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Every M CfRNtNG, s: :;d y ex< epted.
At the Tribune JJ eliding*, corner of Hpruc?
net! .Nasaau atreeu, oproalte ?bt City Halt,
And delivered to Clly Subscri'ners for 12] Cr.isrt p*'
week, or, when they prefer,they car, pay in advances
the D'-tx for tlx mouths or a year at the same rate 81b
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per ir.cura, tn advance, and tf a paper in no ease eou
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r< 'Tulxed in all exchange* with Country Newspaper*.
Da;iy pap--st recetvedat ihta off.ce whose terms in
togher loan tb&te of The Tarawa, are oot allowed an 3
t ?erenr?.
ir.?v? or snvr.aTist.sc ? 'In Ad-.ante.)
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or. Ifta the inside" " " .2"
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ty* Au advertleemei la Inserter) in if.it paper apfesu ..out
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Is ;. I tithed every f!>TVROiV MOXvtaSC. tUC iow prtco!
UV per annum, In advar.ee. I I Copies lor . or Peoples
New 1'iililirrilioii*.
LITERARY STUDIESt A < ollection ol MtaeeUaneoui
Essays by VV. A. Jo.vr-.s. New-York, il. Walker. I -.7.
Mr .lone*, a native r,| New-York, and a well
known contributor to the Whig and Democratic
Etervievra ol papers on purely Literary subjects, ha*
hero made n collection of'liis articles under a mod?
est title, which would oilmit ol some enlargement.
The papers, are something more than Utenuy stu?
dies. A prirtoftlietn are devoted to the illustration
..; neglected periods of English Literature, but even
tbi -?? are improved by suggestions and reflections
drawn from iiio writer's marked individual expert,
enco and independent of tlie bookish ter.t under i on
fideration. Such nre the chapters on Elijah Fen
ton nud Pope and his Friends: .Another portion re?
lates to men rather than books, such as the Essays
mi the Morality of Poverty^ a finety conceived pa
I r worthy the penol Dr. Dewey; on Notorietv, u
profitable subject iti these flays of the nloise nt true
reputation. and tin- independent remarks oh Prem 1
At lefts', in tin-minor deportments of Literature
there is n steady progress in American letters. II
great poets of the epic order nrt "tiil wanting, very
respsxrtable progress is making in the department
of classic history ; for books of travels American
???.liters have long been in the foreground, while in
? i itii isni We are fust pay lag oil tin* debt due to the
English D'Israelis, Hazlitts and Coleridgi?.
VVurlts of lint kind undertaken by Mr. Jones re
ceive>little pecuniary reward from the trade, and
iiiiike fai less reputation with the public than they
deserve, Imt when, ns in the present instance, they
nre the genuine producl of sound literary culture
nud n candid, ingennous, original mind ihoy are
among the most us< ful and honorable contributions
to literature.
Alter Mr. Jones s ICsso) on Jeremy Tnj lor, whom
he appropriately oiiristens an^w " Tlie Spenser oi
l>iMiitty." in place of the old title "The Shaks
pcare,' an.I the rrcrjneul choice of topics like
Church Music.' ' HelietoiiH Hiorrnpliy. Ae. the ful
lowing tribntti t" tlie litcrar) merits "i Thomas
Paini alongside oi Edmund Burke will not be sus?
pected of a penchant in the writer lor infidelity. It
m i ura in no interesting paper on tin- subject ot Ti?
tles :
Not to dilate upon obvious truUu,we shall conclude
this nkclcil With bii extract Irom tlie lliglilH ,,! Man on
tbcabolitioiv'ol titles in France at the framing oftheii
newConstitudon -a masterly passage, equal to certain
of Burke's noblest efforts, und which contains the spirit
ot the wbold.tnatteT. Titles nre but a nickname, aud
every nlckaalnc is a title. Tho thing Is perfectly barm
lei? iji Itself, but it marks a certain foppery inthobumaii
chararter that'rfeirru.lea ii It renders man diminutive
in things winch are little. It tnlks iibout its Qneriband
like/i sir! sadshowaIts garters 'Ukoachtld. A crrtmn
writer ol some antiquity shy*. 'When I wh? r child. I
thought as ii child I ut when I became a man,I pat away
childish things
" It is properly Irom the elevated mind ol I ranee that
tho folly of Vlies has been abolished It hat outgrown
the baby-clothes of Count and Duke, md breeched itsol I
into manhood- I ranee has not levelled It has cxhnlted
Ithaapul down the dwarf toset up the man The in
si-in; i an do of a senseless and noble Duke, Count or Earl
.-?din please Even those who possessed them
have disowned the gibberish, and a* they outgrow the
rickota hsve dlspiscd the rattle The genuine mini) of
man thirsting for its native home. Society, contemn* the
gewgaw?tlint separate him irom it. Titltt art l?tt rirelt i
u'ritasn by tlu wugicitm'* tttznd, lo ontructtAs tvktrt of utan't
ftlieity, Itr {ires in mortal tcithin Ihc BttMMlit ofanamr,
and surrrvs uf u dtsntacc ihr envied iift of. iau?.
?? Is it thru any womlerthnttitles should lull in 1 i?
I- >t not ii great Wonder that they should be kepi up an)
\. here ? What are they t What i-? their w orth, nay ;
what is Ibeir1 amount' When wn think or speak ol .i
Judge or General, we associate u ills it the ideas ol office
and charactct i wo thmk 61 purity In the one and bi avcrj
in the other Mbul w hen wo Uta ? word merely us a title,
no ideas aMtyutde with it. Through all the. vocabulary
ol nnnie5. iltfie Is notsuch nn animal as a Duke or a
fount: neithnr ennwe connect any eerta'n idea to the
v.. id. NYbeuer theyinoan strength or weakness, wls
doiji or folly/n child or n man. or a rider urn horse is
Ml npiivoivil " What respect, then, can be pald totiial
a'hidh describes nothing and means nothing I Imagina?
tion has given figure and character to centaurs, satyrs,
and dowjAtoall tho fairy tribe but titles ba lie even the
power? ot limey, mnl m e n eliimei ieal nondescript "
Acute sense enlivened by nntliitlie-is ati.i condensed
into the fortuoi pointed maxims, cannot In pungency and
? Sect transcend ibis spirited tirade. Indeed, there are '
not many passages, even In Burke's celebrated lie flee
lions, which railed forth this reply that surpssi the
above episode, m compressed power and epigrammatic
!{=' "Zenoiua : Or. The Fall of Palmyra: A ,
Historical Romance, in Letters of I.. Manlius Plso from 1
I'ahnyra, to hi* friend Marcus Curtiut at Rome: P.y '
Wn.t-iAM W xr.k. (two volt in .met rests Sdition," bus
just been beautifully Issncd by Muaroe A Co, Boston,
forming tn elegant ISmo of nearly 600 pages. We do
bot deem the form of tellers agreenblu or natural for a
work ot Imagination, but these are signally pure, vigo
rr.ii? an I ilowin.v in diction, forming n remarkably good
specimen of a singularly fit-chosen kind of novel The
main use ul Romance at all is to present things n* titey
appear not to one observer but to many i und when one
person Is represented as narrating what even- body
thinks mni boa every tn-ly acts, we may a> well go back
to !llstoi"y at once. That this work has reached it*
tev, nth edition, in spite ol this organic lault attests its
raie merits.
r?v' VVtu-ijvs Pokms, Strkkt's l'-kv.>. Os
noon's Pocxs?AD beautiful holiday editions in scarlet
r'.,t gold, raid in binding, typography and pa pel an
honor to American art. The be?t English presses turn
out tew editions mere beautiful in every respect than
these charming volumes. They ire gotten up by Clakk
a Arsris.a firm oi enterprising publishers w ho have
recently taken the store No. 905 "Broadway, and are
highly creditable to their Press Oi the matter of these
volumes ot course nothing need be said. The Poems ot
these writers nre too widely known and admired to
need at this day any criticism. Nothing could be more
appropriate or more acceptable than one of these vol?
ume* as n present 10 some lair ft lead at thisfesta) sea-.-tt.
R?" "TllV- 1.ivy's ok THV PRixotr vt. Fathkrs,
ViHiiki. .i.vi; OTttXX PaiNCtexX Saint?, by the Rev.
Aisan l'.t Ti kb." No* IT and tS. have just been issued
by D. A J. SadUer, .'cs Gold-ot The lives ofthe<5reat
Auguttiue, Louis IX and St lh-mard. are Included ;n
tlicse two number*.
C^* Thk Piotorui Life <>k Rky, Geo.
WniTVi".?:tt> by Rev. D. Nxwxu. * is a cheap Idtuo. of
21S pages. The Life is very Interesting and ptotitable.
but the ? Pictorial' leature is ot small account. iC? ets.
Wm H. tirabam. 156 Nassau
137"ThkBtJTTKRFLr'*Bali *vr> the Grisj.
norrra'sFcAST. Wiley A Putnam: New York. A collec?
tion of nursery tales old favorites with the juveniles,
prettily illustrated, and capital for a holiday present.
Thk Mi RPru of Dr G,.<<?Correction.?Tbe
raracraph which was published by us on Mond ay
&om the- Geneva Gazette, statiu^ that the bodj ,-,i
Dr. Goss had been fbaud, proves to be witr.out
ijuuiiation The Gazette snys ?
We. in common with our eitizens geaerdly, were im?
posed upon by the storv in relation to the abvejavery of
the b-idy of D'r. GOSS, Wo learned yesterday, trevm gtmu
jwthority. that no discovery relativi to the 'eiu-e ..t his
o**ppearar..v has aj vet been made. Tho whole st v
*ssaan-kedly foolish hoax, and its author ?houJdbe
The Clarksville Chronicle learns, fiwn 'gi^l
?n-'-'r.ry.' thst It -,n DxNtrt. Wef-teb wi'sl T
"?hrUla ?bo?' the20th of March next ?? in tulfiU
mwt of a promise made several years ago ir-crt the oc?
casion of hui vis? to Luuwvilie. Ky."
VOL. VI. TiO. 2Z7.
Interesting from Mexico.
Offer of ?:n-ii.!: ffedtatioii ?Villi ?1 raw js.
The fovrnrr fJ-'< Etat* Unit of yesterday con
: tains seme inte-restir.:.' partiruJars respecting th*
I affairs of Mexico?broarrhi in* privat.? letters.
Among these art-;>u,- from Sam* Anna and one
from'AT.m05tk, to friends now in New-York. The
? !>st is dated San Lnis de Putosi N"ov<-nibr-r M. and
j tiic second, Mexico, I^vember ??
j The iett'.-r of Sasia Aw:, 'say* ti.e Co tr .
of iue!( a eortraiiirtidii to the rumors whirh wo
; mentioned in our last number?aoxirding tw which
the Mexican Genera] had quitted San Lnis. and
was >>n his way to Victoria. Xo such rhoverncnt
. seems to have entered into his plana, which, it is
asserted, are ror.rcived witli ereat prudence and
, camion and c profound sagacity. He seems to en?
tertain tin; greatest, coniideoce. in their sue. ej?.
and, in the unreserve of friendly correspondence,
thus expresses himself: - I firmly believe now
that the probabilities are decidedly in our favor.'?
