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5 Nor 4. ?Vor
105 do.
AZCOMl k'.A.'.f.
5.000 U 8 5?.r/f||100 Ncr 4. Wer. I9J
1'iONortWor.*3 :vf? ll< admi'
90 do.?30 47,'l?O Reading. i
100 do.?60 194 150 Nor 6c Wor. 19]
500 do.s30 49*JlOO do.WO 4?
50 do.43f! 75 do. 47?
50 do.??> Oil Ml- Island. 23?
400 do.??>
Corrcrpondence of The Tribune.
Liverpool, 12th Ko? 134(
Subsequent to our respect*, ot id in*L per " Ac&dia.
our Cor? market has been dull und inactive, with farther
declining rate? a firmer !o';i;r.g however *?? .".an.
fested at ijcfUrdiy? market, and 9000 to 3000 bUs cd
Western Canal FZear changed bands at 30s in lond.
with transactions in fret at :t3* to Bs6d a i Us a 33s Cd
ifitty /xz?f for Snu?iern. brand*. Sour, duty paid. L'7* a 28t
fFirat 7* bd a 'Js. according to quality, per 70 lbs, duty
paid. Indian. Corn. Uing in liberal eupply. has run
down to 53s for the hnett parcels ot L'. 9 Walte, *:iri at
50* per 4e0 lbs oder* have been freely made ot shipment"
afloat, to arrive within three week*. Indian veal is
salable on arrival at 125* to v?;* per bbl. Peat and Kid
.a ?/ Beam 11? a 40* per quarter. In Riet the trans* d n l
have not been very extensive, but the market if- firm at
U'M in bond.
The " Caledonia " arrived on the 15th ir.?t and her
advices ol advanced rate* on all Bread -tuM*. with ad
Vaocing Freight*, and falling llxehange* it youi side,
have had no apparent improving influence on the pr> -. i
on* currency ot our inaiket. and recent purchases on
English account are corning forward with the prospect
of losing money *Our present lop price ol 30s In ('."ml
for Flour, st a 4s Freight, and Exchange at 7 jK-r cent
would return IS ?>.'> in cash on day of sale, if sold from
the quay, not warehoused. Tue receipts from Ireland
couunue t? be trivial, while the exports from Liverpool
to Irish ports for the past w. ? k. amount to 3311 qrs ol
Wheat, and3934 bbl* ami 932saeks ol Hour with sev?
ere! cargoes ol Indian Corn ordered direct into Irish
ports. Our Imports from America since i?t inst er,:
brace 5186 qrs of Wheat 98394 bblsof.fTour.and 12J331
qrs of Indian Com, and our future range**?! prices will
?lmo?t entirely depend upon continued supplies?the
average on Wheat hasfaitlier advanced to .Via 3d, and
the duties remain as last advised, .-ales el Beel have
been made to n lair extent at 71? per tec as the I Urcme
rate lor i'rliuu Mess? the?rs'/uiral ol mm has sold at
83s pel tee from th? quay. /'er<r ban moved of! -lowly
with the turn in fevtol ol the buyer at bits a |>ei bl 1 foi
i'rime Mn?? Cktttc has arrived since the 1st insl I thi
extent of 4077 boxes and 5 casks, and sales progn --
50s a 54s a .Vis foi fine ! Is s 16s foi middling, and 18s a
42s for ordinary,' with the prospectbl these i ?st?? being
maintained. Butler is lowei, end the tiade in lush very
dull, the London market bring well supplied with Dutch.
Hamt and Shoulder? ol VKStt r.i f kmoh HaltmioTe cuie
have sold as high a* b0? per CWl for the former. ?nd 1 's
for the latlei. Lard has been pressee upon ihr market
in large quantities, and 15s is now the extreme quota
tion stocks- are however light, and the demand good
Tallow ha* barely maintained the value noted in post
?erlpt to oui last?4','s is a top price to day Oih have
been dull with a downward tendency Lineetd O**' be
ing in limited supply, continues to be worth 6 10 a a 11
for thin oblong. In .hhtr and in ftaval Store* sah- h nv.
been very limited, w;ih the turn in lavoi ol the buyei
Hemp being in short supply has fully maintained oui
quotations. XZt 17a fid a Jtli.'.'. 9s having been made foi
'gfjO bale* of Amei lean dew rotted. Ilidt* nave Improved
?llghtiy in value?noAmeriecn on the matket. In SeeaU
there have been no tiansaction*?price* are likely to
rule low. Tobacco la in fair demand without alteration
In price Lead lu fair demand ,.t i 16 a .?17.
In Cotton ihe market has slightly fluctuated, but oui
lower range ol quotations on 1th but, oss been wi sup
ported, and the sales ol the past week amount to 32 i
bales ol ail sort*. The estimated stock on 13th instant,
being 544 7(0 bales, agn:ti-t ''?>.i I'"II at the cotresponding
period ol last year
In Wool, there is no change to notl. a tan demand
is experienced at rates la* t advised.
Our next quotations will be Indue need by the amount
of amvalron our inaiket. and the course pursued by
Importers on own account, who have been buyeis at
hlyh figuios,?in loreing aalo*. or otherw ise. aceoiding to
their need
In closing our present communication, it msy not be
cut ol place to say. thai we have not been buyers to
the extent of a dollar, we have kepi laith wiih qui
friend*, aud contented ourselves in looking on as Coin
mifsion Merchants, giviug oui undivided attention to the
Interests of our shippeis, undisturbed bj any conflicting
interests ol our own.
In Rond, in the I'niled Kingdom, on loth October,
leto Wheat 98,998 quarters ; Flour, 131,170 barrels.
Waiting your favors, we are your* very rsjspeetfull)
Ilm it Mill kein.
H.war , Nov. I.S.?Coffmu?Nov. 7?On: niaikei, dunng
this week, lias worn a quiet appearance. Ihe spirited chai
actei that u displayed at thecloseofout preceding circular
antlroly disappeared on receipt of the advices ol I6th u.i.
from Iii? other side of the Atlantic, on Saiurday last, by ihe
Bibemla *ieamer via England. The unsatisfactory lenoi
of the accounts from Liverpool, stating that, owing lg the
high prices, uiamtlariureis had come to ihe doWnmnation
of reSuctng the working lime, haa created an unfkvorab e
Impression here, and, coupled with the contradictory .'He.
licence from ihe l ulled Suites n? to the new crop, ha*con
slderabiy damped the trans actione, which have daily been
on an exceedingly moderate scale.
ymember 1Mb.?During this last week a constdeisble tic
Ri ee of dullness ha* pieslded over the coui*e ol business
our market, ihe unceitaiiiiy created In the mind* of Import?
ers and dealers by the aifvicrs of ggd ult- from the I nlted
Slates, which leached us via England, added to the very
flat nature of the accounts from Liverpool, have shaken the
confidence that had hitherto been manifested, and effectual?
ly checked all *|*sculaltve spirit. The great scarcity m
American Inferior description*, which were almost exclu?
sively sought aller, ha* led lo an advance of l 1 In g. We
have lo notice a SSJeof4S2 bale* New-Oi lean*, expected bj
Ihe Uubicon, at f:?i all round.
4rare Nothing of a new feature bas hecurred oithc
to demand or price. The sales consist ol "J lil.ls. American
rotaah, In ioco, at 14p ,'a> lo ii, ami about 1,000 ehls. to ai
rive, niosiiy re> sales, at the same rales, We have torepoi i
a sale of gi> bids. Toarlash. to ainve. ?t f 12 pet SO kit, dun?
lin."!) paid; and a sale tf JS Mus. r.isl brands, SI f4S pel ?
kit. duly lf8 go) psbl.
Leal?This article being vei\ difficult of sale at present.
about 9.0W pin Missouri, which were in the bonded u ires
have been rcshtppea lo New York.
Kiev?rnceaol Carolina had begun lo wea: u drooping
appearance, bin wtihin the lasi few day* a revival bathe
demand has taken place, vv hielt ha? bean productive ol
more thinness La oui quotation* The sale* effected were
"*0 tierces at i 30 SO to 3| for old, and ..i 75 10 sa fbl new
ptxSokU.duty (137,)paid. Our stock amounts to about
l.fKiO t.eice*.
7W/BU-. arc.?The reliction thai has taken place in the
Londoti and Sb Tciersbuig uiaikeis has produced a de
pre?sed feeling here, and pi ices of Tallow have receded
Rom pieviou* ratea
ICSsiiVrVosir?Not the slighiest demand lias occurred in
tsis article since our last report; i>rlces, however, remain
a* before at f i.V> fbrNorth-western,and ?70forScaithere
lew und Flour?The continued rise In hreadstufls in all
umi markets has given an Impulse to the transaction* heie
in Sorelgn Wheat and Flour, price* of which have experi?
enced an advance. The sale* con?l?t of -l.nsi bsxtcditre*
Anieri.-su Wheat, mixed, at 7ef to 7;, and SOu heciolilie*
Kosi.vk at 7|f. g.s per *ack of 200 kiL According to tn?
ottctal return* publishid at ihe end of las: month, the aver*
1^.P,m w-v^y^^g^^Shoul France wa. 26f, 3 ne
h?-ci (a husisfUA s S00 bbla riour, oapected from New
i-.^o ?. .U>'c," "; iUr' " ? pci bbl. The ait,.a:,
were ..a.** 1,1-.*. FI.vu. and .1 SM bu.h W heal frotu New. 1
t? Zx ?I^.VV"?,u,d -U i ^ Wheat from New-York
~ . '^sl'iallon pu-vail, o ?l we helore no
ncci, we, ibererora, quote pi,.-? as prevlouslv ?i, r?,n
J-eachv L,sgw,,xi at IOC M to 11. and St. IVomingo M6f 40
to e.V per 50 hil. duly paid No arrivals. K n "
Sehr* America. Nash. Fhllad Y-.'ini^ \'*n Brun! \ Co
Tioga. Collins. New Orleans. N L McCteady A (
Tacket ship SiUi* iv Grasseo, frn Havre N.>v 2d
mrise. Ui Fox A Livingston. The S De G has N-en in
ils west cd Ssble Island.
New ship Monterey. MeMaalt t. ds tin New Castle Me
iu ballast, to F t. Thurston
New ship H H Bossly, Scobeld 20 J- fm Portland, Me,
in ballasL to Nestntth \ Wal*h Has experienced
severe gales during the passage.
Ship Leonora. Dale 13 ds tm Bo*u>n m ballast, to li
Ogdea. The L ha* experienced severe gales oat the
passage ha* been blown od' twice and was hove dow n
on her beam ends. Nov iNth. Nantucket Scvuth Shoal
rhstance 20 miles, fell in with the sehr KlitaS-th, Capt.
Jlsnservey. 7 d* fct Salem bound to Baltimore, iu a
slnkitts condition Took from her the captain and crew
5 in number, it blowing tresh and * heavy sea at the
nixv*, they barely escaped with what they stvxvi in.
Supposed the sehr must have toundeted ?hortlv after
leaving her.
Bark Neptune. Ooopei j ds im Bcsston, In ballast, to
Bark Amos ratten. McNear. 5 ds tm Hoston. m baliast.
ro mastei
Brig Hayn. Cutu. *j <j, (m Port 4U ,??.,,,.. N>dee, &C
SLA ? ,K?,r, ? S Len Beda Scott, for N York
e v^-t^'^Vl^:cc ^p; a Bishop. NYcck,4daya
scars Samuel K/?^ru Anderacm. do do. Morning Staj
do do, Mary Wilks. NOrleans.vd?y?. ^
Brcg Angora :-aL*bury. 23 ds Im Boost ,?;t to Jroteuh
Foulke -vTc-ons, ves-vsl to Nesimth t\v,'^ iVft n*
Americau v,.?,,:? Pug Cyehp* K*> r^r?^i ,.,'ed%
days prxtious. hvr*orien?sed severe wvathc- ? I
passage, lost stem boat. ?er on the
Sehr E S TowclL Fowvii. 5 ds fm Wihxnrtitoo NC 1
naval stores, dtc. to E S PowelL '
Sehr Catha ne Wllcox, Jone* tm Virginia, ovster*.
Sehr George, Strickland. 5 ds fm Eastport. "n?h and
I ath. to Smith -t T.oynton.
Sehr Swan, Ayres, fm Berlir. com, u> B N Fox.
Sehr Compliance. Lormg. 5 d* tut Boston, to S W
Sehr Ivenown. Loveil. 5 ds tro Boston, to master.
Sehr C 'rneiii. Fauihhn, 7 <is fm Boston, to Dsytoc i.
