per year clear of ail 'expense*.?
tlacb uian will have his diMrtci. It will !>e neceaaary for
Urem to have al iea*l from ?Si"> lo 9M> lo obtata a co-vd ftltla*
oul Apply at KBENCH S Pubitthtug liall I?3 BrxvaJ.
tra . ttalra, Office Of th-? Flag of our ITulotV Ail leuer*
must !'e p.mt.paid. au7 If
\\'ANTK1> -->.:..?(.:OBI ?eparato or COfjOthef hy a
?? Pro.e?i.ani man and wife. He as gardener or fanner or
drive a leant. the woman i* a good cook, washer aad
dairymaid, and nave the beet of cuv refeieucea Please
inquire at iCJj Broadway. do at*
\Y* VNTEl>?By a respectable young weuian. a situa
' " tioo toCOok, v?a?h and iron, or general housework
Bc?t of city reference given from the la*t place Plea*?to
ir.qu.re Ul Meicer-.r. .d floor, back room. d7 It*
IV'ANT?* H'OKK.-A nauve of ir..? city aranuwork,
?? either a? clerk or porter, can he reeommeuded bv
those with whom he h?.s liv^xi Picas* Imjuire lor Bich
?. :. at No. ISM Third-avenue. ?(A |w
%\;A.M i'.n ?a .it..*t...u !?>? i v >?.- v,.
v? man as ctiainberui?td and wafer or nurse and *eam
?tresa; has the best of city lefeiouce. Please Inquire at
l.-Jj Broadway_ gSC
UrA.NTKU?Places for girl* we.l re,-oru?uenied mi
Charge, ai .'1 Bediool-st. Oppo*iiiou lo li.ie>ne?i m
leliigeaco oilice*. J7 XX*
\\ TPHOl T F?i a besl of servants . . . uvom
"v mi ided,canaov? be had rrali* st C Maaon'* old *>*?
ta Msh it etti .-, l?f Bowei y. ui I ft*
T?? TU At" I IK U**> V< anted liieeiate'v * ^oung
gentleman lo act as ana**huaat toachei to an English
and Classical lustliuilon. Also a ycaiug or widow lady to
lake charge of'.hree or four little g'irlt and lo give le??on*
on me Piano Forte and in Dia-ving *ud Painting to a few
boy*. Both must be communicants of the Proteetent Epis?
copal Church and mail pioduce good testimonial* of chai
acter, acquirements and aptitude !o lea -h. Addre** (post?
paid! Rev. P >. JAQ.?ES. Recioi et Su Matthews Hall.
Pert Colden. Warren Co. N. Jersey. 47Sf
"a"iTare chance.
\GKNTS are warned to undertake the sale of a uew and
useful patented article, thai can be sold to eveiy faintly
.Ii the Union. To men of respectability and business hab?
it*, a guaranty of Soonper annum will be given. Apply
! to C. ALDEN, No. 117 Fuliuu-at. New-York.
A.i letters nnsl be post paid. o3S im*
I K THIS should meet the eye of Joseph Kouloener.
I who for Ihe la?i three or four years ha* lived ai the I). S
Uotel, >a:aioga Springs, in ihe capacity of bar-keepei, h?
will fi-**,i ol something lo bi? advantaia by a>t.lr?**liig *
a to A. It PORTER. Ne? .York, stating where he mav
bejound._ d'SlDkllW*
L()*sT S -, ; ose"Thy the tires of July,"T3-?b, two Certfft
lifictue* of Stock oi Ihe N. J. Railroad andTians'n Co.
one Jaio,l June 21, Mtl. foi a share*. One dated Nov If.
I 'll, fi i I.'share* In the name of Ehra S. Biowa The
are cautioned againat r**cs*viiijr said Mr?acafasa, as
application is irade for their renewal. 013 Jw*
IOST-Kndsy ev-ning. a pair >f goid Spec lac la*.