The- whole lettei bears strongly upon it the n:arl:3
of dignity and nationality. It expresses Iiis on
; alterable, determination to prosecute tiie war to
tin- last extremity and u> die rather than accept a
dishonorable :>eai ??. " "
The other letters which have been communl
cated to us. (continues the Cpurrier.} am! which em?
anate from well-informed sources, although not from
persons in the administration, stat-- that the army
concentrated under Saxti Anna, at San Luis
? really numbers twenty-live or thirty thousand men
?ten thousand of whom are excellent cavalry.?
The greatest hannonj reigns nmong iJic leading
and iullueiitial men throughout tlie country. Con?
gress appears to have a decided Federal aspect,
and Santa A n n a continues to declare that he re
mm ??- nl! idea-) of the Presidency?Almonte be
intlie eatididnti- who possesses his sympathies
nod his vote.
The English Miniatcr bad withdrawn the offer of
mediation, made umlcr the authority oi his Gov?
ernment Tho reason of this is snpposi d to be the
little favor with which the offer was received at
A'tishingtoii soin months since.
An act of unusual severity bad been committed
bj'S*!?-. President ?<1 in. He lias formally de?
posed Sciior flAnoY Ta.mohiz, Minister of Finani ??.
tor having sonctioucd, witbrmt consulting the Presi
dent, tiic usurious and burdensome^ arrangement
made in London by S- rfior Esi mjp( n> for the settle?
ment of the Anglo-Mexican debt. Santa Anna
had approved this n< t ol summary justice.
Letters from Havana slate that SaiIta Ann* had
threatened t-; abandon Sau Luis am} r,-tin* upmi
ftueretaro unless 8 !,000,0 i wi re immediately sent
Thing* in Hhilrulelphln.
Correspond! nee ol 'I he Tribun?'.
PHrLASKLPHiA, Dec. 23,
There are several of the members of the L >gis?
laturem town previous to the meeting of that body.?
The Whig policy, us marked out by tlie Press, i- to linve
a ?hon sessiou, occupy the time on the interests ol ihe
State, and leave all political capital to be made ou tho
stump. I trust this plan will be adhered lo. a* the time
and money ol the people have heretofore been shame
fully frittered awaj In our Legislature.
The weather, which was very pleasant yesti r
day, has ugNin changed, and n,iu to-day retards s.
There lias been n very limited demand fur Hour, us the
scarcity of veaaels and high freights Interferewith the
views of the exportere. Itis.heldat I. to $5; Last naies
of Corn .Moni et -'.0: none left in trnrt hands, mid
wanted, at is Corn. Wheat Inactive; Rye no sales;
Oats steady. Provisions dull. Groceries limited Mils,
and firm
The Itra.liii- Artillerists. Cap! Loeeor left for
Pittsburgh this morning. The Stockton Artillerists G m
Manch Chunk will leave to-morrow, probably by way ol
Baltimore. I tee that a Virginia Company ;s recruiting
in our city. at Pol. Lee's armory. *
Nearly l-.OOo tons Coal werv*cnt down by th.*
Ueudinc Railroad la.t week. The prices are steady an i
freights for Eastward -till continue very hub
S\i Ks or Stoi K- ?/-\e./ /; HitJ? iOJNor Nil bB
7.: $1 .r.iKIState ?s r.'i. $.11 00o State l.r, i . ? H,rr ??
burg b5 25. Second Board?<l.oc?0 State 6s79: 25 Tren?
ton Banking Co. 31; 11,200 State 5s f.'i. After Second
Board?$1,700 Wilmington 6s, IS5S. SO 50Mech. Bank
P'g 10.
Bribery in Iowa.
ll will seen by the tollowin;; statement-*, whii-h
we copy truni the St. Louis Republican, that the
Loco Foco politicians of Iowa are resorting to bri?
bery to secure the election ol l ntted States Sena?
tors in timt State i
?* On tltelOtli inst? immediately on.the assembling of
the Ilou?e. Mr. King, a Whig member from Kcokuk, n
l.oco-Foco County, informed the House that Mr. Mar?
shall, n lawyer from Lee County, had been iiettntialiui:
with him, from the second day ol the session up to t! at
time, to voti- for General Dodge?that his first odor was
a suit oi clotuesatffj 8100 in cash, which was increased,
us he hold off for higher wages, to th< pn misu of a d?d
fat oilico,' mid us ' much money us he wished.' He stated
also, timt Marshall told him there was six tbousanddol
bu s there to secure Dodge's election,' und timt i n Tues?
day Marshall Save bun fifteen dollars to 'bind the bnr
emu'?which he (King) by the advice oi iri<- ads took.?
These lire loadinc facts When Kin^ took hi* sent. Clif
ton und Coulee, LOCO-F?CO 'possums,' rose .mil stated
timt they too could 'a.tale unfold' whenever interro?
gated. The House at once raised a committee tr? inves
Ugato the facts, and the Sergeant-ot-Arms toot Marshal]
into custody. Duriiii: King S Speech, it is said that Sinne
of the ? royal family ' were present, and that tiny lot ked
black as a thunder cloud To give Mr. Kiiu an exc use
lor voting tor Dodge, n set oi Instructions were procured
directing him to vote lor l.oco-Foco t-enutor?. Mr. Rtug
made allusion to these instructions in Iii? speech?s*-:d
that every man who signed them ' voted a^iiust hint .'
that be ? received hit instructions ut the ballot box :' that
be was 'elected as a Whig,' und should vote with his
A Steamboat Hun'into nn. Dank?A corres
poudent of the Journal of Commerce gives tho follow?
ing account oi an accident that happened to the steam?
er Charles Carroll, n short distance below Nutchez :
?? We left St Louis ICth inst. on this boaL bound for
New-Orleans; r.tnl came on comfortably till :i o'clock
this morning, w hen she run her 'now 22 feet into the
Rank on tho Louisiana side, and she bcinst ? targe
at this distance from her point or cut water, could not
conveniently co any farther in that direction, tliouch
she was under full headway with both engines, coins
down the river with a current of 5 or tl tatlcs, und r.'-O
tons of freight to help her along, it was e tremendous
crash, and iu.d she not been an unusual streue boat f?
tbis river, she would have gone to pieces. As it. Ut, her
lore timbers are greatly strained and broken. The water
hero boius 00 feet deep tin y knocked her of! and ran for
the opposite -bore where wo are io w. ia,d the water is
shallow. Soon after leaving the bank the tiller rope
parted, and cieat. very creat fear was at prehended oi
not reaching shallow water ere she -utile Nearly all on
board expected and prepared as well as they could for
the event. The Captain ordered the lend thrown and
the answer was" no fanes.*1 He has since stated he
scarcely ever had such feedings, the water was gain?
ing fearfully.
For myself, thouch I hrj under my charge three la?
dies and turx-e children a-id two -erviuvt*. iitid expected
tin- l>o?t would sink, ! take some credit to myeuB lor
not lor a moment hr.ving tost my s-tlf-posscsaion?und
prepared all t cool i tor the event of tin- result of which
1 could not torn, any idea. Neither did I wish to. The
conduct Oi the passengers was various, as ia h? cases.
Some were ntc o_some wer?' uoL t'-ut ? iu> can biiuue
them i Wer-, they not so ronstitatcd i
"l"he rooms ntofs?ur?ng from the bark the Captai i ? t
Jered tho car.le. a.tiut s:\ty in .".utu'-Hr. tu.-- ???-i c cr.
and Dil W* thin a short time the poor ar.imsls h?vc be.-n
paddling about and struccliiii: for their lives. After the
dumb '.east*, went thousands ot bushels ,.| corn at.j
whea'. and barrels of beef, pork and tiour. so that ia
abOU t hall an hour when we had reached the Opposite
sfco-.e. near Off quite 73 tons of food had been ucstroyed
At this time, si.v hours alter the accident, bags Ol
pi Sa of lead f.our. madder hams, are being thr. Wn - vet
f?o*ai, and there :s a prospect ot saving the boat. 1 M
lives of the psursengers ar>- safe trom the ittsaater ana
?omeoi them ire looking on the worisot destrucBon,
others are helping.
Teli rraphic Dispatch ot Pbfla, Korth Anrer of 29th uU.
RatTtMoas. Dec. l o'clock. P. M.
The remains of the late L-.cur. C.vhntn tmv?d
here to-day. on board the bark Uoatgumery, Irom Nr -v
Gaiesaas. They Wfll be deposited in the Arm. ir Ot -1
Eagle Artillerists to-morrow attertieon. vnth rru.i.ary
honor*, to awsit pnnaration for conveytn - ihern to ?. v
lumbii?. Pejmsylrarxia. ...
Senator Barrow, of l.ouisi.ina. is danserous.y Ul K
Rantum s Hotel, it is feared that he w.U not live nil
morning. ,
The i'ennsvlvaius Volunteers had all arrived at i>tu
cianati. and deoarted on their way down the river;
The Pilot-boat Baltimore has been lost al tue C apes,
and aiDe of thos.-' on board perished.
r^" The body (if .Itun? P Durst, wh ) wt s
in the steamer A.^r-j. has been found 40 mfles below
wberc the cUsastct J(,*ppeiied.
Tb? Jltpeditioii of General Flore? n?.iia-t
! In nor foreign intelligence, both by the Inst a:,d
' preceding stearn??-*;. sUnsior.s have been mad-- Tu
' th.-? expedition that has been prepared in Europe?
in .^pai;; with the undisguised favor of the Spanish
Government, and in Grqs: Britain at first with
hardly any more interference?the professed object
of whicii wai to re-cooqueT,tbat province. The best
account of the rovolctions that led to bis expulsion,
and the present postnre of pnblic affairs in Ecuador,
is contained in an article in the Pari.? Presse,
which w.- give, below, in a translated form, from
the rrleinal:
Sorm Amehn >.?PIxpfpition of Gevejiax
FbOliE*.?General Flares has organized in Spain,
and! is now recruiting in England, a small rir~.;,'. at
the head of wliieli be intends to return to Isis coun?
try, ninl recover by force the power which be lost
by revolution. In o.-'ier to appreciate, witli exact
le.-ss, the character aad object of this expedition
which has alarmed manyaod respectable interest*,
it. is necessary to recur to past ? v aits
At tlie commencement of 1<?30, iloners! Juar.
Jose Flore?, of Venezuela, governed the ancient
Presidency of Unit*., uniting in himself oil the pow
, r? of government?military, legislative and ex?
ecutive. At this time Venezuela, having separated
itself from Colombia, a.nl Bolivar, on his way to '
i Europe, having died at St. Martha. Flore?, his !
friend, proclaimed the independence of Ecuador, j
: of which he was appointed President !or four years.
! He had at first to struggle against marry and grav,
difficulties. New Grenada, contesting; t:..- right .?:
I Ecuador to constitute itself info an independent
J State, declared war against it. at the same time,
i that the army, intoxicated by triumphs at
I Ayacncho and at Tar.mi. tva? in at." of mntinyi
j After a hard campaign, in whii b is life was often
I in ?langer. Floren succeeded in reestablishing nr
1 der in the country, and forced New Grenada ;?? ae
knowledge tlie tndeptmdeni.'c of Ecuador. This
j success, which- promised Flores an on lisputcd
! jiower. and to his country a lasting tranquillity, was
I disturbed by Vincent Roct&ertc, who, driven from
! Mexico on account of Iii? intrigues and con?;iirnc:. s.
i citme to Guayaquil^where his presence was fob
! lowed by an insurrection.