(LDTtHTHXD I" thv. t*lB'.."r. sy ?ECU*. kirOliXmZjrr,
$ I*, ^tnd fr? it farther matted, ??*????*
And all adveiutemect* made under the order* of the Post?
master-General, in a newspaper or new?p?rp*;r*. cf ketten
u-.n'..e<i for ia any Pen Office, shall be inserted is the F*P?r
or paper*, of tb? town or place where ihe office adv?r..s.ng
may be ai'.ua'.ed. Aocrng !** lar-est c\rrulnk*cm.
; [.Veto f??f r2*i'-' /vr.-. pa:ted Marek 3, IMS.
Li*t of Letter? RemainiiK in the 5. T. To-tOffite,
Saturday, Dec ember 5:
PjT riee** meat.on ntc date 0/ fAz Lisi ft irAt/A fAejr
art adixrtind. "..ADIBS' LIST 1
I Hume*. Mr* Cbariet
iHugier, Mis* Franc?*
[Hache, Mr< Harriei
I Haiagar,. M*.ry
1 Hurley, Mary
Irwin, Klizn
Jnrkaon, >li
[Johnston, Mr* Mary j
'Johnson. Mr* Jerav*
[Jiobhlg, Jain
Klein. Ausiiat
j Knapp Mr, Frances
K a ?. a, Mr* Mai y ?
Adam?, .11 r? J P
Alexandria, Mr* Jan?
a lea, Mr* A boy
Alboruon, Mr* J C
Irn D|. M:?s Ca'hari
Am a. Mr* Harriet
Brndhary, Mr* Adiec JnrU?bn, .'lr? .Hary
Btiley, Mr? Sarah
Baa B MraA
Braunau. Mi?a Lucy
Bune*. Sarah H
Basset, Miss Elizabeth
Beach, Mr* Uuidah
Bedlow, Mr* Julia
I. Mr* Margaret
Beyarn, Mr* Mary
B< toi Mrs E ral
Beets, M.*s El za
Bih Mrs Am Ma ?
B.rd, Mi? Lou?ia
B'xl?a, Ann
Bourn, Mist Emily M
Brown, Mr* Harriet
Brown. Mr* Hellen
BaUfora, Mr*
Bovntun. Mr* Susan
Burn*. Mr* Catherine
Buck, Mrs
Broth Mr, Henry N
BnrooUer, MrtE.ua
Burr.*, Mr* Jlir?'-"
Biysn, Mi?* Martha Jana
Cutlery, Ann
l/a, s'iar.. Mi" Saiar.
C?laner Mary
ler. Mr, M J
Campbell, Mi?s Kiien
Camera**, Mis* Adella
Clark, Mi?* Elizabeth
Cbauerton, Mr* Ca rerilM
Cevaneugh, Mr* Jiih*
Clear kin, Mary
Cl.eaver. Ml** L?ucha
Cbrlaty, Mr? Elizabeth
Cllker, Catherine
I ii ii v. .Mr* Ro?
Cooawav, Ml*a Bridget
Come, Miss Elizabeth
r ... log Mia* Betaey
Cobitt, Mi** Mary S
Colemao, Mr* Abby
Comb*, Mr* Margaret
Goare?,. It"*?
Cornwall, Mr* Elizabeth
1 ?..,,?? ey Mi- M A
Cooroo, Mi*? Mo?*a
Clow. Mm Elizabeth
Cotton, Mr.
Cox, Mr* E
Cueniu. Mi?
Curry, Miss Ann
Curoing*, Mi?* Lou Its
David, ill ra ?I (
Stan, Mi* Ann
? Dayinn. Mr* Sarah J
flay. Maty
Davenj ort, Mr.?
Delaay.Mrt Mary
Deas, Mr? i;-'.?ca
Doyle, Ann
Donovai . Mary
Douglas?, Mi*- Marj E
Dove, M1** Mary Aon
Downey, Mai y
Dowling, Miss Margaret
Duncan, Mi- llestei Ann
Dunn, Mrs Catherine
Duff, Mi* Pi rilop"
Duagsn. Miss Margate!
Ullis. ?lr?
Eai Mrs i B
Evan*. Mr* Emma
Kaist'iliuv, lira Anltn
France*. Mit? M. 2
Fsrnum, Ml** Annah
Feavin. M-s N
Fleming, Catherine
Finney. Mr* Abb f
Fieid. Mr? O P
Pum, Mr*
r itzegeraldi Mi*
^ (gerald, Ml** loanna
F ei' *. Mis* Julia
F eetewood, MrsM A
Foley, Mary
Porn, Mis* a
Gallasvay, Sarah
1 lal eano, Mi? E A
Gs agher.MissB
Oarrlty,Mint Ann
Oleason, Mist Sarah
' 1 1 ecnlief, Mi*s Mai v .1
1 Hi nun. Mn Mariah
Gibson, Mr*
Gilaiore, Mrs
Grover, Elizabeth
Gorman. Mi" Blldget
Graves. Mrs Ahigao
Goodwin, Mi?* J*"?
< iornian, M I am
Hull. Catherine
Hamilton, Margaret
Hau, Ml** Theresia
Hang. Caroline Barbara
llano, Madam
Handiord, Mrs Sophia
Hart, M -? Caroline E
Haven, Mrs Freedooin
ilardv, Mrs Susan
Hau 1 in*. Miss J ?
Hatch, Mr* Matv Jane
i j rally rt. Mrs Mary
I tap. Susan
Henry, Mis
Heslaad Mr?Tuuit
Hensom, Mts Jane
Herrick. Mist Elizabeth
Dernandy, Miss Dors F
Hill. Mn Margai' i
II owell, Mi?s Phoebe
Houston, Mr* Marv
Hollinger, Mr* Caroline
Hosen, Mis* Ftanziska
II -in. Mis Maty
Kelpler, LredrikaLeoo
Kipp. Mit' E uraheih
Kir.g?.ev. Mr*Margaret
K gin, Mrs
Lent, .lira Henry
'Lawrence. Mr* Amelia
Leagrave. M rs H E
I Lending, Mis* Eliz*
Livingston, M.ts Nora
Luce, Mrs >?*g. eaf V
Lyons, M.ts Henr.etta
a... Mr* Mar:? A
Jinry, Enith P
Mai er, Mrs
1 Me.i.ne, Marv
j Milden. MraEttzabeth W
Mitchell, Mit? Margar?;
Mills, I ar. ?na P
MOtloi Mis* E E
Moran, Mrs Mary
Moore, Mrk Emily T
Morris, Mrs C.icia
Morton. Mrs r..:.o;a
Morey Mrs Sarah
Moore, Cvnibia
Morris, Mrs Jh?
I Moore, Miss C B A
iMoot. Mrs Mary
Mount, Mis* Laurie .2
' Mooaghaa, Cat erina
I Mn lllgan. M*ry
, Mule, Busaa Lucio
Obrlen, llnnnnh
< i. ley M st luli*
;Oakley. Jo??r>hioe A G
'?itbwaue. Mi** El./a
Terry, IIr? Anirlin
: Parsons, Mr* Lenora
' P?l:iier. Mis? I.U'_?Ila *.
Palmi r. Mis* Lucil * \
Prentita W? Laora H
: Pr<-*ton. Mis* Nodge
j Powers. Mis* Maryani
1 Porter, Mis* Julia
Parcell, Mi** Eitra
MstcCormincM .flint 5
Mac! ?be
Mac! an, Kl*n
j MacOanna
M . Carty, M.?* Alle*
MacCort.ai. Mr* Satah
MtifCarty. Ma'garet
MaeCnllock, Mis*
MacNIece. Mis* Sar?s
MacSovei Ing, Bridget
Kenl, ?lr.
Baymood, Mrs Mary
Rlueband, M-- L M
H!. bardson, Mr* Sutan
B grose, Mary
Robir.*on. Mr*Mary Louisa
Robigeon, May Lucy L?an
RonaLl.Mr.M E
R ok. Mr* C A ?
Roe, Mi** Vngelinej
Bo?enlani. I'barloot k Julia
Ronan, t stheriM
Ryan, Mrs Mai ?
Mrnll. .lira Alnnzo
Bwalney Margaret
Samuel. Mrs J "banna
Sackeu. Mr* Ann
-.ar.f.o,). Mrs
Sparer. Rebel r?
seegei Mrs Mar gat *t Ann.2
Seixae, >!r* H
5wsen?. Mr* Elizabeth
iShepfietd. Mr* William A
Spencer, Mr* Elizabeth
ISUlick, Miss Elizabeth
Smith, Mis* Su**n
ISlone, Mi?* Catherine
Short. Mi- Margaret
Smith, Mr* Ann
{Smith. Mrs Eli/at ?th
Scon, Mi" Christina
-o;.. 1 M'>, Esther
Squires, Mi - T
Suumway, Mr* Su?an
Tnrgeon, Mrs .! B
ITurner, Mis Marv B
Thomas, Mlti E
Taunassat, Mi?s Abi?
Then*. Mi. Eliza
rreadwell. Mis Mary A
Taylor, Miss A M
rialirr. Hire s?o|iIiIb
I'lsheeflur, M rt
VnrrTj .11 in* E
Ward, .111?? i oiii- -I
Welch. Mrs Maria
Wnrd, Ml** E
Wardsworlh. Amanda
VVelcbman, Mis* Isabella
Wren. Miss Anne
Walker Mi* .1 Sad?
Webster, Mrs EmmaO
Waid. Iv^rs Ellra
Wed'dl*. Ann
Wilton. Ml** Emily
Wilson, Mr,
Workman. Mt* E Jan*
WIU*on, Mi*? Jane
|Wool?ev. Mis Maiv Ann
WUlard, Mr* J
' White. Mr* Emma
1 Wood. Mis* Susan
Williams. Mrs Bet*e\
'1 oiing, [Urn lliirrlett
AdaniSj A K Bro? 11. Thoina* B Church, Charlock
Boylngton, John Cmcheou.Drl.ewis
Brown, E Cummins.Scott
Boune. Ed CulbertJ..?
Brown. Levin Cburcber, John
Ho?man, G Cunningham, J P
Brown, Amos Churchill. Homert
Addiiance, Albeit Brown JohuMaso.n Illiike, Win H
Abbott, Asabel Bonge, Tbogene pade, John
Row en. Oeo Jr
Bin.*. E F
Btiell. Plait
Bucklin, John W
Burnett. Jtrnes (.
Abing ton, John
Acotiih. Joseph
Adam*, Jan:"" 0
Addlngton a. Gay
Adams. \Vm
Ab amowig D
Aha, Augustus
Allen, E P
Allen, Robert
Allen, Joseph .1:
Allen. W ?. lei
Ale\atKler.|tmpor- Bush, C P Ivev
Dailing. Wra A
Dav Henry B
Day, Warren
Day, John G
Day. C
Davoles, John
Dardis. Win
Das ;*. Oeo
Danforlb, Ovo M
Darlii .?. Leandei
Ha- aher.T I.
ter of gloves Burke. Jame
Allen. James 1' Butler. Win
All.es. N h B.ll.le. 1 at>-?
Allen, Cant i( u tell, W m A
Alvord. Besabol Bushy, John
Ames. Horace B
Allen k. Thompson slock
Allen, tlbadiab Brush. Henry
Alvorn, E P Burrows, Thos
Ashley, Mi Burnett, Joseph
Atchlu, James Browren, B F
AUir.soti. Christo'l Bavorley.Rowland Dem.rig. C
Andrew, James H T Dernian. Samuel C
A.uitev,.. Henry Cafiary, Dun Den kson Ca;-i
Anderson, John H Calu.John Edward
Andrews. Captain Camron,Grun*bury Dreyer,PeterII
Charles Crandle, Henry B Dickerton k Co
Anderson, Levi Crank. John..?
Aibiuead,Gu*S Canal. Mr
AndcrelseJaiuesW Craig. Abrm
Attwood,G v T Campbell, W in M
Andrews,JWleCojCnanntnf; Walter Dingley", Levi. 1
Brsutley, W Campbell. Robert Dowling, Edward
Baker. David R Cram, Marshall Dowden, Tho? J ji
Blavklet.FrancisC Crane,J L Doyle,Luke
Bockeler, Orison Campbell. Col Jno Downer,W HACo
Bacbelder.Gilb'tW Cla'k a. Co. Dorr. J A
Rachelder. Jo* ;r Clark, Alooso MD Doug!a*s,Cha? B A
Burchar.l k. Com- DoZaldeDRamon
Del .seiiger. Mich'l
lie Freest, Peiei
He Coster, J N
Degroot, I lenrv
DesbaySi David
Dlkeman, Join
i1 ?inson, R S
Driggs, Nelsoa
Driscou, Elainsoo
Beady, Mathew Clark. Oeo F
Bahcock, John T Chase. Capt
Bradford, Oeo T T Clark, Arvln
Blake, Joan Clark, A
Bakor. LorettZO I1 Claik. Tho?