* tilde temp lee, la a black nnuoccocase, either m Coit?
ion i ?? r in We?i ?? 1 .'tween Liberty and Barclay. The
Bndei ?ill K- ?uuabiv lewanladjhy !?avlng them at 1*1
Broadway_[_ d7 ft'
V'Ol, U 'l.l. IUI t.lVEN i?. ili' -is-" I S."-rr>i I
?t^."' . ? ch will be secured by ? motigage on
personal property well worth fpiHV Bett of city refer
ancesaiven AdoressB H C Tubuueothce d? jt*
.3our?ing nnb xvctcla.
BOAKOEUei W.V\TEU-Ai JJii Pe.rl. ?ueie agnn
iluiuaii ami hi* wife can be accommodated with a hue
frunl pai loi and ivIwh tlnee or foui single gentlemen are
? rtei.Mi superloi wluler quaiteis. Picas" call before
choo.mg elsewhere. _dt IW
BO M' II \ genil.oiian and Irs .?if.a i oi ihre?
?ingle geollemeo can have very pleasant aparuneni*
-.v ?i board in a private family where a few boarders are
ik i /applying al 107 Pruice-?t. we?tofand nearBrostt.
way. Reference* exchanged._dS 8c*
|JM> Ulll/M. IN I1H??KEV.V?A lew slnglo~geil
La* Clemen and a senllemaa snd hi* wife, witaiug to get
board In a rjuiet family, can be pleaaantly accoiuinndated
on moderat* term* in Bmilh-Sl, on the corner of Livingston.
? II lw
|J* OA Kl>?A front and back parlor, alto single rooms
I)pleasantly situated, in let, with board ! ? gtniFemen and
their wi . es and ?ingle gentlemen, *1 No.7 rnoinpaoo-*!.
rM lw_
BOAItlH.N'li?A fiw single gentlemen, or gentlemen
with their wives, may obtalu very pleasant furnished
room* With board, at No. 389 WIR lam St. a feiv dieir* from
Pearl sL _ nIH lag*
POAIIII WANTED by a"???rTK g?ull^inViriira"|JtT
IS vale family or genteel boarduu' housn Location west
ofVar'ck-sl between Spring aud Beach su. Addresa J.
S. Tubune ollic.n._o7 3i*
|>OAUDIM.-Pieasani eparlmenw ai U'Tnehard-tL
I Sf.o a gentleman and his lady, or two single gentlemen,
with board. References exchange>l. riSlw*
l> OA It DING and well f?TiT?hed rouois, with ?trwtly
Djirlvaie family, 30 McDougal St. d7 Im
RDD.?I*? TO I,KT WlfTr BOAKD~A~xenTie
man and hi* wife can he ac.conirnodaled , al*o. l?'o or
Ihme single gentlemen, la a private family, ai let Huo*uu
?t nlM lor
/>rj*s< ANAUY bird* In *ung, mocking blrd?, Chi
^Ktmo .(nee bird*. Java ?parrow?, >ouug African
.grav parrou from ihe SabooO Rival Kor ?ale by
W s JOHNSTON. ?I Urotvlway, dealer in Bli'l*,
1/ dl .W
?i,ti?ei!ber *' Turtle bay, f.s.l of i7th.?L East
River, * re<i and white Cow, Toe owner I*
- ,. sled io call, prove properly and lake her
wise the will he told to pay expense*.
M~KAI.l. FAsllIONs.-TI.e subacrlbei would c?U
me aileutioo of his friends and the public generally
? arge "ii. i ...i-erco Bsaortmenl of geoileinen'*
iln, m ilch, for durability, general appearance and econo?
my, aro not excelled by any offered in this city.
A..... r. ,arge assortment of meu's and boy"* c*ii* If In
,cy insunce the above does not give ample salittacUoo, II
-an lie iiiily obtained by giving information t >
?11 iiiinoj* J. W. KELLOGG, lltiCatiai-it
IsiPOKTA-HT in purclut?et? of funo
?^^r-,,rt,^Tiie*ulea-rlber* having purchated
lot Mr John Scrlt?er the e*clu*ive rljfhi In
? Jilie United Siat*s.i-?lil? inooi btsrp Frame
I Improvement In Piano Forte, are iiww manufacturing SOSM
I very .plemlld Rosewood aad MaboK?>aoy K-*o forte.
which are warranted wperlorln toje to any now In u?e.