The rebels demnnded the convening or n m w
Congress, to revise the Constitution. Flores march?
ed resolutely upon Guayaquil, hut he was less
j fortunate than upon the farmer oecasion. Notwith
I standing Ins skill, his valor und the devotion of his
! troops, he was unable, from want of proper vessels !
j and artillery, to reduce at once no insnrrection
? which mainly depended upon the support of the
' licet. Tho war wa? therefore prolonged with gr< at
j bitternessdnringtlie years 1 -li-t. l-'il. and the com- i
J nicucc-ment ofle3?. In the end, however the
j government '.va* successful. Some determine i m>u
j having embarked in canoes, succeeded in boarding, i
I and after n combat of eieren hours, captured
] Roenfuerte. ' ?n the other hand. Florcs at the Itenil '
> of i-00 niei. defeated 3300, at the atl'atr of Minare a. '
i An extraordinary event followed; an act which
j seein? almost fabulous, when w< take into consi.f
' oration the habitual characteristics of civil war in
j South America. Flore?, conqueror arid surrounded ?
by his partisans, who were prepared tmiso victory j
i ns it is tor the nn.st part used in that country, gave
I in his resignation mid named Rocafnerte as his
j successor He was then in prison, under sentence
tn be slmt as head of the insurrection.
I This incredible piece of magnanimity prod seed
* great enthusiasm, and one of the lirst poets of the
j country. Almedo, published an ode in honor of
Flores". which is among the cTtefs .*"..?? v,. of South '
American literature. Rocafnerte having beci me
the supreme head of the republic, convoked n con
stitutive Congress, which met at Arnbato. This '.
j Congress, known under the name of the Conven- 1
fion of Anil.atn, published n Constitution which a as
j rejected by nil parties, even by that which had
I triumphed with Rocafnerte, and who protested
j against the new code, in the drawing up of which
1 he pretended he h?.i not, either directly or indi- j
rcctiy. a.-reed. The struggle of parties, which liad '
been calmed for u moment, recommenced tlieu '
i with more violence, than ever. Flores kept himself i
j apart, living in the midst o.' his books, for which he !
seemed to have renounced political affairs. He j
was suddenh withdrawn from his literary leisure !
by the provinces > t Loga ami ManabL who named
him a member of the senate. He wis President
of the Senate during the session of 1837, when an
f insurrection l-r.>k?? ? ;:t against Rocafnerte. Flores
I irnthcred n body of volunteers, marched tigainst tl e
[ insurgents, and reestablished order so completely, j
I Grit Rocatoeite reached, without any farther dim
' ?uthy. the close of his Presidency in i- When
j thi> citizens met to choose the new President, such
I was the popularity of Klon"?, that he was elected
by a very great majority.
sooti had to contend against n difficulty as
I i-rrave as it was unexpected. The Parliament of'
j Ecuador, convoked for the session of till, annulled |
the election of a ma jority of as members, an.! the
j Republic was deprived of a i imber of its repre
I sentatives. The Council ol State, the tribnnals
and the municipalities, wore ? .suited upon this'
subject, and decided that the . nlv means of ,-xtn
cation from this embarrassim : : was to convoke a
new Convention, w hich would prevent the republic !
from being governed by the existing authorities ?
This nnnnintous decision was prompted by the op?
position papers, wl.ontended with all their ?
power against the Constitution of Ambiito the
work of a cliqae, they said, an.! which they do- 1
; mandeil shonld be revised contbmiably to one ol its
articles. Flores, who hail not censed' to protest
against the course of the Democratic party con- J
voked a now Congress, but at the same time gave
in his own resignation.
Tho Convention which assembled published a
; new Constitution, and again gave the supreme ;
magistracy to flores. who this time believed, more '
, seriously than ever, that he would God in bis appa
rent, and to some extent real popularity, elements
of strength ami permanence. His illusion, whicii
at tir.-t seemed to be affirmed by the facts, did not |
i hist long. Vicent Ramon Roca, acting President 1
of Ecuador, pnt himself at the head of an itisttrrec-!
I tion. which hurst forth At Guayaquil, with the cry j
I of?Libertyforever! .hunt iriZA foreigners! This
, cry dearly' explained to Flores the cause, or rather |
Ijhe pretext, of the revolutions ol winch his coming |
i into power bed ever been the signal As we have ?
j before said. Flores was from Venezuela, and he
i had given the best otli<vs in the State to inen i;
! whom Ecuador was only the adopted coutitrv.? ?
{ Thence arose the opposition to foreigners, whi< h
? was and still is the rallying cry i f tlie Democratic j
1 party, of the personal enemies am! all the i?ilitical j
j adversaries of General Flores. accused ?>l an*
t ocracy, and of wishing t*.- introduce into the young
republic a kit..', of feudal system.
H.s-ii and his friends had taken a favorable mo
' me 'st. It was the rainy season. Guayaquil,covered j
then by the overflowing of its principal river, re- |
mai.aed several months separated like an island
from the whole surrouudiuc country. Thi's pre- I
. vout. ;d the Government from immediately attack
ing a city thns protected by water, and which was
' also protected by the vessels of war. upon which !
j the insurgents had seized. They confined them- j
' selves to collecting, not without some difficulty, a
I bodv of troops tu ar Elvira, a kind of fa.nt. situated ?
on the lieft bank of Guayas It was here that, en- j
: coureced by the superiority wbich their vessels and
; their heavy artillery gave them, ttte insurgents I
J attacked Flores. They were unsuccessful, and it!
cos\ th-.-iti ?800 men. killed and wounded. This i
cheek not iidviag discouraged there rhev engaged j
I iu h new ysftioa. in which they were \i like manner i
repulsed, eater the most determined ettorts. and a '
tinng which lasted seven hours. Convinced then !
v>f their inatui.ty to effect anything b; force, they
nut themselves on the defensive awaiting from i
time and Asceitent. the vt.-tory wbich their arms I
had been dnable to obtain.
This was a good calculation, a:id Rocs, like a
I prudent man, improved the advantage of a position ]
j which he hati at tirst taken from prudence. While j
, his emissaries '.vero arousing the country to re- j
? beilion. by the cry of" Dow-yi with the foreigners ! '
be was secretly negotiating; with Fic-re?. whoso
position inspired him with serious anxiety. The
negotiation was by no mewis complicated'. Roca
; proposed to Flores to resign the Presidency, prom?
ising him in :is stead the situation of Ccrr.aiander
j in-chief of the army. ?? Ecuador." Lj wrote to
; htm. " knVws how much it is indebted to Gener?
i Flores. whoia it loves as its founder and champion:
' but as a foreigner, he cannot with propriety occupy
: the highest office m the republic. Ir is "also tin
portant to revise the Constttutuui and render it
morel democratic. The revolutionary movemer.t of
the country can leave i? donbt in this respect.' It
'.vas clear R.xta wished, for lutnself. a repetition et
what bndhat pet.ed ia tlu- case of Ri?.-afuerte.
The reply of Flore> was as short as i: was t. the
point. ?? Insurrection, said he. " inspires ine with
do fea,-. I have always rnuisphed over it. and the
present stop tit its chief is the best proot of ::t
weakness s'ni ..iiscoumgenient Why should I.
vielding to the wishes of a facti.Tr abandon tb?
Presidency : The Conver.ri:.n bad the ri?ht to
elect rar. an.i I had also the right to accept its sp
pQBtfmeitt- IwelTi ?' ? M DC i?nrer a, Question vl
? ? ?? >- ?_i_
\VED\E>?*V 7IORN.7V.;. DE<ETn5
principles, brtt ooiy et persGr.s?it" ail this 'ore an-i
respect (or my person coneea!? only a dee-ided op?
position to thVexereis? of arc leg*] a-trhori:-.-?u"
this crfer of a more limited, but ye: mipori?nt pow?
er, serves only Go hide a prrrject ofSitended tre?. I:-?
' ry. the scarce of aew commotions ami new eita
sion* of bkjod?I will elmw by my conduct how
creat is my I iorthis ecunrry. which, if ir be at ;
: that of my birth.is that of my wife and m v children_
the one to which have been consecrated all my
efforts, and which has received a!1, my services.'
Rocs, frank even ... blanrness. replied that, in
truth.:: it as do: a .iitestion cf principles, but of men
?that, with him, the end of the strugcie was the
Presidency?and. for ins friends, theroffices now
tilled by ioreiirncrs. Flor es did not itcsitate. A
coptiuJ tlie proposals of the insnr.-ents. be sitrned a
treaty, known as the Treaty of Elvira, which se
eure,! protection to the Bfe end property of all his
partrxarts; after which, he disbanded bis troops and
loft the con itry. The insurgents, now masters df
the ;.. .vv. iii '. ' ,?'??'.- tl.e...>..-.. < Worth", oi so
much generosity: VaBivSelsoj a rich proprietor,
who had ??od the place of. Fiores. while the Fatter
was at Elvira, was thrown into prison; and com?
pelled to pay a large sum to the new p.-,we-?. who
condemned htm tn exile. The same tyranny, tiL--.
pursued a large number of Citizens, the nw<; unfor
tunate of v.h im was the Venezuelan General
Oramendt; whom they assassinated before the eves !
I of his wife and children. It was in the midst of
this reaction that a new Convention, composed ol
the most ardent isolationists..headed bv H<>.-a.
assemble,! a: Coeuea. It commenced by two 9. ts.
weil calculated to r^mtdrrae the agitation <>f the ;
cp rittry; ar,<l to terrify ferthc ft::ure~a!! those who
had not taken an active pan in the insurrectionary
movements In the Srst piece, it annulled the j
treaties which bad facilitated and crowned the t f
liuiph of tin- revolution. Ii Iben turned not o! ott' re
all who had defended the lern! authorities in their
struggles against the msurgents. This done it j
turned its attention to the Ponstitatti n wiiich .? a
model ol . Htfdaiou, ar?l hi wiiich the ui ?tiabso ite
ignorance of all principles has confounded, in a j
stran_-amalgamation, the ideas of the most
cal democracy with those of the most absein to and
despotic power. It wan nt Ion th necessnn -,?
think of choosing a President: Moor, who "sup- |
posed himself sure e! ah overwhelming mnjb ify,
met with so much ojiposition. that his eiectii 'a
after a straggle of three day s, was carried only by
a sinele ??",,:,>. openly bought
We have deemed it a matter oi sufficient interest
to review these preceding facts, ol which we have
given a summitry reeaptralation, avoiding details,
bet?re we piweed to speak hereafter-of the expe- ,
dition which Fiores is preparing
11 rv iTi
T'rr'D.iV. Dee. "I.