Bailey. C S .V. Dt Carpenter. Rev
Nealol Hugh Smith
Brainard David A Clarke. John
Btannrti. Luke
Barrow, E \V
Baifour. C D
Banks. He: ia
K skew an, Lhas
Chase, Nicholas
Douglas?, Thos M
Doug'.a?s. \Vm B
Dool itkSsMatth'wJ
Dudley, Wm
Dutant. Beniamiu
Dulwai. J W
Dunne, John
Caapln M W \ Co Drury,Tb< a as
Carpenter. H Dunn. John H
Carmine.Chas Dyer, Henry
Claik. Walte: Rot D.n.ap.W I
:.i Cap! Cal Crapper, CapiWB Dykeman.Ton'ulut
BsJxer.Chaile* [vm Canet. A M
Baker, Sylvestei C Clark, Wm
Barton, Rev f A
BaiiM.Kob B
Baines, Octaviu*
Barron. Mi
D.inn, Wm O
Dyer, H \V
Dnnun, Jame*
Daunev. Kl.tf
Daryea. H P
Donee, Andrew
Clatk. r. K
Carries. J J
Caller, llenn \\
Chase. Albert S
Clapp. Capt J M
Car low, v. apt Alfd Dvarlatis. N
] Battled, James K Clapp, Thos Kdgnr.Johil
I Barth ii Sha? Casemeut. H Egan.JcvhnM
' Barllett. Isaac L Chnner. R. belt Earl*. John
BalleiilinaAodoiittf Cleveland.Wiull.'.' ElliSoa.JohnS
Bay:??. James M CiearwalerAd'mN Eberman, DrSam F
Basieilo. Ne.s.-:i CrttieodenAretusS Eige. Ph.lip
Bat.--.vn. Haivev Cine*. Patrlek Ebbart?. Washm n
Bay Us WmEP Caluendeoai Hotchl Eaton Joalah
Bray, M J, M D ' kisa (Eatoa, J Humbun
BedeJd, Joan Cluford v Chase. F.. ?worth. Hage
Bedeil, Cornelius Cobb. Richard G i Ellis, Geo B 11"-?
Beatv, Jame* Common*, Bryan Embrrv. John
Bes-d?lee. H B Conner.Francis W. Evans. Francis
Beirne, Petier Conlev.Jo.hu I English. C?arle*5D
Baker. Henry CoUins.D.vugias-M Ervfig Joshua 5
Beckvv ?nh.Jajr.es L Colton, WBACo Erjg.esb?e. Jame*
Beard. Ira t Crorflbin. James Fisher, (?eo
Bent. Henry jCorrack. Janie*
Brvvtxirt. Isaac B iCcnklin. John T
Beunen. Martin tColioa. C f
I Berw la, Loot ICoonell. f\V
Belcher, Morrison Colby ks
Be .' [M Cole, R C
Bresiaw. Jatr.es C Con -:-v, ' o
Bennett. Job I wold
Beo'Mum. Tbotna* c"..?... ->. Patrick
Berley, W m G Coruerfbrd. Rre
1 Bernhardu?, M- Eugene
Fr?ser. JohnH.-J
Fraweri. Christian
Fcastcr. John R
Flagg J e.- Cr
FaRsar. C w
Frane. Rot*tt
Farisy, H S
Faywealher. Per'
F.ander*. Ssrrv
BaSaSOO,Devirte Coneiver, Cyrengs F?\ ar.-er, Chas
Benson. Becj P [CoDtna, John J Fay, llennrJ
B*rrv, Samuel Cockran.Capt W L Fieetn*:. Tbineas
Btlltnguaa. Job." .M;Col;*.n*. A F k J 11 Fe... Gee
Bi ll. Henry I Con. Dr B B Freeman. Wni
Bingbam. A 'Cole. John
Bllveo.-J W Cook T-^ ,n^>
Butuu. Davtoo jCornhul k. Son
Bitten, Roomt iCrotsnian. TJ
Bnncherhoa*. [CSjsler.JN
lAbiaut Cornish.John
Bixbv. JohnS 'Cosgrove. Wm
Bogart, Arth?.- J
Brau street. Wm
Rvsigiactoi;. Oeo
BoKn, Jch-i
B"i??. o \\
ei-rvr. P E. _
Freaadetunck i.Gvl
Featoo. Geo E
Field. Ed ward., g
F.ire. John J
Fri?e, Jc>hn J..I
Frith, Ctu-itiopher
F.-n. Randall
Co.-neL A. Curtis, .2 FiLtgera'd.Antho v
' Cross, Wm Fox. John
Cothier, Wm S... Forhea, A H
|C.i-uther*. C*Ft
Bwraeraly.llermoa'Cowen. R-berl Fowler. EphraimD
Bomatster. H !Clover, Wm . Foster, Derick D
f ^ks,.Nicholas : Cockrtvft, Sam ! Forsvth, Joseph
I'e0-- ^-eaard ICox.Edw.nB I Fowler. Frank
1 Bees. Chariea D , Cox. J <m?s Hoga-' Ferrv. Wm
I r^1ij,o;!:!Au iCrowiej. AarocDrFox,Jsaxtsrdal]
?owert, Ja-i?? h Jcculjar Do.? ?"-?ajer. A D
Trm.tr. Aaron iLor^rori, N StMirr.^ 3 t C,
Fo e?. Btsjtostn La-wry. C W Swen.Captfoseph
i.niro. Stephen Long worth, W I Sinai Lenmei
Gaines.'Cssr.ee C L'.^r:>. H-w
Gainer. H? nrj Bitowe, Jan - C
Gapner, Dan..i iLocaa Robert
Lu ??.-?- S T' .-.
Lyle. Thorn**
'Lurch. E ?
Lyf E G
Irraa&in. G W
Gardner, J?b.n D
Graham*. John
GrsntCaptDtvid.: Lyon?, Job
Sail : Byron Lymsa San
Gat".' at Francis FIX
Gray, Isaac iLjoa. Sylvan
Satety, M
Gay. N D
Gay.ord. Hirarr.
Gray. Oriacdo
Grav. Jereniiah
Gray. Dr Wm
Green. Jan;??
?-<-- i:-s
H..- .
Stan wood, G-o P
Swaa.Wm D
5-.&w. Robert
;r.ar-. r
Swartey, John
5hew. A b
S a erUvLefaye A
Staple?. Geo
Madden. E -warfJ ;.r. ... .a (red
Madew. Heary u ^??.-e,.. punl;p
MaggoSey. John
H ? ? ' Laarer.?
Magarge C x. E R
Mairt. John
George. J osepb H M ^, Theed ?
Sean-cn. ri M
Si.*.idoa. H 0
Spence. Win
Sevmour. Sara J
Seiaeffie. Mr
Green. No*.-. Htv. JameeWebt t.'..'Xbo* L
Gregory.James D Ml?,. Caarie. ,^;^e.. Rev Wm
Gear, G ?Me-viott.W.lliast? 'Ut
Ginge, D Fran Marln-r S^pneaM ^^.p..-, J R
i it tale: S* ?
Gehrelt, G
George. W m
Gregory i. Co
GLbert, J
Oilrvr- J?ha
Giiharri. Wm
Gilbert. E M
Gihb?. John
GiJmour. G?o
GBddbt), S R
Grisvold, Aaron
Orhtrd, An J 7
Glvin, j C k w Ii MeHmrn. John
Gittson, G i_ _ Mead, W K
Ms-saah.w iseman 5jeTeMOo.Gnai
May by. Jacob i^.vens. M:io
Msa-e. Harrnea T - f<;r Wm s
;Mattoon.Jofea '?Serman. Isaac
MarjTi?,Jota LO ; ?, j s
M,?w* C ? - ji^er.Wra H
J '"-'1-" ' - ervard. Jonathas
Snepherd. Cnxrle*
S.m-rs. W rr. L
Simon. John
Siai. Wm
ISchmidt, Jnllaa
S .r^x. Par. H
I St?h Geo
Meyer. John
Meseervey, Joh;
Meday, CH
Mea?i:in. Mar*.
Merriv. M
Goodwne. H F
Goi". A
Goble. Albert W
Geadelt J?rn T
Gould. Harry
Me g- . ? ?? N ,, ... , * 1
M???a A:.:?.. ? Charle*
Merre Rrary. J 1" Bdward
A.eisn- g^mner, Sadsaniel
:?- T
Goodw.n.CpnaiineIM ...
Miggins.Pelrt k
Millen, Adam
Monies. Nicholas
Milcheii, Thomas
M era, Waib r J
Mltcbels, John
Gertach, Wm
Gordon. Alex
r,.,uid. A J. Jr
G,r.n. BL
Gjoery. Win
(rinn. Lewis C
Untnilton. A
Hall. Jame? M
Hanson. Joseph
Iii:- (I
Hh... Ktwari
llalket, G?orte
Haraer. DeideriCJ
Mall. 0 F
Ha'.gh. W B
rJalsey, Jaa.es B
Ha . W S
Hari, Mem moth B
Mar?.-. Enoe?
Harris, Thon u
Harvey. Henry
Harmen. Henry
Harnev. F
Hart, rteophnis T
Harrop. John
Hft. Jehn
Hartley; John
Harper. Robert A
Harvey, Henry
Haswe JsmesCU ^I ,n,,,n .\.?-'"
Hayes, .?-iml
Hawks D K
. seTras
Sniiil.. James
Sinorn, Geo
Sinitii, Aller. B
Smith. Henry
Ifekln. Robert b Smith, Jeremiah
M.her. John T. Uw-.in
MitcbelL J R
.' 1 . . J V
Mills '.eorge L
Mix.Thomas N
Mil er, Horatio
M ffette, Ja:i:'-?
Morrison. Albert
swain. John L
j Smith. Samuel
Smith, Mlefcae.
Smith, l) Oras?
[Smith, Dr J L
[Smith, Mose?
'Stock. John Y
sr. ,tg-a??. J ""? F
Munr-e*. Nathaniel ^ w M
iStrong. Geo
iStorTi?.Edward W
I Scott. J si
'Spooner. Allen
Snow, David. Jr..Z
Stove?. Charles
Moam, William
Morgan. E A
Morion. Dr
Molt, G S
Moore, Thomas
Morse Samuel A
M ou iton^Ed ward SI g^'j ^ces"
Morey. Lev; !j?per, A D
Morse. Horace [Sommers. Wm F
Mosby. DanielS Utxyker, P J
Mo-arte John Souares.AVffl R. 2
Monro-Xhapmin.- ^.??^^^ tjr jc,hr.
Schryer. Jacob Al
he rt
Havermant. R*v PIJ?^r gam Henr v H ??^^?ld^sniS
Hayden.GeorgeM Morrow. J '
(lagan. John
liavnes. John M
Heynes-, W
Hedges. St-phen
lle.frerhl. Clir
Hessler. John
HemstreelJohnW ;M?rev,'Wiiliam
Hernander.Loradj Mnrphy.BJi ard
Henley, Henry w tj l
Henly, H W MuUang. Patrick
Henry, J"hn IMurphey, Hugh J
Henry. John IMyers, Albeit
le?U,' n.v
Morgan, fl
Morton, M
.r, b k
.; r Tntc, Hohen
Moses, JscohJ Trask, Edwarrl
iMoss. James |Tappen. Char.e? B
Mnloy.Tim Taibot, < hartes r
Mulladrv, WUIiarn Taylor. Geo
M . ? ? Patrick Taber. Thomas
Taylor, Thoma? W
Taylor, A J
lavlor. RJ
Taylor. Th":nas W
Tafl. Geo c
Tap,'. John s
Tan. A A
Tamer, John F
Tenney. Clinton
Tj..: . Samuel
Henrv.John Jam-?: M" r,r.<K. [)SVid
Hempel DrJnIlusA|i,ru)rk?,icEver
HewiiMnofNat.h-|Mlimfl(rd, Benj'n
eri I Ooddard
Hetbei "gi"nJ??Bi^iu;fnir) pSVjd L Tempi?. John A
Heymanii.Mnrtt/ L. ._... Tiste, John J
Hei snce, Wn S \* K . , pler.WC
Heisund. a.? Newcomb,A< ourt Tu;? Msrll:,
Hlckox. William ..'a'1'1 _ , TillinghasLRevNP
Hills, Di Saml r""v
Higgins,WUUrdS ;V'-"?- R:",,*'"
Hill7William H ^"?w,<
S-.?on A.ev
NeviJJ, V\ m U.