; aod ui keep in wne much loader- The Improveiueni con
i .is in a most beauUful Har? Frame, peculiar in eoiniruc
l tlon laking ail the ?ra!n of the itrtag* from the ease, *i*e
I a general a*sorUnenl of ihe most ?proved mo-lerr. try.ej of
_li'J FjlUin-?t East side of Broadway
.PIA.NO FORTKst al very low prieea
|2*ersuo* abuul purchaMlns; fiano* will fiat
io iheir advantage lo call at R- Oleun i>
. _).'? Manufactory, 10-i Fulton-st. (west of
, A general a*?orUnent uf Mahogany and Ro*
wood Pianos eoexcaatly on oand, which win b- ?-/d 1 m f ?
-ash or approved paper. Dealers supplied on liberal term*
R. OLENN tx CO. I ll Fullofl-sv
Jjt VVATt HE*s. JEWEI.liV aadViiver Ware
"KV ?The subscrieers continue io aa-e for sale a full
sS i aatsorisaeai of hoe 0?.ld and Sliver Watcae* t*f
atahaav'be most approved makers, which will be warrant
~*i correct urn* keepers, and offered at the very lowest
cash price*.
T-.-y are coristaatly receiving the lai?*t *>yie* of Paar
lonacle Jewelry of every description, Including Gold F-rb
and Guard-cfialru, Breaat-plna, Ear-rings. F.nger-riS|/
Bracelets. Head Ornamerrt*, he.
S..ver Sp.*on?, Fora*,Buiu?? Knives and Sli /erwaresers
era.ly, at u.k manufacturer's prtcjea
Bri'.ar.r.'a-aare fine Cut^sry, Fancy G<sOd?, *>< tvatcne*
aod cock* repaired ay experienced worameo.
aiitfi tf cor. of FuIuju-*!. oppcxlie Untied Susie* Hot*'
^hoj1j>isi?lV>^^ TKCnr,
spaing weine?, and paia in the bad ^'^?"ff?0
permanent .plnal dl-sase. 8U days trial ?1 ?* ?d tfBM
, perfectly *an*factory, money returned._/iu a '?*P
' K-n^TTLlNGEa'h 1.1j?j^*E.NT.-In this
Prit^anon d? a?^ itavegot what
, tnaw nave long and ter.ously coUmitot. Not a aoU
' rarv ease in ihe s*.e of iweciy itousaad b?u>? has been
1 Sa magic m all rbeum*dc a*etttsBS. *.id pain* of all and
every uLture,yield to ? ^^Iaio^. It t. a. certain to
cure a. ^re*. of txy description, ?itcer on man or horse.
1 a* me applieaooo i* mavJe, sad In ?borter time ihan any
? "jr/rciied> e?er ofiered to the people, ll .a very fra
Jr?-' safoar-d a<roeao*?io be used upon all ?je?, exter
|f.pyMd miernally, and no fear of taking cold after iu u?e.
; Mr-Jam** Murphy of ihe Bowery Lin* of Stage., ??7.
thai U saved the life of one of hi* meo, and In using I? ra'.y
: cot'D not a bottle has failed.
iiigh 3r/lge.-At ?il? place grace after groceha* boen
I used w..aooi a ia^ure. Mr. Arnoll Mason and Mr. Saissel
Roberte, builders of the bridge: Mr. Maaon say*.that by
the use of three of four bottle* ni* rheumatic paia* hasv?
been eulirely et wticaicd. Mr. Robert* give* ft** hw irpm
loo thai It was one of the great causes of ?*'^?, ,*rf*
from an inlury suttalned from a fall. To bobm/i *'
si- and tl the great Central Depot, Harlem Rt^oad Oit-o.
Cltv Hall, in large houlee. at V> "??"<* oer?--<i.e r.m ..?1
MEDICINE STOKE for t*M.***9zT??> t.'^l
fixture.. vA good will of ? old
medicine .lore, located In oce of ^Hg*fg*L "fT^
Brooaiyn. Thi* .lore has been ?^?^9^* Sg
i^fo^?*.?. wholesale ani g0Ajt0MAS uart

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