Cot t:r 01 hut. and Termixer ? Th.mas Lcs- 1
lie, otherwise Thomas Henry, plead guilty to n charge
of piclriog the pocket of James Woedrufl ?.t a wallet, ?
and w?s lenteni 1 J totbe State Prison for 3 ye?r< and ?; ,
months. The trial of Calvin Rnss, for the murder I his
wile, was set down for Monday uext The dafimce is
insanity. Argument as to whether certain letters found
amnnit lor effects.snd 1 r papers, shall be SUO
mitted to tue examination ol counsel lor defence '
(Messrs, David Graham, .'us. M. rinntli and Henry I.. ;
Clinton? is to be beard to ma i-ow forenoon.
Tu? EvA.fr.ET.iCAt AtiitSCE Mkktinc ?An '
other meeting explanatory ot the/Evangelical Alliance
was beld laat evening in Rev. Dr. Potts * Church, nt j
winch was present a highly respectalue audience, ihe
Paatbr.ofthc Church officiated on ihe occasion and of
lered the opening prayer. A chapter from the Bible wiss
then read by Rev.TJfr Peck, of the Methodist Church,
and ahotlierprayer offered by Rev. TV Skinner.
The flr-rIdress of the evening was J, ;> re.| !,y Itev.
Dr. I" Witt, of the Dutch Church. He tpoke of the one
ness of the true Church Evangelical r. it existed in the
primitive times, and upon "that oneness or holy unity
depended its icces?
The second spcc.li was delivered by Rev I>r. Mason'
ot the Bleeeker-st, Church. Ho wished m enlist t!:e 1 ?
inj? of the American public in behalf of the Christiao
ITnion. ami desired to extend Its princij lei There w^
no such thin;; a> with.oil Ii .rrn-.nv. hti 1 he wanted
harm.mv to rei n fbroufboat all the borders ol Christen- :
dom. Unity wii whatne wanted?not uniformity; the
former related to j.nnctplcs and feelinj--. hut the latter
merely to external nte->
Itev. f)r. P.itton and ethers also addressed the mei tine
but we have not room lor their remark"
A i v HotrsE StAtistw ?From the Alms Hbnse
Report, for the last m.?nt!i. we gather the following par
ti-ulars. The number of individuals who have Keen
supported by the city?Is 6839 ; 5110 of whom ar.- in the
llellevuo Aim- House IT? In the TVltovue Hospital ;
City Prison 193 l unatic Asylum 41?; Nursery harms
r6i' : Penitentiary 57S !l< ?pits! PrUrloners 1100;
and Transient Psupers 500 i'..??: amount of supplies
furnished i ? * 2i isr.' i.'."i.
1.11? Court-.[Deferred ,
Cct'nT or OvKii anu Xstasuxza ? Before Judge I d
monds and Aid Foote und Hart ?A Grand Jury was
emps.nnelfed r.n.i charged by the Court Tlie case of :
Thomas Henry, who was pardoned out of the State's
Prison abnet ? year ato, but recently detected .i.-a:n
pickinc pockets und arrested, was inferred tc^ by the
Court. uUn two cases ot iraud. where a purty hl?l been
arrested under the Still well act. The Court aid the
Jury were bound to pat- upon the charges ag nn.-t all
the prisoner- i ,v in . til. t bould lbs y not do j, . it will i
be lor this Court :?> discharge them.
CASE Op I'.w \ in ?t-'S-i.?This individual, it wi I be re- i
collected, stands charged with the.murder oi hs wit,-. '
The r?istrict Attorney. Mr. McKeon, said in ansv/er t" a !
question from the Court, that be was ready to proceed
with the trial. Messrs. Graham and Smith have been
retained a* roun-el for Rue*. The Court willd-- .de
upon the tune lor trial Ii is day.
UxrrxD Statps Coxansstoxr.a's Omci?Before ?
Commissioner A. i.ardiner?Case of fPiiliam //. iri.snrr.
?The examination as to the charge ol purloining a
draft belonging to Tweedy, Johnson ?. Co. from the
nihil, tva? continued. The forged ietter reo^iesting ti;
P.ank of Xewburgh to remit the amount of the dralt to
T. J. & Co. Port Jeivi*. w?s written on p iper precisely
like thut u?ed in the Poat-Omce where prisoner wa-, n
-?Hied?h,portion of the direction. Ac. is said b> i" k '
like his writing: Thc Otisville post-mark and way-bill
wore shown be forgeries, It was shown by prisoner's
tather. who lies la the same county, al uoiorsvflli
about 10 or it; mile* tor Port Jervis. that at five different
times anonymous letters rame to his itli- l?ther -
rectioii. with enclosures directed to the prison, r?,
and containing money. Three ol the tetters purport
ed to come Irotn .N. -v-York. pee from l!:..'dtt. and
the others irmi some other place*?the live con- i
tamed nearly $1 S00, most of wnich the father :? t ? it
to difi'en'nt person* and took n':-tis iu favcr of bis
s. n. Hi* ton said he did nruedrnoa whence they
The fact of such letters and money bo-na received was
known in the neighborhood. Aihar the dralt had In en,
sent to the bank, and the attempt to get the money, the ?
oank. by direeti^n of the l'o,t OrSee ajetL wrote tn n.
llnrdenburith. the po.tmsiter at Port Jervis, ?ivinj he'
must arrest the person who called for s letter for Twee
dv. Jenn'itu-A r.> Two day- i, > rw...-.i th v ,
letter directed to T,J. it Co. The Post orhee agent
went to 1'ort Je:v;-. saw ti e IVittn-jt.-r r,;nn?elf, and
asited for a letter to T.. J- * Co.. ?hieb the Postmaster,
fat lockinn round, iound. The ajent ru-ned to ?o ?way
and s.-ud to the i ostmaster. ?? Why you o^c't att?'mpt to
arrest me?did n't you get a letter :.-om Newburjh tell ttg
you that you mu.-t arrest per* r, rhs: r?;:.,ri for :...s
letter ;" The Postmaster replied that he had received
do such letter. Next day '.he prisoner producd the letter
to the Postmaster, which baa beer*opened. He profes-:
ied to have just tak-n it from the Kewnurgh ma?. The '
monev enclosed at the dtrleren: times by p-r.s 1 er
throuih an envelop to bis father, were iu bills of diSi r
ent place J. varying .n ,;7.-f.-cni s3 to v-O. The exami:.!- '
ton wi.; rje resumed t^-day.
Cvcet or Combos: Pitas?Be:', .re Judge lagraham ;
? .-Jen-.I S F VS. Kigali V fl .r.r. ? 'vet.ou OD i .
note, the defence to which was nsery tu couiirry moiv y
beiust civen lor a check dated 10 d.ys ah.-ad. and that
Mr. K.'did not know 01 the note, "t was in the r . iu
note book 1 V, .-dirt lor piamrirT *. :
Before Judac Ilshoerfer.?F J .*. fl u vs. (V-sr!. ? J.
Hvk.?Mr. N. was arrested by Mr. H. under a
warrant, harinx. :t was a'.Vced. obtained at him. utuer '
promise of pavtnj Ca?u. two barrels of fat or grease,
worth $70. box, alter deitv- ry. refused tc pay. aUegtas
'.ai.: was in possession of a judemeat a.-ninst Mr Ft
obtau-.ed t.-utn a third party, it is charjed that wi.en 1
Mr. N. eu^-rtd the Judge1* ciiice. afvr bis arrest u..der
the .>:??,.. warrant ;cn wi.icfi he put in speetal ha .
Mr. H. said ' there ii the thief now.'? Action for .lin?
der is brou^h^ Verdict for p!ais?.T. re) ?l-'or pla.utir>T. 1
Mr. Williams." Por def-mian: Mr. White
?bl. 6"ucxris: vs. Jzf. H. oai -I- ' - fF, i n *'ns.?
Messrs. p. ? maker and ?nder-er. save to Messrs J and
T. V."?rren. 01 Ma Jen l*n<. 13 notes of e-e.O each, being
in renewal of tourot SU&0 each. One of the note* ot t
$+00 has become due. Messrs. P. sire fai^i in buahtesa.
tut: i* brnujht on the cote in the name ot the book-!
keeper of Messrs. W. The suit if defended by Arthar
W. who orijmidly ?tot the money, ar.d screed. ,t was ;
stated by James, twho does jet d- feud, to take up the
notes. The defence is usury, in Messrs. W. taking mere ;
taan 7 ocr cent. It is also said that Messrs. W. arjll get ;
tSJSOO of the tus^ur.t at any rate, as Arthur gave tl^m
bills of exci.42.-e in tbit r:a. which ariQ be paid. For :
plamurlit is said th.t in order to accommodate Xessr*.
I Messrs. Warzen got Cary A Co. to cash the now. and
oalv charged w~3t they bad to pay themselves, and that |
Messrs. W. hav.-! had to pa; Messrs. Cary the amount;
tit: Messrs. W. cot thtta cashed m arcnt tor Moser?, r.
tr. To be eonttauedthis forenoon.?For pUlntirf. Messrs.
t.-uu Cook and Joseph L. Whttc for deteniinr?. Messrs.
ck rard. aai Fjatt,
EIS t.) I *?4<:.
(Seneval Genres ?
rr~ Wc-rera l.rin.l A.-fiirr, ['??-; - Mfc
l:+>-?' ? Iw undersigned commae to Jev<xu their a*
:'"V " '? ' of '-'-'? A.-=.-y. v... TV purchase
v I ? ?. ?(* i,ea F*??t-. : ??? ? ?rr: r.: cf -1Xe?. rc.-'a -?? -
- - : - :ixe?.: -.. purchase of I u>d? a: tax a
::,.? exi- ^ ---.:n-oi S:.a:e or ?--v.-rr.-n'f-;
lande, :-e ?awhra?os aad platung of lands, leasic? a <?
ana village property ard rsjuectingTents, coDeeth?or
m --cagea and other evWenees of debt. t..*? r-reasase s- :
*ve . ? .Venicen S ae .... me*.
4 ??; : a ? ?? ir- .. a-g :r.?tvror..v A-facts a; - re ?>-?
?a: places .:: Ohle, Indiana, ri.co:.. tt sskoasan sad'low t
it. : :- v ? ... orgverr.! C.snri'a ? :":n> Stav
Thar til bnatnea* entrusted to their r","-e receive
prompt anu particular auenuon. they rc:".;r vest to the fot
? -r r-ailsm,.-.for wrsora they have transacted tcstness.
l-r Omee opposite tie ? M .?? bran E . ?
avecce. ~Yon? ic
Gtoacs ?. '!, -.. MACV I, DRIGOS.'
tt illIaM s. Da:,...-.
.vr-.-v -F-- i-t..- Fr.--- <??. K-? r*-.-.>: !..< *
K-o. II - B-n irrttn F. Bit>r Charles Bnt'er Ehe
Meesr? I? x A Ktnirsiand a. Co. Messrs. Hoad *v. Phelps
v Co Jl? ??r?. VYetmore i. Co. Si..- C il ? i
.Li.???George D*wson. Es.j. iE-euiug Journal.)
K.-vt.--;er. v E?Messrs Smith v Pert is, Mean - Sa re
V Parent. A*a Spra... ? K
Ha^a.-). .V 1 -F_ lt. Euer. Esq. >lr..r-. H?v-? .V
fi r >?. Ifco.?John X. Bar).mrXsa. W. W, Denais Esq
lyi^trf. Vf.-.-r; P-aper Tires.* A. l\.