Hitrhork. Eli
Hogg. John O
HogU Charles
Hodes, lo-mgas
Hogs Is et
Holt. E D
Holmes. Thos M
Hoage, Sidney W
Horton. G G
Hough. Dan! S .2
Hopkins, Edw A
Hopper, Samuel
Hoyt, M C
How ??: i '1 .1 o-iall
lie.*ar-1. Jo?-ph
T;t?-.> .nh.Rudolph
Tift, A F
Topping, lames T
Thomas. Charle?
Tr >?.? IdgeNaihan
r,ea,. Augusiin" TbOmpson,DrJohn
Nimmons, Samuel Tbompton, BeP,
Nixon. Beniaimn ^^??p?^, ?enj C
N.. k-:? <n.Iam??A:TI,.,r ' hnn ???
Nixon. Samuel
Trtoragbon, Geo
Thomson, Geo C
N : nor U .,11am T|J1,:, .U s?:irn%P
Noble. Johns iT.vrrev. I.anard
Northl 'p.T B
Noit.>n. Charles E
Nooney. D M
Noyet, Bern
Nlrgenr,Edward B
N'v. Mi
(Irr, K?ln \V
Toiten.Mrlol Eng)
Trowe. Frank
Thomas, T
Tow n?lev. U II.
lard H
Thompson, Capt
Uowlen M B ?rr, row xx wudsT
Hovettk Co. Wm [Ggden. Th?ms? L Thoini?.John W
H.".?ten.|irJa,A..' ?; ? ?-'.""^ ?' iTowlev, Le. ia. i)
Hotchkin, Sam!
Howe. Man. in
Hoyt. Levi
Howlei!. John
Holmen, Cat I
Houpt, saiu'i J
Homes. F B
Hughes, Jon.ua
Hughs. Ja.?
Ituishait. Uaiah
IIjiI-v. H W
Obrien, JohnS Ifu'iv"Vatrb k
ubiye,,. Barnard TBMerer) cmj ni?r
Oconner, Wm
|Ogden..l B
lOli.er. J C
(Oconner. Wm F
lOsborn; William
Overem, George r
'o?iran lei. P H
JO'Sullivan, John
|0? net of ihe Ship
Hol en Ji !.'r,MI- }[?
11 ib9sT'l .1 i
Hutted, Tbos s
Huntley, Asabel
Hunt. Hbokei L
raiser. Rev .1(^1
I'arker. Sidney
Packard. Ransoa
facker. Dan
Hutchins,GUberi B ^ "-? r 1
Hull, Jacob
Parker, Amasa J
' Plan, Jonathan
IPamplin. W
Platt, Wm F
Pease, Caleb
IKiW'c"? P VeJsoV.'Edward
Ingo Isbj Fatkoi P?rce.ThosSsiCo Terren,A
p,a. - Peisset.s.M iVanstavnr. Jos
Ingraham, Abijah iPeiser.SM
Hudson i W righl
Hyde, .lames W
H?ichmg?. W F.
Hubble. W W
11 illng, T B
Inues. John
iTiull, Robert
Turner. Joseph F.
Turner. Charle? W
Turnet. George
iTudoi. Jacoiv
Tuuell. Hubsid
Turner, H w
Tin k-r. Capiam
? leorge w
TureU, L?v: w
Oncerj P
Cni. James
Underwritera of
ihe bark Canton
Varney, John 9
Ventoo, Daviu
v'eiierle, Lorenz
Vosburgb, Rohen
l Uli ring, K W
Vondersmith, Jo
l?erh F
Vallioti a Co
Irw in, Jones
Jackaon, F H
lai ks, n, sv ' ?,
Pease, Sheldon
|Va-e. T P
. i're: .,, Ah
Jack?on!RevWn G \ ' .
Jausen. Egbert
Jaqe?. Mi (segai
makei i
I nine.-., (i W
Jaques. Francis E
Jenkins, Geo
Janes. IVm W
Jeny, Pstnck
Jenas lames
Pr?nlice. KP .'
Peudleton. Capt
Premiss. Joshua
Peon, Fedio Riva?
Peterson. Josesh
Peto. James F
Poi kins, Richard
Prescott, Geo W
r,well,"?realey b|PM}?P?jKciwa.d
lenkii ?..\ exander _!?U??IP1' Ku,!...
Jenks, U 4. E l*ine. l.co,geW
Johiison.MnBioa.l- George
wav) m. .ppo.ii. A H
Johnson. Ja.? .11 I e,ee i-e.uge
Johnsou.ArlhurL.gi'J'Pvr a Me.,?a>.
JObntOn, CbsM ;etce. Joseph
Jockmus.John Powers, George T
Jon-s. Stephen W 1 oner. C!
jenes, Robert ?'"""'"L?
Joi es, T H
Jordan. John Jt
Jones, CaMn
Jordan, IIIrani C
Jones, Luke R
Jones. Jos iah
Kellostsr..! I?
K. egan, llaniei
Keere, fiw
Kellv, John
Kesl'e, Patnck
Ke. igg Angus,... Mcl*
Kea.-h. Joseph J .Mci'ah
Poland, Thomas
Poiter. A E
Pope. W LG
Powell, W 11
Pow ell. c
Veal. W .lliaii)
Valentine, Capt
Vogle.F [Henri
Van Duser.Jaine'D
\ aiiDeyke.Jam-sC
Vant Pelt, William
I an Noslraml.John
Vau Biaun. Jos b
Van Vauiking
I an /andt. lamet I)
Van I alkenburgh.
Van Voorbies, C W
\ an Pell. AugUS
[tu* W
Walt, \V
Walt,, idge. Geo B
! Wahler*. Dleruk
Waiter, F W
Walker. A
Wainw righi.Os r F
ti SJjxinS, Fred N
W alkoi . Seth
Walsh. Owen
Warn. W
Warbnry, J
Warner, F./ra A
Waters. J
Polk, Right K-v L j Wa d. J B
Plowden. Edm'd G W'atennari. Thos
Punier. John
Putnam, Sam R
Putnam, Geo P
HcKrsy, 'I
j ihn T
Kelsej J ?saihai <: MeAdam, Hugh
Keiicanno.i.CoiAA M -Dermotl. John
Kreryer, C iMcCle.an-i.Tfco* F
Kein, Jas R [McDonough, John
I Wa.kms. Jam-.-* T
IWarren, Horace
I Waagh, J ames
I ^'i,nn, B F
W?r,en. F D
iVard. Edw aid R
Warner R X C '.
Weher. F
Welsh, Johr.
Webtier, Rufu* b
keoBgli. Richard j McDonald. Alex C; Webber, John
KemmlelJt EmorylMcCalL Theodorr Wellingum. F E
Kent, Capt Wm " iMcBeth, Poit^rt lWeek*k Robinson
Kendali.J E McMamesEdward|Wells,Allen T
Kemp. Charle* j.McNully. Pail Weddel!. Jame*
Kemp, R Crosbj -McManu*. James [Wbesder. Andrew
Keyes.SethC ' I McFelragerRoben
Kci.nrv. s.ias C McKenna, Francis
rvnlckerWker, tl McQuotd.AVm
Kianer, John
Kingslev, H B
King, Charles
King. Jno D
Kunbali. Alonso
Kohl, Anon
Kulm. David
KnmmeL \ H
.McKrr.ce.v. Wm
McSei rani Thomas
[McNighl, John
McQnade, Thomas
Mclatire, Andrew
1 McFberson, John
Week*. S-.rphsin
Week*, Edwt :.
Webber. John F
a ?d U kind.FWC
Whelpley. Sam M
Welsh. A'i?tede?
West, Stephen
Wescoi. Joseh D
Wesley, Wtn
Werfohl. John
nummei, x n MCirvamc, 1 ue.-v. ??
Laoe?Timothy McFtrlane.Francis Wlabt.A
Ladley,Cbarlea i.McVey. Peter [Wlflisms. Alfred
Laforest, Charles '.MrtJuUe. Capt JaslWUsoa, F C
Lava.... a r td Mcllvaine, Henry W iggtns DrHLK
Lahre'.erMriSea.ii McKav.John
st. Mel ej. Robert
Lam Michael ((ulu. <>? en
I.aness. Charles Iguacsvrh-sh. An
Laveny, James ; ibony
Li ireno Tbotnas Jtnxv. J
Lake. Ii Rathway. David
Laurence. Henry 'Rawden. Laihrop
lofObio) 1 Raymond. J D
Lane i. C" Re?k.Dorath*
Laurence. Wa.terK Rielly E iv>?.- j
Latusr.Augiisuis P Reeve. Harrison
Lansing. E A Retumg: ::. Rev
Lamarcptcuot. Mr: Stephen
Larsson. Charles Reiley, Jeremiah
Lane. Thos Henry Reading. Daniel K|
Law yet. John S Kedway. G M
Le Croaier, Ge-.- Reyuor. E.: a.. L
Leftagweil, Orris- Reed. H 11"
tophm Rea?aaw . Wai Jr
Lee. lix.-d.ng i. R.c?*..' . :.? ? x i
Joae? R.charo?. Ben W
Leagbtoc. Chs H a. F.-edcr k|
Roc*. ElisaaH
Rjg. Sam ami '.'
Ricarooao Edw.a
Rise.-. F:u?.*
sine; Charles Wt ?->-i a Stores
Lecteec, Ge.,
Lee. W.^liiat
Lew is. Jacob
Lew L| \. Co
Levengsu SN
Lesley, C i Geo
Lecrov. Dav.d
L-w.s. Jao W
Lennox. Thomas 1
A 111 sii.s. M--eses
vi son, F C
Wilson, F C
IVTrfall T'.oirs.?
Wllitam*. Chas E
WHaon, W
tVrigbt, Paul F
Wilft*, Am.ai
Wright. Geo
Wilson. F C
Wilson, Mr
Whuaev. S
tt ? CapiThos
WBcox, E fc
IVricbi, CaptT
Wilson. H R
W i, ica*. Jofca
Hew *rd
a rig i. PC
W Ls? v. John
11 . \.:.. 11 ..a::
W .. tats., x Da? ig?
IVi.cox. E-lmo-.a
Wiciieaiad. W
W'iison. Wra H
u g k Keboe
tv.*er. r.??>*.* ?? a..? g ^ ar.j
Rgchardsos. J 11 W miaev. Ms; C
Ring. Wald [Wiue l. D
R:e.'.v. Terrance
.Rhodes. J- ha
Roberts. Charles
Lenthal:. WmJoha Ro Ma*. Wra R
Lintge.. Wra
Lianel.. H
L man a, C.
Liadigs- T:.- H
r gers, G w r
Rogers. A G
Rcobsson S?. -?
IRcseris. Jean C
Rodger?. Geo
Liadbeiaier. IsacklRobbin*, Ohvar S
[WTxsoti, A>er.
1 Whi.i-ai '.-e. Rau
! hea
White, Er-a K
WctweL. Uenry
! V\'oi>d. Jam-* S
Wordi Hear.
; Woicou-jOnver
i Wood*. John
Wolevs. N K
ISoger?. J.-.epfc W Wo^-.lec. A T M
Rhedes. Ca?* W-olf. P-ter
tRidiag. L
IRomevc. J*ir.v? R
Rolie?. Oho
Wood, Wra G
xv ii -Ga;
Ulis, P*mciv
Litiletieki. Joh a
Littel!. Joseph
LtangMOB, L R
Lipiaan. C F
Ledge La Sine - MS, H A
NoK|Ro*ax,Dt E H
do Warren " iSi Russell. Capt
do N \"ork " 10 Ragg'.esJcha Rata Youag?. Tactass
TeatLafavette.N.x.*. ben Yate*. Aithnr
OraaselVviaioaN.-,R.?*r. ,RobC 1 sang, E isfaa s
IrSofT Russell, Dorr , Yoaag.Chandier C
LorsToeJ. F A R.si.-a.VaDe ,/.legier. Johns
Los?k-. S SalKburv.CPI C.e*Mxe
t\ yen. Peyton C
ix yckoff. ?iex
Vbunsj. Jame*.
Ladies' Prarl. Larr.soa, s. Co, Publtsbers
New-.York Pearl. S S Jtuaia-, Editor C
New-York Moa R",-" r.-r Joa.rc.xl
Smith. Horaics x. E WS- Osna in Oam^-?
hsg?s I
d U B H Cntfr.d-s. ? Lt Ru?e*li. Lt Jobs
Baldwin. Lt J S W =.-3 _ _ >^nsnc=J; L:s G
C-_r.i=.. Wm. . Lamed Ma; s r v, ?-->'=: ksi;
Biantee W L .BfKBer, Anajawfarwie, Lt L C
-?>.??-?: . ? - ?v- w *v --r ri- M. ?
Ciar*. Der.e. J:-'* Ei?ar: , .tsaJ.
Cortii L; J W Kina .". *erwB Snsl
D CM, L: Frei E Lambert-D B Tayle ? T M
E.d L U?ur-.- . Mas L: WO tam ? ?t?en. Lt Ju M
Gal op, ru/p Magroder, O-ctGA.? P?fE
Gardner. ComvVH Mou.d-u. William. W?.;?. L: Creorj.
Greet:-. Lt -Prouiv. L: Cabeti >? ffc#ter. Lt Jno
Gr*?T)?H-rm*n W Paee. William H I Webber. John
GiIIjc. Sanra*l Philip*. Ctiarie* [Wilson. Edw-.n
Haie. H E Qaags. Wil'iatn |" i!too. James
- ; ;.- N t-. .-t. iv..i!l U-kits*. M
Ke.-.M.-U ElUol 3 Rodulpb. Car" C W ttttpn, E..--s
Jitbia-finbccr (?!jo5s.
IM BHtK dOOP?. - sPatentEl?*
a, tic Braces, warranted perfect and /vif length
10,000 p%;r? Men's and Misses' and Children's imported
: DM rat.-' Men * M'tCc O-ersboea
Lena " LaiI'j*' ?' Buskins.
l.imn ?? ?? Slippers.
Ijajfj .- .. ?? Saada..*
A.? ?> a .ar?- a??ortrn-st of every description of air-t:g-t
and water-proof Oocwu in nse, for sale in any Guantltie*.
on favorame irr-i. bv the Newark lidiap.usber Ma-tufac
taring r . 1, Ma: l-r.-'-.ar.e_ol.' if
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Va over?r. mamiJactared from Oo^dyear - rated
Metallic :-.::% R . perfeet-y iexib.e ta the coldest
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It may b? well to add. by wav of explanation, tiiai the -'11
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Patent fHeuirines.
thc m05t
A C u ?" * well n l "h Miraculous.
II"-" CALLED ??' ?' ree e wTeel
1 v r.amr-i James WycJtoo* newja veers aid, ihe *on of
Peter Wjck?vd. a farmer V Clarence, Erie Co. N. V. The
5m Jam**, when rW* year* old. S?ia; attacked by measles.
? i? ?one :han murdered by a dceseof caicmei prescribed
for sad seal to rum i without a vi,;:, ?cd probably without
a know .edge of h> disease!
He becsrae deal", dainh and blind, to. the midst of unieter
ml ted a=d fearful UJrtare*; and a: ier;-b was ievilved,
by liu.e**siil an1 dreadful ulceraiions. of tu? lei;* and arms,
writer*. r*r;a.lv dropped od trom Si* agonized body. Hi*
r.o*e. palate, ac- were
a- ? g . iri ;? n? asi .r?-:e''-rtnt.y N-jocd ail poas>
K - .->?!. " :e rrvss . t g-v.-i-.-lics cor.' igr 1
period of Sore than ten year*, during which he was unabie
... . _ - bed. "-a: w**re out ine weary hour* a* t**?t be
could ;n an easy chair. That _
aad lived in cunstaat expectanon of it, need hardly he
dated, aor that he eajoyed from time to time the attention
cf ?eve'al of the best ph'vsicians of Erie County?all lo ao
? irpose At length, ia "l?ll. e Buffa!* pbractan. purely as
*ptec<* of banter, proposed 10 two of his brethren, who
had iust returned from visiting the sufferer, that C. C. Bris?
tol, the oruggist. whose
?ras ?., puffed in the paper*, should be induced to try it*
rirtue* upon poor Wyckoff, a* there was no tope of b:<
living many day*, at any rate. The proposition was made
lo Mr. B. and though he had himself hardly a hope upon
visiting him. or" saving the maimed hoy'* life, the being
then leaf. dum*. b!:n.i of one eye. three of his limbs ?Tone,
an :'ac>.' eaiec aw ay as w e have staled, and what w?* left
of him a mass of dlceratloc and agony, he yel received to
make the attemp:. a.-.d Aui make it. and" ?: the end of a year
?o far as .1 is possible that be should :-e. For the five y-ar*
following, he has en'oyed all the health which is compati?
ble with stich a frame. He eats heartily, stump* about on
h'i? fragments of legs, sees with one restored eye, con
vr?? *;:r-. in-l lake* ar. interest .-. whatever ll gdtng
on around him. He is hereto ver.fy the
of tlie cure wrought ;n hi* case. Thai me Extract of Sar
ssparilla prepared by Mr. BdstOlta an exceedingly valua?
ble rerredy, we have long ago experienced and borne te*. .
l.inony. and tf the si^!.-. of this poor v .cum car. but be ren?
dered subsets lent to the purpose of creating or diffusing a j
??.-re genera] horror of ike carelessness w-.ta which calo?
mel and kindred preparations are often dispccsed by phy- |
sicians. his life will not have been preserved in vain. VA e :
would advise none to look at htm from motives of curioei- !
iy only?the spectacle .s ;o>i painfully revolting?but those !
who have relative* or:":.end* suffering from u'ceraliona, \
kc especially those produced by calomel, should not fail to j
see him and be assured of the practicability of a cure. We
make this ?taiement necessarily from the representations J
of others, but they are persons whom we know, and ia
whose integrity we haee reason to place implicit reliance.
- IN. Y. Tribune.
Alto from rAe .X". V". Morning .Vrtr,.
Although it deprecates exhibitions of such a character, |
is nevertheless forced to acknowledge the
iMraorea Exmamoss.?Exciting sympathy by expo*- '
inrj to general view malformation* of the human form, t
crippiep limb*, i.e. is exceedingly improp/r. and. for more |
rea.s..ns than one, often very hurtful. We are prompted 10
these remarks by the
produced by seeing tie remnant of humanity preserved to 1
a miserable Imitation of life, by a certain spec.nc medicine, j
which, we leant, is very henerciai in its results. We a!. '
l?de to the .'mni of a hoy lately spoken of in the paper*? I
a trunk with on!v?neaim anii a head, to behold which,
thrt?s the spectator with "the most scute horror. We beg
the pr.x.vTor* *f usiortursie bey to seclude him from
: the public gage. Many persons?weak, fragile females la j
' particular?would be inevitablv and Irremediably ruined
W> deeply deplore the poor creatun-'s IrJhrraillO*, v*. ... pity
htm from the inmost tecessesof our hearti and we make j
these remarks with an eye single to the welfare of society.
Frew tar /Wily 'Hohr.
Passing Ibreugb fie Park on Sanirdxy afternoon, we ?
were attracted by a crowd to visit one of the most tuisera- 1
ble human beings we ever behel 1 or heard of. He is mute. .
maimed, deprived of both his lips and one of his arms, bis i
nose and ear*, and mm-, part of Ins head. The following I
- the account given in a pamphlet, which stair** hi* lament, i
able case . He wa* burn in the town of Clarence. Kr:e
Couniy, in this Slaie. .m the 22d of April, 1828. In April.
1331; when :n robust health, be wa*
and took cold Medical aid was ?ummored. bnthegrew
worse,' baanimate, and a decay of Intellectual and bodily
tacultie? commenced. He gradually became deaf and
blind. In ihe September following iilce-ation began, par
licularly tn the right arm. L'nul the ?princ of IBtM he te
inaiaed prcuy nearly m the same stale, w hen the ulcers
spread so wtt dm cars, nose, palate, uppet :ip and paitof
the upper jaw-were successively! eaten away. The I aease
appear* to have stood still.til! the spring of I'll?, but the
.r boy's sufferings must, during this Interval of three
and a half vears,
In the moolh of March of the same year, gangrene en?
sued,and "one after one hie iunhs decayed and dropped
oil like dead branches or! i living tree The legs were
1 both severed about four inc'ne* below the knee, and the
r.ghl arm about midway between the elbow and shoul?
der. In spile of all the skill of eminent physicians, the
until the beginning ofSeptember, tiMI. when it was mlraeu
kmsly arrested by bis commencing taking " Rn-ioi's Sar
saparilla. when Rnsiol himself, and every b.*dv else w ho
had s.*en ihe child, though! that ll." !?!??? of a cure by bis
nvediclne or any otbei wasabsord. Nevertheless, suang"
as it may appear, before he had taken the hist bottle
At mis time, (the l'hh ofSeptember.) u must he tetnem
hercd he was deaf, mute and almost blind, (entirely of one
Oy? . | 'he riml of his month, hi- uppe* aw an.! no," were
all gone, both Iiis legs his right arm had been ampu?
tated, and his whole body wa* covered with ulceiou*
?ores. The
however, continued, and.the faui" of ihe child'* gradual
amendment gained a free ?ud wide notices and p-opi*
wem to see fl>r themselves, for mii", around, that ti was
not a di*c?lt and delusion Meanwhile the cure went oo.
: and afier taking II bottles oi tie- Sarsaparille,
so fsr at health is concerned. He is ?tili mute, maimed,
deprive! of three or four of his limbs, halt his senses. no-.e
and ears, and a greal par! of his head, bui be is now . ana
ha? ler? for above tour years in complete health, eat* all
kinds.;' food v.,-\\ a good appetite, sleeps sound, and i?
every way r igged and hearty, "f a verity we may say
thai" /mifa It .I.B.igri IVirt r'irfioi."
James WyckotT. son of Peter Wyckoff. a p<>or and honest
farmer of Clarence. Erie Co. N. V. i* n?w gn years old,
having been f..* 1* years ihe victim of cslamiries such as
rarely befall a human being. When five year* old he was
taken suddenly very ill, and hi* faih*r hastened at night lo
the nearest doctorfs r?r advice and remedies The doctor
supposed il w as a ease "I common cold. <le.. .Hied to . :?lt
him. and sent rum a
Instead. It proved ihat the boy's atflicr.on was MEASLES,
and ihe calomel look tearful effect upon his frame. Through
, prostration, paralysis an.1 syncope he was brought to UM
enure suspension of the fscullie* of seeing, hearing and
?peaking, and von ihe most frightful uicerallons over his
whole system succeeded, ie?uklng in the desiruenor. of
both hls'leg* aud one anu. which dropped or! :u-t be..,-.v
the kuetlsand elliow, aftei years of agony. His nose, pal
Finally. In 1844, certain Burtalo doctors, who had been vis?
iting him. proposed, in joke, thai, a (rial tn his case should
be made of Bristol'? Saisaparllla, of whose iniracul".!*
I cures so much had been blazoned in Ihe papers. Mr. Bris?
tol accepted the banter, though with little hope ihat there
GOttM he any recovery in so frightful a case when deaih
w a* apparently at the door. bill he made the effort,
' >uo year from hi*coanmencemenl the boy ?raa wait, thouirh
minus both legs, one arm. his nose, paiale, and a good part
of hl? face, bereft of hearing, utterance, and blind of one
eye. He has been brought lo this city, au I can be ?een by
any ooe who chooses, but so revolting a spectacle that we
wisuld advise none but the diseased or their tuend? to loo*
ai him. (New-York Sun.
Is Just now to be seen at the Franklin House, on Stabs-st, it
j is nothing less than a
j who was nearly eaten up by scrofula,from which disease,
I he suffered for i-lever, years." Ww ne-er ciei.d nave be.iev.-d
I that that frightful malady would yield lo curative msans,
I after making ?uch destructive tnroad? up'm poor humanity,
j did no: a living living, now apparently healthy, attest the
I fact. It appears the cure w?* effected bv
I Our medical raen.as well as the incredulous of ail classas.
should call and see ihn strange tigtit- | Roth. ?. Adv. ]
F on (Xr Btffnlo 1'ommercnd Advtrtutr.
i Jame> Wyckom'.?This lad. whose
nas been noticed and ad.emsed in our paper, a* an instance
of thrcuraUvB powers of Baisrou's aVsJoutraaiLCa, ha* ar?
rived in this city, and. i? will be seen by the aauoMncemeui.
?ran be visited ar the Ph.ralx. He 1?
being"Intelligent, neat and lively, and perfectly free from
any di*e?se. We are roi surprised that our .need BaisroL
should pr-..;- !.??!;???.f .ip.ia this extraordinary cure, f.r.cer
taialv. wftca the case w a* undertaken. It pruSIUIIUil lbs
taat has probably ever been met la the aar.ais of medicine.
Many additional Notices from the Press cou.d be gives,
but the above u deemed suffice.-.! satisfv any one of Hie
extraordinary and asloni*hiag effects of BRISTOL'S SAtt
!a relation to the " hi*tory" which has been hastily writ
ten of this case, ao one can take It up but will read it:
as'.le from ihe detail oi suffering vvhsen It dcpicLs. there is
enough of romance aad reality about li to mas j it interest?
ing aad agreeable lo alL An edlttrsn of the work has beea
pnated for gratailons .?.rcu.aiion. and those who wish a
copy, can procure it from the Agents who sell Bristol's
Sv-s/ipxri. x.
tjf One word of Caution w those who buy Sarsapar.l
la. Ther- are rariou* <:r: >. s,-;ri at pr:ce? from four ?hl.
lings up to a doiiar.aad from four ounce* to a quart in buik.