T.-.y. .V. K?C t- Tm.-y. E?;
Bahama. .V 1'.? Jumus A jirrnh. F.-o,
HrrrnasT i'j. .V. Fl?M. ilrnnt. K-o.
?Wm-Wga. .v. V.-Sidn-yD. Sm th. Esq. Chaascy
P I es% ? so.
Ha4tim.X. Y? AVt ( . MitcheU, Ese
Jvrrci ?Messrs. Gray It Leans Darid Stuart r's.j
Maj. Thomas Rowland.
IF?s&?) stau, P C^Hon. Wm. Wbodl rldre
V . .. i lato?Richard Moo, r.s.7.
)Ta ? ? /. Cvaii.?Hi L V .. -.
.i.V. md \ r-5>. W. . rmlinsoo, F...J.
dj Jawlciil ttWi.>Wti*
tW Jobnaou'M Tuotbnche Dropn. . ? Clore
Anodyne forth- titimivliate *n<i pennanent eure-of patu
fr?.si ile.-.ayed teeth, hav.n/.front inuinsie vaiu.-sja
re-:...iy. becomelmnienselyj)< pnlarwiih those who have
us. I lu nrany imitations have lat-;v !<e,M? thrust upon the
markeiby uaprloclpted |>er-oos and s.,1,1 as the orifinal ;
andpsnntne ... The objecl oCthts pantgraph bio
rsut:on the public ?.ia.i:st all s..:.-!> ??arlous compounds, f?
no. Clove Anodyne can possibly !?? ibe .eeoulne article ->
one md fav irai !y fcrinwn by that name, hot that prepared
?I ,.in?t.-4?ronive years by A It. It Di Sands^and for the |
.-. yeat by Henry J^..i~ n i-.icc,??or i.. A. B. Sands At
Co.) ?b';. now :h.- sole propriesor. Tli.- only safely for
rarehasers is to !?? sure and a?h t"or Jour ?in's Toothache
r.- ????-!' ? examine1 the wrapper rrf it..- .. every
one ??; the ?. imine has u> slanaure of Henry John- a.
Remember :int the True clove Anodyne Is an Immediate
rare for tbe.most violent tootincheor pain In tbe eoms,
and that tt i? manufactured genuine ortlv bv HKVKY '
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w - -i ,-, i.j.. JIt.;, in,... s.. at l-.i Km:..i:
-t. 77 K.a-t Broadway and SKI Hudson-st Price !5 cents. :
drs tf _
Pi"" Wlu? would mit airofoi : < Tooth?
ache two -luilin:;? l"-.r an art:.- ?? -o long lo own to the cus?
tomers of Ihelate Ur. J H. Hart, as the Clove Anodyne,
It tlestroycs the nerve of the t'ait.i. which every nr.o sur.-.y
mustknow ? ... ?,f T< i.tttaee. I: has -tsieu relief to 1
thousands that have 'o<t many nights ol re<t by this ex
. . ?:-.:.pain and who would give ?rateiul testimony to
:ts '.V.cacy if It were n?-c-jiar.-: hnt we leave :i t;> a
jenerotispn'dlc to snivel'... t a Trial andirtt.i ins notaffbrd ,
satiafacllo t .:? .. : an one. rnUotn the money will be re
in Ic I Pi -ytred ami sold wholesale and r. tall by R. '
HAMMOND i. CO Chemists and !>? :s, successors
to tbn late Dr. J. H. Han. corner of Broadway and ! ' u
? ? r ?: a liolning Stew art's ne i marble bntbUnga.
Ml B.'!?.?? proprietors would c.ii! the allenUon of the I
l? tte? <n.l g'Titl- ni-n to the many ankles kept for their
convenieiic '. such as Hear'* Oil, < genuine) Tooth, Han sr..I
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tides appertaining lo II e loUeu dlS Snios 1
h'jrt.U rVrteniicnsmd i are. r t iapptd Ihoub. i
W The Ndbsicriber (late the firm of O. Roussel.TSB
llio-i.1 w a i -no reiiioval?respect:'uliv soiicits a trial of tins
article so appr ipriate ;.? the season. I'pun Itaabsohtle per;
fectio" be:- witling to rl-k iherepuianonoTbts establish
ment. it \* ware led to cure anu preventcbapped hau.Is,.
a*, i ..i addition to ?' i ct nr tnicates !?? thern a heap;.
ful softness ?ml Whttenesa The msnofkciurer .-Iaini4 f.n
bis i. rfumery i perfect e [ualliy to ti,e import d. a supen- ,
orttjr from Its freshness?there Is. however; no article In
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many years d:r. r.nr of the :;r<f laboratory tn Par.*? i? eeri
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A. AMOSS, late It..,.*?, . I :) Bfoada ij
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Every var'-.-tv of so*pe,ssbavUia er,..,n?. .-xine* **..'
exiles, cosmetics, pomatums; vr. w lib tin extensive as-.M :?
men) of razors, hair, na.i. tooth anA shaving bra I is. toilet
boUles.ltcIce i!7 line.
t'cT ItlngN Comrsounil Syvnp date
Potatsa, ?strsapanlla. and Yeltow l)o< :.. Tbta medlctnal
remedj is published for.tbesole benefit oi thoso sod) <?
from ibeiiinatism, pains and ?"tilfneas of (he joints, swel.'lnc
:he ir.u.-cui.'tr - ilntance. near fi.-m. er.: ptionaof Ihe skin,
and ili?eB*es arising from an impure slate of the blo.xl, .v.
Kr ;m b'.-ia p<!r ex pertinents, un : . :he .1 .r.-ct:on anil -uper- i
vision ol themoKeminent of lha Pacu v. it has received
their unanimous recommen iation, and many hav- pr.
a aneed i%lfee neat possible combination of remedies for
ibe abovenamed diseases. It n prepared ff m ibe purest
articles and ts warranted to elve satisfaction. It ltrn?.
puritie- an l quickens?ie circniatlan : miav irritation, and
leave? every part i the nmuiai i ? ijornv in a p-rfi-ct ?t ue ,
Ol health.
The great and m.-reasin/ demand lor ?n article of ihl? '
? il leu ' .d'ired the proprietor to br::..- s: before the pub
lie, that all may have tie- benefit of it and know that there j
is a remedy for these n-o?t distressing complaints, Ii Is
r-coninieiided in full cpnf.denc", and nseds but a ttfal 10 ,
convince the most scr du rais of Its - irprlsfng propel ? s;
Prepared and sold by CHARLES R. KINO, Urn -.. it,
?! ['.roadway, cor. John ? I
N. B. Be sure lo observe tbe written signature, of C H.
Rt.vc orerthecork of each bottle. dl3 Im* i
DST Ol ( hoice, Kare nud Fm^ntni Kaotle
Flower* made la sistyle.W pleaaelhe most fastidious,
are to be bad at a few hours'notice, ol IAMES HOOO,
nX4&n lieedsinan, 5fi3 Broadway.
Ctf Dr. Hnnnlnjf? Bods Brace, i i Hier? '
weakness .: the ?? dee, .noes, heart, tpmal, nervons, t?
male and diaestive system- End ding dyspepala.coi ill pa
tion, piles, drooping n:ut dislortlou ?.. common loeldldron
and young ladies^ also auseoi^c at the i.c.'scs. is a
fact sunsuute for the eorsel a/id coiwiralc big Shoulder
brace, with none of uieir ,, rmcioiu :? i.di i ces.- I 'ii!:iea!|
oU - ... tt vis by supporting the stnail of the Lack, niakina
ir the f..icrum "und by lifl'me rl'Mbly Ihe whole Interna1
pile of organs. Pamphlets aid !..>>>k ??Common Sense."
gi' Ing tntonnatioo, can t..- had as the offl. .., 433 Broadw ay.
A ladv iu a:ter,danc- ?.ri Isdl^s ".7if t) b3 UaW
t\7 Read -Trj .Judge. .
tlseon Disease.designed lo aceom] my HVKR'S PILLS,
the American improved Hygedan Vegetable Medicine?Il
may be had. granutously, at me Gats cast DcrOT, 110 F> i.
r.Ts-jT 3d tioor.?Rfao it carefully, and Iben Tay the Me
die ne, i". i you will be prepared to Junes enrrctly of il.
v.?iiiabie cur it;..- pr?pertn.-*. See l',.e Triirure- , f lu-mor.
row, "General Xe?ces' on the first puf.'. for St w ivs-*
Im. our ?m T, ? i i ?: ?! i IM tVed-VKr
; ? ( .>!?! Crentn. a supertoi art! Is foi <?
inds and face, and for softening the ikin. Price 25 cents
per jar. Also,
olli'.lS TOul'll PASTE?A mperiorarticle for cleans?
ing aad preserving the teeth, hardening tbsi .-mus and
aweeleiiitiir the bremiii. w a'ianted u..l:.? i-etdry or hard.
Price 37} cents per pot. For sale .?
DA'. IU S VXDS k CO. .. EaelBr adway
dit I in Corner Market-tt.
I?" Rlabtb Ward Pioneer Henry ' : iv < Inb
The ineuc-r? of this i tub it?-. * > fital . ? ? S BS ><r.-1 .
ued in llw L'ninn) will give a grand Bill In c.;mrnemora?
lion of the Miir.euiioa of the Treaty ..(i ideal, at ilx Vpol <>
ou the I7ih Februarr, 1*17. They hay? made s
iu-uu with dls?B0tbned ?r Isis, ?n.. are aire^jy . ogaged
preparfajgUiedegoratloos soliable <i ? Lheoccaeloo. .1.1
VV Water Care Houae.- Sirs '.! 3 Cove
nes u> redeve patlentt at h?r house ~s,l Ifth-st.New
Mr* O. aie> visits ladles and c.ulldrec at th-ir bonie? si !
i res f.-e.-t...c for ttiaapp.t.'al'. , i ./Water Cjre a's. If
Cj- T. J. I'oleiitnn. Exebaagje Broker, >o. fi'J
WauVst New-York, Lueurreat-nu-aey irou,e! t and ,
gold sni s'lver exchan?'-;. note**tn I drs't. a ???'. 07
NOTICE.?The C.rtitsrshlt beretofcn existing be
tween SMITH i. STEVENS, SI sod 23 Wsahlnzt
Market, x?"-as iisa : red '.his day. by mutual consent. Dec
2t, \M. I
N. B. T.ie subscribers w..l continue tlieir business a:
tUir respective stands, u.e ,a:..e as pre-'w-.s to their co- i
. 1. t>. ' M.lM. .. .. Pot -
?5 a doL i e upright Ko^j,', CyQaders 'j r.ci.-s disui-ier. ,
rwesty-ave -' *.-s stroke. Bcilercrmud i seventy-two 2|.