BRISTUL S *.-..o.e stands alor.e o: a reputation it has a/.
'lured dui'.ng fur?a year* of ?evere tr.a., every day
gaiaiag coaadrace oa accoiat of the astonishing and wor.- j
"le-fu. c-re* :: perform*. If. ther-.'ore. jru. wish the t.-nt ;
article, ask for Bristol'?, aad laxe ao other.
Sold oy Wra. Burger, 50 Corgaad-?L aad by all the Drag. |
g.sis .:. u.e c.ly._ : !~V,>ilJitiiW
Cl'KE KOLLOW*? CTREl-M.re proof of ihe !
erSeacyof D-. Taylor's Ba^am of Liverwort. I was I
?gT.:te-i w.ta* ?. ..ga. .wiag v> a co.-t, accompanied with ,
?' ? ' a ilood. aad" severe paia .a trie cae;t. of appe- '
Ute ace nig:.: tweatt. Severs! physicians h*: at'.eaded rae.
I grew worse and ? u sronoonced lacuraole?I believed
I could not live long. Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort
gave ate a-ipr. it beaeaied from the n.-?i. daily my hea.la ^n
provrd, my"appeii'.e became good, ray iook? hea by
and all were astonished si the caaaga tn.t aiediciae eject?
ed. Five bottles of "-his Balsam a?<. mode me a aew aiaa.
I feel young agagi aaa very taaakful for my surpnr.ng re?
covery. This is a wonderful midiciae. I did not imagine
?orcuch etacacy ceuid exist ia an advertised medicine. 1
?:acere!v auviae |TJ a?c.ed >? :r.ri Minsumptloa 'o --v h
JOHN WHITE. rsVrwievfOe,S. Y.
Pr?pa.-^l ' '?' '..ggial proprietor, formerly 375 Bow ?.
ry.aow x:3 tu ?'- " 45 3.. |
I SKINS of j - Babes 'rom Uie.ro<u-c, bieoa anl j
stormy winds of winter?-10 aot lei v?ur mtle iaa>:eiii* \
?u*f w.-ri.<*?i?.??^?.r'i.EsH. CRACKED, ROUGH
AND D.;r.',-. r.aO : EINS, or sore and i> seeding hps.
Z^-**'* - '^ -; lADWAY*S CHINESE MEjI
CATts) ?OAP w._ ram Ae. core aaa prevent a-of mere
aaaoyaace*. Touag ladies, ao matter now chstigurec vour
tkin aad co.up.exioa may be with p*nple*. 6i.jicSii.';ue
i?.e?. salt raeuin. ringworta, e.-ysipeia* or rash, the .genu
ma Iii*... s C-iaese Meaicaied Soap never fails X ren?
dering the ?km. ?oft. delicate,fair. pure, sweet aad healthy
aad rs?:or:a* iih 'omp.exicn to that ireaotiful sppenratw-e
xrtucli na=.re iaten.4ei 11 should wear. S.j..1 ai igj eecis
per ^ii? at Ja, pr-.actpai dep-H.4! Hndaoo-st. 774 Bowery
IfiT D;nsj.*n-?t. ? a-.j rav Chaiiiam-L N. Y. Mr*. Hay.V
OB n '.oa-sc Bro-Jkiyra Broadway, aid most of the
Vmez-tt* la iai? city. n23 Imeod?
HG LB.OS.-l" tins Bull * Br.d.e. Nu g.forae.e. ;y
.'?15 J0i?g?a TBCOMXUa, 89 Wesm
Patent ffle?irines.
ro? IMF. REMOVAL A>t> rik.Ht?vT COltl Of ALI. Dls
?.?-.-- ,-.>in.. riA>m a> iMrwts state or mr.
Scrofula or A'wg'r Bs**, Kvusstuni. fkWiaefr Cagiwrvsu
Vn-piimou, Ftmpla ?' Pujr?/r?ff>? iv Fare. Hlotehe.. Riles.
Ctranc S?r? >.?rr. Kmc IFers* ?r ftftr.--. >V.uW HrW.
KuLurgrmmt Titi f\r * of tie Hi*ne: a-oA Joints. Stubborn
Clem, SjyAtfiric >'jr?rf?wu. Scamn-a ?<? Lumbago. and
Pixvi**-! trutn; r-cs* jn iwiiWii Willi km */ .tfc-cwr*;.
.tjctrrs ?r IVofuj. Exrsva'f ?r Imprudent* i? f.i/ir. .ILo.
t.'kr?nt. ?- ' >?w. . iHi?.--,f>r?.
1MPRO? KMr.NT :n wba.e.ec reg?r<* the h?rP'n-?s and
welfare of our race I* constantly on the march lo peitec.
Ucn. and ? Iii each succeeding day ivn;? c-w problem i*
wived, or tome profound ?ecrei revealed, having an im?
portant and direct '??"anng wer u:?n'? highest destiaie*. -
If we take a retro*pecttTe i;? over the past twenty
vear?. how i? trte mind strtick with wonder' What rapid
?titde? ha* science male m everv departm-nt t dvi?zed
life: particular.y tn tliat which relate* to the know edge ra
toe human ?y*tem in health arid disease How rahaable
and -.tidispenaah e ar- the cuiative mean* recently dlseov.
ere>: through the Jgency el' chemistry ! In consequence 61
becoming acquainted with the organisation, the eiemem*
of the various tissues and structures of the system, reme
dies'havc been *->ogbi after and discovered exactly adapt?
ed locombine with, uataraitge and expel morbific matter,
the cause ei.lisea.se.aid ?ubsiilu'ehevihy action tn its r ace.
The following certificate is only another Im* in she great
clwun ef lertimonv to :ts merit*. " Let uhe afflicted read and
be convinced. Wbal U ha* dor-eence it ?ilido again
New. Yonai,July ;?>. 18+4.
M'*?k?. S?m?s ?Geati . I consider it but an act of jus?
tice id von to sisie ibe foil.'w :ng facts in refereuce to the
great benefit I have received In the cure of an obstinate
CA-rctaocs I'LcKaoomybresut.
?I w ?? ailen.'.e<i eighteen month* Kv a regular *nd*k
pnvstcun. assisted by Ihe advice and counsel of one uf our
most able and experienced surgeon*. wtthoul the least ben
etil v* hruever. Ad the various method* of treating cancer
wen- resorted b<; f?r rive week* in succession my breast
was burned with caustic three nines a day. and tor ?II :l
was daily syringed with a weak, solution ofnuic acid, and
the cavity or internal ulcer was so large thai it bei I <n
ounce of "the solution. The doctor probed the licet and ev
amioe-1 the Isvne. and sai l thedtseasewa* advancing 11?'!
Iv to the lung*, and if I did not get speedy relief by medi
c'tne or an operalion, thelresutt would be fatal. I was ?.<?
vised to have the t.reasi ;a.d open and Ihe bot e* fivn. ted,
but finding no relief from what had beam done.and feeling
I was rapidly gelling worse. 1 almoat despaired ot recov
ei v. considered my case nearly nope es*.
Seeing various ie*tinx>alal? and certificate* of cure by
the use of" Son- > Sak-araati.n." in cases similar to my
own. I concluded to try a few bottles, several of which
were useil. but from the long deep seated cliaructei of my
dls'ase. produced no very decided change. con*idoring
thi* a* the only probable cure for my case, I persevered,
until the disease was entirely cured It i* now over eleven
month* since the cure was completed; there i* not ihe
ihe slightest appearance of a re tarn. I. tkmfmrt, pro
aeuaie myielf well, and Ihe cure entirely effected by
" S isp> > S a a- vr?ait.la. " as / took no other mnlicme of any
irind dm in; the time Imif usmf it. nor a.r-.e I taken any once.
Please excu*e ihl* long deferred acknowledgement, which
I mink it my duty to make. Your valuable Sarsapatilla
cured me, with the blessing of Divine Providence, when
nothing el?e could, and l feel myself under i.tsting Obliga?
tion* to you. 1 can say many ihmg? I cannot write, and I
do most respectfully invite la'l;es afflicted a? I have been lo
call upon me and I will salfTy them f illy of the truth as
stated above, and many other" thing* in reference to ihe
case. NANCY .1 MILl.r.K. I5M Sullivsuvst.
Kor farther particulars and conclusive evidence el it* ?u
penor?aiue ?tii efficacy, see pamphlets, vv htcli may be ob
lalited of Agents gialis.
Prepared and so i by A B v l>. SANDS Druggist*, i'
Fullon-st. comer of \\ Ullam, New . York.
Sold aiso by lt. Johnson. :TJ Broailwayi D. Saj.l* ii
C"o. 77 East Broadway?and bv the Druggtsta generally
throughout the Called "Stale*, price one dol.ar pel bottle .
six bottles lor five dollars.
t rT" The nub.ic are respecifullv recjuesteif to remember
thai it i- SANDSS S.VP.SAPAKlLl.A that has beeu and Is
constantly achieving such remarkable cure* of the mosldi!'
licult cia*? of diseases to which the human liaiue t* subject.
therefore a-k for Sands 's Sarsaparilla, and take no other.
N. B. To ihe Poor [I i* freely given on bringing ? certl
ficate of their need Iniin the Minister. Alderman, or Justice
of Ihn Peace w iieiethey ie?ide._n.'l tin
IV',rr.i< .l-nrncua (bmrafj -I mga??'* JVgri.iSir Latkfsa
frt|'fic .Vixlurr.
rpHIS UNIVERSAL pan VCEA lanowbelng Introduced
I tnio Europe the Ka-i and Weal I i lies,So .ih Ainerlca
and ail other parw of ihe globe, where ,li*ea*e exists In any
form. The Cnited Stales and ihe Canada* have for the past
three years severely tested Ihe virtue* which the rroprl
etor.u poo the Introduction >f this u edlcuw. he?imt<vl noi to
?*v It possessed. In Introducina this GREAT VEGETA
BLU REMEDY, the tu. ?t ?lart'ong promises were mad*
on the part isf the medicine?*o uovel was the theory-ihe
principle--upon which the cures were lo be efTected. thai
people threw up Iheir hands and crte.f. whal next! E'en
credulity *tartlelj wtih sui prUe. and the so called ?? Kaculiy"
male themselves merry over ih? "new humbug.'' Bui
mark the result?ihe iliree years have passed away - public
oplnl 'n. the voice of millions and morn of observing Indl
vlduai*. ha.-*ta;npeti mi* REMEDY ihe uto?t singular,
wonderful. tncoiiipr"bei.*lve arid miraculous curative pow?
er ever produced. The ()>,. Gae*r Disease which ihe
proprietor of thi* medicine had the presumption to *ay 'i
Isied, and that all various .it?ea*e* wem but ssjconuary,
has now million* of believer*. They ma.il believe, for lliej
bave.witnesaed ihe eoecl of tin* re*toralive. Itbaacon
rjuered ?ei. case*, by dimply conquering ih.< ov,? The
" Old School" now ?p?nl! e:r ??>? * Thou old dogma*.like
ihe morning tulsl, Sj before ihe ligbi of truih. and . omni >n
sense r.ow seeas a mad i > health It*own way. uasload.ol
dewing it* eye? and bemg le.t. The troth of the principle
ur--n which this ar?elo eure?U established, and in- *iate
meat i? again boldly, motteniuhatically, most decidedly ie
Iterate.i Thiinudnine will djrivt from thi h-niy exxrw Wit'
teat which hew a n.tme r-.e,y dxtorgwnizniutn ,./ i\e .ytrrm
s3 o. i u.\ mil. It hnne and mH.o le <fmuoi. r\n aacsflcIsM "^fi
mint to ti)*tfe,l tt.a-. The old i'aloniel, liltwllllg. till*
lering ?vsi-ni I? about to fall. Tee proof daily preaealing
itself of ih- truth of opa ruaoav, i* a prop out of th^ old
?Iructure, which wlD soon tumble t.. Lbe ground, a thapeleaa
rn??* of Ignorance and d<.>ib>n.
Iis? ilio*, r"*ort at OSa a to Du? medicine. Ii I? a strictly
Vkli.tshi... iW.mm'v, din product of out own sol] icon
pound of twenty Iwo different Irigieili-iit?. E?> h tool has
Ii? peculiar pan of ihe system to act upon, and ifu? ?? lion
Is always proilii.t it* ertei l upon ibe n<Kolt ?v.ilsnt i* on
tBedlalel J appareriL Testimony of the highest character is
daily coming to the proprietor, Ihll of truth, *t?J you will
,-h . arms places and dates. Not a particle of false
rsvlderKe I* offered on the part of thU OaEAT CoaaYivs.
The most caiefui peruiNsl of ih- pamphlet i? desired, it
glv-< ih? chaiaco-r of all th? secoadaiy complsdats win. h
pr-vaii. and which have been cured by ihl* article. EvL
deace of cures In some of the moat dreadful cases of ling
?ring complaints win. hit ha* been the fortune of any meal
cine t-. cope w ith, i* fu ind es*-* which have been lefl t"
die. Hundreds hi every Uarge eity of our LTnlon and (he
Canada* have to ihank thi* article lor their II?, ??* and *?> do
il'.-y.a*leller* In ihe possession of the proprietor will show
Thi* Usi.Ar Medicine wii' cue DROPSY, mcrerystsig*;
GRAv EL, and all kind* of dlfhculty in the urluaiv organ*,
C?m;.i,ilnf, of the Kll'mhv-. urtdrnesloj ihr but i . PEM ILE
LRREOULARITIESiwmtdu%uluehioitaX, and a healthy t>'ue
given to the aystem. Let every Pemale at tnee ro* r io
thUso/i ai'.fi. me and use bo other, Diseased rt*t faaft
r.iiion. Balieau Comptminti. fh/*fio-. -isnily relieved;
fi'wumurum, 'o ar. e)r. pro-luce,! by niactioa Of the blood,
will alwaya hnd r?11?- f, Inflamed Lungs, Cough, even Con
mmptlrm, nnlss* Ihn patleala and theli medleal adviser*
w-re deceived, has been cured by this medicine, scrof?
ULA f 'i ill V '-j '' c DiHaan. P\Ut Prsiijiifm fwllisjiiaae 1
ftsa nf Ih' Bfjet, r.drittttvm?fthr Heart. Sui llrivlat hr, Jaun-'
.(< - rtvft and l<..r - the whole ratalogu- tnlghl lie naine-l
-seek Ihl* remedy bnu no other.
Put up in h) ox. bottles, at#2; Uos. bottles,$1 each
lie imeful that ynn ate not impoteit upon. Every bollix
ha* Ui- words " \ aughu ? V egenbie Lllhoutripuc Mixlura '
blown upon Ibe gl*?a-Uie ?rllten signature of "G. C
Vaughn" on the direction*) ???! 0. C. Vaughn, Buffalo,
stamped on the .-. rk. Nona other are genuine
Prepared bv Dr. G. C, VaOCHK, and sold at ihe pniie|p?|
Agency, 183 Main sL Buffalo, ai wholesale and retail, to
whom all comrr'.intcalion* must come, post paid.
f^fuettdevoted r.-OuoWy (As -if' of tot, MWscisw.al
wholesale and rwau NEW YORK CITY i-IS NAD
sac ST . Ii. M. LAKE, Saleni.M*e*. aftgssaa st Tlio*.
P. C'ia?e, CtnclnnaU. Ohio. J. II- Hirge. on Jd sL Id dOOf
from Walnut SL Louis, Mo. J. Walker. At wholesale
and r?l?i! by Mr*. E. Ktdd-r. Ho Curl *t. BoelOO. and al
raiaii by respectable Druggists, a, s/fvertlisea In ihn
paper*. Cbtvs. if Ring, i 'g Broailway j K. M. Onion, 131
Bowery; Wyat i. Kvblhiim. 121 Putlon-sr , J k S. Cod
dlngion. WS Bttdaoo *l. Mr* Have*. 136 Pulloo-*L, Brook
Is/Di I? Wiiiiauu. 105Oraad-sL VVllliam*borg. au*> ti
r|'HE subscriber i.a-'iug .teil a considerable |>orti**n
I of hi* time, for a series of vear?, to the study of ihe
disease* of the Skia and the Human Hair, also the heal
rnnai* of treating and curing the *anie, ha* al length, after
laboitoua research and deep investigation, succeeded In
bringing to perfection s composition, the virtue* of which
he challenge* die world to excel.
Ladie? will find the Hyperion a great addlilun lo the
toilet, both on account of it* dellcaln and agreeanle per
ftin a -..:-i the great facilities it afford* in dressing ihe hair,
v. . ben riolal wim the Fluid, can he dr-.?ed In any
required form, so a, to preserve its piace, whether plain
or in curl* The following speak* for Itself.
BoaToa. April bih, Ulli.
Mr boole?Sir ?I consider It a duty I owe you ?? well
a* to ihn?: who may be troubled with their bead and hair
as I have been, to acknowledge the efficacy of your Hype
rioa Fluid, by the use of which 1 have derived SO much
beaehtl For twelve year* 1 was troubled w.tn a diaease
or, [ha head, ihe *k;n of which was covered with a thick
coat of scaly humor, (or aandnif in 1U w orst form. I which
enurely covered the por*i? of the ?kin, cau?ed ?ev-re t.ead
acr.e and entirely unfilled me for ?uidy; my tinw ai*o turned
dry and de?d, and al last began lo urn bald and grey ; to
c which I tried a'l the a-lveriised article* of ihe dav,
fand their name 1* legion.) withoutderivine any Leuerii. J
heard of yuur Hyperion PluKl, and a.uiough ii was highly
praised by iho*e who had used u, yet I was afraid it was
but another humbug of me day. bul was induced by you to
give it a trial and 1 am glad to aay It ha* entire.y succeed
ed. Tbesa.-i '(f:uy head .s .tow .ear ..' r. irnor </r dar.d.-if.
my hair l* daily growmg Uniaer and in a hue nealthy stale!
111* therefore with the utmosi confidence I recommend
your Hyperion Fluid to be all you represent iL
i am, your* -my, SAMUEL CHAPMAN.
Manufactured and for sala by WM. BOGLE, Artist in
Hair, iZl Wa*r.m*ion. corner of Summer au Bostom
For sale by A. B. ?t D. SANDS. Druggi?t?, Iis. Fulicin-sL
corner of William, and 77 East Broadway, New-York.
Sold al*o r>y H. /ohnaOB, C'i Broadway. G. Dexter Al?
bany; J W. Kcee.ar.d k. Co N>w-Orle?n* B. K Bile*,
?pr.ngfield, Mosa and bv Drugg.st* general.y n.l irnnod
AREMEDY which er..iar.ce* considerably the beauty
and alters the appearance of the countenance from lhal
wblcnlam.ra diafiaed. It i* pleasing to have efficient
means ia remove ihasa defecu. To effect this chance off
hair so nuh w jiied f^r, is the grand and never-failing
property of Jule? Haue"? Vegetable Liquid Hair Dye,
which Ihe proprietor can with ju?tice ?t?te u far beyond
anything uf the kind ever yet known In this or any other
country. It* properties are very powerful, though very
innocent. This cnem.cal result Is a wonder, a* u enables
per*oc* to eve instantaneous.y their hair without ihe haast
tncon-emence. For changing red or grav na.r. whisk-rs
eyebrows, Ac to a brown, blaek, or cnesnutcolor The
sRghtestevl] f.nse -.^ence need not be feared froiniuuae
?it is altogether harmies?. Tai* composition ia -Jie only
r.- ii.-.cuoced by the ?cienc-; of chemistry lo dye, la an
inde-iblemanner, (he variou* gradation*of color*. wiiLoui
langer irimaxrvecietice, and has fusrined t"e Qberal p?,
tronage and unllmlled ccnt-t-nce ,t toe public If black
t" rK'p-rvcl, a?* for box marked N . if brown, hox maraed
3. fvir ?*le. whojisaie and MsaS, ny
JL'LES HAU EL. Perfumer and Chemlsi.
No. ie, S. Thire^t. lM.uw Cn*s?nut, Philad
* Counterfc - As* for " Jules Hauei s Vers>
lable Liquid Hair Dsn. .: fou want the genuine article.
A Premium awarded aline Keanklm Irjutu'e
And at my Agents. Wv? rr fa. RktcBa*, :gV Fuli-r.-sL,
. C/-e:.jgb. Ju5?-.d i?. Broadwa> ; P. A. Artaalt, Lafay
ette Bazaar, cor. Broadway and Llber.y; J. 3. Jacqu?uiud
llo 3roadwsy : Hav.land, Keese Jr. Co. Maiden-lane; and
ai all the r-,peru.',.s Drjggm? m -jje j-. s. nl? Im
AT Broad way. r^rr...rc-( Br.x,me-.t.- J ts. smith bav?
ins: *?'.ed .ro:n Ore .?> r.nr mucr, uf 1.1? slock of HoM?-opa
tnic medicine, m an uninjured state, 1? enabled uj euppiy
? - f-.-t.isa cane*, itc Ac. a* iaertTtofore.
la* removed lo the sbvore number when, may be
.oun. -amtly zzti other case*, arntcx t.ncture, arnica pias?
ter, mi a general (uao.'vmeai of medicines if the best qual?
ity- ca
fical (gsiatx.
MAT PRIVATE SAI>E-AT*Jatbl?ran __,"
rule from r.Staffa ? N- a j-v 1-:.,?^^
g!e*. Mied in to DM roof; ?e* built by Job? Scril?
aflerwii i owr.ed k, |)?.,j w \V;.:-roo:? _?-? est??
ing 15 acres of Sao I m I, divided ta ?mal fiej&by ihaS
pfTBoces. in * high *;?te ?fcu:uva_c? . wn_ ala'rge s?V
stalle, cow-house, carriage and wagca laeaae, loo',J_U' -
corn crlb.ice and hen-bouse, all bubi byibedey. ?V?'
manner II i* well stocked with all aids of frauui?.
Fine front and rear :??n of a acres. Ssautdcllvra^
r?d?ed. with ? rreni ranety of ornamental tree* k_J
and ?hruhV-.r Tr? a .'e.t.-htf-l situation, ard'ssTr
... men: >?( access to New York as th?
dtt t
r?cgvw. ?iu. a ? iKij ? v. twD* tree* but
and ?hrut-N- .r a delightful *iruat:en. and ts?
healthy, ari l conventen: of access to New York.u
cai* p*.? to and from tfoee U'ruea each d?y. w'.-Jai a,^*
mile i'l ihe bottte. For fuller particulars' apply to
07 lw_No. 7 Brcsyj'-sc
eKOli -xl.K. .-(..- a t r. on.-The propartt
kaowa ?s :he Sh*k?p?tre Hotel, situai-d oc i^ecx.
tier of W uiiam snd Duana *:? Tai? house is cjw
bile I. no.-bet a.i.l xept a- a hotel, and is offered for sal* a
bargain. ?itff or without lite furniture. Terras made east
a- a :.?rg- pf portion of lb" purchase mooey ein remain
on bondand' mettgage.
The bou*e ?* large, covering the enure lot. wellbutil bT
day's work, and can he. w uh very little e_peC(e. coovertev}
to any ether pur pose.
Sooetie* of,any description wishing to purchase alarse
lingfoi vm. is p irpoae* w^ old do well uwta;t?
Also, a genteel brick front house and lot 91 Barrow.iL
w ill he sold on reasonabl- :eiin* -renting now for $300.
Foi farther particulars. :io lire of
M S. THRESHER, at Shxk?peare Hotel,
.?inn- No : Puan*-.:. **>? v. eea day s: ,g o'clock,
MIT PRIVATE >A1.K. i'.-e . , ~~
fee. No. 71 Puarc -:. The lot ta IS feet 4 lachet trv-ot
and i ear. by tOO feet deep. being wiibm ^s'fsetrf
Alto, the hon?? and lot No. !*t> Fourth st nest use \v??e
iuetoa Parade Ground and 111 firm* frnm Btb ti trait Su?
ol lot i? feet a luches. by U feet Jeep. For particulars as.
nlyto ANPHONY J BLEECKER. Aucuoeeer,
' 111 lw N'x * Broad
_s,.lT PRIVATE SALE I.r brick
B? : o se .?? ?: otNo 10$ G.?' thethirdaoaai
***??( _ tfiotn ha Shi ?:. ? ? ?? ?' feel ?? lochen by m (est,
house the w idlh of the lot by 0.1 feet deep, co.-.taius to roosts
with pantries, clothe* presses, Ac Pan ol the purrtsss
money t .an remain on bond a.-.d mortgage. For paiticulan
rto ANTHONY J BLEECKER. Arten onen,
|vv No. 7 Broad-st
?TO I.KT Thenev. and elegant bouse No.uDsf.