laebes nrfde) llametar;trottmbea. T -wh..:.ftsof?oo.:
w- (..-.?..?Up. :,??.-lv usw, cs rnncn uW SLd uses aj
but ntrJsrrooaa. Inquire of JAAtKs C?CHRAS. ie7 K'.i^
St. whero u.e Enstne can ^ seen, oro/
>ios i? and 13 Broad-tL
\V>ere a Jrawl.ig if t: can V s?-r_it
ry w FRANKED* i. CO mamifacmrera of Superior
D.'ttarr. -r. i P avsd Gold p-as. No. X C'ortland st. rear I
buildiar, fourth story. Dealers in the above article a.-" .
resp. .-Ts ly brrhad to call, as they pledge tbeatselvea to ;
?-.:' ir. ?s avora -ie 'j-v.it a.s any o.r.er "Katdishaient in this i
f X. B. Ail orden pu:ctua>ir alt.-n ted to. d'..r> ImeoJ* {
f~A1)I KS' >AT1 ^ACTION.-M*dam> a"?l)LPlI* 1
1 j :' an ." 'ince. v.-hoae irr. r.-r.se fame .hrocirboni Europa
and Amerva has caused oariv BKUapoaeapea the Commu?
nity br aj-?mu..' bat r.an.e.u?? arrived .u New-aark, and
i4?.rn eat privatedweffisg boasiealSSl ?rand-si. the 7rn j
bOom east framBowery,- where Ihrongh ier omversady '
ir- w.r .-i ?? ta.e.*:ls. she w d! Inform b-r--:-v
tors of aii tneir !ea,j:-g transactions of the pasr. the ? re<<r.l
aad tne future, iftaey are niarr.ed or not. sad when, and
wna: nus^and or wge they wii! ?es. Consaitation hortr
any mne dunng th? day or even mg. Fee ?) cents. a3 Hf
ClOOKZNG f?TOVEs? Cheap for Ca?h.?A r<i?e; as
' ?o-tment of Cootiag Stove?. :.-_m nr-n jrvd Ai/Aiy op
f^redparzmu. may be oolair.. ?: M i^e i:.j-.:..'ac:.
aiander Foundry. IM <l lerei-st. :*i'*w, Rivinir-jO aad .
gta-.l.^ ?:?_"I* '
O.Vlr?Of aii kinds (Of aale at V. is. PALMER'S C-^al '
?ice. No. iSpmcM Tribuns B-i ,y.^t. la ejusa!ic?s J
u r?:i pup-i^isers. ai.i ?arran>;J a iy*: artiei?. Orders
promptly alleoded to- ct22 Ire j
ATs FOR si-AEE?2.' " t.isnc i Nona Bl-er Oats 1
a hvard of sloop Sharon, of Pou jhkeeptie, at Pt'se
i.ip. East River_'_.13? 'f
L-TfA-V POWLK-i ??.'.?: ? t ~ Apr
? , -r.th-a-.eaue. .->.rr.-r ot T- .:?? St ?: 8 -?- j
1VAK- -barrets 'or sate in :s* '-i-i pcrrt??ssrs. t?7
fi?S ?! W. u T TAf SCOTT, ? sswta^t
WHOLE XO. !?>?.
patent filcbirincs.
thtsisons or twe tr?t rnvu fat r-. vrt ?vt? ft er?
mot sum vs. ?\j iOONtZINU TO wmvt? scv?vitv
it f n XX v ??>>? ULaVtna' iriirr a ? -.-rrra
ro fc* it* ct-?(. vsoocs rr.?. ulcsock :*
?IlHIt ?CT it t? BSXtSVSSTV ?t ?cree
for ejtXXOtATTSS. ? ??? 5 CXtST, >\r Ttt\t
it's, or nracxajros, noii sci ? I .
an? z>tn iimxu or Kii txi . XtCKT
WttB IWrffl ?SD ff?ma>rxT
XXEM.-TV \ l ~. -k| nUi
ret.r?i-(r\*r. t!'rvv:;o?:\a
ctKTirioTcs which ha vi
SEFN lato V KSCCrrcO
wtu."rN i?lf nil ?r
roa rasest, res,
Tilt FUST Ii iv
\NP. r'OR THE SATISFACTION eCihe ncreduloc*. It
ha* been attested before '.tie M tvor of ihr ciiy.
I hereby cerlifv that for the past thirteen ye?r? I h?vo
boon severely sfifirted with attack* of Rheumatt?m, princi?
pally ntbeluBd* and Krabe, accompanied -? ta ki>-at ttla
nesanf ail thejoiniA. Somciiir, ? i pa 0 I r?* been ?o fru;
that I have been unable to u:.>v??, an.t m> ?-::????. Ciih
? .. a trosi completely destroyed. I ?-a- brooi ed N?:ih
low spirits, tny brain ?es seriously affisctrd, au,l itie laces
sant an,I severe pain? 1 ofVn endured asade me repeated y
wish for ea en.! .-: mv lafferblg* by cent-, feasad ? bsaaan
Soae ten "nufxrx m, l.-.turej. for reil-.-f I tr:e.i everything
? all my fernlag? weal to the doctors. In the var.cn? ports
of Europe i.i waiea I seilest I sou rat me.ii.-ai advice, and
was for econsideraole time under lue .-are of ;..e moat ceie
Crated rAiT?:rian te Liverpool, l -tN-.tt.! no no pvxi. On
mv arr.val in New-York. last Sepieniber. I was obUged-to
leave my ship, is I was unable to walk a step without a?
?i sture, and in other respects was in a dreadful sltasttoa
with the renewed attacks. | n i??er. lo Ciiv Mospt: C
and pot oncer the care of Dr. Mose? and Dr. Hoffman a:M
seme other ptiv?.e!ane of IhehivspitH: for the space , f six
weeks, i-ut as 11 ml < :;..<t worse 1 was taken to ;i:e s. ataan ?
Hospital d Staten lsrand, where ! v-as several week* ua
deqmlasi a prueee* of meinury. This nearly killed met, set
the doctors tom me 1 mnsl soon .i:e. A? I had re? .-.: > ad
rstrnaemem of Or CHRISTIE in tSte newspaper*! s id the
creel cure* ih?t?er.> -s; i lobe made by his Galvaiilc sr...
clee, I determined as ,i |??t hope to send to the office *i ?'.
ijei some. On si.triac my ??*?.>, the Qalrantc Baad? ;. r i
w:*..ts and ttatb* si i ihe Magnetic Ftoid were recoanmead
eA. T'?? .e i. ,'? ? H.:..' 11. ., i-:'..-.! at me for cef.im;
them, ac.o tcvra me not to ?uow them to ihe doctors. Bat 1
pot t.iem or. and ii-cl the Ftatd. Foi the tirst few boura I
??? l do change,hut the next nroming the itffihes* in my
: mhs h "I decreased, and t-.e pain w is ?-. ;>v aiahi I ml
net In . AND IS I,ESS THAN T?Vt>
WK.KK-- l i.VC r rilf. HOSHTAI. K.NTlltfcXY CCKHH
Since that lime, ^h;cli IS more Ihana ye^r. I have ia-en to
the Weal Inu;es. and thence to Antwerp, ,n Holland,
and dormg aU that time I kon t<J no esvaee v.Wn?r at
Msaneatirei ?>< any saarrsam, an i my health has be. n per?
fect ia ever y respect, thongh i lav.- !'.-.>?, evposesl to nil
v. ?is.lni.ies of ,? mime, h i, in l-e-.n.- s,. wenjs i'iat I eou.,1
l.aro'.y stand. I have I ecomc as strong and bealihvas at any
period of my life, and I rirm'.y br.Beve if.at tehse liarev and
wondernl resuiis save bee o accoaiplished solely bv the
p,..ver ..I I'r. rin.nr'. t.WT.mir W.,nJ..n.r .Vjc??.'!.- h
1IF..NRY lOHMRON.al -"^ Peat i ..-a
On '.bis tenth of Noveral ?r. one tin usaud elj-tit him :re,l
and forty-si v. appeared before me the within nameu |ien.
r<r Johnaoe, and made aotemn oaih that the above ?nue
tueiit is tubslanllally tine bj each and every particular.
\ H StfCXLE, Mayor of the City of Xew York.
VIT The followtne !s enpted from a leadTng editorial ta
ticde, datod Nov Ittth, ISSS, in the Kew Era, fortamouth,
\ rslnla.A !' Cunningham,?sq n.t.i.o
-We i ;l ., ,),,tv UM owe to the public, lo those tvbo
h - b . nader'i..-.-??re aulicnon . f rheumatism, tic
doloreux. ^out. t.,-.. to be >r this anbought testtniony to tho
superior beneficial fttecu of the ?ialvame Rings and Mags
neue Fluid, lately Introduced in this country by toe dls
rove, -r. Or A Ii Clin?:: ?. ? I F.nclish phy-i.-laii d lu^h
-tMravCuaninghaai has been suffering severelj from both
chronic and Inflammat iry rheumatism, fir many years, and
baa found but little relief from sue many applieatiooa ??
commended by pbysl ilans and tlie patent nostrums which
have been advertised as certain and sovereign cures La ,t
week ihe attack of the rhafUnts?tam was so severe thai ifte
agony wasalmoit loomucli tobear, and the bones ol the
right fool and wri-i were senalbty projected from theli i:t
tural poaiiton by the pain, when we determined to try the
virtue of the Ring and Fluid, atthou th Mrs C and myself
iiud no faith in l' eir virtues. The fact, however, has forced
Itself upon ou,- mthdsi that thi > possess aatonuiblng pon <-r
From ihe lirst ri fteen hours of their application a sedaib a
diminution ?i pain couunei ced, first leaving ihe wristtVee,
and finally by a sirirt observanco ->f the directions, the foot
and whole body w^re entirely relleveil fiom (an and
swelling ,ii six dsys from the eoaimeacemeat of their use
We m.ilib kills statement ?s stated abOi ?'. without the know
tedce or lit. Chrisde, or los ai??iits, as ? matter of inform,
ation d, the public. Two Ring* were worn, ose on each
On la?t Thursday I was attached with violent cam" In
the ?muH of the tiw-it and |olate, being, as I supposed, in
ttaamalory rbeumatisrn. On t-mUy my pains increased
so that I was oldi^ej to i; . to bed. and on l"> day algal I
w ii ,;i such extreme a.o,i,v that Uie ineiai-< of the house
thon i I mustdln yroin uie?atraassexagoexot' osy pain?.
S-ei'i in C.e new ii p.sperr the wonderful account ol l>r
i .- ??'< ^a.vunle Kin.'s I aee.t n t'lendof mine i I j'.n
einirn to inquire ihe price of them,and procuieore it
pbasible. My r-lend proceeded to the Acenl's store, arid
waslhere to Uli the price of, the senuiae Rlnata, which al?
though trifjing, wss more money than I had. ami my fnend
wn? about reltrtng when Die Ar?o e-o?i him t.nek. and
er.qiiin-d about me ci?e. Afier lieann>; ll b.len d |o
give hint a pa r >?( ftinrf? and the Fluid to take I i Iiis o-iend
to Kive them i I rial. In Bfteen minutes a::er I had placed
tho Rurson my lioger* and bad used the Food. I -X|?.ri
enced the cnMle?: relief, and In three day? I w*s SIMbled
to leave my bed and wulk nbout Ihe room. I have now
sufficiently recovered lo walk to the A rent!* store, and
stab' mv r ise slso o< Squire SebatTer'i omce.
KICll AllD IK i|.CROFT. ? i;,t'ali,-si near Ma t.4.,n
Baltimore. Nov. 7, 11*8,
<bitc of .Vtarytaad, Cits "f Unltimore ?On this 7th of No
veraber,! , . before rue, the subscriber, a Justice of the
Peace tor -a t elty personal ? appeared Richard HolcroR,
who ?i/n, d thewnften statement before me, and made
solemn oath thai the several facts eootained therein are
respecUvely One as they are Iberern set fonh. Sworn he
(,.-. .in-. VVM A -'< HAKPBH
. uh sirn
he curious
or the incredulous by applying at ihn Agency, No 182
ty Dr. CuatsTic feels It e duty to publish la the world
the proofs of the value of bis discovery, ami of t)>p w.on
derfoj und raysteriouaageois which be applies. If what he
as-tris be irue, ir u . i^ir r*.r pmUic should i iuiie it, that al!
may lake ad vantage of its beneflis If wbathe asserts be
false, ir is rurAr (V /.?>.ne risar/al his ? <r ? al the deception
may be exposed,that non-- bedi fraudedor injured. Theie.
fore, the al>ove rewerd of
i, offers I lo any person or persons who i <" si iw thai mv
assertion, p-i!>iicly mile, rexardiag CHRIbTlK'S o.i
v imc and M.? .Nunc ararJee/ia Hstretiaiasitji faa*r, wllh
any design to deceive the puMir m any way , or if,at any
? ?f the hundreds of names u |,'rn have been p'.blotied or in
any'maoner alluded u>. are not true and genaUM in e?e|,
and "vncy psrueuUr .o fira? it lias i,, so possibleloascer.
tndo the real fsc-s.
Dr. CHUfISTIE-'S onlyAsfenry In Mew-Yorli U
ut I?. ? IIKOADU KY, MT i n
Kerwei n Johw-wt. nm) Alnlden-lnne._
(?hi .,;i REMEDY for I QUO HS, i OLDS, ASTH
the LUNGSaad CHEST. Maouranured and so'd at No
i. Hi Winer si. ?? it S. luiinei. an I / u.e a .itturi--d Ai.-ei.is
for the City of New-York f? W. Bryant, Broaib-vay, .-'ir.
VVasbfosrvon-ptaea; Bruhtoa A Co no Broadway, a,..)
Astor Hiimtei Sands, William, cor. Polton-tl,, Dr^Boe
t? -d. ?II Tl ' ??? I 's I Cod.! -i^' 'l il i I- ol. cor.
nprin^-'iL ; Ci.urch's Diaf ensarv. Bowery, cor. Spring at
iL V Bush i Bi.--.a-, .i i < ftss Marsh, its; Caerry-sLi
?x.?oer!r Son.V.'-^ p.-arl-aL; K. Lyons, +?' Orard-si. and
Mrs. Scribeer; reari-at. d2S I?'
Cy Every column In Ibll paper ml*1.1 be tilled wj
liar case*. They will be eheer!hlly-*hoern to the <
" a WBKO To roc ISK "
LH. (,. ?ZN.I. SMITH S
ffTJERALD AND '.t/i.iir. iiaireached the a.-me
la-jf public fa-, or. ll lea beoarjfal sheet. af?'.n' ihe ../e
of tiie Tr.bune. printed -.lo- ? i'i.n.i:,. al .,'O.r riiw ? .
-:. :irem? a year, sad mailed to all subscribers, p,.-t
age free li? rre-e-nt nrmiai .,n IsSn.OOn,aakooK the very
beat roerchaats ?> the I al ted Stales awl Canada. A few
advertise:i|.-:.:s ..aly will ins-rlerj (f.,r ihfise --no ,no.v
theirvalae.) out oo aAvertisemean will be r?--?:iv?>.i ,,t
greater leotflh than badf acolumn. Tbl*pepor I* B /
spoken of thron/hoot the ciarctrir._dl7 lm*
eAsrr.Moaan '. ? noxoiicr..
ArT-iC.S?V.s IMH < .1. N.SF.I.I.ORS,
No 2ii Beetniio-?!.
AUnson Nosh. 1
A^i-'iiiu? C. M ,rr... , New-York.
CharVa Doaohue. ) _dttt tm
.cat.-7ED LETTER
By Aekerman,
r iera to Sijrna 90 Tract bociety builumir. di'j'm
\y.\\.\ORK A.NU ERIE 11 WI.KOA? Como*
0 :,y--'! ::e st.-csuo.iers of the .New-York uA E.-n?
Kat.road Company are hereby notified tint an instalrneut
of ten dollars per share oo all ?bares oo which the pa /
men . thready i ade do cot -x^wl tweoi^-aTe dollars, is
f.-cuv-1 in t>e paid at the orhce or me company; No.
Wa..-si on or :,-\ jf. tue Vitt, lay of January. i'-I7.
By order of the ttoard of Dlrnctora.
NATHAN1KL llARsll. Secretary.
RT. 3 ?S :b?C!-.her? al or enm Newbtrrgh are re<ri..-ate't ?
make payments to T.ioma* C. Kin/. Caeuier of the P., are ,
Km? _ill im 1
Osricr. N^w-Yosa- ?i:< H<tr Ram-aoo Co. /
No. IS Wa-i-.u Nev.-Yorx. Dec. Uh, Ur.. 5
VOTf f'E-?Juhscr.hers to the new stock of 'his corn
is puny are heresey no^:.ei that Inu-reit w,il be paid a
r^t'i.utt i-'i the o.-rm? of au .vcnyuor., oc appilcat.ori at this
ofiire. on and efterth? Isejaauarv e-xt The transfer books
of the new stocx w:.. ue si?e~-J from 10-i I2lli December to
i.ija uary [djlm] ?1I.A3 BR'JW.N. Tr--ul.rer.
Oerrel: or rue DsxawaXS and Hcoso.i Ca>al Co. i
New-Y^rk. necemt-r7. t$M. I
THE HOARD of Manatreriot this Company ta"? de?
clared a serai-annual dividend of eight per cent out wf
the profiu of the Cssrnperry payable ?n a-.l-arter Tbnrsd.y
the loth uu. The transfer boos* will remain closed trrm
this date till the morr :r./ of the Mb' but. By onler or use
Board. IdTlroi ISA-\C N. S^MWBjJfj^ggr.
Of net of thk Ncw-Yoax Liour ConrAjrr, i
DecetJt-rr St, ISSSj. _>
:7^^^rt^^^?^a- the-ih iosCUUtU
a?g.dieeieetKm. B7Cfg?f EVERrTT. Seeretary.
?Tin' VW* Hl'FFS, of ?/erj var-.e-.y, ma/J-r of the Mis'
Mlsicrjd* woraniaruW?. fa? pal :o heat oTder
1 of eni^r-o ? hats, w-:-h feathers. TU
.^st."articles for ieJe on the moat reaahr.ahle terms at
MuSAjtaC Hi afasbioeabi* bat, cap and for warehouse
>?3 r,-w?rT-_"!q 2"'*
naJ w.tn prvxptnejs and al lo-nr rates by
uu> lm- flEJiRY WaTIvRMA.1. Mo. itft Cherry-et.
' Brat?*.
b! <'t ?oedictaes kj ad aaeiaef LN.cc-ur.trr
Sr^."? - ^"11^ ?J^pr^?c. Vn this
C N Ud .. ?:, - .: .er cfih, Medical Socierf for ths city
ad >Ute of .WTork. ?cr each dleeaee ^ u , jSg
remedy property !ebe..ej With directions for use and diet,
aid so that any person can administer Caem. All preeera
. pn> ared at this aaaabBaeoMM wtu t>* wanaaataTlo
?ieei ? cures Appiy si itre tivrais Laboratory. ttj CfcMS
yt i'. Address - 'I I'vs" post ?S.-*. ajj lassen -cu? bo
taw ecQve young Men to so Seam o i
. to act u Agents for the sate of new asd popelti
r*nhTWhoaa?tJS?. over asd shcve their expenses ?U1 ha
Wed w .- ? rUa^ with an opportunity of clearing
all** pee year. Some men bow ba our employ arillno
doubt, oaJta ovr $:??*> per year clear of all expenses?
Ka.*b man wtp. bare an .l-.tra-l II wtl! he necs-asary for
t?eui to hare at least frx >ci fcs to?<m to obtain a good fiuta g
-it. App y %t t-KAVNCH S r\st>itshieg hall. 2*3 Broad
tpata t.o?ceo( um Fla* of our L'aloo. All letters
b 4. - post-paid. auT tf
VI* ANTED? V tiluaUoa as cook by a respectable your;
" " ' 0 ' ? - - wtil to a??:?: "ia waabiag aad brOtt*
ig; ?' ? ?? 11 atoce smTceptVotMib e ifsietma end baa no
to a hoarding house of reapectabtitty. Please
apply st W) So? cry. dj? St*
\*' - mi ...oynseni tor a cumber of steady
" ' and girls to to :ru. ?be coontrv, where
:">??:- serefcee (be i-ve wmter will be eouleelem "for their
? I .vtter. postj>aal) to
W v ' T! TAPSt-trrT. SeSouth-st New-York
\\" IN P KD v Cat son si and New Year gift, the best
' ? -...:>. good servants?mod refer
- i I Broadway, aettt to Oothtc Rail Ladt?* call
si ? i?.-co charge. dSS SV
\\ I l-HOI T"lP?Y"-TlM. heat of servants hUblv re
' be '-ad rratultnushr at c. MASON'S
?bed oil ee, t? Bowery. j^t ss-?
rpK kCUKK. sTj SB of ihorw-fc college
a r lu i 4M two \ears experience i-. teaching.
kl to obtain a situation as teacher ? a class!
i - aa private RunHy, ,a tv.s citv, during a
portion ol lay. P.ease address "Teacher" at this
oeace. dis t w
1*i vi lux, "\ . idea ie LTnlventiy 5 stvut
j ^ -.aisoi orsta. to which lastructioa will
be rWen ? - r,...-,.lary ;.tan;hes. ac tnc'udtng vi^al
fflUStC Terms 51? per .piarter. C lass to meet from i to 6
P.M. V . 're*? I S ro.?i 11, sib ?lory. fulveralty. da? St
a^.VI.HS.^IAN-One 'svug a desirable arc e of s.
?? . > ' ?' ? es S- h s i i \\ est, w-shet a situation in aa
importing or obbtogdry gooda house, Address h. j. p
this oih.-e 4? lw
PM.ht; \M) ItOII.MK. Wann ,-. ui .v
I 4 ! l'owei address C. a TAYLOR, S3 Cedar-.t
Call bet is ii Ie and i o'clock. d79 3t"
iiour?ina an? -Qotela. ?
A*4. i GmrtUmsLtL
A ^ A ' 'losrders. either families or single gen
* le.accoauaodated ai Ibe Natlooal Hotel.
No. s t'ortland ?L ; ibe r,aims being pleasantly sluiatetl,
and m, v esaalbrl pro vi led t.y .1 B. ClTtTlS.