St. suitable ioi a billiard saloon, lesiauian:, dattj
saloon, dancing school, music school, or any scniiaj
purpose. The second story contains a saloon ii by V fest,
beautiAiIIy finished after lite Ionic order. The house wig
be let entire or lu parcels. The fUrnlmre ::. the hou*?*<;
be soU to the lessee if desired. Inquire on the pirmUr,
in the office, first 9 tor, front room._nis ;w\j
KOK 5>s\L.K?A valuable mM on VttuVarsaajL
neai Washington <,juaie. Lot '.'. feet hv loo. bo_?
g7 t>> 60, In superior condition, ?Ith the modern a>
provement*. Terms liberal. Applv to
,17 lw _7 Broad^i.
jtss, AT PIUVATK -AI.I.. 1 ? iv btgit
a;.: ... ? N bp v -' N I
**-*?. : .McDougal'SL now letter $etv and tsjtr,
half on mortgage at ii pei cent For farther panicularsts
ply to ANTHONY J. BLEECKER, Auctioneer,
,17-lw No. 7 Broad st
?1!) II K KW Kk>, S - a
To Let or Lease, a b.o slorv substantial hn.-k facto,
ry, n bv TS feetj Wlth steam boil, i, siuiated in rearot
B7,89aad H vandam-at Apply to
0. At. tlA\ klMEYER,8a Vaodam-st,
oral UM Jobn-sL up statrs._"17 Inf
4tm AT PRIVATE C*s\LK?The i?t of ground oa
?M :?? . tt.north* i '. SOU :??>' easi oi Till sveaue, with s
frame building i u die rear oi the lot. Will be?oMs
birgam tf applied for Immediately. For particular*apply
to ANTHONY J. BLEECKER. Auctioneer,
,|-, i? No. 1 Broad ?L
MAT I'RJs 1TK SAJLK?I low on 'tie ?<?uh siT*
of I ':!. feet , ast of ilh avenue. each ZS feeiftotll
by half the block. For particular* apply to
d S 1 w A. J. B L F. ECKERj Aueli.meer, No. 7 Biead ?t
ft \V\>TE??Fiotn th" ui oi January, a ?">ie oa
a the first floor;, renl fv?>. situated In the vteuutyef
^Broadwa) on John, William. M?den lane or Fulton
si Address Tratte at the office ol The Tribune '17 IV
fa T<? I.KT Tie four st.uv his-t? House No.W0bv
1 da. st. fi..m Hu? time till 1st Mayinext A"uiy to
i THOMAS NK3M.1TH, WPtns-sL"
MTO LET, v ?> its un power, i i?
lofts, the best lighted of any In the City. Inipineof
da iin _J- LOCKE. 31 Ann-H.
MTO I.KT V .mal! W.leu lb use. Ik Vau.tewa.st
st. Apply an Chathameat. auUtf
l be snbscrleer ?fter? lor sale *ome of ihe tinstt
wheat farms In the State of Now-York, and also sOM
grazing terms of a suporioi quality, located In 'he Coututss
ofOeuesee, Hue, Niagara and Orleans, State of N?w.
Vork They COnUvln from 60 10 I"" acres each, and are sh?
inned upon the linn of the great Railroad snd Csnsl fron
Ul auv to BllffalOi 3? hours! Havel Iron] Iheelly of Mew
Yoik. Ms., several .1?.-Hing hou-es and lots m thevti
l?ge ul Kaia^ ia, Genese? Co These isrm? wereorigmsOi
?elected with great'care, and are among ihe hnestin ihs
fine regten n which ihoy are located A Urge portiond
the purchase mo. may remain on credit tor ten ye*it
Apply to James Green. 17 Nassau-si. Nevv-Yoik, or m ib*
subscrlboi In Baiavla, Genese? t'.. N. V Letters pots
paid. I'll ,U .'awlllawW | J BKISBANE.
tctjal Notices.
rviiTICH to Tax-payer* I untrollei ? Office, Broo?
L1 lyn, Noveintrer I7tb, 1816. -Pursuant to an Art of ti*
Legblature entitled " \i. Ac I relative to th? eoUecnoaol
Taxes ir' the . of Brooklyn, and for ..iher purpose*,,
[passed April Kth i in Notice Is hereby grvea that the
Assessmenl Rolls foi Taxes foi the current y?sr, hs.oihi*
day been i.-ll. . led :?? tile ?'. .||llt,l|er of the CUV uf B|0<*
lyn, and that from all lav* which ?hall h? wall lo the said
Controllei wltbln thirty days from the diie heipof.td*.
due I ion of Three per cenL will be made . and that froci til
tav? ,v blch ?hall hu paid alter the expiration of ihe said
thirty days and within sixty days Iron ?aid date, a deiac
lion >i rwopercent. will be made; and that on and aftrr
in ? s'i* i Tuesday In January next, "a" pel cent, will bs
added to all ia.es ben remaining unpaid . and lhal on IS*
THIKO Tuesday oi January next, Ihe said <:. niroller will
deliver to Hie Collectors of ih? euy oi Brooklyn iha
said Assessment Rolls,together with ihe warrants thereto
annexed; directing thesn to proceed wuh regard to the un?
paid ta>e? iti the iiiaunn directed by law.
The Controller w.o. .1 respe, ifully tequett those whota
lend |o a. ail themselves of the provisions of die Ac! refer
red '" in 5 he above nolii e, to nib inn blm ihereot assoiinu
practicable, lhal thell hills may he la r-adine**. to s*?
prevent delay when they maybe prepared 10 pay their
In . omplian. ?? with n i.-s jlution ..f ihe Mayor and Com?
mon Conn.-II, NOTICE I? hereby farther given ihtt 9
Cootrollor will receive laxes at his olfice tn Ih'uiet
Building?. FROM O'CLOCK A. M. UNTIL2 0 -
P M and at no other hours. A. IL OSBORN.
uUU<j?" (liiolmlUf.
SllllitlFK'ss -4AI.K. Hv virtue ol ? wrU of fieri tt
rias to me directed I will sxp?w iu sale on Tuesday,
the 12th day oi lanuary, 1847, al 12 o'clock M. at ihevetu
bole of 'lie City Half ol the City of New-York-all th*
right title and interest oi l?a*. W Hunier, wlnchhebsd
on the 2d day of June, 1846, oral any umo aflerwud.ia
whose hands soevei ilie , *nie may be, of, in and to all that
certain triangular piece oi parcel of ground ?ituate, lying
id being In the Seventh Ward ..i t|?. City of New-York,
and i? laid dovs n ..n a map of several inu of gro?mdij?
ale in the Seventh Ward of ihe Cliy of N York. boloo<IS|
10 the estate of Win. (luster, deceased, surveyed Jinutry,
1828, by Daniel Kwent, c.ny Surveyor, bounded u far
Iowa, i> w.t ..oi'I, eo..ieriv, on ?Ii? slrte, by ihn ?ou'hsrly
side of GrantLttreet; southerly, on the southerly tide, by
the northerly side of late Lombardy now Monroe-sufst;
and westerly, on the other sldn. by the easterly aid* of
Corlear's-streei, to at to form said liianglo. comniencin| St
a point distant sixty feel from the touUserty side of lesS
Lombardy, no* Mom.,.- ureet aforesaid, and rutuilag
thence northerly along the eaaieriy aide of Cor test's "SM
11 < r feet, them. a south easterly direr.'...,n aloflg th*
tontneriy tide of tlrand ?treeto e hundred and irunyivs
fe? t six inches to a point, thence from said point in swetV
erij itrecrl in and along 'he northerly side of late Lorahtr
dy,now Monroe-sureat, one hundred and twentyoawfatl
six niches, to the |).,itii tie- place of beginning, a* tnotaid
triangle is laid down on the said mip.'t oih as to bouods
rtes and dimension* The said triang i'ai piece or partm
of ground, above described. .- situate opposite to tt*
Grand-street market. New-York, Nov.30tb. isle.
WM. JONES, Sheriff.
F. W. Wii imi,, Ueputy Sheriff,_dl l?wSw
Si!ERIFK'??"HAlJE.-By virtue of a wm of fieri ??
cla*, to me directed and delivered. I will expo** w
aaisi al public Vendue on Thursday ihe 'gtlh day of DSCSS>
her. i'/.-l>i. at 12 rye .e-* M, al rue vesiibule of the Ci:yH?h.
m Use City oi New-York, all ihn rlvht, title and tnter**?
Daniel Abbott that he had on the 2d day of May, 1?*S. or
which he may have since acquired, of. In and to all that
tot of land tn the Eleventh Ward of ihe C;ly of New-York,
on the ?oulherly side of Tenth-street, between AvenittC
and I), i.eing known and de.tgnated a* lot Nc (11") <**
hundred and ten on a certain map made ley Daniel
City Surveyor, and recorded In Liber iir*> of Dredt. P*f*
111 annexed K a Deed mode by Noah Scovell and Dane
[ P. Hall; being In front and re?r twenty-five feet, aodJ
depth on each ?ide ninety-tw., feet three Inches W it*
-au.e more or ..;??. Dale.. New-York, No', l'nb, 13t*L
W.M. JONES,.Sheriff
1 Aasta SanroHO, Deputy Sheriff. uWjaw<*_.
BY OK I) Kit ?!! .?- W I... ... r.jq7S0P?e?*
Court Cornmiasloner, notice la hereby given ihstma?
tachment has been Issued against the estate of AlcxraB**"
Yom .'.a non-rc?ident debtor, on ilue pro?if made M *
i laid Supreme Court Coausussdontrr pursuant to lbs dir**
\ lion* of the Statut? coneerniug " Attachments against w>
tconding, concealed and non-resident debtors? tadp*
I ihe same will be nttA for the payment of hi* debt*. 13**7
the so.d Alexander Young appear and iluobarxe such *
, tachment sccording to law wlihin nine months fioo *?
! first publication Of '.!.;? notice, and mat the payment faw
de ? I dim to him by resideau of thl* Sute and the deuVT
I to him or tor hi* Use of arry property within Ihis SOstS**
longing to ?aid debtor, and the trans Ihr by bim of any*'?
pr..p.;rtv, are forbidden bv law and are void. Daled**"
.. 2tb,i84tt " O. KKLLOOG. Auy. for
I aul<l law'im Attaching Creditor, Klizabethtown. i?
BY ORDER of Morris Kosdick, E?q. a Supreme Cart
Commissioner?Notice .* hereby given, that in scsov l
ment baa issued against the estate of Thomas Joim?o?.*St ,
i non-resident debtor, and tiiat the same will be sold for IS* |
paj Bteat of his deou, uniet* he appear and diaeherge *%9
attachmrut accord.to law, w..hln nine month* fn*B_JJ i
fir*t publication of this notice i and that the pavment o?**J
dt ? le to him by resident* of thl* State, and the de???/
; to mm, or for hi* use, of any proper'./ within thl* i
i longing to Um, and the transfer of any ?'ich proprrVfj^
? him are forbidden r.v law. and are void. Dated April n??
I U4& W_LLS BROOKS, Atty. for Attaching Credits'. i
agl Uw3m_Spr.ngvillc. ZteCfos*?:
IN PLTi>i:A><;K of an order of the Surrogate of*J
County of New.York?Noture 1? hereby given fO_JEJ
. ton* having c.a...-.? aga.nst Patr.ck Nolan, lau? of the JJH
. of New -York, grocn.-. deceased, Ut present the ?aine, *"? _
i Ihe voucher* thereof to the subscr.ber, at hi* rwideoee,?
2fl Madisca>*t.ln the City of New-York, on or trrfore^ i
' e:/h'Ji dav of January nexL-Date-i New-York, tt? '
I day of J.'ly. 134?. THOMAS DOLAN.
IV7 lawlm_Adiirr.,.tran,r wuh the wiii snrvex?s?-_ j
ROAD LKItl? Wialtr
i Arrangement?To commence Monday, lirjcembei ??
; For p?j*en.er? os? ea^h w ay daily (?-xcept s"^'iJ_l
Leave New.York from the bwiof Duan"-?t at ? ?_-rj
A. M for Piermont, Ramapo. Monroe, Che.ler.
Middletown. Ollf'lUe. and all the intermediate P'*_T', ?
; Leave OtlavUle ai7, A M. Mlddletow o at 2. Gotten
t't, areiCb-'lerat I A. It for New-York,
' Fare ls-i??t N?w Y.srk snd Otlsville f I 50- __as|
F.-e.gl.t friei. New Vota *? 1 l.?.ree.lved mtkegjl
Dutne ?r. on l>oartt the hartes Samuel Marsh tr.i ?gg
I Suydam, Jr. one of which wiil leave the city st 3 OCrf**
P. M. on Tu?*day*.Thursday* and Saturdtya
, Freuhifor New-Yorx wtll be taken by the ir?a fctanai
Otis/illrj al 9 CciocX A. M. on um abo-'e menUoO'SC i?
j days in each weei. Doc. 1.18+s

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