1 - ? No. ' Couiani-st
|>0\Ki). v. ?an i wife and iwoe.-i!u'?
Usfn'gle gentlei can be acctimmodated with board
and good rooms, by applying ?t No. IT Beekmaa-sL near
Ns4-sit T'ic rooms are a parlor w uh l.ed room and pant
? ached md an attic bed-room Terms reasonable.
I references exchanged. iU94a*
l*0\l,i> x gentleman and hti ?ti?"o7iwo ur Uiree
Ugentli ui have ery piea?ani aparunents with
bos ip ra ? family bj applying at 107 Pnnce ?t west
if and near Broadway: Refereace eachaagast d-."? at
1 >i> \ K I) Very pbtasaal room*, suitable for a gwtleman
Is md i ?jpg ?? (tentlemen.at in Wsrren-iL dB i"
nil Vit DIM.' V few stable gen tic men. or genil.utiea
with the > ? e?. may obtain very plaasaai furnUhed
rooms w .. ? al No .>-< William sl a few doors from
Pearl-si. dll 5tw?
I><IAh?MN<* v KMniieman ano ia..v,-r severalgea.
Jtlemen i ? sin good rooms by applying si No ej
Warrci ll d"."i lw
Iuivkuinu and wed mrnlsned rooms, with strictly
IJ)privatefaaidy, M .M.T*<niKa'.-?L dl Im
iMt'KF. oiler tor sale al ilieir msnufaclory
I and wareroom, 301 Hiceu.'i sl an sssntl
I ll o| rosewood and mahogany Piano'
Fortes, of t lely carved Qothlc and imwlern Parisian styles,
i .. piai is, for mechanical construction, ajccsllaecy of
workmansl p, and richness of lone, eanaoi besuqassed,
and where the purchaser lias any doukls, they will be setup,
a : . > reasonable length Of nine allowed to satisfy him.
rbls lieli .; a new feature in me business, it la Important to
n 1 sser, as Ibe market ts full of traps, well calculated
iths Inexperienced Arsspoeatble warranty, wiib
each iuui lent. Hi fiiimiin in snms nfiha fltal fSiiilllas In
Hi.-.-..v N II.- Pi.istolet _ dl*? Im"
l.HI'OKTANT to piu. haaers of Plauo
iKorte? Tue ?.iLscrlhers having purchased
[of Mr. John S?'ril>er the exclusive rlabl In
trio United Stales.tohls Paleat Harp Frame
Im pro seinen I !-i Piano Forte, aie now manufacturing some
seiy splendid ,i. .t aud Mahotcanany Piano vortes,
s. rib : superior lu tone la any now In ise,
and Ui keep In tun? much longer. The Improvement roo
sls'Ui o. .. most beaUtUul Harp Flame, pwculiar tu construe.
i ?ic.? i.ll ib.. ?traln of ihestilngs from the case: also
a. rs s. .. tin..i;i of tho most aproved moilrrn styles ol
? - i . i. BF.NNF.TT, RUOF.IUS k CO.
a. I?.? Fulton-aL F.ast sld-? of Broadway.
.iiSSS n VOM SAI.K at ibe old ?tand No 7 Bar
fs*'_._," ">-?<.???? si. opposite the Astor House, a variety
*%' I Trf' iTn01 ' i- '1 "'^ '? octave Piano Fortes, of
U 'J W J iii-.-rv varlc'v of pattern, with all the
modert .au, In rosewood and riahogany cases,
warranted Ineverr respect w iriva ?aiUJe.-tl..i\ or no sale.
i.?. ? fallman . Itandell.
. . . a, PIANO KOE.TKS at very low pTlcas.?
'?'?i-f- e"1l'.... ? ? -11.-1111 p'irchasin,: Pianos ?:ll lind
'??""V ?Sl'"*S"'' ' ' '??" vf 'wit",'" to. st it Uienn *
1/ * v J J i o ? ManunvKory, UH Falloa-st (wesi of
i ii'. i ot .Mal:.,,.an? an.I Ri'ii.
n.i Plai is constantly on hand, winch will on told low Am
?i I paper. Di alers ? ipplle.1 on liberal lermi
tnyan R. Or.r"NN <? C<? HI Fulion-st
Ni SHU 6c FlelCIIKlt would e??
the suentlon ol iheir friends and public to
their \lsiiufactory ard Ware Itonm, 170
Oreenwlch-el. to examine iL>',r aassM tmeut
i . ire the most faahlonable sad new.
ii Pianos with Coleman'a Patent A??\\*n
_dg In.'
VV AI? MKS., JKVVKI.lt V and bliVai Ware.
-The sobsci bers continue to have for saleafuil
1 3 ??.irininii of hrm Hold and Silver Watches oi
bafib ? ?? si appro red makers, which will he warrant*
dme-keepers, and offered at the very lowest
. caan prlcas,
fbej .. .. . itantly receiving me latest styles of Path*
a Jewelry ol every description. Including Oold Fob
ilna Breast-pbas, Bar-rings, Finger-runfr
Bracelets. Mend Ornaments, Ac
, ? B . 4. K.,rks. Hutler Knives and Silverware gen?
erally, ai ibe manufacturer's prices
Britenntaware, fine (Cillery Fancy T<e>ds. ke. Watches
, reps re.l >.v eiiierience.) workmen.
i.i h k Wood ?. BCRIRNEK,3oS Pearl.
. . >r rto* of S* .lion st. opposite IJnlte.1 .Hares Hole*
IV t'lTIIHh, JKWKI.M V ami S rer Ware'.
subscribers eondme m have tor sale a full
nenl .,| fine Hold and Silver Watches, of
-i appro'.rd mnk'-rs, which will >m oil ere. I
erv iwesl pnrea and wi,r anted eorrnri UBBS
keepers Phey are constantly receiving the latest stylet
of utshionabls ./e*eiry of every description, Inclurlirix
Oold * and '. iai I ' halns. Hr-a.i Pins, Kar Rings, Pin*
gar Rings, Bracelets, Head Ornamenu, ac. Silver Spiviris.
Forks, Htttteg iCnlves. and Silverware eipiat to coin. (Jold
er Sp...ciai?c!es. Pefif.yal, Concave, Conves, tsc
Free 1 OCS ? und Watches repaired e.pial u> the orlglr.vJ.
AKERLY s. BRI008. IM Bowery^
' dbl Im* G doors above Broorne>?t
K?l.ls KTssiFlllNI-t.?Hats, Hau.-Psrts mole.
.? ; hats at - :. equal to those sold by olhers al $4 ;
?i -. ml Ire,, hats at*7 ? and ?2 Z">, superior In
style and Bnbiti loll ?e In many places at $3; nest hats at
C. O. Muri v ? .med 10 .en his filerids at Ibis
I menl Or.OROF. P. H. BROWN,
; din Im- _ Mb Canal*si
? flilMII'aON'l PRK.tlli;."?! TRUMS-,
? rtJVsd l.y J R htenjamtn, Id BeeSmao.?t le
., / tpprosred of by the Medical Farnl,
ra sr.d so who aas mein, as the pieasur* can
tied ft etonfty p.-inls on the rupture with
., b does so meek Injury u> tiie splr.M
c? itini wsstkneas an I pair, lo ube hack and sides, and ofU-r
,.. , Miaaa HI-days trial ?lv-o and if no
,.,!....'..!.. ., ,.nerreliirned lel? Ifeod Istp
sp. D. KEEElNCBJaVS l.lNI.HKNTe-ln thu
.?7- preparsi.on trie atrli, led have got what
' 4CC*f_i. ?.y , i,ini! ID,j ?ertously ca.ied for. NotsaeJ.
?*<? :n t e .a.v of twenty thousand bottles, baa been
,?i Bg Ji do an that was ex pec led of |l It ac>s
Ike mac ? . . . . enmartc a/fectloos, and pains of all and
every nator*- yield In tt Immediate.y. It Is as certain to
ere t., ?.rf. s, ot any description, etiher on man or horse,
as the appllr.atlrm ts made, and In shorter time than any
ady I rr otterift 10 lie ?ssopie. ll la Very frs
.o-o.i - tie and agrcekMe- P>b? Used upon alla?*s.?SU"
, n '? no fear of taAln/ cold after Its us.
.Vtr. Urne? Morpny .-/the Bowery f.fnsj of kuagee, aar
L saved act one of nls meu, sod In using Iweu
dosen iml ? ???? 't-1-as failed.
,. i:n.i|<a. -At tiila t>U*e itroee aller groce has M*\
ila 'ailore. Mr. Arrn.'.-t Msaon and Mr. Saiensl
Roberts builders of (he bridge Mr. Mason says, that by
: - .?.- ,f Ihree or 'our bottlee his rheumatic paiasbave
I beenentirely eradicated. Mr. Roberts (rlvea Has his opin?
ion u.ai it was ur.e of the great caaaste <rfsavins btsl'fe
Crom aa - ad from a fall. To be bad at 4? John
? ?t. and at .:-??? u Central Depot, HariVm Railroad Odke,
Ctl/ Hs i.ln Etrga ie.lt.es. atfi" cents r?r notila. "** 3m
PATENT Rf GIST for maklniTs*-slI?d.le Iron from
SUbS ribei is the Atai/nee sf a Patent
- ..?.?.rorlmproven^u^ill.eisaii
by Wm. N. Clay of Great Br,t-..-,
Ig rights under ss-d psleot, which
r:" WtO So SO rery reasooalrfc terms.
... r, and contains one or
.,J? est*i<llshed several fumsces for
? ' -cc:rc,mstarrsl^o?e4M4coo.
, 7ra\ blv. ilowed him only *?-7 it *-.W opemtotl so far
, troi^?' -a .....epeated triala tu perfect practicatiiuy
1 "t'?Z"f.?lZ>.i" real, vain* The taring will ol
-ry sccorr!i.-.K* to ic.e cost of ihn nsstsrrtalsSt the
! ?orts where ll may be Used. In locations favorably slmai
i _ ibere would be an Important saving In the coal of the
r-sldiM lb* quality of the iron made would be
rery super'01'' The ;ron rolls from the tqueesars and bsas
aatty as smooth and handsome as finished iron?
-iairpies oi -.r.e.ioo made may be seen at Messrs. Fuller
a Brown's New York. The operation can be *??*? at any
lime at i: ..
?rr'.s Willing to dispose of rights to macs
lacu-i maaru*da patent at the lowpr.ee of tw?niy-e?e
, ecal pei u/ti of puddle bars made. But as he dove thw for
purpose ofeatah tbiag the character of ik*
\ doe, not pledae himself to condnne lo sell "X**?* ~
For fanner ir.:'urm?t:=.n appilcaUon mayJ* asses 10
lr,n f>Wo* al *^*'*t^&L
B?mu?, Dec 13. 13UV_- ,
' can be^ oefi>.
i cr*U tf _- ,
: -???,jTr~i~^KrsTKIi. Amencau Consul slGs
KDWAItJ*atf-g-SSa? SBd corre.p.,ndenU to
i ^T'^r^Jai^^ to him mroerhHaraden tt
?^&trZ ^?r<^ Wii rm be for.
I warded.

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